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Need recovery CD - Satellite P30 US version

Question: Need recovery CD - Satellite P30 US version


Hy to everybody. I'm writing frome Rome (Italy).
I need recovery disk for my notebook Satellite P30 bought in the united states.
I lost my disk ad i have some problems with mi pc.
Can any one help?

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Preferred Solution: Need recovery CD - Satellite P30 US version

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Need recovery CD - Satellite P30 US version


You don?t need original recovery DVD. Install Microsoft WXP full version and download all drivers from US download site


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I bought my satellite M70 at an online shop (PIXMANIA). Although the site was dutch the windows version on my laptop was French. Can someone get me a recovery CD with a dutch windows version?

thanks Geert.

Answer:Satellite M70: Need dutch windows version recovery CD


unfortunately Toshiba does not change recovery CDs. But you can buy a normal version of Windows from Microsoft.


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I recently updated the BIOS of my Toshiba Satellite X200 1AA with Windows Vista SP!. After a few days, I made a product recovery using the recovery CD. When the recovery is made, does the BIOS return to the previous version?

Answer:Satellite X200-1AA - After recovery I have the previous BIOS version?


No, the BIOS don?t return to the previous version. The Toshiba recovery disk contains the factory settings of the software on your notebook and not the BIOS. The BIOS has nothing to do with the software on your notebook.

So don?t worry, the recovery disk doesn?t touch the BIOS and you have still the new version.


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I have Vista Ultimate on my T30 and would like to get back to XP Pro, but the 9 discs (3 sets of 3) that came with it won't  restore it to factory settings.  After inserting and completing discs 1 & 2, disc 3 says "Remove any diskettes or CDs from the drives and press Enter to restart your computer", but it restarts with the same Vista not XP.  I have tried F11 and Vista's error recovery screen appears.  I've tried keeping disc 3 in and pressing enter, but no success. I've tried keeping the CD drive open and pressing enter, but no success.  I've tried using boot from "CD drive" and "hard drive" options for disc 3, but no success.  Can anyone help me get by this disc 3 problem PLEASE?  Thank you! 

Answer:PLEASE HELP: using the recovery CDs for IBM Product Recovery Version 5.7 on Thinkpad T30

You've got to wipe the drive clean and start fresh.
Erase the contents of the hard drive with dBan or something along those lines (PC Doctor for DOS bootable CD offers this option as well).
Choose media drive as a temporary booting device and start fresh.
Good luck.

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Had to use Recovery disc recently only to discover, too late, that I had lost the two media creator discs to completer the reboot.

Can't find them on the basic home page - help!

Answer:Satellite C650 - Cannot find recovery discs to perform full recovery

Recovery disk cannot be downloaded.
You can order it for a small fee.

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I have a Satellite L670 PSK3EE-xxxxx

When I launch Toshiba Recovery Media Creator I have two errors :
Unxcepted error, please close the app and relaunch :


Then it displays the soft and ask for 3 DVD...
Any idea why ?
Where Could I download a new version of Toshiba Recovery Media Creator ?

Thanks by advance

Answer:Satellite L670 PSK3EE - Recovery Recovery Media Creator ERRORS

Toshiba recover creator asks for 3 DVDs because three empty DVDs are needed in order to create an Recover Disk!

PS: I found Toshiba Recover Media Creator for download on this Toshiba Australian page:

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Hello all, I have a Satellite L675. In the recovery wizard, there is an option for "Erasing the internal hard drive". According to the user manual, I am given the following warning: "Erasing the internal storage drive will delete all data on the drive, including the partitions",

Will this recovery wizard option actually delete the hidden recovery partitions (sda1 and sda3), wiping the entire hard drive, or just the user-created partitions (sda2, AKA C

Thanks for clarification on this.

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I have a Satellite U400 (few years old), and I never created the recovery DVD.
Now I want to do it, but for some reasons, when I launch Toshiba recovery disc creator, nothing happens...
The partition with the recovery files is there, as well as the folder HDDRecovery. I did add some files to this partition, could this be the problem ?

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Satellite U400 Impossible to create recovery DVD with Recovery disc creator

>I did add some files to this partition, could this be the problem ?
No. if you didn?t change partitions structure this should not be the problem.

Question is: does Toshiba recovery disc creator start or not? If you cannot star this tool it has nothing to do with recovery files.
Can you find this file - C:\Program Files\Toshiba\TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator\TRORDCLauncher.exe ?

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I just buy a new Satellite L50-A-161 with 6 Gb Ram.
When i try to create the recovery disks (3 of 4.7Gb DVD) with Recovery Media, during the verify, after writing the first disk, I receive this error message:

Cannot read file:
D: \EFI \ microsoft \boot \bcd
(error code: 02014F - 20-00000000)

and the process stops.

Is there anyone thath can help me?

These are the spec of my notobook:
Satelliete L50-A-161, 6 GB Ram, Intel Core I7 3630QM-2,40GHz,NVIDIA GEFORCE GT740M 2GB RAM, S.O. W8 64bit.
Ask for more, if nedds.


Answer:Satellite L50-A-161 - Recovery Media fails in creat recovery disk

Hmmmm.... there must be some problem with recovery image.
When you open recover disc creator and if there is option for USB media creation please test it.

Maybe you will be able to create recovery USB stick.

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I have Satellite M305D-S4830, and try to restore the factory settings, the computer brings two DVDs, which were read well, but at the end of the second one generates the error with number 10-FC12-0241 and asked to press a button to turn off the computer. So far I have not been able to restore the system and nothing to boot the computer.

Please, help me fix the problem


Manuel Fajardo Benitez

Answer:Re: Satellite M305D-Recovery factory defaults for Vista using the recovery


Bad memory can cause Recovery problems.

Go to and download Memtest. Its a bootable Floppy disk or CD that will test the memory for errors.

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Talk about confusing. Does anyone know how to get a Toshiba C660 working after the HDD has failed and the owner has stupidly NOT followed the instructions to make a recovery disk. Will the recovery disk ( if you purchase one from Toshiba ) rebuild the new HDD along with a new recovery partition and install windows 7 (original OS ) and accept the product key printed on the Windows License attached to the base of the laptop. I have read a number of suggestions but these have been deemed incorrect by others.

Surely Toshiba must have a way of sorting this problem.

Do they read these posts ?

Answer:Satellite L660-12Q - Would recovery disk rebuild the new HDD along with a new recovery partition

Hi buddy?

I don?t think that this is really complicated? I could find all info regarding the recovery procedure in the user manual?

The recovery disk has to be created at the first day of purchase? its recommended to create one in cases something would be wrong with the HDD.

The recovery disk contain an image?. Image is a package containing Win system, drivers, tools and all the stuff preinstalled on the notebook.
You purchased the notebook and the system was already activated so you don?t need the key placed at the bottom of the unit.
Furthermore the usage of recovery disk formats the whole HDD (partitions too) and set the notebook back to the same state like at the first day of purchase.

There is also another option to recover the notebook called HDD recovery. This HDD recovery does not need recovery disk. Usage of HDD recovery would format ONLY the C (system) partition.

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I recently bought a Satellite Pro L850-1UJ with Windows 8

I've created a new partition (so i could use it as data room)
i.e. C: the windows system AND Z: my data

after that, i could NOT use the RECOVERY MEDIA CREATOR to create the recovery dvds
BUT the partition still exists and i can see the inside files from windows

IS IT a way to extract the files from the recovery partition or any other clue how i could fix the partition scheme so the RECOVERY MEDIA CREATOR could recognize it

Many thanks for your time...

Answer:Satellite Pro L850-1UJ: How create recovery DVDs from recovery partition

After changing HDD partitions structure it happens that ?Toshiba recovery media creator? cannot find recovery files. These files are marked with special markers that in your case cannot be found anymore.

I?m afraid now is too late to do or change anything. You are not the first one with this problem. We always write here that first step should be recovery media creation and later you can do whatever you want. You can even delete it.

Now you can just order new recovery disc at

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Hello, I've used the recovery media creator to create a USB flash drive recovery media.

If i then use that to restore the Windows 7 installation onto a new hard drive (as SSD) will that drive itself have the recovery media partition on it?

So if I then lose the USB stick could I restore again by holding down zero when powering on?

Or does it recover the Windows partition and nothing more?

Thank you

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I just purchased a brand new laptop and have realised that it didn't come with a recovery disc or a recovery partition on the hard drive.

Just wondering if my hard disc crashes how am i supposed to reinstall windows?
The laptop i bought is a Toshiba satellite L500 and is only a few weeks old.

If anyone could help on the subject would be very much appreciated.

Answer:Satellite L500 - No recovery disc or recovery partition - How to reinstall?


Normally if I buy a new notebook or other product I read the user manual firstly. So I would recommend that you should the same before you ask different questions.

The point is that you have to create a Toshiba recovery disk yourself. Therefore start the recovery disk creator that is preinstalled on your notebook and follow the screen instructions. I recommend a high quality DVD-R medium to create this disk.

Furthermore you can reinstall Windows using the HDD recovery option. On the second partition you can find this folder that contains an image of factory settings and you can start this feature if you go in advanced boot menu and select ?repair my computer?. This is not a special partition, only a folder where the image is stored.

HDD recovery procedure is the same as Toshiba recovery disk. You get back factory settings too but the recovery disk wipes the whole HDD. The HDD recovery only the first partition.

By the way: Normally you did get this message:

+your system is equipped with hard disk recovery system. if you need to repair+
+your computer by restoring it to original factory state, you can do it directly+
+from harddisk (press F8 when you boot your computer, choose "Repair your computer"+
+and follow the menue instructions) or create a bootable Recovery Disc Medium for this purpose.+

+Toshiba recommends you to create Recovery Disc Medium using the "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator" to ensure+
... Read more

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I need to try and do a system recovery on my Satellite U400-146.
However i don't think it came with a disc.
Does anyone know how initiate the system recovery on this laptop?

Answer:Satellite U400-146 - How to start recovery without the recovery disk


The Recovery disk was not provided with the notebook because there was a tool called Toshiba Recovery disk Creator which allows you to create a recovery disk!
Please check if you can create a recovery disk using this tool!

If this is not possible, then you can check if the HDD recovery is available.
For more details check this HOW TO:
[How to recover a Toshiba notebook with the HDD recovery procedure?|]

As last option you can order a recovery disk from here:

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Stop 0x000000001A *Memory_Management* Blue Screen during recovery.
Please help.

Answer:Satellite L500-12T System Recovery from Recovery Disks

First recovery or first notebook start?
HDD or DVD recovery?

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Hi all

I have a customers Sat M40-197 which was badly messed up with malware so I did a full recovery using the supplied disc which has the product number PMR400490EN0. After restart the system just hangs in normal mode, and on safe mode I notice that the last line logged is Mup.sys but even in that mode the system still doesn't start. I've tried using Ghost in advanced mode not resizing the partition but no matter what I try I can't get it to start.

Before I take what I think is my only option of using a standard OEM XP Home disc and installing using the supplied product key I was wondering if anyone had any solutions to this?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite M40: Recovery procedure hangs on restart after using recovery CD


sounds first like some Recovery CD error. I mean it?s possible that the CD is physically damaged or whatever and then some data may be corrupted.

If not then I would assume the following reasons:

- HDD is not properly formatted -> reformat it completely and create one BIG partition
- HDD is faulty -> check the HDD with some special HDD tool from the manufacturer (in most cases you can download it from the manufacturers website)
You can also download "UBCD4WIN" (just google for it) and check your HDD with the integrated tools
- The memory could be faulty -> use the "UBCD4WIN" and check the memory with "PI" or "SuperPI"

Thats it..


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I have SATELLITE L350D-212 notebook with windows 7 home premium OA.
It started to complain that there was something wrong with the harddisk so I went and bought another harddisk of same size.

I have created the recovery disk when the computer was bought and have backup of all the data in external harddisk.

After I changed the new harddisk to the notebook and tried to boot from recovery disk nothing happens eventhoug I can see that there seems to be everything Ok with the disk.

Any ideas on how to get the recovery to run for the new harddisk?

I have the old harddisk attached as external disk via USB but can't boot from that too. It just stops at some point and says to shutdown.

Answer:Satellite L350D-21 Problems using recovery disks to recovery to new HDD


Usually the recovery disk should format the new HDD but I would recommend to attach the new HDD as an external device to another computer and to format this new HDD before trying to recover the notebook.

After the HDD has been formatted, connect it to the L350D and boot from the recover disk?

Good luck

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Dear all,

I delete all data in C:\ drive and I do a format c:\

I don't create a Recovery CD, and now I can't restore with F8, but I show that I have a recovery partition on D:\ drive.

Please, how can I restore it ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,


Answer:Satellite C670 - formatted C:\ and no Recovery CD but recovery partition


Maybe this thread about a similar theme would be useful for you:

If this is not helpful or if you will not be able to recover the notebook using the method mentioned there, then you will need to order the recover disk from here:

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My two-year old Satellite C75-A-14X suffered a major hard drive crash a few weeks ago. My data has been backed up, but I've been unable to repair my PC, and as I hadn't created any recovery media, I bought a system recovery USB stick from Toshiba. I received the USB stick today and attempted to restore my laptop to its factory default settings. I left my laptop to perform the recovery for about an hour or so. When I returned, the screen said that there was an error (I didn't make a note of the error code) and the recovery had failed. Now, when I restart my laptop I get a blue screen with the following text:


Your PC needs to be repaired

A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed.

Error code: 0xc000000f

You'll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media. If you don't have any installation media (like a disc or USB device), contact your system administrator or PC manufacturer.

Press Enter to try again
Press F8 for Startup Settings
Press Esc for UEFI Firmware Settings"

When I press Enter or F8, my laptop remains on the blue screen with the above text. Pressing Esc is the only option at this screen that works. How can I re-attempt restoring factory settings from the recovery USB stick?

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I would greatly appreciate advice on the following.

My Sat Pro M70-220 (PSM75E-00D008G3), laptop has 4 partitions created by Acronis Disk Director Suit v9:

C: OS-Win XP Pro SP3
D: Programs
E: Data& Downloads
F: Backups

After booting the laptop into Win XP, I inserted the Toshiba Product Recovery CD into the DVD-RAM drive
and navigated to BMP folder, R:\G_INST\BMP, where I found the file "menu.bmp" which gives 2 Recovery

*1. Recover entire Hard disk*
Warning . All stored data o your computer will be lost.
Factory pre-installed software will be installed.

*2. Expert Recovery Mode Warning:*
This is for PC experts only.
Factory pre-installed Software can be installed onto an existing partition.

My questions are with respect to using the "Expert Recovery Mode" :
- will I be able to use the "Expert Recovery Mode" of the Recovery CD to reinstall the Win XP Pro (factory pre-installed software) onto my C: partition, whilst not affecting the D, E & F partitions ?
- will I be able to format the C: partition, using the "Expert Recovery Mode", without formatting the other partitions ?
- what is the exact "Expert Recovery Mode" procedure ?
- where can I find further info on the "Expert Recovery Mode" procedure ?

Thank you


Answer:Re: Using Expert Recovery Mode in Product Recovery CD for Satellite Pro M70-220

>will I be able to use the "Expert Recovery Mode" of the Recovery CD to reinstall the Win XP Pro (factory pre-installed software) onto my C: partition, whilst not affecting the D, E & F partitions

Yes, this should be possible. Using the Expert Recovery Mode you should get the Ghost window in which you could select the partition where the OS should be installed. In such case only this partition would be formatted.

> will I be able to format the C: partition, using the "Expert Recovery Mode", without formatting the other partitions?

Yes, theoretically this should be possible.

> what is the exact "Expert Recovery Mode" procedure ?
As I mentioned above, this mode allows you to restore the OS on a certain partition and only this partition will be formatted.

> where can I find further info on the "Expert Recovery Mode" procedure ?
How about searching here in the forum?
I found this thread:

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Looking for the 8.1 version of One Key Recovery. Any help would be very much appriciated. Thank you,Mrinal


Go to Solution.

Answer:Looking for One key Recovery 8.1 version

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Here is a download link to the Windows 8.1 version.....

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My laptop crashed (Toshiba L305-s5921 series).
I dont have the recover discs, but I do have the recovery disc for my Toshiba A215 series.

Can i recover my laptop with this disc.

Answer:Can I use the Satellite A215 recovery disk for Satellite L305-s5921


You can not use the Recovery disk designed for A215 because the A215 is simply different notebook model which need different drivers as the L305!

The image on the recovery disk contains the OS, drivers and tools and if you would use different recovery disk then wrong drivers would be installed on the L305 and this can lead to other troubles!!!

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There isn?t a category for Backup/Restore and this seemed like the most logical place for this and if it isn?t then please accept my sincerest apologies.

So basically, I upgraded Windows 7 to Ultimate x64bit and I want to make a recovery disk of the entire system, much like Acer?s ?Factory Default? in their Acer eRecovery Management program to disks, but I don?t think if I simply made one of those out of that program that it would carry over the 7 Ultimate upgrade and all relevant information (e.g. activation key and applicable registry entries) as that isn?t the same OS version it came preloaded with. So, how can I achieve this by alternative means?

What I really want this for, is in case I ever needed to restore the system for whatever reason, that the 7 Ultimate will be there already and not need to be reactivated. I don?t want to have to do this more than once, and it?s not required to have to reactivate off of a ?Factory Default? disk restore.

As always, any help and information is greatly appreciated!

Answer:Recovery Disks with new OS Version?

Windows Backup and Restore is capable of backing up an image that can be restored the way you seem to want. It will need another internal drive, or an external one, or even network.

If you have an image backup, you can use the Recovery CD or Install DVD to restore from image.

Many folks like to make an image just after the system is completely installed and activated, then if they want to start with a clean system, they wipe the hard drive and restore the image. Be aware that you may need to move the image or use different destinations to keep it from being overwritten.

Other software will do the same type of thing, like Acronis, but it does cost money.

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I must order a recovercd but my laptop is not in list i did find e530 but i have a e530c.What shall i choose?

Answer:What version for recovery cd to e530c? They will be able to sort the correct disc.

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hey there..

I have a 2 part question, after...

I put together a computer with spare parts, but the HDD and Mobo came from the same donor computer, and I have a valid liscense key for the os on this HDD, so I figured I would make it easy on myself and use this Windows XP home installation, with the current build. Well, of course, it wasn't as easy as I thought as I can't get the computer to boot correctly. So, here goes...

If a boot attempt gets half way throught the XP loading splash screen then causes a reboot, but the computer will boot into safe mode with no problems, does this indicate a video driver issue?


If a driver renew wont fix the problem, is there any chance I can use the Recovery Console from an XP pro disc to fix this XP home installation?

1.7 Intel P4
256 RAM
Geforce MX vid
Brand new PSU (installed last night) 350w

Answer:recovery console per version?

Dying Breed said:

hey there..

I have a 2 part question, after...

I put together a computer with spare parts, but the HDD and Mobo came from the same donor computer, and I have a valid liscense key for the os on this HDD, so I figured I would make it easy on myself and use this Windows XP home installation, with the current build. Well, of course, it wasn't as easy as I thought as I can't get the computer to boot correctly. So, here goes...

If a boot attempt gets half way throught the XP loading splash screen then causes a reboot, but the computer will boot into safe mode with no problems, does this indicate a video driver issue?Click to expand...

Probably. If the motherboard and HDD are the same, then it should still be able to boot into the OS which it can.
If a driver renew wont fix the problem, is there any chance I can use the Recovery Console from an XP pro disc to fix this XP home installation?Click to expand...


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I am having a boot problem. I get a BSOD (UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME) every time I try to boot. I have found plenty of help here and on other sites but here is my exisiting problem.

I can't use the downloadable boot floppies (6 floppy set) that contains the Recovery Console because my computer (IBM Thinkpad A31) doesn't have a floppy drive.

Is there a way to get those 6 disk images onto one CD?

Answer:Recovery Console for OEM version of XP

HOW TO: Install and Use the Recovery Console in Windows XP

This is not what you asked for, but I hope it will get you through the installation.

More info here

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Hi There Would someone explain what the question is or means ,on the R & R dialogue box ,which simply shows a question mark and a ''yes'' or ''no''. What are they asking? My unit is an A55  9265bz7 Thanks

Answer:Rescue & recovery ( version 3)

spiffle, welcome to the forum, My guess would be that it's a buggy dialogue box which normally says, (to the effect);  "You have missed your last scheduled backup, do you want to run it now?" Have a look in R&R and see if / when updates are scheduled, see if the message fits the "time schedule". You can change or deactive this function if you wish to. edit; "backup" - had written update for some reasonMessage Edited by andyP on 07-23-2008 05:13 PM

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Well, for the first time in 8 years I had to do a system recovery using the disks i created when i first bought my l300-13s using the Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator.
I had inadvertantly deleted the HDD Recovery partition when i set out to do a clone using a bigger HDD.

What I want to find out is instead of making recovery disks to DVD can i make a recovery USB flash drive?



Answer:Satellite L300-13S - Recovery USB instead of Recovery DVD Disks?

When you open Toshiba recovery media creator you can see options which media can be created. I?m not 100% sure but I think on old L300 there was option for recovery DVDs only so I think you cannot create recovery USB.

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Hi all,

here is my GOAL: I want to reinstall the original Windows Vista as it was when we bought that laptop.

My PROBLEM: we never succeeded to create that recovery DVDs (just after the purchase), always gave an error... today and to my surprise, I cannot find any recovery tool from the OS either...

1- At power off/on: I tried the "0" key (as read in internet) but did not do anything special..

2- I tried then from this options menu (after F8 at reboot): REPAIR YOUR COMPUTER
Then (after choosing spanish language and logging as user) I tried to lo launch the WINDOWS COMPLETE RESTORE but it said that no CD/DVD found ....(no current issue with this CD/DVD player = working fine)

3- I tried then the other interesting option : HHD RECOVERY (More or less like this, as I have it in spanish version)...Just a pop-up opened (maybe about the recovery DVDs) but without any buttons to follow the process....

Trickier situation now, isn't it?

4- INFO:
I could find the hidden partition and unhide it. It contains folder and files: a 'source' folder, 'boot.sdi' file if I remember well..and maybe more..
=> I copied them on a USB key and recorded as well on a new DVD (and the image.iso of them as well) and repeat the above points 2 and 3, but nothing changed...(the content of this DVD is read without any problem on another laptop)

- This folder and files (found in hidden partition) means that the recovery is still there?
- Is there a sp... Read more

Answer:Satellite A100-999: Recovery process (without recovery DVD/CDs) ?

I understand now that these files (in hidden partition) are those used for showing this special menu (after clicking REPAIR MY COMPUTER) with WINDOWS COMPLETE RESTORE, HHD RECOVERY, ...

Is that right?

Then I suppose that I should have a RECOVERY folder somewhere..but I read in some posts that comment type :"the A100 series has not been equipped with the HDD recovery partition"

If not available then, I'm already then on this last-chance-step explained above? this means to order the recovery DVD on [|]

anyway, I'm waiting for some feedback from you guys...

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I have two original recovery DVD's from Toshiba with my P300-18M laptop.

Do I still need the HDD recovery image on my labtop drive F: ???

Can I use that disk space for other issues

Answer:Satellite P300-18M: Do I need HDD recovery image if I have Recovery DVD


If you have crated the Toshiba recovery DVD and if it?s working properly then you don?t need the recovery image on the HDD because you could reinstall the OS using the created DVD.


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I lost the product recovery disk for my P100, but I do have the disks for a P30 and P300, both of which are windows XP.

My P100 which my husband uses has become so slow that I feel I have to reload it. But when I tried starting up holding 0, F8 and F12 (one of them gave me a menu, I forget which), I couldn't find an option which allowed it to return to factory settings.

So I wonder if I can use one of the other product recovery disks on the P100? Would really appreciate advice. (I used to own a P30, and I still own a P300)

Answer:Can I use product recovery for Satellite P300 on Satellite P100?


Every single recovery image is designed for certain notebook model. Why?
Every notebook model has specific hardware infrastructure and also specific drivers are needed.

When you compare two different notebooks there are different CPUs, graphic card, modem, cam maybe and so on. So if you want to have properly working OS this will not work.

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Hey, all I want to know is what specific version of OneKey Recovery came with the lenovo U410 with Widnows 8 shipped (if when it was shipped matters, then December of 2012). I know it was 8.0, but 8.0.??.  Thanks! 

Answer:U410 Onekey Recovery Version

You can find them yourself by openning with notepad "version" xml document in the installed location and compare it with the one located in the driver folder in the D drive. The two may not be the same since there might be an update being installed already.

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I just installed the update for Version 1709 and created a New recovery drive right after the update. I am Running windows 10 pro. I hope someone can tell me if this new recovery will have the new operating system or if it going to use the the old recovery partition that came with my computer, if so I just did a lot of work for nothing. While I am at it can you tell me a good free software that would back up my entire hard drive to a USB flash drive that I would be able to copy to a new H.D. in case of a drive failure. Thanking you in advance. Alan Nimco

Answer:New Recovery Drive With Version 1709

The recovery drive should have the version of Windows 10 on it that you created it from. So if you created it version 1709 installed, that's what it should have on it. The Windows recovery drive is not created from any recovery partition, it is created from files contained on the C: drive.

Macrium Reflect Free is the highest recommended backup software on this forum:
Macrium Software | Macrium Reflect Free

Make sure you also create a Macrium Reflect Free rescue drive from within the Reflect program.

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Hello everyone,

this is my first post so please be gentle:)I have a satellite pro A120 running WXP Pro and was wondering if anyone knew which version of ghost is used to compile the recovery disc which came with the laptop. I have ghost 2003 but this does not recognize the images on the disc.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Answer:Which version of ghost is used to make Recovery CD

I don?t think that this has something to do with the Ghost version.
The files on early version of Recovery CD were created with ghost but as far as I know the newer recovery CD is called ?Reco? and I?m not sure if the files support the ghost format.
Anyway, I think the files are secured and it will be not possible to use it manually. If you want to restore the OS you have to boot from the CD and not through the ghost application

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What version of IBM Rescue and Recovery with Rapid Restore or Lenovo Rescue and Recovery should I install on a ThinkPad T41 model 2379DKU? Background: I have a ThinkPad T41 model 2379DKU that I restored to the way it left the factory, using the IBM recovery disk set. I updated Windows XP to SP3 and did other software updates. I read that for Rescue and Recovery with Rapid Restore to work, you have to update the BIOS and Embedded Controller, so I downloaded those updates and will install those too.

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I remeber something about certain version of sysprep and receovery consule causing issues when trying to login to command console.. anyone know what version that was or what version I need to run to avoid this issue when deploying a image using sysprep with XP SP2... thanks

Answer:certain version of sysprep and recovery console

The problem is when sysprepping pre-XPSP1 systems. The password will not work in the recovery console. If you are running SP2 when you run sysprep you are good to go.

The sysprep version was irrelevant.

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I cannot locate a site for product update for IBM Resue & Recovery for Version 2.0 which came on my T43 laptop.  I continue to get a blue screen which instructs me to do product update but the IBM/Lenovo sites are so large that they don't specifically identify what I need -- any help out there please?

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27th June 2016
New Version of Microsoft Support & Recovery Available
If you have already got this App then there is an update
Version 16.00.1299.005

Answer:New Version of Microsoft Support & Recovery Available

2nd August 2016
New Update available
Version 1600.1360.001

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27th June 2016
New Version of Microsoft Support & Recovery Available
If you have already got this App then there is an update
Version 16.00.1299.005

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 I have a T43p with Windows XP.  How do I detect which version of Rescue and Recovery is installed on my computer?  I have searched for the answer but so far without sucess.  If anyone can help, I would be very grateful.


Go to Solution.

Answer:How to detect version of Rescue and Recovery

Hi jrutland.  Here are a couple of suggestions to find the version number of RnR you have:1) Launch RnR,  on the main menu click on Help, then About Rescue & Recovery.or2)  In Windows, go into Control Panel,  then click on Add/Remove Programs.    Find Rescue and Recovery in the list of currently installed programs and click once on it.   There should be a link there that says "Click here for support information".   When you click on that, the pop-up should show you the version number. or3)  In Windows Explorer you could navigate to the C:\Program Files\Lenovo\Rescue and Recovery\  folder and then look for the executable file called  rnr_gui.exe.    Either hover your mouse over that file and read the pop-up, or Right-click on it and choose Properties.  There's a Version tab. Hope this helps.-  kr00zn.(full disclosure - I'm a Lenovo employee)

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Hi My lenovo recovery discs are corrupted and I need to reinstall my system.  Can someone tell me exactly what version of windows the T61-7664-19G has preinstalled?  I have almost every version of windows on disc at home but the version name on the certificate of authenticity has rubbed off.  I can still clearly see the product key though.  If someone can tell me what version, I can intall it using the product key on the CofA making it a legal copy. Please help! Thanks, Ian

Answer:Recovery problems and windows version

ian, welcome to the forum, what leads you to believe your recovery discs are corrupt? Is it that you are booting from the boot disc and when it asks for the next disc you click "yes" and then it says "wrong disc"? If so, try clicking on "no". The COA number is volume licence key, it should work with a OEM system builder cd.

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I'm in the process of upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 on a Lenovo ThinkCentre 5042A7U. After a lengthy download, file extraction and prepping, Windows Update tells me I need to uninstall Lenovo Rescue and Recovery v4.3 for Windows 7 because it's not compatible with Windows 10. What should I replace it with? At:

there's a link to supposedly download Rescue and Recovery v3.1 for Windows 7/8/8.1/10, but at this point I'm suspicious of every single link on the internet. Does anybody know if there really is such a version of Rescue and Recovery for Windows 10, and if so, where I should download it from? Or maybe there's another such program I should use.

Any advice and/or recommendations?

Answer:Rescue And Recovery Version For Windows 10?

That model isn't listed by Lenovo as supported for Win 10 so you will have to live without R&R in Win 10. That's no big deal, my Thinkpad isn't supported either but I had long ago dumped R&R overboard along with much else they preload. You do need a backup and recovery system though so best to learn how to image your system to a second drive. Ask if you need help with that.

HERE is the supported list.

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I have a bootable USB with Win7 Ult on it from which I recently installed Win7 Ult. So I know it's good.

Now I get a machine - Win7 Ult - that keeps switching off, is unusable. This is a difference machine, okay?

Quite Kosher. Has an activated key.

I try to repair it using the Win7 Ult install disk which searches for installed Windows, finds it, and then declares it can't help because wrong version of Windows!

I have another USB sold to me as a 'repair' usb for any version of windows. That does the same thing.

Don't have the original install disks for the broken machine in question so I can't go back to them.

Any clues what might be going on?

I guess I'm just going to have to make a fresh install.

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I want to download Dell recovery image for OptiPlex 5250.
Which one that I should go for.
Thank you.

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A BIOS missing or corrupted file error aborted this month's Windows 10 Update cycle on my laptop. As a result I found it necessary to run the factory image recovery process. This did cure the BIOS file problem, however, it also restored the factory installed 8.1 version of Windows. I need to re upgrade to Windows 10 in order to restore my personal files from my external hard drive using Comodo Backup. Is it possible to do this without buying the full version of Windows? I posed a similar question on the Microsoft Forums, and a response reccomended contacting you for a recovery disk. Are such disks available, and what do they cost? In connection with this, I have a question concerning Windows ISO files. I see where they can be burned to a CD or DVD, or saved to a USB flash drive. Can they be saved to an external hard drive as well?

Answer:Restoring Windows 10 following a recovery process version ro...

Hi,Have you upgraded Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 previously and successfully activated it?1.If yes, you can do clean installation and free activation now. Windows 10 UEFI bootable USB can be made using Microsoft windows media creation tool. can ONLY create BOOTABLE DVD/USB using Microsoft windows media creation tool. No point in saving or burning of ISO file into these media. You can follow above tutorial to make BOOTABLE media. You cannot use external hard drive for this purpose.2.If no, you've pay and buy retail activation licence and installation media of Windows 10 from Microsoft and do the clean install.RegardsVisruth

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The software has a maximum of 32 recovery files. Does anyone know what will happen if I try to create a 33rd backup?

Answer:Lenovo Rescue and Recovery desktop version

Dear sir,
I too have a Lenovo Desktop version K200 series,but it comes with an installation disc and a Lenovo drivers disc!Kindly clarify what you mean by a Lenovo "rescue and recovery disc".Would love to have one!!That would be a perfect Christmas Gift for my PC.

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Hello,I am in the process of starting to tackle killing a virtumonde virus on my computer and am making a recovery console per the instructions on the page. It directed me to the page which has instructions on making a recovery console from the XP Installation CD. When I run the D:\i386\winnt32.exe /cmdcons command from the run window, I get a message that setup could not continue because the version of Windows on my computer is newer than the version on the CD. This is the CD I used to install the OS, so other than upgrading to ServicePack 3, I don't know why this would be. Suggestions?Thanks so much in advance for the help!

Answer:Version issue with XP Recovery Console Creation

HiSee the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article about this problem.

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Hello.I know that there were many topics about bioses & their version numeration, and mods & people from lenovo staff usually said, that the bios preinstalled newer laptops with higher versions numbers are actually the same as bios at lenovo download website, but there're many facts proving that it's wrong. For example, in y570 bios latest version, available at download site, Intel's AES-NI feature is locked and disabled, and in 2.08 it is enabled (I'm not talking about modded/unlocked bios versions) so it's definitely different version (and actually, there're reports in the web about 2.10 versions). Why is it so? Is it too difficult for support team to publish new bios at official download website?The other question is about bios recovery. Actually, it's well known that in general process of insyde bios recovery is as easy as bios recovery can be: you only need to put a bios file named correctly on usb flash drive and press and hold key combination during first several seconds after start.So, there's another question: if all you need to restore bios is the bios file name(because the file which is needed to flash bios is actually the same for normal flashing and for recovery) and a key combination, why don't you make your customers life easier and publish this info with small(several lines of text) recovery guide on your support site? It would save a lot of nerves for many of your customers, whose laptop was bricked because of faulty bios flashing procedure, and who h... Read more

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Did Toshiba give "light" recovery CD for A100 series ? I mean Recovery Cd with just Windows XP MCE, and no other softwares and drivers (Norton, wifi soft, etc...)

Answer:Does Toshiba delievers a Light version of Recovery CD?

No, I don?t think so. The Recovery CD contains the whole Toshiba drivers, tools and additional software and the as far as I know only one ?version? of this Recovery CD will be delivered with the notebooks.

But there is another way to create a ?light? recovery CD. The original Toshiba recovery CD copies the i386 folder on the HDD. This folder is important for the own creation of the Windows booting CD.
The freeware application ?nLite? is very useful and allows you to create such booting Windows CD?

Check it!

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Dear All,

How to get a English version of recovery DVD disk for this model. I already have but it is in Russian. I don't want to install Russian. Want to re-install system. please if it possible assist me to find ENGLISH version of this DVD.

Please put it somewhere that i can download!

Thanks in advance,


Answer:Qosmio F30 PQF32E - How to get English version of recovery DVD

You will be not able to buy an English Recovery for this notebook model.
I assume you have purchased this notebook in Russia and therefore you?ve got a recovery disk with Russian language.

If you want to use a Vista in English language then you have to purchase a full English Vista version and then you could install it on your notebook.

There is also an Microsoft Vista language package which allows to change the OS language but this works only with Vista Ultimate version.
Your Vista seems to be a Home Premium and therefore this will not work!

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WOW, talk about having a bad year and a really bad week.

Long story short, use Migrate Easy to move the Windows 7 OS (w/Sp1) to a newer SSD drive and everything seemed to worked fine as this morning I still had Windows Desktop on the PC, for some reason I did a restart and it did not wanted to start so I pulled the old Win 7 DVD and got the following error: see image 01

So of course I suspected a corrupt registry or MBR when I did the migration and/or swap... no biggie I thought, let me pull out my Win 7 DVD and do a system repair, it should take but a few minutes.

Well, here I am 5 to 6 hours later with a doozy of a problem. No matter what I do or try I keep coming up with the same error (see Image02)... I have tried my Original Win 7 Ultimate 64bit DVD. I have also downloaded a clean copy of Win 7 Ultimate 64bit w/SP1 ISO and burn it to a DVD and last but not least... tried the Win7 USB/DVD Tool and tried to recover from a USB stick. I have also swapped back to the original SSD and same issue and error. I have tried disconnecting the 1.5TB Data HDD just in case that was causing all the commotion but to no avail.

So finally I decide to give up the ghost, throw the towel and make, yet, a new installation of the Win 7 OS and I can not even do that as I get the following error when I do... see FullInstall-Error image

NO, I can not get into Windows or use Safe Mode or even get to the options screen where you can go to the Command Prompt or check the Memory or do a system... Read more

Answer:This version of System Recovery Options is not compatible...

You need to boot the DVD in UEFI mode, screenshot 3 is Windows 7 x64 installed in UEFI mode.

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My T60p is running W7.  But I don't recall if I upgraded it from XP.  I want to reload my operating system because weird things are happening.  But I don't want to go back to xp.  So, how can I tell which operating system is on the factory recovery partition?

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Hi W8 forums

I am considering going for the Microsoft download version of W8 (here in the UK it is ?25 + VAT).

When the download is done and the OS installed, do you have to back it up onto a disk or do something similar?

I am wondering how a person would go on if their system had a massive crash and the OS had to be reinstalled.

Would the person have to go back to W7 (using their disk) and then somehow get back onto W8?

Thanks in advance.


Answer:W8 Microsoft Download Version - Recovery Question

You have an option to create an ISO and burn it to a DVD.

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Hello,  My computer is prompting me with the following update:Headlined: HP BIOS Update and RecoveryThis update is for BIOS family YAR, version A0.15.Please select: - Update the BIOS on this device. (Requires restart.) - Create Recovery USB Flash drive: Creat an HP BIOS Recovery USB flash drive to recover another HP device. - Copy: Copy BIOS image to any file location. (Advanced users)We have not made any recent changes, installed any hardware or software, etc. The computer has been fine but does seem a little slower than it was. (My grandson uses the computer a lot for online games. Don't know if he may have downloaded games that are slowing the computer or visited sites which have attracted Malware, etc.)Wondering if this is a prompt issued by HP for a normal update that I should do, or if there is something wrong and I should not do it. Computer literacy is minimal. . .good with using them, not good with understanding them.Many thanks for any help that you can provide.Specs:HP All-In-One 22-3116Windows 10 HomeIntel Celeron N3050 @ 1.6 GHz4.00 GB RAMThank you!

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Hi friends I 'm trying to do a clean Install of XP over Vista.  Is there a way to format my hard drive in Vista (disc mgmt) and then boot using the CD drive via the Product Recovery Program CDs to restore to XP? Thanks for your help!

Answer:Restoring to XP via Product Recovery Program Version 5.7

 I 'm trying to do a clean Install of XP over Vista.  Is there a way to format my hard drive in Vista (disc mgmt) and then boot using the CD drive via the Product Recovery Program CDs to restore to XP? Thanks for your help!

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I have two questions not covered in the manual:

1. I made a duplicate copy of the recovery file on a USB external hard drive. I'd like to get rid of it but have not found a way (short of a FORMAT to wipe it clean.)

2. I can not find a foolproof way to create a fresh BASE file. I can erase the current BASE and immediately create a fresh backup, but I have that 20 minute window of exposure to a system crash while my fresh base backup is being created.

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Hello guys I need your help badly.
I work on computers and I need to reinstall Win7 on to my PC(Acer Aspire 7551G-5407 ).... Theres one problem though- the product key on the bottom is partly torn, so I dont have all the numbers. I tried using a Key Finder to find my key (Used Magic Jelly Bean) and it told me some stuff....

Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1
Product Part No.: X15-37374
Installed from 'OEM' media.
Product ID: 00426-OEM-8992662-00006 match to CD Key data
CD Key: Not shown for people who steel Windows
Computer Name: USER-PC
Registered Owner: User
Registered Organization:
So theres two things I want (one or the other)
A Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 X15-37374 ISO
a KeyFinder that can find my computer Windows 7 Home Premium. (Since my computer is currently set as shown above with Win7 Ultimate)

Answer:Need Key Recovery OR find a Specific version of Win7 . Please help.

Unless you have already done a Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 then the key which can be audited by a key finder is not the Product Key on the COA sticker but instead a batch key used at the factory to mass activate which can't be used to activate a Clean Reinstall.

So your choices are either to make your Recovery media, order it online or from the OEM Tech Support, back up to reinstall the SLP Activation file which is not supported here so would have to be researched on your own, or use a retail Win7 license key to activate with.

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Ok.  Been working all day to repair my OS.  I cannot do a fresh install because I need the data on there.  I want to do an in place repair install.  So here is the problem.  I am an msdn user.  I installed some version of Win 7 on my system back in 2009.  Not sure which one.  My CD rom is not working so I have been using WintoFlash to create a bootable image on my usb drive.  Everytime I go to the repair it says, "This is not compatible with this version of Windows. Find a compatible version and try again."I have tried Win 7 Home, premium, enterprise and some N versions.  All say the same.  I am downloading Pro and basic nowSo what I need to be able to do is retreive the version of windows I have like you do by right clicking the hard drive when you are in windows. Problem is I am not in windows and the recovery console I can get to a command prompt but it is the X: drive version of windows and it will only show that version with a command like systeminfo.  Killing me smalls.  I need some help here from the pros.ThanksTodd

Answer:How do I verify my version of OS from the recovery console shell

You cannot "retrieve" an installed OS from a system...this is by design...WinToFlash needs the full .ISO image to be able to work.I suspect the reason it is saying wrong version is because SP1 was installed on that 7 installation therefore you would need to find a Win7DVD w SP1 in order to run a repair install.As long as you have your activation code on the machine for Win7 you can borrow anyones DVD to do the repair as long as the versions match...i.i. Home to Home Ultimate to Ultimate etc.The other option of course would be to contact MS with your liscense code and they may either send you the DVD or direct you to their portal where you can DLoad the .ISO and use it to build your DVD...Let us know.

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I have a Gateway MX6650 laptop that came preloaded with Media Center 2005. The recovery disc is labeled as "Gateway Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005".

And yet, when I used it yesterday to format my hard drive, it installed Windows Media Center Edition 2002.

Also, I'm not entirely sure it's just a mislabeled recovery disc. I've used this disc once or twice before, and while I'm not 100% certain that it installed MCE 2005 in the past, I do know that I was able to download and install MCE Update Rollup 2 last time.

Yesterday when I tried installing Update Rollup 2, I got an error saying this update can only be applied to Media Center Edition 2005, which was when I first noticed that 2002 was installed, not 2005.

Any ideas?

Answer:Recovery disc installs wrong version of Windows?

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on a dell , if you hit Ctrl+F11 upon boot, it will bring the notrotn ghost interface up and restore the computer to it store bought position. I didn't know that norton ghost could do this in the background. I thought that you need the ghost cd to restore a system.

I know acronis can do it by hitting f11, but I don't like acronis but it only work right 70-80% of the time. I like stuff that work 100 percent of the time. I have a few unbootable systems messing with acronis although it work most of the time. I was using drive image to restore my computers but I would like to try this ghost feature out. I'm thinking that I will need ghost 10.

how would I go about implementing this feature of hitting Ctrl+F11 to bring me to the restoration process with ghost?

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Hi, everybody. I already asked about logo on startup, but knowbody answered for now.. hope somebody will. But have another short question? which is stated in the subject. If I you Recovery cd on my laptop will it affect bios?

Answer:Will recovery CD return BIOS to original state(version)

Hello Andrey

Recovery image has nothing to do with BIOS settings. Recovery procedure format HDD and install OS with all necessary drivers, tools and utilities.

After doing this notebook has ?factory settings? again.

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I have a laptop from Germany. Who have ENglisg version recovery for AMILO PA 1510? By the way please show me where the print screen key? keyboand by German

Answer:I need recovery disk English version for Fujitsu Siemens

I don't know about the first question, but below is where the Print Screen key should be. But I don't know what it's like on a German keyboard, but I think that the Print Screen key should be around the same spot. Just look at the keys around the one I'm showing.

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I have an aging IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad X61. This week a series of problems it was having started to seem insurmountable, and I decided to backup my files, restore to factory condition, and have done with it. I'm starting to regret that choice. The recovery disks that came with my computer installed Windows XP Professional edition, not Windows XP Tablet edition. In all respects now, my tablet is just a regular Thinkpad with a weird hinge. It doesn't recognize the digitizer pen, nor does it recognize the touchscreen, even though both are listed on the device manager, both have up-to-date drivers, and both claim to be functioning fine. Also, no Microsoft Journal, which I desperately need, and no sticky notes. Please tell me there's a free way to fix this!


Go to Solution.

Answer:Recovery disks installed wrong version of Windows XP. HELP!! :'(

Hi Icarus, and welcome to the Lenovo User Community!
ThinkPads don't normally ship with recovery disks. You should have been prompted make your own when the system was new. Apparently your vendor included the wrong set .
Either contact your vendor, or call Lenovo support to get the XP Tablet Edition disks (you may have to pay ~$50).

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I'm trying to help my daughter who is away at college with her XPS 13 laptop purchased June 2017.  It's running Windows 10 Home.  She took it out and opened it up after class and a blue screen with BitLocker looking for the recovery key was present.  From what I've read, bitlocker isn't available on the home version, only pro and enterprise.  She can't enter the recovery key since it was never turned on, even if it was available.  I told her it will probably need to be reformatted since it's looking for something that is not available.
Has anyone seen this before? Any recommendations?  She's taking it in to the tech center later today.
I forgot to add that when she goes to her Microsoft account and looks at her devices is shows Windows 10 home AND BitLocker ON, although it was never activated.  The "Get BitLocker recovery keys" link brings her to her Onedrive account.  She says she doesn't see the recovery key anywhere on her OneDrive account.


Answer:Bitlocker recovery screen on Windows 10 Home version

Have her go to the link and expand the how to get recovery keys.
She might be able to go to her Microsoft account and search for Recovery Key.

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My backups have been done with version 2.04.0182 but I don't see it on Lenovo's web site to download.  I've received the Recovery disk set twice, but apparently missing the disk that includes R&R to be put into a partition area before running disks 1-4.  Anyway, is there a way to download the above version of R&R? Thanks, in advance---

Answer:Getting earlier version of Rescue and Recovery with Rapid Restore 2.x

The first disk of the set of 4 is the boot disc, there weren't separate boot discs when the R40 was current. It should actually state "bootable" on the disc. Using the discs wil totally erase the hard drive including all files etc. and return the system to factory state.

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Using Windows ADK 10 v1511, how do I create a CD of the Windows PE latest version for the imaging, recovery and system maintenance?



Answer:Create a CD of the Windows PE latest version for the imaging, recovery

balubeto said:


Using Windows ADK 10 v1511, how do I create a CD of the Windows PE latest version for the imaging, recovery and system maintenance?



Read the information on this link, and see if this is what you want to do.
Another Good choice is also this program, which a lot of us use too.
Windows 10 Recovery Tools - Bootable Rescue Disk

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I have an Equium A60 and have had no trouble with it appart from the overheated which was sorted by changing the thermal paste on the CPU (which i might say there was hardly any there).
But as other people have noticed it slows down and re-installing, thats ok, something to do when im bored but i hate all the bundled aplication that comes on the recovery disk.

I have a downloaded version of every version of windows Home but the COA serial key does not work with any of the ones i have and i do not want an illegal version of windows.

Please could anyone tell me what version of Home i need for the COA serial key to work with.

I have tried:

-Corporate ???

What do i need to use the legal Licence key.


Answer:Version of Windows Home on Equium A60 Recovery disk


The windows OS on the recovery CD is a OEM version (already activated).
You can not use a key of the OEM version on another Windows OS.
If you want to install the fresh Windows OS on your notebook, so you have to use an original Microsoft Windows form the original CD.

But I don't understand why you want to install a new Windows OS without the Toshiba application. Without this software you cannot use the all notebook features.
All notebook features needs additional tools and utilities.

Of course, the notebook needs a little bit longer to start all this applications at the beginning but if you don't want to use it you can remove it from the OS in the control panel.

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Using Windows ADK 10 v1511, how do I create a CD of the Windows PE latest version for the imaging, recovery and system maintenance?



Answer:Create a CD of the Windows PE latest version for the imaging, recovery

Originally Posted by balubeto


Using Windows ADK 10 v1511, how do I create a CD of the Windows PE latest version for the imaging, recovery and system maintenance?



Read the information on this link, and see if this is what you want to do.
System Repair Disc - Create in Windows 10
Another Good choice is also this program, which a lot of us use too.
Windows 10 Recovery Tools - Bootable Rescue Disk

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I have a Lenovo R51e notebook and I am trying to upgrade my Rescue and Recovery?Client Security Solution from 3.0 to 4.2. It requires me to uninstall the older version. However, when I tried to uninstall the old version through the Windows Installer, I could not because it said it could not find the folder container the installation package ?Rescue and Recovery?Client Security Solution.msi? I somehow possibly have deleted the folder, so I would like to know is there an alternative for me to uninstall the old version? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

Answer:Problem in uninstalling an older version of Recovery and Rescue

hello welcome to the forums you probably must have cleaned the "temporary files folder" a copy of the msi file you mentioned resides in that area to be used for un-installation/maintainence purposes.... use the windows installer cleanup utility for this purpose you can download it here if possible try using registry scanners in order to remove the older/obsolete registry entries of the program note: please mention your country name and mention the system model if possible providing your country name helps others to give you specifc details effectively  Message Edited by samavedam_vijay on 09-01-2008 07:17 PM

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Was organizing the SATA connectors in case disconnecting/reconnecting a few HDDs, one with the W7 64 bit OS (H1). Then disconnected all HDDs leaving a new one and installed W7 64 bit on it (H2) with only it connected. Performed fine. Disconnected it (H2) and reconnected the first one (H2) and W7 would not launch, so inserted OS disc and it would repair something (I have no idea what as it did not indicate, I found that to be particular helpful by MS) and then W7 would launch. From there on, any time I switched between the two drives each having the respective OS (H1 or H2), the OS disc would need to be used to repair the unspecified problem and launch Win. Did this a few times until the first OS (H1) the disc no longer could 'repair' what ever needed to be fixed and the famous message follows:

"This version of System Recovery Options is not compatible with the version of Windows you are trying to repair. Try using a recovery disc that is compatible with this version of Windows"

The real (dis)interesting part to all of this, is that yes important data is off on drives other than the OS drive though did have a few files with mostly shortcuts on the desktop. In accessing the first OS (H1) via the second (H2), after fighting through the "access is denied" and "ownership rights" UAL BuSines, only half of the files that were on the desktop are actually in the desktop folder/directory. Is it worth fixing the OS on H1 to get into Windows to see if ... Read more

Answer:system recovery option not compatible with version of windows

Quote: Originally Posted by UserHAL

What happened to files that were on the desktop and what is it with all of these fundamental OS/HDD issues with W7? Wow - epic issues for MS. //Someone should launch a complaint.//

Responses: at 1 hour with 171 views: 0 responses
Next: at 2 hours with x views: x responses

Using the Recovery Disk multiple times on different partitions did not help the situation. I would guess that your boot partition is messed up because of that. Post a screen shot of your expanded column Disk Management using your Snipping Tool and we will see what you have. Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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My x200 came with Windows XP Pro x86 loaded and a Windows 7 x86 (32-bit) OS recovery and driver DVD. I want to install a x64 bit Windows 7 on this machine using the same Lenovo provided discs (but do not have them)--does anyone know how to get these discs from Lenovo--I believe it free is one has a 32-bit licence already (like I do from lenovo).  ThanksS

Answer:Lenovo Recovery Discs: 64bit version and drivers

you can purchase the 64 bit recovery disc from Lenovo provided you are under warranty, it should cost no more than the 50 to 70 USD. 

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I was removing various apps after using the recovery discs to get the system back to default, and when I tried to uninstall the windows live bar, it errored out and told me that I was running a non-supported beta version of windows vista. Thinkpad R61 7742-CTO with vista home basic.

Answer:After recovery, I get "You are running a non-supported beta version of Vista"

A way around this is to go into the Windows Live toolbar folder, find the uninstall exe and right click on the uninstall exe select run as administrator.

Proud supporter of the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club

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I am trying to reinstall my Satellite 1640CDT from the original Toshiba Product Recovery CDs. After reading the first CD, it asks for the second and then continues asking. The CD appears to be OK as I can read it on another PC. If I insert a different CD, it tells me it's the wrong CD but if I insert the right CD, it just asks again and again and again ... "Please insert Recovery CD-ROM # 2"

Any thoughts?


Answer:Recovery keeps asking for Recovery CD-ROM # 2 - Satellite 1640CDT

Hello Tom

On this way I can say that there are joust two possibilities. Either is the recovery CD defective or is delivered with some bug on it.

Did you recover the unit in the past without problems?

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I'm looking for these versions of Satellite M30-742 BIOS: v.1.40 or v.1.60.
I need the .iso files in order to install them from a bootable cd.
Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:BIOS version 1.60/1.40 for Satellite M30-742

Hi photo

I read you other topic and it is very good news that the problem is solved after BIOS update.

Hopefully you will not have this problem again.


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I want to download Windows XP Home Edition. Which version do I need (OEM, Retail) that have passed activation?

At the back of the laptop in the certificate reads:

Windows XP Home Russian 672
and product key

Answer:Satellite M70-122 - Which version of Windows XP do I need?

Laptop: TOSHIBA Satellite M70-122

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My name's Mohamed Elwekil, i bought Toshiba Satellite L50-A Laptop few months ago, and i lost all data and everything was in this laptop, now i want to have this Oem again to be able to download it once again because every time i try to install another Oem laptop tells me it's not correct OEM for this laptop

So please what i should do.


Answer:Need original OS version for my Satellite L50-A

I don't know which notebook model do you have exactly (full model name) but I presume you have got it with preinstalled operating system. Can you confirm this?

Anyway, when you get new notebook with preinstalled operating system you can create bootable recovery media that you can use to reinstall original OS version. I’m afraid you don't have it, right?

Now if you have lost everything you have two options:
1/ to install own OS version
2/ to order original recovery disc on

At the moment I cannot say more than that. If you need more info please post full model name.

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Hi everyone!

I have an issue to submit to you.

I'd like to buy a SSD (250 GB) and to substitute the original HDD which gives me a lot of problems in terms of percentage of usage and so it slows down the notebook.

In the Internet I found a lot of issues about my Notebook (Satellite L50 series - L50-A-1CU) and SSDs, particularly for BIOS version which could not recognize properly the SSD.

Has anyone installed a SSD on this Notebook? Which BIOS version is needed for the proper installation? I have BIOS version 1.90.

Thanks a lot,


Answer:Satellite L50-A - BIOS version and SSD

Can you please tell us which SSD you want to buy? I mean model and manufacturer.

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When I got this notebook the Infrared device worked OK. I used it to transfer files, etc. It stopped working, so I tried everything to get it back (including the download form this site - which is for Win2000). I upgraded to XP SP2 but still it does not work. I have uninstalled it but whenever I try to re-install it, the PC puts it straight into "unknown device" catagory with a ? mark next to it and it does not function. I have mislaid the TOSHIBA Utilities disk so I am out of ideas. Help. Also, I have proof of purchase (although I am out of guarantee) but I have also lost my original system recovery disks too. Can I get these back along with the Utilities disk, either via download or better still replacement CDs. There are many things going a bit wrong so I really need a fresh install but without the disks I am obviously stuck. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you,
PLS reply to [email protected]

Answer:Cannot use Infrared on Satellite Pro M10 (UK version)


if you are missing a recovery CD you will have to go to a Toshiba Service Partner and sign a statutory declaration (that's a restriction of MS, the CD is OEM) then you will get a new one! About Tools CD you could also ask, but all drivers and utilities could also be downloaded at (Driver and Downloads)

Bye Bob

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Hello,  Can any one help me ? I have made a back-up image (on a external hd disk) of my lenovo ideapad last year (July 2013) with lenovo one key by clicking the program Lenovo one key ... picture.Due to an update failure of windows 8 yesterday,  I want to restore my laptop from my user back-up image from last year. I started the OKR process with restore from a user image file. When I have choosen the backup.wsi stored from my external HD, OKR says "the image file is not valid, please select a image file).I am sure that I have not upgraded my OKR software since the purchase of my laptop. Can any one tell me how I can identify the version of OKR which have created my backup.wsi.the current version of OKR is 8.0.00710thanks in advance for your help.   

Answer:WSI file not recognized with built-in Lenovo One key recovery version 8.00 0710

The OKR software might be affected by the update failure. Why not try troubleshooting the update failure first before solving the okr problem.  I have long migrated to Win 8.1 but maybe you can try to locate the troubleshooting process in your Win 8 system: Fix problems with windows update. In Win 8.1 it is located in Action Center/Troubleshooting/System and Security.

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I am using a Lenovo Ideapad S10-2 under Windows XP.  Since the OneKey Recovery system on my computer has not worked properly (program check/blue screen each time I am trying a full backup of my system), I wanted to install a new version of that program to fix this problem. I downloaded the file "IN1OKR17WW1" from and double clicked on it. The program started and seemed to be preparing the installation wizard, when Windows XP sent me a message 'Please use the CONTROL PANEL to remove or modify system software'. The execution of the program stopped. So I started the control panel, selected the programs section and clicked on 'OneKey Recovery'. I was shown a prompt "Do you really want to remove this program?" Hesitantly I responded yes, hoping that the installation wizard would kick in afterwards and complete the installation of the new version. But after the removal of the old version of OneKey Recovery, nothing happened. So I have no OneKey Recovery on my system now. How can I install the newly downloaded version of OneKey Recovery to my system?

Answer:Problems Installing New Version of OneKey Recovery on my Ideapad S10-2 (Windows XP)

could be compatible issue. check your d volume for drivers.

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Here's another exclusive offer from Gizmo's Freeware. On the 12th of November we are offering the full $69.95 current version of EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard free. The offer runs for 24 hours from 12.01 AM Thursday 12 November, 2009 USA Pacific Daylight Time. Please read how to get EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard $ 69.95 worth for FREE Get $69.95 Version of EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard for Free do note, please :

This version of Data Recovery Wizard works on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista 32 bit and 64 bit. It does not work with Windows 7. The license is valid for personal use only on a single PC.

Thanks GIZMO

Answer:Get $69.95 Version of EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard for Free - Expired

It seems that this software is not fully compatible with win7, it's right?

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I thought, since the anniversary update has been pushed OTA for unlocked Lumia 950XLs, that you could flash your device with the Recovery tools.
When I try to do it with the software, the version available on the server is only 10586.13169. No version 14393 to be seen...
I would like to flash my phone to a fresh new 14393 Image, since my actual version is somewhat sluggish and hangs when I have to restart.
I would rather not go back to pre-anniversary, just to save time.
Any Ideas ?
Thank you

Answer:a way to push version 14393 with Windows Device Recovery Tool (or else)

A hard reset to factory settings would be quicker.

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I need to find out on a PC I have for repair, which version of Windows XP Service Pack is on the PC.

I have no access to either Normal nor Safe Mode (BSOD).

Anyone know a way of finding the version from something like Recovery Console or Linux Boot??

Answer:Solved: Identify Service Pack Version from Recovery Console

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Giveaway of the Day - Paragon Backup & Recovery 11 Compact (English Version)                                                       Paragon Backup and Recovery 11 Compact is a simple and   powerful backup and recovery solution to secure stand-alone Windows   desktops and laptops. It quickly backs up your files and folders,   operating system or even your entire hard disk to any storage you   choose. Compact edition ensures that your system and valuable data are   protected ? and can be restored in case of any disaster! Now supports   the latest HDD standards!

Answer:Giveaway of the Day - Paragon Backup & Recovery 11 Compact (English Version)

Thanks once again Allan. I've downloaded and backed up my system. I've also taken advantage of other free backup solutions that you have provided. Sure doesn't hurt to have another. Well done. Much appreciated. overthehill

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Hi there, my understanding of receiving the Lumia Cyan update is that I have to rollback the developer preview. I have downloaded the Nokia Recovery Tool and run it, it tells me I can install version 3051.400000.1345.1003, that is the firmware version I already have installed, should I wait for the update or do this anyway?

Answer:Nokia Recovery Tool for Lumia 1020 showing same version

8.1 is software not firmware. Cyan is the firmware.

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Hey guys,

I have just installed BIOS v.3.50 and it works like a charme. Hope there will be more drivers soon or at least updated drivers; especially the Flash-Cards do not work properly they always crash.

With BIOS 3.50 I think I got a little more performance, but maybe it is just an impression, check it out yourself ;)

Answer:A new BIOS version 3.50 is out for Satellite U200

Sounds good, my neighbor has a similar machine, and I will tell him as soon as possible.



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I have a Satellite A6-692, Model : PSA60E.

I find on your site the link for many BIOS for this notebook.

I try each url but every url are dead!

Could you repair these links? (

Any body have saved this BIOS?



Answer:Where can I find BIOS version 1.9 for my Satellite A 60?


Probably is known to you that companies as Toshiba do from time to time planned maintenance with servers and all saved data. I am pretty sure it will work again very soon.

As alternative you can visit follow page

Bye and good luck!

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on a brand new Satellite L770 I have battery problems according to "pc health tool" which shows a "low battery integrity". Toshiba support asked me to update this tool and "value added package" .

Prior to updating I had a version of this package .
The new package is said to be a version .

I removed the first one ( 1.5.1) and installed the new one (1.5.4) .
After the installation I checked the version indicated by the control panel I read "" .

Do you think it might be an error on the "" site ?

Answer:Satellite Pro L770: still old version of VAP after update

lest's put it this way : has anybody installed this update , VAP , using the package " " found on the toshiba download site , modified on August 3rd , 2011 and supposed to be version ? If so what is the version indicated in your Control Panel ?

thanks for your answer

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Hey guys been reading the forums trying to find a fix for my problem. After I reformatted hardrive with the original CD everytime you reboot computer the wifi will drop even though the switch is in "on" position and won't come on untill you manually switch off and back on again.

Last time I fixed it by updating BIOS to 1.70 (newest) this time I cant reflash BIOS as it's window based flash and it checks that I already have 1.70. I reinstalled newest drivers and software for everything. I also searche a lot for older BIOS files if anyone mind sending over older 1.60, 1.50, for this computer would be greatrly apriciated it's M40 (PSM40E) it's the model with Nvidia 6600 video card.
Or any idea how I can reflash 1.70 again?

Thanks Daniel

Answer:Satellite M40 - How to reflash BIOS with the same version?


Reflashing the BIOS with the same or older version is not possible. Therefore you must go to an authorized service provider.
The technicians can relfash it with the same or older version.

If you don?t know where is the nearest ASP you should look on the Toshiba website. There you can search for it.


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I've just bought a Satellite p100-188 from PC world and it came with MCE 2002. Why doesn't it have 2005, or where can I get the later version from?



Answer:Wrong MCE version on my Satellite P100-188


you are right you should have MCE 2005. Have you tried the recovery CD, maybe there is the right OS. If not you should contact a service partner of Toshiba.


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