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Screen problems - Horizontal gradient brightness - Satellite R25 Tablet

Question: Screen problems - Horizontal gradient brightness - Satellite R25 Tablet

Hello all

I have some strange problem with my screen. When I use two lowest brightness levels my screen is not constantly bright it has horizontal gradient. Looking from left side I have very dark screen, near middle there is normal brightness, after middle dark again and in the end/right side o screen it's bright.

This anomaly is most notified only on two lowest levels of brightness, when I want to extend my battery life time.
I was replacing my Windows XP but without any positive result.

Does the screen need to be replaced, or is there another way to fix it?

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Preferred Solution: Screen problems - Horizontal gradient brightness - Satellite R25 Tablet

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Screen problems - Horizontal gradient brightness - Satellite R25 Tablet

I am afraid it is hardware issue. I cannot say for sure that display is defective but if you bring it to the service technician can test it with special diagnostic tools.
As you can see fresh OS installation didn?t help and it cannot be software problem. Sorry but I don't believe there is anything you can do alone to fix it. If possible continue to use display with acceptable brightness level.

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I know that this is probably a stupid question but can anyone tell me why my screen brightness drops around 15% when I switch to battery even though I have specifically told the Power Manager & Power Options that the brightness levels for both battery and mains power is 100%? Is the 'normal' behaviour for a X60? I've been through every power setting I can see but I still get that 15% difference. It doesn't happen on my wife's HP or my daughters' Toshiba and Vaio. What's going on? R.

Answer:X60 tablet screen brightness..

Go into BIOS (F1 while booting), then Configuration, and set the display brightness to mx there, press F10 to save and exit. Hope this helps.

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I have just completed a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate and all went well except for the screen brightness issue. Anyone have any ideas where I can simply increase this as I have searched everywhere for screen brightness, even BIOS for any setting for display. I have latest update to display driver. I have two other laptops and each shows much brighter than this one and I am surely disappointed in this display. Not sure if it is because this screen is touch enabled and also works off keyboard that could be the issue and a separate setting could be involved on the touch side of the display as it does work with a stylus pen or touch also. thanks and   I hope I can get this brightness to increase somewhat as it is too hazy for me.     

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We've bought one of these machines but have had to install our own special tablet PC build in order to conform with our company security specifications. Now the Brightness controls F6 and F7 dont work.

Can someone tells me which Toshiba utilities I need to download and install in order to get this working.



Answer:Portege M200 tablet - Screen Brightness Controls F6/F7 not working

Hello Laurence

In my experience you need the Hotkey Utility for Display Devices. The newest version is v2.6.0.000. You can find this tool on the Toshiba website.
Please take a look at this site:

Please check this and then post the result


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I have a satellite L3O-11D. At the bottom of my screen I have horizontal interference its about 1.5 cm wide, does anyone know the cause of this and how to fix it.

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Answer:Satellite L30-11D horizontal interference with the screen

Try reinstalling the Display Driver from the Toshiba website. If that doesn't help, then you may need to send the notebook to an ASP for repairs. The screen might need replacing.

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All of a sudden I have got a line from the left to the right about 5 cm of bottom of my screen. I have a Satellite A210-138. The line is very clear and is consisting "points" like typing a line with points in a text document, at the same time a vertical line, more or less in the middle appeared.

This line also "pointed" but very weak, you can hardly see it. Somebody can tell me to get rid of these lines? Help is much appreciated!

Answer:Satellite A210-138 - horizontal line on the LCD screen

Sorry but it is not easy to help. For me your problem description is not clear enough.

Is this line permanent on the screen from the first moment when you switch your notebook on or it occurs later?

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My computer screen has horizontal white line appeared across the screen recently. Computer is running perfectly normal but i don't know how to resolve this problem?
What could be the reason?

Answer:Horizontal white line across the Satellite A screen

I?m afraid it is due to defective display.
You can connect your notebook to external display to see if the same happen. if not it is the best evidence for my ?theory?.

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Brand new Satellite L830 has a horizontal line across the screen.

What can be the cause and how can be fixed?

Answer:Satellite L830 - horizontal line across the screen

If notebook is brand new bring it back as soon as possible and ask for replacement.
On this virtual way it is not easy to say what is wrong there but it can be related to defective display, especially if you can see it from the first moment when notebook is on.

Don?t try anything. Ask for new one. If you cannot get replacement contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They must exchange defective part.

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Horizontal lines appear at the top of my A100 after using the picture preview slideshow or any photoshop programme. They can be removed when the desktop picture is changed.

The laptop was purchased in April this year. Geoff

Answer:Horizontal lines at top of screen - Satellite A100

From your post the only plausible explaination is that you don't have large VRAM wich means that the refreash rate is relatively low. Althow there coul be other problems, but these is the only conclusion I can draw from your topic.

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After one-month usage of new A200-14D laptop, I have had a problem on lcd screen on that annoying white horizontal line is always seen,

Is there anyone that knows the troubleshooting?


Answer:Screen of Satellite A200-14D has horizontal white line

Hi there,

Is that line showed up permanently and did you already tried to connect your machine to a external screen to check if you have the same problem on it?
If yes, you have a serious problem and it can not be fixed trough a BIOS update or something. You have to contact immediately an local ASP,
and they will make a hardwarecheckup and a repair on your machine. If you need a link, here?s a global ASP locator, where you can find the nearest ASP in your country:

I wish you good luck. :)

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Switched my laptop on this morning and the display is quivering and appears to have a shadow. The top 2 inches is OK; under the top 2 inches there is a horizontal white line about 1/16" thick; below this line the screen is quivering, appears foggy and shadowy.

What can I do to correct this problem?

Answer:Satellite L300D-20R - Horizontal white line on the screen

Hey mate,

Have you already tested an external monitor on the notebook? At the moment I believe it?s a problem of the internal screen but testing an external monitor takes only few minutes and after this you will know more! ;)

If the external screen works properly I think to have to replace the internal screen. You can get a new screen from an authorized service provider. They can also exchange the screen that is a little bit tricky.

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I'm having an issue with flickering horinzontal lines randomly appearing on the screen for a random duration (during all kinds of situations, web browsing, video playback, high or low cpu usage, etc.). Very similar behavior can be seen on these videos:

The motherboard has been changed already to no avail.
Based on sources around the internet the current best guess for a cause is the advanced power management, which dinamically changes the core speeds (in CPU and/or GPU). Disabling these (turing off PowerPlay, setting Windows power management to maximum performance, etc.) doesn't help though.

The issue's been present for months. 1 single BSOD happened, possibly caused by a directx / display driver issue, not sure if there is a connection.

Still couldn't reproduce the issue (tried universal stress tests, cpu-memory-vga tests, etc.). The issue is very random.
System: Windows 7 prof. 64bit, latest drivers from toshiba website.

Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite C660D-16E - flickering horizontal lines on screen

I?ve checked this first video but I don?t see anything.

On this virtual way is not easy to discuss about such issues but what I want to know is follow:
Have you tried to connect external display and check if the same will happen again?

In my opinion such issues can be result of graphic card malfunction. To find out what the problem can be you need time and more testing. Obtain second HDD, put it in your notebook, install original Toshiba recovery image and test it several days with ?factory settings?.

If the same will happen again and again it must be hardware related issue.

What do you think about that?

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Hey everyone,

I bought tree satellite tablets, two are working just fine but one has this 1 pixel wide horizontal line across the whole screen. Most of the time it's black but sometimes it has some colored pixels, depending on the the rest of the screen.

This is how it looks like:

And here when it's off and I press the power button once to check the battery status:

When I powered the tablet for the first time it wasn't there yet. I did the initial setup, updated the bios to 5.2 and the display driver via toshiba service app. I did some tests with a few games and the browser and then turned the tablet completely off. Few days later as I turned it back on the line was already present when the screen showed the battery status (pressed the power button once).
It doesn't seem that those pixels are dead as they are not always black. Maybe something happened when I updated the bios. Restoring the factory state of the device didn't do any help. I also tried to downgrade bios back to 1.7 but it wouldn't let me saying that the version present is newer.
It could be something with the hardware though. Either the screen is faulty or maybe the connector is not properly snapped in. In order to check for that I would have to open the tablet. Would this avoid the warranty?

The best thing would be to send this one back for replacement but my problem is that those tablets are x-mas presents for 3 k... Read more

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Horizontal lines keep appearing on my P50 display like this:

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Hi,since I use Windows 7 X64 on my T500 2241, I have problems with many horizontal small lines on the display. The same I have on an external monitor. With Win XP 32 bit I never had such problems on this computer.May this problem is related to the video driver. I'm using: Intel Mobile 4 Series express chipset driver version I have made the latest bios update for my computer.Nothing helps. Is there an better idea? Many thanks Michael 


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Answer:Screen Problems horizontal lines

Are you using 1 + 2 gigs ram configuration.

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Some features of the power manager are not working after a bios update (5.90).
The screen's brightness can't be changed in the power manager, nor the menu system at the top. In the power manager, the slider can be moved, but the brightness is not adjusted. Toshiba's menu system seems to crash upon trying to change the brightness with F6-F7 and the slider won't move.

Furthermore, the screen does not turn off after the set amount of minutes in the power manager.

What's going on? How can this be fixed?
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A100-812: Screen brightness not working & screen turns off after some time


Some question; why you have updated the BIOS??
Are you sure you have used the right BIOS???

In my opinion you shouldn?t update anything if the notebook runs properly!!!!

However, try to access the BIOS, set the settings to the ?default? and save the settings before you exit the BIOS.
If it does not help I would recommend recover the notebook with the Toshiba recovery CD.


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I recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate a week ago and in the past two days, when I have started my laptop up, after 10 minutes or so, I suddenly get horizontal coloured lines in blocks on my screen (screen goes blue or black with coloured lines flickering all over it), or it flickers and goes white.

I have no choice but to force it to shut down and then it usually takes 3 to 4 forced shutdowns before it works normally with no problems. It was a clean install and I have updated the display driver, but still have the same problem. The guy who installed Windows 7 won't get back to me, so I can't talk with him to see if he knows what happened.

It?s a satellite A350 laptop, and is only 7 months old. I had no problem with Vista, so it seems to me as if it's something to do with Windows 7. Can I still keep Windows 7 and stop this problem or do I have to revert back to Vista and if so how?

My computer didn't come with any recovery disks etc. If anyone has the same problem or knows how to fix it please let me know, I need my laptop for exams so the sooner I get this fixed the better.

Answer:Windows 7 causes screen problems - horizontal lines

My guess would be some corrupt display drivers. What model do you have? Make sure you install the latest drivers for you OS.

It's either that, or you graphics card is overheating.

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My Satellite A200 screen has become quite dull recently. When it first powers up it is fine; and then it drops back to a dull screen. I have tried adjusting the brightness using FN F7 - but is is already set at the highest brightness.
Does anyone have any idea what may have caused this and how I can rectify it?
I do have a couple of little boys who tend to press random keys with their grubby little fingers sometimes!!! I have also had trouble with this laptop in the past with overheating - so I am hoping that this isn't part of the problem.

Thanking you in advance for your help, Hypnobabe :)

Answer:Satellite A200 - Screen Brightness - Screen 'dull'


Does the brightness change if you change the Brightness Setting in the Power Options? (Toshiba Power Saver if you are using XP)

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Over on the Faint Ghosting on X220 IPS screen thread, I mentioned (twice, actually) that I see gradient banding on my X220 IPS screen. Nobody else has brought up this issue, and at the moment it seems that I may have a defective screen. Here's a test image to check for gradient banding: View and compare how it looks on other laptop and desktop monitors. Gradients appear smooth on my desktop PC (Dell monitor and low end Radeon card) and MacBook Pro, but banding is easily visible on my X220 with IPS screen. I even see faint banding when I view this forum, the subtle gradient background at the top of each post. My display is set to 32 bit color and 60 Hz refresh. I'll take it up with Lenovo support. Meanwhile, anybody else who has the issue can post and discuss here.

Answer:Gradient banding on X220 IPS screen

I also noticed this when looking at the gradient banding link in the above post - though it hasn't bothered me otherwise. Interestingly, I noticed the following artifact by following these steps: Open the gradient banding link, set your monitor to maximum brightness, and look at the large black-to-white and white-to-black gradients for about 10 seconds while they are centered on your screen.Next, scroll down until the white-to-black gradient is at the top edge of the window, and you can no longer see the black-to-white gradient.Notice how the image takes a few seconds to stabilize - as though the pixels haven't quite reached the correct color value completely. This is especially noticeable around the gray - dark gray area of the gradient and only at high brightnesses. These kinds of things make me wish you could replace laptop displays as easily as desktop ones. I've never once experienced any of the multitude of issues this laptop display has with my BENQ displays that I've had for over 5 years. Perhaps its true that TN displays are inferior to IPS. However, a high quality TN display is much more preferable to a defective IPS one.

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I upgraded to XP Service Pack 2. All was fine but after a short while the screen went dim and the Screen Brightness function would no longer operate. I had to restore to SP1 settings. Why is this and it there a fix. How do you reload this feature from the discs supplied

Answer:Satellite M30, Screen Brightness Fn + F7

Have you tried to reinstall the hotkey utilities ?

bye ?

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Hi all,

I have a toshiba Satellite P50-A-14H for a month, I bought it from Turkey.
It's been working very well. I realised that I cannot control the screen brightness adjustment either via functions keys or from the control panel - display menu.
I tried both AC powered and battery, both are the same.

When I set it to maximum from the display menu, no brightness change is happening and if I hit brightness increase key function after this, brightness value comes back to 50% agan no brightness change occurs.. It seems like functions keys are only changing from 1 preset to another..

Does anyone have this problem?

Answer:Cannot control screen brightness on Satellite P50-A-14H


Do you still use original preinstalled Windows 8.1 64 bit?

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I use Notebook Hardware Utility for Power Management.
Unfortunately there is no screen brightness settings.
Default settings in windows is maximum.
Changing the value by Fn key doesn't work, after system reboot screen brightness is maximum.

I would like to set other value as default.
Is it possible for example in Windows Registry? I don't want to use Toshiba Power Saver.

Answer:Screen brightness on Satellite A100-749

Hi there,

I believe that you just want your settings saved, but without the Toshiba Powersaver you won?t be able to do this since windows has no direct access to the toshiba hardware, just over the powersaver.
Maybe you should remove completely the HW tools & powersaver and reinstall it properly, perhaps this could help you.


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I have a Satellite 1800-911 which works properly except that the screen is so dim it can barely be seen.
I have tried 3 screens and 3 inverters all of which work properly in a 1800-354, to no effect. I have also changed the cable from the motherboard to the screen without success.

There appear to be no controls which affect the brightness: I have tried the power saver routines: no difference.

When I connect an external monitor its picture is perfect.
The laptop is running a clean installation of Windows ME from the restore CD.

Answer:Satellite 1800-911 screen brightness too dim

Hi there,

did you already tried the "FN" key combinations on your keyboard to make you screen brighter? If not already did then I would suggest you, maybe it helps.
Otherwise I would assume that you have a problem on the mainboard.


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Last week I bought a new A200 with Vista on it. Within Vista I could use the Fn+F6/F7 hotkeys to change screen brightness, and one night I set the brightness to lowest. Then I rebooted the system with a Windows XP installation cd, and the brightness stayed at the lowest settings.
In Windows XP I install Toshiba Power Saver, and I can adjust the screen brightness again, but I suspect I can't make it as bright as before again.

So my question is, do the A200 screens have fixed brightness settings (1 to 8) or are they relative?
example, if you set the brightness to 1 using the hardware hotkeys and you install a new OS, then the Toshiba Power Saver will recognize setting 1 as 8, so in fact your new maximum brightness becomes 1. This would mean the brightness is relative, or is this not the case?

Answer:Satellite A200-1H2 screen brightness

As far as I know last option will be saved in BIOS and after installing new OS the OS take this option from BIOS. I have noticed the same on my Satellite P200.

I think for you the best option is to make BIOS update to version 5.xx (WXP supported version) install WXP, all drivers, tools and utilities and everything will be OK.

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Hello everybody
Im am a old aged pensioner and I have just started with a second hand A40 Pro.

The problem I have is the screen is very bright and I would like to take the brightness down, can anyone help me please.

Thanks Ken

Answer:How to adjust screen brightness on Satellite Pro A40


This is very simple.
Toshiba notebooks support an FN functions.

If you want to set the brightness to the lower or higher level press simply the FN+F6 or FN+F7 and the display brightness will change ;)

Check it :D

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Hello, I just picked up a Lenovo G50-45 (open box) from my local Best Buy and, while the system works great for the most part, I am noticing a slight problem with the display.  It seems to have problems with showing gradients on the display.  They tend to look blocky/pixelated.
It's the model with an A6 APU and Radeon R4 graphics.
Is this a problem that other people have experienced with this laptop?  How have you fixed it?
3/30/15 EDIT: Changed subject line to improve searchability. Amy_Lenovo
3/31/15 EDIT: Changed subject line a 2nd time. Amy_Lenovo

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Answer:Lenovo G50-45 - Gradient Display Problems and Band...

Hi Ipeters61,             
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with gradient problems in your G50-75 laptop.
As you have mentioned the issue looks like pixelated, please share the snap shot of the issue as this will help us to assist you in better way.
Also connect to the external monitor and check for the issue, this is to confirm on the LCD.  
Best regards,

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I?ve got this notebook from my dad, after he buyed a new one. Actually everything?s fine with it. But one thing is a bit strange I think.
My old notebook and also other notebooks i had before, has the abillity to control things like brightness of the display when you plug in to load, automatically. So not for this one. Nothing happens.

Also windows doesn?t show the remaining life time of the battery and other things like this. Are these functions not supported by this type? I?ve installed the newest bios version 1.70,which is offered on the official website and I?m using WinXP.

Has anyone got the same problems and is there any solution for it? maybe you can help me.


Answer:Satellite M70-239 - problems with brightness control


Satellite M70 was delivered with WXP and typical WXP configuration. I presume you have installed all Toshiba tools and utilities so there must be also preinstalled ?Toshiba Power saver?.

There yiou can see different power profiles and each one can be configured separately. So when notebook is connected to AC power supply notebook will be on ?full power mode?. There you can set LCD brightness to maximum level.
When notebook is on battery power supply then other power plan will be used. Compare settings in both power modes and choose your favourite settings.

Brightness level can also be changed with key combination ? FN+F6/F7.
Of course this will works if all Toshiba tools and utilities are preinstalled.

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i heard from a combination of keys which makes adjusting the screen brightness possible.
Is that true and what is the key-combination?

Yours sincerely

Answer:Adjust Screen Brightness Satellite Pro 4200

Hi Daniel,

The normal keys for thie are Fn+F7 to increase the brightness and Fn+F6 to reduce it. However different notebook models may use different key combinations so I would check your user handbook to see which ones are correct for your notebook.


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I have an L500 - came out with Windows 7. I also cant adjust the brightness - the external monitor is fine. The other 17 laptops in the same school are fine - just this one.
The FN key doesnt seem to work - the screen on the laptop is so dark it isnt readable.

I havent seen any responses that answer this?

Answer:Satellite L500 - Can't adjust screen brightness

Hi redmg,

The FN keys are controlled by Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility. So if you can?t use the FN keys properly reinstall both Toshiba tools. You can download them on official Toshiba page: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

But remove the old versions before you install the new versions.

After this all FN keys should work properly again.

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I have a Satellite U205-S5002, and the screen is always too dark to see. There is no way of making it brighter, and even when I press the [FN]+[F7] keys, it doesn't brighten up.

Any ideas?

Answer:Can not use screen brightness settings on Satellite U205


Maybe the display brightness was already set to max!

Are you sure that there is no hardware malfunction?
For example if the display FL-inverter malfunctions the display brightness goes down.

Can you see any difference in brightness between the Toshiba booting splash screen and the screen after login into the Windows???

Regarding you model number; it seems this Satellite A205 unit was designed for the US market.
All Toshiba drivers and tools should be downloaded from the Toshiba US page!

If the faulty software causes this display issue I would recommend refreshing the drivers and tools.

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Hello, I have a Satellite M40X-118 with Windows XP.

When working with battery, I cannot anymore adjust screen brighness with F6-F7 touchs.
Could you help me, please.?

Answer:Satellite M40X-118 - Can't adjust the screen brightness


Try to update the Toshiba tools called ?Controls? and ?HotKey Utility?. Both you can find on the Toshiba website if you search for model in *Archive*: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

If it doesn?t work try to update the BIOS.


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I am having an odd problem with my Toshiba m-100.
The screen brightness appears to be operating in inverse. So when the windows starts although the computer is set to full screen brightness it shows as very dim. When I use the key board function keys to lower the screen brightness the brightness in fact increases.

Because I cannot dim the screen brightness completely, and because the settings seem to be operating in inverse, I cannot get the computer screen to display at full brightness.

Sorry if that is confusing!

Has anyone ever encountered this problem and does anyone have any advice as to how I can fix it. I hope to be able to fix it without reinstalling windows and the toshiba software.

Thanks for your help, it would be much appreciated.

Answer:Screen Brightness malfunctioning - Satellite M100

>The screen brightness appears to be operating in inverse. So when the windows starts although the computer is set to full screen brightness it shows as very dim. When I use the key board function keys to lower the screen brightness the brightness in fact increases.

I?m not quite sure if I have understood this correctly; you mean that your display brightness decreases when you use FN+F7 and increases if you use FN+F6. Is it right?

Usually the FN+F6 decrease the display brightness and FN+F7 increases the brightness.

I have no idea why this work reverse but I think you should check the profile setup in Toshiba Power Saver. Usually every profile supports different screen brightness settings. You can set it to max level and could assign this profile as standard profile.

I;m wondering if this would solve your issue?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite P750-137 with all the latest drivers and Windows Updates.
It's running Windows 7 but ever since I installed the new BIOS update, I've lost the ability to change my screen brightness.

The options from the Toshiba VAP come up when I press FN + F6/F7 but there's no bar underneath and brightness doesn't change.
options from within the Windows Power Management have all disappeared as well. I'm not sure if it's a driver or the BIOS update that's caused it.

When I go on the BIOS setting though, under the Power Management tab, whenever I go on an option, whatever I choose it always comes up with an error message saying something along the lines of Invalid Value Entered.

I think there is definitely something wrong with the BIOS update either way and is there a way to downgrade the upgrade or have information about a fix?

Answer:Satellite P750-137 Can't change screen brightness


Did you try to set the BIOS to default settings after the update?

Try that. Access the BIOS and press F9 (this sets to default) then save the changes and exit the BIOS.
I would also recommend restarting the Flash Cards. The tool controls the FN buttons and can be found in
All Programs -> Toshiba -> Flash Cards

If this would not help, reinstall and update the VAP (value added package).
Additionally it would be worth to reinstall/update the display driver.

Good luck

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Hi everyone,

I have a Satellite P750-13D laptop. My problem is; when I press FN + F7, the screen brightness decreases.
On the other hand, when I press FN + F6, the screen brightness increases. Thus, it works oppositely.

What should I do to fix the problem?


Answer:Screen Brightness issue on Satellite P750-13D

Very strange issue.
Do you use original preinstalled OS that you got with your notebook?
Have you noticed this behaviour from the first day?

Generally speaking I don?t see it as big problem. I presume you use different power plans and for each power plan you can set certain brightness level. Using FN+F2 you can change power profiles and brightness level too.

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I've an old Satellite Pro 4300 that I upgraded for my daughter last Summer.
I spent some time putting everything just right, upgrading memory to the max and installing Windows 2000.

She's just given it back to me as she has a new model....and I sort of needed the laptop.
Anyway, although it starts up, the screen is very very dark....totally unuseable.
Strangely, the display is dark during the BIOS part of the startup routine as well.

I've tried lots of combinations of F keys to no avail.
Any suggestions?

Answer:Screen brightness on Satellite Pro 4300 very dark

Hello Phil

Pleae notice that key combination usage for brightness settings works just when OS is started and if some Toshiba designed tools are preinstalled. If this occurs while notebook booting too and the BIOS settings are not visible correctly I presume the FL inverter (background illumination) is defective and must be exchanged.

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Hello, I got Satellite P200-1EE with Windows Vista Home Premium.

Some time ago I found that screen by itself become to very bright. Usually after one or two hours working, sometimes quicker after come back from screensaver. It's even more bright then I can set up using windows options or functional keys, I cannot see to much on screen then. What can cause this problem?

I hope there is not hardware problem. Please help.

Answer:Satellite P200-1EE screen brightness is increasing


That means the screen brightness will be changed automatically?

Well, it?s really hard to say why this happens. Normally you set a certain point for screen brightness in every power profile, for example Balanced or Battery Optimized.
Check this!!

Make also sure that all Windows updates are installed.
Furthermore I would recommend updating the BIOS. You can find it on the Toshiba website.


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I recently brought a Toshiba Satellite L650-12Q. For the first time I used the laptop for a long period e.g. 2 hours and I realized that after an hour and half the screen brightness automatically increased or the contrast increased so much.

When I tested out movies and photos the faces seemed to be too bright. I then restarted the laptop and the screen when back to normal and the contrast was fine. Is there some kind of setting that auto adjusts the brightness during long periods of use or do the monitor drivers need update.

Thank you

Answer:Question about screen brightness on Satellite L650

I have never heard about something like this and I really don?t understand what happen exactly.
In each power plan you can define screen brightness. Please check power options and also display options in advanced power settings.
Change these settings to see what will happen next time.

At the end I think you don?t need any updates. You have newest notebook and I am pretty sure latest drivers, tools and utilities are already installed.

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I am not able to adjust my display brightness on my Satellite A300-21C - the control panel -> power options menu does not give me the option to do so, and my Fn keys don't work either (can't adjust brightness).

The OS is Win. XP Pro - SP2

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:Satellite A300-21C - Can'T adjust the screen brightness


Can you adjust the screen brightness using Toshiba Power Saver? With this tool I can set the screen brightness for full power (AC/DC adaptor) and normal mode (battery). I like it very much because I can also set more options and you can download it on the Toshiba website: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

For the FN keys on your notebook you need the Toshiba tools that you can find on the Toshiba website too.


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My screen was acting Very normally, until i opened a movie and started watching it, then suddenly, my screen became half VERY bright that i cant see anything and half normal :O
I don know what's the reason and what to do.......... is my screen now defected?

my notebook is Toshiba Satellite A 80

please somebody help me

Answer:Satellite A80: Screen brightness as half normal


In my knowledge there could be only three possibilities:

- you have accidentally used the function FN+F6 and has decreased the brightness
- you have used the battery and if the power goes down the brightness goes also down
- there is a malfunction of the FL inverter.

I think the FL inverter is dead and therefore the backlight of monitor is darker.
Such part is not very expensive but you have to contact the Toshiba service partner for a replacement.

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I am using Windows 7 Professional - not the RC.
The Fn + Brightness Up/Down doesn't work - in fact, none of the Fn key combinations seem to work.The slider controls through control panel > power settings OR the windows mobility center, do not work either.Any known causes/solutions to this problem?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite A100-SK8 Screen Brightness

We need to install a driver (or program) for the Function key combinations. It should be provided by the computer manufacturer.
I tried to search for the A100-SK8 but failed to find it. Please refer following link:
Please Note: Since the web site is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.
If your computer can be found on the website, let's check if there is any newer program related to Fn key function. If so, download and install them.
If failed to find, we may need to contact Toshiba for further help.
In addition, I suggest that let's confirm with Toshiba to see if Windows 7 is available for the computer. If there is no Wnidows 7 driver provided for the computer, some function keys may not work.

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Hi! I pu WinXP into my notebook(A200-1M8). But now hotkeys do not work? What I must to do? Thank you!

Answer:Satellite A200-1M8 How I can change brightness of screen?

The Satellite A200-1M8 belongs to the PSAE6E series.
You have to choose always this number if you want to download any drivers or tools.

So the FN keys do not work because either the drivers and utility was not installed or the BIOS was not updated to the XP version.

Please check this!

PS; The BIOS update is always risky. The wrong version or wrong BIOS update procedure can damage the ROM module on the board.

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I am running Windows 7 64bits on my Toshiba Satellite Pro L650 and I can not adjust the screen brightness. Button Fn+F6 and Fn+F7 are not working and there is no entry for that in the control panel.
I tried to download the VAP drivers 1.4.1 as explained in the Toshiba bulletin assistance but it does not exist for this model.

Would you please help me for that ?

Answer:Can not adjust screen brightness on Satellite Pro L650

Do you use original OS that you got with your notebook or own OS installation?

As far as I know this must work with ?factory settings?. Have you changed anything?
Can you use other FN fnctions?

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I installed XP Pro with sp2 on this laptop and now when i power up the screen is really dull, so i have to put it into stand by and then turn on again and then the screen is fine. What could cause such a problem? All drivers are latest release. Please help as i have rolled out 30 laptops to our users and all are giving out to me!!!!

Answer:Low screen brightness on Satellite Pro A200 psae1 with XP

I wonder if you have tried to set the display brightness to the higher level by using the FN+F7 key combination.
The FN+F6 or FN+F7 combination decreases or increases the display brightness
Usually the installed Toshiba power saver controls the different power modes and the display brightness to save the battery power.

I would recommend checking this button functionality

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Can anyone help me with my Satellite A300?
Wherein my Fn keys F6 & F7 (brightness level) is not working. My Screen is at the lowest level brightness currently.


Answer:Satellite A300 - Screen is at the lowest brightness

Hi epdanao,

Have you installed another operating system or changed something on software installation? Do you have an idea why FN+F6/F7 don?t work anymore?

All FN keys on your computer are controlled by Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility. So in your case I would be recommendable reinstalling both applications. They can be downloaded on official Toshiba page for free:

I hope it helps! :)

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I have a new Satellite P500.

The problem I have is if I have the power switched off for several hours I lose the ability to increase the brightness of the screen. I can get the brightness increase at level 4 and when I increase to level 8 the brightness decrease. If I go down the screen goes black. The only solution I have found is to power down, take out the battery put it back in and power up.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Satellite P500 - Can't increase screen brightness

Hi mate,

This is a little bit confusing...
Furthermore it would be interesting to know what OS you are using. Normally if you run preinstalled OS from Toshiba everything should work properly.

So in your case I would try updating the BIOS that you can find here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Sorry but that?s all what I can say at the moment.

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Hello everyone,
I have a satellite l870-16l. Its an original windows 8 laptop with has just updated along to a windows 10 and it has done everything pretty good until 3 weeks ago the harddrive crashed. So i brought it to a pc shop and they put a new harddrive in it. Everything worked fine for about 2 weeks and than the graphics driver crashed.

When i try and start the laptop is says toshiba and than its a black screen with the backlight turning on and of. If it isn't strange enough when the backlight from the screen is of the numlock are the capslock wont illuminate and can't be turned on. when i conected the laptop to the tv and turned the second screen on the tv flashes between a lighed up black screen and no signal syncronized with the laptop.

I tryed a new harddrive and instaled a linux mint version on it and the screen flip out tottaly.

I took the laptop back to the shop and they installed a different graphics driver and the screen worked but the brightness is on 100% and can't be turned down. The function keys for the brightness don't work ( the other function keys work reversed bit fine). when you go to settings then system and than screen the brightness slider is missing, the only way i have a slider is the window mobilitycentre but you can slide it as much as you wont it doen't do anything.

Whenever i turn any game on its only putting out about 10 are 20 fps ( same games that ran fine before on the same settings ).

All my drivers are up to date and when i in... Read more

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My F6 abd F7 does not work. Can anybody help me? Called Toshiba support but did not get anywhere to solve the problem. Also I ordered the 8 cell battery from Toshiba direct but am not getting any more time on it than my 3 years old 6 cell battery.

Answer:Cannot adjust screen brightness on Satellite A105-S2717 XP SP3

How should someone help you without any details about your notebook (notebook name, number), OS, installed software/drivers, etc????

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I am in the process of personalising an L350-145 (17" screen) for a user who has some visual discomfort issues (difficulty with bright screens and small text).

1) The Vista Ease of Access, DPI Scaling panel offers two resolutions, 96 and 120. Even the 120 is a bit small for this user, so I have set a custom DPI of 144 (150%). However, I anticipate that some applications might not cope with this font size, so I intended to create a second user that the user could switch to which still had the standard DPI setting. However, on trying this out I find that changing the DPI for one user affects both users on the machine. Is the DPI setting not part of the user profile?

2) I've set the Brightness level to 1 (via Power settings). However, even this is a bit bright at times. Is there any other way to lower the brightness of the screen further?


Answer:Questions on DPI Scaling and Screen Brightness on Satellite L350-145

2. No you can't go any lower. I guess you could buy a screen filter that filters out glare.

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I have anew installed Win 7, have postinstalled all drivers of Toshiba.
Screen brightness cannot be put, neither about the FN keys nor about Windows menu. Thanks for your help!

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Answer:Satellite L855 PSKACE - Screen brightness cannot be changed

Have you tried re-installing the value added package.

You have to be using the stock toshiba display drivers, the brightness control will not work with normal amd drivers.


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My Screen is really dim and I can't get it to adjust the brightness.
I have XP on here, all of the latest drivers.

A suggestion on how to brighten things up!?

Answer:Satellite A135-S4467 cannot control the screen brightness


Usually the screen brightness is _ALWAYS_ set to a highest level, also if the FN buttons are not working due to the missing driver or utility!

Therefore I don?t understand why you screen is dim.
Did check the screen brightness with Vista preinstalled OS?

Before you install other OS like Win XP you should check the screen brightness was set to a highest level.

PS: it could be also an hardware fault like FL inverter malfunction and therefore it?s really necessary that you would check this running full functional Vista OS!!!!

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I have a Satellite P50-C-11V laptop. I cannot adjust screen brightness using keys or settings. Even the slider in the mobility center does not change the brightness. I can move the slider but nothing changes. This happend 2 or 3 days ago. Before it was woking perfecly. I cannot understand what caused this.

All my drivers are up to date (maybe this is the problem )

Answer:Satellite P50-C-11V screen brightness control not working anymore

After a few sleepless night i fixed my probem. If you are experiencing the same problem, all you need to do is to go device manager - monitor - teamviewer monitor driver
and uninstall it. Reboot your laptop. That's it.

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i own a U840-10V laptop and i have a little problem with my screen brightness from the first day that i got it.
The fn keys are working fine. When i press the Fn button +F2 or F3 i can see the small panel for brightness adjustment but the values 1,2,3,5,6 and 7 (except 4) appear to have the same brightness level (the 4th is darker).

(i had problem with my backlit keyboard as well but when i reset the default settings to bios it worked perfect...)

so does anybody knows how can i fix this?

i have reinstalled the TVAP to a newer version which was suitable for my laptop and windows7-64bit, from toshiba support site but i didn't worked out.

so if anyone can help me i would be pleased...


Answer:Satellite U840-10V - screen brightness adjustment problem

> i have a little problem with my screen brightness from the first day that i got it.
That?s really strange.
Does it work properly when you change brightness level in power plan settings directly?

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After starting my Satellite L300D laptop once everything has loaded the brightness of my screen drops to about halfway.
Can anyone suggest why this might be and how to cure this?


Answer:Re: Satellite L300D - screen brightness drops to about halfway

What do you have the power settings on? If it is on "Power Saver", the screen will not be as bright, but if it is on "High Performance", It will be as bright as you set it to be.

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I have a problem with brightness on my Satellite A200-14d in vista, default settings have brightness very high, and when I change the brightness, after restart there is default settings... (VGA is GeForce 7300 go)

Answer:How to change screen brightness on Satellite A200 under Vista

As far as I know it is nothing strange. The same happen to me. If you want to have display brightness on the lover lever all the time it must be changed in power options. Please chose your favorite profile (Balanced for example) and set the LCD brightness to lower level.

It works for me.

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I was wondering if someone could help me. All of a sudden I have noticed that I'm unable to change the brightness on my laptop what so ever. I don't know how long it has been like this but its rather annoying.

I'm currently running Windows 7 home premium on the laptop just for information. I have tried changing it in the power management, and trying to change the actual power management, and by pressing fn+f6/f7

Any help would be gratefully appreciated


Answer:Satellite L450D - Can't change screen brightness anymore

Hi telford_boi,

Can you notice that other Fn keys work or only the screen brightness doesn?t work anymore?

In your case I would try reinstalling the Value Added Package. It controls the FN keys that you mean and all these special functions. You can download it here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Before you install the latest version, remove the old one first, please.

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Hi everyone !

I installed Windows 8 on my Satellite L855 and it is running pretty well except that I can no more adjust screen brightness !!! I updated all the drivers for Win 8 but it didn't resolve the issue.

Hope someone can help me !! Thanks !!

Answer:Re: Satellite L855 and Windows 8 - can not adjust screen brightness

Can you do this using settings in certain power plan?

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I am a visually impaired user and I'm thinking of purchasing the Satellite L550-113, but before I do that I need to be sure that the screen brightness/contrast can be adjusted very easily, preferably via hardware controls as opposed to via the control panel. I also need to be sure that one can make the screen quite dull (i.e. too dull for a non-disabled user).

Could anyone give advice on how to adjust the screen contrast and brightness on the Toshiba L550-113? Also, does the screen have a glossy or matt finish?

Any general information on the quality and ease of use of the screen will be extremely useful and highly appreciated! Thank you.

Answer:Adjusting screen brightness and contrast on Satellite L550-113

Hi mate!

Yes, the screen brightness can easily adjust via FN keys. You have to press FN+F7 to increase the screen brightness and FN+F6 to reduce the screen brightness. Furthermore in Vista power management you can also adjust the screen brightness and save the settings for different power profiles and on batter or on power mode.

As far as I know Satellite L550 has a gloss finish screen as other Satellite notebooks.

I hope I could help you a little bit! :)

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Hello, I'm having a problem: I've installed Satellite A135-s4527 with Windows XP SP3 on my laptop, downloaded the drivers from the internet *BUT I can't control (adjust) screen brightness (FN+F6, FN+F7)*.

Can anyone help me?

Answer:Satellite A135-s4527 WXP SP3 - cannot control screen brightness


I?ve checked Toshiba US support page and noticed that your notebook model is not supported for WXP but for Vista 32-bit only.

Sorry but without right WXP tool you cannot use this option.
Anyway, it is not so important. Isn?t it? ;)

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Hi there, as above, I'm unable to adjust screen brightness (by using the 'hotkey or via settings) can anyone help?

thanks in advance

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I?ve got a Toshiba Satellite L300-215.

Just installed Windows XP as I went to keen on Vista. Anyway I?ve downloaded all the XP drivers from the Toshiba website. Everything working perfectly except the brightness level.

When I start my laptop up the screen is at its maximum brightness I then use the special hotkey function "FN and f6" to lower the screen brightness. However once I turn my laptop off then restart it, the brightness goes back to the maximum level again...
Any ideas how I could prevent the brightness going back to max?

I?ve read that it?s a particular order that I have to install the utilities and drivers from the Toshiba website for windows XP?
Any ideas and help in which order?


Answer:Satellite L300 - After restart screen brightness is on highest level again


In your case I would install the Toshiba Power Saver. This Toshiba tool is really great because you set the screen brightness for different profiles (Full Power, normal, etc.) and there you can adjust the screen brightness. Furthermore you can change the cooling method, CPU performance and so far.
Check this!!

You can download the Power Saver on the Toshiba page. I have a Satellite L300 with Windows XP too and everything is working perfectly.

Here is the installation order for the Toshiba tools they control the FN buttons, etc.:
Toshiba Common Modules
Toshiba Hotkey Utiliy
Toshiba Touchpad ON/OFF utility
Toshiba Utilities
Toshiba Power Saver
Toshiba Assist
Toshiba Controls


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I own a Satelllite L855-11T and installed Windows 8 Pro x64 (DreamSpark full version). Everything works fine except for one thing: I can't change the screen's brightness.

I installed the newest drivers and TVAP, System Driver, etc (even from, because these already are for Windows 8). Toshiba Function Key doesn't work, don't know why. And Intel won't let me install the display driver: my system wouldn't meet the requirements. I thought there's an integrated GPU in Ivy Bridge?

Well, when I press FN + F2/F3 the brightness indicator bar appears and changes its value, but nothing's happening on my screen. I just stays the same (seems to be applied after restart). I even deactivated adaptive brightness, but it didn't help. Any other function keys are working fine (out of the box by the way).

I hope you can help me.

Answer:Windows 8: Screen brightness doesn't change (Satellite L855-11T)

At the moment it is not easy to help with Win8 malfunctions. Until Toshiba doesn?t start official Win8 support we can just write about good or bad luck.
Generally speaking there are many Toshiba tools and utilities that must work together. At the moment there are no offered tested versions.

Display drivers for mobile units are offered and tested by notebook manufacturers so until Toshiba doesn?t offer it I think you should use your Win8 and learn how it works. In my opinion the main thing is to check all new functions. All Toshiba specific stuff can be installed additionally.
Later when Win8 support starts you can install it again and have well working OS including Toshiba specific functions.

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Hello, Thanks for reading this

I manage to find all the XP drivers for my model A135-SP4796 , but no matter hoy many drivers i tried, I couldn't find any one that make it work the FN keys.

I'm only interested in Screen Brightness control, if I could do that I would be very happy :)

I think I need: toshiba common modules and then Fn function keys software, but I don't know which to use.

my machine is Intel chipset with ICH7 (82801), video i945 with celeron M, 1G DDR2, SATA drive.

can anyone please tell me which driver to use to activate the screen brightness funcitonality??

since we are here, if someone couldn't find machine INF and Atheros AR5007EG, here is what i did.
I used the drivers from the Intel desktop board essential series D945GCNL, which has the same chipsets than this machine, so I used the INF downloaded from the intel site.
for the Atheros driver, I downloaded from here:

thanks a lot!, looking forward for someone that know where to get this driver :)


Answer:Satellite A135-SP4796: XP drivers for Screen brightness controll needed

This is a US notebook and therefore you have to check the Toshiba US driver website.
I don?t know how this works on the US series but on the European machines mostly the BIOS update to the XP version is necessary to get the FN keys working!

So why you don?t check this site:

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I own a Satellite L850-1FF (lots of gfx mem)

Toshiba has a keyboard activated software tool which allows me to adjust the brightness using
Fn + F2 + F3 for darker or brighter screen.
This works fine.


If I close the lid (so the computer goes into power save) and reopen the lid, windows resumes - the brightness is at max or close to max. The Fn + F2/F3 doesn't work. It just openes the menu showing which keys are available for adjusting - BUT does not work.

Obviously, guessing a bug in Toshiba's graphics card driver, or the keyboard adjust brightness tool.

I wish I could restart the tool to see if it that helps, but have no idea which program exe file it is.

Toshiba - when will you fix this bug?

I feel very angry.
I have to close all programs and restart windows now to get it working again.


Answer:Satellite L850-1FF - Wrong screen brightness returning from power save

I presume under ?power save? you mean standby mode, right?

After waking up from stand-by mode, can you change brightness level using settings in certain power plan?

It is not easy to say what the problem can be but if you can change it in Windows power plan but not using F keys I presume problem is Toshiba specific tool.

Other way, when you define brightness level in Windows power plan, it should not be changed after waking up from standby mode. That?s what is confusing me.

Can you please change power plan, set the brightness level and test it with standby mode? Does the same happen again?

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On my Satellite P750/P755 I am unable to adjust the screen brightness.
I can move the scale but nothing actually happens on screen.

Also in the last couple of days it will not go into sleep mode like it did before, even though I have not changed anything.

Answer:Can't adjust screen brightness and sleep won't work Satellite P750/P755

What have you done with your notebook last days?
On this virtual way it is not possible to say what is wrong there.
Have you installed some updates? I mean all this cannot happen without any reason?

Have you tried to roll back OS to earlier time to check the functionality?
And yes, do you use original preinstalled OS that you got with your notebook?

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I have installed Windows 7 64-bit on my toshiba A100 (psaa9) machine, and i cannot modify screen brightness anymore.

It is maximum brightness always. Fn key does not work, and neigther i can modify the brightness manually through nvidia control panel. nvidia driver is, installed automatically with windows.

In a similar thread
i've read suggestions about Value Added Package to be installed, but there is no package like this for my model.

how can i fix my problem?

Answer:Satellite A100 (PSAA9): Win7 + screen brightness adjustment issue


You have to install VAP and Flash Card Support Utility to get the FN keys working!!!
The VAP installation will not help you if you would not install Flash Card Support Utility.

As far as I know both tools are not notebook specific so you can choose the VAP and Flash Card Utility released for example for Satellite L500!

I did this on my notebook and it worked fine!!!

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Hi, I have an X61 Tablet running Windows 7, and I'm having trouble with adjusting the screen brightness after the computer comes out of sleep or hibernate mode.The screen remains at the brightness setting it was at when it went to sleep. I try to change it, and the indicators say that its changing but the screen itself does not actually change. If I turn off the computer then turn it back on, then I'm able to change the screen brightness, but as soon as it goes to sleep, it gets stuck again. Any help or suggestions as to what going on would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,Wesley

Answer:Screen Brightness Problems

Hi! I sadly don't have a solution, but a similar problem with my brand new x201t (Win7 Pro 64bit). The touchpad behaves wildly too at times and there might be a connection since both issues disappear after a reboot. It doesn't matter whether I go into sleep or hibernation. Doesn't happen every time, though. The fingerprint reader behaves neurotically as well. So far, I have been installing all microsoft and lenovo updates (including bios 1.16). I'm thinking about rolling it back. A full recovery doesn't hurt me too bad as I've been using the - otherwise extremely awesome - machine only for a week now. I'll let you know what happens. Oh, I forgot: Reinstalling drivers didn't help. And active rotate can be activated, but doesn't save calibration settings and is consequently useless/not working. RegardsAndi

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Hi  This is my first post here. I hope it goes to the right place. I sometimes have a problem with my W520 FHD: I can not control the brightness until i reboot. Can you tell me what the problem is? Thanks.ctrick

Answer:W520 - screen brightness problems

Are you running the Lenovo factory image or did you re-install Windows 7?

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I just recently noticed that I am unable to change the brightness of my screen, whether plugged in or not. I am not sure when this started because I do not adjust my screen brightness often however I know I adjusted it a couple of weeks ago just fine but then was unable to last night. I have tried both the hot keys and by going into the setting and neither one is working. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated I have been running windows 8 pro for about 6-8 weeks Thanks

Answer:X1 Carbon screen brightness problems

I am having the same problem. The problem solves when you restart your laptop. It does not solve even when you log off/on. This means the Lenevo software is creating the problem. Hope Lenevo support engineers resolve the issue.Thanks.

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I've just acquired a Satellite R10-101 Laptop/Tablet.

The machine did not come with a touch pen so I am unsure if the touch screen is working or not.

When the machine is in tablet mode the touch screen does not respond to any touch with a finger. I have tried a pointing device from a hand held Windows CE device that has a touch screen but this does not work on the R10's touch screen.

Does the touch screen need to be enabled or do I need to obtain a Toshiba Touch Pen?

The machine is running Windows XP Tablet Edition. Will I get the same functionally if I upgrade to Windows 7. Is the R10's hardware compatible with Win 7?

Thanks for any help or advice.


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Answer:Satellite R10-101: touch screen does not respond in tablet mode


The display panel works as a touch sensitive digitizer screen.
You need the Tablet Pen in order to use the touch display in tablet mode.

I think that you can order the missing tablet pen from Toshiba authorized service partner in your country or google for the part numbers: P000407550 or P000445420

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Hello, many a times it may happen that some windows update tinkers with the screen brightness settings of the laptop. In such a case the the screen brightness would become dismally low and it would seem that the screen is not 'waking up'. The best remedy is to proceed with a system restore. Ensure that you choose an appropriate restore point so as to undo any recent updates especially from the time you have been experiencing screen brightness difficulties.

Answer:IdeaPad Z580 screen brightness problems

hi ac15pyroX
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This is a great info for Z580 Users!
Can you post another reply here and mark it as Solution
Good Job!

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computer specs:  x220 tablet, i5-2520m cpu,2.5ghz x4. arch=64-bit. memory 1.8Gib. Graphics intel(r) sandybridge mobile.operating system:Fedora 20 hisenbug. i know i sure prolly be asking this on a linux forum but. ive never seen and cant get my best friend in the whole world (google) to spider crawl any hits on this issue i have.the laptop works awesome, fast, instagram videos play, youtube .etc does everything i want. touchpad response is perfect. i really have nothing to complain about. Bravo Lenovo. ISSUE: when i minimize a program say (vlc) and it goes to the desktop (my wallpaper of istanbul), There is a Strange Afterburn effect, like i can still see a bit of the vlc program on the wallpaper, or screen, like i can see the pause button, like everything else closes properly, the frame(box), and eventually the thing will fade, hence while i have named this Afterburn effect, not sure if the name  fits idk anything. but ive been playing w/ linux on dell,toshiba,gateway,acer,compaq, for years and have never encounterted this.ANDit shouldnt do it, Scientific linux 6. no glibc+ on this same laptop does not do it, but scientifc linux6 cant run chrome. and google rocks so i goota go with im done. thanks in advance for any tips or pointers, links.[edit:]wa knew i had to edit it: (edit) Display manager: GNOME Version 3.10.2)(ye i know ther is f23 but im bad) Mod edit: Subject changed to reflect the problem

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 I am having a ton of issues with the on screen brightness display and the brightness controls in general on my windows 7 e545.  The problem seems to happen anytime I open the computer up from sleep mode.  In order to regain brightness control I have to reboot the machine.  I have done a lot of google searching and have updated the bios and hotkey drivers that everyone recommends but this has not helped.  Anyone have any idea? I am still within my 30 day window and am seriously considering sending it back. 

Answer:E545 windows 7 on screen brightness controls and brightness in general do not work...


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     I have Dell Inspiron13 7000 series laptop.Everything was working fine until 2 weeks back.
Suddenly I wasn't able to use F11/F12 keys to controll brightness.Even if I clicked I wasn't getting the actual brightness bar.I checked some blogs and youtube videos, which helped me and it fixed my issue.
Suddenly after almost a week or so, I am getting another issue.I can scroll up or down the brightness however it doesn't change any brightness level.Right now it is too bright but I can't change it.
Has anyone been facing this issue or resolved this?
Laptop was in perfectly operating condition before.I have been getting these issues recently after regular windows update.

Answer:Dell Screen Brightness Issue - (Fn11/Fn12 works, Able to Scroll Up and Down, but no effect on brightness)

Hi Sulo11,Thanks for posting.Here is some information which helped another user with a similar circumstance:

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Hi guys! I hope you can help me with this.My laptop is a Lenovo U400 bought last April. I upgraded it yesterday to Windows 8 Pro.The Upgrade Assistant detected incompatibilities on the following softwares (I'll be mentioning only those I had problems with after the update.)-AMD Catalyst Install Manager-Catalyst Control Center-Lenovo Energy Management-Cypress Trackpad After the update, the following problems occurred-Windows kept prompting me about the incompatibility of Catalyst Control Center and Lenovo Energy Management-When I check the Device Manager -->Display Adapters, My AMD Radeon HD 6470M was changed to HD 7400M and has an exclamation point on it indicating a problem. When check Properties it says, "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"-I can't manage switchable graphics because the AMD Radeon driver has been stopped by the OS and Catalyst Control Center doesn't work. It says, "Catalyst Control Center cannot be started. There are currently no settings that can be configured using Catalyst Control Center."-My touchpad works but does not support multitouch functions.-Screen brightness adjustment stopped working both on hotkeys and Power Options.I tried the following actions to fix the problems:-Downloaded the new softwares from Lenovo Support but the Catalyst Control Center and Cypress Trackpad still doesn't work. I also tried installing driver software from the AMD site but it still didn't work. [FAILED]-I tried to use the... Read more

Answer:Windows 8 Pro Upgrade Problems (Switchable Graphics, Screen Brightness Adjustment, etc.)

@KevinDVHave you tried to sweep all AMD and Intel drivers (full clean), uninstall CCC component and then upgrade the VGA driver (7400 series) manualy, and the reinstall the CCC again, either from Lenovo or AMD Official site (Lescath don't work on me)? It's worth to try as the risk is quite low, just backup anything befor you try. Many forums has raise this solution and much of them got the result, including me =)

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My screen brightness using FN+F11/F12 and also in the advanced power settings slider won't adjust the screen to anything other than brightness and minimum or brightness to 100% when I move the slider.  It shows the percentage moving up and down, but the screen stays 100% until I'm on the lowest setting,  then it goes right to minimum.  I received a bunch of Lenovo updates on the first Wednesday of this month and I've had several issues since then, I tried reverting back to previous drivers, but it made no difference, so I'm back on the latest drivers.

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Additional to my other issue with the display brightness I've got also this question: In battery mode it seems that the display brightness is automaticly adjusted by the lightness of the screen content.For exampe if I start a program with a dark background the display becomes a little bit darker. In contrast, a brighter background makes the screen a little brighter. It isn't that strong like a tap on F7 or F8 - just a little bit. Of course it's a nice feature. But for me who uses a lot of applications at the same time it is a bit annoying. Can someone give me a hint where I can turn that feature off? Didn't find anything in the energy settings. Thomas


Go to Solution.

Answer:Display brightness is automaticly set by brightness screen content?

If you have the Intel graphics adapter: you have the ATI adapter:Disable Vari-Bright in Catalyst.

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Hi all, 
Today I purchased a Windows 8 tablet computer. I got the HP Stream 7, a sub $100 Tablet which has gotten mainly favorable reviews thus far. It sports a full version of Windows 32 bit. I am experiencing a problem with this tablet. First allow me to explain the entire situation. 
I bought one of the Stream 7's from the Microsoft store earlier today and brought it home. Upon opening it and booting it up I began to notice the strange pixel issue you will see in the pictures. It was even more prominent when I used a highly colorful dark wall paper. I changed to a lighter color wallpaper and it helped with the issue, but the issue still persisted and I decided to get an exchange. The exact same thing happened again with that one and I returned it without even leaving my car. I got a 3rd one. This 3rd one was working perfectly for about 10 min out of the box, I brought it home and within 5 min of using it at my house the same issue emerged. I will say the following about this issue. 
1. It is on the exact same side of the tablet (i.e., left edge) every single time. 
2. It goes away and comes back depending on what is being displayed on the screen. 
3. When the tablet is in wide screen mode with the left side facing down the issue is much more prominent than when it is in wide screen mode with the right side facing down. The issue does not occur at all when the tablet is held diagonally. (This happened with all 3 tablets).  ... Read more

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Hi. Yesterday i update my windows 10 home edition in my new tablet Pc Acer One S1003. Before updating everything was correct buy now im facing brightness problem.i can't make it down or up. Brightness option is not working. Pls help if anyone know

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Toshiba SATELLITE C70 hat after launch always pink horizontal strip!
They disappear with time, but still something is wrong! Half screen is moved from top to bottom.

Would be grateful for help

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I have a problem with my toshiba Pro 6000 1.2 Ghz, since I installed the new bios or the new windows video drivers from Toshiba.

In fact that 6000 has a 15 inch screen (and not the 14 inch), and when I boot I see all but with an horizontal line on top of the screen (that change color, can be white with text mode, be black or blue under windows, etc). The text screen is squeezed by around 2 cm from the top when in text mode (during booting, eg. Toshiba red logo at start).

It seems that the Bios (or the drivers but I don't think as it's also like that during boot) doesnt correctly manage the 15 inch screen of the laptop. I installed the 1.60 version of the Bios. I don't remember the version I was using before.

If I install a 14 inch screen, I don't have the line and I don't have the text screen squeezed by 2 cm from the top.

I think but I am not sure that the problem is not coming from the hardware, but more by a software issue (I hope).

Thank you in advance.


Answer:Satellite Pro 6000 - Horizontal line on top

I don't know if it will help but in the BIOS you will find a option which is called "LCD Display stretch"
Try to disable or enable this setting

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Sometimes when I turn the laptop ON, it comes up with many horizontal lines and gets worse. If I hold down specific keys on the left hand side of the keyboard, the lines disappear and can disappear completely and not return but most of the time they return when I remove my finger from the key.

I did system restore a day ago and the lines temporarily disappeared but today they came back and would not go. Now they have randomly disappeared. Is this a hardware defect?

If so, can somebody help me get in touch with Toshiba in Spain as I have tried to contact them and I???ve had no reply. I???ve only had my laptop a month and I feel jinxed as every computer I???ve had, goes wrong. But this time we have got 3 years warranty incase.


Answer:Horizontal lines after turning my Satellite on

Hello Sam

Try please to connect external display to your notebook. Use FN+F5 key combination to switch to external display only. Please watch carefully if the problem persist and let us know. We will continue our discussion after your next posting.

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I just bought my Yoga 2 13, when I flip it to Tablet mode, the screen turns off. Apparently it goes to sleep. When I open it it turns on again. Do I need to do any adjustments? or is this a defect?

Answer:Yoga 2 13 Tablet Screen turns off when in Tablet Mode

Try updating your drivers first: that does not help, try a factory reset:1. Turn off your Yoga 2 132. Press the tiny button next to the power button on the right3. Follow instructions to perform a factory resetIf none of the above attempts have helped you, it is probably a hardware issue.

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Is it possible to use a Tablet PC Pen on the display screen (13.3" Toshiba True Brite(r) WXGA TFT High Brightness) of my Satellite U400-137. I have some pre-loaded SW for Tablet PC (I Ignore if it was supplied with Windows Vista or some additional complimentary SW supplied by Toshiba with my Note book).
In case that it is impossible to use the pen on the screen does exist some external screen / display by Toshib to connect to my notebook, which coul support Tablet PC SW?

Answer:Satellite U400-137; Tablet PC Pen - Tablet PC

I doubt you can use a pen, even if the laptop has touchscreen capability.

The Tablet PC laptops have an extra digitizer layer inside the screen to sense pen input, so you would need to have a Tablet PC model like the Portege M750 or M780.

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I have a Satellite Pro P300-23L laptop.
Yesterday evening there suddenly appeared, approximately 30 horizontal thin white lines over the taskbar (in fact over the bottom half inch of the screen).
The top 3 or 4 of these lines seem to pulse in a rapid, regular pattern.

Now, I can barely see the icons in the taskbar, nor the Windows start button in the bottom left hand corner.

I had read on another forum that the problem may be due to a "grounding" issue.
The charger jack plug is actually broken and I have repaired the wiring myself, but that was some time ago, so it is possible that a connection has come loose or is now shorting out something, causing this effect.

I have ordered a new charger but meantime would appreciate any assistance to confirm or deny that this may be the problem.

Any advice on how to rectify this?

Answer:Satellite Pro P300-23L - horizontal lines over taskbar


If the issue would be related to the AC adaptor then this lines should NOT be visible using the notebook with battery power. Right?
Therefore it would be really interesting to know if the same lines are visible if the AC adaptor is not plugged in.

But I think this is not related to AC adaptor. In my opinion its either an display problem or graphic card issue.
Therefore you should connect an external monitor in order to check this.
If the same lines are visible on external monitor, then the graphic chip is affected? otherwise it could be a display problem.

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Hi All,

Hope someone can help.
My Satellite Pro M10 seems to be suffering a display problem where i have horizontal lines over the display in different areas.
All would run fine for 10 minutes and when the laptop seemed to warm up this problem starts, then shortly after
The the laptop would crash and go into a 16 colour 800x600 resolution or sometimes freeze.

Grapic drivers have been reinstalled and even a fresh install of WinXP from the restore CDs doesnt help.
A reboot will not resolve this as the same happens again only after a minute of use, so i thought it could either be a video or cooling problem.
I changed the video card as i had one spare from my last motherboard hoping this might resolve the problems but the problem persists.
Maybe a cooling problem? Or motherboard problems?
The motherboard has been replaced twice, hoping this is not another mobo problem.

Any advice would be great.


Answer:Satellite Pro M10 - horizontal lines over the display in different areas


I?m not 100% sure but for me it looks a little bit like an overheating issue?
Possibly the graphic card cannot be cooled properly after a certain period of time and therefore this strange horizontals lines appears on the display.

I wonder how you were able to replace the graphic chip on the motherboard ?:|
If I?m not mistaken the chip is fixed and the replacement is not very easy and tricky

It?s always difficult to say what?s could be wrong without running several diagnostic tests? in most cases such issue can be related to the faulty chip or motherboard and therefore these parts should be checked?

Sorry but this is everything what I can suggest.

Best regards buddy

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Please help me!
One day the Satellite screen strted in the horizontal mode. Don't more in the vertical mode.
What is whrong?
How make for make they return to a vertical mode?
Sorry fo my english!

Thanks a lot for one response!!

Answer:How to change the display to horizontal mode on Satellite


Something similar was happened on my desktop computer. I have accidentally pressed the Ctrl + Shift + R key combination and the screen position has changed.

As far as I can remember this option you can use on a NVIDIA graphic cards. What notebook do you use?
It would be very interesting to know the exactly name of your unit.

But as I said, try to use the key combination or you could also try to change these settings in the ?Advanced? graphic card properties

Good luck

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My laptop screen started having multicoloured horizontal lines flickering on it,
I shut it down, waited a bit then turned it back on and it was worse.

I'm scared its crashed, what can I do?

Answer:Satellite Pro L300 - multicoloured horizontal lines

I?m afraid it?s an serious hardware problem.
IT could be either an display issue or graphic card issue.

You can connect the notebook to an external monitor in order to check this.
If the lines are visible on 2nd monitor, the graphic card is faulty?

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I seem to have a problem with my display .... for example when i play cs (100fps)
When i move my mouse some horizontal lines apear...they ar not colored just apear like somebody cut my display.... another example is when i move my meessenger window or any other window if i move it slowly across the screen it apears like it is made of to parts ?!?!?!?!??!...

.this is annoyng me... if my description is not good enough ffor an enswer please tell me and i will try to eplain it better or make a demo .....
the laptop has a geforce gt 525m gpu and the sistem has 8gb ddr3 1333mhz if it helps

i didn.t spill anything on it i didn.t drop it i didn.t hit it..... what can this be..... i just noticet this a couple of days ago ...this and the fact that it is starting windows a little slower than befor .... but the booting thing is form office 2010

Answer:Re: Satellite L750-11w - horizontal lines appear on display

First Thing..make Save of ur Gforce Profile/al lsetings what u use now......What RefreshaRate Ur LCD have?..probadly 60 hz ..if yes u need to select in Game 60 HZ refreashRate iknwo its in as.s play with 60 hz LCD :S ..but u talk aboute FrameRate..i think u can keep tihs Framerat but in ur Gforce Graph Drivers TURNOFF VerticalSynth same in Game..

i play Unreal Tournament 99 and i remember same problem in past..but i can open Unreal Tournament.ini file where i got loads of Graphic setings Very Detailed..more than in gme..i was test loads combinations and finaly i was fix thsi...

Second : another way...if u got Copy of ur Gforce Graph Driover and all setings make this..turnoff al laccelerations all AntyLiasings ect ect ect in ur Graph card Setings..Dont Force Refreshrate in LCD what have 60hz..!!!!!!..and step by step start turning ON single Acceleratin or Feature in Gforce...try find in ur CS system foler(if u gont one) file in what u got al lgraph setings..this file maybe is called SC.ini or not sure cuz i not play CS ;) ,, in UT this file is called Unreal Tournament.ini Configuration Setings.. if u use D3D in game go find line with D3D setings and try lower some things..

i give u 80% the problem is in CS Settings.. if u need more help u got two ways....send me screan shot with al lfiles waht u got in CS folder , Send to me later files from that folder what i tell u ..or Make Post on CS Forum with question... Where i can Find File with my D3D ... Read more

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I have that laptop from 2 or 3 years y can remember, almost a year ago is not starting on the first shot,
y turn them on charging the windows like 2 min he is restarting and making like that 3 4 times and then is working,

now I try to make him bake up and is no longer stay on, it works 15 min and then he crash, so i can not use him

now, I checked ram, hdd and is running Ok, my battery is dead, laptop working on cable power only.

I think is video card or power source , mean something on motherboard is broken? :-??

I'm right? Tnx

Answer:Satellite L300 - Horizontal line then restarting

On this virtual way it is not easy to say which hardware component is ?troublemaker? but is must be definitely some serious hardware problem.

Question is: what you can do now?
If OS crashes you can only test it with clean preinstalled OS (recovery disc) and see what happen exactly.
You can also try to start it and enter BIOS settings. Leave it for a while to see if notebook stays on or it will maybe switch off after some time.

I don?t know what to say. If there is some serious hardware problem only thing you can do is to sell it on eBay and buy new one.

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When playing video through the HDMI to my TV I am getting horizontal lines from top to bottom.

I have tried changing the refresh rate, changing cables, changing ports different videos and video players and all the same. I have a Hannspree 32 inch 1080p which supports 50HZ and 60HZ.

Any ideas on how to rectify this?

Answer:Satellite P845-10J - HDMI to TV - horizontal lines from top to bottom

Resolution should be set to the TV's native resolution. Assuming it's a native 1080P screen, that would be (1920x1080). Verify in the User Manual or by looking up the model both the screens native resolution and the supported input resolution. Refresh rate will depend on your region. The US and other NTSC regions use 60hz.

Aside from that, test the TV using a different computer/device on that port.

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I have Satellite a 205-s4577.
There are white horizontal lines on the screen as soon as i start it... it hangs at any point n these lines come up.
Also sometimes it is black background n white box.or simply black.,.
I've contacted customer care and updated drivers but no avail..

It runs on safe and bios mode..
This problem is very frequent when i use ac power supply..
But it runs properly on battery only at first start it hangs,,then works properly
One tech-service centre said motherboard is gone,without seein it jus by description of problem ..

Plz suggest some solution..m in dire need of help

Answer:Satellite A205-s4577 - horizontal lines on display

Well, I assume this appears also on external monitor too?
Did you check this?
Please do this?

If the same symptoms would be visible at the external monitor then it?s GPU related problem? I mean the graphic card could be affected and because GPU is a part of the motherboard, then whole motherboard needs to be replaced? so the tech service guy could be right?

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