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Satellite U400: Bluetooth & PCsuite connection issue

Question: Satellite U400: Bluetooth & PCsuite connection issue


i have a little problem with U400 and Ericsson C510 trying to connect by bluetooth.
Installed new bios, bluetooth stack 6.10.10(T) . The bluetooth stack sees C510 but when it tryes to pair it says "Detection of service failed" .

When i try pair devices by PCsuite 5.009.00 it goes further.
PC suite give me PIN and C510 ask input, but when i confirm the pin in C510, PCsuite returns error "pairing not successfull, want repeat?"

From this time C510 apears in window "view paired devices" in bluetoothstack options....but PCsuite doesnt see C510 and BluetoothStack neither....

thank you in advance.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite U400: Bluetooth & PCsuite connection issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite U400: Bluetooth & PCsuite connection issue


I?ve had similar problem with Satellite P200 and my Motorola mobile phone. Yesterday I have installed latest BT stack version 6.40.02(T) and suddenly everything works well.

Please install latest BT stack from and try again.

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I recently bought a new Satellite U400-15e and assumed it had bluetooth installed. After switching on the communication switch I set my phone
to search for devices but it found nothing. I tried searching a few times with the same result. So I now assume that bluetooth is not installed
on my U400
Can some one tell me how I go about getting and installing bluetooth on my laptop.

Many thanks.....Bill

ps. Is switching on the communication swith all I need to do to activate bluetooth?

Answer:Bluetooth on Satellite U400

Is switching on the communication switch all I need to do to activate Bluetooth?
No. when the WLAN switch is set to ON you must enable BT using FN+F8 key combination.
After doing this for the first time BT software will be installed and T module will be configured.

When finished you must start BT software end configure it with your external device.
Useful FAQ documents you can find under


I hope this will help you.
If you have more questions please let us know.

Good luck!

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Satellite C870.

1) Issues with Bluetooth - machine couldn't find other devices and there were problems with communications;

2) I'm very, very disappointed with the quality of sound. The speakers are very poor. If I knew I wouldnt'n buy it! Unfortunately, I had no chance to check it and assumed Toshiba will keep the minimum standards in this matter.
In the past (some years ago)

I've used Toshiba laptop and it was OK.
To be honest I've puchased this computed due to my good expirience from the past, but will be more carreful in the future.

Now, I have to life with it as spent 800US.
The rest is OK - for the time being.

Answer:Satellite C870 - sound quality & Bluetooth connection issue

> 1) Issues with Bluetooth - machine couldn't find other devices and there were problems with communications;

What Satellite C870-xxx do you have exactly?
From my own experience some models support BT and some don?t? so probably your unit does not supports BT or you did something wrong while BT configuration.

> 2) I'm very, very disappointed with the quality of sound. The speakers are very poor. If I knew I wouldnt'n buy it! Unfortunately, I had no chance to check it and assumed Toshiba will keep the minimum standards in this matter. In the past (some years ago)

From my own knowledge different models supports different hardware specifications. You can purchase notebook models with Harman-Kardon speakers which provide better sound quality. This unit seems to support standard speakers.
So it?s always a matter of price-value ratio and in my opinion this is not too bad.

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I bought my Dad a Satellite U400 10J laptop for his birthday just under 2 years ago. Being over 60 and not too enthusiatic about using a laptop, he left the unit in his cupboard for close to a year before turning on. The first problem materialsed with the laptop not turning on with the "Battery not recognised" error. Subsequent updating of the BIOS got the laptop to startup. However, despite now charging (or appearing to charge) the battery only retains about 10 minutes of charge. This has progressively gotten worse to the point that the only way to use the laptop is to keep it constantly plugged in. Which as you can imagine, limits the utility of having a laptop in the first place.

I did take it back to the retailer and since I had purchased a warrantly extension, was hoping that they would replace the battery. They refused indicating that the battery is not covered and that by not using the laptop intitially after purchase, I had in effect damaged the battery.

Is this possible? Can a battery to irrevocably damaged through inactivity? I think that the period was around 9 months during which he had not even unwrapped it from the box.

If it is, are replacement batteries an option or should I order an orginal Toshiba battery? Also, are there extended life battery options available for this model?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Battery issue on Satellite U400

> Is this possible? Can a battery to irrevocably damaged through inactivity? I think that the period was around 9 months during which he had not even unwrapped it from the box.
> If it is, are replacement batteries an option or should I order an orginal Toshiba battery? Also, are there extended life battery options available for this model?

yes, it can take place. It's recommended to charge the battery full even if not used. You should use original Toshiba batteries Don't think that there is extended life battery option available
You can read the followings just for information:

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I have a problem with my notebook's display, the view on the screen starts vibrating up and down, can any1 tell me the reason behind it?


Answer:Display issue on Satellite U400

It is not easy to understand what happen exactly.
When this happen exactly, from the moment you switch your notebook ON?

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I connected the laptop to my TV Phillips with cable hdmi-hdmi.
The first few days everything worked fine.

Yesterday, when I turned on the TV, the laptop screen was flashing.
The image on the TV shows the first few seconds, then becomes a blue screen and displays the message "No Signal".
What is the problem?

I have to support by telephone, call, communication is cut off in a minute.
Sorry for my english, i am from russia.

Answer:Satellite U400 - No Signal using HDMI connection to LCD TV


I?m not quite sure what could be wrong but it seems that there is no signal coming from HDMI port.
I think you should check the basic things?

First of all set the BIOS to default (in BIOS press F10 and save the changes).
Furthermore use the FN + F5 key combination in order to switch between the notebook screen and external screen?

The graphic card driver should be updated or reinstalled as well?

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Yesterday I bought U400-10N NB 13,3".
I have battery charge problem. I returned back to my seller and change notebook with same model.
But I have same charge problem. Comic - returned back again to my seller and they said that this is charging issue.

Problem: I plugged eclectric cable for finishing Vista system in new U400-10N. The battery lamp is red and battery connect problem write X on windows bar.
When I plugged off electric cable after 1 hour; the laptop has died. No battery life!

I called with Toshiba calling center in Istanbul. Nobody knows, nobody heard, nobody talk about it.

Sorry about my English.

Can you help me?

Answer:Satellite U400-10N: battery charging issue

Hi buddy

From my personal experience some computer dealers have no experience and from time to time they talk bu****t?
You shouldn?t believe everything what they said?

I read your message carefully and it would be very interesting to know if you used and connected the same AC adaptor to the U400 units.
According to your message a faulty AC adaptor could be possible!
Furthermore you should try different AC adaptors to ensure if an AC adaptor is ok.

If something is wrong with your hardware then make a call to the nearest local ASP (authorized service provider) and ask for the replacement or fix.
The guys should be able to help you...

Good luck and a feedback would be highly appreciated


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Well I don't care much about overheating touchpad but I have one problem. When I restart this mobo instead of turning on after restart it stays black without any reaction only lower diods, dvd-rom and display blinks (cant hear fan nor hdd).

If i press power button all diod icons (ac, pwr, bat hdd) glow up just for one second and again(cant hear hdd nor cpu fan) computer wont turn on. All this happend only when AC cable is connected to power if I use just battery power source notebook boots and restart without problem.

If I remove battery completly from notebook I get once again same symptoms (cant boot). And sad part of this story is fact that I returned brand new Toshiba U400 10L to vendor and got new one.
It has exactly same issue.
As you all probably understand im really mad because in last two days I've tried really everything including flashing BIOS without and success.

Well im not sure whats going on but could this be problem with some recharging process of battery or some bad contact?
Any ideas?
Should I return it back?

Thanks a lot for answer

Answer:Satellite U400-10L: Issue with booting & restarting


Your notebook behavior is really strange and I presume it could be related only to a hardware issue.

A friend of mine couldn?t boot the notebook connected to the AC adaptor because the AC adaptor was faulty. It was only possible to start the notebook using battery and only if the battery was not fully empty.

I don?t know if your AC adaptor malfunctions but the authorized service provider should definitely check the notebook and the notebook accessory (AC adaptor).

So call the ASP in your country and ask the technicians for the further handling.


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I have a Toshiba Dynadock. My network is connect directly in dynadock.

When suspend my Satellite Pro U400 and after restart for continue working I lost my network connection. Then I shutdown my computer and disconnect/connect Dynadock I can continue working.

What's the problem?
Version software Dynadock is 2.0

Answer:Satellite Pro U400 - Lost network connection after suspend

My operation system is XP pro

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Well I recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite Pro U400. The first day, I registered my fingerprints, and everything went fine.
The next day, the Software reinstalled itself for some reason..and lost all of my fingerprints.
So i went back to the Software, TrueSuite Access manager, but this time i got a problem!

*'Error: Can't find specified database' - Not exact error message, something similar.*

I got this message, so i searched in this forum. I found out that i could reinstall the software, so i did, and got the latest update, but the same thing happened.

I don't know what to do, i've only installed Office 2007 since i got the computer, nothing else.

Please help!
Thanks a lot

Answer:FingerPrint issue on Satellite Pro U400-160 - Can't find specified database

Take you recovery disk and reinstall the OS using the Toshiba disk.
The notebook should be set to the factory settings/configuration and then you should check if the same error message would appear again.

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I am trying to solve some issues regarding touchpad. My Toshiba U400-150 PSU45E has been equiped in ALPS touchpad (instead od synaptics, which is much better by the way).

Previously I worked on another manufactures laptop with Synaptics and the software for it had advanced options, better than ALPS.

1. When I use ALPS driver the movement of coursor seems to be little "jumpy", any movement regulations don't help. So I uninstalled ALPS driver, installed Synaptisc and the movement was fluent. However the software for Synaptics did not include all the advanced options (such as touch areas, scrolling, etc). Therefore I restored the driver for ALPS again, and the 'jumpy' movement returned. I assume that the driver is not as good as synaptics.

2. I need actually emulation for middle button. In synaptisc there was such option in "touch areas". I was using top right corner for emulation of middle mouse button. I was searching for such option in ALPS driver but there is no any .

I woud be gratefull for any sollutions, suggestions regarding issue 1 and 2. Is there any possibility to emulate middle mouse button in ALPS?


Answer:Satellite U400-150 (PSU45E) - ALPS touchpad issue

I have an Alps touchpad on my Tecra and its very smooth, so maybe you just need to update the Alps driver?

Are you using XP or Vista?

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I have a Satellite U400-10W (PSU40E) with the issue already reported in the technical knowledge base (battery is not recognized and does not charge after a long time without AC Power).

To solve this issue I need a bios equal or higher 3.0 but the latest available bios (4.00 - in the download page refers to an invalid link.

Please does somebody has a bios (3.0 or higher) for Win32 systems to post ?

Many thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite U400-10W (PSU40E): needed BIOS to solve battery issue

I answer to myself: I've found a working link to the latest bios on the Canadian Toshiba web site and the issue has been solved ... :o)

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Hi All,

Had two issues with my U400-15B which I am hoping to resolve.

1) The first issue is that I have noticed that my internet occasionally seems to hang on Internet Explorer when using website's which have a couple of images e.t.c.
It will freeze but the rest of the laptop works fine - I mean you can go into the start menu and open other programs fine. However, if you open Microsoft Word while this is happening, it will take slightly longer to load up than normal. Does anyone know what this could be or how I can resolve this?

I am using Vista Home Premium 32 bit and the laptop has 4GB of RAM / P7350 Intel Centrino 2 - so is pretty powerful.

2) The second issue is that when I press the 'sound' touch key, the white lights and the white bar above the touchpad become unlit. When I press this again the lights come back on but it doesn't mute the sound. Only when the the laptop is put to sleep mode and then woken up again, does the key work correctly. All others work fine. Does anyone know whats causing this?

I have exchanged this laptop 3 times now and all of them have done issue (2) this but surely this isn't normal.

Any help or advice to rectify these issues is very much appreciated.


Answer:Satellite U400-15B hangs on Internet and Touch media keys issue

1) Have you tested an other internet browser? For example Firefox.
I use Firefox for years and never had problems with it. I like Firefox more than Internet Explorer, it?s faster and you will get a lot of useful add-ons for it like ScrapBook.

2) Have you tried to update the BIOS? Look on the Toshiba website to find a newer version: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

I have a Satellite U400 too and it works without problems.

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My graphics card has died on my U400-124 & I've been told that the motherboard needs replacing.
I've found one for a Toshiba U400-15E and was wondering if that will fit into my chassis.
It's ok if I have to reformat my hard drive & re-install windows.

Here's what it says about the one I've found.

Toshiba U400-15E Motherboard

Compatible with A000027670 A000060020 31TE1MB01N0

I've attached an image of my model below.

Any help is really appreciated

Answer:Will motherboard for Satellite U400-15E work in Equium U400-124?

According to the image the Equium U400-124 belongs to the PSU42E series

Satellite U400-15E belongs to the PSU44E but both series are very similar and I guess that the motherboard could be compatible… the motherboard layout seems to be the same so from my point of few you should be able to install this board.

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I'm trying to tether to a Palm Treo 755p to a S10e.  I'm using USBModem on the 755p.  I've installed Ubuntu re-mix on the S10e (dual boot for Linux and XP) and I can connect to the 755p with no issues using Bluetooth/Linux. When I try to connect to the same device through XP there is NO Bluetooth "option" (Bluetooth modem) to make the DUN connection.  I know it all works under Linux but it is frustrating that I can't make the connection under XP! Any ideas on how to get this working under XP?  By the way, I can do Bluetooth/Palm syncs from the 755p to XP with no problems. -Karl


Go to Solution.

Answer:S10e Bluetooth DUN Connection Issue

As a side note, I have gotten this working on other laptops/desktops using the Microsoft XP drivers.  The Bluetooth drivers that came with the S10e seem to be the issue or I'm missing something. -Karl

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After changing the HDD with an SSD I decided to clean install windows 10. After that, bluetooth is totally disappeared. I tried to download and install the correct drivers (toshiba system drivers and atheros bluetooth filter driver package) from the toshiba official website, but in device manager there isn't any terms that refers to bluetooth ( I looked in all the category). I also tried to restart the service " bluetooth service support" and put it on automatic. Nothing of these was useful. I really don't know how I can do now!
Thanks in advance for every kind of help.

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I've recently bought a Bluetooth USB Dongle for my Dell Inspiron 1764 laptop so my wireless headphone could connect to it. The dongle connected and installed fine but when I pressed "Add a device", it saw it as a keyboard and when it tried to install the driver for it, it gave me a "No driver found" for Bluetooth Peripheral Device. It is a Ciberspeed Sports Bluetooth Headphone and it has worked for my iPod so I'm not sure if that's the issue. I appreciate any help.

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I've recently bought a Bluetooth USB Dongle for my Dell Inspiron 1764 laptop so my wireless headphone could connect to it. The dongle connected and installed fine but when I pressed "Add a device", it saw it as a keyboard and when it tried to install the driver for it, it gave me a "No driver found" for Bluetooth Peripheral Device. It is a Ciberspeed Sports Bluetooth Headphone and it has worked for my iPod so I'm not sure if that's the issue. I appreciate any help.

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Hello to all forum users.

I have a Toshiba Satellite P70-B-102 laptop with the operating system Windows 8.1 in Portuguese.

The problem I have is that I can not upgrade to Windows 10, since, according to the application Windows upgrade, the computer can not update Bluetooth drivers, including the following: Bluetooth RFHID, RFBNEP, RFBUS and RFCOMM.

This situation remains for at least a month and a half and I can not update the windows to version 10.

Someone can help me solve this problem?

Thanks for your precious help!
Pedro Moura

Answer:Satellite P70-B-102 - Bluetooth issue upgrade to Windows 10

This is very strange… i think this must be some kind of Windows bug… i would recommend you to check whether all Windows updates and fixes are installed…

Furthermore the unit is listed as a Win 10 upgrade supported model, therefore Win 10 upgrade should be possible.

The unit is listed here:

The Win 10 driver can be downloaded and updated from this page:

but in case the Windows 10 upgrade using the automatic upgrade procedure would not work, try to upgrade Windows 10 using the media creation tool

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When I try to connect my Lumia 920 to my Misfit Shine it shows connected for a second and then immediately disconnects. Anybody else facing similar issues?

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Hi,I have an issue with connecting through bluethooth to my BT audio device.I am able to connect to the device with my android tablet, with my previous Lenovo laptop and even with my Blackberry.The computer founds the device, it recognises it as a BT audio device/sink, but when I click on the "listen to music" service nothing happens....I have reinstalled/upgraded the BT adapter to version 4.0 (Intel BT adapter v 4).I have tried evrything, I googled the problem etc but I couldn't find a solution, please help, it drives me crazy!Thanks in advance for any comments/ideas.

Answer:Bluetooth audio connection issue (on x240 with Win7)

Wohoo! -- I just solved the exact same problem.  Anyways: I could also pair to my headset, but nothing happened when I clicked the links. (I even tried to install Skype to see if that would enable the link, but that didn't help.) This is what you should do: Disable the Bluetooth radio ("Turn adapter off"). Computer will hang for a while and report a dll hanging. Continue through the dialog box (in effect killing the DLL process). Start the Bluetooth adapter again, and the links work. Use the VoIP link to use your headset for Lync, Skype, Hangouts or whatever. Hope this helps. Please let me know if it works.  Cheers, ~Silverjam :-)

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I purchased myQC35's 29 Aug 2016 and my experience is the same - no problem in Android, no problem with sound from video etc on Windows 10 on, HP Elitebook 840 G2.  But just static from the the QC35 microphone in ZOOM and Skype calls on the HP Elitebook 840 G2 - I have tried the most up to date MicroSoft supplied Bluetooth drivers and also tried the HP support site drivers - same result. 

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My dell XPS 15 9550 will work fine with a number of bluetooth speakers.
Now when I am try to connect it too my Sony mdr-xb950 bluetooth headphones it pairs, then says connected, then drops to "paired".
And then sound still comes out of the laptop speakers and not the headphones.
I look in the sound settings and the headphones are nowhere to be found.
I updated the bluetooth drivers and nothing has worked. I have been looking all over the internet for a solution.
PLease help!

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Hi there I own a HP Spectre x360 - 13-4070nz (ENERGY STAR) and I just acquired a Bluetooth Headset from Bose, the new Bose QC 35. The headset works like a charm any Windows 10 PC I tried (Dell XPS13, Lenovo Yoga) and with my Android Nexus 5X. However, I have a blocker issue if I use it with the Spectre x360. Pairing works, even if I had to repeat the process several times. Once paired, listening to music works mostly fine ? in stereo mode.The problem arises when I try to perform a call. The problem is the same with any program, Skype, Skype For Business, Skype Preview or my Softphone (Bria). I can hear the counterpart, but they can only hear a really loud static noise. I tried an Echo / sound test service with Skype, and the recorded sound is exactly as my counterpart described. I can record and attach it if you want.I have updated all drivers, soundcard, Bluetooth, BIOS, I have updated from Windows 10 to Windows 10 Anniversary update, and I have update the QC35 from 1.0.3 to 1.06. Nothing helps. I have tried all possible setting configuration, remove the Bluetooth device, added it again etc. Still static noise.It is clearly an issue with the Spectre x360, and as far as I know this model had several other Bluetooth issues before. Therefore my question to HP: could you please look into it and update the drivers to support the Bose QC35, which is a hit on the market?Thank you and best regards

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Hi Satellite users,

I recently had a problem getting my Toshiba Satellite P50t-B running Windows 10 to detect (and hence connect) to my Sony MDR-XB50BS Bluetooth Headphones. The symptom of the problem was that the "MDR-XB50BS" device didn't appear in the list of available devices on the Windows Activity Centre "Connect" screen, nor in the Windows Settings -> Devices -> Bluetooth and other devices -> Add a device screen. Since the device never appeared, I couldn't connect to it.

The solution to the problem turned out to be upgrading my Toshiba Satellite BIOS from version 1.10 to BIOS version 1:50 available on the Drivers & Updates tab of the Toshiba Satellite Support site. The release notes mention a Bluetooth issue being corrected in version 1.40 and while I can't say for certain that this is the same issue I encountered, updating the BIOS was the last thing that I tried before the problem went away, and it's reasonable to expect that a relatively new technology like Bluetooth might have had early implementation bugs.

The other point to note is that if you've already paired the headphones with another device, like I had with my iPhone, then you have to hold the power button down for 7 seconds at power on in order to enter Bluetooth pairing mode first time you try to connect it to the Satellite.

I hope this helps someone someday!


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I recently bought a Satellite T130-11U and established a connection with my Nokia N82, using PC Suite.
Then I installed my Mobile Broadband (TMN operator) and lost the Bluetooth connection.

There must be some way to overcome this "conflict".
Anyone faced the same problem?

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite T130-11U lost Bluetooth connection after installing Mobile Broadb


Maybe this 3rd party application is not compatible and this is the reason why this happens?
But first of all you should check if the Bluetooth is still enabled?

Furthermore you should check if this issue would happen after installation of new BT stack?

Here you can find the new BT stack:


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Hello folks,

my name is lynn. I have been told on a different forum that my laptop does not have bluetooth on it. So, i went and bought a bluetooth adaptor made by targis. It is a usb device. I have it installed with all drivers. I have a bluetooth iblue 737a+ gps receiver; again, all drivers installed on my laptop for it. For some unknown reason, my computer sees the bluetooth adaptor, but refuses to see the bluetooth GPS receiver. I have had it up at Office depot all morning since i bought the adaptor there, but they could not figure out the problem either. The receiver can be seen when connected via a usb mini cable, but the program i wish to use it with, microsoft streets and trips, requires i use it with bluetooth and not a cable. The adaptor doesn?t see my Windows Mobile phone either. I know the GPS and phone are working properly and fully charged because they see each other and I can use my GPS program on my phone with no problem. . I am out of options and/or ideas. Can anyone suggest anything else i should try? I do have an account on msn and would be happy to voice or video chatg there if someone needs to explain something lengthy to me. Oh, and i am blind so use a screen reader to operate my windows 7 lalptop, but that should not have any bearing on figuring this confounded thign out!! :)

thanks, lynn w.

Answer:Bluetooth GPS connection issue on Toshiba L505 S5990 Windows 7 laptop

Hi -

Go to Targus support and see if updated bluetooth drivers are available. You'll need the product info from the USB device -

Regards. . .



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Greetings new friends, I have am unable to use bluetooth devices with this notebook, Lenovo U400. In the device manager I have the exclamation points and about 8 icons of "Bluetooth Peripheral Device". When I try to update the drivers I get errors that the drivers cannot be found by windows, and that I should check with the computer's manufacturer.  I cannot find the drivers for bluetooth peripheral devices on this Lenovo site. How can I fix this? Thank you in advance. Kurbis.

Answer:U400 Bluetooth Peripheral device (drivers)

Hi enthuesd , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
Was there any reinstallation done on the original harddrive ?
You may download needed drivers here . 
Start with all the chipset drivers to download and install. 
Then try to reinstall WirelessLAN drivers and Bluetooth . 
Continue with Power management and Storage 
Then restart and check back on Device Manager. 
Check for the Hardware ID for those that still have a yellow mark on it . 
You may also use the native Windows drivers on device manager .
Update drivers,> browse this pc> let me pick and choose from the ones listed, 
Update us how things go.

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i am newbie who just learnt registry editing ..
i found a post regarding deleting system folder left in my computer (by sony ericsson pcsuite)

i followed the procedure,
but folder is still remaining.. earlier it showing name as sony ericsson file manager but now it showing only system folder..

if anyone clicks it by mistake.. it crashes my system...
plz help....

Answer:delete system folder left by sony ericsson pcsuite

Does this work
Download Unlocker 1.8.9 -


This great tutorial about deleting folders

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Since yesterday I get really annoying balloon pop-up (it appears at frequency about ten or less seconds :( which says: cable disconnected, but network works fine (with some delays when it shows)
I am wondering is it a hardware problem in my laptop or problem with internet provider. I Have Realtek RTL8139/810x LAN card. I have checked another cable and the balloon still shows :(
Please help

Message was edited by: motomadness

Answer:Strange issue with LAN connection on Satellite P10

Hello Adam

On this way it is not easy to say anything. I recommend you to test it somewhere else to be sure if this problem occurs because of hardware.

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Hi -  recently bought the U400 Laptop and the Bluetooth Laser Mouse N6901. The mouse connects without any problems, but the settings for the mouse ie. slowing down the double click, does not work. When I left button click on a item, its acts like I did a double click. When I try to highlight a word or a section, it acts like I don't highlight any part.  When I single click on a delete function, it double seems like the click is set to the highest/fastest rate and makes the mouse unuseable. Other USB mice and touchpad work fine. Any suggestions?


Go to Solution.

Answer:Lenovo Bluetooth Laser Mouse N6901 Double/Single Clicks are Random with U400

have you tried to connect the same device to another computer? maybe it's the mouse.

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I have been using this notebook for just over a year and its been running fine then out of the blue the microphone no longer works. Webcam is okay but the machine keeps telling me that the Conexant Smart audio HD microphone is not plugged in.

I have checked the connection as i have had to previously replace the screen and all is well there. Can anyone help as this is hampering conference calls for my work.

Many thanks ......... Steve

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I own the Toshiba Satellite L10-119 series. I use it with the OKI 8W printer. The printer works on USB port. Every day, when i print a ~10 pages the printer stops and XP driver display statement "connection problem". In this moment OKI doesn't print any pages. Only restart XP helps on.

The operating system is a Windows XP, and printer has a dedicated OKI drivers for XP. Other devices on USB work correctly. I reinstall Intel chipset drivers, I checked the printer on other ports.

please send any sollution by mail: michaljaniszek(at)walla(dot)com

Answer:Satellite L10-119: OKI 8w Lite printer connection issue


You have suggested that all another USB devices work properly on this unit.
In this case I assume it?s not a Satellite L10 problem but the OKI printer issue.
Unfortunately, Toshiba is not responsible for any 3rd party hardware or software.

However I have investigated a little bit in the net and found some topics about the OKI printer issues. There are different problems and all have suggested contacting the OKI support. Well, in my opinion you should also ask the support. Maybe there are newer driver. Check it.

Good luck

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Have recently downgraded Toshiba Satellite U400 notebook (model PSU44A-00J00C) from original Windows Vista Business to Windows XP Pro (service pack 3 updated) using supplied system recovery discs. Have 4Gb RAM installed on notebook with 32 bit system and was reading this amount with Windows Vista but now figure has decreased!

I have obtained the following figures from system information:

Total physical memory: 4Gb
Available physical memory: 2Gb
Total virtual memory: 2Gb
Available virtual memory: 1.96Gb

Should my available physical memory not read at least 3Gb? Bios is reading at 4Gb. Have updated the bios and the chipset with no change.

Would like to squeeze a little more memory out of the computer since I have it installed - is 2Gb the most I can get??

Thanks for the interest, look forward to your response.

Answer:Have 4GB of RAM on Satellite U400 but OS says only have 2GB


Start the DirectX using command dxdiag.
There you will find some details and info regarding the system.
The RAM info should be available as well? check what DirectX says.

PS: Win 32bit should report about 3.2GB RAM. This is max and limited by 32bit OS.

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Recently a bought an external WD My Book with 3TeraByte to use with my Satellite U400-15E. I can use it inside Windows 7 Ultimate with no problem. But if I try to boot from it (by pressing F12 key), the BIOS doesn't even see the drive.

Is this because Toshiba doesn't use Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI)? UEFI BIOS can overcome the 2.19TB limitation in todays computers easily, like the following Western Digital document explains:

This would allow me to use my new external drive to store a Ghost image of my Toshiba's internal HDD for instance. I mean 3TB and even greater capacities are a reality today. When will Toshiba update their BIOSes to support UEFI?

Equipment used:
Toshiba Satellite U400-15E (BIOS v5.00 26-10-2010)
Western Digital My Book Essential 3TeraByte - Firmware v1.014 (USB 3.0 interface)
MS Windows 7 Ultimate - 32bit version

Thank you

Answer:Satellite U400-15E - Can't boot from new USB HDD

Hi, I think only EFI BIOS models can boot a USB HDD. I'm quite sure the U400 cannot boot from USB HDD's since it has a classic Phoenix BIOS (non-EFI).

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I need some help with a new hard drive for the Satellite U400-153. My wife and I have a U300 laptop (canada) as well with a 160GB hdd and a U400-153 laptop (europe) with a 120GB HDD. I wanted to put the larger HDD in the U400 but the screws that hold the HDD in the laptop are closer together on the 160GB HDD than that 120GB HDD and so I can plug the HDD in but I cannot replace the casing on the bottom of the laptop. I want to upgrade and put in a new HDD but I cant seem to find any info on weither any drives will be the right size. will the screws on this fit? How can I know
Toshiba MK3265GSX 320GB 2.5" Hard Drive SATAII 5400rpm 8MB Cache - OEM

Does it matter what company it comes from? I thought i twas weird that the Satellite U300 wouldnt transfer over easily.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know..

Thank you

Answer:Satellite Pro U400-153 - Replacement HDD


Theoretically you can install every HDD with SATA interface and 2.5? form factor in Satellite Pro U400.

If you install a new HDD in Satellite Pro U400 you have to use the old HDD case/holder to install it.
I don?t know what you mean exactly with that but maybe you can upload a photo to make it clearer.

Last but not least it doesn?t matter what company it comes from. You can use a HDD from Toshiba or another company too like Western Digital, Seagate, etc.

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I have bought a laptop model Satellite U400-138
I don?t have drivers for this laptop for Win XP and Win Vista
I hope that you give to me a URL for that I download the drivers

I need these, please help me

Answer:Need drivers for Satellite U400-138


You can find the drivers on the Toshiba European driver page. -> Support & Download -> Download Drivers

Your notebook belongs to the PSU44E series and ALL drivers are available.


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Can anyone tell me if Toshiba ever brought out a Satellite Pro U400-14C, and if so what are the specs? I just saw one being sold on Ebay, and cant seem to find any info on it anywhere...

Many thanks...

Answer:Satellite Pro U400-14C - What are the specifications?


I have a little bit searched in the Internet with Google and I founded some details about the Satellite Pro U400-14C:

Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T5750
Intel GM965 chipset
3GB DDR2 RAM (667 MHz)
13.3? WIDE XGA display
Vista 32bit Home Premium preinstalled

I hope these informations are a little bit useful for you and I?m sure that Toshiba released this notebook because otherwise you wouldn?t find some details in the internet about this.


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I need a new battery for my laptop, but not quite sure which one to get as it seems U400 is no longer distributed.

Anyone to help me out?

Answer:Satellite U400-13N - need a new battery, which one to get?

Hi Ingun,

You can buy the same battery as you already have ;)

If remove the battery you can find the model number on it and other information about battery. So just enter this number on Google and you will find some online shops where you can buy it.

Alternative contact your local ASP and ask for a new battery. The guys will order a new one.

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I have Toshiba Satellite U400 with WinXP SP3 installed. I have problem with mic volume, it's very low. I tried to turn on MicBoost option but it's not there. Is there any other way to turn on micboost (regedit)?
I have Conexant HD Smart Audio 221 sound card in it with driver version


Answer:Satellite U400 WinXP - Mic is very low

Hello estefano

Such issues are mostly fixed with BIOS or driver update. At the moment it is not known to me that there is some solution for this. Sorry but I think we must wait to see if Toshiba will offer some updates next days or even weeks. :(

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Hi everyone.

I'll be replacing my Equium A200 and i have the choice to buy either the U400-22N or the U500-11G.
Can anyone tell me which is the better of the two as i can't see much difference. Advantages and disadvantages of each would be nice.


Answer:Re: Satellite U400 v U500, which one to buy

Without comparing specification for both notebook models I think it is better to buy newer Satellite U500. In my opinion the design is much better and without glossy surface that must be cleaned daily.

I saw it in the shop and I like it very much. In my opinion with SatelliteU500 Toshiba has designed very nice and small notebook.
For which purposed do you need this small notebook? I mean I cannot imagine U500 has not something that you need for your daily work.

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I wish to have Windows XP installed on the Toshiba Satellite U400 notebook.
It came with Vista installed.

Is there a list of Toshiba models and compatibility of hardware (drivers) list available some where?


Answer:Satellite U400 - I wish to install Win XP

I wonder if you read some forum threads regarding this theme before posting your question here in the forum. ?:|

The drivers for Satellite U400 are released on the Toshiba European driver page.
Why you don?t check it?

The Win XP installation is not tricky? read a little bit here and if you still don?t know how to precede then post next message ;)

Cheers mate

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Few weeks back I bought new Toshiba Satellite U400-138 and now I feel it is an inferior design due to many complains I found either here in the support forum or from the people who tried to deal with this series .

Fist of all the overheat issue becomes not affordable as I all about to loose my fingers due to extreme heat comes from the touch pad bottom level !! moreover it usually takes more than 7 minutes to get the windows logon screen while starting up the windows and when you access the windows it keeps showing CPU usage almost 100% for long time just by clicking the internet explorer so i can not do any thing except waiting (it is killing slow) and when i compare it with my old P4 desktop i feel how much i was wrong when i decided to go for the U-400 !

Today I am decided to take the laptop back to local Toshiba dealer and when I was there I tried to touch the lower part of the similar model availbel in the show room and it was extremely hot and when I asked the sales man there he informed me that there are many customers reported the same complain then I have been referred to their service center for inspection and I am so boring now because my new laptop will be serviced after just two weeks only and , I think this model is an inferior design and the only way to get rid of this problem to get the same replaced by something else?!!!!!

your valuable feedback is highly apprciated.

Answer:Satellite U400-135 overheats

Hi Will

I?ve got a U400 too. It?s a U400 which belongs to the PSU40E series.
I use both OS; Vista and XP.

At the beginning the Vista started slowly? it was not too slow but slower as the Win XP.

I investigated a little bit and found a solution;
Firstly I found out that many background processes and applications have been loaded at the beginning of the booting procedure? In MSCONFIG you can find these applications.

I have disabled some not necessary (for me) programs and the notebook booted much faster.

Furthermore I have noticed that Tempro tool update helped a lot.

So please check these both proposals.
I'm sure it would help you...

Regarding the higher touchpad temperature;
Well, my touchpad is also warmer as the rest of the notebook cover but this is nothing unusual because the cooling modules are placed below this touchpad and the left hand side is always warmer due to the heat dissipation on this notebook side?

So you shouldn?t be worried; this is nothing unusual?

Bye & have a nice day

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I have a U400-124 I wish to peform a system restore,
I have created the Toshiba Recovery DVD but I don't have it with me (I am in Italy and it is in the UK).

I have three partions:

1. Vista (C:)
2. WinRE (D:)
3. Data (E:)

Is it possible to restore the OS without the DVD?

Also what exactly are the partions? I am correct!?
1. Vista (C:) - For the OS
2. WinRE (D:) - Is a hidden partition and it's needed for the Vista backup files
3. Data (E:) - contains the Recovery folder

Sorry for my lack of knowledge! Thanks for all your help in advance!

Answer:Satellite U400-124: Is it possible to restore the OS without the DVD

>Is it possible to restore the OS without the DVD?
This is possible only if the second partition and the HDD recovery folder have not been changed

Start the Toshiba HDD recovery procedure pressing the F8 button.
Then a boot menu should appear and there you should choose the first option called ?Repair my Computer?.
Then a new window should open providing a option called Toshiba recovery.
Choose it and usually the HDD recovery should start.


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Having problems with my Toshiba Satellite U400.
When I switched on today the machine would not boot up, I got a message that I needed the installation disk.
I do not have one, what can I do?

I tried pressing F8 to invoke the installation from the HD but it did not work.

Answer:Satellite U400 would not boot up

What happen if you press F8 at start-up?
Can you enter ?Advanced boot option??

Is there the option ?Repair my computer? available?

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I have a big problem!

When i'm switching off my computer (shut down) in ten minutes it is switching ON by itself! i'm shocked!

I thought that my computer start to sleep, but it is not.. help me please..
I can't understand because of what it could be!
I read instructions and did how was written there and got the same resalt! why is it happening?!

I have U-400

Answer:Satellite U400 is switching ON by itself


I have the same U400 and my notebook shuts down properly.

But I read in this forum that a notebook could reboot itself due to some enabled options in the BIOS.

I recommend disabling the options like:
Wake up on LAN/Wlan
Wake up on Keyboard
Critical battery Wake up

Additionally you could disable such options in the LAN card properties (device manager -> LAN / Wlan properties -> advanced tab -> Wake up from shutdown etc? )

Check it out!

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I've got similar problem on U400. Have tried what MasterG suggested but it didn't help...

I've got dual boot Windows 7 pro / Ubuntu 9.10 in Ubuntu fan starts working when temperature is more then 69?C and stops at 55?C. But in Windows temperatures are around 40?C and fan is still on, even on battery.

it's quite annoying...

Answer:Satellite U400 - Fan is still on in Windows


That means only on Windows your fan doesn?t operate as usual?
Well, first of all it?s always advisable to clean the cooling ventilators by using compressed air spray. This could blow out the dust from the cooling ventilators and therefore it?s not necessary to disassemble the notebook.
Check this!!!

Have you installed Toshiba Value Added Package? If you install it, in Windows Power Management you can change between Maximum Performance and Battery Optimized. You can play a little bit with these settings.

Are you using 64bit or 32bit OS? As far as I know for U400 there are different BIOS versions. That means one for 64bit and other one for 32bit.

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I have *Satellite U400-10J* notebook and the motherboard is dead.
Just wondering where I can get a new motherboard or how do I get one to replace the dead mother board.


Answer:Looking for Satellite U400-10J Motherboard

To be honest I don't understand such questions.
The same is with defective part on your car. Either you go to the authorized service and order new original part or you look around to get cheaper used parts.

So what is your option now? To order new original part by Toshiba service or try to find cheaper but used one?

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My laptop is 2 years old.
The battery now lasts for about 20 mins before it goes flat. Is there any thing I can do to rejuvenate it?
If not what is the most powerful and long lasting battery I can buy to fit the laptop?

The unit that is in it is model No PA3634U-1BRS but Toshiba do not appear to list it!

Thank you in anticipation.


Answer:Battery for Satellite U400-13T


>The battery now lasts for about 20 mins before it goes flat. Is there any thing I can do to rejuvenate it?
I doubt you can do anything else as to replace this part.
It seems that battery is running slowly to the end and only battery replacement is the real solution.

You can purchase a PA3634U-1BAS/BRS or PA3635U-1BAM/BRM 6cell battery.
Both should be compatible

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I'm thinking of buying a Satellite Pro U400-23M. I currently have [Satellite P100-208| &ACTION=PRINT_WITH_BACK& w=Yes&PRODUCT_ID=122152] and I'm tired of the hazzle of carrying a 17" inch laptop around, it's also quite noisy.

I just wanted to get a feedback from you guys on the U400-23M series. Here are the specifications:

• Intel Core 2 Duo T5870 2.0GHz, 2MB
• 13.3" WXGA TruBrite® 1280x800
• 4GB DDR2 800MHz - max 8GB
• 160GB Serial-ATA 5400rpm. S.M.A.R.T.
• 8x DVD burner ±RW Dual Layer
• Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD
• 24-bit stereo High Definition
• 10/100 ethernet adapter and 56k modem
• Wireless 54Mbps 802.11a/g
• Li-ion battery, battery life up to 3 hours (Mobile Mark 2007)
• Bluetooth, 3x USB2, FireWire, eSATA
• Built-in 1.3 megapixel webcam
• 5in1 card reader
• Input for audio and microphone
• OS: Windows Vista Business(standard) with the option of Windows XP Professional
• Weighs only 2.0kg (about 4 pounds)
• 2 year worldwide warranty

I have a few questions to you guys who own a U400 laptop.

Does this computer support 64bit processing? I'm not sure if the Vista operating system which is included is 32-bit or 64-bit... Read more

Answer:Satellite Pro U400-23M - a good buy?

Hi mate

I don?t have the Satellite Pro U400-23M but I?m a owner of the Satellite U400-10N.
I use it in my office any I love this small baby.

You should know that the U400 has 13.3?display and it?s smaller as the P100.
So you would notice definitely a difference.

A friend of mine said that 13.3? would be too small for him but for me it?s optimal. I can take it everywhere and sometimes I?m working while traveling around the world?

So I?m very satisfied.

I?ve installed Win XP on this U400 and it?s functions perfectly!
But you can install Vista 64bit too. The Satellite Pro U400-23M uses the Intel Core 2 Duo T5870 CPU which supports 64bit

But note; the U400 is not really a hardcore gaming notebook.
My U400 supports an Intel graphic chip and usually I use it only for office applications, (web) graphic design and web browsing.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite U400 (PSU40E) and last night, while I was watching a film on my notebook, it suddenly turned off. I tried to turn on my notebook but I was not able to do this.

When I press the "Power" button, it light, the fan starts to run, the icon thats it's starting appears above the notebook... but nothing else. The screen keeps being black, the fun turn off and nothing more...

Please help, I think that is a problem from BIOS, but I don't know how I can load it from USB or DVD!
Thanks and sorry for my English, I hope you have understood me!

Answer:Satellite U400 - Can't turn it on


I had the same problem on my Toshiba notebook and I tried this that worked for me:
Remove the battery and AC/DC adaptor and then you should wait a little bit? 1 hour or over night for example. Then connect both again and try to start the notebook.
Does it work now?

If not it seems to be a hardware problem and I think you can do nothing in this. Give your authorized service provider a call how to handle this case now.

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Just got a new U400-10W, it came with vista home already installed. I need to be using XP as my operating system.

I found a long list of drivers on the Toshiba site. I am not successful in unzipping any of them. Should i be opening the ones for XP or Vista??

The setup.exe file for the toshiba utilities,my computer is not allowing it. Any ideas??

Many thanks.

Answer:how to get xp instead of vista on a Satellite U400-10W?

You could use 3rd party pack programs like Winrar or an even better one, which is for free too, 7-Zip.
Is this setup file for Vista or XP?

Make sure you have downloaded the right version for the operating system you are using.

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I downgraded my U400-10 laptop to XP. Few things left open:

1. How do I get the LEDs on top of the screen (and Satellite/power LEDs) to dim again by pressing the light LED on top of the screen? Worked under vista. Cannot get them to work under WXP. Probably a Toshiba driver... but witch one?

2. I get a device manager question mark in front of HD audio and mass storage devices. I checked the internet and it seems related to the HDMI port. But how I fix this? I cannot seem to identify the correct Toshiba drivers on the Toshiba driver page/download.

3. How do I get Bluetooth working (with standard windows drivers)? The Bluetooth monitor driver form Toshiba does not seem to work.

Thanks for any responses.


Answer:Satellite U400-10A: Downgrade to WXP


1.) I think you could enable and disable the ?Illumination LED? in the BIOS.
But possibly it?s not supported under Win XP.

2) Some features are not supported by XP. This device is likely the Turbo Memory former Robson module. This hardware will only supported by Windows Vista and therefore there is no Windows XP driver.

3) Possibly you have installed ONLY the BT monitor. This is only a diagnostic utility and if you want to use BT you need a BT driver.
The BT driver can be downloaded from the Toshiba driver page or from BT portal


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Just purchased Satellite Pro U400-12y with Vista Business preinstalled (1GB memory preinstalled).
However, startup is painfully slow and actually operating the computer seems to work in a time warp.

Any ideas? Is there a fundamental problem?

Answer:New Satellite Pro U400-12y is very slow

Yes, I?ve got a idea.

I think the high amount of background processes affects the notebooks performance.
You have to know that the U400 supports many different features and such features are controlled by different applications.

If you want you can start the msconfig and can disable some not necessary and not important processes. Take a look into the Startup tab.

Additionally I recommend disabling and removing the preinstalled software called Tempro.

I did it on my system and now it runs much faster?

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Hello ,

i want to buy one Satellite U400-10T and I want to know it this model is compatible with Windows XP .
It' seems that on the Toshiba site, some drivers are present but it's all the drivers needed?

Jean Marc

Answer:Is Satellite U400-10T compatible with Win XP

Of course it?s compatible? why shouldn?t it be???

The Satellite U400-10T seems to belong to the PSU40E series?.
This series is listed on the Toshiba European driver page and ALL XP drivers are available?

So you ask if all drivers are needed???
Well, of course you don?t need to install everything from the page, but if you want to use all notebook features then all drivers and tools would be necessary!!!

Never fear ;) you will be able to install the XP on this notebook and it should run trouble free too ;)


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Dear all,

I have one Satelite U400-10L is it supports Windows XP.

From where i can get the drivers.

Any one can help me?

Answer:Re: Is Satellite U400-10L compatible with XP

Why Satellite U400-10L shouldn?t be compatible???

Of course it?s compatible and of course you can install the Windows XP on this notebook.

The U400-10L belongs to the PSU40E series. If you are not sure you can check the bottom of the unit to find the model number.

On the Toshiba European driver page you could find all XP drivers which are compatible with the U400-10L


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I have seen an ad for a Satellite U400-11U and I was tempted to buy one.

I wanted to find information given by Toshiba about this product. But I cannot find this specific laptop listed among the U400 series on this site.

Why is it not listed there ?
Can you help me get some information about it?

Answer:Need info about Satellite U400 - 11U

Hello Samah

Many notebook models are country specific and searching on Google I found out that Satellite U400-11U is designed for France market.
This notebook model has model number PSU40E-018008FR.

Put this in Google and you will find enough pages where you can find exact specification for this notebook model.

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I have a U400-12E with 2x2GB RAM DDR2 667.
The computer specifications says it only supports 4GB maximum (2GB in each slot).
I was wandering if this is really true, or if I could put 1 4GB DDR2 667 to get 6GB total, or 2+4GB to get 8GB.

Answer:Satellite U400-12E- Expand RAM to 8GB possible?


I have checked the specifications on Toshiba website and Satellite U400-12E has Intel GM965 chipset. According the chipset specifications that you can check on Intel page, the maximum RAM capacity is 4GB (2GB in each slot).

Sorry but an upgrade to 8GB is not possible but usually 4GB should be enough. ;)

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Hi all,

I have a Toshiba Satellite U400-217 (PSU44E) running Windows 8.

Worked fine until a week ago. Now, when I switch it on, the indicator lights light up, there is a brief hard drive spin (1 second) - and then nothing. The lights above the keyboard stay lit, but the screen stays black.

I read a reset remedy where you take the battery and power cable out and hold the power button for 30 seconds, then plug the power cable back in, boot up, shut down, reinsert battery and boot up again.

However, the machine will still not boot up after the 30-second button hold. I still just get the lights and nothing else.

However, the machine will generally boot up fine on one attempt out of every 30 or so.

It's annoying - any ideas or suggestions very gratefully received.

Many thanks,


Answer:Satellite U400 will not usually boot up

> However, the machine will generally boot up fine on one attempt out of every 30 or so.

In my opinion you should firstly check the HDD?
A friend of mine installed Win 8 on new notebook from another manufacturer?
After some time the notebook could not boot up? I thought its something wrong with motherboard but finally it was ?just? an HDD malfunction?

To be honest I don?t know if its only HDD issue but in my opinion the HDD is one of the first parts which should be checked?
Ok, in worst case it could be possible that mobo malfunctions.

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My Satellite U400-17s

graphic card is i think Intel mobile somthing 256mb idont really know.
Can i change it to nvidia or its unchangable

Edit: oh sorry its Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family
I dont know how much mb it is but i think 256

Answer:Satellite U400-17s - Can I upgrade the GPU?


The graphic card cannot be upgraded!
The notebooks motherboards are different as the desktop PC motherboards.
In most cases the graphic card is a part of the motherboard and soldered.

Unfortunately, nothing to do?.

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I never thought or belived him (my friend) when he says to me that i dont know if i can upgrade to 8GB RAM.
But i told him of course i can , i have Toshiba u400 ,
When i scaned from a truthfull website it show i can have highest 4 GB RAM,

so anyone please tell me can i or ?


Answer:Can I upgrade the RAM to 8GB on my Satellite U400?

Hi mate

I?ve got U400 as well? nice notebook by the way?

Back to your question;
I doubt the 8GB RAM are possible? I think 4GB is the limit?
Usually the RAM upgrade depends on the chipset and BIOS.

You have to check your chipset?On Intel page you could find the detailed information how much RAM is possible?

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I have Satellite U400-12P.
The mainboard has two free slots miniPCI whether they install mSATA SSD e.g. OCZ Nocti NOC-MSATA-120G in these slots?

Answer:Satellite U400-12P and mSATA SSD


Despite looking very similar, the mSATA connector is totally different to a MiniPCI connector.

Your only solution is to replace the HDD with a 2.5" SATA SSD.

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I want updates for soundcard to this model Satellite U400-138 does not appear stereo mix it do not show ?



Answer:Satellite U400-138 - Stereo Mix does not appear

You are right.
I?ve got the U400 too and the Stereo Mix does not appear because it?s not supported by sound driver!!!
The Conexant sound driver doesn?t include this feature!

I contacted my local ASP in my country and the guys said that an sound driver update should be released in the next time?

Let?s hope

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Hi there

Recently got a Toshiba L755 and have been having an issue with audio & video playback since I got it.
I have updated the latest drivers for the Conexant HD Audio card and this made no difference.

Basically during playback there is an intermitant distorted sound during mp3 playback, video playback and online streams.

I have tried different programs and the same thing happens, however, when I have a LAN cable plugged in there is no issue - it is only when im connected to the net via wireless.
I have a netgear router which is working fine.

Can anyone please tell me what might cause the wireless to create this issue and how to go about fixing it?

many thanks

Answer:Satellite L755 - Audio/Video issue using WLAN connection

Strange? did you notice this in battery mode and AC adaptor mode as well?
Maybe some Wlan signal interferences might cause this?

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Question: U400 panel issue

Lenovo has not been able to fix the issue caused by the support. Support attened my call for heating issue and they have attended the problem but in the process they broke the panel locking mechanism along the frame and lenovo says, since the laptop  is not covered under ADP or DOA, they will not own this issue. I don't know how they are pushing the problem onto the customer while it is caused by lenovo support engineers. The panels have been replaced multiple times and everytime, they broke and returned my laptop without resolving the issue. They used to take the laptop, apply some glue and they used to say, the problem is resolved. After they leave from my premises, the panel comes out in a couple of hours. The franchisee support centre used to tell me it is done by lenovo directly and they are just carrying the laptop to them. I used to give  good rating to the franchisee engineers thinking that they are attending the job promptly. 

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Question: U400 Driver Issue

Hey All, I am trying to update the video drivers on my U400 laptop, so I went to AMD's website and downloaded their tool for my card (Radeon 7450) After running the tool, it told me that the latest drivers are not compatible with my system. Is there a fix for this? I am trying to update so that I can play Starcraft 2, which was recently patched and requires the latest drivers to function properly.

Answer:U400 Driver Issue

Welcome To Lenovo Community
We are really sorry to hear about the issue you are facing,  
Please try to update the drivers from here
Do give this a try and let us know  
Hope This Helps

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Hi everibody!

I'm searching for Toshiba Common Modules for Windows XP for Satellite U400-218 PSU44E. Spent a lot of time without results.
While searching, came across thread 55356.

In his post (July 31, 2010) *Xardas* gave the installation order for Windows XP, and one of the items in the list was "TOSHIBA Common Modules".
This makes me think that anybody (at least, *Xardas* ) can point to the prorper source to download the desired file or, if it is already impossible, directly email this file to me.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Need Common modules for Satellite U400 with Win XP

Checked the Toshiba driver section on the European driver page and Common Modules are not available there for any of the U400 series.

Question; Why you need this tool?

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i want to install Windows XP on my U400 14m but it doesnt work. After a bluescreen it do a restart before I can install.

Thank you

Answer:Satellite U400-14M - BSOD during XP installation


I assume you didn?t integrate a SATA driver or maybe a wrong version. So check the Toshiba website for a appropriate driver version. You need the Intel Storage Manager: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

You can integrate the driver using nLite ([]). This tool is pretty easy to use and I never had problems with.
Check this!

In BIOS you can change the AHCI mode to compatible but the AHCI mode is faster so you should try to install it in AHCI mode with SATA drivers.

Last but not least this Toshiba document could be useful for you:


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I have Toshiba Satellite U400-PSU40E. I set HDD password to test this optoins in BIOS .It woks fine. After that I remove the HDD password, but when OS start to boot fist show me black sreen with enter password and when push enter Os start to booting.

How to remove this black screen (HDD password is clear) Before to set a password there isn't this black screen?

Answer:Satellite U400 - How to remove HDD password?

Hi iliyan_84,

Did you only set the HDD password or another password too?
Normally the HDD password can be removed in BIOS. Therefore set a new password and don?t enter any keys there. Just press the enter-key to leave the new HDD password box blank.

Try also loading the default settings in BIOS and if it doesn?t work you should update the BIOS. You can find the latest version on official Toshiba website.

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Does anyone know where I can source a replacement AC DC Power jack for the motherboard of a U400-15B?

I scoured the web without success.


Answer:Need DC Power jack for Satellite U400-15B DC

You can find it on eBay.
Check it out.

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Is the upgrade to Windows 7 offer available to this laptop?
Satellite Pro U400

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Answer:Is Windows 7 upgrade available for Satellite Pro U400?


You can find the Win 7 upgrade capable notebooks here:
+ -> Windows 7 Upgrade -> Which Toshiba laptops are eligible for the Upgrade to Windows 7+

The Satellite Pro U400 PSU45E is Win 7 eligible.


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I'm having a problem in regarding to my HDD RECOVERY, which is not present in any option when i try to factory reset it, no wizards or anything..

Here is some pictures of the HDD recovery and as you can see the HDD RECOVERY file is located in E (4gb).

Here is the picture of my computer management where you can found my recovery partition... uhmmm when i try the F12 thing, there was HDD recovery the other 2 options but when i click the HDD option, its not recovering.

Answer:Satellite U400 and factory reset


On this older machine there is no some kind of recovery partition. Recovery image is saved on second HDD partition in folder called ?HDDRecovery?.
Recovery image installation can be started as described on -

Please start your notebook using F8. S ?Repair Your Computer? option available or not?

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Hello guys,
Please, I need your advice.
I've bought U400-10M, model PSU40E, with Windows Vista Home Basic Pre-installed.

I've tried, to instal WinXP Pro, but during instalation Windows returns me a message - Setup did not find any hard disk drives.

BIOS recognizes HDD, as TOSHIBA MK3252GSX.

I've visited Toshiba homepage, in order to find any drivers, but no results.

Maybe someone faced the same problem?
Thx, for support.

Answer:Satellite U400-10M - XP Pro installations failed

Did you search in this forum for similar threads?
I know that there are a lot of threads described exactly the same issue? and it?s really not necessary to post always the same questions which have been answered 100 times!

Your Win XP can not find the HDD because you need SATA driver!!

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Hi all,

I usually set my laptops back to factory settings after a few months. Usually runs faster and smoother and I store my music, videos all on external harddrive etc. Now iI made a copy of the recovery cd's theres 2 but I dont know how to use them to reboot to factory settings.

Any help much appreciated.
PS: It's Windows Vista

Please help

Answer:Satellite U400-15B - How to use recovery discs?


The using of Toshiba recovery disk is very easy! If you have created the disk you have only to boot from the first one. Therefore go in the BIOS boot menu and select the CD/DVD drive where you have entered the disk before.

The computer will now try to boot from Toshiba recovery disk and installs factory settings back. Only few clicks are necessary and you have to wait some minutes where you can drink a coffee for example. ;)

The disk contains an image of factory settings and that means it wipes the whole HDD and creates the partitions again. All drivers and tools will be installed automatically and your computer is ready to use again!

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Ok so I want to recover my C partition only, and "Repair My Computer" in the boot menu doesn't work for some reason, I get an error saying unable to load windows...

I have the recovery DVD, but if I use it, it says it will restore my whole harddisk..!
Is there any method that will allow me to reset partition C only to factory settings?

PS. I still have the factory Windows running.

Thank you for reading

Answer:Satellite U400-112 - Can I recover partition C only?


Using the Toshiba recovery disk it isn?t possible to restore only partition C.
This is only possible with HDD recovery option.

The recovery disk contains an image of factory settings and that means it wipes the whole HDD and all data will be erased.
The decided advantage is if you have a virus for example it can?t destroy new installation. The virus will be erased and so you have a really clean OS!

In your case I would backup all files on external storage and after this you can put back the files on second partition.

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I'm having problems with my DVD rom. It reads all cds, but when i insert a dvd into it, it gives some sound but does not read it. Plz help.

Answer:Satellite U400 - Not reading DVDs

Before all, try to remove lower/upper filters in registry:

Have you tried high quality medias like verbatim?

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Hi, I have been fighting with my laptop trying to restore it to factory settings, my cd drive died a while ago and I have been using an external one.

I have tried rebooting using the recovery discs in the external drive, it starts the process then wants the recovery disc put in the default cd drive (the broken one), also tried rebooting from the HDD recovery and get the same message to put disc in the cd drive?

I also have a disc copy of windows XP pro so I downloaded a program called wintousb and tried to boot and load a clean copy of windows from the usb port, got an error about a missing file.

I am just about to give up so if someone could help that would be great.


Answer:Trying to restore Satellite U400 with external ODD


A friend of mine is an Satellite U400 owner and I tried to boot from external USB CD/DVD drive but this was not possible. I guess there is no support from BIOS side.

However, the installation using USB flash memory should functions...
I recommend checking the Win-to-USB forum for possible solutions.

Furthermore you should ensure that SATA driver is included because Win XP would not see the HDD without such driver

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I did a rather silly thing with the laptop that my wife now uses

Today I tried to help her change the settings of the computer name from mine to hers. This has just resulted in a disaster now because when I turned it on it just displays the Windows 7 display on the screen and just sits there frozen.

Anyone got any ideas what to do to get it it to restart or have I got to take it back to the local computer shop please?

Answer:User name change on Satellite U400-15B

In my opinion before you give your notebook to your wife install OS again and give it to your wife with clean preinstalled OS and ?factory settings?.
After recovery image installation you can configure username and password so on this stage you can enter right name and configure notebook for your wife.

What do you think about this?

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Hello Guys,

I recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite U400/03S laptop with pre-installed version of Vista Business & don't like it at all. It came with a Product Recovery Disc for Windows XP Pro. This confused me a little. Can I downgrade Vista Business to XP Pro?

My next question is, if I can downgrade to XP Pro would I need to register XP with Mircosoft?

Also, if I do need to register XP with Mircosoft, where do I get the registration key from?

Greatly looking forward to a reply.

Many thanks.


Answer:Satellite U400 - Downgrade from Vista to XP


A downgrade from Vista to XP is possible. Why not?
But as far as I know therefore you must reinstall the complete notebook but in my opinion this is not a problem because you have the recovery disk of XP. Just boot from it and follow the screen instructions.

But before you do this you should burn the Windows Vista recovery disk. Do you know how to this? You must only start the Toshiba recovery disk creator and you need a blank DVD. Then the Vista recovery disk will be created and if you want back Vista you must only boot from this disk. That?s all because it contains the factory settings and so all drivers and tools from Toshiba.

If you have installed XP you must register it on Microsoft. This is not necessary.
As far as I know you must enter a product key. It?s already on the recovery disk.


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Dear sir

I have Satellite Pro U400-12y and give it to my friend to tem use it when he return the laptops he make format c: and reinstalled new windows.
I try to make the recovery as pressing f8 no respond.

How I can recover my laptops to its original state as HDD recovery still in d:
Thanks in adv

Answer:Satellite Pro U400-12y: How to use HDD recovery after new OS installation


You will be not able to restore it to the factory settings because another OS has been installed on the first partition.
Usually pressing the F8 immediately after the notebook has been powered up should enable the advanced menu on the screen. There you should choose option called ?Repair my Computer? and Toshiba recovery HDD.

But if this doesn?t work then you will be not able to use the HDD recovery.
In such case you have to order new Disk from here:


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Good day.

I have a new Toshiba Satellite U400-10J.
I did not turn it off after i use it and then when i get back it was hanged up so i decided to turn it off by pressing the power button in few seconds.

The next day when i decided to use my laptop again something occured that i don't understand.

My problem is;
When i turned ON the power button, the laptop runs but there was no display, i checked the fan and it runs for a while then stops after a few seconds. All other button has lights and the CD drive is running too.

What wonders me is that the hard disk led is not blinking or there's no light in it and why there was no LCD display?

Please, anyone can help me on this matter. I would really appreciate if you can give me your answer now.

Thank you very much.

Answer:Satellite U400-10J - power is on but NO LCD dsiplay

To be honest I don?t understand why this happened. I?m owner of Satellite U400-10N and something like that never happened to me.

However, I read about some useful workarounds which could help you.
First of all remove the battery and disconnect the AC adaptor.
Then you have to wait? I?m not quite sure how long but I would recommend waiting for about 30-60min.
Then connect both devices and try to power up the notebook.

Check if this helps.

Bye and good luck

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Hi to all

I have Satellite U400-12P, battery is 3700mha, but on Toshiba web site is standard 4400mha, so is it true that on web site is mistake?

second problem, when i am working on battery (vista home premium x86) the cpu is always working on 2000MHz, and i have only 2h of my battery. Can i "take control" of my CPU speed?


Answer:Question about battery for Satellite U400-12P


I have checked info about Satellite U400-12P and I cannot see the info about batter there but the fact is that Satellite U400 is delivered with 6cells battery with 3700mAh capacity. The part number is PA3634U-1BAS/BRS.

As upgrade option Toshiba also offer 6cells battery with 4800mAh capacity. The part number of this battery is PA3635U-1BAM/BRM.

So for all power options check advanced power options - Start ? Control Panel ? System & Maintenance ? Power Options > ?Select a Power Plan? ? Change plan settings ? Change advanced power settings ? Processor power management.

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I have a Satellite U400-13T laptop. I mistakenly installed Windows Vista Business and it completely overwrote my operating system. I have lost all my settings, programmes, everything. No media player, no internet. I wanted MS Office. How can I uninstall the Vista Business or restore to factory settings? As fas I remember I never had a disc with the laptop. I just brought it home and switched it on.



Answer:Satellite U400 - completely overwrote my OS


Have you burned the recovery disk?
If you didn?t do this you have at the moment no possibility go get the factory settings back.

The only way to get back the factory settings is you go to a local ASP and asks for a new or you order one directly from Toshiba.


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I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro U400 (PSU41E) running Windows 7 x64 and I have been trying to update the BIOS to version 4.70 for 4.00.

Every time I try to do so from Windows using WinPhlash that is bundled with the download from the Toshiba site it seems to freeze when trying to flash the new BIOS.
I have logged in as the local administrator, tried using other flash programs and even tried doing so from a USB flash disk with no luck.

Can someone please help me and explain how I can update the BIOS?

Answer:How to update BIOS on Satellite Pro U400?

Sounds like you need the Toshiba Value Added Package installed (specifically for U400 and Win7 64bit), or your Antivirus Software is blocking the update.

You can find the updated Win7 drivers here:

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I need to change the display connector on my notebook, already removed HDD, Memories, ODD, all screws F2, F5, F8, and the keyboard plate is still blocked in the middle, cannot remove it from motherboard.
Any tips, please, about what is still tightening the plate to motherboard?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Cannot remove keyboard on Satellite Pro U400


Before you start to remove screws that secure keyboard (two of them at the top) remove screws for KB Holder. They are placed under the battery.
Check it out.

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The battery is exhausted and only lately tore connected to the cable, but now either turn connected to the power cord. Is battery problem is solved and changing it, or there is another connection problem or video?

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Ive just bought a new Satellite U400 and ive charged it for hours on end and when i take out the power lead it switches off and only turns on when plugged in to the charger., and says on the tool bar at the bottom the battery is not detected.not sure what to do ????

Answer:No battery detected on Satellite U400??

Bring the laptop to an authorized service center for repair. It sounds like the battery or mainboard may have a problem.

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I'm looking for a battery that lasts longer then the one that followed with the pc when I bought it.
But I haven't found any shops that is selling batteries for U400.

So does it even exist extra batteries for this model?

Answer:Satellite U400 - Where can I find a better battery?


You can ask the nearest authorized service provider for a new or other battery. An ASP can order all original Toshiba parts and I think the technicians will know better batteries are compatible with the Satellite U400.

Furthermore on the Toshiba website you can also search for compatible batteries. If you find one, you can search with the part number on Google to find some online shops. > Peripherals & Services > PC Options & Accessories > PC Options & Accessories Home Page


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Bought recently a Satellite U400-12E wich I downgraded do Win XP (with SP3).
Everything is almost working fine except wireless.

Already installed all recomended drivers but doesn't work.

Any ideas?

Thank you! Afonso

Answer:Satellite U400-12E - Need wireless drivers

Was your wlan working before, when you had Windows Vista installed?

If you have already installed the drivers, go to device manager and look if the wlan device is listed there.

Check that the wireless lan device is activated by the hardware switch of your notebook. Maybe try the FN+F8 key combination to switch on wlan.

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I just got my new laptop U400-10n and I get the "no battery detected".
Do I have to take it back to the service?

Answer:Satellite U400-10n - no battery detected


I read in this forum about similar issue?

It looks like BIOS update should help you to get rid of this annoying issue.

Check it out?

Visit the Toshiba European driver page, download the right and compatible BIOS and update it.

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I?m having a problem with my U400-10J. I have downgraded the laptop from Vista Home to windows XP. I have downloaded all the windows XP drivers for this model and have installed all the drivers.

But I can?t seem to find drivers for 3 components.

The HD High definition Audio controller - Have tried installing the KB88881xp2 fix first then the audio (No luck)
Mass storage controller (have found this to be the O2 Micro card) - Xp drivers don?t work
PCI card - No idea what this is.

I have tried downloading the xp drivers from Europe and SA tried different drivers but can?t get it working. It works in Vista.

Is there a specific order that I need to install the drivers in?

Answer:Satellite U400-10J - XP drivers not working

Have you tried the Toshiba Australia or Toshiba Canada sites? You may find the drivers you need on these sites.

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