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Re: Satellite U400D - I can't find it on the website

Question: Re: Satellite U400D - I can't find it on the website

I just bought a Satellite U400D-200, why isn't the model on the website?

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Preferred Solution: Re: Satellite U400D - I can't find it on the website

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Re: Satellite U400D - I can't find it on the website

What do you mean with ?not on the website??
The Satellite U400D-200 belongs to the PSU48 series and this series can be found on the Toshiba driver page for example.
There you can find the drivers?

What info's do you need?

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I need to clean coller in the notebook from dust.
But I can't open it.
Can u post manual how to do it?
And if possible, with images.
Sorry for my english.

Answer:How can I open Satellite U400D?


You don't need to disassemble you lap to clean it. Use a compressed air spray:

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I'm now looking for notebook for the home, and I want a model with docking station, as it will be my only PC. And I want to have convenient working place (monitor+keyboard+mouse) + some periphery.
I do not want to mess with cabling every time I take notebook to another room or outside, but still I need some portability, and I do want to have all my data with me and do not compromise in computing power. So I'm looking for 13-inch models, as they have size of standard paper sheet and easily fit to any bag.

It's A PROBLEM! Toshiba has great U400d 13-inch models, which absolutely suits my needs, but with no dock station.

I found out that very few notebooks can work with dock stations and mostly these notebooks are 15" and above corporate models (USB pieces, like Dynadock do not count - it has weak graphics and can not run all periphery together, though let's see what happen with USB 3.0).

Dear Toshiba, could you please provide full dock stations' support (e.g. PCI bus socket) to your HOME notebook lines, like Satellite series??

PS Why I want to go on with ONE and only notebook:
- I do not want to waste time syncronizing my data back and forth. Hard disks are so huge and have so many data on them, that it's a real problem. Therefore the more PCs you have - the bigger problem is.

PPS May be Dynadock with USB 3.0 could be a solution - if it would offer a choice of graphic chip options. My Dynadock, which I boug... Read more

Answer:Satellite U400D cannot work with dockstations!

I am guessing that adding a docking connector would add too much cost to the Satellite models, plus 99% of users probably wont use a Docker anyway.

But there are some models that have a docking connector, the Satellite Pro S300 does (at least on the models I looked at in google).

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i've got new satellite U400D-204.
I need to install Windows XP on it (please, no flamewar, why not use Vista or 7's or Linux), Toshiba doesn't support XP drivers.

Can anyone post me technical specification of U400D? I mean, what type of WLAN card is there, chipset, sound subsystem etc.. Then i have to dig and hopefully download drivers from vendors websites.

Thanks a lot, Marek

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Answer:Technical specification of Satellite U400D


You can easily find out the hardware spec.
Install the free tool for example ?Everest Home Edit?. It scans your hardware components and provides many details?
Check it!

Nevertheless I was able to find information about some hardware parts:
ATI Radeon(TM) HD 3200 Graphics
Atheros 802.11g Wlan card
Conexant Sound chip
Marvell LAN chip

You could use the Conexant sound chip and webcam software which was released for different Toshiba notebooks? you have to test it simply..

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Could you please send me weblinks to Windows XP drivers for satellite U400D? It took ages and i didn't find any of them!!
Thanks a lot, i am getting desperade

Answer:Satellite U400D - Where can I get drivers for Windows XP?


The Satellite U400D supports only Vista 32bit and Vista64 because on the Toshiba driver download page I can only find drivers for these Windows versions.

So you should be happy with the preinstalled OS because U400D is fast enough for Windows Vista. It should work really well with Vista.

If you want pretty old Windows XP you have to collect the drivers yourself. Here are some exaples where you can search for drivers:

Good luck!

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Toshiba does not provide XP drivers for Turion based laptops!
I bought U400d-201 laptop and spent ages making it work under XP.

Still can't find Power Saver Utility to work on my machine. I suppose not any will work?

Answer:Satellite U400D-201 - Need power saver utility


I?m wondering that you want to install Windows XP on this new and very fast notebook. I think Windows Vista runs smoothly on this notebook.
I have a Satellite U400 (the same as you but with Intel CPU) with Vista 64bit. I?m very satisfied with this combination.

Anyway, I think the drivers you have to collect on external websites. Maybe there you can find some drivers they work on your notebook.

About the Power Saver I can only suggest you should try it from the U400. Maybe it works on your notebook too.
But don?t forget, maybe this tool is only designed for Intel CPUs?


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Will there be updated drivers to support accelerated flash video and ATI Stream-powered playback?

Current Toshiba driver - version 8

Current ATI driver - version 10

Answer:Driver update for Satellite U400D and Radeon HD3200

Good question but I don't know who should give you answer to this.
It is just user-to-user forum so there you will not find some official statements.

There is big difference between Toshiba drivers and drivers offered by graphic card manufacturers.
Toshiba uses modified drivers and on Toshiba, or any other notebook manufacturers support page, you will never find latest driver version.

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I recently bought a Toshiba A300-16c but have been unable to find it on the Toshiba website.

I am trying to look to extend the 1 year warranty and there is an offer on at the moment to extend the Toshiba 1 year warranty on a variety of models but the A300-16c isnt listed and doesnt even exist on this website.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Re: Cannot find Satellite A300-16c on Toshiba website


Satellite A300-16C seems to belongs to the PSAJ4E series?
It?s definitely a Toshiba European model and as far as I?m not mistaken this unit were delivered in Italy?

May I ask you how did you try to register the warranty???

In your case I would recommend visiting the Toshiba European support page: -> Support & Download -> Standard Warranty

Check it out!

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Hello everyone!

I have a Toshiba Satellite L300D-13X

But on the Toshiba support website, If I enter its serial nr then it doesent get recognised. If I insted use the little software that are suppose to identify you computer model, that too fails to recognise my model. And last I tried to manually enter my model. I choose Satellite, L300D and then the closest I can choose is L300D-13J, but mine is L300D-13X, Should I choose the L300D-13J anyway?

Anyone who recognise this problem, I would be most greatful

Best regards.

Answer:Satellite L300D-13X - Can't find it on the Toshiba website

Hi Qwerty,

I don?t know what you did wrong but I can find your notebook model on the Toshiba website. As far as I know it belongs to the PSLC0E series so follow this: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers
Notebook > Satellite > Satellite L Series > Satellite L300D series > PSLC0E

Now you can choose the operating system that you have and download all updates! :)

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Yesterday i found the description about this notebook - Toshiba Satellite L500-17L but I cant find it on the toshiba's site. How can this be?

And there is a lot of information about this one on the web

Answer:Satellite L500-17L - How can I find it on the Toshiba website?


I have a little bit searched using Google and it seems that this is a Russian model so you can find the specifications on the Toshiba Russian page:

I hope I could help you a little bit. :)


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I hv Satellite Pro A200 laptop. I need its xp deivers. but i failed to find its exact model number.

On the back side of laptop it shows follwing informations:

SERIAL NO. Y7252417K,

but toshiba website's database is not recognising it. i tried the above serial no. here>> .

can anyone help me please.

Answer:I cannot find model and serial no. of my Satellite A200 from this website

The question is what you want to do exactly.
All info you need you get it on the Toshiba sticker at the bottom.

I can imagine you want to check download page. Your notebook model is listed there.
Go to Toshiba download page under and there you can find it.

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What is it with Toshiba? The part number is clearly printed on the label on the underside of the laptop but the corresponding part number appears nowhere on the Toshiba support pages. This seems to occur with most Toshiba laptops that I have ever had anything to do with. Trying to find drivers, BIOS etc is a real PITA. I'm trying to find downloads for a Satellite L500 PSLS6A-00X013 but it doesn't show up any where. The serial number search is as useless as the part number search. Am I missing something?

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Hi there,

I bought my laptop 3 weeks ago, model: Toshiba Satellite A500 PSAR9A- 02s001
I bought it in Australia but i cannot find any driver support on

Any help?

Answer:Cannot find my model Satellite A500 PSAR9A-02s001 on Toshiba website


This seems to be an Australian notebook series?
I?m not quite sure why it?s not listed on the Australian page but if you need the drivers then you can try to use the driver from the Toshiba European driver page as well?

There is an Satellite A500 PSAR9E series which is similar (or same???).
In my opinion the Win 7 drivers should work too.


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Dear Friends,

I have purchased a new model of Satellite (L755-M1E6) from Abu Dhabi.
But i could not see this particular model number in the UAE - Middle East website.
Normally we could see that the model number has the format - "L755 - 000".
that means after L755 - only three digits.

Here in my laptop it shows 4 digits, L755-M1E6.
support website shows model number as "PSK2YE-0E602UAR" as against serial number.

Can you please clear my doubt that, is it a original toshiba laptop? is it a discontinued model?
Or please help me to know its correct model number.

Please help me

Answer:Satellite L755-M1E6 - Cannot find this model on UAE - Middle East website


I am pretty sure this is a real Toshiba!
The model seems not to be an EMEA model though so it could be that it originates from another region of Toshiba - like Toshiba Asia.

Use your model number, the coplete PSK2YE-number you mentioned below along with the real serial which always is 9 charachters long ending with a letter (syntax 12345678A, X1234567A, 1X234567A or XY123456A - please understand that those are examples showing the syntax only - your letters and digits will be different!) and look them up here:

Link: []

If you enter the proper information there you should be able to look up your PC.

Good luck


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A few days ago I had issues updating a game and thought it was due to my system being cluttered by years of use so I Did a restored to factory condition. After downloading a ton of updates, it seems to be working faster but I can not get access to world of to download the game again. I have found a similar thread regarding facebook but am new to this site and just started a new one.
Please advise.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Service Pack 2, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6400 @ 2.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4093 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 295621 MB, Free - 208535 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, Portable PC
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

Wireless router with another computer networked (not mine) that CAN run the same game.

Answer:Get a 'can not find website' message for one website

I flushed dns and reset the router. Was able to get to the website to download.
Once partially downloaded, I get a "data obtained from the update service is incorrect. Please see log file" message.
Log file appears to be blank and I am back to the problem of NOT being able to connect with this website again.

Anyone with thoughts on fixing this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi just recently got rid of CWS but now can not get onto Google website or TSF. Two of my email address can not send messages either. I can receive them but not send. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.

Answer:cannot find website

Hi Beno

Please post a fresh Hijack This log, as you did before so we can have another look.

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I'm not entirely sure this is where this thread belongs, but out of all the topics it'd make sense to put it here.
I'm trying to find this website that reads your computer's hardware, and tests out how they're performing and gives you the results.
It was REALLY useful, and I can't find it! I thought it was "pc toolbox" or something like that, but apparently it must not be that..
Thanks for reading.

Answer:I'm trying to find this website..

I found it, it was userbenchmark.

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Hi guys

Your my last resort iv had all weekend on this.
My freind runs a couple of websites, up untill friday i could log on to both ok.

Then the address could not be found page started to appear on both his sites, i have tried all the obvious, deleat cashe,cookies,history, system restore, different web browser, altering security settings to default.i'm running IE and have tried firefox.. no different

I can ping both sites ok, my freind insists my IP address has not been banned, the sites are active and others are posting, there just bike sites nothing heavy.

please please help me, btw im a puter numpty so laymans terms please ps all other sites are fine, its just these 2

cheers karl

Answer:will not find a website

Ello Karl, I've had the same problem before and might know how to help ya. May I ask if you're using a firewall and the version of IE and firefox you use?

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hi, can someone tell me what site it was that had the two kids making themselves into chavs, it was in the Daily Mail online yesterday but today it has gone..the grandkids never saw it.thanks

Answer:Need help to find a website...

click here

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There is this website that someone has made and it says a lot of insults to a lot of my friends and stuff. How can I find out who is doing this?

Answer:How can i find out the ip/who is behind making this website?

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Hi there, I am a novice at the web scene, I built my own website on Wordpress platform and it has been up for a few months, however, for the past week it has been acting... odd. On a rare occasion, at least once per day of visiting my website, something seems to be taking control and forwarding to another site. I am pretty sure it's within my website, as I have had a friend on a PC using AVG show me a screenshot of a warning he got. I am on a Mac and while I don't get warnings, this redirecting behavior takes place. I'm not sure if this is the right area to post this concern and I don't want to post my website right off the bat because I want to make sure no one gets a virus or anything. But please, any ideas on how to go about finding the problem and fixing it would be greatly appreciated!

If anyone wants the URL of the site to check it out (although, like I said, it only happens occasionally so it's tough to replicate), please just let me know.
Edit: I found out the issue, a mod can close this.

This was the solution to my problem:

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I've seen this site for a long time but it will be the first time I'm purchasing anything from it.
It's call, I've always been told to stay away from sights that have products that are being sold for less than half the price they are any other sight that sells the same thing. How do you find out if a sight is legit and if there products are for real?


Answer:Website Legitamcy? How Do I Find Out?

perform a WHO IS search on the domain name (the website name u provided), if the registar is the same as the owner of the website, then it probaly is legit

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i cant find my product in hp website and i cant know my driver i guss this product didnt established by hp can you help me to know my product informations:SN   5CD63529YC MY PRODUCT NUMBER IS :   Y7X88EA#ABV HELP MY PLZ

Answer:i cant find my product in website

Hi: I couldn't find it either. However, you can use the W10 drivers and software from the base model au-100. It has the same hardware as your model does.

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When I use the Firefox browser, I frequently get a quick message that the Firefox browser cannot find the website. It stalls for a very short time and then locates it. Does anyone have any idea why this happens with the Firefox browser?

Answer:Firefox cannot find website

If you have a slow connection or it's at a very busy time of day with heavy network traffic, the delay can sometimes cause that.

Make sure you are using the latest version of Firefox (v9.0.1) as significant improvements have been made to it's speed & performance since versions 7 & 8.

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There's a forum website that I've always gone to without any problem. I know it's up and operational because I get instant emails when there are posts there in threads that I've subscribed to and a friend confirmed that he can log in there without any problem. Suddenly, though, my IE can't get me there while it's completely trouble-free in every other respect. I downloaded Firefox 3.5 and it, too, can not get to that particular website. So, it appears that the problem lies somewhere within my computer and not with the search engines or the specific website that I'm attempting to reach. (Incidentally, it's: you advise as to what to do? THANKS....Alan

Answer:can't find server of website

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How to find out if the website you are on is real?

Hi, I was wondering, how do you make sure the website you visit has realiable info. There are so many websites these days on internet that has fake info. such as the world is flat or humans can live forever. I am just wondering, how do you know if the website you are visiting is realiable. Help will be appreciated. Thank You.

Answer:How to find out if the website you are on is real?

There is no real way to know, except double check all the info they have. I like to judge sites by their cover...meaning if the site looks nice and professional I am more apt to believe them. There are sites with ads everywhere, you can't find what you want and they are constantly trying to sell something. Those are the sites I find questionable.

The problem is, I can go make an aesthetically pleasing site (aesthetically pleasing = "good looking" for all those who don't understand, just working on my vocabulary) and say that clouds are made of marshmallows. There is just no way to know for certain unless you check lots of places and they all say the same the way I wish the clouds were made of marshmallows, but sadly they are not.

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I do not even know if "BUSINESS NOTEBOOK" is the board I should have chose. I thought I was asking about a laptop, but since that is not listed, maybe HP does not make laptops anymore...I am looking to buy a laptop (notebook?) from a person that is used, but she has never used it. I have a picture of the underneath it, with all the numbers listed & none of them are bringing up any results for your "items to ask about". I wanted information about this computer before buying it, but she doesn't know anything (such as screen size, GB, etc...) - thats why she doesn't want it. 

Answer:cannot find laptop on website

@Zoomie24 Can you post the picture??? REO

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I have been having a lot of problems with my machine - some of which have been posted here. All problems seem to have been resolved. I maintain a website for an Audubon Society. During my problems, I was unable to update this website. I can now upload files. The problem is I get the error "Cannot Find Website" when I attempt to view it on line. Other people can look at it - and my updated pages are there. I have not had problems loading any other pages. I have cleared my cashe, set the browser to check for new pages on every visit to the site. I have tried IE and Netscape. There is nothing fancy on my page. No Java scripts, not even style sheets. I have no hosts file. No restricted sites and security is set for medium low. The server specializes in Audubon Societies and bird related sites. There should be no reason for AOL to restrict it. This has been going on for nearly a week.

In the past, I have noticed that I might not be able to view the updated page in AOL, but the site would load. Usually, I could then open IE in a separate window and see the updated page.

It is really irritating not to be able to check my updates on line.

Any ideas????



Answer:Error: Cannot Find Website

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I am looking for a repair site that would describe how to disassemble and repair my Toshiba Satellite A205-S4607

Answer:Where can I find a website for repairs?

I don't think that you can't find such site. You can visit / if you need some problems with your lap, contact the service center.

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Now that I have finished designing my website, and now that it is on the internet click here, I need to promote it. I am looking for advise on search engine optimisation, and any hints and tips on promoting one's website.Ulrich DanneckerE: [email protected]

Answer:How do people find my website?

Obviously you should lose the banners and ads, which I see by the tiny text at the foot of the page is your intention once the site is complete.The main image on your index page is grainy and could do with sharpening up.Hmmmmmm.Flash...Well, where to start ?You've done yourself no favours by using two things in tandem. The first is a dynamic myimpactengine ASP link to the main site content (not as search engine friendly as a standard static link) and your resulting content, when it loads, is Flash based which again will cause its own breed of search engine issues.On a personal note, I find music on websites intensely annoying, especially when its a short soundbyte that repeats endlessly. The ability to switch the music off (which you have provided though it's not terribly obvious) is less important than just not loading your visitors connection with music to begin with.The text scrolling on the pages in the main Flash content is odd too - your 'What we offer' page needs no scrolling, yet it has scrollbars. I scrolled to see what I was missing to find nothing.Finally, your contact form needs some serious work. Forget about using a Bravenet form and create your own using one of the many form mail scripts available for free. All you need is hosting that supports CGI, ASP or PHP and you can choose from dozens of free email handler scripts to process your forms.Hosting can be arranged for next to nothing these days. £30 per year will see you with something useful to work with and... Read more

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dell on tv ad 299.00 not on website? it comes up 398.why or have i missed it,or should i avoid them in that case?

Answer:dell tv ad cant find it on website?.


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I had heard AOpen have motherbords with duel BIOS and a facility to flash updates through windows plus other BIOS benefits. But I cannot track down the their web site to read up on it, do they operate under another name?anyone got one of these boards or can help with a link please.

Answer:how do I find the AOpen website

click here

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I had just completed making a website and uploading to our host when I noticed that when I went to the website and checked the source codes there was a bunch of extra html that is not there before I uploaded it. I scanned my computer with Superantispyware (great program btw) and found some baddies. I am not sure if any of these could have infected my web pages. I also deleted all the pages from my host server. I scanned the pages on my computer and neither Avast or Super.. found anything, yet I am afraid to upload my pages again - since the code doesn't show up until after it is online (it is not in the source code when it is only on my computer).How can I make sure that I am not still infected without having to upload my site again to my server and put it online - when it doesn't show up until I do?P.S. My friend attempted to add my new site to Facebook, when it was online, and appearently started her virus scan - as it detected a virus.

Answer:How to find Virus in my own website

Hi,Go to the link below and type in your www addy. you enter your url start the scan. It will give you detailed URL info broken links, HTML problems, malware and viruses etc. the same goes for this site enter your URL addy click scan.Hope that helps.

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Is there a way to get to know (may be with something like WhoIs or so) whether a website is successful or not, how many visitors it has, customers, how the traffic is, the revenue, business volume, etc.?

Answer:Find out how successful a website is?

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I'm new to Vista. I use Firefox as my browser. With some frequency when trying to connect to a website, a window opens to say the site cannot be found, and then a second later the site sought comes up.

What's going on here? Is there a firefox setting that needs changing?

Answer:Firefox can't find website

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Hello Guys, i have own a Toshiba Satelite C660-A048, but cant find my laptop name on there driver download site,
what to do ?

Answer:Cant Find My Laptop Name On Toshiba Website

Originally Posted by m1s3rys1gn4l

Hello Guys, i have own a Toshiba Satelite C660-A048, but cant find my laptop name on there driver download site,
what to do ?

What's wrong with this site ? Toshiba Drivers: Toshiba Satellite C660 Windows 7 64Bit Drivers

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On the Windows phone website, when I click on find my phone, I go to the instructions page on how to find the page with Find my phone on it. I follow the instructions, and all it does is take me back to the first page, telling me instructions again. Its very confusing and cannot find the page for Find my phone at all. It is a Nokia Lumia 610 if that helps.

Answer:Why isn't Find my phone working on the website?

It's working for me... Just checked.
I had to refresh (it's a clickable link) to get the map image, but it was very accurate.
?Do you limit your Location at all on your phone?

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Please help me to get rid of Search Bar Find the WEbsite You Need-----everytime i boot my machine, this web site attempts to change all my settings, please advise me on how to delete this program that is in my files...thanks. any help will be greatly appreciated.

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I'm looking for the IP address of

I have to call the IT guys here at work and tell them they are blocking a harmless message board. I can get into all other forums but this one. Usually I just call up and give them the IP address and they unblock it.

They blocked ebay once and the staff was ready to lynch the IT department.LOL


Answer:How do I find an IP address of a specific website?

If you are unfamiliar with doing a DNS lookup directly from your system you can use a Web-based tool.

Enter the host you wish to find the IP for, in this case, in box 1 under DNS lookup, leave everything else as default, and click on the button. You should see the result of

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Hi Guys,
I placed an order online but they never received it. Unfortunately I didn't take a printout. Their website has been down for 4 days. Is there someway I can search my pc and see if a copy is there?

Answer:Can I search pc to find website page

try to make the browser work offline (file menu work offline) and then write the url
some times this work

another way is to
-install google desktop search
-and let it index ur c: dirctory
- from prefernces choose search result to desktop
search in it about the order title and if the page still in ur pc then be sure google will return it back to u

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Are there any clever ways to find a website e-mail address please. The co website has a enquiry form which has compulsory fields to complete - most of which I do not know the answers to.Wondered if there was a way to find the plain e-mail address.Thanks

Answer:how do you find website e-mail address

On most, if not all, commercial websites there is usually a 'Contact us' box or button, but other than that I do not think you will find any with a direct link email address. Though I might be wrong.

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Ive looked all over the computer and cant find how to do this.thanks

Answer:How do i find out what time a website was visited?

Right click on the site on your history panel, and go down to properties. It will tell you the date and time.

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Can someone just send me the direct link, i recently re-formatted my computer, and i needed to update my java. A little help would be appreciated.

Answer:Cant Find The Java Download On The Website...

You can download the latest version of Java from here:Java SE DownloadsDownload Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 Update 2.Uninstall all older versions of Java, using Add/Remove in the Control Panel, before installing the latest version.

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I must have some immune malware. I delete browsing history, and also click the "X" on the http address in the down menu, but the HTTP address just keeps coming up each time I start internet explorer. How do I delete the address from my down menue?

Answer:how do I find and delete website addresses

Lets see what this finds.Using ESET's Online ScannerGeneral clean up and Prep (Do prior to any AV scans) can I view the log file from ESET Online Scanner? ESET Online Scanner saves a log file after running, which can be examined or sent in to ESET for further analysis. The path to the log file is "C:\Program Files\EsetOnlineScanner\log.txt". You can view this file by navigating to the directory and double-clicking on it in Windows Explorer, or by copying and pasting the path specification above (including the quotation marks) into the Start ? Run dialog box from the Start Menu on the desktop.

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Bought this laptop recently and I'm going through the steps to install windows 10 on it. However I couldn't find its drivers on HP support website.  I got this: Unable to access the system at this timeWe?re sorry, but an error has occurred and we are temporarily unable to access the system you are looking for at this time. Please check back shortly. Could someone please point me in a direction. Thank you in advance.

Answer:Can't find laptop drivers on HP website

Hi, Welcome to the HP Support forum. Thank you for your post. I am getting the very same message when I try to search the drivers for your HP computer model.It's Sunday now and they might be doing some maitenance. As the message says " We?re sorry, but an error has occurred and we are temporarily unable to access the system you are looking for at this time. Please check back shortly."  , I suggest you try again after some hours.  If you still continue to get errors tomorrow, please post again and let me know.  Additional (newer) method and way of updating/installing drivers in Windows 10 is via the means of Windows Update and Device Manager. Here is more information about it:>>>>  Hope this helps. Provide feedback and let me know if you continue to face difficulties.

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I am very new to this aspect of web managment I was simply wondering how is it that I can get Google, Yahoo, and other major search engines to recognize my website. The website I am trying to get up and going is click here I just simply wish to learn for this since as I said I am very new to this aspect of the web managment. Thank You.

Answer:Getting Search Engines to find my Website

Search engines send out programs that 'crawl' the internet, examine websites and rank them in their database. The higher the ranking the better! Some key points to think about:- add 'meta tag' keywords within the <head> tags of your code. These should list key words and phrases (like cabins, holidays, fishing etc)- on your Home page include some copy text that includes key words and phrases and repeats them as often as possible- get as many external sites (like online directories) to link to your site as you can- ensure that their are hypertext links from evry page in your site to every other. If you use a java script menu (that does not use HTML) include <noscript> tags that generate a hypertext links for those visitors whose browsers are not java enabled. This allows the search engines to follow your site right through all pages- be patient!SEO is a big subject and no doubt others will follow this with more advice.

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Dear community, I want to buy a Y50 gaming laptop. I looked it up in amazon uk and I found a Lenovo Y50 with i7-4720HQ, GTX 960M and 1 TB hdd + 8 GB ssd. I tried to look the same model up in Lenovo's website so as to buy it from there. As a student, I'm entitled to a small discount so, why not? But that model is nowhere in the official website. I can only find a Y50 with i7-4710HQ and GTX 860M. How is it possible to find a newer version of Y50 in amazon and NOT in Lenovo's website? Am I missing something? Thank you for your time

Answer:Cannot find Y50 model on Lenovo website

Hi gebbeth, I own a Y50-70 2013 model, do not buy this computer. It is however an excellent idea for a computer, and at a fair price. Mine was 4 months old before I mailed it to the repair center last tuesday. Read through the post on this forum and i'm sure you will come to the same conclusion. Switch to MSI or another brand before you waste your money. The 2015 Y50-70 is still new to the market, so all of the defects have not yet been identified. But if you look around you will see that people are having issues with the newer model also.

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Is it possible to write a 'find & replace' instruction to make an identical substitution on every page of a website?Some time ago, excessive amounts of spam forced me to change the e-mail address which I had helpfully/naively/stupidly put on each page of the website in a 'mailto' link. Not knowing of any other way to fix things (I still don't, hence this post) I flogged my way through all 300+ pages, manually substituting a different (and 'munged') address for the former plain-language one, and also e-mailed everyone in my Address Book to tell them of the new address. The whole exercise was a chore I am not anxious to repeat ? although it paid off, and I remained totally spam-free for just over a year.Recently, however, I've started to get spam once again. It all arrives at the address that I munged so carefully (not carefully enough perhaps?) and it all appears to have been written by a succession of people with improbable surnames, a cheap translation dictionary apiece, and no knowledge of the English language whatever.Please don't misunderstand me. I mean it's very nice of Ranald Sdryt to send me an e-mail about something unspecified which is "Low worth but widely alternative. Can be trusted about your wellness" and I'm certain that Paddy Pscup has my best interests at heart when he/she writes: "Sole our firm may propose you different software just at a small damage." But while I don't wish to appear ungrateful, I truly believe that my quality of life would not suffer gr... Read more

Answer:Find & replace — for an entire website?

... it's me age y'know.Thanks, fourm member. That's an idea worth keeping in mind.Syd.

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In the support area of the Toshiba site under downloads, I select +notebooks+ from the drop down, then +qosmio, G50, 04j+ then I get a blank when entering my serial.

I realise that this model has been removed from sale, though I had hoped that it would still be supported....

Can anyone help?

Answer:Qosmio G50 - Can't find it on the Toshiba website


On which Toshiba website you are searching for drivers/downloads and what are you searching exactly for your notebook?

Furthermore it makes no difference if the notebook will be sale or not. Older notebook models can be founded in Archive.

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For any malware, spyware, virus, trojan, etc, is it possible to find the website is was downloaded from? I know you can find the location it was downloaded to on your computer using most ecurity software, but I would like to know a website's name so I could potentially block it or take precautions to avoid it.

Would this be possible, and if so, what would be required?

Thank you anyone for your help.

Answer:Is there a way to find the website a virus was downloaded from?

It may be difficult to find out where a past virus is from, but you can test websites and individual folders, for future use, to test if there are potential problems.
If you have a list of recent site visits, which may have given you a virus, you can test each

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if anyone off the hand knows of where i can find a free website template like this one, I need a sales type template like that one.... ...thanks in advance as always....dano

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My friend has a problem finding a website.. he knows part of it.. but he cant find it anywhere. help him please. thanks

Answer:How to find a website if you dont remeber the name well??

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Yes, I bought a computer and the manufacturer I bought it from is "emax".

Well, I having trouble finding their website.

Does anybody know where their website is?


P.S.- If it helps, I am looking for a driver for my Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 Network Connection. Just wondering. I tried searching for their website, but was unable to find it...

Answer:Need a driver... Can't find manufacturers website.

If it was me, I would open the case and get the model number off the NIC and search for that (assuming it is not onboard)

Couple of questions:

What OS are you using?
Why do you need to update the driver?

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Accomplished designers have to work to design a logo and this takes work. To design a logo, you need to invest time and effort. It is not equivalent to just playing on the computer for a few hours. Google

Answer:How to find best Logo website Service ..?

I strongly disagree.You can make you own logos and ask you friends what they think.Here are some examples of logos that one can study.

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It might be that Microsoft has no XP version of IE9, but that's hard to imagine. So, is there an XP version and how do I find it? Thanks in advance for guidance. This is an awesome place for old novices like me.

Answer:I can't find "XP" in the Windows website options for IE9

There is no XP version for IE 9.........only win 7 I believe.

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I'm looking for a website i made about 6 years ago. It had lots of photos on it of me and my friends. I can't remember the web provider it was with, homestead rings a bell..... It had my name somewhere on the web address - stef green / stefanie green. On the homepage it had links to each of my friends. These included Kim Toole, Jenna Mcneish, Paula Fowler, Stuart Hamilton and yvonne lai. I would love to find this website, i probably have no chance, i also remember i had a guestbook on there, and i had a message in it saying "wouldnt some people get a shock seeing themselves in here? aren't you supposed to get their permission" Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!!! thanksstef green

Answer:how can i find a website i made 6 years ago?

Homstead is going but I can't find anywhere on their homepage to do a here

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Hello Everyone,

I m unable to find favicons for many website like cnn, espn, forbes, dailymail etc. I tried using source code method for finding <link> and favicon.icon... Anyone has any idea. ??

Answer:Unable to find favicons for website

Hello easyapndey, and welcome to Seven Forums.

What browser is this for?

In Internet Explorer, the favicon.ico files are in the Temporary Internet Files folder. You'll need to scroll or search the folder to see them.

Internet Explorer Temporary Internet Files Settings

Hope this helps,

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There is a website that has several tvs links and I want to get the link address, but I can not. Can you go to this site web page and see if you can get link address of Ariamehr.If you can get it by using Window , please let me know how to do it. Thanks!

Answer:How can I find the address link from a website?

You already have this posted. Do not created multiple topics of the same thing.


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I get the "Cannot Find Website" message with several websites. It happens a lot with My Yahoo and Yahoo, but not always. I have gone through the troubleshoot suggestions for IE but no luck. I use Firefox and get it with it as well as IE. Any suggestions?

Answer:Frequent Cannot Find Website Message

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

What ISP do you use?

If it happens to be NTL, they have been having a few problems of late. I have had exactly the same problems for a few days, intermittently.

If you don`t use NTL. I suggest you contact your isp and see if they`ve been having any problems.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Relevance 44.28% this official windows phone website where you can call, locate and lock your phone is not wroking for me, i have my number inserted and saved in my profile but everytime i want to ring or locate my phone the setting up process pops up asking me to add my number and click ok afterwards nothing happens and i'm unable to use this feature at all please help

Answer:Find my phone website not functioning well

Please check that you either have SMS enabled or in Settings enabled the Find My Phone -> Always use push notifications check box

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I bought a McFee Antivirus @ Walmart. Log on to only to find more offers to buy. No place to enter registration # to download.

Answer:I do not find where to enter registration # on McFee website

You might be better off using a free anti-virus such as Avast or Microsoft Security Essentials. McAfee is not popular around these parts.There is probably a McAfee forum so if you are doing something wrong they are the best people to advise. Otherwise, if you can't find anything in the instructions (such as a help file or document) go back to Walmart and complain.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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Dear Forum,Does anybody know a website that I can use to find house numbers in a particular street?I can see the specific houses/buildings I need to contact from overhead GIS maps but I need to know the actual building/house numbers.Of course I could actually go to the area in question and look around but its 165 miles away so would rather not if I dont have to!Any help is appreciated.Thanks.

Answer:Website to find out building number in a street

Register on Royal Mail's site click here then do an address lookup on the postcode, but do not put in the street number, it will then give you the street number's to choose from.

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I want to identify a particular font that I have seen on a website. However, it is resident as an image, so I can't tell from the source code and can't copy the 'text' into Word.Is there any quick way of detecting a font without the obvious method of typing text into Word and replacing it with each font style until (and if) I find the right one?

Answer:Find out a font style on a website image

You could try scanning it into word.RussG

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I dont know why, but every now and then I get this message when I try to access the website I look after.
It says OOPS! Internet explorer could not find (the web address)

I contacted my ISP and the web host when it first happened, and both said they had no problem with it. My webhost gave me some sites, such as proxy servers to try, and sure enough the website was up. Just I couldnt access it.
It drives me crazy. I cant go in and update the site as it Internet explorer for some reason doesnt find it.
Yet in a day or so, it usually comes right.
I have cleared the cache, the temporary internet files, deleted the cookies and the browser history. I have turned off Norton and none of that made any difference.
I ensured ssl 2 and ssl3 were checked.
It only does it with the website I am monitoring.

Any ideas please??

Answer:OOPS! Internet Explorer could not find my website

I Just fixed it, I saw this answer on another site

Go into IE Tools, click internet options, click advanced, click on Restore advanced settings and also on reset.
You then have to close IE and open it again.
when the Welcome to IE 8 box opens, I clicked cancel and did not choose any of its options. Now I can access it again. YAY.

Hope this helps someone else.

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I used a template from "themeforest" but i changed it a lot and for some reason now it's loading very very very slow (some times 5-10 minutes) and some times it loads fast, and i tried all kine of stuff (moving the site to another domain, loading it in different browsers, disabling different plugins and more...) and i can't find the problem.
Please help me, this is the site: The Vox
(Again some times it loads fast so please try a few times if it's not loading slowly the first time...)

Answer:My website is loading amazingly slow and i can't find why!

There are a number of potential problems on your site, but by far the worst is your DNS lookup and response time which exceeds 2 seconds. That alone accounted for about 20% of the page loading time in my test, which came in at 10.985 seconds.
You're not fully taking advantage of browser caching to any degree and many of your images and other components are not compressed.
78.8% of the requests for your home page are image requests, but they take up 91.2% of the content loading to the browser.
So clearly talk to whoever controls your name servers to get the response time sorted out and seriously attack your images and make them more web friendly.
Your background image is far too large (796.8KB), although in your defence, it is loading after the main content which is good. But never-the - less, it takes a further 2.689 seconds to load (on top of the nearly 11 seconds), making over 13 seconds to absolute completion.
Finally, move all all your script loads to the bottom of the page.

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I'm trying to find support for a Equium A110-280, but the message that appears is; "We don't find the product". The same happens when I search with the serialnumber.

Anyone who knows what to do to find support for a apparently nonexisting laptop? I need to find what kind of memory to use and possible size to expand the memory
pardon my french...

Answer:Equium A110-280 - Where to find on the Toshbia website?


I have found the specification for Equium A110-276

it supports up to 4gb ddr2

I couldn't find your model, but I guess it can also handle up to 4 gb ddr2.

Let's see what other users say.

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on switching on on 13th March my laptop automatically updated windows.
since then any desktop shortcuts which pointed to a website now just bring up the google search screen.
this happens for both firefox and IE
same thing happens if I use windows search and then select one of the options
help please

Answer:since windows update shortcuts do not find website

Make new shortcuts.

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I have lost my Audio Drivers and I am unable to find these drivers online

Answer:HP Audio drivers missing and cant find on HP Website

Hi, Download and reinstall the IDT HD Audio software package on the following link. Regards, DP-K

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I am looking forward to buy a new convertible laptop and wanted to see specifications of R7-372T-75LX. I could not find this model on I can see it is available on Amazon via third-party seller. Listing on amazon does not have any reviews. Can anyone give me more information about the model?

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I have offer to buy toshiba portage z30t-b-11p but I cant find this model on toshiba webside.I pound this laptop using serial number and this mode exist but cant check specyfication anyone can help me please

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it is actually my friend with this problem, she can't even get here to post the problem herself, so i am doing it for her. almost everytime she goes to a website it says cannot find server, can someone please help!

Answer:internet says CANNOT FIND SERVER almost everytime i try to go to a website

wanna stop spamming us with that problem? hehe

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I have used my toshiba qosmio x300-15h for many years but it has been in russian , the user has been fine with this but now i need to sell it and have installed english windows 7 32bit home premium on it , but it seems the nvidia graphics cards are not working, but everything else seems to be and i cannot sell it like this .
i cannot find the drivers on the website as this is a russian model
does anyone know where i can get these drivers ?

Answer:I cannot find the drivers on the website for Qosmio x300-15h


I just did a quik look at uk Toshiba drivers for Qosmio X300 and they seem to be all there. I think those drivers should be suitable for your laptop regardless of the language used.
here's the link:


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Help! I can't find HPs website w/ the download and install for Officejet 5610 All-in-One Printer. The CD that came w/ it doesn't work... Never did.
I appreciate any input...
...[email protected]

Answer:I can't find Hewlett Packards Installation website for...

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There is a new tool out there called Goolag Scanner that lets people use Google to scan websites for security flaws. Lovely. I?ll be Google is thrilled about this too.

The tool lets people with fundamental programming skills check websites or Internet domains for weaknesses that could be exploited by hackers, according to CDC. The group said it uncovered "some pretty scary holes" through random tests of the tool in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

[H]ard|OCP -

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There's no reference made to installing an activex object, or running java/jacascript applet or even port scanning your machine. How are they determining the security of my machine?

Answer:How does wintasks website find info bout your machine?

If you really want to know how safe your PC is on the internet check out GRC . Just click porceed and try the various tests. It will then proceed to test your settings and how open you are to the internet and attacks.

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I manage to log in using my account but then it doesn't show me my phone's last known location. It just takes me back to the page. Please help. I can' see the map and date with the time and last known location of my phone.

Answer:How do I fix 'Find my phone' function is not working on the windowsphone website?

Working fine on my end, id suggest deleting your cookies and restarting your browser!

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I have Windows XP. I cannot access any Microsoft website from IE or Firefox - even though I used to be able to do so. The same message appears in the Browser when I try to access a security website such as Semantec, Norton, Trend Micro …

I use a NetGear RangeMax ADSL wireless modem router. I cannot see any exclusions to Microsoft in the firewall rules.

I recently uninstalled an expired Norton Security Package because I got sick of the continual prompts to re-subscribe. I also go rid of some old Semantic stuff on my computer.

I posted my problem on the Tech Support Guy forum as the thread “Can't find the server at I have had lots of useful suggestions from the guys there (see below) the latest of which suggested that I post this on the Malware Removal forum.

Things I have done in an attempt to resolve the problem:
I ran Semantec's Norton Removal Tool but the problem remained unresolved.
I installed OpenDNS and checked for any Blocked Domains with the filter “only domains blocked as malware”. The report was: “None of your DNS requests were blocked for any reason.”

I tried resetting TCP/IP stack to installation defaults by typing: netsh int ip reset reset.log and resetting WINSOCK entries to installation defaults by typing: netsh winsock reset catalog.

Upon rebooting my machine I still could not access any Microsoft site or any security site.

I downloaded HijackThis and generated the log below.

I'd greatly appreci... Read more

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Dear Experts
Looking for an online tools that helps to identify who is a registrar for a domain
a tool that helps to find who is hosting a website (website and mails) for that domain
I am not sure if there is an online tool that can identify a hosting mail (not website) for that domain assuming hosting website is different from hosting a mail doesn't reveal all information

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Can anyone please advise how can I find out the real registration and hosting information of the website ? They are selling counterfit tiffany jewelry to me and ignored my emails, I tried to find their contact phone number and want to report the abuse to their hosting company, however, by searching through, all the information shows there are not real.

Domain ID: D7758577-US
Sponsoring Registrar: GO DADDY SOFTWARE, INC.

Registrant ID: GODA-011805013
Registrant Name: Paul Smith
Registrant Organization: Unknown
Registrant Address1: Fifth Avenue at 57th Street
Registrant City: New York
Registrant State/Province: New York
Registrant Postal Code: 10022
Registrant Country: United States
Registrant Country Code: US
Registrant Phone Number: +1.2127558000

Created by Registrar: GO DADDY SOFTWARE, INC.
Last Updated by Registrar: GO DADDY SOFTWARE, INC.

Address at Fifth Avenue at 57th Street, what a joke?! The phone number is belongs to Tiffany. GoDaddy claim they do not have any connection with this website, they are the registrar of this domain. And I could not find any contact or other useful information of, the web address only shows the Plesk™ default page, and whois information of tomyserver obviously are fake too:

Tomy Server Network
Tomy Server Building
Canton, Canton 510000

Registered thro... Read more

Answer:find real registration and hosting information of a website

If you are in the USA, contact the FBI.

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I am not sure if I am doing this right, but I just stumbled upon this website and I have a slight problem with malware which I can't seem to get rid of.
So lately I have been getting some weird pop ups, I am using ESET NOD32, but it didn't find anything. I eventually found a weird extension in Chrome which I got rid of and a strange program in my list of installed program, which I also deleted. Then I followed the advice of the friend who built my PC couple years back (I'm not that tech savvy) and I ran Hitman Pro and Malware bytes, both found some things and I deleted/quarantained them. The only thing that is still noticable is the slow (in comparison to couple weeks back) internet connection and the neverending stream of warnings from NOD32 that a website got blocked. I have added images as an attachment of two examples (
 nod32 1.png   17.03KB
  0 downloads and 
 nod32 2.png   26.91KB
  0 downloads). The links differ and the IP address changes between two alternatives. 
When I run NOD32, Malware Bytes or Hitman pro, everything comes up OK, so I don't know what other options I have. I hope someone here can help me figure this out.
Any help is much appreciated!
I believe I am supposed to put this DDS log in here:
DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64 
Internet Explorer: 11.0.9600.17420  BrowserJavaVersion: 10.25.2
Run by Keso at 16:08:35 on 2014-11-30
Microsoft Window... Read more

Answer:NOD32 shows that it blocks a website frequently, but I cannot find the problem

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.===Please download AdwCleaner by Xplode onto your Desktop.Close all open programs and internet browsers.Double click on AdwCleaner.exe to run the tool.Click the Scan button and wait for the process to complete.Click the Report button and the report will open in Notepad.IMPORTANTIf you click the Clean button all items listed in the report will be removed.If you find some false positive items or programs that you wish to keep, Close the AdwCleaner windows.Close all open programs and internet browsers.Double click on AdwCleaner.exe to run the tool.Click the Scan button and wait for the process to complete.Check off the element(s) you wish to keep.Click on the Clean button follow the prompts.A log file will automatically open after the scan has finished.Please post the content of that log file with your next answer.You can find the log file at C:\AdwCleaner[Sn].txt (n is a number).===Download the version of this tool for your operating system.Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (64 bit)Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (32 bit)and save it to a folder on your computer's Desktop.Double-click to run it. When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.Press Scan button.It will make a log (FRST.txt) in the same directory the tool is run. Please copy and paste it to your reply.The first t... Read more

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One morning after updating to AVG 9.0 the night before but no other significant change in usage of my laptop my web bowser stopped working, I have a network connection (wired, mediacom cable) but when you try to go to any website like yahoo, msn, ect it says it can't find "yahoo" server. If I try to go to googe it redirects me to http:/// and says the website name is invalid. I tried pinging yahoo with all four packets failed. The laptop still has no ablity to access the web (using another laptop in same house with same modem, cable, and set up and it works) The laptop had AVG on it but my roommate thought it was AVG 9.0 conflicting with the older version that could have not been removed all the way (found this to be a problem on AVG's site) so he removed AVG. I have downloaded Malwarebytes and it found 14 malicious files which I removed, I then ran it again in safe mode to find one more trojan. I am unable to install anti-virus since it requires internet access. Internet has remained the same so I just downloaded Hijacker on it and the log is below. I am hoping you can tell me if there are malicious files as I don't know how to tell. Thank you so much for any help you can give me!

Also, if you can tell is this the kind of virus that would take personal information like passwords? I need to know if I need to protect myself from an attack of that nature.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 5:09:43 PM, on 11/30/2009
Platform: Wind... Read more

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Toshiba laid out on the site archive **, which contains the *corrupted* file!
HERE is the link.
It is packed with file *TC20043100A.exe* (if there is an error decompressing checksum CRC). Windows 7 also can not run TC20043100A.exe so I can not install *Value Added Package*

Lay, please file a *corrected* !

Answer:Satellite L - VAP on Toshiba website is corrupted


Are you sure that the file is corrupted?
I have even downloaded the file and I didn?t get any CRC error. It was successful to unzip the file so I can?t notice any problem.

In my opinion you should try it again. Maybe the download wasn?t successful.

Good luck! :)

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Every website I visit and try to scroll down, the page will scroll back up completely arbitrarly, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes far, sometimes just a bit. It started about a week ago. If I keep pressing down on the arrow key I can hold the page where it is, and if I let go, it scrolls up. Never all the way up, and it has nothing to do with whether it's done loading or not, it'll have been done loading for ages. My trackpad doesn't have a scrollbar, so the arrow keys are the only way to do it, and this is crazy. Someone please help with this issue!!!

Answer:scrolling on any website is broken (satellite)

The up arrow key might be sticking. Try working it a bit by tapping on it a few times.

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Hello everyone,

I am looking for any kind of advice about installing the drivers for L50-B-11C (currently they are not on the support website and I feel cheated...) Also, the space key is not working if pressed on its right margin, but that's the smallest issue..

Thank you in advance for any tips/tricks to get out of this mess.

Answer:No drivers on driver website for Satellite L50-B-11C


I?ve checked Toshiba download page on and, as I can see, drivers, tools and utilities for Win7 64bit and Win8.1 64bit are there and you can download them.

So question is: which download site have you visited for drivers download?

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I have a laptop TOSHIBA SATELLITE M70-169
I wanted to upgrade my drivers, so I connected myself on the TOSHIBA site.
The problem is that my laptop is not referenced on the site, there are well *M70-168* and *M70-170* but not *M70-169*
I tried the reconnaissance by serial number, result: NOT RECOGNIZED

I tested the autod?tection, and there too, the result was: NOT RECOGNIZED.
I am astonished that my laptop is not recognized on the official site of TOSHIBA, whereas I had bought it in a store.

Somebody can tell me if he had the same problem, and give me the indications in order to upgrade my laptop?

Thank you

Answer:Satellite M70-169 is not recognized on Toshiba website

Satellite M70 is pretty old notebook model and I can imagine that auto detection tool doesn?t work properly. Your notebook is European model and has part number PSM70E (very important for search).
Anyway you can find all drivers or updates manually. Please do it as follow:

Visit Toshiba download page under
Choose follow options:
Product type - ARCHIVE
Product series - SATELLITE M SERIES
Model - SATELLITE M70 (PSM70)
Short Model No - PSM70E
Operating system - your OS

And all available stuff will be listed there.

If you have more questions let us know.

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Recently purchased a Satellite P300-1A8, but Toshiba site cannot find anything about it !! Its one with Harman / Kardon speakers.

Model Number - Satellite P300-1A8 PSPCOE-01H008EN

T5550 / 1024 / 1024 / 160G54 / 17W + BT / DS2 / L / M / W

Where can I find either the manual or some details about it ?
It runs PclinuxOS really well and found all the drivers on install.



Answer:My Satellite P300-1A8 is not recognised by Toshiba website

Hi mate

As you already mentioned in the message the Satellite P300 belongs to the *PSPC0E* series.
You can find all drivers on the Toshiba European driver page: -> Support & Downloads -> Download Drivers

User manual can be downloaded here: -> Support & Downloads -> Toshiba User Manual


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I have a Satellite A100-307.
Audio record properties show only CD, Micro and Line as possible inputs
I want to record sounds (music) which I hear when I visit sites on the Internet
On other PC's, I select the Wave or Wave/MP3 input and it works
I Cannot find this option on my PC
Please help by indicating how to solve this problem
Thanks in advance

Answer:How to record the sound from a website on Satellite A100-307


What sound card was installed on other notebooks??
I have got 2 notebooks at home. One Satellite and one from other manufacture but I do not found such option like you have described.
There is no recording from the wave or mp3. The sound card does not support such function.

I think it?s not possible to record from other audio source. I think you can only use the external micro jack as a recording source because the line-in jack is not available on this unit.

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In Israel we have this model:
Toshiba Satellite Pro L100-124 PSLA1E-00500DG3
I've tried to search for it in computers., but didn't find anything?!?

Why? is it a Fake?

Answer:Why Satellite Pro L100-124 is not listed on Toshiba website?


Maybe you know it or not but Toshiba delivers many notebooks from the same series but the notebook are not very different. The sub models are possibly different in the hardware configuration. You know; different HDD sizes, CPU speed, etc?

I have googeld a little bit for this numer and I found the notebook on a Toshiba Poland site. It?s a polish language: &tab=3

However, you can check the Toshiba Europe site and you will find the different notebook and also the Satellite Pro L100 series:

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I downloaded the following drivers (for my Notebook; Satellite A10-163 Model number : PSAA9E)


I unzipped each of these and can only find a PROUnstl.exe file, which un-installs any existing drivers; I cannot find a "Setup.exe" or anything that sets up either of my wired or wireless networking cards. I am using Windows XP Home edition.

Is there anywhere I can get a driver that has an easier to use "install.exe" file in it?

Is there anyone that can help me over-come this problem?

Answer:LAN Drivers from Toshiba Website - won't work - Satellite A10-163


First of all, all drivers which are available on the Toshiba driver page should works properly. I?m 100% sure about this. If you don?t find any setup.exe or install.exe in the driver folder so you have to use another driver installation procedure.
Go to the device manager, choose the LAN card and install the driver. Please choose the driver form the driver download place.

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I got a Satellite P300-20R now I want to update the drivers video card - ATi HD4650.

Can I use the latest Catalyst for the mobility card that I find on the AMD/ATi web site and what is the procedure?

Answer:Satellite P300-20R - Can I use the latest AMD/ATI website drivers?

Toshiba drivers are tested and adapted for certain graphic card. Toshiba driver will not ?force? graphic card to run on highest level and therefore protect notebook from overheating.

On my Satellite P300 I use Windows 7 32bit and Toshiba driver. It runs stabile and I?m happy with it.

To be honest I don?t want to use ATI driver and unfortunately cannot give you proper answer to your question.

Can you please tell us which operating system do you use and which driver version you want to install?

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I have an L500-113.

I am the Program Controller for an Internet radio station, and want to record audio streamed from our website. Regardless of the recording software, I can only record from the built in MIC, even though the stream is playing happily on my computer. No other recording devices are shown in Device Manager. Surely I can record from the built in Realtek soundcard?? I have installed the latest Realtek drivers/manager from Toshiba.

Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Satellite L500-113 - How to record audio from website?


basiclly, you mic is the only real recording hardware.
however, on a programming level, i think it should be pretty easy for you to record all audio running on the specific jack on the sound card. Just make a class that reads,selects and records on the jack you wish to record from.


thinking back over a couple of year, adobe audition used to be able to record from all audio jacks, maybe download the trial and see if it does the trick for you.

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