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Satellite U300 crashes and cannot wake up from sleeping mode

Question: Satellite U300 crashes and cannot wake up from sleeping mode


I got a Satellite U300 few days ago, and I am experiencing troubles when the laptop goes into sleeping mode.
The thing is that when it goes to sleep, the screen switches off, but the power indicator remains on (blue), instead of blinking with an orange color.

Then it is not possible to wake up the laptop, and the only solution is to reboot the computer.

I've been trying the different possibilities to get into the sleeping mode, and I get the problem mainly when the computer is in the Vista high-performance mode, and when pressing the switch-off key in the fast menu.

I know Vista gives quite some many problems, but I haven't seen anybody here experiencing the same problem.
Should I send the laptop back to technical support?

Thanks in advance,

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Preferred Solution: Satellite U300 crashes and cannot wake up from sleeping mode

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite U300 crashes and cannot wake up from sleeping mode

I have had opportunity to work a little bit with several Toshiba notebooks and one of them was Satellite U300. After short check of notebook basic functions I can say for sure that switch between running mode and standby/hibernate work well and I didn?t notice any problem there.

I really cannot understand what is wrong there but please do this:
- If you want to switch into standby choose option using START button.
- Wait a little bit and I hope after few seconds the notebook will change into standby mode (blinking orange LED)
- Close the lid
- Wait a moment open the lid and press power button
I really hope your notebook will start properly and you will be able to use OS again.


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i was wondering if anybody can help me,

I'm having problems with my brand new Satellite U300.
When it enters sleep/hibernating mode i can't seem to be able to wake it.

The power LED remains blue. In order to ude the notebook i have to turn the power off completely and then re-start it.

How can i stop this from happening?


Answer:Satellite U300 does not wake up from hibernation mode


I think you should try to update the BIOS.
On the Toshiba European driver page you will find the compatible drivers and the BIOS.
So firstly try to perform the BIOS update and then check if it helps.

Good luck

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It had this problem with windows vista, and I have decided to upgrade to Win7, but it still has the same problem.
It goes to sleep, but then will not wake no matter what i click.

Can you help fix it?
Thank you

Answer:Ssatellite U300-13K does not wake from sleep mode

How do you switch to stand-by mode?
Does power LED blinks when notebook is in stand-by mode?

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Hi ! here's my problem :

when i put my computer in the "sleep mode" ( like i always do in the past !!), when i "wake up" my computer don't want to open nothing ?? i clic on the icons but nothing appens ( the ONLY icons that work is my "outlook express" in my quick launch bar) my internet explorer won't start either ! but strangely, when i open my taskmanager : they are all there !!???? and when i want to restart, it won't either ! i have to "reset" my computer! then, when it restart, everything is ok !! ( it's ONLY when i put my computer in "sleep" mode and wake it )!

any ideas why ?????

many thanks


Answer:Problem When I Wake Back After Sleeping Mode ....

Do you know exactly when this anomaly began?

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My U300 has some charging issues. If I connect the charger while in sleep mode, then wake up the laptop it stops charging, even though the adaptor is still plugged in. The battery icon tells me that it is charging but the battery percentage decreases. And there's no warning when it hits empty, it just cuts out.

I think it also has the same when I'm charging it running state and then switch to hibernate mode. It doesn't appear to charge even though the adaptor is still plugged in.

Answer:Satellite U300 stops charging when wake up from standby

To be honest I never noticed any similar issues with my notebook?
It looks very strange and here in the forum we could provide only some suggestions?

So firstly it would be advisable to update the BIOS. Sometimes the BIOS update makes wonders ;)

How about the Vista update? Did you always run the OS update?
From my experience Microsoft publish many hofixes and patches which fixes many different issues?

Last but not least we should not exclude an hardware issue.
In such case the last would be the ASP!

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Hi, guys,I have a problem with my Dell Inspiron 7567 laptop. I use it with dell d3100 dockstation, and it doesn't work correctly if I'm trying to wake up laptop from sleeping mode. When I lift the lid of the laptop, it seems to wake up, but the image on the screen is just a mess of multicolored lines so I can't work on it anymore. The only thing which helps to solve that problem is rebooting the system.Does anybody know how to solve that? :)

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My days-old Toshiba Satellite U300 is sometimes (but not always) crashing on being awoken from Sleep.
It starts to awaken normally but before the desktop has reappeared, it just reboots and Vista attempts to recover from an 'abnormal shutdown'.
I'm updated Vista & drivers as far as I know.

I'm getting conflicting opinions on whether this is a laptop hardware fault or just 'Vista Sleep doesn't work properly, so don't use it yet'.
Has anyone else had this experience or have any fixes?

Am running Norton Internet Security 2008 and just a few fairly ordinary other programs, if that helps.

Answer:Satellite U300: Vista reboots/crashes on wakening from sleep


I have tested it with Satellite U300-112 and there is no problem at all. I must say that my small U300-112 is clean preinstalled with recovery image.

To be honest I think it is Vista issue because all power settings are controlled by Vista. Have you noticed the same after hibernation mode?

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Hi, can anyone help?

I have a brand new Satellite U300-144 that came with Vista home 32bit preinstall. I have a problem, it want come out of standby/hibernating mode, and my blue power light is still on when in standby/hibernating. I have to hold down power button to restart the computer and then I get an illegal shutdown message because I don?t shutdown right.

I tried to upgrade BIOS to the latest for my model and that wasn?t the problem, then I tried upgrade to Vista Ultimate it doesn?t help either. I have all the drivers installed and everything else works real fine.

Answer:Satellite U300-144 does not come out of standby/hibernating mode

A colleague of me uses U300 in the office. I asked him to check standby/hibernate option and he reports that everything works fine. He still uses ?factory settings? and only update is Value Added Package. He removed old and installed latest version from Toshiba download page.

Have you installed latest VAP too?

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Does anyone know how to enter safe mode on my u300. tried the usual F8 without success

Any Ideas?
Have got "The User Profile Service failed the logon." and was going to try system restore to resolve it.
Any help would be appreciatted.

Answer:How do I enter Safe Mode on my Satellite U300?


You can enter the advanced boot menu only using the F8 button.
Did you try to press it several times in row?
You should press it immediately after the notebook has been powered up!

Sorry but other way is not known to me?

You could try to boot using an Windows Vista disk.. this could help to repair the OS.
In worst case you have to reinstall the OS... :(

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Ever since I bought this PC in February I have had the problem that it goes into sleep mode for no apparent reason. I
have installed the latest BIOS.

Can anyone help as it is very annoying when you are in the middle of something.


Answer:Satellite U300-V13 goes into sleep mode for no apparent reason

Hello Paul

I do not know what you do exactly with your notebook when this happen. Does this happen while notebook is in middle of downloading or while you write something?

To be honest for me it is very strange issue and reading your posting it is not easy to understand what happen exactly. I do not know which power profile you use but please disable sleep option and check if this will happen again.

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I have a *Satellite L550-1c9*, very satisfied except for a small detail even the retailer's phone helpdesk couldn't solve. *Never, ever the screensaver (bubbles I installed) has come up*. It doesn't matter how long I leave the laptop, its always at the same page I left it. Installing of short time dimming, sleeping of switch off modes have strangely no effect, the screen stay on the page I leave it in. On both battery or normal power.

Can anybody help me out?


Answer:Re: Satellite L550-1C9 is refusing to go in sleeping mode

Wait a moment.
What is the problem now, sleep mode or issue with installed screensaver?

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I have Toshiba Satellite L300-170 which came with preinstalled Vista. I've installed XP SP3, installed the drivers, but the laptop doesn't go into sleeping mode when closed like it did on Vista.
I set it on sleeping mode while closed in Toshiba Power Saver, but it goes into sleeping mode an then immediately wakes up again while closed.

Answer:Satellite L300 - Sleeping mode while closed


Enter BIOS settings and disable option ?Wake-up on LAN?.
I hope this will helps.

If not please let me know.

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Notebook at closing a cover, at an input in a sleeping mode or a mode of expectation enters into not clear condition: pressing buttons do not return it in a normal mode, the toggle-switch does not burn and notebook begins is strongly heated.

To force it to work it is possible, only if to press power. But thus work comes to the end incorrectly!
As at end of work with included power supplies notebook it is not switched off, and occurs reset. Rearrangement Vista has not helped.

Please, tell that it is possible to make.

Excuse me for English.

Answer:Satellite A200 1HV - The sleeping mode does not work

Hi there,

sounds like a serious hardware issue. I would recommend you to send your machine to an authorized service partner and let check/repair your machine.

Could be some malfunctioning power system on the mainboard.

To find the nearest authorized service partner in your country go to the following site:

go to support and downloads -> Support homepage -> under Repairs & Servicing -> "Find an Authorized Service Provider"

Contact them and tell them the problem.


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I recently bought a L670. When I close the laptop it goes in sleeping mode. No problem with that. But when I open the laptop again the screen stays black.
I can see on the drive activity light that the laptop is coming correctly out the sleeping mode, but the screen stays black.

I don't have this problem when the sleeping mode is only a few minutes. Then the screen comes up correctly.
But for example after 1 hour sleeping screen.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance for your reactions.

Answer:Satellite L670 - Screen stays black after sleeping mode


Did you find a solution.

A friend of mine has just bought a Satellite L670. Nothing has been installed bar Windows 7 and the same thing is happening. When the notebook goes into sleep mode, it will not wake up.

Any help appreciated.

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I bought a Satellite C50-A about 8 months ago. From day one I have been having this issue.

What happens is that when the laptop is left on for any length of time, I guess it goes to sleep or something, not a single light is on tough.

The only way to get it to switch back on is to remove all power to the laptop and hold down the power button for a while.
Like I said, this has been happening since the day I bought it and has been happening a few times a day.

Any help will be hugely appreciated.


Answer:Satellite C50-A wan't wake up from sleep mode

You can disable the automatic sleep mode within the Windows Power Options.

Go to control panel -> Power Options -> Edit plan settings
Here you would need to modify the option: “Put the computer to sleep” … set it to "never"

Furthermore I would recommend you to disable the hybrid shutdown mode and to perform a complete shutdown.
Here you can find the step by step instruction How to perform a complete shutdown in Windows 8

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sometimes my L850-B4K does not want to wake up after sleep mode. When i press power button i hear a click and the lights blink and nothing more. i can press again but only click and 1 sec. lights blink.

Battery is full. So i have to detach the battery to power on. When i search bios update i find "no bios update" for my model.

How can i resolve it?

Answer:Satellite L850-B4k sometimes does not want to wake up after sleep mode

This satellite notebook is newest model and newest models are offered with latest BIOS version. That?s the reason why you cannot find BIOS update. Maybe 6 months later Toshiba will offer some updates.

Back to described problem: it is not easy to say why this happen and what ?blocks? your notebook to wake up properly.
Have you noticed this issue from the first day or later?
You know it is always complicated to handle some cases or issues when they happen ?sometimes?.

Have you installed some additional software or connected some external devices to your notebook?

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My toshiba A300-1EG auto wake up from 'sleep' mode.
My DVD-drive auto start and then wake up from 'Sleep' mode.

Please, what I need to do not to auto wake up from sleep mode?
Sleep mode stay only about 2(or) 3 minutes.

Answer:Satellite A300-1EG wake up from Sleep mode


Is your notebook connected to the LAN while waking up from the sleep mode?

My notebook has waked up from sleep mode because the Wake up on LAN option has been enabled in LAN card properties -> advanced tab.

Please check these settings in this tab and disable it!

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Please could someone give me some advice on the following problem. My laptop from time to time doesn't go to live from saver mode - i am talking about screen.

When it goes into saver mode after few minutes usually it should go to live after moving the mouse or any key but sometimes it doesn't. Then i have to restart computer by pressing and holding the main button and after few seconds restart it.

My laptop was recently in the service and the whole screen was replaced for new but the problem is happening again.

Thank you in advance

Answer:Satellite L20-205 does not wake up from screen saver mode


> My laptop was recently in the service and the whole screen was replaced for new but the problem is
> happening again.

Does it mean this issue was solved by screen replacement but now it happens again???

It?s not easy to say if it?s a hardware or software problem because as you said the issue appears sometimes and not always?

So firstly I would recommend updating the graphic card driver and check if the BIOS update was released for this notebook.
Reinstall the OS from the Toshiba recovery CD and test if it happens on fresh recovered OS.

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My Satellite L50D-B fails to wake up from sleep mode, quite annoying.
The only way out is a hard reset.

This seems to be a common but unresolved problem for many. Any fixes that do work?

Thanks - Paul

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May I clarify, please?
I press FN + F4 to close down in hibernation mode.

How do I restart the machine?
Sometimes it starts when I rub my finger over the touch pad, but sometimes this doesn't seem to work and I have to turn it on by pressing the power button.

Is this correct?

Answer:How to wake up the Satellite L350 from hibernation mode


Usually you have to press the power button to wake the notebook from the hibernation mode.
I always use and press the power button on my two different notebooks to wake up the machines from hibernation or stand by mode.


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My satellite L50D-B-16Q will not come out of sleep mode.
When I switch on the power button both the NUM LOCK and CAPS LOCK come on

Answer:Satellite L50D-B does not wake up from sleep mode


How about this workaround:

Disconnect AC adaptorRemove main batteryPress and hold power button 30-40sec longInsert battery againConnect AC adaptorPress power button

Note: repeat this procedure 4-5 times in the row and check if you could power up the unit after each step

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I bought a Toshiba Satellite Pro C870-19E with Windows 8 and try to take that currently in operation.
After a short duration Tempro ask me to implement BIOS update version 6.50, what I have done. I have loaded and saved the BIOS default values.

Since then I have the following problems:

1. When starting with the power button I cannot call the BIOS (F2) and not the boot menu (F12). This works if I start Windows 8 before and generate a "Restart" or if I disable Windows 8 Quick Start (which is not the intention!).

2. If Windows 8 enters the power saving mode (by pressing the power button or close the monitor, etc.), it is no longer possible to wake up the computer. It does not react on opening the screen, touch pad, keyboard, power button or long pressing the power button (even though everything is enabled in the BIOS!). Only way out is pull the power supply and battery.

3. After shutting down the computer the Power LED and the wireless communication LED stays on and the CPU fan is still spinning. This also happens when I start and shut down via a different operating system (Linux) from DVD drive. Switching off is only possible by long pressing the power button. Turning off the quick start shows no improvement.

Do I have a warranty claim, or did I something wrong?

Message was edited by: franzrossi

Answer:Cannot wake up from sleep mode or shut down - Satellite Pro C870-19E

The reason for that could be an fact that notebook with preinstalled Win 8 isn?t shut down completely but just set in hybrid mode.

Check this and perform a complete shutdown

*Perform a complete shutdown in Windows 8*

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I just bought my computer 1 week ago. Sometimes I tried to sleep it, it doesn't resume back or wake up. The power light is still on. The fan is still on.

The Screen is black and not responding. I can only restart the computer every time this happens.

Please, Give me some advice.

Answer:Satellite A300-15j- no wake up coming from sleep mode

Hi, I have the same problem. But I noteced, it happened when notebook is connect to LAN. If you will find the solve, please give me know.
[email protected]

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purchase date: 6 june 2012

when i put it in sleep mode it goes to sleep but when i come to boot, it dont wake up unless i take the battery out, put it back and turn on again.

please advise me how can i solve this issue

Answer:Satellite L850-A635 does not wake up from sleep mode


What happens if you press Power button 4 sec long?

Please run a HDD recovery procedure: (F8, repair my computer -> Toshiba HDD recovery)
Don?t install any software but test the sleep mode immediately after HDD Recovery has been finished.

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I have had this laptop for just over a week and when it goes into sleep mode i try to wake it up, all the lights on the keyboard come on and i can hear it working but the screen stays black. I updated the display drivers and this fixed it for a few days but now it has stopped working again. would updating the sound drivers cause it to not wake up from sleep mode kos it was working ok since i updated the display driver then yesterday i updated the sound drivers and it went back to not waking up again when in sleep mode. any help much apreciated.

Answer:Satellite A500-18x - wont wake up from sleep mode


Which display drivers did you install? I'm having the same problem (brand new laptop won't wake up after sleep)...

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After an upgrade from Vista to Windows 7, my laptop has been intermittently been waking up from sleep mode.
It doesn't fully boot or display anything on the screen and after 10-15 seconds will return to sleep mode.
All network devices have been set not to wake the laptop up on activity.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot.

Answer:Satellite Pro P300-276: Win 7 intermittently wake up from sleep mode


Have you disabled wake up from LAN in BIOS? Furthermore you should also disable USB Sleep & Charge and Wake up from Keyboard.

Check your BIOS for these options and disable them. For me it has worked! :)

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Folks, Like many of you I've had the dodgy DC connection problem and I've resolved this a while ago by re-soldering the errant joint on the jack to motherboard interface.

All was well with the laptop until yesterday when I tried to get the machine to wake up from standby / hibernate mode whichever it is when you close the screen) and now all that happens is that the blue LED around the power button is illuminated, the CPU fan spins for about 5 seconds, the HDD light flashes once maybe twice and the DVD drive briefly spins up.

Beyond that nothing else happens... the screen is blank and the laptop is effectively not starting from the occasional whirl of the fan.

Is there anyway to perform a reset of some kind to get it to snap out of hibernate mode? I've read up about this on various other forums and have tried starting it without memory, without the HDD and without the DVD drive and still no life.

Any input is appreciated as I need this laptop to spring back into life again.

Thanks in advance


Answer:Satellite M30X-111 would not wake up from standby/hibernation mode

Hi there,

to wake the machine up you just have to remove the battery and the AC and let the machine stay for a couple of hours. After this, it should work again.
By the way: It?s sometimes a good idea to make a biosupdate, because maybe the problem is just coming from the bios.

Please give some feedback about your success.. :)


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I pressed sleep mode by mistake instead of shut down - and now cannot get back into my system -
Blue power light flashing on/off on front.

Tried power / touch pad -keyboard keys - but nothing just a black screen with cursor....
How can I get back into it. Logged in at my neighbours pc currently.

Answer:Cannot wake up Satellite C850 Windows 8 from sleep mode

Press and hold the power button 4 sec long.
Then the notebook should power OFF.
Then wait some sec and press the power button once again.
Should work.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro T130 running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.

After installing wireless manager update of September 29th, as recommended by Tempro, I' m experiencing problems with waking up from sleep mode. Most of the times my laptop simply doesn't wake up anymore and all I can do is to hard switch off and switch on again. I've tried solving the problem by changing the advanced sleep mode configuration options, and it seemed to work for a while, but problems restarted again.

Please help me with this issue, it's terribly annoying having to switch off and power on again every time my laptop goes in sleep mode, not to mention the fact that I've to take care not to leave something unsaved, not to lose data.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite Pro T130 - Unable to wake up from sleep mode

You have already started an thread about the same theme here:

Please follow the first thread in order to prevent some misunderstandings

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I have a new Satellite L350 with 4GB RAM on windows 7. whenever it goes to sleep (or hibernate) it does not wake up automatically.
Is there a specific key or sets of key strokes required?
I end up pressing the power button which tells me it did not shut down properly.

I have disabled the sleep and hibernate functions in the meantime.

Answer:Satellite L350 - Doesn't wake up from sleep mode


You should check if your BIOS is up to date.

Usually there is no special procedure to wake up the unit from sleep or hibernation mode?You have to press the power button (very short) and this will wake up the unit from sleep mode.


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I usually just close the cover on my Satellite A505 when I'm done using it for a while, in order to put it to sleep, to rest it and save energy.

However, I often find that for some reason, it wakes up on its own.
I find it with the cover still down, but purring away. This happens quite often.

Am I doing something wrong? Can I easily prevent this?


Answer:Satellite A505 wake up from sleep mode automatically

Try turning off Wake-On-LAN and Wake-On-Keyboard in the BIOS.

Or if that laptop has touch sensitive buttons, maybe they are a bit too sensitive.

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Sometimes when I resume my computer from hibernation, I come back to it (after going to make a cup of tea whilst it boots up, for instance) to find it off again.

I have since observed it more closely and discovered the following: if I resume from hibernation and do not touch the mouse or keyboard, the computer will load up Windows but then hibernate itself again immediately.

If I move the mouse pointer at some point whilst Windows is finishing loading the desktop, etc., then the computer doesn't automatically hibernate.

Has anyone else had this problem and is there a solution?

Answer:Satellite P200-144 shuts down after wake up from hibernation mode

I have Satellite P200 too but I didn?t notice something similar. I use it for work and use often standby and hibernation mode. Usually such problems are fixed with BIOS updates.
Have you updated BIOS with latest version?

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Hi all,

When my laptop goes to sleep automatticly or 'forced' when I push the power button, he doesnt want to wake up anymore.
I normally simply push the powerbutton 1 time and it wakes up, but now its not working anymore.

I have to shut down the pc by holding the powerbuton for several seconds.
I know reinstalling is the easy option, but with all my personal data on it its not so easy to transfer everything.
So im wondering if there is no other solution. The device is a satellite A200-238 (vista).
The mobo is the ISKAA 1.00 with bios V2.00.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite A200-238 - no wake up coming from sleep mode


As I can understand your issue, your notebooks display stays black and does not wake from hibernation or standby mode.

Well, buddy? I think I?ve got good news for you? the OS reinstallation is not necessary (as I?m not mistaken completely ;) ).

I see you are using the old BIOS.
So in my knowledge the BIOS update should help you to solve this annoying issue.

Check it out ;)


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Hi Guys.

I'm trying to use an old laptop as a network storage.....

I have drive mapped as a network drive on a PC (Win 8) and a Laptop (Win Vista)

The old laptop is running Win 7 Ultimate. I can wake on lan, which is what i want, but the laptop won't sleep automatically. (i want to be able to leave the laptop in another part of the house out of the way without remote desktopping or having to go and tell it to go to sleep everytime)

Any Ideas / workarounds?

Thanks in advance!

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Satellite A210-15J, RAM 2x2GB, BIOS v1.70, Vista Ultimate x64 SP1 (with all hotfixes), audio driver Realtek v.2.01.

After resuming Windows Vista, high definition audio (HDA) device does not work properly. There is no sound, only noise.

Answer:Satellite A210-15J - no sound after wake from sleep mode in Vista

Maybe this Toshiba FAQ document would help you:

[High definition audio device may no longer work after resume Windows Vista from hibernation or standby| ]

_The solution is simply:_
You have to download and install the hotfix 937077 from the Microsoft website.


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Hopefully someone who knows more about power management than me can help out!

I bought a Satellite C50D-A-13N a few days ago and it has been fine.
However, I've had an issue with sleep mode a couple of times.

The laptop will go into sleep mode as expected (when the lid is shut or when I press the power button). However, when I press the power button to turn it back on, it comes to life for a few seconds - the screen is on and I can move the mouse and interact with stuff - but then goes straight back into sleep mode again after a few seconds. All I can do to get it to work is to shut it down completely by holding down the power button and restarting, which I REALLY hate doing.

The laptop is fully charged and happy plugged in or unplugged.

Has anyone experienced this issue in Windows 8.1 before?



Answer:Satellite C50D-A-13N - Windows 8.1 wake-up from sleep mode issue

On my notebook I use the same settings but when I close the lid notebook goes into sleep mode. When I open the lid notebook starts automatically without using power button.

Does the same happen with your notebook?

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The last 2 times I put my pc to sleep I couldn't wake it up. I giggled the mouse around,while clicking it';s buttons. I pressed keys on the keyboard. Even moved the keyboard around.Nothing worked. I finally had to shut it down by the off switch on the tower.Naturally this meant when I turned it on again I got the black screen that tells you that your PC has been shut off in correctly. Anyway to fix this problem? CB

Answer:Can't wake up sleeping computer

Depending on how your power button behaviour is set you may need to press the power button one time (just press and realease) to wake it up. Look under Power Settings in the control panel, in the advanced settings.

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Having a minor problem when you close the moniter and the unit goes to sleep. Sometimes when you lift the moniter back up it doesn't wake up. The only way that I can get it to work is by shutting it down and restarting it. This only happens about after 30 times or so. Erratic.??  I did switch from vista to xp and havent had any other issues. Thank You

Answer:T 61 sleeping & wont wake up sometimes?

Press Fn + F7 or Ctrl + Alt + F1 to get the screen up and running again...

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I've lost sleep mode. I have A200-1IW with official Vista 32-bit.
Few days ago i noticed that pushing "sleep" button I get only screen that is off.

Hard disk is working as well as processor ( I hear fan is working) and power indicator didn't flash red. By the way Hibernation is still alive (powercfg /h on) and hybrid sleep mode is off as it was before in power management. So I did not make any changes in BIOS and in registry.

Just have regular Vista soft upgrades. And thinking about it I?ve tried to recover system status that was before problem. No difference. I used in command line powercfg /a it shows S3 is active, S1 and S2 is not supported.

I?ve tried to change power management settings and didn't get any results. I can use hybrid sleep mode but i don?t want it. Now sleep mode means only screen is off.

Can you help me with my problem? I didn't find similar problem in forum...

PS. I turn off LAN, I haven't any updates are running and other applications. maybe some service is hunging this mode and in this case why is hibernation working?

Answer:Satellite A200-1IW doesn't wake up from sleep mode - black screen

I think the solution is easy.
You have to update the BIOS and the graphic card driver.

I read here in the forum that this must be a solution for such issues with sleep mode.

Access the Toshiba driver page and choose your notebook and Windows Vista.
Update the BIOS, then the graphic card driver.
Reboot the notebook, update the latest Vista hotfixes and reboot again.

After this procedure the notebook should run properly

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Hi guys! Does anyone encounter this problem: when it is sleeping (lip closed), you plug on/off the power, it wakes up. This happend to me for two times. I did not open the lip but the LED on the lip indicates that it resumed and I can hear the "beep" sound. I also curious why I can't see the Hibernate option? It is disabled by default? -LJ

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I got my XPS 3 days ago and I've had the lingering issue of the computer not wanting to wake from sleep when I try to open the laptop again. The keyboard and power button lights up like it's working, but the screen never comes back on and I have to restart the computer. Any suggestions for this new computer to work without crashing?

Answer:Dell XPS 15 9530 will not wake after sleeping

Same machine, same issue here. Refuses to wake from sleep. Must hit power off, wait then hit again. Closing and reopening lid works sometimes. Had a different Dell some years ago that did the same thing. Apparently they haven't learned much about debugging, as it doesn't get much simpler than successfully powering.

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PC, HP Pavilion a6318 running with Win 7 32

PC won't wake up with keyboard or mouse. It will if I had press the sleep mode from the keyboard, but won't if the sleep mode is created by the PC

Yesterday, I removed all Energy option and let the PC running the whole night. When I came back, the screen was still the same as when I left, but no control from the mouse and keyboard. My only solution is to press the power button 4 sec and restart the machine

Any solution I could try?
Any help truly appreciated


Answer:PC wont wake up after sleeping time

PC won't wake up with keyboard or mouse. It will if I had press the sleep mode from the
keyboard, but won't if the sleep mode is created by the PC

What does the power button do? Wake it up, Resume Windows, or cold boot? I'm wondering if it is
actually going into hibernation. It might be worth double checking your power plan, which
probably includes HP's extensions. Is this a desktop? (That's what the model number brings up.)

Yesterday, I removed all Energy option and let the PC running the whole night. When I came
back, the screen was still the same as when I left, but no control from the mouse and keyboard.
My only solution is to press the power button 4 sec and restart the machine

This sounds like a freeze up, not a response to a power state transition. Check the Windows
System Event Log. You may see something like this:
Log Name: System
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power
Date: 10/28/2011 4:53:48 PM
Event ID: 41
Task Category: (63)
Level: Critical
Keywords: (2)
Computer: Abe-Lappy2 Event Id: 41
The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the
system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.
You will probably also see this event, logged by eventlog:
Source: EventLog
Date: 11/6/2011 1:19:24 AM
The previous system shutdown ... Read more

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I recently got an X1 Yoga and found that finger print sensor is not active while the system is in sleep state.  I need to wake up the X1 Yoga wih poewer button first, and wait for few seconds until the sensor become ready and swipe. With my old system (Thinkpad T520), finger print sensor was active during sleep state (LED by the sensor was on while the system is in sleeping state) and I coudl wakeup the system with finger print swipe.  I checked if there's anything in the X1 Yoga BIOS setup, but I couldn't find anything.  Am I missing something or it's simply not possible with X1 Yoga? 

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The only other threads that I've seen with similar problems involve computers that have fingerprint readers and require updates fingerprint reader software - I didn't get the fingerprint reader on my tablet.  I ordered it direct from with a few customizations (2gb RAm in 1 DIMM, 9 cell battery, etc). I am running vista business 32 bit with 2 Gb of RAM,  1.86 Ghz L9400 Processor, and the sticker on the bottom says type: 7448-CTO.  Let me know if any other data is needed for diagnosis. My problem is this:  occasionally (I'd say one out of every three times) when I put the computer to sleep it won't wake up.  The battery indicator light will come on but the half-moon sleep indicator light stays on and none of the other indicators light up like they do when it actually wakes up.  The screen stays black and I don't hear any noises from the laptop internals.  It never halfway wakes up, the backlight doesn't come on, nothing - it just stays black.  This happens no matter what method I use to put it to sleep: either by closing the laptop or going to start-> sleep or by hitting function F4.  It also seems to not matter how long it has been sleeping before attempting to wake it, it could be 7 minutes or a few hours - sometimes it wakes up and sometimes it doesn't.  The only way I can do anything is to hold down the power button to do a hard shutdown and restart it.  Not loving having to do that so often.&nbs... Read more

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That's exactly what happens when my toshy gets into hybernate or stand-by. i have an satellite 1410-s173. when i close the lid or when i leave it alone for more than 30 mins, it enters the hybernate mode... right? well, when i open the lid or i press power on, my power on led goes green, my hard drive wakes up and flickers the hard drive led indicator, even a tiny backlite appears on the monitor, but it has no image or sound or any intention to work. can anyone help? thank you.

Answer:Satellite 1410-s173, My machine doesn't wake up from hybernate or stand-by mode.

what the Notebook have to do "when i close the lid or when i leave it alone for more than 30 mins" can you adjust at the Power Saver Options !

But about your Hibernating problem, do you have installed maybe new drivers or new software since the problem occur ?

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I would like to be able to keep my computer in a sleeping state and THEN be able to access it using remote desktop. Will RD wake the sleeping computer? I know there are options for wake on land etc. but does this work? Is it a feature of Windows 7?Jimmy Fallon
Computer Assistance

Answer:Can Remote Desktop wake a sleeping computer?

RD will not wakeup ur network card  but you can use this solution
Wake On LAN from hibernate or off mode
One way to do this is the following.

Check whether the network adapter on the target computer supports Wake On LAN. Enable the function in the network adapter settings or in any special management program that came with it. If the network adapter is integrated on the motherboard, enable Wake On LAN in the motherboard BIOS.
Download and install WakeOnLanGui from
On the target computer, i.e. the one to be woken up, open a command line window and enter the command: ipconfig /all
Note the physical address (sometimes called MAC = Media Access Control address) of your Ethernet adapter from the ipconfig output. Example: 00-E0-18-90-A5-44
Run WakeOnLanGui on the computer from which you want to wake the other computer and type the physical address into the proper field in WakeOnLanGui. The other two fields are filled with, and the port is 7 or actually any other port. Port 9 is sometimes used.
Shut down the computer to be waked.
Test WakeOnLanGui.

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I was on FB, shut lid to laptop and came back to it after eating supper. The computer acted frozen. Then it said no connection. Sometimes we do have to turn our U-Verse off and try again so I did. Still nothing so I shut down by holding my finger on the shut off button for a few seconds. When I turned it back on the first of 3 screens came up and I swiped on my touch screen and it did go to the second screen where I put my pin in. It pops up HP with the thinking circle then goes to the third screen which is a black or sleeping screen. I had family and friends give advice....We have tried taking out the battery and using just the power cord, didn't help. A friend tells me the third screen has gone into sleep mode and something is running in the background. He doesn't know how to wake the screen so we can use task master to shut down running programs. He also says when We shutdown it is not completely turning off. He googled and did say it has been a problem sometimes with update......I just want to try and figure out how to wake up the screen so I can work on the other issues. Thanks.

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Windows 7 laptop will not wake up after sleeping. The screen is black and the power light is on but pressing any key will not wake the laptop. I must instead restart the computer manually.
Please help, thanks

Answer:Solved: Laptop wont wake after sleeping!

Turn off Hybrid sleep in Power Options by the steps below:
1. Go to Start, type power options in the Start Search box and then press ENTER.
2. Click "Change plan settings".
3. Click "Change advanced power settings".
4. In the popup window, expand "Sleep".
5. Change "Allow hybrid sleep" to "Off".
6. Click OK.

Please check if the issue can be resolved.
Also, check out this site for some other troubleshooting tips:

I hope this helps!

Brett M,
Windows Outreach Team

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It used to work without an issue then it stopped. Not sure if the issue is due to an update from Windows or from another hardware. Basically when the computer goes to sleep the keyboard and mouse is supposed to wake the computer up (I set it up that way), but nowadays I have to manually click the power button for the compute to wake up. Furthermore, the USB with the wifi, bluetooth, etc...won't work either so I have to restart the computer.

This is a fairly new build (less than 6 months) and now I'm having issues with the simple features.

Answer:Keyboard/Mouse won't wake up Windows 7 when sleeping

Maybe something got changed in your power options,

Power Plan Settings - Change

After clicking the area in the red box, check your various settings,

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When I press the the start button, you often hear that the disc starts, but immediately shuts down. This can be repeated several times until leptop start.If I close the lid leptop, he often is turned off and goes to sleep. If he fell asleep, then when you open the lid can be turned off.I see in event viever, in sistem, mesage:"Collaborative processor power controls on processor 5 in group 0 are disabled due to a firmware problem. Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware."Event ID - 54Event sourse - Microsoft - Windovs - Kernel - Processor - Power I am update BIOS to version 2.18 and Power Manager to last version. Some ideas?

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Hello everyone!

The title is meant to be a question, but I ran out of characters.

Firstly, I'm running both a Windows 10 and a Linux Mint. As per the default settings, if I turn on my laptop and don't touch it, it boots up Linux, I have to interact to boot to Windows. I usually use Windows, though.

Yesterday, I left home around 4.30 PM, put my laptop to sleep (as the other option was update & shut down, and I didn't feel like doing that). I came home at about 4-5 AM and noticed my laptop was awake (albeit with the screen off), and Linux was up and running. Since nobody at home touched it, the only way this is possible if it woke up from sleep (with Windows running), reboot and automatically boot up Linux. But this still doesn't answer why would this happen.

So can an automatic reboot to install updates wake up a sleeping device, in order to reboot? If yes, is there any way I can disable it? And if it can't, does anyone have a guess as to why did this happen?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi guys, (first post here )... I was highly impressed with some of the deeply technical answers on this site, so I'm hoping someone can help me narrow down to the cause of this issue I have, and possibly help me learn something about system software and firmware

So some time ago I acquired this MSI P45 platinum third-hand, and it has been living up to its name. However, it does not sleep and wake up properly.

To be specific, it looks like it sleeps properly, but doesn't wake up properly. The lights and fans start up, but one of 2 things happen

1) the POWER LED doesn't light up, only the HDD LED (strange)
2) the POWER LED lights up, the HDD LED doesn't work

Either way, no display. or any activity I can cause through the keyboard. I'm on BIOS 1.7b14(official Beta BIOS) (A7512IMS.17E). It didn't work with 1.6(official release) either. It doesn't seem to be any known bug.

I've tried a bunch of things, but I would like to try steps systematically once again, in case I've missed some combination. So, what could be the issue, and what can I check?

Answer:MSI P45 Platinum doesn't wake after sleeping, hard reboot required

Hello Milind, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if using the tutorial below to add AHCI Link Power Management to your power plan settings, and set it to HIPM+DIPM may help.

AHCI Link Power Management - Enable HIPM and DIPM

Hope this helps,

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Hello everyone!

The title is meant to be a question, but I ran out of characters.

Firstly, I'm running both a Windows 10 and a Linux Mint. As per the default settings, if I turn on my laptop and don't touch it, it boots up Linux, I have to interact to boot to Windows. I usually use Windows, though.

Yesterday, I left home around 4.30 PM, put my laptop to sleep (as the other option was update & shut down, and I didn't feel like doing that). I came home at about 4-5 AM and noticed my laptop was awake (albeit with the screen off), and Linux was up and running. Since nobody at home touched it, the only way this is possible if it woke up from sleep (with Windows running), reboot and automatically boot up Linux. But this still doesn't answer why would this happen.

So can an automatic reboot to install updates wake up a sleeping device, in order to reboot? If yes, is there any way I can disable it? And if it can't, does anyone have a guess as to why did this happen?

Thanks in advance!

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Question: U300 Crashes

I've had a U300 for a little over a week, and while I like it, I'm wondering whether it's hardware or software that keeps it crashing as much as it does.  Just to post this message, it crashed twice (while I registered) and three more times writing this message (so far.)  A notification bubble appears that "my software is loading", though I haven't installed anything new, nor is anything connected to the computer.  I get a blue screen, and have to restart.  Windows sends the information, but no solutions are found.  Any ideas?  Want to send this quick before it crashes again! I have another couple days during which I can still return it & get something else, so would really like a fix or back it goes....

Answer:U300 Crashes

OH crap... Has this happened to anyone else that has the U330? I hope this crashing issue is isolated .

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I am new here. Hoping someone can help me out with this issue. I work in IT so am not a complete computer bonehead and am at my wits end with this.

My laptop is about 4 years old, it's a toshiba. For whatever reason, it started taking 5+ minutes to wake up from sleeping. If it sleeps for an hour, it's OK.. but if you leave it sleep all night and try to wake it up in the morning, it's quite cranky. After the 5+ minute wake up, it performs as normal. It was running Windows 7 Home 32 bit.

Troubleshooting steps that I have taken are as follows.

Reinstalled windows. Issue was resolved! but after about 2-3 weeks, issue came back. I thought maybe it was some type of windows update, so I reinstalled windows again and paid closer attention to the updates. Issue presented itself again after 2-3 weeks, and there were no updates immediately done prior to it starting.

I started to think maybe it was something related to my hard drive, so i performed laptop surgery and swapped out my original hard drive with a solid slate drive, and installed windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit (this laptop can support 64 bit so I figured why not upgrade.).

issue again was resolved for a few weeks, and now it's back to taking 5+ minutes to wake up again.

If you're turning the laptop on from scratch, it takes 10-15 seconds tops. if you're restarting, it's 10-15 seconds tops (man, I love SSD...)... if you're waking itup within the hour, its 1-2 seconds. But anything longer then that, 5+ minutes.

It ba... Read more

Answer:Laptop extremely slow to wake up from sleep mode, 5+ minutes to wake

Hi there, have you ran any malware/anti virus scans?

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When I put my computer in sleep mode, it won't 'wake up'. I have to manually turn off the computer and then start it up again. This has happened twice. I'm not putting it into sleep mode until I find out what's wrong and that's exasperating as I normally leave my computer on all day so I can periodically play my games.

Answer:Computer won't 'wake up' after sleep mode with Windows 10, how can I wake it?

I'm having the exact same issue. No idea what to do.

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So I have had the A505-S6030 for about a month and a half because it was a great deal, but now I think I'm regretting my interest in being a bargain hunter.

My main problem with this notebook, is that every time it goes into sleep mode, the computer crashes and I need to hold the power button in order to shut it down (yes, I tried the caps-lock trick and the light does not come on).

When it "crashes," the power light is still on along with all of my media controls, but the display is stuck on black and the computer is frozen. Sometimes after I do this, I have to turn it back on several times just to get it going again. I have tried updating my NVIDIA drivers through their official website. All I have really been able to get out of these crashes is this:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 9f
BCP1: 0000000000000003
BCP2: FFFFFA8003D854A0
BCP3: FFFFF80004AC3518
BCP4: FFFFFA8003E46C50
OS Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

My second problem that just started is the Harman/Kardon "premium sound" speakers.
At first it was the right speaker just suddenly went completely off, and only sound from the left speaker was working. I updated the Realtek High Definition Audio drivers, and it seeme... Read more

Answer:Satellite A505-S6030 crashes going into sleep mode

Try installing the latest Display Driver from the Toshiba website and update the BIOS.
If it still happens, then Windows could be corrupted or there may be a hardware problem.
Maybe running Toshiba Recovery will help.

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My notebook has this bug, every time it goes to "sleep" when it "wakes up' the system says that windows explorer stopped working and almost every time I have to reboot with the power switch. I changed the operating system from Vista to windows 7 but it continues to act like this. Anyone with a solution?

Answer:Satellite L crashes after coming back from "Sleep" mode


For me it looks like a Windows OS issue.
Maybe you should try a CCLeaner which cleans the registry and other files on the HDD.
You should also try to defragment the HDD.
If no improvements would be noticeable and if windows explorer would keep crashing, then an new OS installation is required.

Good luck

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Hey guys, I could really use some advice

As of some time ago my PC stopped properly sleeping, it shuts down, reboots telling me windows have not been shut down properly. I've reset the BIOS, event viewer doesn't show me a thing either.

Thing is that this is random, it will sometimes sleep on the first try, sometimes it reboots 5 times. Today I haven't been able to put it to sleep once, might have rebooted 15 or 20 times

My specs:
3750k (back to stock clocks)
ASrock Extreme4
Samsung 'green' RAM
Samsung 840 SSD
Corsair CX600 PSU
7 Ultimate x64

It's about a year old and ran perfectly fine until a few months ago, no viruses/ rootkits, no stupid software.

If this makes any difference I don't have an optical drive so the drivers have all been installed from the ASrock site and some from Intel. The problem did start happening around the time I updated some some drivers on their site and tried a few 'utilities' that ASrock offered, uninstalled them since. I can't say it was exactly then just figured I'd include that


Answer:PC stopped sleeping, crashes instead

Hi there,

Try re-installing the chipset drivers for the motherboard and videocard drivers for the videocard. If possible, try performing windows updates. Another thing you can do is to perform a Windows repair-install. Worst case, you can backup all of your files, reformat your computer and install Windows from scratch. Hope everything works out well for you.

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First off, please find the attached package of reports and images. My signature will have the specs of my system. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Quite simply put: At times (60 percent) when my system sleeps (screen is black) it crashes and is unresponsive. I have to reboot, then have Windows start normally.

I have had windows catch a BSOD and issue a notice but that is very rare (report is in the attached docs).

I've been following this community for a while and have gained a lot of info. Also I downloaded and have used an awesome program called SF Diagnostic Tool which is where most of the attached info is from.

Any help is appreciated.

My Name is Kevin.

Answer:System Crashes When Sleeping

The most noticeable error is a STOP 0x116. This involves your video card. Please see this topic for troubleshooting suggestions: STOP 0x116: VIDEO_TDR_ERROR troubleshooting

FWIW - I had system crashes while sleeping with the Win7 beta - Microsoft helped to troubleshoot it and we assumed it was either due to storage drivers (to include RAID drivers) - or video issues. None of this fixed my system and nothing helped until I upgraded my mobo on a hunch!

Also try this:
- Create a System Restore Point prior to doing any of this. DO NOT mess with the drivers themselves - leave the Windows\System32\drivers directory alone unless we specifically direct you to it!
- Please update these drivers from the device manufacturer's website - or uninstall them from your system. Reference links are included below.
- DO NOT use Windows Update or the Update Drivers function of Device Manager.
- Please feel free to post back about any drivers that you are having difficulty locating.
- Windows Update exceptions may be noted below for Windows drivers:



jraid.sys Wed Nov 24 22:27:17 2010 (4CEDD795)
3wareDrv.sys Tue Mar 24 21:31:37 2009 (49C98979)
amdxata.sys Fri Mar 19 12:18:18 2010 (4BA3A3CA) - Windows Update will take care of this if it's available
PxHlpa64.sys Mon Dec 10 18:49:01 2007 (475DD06D)
timntr.sys Wed Jun 02 08:56:47 2010 (4C06550F)
snapman.sys Th... Read more

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My ASUS Laptop has gotten a bit finicky about sleeping when allotted time expires.

I noticed a Driver Power State Failure on the last crash.

I've reset sleep, display off times and disabled and uninstalled items that could be causing.

Updated wireless network driver, but still crashing.

Answer:Laptop crashes instead of sleeping

Uninstall your current antivirus as it is contributing to your BSOD's. Replace with Microsoft Security Essentials & the Free version of Malwarebytes, update and make full scans separately:Uninstallers (removal tools) for common antivirus software - ESET Knowledgebase

Microsoft Security Essentials - Microsoft Windows

Malwarebytes Free Do not start the trial version of MalwareBytes

You may also take a look at:Good & Free System Security CombinationReduce items at start up:Performing a Clean Startup in Windows 7

Add, or Remove Startup Programs in Windows 7
Your Antivirus software is basically whats just needed there.

Use the System File Checker tool and Run Disk Check: Repair Windows 7 System Files with System File Checker

Run Disk Check in Windows 7 for Bad Sectors & ErrorsUninstall these software with Revo Free:

Start Menu\Programs\Advanced SystemCare 6 Public:Start Menu\Programs\Advanced SystemCare 6 Public
Start Menu\Programs\Auslogics Public:Start Menu\Programs\Auslogics Public
Start Menu\Programs\Auslogics\Disk Defrag Public:Start Menu\Programs\Auslogics\Disk Defrag Public

Download and install Revo Uninstaller free from here: Download Revo Uninstaller FreewareOpt for "Advanced Mode" and uninstall the software (also delete the leftover registry entries).

Let us know the results.


Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.2.9200.20512 AMD64
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rig... Read more

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I have an Asus Eee Laptop PC with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit which very often crashes and reboots while it is sleeping (lid closed), but never while running. When I open the lid again the system is back in windows and is showing the sort of "auto search" for solutions but it never finds any.

Any ideas?

Answer:Win 7 crashes and reboots while sleeping

The system is probably crashing while going back into sleep mode or while waking due to a program's wake timer. Please follow the to provide us with application, system, and crash logs so we may sort it out.

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I have a new Equium U300-151. BIOS V3.80 and Intel wireless version (which seems to be the latest driver). Vista SP1

When resuming work from sleep or hibernate mode the laptop always crashes if the wireless switch is on.

I am aware this is a problem that is discussed in a number of forums but apart from hopeful references to SP1 and drivers I have not come across a solution. SP1 does not seem to have helped resolve my problem.

Any answers - thanks.

Answer:Equium U300-151 crashes from sleep or hibernate when WLAN is switched on

From my knowledge the SP1 could makes some troubles because not all drivers are compatible with the new Vista service package.

Did the notebook crashes without installed the SP1?

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I have uploaded the dump file to Sky Drive here:!AEYh2Ob6-omNgxw

I would like to get some help with reading the dump and finding the problem behind the crash.

Thank you

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Dear all, I would like to change the internal hard disk of my toshiba with a larger one.
I was wondering whether anyone can kindly give me some pointers on the exact dimensions I should be looking for to buy a replacement disk


Answer:Re: Satellite U300-11V; What new HDD can I use?


I think you can use a 2.5? SATA HDD up to 500GB?
Because it?s a SATA controller all available 2.5? SATA HDDs should work properly.


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Is it possible to add an additional hard drive to U300-10M?

Answer:Is it possible to add an second HDD to Satellite U300-10M

Hi buddy

No, it?s not possible to add a second HDD to this Sat U300 series.
In my knowledge this notebook doesn?t support additional HDD bay and therefore something like this is not possible.

Best regards

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I suspect that Windows Updates have caused some of my problems. I have a Logitech wireless mouse and wireless keyboard and had to turn off a setting in the keyboard driver that was preventing sleep because of the keyboard, after a Windows Update. Then it started these random shutdowns during sleep.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 9f
BCP1: 0000000000000003
BCP2: FFFFFA8008BB4060
BCP3: FFFFF80004F3D4D8
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Read our privacy statement online:
Windows 7 Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows

If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:

I also followed the instructions here for creating the zip file, just now, but am not sure it worked well. Says I don't have permission to open it, when I try to upload it, but I have myself as the admin. Maybe I need to run it that way - wait...No, ran it as admin and it still says access denied. Frack!

I'm an intermediate user - many years - not sophisticated or anything.


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I've installed Windows XP Pro SP2 on U300, I've downloaded all drivers and utilities, everything works fine but I have one device in the Device Manager with Yellow Bang (!) and it's: "PCI Memory Controller".
Where can I get the driver fir it?



Answer:Satellite U300 & Windows XP Pro SP2

I have the same issue. There seem to be no further drivers to download from your support site. What am I missing here?



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I am facing a problem for past few days on my Satellite PRO U-300 (PSU 31E)..

The machine does not switch off and power indicator remains on (blue LED) even after turning it off. In fact, it has happened 3-4 times that when I start the computer normally by pressing power button, it does not start and I notice that indicator was not turned off even after +shut down+. Just like the whole thing is jammed !!! Finally, I have to remove and re-insert battery pack to start the laptop.

Some details of my pc are as under:

OS Version Microsoft? Windows Vista Business 6.0.6001 Service Pack 1
BIOS Version V2.00
CPU Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7100 @ 1.80GHz

Can anyone help me solve this problem. Is it possibile that while uninstalling some programmes, any perticular driver file is also removed?


Answer:Satellite PRO U300 does not switch off


I do not know what you understand under ?power indicator? but for me it sounds like AC Power LED and this LED is always on when the notebook is connected to the AC power supply.

Power ON/OFF LED is probably what you mean (the second one from the left).
Anyway, do you switch off your notebook using ?standard? way over start button?
Are you sure you do not want to use hibernation mode.

Believe me the whole description here is pretty confusing for me. It can not be that notebook is OFF but power LED is still ON.

Have you installed something 4 days ago? Or removed some important application?
Sorry but it is not easy to say for sure what is wrong there.

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I wanted to know if anyone had tried installing Windows 7 on a Satellite Pro U300.

I have heard that there are some issues like the drivers for instance. Back in the office I had tried installing Windows 7 on a Dell Desktop and it installed successfully without any issues at all. Except for a few unimportant drivers everything else seems to be ok and all this after a clean install of the OS. I'm a little on the backfoot to try such a stunt on my laptop. I read somewhere in the Toshiba website that Laptops purchase this year will support Windows 7.

I purchased mine last year and it came preinstalled with Vista Business which I found so irritating performance wise and I downgraded it to Windows XP which is still running smooth and fine. So I was wondering, if I were to install Windows 7 on my notebook, will the Vista drivers come in handy or then I need to wait till I find suitable drivers which would take time to find.

Hoping to see your suggestions.


Answer:Windows 7 on Satellite Pro U300


Of course you could install Win 7 on this notebook?
But you will not find the official Win 7 drivers for this unit?.

You could try to install some beta Win 7 drivers which I found on the Toshiba US page but I?m not quite sure if all drivers would be compatible?

But don?t give up dude?. You could try to collect the drivers at the own hand searching on some 3rd party pages?
Most drivers for common parts should be available?

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need your help..
I have Satellite Pro U300 series and just recently the numbers four and six got busted...its not working so I'm trying to use the numeric keypad overlay but as I have observed that after pressing FN+F11 nothing happens...

Please help me...


Answer:FN+F10/F11/F12 in Satellite Pro U300 is not working


When you use FN+F11 small control LED should be ON and this numeric block should be activated.
If your notebook is preinstalled with Toshiba recovery image this option MUST work properly.

So nobody here know what you have done with your notebook and why these options are not available anymore.
Before we start with tips how to get it work again please let us know which operating system is preinstalled on your Satellite Pro U400.

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Cheapest place to buy one of these in the UK?

Answer:Need AC adapter for Satellite U300-10M

I can understand that it is very comfortable to ask and wait that some make a work for you but while waiting try and use search term ?PA3468E?. ;)


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I have Satellite U300-10M with windows vista on it. When I tried to install windows xp it said that it couldn't find my HDD

By the way I don't have floppy drive

Many thanks.

Answer:How can I setup WXP in my Satellite U300-10M?


On this forum you can find many topics with the same question. All you must do is to use advanced search option. Anyway, please check this topic

There you will find useful info for you.


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Dear all, it seems that my machine is running hotter and hotter (core temp) and the fan is on all the time.

I believe the machine would benefit from a good old clean up inside from dust.
I have scoured the web for a (detailed as I am not an expert) disassemble guide to open it and clean it but I have not managed to find it.

Is anyone aware of a guide on how to do it on this machine?


Answer:Satellite U300 - How can I disassemble it?


I don?t know how to disassemble the Satellite U300 but such technical manuals are not for public. Only an authorized service provider has such manuals.
Maybe you will find a workaround in the internet but don?t forget that notebook disassembling is a little bit tricky and you remove a lot of parts and screws.
In my opinion its better you go to an ASP.

But if you only want to clean the notebook you can use compressed air spray. This could blow out the dust from the cooling ventilators and therefore it?s not necessary to disassemble the notebook.
Check this!


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Due to network restrictions we have to downgrade the OS on a new Sat Pro U300. I'm unable to run the XP + sp2 cd as it states there is no hard drive installed on the machine. I'm assuming this is because i need 3rd party scsi or raid drivers.

Does anyone have these or know of a location where I can get hold of them? Or if i'm completely off the mark do you have another solution?

Answer:Satellite Pro U300: Cannot see the HDD while XP installation


You need the Intel Matrix Storage Management Utility for managing your local storage including RAID support.

On the Toshiba European driver page I have found the ?The Robson Package? for Vista which includes the Intel Matrix Storage Management Utility.

The same can be downloaded on the Intel page for the XP operating system.

I found this on the Intel page: FullName=Windows*+XP+Professional&lang=eng&strOSs= 44&submit=Go%21

Something similar is described here in this thread.

Good luck buddy

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Dear all

anyone have any idea how i get Serial ATA RAID controller driver for toshiba Satellite U300-111 to install windows xp pro becouse it show me messege when i press enter for installation it said:

Windows XP Professional Setup

Setup did not find any hard disk drive installed in your computer.

Make sure any hard disk drives are powered on and properly connected to your computer, and that any disk-related hardware configuration is correct. This may involve running a manufacturer-supplied diagnostic ro setup program.

setup cannot continue. To quit Setup press F3


Answer:I want to install WIN XP PRO on Satellite U300-111


Please ensure that the Intel Matrix Storage Manger was included into the Win XP setup.
During the installation of XP, setup will ask you to include the 3rd partly sata drivers.
Then you should press the F6 button und could include the Intel Matrix Storage Manager from the external USB FDD drive.

I have found many postings regarding this issue.

Please check these threads:


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Hi, i'm ahmed

I'm also have Toshiba Satellite U300-13j.
2 days ago I formatted software and install WinXP. The problem are drivers.

I don't have any drivers and i'm searched and googled in all internet network.
So i hope that some one help me to find this drivers.

Note: I'm using drivers for Toshiba A200. Is there any problem about this? And can I still use this drivers?


Answer:Need all XP drivers for Satellite U300-13J


As far as I know your U300-13J belongs to the PSU30E series.

After visiting of _Toshiba European driver page_ I found *ALL* necessary Toshiba drivers for Windows XP and Vista 32bit.

Therefore I wonder why you are using the drivers designed for a A200 ?:|

Anyway, As I said above, the necessary drivers are available and you could download it.


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I have a Toshiba Satellite U300-112 which I can?t boot anymore...the last time I used it was 2days ago and everything worked fine.
I didn?t do and hard-or software changes and switched it off properly as usual.
When I started the laptop today it gave me an error message telling me to use the boot-help which didnt help just said windows can?t repair this computer automatically.

Diagnosis details didn?t detect an error and when I do a system restore trough the advanced options it doesn?t work either..
Can anyone tell me how to solve this?
I use windows Vista btw!!

Answer:Can't boot Satellite U300-112


I presume you are also not able to boot using the F8 button.
Usually an boot menu should appear which would allows you to repair the notebook or to run a HDD recovery procedure (only if HDD recovery is supported on this notebook).

If your notebook doesn't support the HDD recovery then you will need a Toshiba disk.

In such case you will have to take the Toshiba Vista recovery disk and will have to recover the whole notebook again.

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Hi all,

is it possible to change the cpu and upgrade it on a Satellite U300?
I know that the chipset can support various processors (Intel GM965).


Answer:Is it possible to change CPU on Satellite U300?

Usually parts like CPU or graphic card are not upgradeable due to different reasons.
The GPU is not upgradeable because it?s soldered on the board.
The CPU should be not replaced because the BIOS could not support it and a higher CPU performance could lead to a overheating issues.

But why you want upgrade the CPU?
First of all you would not notice performance boost and secondly you would cancel you warranty validity.

In my opinion it?s not worth trying such upgrades.


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Is there anywhere I would be able to avail of new (casing or shell)? for my Toshiba Sat U300-113.
It recently fell and the casing is cracked and I would like to replace it before further damage is caused.


Answer:Satellite U300-113 - need new cover


In this case only the Toshiba ASP can be helpful.
You should contact the ASP guys in order to get new cover.
I would also recommend asking the ASP guy for a replacement.
The guys are really fast and could replace such cover without any big problems.

Good luck

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Is it possible to format my Satellite U300-111 without the CD :_|

Answer:Is it possible to format my Satellite U300-111 without the CD

Maybe it?s possible?

Go to, download a Win98 bootdisk and run FDISK to delete all the non-DOS partitions.

If you don?t have a USB FDD drive then check if you could boot from the USB memory stick containing the Win98 bootdisk files.

But one question; why you want to format the HDD? Did you already created a Vista recovery DVD?

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The machine just failed during a lecture whilst using only Word and not on any network.

The machine will now not boot orrepair and even the recovery disk will not work. It gets to the part where it has asked the language and then freezes on the next screen. I have run a hard disk diagnostic progam which reports no errors but I do not know enough about this stuff.

The hard disk light flashed and I can hear the drive working but nothing happens.

Please help

Answer:Re: Satellite U300 will not boot


What test programs have you tried for the HDD?
I have good experience with Drive Fitness Test. Maybe this could be useful for you.

Furthermore it could be a RAM issue. You can test it with Memtest86 ([]).


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I've been searching this list for a while but still couldn't make it by my own. I wanted to buy new procesor to my laptop and i wanted to know which cpu can i use for my Toshiba.
Now i know that i have T2370 socket P
SATELLITE U300-153 PSU30E-09901GPL.

I would be really grateful for this.

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Hi there

I am struggling to find the XP drivers for the Toshiba U300-113.

This is a new machine of mine and I would like to install XP for person reasons.

Can anyone direct me to the appropriate link on the website - I see there are other drivers to the U300 series but not specifically the U300-113..will the others work?

Thanks in advance for your kind help


Answer:Satellite U300-113: Need XP drivers

Sorry Matt but I am really confused now.

Your Satellite U300-113 has part number PSU30E. Am I right? If yes I am really wondering where you have searched for WXP drivers because I have found 44 WXP drivers for this notebook model on Toshiba download page ? Support & Download.

Please check it again.

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I upgraded the BIOS to the latest version, i built a floppy with SATA drivers, none of them work, XP installer is not able to recognize the HD.

Surprisingly enough on the BIOS SATA mode option cannot be seen.

Any idea ?


Answer:Satellite U300 - Windows XP does not see the HDD


Not all BIOS contain the SATA option!
In your case I recommend building a new Windows XP CD using the nLite.
nLite is a free tool and helps you to include the SATA dirvers into the Win XP CD!

Then you could use the new XP disk for booting and new OS installation?

Search here in the forum! There are enough threads about this procedure?

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Hi everybody,

I wish to completely upgrade my toshiba satellite U300-140, mounting VISTA and default technical features, posted below.

And... an SSD disk is worthy, to speed my notebook? I was thinking to kingston 120 Gb or 240 Gb V300

I need your help to choose best (and economical) SSD device and RAM slot. It is very important for me to know what is surely compatible with my device. Please, could you help me according to your experience?

Answer:Satellite U300-140 - what SSD could be compatible

The notebook supports SATA controller and therefore there is no size limitation.

I guess the mentioned SSD drives should be compatible…

I’ve got an Satellite U400 notebook and upgraded this unit with an EVO 250GB SSD successfully.

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Hello guys,

Just wanted to know, whether 64 bit Windows XP can be installed on my U300-10M laptop.
It seems the CPU (T7300) supports x64, since CPU-Z shows that EM64T instructions are supported.
But somewhere else I read that bios should also support 64 bit OS.
So I wonder if anyone has installed 64 bit OS on U300 and any tricks and tips I must be aware of.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Does Satellite U300-10M support 64 bit OS?

You can install every OS which you want? There is no problem with the OS installation.
You could only have problem with the Win XP 64bit drivers.

Fact is that XP64bit is not so popular like the Win XP 32bit or Vista and therefore you will not find XP 64bit drivers on the Toshiba page.

Maybe you could collect the drivers from somewhere else? good luck

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I installed it and it works great. Device manager shows all devices ok B-)

After setup was finished, there were some devices with no driver at the Device manager (bluetooth controller, Ricoh memory stick-mmc-xD controller). I only had to install the latest Bluetooth Stack (which supports W7) and enable the automatic driver installation from windows update, and all devices are ok now



Answer:Re: Windows 7 on Satellite U300

Can you please give a little more detail, about how you installed Windows 7. Did you leave everything on your laptop and install "over the top" or did you complete a "clean" install?

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I have an X230 which exhibits an interesting (and of course frustrating) BSOD. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated as this renders Sleep un-usable.  Prior to approx. 14th May 2015 this was not a problem, it is only very recent occurrence. Previously the machine was very stable. DescriptionIf the X230 is started from a boot it will work perfectly, and you can Sleep the machine successfully once, but only once. Any subsequent attempts to use Sleep will result in a screen which fades to black in the normal fashion however it is followed by a long (approx. 10 minute) period with occasional HDD activity and then a BSOD. During this blackened screen period the OS at some level is still operating because Fn+Space will cycle the keyboard lights on/off.  The BSOD always reports DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE in ntoskrnl.exe.  TestsThis BSOD will occur every time the machine is asked to Sleep a second time after booting.The crash does not happen when hibernating.All devices in device manager have their power management settings for 'allow windows to turn off this device...' disabled. The same behaviour occurs irrespective of whether a user is logged in. Anecdotaly I noticed some problems with USB keyboards attached to two different docking stations (home and office) failing to be recognised when the machine was moved between docks but I can't be certain that this is related to / caused by the same prob... Read more

Answer:X230 crashes on Sleeping (BSOD DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE in ntoskrnl.exe)

Hi Docgraham,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!

Did you check with disabling Think Vantage active protection option?
Also check with installing Intel rapid storage driver application for your system.
Confirm if you have installed Chipset driver, Intel management engine application.
Can you provide the current version of graphic driver installed on your system, pull it out from ?Device Manager?.

Hope this helps.
Best regards,
Hemanth Kumar

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sleeping mode button is available

Answer:Why isn't my sleeping mode button available?

1.Open Control Panel.
2. Power Options > System Settings
3. Click on "Change settings that are currently unavailable" near the top of the page.
4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
5. Check the box beside "Sleep", under Shutdown settings.

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Hello, so I'm experiencing a problem, when I go into a game(not necesserely full screen), or start to watch something (like anime or a tv show) in full screen, my monitor goes blank black and types "ATTENTION, NO VIDEO INPUT, ENTERING SLEEPING MODE", and my whole PC stops, i can tell by the sound, everything stops, so I request some help? What can I do?

Answer:Entering sleeping mode.

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