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Satellite X200-21D - Two unknown devices after Vista 64bit installation

Question: Satellite X200-21D - Two unknown devices after Vista 64bit installation

I just newly installed (my own Vista 64bit) , my laptop 21D, and I notice, that under device manager, there is option -show hidden devices, then 2 new unknown devices appear.
What are those devices and where to get the right driver for it ?

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Preferred Solution: Satellite X200-21D - Two unknown devices after Vista 64bit installation

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite X200-21D - Two unknown devices after Vista 64bit installation

Hi there Green Orchid ,

Is the vista 64bit you installed the software that came with the system or a retail version of windows ?

Before you installed the vista, did you check if there are external devices connected on the system ?

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I installed vista ultimate yesterday, but unfortunately my U200 is not as vista compatible as the sticker would make me believe.
Non functioning items I've identified so far:
- Speakers and Headphone jack
- Function Keys
- Fingerprint Reader

Almost none of the included toshiba software installs even after turning "Application control security off"

Does anyone know where I can get the new drivers and software or when they will become available?

Otherwise really liking Vista. It is very responsive and simplifies many tasks. It looks nice too, but thats not my priority.
Any help gratefully received

Answer:Unknown devices after Vista installation on Satellite Pro U200

This might help others having similar problems. I have been able to get evrything to work except my shortcut keys.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite U300-14Q (Model PSU30E). I installed XP, but there are 2 unknown devices:

- Controladora de memoria PCI - In English: PCI Memory Controller (I suppose...)
- Dispositivo desconocido - In English: Unknown device.

I have installed all the drivers from Toshiba and Microsoft. What are the missing driver?

Greetings from Spain.

Answer:Satellite U300 - Unknown devices after WXP installation


- PCI Memory Controller ? Missing Robson module ? this is not offered for WXP and this will always be listed in device manager. It should not disturb you at all.
- Unknown device ? I am afraid you have forget something. I do not know what but it can be card reader controller or maybe password utility.

Please be sure you have installed all listed stuff following ?Installations Instructions? document. The installations order is also very important.

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Hi All

I havve an L350-203. The problem is it went astray, and somebody wiped the hard drive.

I have the OEM XP Pro disk (i retrofitted it over Vista for networking) but the Toshiba systems disk is missing with all the motherboard drivers on it. Result - a long list of "unrecognised devices".

On the Toshiba tech support, none of the models correposnd - they are all like L350-2701 or 2021 or similar. Nothing for 203

Can anyone help as to what model it is?

A million blessins for any help - I reall miss this machine (using a other unit instead - a pale imitation!)

Answer:Satellite L350-203: unknown devices after Win XP installation


> On the Toshiba tech support, none of the models correposnd - they are all like L350-2701 or 2021 or similar. Nothing for 203

The Satellite L350-203 belongs to the PSLD8E series and the drivers for this series can be found on the Toshiba European driver page.

Please check this and you will find the Win XP

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i just installed Windows XP on a Satellite U500-115 (PSU5EE) and can't get rid of several unknown devices in the device manager.

Before installing the operating system i switched the AHCI-Settings in BIOS to Compatibility-Mode(IDE), so i don't need to inject SATA-Driver during the installation.

These are the unknown devices:

ACPI\PNP0C32\1 (Location: Intel ICH9M LPC Interface Controlle - 2919)

ACPI\PNP0C32\2 (Location: Intel ICH9M LPC Interface Controlle - 2919)

ACPI\PNP0C32\3 (Location: Intel ICH9M LPC Interface Controlle - 2919)

ACPI\PNP0C32\4 (Location: Intel ICH9M LPC Interface Controlle - 2919)

ACPI\TOS6205\2&DABA3FF&0 (Location: Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System)

Of course i installed chipset driver and graphics driver from toshiba download page, but the unknown devices are still there! Can you please tell me what kind of drivers i need to install the ACPI-Devices and get rid of these unknown devices?

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Satellite U500-115 - Unknown Devices after Win XP Installation


In my opinion the unknown devices belongs to the SATA interface controller and these appears as unknown device because you have installed the XP in compatible mode.

Try to install the Intel Storage Manager driver.

The ACPI\TOS6205 device might be a Bluetooth device.
You need to install the Bluetooth stack in order to get rid of unknown device.


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Can I use the Vista-64 bit BIOS-Update 2.50 for my Satellite X200-22E? I just installed Windows 7 HOME PREMIUM 64 bit and it works fine.
Before this I had XP-32 bit running.

Thank you in advance!


Answer:Re: Satellite X200-22E - Can I use Vista 64bit BIOS for Windows 7?

Hi tn411,

I assume the Vista 64bit BIOS would be the best choice for Windows 7 64bit. The other BIOS version on the Toshiba website seems to be for 32bit OS so you can choose the Vista 64bit version.

If you have more questions, please let us know! :)

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I'm trying to upgrade the Operating System on the X200-219 from the current Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit edition to Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit Edition.

The question is, are there drivers available for the Satellite X200 series which support the 64 bit Windows Vista systems?

Also, if I can't upgrade, how can I use the maximum 4Gb RAM now installed on my system if Windows Vista Home Premium only sees 3Gb max?

Answer:Satellite X200-219: Are there any drivers for Vista Ultimate 64bit

> The question is, are there drivers available for the Satellite X200 series which support the 64 bit Windows Vista systems?
Unfortunately, it seems only the 32bit divers (no matter if it?s Vista or XP) are available on the Toshiba European driver page.
It looks like the Vista 64bit drivers are not supported at this time?.

> how can I use the maximum 4Gb RAM now installed on my system if Windows Vista Home Premium only sees 3Gb max?
Well, generally the 4GB memory issue is related to the 32bit OS system limitation.

However, I have read some postings and it looks like that after the installation of Vista SP1 the full 4GB can be recognized.

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So I have the Satellite A660-10W, and I reinstalled the Windows 7 it came with Windows 7 ultimate 64bit. First thing is when I use fn+F6/F7 (other combinations work) for brightness levels it doesn`t work, brightness doesn`t change. And the other thing is that there seem to be some unknown devices.

Here is everything hope someone can think of what could it be, thanks in advance. :)
Link: []

Answer:Satellite A660-10W - After Windows 7 installation some unknown devices

You should try to install: Bluetooth, Infrared, Modem drivers....

Anyway, it will be better if you post vendor/device's id:

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I've got a Satelitte A200 PSAE6E and it came with Vista.
Now i've downgraded to XP my self and installed all the drivers i could find from the toshiba website
I still have these problems:

1. I have a pci memory controller that is not identiyfied by windows and i want to resolve that

2. When i connect my video camera trough 4 pins firewire to my laptop does not found and when i do it by ieee1394 to usb, i get usb device not recognized (trieed downloading drivers for the cam but they did not work)

Please help me :)


Answer:Satellite A200 PSAE6E: unknown devices after XP installation


Regarding the point *1:*
The "PCI Memory Controller" or "Mass Storage Controller? means the Turbo Memory former Robson module. This feature is available only in Vista and therefore the drivers are not available for Win XP.

Check this:
[No Windows XP driver for PCI Memory Controller|]

*2)* I don?t know how it works with you camera but I needed to install firstly the cam drivers and then I have connected the camera to the notebook using an firewire-to-USB 2.0 cable and then I enabled the video camera.
My A200 recognized it immediately.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite x200 SLi

After I install the Vista SP1, I simply lost sound and even updating the sound drivers.. I still have several problems like: sometimes the sound turns off, errors trying to view movies.. etc..

Vista tells me that I nedd to update my drivers but I already have the latest driver avaiable on TOSHIBA's page.

Anyone with the same problem?
Any idea how to solve this problem?


Answer:Satellite x200 SLi: After Vista SP1 installation I lost sound

The problem is that the Microsoft Vista SP1 makes troubles. The problem is that not all drivers are compatible and fully supported by SP1.

I think you?ve got a Realtek sound chip?. Maybe you have to check the Realtek?s website for the newest HD audio driver?

If this doesn?t help, then you will have to wait till new update is available (or you will remove the SP1)

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where can I find Ulead moviewriter for toshiba , toshiba disk creator, toshiba speech system and chicony camera assistant software when the hidden partition used for software re installation has been (accidentaly) deleted on an satellite X200-245?


Answer:Bundle software after a new Vista installation on Satellite X200-245

Hi there,

may I ask you if you?re from Europe or from USA?
First of all, if you accidentally deleted your preinstalled image, then this is absolutely YOUR fault, since you had the chance to create a image on DVD.
So the preinstalled software is a part of the preinstalled image, so you won?t get the software back and no one will give you a copy (except he gives you like a gift ;) )
In such case you can only check the driver download pages for that software, but I am unsure if you would find the Ulead writer. Maybe the disc creator and the speech system, but I am not sure.

Please give some feedback, so we can discuss the whole thing.


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I have Satellite A300-1Gn
These are some specs:

type : Intel&reg; Centrino&reg; 2 Processor Technology featuring Intel&reg; Core2 Duo processor P8400, Intel&reg; PM45 Express chipset and Intel&reg; WiFi Link 5100 clock speed : 2.26 GHzFront Side Bus : 1066 MHz2nd level cache : 3 MB<!-- finish detail 0 //-->
<!-- start detail 1 //-->
Operating system
GenuineWindows Vista&reg; Home Premium 32-bit Edition (pre-installed, Toshiba-HDD recovery)

<!-- finish detail 1 //-->
<!-- start detail 2 //-->
System memory
standard : 3,072 (2,048 + 1,024) MB
maximum expandability : 8,192 MBtechnology : DDR2 RAM (800 MHz) <!-- finish detail 2 //-->
<!-- start detail 3 //-->
Hard disk
capacity : 320 GB
certification : S.M.A.R.T. drive rotation : 5,400 rpm<!-- finish detail 3 //-->
<!-- start detail 4 //-->
DVD Super Multi drive (Double Layer)
maximum speed : Read: 24x CD-ROM, 8x DVD-ROM/ Write: 24x CD-R, 4x
CD-RW, 10x HS CD-RW, 16x US CD-RW, 8x DVD-R, 6x DVD-R (Double Layer),
6x DVD-RW, 8x DVD+R, 6x DVD+R (Double Layer), 8x DVD+RW, 5x DVD-RAM
type : DVD Super Multi (Double Layer) drive <!-- finish detail 4 //-->
<!-- start detail 5 //-->
size : 15.4 "
type : Toshiba TruBrite&reg; WXGA+ TFT High Brightness display internal resolution : 1,400... Read more

Answer:Satellite A300 and Vista 64-bit - non working and unknown devices


Did you install the right graphic card driver?
The Sat A300-1GN belongs to the PSAGCE series.
I checked the Toshiba driver page and there are two drivers;
I think you have to choose the ATI display driver 8.477 because this driver supports the Mobility Radeon HD 34xx/36xx chips.

The other base system devices could be Bridge Media slot (for SD cards), touchpad, HDMI Control Manager.

I didn?t find such 64bit drivers on the Toshiba page. Maybe you should choose some drivers for Vista 32bit

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I have a Toshiba A300 Satellite A300/ M00 and when I first got it, it had Windows Vista Home Premium 32 Bit. But after some time, i started having problems so i decided to reinstall Vista onto my notebook. After going through with the Product Recovery Media, my system then became 64 Bit.

Wasn't my system suppose to have 32 Bit since it originally came with it?
If no, then how can i install 32 Bit once again onto my notebook as 64 Bit is giving me problems with installing some of my programs.

If I do require to purchase a copy of Vista 32 Bit, where would I find the drivers to cater for my system since the Product Recovery Media has all the drivers on it.

Thank you for your time.

Answer:Satellite A300: 64bit Vista after new installation using Recovery disk

Hmm?. Your posting is a little bit confusing.

Why are you suggesting that Toshiba recovery disk contains a 64bit Vista version?
How did you check this?
From my experience the Toshiba recovery disk contains always the preinstalled OS.

Furthermore as far as I know the newer Toshiba notebook are not delivered with Recovery disk but with a HDD recovery option.
This option allows you to reinstall the OS from the second HDD recovery partition.
You can also use the preinstalled Toshiba Recovery disk creator software to create the own Recovery DVD! And this recovery disk will contain the same preinstalled OS!


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Hi All

Just installed vista on my A100-237.. after doing the BIOS upgrade and installing the Value Pack "unknown Device" with the location "on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System" appeared in my device manager, any ideas on how to sort this out??

Thanks in Advance!

Answer:Satellite A100-237: Unknown device after Vista installation


Could you please check if you can see the "Batteries" entry under "Computer? in the device manager?
As far as I know the batteries entry should have a "Microsoft SMART Battery" & "Microsoft SMART Battery Subsystem?.

If there is an unknown device this could have something to do with Microsoft ACPI Compliant Embedded Controller.
In such case it seems you need a driver for MS SMART Battery & MS SMART Battery Subsystem.

pleasae check also this thread;

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I've already called support and they are sending a Windows 7 restore disk as we received this with Windows 10 installed.We applied our standard image and are past the issues with booting, SCCM driver injection.  We've run the software update to pull down the latest updates and we STILL have one missing device.  Support says "it's a software issue" and that is why they are sending us the Windows 7 restore. Any ideas what this could be?Hardware ID is ACPI\MSFT0101 and Device Instance path is ACPI\MSFT0101\2&DABA3FF&4. Beyond pulling down the latest drivers from the website for the t460s and installing each manually as well as the software update utility. Remove and rescan the device.  Remove the device, remove all USB devices, USB hub, etc.  Rescan all devices.  Everything comes back except the unknown device. Downloaded latest chipset drivers directly from intel.  nothingDownloaded newer webcam drivers, nothing. With all this I get a "This Device can perform faster" bubble from the OS.  Nothing is plugged into USB.  I'm unclear what all integrates via USB.  "USB Composite device" is what is listed. Perhaps webcam or touchscreen?  

Answer:t460s, Windows 7 64bit, Other devices "unknown dev...

To confirm, Legacy mode is setup. 

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I have just upgraded my Ideapad y430 Win 7 64 bit (clean install from vista 32 bit) and am now experiencing some of the same freezing issues others have had. The OS works fine for some periods of time, but then inexplicably freezes. I have two unknown devicesACPI\CPL0002 ACPI\VPC2004  I have tried installing the ACPI driver from y530 page to no avail ... I get a driver failed to install error message. Also, I have removed the Lenovo Energy Management Program as this seemed to cause the freezing earlier (after tinkering with the programs in safe mode, found that the os always froze when this program was running). These are the extra drivers I have recently installed (post upgrade):ACPI Driver--Error failed to installConexant Audio DriverIntel Chipset Device SoftwareLenovo Energy Management--(uninstalled application)Lenovo Energy Management DriverMCE Remote Controller DriverO2 Micro Flash Memory Card Reader DriverO2 Micro Flash Memory Card Reader Driver ... (it's in my C://Drivers folder twice)Winbond CIR Driver  Any ideas?

Answer:Windows 7 64bit Freezes y430--Unknown Devices

UPDATE: re-installed Lenovo Energy Management application. This enabled Win7 to recognize one of the unknown devices. The only remaining unknown device is ACPI\CPL0002 Still need help!

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Hye !

I want to use my laptop (x200-20f) with Windows xp 64 bit.
I search the drivers for this laptop but don't find...

The drivers fox XP 32bit for the wireless, network are working!

I would like the drivers Nvidia for my laptop


Answer:Satellite X200-20F - Where to find XP 64bit drivers


XP 64bit drivers are not available for any of Toshiba notebooks models.
The XP 64bit was not so popular and most software parts and applications didn?t run with XP 64bit OS.

Anyway, back to the drivers?. As mentioned you will not find such drivers on the Toshiba page and therefore you will have to search on external websites.

I think you could find a graphic driver on the site.

But note; non Toshiba drivers are not tested and not certified by Toshiba and therefore you can use it ONLY at your OWN RISK!!!
So if something will go wrong due to the usage of non-Toshiba drivers the warranty will not cover anything!!!

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Good morning,

I have a Satellite X200-24Z with BIOS 2.50 win32 running Vista home premium 32bit and as my CPU which is an Intel T9300 supports the 64bit, I would like to know if I can change the BIOS to 2.50 64bit and then install Vista and Windows 7 64bit in dual boot.

Thanks to anyone who can help me on this issue.


Answer:Satellite X200-24Z - BIOS change to 64bit?

Hi buddy,

Why it shouldn?t be possible?

So I don?t see a reason why you shouldn?t install new BIOS 2.50 64bit. I think this update would be necessary if you use a 64bit operating system so you can do this!

But in my opinion a dual boot with Vista and Windows 7 makes no sense because they are similar?
I have checked the Toshiba website and there are no drivers for Window s7 64bit so you have to use the Vista 64bit drivers? Or you install Vista 64bit only ;)

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I had a Satellite x200 which is now gone.
I still have the remote control.
I have lost my remote control for my tv.

Is there a way to re-program the toshiba remote to work with tv/set top box?
Assuming I can get the codes or the remote can scan?

Answer:Usage of Satellite X200 remote control with other devices

> Is there a way to re-program the toshiba remote to work with tv/set top box?

I did not find any details regarding such procedure but to be honest I don?t think something like that would be possible.
Such remote control isn?t universal part but it was released for the x200 series.

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Hi,  I've just bought G700 (59-377707), a clear without OS version.  I've just installed 64bit Windows 7 and installed all available drivers (some from the CD, some from Lenovo Support website). However, the device manager still shows two devices as "Unknown". Here are the details:Device 1Hardware Ids: root\spfd_busDevice Instance Path: ROOT\SYSTEM\0001Device 2Hardware Ids: root\Lenovo\VhidDevice Instance Path: ROOT\LENOVOVHID\0000I think the second one is concerning power management. However, as I already installed available drivers and updates I would also ask for any help on it.  Thanks a lot! 

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Here is description how to use remote control on Satellite X200-2B with Windows 7 64bit.

Answer:SOLUTION -- How to use Remote Control on Satellite X200 with Win7 64bit

Thanks for the link.

It will be nice if some Satellite X200 owner can confirm this.

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anyone has a link to some working 64 bit drivers for windows that I can use on windows 7.
I tried all vista / win 7 drivers from NVIDIA website but they all create graphical errors ...this is a real pain because the 32 bit drivers from Toshiba work so the video card NVIDIA 8700 GT is ok.

Kind Regards, Marian

Answer:Satellite X200 - can't find working 64bit drivers for GT8700

Hello Marian

Can you please tell us which X200 (x200-xxx) do you have exactly?

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Hi guys, I have an SL510 thinkpad and I have just installed windows 7 professional 64x. I noticed my wifi not working and in Device Manager there are a number of 'Unknown Devices' I have 3 'Base System Device' alerts, a 'Network Controller' alert and an Unknown Device.... The Hardware Ids are as follows: PCI\VEN_197&DEV_2384PCI\VEN_197&DEV_2382PCI\VEN_197&DEV_2383 PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0084 ACDI\IBM0068 I have tried installing several WLAN drivers to try and get my wifi working but no good. Any help would be greatly appreciated... ndolly2912


Go to Solution.

Answer:Unknown devices - New installation Windows 7

Good day and welcome to the community.
Device Id  Chip Description               Vendor Id  Vendor Name0x2382     JMB38X SD/MMC Host Controller  0x197B     JMicron Technology Corp.0x2383     JMB38X MS Host Controller      0x197B     JMicron Technology Corp.0x2384     JMB38X xD Host Controller      0x197B     JMicron Technology Corp.0x0084     Intel Wireless Link WiFi 1000  0x8086     Intel Corporation
First three = Card reader-
Fourth = WiFi-
ACPI\IBM0068 is probably the power management driver-
For reference, the SL510 main support pages:
Does this help?

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Hi All,
Recently bought an A7 and was convinced all the pre-installed Toshiba software was slowing things down. Managed to fresh install windows then use the Toshiba Apps installer to restore the components I actually wanted. All has gone well and the computer is about twice as fast now. However I have the following two unknown devices:

1) Device Type: Other Devices
Location: on Intel(R) 82801GBM (ICH7-M) LPC Interface Controller - 27B9
Hardware ID: ACPI\IFX0102

2) Device Type: Other Devices
Locations: on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System
Hardware ID: ACPI\TOS620A

I have installed the latest Intel Chipset drivers and no luck. Perhaps one of them is the sound card (although I have installed those drivers as well), and one of them the HDD Protection (which I have no intention of installing anyways).

If anyone can confirm what they are it would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Answer:Tecra A7: Two unknown devices after Win OS installation


The Toshiba drivers and utilities installation should be done in the right order.
The chipset utility should be installed at the beginning and then the common modules.
You should use the chipset form the Toshiba website.

The Tecra M7 supports also the HDD protection. Usually you should find it at the last position under "sound, video and game controllers" in the device manager.

I have found this Toshiba document how to identify a unknown device:

Maybe it helps.

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I have just made Windows 7 64bit clean installation and there are unknow device (ACPI\TOS6205) , (ACPI\ENE0200) and MULTIMEDIA CONTROLLER.

Somebody can help me?


Answer:Qosmio F50 - Unkown devices after Windows 7 64bit installation

> unknow device (ACPI\TOS6205)

It looks like you need a Toshiba Bluetooth driver try to download it from here:

> (ACPI\ENE0200)

I think you should install infrared driver:


Install a sound card driver

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I let System Update attempt to update the Connexant audio drivers and it failed because the update that was available was not signed.  64Bit requires all signed drivers.  Now I can't even get back to how the machine originally shipped as the driver available for download appears to have the same issue.  Pointers to where I can find the right driver?

Answer:X200 Vista 64Bit Audio Drivers

  This isn't an issue with UAC.  This isn't an issue with an ActiveX control and the authenticode prompt. This is an issue with 64Bit Windows only loading signed drivers.    Message Edited by ChrisKinsman on 11-14-2008 07:40 AM

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I search the drivers for the two Unknow Devices in the hardware-manager:

"Intel(R) 82801GBM (ICH7-M/U) LPC Controller"
"Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System"


Answer:Portege R500 - I've got two Unknown Devices after XP installation


Did you install all Toshiba XP drivers which appear on the Toshiba European driver website?

There you can find also an ?installation instruction? document which provides the right installation order. Please check if all XP drivers were installed as mentioned in this doc.

Furthermore you should check if you have installed the MS WinXP SP2 and the Intel chipset Utility.


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I've try to install win 2k on my Tecra S2.
I've download all driver and I've read the order of the installation, but now I've an unknown PCI Device.

I've try to check all device like:
- Modem
- Lan Card
- Wireless lan card
- Card bus
- Audio

etc etc (including irda driver, mobile extension, power save driver touch pad driver ....)

I've also try to re install all driver but I' already have the unknown PCI device, the only driver who I haven't installed is the bluethooth.

Please some one can help, please

Answer:Win 2000 installation on Tecra S2 - unknown devices

The only solution for you to find your way through this is downloading a
freeware called "Unknown Device Identifier" from this site:

This program will allow you to easily locate the proper device description as well as the
coresponding driver.

Hope this will sort out things



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After a clean installation of Windows 7 on my T60 87414BU installing all drivers I was able to recognise I still have 2 unknown devicesas per the screenshot below, for which I unable to find drivers for.  Any suggestions or are these legacy hardware devices for which no drivers are needed under Windows 7? Disable the devices?


Go to Solution.

Answer:Do I need drivers for 2 Unknown devices in T60 Windows 7 clean installation

Hi again.
No, don't disable them, we'll see them fixed in a flash. Did you run the System Update utility? And are you running a 32bit or 64bit version of Win7?
Open up the Details tab on both of these and copy/paste the first line under HardwareIDs here.
For your Biometric Processor, you need to install the Fingerprint Software for your machine, the driver is included.
Fingerprint Software for Windows 8 (32-bit), 7 (32-bit)
Fingerprint Software for Windows 8 (64-bit), 7 (64-bit)

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Hi, I recently installed windows 7 ultimate 64-bit on my father's Lenovo G530 (4446-22G) laptop. In device manager I see 2 "base system devices" in yellow that are not recognized. Does anyone have any idea what those devices might be? I attach screenshot of the device manager both by type and connection. Also, I installed the Energy Management for win7 64-bit but the Fn keys do not work. Any suggestions about this? Thank you in advance. 


Go to Solution.

Answer:G530 (4446-22G) unknown devices after Win7 installation

Hi, you can try this method to identify the unknow driver.  Go to Device manage>Right click on the Unknown Driver>Properties>Details Tab>Hardware ID>Follow the image shown(example only)>Paste the ID on Google and let Google search it for you.

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I tried installing Windows XP on my Satellite X200-23g, once i got installed but as desktop was seen... blue screen of death.
Error occur and it went into restarting cycle... so i again installed VISTA from reconvery cd.

Now when i try to install XP from other CDs which i have, it says hard disk not found press F3 to quit. s

Someone plz enlighten me on this issue..
I need to install xp as my college progs and not vista compatible.

Answer:Re: Installation of Windows XP on Satellite X200-23G - No HDD


Your Windows Setup does not see the HDD because the SATA drivers were not included into the XP installation CD.
The new notebook generation are equipped with HDD SATA controller. But the Win XP or Vista don?t have a SATA driver integrated.

SO you will have to download the Intel Matrix Storage Manger. There you can find the SATA drivers.
You could use ?nLite? software. It?s free and it will help you to create a new XP CD and to include the SATA driver. Then you could use this new CD for XP installation.

This Toshiba document might be helpful.
[How to integrate a SATA AHCI driver in a Windows XP Setup CD| ]


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I installed XP on my Satellite x200 LC10DC everything work but not the sound...

I looked if its a problem of missing driver but after downloader and testing different driver its still doesnt work....
In my Driver manager I find 2 driver missing, unknown device and PCI device and I dont know how to fix them.

Could you help me guys?

Answer:No sound on Satellite X200 after XP installation


The problem is that you need to install some Win XP patches before you will install the XP sound driver!!!

Install firstly the *KB888111 and KB835221* Microsoft Windows hotfixes and then after new reboot you should install the compatible XP sound driver.

After this short procedure the sound should works fine!


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My problem started when I updated my Toshiba Satellite Model : M70-340 with Windows Xp Professional. Most of the drivers were detected by windows, except those :
1) Mass Storage Controller
2) Network Controller
3) PCI Modem

I was wondering how will I be able to allow windows to read them.

Thanks for the support.

Answer:Unknown Devices on Satellite M70-340

I wonder if you have read the ?installation instruction? before driver installation.
There you will find a guide line how to install the Toshiba drivers and what order is necessary.

I think if you will follow this guide lines you will solve you little, not very serious problem :)

Good luck my friend ;)

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I have recently got a notebook (as in the title) and separate from that Windows7 Pro (not installed). I have installed the software and some drivers downloaded from the Toshiba support site. Majority of the devices are working, but I still have some problems:
* webcam not recognized
* Ethernet adapter not recognized
* at least one unknown device left

Windows7 states in system information:
Nem &eacute;rhet? el ACPI\TOS1900\2&DABA3FF&1 The drivers for this device are not installed.
Nem &eacute;rhet? el ACPI\TOS6205\5&3956218&0 The drivers for this device are not installed.
Unknown Device USB\VID_0000&PID_0000\5&3A0BAA18&0&6 43
(nem &eacute;rhet? el = not accessible)

Please inform me:
* what are these devices
* which driver or supporting package is necessary for them.

Many thanks in advance,

Answer:Satellite Pro C660-144 has unknown devices

As I can see what you are missing is webcam driver, LAN driver and, I think, Bluetooth.

Which OS version do you use (32 or 64bit)?

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I would really appreciate some help on this one.

I am trying to get Win XP running on my Toshiba L650-1PK laptop.

I have two unknown PCI Devices and I am unsure to which driver they refer to. Searches on appears to offer litte help as well. Therefore I am wondering if there might be anyone that would be able to point me in the right direction.

The Device ID's are as follows.

PCI Device
PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_AA68&SUBSYS_FD121179&REV_00\4&2A7 D5098&0&0108

PCI Device
PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_3B56&SUBSYS_FF1E1179&REV_05\3&115 83659&0&D8

I have an idea that they might relate to my sound driver but remain unsure.
If so which manufacturer, ATI or Conexant.

However when I try and run update driver to these devices it tells me that a driver cannot be found on both the sound drivers available.

With thanks


Answer:Satellite Pro L650-1PK: 2 Unknown PCI Devices

VEN_1002 is ATI/AMD so that may be the Graphics Card

VEN_8086 is Intel, so you may need to install the Intel Chipset Utility.

Make sure you have XP Service Pack 3 installed, so you have support for HD Audio devices.

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I have got problems installing WXP SP2 on my Satellite A200-1M7.
Vista was supplied with this notebook, but I decided to go back to the roots.
Downloaded all drivers available for this model and installed them.

Now I have 4 unknown devices in hardware monitor.
I guess I know what it is because I still can't see some things working:
1. Audio card: Made BIOS update, installed kb888111 and kb835221, and sound driver. No change.
2. Bluetooth monitor: Installed the driver but also no change.
3. Wi-Fi: The same, I can see the Atheros Wi-Fi manager window but it doesn't work (I am sure about it because I have another laptop nearby, and it sees my Wi-Fi router).

Anybody has these problems and a way to solve it?

Answer:WXP on Satellite A200-1M7 - Now I have 4 unknown devices

Very simple procedure? ;)

The Satellite A200-1M7 seems to belong to the PSAE3E series and you should chooser this series to download all Toshiba drivers.

Before you will install the XP try to update the BIOS to the XP version (at this time v.5.30-win)
Then check the Installation Instructions txt file and install ALL Toshiba drivers and tool using the order mentioned in this document.

Please note that the Windows XP should be updated to the latest state and many important patches must be installed directly from the Microsoft website.
So I would recommend checking the MS update site and to install every fix.

By the way;
Bluetooth monitor is not the driver? install the BT driver from this Toshiba BT portal:

All Wlan driver can b found here:

Sound driver can be found also here:

Best regards and happy new year

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this is what I want to do, so... please help!

I just buy myself new TOSHIBA SATELLITE X200-21K notebook, and I want to format it, and... to install Windows Vista Ultimate (Not Windows Vista Home Premium from Product Recovery DVD-ROM).

I was downloaded all drivers from...

... but I can't find "Installation Instructions" to download anywhere, so I can install it in right order, unless... if "Please click here to download manuals." is the "Installation Instructions", if not... please... where can I download that instructions!?

So... after I do this format and install new Vista Ultimate, I will not have... original TOSHIBA Tools which arrived with Product Recovery DVD-ROM, do I actually loose something with that, like... soft for Web Cam or TOSHIBA Assist or TOSHIBA Zooming Utility or Protector Suite QL.. and so on... can I go without that?

Can I install or download just this soft from elsewhere, after I install Vista Ultimat, maybe from Product Recovery DVD-ROM, but how?

Is it just Windows Vista Home Premium version that come
with this Product Recovery DVD-ROM, or... all version of Vista comes in this DVD, and You could pick which version You want to install?

I hope someone will help me with my "problem"!?

Thank You so much!

Best Regards

Answer:Satellite X200-21K - Question about installation of Toshiba drivers & tools

butter to you to remove vista ultimate and install the product CD wih all utilities and vista home and upgread for vista ultimate then you will get all Toshiba utilies

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I downloaded Toshiba U200 drivers for Windows XP from this site, install Windows, install all drivers.
But i have 2 unrecognized devices in device manager.
1. NIC 1394. Device Code V1394\NIC1394\92423A3900
2. PCI Device. Device Code PCI\VEN_104C&DEV_803C&SUSBSYS_00011179&REV_00\4&6B 16D5B&0&5BF0
Modem & FireWire are not working.

What can I do?

Answer:Satellite U200-124 - Unknown devices with Windows XP SP2


I can not explain why those two devices are listed as ?unrecognized? but be sure you have installed chipset driver at first, immediately after finishing OS installation. Please check Toshiba download page and there you can find ?Installations instructions? document. Follow the installations order and everything should be ok.

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I have the following listed as question marks in my device manager:

?Multimedia controller
?Network Controller
?Unknown device

I have installed the sound and it works
I have installed the network adapter and it works

What are the above devices?

Answer:Satellite A200-1LA - unknown devices in device manager

Wait a moment. Which operating system you try to configure?

Have you checked on Toshiba download section if ?installations Instructions? document is available? If you just follow this document you will install all you need and everything will be OK.
Anyway, multimedia controller can be Multicard reader device, network controller is probably wireless card. I cannot say what unknown device is because I do not know which drivers you have installed already.

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In the system devices I cannot establish drivers for (a) mass storage device, (b) Unknown device in Other Devices section.
Can anyone help me on this?

Answer:Satellite A200: I cannot establish drivers unknown devices


What OS do you use? Is it XP?
Did you choose and download all drivers from the Toshiba European driver page?

I think you should check this again!

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satellite L300 OS - Vista 32

I installed new software to use USB port to connect the board and program that board During this installation some things went wrong and all my USB port are not responding or not working at all...

When i checked the Device Manager it shows like Other device -> Unknown device..

I install the chipset from Toshiba download and still I can?t solve the prob....

my USB all port not working..
my WiFi is not working..
my Camera is not working...

rest of all work i guess any suggestion to solve this problem?

Answer:Re: Satellite L300 - Unknown devices in device manager


Could it be possible that the 3rd party software which you have installed to use the USB ports has muddled up the whole system?

The driver for the unknown device which appear in the device manager can be identified very easily.

I recommend checking this HowTo:

You need the Vendor ID and Device ID and using these both ID in pci database would help you to find out the right driver.

By the way: if your Wlan and cam don?t work, install the drivers? die you already tried this?

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I have a toshiba C70D-B-306 (psclee) laptop and I reinstalled windows 8.1 from a seperate DVD because i exchange the default harddrive for a fast ssd disk.

Everything works but in my device manager I have 2 unknown devices listed (with exclamation mark), as far as I know I downloaded all available drivers from toshiba support website for this laptop and installed them but the 2 unknown devices simply will not disappear.

Can someone tell me which driver I exactly need for these 2 devices?

The 2 devices are:

As mentioned, i allready downloaded all drivers for this laptop and installed them, windows is ofcourse up-to-date. Also I let windows search for drivers on the Internet and on the whole drive, but no drivers where found.

Who can give me the golden tip?

Answer:Satellite C70D-B-306 - 2 unknown devices in device list

There is a good method in order to find out what drivers are missing.
First of all you should check the DEV (device) and VEN (vendor) IDs

Here is an short instruction how to find this details:

Knowing the device and vendor ID, it should not be a big deal to get the right drivers.

At the other hand you should install also additional Toshiba software (Toshiba System Driver) released for Win 8.1
Please note also that there are two Win 8.1 driver areas: ?Win 8.1 update? and ?Win 8.1 32bit/64bit? categories
In case you would not find all drivers within the Win 8.1 update check also the Win 8.1 32bit/64bit categories.

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Will take any help at this point..............

My nephew has just reformatted his Satellite A110-162. However he has lost his wireless internet amoung other things...................

In unknown devices he has:

Ethernet controller
PCI device
SM bus controller
Video Controller (VGA compatible)

Is it a motherboard chipset driver that is needed?
Just spent the last 3 hours on this getting no where.

Any help would be great

many thanks in acvance


Answer:Satellite A110-162: unknown devices in device manager - need drivers

hi vorlon,
download all needed drivers from the toshiba website and install the drivers.
after that restart machine.
this is it - everything should be ok!

installation sequence:
PCI device
SM bus controller
Video Controller (VGA compatible)
Ethernet controller

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Have just installed XP on a U300, I've downloaded every driver from the website.
Now i've got 2 Unknown devices ! Any ideas of what these could be ?


Answer:Satellite Pro U300 - 2 Unknown devices in Device manager running XP

One could be the unknown PCI memory manager.
This PCI memory controller is Intel Turbo Memory also called Intel Flash cache logic chip.
It is a new technology designed to support new Vista capabilities.
There is no driver for it for Windows XP, because XP doesn?t support the cache function. Only Vista supports this!

I have no idea what could be the other unknown device. Check simply what devices don?t run and you will know what it is!

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Hi, can someone help?

Recently installed windows 7, works fine, but in device manager under other devices, have unknown device and I can't find the right driver as I am unable to identify the device.

Details are

manufacturer - unknown
location - on microsoft ACPI-Compliant system
status - drivers not installed, code 28
hardware ids - ACPI\TOS6205 and *TOS6205

I have also replaced the battery recently.


Answer:Satellite U400-217 PSU44E - unknown devices - no driver installed,

Please check this HowTo:

How to identify an unknown device?

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Please, I need Your help.

I bought 4 days ago an Toshiba portable computer, detail spec is in attachment (Satellite A100-768, dual core)and with it came Vista system with directx 10. I wasn't satisfied how things work on that system (there's no game that worked on it NFS3, NF CARBON, ST LEGACY) so I decided to reinstall system and put XPSP2, and I did.

Now, I was aware that I need to find drivers, so I looked on site, and I didn't found exact match with model, so I download drivers for Satellite A100-S8111TD (american site of toshiba) but only for sound, blue tooth, hotkey, utilities, and so on, but only for wireless driver I did not (50megs Hugh through 50k modem).

I downloaded also Intel drivers for motherboard and graphic adapter, and all that work fine, BUT!!!
One problem come out, driver for sound card doesn't work -- driver installation goes fine, but it won`t start.

In device manager there are 3 question mark and one ! mark for sound card it says that can not start, code 10.
3 ? marks are for Network adapter, Ethernet, Mass storage <- what drivers that I need to download to get reed off it.

One of drivers that I downloaded did something in Command prompt window, and I suspect that he flashed BIOS and now I have TPM error. This TPM I found in security tab in Bios, but I can not change it, it wouldn't let me.
And one more thing, still, no game woudln`t start, what is happening

Please, give me advice, I am desperate

Thank you for your feed... Read more

Answer:Satellite A100-784 (PAAANE) Cannot find XP drivers - unknown devices


First of all you can also try to download the drivers from Toshiba European page.
There are also XP drivers from different A100 series.

Anyway, I assume the sound does not work because the wrong XP driver was installed.
Different A100 series supports different sound cards.

As far as I know your A100-784 unit supports Realtek ALC 861 HD audio sound card.
Therefore you have to use the driver from Realtek.

The notebook supports also an Intel 945PM Express Chipset code name CalistogaPM + ICH7-M. I would recommend installing the Intel chipset diver. You could find it on the Intel page.

The question marks appear in the device manger because you need compatible drivers!
I assume you will need the LAN and WLan card driver.

The notebook uses Intel 82562GZ (Ekron) LAN card and therefore you have to look for the driver which support this chip!
I?m not sure about the WLan card but it seems it?s an Atheros WLan card.

As I said above? try the drivers from different A100 series and goggle additionally for 3rd party drivers.

good luck

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Hi all,

I`m running Vista 64 bit and just noticed a whole bunch, about 20 or so Directories in the root of drive C:

These directories have long names consisting of numbers and letters and most contain just one file. The file in some cases is mrtstub.exe. Googling this file leads me to believe it has something to do with Microsoft Malware protection. I guess the question is what are these directories, where do they come from and can I delete them.


Answer:Unknown Directories in Vista 64Bit

Originally Posted by CRPishere

Hi all,

I`m running Vista 64 bit and just noticed a whole bunch, about 20 or so Directories in the root of drive C:

These directories have long names consisting of numbers and letters and most contain just one file. The file in some cases is mrtstub.exe. Googling this file leads me to believe it has something to do with Microsoft Malware protection. I guess the question is what are these directories, where do they come from and can I delete them.



Using the snipping tool (type snip in search) could you take a screenshot of the directory structure and upload it to us?


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Every USB device i plug up. "Windows has finished installing "Unknown device" and is ready to use". It didnt usually do that. I dont know when it started doing it. The lights on my USB drives dont come on or anything. My ipod dont work. Its crazy. Im thinking about reinstalling the O.S. But i dont want to reinstall all of the software. I tried to "browse to find the driver in the C:\windows\system32 or something and it still did the same. I reinstalled the drivers in safe mode and they still dont work. I EVEN tried to find each driver and install them. But no luck. Any help here? I installed a program called "PCI32" and it gave me a report. Here it is.
Craig Hart's PCI+AGP bus sniffer, Version 1.6, freeware made in 1996-2005.
Searching for Devices using CFG Mechanism 1 [OS: Win Vista Service Pack 1]

Bus 0 (PCI Express), Device Number 0, Device Function 0
Vendor 1002h ATI Technologies Inc
Device 5A31h RS400/133 Host Bridge
Command 0006h (Memory Access, BusMaster)
Status 2220h (Supports 66MHz, Received Master Abort, Medium Timing)
Revision 01h, Header Type 00h, Bus Latency Timer 40h
Self test 00h (Self test not supported)
PCI Class Bridge, type PCI to HOST
Subsystem ID FF001179h Unknown
Subsystem Vendor 1179h Toshiba America Information Systems
Bus 0 (PCI Express), Device Number 1, Device Function 0
Vendor 1002h ATI Technologies Inc
Device 5A3Fh RS480 PCI Bridge
Command 0007h (I/O Access, Memory Access, BusMaster)
Status 0230h (Has Ca... Read more

Answer:Vista installing Unknown Driver on all USB devices

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I have a x200-215 is the processor,T7500, capable of running Vista 64-bit and is it worth it just for Vista to recognise the 4GB of memory I have installed.

Answer:Satellite x200-213 and Vista 64-bit


I think your notebook could support the 4GB RAM.
If you are unsure check your user manual. There should be mentioned what memory modules are compatible.

But note; only Vista 64bit OS can uses the full 4GB RAM. The other 32bit OS can see only 3.2GB.

If you want to use the 4GB RAM you must ensure that the Chipset, BIOS and OS would provide the 4GB support.


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i have win7 32bit on my Satellite Pro S300-121.
I have 4gb of ram installed.
Should i install the 64bit version or will i not notice any difference in speed?

I know i have to do a clean install but is it worth it for the S300-121 any pros and cons either way, your thoughts

Answer:Satellite Pro S300-121: Win 7 64bit installation: yes or no

Your notebook has been equipped with 4GB RAM.
But Win 32bit can handle only 3.2GB. So this might be a main reason in order to switch to the Win 7 64bit OS because the 64bit would recognize the full 4GB RAM.
But if you use some programs and software which is compatible only with 32bit system, then I would recommend staying with Win 7 32bit OS.
But newer software can be installed on 32bit and 64bit systems?

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Hello everyone,

I' ve downgraded a R500 from Vista to XP Pro SP2 and installed all drivers from the support page in the correct order yet in the device manager are still 4 unknown devices called "Data Interface". Their hardware IDs are:


All 3 USB ports are working normal and at full speed, the Data Interface got to be something else.

Thanks in advance for any advice or help

Answer:Portege R500 - 4 unknown devices after downgrade from Vista to XP


this are the modem and the com devices of your build in 3G module.
Unfortunately the drivers are not available on the european download page now.
I assume it will take a few days till the drivers will be released.
Please watch for it.

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Equium A100-306 with XP Media Centre Edition.
Stickered as Ready so done clean install of Vista Ultimate (x64).

Now I have 2 "Other Devices" in Control Panel.
Did have 3, as Mass Storage Controller was in there too!

There is an x64 TI xx21 version that does not work, available from Download Centre.
Anyone know how I can track/identify the devices &/or the missing drivers?
Used DriverMax and online Update Driver but nothing shows.

PLUS - anyone knowledgeable about the A100-306 with T5500 duo proc......
Is this a true 64 bit device or is it a 32 bit system running a 64 bit processor?

I have x64 Vista loaded which should show 4Gb or more, but it still reads 3062Mb.
Having read lots, I find that some people differentiate between system and processor capability, others do not.
Is it possible to have a 64bit processor in a 32bit system?
Why has this issue not been solved?
If it is a 32bit system, why should we bother putting x64 OS on it?
Confused on this so any help would be great.

Yep! I have latest BIOS.
Oddly enough, I did get XP_MCE to show 4GB RAM immediately after BIOS upgrade.

Finally, Thanx to everyone who has asked (& replied to) all those other questions I had.
I came, I searched, I got the answer.......

Just the above to sort & I'm a v. happy bunny.

Answer:Vista Ultimate on Equium A100 - 2x "Unknown Devices"

Please not that the Toshiba Vista 64bit drivers are not available on the Toshiba page and therefore some unknown devices can appear in the device manager because of the not installed drivers!!!

> anyone knowledgeable about the A100-306 with T5500 duo proc...... Is this a true 64 bit device or is it a 32 bit system running a 64 bit processor
Intel Core2 Duo Mobile T5500 is known as a Merom/64Bit CPU.

> Is it possible to have a 64bit processor in a 32bit system?
Yes, the CPU supports 64bit OS and 32bit OS

> If it is a 32bit system, why should we bother putting x64 OS on it?
You can install everything what you want but the question is if you will get all the right drivers?

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I was try to install Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit on a A505-S6004 (originally Windows 7 Home Premium) on a new disk. Having downloaded and installed numerous Toshiba website drivers for Windows 7 and installing, I have two things left in device manager that I don't know what to get for them.
The info is under Other devices-Base System Device-PCI Bus 3, Device 0, Function1 and ..., Function2.

Any ideas what this may be?

Answer:Satellite A505-S6004 - Unknown device on Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit

It turns out I missed a driver, Ricoh Card Reader for Windows 7: rpn=PSAT6U&modelFilter=A505-S6004&selCategory=3&selFamily=1073768663#

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Like the title says.
Is it a cntl + F?? options to do this?
Ive had many errors with the drivers for my GPU and the latest one makes my screen go all mad.

As a last solution before I deliver my pc back, I will try to install Vista once more.


Answer:How to reinstall vista on a Satellite X200?

To install Vista use delivered recovery media. Put the recovery DVD into ODD. Start your notebook using power button and press F12 at start up. Choose DVD drive as first bootable device and press ENTER. When recovery procedure starts just follow menu on the screen.

It can not be so complicated. ;)

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at the end of the month I plan to remove Vista from my machine (Toshiba X200 - 219) and install Windows 7 Pro which my uni has on offer now for ?30.
In the process I'll backup all my data to an external hard drive, then delete everything on the laptops 2 hard drives, and then to change the partitions from c drive (75gb) and d drive (150gb) and f drive (75gb) to c drive (150gb) and d drive (150gb).

First of all I just want some info on changing the partitions according to this ( install guide for windows 7 it relatively straight forward as all I do is delete the specific partition (in this case f) and it adds to the first drive c.
I just want to know is this correct or not or do I have to do something different.

Secondly when I'm in the backing up phase of the operation I want to have a backup image of the vista recovery partition.
Unfortunately I can't find it anywhere on the hard drives. I've enabled hidden folders and still cant find it, as I am aware the recovery cd that came with the laptop is just a driver cd and has no operating cd on it.
Is there a way to request a vista cd? I have the cd key on the bottom of my laptop to prove I have a genuine copy.

I just want some help on having a clean install of windows 7 with decent sized partitions on it and having at ready a back up of vista is anything should go wrong,

Answer:Satellite X200-219 - Switching from Vista to Win 7

> I am aware the recovery cd that came with the laptop is just a driver cd and has no operating cd on it.
That?s wrong!
The Toshiba Recovery disk contains the image files. The image is a package which contains the Windows OS (Vista), Toshiba drivers, tools and utilities.
So you have to backup your personal data only.
The recovery disk will install the Vista and drivers again on your notebook.

Furthermore during Win 7 installation process, setup would provide you some option in order to delete or change the partitions size?
So the easiest way would be to format the whole HDD and then to create 2 partitions.


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Anyone tried to put 64 bit Vista on these X200's? I really cannot stand the 32 bit version and would really like to upgrade it but can't find any on the web whose tried it.

Any info would gratefuly received, thanks.

Answer:Vista 64 Ultimate on Satellite X200-23G??


a friend of mine has a X200 with Vista ultimate 64 installed. His OS works flawless and the drivers were available, so you don?t have to search for some alternative drivers in the web.

Just visit the [Drivers Download Site|],download the drivers for Vista 64 and install it. You will see: it works without problems.


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My Satellite A350 (PSAL6A) has after only about 6 months crashed with a fatal hard drive error.

I?ve decided to up the hard drive to something a little faster (5400 rpm) and finally rid myself of the dreaded Vista.
I?m upgrading to Win 7 (64) but I?m a bit suspect of some of the web sites offering Toshiba drivers
Is there a site where I can download all the drivers I need Just for Win 7 and not have to sort through the other hundreds that seem to be available.

Answer:Satellite A350 and Win7 64bit installation

Your question confusing me completely.
I use Toshiba download page for years and to find right drivers is quite easy. Choose right notebook model and OS you want and you will have full list of all available drivers.
Why is this so complicated for you.

Have you tried serial number or auto detection on ?

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Hello Guys..

I have a laptop Satellite U300-15P with 4 GB memory.
I installed Windows 7 64bit a mouth a go and after this the DVD drive doesn't work!
Someone know about this problem?


this is the error


Answer:Satellite U300-15P CD/DVD does not work after Win 7 64bit installation


You need to remove the upper and lower filters from registry key.
First of all remove the CD/DVD drive from the device manager.

Then go to registry and remove upper and lower filter from this key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

After that reboot the notebook.

For details check this:

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I have recently downgraded my Portege R500 from Factory-installed Vista to WinXP.
I have managed to install with no problem, and I have now encountered an "Unknown Device" which I cannot fix.

The details of this device:
Location: on Interl 82801GBM (ICH7-M) LPC Interface Controller - 27B9
Device Instance ID: ACPI\IFX0102\4&38462492&0
Hardware ID: ACPI\IFX0102 *IFX0102
Compatible ID: *PNP0C31

If anyone can help, please help!!!!!!

Answer:"Unknown Devices" after downgrad from Vista to WinXP on Portege R500?

This is Trusted Platform Module.

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I have a Satellite X200/N00 purchased earlier this year. It came with OEM 32-bit Vista Ultimate preinstalled.

This has mostly been working well but for various reasons I want to move to 64-bit Vista.

If you purchase a retail version of Vista Ultimate it comes with both 32-bit & 64-bit versions in the box.
Does Toshiba offer 64-bit version as part of their OEM licence, and if so, how do I get a copy?

Answer:OEM Vista 32-bit - how to get 64-bit install disk - Satellite X200/N00


Something like that is not known to me and I doubt you could get a 64bit OS for free.
Maybe Microsoft provides such 64bit Vista OS if you buy an Microsoft Vista 32bit.

But the point is that Toshiba preinstalled Vista OS is an OEM version and a part of the recovery disk.

I doubt that it?s a case using an Recovery disk...

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Sometimes during typing on vista, it will stutter and freeze. The delay is very short. Is this a problem with vista or the notebook. The processor T7300 Core 2 Duo 2 ghz.

Answer:Typing problem under Vista on Satellite X200-20S

Hi there,

I have a Satellite Pro S200 and the same problem was with my machine. It?s not a hardware problem, no, it?s more a driver related issue. So, the best thing you can do is to update your bios and to keep your drivers up-to-date. Just check the Toshiba Drivers Download site and make sure you have the latest drivers installed.

I had solved my stuttering (core2duo 2.33 Ghz, 2GB RAM) by updating all drivers..

Thats all


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Have recently upgraded my memory from 2GB to 4GB on Sat X200.
Bios sees the 4GB but Vista only sees 3GB.

Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite X200: memory upgrade to 4GB - Vista see only 3GB

Yes, I?ve got a idea?

This is a Microsoft 32bit OS issue? it?s a simply limitation of a 32bit OS.

On the Microsoft knowledge base you will find some useful docs which describe this behaviour.
Check this:

or this Toshiba doc;

or this useful blog;

Hope I could clarify this issue.

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Is there ever going to update the Nvidia 8700gt display drivers?

Answer:Re: Satellite X200-21T: Where are new Vista graphic drivers?

The drivers available on the Toshiba European driver page are the newest one.

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I have installed vista 64 bit on my x200, thought I had everything working but when I went to install the Toshiba HD DVD software, I get a message saying it cannot be installed on this computer. I tried a few third party decoders and none of them managed to play the HD DVD!!!

Any ideas



Answer:HD DVD on Satellite X200 - wont play with vista 64 bit

Hello Jim

As far as I know Toshiba does not offer software for 64-bit Vista and it is nothing strange there. you have used 3rd part software too. All of them 64-bit compatible?

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Is it possible to install Vista 32-bit on my laptop using other vista CD (NOT the recovery dvd I've got from Toshiba)? I don't want to use the recovery cd, because it is installing much stuff, which is useless for me (for instance Norton Protection Center, which is difficult to uninstall completly from system). I personaly prefer Kaspersky Internet Security. I've got other Vista Home Premium CD from my desktop PC. So can I install system from it using my laptop license key??
Recovery cd install some old drivers too and it's much more work to unistall them properly (nVidia ForceWare for instance) than to install newest drivers on fresh system. Does anybody know if its possible to exchange recovery cd for standard Vista install cd??
Thank you very much for answer!

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Answer:Is it possible to install Vista normaly on Satellite x200-253?

If you have your recovery media and safed your important data, you should give it a try. Should work with many keys, but not all, as I've read so far. Worked for me, so chances might be good for you too.

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I just bought a U500 laptop and am trying to install the 64bit version of windows 7.
It's got to the "Setup is starting Services" section and continually comes up with an install error saying the laptop needs to be restarted.
When it's restarted it comes up with the error again and keeps looping through.

Window's 7 was on the HDD when i bought it and was the first option to install when the laptop was started up. There's a recovery disk, but it downgrades to XP, something i'm not keen on. I've tried restarting in safe mode, all three options, to no avail.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Answer:Satellite U500 - Windows 7 64bit installation problem

> Window's 7 was on the HDD when i bought it and was the first option to install when the laptop was started up. There's a recovery disk, but it downgrades to XP, something i'm not keen on

I don?t understand this? You said the Win 7 64bit was preinstalled but the recovery disk contains the Win XP???

As far as I know the newer notebook series are preinstalled with Win 7 64bit and the recovery disk contains the Win 7 32bit? there is also an preinstalled Toshiba recovery disk creator which allows you to create own recovery disk with Win 7 64bit OS?

However, if the notebook was preinstalled with Win 7 then an HDD recovery option should be available too?. power up the unit, press F8, choose repair mu computer and then choose Toshiba HDD recovery?
This should start the Win 7 64bit installation again?

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hello guys. I want to make some questions

I have windows vista in my laptop and I want to make a clean installation with windows 7 64 bit. I have seen that drivers are ok in the site. So here are my questions

a) should i delete the hidden recovery partition or not? (eisa config if i remember correct)

b) I have taken 4 dvds with toshiba recovery disc creator. If I erase every partition in the laptop how can I restore my DVDs? With a programme in Windows or just setting bios to boot from dvds and then the procedure is automatic? Is the first dvd bootable?

thanks in advance and sorry for my english

Answer:Satellite L500-128 - Clean installation of Windows 7 64bit


a) Of course you can delete this hidden WinRE partition. If you have installed a new/other OS, this partition is useless.

b) You?re right. To restore factory settings from Toshiba recover disk you have to boot from the disks. The first disk is bootable and there you can start from the installation. This happens automatically, only few clicks are necessary to confirm the installation and create the user accounts, etc. Pretty easy and all drivers and tools are installed too! :)

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I get an error by installing Win 7 on my Satellite A200 1AS:

Status: 0xc000035a
Info: Attempting to load a 64-bit application, however this CPU is not compatible with 64-bit mode

But by searching on Toshiba Webpages for compatibility of Win7 on Satellite A200 I find always it should be possible to install Win 7 64bit if Serial No has a 7, 8 or 9 on second position. My Serial No. starts with 57...

Could somebody help me to find out the error reason.


Answer:Re: Error by installation of Windows 7 64bit on Satellite A200 1AS

Well the notebook seems to support the Intel? Pentium? Dual-Core Processor T2080
Here are some details from Intel about this CPU:

The ?Instruction Set? is 32bit and the CPU does not support Intel? 64 Architecture
+?Intel? 64 architecture delivers 64-bit computing on server, workstation, desktop and mobile platforms when combined with supporting software. Intel 64 architecture improves performance by allowing systems to address more than 4 GB of both virtual and physical memory.?+

So it could be possible that you will need to install Win 7 32bit instead of 64bit

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looking for a little help with this

i have been going at this for a few weeks now.

ERROR #132 (0x85100084)
PRogram: |?|?|?|?|?|?|? \Blizzard Installer
Bootstrap - 00c526a6\Installer.exe
Exception:0xC0000094 (INT_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO) at 0023:10003E3B

Press OK to terminate the application.


first let e tell you what i have

Runing Vista Utimate 64bit, i have the BFG 1000w / BFG 6801 LT SLI motherboard / BFG 9800GX2 1gig / intel E6850 core2 Duo 3.0ghrz / OCZ 4gig SLI 8500pc DDR2 (2.1v) / 2x Raptor 74gig SATA / 24" samsung / G15 keyboard / G5 mouse / Logi Fusion cam / sata samsung dvdr/cdr / and some logi speakers

and now what i have done

1/ memory is perfect
2/ "can you run this" web page yes i can
3/ vid card fully updated along with all other divers. Bios and Firm included
4/ same error for the CD installation or copy to HHD and then run it
5/ vista sevice pack 1 installed , had to download it then run it,
6/ vista updates 1 does not want to go in ( crital64bit one )

7/ other game Gears Of War is installed but i was getting errors that would not let me save a game ( mini dup error ) ps not my game but a legal copy so i can't update the game itself (might do it anyways and jsut pay for it just to see what happens LOL)
8/ then i got PS1 in, now it crash's within minutes of starting up.
and so, i have removed then reinstalled my divers, took it to the shop to have the system inspected for faulty parts - none found

i'll be in touch w... Read more

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I've got the above laptop.
I formatted the hdd to install a fresh copy of windows xp. I can't find all drivers!
I've downloaded all from the support page but my finger print scanner wont work says it's not connected.

My bluetooth can't be found and in device manager and i got yellow mark next to ethernet controller and I got an unknown device with yellow mark.

Its doin my head in...

Answer:Satellite Pro P100: After fresh OS installation some devices dont work


> I?ve downloaded all from the support page

It seems you did not download whole driver and utilities or you have installed the drivers in the wrong order.
Did you follow the guide lines in the installation instruction? No? Why not?

If you will install the drivers as listed in the installation instruction, everything will work ;)

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Does anybody know how Windows hot start work on Toshiba x200-21l?
I cannot configure this - and I don't know if this works on my notebook.

G Sven

Answer:Satellite X200-21l: How Windows Vista hot start works?


> I cannot configure this - and I don't know if this works on my notebook.
I have read about the Vista Hot start feature and it looks like the notebook manufacturers configure this hot start.
The hot start is linked to the Toshiba media buttons which can be found at the top of the keyboard.
In my knowledge these buttons are already configured.

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I'm new here.

So, I had installed all brand new drivers on my Vista Ultimate, but I had notice some big problems;

1. Where can I find or install 1GB turbo memory... I notice that in display settings are values not displayed as they should be written from Toshiba and on info cards;
2. In performance and most in games I notice slow, bad performance with SLI mode ON, with *.msi updates from Microsoft specially for sli and nvidia, so that 2 times 8600 GT with SLI where is performance?

All drivers I had downloaded from Toshiba support page...and here are my results: in picture:
Link: []

So I would be very pleased to tell me how could I improve my performance so that games in Sli mode will go on 1024x768 with high/medium details in games like (Call of Duty 4, NFS Prostreet)?


Answer:Satellite x200 21x with 8600gt sli - performance in Vista & games

Can somebody with Satellite X200 and with Geforce 8600gt SLI tell me how to improve performance on my laptop, and if its normally that with sli mode on, have the graphic card only 256mb ram, all together 1024mb and dedicated 767mb, as seen on link to screen of my graphic card;

Because I think that the graphic performance must be better...and now I dont know what to do??

On my Satellite X200-21X I run Vista ultimate, all latest drivers from toshiba support, and I cannot play games on 1024x768 resolution with medium details;
In COD4 is my default setting 800x600 all medium....

So what to do-I expect help and answers;

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I would like to know if the Recovery Tools CD of my Satellite X200 is able to restore my disk after a low level formatting?

In the waiting for, thanks a lot.

Answer:Re: Satellite X200: Vista restoring after low level HDD format


The usage of Toshiba recovery CD would format the whole HDD and would reinstall the whole Toshiba image again.
This means that the whole Windows Vista operating system, Toshiba drivers, tools and additional software would be installed on your X200 HDD.

I hope this is the information what you needed.

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The Fn keys on my Toshiba Satellite X200-1AA stopped working.
OS is Vista Premium SP1.

I don?t know the cause (a Windows update?).

Can anyone give me a solution (besides using the Restore CD)?


Answer:Satellite X200-1AA - Fn keys stopped functioning - Vista OS


Yes, I have also noticed the similar issue? after Windows Vista update some notebook functions stopped working?

I have reinstalled the VAP (value added package) and the Toshiba controls and the FN buttons worked again?

Check it out!

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My Satellite X200-252 is running under Vista Home Premium operating system.

I have strange problem with sound mixer. After (I think) some security patches applied my vista stopped from recognizing the sound device.
The taskbar sound icon on the right side of the screen is marked with red cross and while im clicking the icon the info-window states that there is no sound device connected.
When I select the properties, I see all 3 output devices, i.e. internal speakers, hdmi and digital output. However no icon is displayed in the window. But the configuration is working.

Moreover the keyboard shortcuts as well as touchpad works as expected. I mean I can mute/unmute etc..

But I can not change the volumes per channel. For this I need the mixer app.

What I can do to repair my comp?


Answer:Satellite X200-252 and Vista sound mixer problem


In your case I would recommend reinstalling the sound driver.
As far as I know this notebook supports an Realtek sound card.

You could visit the Realtek website and could download the sound driver directly from this page.
You need an HD sound driver.


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How can I turn on HDD advanced performance buffer in vista? This option is not available for this disk?

Answer:Satellite X200-15k - how can I turn on HDD advanced buffer in vista?

*Check this:*

1. Right-click Computer in the Start Menu and then select Options.
2. Click Advanced system settings on the left.
3. Select the Hardware tab in the System Properties window.
4. Click the Device Manager button.
5. Expand Disk Drives.
6. Right-click a hard drive under Disk Drives and select Properties.
7. Select the Policies tab in the Device Properties window.
8. Check off Enable advanced performance.
9. Click OK to save the changes and restart your computer.

If this is not possible then the advanced performance buffer is not supported with this HDD.

Greetings buddy

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When starting 64-bit version of win 7 cmd.exe script faile due to following error
ERROR could not move v:\_IMG\10185xsP*.swm to v:\HDDRecovery\SWImg

Duplicate file of file already exists.

Has anyone had similar error?
This happens when installing Win 7 as a first time startup

Answer:Satellite L500-1DT - HDD recovery Windows 7 64bit installation fails

Which notebook model do you have?
Please send full model name and model number.

You can find it on Toshiba sticker at the bottom.

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Satellite A200 PSAE6E.
Installed Windows XP instead of Vista.

Everything is fine instead of one thing. Device manager shows that PCI Memory controller is unknown device and showed in question mark symbol.

What sould I do? I think i installed all drivers that were possible to download from Toshiba support.

Any suggestions? Really appreciate.


Answer:Satellite A200 - Unknown device after XP installation

You will never find a driver for PCI memory controller on XP.
This hardware is only supported by Vista and so you can ignore this yellow exclamation mark.

By the way, this I have found on the Toshiba website:

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Is there any driver for display that work with Vista?
Is there any game or 3d application that works fine?

I've tried about 30 differnt versions, tried official (even chess in vista doesn't work properly it gives a driver error every minute) tried to launch games I have.

Even if it support Vista it simply doesn't work.
With SLI enabled or without it doesn't matter.
I've updated bios with latest availble from toshiba. It didn't help.

I've searched i-net for info and tried different solutions to make display driver work. I have 500mb display drivers from lap2go with huge number of infos for my nvidia card.

I don't know what to do. I'll try to go for XP.

Answer:Satellite X200-21k: Need Vista display driver to play games


Maybe you don?t need any new display drivers but you have to change simply the SLI settings;

Check this article:

[*SLI performance may be less than twice that of a single GPU*|]


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I have upgrated my Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate and remote controller is not working. Well upgrated... I bought Vista ultimate and instal it.

Is there any driver for my remote controller?

Answer:Satellite X200 - after Vista upgrade remote controller is not working

Hello there,

Which edition of vista ultimate you have installed? If it is 64-bit edition then its very difficult to install drivers manually, because Toshiba doesn't support 64-bit (Unfortunately I have also bought Vista Ultimate 64-bit and now regret because I got lots of problem with graphic card drivers, I have to roll back to factory setting because of that i.e. vista home premium 32-bit). If you have 32-bit edition then you can install any drivers that supports for your laptop (of course IMHO). Just check the Toshiba website and from Support & Downloads menu you could install drivers according to your needs.

I hope this helps if not then best is to contact Toshiba.


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Just bought an Satellite X200 in France, obviously installed with a french version of vista home premium, any way of changing the language to english?
I have access to another laptop running vista in english, maybe a simple file swap?

Answer:Change language under vista from french to english on a Satellite X200


yes there are many solutions to change the language. Some are official some unofficial and some are not very legal. Since this here is a official forum I can just give you a official hint:

It?s a link to the Microsoft Knowledgebase which would lead you to a How-to about changing the display language. Hope it helps.


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I have a problem with my display drivers (20080904102618 from toshiba site). It hangs my system during 3D applicactions run (NFS Pro Street, HoMMV), comparing 2 PDFs (acrobat reader 9).
Blue-screen comes out and physical memory is dumped...

Have you got any solution of this problem?


Answer:Vista 32-bit hangs BSOD due to a display driver on Satellite X200

Why you don?t try to update the graphic driver.
Check if the other graphic drivers will help you to improve this situation on the notebook

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I installed Windows 7 Ultimate (Genuine) installed all the drivers I could find in Toshiba's site and almost all Windows Updates but I have one device that is not recognized :

1) Unknown Device

Answer:Satellite A500-1GH - Unknown device after Windows installation


Unfortunately I think nobody here can say you what device driver is missing exactly?
Can you post the vendor and device ID?

Maybe this document can help you a little bit:

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I just installed Windows 7 64bit into my laptop Toshiba Satellite A500 -132 and in device manager its saying that there is unknown device ACPI\ENE0200. Do you know what drivers should I install?

And the second problem is that when I installed Value added pack there is usually a red light shining out of the headphone jack, but when I installed the audio driver the light disappeared and doesn?t shine anymore.

Is there any fix for that?

Answer:Satellite A500 - unknown device after Win7 installation

It is the ENE CIR Reciever or at least it was for me.

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~ Please keep in mind that I'm from the Netherlands, so my English will not be as perfect as yours ~

Like the title suggests I'm experiencing a lot of problems when I try to install my wireless adapter, the D-Link DWA-142.

Before I bought the DWA-142, I mailed DLINk with the question if the DWA-142 supported both vista 32 and 64 bit editons. Dlink confirmed that and replied with an 100% compatibility statement.

When I try to install the adapter with the supplied driver disc, I am experiencing errors like: Cannot install wireless driver, or: Cannot find wireless adapter. When I use the add hardware wizzard he does not 'see' the disk...
I also tried to install with windows XP SP2 compatibility.. Same results.

Note: When I plug the USB adapater in, VISTA is aware of it but the DLINK installation wizzard isn't.. How wierd is that...

How can I solve this?

Answer:DLINK DWA-142 installation problems in Vista 64bit

Are you sure it is 64bit compatible.... i think it is not, unless you find new drivers on dlink web site

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*Note* the first bit is just dosent need to be read, you can skip down to the question!

Two weeks ago i got vista ultimate 64 bit, and as an OS its amazing- i couldnt ask for more it looks absolutely amazing, preformance is amazing, its secure, stable (NEVER freezes with standard use), and was very easy to install (I dont get what everyone is bitching about...) , Windows even automaticly found all my hardware and installed the drivers for me, set the os at the correct resolution before i even logged in, AND found my wireless network and AUTOMATICLY CONNECTED TO IT! A task that took my dad THREE DAYS to do manually in XP (im not even kidding it really took him three days before he figured out how to trick it into working).

Anyway i realize i look like a M$ underground add campaign but i just really like the os. (and only had to pay 45 bucks for vista ultimate it and 50 bucks for office 2007 ultimate through my uncle who does accounting for M$, so it dosent feel like my money is being sucked from my pockets even though its like that for everyone else)

Of course a fully functional os that good WAS to good to be true, there is one part where vista just completely fails... GAMING

All of the games that ran at 30-60fps in XP with 4xaa and 8xaa run at a good 10-15fps in vista, most being unplayable with the exeption of old games like UT2004, which run OK but still freeze up every 10 seconds as if im playing F.E.A.R at max settings and soft shadows or something.

Meanwhile, my f... Read more

Answer:Need help! Can you switch from 64bit vista to 32bit after installation?

Yes you can switch, but you have to do a full reinstall. As long as you're not installing a second copy anywhere, then you're not using a second license. Its the same license as before. When you go to reactivate, it may say the copy is in use. Go with the phone route and explain what you did to someone who doesn't trust you and can hardly understand anything you say. That has already happened to me with some minor hardware changes , and I was able to get my copy reactivated after 30 minutes of being quizzed like someone who took his ipod on an airplane flight and accidentally flushed it in the toilet! =)

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I need to install the 64bits version of Vista on my Notebook Satellite A100PSAARE sn:17177793Q that comes with recovery CD OEM Vista Home Premiun (32bits).

The code in the label is not suitable for the installation of the 64bits version and I want to get one that would be ok.
Do I have to buy an update to get this code? Where?
Can Toshiba provide me with the proper code?

Andrea Gasparetto

Answer:Satellite A100 - Can I use the product key from Vista 32bit for Vista 64bit


The product key on the bottom side of the notebook is an OEM key. That means it belongs to the preinstalled Vista version and can?t be used with another version that you can buy on the internet or computer shops.

So if you want another Vista version you have to buy a copy with product key from your local computer shop for example.

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Don't know if anyone can help me but I'm losing the will to live.

I've got this laptop, the OS corrupted and basically failed due to a malware infection. I never had the recovery disks so I've clean installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit twice in the space of 3 days because each time, Windows Update will not work. It simply sits on checking for updates and never finishes. I've tried EVERY solution going - ive reset windows update, done all the fix it programs supplied by microsoft to no avail.

As I said, this is a totally clean install, no anti virus, no 3rd party firewall, updates attempted via both ethernet and wifi. Am I missing a driver of some sort? There are no exclamation marks or warnings in device manager?!

It's doing my head in. What am i doing wrong?!

One observation, both installs have required me to activate via phone, it wouldn't work via the internet?! Is this related in any way?
Drivers installed:

I got them off this page:

Is there any that I'm missing that are important?

Thanks in advance!


Answer:Satellite C660 PSC0LE - Win7 64bit clean installation - update issue

Is SP1 already installed on your Windows 7 system?
If not, you could download this from here:

Otherwise I recommend you to check the MS knowledge base regarding the Windows 7 update issues.

You don’t’ use the Toshiba image and therefore this isn’t Toshiba notebook problem but system issue.

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Hi, apologies in advance - I'm sure this has been discussed before but a quick search didn't turn up any similar threads... feel free to just reply with a useful link!

I'm just doing a new install of MS Vista Ultimate 64bit on a 128GB Samsung ssd. I have a 1.5TB hdd to use for bulk storage and games, and an external 1.5TB drive in a caddy too - so storage space is not an issue.

However, even before WIndows Update has finished it's most recent bout, my install is running at a staggering 30.6GBs!!! All I've installed so far is Windows itself, all the hardware drivers and Firefox + a few plugins. And WU is still downloading stuff as I type this...

What I'd like to know is what I can do to shrink this massive install size down a bit... I have turned off System Restore but haven't restarted yet (WU is taking *hours* at the moment, literally...). Will leaving this off help? Do I also have to manually delete the backup/restore file image too?

There is another biggish file called hiberfil.sys iirc. That is for when I put the PC into hibernation - I don't usually ever do that. Can I delete this and/or turn off the hibernate function safely? Again, do I have to manually remove the actual file/folder or will Windows do that (on restart, perhaps)?

Supposedly there is/are folder(s) with tons of excess drivers that MS included with Vista but which I don't need - how big is this and can it be safely deleted?

Likewise, what happens to all the update files that Windows Updat... Read more

Answer:How to minimise my Vista Ultimate 64bit installation size?

OK, slight update... I found a windows(old) folder! So that got deleted. From a past failed install, could have sworn I'd installed to a clean, freshly formatted drive - but I guess not. Anyway that is about 5GBs that's now gone... So, 'just' 26GBs currently (but still increasing...)

I can't tell if turning off System Restore made a difference though.

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I really need help. I don't know what to do. I'm installing Vista Home Premium SP1 64bit in my newly built PC but when it came to "Please wait while Windows check your computer's performance." it just totally froze on me. It's been frozen for over 30 mins now and I want to reset it but I'm afraid I might mess something up. Can someone help me pronto! Please.

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Anyone know how to set the default drivepath in windows vista 64bit? I changed the registry entries (both of them) in the current version file already, and it still wont change :-/

Answer:Vista 64bit wont allow me to change installation path

Maybe I'm misreading, but if I had to venture a guess, you tried moving your Program Files directory to another partition, and now you are having an issue installing some software?

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