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Satellite 1900-303 Memory upgrade

Question: Satellite 1900-303 Memory upgrade

I need to complete a memory upgrade to 1Gb. I have placed 512Mb in the memory expansion socket but now need to replace the internal 256Mb. The user manual says if is possible in that all memory is plugged in to 2 144pin SODIMM sockets and total memory capacity is 1Gb. The expansion memory socket is one, and the internal memory socket is the other. The question is where is the internal one and how do I get access to it? How is the case removed to gain access? Specifically which screws should and should not be undone. All help gratefully received.



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Preferred Solution: Satellite 1900-303 Memory upgrade

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite 1900-303 Memory upgrade

I think you have misunderstood something in the user manual.
Fact is that the notebook supports max 786MB.
256MB internal memory + 512MB in the second slot.

You can use only one slot for the upgrade. The memory from the internal slot cannot be removed and you cannot place another module.

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How do you get keyboard off this model to upgrade memory?

Answer:Memory upgrade on Satellite 1900-803

Why keyboard removing????
In my knowledge the expansion memory module slot is placed at the bottom of the unit near to the fan.
The cover should be secured with one screw. Just simply remove the screw and cover and you will be able to upgrade the memory.

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Hi, I've just purchased 1Gb of memory (2 512Mb modules) to upgrade my 1900-303. However when I opened it up, firstly I can't see any existing memory modules and secondly the memory won't fit. According to the handbook it will take 144 pin sodimm pc133 modules. This is what I bought.

Has anyone upgraded the memory on their 1900-303 and if so what memory did you use?


Answer:Satellite 1900-303 memory upgrade.

I?m a little bit confused about your handbook !

I?ve helped my colleague upgrading his Satellite 1900-305.

This machine needs PC2100 DDR-RAM and the Notebook can handle 768 Mb maximum memory !
And there is just one slot upgradable at the bottom of the machine.

I don?t think that the Satellite -303 and -305 are different in using Memory. So you better try to exchange your Memory modules at first.


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I realise there has been a recent posting on this forum. However I installed 512MB in the user memory expansion slot and realise that the "on-board" 256MB (in my case) is under the keyboard and can be replaced albeit carefully.

What is the other slot in the memory expansion area.. it looks like a small slot.. like a 133 PIN or something.

Anyone any ideas ?

I must say the 512MB has made a notable difference, best ?30 I have spent in a while.


Answer:Satellite 1900 303 Memory Upgrade


You are right. On this notebook model only 1 slot is user upgradeable. This slot is placed under the ?Expansion memory module cover? (near the cooling fan). Original memory module is PC2100 512MB (PA3164U-1M51). It is 200 pin memory module and it is pretty small, not so big as on desktops.

I can tell you only one thing: be sure you have compatible one and everything will be OK.


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I am puzzled. Toshiba handbook says I should have 2 memory slots yet I appear to only have 1 (memory slot has 4 fixed chips). I received computer with 512 but want to upgrade to 1GB which book tells me I can do.

How do I upgrade with 1 slot and what/where can I get. I cannot find in Toshiba website. Please help

Answer:Satellite 1900-102 Memory Upgrade

Hello Croy,

yes, there aretwo memory slots availble, but there is only one slot userupgradable!!!
You can bought PC133 512MB (PA3108U-1M51), PC133 256MB (PA3086U-1M25) and PC133 128MB (PA3085U-1M12) at every Toshiba Service Station and the max. availale RAM is 768MB (256MB internal and 512MB in the userupgradable slot)

Here is a link: &selOptionCategory=4700


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Looking for help guys, According to the manual there should be two slots for memory modules in the memory bay but there is only one that fits. There is 256 Mb built in and I have already added 256 Mb. Where is the original 256 Mb module ? I wish to replace both with 512 Mb modules. Orcalogic only give the single part number as per the manual.
Any help would be great.

Answer:Memory upgrade on Satellite 1900-303

Hi there,

Unfortunately the second RAM is under the Keyboard, but I really don?t know how to reach it. I think it would be necessary to disassmble the machine to get access to the second module.

Thats all what I know.


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my machine has been running even slower since I downloaded i tunes and norton. I understand that by upgrading the ram it should run faster without having the expense of buying a new machine.

The trouble is that I have read my manual, looked at this forum and spoken to Toshiba where I have now got 3 different types of ram to put in.

Can someone clarify, even Toshiba couldn't explain why the manual says different to what they are?

Thank you,

Answer:Satellite 1900-303 memory upgrade conflicting advice


I don?t know what information did you get from the different people but it seems that the simple 200-Pin PC2100 (266MHz) DDR SODIMM memory modules are compatible and supported!!!

You should be able to upgrade the notebook with every module which supports the specifications above.
It seems that two module slots are upgradeable and you can use max 2 x 512MB.

This page will confirm my suggestions:

I hope everything was clarified ;)
Have a nice day?

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My satellite 1900-203 has a memory problem and I want to replace it.
The handbook says there is no memory that is really internal and fixed to the motherboard. The memory would be on 2 expansion slots, available for upgrading to 1 GB.
On the indicated place I can see a one memory slot, but it is empty. Placing a memory module there upgraded the size, but didn't solve the problem.

Can anyone tell me where I can find the internal memory, whether it is fixed or not, and give me the part number.

Thank you !

Answer:cannot find memory of satellite 1900-203

the part number for your 1900-xxx:
PA3126U-1M12 PC2100 128MB
PA3127U-1M25 PC2100 256MB
PA3164U-1M51 PC2100 512MB

The internal memory module is placed in a standard memory slot beneath the keyboard. You must pull out the little plastic cover where the Power On button is placed. Then you will see two screws which holds the keyboard. After removing them, turn the keyboard on the palmrest. Then you will see on the MBO a little aluminium foil. Under this is located the memory modul

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Have a Satellite S1900-303, wish to upgrade to 1gb. manual states 144pin so dimm pc133. some websites check recommended memory as 200pin, nothing on Toshiba site on this model, which is correct please?

Answer:Memory expansion for my Satellite 1900


According the specification this unit can handle just with max 786MB of RAM.
I don?t know how many pins the modules have but I have found that compatible module for your unit are:

PC2100 128MB (PA3126U-1M12)
PC2100 256MB (PA3127U-1M25)
PC2100 512MB (PA3164U-1M51)

Please notice that this machine has two expansion slots but 1 slot is not user upgradable (probably this one with original 256 MB)!!!

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My S1900-803 has 256mb and 128mb present. The manual says I can add 512mb into the remaining slot. It specifies SODIMM 144pin PC-133 3.3v however I have analysed the laptop using CRUCIALS web site and this states that the memory present is DDR and not SODIMM etc (the results below): So who should I believe ?? and what sort of memory should I buy

-------------------------CRUCIALS RESULTS----------------------------------------------------
System Manufacturer: TOSHIBA
System Model: S1900-803
Motherboard Manufacturer: Null
Motherboard Model: BTR20
Your Computer Specifications
256 MB DDR PC2300 128 MB DDR PC2100 EMPTY
Maximum Memory Capacity: 512 MB
Currently Installed Memory: 384 MB
Available Memory Slots: 1
Number of Banks: 3
Dual Channel Support: N.A.
CPU Manufacturer: GenuineIntel
CPU Family: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1.70GHz Model 1, Stepping 2
CPU Speed: 1694 MHz

Answer:Upgrade RAM on my Satellite 1900-803

I see you are a little bit confused ;)

These are compatible Satellite 1900-803 memory modules:
*200-Pin PC2100 (266MHz) DDR SODIMM*

Check this page:

Hope it?s clear now ;)

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I want to upgrade to 1Gb of RAM i.e extra 512MB on my Satellite 1900-603 P4 notebook, I have checked the manual (addendum) and it states 'Onboard two 200 pin +2.5V DDR SO-DIMM sockets supporting DDR RAM memory modules. Max upgrade to 1GB by two 512MB memory modules.

I couldn't find the part number on the Toshiba website, so I checked on the Kingston website which gave me KTT3311/512 or KTT3614/512, I purchased KTT3311/512 from this advice.

Unfortunately, when I come to install the part the second slot is smaller than the original slot. i.e less pins.

The RAM I purchased matches the part in the original slot, but obviously doesn't fit into the spare slot.

Could anyone tell me what the part number is for the smaller RAM and why this information is not available either on the Toshiba website or in the Manual including the Addendum.

Answer:RAM upgrade for Satellite 1900-603


I?ve downloaded the user manual for the Satellite 1900-603 PS192E series and it says the basic soecifications of the memory used are:
144pin SO-DIMM module
3.3-volt SDRAM
PS-133 (PC-100 is unusable)
128MB, 256MB or 512MB capacity.

But according to this page:

the notebook should handle 200-Pin PC2100 (266MHz) DDR SODIMM memory? hmm very strange ?:|

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Hi people!
I have some questions about my laptop. I know is a little old, but I've to stay with it :P

OK, my intention is upgrade its specs as much as possible. First, I changed the hard drive for a 40GB one (for me is enough).
I wish to upgrade the memory, by now I have 512MB, and 1GB is preferible. In the specs chart of the laptop says it can be upgraded only to 768MB, but reading the Intel 845 chipset flyer, I think the problem is the hardness of getting to the internal memory stick, under the keyboard. But I opened it, and with a cutter and patience achieved to access the module. So, is possible to change my 256MB sodimm modules for two 512MB and have no problems detecting them? Is my bios ready for them?

And the difficult one, about the processor. I know you always say that cpu upgrades in laptops are not well seen, for bios and overheating problems... so, is possible to change my 1.6GHz Pentium 4 [SL5VH|] processor for a 2.6Ghz P4 [SL6PP|] , or similar, and have it well detected by BIOS?

If I test it on my mobo, is secure to switch on the laptop to see if the speed is the right? Have any risk of break the mobo?

Answer:Satellite 1900-101 CPU upgrade

Hi mate,

I think the biggest problem with that upgrade story is that maybe the components inside of your machine like the chipset are capable on the flyer to do some more but the manufacturer of the notebook system (in this case Toshiba) does some limitations which are cutting some features or whatever down to fit the manufacturers needs, so the system does work right well.

I guess your system is not in the warranty anymore, so if do something with your machine it doesn?t really matter since if you damage something on your machine you can be sure that a new machine will come. :)

Regarding the memory modules, I think you should insert the 512 MB stick on the top of the mainboard because if the system does not support more than 768 MB you can stick on the bottom of the machine a 256MB stick.

And regarding the CPU: It?s not possible since you need a really BETTER cooling system then now. I think the cooling module in the machine is not able to handle such powerful CPU. If you really install the CPU you will have a fan which will never stop.


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I have a satellite 1900-303 and I ask someone to tell me please if the expansion memory slot 2 is configurable. If it is, what for? To share video memory?
I have seen on one site that is configurable, but on users manual is not mentioned that and I need to be sure before to buy another memory module.

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Answer:Satellite 1900-303: Is memory slot 2 configurable?


Your unit has no shared memory option and whole memory is identified as ?system memory?. Adding a new memory module is very good idea because of system performance.


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I've just bought an 512MB PC2100 DDR-RAM chip (my notebook type of memory) to upgrade my notebook memory. I have now 768MB. The chip's manufacturer is Kingston, one of the best manufacturers as I have heard. But now I'm getting some problems. The system "crashes", my display definition stays 640x480 with 8 bits color and I receive an error saying that there is a problem with ati2dvag.dll driver.
I reinstalled the windows, with my recover cds, but the problem remains.
Any idea about this?

Answer:Satellite 1900-303: Problems with expanded memory

hey there,

Could you please download the display driver from the website and also could you please update the bios as well


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I am trying to locate the original 256mb ram to upgrade to 512 but cannot find it! I have previously added a 512 in the spare slot and works fine but where on earth is the original one? it states there are two slots in the please

Answer:Adding extra memory to Satellite 1900-303

Hi rockpebblar_1,

What notebook model you have exactly?

On certain notebooks you can find one memory slot under the keyboard. That means you have to remove the keyboard first before you can exchange the RAM.

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I have a Satellite laptop 1900-303.
I have downloaded Bios upgrade bios-20071126165418 but when i run the Check.exe it informs me it is the wrong upgrade.
But the text files in the upgrade include 1900-303.

Is there a different Satellite model to the Satellite 1900-303 called simply 1900-303 or is this the correct Bios, please help.

Answer:Bios upgrade for Satellite 1900-303


I have checked the Toshiba European driver page and I found two different versions.
There is a BIOS 1.80 and BIOS 2.10. Both BIOS version are traditional BIOS.
This mean that the BIOS should be update using the traditional procedure? using a floppy disk?

But why do you want to update the BIOS?
Is something wrong with your notebook?

You should know that a BIOS update is always risky and should be done only as the last solution option?

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Hi all,

Well, this forum has been great for me so far, thanks JohnnyS!!

Wondering if there might be someone out there who can help me with the following problem:

When I right click on 'My Computer' (running winXPpro) I see the following-

*line 1* Intel(R)
*line 2* Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1.70Ghz
*line 3* 1.69Ghz, 768 MB of RAM

I would assume that the two readings of processor speed would indicate the maximum processor speed (*line 2*) followed by the actual speed (*line 3*). If this is the case can I squeeze the extra 0.1Ghz out of her, is it worth it and if the answer to each of these questions is "yes" then how do I do it?

Secondly, if I wanted to upgrade (/replace with a slightly faster one) the processor would this be possible?
If so how high can I go and where could I get such a thing? Is there anything I need to be careful of?

Many thanks to all of you experts helping us beginners out.


Answer:Getting the most out of Satellite 1900-803 processor / possible upgrade?

Hi friend,

how you?re doing? Hope well, today I give you some another hint (which, I hope, would perhaps help you...or not ;) )

Your CPU is already running at *1.70* Ghz but windows displays it often with some mhz more or less. If you want to know if your CPU is really running at 1.70 Ghz then download "CPU-Z" which is a good an reliable tool regarding measurements on the CPU.

There should be also a tool which shows the frequency of the CPU in realtime and you will see that the CPU frequency is not constantly running at 1.70 Ghz, it?s more like a clock-generator (what a CPU is) which goes *around* 1.70 Ghz.

Surely you can try to upgrade but here in this forum no one will give you some instructions or hints. If you want to know the capabilites then check out which chipset is installed and with these specs you should be able to find out which CPU probably would fit or not. A little bit research is never wrong ;)

Here?s a (hopefully) helpful link for you:

Otherwise, my advice is "never change a running system"


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I have just tried to upgrade my bios on recommendation from Microsoft due to reported serious processor/bios conflicts.

The downloaded flash bios routine appeared to be working well from the floppy disk for about two minutes then suddenly the whole laptop shutdown without warning. The machine was rebooted but only with a blank screen and no further booting either from floppy or hard drives.

The front panel LED display shows the infrared icon in solid red without any flashing (this has no references in the instruction booklet).
I have tried several key sequences on re-boot from information obtained via google searches on the internet. None of these appear to make any differences. The recovery CD supplied with the machine does not work either on re-boot when used with the recommended C key plus on/off switch.
I was considering trying to reset the password using one of these parallel port fixers described on the net?
Any other ideas on a way forward?
I guess Toshiba offers no guarantees with their bios routines even though I have lost a considerable amount of important data?


Answer:BIOS upgrade on Satellite 1900-803


You are right. The warranty should no cover this ?misfortune?.
It seems the notebook does not boot because you have updated the BIOS with the wrong version or with the wrong update procedure.

Mostly it?s not easy to estimate what could be wrong.
Maybe you are a lucky man and the BIOS chip must be only flashed again using a special procedure.
In the worst case the board is dead and you will need new one?

Seems you will have to contact the service technicians in your country.
Ask the guys for further handling and details? good luck

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Hi... My laptop is a toshiba satellite 1900-102 with an 20Gb hard disk. I would like to ask if I can upgrade the hard disk with another model and not the classic toshiba MK**18GAP. Is it ok to use a hard disk from another vendor? I want to use a disk from Hitachi which is cheaper but will it be compatible?
Thanks in advance!

Answer:Satellite 1900-102, Hard Drive Upgrade

Do know nothing about Hitachi, but what talks against a exchange of the hdd ?
The most important point is the measurements of the hdd.
About the capacity I just can tell you that we have a Satellite 1900 with 30 Gigs running


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Hello, All!

my s1900-704 laptop has native GeForce 440 go gpu.
but under the keyboard i`ve found empty slot, allegedly, for another video card. so, am i right with the slot and is it possible to upgrade this model? and what gpu`s will "fit"?

p.s. sorry, not sure, if you can post links here, but there you go, photo of the slot:

Answer:Satellite 1900-704 video card upgrade?


Unfortunately you can't upgrade the Video card in laptop since they are custom designed. There is no standard VGA slot for laptops.

That slot in your picture is a Mini PCI slot, which is designed for Wireless LAN cards, MPEG decoder cards, modems, and other "accessory" PCI devices.

The Mini PCI port would be far too slow for a Video Card. Plus there would be no space for the VGA monitor port.

Video cards need an AGP port or a 16x PCI Express port. Your GeForce 440 is internally connected to the AGP bus. PCI Express does not exist in your laptop model.

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My standard graphics card is 32MB. Is it possible to upgrade???

Answer:Satellite 1900-303: graphics card upgrade


Usually graphic card upgrading is not possible but, as far as I know, on this unit the graphic card is not fix mounted just socket fixed. Contact the service partner and ask about possibilities how to do this.


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I want to upgrade the HD of my Satellite 1900-102 because of the original 20GB HD is to small.
What type of HD Toshiba can I use? 2.5" or 1.8" too?
Is the Toshiba MK1234GAX 2.5" 120GB HD compatible with my notebook?

Answer:Satellite 1900-102 Hard Drive Upgrade


Two years ago I have had Satellite 1900-703. Nice peace of hardware isn?t it? On this notebook you can use 2,5?? HDD only. 1,8?? HDD is used by slim line notebooks like some Portege models.

To be honest 120 GB is little too much for this oldie and I am pretty sure it will not wok. If I am remembering well my Satellite was delivered with 40 GB. Maybe 60 or even 80 GB HDD can operate with this notebook but 120 GB ?. I am pretty sceptic it will work.

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Hi all

I used to work with a Toshiba Satellite 1900-102 since July 2002 and on March my hard drive stopped working (perhaps it was about time).
Where can I buy 2.5" drives that this Satellite series can support ?

What is the maximum capacity (in GB) a laptop that old can recognise?

Thanks all for your help!

Answer:Hard drive upgrade for Satellite 1900-102

It is not easy to get info about this old Satellite notebook but I know that this old models have HDD with IDE interface and was offered with 20 or 30 GB capacity.

I don?t know for sure but I believe you can use HDDs with more capacity and I think 60 or maybe 80 GB would be enough.
Where you can buy such HDDs?
I believe you can order it online in some online store but you can get it cheap on eBay.

To be honest no one need such old HDDs so you can get one on eBay for less money.

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I have been trying for quite a while to get a new hard drive for my S1900 102. I think I have found one but am not sure if it will fit. The person told me that it will fit in a Toshiba but that was all. It is an 80 GB 2.5" 9 mm 4200 rpm IDE Laptop Hard Disk Drive. Will this work in my model? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Satellite 1900-102: Question about Hard Drive upgrade


the problem here is not whether the HDD will fit in the notebook or not (BTW it will).
The problem is if the BIOS can recognise HDDs with this capacity. And I think it doesn't.
But maybe there's a new BIOS version available.
Sorry I don't have the info to say it more clearly.


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I've a S1900-303 and I'm thinking of upping the Hard Drive to 120gb. What problems, if any, will I encounter and can I do it froom the Toshiba boot disk or should I just install XP from a XP disk?

Answer:Satellite 1900-303: Can I upgrade the Hard Drive up to 120GB


As far as I can remember the Satellite 1900-303 was delivered with the 30GB HDD.
So in my opinion the 120GB HDD size is a little bit too big and I presume the notebook BIOS will not recognize this HDD!!!

I think you can use a 40GB, 60GB and maybe a 80GB HDD.

PS: you should search for the HDD with the enhanced IDE (ATA-5) interface!!!

Good luck and have a nice day

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I upgrade my laptop's ram to 8GB (2*4Gb). A 64-bit version of Windows 7 shows that I have 8GB of memory but there is only 3 GB of usable system memory. How i can use the 8GB. My version of the Bios is 2.00. In the Bios, i have not found the option "Enable the memory remapping feature".

Answer:Satellite A500-1GR - RAM Memory upgrade but 3GB usable system memory

Such option doesn?t exist in BIOS and the whole thing is controlled automatically. BIOS update will not change anything.
As far as I know on Toshiba notebooks you cannot ?force? notebook to use defined amount of RAM.

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I'm looking to upgrade the amount of memory for this specific model. I've seen some good propositions for regular Sodimm pc133, but i'm not sure it'll work. Does this model requires a specific memory model just for it or for the series?

Is there any reference/spec I can look for?

Thanks in advance!
Miguel Pereira, Portugal

Answer:Sattelite 1900-101 - Memory question


You will need PC133 SDRAM modules.
Buying the Toshiba recommended modules you?re on the safe side.
I found these modules which are recommended by Toshiba.

PC133 512MB (PA3108U-1M51)
PC133 256MB (PA3086U-1M25)
PC133 128MB (PA3085U-1M12)

Have a nice day ;)

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I am not able to get my tv-out working from the satellite 1900-102. I think it is sending NTSC but I do not know how to change it to PAL.


Answer:satellite 1900-102 and tv out

Hi Henkoo

there are 2 possible places to set this.
Either the BIOS setup or the videodriver.
I am not sure which is the right one for Your model, but the simplest way is to first check the BIOS.
When powering up the machine, You will see a Toshiba-logo for almost 2 seconds. While the logo is visible, you can press F2 to enter the BIOS setup and have a look around. If You feel unsure when going there, please just read the guiding text and be careful when pressing buttons. Normally You should not be able to do any 'harm' to the system when You're there.

If You don't find the PAL/NTSC setting in the BIOS, boot up Your machine and go for the settings in the videodriver.
Right-click the desktop and choose "Settings". From there it's probably quite straight-forward.



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Hello together !

For your information:

Did a memory upgrade today at 2 Toshiba Satellite Pro 2100 (1,9 GH, 256 MB DDR-RAM originally), both up to 1 GB, all fine and not problems.

Just wanted to end rumours about "only 512 MB all together" or even less.

If searching for it, remember to think of the specifications:

DDR-266 (PC2100)
200 PIN
CL 2.5

concerning RAM frequency, building form etc.



P.S.: Don`t think a discussion is necessary, thread could therefore be closed...

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100 - RAM Upgrade - Memory Upgrade

According the notebook specification Satellite Pro has two memory slots and can be upgraded up to 1 GB. It is very useful to have your confirmation about RAM upgrade for this old but still good notebook model.

Have a nice day.

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Hej all,

I own a Satellite S1900-704 since years and I'm very lucky with it with Debian Linux running.

Last week I assembled a Hitachi 160 GB harddisk which works fine. Now I want to increase RAM.
The laptop is equipped with 2 pcs of 256 MB RAM which is total 512 MB of course. I read, that it is possible to put in 2 pcs of 512 MB instead which would increase RAM total 1 GB. My question is: Can I put in 2 pcs of 1 GB to have 2 GBs total? I don't find any confirmation for that....

Thanks in advance!


Answer:RAM expansion for Satellite 1900-704

>Can I put in 2 PCs of 1 GB to have 2GB total.
No, in my knowledge this is not possible.
The memory of Satellite 1900-704 can be upgraded up to 1024MB max.
In this case you can use max 2 x 512MB memory modules!

The notebook will not run with 2GB of memory :( unfortunately

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Does Satellite 1900-102 supports USB 2.0?

Answer:Does Satellite 1900-102 supports USB 2.0?

Hi har

Sorry but Satellite 1900 supports just USB 1.1. If you need USB 2.0 there is PCMCIA solution that you can use to connect some external USB 2.0 devices.

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I own a Satellite 1900. Is it capable to handle W-LAN?

[Edited by: admin on 22-Jan-06 20:54]

Answer:Can Satellite 1900 handle W-LAN?


Can you please tell us which Satellite 1900-XXX you have? As far as I know most 1900 models are not WiFi ready just Satellite 1900-704 is ?WiFi ready? model.

You can use USB WLAN stick but I recommend you to use PCMCIA solution.

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I am looking for some drivers for my Toshiba Satellite laptop, mainly NETWORKING and VIDEO drivers (why do I even ~need~ net drivers? can't windows be so smart enough as to have these?)

anyway, going to [] I figured out the following:
* Model Family: SATELLITE
* Model Name: S1900-603
* Toshiba Model-Part No: PS192E-00NVN-SL

this was quite obvious, as all this information is present on the silver sticker.

but I said I wanted to download drivers, didn't I? following different links, I finally ended up here: []

can someone please tell me HOW I'm supposed to guess what selections I have to make?

what is the series? ALMPRU or X or even something else? whatever I chose, nothing even approaches my model-part n°...

Answer:Satellite 1900-603 - Need drivers

First of all one message is more as enough and please don?t create 100000 threads about this same theme!!!

This is a Satellite 1900-603 as mentioned in the model name!!!

Go there

and you will find you notebook series in the Archive!!!

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Hi guys!

I'm new here, so I would ask you do be understanding if, in first times, I make mistakes...


I have a Satellite s 1900-303 with winXp Pro, and I have a problem with Ethernet: first, my router software doesn't recognize the ethernet network card, second, i've checked the activation of the Ethernet controller in Control Panel --> System --> Hardware, but it "said" that I don't have the drivers for it.
I don't know the brand.

It's the original installed in this laptop. If someone can help me...

Answer:Satellite 1900-303 - LAN issues


Did you check the LAN card in the device manager?
Is it recognized properly? Or did you see some yellow exclamation marks?

The Satellite 1900-303 is an older unit so the drivers have been moved to Archive area.
Check the Archive for LAN driver and if necessary install it again

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I have a problem with booting CD after restarting laptop.
I want install new system XP and format disk.
I set properties in BIOS for booting from CD Rom, CD with XP Professional is bootable. CD/DVD Rom is normaly working.
What shall I do?
Thank You for Answer

Answer:Can not boot CD in Satellite 1900-102


Put CD into DVD device, start the unit pressing power button and press C key and keep it down for a few seconds. On this way the unit should boot from DVD device.

Try it.

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I have the toshiba notebook S1900-301. its quiet old but i lost my driver cd and i found on only drivers for the S1900-303 notebook. Can i use these drivers for my notebook? Or knows anyone where i can get all drivers for my model?


Greetings Rainer Snehotta

Answer:Need drivers for the Satellite 1900-301


Are you 100% sure that you have a Satellite 1900-301 and not a Satellite 1905-301???
I have searched on the Europeans driver site but didn?t find any drivers for this unit.
It seems such unit does not exists ?:|

But on the US website I have found drivers for 1905-301

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I want to replace the Toshiba SD-R2212 CD rewriter with DVD burner (I was thinking of the NEC 6650a). A hunt around the web indicates that this laptop expects the optical drive to be a master on the second IDE channel. Is this correct?

I have also read (from an official Toshiba source) that all Toshiba drives operate as Cable Select as default, which seems inconsistent with the first piece of information. Since I would like to buy a drive which operates "out of the box" can anyone tell me how I can avoid the IDE #1 Error I will get if I don't buy a drive with the right Master/Slave/Cable select setting?

Answer:Satellite 1900-305 CD R/W Replacement

Hello Talon

I have Satellite 1900-703. I have no precise information which drive will fit and works properly but I know just that 1950 series have DVD-R/RW drive. Maybe the same drive will work with 1900 series.

I use DVDs very often and the best solution for me was external drive connected via firewire port. Data transfer speed is very good and on this way I can use the newest and fastest DVD burner (also double layer). Before you search a long time for a right solution I can just recommend you to do the same.

On this way there is no drive that can burn just some formats but you can buy burner that supports all available formats.


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My trusty notebook decided it no longer wanted to boot up - when I start it the fan starts and I get the Toshiba screen and then it goes blank, no beeps - but the fan still runs. I pressed F12 and it told me the following; windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt \windows\syatem32\config\system you can attempt to repair this file by starting windows setup using the original setup CD Rom
select r at the first screen to start repair

Will this really work?
Anyone got any idea what happened?
Where can I get the original setup disk from - I've had this since 2002 and no longer have the original.
Please reassure me I haven't lost the hard drive!

Any help gratefully received


Answer:Satellite 1900-303 P4 won't boot up

Hi there,

sounds not very good but a repair with the setup CD will maybe the only way to make your system running again.

You really don?t have your windows cd or a recovery cd at your hands? Please give some information which material is available to you.

Maybe we can do something, you can maybe ask some friends if they have a XP cd. This could be useful since it does not matter which cd you use.

Would appreciate some feedback from you.


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Who can help me?

My HDD ( 30GB EIDE ( ATA-5 ) 4200rpm of my Satellite S1900-203 has crashed. I have tried to find a similar HD through the internet but sofar I didn't succeed. \
I have no idea wether it is possible to use another brand or not , let alone a HDD with more capacity.

This is however not really necessary for me, I am no computer wizzkid and am probably not able to adjust the settings.
Does anyone no a solution? Is there anybody out there who still has a similar HD which I can purchase?

Is there anyone who ever tried to replace the HD of a S1900-203?

I thank you sincerely in advance if anyone could help me out. Rens van Zanden

Answer:HDD crash of Satellite 1900-203

As you ready said the Satellite 1900-203 supports an IDE HDD controller (ATA-5)
So you would need an 2.5? IDE HDD not bigger than 120GB.

Due to the ATA-5 standard you can use max 120GB HDD. It?s no matter what manufacture it is. Important is that you would buy an 2.5? IDE HDD


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I have the Satellite 1900 - 101

I want to upgrade my RAM ...

I did some searches and end with the site which offer it compatible with

Satellite 1900

and other one which is compatable with

Satellite 1900 - 102

So which one of the two parts should I take to fit my laptop do they mean by Satellite 1900 the Satellite 1900 -101 by defult ?
or should I buy the Satellite 1900 - 102 part ?

I am confused please help me ....
and thanks in advance ?

Answer:Which part? Satellite 1900-101 RAM


according to the specs theese are the memory modules You need:
PA3108U-1M51 PC133 512MB
PA3086U-1M25 PC133 256MB
PA3085U-1M12 PC133 128MB



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*Hi All,*

I have a Satellite S1900-303 which has suddenly stopped playing DVD's.

*Operating System*: XP Pro SP3
*RAM:* 1 GB
*HDD:* 320 GB
*DVD Rom:* Standard Toshiba SD-R2212
*Graphics:* Standard ATI Mobility Radeon
*Software*: WinDVD 8 Platinum

The DVD-ROM drive will recognise and play / install from a CD but not a from DVD.

I have done all the usual checks:

The device driver is up to date,
'Device Manager' reports that the DVD-ROM drive is working correctly.
Tried playing a DVD via Windows Media Player, but the CD & DVD options are 'greyed out'

Has anyone else experience a similar problem and if so , is there a solution to this problem?

Answer:Re: Satellite 1900-303 will not play DVD's

Hey mate,

How have you checked if the device driver is up to date? There is no driver update for all CD/DVD drives?

Normally if CDs working properly but no DVDs, it seems to be a hardware malfunction. Before you exchange it, try cleaning the lens using a microfiber cloth.
Furthermore you should test if you can boot from a bootable DVD to check if it?s a software issue or not.

As I already wrote in worst case you need a new drive? :(

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Of late the computer switches itself off when
a) I try to instal Adobe Reader 7
b) I try to use SystemSuite 5 tools or virus check
Also, although I have followed all the correct instructions, bios upgrade is not successful. I had a nasty experience when after I inserted the required floppy and the bios upgrade started, the computer went dead and I could recover it only by using the Windows XP boot disks I had luckily created.

I have recently totally cleaned up the computer and reinstalled everything including MS patches and so on.
Othewise, the computer is working okay but to my mind the system is very fragile somewhere.

Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite 1900-703: Swithces itself off

It can be that system is ?fragile? somewhere. I know from the experience that OS can be instable just if OS is installed without using Recovery CD. I have the same unit at home and I had no problems with any software installation especially not using Acrobat Reader. You wrote something about self made WXP boot disk. Can you please tell me more about it?

I have also made my own discs (own image) using Norton Ghost software.

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I am having dfficulties in Logging into windows XP once the computer has started up. Once the login is displayed I select my User Id, type in my password, windows begin's to log into my account and then immediately log's me off back to the Log in page. It will not let me access any part of windows. Can anyone help - urgently?

Answer:Satellite 1900-303: Windows Log in

Hi John,

It is possible that your settings have been corrupted in some way so that Windows cannot log you on correctly. This can happen if the notebook is powered down during the log off process (the point where Windows says it is saving your settings.)

Try to boot into 'SAFE' mode and you will find an account entitled 'Administrator' which you can use to access your notebook and check your own userid or even delete it and set yourself up with a new one. Note that this 'Administrator' id does not have a password unless you (or someone else) has previously set one.


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My 1900-303 doesnt let me save to CD. It appears to work then comes up with an error message asking me to "...change disk or update firmware..." I went to the Toshiba download pages and downloaded the firmware stuff and then extracted it and uploaded ( I think!) it, completing the job with a reboot. I still get the same message when I try to save to CD.

I am using Windows XP.

What is the problem and how do I fix it?

Answer:Satellite 1900-303: saving on CD is not possible


Did you try to do this on different empty medias (different manufacturers)?

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We have a Toshiba Satalite laptop that does not have any driver cd's its Model Number - PS192E-00G1N-EN

There seem to be no drivers on Toshiba europes website for this model, can anyone help please?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Re: Satellite 1900 - Need XP drivers


Seems you are talking about the Satellite 1900 PS192E

I found some drivers in on the Toshiba European driver page.

Yes, the driver page contains some drivers for this unit but I assume you didn?t find it because they are placed in archive area.
Seems the drivers have been moved because the Sat 1900 is a old notebook model.


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I would like to know how i can enable infrared port on the satellite 1900-101?


Answer:Satellite 1900-101 infrared


You can activate infrared port in Device manager. Go to SMC IrCC Fast Infrared port an click with right mouse button. Choose ENABLE.

Now is activated. If you want to make some other settings you can find it under ?Wireless Link? in Control panel.

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Need drivers for Satellite s1900-101.

Answer:Re: Need drivers for Satellite 1900-101

Hi mate,

if you need drivers then click [HERE|] and choose "Archive" instead of Notebook. In the "Archive" you will find drivers for your machine type.


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I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite 1900-203 that I just opened that is left of the blue.
After I got disconnected radiator and the CPU cooler filled with dust (was beaten with dust) then I removed the cooler and radiator cleaning .

Then I assembled everything back together as a unit ...
I was all you had and when I tried to light it is silence (and the monitor of the Caps Lock key is not lit.),

All the rest go. I did some tests to see who 's:
1) I joined my LCD monitor and laptop just silence ..
2) I put the network with the laptop because it had net from my pc table and monitors the Network Connexion as were death and last attempt
3) I joined the Music Center AUX laptop and dead (not hear anything) .

I think that probably one of the causes may be burning RAM feature.
Actually it is very strange because how and what were burned Ram ... they can go one better ... but even so 2?

Oh yeah, I forgot to say that I tried to put only one RAM and the same goes.

Please help me ... I have not yet met such problem and I have no idea what might be wrong.
What to do?

Can be bought for a RAM? How about? Waiting for your answers.

Answer:Satellite 1900-203 cannot power up


What to say my friend?
Have you disassembled your notebook following some instructions or on your own?
Have you experience with this stuff?

How you can be sure everything is connected properly again?
What happen exactly when you press power button? Is there some reaction?

To be honest I don't believe you have this problem because of RAM. In my opinion you didn?t assembled it properly.

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Hard Disk crashed.. does anyone know the spec of the HD in a Sat 1900 303.. Its a 30GB drive but just need more detail to give to data recovery company. Wife in panic as she is a classic home user and never backed anything up..

Answer:Satellite 1900-303: Does anyone know the HDD specifications


Maybe I am wrong but you do not need any data. Every professional company can handle with every HDD given for data recovering. If I am wrong please let me know.

Is HDD crashed or maybe your wife has deleted all important data by mistake?

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i'm looking for a Display driver for my old Toshiba Satellite 1900-102.

After installing Win XP Pro, a generic driver for ATI Mobility Radeon was automatically installed and it doesn't work properly.

Refreshing window is very slow and impossible to manage or configure.

I'm trying to find it but it seems like impossible.

Can anyone help me please?

Thank you.



Answer:XP display driver for Satellite 1900-102


> Refreshing window is very slow and impossible to manage or configure
The problem is that a graphic driver was not installed and the Win OS uses own common Microsoft driver.

To solve this issue you should install the graphic driver from the Toshiba European driver page.

To find the European driver page follow this path; -> Support & Download -> Download Drivers

There you should search in the ARCHIVE!

Good luck

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Satellite 1900-303 but still working for surfing, the fan never stops and makes so much noisy, not nice! Problem even worse is that the power will be suddenly off without any notice. This could be caused by the overheating power supply system and it is kind of self-protection, could anyone tell me how to fix this and if it is worth to do so?

Thanks a lot,

Answer:Power suddenly off on Satellite 1900-303

As you assumed already, this could be caused by overheating. First, check if there is any dust on cooling vents. If so, use compressed air spray to clean it.
In most cases this works just fine and it is a cheap solution.

If this doesn't fix your problem, well, I think you will have to go to an local ASP to check your machine. They can tell you what exactly is wrong and how much would it cost to repair it.

After this, you can decide on your own, if it is worth or not.

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My Satellite A210-16F (PSAELE) *always works with 800 MHz instead of 1.9 GHz* - even if I select full power profile. I reinstall Windows but it didn't help :/ Core temp shows me only 50 C temperature.
If I try run some latest game it detect 800 MHz CPU and exit... Its not only bad power profile i think...

Maybe I can try load last BIOS and refresh it?

*Anyone know where can I download last BIOS for Satellite A210-16F PSAELE?* I can't find it :( Only old driver, no ony BIOS upgrade for my laps...


Answer:Satellite A210-16F PSAELE - CPU always 800 MHz instead of 1900

Check CPU settings at first and see if you can change anything there.

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I had my Satellite 1900 locked out with a black screen. It happed after pressing accidentally FN+F2. I don't think the notebook has a locking password (I think its set on the BIOS) but I can not get back the control by pressing any key.
I have tried also FN+F5 (just in case it was an external monitor issue) but don?t work either. May it be that it has a default password on the BIOS?
Could you tell me what it is the default password or how to recover from that situation?

Thanks a lot.

Answer:Locked screen on Satellite 1900 after using FN+F2

If you have not set a password, just press FN + F2, then enter
If a password is set : FN+F2, Enter, password, Enter

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i would like to replace the 2,5" ide drive in a Satellite S1900-100.
What is the maximum capacity for hdds in this notebook?

Answer:Satellite 1900-100 - What is a maximum HDD size


As far as I know this notebook supports the ATA-5 interface and therefore it should be possible to use the 120GB IDE HDD because the ATA-5 support the 28bit LBA

But to be honest I didn?t find any details what max HDD size could be compatible?

I seems you would have to test it?

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Hi guys,

I wanna know an info about my Satellite 1900-303.
What kind of RAM can be installed???
I have a 266 mHz, but it's quite impossible to find it now in the market at good prices,
so can I mount a 333 mHz RAM, or my laptop won't recognize it in a good way?????????
Will it work? And how can I set the bus on the BIOS? (If I can...)


Answer:Satellite 1900-303 - What kind of RAM can be installed?


Satellite 1900-303 can be upgrade up to 1GB RAM.
This would mean that you can use max 2 x 512MB RAM modules.
The compatible RAM modules are:
200-Pin PC2100 (266MHz) DDR SODIMM

I think you could use 333Mhz too but if the FSB is set to 266Mhz then the 333mHz will run only at 266Mhz.


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I attempted to run the recovery disc on my Satellite1900 laptop and the first disc ran fine, however the process aborted halfway through the second disc and has wiped everything off the drive!!

It keeps saying there is no operating system and aborting my attempts to run the recovery disc again, or starting the recovery process and then stopping.
I really need a hand as this is my mum's computer, i said i would help her and have instead crippled the laptop!!!!! DOH!!

Answer:Cannot run recovery disk on Satellite 1900

If i can get a copy of XP from somewhere, will i be able to install it on this blank HDD, and will i then be able to run the toshiba recovery disc?
I didn't have time to read what the error message was when it quit the recovery process, the message came and went too quickly!

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Hi all,

I have been looking for a replacement battery for my Satellite 1900-803. The battery part number is PA3166U-1BRS, and when I search for it on a popular auction website I get a number of different optons, all Li-ion:

1: 14.8V
Capacity: 6600mAh
2: 14.80V
Capacity: 6000mAh
3: 14.80V
Capacity: 5850mAh
4: 14.8V
Capacity: 4300mAh

So, which is more appropriate? As I understand it they are all compatible. I would assume that the higher the "mAh" the better, is this correct? Price is not an issue, just performance!

Many thanks all!


JohnnyS if you're out there you could make this three out of three for me!

Answer:Advice on what new battery to get for Satellite 1900-803

The battery which provides a higher mAh value is definitely better because the performance is stronger and you could run the notebook much longer using such battery.

Therefore I recommend buying a battery which supports a capacity of 6600mAh

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For some reason my Satellite 1900-303 will not turn on any more.
The old battery would claim to be charged yet it would not switch on.

I have purchased another battery but this still hasnt resolved the issue.

Can anybody help?

Answer:Satellite 1900-303 wont switch on

Did you connect the notebook to the AC adapter???
Please note that a new battery is not charged and before you will be able to use this battery you have to charge it!!!

If the AC adaptor is connected but the notebook still does not boot then you should remove the battery, disconnect the AC and should wait about 15-20min.

After this short period connect everything again and try to start the notebook!!!
If it will not help then there is no much to do :(
In most cases the hardware fault causes such issues and the help from technician is needed!!!

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i have a Toshiba satalite s1900-303 (model number- ps192e-00g1n-en) and i cant find it.
I have somehow locked myself out of the laptop. I used to haver a password to use the laptop. This password is not only for the bios it is also needed to operate the laptop.

Somehow the password has changed and therefore i cant use the laptop at all. I have contacted a toshiba shop and theyu have told me to use a serial loopback cable to somehow fix this and he also mentioned to try to overwrite the bios with a new one.

I would like to try this but i cant find the Bios or even drivers. I was wondering if anyone can help me to fix this problem thanks.

PS: When regestering on the toshiba site i had to enter the serial number for the laptop.
The model under my name says 1900-803 when the sticker on the laptop clearly says 1900-803

Answer:Cannot find the BIOS for the Satellite 1900-803


> I have somehow locked myself out of the laptop. I set a password to use the laptop. This password is not only for the bios it is also needed to operate the laptop.

I think you have set the BIOS password.
Unfortunately, the BIOS password cannot be removed from the notebook if you don?t know the old password.
You cannot remove also the BOS password by BIOS update. If you would try to update the BIOS while a password is set then the ROM module will not flash correctly and you notebook will not boot anymore!!! It?s risky!!!

Only the Toshiba authorized service provider can remove the BIOS password. Ask the technicians!!!

PS: You notebook is a Satellite 1900-803 model and the BIOS, drivers, tools, etc? can be found on the Toshiba European driver page in *Archive* folder!!!

Choose *Archive ? Satellite Archive ? Satellite 19xx*


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After being hit by a rather nasty virus (long story, but my son went on line with the fire wall disabled) my bios on my satelliet 1900-102 was damaged and i cannot re-boot, also some programs no longer work. Where can i get a download of the Bios for my!

Answer:Satellite 1900-102 BIOS required


It?s very uncommonly that the BIOS is damaged after virus attack.
But however the BIOS you will find on the Toshiba website.

Please check also the BIOS upgrade procedure because a wrong procedure can damage the motherboard.

PS: you should firstly try to recover the OS before starting any BIOS upgrade procedures

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My satellite 1900-803 only runs on battery pwr. When AC pwr unit connected, correct indicator is lit, and AC power icon appears in systray. But the system automatically powers itself down when battery goes low. AC unit appears to be ok and does charge the battery as well as showing correct led indicators when hooked up to the system.

Any suggestions dear people?? :)


Answer:Satellite 1900-803 runs on battery only


I think you have a malfunction with the power supply electronic. This can only be checked by a Toshiba Service Partner!

At Toshiba site you will find a list with all Toshiba Service Stations!


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I have a Satellite 1900 803, my internal CD Rom can't read the recovery disk, I am thinking of getting an external cd rom to use it for my recovery disk.Has anyone tried this before and do I need to install a driver. My laptop has a USB port. Appreciate any advice and comments.Thanks

Answer:External CD Rom, can I use it to reboot my PC (Satellite 1900 803)


I'm not sure, why your CD drive doesn't read the recovery CD. Have you tried to read it with another computer?

Anyway, yes it is possible to boot a notebook from an external drive. I think it should not matter, if you use an USB or PCMCIA drive. When it is connected the laptop should recognise it and in most cases install the driver automaticly. Maybe you need to insert a CD with the driver, if you got one with the drive.


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My TOSHIBA« Satellite 1900-203 Pentium 4 1.7GHz laptop does not boot up.
The problem was the CD/DVD drive was not working ie not reading most CD's
except for the Toshiba system CD.Thinking it was a BIOS problem went to toshiba site and updated the BIOS version TR20100A. After that the system does not boot up ie it is just dead.Took to one of the local agents and they say need to replace the mother board which is costing around $350.
Need help as to how to recover,is it a motherboard problem? So do I need to spend $350 looks like buying a new laptop would be better!.
Iam located in middle east BAHRAIN,ARABIAN GULF.Please help.
Thankyou guys in advance.

Answer:TOSHIBA® Satellite 1900-203 does not boot up

If you have a bad BIOS flash, then you're in real bad shape. The only way to recover is to replace the BIOS chip on the motherboard. Unfortunately most BIOS chips are soldered into place these days and requires the motherboard to be replaced as the repair shop recommends.

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I have recently had to do a complete reinstall of Windows XP.
After the install I have no sound, although the window drivers are installed and the device is working properly.
Also I no longer have the driver disk that came with the laptop and can't seem to find any downloads for the vga drivers I need.

Please can somebody point me in the right direction for a solutiion or where to get the drivers.
The vga updated driver on Toshiba's website says I need to install the original first.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite 1900-303: After Xp installation no sound

Looks like you need the XP drivers to solve all your issues ;)
That?s very easy? I presume you didn?t check the Toshiba European driver page exactly.

The Satellite 1900-303 is an oldie and therefore all the drivers were moved to the *ARCHIVE* category.
Therefore I would recommend searching in the Archive area on the Toshiba European driver page.

I?m sure you will be successful.

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I had to reinstall the operating program recently and cant get the dvd drive to work properly,it will only read cd-rom, not any audio CDs or DVDs. I have updated the drivers but that makes no difference.Does anyone know of a solution?

Answer:Satellite 1900-102: can't read CDs or DVDs


I don't know why this happens but I would suggest to reinstall the system again with the recovery CD.


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Anyone know where I can download an up to date driver for the SD-R2102 DVD/CDR drive in my old 1900-102?


Answer:Satellite 1900-102: SD-R2102 driver

Hello Dave

It will be interesting to know which kind of problem you have with CD/DVD drive.

If the driver is shown in device manager but if there is code 39 message it can be that the drive is not shown in windows explorer. In this case check this page;en-us;320553 .


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I have a Toshiba S1900-102.

I am putting a bigger (40GB) HDD in it and I would like to install my English XP Pro SP2 on it rather than the original German XP Home that is on the recovery CD.

Is it possible without going the dual boot route, and if so, how do I go about it? Would it be possible to mount a Ghost image of my desktop XP system on the new drive if I connect it to the desktop with the converter cable? Would it then work on the laptop and would I need to load any Toshiba specific drivers?

Many thanks!

Answer:Re: Satellite 1900-102 XP install without recovery CD?


I?m not quite sure what you want to do?
Do you want to use dual boot on your old Satellite 1900?

If you want to use both Win XP then you will have to create an second partition on the HDD.
Firstly install the OS from the Recovery disk.
Then create second partition using an 3rd party software like partitions magic.
After a new partition has been created you could boot from your other Win XP CD and could install the second XP on the new created partition.

The XP drivers are on the Toshiba European driver page.
You have to search in ARCHIVE folder because the Sat 1900 is an older unit.


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I have a Satellite 1900-S303 which has a broken screen. The hard drive and ram have been removed by the prvious owner. If I power on the laptop it gives 3 long beeps and does not display on an external monitor. My question is what is the meaning of the beeps, Will it not display because the ram is missing and what sort of ram do I need. There are 3 memory slots, one under the keyboard and two in the underside, all are missing ram chips. Basically is it worth buying a new screen for it, as they are very expensive?

Answer:Satellite 1900-303 beep codes


It is quite possible that the machine will beep if no RAM is available.
To help you with the dilemma of new parts - consider the following:
Sum up the price for new RAM modules and a new harddrive.
Contact an ASP and ask them for the price of the screen for this model (you got to be specific since there are several models of the 1900-series!).
How much is that? Compare it to current prices for the kind of machine you need (notebook/desktop/performance and so on). Then it should be simple to judge how to proceed.



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please where i can get the recovery software for my 1900-703 notebook? i lost those recovery cd.. my computer is in danger.. everything seem unstable. where u can download or get the recovery cd? help me thanks.

Answer:Need Recovery Software for Satellite 1900-703

Hi Ahmad,

Unfortunately there is no official site from where you can download the contents of the recovery CDs, you can, however, obtain replacement CDs from your nearest Toshiba Authorised Service Partner. You will need to give them the full product code of your notebook (on the label underneath the unit) so that that they can supply the correct CDs.


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I have a 1900-303. In the space where you can install additional RAM, there is a slot for another card. The feild service manula refers to a min PCI card.
Does anyone know what this, what it does and should I get one. Many thanks Richard

Answer:Free slot in my Satellite 1900


I have Satellite 1900-703. I don?t know if my model has other construction but if I remove expansion memory cover there are just two slots for RAM module.

Sorry but I have no idea what this can be for.


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Just recently my cd drive gave up working. I quickly relised that the computer does not recognise the cd drive is there and its drivers are no longer present. However everytime i start the computer up it says new hardware to be installed and the cd drive makes i noise. However it will not proceed to install the drive and thinks its a printer for some reason.
I have lost the orginal disks, and would appriciate any help someone could give me.
Thanks Ian

Answer:Satellite 1900-102 CD-RW driver disappearing

CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive type : CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive
This is the type of cd drive it has if this is of any help to people trying to help me.
maximum speed : 24-speed CD-ROM, 8-speed CD-R, 8-speed CD-RW, 8-speed DVD
compatibility : CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-R(read only)
buffer size : 2 MB
weight : 300 g
interface : EIDE
Ultra DMA burst data transfer rate : 33.3 (mode2) MB/s
Multiword DMA burst data transfer rate : 16.6 (mode 2) MB/s
DVD player software : WinDVD

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I need drivers to my Satellite 1900-203 (Part Number : PS192E-0080N) but I cant find it anywhere.

It seemes to be easy clicking drivers on this ( site but it only gives me a error message "Sorry!"... frustrating

The driver I need most is the graphic driver.

I appreciate any help!

Answer:I cant find drivers for my Satellite 1900-203

It is easy to find drivers for this satellite notebook. Please do the follow:

Go to
Product type ? ARCHIVE
Product series ? SATELLITE 19xx
Model - SATELLITE 1900-102
Short Model No ? PS190E
Operating system ? WXP

... and so on.

That's all you must do.

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Hi Every body
I bought a Satellite 1900-303 in 2003. Recently, it's cd/Dvd drive stopped to work properly. whenever I put a Cd in the driver it assumes that the CD is a audio cd. if the CD is completly Audio cd or partly contained audio files it opens the cd without any problem. but if cd is data CD or software CD after trying along time my system hangs up. I change the settings of the properites of Cd drive in Autoplay section from Music file to other options such as "mixed content". but after inserting CD into the drivers it agains changes automaticaly to the "music file". I showed my notebook an expert in computer system and facility, he tried to reinstall windows XP to solve the problem but it didn't work. Since the driver was not working he used external driver to install windows XP. but the problem has not been solved.
Is there anybody who knows by accident what I should do to recover it?
Awaiting helpful advices.

Answer:problem with cd/dvd drive on my Satellite 1900-303


did your friend installed the XP from a MS Cd or from the Toshiba recovery CD?

At my Toshiba notebook the autoplay section is also setted to Music file and works properly!

When did this failure occured for the first time? Did you used the MS System recovery option at Start - Accessories - system prog. - System recovery
Perhaps the backsetting of your system solve the problem!

You can also check if a firmware update is available for your drive! (If it is a Toshiba drive go to

Bye Hans

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I purchased this notebook in April 2002. In July 2004 notebook often stopped charging battery after ca 10 minutes of charging. I had to withdraw charger from the mains, wait for ca 20 minutes and start again. Now charging time is very short and battery gets flat after 15 minutes. APM in my notebook appears to be OK.
I have to buy the new battery!
But I am afraid that there is something wrong with charging software in 1900-101.
New battery is costy business and I don't want to spoil it in the short time.
I use notebook occasionally. Is it normal that battery should be replace after 2,5 years?
Can you help.

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Answer:Battery problem with my Satellite 1900-101


It is not possible to say what exactly the life time of battery is. In your case it is also possible that there is some problem with charging electronic.

How long you can work with notebook using battery? I don?t understand what you mean with ?charging time is very short??

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Were i can download this drivers:s

For this Laptop i cant find in the drivers and support area or if someone can tell me were to downlaod the wireless drivers

thank you

Answer:Satellite 1900-703 - Where to find drivers?

You can find the drivers on the Toshiba European driver page.
You can find it in the archive.
In Product type choose Archive and then Satellite

Then you will find the drivers

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there's a button for a wireless system on the keyboard!
What kind of module can I build in to have WLAN? Or is it not possible to have WLAN with this laptop?



Answer:Satellite 1900-101 - What WLAN module do I need for it?

Unfortunately Satellite 1900-101 is not ?WLAN ready? and you cannot build in WLAN card.
In my opinion best WLAN solution for this old notebook is to buy PCMCIA WLAN card.

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Are there any downloadable service manuals for the Toshiba laptops - as some other manufacturers have on their websites.

I have the usual problem with a laptop where the power connector is intermittent. I suspect that it needs resoldering as I have had this with other laptops.

I need to know how to open the case up to access the connector as there are no service companies near me and I do not wish to send the laptop away for such a minor repair.

The laptop is a
Satellite 1900-305 P4 2.4GHz/512MB/30GB/15TFT/DVD-CDRW/LAN/XP HE


(I do work in electronics by the way)

Answer:Service Manual for Satellite 1900-305?

Hi Martin,

I don't believe that Toshiba make service manuals available for download from any of their web sites, but I have from time to time come across copies on CD available on E-Bay.

I have never tried one so I can't say just how accurate or reliable they are.


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Sorry for my poor english, I'm learning :)

I have a Satellite 1900-303, windows xp home edition.

Sometimes, when I try to copy on CDrom some, for exemple, music whith the multimedia reproductor, all proces is ok, but in the end... no files :(

The system error say:
El dispositivo, \Device\CdRom0, tiene un bloque defectuoso.

What can I do? Thank you very much

Answer:Satellite 1900-303 cdrom problem

Sorry but this Error Message is not in English !
Can you try to translate it ?

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After I restored Windows system I find that the CD driver can't read and run any CD and DVD. I can't download pictures from my digital camera. I think that?s so funny.
But that?s true. I've checked Device manager. It looks as if that CD driver has never existed in my laptop. I couldn't find any clues. If anyone can help me sort out, that will be so pleased.

Thanks a lot.

Answer:I can't find CD-driver in my Satellite 1900


I assume the drive is not visible under my computers or in the device manger.
I have found a information that the solution at this Microsoft knowledge base article could help;;en-us;320553

Good luck

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Can anybody tell me about any compatible VGA Driver for my Satellite 1900-102 notebook. It is not available on toshiba website.


Answer:Satellite 1900-102: Need graphic driver

Hi there,

where did you look for the driver? On the european site?

Here are two links which will lead you to

Toshiba Europe drivers download ->
Toshiba Canada drivers download ->

Otherwise if you really do not find anything you could try

since you have a ati graphics chip in your machine, the omega drivers should be useful for you.


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whilst putting in a memory chip. I spotted a space for some other sort of card. Looking at field manual it mentions a mini pci board. I want to upgrade the video card if possible (6 months in bosnia is going to be tedious without games!!). Does any body have any ideas?

Answer:satellite 1900 - video card

Hello Richard

I don?t know which model you have exactly. I have 1900-703 and I am very satisfied with graphic card. If you believe me this ?oldie? runs much better as some newer units (have already tested with different games).

I am not 100 % sure but I think that graphic card upgrade is generally not possible. If you want put a little bit more RAM inside and have a fun with it.


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My laptop after having been run for a couple of hours, makes a clicking noice sometimes three times in a row before stopping completly. This noice sounds to come from under the area of the mouse pad, near the hard drive? When reloaded it works for a shorter period before doing the same. Wounded if it may be over heating, but have placed ice packs under the laptop with little effect. Also occationally an error message will come up after the clicking noice, to the effect of 'check newly installed hardware/software-(non has) and a message about changing BIOS system away from cashe and shaddowing. How do i do this?
Any help anyone can give me would be gratefully recived.
Many Thanks, Ian.

Answer:Satellite 1900-102 Crashing Repeatedly


On this way it is not easy to say what the problem can be. I assume that there is some problem with HDD. As far as I know clicking noise is specific if the HDD is at the end of the life.

Please back up your data and contact the service partner. Let them check the unit.
I have Satellite 1900-703 and at the moment everything works fine.


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How do I install a USB 2.00 Port
Where can I get it from??
Need it for new Ipod
Anyone out there done it or can help please???

Answer:Satellite 1900-803: How to install USB 2.0 port?


You can just use PCMCIA solution. Google little bit and you will find many solutions.

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My computer has become very slow and I wish to reformat the hard drive and re install the operating system. I have the Product recovery CD-ROM and the Tools and Utilities CD-ROM. Are these the discs all I require to do this operation.

I am also worried that on non of the discs is the Microsoft Windows key reference number to install windows. Where can I get this serial number from?
I bought the machine new.

Answer:Ho to reinstall the OS on Satellite 1900 with Recovery CD

With your unit are delivered two different CDs. The first one is RECOVERY CD. This CD contains a ghost image and this ghost image contains WXP operating system, all necessary drivers, tools and utilities. Using this CD you can install whole OS in 20 minutes and WXP will be ready for usage without any additional installation.

Tools & Utilities CD contains drivers, tools and utilities. Toshiba prepare this CD for users who want to install own operating system. For example your notebook is delivered with WXP Home but if you want to have WXP Pro you can buy full version CD and install it. Later you can use T&U CD to configure the notebook hardware properly.

Like you can see the whole thing is very simply and you can do what you want.

If you need more assistance please write again.


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I have a Toshiba notebook type 1900-101, and have been very satisfied with it since I bought it 3 years ago.
Only one thing I am afraid of is, that I might "break" the plastic socket of the display, since I have to use much force to open/ close it.

Could anybody tell me how to adjust the display in order to make it move much smoother, which screws I have to loosen, whatever...

Thanks for your help


Answer:Satellite 1900-101 - how to adjust the display?

Hello Jens

Unfortunately there is nothing to do. The construction of display carrier doesn?t allow something like this. As far as I know the carrier is cast in plastic. Sorry.

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I'm looking for a solution to my problems.

I would like to format XP Home/ or restore factory settings and at the end make a dual-boot with a linux distribution (Fedora or Ubuntu).
But I don't have any recovery cd/dvd nor XP installing cd and I can't buy online mediabackup.

How can I do it ? Is it possible to format HDD with a another XP cd I would get from a relative/friend ? Is it possible to format with a OEM-XP cd ?
Is it possible to get some help from Toshiba or not ?

Thanks for your help.


Answer:Satellite 1900-102 How to restore without a recovery Cd nor XP CD?


> Is it possible to format with a OEM-XP cd ?
> Is it possible to get some help from Toshiba or not ?

You need an installation disk if you want to install a Windows XP OS.
Unfortunately, the notebook seems to be very old and I don?t think that you will be able to order a recovery disk? so you need to purchase the Win XP from Microsoft.

After installation of clean Win XP you could download all drivers for this notebook from Toshiba European driver page. The drivers can be found in Archive. (on Toshiba European driver page, in product type choose Archive instead of Notebook)

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After faithful service for 3 years my pc is in need of a larger hard drive. I removed it easily and put it back. Is it possible to put a larger H/D say 60 or 80 Gig to replace the 30gb I have in now. If so would I just need to use the recovery discs, I realise I would have to back up all files and reinstall programs, what else would I have to do, ie bios settings etc. Does anyone know a part number supplier etc.


Answer:Upgrade hard drive on 1900-303

Hi Russell,

It is perfectly feasible to replace you hard drive with a larger capacity version. I recently replaced the 30Gb drive in my SA30 with a 80Gb model (a Toshiba MK8025GAS). Your BIOS should automatically detect the new drive when you first boot the system, and as you have already identified you will need to backup your original data first unless you are using a backup product such as Norton Ghost.

There are several internet retailers who can supply a suitable drive. I purchased mine from :-

They delivered the new drive at 09:45 on the day after I placed the order. Thoroughly recommended.


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Can I use memory Kingston KVR533D2S4/512 [512MB 64M x 64-Bit DDR2-533 CL4 200-Pin SODIMM] to upgrade memory to 1Gb on Satellite M70-122?

Answer:Upgrade memory Satellite M70-122


You can check it on Kingston site


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Is it possible to upgrade the memory for the Satellite A60-218 models?
I've heard that the memory is onboard (internal) and cannot be replaced. Is this true?
If not, could somebody give me a hint where can I find the memory modules on this model?
I have tried disassembling it without success.


Answer:Memory upgrade on Satellite A60-218


Just for info: Satellite A60 has 512 MB internal memory and one sot only is available for upgrade. This unit can handle with max 1,5 GB of RAM. On the bottom side in the middle there is placed memory module cover. Remove it and you will find RAM slot.

For RAM upgrade you can use follow compatible memory modules:
PC2700 512MB (PA3312U-1M51)
PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G)

If you have more questions please write again.

Bye and good luck!

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I wonder if there are any ram upgrade for my A40-221 notebook. Non of our stores here in my area which sells Toshiba has it, and when i ask I only get the message that they don't have ram to my notebook because it's to old. So Im at loss....

Thank you in advance.


Answer:Memory upgrade for Satellite A40-221

Here you go. You can upgrade your notebook to a maximum amount of 2GB ram. You can buy this ram nearly everything. Just make sure it has the following specifications:

200-Pin PC2100 (266MHz) DDR SODIMM

Would suggest you buy 2x1GB modules for your machine to give it a nice performance boost.

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Hi there,

I have a satellite Pro A10 laptop. I would like to add 512MB to my memory. Can you please tell me what kind of memory I can use?



Answer:Satellite Pro A10 memory upgrade


I have investigated a little bit on the Toshiba pages and I have found a short information:
This unit supports PC2100 DDR ram modules. In this case you can use this Toshiba recommended memory modules:
PC2100 128MB (PA3126U-1M12)
PC2100 256MB (PA3127U-1M25)
PC2100 512MB (PA3164U-1M51)


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