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After one minute on battery power my Satellite 1400 switches off

Question: After one minute on battery power my Satellite 1400 switches off

Hi! I need your help! Whenever I switch to battery power, suddenly, one minute later, my laptop turns off for no reason! The battery is fully charged. What do you think the problem is? My laptop is 4 years old.
It's a Satellite 1400.
Thanks a lot!

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Preferred Solution: After one minute on battery power my Satellite 1400 switches off

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: After one minute on battery power my Satellite 1400 switches off

Hello Krissy

In my opinion everything that happens has some reason. According to your description I believe that battery is at the end and must be replaced.

It can be that battery status is full but there is no enough power. I have similar problem with Tecra 9000. Unit is also about 4 years old. On battery it runs maybe 10 min but after that this time it switched down suddenly.

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Yesterday, I switched on my labtop Toshiba Sat 1400 -503 Model: PSI40E-03CSR-SW (on mains supply) but the screen was dead.
I removed the mains and put it on another plug outlet and the screen lit up telling me the battery was low.

I removed the mains from the plug and plugged it in again. It worked.
Today, the same thing happened (dead screen) I removed the battery (still on mains) but nothing happened.

I replaced the battery switched it on and the screen lit up for about a minute but then the screen died.

- Can a labtop still operate on the mains with a dead battery?
- Or must the battery be good to operate on the mains?
- Can you remove the battery and still operate the labtop on the mains supply?

The computer is about 6-7 years old and the only time I use the battery is to switch it on while I plug it into the mains.

Hope someone can advise!


Answer:Satellite 1400-503: power issue

Answers on your questions:

1. Yes, a LAPTOP can operate on mains, even with a "dead" battery.

2. No, the battery must NOT be good but it would be advisable to have a properly working batt. installed.

3. Yes, you can remove the battery and work only on mains. It makes no difference but be careful when removing the mains from the machine. ;)

You can google for a new battery simply by typing the partnumber of the battery into google. The partnumber starts with "PA" and then some number.

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I got an IdeaPad P580 (i7, 750gb hard drive, 8gb ram, nvidia gt 630m) a few weeks ago. About a week ago I started having this problem where, whenever I play a game, it either goes off AC power and onto the battery, or flickers between the two. It does this in Grand Theft Auto IV, Fallout: New Vegas, and even Minecraft. Even sometimes outside of games, though that's rare. After closing a game once, it would go off AC for a few seconds whenever I opened a new tab in my browser! It doesn't matter what energy mode I use. The newest graphics drivers are installed. It doesn't matter if I use the Nvidia card or disable it in the bios and use the integrated Intel graphics. I've tried everything I can think of; I plugged the AC adapter into a wall directly instead of a surge protector, etc. When the laptop's on, there are three lights at the front below the touch pad. The two on the left are usually on, but sometimes when this happens the middle one turns to red. If I take the battery out and just use the AC, the whole laptop will just shut off after a second or so in actual gameplay. Does anyone have any ideas? Anything at all, even if you think it's a long shot. It's frustrating to buy a new laptop and then have this happen, especially since the problem with my old laptop was that playing games would make it shut off (that was overheating, which this doesn't seem to be since it's not hot).

So... Read more

Answer:New laptop switches from AC power to battery when playing a game.

hmm. you didn't overclock your gt630 right?shutting off like that usually means not enough power is being supplied by the power brick, or the connection is many watts is the power brick?if the power looks securely plugged in, first thing you should do is call lenovo and ask them to send you a new power brick.if the problem still occurs, you may have a bad motherboard power connector. It could be the plug port itself, or the connector on the often do you plug and unplug the power cord? and do you do it forcefully? if you are not gentle, the brackets that hold the power port can crack.

__________________________________________________Y580 3610qm

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I have a relatively old Satellite A200, yet nearly all the insides are new except the battery. The battery has a very short life, but thats becasue its old. Recently the computer has started to suddenly lose the battery, so the charging light stays on, the battery light switches off, and the battery icon says 'plugged in, not charging'. However, the computer will still be running on battery. If I see this in time then by repeatedly removing and replacing the charger I can start it charging again, but if I dont it switches off with no warning. Since the battery life is now under a minute that happens often.

I dont think the problem is with the charger as it always shows the charger is connected, and when the computer is off the battery light is always on when plugged in. I had a problem with the power connector, but had the motherboard replaced recently so I dont think thats it either.

If anyone could help it would save me a lot of frustration, Thanks.

Answer:Satellite A200 - Loses battery, switches off


At first I must say that you should not be frustrated. Problems with consumers products are ?normal? and everyone of us has some problems with notebooks, TVs or any other electronic product.

Let?s see what you can do about it.
Your description is OK but what I would like to know is follow:
When you remove the battery can you work on your notebook without any problems (start, work, switch off)?

I also think that battery is too old and I presume it is ?troublemaker? in the whole story. It is not easy to explain this blinking behaviour if you have ?defective? or old hardware part inside.

Maybe you should buy battery replacement and check notebook and battery functionality, just to see if everything will be OK again. If you will be faced with the same problem again then we can discuss what the problem can be.
In my opinion only reason for this could be power supply electronic.

What do you think?

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Hello. I noticed when playing BF4 on my Y500, SLI 750M, that I was getting some massive FPS drops. At first I thought this was caused by the game. Actually I started noticing when this happens, the laptop stops using AC power and switches to battery power, usually it will last 5-10 seconds, then go back to AC power. Now it has gotten to where it will basically just not switch back over to AC power. For testing, I tried playing without the battery plugged in - The laptop will just shut off. Was thinking of taking it to a service center. I thought this might be related to the "Plugged in, not charging" issue, as thats what I would see when I was on AC power, and it switched to battery (it would consume battery when it was in the state plugged in, not charging, so I assume it is just running on battery completely.) Are these issues related? I don't think I have an issue charging my battery. Windows 8.1, never ran battery gauge tool, don't have the crap lenovo energy management software installed. Problem has only been the past few days.

Answer:Y500 - AC Power not enough when play games? Shuts off/switches to battery

hi frostocalypse,
Welcome to the Forums.
Just to verify, is the AC adapter heating-up? Also, some AC adapters have a light when it's plugged in, does yours have one and does it turn off when the issue happens? You may also wanna check the heat build-up in the machine by using HWMonitor to check the temps.
If the AC adapter heats up or turns off when the issue happens, you may want to request for a new one to rule this as a possible cause of the issue, otherwise, do report the issue by contacting lenovo support.
Here's the support hotline in the U.S.:
Telephone number: 1-877-453-6686
Hours of operation: 24 hours a day / 7 days a week

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I have just bought an A200-1FL and I'm testing it these days. I have noticed that the cooler starts and stops every minute aprox when I'm using it only with the battery.

Unplugged from the power, even if I'm not doing too much, just browsing Internet. Is this normal?

If I work with the power plugged in, the cooler doesn't make any sound.



Answer:Satellite A200-1FL: cooler starts and stops every minute only with battery

Hallo David

Have you also tested it with different profiles in power options (balanced, power saver, high performance)?

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Hi all, have a strange problem laptop works perfectly ok, but when i need to connect to wi-fi i switch it on and connect no problems but literelly after a minute the wi-fi switches itself off and the green wi-fi light goes out and i have to do fn+f5 to switch it back on?? is it faulty?? tried system update (and installed all, which i noticed there was a network card update)...any other tricks? 


Go to Solution.

Answer:X220 - Wifi switches itself off after about a minute?!?!


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I hope someone could help me with my problem.
My toshiba P200-1fc running Vista and updated to latest Bios will not show any light in the battery indicator led if running on battery power.
It's fine if i have it plugged into the mains.

I only updated the Bios to see if it sorted the problem .
The battery charges fine orange then blue to say fully charged but I only have the taskbar icon to see how much power is left.

Also the wife has got a U300 and the same problem has happend. I restored the laptop to a earlier time and this did not fix the problem.
I also unstalled some programs (antivius/firewall) but no joy.

It may be something simple i hope.
Thanks for any help

Answer:Satellite P200-1fc: battery led doesn't light if running on battery power

Sorry but you are completely wrong!!!

The battery LED doesn?t light if the AC adaptor was disconnected!!!

The battery LED shows only 2 signals; orange and blue (sometimes green on different models)

If the battery is not fully charged and the AC is connected the battery LED shows orange. If the battery is fully charged then the LED switches to blue (green)

Please don?t be mad at me but I think you should firstly check you user manual before posting some ?gossips? about any possible ?bugs??

Best regards and have a nice day dude ;)

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I'm having trouble with the battery on my satellite P10. I can use the Notebook fine when I am on AC power but when I want to run it on battery power, it will last a while ( showing 100% and slowly decreasing as normal) then will suddenly change to 5% and switch off due to critical battery level.

Can anyone help me?

I wouldn't of thought it is just a case of needing to replace the battery becasue it has suddenly gone like this, it hasn't got gradually worse over time.


Answer:Sudden Power loss when running on battery power on Satellite P10


How old is your battery and how many times did you charged and discharged the battery?
Usually after a one year or after 500times of charging/discharging, the battery slowly loses the performance?
In my opinion this is a simply battery issue and the battery must be replaced to solve this problem?
Simply contact the ASP in your country and order the new and compatible battery!


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I am trying to get access to the CMOS battery but it appears from the manual that I need to remove the keyboard which requires removing the nameplate. I can see that you need to lift up each end of the nameplate, but I don't understand how the middle comes up. There is an arrow showing that the nameplate lifts up in the middle but I cannot see how and which direction to lift. I have not tried too much pressure for fear of breaking the nameplate. Any help or assistance would be appreciated.

Answer:Replace CMOS battery in Lenovo 1400 452 Model 2611

Hi, I don't go into this forum much since I use a newer machine now, but the old i Series still works so I poke around with it every now and then. I went through the steps to remove the nameplate (referred to as the "middle cover and launch key assembly" in the Hardware Maintenance Manual I downloaded from the Lenovo site).  After lifting off the clear plastic cover over the launch keys (using the pry hole in the front center) and lifting off the key label template, I lifted up the left and right ends of the next key label panel to expose two screws.  After removing these, there are two screws on the back of the machine (above the display and USB ports) that need to be removed.  Then you need to have the LCD open before you pop this cover you just unscrewed as it needs to lift up and in toward the keyboard.  The next step is to pry the end of this cover nearest the power button up with a small screwdriver and the whole panel that these 4 screws held down will come up.  Don't lift too far as there is a connector under this panel.  Flipping this panel upside down from back to front over the keyboard exposes this connector.   Hope this helps (and doesn't come too late to prevent breaking the nameplate).Message Edited by ucyimb4u on 04-20-2009 02:16 PM

RussThinkpad Z60mXP (SP2)

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HiI would like to replace the CMOS battery on my old Thinkpad i Series 1400 type 2621. Can anybody help my how to find the CMOS battery? Kind regardsStodderen

Answer:CMOS battery replacement Thinkpad 1400 Type 2621

Stodderen, welcome to the forum, have a look through the Hardware Maintainance Manual for your system, it will give you all the information you need.Page 75 of the pdf should be a good starting point  Hope this helps 

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I have no sound after re-formatting my Satellite 1400-103. I have tried a number of drivers including the latest ALI WDM Audio Driver. The system shows that the sound device is working properly and there are no conflicts. I've checked the BIOS and it is the latest version.

What is strange is that in system sounds if I click to play a sound (critical stop for example) the play button stays depressed rather that popping back up after a second or so.

I've had a few people look into this and start from scratch to no avail. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:No Sound on Satellite 1400-103


I presume there is no hardware problem but only wrong settings.
Did you check the different controller in the ?Sound & Audio Devices??

Please do it and additionally I would give you an advice to check the sound volume control at the notebook side.
Do you use headphones? Connect headphones to the jack at check if you get a sound.

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My SD-R2212 combo DVD does not work fine any more.

The only way i found to read CD & DVD is to load the disc by keeping the eject button pressed everytime(amazing).

When I release it, the device sounds noisy and reading the disc is stopped.

My OS is Windows XP Home Edition, Sp2.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,

P. Perruchet

Answer:Combo DVD on Satellite 1400


it will be better to contact a Toshiba Service Partner or go to following site! You should change the drive because there is an hardware failure occured!

Go to (Support & Dowloads - Find an authorized service parter)

bye pelox

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I've a question:
My PC use USB port at 1.0. It's possible use 2.0?
Ther's some upgrade to make?


The pc is Toshiba: Satellite 1400-553S

Answer:Satellite 1400-553S; Is it possible to USB 2.0

You are right.
The Satellite 1400-553s (PS140X) seems to support the USB 1.1 version

But it seems also that the Satellite 1400-553s supports a PCMCIA slot.
You can use PCMCIA cards (Cardbus 32-Bit) and PC-card 16-Bit.
There should be a space for 2 PCMCIA Type-II cards or 1 Type-III card

From my knowledge there are some PCMCIA cards with 2.0 USB ports.
Therefore it would be possible to use such card to get the USB 2.0 capability

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I want to fit more ram to an Satellite 1400-253s but crucial tell me they cannot guarantee compatibility because there is no update for the Bios to meet new jedec standards.
Should I be waiting for a Bios update or trying to find old compatible memory, or is this model too old now?

Answer:I want to upgrade the RAM on Satellite 1400-253


I have found some info about this unit and hope it will help you. According the specification this unit is delivered with 128 MB RAM and can be updated up to 1024 MB. Compatible memory modules for this unit are:

PC133 512MB (PA3108U-1M51)
PC133 256MB (PA3086U-1M25)
PC133 128MB (PA3085U-1M12)

Check how much costs 512 MB modules. If they are not expensive you can buy two of them and use max RAM. In this case your unit will run much, much faster.

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I want to upgrade my old Satellite S1400-503 notebook with a new HDD.
Originally, it hosted the 20GB Toshiba drive MK2018GAS.
I woul like to buy a new 80GB one - Toshiba MK8032GAX.
Would it run in my notebook ?

Answer:Satellite 1400-503 and HDD MK8032GAX


You will be very lucky if someone can confirm this. I can just tell you that you can test it. If this HDD will not work properly you can send it back.

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Im having trouble finding the right memory for a laptop. I hope this is in the correct part of the forum, its a S1400 but am having no luck in finding the correct one and want to be 100% sure before.

I've tried crucial memory and there system scan and still didnt return any luck, any help will be good thanks.

Answer:What is a right memory for Satellite 1400?


Satellite 1400 uses simply 144-Pin PC133 SODIMM memory modules.
You can upgrade the memory up to max 1GB (2 x 512MB)

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Hello there,

i have a 1400-103 laptop. I read an earlier post about this and i am having the same problem. I am having trouble with finding the LAN drivers, on the post which i found, someone reffered to so i went to this website.

Either im blind or they did not have the drivers on there :P so if someone could help out i would be very gratefull.

Message was edited by: cagdasal

Message was edited by: cagdasal

Answer:Satellite 1400-103: LAN driver


As far as I can remember the Satellite 1400-103 supports an Intel 82550PM LAN chip!
I found the right drivers on the Intel page!
So try these both:

Intel 8255x Ethernet Controllers


Intel 82550 Fast Ethernet Controller

Good luck

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It is preinstalled with 256 MB RAM (I think) and I would like to upgrade it with additional 256 MB in the free slot. What type of RAM do I have to use? the preinstalled one is a samsung with this inscriptions on it: korea 0228 pc133s-333-542-81 M46453254CT-L7A

Answer:Satellite 1400-503: What type of RAM do I have to use?


I want to clarify that you can upgrade the memory to 1024MB.
As far as I know Toshiba recommend using these memory modules:
PC133 512MB (PA3108U-1M51)
PC133 256MB (PA3086U-1M25)
PC133 128MB (PA3085U-1M12)

But as you mentioned the notebook supports the 144-Pin PC133 SODIMM modules.
In this case you should use modules with these properties.
But I would prefer the Kingston or Toshiba modules. You should know that the performance on ?no names? modules is not very good.

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Has anybody else experienced harware problems with the ac power? My computer keeps switching to battery when I'm using ac. I had it fixed by Toshiba but it's happening again. The computer is new.

Answer:Satellite A75 AC Power and Battery

Hi Teri,

I have a similar problem to yours. It is caused by an ill fitting power connector at the back of the notebook which causes an internittent loss of contact. This in turn causes the power microsystem (part of the motherboard) to detect the loss of AC supply so it duly switched to battery supply. Unfortunately the intermittent contact is so brief that the AC supply comes back before the power system is ready to detect it so it never switches back to AC power. Eventually the battery drains and the notebook will power off.

The only wau that I have found of correcting this situation is to power off the PC and then reboot it.

I now clamp the AC cable to the back my notebook to prevent the power connector from moving if I move the notebook.


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Today while playing a game my Toshiba Satellite L50-A-111 turned off and when i powered it back on, i closed the game and on the desktop i notice that the battery was at 0%, i checked the ac supply and everything was well connected and after a minute it turned off again. So after some attemps i noticed that it always follows this behaviour:

1. When i power it back on _with the AC supply on_, the battery is at 0% available (plugged in, not charging) and _it will stay on for 5 minutes_ and just before it turns off it will change to (plugged in, charging) for like 15 seconds and then turns off.

2. When _it's off_ the "DC IN/Battery indicator" is white (Indicates the AC adaptor is connected and the
battery is fully charged.) for 5 minutes and again for 15 seconds it will change to amber (Indicates the AC adaptor is connected and the battery is charging.) and it repeats this behaviour in cycles of 5 minutes.

3. And this is the most weird situation, when i power it back on _with the AC supply off_, the battery is at 0% remaining and it will remain on until it really depletes the battery (i only did this once)

What i?ve try:
change the power plan to never turn off/sleep, didn't work.
uninstall the "Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery" and install it again (didn't work)

I didn't remove/replace the in-built battery because i'm afraid to messed it up and i'm not really sure that will reso... Read more

Answer:Satellite L50-A-111 - battery power at 0% is not easy to say what the problem is. I don't know if this can somehow help but try to reset your machine. How to do this on models with fixed main battery you can read on

Problem is that such issues can be tested with additional battery on most notebook models but unfortunately your machine has fixed main battery. If the problem will be still there don't open your machine. What you can do is to contact nearest Toshiba service provider in your country, explain the situation and ask for help.

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I have a Dell vostro 1400 laptop. I am running Windows Vista.

When I plug my power adapter into my computer, I get the error message:

The AC power adapter type cannot be determined. Your system will operate slower and the battery will not charge. Please connect a Dell 65W AC adapter or higher for best system operation.

I am using the adapter that came with the laptop when I purchased it about 15 months ago. The laptop still runs off of the charger and so it functions when it is plugged in, but the battery itself is dead. My battery health is good and nothing is broken off of my charger. Please help me!

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After cleaning up my fiance?'s cousin's notebook, which had a number of viruses, the DVD player will no longer play DVDs (it will play data CDs, however; may play data DVDs, as well, but I don't have any of those). When I put a movie disc in, it'll try and try to read it, and in the end it gives up. If I click on the drive again, it asks me to put in a disc.

I've tried all sorts of things to fix it. The DVD-Rom is a Hitachi GDR-8081n. I've uninstalled it and let Windows detect it again, I uninstalled the secondary IDE channel it was on to make sure it went into DMA mode (it was in PIO), no effect. I loaded the newest version of WinDVD, no luck. I uninstalled WinDVD and installed PowerDVD, no effect. I manually deleted cdrom.sys and had Windows put it back in, to no effect. I found a firmware upgrade somewhere, but unfortunately it simply doesn't work (it claims the CD/DVD isn't actually present).

Has anyone had a similar problem, and figured out what to do? Looking on-line at people who had similar problems with other DVDs, the usual claim is that it's a hardware failure. It's entirely possible that that's the case, I suppose, but it'd be really coincidental for it to happen on the very day I tried to clean up the drive, so I'm dubious.

Any help that could be provided is much appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Satellite 1400 DVD won't play DVDs

Hi Elio,

From your description of the problem I suspect that your DVD drive has a fault with the laser. IN a combi drive the laser uses two different frequencies, one for CDs and another for DVDs.

I suspect that the DVD frequency is not working correctly. The fact that the drive tries repeatedly to read a DVD when you insert one indicates to me that the software is functioning correctly but the laser is unable to focus correctly on the DVD.

Sadly, your only real option is to consult an authorised Service Agent, or replace the drive yourself if this proves the cheaper option.

best wishes,

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When I plugin the AC adaptor the DC led goes orange and starts blinking (code: 3 blinks -pause- 3 blinks -pause- 2 blinks) and the notebooks won't start.

I've tried several different batteries with no result. Can anyone tell me what does the code above exactly mean?

Answer:Satellite 1400-103 won't start (just blinking DC led)

Hi Paul,

These sequences are used by the repair technicians to help diagnose the problem. Unfortunately, there is no generally available documentation describing them, so you will have to refer to an authorised Service Agent to get your problem diagnosed/repaired.


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I Have Been Looking For A Replacement Dvd Rom For My Toshiba Satellite 1400-103 and I can't Find Any one.
Due To It Been So Old So I Just Wondering If There Are Other Compatible Dvd Drives That I Can Buy For My Laptop?


Answer:What CD/DVD drive is compatible with Satellite 1400-103

I think this CD/DVD drive could be compatible:

- Toshiba SD-R2102
- Matsu****a UJDA720**
- TEAC DW-28E**
- Toshiba SD-C2502**
- TEAC DV-28E-B34
- Hitachi GDR-8081N-ATAB**

All this drives I have found in the user manual for the Sat 1400-103

PS: User manual can be downloaded from the Toshiba page too ;)

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According to
[Satellite 1400-103 specifications| ODEL=1&LNG=10&service=BE]

The Satellite 1400-103 has a maximum memory of 1024MB (2 slots of 512MB)
512MB is also the maximum of memory you can buy online for this laptop.

But when I click the "options" of this laptop,
I see there is a 1GB memory card available

So, the question is:
Is it possible to fill those 2 slots with 2 x 1GB ?
Or should I go for the maximum of 2 x 512MB ?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite 1400-103 maximum memory?

I doubt that 2 x 1GB is possible in this notebook and as far as I know the maximum RAM capacity is 1GB.

So the best is you upgrade it to 1GB max. with 2 x 512MB.
The specifications are SDRAM PC133 and the part number is PA3108U-1M51.

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Hello all

I`m having problems with some memory i bought for the above computer. Memory is purchased from Crucial, it`s a 512mb 144pin PC133 sodimm (CT64M64S4W75.16FDY)stick
The problem i`m having is when i install it i keep getting 3 error beeps (sounds like 1 lng 2 sht),I've tried installing it in different slots,by itself and with a stick of the old 128mb memory but i still can`t get it to boot. I know i`ve got the right type of memory but still the darn thing is beeping at me ... what have i done wrong ?

BTW laptop works again if i stick back in the old 2 x 128mb sticks

Answer:RAM upgrade on Satellite 1400-253S

Obviously you have bought non compatible RAM modules. I recommend you to buy tested and manufacturer recommended products.

You have two options to do this. At first you can use RAM modules recommended by Toshiba PC133 512MB (PA3108U-1M51) and PC133 256MB (PA3086U-1M25) or you can order high quality Kingston modules.

Please visit and there you can find memory configurator. This will help you to find compatible memory modules for your Satellite notebook.

Bye and good luck!

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i missing the Display Driver for Win 2000

Can someone help me?

Answer:Satellite 1400-103: Need display driver for W2K OS

Where is a problem?!

I really don?t know why you don?t visit the Toshiba European driver page, choose the Satellite 1400-103 from the driver form and download the display driver (Trident) for Windows 2000?

I?ve checked the page and the driver exists!!

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as I said in subject I am looking for XP drivers for Toshiba Satellite 1400-103, part number: PS140E-03CSQ

I've been searching for a few days for this and found only LAN driver on intel website... On Toshiba website this model of notebook doesn't even exist in drivers download page...

Can anyone please help me?


Answer:Need Windows XP drivers for Satellite 1400-103

The Satellite 1400-103 is an oldie and therefore the XP drivers have been moved to the Archive area.

You have to choose the Toshiba European driver page and have to search in:

*Archive -> Satellite -> Satellite 14xx -> Satellite 1400-103*


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I have Satellite 1400-153E Laptop. Where are the fixing screws for the DVD player located please?

Answer:DVD drive replacement on Satellite 1400

To remove optical disc drive you must disassemble the whole notebook. The optical disc drive is connected to mainboard and you need access to right connector. Unfortunately maintenance manuals document is not public document and there is no step-by-step explanation how to do this.

Google a little bit around. Maybe you will find instruction how to do this.

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Hi,when i start up my laptop after a very short time I have a popup (the menu associated with the left mouse button i think)randomly appearing even when i am not touching the keyboard or mouse. In word when I type the z or / keys it always appears! I have tried external mouse and external keyboard, with no difference. I think it is a keyboard error, any comments? I think the reason why the external keyboard doesnt make any difference is becuase the internal keyboard is still connected i.e. its still shorting. I am just out of warranty (rats!)Is it easy to replace the keyboard, I am a bit short of cash. Constantly having to clear the popup is doing my head in.

Answer:Satellite 1400 keyboard replacement

If I understand you right, your warranty is over. Then you can open your notebook without any risk of loosing it.

Open the notebook and disconnect the keyboard. If this doesn't make a difference to the external keyboard, this must be a software problem.

Anyway I recommend to reinstall the newest driver from Toshiba driver download page for the keyboard.


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I need a windows xp driver for a satellite 1400-103. I have searched the archive but cannot find one, can anyone help. Thanks

Answer:Display Driver for Satellite 1400-103


I cannot believe that.
I checked the Toshiba European driver page and looked in the Archive and found the Satellite 1400-103 and the display drivers for Win2k and Win XP.

The Win XP driver is a Trident v 6.4022.


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Just got this old satellite with error message:
bios damaged(block3)

I can't find bios update, does anybody knows where can I get one?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Answer:Satellite 1400-103 - BIOS damaged


You can download BIOSes from Toshiba BIOS support page under and try to fix this but I?m pretty sceptical it will works.
For old notebook models choose option ?Archive?.

Anyway, test it.

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Does anyone know where I can download the drivers for the 1400-103?

I have done a search on the forum but all the links are dead and I cant find an archive section. I can find the model details but clicking on drivers just returns the normal drivers form and the option I need isnt there.

Answer:Satellite 1400-103 - Where can I downlod the drivers?


You can download the drivers on the Toshiba website in *Archive* => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers
*Archive* => Satellite => Satellite 14xx => Satellite 1400-103

In the first pull down menu you must change from notebook to archive. Then you can find it.


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I have format my PC operator and I lose two drivers, modem and sound.
Hope some one help me to found it.

Answer:I need modem driver for Satellite 1400-503


I?m sure I can help you ;)

Did you receive the Tools & utilities CD together with your notebook?
I did. So on this CD you should find the necessary drivers.

Of course you could also try to download the drivers form the web.
Visit the Toshiba page and select the right drivers in the form.

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I'm hoping I've got a battery problem otherwise my laptop is dead.
I'm wondering should i be able to use my Satellite Pro L10 with the battery removed and the power lead plugged in the wall?

My laptop has stopped powering up, the charger still has its light on, but no power seems to be getting into the machine.
Should it work without a battery in?


Answer:Satellite Pro L10 - battery power query

Yes. Remove the battery and try to start it with AC power supply only. If notebook doesn?t start then there can be serious problem with power supply electronic.
Please let me know what happen exactly when you try this.

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Hi all,

is there another battery pack available for the L505 with more power and a longer runtime?

Best regards,

Answer:Satellite L505 - New battery with more power


Have you already checked the Toshiba website for compatible batteries? You can check this on the Accessories Homepage: > Peripherals & Services > PC Options & Accessories

You can get a new battery from an authorized service provider. Just call them and ask for that. ;)

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Hi, Have any of you got any ideas how to fix this?

The battery says it's 100% charged but the battery will not power the laptop. I have to plug the laptop into the mains for it to work.


Answer:Re: Cannot power up my Satellite C850-1LH on battery

And can you use your notebook on battery power supply only when Windows is fully loaded and AC adapter disconnected?

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battery had approx 3.15 hours remaining, and the laptop turned itself off twice and reset the clock and date to 2300hours on jan 10th 2005. technical help say that i need to send the whole laptop battery etc away just to get the battery replaced. I'm not happy.

could the problem be something deeper internally?

Answer:Satellite Pro L20 dies on 70% battery power


It's strange and I assume it could be something wrong on the motherboard.
If the technician says you have to send the whole notebook so I don't see any other possibilities.
I think the diagnostic test is needed to find out what's going wrong.
Believe me without any test it's not easy to say why this happens.

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I recently bought a new battery for my Toshiba Satellite L775-11N.

When I plug the battery in, the battery led stars flashing (according to the manual, it means the battery has no energy anymore and is not charging).

When it is plugged, I cannont start the computer, I have to take it back and put it after.

What can I do to make my battery work?
This is the second i buy, from two different websites, the modele number is strickly the same.

Thanks in advance, sorry for my bad english (french is my mother tongue)

Answer:Satellite L775-11N does not power ON with new battery

I recently bought a new battery for my Toshiba Satellite L775-11N. When I plug the battery in, the battery led stars flashing (according to the manual, it means the battery has no energy anymore and is not charging). When it is plugged, I cannont start the computer, I have to take it back and put it after.
What can I do to make my battery work? This is the second i buy, from two different websites, the modele number is strickly the same.
Thanks in advance, sorry for my bad english (french is my mother tongue)

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Hey everybody, I have got a question - my notebooks battery has got 4000 mAh, but I need more, I can just work with this notebook about 2 hours.

Where can I buy a new and a stronger battery?

Please help, thank you

Answer:Satellite A300-1HP - Need new battery with more power


You can get all Toshiba batteries and other Toshiba parts from an ASP (authorized service provider).
Go your local ASP and ask them.

You can also search on the Toshiba website for compatible batteries: => Peripherals & Services


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Hey all.

I have just installed a 256Mb RAM module, so I now have 384Mb RAM. Since this has been installed, the computer enters stand by mode after about 30 mins when it is not in use. I have tried to change to power management settings, but when I click on power management in the Toshiba console, nothing happens! Likewise when I use the power management from the control panel (in windows XP), it tells me to use the Toshiba console! Help! How do I change the time before the computer enters stand by mode??


Answer:Satellite 1400 enters stand by after 30 mins when it's not in use


First of all if the Toshiba power saver is installed on the notebook so the windows power options doesn?t work.
All power settings should be changed or set in the power saver.
You have to choose the power saver mode and click ?details?
There you should see 3 tabs.
Check the second tab ?Power saver? there you can change some settings, also the stand by time. After this procedure you have to apply the changing.
Check also the 3rd tab ?System Power mode?

Check also a similar posting about a power saver

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Please help. I have this laptop and suddenly when I open it today showed me the following message "BIOS (Block3) is damaged!
Place maintenance disk in drive and press any key when ready"

I downloaded a BIOS from Toshiba and put it on a disk and the laptop loaded the new BIOS successfully, but the message still appears no matter how many times I repeat the recovery procedure

Answer:Satellite 1400-103 - BIOS (Block3) is damaged


That?s strange but did you try to load the default settings in BIOS? Maybe it works.
But for me it sounds like that the ROM module is faulty and must be replaced.

This notebook is pretty old so you could look on eBay for a second hand mainboard to exchange it by yourself.
Or you contact the nearest authorized service provider. The technicians can check the notebook and repair it for you.


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I'm having problems getting into the BIOS setup. At the 1st bootup screen I press ESC key then message appears Check system. Then press F1 key. Once key is pressed it doesn't take me to BIOS setup and laptop reboots. Any help will be much appreciated.


Answer:Satellite 1400-103: Cannot access the BIOS Setup

Does the notebook boot properly? I mean is it possible to enter the Windows OS?

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Does anyone know how to either change or reset the BIOS Password in the satellite 1400 series notebook?

I have a notebook that keeps coming up with a BIOS password (I did not set one ,I suspect the BIOS battery needs to be replaced)

Answer:Satellite 1400 - How to reset BIOS password


You cannot remove the BIOS password.
The unknown BIOS password can be removed only by a Toshiba ASP technician.


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Could anyone give me the part number for the Toshiba dvd writer/burner
or suggest any compatable dvd burner to fit a

Satellite 1400-253s laptop ( ide connection)


Answer:Need correct DVD burner for Satellite 1400-253s

Satellite 1400 is old notebook model and it is delivered with several different optical disc drives but none of them was DVD burner. At this time such drives were not available.
Due to this fact you will not be able to find any info about compatibility.

If you need list of compatible drives let us know but none of them is DVD burner.

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I'm trying to install on the satellite 1400-103 my old HDD with the following specification

HDD2141 L ZEO1 T
DC+5V 0.7A
S/N 99014292T 0T3 EC.A
4327MB (CYL8944 , H15 , S63)

But it wasn't detected, can this be fixed ?

Answer:Hard disk replacement on the satellite 1400-103


I am a little bit confused. Your unit is delivered with 20 GB HDD. Usually there is problem if someone wants to build in the HDD with much higher capacity. The HDD what are you talking about is just with 4,3 GB. Why you want to use this HDD on your unit?

My opinion is that if you want to exchange the HDD you should use the same one or one with higher capacity. This small one you can use as external HDD for data saving.

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I need the video driver for my notebook Satellite 1400-533S. Maybe my video is integrated in my motherboard but I don't know if is it so.. HELP!
I don't have any CD or info on my video device.. HELP!


Answer:Need display driver for Satellite 1400-533S

The display driver you can find on Toshiba support page > Support & Downloads. Under Product type choose option ARCHIVE.

I hope you will find what you need.

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Dear Sirs:

after many years, my S1400/103 still offers me a very good service.
I wander whether I may change the hard disk with a bigger and possibily faster compatible unit.
Will You please be so kind and remind me of the motherboard/bios limitations, if any, about HD drive geometry?

Does any limitation apply to the HD rotation speed?

My BIOS version is 1.30 (07/02/2002)
Model number is PS140E-03CSQ-IT

Thank You for Your attention

Answer:Re: Which kind of HDD should I use to replace the 20GB on Satellite 1400-103?

Usually the BIOS on different Toshiba notebooks doesn?t recognize and support all HDD sizes. The notebook supports 20GB HDDs. So in my opinion you could try also to insert an 60GB IDE (ATA-4) HDD.

The rotation is not very important. I think the notebook should support 4,200rpm and 5400rpm HDDs too.


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I wanted to check if there were any BIOS updates for the Toshiba Satellite 1400 (PS140A-026K0P) but the downloads page is showing up as completely empty for me (can't actually select an operating system either).

Anywhere else I can find the drivers/BIOS files for this laptop? Thanks.

Answer:Cannot find BIOS update for Satellite 1400

It is very old notebook model and not supported anymore.
I don?t know why do you want to update BIOS on this old piece of hardware. Is there some reason for that?

I man if notebook starts and works properly don?t change anything.

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I decided to try to repair my old laptop but I'm stuck on something.
When I'm trying to start the machine it just blinks in following morse code order:

- = long
. = short

*. - . . - - - .*

What could it possibly mean? I realy don't want to spent any money repairing it at some service point. Suggestions ?

Answer:Satellite 1400-503 - Blinking orange light

Hi qtong,

That means your notebook doesn?t start anymore, you only get this blinking code, right?

Well, in this case it seems to be a serious hardware issue and only an authorized service provider can help you because they have special tools to check what this blinking code means.

At the moment I assume it has something to do with mainboard itself but that?s just my personal opinion.
Mainboard exchange is really expensive as you probably know so I doubt it would be worthwhile repairing it?

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Hi All,
I am brand new at your forum, and I would lie to share with you with my poor experience. Now I am having 2 Dell notebook, having the same problem, I took to all technician around and no luck to solve the issue.
The problem is when you switch on the power it does`t work, it just give red flash and then dead.
The model as stated on the topic above is Dell Latitude D610 and Dell Vostro 1400. Any one can help me out to solve the issue.

Pls Help to solve it!!!

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I have a Satellite P300 and have an intermittent problem where the keypad and mouse lock up when on battery power, it doesn't happen when running on mains power. The screen itself shows lots of lines across it when this happens.
I use mobile broadband [3 prepaid], but I don't think this is where the problem lies.

Can anyone help? Padi.

Answer:Satellite Pro P300 - Locking up when on battery power

Hi padi,

That?s really strange issue...

Some more details about your notebook would be interesting. Are you running preinstalled Windows version or have you installed another OS?

Theoretically it could be a software/driver issue or hardware malfunction. At first I would reinstall Windows using Toshiba recovery disk.

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within a couple of days the battery of my Satellite-A-50 ( have it two months) goes from 100% to 4% while the laptop is shut down.

I tried with the start - shut off function (windows 8.1) and i tried shutting down by the keeping the button pressed for 5 seconds and the laptop closes down.

But within some days the battery is down.

How is this possible? What can I do?


Answer:Why does battery lose power when Satellite-A-50 is shut down?

This theme has been discussed many times here in the forum.
I would recommend you to use the forum search function and to read some other threads.

But let me tell you that Win 8.1 does not power off the notebook completely by default. It sets the notebook only in hybrid shut down mode to allow faster booting.

To disable this function check doc:

Furthermore BIOS contains some options which allow the notebook to power up while its completely OFF. For example: Wake up on LAN or Wake up on Keyboard mode.
Such options waste the battery power even if the unit has been shut off.
Therefore it?s advisable to disable it.

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Satellite 350L -212 bought in June 09 suddenly crashes when on battery power only.
This has just started to happen after being OK for a time.

Have followed battery procedure as recommended.
Is this a bad battery or what? do I need to replace?
Or am I missing something in the computer setup?

Answer:Satellite L350-212 crashes when on battery power only

hi wjm,
machine runs normal on ac-power i assume.
when you disconnect ac-power machine dies instantly?
can you check battery status in windows?
is the battery recognized correctly? > energie options
try to reinsert battery when power is on (ac-power) - system should recognise the battery.
if it's not recognised battery electronics / connector is bad.
if the system say battery fully loaded and your system crashes instantly after removing ac-power it seems that the battery is worn out - you have to replace it.

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I have toshiba L645 that just bought like a year.
Since few weeks i got this power & battery led give me yellow blinking.

My L645 can be on by using battery alone & does't give any blinking led but if i connect the power AC plug it give me power & battery blinking like 1 second per blink and if i unplug battery and trying to on using power AC alone my laptop suddenly turn off when this blinking occur.

What is going on with my L645? Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance.....(by the way my L645 running with windows 7 Home Premium)

Answer:Satellite L645 - power & battery led keep blinking


The power LED flashing means that there is a problem with the power supply.
I?m not quite sure but possibly your AC adaptor is not OK.
I think the notebook should be checked using the new AC adaptor.

But of course if could be also a problem with power supply electronic on the motherboard. In such case the new AC adaptor would not help you but in such case the motherboard should be replaced.

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Hello all!
I have new L30-134. Questions are:
- can this computer work from the AC power without installed battery?
- has this model charge the battery in time of work on machine plagged to the AC power circuit?

Answer:Questions concerning usage of battery and power on Satellite L30-134

Yes, it can work without a battery, but in my opinion, it's preferable to have the battery installed so you won't need an external UPS.
Yes, it will charge the Battery while you are working on the Laptop,... but it will need more time to charge the battery than it would need if the Notebook was turned off.



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Model Satellite A500/01mhnx.
When I charge it fully to max and leave it shut down fully, after about 4 days it indicates only about 2% power available.
Is this normal as this is a new unit?

All advice and comments welcome.

Answer:Satellite A500 loses battery power even it's OFF

To be honest it is not normal to me.
Maybe you should contact nearest Toshiba authorized service provider.
Explain the situation and let them check the battery.

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I bought a Toshiba L755 laptop and after 2 weeks it suffered from a problem whereby on battery power it would just reset itself. It would do it randomly and whilst idle/very little usage. I returned it to Comet asking for a refund but they declined and gave me a replacement.

Unfortunately, this laptop (identical model) has now gone the same way (albeit worse) after two months. It would again just reboot itself, black screen and windows wouldn't say anything on screen after its booted again. It's as if the power had been removed suddenly.

The reset is out of the blue and not due to sleep settings etc. It can happen in the middle of doing some light usage or whilst left for a minute or so. It locks for a moment (about one second) and resets.

As for the event log, all the logs say is that it was shutdown incorrectly. There is no other information in the event log.

I've done a system restore (at Toshiba's request) and reinstalled programs one by one to see if it's a software issue. But none of the software has caused the issue.

Does anyone know of an issue that might cause this? I believe it's more than likely to be a hardware fault than software due to the nature of it switching off suddenly and connected to it running on battery power.

Message was edited by: diagramatic

Answer:Satellite L755 resets itself on battery power

On this virtual way it is not possible exact diagnostic but I also believe it must be hardware problem, probably with power supply electronic or some contacts inside.

Best solution for you is to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They can check all this and also contact Toshiba to pick up info what can be done about it.

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Hi there,

The battery of my computer doesn?t power up the computer and the battery indicator tell me i have 100% of charge , also the ligth indicator is green and stady.
I would like to know what i can do for to solve the problem.


Answer:The battery doesn┤t power up my Satellite L505 - 13E

Hi Fuzo

If I understand you right when you try to power up your notebook on battery power supply there is no reaction, right?

When notebook runs on AC power supply and you disconnect it does notebook continue to run or switch off immediately?

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Has anybody got this problem as this is the second laptop I have got from Toshiba with the same problem..Sometimes it will not power on although I have the AC plug in until I take out the battery then replace it and then it will power on.........Any ideas please??

Answer:Satellite P series would not power until battery is replaced

Hm, thats a strange issue. Maybe you should at first try to make a BIOS update to the latest version to check if this eliminates your problem.
Could you please tell me which model you exactly have? Would be useful to know that.

If the BIOS update didn?t helped you then you must send it to an ASP again since your problem might be hardware related.
You can check this link to find the next available ASP in your country:

Would appreciate some response from you.


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Hello !!!

I'm writing this post cause I was using my Laptop and sudenlly it turned off. At first, I didn't realize why, I tried to turn it on by pressing the botton but I failed. Then, I thought that I had the battery charger disconnected but it wasn't. After a few minutes I taked away the battery and connect the charger and then my laptop run.

I pass a few hours searching on websites about problems with the battery o the charger , and I conclude that my laptop don't recognize the battery cause of the drivers o something like that, so I ASK FOR HELP !!!!
Now, I can only use my laptop if a take away the battery and connect the charger.

If someone know what might happened to my laptop, PLEASE HELP.

I forget, my Laptop is a Toshiba Satellite C50D-A-12R.

P.D. Sorry about my english, I'm from Spain and there are many years I last study english.

Answer:Satellite C50D-A-12R does not power up if battery connected

Generally speaking the notebook should work properly in connection with and without the battery.
The unit should power up if battery is removed but connected to the AC adaptor.

Also if the battery is connected and charged, the unit should work without the connected AC adaptor.
So what’s wrong here? To be honest I don’t think there could be some kind of driver problems but first of all you should try to recover the notebook to factory settings just to check whether the unit would functions using the Toshiba preinstalled OS and settings.

If the unit would not work properly even after the recovery process, I would recommend checking the notebook functionality in connection with NEW good working battery.

Is your unit still covered by warranty?
If yes, you should contact the Toshiba ASP because in case of hardware problems, the ASP should fix you unit free of charge…

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Answer:Satellite C55-A doesn't work on battery power

Something like this should not happen, especially not on brand new notebook.
What have you done exactly? Have you got new battery from your local dealer?

Generally speaking this should not happen and in my opinion you should ask for new machine if you can get one. Other way, I think you should contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.
In my opinion BIOS has nothing to do with it.

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Few weeks ago I got my laptop (Satellite A210) in reapair and the motherboard was changed.

Since then I got problem with battery when it is inside and power cable is pluged in.
When cable is in the laptop is working on battery I don't know why. Then when I turn it off the battery led is turned on orange and the battery is charging.
When PC is on, the led is not working and battery is getting lower.

So I wonder what is the problem.
Somewhere I read that problem might solve BIOS update.
So do anybody have experience like that.
Also how is installed BIOS, I saw there exist a windows installer (so I guess it cannot be hard).

And can I somehow backup old BIOS so I can go back if something wrong happens.

Answer:Satellite A210-1AP - Battery and power problem

> Few weeks ago I got my laptop (Satellite A210) in reapair and the motherboard was changed.
> Since then I got problem with battery when it is inside and power cable is pluged in.

In my opinion the technician did something wrong?
The point is that this issue happens after the motherboard exchange and I think there is issue.

Get in contact with the ASP who repaired the notebook and explain your issue.
I doubt an BIOS update would solve this issue. In my opinion it?s a electrician issue?

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I have a toshiba satellite psaj4e. Recently my motherboard (a000032270) died so i bought a refurbished one.

After installing the motherboard i noticed that when it is plugged without a battery it wont start.
But with the battery it will start but wont charge when it is turned on.

If it is turned off or in the standby mode, it charges the battery.
I also noticed that when i use the sd card reader it charges for the period that the sd light is on.........

Any ideas? I cannot reflash the bios cause it demands the ac adapter..

Answer:Satellite A300 PSAJ4e won't power on if no battery

Maybe I?m wrong but it looks a little bit like a motherboard issue? are you sure that the purchased motherboard is ok? I would recommend asking the dealer if this mobo has not be refurbished.

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I own a Satellite M30x-154 and have done so for two years. Now the laptop will no longer power up with just the battery in use.
It powers up fine with the ac adaptor and the power indicator shows the batterys is 74% full.

Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite M30x-154 doesn't power up only with battery in use

What to say? Maybe is the battery defective. The fact is that M30 x is pretty old notebook model. Everything is possible.

What happen if you start notebook with AC adaptor and then remove AC connector? Can you use the notebook on battery power supply only?

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Hi all

I have a new battery as the other was under warranty.

When I shutdown and turn off the mains power to the computer the battery seems to be running in the back ground as when I turn the pc back on there is only about 3% power in the battery.

What are the correct settings so I can shut down and the battery does not get used?


Answer:Satellite A - New battery goes flat when power turned off


Do you really shut down the computer or is it in standby mode? No battery power is required if you shut down the computer or go in hibernation mode. In standby mode battery power is required.

Furthermore you wrote that you have a new battery. How often did you charge it already? A new battery should be charged 5 times at least to reach the full capacity.

If you have charged the battery is the battery LED changing the color?

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I've had my notebook for a bit less than a year. For a few days, it sometimes happened that the battery started emptying, but the tray icon and the LEDs were still displaying main power. Initially, unplugging and replugging the power supply from the notebook would remedy the problem, but since yesterday, that hasn't helped. When the notebook is turned off, the battery still charges up, fortunately.

Answer:Satellite M30X-201 battery/power supply


As far as I know the motherboard supports the power maintenance system.
This enables the machine to control the charging of the battery even when the notebook is powered off and on.
Maybe your unit has got problem with the power micro-system.
In this case you should contact the nearest Toshiba service partner.


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I run a 2004 HP Pavillion XP with an AMD 2.08 & ddr 2700. It has 64mb integrated video & an AGP4X/8X slot; A7V8X-LA, VIA VT8378,  UNIVERSAL 1.5v AGP 3.0 MBO. 1.To convert to a 128 or 256 mb video card, will the cards require an external power attachment, such as from my spare floppy connector? 2. Will the BIOS handle an AGP 6200 card? 3. To update my 250w ATX12V power supply, what happens if the new psu has a manual on-off switch? My current unit has a remote front panel interrupt-type power switch. 4. My mbo handles SATA I. If I use a new PSU with SATA, will SATA II devices have built-in jumpers to convert back to SATA I?  5. The mbo supports a 3200+ processor, will DDR 3200, 400 mhz memory work with the current 2700+ 333 mhz processor; is this called overclocking?

Answer:AGP Video Card Power & ATX12V Power Supply Manual Switches

Okay, hopefully I don't miss anything, that's quite a list 1. Video cards don't connect to the power supply, they draw the power through the mother board.2. The AGP 6200 should work just fine, just remember to disable the integrated video in the bios.3. The switches on the power supplies are just a master on/off, the power button on the front of the computer isconnected to your mother board.  Don't worry about that one.4. Why not pick up a SATA II controller?  Treat yourself 5. No, it's not overclocking, I actually wouldn't recommend overclocking at all.  Whether or not your motherboard will actually work with the DDR 3200 that should be in your motherboard manual, or if you want me to look that up for you post your make and model of motherboard.  A good rule of thumb is to only get the type of RAM that is already installed.  I'm referring to the speed and type, not the size.I hope this helps, if you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask.

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Hi everyone. I have a Satellite 1400-503 with sd-r 2212 combo drive which makes problems on reading and writing cd's and dvd's. I want to replace it but when I tried to start with other devices the notebook freezes. The same problem came also with the replace of the hard disk. When I put back the old parts the notebook starts. I made a bios update with no results. The local representative in Greece ( where I live ) wants 400 Euro to replace the drive. Any suggestions please?

Thanks George Fazakis

Answer:Replace sd-r 2212 combo drive on Satellite 1400-503


Unfortunately, it?s not easy exactly to say why the notebook freezes. Maybe you have used not supported devices. Did you reinstall the Windows OS after the device replacement?
If not, try it.

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It concerns a Toshiba Satellite 1400-103 (512 MB memory). On booting the Satellite works fine, no problems with surfin or mailing, but when I start a main softwarepackage (like MS Word of Excel, or Macromedia Dreamweaver), the PC freezes after one or two minutes.
I have the impression that the fan suddenly starts turning and the computer freezes. The only thing I can do is shut down by holding the startbutton about 10 seconds, and restart.
I already reinstalled Windows XP, but after two weeks the same problem occurs. My Antivirusprogramm works fine and I check every week on spyware and malware.
Does someone have a clue about this problem?


Answer:Satellite 1400-104 freezes after starting main softwarepackage

Hi emoreau

Can you please tell me if there is the same problem without using this ?main software package??

Usually the cooling fan starts to work if the processor speed goes up and run under full power. Is this software that you use some complicated and ?superior? application?

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Hi, I need help with my Toshiba S1400-103. Initially it would not load WinXp. It would cut out the power just as the installation process switches to GUI. I then ran an istallation on a different machine and then moved the HDD back to the S1400-103. It boots fine.
NOTE: does not cut out. I managed to load all other applications successfully. The problem resurfaces when I try to run Media Player or WinDVD. It's runs for 10 min and then cuts out completely. This laptop has been giving me issues since I bought it. The local repair center could not help and they advised I take it to another reapair center in South Africa,

What is causing this.. is it an inherant hardware problem or a software issue. The amazing thing is it loads Win98 perfectly and does not cut out. It just does not perform normally. I have done BIOS updates and everything.

I am an inch short of throughing this thing out the window.

PLEASE HELP Somebody!!!

Answer:Satellite 1400-103 runs 10 min then cuts out completely in WMP or WinDVD

Hi Calvin,

I think your problem is over-heating which is causing your notebook to power off. PLaying DVDs generally uses a fair amount of CPU and I suspect that this is causing the over-heating. A sismilar situation would arise when you were trying to install from the installation CDs. In this case the notebook is using a lot of CPU/HDD/CD and again will result in overheating.

Make sure that the cooling system is free from dust and debris and that there is a sufficient cooling air flow through the notebook.

Also check that you have the power management settings set for maximum performance.


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I have the above laptop with a DVD-ROM it. (Second Hand and no manual)
I have a DVD-RW (SOSW-852S) I would like to use.

I can fit it with no problems.

It freeze on but-up for about 2 minute then it said IDE-Error then it boot it XP.

When I go into my computer there is no DVD drive.
Have I missed something when I put the drive in?
I can???t get in to the BIOS to check it.

I have tried most of the buttons e.g. F2.

Answer:Satellite 1400: I get IDE-Error after slimeline DVD-RW drive upgrade

Hi David

It?s a clear case for everyone who has a little bit experience with notebook technology.
You should know that not every slimeline drive is compatible and supported with the unit.
The drive supports not changeable master / slave or c-sel settings.

In your case the notebook freezes for 2 minutes because the BIOS try to find the ODD.
This is not possible because of wrong settings and the IDE error appears.

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i did not do anything at all with my laptop, just turn it off and then after few hours later i turned it on, and then it says battery is loading but instead of going from 90 to 91, 92 it goes down from 99 to 90 and then 80 and it keep dropping while the battery is charging ;(

What to do please ?

one time i finally sucssed to load the battery full but then when i close the pc, NOT SHUT DOWN just close to Hibernate then it start's to happend the same thing again i must load the battery and then it goes down to % instead of up, why ;( ?


Answer:Re: Satellite U400 - battery loses power while it's charging

What BIOS version do you use?
As far as I know the BIOS should be updated to V3.0 or higher.

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My battery/power indicator is missing from the task bar. When I attempt to turn it on, it's grayed out and I don't have the option to select it. I've checked the hidden icons functions, etc. When I searched on google, there were several fixes - but all are way out of my area of expertise.

Please help!

Answer:Satellite A - Battery/Power Indicator Missing from Task Bar


Maybe you have installed an software which affected this Windows option.
It could be also a damage registry entry?
Maybe you could clean the OS using CCleaner and repair the registry?
I?m not quite sure if it will help you but it?s worth a try?

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my notebook has this problem.First the battery didnt charge but i thought it was just a battery capacity problem but after some days when te notebook its on i have no charge at all when its shut down there is the orange indicator(battery charging).Now i plug the adaptor and no light is on as it has no power at all(no A/C nor battery).When i plug the cable i see some blinking but after 10 sec nothing.I really appriciate if someone could help

Answer:Satellite M30X-118 problem with battery charging/no power

Is this of any interest to you?

Down near the bottom of the page there is mention of an impending class action suit involving the A70, A75, M30X, and M35X. It's quite recent as well.

There's also this page if you want to pass a couple of minutes.

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My Toshiba Satellite M35x-S161 will not work on battery.

With external power, the battery status icon show 90-99% battery, but if the external connection is removed the computer immediately goes dead.

Pressing the power on button with the external power disconnected, nothing happens. There is no light.

I suspect the battery is dead, but why does it show 90-99% full?

Answer:Satellite M35x-S161 does not work on battery power


In my opinion your battery is dead.
My old battery was always full charged but I could use the notebook just only for 1min.
Then the battery was empty?

This is nothing unusual? the same issues you can meet using mobile phones?
The battery can die someday.

In my opinion the battery should be replaced?

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I have had my A30 for 3yrs now but recently it has started to switch to battery power whilst still plugged into ac power. Does anyone else have this problem?

Answer:Satellite A30 switch to battery power whilst AC is plugged in


Sounds to me like the ac-in is loose. I would recommend taking it to your ASP and have them check it out. To test it yourself, plug it in to the AC adaptor without the battery and wiggle the connector around. If the light turns off and on whilst doing this then the ac-in is defective and needs to be replaced. Problem is that it is attached to the motherboard which means you have to replace the entire MB. I hope you fix this problem.

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Hi there,

My toshiba Satellite C850 laptop won't turn on with battery. It works fine when connected with AC supply..!!
When connected with AC supply, it shows my battery is fully charged.

Answer:Satellite C850 won't turn on with battery power supply

How old is the battery?
Could it be possible that the battery does not hold the charge anymore?

My old notebook?s battery showed 100% charge but the battery worked only 1min and then the battery was empty.
This is nothing unusual and sooner or later this would happen to any battery.

I think you should simply test a new compatible battery.

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I would like to know if I can unplugg my battery from my laptop if I use it connected to mains.


Answer:Satellite P100-473: Can I run without battery & only mains power supply

Yes of course, you can run the notebook without the battery and only connected to the main power.
You don't have to be afraid. The notebook will not damage.
I use my notebook without the battery. Why?? Because it does not work anymore ;) It?s too old.

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Hello everyone,

About a year ago I bought a genuine replacement battery for my U500. A few months ago, the battery seemed to have gone bad (no charging), and since I was traveling I didn't have time to take it back to the dealer for yet another replacement. Last week, however, it started working normally all of a sudden - or so I thought.

As it turns out, the battery did actually charge (it recharged from zero to 95% in about an hour, and now the icon says "95%, not charging"), but it won't power the machine; if I pull the plug, the machine will die immediately.
I tried taking the batter out and cleaning the contacts, but that didn't seem to help.

Any input on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Answer:Battery fully charged, but Satellite U500 won't power up

I think the battery is faulty.
Probably you purchased some kind of imitation product even if the part number would be the same.

Many 3rd party online dealers provide cheap ?china? batteries which are compatible (the battery dimensions are the same) but the performance isn?t the best?

I think you will need to replace the battery once again?

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I have a problem that developed about 3 months ago with a computer in daily use.

When the computer is plugged into power on start-up, the computer boots halfway into Windows XP with the first XP screen, and then it sounds like the hard drive clunks and stops and then the screen stops and shakes with lots of lines and stripes in the screen and distortion, and the machine freezes up.

I then have to hold down the power button and restart.
I can then start it in safe mode.

If I have the computer start up on battery power, it always starts normally and everything is fine.
Once the computer is all booted up, I can then plug in the power and run it all day.

Any ideas why the machine freezes on boot-up when it is started on power and not on battery?
I've had it plugged into lots of power sources, and even changed the power supply with another machine, and it still has the problem.

I've loaded every driver and the latest bios driver and display driver.

Do you think this is a software or hardware problem?

Answer:Satellite L300 boots up on battery but not on AC power supply

> Any ideas why the machine freezes on boot-up when it is started on power and not on battery?

In my personal opinion its definitely an hardware problem. The question is what part is affected.
I think that you should test another AC adaptor.
Abnormal power supply can cause such issues.
Otherwise if the AC adaptor isn?t the troublemaker, I think that only motherboard malfunction can cause such issue.

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My U305 no longer powers up. Whether battery plugged in or not, battery light flashes and nothing else happens.


Answer:Satellite U305 No power, battery light flashes

Hallo Michael

There must be some serious issue with power supply electronic. If there is serious problem with power supply the notebook sends hexadecimal code and this code can help technicians to identify the problem.

I am afraid there is nothing you can do about it so please contact nearest authorized service provider and ask for help.

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I am working on my notebook Toshiba satellite P205-S6277, 80% of my time at home.

Can I take off the battery and connect the power to a backup UPS in order to make battery life longer?
I can charge it once a week.

Answer:Satellite P205-S6277: Can I take off the battery and connect the power too?

Of course you can do this. You can remove the battery and work on AC power supply only. Be sure there is no dust on the desk and the battery place on the notebook stay clean for further usage.


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Please I need help... I have got Toshiba Satellite A200-1m8.
Operating system: Windows XP Pro SP3.

I noticed that the Wireless connection, running the laptop on battery power, drops and sometimes doesn't connect but plugging the power back to Normal power it easily does

I searched for similar issues and found that Intel for wireless devices does this to save battery power. I followed the instructions I found, and Wi-Fi worked well by increasing the power management in the Wi-Fi device settings ,but the main problem here is when I increase power management ,running the laptop on batteries, the computer seemingly to lose battery power quickly.

Should I change the deficient part by the manufacturer or what to do .......??


Answer:Satellite A200-1M8 - battery loose power quickly


As you know the power consumption depends on notebook usage and also on power settings. I don?t know what you do exactly when your notebook runs with battery power supply but it will be interesting to know how long you can use it with battery only.

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I recently bought the A500-138 and I noticed that if the computer turned off for more than half a day the battery power gets lower.
For example after 2 days when the computer is not working at all the battery starts at 88%.

It it normal or there is a problem with the battery?

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite A500-138 - Battery power gets lower when turned off


I don?t have the brand new Satellite A500 but on my Satellite A300 I had the same issue that battery power gets lower when it was turned off.

After searching a little bit here in forum I founded out that I have to disable the Wake-On-LAN function in BIOS. Furthermore I recommend disabling the USB Sleep & Charge function that you can also find in BIOS.

Does it work for you too?


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I bought this back in October, upgraded the BIOS almost immediately and since then it has been very reliable in everyday use (now on Windows 10, 1511). However, during that period there has been the same power issue two or three times. While used on a laptop on battery power it shuts down completely for no apparent reason and cannot be switched on again with the power button. If then connected to the charger the switch operates normally and the PC reboots. The battery monitor shows the tablet at 2% (which should trigger a shutdown when used as a tablet) but the keyboard at ~ 100%.

This suggests to me a specific bug in the firmware or driver which is triggered by a particular set of circumstances, e.g. the battery switchover point happens to coincide with a timed change to sleep mode. Its annoying because apart from a possible loss of work it means I need to carry the charger even though the batteries will last all day.

Two questions. Has anyone else experienced this or seen it reported? Is there a simple way to inform Toshiba in the hope (!) that it might be added to a list of bugs to investigate?

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I just bought new Toshiba A200-1AE with Windows Vista and I have one question can I find how long I can work on battery power? Becouse I can't find it. Only a percent of battery.
Please help.

Answer:Satellite A200: How long I can work on battery power


It?s not easy to say how long you will be able to work with battery power.
The battery working time depends on the notebook usage. If you run high performance applications like games, video software, etc? the notebook battery power goes down much faster!
Why? Because all the notebook parts like CPU, GPU, HDD, cooling modules have to run with full performance. All these parts waste and need the battery power!!!

Do you use the XP or Vista? Vista needs much more resources as other Microsoft operating systems. It wastes more battery performance. That means that the notebook will run much longer with installed XP as with Vista OS using the battery.

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L750 battery power drains even when laptop is shutdown. I've checked the power options and they seem to be the same as another laptop which doesn?t drain its battery when off. If I disconnect the battery from the laptop it retains power OK.

Any suggestions to what might be causing this?
Does it sound like a warranty issue?

Answer:Satellite L750 drains battery power when shutdown

It is definitely not a warranty issue.
This issue is well known and in Toshiba knowledge base you can find several documents about this theme.

Please take some time, visit and try to find it.

If you still need help let us know.

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I have just bought a Toshiba Satellite L350-170 and it the battery life is awful. I have seen on here that Toshiba do a 9 cell battery for this.

Does anyone know what the battery life would be like with this? At the moment iIam lucky to get 2hrs with wi-fi on.


Answer:Satellite L350-170 runs 2 hours on battery power

how many cells is your standard battery?

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Hi there,

I've got a Satellite P30-133 Notebook, and the problem I'm having is that occasionally it seems as if the laptop is not running off/connected to the battery. The battery indicator can say 70% etc and then it can suddenly shut down. Or if I remove the power it occasionally shuts down immediately. Other times it will run fully without an issue. Its as if the laptop's connection to the battery is intermittently having problems.

Has anyone else come across a similar problem before?

Answer:Satellite P30: Battery appears to disconnect from supplying power


You suggest that you notebook can not shuts down using the battery.
Am I right?
Well, very strange. I?m not sure if this issue occurs because of software or hardware malfunction. It?s not easy to say.
Did you try to recover the OS? If not, so I would recommend doing it. (don?t forget the backup) Don?t install any 3rd party applications.
Then you can test your notebook if the problem occurs.
If this issue doesn?t persists so I assume it was a software malfunction. But if it happens again so there must be something wrong with the hardware. Maybe power supply electronic issue.

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