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Satellite 4090 BIOS issue - "Ready for BIOS update..." message appears

Question: Satellite 4090 BIOS issue - "Ready for BIOS update..." message appears

Hi All ! Excuse my poor english because i'm french.

A friend gives me his Notebook (a Satellite 4090CDS exactly) because he had a probleme.
In fact, the problem is that when I switch on the computer, i have one and only one message(not even the red toshiba logo) which is "Ready for BIOS update. Place the BIOS update diskette in the drive, and press any key when ready to proceed."

So I go on french toshiba website, in the BIOS download, i find that i have to download this update:

Ok, i download and unzip it to a diskette and i boot the notebook with the disjette, it said that the update was made successfully and automatically reboot.
This time, the red toshiba logo appears, but next i have a black screen with a message:

**** Bad check sum (CMOS) ****
Check system. Then press [F1] key.

And after that, i can't do anything, not even press F1. If i reboot the notebook, i meet myself one more time with the first message "Ready for BIOS update..." and it is still and still the same.

If anyone could help me to understand what is the problem, it would be very nice.


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Preferred Solution: Satellite 4090 BIOS issue - "Ready for BIOS update..." message appears

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite 4090 BIOS issue - "Ready for BIOS update..." message appears

It sounds as if your CMOS chip has a problem. It?s possible that the CMOS battery has failed and your BIOS settings are being lost.
Maybe the RTC battery is empty. In this case you should plug the AC adaptor to charge the RTC battery.
Please note that the RTC battery (CMOS battery) will charge after the notebook main battery was fully charged. In this case the charging procedure could take several hours.

But if after this long charging procedure this message appears again so I assume the battery is dead.
I suggest you contact your nearest ASP to get your notebook checked.

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I downloaded the latest Bios update for the afforementioned laptop, and it isn't allowing me to update. It says that I need to make sure that: Bios isn't later than 210 (mine is 1.80), AC is plugged in (it is), and that the battery is above 10% charge (mine is at 100%).

I have tried everything I can think of (running update as admin, resetting the bios to defaults, removing all power from the laptop for half an hour etc) and I still get that error message?

Has anyone else had this issue?
Its got me stumped.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Answer:Satellite Pro L670-14P - Cannot update Bios - error message appears


Did you install VAP (value added package)?
If yes, uninstall and refresh this tool. Install it once again and reboot the notebook.
Then try to update the BIOS once again.

Good luck

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Toshiba 5205 - Serviceman / Call Bios - Need some help.

I flashed my bio's and the laptop locked up in windows and didn't shut off after the flash.

Now when I turn the laptop on, I get no picture and the front of the laptop has a remote lcd display that says: Serviceman / Call BIOS.

I have already remove the laptop's battery and let it sit a full day to killthe bios, but I get the same error and still no picture.

How can I fix this? The bio's should be dead by now. Am just using the ac-power pack for power. I tryed plugging the battery pack back in and I have also put the bio's battery back in. and I get the samething error message on the remote lcd.

There must be a way to get around this, if anyone knows please let me know.

Answer:Satellite 5205 - After Bios update - Serviceman / Call Bios message

Hi Jim,

Unfortunately removing the battery will not reset your BIOS. The BIOS is maintained by a separate battery on your motherboard (the CMOS or RTC battery) and you will need to dismantle your notebook to access this battery. Even removing the CMOS battery will not reset your BIOS since it will be held in a non-volatile area of the CMOS chip.

You will need to take your notebook to a Toshiba Authorised Service Agent to have the chip reflashed with a new BIOS.


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I'm having trouble flashing my bios.
I have a Satellite Pro L40-15A.

The Toshiba winflash tool that comes with the bios file tells me that the 'Old BIOS can't recognise EEPROM'

I was recommended to use AFUDOS on another forum but that tells me the bios has an invalid boot block.

AMI flas for dos tells me the flash rom is write-protected??? There is no option in bios to disable it and I don't think anyone would be dumb enough to put a hardware Bios protect jumper on a laptop.

Please help


Answer:BIOS update issue on Satellite Pro L40-15A - Old BIOS can't recognise EEPROM

Dear Bruce

Can you please tell me what you want to do and please explain to us your steps to update BIOS on your Satellite Pro notebook?

I have done BIOS update over 20 times last month and I am really wondering what you want to say with terms like EEPROM or AFUDOS. Which BIOS update version you want to use? I presume 5.10. am I right?

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When my Toshiba Satellite 1800-100 start-up appears "block3 damaged, please call serviceman ...". The CPU, memory, RTC batterie, main batterie, Hdd disk, power supply, works properly.

I've tried update the bios from dk using F12 key without errors, but the message is the same at start-up.
Please, help me.

Answer:Satellite 1800-100: Message appears - Bios block3 damaged


There is nothing wrong with the notebook hardware but only with the BIOS!
I have read some threads about a similar BIOS issue and it seems the BIOS must be flashed again on special way!!!

There should be a message saying ?Place a maintenance disk in drive and press enter?.
Am I right???
Well, such maintenance disk is needed to repair the BIOS and only the authorized service provider could do this!!!

In my opinion you should contact the ASP in your country for an help!!

PS; I found this very interesting forum thread:

Maybe it?s useful

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I wanted to update BIOS on my Toshiba Satellite A210. I downloaded an update from official Toshiba site, and then I've done everything according to instructions.
I updated BIOS within Windows.
When updating ended, a massage "update completed" appeared and I just needed to turn on computer again.
So I did this and a problem occurred.

When I turn on my computer now, it shows me a blue window with a password. I don't know password.
Perhaps you know how to disable the password or you know some Toshiba passwords which will match?

Answer:Satellite A210-16f - After BIOS update a window with password appears

Toshiba doesn?t have some kind of ?universal? password and, unfortunately, nobody here can help you with this issue.
I just hope you have downloaded the right BIOS upgrade for your notebook model.

The password can be removed by Toshiba service provider. They can do this in 15 minutes.
Sorry buddy but I am afraid there is nothing you can do about it.

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I tried to update my BIOS, because I have the version 1.70 and the loudness off the fan decreases with 1.80-2.10. The problem is, I get an error: You have not given permission to execute the update. I started the program with the administrator-user so I do not know why this doesn't work. I know somebody else had that problem before, but they haven't searched for a solution.

I hope you can help me,

Answer:Satellite R - BIOS update error message

Have you tried logging into Windows using Administrator?

Also try reinstalling the Toshiba Value Added Package.

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R630-11L (PT31LE) > driver download page shows new bios update available for this model
*release date*: 28/09/10
*filename*: " --> P007Bv160_EC73V140.exe"
*FTP-URL*: calleula.asp?ID=77071

After downloading the file and executing I am getting *" this computer is not supported"* error message.
I wonder to know if anyone achieve to install the bios update to this hardware?


Answer:Satellite R630-11L - BIOS update error message

Hi buddy,

Before you start the BIOS update, make sure that all files are extracted and you are logged in as Administrator. Then close all running programs also your AntiVirus and Firewall and then start the BIOS update.
Make also sure that the battery is fully charged and AC/DC adaptor is connected.

Furthermore it would be interesting to know from what OS you start the update.
Last but not least have you installed Value Added Package?

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I have a Satellite A500 PSAR3A-02U002 with BIOS version 1.9 installed.

After reading several forums, I discovered that there may be a BIOS update (v2.0) available to fix the ongoing issue these Satellites have with overheating/cooling/shutting down.

Excited, I tried installing the new BIOS - this is what I get:

'There is an error occurred, please check below items.
BIOS version above 200.
Battery capacity more than 10%.
AC is attached.'

Firstly, my BIOS version is 190, not above 200. Secondly, I find it extremely hard to believe the battery needs to be less than 10% to proceed. And thirdly, I fail to see what removing the power cord will do.

Please note that this BIOS update was found on Toshiba's European website, however the v2.0 claims to be a worldwide release. I then checked the Australian site and the BIOS for my model does not exist. I am not sure how to read this contradiction.

Please HELP!

Answer:Satellite A500 - Can't update the BIOS (error message)

Hi umm_excuse_me,

So I think the BIOS update is not available at the moment for you. European and Australian models have different model numbers so I doubt the BIOS update is always the same. Also the hardware parts can be different.

In your case I would wait until the BIOS was released on Australian page too.

By the way: Where did you read that this update was a world wide release?

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Just tried to update BIOS and get the following error message:

Installing UEFI winflash 0.02

The programme will be closed

There is an error occured, please check below items
Bios version above 200
Battery capacity more than 20%
AC is attached

Anybody got any ideas?

Answer:Satellite A660 - BIOS update error message

HI ifw,

Can you post more details about this behavior? What BIOS version you are using at the moment and what BIOS update you try exactly?

BIOS update requires administrator privilegs so you should run the update as Administrator. Also unzip all files from zip archive before you start the update.

May I ask you *why* you want to update the BIOS?

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I have an issue when trying to update the BIOS of my Z30-A-12R.
I have installed currently the bios version 2.6. My computer had to be reformatted and all the programs re-installed. When reinstalling utilities the ECO utility could not be installed due to the incompatibility with the bios version I am using.
When trying to update the bios, the new version is 4.2 but when trying to download it and apply it, it says that my computer is not supported.
Is there any way to update the bios? Why do I have a problem with the new version?
Thanks for your help.

Answer:BIOS Update Issue on Satellite Z30-A-12R

If you have Win7: Install Toshiba Value Added Package.
If you have Win8/10: install Toshiba System Driver and System Settings.

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Hello, I apologizie for my English, I know it's not the best...

I did a very stupit error, and now I can not use my new Satellite U940 -103.
I updated the BIOS, from version 1.2 to version 1.3.

Unfortunately I did not do any recovery support (I'm stupid, yes!).
When I turn on the ultrabook, it say:
"Your PC need to be repaired"
error 0x0000001
Does anybody know what I can do, please?

Answer:Satellite U940 starts with error message after BIOS update

Hmm? do you see a Toshiba Splash screen while booting?
Are you abele to access the BIOS?

If not, I guess something went wrong during the update and you will need to ask service in your country for fix.

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I have downloaded the updated BIOS but receive a message "ROM size is incorrect" when I try to run setup.

This, according to the web site, should be a simple process! I know I'm a beginner but.

I'm have a real struggle

Answer:Satellite Pro M70: Update Bios error message - ROM size is incorrect


On BIOS download page there are two M70 listed (PSMXX). Have you chosen the right one?

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I have updated my Satellite P500 with the BIOS update to Version 3.10 from the support site.
Now I get the error message "No Items to select" after the laptop has rebooted. Has anyone an idea, how I can solve that problem?

best regards and many thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite P500: message "No Items to select" after BIOS 3.1 update


Never seen such message and to be honest I have no idea what items should be selected?.
Go to BIOS settings and set it again to default settings.
The save the change and reboot the unit.

Check it!

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I bought a second hand Satellite Pro M30. This one has the 1.30 Bios ... I would like to install the v1.70 bios.

I'm running Windows XP Pro SP3 and I tried first to update within Windows.
I got however the message "the user is not authorized to update BIOS".

This message is quite surprising since I have admnistrator privileges.

I read that one can use a diskette to update, but I don't have one ...

So, Is there a way to update the Bios with CD ?


Answer:Satellite Pro M30 - Error message: User is not authorized to update BIOS


I checked the Toshiba European driver page and found the BIOS 1.7 WIN version in the ARCHIVE area.

As you can see it's a BIOS Windows version and not a traditional BIOS version (trad BIOS can be updated using the diskette).
This Win BIOS can be upgraded only from running Win OS.

Anyway, I see you have installed the SP3. This could have a bad influence on the BIOS update.
So maybe you should try to update the BIOS without installed SP3?

Remove the SP3, download the right BIOS, unzip it correctly and then try to execute the BIOS update file.

_PS: If you notebook runs trouble free then a BIOS update is not necessary!!!_


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Hi I am trying to update BIOS  F 64.Rev A, but getting error messege can't update system bios file due c:\SWSetup\SP77971\ROM.CAB missing please help me,,,,,,

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 I am receiving this message when I run sp76205: The system BIOS update file (c:\SWSetup\SP76205\hpqflash\ROM.CAB) is missing or corrupt. The system BIOS will not be updated." SP76205 was just released in June 2016 and I noticed other user are experiencing the same issue with it. Please provide a fix BIOS update or explain how to run this current update...

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Hi all

I was updating BIOS on TOSHIBA SATELLITE C660-13R from windows 7 64 bits. Downloaded driver from toshiba web. Half way the installation laptop freezes. I have left it for 40 mins to run but it did not get back to normal state. As motherboard fan has started to move on high speed I decided to take battery out. In result when I power back my laptop I have 1 beep from the motherboard and black screen.

Can some one help me please ?

Answer:Satellite C660-13R - BIOS update issue

Obviously the BIOS update procedure has failed. Something went wrong during the update process and it looks like the EMRPOM module has not been flashed properly.
This is the reason why the notebook does not work anymore.

Possible solution?
Well, if EMPROM isn?t damage, it should be possible to re-flash the BIOS module once again using special BIOS version and BIOS crisis disk.
Usually the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country should be able to re-flash the module using such crisis disk.

I read also in this forum that some people managed to re-flash the EPROM module using some 3rd party crisis disk found somewhere in the internet? but this did not work always?
So probably the ASP will be your last resort?

However, use the forums advanced search option to find related threads about the BIOS crisis disk? could be interesting for you

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I have problem with my notebook Toshiba Satellite L850 (PSKDLA-0C900R). When upgraded BIOS to 6.1,there was pop-up with Error

"Flash process will be terminated!
Current platform have secure boot feature, it must provide NV storage location by IHSI interface.
Please contact OEM BIOS enginner to add the feature..."

I pressed okay on that error and it upgraded BIOS, but now I can't change any BIOS option, I can enter into BIOS setting and can see BIOS options but it doesn't allow me to change any

e.g. if i want to change Boot order, i can go into BIOS and can see boot order but can't change or select any of the options

I use Win7 64bit

What should I do?
Please help..

Answer:Re: Satellite L850 - BIOS Update Issue

If I?m remembering well BIOS updates from version 6 are designed for Win8.
If not necessary don?t change anything.

Do you have some problems with your machine?

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Dear All,

Satellite A200-1z3

I have the same problem as many of you already discribed here. After Downgrading to Win XP I have found out that part of the functions activated by FN button do not work, eg FN+ F2 , FN+ F6, FN+F7, FN+F8, FN+F9, FN+ F12, FN+ 1, FN+ 2, FN+ TAB.

I read through this forum and found out that you can solve this problem be reinstalling BIOS. When I was trying to download BIOS from website it requires Pass and Login which I dont have. Though do you have any suggestion of do I download it from there?

If not How I can activate keboard light FN+F2 and scroll pad Lock FN+ F9 without FN button.

Thank you very much

Answer:BIOS update issue and FN key on Satellite A200-1z3


> When I was trying to download BIOS from website it requires Pass and Login which I don?t have.
Did you use the right Toshiba driver page???
You story sounds strange for me because I have visited the Toshiba European page and have chosen your model; Satellite A200-1z3 PSAE3E.

And I was able to download the BIOS 5.60-WIN.

So maybe you should try again? I?m sure it will work!


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I have an old Satellite 2180 CDT and a message saying "Ready for BIOS update. Please insert a BIOS update disk......" is displayed when I turn on the computer.

I have downloaded the correct BIOS update to floppy disk, and follow the instructions from Toshiba.
When I insert the disk and press a key,
the floppy disk starts for a second, but stops and starts again. This continues and at the same time the laptop gives a short beep every time the disk drive starts.
The light indicator for the floppy disk is blinking green.

I will be very grateful for any help. I do not often use the computer, but have important information on it....).

Answer:Satellite 2180 CDT: BIOS update issue


Can you please say what?s wrong because I don?t see any problems.
The fact is that you can hear a beep tone during the BIOS update procedure.
Did you get any error messages or something like that?

Maybe this BIOS update document will help you:

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i have a problem with *BIOS* update on my Toshiba *U500-1D8-PSU9ME*.
Currently the BIOS is +v1.50+, but on this page
i found new version +v1.90+. (I know, that updating BIOS should be not done when no problems occurrs, but i have time-to-time some problems with starting etc...)

When i start the update *UBIOS.bat* nothing happens, but the thread from *WinFlash.exe* is running on background.

What can i do? I found this manual but it isn't helpfull.
Any idea?


Answer:Satellite U500-1D8 - BIOS update issue


If you have downloaded the BIOS v1.90 then you have to unzip (unpack) this package firstly. Inside the package you will find the BIOS190.exe
You have to execute this exe file.

You are saying that WinFlash.exe is running on background?. Well, try to close this process and start then start the update again?
You could also reboot the unit and could try to start the procedure once again

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I recently bought a T430s (Type: 2352CTO) and thought I should try to update the BIOS from version 1.11 to 1.16.I downloaded g1uj07uc.iso and burned the BIOS CD. After restarting the computer with the CD, I get an error message:BIOS directory was not found. The process did not complete.I also tried the BIOS flash utility method and got the same error.Anyone have this problem recently? Any suggestions?Two year old messages about other computers suggest that the motherboard needs to be replaced.


Go to Solution.

Answer:BIOS directory not found error message - update BIOS T430s

How did you burn the ISO? Using Windows or some other utility?

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On attempting to update my Bios via windows, on unpacking the zipped file my anti virus (f-secure) flashed a warning.

The warning claimed that the file contained a trojan and that it had been deleted to protect my computer.
A microsoft warning also stated that access to these files had been blocked to protect your system.

Is it possible that this update, downloaded from Toshiba really did contain malware or could there be some other reason for this occurrence?

Any help advice would be appreciated

Message was edited by: james7dean i have a satellite pro a100 O/S windows xp pro

Answer:Satellite Pro A100: Trojan warning message during BIOS windows update

Hi james

Don't get panicky! You BIOS is not affected by any Trojans, Malware or Virus.
Mostly such BIOS files are not known to the AntiVirus applications and therefore the anti virus software reports and notifies a virus.

Before you will start the BIOS update you should disable the virus auto protection!

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I bought my notebook last weekend and I can't seem to do the BIOS update (from 1.30 to 1.40). I am using Vista 32 Home Premium SP1 (which came pre-installed in the laptop) and after downloading, unpacking and running the file provided by the TOSHIBA website (PO10140M.exe) I get the following error message:

C:\Users\Dado\AppData\Local\Temp\iscA516tmp\insyde flash.exe could not be executed.

I am sure this is the right file, because this was the one mentioned, after filling every field in the BIOS update search screen.

I don't understand what is wrong, since the laptop is brand new.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Cannot update BIOS in Satellite A300-1ID (PSAGCE) 0 Error message displayed

Are you administrator?

Try right clicking the BIOS file and select "Run as Administrator"

Also disable your virus scanner, it may be blocking the BIOS update.

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Hello, I have two issues with my laptop.

First is related to keyboard. It started few days ago, laptop has shutted down because of low battery, when I turned it on again, I've received a malfunction of keyboard.
The key problem is that when i typing for ex 4, it appears on screen as r4, and so on for some other keys.
I'v searched through web that it possibly can be because of BIOS. And decided to update current version.

And here comes second problem:
I've downloaded bios update from toshiba site, and tried to install it, but it stops on last step, something about region.
Could somebody please help with issues?

Answer:Keyboard and BIOS update issue on Satellite L505-13V


> I've received a malfunction of keyboard.
What message you received exactly? Was this message Windows based or what exactly?
Of course it could be a keyboard malfunction but software malfunction as well. Easiest way to check this is connecting an external keyboard.

> I've downloaded bios update from toshiba site, and tried to install it, but it stops on last step, something about region.
Where did you download this update exactly? Was this update especially for Satellite L500-13V and PSLJ0E model series?

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Can any one help!?

Have tried to update my M60-175 bios with toshiba bios downloads but recieving rom size error while trying to flash rom
my current bios; version toscpl-6040000, 1.00parttblx, smbios v 1.04


Answer:Bios update issue on Satellite M60-175 - rom size error

Please check this Toshiba FAQ document about;

+I cannot update my BIOS with the Windows based Phoenix BIOS ZIP-file under Windows XP.+
+I always receive following error message: The size of ROM file is incorrect.+

It should helps to solve this issue

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I have for 1.5 years a Toshiba Satellite L40-14F PSL4CE.
I encounter the error of LOW CMOS battery but I was unable to find it in order to replace it. Where is it positioned?

Second problem: After a BIOS update (the version from the site) with the same setting in Windows XP, after I let the lid down and then back up the notebook hesitates for about 2 seconds and the music stops. These problems were not present before the BIOS update.

Thank you for cooperation.

Answer:Satellite L30-14F - CMOS battery low and issue after BIOS update


BIOS battery can be replaced by authorized service only. to do this the whole notebook must be disassembled. By the way: check user?s manuals. There you will find info how to load BIOS battery.
If I remember well the notebook must be connected to AC adapter over 48 hours. Check it in manuals.

Maybe is my English bad but I don't understand second ?problem?.
Can you please try to explain it again? Sorry.

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When trying to install BIOS update I get error message: ROM file size incorrect. What can I do? Thanks.

Answer:Incorrect file size error message during BIOS update on Satellite M100


Today is your lucky day dude. Seems I found a solution :D
Pelase take a look into this forum thread:

The user JayJay has provided a link to the Toshiba document which helps to clear this issue.

This is the original document;

Please try it and post back if it was the key or not. Good luck

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I updated my Satellite A200-AH6 PSAE0C notebook (Bios and Graphic update) after installing Toshiba Power Saver.
I downloaded the BIOS update from the Toshiba Site, and flashed my BIOS.

Upon restart, and any restart/shutdown I do now, I get a black screen (bootup screen) with these details listed as well:

System Configuration Data updated
0271: Check date and time settings
0251: System CMOS checksum bad - default configuration used

Can somebody please help me?
If anything, I would just like to restore my old BIOS, if at all possible.

Please, someone help!

Answer:Satellite A200-AH6: Error message: System CMOS checksum bad after BIOS update


Did you try to access the BIOS and did you try to set it to default settings?
No? Do this!

Pressing the F2 button you would be able to access the BIOS. Set the BIOS back to default settings and save up.
Then boot again the notebook and check if the same notification would appear on the display.


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I need help because i have one toshiba A500-149 but the ilumination of keyboard dont work (FN+Z).
I see a new Bios update and my question is:
This new update 2.00 win solve that problem?

this upgrate is secure?

Answer:Satellite A500-149: Would new BIOS update 2.00-win solve illumination issue

> This new update 2.00 win solve that problem?
Question: Did the keyboard illumination work from the first day of purchase?

If yes, the issue is not realted to BIOS.

Secondly: the illumination can be enabled and disabled in BIOS.
Did you check the settings there?

Thirdly: did you check something in the software?
Possibly the reinstallation of VAP (value added package) would be helpful

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Hi everyone,

I was running the update of the BIOS I downloaded at this site, when the system hang up.
After some time I had to umplug the power wire to turn the notebook off.

It seems that the BIOS got corructed.
Now I turn the computer on but display is always black, leds are green all the time.

I've tried pressing F12, F2 when turning on, and nothing happen.

Please help me if you can. Thank you! Albert

Answer:Satellite L100 doesn't boot up - BIOS update issue

Hi there,

if bios had been corrupted, then it will leave you with no option but to bring it to an Authorized Toshiba Repair Center.

Updating the bios is really risky, It should not even be interrupted. The Bios is responsible in Identifying and Initialization of the system component hardware (such as the video display card, hard disk, and floppy disk) If this is corrupted then you might just really get a black screen.

Hope this will help you :)

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My last BIOS update has failed and now my laptop Satellite PrU400 PSU45E is out of order.
I want to use the Crisis Recovery Disk with an USB floppy drive but I don't know the key combination to run the boot-block.
Is anybody can help me?

Best regards

Answer:Satellite Pro U400 BIOS update failed - What is BIOS Boot-block access


I wondering what Crisis Recovery Disk do you have ?:|
In my experience the special disk is needed which is available only for ASP technician.
Therefore it?s necessary to contact the ASP in your country in order to reflash the BIOS.

In my opinion you shouldn?t not try any ?Crisis Recovery disks? which you fond in the net? this can lead to mobo damage?

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Whilst updating the BIOS the system froze at step 7 of replacing the BIOS code, needless to say the laptop will not boot as the BIOS is now corrupt.

I have the BIOS.BAK but need advice on how to restore the BIOS. I copied the BIOS.BAK to a usb stick and plugged this into the laptop and then powered on the system (I've tried holding down F, F2 and together). I can see that the usb stick flickers initially but clearly does not progress with the restore.

I hope someone might be able to advise how to use the BIOS.BAK file to restore the BIOS.

Answer:Satellite C660 - BIOS Update Failed, help needed to restore BIOS.BAK file

Unfortunately I cannot help you with this but check please this interesting thread -

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Well, I have used the BIOS updater listed on the drivers/bios updates section of Toshiba website, on Windows vista x64 and offcourse I have used the x64 executable.
Strangely, when I reboot it, it requests a bios password that I have never inserted. So I suppose the update inserted a password automatically. Now I can't boot from any device so I cant use the laptop.

What do you have to say about this?

Answer:After Vista x64 BIOS update Satellite A200-1KB PSAE6 requests BIOS password

Hello MC

Have you founded some answers? Nobody offered here real explanation what can be wrong there. Have you maybe contacted authorized service partner in your country. They have contact with Toshiba and I am pretty sure they can help you about that.

If you will find out something regarding this password issue please let us know.

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Hello, I have updatet BIOS of my notebook sattelite A100.

After updating I cannot start my notebook and BIOS doesn't start.

Answer:Satellite A100 - Windows and BIOS doesn't start after BIOS update

Do you see the Toshiba logo?

Was there a power failure when you updated the BIOS?

Try removing the battery and AC Adapter, and leaving it for a couple of hours. You could also try reseating the RAM.

If that doesn't help, you may need to send it to an Authorized Service Center for repair.

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Like a complete idiot I upgraded my bios (to 1.80) for Satellite A30 (PSA30E). I've noticed two problems.

a) during boot I no longer get any welcome screen, and cannot access the bios or boot from other devices - so if I want to boot from CD now I can't - e.g. impossible to reinstall OS in the future

b) the battery suddenly wasn't fully charged and hangs persistently on 99% (apparently)

c) who knows what else could be going wrong

I'd dearly love to undo what I've done, but it doesn't seem possible. How on earth do I fix this, since clearly the bios update is flawed. Can I find an earlier bios update file (and how to use it)? Can I fix this one?

Anyone any thoughts?


Answer:Bios update Satellite A30 - can't access bios and no full charge light


Firstly may to ask why you have updated the BIOS. If everything works the BIOS update is not necessary.

Ok, how did you try to access the BIOS? Usually the F2 button should be pressed immediately after notebook starting. You can try to press several times.

But you can boot from ODD on different ways. You can press C button and the notebook will activate the booting from the drive or you will press F12 and you will choose the ODD as booting source.

I don?t know why the battery power freezes at 99% but you could try to remove the battery and wait several times. Then connect it again and check the battery status.

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I have used the Toshiba support download page to identify my model A205-S4629 Satellite laptop and downloaded the following BIOS update utility sa200f0v520.exe.

After building the IOS install disk and running the Phoenix Phlash16 utility I get the following message "File has different BIOS part number".

The utility is using the following image file MW10M520.ROM.

Any input is appreciated,


Answer:Satellite A205-S4629 BIOS Update Fail - File has different BIOS part number


As far as I know the BIOS package downloaded from the Toshiba US driver page contains the WinRAR 32-bit self-extracting ZIP file which includes both Windows-based and diskette based BIOS update installation options.

Did you try to update the BIOS using Win-based BIOS?

What OS do you use?

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Hello, i'm in deeep trouble.

I tried to update my bios but something went wrong
during the process and now the laptop won't boot at all.
(when I try to turn on the satellite, nothing happens)

Do I need to desolder the bios and replace it with a new one ?

Is there any easy way to just erase it ?

Please help me !

Answer:Bios update failed on Satellite Pro A60 - how can I replace the bios chip?

Sorry but I just want to ask you something: how familiar are you with notebook and BIOS technology?

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I got Satellite L300 notebook and I want to update it's BIOS (current v1.50), so I've downloaded bios update v1.60-WIN and when I run extracted PS10160M.exe file - I get a message that "That BIOS is not for your notebook PC".

What I'm I doing wrong?

ps: that BIOS update was automatically suggested after registration on Toshiba website via serial number.

UPD: seems like autosuggestion fail: Manual search shows that 1.60-win bios update not suitable for Satellite L300 PSLBCE model. :-(

Answer:Satellite L300 BIOS update problem: "That BIOS is not for your notebook PC"


You used wrong BIOS!!!!!

The Toshiba European driver page provides an BIOS for this Satellite L300 PSLBCE series and the latest BIOS at this time is 1.50!!!!

At this time your notebook uses the latest BIOS!!!

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I also have the blank screen problem and I would like to update my bios from the 1.30 version it came with.
The problem I have is that I have a model A210 part number PSAFGC.
The support bulletin 98082422 for the Bios update doesn't mention my part number exactly and I can't find anything for my model.
The 2 updates are to 1.70 and 1.90. I have read the text from both of these and they seem quite different.
Not sure what to do. Here is the bulletin info.


Update the computer's BIOS to fix this problem, by clicking the appropriate link for your computer model from the following list.

- Satellite A210 / A215, Part No. PSAFGU: BIOS version 1.70
- Satellite A210 / A215, Part No. PSAEGU and PSAELU: BIOS version 1.90
- Satellite Pro A210 / A215, Part No. PSAFHU: BIOS version 1.70
- Satellite P200D / P205D, Part No. PSPBLU and PSPBQU: BIOS version 1.40

he computer's Part No. is printed on a label on the underside of the case.

Any help??

Answer:Satellite A210 PSAFGC - Bios update to get rid of blank screen issue


The Satellite *A210 PSAFGC* series seems to be a Toshiba *Canadian* series and I would recommend checking the Toshiba Canadian driver page if you want download the compatible BIOS for your notebook.

Here the link to the page:

Best regards

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I have a problem with updating the BIOS on Toshiba Satellite c600-28j.
Error: Project ID check fail

Model: C660-28J
Part NO: PSC1NE-01200XRU
Serial: XB063018K
BIOS Version: 1.10
OS: Windows 7 Pro SP1 32-bit

What can you recommend?


Answer:BIOS update issue on Satellite C660-28J - Project ID check fail

Check this thread:

The BIOS from Toshiba Australian page should work

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I got problems with upgrading Bios on my laptop.
I can't install windows xp bc.
I got BSOD "The bios in this system is not fully ACPI compliant"

Yes i tried F7 and didnt help !!!! The only bios i found on here is 1.70-WIN and that works only within windows. So i can't install it also what i did i install windows 98 on it and my system is up but i tried to install Bios i got error. So i cant start it update it.

On this forum i saw there is 1.70 trad update if toshiba support team can send it to me on the email so i could update the bios my bios is 1.0 !

Thanks in advance for any help !

Answer:Cannot update BIOS for Satellite M40-135 - The bios is not ACPI compliant


First of all Toshiba Support team is not here in the forum? its user to user forum.
Secondly the win-based BIOS can be updated only running Windows OS? the best would be the usage of the Toshiba preinstalled Windows version in order to run BIOS update.

By the way; I found BIOS versions on Toshiba US page? there you can download the traditional BIOS which can be updated using diskette.
Note; US Toshiba notebooks have different model numbers.

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Hi, i just bought an Satellite Pro L40 laptop and im trying to figure out why the bios has no memory settings.
If i look at the ram using a system info tool (cpuz or aida320) it shows that it is not running at the advertised speed of 667mhz but at 533mhz.

As you can see from this screenshot the actual speed the memory is running at is lower than the maximum the sticks are rated at.

Its running at 266mhz (533mhz ddr) when it should be running at 333mhz (667mhz ddr).

I've also noticed that with this laptop the fan never seems to come on, is there a way to turn the fan up?
Everytime i have the laptop on for longer than 30 minutes it becomes very very hot.

Answer:Satellite Pro L40: Bios update needed - no settings for RAM in 1.90 Bios


> if i look at the ram using a system info tool (cpuz or aida320) it shows that it is not running at the advertised speed of 667mhz but at 533mhz.

What is your FSB?
If the notebook was equipped with the PC2-5300 memory modules then they could run at 667 MHz but only if the FSB would supports 667 MHz! I think the FSB supports only 533Mhz.
So I can say it?s nothing wrong!

> i just bought an Satellite Pro L40 laptop and im trying to figure out why the bios has no memory settings.
Why do you think that an BIOS update would enable the memory settings in the BIOS?
Please don?t mix the desktops with notebooks! The notebooks cannot be overclocked!
The notebooks BIOS is not the same like a desktop PC BIOS!!!

> I've also noticed that with this laptop the fan never seems to come on, is there a way to turn the fan up? Everytime i have the laptop on for longer than 30 minutes it becomes very very hot.
Did you notice any automatically shut downs or any other strange notebook behaviors like OS freezing for example?
If not then the notebook runs properly and doesn?t overheat.
The notebooks support an overheating protection which would shut down the notebook automatically to prevent the hardware from damage?

So lean back dude and enjoy your nice toy ;)

PS: are you Carlos Santana fan? ;) I ask it due to your nickname ;)

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I just bought this notebook and update his BIOS. After update done computer shut down automatically. Then I turn them on, he asks for password, which I never gave any of them in BIOS.
What is the password?

Answer:BIOS password after BIOS update on Satellite A210-131

Hello Jhonson

I do not know what the password is but please call the authorized service provider in your country and they will help you. They can remove the password and you can use your notebook model as before.

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Does the BIOS update flash the BIOS or does this require a different file. I updated a Satellite A60 BIOS to 1.9 but am not sure if this flashed the BIOS as well.

If not where could I get a file to flash the BIOS for a satellite A60-106?

Answer:Satellite A60-106: Question about BIOS update and BIOS Flash


Sorry but you question is a little bit confused.
The BIOS update flashes the ROM module. I don?t know what version was installed before the BIOS update but if after the upgrade a new BIOS version appears then the procedure was successful.

The right BIOS and how to update the BIOS information you can find on the Toshiba page.

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So I updated my Satellite A200-AH6 PSAE0C notebook (Bios and Graphic update) after installing Toshiba Power Saver, but every so often now, if I have to do a restart, there is a black screen on reboot with some info on my BIOS and some warnings/failed things.

Also, when it comes back, again, every so often, my date/time get reset to December 2004, 12:00 a.m.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Satellite A200-AH6 PSAE0C: BIOS Update issue - Date & Time Reset

Hmm... that?s strange... maybe you should try to update the BIOS again. I?m not quite sure if this will be possible if BIOS was already updated to the newest version but it worth a try.
Furthermore you should access the BIOS and should set it to default settings and should save the settings.


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I have an S4090CDS/4.3 (PAS409EYV-EN9X,

It would appear that the on board RAM is faulty (boots ok, as soon as you get 1/2 way through any install you start getting memory type errors.).
My question is, is the RAM on the main board or on the processor board. Which ever one it is does anyone have a part number or even a board for sale.

Answer:Satellite 4090 on board RAM issue

RAM memory on most laptops is removable, just like in desktop systems. There is a memory compartment at the bottom of your laptop that you can open yourself, uncovering the memory modules.

You can test your existing RAM modules for errors with MemTest ( ). You just run the program, it copies itself to a floppy disk and boot with that floppy disk to start the tests.

Your User Guide will have a section on how to install/replace a memory module. The order number for a Toshiba 128MB RAM memory expansion is PAPA2062U. For details about Options for your laptop you can check this page:

You can have a look in Kingston or Crucial to find the appropriate module there for ur laptop instead of buying a Toshiba one which comes at a hefty price just because of the logo.

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Hi there again!

Now with a new and weird matter.

We all know that old say... "If it is not break, don't fix it". And if you put it into more informatic terms, "specially if it is a BIOS".

Yes, we all know that the BIOS is something quite dellitate to handle. For some reason we normally feel like if we were handling something like nitro-glycerine, or some radioactive product. And this is because we all know what is being put in risk in that moment: our (or sometimes others) computer, the full system could end as dead as some pieces of metal, plastic, and wires.

Well. I passed through all of that more than ten times in my life, and only once it went wrong. But since that old motherboard was already dead, It was not important. But I allways was EXTREMELY care. I allways cross checked everything before doing anything, allways got a backup and a way to restore that backup... and allways did this in COMPAQ systems, that were prepared that way. Updating a BIOS was just about preparing a disk, turn on the PC with the disk in the diskette drive, and wait. And if you didn't like the results, you simply click "return to previus BIOS" and that was it... very nice. And easy.

Few days ago, a friend brought me a Toshiba Satellite 1410-604 to solve some issues that were driving him crazy. After removing an expired Norton Internet Security, install avast and scan, I found more than one hundred files infected with a wide variety of virus, malware, t... Read more

Answer:Satellite 1410-604 - BIOS update > Incorrect BIOS update in the web?

Hi Fenix,

wow... it tooked very long time to read your post....

Maybe I can help you.

The Bios in the Web is the right one. So you have downloaded the correct version of the Bios.

The Askiris you have used is from Toshiba America which has most times not the exact models as Toshiba Europe.
That should be the reason, why the readme does not contain the European modelname.

I would try to make a fresh Bios update using the traditional Bios update.

Copy the files to the diskette, put it into the FDD, press and hold the Tab key while power on the notebook.
After the notebook has shut down, press and hold the key on the left side of the space-bar while power on the notebook again and wait until it powers off again.

If your notebook does not power on anymore, maybe the RAM is defect?

So, if the use of the traditional Bios and/or changing the memory does not help and your notebook is still dead you should go to an ASP, but this will cost money.

I have my fourth Toshiba notebook now and I had never problems with the Bios updates.

The 1410 is very old I think, so before going to an ASP, I would buy a new one ;)

best regards,


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I need to change a hard disk on Satellite L750D but when I turn on the computer (with the new hard disk) I have a message which tells me to enter the bios password.

Does the bios of this computer have a whitelist?
When I put the old hard disk I have now the same message.

Does it possible to reset the bios?


Answer:BIOS paswword on Satellite L750D appears

If BIOS password is set, you will be always asked to enter the BIOS password; no matter if you replace the HDD or not.
If you don?t know such password, you will not be able to use the notebook and such unknown BIOS password can be removed only by Toshiba authorized service provider.

The BIOS provides also another kind of password: ie Supervisor password.
A BIOS Supervisor Password, used in combination with the BIOS User Password, is the second security option you have for your notebook. The BIOS Supervisor Password protects the BIOS settings.
For example, a BIOS Supervisor Password can be set to restrict access to the BIOS, restrict BIOS user and HDD password changes or restrict access to Power Management features and users without a BIOS Supervisor Password cannot change these settings.

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Hi everyone

I bought my toshiba Satellite A100 last year. I never set any Bios password. Today I was working normal. Then I restarted my laptop and I got password prompt.

Now i can't access my laptop. Is this a common issue? What should I do?


Answer:Satellite A100: Bios password appears - What should I do?

No, thats not an common issue. It?s absolutely impossible that a BIOS password is set out from the nowhere.

Typically you will have to send the machine to an ASP for deletion of the password, but before doing this, I would ask everyone in your near which has access to your computer if he/she has set a bios password and wanted to make a joke (in this case it?s not a really nice joke)


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Hi guys

i went to the local computer shop with my satellite A40 because i only have half of the bios !!!
I sent an email to the german toshiba technical support and they said try a bios update (which baring in mind i still dont know how to do)then we sent my laptop to a local computer shop and told them the problem they told me not to update bios on a cempron processor.

Why not? What are the risks in need to know.

please help me because i want to in the future possibly upgrade to vista??

Answer:Satellite A40: How to update the BIOS because I only have half of the Bios

Hello Daniel,

I?m a little bit confused about your message.
What do you mean with ?only have half of the bios??
What?s wrong with the BIOS?

The Toshiba support said -> try a BIOS update.
On the Toshiba page you can download the BIOS for the Satellite A40.

It seems you didn?t check the download page detailed because on this page you would find this instruction: IOS&FID=TRO0000000b07

The BIOS update was detailed described in this document and you should follow these guide lines to update the BIOS.


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Hi everyone,

I have a question about this issue. I have a Toshiba L300 with Intel GM965 chipset. I have been working fine with this laptop after using the Bios v1.40.

However, recently, after an upgrade of the Bios to v1.50, I started to get BSOD (quite often) in Vista which I had had in bios v1.30.

If you have this problem and have found the solution somewhere, please let me know. Very much appreciate.

By the way, there are some issues about BSOD caused by GM965 chipset which have been discussed on Dell website and Intel website. Most people say that it is because of the Vbios (video bios). The fact that after upgrading my bios to 1.50, the Vbios of my toshiba is still 1436 (newest from intel is 1572).

If you have a newer vbios version, please let me know when you bought your laptop. Much appreciate.

Here are some discussion from Intel and Dell site:

By the way, for those who cannot upgrade the driver from Intel website, please uninstall the previous driver and install the new driver from setup file (or have to do it manually). Contact me for more details if you need.

I am looking forward to having good and clear answers from you. I don't like made-up and non-experienced answers.( I am not an idiot).

Thank you

Answer:Satellite L300 - After BIOS upgrade BSOD appears


I am still looking for your answers about Vbios issue. Hope can hear from someone here.

Meanwhile, I would like to use this thread to discuss about GM965 chipset and issue you may encounter with it. Obviously, the driver supported by Toshiba is an old version and it lacks of many functions. Some people say it is not safe to use other drivers but it is wrong. There is nothing wrong if you use the original from hardware makers as they know more than 3rd companies do.

Intel has just released a new driver from chipset GM965-X3100 at:

Release note:

with many fixed bugs ( Including for extended monitors).

To get the best performance from the new driver. You need to uninstall the current driver on your machine by doing so from the Device manager manually. Then you can run the set up.

Don't forget to add T&L SW lighting for some software to improve their performance. (Search for how to improve x3100 perforamce on this support site or reply me and I will show you how). For x3100, SW mode will let you have some more frames rate and you can play your games better as well as do your graphical works.


Message was edited by: anhchuong

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My Notebook was delivered with a 512 MB PC2-4200 RAM Memory. The BIOS extended memory counts only 448 MB. This is ca. 7/8 of the full amount.

I replaced the memory with 2 512MB PC2-5300 sticks on both banks. Now, the BIOS counts 886 MB. This is 7/8 of the full amount of 1024 MB.

What ist wrong here?

Answer:Satellite L30: only 7/8 of the full RAM memory amount appears in the BIOS

I have 1024 Mb, but my computer see only 886Mb. I think, rest of RAM use graphic card.

I was talking about it on others forum and they tell me that.

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I have had this H50-55 for sometime, several years and suddenly it ask for a bios password when I try to enter the bios to change the boot order.  I have no clue what it is. I hate passwords and NEVER use one unless forced...What can I do?

Answer:Lenovo H 50-55 Bios password suddenly appears when trying to enter bios. I don't know it.

my guess is that your cmos battery died and it wants you to set day/time.  There is no backdoor password.  The choices are remember the PW or replace the motherboard.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A500 with fan noise problem.
It was partially solved upgrading BIOS from v1.20 to v1.30, according to this thread:
<a href="" target="_newWindow" class="jive-link-external"></a> <br />

Yesterday <strong>I upgraded BIOS to v1.50, and fan noise returned</strong>.
I don't recommend this upgrade if you have had fan noise problem.<br />

I have downgrade BIOS to v1.30 and fan noise problem is solved again.
I know people have problems to get BIOS downgrade, so I describe proccess in this thread:
<a href="" target="_newWindow" class="jive-link-external"></a>

Answer:Satellite A500: BIOS V1.50 upgrade makes fan noise problem appears again

Thanks mate for sharing this with us?

But maybe you could use the BIOS v1.5 and could reduce/decrease the cooling module activity in Vista/Win7 power management settings.
It would be worth to check this?

Anyway? thanks for this info?

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Hello to the BleepingComputer community,First of all I'm sorry I haven't finished some of the steps from the Preparation Guide. It's because these steps require a reboot (e.g. Step 6: Disable your CD Emulation Software - DeFogger will ask me to reboot the machine), and I have a bad feeling about the question if it is safe to reboot in my situation: I'm not sure if I have a type of malware which is ready to infect the BIOS - if it is so, then it could infect it much easier during the reboot process.- If there is a good way to find out what is the problem (and fix the BIOS threat part if it really is present) without rebooting / shutting down this PC, or at least without booting from this hard drive (which I feel is probably infected), then please tell me what should I do.- If you know a place / forum where I can get a specialized help for this (seemingly BIOS-malware related) situation, please tell me where I could go.- If there is no way to move forward, I'll go ahead and risk the reboot, and follow the other steps (steps 6 to 10) in the Preparation Guide, no problem.I kindly ask you to please read below the details of the problem as it occured to me, and the things I have tried so far.The PC is AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core BE-2350 2.1GHz, Motherboard Biostar TA690G AM2 (with AWARD BIOS), 4GB RAM, 200GB SATA HDD, and an ASUS EAH4870 card added a few years ago.It's with WinXP SP3, AVG Free 2012, (standard) Windows Firewall, and it's behind a router.I ... Read more

Answer:BIOS virus/rootkit? - Unknown threat by AVG - "Bios Update\Award" folders, BS_Flash.sys, BIOS.sys and a dozen of m...

Hi,Welcome to Bleeping Computer. My name is m0le and I will be helping you with your log.Please subscribe to this topic, if you haven't already. Click the Watch This Topic button at the top on the right.

Please avoid installing/uninstalling or updating any programs and attempting any unsupervised fixes or scans. This can make helping you impossible.

Please reply to this post so I know you are there.The forum is busy and we need to have replies as soon as possible. If I haven't had a reply after 3 days I will bump the topic and if you do not reply by the following day after that then I will close the topic.Once I receive a reply then I will return with your first instructions.Thanks

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Hey Guys,

my motherboard is an ASUS P8H67-M PRO i built my computer a few days ago and haven't really had any major problems but i noticed today when i turn my computer on there is a little message the top left hand corner of the screen i can really make it all out as it is gone in an instant but what i can make out is
"No Devices"

Does anyone know how to fix this? it doesnt make sense as my drives work fine and they are recognised inside the bios. The only issue i have had is i cam to install linux today and i received an error message saying CD/DVD + USB devices not found and i cant help thinking they are linked.

Thanks in advance

Answer:"No Devices" message appears before BIOS loads

Did you install the chipset drivers?

Are there any devices in Device Manager with a yellow ? or triangle next to it.

What version of windows are you running.

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I've tried many times to install the latest critical BIOS update, using Lenovo System Update, and every time it attempts to, it fails after telling me in a popup that I need to turn the system off and make sure I have a fully charged battery. I rarely rely on battery power and use AC primarily, and I used Power Manager twice to do a full reset, just in case. I can't believe I would need to buy a new battery in order to install it, because the battery works just fine. I'm running Windows 7 (64-bit), and exhausted every other update or option, unless there's something else I'm not aware of. Is it just the software toying with me?

Answer:[T530] Battery error message won't allow BIOS update in System Update

Hello and welcomeDo not perform the BIOS update from within the TVSU. It's much safer to use CD/DVD and ISO image from the T530 support page.

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My new HP Pavilion came with Windows 10 (factory Installed) and has been working fine.   Now I have received an "Important" message from HP to install a PC BIOS update (see below).   It states that I must have a Windows 8, or 8.1 operating system and that I will not be able to go back to the previos installation (Windows 10).  Should I install this update, or not?  (I certainly don't want to lose Windows 10). TITLE: HP Consumer Desktop PC BIOS Update (ROM Family SSID 2B4F)VERSION: A009DESCRIPTION:This package provides an update to the HP Consumer Desktop PC BIOS Update (ROM Family SSID 2B4F) for supported models running a supported operating system.PURPOSE: RoutineSoftPaq NUMBER: SP74951SUPERSEDES:None,NoneEFFECTIVE DATE: 3/3/2016CATEGORY: BIOSSSM SUPPORTED: YesLANGUAGE(S):EnglishENHANCEMENTS:-Improved security of UEFI code and variables. HP strongly recommends promptly transitioning to this updated BIOS version which supersedes all previous releases.NOTE: Due to security changes, after this BIOS update is installed, previous versions cannot be reinstalled.HOW TO USE:- You must be logged on as an administrator to install this update.- You must have a Microsoft Windows 8 or 8.1 operating system.Copyright (c) 2016 HP Development Company, L.P. 

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i have a message when i power-on my satellite 1800-100.
"bios(block3) is damaged (call your service man). Place a maintenance disk in drive and press enter"
I have downloaded the bios and inserted it in the drive. The notebook read the disk and succefully write the new bios but when it restarted it have the same error message. So I need the MAINTENANCE DISK.

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite 1800-100: BIOS error message


In my opinion this disk has just service partner. In my opinion you should contact them. You will be very lucky if some user has something like that especially for this older unit (about three years old).


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I have a Satellite X200-191 whit BIOS 2.70 on it when I wont to install Configfree than I get the messege that my laptop is not a Toshiba. And I got the program that you can install from Toshiba that downloads the drivers of your laptop that is not a Toshiba. But when I load the old BIOS 2.50 every thing is good no message that it is not a Toshiba laptop nothing white the same drivers. Is there somthing whit the BIOS update?

It doesn't happen when you update the BIOS from 2.50 to 2.70 only when you have 2.70 and do a clean install of Windows 7 64bit


Answer:Satellite X200-191 - Error message with new BIOS


> But when I load the old BIOS 2.50
How you have installed the old BIOS? Older BIOS versions are not available on Toshiba website and downgrade can only be done from an authorized service provider because special BIOS update program is necessary.

Satellite X200-191 belongs to PSPB9E series so have you downloaded the update for this model or other model (PSPBUE) that would be wrong?

I read about similar messages here in forum and the reason was a replaced mainboard and the ASP did forget to write the DMI information. Did you exchange the mainboard?

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I have a Toshiba P100 - 347. And yesterday I entered password and now when I turn on the computer, it doesn't accept. It appears Setup inform: invalid password.
It's just after turns on, after appears The Toshiba logo.

Can someone help me?

Answer:Satellite P100-347 doesn't accept BIOS password - It appears: invalid password


You have used simply a wrong BIOS password. Either you have mistyped, mixed some letters or for example the caps lock buttons was enabled.
Please check these possibilities.

By the way; it?s not possible to bypass the unknown BIOS password by yourself.
If the BIOS password in unknown you will have to contact the ASP in your country to unlock the computer and to delete the BIOS password.

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Dell Update is showing that I need to update the bios. I have updated and MSCONFIG shows that I have the latest bios (A09 from 8/29/16). If I go to the system configuration page on it shows that the current bios is A04 from May 2015. If I go to the drivers and downloads page on it offers to let me download version A07 from 11/2015). Why is Dell so confused and how do I get Dell update to stop bugging me?

Answer:Dell Update showing that I need to update the bios--message won't go away.

I have been so scared of upgrading my dell pc. I have noticed its slow on booting.

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Hello everybody ,

anyone can help me to solve this problem ?
I have Satellite L630. After installing new OS and all the drivers during the install of the Eco utility it gives me this "unsupported bios"

What can i do?
Note : I've updated the bios to the last VERSION

Answer:Satellite L630: unsupported bios message while installation of ECO Uti


What notebook model do you have exactly? Satellite L630-xxx?
What OS do you use?
What BIOS version did you choose?

Can you install the OS again using the recovery disk?

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In preparation for Win 10 key I updated the BIOS on an E520 using the Lenovo Service Bridge.  Os is Win 7 64-bit.  LSB showed old BIOS was backed up. Old bios   LENOVO 8HET30WW(1.12) New bios LENOVO 8HET44WW(1.26) Now bootup and windows start up are painfully slow.  Further there is a black screen in the middle of the wake up process. How can I undo the BIOS update to revert back to Old bios   LENOVO 8HET30WW(1.12)? Or can anything be tweaked to improve the bootup time?

Answer:E520 slows/black screen after BIOS update. Can I undo BIOS update?

Hello and welcome,
The older versions of the BIOS are located at the bottom of the download page:

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I got the message to update my BIOS. It was dated in May 2016. The latest on the website was August (8/11/2016). I updated it and the computer shows the new version but still says it needs to be updated and tried everytime on a reboot. 

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Okay I recently tried to update my bios on a GA-K8NS mobo. I used the bios update program that gigabyte has so I am pretty sure that I installed the correct update. After the install the system restarted and then said CMOS error press F10 to continue or DEL to enter setup. I entered setup and flashed the bios to the original settings (I made a copy to a floppy before update). The system restarted fine with the old bios. What is this error and how do I fix it?

AMD Athlon 64 3000+
512MB PC 3200 Corsair XMS PRo
Creative Audigy sound card
old ATI 7000 64MB
WD 60GB hard drive

Answer:BIOS update CMOS error message....?

SYS FAN SPEED problem the CMOS error fixed and BIOS is updated. I installed a hardware monitor that came with the mobo and it keeps saying "warning sys fan rpm."
I looked at the fan speeds and they are:
SYS FAN = 1739 RPM
CPU FAN = 3750 RPM
CPU temp = 40C
I am new at all of this and do not know what to do. Does everything look alright? Is the program just screwed up? If there is something wrong how should I fix it?
Thanks for all the help...

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Dell Vostro 1510 laptop with Windows 7 Pro 64bit.

I noticed svchost.exe was using 100% of CPU.

I did the following that did NOTresolve the issue:

1. I installed a new hard drive (W7)

2. I went to task manager / processes / "show processes from all users" / and attempted to stop all the related services, approximately 8. 4 of them stopped and no improvement. The other 4 would not let me stop them.

3. I've been reading Dell, and several other related sites, found many causes/solutions, tried them all but haven't resolved it.

4. I removed fan and cleaned out all dust. Fan runs fine. Thermal paste is good.

5. Installed CPUID HW MONITOR and cpu is not running hot. it's at 76 celsius (67 - 85 is the acceptable range)

6. Ran malwarebytes, custom scan. Nothing found.

7. Ran Avast boot time scan, nothing found.

*** The strangest thing is that my Bios version is A12. I downloaded A13 and A15 from When I attempt the Bios flash I get an error message that the "winphlash sw tool by phoenix tech cannot load driver. This driver has been blocked error code 1275. Confirm you have administrator priveledges". ***

- Therefore, is there a glitch/virus in the Bios causing this? Or is it unrelated and something else is causing it?

Thanks in advance!

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I'm not sure what to make of this messag  and when I called Lenovo Priority Support, they weren't sure either. Perhaps it can be clarified in the next BIOS update release: I used the 'bootable CD' (really a DVD) to update the BIOS (see below for details). To reproduce the problem: Boot from the Bootable Update CDThe Bootable Update CD displays the update utility; start the updateAFter running for maybe a minute, the update utility displays the following message:Information

System program updates is continued by
BIOS at the next reboot. Do not power
off the system during the process.

Do not remove the CD, press Enter to
restart the system, then power off the
system after the CD shows this screen

Or remove the CD, then press Enter to
restart the system and allow it to boot
from other devices.

EnterThose options are confusing, and the message doesn't tell the user what to do. Is the CD necesssary to continue with the update? If so, why would I want to "remove the CD"? If not, why would I want to leave the CD in? If I leave in the CD, do I have to select it from the boot device utility (F12) in order to boot from it? What will the different options do? Everyone who is familiar with BIOS updates knows that an incomplete update can brick the computer, requiring replacement of the system board, so the user is in a position where they have to choose carefully without understanding  the consquences. As I mentioned, Lenovo Priority Support didn't und... Read more

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Hi everyone.So I got a pop-up telling me there's a new Lenovo update I'd be required to install. So I followed the instructions, it contained a BIOS update, all fine, I finish the installation and afterwards, everything runs fine except that in the bottom task bar, my battery icon shows an empty battery with the power supply icon. When mouse hovering over it, it tells me "plugged in, not charging". When unplugging the AC, the laptop immediately shuts down. In the energy options, however, it says 100% charged.I searched for this topic and found none with the exact same problem, fixes where I can switch the battery preserve mode on and off only apply to anything up to windows 8.1 whereas I have windows 10 and everyone with windows 10 only seemed to be wondering what the message was without having the problem that it does not load an empty (or perceived as empty) battery.So, as I would like to rely on the battery and not only on constant power supply from time to time...Help please?

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Good afternoon all

I have a problem with my daughter's laptop.
She closed the lid shut with i set of earphones and it broke the screen.
I ordered a replacement screen but while we waited for that to arrive she pluged in a stand alone monitor.

When she did thsi she got a message on the screen soon after saying that the Windows requires Activating, We wondered if it was connected to the monitor and left it until i recieved the new screen, Once fitted i found that we still go the message and certain features stopped working, such as the Network card . I uploaded drivers on my laptop for the network card and put them onto her laptop.

This got the LAD service running on a rectricted setting but still no WiFi .
I took it to a repair shop in Dundee, 3000rpm who have recovered the laptop from the recovery section on tthe hard drive, however the licence number in the recovery section is not being reconised by Windows.

The laptop is running Windows 8.1 and was bought 18 months ago brand new, from woolworths( on-line) . 3000rpm have managed to restart the network card and it is working on both WiFi and Lad but as Windows hasn't been reconnised we cannot recieve any updates.

They have no more answers other than to completely wipe the laptop and reinstall Windows from a licened disk. I wonder if anyone has any ideas , how this might have happened and if there is any other way to get around it.

I have tried Toshia help and support live chat and it doesn't help ... Read more

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I have Satellite M40-184 and I want to flash the BIOS with a bootable CD but it can't be done.
I downloaded the file and extracted the file but it gives me error to execute the file.
Than I extracted the exe file with rar and I saw an image file there I burned it but it is not bootable.

I read the flashing method but it has nothing to do with the file witch is for download.

Answer:Satellite M40 - How to update BIOS


The Toshiba driver website doesn?t provide the traditional BIOS but only the BIOS which can be updated only running Windows OS!

This means that you will be not able to boot from the FDD using the unzipped BIOS file.
It?s .exe file and must be executed under OS.

I think this should be clear now.

By the way; the BIOS update is risky and if you use the wrong BIOS or wrong update procedure you can damage the ROM module.


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Tried to update my bios to version 1.90 but failed because of following message:
Message in Window "Installing UEFI winflash 0.02"

There is an error occured, please check below items.
Bio Version above 190.
Battery capacity more than 10%.
AC is attached
Program will be closed.

thanks for any help

Answer:Cannot update BIOS on Satellite Pro C

Which notebook model do you have?
What is the reason for BIOS update?

Have you some problems with your notebook and you want to fix it updating the BIOS?

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Im trying to update my bios but its asking for a floppy drive to save to...Series A30 does not have a floppy drive. How can i install without one???

Answer:Satellite A30 - How to update Bios?

Are you using the Windows BIOS update? This should work without the FDD backup. Check the Tosh website for an alternative BIOS download.

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Did anyone know where is the *link* for newest update Bios Satellite L40?

I'm searching around at Toshiba but didn't find it.
My wifi doesn't work, it's not detected.

I read from another threat, Jaba say "must update bios first before install Atheros driver".

I got the Atheros driver already, Vista version, after that what should I do?

Answer:Need Bios update for Satellite L40

Did you already check the Toshiba European driver page???

You can find it here: -> Support & Download -> Download Drivers

There you could find drivers & BIOS updates.

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My Satellite Pro 490 Notebook refused to startup recently and demanded a BIOS update. I checked the Toshiba site for advice and downloaded the correct BIOSware onto another computer. I created a DOS bootup disk (on advice) and saved the BIOSware to this, and I booted up the notebook with the diskette inseted into the external floppy drive.

It whirred and buzzed and seemed to be doing it's thing, but when I shut down and rebooted to WinXP, it wasn't recognising my kepboard or the integral mouse. It sometimes recognises an external USB mouse but it still doesn't do what I want it to do :o(

So I did it again, and this time, after rebooting with the diskette in the drive, it reads "Starting..." and shows me the Microsoft Corporation Copyright gubbins, and then takes me to the A:\ command prompt, and still doesn't recognise my kepboard or mouse, just the odd key here and there.

Before I banish it to the end og the garden, does anyone have any advice? Is there anything else I could try? Anything??? =o r

Answer:Satellite Pro 490 BIOS Update


Can you pleas tell me how you comes to idea to install WXP on this old machine? In my opinion boot-up process will need about 10 min. :)

It not easy to say what you can do . In my opinion there are two possibilities. First one is to install old BIOS version but it can do just Toshiba Servic Partner.

Second option is to boot-up with external keyboard and try to delete standard keyboard and mouse. Restart the notebook. Standard hardware components will be recognized again. If these not work install old OS again.

I think that you expect too much from this old notebook with just 266Mhz processor speed and 32 MB RAM. ;)

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Hello everyone,

I have a question about bios update on my Satellite. I've got it off ebay a few months back, reinstalled the OS and now try to to update the drivers, bios, dvd-rom firmware, etc.

I've tried to download the bios update for my notebook (PSP26E-02V79EN) and according to toshiba website the latest available bios is version 1.10. This is very odd, as the bios which I have installed is version 1.4. This is what the actual Phoenix bios and the Toshiba Diagnostic Tool shows. How can this be?

Also, does anyone know if it is possible to reflash the bios with Toshiba original bios, rather then the Phoenix one? If so, could you please tell me how?

Many thanks

Answer:Satellite P20-801 BIOS update


I have P20 over two years and I have never updated BIOS till now. The unit runs without problem. It is not necessary to install newest BIOS just if you see that there is some update available.

You are right about BIOS on P20. It is Phoenix one there. As far as I know it can not be exchanged with Toshiba one. If you want to have more info about that, contact service partner in your country.

Please check latest BIOS update on

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Hi, as explained before, I have installed a new 100 Gb HHDD in my notebook. Everything seems to run fine - so far.

My Bios is version 1.10 (Phoenix). I noticed, a newer version 1.30 is available since roughly 12 months.
Should I update or just leave it as it is?
I can' t see to find any info, what the newer version would do better.
Any one experienced this update on the Phoenix bios?
Best regards from Germany


Answer:Satellite P20 Bios update

From my personal experience : If you do not experince problems, don't upgrade it !

Upgrades solves problems or limitations (HDD size, ...), but if it rans correcly, you may add problems or OS incompatibility

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I have brought a laptop Toshiba L40. It came with Windows Vista and Bios 1.70 instaled (this Bios is dedicated to Vista only). I need to instal Windows XP, but first I need to instal the Bios 5.10 (this bios is dedicated to XP). But when I try to instal the Bios 5.10, the WinFlash tells me that I have a most recent Bios instaled, and so it don't let me instal the Bios 5.10...

Someone can help me, please? Theres some way to instal the Bios 5.10?


ps: i am portuguese so, sorry if my englsih isn't perfect and a litle repetitive, i hope you can understand it...

* EDIT: it's BIOS 1.70, not 7.10... sorry

Message was edited by: Toaki

Answer:Satellite L40 - Not possible to update Bios from 1.70 to 5.10

I didn?t see any L40 with a 7.10 BIOS.
What Satellite L40 series is it?

Could you please post the full name?

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Hi, why isn`t it possible to upgrade the BIOS by Windows.
The new BIOS is dated 17/11/2005 and it say it`s older or same than the one installed!!!
???My Notebook`s BIOS is much older!???
I think there is a problem with the version numbers.
Please let me know a solution.

Answer:BIOS Update Satellite M60

Hello Robert

As far as I know Satellite M60 is a new unit and I don?t see any reason for BIOS update. I am not familiar with BIOS update versions but can you please explain why BIOS update is so important for you

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I downloaded a BIOS update for my Satellite PRO L10 notebook, when I try to install I receive the following message

The input file EW3I1A04.WPH cannot be found, a valid filename must be specified to continue.

Any advice appreciated


Answer:BIOS Update Satellite Pro L10

Before you make the BIOS update, you must extract all files from the zip-archive.
Then it should work without error message.

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I would like to update my bios but I can't figure out how :) I downloaded the R131VOL2 on the website. When I execute I get the question to insert a 3,5" disk... but the satellite A10-131 doesn't have a floppy drive. So I'm stuck :)

Answer:Satellite A10-131 and BIOS update

Hi Niek,

Unfortunately Toshiba only provide a traditional BIOS update for your notebook so you will need a USB FDD in order to use the update.


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Looking for BIOS update driver for Satellite 300CDT Model PA1261EYX-FR95 which I bought from France some years ago. Or, would like to know the exact memory module reference for 128MB

Answer:Satellite 300 CDT - need BIOS update


the newest BIOS for your notebook is version 8.00. You can find it on Toshiba's support page _eu

The partnumber of the 128MB memory module is PA2054U-MS.


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Hello ,

I'm trying to install the update of bios , the version 1.30 downloaded from toshiba .

But start by getting a compatibility error :

the bios package is not compatible with this computer .

how do I fix ?

Thank you.

Answer:BIOS update for Satellite Pro R50-B-14U

Is original operating system installed on your machine?

Can you please tell us why do you want to install BIOS update? Is there some problem with your machine? I mean if everything is working properly you don't need to change anything.

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I have a satellite pro m30 and I'd like to do a bios update. Toshiba hardware utility says that my bios version is 1.4. The existent updates refer to 1.2, 1.6 but it tells nothing about 1.4.

Should I take 1.6?

Any help?


Answer:Satellite Pro M30 Bios Update


it could be possible that the BIOS version 1.4 is the manufacturer default BIOS version for this model.

In my opinion you should take the 1.6 version because it is the newest and perhaps it will be necessary!

here is link:
go to Support& Download - BIOS download - choose your SP M30 and click to the BIOS Description for more info!

Bye Bob

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Dear community,

after the upgrade from Win 8.1 to Win 10 my Satellite C-50-A was really slow. So I decided to install Windows 7 on it. But for this a BIOS version of at least V 1.30 is required. I only find updates for 1.40 and 1.50 on the website. But to install V 1.40, I already need V 1.30 installed and V 1.50 is not compatible with my CPU. Can anybody help me with this.

With best regards,

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Hi There

I need a non-corrupted BIOS update for a Satellite M40 PSM40 ATI chipset.

My wife's Windows XP based M40 has been behaving most oddly for some time. Just odd hangs, software not loading, etc. Seems to pass all diagnostics, all OS/Apps software is current patched versions and all virus scanning us up to date and clean.

So, I thought I'd try updating BIOS and other related stuff. That was about two months ago..... When I discovered I couldn't download the damn thing, nor anything else, from the Toshiba site. Despite phone calls etc I was told to "just keep trying... and trying..... and, well, you get the picture!

Then last weekend I tried the download(s) from one of my Windows 2000/IE6 based PC's and was surprised to find that they worked. I had previously been using my own Vista Home Premium 32/IE7 based PC, which I guess was the source of my download woes for so long..

Anyway.. tried unpacking the BIOS tonight only to be told that it's corrupt/not a zip file. Tried downloading again, same results. Have tried unpacking on three different PC's - XP, Vista and Windows 2000, all with the same result.

Help please?


Answer:Satellite M40 - BIOS Update

I cannot believe that? I have downloaded the BIOS for the M40 (1.70) and I was able to unpack this package? so I presume something went wrong during the download process.

I think you know what my advice could be ;) ? Try again?

Good luck

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Hello everybody!!
I want to update my BIOS, but doesn't know how to do it. I looked instruction on a site:

Option 2: Update with CD-ROM

1. Extract the zip file containing the BIOS upgrade to a temporary folder.
2. In the temporary folder three sub folders will be generated. "docs", "Update - 3,5' Disk", "Update - CD-R or CD-RW"
3. How to make a bootable CD-ROM please read the *.pdf file in the "docs" folder.
4. Ensure the Notebook is connected to the mains.
5. Turn the Notebook off.
6. Place the CD-ROM containing the BIOS upgrade in the optical disk drive.
7. Turn the Notebook on with the F12 key.
8. The BIOS boot menu appears. Select CD/DVD or the CD-ROM symbol using the arrow keys. Press "Enter".
9. The Notebook will boot from the BIOS upgrade CD-ROM.
10. A boot menu appears. Select the point for update the BIOS by using the arrow keys. Press "Enter".
11. The BIOS update process starts. Do not switch off the notebook during update.
12. If the update process is finished follow the instruction on the screen.

Downloaded such update of bios:
Page with update file:

Then I decompressed zip,.. and didn't see three directories, which written about in instruction (from above).

Help please, what I must to do. Or how to update my BIOS?

Thank you!

Answer:How to update BIOS on Satellite L40-13G

Hi Alexey

Can you please tell me why you need BIOS update? As far as I know Satellite L40 is the newest notebook from L series. Maybe few days old and BIOS update needed. Why?

Have you noticed some problems?

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I have an Satellite Pro A60, trying to install XP pro but says it needs update BIOS, have downloaded new upgrade, unzipped and only one file there, will not boot as no bootable file.

There currently is no OS on the laptop, I understand i need an ISO file but where is it..!!..

Answer:Satellite Pro A60 - BIOS update without OS


Why you need to update the BIOS?
I doubt that XP installation says that you have to update it.

Normally the BIOS update is a little bit risky and should only be done if it?s really necessary. Furthermore the BIOS update can only be done from Windows. There is no DOS version, they only available for authorized service providers.

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I just downloaded the latest BIOS update for my Satellite L30-113 (PSL 33) and I was about to install it when I remembered that I actually downgraded to Windows XP(this notebook is originally with WIndows Vista).
My question is will there occur any problems when I launch the .exe file ,because it may be programmed to update the BIOS under Windows Vista only?
I know that in this forum there are a lot of competent users who can help me.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Need help with BIOS update on Satellite L30-113


I have just had a check for the BIOS on the Support and Downloads page and I have found the listing as "OS Independent". This basically means that the update is suitable for both operating systems.

Remember that when you update the BIOS, you need to ensure the power is plugged in, security software is turned off, nothing is attatched to the system (other than the AC cord), power saving features (such as screensavers) are turned off and no other software is running. Also disconnect from the Internet, too, if possible.

You can download the latest version of the BIOS here:

Also you may find the update may not work if a BIOS password is set, if this is the case, you'll need to remove that, too.


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