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Satellite 1410-304: How to solve IDE #1 error?

Question: Satellite 1410-304: How to solve IDE #1 error?

I read about connection 45 & 47 pins to resolve "ide #1 error" and my question...
how change c-sel/slave mode in diffrent way (without connecting pins)?
I just bought liteon dvd-rw drive (sosw-833s 51c) and install into satellite 1410-304 and my laptop don't work with this drive (at startup "ide #1 error", os don't see drive)

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Preferred Solution: Satellite 1410-304: How to solve IDE #1 error?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite 1410-304: How to solve IDE #1 error?

I think, there is no other option (i would also not recommend to change the pin assignment).
You should have asked your Servicepartner what drive's are supported on the type of Notebook, he know's about it ..... I'm sorry to say, but you should have a look before you bought the drive.

Br, Ben

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I have recently aquired a DVD-ROM drive to upgrade my Sat Pro 4290 optical drive from a CD-ROM to DVD-ROM. As suspected I am having the problem that the drive is not recognised and get the IDE #1 error.

I can get windows XP to recognise the drive by deleting the Secondary IDE Channel in the Hardware and then searching for new new hardware. It then installs the IDE Channel and then finds and installs the DVD-ROM and works fine. I reboot the laptop and back to square one!

I understand it is something to do with the settings on the motherboard and somebody has resolved this by soldering pins to different places on theh IDE connectors.

I do not want to risk this and was wondering if anybody found an easier way of doing this?

Many Thanks

Answer:Satellite Pro 4290: How to solve the IDE #1 error issue


> I understand it is something to do with the settings on the motherboard and somebody has resolved this by soldering pins to different places on the IDE connectors.

That?s not 100% true. This is not a setting issue on the motherboard but the setting of the CD/DVD drive.
The drive supports different master\slave\c-sel settings and if they are not compatible the BIOS will not recognize the drive correctly.

On the external drives (for desktop PC) it?s possible to change such settings by switching the jumper but this is not possible to the slim notebooks drives.
The notebook drives settings are stored in the firmware!!

I found different ?not legal? tools which can change the master/slave/c-sel settings but I would not recommend using it.
The risks are too high that the drive will be damage.

So try to replace the drive with a compatible one?

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1419-802 pcmcia card to increase speed of usb to 2 will only reconise memory sticks but not hard drives have tried increase power this has no effect. note book age circa 2002

Answer:How to use USB 2 on old Satellite 1410-802?

reason my laptop will not recognise an external hard drive is that despite increasing power by external power lead there is still not enough power I have rigged up an external supply consisting of 4 aa batteries and my usb 2 port now reads the hard drive.sorry to cause problem

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Hi, I need change the HDD 1410-303 anyone can tell me max capacity and how phisically change the hd on this notebook?
I have indetified the HDD slot but I don't understand how disconnect the HDD.

Thank you and sorry for my english

Answer:New HDD for Satellite 1410-303


As far as I know the unit was delivered with 20 GB HDD.
After long searching I found a 100 GB HDD for this unit.
I think this is a maximal size.
Check this:

Furthermore it?s not very hard to replace the HDD. On the bottom site of the notebook you can find the HDD cover. You have to remove this. As far as I know it?s only a one screw. Then you can remove cautious the HDD form the bay.

Best regards

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Question: Satellite 1410

My drag and drop facility has disappeared. When I try to set up the facility again I am asked to insert a Tools and Utilities CD which I don't have and never remember getting when I bought the Laptop. Can I download this from anywhere or where can I buy it. Ta

Answer:Satellite 1410

Hi Brian

Drag'n Drop burn software is preinstalled on your notebook and it there is some problem you can reinstall it using ?Tools & Utilities CD? or ?Additional software CD?. It depends on notebook model. As far as I know it is not possible to download it because it is necessary to pay a license for usage. With your notebook you bought the license too.

I am pretty sure that it is possible to buy it somewhere. Google a little bit around and I am sure that you can find it out where is possible to buy this software. But before you spend money for it pick up some information about alternative solution. Try some another burning programs like Nero. It is recommendable.

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Hi every Toshiba Satellite 1410-303 users.

I'm having a problem with my video cards bios.
My computers id is DMI System Version PS141E-0502X-EN Video Adapter nVIDIA GeForce4 420 Go (Toshiba),

The Bios 1.40 win from toshibas page doesnt work for me.
So if someone could do the backup on his bios,
I NEED bios version 1.20 (THE ORIGINAL ONE FOR TOSHIBA 1410-303) will be very happy,

If you could post it to my email [email protected],

Answer:Need BIOS 1.2 for Satellite 1410-303


The latest BIOS 1.4-win which is placed on the Toshiba driver page is the right one.
I don?t know why you said that this BIOS don?t work on your Sat 1410 but the older BIOS versions are not available for download.
I?m not quite sure if an ASP technician could help you but it?s worth a try to get in contact with one of the ASP and asking for such older BIOS?.

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Hi. Does anyone know how to remove a HDD from a Toshiba Satellite 1410-902?
Opening the panel there it is the HDD, but there is no clear way to get it out...I don't want to force.
Thanx for the help.


Answer:Satellite 1410-902: How to remove a HDD


The HDD slot is placed at the bottom of the unit. You have only to remove the screw which secures the slot cover. Then you can simply remove the HDD.
But be careful.

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I only have 20 Gig space and want 100 gig/ I also want to upgrade from 256mb ram to 1gig ram.

Answer:Can I upgrade my Satellite 1410?


I don?t know the detailed name of you unit but according to some information about the Satellite 1410, which I have found in the net, it?s possible to upgrade the memory to max 512MB (2x256MB).
The bigger memory modules will not work on this unit.
These modules should works:
PC2100 128MB (PA3126U-1M12)
PC2100 256MB (PA3127U-1M25)

I?m not sure about the HDD. You have suggested that this unit uses a 20GB HDD. Possibly the 40GB HDD will works properly on this Satellite notebook but I think the 100GB HDD is too much. The BIOS couldn?t recognize this HDD.

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Is it possible to upgrade my dvd/cd rom drive to dvd/rw & cdr/rw within my machine ?

Answer:Satellite 1410-S102


In my opinion it should be possible. Processor speed is good enough and there should not be any problem. The only thing is compatibility. Every DVD device can not work properly with every notebook model. Before you want to buy one please try to pick up some information about it.


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i use Satellite 1410-801.

my support exec advised me to format it and reinstall it again.

but i dont have the start up CD that comes with notebook.

can i format and reintall again



Answer:Satellite 1410-801 new OS installation

Hi vinod,

Yes you can. You have two possibilities. First one is to contact Service Partner for new original Recovery CD. If you want to do this you must just go to a Service Partner and sign a statutory declaration (that is a restriction of Microsoft) and then you will get a new Recovery CD.

Second solution is to install OS from Microsoft WXP CD (full version).After that you can install all drivers from Tools & Utilities CD. If you do not have T&U CD there is another possibility. Download them all from


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Answer:Satellite 1410: HDD password comes up.

Usually this message appears if the HDD was secured with the HDD password.
The HDD password is not removable. That means, you will be not able to remove it if the password is not known to you.
Unfortunately the HDD is locked and not more usable.

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I cann't find anywhere whether Satellite 1410-401 supports USB 2.0. If not - what would be the recommendations in order to add USB 2.0 support for my notebook?

Thank you in advance.


Answer:Does Satellite 1410-401 supports USB 2.0?


sorry I have to disappoint you. The Satellite 1410-401 has only 3 USB 1.1 ports!

You can add USB 2.0 with external solutions like PCMCIA USB 2.0 Cards.

Bye Sammy

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Hi all

I have Satellite 1410-604 and the HDD is really broken (about 1/3 of the blocks are bad, according to MHDD and a strange sound comes from the disk). I have another Toshiba HDD from another laptop. This spare part is a MK2018GAP (20 GB, 4200 rpm) while the original HDD is a MK3018GAS. I am very surprised by the fact that my laptop can't even detect the "new" 20 GB drive, despite the fact that is also a Toshiba part, same rpm with original HDD and less capacity!

This MK2018GAP HDD was from another non-Toshiba laptop and was replaced because the owner wanted a faster drive (7200 rpm). I am quite sure that the MK2018GAP is well working. Can someone please help me? Why my notebook can't see the "new" Toshiba drive?
It reports "none HDD" in the latest (1.40) BIOS I have.

PS: Most importantly, can someone tell me if the laptop can accept a new 60 GB 7200 rpm HDD? I want to buy one, but after this failure I am afraid that my laptop will not detect it.

Answer:HDD upgrade in Satellite 1410-604


It?s very strange because the MK2018GAP 20GB HDD supports Ultra-DMA100 and interface AT (ATA-2/ATA-3/ATA-4/ATA-5).
The Satellite 1410-604 supports also the serial ATA-5 interface.

So usually the HDD should be recognized by the BIOS. I have only one explanation. The HDD has a wrong master/slave settings. I?m not 100% sure how the HDD should be set to works properly on this notebook but you should check the settings on the old original HDD from you notebook.

I found also the compatible HDD sizes: the 20GB, 30GB, 40GB and 60GB HDD should works.
For example the TOSHIBA MK6021GAS HDD with 60GB and 4200rpm is compatible.

I would like to say something about the HDD rpm speed. The 7200rpm is very fast and usually the Satellite was delivered with 4200 or 5200rpm HDDs. The higher speed could produce more warmness which could increases the temperature inside the notebook.

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I have a friend who had this notebooks, S1410-304, which he purchased from Netherlands. And he wanted to install Windows XP English version.

I wanted to know where to download all the drivers for this? And also in english. I know where to go the download page but I'm not sure where to start.

First I don't know what product series, I know the model but I cant find the 1410-304.

Please help me, I need those drivers.

Answer:Where to get XP drivers for Satellite 1410-304


Visit the Toshiba European driver page and search in *Archive* area for the compatible drivers.

The drivers have been moved to the _Archive_ because this is an older notebook series


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Hi all

I'm stuck in getting Toshiba S1410 PS141E-07HKR-PL to work with Samsung SN-S082H-BEBE DVD-RW drive.

Broken drive removed from notebook was master/slave Toshiba SD-C2612. I know that Sn-S082H is CSEL spec. I've been trying different firmware SB00, SH00, SB01, SH01 - they may be csel=high, and =low flavored, the numbers goes as high as 3, so there may be 16 posible firmwares to check.
Each time I change firmware I need to put the drive in different notebook, so it will work again. Very time-consuming and dangerous. So.

Is there some list of compatible ODD for that notebook? Do anyone has some experiences with this particular configuration of equipment? On many forums I've read posts that some firmware worked better then other none for me sadly.

Regards :)

Answer:Satellite 1410 - Can't get the new ODD to work

> Is there some list of compatible ODD for that notebook?
Have you checked the user manual? Do it please!
On the first pages you will find some compatible ODDs they are compatible with your notebook.

I think the reason why this drive not work is because it?s not listed in the user manual and not every drive is compatible with every notebook, for example the pin assignment.

I hope I could help you a little bit and if you don?t have the user manual, you can download it on the Toshiba website. ;)

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I have a problem with my notebook Satellite Serie 1410: I wanted to burn a movie on a DVD and I bought DVD's called "DVD-R for general". Or do I need DVD+R?
How can I find that out and does it matter, when I use the wrong type of DVD?

Thank you for your help! and merry christmas!


Answer:Satellite 1410: Question: DVD-/+R ???


Firstly you should check your DVD burner if it can burn DVD-R or DVD+R.
If the burner doesn?t support the DVD+R so it is not possible to burn this DVDs.
Which burning software did you use?
I use Nero burning software and I?m very satisfied


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I have a Satellite 1410 laptop. I have a spare 512MB RAM board and I would like to add this to the computer to make it 1GB. Unfortunately, the board only supports 512MB.
Is there anyway to configure the BIOS or anything else to make this computer accept the extra 512MB RAM or there is no possible way to make the limit larger than 512MB?


Answer:Satellite 1410 - More than 512MB RAM possible?


Hmm? I have even downloaded the user manual of Satellite 1410 and it shows that the computer supports 1GB RAM. That means you can install 512MB RAM module in every slot for a maximum of 1GB capacity?

You can try to install the RAM module? In worst case the computer will not boot or recognize it. Then you can have to remove the module but that?s all what can happen in worst case. :)

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Can I install the HDD MK8032GAX (80Gb Toshiba 2.5" IDE, 5400rpm, 16Mb) into my Toshiba Satellite 1410-303? Will BIOS detect it?

Answer:I want to install the new HDD for Satellite 1410-303

Unfortunately there is no official document about that because HDD upgrade is so-called dealer option and because of that there is no precise info about HDD upgrade. According to notebook specification, this notebook model is delivered with 20GB HDD.

I am pretty sure you can use 40 or 60 GB without any problems. About 80 GB I will not speculate but maybe someone has already tested and will post here in next few days.

Good luck!

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Hello, I have a *Toshiba Satellite 1410-303* and the "s" key is annoying me a lot.

Either it does not work or it keeps on by itself. I have to +escape+ to stop it. Do I need to clean under the keyboard? And how do I get there?

Thanks 4 answering!

Answer:Satellite 1410-303 - The s-key is blocked

Maybe there is something stuck under the key.

Tip the laptop up onto its front and give the S key a little tap (while the laptop is OFF)

Or push down on the Z and X keys and blow under the S key

If thats no good, it could be a circuit problem inside the keyboard, requiring a keyboard replacement.

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As I understand I can use SDR memory (PC2100).

Can I SO-DIMM DDR 512/2100 instead of SDR memory (PC2100)?

Answer:Satellite 1410-604 + SO-DIMM DDR 512/2100

Different types of memory have different types of slots on the ram. You can try and install it and see if it works. If it does, then your ok. If not then use the old one. Thing is, if your computer is recommended to use 1 type of memory, aka SO-DIMM I would recommend you use that type. Even if you can use another type, it is not recommended and can harm your computer. So honestly I do not even recommend trying another type of RAM except what is recommended by Toshiba.

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I have a Satellite 1410-604 with DVD/CD-RW. The disc drive will read/play CDs but won't burn CDs or read DVDs. Anyone have a solution or should I get a new disc drive ?

Answer:Satellite 1410-604: DVD/CD-RW won't burn CDs or read DVD


Did you burn the DVD in the past?
I found a info that the drive which was delivered with this unit can only use a CD-R(read/write), CD-RW(read/re-write), CD-ROM.

In this case it is not possible to burn or read the DVDs. Furthermore I assume that you have tried to burn a CD+ medias. Please be sure that you use compatible CDs.


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Hi All,

I was told that it is better to format your c:-drive prior to do a re-install of Windows. Is this true?

I have a Toshiba Satellite 1410, Windows XP home edition and need to re-install windows since as per my ISP, my laptop seems to be used as an Open Relay.

What are the steps to take for a Format of your hard drive anyways. I saw an article on Microsoft (;en-us;313348) and that worried me a bit. For one how can I check the BIOS settings...??

Appreciate any advice in this matter!

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Format C Drive on my Satellite 1410

Hi Ellen

If you want to reinstall your notebook please use Toshiba Recovery CD and the C drive will be formatted automatically. I suppose that you have more partitions on HDD. In this case please use Expert mode installation because on this way it is possible to install OS on just one partition.

More details you can find on .

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My Harddisk in my Toshiba s1410-604 is dead :(
How many GB does my laptop support ?
Can i buy a 100GB Harddisk without any problems ?
I have this Harddisk in my mind:

Hope somebody can understand my question and help me..

Answer:Satellite 1410-604 - Question about max HDD size?


As far as I know this unit was delivered with a 30 GB HDD.
In my opinion you the unit should works with a 40GB maybe 60GB but I don?t think that the BIOS will recognizes a 100 GB HDD.
I think it?s not possible to use a 100 GB on this unit.

Some HDD dealers offer a BIOS modification. After this modification it should be possible to use a bigger HDDs. But these procedures are not supported by Toshiba and it?s possible that you will loose a warranty.

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I am looking for the original software of my Satellite S1410-604 because:
now i am working with w7 but i am not satifaction about it. i whant very much
back to the standard software on this laptop win xp.

Can someone help me with this?

Answer:Need recover software for old Satellite 1410-604

This Satellite is very old so you will not be able to order it directly by Toshiba.
What you can try is to contact nearest Toshiba service provider in your country. Maybe they have some local archive with old recovery discs and you can get one copy.

Other way, you must install own WXP version. All necessary drivers, tools and utilities you can download from Toshiba download page -

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Hi All,

i want to change my dvd drive for a dvd burner "toshiba SD-R6472U"on my toshiba 1410-801 !

i opened the laptop and the drive ! right now beging the problem ;)

i can see into the bios option the HDD "already changed" and the DVD but once passed the toshiba screen appear a error message saying "IDE 1 #error". and the dvd drive does not appear in the "my computer" i tryed to put a jumper to place the HDD to salve mode, master and cable select anyway same problem !

Greetings to all and waiting for your help !

Answer:Changing DVD drive on a Satellite 1410-801

it seem that is possible to connect pin 45-47 of the drive to switch it at master slave position but how can i connect them !!! it should be very dificult with destroy it =)

Message was edited by: MamZz

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According to the manual the 1410-303 can only install memory of 512 MB.

Just wonder anyone ever tried to install more than that? Currently installed 512MB, the machine is still kind of slow running Photoshop. Ideally 768MB or 1GB memory. any ideas/experiment?

The machine runs rather well, so no plan to get a new one any time soon. Thanks!

[Edited by: admin on 22-Jul-05 18:11]

Answer:More than max. memory on Satellite 1410-303 (512MB)


I didn?t try it yet but friend of mine had bad experience with it. He used the more that max memory but just max memory defined by Toshiba was recognized. In my opinion you can try to use more than 512 MB. I am also not sure that whole capacity will be recognized.

As far as I know your unit has just 16MB video RAM and I am pretty sure that this low graphic card capacity is the reason for slowly graphic illustration or graphic editing.

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My CD in Toshiba s1410-902 is broken and I would like to change it to DVD reader or DVD recorder. The problem is, that not all IDE CD/DVD drives will work with this Toshiba. BIOS accepts only definite drives some of manufacturers, but I don't know which one.

Where can I find the coplete list of copmatible DVD drives for this model of Toshiba?

Answer:Satellite 1410-902: Which DVD drives are compatible?


You are absolutely right. Every drive can not work with every Toshiba notebook. Unfortunately there is no public list about compatible drives. I recommend you to call service partner in your country and ask them. I presume that they have enough experience about hardware upgrade.

Maybe you will be lucky and someone has upgraded the same unit but if not make a call and ask the technicians.

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How to reset the BIOS from Satellite S1410-304?

Answer:BIOS resets on Satellite 1410-304


Here the instruction how update the BIOS to the newest version.

1. Extract the zip file containing the BIOS upgrade to a temporary folder.
2. Insert a formatted 1.44MB diskette in the floppy disk drive.
3. Execute the extracted *.exe file in the temporary folder. Follow the instructions on the screen. A BIOS update diskette will be generated.
4. Ensure the Notebook is connected to the mains.
5. Turn the Notebook off.
6. Place the diskette containing the BIOS upgrade in the floppy disk drive.
7. Turn the Notebook on with the key (left from space) which, depending on the keyboard layout, is located either to the left of the spacebar or to the right between the Alt Gr and INS keys. Keep the key pressed until a short beep can be heard.
8. If the message "Ready for BIOS update. Place the BIOS update diskette in the drive and press any key when ready to proceed" stays on the screen, check if the correct BIOS upgrade diskette is in the floppy disk drive and then press any key.
9. FDD access will begin.
10. If prompted by the message: "Please push the RESET switch (or turn AC power OFF/ON) to restart", remove the diskette and turn the system off and back on to restart the Notebook. Otherwise the Notebook will switch off automatically, remove the diskette and restart the Notebook.


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Hi, i have Satellite 1410-300. After I have reinstalled Operation system (Windows XP Proffesional SP 2) the Sound Card doesn't activate. No one diagnostic software found sound device. In Device Manager (Under Windows XP safe and normal mode) it is absent. Absolutly. Is it a fisical or programm problemm??? Should I go to the Service Center or I can do smth. by myself? If I can do smth. by myself could you do me a favor to explain what exactly?

Answer:Missing sound on Satellite 1410


if you use WinXP SP2 at this notebook you have to install the drivers in a special order. Unless you do this, some driver malfunction can appear.
Also you should download updated drivers from Toshiba driver download page and look at the SP2 driver update document!
This ca be found also at this site or at FAQ page!


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I have Intel Mobile Celeron 1.6GHz in my Satellite 1410-714. What CPUs are compatible ? Please write typ (Celeron or P4-M), speed, package and sSpec number. I found CPU Mobile Intel Celeron Processor 2.20 GHz SL73Y ( - but I don't know if this CPU will fitt to my Satellite.

Thank to all :)

Answer:Satellite 1410-714: What CPUs are compatible?


This notebook must be a little bit older. Am I right?
There are not many information when I try to google for this notebook model.
But I think I have found what you looking for :D

The motherboard should be compatible with this CPUs:

Mobile Intel Celeron Processor 1.6GHz, 1.7GHz, 1.8GHz
Processor core speed: 1.6GHz at 1.45V
? Processor bus speed: 133MHz

Mobile Intel Pentium 4 Processor-M 1.7GHz, 1.8GHz, 1.9GHz, 2.0GHz, 2.2GHz featuring Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology
? Processor bus speed: 400MHz

But you know, the faster CPU will produce more warmness and therefore the temperature will increase. This could lead to the overheating.

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My brother gave me his notebook to look at as it will not boot. Although it originally came with XP Home it has since been upgraded to Professional and worked fine for about 12 months.

Unable to do much with the laptop as it continually gave me the message missing NTLDR. Took the HDD out of notebook and into 2.5" caddy to check contents using my home computer and noticed that the HDD was empty. Reformatted HDD to NTFS, and reinstalled back into notebook.

Changed BIOS to boot from CD and attempted reinstall of XP Professional BUT half way through the installation it fails with a BSOD. Several attempts have been made to install XP and have reformat using NTFS; installation goes as far as creating folder \WINDOWS but it either freezes or gives me a BSOD.

Not sure whether there is a faulty HDD or RAM or something.

Any advise please

Answer:Satellite 1410 - Missing NTLDR

If possible try to obtain new HDD and try the OS installation. I also recommend you to use some tool to check if the HDD has any bad sectors. It is really not easy to say what is wrong there but I presume there is something wrong with HDD.

If connected as external device can you copy or remove files to it as usual?

By the way: check this

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Hi All,

A friend of mine has asked me if I can sort out her laptop, it wont boot up, when I click the on button the Toshiba screen comes on but keeps coming off and on every 2 seconds !

I can then get to a screen if i press the esc button that is black and says 'Check System.
Then Press F1 key, this stays like that until I press the F1 key, if I press the F1 key I get the System set up page up but when it says do you want to exit and I press yes it just goes back to the flashing start up screen !

Any ideas what the problem might be, it is an oldish laptop a Toshiba S1410-401.
I have tried booting up in Safe Mode but still no joy !

It has XP Home Edition installed with no disk to re install it, I have XP Media Center edition with a bootup disk installed on my home PC, The laptop has a license code could my rescue disk be installed on the laptop and use there License key to activate it or is this not possible ?

Maybe its not a Software issue at all ,any help would be appreciated !

Many Thanks,
Nick C

Answer:Satellite 1410-401 wont boot up

For the serial question i can answer sesurely is not possible cause MCE is an XP PRO whit a cab added and the HOME serial can't cover the PRO license

have you tried to enter the bios and set all to default ?? if i recall correct should be there something as "restore default settings"

have you tried to boot from an xp disc and chose recovery to use the consolle to do FIXMBR and FIXBOOT on the disc???

Well if you haven't now is the moment to try. ;)

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Good morning at all,
mi name is Fabio, I'm an italian guy so sorry for my poor english...

I have a problem with my Toshiba Satellite 1410-303, I have buy a new CPU (Pentium 4 mobile 2GHz 512k 400bus) but it don't work.
When I power up my notebook, I can hear from the system speaker a contiunos beep that never stop until I power down the system.
I have clear CMOS, and then I have upgrade my BIOS with last 1.40 version.

Have you a solution?

Thanks for the help


Answer:Satellite 1410-303 - New CPU doesn't work


Did you install the same CPU as before or did you install another CPU?

I have checked the user manual of Satellite 1410 and it?s normally equipped with an Intel Celeron CPU and in my opinion this is the reason why it doesn?t work.
The CPU upgrade is not supported official and it seems that the mainboard and/or BIOS don?t support this CPU.
Check this Toshiba document:


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Hey there, i seem to have a problem with my Satellite 1410-604, i got the "Toshiba WirelessLanDriver" briefcase of the cd as it said, i follow the instruction, but yet it says the .msi file is containing no information about the driver for some reason so i cannot get my wireless to work on this pc,

Any suggestions on how i do it?

As far as i know this is a old serie and i havent been able to find any help on ANY toshiba webpage. so now im gonna try out this forum and see if anyone got a suggestions..



Answer:Satellite 1410-604 - Can't get wirless to work

What Wireless card is it, Intel, Atheros, Agere?

You could be installing the wrong Driver.

Go to the Toshiba website and download the latest Wireless LAN driver for the Satellite 1410.

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How to change Alt Gr key position? I my Satellite 1410 it is 4-th on the right from the Space key. I would like to have it directly on the right of the Space key, like in other computers. I use Windows XP Home. It is possible by soft way?

Answer:Satellite 1410, Alt-Gr-key change position

HI waltur,

in my opinion it is not possible to change the position and the signification of any key on the keyboard.

I think it is related o the keyboard driver and Windows OS. I had googled around but i had only found how to change key positions on a keyboard in a linuxsystem.

So when you don't want to switch to a linux system then you have no possibilities in a Windows System!



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I am wondering what type of lcd panel was used in this particular model?

Answer:LCD panel type in Satellite 1410-604


Googling around I found follow info:
Satellite 1410-604 has
Display Type TFT Color LCD
Size (Diagonal) 14.1"
Resolution 1024x768
Contrast 150:1
Duty Factor
Response Speed
Rise 20ms
Fall 30ms

Do you need just this info or maybe part number for replacement too?
Is display on your Satellite defective?

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Hi everybody,

I have a _***Toshiba s1410-303***_ and I need to change the cd player but at the back I find no easy way to remove it.
There are screws named +*F4,F6,B25*+ etc.

Which ones do I need to open?

Thank you for helping me!

Answer:Satellite 1410-303 - How to exchange the CD/DVD drive?


I?m not pretty sure but I think therefore you must remove the keyboard and other parts too. In my opinion this is a little bit tricky on this notebook and you must remove a lot of screws.

Maybe you find a disassembling instruction with Google or you ask a notebook technician for help. I think this would be the best way.


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Hi i have a Toshiba Satellite 1410 Notebook, Daughter put a password on she says, but cannot remember it.

Is there a backdoor password to get into BIOS and clear it?
Or is there another procedure like reset the BIOS battery or something.

Answer:Satellite 1410 - Password on power on

As a security measure, you will need to send the laptop to an ASP for the password removal.

The ASP will have the needed tools.

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I have a Satellite 1410-801 (with combo DVD SD-R2212 firmware 1314).

I cannot read any CD or DVD. Light is always on a few seconds after inserting disc. I tried to use a DOS bootable disc with the Toshiba's DOS driver. No success.
According to the support internet site, there is no newer firmware for this hardware.

5 months ago, I had the same problem, so the drive was changed.

What can I do ?

Thanks and best regads.

P. Perruchet.

Answer:Satellite 1410-801 and combo DVD SD-R2212


that's sounds not very well. Do you have further informations about the changing of the Drive 5 month ago?

Did the technican said anything about the failure?


At first in my opinion you sould go to the Device Manager (could be found in the Control Panel - System) and check if there is a problem!

If you had installed any software whihc is regarding to the CD/DVD Drive like programs thats slows down your Drive speed and deinstall it.

Bye Bob

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I'm trying to insert the RAM module (256MB) from my old 1410-604 into my new M40, however when I do, the computer appears to forget what it is. It issues about 9 beeps, tries to access the DVD drive, and then nothing happens from there. Machine stays on, but no response from anything.
Is there any way for me to put this RAM into my new laptop and expect it to work?

Thank you!

Answer:Satellite M40X-205: RAM upgrade from 1410-604


As far as I know your old 1410-604 works with PC1600 SDRAM and the M40 with PC2700 DDR-RAM module. In my opinion they don?t work together without any errors, because these are two different parts. You need two similar memory modules.


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My computer became really slow (I cannot watch videos), so I thought I had a virus and I scanned my pc.
He found a virus called "fast.exe", I deleted this file but I still had some problems, so I decided to format the pc using the recovery disks but my pc is still slow.

Does the formating made by the recovery disks delete everything or just crush the system ?

Some people adviced me to make a low level formating but I don't know how to do it and I have always thought it was quite dangerous.

What should I do ?

Answer:Satellite 1410 - slow even after formating


As far as I know if you reinstall your OS with Recovery CD, there is no low level formatting. All your data will be deleted. Every time before you want to reinstall OS back-up your data. If you have second partition you can save it there.

Don?t worry. Install your OS again. Also try to install SP2 to be sure that your Notebook is up to date.

Lot of factors can be responsible when your Notebook works slowly. You can also disable all processes that you do not need. You can find them in ?System Configuration Utility? (Start>Run>enter msconfig and OK). Under ?Startup? you can disable all programs that you do not need.

I have also bad experience with speed of my machine. After installation of Antivirus Software, my Notebook was very slowly. Without this Software machine was fast again.

Back-up your data and try to find out what is problem with your Satellite.


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I have some problems with my Satellite 1410-303.
After shutdown, without unplug the power supply, if I try to turn the notebook on pushing the start button the notebook does not start and the Power Indicator led from green glows orange indicating a power supply problem.
This problem appears after bios and Windos XP Service Pack 2 update.
Someone can help me, please ?

Answer:Satellite 1410 - Power On Problem

Hi Andrea

The first thing that you can try is to remove the battery for a short time and try to start the notebook without AC power supply.
It will be also interesting to know if the notebook switches on without battery just with AC power supply. If there is the problem after this it is possible that power supply microcontroller don?t work properly.

If the orange flashing is not constant it can be blinking code.

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I'm looking for the *touchpad driver* (Windows XP Pro) for the Toshiba *Satellite 1410-604*.
This model seems unknown to the download site.

Does anyone know to which other (known) model it corresponds or where I could find a compatible driver?
Is there a utility program for testing the proper working of the touchpad?

Answer:Re: XP touchpad driver for Satellite 1410-604

Because this is a older Satellite series all drivers were moved to the ARCHIVE area on the Toshiba European driver page :)

*Check ARCHIVE -> Satellite Archive -> Satellite 14xx -> Satellite 1410-604*

Easy ;)


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Hi all please help!

I have toshiba satellite 1410 series..
i think the hard drive was full and it got locked.
i really need to get this unlock as im very new to comps . every time i start my pc it is asking me for HDD Password...
I need all the help to get this unlock

Please help

Answer:Satellite 1410: Forgot HDD Password


As far as I know you need the old HDD password to delete the asking HDD password.
If you have forgotten the HDD password so you don?t have any other possibility to enter the HDD. In this case the HDD is unusable and unfortunately you need a new HDD drive. :(

Best regards

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after installing winxp pro, my screen "lost" about 1 inch from right side:
When running in safe mode or @ win xp home everything is ok.
Now i get max [email protected] 969x768 :/ I installed newest drivers, but this didn't help.

Can someone tell me what's wrong ? System is oryginal, I've got all ptatches from MS.

If someone can help me, plz email me @ torwald(at)

Answer:Cutted screen in Satellite 1410-604


It is very strange. All drivers designed for WXP Home can be used for WXP Pro too. Please install only the drivers listed on Toshiba download page. There you can find nVidia display driver version 28.46.

You can also use all drivers from delivered ?Tools & Utilities CD?. BTW: have you installed WXP including SP2 or some older WXP version?

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I want to have 1GB... but I don't know what kind of memories this model suppport...?

Answer:What spec RAM required for Satellite 1410-604?


You can use the simple 200-Pin PC2100 (266MHz) DDR SODIMM memory modules on your Satellite 1410-604
The notebook is upgradeable up to 512MB and therefore you can use only 2 x 256MB

PS: please check this memory modules site:

There you can find the right parts

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I have got a Toshiba Sat 1410. During a system restore with the restore disks I forgot to plug it in. During the Windows set up (that screen where you put in your country time and all that) the battery went flat as I didn't plug it in!!!.

I tried to run the disk again as it came up with a box when I re-booted that said 'The system is not fully restored. Please run setup again'. So I turned it off and reboot, then the message comes up after the windows picture comes up during booting.

I bought this laptop second hand so I did not get any manuals or any books with it, I don't know which keys to press to get it to MSDOs not that I would know what to do from there, I don't know which key to press during boot up to get the CD's to work, I have pressed keys left right and centre and found escape takes me to a system page but nothing there to get the Cds to run again which I would have thought would just get the restoring going again.

So now it boots until saying 'System not fully restored, please run setup again'.

Does anybody know or seen this before, and can anyone tell me if there is a simple answer, what key to press during boot up, or how to sort this problem out???

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Can't get the restore disc to work - Satellite 1410


normally you have to press "C" on startup to boot from CD.

You can also change the boot priority in BIOS settings (enter with Esc and F1).


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Password =

Please help

Answer:How to start the unit without password on Satellite 1410?

Hello Sam

If the password is not known to you just service partner in your country can help you.

Contact them and they can remove it for you, if the unit is not stolen one of course.

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I've got a Satellite 1410-714 that had a hard drive failure. I replaced the drive, but the computer is now extremely slow. Windows was reinstalled, that was really slow too, and now it takes minutes for windows to start up.

I suspect something might have broken on the motherboard along with the hard drive. I checked for mobo spares, but didn't found anything for -714, so would any 1410 mobo be compatible? This model has a celeron 1,8 processor.

Thanks for help.


Answer:Satellite 1410-714 extremely slow after HDD replacement


I can?t believe that the motherboard is broken after HDD replacement.
I suggest to update the BIOS firstly. Maybe your old BIOS have some problems with the newer HDD.
Please check Toshiba driver website for newer BIOS version.

Did you use any anti Virus applications?

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Hi there,

I happen to own a really rather old satellite S1410-303 that is sporting a *Celeron CPU 1.5ghz (256k /400FSB).*

As i have the very last Bios installed (v1.40/ Sept 03), I'm curious to know if it might be possible to upgrade to a faster Celeron, released around that time period. I'm aware that the CPU would need to match certain criteria, same 256k cache/ front side bus/ Northwood arch etc and was wondering if an update to a Celeron SL75T might work?

The SL75T is a 2.5ghz Celeron, so that's a reasonable bump in speed. Sockets match @478/ mPPGA too.
The only thing might be the power draw/consumption being higher

Any thoughts?

I'm aware on this forum *an Italian guy tried putting a pentium 4 based CPU @400 FSB /2.0ghz in the same Laptop and it didn't work*. So it looks Celeron only, presumably 128/256k cache based.

Might anyone have a definitve list of what the v1.40 BIOS supports?

Many thanks, john

Answer:Satellite 1410-303 - CPU upgrade options/ testing

Huh this is very old piece of hardware and it is not easy to pick up some info about it.
What I found is info that this 1410 was delivered with different Mobile Intel Celeron Processors:
? 1.6GHz (1.45volts)
? 1.7GHz (1.45volts)
? 1.8GHz (1.45volts)

So maybe you can check if you can find one faster 1.8 GHz and upgrade it.

Sorry but that?s all I can write about it.

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I need to re-format my laptop but I can't find my product recovery cd. I don't remember if i ever got it or not to be honest. Can I get one sent to me? Or can I download the recovery stuff from anywhere?

I do have the Tools & Utilities cd, is the Product recovery stuff on there?



Answer:Satellite 1410/2410 - need Product recovery CD


If you want to have original Toshiba recovery media you can order it by service partner in your country.

Other solution is that you can use Microsoft full version CD for OS installation. All necessary Toshiba stuff you can find on Toshiba download page under


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Hi all,

in case of electricity failure - which is a standard incident these days of high temperatures and a/c 's working like hell - my Satellite's battery does not last for approx. 2 hrs which is indicated, although it appears fully charged (green led).

Shortly, after the notebook enters battery mode, I get a warning message that in approx. 4-5 minutes the computer will enter Stand by mode for the next 2 hrs, which is not good at all because I cant work!

So, what is going on? If I cant work for at least 1-1,5 hours on battery, what do I need a notebook??!

Thank you for your time... and I welcome all replies, hopefully you will come up with some good ideas, as this problem will bother me all summer long...

Answer:Re: Satellite 1410/2410 battery lasts less than indicated

May I ask you how old your notebook?s battery is?

From my personal knowledge the older batteries discharge quicker and after long period of usage the battery will die.
This is nothing unusual and to be honest it?s only a matter of time when a battery replacement would be needed.

I?ve got some notebook at home and one of these is about 6 years old.
The battery does not work anymore. I can run the notebook not longer as 2min using the battery.
I didn?t replace it because the notebook is always connected to the AC adaptor. So a replacement is not necessary for me.

I think you?ve got the same battery issue and only a new battery would solve this.


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I am trying to install a new USB printer (dell 725) onto my 1410-801. All the drivers for the printer are OK, but there laptop and the printer don't want to communicate with each other. Does anyone know if the USB ports for this model support that type of printer?

Sorry I am not a techie!

Answer:Satellite 1410-801: installing a USB printer issue

Hi Buzz

On this way it is really not easy to give you any precise answer. In my opinion you should try with printer producer support. They have more experience with installation of own products.

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I have Toshiba S1410-902 and I would like to make this computer work in wireless LAN. I'm concidering buying wifi card for miniPCI slot, not PCMCIA card. That's why I have some questions:

1. Does this model (s1410-902) have "build-in" antenna around LCD? Buying miniPCI wifi card may be not sensible if the answer is "no".

2. Is there any comatibilty list of miniPCI wifi cards? If so - where? Does BIOS block ability to use wifi cards of non compatibile cards (like CD-ROMs)?
Can I buy wifi card of any producer?

Answer:Satellite 1410-902: Does this unit has a WiFi antenna?


According the specification this unit is ?WiFi ready? and the antenna should be there. I don?t know exactly where is the WiFi antenna slot but it must be placed somewhere under the keyboard. it is very easy to remove the keyboard (fixed with three screws) and you can check if you can find the slot. There must also be the antenna (white and black cables).

Unfortunately I can not give you precise info about compatible WiFi cards but you can contact service partner in your country. I am pretty sure that they can help you.

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Who can help me? I want to connect my recordplayer through an amplifier to my Satellite 1410-304 to digitalise my lp's. I used the headphones output on the amplifier and connected to the audio-input on the laptop (microfone input) but do not get any sound. HELP!!!

Answer:Question about audio input on Satellite 1410-304


A friend of mine has tried to make the same thing but he has used some external device and special software that are necessary for sound transfer and editing. Please don?t ask me how it works exactly.

If you want to record some sound using sound in port you can make it using Microsoft Sound recorder utility but I don?t know if this can help you. All recorded files will be in wav format.


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Hi ,

Beside HD / memory I see 2 more intresting upgrade slot at the bottom , one seems like a mini pc card for wireless lan and the other is a tiny white socket .

Can anyone tell me please :
1. where and what mini pc card I buy online a/b/g ?
2. whats the tiny socket for ?


Answer:Satellite 1410: ready for Mini PCI upgrade?

if you look at the bottom of the machine you have above from the Harddisc the Extension memory slot.

On the right upper side is a little cover which disguised the modem.

But which other slot you mean ?
Anyway, which type on the 1410 Series do you have ?


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Hi there,
I have installed latest Graphic card driver on my TS S1410-304 (latest auto-actualization can find anyway...) and about 1,5cm of the right side of the screen disappeared. I mean that computer thinks that they are not there, even if I set screen resolution at 1024x768 (969x768 being default), it behaves like I have set it on wider resolution than monitor has and scrolls to that invisible corner. GC is GeForce 4 420 Go. Does anyone know how to fix that?

Answer:Graphics driver not working good on Satellite 1410-304


you should use the driver from here:

Or if you want a newer version, look here:


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Trouble with Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-R2212 Drive on a Satellite S1410-801.
Please help!
My drive doesn't read many CD's and I can't write any CD's too?

Answer:Satellite 1410-801: Drive doesn't read and write many CD's

If it is in warranty I suggest taking it to your Authorized Service Provider and having them take a look at it. More then likely the DVD/CD is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced. If out of warranty I suggest buying an external DVD/CD read/write and using that. There are many nice ones available on Toshiba's website.

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I tried to expand the memory from 512 MB to 1 GB by placing two memory modules in my laptop Satellite 1410-304.
These memory blocks are each 512 MB and of the type: DDR400 PC3200 SODIMM.

Each separate memory block placed in one of the memory slots A or B runs fine, no problems.

However, when both memory blocks are installed, the laptop does not start anymore.
I hear the soft beeps indicating a problem did occur. The system is running under Windows XP.

Anybody who can tell me how to solve this problem. thanks in advance for your help



Answer:Satellite 1410-304 doesn't start after memory upgrade

Are the memory sticks made by the same company? If not it will not work.

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Sorry for my pour English so I will try to be as specific as i can.
I have the above notebook and it has burned its built in power supply "unit".
As a friend computer technician told me. And now i must change the whole motherboard.
Does anybody know where can I find a new or used motherboard?


Answer:Satellite 1410-303 power suplly issue - need motherboard

What to say? check some offers on the big, public and famous auction website ;)

Or you will contact the ASP in your country for a new compatible one? but this is a very costly solution because the MB is a one of the expensive notebook parts.

So maybe a second hand notebook could be a better solution

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Hello everyone,

I had to format my Satellite 1410-303, and then I also added 256 MB RAM so the total is now 512 MB. It runs fine but the problem is that now I have a black vertical bar that covers about one inch of the far right of the monitor, and when move the mouse to it the monitor "shifts" to the right, but the black bar remains in its place. Very annoying.

Also, since I formatted the laptop, I don't have any of the Toshiba controls or utilities, so I can't change screen width or perform any other function related operations.

Your help is very appreciated.

Answer:Satellite 1410-303: Black vertical banner on far right of screen

At first it will be interesting to know something about preinstalled OS and drivers. I presume you have used your own installations CD and not original recovery media. Am I right about that?

Which drivers you have installed, especially display driver?

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After Installing the Windows XP Service Pack 2 on my Satellite 1410-303, a vertical strip of about an inch width is lost and remains black at the right side of the monitor. Is their any way to fix it?
Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite 1410-303 monitor problem after Windows XP pack 2


at first you could deinstall and update your displaydriver from toshiba homepage - Support&Downloads - Driver Update

Did you reinstall all drivers after upgrading to SP2 in the right order? The order could be found in the html file on the Tools&Utilities CD. This should be done because without there could occure problems like yours!

Try this!

Try this and

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I am having Toshiba satellite 1410-S102 laptop, it has 128mb ram, 1.6GHZ celeron processor, 20GB HD etc

My question is i have seen many forums reading them, which tells this laptop supports upto 512MB of RAM, fine... But can i upgrade its celeron processor with 1.6 Intel orignal or 2.0GHZ Intel original as its speed truly sucks?????

Kindly suggest me with wise advise if this upgrade is possible or not???

Plz don't tell me buy newer laptop etc... All i am only interested to know if i can upgrade laptop processor or not??? some1 told me its soldiered into mother board so you can't, now kindly suggest if i can????



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Hello every1,
I have Satellite 1410-604 for more than 2 years, with forementioned combo drive...
It serves me well, except that it doesnt read some of the types of dvd-medias, and I use only high quality Verbatim dvds...
It only happens in last few months. It is not my primary computer but it is at use in my home, and it really bugs me that when my sister or father takes the new Sattelite Pro A60 on the road(its battery is better) I cant use latest discs on this one. So if there is some firmware upgrade, cause i cant find it on this site...

Thanks in advance...

Answer:SD-2212 Drive doesnt read some DVDs - Satellite 1410


I don?t think that the firmware update will solve this issue because this driver has recognized this DVDs a few times ago.
Furthermore I don?t found any firmware for this drive on the Toshiba website.

But check if the drive removing procedure will solve this problem. So for this please go to device manger and remove the drive. After new booting the OS should recognize the drive again


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I have a Satellite 1410-604. I've lost my screensaver and cannot access the Toshiba power management system: I click and nothing happens. I saw a suggestion to run System Restore. When I go to system restore it tells me it's running, but is there anything more specific I can do?


Answer:Satellite 1410-604: I have lost power management system and screensaver

I don?t know what you have done with your operating system but usually if the system restore option was enabled then it shouldn?t be a problem to restore the OS to the early point?
Simply starts the system restore and choose the early point which was created automatically.

I found also this useful FAQ:

How about new installation? Did you create an image?

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That's exactly what happens when my toshy gets into hybernate or stand-by. i have an satellite 1410-s173. when i close the lid or when i leave it alone for more than 30 mins, it enters the hybernate mode... right? well, when i open the lid or i press power on, my power on led goes green, my hard drive wakes up and flickers the hard drive led indicator, even a tiny backlite appears on the monitor, but it has no image or sound or any intention to work. can anyone help? thank you.

Answer:Satellite 1410-s173, My machine doesn't wake up from hybernate or stand-by mode.

what the Notebook have to do "when i close the lid or when i leave it alone for more than 30 mins" can you adjust at the Power Saver Options !

But about your Hibernating problem, do you have installed maybe new drivers or new software since the problem occur ?

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Hope you can help this problem is driving me crazy now and HP are no help at all. I have vista premium and a compaq presario laptop ive previously had this printer working correctly on my system but it just stopped working and gave me an error when clicking on it within the control pannell, error 000003eb device driver error. So i reinstalled the printer from the software from there site it then asks me to plug the printer in i do so windows locator pops up then attempts to install the driver but then displays error drivers were found but could not be installled, ive tried a level 4 uninstall from the util directory and rebooted the laptop then tried to reinstall but the driver still fails to install. ive norton 360 and ive disabled that along with the firewall but im still having problems, the printer works fine on xp so i know its not a hardware issue, anybody got any ideas??

Tahnks for your help in advance



Answer:error installing hp psc 1410 driver

These drivers are Vista drivers and NOT XP drivers?
Is this printer connected to the Vista machine or accessed across a shared network?

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click here to live " "

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Hi there,

Some months after buying my M30x I have bought a 200G external USB HDD. The disk kept disappearing right during use, so I took it back but the repair shop said that they have found nothing wrong with it. That?s how I was introduced to the 1.90 BIOS update.

Anyway, after the upgrade everything seemed dandy for real,
and the disk worked fine. Fast forward to 2006/2007 where
I have bought two more external disks, one 2.5" 160G and
one 3.5" 500G. The 160G is back at the shop because it kept
showing errors, but it did on other machines too, so I am
getting a new one soon.

Now the 500G seemed to work without problems and I have filled 200G of it already but this week the drive started acting funny. First of all, I dual boot Win XP and openbsd. Under openbsd the disk went all crazy and would attach and detach sometimes 48 times in a row... so I said ok, maybe a glitch in their USB implementation. I fire up windows again (ugh) and start copying files around just randomly and bam, the disk disappears, and I get a blue screen followed by a swift reboot...

at this point I looked around if there's another BIOS update because my sixth sense tells me, it's still not right with 1.90, cause 2 OS's can't be wrong so I am very much inclined to believe that it's still not 100% correct.

Has anyone seen something similar?

Answer:Does the 1.90 BIOS solve all the USB problems on Satellite M30X?


As far as I know Toshiba does not provide any information what was changed with new BIOS versions and therefore you could only try to update the BIOS version and to hope?

The 500GB HDD is large HDD device which need a lot of power?
The notebook USB ports provide 500mAh and if the external device needs more power as 500mah than it?s possible that external devices will not work correctly.

I?m not expert in ?openbsd? but you can disable the power saving on the single USB ports under Windows.
You could also try to delete the USB ports from the device manager and after new reboot you the windows should recognize the ports again.

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Dear Toshiba,

I always used laptops for years weather work or personal laptops; I decided to change to Toshiba since I hear a lot about how good they are and high quality!

Since I bought my laptop and I am having all sort of issues with it!

1. 1st day I bought the laptop, the screen started to black out on me and come back many times, I went to the dealer who replaced for me right away, but the replacement did the same for a while even with updated drivers and bios and then after few days it worked fine.

2. I updated bios easily to v1.6 and now 1.7 released and I have been trying hard to update it but the update won?t work at all, it keeps stuck at the CMD screen.

3. Today I got a warning massage saying that problem with the cooling system has been detected and I need to return it to the service!

I will take it tomorrow to the service but the laptop was purchased on March 24th 2010 only! And it was registered online on March 26th 2010;

The service will open it and check it or fix it but this is neither normal nor acceptable when a laptop cost me almost 1200USD and worked less than 2 months and experience all that.

I didn?t even use it yet as heavy as I used other brands who never had any single issue!

This is not to say your laptops are bad but this is to say please help and provide solutions or maybe this model needs an urgent review!



Answer:Need some help to solve issue on my Satellite U500 PSU9ME

> 1. 1st day I bought the laptop, the screen started to black out on me and come back many times, I went to the dealer who replaced for me right away, but the replacement did the same for a while even with updated drivers and bios and then after few days it worked fine.

Well, seems it was an software issue since I noticed an similar issue after receiving some updates from Microsoft? keep the graphic card driver up to date?

> 2. I updated bios easily to v1.6 and now 1.7 released and I have been trying hard to update it but the update won?t work at all, it keeps stuck at the CMD screen.

Wonder why you don?t read the FAQ/HowTo section in this forum.
There you could find the HowTo update the BIOS!

>3. Today I got a warning massage saying that problem with the cooling system has been detected and I need to return it to the service!

Seems the cooling module starts to malfunction? the ASP technician should help you?

>The service will open it and check it or fix it but this is neither normal nor acceptable when a laptop cost me almost 1200USD and worked less than 2 months and experience all that.

You are right, this is not normal notebook behavior but what to say? it?s a machine and machine could start to malfunction? it?s nothing unusual and in your case it was simply bad luck that this happened after short time of usage?

I had a Toshiba notebook since 6 years and guest what? ... Read more

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I have read about other users having some problems with sound. There is no bass when I connect my stereo system. So I used the search and found a solution.

Renamed two files! The sound quality is better now but incomparable with other laptops I tried. Are there any updated files or something to solve this problem fully? Maybe someone knows other drivers of a similar device I could install? I use Satellite A110-230.

P.S. I read about these problems in forum. These posts are added a long time ago. Hasn't anything changed? Weren?t some new drivers released?
Nobody properly solved this problem?

Answer:How to solve no bass problem on Satellite A110-230?


I think the renaming of the two files was a solution and the bass appeared.
In my knowledge the notebook was delivered with ?no brand? speakers.
So in my opinion the speaker?s quality in not the same likes with the Harman kardon speakers.

The unit supports also a sound on board chip Realtek ALC861.
You could try to install the newest driver from the Realtek site and if you are lucky maybe the bass quality will increase.

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I am trying to reset my cmos to solve a problem with my dvd burner.
I was trying to run an old game that I own that was protected by starforce and ran starforce nightmare with has made the device completly inoperable.

After much searching I have heard to reset cmos.
I have treid through debug and nothing happend. I don't really want to open up the laptop and pull the cmos battery out or leave it for a month until the cmos battery runs out.

Is there any advice on what I should do.

Answer:How to reset the BIOS to solve a problem with DVD burner on Satellite P100

Could you please post more details about your notebook model and about you CD/DVD driver issue? This would be helpful for further suggestions.

To be honest I don?t think that any BIOS resetting, RCT battery removing, etc? is possible or could help you.
Fact is that only the ASP would be able to remove the RCT battery (if necessary what I don?t think) but this would not reset the BIOS as on the desktop PC!

I appreciate a feedback

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Windows has crashed on this computer and it now fails to boot up on the HD. The machine gets as far as allowing choice of which drive to boot up on, but the recovery CD fails to solve the problem, as it crashes out when attempting to review/set partitions. I can get the recovery CD to fire up and to get me to MS-Dos. Then I can look around at the files in the a:, b: (connecting a USB floppy), c:, d: and x: (the recovery cd).

Any ideas on recovery from this apparently not too serious situation?

Answer:Satellite Pro A15 - Recovery CD fails to solve windows boot failure

Hi buddy,

It?s strange that recovery disk doesn?t work because it contains a pretested image of factory settings and normally this should always work.
If not the recovery disk is faulty (scratched) or it?s a hardware malfunction?

I think the easiest way to sort this out is using an original Microsoft disk. With this disk you can also reinstall Windows.

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I need help because i have one toshiba A500-149 but the ilumination of keyboard dont work (FN+Z).
I see a new Bios update and my question is:
This new update 2.00 win solve that problem?

this upgrate is secure?

Answer:Satellite A500-149: Would new BIOS update 2.00-win solve illumination issue

> This new update 2.00 win solve that problem?
Question: Did the keyboard illumination work from the first day of purchase?

If yes, the issue is not realted to BIOS.

Secondly: the illumination can be enabled and disabled in BIOS.
Did you check the settings there?

Thirdly: did you check something in the software?
Possibly the reinstallation of VAP (value added package) would be helpful

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I have a Satellite U400-10W (PSU40E) with the issue already reported in the technical knowledge base (battery is not recognized and does not charge after a long time without AC Power).

To solve this issue I need a bios equal or higher 3.0 but the latest available bios (4.00 - in the download page refers to an invalid link.

Please does somebody has a bios (3.0 or higher) for Win32 systems to post ?

Many thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite U400-10W (PSU40E): needed BIOS to solve battery issue

I answer to myself: I've found a working link to the latest bios on the Canadian Toshiba web site and the issue has been solved ... :o)

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Error -107 when loading url is the message I get when I try to go into various sites.Please can you tell me how to solve it.Thank youJeannine

Answer:How to solve error 107.

URL worked fine on my Win 10. What browser are you using and is it the same on alternatives?Please give the full error message off the screen (I was unable to find any reference to it).Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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Answer:How to solve this Error?

That's not an error, that's an image file for a Lumia 535.

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I installed "HTC Home" desktop gadget in my PC then windows error reporting shows this error. How do i solve this error.
"Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
Problem Signature 01: update.exe
Problem Signature 02:
Problem Signature 03: 4de78899
Problem Signature 04: System.Xml
Problem Signature 05:
Problem Signature 06: 4ba1dfec
Problem Signature 07: 710
Problem Signature 08: 27
Problem Signature 09: System.Xml.XmlException
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 0a9e
Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
Additional Information 3: 0a9e
Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

Read our privacy statement online:
Windows 7 Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows

If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:

Answer:How to solve this error?

Please help me! I face this error every time when i start my PC.

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I am unable to install Tweak UI(MS power toy),because when i attempt to do so the message appeare and says:"The produce entry point GetllDirectoryW could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll."

please some1 guide me to solve this problem.

Thanks in adavance.

Answer:How can i solve this error!!??

in the run box type
sfc /scannow
and press enter

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Question: Help Solve error

so i installed win7 rtm, launched it, it detected something and asked for reboot, i've rebooted and, when i log in i dont see anything but wallpaper, just wallpaper, no START menu or anything, when i'm logging in Safe Mode, i can see start menu, etc, how can i solve this issue

Answer:Help Solve error

Not sure. What happens when you right click on the desktop (wallpaper)? Can you tell what screen resolution has been set to?

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i have made the file please take a look on it and help me

i have :

processor of 2.4 core 2 due

1.5 GB of ram

ATI HD4650

Answer:please help me to solve BSOD error

These are STOP 0x124 errors - which are generated by the CPU and then reported to Windows. Not very easy to read.

That being said, they are most often related to hardware failures or compatibility issues.
Have you run the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor (free here: ) to see if that's an issue?

Have you added any new hardware/software recently that might be causing a problem?

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how to solve error 711 suddenly my net off help me. I watch many videos on youtube but its not get successful ive me solution

Answer:tell me all types to solve this error

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win10 builds 10856 suddenly reloads many times and give me various messages about errors IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, then another time video_shedullar_internal_errors, 3-d Prodess_initualisation_failed, 4- 0x000021a, 5 - critical_process_died_ 6 - system_process_misuse. How can I solved all these problems. Thank you very much for Your work. Nikolai Skorokhodov. Russia

Answer:IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL - what does this error and how do I solve it?

Can you please join and provide the more information on what you were you trying to update (Presuming you were trying to install TH2 / Fall Update) i.e desktop, tablet, all in one, laptop etc

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When i press ctrl+f in Internet Explorer, and type some thing i get an error, I posted a screenshot of it. Does anyone know what might be causing this?

Answer:[Solve] IE Search Error.

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Okay i really dont know how to solve this issue, it happens today and since then whatever i do (restarting or shut down my pc) nothing helps...
i cannot login to win 7... i can right click and refresh but i cannot open any application... when i open My Computer... the loading takes forever... can somebody help solve this?

I tried to do what this web suggests :

Fix for COM Surrogate Has Stopped Working Error in Vista - How-To Geek

but i cannot go to the advance setting area... it just takes all forever... its like the explorer is crashing... please help on how to solve this? i dont want to format or anything... and i dont know what is wrong... basically i just browsing media files while the error occurs for the first time please i need immediate help...

Answer:please help to solve COM SURROGATE error

Do the following steps.Get to the Advanced Boot Options screen.
Start the computer in Safe Mode.
Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup.
Restart in normal mode and see if there is an improvement.

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windows boot managerSystem failed to start. Recent hardware or software change might be the cause.Then I get three options. But it keeps returningg me to this screen. Please help. Thank You

Answer:How do I solve the startup error?

1- are those the messages you get? 2- Did you try the repair my computer option and then use start-up repair?If you don't have a restoration disc you can download and make one at the following address: HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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Question: Solve Backup Error

Using Backup & Restore, this is the third night I got backup errors (red X), but the first time I saw the message.

"Backup failed on shadow copy on source volume got deleted. Might be caused by high write activity on the volume.
retry backup.. Consider increasing shadow copy storage using VSSADMIN resize shadow storage command.
Error code 0x80780169."

Retrying will be futile. Somebody suggested increasing the volume to 15%. There is very little information online.
Any suggestions? Should I increase the volume? I have never gotten this message in the years that I have been using Backup & Restore.

I am just supposed to be backing up my files; not creating an image, unless it copies to the disk regardless of what I choose to send to external drive.

In Event Viewer there were at least a half-dozen messages that the oldest volume was deleted. According to "Manage your space," I think I have one image on the drive and another image in backup, but I don't know if I can trust the info.

Thank you.

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whenever i open my system a message box is appearing in the desktop showing"Cannot find script host,cannot find c\windows\winsys64.vbs".I am very much frustrated by this.So please post a solution immediately.

Answer:request to solve error

whenever i open my system a message box is appearing in the desktop showing"Cannot find script host,cannot find c\windows\winsys64.vbs".I am very much frustrated by this.So please post a solution immediately.

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need settup.hlp to run excel

Answer:how to solve error 1706 ?

First hit on Google: hit on Google:

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been waiting for almost a week for a code to verify my account and i still haven't received it till now

Answer:how to solve error 800488fe?

Allow me to be the first to ask....What are you talking about?

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