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Satellite 1700 - memory upgrade

Question: Satellite 1700 - memory upgrade


does anyone know whether it would be possible to use 256 MB so-dimm on Satellite 1700 or is it completely impossible due to restriction on motherboard?

Intel chipset allows total of 512 MB but manual says that 192 MB is maximum. I wonder if there is a way to overcome this issue by modifying the motherboard.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite 1700 - memory upgrade

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite 1700 - memory upgrade


I have found a information about Satellite 1700-300dvd and this unit support max 196 MB RAM
This unit has a 64 MB internal Ram and you can put a 128 MB module to upgrade the memory.
Furthermore you can use these modules:
PA3003U 32 MB Memory
PA3004U 64 MB Memory
PA3005U 128 MB Memory

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I have a old laptop Toshiba Satellite 1700-200, with the garanty expired. Now i need upgrade the ram ( only haves 64 MB, not enough to run correctly a installation of Windows XP or an actual Linux Dist ), and i dont know how to do tath. I searched in google many times but i dont find a tutorial for this version. Anyone knows how i can make it ?

Thanks a lot ;)

Answer:Satellite 1700-200: How to upgrade the RAM


I?m not 100% sure but I think the memory slots could be placed either at the bottom of the unit or hidden under the keyboard!

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What is the best memory for the LE 1700 that makes sense? I've looked on the forums, as well as TigerDirect, NewEgg and Motion Computing. Motion says the machine will take "4GB (2x2) sticks of DDR 2 (PC 5300) 667-MHz With Dual-Channel memory support." Others sites say one could use the faster (PC 6400) 800-MHz modules. Would my machine be able to use these at the rated 800-MHz speed while running Win7 32bit?

Answer:Best memory upgrade for Motion Computing LE 1700, Win7 32bit

Your tablet has 2 slots & can accept a max of 2GB per slot (max total of 4GB). Since you're running a 32-bit OS, only about 3-3.5GB will actually be recognized. And since your L7400 CPU has a FSB speed of 667MHz, DDR2-667 would be the best choice. But it certainly wouldn't hurt to use DDR2-800, just don't expect it to make your system any faster. In fact, it would probably underclock to 667MHz anyway. If it's paired up with DDR2-667, it will definitely run at 667MHz. For dual channel mode to enable, it would be best to match the exact specs of your current 2GB stick.

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I upgrade my laptop's ram to 8GB (2*4Gb). A 64-bit version of Windows 7 shows that I have 8GB of memory but there is only 3 GB of usable system memory. How i can use the 8GB. My version of the Bios is 2.00. In the Bios, i have not found the option "Enable the memory remapping feature".

Answer:Satellite A500-1GR - RAM Memory upgrade but 3GB usable system memory

Such option doesn?t exist in BIOS and the whole thing is controlled automatically. BIOS update will not change anything.
As far as I know on Toshiba notebooks you cannot ?force? notebook to use defined amount of RAM.

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Answer:Satellite 1700-200 will not boot


BIOS updates are available at

At Support&Download section you can choose your machine (important!) and download the BIOS files!

When this also doesn't work we have to find another way!

About the Bluescreen: Did you tried to boot in safe modeor Last known good configuration?


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Hey all,

My friend has 2 Toshiba Satallite 1700/300 laptops that I might buy. He is selling them at £100 each or £170 for the pair.

Because it is so old, I cannot find any reliable specs or prices online.

I know that its quite slow, but this is what I will do with it:

@ home: I intend to syncronise it with my Packard-Bell PC and use as a monitor.

@ Work and traveling: I intend to use it for mobile internet access and word processing at work.

I would like a decentish laptop, but I haven't got a lot of dough at the moment.

Is it worth it to buy this, and if not, can anyone suggest a laptop in the same price zone because I am really strapped for cash at the moment. I'm only 14. lol.


Answer:Should I buy Toshiba Satellite 1700/300?

A quick google search tells me that those machines are 650mhz - 13.3 screen and 64mb RAM

100 pounds equates to somewhere around $185USD.

For comparison, I have purchased a few Dells in the past year that have a known MOBO failure for about $150USD each. Dell says they need new MOBOs, but I found a fix for them that requires a soldering iron, dremel and 10 minutes of time..These machines are 2.4ghz - 14.1 screen and hold up to 2GB RAM

If you do decide to pursue the satellites, check to see how upgradeable they are for memory. Thats going to be the deciding factor in running a newer OS smoothly.
For the record, I also keep one smaller,old laptop on hand. Its great for travel because it isn't the end of the world if it breaks or dies, and due to its size and weight, it makes a great iPod/Nav system for my truck when plugged into the aux jack of the stereo and my $20 usb GPS unit plugged in.

The specs on that machine are very similar to the satellites you are looking at.


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the harddisk of my 1700-400 has collapsed.
originally it's a 10GB HDD.
what is the maximum size the 1700-400 can work with???

greez grobi

Answer:Satellite 1700-400: max. size of HDD?

Hi Grobi

Maybe has someone exact info about HDD upgrade on this unit but, in my opinion you can use HDDs until 20 GB without any problems.

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I have a notebook model Satellite series 1700-400. I have recently upgrade windows, from 2000 to windows XP. My problem is that the modem does not work, Lucent win modem. I have check with Toshiba and my model is compatible for upgrading. Also I have updated bios and the modem drivers but still the modem is not working.
Does any one know how to fix this problem??

Answer:Satellite Series 1700-400

Hi Michalis,

where did you find the xp-modemdriver which is now installed because on the toshiba hp i didn't find any driver for XP.

You could search in the internet a xp-driver for an "AT&T MicroElectronics (Lucents) Mini PCI Modem" which is built in in your sat 1700-400.

Bye Bob77

PS: Don't forget the reward point!!! I want to be a topuser!

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Hi, I have a 1700-300 machine which I upgraded to Win XP. I've been trying to connect to the internet using the LAN port straight into my router, but can't find any reference to the LAN or network settings on the notebook. Any ideas?

I then thought I'd try my Belkin PCMCIA wireless card, but can't get that recognised either!

Can anyone out there help me!? Cheers.

Answer:LAN and PCMCIA for Satellite 1700-300

Hello Sanjit

I am not 100% sure but I think that your unit has no LAN card and you must use some other solution like PCMCIA card.

As far as I know your unit is delivered with Windows ME and I really don?t believe that hardware configuration is not the best one for WXP (not much RAM) and I believe that unit will be very slow.

Anyway in my opinion you should try other card (other producer). A friend of mine has had the same problem with Belkin card.


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I'm working with a second-hand toshiba satellite 1700-400, and I have no CDs for it. However there are no XP drivers to be found on the support pages. Only win 2000 and ME. Does anyone know where I might be able to get these drivers?


Answer:Looking for XP drivers for a Satellite 1700-400


Unfortunately, this unit was not delivered with Windows XP and it?s a little bit older.
I have checked some Toshiba websites, US and Australian driver webpages but there are no XP drivers available.

I think you should check the devices which are installed on your notebook and possibly you will find a XP driver under different notebook series.

But if not so I assume you have to use the XP OS without the Toshiba drivers ;(

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I would like to connect TFT screen to mainborad supported DSTN. Mainboard is k000888510 - Toshiba Satellite 1730 or 1735, phisicaly is the same with k000888470.
Is it possibility for change mainboard firmare?
Any idea?

Answer:Satellite 1700 - TFT/DSTN screen


It is not possible to change this firmware.


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Hi all.

I installed a new HDD to my Satellite 1700-500 and reinstalled Windows XP (SP2).
After that, my sound and my mouse*buttons* didn't work anymore.

The mousestick works perfectly, but none of the PG Up/Down or Left-/Rightmouse buttons...

If I try to install soundcard-drivers (downloaded via toshiba-homepage), Windows refuses to accept the driver.

Would be nice if anyone could answer any of my questions.

(by the german)

Answer:Satellite 1700-500: Mousebuttons and Sound


First of all I wonder about you statement regarding the downloaded drivers from the Toshiba driver page.

I checked the Toshiba driver page and unfortunately I didn?t find any Toshiba drivers for Windows XP!!!
Therefore the question is: Where did you find the Toshiba XP drivers for this series???

I assume your mouse was equipped with the drivers from the manufacture and if you want to use the special mouse function you have to configure it firstly. If you want to configure it then you have to install the driver which was delivered together with the mouse.

My notebook mouse was delivered together with a software CD. There I?ve found the needed driver.

I presume the sound does not work because you have installed also a wrong and not compatible driver.
The Toshiba driver page provides the sound driver for Win ME and W2K OS. The driver is from Crystal Semiconductor Company.

Google a little bit Maybe you will find some useful pages with the Win XP drivers for such sound card chip.


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I have a portable "satellite 1700-500" with OS WinXP Home SP2 installed and i wish upgrade it.
1.About memory:
My wish is to expand the memory more than 512MB if is possible.The user's manual refers that the maximum ram is 192MB if added a 128MB memory module(+64MB non removable memory).But,the programme "SiSoftware Sandra Pro 2005" detects and indicates:
"Number of Memory Slots: 3".
"Maximum Installable Memory 1GB".

I see only one slot in the memory module compartment.Where is "Bank2"??
In accordance of Sandra indications, can i install a 512MB module expanding the memory in a total of 576MB??What you suggest to me?At last,what is the maximum memory expansion of this machine??What types,models and brands of memory module can i install?buffered or not?

2.About hard disk:
Can i install a 120GB ATA-100 disk?If not,what is the maximum size that can be installed?
BIOS have been upgraded (v 1.30a)

Please tell me details in both matters.
Thanks a lot.

Answer:Satellite 1700-500: Questions about upgrades


As far as your memory options are concerned, the computer analysis applications like SiSoftSandra etc are not always 100% correct when they tell you what your memory options are.

The memory site at Offtech says this.

The Toshiba specifications website says this, and you can see the Toshiba order number on the bottom here.

There is also the Toshiba Datasheet here.

So it seems you really can only go up to 192MB max.

If you want to run another computer analysis tool to check the SiSoftSandra result you could try one of these from the very good WebUser Forum.


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Hi Forum.

I am currently repairing a Sat 1700-300 and reinstalling windows ME (Yuk i know but it is the customers preference), however it doesn't show that there is any ethernet hardware on the system. There is an ethernet port on the back of the laptop but it just doesn't show up in the device manager.

My first though was that it may be disabled in Bios, which i have checked and there is no option there for ethernet.

Any idea's folks?

Answer:Satellite 1700-300: No Lan port in the device manager

Surly one of the experts out there has a responce for this question?

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CD drive on my Satellite 1700 laptop doesn't functioning in Windows. Windows can't detect, but it works very well in cd player mode.

Answer:Satellite 1700: Windows can't detect CD Rom drive


I have one question.
Your drive is missing in the area "My computer" or the device manager shows a drive error?

If the drive can be recognized in the BIOS so I assume the Windows registry entries are damage or not right.
I have found this Microsoft knowledge base and I think it should solve your issue.;en-us;320553

Please check it and post if it was successful.

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A late reply.
Half year ago i asked about the maximum hdd size for the Satellite 1700-400

Originally its a 10GB HDD but now there are no more small hdd's available so i bought a 80GB
and it runs perfect. :)

greez grobi

Answer:Satellite 1700-400: maximum size of the harddrive!!

So if everything runs perfect than what should I say anymore? :)

I think you just have to try the maximum HDD-size thing because that machine is such an old machine so we have everything to try before we can ask...


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Hey I'm back after a good while

I have some questions that maybe some of you can help out with.

I just now acquired a brand new compaq armada 1700 from a good friend of mine. He said he's only used it twice and never laid eyes on it again after he got a dell desktop....

I need to know if this laptop will take anywhere from 300mhz to 700mhz with speed step 3 enabled on the mobo ? I heard guy on a forum pushed his armada 1700 to 750mhz without killling it... is that possible even though I have a p2 233 running at 100fsb ?

Also I will put in a 40gig HDD in this laptop as well as increasing the ram to 160mb... The reason why I am doing this because I will be leaving behing windows 98SE and moving on to windows 2000 also I will be taking this labtop on small trips or for business usage and maybe play some games on it.

I need to know if this will be possible at all.

1.Week 1 CPU upgrade.
2.Week 2 HDD upgrade
3.week 3 final memory upgrade.

will I need a bios update to do the required upgrading tasks ?

Answer:Compaq armada 1700 upgrade advice

Your laptop uses a MMCI style socket, so it's not upgradeable to Mobile PIII, and you are limited to 66MHz FSB. If your model was a 1750, it would be upgradeable to a Mobile PIII since it uses MMCII. If your processor is indeed running at 100MHz FSB, that might mean you have a 1750. You should double check your FSB speed and your model. But if you have a regular 1700, that means the fastest processor you can get for it is a Mobile PII at 333MHz, and those are limited to the following models: SL2WY, SL2TV, SL2KA, SL2QF, SL2QH, and SL2S5- which unfortunately are not capable of overclocking to 700MHz as this guy claimed. Conclusion: While you could increase your clock speed with an upgrade, the performance differences will likely be unnoticeable, especially if you are 'used to' a modern processor. But if you have a 1750, you should be able to go to the fastest 100MHz FSB Mobile PIII (MMCII).

Memory usually has low limits on these old computers, and I think your model (assuming you have a 1700) has 32MB onboard, and one upgradable slot. This means you can probably only upgrade it to 32MB + 128MB = 160MB, so you will need a single 128MB 144-pin SODIMM @ 66MHz. You can install it by lifting the keyboard, pulling out the old stick (if there's one there, and clipping in the new one).

Hard Drive:
It's unlikely that your computer is limited to 8GB's. You should be able to install any reasonably sized hard drive (30GB will probably do nicely). Since this is a smaller no... Read more

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Hello together !

For your information:

Did a memory upgrade today at 2 Toshiba Satellite Pro 2100 (1,9 GH, 256 MB DDR-RAM originally), both up to 1 GB, all fine and not problems.

Just wanted to end rumours about "only 512 MB all together" or even less.

If searching for it, remember to think of the specifications:

DDR-266 (PC2100)
200 PIN
CL 2.5

concerning RAM frequency, building form etc.



P.S.: Don`t think a discussion is necessary, thread could therefore be closed...

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100 - RAM Upgrade - Memory Upgrade

According the notebook specification Satellite Pro has two memory slots and can be upgraded up to 1 GB. It is very useful to have your confirmation about RAM upgrade for this old but still good notebook model.

Have a nice day.

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Have been trying to decide on card to upgrade evo compaq for some time (see posting on page 3) but current power of 250watt 50/65mhz with 2volt processor output to early agp slot seems to blok using the latest agp cards which only need 1.5 volt and could be blown by my system. It currently has Geforce4 MX 440 AGP8x card. Anyone know of any card suitable for this slot that would make any worthwhile improvement.Memory is 512 + 128 on board memory at 266mhz.

Answer:Video Crd Upgrade for early AGP slot Intel P4 1700

Something like a Geforce3 Ti200 or Ti500 are still fairly capable and could be picked up for peanuts secondhand, or the Geforce4 Ti range - your MX card is based on the old Geforce2 chip, the 4 digit cards in the GF4 range use a newer core. No need for external power connectors and as far as I'm aware all work with a 1.5v slot - I know the GF3 Ti models do as I have one on the desk on front of me - 3 part AGP connector, recently used and ran HalfLife2 almost as smoothly as my usual GF5700.Unfortunately, you may find them hard to come by new, perhaps other forums members can suggest a suitable source or alternative ATI cards.The info here is a bit old, but worth a read; click here

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Need to upgrade Compaq D310 Evo video card from Nvidia Geforce4 mx440 AGPx8. Any ideas for best card to give gaming as good an increase as possible given power restrictions of the unit. I guess any suggestion is likely to be an old card so say £50-75. Thanks

Answer:Video Crd Upgrade for early AGP slot Intel P4 1700

a 7600gs agp about £80 will be like a rocket campared to mx440. you will have to check psu req.

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Just got this Motion LE 1700 up and running with XP sp3 upgraded to Win8. The display just up and blanked out...then an error message appeared for a few seconds saying something about the display (driver?) quit and recovered...I was filling out a request for information on eBay, where they have these obscure numbers you have to type into the blank space... It seems that the thing 'timed-out' for that group of numbers to be entered & had to refresh to another group of numbers. This has happened a couple times in the past few days.Don't remember if I was doing the same thing when it happened before. Anyone had this issue with Win8? Is there a fault log I can access in Win8 to see exactly what happened? XP used to ask "send error report?" Does Win8 automatically report errors? Appreciate any feedback you might have. Thank you

Answer:LE 1700 Win8 Upgrade from XP: Display quit...recovered

I don't see any information on the Motion website which says the LE1700 is Windows 8-compatible. It only mentions XP, Vista, & Windows 7. So you may have some incompatible drivers on your laptop. That presents you with a problem since Motion don't have any Windows 8 drivers for that model.

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I've got a Toshiba Satellite 1700-300 on windows ME. Haven't used it for a few years but when I switched it on the other day the screen said: Invalid system disk. I put in my notebook recovery disk but it cuts out half way through with message: ERROR F3D failed.

Not really sure what I'm doing and really can't afford a new one!!

Help would be great thanks!

Answer:Satellite 1700-300: Win ME - Invalid system disk - ERROR F3D failed

Nice discussion about this error you can find on

To be honest I also believe there is some problem with HDD.

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I have a Satellite L30-11D and I am wanting to upgrade the memory modules in it, I have found this;

Part Number: PA3411S-2M1G
1024MB (1GB) Memory PC2-4300 DDR2 (533MHz)

and it will work but im unsure on this - can you have more than one plugged into my laptop?

Please help!!!

Answer:Memory upgrade on Satellite L30

Of course you can do more then one memory module. On your Satellite notebook there are two slots available and you can put two memory modules. Your notebook can handle with max 2 GB of RAM.

According the notebook specification you should have now 512 MB of RAM. New 1GB module put in place where is now placed 512 MB module and old one put into empty slot.

If you need more assistance please write again.

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i have a satellite pro m30 and i want to change memory and i was wondering if it supports DDR2?

Answer:Satellite Pro M30: Memory upgrade


This unit supports PC2700 DDR-RAM. Furthermore you can upgrade the memory to max 2048 MB (2x1024MB)
These modules are supported

PC2700 256MB (PA3311U-1M25)
PC2700 512MB (PA3312U-1M51)
PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G)


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Hi, I have a Satellite A60-217 (Intel Pentium IV HT 532 ,3.06GHz), and I would like to upgrade the memory adding a 512 MB to currently installed memory (256MB, with 64MB shared to video card).

I tried to install a 512MB S3+ PC2700 DDR SODIMM module, but system won't boot up: it emits a long whistle, then shuts down automatically. If I remove the module, system boots properly.

The manual reports the supported memory speed is only PC2100. Is this true? Maybe the module is faulty?


Answer:Satellite A60-217 memory upgrade

Hi Stefano

Obviously the added module is not compatible and makes troubles. I have found info that compatible module is PC2700 512MB (PA3312U-1M51).

Google a little bit and you will find a lot of information about module with PA3312U-1M51 part number.


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I need some memory for my Toshiba Laptop it's a Satellite P30-143 (PSP30E-21301GS4) PC2700s DDR333MHZ CL2.5
I want Kingston RAM but I can't find on the kingstonmemory website. And I don't know the maximum I can use.

Any idee ?


Answer:Satellite P30-143 - Need memory to upgrade the RAM

Hi Johann

Well, regarding the user manual you can upgrade the RAM up to 2GB. That means you can put in 1GB module in each memory slot.

The new RAM should have the following specification: DDR-RAM PC2700 (DDR333)
Normally you should find such RAM modules on the Kingston website because I bought DDR-RAM PC2700 last year from Kingston for my older notebook and it works perfectly.

By the way: In the user manual of Satellite P30 you can find useful instructions how to upgrade the RAM.


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What type of memory, specific for SATELLITE L10-202 ( i.e.Toshiba part number or equivalents), should I use on operation memory upgrade up to 1GB?

Answer:Re: Memory upgrade on Satellite L10-202


Just short info for you: according the specification your notebook can handle with max 1 GB RAM. Compatible memory modules are:
PC2700 256MB (PA3311U-1M25)
PC2700 512MB (PA3312U-1M51)


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Have a Toshiba Satellite 225 CDS / 1.4 running Win98SE
Model # PR1240U VCD
It has 16MB of EDO RAM, am wanting to upgrade to 144MB. What I NEED TO KNOW, PLEASE, is what TYPE (My own research suggests that it takes the PC133 SO DIMM 144 Pin. Is this correct? If not what type is needed, and who still makes 128MB modules as Curcial only goes upto 64MB & Kingston's are discontuned.
All feedback & help is apreciated, plus I thank you in advanced

Answer:Satellite 225 CDS Memory Upgrade

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I have a question about my Toshiba Satellite A30 memory.
I want to upgrade my memory (one chip 256 DDR SoDiMM 333 Mhz PC2700 installed). If I add to the original 256Mb a 512Mb chip will the two work together and is a 512 DDR SoDIMM with a frequency of 400 Mhz compatible with the laptop computer and 256Mb chip?

Answer:Satellite A30 RAM memory upgrade


>If I add to the original 256Mb a 512Mb chip will the two works together?

Yes, both modules will work together. In such case you will have 768MB of main memory.

> is a 512 DDR SoDIMM with a frequency of 400 Mhz compatible with the laptop computer and 256Mb chip

This depends on the front side bus (FSB). As far as I know the A30 supports a 533Mhz FSB. So the 512MM module should run with full 400Mhz speed.

But note; if the 256MM memory module supports only 333Mhz then the faster 512MB module will also run with 333Mhz. The 256MB module will make the second, faster module slower.

Best regards

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I'd like to upgrade the main memory of my notebook.
I know the installed memory is DDR2700 (333mhz) but I also would like to know wich brand is already installed and/or which brands/types are aproved by Toshiba.

thx in advance

Answer:Memory upgrade for [b]Satellite A40-261[/b]


normally You don't need to bother with brands, MHz'es and stuff like that. If You point out that You want to buy either (recommended) Toshiba original memory option for that model, or a f.ex. use a Kingston 3rd party memory - You just have to say "I have this model, give me a 256, 512 or whatever memory".
It will then work perfect in Your system along with any memory You already have.

Best regards


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I have a Toshiba L40-15G with 1GB DDR2 ram (2x512MB). It works at a frequency of 266Mhz.
I want to upgrade to 2GB of ram by going 2x1GB sticks or a 2GB stick.

However, i don't know if the 2GB stick will be accepted on one slot.
Should i buy a 2GB stick or 2 1GB sticks?

And, can the frequency of the new sticks be higher? like 800Mhz/500Mhz?

Message was edited by: Ruixituh

Answer:Memory Upgrade on Satellite L40-15G


The memory module frequency depends on the chipsets FSB (front side bus)
If the FSB is limited to 266Mhz then your modules will run only with 266Mhz even the modules would support a faster speed.

As far as I know the notebook supports the Intel GL960 Express Chipset.
This chipset handles max 2Gb RAM so you could use only 2 x 1GB RAM modules.

I thing the chipset will handle 533Mhz


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Hi Everyone

I have an OG (Original Giant) P20-504.

On Friday 13th (seriously!) my hard disk died, luckily I had a recent backup.

I need a few recommendations :-

1) Best 80GB drive to buy.
2) I want to upgrade my memory, who's can I use? (2048MB is the target)
3) Can the modular 2nd drive adaptors still be bought
4) Do the adaptors only let you add an 2.5 inch drive?

Also, anyone got any views on how the P20 (mine has a 3.2 GHZ processor) will handle Vista? I think the graphics card may be a little wussy.

Also, how does the P20 compare with current machines?



Answer:Satellite P20-504: HDD and memory upgrade


You become a information for Vista premises of the Website.

Part numbers for your Memory update.
PC2100 1024MB (PA3278U-1M1G)
PC2100 1GB(PA3278U-1M1G)
Maximum 2048 MB


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I have Satellite Pro L40-15d with 512 memory (Samsung) but I wont upgrade to 1GB. I have Kingston ktt667d2/1g I have tray to put in to both slots but nothing work I cant switch on computer.

But when I change for old one laptop is ok. What can I do? Install special program or update BIOS or maybe the memory stick is broken.

Answer:Memory upgrade on Satellite Pro L40-15d


The notebook doesn?t boot after the memory upgrade due to these different issues;

- memory modules are not compatible together
- memory modules are not compatible with the notebook
- memory modules are faulty
- one of memory slots is faulty

In most case the memory module replacement helps.

One hint; did you try to switch the memory modules in the slots? Sometimes this helps.
Several weeks ago I have updated my memory and the notebook didn?t boot.
I thought it?s a memory malfunction but after module switching the notebook booted correctly.

Good luck

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Hi, I have a Satellite Pro A60 PSA65E which currently has 192mb RAM and Celeron 2.8GHz CPU.

My problem came when I tried to install Adobe Creative Suite 2 onto it but it wouldnt allow me to do this as it needed 384 mb RAM to run it. I was wondering if somebody could tell me which RAM upgrade is compatible with my machine and whether it slots into another port or if I have to take the old one out and replace it?

Thank you

Answer:What Memory Upgrade should I buy for my Satellite Pro A60?


your notebook has 256MB internal memory, I'm not sure why it shows only 192MB. This internal memory can only be replaced by a service technician. But you also have a currently unused memory slot, in which you can place a maximum of 1024MB RAM.

Here are the modules from Toshiba you can use:
PC2700 256MB (PA3311U-1M25)
PC2700 512MB (PA3312U-1M51)
PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G)


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I have Satellite A60 and I want to update the memory from 256MB to 1GB

Please can I do it?

Answer:Memory upgrade to 1GB RAM on Satellite A60

Good news for you. It is possible to upgrade your notebook to a maximum of 1,2GB of RAM.
Just make sure you buy one module with this specifiactions:

333 MHz / PC2700

You will have to buy one 1GB module, because you have only one slot available. The 256MB are onboard.

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I have Satellite m70-159 with 512 RAM and want to upgrade memory.
Is kingston ddr2 sdram so-dimm PC5300, 667Mhz 1G memory compatible with my notebook?
I know that this memory will run as PC4200, but I don't know where to buy PC4200.

Answer:Re: Satellite M70-159 memory upgrade

The Satellite M70 can be upgraded to 2GB RAM.

The Kingston RAM should be compatible with your notebook because Kingston makes high quality RAM and a lot of users here upgraded it with Kingston modules.
And as you said the RAM will run as PC4200, this is no problem.

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I wonder if there are any ram upgrade for my A40-221 notebook. Non of our stores here in my area which sells Toshiba has it, and when i ask I only get the message that they don't have ram to my notebook because it's to old. So Im at loss....

Thank you in advance.


Answer:Memory upgrade for Satellite A40-221

Here you go. You can upgrade your notebook to a maximum amount of 2GB ram. You can buy this ram nearly everything. Just make sure it has the following specifications:

200-Pin PC2100 (266MHz) DDR SODIMM

Would suggest you buy 2x1GB modules for your machine to give it a nice performance boost.

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Hi there,

I have a satellite Pro A10 laptop. I would like to add 512MB to my memory. Can you please tell me what kind of memory I can use?



Answer:Satellite Pro A10 memory upgrade


I have investigated a little bit on the Toshiba pages and I have found a short information:
This unit supports PC2100 DDR ram modules. In this case you can use this Toshiba recommended memory modules:
PC2100 128MB (PA3126U-1M12)
PC2100 256MB (PA3127U-1M25)
PC2100 512MB (PA3164U-1M51)


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Can anyone please advise where is the best place I can get a memory upgrade for my Satellite Pro A40 laptop.

I think my machine is a PC2700 DDR. I am looking for either 512mb or 1gb.

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Memory upgrade on Satellite Pro A40


On the Satellite Pro A40 you will find 2 memory slots and you can upgrade the memory to max 2GB (2x1024MB)

It should be possible to use these modules:
PC2100 512MB (PA3164U-1M51)
PC2100 1GB (PA3278U-1M1G)


PC2700 512MB (PA3312U-1M51)
PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G

I purchase the compatible parts and devices always form the Toshiba service partner in my country because so I'm 100% sure that this parts are compatible.
So I would recommend you also to buy the modules form the ASP in your country.

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I use a sat pro L20 - PSL25E. What does this PSL25E mean in terms of sat pro L20- 102 up to xxx. On the support site they are maintaining only numbers but not this alphanumeric expression. I would need this in order to select the appropriate upgrade module.
If this cannot be answered, could anyone than tell me, what upgrade module I should select in addition to the existing 512 MB?
Thanks in advance


Answer:Memory Upgrade for Satellite Pro L20

In the meantime I have found that the crypt PSL25E with the extension 00h018GR means 259, thus my Sat pro in an L20-259.
I congratulate all the Toshiba-Name-Designer who succeeded to keep me alert and I apologize the forum for asking a question which not would not had to be done had I made my homework as it is expected from every user of a Toshiba.

Kind regards anyhow


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Can i add 512MB to the 256MB memory already on my laptop? And also what is the name of the memory supported by Satellite Pro L10.


Answer:Memory Upgrade for Satellite Pro L10

Hi Femi,

Your L10 has two memory slots available and will support a maximum of 2Gb RAM (2 X 1Gb modules).

Check out the following URL for details of compatible modules for your notebook :-


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Can anyone advise me as to the correct RAM type to upgrade my Satellite Pro A10. Its a standard 256mB at the minute and I'm thinking of slotting in an additional 512mB next to it - but am bemused by the array of memory types and nomenclatures - DDR - SODIMM etc !!!

Handy with the screw drivers but not so hot with the acronyms. Many thanks to you all out there who know the score!

Answer:Memory Upgrade on Satellite Pro A10


I understand you very well and sometimes I?m also a little bit confused because of the whole notations in the computer world.

The Sat Pro A10 supports 200-Pin PC2700 (333Mhz) DDR SODIMM modules and you can upgrade the memory on this notebook up to 1024MB (2 x 512MB)

You could check this memory module page:

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I have a Satellite L30-134 which appears to be running quite slowly - I think due to large amount of photos and itunes music.

I am wondering which is the easiest way to resolve - buy a memory upgrade (no idea how to change the memory though) or get an external hard drive?
And if I change the memory will I lose what is already saved on the laptop?

Answer:Memory upgrade for Satellite L30-134

Sure you can improve performance by upgrading your notebooks memory. The maximum amount of your notebook is 2GB and if you want to buy memory modules, make sure the following specifcations are present:

DDR2 533MHz (PC2-4200) 200-PIN SODIMM

An external HDD won't improve performance but keeps your data safe, if you have to reinstall your system. For me, it is best way to store pictures, music videos and stuff like that.

But there are other things to make your machine faster. Depending on your operating system, there are several guides around the internet.

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i have upgraded my memory from 2 x 256 mb to 2 x 512 mb, but nothing works. i bought the ram modules compatible to pa3312u-1m151.
this system doesn't boot, nothing happens. after reinstalling the old module, system starts normally.
what can i do?

Answer:Memory upgrade on Satellite M30-344


If the unit doesn?t start properly it is probably because the new modules are not compatible for this unit.
According the specification you need PC2100 512MB (PA3164U-1M51) RAM module. Please bring your back and buy PA3164U-1M51. Those are tested and they should work properly.

Good luck!

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Hi guys

so I've got a Toshiba Satellite A80 and I was hoping to upgrade the memory. I know that it can go up to a max of 2x 1gb slots what I was wondering if you guys could help me out is tell me will any memory chip work or will only some work? I've had experience of a chip not working on it , which I found very strange.

I've done some googling and found something along the lines of PC2100 DDR-RAM specification could somebody explain?


Answer:Satellite A80 - Help for memory upgrade


I have just made a search for your lap specifications and found out that you can upgrade up to 2 gb DDram 533 mhz. So, you can use ddr ram 533 mhz, preferably Kingston memory modules

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I have a Satellite Pro L10 Celeron M Processor 360 1.4GHz/ XP HE/ 256MB/ 40GB/ 15TFT/ DVD-CDRW/ OneNote. I wanted to upgrade the RAM memory, and I noticed that in the User's Manual it says:

Before you install a new 512 MB memory module be sure to remove any memory modules already installed.

Does this mean that I cannot install a 512 MB module in addition to the 256 MB it already has for a total of 768 MB?

Thanks for any advice,


Answer:Satellite Pro L10 Memory Upgrade

Hi Luis,

The specification for your notebook indicates that it can accept up to 1,024 Mb RAM. If you have 2 RAM slots then you can use any combination of RAM modules as long as you do not exceed the quoted maximum. Obviously if you only have 1 RAM slt then you must remove the original 256Mb module before inserting you new 512Mb one.


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I have Toshiba Satellite L50-A-1DG with 4Go and I have to questions :
1) I would like to upgrade it. Could I add 8Go from crucial ( to the 4 existing one ?
2) If I replace the HDD by a SSD do you know if it will be possible to connect it very quickly like with an ultrabook (intel spec) ?

Thanks for your help


Answer:Satellite L50-A-1DG - memory upgrade

According notebook specification it has 4 RAM slots and can be upgraded up to 32 GB of RAM.
Compatible RAMs are:
4GB DDR3L-1600 - PA5104U-1M4G
8GB DDR3L-1600 - PA5104U-1M8G

I recommend you to buy high quality modules from Kingston and you will be 100% sure about compatibility.

With SSD I think there is no problem at all. I have upgraded my older notebook and it works perfectly.
Which one do you want to buy?

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Hey all

I want to do a memory upgrade on my Toshiba Satellite L20-181.
Now i have 256MB and i want to add another 256MB memory stick.
Could you please inform me about the type of memory this laptop has?
On the site it says:
System memory standard : 256 MB
maximum expandability : 2,048 MB
technology : DDR2 RAM

A link with such memory would be very helpful.
Also any way to buy online memory?

Best Regards

Answer:Satellite L20-181 memory upgrade


The info that you have is absolutely right. Toshiba has tested this notebook with follow memory modules:
DDR2-400/533 256MB (PA3389U-1M25)
DDR2-400/533 512MB (PA3412U-1M51)

As you can see it is DDR2 memory module and if you use part number (PA?.) at the Google you will find a lot of online offereor where you can order this tested memory. I recommend you to buy original one or maybe Kingston module. On this way you will be sure that new module will be recognized properly.

Good luck!

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Can I use memory Kingston KVR533D2S4/512 [512MB 64M x 64-Bit DDR2-533 CL4 200-Pin SODIMM] to upgrade memory to 1Gb on Satellite M70-122?

Answer:Upgrade memory Satellite M70-122


You can check it on Kingston site


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I'm looking for memory upgrade and I need some advice. Please let me know if any of below works on my laptop?

My Laptop: Satellite C50-A-157

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I understand that part of the system memory can be used to enhance performance. (up to 4gb?)
If this is true......
1. How do I do this?
2. Do I need to increase the basic 6gb that came with the machine?

Thanks in advance for any constructive advice :).

Answer:Satellite Pro C70-A - memory upgrade

You can enhance performance of your notebook with memory upgrade. I don't know which notebook model do you have exactly and cannot check specification.
Please post full model name.

I presume you will be able to increase memory up to 8GB anyway.

Are you satisfied with notebook?s performance?

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I have upgraded an A60 Pro with a 1GB memory up but the Control Panel /System/ General tab still shows it as having 192MB RAM. This limits me downloading some Security Software from BT Yahoo.

Can anyone advise on how I can make the machine recognise the new RAM or is the 192 MB RAM noted different memory from the new memory upgrade?

Answer:Memory Upgrade on Satellite Pro A60

If you use non-compatible RAM module it is logic that system can not recognize it correctly. I do not know who is the manufacturer of this 1 GB RAM module but if you want to use compatible one pick up some info about PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G) or check Kingston web page.

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can anybody tell me if i can get extra memory for my laptop

Answer:Memory upgrade on my Satellite L20


Your unit can handle with 2GB max of memory. Compatible modules are:
DDR2-400/533 256MB (PA3389U-1M25)
DDR2-400/533 512MB (PA3412U-1M51)
DDR2-400/533 1GB (PA3411U-1M1G)

The part number will help you to find it on the net by some online supplier. You can also order them by service partner in your country.

Good luck!

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Answer:Memory upgrade on Satellite A50-104


You have several ways to find out what memory module is compatible and supported.
You can use a diagnostic too like ?Everest?, you will check the user manual or the Toshiba website for details or you will contact the service in your country for supported modules.

I will try to answer the question: The Satellite A50 should support PC2700 DDR-RAM like these parts:
PC2700 256MB (PA3311U-1M25)
PC2700 512MB (PA3312U-1M51)
PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G)

Now it?s your choice. You can also google for the offers
By the way: Visit the Toshiba Options & accessories site. There you will find compatible parts

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I would like to put in a 1gb memory chip in my current A60 as it only has 256mb built in.

When viewing the parts on the Toshiba site, it is not showing the part available. Are these no longer available?


Answer:Memory upgrade for Satellite Pro A60


Compatible PC2700 1024MB RAM has part number PA3313U-1M1G. you can add it to existing 256 MB.

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could anybody tell me where to buy extra memory for my laptop?
It has 256MB. At moment have been reading around is it best and possible to just buy a 1GB and take out 256 and put in same slot.

Any help well received thank you.

Answer:Satellite P10-304 - memory upgrade


The Satellite P10-304 supports the *200-Pin PC2700 (333Mhz) DDR SODIMM* modules.

It looks like it would be possible to upgrade it to max 2GB RAM and therefore you could use 2 x 1GB modules.


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I have a Satellite Pro R50-B-12u with 4Gb of RAM.
I have purchased an additional 4Gb RAM stick but cannot see how you fit it.

My last Satellite Pro had a memory flap on the back but all I can see on the back is about 20 screws but no flap!

Can somebody please help me or point me in the right direction?

Thanks in anticipation.


Answer:Satellite Pro R50-B-12U and memory upgrade


The Satellite R50 does not contain separate memory bay.
The memory modules and slots are hidden under the bottom cover.

In order to get access to the modules, the bottom cover has to be removed.
But I would not recommend doing this because this would cancel the warranty!!!

I guess your warranty is still valid and in such case only authorized technician should perform such upgrade to keep the warranty valid.

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Is it possible to upgrade the memory for the Satellite A60-218 models?
I've heard that the memory is onboard (internal) and cannot be replaced. Is this true?
If not, could somebody give me a hint where can I find the memory modules on this model?
I have tried disassembling it without success.


Answer:Memory upgrade on Satellite A60-218


Just for info: Satellite A60 has 512 MB internal memory and one sot only is available for upgrade. This unit can handle with max 1,5 GB of RAM. On the bottom side in the middle there is placed memory module cover. Remove it and you will find RAM slot.

For RAM upgrade you can use follow compatible memory modules:
PC2700 512MB (PA3312U-1M51)
PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G)

If you have more questions please write again.

Bye and good luck!

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Hello there,
I have recently installed Vista Ultimate on my Satellite M60 Laptop, it is activated and updated but I think it is short on memory. I have two 512 banks of memory and have bought two 1gb memory chips from crucial to install instead of the 512 banks.
Question is, I can find one bank under a lid on the bottom of the laptop but no other, where abouts is it situated and how do I access it?
I have done a similar upgrade on an older model and have no problems with working on the machine but in that case they were both underneath and easily accessed.

Hope you can help.


Answer:Memory upgrade on Satellite M60

Hi Russell

If both memory slots are not placed under the memory cover (bottom side) one of them is usually placed under the keyboard. To access it you must remove the plastic cover placed over the keyboard and after doing this the keyboard itself.

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My wife recently purchased a Satellite L10-114 which has 256 RAM. She is finding use a little on the slow side compared to my L20 with 512. Am I right in assuming another 256 could be added in the second memory slot to achieve 512?
Or does the existing 256 need to be replaced with a 512?

Answer:Memory upgrade on Satellite L10

Hi Brian,

You can leave the existing 256Mb module in place and add an extra module to the second bay. PLease see the following link for suitable details


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I have a P100-160 with 2gb memory installed.
I am using Win7 (32bit) and do some really serious graphics, management and alterations.
I use approx 2.75Tb of attached (USB) hard drives.

Can anyone please let me know if I could reasonably expect to see any performance/reliability improvement by increasing the installed memory.

Any other suggestions (other than buying a new laptop) for performance improvement would be welcomed.

Thank you,


Answer:Satellite P100-160 and memory upgrade

If you are happy with this old piece of hardware you don?t need new notebook. RAM upgrade is OK and you can do this alone. According notebook specification your P100 can be upgraded up to 4GB RAM.

Compatible memory modules for your Satellite are:
1GB (PA3411U-2M1G)
2GB (PA3513U-1M2G)

If you have more questions you are welcome.

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I need some help?. I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro 4270XDVD Notebook. I want to increase my memory as I have only the 64 megs that come with it. When I open the back of the computer to check the memory slots there are 2 empty ones. There is a Slot A and B. The problem is Slot A is broken. The 2 clips that hold the memory in are missing. Someone broke them off. Memory Slot B looks okay and I can put a stick of memory in it. The problem is my manual says not to use slot B if slot A is empty. Do you know why this is? Also is there any way of fixing the clips in Slot A without replacing the whole motherboard.

Thanks for your help,


Answer:Memory upgrade on a Satellite Pro 4270XDVD


I search in the internet about a solution, but I had found nothing, so I think it is better to call a Service Partner from Toshiba.

Bye Theo

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I own a Satellite Pro 4320. It has the factory installed memory (64 Mb), and I want to expand it. I read in the manual that it is possible to install up to 576 Mb. But in other web pages and documents, I read that 320 Mb is the maximum memory.

Does anybody know what is the right number?

Does anybody know where to find 256 Mb modules(if they can be installed)? I have found only 128 Mb modules.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Memory Upgrade for a Satellite Pro 4320


I have found information that 320 MB are max. for this unit. I have also no lucky to find 256 MB RAM module for this unit. There are two possibilities. Either you can contact service partner in your country and order one module or you must find some notebook hardware parts offerer in your country.

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I want to upgrade the RAM of my 1800-712.
Actually, i have an SDRAM PC133 256 MB.
It's strange as the bus on this type of machine seems to be at 100 Mhz !

I want to install a Kingston Memory in the second slot.
So, is it mandatory to install the KTT SO100/256 memory (compatible as the Kingston configurator shows), or can i put the KTT SO133/256 ?
As the second is cheaper, i would want to install it ?
Can you confirm the compatibility ?

Thank you.

Answer:Memory Upgrade on a Satellite 1800-712


It is recommended to use the module with the same bus speed. Probably it will work but in my opinion you should not look at the money just on compatibility and be sure that upgrade parts will not be damaged.

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Hi all

I wold like to upgrade my laptop memory from 4gb to 6 or 8 i got the Satellite A300-23j.

What is the best memory for me?? I will get the Win7 64bit OS
I understood that I will have to do a clean install of the OS, so my 2 Q is where can I get all the programs from Toshiba that I got with the pc?

Thannks for the help

Answer:Satellite A300-23j and memory upgrade


According notebook specification you can upgrade RAM up to 8GB.
You must use DDR2 800MHz 1GB/2GB/4GB RAMs. If you have 2x2GB at the moment you can buy additional 4GB RAM or maybe two of them to use maximum RAM.

Compatible 4 GB RAM module has part number PA3670U-1M4G.

Win7 drivers download page you can find under
Unfortunately drivers for your PSAGCE models are not available at the moment. I am pretty sure the drivers will be ready for download next days. From time to time check this page and you will see when the drivers will be there.

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I have an ageing Satellite 2450-101 laptop. (Pentium 4 2,66 GHZ XP Home)
It is perfectly adequate for my needs.

I would like to install more memory (currently having 2 x 512 MB modules..)
However the manual states that the maximum memory it can handle is 1 GB.

I would like to install two 1 GB modules to upgrade it to 2 GB.

Is there any way of doing this via Bios updates or am I stuck at the 1 GB..??

Thank you in advance.

Answer:Re: Satellite 2450-101 memory upgrade

> However the manual states that the maximum memory it can handle is 1 GB. I would like to install two 1 GB modules to upgrade it to 2 GB.

If the manual said that you can upgrade the memory up to 1GB RAM then you will be not able to use 2 x 1GB RAM and would be not able to upgrade it to 2GB.

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I asked toshiba service here in greece about upgrading the memory that my A200 23W has and they told me to buy a 2gb memory module (I saw than that there was no need for 2 as there was only one module on it but anyway...).

I did so and installed the new memory but since that in System information i can only see this:

OS Name Microsoft® Windows Vista Home Premium
Version 6.0.6001 Service Pack 1 Build 6001
Other OS Description Not Available
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name COMSPI08-PC
System Manufacturer TOSHIBA
System Model Satellite A200
System Type X86-based PC
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7500 @ 2.20GHz, 2201 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date TOSHIBA V2.40, 15/5/2008
SMBIOS Version 2.4
Windows Directory C:\Windows
System Directory C:\Windows\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume2
Locale Greece
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.0.6001.18000"
User Name ------------------
Time Zone GTB Daylight Time
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 4,00 GB
Total Physical Memory 3,00 GB
Available Physical Memory 2,01 GB
Total Virtual Memory 6,19 GB
Available Virtual Memory 5,12 GB
Page File Space 3,29 GB

So my question is WHY AVAILABLE PHYSICAL MEMORY IS STILL 2.01 GB? when i have installed 4GB and the system can see that only in theory.

Answer:4GB memory upgrade on Satellite A200-23W

There is nothing wrong with your system. As you already posted, windows shows your total amount of 4GB physical memory and the total physical memory of 3GB.
The part with the available memory is a windows thing and shows how much memory is left for other programs, because windows needs some of it your its own.

So, if you want to use the full amount of your 4GB you will have to use a 64bit version of Vista, because 32bit versions are limited to a maximum size of 3,29GB as your page file space already indicates.

Hope this cleared some things now.

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Hi all.

I want memory upgrade in my Toshiba A300-145.
Now i have 1GB base model and i want to buy 2Gb memory module and so up memory to 3 Gb.
Official specs says that upgrade can be done only to 2Gb.

Question: notebook will see 3GB ram or not?

Answer:Can I upgrade memory up to 3GB on Satellite A300-145


This depends on the chipset which is installed in your notebook.

The notebook with the Intel GM965 chipset supports max 4GB RAM but the A300 with the Intel GL960 supports max 2GB RAM.

So check your chipset and you will known if theRAM can be upgraded up to 3GB or 4GB.


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I am wanting to upgrade the memory and put a 1g bd in.However how do you find where it is, how to replace it.Or do I simply take it to a shop and have them do it??
I know by the specs its a ddr2 and the lap tops ok to upgrade up to 2g.

My other notebook was simple as, but I have never tried to get into this one and find where it is...

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro S200 memory upgrade

Sure it is only 2GB maximum amount? I've read that it is 4GB for the Pro S200-15T, think it should work for yours as well. Maybe you could post exact type.

The specifications are 2x2GB DDR2 SO-DIMM 677Mhz.

To get to the memory slots simply turn your notebook, and in the middle, near the battery pack there is a plastic cover with a little symbol, a memory module to be more precise. Just remove screw and cover and there you have the two slots for your memory.

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I wold like to upgrade my laptop memory from 1gb to 4gb. I got the Satellite A100-467.

What is the best memory for me?? I will get the Win7 32bit OS

Can I use this (SO-DIMM DDR2 SDRAM SEC (PC6400,* 800MGz*, CL6) or only 533?

Thannks for the help

Answer:Memory upgrade on Satellite A100-467

FSB speed on mainboard is 533 MHz and compatible modules are DDR2-533 but you can use DDR2-667 RAMs. 2 GB RAM has part number PA3513U-1M2G.

More info about compatible RAMs you can find on KINGSTON page.
Check it out.

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Hello there,

I have to expand the memory of a Satellite Pro C70-B-11T by adding 1 module 8GB.
The datasheet says that the laptop can go up to 16GB.

I can not find the door to open for accessing to the memory slots.
Should I remove the entire rear panel?
Do you have a procedure?

Thank you for your help.

Answer:Satellite Pro C70-B-11T - need help in order to upgrade memory

RAM upgrade on this Satellite Pro is a bit complicated and I think it should not be done by notebook owner.
Problem is that you will have full access to memory slots if upper notebook cover is completely removed and it should be done by Toshiba service only. In case that you do it on your own you can lose valid warranty.

Try to contact nearest Toshiba service and ask for help. They can do this for you and I think it cannot be so expensive.

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I have had couple of times problems trying to upgrade memory for my Satellite Pro 4600, so I decided to ask directly whether Kingston KTC-SO133/256mb is compatible with this machine?

That is the SODIMM I about to try next but I have to pay for it first.

Problems have been that the sodimms are not compatible with the excisting piece of memory or it wont work at all with Toshiba.

Is there a list availave what kind of memory modules are compatible?

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600, Memory upgrade

Sorry, I just can tell you that I use the Original Toshiba Memory "PA3069U-1M25" ( Its an 256MB MEMORY KIT)

works fine !

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I purchase a 1GB, 200-pin SODIMM from crucial (marked on module as 1GB 2Rx16 PC2-4200s-444-12-A0) and added it to the existing 256MB module (marked as 256MB 1Rx16 PC2 4200s-444-12-C3)

I can not get the 1GB memory module that I bought working with the existing 256MB module. The PC will recognise the 256MB module in either slot and it will also recognise the 1GB memory module in either slot. However, when both modules are installed the PC only recognises the 1GB module, no matter what order they are installed in. The crucial online memory tool seems to think that one slot is empty when it scans the laptop even though both slots are populated. The BIOS also reports that only 1GB is present when both modules are fitted.

Any idea of how I can get both modules recognised?


Answer:Memory upgrade problem to Satellite Pro L20

Hello John

I presume there is some compatibility problem. If possible try to obtain 1 GB RAM module from Kingston or module recommended by Toshiba.

If you have time take a look here

By the way: 1 GB RAM is enough for your L20 notebook. In my opinion with 1 GB RAM you can work well on this notebook model.

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I bought a Satellite P500-14L0 and would like to upgrade the memory. How would I know what to look for when buying? Thanks

Answer:Satellite P500-14L memory upgrade


Look here: ie=yes&PRODUCT_ID=1081040

standard : 4,096 (2,048 + 2,048) MB
maximum expandability : 8,192 MB
technology : DDR3 RAM (1,066 MHz)

You can upgrade up to 8 gb ddr3 (1066mhz)

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Hello everyone, first time poster needing some help please....

My Satellite P15 has 512mb (2x256bm) ram installed and I'm looking to put 1gb ram into each of the two slots to bring it up to the maximum supported 2gb. At first I wasn't sure which sort of memory but I ran a search on's system scanner and discovered I need DDR PC2700 SODIMM modules of the 200 pin variety I believe. I opened up the flap next to the heat sink / fan and found the existing memory sticks but i'm amazed how difficult they are to get out. I can't seem to get them to budge and obviously I'm wary of applying to much force - does anyone know of an easy way to remove the memory sticks via the bottom of the laptop or will I have to go through the whole taking apart the keyboard etc which there are no guides on the net that i can find?

Also, as 2 x 1gb sticks is quite an expense I want to make sure I get it right. I was looking at this item on ebay: PageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

and it seems like the sort of thing i'm after although I'm not too sure about the chipset config sizes quoted as I'm not particularly sure what this P15 laptop requires. Is that ebay item the sort of thing which will work in the P15?

Sorry this has got quite long winded but I really want to get it right and I don't have much expertise in the area.

Thanks for any help and a... Read more

Answer:Memory upgrade for Satellite P15: How to install it?


I think the memory from ebay will work in your machine.

Removing the memory module normally is very easy.
After removing the plate on the bottom you just have to push apart the brackets, which hold the module at its side. Then the memory will jump up and you can pull it out.


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on NB10t-A-102 I want to change the memory and increase in 8GB or 16GB
Can we make this change?

Answer:Memory upgrade on Satellite NB10t-A-102


According notebook specification RAM can be upgraded up to 4GB and obviously with 4GB RAM inside it is already on the maximum.

Unfortunately on this forum we don't have much info about this new machine but in the past we have discussed about older models with maximum 1GB RAM but at the end it was possible to upgrade it.

If nobody can help you with this I recommend you to try upgrade with 8GB RAM and check how it works. RAM part number that you should test is PA5104U-1M8G.

If possible send some feedback.

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My laptop has the original 1GB memory and I want to upgrade it to 2 GB.

I have identified the 2 x 1GB Memory PC2 DDR2 (667MHz) modules that I need but am confused whether I should choose module type PA3512U-1M1G or PA3512S-1M1G.

Both of these parts are available as Toshiba parts,, but Kingston only lists PA3512U-1M1G as correct for my laptop (A100-02M).
Are both parts compatible with the laptop and is one better than the other ?

The Toshiba price of the "U" part is listed ?14.20 and the "S "part at ?16.54 each.

TIA for info.

Answer:Upgrade memory for Satellite A100-02M

I presume Toshiba has better info about compatibility and according the notebook specification you can use both of them. Now it is your choice.

Kingston is also good place to buy RAMs. They offer always high quality products.

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I have purchased 2Gb of Crucial memory for my L30. After removing the 512Mb module and adding two 1Gb modules the L30 would not boot. With 1Gb alone boot ok, with the other 1Gb alone boot ok.

With either of the 1Gb modules and the 512Mb module boot ok. Both 1Gb modules together won't boot. Crucial have given up and have offered a full refund but I would rather have a solution if possible.

The BIOS level is 2V30, that I understand to be the current available version.

Any ideas please, John

Answer:Satellite L30 does not boot after upgrade to 2GB memory


You are right, this problem sounds very strange and I wonder why it happens.
The Satellite L30 supports definitely the 2GB memory and you should be able to upgrade it with 2 x 1024MB modules!!!

This is strange but it seems that these both modules are not compatible together?
I found Toshiba recommend module on the options and accessories site.
DDR2-400/533 1GB (PA3411U-1M1G) maybe you could try this one...

Anyway, I don?t think you will be able to solve this issue on another way. The modules must be replaced.

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Hello, I want to extend memory from 4GB to 8GB, the memory that has installed is 4GB 1rx8PC3L-12800S-11-13-B4
I bought 4gb kigston kvr16s11s8 / 4 but the laptop does not recognize it.

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Satellite A100-523. Why can I only increase my memory to 1536MB & not 2048MB as stated in product scan?
The laptop will not fire up on 2048MB.

Answer:Satellite A100 and memory upgrade

Has your notebook shared memory graphic card?

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Hi, new to this forum.
I tried to find a direct contact to ask this, but could not locate any email options on the website, only phone numbers, which aren't an option right now as I have other obligations during business hours at the moment.

I'm a computer technician of 30 years and have today purchased a new Satellite Pro R50-C PS566A-004001 with an i7-5500U, 8GB of RAM and 1TB HDD Notebook for a customer of mine. He has requested an additional 8GB of RAM, which I purchased at the same time from my wholesaler. On opening the box I discovered there is no access to the memory slots or the Hard Drive. The Toshiba Website states in the specs that the RAM is expandable to 16GB, but it appears the back cover has to be fully removed to gain access. I would like to check if I remove the back cover will this void the warranty. The specifications on the Toshiba website do not state that it is not user accessible to change the RAM, where as from the research I did for the customer, other cheaper models do state this. I have sold Toshiba and other brands Notebooks in the past and have always ensured that the specifications for the laptop did not say the RAM was non user accessible, and as such that I would be able to upgrade the RAM as customers request.

As above, I just wish to check that upgrading the RAM on this laptop will not void the Toshiba warranty, since the specifications do state that the laptop is expandable to 16GB of RAM, and do not state that it is not user accessible/u... Read more

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I have a TOSHIBA Satellite P100 PSPAAE-01D00UEN
System Serial Number: 17172416W

Could anyone tell me the maximum amount of USEFUL memory I can install on this machine please?

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate, (32 Bit) and do a lot of graphics and file management work, with file sizes up to 4Gb.

I cannot afford a new machine, before anyone suggests it !!!!

Thank you,


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Answer:Memory Upgrade on Satellite P100

You can upgrade your Satellite P100 up to 4 GB of RAM.

Compatible RAM modules for your notebook are:
PA3512U-1M1G (DDR2-667 1GB Memory Kit)
PA3513U-1M2G (DDR2-667 2GB Memory Kit)
DDR2-533 1GB (PA3411U-2M1G)


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Hi all.

I have Satellite L505D-S5965 laptop. It has 3 GB of DDR2 333 MHz SDRAM. Specifications are here:

Could I install 2 times x 4 GB DDR3 800 MHz in this laptop? Does my CPU/motherboard support it? Or can I install DDR2 600 Mhz SDRAM?

I saw a couple of the same laptops on ebay that had DDR3 mentioned.

I'm not sure, but the motherboard is likely V000185540. It has AMD X2 QL-65 processor.
CPU info can be found here:
It is stated that the bus speed is
Dual-channel 333 MHz DDR2 SDRAM Memory controller
One 2000 MHz 16-bit HyperTransport link
This makes me confused - is it the maximum speed of memory I can install?

Chipset is AMD 780G with SB700 southern bridge.

OS is Windows 7 - should be no problem with it.

If anyone would be able to answer my question, I would appreciate it greatly.

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Answer:Satellite L505D - Possible memory upgrade?

>Could I install 2 times x 4 GB DDR3 800 MHz in this laptop?

I don?t understand why you asking this question?
You posted the page with the specs and it says clearly: Max RAM Supported: 8GB
So you can use 2 x 4GB RAM modules

The RAM speed depends on Front Side Bus speed: specs page says: 800Mhz.
So all RAM even faster would run at 800Mhz

>Does my CPU/motherboard support it? Or can I install DDR2 600 Mhz SDRAM?
You cannot mix DDR3 and DDR2. Both are physically different.

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I have Toshiba Satellite C600-1MK with 3 GB ram ( Samsung) . I will upgrade to 8 GB 2x4 GB 1333Mhz. I will buy Goodram 4GB GR1333S364L9/4G modules but i don't know about working on my laptop. Some uprgaded laptops and work it?
Sorry for my english

Answer:Satellite C600-1MK - Ram memory Upgrade

should support:
2x4gb. 8gb total

try searching on google
For the following:
manual toshiba c600-1mk

Just to make sure

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Hello Andre,

first of all I wish to thank you to share your experience.

I have a Satellite X200 - 21G and would like to upgrade memory to 4Gb too.

I looked for upgrade on Toshiba, Kingston, Corsair WEB PAGE to find the right module type but with any success.

On Toshiba WEB there are suggestions for 1Gb module only.

All 2Gb modules I found are 667Mhz while a 533Mhz module is required for Satellite X200.

Can you help me?

Thank you in advance.

Felice - IK8WTD

Answer:Satellite X200-21G: would like to upgrade memory to 4GB

Hello Felice,

The memory I bought is Kingston 2x 2Gb DDR2 667 Mhz module.
These memories are usually retrocompatible for 533Mhz.

No problem for me. Computer works better then ever with much better performance in normal works/applications as well as gaming.

Andre Antunes

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I have a big time spending in searching memory that works and I am frustraded by Toshiba technical support as I could not find resource to help me.

I have for 3 years 6GB (4GB+2GB) Elpida PC3-10600S-9-11-F1, so 1333MHz working on 1066 because of FSB. Everything worked just fine (no issues) unti my 4GB module died. So I was seeking for 2x4GB set and there starts the story. I have tried dozens of different modules (new, from 2014-2016): Hynix, Samsung, Kingston, Micron ranging from 1333-1600, either DDR3L (1.35V) or DDR3 (1.5V), with 2R and with 1R and ALWAYS the same behavior: after POST when entering Windows (either Win7 or Win8.1) I got BSOD. MT86 got stuck if I test. So definately something wrong with SPD on newely produced sticks and BIOS (I have newest there is)

Can someone tell me which exaclty memory will finially work like my Elpida did? Soething is vary weird, and there is no QVL to find out. It is very dissapointing that such a company could not solve such a simple issues like list with all recommended and tested mem modules that fits.


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I have a Satellite 1800-814 with 256MB RAM and have been looking for a memory upgrade for some time. I've used Crucial Technology for an upgrade of my old Packard Bell 6500 Multimedia PC, but they couldn't help with my Satellite laptop.

I've now found an upgrade to 512MB at Offtek, (2 x 256MB modules) which seems to have a good range of Toshiba upgrades. See website:-

Their site states that the max memory for the 1800-814 is 512MB.
Anyone have any experience of Offtek upgrades before I fork out ?131.16 please? Can I rely on the accuracy of their information and reliability of their product?


Answer:Satellite 1800-814 memory upgrade


seems like the memory from Offtek is the right. And yes it's true 512MB is the maximum a Satellite 1800 can use. But if your notebook already has 256MB, you only need one 256MB module.


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I have a Satellite 2180.
Is it possible to put a Kingston SO DIMM 512 MB DDR in the notebook, or are there any restrictions ?
Please advise.

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Answer:Satellite 2180 - memory upgrade


as far as I know your notebook can only use a maximum of 192MB RAM.
Here are the memory modules from Toshiba you can use:
128 MB PA3005U rev. 2
64 MB PA3004U rev. 1
32 MB PA3003U rev. 1


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Hello, could someone tell me:
Ive had 2 modules of RAM 512 (Samsung) & 256 Hynix. After I decided to install 1024 Mb (Crucial(Micron), Bios and OS doest see 256 MB module - only 1024 MB.

The same picture as I install 1024 Mb + 512 MB. I've already flashed with new Bios - it didn't help.
But the utillity CPU-Z in Windows recongnizes 2 modules in both cases?

P.S. Should I install the same module as my Crucial (Micron), or my laptop doesn't support more than 1 GB?

Now using one module of 1024, quite enough, but may be in the future I would like to have more.

Answer:After memory upgrade Satellite L20-206 shows only 1GB

Well, this is very strange because the L20-206 could be upgraded to max 2GB memory!
In this case you could use 2x1024MB memory modules!

The notebook should recognize both installed modules! But maybe the both modules are not compatible?! Anyway, I would recommend using the same modules with the same specifications.
I found some modules recommended by Toshiba. So maybe you want to use these:
DDR2-400/533 512MB (PA3412U-1M51)
DDR2-400/533 1GB (PA3411U-1M1G)

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I realized I have bought a model that is only sold in Saudi Arabia. That is the Satellite M50-165 Model. I want to upgrade the memory, I have bought memory from EBAY that said it works in M50 sieries, but it did not fit.

I read all manuels in Toshiba, tried to contact using the phone, they said they do not have this model.

Anyways, I would appreciate any help in that matter, as I am looking to upgrade the system to its fullest capacity, I assume 2 Giga.

This the model description:

Model Name: Satellite M50-165
Model No. PSM50E-0NX02JFC
PM 740/512/60G54/14WBT/DS2/LM/W
Serial No. 26271662K

This is the memory I bought from EBAY merchant: 3Ffrom%3DR40%26_trksid%3Dm37%26satitle%3D120193991 955%26category0%3D%26fvi%3D1

Please advice me!

Answer:Satellite M50-165 memory upgrade problem

Hi there,

you bought the wrong RAM. You need DDR333/PC2700 memory for your machine (which is upgradeable to 2GB). If you have the chance, then return/sell the memory and buy a RAM with the previously described specifications.

If you have still some question then just ask.


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I wanna upgrade memory to 2GB in this notebook. Does anyone has or know how to find some manual (with pictures) about this.?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite Pro U200: I want to upgrade memory up to 2GB

Hi Tomasz,

The SP U200 comes with two memory slots and is upgradeable to a total of 4Gb. RAM modules are available in 256Mb, 512Mb, 1GB and 2Gb sizes. The RAM modules are normally accessible from underneath the notebook but for specific details I suggest you check your user manual which will have full instructions for how to locate, remove and replace them.

Please be particularly careful to avoid any static electricity when you access the RAM modules since they are very sensitive and easily damaged.

You can find more information about the available RAM modules here :-


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