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Equium A300D-13x stucks on installation screen

Question: Equium A300D-13x stucks on installation screen

I recently sent my laptop (Equium A300D-13x) back to Toshiba to be repaired as it was overheating and cutting out.

It came back today and when I turned it on I got the screen where I was asked if I wanted to go into safe mode or start Windows normally.
Then it goes to a screen where it says, *Finishing the installation may take several minutes.

Please do not interrupt or shutdown the computer!*

I've been waiting all day now and I'm still stuck on this screen.

Has anyone had the same problem? And if so, how can I fix it?

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Preferred Solution: Equium A300D-13x stucks on installation screen

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Equium A300D-13x stucks on installation screen


I?ve recovered my notebook many times and the installation went always troublefree.
But of course such installation issue could happen always and I think you should simply repeat this procedure.

If you don?t have Toshiba Recovery disk then try to recover the notebook using the HDD recovery option.
Just press F8 while notebook powering up.
Then choose ?Repair my computer?. Then a new window will appear and you could select the new option called Toshiba HDD.

Check it out!

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Dear all,

I have had my Toshiba Equium A300D for 2 years now. During this time, it works normally, occasionally shuts down by itself maye because it was too hot.

Recently, it tried to install updates from Windows but never successful. I left the computer to update for the whole night and it was still 2 out of 12 updates ... all the time so I always had to shut the computer down by pressing the power key.

I was unable to change the setting to update Windows automatically because everytime I tried to do that it froze. Most other commands became nonresponsive even viewing pictures.

It was until my computer was unable to connect to a certain wireless network while other devices can that I decided to reinstall Windows completely. It was installing normally but it got too hot and the computer shuts itself again!!!

I tried to install again and it shut itself down again, but I got into the final stage of set up so when I turned it on again, it was still "finihing the installation may take several mins. lease do not interrupt or shut down the computer". I left it on for several hours but it didnt move to any different stage. Before the computer shuts itself down I think I got to the stage after this.

I tried to press F8 to begin a new installation but it only got into this screen.

What can I do?

Please help me! Thank you a lot in advance!

I am in Germany at the moment but I live and bought this computer from the UK.


Answer:Windows installation interrupted as Equium A300D shuts down by itself


Can you test Windows installation again with Toshiba recovery disk, please?

Usually the disk contains only pretested software and drivers so the installation shouldn?t be a problem because it?s pretested software by Toshiba.

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Hope somebody can help,
My Equium A300D won't boot - screen is completely blank.

Power and all lights come on as normal and stay on
Caps lock light flashes once - then nothing
Hard drive light flashes once - then nothing
Fans are spinning inside
It does not get to the BIOS screen - nothing comes up at all.

I have tried another hard drive (not sure why as it doesn't get to the BIOS screen!)

tried it with/without the battery
tried pressing various keys (F2 etc) on boot up
tried with an external monitor - nothing
opened it up and disconnected the BIOS battery (only for 10 mins though - should I leave it for longer??)

Any suggestions - machine is out of warranty ?


Answer:Equium A300D - Blank Screen


First of all I recommend this articlen in your case:
[Which steps should be followed if your Toshiba notebook doesn't start?|]

If it doesn?t work it seems to be a hardware malfunction. It could be mainboard or CPU issue? Who knows and it?s hard o say in this case. A notebook technician can check this and give you a detailed answer.

Furthermore you can find a list of all service provider on official Toshiba page.

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Hi there, I did a bios update on my Equium A300D-PSAK2E, and its bricked my laptop! When it rebooted after update screen is blank!

Is there any kind of way to launch a bios recovery by pressing certain keys on power on with the bios image on a usb stick?

Kind Regards


Answer:Equium A300D - After BIOS update screen is blank

Hi Dan,

Unfortunately I think there is nothing what you can do if BIOS update went wrong... In such cases the ROM module must be reflashed from an authorized service provider because the guys have special tools to do this tricky reflash process.

You can find a list of ASPs here:

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Hi there, I have a Toshiba Equium A300D-16C laptop.

It was fine until now...

When I press the power button, my laptop turns on but the screen remains black / off.
HDD indicator doesn't flash or anything ... ( in case this helps )
I've also tried to remove the battery, hold the power button for 30s and plug the power cord back in... Same thing laptop turns on but screen is black.

I tried to connect my laptop to my PC's monitor using HDMI cable but no success... Laptop turned on but my pc's monitor was showing nothing.

I haven't changed anything inside my laptop or unscrewed it.

I quite often kept my laptop on the bed/pillow so it may have something to do with overheating or something.

How did I get to this point:

Yesterday my laptop was fine, there was nothing wrong with it... I switched it off at night but when I tried to switch it back on this morning that's where I faced this problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks,

Answer:Equium A300D-16C turns on but the screen shows nothing/stays black

I had similar problem long time ago on my old Satellite. CPU was defective. After CPU replacement everything was OK again.
I really don?t know what to say.
Maybe you should contact Toshiba and let them check your notebook. They have diagnostic tools and can find out what the problem is.

What do you think?

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You can view my computer details at

My computer is prone to overheating and switches itself off sometimes. Usually there's no problem with restarting but now the computer seems to be locked in some kind of safe mode as it runs a lot faster than normal and the start menu and windows don't look right.

I thought maybe all my display settings had been reset but they haven't. Does anyone have an idea as to how I can get the computer running normally again?

Answer:Equium A60-155 stucks in safe mode after itself switching


I don?t know if I have understood it right but your notebook has loaded the OS and now the display looks like a the graphic drive was not installed. Am I right?

Did you check the device manager for some malfunctions? If it?s possible try to update the graphic card driver. Possibly the driver is corrupt and cannot be loaded successfully.

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I was hoping somone could give me some advice on my DVD driveon my laptop.

When I press eject the light on the drive flashes a few times and will not eject. When I have got the drive open using a paper clip and put in a disk nothing seems to happen and the drive does not start up.
I have tried doing a system restore to a previous week and also checking the drivers for the drive and theses are ok.
If anyone can gve me some advice it would be appeciated.

Cheers Mark

Answer:DVD not working on Equium A300D-13X

Hello Mark

When you press eject button wait few seconds and do this again.
Can you open drive properly when the drive is empty?

Is there some difference when CD or some DVD media is inside?

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I am trying to record some audio from one of the Radio stations on iPlayer using Audacity on my Toshiba Equium A300D laptop, however I can't see the line in option on the program...

I am using the right drivers downloaded from the Toshiba website so I'm fairly sure that isn't the problem.

I am after an extract of about 30 minutes of one of the shows and if someone could offer a solution I'd be most greatfull.

Answer:Where is line-in on my Equium A300D?


Do you have this issue in Audacity?

I have checked the user manual of Equium A300D and the notebook has only a microphone input port. So maybe you should select this port.

Furthermore it would be interesting to know if you are able to record sound by using another program.


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I've had this laptop for nearly two years. But this morning its just not come back to life, and i don't know why.

The battery life has been dismal the past few months, have only been able to get about 20 minutes out of a full charge before it runs out of charge.

However, no problems other than that. I turned it on this morning, and checked emails and stuff, and the battery low icon started to glow, and the little pop up on the screen appeared, so i got my AC Adaptor and plugged it in, but it refused to charge up. I done my normal checks like, have i switched the power socket on?

Checked the lead was connected properly. All the normal things, but it's refused to charge up.
So, i shut down the laptop, unplugged everything, plugged it back in, but now it won't turn on.

The battery symbol flashes an orange red colour for a few seconds and that's it.

I rung my boyfriend to help, but he doesn't have a clue. Do i need a new battery?
Do i need a new lead? Or could it be the laptop?

Please help!

Many thanks


Answer:Re: Equium A300D-16C has died


According to you message, the battery power is low and the battery cannot charge.
Hmm? I think the issue might be related to faulty AC adaptor.

Does the power LED in ON if the AC adaptor is connected?
If not then this means that notebook does receive power from AC adaptor?
In such case the AC adaptor should be checked and maybe replaced.

If the AC adaptor is OK but the notebook still doesn?t receive the power, then there must be something wrong with the power supply electronic of the motherboard.

In such case it?s a serious hardware issue which can be fixed only by notebook technician.

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I cant conect to TV from S-video port it says - display conected but I cant see nothing in TVI tryed the FN /F5 but nothing.
With RGB is ok. HELP!

Answer:How to connect my Equium A300D to the TV?

Have you enabled S-Video port on your TV?

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Laptop will not respond whilst booting up to any key commands F8 F5 F2 and it also will not respond to holding down "c" to boot from recovery disc, I have done all the normal things like power down etc, I wish to do a full recovery on this machine, Equium 300D Vista premium

Switch on. Hard drive light flashes as normal, but I do not get any progress loading bar or Toshiba innovation logos (nothing) hard drive light continues to flash for ages but still nothing happens.
Now for the daft bit, If I persist on trying to boot up for many many attempts it might load up eventually but then after 1hr or 2/3 days it will turn off randomly and I?m back to square one.

Please can you advise me?
Any help would be gratefully accepted.


Answer:Help me me to recover Equium A300D


I?m afraid you have serious problem with your notebook and I?m pretty sure that recovery installation will not fix this problem with start-up. Recovery installation will fix problems with preinstalled operating system or non working hardware but it has nothing to do with issue you have described in your posting.

The question is why is nothing shown on the screen when you power up your notebook? That?s the main problem.

Do you have recovery DVD?

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My Equium A300D won't boot. It just displays that "file is possibly corrupt. File header checksum does not match the computed checksum". Why? What can I do? I only have it a few months.

Answer:Equium A300D will not boot.

Have you installed new RAM lately? Its important to test the RAM before using it. Or perhaps the standard RAM is faulty.

Go to and run Memtest for a few passes (its a bootable CD).

The file system could be corrupted, try running CHKDSK from the Recovery Console.

The HDD could be faulty, Hitachi DFT is a good HDD tester. Run the Advanced test to check for bad sectors.

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Hi all, I've been having a bit of trouble lately.
I'm using a 3G usb data modem for broadband access on the Three network. Sometimes when I plug it in, vista starts searching for drivers to run it, the whole system slows down to a crawl. Even after I pull the usb modem, it continues searching for drivers, the system remains very slow and when I try to shut the laptop down, it just stays on the "Shutting down" screen for ages, until either a blue screen with some text flashes up saying something like "Driver power failure" or something like that (it's only on screen for a second before dissapearing)
Otherwise I have to pull power and battery and start again.

Other times, if the USB modem is plugged in during startup, the system freezes on the windows loading screen. It will stay like this for ages until I have to pull the battery and end up having to run Startup Repair.

This doesn't happen everytime, but it's happened a lot and I've had to run System Restore quite a few times, but this doesn't fix the problem.

I don't think that the problem is with the Data Modem, because I use the same modem with another laptop and it never has the same issues.

Would this be remedied by updating the drivers for my USB ports?
If so, how do I do that? I haven't found the necessary driver in the Vista Driver Download section of this site.

Answer:Equium A300D - 13x USB issues


The USB ports use the Microsoft drivers which are a part of the Windows OS.
So you cannot update the USB drivers because if a new update would be available then Vista would receive it via OS update.

I think this issue is related to your modem? you said that you didn?t notice such issues with another computer. But did you test it with preinstalled Vista OS?

I think it could be a compatibility issues between modem and Vista OS and this would be not really a surprise for me because many 3rd party devices has had Vista issues in the past?

Maybe you should check a website from your modem manufacturers to obtain some driver updates or more details?

Sorry but this is everything what I can suggest for now?.

PS: If you don't use a latest BIOS then it would be advisable to update it to the latest available version

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The processor temperature gets over 80 ?C and sometimes shutdown.
I've already cleanned the fan and is working fine.

Anyone has a solution ?

Answer:Equium A300D-13X - overheating


How do you use the notebook?
Are the cooling grilles free and is there enough space around the notebook for properly cooling circulation?

What graphic card driver do you use? Is it a Toshiba one?
You should use the Toshiba graphic driver because non-Toshiba certified graphic driver can cause an overheating issue?

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Model number - PSAK2E - 001003KS
Serial - 58316186w

Hi all!

I have purchased a Equium A300D-13x today and I have taken Vista off of it and installed WXP home+SP2. All is not well! I am still in need of a few drivers, the machine runs on a AMD turion and I cannot find chipset drivers for it anywhere! Also its running a AMD graphics card, once again I cannot find compatible drivers for that.

The only chipset drivers available from what I saw was the Intel ones.
I hope you can help!

Answer:Need WXP drivers for my Equium A300D


klick this link

Notebook --> Satellite Pro --> Satellite Pro A Series --> Satellite Pro A300D --> PSAK1E --> Windows XP

here they are


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My laptop keeps turning itself off.

I've noticed lately it overheats faster than usual. When I use it I have to stack it on books but make sure the left side of the laptop is pushed to the side so the book isn't beneath it.

I have tried the following:
Taken the battery out and waited.
Waited for the lap top to cool down.
Use the power cord and remove the battery.

Right now I have changed the power settings and it hasn't turned off as yet, but is there anything extra I should do?

Also was wondering how to remove any dust that may be trapped inside as well as trying to figure out the over heating problem, I can never have the left side of the base covered even if its on a table as it will turn itself off.

Help is much appreciated.

Answer:Equium A300D-16C - Keeps turning off after 5 minutes


> but is there anything extra I should do?
Yes, you should clean your notebook and remove the dust to avoid overheating and make your notebook stable.
Here is a good article how to do this:
[How to clean the cooling system of a Toshiba notebook? |]

For example I clean my notebook every 3 months because I use it every day and compressed air spray is really good option for this. You don?t need much time and it?s pretty cheap. ;)

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I recently thought that it would be time for me to buy a new laptop battery for my Toshiba Equium A300D-13x since the current one is so old I roughly get 5-7 minutes charge out of it.

So I looked online and shopped around and the official Toshiba ones were ?140!, So instead i settled for a replacement that was roughly ?20 (cheapskate).

Anyway, the battery is the exact same model number to the official toshiba battery I have and is the exact same voltage 10.8V. However the battery will not be detected within the laptop?

Whats interesting is though the battery does power the laptop it just wont indicate to me how much remaining charge I have left. Also when plugged in to the AC it doesnt detect it, but looks as if it is charging the laptop as the light signifying that the AC is plugged in is on, and the battery indicator is orange (charging)

Does anyone else have this problem or know what I can do to fix this as i dont have the ?140 to buy a new battery.


Answer:Equium A300D-13x - No Battery is detected


Did you have the same battery problems with the old, original battery?

From my experience there are many batteries from 3rd party suppliers but not all meets the standards even if the part number is the same?

But it looks that the battery is detected because the notebook can be powered on using the battery power? also the orange battery indicator show you that the battery would be charged.

However, I would recommend you checking the BIOS version.
From my knowledge BIOS update could help to solve problems with battery.

If it does not help you, I would recommend testing other batteries which you could order directly from an Toshiba ASP in your country? in such case you could be 100% sure that your battery is compatible and would work.

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I have a Toshiba Equium A300D-16C that will not start up. When you switch it on it begins to start but within 3 seconds switches itself off before it even gets to any type of screen. It then automatically tries to switch on again, then repeats the same cycle of auto off, auto on over and over.

When you put your ear to the bottom of the laptop you can hear the system starting up then you get two very quiet beeps before it switches itself off. Does anyone know what the cause could be or if there is a fix or should i just accept that my laptop of just under two years has died and given up the ghost?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Answer:Equium A300D-16C - Switches itself off after 3 seconds

> When you switch it on it begins to start but within 3 seconds switches itself off before it even gets to any type of screen

theoretically, it can be overheating if the cooling system clogged with dust cannot blow the hot air out of the machine. Try to clean the cooling system:

If you cleaned it but still doesn't startup, it's hardware malfunction:

1 Motherboard (south bridge, power circuit controller)
2 Cpu

You can also try replacing memory modules

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How I can restore or recovery my BIOS because I update it with wrong BIOS so my laptop cant open , post , boot only black screen with power on , plug charger in light indicator.

Answer:How to restore BIOS on Equium A300D-16C?


This can be problematic now. Yesterday I found similar thread with very interesting answer.
You can find it here .
Check it out.

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Hi. Hope some one very knowledgeable would be able to help me with Equium A300D-13X.

I am trying to repair this laptop for the friend of mine. She owned it for couple of years and so the warranty long ago expired by now. Few weeks ago her laptop had a little "smoke". :-) Now it does not power up at all. Using multimeter I measured the DC Out Voltage of the power adapter and it was within given range, so I guess it is working ok.

I opened and stripped down to bit this laptop, removed the motherboard and found presumably exact fault. At least one, possibly two simple components blown up.

I uploaded some photos online at the following link so you could see this for yourself:

Some people I spoke to advised me to replace the motherboard others to sell it bit by bit and purchase new one. The cost of repair is at least as half of the full cost of this laptop on eBay if not more. So since I have nothing much to loose I thought I could always take one of these routes later. Firstly, I want to try to repair it myself at lower cost, I want to buy new spares, replace faulty components and see what happens next.

My problem is ... to identify correctly the blown components and their exact or approximate value, find possible replacement - I thought I could buy them either from some electronic store or even from most famous online auction. :-)

Could some one please tell me what is that brown b... Read more

Answer:Equium A300D-13X faulty motherboard

> Any ideas are welcome. I guess nor I, nor the laptop's owner (friend of mine) are on hurry now. I understand the chances to make this laptop live again are not that great but there is nothing much to loose anyway.

I have no ideas how to check the single parts on the motherboard because such diagnostic tests needs special tools which are available for professional authorized service points?
From my point of view, the motherboard is really hard to repair? you need special electronic skills?.

To be honest I think it?s better to sell the faulty motherboard (ebay, etc?) and to buy an cheap, second hand one?

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This is my first post on the site. I have an issue with a new battery on my Equium A300D-16C. (no battery detected)
The original one that I had for the computer died after two years of use so I had to order a new one as a replacement. I have received it and it itself works fine, giving me 90 minutes charge. But the problem is that it isn?t detected by the computer when I click on the power icon on the bottom bar of screen, so I don?t know how long I have left with it. Also, the orange light that indicates it is charging should go white upon it being full of charge, mine just starts flashing orange after a while (is this when it is fully charged?).
I took the mains out of my computer a few minutes ago and it cut out and I had to switch it back on again, despite the battery being in and it being full of charge (as it has been in all day and the mains have been in for decent length periods).

What can I do to solve this?
Worth mentioning I am not too good with computers so everything might be best explained really, really simply as I am not the cleverest when it comes to this area.


Answer:New battery isn't detected on Equium A300D-16C

Have you bought original Toshiba product following part number placed on old battery?

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HI all,

I have a Equium A300D, part number PSAKAE-003003KS.
The trackpad worked OK but often the scroll function would stop randomly and I would have to stop apont.exe and then re-launch. It would then work OK.
I got fed up of this so thought I'd install new drivers. The driver I installed was Synaptics_Driver_v10_1_8_Vista32.

Problem is now I can't scroll on the trackpad at all (but cursor does respond).

Do I have the correct driver? I have read previous posts but didn't solve this problem.
Any advice would be appreciated.


Answer:Equium A300D - Trackpad does not scroll

Have you tried to roll back OS to earlier time when it worked properly?

Is virtual scrolling enabled in ???Synaptics TouchPad settings????
You can also remove Synaptics driver from the system and after restart install Alps Electric driver. The same option you will find under advanced feature settings > TouchPad settings.
Please check the functionality again.

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I am trying to find out if my Equium A300D (PSAK2E) Laptop has built in bluetooth hardware or am I going to have to purchase hardware for it?

If it doesn't what is the best hardware for the laptop?

If it does how do I activate it, I have installed the bluetooth stack but to complete installation it is asking me to "plug in the bluetooth device"??

Thanks in advance for your help

Answer:Equium A300D - Has built in Bluetooth?


You can check this by yourself on the Toshiba website if your notebook is equipped with Bluetooth or not.
Anyway, the Equium A300D (PSAK2E) is not equipped with Bluetooth.

If you want to use Bluetooth you can buy an USB Bluetooth Adapter. Such adapters are very cheap. I have such an adapter and I?m very satisfied with it.
For example the [Belkin Class 2 Bluetooth USB Adapter|] is a good offer.


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I am a novice so please bear with me. I use a Equium A300D with Vista Home OS. I have lost all use of the touchpad.(synaptics pointing device)

I have tried the F9 key, uninstalled and reinstalled the driver and even tried system restore, all to no avail. I have the touchpad icon on my task bar. The backlight on the touchpad no longer lights up. I have looked into the properties and it shows as working properly with no conflicts.

One thing I have noticed is that previously, when I pressed the Fn key on the lower left of the keyboard, the functions keys were displayed on the screen. This too has stopped.

Can anyone offer any advice?

Many Thanks in advance.

Roobee :)

Answer:Equium A300D touchpad not working


The touchpad needs two different drivers; one from Synaptics and one from Alps Electric.
In your case I recommend uninstalling both drivers. Just remove it from the system.
Then reboot the notebook, clean the OS using an CCLeaner (free tool) and install both drivers again!

The FN+F9 button will not work if you don?t install the VAP (Value Added Package).

Note: All these drivers can be downloaded from the Toshiba European drive page and please choose the right drivers because there are different Equium A300D models!

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My girlfriend has an Equium A300D-16C which has been having a few problems lately.

For the past few months, whenever she turns the system on, the display doesn't fire up and it takes several attempts for it to come on.

The strange thing is whenever this happens the system does still boot normally as you can hear the Windows 7 start up sound.

I have been looking into this issue for quite some time now and I'm starting to run out of ideas.
Originally I thought it could've been a cabling issue but upon stripping the laptop down I found the cable was still firmly in place.

I have also tried removing the RAM, HDD and DVD drive but it still doesn't fire up. On the odd occasion it has started up when doing this but upon rebooting it hasn't started again.

I am thinking this could be either a power issue or the motherboard is on its way out. This problem is gradually getting worse (it took over 20 attempts turning it on and off this morning) so eventually it won't come on at all.

To clarify, the system will boot after many attempts but most of the time the display will not turn on (not even the backlight). It does work with an external display on the HDMI so the GPU is working.
I have tried holding the power button with no power source to discharge the system but it doesn't help.

I have also noticed that if you hear it boot and close the lid, upon reopening the lid the display will come on but with the wrong resolution (1024x768) which just puzzles me even ... Read more

Answer:Equium A300D-16C - display not working

> To clarify, the system will boot after many attempts but most of the time the display will not turn on (not even the backlight). It does work with an external display on the HDMI so the GPU is working.

Does this mean that you can use notebook in connection with the external monitor but it does not work with the internal screen?

This would mean that the internal display module isn?t OK. Probably it needs to be replaced.
But this does not explain the problems while powering ON the notebook.

In worst case the notebook?s motherboard AND the internal display are affected but this would be really strange and uncommon bad luck

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I have stuck with Windows being corrupted and will not boot. Not only that but I can't even get into system restore. Does this mean I have to buy a Windows Installation disk from Toshiba or should I get PC World to fix the problem?

I've discovered that I made a backup copy of a HDD Recovery but it's 4.77Gb and it won't fit onto a regular 4.38Gb DVD. I can't find anyone that has a Dual layer burner to burn it onto a 9Gb DL DVD and the laptop won't run off the external hard drive where I've backed it up.


Thank you all very much!!

Answer:Equium A300D - Recovery with Toshiba?


At first I must say that this backup will not help you at all. This back up works with ?Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator ? software only and now is definitely worthless.

If I understand you right you should just reinstall operating system using Toshiba recovery media and if you don?t have one you can order it under

If you don?t want to order it you can install your own operating system using Microsoft Vista installations DVD. All necessary drivers, tools and utilities you can download from Toshiba support page.

Good luck!

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came to turn on my laptop this morning to a black screen, after turning the laptop on and of a bunch of times, i noticed there was 2 faint beeps coming from the motherboard (thought it was the hard drive it comes from the right side of the laptop/ to the right of the touchpad)

when turnt on:

-Power lights are on
-Battery will charge just fine and the orange light to indicate its charging works
-Hard drive spins up fine(light indicating hard drive is active doesn't turn on at all)
-After 2/3 seconds after power is turnt on you get 2 VERY quiet beeps (had to put ear on laptop to hear it)
-Fan is running fine also the controller - hotter the laptop gets the faster is spins.
-Tried with/without battery ac adapter also, still same results

tried to remove ram/try different combinations but same result, also no output at all on external VGA port

anyone got any idea's ?

Answer:Equium A300D-16C - not booting - no POST

On this virtual way it is not easy to say what is what is wrong with your notebook. Exact hardware fault can be determined by diagnostic software.

Beeps at the start-up indicates serious hardware fault. It can be BIOS or maybe GPU. Unfortunately we can just speculate what the problem can be. I?m afraid the mainboard must be exchanged.

What you can do is to contact nearest Toshiba service and ask for help.

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I bought my Equium A300D (I think that's the correct model anyway) from PC World in September last year after my old laptop died on me (fried hard drive due to the processor cooling fan breaking).

The old laptop, had been making some strange whirring/screeching noises at times for a number of months, but I'd rather foolishly ignored it thinking it was just a fan that wasn't balanced quite right or something - in hindsight not a good decision to take!

My Equium's been fine until I switched it on this morning, and found it was making the familiar horrible screeching/whirring sound, and I switched it off again rather quickly.

The screeching kicked in almost immediately after I'd switched it on. Three times I've tried to switch it back on, with the same result, and understandably I'm very concerned about it and didn't want to risk leaving it switched on for fear of causing any more damage.

Ill computers are never good news at the best of times, but particularly not at the moment as I'm part way through filling in a rather long and complex form that I have to have ready by Wednesday. I'm completely it on a saveable pdf version of the form which has taken me about three weeks to complete to where I'd got up to last night, and though I use an online backup service, I can't restore files to another computer without overwriting whatever's there already, so I'm panicking somewhat. (Also, my Equium's got a Vista OS, and my desktop I'm currently on is still on XP).

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Answer:Equium A300D - possibly my HDD died

> 1) Does a whirring/screeching sound as soon as it's switched on sound like it could be another dying hard drive?
This is not impossible? My HDD made an strange noise too before it completely died.
It was a good idea that you have backup your data. In this case you could always recover the data if the HDD would really die.

> 2) Would taking it to my local independent computer shop (who usually tend to be able to do minor repairs and put in new drives while you wait) rather than PC World invalidate the warranty?
If you want to get the HDD replaced and want to use the warranty then you will have to contact the ASP (authorized service partner) in your country.
Only the authorized service technician can replace the faulty hardware part for free.

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After leaving my 14month old Equium A300D-13X on charge it will now not power up? Laptop has been fine except for the usual overheating/shutdown. Switched it off as normal, left on charge for 3-4 hours and now no response from the power switch

Have tried another power supply that works fine with another laptop but when connected to the A300D the green power LED on the power supply dims

Any help would be appreciated


Answer:Re: Equium - A300D-13X wont switch on?

Hi Karl,

In this case you could try the following steps:
-Remove the battery and AC/DC adaptor
-Wait at least one hour
-Connect battery and AC/DC adaptor again
-Try starting the notebook

If this doesn?t work the case seems to be clear. It?s a hardware malfunction and you need professional help from an authorized service provider.

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I have 2 x Toshiba laptops. Satellite A200 and Equium A300D.

My question is: will the screen from the A200 work in the A300D?

I know they use different inverters and different connectors on the motherboard to inverter cable but the screen from the A200 which works fine in it does not work in the A300D. All I see is a very dim picture

Btw the A300 outputs fine to an external monitor

Any help gratefully received

Answer:Display exchange on Equium A300D

Maybe you must just exchange defective FL inverter on your A300D and must not exchange whole display.

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Anyone help with this one?

My Equium A300d originally froze at the Bios splash screen.I eventually replaced both the ram and hdd but still the same problem. By trial and error i discovered that the problem was the dvd drive.......remove it and the system loads fine, put it back in and back to the freeze at bios!

I replaced the dvd drive wiith a new compatible drive but same result so assume the actual hardware is not the problem so can only assume a motherboard problem?

Anyone come across this scenario? thanks for looking.

Answer:My Equium A300D freezes at BIOS

It is really strange issue. Which BIOS version is on your machine?

If I understand you right without ODD your notebook starts properly and preinstalled OS can be loaded.

Have you tried to put ODD in place when Windows is fully loaded?

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Hi all,

After experiencing too many problems to list with my Equium A 300D 13X, both hardware and software, I decided to go ahead with a complete restoration to factory settings.

My first step was to create 2 dvd recovery discs, using the Toshiba recovery disc creator.
As far as I can tell, both recovery disc's were successfully created, insofar as the recovery disc creator said as such.

Not knowing what step to take next, I started the laptop with the fist of the two recovery disc within the disc drive, thinking this would reset the laptop to it's factory settings, however it did not.

Now when I start up the laptop I get the following message;

BOOTMGR is missing
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

which restarts the laptop again displaying the above message.

Pressing F8 on start up does nothing.

Pressing F12, multi boot selection, brings up a Boot Menu with 3 options;
LAN: Marvell Yukon 88E8040T

If I select the CD/DVD option, a black screen with the text ;

Windows is loading files

is shown. I'am guessing this is the correct path to recovery,
however after the following recovery utility screens regarding language selection etc, a text filled dialogue box


runs through, but ultimately becomes static at the line:

Copying F:\06948XSP.swm to V:\HDDRecovery\SWImg 1/6

without successfully finishing the recovery process.

Any help in... Read more

Answer:Recovery help needed for Equium A300D-13X

> My first step was to create 2 dvd recovery discs, using the Toshiba recovery disc creator.
> As far as I can tell, both recovery disc's were successfully created, insofar as the recovery disc creator said as such.

What to say buddy? you have done everything correctly.
The recover disk has been created successfully (did you see a message saying this??).
Booting from recovery disk should start the recovery procedure and you should follow the installation on the screen.
Usually this should function.

The error; BOOTMGR is missing says that boot manager on HDD has been deleted and it?s not possible to boot from HDD.
You should boot from CD as you did; pressing F12 ? choosing CD/DVD drive

Try to format the HDD again using another Windows CD.
In such case you will need to set SATA mode to compatible in BIOS and then you could boot from WinXP CD.

After that try the recovery disk again?

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Hi all,

First post on here need help big style. I have had the laptop just over a year now got it last year for xmas and all of a sudden it decided that it didn't want to power up now more.

So Ive tried taking battery out and putting cable in and holding down power button Ive tried just battery alone and pressing button no luck.

Ive even bought a new charging cables for it still no luck. Can anyone help me ????? See Im a self employed photographer and all my work is on laptop and its one of my key tools


Answer:Equium A300D-13x wont power


This problem sounds like a hardware malfunction and I think you have already everything done what you can do (removing the battery, etc.). For me it sounds like a mainboard problem but your notebook should be checked from a notebook technician because they can make an exact diagnostic.

You can find a list of all ASPs here: > Support & Downloads > Find an ASP

Good luck! :)

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I just got an Equium A300D about 3wks ago and it suddenly powers off during use.
What can be caused this?
Though it doesn't do it frequently but am still very concerned.

Answer:Equium A300D suddenly powers off during use

Sounds like its overheating. My previous laptop did a similar thing.

Is the laptop used in a dusty environment? Perhaps there is dust buildup in the heatsink.

When you use the laptop, are the vents covered by other objects?

Otherwise if its not an overheating issue, and you are using the original Toshiba AC Adapter, bring the laptop to an Authorized Service Center for repair.

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The laptop is only 14 months old the problem has been happening for a while now and can be anoying.
The times can varry on when the unit overheats then turning itself off.

I have cleaned the unit with compressed air to get rid of any dust.
The fan works fine, the software is original.

Can anyone help thanks.

Answer:Equium A300D-13X overheats and turns off by itself

hi lance2009,

it seems to be a heat problem its always good to do some "service" on your machine!

some oilchange have to be done! i am kidding, there is no oil in your notebook at all :-)

renew the thermal grease on cpu and gpu. this should solve your issue.

if unsure what to do (tricky about the screws) ask a service partner for assistance.

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I have a Equium A300D-13x which runs vista home premium. I bought it at PC world a few years ago. I want to sell it and I want to do a clean install to put it back to its original state. I have removed all my data to a independent hard drive already. I have read the supplied virtual manual and it says to boot pc and press the F8 key to enter the Advanced Boot Options menu and from there do a repair or something??? i am sure it will be clear if I ever get there!!!! I have always been able as far as i can remember to use F8 on other desk tops i have owned to enter Safe mode... This seems a bit weird. Can anybody please advise.

I have also had a 'local drive Q' appear in the MY COMPUTER section about two months ago. I dont know how it got there and I dont have permission to access it. I have tried changing the ownership of the file but I am not allowed???? Can anyone explain this please?

I am concerned that security on my laptop has been breached somehow as I am having some other problems which relate to some very technically accomplished not nice people.

Answer:How do I do a clean install on my Equium A300D


Let?s start with OS installation.
How to install original recovery image using HDD recovery mode is described in

So check it please, read carefully and try to make clean OS installation following described steps.

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When I use the CD/DVD slot the next time I turn my laptop on it will constantly open and need shutting until a message pops up asking me to make sure it is shut!!!

I have only had this about a month and it is a little frustrating.

Please help.

Answer:DVD slot keeps opening - Equium A300D

Does this happen from the first day?
Have you maybe installed some application that can be responsible for this?

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I purchased this laptop about 3 years ago and the battery has recently died. I tried to replace it with a non Toshiba battery that fitted the part number. This battery appeared not to work.

When I put the part in and charged it up the laptop would state that there was no battery and the battery light would flash.

However when i unplugged it the laptop would run off the battery but the laptop would still say it did not exist.
I assumed that this battery was faulty so returned it and bought a Toshiba battery which is made by Toshiba and is the same battery as my old one.
It is defiantly the same part number as my old battery however it has the same problem as the previous battery.

I updated the BIOS system when I purchased the first laptop battery so I do not think its that.
I also downloaded another battery reader programme called "Battery Care" but this also says that the battery does not exist even when I unplug and run the laptop off said battery.

The original battery that came with the laptop on purchase is still recognised but only holds charge for around 15 minutes due to age.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Answer:Equium A300D-16c battery has died


I would leave the notebook connected to the AC adaptor with the new purchased battery for a longer time. Leave it connected a all night long and then check again if the battery would charge.
You should also set the BIOS to default settings while the new battery is connected.

Last but not least I recommend buying the battery directly from Toshiba ASP in your country. In such case you can be 100% sure that you would get original parts which are 100% compatible with the notebook

You know...

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Please, this is a problem i seem not to understand. I have been using my Equium A300d-16c laptop without no problem for over a year until yesterday's evening. i was installing a software(nokia PC suite) which prompted for a restart. the shutting down was normal and for it to restart was a problem. it displays nothing but a blank screen. It is evident it does not boot as when i press the power button it goes of immediately. Only the power indicator is on. Another thing i notice is that the DVD-ROM reads any disc put inside but there is no display of any sort.

My first reaction was that it may be overheating, so i cleaned the cooling vents and blew away dusts from all compartments. but still the problem persists. Please i seek to know what may be the problem before taking it to for repairs. Help Needed. Thanks.

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Answer:Equium A300D-16C. not booting after shutdown.


It is not easy to offer exact explanation why this happen but I would like to know if you can see anything on the screen when you switch your notebook ON.
Can you see Toshiba welcome screen?
Can you enter BIOS settings?

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This laptop has been back to PC World Techguys twice and the fan has been cleaned - a local PC engineer has also had the laptop and cleaned and tested with cooling devices but still it is not working - he suggests it is a hardware issue.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Equium A300D - Overheating issue

> Can anyone help?

What to say now?
I mean if the notebook technicians say it?s a hardware malfunction and has nothing to do with overheating, the notebook must be repaired and you have to pay for this if it?s not under warranty anymore.

I think nobody here can help you. It?s an user to user forum only and if the hardware is malfunctioning, it needs replacing. That?s fact!!!

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I recently purchased the Toshiba Equium A300D-16C but I wanted XP but I got told by support it was only in Vista but you could buy XP and reinstall it.

So I have reformatted the PC, installed Windows XP Pro.
But my main concern is the drivers, where can I get them?

I looked on the Toshiba Driver site but it only shows Vista drivers.
I dont need all the drivers just the main ones... can anyone tell me where I can get these XP drivers for this model?



Answer:Need Windows XP Drivers for Equium A300D-16C


I am really wondering you have already removed Vista, installed WXp without pick up info about WXp support. I also hope you have created recovery DVD before you have removed Vista.

Back to your problem. WXP support for your notebook model can be a little bit problematic. I have AMD notebook too and my notebook is also not WXP supported. I believe that there is no much difference between hardware platforms for Equium, Satellite A300D and P300D.

Check a little bit Toshiba support site and try to install drivers for Satellite on Equium. Maybe you will have success.

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I hope someone can help me.

I have been reading + searching the forums and google etc for last 4 days
And still i can't get the ATI driver i need for this laptop!

I have tried all links to drivers and still can't find correct one.
(I have removed Vista and installed XP home)

Can anyone help please.


Answer:Need XP driver for ATI graphics on Equium A300D-16C

Unfortunately, the graphic card driver for the XP ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphic card is not available at this time. Only the Vista driver was released.

I think you will have to wait a little bit until such driver will be released!


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I have fail to boot up problem. Laptop powers on ok, with a few HDD flashes like it is trying to boot up. But no noises other than the fans kicking in, have tried all usual things like FN/F8 to get into safe mode, also cold boot up battery and mains lead out. Power button down for a minute etc etc, but still no screen or beeps, just black screen. I suspect a power problem, and have tried with different charger but no effect. Laptop is a 4yr old Toshiba Equium A300D-13X it all worked fine but I recently renewed keyboard, screen bezel, media ribbon to mb, power button/ribbon, to mb.

I thought I might have left some cable detached so opened it all up again and checked, but everything is attached properly as far as I can see.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Bob.

Answer:Re: Equium A300D-13X - boot up problem

Hello Bob

It is not easy to be objective with this issue. On one side you have disassembled your notebook on your own and we don?t know if everything was done properly. I?m also not technician and every notebook disassembling was successful.

I really don?t know what to say. Try to speak with someone who can help you with this and check if everything is OK. Small mistake like causing electrical circuit can damage electrical components on the mainboard. Try to check display cable connection.

Have you tried to connect notebook to TV and check if anything happen there?

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Is it possible to disable the webcam toolbar on the Equium A300D at all? (i.e. just access the webcam controls from the control panel or start menu orsomething).

Where the toolbar is on the left of the screen it's extremely annoying, as every time my mouse strays to the left of the screen, up pops the toolbar.

On a couple of apps I use there are docked app controls on the left of the screen, and when the toolbar pops out, covering half of them up, I have to wait for the toolbar to disappear again, which can be extremely annoying if I'm rushing to do something.

Is there any way to disable it from appearing?

Answer:Is it possible to disable the webcam toolbar on the Equium A300D

Yes, you can disable the webcam software from automatic loading.

In RUN type *msconfig* and start this tool.
There you will see the tab called ?Startup?. Go to this tab and disable the webcam software (remove the mark).
Then apply the changes and reboot the notebook.

Now the Windows should boot up without the webcam software.


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This isn't so much of a problem, just a bit of an annoyance at times really. The sound's working fine on my Equium A300D-16C (sound card and driver all fine on the Device Manager etc. etc., buttons working fine), but, the sound level (volume) keeps changing. I first noticed it as I'd installed the sounds add-on for MS Office 2007, but wasn't always getting sounds, but then other times I was getting very loud sounds, and others very quiet sounds.

I'm +fairly+ sure I'm not accidentally touching any shortcut keys (at least the lit up quick access ones above the keyboard I'm not, but are there any other shortcuts for sound?), but for instance last night at one point I noticed the volume was set at 16, but then half an hour or so later it was 4, and then this morning when I booted it up the volume level was at 0 (but not muted).

As I said, it's not particularly a problem, because if I need to I just adjust the volume to what I want it to, but it's just been puzzling me these last few days as to what might be causing it.

Answer:Strange sound behaviour on Equium A300D-16C

I have to ask :).. you do know that there is a physical volume dial on the edge of the laptop?

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I cannot load past the boot manager on my laptop and so am unsure whether it a hardware/software problem. There seems to be a problem with AVG antivirus and so I want to re-installing my operating system from a product Product Recovery CD/DVD. However I don't know where to order one from for my model. If it doesn't work I plan to buy a new hard drive and could do with the disc anyway.

Model: Equium A300D - 13X
Number: PSAK2E-001003KS

Does anyone know where I can order one from?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Answer:Equium A300D-13X - Where can I order a recovery disk?


That?s very easy, you can order a recovery disk for your notebook here:


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Hi guys
the XP driver for the 300D models are now available

*Sat/SatPro/Equium A300D*


Notebook --> Satelllite Pro --> Satellite Pro A Series --> Satellite Pro A300D --> PSAK9E (onboard Graphic) / PSAKDE(external Graphic) --> Windows XP

have fun

Answer:Re: WXP drivers available for SAT / SATPRO / EQUIUM / A300D - P300D

Hey great info.

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I've had a Equium laptop for quite some time now.
But all of a sudden the touchpad seems jumpy and every now and then just stops, waits... then continues. This is very annoying because i play games and it becomes a problem ive tried everthing: from a System restore to reinstalling the drivers.

Answer:Equium A300D-16c touchpad coursor jumps

Hmm? if system restore doesn?t help to solve this issue, then a hardware problem might be possible.

I read about a similar issue while typing? this has been solved by BIOS update.
Maybe you should check this if the BIOS update would help you?

Otherwise it might be a hardware problem which could be solved by touchpad replacement.

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The original battery was shot so I purchased a Genuine Original Toshiba PA3534U-1BRS battery.
Upon putting it in the laptop, it appears to charge but in the corner still says 'Battery not recognised'.
When I take out the charger, it says 'Unknown remaining'.

I tried to update my BIOS to see if it would help, not sure if I did it correctly but either way it appears to have had no effect.

Any suggestions to fix this or should I send it back?


Email: [[email protected]]

Answer:Replacement battery for Equium A300D-13X not recognised


What happens exactly if you disconnect the AC adaptor?
Does the notebook shut down automatically?

I`m not sure if battery calibration would help you but it?s worth a try.
The battery should be charged fully and then you should discharge the battery until the notebook would shut down automatically. This should be repeated several times?

If this does not help, I would recommend testing other battery which could be purchased from Toshiba ASP in your country. The guys could provide compatible part.

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I have Toshiba Equium A300D 13X with vista 32-bit, I cant get the built in microphone to work.
All the speakers and the webcam seem to work and I have tried to update the drivers from this website but nothing fixes the mic problems.

Can you help?

Answer:Built-in microphone not working on Equium A300D


Why are you sure that the internal microphone does not work?
How did you test this?

The internal microphone belongs to the internal webcam.
You can increase the mic volume in webcam software settings.
Start webcam software -> settings -> audio tab

There you should increase the mic volume to max.
The option Audio Device should contain something like Microphone (Conexant High definition). Audio Compressor -> No compress

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I'm having trouble finding XP drivers for my A300D. I?ve managed to get everything working perfectly except for the WIFI and graphics card.
I downloaded all the drivers for my laptop from the Toshiba site but when I tried to install the ATI drivers it told me:

'setup did not find a driver compatible with your current hardware or operating system'

The graphics card in my machine (according to the list i got with the box) is a:
Card: ATI Mobility Radeon
Type: HD3200
Graphics Memory: 831Mb

As for the WIFI I?m not sure how to determine what drivers/software I need.
Could someone tell me how to fix this or tell me where the drivers can be found?
I'd greatly appreciate your help.

Thanks for your help!.

Answer:Re: Equium A300D: Need XP WLan & graphic driver

I think the notebook uses the Atheros 802.11bgn WLan card too.

Check this Toshiba WLan portal:

Here you can find the Atheros WLan card driver.

Regarding the graphic card driver:
Well, it seems it?s not available at this moment? maybe later?

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I have to replace my hard drive on the above laptop as it has died a death.

Is there any manufacturer that Toshiba recommend that I should look at when buying a new Sata drive?


Answer:Equium A300D - Need replacement hard drive

Hi drik123,

No, there is no special manufacture that you have to buy or is compatible with the notebook. Every 2.5? HDD with SATA connector will work and is compatible.

Also there is capacity limit on SATA interface so 500GB or more will also work and recognized. :)

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Hi I need help!

My Equium A300D-16C has stopped recognizing any type of disc, I?ve tried double clicking on the drive but they gey kicked out and the message "please insert a disc into the drive" appears.

Having read back previous posts in a bit not to look too much like a dumb blonde and have so far checked the registry values - which are not set, uninstalled the drive via the system device - to no avail. Only had it about 2 months and really cannot be without it.

Any help would be very much appreciated

Answer:Re: Dvd drive stopped working on my Equium A300D-16C

Try to remove the drive from device manager, restart the notebook and test it again.
Have you tested it with original DVDs and music CDs?

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I have a Toshiba Equium A300D-16C and all of a sudden it starts up and goes onto windows boot manager and says that Windows has failed to start and it won?t let me do anything else.
I really don?t know what to do and all my uni work is on it.

It says to put the windows installation disk but it?s not responding to any disks what so ever.

If anyone could help I?d be grateful

Answer:Equium A300D-16C - Windows has failed to start

Can you start Windows in safe mode?

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Afternoon All,

I have a Windows/Vista - and a Toshiba Equium A300D - The recording sound device has stopped working - there is not device visible in the sound settings either. Please advise which drivers I need to reinstall and where I can download them. The Motherboard is - Toshiba Equium A300D.*

Also my computer shuts down powers up on its on. What can I do so it Shuts down and only powers on when I switch it on again?

Your help is appreciated.
Thank you

Answer:Equium A300D - No recording device detected

Hi Acorn1,

Do you mean the internal microphone of your notebook?
If yes you should reinstall the webcam driver because the microphone is a part of it. You can get the driver on the Toshiba website.

Furthermore if your computer power on itself you disable in BIOS:
-Wake up on LAN
-Wake up on Keyboard
-USB Sleep & Charge

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My CD/DVD drive stopped working yesterday and is not reading discs. It does show as Drive E in My Computer. When I click on it, it open to insert a cd but then, it ejects again and an error message comes up 'Microsoft Windows: An error occured while ejecting DVD RW Drive E'
I uninstalled the driver and it reinstalled but nothing changed! What does this all mean?

Answer:Equium A300D - ODD stopped working, and not reading cd/dvd's


First of all delete the CD/DVD drive from device manager list.
Then start the registry (regedit) and delete the upper and lower filters from the key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

Here you can find more details:

Good luck

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if anyone could help, this is not so much of a problem, but I recently purchased the Equium A300D and there is a light strip above the mouse pad that is no longer illuminated.
I do not know if I turned it off somehow or how to turn it on, just sort of hoping someone might be able to help.

Answer:Equium A300D - question about mouse pad light

Its ok. I sorted it out. It was along the touch sensitive keys that launch the media player.

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Hi, I am currently having sound issues with my Toshiba laptop.

I am running Windows Vista (32 bit). The problem first occured after a windows update, I can't remember what exactly I did but after searching the net for some solutions I quickly found numerous threads regarding the same issue. I followed the instructions for the 'quick-fixs' that people stated throughout the forums. After numerous attempts with messing with regedit and such programmes and hours of searching the net I decided to try here. After messing around with the sound dependencies I now get a differernt issue.

When I hover my mouse pointer over the sound icon in the bottem right screen it states:

Volume: 0
Conexant High Definition Smartaudio221

When I attempt to higher the volume by right clicking the icon and clicking sound I get 3 tabs:
Playback, recording & sounds.

Under Playback I get 3 sound devices:
Speakers (Conexant High Definition Smartaudio 221) - Working *A green tic beside it
SPDIF Interface (Conexant High Definition Smartaudio 221) - Working
Digital Output Device (High Definition Audio Device) - Working

I tried uninstalling the drivers and installing again from [here| action=search&selCategory=2&selFamily=382&selSerie s=173&selProduct=798&selShortMod=727&selOS=26&selT ype=42&country=17&language=13&useDate... Read more

Answer:Equium A300D Sound Issue on Vista


I believe that Windows updates can be responsible for this sound issue. Because of that I have disabled automatic updates. Before I install updates I use option ?View Available updates? to see what is listed exactly. I have removed all checkmarks in front of optional updates. Maybe you should do the same and avoid installation of some updates that can have negative influence on well working sound, mouse or other hardware components.

If you are sure it is because of Microsoft update the first step you can try is to roll back OS to earlier time before you have installed all those updates.
Have you used TEST option for speakers? Any result?
Can you hear Windows sounds?

It is really stupid situation. At the end you must install OS again using recovery image. :(

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I have the *Equium A300D laptop* and my silly brother has accidentally deleted the camera assistant soft ware! I haven?t yet made a copy of the recovery DVD. The settings are nowhere to be found on my laptop (he must have deleted it about 2 months ago!) so is there somewhere I can download this software?

PLEASE HELP! lol cheers, Katie x

Answer:Need Camera assistant software for my Equium A300D


All you need you can find on > Support & Downloads.
Choose your notebook model, operating system and you will find Webcam driver for Vista 32-bit.

If you need more help let us know.

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I have a Equium A300D-16C. The original battery was shot so I purchased a Genuine PA3727-1brs 12 cell battery. I have put it in the laptop it appears to charge it but in the corner it still says no battery detected even though its on charge. When I take out the charger it will say unknown remaining.

I have tried the usual tricks of going into device manager and uninstalling the apci compliant control and still it has not sorted it self out. I have also updated my bios to the most recent one. I just wanted to know what else could I do so I can see how much battery is left and if the laptop can recognise i.,

Answer:Equium A300D-16C - Battery not detected after replacement


Is it an original Toshiba battery from an authorized service provider?

Usually the new battery should be detected after first start? I would recommend charging the battery while notebook is turned off. Then start notebook with battery only and check if it?s recognized properly.

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Would like to know if I can get recovery disk from Toshiba.

As I cant load from hard drive and I dont have the disks.

Answer:Can I get recovery disk from Toshiba for Equium A300D-13X?

Yes, you can order replacement discs from Toshiba :)

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Yesterday I bought a A300D laptop and after setting it up I've found its rather slow. For example it will come up with "please wait" before showing you the log-in screen upon boot up. It takes around 2-4minuets at least just to let you log on. After that though. I've found its an ok machine, but I was wondering if I could go back to Windows XP. I don't dislike vista but I think that may be one of the causes for its slowness. I think that also. When I start installing my own software ect it will only get slower.

I've heard a lot about "dual booting" and I was wondering if it was possible on this laptop. I have 3 hard disks in this laptop.

Vista (C:) 117GB
WINRE (D:) 1.46Gb
Data (E:) 113GB

From what I've read I could use my Data (E:) for one operating system and (C:) For the other. Although I'm not entirely sure how to do it, or even if its possible to do on this laptop. I mean. say if it did work, and I got XP on one hard-disk would the XP Operating system use the laptop like vista does? Two-cores, the graphics ect.

I've really got a small list of questions to ask if that's ok. I'll list them out.

#1: is it possible to dual boot on a Toshiba A300D?
#2: is it possible to dual boot on separate hard-disks?
#3: if so, how do I go about setting it up?
#4: is there any special programs I need to do it?
#5: will XP use he computers features and hardware as well as vista?

I think that's the questions I really want asking ... Read more

Answer:Equium A300D - Parralled/Dual Boot OS's

Although I focused on dual-booting there, if there is a way to just install XP without vista at all., that would be massively helpful too. Thank you.

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My daughters laptop has stopped working. I can't get it to repair/restore or anything. It always keesp coming back to 'No operating system found' so what i need to know is which download anyone advises would be most appropriate for me to re install to her laptop?

The laptop is a Toshiba Equium A300D 13X. It was running with Vista which was on it when purchased 3 years ago but now no operating system found.

Hope you can help as tried all other options via F8, F12, F2 etc. didn't keep a copy of recovery disc either and didn't come with a recovery disc directly.

Answer:Equium A300D-13X - No operating system found

Hi helen22,

First of all you should check if the HDD is still recognized properly. Therefore look in BIOS setup (F2) and make sure it?s listed there.

If the HDD is recognized you must reinstall Windows. Therefore you would need the Toshiba recovery disk that you had to create yourself and that?s the reason why the notebook didn?t come with a recovery disk because you have to do this yourself.

Anyway, now it?s too late but you can order a new disk here:

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ive installed win 7 home premium 32 bit but cant get no sound.
I've downloaded the drivers available from here but still no joy?

I then reverted back to vista only to find i still couldn't get any sound even though the drivers installed etc...
I've also read on here that it has realtek hardware so downloaded the drivers off there website but still no joy.

Any help would be appreiciated


Answer:Equium A300D-13X can't get any sound using Win7 32bit

Hi mate

You have installed an wrong sound driver!
The notebook supports the Conexant CX20561 sound chip! It?s NOT Realtek but Conexant!!!

You have to use the Conexant sound driver?

Please check the Toshiba European driver page again!!! The Equium *A300D* area contains the right Conexant sound driver!!!


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Basically, i've had the laptop for around 4 months and for a while, the touch sensitive multimedia buttons at the top of the keyboard lost their illumination, and whenever i tried to press the one that was supposed to illuminate them, it just muted my volume :S

Now, they are again illuminated, (did it itself when i rebooted once) but the illumination key still mutes and the ('Fn'+F number) function keys no longer seem to work; e.g. the - de-activate mousepad command on FN+F9 and the light command on FN+F2.

anyone got any solutions?
if i have to re-install drivers can someone tell me what one i should be looking for, because there doesn't seem to be a "multimedia keys" one.

Answer:Equium A300D Multimemedia keys not functioning correctly..


I?m not quite sure but I would recommend reinstalling the Toshiba Value Added Package.
You have to remove firstly the old VAP and after new reboot install the Value Added Package downloaded from the Toshiba European driver page.


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Hi, thanks for looking.

The hdd on the laptop went faulty so have replaced it with a new one...but when powering on and selecting F2 to check the bios or F12 to change the boot order to cdrom. i get the message ' Entering Setup..please wait' but nothing happens.

Tried without any hdd in but same result. Any ideas anyone?

Answer:Equium A300D-13x - unable to enter BIOS setup

Has it worked before HDD upgrade?
Remove the HDD and try it again?

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The camera works fine, but when try to use it as webcam on Windows live it doesnt work.
This is new problem as has worked ok with Windows live in the past, and dont know why it wont work now.

Answer:Webcam on Equium A300D wont work with Windows live

I use Webcam with Windows live messenger without problems. Check Windows live messenger settings again, especially audio and video setup.

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Even an advanced user who repairs PC's for a living can occasionally forget that the mains plug for the adapter wasn't switched on - d'oh!

It's partially created the C drive but obviously not finished it, Windows fails to start and there's no option to repair your computer to start the recovery again. When I boot with a Vista DVD and access Command Prompt I can see the recovery partition is still intact with all the images inside.

Is there a manual method to start the recovery script manually without having to wait days for a replacement disc? I've had a similar situation with another notebook running Vista and I had to set the paths to the D drive and run their recovery tool manually but can I do the same with a Tosh?

Thanks in advance..

Answer:Power failure during full recovery on Equium A300d-13X

Hmm? The HDD recovery could be started pressing the F8 immediately after notebook was powered up. Then an advanced boot menu should appear and there you should choose the first option called ?Repair Your Computer?.
Then a HDD recovery should start again.

If it doesn?t work then you will need a Toshiba Recovery disk to perform a new OS installation.
Unfortunately, but I doubt you would be able to start the HDD recovery using another way.

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Hi i need some advice on my laptop.

It will only work in power saver mode in the power options menu.
I thought that it was due to overheating at the start but it works all day long when on the power saver option on vista.

When i boot it up in the morning and select the high performance or balanced in the power options menu it switches itself off within 2 minutes.


Kind regards

Alex King

Answer:Equium A300D switches off when in high performance mode.


I think its overheating issue?
The CPU and GPU would run with high performance using the high performance settings in power management and would create high heat dissipation which would increase the temperature?

Are you using the latest BIOS?
Please check this!
Cooling modules are controlled by BIOS? maybe you need an update?

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Hi Guys
POST does not complete. Two big fat beeps. Anyone any ideas?
Thanks in advance

Answer:Equium A300D - BIOS POST beep codes


In most cases the BIOS beeps are result of motherboard problem.
It?s hard to say what part might be affected on motherboard.
But here is page which provides some info about BIOS beep codes:

You have no many options; what you can do is to test/remove the RAM.
Maybe RAM is faulty? otherwise it?s motherboard related and in such case the mobo needs to be replaced.

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Hi all

I've got the above machine which was working fine, if rather extraordinarily hot.
I decided to open it up and clean out the dust etc from the heatsink and anywhere else it had gathered inside the case. All good I thought........

However, upon reassembling it, the 2 left hand usb ports (one of which is combined USB and eSATA) have stopped working!

I could understand it if it were the ones on the right which are on a daughter card, (say if I'd forgotten the cable) but these are part of the motherboard. I've checked by plugging in various devices all of which work in the right ones, but not the left.

Checking between the + and - of the ports with a multimeter, I get ~5V from the right, and nothing from the left, though at one point I did register 0.3V.
I have tried the network port which is fine, but cannot test the eSATA portion as I have nothing to plug in.

Does anyone have a clue what this might be about?

Many thanks in advance!


Answer:Equium A300D-16C: USB/eSATA port does not work after disasembling

> Checking between the + and - of the ports with a multimeter, I get ~5V from the right, and nothing from the left
This means that there is no power on the led USB port.
To be honest I have no idea what you have done during the notebook disassembling procedure but it seems like you damage something on the motherboard.
For me this is the one plausible explanation.

Just one tip; check if eSATA is enabled in the BIOS.

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I've just had a Tempro alert that my 'C' drive is over 75% full. My laptop (Toshiba Equium A300D) appears to have 2 hard drives though, one labelled "Vista C:" and another "E:" labelled 'Data'

The 'C' drive is currently showing 31GB of 117GB free, while the 'E' drive is showing 108GB of 113GB.

Is there a way that I can save documents to the 'E' drive, which has much more space free, while retaining my existing directory structure? At the moment, all my diirectories and sub-directories, including the Vista 'Documents', 'Music' directories etc. are on the 'C' drive, and I don't really want to end up with two sets of directory structures.

Answer:Equium A300D - How to save on alternative hard driver?

Hi BlissC

You can save your documents, pictures, etc. on the second partition. So you can save disk space for applications that you install on the first partition.

Just right click on every folder that is saved in your user directory (e. g. music, documents, pictures, download, etc.) and choose properties. There you can change now where the folder should be saved.

I have also moved my documents on the second partition. :)

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For the first time I've reinstalled Vista Home Premium on my laptop. I've installed most of the drivers from this site.

I have everything working (even camera) except sound, but I CAN'T FIND THERE any driver for my HDaudio. I don't even know what audio device I have.
I mean Vista found 'default hd audio device' and I have sound from speakers and built in mic works but I when i connect front mic or headphones they don't work, and built in speakers don't mute.
What did I do wrong ?
Can anyone point me to good drivers or how to make front jacks work ?

Answer:Equium A300D-13X (PSAK2E) - front mic and headphones driver


Do you have reinstalled Windows using Toshiba recovery disk or Microsoft disk?

Normally you need the sound driver for this. You can download it on the Toshiba website and if you search for your model (Equium A300D) and PSAK2E series you find the right sound driver.
Check this!!


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I have an annoying problem.

With my sound card on its default driver, I cannot get the microphone (front jack) to pick up anything.

Yet when I upgrade with the latest drivers I then lose the onboard speakers and can only get sound by plugging in external speakers.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Equium A300D - microphone and speakers don't work properly


I don?t understand why the onboard speakers not work with the latest drives.
Did you download the driver from Toshiba? => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

Furthermore you should check if you have the newest BIOS version. There are two BIOS versions available: One for Vista 64bit and one for Vista 32bit. So choose the right one make the update.


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I have a Toshiba Equium A300D-13X on which I've installed Family Tree programme.
When I open the programme it tells me it cannot open Amyuni Document Converter 2.10 Kernel Mode Print Driver.

Does that mean I have to buy that PDF programme or is there something else I can use.

Answer:Equium A300D-13X: Cannot open Amyuni Document Converter 2.10


First of all this issue has nothing do with your notebook but with an 3rd party application which you have installed on the A300D notebook.
So I?m wonder why you post this here in the Toshiba forum?

Anyway? I?ve googled a little bit for details about ?Amyuni PDF Converter? and found out that this is a tool which converts every windows document into the PDF format.

In you case I would recommend searching in the web for this application and to download and to install the print driver which belongs to this ?Amyuni PDF Converter? software.

Good luck

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Hi, I have PIV 915 Motherboard with IDE Hard disk. My system was having too much of viruses so though i can format the entire thing and reinstall a new OS. As usual i did all the thing to reinstall the OS. But during installation when process reaches 11% while copying file my system power goes off and it wont turn on until i switch off& on my power supply. after doing many things the entire process stucks at the above stage only. please help....

Answer:OS installation stucks at 11%

The PSU is probably faulty so try a new one.

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No idea how this happend my computer is a new one only 1 week old and sound was working perfectly well.

Suddenly it will only use sound in playback and on computer but not in recording so i can play to others on another programme for example.

Equium a300d on vista

I've tried to the sound drivers from Toshiba site but nothing seems to be working .

Please help :(

Answer:Recording sound driver for Equium A300D not working or showing


If it has worked several days ago then I assume it must be a software issue?
I really don?t understand what you exactly want to do but try to reverse the OS to the early time point when this sound function has worked properly.

One question:
Did you check also the Sound settings in the device manager?
Check this.

Go to device manager -> sound and check the second tab called ?Recording?.
There you have to make right click and mark the both options ?Show disabled devices? and ?Show not connected devices?.
Then mark the new recognized sound devices and enable it.

Additional you should try to update the BIOS because many strange issues can be solved by BIOS update.

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Just started using the built in camera on my Equium A300D after a long break (6 months). The software seems to run fine I can see whatever, is in front of the camera in preview and all seems right. However, when I press the snapshot button it shows the last picture I took 6 months ago. The video function works fine!

I have uninstalled the software and installed the latest version but the problem remains.

Any ideas?


Answer:Equium A300D: Camera Software shows last picture I took 6 months ago


Sorry but I really don?t understand your problem.
The cam shows the last picture which your took several month ago?. And????
It this a problem????

I mean the picture has been saved up in the folder somewhere on the HDD and therefore you can see the pictures? I assume the pictures have not been deleted and therefore they are still available?.

This is not a problem buddy?. Take a look in the webcam folder and deleted the pictures? easy?. Isn?t it???

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I am using an Equium A300d-13x toshiba laptop and the led media control touch panel suddenly stoped working
What shuld i do?

Answer:Equium A300d-13x - Media buttons suddenly stoped working


Since the VAP (value added package) controls the Toshiba Multimedia Control buttons, I would assume to reinstall this software.
First of all you have to remove the installed VAP. After new reboot you should reinstall it again.

I think this should help.

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Toshiba support people,

I have a Toshiba Equium A300D that has suddenly decided to not power on - I have held down the power on/off button, held down control alt del, turned
it over to look for a reset button and found no button at all on the back - do not know if there is any other key command I can use to get it to boot up -

Can any one out there suggest what I can do?
Its like as if it is trapped in sleep mode.

The equium light is not on either or the touch pad stuff will not light up...



Answer:Equium A300D will not power on or boot up - stuck on standby/sleep

> Toshiba support people,
Firstly this is a user to user forum ? I doubt you will find an Toshiba people here

> I have a Toshiba Equium A300D that has suddenly decided to not power on - I have held down the power on/off button, held down control alt del, turned
it over to look for a reset button and found no button at all on the back - do not know if there is any other key command I can use to get it to boot up -

Try this:
Remove the battery, disconnect the AC adaptor
Then wait several minutes (~30min) and connect both parts again.

Then try to power up the machine.
Check it out and post the results.

Good luck

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Has anybody else found the Equium A300D PSAK2E Windows Vista 32 bit Toshiba ATI display driver download will not work from the download centre? If you choose run, the download causes the windows explorer to crash during the install and the upgrade fails, the same with save and the install does not self install.

I have been trying to get the TV out S-Video port working. See thread on TV out not working. I have tried everything. has anybody else got this problem as Toshiba are unaware of any problems with the S Video TV out not working on this machine.

Thanks Vince

Answer:Equium A300D - Toshiba ATI display driver upgrade is not working

I?ve checked download from Toshiba Europe site and there is no problems with download. The file is about 96 MB and I have downloaded it for about 40 seconds.

The question is: how you have tried to install display driver?

Anyway, who knows how you use S-Video option and what the problem can be. According your posting you didn?t get answer from Toshiba to this issue. Am I right about that?
To be honest I don't believe that there is some problem. The fact is that principle how to use S-Video cable with TV is the same for all notebook models.

Can you please explain to us how you try to see the desktop on your TV using S-Video cable?

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Equium A300D laptop completly shutsdown at random times
It could be overheating.
It really cant cope when trying to restore i-phone - i have been unable to do this as the laptop doesn't stay on long enough
Playing and / or burning various media is also a problem
Any thoughts on how to fix would be appreciated

Answer:Equium A300D laptop completly shutsdown at random times

You are right. It can be overheating problem.
Is notebook also pretty hot when suddenly switches off?

In my opinion you must clean it up.

Friend of mine had the same problem with his A350. After professional notebook cleaning problem has been solved. With other words notebook was disassembled and cleaned up properly.

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I have a problem with my Equium A300D-13X laptop, every time I turn my laptop on it starts up and loads the initial Toshiba start up screen as normal, after that has loaded a loud 'BEEP' comes from my laptop and lists the following information:

Phoenix TrustredCore (tm) NB
Copyright 1985-2006 Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
All Rights Reserved

ATI Herring (DDR2 + RS690M/T/SB600)
CPU Speed = 2000 MHz

639K System RAM Passed
1918M Extended RAM Passed
1024 KB L2 Cache
System Bios shadowed
Video BIOS shadowed
Fixed Disk 0: WDC W2500BEVT-00SCSTO
Fixed Disk 1: Hitachi HTS542520K9SA00
Mouse initialized
System Configuration Data Read Error

Press <F1> to resume, <F2> to Setup

I have replaced the hard-drive and flashed the BIOS settings as advised by Toshiba Helpline but the problem still persists,

Please help!!!! because the 'BEEP' is now starting to get on my nerves!!!!!


Answer:Equium A300D-13X - System Configration Data Read Error

Hi andrew_net82,

It seems that the BIOS has detected an error with a certain hardware part...

Before you do something I would recommend loading the default settings in BIOS. Press F9 key if you are in BIOS setup.

If it doesn?t work you need professional help from an authorized service provider I think. The guys must check what hardware part is faulty and needs replacing.
List of ASPs you can find on official Toshiba website.

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I recently purchased a Toshiba laptop, everything worked perfectly until my laptop was attacked. I got rid of the virus and went to reformat due to lots of problems occurring. The main one being a error has accursed and "Blah Blah" program needs to close. Also i kept getting loads of errors.
Them types.

Now then the Toshiba reformatting disk said simply put the disk into the CD drive and turn off. I did this, great. The toshiba disk said press F12 upon starting and click run the CD. The CD fires up and gets half way thro reformatting.

I suddenly get a blue screen error. I thought oh well ill reboot and carry on. This is where the problem started. Because i was half way thro deleting/reinstalling windows i was missing some files. I go to reinstall or try to use the Toshiba CD I get a blue screen error.

(Click to consult the online Win XP Resource Kit article, or see Windows 2000 Professional Resource Kit, p. 1548.)
Requested data was not in memory. An invalid system memory address was referenced. Defective memory (including main memory, L2 RAM cache, video RAM) or incompatible software (including remote control and antivirus software) might cause this Stop message, as may other hardware problems (e.g., incorrect SCSI termination or a flawed PCI card).

Any ideas what i can do? I don't want to send the laptop back to Toshiba to fix however im thinking this is the only... Read more

Answer:Equium A100-549: Blue Screen error during Recovery CD installation


It?s very strange because the installation from the Toshiba recovery CD should works properly and without any Blue screen messages.
Usually if the BSOD appears if there is a serious software problem or something wrong with the hardware.
I don?t think that the software on the recovery CD could be corrupt.

Did you try to install the OS from original Microsoft Windows CD? It would be very interesting to know if the blue screen will also appear.

However, I think your notebook is new and the warranty is valid. In my opinion you should ask the Toshiba service partner for the help because the guys could start the diagnostic test and could locate the fault.

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I have recently formatted my old windows. But now I am not able to install windows 8(actually even windows XP and seven) . When I try to boot from USB setup starts But 'Getting files ready' (which is second step of installation) stucks at midway like at 14% or 52% or 74% i.e. at any arbitary percentage and nothing happens . Actually I am able to move my cursor but installation no more proceeds further . I have tried to format many times and to run installation but everytime installtion stucks at midaway without any error .

My laptop specs are as following:
Acer aspire 5745 , 500GB HDD , 3GB RAM , intel core i3 processor .

If anyone has idea to fix this problem please do let me know . Any help will be appriciated . (Sorry if my english is poor or posting the thread at wrong place)

Answer:Windows 8 installation stucks at midway

Try a clean install by following this procedure:

Clean Install - Windows 8

Please make sure you delete all existing partitions as shown by the image in step 7.

Good luck.

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I have recently formatted my old windows. But now I am not able to install windows 8(actually even windows XP and seven) . When I try to boot from USB setup starts But 'Expanding windows files' (which is second step of installation) stucks at midway like at 14% or 52% or 74% i.e. at any arbitary percentage and nothing happens . Actually I am able to move my cursor but installation no more proceeds further . I have tried to format many times and to run installation but every time installation stucks at midaway without any error .My laptop specs are as following:Acer aspire 5745 , 500GB HDD , 3GB RAM , intel core i3 processor . If anyone has idea to fix this problem please do let me know . Any help will be appriciated . (Sorry if my english is poor)

Answer:Windows 8 installation stucks at midway

Hard to say. Can you please explain what you think happened to your laptop? Did it have Windows 7? How old was it?If the laptop had a major failure with the HDD, doing a reformat does  not eliminate then problem. Did you not try the restore or repair features of the laptop?  Did it have a recovery partition?

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i need some help... I have a new Z830-10J. During the first
setup the Notebook crashed and rebooted. I always get
the error

"The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered
an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install
Windows, click "OK" to restart the computer, and then restart the installation."

After the restart i get the same error again and again... Pushing F8 does not bring
the repair options. Every option (Safe Mode, Debugging and so on) only leads to the
same error.

What can i do?

Best regards,

Answer:Satellite Z830-10J stucks in a installation loop

meanwhile i have an bootable USB stick with win7, but the
repairoptions does not find a backup to repair... but i see
3 partiions, besides the normal system theres a backup and
a boot partition.

Im going to download the Win 7 Home Prem. trial version and
will install that one. Do you think i am able to "restore" the system
after the installation? Otherwise the whole software from tohsiba
is lost :(

Message was edited by: ltkrogoth

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My Samsung RV520 came with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit installed, i formated the HDD and Partitioned it into 2 Drives @ 250gb in a bid to dual boot XP&Win7. After succesful installation of XP-SP3, ive encoutered a problem with Win7 Ultimate (both 64x and 86x) installation as i booted from dvd and also via usb too it says windows loading files and stucks when the Win7 Logo is Loading. What could be the problem?
More info:Also i cant boot via any Linux distributions. .is it a missing driver or what is it guys?please help.

Answer:Windows 7 installation stucks when loading win 7 logo(icon)

So you only have XP SP3 on the HD now? Are all other HD's and peripherals unplugged?

Where did you get WIn7 Ultimate ISO? How is it being burned to DVD or written to flash stick? How do you plan to activate it?

Why aren't you using Home Premium which came with the PC? Using Ultimate causes you to lose the $100+ value of the OS which is good for the life of the machine. Which of the few extra features in Ultimate require this? Compare Windows 7 Editions - Windows 7 Forums

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Hello to everybody,

I'm italian, I've a Satellite A300 with Vista Home Premium, I payed 30 euros for the free upgrade to Windows 7 that reached my house yesterday. I received 2 DVDs:
- 1 to "make ready" my laptop : *TOSHIBA UPGRADE DVD*
- 1 to upgrade the O.S. : *WINDOWS 7 HOME PREMIUM UPGRADE DVD*

+The first step:+ to use the first DVD: all right, "the system is ready to install Windows 7, please insert the second dvd". When I insert the second one, I accept the license and after that, the first step of istallation: *"system compatibility check"*
*This steps is my problem.*

I restated more than 10 times the praxis but it jams at that step, I left laptop at this step all night long but today morning it was still there, no advances, it's obvious that there's a problem, but I cannot understand if it depends on my laptop or on the DVD.

I tried to start the laptop with Windows 7 DVD inside, the system start by the DVD but it ask me to format the partition in which are vista files and this is not an upgrade. I bought an upgrade just to not delete previous programs and to not format the first partition of my laptop's disk.

How to do, whom can i turn to?
Does anyone have the same problem?
Does anyone know an escape?

thanx 4 your replies

Dread One

Answer:Satellite A300-1RZ - Windows 7 upgrade stucks on first step of installation

Hi Dread One

That?s strange because I didn?t have a problem with my upgrade disk from Toshiba. Everything worked fine! :)

I don?t know if you read this but here is a step by step upgrade instruction:

As you can read before upgrade you have to remove some programs if they are installed on your computer.
Check this!!!

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Hello, all.

This question has already been asked not long ago but I would like to know some more details. Do I need to use the Intel Matrix Storage HDD driver to be able to install WXP over Vista? Judging by the CPU manufacturer - AMD - I don't. Then how can the SATA "visibility" problem be solved? Or won't there be any problem at all?

JohnyS, if you already answered a question of the same origin, can you please answer mine? Or maybe anyone else could answer it?

What other problems may I face in replacing Vista with good old WXP on my A300D?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:WXP installation on Satellite A300D 11S

If there is a "SATA Compatibility/IDE" option in the BIOS, use that. Otherwise you need an F6 SATA driver.

You have an AMD model, so I dont think you can use the Intel Matrix driver :p

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I've formatted my PC and installed XP. Can I reinstall Vista using HDD recovery?

Answer:Satellite A300d-16W - Can I use HDD recovery after Win XP installation?

>I've formatted my PC and installed XP

No, you cannot use the Recovery HDD after the Win XP installation because it looks like you have formatted the HDD and the HDD partition has been erased.

So you will have to use the Toshiba Recovery disk which you have created hopefully before you have formatted the HDD.


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