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Re: Equium A100-027: Upgrade questions

Question: Re: Equium A100-027: Upgrade questions

I would like to upgrade my laptop as much as I can. I need a new fast hard drive 7200rpm minimum and the best memory purchaseable. can anyone help?
I am confused about S-ATA 150 and S-ATA 300. what's the difference? Also, what would speed up this laptop in terms of upgrading the hardware the most?

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Preferred Solution: Re: Equium A100-027: Upgrade questions

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Re: Equium A100-027: Upgrade questions


In your case I would take some kingston RAM and upgrade to 2GB because everything above 2GB does not help you really and you won?t recognize it even if you work on really big pictures in CoredDraw.
Regarding the HDD?s: A HDD with 7200RPM would speed up your machine, so just check the Toshiba drives out, they?re really fast. You can also check the H itachi drives because they?re reliable and fast, too. (Like the Tosh drives)

If you got still some questions: just ask ;)

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I've an Equim A100-027 and I've previously upgraded the memory chips from the two 512MB to 2 at 2GB what's the maximum I can upgrade them to?

I've also previously installed a larger hard drive a 350GB one but I'm looking to install a larger one - what's the maximum size I could install? I'm guessing there must be a limit, but I was hoping 750GB to 1TB would be OK.

I appreciate any replies - thanks in advance.

Answer:RAM and HDD upgrade on Equium A100-027


I?m afraid the 2GB RAM ist the most possible memory value which is supported by Equium A100-027. I this the chipset limitation.

The HDD upgrade should be possible since the SATA controller isn?t limited to an certain size.
Therefore I think that 750GB should be possible?

Please share the news with us after you finished such upgrade.

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Can anyone tell me what size hard drive I can fit in my laptop? It is an Equium A100-306 and has an 80 GB inside. I would like to upgrade to a 250 GB at least .. just not sure if the laptop has restrictions for hard drive size or not .. or can I just wack any size in.

Any help would be appreciated thanks

br geeza

Answer:HDD upgrade on Equium A100-306

Looking in google, some A100's come with 160GB HDD's, so I think you have a good chance a 250GB will work.

Can you try a 250GB before purchasing it?

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Hi everybody,

I have a equium A100-060 and i would upgrade it.
I want to replace my CPU Intel T2250 with a Intel T7700.

The problem is that the T2250 is 32bit instead the T7700 is a 64bit.
The Socket is compatible but i don't now if the motherboard is compatible too.
The motherboard model is the ' 1310A2101803 V000068830 '.

Have someone of you tryed this upgrade?

The question is if my motherboard supports the new CPU 64bit.
Thanks to all for the answers, if there will be.

Bye :)

PS: Sorry for my english.

Answer:Upgrade on Equium A100-060

> The Socket is compatible but I don't know if the motherboard is compatible too.

What chipset is used in this notebook?
You have to check if the chipset would be able to handle the new CPU.
If the socket is compatible and if chipset is able to handle the new CPU then you would have good chances to upgrade the CPU.

PS: Here you can find some info regarding the upgrades for Toshiba notebooks.

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Useing PC Wizard, it says that my mainboard can handle a cpu upto 2048mhz, so can it be upgraded? And what CPU can I use?



Mainboard Upgradebility :
Socket/Slot : U2E1
Upgrade interface : ZIF Socket
Supported Speed : 2048 MHz (or more)
Supported Voltage : 3.3V

Answer:Is it possible to upgrade the CPU on Equium A100-27?

Hi there,

so you are using "PC Wizard" and you trust it? "PC Wizard" is in my opinion not a program which will find out which CPU fits in your system.

1.) Which CPU do you have? Intel CoreDuo, CoreSolo, PentiumM (every of these CPU?s has the Yonah-Core).
Did PC-Wizard tell you this fact? If not try "WCPUID" or "CPU-Z", to find out which CPU is in your system. (These programs are btw. professional tools for Hardware developers and overclockers)

2.) Supported voltage 3.3 Volt???? The maximum CPU voltage for such CPU which is in your system is about (legal and verified) 1.6 -1.7 Volts in normal state. So a second evidence that your nice "PC-Wizard" is lying to you.

3.) The maximum speed really depends on the architecture in your machine. The highest CoreDuo version has 2.33 Ghz, but the CoreSole just 1.66 Ghz. If you really want to do it, then be REALLY SURE which CPU you have.

4.) Think about the cooling system. Are you sure that the cooling system for the actual CPU in your system fits on CPU with higher speeds?? And where to get such information? This information just belongs to hardware developers of toshiba and not to normal freaks like us. :)

5.) Since every new Intel CPU needs a flash of the CPU-register (called DMI-write) you will have the next problem, because such tools are just given to toshiba technicians and are not available for public!! So if you REALLY can install the CPU (did you forget the Co... Read more

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Hi, I have an Equium A100-147 with the standard 1gb RAM (512mb + 512mb of pc-4200) running XP Professional.

I would like to upgrade, and wondered whether it would be ok to replace one of the 512mb sticks with a single 2gb pc-5300 stick. Ram would then be 2gb pc-5300 plus 512mb pc-4200 = 2.5gb in total.

Or would it be better to buy 2 x 1GB sticks of pc-5300 and sell or throw the existing memory?

Will I see any appreciable increase in speed over the existing Ram configuration?

Any advice appreciated.


Answer:RAM upgrade Equium A100-147

It would be better to run 2x 1GB Modules. When you use the same modules, they run in Dual Channel Mode, which may boost performance in memory intensive applications.

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I'm thinking of upgrading the RAM on my Equium A100-147 and was wondering which type of RAM I should get and what is the maximum amount of RAM supported?

It has a 1.6GHz centrino duo t2050 processor if thats any help? I've looked on the toshiba website and they only sell 1GB compatible modules but in other places I've seen people say it can take more?


Answer:Equium A100-147 - Which RAM modules for upgrade?

Hi mate,

The maximum RAM capacity is depending on your chipset that you have. The Toshiba website shows a maximum capacity of 4GB RAM but don?t forget you need a 64bit OS to use the full capacity. Otherwise you are only able to use ~3GB.

You can buy every modules that you want but I made good experience with Kingston modules. The Kingston memory search shows compatible modules for your notebook:
[Search Results for: Toshiba Equium A100-147 | m+A100&search_type=&root=uk&LinkBack=http%3A%2F%2F]

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HI Folks :-)

Can i change the HDD drive in my Equium a100 027 for one with a 7200rpm speed ?

If not whats the biggest size of HDD i can put into it ?

Also is it worth getting a big one to do a dual boot with Vista and XP or have one wiht Vista and the other Drive with XP

Can anyone also point me in the direction of where to purchase the correct type of drive with the correct connection...its SATA i believe

Thanks on advance for your help

Answer:Need information about HDD upgrade on Equium A100-027

In my opinion you can use the HDD with the 7200rpm speed. I really don?t see any reasons why this should be not possible!

It?s important that you buy an HDD with the supported interface and the HDD size.

You are right; the Equium A100 supports SATA HDD interface.
You have to use SATA HDDs and not IDE!!!

According to some internet sites the notebook was delivered with the 80GB HDD.
I presume you should be able to upgrade the HDD up to 120GB but this is only a suggestion because Toshiba does not provide any official informations about the max HDD size.

Best regards

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I'm looking to upgrade the hard drive on my A100-549 as 40GB isn't enough.

Anybody know what sort of drive I need to buy?

Have looked on Ebuyer and there are some Toshiba 2.5" hard drives, but want to make sure that I buy one that will be compatiable with my laptop.

Any ideas?


Answer:Equium A100-549: Question about HDD upgrade


you have to use a HDD with Enhanced IDE (ATA-6) interface.
The BIOS should detect all capacities.
The height of the drive should be not more than 9.5mm.


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Hi all

am looking to upgrade my Equium A100-027 - HDD to a 120GB unit

can any of you fill me in as to what HDD unit i will need for this upgrade

warm regards

Answer:Want to upgrade Equium A100-027 with 120GB HDD


The A100 series is a one of the newest notebook series which are on the market. So I don?t see any problems with the upgrade of the 120GB HDD?
Please note that the notebook supports a Serial ATA (SATA) interface and the new HDD should also supports this kind of the interface.

have a nice weekend ;)

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Has anyone upgraded from Xp to Vista home premium on the titled notebook or similiar, my notebook only just meets the minimum requirements in terms of RAM and graphics memory (1Gb and 128Mb) I ask because I don't want to upgrade from Xp (Which runs very well) to Vista and find everything looks nice but chugs along slowly. Your thoughts please.

Regards ... John

Answer:Vista upgrade on Equium A100-147

128Megs for Graphics should be enough. I tried and had no problems. The problem will be the RAM. You should upgrade to 2 gb. Since I have two GB it runs very well. But when I install the final version (when drivers are there) I will turn off AERO anyway. I work with my laptop and I do not need the graphics-stuff.

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My wife and I are both pensioners on a limited budget and cannot afford to change the above machine and we would like to change to Vista from XP. Is it better to upgrade or reformat and install the full programs? Also will I need to get updates for other programs that are there?

Thank you in advance


Answer:Re: Vista upgrade on Equium A100-147

Do you really need to change to Vista? It is reckoned to be more resource-intensive than XP (e.g. recommendation is for a minimum 2GB of RAM) and there may be device and printer driver problems if your machine was not really designed for Vista (early 'Vista Ready' PCs are not necessarily compatible, but I don't know the status of A100-147).

Although XP will soon be dropped from sale, its support should continue for quite a while, e.g. a new service pack is due to come out in a few months.

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I recently received an Equium A100-027 for my birthday. Overall I'm extremely pleased with it, however the only problem I have is with the graphics card. I am a gamer, and the graphics card just can't handle most modern games.

I am looking into how to upgrade it, how much it will cost etc. However I don't wanna buy a graphics card just to realise that the inside is locked down. Since it's only a week old I also don't want to take a hammer to it just yet ;-)

Can anyone tell me how hard it is to upgrade the graphics card? Is it locked down, or easily accessible?

Answer:Equium A100-027: Is it possible to upgrade the graphic card?

Hi E?monn

Unfortunately, the graphic card upgrade is not possible. I don?t know if you are familiar with the notebook technology but you should know that the graphic cards installed on the notebook motherboards are not same like the GPU?s for desktop PC?s.

The card a fixed and there is no way for an upgrade!!!
You can upgrade the memory modules or the HDD on the notebooks but not the graphic card!!!

I?m also an gamer and I?m a notebook owner but I don?t use this unit for gaming but for usual usage like internet, programming, mps, etc?
I have a second gaming machine and it?s a desktop PC. It?s support a water cooling module and a really great graphic card? but I will change it to the newest one ? NVIDIA which supports the directX10.
This is a future and all newest games will need this DrectX10!!!

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I have a brand new Equium A100-337 which came with Vista as standard.

No games work properly (yes I've tried the emulator). The sound is dreadful and DVD's are virtually inaudible. The firewall switches itself off or crashes constantly. I keep on getting the message that Toshiba flash cards arent working - I don't even know what they are!

Is all this normal?
Would the XP installation solve my problems?

Answer:Equium A100-337: bad Vista performance - should I upgrade to XP?


How about RAM upgrade. According to specification this notebook model is delivered with 512 MB of RAM. Very interesting is that graphic card is shared one and use RAM for graphic operations. I can imagine that performance is not the best one.

This notebook model can handle with 4GB of RAM and I recommend you to upgrade RAM with additional 1GB module.

I am pretty sure the performance will be much better. 512 MB is for me definitely not enough. The same is with WXP when unit has 256MB RAM only.


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Hello there.

The time has come to upgrade my laptop, but I'm not sure how to get the full 4 GB RAM in to it.

Toshibas page for this computer says I can have 4 GB but also that its two memory slots will only cope with maximum 1024 MB cards. Is the extra only achievable through vista ready boost or something??

It currently has two '512mb pc5300 667mhz' cards in it.

Please help me....... I am looking to order these items very soon and I do not want to buy something that wont work.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Equium A100-02L: Question about memory upgrade to 4GB

Is there nobody who can shed any light on this problem for me ?

Toshiba page.


standard : 1,024 (512+512) MB
maximum expandability : 4,096 MB
technology : DDR2 RAM (667 MHz)
expansion module sizes : 256, 512, 1,024 MB

The information is there. How is it interpreted ?


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I'm about to open up my A100 to drop in a new Core 2 Duo but what i also want to know is does this model have the capacity to take a graphics card.
Also does toshiba offer this model with a better graphics GPU than the GMA950?

I didn't purchase this for gaming but i might upgrade it if possilbe.

Please dont post on here to tell me that this model is not for gaming as i am very aware of this fact already.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.


Answer:Equium A100-147: Question about graphics upgrade

I presume you didn?t search in this forum for some similar thread about graphic and CPU replacement. Am I right?

I would recommend doing this because then you will find useful information about the graphic card upgrade and finally a statement that GPU upgrade is not possible.

Furthermore you will find many threads and advices that it?s inadvisable to disassemble the notebook and to upgrade the CPU?


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I have recently upgraded to Windows 7 but since then have no sound.
I have checked that all devices are enabled and not muted.
I have visited the Realtek and Toshiba sites and have downloaded the latest software recommended by Toshiba, but still no sound.

I have seen other postings relating to a similar issue - can you advise how I can sort this, please?

Answer:Equium A100 upgrade to Windows 7, but now no sound

Do you hear sound via the Headphone socket?

Try muting then unmuting the main volume. Sometimes it can get stuck in Mute mode.

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Hey guys and gals
I'll get to the point.

I am looking to upgrade the RAM in a Toshiba Equium A100 laptop. It was supplied with 1GB (2x512 modules) Providing i find the correct DDR 2 memory modules.
Does anyone know if there is a limit as to how much i can increase the RAM?

I would also like to replace the HDD module as the 80GB just doesn't cut it, any advice or direction on that would be greatly received.

Any information on a processor upgrade would also be appreciated.

I know it's asking a lot but you guys know better than me.

Answer:Equium A100: Need some details about upgrade possibilities

At first I must say, it will be interesting to know which Equium A100 you have exactly (A100-xxx).
RAM upgrade is very easy and you can do it at first. According notebook specifications your notebook can handle with 4 GB max and compatible RAM modules is DDR2-533 1GB (PA3411U-2M1G). To check the list of all compatible modules visit Toshiba support page under

About HDD upgrade there is no public document but I am pretty sure you can upgrade HDD up to 250 GB without any problems.

CPU upgrade is not supported and you should think about it. Believe me with maximum RAM you do not need CPU upgrade. Upgrade RAM to maximum and optimize operating system.

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first post here. I just got myself an A100-338 and it comes with 2 x 512mb sticks of pc2-4300 ddr2 memory and I want to add a further 1gb. Do I need to buy 2 x 512mb sticks or can I buy 1 x 1gb stick? Does it make any difference if you mix different sizes of memory?


Answer:Equium A100-338 - memory upgrade question.

Hi Jonathan

What do you want to do?
Do you want to upgrade the memory to 2GB?

How do you want to upgrade the memory to 2GB using 512MB modules? ;) 4 x 512MB???
Sorry but something like that is not possible.

The notebook supports only 2 memory slots
Therefore you have to use 2 x 1024MB memory module. Are you agree?

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Hi there,

I have an Equium A100-027 notebook with 2 x 512 MB RAM installed. I'd like to add extra memory.

I have used Crucial's ( website to scan my system and recommend memory modules. According to Crucial the A100-027 will support 2 x 2 GB modules giving 4 GB in total.

However a quick search using Google suggest I can only install 2 x 1 GB (2 GB in total) modules.

Can anyone clarify please.

Thanks in advance,


Answer:Question about memory upgrade in a Equium A100-027

hi mate have a look here, i think its only 2gb...

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I have a Equium A100-027 with 1GB RAM (2x 512MB modules)
If I would like to raise the speed, which RAM modules would I need? I also need a new graphics card, can I purchase any graphics card or does it have to be a certain one for my laptop?

Answer:Question about RAM and Graphics card upgrade on Equium A100-027

Hi there,

regarding your upgrade question:

RAM -> you need 200-pin DDR2 RAM:

Graphics card -> upgrade is not possible, since the graphics card is soldered on the mainboard of your notebook which means it?s "hardwired"

Thats all

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I have had my Toshiba Equium A100-338 laptop for over 2 years now and the other day I upgraded the RAM to 4GB from 1GB, I have noticed that the battery level is poor and I can only get at max 30-40 mins out of the battery. It has usually has 1hr 30mins to 2hrs of life on a fully battery until now

I thought that adding more RAM would make the battery last longer, though I don't know that it?s the RAM that?s done it

Any help appreciated, thank you!

Answer:After RAM upgrade Equium A100-338 runs on battery 30 mins only

In my opinion RAM upgrade cannot be responsible for this lower battery capacity. I have upgraded/ downgraded memory on my notebooks and I didn?t notice something like this.

Does it mean when you use 1 GB RAM again you can use battery so long as before?

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I purchased a Equium A100-306 in November prior to deploying on operations as I am in the forces and was unable to upgrade before this.

I have just returned and have found out I can no longer get my Vista upgrade as I have missed the deadline. I have E-mailed ModusLink with no response. I was wondering if anyone has any advice or could help me resolve this problem.

I feel I should not miss out on the free upgrade due to circumstances out of my control. Looking through the documentation I received with my laptop there was no deadline stated it is only on the internet the deadline is made clear but I was unable to check this out.

Thanks for any help.

Answer:Equium A100-306 Question about ModusLink Vista Upgrade

Hi Greg

What to say. The whole upgrade program is controlled by ModusLink Company and every misunderstanding you must try to clarify with them. I think end of the March was ?deadline? for Vista upgrade program.

Sorry but you are alone and try to talk with them about the whole situation.

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I would like to upgrade the RAM on my A100-306 to make use of the full capability of win 7 64bit. I have been looking around, I know I need PC-4200 (533MHz) 200 Pin SODIMM modules but I am not clear on whether they need to be paired. Ideally, I would like to buy a single 2GB module now, and then get a second one in the future. My questions are:

1) Is it ok to have a single 2GB module?
2) Can I leave in one of the current 512GB modules to give me 2.5GB?
3) To what extend does the second module need to match the first if is purchased and added at a later time?

I look forward to any advice.


Answer:Equium A100-306 memory upgrade to from 2x512 to 4GB for Windows 7 64bit


The A100-306 supports the Mobile Intel? 945GM Express Chipset.
This chipset supports max 4GB RAM.
This means that you can use 2x 2GB modules.

Yes, you can use 512Mb and 2GB RAM? this should be possible?

Usually it?s recommended to use the modules with the same specifications?
I mean the modules should use the same speed (Mhz)? if one of the module will be slower then the faster module would be clocked down and both modules would run at the lower speed?

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Hi, I have an Equium L40-156 PSL49E running Vista Home Premium.

I have 3 questions: (due mainly to a desire to upgrade things)

1. What is the max hard drive capacity supported?

2. What is the max memory configuration suppored?

3. What are the benefits of upgrading to BIOS 2.00-WIN?

Thanks in advance for any assistance, regards, Chris.

Answer:Equium L40 - upgrade questions


I will try to help you with your questions:

Friend of mine has Satellite L40 and I can confirm that you can upgrade it with 200 GB SATA HDD. Service told him it is max capacity according the Toshiba.
Is this enough for you?

RAM can be upgraded up to 2 GB. It is the max supported value.

About BIOS updates there are no specific information. If your notebook runs well you must not update it at all.

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I am a complete noob, so please forgive my dumb question!

I would like to replace the HDD from my laptop, is there any combatibilty issues that I should be aware of, or should it just be a case of getting a 2.5" HDD?

Is it easy to buy an external one, and to use the internal drive from the inside the enclosure?

This seems to be the best value way of doing it. Any specific recommendations?

Answer:Satellite Pro A100-830 - HDD upgrade questions

Hi magicmat,

Usually HDD upgrade is not complicated and therefore you have only to remove the HDD cover on bottom side on your notebook to replace the HDD.

Satellite Pro A100 already uses HDDs with SATA interface so you need such an HDD. Furthermore I would recommend a model with 5400rpm because it?s fast enough and doesn?t much power.

So that?s all what you must know about upgrade. Theoretically you can use the old HDD as external one with a external HDD case. Also no problem. :)

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I am looking to buy a Toshiba notebook.
Currently looking at A100-027 or A100-216
The 216 is looking the favorite as it has 2048 RAM but is 100 more than the 027.

Is it possible to replace the 027's 2x512 with 2x1024 economicaly or not. ?:|

Also - the 216 comes with XP with a free upgrade to Vista. I have been told that I can create a "rescue disc" in XP, then upgrade to Vista, create a "recue disc" in Vista.

I can then revert to XP if I don't like Vista. This sounds too good to be true - is it? ?:|

Answer:What to buy: Equium A100-027 or A100-216


Are you sure that the notebooks were delivered with different memory amount?
I have searched a little bit in the internet and it seems both units were delivered with 1GB memory.

Anyway, the memory upgrade is not difficult. You can simple remove the memory slot cover at the bottom of the unit and you will get an access to the memory banks.
I think the memory upgrade was already described in the user manual which you can download on the Toshiba page.

Ohh, something about Vista upgrade:
The upgrade is not FREE. You have to pay a pretty penny.
Here in the Vista board you will find several threads about this theme?

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Hi guys,

Can I install 2GB ram or even 2x2GB into my Equium A100 -027

Thanks a lot.

Answer:2GB RAM for Equium A100 -027

According the notebook specification your notebook can handle with 4 GB RAM.
So you can use 2 x 1GB (PA3411U-2M1G) or even 2 x 2 GB modules.

Before you buy RAMs pick up info about compatibility and please use high quality RAMs.

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I recently bought an A100-303 equium notebook and am lookin to add more RAM. I was just wondering if it needs to be buffered or unbuffered or does it matter?

I currently have 1gb of ram (512 + 512 as its a dual core processor) and am looking to upgrade to 2gb (1024 + 1024). I know the type is PC4200, 200 pin, SODIMM.

Also where would be the cheepest place to buy these? Thanks.

Answer:Equium A100-303: looking to add more RAM


> was just wondering if it needs to be buffered or unbuffered or does it matter

Well, Toshiba recommended using own memory modules like PA3411U-2M1G but I don?t find any information if the module supports ECC (means buffered) or Non-ECC (means non buffered)
In my knowledge the ECC-buffered memory is about 30 percent slower as the Non-ECC modules.

It?s your choice what you will buy but I would recommend buying a brand name module.
I know, the no-name modules are cheaper but brand modules are much faster and the performance and quality is better as no-name modules.

So googel a little bit and you will find many online offers. Compare simply the prices?

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My laptop has a broken lcd screen and I would like to continue to use the computer with my Sony Bravia tv acting as a monitor.

I have connected a VGA lead between the two appliances and have been unsuccessful in getting the computer to display on the TV screen despite pressing all kinds of fn/f5 combos. I can make out the colours on the broken lcd enough to tell when I am at the password prompt and can sign in successfully to the desktop.

I cannot, however, recognise any of the options when right clicking at this stage. Sometimes when I press fn/f5 the broken laptop screen goes either blank or has a different mash of colours.

I think some kind of 'blind start-up' prompted by someone with the same model may help. Any help would be gladly appreciated.


Answer:Equium A100-306 - Using with LCD TV only


Are you using a standard VGA cable without adapter?

If yes you should make sure if you chose the correct input channel for TV. As far as I know for VGA connector there is a channel called ?PC? or ?VGA?.
Check this!!!

Make also sure that the cable is connected before you turn on both devices. Then turn on the TV and at last your notebook.

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need to buy a replacement key for A100-147 but need the part number ,

can you help! thanks

Answer:Need to buy key for Equium A100-147


You can get just the whole keyboard.
As far as I know its not possible to replace the keyboard key? of course you can remove the key cap but if you have some mechanical key problems, the cap replacement does not help you? so you need the keyboard and the compatible parts can be ordered from Toshiba service in your country.

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My CD/DVD-ROM on my Toshiba Equium A100-299 won't work, do you have any clue why?

I've been trying to fix it by changing the IDE ATA/ATAPI secondary IDE cannel to PIO-Mode only, but it doesn`t seem to work...

I get the famous I/O-warning, every time I try to open programs and DVD`s on it. But it works when I put in an audio cd...

Answer:Equium A100-299 - CD/DVD-ROM would not work


Hopefully it?s not a hardware malfunction?.
We should be optimistically ;)

Check this: access the device manager and remove the device drive.
After new reboot, the OS should recognize and initialize the drive again.

Additionally you could try to clean the lens gently and carefully? Maybe it helps?

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Ok I have one Equium A100, with Vista, but for me this OS is not good enough. I need change for WXP.
Who can help me?

Answer:How can I install WXP on Equium A100?

Try here

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I was looking at one of these today and quite fancy it. Can anyone give me a general review of it and also no-one can tell me the hard drive speed.

I`m looking to use the machine for gigging, so would need to run sequencing programme, wav files, vst plugins and some midi. Is it powerful enough for this and whats the hard drive speed?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Need a opinion about Equium A100-337

The HDD which is installed and used in the Equium A100-337 should support the common HDD drive rotation of 5400rpm and supports a serial ATA interface.
The notebook supports 15.4" display 60GB HDD and Intel Core Duo T2250 Processor 1.73GHz

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I am a new notebook user and I wondered if anyone can tell me if my A100-338 psaaqe has bluetooth and where to find it ?
Many thanks in advance.


Answer:Does Equium A100-338 have bluetooth?

Check the bottom of the unit. If the notebook was equipped with internal BT PCI card then a Bluetooth label should be available.

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I have been given a Equium A100-549 laptop. To get it working again I need to do a complete reset to factory settings. Unfortunately there is no recovery software on the laptop and there are no recovery discs. How can I get a set of recovery discs?

Answer:Equium A100-549 Restore

I?m afraid you will not be able to order original recovery discs for this old notebook model.
What you can do is to install own OS version.
All necessary drivers, tools and utilities for all supported operating systems you can find on

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I have an equium A100-300 that will reboot intermittently, i have taken out the heatsink and fan and cleaned them together with new thermal grease, i have since reformatted the hard drive. When i can get it up and running everything seems fine, but then it will reboot itself , some times continuously or intermittently.

Sometimes when i disconnect the ac power i can get it to boot up with just the battery and vice versa sometimes it wont boot up at all, it seems like there is a faulty connection somewhere but i have checked everything and cant seem to find anything wrong.

Any replies would be appreciated


Answer:Equium A100-300 keeps rebooting

hi yvonne,
two things i have in mind:
the memory module and the mainboard...

i have heard from a defective cpu also...

check memory modules
if they are okay it might be a mainboard problem

ask a servicepartner for assistance.

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Hi good you give me any HDDs that are compatable with a Toshiba Equium A100-027. I would like at least 60GB. Current spec is: Windows Vista Home Premium1GB of DDR2 667MHz Ram 35GB HDDIntel Pentium ProcessorIntel integrated graphicsNot very high sec

Answer:HDD for Toshiba Equium A100-027

click hereAlready has an 80G drive?Do you need to replace the drive or use an external drive for backup storage?

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I am looking to replace my Toshiba A100-147 hard drive.

I cannot find any tutorials on the internet, can someone help? I am looking for clear instructions or a guide that would help.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:How to replace HDD on Equium A100-147?


The HDD slot is placed at the bottom of the unit.
In the middle you will find the memory slot cover and the HDD slot cover was placed at the side.
Don?t remember if it was the left or right side.

However, you have to remove one or two screws, remove the slot cover and you will see the HDD!

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The laptop keeps turning itself off (mainly when playing games etc) which seems to be because of overheating.

There is a lot of dust in the vents etc, so this is probably what's wrong.

Can anyone provide any guidance on how to disassemble the laptop so that the dust can be cleaned out?

Or would spraying a can of compressed air into the vents be enough?

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Answer:Equium A100-549 keeps turning itself off

>Or would spraying a can of compressed air into the vents be enough?
Definitely yes!!!

The compressed air spray is a professional tool to clean the notebook cooling modules.
You can purchase such sprays from most computer dealers!!!

I would not recommend you to disassemble the notebook to clean the ventilators. First of all this is very complicated and risky.
During such disassembling procedure some parts can be damaged.

The compressed air spray is safer and you can clean it much faster?

Greetings dude

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I have an Equium A100-147 and a TV (Type is KV28FX).

I wanted to connect the A100 to the lap tpo to view some pictures.

I have tried connecting with a S to S lead, and a S to scart lead, neither of which work. Can anyone suggest an answer?

Answer:Connecting Equium A100 to a TV

ensure that both ends are connected (one from your laptop to your tv). once thats done, right click on your
desktop and from the drop-down menu go to Graphic Options, then to Output To from which select Intel Dual Display Clone. Finally click on one of the options from that menu and you should get your output on both screens.

good luck!!

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Hello all I own an Equium A100-338. I bought it in Ireland just over one ago.
Well it's just out of warranty and it wont boot up.
The blue power light stays on and the hard drive light comes on for a second and nothing happens.

I tried disconnecting the battery a few times. The screen doesn't light up at all.
I plugged the machine into an external monitor but no luck.

Any suggestions folks?

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Answer:Equium A100 -338 will not boot up

With disconnecting the battery a few times, you mean, that you removed battery and started notebook with ac adapter. Have you tried to completely disconnect battery and ac adapter from your machine and wait about 30 minutes? Sometimes this helps.

But if this is not the case then I would suggest going to ASP to check your notebook, because it is hard to say what exactly causes this problem.

Before this happened, have you installed some applications or changed some setting in BIOS?

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After blue screens on this laptop I ran chkdsk /r and when it repeatedly reported it was fixing errors I replaced the drive and ghosted it. I did a repair reinstall and a large number of files were "not able to be copied". I reformatted the drive and ran the manufacturers disk checking utility. The fresh install also reported copying errors and blue screened with both 04e pfn_list_corrupt and 0A irq_not_less_or_equal errors. I ran a memory check. I tried to update the bios, but this requires an installed operating system. I copied the i386 folder to the hard drive and installed from there, again "unable to copy file" errors.

Does anyone have any idea what to do next? I am using a standard Windows disk to reinstall and the licence key is accepted (when it gets that far).


Answer:Reinstalling WXP MCE on Equium A100-147


Once again; you have tried to install the OS from the Recovery CD and tried to perform a clean install from the original MS Windows CD.
And you are still not able to install the OS on the HDD.
Is this right?

This sound really not good and I presume one of your hardware parts can malfunctions. I think about HDD or RAM.

It?s really not easy to say what it?s exactly? In such case the mentioned parts should be checked and in my opinion the best would be to replace it and then to try to install the OS on your notebook.

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I have a Equium A100 all of a sudden it has stopped working. I purchased a new power adapter but this didnt fix it. If I take the battery out and plug it in to the mains I get a little flash in the power led but then they go out, do you think I need a new battery?

Should the laptop work when plugged directly into the mains without the battery inserted?

i would be greatful of your help.

Answer:Equium A100 - Do I need a new battery?

Hi mate,

I doubt that a new battery can fix this issue. I mean normally with connected AC/DC adaptor your notebook you should work properly, even without or faulty battery.

In my opinion it?s related to another part. Maybe it?s a mainboard issue or something else.

You should ask a notebook technician for help. They can help you to fix this and diagnose the reason of this.

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I have a Tosh Equium A100-549 (PSAA4E). It's getting a bit old now but still a good machine, I've read various reports on what the max memory is for this laptop.

I bought 2 x 2GB 200 pin SODIMM's, PC2-5300 (667) but when I install them the laptop does not start up. I get the power and keyboard LED's and the fan but not screen output.

If I mix one of the old 512mb modules with a new 2GB (in any order on the banks) then the laptop does work, although I only get 1.87GB showing in XP Home Ed.

I have updated to the latest BIOS but still the same.

Is it more a case of 2GB not supported or is it the speed? Do I need 2x 2GB PC2-4200?


Answer:Equium A100-549 4GB of memory?

Hi mate,

the machine does not support def. more than 2GB RAM. You should use modules with 533Mhz and not with 667.

Thats all ;)


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Equium A100-147 would not start. Only lights next to keys CapsLock F10 F11 are on. When On switch pressed the lights disappear only to come back after some 15 secs.

Please help.

Answer:Equium A100-147 would not start

Disconnect AC adapter and remove battery. After doing this press power button for 30 seconds. Wait a while, connect AC adapter only and try to start your notebook.

What happen when you do this?

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My A100 will not turn on. Has anybody had similar issues?

I have had a little trouble with the AC adaptor plug in jack but have managed to get it charged. When I now put the lead in the orange light is on but nothing else and it will not start up.

I would be greatful for any help.

Answer:Equium A100 will not turn on


What troubles did you have had with the AC/DC adaptor?

In this case you can?t do a lot of things to get it work again but you can try to remove the AC/DC adaptor and battery. Wait one hour and connect both devices again and try it.

If it doesn?t work I think you will need help from an ASP. :(
On the Toshiba website you can search for the nearest: => Support & Downloads => Find an authorized service provider


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have a fan that once it starts running it wont stop.
Does anyone know of a cure

Thanks Chris

Answer:Equium A100-147 - Fan never stops

On my Sat Pro M70 the cooling fan runs also constantly on very low speed. I don?t know how it runs on your unit but it is normal. Constant running on full speed could be indication on some hardware problem but without precise explanation in your posting I can just say: It is normal!

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My laptop has suddenly developed a loud fan, that whirrs periodically, but not all the time.

Is there anything I can do or does it need to be seen professionally?
Thanks for your assistance.

Answer:Loud fan on Equium A100-338

A100 is pretty old notebook model. Have you ever cleaned it up?

I don?t know how it sounds but maybe is fan?s axle bearing defective. With other words maybe the cooling fan must be exchanged.

Sorry but on this virtual way it is not easy to offer exact diagnostic. Just to post own opinion.

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Hi I want to know what RAM I can put in to my laptop, I have listed it's details below. I know the maximum is 2GB, but what memory boards can I use?
There is no information anywhere on this site to help so I'm hopping on of you can help.

Also my hard disk died on me a few weeks back and I replaced it with a much larger one, now 320GB as opposed to the original 80GB, some things run a bit slower hence the need to upgrade my RAM, on that note as well how can I find out the maximum size of HDD that the mother board will run?
Thanks in advance for any help, comp detaisl below.

Processor type : Intel? Pentium? Dual-Core Processor T2060
clock speed : 1.6 GHz
Front Side Bus : 533 MHz
2nd level cache : 1 MB
Operating system
Genuine Windows? Vista? Home Premium Edition

System memory standard : 1,024 (512 + 512) MB
maximum expandability : 2,048 MB
technology : DDR2 RAM (533 MHz)
Hard disk capacity : 80 GB
certification : S.M.A.R.T.
drive rotation : 5,400 rpm

Answer:Equium A100-27 - Upgrading RAM & HDD

Hi Achantho,

I also don?t know how much RAM you install because I don?t know what notebook you have.

Further more if your notebook has a SATA interface for the HDD, there is no capacity limits.

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This is general question really but as the end result may be the A100-306 I have placed it here. Could anyone explain why two laptops which look identical and have similar features are called either Satellite or Equium. I have a A100-583 now and thinking of getting a second laptop. I see the Equium has similar features, although has core 2 duo and media centre. However I see other Toshibas similar under the name Satellite. What dictates the naming?

Question 2 relates to the chips. What is the relevance of the number after the chip, in this case T5500. Trying to find the answer is not easy for me at least. Some models do not even appear on the intel site at all now. On another forum I have seen someone describe it like this.

"The Core 2 Duo T5500 is a bottom of the range core 2 duo, which is dual celeron core, so dont expect too much from it".

Are they right?

Any help in explaining the above appreciated

Answer:What is a different between Satellite and Equium A100-306


I am not 100% sure but Equium and Satellite notebooks are actually the same notebooks but Equium is the name for UK market. That?s all! If the hardware configuration is the right one it is not important how the notebook description is.

About processor I can not tell you much but everything you need you will find under

I don?t know why some people write ?don?t expect too much from it?. I am sure you will be very satisfied with notebook performance and if you need more of it you can expand RAM anytime. After doing this the notebook will run definitely faster as before.

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I have been using Equium A100 but all of sudden there was no sound from both (speaker and headphone). I have reinstalled the OS windows XP, still not working. Could anyone give me some clue.


Answer:No sound in Equium A100

What is with sound card driver?
Have you installed it?
Is sound card listed properly in device manager?

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having ripped off vista and put xp on i missing these drivers can anyone help.

Ethernet Controller PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1092&SUBSYS_FF101179&REV_02\4&6B1 6D5B&0&40F0 The drivers for this device are not installed.
Mass Storage Controller PCI\VEN_104C&DEV_803B&SUBSYS_FF101179&REV_00\4&6B1 6D5B&0&32F0 The drivers for this device are not installed.
PCI Device PCI\VEN_104C&DEV_803C&SUBSYS_FF101179&REV_00\4&6B1 6D5B&0&33F0 The drivers for this device are not installed.

Answer:Need some XP drivers for Equium A100-338


According the notebook specification you have A100 (PSAAQE). Am I right about that?
All drivers, tools and utilities for WXP you can find on Toshiba download page under ? Support & Downloads. Please choose your notebook and all stuff for download will be listed. Please use Installations instructions document and install all offered stuff in right order.

After doing this I am pretty sure there should be everything OK.

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I just downloaded the sound driver for Equium A100-549 but my media player still doesn't have any sounds. What can i do?

Answer:Equium A100-549 - no sound

Check your sound mixer settings and the slide volume control next to the headphone jack.

Richard S.

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Can you people help me, I have a Equium A100-338 and i changed from vista to xp.
I managed to find display and sound drivers so i need any information about others controllers:ethernet,mass storage,network,sm bus.
thanks for any help.

Answer:Need XP drivers for Equium A100-338

Hi buddy,

where did you tried to download the drivers you need? I give now two links and you should find there what you need.
Regarding the hardware of your system you take a linux-live-cd and when the system is booting you can write down which hardware was detected from that linux from CD.

Here are the links: (Toshiba Europe) (Toshiba of Canada Limited)

You should find here the drivers or at least something to make your system working properly.


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Hi I need a replacement fan for my Equium A100-207
It's started making a loud buzzing noise - it only started doing it today but hasn't let up since it started.

I took my laptop apart to see if I could sort it by cleaning and fiddling with the fan, this certainly had some effect - not as noisy or coming on just as often after clearing away a load of compacted dust, but the noise is such that I can't really use it elsewhere than at home and only with headphones or loud music on to drown out the buzzing sound, certainly can't go near a library with it!

So I know how to replace it ok, but not where I can buy a fan in the UK have seen 2nd hand ones on ebay but wouldn't touch them - might just be as bad! Other ones I've seen I can't be sure if they are the correct model as I've put my laptop back together again (typing this on it).

Ideally I'd like to purchase via Amazon as I have some vouchers for there, but any where selling the correct or one that will suffice is more than welcome. Or a way of sorting the loud buzzing other than disabling the fan altogether!

Really appreciate any help as busy sending off job applications so badly need to use my laptop for that and for job searching.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Need a new cooling fan for my old Equium A100-207

Hi Mike

With mobile computers is pretty complicated to find new hardware components. For desktop you can find it everywhere but for notebooks it is pretty complicated so you must try to find some online shop where you can order hardware parts for mobile units.

As far as I know Amazon doesn?t sell such parts.
Best source for it is eBay. I have bought several hardware components for my notebooks there.

By the way: do you need something like this ?

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i have a toshiba Equium A100-549 laptop and i have no sound.
I had sound about a month ago when i had AVG anti-virus installed then when i switched over to a new anti-virus and the sound has gone.

Unfortunatley I didnt have the system restore turn on so i can reset it my previous settings.

I have been through all the usual checks through the control panel and installing a new realtek hd audio driver and still nothing.
All my settings are good with no yellow exclamation marks.

Hope you can help


Answer:Equium A100-549 - no sound


What Windows OS do you use?
The latest Realtek High Definition Audio driver can be downloaded from the Realtek driver page. I think you should check the newest driver.

Furthermore you should follow this installation instruction:

_Setup Driver at first time:_

Step 1. Before installing the Realtek HD Audio Drivers, Press the Cancel button if Windows detect the Multimedia Audio device.

Step 2. Go to the "Realtek HD Audio Driver" and run the setup.exe program to finish the installation.

Step 3. Click on Next/OK/Go to continue the procedure. If the Windows popup "Digital Signature Not Found" message, press Yes to continue the installation.

Step 4. Finally, select to restart the system and press [Finish] to complete the installation.

The system will reload the drivers and do some adjustments in the INF file if so required.

_To Remove the driver follow this:_

Step 1. Go to Start\Settings\Control Panel.

Step 2. Select Add/Remove Programs icon.

Step 3. Select "Realtek HD Audio Drivers" and press Change/Remove button.

Step 4. Click on Next/OK/Go to finish the uninstallation.

Step 5. At the end of the procedure, select to restart the system and press Finish to complete the uninstallation.

PS: before you would install the new Realtek driver, remove the old from the system!

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can anyone tell me what the keyboard is like on this model? as im interested in buying one

Answer:Need keyboard for Equium A100-147

Hi Marc,

I believe the keyboard that you need is part number V000061870. Try the following URL for details :-


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Just upgraded to Vista Ultimate and thought it would be good to get some more RAM. Have 1GB right now but wanted to upgrade to 4GB. Can someone please tell me what would fit my laptop and what is a good model and not too expensive to get. Any help would be great.


Answer:Equium A100-147 and RAM update


Important is to use compatible RAM module.
If you want to use max 4 GB you must use 2 x 2 GB module.

I recommend you to use Toshiba PA3513U-1M2G or Kingston modules.

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Im thinking of buying one of these and was wondering what other people thought of it. it looks like great value at ?500. also will the machine be capable of upgrading to windows vista premium?

Answer:Need your opinion about Equium A100-147

Hello Marc

In my opinion, for this money the unit is very nice but you must know very well what you expect from your notebook and what you wan to do with it. For ?every day? usage the unit is perfect but if you want some high graphic performance I don?t believe this is the right one.

I have noticed on this forum that many users buy units with the pretty same hardware configuration and later want to upgrade CPU, graphic card, HDD end everything possible. I believe you should from the beginning be sure what you want to have and buy the right unit.

Please check by the dealer if the unit has label ?Vista capable?. If yes the Vista installation will not be problem.

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I am not very good with all this tech age I think!!...........I am trying to connect my Panasonic TV to my PC with a VGA cable but get a 'No Signal' message on my TV..........I have been told to try a 'S' video cable but why then do I have a VGA port?
All I want to do is watch stuff on my TV from my PC..............Any help out there please would be most welcome.,,,,,,.My Laptop is an Equium A100....

Answer:How to connect my Equium A100 to the TV?

Has your TV VGA-in port?

VGA port is mostly used for external displays.
For TV you can use S-video cable. When you connect your notebook to the TV enable certain channel/port on your TV.

Please note: both connections will transfer video signal only.

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Hi folks

My daughters Equium A100 02L keeps overheating/ shutting down. The fan underneath is choked with dust etc. I dislodged some of it by blowing and poking with a fine wire. How can I remove the fan to give it a good clean? I know I could use compressed air and try blasting it from the exterior grilles, but this may not suffice?

any help diagrams/ video link help would be great.


Answer:Equium A100-02L - overheating/shutting down


> I know I could use compressed air and try blasting it from the exterior grilles, but this may not suffice?

Please, believe me it's pretty enough to clean with the compressed air to blow dust out. You can also read here from *Toshiba Technical Support*

> How can I remove the fan to give it a good

It's not good idea as you have to disassemble the whole laptop to reach the fan.

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I need a file to install the sm bus controller please help, im using XP SP2 i dont have my original disc i lost it when i moved, used a basic XP disc with my serial number, all went in execpt the sm bus controller and the WI-FI is not connecting it has problems pleasse help.

Answer:Need driver for sm-bus controller on Equium A100-549

Please visit Toshiba download page under > Support & Downloads. There you can find all drivers for your notebook model. Please install all drivers following ?installations instructions? document.

Start with Chipset driver installation.

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Hi, don't want to seem a complete idiot but, can anyone tell me if I need to buy a wireless adapter for my Equium A100-027? Not very good with technicalities I'm afraid and don't want to buy anything I don't need!!! Thanks

Answer:Do I need to buy wireless adapter for Equium A100-027?

Hi mate, no you dont, its built in, its on the side were the cd drive is, near the two usb ports...

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Being a Computer Novice i need help with download drivers for my computer. Using device manager i have found that i have no drivers for Video Controller, Video Controller (VGA Compatible), SM Bus Controller, Modem Device on High definition Audio Bus & Ethernet Controller.
I Have visited the driver page for my model: ( nes&action=search&teddProduct=710)
And have downloaded mostly every driver on the page, but still it shows missing drivers on device manager.
If anyone knows where to find the drivers or if I'm going wrong somewhere, your help would be appreciated. :)

Answer:Driver Downloading for Equium A100 338


I checked the link provided in your post above and found a txt file called ?Installation instruction?.
Please follow the guide line and the installation order in this document.

You shouldn?t see any yellow exclamation marks or missing drivers in the device manager if you will install all drivers mentioned in this ?Installation instruction?.

Good luck

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I'm looking to ditch vista and put xp on this laptop, but am afraid to destroy completely incase I can't get drives for the sata hard drive.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get sata drivers? I plan to put xp pro on laptop.



Answer:WIN XP SATA drivers for Equium A100-338


Usually all SATA drivers should be included in the Microsoft XP OS and therefore it should be not needed to use SATA drivers.

But if you will be not able to install the XP on your notebook I would recommend firstly including the SP2 to the XP CD.

Just for info; the RAID, SATA drivers can be downloaded from the Intel page. Just search if you needed it!

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My notebook hard drive is overheating.Could this be because the fans are dusty and need cleaning? I have had the notebook for almost 2 years now.
(Equium A110-233)
When the bottom gets hot it just cuts out, as if I were to have pulled its power source out, a lot of the heat seems to be coming from the hard drive, but occasionally the fan and grill gets quite hot too.
This has only started to happen in the last 4 months I used to be able to cope being turned on for hours before now its only 2 or maximun 3/4.


Answer:Overheating issue on Equium A100-233


you?re right regarding the fans, in such a case they are REALLY REALLY dusty and need urgently some cleaning. You can use some compressed air or dry compressed air from a can to remove the dust from the cooling system of the machine.
But be careful and blow the dust gently trough the holes because if you blow to much/hard, the bearing of the cooling fan could be damaged and afterwards the fan won?t work properly which makes the whole problem worser then before.

I would suggest you to bring your machine to some notebook technician and tell him to clean the machine including the cooling system and apply some new thermal grease on the CPU.

Don?t worry about your HDD, it just get so hot because the cooling system of the CPU fails which raises the temperatures in the whole machine which includes the HDD.


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Hi All,

I have a Toshiba Equium A100-063 (PSAAQE-00G006IT).
The keyboard doesn't work, usb keyboard doesn't work even in the bios.
I disassembled the PC and unplugged the keyboard but does not work (even in bios).
I formatted the PC and even the onscreen keyboard does not make me see the letters on the buttons.
I searched all the sites of the Toshiba driver or bios update for this but have not found anything.

Can you help me?

Answer:Equium A100-063 - keyboard is not recognized

It is not easy how to start with comments. As you know on this virtual way it is not easy to say what is wrong there.
If internal keyboard is not working you should replace it with new one.

When you say that external keyboard is not recognized even in BIOS does it mean that external keyboard is not recognized in Windows?
Is external keyboard connected with USB cable?

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I propose to replace the damaged keyboard on my granddaughter's A100. Hopefully, instructions will come with the new keyboard.

I have made an attempt to remove the old one, without success, I would appreciate advice on the procedure to do this.


Answer:How to replace the keyboard on Equium A100-337


unfortunately there will be NO instructions carried with the keyboard or someone here would give some infos. But I can recommend you an very very nice and interesting site which might probably help you further:

Hope it helps ;)


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I cannot hear the sound on my laptop, when I first got it the sound wasn't very loud but now it is almost impossible to hear even though I have set it to LOUD!
The Laptop reckons there is nothing wrong and I'm really not sure of what to do next.
Can anybody suggest anything to help?

Answer:Cannot hear sound on my Equium A100-027

Hi Fiona

Very mysterious?. What to say, I think you should connect the headphones to the notebook and check if you will hear something through the connected headphones.

> The Laptop reckons there is nothing wrong
According to this statement I assume you have checked the device manager if the sound card and the driver were installed correctly.
If you didn?t check this, please do it immediately!

Last but not least the sound settings and all volume controls should be checked in the "control panel" -> "sound and audio devices"

Please set all controls to a higher level and be sure that Mute was not enabled!

Good luck

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Would anyone know where else i can get the sound driver for a Equium A100-338 other than the driver list on this website.
I have tried to download from here but i am experiencing v.slow download speed, taking hours to transfer.

I have gone nearly a week without sound due to the download either stopping half way through or me just getting impatient.
I have tried, but i havent got a clue where to find it.



Answer:Equium A100-338: Need sound driver

Check this Realtek page. 4&Conn=3&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false

There you can find the High Definition Audio driver. I think this is a right one

However, be patience and wait till the driver download has finished ;)

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Having already downloaded the drivers and had sound for ages, suddenly its gone off i am showing a yellow question mark on the realtek high definition audio, im now at a loss on what to do to resolve i have uninstalled and re installed but nothing works,
Can anyone help please.

Answer:Equium A100-338 has sound problems

Err, did the sound work before? I mean you wrote you?ve downloaded the drivers and it still doesn?t work, so, did you download the drivers because your sound stopped working?

Which operating system is on your machine? Would be interesting, maybe you need then the correct drivers.

I would suggest you to go to and download there drivers for realtek high definition onboard sound.

Please give a feedback on your success..


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My laptop was hacked by company saying they were a subsidiary of Microsoft and I now cannot switch it back on. Microsoft have asked me to email Toshiba to request an ISO file for vista which I can download to a USB stick. When I message Toshiba, the site doesn't understand the question. Please help

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Hi there,

I get a maximum of 40mintues use out of my laptop when running on batteries and would like to know if the is a longlife battery available and where to get it?


Answer:Equium A100 - 027 Longlife Battery

Hi Adrian

You should know that the battery lifetime depends on the notebook usage. This means that it?s not easy to say how long the notebook should run on battery power.
If you play some games, use CD/DVD drive or watch DVDs movies then the battery performance would decrease faster?

Additionally you should know that new Vista OS needs more power as other early operating systems.

You could also try to buy a stronger battery. Check the Toshiba ?Options & Accessories? website which can be found on the Toshiba European page.


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Hi There

It seems to be a relatively popular topic but I still have not been able to fix my laptop. It came with Vista installed and as it was relatively sluggish, I decided to install XP SP3 on the machine. I have all the drivers from Toshiba as well as all windows updates from MS update. Everything seems to be working wonderfully except the sound. Windows has never picked up that I have onboard sound and so has never attempted to install drivers. I have installed the ones from Toshiba, and then the ones from realtek, all to no avail.

In my device manager it says, under 'other devices', that there is a PCI device with no Drivers (Yellow question mark, with a yellow exclamation mark). I feel that this may be the root of my problems but I have been unable to do ANYTHING about it.

If anyone has any ideas or needs any further info, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask :)

Thanks for your time.

Answer:Equium A100-02L with an audio problem


The problem is that you need to install firstly the XP hotfixes KB835221 and KB888111 before you will try to perform the sound driver installation.
So install firstly these patches (google sipmply) and after new reboot install the sound driver.

Possibly you will have to remove the sound card from the device manager firstly and then after second reboot you could be able to install the sound driver.
Try simply and check it out.

Best regards

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Can anyone tell me how to get to the CMOS battery in an Equium A100 laptop.


Answer:Equium A100-147 CMOS battery

Sorry, but why do you want the CMOS battery??? Whats wrong that you need to get to the CMOS batt?

Do you need to remove the BIOS password?


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I installed a webcam and it made my DVD-rom drive not work with any discs. I uninstalled everything to do with the webcam and it still does not work. Can anyone help me to fix this problem without using the product recovery disc that came with my laptop?

I had this problem before but I did not know the first time it was the webcam that caused the problem. It s a trust wb-1400T webcam. I had to use the product recovery disc before and it was a lot of hassle to install all my programs again and this time I am in the middle of exams and cant get it all done in time for my exams as I have vital work on here that I need to do.

....please help me....I think it is the driver but I do not know how to fix it.

Answer:CD/DVD Rom Drive not working on Equium A100

Hi mate

> I installed a webcam and it made my DVD-rom drive not work with any discs
To be honest I have never seen that the webcam could have a bad influence on the internal CD/DVD drive.
I don't see really any connection between webcam and ODD... very strange
Do you get any error messages?

Anyway, in my opinion you should try these solution ideas;

1) Remove the CD/DVD drive from the device manager and reboot the notebook. After new reboot the OS should recognize the ODD and should install the drivers again.

2) Access the registry and remove the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters values completely from the following registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
...then reboot the notebook.

3) Download and install the freeware tool "CCleaner". This tool repairs the registry and solves several system problems.

If this does not work then the new OS installation would be advisable to check if the issue could be related to the software problem.

Best regards

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My DVD drive seems to have stopped responding. The light isnt on and it doesnt appear in 'My Computer' !!???

Im hoping its just a case of a loose connection, but how do I find out? Ive had a look for instructions on how to get inside it but I've not had much luck. Also, is it safe enough to do if you dont have much knowledge of whats going on in there, or should I wait for someone who knows? Dont want to break the whole thing completely!

Once its fully functioning again, will the computer pick it up automatically or do I need to do anything? As far as the system is concerend there is nothing there as it doesnt show up on the boot menu.



Answer:Equium A100-147 DVD drive not working

At first don?t remove anything physically from the notebook.
You should firstly check if the CD/DVD drive appears in the device manager.

If the ODD appears in the device manager, then remove it from device manager and reboot the notebook. The Windows OS should recognize the ODD as a new device and should update the software.

If the Windows doesn?t recognize the ODD then you should check if it?s possible to boot from the CD/DVD drive.
To do this use a boot CD like WinXP or a Linux Live CD.

If you want to boot from the ODD you have to press the C button immediately after notebook stating or use the F12 button to enable the boot menu.

If it will be possible to boot from the drive then there must be something wrong with the drive software.

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I had to use my dads copy of the toshiba boot disk to restore my Equium m70 psm77 because i lost mine. his was for an equium A100-147 and works perfectly except it doesnt recognise my sound card and tells me i need to install microsot bus before it will work

Dont know enough to fix it and im missing my mates as we ve just moved here and i cant hear them so we cant chat

anyone got any ideas ?


ps its says multi media software is missing but pctures video and downloads and all other functons are fine....

Answer:Used recovery CD from A100 on Equium M70 - Now no sound

Don?t use the Recovery CD from different Toshiba notebook model or series!!!!
The system will not run correctly because the drivers and tools which are preinstalled on the Recovery CD for A100 were designed only for the notebook A100 model and not for M70 or other series!

If you have lost you recovery CD you can either order a new one or you can use a fresh Windows OS from original Microsoft CD. Then you could use the drivers from the Toshiba page.

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Hello i was wondering is the monitor out on the side of my laptop the same as a DVI output? I am looking to connect my laptop to my hd tv, what is the best way? Can i use some sort of HDMI cable? Like a DVI to HDMI cable? Or is there a special cable for this?

When i try to use the svhs cable the screen is in black and white. Do i need to change any settings to rectify this?

Can anyone help please?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Equium A100-306 Is the monitor out on the side the same as a DVI out?

On the left side you will find two ports;
- RGB (monitor port)
This can be used to connect an external monitor to the notebook

- s-video out port
This port can be used to connect the notebook to the TV via s-video cable.
There are different s-video cables.

Check this:

But you will never ever be able to connect to HDTV to get a HD resolution!!!

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Hello All,

I've recently uninstalled Windows Vista, And I've formatted with Microsoft Media Center 2005.

I didn't notice this problem with Vista, but since I've had MCE 2005 I've noticed an annoying vibration coming from the left speaker.

I've switched the sound over to the right speaker, and everything is fine, so it must be a problem with the left.

I've updated to the latest "Realtek Hd Audo Driver" and still have had no luck.

Does anybody know how to fix this issue? If not, where I can purchase a replacement Equium A100-027 speaker


Answer:Equium A100-027 - Speaker Vibrating


It looks like an hardware problem. It seems it?s something wrong with the left speaker only so this has nothing to do with the XP installation.
It?s a simple coincidence that this happened after the XP installation ;)

I think the warranty should be valid? or I?m wrong?
So contact the ASP in your country and ask for the notebook check?

By the way; the speakers can be ordered also from the ASP!

Cheers dude

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For a while I have had clicking noises from the HDD and when the laptop failed I assumed the drive had packed up but when trying a replacement nothing happens. I get a blue light for battery and a (faint) blue light for DC supply but nothing for power or disk. However, when I connected an external drive yesterday it booted fine and when I disconnected it the laptop continued working from the internal drive. But again this morning it is dead and cannot boot. I have read that the BIOS can stop recognising the drive or maybe the settings are not being saved when it is turned off. Could it be the motherboard battery ?

Answer:Equium A100-147 - Clicking noises from the HDD

> have read that the BIOS can stop recognising the drive or maybe the settings are not being saved when it is turned off

enter Bios (press f2 on startup) and check if it recognizes the Hdd. You can see it on Main page or Boot option in Bios.

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I own a Toshiba Equium A100-331 Notebook with the original XP OS installed. Several weeks ago I have noticed while booting the BIOS password (I have enabled that) could not be typed in the available box. I had to restart the machine and it worked then.

But lately now I have noticed even before the password box is displayed the computer hangs for several minutes and the DVD/CD player will not work at all at any time. Which is a big problem because in the event I need to reinstall something or would like to put Win7 on that machine.

I had never had a problem with that laptop, nor did I abuse or drop it.

Was anybody in a simular situation and has some advice for me?



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On the other day, my Equium A100-549 suddenly couldn't be booted. When the power is ON, there is no anything coming out on the screen (totally dark!). I have noticed the hard derive's light is not on, though the other lights are on.

I tried to boot with the recovery CD, but nothing came out, even F12 or "C" was pressed following the power on press.

I am suspecting that there would be a malfunction of the hard drive, but no any experience to judge this.

It would very appreciated for any advice.



Answer:Equium A100-549 wont boot properly

Hello Ning

Your posting is pretty confusing. What happen exactly when you press power button? Can you see Toshiba welcome screen?

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I want to replace my A100's 80gb hard drive for something bigger.
I'm guessing it's a SATA I'll need?

Does anyone know what's the biggest my laptop can handle without effecting performance?
Just to confirm it's an Equium A100-027

Also, do I literally take out the old one, stick in the new one and then load Windows XP on it? Is it really that simple :/ ???

Answer:Need new hard drive for Equium A100


Yes, the Equium A100 supports SATA HDD controller and therefore you will need a 2.5? SATA HDD!

>Also, do I literally take out the old one, stick in the new one and then load Windows XP on it? Is it really that simple :/ ???
Yes, the HDD upgrade is not tricky.
In most cases you will need to remove the HDD from the notebook?s HDD bay, then to switch the HDD bracket to the new HDD and then to insert the new HDD again into the notebook.

That?s it.

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My laptop has completely screwed up and I was going to do a full reinstall using the recovery disc supplied when I bought my laptop. However I can't find it anywhere and was wondering if there is anyway I can get a replacement?

I have a Equium A100 running Windows XP. I bought it in November 2006 from PC world.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Answer:Where to get recovery disc for Equium A100?

You can order the needed Recovery disks from the authorized service provider in your country.

On the Toshiba European support page you can find a link to the global ASP database from where you could choose the nearest ASP.

Best regards and have a nice day ;)

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My HDD crashed, so I bought a new 1 and installed it with Vista
Thing is Vista will not accept the key that is on the underside of my Equium A100-027 (PSAAQE).

Other thing is, I cannot seem to get my memory card reader to work again.
I have downloaded all the drivers I could find from this site and installed them.
However, the reader still does not work.

Any ideas please


Message was edited by: devilsanarchy

Ok I managed to get the SD card reader working.
Just the vista key issue now.
Perhaps I have installed the wrong Vista version.

Do I need an OEM version or something?


Answer:Two Vista issues on my Equium A100-027

Hello Andy

Nice to have you here.
The key at the bottom side belongs to the Vista installations image you got with your laptop and it is not a kind of ?universal key? that can be used to activate every installed Vista OS. Unfortunately it will not work.

If you use Vista, for well working OS and all hardware components you need to install all available drivers, tools and utilities. I have checked Toshiba download page for your notebook model and there you can see ?installations Instructions? document. This document will help you to install all this stuff properly. It is important to install all available stuff following this installations order.

Have you installed ?Flash Media Driver? and ?SD Utilities??

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Is it at all possible to have replacement recovery media sent for these machines or a possible download?
Little has lost the CD for my partners laptop and its playing up big time. Thank you for reading this.


Answer:Need recovery media for Equium A100 - 549


If you want to order new recovery media for your laptop visit please


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I own a Equium A100-147 with 60Gb HDD. I have a recovery disc and have restored the laptop many times.

I am considering an HDD upgrade to 250GB.

Couple of questions on this...

Will the motherboard accomodate a 250Gb drive??

If i replace the HDD will the recover CD install a fresh copy of te fatory software (inc windows xp MCE)??

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Answer:Equium A100-147 HDD replacement to 250GB possible?

Yes, you can use a 250GB. The notebook has a SATA interface and there is no capacity limit like on IDE.

If you use the recovery CD, you will get the factory settings. This means an XP installation with all drivers and tools.

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Can you tell me if there is an in built bluetooth in Equium A100-027
I am trying to activate it but have been unable to do so.

Answer:Has Equium A100-027 bluetooth device?

According the notebook specification your Equium notebook has no BT device. To be sure check bottom side of your notebook. every notebook with BT device has small BT sticker.

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Do anyone know the specs for a Toshiba equium a100-195 ?

1st priority for me is to know what graphic card it contains..

I've tried to fill in the model/serial nr but it wont find a computer at all.

I've also tried to find it manually but it only shows a newer computer then what ive got.
So what kind of specs do i have?

1.4GHZ intel celeron and 1000 something in memory, the grafikcard should be an ATI but what drivers do i go for?

Peace n love RILLE

Answer:Equium A100-195 - What are the hardware specifications


The notebook has been equipped with an ATI RADEON Xpress 200M up to 128MB shared memory graphic card.


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