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I cannot find model and serial no. of my Satellite A200 from this website

Question: I cannot find model and serial no. of my Satellite A200 from this website


I hv Satellite Pro A200 laptop. I need its xp deivers. but i failed to find its exact model number.

On the back side of laptop it shows follwing informations:

SERIAL NO. Y7252417K,

but toshiba website's database is not recognising it. i tried the above serial no. here>> .

can anyone help me please.

Relevance 100%
Preferred Solution: I cannot find model and serial no. of my Satellite A200 from this website

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: I cannot find model and serial no. of my Satellite A200 from this website

The question is what you want to do exactly.
All info you need you get it on the Toshiba sticker at the bottom.

I can imagine you want to check download page. Your notebook model is listed there.
Go to Toshiba download page under and there you can find it.

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Dear Friends,

I have purchased a new model of Satellite (L755-M1E6) from Abu Dhabi.
But i could not see this particular model number in the UAE - Middle East website.
Normally we could see that the model number has the format - "L755 - 000".
that means after L755 - only three digits.

Here in my laptop it shows 4 digits, L755-M1E6.
support website shows model number as "PSK2YE-0E602UAR" as against serial number.

Can you please clear my doubt that, is it a original toshiba laptop? is it a discontinued model?
Or please help me to know its correct model number.

Please help me

Answer:Satellite L755-M1E6 - Cannot find this model on UAE - Middle East website


I am pretty sure this is a real Toshiba!
The model seems not to be an EMEA model though so it could be that it originates from another region of Toshiba - like Toshiba Asia.

Use your model number, the coplete PSK2YE-number you mentioned below along with the real serial which always is 9 charachters long ending with a letter (syntax 12345678A, X1234567A, 1X234567A or XY123456A - please understand that those are examples showing the syntax only - your letters and digits will be different!) and look them up here:

Link: []

If you enter the proper information there you should be able to look up your PC.

Good luck


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Hi there,

I bought my laptop 3 weeks ago, model: Toshiba Satellite A500 PSAR9A- 02s001
I bought it in Australia but i cannot find any driver support on

Any help?

Answer:Cannot find my model Satellite A500 PSAR9A-02s001 on Toshiba website


This seems to be an Australian notebook series?
I?m not quite sure why it?s not listed on the Australian page but if you need the drivers then you can try to use the driver from the Toshiba European driver page as well?

There is an Satellite A500 PSAR9E series which is similar (or same???).
In my opinion the Win 7 drivers should work too.


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I have a fading LCD display that I need to replace. How can I determine model/serial number of my existing screen? Thanks.


Go to Solution.

Answer:T60 1953 D7U - How can I find model/serial number of LCD? (on my unit)

Disassemble lcd panel is the only sure way I know. The Hardware Maintenance Manual lists these as usedfor 1953 D7x: (page198) (Brand       FRU #    ) Samsung  13N7065LG-Phillips  13N7067LG-Phillips  13N7090CMO  13N7069 There may be software out there for detecting brand/model also? 

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Hi everybody,

I have a question about my Satellite A200-28M. I had bought from my country Saudi Arabia but I wonder why the model is not including in Toshiba website in discontinued models? Is this model original or not?

I was looking for this model on Toshiba worldwide in all countries on discontinued models in website even by S/N but I didn?t find my model A200-28M. Is it the same specification as Satellite A200-20C? I need more information about this because I?m confusing.

Please answer me, it?s important

Answer:Satellite A200-28M - Specifications of this model


If you Google for ?Satellite A200-28M? you will find many results and pages about Satellite A200-28M where you can see the detailed specifications.

But it sounds strange to me? Why you are searching for specifications if you already have this model?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 and i have a doubt, in everest i can see the key of Windows Vista, but this is different to Windows key in the sticker down the notebook.
I don't change nothing in notebook since i bought, only i use once the recovery cd, but i have not a pirate key or something like that.

Why this different key?

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Answer:Re: Satellite A200: Question regarding the Windows Vista serial key

There's nothing wrong with your Windows Vista key. If I remember correctly the key is stored encrypted on your machine so another ID number is made to identify your Vista.

Everest or other tools won't expose your original Vista key. Maybe there are some tools, which can do that.
By the way, have you checked your key before using your recovery CD already, and didn't compare, so that's why you're in such a doubt your key might be wrong?

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TOSHIBA Satellite A200-1AE
short model No:PSAECE

Version: Toshiba Windows Vista 32 Bit - Hardware Setup
I try to install And say's invalid serial number?

Can i fix this?

Answer:Satellite A200-1AE - Hardware Setup invalid serial number

Do you have a Vista BIOS version on your A200 PSAECE?

What Vista version are you using??? Is it Ultimate?

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I need an advice. I've just took a 1GB memory (Samsung) module from older model Satellite A200 and put it to my newer model Satellite Pro A300. The following is the information about SPDs:

_Original one (that was installed on factory):_

DIMM1: Kingston (2 GB DDR2-667 DDR2 SDRAM)
Manufacture Date Week 20 / 2009
@ 333 MHz 5-5-5-15 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 20-43-3-5-3-3 (RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR-RTP)
@ 266 MHz 4-4-4-12 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 16-34-2-4-2-2 (RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR-RTP)
@ 200 MHz 3-3-3-9 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 12-26-2-3-2-2 (RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR-RTP)

_From old Toshiba Satellite A200:_

DIMM3: Samsung M4 70T2953EZ3-CE6
Manufacture Date Week 42 / 2007
@ 333 MHz 5-5-5-15 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 20-35-3-5-3-3 (RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR-RTP)
@ 266 MHz 4-4-4-12 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 16-28-2-4-2-2 (RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR-RTP)
@ 200 MHz 3-3-3-9 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 12-21-2-3-2-2 (RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR-RTP)

According to the information provided was it a good or bad idea? I mean the differences in SPDs and will it affect on performance, stability, etc.?

Thanks very much for your time!

Answer:Satellite Pro A300 - RAM upgrade from older A200 model

Hi xosman,

According the information you posted it seems that the other module from Satellite A200 has the same specifications so if your notebook works with this module it?s no problem I think.

Satellite A200 and A300 using the same DDR2 memory modules so changing the RAM is no problem.

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Dear community, I want to buy a Y50 gaming laptop. I looked it up in amazon uk and I found a Lenovo Y50 with i7-4720HQ, GTX 960M and 1 TB hdd + 8 GB ssd. I tried to look the same model up in Lenovo's website so as to buy it from there. As a student, I'm entitled to a small discount so, why not? But that model is nowhere in the official website. I can only find a Y50 with i7-4710HQ and GTX 860M. How is it possible to find a newer version of Y50 in amazon and NOT in Lenovo's website? Am I missing something? Thank you for your time

Answer:Cannot find Y50 model on Lenovo website

Hi gebbeth, I own a Y50-70 2013 model, do not buy this computer. It is however an excellent idea for a computer, and at a fair price. Mine was 4 months old before I mailed it to the repair center last tuesday. Read through the post on this forum and i'm sure you will come to the same conclusion. Switch to MSI or another brand before you waste your money. The 2015 Y50-70 is still new to the market, so all of the defects have not yet been identified. But if you look around you will see that people are having issues with the newer model also.

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Hi all.

I need help and something for my headache... :D

Today I were looking to the updates zone and see a newer version for the Flashcard, so I donwloaded it and install, but now begin the problems...

when the setup starts it says that must uninstall the older version,so ok I accept, then restart and exec the flashcards setup again, but now I get "The serial number is invalid" error. I come here looking for a solution and read that I must reinstall the VAP (I had installed the vap-20080109135106 version).

Before the error windows comes up, a DOS window opens and closes automatically with this line command message : "connected to ROOT\CIMV2 namespace", then the error comes :S

So again I uninstall the VAP, restart, clean with ccleaner, restart, install the VAP again, restart, install the newer Flashcards and....surprise....again the same error.... The serial number is invalid

I tried again all the steps and get the error another time more.

For the third try I just install the VAP and saw that the included flashcards were installed and working....but not so easy.... they don't works when pressing the FN+Fx combination only work if I move the mouse over them...... exactly the only combinations working are the FN+F10 & FN+F11.

The FN key works, because as I told before two combinations works and the green light when pressing it blinks ok.

So now I have a flashcards VAP ones (not the last update) that only works with mouse ... Read more

Answer:Satellite A200-1GB PSAE6 Flashcards issue - serial number is invalid

Please someone who can help?

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I tried installing the updated flash cards utility for Satellite Pro A200 model E7E and it won't finish installing, saying wrong serial number.

My model is definitely listed in the update information, and it is offered on the page of updates for my model.


Answer:Cannot install flash cards update for Satellite Pro A200-E7E - wrong serial

I should add that I also installed the latest value added update and uninstalled the version of flash cards support utility that came with the laptop.

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At me toshiba satellite a200-1m7, and what is that means: PSAE0 PSAE3 PSAE6 PSAEC How to learn what from me that could download correct the driver... Thanks!

Answer:Question about model type numbers of Satellite A200 series

Hi there,

Just look at the STICKER on the BOTTOM of your machine. On that sticker is the model type number, your configuration and the serial number.

So if you want to download the right drivers then look at that SILVER STICKER and you will get the model number (PSAExxx)


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Answer:Re: Satellite A200 PSAE6E: Cannot install Flash Cards - invalid serial number


In most cases the invalid serial number error message occurs if you try to install a utility which has been not created for this notebook series.
You should check if you have downloaded the right tool.

But one question; Do you use the Vista BIOS version?
At this time Toshiba European driver page provides the 2.60 Win Vista BIOS.
Please check this!

Furthermore before you would try to install the Flash cards you should install the VAP. The value added package contains necessary tools and this should be installed firstly before Flash cards installation.


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I have exactly the same problem, when I try to install the toshiba hardware setup version 1.48.09.C on my Satellite A200 (Windows Vista service pack 1) I have the message "le numero de serie est incorrect".

Have you today a solution to resolve this problem ? (In the list of the installed programs, i have no more "Toshiba hardware setup").


Answer:Install Hardware setup utility - Invalid Serial Number - Satellite A200


Mostly this error message appears if you tried to install software which was not designed for this notebook model or which is not fully compatible with the notebook series.

What A200-xxx do you have?

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I have a Satellite A200 model PSAFCA that I have recently re-installed Vista Ultimate on.

I have downloaded all the latest drivers & utilities from Toshiba NZ (country of purchase), however the following utilities fail to install due to a "Invalid Serial Number" message:

*Toshiba Hardware Setup Utility*
*Toshiba Flash Card Support Utility*
*Toshiba Speech System*

Any suggestions?

Answer:Satellite A200 PSAFCA - Invalid Serial Number installing system tools

Has the laptop been serviced before? (For example a Mainboard replacement)

Maybe the Service Center didn't update the DMI information.

Do you have the "Start->StartMenu->Toshiba->Utilities->PC Diagnostic Tool" installed? That can tell you the Serial number.
If not, you can download and run CrystalDMI to view the S/N (Google is your friend)

ps. Make sure you have installed the Toshiba Value Added Package. This is a vital component that is required to install many other Toshiba utilities.

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I've just bought a Toshiba satellite A200-10w.
When i activate the Toshiba online product information i get the message "Wrong serial number", although i enter the correct one that is on the bottom of my notebook.

What can be the problem?
Thanks for your help.

Answer:Satellite A200-10W: Wrong serial number when activating online product information


Did you really insert a right number?! Did you not mixed any numbers or letters?
Sometimes people insert a wrong number or mixed the number with a letter; for example zero and o

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first sorry for my bad English.

Second I have a Toshiba notebook Satellite A200-2BH PSAE6E I changeg my OS to Vista and I have a problem with "Flash Cards Support Utility". I can't install it.
I have this message error "the serial number is invalid" I don't know what to do.

Thanks for your help

Answer:Satellite A200-2BH PSAE6E: Cannot install Flash Cards Support Utility - serial number is invalid

by the way i have a vista familia edition and i downloaded a Flash Cards Support Utility and Value Added Package
from here

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i have Toshiba Satellite A200-1GM (PSAECE-02C00DPL) serial no. 97303299K.
I would like to refresh my Windows. I reinstalled to Win 7 - 32bit.
My problem is, when i try enter my notebook model in Toshiba driver search, there is no matches... for any windows.
Just simple Toshiba deasn't recognise my notebook model...

Can someone help me...

It's radiculous...

Best regards...

Answer:Satellite A200-1GM - no drivers on official Toshiba website

Your files aren't stored in the main Toshiba files, which probably means Toshiba no longer supports your model. But they are still stored in the listed archives. This is all the files I could find for your device Windows 7 32bit

Important drivers

Firmware: You will need at least one of these but not all, use the one you know you had before the refresh. If you don't know which one you had then use the top one.

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were can you find de key for win 8.1 that belongs to your notebook?
i have no recovery cd's and i need to replace the hdd.

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I've been given a damaged Toshiba Satellite, I can not find a serial number or product number on it and it has what looks like a Hong Kong customs sticker on it, is there any way I can find some ID when I boot it up?

The screen is damaged and I don't know if all the Satellite screens are interchangable. It works on Vista i've tested it with external monitor, thanks

Answer:Satellite Pro L - Where can I find the serial number?


Normally on the bottom side of the notebook you can find a sticker with the serial number of the notebook, model number, etc.
Check this!!!

If not you can start TOSHIBA PC Diagnostic Tool to identify the serial number. It should be preinstalled on your computer.

You can get all spare parts from an authorized service provider in your country. Just contact the guys. ;)

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I have Satellite A200-1GH (PSACE0) and I cant find ALL drivers for my lap. I have the most problem with Display driver and Bluetooth.

Is there all the drivers on the one place,please?

Answer:Satellite A200-1GH - Where can I find all XP drivers?


You can download all drivers on the Toshiba European driver download page: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

There you can find the display driver and Bluetooth.

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Some of our customer dont't want Vista as OS. Where can we find drivers for XP home for a Satellite A200 ?

Many thx


Answer:Where to find XP drivers for Satellite A200?


Unfortunately Toshiba European driver site does not provide any XP drivers at this time :( I think because this Satellite A series is very new on the market we have to wait for the official release.

But don?t worry buddy :) There is a little hope. I found these useful Forum threads about the A200 XP drivers:
Take a look here:


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Dear Experts.

I am trying to download driver updates for my Satellite A200-204, but i can't seem to find tihs product in the list of products on this website.
Can anyone help me define under which familly of products A200-204 is?

Many Thanks in Advance.

Answer:Re: Can't find drivers for Satellite A200-204

Check the labels at the bottom of the unit!
There should be a serial and model number placed!!!

I think the Sat A200-204 belongs to the PSAE6E family?. But check it too!!!

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Hey guys,

I need some help to find the correct drivers for my Satellite A200-AH3. I reinstalled my Windows and now I cant find all of the drivers.

Could you help me find:
- ethernet controller driver
- mass storage controller driver
- modem device on high definition audio bus
- sm bus controller driver


Answer:Satellite A200-AH3 - Where can I find the drivers?


First of all what OS do you have?

As far as I know the Satellite A200-AH3 belongs to the PSAE0C series and therefore you can find all drivers on the Toshiba website:


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Answer:Satellite A200-24D: Where do I find XP drivers

Did you check the Toshiba European driver page?
All drivers can be found there!

The Satellite A200-24D should belong to the PSAE6E series? Did you check the serial number at the bottom of the unit? Do this!


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Is there WinXP drivers for this notebook?

Answer:Where do I find the XP drivers for Satellite A200-1M8

The Satellite A200-1M8 belongs to the PSAE6 series;
Search on the Toshiba European driver page for the XP drivers:

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I have a Satellite A200-1CR (Part Number: PSAE0E-02G00YAR) and I cant find my BIOS. I need it to do a crysis recovery disk as I interbted the BIOS update. Any help for finding the file plz?

And any comments on the crysis recovery thing is most welcome :D

thanx in advance every one

Answer:Satellite A200-1CR - Can't find my BIOS

Hi iq860,

On official Toshiba website you can only download the newest version of BIOS but you can find it here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Satellite A200 is a little bit older so you can find it in *Archive*:
*Archive* > Satellite > Satellite A Series > Satellite A200

I hope it helps! :)

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I bought this laptop about 3-4 months ago... I can't find support and drivers nowhere on this site. Like it has never been made, searched with google also, but still nothing about it...

Model Name: Toshiba Satellite A200-1JD
Model number: PSAE3E-025017G3

It came preinstalled with MS Vista Home Premium but it works so slow because it has only 2x512MB of ram...

Only 1 DVD came with laptop and it is *Product Recovery disk*... no drivers came, nothing else...

I need Windows XP drivers or at least the full specification of laptop components so I can search for drivers on my own...

Answer:Cannot find drivers for my Satellite A200-1JD

Sorry Milan but it is really not understandable for me.

Please go to Toshiba Download page and choose follow:

- Product type ? Notebook
- Family ? Satellite
- Product series ? Satellite A Series
- Model ? Satellite A200 (PSAE3)
- Short Model No ? PSAE3
- Operating system ? Windows XP
- And click on Search.

Are the WXP drivers there?

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Hi guys

I have Toshiba Satellite A200-1GH. But I cant found drivers in website. somebody help me plz

Answer:Satellite A200-1GH - Can't find drivers

Hi mate,

May I ask you if you have checked the bottom side of your notebook? There you can find a sticker with the short model number and this number you need for the driver list.

I have checked the Toshiba website and it seems that Satellite A200-1GH belongs to the PSAEC series so you have to choose ?Satellite A200 (PSAEC)?.

Check this!!!

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Hi, ok; this is a bit embarrassing so I'll get my coat shortly...

I have the above model, an A200 27Z.

but I can't find it any where on the download / support updates area - although I can find it on Google etc.


1. Where do I go for my updates

2. Is my laptop a Satellite model or a Satellite Pro. I believe it was a Satellite but some of the reviews refer to it as a Sat. Pro. - I guess there are two different models etc. (after all, it says Satellite on the laptop!)

Sorry for the silly questions but it's driving me mad trying to get the correct updates / Tempros.

Huge, big thanks.

Answer:Satellite A200-27Z - Where can I find downloads for it?

Hey mate,

I had the same notebook and as far as I know it belongs to the PSAE3E series and therefore you can find all drivers on this Toshiba page: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

You have to select Notebook > Satellite > Satellite A Series > Satellite A200 (PSAE3)
Check this!!!

Furthermore as you can see it?s a Satellite model and not Satellite Pro.

Any other questions?

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Odd issue. Toshiba website doesn't recognize my serial number. Has anyone encounted that? I assume alpha characters are upper case. Serial number is 9 characters long with alpha characters at either end of string.
Has anyone had problems registering their laptops?

Answer:Toshiba website doesn't recognize my serial number of Satellite A215-S7428

Wait a moment my friend. On which Toshiba website you try to do this? I hope you do not try to register non-European notebook model on European support page.

Am I right or you really try to do this? As far as I know you have an US notebook model.

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I cannot find the Windows 10 product Key on my Toshiba Notebook. Where is the sticker? On my notebook or elsewhere? Thank you for your answers in advance

Answer:Cannot find Windows 10 serial key on Toshiba Satellite C50-C-1JL

Windows 8 PCs now embed their product keys in the BIOS.

In the past, a new Windows PC would display its product key on a sticker, usually on the side of a desktop and on the base or the bottom of the battery compartment on a laptop. But with Windows 8, Microsoft has switched gears and now stores and encrypts the key in the BIOS instead.

Guess its the same for Win 10.

I've seen an HP laptop running Win 10 that doesn't have said sticker either.

Settings /Update & Security/Activation to display key onscreen.

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Over time the serial number has worn away from the bottom of my Toshiba Satellite M30x. Is there any other way I can find out what this is?

Answer:How to find out the serial number of Satellite M30x

I?m not 100% sure but possibly you will find the serial number in your document which were delivered together with the notebook.

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The ink on the silver toshiba serial no./model no. panel on the back of my laptop rubbed off after only a week of use when i bought the pc last year. I am now having a problem with my touchpad not registering finger-cursor movements or strokes at a normal applied pressure. I have to press harder much of the time for the action to be registered. A third of the time it works fine at normal pressure.

It is still under warranty. Unless anyone can tell me of a possible reason for this[anyone?] then I guess I should probably send it in for repairs.

Where can I find the serial no. information? Is it stored electronically on windows anywhere? I have only a rough idea of what the serial number is - i managed to write down most of it when i noticed it had started to rub off. I don't think my laptop is registered online and I don't have the paperwork that accompanied the laptop in its box.

Thanks for any help


Answer:Satellite L300-21F - Where can I find the serial number?


I?m really wondering that you can?t read the serial number on the bottom side anymore after one week only? Where do you use the notebook?

Anyway, I have Satellite L300 too with Windows XP preinstalled. If I start Toshiba PC Diagnostic Tools I can view all details about my notebook and also see the serial number.
Check this!!!

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My touch pad was having problems so I removed it, now I can't find the driver for it, any suggestions?


P.S, model number is PSAE1E

Answer:Satellite Pro A200: Where to find driver for touchpad

Did you check the Toshiba European driver page? -> Support & Download -> Download Drivers

There you should be able to find your notebook series and the necessary touchpad drivers.

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I can`t find any drivers for Windows 7.

Please help me.

Answer:Cannot find Win7 drivers for Satellite A200-14D


I found Win7 32bit drivers on Toshiba download page -

Check it again please.

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Please; where can't i find the users manual as i have some questions for the mousepad and it's blocking use when the lights get blue and some more questions about the use of the buttons.

Answer:Where to find users manual for Satellite A200-23W


Usually the user manual should be preinstalled on your notebook. The shortcut should be placed on the desktop.
Did you check it?

Anyway, you can also download the user manual from the Toshiba page: -> Support & Download -> Toshiba User Manual

Check the path above and you will find the page which provides the user manuals for the single Toshiba notebook series.


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I want to use Windows Xp but i can't find xp drivers in toshiba web site.. How can I find drivers for xp??

Satellite a200-1bp

Answer:Cannot find XP drivers for Satellite A200- 1BP PSAEC

Hi Manos

Please use search option on this forum and you will find several interesting discussions about WXP on Satellite A200. My A200 has Intel graphic card and I presume yor has Nvidia Geforce 7300. Am I right about that?

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I have one Satellite A200 (PSAE3E).
When I try to install Windows XP it prompting can not find any hard disc.
How can I install the win xp?

Answer:Cannot find harddisk on Satellite A200 during xp installation

Really annoying that new users don?t want to use the search funtion. If you had used the search function of the forum, your XP will be probably already installed...

Since this topic was discussed more then 10000-times, I will only give you a link to another thread where you can find the solution.

This topic has a link to a installation script for Satellite L40 which also applies to your machine:

In this topic the same thing was described in the topic itself:

Hope it helps you.



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Well I have a problem, I've been trying to find drivers for my A200-1C3 for XP, and I've searched allot but still I couldn't find anything. If someone has them or knows were I can get them I would really appreciate it.


Answer:Satellite A200-1C3 - Where to find Windows XP drivers?


You can find all drivers on official Toshiba website but the drivers are moved to *Archive* but you can still download them: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers
*Archive* > Satellite > Satellite A Series > Satellite A200 (PSAE6) > Windows XP

Check this!!!

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Hey all, I have been trying to search for the driver for the above laptop, however can find them on any Toshiba site or the net, it just leads to dead end, can any of you guys point me in the right direction?


Satellite A200 Drivers model number PSAF6A-02H01N
Running Windows 7 64 with an SSD

Answer:Canot find drivers for my Satellite A200

Your notebook model must be Australian model but Toshiba doesn't offer support for A200 anymore. I have checked AU download page and can find A210 model only.
Exact notebook specification is not known to me but you can try to serch for drivers on European download page -

Under option archive you can find supported old A200 models. I had A200 long time ago and it worked perfectly with Win7 32bit.

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I can not find drivers and right bios for this model of Satellite with model no. *PSAE0E-011010CZ*
Can somebody help me and write me link for this or 100% equivalent Satellite.

Thanx a lot..

Answer:Satellite A200-13R PSAE0E - cannot find the right BIOS

Go to:

Here choose:
-Satellite A series
-Satellite A200 PSAE0
-BIOS update

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Is there anyone who knows where i can find display hinges for my laptop.
I prefer second hand beause Toshiba asks for a new pair 160 EUR.

And a second hand laptop like mine costs around 250 EUR.

Do all A200 series have the same display hinges?

Help most appreciated!

Answer:Where i can find display hinges for Satellite A200-1k8


If you prefer second hand parts then I recommend checking some auctions pages in internet.
Otherwise you can get new hinges from Toshiba ASP? but it seems you have already asked the guys for such parts and it?s too much for you?

So internet is your first option?

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Satellite A200 PSAF6A-07G01N

I can't find the driver download page.
Surely there is one. If there isn't one, what can I use instead?

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite A200 PSAF6A - cannot find drivers


The Satellite A200 PSAF6A-07G01N is a Toshiba Australian notebook model.
The same notebook models were released in USA but the model number was different (PSAF6U-02900T)
But most drivers are same and would work on your Australian unit.

Go to Toshiba US driver page:
and search for PSAF6U-02900T model to get proper drivers.

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Hello dear users of Toshiba

Could you advise me where I can download the free audio driver for Toshiba Satellite A200-1CO?

very graitful in advance

Answer:Satellite A200-1CO - Where to find audio driver?


I don?t know for what operating system you need an audio driver but all drivers you can find here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

As far as I know it belongs to PSAE0E series, so you must search for Satellite A200 PSAE0E downloads.

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I have a Toshiba A200-226, and I've been using Windows 7 professional for a while, but I've formated the PC and now I can't find my touchpad drivers...
It has dual mode, so the synaptics web site drivers are not complete, can someone help me on this?


Answer:Satellite A200-226: I can't find my touchpad drivers


you can check it on the Toshiba driver page:

if you don't find win 7, try vista's one. Note, satellite a200 drivers are placed in *archive* in +family+ section

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I have a Satellite (Pro) A200, number PSAF0A-03M019 and so far have had NO luck whatsoever in getting any info from the Toshiba website about this machine, it seems lost as far as Toshiba is concerned.

When using the menu for support it rejects the serial or part number from the bottom of the machine and there is NO option for the part number in the drop down list.

I don't need drivers as I have sorted them out myself but, I would like to know which version BIOS it is supposed to take, it originally had version 1.20 but my customer upgraded it to 5.20 and there is no setting in the BIOS for enabling AHCI.

All I want to do is find some info about this machine but I have done nothing but run into DEAD ends with Toshiba's so called support. Any help I can get would be appreciated.


Answer:Where to find info about Satellite Pro A200 PSAF0A


> I don't need drivers as I have sorted them out myself but, I would like to know which version BIOS it is supposed to take,

The newest BIOS can be found on the Toshiba driver page? so take a look there?
But no one BIOS version for Satellite Pro A200 or other A200 series contain the AHCI / compatible mode.
The controller is set always to AHCI. This cannot be switched as on other notebook series.

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I need to know the PSAE of my laptop so i can download the specified drivers...
Cause when i did my search, there is many version of A200 SATELLITE..
If anyone can help where i can find it?

thank you !!

Answer:Satellite A200 : How to find out the series number

At the bottom of the unit you will find the label which provides all necessary numbers.
There you will find also the series number!

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First of all, I've got a A200 1BP Vista Home Premium and I lost the product recovery disc and I want to create one with Toshiba Product Recovery Disc Creator or Vista's "recdisc.exe".

They both failed as I had a message "No HDD Recovery Area!" which then I looked at the "Disc Management" section and couldn't find any unnamed partition.

There were two Primary Partition which were 1.46 GB "Healthy (EISA Configuration)" and my Vista (C:).
So what should I do? Can I create a recovery partition?
Or can I fix the Recovery Disc Creator? (v.

PS: I recovered my computer many times with my CD, which probably used my recovery partition.
Seriously, I'm out of ideas and I don't wanna lose 50 bucks just to have another copy of PR Disc.

PS2: I used press "0" and "F8" thing too, they didn't work either.
Is there any way I can restore without any discs?

Message was edited by: darthbabam12

Answer:Can't find recovery partition on Satellite A200-1BP

> There were two Primary Partition which were 1.46 GB "Healthy (EISA Configuration)" and my Vista (C:).
>So what should I do? Can I create a recovery partition?
>Or can I fix the Recovery Disc Creator? (v.

It looks like the HDD recovery partition is missing?
The first partition 1.46GB is created by Vista automatically and the C partition is the system partition? the HDD recovery partition does not seem to be available?

> PS: I recovered my computer many times with my CD, which probably used my recovery partition.
Did you recover the Vista using the Recover disk or what disk did you use???

If you installed the system using Vista Microsoft disk then this was a big mistake because this has deleted the HDD partition?

> Is there any way I can restore without any discs?
Either you will use a MS Vista disk and the missing drivers you could download from Toshiba page or you will order the Toshiba recovery disk? don?t see other solution?

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Help me guys :( I can't find any drivers for windows 7 :S

where i can found the drivers ?!

Answer:Satellite A200-1GB ( PSAE6E) Can't find drivers for Win 7

Windows 7 has not been released officially yet, so you wont find final Win7 drivers.

Plus I doubt Win7 drivers would be released for older models like the A200.

However you should be able to use most of the Vista drivers, and there are some beta Win7 drivers available on the website :)

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Hi Guys,

Need help to find a power adaptor that would work with my Satellite A200 notebook. Any help would be great.



Answer:Satellite A200 - Where to find a Power Adaptor?


You can get such power adaptors and other parts from an authorized service provider. On the Toshiba website you can search for the nearest.

You can also look on the Toshiba website for compatible adaptors: => Peripherals & Services => PC Options & Accessories => PC Options & Accessories Homepage


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I have to find bluetooth drivers. Should i install Bluetooth Monitor or Bluetooth Stack, or sth else? May can i find pack of drivers for my Notebook? I have installed Windows 7.

Answer:Satellite A200-1CR- Where to find Bluetooth drivers?


Have a look on the Bluetooth portal from Toshiba to download all what you need and to get more informations:

If you have more questions, please let us know!

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i am not able to find my drivers for toshiba A200 PSAF3L
i downloaded other drivers of A200 series but my modem is not connected...
pls reply

Answer:I can't find drivers for my Satellite A200 PSAF3L

Check for drivers here:

If the modem driver installs ok, but its simply not connecting, then perhaps your Firewall or Security software is blocking it?

Many Internet Security packages (Norton, McAfee, TrendMicro etc..) contain a firewall that often block dial-up connections by default.

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I have a Toshiba A200 PSAECE OS windows Vista
I installed windows XP recently and now I need to install (I guess...) all toshiba drivers but now I cannot connect to the internet. So I cannot download the needed drivers.

How do I download all drivers and put in a cd/dvd from other copmputer to install in my toshiba laptop? Please help!

As you understand I have not got not even the basic knowledge! please help

Answer:Satellite A200 (PSAECE) - How to find drivers?

Hi spiropi,

All drivers and tools for your notebook can be downloaded on the official Toshiba page: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

You can download it there and then burn it onto a disk or copy it onto your USB stick.

Check this!!!

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As it says above I have a P105, but I am unsure exactly which model I have.
Does anyone know how/where I can find this information?

Answer:How do I find out which model Satellite P105 I have?


Take a look at the bottom of the unit.
There should be a label providing some numbers like serial number, model number, etc?

If you have got a Satellite P105-xxxx then I would assume it?s a Toshiba US series notebook and all details should be found here:

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I have a Toshiba SA80 127 . Is there any way i can find out the model number of the US version of this Laptop ? since i probably need some repairs/replacements on parts (cooling fan/ LCD).

Any suggestions will be helpful.


Answer:Find out USA Model number of Satellite A80-127

Seems you have the PSA80E, which is the european model number. In most cases for US versions you would add simply a 5 to the number, like A85. On the US download page there is also an A80-S178TD. But I'm really not sure about this, so my advise would be, that if you need some replacement parts anyway, you could ask an ASP too.

They can tell you what part numbers you will need exactly for your model, which means that you would not need the US model number.

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I have a Satellite laptop however the model has rubbed off the back of the laptop and I do not have anyway to find out what model it is as I need to update some drivers.

Any ideas?


Answer:How to find out Satellite Model number

You can view the model number in the Toshiba PC Diagnostic Tool. Its located in the Start Menu under Toshiba->Utilities.

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I have reinstalled windows in my Satellite A200-1CR and i need to instal memory card drivers, becouse it doesn't work. Where can i find drivers?

Answer:Satellite A200-1CR - Where can I find memory card drivers?

Hi mate,

You can get all drivers for your notebook on the Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Your model belongs to the PSAE0E series.

Do you find them?

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Hi Guys,

This is my 1st time here:
A bit confused on this, can anyone help please:

I have a Toshiba A200 XP Pro & SP3.
In process of rebuilding, & having difficulty identifying & locating correct Radeon Display Adapter.

Display Properties -> Settings shows only ONE Monitor & should show 2 Monitors - hence ALL graphics do not display as they should - any ideas how to resolve this please?

Answer:Satellite A200 - Cannot find right graphic card driver for Win XP

Can you please post full notebook model name and model number?

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I've been going through numerous threads on here

But I can't get any of the drivers mentioned to work, i've been through about three downloads.

I am working on a A200 PSAE3A-07M007, which a teacher has requested it be downgraded to XP so that school software can work on it.

I also looked at the Intel Website, to try and find out what Intel Chipset Is on this Laptop, they said to go into Device Manager, expand System Devices and look for the Intel string, heres what I have found:

Intel(R) 82801 PCI Bridge - 2448
Intel(R) 82802 Firmware Hub Device
Intel(R) ICH8 Family PCI Express Root Port 1 - 283F
Intel(R) ICH8 Family PCI Express Root Port 2 - 2841
Intel(R) ICH8 Family PCI Express Root Port 3 - 2843
Intel(R) ICH8 Family PCI Express Root Port 4 - 2845
Intel(R) ICH8 Family PCI Express Root Port 5 - 2847
Intel(R) ICH8 Family SMBus Controller - 283E
Mobile Intel(R) PM965 / GM965 / GL960 Express Processor to DRAM Controller - 2A00

As you can see, its hard to tell which is the right one, and finding the right driver for the SATA drive is painful.

Does anyone here know what I should download to put onto my External Floppy drive, so that when I hit F6 during Xp Professional Install, it will actually complete?


Message was edited by: Hamish Towgood

Answer:Satellite A200 PSAE3A - Where to find the SATA XP driver

I am really wondering you were not be able to find it.
So let do this following some logic:

- Obviously you have Australian notebook model ? visit Toshiba AU and NZ support page
- Choose ? Notebook > Satellite A200-(PSAE3A)
- Follow the list with 52 listed drivers and in the middle you will find ?ACHI XP F6 Install Tool?

I think this is what you need. Check it out!

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Hi evrerybody

I have a toshiba Satellite A200-2BH PSAE6E-0HE049FR and i want to download drivers for windows vista.
Problem: i didn't find it in the download page :s

Can any one helpe me ??
I have an othere question how can i upgrade my vista to windows 7??


Answer:Satellite A200-2BH PSAE6E - Where to find drivers for Vista

sorry i didn't see the archive section my bad
i found the driver
but how can i upgrade to windows 7

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Where can I find a BIOS update for this model?
My bios is 23/10/07 Windows Vista 32 Bit 1.80-WIN

Answer:Where can I find a BIOS update for Satellite A200-14D (PSAEC)


Did you check the Toshiba European driver page?
There you could find all drivers and BIOS for the Satellite A200-14D (PSAEC)

But I checked the page and the BIOS 1.8 for Win Vista 32bit is still the newest one.

Seems you are already up to date buddy ;)

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Greetings. This text has been written through a translation program, try to understand :)

My friend has bought couple of days back to itself TOSHIBA Satellite A200 (PSAE6) where it has been established OS Windows Vista Home. It has asked me to change OS on Windows XP Pro. With the first problem I have consulted - have removed Vista, but to establish XP it is not possible because of absence of the driver of controller HDD in distribution kit OS. Windows Installer cannot find HDD. I read that it is necessary to load this driver during installation, pressing of key F6. But a problem that I cannot find the driver in that.

We do not have disk with drivers which should go complete with a computer and consequently it is necessary to search independently on the Internet. On site Toshiba to find the driver it was not possible. Then I have come on site Intel and download "RAID/AHCI - Intel® Matrix Storage Manager ". Having unpacked I have received archive only "infinst_autol.exe".

Where I can download such driver (not a format "EXE") which can be used at installation WinXP?
PS: a chipset - Intel PM965 Express


Answer:Help to find the driver of controller HDD on Satellite A200 (PSAE6)


use files from folder "ICH8M_32bit"


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Hello All,

I'm trying to install a XP os on the Satellite A200, but I could not find any proper driver for the video.
I downloaded one from the support page selecting all the dropdowns, but the driver does not work well with the hardware.

Please, could you point me to some place where I could download driver.

I just bought the machine, and I don't have any patience to wait to see it work.
Thank you very much in advance.

Answer:Satellite A200: cannot find any XP driver for GeForce 7300

What you mean exactly with ?the driver does not work well with the hardware??

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I have a Satellite A200-10W notebook. In present I have vista x86 installed but I want to upgrade to windows 7 64 bit but I don't know where I find the drivers because on the website I can't find these.

Can anyone help me? How can I use sound card, network card, webcam and others if i haven't these drivers?

Answer:Satellite A200-10W - Where to find Windows 7 64bit drivers?


I have checked the Toshiba page and the Satellite A200-10W belongs to the PSAECE series and therefore I could find only Vista 64bit drivers: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Normally these drivers are also work on Windows 7 so you should try it. Maybe all of them will work and so you have Windows 7 with all drivers. :)

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I have Satellite A200 PSAE3 notebook and Vista home premium 32bit installed.

I want to arrange it to dual boot with Windows XP.

Please let me know what are the possible solutions overcome this issue.



Answer:Satellite A200 PSAE3: XP Setup did not find any HDD drives

This problem can be solved very easily installing the right SATA driver ;)

Yes, you need to install a SATA driver to recognize the SATA HDD!!!

I point is that your Win XP does not contains the newer SATA drivers which are necessary and important to install the Windows OS.

The Intel Matrix Storage Manger contains the SATA drivers for two different chipsets.
Visit the Toshiba European driver page or the Intel page and download the Storage Manger!!!

You will need a external USB FDD drive to include such SATA driver into the Win XP setup.
Maybe you can remember the Win XP setup procedure? during the setup process Win XP is asking for pressing F6 button to install a 3rd party SATA drivers.
You have to connect the external FDD drive and then you could install such SATA driver.

But the problem might be the USB FDD drive.
To be honest I don?t have such external FDD drive and therefore I had to include the SATA driver using another solution.

I used the *nLite* program. It?s for free and can be demanded from the internet. Google simply?.
You can use this application to create a new XP CD with the SATA driver. Then you could boot from this new CD to install the XP on your machine.

I did it and I was successful?

Bye and have a nice day buddy ;)

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I can not access the secure boot option in the BIOS version 2.60 on my A200-2C5 satellite.
My machine does not allow Windows 8 installation.

I've tried changing the CD / DVD for the first place in order to install and continues to make the same mistake.
I tried to access the bootmenu to disable secureboot but there is no such option in the BIOS.
Do you have any idea to solve this problem?

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Hello, I have a problem with A200-14E.
I instaled XP and now i can't find driver for GeForce Go 7300. Please help me.

Answer:Satellite A200-14E: Can't find XP driver for GeForce Go 7300

What is about Google and other similar pages? My A200 has Intel graphic card and I can not test anything for you but maybe this link can help

Please let me know if this works.

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Hi to everybody.

I have a SATELLITE A200 1AE and I have a small problem.....
My laptop, cannot find my flash hard drive.I contact the toshiba service here in Greece, and they told me that they don't know what to do!!!!!

Can you please help me????


Answer:Satellite A200-1AE cannot find my flash hard drive


Can you please write a little bit more abut your problem? Since when you have noticed this issue? What have you done last time? Maybe WXP installed and now the HDD is not visible for the BIOS or not listed when you use F12 at bootup?

Please write a little bit more. I do not believe the service can not do anything.

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have to get drivers for my good old Toshiba Satellite M30x******* . The stickers underneath are washed out and i can not read the model number anymore.

How can I find out the model number to get the correct drivers?

Thanks for Help

Answer:Satellite M30x, How can I find out model number?


I have checked Toshiba download page and for Satellite M30x there is one model only ? PSA72E.
So just visit Toshiba download page under > Support & Downloads.
When you open download area under product type choose option ARCIVE and you will find drivers for your notebook model.

If you have more questions please let us know.

Good luck!

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How can i find my Satellite L670-175 i can't find, model no, auto find or manual.
I need drivers or spec. but nothing i can find.

What i do wrong???


Answer:I can't find my Satellite L670-175 model number


Take a look at the bottom of the unit? there you can find the model number and serial number?
I think the Satellite L670-175 belongs to the PSK3CE series and if you want to download any drivers or manual then you have to choose L670 PSK3CE series.

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I Have a Satellite Pro A300 Laptop.
There should be 3 other characters after the "A300" bit but I cannot work out what it is.

I need to find out so I can order the correct additional memory for it.

Can anybody help?

Answer:How do I find out what specific model is my Satellite Pro A300?

Check the labels at the bottom of the unit.
There you will find the model part number like for example: PSAJ5E-005001GR
The first 6 characters (PSAJ5E) are important.

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I have been told that turning "Sleep to Charge" on in the bios of my satellite A200 will help my iPhone connect with iTunes without freezing it. I have downloaded the latest bios (2.50) and cannot find anywhere in it that will allow me to turn on "Sleep to Charge".

Can anyone help?

Answer:Satellite A200 - Can't find Sleep & Charge option in BIOS


If you can?t find this option in BIOS your notebook doesn?t support this feature. With this feature you can only charge USB devices while the notebook in sleep mode. It has nothing to do with the connection while notebook is running.

So I doubt that this can solve your problem. You have to search for another solution.

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Where can i find display driver for satellite A200 PCAECE Windows XP 32-bit? Help!!!!

Answer:Where can i find display driver for satellite A200 PCAECE Windows XP 32-bit

hi there,

Most of the A200 series makes use of this video card chipset.

[Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Drive X3100| 732xml&sliceId=&dialogID=57594450&stateId=1%200%20 57598302]

Hope this will help :)

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I am hoping someone could help me. I am looking for a new motherboard for my toshiba laptop as it needs replaced.

I own a pspa6e-03302cen Satellite P100-347 laptop and have not been able to find this board online anywhere. Although I have found two suppliers of many p100 motherboards they use alternate model numbers in which I cannot find anywhere in my documentation or on the actual computer. The model numbers they use are something like A000008350 or a number starting with k. I am pretty sure the supplier i have found has the motherboard i would need but i would need a list of all the alternate part numbers for my laptop or someway of finding the exact numbers. Any help on this matter is appreciated..

Answer:How to find exact motherboard model for Satellite P100-347?

To be honest I really do not believe someone here can offer you such info. As you know this info is for internal use and you can try to get this info from authorized service provider in your country. Sorry but I do not see better solution, except to wait here and hope someone can help.

Good luck!

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I have a Satellite P100-240.

Q1- My boss (a blind lady) wants a similar model but without the graphics power of mine and a 15" screen. Also it must have a 102 key keyboard.

Is there such a model in the Satellite range?

Answer:I need to find right notebook model -> similar to Satellite P100-240

15.4? screen and 102 keyboard??
I?m not 100% sure if it?s possible.
I know several notebooks but the most laptops with 15.4? display support the 86 key/102 emulation keyboard.
How about Satellite M40?

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I've just purchased a *Satellite P200D-11L (AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-60, 2x1GB RAM, 200 GB HDD, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600, 17", DVD Multi*). The machine came with the operating system preinstalled (*Vista Home Premium 32bit*).

I had a look on the recovery DVD, but it doesn't contain any drivers. I have tried to find & download the drivers for this model, but all what is available on Toshiba site is the BIOS upgrade.

Does anyone know where can I find the rest of the drivers?

Thanks a lot.

Answer:Where can I find drivers for Satellite P200D-11L / Model PSPBQE?

In my knowledge this notebook is very new on the market and it looks like the drivers for this series are not released.

Seems we have to wait a little bit.
But I?m sure the drivers will be published in the next time!
Don?t lose the patience ;)

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i can't find the driver update for my graphic card....

Answer:Cannot find driver update for NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300 on Satellite A200-14D


What graphic driver do you need?? An XP or Vista graphic driver???
Did you check the nVidia page???

There you can find graphic drivers for the GeForce 7 series?

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I want to run Toshiba Power Saver on my laptop.

I have a Toshiba Satellite --T2450-- A200, running windows XP and I really badly want to run the program.

I need massive help from anyone/everyone hehe.

I cannot find the program anywhere.
So could someone please find me a link that I can use to download it?

I would greatly appreciate this! Thank you!

Answer:Satellite A200 (PSAE0C) Where to find Toshiba Power Saver for download

On the Toshiba European driver page in ARCHIVE area you can find BIOS and Utilities for this oldie.
But unfortunately, there are NO XP drivers or any Utilities for this stone-age notebook.

Nothing to do buddy?.

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I've got the Satellite A200-PSAEO and I cannot find the drivers for card reader for Windows Vista.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot.

Answer:Satellite A200-PSAEO: Cannot find the Vista card reader driver


How about the installation of the Flash Media Driver v released on 01/31/08?
The Flash Media driver is driver for your Bridge Media Slot.
This slot lets you insert either a SD card, Memory Stick (Pro) or xD picture card.

You can find it on the Toshiba European driver page in the Satellite A200 PSAE0 download area.


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I need your help.

I have this laptop Satellite C670D-115 PSC4AE .
I changed mothearboard:

_Dead one:_
Old mothearboard : H000036160 WK1145
Bios version 1.70
CPU E300 1,3 Ghz
ATI Radeon HD 6310, With this one :

New Mothearboard: H000036160 WK123
Bios version 1.90
CPU E300
ATI Radeon HD 6310

Can you tell my wath Serial number I have ?
part number etc.
I used programs Aida 64 bat not look.

Field Value
Computer Type ACPI x64-based PC
Operating System Microsoft Windows 8.1 Enterprise
OS Service Pack -
Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.16384
DirectX DirectX 11.0
Computer Name
User Name
Logon Domain
Date / Time 2013-10-26 / 09:55

CPU Type DualCore AMD E-300, 1300 MHz (13 x 100)
Motherboard Name Toshiba TKBSB
Motherboard Chipset AMD Hudson-1, AMD K14
System Memory 5741 MB (DDR3-1333 DDR3 SDRAM)
DIMM1: Samsung M471B5273CH0-CH9 4 GB DDR3-1333 DDR3 SDRAM (9-9-9-24 @ 666 MHz) (8-8-8-22 @ 609 MHz) (7-7-7-20 @ 533 MHz) (6-6-6-17 @ 457 MHz) (5-5-5-14 @ 380 MHz)
DIMM2: Samsung M471B5773CHS-CH9 2 GB DDR3-1333 DDR3 SDRAM (9-9-9-24 @ 666 MHz) (8-8-8-22 @ 609 MHz) (7-7-7-20 @ 533 MHz) (6-6-6-17 @ 457 MHz) (5-5-5-14 @ 380 MHz)
BIOS Type AMI (05/24/2012)

DMI BIOS Vendor American Megatrends Inc.
DMI BIOS Version 1.90
DMI System Manufacturer TOSHIBA
DMI System Product TKBSB
DMI System Version To be filled by O.E.M.
DMI System Serial Number To be filled by O.E.M.
DMI Motherboard Manufacturer PEGATRO... Read more

Answer:Need Satellite C670D-115 serial number and model number

All data you need you can find on Toshiba label placed on the bottom of your notebook. There you can find serial number of your notebook. We cannot say which serial number you have.
Model number is C670D-115 and your notebook belongs to C670D family. All models with D are AMD chipset models.
Part number is PSC4AE- 01100xxx. It depends on country where your notebook was purchased.

That?s all I can say about it.

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help anyone know a sight I could use to visually identify the model of my dell pc? salvaged during rental property cleanup all numbers missing or damaged...Google'sconfused no help pshh:confused

Answer:model identification without serial/model number

If the PC will start up and connect to the Internet, you can go to, click on the "support" option and go to "drivers and downloads". There is an option for a download that allows Dell to automatically identify the model #, serial # and service code #.

Hope this helps.

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i have a toshiba satellite a85-s107, part no. psa82u-00r004z. serial no. 65430273k.
problem is i cannot find it on the toshoba web page obviously then nor the drivers.
it is a factory reconditioned laptop and i think it has come from america as it states the warranty applies in united states only.

anyone know where the drivers are for this machine? please

Answer:Satellite A85-S107 has no model number that I can find on Toshiba web page


All drivers you need you can find on Toshiba US download page under


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I can not find the correct battery to this model.
I have looked on Toshiba websites, but I haven't find yet.

That model doesn't recognize by toshiba tool finder.
If somebody has some idea where I can find suitable battery I will be grateful.

Battery model No is: PA3395U-1BRS

Answer:Re: Satellite M35X-S149 - Cannot find correct battery to this model


You have already posted the battery model number.
Where is the problem? Google for this battery and I?m sure you will get some online dealers who could provide this battery.

Otherwise get in contact with an Toshiba ASP in your country and order the compatible battery.

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I have support problems with my notebook..
When I try to get support or register my Satellite, I can find my model number/serial number on any toshiba site.

When i try to valide serial number; i get this: "Spiacenti! Il numero di serie non esiste." Why???
I need drivers and software.. but i can't find it..

Model No: L500-158
Serial No: 89434057K
Part No: PSLJ3E-028023IT

Please help..

p.s. sorry for my bad English..

Answer:Satellite L500 - Cannot find notebook model on Toshiba support page


Are you using the Tempro tool in order to register the notebook?
If yes, then you should update this tool to the latest version v3.33

Check this:
+Why does TEMPRO not accept my serial number as being valid?+

Otherwise the L500-158 belongs to the PSLJ3E series and all drivers can be found on the Toshiba European driver page:


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I have a satellite A200-1GB, but the graphic card don't run, however I could get another iskaa ls 3481p, but not exactly the same, because i have a m76 with 256 mb ati radeon, and the new card is a m72 with 256 mb ati radeon from A200-2C5.

Would it be possible?

Excuse me for possible writting mistakes.

Greetings and thanks

Answer:Information about compatibilty of graphic card Satellite A200-1GB Satellite A200-2C5

Do you want to exchange the whole mainboards or just the GPU?

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I just bought a Satellite U400D-200, why isn't the model on the website?

Answer:Re: Satellite U400D - I can't find it on the website

What do you mean with ?not on the website??
The Satellite U400D-200 belongs to the PSU48 series and this series can be found on the Toshiba driver page for example.
There you can find the drivers?

What info's do you need?

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Yesterday i found the description about this notebook - Toshiba Satellite L500-17L but I cant find it on the toshiba's site. How can this be?

And there is a lot of information about this one on the web

Answer:Satellite L500-17L - How can I find it on the Toshiba website?


I have a little bit searched using Google and it seems that this is a Russian model so you can find the specifications on the Toshiba Russian page:

I hope I could help you a little bit. :)


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I recently bought a Toshiba A300-16c but have been unable to find it on the Toshiba website.

I am trying to look to extend the 1 year warranty and there is an offer on at the moment to extend the Toshiba 1 year warranty on a variety of models but the A300-16c isnt listed and doesnt even exist on this website.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Re: Cannot find Satellite A300-16c on Toshiba website


Satellite A300-16C seems to belongs to the PSAJ4E series?
It?s definitely a Toshiba European model and as far as I?m not mistaken this unit were delivered in Italy?

May I ask you how did you try to register the warranty???

In your case I would recommend visiting the Toshiba European support page: -> Support & Download -> Standard Warranty

Check it out!

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Hello everyone!

I have a Toshiba Satellite L300D-13X

But on the Toshiba support website, If I enter its serial nr then it doesent get recognised. If I insted use the little software that are suppose to identify you computer model, that too fails to recognise my model. And last I tried to manually enter my model. I choose Satellite, L300D and then the closest I can choose is L300D-13J, but mine is L300D-13X, Should I choose the L300D-13J anyway?

Anyone who recognise this problem, I would be most greatful

Best regards.

Answer:Satellite L300D-13X - Can't find it on the Toshiba website

Hi Qwerty,

I don?t know what you did wrong but I can find your notebook model on the Toshiba website. As far as I know it belongs to the PSLC0E series so follow this: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers
Notebook > Satellite > Satellite L Series > Satellite L300D series > PSLC0E

Now you can choose the operating system that you have and download all updates! :)

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What is it with Toshiba? The part number is clearly printed on the label on the underside of the laptop but the corresponding part number appears nowhere on the Toshiba support pages. This seems to occur with most Toshiba laptops that I have ever had anything to do with. Trying to find drivers, BIOS etc is a real PITA. I'm trying to find downloads for a Satellite L500 PSLS6A-00X013 but it doesn't show up any where. The serial number search is as useless as the part number search. Am I missing something?

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