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Satellite Pro A210 - Keyboard and touchpad stop working after hibernation

Question: Satellite Pro A210 - Keyboard and touchpad stop working after hibernation

I have installed Windows 7 (32-bit) on my Satellite Pro A210 and have a similar problem. When it starts all is well but after hibernation the keypad and touchpad stop working after about 3 mins. The only way to fix it is force a re-boot.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Preferred Solution: Satellite Pro A210 - Keyboard and touchpad stop working after hibernation

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite Pro A210 - Keyboard and touchpad stop working after hibernation


Have you installed all drivers for your notebook? I mean especially the chipset driver.
Check this!!!

If you have yellow exclamation marks in device manager you should install all missing drivers.

Last but not least don?t forget to install all available Windows 7 updates that you can get thorugh Windows Update.

Sorry but this is all what I can say at the moment?

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Satellite A210 less than 12 months old.

1. Speakers had problem - ASP replaced the motherboard, but now the volume is always very low, even when at 100%. All settings checked and seem to be okay. How to fix??

2. Does not always boot from battery as it is continually flat. Laptop went to ASP who replaced motherboard (again) and put new battery. Now it is always best to run the laptop from the power adaptor as the battery is still losing charge. If unplugged from mains supply battery goes flat over night????

3. Refused to boot up with the power button, talked to ASP who advised to reformat PC - did that but problem still remained

4. Reformatted lots more times and in end sent back to ASP as now the keyboard did not always work either. ASP replaced the motherboard (that is now the third one) but hasn't resolved the problem, and the keyboard. Battery still not holding charge

5. On day that I got A210 back, touchpad didn't work. Talked to ASP who gave me lots of options to try, including turning it off and waiting for 30 minutes, which did nothing. Sent it back to ASP who says there is nothing wrong with it?????

How can I resolve the power on and touchpad issue?
Have given up on the battery and the speakers
Maybe someone other than the ASP can give me an answer please. All I want is to be able to use my laptop and have it do all the usual things that a PC does, sound, keyboard, battery operation and not always have to put in a USB mouse.

Help ap... Read more

Answer:Satellite A210 - Keyboard, touchpad, battery, start up issues

1. Have you checked the volume of the physical volume dial at the front of the laptop? And also the Main and Wave volumes in windows?

2. Go into the BIOS and disable USB Sleep and Charge, and Wake On LAN

3. Try holding the power button down for 2 second

4. All the keys didnt work? Or just some?

5. Try pressing Fn+F9 to toggle the Touchpad. If you installed drivers (such as Logitech or Microsoft) for your external mouse, remove them and reboot.

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My M40 laptop has just started having a problem with it's Touchpad, after hibernation the the Touchpad does not work. plugging an external mouse works, I've tried disabling and re enabling through the control panel but it does not help. Powering off and then back on does fis the Thinkpad, has anyone seen this before?

Answer:Touchpad stops working after hibernation on Satellite M40

You said this problem started now. So it seems that this issue was not present in the past. Am I right?
So if I?m right then it looks more like an software problem as a hardware issue.

Usually the first step should be a new Touchpad driver installation. Then you could try to update the Windows XP OS to the latest state. You should use the Microsoft update page to get all patches.

Then download and install the cleaning tool called ?CCleaner?. Its for free and it?s very helpful to clean the OS and the registry.

If this does not help, try to reinstall the OS from the recovery CD and test if this issue persists after new OS installation.

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Compaq V6000 Vista Home, (32 bit) service pack 2. Computer about four years old. Motherboard replaced about four months ago because of graphic chips issue.

After a period of time / 30 min or so(?) (varies) the touchpad stops working. The blue power light continues to stay on, indicating the pad is still ?turned on? but the pad and buttons don't function. When the touchpad goes into this state, the icon on the bottom toolbar disappears. I also loose all sound, although the speaker icon remains.

When in this state the touchpad blue power light stays on and pushing the touchpad power button has no affect. (it should turn it off and illuminate an orange light)

The touch pad will also go into this state if the computer goes into the hibernate or sleep mode. One interesting thing, when in sleep or hibernate mode, you can awaken the computer by touching the touchpad surface, indicating to me that the pad is working until the computer comes ?awake.? After it wakes up, the blue blight is still on but the touchpad is inoperable.

If the touchpad is working, you can enter the sleep mode, return and the touchpad will continue to function normally.

To restore the touchpad and sound, the computer must be restarted. After that, everything works fine for a while. (time varies)

I can plug in a USB mouse to get around this issue.

I have done extensive research on Google. This issue has been happening at least since 2009. (although I didn't run across the sound issue mentioned) ... Read more

Answer:Touchpad/keyboard stop working

Update your chipset driver with drivermax

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This has happened a lot since my upgrade to Windows 10, and it's really starting to get on my nerves. Seemingly randomly, my keyboard will stop responding to what I type, and my touchpad completely stops as well (no, I did not accidentally click to disable it). These problems will never resolve themselves on their own, but as soon as I reset the computer everything works again - to me, that sounded like a driver crash, but nope! I checked the driver menu and it told me everything was running just fine. What's even more strange is that I have the backlight keyboard enabled so that when I type, it lights up. And strangely, the keys still light up when I press them, so I know it's registering my typing SOME how.

You would also think that this would be a software problem since it fixes immediately upon reset, but I've noticed that this issue seems to crop up a lot right after I have moved my computer... I'm lost and I've scoured the internet for clues, but no one else seems to have this problem. Please help!

In order to possibly do testing on what is causing this (via suggestions hopefully, I've tried everything I can think of) I am purposely not resetting my computer (thankfully this is a touch screen, but this on-screen keyboard typing is obnoxious). Currently, both keyboard and touchpad don't work, but a usb mouse I use does (the computer is also set so that using the usb mouse does not disable the touchpad).

Answer:Keyboard/touchpad stop working randomly

Hi I had that same trouble when on windows 8.1
Found out my BIOS was out of date
When upgraded to 10 my manufacturer updated the BIOS
Which in turn updated the latest drivers
Also have you run SFC /Scannow
Follow this link
SFC Command - Run in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
Written by Brink easy to follow

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This has happened a lot since my upgrade to Windows 10, and it's really starting to get on my nerves. Seemingly randomly, my keyboard will stop responding to what I type, and my touchpad completely stops as well (no, I did not accidentally click to disable it). These problems will never resolve themselves on their own, but as soon as I reset the computer everything works again - to me, that sounded like a driver crash, but nope! I checked the driver menu and it told me everything was running just fine. What's even more strange is that I have the backlight keyboard enabled so that when I type, it lights up. And strangely, the keys still light up when I press them, so I know it's registering my typing SOME how.

You would also think that this would be a software problem since it fixes immediately upon reset, but I've noticed that this issue seems to crop up a lot right after I have moved my computer... I'm lost and I've scoured the internet for clues, but no one else seems to have this problem. Please help!

In order to possibly do testing on what is causing this (via suggestions hopefully, I've tried everything I can think of) I am purposely not resetting my computer (thankfully this is a touch screen, but this on-screen keyboard typing is obnoxious). Currently, both keyboard and touchpad don't work, but a usb mouse I use does (the computer is also set so that using the usb mouse does not disable the touchpad).

Answer:Keyboard/touchpad stop working randomly

Hi I had that same trouble when on windows 8.1
Found out my BIOS was out of date
When upgraded to 10 my manufacturer updated the BIOS
Which in turn updated the latest drivers
Also have you run SFC /Scannow
Follow this link
SFC Command - Run in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
Written by Brink easy to follow

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This has happened a lot since my upgrade to Windows 10, and it's really starting to get on my nerves. Seemingly randomly, my keyboard will stop responding to what I type, and my touchpad completely stops as well (no, I did not accidentally click to disable it). These problems will never resolve themselves on their own, but as soon as I reset the computer everything works again - to me, that sounded like a driver crash, but nope! I checked the driver menu and it told me everything was running just fine. What's even more strange is that I have the backlight keyboard enabled so that when I type, it lights up. And strangely, the keys still light up when I press them, so I know it's registering my typing SOME how.

You would also think that this would be a software problem since it fixes immediately upon reset, but I've noticed that this issue seems to crop up a lot right after I have moved my computer... I'm lost and I've scoured the internet for clues, but no one else seems to have this problem. Please help!

In order to possibly do testing on what is causing this (via suggestions hopefully, I've tried everything I can think of) I am purposely not resetting my computer (thankfully this is a touch screen, but this on-screen keyboard typing is obnoxious). Currently, both keyboard and touchpad don't work, but a usb mouse I use does (the computer is also set so that using the usb mouse does not disable the touchpad).

Answer:Keyboard/touchpad stop working randomly

Hi I had that same trouble when on windows 8.1
Found out my BIOS was out of date
When upgraded to 10 my manufacturer updated the BIOS
Which in turn updated the latest drivers
Also have you run SFC /Scannow
Follow this link
SFC Command - Run in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
Written by Brink easy to follow

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A couple weeks ago while using my laptop, the keyboard and mouse pad suddenly froze up/lost power. No response to usb ports or cd drive. The screen stayed on, fan, power, even wifi connection stayed on, but couldn't get anything moving. The power button didn't respond so I had to unplug power and remove battery to shut it down. Worked fine after I restarted it.

Now, the same thing just happened again, on a DIFFERENT laptop with a different OS, browser, everything.



Answer:Touchpad And Keyboard Suddenly Stop Working

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hi,i bought u510 since 2 months .... and it worked perfectly until last weekwhen i opened the laptop the touchpad doesn't work and when i restart the system it works again and some times lagand i thought The reason for this is the driver!from two days ago touchpad stop working at all even in SafeMode and device manager doesn't show any mouse connected to the lap ! after it keyboard became laggy and stop working tooi turned off the computer and discharge battary and hold the power button for 10 secand open it and every thing worked perfectly like nothing happened beforeafteri finished my work i turned the computer off and open it after 6hours | same problem happened againand now some times touchpad not working at all or work for while and stop and keyboard became laggy and refuse to type some times ....i'm certain it's not software problemnow what i have to do to fix this problem ?!

Answer:U510 touchpad & keyboard stop Working!

Hi Mpchell,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
I?m sorry to hear that the Touchpad and Keyboard is not working as expected even after performing all the possible troubleshooting steps. Hence, the only available option to check if the issue is hardware related is by performing OSRI (Operating System Re-Install) using OKR (One Key Recovery).
NOTE: Please backup the data in the computer before performing OSRI, as the data will be completely erased.
If the issue persists, I would strongly suggest you to contact our Technical Support for further Assistance to get the details of the nearest Authorized Service Center to get the issue analyzed.
Click here to open a link where you can select the country and get the exact contact support number. I?m sure they will be a great help.
Do post us back for further queries.
Best Regards

Shiva Kumar

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I am having serious problems with my latop HP Elitebook 840, with Windows 7 (64-bit) OS. Keyboard and touchpad of my laptop stop working after 1-2 minutes of activity. Restarting does not fix the problem, the keyboard and touchpad stop working again after random time. I can confim that the touchpad is not locked up. It has an antivirus software. Can you help me. Thanks a lot.

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Hello. I am hoping that someone will have a solution to some weirdnesses going on with my Acer 5050. It came with Vista but I reformatted the hard drive and installed XP. Everything had been going smoothly until I decided to download Service Pack 3. While Service Pack 3 was downloading my network hiccuped or something and Service Pack 3 was aborted mid download. After that happened the computer was a complete mess, so I reformatted the hard drive and re-installed XP. I am now at the point of downloading all MS XP updates, virus protection, anti-spyware etc.

The problem I seem to be having is sometimes after a reboot the touchpad and keyboard will not work. An external wireless mouse will though. I find if I do a reboot both the touchpad and the keyboard will come back to life but often when the touchpad and keyboard will not work the computer will not reboot, I must pull out the battery to get the silly machine to reboot.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Brenda

Answer:Acer 5050 Touchpad/Keyboard Stop Working

here's two drivers i found, but im not quite sure which one is the right one, you should try the newest one first and see if it works, if it doesnt then try the older one.



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On my laptop Satellite L20 not working keyboard and touchpad, but keyboard work in BIOS, USB-ports also not working (USB mouse).

Can i get update file for BIOS(traditional updating from boot CD, not OS!)

Sorry for my bad English.

Answer:Satellite L20 keyboard & touchpad not working but keyboard work in BIOS

If the traditional BIOS update is not available on the download page the only way to get it is to contact nearest authorized service provider. They have all versions.

But this keyboard and mouse issue is really strange. can you use it if you start operating system in ?safe mode??

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Satellite C660-28H

Win7 64bit

antivirus Kaskpersky deleted "system32/driver/cekbfilter.sys" file for keylogger reason (Kaspersky Support said It is mistake of Kaspersky antivirus, file is not virus or virused), and after I restart OS I find keyboard and touchpad not working at all.

Also I already asked about this at [US Toshiba Forum|] and there was advise to ask here too

I can not use Windows recovery (do not have recovery point) , and I do not want to do full recovery to factory default - there are many soft and personal data stored.

So Is here way to recover drivers? As I already said at US Toshiba Forum - I already tryed delete touch pad driver and instal from Synaptic official website, and I not changed anything.

Also I think antivirus may delete not only file, but do some fixes to remove "wrone" driver

Answer:Re: Satellite C660 - keyboard and touchpad are not working

Huh it is very stupid situation now. I never had such problems but it will be interesting to find solution to this.

Have you tried to connect external mouse, just to see if this can work? I mean it is much easier to use windows with mouse and choose different options.

If this works try to open device manager and properties for keyboard. There you can find option for driver update. Check if some driver update can be found. Fact is that keyboard uses standard Microsoft driver so f you are online maybe some driver can be found.

Of course best and easiest solution for you is recovery installation. If you don?t want to do this try to find right drivers using such driver update option.

One more thing: if you have so important stuff saved on HDD you can remove it from your notebook and connect it to other PC/notebook as external device and make backup. After doing this you can install recovery image and problem is solved.

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The laptop is just over 1 year old and has been working ok until recently.

First symptoms were keyboard and touchpad not working at windows 8 login page. Pressing power to put laptop in sleep and pressing again often got them working.

This progressed to the keyboard and touchpad not working at random points whilst using the laptop.

Finally blanked the HDD and restored windows 8 alone, the laptop still BSOD's fairly frequently - refuses to install updates required for 8.1 and the keyboard and mouse often do not work even in the BIOS setup page. I have reseated the RAM and HDD.

Running out of ideas, the keyboard and touchpad do work and so I would assume that their connections are OK - but frequently they just stop.

Any ideas appreciated?


Answer:Satellite C850D-11Q - Keyboard and Touchpad not working

Sorry forgot the model - C850D 11Q

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Hi All!

I have A210-1AO notebook!
I installed Windows 7(32) on it!
Now I cannot use touchpad and VPA.

At first I install VPA(differant versions) nothing happen. FN is not working! On desktop nothing!

When I try to install touchpad driver there is mistak!("Can not execute DPInst.EXE on your current operating system")

What can I do? thx!

Answer:Satellite A210-1A0 - I cannot use FN and touchpad


> When I try to install touchpad driver there is mistak!("Can not execute DPInst.EXE on your current operating system")

I searched for this ?DPInst.EXE? error and it seems that you are using 64bit driver on 32bit system.

First of all you should check the VAP (value added package) and the Flash Card Support Utility from other notebook series like Sat L500 for example.
I installed VAP and Flash Card Support Utility which were released for newer notebook series and FN buttons work.

I also installed touchpad driver from other series since touchpad driver is not specific to a notebook model.

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After I updated the BIOS (from Toshiba's website), the scrolling function stop working. I can still click, move the mouse pointer, but can no longer scroll through touch pad. Reinstalling Synaptics driver doesn't resolve the problem. The strange thing is that the computer only detects my touchpad as standard pointing device (port: PS/2) device. 'Pressure graph' and 'Moodpad' function also stop working and complain 'this program requires a Synaptics TouchPad and the Synaptics Pointing device driver'.
My computer is Satellite A200 PSAE0C-TR605C.

Does anyone know the reason?


Answer:Satellite A200 - Touchpad scrolling function stop working after update BIOS


Which operating system is installled and which is more interesting: which BIOS version did you installed?? Why I am asking? Because there are 2 different BIOS versions, one for Vista (1.80) and one for XP (5.20) which means when you flash a XP BIOS on a machine with Vista installed then some functions are not working properly like the FN keys or the touchpad.

Please check this out and make sure you have the proper BIOS installed.


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I have a Toshiba Satellite U50T-A-10F which did the usual turn off and update last night however when I turned it back on the scroll mouse and keyboard won't work I managed to get in on because the touchscreen is still working but does anyone know why it would of updated then won't work?

Tried phoning support but only open Monday to Friday, I did take out extended warranty thank god!

Answer:Satellite U50T-A-10F - keyboard and ELAN touchpad not working

Having the exact same problem here, having to type on the touch screen as my keyboard and mouse have suddenly stopped working. Very annoying as I really need to use my laptop at the moment. Any suggestions on how to fix it are very much welcomed.

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Swapped motherboard in this laptop because the old one had died. After plugging everything in and double checking all of my connections, here are the symptoms I am having now:

When the machine boots to windows I have no keyboard or touch pad. I have keyboard function at post long enough for me to hit f2 and get to the CMOS settings, after that I lose keyboard, except for using the function key and f4 to change monitors,

On boot up I can turn number lock on and then nothing again. I have tried resetting the CMOS, o have tried pulling all the cards like wireless and modem, tried different sticks of ram and even pulling the hard drive. If you have any thoughts or have seen this before please clue me in,



Answer:Toshiba Satellite L505 keyboard and touchpad not working.

What prompted the mobo replacement?

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Hello everybody

I have a serious problem in my Satellite A300-243. I installed using a CD a driver for external keyboard and after I restarted both keyboard and touchbpad stopped working and taking any order when I reach the vista welcome page.
What should I do because you know even I cant enter the windows to uninstall that driver.

Any way to do it while windows starting up?

Answer:Satellite A300-243 - Keyboard and touchpad stopped working


Why you installed a driver for external keyboard? I never heard about such drivers?

Anyway, you should try to boot in safe mode and then you are able to remove external keyboard driver from software list. After restarting in normal mode, the touchpad and keyboard should work properly again.

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Hi Toshiba Fans,
I got some very odd problems. The keyboard works in the BIOS but later on, after windows 7 64bit booted only if I go in sleep mode and awake.
Why is that?
The touchpad is not working at all, neither the pad, nor the buttons. I have activiated it with the little black button above the touchpad.

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Hello Guys

My Keyboard & touchpad stopped working today.
Its a Satellite L750D Part # PSK36A-009008 Serial # 7B339221W

I've tried a restore to a earlier date

Can anyone help

Answer:Satellite L750D - Keyboard & touchpad stopped working

Sounds like hardware problem.
Try to set the notebook back to factory settings. I guess you would need to use an external USB keyboard in case the internal keyboard does not work.

Here an instruction how to perform a System Recovery?

Feedback would be greatly appreciated

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I purchased a new C850-1G3. Touchpad doesn't work well, sometime stop to working (also during Win8 first installation). The keyboard has bad feeling: very very flexing (like netbook of some year ago).
Feels cheap.

What do you think about? Touchpad stop working is normal?


Answer:Satellite C850-1G3 touchpad stoped working - keyboard very flexing

>Feels cheap.
The Satellite C850-1G3 is a cheap notebook. You can get it for about 370 Euros.

>Touchpad stop working is normal?
Even if the notebook is cheap, the touchpad should work properly.

But what do you mean exactly by stopped working?
Can you enable or disable the touchpad by pressing Fn + F5 (or just F5)??

Did you try to modify the touchpad settings? (can be found in control panel -> mouse -> last tab ?pointing device -> settings?)

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someone know what could be the cause?

Answer:Satellite Z30-A-1E8 keyboard light stop working

mine has done this too. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have got a Toshiba Satellite A210-11T (PSAEGE). Tired of Windows Vista I changed to Windows 7.

Everything works fine except the Synaptics TouchPad and the FN key. Does anyone have any ideas on this?

Answer:Satellite A210: Synaptics TouchPad and the FN key in Win 7 don't work


You need to install the touchpad driver, VAP and Toshiba Flash Card Support Utility.
I?ve got the A210 too and I have chosen all Win 7 drivers which were released for the Satellite L500 series.

This worked properly

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Hello gentle people,

I have just bought a Satellite A210 10c - which has in general surprised me nicely due to good performance, sound and such. BUT: The touchpad buttons seem to rest pretty loosely on their clip/spring - whatever would be the right term for that. This makes the right button rattle softly when typing (without being overly brutal with the keys ;-) ).

It seems, however, that the issue (I HATE noises of that kind) may go away after a while of usage, leaving just a general tendency of the touchpad area to rattle very slightly when treated too harshly.

Is this just the way things are with a budget notebook like this? Any experiences of the same kind and a prognosis on how things will evolve?

Well, maybe this is a silly question, but I still HATE rattle ;-)



Answer:Touchpad buttons rattle on Satellite A210-10C

Hi there,

seems to be an design-related issue. So, if it?s just disturbing and not interrupting you with working your computer, you will have to accept it. I hate the fans on my notebook too, they are sometimes too loud for my opinion.
But the problem is, every person has it?s own subjective feeling of things and this must not be an fault of the thing we use.

Maybe you can do the following to give your mind some peace: go to the store where you?ve bought it and try another model. Tell the salesman that you want to check something, so maybe something could be wrong with your machine. If another machine has the same "rattle" then you?ve personally "lost" and you have the option to buy an external mouse and keyboard (or at least an external mouse) or you bring the machine back and buy another model which has no "rattle". If no "rattle" appears on another machine then you have your warranty which you can use! :)


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Hi guys/girls :)

I have one question! Recently I bought and installed new windows 7 (x86) on my toshiba Satellite A210-128. I installed all necessary drivers except one, I can't find any TouchPad drivers here -> .

I found generic driver from Synaptics but I'm not sure is it what I'm looking for (I would like my touchpad to be fully functional - scrolling, using shortcuts...).

Please HELP :)


Answer:Need Win7 TouchPad driver for Satellite A210

I had the same situation with my Satellite A300.
Just use Vista touchpad driver. It worked for me perfectly. I have simply installed Vista Synaptics touchpad driver.

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Hi guys,

I have a Toshiba Satellite A210 on which I installed recently with Win XP SP3 and I have a problem with my Synaptics Touchpad. IT DOESN'T Scroll!!!

I tryed a few other drivers from Toshiba drivers page, synaptics homepage, old drivers and other... can anyone help pls with some other suggestions?
In mouse settings I dont even have other utilities other than the left/right buttons

Answer:Re: Satellite A210-11C (PSAEGE) - Can't scroll on touchpad


Did you activate the virtual scroll function in Synaptics driver?

You should check this because this feature must be enabled. Go to control panel => Mouse => Device Settings => Settings => Virtual Scrolling.

Therefore the Synaptics driver must be installed. I?m using the driver from the Toshiba website and don?t have any problems.


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I installed Win 7 (Home Premium, 32Bit) on the Toshiba Satellite A210-10L. After that I've had to install many many drivers! But I can't find drivers for the touchpad so I can scroll up and down with one finger.

Greets Mo

Answer:Satellite A210-10L: Driver for touchpad (Windows 7)


You should check vista drivers as most of them are compatible with 7.

Also, try from other models.......

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how can I disable tapping on a A210-103 with a Synaptics touchpad.
Tapping means to me that when I touch the touchpad the notebook translate it under circumstances as a mouse click which I don't want.

In the German settings I have found nothing like "tapping".


Answer:How can I disable tapping on Satellite A210-103 with a Synaptics touchpad

Hello Hans Juergen

Of course you can disable the ?tapping?.

I assume you want to disable this ?tapping? and instead of tapping you want to use the both touchpad buttons. Am I right?

This can be disabled in;
Control Panel -> Mouse -> last tab called ?Device Settings? (or similar).
There you have to choose ?Settings? of Synaptics TouchPad

The new window should open and there you could find many different details and settings.
You have to mark the second option ?tapping?. It?s under the point ?overview?.
There you have uncheck the option ?enable tapping?

That?s all ;)

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The touchpad on my two month old laptop has never allowed me to scroll. In the control panel, under "hardware", I have a Synaptics port touchpad on PS/2 port. Under "settings", it only offers buttons, left and right, to configure. The driver date is shown as 27/07/2007 and the version is

I have a cordless HID compliant mouse, which works fine.

Any help much appreciated


Answer:Re: Touchpad doesn't scroll on Satellite A210 PSAEGE

I just tried rolling back the driver for the touchpad, and it reverted to an Alps driver. I had not knowingly installed a different one, or the Synaptic one. Anyway, the touchpad works now, with more functions than I had on my WXP laptop.

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Hello all.

I see from previous posts that this issue has been addressed in some way or another a few times and I have tried several of the fixes, and have had no success.

1. I have a toshiba L300 next to me(girlfriends), and this feature works fine. V annoying!!
2. I have never been able to enable the scrolling. I know where the setting are and have tried to check/uncheck the boxes/ press 'apply' then ok and the other way around.
3. I have re-installed the drivers from toshiba(synaptics).
4. I have updated the bios from tempro. Although I only registed for tempro recently, the dates on the list of updates seemed fairly old. ie. not much new stuff available anyway.

Thats where im at!
All advice would be apreciated.
Also, are Realtec drives related with the touchpad in some way??
Cheers Phill
I have about a month left on the warranty, so hopefully this would be something that may be covered if no-one can help.

Answer:Satellite Pro A210 touchpad synaptics cannot enable virtual scrolling.


In my opinion everything you already done is right and I?m really out of idea what you can try except most radical solution ? OS installation with recovery CD/DVD. After doing this you will have ?factory settings? again. As far as I know virtual scrolling is enabled by default and it should work after first start.

So doing this you can make the ?ultimate test? and be sure if this function works or not.

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I have a Satellite A210, its about 3 months old now.
At the beginning when i tapped the top right hand corner of the mouse pad it turned a bright blue colour and i was able to use it to control the volume and open up to 6 areas with one touch.

However for the past month or so, for no apparent reason it no longer works, all i can do with it now is tap in the top right corner to expand a window and tap in the bottom left to minimize a window.

Can anyone help explain why this is?
Any help would be greatly appreciated as its very frustrating.


Answer:Satellite A210 - Synaptics Dual touchpad loses function


Such issues are not possible to explain because nobody here knows what you have done with your notebook. As fast solution you can try to roll back your OS to earlier time using System Restore tool.

Try it. Maybe it will work again. Please inform us about results.

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Hi everybody!

I have changed Windows and now something is wrong with Touchpad. It works only as a mouse (cursor moves, right and left buttons are also ok).

Before with Vista I had email button, wireless connection, something else and sound changing, and plus it had extra blue light. Now these buttons are not active and no etrxa light.

Laptop Satellite A210.

I've tried all possible drivers already but maybe you could advice me something else.

thanks in advance!

Answer:Touchpad doesn't work after changing from Vista to XP Satellite A210

please try this one

and give us feedback if this driver helps or not

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I am an owner of a Satellite A210 laptop. I have owned this for 2-3 weeks. On Thursday I noticed that my fan was running very loud, fast and never stopping. Before this it would rarely come on. I restarted the computer and once it came on the fan came on and would not shut off. I left it for 30 minutes and it still continues. I checked the bottom to see if it was overheating and it wasn't. I bought some decompressed air and blew it threw both vent but it still continued.

Should I take it back to the store I bought it from and ask if they can fix this or is there a solution I haven't found?


Answer:Re: Satellite A210 - Cooling fan won't stop running


Try please to change ?Cooling method? option in power settings to see if the cooling fan will run slower. If there is no difference you can contact the store and see what they say about it.

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i have an A105-S4254 laptop which is less than a year old.
When i boot it up, after a few minutes most of the keys stop working.
The F keys however continue working.
I can fool around with the brightness and toggle the num and scroll locks on and off but i cant type.

Quite a few of the keys just freeze.
When i reboot the keys work for a few minutes and then stop working again.

Plz help me with any suggestions and solutions.

Answer:Satellite A105-S4254: Many keyboard keys stop working after booting


For me it looks like a hardware issue. Maybe it?s the keyboard or the keyboard controller itself.
But first of all you should be sure that this failure was not caused by a software problem.
Therefore it would be advisable to refresh the system and to install the OS from the Toshiba recovery CD.

If the keyboard issue will appear again, I would recommend contacting the ASP in your country for notebook checking.

It seems the warranty could be valid so all replacements should be done for free.


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Last week I accepted a Microsoft Windows update. Sine that update I can not get the Satellite to recognise its touchpad and the only driver updates that work are for a standard PS2 mouse. I can no longer use the bottom and side scroll features of the Toshiba touchpad. What drive am I looking for to rstore the touchpad please?

Answer:Satellite A210 touchpad scrolling disabled after Windows Vista update

You can find the Touchpad driver here:

Firstly remove the driver from Control Panel -> Programs and Features
Then download and install the latest version.

If you have Logitech mouse drivers or other 3rdparty mouse/keybiard drivers installed, remove those as well.

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just got the A210-14S. All in all a fine notebook as I can say so far :)

Got three questions/issues with it though:

1. Even though it should support DDR2-667Mhz memory, the memory only runs at max. 600Mhz, even when settings are set to High Performance and running with the power supply...quite strange, BIOS fix needed?

2. The screen goes blank every once a while, and a message appears that the ATI driver had to reset itself. New ATI drivers needed? As far as I can tell the newest are the ones that come with the book...

3. When activating the Dualpad, it won't deactivate. Pushing the button, it stays in Dualmode :(

Suggestions, confirmation, or work in progress info would be highly appreciated.


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Answer:Satellite A210-14S: Question about DDR2 speed, ATI driver, Touchpad Dualmode

Hi there,

I am trying to answer your questions, maybe my know how can help you..

1. How did you measured it? Maybe with memtest or with cpu-z? Would be interesting since these tools do not support the mobile chipsets very well. The other thing is that no matter which performance level you have, the frontsidebus is probably dynamically, but I am not an intel engineer, so I cannot give you an 100% answer.

2. Hm, would be nice to put some new drivers on your rig. I suggest you to try this site, works for me very well:
Just try it. :)

3. Err, you activate it and then deactivating. Please explain it a little bit more precisely because I unfortunately do not understand it. :)

So, I tried my best, I gave everything and I am really exhausted now. OK, it?s not like saving the planet but I hope you have some success... ;)


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I have got a Tecra A7 with XP. Every once and a while when waking up from Standby or Hibernation, the Keyboard and Touchpad dont work at all. I can still log on using fingerprint recognition. Also an external USB mouse then works.

I have to Log Off and Re-Log-On using the external mouse to make the keyboard and touchpad work again. Very inconvenient, especially when you re in a hurry.... hehe

Anyone else experiencing a similar problem?? Any solutions??

Thanks for any help guys!!!


Answer:Tecra A7 - Keyboard and Touchpad dont work after Standby or Hibernation

Did you install drivers for your external keyboard or mouse? For example Logitech drivers?

Try uninstalling those 3rd party drivers, they may be conflicting with the Toshiba drivers.

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I'm using laptop Satellite A210-12U.
I've got a problem. Some keys on the keyboard of my laptop are damaged. Everything is working properly so I need just replace some keys.
Where can I get them?

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Answer:Need keys for keyboard Satellite A210


You can replace only the plastic key caps or the whole keyboard.
Therefore you should check it again if you need only the keycaps on the whole keyboard.

All notebook parts like keyboard or key caps can be ordered from the ASP in your country!

Best regards

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After one week of non-using computer my keyboard keys "cvbn_" became sticky (but still working)? Do I have to replace keyboard, or I can clean it by myself? Please tell me *how can I get under keys*? Do I have to disassemble all the computer or keys are removable?

Answer:How can I clean up keyboard on Satellite A210-127?

Sticky keys because of non-using. Very strange! I was three weeks on holiday and none of keyboard keys are sticky.
Anyway, single key cannot be disassembled and if they are sticky because of splitting coke inside or something similar I do not believe you can clean it up properly.
Want you can do is to remove plastic cover and look what happen with small mechanism under the cover. To place cover again put it into the right place and press it down but gently. You will hear ?click? and cover should be in place again. You can remove this cover for each single key.

Check it out!

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I've experienced some interesting problem with my Satellite 1905 - S301.
Every time it wakes from hibernation/standby my touchpad stops accepting "taps" as a left mouse button click. It works normally with sensing finger's movement but stops at all but it's quite annoying to reboot the machine every time it returns from hibernation mode.

I've made a little workaround and after I close the lid laptop still runs but that's not the way it should work, I would rather to have it hibernated than running for 10 hours without any sense ;).

Can someone provide me the solution to that problem, please?
Thank you in advance.


Answer:Satellite 1905 - Problem with touchpad after waking from Hibernation/Standby


I agree with you. It?s very annoying to reboot the machine every time to use the touchpad.
Does this problem appear since the first day?

I think there could be a software problem and possibly the new OS installation from Toshiba recovery CD could help.
I know, the full installation is not the best solution but it could help.

You should also check you touchpad driver. The Satellite 1905 - S301 was designed for the US market and therefore I checked the US website for the available drivers.
It seems that is a newest version of the Alps touchpad driver for Windows XP.

I would suggest reinstalling the touchpad driver and check if there are any improvements.

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I have recently bought a A210 series with integrated cam and I am having problems with the keyboard as when i start typing it starts to jump about in different areas of the document or sentence is there anyway to rectify it, it is operating windows vista and office 2007

Answer:Keyboard on Satellite A210 series does not work properly


does this problem appear immediately after buying the machine? Maybe it?s a good idea to recover the machine, perhaps it could be a software issue.

On the other side it sounds a little bit like a hardware related problem so if the recovery doesn?t brought you joy then you should contact a local service partner for help.
Here you can find the nearest ASP in your country (just click on the link and you will find some):

Nice weekend

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Had major problems with laptop, so did a full rebbot with repair disc, but now laptop keyboard isn't working right.
If i type the letter O i get LO, and if i type the letter L i get OL, the letter E acts just as the enter button does, and if i press I i get KI.

I have read about the functions of The FN key etc, and have to admit that i messed around with the FN + several other combinations, and was wondering if i now have the settings incorrectly set or could it be something more sinister?

i have mcafee which has not detected any spyware or virus, and the system has been reset to factory conditions and all else works as per normal?
Any ideas anyone?

Answer:Equim A210 - Keyboard not working right


I doubt this could be a matter of wrong setting.
If you would enable something on the keyboard which should not be enabled then you would get another sign but not double letter ?:|

In my opinion it?s a keyboard issue? Possibly something wrong with the hardware?

Could you check if the same happens using different applications; Word, Wordpad, Editor, etc?.
If the same keyboard behavior would persist using different software then this would be related to the hardware (keyboard issue.)

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I have Satellite A210 System Unit Model No PSAFGA-02H019. I have inadvertently changed my desktop screen to horizontal. I do not know howHow can I restore the desktop to portrait to continue creating documents. I have tried troubleshooting myself with no resolution

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I have a new Satellite Pro A210 with downgrade to XP.
I have a problem with the USB. When I plug a USB device eg. camera or flash drive I get the usual sound of a USB device being plugged in but no folder appears and the device does not show up in my computer, nor does the disconnect usb device icon show up in the bottom right of desktop. When I unplug the device I get the sound of it disconnecting.

The Toshiba PC diagnostic tool tests the USB as ok.

This has been occurring since I first got the computer.
I have since updated to the latest bios and used windows update to update to service pack 3 and all other available updates, the problem is still the same.

Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite Pro A210 - USB not working

Do you have mapped network drives?

Sometimes the networked drives can hide removable drives such as USB keys.

If you boot up while the USB key is plugged in, it should assign a drive letter properly.

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Model: A210-126 (not relevant since problem seams to affect multiple models)
OS: OS-independent (Tried multiple: OpenBSD, Linux, WinXP, Vista, Win7)

Other posters with same problem:

Key-presses drops out or gives wrong output. The problems occurs randomly, either right at boot or after <random> uptime. Looks like its a hardware related issue and not a OS issue. Problem occurs in multiple OS?s and even in the BIOS-meny. None of the solutions posted in this forum/other posts resolves the problem.

Removing battery is not a solution (as suggested in other posts), problem reoccurs after <random> uptime and sometimes even right at reboot. (And lets face it, a laptop without a battery is a _stationary_) =)

No! Its not a heat/overheating issue, problem can occur right at bootup after a complete powerdown with battery and power removed. (and no, its not a dust-problems or a issue of broken/fault cooling-fans/cooling)

I am using the lates BIOS for my model, so doing a bios-upgrade/flash wont resolve the problem.
Restoring to factory default is not a solution either, but _yes_ ive tried it, even though this problem most def is a hardw... Read more

Answer:Keyboard issue on Satellite A210- Missing letters and generaly acting-up

I think after all you have done you should contact service and they should check hardware functionality.
Everything you have done is right. What else you can do?

Is warranty still valid?

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Hello Everyone,

My problem started after updating windows 8.1 to windows 10, of course!
First the touchpad just stopped working, for no reason.

My solution was to uninstall the drive and restart the laptop. And from time to time I had to do this proceed. Two weeks ago windows updated, and the touchpad issue's gone. . Unfortunately, another one appeared.

The feature "mousekey", which is turn it on at ease access to use the numeric keys to use them as a mouse, It's turning itself on. And doesn't matter how many times I turn it off, few seconds and it's on again.

I've tried uninstalling the drive, which after windows the last updating was "ELAN".

Then I replaced by the Toshiba drivers, which is "Synaptic", and uninstalled the drives ,the problem is the same. Because of that, I can't use my numeric key, which is annoying!! If anyone can come up with something I will be grateful.

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My headphones (Bang & Olufsen 19ohm) do not work on my Satellite A210 and the sound is not cut from the speakers when the jack is iserted.
I have downloaded a new sound driver but no joy.

Any ideas?

Answer:Headphones not working on Satellite A210

Sorry wrong model quoted - it is an Equium A200-1VO

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I've reinstalled my Toshiba Satellite A210-1BX with another Win OS
My problem is, that the Fn - button doesn't work and the pop down on the top of the screen isn't there.

Which driver or programm will I need to install that function? I have installes all driver from the Toshiba site :-/


Answer:Satellite A210 - FN buttons are not working with another OS


Why do you don?t post what OS it is? I mean there are many Windows OS on the market?

So I can?t help you at the moment but for Vista you need the Toshiba Value Added Package. Check the Toshiba website!!


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I have an ASUS laptop and I have been facing an issue where the USB ports sometimes stop working after waking up from hibernation. I mean, every device that is plugged into them stops working, such as wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, wireless gaming controller, USB headset, USB thumb drive etc. Unplugging and replugging the devices does not fix the issue.The only solution I'm aware of is rebooting the laptop.

However, when this USB port issue happens, another one arises, in which Windows gets stuck at rebooting screen, so I need to shut down the system by pressing and holding the power button. This seems to happen randomly, most of the times the USB ports work fine after waking up from hibernation. However, yesterday this issue also happened after a normal startup, which had never happened before.

I have already unchecked "Allow the computer to turn off the device to save power" at Power Management tabs for USB Root Hub (USB 3.0) in Device Manager, for all of the entries available after showing hidden devices. I have also already disabled "USB selective suspend setting" in Advanced settings for all existing power schemes, both for on battery and plugged in modes. Tough, I don't believe these options are related to my issue at all.

I have even turned off power saving option in my laptop BIOS, but it didn't solve the issue either. I'm running out of things that I think might be causing this issue. I wonder if it's a hardware problem, where the USB hub... Read more

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when i open the a message display in the screen "toshibasmbios has stoppped working
i googled the problem and i found that smbios can cause BSOD and i already have this problem and can't fix it for along time

can smbios make the BSOD ???
how can i fix this problem ??

Answer:Satellite A210 - ToshibaSmbios has stopped working

Found your other thread about BIOS update:

It seems that you tried to update the BIOS?
Could it be possible that your BIOS update did not run smoothly and the ROM module has been damaged due to BIOS update?

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Hello everybody,

i've got an A200 PSAELE and I am trying to connect it to an external Monitor via VGA.
The external Monitor is a Medion 19" Widescreen with a Resolution of 1440x900.

The problem is, that I am not able to get the external display to work.
I just get a "no signal" message on my external monitor.

I tried various things, tried another VGA cable, another monitor (Benq FP93G X) and another driver.

I am using Windows 7 Beta ans also tried to get it to work using Windows Vista Home Premium & Windows XP.
In the "resolution settings", I tried using the "recognize displays" button.
When i use it, there is a second image of a display displayed like a box.
In this box, there is the following text: "Antoher display couldn't be recognized".

Regardless of the settings I use (clone, span, ...) I can't get any image onto my second screen.
I tried changing some BIOS-Settings without success and made a BIOS-Upadte to Version 2.00, same problem.

I also tried switching to the external monitor via "Fn + F5", but nothing happens onto the second screen.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance,


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Answer:Satellite A210 (PSAELE) - VGA output not working

Hey buddy, I have the solution for this problem. It?s pretty easy.

Have you checked the user manual? I doubt this because otherwise you would know the solution for this problem.
In the user manual you can find a list of the supported screen resolutions:
- 800 x 600
- 1024 x 768
- 1280 x 800
- 1280 x 1024
- 1600 x 1200
- 1920 x 1440
- 2048 x 1536

So I think it?s not possible to use the native screen resolution of 1440 x 900. :(

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I have a Satellite A210-131 for 3 days now and the FN-keys just don't work. The number pad using FN works fine, just the F1-12 combined with FN do nothing. I have the latest drivers and utilities from the support website...

Additionally, my touchscreen volume control works quite stupid, it takes at least 20 sec to adjust, and then its way too strong... I always have to switch to the sound control menu to change it...
Please help!

Answer:FN-keys and volume control not working on Satellite A210-131


It is very strange. Usually if you press FN key and keep it down the flash cards should be shown at the upper side of the display. Try please to start flash cards again: Start > All Programs > TOSHIBA > Utilities > Restart Flash Cards.

I do not know what is wrong with touchpad and volume control but on friends Satellite X200 (the same touch pad as on your A200) works well. Described issue is pretty strange and to be honest, not known to me.

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My laptop can`t work with that card properly.
Is there any solution?

Answer:Satellite A210-1AP - Transcend SD HC 16GB class6 not working


Have you checked compatibility list in ?user?s manuals?. Usually there is described which cards can be used and what is the max. capacity. If I am remembering this card is readable up to 4 GB only.
I?m afraid there is no solution.

What you can try is to install card reader driver for newer Satellite A300 in hope it will help.

Bye and good luck!

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Can someone please help! I'm not that technical but have an A210 and according to the user's manual there is a built in microphone but I can't get Skype to work. Ive gone through every available option I think.

Firstly - Is there a microphone in this thing?
I can't find any spec sheet saying a definitive yes.

The Control Panel - sound-recroding options shows a microphone and that Realtek High Definition Audio is not plugged in.
Does that mean and external mic or...?

Any help appreciated

Answer:Satellite A210: internal microphone not working with skype

What a Satellite A210 model do you have exactly??? Could you please post the model number which can be found at the bottom of the unit?

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I am owner of Satellite A210-1AP.
Bought notebook in may and since then I have problems with freezing of system. Is it possible that computer with 2.1GHz; 2GB of memory; 512 MB Video memory on Windows Vista Home Premium can not work with music and Skype on same time (of course WiFi is on).

What's the problem?? System? Bad drivers? Antivirus (Nod32 Smart Security 3)? Week configuration?.

Please if anybody can answer or try to help me?
I am not beginner with computers.
This is my first Toshiba but third notebook comps since '95.

I am mad of rebooting and freezing.
If there is no help thinking to sell this.
Thanks for any help!


Answer:Satellite A210-1AP stops working - system freezing

Hi buddy

I can understand you very well? such system freezing is very annoying and drives crazy.

I?ve got a 7 years old notebook and had a similar issue. The system froze suddenly and only a notebook reboot helped.
After a long investigation I found out that one of my memory modules was faulty.
I presume a high internal temperature affected the memory module.
I replaced the faulty RAM and could solve the issue.

Ohh? I have forgotten to say that I have reinstalled my OS firstly to ensure that this is not a software (OS) problem.

I think you should do the same? check if the issue could be solved using the Recovery CD. The recovery CD will set the notebook to the factory settings and usually everything should run trouble free.

If the issue will persist, then a hardware issue could be possible?

But no panic dude? it seems your warranty is valid. Therefore contact the ASP in your country and ask for the help.
In my opinion the warranty should cover everything.

Good luck

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Hi All

My Satellite Pro A210 dvd drive is not loading.
When I looked into it it showed an error code 39.
I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but it's still not working.

Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite Pro A210 DVD Drive not working - error code 39


From my knowledge the error message 39 appears if the CD/DVD drive is not visible in the ?My Computer?.
You can try this workaround:
Go to device manager and delete the CD/DVD drive from the device list.
Then go to registry (regedit) and remove the upper and lower filters from the key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ Control\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

Then reboot the unit and test it again
I think this should help!

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Ok I have had the Laptop around 3 weeks and at first had no problems with the card reader... but the last few days it has stopped reading my cards ( i have 2 different sorts)

It registers it on the computer (it comes up with the safetly remove icon) however when i go to open it it asks to format the card.
I have an old laptop and it works fine on that but not on the new one. Has anyone got any tips? I am thinking i might have to take it back to the shop where I got it but i would like to try and fix it before i do that.


Answer:Satellite A210 - Card reader stopped working!

Well my cardreader doesn't read Memory Stick Duo cards that are larger than2GB if that helps.

Love, peace,

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How long is the working time for the notebook on the battery in safe enegry mode?

Answer:Satellite A210-1AP - battery working time question

Everything demands no the notebook usage?
If you are using CD/DVD drive or if the display brightness is set to a higher value or if an CPU or GPU is running with more performance then the battery working time would decrease? so it?s really not possible to say an exact value?

I?ve got a A210 and I can use it for about 1hour with battery power? but my display brightness is set always to a highest value and I use only a IE browsing in internet.


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Hi, I have a Satellite A210-146, and the installed Toshiba DVD Player has stopped working.It used to work,but I believe there are some program compatibility issues.Is there a way to find out which program may be affecting it without uninstalling and re-installing programs?

Any advice or suggestions greatly appreciated,thanks

Answer:Satellite A210-146:Toshiba DVD Player stops working

What happen exactly when you want to use Toshiba DVD player? Is there some error message?

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Hey guys. So i have an Asus ROG G751JY laptop. So when i put it to sleep or hibernate, the screen brightness controls (Fn+F5 and F6) dont work. The animation pops up on the screen but it doesnt do anything. Hibernation doesnt resume etheir but thats for another thread. Any ideas here?

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Hey guys. So i have an Asus ROG G751JY laptop. So when i put it to sleep or hibernate, the screen brightness controls (Fn+F5 and F6) dont work. The animation pops up on the screen but it doesnt do anything. Hibernation doesnt resume etheir but thats for another thread. Any ideas here?

Answer:Brightness settings stop working after hibernation or sleep Windows 7

Hello Nikak mate one of my machines is a G750JM ROG and I find most little irritations like that are fixed with a simple run of these
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
Disk Check < if necessary include the /f and /r in the command line as per Option2
Run these in safe mode and the sfc often best run for two to three runs - you can leave out the /r switch if you think it not necessary.

Edit Forgot try updating the NVidia driver too

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Hi, there,

I have an A210-11C (PSAEG) with Vista. A few weeks ago, and after installing Vista SP1 my optical USB mouse (Logitech V100, corded) started to fail - the mouse bottom light switches off and the pointer freezes.
The first few times I used to unplug and plug back the mouse, which solved the issue.

Later on, I had to change the USB port as well, in order to take it working. And finally, since yesterday the mouse has stopped to work at all on the notebook. Plugging it into a USB port, Vista shows an Unknown/failed device notice but no more details.

Moving the mouse on other PC shows the hardware is ok - the mouse is recognized and working.
I also tried to connect other USB devices (an MP3 player), which seems to work properly as well.

So, it doesn't seem to be USB Hub problem.

Has anybody experienced similar issues after Vista SP1?

Cheers, Ivo Kolev

Answer:Satellite A210-11C PSAEG: Vista SP1 - USB mouse stops working


> Has anybody experienced similar issues after Vista SP1?
From my experience not all devices, drivers, etc? are compatible with the Vista SP1.
I read many articles about some ?teething problems??

Did you notice the same without the SP1?

However, I would recommend this;
Access the device manger and remove the USB controllers and USB hubs.
Then reboot the notebook. Then Vista should recognize the USB ports again.

After this short procedure, try to connect the mouse again?

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Having installed Vista SP1, have had a number of problems and one main one is the head & mic sockets no longer work on the front of computer.
So cannot use skype etc.

Any help appreceated


Answer:Satellite A210: microphone socket not working after Vista SP1 installation

Form my own experience the SP1 is not fully compatible with different drivers.
In you case it looks like the sound driver does not work correctly with the SP1.

Don?t know what sound card you have (maybe Realtek???) but an sound card driver update would be advisable.
If it doesn?t help you will have to wait till a sound driver update will be released


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About once a day, my keyboard and touchpad stop responding. This is always after shutting the top. It's as if it's it tablet mode or opened all the way flat. Everything works but the keyboard and touchpad. It requires a reboot, and then it works fine.HELP!

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Hi all, Sometimes, when I come out of sleep or hibernation, the brightness controls Fn + up or end keys stops working. I recall this is handled by the BIOS / firmware of the laptop but it seems like the OS messes things up. I also understand that the OS does interface with this BIOS level feature as it adds the HUD display with the green bars (which also stop working when this problem occurs). Does someone know which service is responsible of handling this under Vista? I could look the task manager but without knowing what I must look for, it is not easy to restart this service. Edit: I just did an experiment. I put the laptop in hibernation using fn + F12. I let it turn off then powered it back on. Using the Fn + up or end worked while in the initial loading screen (the one that says windows is starting with the scrolling bar). Then comes the login screen. Once I was in my Vista account, the Fn short cut was not working again. So it really sounds like Vista is overriding the firmware behavior. Thanks for any help. Message Edited by marcbe on 04-06-2008 05:36 PM

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My dad got a Thinkpad Yoga 14 about a month ago and he usually uses his laptop at a 90 degree angle in bed. So when he is on his side, the laptop is on it's side as well. When he does that with the Thinkpad Yoga, the touchpad and the keyboard are disabled and he cannot use the laptop like he wants to. I think because it's a setting to not accidentally touch the keyboard or mouse when using it in tablet mode.I cannot find any setting on how to stop Windows from disabling the touchpad and keyboard on rotate. I've turned off auto-rotate but can't see anything else. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Answer:How can I stop the Thinkpad Yoga 14 from disabling the touchpad and keyboard?

I am having the same issue. were you bale to resolve this?

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Keyboard and mouse stop working

Hi, I'm having some major problems with my Dell Dimension 8400 which runs on Windows XP.
It all started with some files found and replaced during chkdsk.
My PC was working fine yesterday, but today when I turned it on the problem started.
At first, everything is okay. Then, after the initial Windows page the screen goes black and a gray bar appears at the bottom. At this point, the keyboard and mouse shut off (lights go off) and stop working. Once the gray bar has finished loading (1-2 seconds), windows continues to start as usual. The only problem is when I get to the log in screen (where I have multiple user accounts) I cannot choose one to log on with because the keyboard and mouse do not work. I have tried unplugging them and putting them in the USB slot instead but to no avail. I cannot run safemode or anything because the same login screen comes up.
I tried hitting F12 initially and ran hard drive diagnostics which gave me the alarming result:
"Drive 0: ST3160023AS - FAIL - Return Code 7
Drive 2: No device"
Drive CD drive...diagnostics not supported
Drive DVD drive...diagnostics not supported

Any Suggestions? Please help!

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Keyboard and mouse stop working AND STOP 0X0000007B

Please follow the steps here for the Stop 0x0000007B error:

As you will note, one cause can be a boot sector virus.

Return Code 7 can indicate hard drive failure. Drive 0 is the hard drive.

As for CHKDSK replacing files and causing this problem, it's not likely. Even IF you check both options- fix file system errors and scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors, it didn't 'cause' the problem, it just made it more evident.

Backup everything you do not want to lose and consider replacing the hard drive.

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I'm having problems with my All-in-One Keyboard on Windows 8.1(64 bit): it doesn't accept input both from keyboard and touchpad at same time (can't walk in a FPS game while looking with mouse, for example).
Is this a product's limitation or should it work?


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hi. I'm Zaitul and i have Aspire E 15 . the touchpad suddenly stop working and the cursor does not even appear when i touch the touchpad. my laptop still can be operated as i can use external mouse. but, the touchpad is one of the important component for certain situations.  what should i do? 


Go to Solution.

Answer:my touchpad has stop working

I had the same problem happen to me just yesterday. I ran windows update and it showed optional updates to install. One of them was the "Intel Serial IO I2C ES Controller Driver", which I clicked to update. It installed and required a reboot. Upon reboot, I noticed that the mouse cursor was gone during login, and after that the touchpad was totally unresponsive. I tried to disable/enable the touchpad using FN+F7, but that didn't work. Fortunately I had a regular USB mouse I plugged in, which worked. Opening the Control Panel, Device Manager, it showed the System devices/I2C Controller with a yellow triangle next to it (showing that the driver failed to run). I had selected to rollback the driver to the prior version, and the touchpad started to work immediately. I suspect you may be having the same problem. To Fix: 1. Open Control Panel.2. Select and open Device Manager.3. Locate I2C Controller within System Devices.4. Double click on I2C Controller.5. Select Driver tab and click on Roll Back Driver button.6. Your touchpad should start working again.7. Close Device Manager.8. Close Control Panel. I'd like to see Acer's response to this issue and their suggestion since I suspect that in the following days there will be a fairly large percentage of Acer laptop users running into the same issue. 

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Satellite A100-PSAA9E

I installed Windows XP pro and have installed all the drivers.
I installed the controller driver and Toshiba Hotkey driver.
I do not have the option to put my laptop into hibernation

Anyone know how to fix this?

Answer:Satellite A100-PSAA9E - FN+F4 not working for hibernation

Sorry guys, just figured it out thanks!

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My touchpad stop working and i've install the touchpad driver several times, restart and again. It's doesn't work.I don't know what to do next.

Answer:Y470 Touchpad stop working

hi snoper00can you press fn + f6 to disable/enable the touchpad when it happens next time?

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I Bought my computer without OS, I installed XP and drivers (but I couldnt find any info about proper sequence of installing drivers - is there any?)
All is working without hibernation.

Power saver dosnt see this function
Turning off power saver and turning this option in XP on (it is in the window with screensavers - I dont know proper name) results an error and info than another process is using hibernation

Are there any drivers missing?


Answer:Satellite L300-11G XP (Home Poland): Hibernation is not working

Hi again,
I will try to ask my question in more coherent way ;-)

Toshiba Satellite L300-11G
Short model number:PSLBCE-00F00EPL
(Made 2008-05-24)

OS: Windows XP, Home edition, Polish version

1)Hibernation is not present as an option
in Power Saver
2)Hibernation can not be enabled in Windows XP Power Management - the resulting error communicate says that "Another process is using this function"

Is hibernation working in anybody's Thoshiba L300 11G with windows XP?

I downloaded all necessary drivers, but I don't know if I installed them in proper sequence.

I don't know which driver is responsible for hibernation, so I dont know which one to reinstall, change or check.


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Sometimes, I find that using F6,F7 to control brightness does not work at all. This does not seem to happen after a fresh reboot, but more after coming out of Hibernate mode.

I'm running Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit and using the latest NVidia driver (obtained from toshiba's website yesterday):

Any way to fix this?

Answer:Satellite A660-11M - Brightness control not working after hibernation


From my own experience I can say all FN keys work perfectly after hibernation, standby, restart, etc. No problems at all!

I don?t know what the problem is but in your case I would reinstall Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility. Both tools control the FN key functions and can be downloaded from official Toshiba page.

But before you reinstall it, remove the old versions firstly. Then install VAP, restart and at last Flash Cards Support Utility.

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Hi, I've had my new laptop for 24 hours, and I've experienced twice a situation whereby the touchpad stops responding permanently, requiring the machine to be reboot (which "resolves" the problem). In addition to that, I've been experiencing intermittent freezes in response for about 3-4 seconds, then it starts responding again.

It's brand spanking new, so this is pretty disappointing. Has this happened to anyone else and if so, is there a fix that doesn't involve returning the unit?


Answer:Satellite P840 Win8 - touchpad intermittently stop responding


Did you notice the same using a connected USB mouse?
I?m asking this because from my point of view the touchpad or the system could freezes for some seconds because of stressed CPU.

In many cases the system doesn?t response because some processes running in the background stresses the CPU and this leads to such system freezing.

I would not be worry about that? check if the system is up to date and if all updates are installed.
In case this issue would not be related to the mentioned background process, try to update the touchpad driver.
Check the Toshiba EU driver page in order to get the latest touchpad driver or visit the Synaptics driver page in order to get the driver directly from touchpad manufacturer page.

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Unfortunately, the trackpad and touchpad of my T460p stop working intermittently. The problem seems to occur after the laptop is going into hibernation. When it boots up afterwards, neither the trackpad nor the touchpad or the mouse buttons work, and the device manager shows the Synaptics device having a hardware issue. The problem persists when rebooting the system and even when using a different operation system (e.g. Ubuntu via a Live USB). I tried upgrading the Synaptics drivers (v19.0.19.1), which does not solve the problem though. I also tried different driver versions (e.g. the ones offered on the Lenovo site), without success. I encountered this problem both on Windows 10 Home & Windows 10 Enterprise Edition, as well as various Linux flavors (Ubuntu, Fedora). The only workaround that I found is to shut down the laptop, remove the battery and reboot it afterwards, which seems to reset the faulty state the touchpad is in. I strongly suspect that this is a problem with the firmware of either the mainboard or the Synpatics device itself, which puts it into an invalid state when going into hibernation. For now, I disabled hibernation mode, which avoids the problem but is not ideal of course. Did someone else run into this problem? Any ideas how to permanently fix this? I'm very happy with the T460p otherwise but this problem just drives me crazy as it's impossible to use a laptop without touchpad/trackpad when traveling.

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I have a E520 that had the left & right click buttons stop working completely. The trackpoint and track point buttons work but not the touchpad buttons. I can use the touchpad and that part works, just not the buttons. I checked the control panel/mouse/ and made sure the buttons are enabled and the settings are correct(primary & secondary). Please help.

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I have a Thinkpad T440S and have a problem that many have reported. The trackpoint and touchpad initially work upon bootup but then stop working after a few minutes.I believe I've tried everything (uninstall/reinstall drivers, replace keyboard, replace hard drive and do a complete reinstall of all software, update everything, etc etc etc). Nothing works and the only reason I can still use my computer is that a wireless mouse will work. It's time to get a new computer. I've bought Thinkpads for more than a decade but I still see this problem being reported for the T470 so Lenovo can't or won't bother to fix this. Any suggestions for a different brand and model? I do like the trackpoint so does that mean Dell is my only alternative?

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The tap function of my 2year old Dell 600m stop working last week. Every time I went to mouse settings and change anything, it start working. But after a standby, it stop working again. It also works on the login screen, but after loading all the settings it stops working.
It seems to my like a software driver problem. Any input is appreciated.

Answer:Tap function of Dell touchpad stop working

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I updated my pc to windows 10 and since then the touchpad driver disappeared. Already tried to download a new driver but on the HP site there is only for the Windows 8. Even if im able to download for Windows 8 it still doesnt work.There is a driver that works on windows 10?Tks

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I can't tell if it's because I did something with "tapping" (I thought I'd turned all that junk off) or accidentally hit the middle top button (what is that for anyway?) but it just stops working, I've learned to close the lid and open it again and the left-click is live again (the right-click doesn't have this problem). Think I have the latest drivers, I've messed around with several different downloads to try to get this thing to work better, it's a total POS I would return the whole thing because of it but it's past 21 days and I'm not sure what machine I would get to replace it.

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Yesterday, when i installed the Kaspersky on my Compaq CQ40-619TU. It wasn't success, and then i don't know what happened my notebook restarted and the touchpad and usb mouse also just simply stop working.

When i check on the driver, it's still saying "This device is working properly".

PLS help me solve this problem.

Answer:touchpad and mouse stop working on my win7


Rest assured, if anyone posts in this thread, it will be to help you.

I suggest a system restore to get to a point before the troubles.

Then try installing Kaspersky again. If the problem happens again, do another system restore, and install Microsoft Security Essentials instead.

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I have a Dell 7737 laptop and from time to time it develops a firmware glitch where random keys stop working for both BIOS Setup and Operating Systems. After such thing happens neither shutdown (Full shutdown / Fast Boot disabled) nor restart get the keyboard back to a normal state. At this point the only workarround is to disconnect the AC power cord and then either drain the battery or physically remove it.
This laptop's battery cover is not designed for daily removal and it is starting to get loose because of this BIOS bug.
I am running BIOS version A14 but this bug was present since I purchased the laptop with BIOS version A07. Sometimes I cannot even type my password because the random keys that stop working match those it uses.
Please Dell could you provide a BIOS hotfix for this annoying issue? 

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I apologize in advance if this has been answered elsewhere. I have Satellite a105-s2194. The keyboard and touch pad stopped working after I edited my registry to fix my dvd burner. I've tried a usb mouse. It shows up but also doesn't work.I can't do a system restore without a working mouse or keyboard so I'm kind of stuck.
I checked the BIOS and everything is as it should be. Keyboard works in BIOS and system utilities menus.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank!

Answer:Satellite keyboard/touchpad unresponsive

BIOS provides USB support before Windows starts which is why it works in BIOS but not Windows.

I suggest the best place to start is recovering your files/folders. You can probably just skip to Step 2 for your case See How to recover your folders/files when Windows won?t boot

Then you can comfortably try fixing your computer (which might need a full reformat/reinstall)

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I bought a Toshiba Satellite A80-154

The Keyboard doesn?t work.
I see the light but no key worked. The same with the touchpad.
I can?t go into the Bios.

When I plug a USB mice and keyboard in works fine.
I search for a new one in Ebay. The cheapest offer 24$+6$!

I see in the Windows system the keyboard and touchpad with a !
I don?t know what the problem is but it is not a Windows prob.
it doesn?t work either in Bios.

Thank you for Help

Answer:Satellite A80-154 - Keyboard and Touchpad don't work


It looks like a hardware problem.
If the warranty is valid you could contact the ASP in your country for a hardware check.

If the warranty is not valid you could firstly check if the keyboard cable was connected to the motherboard properly.
If it?s connected properly then a keyboard malfunction is possible and it would be advisable to check if a replacement would help to solve this issue.

The compatible parts can be ordered also from the ASP in your country.

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I can't use my touchpad and keyboard together to play browser or light games.
I tried searching it up but nothing help.
Any can help me
Model: L50D-C

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on win 8.1 keyboard and pad are not functionning anymore, maybe was a auto driver update. i tried to remove battery, reinstall drivers. i am writting this with visual kb, annoying. usb works well.

what can i do ?

Answer:Satellite C70-A-119 - keyboard and touchpad out of order

Does keyboard work when you start your notebook and use F12 to enter boot menu?
Have you tried to roll back OS to earlier time using system restore option? Test it please?

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I have Dell 3537 laptop I 'm Facing Touchpad Issue On My Laptop It's Worked Not Correctly , Sometimes It's freeze and i Turned it Off Using (fn+F3) Then Turn it on, It's start Working. Sometimes It force me to restart Laptop To Work again .
But Now It's Completely stop working and Does Not appear in Device Manager 
I reinstall Drivers , OS. But TouchPad Does Not Work Also Not Appear in Device Manager 
Please Help to Solve my Issue

Answer:Dell inspiron 3537 Touchpad Stop Working

Thank you for writing to us!
We would like for you to boot the system in BIOS and check if the touch-pad is working. We would also ask run the diagnostics on the system to check if there are any errors.
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.

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Hi, Im having a small issue with my L420... every now and then the mousepad wont work. The touchpad may give out, and the red trackpoint remain functional, or vice-versa, or both may go out. I find that changing the voume, or typing sometimes solves this issue. I do have an external mouse that i plug in when this happens, but i do not want this issue to get any worse.  This may be unrelated, and may need a new post, but sometimes when this happens, my keyboard gets REALLY messed up... Typing "X" for example will make a "/", and the keys i press type something completley random.. Letters typed, will show up as numbers, or dashes, etc. At this point, i just restart my laptop and it corrects itself... any help?

Answer:L420 Touchpad/Mouse buttons stop working

hey troop4five,i would like you to uninstall the mouse/trackpoint drivers from your unit and let windows install its generic drivers.see if the issue occurs then go to and reinstall the drivers

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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HelloI have a problem with mousepad while I'm doing some heavy duty like copy large amount of file from/to hard disk the mouse just stop working at all and I have this problem on two of your devices Ideapad y510p and thinkpad T440p but if I pluged a mouse the mouse works perfectly.

Answer:Synaptics touchpad stop working Ideapad y510p

Sounds like a driver issue. Have you checked your running latest drivers? If so do a complete uninstall of the Touchpad driver then reinstall it with a fresh download of the driver.

Lenovo y510p - Intel Quad-core 4th gen i7-4700MQ @3.40Ghz - 16GB RAM - 1TB HDD 8GB SSD - 1080p FHD - Nvidia 755m SLI

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suddenly mt touchpad stop working, i could move cursor,but i could not click on touchpad, i had to use left button instead of using touchpad,i was unable to enable or disable touchpad by doubble clicking on left corner.then i visit ur support forum,i download touchpad driver. By following ur suggestion , now i am able to use touchpad, but the only one problem i am facing now is , i am unable to disable my touchpad, and my touchpad light is always lighting

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