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Satellite Pro A120 - Where to find the Toshiba Easy Guard & Assist Button

Question: Satellite Pro A120 - Where to find the Toshiba Easy Guard & Assist Button

When I purchased my Satellite Pro A120 it had on its keyboard a large circular red label - `Test it! Toshiba Easy Guard' and 'Toshiba Assist Button' but I cannot find the Toshiba Assist Button on my laptop.

Has anybody found how to access this?

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Preferred Solution: Satellite Pro A120 - Where to find the Toshiba Easy Guard & Assist Button

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite Pro A120 - Where to find the Toshiba Easy Guard & Assist Button


Toshiba Easy Guard is not a single too but a collection of different notebook properties which secures your notebook.
Check this Toshiba page about easy guard:

The Toshiba Assist button would start the Toshiba Assist tool:

You can optimize the button in this way:
1. Launch the Toshiba Assist utility using one of the methods described above.
2. From the left hand side of the Toshiba Assist window, click the OPTIMIZE tab.
3. Within the Optimize window, click the TOSHIBA Button Controls icon.
4. Within the Toshiba Controls Properties window, ensure that TOSHIBA Assist is selected from within the drop-down menu list and then click OK.
5. Close the TOSHIBA Assist window.

Check this:

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Hi everyone,

I have problem with those two buttons on right top corrner on my toshiba r600, i just try everything and buttons not work.

I associate buttons with valid exe files in toshiba assist/toshiba button support/ register with target paths but buttons still not work,
also i check bios there are nothing that can enable/disable those buttons...etc...

all other things installed successfully such as drivers, software everything that i donwload from toshiba support page.

Any help???

My windows version is windows server 2008 enterprise sp1 x64.


Answer:Portege R600 Toshiba button (backlight, toshiba assist) don't work


Did the buttons work with the previous OS preinstalled by Toshiba?

I think the problem is the Windows Server 2008 enterprise sp1 x64?
Possibly the Value Added Package does not support it fully?

Of course the Windows Server 2008 OS is based on Vista but it?s not the same and I think this is the problem?

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I have a Tecra S10-142, with Windows XP.

The *Toshiba Assist Button* doesn't work because this utility isn't charged at startup.
What can I do to repair it? Where can I find the drivers to install this utility?

Thank you

Answer:Tecra S10-142 - How to repair Toshiba Assist Button?

hi pabmargon,

you have to install the "assist" driver which is available as a download at the toshiba website.

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I have just reinstalled win xp on this laptop can anyone help me to find drivers.
satellite pro a120
model number PSAC1E-04R00VEN
serial number Z6064391H.
Thank you.

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I have just reinstalled win xp on this laptop can anyone help me to find drivers.
satellite pro a120
model number PSAC1E-04R00VEN
serial number Z6064391H.
Thank you.

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My old A120 has over 50 processes showing in Task Manager before I even open a browser or any other application.

This seems far too many for a machine with a 1.46 GB processor (and half a gig of RAM).

Many of them are Toshiba processes, and look worryingly as if they are associated with hardware operation.

Is there a list anywhere of Toshiba processes which can safely be turned off - and which advises how to do this?

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 - What Toshiba processes can be excluded from start-up?

I alsof requently have as many as 58 processes running before I open anything quite a few of them are toshiba. Please could somebody let us know which one`s can be safely shut down.
I have noticed a lot of people are reading this thread so it is a common problem with small processors and limited memory, I have a satellite pro A60.

Thank you


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I was given a Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 to fix - the sound wasn't working.
I installed the latest drivers and checked all the usual and it didn't work, so I thought it might be a hardware issue.
I unscrewed the laptop and looked around - it all looked fine, but I clearly did something wrong.
When I put it back together, when booting from the hard drive in normal or safe mode (windows xp installed), I got a BSOD with a REGISTRY_ERROR message and when I tried booting from a Windows XP cd, I got a BSOD with a SESSION3_INITIALIZATION_FAILED message.
I thought I might have left a cable a tiny bit loose, so unscrewed it again, checked all the cables and now, it won't turn on at all. The lights on the front of the laptop are lit for the AC power and the battery. When I turn it on, the power and hard drive lights light up for half a second, then all four go off and then the AC and battery ones come back on.
Any ideas anyone?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 Laptop was BSOD, now not even booting

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My above moentioned laptop came with a recovery disc with windows vista on it ( which i don't like) so i decided to downgrade to windows XP however I'm unable to find drivers for at least the ethernet
as mentioned above its a toshiba satellite pro a120
model noSAC1A-0R903H

any help would be appreciated

regards, Cloudy

Answer:Solved: toshiba satellite pro a120 driver problem

If you don't mind having to reformat your computer if something goes wrong, I have a few suggestions:

Try this and choose the closest model to your computer. I think it's a PSAC1E, but it might still work.

You can also try installing the Vista drivers from here. I wouldn't recommend it for the first thing you try, but it could possibly work, but it would more likely give you a BSOD on your next boot.

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Hi all,

Here's a heap of praise from a proud Australian customer!

I currently own a Satellite Pro A120 (model: PSAC1A-00K005) running Windows XP Professional... I have not had an ounce of trouble with this computer and have not had it back to a Toshiba service centre in the almost three years I have owned it so far! This computer has copped a workout from me in this time and has never given me any major problems!

The only problem I have had (and it wasn't computer related) was that my wireless broadband modem gave up the ghost and I had to have a IT professional look at it - problem was the modem! I had previously updated it a week prior and overloaded it to buggery and it said, "I don't want to play any more!" and stopped working! This then cost me A$299 for a new modem and the first new one ws a dud which was faulted by my ISP and I went back and got a new one free of charge! This has prompted my parents to go out and buy a Satellite A300 (unknown model at the moment!) so they can use it in their business!

Toshiba, you are to be congratulated on a great product and I will buy only Toshiba Notebooks from now on!

Joseph Hupp
DUBBO, NSW Australia

Answer:Praise for Toshiba - I own a Satellite Pro A120 model: PSAC1A-00K005

Thanks for you progress report.

I?ve got also 2 different Toshiba notebooks and until now I haven?t any major problems with my machines?

I'm satisfied

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Hello ... Pls I need help I have notebok Toshiba A300D-20E ... I install Toshiba assist and accessories and it not work ...
what can I do with this ?

<img src = "" height="400px" width="450px">

Answer:Satellite A300D-20E - Toshiba assist does not work


The error says that registry is broken? maybe some entries are faulty? who knows?
I recommend uninstalling this software firstly.

Then you should clean and repair the registry using an special tool. I use CCleaner.
Its freeware and repairs the registry entries as well.

Run CCleaner several times also after an reboot.
Then you could try to install these tools again.

Good luck

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I have recently installed a new driver for toshiba assist for my A100-599, it is dated 14/2/2008.

I have uninstalled the old version and then installed the new one, I open the program and it doesnt display anything, what could be the problem?

Answer:Toshiba Assist problem on Satellite A100-599


are you sure you?ve downloaded the appropriate Assist for your machine? Maybe you confounded the models or something. The first step which I can suggest you is to:
1. Download, install and execute some registry cleaner
2. Uninstall the Toshiba Assist
3. Repeat step 1.)
4. Install the latest version of the Assist
5. Check if it works - if not check the Driver Download site and *update* *all* *drivers*
6. If this also does not resolve your problem, come here again, maybe we?ll find some other solution


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How/Where do you download the latest version of Toshiba Assist?

My laptop is a Satellite L500.


Answer:From where can I download Toshiba Assist for my Satellite L500?

Your question is pretty general so here is my answer:
You can download it from Toshiba download page -

If you need more details please post exact model name and preinstalled OS version.

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I just started using my new laptop, and researching the manual from online, stated that there is something called Desktop Assist, and I can't find it.

Where have I erred?


Answer:Satellite C50 - Can't find Desktop assist

TOSHIBA Desktop Assist is installed on computers with Windows 8 (factory installed and upgrade).

There are mutiple ways to access the Desktop Assist utility.

• From the Start screen, click on the desktop tile to view the desktop. You'll find the Toshiba Assist icon located on your desktop.
• From the Start screen press "Windows+C" keys to open the charms bar and select "Search". Type "Desktop" into the search field. Click on "Desktop Assist" from the search returns.

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Hello everyone,

I've just bought a Satellite A300 - 1MC (model no. PSAG8E-00W00TEN) and i'm trying to use the Toshiba Assist software, but its asking me for a password and i have no idea what it is or where i can find it.

Any suggestions?

Also slightly off topic, the laptop has buttons for controlling media player, is there anyway i can change them to control iTunes?


Answer:Satellite A300-1MC PSAG8E - Toshiba Assist software asks for password

Have you tried to make an update of Toshiba Assist? A new version and all other Toshiba stuff you can find here:
Maybe the update will solve the problem.

About the control buttons? I think you must set iTunes as standard media player and select all file with playing iTunes.

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I do not like windows media player and I would like to listening music by other aplications.
I'm tried to change the buttons play/pause, next, prev to other application like iTunes or winamp but I couldn't change it.

I have Toshiba Satellite A100-0467.
Could you give me an advise for that?


(sorry for my awful english)

Answer:Change toshiba assist buttons for music players on a Satellite A100-467


which operating system do you use? Would be helpful to know. So my neighbor has a A100 too, but I ask you: where did you watched for these buttons to change?


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Notebook as such works perfectly BUT as i constantly update it, i noticed that lately every update is basically reinstalling certain applications.

What i noticed, i lost fn keys / hot keys and toshiba assistant.

Looked at driver support but with no luck.
Help to put it bck to a state where all works.

Answer:Satellite P750 - lost FN keys / hot keys and Toshiba Assist

I don?t know which model do you have exactly but you should be able to find all missing stuff on Toshiba download page -

Reinstall Toshiba value added package. This package contains several tools including flash cards utility and media buttons control.
Toshiba assist should be installed again.
Please check download page. If you need more help let us know.

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The FN button, Eco button and other specialized buttons such as the one which opens Windows Media Player have stopped responding on my A500 PSAM3A-03P00E which runs Windows Vista. I can still change screen brightness with the FN button but no menu appears at the top of the screen.

Also the Toshiba programs which are meant to run at start up such as PC Health Monitor are not auto starting, even though they are selected in System Configuration (msconfig).
Bluetooth manager is however running at start up.

I have previously had blue screen errors however they are not a problem since I updated the BIOS to 1.5 and uninstalled Zonealarms.


Answer:Re: Satellite A500 - need some help with FN button and Toshiba programs


Try to reinstall Toshiba value added package. As I know this utility is responsible for such functions.

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Hi everybody,

I do have a terrible problem with my notebook. It won't turn on. I had to press with all my power the power button for getting it to run.

The Chronology of my problem:
Initially it turned on when I pressed with a lot of force. But now it is not possible to bring energy in it. The power supply unit is functioning and the green light, which stands for power in the device, is permantly gleaming. I don't have a battery in use.

Only the notebook will not run.

So who can help me? How can I solve the problem by myself in order to avoid high costs?

Thank you in advance.

Answer:Toshiba satellite 1900 won't turn on. Power button is probably defect.


in my opinion it is impossible to repair this problem of your own because you didn't have the expierence and you can't order special parts!

It can also be that not only the power button is damaged but also other parts!

So please contact a Toshiba Service Partner!


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Yesterday I setup CCleaner and I make a run to my pc and after that this button isn?t working.
How we can solve it. I don?t want use FN +F9 I want use this button because it so important for me... can anybody help me... about this...

My operating system is windows 7 64bit.

+Message was edited: notebook model name has been added to subject+

Answer:Satellite L755-M1M0: Toshiba On/Off button has stopped working

Sorry my friend but your posting is very confusing.
> Yesterday I setup CCleaner and I make a run to my pc and after that this button isn?t working.
?This button?? Which button?
> I don?t want use FN +F9 I want use this button because it so important for me...
If you don?t want to use FN+F9 I can understand this but which ?this button? do you mean?

Do you have general problem with FN button functionality or what?

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laptop shuts off 20 seconds after turn on, before boot , even if you go directly to set-up or bios only 4months old

Answer:Toshiba Satellite a-505 shuts off 20 seconds after pushing start button


oveheating, hardware fault, PSU failing, either way it will need proper diagnosis with a trained technician,

if its only 4 months old it will be under warranty so give the seller a call.

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Hi there,

I'm seeing this annoying button when ever I go onto Google Analytics and don't know how to get rid of it.
Its a button of two screens (a laptop and desktop

When I click on it I get a black box which has:
"Toshiba Media Controller Plug-in"
"No Devices"

I dont know why Toshiba would put in such an annoying thing.
Anyone know how to get rid of it as it doesn't give me any options!

Answer:Satellite C650 - Annoying Toshiba Button on Google Analytics


I found this info on Toshiba driver page:

+The Toshiba Media Controller is a new interface designed by Toshiba to make content streaming easy. This software facilitates media sharing between connected multimedia devices, allowing users to easily stream videos, music and pictures from a media library to TV sets, laptops, smartphones or media players through a simple drag & drop interface.+

Usually you could remove this from the system.
Go to control panel -> Program & Features -> Uninstall or change programs


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I have an A300-15G with special function touch buttons.
I've managed to modify only 2 of them: the illumination button, and CD\DVD button.

But I want to modify the 'play' button.
I don?t want to start Windows media player every time I touch it.
I want to start another program. Can anyone help me?


Answer:Satellite A300-15G: How to modify the Toshiba Control button Play


Unfortunately, from my knowledge it?s not possible to configure the buttons like pause, play, etc?
The functionality is assigned to the Microsoft Windows Player and I doubt you could change it?

Ok? maybe it would be possible to change is manually somewhere in the registry but this is only a suggestion


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I had to replace the hard disk drive in my notebook (Toshiba Satellite L50-C-,19P) windows 10. So when I try to put Windows back on my notebook it can't find the new hard drive. It says I need drivers for my hard disk drive. I can't find any on the Toshiba website and on other sites the ones don't work. Does anyone know where I could get the right drivers for my hard disk drive Toshiba MQ01ABD100?
If not, is it possible to buy another hard disk drive for which I can get some drivers? What kind of hdd could I use instead?

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cannot locate an eject button in order to open optical disc drive. can you help please?

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Hello everybody.
I've got an old fashioned 480 CDT here, used, but still works fine. Runs Win98 fine so far.

The Problem: The machine urgently needs re-installation, but I've got no disks for the Toshiba specific tools (i.e. HWSETUP etc.) which came originally with the laptop. (But a Win98 CD I do have!) Seems that they've been lost along its long way.

I didn't find a possibility to download these tools from the Toshiba support pages. Maybe I'm too blind so somebody can give me a link where to download the Toshiba Tools?

Where can I find these tools? (I did find the Archive section, but there these tools aren't listed :-(

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Where I could find Toshiba tools for my Satellite Pro 480 CDT


I looked on the toshiba sites after your problem and you could go to
in the menu Support & Download - Driver Download you could find a site to download drivers.

In the first drop down menu you have to choose ARCHIVE there is your laptop.

But there is only the Advanced Power Mode for W98 and BIOS update downloadable

it seems that the Satellite Pro 480 was only delievered with Win95.

It'll hope this will help you


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My Granddaughter Toshiba Satellite can't find a WiFi net yet mine can connect quite easily. I click on the WiFi icon and it comes up "No WiFi available"

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Hi everybody

I bought a laptop TOSHIBA Sattellite from a supermarket, but when I wanted to download the drivers from TOSHIBA official site, I did not find my pc in the list of drivers or in any page of the site, even with the automatic detection, knowing that reference of the laptop is TOSHIBA Satellite C55-A-19K.

Now I want to know is that normal, or am I a victim of an imitation product.

Answer:Cannot find my Satellite C55-A-19K on Toshiba page

As I can see this notebook model was delivered without preinstalled operating system so I presume you want to find drivers, tools and utilities on Toshiba download page -

Your notebook model is listed there but you must watch which criteria you must choose. As you can see you cannot search for C55-A-19K but for Satellite C55-A with part number PSCG8E.

Please check it again.

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I have toshiba A300 17N laptop but, i can't find the reset button on it? :) if anyone knows.. please help me ...: (

thank you..

Answer:Satellite A300-17N Where to find the reset button

Afraid to tell you, but you will not find any reset button, because there is only a power button. You will have to restart your notebook by using windows option or hold down power button to shut it down completely and start it up again.

Maybe you could try the old CTRL+ALT+DEL combination in order to restart your system.

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Is it worth upgrading... [email protected] processor 512meg Ram 74.5 Gig Hard drive Win 7 32bit OS installed. The battery is duff but can get one from E Bay at about £12.00 and upgrade ram to 2gig for about £25.00. The processor may be the stumbling block, so would it be worth the trouble???? Any advice would be appreciated. The laptop is about 10 to 12 years old!!!!!

Answer:Upgrading a Toshiba A120 laptop

The laptop is about 10 to 12 years old!!!!!
Forget it!!!!

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I recently bought a new Toshiba Satellite C850D-10H (model number: PSC9UE-005005PL) and installed Win 7 86x Ultimate, but i am having a problem with USB 3.0 drivers, i can't find anyone working.

I searched everywhere, downloaded some, but non worked. Also i cant find any drivers at the official page of this laptop in Toshiba site.

Can someone give me a hand? Any site or source i can downloaded drivers for this laptop?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my English.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite C850D-10H USB 3.0 Drivers, can't find them anywhere

Ok, i found them after all, downloaded the AMD catalyst manager and installed them through there and it worked.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite U205-S5002. Yesterday when I attempted to start my laptop I received this error message: windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \windows\system32\config\system

And something about pressing "r" from the recovery disk. Well, I booted from the only disk I received when I purchased the computer and there is no option for repair. The only options available are to return the laptop to "out of box" condition, or to erase the hard drive. In addition, every search I've done on this error message references a recovery console, yet I cannot seem to find one.

I have several very important documents that I did not back up. Also, this happened after I shut the laptop down and put it in my laptop backback (in a nylon zipped pocket) and wonder if it could have overheated? I'm dreading the possibility that my documents cannot be retrieved.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Specifically I need to know if and how I can get to the recovery console (I've tried F8 to no avail).

Please help...


Answer:Toshiba Satellite Can't Find Recovery Console

Hi, and welcome to TSF!

You need to borrow a Windows CD because the Toshiba recovery disk does not have the recovery console on it. This will allow you to run the recovery console.

Moved you to Microsoft support/Windows XP

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Hello everyone!

I have a Toshiba Satellite L300D-13X

But on the Toshiba support website, If I enter its serial nr then it doesent get recognised. If I insted use the little software that are suppose to identify you computer model, that too fails to recognise my model. And last I tried to manually enter my model. I choose Satellite, L300D and then the closest I can choose is L300D-13J, but mine is L300D-13X, Should I choose the L300D-13J anyway?

Anyone who recognise this problem, I would be most greatful

Best regards.

Answer:Satellite L300D-13X - Can't find it on the Toshiba website

Hi Qwerty,

I don?t know what you did wrong but I can find your notebook model on the Toshiba website. As far as I know it belongs to the PSLC0E series so follow this: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers
Notebook > Satellite > Satellite L Series > Satellite L300D series > PSLC0E

Now you can choose the operating system that you have and download all updates! :)

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I cannot find the Windows 10 product Key on my Toshiba Notebook. Where is the sticker? On my notebook or elsewhere? Thank you for your answers in advance

Answer:Cannot find Windows 10 serial key on Toshiba Satellite C50-C-1JL

Windows 8 PCs now embed their product keys in the BIOS.

In the past, a new Windows PC would display its product key on a sticker, usually on the side of a desktop and on the base or the bottom of the battery compartment on a laptop. But with Windows 8, Microsoft has switched gears and now stores and encrypts the key in the BIOS instead.

Guess its the same for Win 10.

I've seen an HP laptop running Win 10 that doesn't have said sticker either.

Settings /Update & Security/Activation to display key onscreen.

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Hi guys

I have just removed Windows Vista from my Satellite P300 and installed a retail version of Windows 7 32 bit.

My question is now I have lost the Toshiba software on my laptop like the cd writer software and the web cam software and the toshiba Tempro, so just what do I need to download to get all the toshiba software that was on the computer before. Do I need the tempro software?

Hopw someone can give me some advice please

Answer:Satellite P300 - Where to find Toshiba tools?

Hi sam2149,

It?s no problem to get the Toshiba tools again. You don?t need TEMPRO to download all tools, just visit the Toshiba website and download all drivers and tools that you want: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

All available downloads for your model can be found here.

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Yesterday i found the description about this notebook - Toshiba Satellite L500-17L but I cant find it on the toshiba's site. How can this be?

And there is a lot of information about this one on the web

Answer:Satellite L500-17L - How can I find it on the Toshiba website?


I have a little bit searched using Google and it seems that this is a Russian model so you can find the specifications on the Toshiba Russian page:

I hope I could help you a little bit. :)


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dear friends

Please I have some problems with my Satellite A50-109, I formated it and I cant found ethernal driver from toshiba site. The second problem I have with it again, it hang ever 5munite from the day i formated it.

Please I need help to solve it.thks

Answer:Satellite A50-109 - Can't find drivers on the Toshiba site

Hi Newton_1,

It?s nice that you have founded this forum and post here a little bit but some important informations are missing.

Which OS you have?
How did you reinstall Windows (Microsoft or Toshiba disk)?

Furthermore it would be interesting to know what you mean with Ethernal driver. Do you mean Ethernet driver?

Normally if you reinstall Windows by using Toshiba recovery disk you don?t need a special driver. Everything is preinstalled on your computer.

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I turned on my laptop running windows 8 and the backlight lit up but there was no display. I could hear it turning on and the indicator light came on. When connected to an external monitor, the display was just fine. I did some research, opened it up and disconnected and reconnected a few things (which I do often) and closed it back up. When I tried to turn it on this morning it was unresponsive. When connected to the ac adapter the charging light will turn on but the power button does not turn the laptop on. I desperately need this laptop for school, it's beyond it's warranty and I don't have the money to get it serviced. If I can find the source of the problem I'm open to replacing said part as long as it's not more expensive than sending it out to Toshiba.

I've since taken the entire thing apart. The only things connected are the motherboard and CPU, both of which I've taken out and cleaned (fan was gross but I digress). I'm handy enough to be able to put it back together correctly and I know the basic parts, but I was hoping that someone could walk me though some troubleshooting as I put it back together. Or if that's not how it's done, maybe someone can help me take it apart in the right order to isolate the problem part once I get it back together.

I have high hopes that it can work again (as it was powering up just fine a couple days ago with the exception if the display problem) I'm just not sure how to ... Read more

Answer:Can't find source of unresponsive Toshiba Satellite

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I recently bought a Toshiba A300-16c but have been unable to find it on the Toshiba website.

I am trying to look to extend the 1 year warranty and there is an offer on at the moment to extend the Toshiba 1 year warranty on a variety of models but the A300-16c isnt listed and doesnt even exist on this website.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Re: Cannot find Satellite A300-16c on Toshiba website


Satellite A300-16C seems to belongs to the PSAJ4E series?
It?s definitely a Toshiba European model and as far as I?m not mistaken this unit were delivered in Italy?

May I ask you how did you try to register the warranty???

In your case I would recommend visiting the Toshiba European support page: -> Support & Download -> Standard Warranty

Check it out!

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I have a problem with my harddisc of my toshiba 1620.
I want it to be replaced but when i unscrew the back cover of the laptop there is no way i can remove the cover.
Can someone tell me how to access the HD ?

With all the best regards.

Answer:Where can i find/and remove the HD of a toshiba satellite 1620 CDS?


I think that the HDD at the Sat 1620 is inside under the keyboard. It is very difficult to remove and change it for an enduser, please contact one of the Toshiba Service Partner!

Bye Bob

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I have get a Toshiba laptop, it is an old laptop, but I like it.
S1700-500 said the mark on the bottom of the notebook.
Model no.: ps170e-000ux-g3

It has a celeron CPU at 700MHz, 64+64M SD RAM and so on.

I have 3 question, if there is anybody can answer me!

1. Where can I find the service site for this notebook?

2. One memory module can be removed, how much memory can I place there? (If I buy a 512M notebook SDRAM, will it work whith it?)

3. It has a Ni-Mh Battery pack, DC9.6V and 4500mAh, it is an old one, and can not work with it for a minute... Can I replace it? Whitch models can I use? Has it any LiIon battery pack? In Hungary, where can I buy a battery pack for it?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite notebook, could not find the product


the European Toshiba Service Page is Http://

This Notebook runs with 192 Mb Memory max.

The Order Codes for the memory are :
128MB is PA3005U
64MB is PA3004U

hope this helps you

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I still can't seem to find the ATI Graphic sofware control panel there i can change settings.
I remember i had this software installed but I think i uninstalled and now I don't know how to get it back, because i want to have more color in my laptop.
Anyone know how to change?

And when i doubleclick on Intel Graphic Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile: i don't find anymore the VIDEOSETTINGS.
I only find the 3D-Settings and Schedule-Option, but no VIDEO-SETTINGS :(
Anyone please?

Also when i click on F6 or F9 before it used to show manny diffrient option up on the laptop-screen it was settings, software, choice's but now when i click nothing happends. Maybe Button-Control SOFTWARE or what do i need for this also?

Thanks all for the help .


Answer:Satellite U400 - Cannot find ATI controlpanel & FN button question

Hi mate?

I think you mixed something.
To be honest I?m a little bit confused.

At the beginning you asked for ATI Graphic software and then you said that you have Intel Graphic Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile installed on your notebook.

Please buddy, don?t mix the different graphic cards!
Your notebook seems to be equipped with the Intel graphic card and therefore you cannot use the ATI Graphic software!

I?ve got a U400 too and I?ve got the Intel GPU too.
In Intel Graphic Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile I can change the settings for gamma, brightness and contrast. This is everything what you can change!

Regarding your FN button issue;
I think you need to reinstall the driver or a tool.
Check the Toshiba European driver page for a compatible software.
I don?t know what OS you are using but if you are using the XP you have to reinstall the Common modules. If Vista is preinstalled then reinstall the Value Added Package


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I'm trying to get my FN keys working under XP on my Satellite P205D-S7438 but I can only find versions for other models and other operating systems.

Is there an alternative or version that exists for my model and XP?

Answer:Satellite P205D-S7438 - Where to find FN button software for Win XP


Satellite P205D-S7438 belongs to the US notebook series therefore you should use the Toshiba US page for driver download.

But unfortunately, I checked the US page and there are no XP drivers for the Sat P205D series.
Also the Toshiba European driver page does not provide any XP driers for the P200D notebooks.
So I doubt you will get the FN buttons to work under Win XP.


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Hello all. I am very new here. By very new I mean this is my first time posting on a Tech forum. I very often search for answers and appears a lot with solutions to practically every question I can think of.
Today I am stumped and running short on time.

My colleague from work, who is quite poor with computers and setting up and stuff, so I told him I would help him by removing Vista from his system and installing windows XP.
I know that this day and age I should be upgrading him to Windows 7, but I dont have that CD.

What I have done is this:

Installed a Windows XP Professional for a DELL onto his Toshiba Satellite A100-033.
I already knew (thanks to forums) that I would need to install the drivers for many of the devices after Windows XP installed. Oh I should mention, When installing XP I deleted the partition that originally hosted Vista, and formatted the drive to NTSF (forgive me if the arconym isnt exactly correct).
After installing XP, I searched Device Manager for the yellow ? marks. I currently have 7 yellows:

+ ? Other devices
- ? Ethernet Controller
- ? Ethernet Controller
- ? Mass Storage Controller
- ? PCI Device
- ? SM Bus Controller
- ? Video Controller
- ? Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

I have searched tirelessly for the drivers.
Toshiba website said thhis model is discontinued.
However, I thought I could find them somewhere else in the WWWeb.
Unfortunately I could not.
I found some unlicensed program which suppose... Read more

Answer:Need to find Toshiba Satellite A100-033 drivers? Do they still exist?

If the PC you are working on was bought with Vista pre-installed on, then installing XP should be ok as far as the hardware is concerned.
You can try a program to automatically do the searching for you, but it's not always 100% correct, and you may be left with a few to find.
This one seems to work fairly well;
You will need the product key that was supplied with the installation disc, to activate windows.
You should be able to get the Video card driver from either Nvidia or AMD (or SIS), from the information in 'Device manager'. the 'update driver' option can work, but sometimes has been known to download an old version of the driver.

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recently I had installed Windows 7 64Bit version and now I cannot find all the Toshiba Utilites that I had, when I bought the Laptop opererting with originaly Vista.

Please can someone help me.

Thanks In advance.

Answer:Cannot find Toshiba Utilities for Satellite P300 Win 7 64bit


May I ask you why you are looking for this ?Toshiba Utilities??
Are some notebook features no available?

In my opinion you don?t need Toshiba Utilities if you are using Win 7.
I have installed Win 7 and everything what I needed, was the VAP (value added package).

This package contains some tools and utilities.
If you want to use FN keys, then you should install additionally Toshiba Flash Cards Utility? such utility is not released for all notebooks models? so try to install such tool released for example for; Toshiba Satellite L500

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I want to wipe my Satellite A210 clean, and do a fresh install of Windows7.

I found the Toshiba_Windows7_Drivers, but where do I find the installation-package of the software that was originally bundled on the laptop?

Thanks, Willem

Answer:Re: Satellite A210 - Where to find Toshiba bundled software?


Have a look here, please

The drivers and utilities are all there

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Hi all,

I need help, I have Toshiba Satellite L300 - 17L; Model No: PSLBCE-00S00TY4. TOSHIBA EUROPE GMBH
I cant find anything on support site here.

Can someone help me?

Martin Micevski

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I am trying to find drivers for this product of your Toshiba Satellite A660-167 (PSAW3E-04P009B3)

Thank you in advance.


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I have a Toshiba laptop model- Satellite M70 and i could not able to find a sound driver for it ,could you help please?

Answer:Solved: Could't find sound driver Toshiba Satellite M70

It isn't on the Toshiba website and I'm not familiar with this one:

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I cant find my product "Satellite c660- 20L , why is that?

Thank you and the faster the response the better.

-----ahmad sakr------

Answer:I can't find Satellite C660-20L on Toshiba support page?

You mean you cannot find it on Toshiba download page - ?

Your notebook has model name and model number. For your notebook it is PSC1LE. Can you find it?

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What is it with Toshiba? The part number is clearly printed on the label on the underside of the laptop but the corresponding part number appears nowhere on the Toshiba support pages. This seems to occur with most Toshiba laptops that I have ever had anything to do with. Trying to find drivers, BIOS etc is a real PITA. I'm trying to find downloads for a Satellite L500 PSLS6A-00X013 but it doesn't show up any where. The serial number search is as useless as the part number search. Am I missing something?

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Good day Everyone ...

My laptop has been formatted and they can don't know how to install the original software / driver of may Toshiba Laptop Satellite C50-A481I want to have this original software/ application for my Laptop (Notebook???)

TOSHIBA Desktop Assist
TOSHIBA Display Utility
TOSHIBA Eco Utility?
TOSHIBA Function Key
TOSHIBA Media Player by sMedio TrueLink+
TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor
TOSHIBA System Settings

Can you Help me. Please

Thanks.. Admin/Everyone

Answer:Satellite C50-A481 - Where to find Toshiba bundled software

Go to Toshiba EU driver page and choose:

NotebookSatelliteSatellite C50-AAll<your OS>

Here the link to the driver website:

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My Toshiba T110 netbook came with Windows 7 home, 64bit preinstalled.
I have some critical applications which will only run under the 32bit version so I have to downgrade.

I have ordered a 500Gb hard disc to install the 32 bit version (keeping the original disc for returning to 64bit if required in the future, since no installation discs were supplied, just a recovery partition). My expected difficulty will be adding the Toshiba specific programs for activating eco mode, switching WiFi and bluetooth via function keys etc. and sleep & charge etc.

Are the installation files for these programs available somewhere? and if so in 32bit versions?

Answer:Satellite T110: Where to find Toshiba software for Win 64bit


Visit Toshiba support page and download area there and check what operating systems are support and what Toshiba stuff is offered for your notebook model. > Support & Downloads > Support Homepage > Drivers download

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Hello Community: Could anyone please tell me how reformat an HDD with Safeguard Easy 4.30.1 on it? I only want to erase what is on the drive and begin anew. Using Windows XP only gets me a request for the floppy with the kernel, which I don't have. I don't even have a floppy device for the laptop. Using a third party boot up partion manager only yields me a hanging cursor prompt with no reponse. Would anyone know a way to defeat the secuirty so that I can put down a new disk format and operating system? Will putting the Hitachi Travel Star disk in an eternal SATA enclosure to a desktop pc enable me to format it? Thanks in advance.

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i have a toshiba satellite a85-s107, part no. psa82u-00r004z. serial no. 65430273k.
problem is i cannot find it on the toshoba web page obviously then nor the drivers.
it is a factory reconditioned laptop and i think it has come from america as it states the warranty applies in united states only.

anyone know where the drivers are for this machine? please

Answer:Satellite A85-S107 has no model number that I can find on Toshiba web page


All drivers you need you can find on Toshiba US download page under


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I bought new laptop Satellite L655-149 with serial no--> 8A450311Q
more information --> PSK1JE-05R00XAR

before buying it i searched on Toshiba Middle East and i found it, but now i don't find it, and cannot register it in Toshiba site ...

please Help Me....

Answer:Cannot find my Satellite L655-149 in Toshiba Middle east site


Why you can?t register your notebook now? Usually this can be done on this Toshiba support page:

Furthermore you can also register your notebook if you start TEMPRO. There is also an option to register your notebook.

Check this!!!

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I have Toshiba Satellite C650D notebook i want to know that when i go into recovery menue by pressing F8 i can not find the toshiba recovery option there as before the installation of windows.

The hidden recovery disk which is of 10GB still has the data of 10GB
How can i access this to recover my factoryt settings?
Can i rocover from hidden partition now or it is corrupted?
if corrupted how can i purchase online backup recovery from asia pacific region?

i found the link on the forum to purchase recovery disc but it is for euorope i want to find it in asia pacific region??

Answer:Satellite C650D - pressing F8 i can not find the toshiba recovery option


If you are not able to recover the notebook using the HDD recovery, then you will have to recover the notebook using Recovery disk.
It seems that you didn?t create the disk in the past? right? Well, this was not a good idea?

However, the Satellite C650 is European notebook series. Right?
In such case you will need the Recovery disk for the European series and this can be ordered here:

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I have a laptop Toshiba L500-1UU Short model no: PSLS9E. Initially my product had a short model number in the Toshiba support page.

but I can not find now, removed from the list. Toshiba does not support this product?

Answer:I can not find Satellite L500-1UU PSLS9E on Toshiba support page


What do you mean exactly by ?Toshiba does not support this product??
I found Toshiba drivers for this notebook model? so this means that Toshiba DOES support this model.

You can find the drivers on the Toshiba European driver page:

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I have a problem to find a driver for the multimedia keys (6 easy keys) on my Satellite A100-979. I have Windows Vista 64-bit and this Notebook should be vista capable. Can somebody help me? Maybe you have an idea, to solve this problem.

Answer:Satellite A100-979: Cannot find Vista 64bit driver for Toshiba buttons

>this Notebook should be vista capable

Of course it?s Vista capable. You have installed the Vista on the Satellite A100-979 and it runs.

You ask for drivers for Vista 64bit version? Well, unfortunately but there is nothing to do!
It should be common that Toshiba does not provide any 64bit drivers; neither for XP nor for Vista. :(

Best regards

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I have support problems with my notebook..
When I try to get support or register my Satellite, I can find my model number/serial number on any toshiba site.

When i try to valide serial number; i get this: "Spiacenti! Il numero di serie non esiste." Why???
I need drivers and software.. but i can't find it..

Model No: L500-158
Serial No: 89434057K
Part No: PSLJ3E-028023IT

Please help..

p.s. sorry for my bad English..

Answer:Satellite L500 - Cannot find notebook model on Toshiba support page


Are you using the Tempro tool in order to register the notebook?
If yes, then you should update this tool to the latest version v3.33

Check this:
+Why does TEMPRO not accept my serial number as being valid?+

Otherwise the L500-158 belongs to the PSLJ3E series and all drivers can be found on the Toshiba European driver page:


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I want to run Toshiba Power Saver on my laptop.

I have a Toshiba Satellite --T2450-- A200, running windows XP and I really badly want to run the program.

I need massive help from anyone/everyone hehe.

I cannot find the program anywhere.
So could someone please find me a link that I can use to download it?

I would greatly appreciate this! Thank you!

Answer:Satellite A200 (PSAE0C) Where to find Toshiba Power Saver for download

On the Toshiba European driver page in ARCHIVE area you can find BIOS and Utilities for this oldie.
But unfortunately, there are NO XP drivers or any Utilities for this stone-age notebook.

Nothing to do buddy?.

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Hi there,

I bought my laptop 3 weeks ago, model: Toshiba Satellite A500 PSAR9A- 02s001
I bought it in Australia but i cannot find any driver support on

Any help?

Answer:Cannot find my model Satellite A500 PSAR9A-02s001 on Toshiba website


This seems to be an Australian notebook series?
I?m not quite sure why it?s not listed on the Australian page but if you need the drivers then you can try to use the driver from the Toshiba European driver page as well?

There is an Satellite A500 PSAR9E series which is similar (or same???).
In my opinion the Win 7 drivers should work too.


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Hi all
today i bought a satellite c855-1z1

this computer have windows 8 already installed (and with it everything worked well).
The problem is that i hate windows 8, so i decided to remove it and install win7 professional (original).

well, now i have windows 7 but i have some problem to find all the drivers.

The card reader and usb port work well, but i have problem with the wifi (i cannot connect to an access point, i think the problem is that i cannot push the wifi buttton on the keyboard, in fact i cannot change the light, the volume with the button on the keyboard).

This is the situation on my device manager:

This the driver that i have founded on the web and installed:

The problem on the wifi:

I don't know what i have to do to solve this problems.
thank you so much

and sorry for my bad english

Answer:Satellite C855-1z1: Cannot find Win 7 drivers for wireless, keyboard button, aero effects


First of all I recommend checking and reading this HowTO:
[How to identify an unknown device |]

This helps you to identify an unknown device for example a Wireless LAN card

But as far as I know the Satellite C855-1z1 supports the Realtek RTL8188CE Wlan card and the driver could be downloaded here:

But you will also need to install an Toshiba Value Added Package in order to get the FN buttons working and to enable the WLan.

Regarding the other devices:
The PCI Simple Communications Controller is Intel AMT ( Intel Active Management Technology) or Intel Management Engine Interface. The driver can be found on Toshiba page or Intel page.

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How can I determine the version of Assist that is installed on my Satellite X200 1AA with Windows Vista Premium SP! operating system?

Answer:How can I determine the version of Toshiba Assist?

Go to control panel and start ?Programs and Features? option.
After full load you will find listed Toshiba Assist there.
Click on it and on the bottom you will find info about publisher, size and product version.

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How can I remove the icon?

Answer:How to remove Toshiba Assist from start menu?


I have checked the screen shot and it seems that you use the Windows XP ?Start menu? and not the ?Classic Start menu?.
Please click right on the green Start button and select Properties.
Then the window ?Taskbar and Start Menu Properties? should appear.
Then switch to the tab ?Start menu? and press the ?Customize? button.

There you could try to clean the list of the programs
Please also check the ?Advanced? tab and the Start menu items list.

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I tried to install the last version of toshiba desktop assist
it says "You need to manually uninstall this component from your computer in order for this updated component to install".
unfortunately I tried to install it without uninstalling the older version and now when I try to uninstall the older version it says "The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and that you can access it".
I tried to use revo uninstaller and it can't solve the problem and the Microsoft Fix it doesn't support Win10

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I've recently downloaded and installed Assist tool on fresh installed Windows xp. The problem is that it does't have the same features
as it had on the old Windows mce system. I'm thinking here about optimizing tool for controlling cpu work (in the optimize tab).
The Assist which I have now has only mouse, sd memory card and accessibility features... :/

Can anyone help with that? Cheers.

Answer:Re: Qosmio G30-194 - problem with Toshiba Assist tool

This is definitely not ?Toshiba Assist ? problem. Problem is that you didnt install all other toshiba tools and utilities.
Toshiba tool is small tool where you can find shortcuts for all other tools so when you install missing tool they will be shown there.
Check please what is missing and install it.

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Hi everyone.

I'm new in this forum and hope someone can help me. I checked elsewhere but can't find any working solution. Here's the problem Im facing with my Tecra A8-103 laptop. I found last night (Oct. 31, 2009) that the buttons for Toshiba Assist and the button under it Toshiba Presentation are no longer working when pressing them. Is anyone having the same problem and how did you solve it? If someone knows how, please share it with me. I need a step by step solution as I am not good with computers. Thank you so much.

Other information regarding my Tecra A8-103:
It has built-in Windows Vista Business Edition in it when I bought it 2 years ago.
With the windows updates, I am now on SP2.
Model: PTA83E

Tried Solution but does not worked:
I reinstalled Value Added Package driver from Toshiba download site to no avail. What other option I have to get back this 2 buttons from working?

Please help me. Thanks early.

Winston from Philippines

Answer:Toshiba Assist & Presentation buttons on Tecra A8-103 are not working

Hello Winston

I don't have this notebook model but, as far as I know, these buttons can be defined by user. So try please to start button configuration tool and check if there is option where you can define which application should be open with each button.

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My buttons the "Toshiba Assist:" and the button below that is also not responding when i use them.
Can someone assist me in how i could go about making them work ?

* I already tried using/ installing Toshiba Assist application. It tells me to restart the system but it still doesn't work after it had been restarted.

Thanks in advance for whatever help i can get

Answer:Tecra A9 - Toshiba Assist buttons doen't response

You don?t write anything about your installed OS.
What OS are you using???

If you have installed Win XP then a Common Module and Toshiba Controls must be installed to ensure that all Toshiba button would functions.

If you are using the Vista OS you should reinstall the Toshiba Value Added Package.


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On my brand new Toshiba Portege R930-15G I cannot call up the "Toshiba Security Assist" module,and only get the message "A required module is not installed".

If someone from Toshiba support is reading this forum, I would greatly appreciate getting a hint from what source I could download the required installation files.

May be somebody else has an idea how to solve the problem.


Answer:Portege R930-15G - Missing Toshiba Security Assist Module

>?I cannot call up the "Toshiba Security Assist"
Can you please tell us how do you do this? Do you use original preinstalled OS or own version?

On Toshiba download page you can find this tool, version 2.0.9. try to download and install it.

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After installing Win7 Ultimate including all latest drivers downloaded from the Toshiba website, the following applications do not work anymore:

1) Toshiba Assist
The application (TInTouch.exe) loads but ends up with a blank screen.

2) TV button linked to TV
The StartLiveTV.exe application is loaded, it appears in TaskManager, but closes automatically not doing anything. When running Vista it launched Windows Media Center.

3) Dolby Button linked to Dolby
This should launch C:\Program Files\Dolby\Dolby Control Center\DolbyVistaConfig.exe but the application is gone and i cannot find a replacement on the Toshiba Website. (Latest sounddrivers are installed but Dolby application is missing)

Any thoughts on the 3 topics?

Answer:Qosmio G40: Toshiba Assist, StartLiveTV,Dolby (others?) not working anymore

Have you installed the Toshiba Value Added Package?

Do you have the latest G40 BIOS installed? (Latest is v2.20 I think)

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Before sending my Tecra M9 for attention at Tosh under warranty, I took care to do a full backup onto a separate HDD.

On the PC's return I was instructed to use a recovery CD and then re-install my backup.

Most of my original software and data appears to have been re-loaded, again using the tosh assist backup software.

But the outlook express files - the most precious! - appear not to have been restored. (Nor the MSOffice 2003 suite either).

There were some outlook express dbx files I saved separately on a memory stick, and trying to get them loaded back into the software seems impossible to me.

I am sure that all the files are in the backup, but how do I extract them please?


Answer:Re: Toshiba Assist backup not transferring Outlook Exprs data

As far as i know Toshiba Assist is small platform where you can find usefull overwiev to all most important functions. There you can find shortcuts to Toshiba specific tools but also shortcuts to Microsoft tools built in into preinstalled OS.

As far as i know link for back-up there is link to Microsoft tool and Toshiba has nothing to do with functionality of this tool.

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I have recently lost all sound on my Satellite Pro A120. I am running XP SP2 and have tried to uninstall and re-install Raltek drivers. Prior to that I went through the help program from windows, but that only told me that everything was working okay. Can anyone help me please.

Answer:No sound from Satellite Pro A120

No sound? The only solution I've found is to get a USB headset like the Logitech USB Headset 20. I have had this same problem with my Tecra 9100 for almost 6 months. I tried on a pair of USB Headset and it works! because it bypasses your internal soundcard. The downside is that if you have a great pair of speakers on your laptop, then it's kind of a waste that you can never use it. But at least, with this, you can now listen to CDs and chat on the internet

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Please help - I recently attempted to update my Satellite Pro A120 (PSAC1) combo drive to a DVD rw (NEC OPTIARC) - The new drive receives power and you can hear the disc whirling round. HoweverI do not get this drive to show up in my computer as a drive or indeed my devices nor do I recall seeing this in BIOS.

I have loaded windows update.
I updated the BIOS.
I attempted to follow the regedit fix which relates to deleting upper and lower filters (upper filters doesn't show up on my laptop???).
The shop took it back and tried it in their laptop and said windows picked it up straight away as it should do.

My old drive is fine and upon reinstalling it everything works fine!!

What I am missing ???

Answer:ODD upgrade on my Satellite Pro A120

You do not missing anything. Obviously you just try to use non-compatible drive. That?s all!

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Hey all,

I'm considering buying a new stick of RAM to bring the total on my Satellite Pro notebook up to 2gb. I currently have a 1gb PC2-4300, which according to cpu-z has a frequency of 266mhz. Is it better to buy another similar stick or start over with a new 2x1gb sticks kit? Will my laptop support all different brands/frequencies, or do I need to be looking for something in particular?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 RAM upgrade

Do you have the sub model ie A120-007 then I can tell you exactly what you will need!

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Hello everybody

I would like to upgrade the RAM for my Satellite Pro A120-189, Model N. PSACIE-05V021EN, as the laptop is running quite slow (I am using Vista Business 32bit).
I was wondering what is the maximum RAM for my notebook, and what compatible RAM module I could add (at the moment, I have 1GB RAM).

Thanks in advance for your help!

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro A120-189 - Which RAM should I take for upgrade?


I have checked the specification of your notebook on the Toshiba page and this notebook can be upgraded to 4GB RAM. Therefore you have to use two 2GB modules with DDR2 (533 MHz) technology.

You can get new RAM from an authorized service provider or from every computer shop. I have good experience with high quality modules from Kingston.

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Just installed Skype with MS Lifecam - no there is no sound at all!

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 - no sound

Check the settings in Skype. Maybe its taken control of the sound device or volume.

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I Have Toshiba Satelite Pro A 120

And I Cant Open Setup

How Can I Open The Bios Setup

Whats The Hotkey

Answer:How to get into BIOS of Satellite Pro A120

Hm, I think with ESC or F2. You can also try the "del" key. But mostly the F2 key should do the trick. :)


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I'm looking to upgrade the RAM in my Satellite Pro A120 Model no:PSAC1E-05C00VEN

I'm getting conflicting reports as to how much it can actually take, some websites say a maximum 1GB per slot therefore max 2GB while most others say max of 2GB per slot

I was hoping you could advise me.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 - I want to upgrade the RAM


Your Satellite Pro A120 is equipped with the Intel 945GM chipset and so you can upgrade it to 4GB RAM.
Only models with ATI chipset can be upgraded to 2GB and I think this is the reason why some websites say it can be upgraded to 2GB and others to 4GB.

However, for the RAM upgrade DDR2-RAM PC2-5300 (DDR2-677). You can buy 2GB modules for a maximum of 4GB.
But don?t forget that only a 64bit OS supports 4GB RAM.


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I'm running seriously low on HDD space and want to upgrade my HDD in my Sat Pro A120 128. Is there a max size that I can upgrade to? Does this model take SATA or IDE?
Any suggestions on make & model HDD to upgrade to?


Answer:Satellite Pro A120-128 - HDD upgrade

The laptop can take 2.5" SATA HDD's.

These models came with 80GB/100GB/120GB HDD's, so a 120GB HDD or a 128GB SSD should work fine.

However, sizes above 137GB may not work due to the LBA48 limitation on older PC's.
But a 160GB or 200GB might work fine, you just need to test it before buying the HDD.

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Hello, I need a new motherboard for my laptop Satellite Pro A120 as I stupidly spilled an entire pint of orange squash over it..
it has been dried out and cleaned but still no power, just a little orange light thats flashes..

I have spoken to Toshiba and they said it probably needs a new motherboard..
I have searched everywhere but I cannot seem to find one..

can anyone please help me??

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 needs new motherboard


The motherboard can be ordered from the ASP in your country but the new mobo will costs a tiny fortune because the mobo is one of the expensive notebook parts.

You could also search on some internet webpage?s like Ebay or similar to get a second hand mobo? maybe you could find an second hand Sat Pro A100 with good motherboard.


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Does anyone know where I can get a dc jack for a Satellite Pro A120.
These seem to be quite rare models.

I have spent hours searching though google and parts websites but just cant locate this.


Answer:From where can I get the AC Adaptor for Satellite Pro A120


All compatible Toshiba notebook parts can be ordered from the local ASP.
The authorized service in your country could order such part from Toshiba if it would not be on stock.

But as far as I know the Satellite Pro A120 needs a *PA3092U-1ACA* Universal AC Adaptor which supports 15 V, 4 A, 60 W.

Try to search for this part number in internet and I?m sure you would find some offers.


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Hiya guys,

I?m new to this forum and looking for a bit of technical advice. I'm looking to upgrade the memory in my Satellite Pro A120-166 to the full 4GB threshold as described in the manual.

How do I choose what memory to buy? Does the memory speed have to match the FSB on the Processor or what?

The online manual lists the [email protected] 533MHz however if I go into System performance on my laptop it states that it is an Intel(R) [email protected], 800MHz, 256MB of RAM. Does this therefore mean my FSB is 800 MHz?

The online manual says my laptop comes with 256MB of DDR2 ram (533 MHz) so I'm kinda lost as to what MHz rating of memory to buy now.

Please help!

Answer:RAM upgrade on Satellite Pro A120-166


You are right about maximum RAM. You can upgrade it up to 4 GB.
Toshiba recommends for usage compatible PA3513U-1M2G (DDR2-667 2GB Memory Kit).

You can also use Kingston module. Visit their page and there you will find the list of compatible modules.
Please don't be confused about MHz. You can use module with 667 MHz.

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Hi All,

I need at least 1GB of RAM to run a programme and I only have 504 MB.

I'm just wondering if you guys know exactly what I need as I have never upgraded anything on my laptop before. The model number is PASC1E-03X00YEN.

I'll probably order over the WEB so any advice on suppliers would help to.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 RAM upgrade?

Have a look on the Toshiba website for the Brochure for your model notebook, it should specify the max RAM you can install.

Once you know that, you can purchase extra RAM (ensure its compatible with the A120) and install it yourself, or get an ASP to install it for you.

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at the begining, my english is not very well, i'm sorry.
I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A 120 laptop, but i lost the recovery disc so i dont have drivers for internet. When i plug in cable for ADSL nothing is hapening. I was search that on this pages, but did not find. There are two available, and i dont know how to download it.

When i download it and extract there is no icon for install.

Answer:Need LAN driver for Satellite Pro A120

Hi champion20,

What is the exact part number of your notebook?

Usually you can download all drivers on Toshiba website. If you have an European model, check the European website: > Support & Downloads

The correct LAN driver is depending on the built in hardware. If you don?t know how to identify an unknown device, check this very useful article:

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OK, so this is a strange one...

I have a Sat Pro A120. It runs with the fan on all the time and sometimes goes on a mayor go slow (which I think may be down to overheating.)

OS is Ubuntu and I have installed the sensors tool which tell me on minute that the temp is 100 degrees C and the next is 16!

I suspect it may be that the heat sink is full of fluff, however I cannot find a step by step guide to taking the machine apart, cleaning it and putting it back together again.

Can anyone help with some ideas or resources?

Many thanks,


Answer:Satellite Pro A120 - fan run all the time


You don?t need to disassemble the unit in order to clean the ventilators.
You can use an compressed air spray which helps to remove the dust.
I did it many times and it helped!!

Try it!

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My daughter has a satellite pro a120, and for some reason it has decided to really play up with one thing or another, I want to get it back to factory settings for her, but I dont have the recovery disc, is there anyway I can do this without the disc?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance

Answer:Satellite A120 recovery

No, without the recovery disc you cannot reinstall the machine. BUT: you can go to an earlier restore point of Windows if this option is activated. You can access the restore manager by clicking on Start -> Programs -> Accesoires -> System Restore.

A System Restore Manager will open and guide you trough the further steps. I would choose an really early restore point to exclude any contingencies.


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Sorry for bad English!

My computer will not boot.
I want to install a BIOS but connecting it to another computer but I don?t know how?

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 will not boot up


If you want to learn more about BIOS update on Toshiba notebooks please check this document
How do I update the BIOS on my Toshiba Notebook and where can I get the latest BIOS for my machine?

By the way: is your notebook death? Have you done something wrong and destroy something?

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Copied from the underside of the computer:

Toshiba Satellite Pro A 120 Model Number PSACOE 007009EN

The OS is Windows XP Home.

It has 512MB RAM installed, but I'd like to add another 512MB - or even another 1GB, although with the 1.46GHz process, there's probably little to be gained.

I know very little about computers. I gather that if it's an A120, it needs DDR 667 PC 2 5300 200 pin SODIMM; if it's an A120/007 (which looks possible from the model number quoted above), then it takes DDR 533 PC 2 4200 200 pin SODIMM.

If in doubt, would it do any harm to buy DDR 667 - would it be "backward compatible" with DDR 533? And would it work with the existing RAM if that happens to be DDR 553? I'm hoping it would; simply working at the speed of the lower RAM.

Forgive me if I seem to "disappear" - I'm not too sure about my way around the forum yet, but will try to check back from time to time.

I'm also posting another thread about start-up programmes - I assume it's better to stick to one main question per thread.

Answer:What exactly model is my Satellite Pro A120 and what RAM does it take?


According to this page you can use the DDR2 667MHz (PC2-5300) 200-PIN SODIMM memory modules
The point is that DDR2 667MHz and DDR2 533MHz modules could be used.

But everything depends on the FSB (front side bus). If the FSB would support max 533MHz then the faster memory modules 667Mhz would be clocked down and would run only with 533mHz

Hope I could help you.

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have had this notebook and its proved to a a great little worker for the family, what i want to do is change the DVD/CD-ROM to a DVD writer and I would like some help In finding out the type i need. Information needed:

-Is is the interface sata or ide
-Does it need to be master,slave or cable select

Installation guide would be handy

Thanks in advance for any help

Answer:Change DVD/CD-ROM on Satellite Pro A120

Hi Rickski, I have changed the drives on the a120 so many times I am sure i could do it in the dark blindfolded, it is realy easy and should only take you a few minutes.

If you can give me a couple of days i will put together an easy to follow step be step explanation. I only ask for a couple of days because I have to run and do not have the time to do it right now, sorry, but i will do it for asap.

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I have been given my sisters laptop (Satellite PRO A120 Model PSAC1E) and because it was full of girly rubbish I?ve put the xp pro disc in and started afresh.
The trouble now is that there are loads of exclamation marks in my device manager. I presume that the disc that came with the laptop would have sorted all this out, but it's been lost.
Rather than going through the driver downloads one at a time and hoping I get what I want (some don't appear to be there anyway), is there a place I can download the start-up disc arrangement..device manager says that these don?t have drivers....

ethernet controller
modem device on high def audio bus
network controller
usb controller
unknown device
video controller
video controller (vga compatible)

I'm on another pc at the moment and can download to a disc and then put that in the laptop.
Any help would be greatly received

Thanks in advance

Answer:Need drivers for Satellite Pro A120


When you use Toshiba recovery image OS will be installed with all necessary drivers, tools and utilities. If yo0u don't have it you must use Microsoft installations CD to install OS. After doing this you must install all missing stuff additionally but it is not big deal.

Please visit Toshiba support page under > Support & Downloads
Choose the right notebook model and preinstalled operating system.
All drivers, tools and utilities will be listed there. If you need stuff for WXP please check first entry on the list. There you will see ?Installations Instructions? document. This text document contains the right installations order.

Please download all you need and install it following this installations order.

If you need more assistance please let us know.

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I am in the market for a A120, I only have a limited budget of 450 so I have to get this right. Can anyone confirm whether the cheapest A120 (PSAC0E-007009EN) has tv-out/svhs-out. I know the A100 has tv-out, but what really attracts me to the A120 is the inclusion of 5:1 card reader.

I ask the question because the specifications say nothing about tv out, yet the virtual tour clearly shows the A120 having Tv out.

hope someone can help me out.


Answer:Does Satellite A120 have TV Out port?


I have found some infos about the price of the Satellite A120. At this time you have to pay about 949 euros for the unit with Celeron Processor M410, 1149 euros for Core Duo Processor T2300E and 1290 euros for Core Duo Processor T2400.
But you know it depends on the dealer and country where you will purchase this unit.

As far as I know this unit supports a connection to external monitor but I don?t found any informations about the s-video or tv-out. Possibly this unit doesn?t support these interfaces

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