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Satellite Pro A200: A continuous beep sound during start up and freezing

Question: Satellite Pro A200: A continuous beep sound during start up and freezing


This is Varun from India. Could anyone please help me fix a problem which has been haunting me from the last two days. This problem is currently occuring in my satellilte Pro A200. Actually the problem is that there is a continuous beep sound from an internal speaker during start-up that is when the name TOSHIBA appers at the time of starting and moreover it freezes there right on that screen. But , I somehow kept using my system by pressing F5 or F9 and then letting it start manually in NORMAL MODE.

But, i can't keep doing this all the time. And moreover, this beep sound blows continuously only while starting the system and it goes on hanged up in the same screen until i press either F5 or F9. I kept restoring my system but to no use. Could any one please help me out in this.

Sincerely waiting for the reply.....


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Preferred Solution: Satellite Pro A200: A continuous beep sound during start up and freezing

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite Pro A200: A continuous beep sound during start up and freezing


To be honest it is very strange issue. Is some external device connected to your notebook?
Have you tried to update BIOS to latest version?

Sorry but I believe in such case there is no much you can do. Maybe BIOS update, clean OS installation. That?s all.
Maybe you should contact nearest service and ask what it can be.

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i allowed Windows Assist to make some changes and after that experienced following problems -  1. Display became black2. Continuous beep sound3. Keyboard is inactive Tried to resolve the problem by making some changes in the settings of "sticky keys". Has'nt helped.

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Hi, I own a Dell Inspiron N5110 i5 processor laptop with 4 GB RAM and 500 GB hard disk. Its getting 14 months since I bought it.From the last few days, I could see that the machine makes beep sound on start up till the windows starts. The sound gets disappeared after OS starts. Especially if I turn on the lap from hibernation mode, some time rebooting also make the beep sound. However, I observed a similar low tone inside the system even when the machine is running. I have been using a cooler also to reduce the heat, all keys are working fine no thing is jammed, I have performed the dell H/W diagnostics test all the results were passed. Drivers are all updated, the processor fan i also running correctly. I am wondering what can be the reason.
Please do share your thoughts and suggestions about this issue.

Answer:Continuous beep sound from my Dell inspiron n 5110 laptop on start up ??

I have tried something from another forum that I found, but do not have the link so I cannot copy and paste or give credit to the poster.  This is what I did:
1) Unplug all power from the laptop
2) Remove the battery
3) Hold down the power button for approximately 15 seconds.
4) Reattach the battery and/or plug in the power supply.
5) Power on the laptop.
This solved my problem.

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My Dell Inspiron N4050 laptop (4 yrs old)  continuously beeps on startup and it goes when I press any key. But it is getting hang as soon as the windows is open and getting an error message like windows performance is low. Please let me know the reason for this issue and how it can be fixed.

Answer:Dell Inspiron N4050 continuous beep sound during start up and getting hang once the windows is open

Beep codes and their meanings:

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I have Inspiron N5010 suddenly makes continuous Beep sound when press power on with black screen and not Start

Answer:My inspiron 5010 makes continuous beep sound when I press power button and it wont Start

If it's a continuous single beep, it means the mainboard is bad.  If it's some other pattern such as four beeps - pause - four, etc., post the sequence and someone can help you interpret the error.

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A colleague spilt water over an Equium A200 and as a result it beeps continuously at startup. Actually you get a beep, followed immediately by another. However, if you press F1 it boots up OK and all is well. I have run diagnostics and have found nothing wrong.
The only problem is that one or two of the keys don't work so well if you touch them lightly.

Anyone have any ideas about resetting the beep, or what else I might do? Thanks.


Answer:Equium A200- Continuous beep at boot


I think it?s not easy to say why this happens but maybe the water has damaged the keyboard and so always a will be pressed? I don?t know it exactly.

I think it will not be so useful for you if we discuss about this here without testing it and we don?t have real facts so your notebook should be checked from a notebook technician. The guys can make a detailed diagnostic and order spare parts.

On the Toshiba website you can find a list of authorized service providers? Good luck!

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Windows XP student edition upgrade ... whatever
I'm running a Celeron 2.7GHz processor
Radeon 9250 excalibur graphics card
DDR 512 ram (x2), so a GIG.
Gigabyte mother board
Cyclone Power supply 400W
Vibra 128 soundcard
(if more info is needed please ask )

My computer has recently started freezing unexpectedly and the first occurances were whilst playing the only game i play, Counter Strike: Source. I thought it was just some random problem so i restarted and the computer froze when it got to the little 'windows is loading' stage with the moving bar. I freaked out and turned it off, and came back about 10 minutes later and the computer started up again fine.

I decided to test it a little running simple MSN and windows media player (WMP), and it works fine, no problems. I turned MSN and WMP off and logged into a server on CS: S, and about 4 minutes into the game the computer freezes, the screen blackens (sometimes retains the last image on screen) and the speakers output a continuous beeping sound, which can be ceased by turning speakers off.

Now, it's really scaring me because i'm on holidays and i've still got another week of nothing to do! CS is my last resort for boredem after my work, and it's a cheap way for someone my age to amuse themselves!

If you've ever encountered this before, please help me..


P.S. This problem ALSO occured on my previous machine, i replaced mother board, RAM, Processor with identic... Read more

Answer:Unexpected Windows Freezing + continuous beep

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I have this computer running xp pro that is giving me a strange error. Back in the shop where the computer has been sitting for 8 monthes and running fine up until today,

On startup while still loading BIOS I get this alarm sound. It is a contiuous alarm. No error messages, the Bios just stops loading and stays in one place.

What is weird is I bring it into the office plug it in and it works fine.

I have tried multiple outlets back in the shop but still to no avail.

Does anybody know what the continous alarm sound might mean when starting up the Bios?

Answer:Continuous beep on start up

Please have a look at the Power On Self Test Beep Codes,
and post back which beep sequence best represents your own issue.

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we have a Toshiba satellite computer with vista. when we start the computer, before it gets to the microsoft startup we get a loud continuous beep. if we use the F8 key we get by this problem and the computer starts and runs but we get a chatter where the "3" key keeps repeating and/or the cursor drops to the last item on any drop-down? Any idea what this is?

Answer:Loud continuous beep at start up

This could be a BIOS Beep Code that is pointing to your hardware issue. Find the BIOS your system runs and check out this link:

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I have a Qosmio G10. It's worked fine up until recently. Now when I start it up, I hear a continuous beep. There is also no screen image.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks


Answer:Qosmio G10 - continuous beep on start up

I think there is a problem in the hardware configuration.
Did the laptop receive a shock recently?
The laptop beeps because the checks of the bios detected an anomaly.
What you can easily do is to check that at least the RAM is correctly inserted in its place. It happened to me once: I did not inserted correctly the additional RAM that I added, and the laptop beeped loudly!
If it does not solve the problem=> toshiba service.

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Hi Geek's
I am using dell Inspiron N5010. I am using this laptop for more than 5 years. The laptop worked flawlessly. last week i have changed my Operating system to Windows 10 and installed some drivers. Suddenly my laptop got restarted and keep on  producing beep sound. So manually i turned off my laptop. After a hour switched on my laptop the same beep sound is produced and display is not getting on. In my laptop except center indicator light both the lights have been turned on. Kindly provide a smart solution to get rid of this problem.
Swarnesh K

Answer:laptop continuous beep sound on startup

What is the beep pattern -- single beeps, or another pattern like four beeps, pause, four beeps?

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Hi I just installed some new ram on my computer going from 1gb (2x512mb) to 2gb (an extra 2x512mb). The memory is all Geil 512mb PC2-5300. I have tried every combination I can think of yet whenever I have the new memory installed the computer wont start and there will just be a continuous beep from my motherboard (ASUS P5nd2 -SLI). I have sent the new memory back however it was sent back to me telling me it was fine!

Does anyone have any suggestions? I would really appreciate it, thank you!

Answer:Installed new ram, wont start, continuous beep

Post motherboard specs. You may need to adjust the memory timings to get it to work.

Check the motherboard manufacturer's combatibility list. Some RAM will not work, or will have problems with certain motherboards.

You could have a bad RAM slot on the motherboard.

You will need to test each stick one at a time in the same slot, to make certain they will all work with the board.

Are you absolutely certain all 4 sticks are exactly the same ?

Since the old pair works, trade them out for the new pair. If the are good, and exactly the same as the old pair, they should work in the old memory slots. If they do, move them to the (previously unused) memory channel and see if the new memory will work in the new channel. if they do, then the issue is not the new memory, but using more than 2 sticks at the same time.

Then focus on getting 3 sticks to play nice.

At some point things will stop working, and indicate the direction of the problem.

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Hi guys!

First of all, I'm new here. I signed up to this forum because of an issue with my little brothers's PC. I've found some threads about the issue but I wasn't able to solve it with the given information.

So, my brother is just playing a game and all of a sudden his PC gives a long beep, and starts rebooting. Unfortunatly after this incident the pc won't start up at all, it's just giving this never ending beep.

knowing that he has an Asus p5n-mx MoBo and an Award BIOS I starten looking for answeres.
The error should indicate that there is an issue with the installed RAM. So I removed it and replaced it with a spare strip. But that didn't solve the problem. So I took out the Videocard and tried to use the onboard chipset to boot up. Still got the continuous beep. I removed all the RAM and tried to boot up. The result of that the 1 long beep and 2 short beeps error code as repeating loop. Now I am not sure if that is the indication for a not properly installed VGA card but it said so in the beep-code list.

Pc specs:
Asus p5n-mx motherboard
Award BIOS
Intel duo core E7300 2,66Ghz
Corsair 1024 MB DDR2 667Mhz RAM (2x)
320 GB 7200 RPMWestern digital HDD
ASUS EN9400GT 512MB VGA card
Windows XP Home Edition
It would be great if you guys could help out with this one!

Answer:PC wont't start up except for a long continuous beep.

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Hi all, I have bought HP Pavilion G6 about 4 years back. Now while turned on the continuous beep sound is coming but after while the system will open. After turned on the cursor would not , if i press "ESC" key the cursor becomes active and again some error sound will come and it will not work properly. There is a lag while using the touch pad and also  If i delete the file it is not deleting. Please suggest if i can do anything for that problem before carrying to the service center.

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I am having inspiron 14r and I am facing some issue with it recently.
After starting my laptop, it works fine for 4-5 minute. After that continuous beep sound is coming.
It is very loud
Please help me.
Also, there is no problem with the screen or other software in the lappy. Only the continuous loud beep sound starts and after that laptop gets hanged.

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sometimes my Sattelite makes some loud beeps at Bios boot time for about half a minute.
After that, it starts booting the OS (Vista) without any problems.
But something must be wrong (because of the beeps).

What could this be?

Thanks a lot.


Answer:Satellite A200-1O5 - Beep at Boot

Maybe there is a key stuck on the keyboard, which can happen if there was liquid ingress or foreign objects entering the keys.

You may need to send the notebook to a Toshiba Service Center for a keyboard replacement.

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my Satellite A200-1CR(PSAE0) I did format with my vista cd, not recovery cd.
The reason was that toshiba had too many things -drivers,programmes- that my pc needed 3 min to open and 3 to close. After the clean installation is really fine, I've never seen it so fast, most drivers were recognised by vista so I installed only 1 or two. I don?t need anything else but I have one serious problem:

There is no beep in low battery so laptop closes suddenly bios setting and windows setting is ok. Does anybody know which driver I should install so this is fixed???

thank you in advance.....

Answer:Re: No beep when low battery on Satellite A200-1CR

Thats not really a problem. If you had installed the Toshiba Powersaver then this issue wouldn?t appear. So, please visit the Toshiba Drivers & Download site and download the latest available version of the powersaver.

The powersaver enhances your powersaving features and should enable your "beep".


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Hi Everyone,

Just recently has my laptop started malfuntioning.
Yesterday, after startup (or when you take it out of sleep mode) it started beeping -

Beeping is 10 short in a row, fast.

I run a stock standard Satellite A200, using Windows Vista.
I do not know what to do, and during the beeping (which lasts about 10 - 15 minutes) I cannot do anything - the CPU (i think) simply cannot handle any processes. The beeping comes from the right side of the laptop, and is feint, but definately a sign of a problem.

I believe it has something to do with the motherboard, but I don't know how to diagnose this problem, and after hours of searching I have not found anyone with a similar problem to mine.

I am sorry if I have posted this in the wrong forum, as the boards are confusing and I cannot find a technical support one.

Please Help,

Answer:Re: Satellite A200 - Beep Noise after Startup


As I understand your problem, it seems that you are not able to get into the BIOS and you are not able to boot the Window OS.
You cannot see the Toshiba Splash screen as well? Is it right?

Hmm? it seems that this beeping sound is related to a hardware malfunction?
So possibly the POST (power on self test) cannot be passed properly and therefore you get this alert beep sound?

What to say; in most cases it?s motherboard related but it?s hard to say what could be exactly wrong?

Maybe you could try this;
Remove battery and disconnect the AC adaptor for some hours?
Wait and after some time connect both parts again?
Then try to power up the unit again?

If this will not work, then I would recommend asking an ASP technician for a help?

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hey guys,

Got an A200 m01 (i think) from around 2008, which just last night decided to not boot. It makes it past the BIOS screen, but then when about to boot Windows the screen turns off and it makes a continuous (and infinite) beeping (sort of pulsating). Now, I cant find anything on Insyde BIOS, but the common continuous beeping sound is a RAM error. I was hoping this would be the case (although I realise POSTing is completed before the BIOS splash screen appears and thus I am at a loss as to what it ACATUALLY is), but upon removing the one RAM module the system doesnt even give me a BIOS beep code! What the hell!

And no amount of googling has gotten me any closer to solving this. I'm a poor student so I cant afford to take it to a computer repairer for them to charge me $80 to say its dead, so if anyone has any information I will be very grateful!



Answer:Satellite A200 - Unknown beep code

Hi Taylor,

I think the problem is that only an authorized service provider knows the exact beep codes and their reasons so you can?t find much in the Internet.

Of course such a problem is a little bit annoying but you?re right, theoretically it could be a problem of RAM. As I understand you correctly just one RAM module is installed in your computer, right?
Have you already tested the module in another RAM slot? Theoretically the memory slot could be also faulty.

Furthermore you can test the RAM module itself using a special test software like Memtest86. It?s freeware tools that you can find with Google. Just create a bootable disk and boot from it. The test will start but it can take up to 1 hour or more until it?s finished.

Maybe Memtest86 will find something but let?s wait what happens so some feedback would be great. :)

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I have a Satellite Pro A200. All was fine until early this morning when a constant beep started. The laptop beeps once every 30 seconds. Everything seems to be working fine. It restarted without difficulty and I am using it to write this message. The only problem is the constant beep. Any suggestions as to the problem and what to do would be very helpful. Thanks.

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 Constant beep every 30 seconds

I recommend you to contact nearest service provider. Such behavior is definitely not normal and it should not happen.

Have you done something with your notebook last days? Maybe some hardware upgrade?

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hi everybody,
im new here so hello first of all. ive been having this problem for a few months already and starting to get desperate. ive got a toshiba satellite pro L20 running on windows XP sp2. problem is that the computer keeps freezing, sometimes 5mins after start up, sometimes during start up, during shut down, whenever.
Ive noticed that before freezing sound starts getting cracky, on startup, the 'windows tune' is often cracky too. then i lose wireless connection and freezes. usually i have to restart several times until it detects any wireless network at all.
ive tried downloading and reinstalling sound & wireless drivers but nothing happens.
any help would be REALLY appreciated, im losing my patience.....

Answer:Continuous freezing: sound? wireless?

The symptoms you've described sound very similar to a problem I had with my desktop for quite a while. Freezes can be caused by lots different reasons, but you mention wireless problems, too. In my case, without going into a long-winded dissertation, the problem, for reasons I don't really understand, was caused by network intrusions. WPA wasn't set up.

I set up WPA (when I discovered what it was and why it was important). The intrusions stopped and so did the freezing. Oh, and now the wireless connection is not only never lost, the signal is much stronger. Good luck.

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I have a Satellite A200, purchased Nov. 2007. Came with Vista Home Premium installed. About 2 weeks ago it began to "freeze" or lock up. The light indicating accessing the hard disc went out, and the screen showed the last image. Nothing worked. No response from mouse, any keys, no response to CTRL, ALT, DEL. The only thing that worked was 10 seconds on the off button. It has on a few occasions turned itself off. It is not an overheating issue as it has frozen up a few times within seconds of being turned on fot the first time of the day.

I have tried Windows Diagnostics - no problems. Run Office 2007 repair - no result. Advanced boot options to "last known good configeration". Reset the beast to "recovery of factory default software" then reloaded W2007. Launched the startup repair twice. Run the disc check. All to no avail.

Sometimes this "freezing" occurs after a few minutes turned on, and sometimes it will run much longer (yesterday for 36 hours) without a problem. Began to freeze up this morning again.

Anybody got any ideas?

Answer:Satellite A200 - Freezing up sometimes


Are you really sure that your notebook doesn?t overheat? In my opinion it could be the reason of that and cleaning the notebook from time to time is always advisable. Therefore you can use compressed air spray to blow out the dust from the cooling ventilators. You can buy it from your favorite computer dealer for example.
By the way: I clean my notebook every 3-4 months. It goes fast and so I can make sure that it doesn?t overheat.

Furthermore it would be interesting to know what happens with ?factory settings?. I assume your notebook was delivered with Windows XP or Vista so you should try this OS.

What display driver you have installed at the moment?


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Dear Sirs,

I have Toshiba A200-1M7 & since I bought it I had a problem which is freezing and startup take too much!

It took me to startup about 10 minutes and sometimes while using my laptop the HDD light turns off and my whole laptop stops!!

It?s and also it's so slow!
I don't know why that happens but I sent it to the distributer and he told me that there is no problem with the hardware!

Recently I'm using Linux! And nothing happens with me!
I mean everything continues normal & no freezing and so fast!

So I think the problem is from Windows Vista .
So could you please help me , if anyone faced this issue before?

Feras Allaou

Answer:Slow Satellite A200-1M7 and freezing issue

Do you know why your A200 is slow and boots slowly?
Because Vista needs more resources as a Linux OS or early Win OS.
Furthermore you Satellite loads a lot of background processes at startup.
This slows down the notebook and extends the booting time.

The background processes belong to some Toshiba and other tools which are necessary to use and to control the whole notebook features,

But of course you can disable it if you want;
Start msconfig and in tab ?Sartup? you could disable some not necessary (for you) applications.

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Hi, I have a Samsung r519 laptop, with Windows 7. It normally runs fine, but for the last few days it has been making a continuous 'start navigation' sound. It's driving me mad! I know how to turn this sound off through the control panel, but what's bothering me is what is causing it to make the noise approx 4 times a second. I've done scans and the software can find no virus. I use Microsoft Security Essentials and Advanced System Care.

Any help would be appreciated Attached is the hijack this log if it helps :)

Answer:Annoying continuous 'start navigation' sound

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I'm nasdaq

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HijackThis is not given us the information that we are looking for .
Please submit the FAQ logs for my review.

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Hi Group,
:suspiciou Could you please give me some information how to fix this problem.
When I turn the computer on it makes a continuous beeping sound and stops on the post screen. I also get an error message on the post screen saying ?Keyboard error?.
Can someone please help with this matter, Thank you?Mark

Answer:Help Needed...Continuous beeping sound on start-up

Oh and the keyboard is working ok. Tested on another PC! Also when i unplug the keyboard i still get the same bleeping sound.

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Hi, I have a Samsung r519 laptop. It normally runs fine, but for the last few days it has been making a continuous 'start navigation' sound. It's driving me mad! I know how to turn this sound off through the control panel, but what's bothering me is what is causing it to make the noise approx 4 times a second. I've done scans and the software can find no virus. But sounds like something is trying to access the internet?

Any ideas?

Answer:Annoying continuous 'start navigation' sound

Anyone? It sounds worse now and my laptop is running really slow :(

Any help would be appreciated x

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Today I decided to turn off as many useless program's as I could (to speed up my pc) so I went to Msconfig (I have vista home premium 32 bit), and turned a lot of things off. Including the "toshiba button support". The next time I restarted my extra buttons on the top of the keyboard all worked, beside one. The one that normally turns windows media player on. This time, it did nothing at all. The play/resume, stop, forward, backward and internet button all worked without problem.
However, I really liked the WMP button, so I tried to find out what the problem was. I found out it was the button support, so I decided to turn it back on.

However, this did not help :( . I turned it on in msconfig again, but it won't start with windows anymore :(. I know it's the program I need, because when I manually launch the program (it's the program: programfiles/toshiba/TBS/HSON.exe ) the button works.
I did put a V in front of the program in msconfig, but that did not work. Anyone has an idea why not?

Edit: I found a solution, although not the best. If anyone ever has the same problem:
I made a shortcut from the program that had to run (can be found in C:programfiles/toshiba/TBS and is called HSON.exe). Next I clicked on start, and said "all programs", here I selected the folder "opstarten", this is the dutch version, but my guess is it is called something like "start up" in english. In this, I pasted (copy/cut -> paste) the shor... Read more

Answer:Satellite A200 - Button support won't start on windows start up


I think the Value Added Package controls the buttons, uninstall the current version, then download and install the latest version from the Toshiba website.

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Well being trying to install xp along side my Win7 installation (dual boot), but xp keeps freezing or crashing.
Ive made a few slipstream xp discs with sata drivers.
Still wont install proper.

So i tried install win7 on the second partition and that will install but is very slow and hangs for ages.
Im sure i got right sata drivers.(intel matrix storage manager from toshiba).

Can anyone shed some light?

i have toshiba Satellite a200
intel duo t5550
3gb ram

Answer:Dual boot issue on Satellite A200 - xp keeps freezing or crashing


If you use SATA drivers then the SATA mode option in BIOS should be set to AHCI.
If you don?t use SATA drivers then you have to set to compatible mode.

Here a nice description how to add SATA drivers

+How to integrate a SATA AHCI driver in a Windows XP Setup CD+

Good luck

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I have a Satelite A200, bought brand new last year. Occasionally the computer will freeze, the screen starts fading to white and darker horizontal and vertical lines appear on the screen. I have to hold down the power switch until it turns off so I can restart it, but after restarting it works fine. At first this happened only very rarely, but it's beginning to happen more and more as of late.

It happens very suddenly and it doesn't make any difference what I'm doing at the time. Some times it does it just after being turned on. Does anyone know why it could be doing this? I'm not very technically savvy so I'd appreciate it if you could explain it to me in a way that I might understand :)

I've heard of some people having the same problem and that it may be caused by faulty wiring in the monitor. If this is the problem is it likely to be covered by warrantly?

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Answer:Satellite A200 - Occasionally Freezing And Screen Fading To White

What A200 model do you have? PSAxxx-xxxxx?

Sounds like the LCD Screen or VGA Board may have an intermittent problem - possibly heat related.

An Authorized Service Center can repair it for you.

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Ive recently had my computer cleaned after I had problems with it cutting out due to over heating. It use to cut out while loading Vista too which I thought was just an issue of dust.
However after having it professionally cleaned and after reformatting the computer it now always cuts out while I have power source in or cuts out when changing from battery to power source (works fine with just battery).

I've narrowed down to a couple of options but just wanna see if anyone else has some useful input/ solutions to fixing it.
1. That I need to upgrade my BIOS. Which is proving a problem as this specific model of the Satellite BIOS upgrade doesnt have an option to burn to disk and requires a power source when booting from desktop.
2. That one of the sensors is busted and causing interrupts to occur when not needed
3. There is something shorting out when the power source is put in.

couple of addition notes about what is happening:
By reset I mean the computer just completely cuts out and reboots about 10 seconds latter.
If i put the computer to sleep and wake it up (even when using battery) it resets.
When the power source is in and booting up, it generally cuts out in the same spot.

So any help is much appreciated. Sorry if the lay out is hard to understand too, the laptop has so many issues its hard to link them all together. Ill prob update with more problems as I remember other little ones
Thanks. :)

Answer:Re: Satellite a200. Resetting or freezing when power cord plugged in


Has this problem been happening long?
Had you added or removed any softwere around this time?

I do think a BIOS up grade is a good starting point not shure how your going to do it though with out mains power avaiable.

Have you checked the state of the mains lead? is there any dammage or streched it?
It might be worth having an electrician check the output ?

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I have just brought a secondhand satellite 3000 - 214 notebook which worked fine on first start up but i turned it off then decided to turn it straight back on and now it makes a continuous beeping nosie until windows load then it stops. The machine then works perfectly from then on. Any ideas.

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Answer:Continuous beeping on start up which goes once logged in - Satellite 3000


as the beeps stop when Windows loads it should not have anything to do with installed software on the hard disk. I think maybe reinstalling the BIOS will help.


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I have a Toshiba Satellite A80-121 and it will not run. Yesterday worked all fine but now it do not start.
When I press the on button the button has as normal a blue colour, then the screen stays black, no picture at all, then the fan stops. Then I got a beep every 15 sec.

Can anybody help me what is wrong?

Thank you very much for your helps

Answer:Satellite A80-121 does not start and do a beep after every 15 sec


It sounds like a hardware malfunction...
If you have two RAM modules installed try it with only one. Check this!

I?m not a notebook technician but the problem is maybe related by the mainboard, RAM or CPU but this is my personal opinion.


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When i push on switch beep sound twice continues....what the problem?

Answer:Beep Sound when start on the pc

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Dear experts,
I have a problem with my Dell Inspiron N5110. Its making a beep sound ( 5 in a row ) during system start up. Gradually the volume reduces and become very minute but still I am able to hear. Please give any suggestions. 

Answer:Beep sound while start up

Five beeps is a realtime clock failure - if you're under warranty, call Dell and they will replace the mainboard under warranty.

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Toshiba Satellite L100-130
Sometimes I hear a beep like sound for 1 second while using the computer. Do you know what causes the sound and how I can stop it :/.

Answer:Sometimes a beep sound when using the Satellite L100-130

That can occur if you press multiple keys at the same time. How often does it happen? Once a day? Once an hour?

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I downgraded from Vista to XP and after that I have no sound, I installed sound drivers from official Toshiba driver's site and still nothing. Also tried this one:,739,1.html.

Anyone have some sollution to this problem?

Answer:Satellite Pro A200-1MI - no sound under WXP

I have exactly the same problem. Recently purchased a Sat Pro A200 PSAE7 and decided to Downgrade from Vista to XP Pro and now have no sound and no Wireless Lan. Have downloaded drivers from Tosh Site but still not working. Have searched everywhere. Starting to do my head in now.

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My notebook came with Windows Vista on and because I need specific programs to work with, which are not compatible with Vista yet, I needed to downgrade the operating system to Windows XP Pro with SP2.

After a long day trying to install in because of the problem with the drivers of the hard disks I finally made it but there is no sound..
I downloaded all the drivers from the Toshiba site, all the hotfixes for Windows (including UAA and Realtec High Audio Definition Drivers), but still I get a Code 10 error which informs me that The device cannot start.
I've got quite tired and confused trying to solve this problem, so I need all the help I can get..

Answer:No sound on Satellite A200-1JO

First of all I?ve got one question;
Did you update the BIOS to the XP version?
From my knowledge the BIOS must be updated on Sat A200 series if you want to use the XP OS.

Furthermore the both hotfixes KB888111 and KB835221 must be installed before sound driver installation!!
Then reboot the notebook and try to reinstall the sound driver again

Good luck

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Im trying to set up my Laptop through the TV so I can watch videos through my TV, I've got the display part alright using an S-Video cable but I don't know how to get the sound through the TV/Surround Sound System.

Can anyone give me a guide or help to doing this?


Merrry christmas and a happy new year

Answer:Satellite A200 - how to get sound on TV?

Very interesting thread about similar problem you can find under

Check what Miro wrote and what he uses to get audio and video signal transfer to external devices.
If you still have questions please let us know.

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Hi all,

please I need help with my laptop. For some weeks now I have been having problems with the sound on my computer.
When I play music or anything with sound, it works but no sound comes out of my computer.

I?ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling my sound card but I still no sound is coming out.

Answer:Re: No sound on my Satellite A200-1VG

Have you checked all sound settings?
Do you have same problem with headset?

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One of my computer makes beeping sound when I start it. It lasts for ever and the computer does not start. So I push a restart button until it does not make any sound and start nicely. I have to do it more than 10 times and it takes more than 15 min to start XP pro.
I am planning to reinstall xp pro. But will it stop the sound ? Or is it something wrong with hard wares?

I also tried to reinstall xp pro. I set up the boot drive in the cd rom, but I am not able to reboot from cd rom either.
What can I do ?

Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

Answer:Making beep sound when I start.

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When I try to turn the computer on there is no response (although it was working fine yesterday). I tried plugging it in to the mains, and the light showing that it is plugged in comes on, but still not response from the laptop.

Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite A200 1A9 will not start

Trey to remove the battery, and use AC adapter for start up.

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I have had my Satellite A200-27R for 2 years and 8 months and 2 weeks ago it crashed and turned itself off. At the time I was browsing on the internet and probably had open 3 or 4 webpages when it froze and I had a blue screen with white writing telling me something had gone wrong and my laptop was shutting down to protect itself.

I was unable to turn it back on for 24 hours but when it did come back on it seemd to be working normally again but I backed up all my files incase it happened again. About 10 hours later the same thing happened again: freeze; blue screen and then trying to reboot.

Since then, when I try to turn it back on it either gets stuck on the Toshiba "leading innovation" start up screen; or goes to a black screen and tells me there has been a media test failure and something to do with Realtek about 100x or until I take out the battery so it turns off; or asks me to start in safe mode and do system restore which I have done several times now but this has not helped.

I would be really greatful if anyone could tell me if they had any similar experiences and what they did and if there is anything I can do to fix it? Many thanks.

Answer:Satellite A200-27R cannot start up


BSOD can be the result of serious software problem or hardware issue.
If new OS installation didn?t help you to solve this, I think that the hardware malfunction would cause the BSOD.

Usually the notebook shuts down automatically because of the higher temperature.
Higher temperature can affect other parts like RAM modules or motherboard.
So in many cases the BSOD appears due to memory issue.

I think you should firstly clean the cooling modules. You should remove the dust using a compressed air spray. In most cases this is the best procedure to get rid of the dust.
Then check the RAM modules. You can try to boot the notebook with one module only.
Then switch the modules to different slots in order to check the slots too.

Of course the HDD should be checked too. You can use a free software called Drive fitness Test. It?s good, freeware software which can be downloaded from different pages.

If no of mentioned tips would help you, then I would recommend asking a Toshiba technician for help. They could use some special tools in order to get some results about the malfunction.

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my name is Phil, my Toshoba Satellitw A200 will not start up. I just get a black screen, I have tried starting with A/C power only, with & without A/C power. I have tried this several times with no luck.
I am running Vista Home Premium & have all of the obvious anti-virus/malware proection.
Can somebody please help. I was told the hard drive could need re-seating, how do you do that ??

Thank you.

Answer:My Satellite A200 will not start up

Wait a moment.
If I understand you right you can start your notebook but display stays black. Can you confirm this?

Or simply nothing happens. What happen exactly when you press power button?

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I have an A200 with XP PRO installed.
After a routine defrag and restart the laptop when booting back up gets to my screensaver page then makes the noise off shutting back down.

No toolbar appears just goes straight tomy log in page and i have to shut it down?

When I try to restart in any of the three safe modes, again I get to the log in stage press enter the screen flickers twice and I get the login page again?
I have taken out the Ram stick and HDD to see if anything is amiss but they both seem fine..

Xmas eve and no laptop. Yeah I know. Get a life.
Can anybody help?

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 does not start up

If you cannot even start your notebook in safe mode it is very bad situation.
What you can try is to obtain Microsoft installations CD and try to boot up with it and use REPAIR option.

If this will not help I really don't know what you can do aside from clean OS installation with recovery media.
Do you have some important data on the HDD?

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overall, i was very happy with my A200, now 5 months old.
But last month, strange behaviour.

Vista always perfect closed.

Next day, want to start my PC.
_ON-button is doing nothing_, although battery is 100% ok.
-> SOLUTION is to remove battery, insert again and then with ON, the laptop is starting...

Other issue:
ON-button is starting up the laptop, but _screen remains black_.
-> Same solution, remove battery and start again.

Is this known? Solution ?


Answer:Satellite A200 does not start up


I have noticed an similar issue on my old notebook several month ago.
I have updated the BIOS and since then everything runs ok.

Check it out dude!

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I bought this laptop about 6 months ago.
I don't use it that much, came to use it yesterday, wouldn't start.
Thought the battery must be dead. Plugged the AC in, nothing. No ac light.

I took the AC cable to my local computer shop.
He did a test on it and he said thats fine.

Has anybody got any ideas what this could be?
Thanks for any help.

Answer:Satellite A200-1AB don't start

Try to remove the battery from the notebook and disconnect the AC for about 20min.
Then connect everything again and try to power up the notebook.

If it does not help remove the battery and connect only the AC to notebook and try to start the notebook.
This is everything what you can do.
If this will still not help, then there is no other way as to contact the technicians in your country.

The authorized service partner should check the notebook.
Because the notebook is about 6 month old, the warranty is valid and everything should be done for free.

Good luck


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After installing windows XP upgrade SP3 no sound!

I have alerdy installed realtek high definition audio.
In device manager yellow "?" mark is on Audio device on high definition audio bus, PCI-controller memory and multimedia controller.

Can somebody help with this issue ? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A200 (PSAE6E) no sound with XP SP3

SP# may have a compatibility problem with the original Sound Driver.

Have you tried updating the Sound Driver? Have a look on the Toshiba website in the support/downloads section.

If the driver version on the Drivers Website is identical to the driver currently installed, you may be able to use a Sound Driver from a newer model that also uses a Realtek Sound Device.

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The headphone do not mute the speakers when are connected to (Satellite A200-14 D). No sound in headphones.
Could you please help me?


Answer:Satellite A200 - no sound using headphone

try to reinstall the driver or update it!

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I have a brand new A200-1M5 a bought it 10 days ago and 4days ago a started to hear wierd sound from the fan or cpu or may be hhd i don't know!!!

When windows stars i get continuos fan power. I mean like vooom, sound with air coming out.
Or not this sound but every while a voooom sound from the fan 1 sec and disappear 1-2min another sound!!

I also one wanted to turn on the pc it won't turn on!!!
There is light on the AC lamp but not on the battery!
I then took the battery off then put it in its place again and the pc started normally!!

Help me

p.c. my ram is 2mb

Answer:Satellite A200-1M5: Strange sound from FAN, COU or HDD

Hello Cezar

Issue as described you should clarify with your local dealer or Toshiba service directly. I have Satellite A200 too and my notebook is pretty quiet and described issue is not normal for me.

Sorry but to say for sure if there is something strange or not I should have the notebook in front of me. Second issue with battery is also strange and it is definitely the second reason for contacting ASP.

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I have Satellite A200. When I start my notebook the crackling sound comes from the hard disc.
Does anyone know something about this?


Answer:Satellite A200 - crackling sound comes from the HDD

In my opinion it?s nothing wrong with your HDD.
My HDD clicks everytime while accessing any data on the notebook and everything run ok since 3 years.

But this doesn?t mean that there is no hardware problem with your HDD. Generally it?s not easy to say when an HDD wound starts to malfunction. My first HDD died after 6 years of usage. But the other HDD died after 1.5 years. This damage was covered by warranty.

Finally I would recommend backup your data always on an external HDD to prevent the data from damage.


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Hi Guys,

Was wondering if ye could offer me any advice, The sound is not working on my laptop. I have tried updating the driver, but no luck. I've done all the simple things like checking volume, basic settings etc etc, and I've tried to do a system restore, but the only restore point is from yesterday, (which I think may be another problem, but anyway) that's after the problem started, so it's no good.

Thanks for your help,


Answer:Sound is not working on my Satellite A200

What is the Model Number of your A200?

Do you have the preinstalled operating system installed or did you install a generic/different OS?

Do you see the sound card in Device Manager?

Do headphones work?

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Hi All

I lost the sound of my Satellite A200-27R Laptop. I checked with a computer engineer.
He confirm me the problem is from the hardware and it probably from the chipset.

So how such a problem might occur just three months after I bought?
Now he told me to buy new chipset and change the former.

So can I get any help?
Please send me if possible your help through my e-mail address [email protected] I live in East Africa Ethiopia.

Thank you in advance for all your co-operation.

Answer:Lost sound on Satellite A200-27R

Try this:

1) Reset the BIOS to its default settings
2) Update the BIOS to the latest version
3) Look in Device Manager for problems with the Sound Driver, is the Sound Device visible?
4) Backup your data and run Recovery (hold down 0 [Zero] during power-on)

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My problem is that i need a sound driver for my Satellite A200 laptop (it seems the one i have doesn't work properly, i can listen to a track only one time, after that-no sounds at all.

How can i get sound driver for my laptop?

Best regards,

Answer:Satellite A200: Need sound driver


I don?t know what Sat A200 notebook model do you have exactly but as far as I know A200 models supports an Realtek sound chip.

Therefore you can get a newest Realtek HD audio driver from the Realtek page.


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Hey everybody,

I have Win XP installed on my Satellite Pro A200.
When I plug in the hdmi cable the video goes through to the tv but the sound still plays on laptop speakers.

I have tried changing the output of the sound to all the possible options but it just doesn't seem to work.

Any ideas?

Answer:No sound through HDMI on Satellite Pro A200


I had the same problem with my A300-1MC, I followed the suggestions on the Toshiba Knowledge base and that problem got resolved, why not give it a go?

Good luck


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I have a problem.
I have a Satellite A200-1c0.
The original OS is Win Vista but i change it whit Win XP profesional.

I have installed all the driver but it dosn't recognize my sound system.

It's telling me that i have no hardware installed.

What can i do?

Answer:Satellite A200-1C0 - No sound after XP installation

Hi dude

Did you already search here in the forum?
I presume you didn?t!

This forum is a really large database and contains many threads about the same themes.

SO your issue was discussed 10 000 times here.

Check this one:


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I got a toshiba Satellite A200-22C with Realtek HD with driver, DirectX 9.0c and codec ALC268.
I have nice sound in my speakers, but when I conect my headphones, the sound does not go through them.
The headphones work OK in other PCs.

Can you help me?

Answer:No sound in my headphones on Satellite A200-22C


What OS are you using or what do you have installed?

Do you still use the Vista?
If yes, access the control panel and go to the Realtek HD audio Manager.

The first tab ?Speakers? provides a option on the right. There you should see a ?yellow folder?.
Please click on it and check if the option was NOT marked.

Then connect the headphones. Please ensure that you are using the right jack!!
After the headphone was connected the green jack should highlights.

This means that your headphones were recognized properly.

Please check this!

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My friend has spilled some tea on her laptop, after letting it dry at first it worked but now on start up it just beeps: 3 long, 2 short, 3 long and 2 short.

I can't find the beep codes documented anywhere, but if anyone can tell me what that code is I can at least decide whether it's worth trying to salvage it or clean up the mainboard with isopropyl alcohol!

I've tested the memory on another laptop and it's fine but I can't really test the CPU or anything else.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite C650D-10K Does not start, what does this beep code mean?


The beep code appears mostly if the POST cannot be passed correctly.
If problem is detected before the BIOS initialize the video card and the code cannot be displayed on the screen the BIOS will play several beeps.

Every BIOS supports own beep codes meanings.
For example the Toshiba BIOS beep code is not the same like a Phoenix BIOS beep code.

As far as I know the Satellite C650 supports an Phoenix BIOS.
But the BIOS is modified by notebook manufacturer therefore it could be possible that the beep code are different.
However, you could try to search in the internet for a code description.
I found this site:

But generally such malfunction cannot be solved easily.
I would recommend contacting a technician with a huge notebook experience to scan the hardware for possible fault.

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Recently my PSM50C-MX500E Satellite notebook has been giving me some issues, it froze on me and I didnt think much of it because it has frozen before. I figured it was heat related and since I was using multiple apps. I left the laptop over night to cool down but in the morning I went to turn it on and there is no picture now, the laptop it self doesnt sound like it is broken, I get some beeps upon pressing the power button, 1 beep, 3 beeps, 4 beeps, 3 beeps.

I am not sure what that could mean and I havent had much luck searching Google. I have my original RAM (upgraded to 4GB) still and have tried swaping the RAM but that makes no difference.

Has anyone else had similar issues?

Answer:Satellite M50 - No picture and beep sounds at start up


So if I understand you right, the same error occurs with the original RAM module in slot 1?

Well, normally a beep code on start up means that there is something wrong with the hardware in your notebook. It could be the processor, graphic card, ROM module or something else.

I think the best way is you contact an authorized service provider for help. They can test the notebook and tell what is wrong with it. :)

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o.k my computer is making a beep beep beep nose when i turn it on can someone help me out?

Answer:my computer is making beep sound when start up

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When we start PC, it gives Beep sound once.But when I am starting my PC, neither it is giving Beep sound Nor it is getting started.If I remove RAM, it gives Beep sound 3 times properly.Means processor is working fine.I dont know what more things it checks and gives a GOOD signal of 1 BeepPlease tell me the solution.

Answer:when I start PC, It doesnt give beep sound.

There could be any number of problems.Get onto another comuter and look up: may find your ansswer there. Best of luck

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my pc is taking time to start up beep sound, after beep sound my window open fast.i mean that, if we give gap to start the pc again it will slow to start up to beep sound(2-5 minits) time taken. please tell me about that

Answer:my pc is taking time to start up beep sound,

if its taking a long time before the initial beep, that will be the mobo check/bios/post running, that usually takes between a couple of seconds (mine)and upto 18secs (my sons).it maybe that you have incorrect settings in the bios, for the hardware you have connected, post your system specs that will help, also make sure you drive with the OS is set as the 1st drive and boot device, do not leave disks in the dvd/cd player.. if your using a ssd make sure the bios is set up for ssd, and that you have memory check set too off. see if that helps.i hate computers!but cant help myself....

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Hi, i am using DEL Inspiron 15 since Feb'14 and there was no issue till yesterday, when my laptop wont start and is making beep sound (7 beeps) on power up. Can you please help.

Answer:My laptop won't start and makes beep sound

Seven beeps usually means CPU Cache test failure or Processor failure. I like to suggest removing the battery from system and see if that will make a difference. Please follow steps below:
1. Power off the system. Remove all peripherals from the system, remove AC adapter and then battery.
2. Press the "Power On" button for 15 seconds to release Static Flea Power. Replace battery, and adapter, and then power on system. Hopefully computer starts normally and there're no more beeps.

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Following weird behaviour caused by M58p (7630) AT6: Sometiems, 1-There is NO beep sound by start up.2-There is Two short beep sound by start up.3-There is No beep sound by start up and the CPU fan speeds constantly 100%.There are 2x1GB Samsung 1GB PC3-8500 DDR3-1066MHz installed --> with Memtest tested and passed! I did a BIOS update but it couldn't help. My question:Is the issue caused by incompatible memory (RAM) or is the motherboard defective?  

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My Laptop Makes Beep sound when I press power button and it wont Start.
It makes 4 beep sounds at short interval and after a long pause repeats the same.
Please help me with this.

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From last 2\3 day my laptop start making a constant beep sound during booting. At the start up there is no problem with Bios and I am able to change the options, but when I save&exit and system starting booting it make beep sound. I have both ubuntu& windows. Thanks in advance

Answer:Beep sound at the start of G570 laptop

hi Shariq_G570,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I tried Checking the BIOS of your system
        Can we check if this is the one causing the beep

Let me know your findings
Best Regards
Solid Cruver

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My satellite A200-1N takes approx 10 minutes from startup untill it gets to the desktop and can be used?
I am sure this has got progressivel worse over the months? I've removed nearly all the files out of startup but to no avail.

Answer:Satellite A200-1N needs 10 minutes to start up


Did you install new OS on the HDD???
What SATA option did you choose in BIOS: AHCI or compatible mode?

Usually the compatible mode would slow down the HDD performance and the unit would need longer to boot.

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I tried to update my laptop A200-1MB , but during the update process the power getting off , I try to start computer again but No POST at all.
Please what can i do?

Answer:After update my Satellite A200 does not start

I presume you are writing about BIOS update. Am I right?

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When I turn the power on all the right front panel lights are on and I can hear the fan and something loading, but afterwards I get two beeping sounds and nothing ever displays. No BIOS, no boot menu, no Toshiba splash, nothing. I read in the support FAQ about holding backspace or taking the battery out but it hasn't helped.

I have had this for 3 years now and use it quite often, I'm guessing the motherboard has finally just faulted but I want to be more sure. If I have to get repaired might there possibly be a way I could back up the data on it?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A200 - Does not start up, no display

Hi asoberirishman

If you have already checked the Toshiba FAQ and followed the instructions there, there is nothing more that you can do. What you can do is connecting an external monitor to your notebook, maybe it?s only an internal display malfunction.

But usually in such cases it?s a mainboard or CPU issue. You should ask a notebook technician for help or with other words to check the hardware. The guys have access to all diagnostic tools from Toshiba.

Good luck! :)

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I've got a Satellite A200 that I?ve had for almost 18 mths. I recently installed some burning software and as soon as it was finished a blue screen was displayed telling me the computer had been shut down to prevent damage.

It then automatically restarts and I try to log in, but after about 15 seconds it goes to the same blue screen and restarts again. I?ve tried starting it up in safe mode but that doesn?t help.

I?m not really that computer-competent so I?m not sure how to proceed.

If you?ve got any tips id really appreciate it.

Answer:Re: Satellite A200 - Start only with BSOD

I think if you can?t also start in safe mode you must reinstall Windows. It?s strange if your computer shows only BSOD?s after installing burning software but however, I think there is no other way.
What burning software did you install?
Maybe it?s a virus and not a problem of the burning software.

So use the recovery disk and reinstall Windows. The HDD will completely format so backup your data first if you can put the HDD in an external case.

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On the other Sattelite A200-19K computer we have here,
When we try to turn it on, the power light comes on, and the AC power light if it is plugged in.
The hard drive light also flashes once then goes off but the screen stays black and the computer makes the usual 'woosh' noise that all computers do but just for a second before dieing out.

We have tried removing the battery then replacing it already but it hasn't worked.
Any ideas on what the problem could be, and how to fix it?

Answer:Satellite A200-19K wont start


Sounds not good dude!
You said you have already tried to replace the battery?

Try to remove the battery and disconnect the AC adapter for about 20-30min.
Then connect everything again and try to start the notebook.
If it doesn?t help then you have no other choice as to contact authorized service provider in your country for a help.
The A200series seems to be not very old so I assume your warranty is valid and the reparation should be done for free.

Good luck

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Hello, i?m trying to find a whats going on with my laptop. It's a Satellite A200 on Windows 7 professional.
From a few days ago i can?t start the laptop anymore. It doesn?t look like a software issue because when i push the power button, the only thing that happens is the power led turns on (blue color) and, 2 seconds later, starts to blink orange. And never passes this stage.
The screen remains as off, and i think, the BIOS does not start as well.
I?ve already tried to remove the Ram and the hard drive - Keeps doing the same. Doesn?t even bleeps over the missing Ram or drive!!!
Anyone have any ideia about what?s going on??!! Please anwser!
Sorry for the english. Portugal here ;)

Answer:Satellite A200 does not start anymore.


it looks like a motherboard is dead (southbridge gone). i can hardly believe that you can fix it yourself- the whole motherboard should be replaced. Anyway, should contact the asp in your country:

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Satellite A200-1AI (PSAECE) is not starting, just 4 bips: one long and 3 short.
Plz help

Answer:Satellite A200-1AI just beeps at start-up


I think, there is a video card malfunction, that's why the laptop can't startup. The video card is integrated to the motherboard, and you have to replace the whole motherboard

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My Satellite A200-1BJ doesnt start. After switching button on it starts only for 1 or 2 seconds (LED blinking, HDD working, fan working, display blank) and then it automatically switches off. Once it happened before several days but I had not time to solve it and during next days it did not occur. Now I tried to start it more than twenty times and it still doesnt start.

I tried it only with full battery and also only with power adapter. I removed HDD, RAMs, keyboard, DVD, speakers, display and some other connector under the keyboard and it still doesnt start and everytime after 1-2 seconds it goes off.

In previous months it sometimes went off because of overheating during working so I cleaned it from dust inside.

Any problem with motherboard or power?

Thanks for help.

Answer:Satellite A200-1BJ doesnt start

Hmmm...on this virtual way it is not easy to say what the problem is. described behaviour is the same as in case when the BIOS is screwed up after failed BIOS update installation.

Of course it is ?mainboard problem? but what exactly, it is not easy to say. For me it sounds like defective BIOS.

Have you installed some updates or anything that can be responsible for this?

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Hi ,

I have a Satellite A200 E-530 (Core2duo T5300) my laptop have started gone blank when turn on and it gives out 3 beeps and some times 2 beeps.I have check the rams are totally Good.

I have found that the cpu fan is not moving and turn on and off a few times the fan will start to move slowly until some time the fan will spin until it goes full speed and when I turn off and on again the beep sound disappear and the laptop becomes normal again.

But after few days and happens all over again.

Can some experts give a some ideas what is happening to my laptop,it is about 3 to 4 years old.


Answer:Satellite A200 gives out 3 beeps at start-up

Have you ever cleaned it up?
Is your notebook hot after short period of running time?

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Recently bought Satellite A200-1YO which takes 9 minutes from Power-on to Disk-icon to stop flashing. Is this normal?

Answer:Satellite A200-1YO: very long Start-up

Are you writing about first start up after taking it out of box?

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I've had my A200-24B for almost 2 years now and the problem i'm having is driving me crazy.

My laptop will not boot at times. All the LEDs come up, the Satellite LED on the bottom left lights up as well. But there is nothing on the screen.
Doesnt matter what OS i use and I've even tried installing the latest version of the BIOS. Nothing.
I can see the hard drive led blinking, and i can even hear the Vista startup sound.
I have to switch it off manually by pressing the power button manually. Even this doest work sometimes. I remember doing the startup-shutdown routine upto 10 times.
The problem now is that Windows 7 goes to repair mode automatically. This never happened with vista.
I even tried changing RAM chips in vain.

Please keep in mind this happens at random and I've have not been able to recognise a pattern.
Any help will be appreciated.

Its still under warranty.

Answer:Satellite A200-24B Wont Start

>Its still under warranty.
Can you see Toshiba welcome screen or enter BIOS settings?
In my opinion you should not play too much with it. Put original Toshiba recovery DVD and install recovery image, if possible. Test it with ?factory settings? and if there is some problem contact nearest service and let them repair your notebook.
Satellite A200 is not newest notebook model and I can imagine warranty is valid for next few months only.

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was wondering if anyone could help?
My Satellite Pro A200 with windows XP won't start. It begins with the Toshiba screen.
Then goes to a black screen with text where it says "PXEE61 media test failure - check cable" (I have no cables) then says exiting PXErom; moves onto the next screen which lists options: safe mode; safe mode with networking; safe mode with communal prompt; Last known Good Configeration; start windows normally.

All of which have been tried and results in the windows loading page coming up for about 20 secs then it just gives up and tries the whole process all over again (before flashing a blue screen).

Nothing seems to work - have tried taking the battery out a number oftimes...and the power cable but to no avail.
This has happened before but after a few false starts gets going - however this time it just won't snap out of it. I could take it in to some where locally but i'd prefer not to as I'm living in Spain and need the laptop asap and not sure I want to leave it in some one else's hands at the risk of them wiping the hard drive.

I'd be so so grateful for any help asap and I'm afraid short hand tech may have to be explained.

Many, many thanks.

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 - System won't start


I think the problem is that the OS cannot be found on the HDD.

The ?PXEE61 media test failure - check cable? appears mostly if the notebook tries to boot from the LAN.

Why the notebook tries to boot from the LAN?


- maybe the LAN option was chooses at first in the booting order in the BIOS
- maybe the HDD is faulty and therefore the notebook tries to boot from LAN
- maybe the MBR (master boot record) is faulty

I think you should take the Toshiba recovery CD and should format the HDD and should reinstall the OS.
This should helps.

If not, then the HDD could malfunctions and should be replaced!

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Hello there !

My Toshiba Satellite Pro A200-1KW don't want to start up fully! Last evening is turned off suddenly (I got it since 2007 and I haven't got any problem). I wanted to reboot it immediately, then it remains stuck on a black screen with grey flashing dash on the top left corner.
I've got windows XP.

Just before it turned off suddenly, the image of JAVA JRE appears on the screen, and few seconds later it turned off. Restored the system with the CD provided by Toshiba with the purchase, but nothing!

Please help me!

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 - Enable to start it


> Restored the system with the CD provided by Toshiba with the purchase, but nothing!
What does it mean exactly?
Do you have after recovery installation the same problem as before (black screen with blinking cursor)?

Fact is if after recovery installation the computer doesn?t work properly it?s hardware malfunction and you need professional help from an authorized service provider.
The Toshiba recovery disk can restore the original out of box settings they are pretested by Toshiba so it?s no software issue?

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Hi Everybody, Hope You Can Help Me !

I Can't Start My Webcam On My Laptop .. I Don't Know What Is The Problem Exactly

I Downloaded The Driver From here

But It Still Doesn't Work .. Even If I Open The Msn Messenger, The Webcam Button Doesn't Shows up

& This Is My Laptop Model: Toshiba Satellite A200-1M5 PSAE0E

Wish You Can Help Me


Answer:Cannot start Webcam on Satellite A200-1M5


How did you try to install it?
Did you remove the old webcam driver?

I would recommend firstly removing the old software, and then rebooting the notebook.
Then you should use a freeware tool called ?CCleaner?.
Run this tool, clean the registry and the system and then install the new software.

Good luck

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Hello at all

At first i want to excuse if my english is not so well and maybe a little bit wrong.

I have a Toshiba Satellite A200-1UM since Cristmas 2007 and until now I never got any big problems with it but now I got a huge one.
Yesterday when I came back from school I started like always my computer first, to check my emails etc.
At first all was normal the normal screen appeared : "Toshiba Leading inovations",after the screen with the blinking underscore, but after that.. a progress bar appeared with the text about it : "Windows is loading files"
I thought: hm k let him load his files...

Okay after loading all seemed to be okay the next screen came: (C) Microsoft Corp. with the moving green bar on it, normal too...
But then after, it just became black.. nothing happened anymore ..
I waited.. and waited.. and waited, but nothing happened..
Then I restarted, maybe it would work now, but it happened still the same same loading screen and so on ... and it became black again ..
Then I tried to start it in Save mode (I pressed F5 at the 2nd loading screen)
I tried all diffrent options of Save mode, but it always stopeped at drivers\disk.sys ... I got like crazy ... I tried out the diffrent options at F5: start at last normal version, and so on, but it all stoped at any time... and nothing happened than anymore..

Than I had enough I put out my product discovery and wanted to format all.. At the first screen I presses F12 and than I went ... Read more

Answer:Satellite A200-1UM - No start and not formatting possible

Hi xanbur

That?s really strange and I can understand you and that you are down with your nerves. Such thins always happen if you need the notebook immediately. :(

However, I?m not sure but for me it sounds like that your HDD is faulty.
Do you have a Microsoft Windows disk? If yes, please try to install Windows from this disk.

If it doesn?t work I?m pretty sure that your HDD is faulty but you can check this with a HDD diagnostic tool. Therefore you can use Drive Fitness Test. It?s easy to use and you can make a bootable disk. From this disk you can boot and start the test.

I had a similar issue last year on my notebook. I can?t start the OS or format it using the Toshiba recovery disk. I tried the Drive Fitness Test and it told me that I should exchange the HDD. After this the notebook worked again.

Good luck! :)

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I need help please

I cant make recovery to my Satellite A200-1N5 .
When recovery DVD starts there is a message told that windows failed to start .a recent hardware or software change might be the cause (then I follow the instruction but no change happen)

Best regards

Thank you.

Answer:Can not start recovery on my Satellite A200-1N5


In my opinion recovery procedure didn?t start at all. Please start your notebook and press F12 button. Keep it down for few seconds and the boot menu will be shown. Choose CD/DVD drive and press ENTER button.

If everything goes well you will heard running CD/DVD drive and activity at the screen.

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I have a Satellite A200-1KB (several years old). Suddenly, from one day to the next, it refuses to power up. There are 5 blue lights at the front bottom, of which the power lights shows on, the start light shows on, the battery light showson, the next lightight flickers and then dies, and the last for internet access, of course, does not light. Moreover, on the right of the machine, there is a yellow/orange light at the DVD port showing on, when I press the start button, but the port does not open, so I do not know if there is a disc inside.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A200-1KB Failure to start

And what now?
I don?t understand what kind of help do you expect now.

Can you see anything on the screen after switching notebook on or not?
If you want to see if there is disc inside you can open optical disc drive manually. Normally there is a tiny hole underneath the disc tray. You can insert a paperclip or something similar into this hole and manually open the disc tray.

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Had new PC for a week, MaxData Athlon1800 XP, installed an anti- virus, couple of games and an old hard drive to get some files, I've since disconnected this in case it was the problem, when on Sunday I switched on and I get this constant tone from the tower. Someone told me to go into BIOS and choose optimum settings but this hasn't cured it.I have used system restore to jump back a couple of days and I've reinstalled XP but it is still there. It did stop for about an hour when my daughter was playing music on it but it was still there come start up later.

Answer:Continuous Beep from PC

Bleeping usually means that the Bios/MotherBoard has detected a problem in POST, usually memory. try setting Default settings and/or test the memory and make sure all your connections are secure.

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Hi I have been at this problem for a day and have no idea what to do.

I boot my system and I just get an alarm sound beep. No pauses no pattern just a beep which doesn't stop. I am still able to use the PC (on it now) as for the beep I just removed the motherboard speaker lol.

I have checked loads of Forums but can no find anything helpful. Looking at My Computer temperature they all seem average for my system plus the beep happens straight away during the system post.

I have taken my Ram and Graphics card out and both are fine. I have also taken my CPU out where I had a little problem. When taking the Heat sync off it pulled the CPU with it stuck to the heat sync like concrete. This in turn bent about 5 of the pins VERY VERY slightly like 0.01 degree angle. How ever the beep happened long before that. I have re-pasted the heat sync and the pins are back in place and be evidnce type right here right now all seems fine apart from the beeping.

I could just ignore it but I am big time gamer and I don't feel combatable playing any game right now till the beep goes away and leaving the motherboard speck out means I lose overheat warning.

It did beep about a month ago it did it for a minute and stopped I had it last week and a reboot sorted it however this does not work no more.

I have made 6 systems and non of them have had any problem's. This system I made about 4 Months ago and is my latest all new hardware (sept for the hard drive which is a month older) My... Read more

Answer:One Continuous beep

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I have read many other post on this subject but none fit my exact problem,

Intel i5 2500k quad core 3.3GHz
8GB DDR3 1333mhz RAM
NVIDIDA GTX 570 Graphics card
Asus P8P67 LE Motherboard
Windows 7 64 bit
60GB SSD/1TB Data hard drive
700 W Xigmatec power supply
Zalman Z9 plus case (In case that becomes relevant)
The problem began slightly more than a month after i bought my pc,

I was playing a game (Team fortress 2) when the graphics began to act odd, for instance when something moved past me it would seam blocky and out of line for a second,

i have checked two other games since,

when i start one (Killing floor) the moment i reach the main menu my pc makes a continuous beeping noise and when i exit the game the beeping noise becomes lower pitch while exiting, then stops once the game has closed.

When i start the other game (Counter strike: source) there is no beeping noise but i get the same graphics problem as i did when playing the first game (Team fortress 2)

The temperature displayed on my case is usually between 22C and 25C and was at 24C at the time when the graphics problem began.


Answer:Continuous beep from pc during use

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I have A200 with Windows XP SP2. Everything was OK for 7 month.
2 days ago my sound disappeared.

It seems that everything is OK with the drivers.. but there is NO default audio device in "Sound and Audio Device properties"
I need some advice what to do..


Answer:Sound disappeared on Satellite Pro A200 running Win XP

Roll back the OS to earlier time using Systemrestore tool. I hope this will be easiest solution for you.
Please let me know if this works.

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I installed the XP+SP2 On a satelite A200 with success.I downloade all the drivers from the official site but altough I installed the drivers for the sound card,the system doesn't recognize any sound card,no speakers indication at the task bar.Also I installed the driver for the modem but under the control/panel/modems there isn't any modem.

Answer:Sound Driver Problems with Satellite A200

Hi there,

Have you installed the drivers in the exact order? You can find instructions on how to do this, on the official drivers download page.
For the sound driver issue, it is important that you first install the microsoft KB Fix, included with this driver. Then it should not be a problem to install both devices sound card and modem.

Good luck,


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I have a problem concerning my sound driver ( I use windows XP) . I installed all the xp drivers and it still doesn't work.
Can anyone tell me where to get a working driver ?

Answer:Re: Satellite A200-1MY: XP sound driver does not work

I hope you use WXP SP2. Anyway check please this thread. Try to use instruction given by Eldorado.

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recently I used the headphones out on my laptop for the first time, and after that the speakers stopped working, the sound is routed through the headphones out all the time, although the realtek software properly indicates whether the headphones are connected or not.

In addition the sound in the headphones is a very poor quality, there is a instant buzz and the sound level can be very easy overdriven.
Is there any hope that this is a software issue , or do I have to contact the Toshiba service?

Answer:Sound comes only trough headphones on Satellite A200

Hi mate,

the standard troubleshooting procedure is like following:

- set all BIOS settings to default
- remove recently installed software which eventually could cause such an error
- download the sound driver, remove the old driver and reinstall the sound driver with the downloaded version
- shouldn?t this help then recover your machine (backup your important data first)

The last resort would be to contact an local authorized service partner from toshiba and ask them for help. :)

If you need some link to find the nearest one the check the following link:


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I have Toshiba A200-24A PSAE3E

It came with pre-installed Windows Vista

I have Windows XP; I formatted the Notebook and installed WinXP Pro SP2

The problem is that it does not recognize

The Sound and the Bluetooth

I already downloaded all the drivers for WinXP from Toshiba website and all other drivers are working fine except these 2 drivers.

What do you think the problem?
Is there any thing missing (pre-request) I did not install or should I use new driver?

Hope that you can help me

Highly appreciate


Answer:Satellite A200-24A: After XP installation sound and BT don't work


I?m asking myself if you have searched in this forum for similar themes.
I don?t think so?.

However?. Here is a little instruction.

First step:
BIOS update -> you need the Windows XP BIOS version if you want to un the XP on this Vista notebook

Second step:
Install the XP hotfixes KB888111 and KB835221 firstly. Then reboot the notebook and then install the sound driver in the device manager.

For details check this thread:

Last step:
BT driver installation? the BT driver can be found on the Toshiba European driver page or here on the Toshiba BT portal page!


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Satellite A200-1bp speaker sound scratched

What can i do?

Answer:Satellite A200-1bp speaker sound scratched

Test it with headphones and let us know if the problem persists. I do not know if you are writing about hardware problem but try to install latest sound driver from Toshiba support page.

Sorry but problem description is not serious and please do not expect any serious solution.

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