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Satellite Pro A120-107: Question about HDD upgrade

Question: Satellite Pro A120-107: Question about HDD upgrade

Hi everyone

I have an A120-107 that I'm generally pleased with but the hard drive is far too small and I'm thinking of upgrading to around 100GB. What do I need to look for when buying? Any suggestions on the best drive to get? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

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Preferred Solution: Satellite Pro A120-107: Question about HDD upgrade

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite Pro A120-107: Question about HDD upgrade

Hi there,

you just have to take care, that you purchase a Sata drive in the "Form Factor" 2.5". Thats everything.
Like I know, the biggest drive wich was shipped with this machine was a 120GB SATA drive.

Regarding the manufacturer: Feel free to take every manufacturer which you like. The best would be Toshiba at all ;)


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Hiya guys,

I?m new to this forum and looking for a bit of technical advice. I'm looking to upgrade the memory in my Satellite Pro A120-166 to the full 4GB threshold as described in the manual.

How do I choose what memory to buy? Does the memory speed have to match the FSB on the Processor or what?

The online manual lists the [email protected] 533MHz however if I go into System performance on my laptop it states that it is an Intel(R) [email protected], 800MHz, 256MB of RAM. Does this therefore mean my FSB is 800 MHz?

The online manual says my laptop comes with 256MB of DDR2 ram (533 MHz) so I'm kinda lost as to what MHz rating of memory to buy now.

Please help!

Answer:RAM upgrade on Satellite Pro A120-166


You are right about maximum RAM. You can upgrade it up to 4 GB.
Toshiba recommends for usage compatible PA3513U-1M2G (DDR2-667 2GB Memory Kit).

You can also use Kingston module. Visit their page and there you will find the list of compatible modules.
Please don't be confused about MHz. You can use module with 667 MHz.

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Hi All,

I need at least 1GB of RAM to run a programme and I only have 504 MB.

I'm just wondering if you guys know exactly what I need as I have never upgraded anything on my laptop before. The model number is PASC1E-03X00YEN.

I'll probably order over the WEB so any advice on suppliers would help to.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 RAM upgrade?

Have a look on the Toshiba website for the Brochure for your model notebook, it should specify the max RAM you can install.

Once you know that, you can purchase extra RAM (ensure its compatible with the A120) and install it yourself, or get an ASP to install it for you.

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Please help - I recently attempted to update my Satellite Pro A120 (PSAC1) combo drive to a DVD rw (NEC OPTIARC) - The new drive receives power and you can hear the disc whirling round. HoweverI do not get this drive to show up in my computer as a drive or indeed my devices nor do I recall seeing this in BIOS.

I have loaded windows update.
I updated the BIOS.
I attempted to follow the regedit fix which relates to deleting upper and lower filters (upper filters doesn't show up on my laptop???).
The shop took it back and tried it in their laptop and said windows picked it up straight away as it should do.

My old drive is fine and upon reinstalling it everything works fine!!

What I am missing ???

Answer:ODD upgrade on my Satellite Pro A120

You do not missing anything. Obviously you just try to use non-compatible drive. That?s all!

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I'm looking to upgrade the RAM in my Satellite Pro A120 Model no:PSAC1E-05C00VEN

I'm getting conflicting reports as to how much it can actually take, some websites say a maximum 1GB per slot therefore max 2GB while most others say max of 2GB per slot

I was hoping you could advise me.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 - I want to upgrade the RAM


Your Satellite Pro A120 is equipped with the Intel 945GM chipset and so you can upgrade it to 4GB RAM.
Only models with ATI chipset can be upgraded to 2GB and I think this is the reason why some websites say it can be upgraded to 2GB and others to 4GB.

However, for the RAM upgrade DDR2-RAM PC2-5300 (DDR2-677). You can buy 2GB modules for a maximum of 4GB.
But don?t forget that only a 64bit OS supports 4GB RAM.


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Hello everybody

I would like to upgrade the RAM for my Satellite Pro A120-189, Model N. PSACIE-05V021EN, as the laptop is running quite slow (I am using Vista Business 32bit).
I was wondering what is the maximum RAM for my notebook, and what compatible RAM module I could add (at the moment, I have 1GB RAM).

Thanks in advance for your help!

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro A120-189 - Which RAM should I take for upgrade?


I have checked the specification of your notebook on the Toshiba page and this notebook can be upgraded to 4GB RAM. Therefore you have to use two 2GB modules with DDR2 (533 MHz) technology.

You can get new RAM from an authorized service provider or from every computer shop. I have good experience with high quality modules from Kingston.

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Hey all,

I'm considering buying a new stick of RAM to bring the total on my Satellite Pro notebook up to 2gb. I currently have a 1gb PC2-4300, which according to cpu-z has a frequency of 266mhz. Is it better to buy another similar stick or start over with a new 2x1gb sticks kit? Will my laptop support all different brands/frequencies, or do I need to be looking for something in particular?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 RAM upgrade

Do you have the sub model ie A120-007 then I can tell you exactly what you will need!

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I'm running seriously low on HDD space and want to upgrade my HDD in my Sat Pro A120 128. Is there a max size that I can upgrade to? Does this model take SATA or IDE?
Any suggestions on make & model HDD to upgrade to?


Answer:Satellite Pro A120-128 - HDD upgrade

The laptop can take 2.5" SATA HDD's.

These models came with 80GB/100GB/120GB HDD's, so a 120GB HDD or a 128GB SSD should work fine.

However, sizes above 137GB may not work due to the LBA48 limitation on older PC's.
But a 160GB or 200GB might work fine, you just need to test it before buying the HDD.

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I have a satellite pro A120 which is feeling a bit tired. I have been researching SSD upgrades to replace the HDD but I am not sure whether I can upgrade or not. I would really appreciate any advice or information that you may be able to give me.


Answer:SSD upgrade for Satellite Pro A120

You can upgrade youe hdd to can search for the best price

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I got one recovery CD with the laptop. I wonder if it has the operating system also (windows Vista) and am I entitled to ask for a copy of the operating system?
Does this CD have everything that was originally on the laptop (all the software)?
And how can i restore to factory state with keyboard key combination from image on hard disk? does this also restores everything and the programs too?

Answer:Question about recovery for Satellite Pro A120-185


Did you bought the notebook with preinstalled Vista OS?
If yes, the recovery CD should contains the Vista OS, all Toshiba drivers, tools and utilities and additional software.

> Does this CD have everything that was originally on the laptop (all the software)?
Yes, as I said above the Toshiba image on the Recovery CD contains everything; OS, drivers and programs.

If you will use the Recovery CD for the reinstallation, you will set the notebook to the factory settings.
But be careful, this procedure will format you whole HDD and will erase the existing partitions.

If you want to perform the installation from the Recovery CD, try simply to boot from this CD and follow the guide line. It?s very easy.

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Please help!
I have a Satellite Pro A120-129. It wont play some of the newer games and im trying to find out if I can upgrade the grahics card. Does anyone know?

Answer:Graphic card upgrade on Satellite Pro A120

I believe the answer you can find in this document


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The original installed memory of 1GB in my trusty old A120 is now becoming a bit of a limiting factor and I want to upgrade it to the full 4GB. I've checked on this site and it says that the memory runs at 533 MHz.

However looking at various other websites it suggests that certain varieties of this laptop can run memory running at 667 MHz - depending on its region!

Does anybody know which the correct speed is?
Obviously I'd like to put faster RAM in it when I upgrade it, but if it can't run it, I don't particularly want to waste money on memory I can't use.

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Memory Upgrade at Satellite Pro A120-185 PSAC1E


> However looking at various other websites it suggests that certain varieties of this laptop can run memory running at 667 MHz - depending on its region!
Everything depends on the FSB (front side bus)

If the FSB would allow the 667Mhz then the memory modules would run also on 667Mhz. If the FSB supports only 533Mhz then your modules will run max at 533Mhz even if the modules would support 667Mhz.
Simply said; the FSB can slow down the memory speed.


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Hi all, 1st post so apologies if this is in the wrong place.

I'm new to world of laptops, and I#'ve just purchaased a A120-151, with a view to replacing my desktop, but I've heard nasty stories that you can't upgrade the graphics cards in laptops.

As a gamer this comes as a bit of a shock. Can someone please enlighten me, and it if it is possible to upgrade, could someone recommend an option for me that would be in the same range as my desktop's nVidia geforce FX 5200...


Answer:Graphics card upgrade on Satellite A120

Hi Alan

Usually if you want to buy something new you should pick up some info about it at first. This ?nasty stories? are just facts and nothing unusual for mobile computing. Unusual is that your local dealer did not ask you for which purposes you need notebook.

Why you did not post something about laptops and gaming before you have bought your Satellite?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 and i need to update the bios cause of a cpu change.
The laptop working great but for some reason with the new cpu the fan is always running full.

I searched a lot but nothing found.
The Model No is PSAC1E-0QL04CG3 any ideas where i can find the bios ?

Thx in advance,

Answer:Satellite Pro A120: Need to update BIOS after CPU upgrade


First of all: BIOS update doesn?t help you.
Why do you think that BIOS update should help you to reduce the fan activity?

I assume your new CPU is faster. Right?
So it provides more performance and this leads to higher heat dissipation... so finally the CPU has to be cooled down and this can be done only if the cooling module would rotate faster? you agree with me?

By the way: the BIOS update can be found on Toshiba EU driver page. Since the Sat Pro A120 is very old series, you have to search for drivers in Archive area (Product Type -> Archive)

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I'm hoping someone can help me out here, I recently bought a Satellite Pro A120 (PSAC0E) and decided to upgrade the RAM. I bought a 512MB stick from Currys with the following spec: DDR PC2700 200 pin 333Mhz SODIMM (64x64).

However, the first problem I encountered was an alignment issue. A bit of effort and manipulation resolved this, but upon inserting the RAM into the available slot, the notebook wouldn't boot, and intead I got the flashing sequence on the LED's at the from of 2,3,3.

I was advised it might be a pairing issue, so tried removing the original RAM and booting with only the new stick, still the same error. I've tried it in both slots and still no joy. It boots fine with the original 256MB RAM, but refuses to take the new RAM.

Are there any known issues? Can anyone suggest anything I may be doing wrong? I have followed the usual upgrade steps of removing all power cables and the battery pack before upgrading, but still no joy.

Here's hoping someone is able to assist!!!

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 (PSAC0E) does not boot after RAM upgrade

Hi James

You have simply uses wrong and not compatible memory modules!!!

> the first problem I encountered was an alignment issue. A bit of effort and manipulation resolved this,

This should not happen!!! The right modules can be inserted without any alignment issues!!!
Any manipulations can damage the module!

In my opinion you should use another and supported RAM module!!!

In my knowledge you could use the PA3512U-1M1G (DDR2-667 1GB Memory Kit) or (PA3411U-2M1G) DDR2-533 1GB
Both should be compatible.

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I have run product recovery on my laptop and in Conditions section I saw something about mandatory activation license EULA. (Clause 13)

My laptop is for mathematical modelling only and I do not intend to connect it to the Internet. Could someone advise me if I have deal with clause 13 now, or I am entitled to assume that this step has been taken care before I bought the laptop? If I have to deal with clause 13 I will have to call the manufacturer and need to find the number.

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 - Question about activation license

My apologies. Clause 13 is about activation of license. This would have been done when the laptop was sold to me 30 months ago.

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help required...
i work for a local council supporting all schools within the county...and have reached a bit of an impasse..i need to restore a satellite pro a120 but cannot find the restore disc...however i do have several discs which are unmarked (unlike previous disks)..these discs have a PMR/GMR number on them...can anybody help in matching numbers to the relevant laptop...they are


Any help geatly appreciated

Answer:Satellite A120 recovery disk question

I wouldn't be able to tell based on the disk number, but I believe that the disks will tell you if you're using the incorrect ones on the incorrect machine.

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I have a Satellite Pro A120 (PSACIE) with Vista installed. I have created a dual boot with XP Prof. I seem to have all the drivers installed except the WLAN and LAN drivers. I downloaded the LAN driver there is no setup.exe file. No problem, (I think, perhaps someone out there knows differently?).

I used device manager to load the inf file and selected intel pro/1000 PL network connection with the install hardware wizard. On completion the wizard says there was an error code 10 and that the device probably would not work properly.

Can anyone help? It sure does not work! By pure luck I purchased a port replicator, its LAN works with XP but do not work with Vista!!! (There is a clue here)

Is there any way that I can get details on the LAN device, like model, serial number? Any help gratefully appreciated.

Answer:Question about WXP LAN Driver installation on Satellite Pro A120


Are you sure you used a right and supported LAN driver???
The error code 10 is known to me and mostly it appears if the device cannot be started because the driver is not compatible?

Ok?. In my knowledge there are two different Sat Pro A120:
the PSAC0E unit supports Lan Chip Realtek 8100CL

and the PSAC1E supports Chip Intel 82573L(Vidalia)

So what notebook do you use???

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I have an A120-184 (1 year old) and want to know whether it has a SATA or a PATA interface? I need to upgrade the hard drive, but I???m not sure which model to buy.. To be honest I don't really know the difference!

Sorry for asking dumb questions,
Thanks in advance,

Answer:HDD upgrade on Satellite Pro A120-184 - SATA or PATA interface

Hi buddy

You need a SATA HDD.
The P-ATA is an older technology which was replaced by a newer interface standard called SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment).

As I?m not mistaken the Sat Pro A120 was equipped with the 60GB HDD.

I think you should be able to use the 100GB or maybe a 120GB HDDs.
Bigger HDD?s could be not recognized by BIOS correctly.

In you case I would not try bigger HDD sizes as 120GB.


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I have just (15th February 2007) bought a Toshiba A120 laptop with a Vista upgrade offer. To take advantage of this offer I have to go to a (Moduslink) web site and enter details of the laptop and the operating system supplied with it onto the site.

When I enter the COA number for Windows xp Professional to the Moduslink website I get the error message "We're sorry but we are unable to validate your COA number".

I've checked the COA number on the underside of my laptop and re-tried on a number of occasions, but to no avail.

Where do I go from here?

Answer:Satellite A120: Vista upgrade - COA number not validated

Please check other topics about Vista upgrade program by Moduslink and you will find many interesting comments. As far as I know you should wait 48 hours and try to order Vista upgrade again.

Posting here on Toshiba page will not help you because the whole thing is controlled by Moduslink and according to info from one PC magazine here Moduslink belongs to Microsoft. Toshiba is there to give upgrade CD with all drivers, tools and utilities for Vista OS. Nothing more than that.

Problem with upgrade > Moduslink!!!

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I've just upgrade to vista and i've lost my audio. I've tried all the latest drives, still no luck. The pc says the driver is installed and the device is working correctly but i cant hear nothing. Volume is 100% also.

Any ideas?

Answer:Lost audio after Vista upgrade on a Satellite Pro A120 PSAC1E

Well, first of all how should someone provide any tips if you don?t write anything about you notebook name!!!???
So please provide more details about your notebook!

I have noticed the same issue on the Sat U200. After upgrade from XP to Vista there was no sound but the audio driver was installed properly and audio chipset was also recognized correctly.

After long investigation I have found a solution here in the forum?.
Firstly it was important to increase the sound volume to max with installed XP. Whole sound controls should be also set to max.
After new Vista installation be sure that you use the RIGHT sound driver.
Not all drivers work!

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Hello, can any one help.

I have a Satelite Pro A120, and since I used the upgrade disc to upgrade to Vista, I have not been able to control the voulme on the roller button on the front of my laptop.

I see some one has posted a repsonce for someone using a A100 series, but the value added package for the A120 does not include that utility.



Answer:Satellite Pro A120: After Vista upgrade volume control does not work

Have found out since I posted this question, that by downloading the latest soundcard driver, I can now control my sound on the roller switch on the front of the machine, but there is no display shown on the screen, as it did with XP.

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I'm having problems getting my notebook to load the Windows operating system. My notebook (serial no X6062917H) was purchased in Nov 2006. I did recently upgrade the operating system to Windows Vista (Toshiba Promotion), and subsequently had to upgrade the Toshiba BIOS.

This was done via the Toshiba website opting for upgrade via Windows option. Since upgrading the BIOS I have only used this notebook two or three times and now I am unable to use it at all.

When I turn on the notebook now, all I face is a blank screen with the cursor arrow. The cursor does move about the screen as I move my finger across the touch pad.

I'd welcome any advice on getting my Notebook back up and running, My computer knowledge is extremely limited, so please make it as easy as possible

Many Thanks

Mr Gibbs

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 fails to load after BIOS and XP to Vista upgrade

It seems you use the Satellite Pro A120 which belongs to the PSAC1E series.

It seems the notebook can boot into the operating system because the arrow cursor appears on the display.

Did you try to connect the notebook to the external monitor to check if you can switch the display to another monitor?
It would be very interesting to know if it?s a graphic card issue or the internal display problem?

If you will be not able to see something on the second monitor I would recommend trying to install the OS again.
But if it will be not possible to reinstall the operating system you will have to contact the ASP (service provider) in your country for notebook check.

good luck

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Why is there restricting the amount of times you can change the region settings when watching DVD's from other countries? Why?

Do they not realize the world is getting smaller and that it is possible to buy DVD's from all around the world? Do they not want to help the world economy? I have a Toshiba Sat Pro A120 with a mat****a UJ841S optical drive which is locked on region 1, how can I get it unlocked and how can I get it so I can watch as many DVD's from different regions without being restricted to switching the region only 5 times? Surely I am not the only person who feels this way, come on Tosh do something to help the consumer.

Can anyone help?

Edited by: ADMIN

Answer:Question about change the region settings for ODDs - Satellite Pro A120

Hi Paul

What to say? I don?t understand this too, but there are some restrictions from different drive manufacturers and motion picture studios which don?t allow changing the region code.

The world is split up into 7 DVD regions.
Region 1 - Canada and USA
Region 2 - Europe, Japan, Middle East and South Africa
Region 3 - south and East Asian
Region 4 - Australian and South America
Region 5 - Africa, Russia and the rest of the Asia
Region 6 - china

Original generation DVD drives came with a firmware level that has become known as RPC 1.
RPC 1 drives themselves are capable of playing any region but are dependant on the installed player software to control which region is played.

But most DVD drives ( *not matter what the manufacture is* ) are equipped with the RPC 2.
RPC 2 drives come normally with a 5 change limit on regions, once the counter gets to 0 your drive is permanently locked to the last region it was set to.
Even if you reformat or move the drive to another system it will still be locked to the last region.

Such region code limitation is very annoying for all people but nothing to do?
Of course you will find many websites which provide any ?not legal? region free software and programs but mostly such programs can damage the drives own firmware and this would lead to bigger problems. In most cases the drives cannot handle any mediums and cannot read or burn the CDs/DVDs.

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OK, so this is a strange one...

I have a Sat Pro A120. It runs with the fan on all the time and sometimes goes on a mayor go slow (which I think may be down to overheating.)

OS is Ubuntu and I have installed the sensors tool which tell me on minute that the temp is 100 degrees C and the next is 16!

I suspect it may be that the heat sink is full of fluff, however I cannot find a step by step guide to taking the machine apart, cleaning it and putting it back together again.

Can anyone help with some ideas or resources?

Many thanks,


Answer:Satellite Pro A120 - fan run all the time


You don?t need to disassemble the unit in order to clean the ventilators.
You can use an compressed air spray which helps to remove the dust.
I did it many times and it helped!!

Try it!

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I recently bought a Satellite Pro A120 with Windows Vista Business. I have a problem with the DVD drive (Mat****a DVD-RAM) in that sometimes when I insert a software CD the drive spins up but doesn't recognise the disc.

I've tried different CD's but the problem is the same. I can only resolve the problem by rebooting the machine. This seems to always happen unless the PC has only just been booted.

I have installed the latest BIOS and still have the problem.

Answer:CD Not Recognised - Satellite Pro A120


Do you mean the CD cannot be read or the ?AutoPlay? popup window does not appear?
Did you use the compatible CD?s??

In the user manual you should find a list of compatible CD?s & DVD?s.
But you should know that the user manual lists only the CD and DVD manufacturers and NOT vendors like TDK or Verbatim, etc...

In the internet you could find a freeware software which finds out what is the manufacture of used CD or DVD.
Then you can compare the manufacture of your CD/DVD with the compatible and supported manufactures from the user manual.

If the CD or DVD is not listed as supported or compatible medium then some different compatibility issues could appear.

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at the begining, my english is not very well, i'm sorry.
I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A 120 laptop, but i lost the recovery disc so i dont have drivers for internet. When i plug in cable for ADSL nothing is hapening. I was search that on this pages, but did not find. There are two available, and i dont know how to download it.

When i download it and extract there is no icon for install.

Answer:Need LAN driver for Satellite Pro A120

Hi champion20,

What is the exact part number of your notebook?

Usually you can download all drivers on Toshiba website. If you have an European model, check the European website: > Support & Downloads

The correct LAN driver is depending on the built in hardware. If you don?t know how to identify an unknown device, check this very useful article:

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I am in the market for a A120, I only have a limited budget of 450 so I have to get this right. Can anyone confirm whether the cheapest A120 (PSAC0E-007009EN) has tv-out/svhs-out. I know the A100 has tv-out, but what really attracts me to the A120 is the inclusion of 5:1 card reader.

I ask the question because the specifications say nothing about tv out, yet the virtual tour clearly shows the A120 having Tv out.

hope someone can help me out.


Answer:Does Satellite A120 have TV Out port?


I have found some infos about the price of the Satellite A120. At this time you have to pay about 949 euros for the unit with Celeron Processor M410, 1149 euros for Core Duo Processor T2300E and 1290 euros for Core Duo Processor T2400.
But you know it depends on the dealer and country where you will purchase this unit.

As far as I know this unit supports a connection to external monitor but I don?t found any informations about the s-video or tv-out. Possibly this unit doesn?t support these interfaces

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I Have Toshiba Satelite Pro A 120

And I Cant Open Setup

How Can I Open The Bios Setup

Whats The Hotkey

Answer:How to get into BIOS of Satellite Pro A120

Hm, I think with ESC or F2. You can also try the "del" key. But mostly the F2 key should do the trick. :)


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I've had my Satellite Pro A120 for just over a month now, and in that time it's frozen maybe five or six times. This is the type of crash where the system completely stops responding, cannot be recovered using the task manager to end processes, and the only remedy is to turn it off and turn it back on again. When this has happened, the laptop hasn't been running any particularly demanding programs, maybe Word, iTunes or Mozilla Firefox.

Could this be due to overheating? The unit often feels warm to the touch around vents on the left hand side, but not excessively hot. Is there a utility I could use to see if any of the hardware is defective?

I've run the Toshiba PC diagnostic tool, but it says the hard drive, memory and processor are all fine.

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 freezes sometimes


Well, it?s not easy to say why it happened.
Yes, your suggestion is right. Something like that could happen if the temperature is too high. But if the notebook overheats the OS should shut down the unit automatically without any warnings.
However, to prevent from overheating, be sure that there is enough free space around the notebook for a good air circulation.

But also software issue could be a reason for any frizzing. Then OS on my brother?s notebook has frizzed many times. I have simply installed the fresh WinXP and since then everything is ok.
You should investigate a little bit?

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Sorry for bad English!

My computer will not boot.
I want to install a BIOS but connecting it to another computer but I don?t know how?

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 will not boot up


If you want to learn more about BIOS update on Toshiba notebooks please check this document
How do I update the BIOS on my Toshiba Notebook and where can I get the latest BIOS for my machine?

By the way: is your notebook death? Have you done something wrong and destroy something?

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I have recently lost all sound on my Satellite Pro A120. I am running XP SP2 and have tried to uninstall and re-install Raltek drivers. Prior to that I went through the help program from windows, but that only told me that everything was working okay. Can anyone help me please.

Answer:No sound from Satellite Pro A120

No sound? The only solution I've found is to get a USB headset like the Logitech USB Headset 20. I have had this same problem with my Tecra 9100 for almost 6 months. I tried on a pair of USB Headset and it works! because it bypasses your internal soundcard. The downside is that if you have a great pair of speakers on your laptop, then it's kind of a waste that you can never use it. But at least, with this, you can now listen to CDs and chat on the internet

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have had this notebook and its proved to a a great little worker for the family, what i want to do is change the DVD/CD-ROM to a DVD writer and I would like some help In finding out the type i need. Information needed:

-Is is the interface sata or ide
-Does it need to be master,slave or cable select

Installation guide would be handy

Thanks in advance for any help

Answer:Change DVD/CD-ROM on Satellite Pro A120

Hi Rickski, I have changed the drives on the a120 so many times I am sure i could do it in the dark blindfolded, it is realy easy and should only take you a few minutes.

If you can give me a couple of days i will put together an easy to follow step be step explanation. I only ask for a couple of days because I have to run and do not have the time to do it right now, sorry, but i will do it for asap.

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Just installed Skype with MS Lifecam - no there is no sound at all!

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 - no sound

Check the settings in Skype. Maybe its taken control of the sound device or volume.

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Copied from the underside of the computer:

Toshiba Satellite Pro A 120 Model Number PSACOE 007009EN

The OS is Windows XP Home.

It has 512MB RAM installed, but I'd like to add another 512MB - or even another 1GB, although with the 1.46GHz process, there's probably little to be gained.

I know very little about computers. I gather that if it's an A120, it needs DDR 667 PC 2 5300 200 pin SODIMM; if it's an A120/007 (which looks possible from the model number quoted above), then it takes DDR 533 PC 2 4200 200 pin SODIMM.

If in doubt, would it do any harm to buy DDR 667 - would it be "backward compatible" with DDR 533? And would it work with the existing RAM if that happens to be DDR 553? I'm hoping it would; simply working at the speed of the lower RAM.

Forgive me if I seem to "disappear" - I'm not too sure about my way around the forum yet, but will try to check back from time to time.

I'm also posting another thread about start-up programmes - I assume it's better to stick to one main question per thread.

Answer:What exactly model is my Satellite Pro A120 and what RAM does it take?


According to this page you can use the DDR2 667MHz (PC2-5300) 200-PIN SODIMM memory modules
The point is that DDR2 667MHz and DDR2 533MHz modules could be used.

But everything depends on the FSB (front side bus). If the FSB would support max 533MHz then the faster memory modules 667Mhz would be clocked down and would run only with 533mHz

Hope I could help you.

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I have been given my sisters laptop (Satellite PRO A120 Model PSAC1E) and because it was full of girly rubbish I?ve put the xp pro disc in and started afresh.
The trouble now is that there are loads of exclamation marks in my device manager. I presume that the disc that came with the laptop would have sorted all this out, but it's been lost.
Rather than going through the driver downloads one at a time and hoping I get what I want (some don't appear to be there anyway), is there a place I can download the start-up disc arrangement..device manager says that these don?t have drivers....

ethernet controller
modem device on high def audio bus
network controller
usb controller
unknown device
video controller
video controller (vga compatible)

I'm on another pc at the moment and can download to a disc and then put that in the laptop.
Any help would be greatly received

Thanks in advance

Answer:Need drivers for Satellite Pro A120


When you use Toshiba recovery image OS will be installed with all necessary drivers, tools and utilities. If yo0u don't have it you must use Microsoft installations CD to install OS. After doing this you must install all missing stuff additionally but it is not big deal.

Please visit Toshiba support page under > Support & Downloads
Choose the right notebook model and preinstalled operating system.
All drivers, tools and utilities will be listed there. If you need stuff for WXP please check first entry on the list. There you will see ?Installations Instructions? document. This text document contains the right installations order.

Please download all you need and install it following this installations order.

If you need more assistance please let us know.

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Does anyone know where I can get a dc jack for a Satellite Pro A120.
These seem to be quite rare models.

I have spent hours searching though google and parts websites but just cant locate this.


Answer:From where can I get the AC Adaptor for Satellite Pro A120


All compatible Toshiba notebook parts can be ordered from the local ASP.
The authorized service in your country could order such part from Toshiba if it would not be on stock.

But as far as I know the Satellite Pro A120 needs a *PA3092U-1ACA* Universal AC Adaptor which supports 15 V, 4 A, 60 W.

Try to search for this part number in internet and I?m sure you would find some offers.


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My dad got me a TOSHIBA Satellite Pro A120 PSAC1E-0QJ052EN laptop the other day off a friend.

It used to have Windows XP but my dad's friend installed Windows 7. When I try to play music or watch videos the audio meter in the bottom right shows action but no sound comes out.
I have tried downloading new drivers and I have googled the problem but I can't get the audio to work.

I would really appreciate any help as I need sound for a school project.

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro A120 has no sound

> shows action but no sound comes out.
When you open ?Playback devices? in sound properties is option ?Speakers? set to default?
Can you hear sound if you use headset or headphones?

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My daughter has a satellite pro a120, and for some reason it has decided to really play up with one thing or another, I want to get it back to factory settings for her, but I dont have the recovery disc, is there anyway I can do this without the disc?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance

Answer:Satellite A120 recovery

No, without the recovery disc you cannot reinstall the machine. BUT: you can go to an earlier restore point of Windows if this option is activated. You can access the restore manager by clicking on Start -> Programs -> Accesoires -> System Restore.

A System Restore Manager will open and guide you trough the further steps. I would choose an really early restore point to exclude any contingencies.


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Hello, I need a new motherboard for my laptop Satellite Pro A120 as I stupidly spilled an entire pint of orange squash over it..
it has been dried out and cleaned but still no power, just a little orange light thats flashes..

I have spoken to Toshiba and they said it probably needs a new motherboard..
I have searched everywhere but I cannot seem to find one..

can anyone please help me??

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 needs new motherboard


The motherboard can be ordered from the ASP in your country but the new mobo will costs a tiny fortune because the mobo is one of the expensive notebook parts.

You could also search on some internet webpage?s like Ebay or similar to get a second hand mobo? maybe you could find an second hand Sat Pro A100 with good motherboard.


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I own a Satellite Pro A120. The manual says that the A120 is abe to have a max. videoram of 128mb (shared memory). I have 512MB internal memory.
Now it only runs under 8mb videoram.

Can I change it to eg 64/128? if so, how?
In the Bios (Version 3.40) I am not able to change it.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:How to modify videoram on Satellite Pro A120?

From my experience this is not possible? you cannot change the graphic card memory manually? everything is controlled by software (graphic card driver).
This means that driver assigns automatically a certain amount of main RAM to graphic card memory if it?s needed. If an higher graphic card memory is not necessary then the graphic card driver will not assign the memory to graphic?s shared memory?

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Just unpacked the first of a pallet-load of A120s and can't work out how to configure the boot options: We need the machines to boot from LAN first, then HDD - without human intervention. We also need to prevent booting from anything other than either LAN or HDD - i.e., don't allow students to boot from their own devices.

All I can see is a choice of boot priority lists - always starting with something other than LAN, and always including the other devices. Am I missing something obvious?

[ACPI BIOS version = 3.20]

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 - Unattended boot from LAN


The boot priority can be set in the Toshiba HWSetup or in the BIOS!!!
This special Toshiba utility allows you to choose different booting devices. There you can set the booting order!

Furthermore you can set the Network boot protocol to PXE or RPL!
To secure some settings you can try to set the supervisor password.
If only the supervisor password was set, the boot device menu will not appear when the ?Unable to run HWSetup? option has been configured

Check also the user manual. It provides some useful info.

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Actually, my problem is that i didnt know how to install the lan driver on my Satellite Pro A120 to connect throug the net.
The issue that theres no installation to do to complete the install.

And theres other issue that i need the Ethernet Controller

My laptop was vista OS installed, But i change it and put Windows XP instead

Plz help me

Answer:How install the LAN driver for Satellite Pro A120


The LAN installation is very easy.
First of all you need the right LAN driver.
In order to download the LAN driver please visit the Toshiba driver page and choose your notebook model.

After the LAN driver has been downloaded you have to unzip it.
Then you have to access the device manager, have to choose the Ethernet controller (network adapters) and have to point to the place where the LAN driver has been unzipped.

Then finish the installation procedure.

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I have upgraded my laptop memory to 4GB with 2X2GB modules.
However it seems that the system just recognize the total memory as 3318MB!!!

Although it's said that this model is capable of 4GB memory expansion, it seems that this is not the case.

Has anybody else there had any similar problem?
I have run lots of test on the modules and fit them with 1GB module and both working fine.
This the Toshiba link for my laptop: MODEL=1&service=UK



Answer:Satellite Pro A120 (PSAC1E) 4GB RAM but 3.3GB recognized

Yes, you will find more people who have only 3.3GB instead of 4GB RAM.
Do you know why?

Because of the 32bit OS limitation!
Did you hear abut this?

No? Well, all operating systems which are 32bit can handle ?only? 3.2GB.
Check the Microsoft page for more details!

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Hi all i have a toshiba satellite pro-A120 and my son ran his hand over the keyboard and now the screen has flipped over any ideas on what i can do many thanks.....

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 - Screen upside down

Go to the graphic card properties -> advanced -> ATI catalyst
Select the Quick settings tab, then ?Display Setup? and rotate the desktop image.

There should be also an key combination which enables the rotation but this is not known to me

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Please can someone let me know what the procedure is for getting a replacement keyboard for an out-of-warrenty Satellite Pro A120 laptop in the UK.


Answer:Satellite Pro A120 and keyboard replacement

Well, you can order the compatible keyboard from the ASP in your country.

The addresses and phone numbers you can find here: -> Support & Download -> Find an Authorized Service Provider

You can also ask the ASP for the keyboard replacement.
But it?s pity that your warranty is not valid. :( So you will have to pay for the replacement.

Anyway, the keyboard replacement is not very tricky and if you have a little experience then you could replace such keyboard by yourself.
To remove the keyboard, follow these steps:

1. Turn over the computer.
2. Open the display and make it flat.
3. Insert your finger tip into the slit on either side and remove the keyboard holder. This is a small plastic cover above the F1-F12 buttons.
4. Remove the 2 flat head screws securing the keyboard.
5. Lift the top edge of the keyboard while releasing the hook and turn the keyboard face down on the palm rest.
6. Remove one screw and keyboard support plate.
7. Disconnect the keyboard cable from the connector on the system board and remove the keyboard.

But note; be always careful and don?t use any force to remove any parts.


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I have a Satellite Pro A120 (model PSAC1A-045005 - purchased in Australia) which I wish to update to Windows 7 from XP
The Toshiba Australia site says it is not compatible with Windows 7 and the upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 is unsupported.
Looking on the web I've found a couple of sites that say they have drivers for the computer. One address is as follows:

Presumably these drivers would be unofficial. Would they be reliable or would it cause problems?
I use a wireless router so would be particularly concerned if it caused problems with this

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 - can I update to Windows 7?

To offer you exact answers someone must have the same notebook model and test it for you.
To be honest you will be very lucky if anyone here will do this for you.

So my opinion is: install Win7 and test these drivers alone. If something goes wrong or you will not be satisfied with functionality you can back to older and supported OS anytime you want.

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I'm trying to install xp onto my Satellite Pro A120 (PSAC1E) which is running Vista Business (somehow) on 1GB RAM. I have tried setting BIOS to boot from CD-ROM, I have tried setting to boot from CD-ROM using the splach screen otions (F4). The CD drive whirrs and I can hear it trying to read the disc (continuously); however, the system always hangs on the black 'press any key to boot from CD..' screen and doesn't reach the blue screen with white writing. If I leave the dots to continue across the screen I just get the boot options for Vista or memory diagnostic utility.

The optical drive is okay: I can open the disc and run setup (without an install option) inside windows.
The disc is okay: I have installed this XP Pro SP2 onto other PC's without problem

I thought it might be the SATA driver issue, but having downloaded the drivers and compiled a disc using nLite, I realised my error - if it won't boot from CD what good is putting the drivers onto the CD?

We have several A120's at work and I cannot get any of them to boot from a win XP Pro SP2 disc!

I now think there must be some setting that prevents downgrading from Vista to XP: I do not have the knowhow to set up windows from DOS or I would try formatting the drive and putting the files onto the hard drive and then installing it that way.

Any help would be much appreciated...Vista Business might be okay with 3GB of RAM but not with one. What were Toshiba thinking when they put this package together?

Than... Read more

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 won't boot from disc


I doubt that this issue has something to do with the SATA drivers. You need only the SATA drivers on the blue screen with white letters where you can choose if you want to install XP (press Enter) or you can choose the repair console (press R).
But on this screen you will need the SATA drivers. Otherwise the HDD will not be recognized.

However in your case I would try another XP disk. I know that the disk is working in another computer but maybe your ODD is not working properly anymore and so it can?t read any disk. So please try another one.

Furthermore you should try to load the default settings in BIOS. Maybe it works.

Have you tested another bootable disk?
Check this please!

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OK, bought a new power adaptor a week ago (could this be the problem!?!) - from eBay and it was cheap. Laptop worked fine for a week or so but now I get nothing from it. Upon turning on power button, the laptop does nothing - no fan, just a little click and a slight whirring sound. The screen remains black. The lights on the front show static green when switched on. When I switch on with just battery, it shows orange. Any ideas what could be wrong (and whether I have done a mischief by buying a rubbishy cheap AC adaptor!). Thanks!

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 - doesnt turn on - please help!

Hi buddy,

Did you bought an original Toshiba AC/Dc adapter or is it a 3rd party part?

What I have found is this:
Which steps should be followed if your Toshiba notebook doesn't start?

Theoretically the AC/DC adapter could causing such problems but now it?s too late. That?s one reason why it?s recommendable buying original Toshiba spare parts only. ;)

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My Satellite Pro A120 DC- in blinks orange after i plugged in my universal charger.
I have read my user's manual. It says it may be cause by an abnormal voltage or a power supply problem but i do not know whether my charger is the one causing it or there is a problem in the power supply.

The voltage is okay and i tried plugging the charger everywhere but still the DC- in blinks orange. Actually, I can?t use my laptop when the charger is unplugged because its battery lows down so i can?t use my laptop at all when it can?t charge.

It makes me think that maybe the battery is the problem. In any case, what is wrong when DC- in started blinking orange.

Please help me what to do. Thanks

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 - DC-in blinks orange, why?

Hi jane18,

> after i plugged in my universal charger.
And what happens if you use the original Toshiba AC/DC adapter that was delivered with your notebook?

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I have just reinstalled win xp on this laptop can anyone help me to find drivers.
satellite pro a120
model number PSAC1E-04R00VEN
serial number Z6064391H.
Thank you.

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Hi there I am having problems with the touch pad when I am booting the laptop up windows loads then the cursor stays in the middle of the screen and will not allow me to move it. I have tried fn f9 it will not move with that then I tried fn f10 for to use the keybroad still does not work. I dont have a usb mouse to try. The laptop seems to be constantly running the fan also. any help would be great thanks it just started its only 6 months old.

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 touch pad not working


Maybe it?s something wrong with the preinstalled touchpad software or the touchpad settings. Unfortunately, it?s not easy to say exactly what?s wrong. Seems you have to investigate a little bit.

The USB external mouse is needed!!! Without the mouse it?s very difficult and in you case not possible to make any changes!!! So buy or lend out the mouse!

Then you can check the touchpad settings in the control panel -> mouse
If the setting changing will not help try to reinstall the touchpad driver!!!

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I plan to purchase new notebook, exactly Satellite PRO A120-106 and I have found different informations on shop's web sites about display. Do you know what kind of display is used in this model, TN or *VA?


Answer:Satellite Pro A120-106: What kind of display?


I have found a information that this unit supports a display size 15.4" WXGA TFT with a internal resolution of 1,280 x 800.
This is all what I have found about the display.

Check this Toshiba model overview page:

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I want to do a clean install of windows xp professional. What drivers do i need and in what order should they be installed? Thanks

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 driver install


you can find the drivers on this page:

There you can also download the installation instructions.


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I have a Satellite Pro A120 PSAC1E that has a DVD drive, I have tried to write to a DVD RAM and it says the copy is write protected, I checked help and it said to install the DVD Driver from the Tools and Utilites Disk, but I cannot find the disk with the rest of the bits that came with the computer when I got it a little while ago.

Is there anywhere I can download this driver?

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 PSAC1E: Cannot burn DVD-RAM

Also, I have looked under the downloads section on this website and nothing comes up for this model.

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Can someone help me remove the DVD/CD-RW from this laptop??
I've already bent the bezel on the original drive which I'm trying to remove to replace with a DVD-RW drive.
I've removed the screw - (indicated by F6 on the case plastic - which seems to be the one & only one) & the drive wont budge. It seems slightly loose in the laptop casing but wont pull out. Is there another screw or a clip that I'm missing??
I'm been given a schematic by a support person that i got in touch with, but that's no help. I just don't want to yank to hard & break the excising drive & the laptop as well.


Answer:Removing DVD/CD-RW drive from Satellite Pro A120


I presume under the keyboard is a kind of switch that must be released and put out the ODD out of slot. A120 is new unit and I hope you know removing the keyboard you can cancel the warranty.

Think about that!

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Can some one tell me how to access the BIOS on my SAT Pro A120????

Answer:Re: How to access the BIOS on Satellite Pro A120


You have to press the ESC button and then F1 immediately after the notebook has been powered up!

The notebook seems to use the Toshiba BIOS and therefore ESC button should be the right one!


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Bugga! I dropped my laptop - but lucky I only broke the catches which hold the lid down and nothing else.

I've been hunting for days for replacement parts. Can anyone help?

- Where can I get the parts?
- Are they easy to replace?

Answer:Broken lid catches on Satellite Pro A120

You can get such parts from an ASP (authorized service provider) or you look on eBay. There you could also buy a faulty notebook (same model) with an other problem.

I think it?s not easy to replace because it?s a little bit tricky. So you should ask a notebook technician for help.

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A replacment keyboard came for a Sat Pro A120. It requires replacing due to one of the keycap clip holders been snapped and no longer holding the key in place.

Can anybody guide me through the replacment of the keyboard on this unit please?


Answer:Replacing a keyboard on a Satellite Pro A120


Usually something like this should be done by an technician because the replacement of the keyboard could cancel the warranty validity!
The keyboard should be fixed with 2 screws which are hidden under the thin cover above the F1, F2, etc? keys

- Insert your finger tip into the slit on either side and remove the keyboard holder.
- Remove the 2 screws securing the keyboard.
- Lift the top edge of the keyboard while releasing the hook and turn the keyboard
face down on the palm rest.
- Remove the 1 screw and keyboard support plate.
- Disconnect the keyboard cable from the connector CN3230 on the system board and
remove the keyboard.

That?s all. But as said above if you have no experience and don't want to lose the warranty then contact the technician!

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Specs: Satellite Pro A120-161, previously Win XP Pro, now Vista Business.

The microphone is working in Skype etc. The sound is coming in to a computer and recording is fine (I can play stuff I recorded before).

But I cannot get the computer to play the sounds from the microphone in the real time (like for karaoke). There is no mixer for the device called microphone, I cannot regulate it, nor unmute it (it doesn work in both OS'es). It was easily done on the other laptop I had...

Any suggestions?

Answer:How to enable a microphone on a Satellite Pro A120-161?

Hi again, :)

which audio chip is installed on your machine? Maybe you should try to install the latest driver for your soundcard and watch out for some options where you can modify the microphone settings?

If you cannot find the appropriate drivers, then try it here:


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I own Toshiba Satellite Pro A120-161 (specs here: aShop=false#0)

It says that the installed memory is DDR2 RAM (533 MHz), so why does newest CPU-Z ( says that my installed memory has a maximum bandwidth of PC2-4300 (266MHz) ??

Answer:Satellite Pro A120-161 memory issue


I suggest you, get a Linux-Live-CD, burn it to a CD and then at the bootup, you will see which RAM is installed and which timings are running.
Or try Memtest86, it shows very accurately the frequency and the timings.

And if you are REALLY unsure, then unscrew the RAM cover and look at the modules, there is mostly described what a kind of timings they have.


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I am getting a "J" Character on the top left hand side of the screen immediatley after post (power on self test)?
It will not go any futher.

I have gotten into the bios and everything looks fine there, I can boot of a cd, but thats about it.
The hard disk spins up, but no booting.

ANy ideas PLEASE?

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 does not pass the POST


So you are able to access the BIOS.
Is the HDD recognized in BIOS? Can you see the HDD details?
If yes, then this would mean that the HDD is ok and BIOS can see it.

I have no idea why ?J? appears on the screen?
Did you see any other error messages or notifications?

You said that you can boot from CD. Did you check if you could boot the Linux Live disk?

This doesn?t require a installation on the HDD? theoretically you should be able to start the Linux distribution.

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Hello everybody!

My Satellite Pro A120 (model no PSAC1E-0J7010IT) doen't exist into the Driver download section at My hard disk is dead, I just bought a new one and I would like to install the operative system (xp) and all the driver needed. Till few months ago, I was able to donwload all the driver, now my laptop seems to not exist anymore... Am I wrong? Could anybody provide me all the drivers? I really need them (just expatriated and looking for new job...) .

Thanks a lot!


Answer:No drivers support for Satellite Pro A120

I found all WXP drivers in one minute only.
Please try again on

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I've got a friends Toshiba Satellite Pro A120, it was running very slow so I said I'd do the usual for him.
Backup all his documents then reinstall windows. not so simple!

Firstly, trying to boot from CD so I can boot into Ubuntu or reinstall windows.
Took me long enough to work out I had to press DEL/ESC to get into the BIOS, but once I set it to boot from CD (and had a bootable CD in the drive), it just kept booting from the HDD.

Every so often I would get an error saying +"Media test failure - check cable"+ or something similar, theres lots on the internet about that.
I think its something to do with if the boot order has CD first then it has LAN as 2nd.

Managed to boot Ubuntu from pendrive.
Trying to copy his documents over to my external drive but was copying really REALLY slow (like 1MB/s) and kept getting I/O errors on a few files.
I can't run HDD diagnostic software as I can't boot from CD (could get the Ultimate Boot CD onto a USB stick though if anyone thinks it could help?).

In windows, the CD drive only reads real CDs (like audio and DVDs, not CDRs or DVDRs).
Does this mean a failing drive?
What puzzles me more though, is that I switched the CD drive with a working CD drive from another laptop and windows now doesnt recognise this new CD drive at all!

When Putting a bootable CD in this new CD drive it still boots from HDD (not recognising the CD drive at all).
The BIOS is a bit useless and doesnt show detected d... Read more

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 - Can't boot from CD/DVD drive

> Took me long enough to work out I had to press DEL/ESC to get into the BIOS, but once I set it to boot from CD (and had a bootable CD in the drive), it just kept booting from the HDD.
Can you see the CD/DVD drive in the BIOS? I mean the full details like the ODD name etc?
If not then this means that your CD/DVD drive is not recognized by BIOS due to a hardware issue.

If you can see the ODD in the BIOS but are still not able to boot from any disk then I would assume that the CD/DVD drive cannot read the disk due to different reasons.
One of the reasons could be a faulty or damage laser lens?

> Every so often I would get an error saying "Media test failure - check cable" or something similar, theres lots on the internet about that. I think its something to do with if the boot order has CD first then it has LAN as 2nd.

Yes, this error means that your notebook tried to boot from the LAN

> In windows, the CD drive only reads real CDs (like audio and DVDs, not CDRs or DVDRs). Does this mean a failing drive?

As I said above, it could be possible that the drive?s laser lens malfunctions and therefore the ODD cannot handle different medias. It seems like the laser lens cannot calibrate properly and cannot move in the right position. Such issue is not fixable and the drive must be replaced.

> What puzzles me more though, is that I switched the CD drive with a working CD drive from another laptop and windows now doesnt recognise this new CD d... Read more

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Hi, I have downgradeded my laptop to WIN XP Pro and am mising some drivers?

They are for the network controller and under other devices an 'unknown' device.
I have been to the support site and downloaded all the drivers but these still come up with a question mark?

Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:XP drivers for Satellite Pro A120 PSAC1E


If a yellow exclamation mark appears under ?Network adapters? then either the LAN or WLan driver is missing.

But it?s not easy to say what drivers are missing.
Generally if you will follow the installation order from the installation instruction document then you should get all devices working.

Did you install the drivers like mentioned in the installation instruction txt file?

Do it!

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To those ready and able to give support, I would like to ask not to be put off by naive questions.

I am a doctor in Mathematics who always enjoyed the help of an IT team, and never had to take responsibility for a technical problem. This time I had to deal with a CD/DVD malfunction, with my manual, your help and anything I could find in the Internet.

When I came to the conclusion that my only alternative was to order a DVD/CD drive from the manufacturer, delays obtaining a response from them persuaded to list all the checks and tests suggested by you all, organize them in a logical order and apply them. Now I have a perfectly working DVD/CD Drive.

I would like to get a more helpful manual that will enable me to open the laptop if necessary, any suggestions?

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 - More helpful manual

Hi buddy,

To be honest I don?t understand your question exactly. You wrote that you have a perfectly working CD/DVD drive so why you need a more helpful manual?

Such technical manuals that you mean they explain how to disassemble a notebook are not for public. Only the user manual can be downloaded, other manuals are only available for authorized service providers I think.

Furthermore in your user manual you can find a list of supported CD/DVD drives. This should be useful!

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I am having problems with a Satellite Pro A120 laptop. When the laptop is switched on it is possible to open the CD/DVD drive, hence I know that the drive functions.

However, when the laptop is switched on, the computer shows the screen "In touch with tomorrow TOSHIBA" for a long while, and then the screen goes black and the message CD-ROM ERROR" appears. The D drive does not show on explorer.

I have found instructions to delete LowerFilters and UpperFilters from
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM CurrentControlSet/Control/Class/4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318.

by running “regedit”, but when rebooting the laptop the problem remains.

I have tried also tried to run the “Product recovery” CD from an external Drive, but the reboot ignores the CD, although, once the reboot is complete it can be seen that it that the external drive has been registered.

When the computer is logged off a message about “memory that could not be read” appears.

I would be most grateful for a prompt response.

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro A120 - CD-ROM error appears


To be honest if the CD-ROM error message appears before Windows starts it seems to be a hardware malfunction. So maybe the CD/DVD drive is not recognized properly and so the Toshiba screen appears for a long while.

Deleting the upper- and lowerfilters will not help you, this is software based only?

You should search for a new CD/DVD drive. Therefore you can ask an authorized service provider in your country. They can offer you a compatible drive. :)


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I have the same model and similar problem so didn't want to start a new thread.

I just removed the one 512mb stick and replaced with 2 1gb sticks but when I check in system info it only shows 896mb.
This should be around 1800mb I think.
Do I have to change any settings to get it to recognise both sticks?

Dave W

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 - 2GM RAM but only 896MB recognized


It?s not need to change any settings in order to recognize all RAM.
The BIOS should detect both RAM modules automatically.

In your case I assume one RAM module was not recognized and therefore shows only 896mb.
The small part of RAM is located by graphic card and therefore it shows only 896mb.


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My laptop works off the battery but it is now only at 3%.
I get a message to switch to ac power? I don't know how to do this?
The led AC power light is off.

Help! It is a new laptop.

Answer:How to switch the Satellite Pro A120 to the AC adapter?

I really wonder about this question? Usually you should connect simply the AC adaptor to the notebook and the unit should switch automatically to the main power and should start charging the battery.

Did you try to remove the battery and to use the notebook only with the AC adaptor? Check this!

Possibly the AC adaptor is faulty ?:| ?.
In such case you should contact the ASP in your country for a check. Probably the AC adaptor must be replaced.

Good luck

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I removed the HDD from laptop to copy files onto master pc as there was virus. The problem is when I put the HDD back into laptop I cannot boot windows. It comes up with usual boot screen. The 1st BIOS password: I entered it and I press enter and get told its CERTIFIED.

But it just sits there and does nothing else. I then rebooted from CD and i can access the HDD so the HDD is ok and connected. I went into BIOS and set BIOS Password and HDD password. Went back out enter my password and got message saying.

Again it just sits there what can I do?

Answer:Satellite pro A120-151 - Can't boot from HDD anymore

Hi mypcclean,

Maybe you have the virus now on your notebook and so you can?t boot anymore?
This would also explain why you can access the HDD by a bootable disk.

I doubt that?s a problem of your notebook, I think you have to reinstall Windows. You can take a Toshiba recovery disk to reinstall Windows.
Check this!!

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I have 2 main problems and can't seems to fully open case.
Does anyone know how to remove the dvd-rom?

But my mainproblem is the power swith ribbon (blue) has come loose from the motherboard. But as i can't fully open the case im using tweezers to try to recconect it.

Doesn't seem to want to go in.
Is there a clip on the motherboard connector or is it just push in? A photo or diagram would be useful.

Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Satellite Pro A120: How to remove the CD/DVD drive

One question; why do you do this?
I mean why your want to open the notebook?
Fact is that the Pro A120 Satellite is not a old notebook and I presume the warranty is valid.
If you remove the notebook covers you will lose the warranty!!!

The CD/DVD removing is very easy.
Usually it is secured with one screw which can be found at the bottom of the unit. You have to remove it firstly and then it should be able to take off the ODD.

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My Fan has stopped working and I need a replacement. I have sourced one but cannot get the laptop apart. I have unscrewed everything I can think of but the laptop will not part near the DVD drive.

I resume the drive itelf has to come out to reveal a hidden screw? Can anyone offer any advice on how to do this. Thanks

Answer:Cooling Fan replacement on Satellite Pro A120

I?m asking myself why you do this if you have no experience with notebook disassembling.
Such actions could damage other expensive parts like motherboard, etc?
I think your warranty is not valid anymore?

First of all the CD/DVD drive must be removed?I?m not 100% sure but I think the CD drive is fixed with two screws; one at the bottom of the unit and the second screw under the keyboard.

But listen dude? it looks like it?s a first time for you and therefore it would be advisable to ask the technician for this job!

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I started noticing this when I installed the Google Sketchup application - which allows one to utilize any hardware graphic acceleration via OpenGL.
When I have the OpenGL option ON, it no longer displays objects created properly. When I have it OFF, it is fine and running properly.

It was not a train-smash.

As curiosity got the better of me, I installed some games, namely Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna which utilizes the on-board graphics card: Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset. Clearly, something with the graphic driver was just not working properly. I cannot find a new driver update beyond the one I have. I am really not worried about the game, I am more worried about not being able to run Google Sketchup with OpenGL! It makes a big difference with OpenGL support!

I tried Intel's graphic chipset downloads, and it told me that i should be speaking to Toshiba... so here I am...

I'd really like to know what I can do at this stage... because it is affecting my work.

My system is
Notebook: Satellite Pro A120 (PSAC1E)
Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset with driver version: (current download on Toshiba)
DirectX 10


Answer:OpenGL issues on Satellite Pro A120


in your case I would try the drivers from the Intel site which could perhaps solve your problem. There could be also a chance for a solution by visiting the opengl site


and downloading the latest version of OpenGL. Maybe it would be worthy to update your DirectX because this could also be a reason for your OpenGL issues...


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Hi Guys,

I have a Satellite PRO A120 PSAC1E XP, I need to find the drivers for the USB port and the SD memory card port.
After re-install of the OS neither will work.

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 and WXP - need USB and SD slot drivers

For USB you need to install chipset driver and for SD card slot you need to install SD secure module and later both SD utilities.
Please download ?Installations Instructions? document and install all stuff following this installations order.

If you do so nothing can be done wrong.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A120, which I purchased back in 2007 and I am very satisfied with it.
It had Windows Vista Business, but recently I installed Windows 7 and this is where my dilemmas began.

My touch pad doesn't work correctly, its scroll feature doesn't work anymore, to be precised. I installed the latest ALPS touch pad driver, but the problem remains.

Then, when I checked the system, I noticed two devices that are listed and it said that there are no drivers installed for them. I cannot find out which devices are those and where to find the drivers.
Here are they:
1st: ACPI\TOS6208\2&DABA3FF&1 Driver not installed!
2nd: ACPI\TOS620A\2&DABA3FF&1 Driver not installed!

And my third problem is regarding Toshiba's sets of programs and utilities.
My laptop came with Toshiba Easyguard, with theft protection and other Toshiba programs, and now I lost them all. Is there any way I can get them?

I have to say that I have no intention of going back to Windows Vista, so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you all for your answers and help!

Answer:Satellite Pro A120: Need all drivers and easyguard for Win 7

Edit: The newest information that I've got, with already known issues and missing drivers and programs, is that my computer misses a TVALD drive and it keeps reminding me of that.

How do I get my hands on that driver, too???

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I have follwoing problem: I have set a HDD Password in my old Sattelite Pro A120-154 several years ago, and now I would like to remove or change this passowrd since I will give this laptop to my nephew. Instead that I do know this password, I am not able to change or remove it, not with the Toshiba Password uitility program, and also not with the BIOS set up.

Further I can find no info on this in the user manual. How can I do this?

Thanks Tino

Answer:Satellite Pro A120-154 - how to remove HDD password?


I found several useful Toshiba documents about HDD password. Please take some time and pick up some info about HDD password and how it works.

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Hi All!

I want to upgrade the memory on my Pro A120.
When searching voor the right type, I'm being asked if I own a

The list goes on and on!

I only know it's a
Satellite Pro A120-10M

How do I know which figur eI have to choose behind the A120- ???



Answer:Which Satellite Pro A120 do I own? - Want to extend Memory

And where you want to check the right type?

As you can see on the sticker you have Satellite Pro A120-10M. This is the answer to your question.
Anyway compatible RAM modules for your notebook are:
PA3499U-1M25 (DDR2-667 256MB Memory Kit)
PA3511U-1M51 (DDR2-667 512MB Memory Kit)
PA3512U-1M1G (DDR2-667 1GB Memory Kit)
PA3513U-1M2G (DDR2-667 2GB Memory Kit)
DDR2-533 256MB (PA3389U-2M25)
DDR2-533 512MB (PA3412U-2M51)
DDR2-533 1GB (PA3411U-2M1G)

Your notebook can handle with 4 GB RAM. So if you want to have maximum RAM you must use 2 x PA3513U-1M2G.

Got it? ;)

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Whenever I insert an SD card into my Satellite Pro A120 Windows does nothing, nothing changes, it's as if I didn't plug it in.

I've found that if I reinstall the SD card driver whilst the card is plugged in then it will be detected, but windows will not detect when it's then unplugged, and it won't be detected at all on next boot. Basically it looks like the laptop can't tell when it's being plugged in or being taken out.

All the correct drivers are installed, and I'm using Windows XP Home.

Anyone had the same problem/got any ideas?

Answer:Satellite Pro A120: SD card cannot be detected

What SD card size do you use?
As far as I know the Satellite Pro SD card slot supports the SD cards up to max 1GB
Please check if your SD card is compatible!

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Hi all

I have lost all the volume on the A120 Satelite pro
As above does anyone have time to help a novice on a pc?
Checked control panel and all looks ok.
Not muted.

Can anyone suggest a help?



Answer:I have lost all the volume on the Satellite Pro A120

Hmm? very strange and to be honest I believe that you have disabled something accidentally in the sound properties.

However, first of all you should check if the sound card driver was installed correctly in the device manager. Usually you shouldn?t see any yellow exclamation marks in the device manager.
So if there are no yellow exclamation marks then everything was installed properly and the issue must be related to the wrong audio settings.

I don?t know what OS you use but the generally the volume properties can be found in the control panel -> sound and audio devices.
I would recommend checking the single volume controls and if necessary set it to the highest level.

By the way; did you check if you can hear the sound through the headphones?
Check this too!

Good luck

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Hi - New here. I have acquired a:

Toshiba Satellite Pro A120
Model No. PSAC1E-04H00VEN

It is minus its hard drive. I have a spare 160GB hard drive but when I try to install this using the recovery disc, the operation just sticks on the "Please wait..." message. I note the spec for the A120 says it supports 40 to 120GB drives. Is that strictly true and hence why I can't install this 160GB drive?


Answer:Satellite Pro A120 - Maximum HDD capacity?

Hi Lapitup,

Usually 160GB should be no problem because the notebook supports SATA interface and there is no capacity limits so you can install every HDD.

Interesting to know would be what HDD you have installed exactly and if you have tested in on another computer because the HDD itself could be problem and not the computer. If the HDD is malfunctioning the recovery disk content can?t be installed so you get an error message.

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My question will reveal my inexperience and caution. Please accept my apologies for this. I have accessed a Toshiba page offering drivers for downloading.

I have checked the file dates in my folders

C:\ToolsCD\WinDVD Creator
C:\ToolsCD\DVD Ram Driver Software

And many are before May 2006, while the modified dates in Toshiba?s website are 2008.

Is it safe to replace the files in my laptop?
If they can be copied in my laptop should they be palced in C:\ToolsCD\ and install in
C:\Program Files?

In C:\Program Files I can only see DVD-Ram Driver

Answer:Download Drivers Satellite Pro A120-144

> C:\ToolsCD\WinDVD Creator
> C:\ToolsCD\WinDVD
> C:\ToolsCD\DVD Ram Driver Software

These are additional tools which cannot be downloaded!
This software was preinstalled on the notebook and is a part of the Recovery disk (Toshiba image) but you cannot download this from the page.

You will get this software only if you would recover the notebook again using the Toshiba recovery disk?.

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I need to replace the battery on my Satellite pro A120 and cannot work out from the PC, the user manual or this website what battery types are compatible with this PC.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Replacement Battery for Satellite pro A120


On the Toshiba European page in the Options & Accessories area you could find the list of compatible options (batteries, etc..) with the Satellite Pro A120.
Check it!

Furthermore you could order a compatible battery from the Toshiba ASP in your country!
They could provide a supported battery!

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I have a Satellite Pro A120SE Solo T1350 laptop. When it boots up, I get an error message "THotkey Failed error code: 0x00031402, 0x00000002". From forums I understand that I have to uninstall the Toshiba Hotkey utility and download a new piece of software from the Toshiba support website. Only problem is I cannot identify my model or piece of software needed on the Toshiba website. Can anyone help please?

Answer:THotkey Failed on Satellite Pro A120


maybe it would be a good idea to post everything here on the forum which is on that little silver sticker on the bottom of your machine.

There are all data which are needed that you get the drivers your need. So just post the stuff and maybe we can do something. ;)


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I have recently experienced some problems with powering up the my Satellite PRO A120. Initially i was not getting any power to the laptop from my power adapter. I purchased a new adapter on ebay which seemed to have fixed the problem as my laptop once again powered up, although i could only use it for a few minutes on stand alone mode as it would drain totally after a few minutes. After a few weeks, the adapter stopped working. This led me to believe my battery might be the issue which caused the adapter to turn faulty.

I then purchased a reco battery and tried to see how long it would stay on without the adaptor - again the laptop only lasted a few minutes before dying out

I can only use my laptop with a borrowed ac adaptor at the moment. Is the battery the issue or is an there an underlying issue with memory or the motherboard ???

Will it be expensive to fix or should i try to purchase an original battery and power cord and see if this works

Your thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 - no power from AC adaptor

>After a few weeks, the adapter stopped working. This led me to believe my battery might be the issue which caused the adapter to turn faulty.

This is nonsense. The battery cannot affect the AC adaptor!
The battery lose own performance during the notebook usage and sooner or later the battery will die.
This is nothing unusual? happens to all batteries?

In your case it could be both? faulty battery and AC adaptor malfunction?
It very uncommon that both parts would start to malfunction at the same time but it?s possible?

However, in my opinion the notebook should be tested using new battery and AC adaptor.


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Technical details: I have a Satellite Pro A120, bought about four years ago, running MS Vista. About a year ago I noticed my battery was practically depleted, and bought a new battery (this one, to be exact: []). For the last year it has been working very well and I have no reason to suspect the battery itself might have a problem. Most of the time I have the laptop plugged in, anyway.

However, recently (last few weeks, I think) I started having occasional problems where all of a sudden I get notified that the battery cannot be found - or rather, there is no actual notification, but the power icon in the system tray changes to one with a little red X on it, and then the computer freezes. The touchpad still works, and I can move the pointer around the screen, but absolutely nothing else responds, and there is no way out beside a hard reboot. Sometimes, if I catch the icon change on time and pull out the power cord (forcing the computer to run on battery), it actually fixes matters. Not always, though.

Attempts to look for similar problem descriptions online have not been very helpful; most of the time, either the description doesn't exactly match my situation, or the repliers blame the battery or the OS (which in my case feels like the wrong answers, since as I said the battery usually works fine, and I've had the same OS from the start). A search of these forums also did not provide any useful results. I'm about to call ... Read more

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 - Battery not found

>Attempts to look for similar problem descriptions online have not been very helpful; most of the time, either the description doesn't exactly match my situation, or the repliers blame the battery or the OS (which in my case feels like the wrong answers, since as I said the battery usually works fine, and I've had the same OS from the start)

I think nobody will be able to say what?s wrong exactly; I think it?s battery issue but of course nobody can say it it?s battery or maybe motherboard or just a software issue; OS.

Usually the software should not affect the battery functionality and I think it?s more hardware related.
The notebook is a little bit old and the battery seems to be old too? so I think the battery should be checked firstly?

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My DVD/CD Drive is not running well anymore and I want to replace it, but can't find a way how the remove the drive. Anyone able to assist me on this? Which screws do I have to remove and where? Thanks!

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 - How to replace the CD/DVD drive?

Hi caribman,

As far as I know ODD replacing is not so easy. The drive is secured by one screw and to remove this screw, you have to remove the keyboard and other parts as well.

In my opinion this should be done from a notebook technician because it?s a tricky procedure. This is not so easy as on desktop computers so I would contact professional help

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I have a Pro A120 which hasnt been used for a few months, but is now completely dead.
There are no lights on it at all. I have bought a new power adapter, but still nothing.
Can anyone suggest anything to check/replace or is this it. It was working ok last time I used it.

Answer:Satellite Pro A120 is now completely dead


Remove the battery and disconnect the AC adaptor.
Wait 1hour or longer and then connect both parts again.
Then try to power up the unit again.

If this will not help, check the RAM modules.
Remove one module and test the unit only with one RAM module.

If this will not help, then you should get in contact with an local notebook technician because it smells like a serious hardware issue

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I have just reinstalled win xp on this laptop can anyone help me to find drivers.
satellite pro a120
model number PSAC1E-04R00VEN
serial number Z6064391H.
Thank you.

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My laptop "Satellite Pro A120 (PSAC1E)" won't connect to any type of TV (Digital or Analogue). I have tried many different type of connections from VGA-Scart to VGA-HDMI. I believe something is wrong with the VGA output because apparently the Intel Graphic Card supports TV/Monitor output as the software driver indicates this. However, I get to connect the laptop to any external monitor quite easily and with no hassle.
Does anyone there has the same problem and if so, do you any solution to this problem (any!).



Answer:Satellite Pro A120 (PSAC1E) - TV out problem


Have you enabled the connected port on the TV? For example my LCD TV has 8 different channels for different ports and it works if the right channel is chosen. Play a little bit with this.

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I am trying to sort out a friend's Pro A120 it will not run the boot load sequence.

everything looks OK in the BIOS: HDD (SATA) and CD-ROM (IDE) recognised.

System Check is OK.

I have tried booting both HDD and CD-ROM by both setting boot sequence in BIOS and alternatively selecting either of them at start up using the function key.

All that happens is that I get a blinking cursor simmilar to a command prompt while it waits for the boot load sequence to start.

Any help would be appreciated

Answer:Why is Satellite Pro A120 failing at bootload?

Can you start OS installation using Toshiba recovery DVD or original Microsoft installation disc?
Is HDD recognized properly by OS setup?

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Sorry for my english.
But I need a help:

How to enter the BIOS on my Satellite Pro A120

Answer:How to enter the BIOS on Satellite Pro A120


If I?m not mistaken the Satellite ProA120 supports the Toshiba BIOS and therefore you should be able to access the BIOS pressing the *ESC* key immediately after notebook starting

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