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How to install wireless driver on Satellite Pro L500?

Question: How to install wireless driver on Satellite Pro L500?

I have a Satellite Pro L 500 with Windows Vista but I?m unable to connect to the internet wireless.

I know that the problem is that there is no wireless driver installed. I?ve tried to update it from the device manager but it doesn't work.

What else can I do ?

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Preferred Solution: How to install wireless driver on Satellite Pro L500?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: How to install wireless driver on Satellite Pro L500?

I don?t know which model do you have exactly (L500-xxx) and cannot say which driver do you need exactly but latest WLAN drivers you can download from Toshiba WLAN portal -

Check it out.

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had complete hard disk failure, no recovery cd's had been created, reloaded windows 7, looked up and downloaded drivers from Toshiba, BUT there are only two video drivers listed, amd and Intel both marked "for supported model only" its an Intel machine so I tried the Intel driver but it doesn?t install, it just closes, which I gather if the matching hardware is not found is the default action for these drivers.

However I am stuck with "standard VGA graphics Adapter" all the other drivers loaded perfectly, ( I installed the Intel chipset driver first and rebooted, so it should be ok but it?s not)

Any ideas?


Answer:Satellite L500 - cannot install Intel video driver

Which Satellite L500 do you have exactly (L500-xxx)?
Do you use 32 or 64 bit OS?

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I can't install the drivers for my graphic card on my computer. It's a satellite L500-1C7.
You can see her configuration here :
fabricant : Intel
model: Mobile Intel GMA 4500M

On the intel's website, they said to download the drivers on toshiba's website but here the drivers doesn't install.
During installation a message saying:

"Ce syst?me ne poss?de pas la configuration minimale requise pour l?installation du logiciel. Le programme d?installation va s?arr?ter."

I could traduct it by "the system doesn't have the minimal configuration requiered for the program's installation. The installaion program is going to stop.
I've download this drivers :
Chip Set Utility
Intel Windows 7 - 64 Bit World Wide

I'm sure this is the good drivers, so what could i do in order to install this drivers what i need?

Sorry for my bad english !

Answer:Satellite L500-1C7 Cannot install Intel graphic driver

Generally speaking it is always recommended to use Toshiba drivers only. Toshiba drivers are tested and adapted to work with graphic card placed in notebook. There is also ?mechanism? to protect graphic card from overheating and damaging.

If you check this forum you will find many users with same problem. graphic card manufacturers write on own download pages that for mobile PCs it is strictly recommended to use drivers from notebook manufacturer.

I believe you think it is good driver but do you also think that Toshiba?s driver is not good or not good enough?

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Where can I get the driver for the FN key?

Answer:Re: Satellite L500-1XZ - Where to get FN key driver?


You can download all drivers and tools here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

You need Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility.

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Hi All!

I have noticed that Intel have released new drivers for their 4500MHD graphic card, however, the one's released on Toshiba's site for my Satellite L500-1KK are older and are never updated as frequently as those released on Intel's site, my questions are:

1. Is it safe to use the new drivers from Intel for their chipset or should I stick to the ones released by Toshiba?
2. What possible differences are there between these Intel drivers and Toshiba's? ?:|

Thanks all!

Answer:Satellite L500-1KK - Which driver to use?


You see, dude, If everything works fine don't touch the system with any driver update. I still run my laptop with the old drivers and satisfied.

> 1. Is it safe to use the new drivers from Intel for their chipset or should I stick to the ones released by Toshiba?

Yes, you can use intel chipset drivers and shouldn't be worry :)

> What possible differences are there between these Intel drivers and Toshiba's??

As I know, they are pretesed by Toshiba.

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Hi, I have reinstalled my OS Windows 7.

I have already got some drivers in the download section but I cant find the driver for FN keys. They all work although without displaying the control bar in the upper part of the screen which I don't mind at all - but with one exception: the Wifi on/off toggle. And that is why I need the software which I hope will solve the problem.

Does anyone know what driver it is and tell me the name or post a link to download it?
Thanks, Josef

Answer:Need a specific driver for Satellite L500 11V

Hello Josef

FN functionality is controlled by Flash card utility and it is part of Toshiba Value Added Package.
Have you already installed this package?

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Hey guys,

I need some help in form of find the right Driver. My graphic card is a: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 and I have the Satellite L500 120 PSLJ3E
I need to have the Driver for my ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 but I cant find the right one....
Can someone help me maybe?

Is this the right side for the driver? when yes wich driver is it?
[URL] erOS=&action=&selCategory=2&selFamily=2&selSeries= 178&selProduct=857&selShortMod=890&selOS=26&selTyp e=all&country=12&language=17&search=

hope someone could help me fast....


Answer:Satellite L500-120 - Where can I get the display driver?


You can get all drivers on the Toshiba website for your notebook. I have checked this and the website show a new driver for your graphic card.

Check this: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

If you search for Satellite L500 and PSLJ3E you will find the right one. ;)

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Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite L500-22R with a ATI Mobiliti Radeon HD 5145.

I want to install new drivers for my card, but Toshiba doesn?t upgrade the driver since 2009 (version 8.653.0.0) and the oficial driver version for ATI is 13.1. The problem is that i can install from AMD page because there is a compatibility problem with hardware.

Someone can help me? I want to upgrade my driver version and i can?t understand this situation.

Answer:Satellite L500-22R - ATI driver upgrade


Here is a AMD page providing this info:

+The following notebooks *are not compatible* with this release:+
+? Any notebook launched after this driver release+
+? Toshiba notebooks (please contact the notebook OEM for driver support for these notebooks)+
+? Sony VAIO notebooks (please contact the notebook OEM for driver support for these notebooks)+
+? Panasonic notebooks (please contact the notebook OEM for driver support for these notebooks)+

In some cases its possible to install such driver but you will have to do that manually from device manager. There you have to click on graphic card, have to choose the Advanced installation procedure which helps you to point to the driver folder which you downloaded from the AMD page. The driver folder should contain dll and ini files. Such files are needed for driver update.

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I would like to ask for your help in the following problem:

I bought a Satellite L500-14F (PLSJTE) and I would like to use it with windows XP, but I failed to get the sound driver.

I would really appreciate your help!

Answer:Satellite L500-14F - Need sound driver for XP


The Satellite L500 doesn?t support Windows XP so you have to search on external websites for drivers.

In your case I would search on the manufactures website of the sound chip. Normally there you can also download the sound driver.

And don?t forget to install SP3 before you install the sound driver. SP3 contains 2 Hotfixes for High Definition Audio cards and you will need it!!!

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i have a question:
There are no Wireless Lan Driver for Windows 7 for the Satellite L500 (yet).
Do the Vista driver also work?


Answer:Satellite L500-131 - WLan driver for Win 7?

Hey Andy,

Yes, normally the Vista drivers are also work on Windows 7 so it's worth a try! ;)

What WLAN card you have exactly? Maybe you can find a driver directly on the manufactures website, e. g. Intel or Realtek.

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okay so i got this Toshiba Satellite L500 with Intel.. its installed with Windows Vista Home Premium....

The first trouble i had with it was that the Toshiba programms stoped working and reformating the drive and reinstalling it then i "solved" that part....

The second now is that RUNDLL32.exe stops working after the pc has started up complety and the computer stops responding or gets slow...
I tryed to format the drive but the problems still occures.. .plus the toshiba programms are faulty...

After the reaserch i have done its seems to have occures from Vista so i asked myself to upgrade to windows 7 and then i also got some questions: ?:|

1.Is it possible to get all the Toshiba programms on windows 7, flash cars,webcamera etc

2.Does windows 7 run all the programms vista does?

3.Is it so great i heard?

THANK YOU! for your help i really do need some help...thank you :8}

Answer:Satellite L500 - Can I get all Win 7 driver and tools?


I don?t know why you have software issue with the preinstalled Vista OS but my Toshiba tools and utilities work fine! One time the control buttons stopped working but I could fix it installing the VAP again.

Back to your question:
Yes, you can get all Win 7 drivers and tools for the L500 series. Why not?
If you would take a look on the Toshiba page then you would find all the stuff for download!!!

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Hi !

Im looking for best gpu driver for my ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500 series

Drivers which AMD offers right now are super bad and driver which is connected with my model on toshiba website seems slow too. The best one i saw is the microsoft driver WDDM 1.1.

If you mind telling me is there any better driver for my GPU than the ones listed above?

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Laptop: Satellite L500
Part Number: PSLS9A-025012
Screen: LG Flatron E2350V, using a HDMI cable

Operating system: Clean install to Windows 8.1

Screen shows a 1cm black band round the edge of the "window".
According to various web searches, it is something to do with the OS thinking I am using a TV instead of a monitor.
I need to update drivers etc.

WHERE are the drivers for 8.1 for an L500?
I looked at the 8.1 update page, but the L500 is not listed.

Answer:Driver updates for Satellite L500

> WHERE are the drivers for 8.1 for an L500?
You must check if your notebook model is supported for Win8 or not. Please visit and check Toshiba Compatibility Matrix

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Hi All,

Ive been pulling my hair out trying to reinstall a driver that i accidentally uninstalled during a system clean up.
It relates to the 'modem device on high definition audio bus' which now appears as a ?! under the device manager. It is also seems to be interfering with my web browsers.
Ive been into the Toshiba sites and download and installed the modem device and realtek audio drivers, nothing seems to work.

Im a part time computer user so any friendly advice is welcome



Answer:Satellite Pro L500 with WXP: reinstalling driver

If uninstalling and reinstalling those drivers doesn't work then the next step is to do a System Restore to restore the registry back to a previous date.

If that doesn't work, then Windows may be corrupted beyond repair. You may need to backup your important data and run Recovery to restore Windows back to it's factory state.

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Hello To Every One.

Dear All.

I Have *Toshiba Setellite L500-14F* Model and Currently i am Running Windows 7 On it ,As It Did Not Came With Any OS So i Install Windows 7 on it.

So Now I Want To Install Windows XP on it , As I am Facing Some Problems to Work With Some Software Which Are Not Supporting and Having Compatibility Issues With Windows 7.

I Had Allready Downloaded All Drivers For Windows XP For This Notebook.
By Reading and Searching The Forums I Found Out That I Need To Upgrade They BIOS Also So I Did That But Invain.

So Please Help By Guiding Me That What Steps Do I Had To Take To Successfully Install The Windows Xp on This Machine. As I Am Faild Twice A Time.

Thanks in Advance

And Best Regards

Answer:I want to install Win XP on Satellite L500-14F


if you want to install Xp on your computer, you need to change Sata Controller in Bios ,,Compatible,, otherwise you will meet a blue screen during installation. It's because of AHCI drivers Then after installation, you can download and install Storage Manager and return AHCi mode in Bios. You can also integrate them into Windows disk.

you can read here:

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I formatted my Satellite L500-1ZP (PSLS9E) and thought idd install win xp instead of win7 (dont have the backup disk/partition)
now when i start it up with the windows XP cd in it the blue screen "windows setup" starts but when its finished loading it gives me an error code:
"*** STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF78DA63C, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)"

I've read somewhere that I need to download SATA drivers for my laptop and make a windows xp installation disk with the SATA drivers on it???

I've tried searching these drivers but i dont know wich ones i need and how to make the installation disk
Do I copy my original windows XP home cd and put the drivers in a folder somewhere on the disk?

I hope someone can solve my problem because the laptop is just one year old and I dont really want to buy a new one...

Answer:How to install WXP on my Satellite L500-1ZP?

I just hope you have created recovery DVD before you have started to install own OS. After own OS installation you will not have access to recovery data anymore.

You are right. For WXP installation you need SATA driver. How to install WXP on newer notebook models you can read on

At the end I must say that your last sentence is pretty confusing for me. You have bought notebook designed for Win7 and you want to use old WXP on it. Do you really think you must buy new notebook if you want to install WXP?

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I bought my notebook last year from Turkey ;

First I have very important Keyboard ( delay issue ) abd Graphic card issue.

My graphic card supposed to be an ATI RADEON HD 5145.
I try to download drom toshiba web site, it has also no suitable driver for my notebook .

Then i tried to recognize my notebook with downloading pc-recognize program so maybe i just picked wrong model of notebook . The PROGRAM that i installed did not RECOGNIZE my notebook !!!!!!

*It means , Toshiba didn't recognize it's own notebook model !*

I updated my driver from Windows Update , but windows update just recognized my graphic card as HD 4500 ?? and always it gives me blue screen now. !

If Toshiba does not want to support my notebook why they not making announcement for that issue ?

Answer:Satellite L500-1UU: What graphic card driver can I use?


As far as I know this notebook is equipped with the ATI Mobility Radeon? HD 5145.

Here are the details:
[Satellite L500-1UU Part Number: PSLS9E-01N00DG3|]

Not sure why your Win 7 recognize the card as HD 4500 but I recommend checking this in DirectX
In RUN (or search) type DXDIAG and check what info would be available for this GPU.

The graphic card driver?s ini file contains more graphic card chip model numbers so the same driver is compatible with different graphic chips!

Be sure that you have downloaded the right version Display Driver v 8.653 (32bit or 64bit)

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Hi all,

I'm newly joined here in the forum and I am looking for a sound driver for my Satellite L500-1EJ model laptop which I bought last year here in Doha.

I am really surprised that the model number is not available in Toshiba driver download website!! ??

Can anyone help me please?? I am using Windows XP, service pack 2 now.


Answer:Satellite L500-1EJ - Looking for Windows XP sound driver

Hi shihabuhashim,

Why is the model number not available on Toshiba website? Where have you searched?

I have checked the Toshiba website and I can find it: > Support & Downloads > Download drivers
Notebook > Satellite > Satellite L Series > Satellite L500 > PSLS0E > Windows XP
(Satellite L500-1EJ belongs to PSLS0E series)

Now download the sound driver that you need but it?s recommendable installing Service Pack 3 before you start with driver installation because it contains important updates.

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My problem is that I'm looking for new drivers for the ATI Radeon HD 5165. When I install # 1, these drivers do not work just do not see any results of work. These drivers seem to be old and some games just do not work on them.

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Satellite L500-1Q9 - Update for display driver


Is it really a display driver issue that you need a new version? If you need a newer display driver for games you should update the DirectX version first and have a look if the game is compatible to your graphic card.

If you can?t find a newer display driver for Satellite L500 check other notebook specifications. Other models like Satellite L650 also have an AMD graphic card and there you should find a newer version. :)

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Just reformatted laptop, went from windows 7 64 Bit to windows 7 32 bit. Reformatted with the disk which came with the laptop. I have no sound at all, the sound was working perfectly before and it keeps saying i have no sound card. I tried to install the sound drivers but i can't find the right ones on the site with my model.

I have a Satelite L500-1DT with PSLSOE model.

Tried to install the drivers available and i just get an application error once its installing

any idea how to fix or where to find the right drivers?


Answer:Satellite L500-1DT - Where to find sound driver?

Hi buddy,

To be honest I don?t know what problems you have with the sound driver but that?s the correct place for all drivers: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers
Notebook > Satellite > Satellite L Series > Satellite L500 > PSLS0E

But before you install the latest version, remove the current version firstly and clean the registry using CCleaner

Check this!!!

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My notebook has not modem/fax analogic. Because I need send fax, please send us factory and model *WIN7 driver compatibile* for send fax.


Answer:Satellite Pro L500 - Need modem/fax driver for Windows 7


For sending a fax the modem must be installed properly and therefore you can find the driver on the Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

There you can download the modem driver for Windows 7 32bit and Windows 7 64bit. :)


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I have a new Satellite L500.
I have installed XP and i don't find display drivers.
Display is an ati mobility radeon hd 4500.

I only found drivers for vista.
Did someone find that xp drivers?

Answer:Satellite L500 with XP - Where to find display driver


You are right. The Toshiba European driver page does not provide any Win XP drivers for this notebook yet.

But I think you should not worry? many notebooks are equipped with the same GPU chip.
I recommend checking the previous Toshiba notebooks series and trying to install such driver.

In worst case you will have to google a little bit for a Win XP ATI mobility Radeon HD 4500 driver.

If you will find such driver then you could install it in device manger using the Advanced installation procedure. This will help you to point to the driver files which you have downloaded and stored on the HDD. This installation works nearly everytime?

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Has anyone managed to install xp64 on a satellite l500-1dt.

I'm trying to get it to dual boot with windows 7 (installed first).
Have installed xp but missing wlan drivers amongst others.

The wlan chip/card is the RTL8187B.
There are drivers on both toshiba and realtek website apparently for xp but they don;t seem to work with xp64.

Anyone have any words of wisdom?

Answer:Driver XP64bit for Satellite L500-1DT required


You are right? the WLan card is from Realtek and the chip should be RTL8187B.

What to say buddy? the Win XP 64bit was not so popular like Win XP and most manufacturers didn?t release any Win XP 64bit drivers?

You last chance is google?
You should google for Win XP 64bit RTL8187B drivers?
Maybe you will be successful? I keep finger crossed?

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On AMD Website stand's this Information about AMD Catalyst software suite 13.1:

The following notebooks are not compatible with this release:
?Toshiba notebooks (please contact the notebook OEM for driver support for these notebooks)

Can nevertheless use the Version?

When does the Toshiba update come?

Thanks for any answer!

Answer:Satellite L500-19E: Can I use AMD Radeon Catalyst 13.1 driver?

> Can nevertheless use the Version?
You can install it but the usage is your own risk.
From my knowledge the Toshiba drivers are modified and designed for mobile usage.

> When does the Toshiba update come?
I noticed that Toshiba release the new notebook models very often and the drivers will be released for such new series. So in cases the new notebook model uses the same ATI graphic series, you could use the same driver.

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Plese help,
The wireless adapter on my L500 1xj seems to have vanished from device manager.
FN+F8 gives nothing.

I want to re-intall the driver but don't know what adapter it is as its not there
Have updated BIOS but still no joy.

Answer:Wireless stopped working on Satellite L500-1XJ

According notebook specification your notebook has Realtek RTL8191SE WLAN card.
Please visit Toshiba WLAN portal and try to install latest driver.


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optus modem crashed computer and would not be recognised as being plugged in,wireless switched on and been told by telstra also that there modems are non compatible with windows one including toshiba seem to know blaming new windows 7,had computer 3 weeks and cant use it!someone help me frustrating.thanks

Message was edited by: shanestar
i,m sure there must be a wirelss modem that is compatible and a servers programme to run that works.

Answer:Satellite L500 - Can't get wireless modem to work

> wireless switched on and been told by telstra also that there modems are non compatible with windows 7.
Sorry mate but I really don?t understand your issue?
The WLan card which is installed on your notebook is fully compatible with Win 7 and the drivers can be found on the Toshiba WLan portal.

If you are talking about an 3rd party modem, then I have to say that your are wrong here? if you have problems with any 3rd party devices then you should get in contact with the manufacturer? in your case with the modem manufacturer?

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I've just bought 2 satellite L500 1xl/1xj second hand with a view to re selling one and keeping the other.

Problem is both have the HDD pulled from them and I have no installation CDs to re install Windows 7.
How can I do this without the CDs or original HDD?

Answer:Satellite L500 - how to install Windows 7 on new HDD

> i have no installation cds to re install windows 7, how can i do this without the cds or original hdd ???

Get Windows copy disk and install, all drivers are available on the [Toshiba driver page|] You can also buy a [Recovery disk|] I don't see any other options to do.

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Hello everyone,

I need some help regarding Windows.

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro that came with Windows 7 pro preinstalled and the recovery DVD to downgrade to Windows XP Pro.
I had to change the hard drive so I try to reinstall Windows 7 from the recovery CD but it doesn't work. It say that it is not possible to install this on this machine.

So I tried with the recovery CD of Windows XP and no problem
I prefer to have windows Windows 7 but I don't know how to get it back
One last information, the recovery CD of Windows XP came with the laptop as the one for Windows 7 was made by the shop that sold me the computer.

Thank you for your help

Answer:Satellite Pro L500-1W4 - Cannot install Win 7 Pro after changing the HDD

As far as I know there is no some kind of limitation and if there is no problem with original recovery disc for Win7 you should be able to install it on any HDD that you use with your machine.
I have upgraded HDD to SSD on my machine and recovery image installation worked without any problem.

To be honest it is not easy to say what is wrong there but this Win7 installation disc is somehow suspect for me. I don't know which notebook model do you have exactly but somehow I feel you didn?t get original Win7 disc. Best evidence is WXP recovery disc. The prinziple with Win7 is the same and it must works.

When you use this disc you should have menu as described on

This document explains how it works with original recovery installation disc.

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Model: Toshiba Satellite P50-C-179. In Toshiba driver's page, the version for Realtek Wireless LAN Driver is 10.1.505.2015

If I open TOSHIBA Service Station, I have a Realtek Wireless LAN Driver update (2023.17.731.2015) I click to instal it. It completes extraction, ask for permission, I click "Yes", but nothing more happens. If I enter again in Service Station, update appears again.

Someone knows how to solve this problem?

I wait for your help. Thank you very much.

Answer:Satellite P50-C-179 - Cannot install Realtek Wireless LAN Driver update

Same here...

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Every time I try to install Realtek Wireless LAN Driver 2023.17.731.2015 using Toshiba Service Station, the extraction completes and the permissions prompt pop-up, I click yes but nothing happens. No other window appears, the driver does not disappear from the list of software updates in Service Station. It's just like nothing happens.

Any idea why this is happening?

I'm using a Toshiba Satellite C55-C PSKWSV with a Windows 10 64 bit OS.

Answer:Satellite C55-C PSKWSV - Not able to install Realtek Wireless LAN Driver

Hi my Satellite C50-B is doing the same.

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After installed all drivers for that machine, the system shows that it need to install Wireless LAN driver, but i did!!! What's going on? Help! I can't make wireless net home!!!!!!

Answer:Satellite L300-15V - The system cannot install Wireless LAN driver

Did you install the right WLan driver?
Please note that the L300 and other notebook series were equipped with different WLan cards. Please ensure that you have installed the compatible WLan driver!!


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recently i had to reinstall a satellite c660d (amd processor) with windows 7 from dvd. installing form harddisk wasnt possible anymore. Problem is that i can not install a networkcontroller driver and also de wireless adapter is not working. i tried to install several drivers (also the wireless lan driver) form de Toshiba site but without succes.
Internet is working only with cable. Can someone tell me which drivers/software i have to install in order tot install the proper networkcontroler and wireless lan ??

Answer:Satellite C660D - cant install Wireless Lan / WiFi driver

Did you sort this? Mine is the same after windows 7

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I have a Satellite L500 - 19X and an Deskjet F4500 printer.

Recently had problems printing & the printer icon had disappeared from the devices & printers window of the control panel. Deleted all the programs & reinstalled the printer from the original CD.

Printer is now working fine & Icon has reappeared. However Laptop Icon on devices & printers window shows yellow warning triangle & says Laptop needs troubleshooting.

When I do this it says printer driver not installed, apply fix. When I try this it says device not successfully installed no driver found.

Surely the driver must be installed as the printer is working fine.

How can I get rid of the indication that the Laptop needs troubleshooting?

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite L500 - message: Printer Driver not installed

In the whole story I see one problem: Toshiba doesn?t support third part hardware and software so when you have such problems you must contact HP support and clarify this with them.
HP has created this software and they know what to do in such situation.

If you have problem with notebook ports or anything else than you are on the right place here.

All we can say here is to remove preinstalled software, clean up the registry and install it again.

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Hi All,

I have a new Toshiba Satellite L500-1EV and I use Windows XP SP2.

I can not found driver for "Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus"

Please, help!

Thanks in advanced.

Answer:Satellite L500-1EV - Need driver for high definition audio bus


You only need the sound driver for your notebook and that?s all!
Did you install this driver already?

Before you can install sound driver for high definition audio cards you have to install two Hotfixes firstly:

Don?t forget to use the forum search! You will find interesting threads! ;)

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I need the update for the Toshiba L500-1CQ graphics card driver. I cannot find it anywhere I tried on one of the toshiba websites to find it but they didn't have the 1CQ series.

So please I really need this driver update.

Answer:Satellite L500-1CQ - graphics card driver upgrade

But they should have PSLS0E model.
Check it again please.

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the light for my wireless internet has gone off.... and i cant find the switch to turn my wireless internet back on.

Answer:Satellite Pro L500 - How do i switch back my Wireless internet


Maybe you should press Fn+F8 to enable it

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I have problem with my wireless switch. Take a look at this [picture|]. It says "bryterstatus: p?" which translates (poorly) to "switch status: on".

Although, when I press Fn + F8, nothing happens. All the other FN + "random button" hotkeys work though. In other words, I can't connect to my wireless. I know that it works, because I can connect with my iPhone. There's also nothing wrong with the connection, I've tried to deactive / active on and off. Tried to restart my laptop. I've even downloaded new drivers. Nothing seems to work. How can I turn on the switch?

Best Regards,
Miguel Rodrigues

Answer:Satellite Pro L500 - Wireless button doesn't work

Hello Miguel

Has your notebook ?factory settings? or you have changed something?
Have you installed own operating system or notebook still has original preinstalled operating system?
Is WLAN card installed and listed properly in device manager?

WLAN usage is so simple and by ?default? it must work properly. The same principle is on all Toshiba notebooks same. When you want to use WLAN you must move WLAN switch to position ON and use FN+F8 key combination to enable WLAN card. That?s all.

What you can try is to reinstall Value added package?

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Answer:Wireless not working in toshiba satellite l500 in windows 7

For a start, turn off CAPS LOCK - it's considered to be shouting & many will ignore you.Did the laptop come with Windows 7 or have you installed it later? Are you sure there are drivers available for the wireless card - check the manufacturer's website if necessary. Some Toshiba laptops have a separate wireless switch on the front edge - if it's there make sure it is in the 'on' position. The usual key combination, as far as I recall, is Fn and F8 pressed at the same time (not F8 on its own) - there should be an LED that lights up on the front edge of the laptop when the wireless adapter is on."I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us..." Pink Floyd

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Hello, after about a year of owning a Satellite, I thought it would be time to reformat the hard drive and make a fresh Windows install. However, after the reformat, I realised the wireless wasn't connecting (or even detecting) my network, and found out that I had to switch it on.

Trouble is, there's no physical network switch on the laptop (slight design flaw there, in my opinion), and you had to enable it through a function command. Though, the program that showed the available function commands, and made them work, is gone, as I reformatted. After looking through the drivers section on the Toshiba site, hoping I could find said program, there's nothing. Is there any available way to switch the wireless adapter on through an external program, or better yet, find the original program that the function commands were in?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite L500 1DT- Trouble enabling wireless after reformat


You know very well that more useful info you write here can help us to understand your problem. So it will be interesting to know how you have reformatted your notebook. Using Toshiba recovery image or you have installed own OS?
>...the program that showed the available function commands, and made them work, is gone, as I reformatted.
Toshiba recovery image designed for your notebook model contains all necessary tools and utilities so I presume you have installed own OS version.
As first thy please to download and install Value Added Package. This package contains several tools and utilities and one of them is ?Button support?.

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I have just purchased Satellite L500 (PSLS6A-00X013) and have some surround sound speakers that I want to attach- please could somebody explain how to do this.

I also would like to know do you need to unplug the computer after you have shut it down?
I ask this as I wondered if this was then taking it's toll on the system and it would be better disconected from the power- something I never did with my desktop- but may need to do with this laptop.
Thanks in advance- Wilma

Answer:How to install external speakers on Satellite L500?

It will be interesting which speakers do you have exactly.
Anyway, exact notebook specification is not known to me but as far as I know you can connect usual PC speakers (2 speakers + 1 subwoofer) using audio out port.

Please let us know which speakers do you have exactly.

One more thing: for digital audio output notebook must have SPDIF port with optical port.

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From one day to another, my network card just stopped working. I fired up my X200-20T and Vista told me it had found the Intel AGN4965 device that needed to be installed. I agreed to let Vista search for the best drivers but after a few seconds I'm being told there's a problem, Vista can't find the files needed and cancels the installation of the card. I then downloaded the latest driver for the AGN4965 card from Toshibas site, install this and restart the computer hoping that Vista wil find the new driver... But without luck.

I then remove the whole device in device manager and then install the new driver but still, Vista tells me it can't ind the files needed...
Any suggestions on what to do before I do a full reinstall?

Answer:Satellite X200 -Wireless Network card driver won't install


Try to use the drivers from Intel. Maybe they work.
Do you install the driver with the setup.exe program? Try to install the drivers manual with update driver.

Make also sure that you have all Service Packs and Hotfixes for Windows installed.

Last but not least check the Toshiba website for a BIOS update.


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My DVD player is not working.

There is power to it. The motor fires up when I eject and reinsert it. The Control Panel Troubleshooting for Hardware and Devices says it is a driver problem but cannot fix it. Problem with driver.

I have reinstalled it from Toshiba site.
Is it saving to the correct place?
I'm running Windows 7 64 Bit and chose the correct driver for this.

Should I be using the 64bit?
I only have 3MB RAM which was the spec when bought.

If I wanted to change to the 32bit how do you do it without the CD/DVD player?
Is there any point in doing this?



Answer:Satellite L500-1CQ PSLS0E - CD/DVD drive does not work - Driver problem?


To be honest I?m a little bit confused.
Are you not able to boot from ANY disks; Windows disk, recover disk, Linux disk???

If it?s the case, then this means that you CD/DVD drive is faulty.
Why? Because CD/DVD drive is recognized and controlled by BIOS while booting from CD or DVD.

When Windows operating system has booted up, then the CD/DVD drive should use the common Microsoft driver which is a part of the Windows OS.
This means that you don?t need to install ANY drivers in order to get the CD/DVD working.

If you can boot from any disk but if the CD/DVD drive is not recognized in MY Computer, then I recommend checking this:

Before you would delete the upper and lower filters from the registry, delete the CD/DVD drive from device manager and then go to registry and remove filters. Then reboot the unit.

Good luck

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i have a concern regarding an error in my pc ......

the error is "display driver stopped responding and has recovered"

i had been reinstelled the windows as well as search for apdated inter display driver

but i didnt work .....

i appreciate for any advice and instruction regarding this problem....

thank you very much

Answer:Satellite L500 - display driver stopped responding and has recovered

Something like this happen on my machine but not so often, mostly when I want to see some video content in browser.
The reason why this happen is not known to me but I don't care about it until driver is recovered and I can use my machine as usual.

Have you noticed if there is some special situation when this happen?
Does t happen pretty often or just from time to time?

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I have upgraded my laptop L500 pslkoa-00r009 to windows 7 and i now cannot acess the internet its showing that i have no driver for my network controller i can not find the driver to download

Where do i download the driver??
Is this all i am going to have to do to fix this ??

thanks in advanc e


Answer:Satellite L500 pslkoa - Network controller driver missing


try to install this lan driver:

wlan driver:

You can also make a search yourself:

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I just read bulletin boar for upgrade


Data di ultima modifica 07/05/10

Tipo Wireless Lan Driver

Please sugget upgrade or not ?
I have nothing proble wit wirless connected to Vodafone Statio at this moment....

Answer:WLAN Driver upgrade on Satellite Pro L500 (PSLS4E-00C00HIT)

WLAN upgrade is OK and you can do this anytime you want.
For this visit Toshiba WLAN portal under

There you can find latest WLAN driver.

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I have Satellite L500-13W and install Windows 7 32bit. I download all drivers.

Which installation order for my model?

Answer:Satellite L500-13W - Which driver installation order on Windows 7 32bit?

Install the Chipset Driver first, then the Display Driver, then the Toshiba Value Added Package. The order of the rest of the drivers are not too important.

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I have just replaced my hard drive and have installed Windows 7 Pro 32 bit on my L500 (PSLS6A-00X013),

I downloaded all the drivers from "My" and everything went well until I tried to install the Realtek Lan driver and the VGA driver all the other drivers work fine but it won't accept these two drivers.

The L500 is an Intel i3 4 gig ram any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Satellite L500 PSLS6A-00X013 - cannot install LAN and VGA drivers

_Regarding the display driver:_
What driver did you choose?
On the Toshiba driver page you can find two different drivers (AMD/ATI and Intel) and a comment: +(For Supported Model Only)+
This means that you should check the GPU and should use the right driver.

Your notebook is equipped with Intel graphic chip. So DON?T install AMD/ATI driver!

_Regarding LAN driver:_
What?s the problem exactly? Do you get any error messages?
Can you please provide more details.

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I have a Notebook Toshiba Satellite Pro L500-1T8 and its hard drive has been damaged, so I cannot recover the special partition (I've tried also with the 0-key bootup).

I haven't create a restore disk from windows 7 because nobody told me to do so!

I'd like to re-install my windows 7 licensed copy (at the moment I've installed an ubuntu linux).
How can I do?


Answer:Satellite Pro L500-1T8 - How to install Win 7 if recovery partition is damaged

No way to recover a genuine Toshiba laptop? Is it true?

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I have attempted to install a Canon MP640 printer with USB connection on both Satellite L500 and A300's - after software installation I get the message "USB Device Not Recognised" - the L500 runs Windows 7 the A300 runs Vista - the printer *does run* on an old Desktop PC with XP - so the cable and printers settings are good!

I have downloaded latest Canon drivers, re-installed, etc - when I plug the USB in I get the message - "USB Device Not Recognised"

I did run a Canon MP270 successfully on both L500 and A300 previously.

Answer:Cannot install Canon MP640 USB printer to Satellite L500

> software installation I get the message "USB Device Not Recognised" - the L500 runs Windows 7 the A300 runs Vista - the printer does run on an old Desktop PC with XP - so the cable and printers settings are good!

Are you sure that the printer software which you have installed on both notebooks (with Win 7 and Vista) is Win 7/Vista compatible and supported?

I mean you tried the software on computer running Win XP? that?s ok but in your case I would ask the printer manufacturer if the printer software is 100% compatible with Win 7 and vista OS.


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I have recently Installed Windows 7 64 bit onto my Mother's Laptop (L500 - PSLJ0A-01E013) and from downloading either version of flash cards from the support site ( [here|] )

Results in (from what I can tell) only kenotify.exe and the relevant install info being created. Using the other one results in the original one being uninstalled, and then the same thing happening. While kenotify is running, noting happens if I use FN-F6 (brightness down) or FN-F7 (bright up) or any of the other ones.

Also, Toshiba support station doesn't seem to find any "updates" for the software, and it doesn?t even want me to download the BIOS update which I haven't got.


Answer:Trying to install flash cards on Satellite L500 - Win7 x64

Your posting is somehow confusing for me.
Do you have problem with SD card driver installation, keynotify.exe or FN keys functionality?

Have you installed own OS version?

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External eSATA disk drive works with original driver and/or Intel Storrage driver not. Deinstallation and use of the Microsoft drivers repairs the Problem (Windows 7).

Imitation on your own risk!


Answer:Satellite L500-19E - External eSATA disk drive works with original driver

Thanks for the tip. :)

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I've tried to reinstall Windows 7 on Satellite L500-19x but it won't complete - every time I boot up laptop a white splash screen appears saying "preparing to install...may take a few minutes" but this never disappears...can get out of this screen by starting task manager and hitting escape a few times.

When get as far as desktop things seem to be in order except for command prompt running Syswow64/sysprep/...access is denied on continuous loop, also there is a window saying "TUPIT 2" which seems to have failed as there is a "requested registry access is not allowed" in front of it.

Would really appreciate if somebody could tell me how to fix this as it is extremely frustrating and seems to be so close yet so far to being successfully completed!

Answer:Satellite L500-19X: Win7 install won't work - stuck on syswow64 loop?


This message is very strange. Had read in internet about similar issues but the issues were always related to the registry problems.
In most cases the error message appeared trying to repair the Windows OS.

Did you try to make a clean installation?
I think you should format the HDD firstly before trying to install the Win 7.
Hopefully everything would be erased from HDD before starting the setup installation?

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I need a new keyboard for my L500 and found out, that the keyboad of the P200 (and some other models) seems to be the same (105 keys, num pad, 2 win keys). Are those keyboards 100% compatible or do they just look the same?

Answer:Satellite L500 and Satellite P200 - compatible keyboards?


In my opinion this question is for Toshiba service and not for user-to-user forum.

Anyway I think that both keyboards are not the same and you should order 100% identical keyboard designed for your notebook model.

Question is: why do you look for keyboards for old notebook models if you can order new one for L500.
On eBay you can get it quite affordable.

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I have created an XP RIS image for a Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 and have downloaded the correct drivers for this laptop.

I have scoured the internet on solutions on how to configure the .sif file and where to install this drivers on the image as it will not pick up the intall the storage driver so it cannot find the Sata HD to install the image.

Has anyone experienced this before and if so please could you point me in the right direction as i have been struggling with this for a couple days now!!!


Answer:Satellite Pro A200 Cannot install Storage driver on an unattended install


You need to include the SATA drivers.
The SATA drivers are a part of Intel Matrix Storage Manger which can be downloaded from Intel page or from Toshiba page.

Here is a nice instruction how to do that:

+How to integrate a SATA AHCI driver in a Windows XP Setup CD+

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Hi all, I've recently just purchased the G710 i3 model as a birthday gift for my dad. It originally came with Windows 8 installed but my father prefers Windows 7 so I've installed this on a SSD (replacing the 1TB drive). After updating Windows 7 Professional x64 with updates via ethernet I started to install all the drivers in the following order: note: downloaded x64 drivers (for obvious reasons) chipsetgraphics (intel hd4600 first followed by nvidia gt 720m)NIC LANAudioBluetooth and Wireless (won't work - see below for errors)TouchpadCard ReaderWebcamIntel Management Engine (ME)Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver (RST)BatteryCare (replacing the Lenovo Energy Management)I've downloaded all from the Lenovo web site except up to date Chipset, ME and RST from Intel. All drivers except for the Bluetooth and Wireless have installed fine. All Fn keys work except for the "Airplane Mode" (guessing due to the driver not being installed). These are the following errors I get: after clicking on OK ... I get the following after clicking on OK ... there is another message displayed in the CMD window directly underneath the 1st one which is exactly the same text. Both windows then immediately close. I tried the 32 bit version of the driver and got exactly th... Read more

Answer:G710 Windows 7 Pro x64 Bluetooth + Wireless driver install errors (can't install)

hi pete_agreatguy,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
The extraction maybe looking at a missing folder.
When you downloaded the driver 
 WLAN and Bluetooth Driver (Intel, Broadcom, Qualcomm) for 64-bit Windows 
When you doubleclick it it should pop up a winodw where you hit next , agree then it shows a page where you can see a box with a browse button. can you share if you are getting that?
like this:

Solid Cruver

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hi there!!

i had a toshiba satellite a300 that unfortunately died... i want to take the hard disk drive from it an put it on my cousin's toshiba satellite l500 laptop...
I siply put it to l500 but it stacks at a point that shows again and again something about media test and more...

What i'm supposed to do?
Te strange (to me that i'm not very computer guy) is that at bios setting shows the model of the hard disk...
I mean that the l500 recognises the drive...please help me...

thanks in advance..

Answer:HDD swop from Satellite A300 to Satellite L500


Satellite A300 supports the same HDD like a Satellite L500. Both use the SATA HDD therefore the inserted HDD should work.
Its good sign, that the HDD is visible in BIOS. This means that HDD is recognized and in good condition.

I?m wondering what you have done after the HDD has been inserted.
Did you try to install the system using Toshiba recovery disk or another disk?
Did you try to format the HDD firstly?

Try to boot form the system disk and format the HDD firstly.
Then follow with system installation

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Hello all, Hi all, I need some help from the techies please!!I have had a very nasty virus (Ramnit-G) rip through my T500 which has rendered it unusable and needing a full re-install.Now I have a legit copy of XP SP1 which is tried and tested many times on my 6 other machines so all is good.I downloaded the ThinkVantage system update thingy as mentioned in the 4th post on this thread and also my wireless interweb driver 6mcw24ww.exe from here.XP install all done so first job to do is get some interweb, but alas, the driver stubbornly refuses to do anything because it would like a windows installer first . So off I toddle to microsoft site and download the win installer 3.1 and install that and the interweb driver starts to install..... only to get to the final hurdle and then fail with an error box which says nothing more than "2: 0 1:" in it with an exclamation mark icon.Can anyone help with a way round this please? Thanks!!

Answer:T500 XP fresh install, wireless driver won't install, help!

Can anyone help?

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The P30-141 doesn't come with wireless functionality and i can't track any wireless antennae cables which should reside within the top casing of the machine, but i'd like to know if it's possible to undertake my own installation of a toshiba wireless card? Would anyone out there know of a specific wireless card model / part number which could be used to do this? I'm quiet happy to tinker around inside the machine as it's four years past the warranty i believe and i've already replaced the LCD once, so i'm pretty familiar with the guts of it, just can't find any documentation on getting this component into this particular machine.

Any advice would be a great help!

Answer:Can i install a wireless card in my Satellite P30-141 's wireless bay?


As far as I know many units of Satellite P30 series were equipped with the WLan card.
So I think the motherboard should contain the necessary mini PCI WLan slot.
But the question is if this unit has been equipped with the WLan antenna.
If there are no antenna wires (black, white) near the miniPCI slot then this would mean that WLan antenna is not available and this would mean that you could not install the miniPCI Wlan card module.
Without the antenna you will not receive any WLan signals!

Why you don?t try an USB WLan stick?! It?s simply in use and you don?t need any external antennas.

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Hello to the Community.

I have reached a dead-end and after hours of efforts I need your input.

I have installed Windows 7 x64 on my Satellite P70-A-129 and although
I have downloaded all relevant drivers from the official support page,
and tried them all (Atheros/Qualcomm, Intel, Realtek)
the Wireless adapter is not functional as none of the drivers seems to be
the one needed.

All other subsystems/drivers are fully functional. I would enormously appreciate any
input as to where to look/what to do next.

Thank you in advance

Answer:Need wireless driver for Satellite P70-A-129

Your notebook model has Intel WLAN+BT card.
What happen when you try to install Intel WLAN driver?
Have you already installed BT filter driver package?

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Hi, i want to download new wireless lan drivers which are newly published by toshiba, but i dont know which drivers to my laptop pass.. How i can learn which wireless lan drivers true for my laptop is?

Answer:Satellite A350-212 - Which Wireless lan driver?


Go the device manager:

and click on networks adapters where you can see the wlan adapter installed on youtr lap.

if it's unknown, read this article:

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I have searched and can not find an answer - sorry if this is repeating another issue.
I have a sateleite C660-11K.

I turned it on this morning and it would not connect to the internet.
I checked the network and sharing centre and there is no option to look for wireless connections.

I have looked at the hardware and there is no wirless driver installed.
I can not try and install one (because I can not get online). I did a system restore - just in case I had done something stupid - and it did not come back. I also did the basic (re start) and nothing

Help please.

Answer:Satellite C660-11k - No Wireless driver

Sorry - when I say restore, I do not mean full system I just from the last months activities.

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ah grr ^^ i delete my wireless lan driver and found nothing here for download... where can help :(
i'm online with a network cable
friendly greets rene

Answer:Search Wireless Lan driver Satellite L40-13S

For what OS do you need this driver?
Did you search on the Toshiba European driver page?

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I need a wireless driver for my Toshiba Satellite C50D-B-120 and when I search for drivers for this laptop on the driver downloads on toshiba site it brings up 2 drivers. It brings up :-

Wireless Lan Driver
Broadcom Windows 8.1 - 64 Bit World Wide


Wireless Lan Driver
Atheros Windows 8.1 - 64 Bit World Wide

Which one do I need?

Answer:Need wireless driver for my Satellite C50D-B-120

The specification of this notebook is not known to me but you can try with Atheros. If there is no result install Broadcom.

Have you got this machine with preinstalled Windows 8.1 (all drivers are included)?
I mean if you?ve got it with preinstalled OS what is wrong with WLAN card?

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i just formatted my Toshiba Satellite L402, and i noticed that i don't have a wireless lan installed.
My question is; How can i detect my wireless lan driver?

Answer:How to check my wireless Lan driver on Satellite L40

Go to and download the WLAN driver.

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Hey gus!

I have a problem with my satellite Satellite L655.
My wi-fi won't work.

I installed the lan driver but in the support section in the site there is not Wi-Fi driver.

I hope someone can help me to find it.

Thanks in advance and sorry if the english is bad.
I am open to answear more question of the condition of the laptop.

Answer:Need wireless driver for Satellite L655-1GL

Which operating system do you use?

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so i bought i new laptop and I cant find a wireless driver. I tryed toshibas driver but it wouldnt work, please help me. My wireless card is 802.11b/g/n i beleve.

Answer:Need wireless driver for Satellite L850-13M

WLAN card inside is ATHEROS B/G/N(1X1)WB225 W/BT(NON AMT).
Have you tested it with right Atheros WLAN driver?

WLAN drivers you can find on Toshiba WLAN portal -
Check it out.

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Can someone help me whit finding Wireless driver for L505-10h, And tell me how to install it.
And how to find my wireless adapter via my notebook?


Answer:Need Wireless driver for Satellite L505-10h

Hi mate

The notebook seems to support Realtek Wlan card RTL8191SE.
You can find the drivers here:

In order to install this you have firstly download the driver package, then unzip the package.
In the driver package the exe file should be available?. Execute this exe file and the installation should proceeds.

Good luck

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I keep receiving a message via TEMPRO to download a new software driver - Wireless Lan Driver 4/21/2011.
However, when I enter the download I do not understand what to do. Please can you help?

It reads 4 things or possibilities: (and I do not want to make a mistake and mess up my connection)
O WLAN Downloads O 3G Downloads
O WLAN Knowledge Base O 3G Knowledge Base

What do I do?

Answer:Satellite A660 - What to do with new Wireless LAN driver?

Hi Bedouin

I have a suggestion that will make this thing a lot easier:

Use Toshiba Service Station instead. That software works a bit like TEMPRO but is so much better.
As an example it will download and install (after your approval) the driver that is updated. Not only WLAN drivers of course, but all Toshiba-specific updates.

So check it out. I think You should find it under START > Toshiba > Utilities



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When I ran a diagnostic report on my laptop (Satellite L500-1XL) it said that my RAM was low and to upgrade it for better performance - it has been very slow to start up as of late.
However I have discovered that my model has been discontinued and I'm not sure what to do.
Any suggestions?

Bear in mind I am a total novice when it comes to computers so nothing too technical please!
Thank you.

Answer:Low RAM in Satellite L500-1XL

With more RAM your notebook will have better performance.
According notebook specification your notebook is delivered with 2 GB RAM but it can be upgraded up to 4 GB.

So buy second 2 GB RAM and upgrade your notebook.

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I have a Satellite L500-02C and I install Windows 7 32bit from original version of 64bit to run application that wouldn't work on it. I have installed all drivers for the 32bit, but I am having trouble getting the drivers for the touchpad (synaptic) also the driver for the function keys. I have tried the Toshiba web site download from there but they don't work.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Re: Satellite L500-02C

Download and install the 32bit versions of the Toshiba Value Added Package and the Flashcards Support Utility from the L500 drivers page. 64bit version may not work.

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On the spesifications of the Satelite L500-1V1 it says that there is 4096MB DDR3 RAM with 1066MHz, but why is there only 533MHz in each card?

I don't suppose you have to multiply it with 2?

Answer:RAM MHZ on Satellite L500-1V1


As far as I know the notebook has been equipped with the DDR3 1066MHz (PC3-8500) 2GB modules?
There are two modules means notebook uses 4GB RAM.

But the 1066MHz can be reached only if the FSB (front side bus) would support 1066MHz too?


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I have a Toshiba Satellite L500-1XC. will it take an solid state drive to replace the hdd inside it now?
I was looking at the Toshiba 120gb stor.E comes with caddy, cables, and software to clone you old hdd, its SATA III.


Answer:Can I use SSD with my Satellite L500-1XC?

Of course you can use SSD. When you do this you will see how fast your notebook runs.
I recommend you Samsung 840 Series SSD. I use it with my Satellite notebook.

Which one you want to use is your decision.

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Satellite L500/049
Part Number - PSLS3A-049002

my note book model is this one. When i buy this computer on last December. I install 32bit Window 7 . Then i found out the ram only used 2.84GB.

So i follow the toshiba webpage to recover my computer and upgrate to 64bit Window7. But final i found out the ram still 4GB (2.84GB used)

so how can i make the ram from 2.84 to 4.00 GB ?????? = ''4.00GB (4.00GB used)


Answer:4GB ram use on Satellite L500/049


Not sure if it solves your problem but try:

Go Start-Control Panel-System security -Administrative tools- System configuration-Boot - advanced options
make sure that maximum Memory option is not checked. If it's checked, uncheck, press Apply, Ok and restart.

Message was edited by: Jeka-IL

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I have one little problem! I install all drivers but 1 device is not found. I don?t know what is this.
Help me, people, please!

Answer:Cannot install driver for Satellite L40

What device do you mean exactly?
Could you please pot the hardware ID?

You can find it in the device manager -> then click on the unknown device properties -> ?Diagnostics? tab

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After upgrading my Satellite Pro C660-2N2 (PSC0RE-02801QGR) to Windows 10, I have issues with the wireless connection. The router is only 1 metre away, but sometimes the connection fails. Is there a new driver version for this device? The Windows device manager says that the newest driver is installed. Thank you for your suggestions


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It not working an win XP SP3!
I have installed driver from Toshiba home page but not works.
I have update BIOS and nothing.


Answer:Wireless driver not working at Satellite L40 (PSL48E) - WXP SP3

Bok Stjepan

It is recommended to install WXP SP2 on newer notebook models. Have you check WLAN functionality with WXP SP2?

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Morning Everyone,

Toshiba Tempro has directed me to d/load the latest Lan w/less driver. I've gone to the relevant page, but there are LOADS of drivers so I need to know WHICH one?? I have Vista 32 bit. When presented with the list, at the bottom it states*+""If you do not know which Wireless LAN Adapter model is in your Notebook, please refer to the "How to identify the built-in Wireless LAN Adapter model" document from our Wireless LAN How-To Resources page.""+* Well I've TRIED that but still can't find it!!

Anyone help me with this please? I've also Googled the question all to no avail..



Answer:Satellite L300-1AQ - WHICH Wireless Lan Driver should I download??


Your notebook has Intel 802.11agnMiniCard and the latest driver you can download from

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I formatted my toshiba satellite L655-198
And I tried bunch of wireless drivers and none of them worked .. So help me Plz

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Need Wireless Lan Driver for Satellite C670D-126 for Widows 7 - 64 Bit PSC4AE
I can not download the file Wireless Lan Driver from the page


Answer:Need Wireless Lan Driver for Satellite C670D-126 for Widows 7 - 64 Bit

The notebook Satellite C670D-126 supports Atheros AR9285 802.11bgn / Bluetooth combo card.

You could download the driver from here:

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I'm trying to find the wireless driver for a Satellite U300 on Windows XP, and the driver link is broken on the Toshiba support site is bringing back a 404.

I started here: []
Then chose:
Product Type - Notebooks
Family - Satellite
Product Series - Satellite U Series
Model - Satellite U300
Operating System - Windows XP

This then brings back a wireless driver link, which links to here:

This then redirects to this invalid location:

Does anybody know of an alternative location to get this driver? I'm trying to set it up for a friend for Christmas.

Any help would be much appreciated.



Answer:Windows XP - Wireless Driver For Satellite U300


If you know which WLAN card is inside you can search for the driver Googling around. I am pretty sure you will find it.

Which U300 you have exactly (U300-XXX)? At the bottom side of your notebook there is also Wi-Fi label. Which PAxxxxx number is there?

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I get new lap top Toshiba Satellite L450-172, I use windows 7, and I can?t find drivers for wireless.
Can someone help me to find drivers for wireless?
Thanks in advanced

Answer:Need Win7 wireless driver for Satellite L450-172

According notebook specification your notebook has Realtek WLAN card.
WLAN drivers you can download from Toshiba WLAN portal on

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Hello there,

I've been exhaustively trying to find wireless drivers for C660 but in the toshiba's website the download link leads me to a panel with several links that none of them works.

I cannot acess to the internet, hence i'm using another computer to report the problem.

Answer:Satellite C660 - Wireless driver unavaiable

You should be able to find it on Toshiba WLAN portal -

By the way: which C660 do you have exactly? I just want to check which WLAN card is inside.

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I have a Satelite Pro U400, PSU413. It recently died a blue screen death and has since had to be formated and reinstalled.

I am having a problem installing the wireless drivers.
The ones listed under the downloads section for this model do not work and the user of the laptop will be lost without wireless.

The file to download from the toshiba website is

I have downloaded/extracted and ran setup, i've also tried to manually install the driver but windows isnt interested.

Any ideas?


Answer:Need Wireless driver for Satellite Pro U400 PSU413

Fixed it myself.

For anyone else needing the correct wireless driver, go to and download the Windows XP 32bit 3954.


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sorry my english is not so good and I hope you can help me.

Today my dog run over my laptop and the key K is broken. The plastic on the key is broken. Is it possible I can only order the key K for myy notebook?
I bought the notebook in last year and I need my notebook every day. Thank you so much for your help.

Best regards,

Answer:The key K is broken on Satellite L500-R19

As far as I know you cannot order one single key but if only the small key cap is broken but small mechanism is not defective you can try to contact Toshiba service and ask for help.
I?m 100% sure they have enough defective keyboards and can give you this single key cap.

Pay a coffee and maybe you will get one. ;)

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Hello, I hope some one can help.

The computer is of my brother and he lost the installation cd and we need it to reinstall windows and all the features. I hope some one can help us.


Answer:Need installations CD for Satellite L500-245

If you use original OS that you got with your notebook you can create new recovery DVD using preinstalled Toshiba recovery disc creator software.
You can also try to reinstall original recovery image using HDD recovery option -

If not than you must order it on

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does anybody know why the L500-1VT is out of stock everywhere online and the estimated times till new stock arrives keep getting pushed back?

are Toshiba replacing this model with one just a good? i.e. i5 CPU and decent ATI graphics?

Answer:Satellite Pro L500-1VT - not on stock anywhere?


As far as I know the Satellite Pro L500-1VT is available ONLY in Italy and UK.
If you are leaving somewhere else, then you would need to search for another Pro L500 model with the same hardware specifications.

I?m sure some online dealers would offer similar Pro L500 models?


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Hoping someone can provide with me some insight. I'm buying a new computer and other than Harmon Kardon speakers, I don't seem to see a huge difference between the L500 and the A500 series. To be more specific, here are the models I'm looking at. As you can see, they differ in price quite a bit, so what's the story? Is there a huge difference in the system other than the speakers?

[] []

And yes, I'm aware of all the customization options, but even if they have the EXACT same specs, that A series is still more expensive. Why?

Answer:Satellite A500 or L500 - which is better?

I would go for the A500, because its generally a higher end model with faster components.

The A500 has an Intel CPU and dedicated ATI graphics, compared to the L500D which has an AMD CPU and a slower ATI Graphics chip.

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I have a Satellite L500 purchased in Portugal. My daughter has filled the keyboard with sugary tea. Fortunately the computer still works, but the keys are now very sticky and do not work properly.
I want to replace the keyboard. Will a UK spec board work on the computer? I changed the keyboard settings in Windows whilst using the Portuguese board.

Failing that, can I use a usb board with the laptop?

Answer:Need new keyboard for Satellite L500

> Will a UK spec board work on the computer?
Yes. Just be sure you have right keyboard designed for L500. You can get it cheap on eBay.
> Failing that, can I use a usb board with the laptop?
Of course.

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Hi guys,

I recently bought a new Satellite L500-19X.
Had no real problems until the battery died last night and now it will not boot Wndows at all.

When i switch it on it comes up with the "Start Windows Normally" and "Launch startup repair" options. If i try and repair it loads some files then goes to a black screen with the cursor on it. If I start windows normally it just tries for a bit and goes back to those two options.

From what i've seen a lot of people have had similar problems, all o the sugested solutions have been unsuccessful for me though.

Can't load safe mode. Tried using the recovery disc that was provided and that just leads to the same black screen with the cursor. Also tried booting up without the bttery etc. that also didnt work.

I'm running (or at least trying to run) windows 7 which is already installed on the hardrive.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, ive tried pretty much everything though.

Cheers for your time. Any help would be great.

Answer:Cannot recover my Satellite L500-19X


Hmm?. you?ve got a blinking courser in the upper left corner?
This looks more like an HDD or partition issue?

But try this:
Power up the unit and press F8.
Then choose ?Repair my Computer? and then choose (if possible) HDD Recovery.

If this is not possible then go to BIOS and check if the HDD is recognized (all details should appear).
If HDD is not recognized, then this would mean that your HDD is faulty.

If the HDD is recognized then there could be something wrong with a partition on the HDD?

In such case you could try to create an bootable system disk like WinPE:

Then could format the HDD again and after that could use the recovery disk in order to reinstall the Win 7.


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Hello Everybody!
I am Tibor from Hungary. I am not a big forum user but now I would need a little help.

I have a Satellite L500-1GE and I use Windows 7 ultimate (64bit). My problem is the following:
I can not use the hotkeys (FN + F1..9 buttons) and so I can not switch on/off the wireless. It always work (the led of wireless always burn). I downloaded the value package, hotkey, accesibility driver but bootless. In base without drivers some application work (ESC, F1, F5, F6, F7) but I setup the value package nothing work.

The most important function for me it is the the wireless switching (FN + F8) because if it always work I can not use my notebook full accumlator capacity.

Could you help me about this problem?

Thanks so much for your help in advanced and I wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the NeW Year!

Kind Regards,

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Answer:Satellite L500-1GE - Can't use hotkeys


For using the FN keys you have to install Toshiba Value Added Package and Flash Cards supports utility. Make sure that both versions are released for Windows 7 64bit already. If you choose a Vista version it will not work!

Here you can download all: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Value Added Package must be installed firstly. ;)

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Hi, I have recently bought a brand new toshiba laptop but I am already concerned that the fan automatically turns itself on and off every 30 seconds. It gets really annoying and I haven't known any other laptop to do it. is there something wrong with the laptop already or is it normal?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite L500 1XC Fan query

Try please to set ?cooling method? to minimum level. Notebook should run much quieter than before and without permanent on/off switching for cooling vent.

Power settings > for used power plan go to change power plan settings > change advanced power settings > Toshiba power saver settings > cooling method.

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