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Satellite Pro L10 Problem with COM Ports/Hyperterminal & Bluetooth

Question: Satellite Pro L10 Problem with COM Ports/Hyperterminal & Bluetooth

I have the following problems with the above machine:

1) I've attached an external serial COM port to the machine. However, I can't connect to this COM Port using Hyperterminal.
2) I've installed a Bluetooth USB Adapter but I can't view the configuration for the protocol.

Each of the above work perfectly with another laptop which has no Bluetooth or even a network card.

Has anyone experienced any similar problems. I'm using WinXP SP2.



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Preferred Solution: Satellite Pro L10 Problem with COM Ports/Hyperterminal & Bluetooth

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite Pro L10 Problem with COM Ports/Hyperterminal & Bluetooth


1, In which way is the external COM port connected? Is it detected in a right way in the device manager? What is the error msg of Hyperterminal?
When it's connected via PCMCIA, try to change the PCMCIA slot settings in BIOS!

2, Try to reinstall the Toshiba Bluetooth stack! There can be some problems. The MS Bluetooth stack does not work properly with Toshiba devices and one of the earlier Toshiba Bluetooth stacks was not signed by WinXP Service Pack 2!

Bye Hans

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Hello, I own a Sattelite A100-237 notebook and I have an annoying problem for quite a while now. The two USB ports in the side as well as the Bluetooth device do not work. As far as the bluetooth device is concerned it is just not recognised by the system, as if it wasn't there (that's what the driver installation says too) while any device I connect to the side USB ports doesn't work either.
The other two USB ports in the back work just fine.

Answer:Problem with side USB ports and Bluetooth on Satellite A100-237


Maybe are this two ports really defective and there is no much to say. Either you will get your notebook to repair or you must live with this and use other two USB. Sorry but I see your posting just as a short report and not as some ask for help.

Bye and good luck!

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Okay this is a really interesting situation. After a week of trial and error I've narrowed the problem down enough to have a workaround for it and to ask about it. I'm running XP SP3, the keyboard in question is a dell multimedia bluetooth keyboard and the usb ports are on board, not a hub.

When I boot up my machine (or come back to it in the morning even if its left on) the keyboard won't work. The -only- way, and I've tried tons of stuff, that I've been able to get it to type again is to disable the bluetooth dongle in the settings, move it into a new USB port (tho I may have only ever swapped it with the mouse USB port), re-enable the device, remove and re-detect/add the keyboard. This is the absolute only way I've been able to get it to work again including reboots, driver reinstalls, batteries, re-pairings, etc. It also does not depend what USB port the dongle was in last, this always happens. I've also checked to make sure that the Bluetooth service is started automatically at boot and it is.

I really have no idea why this would happen and while I'm happy to have figured out a workaround, I would be even happier if I was able to skip this 5 minute process every time I want to use the keyboard. I'd also like to note that the machine stays on overnight (not hibernating or anything) and that the keyboard doesn't seem to 'shutdown' if I leave it alone for 10 minutes or so. I figured that it could be related to ho... Read more

Answer:Problem with Dell bluetooth keyboard and/or USB ports


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I had a hyperterminal set up for connection to my Electronic fuel injector, so that I can modify the injector program. This was working correctly. I bought another device that also requires a hyperterminal connection. I allowed a friend of mine to connect the device as he was familiar with its use. He removed the DB9 straight thru cable that I was using for the fuel injector & plugged in the required null cable to the same (only) DB9 connection to my computer. He set up the device and it works fine. However, when I open the program for the fuel injector, it gives me an error message that the controller code has been changed to something other than the needed code. (I assume this problem is due to the improper connection of the new device to the same connection on the back of the computer) I did some checking and found that both devices are using com port 1 (probably a no-no) . I have ordered an adapter to convert one of the required cables for these devices to an open DB25 connection on the back of the computer. ( It is difficult to exchange the cables as is) Once I get the adapter, I can leave both cables in place. What do I need to do to correct the present problem once I have the adapter and both cables in place? (I have created a second hyperterminal (icon only) for the new device.)

Answer:HyperTerminal problem

Find out what code is needed for:

he controller code has been changed to something other than the needed code

Once you find out this and get it installed you should be ok It more than likely is one of the commands that open the modem and you would be best served by checking the manuals for the program and the modem.

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When I click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Communications in Windows XP, I cannot see Hyperterminal.
I did search for the hypertrm.exe executable and there is no sign of that running either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Hyperterminal Problem in XP

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What is happening regards Hyperterminal V 5.6, if that helps any.

Problem is this, I can succesfully connect to my isp, enter my username, but when it requests the password, it will not accept input of any sort, typing on the keyboard, copy-paste, etc. does anyone know why?

Answer:Help if possible (Hyperterminal problem)

hmm, are you assuming this because it does not display? I know this may sound foolish, but many servers hide passowrds and look like they are not entering. Try typing it out slowly and correctly the first time and then pressing enter, see if any text displays.

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I have a Dell Computer with Windows XP Home addition with the included Hyperterminal program. Automatic (Windows) Update enabled. The problem is, after I create a Hyperterminal window, I cannot change it's BAUD rate. That is, I select the baud rate initially BUT the Configure button is not enabled (Properties/Connect/Configure), so I can't change it!

Answer:Hyperterminal Problem

Hi Bruggemann, welcome to TSF..

it's been a long time since I used hyperterminal....are you disconnecting from the session before trying to make the changes?

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I have a problem with my notebook, namely with my USB ports.

Few days ago I connected my mp3 in order to charge its battery. I did it when system Windows was starting and after a few seconds ports stopped working. They work for a circa 5 min after start of my computer but only after my notebook is turn off for couple of hours for example night.

They work properly and all of a sudden sound of a disconnected device can be heard and usb ports turn off. I tried a lot of solutions but nothing worked. I deleted all USB ports in device manager.

I checked in BIOS but everything seems to be okay. I tried to disable shutting off usb ports in order to save energy, nothing. Tools which were provided by Toshiba to check hardware see usb ports as working properly. Only usbdview program sees it as unknown device, I tried uninstall it via this program but still nothing.

Do u have any idea what could happened? Or If there is any possibility to fix it without visit in service?
I would really appreciate your help.

Answer:Satellite C650 problem with USB ports


Did you test these USB ports connecting an USB mouse or an USB keyboard?
Do these devices work properly?

I don?t think you need a visit the service.
I think it?s just an software issue?
Since the USB ports are controlled by chipset, I would recommend reinstalling/updating the chipset driver?

The other solution is a little bit drastic? I think about notebook recovery...
It could be possible that registry has been muddled up or some 3rd party software preinstalled on the notebook could affect the USB ports.

I remember that my USB ports did not work after the installation of iTunes.
I had to reinstall the OS once again to get the USB port working again? funny thing was that I installed iTunes once again and the USB still worked properly?

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Is it possible to receive the output from a software program sent through a serial port or rs232 or ethernet by hyperterminal ?

Note: The software program and hyperterminal is on the same computer.
There is no connection made to the com port.

The software is set to send the output through the COM2 and when i tried to select COM2 in hyperterminal, it said that the COM2 port is being used by another PC.


Answer:Hyperterminal Problem > Urgent

Portmon: will show activity for COM2.

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I had no problem with HyperTerminal in Window Me but this one in windows XP, is annoying me!I wanted to use bits 7-N-1 but every time i dial, it has resetted itself to 8-N-1 therefore I can't make a connection! I can't find any way to stop it resetting itself.I am using for typetalk service which is ideal for deaf and 7-N-1 is needed to use that service. How will I sort this program out? or has it to do with modem?

Answer:HyperTerminal problem in Windows XP!

Seems like no one here has used HyperTerminal before then?

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pls help me! thanks! here is the thing i want to know the configuration of the router catalyst 2950.. and then i need to type the sh_run or show run to know the configuration but the problem its not working when i tried to type the sh_run... can u give me a solusyon for this problem? tnx

Answer:problem in hyperterminal configuration

if you go to cisco's site, lookup your model switch, you will see links to the documentation/commands

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I would like to ask your assistance about my laptop's Bluetooth activation.
It's a Satellite Z830 PT22LA-001001, Windows 7, 64 bit.
I tried to find the Bluetooth connectivity by pressing FN + F8 and clicking the Bluetooth logo to turn it on, but it does not work.
No Bluetooth icon on my task bar as well, and when I tried to reload the driver over the internet download support, it does not complete the operation.
I get an error notification ?Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)".

For your assistance please.

Thank you.

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Good morning every body

I have formatted the harddrive of my Toshiba Satellite A100-712 notebook and dowloaded the sound and BT drivers from this amazing site.

But still there is a problem.
In the device manager there are yellow signs with the bt and realtek drivers. I don't know what to do?

Please, can you list the steps for proper installation for these drivers?
bcz i'll be crazy ... :(
thank you

Answer:Problem in installing Sound and Bluetooth drivers in a Satellite A100-712


First question: Why you don?t use the Toshiba recovery CD?
This CD contains all drivers, tools and utilities and you will not need to install all the drivers separately?

Secondly: On the Toshiba driver page you should find the ?installation instruction document??
Simply follow the installation order mentioned in the txt file and everything should works!!!

PS: Be sure that you use the right drivers?. I think the A100-712 is apart from the PSAA9E series?

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Hi Satellite users,

I recently had a problem getting my Toshiba Satellite P50t-B running Windows 10 to detect (and hence connect) to my Sony MDR-XB50BS Bluetooth Headphones. The symptom of the problem was that the "MDR-XB50BS" device didn't appear in the list of available devices on the Windows Activity Centre "Connect" screen, nor in the Windows Settings -> Devices -> Bluetooth and other devices -> Add a device screen. Since the device never appeared, I couldn't connect to it.

The solution to the problem turned out to be upgrading my Toshiba Satellite BIOS from version 1.10 to BIOS version 1:50 available on the Drivers & Updates tab of the Toshiba Satellite Support site. The release notes mention a Bluetooth issue being corrected in version 1.40 and while I can't say for certain that this is the same issue I encountered, updating the BIOS was the last thing that I tried before the problem went away, and it's reasonable to expect that a relatively new technology like Bluetooth might have had early implementation bugs.

The other point to note is that if you've already paired the headphones with another device, like I had with my iPhone, then you have to hold the power button down for 7 seconds at power on in order to enter Bluetooth pairing mode first time you try to connect it to the Satellite.

I hope this helps someone someday!


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I have updated my T500 regularly with all possible (including optional) software packages from Lenovo. Now I want to use my Blackberry 8900 as a modem for my T500. My BB 8900 is recognized, I can enter the security code but then I always get the dialogue box "No COM ports available". When I have a look at the COM ports in the Hardware section of the system I find two COM settings for RIM (this is the Blackberry) and thre COM ports for Bluetooth. I also find the Bluetooth Modem. Has anybody an idea how to resolve the problem? Kind regards Beat

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I don't really know which group to start this problem with but here goes.
I am trying to use a bluetooth USB dongle on a laptop running XP. It needs to open too Serial Com ports (incoming and Outgoing). It manages to open the incoming port but when it gets to Outgoing I get the error message "acess denied".
I tried the same routine on my desktop, again with XP and it works everytime.
I am the administrator on the laptop
Any ideas out there please

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everytime i log onto my account i get an icon in the taskbar. with a speech bubble from it stating bluetooth port. it wont dispaear, and as soon a click something the installation wizard appears with the options to search for hardware or quit. i click quit and it reapears seconds later. it keeps doing this and i try serching for hardware, (none found) end task on task manager which does the same as quiting.the reason its blietooth port is because i recently installed ymy bluetooth dongle, which stopped my plug and play sidewinder controller from working, so i uninstalled and this message keeps popping up, very annoying.i recently posted a forum on a keylogger i have, this is just another small but iritating problem i have.ANY IDEAS?thanks in advanced. inx.

Answer:Bluetooth Ports - Instal Wizard

You could turn off the balloons click here

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I have a laptop that has a bluetooth radio built into it. I also have a bluetooth dongle. Both worked fine before my incident.
I bought the bluetooth dongle so I could connect my phone to computers at school. It is driverless, so I don't have to install anything on the school computers (against the rules). I got the dongle today, and decided to disable my built-in radio to test it out on my laptop. It works lovely.
So I switched back to the built-in radio once I thoroughly tested the dongle, and everything seemed fine. My bluetooth mouse connected well, but when I attempted to connect my phone I received an error message. I did manage to create a connection, but I received an "attention required" notice that reads:


Port not available: Cannot communicate with the PC because the port is not available. Another program may be using the port, or it may not be valid.

Close any programs that use the port, restart the device, and try again.

So I went to do this by going to the (control panel)hardware and sound)bluetooth devices). I went to the COM Ports tab, and stared in horror at a waving flashlight for five minutes. I assume it means that the computer is searching for COM ports, but it never finds any.

I changed back to the dongle, and the problem went away.

EVERY setting is the same for both radios, just for the native one I cannot seem to find COM ports.

PLEASE help me, I do not wish to live anymore if I have to lug an ugly dongle ar... Read more

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Hello. I live in Turkey and I use Lenovo G50-80 80L0 on Windows 8.1.So. Few days ago, my hard disk crashed so I sent it to the local service to get repaired. I got shipped back with a turkish windows version so I resetted the system (From the Novo button) to try to make the Windows OS in English! It is successfully transformed in english but still have few problems.I downloaded the drivers from the dedicated website of lenovo and most of which got successfully installed (Graphics, BIOS update, Touchpad, WLAN driver,...). But I could not install the drivers for the Camera, the USB port, and the integrated bluetooth.-Whenever I connect a USB flash drive to the computer, nothing happened at all!-The camera is not recognized after I installed the driver!- The Bluetooth is not accessible under the PC settings of Windows. So I decided to download and install the USB driver for windows 7 (the only avalaible on lenovo download page because the USB driver for windows 8.1 does not exist in there) and this is the result after I tried to install it: When I tried to download the Camera driver for Windows 8.1, it all goes smooth until this dialogue box appeared:"No appropriate driver to be installed" Last but not least, I installed the Bluetooth driver but I could not make it work. Here is another screenshot of wireless devices in PC settings. (Bluetooth is not listed)

... Read more

Answer:Impossible to use USB ports, Camera, and bluetooth on G50-80

Here is a screenshot from the Device Manager:

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after several attempts to install a Belkin Bluetooth adapter to the usb to be
used as a virtual com port, I now have 9 com ports and can't seem to find any
way to get rid of them.
I have a piece of software which needs to access any port between com 1-4.
Now I cant use it.
How do I get rid of the extra ports?

Answer:Solved: COM ports keep Accumulating after Bluetooth Installed

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two days before i got a weird message from one of a usb 3.0 port(left first) "Power Surge on Hub Port" "USB device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port" by clicking on that message a window opened to reset all the usb ports to work properly. after resetting and restart all of my usb ports failed to work. to my surprise bluetooth and webcam also failed. not even detect in device manager. tried so many many possible solutions from google to solve the issue. tried a fresh install win 7 and onekey recovery factory restore. updated BIOS also. nothing helped. uninstalled and reinstalled the usb drivers too many times. now getting a message "USB Device Not Recognized" all the time the pc is on though usb peripherals are connected or not connected. always i can hear a connect and disconnect windows sound even if no devices are connected. after numerous restarts one of a usb 3.0(left, near hdmi) starts to work. but, it won't detect the device immediately after connecting. if all the usb drivers uninstalled and reinstalled then the usb port started to work showing the connected device. other three usb ports no response. after some restarts second port(right, near mic jack) starts to work same as first. other two still no response. if disconnect the device from any one of the two ports then again have to uninstall and reinstall the drivers to device work. but, all the ports getting power to them. if i connect my mobilephone to all ports the phone gets power ... Read more

Answer:Y480 - USB Ports, WebCam and Bluetooth not working. please help very urgent.

any help??????????????????????

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Dear Lenovo Community, Happy Holidays to you all and wish you a great happy new year. Recently purchased a Bluetooth OBDII device and have difficulty making it to work with its provided software on my T61 (running original XP Home). My short story and question/problem is that I can open "My Bluetooth Places" and pair with the OBDII device as an "OBDII SPP Dev", but my T61 assigns serial port COM19 to it. The OBDII software which came with the device only can let user set to one of the COM1 to COM8 ports and in the properties of Bluetooth pairing, there is no way that I can select which COM port to use. I looked at the Device Manager and I do see these COM port assignments: COM4,5,6,7: Sierra Wireless (the HSDA modem in the laptop which I have never used BTW) COM 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17: Bluetooth Serial Port COM 18, 19: Bluetooth Communications Port and I don't see anything for COM1,2,3, and 8 My question is how to force the computer/OS to assign one of the COM1 to COM8 ports to my device upon pairing? Can I disable the Sierra Wireless model from the COM ports list and hope this will happen? Thanks for your help and inputs beforehand. Regards, AL

Answer:How to force the "Bluetooth Communications Port" to be one of COM1 to COM8 ports?

Hi, AL_K
Have you attempted to change the port number in device manager itself? If you navigate to Device Manager and open the list of Ports, you can right-click on the device you wish to assign a different port number. After right-clicking, click Properties. There should be a tab called Port Settings. In here, you should find a setting to manually assign a port number.
Good luck, and let me know how it goes,

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I have a problem with my front usb ports/audio ports, a couple days ago I replaced my radiator and unplugged the cord for the front usb ports but it went back in fine and ever since then I would have my headphones plugged in but whenever I took out something from the usb port the headphone/audio stopped working, could there be something wrong with the way I plugged it back in?


Answer:Problem with usb ports/audio ports

Maybe a hardware problem,check it from u'r computer manufacturer !

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My keyboard won't stay connected to the Bluetooth. Windows disabled the Bluetooth and gave this messge: "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)." What is this and how do I fix it? I can't get my Logitech K810 keybaord to stay connected. It pairs, and works for awhile, then disconnests, even though it says it is connected. Driver update says the drivers in place are the right ones. I've also tried Bluetooth dongles to connect with, but I get the same problem -- connects for a while and then disconnects.   

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I have a 3 year old Toshiba Satellite P10 laptop computer which has 3 USB ports. None of them will work although power is coming from them as my external mouse lights up but doesn't work. In device manager it says everything is working ok ie all drivers etc. I have been told it is probably the main board?

Maplins reckon it's a software issue. I tried a PCI card with USB ports on but they didn't work either. The PCI slot is fine though as my wireless card adapter works from there ok. I have restored the computer 3 times and each time the USB ports don't function.
Any suggestions? I want to add external mouse and DVD drive etc...

Any help appreciated...Mark

Answer:Can not use USB ports on my Satellite P10


Did you use the Toshiba own recovery CD to restore the OS on the notebook or did you install the OS from the original Windows CD.
I would recommend using the Toshiba recovery CD because all driver and patches installed on this CD.

The USB ports provide a power of 500mA and this is a standard. If several external devices connected to the ports needs more power as 500mA then it?s possible that the notebook will not detect the several USB devices.

In the device manger you could disable the power save option for the single USB ports.
You can do in the USB port properties?

Additional I would recommend using an USB hub with the own external power supply.
Such devices are not very expensive and would allow you to connect and to use several USB devices together.

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I tried to upgrade from Windows XP Home to XP Pro on my Satellite A30 but it wouldn't allow me so I formatted the hard drive and installed the XP Pro from a disk then installed the toshiba utilities and the drives from the supplied disk. But now the laptop doesn't recognise my usb ports and I cannot install my rinters and other prepherels. Can someone please tell me how to resolve this problem? Do I need to re-install the XP Home again?

Thank you so much for your help in advance!

Answer:I cannot use my USB ports on my Satellite A30


Did you install Service Pack 2? What is with power supply for all your external devices? Do they have own AC adapter?

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hello every body

am working with AT Commands and i need hyper terminal as soosn as possible am working well on XP with hyper terminal but when i tokk the xp cope of hyoer and work with it on vista it opens but it doesn't respond any thing to me as it is not working...

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Hyperterminal problem: If I go to Hyperterminal, and reset it's default bits from 8 to 7 and Even to Odd with stop bits=1 and save it, no matter what I try, everytime I press "DIAL", it quickly jumps back to 8-EVEN-1 instead of 7-ODD-1. The other choices stays the same as configured.

I even configure directly the Serial Port from Device Manager, but same thing.

I tried this on other XP computer...The same problem. This does not happen with Win98SE.

Anybody with a selution.

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Question: Hyperterminal

Hi, I'm Marco from Italy!

I need to link a Luminometer (an Instrument that measure light emission) with a PC with Hyperterminal.

All works fine but the output data of Hyperterminal are strange symbols even if I change font... Should i set some particular setting? Or maybe should I do something specific?

Thanks for Help




Do you have a make and model number for the Luminometer?
How does it connect to the PC, ie what type of port does it use?

Usually if hyperterm is outputting strange symbols it is because you are using the wrong emulation or the wrong baud rate.

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Question: Hyperterminal

So im trying to configure Hyperterminal with a external testing device. I connected to the device but im not receiving any data. Any help would be appreciated thanks


Do you have a null modem between the two DTE devices?

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Question: Hyperterminal help

Does hyperterminal work 2 port at same time?

Here is what I am trying to do.

I create 2 hyperterminal ( and save on desktop use COM1 19200 Baud 8N1 use COM2 19200 Baud 8N1

My computer came with 2 serial port (DB9 male qty=2 1 for COM1 and the other for COM2)

I use a standard Female/Female to loop back com1 connector to com2 connector on back of my computer.

I run both and on the same screen

when I type a character on screen it should appear on the screen. But I see nothing on any of the screen.

The question is, can I run 2 hyperterminal at same time?

Please help...

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Question: Hyperterminal help


Need help on something very interesting. I need to transfer data using hyperterminal (Windows included version) in real time to MS Access or Excel.
This is to develope a program for air pressure testing station. I have an idea for the program itself (MS access), but can not figure out how to transfer data from hyperterminal to access table in REAL-TIME mode.
I can only transfer data manually by sending it as txt file.
Does anyone know how to do this without paying to buy additional software to take care of this?

Your future help is much appreciated!

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Question: hyperterminal

i'm at quite a large company with an extensive phone network provided by avaya. each phone shows the person's name who's calling wich is quite a usefull feature, although lately there have been some changes in the company, new people getting hired, others leaving, and some people being here temporarily (i'm getting somewhere bare with me ), of couse if someone moves or someone new gets here the phone settings need to be changed. if we need to have a technician come over for this it costs quite a lot of money for such a small piece of work. although i've seen them doing with hyperterm i'm unable to recreate this myself. does anyone know how to change the name bound to a certain phone number in hyperterm?

thanks in advance



can you PM me the details? need the phone models, and then the version of the software you are using.

There is information available on the website for Avaya too...

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Question: Hyperterminal

Howdy Guys

Im not a computer boffin, so if anybody can help me please bear this in mind when you answer
Im importing a small string of information (weight) from a scale into my hyperterminal via the comms port, can anybody tell me how i can automaticaly send this information onto an excell spreadsheet, updating a diffrent cell each time

any help you can offer would be appreciated


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Question: HyperTerminal

does anyone have any suggestions on hyper terminal applications? i need to find one for windows vista 32bit edition, for a dial up connection.



If you set up a dial-up connection in Vista and connect, it will bring up a terminal.
I have also used this: HyperTerminal Private Edition

Edit: Didn't realize that the new version is no longer free for personal use.
I used 6.3, you can get it here.

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Question: Hyperterminal

I don't know how to use Hyperterminal. I've tried the online help, but it doesn't seem to help me. I want to send a text message to another computer through the fax machine, etc. Can you help?


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Hi! Sorry if this is not the place but I wonder if anyone could help me...

I need to use hyperterminal (or any other terminal emulator) to connect to a Routerīs serial port. Unfortunatelly, my notebook only has serial ports and I cant use its ethernet interface.

Anyone knows a driver that would allow Hyperterminal to use the USB instead of serial? (I will still need the proper cable of course...)


Answer:How to use Hyperterminal with USB only?

you can use this adapter with a rollover cable to connect. Its a db9 female to female rj-45 adapter. Set hyperterminal to connect to whichever com port you connect to.

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Question: HyperTerminal

Just upgraded our workstations to Windows 2000. Now our HyperTerminal is not working properly. We are able to make a connection, but the window remains blank. (after connection, we are supposed to see a Wildcat software screen requesting our name, password, etc.)

We use HyperTerminal to connect via modem to a banking data center and transmit direct deposits. We have verified all settings in HyperTerminal and everything looks fine. This problem just started after the Windows 2000 upgrade. This missing text displayed in a DOS format - does this have anything to do with it? Please help!

(we are on a lan, but the modem used for HyperTerminal is in my computer - so I'm assuming no network specs are required. It really seems to be a Windows 2000 issue.)


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Question: HyperTerminal

The copy of Hyperterminal that comes with Windows XP will not allow you to scroll backwards pass the 24 line window without the copy being displaced. What I mean the information does not appear like it did when it first appeared in the display window.
Any fixes or work arounds for this problem.
or other program that work like HyperTerrminal?


Welcome to TSF....

What service pack do you have installed on your computer?

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Question: Hyperterminal

I use hyperterminal to connect to a BBS. I recently upgraded to a new computer and now when I connect I try to login and it only shows the "L" and the "G". I have changed baud rates and other settings to no avail. Does anyone know how to correct this?

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Question: Hyperterminal

Hi there,I've been lurking around the website for a while but never really had an issue worth creating a thread for. But there i am giving it my first try.We got 10 computers that have hyperterminal on it. We receive calls and information is displayed on the hyperterminal. For some reason, the information is immediately sent to the print queue and gets stuck there, causing the print queue to stop printing anything else (obviously).We had a workaround where we created a little dongle that we put on the parallel port so everything that is sent to the parallel port would "print to itself/nowhere".We are now going to put in computers that doesn't have any parallel port so this workaround won't work anymore. Any ideas how to mimic this "print to itself" behavior?Thanks for your help!


Any ideas?

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I have some problem with all 4 USB port. When I plug a memory stick or my external hard drive Vista says doesnt recognize it. But properties all my port are in 2.0. With my external HD I tranfer only at 20 mb/s, is it normal? And yes my BIOS is updated!


Answer:Satellite P - Only 20MB/s through USB ports

20MB/sec sounds normal. USB2 is only capable of 480Mbits/sec. Divide that by 8 and you will get 60MBytes/sec. But there are USB protocol overheads, so in reality the transfer rate is only about 20MB-40MB/sec

If it was running in USB 1 mode, it would only transfer at about 1.5MB/sec (12Mbit/sec)

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The USB port on the side hasn't worked for a while, but now when I plug anything into the
USB port on the back it now just says "USB device not recognised" on anything I plug in.
I have tried uninstalling them and the reinstalling but anything I plug in still wont work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:USB ports don't work on Satellite L30-11G

Which operating system do you use?
Have you tried to test USB ports functionality with ?factory settings??

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My computer is a Toshiba M30X Laptop...I have recently purchased a Video copying device (Dazzle Digital Video Creator 90), which appears to require USB Port connections of 2.0....I have connected the device to all three ports on the computer and they all seem to only have 1.1 power. I am prompted of this on every occasion by the device's software.

Apaprently, according to the computer's own information, I am supoposedly able to connect to a high speed port via the USB Root Hub (whatever and wherever that is...).

Can anybody assist me please ? Can I "upgrade" my existing ports by changing some settings ? If so, how does one go about this exercise ?



Answer:USB Ports - Satellite M30X


For a long time I have read about this issue. Generally depending on the USB 2.0 devices used, theses devices may connect and / disconnect automatically.
Some USB2.0 devices, e.g. HDD, have been known to disconnect during data transfer. Other USB 2.0 devices sometimes connect only at speed of USB 1.1 standard. The solution is BIOS update to version V1.90 or later.

It is very important to make sure, that you apply the correct BIOS for your machine (Intel 855GME or ATI Graphic chip).

Be careful about that.

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Recently replaced hard drive and re-loaded Vista Home Basic. Downloaded and installed all specific drivers from this site and everything seems to work except the 2 x USB ports. Tried several known working pen drives, but error pop-up appears saying "USB device not recognized".

Device manager USB Controllers shows 3 x ATI Comm Processors (1.1 OHCI x2 and 2.0 EHCI), Unknown Device and 3 x USB Root Hub. Tried the usual uninstall all USB devices and reboot but symptoms remain the same.

What am I missing please? Many thanks :)

Answer:Satellite L30-10Y - USB ports don't work

Have you installed ATI display driver version
ATI chipset driver should be part of it.

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Now im aware this is no new laptop although im wondering if it does support USB 2.0? As a transfer alot of data from pens to pc then to laptop ETC if there a driver/firmware upgrade available?
As the Toshiba specification just stated "2 x USB" any help very much appreciated, thanks in advance

Answer:Does Satellite 1800 712 has USB 2.0 ports?


the 1800-712 has only USB 1.1. There's no upgrade available.


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I have a Satellite C50-B-14D and have had it from new for about 4 months.

I didn't realise at the time of purchase (online) that it has no optical drive so I have bought an external one.

Whilst attempting to plug it in I discovered that nothing happened in the 2 ports on the right hand side (2.0 and 3.0) so decided to try the left hand 2.0 port.

It does detect the device but then undetects it within 10 seconds, it continues to do this every few seconds making it impossible for me to access my work on CD!!!

I have contacted the people I purchased it from but they say it is a Toshiba issue?
Can anyone help fix it as I don't want to send it for repair as I can't be without it for more that 2 days.


Answer:Satellite C50-B-14D - USB ports not working

I don?t think it?s notebook issue if all the USB ports would work in connection with other USB devices; i.e USB mouse.

From my point of few the external USB CD/DVD drive could not be recognized because of the low USB power.

Try to connect the CD/DVD drive to the notebook using the Y USB cable which allows you to connect the device to two USB ports.

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I am having a major issue with my Satellite C50-A-138.
The card reader has never worked, and one by one the USB ports have one by one stopped working.
I can connect my phone to all of them, and it will charge.

But I can't plug any device into the ports and have the laptop recognise them at all.
So far I have tried the following;

Disabling and enabling each port
Uninstalling and reinstalling
Checking for updates
Refreshing windows 8
Reinstalling windows 8
Regedit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\UsbFlags
Regedit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\usbhub
Downloading hotfix

Is there anything else that I can do to make them work again?

Answer:Satellite C50-A-138 - All USB ports have failed

> The card reader has never worked, and one by one the USB ports have one by one stopped working.
It is really strange. This notebook model was offered with Win8 64bit and I cannot imagine some pots don't work from the first day and from the moment when notebook was delivered with factory settings.
> Reinstalling windows 8
Have you created recovery media and then installed recovery image using this media?
With other words, have you tested functionality with original factory settings?

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I have a Satellite P10-304 and the USB ports will not recognise anything attached to them. The Device Manager is telling me that they are enbaled and working properly. What can be wrong with them or what can I do??

Answer:Satellite P10-304: USB ports will not recognise anything


A friend of mine has the same unit on the work and everything works perfect. He use USB hub too and have many external devices connected to the unit.

By the way: something like that can happen if the external device is not removed properly using ?Safely remove hardware? option. If you try to connect other device after that in most cases it will not be recognized at all. In this case you can restart the unit or remove ports from device manager and use hardware detection to find them again.


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I have a Toshiba Satillite P50 and none of the USB ports are working. I tired finding Utilities controller Bus in the device manager but it doesnt exist- please someone help! I just turned it on this morning and none of them were working I really have no idea what to do or how to do it.

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On Christmas Day my son was having problems loading PC games onto my laptop. After various attempts he finally gave up. During one attempt he began banging on the keyboard and dragging the mouse all over the place in temper. Since this happened I have been unable to use the USB ports. Nothing seems to be recognised, yet all diagnostic checks seem to indicate they are working properly!

There is power to the ports, but when I plug in various hardware items they are not recognised. Could the games that my son tried to load have damaged the computer or could it be the way he treated the keyboard and mouse? Is there anything I can do to get the ports working again?

Many thanks, Ernie

Answer:USB Ports on Satellite P10-340 not working

Go into the device manager and remove all USB ports.
After new reboot of the notebook the ports should recognize the port again?
Then you could try to connect a USB device like mouse and check if it works.

By the way: Some devices like scanner or webcam need a additional drivers

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So this laptop is approx 6 weeks old, about 2/3 weeks ago the USB 3.0 port stopped working, then a few days later the USB 2.0 on the right hand side also stopped working.
Now today, after being used most of the day, I went to switch to my graphics tablet on my last remaining USB 2.0 port and that has suddenly died too.
Bought the laptop from Argos after my previous Toshiba retired at 8 years old, I thought I was getting a nice upgrade but its given me nothing but grief.
No items plugged in (mouse, graphics tablet, keyboard) are even getting power.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, have checked drivers, followed a load of tips for similar issues after a google search and now I'm desperate.

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I have a problem with my Satellite M30-106. One day the system froze (Windows XP with SP2) while switching the machine off. I was forced to hold the 'power' button for a moment in order to close the system. However, since then all 3 USB ports do not work.

The system does not 'recognise' them. I cannot see them in the Device Manager. I tried to re-install the system but it did not help.

Can anyone help me, pelase =)

Answer:Satellite M30-106: USB ports not working


It looks like a hardware problem. Was anything connected to the USB ports at the time? Could you check the USB ports visually and see if they are damaged or wobbly. It's a bit of a long shot but you might have a short circuiting socket and that could disable the USB.
If the motherboard is damaged then apart from fixing/replacing it your only option would be a PCMCIA USB controller card, they are not to expensive.

Best regards,

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Hi, my Satellite Pro L10-103 USB Ports are not working. I've tried various things and lastly my advisor scrubbed my computer clean of all programmes and operating system. After reloading from the set up disk and having lost my some expensive programmes I am no further forward. Still not working.

Does anyone know if this means it is a mechanical problem with the computer? (I'm using Windows XP). Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Satellite Pro L10-103 - USB ports not working

Did you use the Toshiba Recovery Disc to reinstall Windows? Or did you use a generic/retail version of Windows?

What XP Service Pack do you have installed?

Can you see unresolved devices in Device Manager?

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I have a 2 year old Satellite L755-1LM. The instruction manual says that it might have a USB 3.0 port as that was optional on some models.

Is there an easy way to find out if my model has this? I have been told that USB 3.0 ports have a blue insert rather than black, but I do not know if that is true in all cases (mine is black). I have attached a USB 3.0 standard HDD to the left USB port, which is the one that might be 3.0, but the transfer rate is poor. Therefore, it is either 2.0 only or I am missing drivers etc.

Any thoughts?

Answer:USB 3.0 ports on Satellite L755-1LM


According notebook specification your machine has USB 2.0 ports only. Difference is that one single port placed on the left side supports ?sleep and charge? option.

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I?ve tried getting hold of new usb ports for my Toshiba Satellite Pro L450D I?ve phoned Toshiba up and they said I have to put it in for repair but the thing is it aint no longer in warranty so I can?t do that and sending it to Toshiba to repair.

for me would cost loads I?ve asked Toshiba to supply me the usb ports for my laptop but they won?t so I would like to know where I can get these parts from as any of my usb ports don?t work due to my daughter breaking them in the first place and all the insides of the usb ports are broken.

Please help

Answer:Need new USB ports for Satellite Pro L450D


At first I must say that Toshiba service doesn?t sell such small parts like USB ports. USB ports are soldered on the mainboard.
Where to get new USB ports? Good question.

I don?t know where do you lve but maybe you should use Google in your country and check if you can find some ?independent? notebook repair shop and ask for help.
I?m afraid it will not be so easy to find new ports.

What you can try is to buy defective mainboard in hope USB ports are OK and try to replace them.

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I have Satellite P30.

I am trying to connect a GPS to the laptop.
GPS write to COM ports - COM1 - COM5

The laptop only had USB and no COM ports.
Is it possible to attach a COM port to the laptop?



Answer:Question about COM ports on Satellite P30

Do you mean the ?real? com ports or a ?virtual? COM ports?

However, I presume that this device can be connected to a USB port and then a virtual COM port will be created.
In such case the drivers must be installed provided with this external device.

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I'm having problems with HyperTerminal. When we type in the command ATE1 in the hyperterminal, it does not come back as ok, and it never does even if we type that command in 2 or 5 times. Why is it not giving us that back?

Answer:Why can't I get Hyperterminal to work?

Are you sure that it should?

ATE1 (from memory...) is the command to allow the modem to echo back the response. It's not a "command" as such, more a "switch" that acts on all the other commands?

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I am running a Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop which is connected to a solar particle counter. This device is hooked up through a USB port, and I was told by the company that I had to use Hyperterminal (v 5.1) to collect the data. It worked fine for a while, and then the laptop itself failed. I sent it out, re-installed an OEM version of XP with SP2, and booted up hyperterminal again. Everything worked fine. Then, it slowed the whole system down, so I used the taskmanager to end the process. When I started it up again, it kept giving me an error saying that the device was not working. I tried other USB ports, and that didn't solve the problem. My drivers and such were re-updated, so that is not the problem. If you need any other information, please let me know. The Inspiron is a stock model with 512 mb of RAM and a 1.66 Ghz CPU. I looked through the hyperterminal help file, but it was pretty worthless. Also, are there any other programs I could use? I looked at Poderosa and PuTTY, but I am not sure if they can do the same thing that Hyperterminal is doing now.

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Issues with Hyperterminal

Does anyone have any information to help me?

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Hey guys

I used hyperteminal in windows xp to dial in to BBS boards, (Yes they are still around!!)
but I have noticed windows 7 no longer has that and What I have done for the past while was use the xp verson, by comming the porgram folder over,

I later found there is a verson for 7 you can pay for, but I have no money

Is there a free alternative to hyperteminal that does dialing in?

Answer:Hyperterminal missing

Hello Mycatisbigfoot,

I found this that may be able to help.

HyperTerminal Alternatives for Windows 7

Hope this helps,

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Does anyone know if it is possible to configure a hyperterminal session to auto execute commands when the session is connected?  I have two commands that I need to execute right away and the user is not to happy about the routine getting changed.  It would be great if I could set it up so that when she connects the session it would run those two commands then she would be back to here normal routine.  Anyone know if this is possible and if so how?
Moderator Edit: Moved from Windows 7 forum to a more appropriate forum.

Answer:Hyperterminal questions

See if this helps:

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Hi All,
Am using windoews 98 but added a PCI Serial port card. It automatically sets itself up as com 5 and com 6.

I want to test these ports throug hyperterminal but when I load it up have onle a selection of Com 1 to com 4. Presumibly Win 98 hyperterminal only supports com 1 to 4. Is there any download I can use to modify this to allow me to test my com 5 and 6 ports. Or are ther other tricks I can use to check these ports.


Answer:hyperterminal Windows 98

Is this a US Robotics modem? Com5 is what they set up and is know as a DOSbox com port. In other words, if you set Hyperterm. on Com4, it should still find the modem. Have you tried that?

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I have a device that is currently sending data to my Hyperterminal. I would also like to see the date and time that the data is sent (there is no internal clock in the device). Is it possible to do this?

Answer:Hyperterminal & Date

All electronic equipment run off of a clock! The software that this device is using has not been programmed to echo the date and time to the display. What is the device?

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Hi... We are using Hyperterminal for transferring the datas from our Product (Calibrator) thru cable to PC... We newly bought one Dell D620 on which the Hyperterminal is not working properly, when we tried to transfer the datas... The Output in PC Screen is showing half the datas... We tried that in another PC where its working fine and giving all the datas clearly...

Kindly advice, what could be the problem and resolution...



Answer:Issues with Hyperterminal - XP Pro

In my opinion, HyperTerminal is extremely outdated. I recommend PuTTY in its place.

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I still have a very old email account that has to be accessed with hyper terminal - anyone know how to access on Vista?
Thank you

Answer:Does Vista have hyperterminal?

Windows no longer has Hyperterminal.

If you still have a XP machine you could copy two files hypertrm.dll and hypertrm.exe. , no installation is required just put them in a new folder and make a short cut to the .exe.

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I am trying to configure a HP ProCurve 420 na and according to support I am in need of configuring the HyperTerminal as a DEC VT-100. Is there anywhere that guides you through the process of doing this?

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I was using the Hyperterminal to submit specific insurance claims. Now my Hyperterminal has disappeared. (If I go to Accessories--Communications-- Hyperterminal is no longer listed. Does anyone know how to reinstall Hyperterminal on my Inspiron 1501 laptop?

Answer:Reinstalling Hyperterminal

Welcome to TSF!

Is it actually missing, or is just the shortcut missing?
The program should be here:
"C:\Program Files\Windows NT\hypertrm.exe"
If still there, you can make a new shortcut.

If it is missing, follow these steps to re-install.

Click Start | Run
type (or paste) Notepad "%systemroot%\inf\sysoc.inf" into the Run box.
Click OK.
Find this line:
Change it to read this:
(Remove the word HIDE, but leave the commas)
Save the file.

Go To Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs
Click Add/Remove Windows Components
Highlight Accessories, click the Details... button
Highlight Communications, click the Details... button
Check Hyperterminal
Click OK, then click OK, then click Next
You may need the XP CD, or may need to point to the i386 folder if it's been copied to the hard drive.
When done, click Finish.
(If Hyperterminal is already checked, uncheck it, follow the above to uninstall it completely, then start again at Add/Remove Windows Componentsand repeat the process to re-install).

You can put the word HIDE back in the sysoc.inf file, or leave it as is.

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For some reason I cannot help a friend to connect to the internet.They are with Virgin PAYG and they started by getting an error message instantly when trying to dial, used Hyperterminal and was reported as "blacklisted" so I got them to reinstall the modem.Rebooted and asked them to check settings and make sure the modem had reinstalled itself, which it had.Tried to connect and they just get "Dialing" then "Redial" etc, so went back to Hyperterminal ATZ was ok, then ATDT08454550280 and they got "No Carrier" Can anyone suggest anything as my "Friends" are getting arsy and blaming me for recommending an unreliable computer (Brand new Toshiba laptop)Cheers

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When using hyperterminal over the internet with a colleague connected at the other end, neither one of us can get the text we type in on the keyboard to stay put on the screen. Typing a character or two on the keyboard results in the character then ongoing characters and garbage spaced out all over the screen with the characters scrolling. After several seconds the scrolling stops but further attempts to type results in the same thing. We had used Hyperterminal successfully for several months. The problems started after switching to high speed internet on my end but connecting using dial up doesn't fix the problem.

Is the very busy screen a sign of my colleague transferring unauthorized info from my PC to his? He is capable of writing some pretty slick machine code applications.

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Ok so we have this only windows 98 machine at work that is only used for hyper terminal into this stupid air condition system. Basically it allows our maintenance person to log in and setup ac schedules.

Is there a way i could turn this computer into a hyperterminal type server and have a client app on his office computer so he can do it from there ? Or is there any way i could add a hyper terminal device to the network ?

Dont know if this is even possible


Answer:Hyperterminal Question

What you need is a single port terminal server.

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Could anyone please help me with the equivalent of XP's hyperterminal in Vista? I am using Business edition SP2.

Answer:No hyperterminal in Vista

HyperTerminal is a Windows XP application that helps you to connect your computer to other remote computers. This application is also used by NetAdmins to connect their laptops to switches to perform regular maintenance operations. But Windows Vista or Windows 7 do not include this application by default. All the alternatives available are either paid and the free ones are not up to the mark. In this article we will tell you how to install the Windows XP?s HyperTerminal client on Windows Vista or Windows 7.

First of all you need to get access to a Windows XP machine and copy two files hypertrm.dll and hypertrm.exe from that system to your target Windows Vista or Windows 7 machine. Alternatively, you can download the files in a zip-package from here. Once you have the zip file, you need to extract the two files from that package to your target system (Windows Vista or Windows 7). CHeck this screenshot below.

Make sure you keep the files hypertrm.dll and hypertrm.exe in the same folder. Now you can launch the HyperTerminal client by double clicking the hypertrm.exe file. And there you have a fully working HyperTerminal client. This HyperTerminal client functions normally on your Windows Vista or a Windows 7 system as it would on any other Windows XP system. .
Hyperterminal in vista Free Download

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Hello, serial communication ports (COM1-4)of my Satellite M30 notebook suddendly 'disappeared', or, at least, Window XP (Home version) is unable to detect them -by means of Resource Management or similar monitoring tools- Only parallel port (LPT1) is reported.
Trouble is that the (standard internal) modem (set by default on COM3)is unable to work. Modem seems ok -at least according to Windows- but, as you can guess, it cannot accept AT commands (and hence start up).
Everything else seems to work properly -including Infrared Port, which should operate, by default, on COM4 ?! and Touchpad mouse. No I/O Address and IRQ problems are detected on the other peripherls.
Only the serial port system driver (serial.sys) is alarmed because unable to start up.
..??? .. Even thought of an hardware problem -ex.electrostatic discharge or similar?- but a couple of days ago the modem started up out of the blue and worked properly for quite a long time -even if with the COM ports still undetected by Windows- but after connection went down and modem was unable to start again (Error 633: modem or other device already operating or configuration problems ..).
..Before proceeding with more annoying (and possibly expensive) actions -such as reinstalling Windows? .. or looking for a repair center- I wanted to try to replace the serial driver (serial.sys), but I was unable to find it -either on Toshiba site or in the CDs provided with the product. Where can I find it?
Further suggestions?

Answer:COM1-4 ports 'missing' in Satellite M30


Don?t search for any serial port drivers. Such ports use the simply common Microsoft Windows drivers!!!
According to your description there are different issues with different internal devices.

Hopefully it?s not a hardware problem ?:|

So? in my opinion we should firstly find out if it?s a software or hardware issue.
In such case you should take your original Toshiba recovery CD and should reinstall the OS.

Note; the whole HDD will be fomrated and you will lose the data. So don?t forget to backup your data.

If the new OS installation does not help and you will still receive such error messages the technician should check the notebook !!!

Good luck

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For the past 48 hrs have been really struggling to get my USB ports to work,,
Lappy is Toshiba SATELLITE PRO C650 running W7..Has only 2 usb ports.

A couple of days ago I bought a new memory stick ..Sandisk 16gb Cruzer Blade..Stuck it into lappy and nothing at all happened apart from my attached wireless mouse stopped working.
Since then the ports have been completely dead. (stick now shows up on anotherPC)
This is what I have done so far, after searching thro web for possible solutions..

Device manager show ports all OK with no exclamations....
When I insert any USB device confirmation sounds from PC and Dev Mgr doesnt flinch...
Tried uninstalling port/hubs and letting W7 reinstall them..Still dead...
Tried powering down removing battery and mains supply for ages then re booting..Still dead....

I am thinking my last resort is trying a factory default system re install .. but a have a mountain of astro stuff that will need to be saved and can only be done via many many disks.
I really want to be sure Ive tried everything before doing that.

Could I have really damaged the MB.??
I am now going nowhere fast so if theres anybody out there got any suggestion please shout...

Answer:Satellite Pro C650 - USB ports now DEAD

>I am thinking my last resort is trying a factory default system re install .. but a have a mountain of astro stuff that will need to be saved and can only be done via many many disks

Even if it?s really painful to get all the stuff installed again, I would recommend recovering the notebook using the Toshiba Recovery disk or HDD recovery.

>Could I have really damaged the MB.??
Well, its difficult to say before trying the recovery procedure.
If the USB ports would not work after the usage of Recovery disk (or HDD recovery) then of course: the mobo could be affected? therefore in my opinion the notebook should be set to factory settings.

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I have trouble with me notebbok C650. From yesterday USB ports does not work after connected USB key, SD card or some.
Now I do not know whether it is a hardware or software error.
I tried to restore the system, change USB drivers, perform PC maintenance, check the antivirus, but nothing did not work.

I advertise laptop?

Thank?s for more info...

Answer:Satellite C650 USB ports does not work


You could try to refresh the USB ports and controllers which appear in device manager.
Disconnect all USB devices and access the device manager.
Here expand the area USB controllers.
Now delete all USB Host controllers and USB root hubs from the list.
After that reboot the notebook.
Finally the Windows OS should boot up and should recognize all USB devices once again. Now connect a USB mouse and check if you could use it.

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Since today I'm having problems with USB ports after several months of flawless usage. I started pc and everything was working normally for first 10mins.

Than i got system message: "USB Port 1 stopped working.
Please disconnect device attached to it." (something like that), and I only had OK option which I pressed.

After that all (of 3) my ports (i had only mice and keyboard) stopped working. I tried troubleshooting, disconnecting devices and plugging them back, disabling and than enabling again in device manage nothing.

Only thing that helps is restarting laptop to get same error after 10 - 20 mins.
I haven't been doing anything unusual on laptop today. :S

Answer:Satellite R850 2R - USB ports issue


I found some interesting advice from Microsoft regarding the similar USB issues.

+Disable and re-enable the USB controller+
+To disable and re-enable the USB controllers, follow these steps:+
+1. Click Start, and then click Run.+
+Note If you are running Windows Vista, click Start, and then use the Start Search box.+
+2. Type devmgmt.msc, and then click OK. Device Manager opens.+
+3. Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers.+
+Note You might have to scroll down the list to find this item.+
+4. Right-click the first USB controller under Universal Serial Bus controllers, and then click Uninstall to remove it.+
+5. Repeat step 4 for each USB controller that is listed under Universal Serial Bus controllers.+
+6. Restart the computer. After the computer starts, Windows will automatically scan for hardware changes and reinstall all the USB controllers that you uninstalled.+
+7. Check the USB device to see whether it is working.+

The other advice:

+You can disable the USB Selective Suspend feature as a workaround by editing the registry. The USB device may become unresponsive because of a race condition in the Selective Suspend feature+
+1. Click Start, and then click Run.+
+Note If you are running Windows Vista, click Start, and then use the Start Search box.+
+2. Type regedit, and then click OK. Registry Editor opens.+
+3. Locate and then click the following registry subkey:+
+HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Servi ces\USB+
+4. If the... Read more

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It seems to me that USB ports of SATELLITE A60-197ITA are not really High Speed. They are very slow!
Some diagnose program says that BIOS doesn't support USB Legacy....

Is this the problem?
What can I do to have better performances?

Answer:Satellite-A60 - USB ports are not really High Speed


I don?t know how you noticed that the ports are not high speed USB 2.0 ports. As far as I know your unit has definitely USB 2.0 ports. In my opinion data transfer speed depends on external device too.

Best example for this is data copying from external HDD. If I copy just one file it runs quite fast but if the data transfer containing a few files with high data size the transfer speed drops rapidly.

If you want to know more about Legacy support please check the user?s manuals (page 126 and 156).


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I recently bought a toshiba satellite s-series and the usb ports are not working - usb xhci compliant host controller code 39
things I have tried:

- searching the internet for any related issues
- searching the support site for drivers but they don't provide usb drivers for my laptop.
- updating and uninstalling the driver.
- "add legacy hardware" via device manager

any help is greatly appreciated

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Answer:Re: USB ports on my Satellite S series are not working

If you need some help you must post exact notebook model name and OS you use.

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Hi there

I received my Satellite Pro A200GE-26Q yesterday (yippee!) and I was testing all the bits last night. The USB ports are extremely tight. I have to almost force the pen drive in and pull VERY hard to get it out. Will this damage the ports/usb devises??

Also, is there anything that can be done about this?? I don't think Toshiba will change this as they are working and therefore don't qualify to be fixed under the warranty.

My DVD drive is also quite loud. Is this normal?

Hope you can help!!

Please help

Answer:Re: Tight USB ports on Satellite Pro A200

> I received my Satellite Pro A200GE-26Q yesterday (yippee!) and I was testing all the bits last night. The USB ports are extremely tight. I have to almost force the pen drive in and pull VERY hard to get it out. Will this damage the ports/usb devises?
Don?t think you will damage anything but if you connect or disconnect something then be careful? Don?t use a force.

> My DVD drive is also quite loud. Is this normal?
The CD/DVD drive is always a little bit louder while working.
I assume it?s nothing unusual.

Best regards

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I have a Satellite L650D-103 with usb ports do not work (no mouse, no printer) from an updated windows 7.
I tried a system restore, but it did not solve the problem.

When I check the system generic map controler realtek is disabled.

what can I do?
thank you for your help

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Answer:Satellite L650D-103 - USB ports do not work


I would recommend you to delete the USB controllers and hubs from the device manager.
Expand the USB-controller area (in device manager), choose the devices USB-root-hub and USB enhanced host controller and press delete. This should be done for all devices listed there.

The Satellite L650D-103 was equipped with an AMD chipset.
The chipset driver is part of the ATI display driver and therefore I would recommend you to reinstall the ATI display driver again.

Finally reboot the notebook and test the USB port functionality.

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Type C70-A-17C
SerieNr PSCEEE-008006DU
Windows 10

The two USB ports on the right suddenly stopped working.
I get message: Unknown USB device needs more power as the USB can deliver.
I now use one USB port on the left site for the mouse.

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My Satellite A10 has lost ports and I can't use my modem.
What can I do ?

Answer:Lost COM/LPT ports on Satellite A10 and cannot use modem

Try to find your modem in device manager. See its properties, go to advanced tab and press "advanced port settings" button. See if you have "com port number" field there. There you can choose any free COM port for your modem. The above is true for "Toshiba software modem" on Satellite M70.

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i have formatted my laptop "L40-18w" after that all the usb ports are not working.

Could you please help me regarding this issue


Answer:Satellite L40-18W - USB ports not working after HDD format

What operating system (version of windows) did you install on the notebook?
Try installing/reinstalling the "chipset" drivers. You should be able to locate these on the Toshiba website of the country the notebook was purchased in.

Hope this helps.


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I?m new to these forums and have found an annoying problem on my computer and need help please.

Every time I go to use my USB PORTS nothing works.. I unplug and try re connect into another port but still nothing. I?ve tried updating my usb ports my computer-device manager- update driver software. (nothing)... my computer is fully updated with windows updates.. It?s just so annoying I cant use any of my USB ports. Can anyone help me please?

Many thanks.

Answer:Satellite P850-31l - USB ports are not working


Do you use your notebook with original preinstalled Win8 64bit?
Have you noticed this issue from the first day?
Have you tested different USB devices?

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This is really odd and I work with PCs for years and know abit about them. I have a TOSHIBA Satellite P200-1JV ( great laptop by the way).
It has 6 USB ports. All are in the system of the Vista control panel. Only the 4 right hand side ones work.

I have tried all sorts of USB devices in the 2 that don't.
Here is where gets is really strange; my Palm 750 phone works, but thats it.

My mouse, external drive don't etc.
I have even removed them for the system and rebooted and this has not fixed the problem.


Answer:Satellite P200-1JV: 2 USB ports don't seem to work

Hmmm? did it appear from the first day?

Possibly it?s only a system issue? I mean, maybe some registry entire or system files are damage? ?:|

You said you?ve already removed the USB controllers and hubs from the device manager and reinstalled it again? am I right???

If not then do this? remove the USB device manager entries and reboot the unit.

After new reboot the OS should install the driver and should refresh the USB ports.

Check it out

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Hi all

I have a L750 laptop and the right side USB PORTS don?t work at all
Any help would be much appreciated.

Answer:Re: USB ports are not working on my Satellite L750

Can you offer more info about your notebook please?
Do you use it with original OS that you got with your notebook?
Since when you have noticed this problem?
Have you changed anything on preinstalled OS or have you installed some updates?

Have you tested these ports with different USB devices?

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I have a Satilite A110-260 from my brother.
The Problem is, that the USB Ports don't work :-(

They are found in the hardware manager but I can't install it.
I have download the hardware setup from the Toshiba homepage but ... :-(

Can you help me?

Sincerely John

P.S. Sorry for my english ^^

Answer:Satellite A110-260 - USB ports don't work

Can you please tell us which OS you try to install?
SP1 or SP2?

Please after OS installation the first thing you must install is ?Chipset driver?.
Have you installed the right one?

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HI all

This is the link of Satellite A500-134 specifications

you can see that there any thing about USB Ports or fire wire
Does that means that there is no USB ports or Firewire Port..?

Answer:Does Satellite A500-134 has USB Ports and firewire?


I am sure page you posted is not finalized and some information is missing there.
Please check info about same notebook I found on European page

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I have Toshiba Satellite L830-145 with Windows 8 and all USB ports don't work. Have updated Intel drivers, BIOS and uninstalled and so on tried a lot and still no luck
Maybe here someone will have some idea

When I start computer power come on before windows starts and goes dead when windows starts loading up
On USB3 I can charge phone but it won?t recognise anything in windows
Any help much appreciated.

Answer:Re: USB ports don't work on my Satellite L830-145

According notebook specification your notebook was delivered with Win8 64bit.
Do you use this original preinstalled Windows version?

All you have done is right but if nothing helps maybe you should try to reinstall original recovery image and test functionality with ?factory settings?.

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Hi there. Just turned my laptop on and found that the USB ports hafe stopped working. No mouse and no external storage. Any ideas?

Answer:USB ports have stopped working on Satellite C

What USB port status is visible in the device manager?
Are any yellow exclamation marks visible?

Expands the USB hubs and controller area and delete all listed USB ports / controllers from the device list.
After that, reboot the unit.

The system should reboot and the USB ports should be recognized and installed automatically.

Try this short workaround and report the results.

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The 2 USB ports at the rear of the laptop refuse to work, I have tried various devices but they are all unrecognised. I have run the recovery disc and the problem is still present. I ran Acronis to get the machine back to as It was before but still I only have the right hand side USB port.

I have still got 10 months Toshiba warranty left but wonder, is there something I can do via setting befor I ring Toshiba to collect it?


Answer:Lost 2 USB ports on Satellite M series


The problem is that the malfunction is definitively hardware related and cannot be resolved by setting some options in the BIOS..
So. NO, there?s nothing you can do. Just send the machine to an ASP and let them repair your lovely Satellite. ;)


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None of the USB ports are working on my laptop. OS is Win XP SP2. When the system comes back from stand by it gives a pop up error message "usb post 1 is not working. please remove the USB connected to this USB port".
I have tried updating BIOS, chipset, uninstall reinstall windows, alos tried only XP without any SP or updates, still the same problem. Nothing happens when i plug USB device into any USB port.
Can any one have any tips?

Answer:USB ports are not working on Satellite M-series

Hi there,

first of all: which machine do you have? It could be useful to know because just talking about a machine is a little bit senseless.

Other question: when did the port stop working? Did you performed some updates/install/etc. or did they just immediately stopped working.
Please clarify your descripton.


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