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Satellite Pro P100: Bios update went wrong - what to do?

Question: Satellite Pro P100: Bios update went wrong - what to do?

i have a satellite pro p100 with win xp.
i downloaded the win-based bios-update.
something went worng. the notebook was shut down and when i try to start it,
i have blackscreen, dont see the anything, windows doesnt start.
nothing happens.

please help me, i am writing my diploma and really need to get this fixed quickly.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite Pro P100: Bios update went wrong - what to do?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite Pro P100: Bios update went wrong - what to do?


so if your machine does not start anymore then you should send/bring your machine to the next authorized service partner in your country.

Here?s a link to find one and I suggest you to contact one of them immediately because of your diploma:

Good luck

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My Satellite P100-284 has the number PSPA3E
This doesn't correspond exactly with any of the Bios update files for download from Toshiba.
Can anyone please confirm if the correct file is available?

Answer:Need Bios update for Satellite P100-284

Hi buddy,

I don?t understand your problem. Just have to go to this site:

Choose the correct product type (Notebook), the family (Satellite), the product series (Satellite P series) and the model (Satellite P100 PSPA3E).

Download the WINBIOS File and update your bios...
So, I ask you now again, whats the matter?? :)


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How do I install BIOS after download as I canot find the setup start in the downloaded files?

Any help appreciated as I am new to this.
I have a Satellite P100-429 PSPA3E

Answer:Re: Satellite P100-429 - How to update the BIOS?

You must start the WinPhlash.exe file to start the BIOS update.

Furthermore here are some informations how to update the BIOS:

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Hi all, this is my first post!

I have downloaded an update for my BIOS but I dont have a clue as to how I install it.
Can anybody help me please???

My laptop is a P100-434

Thanks, Rich

Answer:How do I update BIOS at Satellite P100?

Before we start discussion about BIOS update can you tell us is there some reason for BIOS update?
Have you noticed some strange issues with your notebook?

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How can I update my BIOS when I have only Linux installed? Your BIOS updates require windows.

Thank you for the answer

Answer:Satellite P100-437 - How to update BIOS on Linux?


First of all what notebook you have exactly?

Normally the BIOS can only be updated on Windows so you have to install Windows to update the BIOS. The point is that BIOS update is only possible on preinstalled OS and that?s not Linux. ;)

Alternative you can contact an authorized service provider. Maybe they can update the BIOS in DOS mode via bootable disk or floppy. It?s worth a try?

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I?ve had a bad flash on my Satellite P100-429.
The utility crashed which left me with a bookend. Not happy

I?ve created a floppy crisis recovery disk & bought a USB floppy drive after much hunting the internet for info.
Problem is I need verification on the exact key combination for my laptop to envoke crisis recovery mode.
On power up I have usual symptoms, flash of LEDs, power to CD-rom, power click of floppy drive etc...
I just need to verify correct sequence for key combinations.

Can anyone help?
Win-f, win-b, fn-f, fn-b, win-esc, fn-escape doesn?t seem to work for me

How long to wait for floppy to start after combination etc?

Answer:BIOS update fails on Satellite P100-429


I don?t have experience with these BIOS recovery tools because in my opinion it?s a little bit too risky. This is no official way to recover a BIOS and I don?t want to destroy the whole ROM module.

In my opinion if a BIOS update wasn?t successful, you should go to an authorized service provider. Contact a notebook technician and explain your situation. The technician can try to reflash it and they have more experience. I think this shouldn?t be a problem to contact one. ;)

Good luck!

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After a Bios update V4.50 09/30/08 (via Windows), there was a problem to startup the notebook; automatically Windows tried a recovery procedure and the notebook could startup.

Via 'Toshiba Assist/ Hardware Setup ' the new Bios version appears.

Does this means that finally the Bios update was succesfull?

Thanks for your help

Answer:Satellite P100-442 PSPAAE - Bios Update

If the new BIOS version is visible then the BIOS update was successful!
You can see the BISO version in BIOS directly or in the 'Toshiba Assist -> Hardware Setup too.

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Does anybody know whether the Satellite P100 BIOS update (4.80) includes the EC/KBC update? I downloaded the BIOS from this website and installed it but it does not show whether the EC/KBC has been updated as well.

If there is a seperate update for the EC/KBC where can I download it?

Answer:Satellite P100-196 - Does Bios (4.80) includes the EC/KBC update?

Hey mate,

If there is no special EC/KBC update on the Toshiba website I assume it?s included in BIOS update. I never saw such an additional update on official Toshiba website so it seems to be a part of BIOS update. :)

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Hi! I have a Satellite P100.
Yesterday I updated the bios with the newer version throw windows Xp. But unfortunately windows crashed with BSoD (blue screen) at the update process.
Now I brick my Laptop. When I try to turn on,the power led light but that all.
What can I do to fix my problem?
I am in Israel and they are no Toshiba support.
I fell me
help me..

Answer:Bios update was not successful on Satellite P100


Sorry to said it but there is no much to do. You have to contact the ASP (authorized service provider) in your country for a help.
If you are a lucky man maybe the motherboard is not damage and the ROM module must be flashed only.

You will find also the Toshiba ASP in Israel.
Please check this Toshiba page and search for ASP in Middle East -> Israel

Good luck

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I have an P100-347 and had graphics stuttering problems while playing games. By updating BIOS 4.0 to 4.10 it solve the stuttering problem!!!

Now my fan always runs at maximum, It never ideals.
It's still the same even when i chooes lowconsumption configuration. I use the same drivers as before, just only updated the bios.

I have alsow tested with the latest intel chipset divers and Nvidia driver and it is still the same.
So my conclution is the BIOS, does Toshiba know anything about this issue and working on a newer bios?

Kind Regards Ismael

Answer:Satellite P100-347: After 4.10 BIOS update fan always runs at maximum

Everything points that the BIOS 4.10 is the common issue to the always high speed of the graphical fan even when the laptob is in standby mode.

I want to see some action like a new revise of the BIOS 4.10!

/ Ismael

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i have a satellite P100-473 upgraded with 4Go ram, using ubuntu 10.04 lucid 64 with nvidia driver.

Problem with temperature oft the GPU rising to high (more than 100 ?C) using sensors applet to check.

I guess it's a BIOS and driver problem.

Under windows 7 x64 i don't have this problem with the last nvidia driver (using speedfan to check temperature)

I decided to flash the bios with the last version => BD1_BIOS(V4.80)_Update.exe as i have the 4.0 version actually, and while flashing same error than you error -121. dxe update etc ...

While the .exe extract the content of the flash on your c:\tmp i'm going to try a flash bios with a usb bootable stick and phlash.exe with the BD13C43.WPH.

The problem is to find the official dos phlash.exe .. phoenix doesnt provide those kind of tools ;(

I understand the need to simple flash bios under windows .. but i don't understand the missing .iso for flashing at boot when the operating system doesnt match ...

If you have any clue thanks ;)

Answer:Problem running 4.80 Bios update on Satellite P100-473

Toshiba has offered old traditional BIOS updated (floppy) long time ago. Now you can find WIN updates only.
You can try to contact nearest Toshiba service and ask if they have traditional BIOS update.

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after installing the brandnew Bios-update 4.20 the GPU fan is when the notebook is cool off. While working with it the GPU temperature rises up to 100?C (very very hot), then the fan begins to run on medium speed and the GPU cools down. After a restart, eg. next day, the fan always runs on medium or high speed (very noisy!!). With the the bios version before this problem didn't appear.

Has someone the same problem with his notebook?
Did anyone have the Bios-update before 4.20 and can send it to me???


Answer:Satellite Pro P100 GPU Fan off or full speed after Bios-update to 4.20

TOSHIBA P100-444. Win Vista 32Bit

I had the framerate problem.

The framerate problem now is solved, but I have exactly de same problem. After the first time the GPU reaches 100, the GPU fan starts noisy all time. I think it could be any problem BIOS-HARDWARE.

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Hi all please help!

I have just updated Bios on Satellite P100-434 to version 4.30 and cpu fan only works on boot up.
The GPU fan is working erratically.

I have installed new driver for graphics card.
Would like to use backed up Bios but don't know how to.

Thanks hope you can help before computer will frys as it is shutting down because of the heat.

Answer:Fans do not work after Bios update on Satellite P100-434

Which graphics driver version did you install? According to the P100 Bulletin found here it should be or newer

Do you have Vista or XP installed?

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I wanted to update BIOS on my Satellite P100 - (PSPADE) with latest version downloaded from Toshiba site.
Quitted all apps.
Run zip file Error Message file %path\phlahnt.sys not found.
Keyboard no longer worked Unable to shutdown even using power button.
To shutdown unplugged laptop and removed battery.
No longer boots No Message, No Beep, Nothing.

I have tried with restore CD with Power up holding F12 key but nothing.
I have also tried to power up with and without AC plugged and with and without battery but still nothing.
Plug, Battery, Leds on when power up Power and speakers leds also on
Any help? Any suggestion, any idea?

Many thanks

Answer:Satellite P100 - Boot Failure after BIOS update


Hmmm? what to say?. Sounds not good and in my opinion it looks like you have updated the notebook with a wrong BIOS or something went wrong during the BIOS update procedure?
Are you 110% sure you have used the right BIOS??

It seems you will be not able to solve this issue yourself without any additional help from notebook technician?.
In most cases the BIOS must be flashed again on special way?

For me it?s clear? You have to contact the ASP to get rid of this issue?

Good luck and regards

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I was able to enter XP MCE by pressing Enter key when on Welcome screen. Now I can't and must click on small image picture. Does it due to BIOS 3.8 which I set up recently or not? Can i make this option work again? Thanks a lot.

Answer:Satellite P100: After BIOS 3.8 update I cannot access MCE by pressing Enter


I don?t know if you can restore this option again but you should access the BIOS and try to set it again t the default settings.
Don?t forget to save the settings if you will leave the BIOS ;)

But I really don?t understand why you have updated the BIOS. If the notebook runs without any problems a BIOS update is not necessary!!!
So never change a running system? you know? ;)

By the way As far as I know the P100 units were not delivered with Microsoft XP MCE but with XP Home and Express Media Player or Vista

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Dear All,

I was happy owner of Satellite P100-437 for already 4 months, but last week i start to have big trouble with my laptop. First, next day after i bought the laptop with Vista, i downgrade my laptop to Windows XP SP2 and everything was fine. I had everything working and i enjoyed my laptop a lot. Last week i checked Toshiba web site for new drivers and i downloaded the new bios update 4.00-WIN and i apply it.

After that started the headache. I suddenly lost my sound, but in device manager the sound card is working fine. Besides, the small light in the wireless switch is disappeared and then the wireless device, also stating in the device manager that is working fine.

I backed up all my data, and reinstall win xp, clean, and i installed the sound drivers and nothing changed, the sound is still missing. Same story with the wireless. Yesterday, i witnessed something else, i attached one external hard drive, which is using usb connection and need also usb power, and suddenly the sound and the wireless come back for while, but interrupting and finally disappeared again.

So, now I wonder what to do and any help on this matter will be appreciated. I work on cruise ships and my laptop there is priceless.


Answer:Satellite P100: After BIOS update 4.00-WIN can not use sound card & wireless

Hello Deniz

I told everyone every time: Please do not do anything while OS runs well!!!

Please remember this. The problem is that your notebook is delivered with Vista OS and BIOS is also designed for Vista. You were very lucky to run WXP successfully and now you updated the Vista designed BIOS again. I am really not wondering you have problems now.

What to do in this situation? It is very good questions. Try to reinstall drivers for sound and WLAN. Maybe it will help. Maybe clean WXP installation. I can not say for sure. I have A200 (also Vista preinstalled) and I believe at the moment I have no interest to update anything. Not yet.

Bye and good luck!

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I'm looking for BIOS Upgrade without Windows - DOS mode would be fine.
My old PhoenixBIOS Version (2.4) don't support sound under Linux. The current BIOS Vers. 4.8 for P100-309 might help. But I only find BIOS update in the Windows version (WinPhlash).

Any idea?

Answer:BIOS Update for Satellite P100-309 (PSPA0E - 071020GR) without Windows

hi, mate

You see, as I know only win based Bios is available on the toshiba driver page. You contact the toshiba service center to ask them to send you dos-based one if they have. Theoretically, you can install Win and update, then.

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Due several problems encounter with update Satellite P100-221 (PSPA6E) Toshiba launch on internet second BIOS update. I download it and I solve problems with my video card and missing keyboard stroke. After a short period they put on drivers page 3 rd BIOS update.

I try to find what ever they change with this new update, but I didn???t found anything. So I decide to update my BIOS again. Now like result my system crash very often when I shut down & restart my computer (blue screen).

Microsoft advised me to reduce video acceleration from video setting.
Maybe someone can explain me why I have this issue?
I use same drivers and software same like in second update
Can I find previous BIOS to rewrite it again, because that one works great with my laptop?


Answer:After latest BIOS update Satellite P100 crashes with BSOD

Which one you uesd before, 1.7 or 2.1 version? I think you can down them in search engine. The lastest version is 2.4.

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Hi, let me just start by saying im an idiot....

Dowloaded a few drivers for my toshiba p100 240 and noticed there was a BIOS update, i downloaded it and ran the program only for it to come up with
an error that it will only allow the Administrator to run program. My laptop became slow and would not allow me to turn it off by any means. In the end i took out the
battery and restarted only to find a blank screen, no start up or anything on screen.

I fear i have totally killed my machine and its about 4 months out of warrenty, Im sure there is no cheap miricle cure for this but if anyone can give me my options here I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for your time,


Answer:Satellite P100-240 wont boot up after failed BIOS update

Hi mate,

Thats a bit of a problem... If your machine really won?t boot up and no screen comes up, then your BIOS was probably damaged.

I would really recommend you to contact an [authorized service partner| 000000871] and tell them your problem. Maybe they can do something for. I mean, your machines hardware is ok, and it?s just some BIOS related thing.

Hope your machine will work again..


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I just done update BIOS on my laptop Toshiba P100-286 and since then I can't use it. When pressing the power button the computer doesn't start, the screen is blank (black).

Any ideas how to resolve this issue ?!

Please help.



Answer:Re: Satellite P100-286 doesn't start - black screen after BIOS update


Try this:
- Remove battery and disconnect the AC adaptor
- wait several time about ~30-40min
- connect both parts and try to power up

If this will not help you then you will need to ask the ASP in your country for BIOS refalsh. It looks something went wrong during the update procedure.


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I updated the BIOS to 4.70 in my P100 PSPAAE. After the restart I was waiting for about 10 minutes, but nothing happened, after the BIOS screen the display went black. I turned the laptop off than.

I chose "start windows normally" option. Since than (I suppose) the laptop doesn`t boot from the optical drive. No matter I set it to boot from there. Everything else works fine.

Is it because of the BIOS update, or something else can cause this problem? Any idea or help appreciated!

Answer:Re: Satellite P100 - After BIOS update it doesn't boot from optical drive


Is the optical drive recognized from BIOS?
Can you read the disk in Windows?

Maybe you should load the default settings in BIOS and try another bootable disk.

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I have absolute shoddy video performance on my machine as well as the fan on/off issues.

To add to my frustrations the WinPhlash programme included in BIOS version 3.8 dumps out when trying to flash giving a PHLASHNT.SYS unable to load message with various error codes associated with it (codes 5 and 147 depending on if I run the exe as it is extracted from the ZIP, or run the extracted files independantly).

I have checked all permissionings on the folder and I definately have full control - but still a generic "check your accounts, if you have no permissions please log in again!" message is displayed.

any help with my BIOS issue would be apreciated.

[Edited by: admin on 06-Jul-2007 11:10]

Answer:Satellite P100 PSPAD: Unable to update BIOS 3.8 and poor video performance

I have had the same error message on P100 PSPADE and furthermore the laptop was no longer under control, neither by keyboard or by menu impossible to switch off. I have had to unplug and to remove the battery. Then impossible to switch on.
According to the local ASP the motherboard is KO (??) and the safest way to upgrade the bios was to boot from an USB floppy in DOS mode?
Sounds strange but be careful.

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I recently wantet to make a Bios update on my notebook and half way through there came an error and closet down.. i continuet working on the notebook and then later rebootet it and nothing happend. Just a black screen with a - blinking up in the left corner. My guess is that the Bios is messed up and need to be resetted.. But i dont know where to find the battery on the laptop or if that even would help to take that out for a couple of sec. like it would on a stationary computer. Any suggestions other then send it in. then i have to be without a computer for at least 3 weeks :D

Answer:Bios Update went wrong on a Satellite L30-105

You have no chance to fix this problem at home, you need professional help. After a wrong update you can not simply reset the BIOS. Taking out the battery won't solve your problem, it works only if the BIOS is not damaged.

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I have been recommended to do a BIOS update on the above machine. I think the existing version is 1.30 and the correct replacement is 1.70 (I think this refers to PSA33E: []).

The original BIOS has a password. Would like to know what happens if this process goes wrong. Will my system be inoperable or is there a backup procedure pre-install?

The additional problem with this is that the fan is going on every minute or so. The heatsink looks clean, but maybe new thermal grease should be applied to the cpu.


Answer:Satellite A30-931 - What happens if BIOS update goes wrong?


In worst case if the update goes wrong your computer doesn?t boot anymore. That means you can only see a black screen and you can nothing. In this case you would need professional help from an authorized service provider, they can reflash the ROM module or exchange it.

But here some important points before you start the update:
-Make sure that you are logged in as administrator
-Disable your AntiVirus and Firewall
-Disconnect from Internet
-Close all running programs

> The additional problem with this is that the fan is going on every minute or so. The heatsink looks clean, but maybe new thermal grease should be applied to the cpu.
Yes, maybe the thermal grease must be renewed if you have already cleaned your notebook. After this everything should work normally.

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I had some Toshiba software some time ago (cant remember the name) it told me that there was a newer BIOS for my L40-18R PSL48E, the newest version is from
06/17/08 an the number it has is 20080617131309 I tried to instal it by clicking update BIOS after extracting it, have tried without extracting it to a temp folder
as well as extracting it to a temp folder, what happens everytime i click on updatebios is that my laptop reboots erasing the old bios and changing it with the one i downloaded,
but my problem is that the version I have on my computer (using Auslogic system information) is a BIOS from 05/14/08 (not the newest)the number is 5000814 08 ver: V2.00 I downloaded the bios from


What do i do wrong trying to update my BIOS? I have slow reboot and shut down witch I though might be faster after a BIIOS update (its the delay before my computer starts rebooting or shutdown that is my problem)

Answer:What do i do wrong trying to update BIOS on Satellite L40?


Unfortunately you didn't write which Satellite L40 you have exactly. I have checked Toshiba support page and there are listed three different models (PSL4xxx).
So you must be sure you have chosen the right model.
Please inform us about this.

I want also to discuss something else too. If the system runs well and stabile you do not need BIOS update. Fast or slow boot, in my opinion, has nothing to do with BIOS but with OS configuration. You must optimize start up procedure and be sure notebook must not start all useless applications and processes. It is nothing but wasting the time.

On this forum you can find many interesting threads about that. Have a look into this one

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I have New Satellite C660-1TK (PSC1QE-01900GGE) In sunday i flashed with version 1,40 Without any problem
NOW i see that i have new version 1,50
Startting the bios flashing .exe
bios flashed done but the procces s not complete
after programing s done the Lap top freeze with big noise from the fan....
i needet to remove the battary and now

the version of the buios is 1.50 but EC version is 1.40 still the old becose the flashing is t not complete with i try to reflashed but show s me you are with the last et version of bios>!

Message was edited by: fensms

Message was edited by: fensms

Answer:Satellite C660-1TK - BIOS Update Go Wrong

To be honest you can be happy that your notebook works because many people have had bad luck after not successful BIOS update.

In my opinion you should not ?play? with BIOS updates. At the end you will damage BIOS update and your notebook will not start at all. Maybe you should contact Toshiba service provider and clarify this. Ask for help. They should do it for you. If something goes wrong it will not be your fault.

Be careful with this. It is just my opinion and advice for you. Don?t change well running system.

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Hello everyone!

I update the BIOS on my laptop and something went wrong, not now turn a laptop screen.

I went to see the web for Chris Bios recover.
Have available more than 20 versions, but so far no success.

My biggest problem is - I can not save to floppy disk 2 MB BIOS. All attempts to make a boot
flash or SD ended in failure.

The laptop is: Satellite pro U400 PSU45E

Please help me ... the laptop reads the floppy in BIOS with little experience (those that come with Chris Bios 500 KB - 1000 KB) begins with a normal boot beep signals supposedly provided a definition blocks then baar both short beep and do nothing ..
there must be something ... DOS BIOS small size, USB emulator .. BIOS to be torn down so it is possible charging of USB, SD ...

Every idea can be useful!

Thank you very much

Excuse my english

f the topic is not for here, please redirect it mderatora
This is my 1 post here

Answer:Satellite Pro U400 - BIOS update went wrong

Hi mate

Unfortunately? if something went wrong during the BIOS update, then you will not be able to solve this without an help from an ASP technician?

Hopefully the BIOS ROM module is not damage?
In worst case the mobo is damage but maybe it?s not damaged?

However?. You have to get in contact with an local ASP and should ask for further handling!

Good luck!

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Yes, the upgrade flash went wrong with me also, as so many i've seen. Weird that toshiba recommends a bios flash when you get errors installing win7/ vista, and have it fail so much.

I tried getting 3 different bios versions from the internet, 2 from the toshiba site (2.0 and 2.1 i thought) and alaa200a.rom.

When i make the crisis disk with the crisdisk.bat (even doing it in DOS) it copies all files on the floppy, also tried the different phflash versions. Older ones seem to actually load for 2 minutes, the newer ones tend to load for a few seconds then stops and starts loading again etc.

Needless to say, all my efforts with those bios haven't paid off for one bit.

When i put the notebook normally on, and when i press the Fn button on the keyboard, the Fn light actually lights up, but nothing else happens.

Anyone who might have any idea what to do more, apart from buying a new bios chip?

Thanks in advance.

Ps, i have a Satellite A210-16F PSAELE

Answer:Satellite A210-16F - BIOS update went wrong


I think, you should contact the ASP (service center) to reflash the Bios. The Bios failure topics are discussed almost everyday and no one can give a right solution besides contacting the ASP.

You can read an article that maybe can be useful for you:

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SATELLITE A80 - 135 SP (sp is for spanish ?)
model PSA80E-04C00JSP

windows xp sp3 spanish

-> Updated from _original bios 1.5_ (bios ID EAT10 / EAT20 bios version: v1.50)
to _v 2.8_

downloaded from toshiba spain

Unzipped file and found a windows excutable "setup" and "AT10280a.rom"
double click on setup and...

....Now keyboard is useless (strange signs intead of letters)

During update (windows xp) I think I saw something about a *.bak (original rom backup) in c:/windows/temp
but now I can't find the backup rom.

Can anyone help?
Would it be possible to "downgrade" to original (1.5) bios, and if so.. where can I find it??


Answer:Satellite A80-135 PSA80: After Bios update keyboard is wrong


I don?t know why it happened after the BIOS update but I presume the keyboard language settings are not correct.

Go to control panel -> Regional & Language Options -> Languages (second tab) -> Details

Here you should choose the right keyboard language (Spanish???)


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Hello all,

I'm looking for info about my Satellite notebook that is dead after a bios update.

Model is A210-FS3 (PSAFGC-FS308C)... bios unsure.

I updated this notebook about 6 months ago (been shelved ever since) through windows7 beta (i know bad idea)... after it shut down it never came back to life.. It does not POST... Power light just flashes.

Is there a way to fix this without replacing the motherboard? I've read about ways to do it with a USB floppy but It seems sketcky to me.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A210-FS3, PSAFGC-FS308C. BIOS update gone wrong.

I tried to update the bios from 1.1 to 1.3 on A500-025 but it fried the motherboard. This unit is only 2.5 months old (sigh).
I tried that USB/floppy emergency recovery but to no avail. Send it back to Toshiba who did replace the board and with a updated bios.

Good luck , mine was still on warranty.

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I have Satellite P10-874, my model number got erased from the bottom after years of use.
I recently did a Bios update from Toshiba website and later realised it was for SP10E models.

Well my system didn't crash. Does the model number (part no) change if you update with a Bios version not meant for your system?

My system is still under warranty but the new model number/serial number combo is shown as invalid global entitlement database. My USB ports are not working any more after it showed a power surge message.

I need goto the service center. Is there any way to retrive my originial model no and part no?

Any help will be highly appreciated.


Answer:Satellite P10-874: Does wrong BIOS update change the serial number?

A "wrong" Biosupdate neither erases nor replaces the modelnumber of your machine. So you don?t have to worry about when you give the machine to a sevice center, they have the possibility to retrieve your serialnumber with their system and figure out the modelnumber of your machine.

Regarding your USB-ports: send the machine to your local service-center and don?t worry about the modelnumber-stuff. Your machine is still in warranty and since they will approximately change your system pcb, your worries about the wrong bios is needless.

By the way, i cannot imagine that you have earnest a wrong bios flashed, since the machine during the biosupdate ususally shouts if you try to flash a wrong bios on it.


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I've just bought a Satellite p100-188 from PC world and it came with MCE 2002. Why doesn't it have 2005, or where can I get the later version from?



Answer:Wrong MCE version on my Satellite P100-188


you are right you should have MCE 2005. Have you tried the recovery CD, maybe there is the right OS. If not you should contact a service partner of Toshiba.


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Since I've installed the new Windows 7 (32bit) on my Toshiba notebook, I still didn't manage to get a higher screen resolution then 1024*768.
I've tread to install the necessary windows 7 drivers for my gforce go 7600 from the Toshiba support website but that didn't helped me to give me a higher resolution.
It really hurts my eyes.

Is there anyone who may have a solution to fix this irritating problem?
Thanks in advance,


Answer:Wrong resolution on Windows 7 - Satellite P100-203

>I've tread to install the necessary windows 7 drivers for my gforce go 7600 from the Toshiba support website...
As I can see there is no Win7 display driver for your notebook model.
Can you please tell me where you found this necessary display driver?

Problem is that there is no display driver. I have tried to find out if some other notebook model has the same display card and found out that Qosmio G30 hast the same but drivers is not available either.

On Toshiba download page your notebook is listed for Win7 and I strongly believe drivers will be available soon.
Until then try to find display driver using Win7 online option for driver search.

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I have a Satellite L850-0C9 laptop and Toshiba Service Station is recommending I install the new BIOS update labelled "Satellite Pro C850 BIOS Update - v6.50".

Should I install this as its not the same model as my laptop,
If not why is Service Station recommending I install it?

Answer:Satellite L850/0C9: Toshiba Service Station recommending wrong BIOS update?

I assume this is your notebook and these are all the drivers and BIOS available for this notebook model:

The latest BIOS is v6.50 and it looks to be the right one.
The Pro C850 seems to belongs to the same series so possibly the BIOS is the same.

However, the BIOS update is always an sensitive procedure and from my point of view it?s not really necessary if you don?t have an serious problems.

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I have a Satellite P100-429. Three weak ago I install Windows Vista ultimate edition but now the highest screen refresh rate is 60 Hz. I have tried downloading the latest drivers for the graphics card but that will not work and the computer also says that the monitor is called generic PNP.

Before Vista a had a screen refresh rate of 100Hz and the monitor had its proper name Toshiba TruBrite WXGA+ TFT display I have tried looking for drivers for the monitor but no success can someone help me pretty please I get headaches for low screen refresh rates.

Answer:Wrong screen refresh rate shown under Vista - Satellite P100-429


Did you install the right graphic card driver???
Immediately after the Vista installation the OS uses the ?own? common Microsoft graphic driver.
If you want to use additional graphic options you will need to install the compatible graphic card driver.

But I would like to clarify something. The LCD or TFT displays provide excellent quality and resolution at 60Hz.
the refresh rate on TFT simply does not mean the same like on the CRT monitors.
The Response Time, Image Brightness and Image Contrast Ratio are more important for a TFT or LCD monitor as the refresh rate.

The display performance and the quality is not worse if it run on 60Hz
Therefore I don't see any reasons to change the refresh rate to 100Hz

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Hello all.

I want to downgrade my BIOS from 4.7 to the original.
But I have no bios.bak file anymore and I cant find any old BIOS on Toshiba's site.
How and where do I get the old BIOS?

I have a P100-454 runing Vista.


Answer:How to get old BIOS for Satellite P100-454?

When the new BIOS update is released old one is not available anymore.
What you can try is to contact nearest Toshiba authorized service provider.
They have access to Toshiba database and they can help you with it.

Make a call and ask.

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I have now tried updating my bios to 4.2 32BIT

However this result in no GFX fan in windows.
My good its hot.
Speedfan says about 100 degres Celsius.

So do anyone know where i can download older bios versions.
I have a Satelite P100-293 PSPA3

In bios the FAN runs normaly but when windows boot the fan stops.
Tried reinstalling with both XP and Vista and the problem is still there.

So I really hope someone have a url or the file lokale @ their pc.
I have tried reading the forums here and see many with errors after updating to 4.2 either fan stopps or it runs at full speed.

Answer:Need old 4.0 or 4.1 bios for Satellite P100


So, at first: 100 degree celsius are false. Speedfan and another programs like this one are usually 20-30 degrees higher then in real. We checked this at my home with an another notebook brand with a similar issue and we measured it with a special equipment.

Regarding your problem: did you installed some third party drivers from another sites? This could eventually be a reason that the FAN won?t spin anymore since the VGA drivers are playing a really important role regarding the whole cooling system in your machine.

Please try it with the original toshiba drivers or recover your machine, maybe it helps..


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Hi, a

nyone know whats the new functions on the new BIOS 4.50 for Satellite P100-332? Cause i try to click on "Toshiba Bios information" and he just loop again to the same web page... Is there anyone that knows whats new? or in a log file?

Answer:What's new in BIOS 4.50 - Satellite P100-332

I?m afraid nobody will be able to say what has been changed in the BIOS because it looks like Toshiba does not provide any details about the BIOS update and any changes?
I didn?t find any websites which could provide the detailed information.

However, if your notebook is running properly you don?t need to update the BIOS?

I follow always this advice; never change a running system? ;)

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toshiba released new BIOS 3.30. Does anyone know what problem it solves?
Does it work or not?

Answer:New BIOS 3.30 for Satellite P100: What is changed?

I know what's not changed: AHCI support! Come on people put an option to enable AHCI in the SATA controller! Modern hard drives with NCQ support are useless unless they are used in AHCI mode. HP does it, why don't you?

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Hi, I upgraded my BIOS today to version 4.2, and ever since, the GPU fan only runs during the Boot-Screen, and once Vista has loaded, it never runs again, also, the CPU fan runs at a constant full speed, and the screen has 'Shifted' to the right, so I have the right hand quarter of the screen, at the left.
As you can imagine, this is somewhat annoying, and to say that the GPU temp is 65deg. with CPUS at around 90deg. not too good for the hardware.

Could anyone PLEASE tell me how I can downgrade the BIOS?

I the fans and enclosures etc are all clean and free of dust.

I am running all the proper toshiba specific drivers, and I have even tried re-installing the NVidia one.

N-Vidia GeForceGo 7600

Thanks in advance.

Answer:No GPU Fan After Upgrading BIOS To 4.2 on Satellite P100-434

Someone else here had the same problem, according to the P100 support bulletins found here you need to update the nVidia driver if you update to BIOS v4.2

Here is what the bulletin says:

Update the computer's BIOS to version 4.20 or newer:

1. Click the following link to download BIOS version 4.20 for the Satellite P100. Save the file to the Windows Desktop.

You may also search for a newer version of this BIOS on Toshiba's Service and Support site, at

2. Double-click the file sp100v420.exe on the Windows Desktop to start the driver installation.

3. Restart the computer.

Update the computer's nVidia display driver to version or newer:

1. Click the following link to download nVidia display driver version Save the file to the Windows Desktop.

You may also search for a newer version of this driver on Toshiba's Service and Support site, at

2. Double-click the file driver_display_nvidia_os2007387a.exe on the Windows Desktop to start the driver installation.

3. Restart the computer.

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does anyone know where I could find 2.4 bios for my toshiba (PSPAG: P100-10P) ? I searched toshiba's site but, I didn't find anything else but 3.80.

Answer:Bios 2.4 for Satellite P100-10P (PSPAG)


why do you need Bios 2.4 for your P100? I am just asking because I thought that its better to upgrade to the newest version...
You can try it here, the canadians have sometimes stuff which the europeans don?t have:


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I want to try and downgrade the BIOS on my P100-106 from 4.80 to the original 3.30 but I do not have a copy of it. Does anyone or know where it is available ?

(please note I have already looked at and these BIOS are NOT for the P100-106)


Answer:Re: Satellite P100-106 - How to downgrade the BIOS?


It seems that you have an European notebook model and so you have to download all drivers and tools on official Toshiba website:

But it seems that there is no older BIOS version available for your notebook because you can only download the newest one.
You have to contact an authorized service provider and ask the guys if you can have an older BIOS version.

But why you want to downgrade it?

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Hi guys,

I just upgraded the BIOS of my Satellite P100-120 ( *PSPADE* ) from vers.3.30 to vers. 4.30.
After that, the GPU fan stopped working (it does in startup only).

As I (too late!) found out thanks to this forum, this problem is not yet resolved:

I reinstalled the latest Nvidia driver as suggested, without result.
So I would like to *downgrade BIOS to a vers between 3.30 and 4.00* (both my fans should be working with these releases).

Unfortunately, I overwrote the bios.bak file created by Winphlash... so here I am!

Would be there anyone who could kindly let me have a copy of the older BIOS I need (1MB file)?
Or do you think Toshiba Assistance (warranty is not expired) should be of any help to me?

Thank you in advance.

Answer:Need older BIOS for Satellite P100-120

Hello Stefano

I have noticed that after new BIOS version releasing the old one is not available anymore. What you can do is to contact nearest authorized service provider. They have access to Toshiba database and I am pretty sure they can help you. Check it out!

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I have Toshiba Satellite P100-222 and my problem is access BIOS. I bought nootbook a few days ago and if I want get in to BIOS F2, I must write a password to get in. My question is do you know where I can found this password? Maybe this password is default for all models nootbooks? If yes, I will be gratfull to give me him or delete it.

I' ll be waiting for you reply.

Answer:Satellite P100-222: BIOS password was set - why?

Hi Pawel,

There are no BIOS passwords set by default on a Toshiba notebook when you first buy it. They are only set by the user as part of the initial setup and configuration (and even then they are optional).

If you bought your notebook from a Toshiba dealer then it is possible that the dealer has set the password in which case you will need to ask them what it is. If you bought your notebook privately (from someone else) then the same thing will apply, you will need to ask them what the password is.

In any case, if you do not have or cannot obtain the password then you will need to take the notebook to an Authorised service Partner for them to reset the CMOS chip and reload the BIOS.


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My brother asks you guys here for a help with a BIOS for Toshiba P100-222.(Pawel KillerPL)
Is possible that after when I will update Bios the password will disappear??
In this moment in time, I can do nothing cos I don?t have laptop with me.
I?m sure 100% that when I received the box with laptop was originally pack, and I don?t think that some one from shop was touching the computer and setup the password.

Is this a possible that some one in factory could do something?? Or bios is fail


Answer:Satellite P100-222: BIOS was set up - How to remove it?


Sorry but I don?t believe that someone from the factory has set the BIOS password.
Furthermore the BIOS update will NOT delete the BISO password!

Please Note: Before you will start the BIOS update you have to delete all passwords!
Please read firstly the document about the BIOS update procedure before you will start the upgrading.
The wrong procedure can damage the motherboard!!!

Furthermore if you don?t know the BIOS password you have to contact the Toshiba service partner in your country. There is no other possibility for deleting the BIOS password!

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The fan was quiet when the computer start. But if core temperature was up to 52?C, the CPU fan will run once in high speed like the typhoon blowing about two second then stop. This is really annoying.

Is that any BIOS version support P100 series control the fan always running in the low speed?

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Answer:Satellite P100-429 BIOS and fan question


the newest BIOS version is 2.40, don't know if it helps.

Maybe you should talk to a service guy to get more info about this issue.


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Hi everyone,

I have a P100... How do I access the BIOS to see if that is why my optical mini-mouse is not working?
When I plug something else into the USB port it works fine.
The brand new mouse's wheel works but the mouse will not move the cursor around. Thanks for the help.

Answer:How do I access the BIOS on Satellite P100?


You can access the BIOS pressing F2 button immediately after the notebook has been powered up.

But I don?t know why you need to access the BIOS if the USB mouse doesn?t work?
You will not see anything in BIOS regarding USB mouse?

I think you should check the mouse settings in control panel -> mouse

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Finaly a new BIOS is released! Sweet!

Hmmm But my issues still remains, graphic fan never idles... The strange thing is that, just after updating the bios 4.10 to 4.20 my graphic fan spins down to idle :) but after reboot the issue remains?!

I have the latest Intel chipset driver installed and Nvidia driver delivered by Toshiba.

For example:
1: Entering Bios (4.20)
2: change the thermal control setting to Silent-mode
3: F10= "save and exit"
4: Entering bios again, the thermal settings is set as desiered. OK!
5: Loading OS windows vista, selecting reboot when the first screen appear "enter password"
6: Entering bios during boot, Now the thermal setting is set to Preformans-mode again??

Next thing! How do I open the "Advance Hidden" bios settings. Aopen motherbord is by pressing ctrl+F1 at the main window of bios. How do I do the same with Pheonix? I have tested Alt+Ctrl+D, Alt+Ctrl+Esc and Alt+Ctrl+Ins (The common procedure for Penonix Bios according to


Answer:Hidden BIOS settings on Satellite P100


As far as I know there are no hidden BIOS settings. If something like this persists it is definitely not for public usage. ;)

About graphic fan I can not say much but please be sure you use Toshiba provided drivers. Dong this you are definitely on the safe way.

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Hello everyone,

Well this is for anyone whos had problems with overheating on the p100 or other such fan troubles in vista or xp.

Here is my backstory:
I bought a new p100 on sept 6th with Vista preinstalled and i found that i couldn't play games becuase A) it had the "stuttering" problem B) my system would overheat an do the auto shut off protection.

So i spent a week searching the forums and the bowls of the internet trying to find solutions for this.
The first most liley solution i found was to downgrade to XP so i did... and that fixed the stuttering problems while playing dvd's and while palying some games!!!

However I still had overheating issues (I could only play games like oblivion for 10 minutes then boom).
My system temperature was peeking at like 75-85 degrees, obviously that is not good. So i phoned up toshiba tech support and they told me to take it into a ASP and have them look at it.

Well thats a problem for me since the nearest ASP is 4 hours away by rocket ship lol jk but so thats plan Z.
So i delved even deeper in the the darkest corners of internet forums....


However this requires downgradeing to the BIOS version2.40 which after a week of searching i have been unable to find !!!! :(

So my question... my please is; Can anyone tell me where I may be able to find this particular version of the Bios?

If you've had similar problems like this i can post a link to the forum (I don'... Read more

Answer:Satellite P100: Where to find BIOS 2.4 to get rid of overheating

I wish you a lot of luck but I am a little bit pessimistic about finding older BIOS version. Please check this forum a little bit better using advances search option. I am not 100% sure but I believe I have read similar topic a while ago. Maybe you can find user who wrote about this BIOS version. Check his profile here and write on his e-mail address, if available.

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Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me....!

I have a Toshiba P100-286 notebook with the following spec:

Core2 Duo Processor T7200 - 2x 2ghz processor
2GB (2x 1048) RAM
NVIDIA?? GeForce Go 7900 (memory : 512 MB)
32 bit Vista Home Premium

Full spec here: &highlightOption=63188& =Yes&PRODUCT_ID=125204#0

According to this spec, the laptop can handle up to 4gb of RAM:

"System Memory: standard : 2,048 (1,024+1,024) MB, maximum expandability : 4,096 MB, technology : DDR2 RAM (533 MHz)"

I have just upgraded using 2 x Corsair 2GB DDR2 667MHz/PC2-5300 Sodimm RAM. I understand that Vista 32bit may not report all 4gb of RAM (it doesn't, only reports 3gb), however I understand that Vista Service Pack 1 may address the issue.

However..... confusingly the BIOS is ALSO only reporting 3GB of RAM. Does anyone know why the BIOS isn't seeing all 4GB? I have tried reading about this issue online, and some people are recommending a BIOS update. However, a lot of people are also saying this would be extremely risky.

Can anyone give me any ideas as to what I can do to the BIOS so it recognises all 4GB of RAM?

Many thanks!

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Answer:Satellite P100-286 - Upgraded to 4GB RAM but BIOS only reports 3gb RAM

> I have just upgraded using 2 x Corsair 2GB DDR2 667MHz/PC2-5300 Sodimm RAM. I understand that Vista 32bit may not report all 4gb of RAM (it doesn't, only reports 3gb), however I understand that Vista Service Pack 1 may address the issue

You are not 100% right. The Windows 32bit OS cannot use the full 4GB due to the 32bit OS limitation. After the installation of SP1 Vista will show full 4GB but it will still use only 3GB.
To use the full 4GB, different components like CPU, BIOS, OS and chipset have to support this. If one of these components doesn?t support 4GB then the notebook will use only 3GB.

> However..... confusingly the BIOS is ALSO only reporting 3GB of RAM. Does anyone know why the BIOS isn't seeing all 4GB? I have tried reading about this issue online, and some people are recommending a BIOS update. However, a lot of people are also saying this would be extremely risky.
BIOS update

The people are right. The BIOS update should helps to recognize the 4GB in the BIOS.
But it?s also right that the BIOS update is risky.
If you would use a wrong BIOS or wrong BIOS update procedure than you can damage the ROM module.


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I have the Toshiba Satellite P100-324 with BIOS version 3.30. I need to downgrade BIOS to version 2.40 because it help with stuttering problem when playing games on Windows Vista. But the problem is the version 2.40 is unavailable at Toshiba Europe website (I'm from Russia). I have found this version (one mate gave it to me), but it is for P105 models (US version).

The question is - can I use US version of BIOS 2.40 for my european P100? Is it compatible?

Answer:Satellite P100-324: How to downgrade BIOS to version 2.40


>The question is - can I use US version of BIOS 2.40 for my European P100? Is it compatible?

No, as far as I know the BIOS from the US website is different and cannot be used on the European notebooks. The risks are too high that the notebook can be damage.

I think the BIOS downgrade can be done only by an Toshiba authorized service provider.
So if you want to downgrade the BIOS try to contact an authorized service provider in your country.

But I don?t understand the connection with the BIOS and game running?!
In my opinion the game performance has nothing to do with the BIOS.

So in my opinion your statement about the 3.30 BIOS is a little bit adventurous.

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I have P100-257 and 've installed BIOS 3.8 and find option "Execute Disable Bit" which is disabled. What does this option means ans should it be enabled?

Answer:Question about BIOS option on Satellite P100

Hi there,

the option "Execute Disable Bit" or "NX" (NoExecute) Bit is a security option to prevent hackers invading with their malicious software into your computer. Don?t think it?s a anti-hacker option (that wasn?t what I said :)). It?s just an security option which gives you some percent more security on your computer.

For further information you can try this link here:

Nice weekend

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Usual story. Windows based BIOS upgrade (WinPhlash) went wrong and my P100 died.
I've come across Crisis Recovery procedure that should work on any Phoenix BIOS based laptop.

However, I either must be doing something wrong or the motherboard is toasted more than I expected.
In my case, I've followed the procedure carefully, but my P100 doesn't want to enter crisis recovery mode at all.
It doesn't even try to access/boot USB floppy drive.

I've just tested it with my wife's A100 and all drives (HD, DVD and FDD) light their LEDs right after powering up the laptop, so the floppy drive is working fine. When I press power button on my P100, fans start to rotate, hard drive spins up (and chipset heatsink becomes warm after a while), but pressing Fn+B or Win+B as described in CR procedure doesn't produce a slightest change in laptop's behaviour. Floppy drive is Toshiba branded, so there should be no compatibility problem. Power is supplied to all USB ports, but somehow my P100 refuses to access FDD on start-up.

Any help?


Answer:BIOS crisis Recovery on Satellite P100

What to say? the Satellite P100 is not the same like the Satellite A100.
Both notebooks support different motherboards and different BIOS.

I don?t know what you have done but I see only one solution.
You will have to contact the ASP in your country for a help? the technicians should be able to help you?

Good luck and best regards

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I have just flashed BIOS 4.8 on my Satellite Pro P100.

The CPU is running at 100%. (90%+ for windows explorer)

Only one core is being recognised by my Vista gadget.

CPU temp 85C

How can I 'downgrade' the BIOS? Where are the older versions?

Answer:How can I 'downgrade' the BIOS on Satellite Pro P100-160 (PSPAE)

When the new BIOS version is offered for download old versions are not available anymore.
Which Satellite Pro P100 do you have exactly (model name, model number)?

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Hello everyone,

I'm in serious need of an older BIOS version for a P100-434 (PSPAD/E) laptop. I recently flashed my BIOS with the latest version 4.80 and am having problems:

- My CD/DVD Drive has disappeared
- According to SpeedFan everything except HD0 is on fire - Temp1, Core 0 and 1 above 50C and my GPU above 60C
- The fans keep going off like crazy
- It sometime freezes

After flashing, it automatically rebooted and froze for 10sec or more and then Windows took ages to load all the drivers (the loading bar kept going for 21sec or more, usually only takes half that).

I was running version 4.70 before and had completely (as far as I could tell) no problems with it but I thought updating it might give me better stability. I would really appreciate any help you can give, thanks.

Answer:Satellite P100-434 Older BIOS needed


The later BIOS versions must be matched with the latest P100 Display Driver. You can download the required P100 display driver from the Toshiba Website.

I doubt the BIOS would affect the CD/DVD drive. Try removing the upperfilters/lowerfilters:

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I have just updated the bios to 4.20, after restart, i went to bios settings, and saw that the Multiprocessor (the option for using 2 CPUs) is disabled.

After I enabled it, the computer was running very slow, and I had problems with starting up the computer.

When the multiprocessor option is disabled the computer runs ok, but the task manager shows only one processor.

I had to downgrade the bios to version 4.00.
Let me know if there is an other solution for this.

Answer:Satellite P100: Multiprocessor is disabled in BIOS v4.20


In front of me I have Satellite P100-191. I have made BIOS update to version 4.20 and, in my case, Multiprosessor is definitely enabled. In this case the entry in device manager shows 2 processors.

I have disabled this option and notebook runs slowly than before and in the device manager just one processor is listed.

I really do not know what is wrong in your case but I can confirm that on friends Satellite P100-191 everything works well.

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Hello Girls and Boys

I search a older Bios for my Satellite P100 PSPA3E because with the new Bios ( BD13C37.WPH )
4.20-WIN my notebook is to hot and it shutdown very often!

I have the problem till I have updateed the new Bios on my Toshiba!

Pleas Help me!

Danke :-)

Answer:Search for old Bios for Satellite P100 PSPA3E


I think you will be not able to find an older BIOS version on the Toshiba driver page.
It looks like only the newest available BIOS versions were published on the website.

But back to you issue?
The 4.20 BIOS folder contains two BIOS files; one for Vista 32bit and one for Vista 64bit version.

What OS do you have? Did you use the graphic drivers recommended by Toshiba?
Did you check you cooling modules if the fans can run with full performance?

Usually such overheating issues are related to the dirty cooling modules? mostly a dust and debris prevents the fans from rotating and therefore the temperature increases to a higher level?

In such case a cooling modules cleaning would help to prevent the notebook from overheating?

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Satellite P100-120 (PSPADE) owners, please help me!

I need a copy of your P100 BIOS, because the upgraded version I installed on my notebook doesn't work.
Everything you could kindly do for me would be (5mins procedure):

1) Download, from Toshiba's support-download site, the file of the most recent Bios for your (mine) (vers.4.30);
2) Unzip to a folder;
3) Inside the folder, run Winphlash.exe: in the window that shows up, CHECK "BACKUP ONLY" then run it;
(THERE'S NO DANGER AT ALL FOR YOUR PC, IT'S JUST A BACKUP, _just be sure to check "backup only")_
4) The utility creates a bios.bak file:
5) Please send me the file you created (you can find it in the directory showed in the window).

The file it's about 1MB.

Thank you in advance.

Stefano Vanzini
(Modena, Italy)

Answer:Satellite P100-120 (PSPADE) - Need copy of BIOS


The older BIOS version can be ordered from the ASP in your country.

In my case the ASP technician was pleasant and he sends me an older BIOS version.

I would recommend contacting the guys and to ask for this.

Good luck

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In windows I set supervisor and user password. When I try to turn on the notebook again a try to put password but BIOS say, it is incorrect.

Answer:Incorrect BIOS password - Satellite P100-387

Are you 100% sure that you have not mixed any letters or signs???
Unfortunately, if the BIOS password is to know to you, it?s not possible to remove it.
Only the service partner can remove the BIOS password.

I don't see any other solution as to ask the technician for the password removing...

PS: Someone here in the forum has suggested that something like that could happen if the old BIOS is installed on the notebook.
Therefore to avoid this issue after the password removing the BIOS update to version 2.40 or higher is needed and update of the Toshiba Utility to version or higher is important.

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I need to be able to flash my Satellite P100-240 from a bootable CD.
The only BIOS I can find on this site needs to be run from windows.
I?ve seen BIOS 4.40 for P100 on other Toshiba sites, eg: 524xml&sliceId=&dialogID=56504155&stateId=0%200%20 56506013

But not sure whether that is appropriate for P100-240.
They seem to be completely differently named. Not sure if that?s a country based thing.

Will the BIOS in the link mentioned be ok to run on my p100-240??

Answer:Need a BIOS flash boot disk for Satellite P100-240

Your notebook is NOT US series but European series and you have to use the BIOS from the Toshiba European driver page!
The wrong BIOS can damage the notebooks BIOS ROM module!!! And this would lead to the point where you wouldn?t be able to boot the machine!!!
Therefore you should ALWAYS use the BIOS designed for this notebook series!!!

Furthermore you will not find any traditional BIOS updates on the Toshiba page!
There are only windows-based BIOS updates and you could update it ONLY from running windows OS.

If the notebook?s BIOS cannot be updated from the Windows OS then you have to contact the Toshiba technician and have to ask for the help!!!

This is everything what you can do?

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I have a Satellite P100-286 (PSPAGE) which I bought last year, and due to a failed attempt to update the BIOS in Windows Vista, the laptop no longer has a BIOS. Is there anyway of flashing it without sending the laptop somewhere?


Answer:Satellite P100 - Blank Screen at startup: NO BIOS!

I doubt it. Once a BIOS has been corrupted, its cant boot or anything, so you can't reflash the BIOS. I imagine the mainboard would need replacing.

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Just purchased the Satellite P100-188, thought I'd go with a top branded machine, however, on starting up I'm a little concerned with the quality of the speakers which are tending to crackle and distort. Whether rightly or wrongly I believed that Harman Kardon would deliver the goods. Tried resetting various options in control panel but being a novice when it comes to delving into the 'engine room' I'm concerned I adjust something important or worse delete settings. Can anyone advise.

Also unsure as to whether to update drivers so soon, machine purchased only this week, I notice a NVidia driver update is available, the driver currently installed is version

Can anyone advise if BIOS updates are also necessary, again an update 2.10 is shown as available but with an UPDATE WTH CAUTION message. This sort of thing is well beyond my understanding of computers so I would be grateful for anyone offering a complete novice some advice.

Answer:A few questions about sound, BIOS and drivers on Satellite P100

Hi Kevin

about the speakers I cannot advice.

Regarding the driver - if there is a driver update availabel from TOSHIBA (important!!) then use it! That means they have found some kind of bug in the original driver and released a fix for it. I do not recommend you to use the nVidia generic driver since it might make the PC behave bad. StandBy / Hibernation might stop working properly. Power consumption might go up....and so on.

Regarding the BIOS. The BIOS'es are a special chapter - when upgrading the BIOS the machine re-writes a very special part of the 'hardware' (actually it's a software installed in a chip that does not go away when you turn the computer off, it is sometimes also called firmware). That firmware is needed (among other things) to get the machine to start and load the operating system.
If the re-write process fails it could mean that the firmware is not able to start the machine anymore. And if the machine does not start at all, you will have no chance to retry writing the firmware. So that mean the machine will be dead and you will not be able to do anything about it except turning to an ASP and possibly pay for the service.

So, that said, it is very important that you have a realiable powersupply (which you normally have with the AC Adapter) and that you make 100% sure that you use the correct BIOS-file.
If you can accomplish those 2 small things there should be no problem upgrading the BIOS.



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My friend recently created a boot-up password using the numerical keyboard and now i cant access my satellite P100-347 beyond boot-up even if am entering the correct password!

Is there anyway around this problem?

Answer:Cannot access Satellite P100-347 after BIOS password setting


Bad sorry :(

Unfortunately, you have to contact the ASP in your country to solve this problem.
The technicians have to delete firstly this BIOS password.
Furthermore I think to avoid such issue the BIOS must be updated to version 2.40 or higher and also the Toshiba Utility must be updated to version or higher.

Good luck

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I have a Toshiba P100 fitted with a Intel T7200 that i know ([]) supports hardware virtualization.
The problem: no setting in the BIOS to enable it.


<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>

So what's the deal, toshiba is going to release a new bios or what?
thanks for the help

Answer:Satellite P100 - Intel T7200 VT disabled by BIOS


You are right?.The CPU supports the VT.
I found the whole specifications here:

Intel says this:
+Intel Virtualization Technology requires a computer system with a processor, chipset, BIOS, virtual machine monitor (VMM) and for some uses, certain platform software, enabled for it. *Functionality, performance or other benefit will vary depending on hardware and software configurations.+*

So in order to use the VT, CPU, chipset and BIOS have to support it.
It looks like the BIOS does not support this feature :( this is sad but it?s fact?

> So what's the deal, toshiba is going to release a new bios or what?
Who knows? ?:|

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Hi Guys,

I have a problem that I think has been there since I upgraded my Satellite Pro P100-327 from XP to vista Business.
On boot up, I no longer have any visual on screen until I see the windows logo. Computer works fine otherwise.

Now year and half later I want to load Windows 7 and I am unable to see bios screen. F12, F2 or esc. do not help me although the computer does seem to stall but I can't see it on the screen. I have the latest bios and nvidia drivers installed as far as I know.

The only thing I am not clear about is the "value added package" which I think has the little program "HW" I downloaded the latest version and clicked on load HW in the control panel. Windows asked if I wanted to go ahead and I saw nothing else after that.

many thaks if anyone can help


Answer:Satellite Pro P100-327 no visual screen at bios boot

Do you use an external monitor?

Try resetting the BIOS to its default settings, and configure the Monitors in nVidia Control Panel to the internal LCD only.

Or maybe the LCD Lid Switch is dirty (in the hole to the right of the touchpad). Buy a can of compressed air and spray into the hole to release the dust.

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I have Toshiba Satellite P100-324.
How can I access to adv BIOS settings, such as USB Legacy Support?
For example, Free BSD requires this, also my older hardware.
Please, help! :)

Answer:How to access advanced BIOS settings on Satellite P100?

To enter the BIOS pleas try to press the F2 immediately after notebook starting.
I think the Phoenix BIOS was installed on this unit and therefore the F2 key should be correct.

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I have a Satellite P100-324 which I installed 4GB of memory in.
The memory is a Kingston KVR667D2S5/2G, so I installed 2 of them.
I updated the BIOS yet still when I press F2 to get to the configuration
I find that the memory installed less than 4GB. It actually reports
3070MB. When use windows systeminfo program it reports 4096MB RAM.
However, from system properties it shows 3.0GB and that is because
it is 32Bit windows xp mce. I ran live fedora 7 x64 and it reports only 3GB like the bios.
Why? Is there a way to fix that.

Answer:Satellite P100-324 BIOS reporting less than the actual memory installed, why?

Please look here, here is your answer:


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I am trying to reset my cmos to solve a problem with my dvd burner.
I was trying to run an old game that I own that was protected by starforce and ran starforce nightmare with has made the device completly inoperable.

After much searching I have heard to reset cmos.
I have treid through debug and nothing happend. I don't really want to open up the laptop and pull the cmos battery out or leave it for a month until the cmos battery runs out.

Is there any advice on what I should do.

Answer:How to reset the BIOS to solve a problem with DVD burner on Satellite P100

Could you please post more details about your notebook model and about you CD/DVD driver issue? This would be helpful for further suggestions.

To be honest I don?t think that any BIOS resetting, RCT battery removing, etc? is possible or could help you.
Fact is that only the ASP would be able to remove the RCT battery (if necessary what I don?t think) but this would not reset the BIOS as on the desktop PC!

I appreciate a feedback

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I just downloaded the latest Windows XP bios 4.20 for my Satellite P100-188 (PSPA3) and on unzipping the file there were 2 files in the folder, P100_32bit_V420.exe and P100_64bit_V420.exe. on double clicking the 32 bit exe file my virus scanner (F-Secure Internet Security 2007) refused to execute the file saying it was probably a malicious application, this has left me a little unsure of whether to proceed or not as there is no mention of disabling virus scanners on the bios update information page.

This is not the first time I've flashed my bios and on other occasions I have used the WinPhlash.exe program which was incorporated in the downloaded file from Toshiba, without virus alert problems. Has the bios update method changed from version 4.00 to 4.20? I realise I may be a little "paranoid" about this but better safe than sorry, I just thought I'd ask if others have successfully flashed their machines using this file and if they also had virus scanner alerts before doing so?

Answer:Satellite P100-188 - question about BIOS 4.20, flashing and virus checker

Don?t panic! There is everything ok.
The BIOS doesn?t contain any spyware or malware.
Seems the virus scanner recognized the BIOS file as an extraordinary file.

But note; The 32bit BIOS version must be updated on the 32bit OS and the 64bit BIOS version on the 64bit OS.

I would also recommend disabling the virus scanner before you will start the BIOS update.

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Hi all,
after installing a new BIOS version my laptop would not start windows xp properly.
It just freezes in a black screen, I was able to go into safe mode but then I reinstalled windows and now its the same problem and I cannot get into safe mode as I haven?t gone through all the windows setup procedures.
Please help me: can I reset the BIOS to my old one?

I am using a satellite P100-240 (PSPA3E) and any help would be greatly appreciated.
thank you

Answer:Windows starts not properly after updating BIOS on Satellite P100-240


which BIOS version did you loaded? Version 4.20?

Normally it shouldn?t make any problems, especially after upgrading your BIOS. May I ask if the Windows version you?d installed on your machine is from the recovery media or from scratch (from scratch means installing with an genuine Windows CD and installing the downloaded drivers)?

If everything fails then you should send the machine in and let them check the notebook on some BIOS malfunctions.
Click [HERE| 000000871] to reach the ASP (authorized service provider) locator and find the nearest one in your country.

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I've had my Satellite P100-160 for about five years now and have never had problems like this before.
A few weeks ago my system was not responding (or something like this) so I held down the power down button to turn it off.
Then, as it was turning on, it seemed to freeze upon the loading page and so I held the off button again.

The results of this are when I turn it on, I get a screen telling me several PCI busses etc are not working and it says "Video BIOS shadowed".
I then get the option to press F1 to resume or F2 to enter setup.

Also, one of my USB slots has completely stopped working and my card slot has also stopped working.
Can someone please help me? I am on Windows Vista, SP2.


Answer:Satellite P100-160 - several PCI busses are not working Video BIOS shadowed


I think you should access the BIOS (press F2 while notebook booting up) and should set it to default.
Then try to boot the Vista again and press F8.
Then you will get a advanced boot menu? there you should choose Repair Computer.
Vista supports an own internal repair option? you should try this and should repair the OS.

If this will not help and if you will still not able to boot up the Vista, then a system recovery might be the best option for you?

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Dear all,

I have a P100 laptop which has no display.
Recently I updated the Bios with this years bios update.
The problem is that it won't boot onto the external monitor and FN+f5 don't work.
The laptop is booting so I suppose it is the display setting in the bios.

Can anyone who has the P100 (pspa0e) with the latest Bios (32bit) write down the exact keystrokes to get into the bios and change this setting and save it?



Answer:No display after BIOS update on Satelltie P100

Good news got it working.
All that is needed is to take the battery out and let it be for some time.
After that I got display again on the external machine.

Hope this might help someone in the future.

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I want to update BIOS on my Laptop. I searched at the Toshiba support page for the update and there are two different versions: 4.00-Win and 1.40-win. Both versions are from 09/07, but I have no Idea wich version I'm supposed to choose. Could somebody help me please?

Thx a lot in advance


Answer:Question about BIOS Update for Satelite P100-313

First of all - what version do you have now? I suppose 1.40. Even if not - you are to understand that 4.0 is anyway bigger than 1.40. Besides, you must have enough skills! Flash your laptop only if you really understand what you are going to do. Remember, if you fail - no rescue disk will help. Good luck.

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Hey everybody,

I have Satellite P100-221 and I face 2 problems:

1- I connect my laptop to TV using S-Video cable through S-Video port then when I press Fn+F5 it gives me the whole options including CRT, LCD/CRT, LCD/TV, & TV then I select TV and nothing happened to any of the laptop screen and TV screen. I tried this many times and it is not working, so if any body can help me in this matter and if there is any actions should be done in the display properties, I would be highly appreciated.

2- The laptop operating system is Windows XP Media Centre and every time I try to connect the windows update server it gives me an error updating failure , anyone have an idea of what cause this problem , I would be thankful.


Answer:Satellite P100-221 : TV Out & Windows update


Did you connect correctly the notebook to TV and did you enable the s-video option on TV?

Did you check if it?s possible to switch to the TV through the Nvidia nView desktop manager?
This option you can find in the Control panel. There must be an option to activate the TV.
You can also try to update the hotkey utility. The P100-221 is a PSPA6E series. Be sure that you use the right driver.

But one question: Did you use the Toshiba OS or did you install the OS from the Microsoft CD?

I can?t say much about the updating failure. Maybe something wrong on the Microsoft server or registry entries on your unit. Try to search on the Microsoft knowledge base for similar issues.

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I can set the Thermal Mode Control Setting to 'silent' in the Bios, the laptop then continues to boot up.

When I reach the desktop I can do a restart, look in the Bios again and the Thermal Mode control has reset to 'performance'. (And yes, I do save my bios changes by pressing F10 - if I immediately go back into the Bios again before letting the laptop boot up, the value of 'silent' is still there - so it must be while booting up that it resets the thermal mode control to 'performance').

Any ideas anyone? This is driving me up the wall, because when the Thermal Mode Control setting of 'silent' does 'take' it makes the laptop run a lot quieter (but then it gets noisy after a while and sure enough when I check the thermal mode control setting in the bios has changed back to 'performance'...grrr).

There must be something wrong with the Bios and presumably Toshiba needs to issue a Bios update, or stop whatever process is altering the bios during normal operation of the PC

Answer:Thermal mode control setting not maintained in Bios on Satellite P100-160


I think there is not much to do.
I suppose it?s a Vista issue. Maybe it?s set it automatically to get the better or needed performance to run the Vista.
Let?s hope for a later Vista patch or BIOS update which could help to sort this strange behaviour.

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I have a Satellite P100-478, the fan is running too. I want to reinstall the older version of BIOS but how please? I have now v4.20.
Has someone the same problem as me? The fan disturbs me. Is this because of the BIOS?
Please friends, help me because I have a lot of work to do and I want to work in silence.
Thank you.

Answer:Satellite P100 - the cooling fan issue, want to install older BIOS version

Hello Simo

If nobody can help here contact nearest service provider. They have all older BIOS versions and they can flash BIOS with older version.
Problem is that on Toshiba support page older version are removed if the newest one is offered.

Bye and good luck!

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Satellite P100 BiOS V3.30 Sound: Conexant HD Audio v 4.8.0 Windows Vista 32bit

Following a Vista Windows Update that contained a Toshiba sound update, all sound disappeared from the notebook. I did a system restore to before the sound update, and the sound has now come back.
Update details: Conexant - Audio - Conexant High Definition Smartaudio HD2. (Current sound details: conexant HD audio v 48.0)

The sound has gone on two previous occasions, to return after a re-install although I have only just made the possible connection with the update.

Please advice!

Answer:Satellite P100 loses sound following update

My advice is: do not touch well running system. I have Satellite P200 and I do not make any driver updates or upgrades. If everything works well why should I do this?


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My laptop is a Satellite PRO P100-383 with a DVD writer MAT****A UJ-850S.

The actual firmware of my DVD writer MAT****A UJ-850S is 1.10 and i can't write some DVD-R because they are not recognized as a DVD-R but as a CD-R. I think it's just the DVD-writer's firmware which is too much old.
Is there a way to update that firmware with a new one please ? because i've found anything in the download section for my laptop. Just drivers and motherboard BIOS, but nothing about the MAT****A UJ-850S firmware update.

Thank you very much for your reply.



Answer:Satellite PRO P100-383 DVD UJ-850S Firmware update

Hi Philip

In my opinion you should not change anything but use high quality DVD-R medias like TDK or Verbatim.
Maybe you use ?some? cheap and no-name empty medias.

Have you tested it using well known brands?

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Hi all

The display drivers on the driver download page hasn't been updated in ages,
and I would very much like to update to the latest nVidia drivers.

However, when I try and install drivers from, they keep referring me to Toshiba,
but the driver we have available from there is only version

Anyone got any tips on how to work around that, and can someone tell me what changes Toshiba has made to the drivers since nVidia redirects you instead of simply updating the drivers.

The windows version that came with the laptop is Windows XP MCE

Thanks in advance


Answer:Satellite P100-347 (PSPA6E) - need Display Driver update


> Anyone got any tips on how to work around that, and can someone tell me what changes Toshiba has made to the drivers since nVidia redirects you instead of simply updating the drivers.

The point is that Toshiba own graphic drivers are not the same like the original graphic driver from the card manufacturers.
The Toshiba own drivers are modified and support an overheating protection which helps to protect the hardware from overheating.
Why? Because the notebooks are not equipped with huge cooling modules like desktop graphic cards and therefore the driver must control a part of the heat dissipation!!

As far as I know it?s possible to install the drivers from nVidia website using the advanced installation procedure. You can update the driver from device manager and could point to the place where the driver was downloaded.

But note; the usage of non Toshiba graphic driver is only at your own risk and it?s not covered by warranty!!!


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Help on this would be greatly appreciated.

I've not been offered Vista SP1 through automatic updates as current sound driver is Conexant (Version or later is required)

An optional update has offered version but after installing this it is not possible to play any sound from internal speakers. Device manager reports sound driver is OK but the only way to recover sound is to delete the driver and roll back to

Interestingly my update history reports a successful installation of this updated driver (even though it's been rolled back) and today I've been offered SP1. I do not want to install SP1 at this stage as many have report sound problems after doing so. They have then discovered it is not possible to solve their problem with a driver roll back.

Does anyone know of a reason why is causing problems on my machine?


Answer:Sound Driver Update problems Satellite P100-160

I agree with you about SP1. It can wait. I still use my P200 without SP1. I do not want to have different troubles with drivers or tools functionality. The reason is not known to me but be sure the sound works. Who cares about reasons?

Important is that notebook works with old driver version.

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I am trying to upgrade the drivers on my P100 but i cannot find the exact system number.

I noticed a heap of them on the driver download page.
We bought the system quite a few months ago and have since discarded the packaging etc.

Answer:Satellite P100: I want update the driver but I don't know the system number

What do you mean by ?system number??
Do you mean the notebooks model number???

Well, everything what need are the first 5 characters or digits of model number.
Then select the right P100 model number from the Toshiba driver page and download it!

The model number can be found on the bottom of the unit!
Check simply the labels.

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I have updated the display drive from here
and my graphic card is GeForce Go 7900 GS, but now the computer are very very very hot in down/left keyboard....

Can you tell if i have make this update correct?

Thank you

Answer:After display driver update my Satellite P100 (PSPA6A) is very HOT

That driver is for other manufactor laptops, so it may have problems on other brands.

You should use the Toshiba supplied drivers from the Toshiba website to avoid problems like this.

ps. Have you updated the BIOS? That may help.

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O.S. Vista Home Premium.

Since 'Vista Update' installed a new sound driver 'Conexant High Definition SmartAudio HD2' the sound doesn't work.
It only works after I do a 'surch for changed devices' via 'Device Manager'.
But I have to do this each time I startup the Laptop.
Should I first remove this driver( and how?) and than install the correct driver from the Toshiba site?

Answer:Satellite P100-442 - Sound problem after Vista update

Try to roll back to earlier time using system restore option.

If everything works again DO NOT install updates for ANY listed driver. Just install updated marked as important. All other (optional) updated MUST NOT be installed at all.

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I got an email off Toshiba today telling me there is a value added package update available (TVAP (v1.0.25).
I downloaded it, and unzipped. It contains three options:
2 button, 6 button, no button yet there is no readme etc to tell me what version my P100-160 is.

I addition, attempting to install any of them gives me an error that there are older versions already installed which should be removed first.

Can someone please advise of which I should be using?

Answer:Question about Value Added Package update for Satellite P100-160

I got the same message,downloaded the file, guessed that my P100-160 was 2 button and got the same response. I looked at the Control Panel to see that the Toshiba VAP was indeed already installed, in my case dated 30/12/06 BUT with zero size shown against it. I tried to uninstall which started and then the wizard stopped saying interrupted (by whom??).

So I'm puzzled like you. I think I need this update because power options are not working properly but seem unable to install it. I've been advised to reformat the disc and start again but this would just give me the original image and presumably same uninstall problems.

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After rebooting, following a windows automatic update the laptop will not continue to boot up, all what happens is that you get the WXP welcome screen some HDD activity, then a blank screen with a arrow cursor and then HDD activity ceases.

It happened last Wednesday 10/10/07. Can anyone help?

Answer:WXP MCE 2005 does not start after Windows update on Satellite P100-240

can you describe the problem more?
which update did you load?
does it crash or does it freeze? does it work in Safe mode? (F8 while booting)

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I have a Toshiba Satellite P200-P100 running Windows 7.
A few weeks ago, after a Windows 7 Update, my monitor would not show any image, it would light up, but still no image. Not even the BIOS it would load.

I fixed it by using System Restore using another monitor. The same happened again today, I must have ran the same update, but this time a system restore did not solve it, neither did reinstalling Win 7.

Any suggestions?


Answer:Satellite P200-P100 - Black screen after a Windows 7 update


You mean you cannot see anything on the internal nor the external monitor even switching the display output pressing the FN + F5 buttons???
Hmm?. in my personal opinion this has nothing to do with the Win 7 update?

I mean the Win 7 OS update/installation should not affect the BIOS and you should be able to access the BIOS even if no operating system would be installed on the HDD!!!
So I assume the whole issue could be related to the motherboard issue or some parts placed on motherboard?

Did you try this?
Remove the battery and disconnect the AC adaptor
Then wait a little bit (1hour) and then connect both parts again.
Then try to power up the unit?

If this will not help then the RAM modules should be checked.

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After a optional update of the conexant high definition audio driver in my Toshiba Satellite P100-248, there was no more sound. I know it's the driver that caused the problem because rolling it back to the generec windows driver and a restart solved the probem the first time around. Recently I experienced problems with my microphone so I was looking for a newer driver and mistakenly installed the driver update again.

Now the sound is gone again and I don't want to go back to the generic driver, but I can't find the appropriate conexant driver through Toshiba because the driver support doesn't list my model. I tried some of the drivers for other P series models but without success. Any ideas where I can find my driver? I'm on Vista SP1 32-bit.

Answer:Sound Not Working After Audio Driver Update on Satellite P100-248

> but I can't find the appropriate conexant driver through Toshiba because the driver support doesn't list my model.
Hmm.. Satellite P100-248 belongs to the PSPAGE series and this notebook series is listed on the Toshiba European driver page sp I really don?t know what you are talking about.

You can find also all possible Vista drivers on this page.
I would say, download the sound driver again and install it.

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Is this possible to get the firmware update for Intel Pro 1000 PL LAN card with Deep Smart Power Down feature disabled? I've got some problems running freebsd and some people suggest that this feature is the problem.

Answer:Satellite P100: Intel Pro 1000 PL LAN card -- firmware update


Sorry but I think I don?t understand you right.
Do you search for a LAN card firmware upgrade or did you mean the LAN card drivers?
In my knowledge there are only LAN card drivers and I have never heard about any firmware updates apart from on the CD/DVD drive.

Anyway, on the Toshiba page you will find different LAN drivers for different LAN cards. It depends on the model you have.
There are 3 different P100 models therefore you should select the right one.

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I encountered a problem with my sound card after a Windows update. It turned into an old analog tuner with heavy dust problems on it's volume dial.(that's a "sounds like" reference for those old enough to remember) I updated the driver to the latest from, no joy.

I even did a "complete system restore with the "product restore disk." That fixed the problem until windows updated the right files to trash it again. I'm not sure what files do the dirty on my card since most of windows system updates are done while I "continue working!" Anyone with any ideas?



Answer:Sound issue after Windows update on Satellite P100 PSPA3E


What OS did you use??? XP or Vista???

Sat P100 PSPA3E should use an Intel high definition audio sound chip Conexant CX20551-22.

I would recommend removing the sound card from device manager after installation of Windows updates.
Then reboot the notebook and install the newest available sound drivers which support the HD sound chip Conexant CX20551-22.

Firstly you should try to use the driver from the Toshiba page. If it will not work check the Intel page!
Please don?t forget to reboot the notebook after windows update has finished.

Best regrads

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a friend gave me his HP DV6500 Notebook to fix it. He said it made an update and then for hours nothing happened. He shut it and started again.

I could see that it tried to recover 2 times. The second time it was successful but it somehow resetted or returned the Vista to a fresh install!!! His data was locked in a previous User account, I backed it up on a usb-stick with a linux live cd.

I can't make a reinstall because now a bluescreen always appears even when I boot from Vista DVD.

ntoskrnl.exe corrupt when try to boot vista in the normal way.
How can I fix that without being able to use the repair option of the DVD?
Sorry, the title of the thread is wrong. I figured out already that the BIOS version is for an Intel. So everything is ok with the BIOS actually.

Answer:Solved: HP DV6500 Notebook wrong BIOS update by HP update function?

Ok, I could fix it after following instructions from this page:

The Txf-log had to be removed and afterwards I was able to use the repair function of the Vista DVD again.

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I've recently purchased a Satellite P100-347 secondhand and thought I would get a spare battery for it. The battery already in it has the model number PA3480U-1BRS and is 10.8V 6000mAh. I eventually purchased (on the internet) a 4000mAh battery PA3479U-1BRS. Every site I looked at on the internet gave me the impression these batteries were equivalent (apart from the mAh obviously).

However, I now see that the original battery has a 'dimple' (on the shiny plastic near the connectors) which locates on a plastic domed 'spigot' on the bottom of the battery compartment. The spare battery I've just purchased has no such dimple and hence won't slot into the compartment because the spigot stops it.

It seems odd to me that loads of sites seem to quote these two battery model numbers as being compatible with many P100 models. I will probably sell the battery on and in order to make sure someone gets a battery they can use I would be interested to know if the P100-347 is alone in having the spigot in the battery compartment and/or exactly what models will accept a PA3479U-1BRS battery?

Thanks for any help

Answer:Battery for Satellite P100-347 in particular and P100 in general


I must say that I really do not understand why is for you so important what models will accept a PA3479U-1BRS battery. The fact is that you need replacement. The new part must 100% be compatible with your notebook and it is always best solution to buy absolutely the same replacement part.

As you can see on your original battery there is exact battery Part number and you can use it to order the replacement.

As you can see looking the picture on the Internet can result with mispurchase. To be honest I am really surprised that you buy 4000mAh battery if the original one has 6000mAh. Everyone here wants to have better battery for longer working period and you order battery with lower capacity.

Contact the shop and send the battery back, order the right one and enjoy your life. ;)

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