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Satellite Pro 4600: HDD upgrade question

Question: Satellite Pro 4600: HDD upgrade question


I have decided to upgrade my Satellite Pro 4600 from a 20 gig hard drive to a 60 gig.
I only get a blank screen.
When I refit my original 20 gig, it works ok.
Is there any special procedure for fitting larger drives?

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Preferred Solution: Satellite Pro 4600: HDD upgrade question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite Pro 4600: HDD upgrade question

Do the BIOS recognize the HDD correctly?

Possibly the HDD size is too large and therefore you?ve got some troubles with the notebook.

Fact is that not all HDD sizes are supported and the BIOS does not recognize all HDDs if the size is too large. Therefore you should try an smaller HDD?

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I've got a SP4600 and because I love that machine, i want to give it the chance to stay with me - but unfortunatly this only will work by incresing its performance...

Has anybody in here made some experiences in upgrading a SP4600 to more than 512MB RAM?
I know that this machine uses SD-RAM PC100 that is available up to 256MB.
But has anybody successfully tried to put in PC133-memory? And if yes, were's the limit?

And for more: How about upgrading the rest, e.g. the CPU or the whole motherboard?
Currently its heart beats with 700Mhz (Celeron). Could it be as easy as just to engraft another?
Or would it be easier to exchange the whole motherboard?
I have never done something like that before and I'm not sure about how the rest of the system could react on those interventions, especially because the on-board-video and the on-board-sound...

I'd be so glad if anybody could give some positive feedback on those questions...

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600: Question about upgrade of RAM, CPU, Motherboard


You can use only the 100Mhz memory modules because the FSB is limited to 100MHz.
If you will use the 133Mhz modules they will run only at 100Mhz.

You can upgrade the Sat Pro 4600 up to 512MB (2x256MB)

The other devices like CPU or GPU are not upgradeable? and the motherboard can be replaced only with the same motherboard?

Finally you should know that the notebook technology is a little bit different and you should not compare it with any desktop PC. You can upgrade some part like memory or HDD but that?s all?

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is there any chance to upgrade from NT to XP, or can i just install any bootable XP version on my 4600? or does a special XP version for satellite pro 4600 with all the required drivers exist???

Answer:Upgrade from NT to XP on Satellite Pro 4600


I don't know anything about some SPECIAL version of WinXP for yr notebook, but it is possible just upgrade yr NT upto XP. Besides, WinXP has very powerful drivers database, which covers most of devices. There is only one "but": some special features (functional buttons) can be not available.

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Friend attempting to upgrade RAM using: Micron 256Mb 133MHz SYNCH 144 pin SDRAM SODIMM
(Micron MT16LSDF3264HG-13EE4)
Machine attempts to boot but tells him memory is incompatible. This being the case what should he buy that is compatible?

Thanks for any suggestions :-D


Answer:Satellite Pro 4600 RAM upgrade


Well, we can discuss why the module is not compatible but in my opinion in make no sense.
If the notebook says the modules are not compatible then you have to use another one.

I found out that these modules are recommended by Toshiba:
PA3005U-1M12 128MB
PA3069U-1M25 256MB

It seems that the PA3069U-1M25 module is the same like 256MB KINGSTON SDRAM SO-DIMM (KTT-SO815/256I)
I would recommend using this module.

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can anyone tell me if the max ram in the Satellite 4600 is 512MB as stated in manual or was this just a limit imposed because of the size of ram available when the laptop was produced?

any help would be appreciated

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600 RAM upgrade

Hi there,

you can try to put two 512MB modules in the machine, but maybe just 768MB would be recognized. I have a Tecra 8100 with almost the same chipset and the two 512MB modules are just recognized as 768MB.
Try your luck and you will see if you get a whole "Gig". ;)


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I have had couple of times problems trying to upgrade memory for my Satellite Pro 4600, so I decided to ask directly whether Kingston KTC-SO133/256mb is compatible with this machine?

That is the SODIMM I about to try next but I have to pay for it first.

Problems have been that the sodimms are not compatible with the excisting piece of memory or it wont work at all with Toshiba.

Is there a list availave what kind of memory modules are compatible?

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600, Memory upgrade

Sorry, I just can tell you that I use the Original Toshiba Memory "PA3069U-1M25" ( Its an 256MB MEMORY KIT)

works fine !

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Someone gave me an old Satellite Pro 4600 which works fine with Windows Millenium but this person have lost the Toshiba CD with drivers and utilities. I don't find anything concerning Toshiba on the hard drive.
Is it possible to upgrade to WIndows XP ? I have the CD of Windows XP Pro but nothing for the Toshiba drivers.

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600 : How to upgrade to Windows XP ?

Of course you can upgrade it to WXP.

I have checked Toshiba download page under and there are listed many WXP drivers.

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Hi Guys

I wonder if anybody can help me? I have an old Satellite 4600 (not sure what series that is!). It has 128 MEG of RAM. I have added another 128 Meg of RAM but it still only registers 128 meg. I have switched the modules round, still only 128 MEG. I have even tried each module just in slot A and then just in slot B. Each time it registers 128 Meg, so I know that both slots are working and both modules are working, but it won't register them together as 256!

I have checked in the BIOS and only 128 in there too. Please help

Answer:RAM upgrade problem on old Satellite 4600


Let us start with some basic info about this old notebook.

At first check please bottom side of your notebook and let us know if you have Satellite or Satellite Pro. Has your old notebook part number that starts with PS460E?

Anyway this model can be upgraded up to 512 MB
Compatible RAM modules are:

Have you used compatible PA3005U-1M12 RAM for upgrade?

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Hello !

I'm posting again for my problem of RAM.
I know my notebook can cope with 500Mb of ram.

So I bought 256 more to upgrade it. But only one memory module is recognized.
Both work though: when flipping one another from slot one to slot two, there's still only one recognized...

I must add this: when I first added 256MB to the original 128mb module, everything worked ok (I had apporximately 300mb of ram)
I really wonder: is the slot 2 dead? How can I know If you think it's another problem, do you have any hints.. ? I'm a bit lost...

Cheers !

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600 RAM upgrade - only one slot seems to work

You are right. You can upgrade the RAM to max 512MG.
In one slot you could inert max 254MB of 144-Pin PC133 SODIMM memory modules.

Possibly one slot is defective and you should check this.
Simply use only one module and check both slots one after the other.

If the module will be recognized in both slots then this means that both slots are ok.
I such case it?s possible that both modules cannot work together do to the compatibility issue.

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there is a problem with the notebook toshiba. its not installing any windows OS after the setup starts in xp there is an error message that says that setupdd.sys drivers could not be loaded (error code 14)

i tried with different cds with same error, then i tried the procedure of ghost image but all in vain after restart it was agin with an error that required dll kernels are not found i even used a fresh ghost image but same error.

Actually i upgraded the bios to a recent ver 2.60 it was fine it started two times and was used for several hours. the update was suuccesful and running. it all started when we placed a kingston flash disk in the usb after that it was working fine we copied a simple document on drive d nothing else, it worked for half an hour. After that i shut it down and then late at night when i started the system it was fine.i was listening to a song after that it was displaying the error messge system32 driver pci.sys corrupted or missed.

Then i tried all i knew in windows xp from booting with xp cd and........ etc. i also formatted the harddrive to try win98 its setup gave an error too, error external to msdos i think its the bios update thats causing problem because windows 2000 professional setup gave a very specific error. bios not fully ACPI compatible after pressing F7 in windows xp setup the ACPI feature went silent and setup went on fine but while formatting the drive it stopped with an error the harddrive cannot be formatted.

it's a we... Read more

Answer:Trouble after BIOS upgrade on Satellite Pro 4600

Hi Usman

The problem is that you can not roll back BIOS to previous version. Just Toshiba authorized service partner can do this using special tool.

Check please this document. I don?t know if this can help but maybe you can better understood the problem

Good luck!

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Greetings to all,

I'm looking for an extra 256mb memory module for my Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600. The specs say a PC100 memory module is required, but I was wondering whether PC133 modules would work as well. If so, are there any problems with mixing modules (PC100 and PC133) ?

Thank you for your attention.

Answer:Is PC133 suitable for Satellite Pro 4600 memory upgrade?


I can't say it for sure, but I've heard about notebooks that originally have PC100 memory and also work with PC133, but this is an exception. Mixing the modules normally doesn't work.

I think you should give it a try. In the worst case you will get an error message and have to bring back the memory to the shop.


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I checked the forum and tech support for my satellite pro 4600. I remember in the past it was possible to upgrade the standard cdr with another (cdrw and/or dvd and/or dvdrw) Which dvd-rom must I look for to upgrade ?
Thanx !
Additional info:
toshiba satellite pro 4600
model no: ps460e-020s7-du
ser. no: 61282447G SS460-0
Barcode: I61282447GSS460-020s7DUK
specs: PIII-700/384(128)/20G(10G)/14T/C/LM/W
(between () is the original equipment)

Answer:DVD for Satellite Pro 4600 ?


I believe it might be a problem getting hold of this option now. It might be possible to get as second hand though. The options are as follows:

PA3014E-1DVD DVD Drive Kit
PA3015U-1CDD 24x CD-ROM Drive Kit II
PA3068U-1CD1 CD-R/RW Drive Kit
PA3073E-1CD2 CD-RW/DVD-ROM Drive Kit

Good luck


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I'm running WinXp Pro on a satelite pro 4600

My fdd does not work anymore, how do i enter dos-mode so i can create a backup with Norton Ghost?

Answer:Enter dos on Satellite Pro 4600


I use Norton Ghost 2003 but it is an application installed under WXP and there is no necessary to start is in DOS-mode. It will be interesting to know which Norton Ghost version you use and how it works.

If you can not use the FDD try to make Norton Ghost boot-up CD.

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The machine (not mine) suddenly went 'dead' apart from the led's lighting up, though it had been behaving normally before it was switched off.
When it was given to us to see what we could do, I feared a mobo failure, but when we lifted it up at an angle and pressed the power up button, it started. Everything was as it should be from then on - until we turned it off, then same thing happened, and again, it started, eventually, while I was holding it at an angle.

We thought at first it was a faulty switch that could be replaced, but now we think it is more likely to be something that is broken and makes intermittent contact when in the right position.

Has anyone else had a similar problem and can tell us a bit more about what we are up against please?

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600 won't power up


It?s not easy to say why this issue occurs. Sure, it sounds like a hardware fault but I can?t give you a proper answer what?s wrong exactly.
Well, I think the best way is to contact the Toshiba service partner. He can start the diagnostic test to analyze the malfunction.


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I have a Satellite Pro 4600 w/ Win2000, 15gb HD, CD-ROM, P3 800Mhz, 128mb RAM. It will not start. I can plug the power cable in and the lights show the battery is either charging or charged, that the power is connected. When I press the on button I get no sound whatsoever from the laptop (no fans or HDD) and there is nothing from the HDD (no indicator light whatsoever) but the "On" indicator light turns green even though nothing else is happening. Anyone got an idea what could be wrong with this and if/how I could fix it?

Thanks, Adrian

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600 will not start


Maybe have you a Problem with your Display. Please attempt a extern Display.
I think that is not a Problem from the HDD.

I Hope this is a Help.


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Hi everyone
I've got a good old Satellite pro4600 750Mhz
and was wondering if I can install a P3 1Ghz 133Mhz FSB CPU
I wonder if this laptop is strictly 100mhz FSB?
hopefully I can extend this faithful laptop's life.

Answer:Can I put 133mhz FSB P3 CPU on Satellite Pro 4600?

The 4600 Series computer is equipped with a Mobile Intel Celeron Processor or a
Mobile Intel Pentium III Processor.

Mobile Intel Celeron Processor
This processor operates at 650MHz or 700MHz.
The max processor FSB speed: 100MHz.

Mobile Intel Pentium III processor featuring Intel SpeedStep technology
This processor operates at 650MHz(1.6volts)/500MHz(1.35volts),
700MHz(1.6volts)/ 550MHz(1.35volts), 750MHz(1.6volts)/
600MHz(1.35volts) or 800MHz(1.6volts)/ 650MHz(1.35volts) and supports FSB speed: 100MHz

So P3 1Ghz 133Mhz FSB CPU is not possible ;(

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I have this laptop that was donated to me so do not want to spend lots on it!The problem is that tha screen display keeps going off soon after or during powering up and you have to push the springy pin thing on the right hand side which makes a beep sound every time you push it. Unfortuantely sometimes the display is so erratic that you have to keep pushing the springy pin thing to the point of exhaustion and then give up and othertimes it will hold the display. is this a known problem and is there a cheap way of fixing it?

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I have a 4600 satellite pro and during normal operation and with out any warning the computer freezes the mouse does not move, numlock will not turn off/on.
Then again with out any warning the computer will be working fine again.

I have noticed that the CPU fan does not seem to be working at all and never switches on (it used to :p)
So i am thinking that this may be that the processor is over heating or something long those lines.

Is there a program that can test the CPU fan or what can i do to fix this problem?

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600 freezes for a while


The fan should start to rotate and to cool the devices inside the notebook if the temperature increases to a certain level.
If the cooling module does not work so it?s very risky and not advisable to use the notebook! The CPU and/or the motherboard can damage!

Usually you don?t need to install any additional applications to control the fan usage.
The Toshiba notebook uses a Toshiba power saver which controls the for example CPU and the cooling method.

But also without this software the cooling module should works! So if you think the fans don?t work properly you should contact the technician guy for a notebook check!

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Hi can anyone tell me if I can replace my CD drive with a DVD drive for this model? My current set up is:
Win 2000, 650 Celron, 128 mb, CD-rom.
IF yes, what is the part number that I require??

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600: Which DVD drive?


I'm not sure about this, but I know that this drives are also used in the Sat Pro 4600:
Toshiba SD-C2402 (DVD-ROM drive)
Toshiba SD-R2002 (CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive)

I don't know if this drives are still available.


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Which type HD can I put in the SP4600 ?
I know several (most) HD will fit/work.
But is it ok to throw in a 60 or 80 gb in it which can do 7200 rpm and supports UDMA5 ?

Please do not refer to standard-toshiba-supported-know-how.
I prefer practical user-info !
Thanx !

Answer:Which type HD in Satellite Pro 4600 ?


as far as I know it doesn't matter which type of HDD you are using, they will all work. You only have to look at it's physical size. It must not be bigger than the original one to fit in the notebook.


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Hello all,

I just reinstalled the OS on a 4600, but I have no driver disk. I've checked this site (for the past week and a half) and did a lot of google searches, but can not find an archive of the drivers for this older laptop.

I went to the canadian website as another person was directed, and although they have the 4600, the part numbers aren't matching up.

Part number for my laptop is PS460U-06QVX8.

Once done, I will also be looking at drivers for a Satellite 2180CDT. Hopefully, both sets of drivers are in the same location.


Answer:Drivers for Satellite Pro 4600


I have a little bit searched with Google and I founded out that Satellite Pro 4600 is an US model and so you can find all drivers on the Toshiba US page: > Download
Before you search have to click on ?Show All Models?.

The drivers for Satellite 2810CDT you can also find on the Toshiba US page ? The same location! :)


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I do not hear any sound from my Satellite Pro 4600. Not from the internal speaker, not from my earphone. According to Windows all works fine. Volume is not zero. Sound is not damped. What can be wrong?

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600: No Sound

Maybe the sound is deactivated by the FN keys of your notebook? Usually it is the FN+ESC combination.
Another thing you could try is, check if volume is muted by hardware audio regulator.

But give me some more information. What operating system do you use and when did this issue appear?

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Does have someone an idea how can I bring back the IR icon in Control Panel? The driver in Device Manager seems to be OK (many times de-installed and than re-installed). The IR port doesn't work and the icon in CP disapeared when I had deleted some files becouse of trying to install a wireless connection (bad step, no?)


Answer:Satellite Pro 4600 - IR problem


when you have a XP system you can try to roll back the system with the system restore tool!

You can find it at Programs - Accessories - System tools - System restore!


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i have lost my recovery cd's for my satellite pro 4600, i want to ask, how i can create new recovery cd's?

Is this possible?

Thanks at previous for helping me.

Greatings Scherrolino

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600 Recovery CD


The Sat Pro 4600 is a oldie therefore I?m not sure if you will be able to order the recovery CD from the ASP in your country.

However, you can install also a fresh OS on the notebook and then could install all available Toshiba drivers and tools.

All drivers you can find on the Toshiba European page in the *ARCHIVE*

Best regards

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Some tea has dropped into my satellite pro 4600. does anyone know how to open it?

Answer:How to open Satellite Pro 4600?


Yes, I know ... but, a manual with pictures/instructions would be needed to do it, and patience, and carefulness etc., to get it properly closed again ...

Please, check with Google and you'll find several alternatives for such downloadable manual, costing some $5-25 or maybe even finding a free one as myself for a 4200/4300.

Best regards,

Pete V.

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I bought a second hand pro 4600 that?s over four years old. The machine is English one and I put a German recovery CD into it (not thinking strait obviously) as I was having problems with.
Now it's worse. I cannot install windows anymore as it doesn't read it and it's telling me there is a problem with system 32 what ever this is??? The laptop is dead. Does anyone has an English recovering CD I could use or any tips? Thank you.
[email protected]

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600 recovery CD

I don't know for sure (since i don't have the recovery cd either), but shouldn't you be able to start from scratch ?
That is: Format drive and so on ?

If not:
If i'm correct you should have a serial of the OS on the bottom of the laptop.
Try to get a Windows setup-cd of win98 or win2000 (whichever applies in your case), and setup.
Download all drivers from toshiba support for your OS and install them.
Note that you should FIRST INSTALL Intel Chipset, SECOND INSTALL Common Modules, then the rest.

Good luck and let us know if you succeeded !

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I have been thinking of upgrading my Sat Pro 4600 (PIII 800 MHz, 20 GB, 386 MB RAM ) with a bigger HD.

My question is: what are the limitations for this upgrade? Can I put in let's say a 60 GB HD? 80 GB? or is the Sat Pro 4600 limited to 20 or 40 GB?

I am running Win XP, bios and other available machine-specific updates from Toshiba are up to date.

Btw: can I choose freely among external HD's? Are there limitations of size for such storage devices?

(The Sat Pro 4600 is a sturdy little fellow isn't it? I pulled a joke with one of my co-workers: "Hey, I got a flat yesterday when driving in the countryside. The road was all mud and I had to use my Toshiba under the jack!" He believed me... :)).


Answer:HD limitatons for Satellite Pro 4600?

Hey ,

Toshiba has a 40 gig HDD for the model , but im not really sure if you can upgrade the model to 60 or 80 GB


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I have bought this laptop from a friend of mine. It has a cd rom drive although can anyone tell me if its possible to install an internal cdrw drive???

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600: Which CD-RW drive?


Of course it should be able to install a internal CD-RW drive.
But you have to install a compatible and supported one. Such devices you can order from the ASP in you country. Contact the guys and they should know which drive you will need.

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Hi - I have installed a dvd drive for my satellite pro 4600. When i play a dvd movie on my laptop it seems to be very out of sync and 'stuttering'. can anyone offer any advice to help me play dvd's smoothly.

Answer:Playing DVD's on Satellite Pro 4600

Hi Tommy

Check please which processes are running in background. If there are some not necessarily running processes it can be responsible for lower processor speed. It can be some virus scan application who scanning the HDD constantly and can be reason for 'stuttering' picture on your display.

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I have a Dell Dimesion 4600. should I upgrade certain hardwares or is it not worthwhile, and I should just buy a new PC? (of course cost is part of the issue) I use my comp pretty much just to surf the web, download audio and video files, watch DVDs, use Microsoft Word etc.

Answer:Upgrade dimension 4600 or buy new PC

In general, if you will spend more than $300 and it does not include a graphics card expense, then it is better to replace.

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Any one know what the max spec processor i can fit in a Satellite pro 4600.
Its a Cel700 just now and i was hoping it would take a 1ghz p3 or equiv.
Anyone know what the exact spec of processor it has model number bus speed number of pins ect..
Would be V grateful.

Answer:Sat Pro 4600 - Processor Upgrade


As far as I know this unit was delivered with 4 different CPUs:
Intel P3 100 Mhz FSB speed: 650, 700, 750, 800.
But I don?t know if all this CPUs will work on the same motherboard.
Additionally I have not found any documents about the pin assignment.

Normally it?s not possible to change or to upgrade the CPUs on the notebooks but in this case I could be possible. But I recommend to ask the Toshiba service partner for the second opinion.


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I want a bigger hard drive but xp home edition is pre installed. If i change the hdd i dont think the recovery disk would work to re install xp. How do i do this without buying a new version of windows? Oh it is a notebook satellite pro spa10.

Answer:Satellite Pro A10: Question about HDD upgrade

Sorry but why you suggest the Recovery CD will not recognize the new HDD?
Fact is if the BIOS will recognize the new HDD then you will not have any problems with recovering and the OS installation.

If you want to upgrade the HDD you have to use an compatible one. Then simply boot-up from the recovery CD and the OS will install on the new HD drive.

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Hello, just wanted to update my laptop, and just interesting. Is this laptop supporting 160 gb ?
Maybe even, what the biggest HDD support this computer ?
Because i am thinking on 120gb or better 160gb... And dunno what to do :)
Satellite A10...
Thanks for any advices

Answer:Question about HDD-upgrade on a Satellite A10

Hey there,

I think you should try it, because I think that machine was shipped with a maximum of 80GB, but I am not sure. You have the following options:

1. Buy a HDD with about 120GB. Test it, you cannot damage anything. If the drive would not be recognized then bring it back to the shop and try a HDD with less memory (100GB). Repeat the procedure, if the drive was recognized, hold it. :)
2. Buy a 80GB HDD, which is known to work in that machine. Thats the "secure" way.
3. Do nothing and buy a external USB-HDD. ;)

I hope I could give you some thoughts on your way.


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I would like to upgrade the standard HGST HDD to a faster Seagate SSHD, and the problem is that in this model L50-A-19N there is no HDD cover, the whole laptop bottom must be removed like in this Link: [Video|]

My question is can I upgrade the Disk by Myself and if not what can I do to replace the Disk not losing the warranty. I read the manual for this model and there is nothing about HDD upgrades there.


Answer:Satellite L50-A-19N HDD upgrade question

Usually on most notebook models HDD is placed at the bottom and access to it is not complicated. As you can see on your notebook model it is not so easy and HDD exchange is not supported. With other words it should not be done by notebook owner.

Valid warranty is very important so please don't do anything on your own. HDD exchange in your case can be done by authorized service provider. If they do this warranty will not be cancelled.

Contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. Addresses and phone numbers you can find on

Good luck

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Hi there people.

I have upgraded the memory on my gf's quite old a60 laptop, but want to upgrade the cpu as well now as she is running the celeron 2.8.
The laptop manual says i can have the followng cpu's:

Intel celeron up to 2.8ghz (which i currently have)
Mobile intel pentium 4 processor up to 3.06 ghz
Mobile intel pentium 4 processor up to 3.2 ghz supporting htt

other processors may be introduced and a level 2 cache from 128kb to 1mb

I am trying to work out whether this means i can have the northwood 130nm 3.2ghz or whether i can have the prescott 90nm 3.2ghz.

If I could have the prescott, would I not be able to get the 3.46 ghz prescott?
As these cpus are quite hard to find, i am just checking to see if i can have any of these..., also how easy is it to get in and change the chip inside the laptop :D

While I am asking, is it worth upgrading the hard drive from 40gb 4200 rpm to a 7200 rpm one?

Many thanks for your time people

Answer:Satellite A60 - CPU upgrade question

I wouldn't install a Prescott, they get very hot! The cooling fan may not be able to keep the CPU cool.

Installing a Northwood would be the best option. Looking in google, it appears this laptop can definitely accept Northwood CPU's.

The jump from a Celeron to a Northwood is a big step. But from Northwood to Prescott is only a small step.

I would choose this one:

As for the HDD, 7200RPM drives can get hot and are noisy, and are not that much faster than a 5400RPM drive. A 5400RPM HDD would be the smart choice.

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My Satellite A30-104 has recently come to the end of its warranty, and having had to open up the heatsink for cleaning and seeing that the CPU was accessible, I wonder if there is any (likely) scope for upgrading it.

The processor is a Celeron (Northwood) 2.6GHz. I'm not looking for more grunt, I'd prefer a lower-power chip, though the much larger L2 cache of a Pentium 4 is also desirable. I'd be very grateful if anyone could advise whether any upgrades are likely available, and if so which chips would be appropriate? If I can give any more useful spec information, please ask.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Question about CPU upgrade for Satellite A30-104?


Generally it?s not advisable to upgrade the CPU on the notebooks because nobody can say if the notebook will run properly and stable after the upgrade.
The heat and high temperature inside the notebook could be a serious problem.

Anyway, I think the notebook supports an Intel 852GME chipset.

The Intel 852GME chipset is optimized for the Mobile Intel Pentium 4 processor, features a 533 MHz system bus and up to 2 GB of high-speed DDR 333/266/200 memory.

But I?m not sure about the socket? it?s either 479 or 478

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I am having a Toshiba Satellite A60 S-131 bought 2 years ago.
I want to know whether it is possible for me to upgrade the 40GB HDD to a higher capacity HDD(internal) and to upgrade my RAM from 512MB to higher.

Also I had already inserted a 256MB DDR RAM in the empty memory slot almost 1 year ago.

Help will be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite A60-131: Question about HDD and RAM upgrade

Hi Pranjal,

You can definitley upgrade your hard drive to a larger capacity version. You should find that an 80Gb or 100Gb will work just fine. You will need to make sure that you obtain a new drive with the same physical characteristics as you existing one. The following link will help you to remove the hard drive.

You may also wish to get a new hard drive with a faster rotational speed (5400rpm or even 7200rpm).

I believe the maximum RAM for the A60 is 1.25Gb which comprises 1 X fixed module (I presume yours is 256Mb which means that you can install one further module of up to 1Gb capacity. RAM modules are available in 256Mb, 512Mb, and 1Gb capacities.


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I want to upgrade my notebook with a new CPU.
The (hardware) socket ist a 479. But when I ask Intel about my current CPU, it tells my that it is a 478.
The Chipset is an Intel 852/855 GM/GME, after Intel ChipsetUtility.

I am a little confused about the different data about the socket.
With CPUs will fit?

Answer:Satellite A10: CPU Upgrade question


I?m not sure about the CPU socket in the Satellite A10 but I use the tool called ?Everest home edition? and this tool provides all necessary information about the kind of socket and another important CPU info.

But as far as I know the Satellite A10 and Pro A10 was delivered with different hardware specifications and different CPU?s.
It seems the Intel Pentium 4-M and the Mobile Intel Celeron CPU are compatible:

Mobile Intel Pentium 4-M model
A 1.80/1.90/2.00/2.20GHz Pentium 4 processor with a 1.80/1.90/2.00/2.20/1.20GHz internal clock, 400MHz bus and 1.30/1.20V core operation
Mobile Intel Celeron model
A 1.80/2.00/2.20GHz Celeron processor with a 1.80/2.00/2.20GHz internal clock, 400MHz bus and 1.30V core operation

But I really don?t recommend the CPU upgrade.
As far as I know the microcode must be updated after the CPU and motherboard replacement. If you don?t update the microcode the CPU will run only at 600Mhz.

Be careful!

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i want to change the processor of my laptop that have a intel t2310 (1.46Ghz/1Mb cache) and i've tried with a intel t7200 but doesn't worked.
Can anyone tell me what processors i can install in the laptop.

Thank you,

Answer:Satellite L40-15G - CPU upgrade question


You can use only the CPUs which are supported by chipset and BIOS.
As far as I know the Satellite L40/EQUIUM L40/Satellite Pro L40/Satellite L45 computer is equipped with an Intel Pentium Duo Processor or Intel Celeron M Processor.

These processors were built in:

Pentium Duo Processor (533MHz) 1.6GHz (T2060) /1.73GHz (T2080)/1.86GHz (T2090)/1.86GHz (T2130)


Celeron M Processor (533MHz) 1.73GHz (430) /1.86GHz

I think you can use these CPUs.

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I only have 192mb of RAM on my laptop, is it possible to increase this, if so how and how much to?

Answer:Satellite A60-672: RAM upgrade question


according the notebook specification you can upgrade RAM up to 1280MB max. Compatible modules are:
PC2700 512MB (PA3312U-1M51)
PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G)

You can use 1 GB RA module and upgrade the notebook to the max level.


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I've recovered my son's old A40 from Virus and spyware infections. Now I want to upgrade.

At present, I still have the old Bios and a 30GB 4200RPM IDE disk. (model n° PSA45E-007N1-EN)
Is it like the A10 that accepts maximum 60GB drive or can I go bigger ?

One supplier suggests I stay at 4200RPM but to ask Toshiba what they recommend, so far no reply.
Any suggestions ?

Many thanks

Answer:Satellite A40: Question about HDD upgrade


How did you try to ask Toshiba??? As far as I know you can ask the authorized service provider in your country for information but not a Toshiba directly.

However, I have investigated a little bit here in the forum and found this thread:

and this one

It seems there are no official informations but the user ?henrivdw? has upgraded the A30 (similar to A40) with the 80GB HDD successfully.

Good luck

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is the above laptop easy to upgrade with an ssd?cant find any info anywhere on it not evan a review

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I have found out how easy it is to remove the current DVD Writer on my Satellite S70-A (10 seconds) so no problems there.

I see that there is a small lug at the back of the writer allowing the writer to be locked in place by the small bolt that holds the HDD/RAM cover in place

Can I buy a Blu Ray player which has this lug already fitted or I can I fit the lug afterwards?

Can anyone suggest a suitable Blu Ray player to buy as a direct replacement.

Answer:Question about Blu-ray upgrade on Satellite S70-A

Most of S70-A notebooks are offered with DVD-multi optical disc drives. Just few of them are offered with 9.5MM BD-ROM. Unfortunately I don't know which model of BD-ROM is this exactly.
It is not easy to find any information which model can be used on your machine.

I’m not 100% sure but it could be UJ162 UJ-162.

Let’s see if someone else can find exact info about that.

Anyway, in worst case you can order it and test it. if there is some problem simply send it back.

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Hi can someone please tell me what I need to upgrade my laptop? I cannot work it out exactly what I need please can someone tell me e.g. pc2100 or pc 2700??? also what mhz?

Answer:Satellite A60-108 Ram upgrade question

This is the relevant Crucial Technology memory upgrade page.
Satellite A60

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Is there any where where i can down load drivers for the Satellite Pro 4600 please?


Answer:Where i can download drivers for Satellite Pro 4600


You could find such drivers on the Toshiba European driver page.
I think you didn?t search in ARCHIVE folder.

Therefore choose firstly ARCHIVE -> Satellite Pro -> Satellite Pro 46xx -> Satellite Pro 4600 to get all the Toshiba drivers for this oldie ;)


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Hey guys, I'm a first time poster to this forum, and I would like to get straight to the point.

As I try to boot my computer up, I get an error saying this

"Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:

You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the original Setup CD-ROM.
Select 'r' at the first screen to start repair."

Whenever I press r, it comes up with the same screen. Also, Yesterday my father dropped the computer straight on the wireless card, and broke the part that the wireless card is attached to on the motherboard. Could that be why? It came up with this error after I tried installing Age of Empires 2: Conquerors, I don't know what to do.

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I have a Pro 4600 and two memory modules:
1. IBM 128MB PC100 CL2 144-pin SODIMM
2. Infineon 128MB PC133 CL3 144-pin SODIMM

Each of these modules works great separately.
When I put both to achieve 256 of ram, the system recognises only 128MB, but boots ok anyway.

My question is: what to do to have 256 of total ram?
If both modeles will be absolutely same (including manufacturer), will it result in correct 256mb of ram?

Answer:Both RAM are inserted but only one is recognized on Satellite Pro 4600

Hi there,

your problem is apparently just a compatibility issue, because the two modules a have a conflict together if they are inserted simultaneous.
They have different memorytimings (CL2 <-> CL3) and a different clock (PC100 <-> PC133) so you will have to get a module which is similar to one of these two modules. (but not mandatory in manufacturer!)

After that it will results in correct 256 Megs of RAM in total. ;)


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Hi guys,

I've got a Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 PIII900/128/20G/14T/D/LM/W (it's written on the sticker under the laptop) MODEL NO. PS460E-04NVW Which MoBo should I have?? Mine is broken, so I want to buy a new one on eBay, but I don't know what model is the right one.


P.S: Sorry for my bad english again. I'm Italian... :)

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600 MoBo model

Ok, problem solved...

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I would like to expand the RAM memory in my old Satellite Pro 4600.

- Could someone advise me which of the (currently existing) types of RAM cards are suitable ?
- Does the notebook have any maximum memory limit, or can I go up to (say) 1 GB?

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600 - how to expand RAM memory

Of course there are some upgrade limitations!
You can upgrade the memory on this notebook to max 512MB (2 x256MB)!

You could use 144-Pin PC133 SODIMM modules like mentioned [here:|]

The memory slots should be placed at the bottom of the unit.

- Turn the computer upside down
- remove the screws securing the memory module socket cover
- slide you finger under the cover an lift the it off.
- fit the modules connectors into the computers connectors at about a 45 degree angle and press the modules carefully to ensure a firm connection
- push the module down so it lies flat. Latches on either side will click into the place to secure the module.

That?s all.. easy ;)

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Where I find drivers for Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 Drivers?
We cannot select this model In the support page...

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600: Where to find drivers

The drivers for this notebook series ?Satellite Pro 4600? can be found on the Toshiba European driver page.

The notebook seems to be an oldie and therefore you should take a look into the _*Archive*_ folder!!!!

Best regards

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Hi thereI've got a bit of a problem with a laptop that someone might be able to help with...hopefully!Currently running Windows 2000, and has 256Mb in two banks of 128. When I try to upgrade to 256Mb in each of the 2 slots (256 is its maximum I think), I get the error message "remove the incompatible module from slots". I've tried various modules, all 256Mb, PC100, CL2, but none are recognised.Anyone have any ideas?!

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 memory

Probably because 256 is the max you can take, but I will check for you.

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Several years ago, we broke the monitor on our Satellite Pro 4600 series laptop. Yesterday I took it out to connect to a TV and see what data (mainly photos) we had on it that I could backup on an external drive. However, it won't start up. I can only see a tiny bit of the message displayed: "****Bad" and on the next line "Check su"

I have tried to start up with the companion diskette but it doesn't work. Pressing Fn F5 does not control the monitor settings with it in this state so I cannot see the complete mesdage. I would rather not use the Recovery and Configuration Builder CD because I'd like to see my files....

Any ideas?

Thank you very much.

Answer:Broken monitor on Satellite Pro 4600

hi King_2,

the fast and easy way:
- go and get a usb-to-ide usb-adapter
- take out harddisk and
- connect it with the usb-adapter to another machine
now you have access to all of your files!

the long way:
- attach a monitor to the machine
- make sure that the external display is your primary display
- check bios and set date/time
- pray
- try to start your os
- safe your data to external drive

this adaptor is about 15 euros and you can use it more than once!

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I'm having a problem on my SP4600.
It works fine but at random there is a continuos beep when this starts the sattelite slows down very drassticly and the only way to get rid of this is to reboot(hard) the laptop, this happens randomly, somtimes 2x on the same day, sometimes it stays working for a day or 2. i Don't know whats wrong.
I've already updated the bios, put in new memory, left the battery out, put in new hd, reinstalled XP a few times but nothing helps.

Please help

I've found one topic with a simular question but there was no more reply from either site.

Thx in advance

Answer:Continuos beep on Satellite Pro 4600


It is not easy to say what the problem is. Maybe is there some problem with graphics. In my opinion just intensive hardware check can give more answers.

Sorry but I don?t believe that you can do something alone to fix this.


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I have brought a Satellite Pro 4600. I have not had a laptop before.
When I switch it on it says password.
How do I get past this to use it? Hope someone can help.

Thanks in advance

Answer:How to bypass the password on Satellite Pro 4600?

Sorry but nobody can help you with this on this forum. The password must be removed by Toshiba authorized service.

Sorry. :(

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Hello everybody,

I am trying update the bios and i have followed the instructions, but I don't know what is wrong.

1.- download the files
2.-unzip the filed in a floppy nonbootable.
3.- reboot the computer with the floppy in.
4.- press f12 while boot.
5.- nothing happend, the system ask me remove the floppy but nothing is updated.

Thanks for your help.

Answer:BIOS update for Satellite Pro 4600


I found this Toshiba BIOS update instruction for this notebook series:
1. Extract the zip file containing the BIOS upgrade to a formatted floppy disk (please see note below regarding which type of disk to use).
2. Ensure the Notebook is connected to the mains.
3. Turn the Notebook off.
4. Turn the Notebook on with the F12 key. Keep the key pressed until a short beep can be heard.
5. The message "Ready for BIOS update. Place the BIOS update diskette in the drive and press any key when ready to proceed" will appear.
6. Place the diskette containing the BIOS upgrade in the floppy disk drive and press any key. FDD access will begin.
7. When prompted by the message: "Please push the RESET switch (or turn AC power OFF/ON) to restart" remove the floppy disk and either press the RESET switch (if available) or turn the system off and back on to restart the Notebook.

But note; BIOS update is always risky! If your notebook runs ok, then the BIOS update is not really necessary!


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I'm new here to these forums.
I recently recieved a Staellite pro 4600, it starts up fine but after like 10 to 15 minutes the fans kick in and the computer freezes than unfreezes and so on.

Its really annoying.
Anyone know what i can do to prevent this?


Answer:Satellite Pro 4600 freezes after like 10 to 15 minutes

After receiving this older notebook have you made clean OS installation?

Anyway, I can not say for sure but it can be that notebook is too hot and I recommend you to clean it up. After doing this please watch carefully how it works. If the freezing continue please post again.

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I got a satellite pro 4600, p3 cel 650, 20gb HDD, etc etc

I did have the stock 64MB in it, then I added a 128mb stick. Both worked fine for about 2years until last month....

The 64 MB module is no longer seen by my lappy, but the 128 was. I tried booting with just the 64 in and the laptop just sits there not making a sound, with the power light on. The 128 MB was working in both banks.

Today I was running a random program and the laptop just froze. I rebooted and now both of the sticks are not seen by the lappy. It just sits there with the power light on, no sound, nothing on the screen. Both sticks of RAM still work in my mates laptop (diff make/model) but refuse to work in mine.

Any help would be well appreciated.


Answer:Satellite Pro 4600 doesn't start any more

If you can not see anything on the display it can be serious hardware problem. Use just 182 MB module in slot A, remove battery and try to start unit with AC adapter only.

Is there any HDD activity? What is with LED who is activated when laptop is ON? Is this green LED activated?

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hi all,

I have the following problem. The notebook was running with a 128MB (Slot A)and a 64MB (Slot B) memory stick.

I got two new memory sticks of 256MB (PA3069U-K) and I freshed up the whole system, format the disk and installing WinXP Prof. SP2.
But after the whole procedure the BIOS (ACPI BIOS 1.80) doesn't recognize the second memory stick in Slot B.

I read in the manual, that I have to delete the Hibernation files. But when I restart the Notebook in the MS-DOS mood and enter the command 'HALLOC /C' it is unknown. That is the procedure described in the manual.

I give up ... don't know any solution, but I know that it should work, because it did it before!

Can anybody help me? thanx & greetinx

Answer:Memory Problem Satellite Pro 4600


you should try to make a BIOS update. At is for the SP4600 a BIOS update version 2.60 available.

Otherwise you should change the RAM modules from one slot to the other and test it!


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Hi, does anyone know where I can get the repair manual (mainly to show how to dismantle this notebook) .


Answer:Satellite Pro 4600: Need repair manual

Hello Phil

Unfortunately it is not public document and all you can do is to use Google and try to find something that can help. :(

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Hello all
I have a Satellite 4600 pro that my son bought as his first computer fixer upper.

The laptop came with the hard drive wiped. The problem he is having is trying to install Windows 2000 which the laptop came with OEM.

The computer boots up to the windows disk and loads all the files but when the actual Windows installation starts the computer shuts down.

We are trying the install with the power adapter hooked up and it seems like all the lights are either on or at least working.
This laptop was advertised as working but with no OS installed. Since this is the first one he has bought we have no spare parts to swap around.

Any pointers as to what would be the most likely problem or a good place to start looking would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600 - shuts down while installing OS

Maybe its overheating? Try cleaning the air vents with a Can of compressed air.

Also check the RAM, download Memtest from and run a few passes. Its a bootable CD or Floppy Disk.

Or if you are using a street version of Win2000, there may be a compatibility problem, in which you may need to get a copy of the original Toshiba Recovery Disc.
XP is similar to Win2000, have you tried installing XP?

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My aged Satellite Pro 4600 has a 20GB HDD. As these are now very difficult to get hold, does anyone know whether higher capacy HDDs can be used and, if so, what is the maximum size of HDD.

(In spite of it's age I still use the Satellite Pro for certain jobs.)

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600 - What is the maximum HDD size?

Hello John

Satellite Pro 4600 is pretty old notebook and it is not easy to find exact info. The fact is taht notebook was delivered with 10 and 20 GB HDDs.
My opinion is that you can use 30 or even 40 GB HDDs. I believe new 30 GB HDD should be enough for your certain jobs.

What do you think?

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On this unit there is a password on loading, without it access to a computer is blocked, and this password is lost. How to reset the password? Can be there is any service password?

Answer:How to remove password on Satellite 4600?


There is no service password but service method. Contact service partner in your country and they will remove it for you. It costs but not much.

Best solution is to ask previous owner about right password.


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I have the above running on XP. It had 128mb pc 100 Toshiba ram in slot 1/a and 256mb hynix ram in slot 2/b, so was working perfectly ok on the combined 384mb. I decided to be clever as i want to learn more about upgrading RAM, so I removed both RAM modules.However, after replacing them I can only get the factory fit Toshiba 128mb module to be recognised. I have tried swapping them round, trying the Hynix only (the laptop did not seem to want to poewer up though)and the Toshiba module only. No change, whatever permutation it will only recognise the 128mb module. I know don't know whether the Hynix module is the culprit for some reason - it was working ok!)-if so is there any way of testing the module?? or do I have to reset the bios or similar to recognise the Hynix module - advice appreciated

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 - RAM query

sorry - forgot to say - how do i adjust bios - on start up it say press F2 but I am either not quick enough or for some reason it is not recognising the F2 key

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My Satellite Pro 4600's battery is acting pretty weird. I always fully charge it to 100%. But when I'm using my laptop and it reaches 65%-60%, it drops down to 3% battery power. Now I was wondering if there's a way to calibrate the battery so it sees it as a full 100% battery again? Anyone who can help me?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600 Calibrate Battery?


Charging tips for the battery pack.

Unplug the computer from the AC adapter and turn it on. Let the computer run under battery power until the computer turns off, indicating that the battery is fully discharged.

Remove the battery pack.

Using a soft cloth, wipe off the battery packs connectors and the AC adapters connectors.

Re-insert the battery pack.

Plug the computer into the AC adapter and check the wall outlet, making sure the connection is firm.

With the PC turned off, let the battery charge until the battery status light or icon glows green.

Unplug the AC adapter.

Remove the battery.

Wait 30 seconds and re-insert the battery.

Plug the AC adapter back in.

Let the battery recharge until the battery status light turns green or the icon displays 100%.

Now your battery should be fully charged. Unplug the computer from the AC wall outlet and turn on the PC. You should notice longer battery life.


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I've been trying to find out if I can upgrade the CPU on my satellite 4600. It's currently running a PIII at 800mhz, but what is the maximum that the system board can support?

Answer:CPU Support for Satellite Pro 4600 Series


sorry, there is no opportunity to upgrade a CPU at a Toshiba notebook! According to this the SP4600 topmodel supports a PIII wit 1000Mhz, so there is not a huge different to yur 800Mhz.
To increase your system speed you should upgrade your RAM!


Message was edited by: chris_cool

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The laptop overheated (for previous owner). When I purchased it everything was fine but after 2 days (no further overheating) the display began to show many and varied artifacts beginning with the Toshiba welcome screen.

Can this be cured without changing the mainboard or has Toshiba scored another goal by integrating everything?

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600: display issue

You bought a second hand unit?
I?m afraid it seems you bought a notebook with the hardware malfunction?

Well, I think the problem is the graphic card. This could be a result of previous overheating?
But did you try to connect the notebook to the external monitor?

In such case you could check if the same problems appear on the external monitor.
If yes -> the graphic card on the board must be corrupt
If no -> there could be something wrong with the notebook display or a part of the display

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Hi all,

I'm just wondering if this memory will be suiteable for my brothers satellite pro 4600: 292ZXJ2aWV3&product_uid=24226

I intend to get 2 of the sticks and replace the existing 128mb stick with them so there is 512 in the machine in total - that should make windows xp run a bit faster!!

Many thanks in advance!

Answer:Is this suitable memory for a Satellite Pro 4600?


It seems the module should be compatible.
According to the description it?s a 144-Pin PC133 SODIMM.

I have visited this useful site:

There you will find also the compatible module for the Satellite Pro 4600
The site recommends using the 144-Pin PC133 SODIMM and you could upgrade it to max 512MB (2x256MB)

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I have 2 Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600. Each of them has two banks to install two RAM-Modules. But only one ist active. At all two Notebooks...

I donīt think, that they are broken, but is there a way to activate the second bank? The active bank ist colored black, the non-active bank is colored white. I have tested all banks on each Laptop, but it is the same thing on the second Laptop.

Someone here, who can help me? Thanx!

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600: second Ram-Bank isn't active?


When you turn on the computer, hit esc and F1 to enter bios, once in bios, turn off quiet boot (should be enabled from default configuration). Then save and exit bios, on start up, it should now display the total ram installed in the computer. As well as if you start windows, and right click on my computer and go to properties, The general tab(first window shown under properties) should list the total ram installed on the computer.

Make sure it matches the total ram installed in the 2 banks. It will generally be lower then total installed because windows uses a set amount of the total ram and it becomes unavailable to the system. But it should not be alot lower.

I hope this helps you out, because the banks should always be active as long as ram is installed in it and they are working properly.

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Since there is 2 variations of numbers on this laptop, am abit confused as to which forums to post on, appologise if i still got it wrong.

Am pretty much running out of idea's what could be the problem, so in a last effort to try resolve this i thought about posting here.

I have a SP4600 series Toshiba (Model PS460E), i went to format and reinstall a fresh XP install, it's now currently got a new 60gig IDE HDD in, only 128meg ram, as it's not easy to find and i dont belive it can handle alot anways.

On starting the windows auto boot disk from CD-ROM, it goes through everything pretty much fine, you see all the drivers options loading in etc at the bottom of the screen. It then gets to the "Setup is starting Windows" and just hangs, doesnt move, doesnt turn off, doesnt do anything, just stays on that screen and nothing else, the CD-Rom and the HDD seem to just stop as well.

The HDD has been replaced as it had an old 20gig which i thought could have been the problem.

I have used alot of diagnostic tools, to test memory, hdd, mother/board etc, the only one thats crashed out/bombed out was a stress test version which starts ok, then 15mins in crashses, so unsure what that would be.

Any idea's on how to resove this problem?

as am pretty much out of all ideas atm :/

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600 PS460E - Cannot install Win XP

> The HDD has been replaced as it had an old 20gig which i thought could have been the problem.
Did the same issue happens using the old 20GB HDD?
If the same happened with the smaller HDD then I would assume that this issue is NOT related to a HDD but to another part?

Possibly it?s a RAM? who knows?
In many cases the RAM can be the problem when the notebook does not response...

What about the temperature?
Did you notice an higher temperature coming or warm air coming from the cooling grilles???
The notebook seems to be old? maybe the cooling modules are dirty and cannot cool down the CPU properly???
In such case it?s advisable to clean the fans using compressed air spray?

Anyway? I think you should also test the notebook with other RAM modules?

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Okay, so what I need to know is what, if any, sound/music device will work on MS-DOS games. I don't like the cheesy PC SPEAKER sound. I know it has sound besides that because I can play songs with-in Windows 98.

Answer:MS-DOS: Soundcard for Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600?


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I've got myself into a right old pickle with my laptop.

A few weeks ago i updated win 2000 pro to service pack 4. During this it appears i had lost a few essential files in the process so i could not reboot. After agonising i decided to just reinstall the OS as did not have loads saved on it.

Well i have done this but now don't seem to have much left. Its installed win 2000 pro but i cannot get connected to the net. It does not detect the internal modem. Also i seem to of lost most of the MS office software - word, excel from the desktop but i can open them from the C:\ drive.

I do not have any toshiba disks as it was secondhand

Stuck !

Can anyone help/suggest what i have done.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 error

Sounds to me like you didn't reformat!

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I've downloaded the last driver from this Website.

But if I want to install it, i get a error. Inf's are missing.

With Suse Linux the Sound was working. With Windows 2000 not.
May anybody help me?


Answer:Sound on Satellite Pro 4600 does not work

Hi buddy,

which Inf?s are missing? Maybe the archive was not properly downloaded.
So, maybe you can give a try on the canadian tosh website, they have almost every driver you cannot find on this site:

Please give a feedback, would appreciate. :)


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Hi all,

I have recently bought a brand new NEC ND-6650 DVD writer.
This drive is NOT recognized by my Satellite Pro 4600, at all - neither Windows 2000 nor in the BIOS (v 2.60). Bios updates higher than version 2.60 are not provided.
Does this mean I can forget about using the new writer in my old notebook?

Thanks and best regards,


Answer:New DVD drive not recognized on my Satellite Pro 4600

Hi Nils,

I suspect that your new drive may be not be compatible with your notebook. As with all optical drives your new drive will be configured as either Slave or Master (or possible cable select), and this configuration must match your notebook.

Usually your hard drive will be configured as Master on IDE channel 0 with your optical drive being the slave device on the same channel. However, you may find that your optical drive is configured as Master on IDE channel 1.

Normally the setting is pre-configured by the manufacturer so you will need to check both the conficuration of your new drive and the configuration of your original drive to make sure that they are the same.


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What is wrong with this model??? I purchased second hand laptop with 2x256 mb RAM. After few days one memory module stops working(not recognised by system), on next day second memory module stops working. Problem is not from slot, both modules are defected some how. I purchased memory new KTT-SO815 AEC from memory ten(, after month one of memory modules stops working. Bios is latest from Toshiba, version 2.60. Looks like mainboard burned some how memory modules, this is not good for me, i already spent too much money for this laptop.
What is wrong??? Is there fix for this situation???
I can not buy laptops and parts constantly, i dont have much money.

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Answer:Satellite Pro 4600 memory problem

Hi there,

how you know that the problem is not mainboard related? I mean, are you a technician to know it?

Since your machine is really old and you got no warranty on it, just try the following:

Install both memory modules and make sure machine is starting properly.
Download the latest knoppix (linux-live-CD), burn it to a CD, boot from that CD and choose at startup the "memtest".

Let memtest run for a day. If memtest is not reporting some errors with your memory (you can see it if the modules are defective) then your mainboard is defective.

So give that method a try and give a feedback on your progress..


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I have been given a laptop which is not working. I am trying to re-install XP Pro.
I have changed the boot order to cd first, but it will only work intermittently and skips a lot of files.
At the moment I have an error message;
"PXE-E61 media test failure, test cable"
"PXE-MOF exiting Intel DXE ROM"

Followed by;
"Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:"
"windows root\system32\hal.dll."
"Please re-install a copy of the above file"

This is one of the many files which were skipped the last time that the dvd drive was operating.
It is a full XP Pro cd.

Can anyone please tell me if it is the hard drive or dvd drive which is at fault, or could the problem lie elsewhere?

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600: PXE error message


Usually the PXE error message appears if the notebook tries to boot from the LAN.
I don?t know how you have changed the booting order but the LAN option should be set the end of the booting order.

I assume that the following error messages occur because of this setting.
I recommend checking this possibility.


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Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 is generally a great equipment once it works! I bought it in December 2001 + extra 2 year warranty. Have been using it every day for a business purpose - mainly on a desk docked to Port Replicator or inside-outside the office with WiFi.

Almost after one year I bought it - one of the memory slots died on the motherboard! A machine was still running okay - only on capacities of one slot with installed memory! So, the 256 MB memory and motherboard were replaced around September 2002.

Then the hard disk was getting noise - was replaced regarding a warranty somewhere on October 2004. So I thought that this is it - now I have few years without trouble again!

Yeah - suddenly some days ago I closed the lid for a coffee brake and after that the machine was waking up from standby a little bit strange - the screen was blinking and a machine was muzzy! As standby failures have happened before I thought that restart will solve the problem! It?s awaked without voice support! And after I discovered that WiFi card is always on - no matter you switch the button on or off! So the service provided was telling that probably the motherboard has failed again!

So which brand and model to buy next?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 problems

> And after I discovered that WiFi card is always on -
> - no matter you switch the button on or off! So the
> service provided was telling that probably the
> motherboard has failed again!

same with my brand new M30 which i bought last summer. i cannot seem to be able to switch the WiFi functionality off by keyboard. the indicator is always on too.

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I have a Satellite Pro 4600 c750/128 with xp installed.
It has been ok but slow so I have upgraded to 500MB of memory.

It has now become unstable whilst in windows and throws a blue screen after some time, which has a report, but closes and the it reboots before I have chance to read the error message.

I have tested the new memory overnight with memtest and run 4 passes of all tests with no errors, around 9 hours running (in dos).

The event log reports a dump, but that doesn't mean a lot to me.
The event log does have an error during booting, which has been there before the memory upgrade.
Googling sugest a fix of updating the bios, is the bios for this notebook still available?

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600 very unstable and BSOD

The BIOS should be available for this old Satellite Pro 4600.
The BIOS and the drivers should be placed on the Toshiba European driver page.
There you will have to search in Archive!

But I doubt the error is caused by BIOS.
Fact is that the notebook ran stable also with the previous BIOS and it make no sense to update the BIOS to sort out this issue.
I?m sure this will not change anything!

You upgraded the RAM and now BSOD appears.
I think the issue is related to the RAM even though the ram test didn?t find any errors?
The RAM can be still not compatible also if no error have been detected.

I recommend testing the notebook without the new RAM and to check if the BSOD will appear again.

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What type of hardisk do I have to use? If anyone have a link, so pleas post it.

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600 - harddisk type


Well, you can use 10GB and 20GB HDDs.
Google for this numbers: MK1016GAP and MK2016GAP

You will find many offers.

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Can anyone help with this? Has anyone fitted a DVD writer (Toshiba sd-r6252 dvd-rw drive)?
Which models are compatible? I am fine bout opening up and swapping.
Just compatibility indeed to know.

Answer:Can I build in the DVD writer in to Satellite Pro 4600?


I don?t found any informations if this drive is compatible with the Satellite Pro 4600 but you should pay attention to the drive replacement.
You should check the drive dimensions. Very important is the drive settings (master/slave/csel) because it is not possible to change this settings like on the usual desktop drive.
I?m not sure about the settings on the Satellite Pro 4600 but the Toshiba ASP should know this.
You can also order the supported drive from the Toshiba service partner in your country.

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The 2 drivers in the download section dont work. Everest shows me that there is no Windows Audio (service started), and the Intel 82801BAM ICH2-M - AC'97 Audio Controller [B-2] PCI.
No driver is installed now.

Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600 - No sound on Windows XP SP3

Hi stanbulino,

Have you installed SP3 before sound driver installation?

I don?t have Satellite Pro 4600 so I can?t say much about this but you should install the chipset driver firstly and then the sound driver.

Make also sure that Windows Audio Service is started.

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Hi folks,

do you remember that Satellite Pro I mentioned a lot of months ago? The one with the amber flashing light?
Well, I changed the MoBo ant it finally turned on. But a problem arised... it doesn't read CDs. Every time I insert a system bootable disk, it says: "Insert system disk in drive. Press any key when ready..." I tried with many certainly bootable cds but nothing happens. I tried with another working MoBo but this is it. I updated the BIOS, i set up the boot sequence, nothing changes.
Oh,yes the cd-rom unit is working for sure.

What should I do??

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600 - Boot CD problem

>What should I do??
Set BIOS settings to default and try again.
Is HDD recognized in BIOS settings?

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I use an older satellite pro 4600. If I try to use them in line operation, the screen is always black. Even if I press the standy button, it become only completely briefly (1-2 seconds) resound, afterwards immediately again darkly. If I use them over akku, it works. Then will it only occasionally once darkly, can then however again brightly be pressed. Also I have the feeling that he gets with line operation more power than over akku. Is that a problem of the attitude or must the notebook be repaired? Thank you for your answers!!

Answer:Satellite Pro 4600 Dark screen

I got te same problem with my A100 notebook... It's very annoying. Can anyone give some answers please????

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I would like to know if I should upgrade my old Dell Dimension 4600 or if I should go ahead and get a new computer. If anyone has any suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated! For example, more memory, extra hard drive
I would appreciate it, if you guys explain everything to me in layman's term.


The specs of my computer are:

Windows xp home edition
Pentium 4 2.8 ghz processor
160 gb hard drive
intergrated graphics
1.5 gb 400 mhz ram
Cd and Dvd burner

If I left anything out that you need to know or if you have any questions, please ask.

Answer:What to upgrade in my old Dell Diemension 4600

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I have a Dell Dimension 4600 with Windows XP Home Edition 2002 SP2. It currently has a Pentium 4 CPU 2.8GHz, and 256MB of RAM. I am looking to upgrade it to but don't know where to start. I am thinking about investing in RAM upgrades, but don't know what XP SP2 will recognize maximum or even if this is where I should start to get the biggest performance boost for my money. Any suggestions? And yes I know this probably isn't the most cost effective method of getting a more powerful computer but it is my best option.

Answer:Dell Dimension 4600 Upgrade

I have a Dell Dimension 4600 with Windows XP Home Edition 2002 SP2. It currently has a Pentium 4 CPU 2.8GHz, and 256MB of RAM. I am looking to upgrade it to but don't know where to start. I am thinking about investing in RAM upgrades, but don't know what XP SP2 will recognize maximum or even if this is where I should start to get the biggest performance boost for my money. Any suggestions? And yes I know this probably isn't the most cost effective method of getting a more powerful computer but it is my best option.
The Dimension 4600 will support up to 4gb [4 x 1gb modules] of DDR RAM, but may only address 3gb-+ of it due to the 32-bit operating system:
Also, if you are using the 4600 for internet browsing, best to replace XP with a more current operating system eg Win 7.
You are no longer able to update Windows XP, more information about this, can be found Here:

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Bought 1 gig of ram from Mushkin and it's PC3200 400mhz. It is supposed to be compatible with my 4600. Installed ram and when I turned on my computer it gave me a PNP1 error. I tried to just use the new ram but no avail. I put the orginal ram back in by itself and the computer is running normal. What do I need to do to get the new ram up and running.


Answer:Dimension 4600 ram upgrade problem


If your current ram works, the new ram probably is faulty, or isnt compatible (eventhough it may say that it is). Unless Dell specifically says that the ram is compatible, I wouldnt trust a 3rd party vendor's advice. I also have a dell and Kingston has worked really well for me in the past. Also, is this your only ram module in the system? If not, make sure your new ram matches the speed of your other ram module otherwise you may get unpredictible behavior.

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hi friends,

i`ve a Satellite A200-13O with 120GB HDD, 1.8GHz Intel Centrino Duo, 1GB ram but it has 2 512 chips installed.

if i upgrad 2 1 GB ram is there any chance of improvement in performance....??

and what if i upgrade to 2GB dual channel....??

it has Windows Vista Ultimate...!!


Answer:Question about Ram upgrade on a Satellite A200

Sure, the performance will improve highly since the difference between 1 GB and 2GB is big.

Be sure, that you use DDR2 PC 5300 modules to get the most out of your machine.
If you got still any questions, then ask please


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Hi all

I am looking for RAM for a Satellite P200 although I cant find it on any compatibility list.

I am hoping to get two 2GB DDR2 880 RAM.
Can you help me please.

Will the RAM be downrated to a slower speed in the Toshiba or will the 880 work fine?

Thanks for your time.

Answer:Satellite P200 - RAM upgrade question


> Will the RAM be downrated to a slower speed in the Toshiba or will the 880 work fine

Sorry but I don?t know what you mean by 880?. Do you mean the DDR2 880Mhz module???

There are different Satellite P200 models but generally you could use the DDR2 667MHz (PC2-5300) 200-PIN SODIMM memory modules

The compatible module is running at 667Mhz!


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Helo everybody,
I need a major upgrade so i wanted to know if it's posssible to upgrade the processor. I am already playing Doom 3 at ulra high with 4X Ati, and 1024X768.
Giving me 46 fps,with 2gb ddr 533.

Can i upgrade the Satellite P100-188 T2400 processor to T2500 or T2600 and can i use ddr2 667mhz Ram?

Any suggestions how much performance increases if you upgrade hdd from 5400rpm to 7200 with 8mb cache?


Answer:Satellite P100-188: Question about Ram and CPU upgrade


The CPU can not be replaced. But you can extend the memory with those modules:
PA3499U-1M25(DDR2-667 256MB Memory Kit)
PA3511U-1M51(DDR2-667 512MB Memory Kit)
PA3512U-1M1G(DDR2-667 1GB Memory Kit)
PA3513U-1M2G(DDR2-667 2GB Memory Kit)

DDR2-533 256MB (PA3389U-2M25)
DDR2-533 512MB (PA3412U-2M51)
DDR2-533 1GB (PA3411U-2M1G)

The max memory that you can use on this unit is 4GB.


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Hi everyone,

after few years I decided to spend some money to upgrade the RAM.
Now, I am quite stuck to understand what to do.

I have always known that my notebook may be upgraded to 8GB.
I also have many references for this information:

- model: Satellite A300-1Q PSAGCE-07000QIT

I physically checked the slots: there are currently two slots of 2GB each.
As non-expert, I thought that the most logic way to upgrade such a configuration is to buy other two chips of 4GB each to reach the 8GB.

However, it seems that this combination is not feasible becasue I do not find it (I checked on Kingston and Amazon website). The RAM upgrade I would like to achieve is:
-800 Mhz

If this can be of help I jot down all the data on the other two RAM modules:
2GB 2Rx8 PC2-64005-666-12-Z3
800 Mhz DDR2-SDRAM

Can anybody help me to figure out what to do for upgrading the RAM to 8GB?

Many thanks,


Answer:Satellite A300-1QP - RAM upgrade question


The notebook was equipped with the Intel GM45 Express chipset and according to Intel ARK page this Mobile Intel GM45 Express Chipset is able to handle the 8GB RAM
The chipset seems to support the 667MHz / 800MHz / 1066MHz modules

If you want to upgrade the RAM up to 8GB RAM, the best option would be the usage of 2 x 4GB SO-DIMM (DDR2 800Mhz) modules
The present modules has to be removed and replaced with two 4GB modules.

Usually you can use different brand modules but cheap modules can cause many different and strange issue. Therefore I would recommend you to purchase good quality modules like Kingston, Toshiba, etc?

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Hi all,

I have a Toshiba M60 Laptop just after some info to upgrade it for online gaming (if its worthwhile) specs as follows -

[PC Information]
Model Name Satellite M60
Part Number PSM60A-02F00D
Serial Number
OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3
BIOS Version V1.20
CPU Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 2.00GHz
Memory 1024MB RAM
Hard Disk Capacity 79,826,342,400 [Byte] 74.344 [GB]
Hard Disk Free Space Capacity 61,610,532,864 [Byte] 57.379 [GB]
Video NVIDIA GeForce Go 6600 ver=
Screen Resolution 1680 x 1050 Pixels
Color Quality True Color (32 Bit)
Sound Realtek AC97 Audio ver=
Network Realtek RTL8169/8110 Family Gigabit Ethernet NIC ver=5.709.1121.2008
Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2915ABG Network Connection ver= MacAddr=
Modem TOSHIBA Software Modem ver=
IDE Device 2 None
IDE Device 3 MAT****A DVD-RAM UJ-840S Firmware=1502
IDE Device 4 None
IDE Device 5 None
IDE Device 6 None
Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702

EC/KBC Versio... Read more

Answer:Satellite M60 Hardware Upgrade question

What you can upgrade is RAM or HDD.
With more RAM notebook will have better performance in general but I dont know if this will help much for online gaming.

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I want to purchase some internal memory for my A200 Satellite Pro Mod No,PSAE1E but I cannot find my model in the drop down lists, which memory do I need, I want to upgrade using two 1GB memory sticks, at present I have two 512MB sticks installed.

Answer:Question about Ram upgrade on a Satellite Pro A200

Hi friend,

what you need are two "DDR2 PC5300" RAM sticks with a frontsidebus of 667Mhz.

Like these one:

I would recommend kingston since they are known to work well in almost all mobile computer devices from a big brand..


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