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Portege M400 - BIOS boot password enabled by accident!

Question: Portege M400 - BIOS boot password enabled by accident!

I have just installed Windows 7 in my Portege M400-104.

It was working perfectly, but in the last reboot, after installing all drivers and software and configuring my fingerprints, suddenly the computer asks for a password to boot! I never entered any BIOS password nor i have executed the password assist utility.

I never used these passwords so i guess it is some default one that has been activated by accident by one of the tools i have configured (maybe the fingerprint utility?), but i don't know what it is!

Can anyone tell me what default password can it be or how to remove it? (without sending the laptop to a tech service).


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Preferred Solution: Portege M400 - BIOS boot password enabled by accident!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Portege M400 - BIOS boot password enabled by accident!

Ok. Apparently i configured that password in the past because i tried an old password and it worked! :)

Now i have to install the Win7 version of the password assist utility to disable it, because the Vista version i installed doesn't work.

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Hello all,

I hope I can get some help / guidance from some one with more experience with the M400 if possible?!

I reinstalled the OS and setup the biometric security for me, which has worked flawlessly! However I stupidly also set up the boot up security (BIOS Password). So when the tablet gets turned on I can scan my finger and get in without any issues, however I now want to turn the boot up security off. So I booted it in to the OS and went to disable it....however it asks for my password....which I have forgot as I have been a typical end user and have been only using my bloody finger!

Does anyone know if I can disable the BIOS security while in the OS using the biomentric security rather than entering a password? I have tried just changing the admin password within the win OS but that doesn't work....any ideas?

Any help with be greatly appreciated!


Answer:Portege M400 - Change BIOS Password within OS without knowing password?

> So I booted it in to the OS and went to disable it....however it asks for my password....which I have forgot as I have been a typical end user and have been only using my bloody finger!

You are speaking about BIOS password which you set up in the BIOS?
As far as I know you cannot remove the BIOS password if you don?t know the old BIOS password.
In such case just the Toshiba ASP could help you? just the Toshiba ASP technician could remove the unknown BIOS password

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i have a laptop Toshiba portage M400
locked by Bios password
even i can't access the bios
how can i reset the bios
please hep me
i have an important data inside the laptop

Answer:How to reset BIOS password in Portege M400?


Please check
There you can find answer to your question.

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I have a Toshiba M400 and i was wondering how i could reset the bios password. I disabled the finger print scanner recently becuase i decided i dont need it anymore but it still asks for a bios password which i forgot. I used to just swipe my finger and it would let me boot up and all that gravey.

If you guys know how to reset the password. Either physically or through software that would be awesome.

Or if you guys know who is the bios manufacturer for Portege M400's I could probebly give them a call and ask my self.

I could send it in but I want to avoid that and leave it as a last option.

BTW this laptop was purchased in USA.

Answer:Reset BIOS password on Portege M400 - Bios Manufacturer?

You will be not able to remove the BIOS password yourself if you have forgotten it.
As far as I know the manufacture of the BIOS which was preinstalled on Port?g? M400 is......... Toshiba ;)

So you have to contact the authorized Toshiba service provider in your country and only these guys are able to remove the BIOS password which you have forgotten.

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I have a Portege M400 and I used the Toshiba Security Assist software to set up a BIOS boot password as well as an HDD protection password. This software, as well as the actual BIOS (Esc+F1 at boot) both show that the password I set is registered/recognized.

However, I am not actually asked for either of those passwords when I boot the computer!!!

I have a dual-boot system with the original WinXP for Tablet PC on one of the partitions, and an Ubuntu Feisty on another. My boot loader is GRUB but I don't understand why that should affect the behaviour of the BIOS that should happen before it calls the boot loader...

Can someone help me with this? It would be really important for me to protect my BIOS and the hard drive.

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Portege M400: Why am I not asked for a password at boot?

1. Check your security settings with the Toshiba password utilty. Are these configured correctly?
2. Did you set the user or the supervisor password? If you only set the supervisor password you are not asked for the password.
3. Try to set the HDD and User pw in the initial bios setup (press ESC when prowering on).

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First I assigned a 9 character long BIOS password via the Security Assist utility of my new Toshiba Portege M400 (M400-139) with Windows XP Tablet Edition.
It asked me if I also want to use the same password "repeated" to cover the 22 or so (I don't remember) characters long HDD password, and I said ok.
Then, I removed the BIOS password. But couln't be able to remove HDD password.

Then I created another password which was 1 character long, and removed it, but the HDD password remained.
When I rebooted the system, it asked me the "Built-in HDD Password".
I tried entering both the 9 and 1 character long passwords but it says "Not certified". What should I do?

Should I write tha password over and over again until it reaches 22 or so characters long?
If it is the problem, then, how many characters long?
I also think that the keyboard layout mapping may be a problem.

I never changed the layout but maybe the factory default is different from the windows one.
But I only used numbers and international standart letters.

I need immediate help.
All my work is halted.

Answer:Portege M400 doesn't accept built-in hdd password at boot

I don?t know if you have inserted the right HDD password or not but the message ?Not certified? said that the inserted password is definitely not correct.
Someone said that the message ?Not certified? could appears if you the notebook was send into hibernation mode instead of shutdown mode after the password was set.

But I don?t think that this could be relevant in your case.

One question; did you try to delete the HDD password from the Toshiba Password utility or in the BIOS?

Please check if you can change/delete in the BIOS because I found the info in the M400 user manual that you have to use the BIOS setup to change, delete the HDD password ot to set the HD master password!

The user manual provide also a info that if you forget you HDD user password, Toshiba will not be able to assist you , and your HDD will be rendered completely and permanently inoperable! When saving the HDD user password shut down or restarts the computer. If the computer is not shut down or restarted, the saved data (password) may not be correctly reflected!!!

So maybe this is a reason why you cannot change the HDD password ?:|


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I want to remove the *well-known* HDD password at my Toshiba Portege M400.
I did not find any option at BIOS or installed software from Toshiba support.
I strongly need your help.

BIOS= 3.80
OS - Windows 7 Enterprise 32 bit Ru

Answer:Clear HDD password at Portege M400


please, read here:

As I know, in Bios hdd protection password option should exist

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I have a Portege M400 and I want to upgrade my current hard drive with a new one.
My current hard drive is password protected ( i know the password ).
My questions are:

If i upgrade to a new hard drive, the new one will retain the old password or not?

Can I use the old drive with an external enclosure as an external drive, or this is impossible?

I've already tried removing the hard drive password with methods presented on this forum by going to BIOS, but version 3.8 does not have the option to remove hdd password and I think it's impossible to remove it.

Please answer only if you have experience in cases like this, I don't want to spend money on new hard drive and not being able to use it as primary.

Answer:Portege M400 - New HDD will retain the old HDD password?


> If i upgrade to a new hard drive, the new one will retain the old password or not
No, because the HDD password is only stored on the HDD. So if you exchange the HDD you must a new password to protect the HDD.

> Can I use the old drive with an external enclosure as an external drive, or this is impossible?
As far as I know you can only use the old HDD if you erase the password. Otherwise it could get problems to use it. In your case I would remove the password.

> I think it's impossible to remove it.
Please check your BIOS again. There must be definitively an option to delete or set a password.


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Running Ubuntu Linux on the M400 and it seems almost all BIOS versions prior 3.60 are broken because there are APIC quirk errors on the CPU. Maybe Microsoft could work around the broken APIC tables for a while but with Linux things are a bit cumbersome. Microsoft asked Toshiba for a BIOS update to deal with these issues and starting from 3.50 it seems to be fixed.

see here

Even in Linux no more APIC errors are seen. :-) But after updating to 3.60 BIOS the boot screen stays active and is preventing me to select an option for a multi boot entry (grub). When the OS is already starting the boot screen turns white at first and then gives finally control to the OS. Are others seeing this as well?

I am able to select something in my boot menu but it's more guessing because the boot screen is still on top. Very annoying this :-(

Another issue I have is that sometimes the system freezes for a couple of seconds and then goes on, nothing to be seen in logs when using Ubuntu or WXP tablet. So could be a bug in BIOS once again. Again looking for confirmation, are other experiencing this as well.

Did reflash 3.60 a couple of times but seeing this behaviour over and over again.

Although there seems to be some fan control in 3.60. It doesn't fire like a DC9 but still not as silent as the 1.80W or 2.10N BIOS versions were. Love to see these fan noise changes incorporated in 3.60 and later?

Answer:Portege M400 and 3.60 BIOS

Hi Robert

I know you will hate me but the fact is that Portege M400 has sticker near the keyboard and there is written something like ?Designed for Microsoft ??. With short words: Linux OS is not supported.

If you need some help with Linux on Toshiba notebooks please check

Issue about freezing is very strange and if you want to check it properly install recovery image without any additional software. In this case you will have ?factory settings? and clean preinstalled OS. If you will notice some exceptional issues you should contact authorized service partner and clarify this.

Good luck!

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Has anyone tried this new update ?
I was put off by the wording on the disclaimer.
It seems that in order to cut down on constant fan use the price to pay will be a hotter computer.
Is that going to affect the computer life time ?
Also, as it is a "stand alone" update, is it possible to undo the changes and revert to a previous version if necessary ?
Finally, is the increased heat on the base of the unit going to make it uncomfortable to work with as a tablet ?
Thanks for feed back.

Answer:Portege M400. BIOS update V 1.8


Yes I have updated my m400 to version 1.8 and No it does not run that hot im currently suing speed fan to monitor the temp and its stable at 38 degrees - with BIOS set to cooling - battery optimised, its very quite now! thats what i wanted as the fan for me was just to loud for such a small laptop. I went from 1.4 straight to 1.8 didnt do 1.7.
I still find however the power saver dosent do much in terms of the fan speed, but at least we know there was an issue and they have identified it in the BIOS release.

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Can anybody point me in the direction of a page that documents what is included/fixed in the new BIOS?

Answer:What was fixed in the BIOS v2.10 for Portege M400

On the Toshiba European site I didn?t find any descriptions about the BIOS renewals.
But I have visit the US Toshiba site and found some inforamtions.

Visit this site and chose -> Downloads
There chose the Port?g? M400 and go to the driver downloads.
The first one should be BIOS 2.1. If you click on the BIOS 2.1 you will see the whole renewal history.

But I?m not sure if the BIOS from the US site is the same like the one from the European site.

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Please can someone tell me where to find the latest BIOS for a Toshiba Portégé M400. I have looked on the Toshiba website, and all there is for Portégé is the M750, and M800.
Thanks in advance,

Answer:BIOS for Portege M400 needed

Have you also checked ARCIVE option?

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Hi there,
When I look for an update to the BIOS in my M400 at the Nordics version of Toshibas homepage - here is what I find;
On the nordics toshiba website they have the 1.50 version available for download, while the US version website I can download the newer 1.60 version. As my M400 is a Danish version I am a little unsure as to if it's ok to update my BIOS to v1.60 now that the nordics toshiba website don't have that BIOS version available.

Any thoughts and views about going ahead and installing the version 1.60 on my DK-version M400 is very welcomed.


Answer:Portege M400 - BIOS update to 1.60


Please don?t compare European and US notebooks models and don?t make update mix. If you have European notebook please use just the stuff available on Toshiba Europe download page.

If you don?t have problems with your unit and if operating system runs stabile, don?t do anything. It is just my advice.

Have a nice day!

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I've 2 Portege M400 (different models), both with the BIOS version 3.8 but strangely in one of them I've the virtualization option to enable or disable.
But in the other one no, and it seems I'm not able to do anything to make that option available on that notebook.

Is this a known issue? I could I solve that?

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Portege M400 - Virtualization not available in BIOS

Do both notebooks were quipped with the same CPU???

You should know that not all Intel CPUs supports the Intel VT (virtualization technology)

Therefore sometimes VT option is not available in BIOS!


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I need make cd-rom 1-st boot device.
There are no operating system installed on my hdd.

I could not change my BIOS.
I press and hold Esc button then F1.

After that i see Bios screen, but i can not change anything.
I can only escape without and with changes?
No items can bee changed?

Can anybody help me???

Answer:Re: Portege M400 - Cannot change anything in Bios


You don?t need to change the booting device in BIOS.
You can also set it while notebook powering up.
Press F12 immediately after the notebook has been powered on
Then a boot menu should appear.
Here you have to choose ODD as booting device and should confirm with Enter.

That?s it

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does anybody know how to change or deaktivate a KNOWN HDD-Password of a Portege M400?

Again: I know the password, but i am bored of typing it every boot.

Greetings M400User

Answer:How to change/deaktivate/reset HDD-Password on Portege M400?


As far as I know something like this is not possible. More about HDD password on Toshiba notebooks you can read under

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I've read a lot of things in this forum, in the user manual, I even phoned the support Toshiba and i've still no answer to my problem.

At the first use of the PC, i defined a hard drive password. I now want to remove this password.
The user manual and the forum advise me to open the bios configuration, under windows, wich is supposed to offer the possibility to change and remove password. No option, no possibility to change nor remove the password.

The phone support tell me that if the bios configuration under windows do not show the option to change or remove password, I have no way to do this (!!?!).

I need your knowledge and your help :)

I thank you in advance.

Thomas (sorry for my english)

Answer:How to remove hard drive password on a Portege M400-170 ?


I hope you will find answer reading this document


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1. How do I change the Hard disk password? the Toshiba utilities allow me to change the BIOS password but not the hard disk password

2. If a secondary hard disk is fitted, it is possible to run the DVD writer as an external bay? is there a connector / converter available?

3. If Toshiba RAID mirroring is enabled, does this speed up disk read times? eg read speeds could theoretically be doubled by striping reads across both disks - what's the real world performance difference?

4. Are there any restrictions on the internal hard disk?
I bought a new Toshiba hard disk (MK1234GSX / 120GB) and, fitted in secondary drive bay, it works, I cloned the existing hard disk across and it is even possible to boot off the secondary disk and see both disks.
However when I replace the internal disk with the new disk, I can see the disks in the bios, however windows blue-screens on boot: the error appears to be that windows can't find the disk..

When I add the original disk to the secondary drive bay and boot off that I also cannot get windows to recognise the new disk.
This doesn't appear to be a simple windows problem, since windows is happy to boot off the new disk when in the secondary bay, thus I am asking if there is some restriction at the Windows end..

5. why on the support website having registered my Portege M400 does it say: "Sorry, but this product is not available in your region."

thanks for any advice,

Answer:Portege M400 HDD - password and disk upgrade questions

1.) As far as I know the HDD password can be changed in the BIOS
But be careful, if you will forget or mistype the HDD password the HDD will be locked and you will be not able to get access to the HDD. In such case the HD is not more usable.

2.) The Ultra Slim bay is a single drive bay that accommodates either DVD/CD drive or a secondary HDD.
The Toshiba Mobile extension utility enables the hot insertion of these modules.
I found this info in the user manual and following modules can be installed in the ultra slim bay:
- Ultra Slim bay HDD adaptor: this will let you to install an optional HDD drive
- Ultra Slim bay DVD-ROM drive kit or DVD super multi drive kit
- HDD drive kit (SATA)
The adaptors you will need to order from the ASP

3.) I did not notice any reading speed differences while RAID was enabled or disabled. (I used Qosmio G20 with RAID)

4.) Please check the user manual for compatible HDD sizes!

5.) Maybe the M400 is not available in your country or region. But it?s only my suggestion

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I purchased an M400 Tablet system and having a lot of trouble with the BIOS.

I am able to get into the BIOS, but it appears to be restricted.
It says there are three pages and to use the pgup and pgdn to change pages, this does not work.

I have tried it with a USB keyboard and removing the keyboard from the tablet, but this does not work either.
The laptop does not have SWSetup installed on it. I downloaded this from the website but say's that the BIOS is incorrect.

I then decided to flash the BIOS.
Downloaded windows BIOS flash and that say's that the BIOS is incorrect.

I would like to reinstall the OS but at the moment I am unable to to get it to boot from the CD as I can't change the boot sequence.

Can any one please help me.

Answer:Portege M400 - Cannot navigate through BIOS pages


That?s strange.
First of all you can boot from the CD pressing F12 and then you could choose ODD as booting device.

Secondly it?s interesting to know if some passwords (user or supervisor password) have been set because such kind of password could restrict changing the BIOS options.

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How to come into options BIOS, F12 does not assist.

Answer:How to access a BIOS setup on Portege M400?


What Port?g? notebook do you mean???

If the notebook uses Toshiba Bios so try with ESC and then F1 but if the Phoenix BIOS was installed on your unit so check the option F2

PS: on my notebook the Toshiba HWsetup was installed. In this tool you can make also some changes like in the BIOS directly.

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- is there a place where i can find the changelog from bios version 1.80 to 3.80? should i upgrade?
- have you any expereience in changing the fan? mine does make sounds that dont belong there....
- how long in your experience can it take to get an answer from toshiba support via email? im waiting 3 days now... :(


Answer:Portege M400 - Where to find changelog of Bios 3.80


If you can?t find a changelog for the BIOS update on the Toshiba website there is no available.

You can change the fan but do you have experience with this? To exchange the fan you must remove a lot of parts and screws. This is a little bit tricky and should only be done from a notebook technician.

I did not send an email to Toshiba as yet but I think you will get an answer as fast as possible.


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I have problems with entering the BIOS and boot. My device requests a password, what can you do? Toshiba service centers in our city is not present. All I could do - press control, tab, control, enter, and the machine gave me PC Serial

Sorry for my English, I used Google translator.

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please help me with my portege M400, I installed a new localized version of Windows XP , then I started to download the drivers from Toshiba website, and the first thing I did is installing the new BIOS update. I don't know which version was it. Then it asked me for restart, after I did the restart the device doesn't boot anymore, and I can see only a blinking orange LED, :(

Please how can I reset my old BIOS? Is it the end of my Toshiba?
I'm now in a forign country and there are noToshiba service center near to me

Please is there anyway to help me

Answer:Portege M400 - doesn't start after a BIOS update


I think in this case you must go to an ASP. I don?t see another solution for this problem because I think the ROM module must be reflashed or the completely mainboard must be replaced.

On the Toshiba website you can search for the nearest ASP: => Support & Downloads => Find an authorized service provider

And if you don?t find an ASP in your country just contact an ASP in another country. I?m sure that they will try to help you.


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I've upgraded my M400 to Vista.

Now I'm installing all the Tosh Vista drivers. According to the instructions, the first thing to do is to update the bios.

So, I download the bios (v3.60) from the site and run the .exe, but it tells me I need the common modules.

The only common modules I can find on the Tosh site are for XP.

Can anyone help?



Answer:Portege M400: Cannot update the BIOS after Vista installation

Probably you have to update the BIOS before you will install the Vista on the notebook.
Then you could install the Vista again.

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The new BIOS release (1.8) for Portege M400 solves the problem of fan noise. The readme.txt explains that the temperature will be increased only in three degrees. Very important patch, very recommended for M400 users.

Now i can use my tablet in my business meetings without having to give explanations to the clients of the noise of the ventilator.


Answer:BIOS update has solved fan noise of Portege M400


good to hear that Toshiba has done something against this annoying thing. Thanks.


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I have just installed a new hard disk and VISTA (Missing the Toshiba HDD Recovery section - Still do not know how to create)

Anyway I have managed to successfully install VISTA. (Trick was to install the Raid Divers in the installation process)

Current BIOS 1.6

I would like to update my BIOS to version 3.80 (Latest)
I have down loaded the BIOS 3.80 files BUT it will not load.

1. I do not have a FDD :(

2. I tried burinng a CD-ROM from the ISO) Bot I could not get it to boot from the CD-ROM (I only have a Toshiba Extenal CD Rom Drive and not sure if it can boot from CD)

3. I tried to run the Launcher and install via Windows BUT received an error message "NOT SUPPORTED ON THIS COMPUTER"

I think the Launcher can only run under XP not vista.

Is there any steps I am missing... Do I need to do an incremental BIOS update and how do I install without a FDD or Bootable CD-Rom Drive?

Answer:Portege M400 - Bios 3.8 Upgrade installation (Vista)

> 1. I do not have a FDD
You don?t need a FDD because the Toshiba BIOS is win-based BIOS and not traditional BIOS and this would mean that you have to execute the BIOS update while OS is running.

> . I tried burning a CD-ROM from the ISO) But I could not get it to boot from the CD-ROM (I only have a Toshiba External CD Rom Drive and not sure if it can boot from CD)
As mentioned above this BIOS update can be executed ONLY while OS is running! It?s win-based BIOS!!

> 3. I tried to run the Launcher and install via Windows BUT received an error message "NOT SUPPORTED ON THIS COMPUTER"
Either you have chosen a BIOS update which does not support this notebook or you have to run this update using the Toshiba preinstalled Windows OS.

> Do I need to do an incremental BIOS update and how do I install without a FDD or Bootable CD-Rom Drive?
Not possible -> see point 1 and 2

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I've come to the decision of installing vista on my M400. I upgraded my BIOS to 3.40. However, I really want the silent fan so I was wondering if it was possible to run Vista under BIOS v1.80 and if so, if it would impact performance in anyway.

Answer:Portege M400 - Vista installation under 1.80 BIOS version

As far as I know Portege M400 (PPM40) is Vista supported but I really do not know what will happen with cooling fan and noises. Test it simply. If you do not like Vista you can install recovery image anytime again.

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After successful installation of BIOS 3.50 update, the machine stopped to enter the manual sleep mode. It starts to enter the sleep mode, the screen goes blank, the computer switches of for some 5 seconds with power led going off and then restarts.

After restart Vista Business 32 reports BSD caused by unknown device driver. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?

Answer:Sleep/hibernation issue on Portege M400(3G) after BIOS 3.50 update

Maybe you missed something or see

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Hi everybody!

I have had this Portege M400 for almost 2.5 years and never encountered such problem.

When I press Power button *HDD led light turns on, then WiFi and then suddenly HDD goes off* and stays that way :(. Optionally, Toshiba logo displays in the mean time. I thought that was HDD problem just to find out that after tilting my laptop 90 degrees HDD led started flashing again. Eventually, when Windows loading animation started it would be "safe" to return to normal position and Windows would start.

Sooo, I assume that the problem is somehow connected to accelerometer, is it? I don't get such freeze-ups after Windows boots. Currently I have BIOS 3.8 version and Windows 7 Pro installed ...

This thing really starts to annoy me - people watch me strangely as I tilt my laptop 90 degrees :-)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Answer:Portege M400 boot problem


Maybe this has something to do with the notebooks HDD?
Maybe the HDD head cannot move properly and the vertical position helps to get the HDD head moving again?
Unfortunately, I have never seen such strange notebook behavior and therefore I can provide just some personal suggestions?.
In my opinion the HDD should be checked at first? maybe the issue could be solved by HDD replacement?


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I bought this tablet new in 2007 with Vista Ultimate. I upgraded to 2GB RAM a few months ago and I keep current on OS and antivirus updates. During the last week,the system began to hang, usually while using MS OneNote but also when browsing the web or using other applications. The computer can be in either tablet mode or in notebook mode when this occurs and it is usually on flat, level surface. The hangs became more frequent yesterday and today it won't even boot. Each time it hangs, including now, the fan suddenly speeds up. Each time requires a hard shutdown - I hold the power button for 5-7 seconds. Each time it booted after hanging, it would ask to go through safe mode. The last time, it asked to initiate Windows repair.

I assume that I will need to send it in for service. Having read some other posts, I noticed that others experienced similar problems and was wondering if anyone had any success in solving them?


Answer:Portege M400 - system hangs, fan speeds up, won't boot

exactly same problem for me
Bought my M400 in august 2006.
Since few month, hanging with fan speeding.
I have only official OS, XP tablet, with authorized application, it's my working computer
Same issue, i think, i have to send it back to toshiba; but not sure it solve the problem.
After reading the forum about this issue, it seems to appears after 1 1/2 and 2 years
motherboard issue?

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yesterday i set the bios/supervisor password.

When i now turn on the notebook, i can see the Toshiba - Leading innovations screen and then it goes dark and won't boot any further.

The harddisk / fan / graphics card etc is working - but i don't see anything nor do i get some kind of prompt or shell or whatsoever.

I tried all those "Press, ESC, Press F2, Press F1, Press INS" stuff, nothing worked out.
I removed the battery for several mins while pressing the power button, nothing.

Maybe somebody has some kind of clue whats wrong with this maschine....

Answer:Portege R830-1EE: Supervisor / Bios password - No Boot or login prompt


Did you use some high ASCII character like ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? etc in your BIOS / Supervisor password?

In the past the usage of such characters prevented the notebook from booting up.
In such case you had to contact the service partner in order to solve this problem.

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i accidentally put a bios password on my moms dell inspiron 8000 and forgot the password and she is going to be back in 6 days

my teacher told me to come to this site because people were giving out master passwords that will help me out

her id number is #dvrvfo1-595b

and her service tag is dvrvfo1

my email is email removed

Answer:BIOS password set by accident on Dell laptop

For the record, let's get this straight. You messed up your mother's computer, you scared she'll find out. But in no way can the come close to "Help help life and death emergency". So let's leave the drama out! You should also never post personally identifying information such as the ID and tag numbers of her machine. You have now also put her system at risk.

Quite frankly, unless you were specifically given permission to get into the BIOS as a means of repairing the operating system, you should not have entered it at all.

You can look on the follow site for help witht the BIOS problem:

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I know this is a common problem but it doesn't seem solveable on my Toshiba M400.

I have upgraded to 4GB RAM (2x2GB) and am running a 64-bit OS, yet the OS can only see ~3.3GB of the 4GB installed. The BIOS shows 4G. I understand some machines have a BIOS option to enable the OS to use all 4GB. Am I missing something, this feature doesn't seem to be available in the M400 BUIS.

Answer:Portege M400 can't see more than ~3G

Which 64bit OS? If its Vista, try Service Pack 1.

Also update the BIOS to the latest version.

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My brothers computer was infected with a virus which basically disabled half the keys on his keyboard and slowed his laptop down insanely. He tried rebooting his computer but he forgot that he had a BIOS password enabled.

Once the laptop is booted up, we can not get through the BIOS password because half of his keys do not work. We can not go through set up files or boot options because the password comes first, we can not use a recovery CD, and we have tried opening up his laptop to pull out the CMOS Battery but when we opened up the laptop, we could not see where the battery was?

His laptop is a Lenovo IdeaPad Z565 running with Windows 7 Home Premium.

Thank you for any help!

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I am looking to upgrade my portege m400-ez5031 with the fastest cpu it can handle,
now it is centrino duo T5600 1,83ghz.
I think the best is T7600 is it possible?

Answer:Re: Portege M400 cpu upgrade?


I don't know your motherboard's specification if it can handle T7600, but I think you should read:

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Hello all,

im having heat problems with my second hand M400. Now the previous owner told me Toshiba changed the mainboard once.

Since the temps are high and the fan runs almost all the time even when theres no cpu usage and its throttled down im thinking the might have made a mistake at toshibas while reassembling the unit. Maybe they forgot the thermal grease or dindn't screw down the heatsink properly or therelike. And the fan dosent sound very healthy compared to my other, older M400.

Has any of you ever disassembled an M400? How do you get to the heatsink, from top or bottom of the unit? any fragile or tricky parts i should look out for? Is there a even a How-to with pictures out there in the depths of the internet? :D

I've built and repaired a lot of desktops, so im quite computer savvy, but on laptops i've only changed RAM so far. so im really greatful for all your tips.

thank you

Answer:Portege M400 - How can I disassemble it?


I think the best way is you contact the ASP again.

Disassembling a notebook is a little bit tricky. You must remove a lot of screws and parts and so this should only be done from a notebook technician.

Maybe you can find a workaround by using Google but a notebook technician can help you more.


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I am having problems calibrating my tablet pen.
A few weeks ago my pc was sent to Toshiba to have some work on the screen. I do not know if it was cleaned or replaced. Since then I have been unable to calibrate my pen in either landscape or portrait.
The pen works perfectly well at other times, but when the calibration screen appears I can't "click" in the spots. I can click the cancel button and I can right click too during calibration but not normal "click".
Although not a huge problem I would like to adjust the calibration slightly.
Anyone any ideas?

Many thanks,


Answer:Portege M400 Pen Calibration

Maybe it?s only a problem with the distance between the stylus and the screen.
But of course we shouldn?t exclude the fact that the ASP has worked on this notebook and maybe the technicians have forgotten something.

For example; if the system board was replaced on a notebook with accelerometer sensor it?s necessary to recalibrate this accelerometer with the Test & Diagnostics Software.
For example if the sensor is not calibrated the correct switching between landscape and portrait mode will not work.

Maybe a similar issue could be responsible for the pen calibration problems.
So I think it would be a good idea to contact the ASP again and ask for some details and what was changed on the notebook.

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I was excited to receive my new toshiba portege m400 today, but the fan noise is quite bad.
The problem is that it always runs 100% -- I tried the Toshiba power save properties to
set the fan speed but to no avail, it has no effect at all. Furthermore, I tried to set
all three bios power options (low,full power,user) but that has no effect either.
Worst of all, the cpu temperature is very cool, just 29 degrees, and there is no need
at all to run the fan at full speed. I guess the power save utilities are bugged and I wonder
if Toshiba will come out with a new version of their tools? Is there anything I can do?

-- Daan.

ps. bios version 1.30, toshiba power save tools 7.08.00. Cpu speed is dynamic, usually at 1 ghz and
the temprature is very low.

[Edited by: admin on 20-Apr-06 06:48]

Answer:Portege M400 - always running fan at 100%


does this appear since you bought the Notebook? Are there any processe's listet in the Task Manager which have a high CPU usage? To except all Software issue's, i would recommend to do a Recovery with the delivered Recovery CD/DVD.

If this appear since you bought the Notebook, i would contact the local service partner and ask him for a answer. This should not be normal.

br, rYan

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Hi there, Speedfan has been reporting that at peaks, my laptop goes to 100*C, idles at about 60 and is usually at 75-88*C. Most online fan cleaning guides make the process look relatively straight forward - the fan pops right out like the battery or hard drive. On my M400 though it doesn't look so easy. Can anybody advise me how to access it to clean? Thanks.

Message was edited by: korobeiniki

Answer:How to clean the fan on Portg M400?

Are you sure that the temperature that you are getting is right? 100 seems too hot. I would look under the keyboard for the fan.

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I have a Portege M400 running XP SP2, and during normal use the temperature usually lies between 55 and 65 degrees celcius. At load the temperature is consistently above 60 degrees, between 60 and 75 degrees celsius.
I wondered if this is a normal temperature range - or perhaps I have been so unlucky as to have gotten a defective CPU.


Answer:Portege M400 - Temperature?


I am pretty sure you know that CPU temperature depends on CPU usage and also of notebook position (on the desk or on the knees) and how the unit can be cooled down.

In my opinion there is no reason to be worried. Now while typing this message and listening online radio (without much activity) CPU temperature is 63 degrees Celsius.

Anyway I recommend you to update BIOS on your unit. I don?t know if you have saw info about new BIOS update for M400 under

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Hi to everybody :)

I have a Portege M400 with a T2300 and I would like to know If is possible to make a cpu's upgrade
If yes, which cpu are compatible and with which version of bios?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Portege M400: Is it possible to upgrade CPU


Usually the CPU upgrade or replacement on the notebooks is not possible or very difficult and risky. It could be possible that the notebook will not boot or will not run stable after the CPU upgrade. The overheating could be one of the biggest problems!!!

So I really not recommend upgrading the CPU!!! It?s not worth to risk the damage only to get a tiny CPU performance increase.

But if you want to know what CPU are supported by the chipset? so here is the list ;)

The M400 computer is equipped with an Intel Core Duo Processor or Intel Core Solo Processor. These processors incorporate a math co-processor, a 2MB L2 cache memory.

The M400 comes in with one of the following speeds:

_Intel Core Duo Processor_
- 1.66GHz (Processor Number : T2300)
- 1.83GHz (Processor Number : T2400)
- 2.00GHz (Processor Number : T2500)
- 2.16GHz (Processor Number : T2600)

_Intel Core Solo Processor_
- 1.66GHz (Processor Number : T1300)

Hope I could helps!

Regards and cheers buddy :)

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Hi there,
I have a regular portege M400, and I want to display on a tv. I have bought a simple vga to svideo cable on ebay... what am I missing? The video card seams to be able to do that option...

and clues...

Answer:Display Portege M400 on TV?


normally you only have to switch to the external device with Fn+F5.


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I've been actively using my Portege M400 for almost 2 years. Few months
ago it has started becoming less and less easier to start up the
laptop. When I turn it on, the following happens:
* The screen remains black and doesn't display anything
* The power LED either blinks yellow or lights green
* The HDD LED blinks just one time for a 1/10 second and remains off, or doesn't light up at all
* Sometimes the fan starts working quite actively and loudly
The only thing I can do with it is to turn the laptop off and try
again. Sometimes it starts up after the first attempt, but sometimes I
have to try up to 10 times.
Here is a video showing the behaviour described above:

Any ideas what is this all about? Perhaps, I should cleap up the laptop inside, particularly the fan?

Answer:Portege M400 hardly starting up

It is not easy to say for sure what is wrong there but please try to do follow:
Disconnect all external devices connected to your notebook, remove the battery and try to switch it on with AC power supply only.

Please post the result.

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I have a new Portege M400. The fan runs continuously even when the computer is booted from cold. The CPU is definitley not running hot enough to need the fan. None of the settings in the TOSHIBA Power Saver cause the fan to turn off, even the Long Life setting. Is this a BIOS problem? Or a hardware failure? Or what?

Answer:Portege M400 fan noise


Did you use the Toshiba image?
I have found information that on some units the BIOS update benefits the Toshiba Power Saver features. What you can do is to check the installed BIOS version on the unit and compare it with the available version on the Toshiba page.

However, I would recommend also reinstalling the power saver. Check if new version is available. You can also try to clean the fans. Mostly this procedure helps.

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I recenlty purchased a Portege M400 and this completely freezes and requires a hard reboot at least once a day - any ideas on how to fix this?

Answer:Portege M400 keeps freezing


Do you use the Toshiba preinstalled image or did you install the OS manually?
Do you use any 3rd party software?

I don't know if it helps but sometimes a high temperature could be responsible for the notebook freezing.
In most cases the cooling modules cannot work properly because of bad air circulation.
Please be sure that you have enough space around the notebook and the fans are clean.

Furthermore you could check the Power saver settings which allow you to change the CPU processing speed and cooling method.

If it doesn't help so I would recommend asking the Toshiba service partner for the further help and diagnostic.
I assume the Portege M400 is a new unit and the warranty should be valid.

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I can't change the color or lineweight of a layer using the dialog box. You can select a new color/lineweight, but the change is not executed. It works on my desktop computer. I think this is a video driver problem. Does anyone have a fix?

Answer:Portege M400 and Autocad2007


Well, it seems that this is a newest version of this AutoCAD application.
Maybe it?s only a setting issue. I?m not a AutoCad expert but check the Toshiba driver page and compare the display driver versions.

I would also recommend asking the AutoCad manufacture support.

Ps. Check also this page:

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is it possible to install Win 7 on the Portege M400? There is Windows XP on the Notebook.

I am German, excuse please my bad English.

Many greetings

Answer:Windows 7 on Portege M400

Theoretically yes but question is: is this notebook model supported for Win7?
Have you checked drivers archive?

You can do this under

Fact is that many Vista drivers can be used with Win7 so you can try to install Vista drivers.

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I found my old laptop, but can't boot it - forgot BIOS password. CMOS battery disconnection didn't helped.
Local support asked me go to offline service, but they want too much money for unlocking - this laptop is now cheaper himself.
USA support asked me write here
May be somebody can help to generate unlock response code?
Model is Portege R500 PPR50E-06W012RU

Answer:Portege R500 BIOS password

BIOS protection is very important feature for protection so it cannot be discussed in public forum.
If someone writes here how you can remove BIOS password every stolen Portege R500 can be unlocked.

I know it costs a bit but this should be done by Authorized service provider.

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I have a Portege P3440 which I haven't used for about 8 months. When I turn it on now it comes up with screen asking for a password, and unfortunately I don't remember the password.

It seems like a net bios password but I am not sure. It has Win NT installed. Please help as it is getting rather urgent.

Answer:Portege P3440 asking for a BIOS password

Sorry Shaana but if the BIOS password is not known to me it must be deleted. This can be done by authorized service only. :(

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Wanted to upgrade from win 7 to win 10
First win 10 check telling "your processor not compatible "
After check for info some changes made in the bios and now . . .
Request me password !
Seems I have to contact Toshiba for solution: whom and where
Thks regards

Answer:Bios password appears on Portege M

any tips, info ?

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haven't used my laptop for like 2 weeks and now i've forgotten my pasword to log in to my computer.. but in safe mode is has password on boot enabled, can i change it to disabled, would that get me back in to my computer?

Answer:password on boot enabled, does it have to be?

Password help with laptops is virtually not available on this or any other forum due to the difficulty in proving ownership. You would be best advised to contacted the manufacturer for help but be prepared to provide proof of ownership documents.

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I had to buy a new (SSD) HD and had trouble booting from a disc until I enabled Legacy Mode and disabled Secure Boot in BIOS. Boot orders in both UEFI and Legacy are the same, with DVD Rom set to boot first. Also, the settings for IPV4 and IPV6 are set to IPV4 (Legacy) when they were once set to BOTH IPV4 AND 6 and are unable to be changed, if that's important. Now whenever I boot up I always get a "No Boot Device Found" message until I hit "Enter" at which point i'm allowed entry into my precious Win10 laptop.  I disabled Legacy in BIOS, but then i get a different "No Boot Device Found" error, and hitting "Enter" doesn't help. Could some kind person tell me how to correct this, and possibly why it happened and the differences in each option? I'll settle for how to correct this, though, with much gratitude.  MUCH gratitude. GN

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How are you?
Please I need CD/DVD recovery for my Toshiba notebook.
It is Portege m400 (ppm40e). Operating system is Windows XP tablet

Please man I need it.
I don't have system


Answer:Need recovery media for my Portege M400

Check this Toshiba Reocvery Online Shop website:

Maybe you will be able to order the Reocvery using this page.

If not; then you have to contact the ASP (authorized service partner) in your country for a new Reocvery CD!!!


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I am trying to restore an old Toshiba Portege M400. I have WIN XP Tablet 2005 installed and what I think are all the drivers. Everything works great except the touchscreen.

I have been all over the web, downloaded and installed some WACOM drivers aswas suggested in another thread here - still no luck.

Anybody have any ideas or experience about how to fix this?

Answer:Touchscreen is not working on old Portege M400

Unfortunately I don?t have this Portege and cannot help you with this but what you can do is to check Installations Instructions document and check if you have installed all stuff listed there.

Check it out and post some feedback.

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The grafik on my desktop seems to be rather slow compared to other Systems on the same Monitor (2405FPW,[email protected]).
Has anybody advice on the necessary driver-configuration?

Display-Properties show the following "Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile Report":

Driver Version:
Operating System: Windows XP* Professional, Service Pack 2 (5.1.2600)
DirectX* Version: 9.0
Physical Memory: 2038 MB
Minimum Graphics Memory: 8 MB
Maximum Graphics Memory: 128 MB
Graphics Memory in Use: 15 MB
Processor: x86 family 6 Model 14 Stepping 8
Processor Speed: 1662 MHZ

* Accelerator Information *

Accelerator in Use: Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset Family
Video BIOS: 1358
Current Graphics Mode: 1920 x 1200 True Color (60 Hz)

* Devices Connected to the Graphics Accelerator *

Active Monitors: 1
Active Notebook Displays: 1

* Monitor *

Monitor Name: Plug und Play-Monitor
Display Type: Analog
Gamma Value: 2,20
DDC2 Protocol: Supported
Maximum Image Size: Horizontal: 20,0 inches
Vertical: 12,0 inches

Answer:How to speed up grafik on Portege M400


You whole settings seem to be fine. I don?t see any problems?

Maybe one thing: Your DirectX version is 9.
In my knowledge the newest version was released as 9c

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I've recently upgraded my M400-146 to Vista Ultimate (32-bit) and Vista runs ok, but not quite as well as expected. If I compare Vista Experience Indexes across a few systems, the M400 compares pretty poorly.

On the M400 (Core 2 Duo 2GHz + 2 x 1GB PC-5300) I get an experience index of:-

Overall Score = 2.6, CPU=3.9, Memory=2.6 (other values seem ok)

On a desktop system (Core 2 Duo E6600 + 2 x 1GB PC-6400 (DDR2 1066), integrated Intel graphics) I get:-

Overall=3.8, CPU=5.3, Memory=5.6 (limited by integrated graphics)

On one non-Toshiba laptop (PM-1.8GHz, 2x1GB):-

CPU=3.8, Memory=4.0

So the laptop with a much slower CPU and RAM that's much slower than the M400 scores better for Memory and just about the same for CPU.

One thing I have seen is that Vista describes the experience index as 'Unrated'. If I run WinSAT manually always see errors about 'RDTSC to QPC delta is too high'.

Has anyone else seen the RDTSC to QPC delta error? What Experience indexes do you get?

I should also say that I've compared the performance of the M400 with SiSoft Sandra running both XP & Vista, under Vista Sandra reports just under half the performance of XP on every measure!


Answer:Portege M400: Vista performance

Hello Mike

What to say? Many people are disappointed with Vista performance. I must be honest to you and say that this fact does not wonder me at all.

I do not have this small and nice notebook but you should try to optimize OS on your own needs and also disable all stuff you don?t need for your work. Maybe you should not be focused on this score shown by Vista but try to optimize the system to run stabile and fast enough for you.

BTW: have you updated BIOS to latest version 3.20?

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I've installed two KTT667D2/2G modules on my laptop (Portege M400-103, part. no. PPM40E-012018G3) - making total 4Gb. However, both original Windows XP Tablet and Ubuntu 9.04 are unable to see all the 4Gb - they see 3.2Gb only.
The BIOS shows the amount correctly - 4096 Mb.
I've also tried to fix the issue by updating BIOS to the last version (3.80, 30/05/08), but both OS's (Windows and Ubuntu) still see 3.2Gb only.
Any ideas? Thanks.

Message was edited by: Greendrake

Answer:Portege M400 - unable to use full 4Gb RAM

> However, both original Windows XP Tablet and Ubuntu 9.04 are unable to see all the 4Gb - they see 3.2Gb only.
That?s nothing unusual!
That?s a 32bit limitation. All 32bit operating systems (no matter if it's Vista, XP or Linux) can handle max 3.2GB.
Just only a 64bit OS could be able to use and to recognize more than 3.2GB RAM

You should read some articles about 32bit OS and 4GB RAM issue.


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The support bulletin on the US Toshiba site 98082168 refers to a firmware update to fix "Blank screen after waking from Standby state".

I get this problem, but I am in the UK unfortunately. Does anyone know what this firmware update is, how I can check whether I need it, and tips for getting hold of it given that UK support says it knows nothing about it?

Answer:What is this firmware update for Portege M400?

I assume you speak about this Toshiba US document: 844xml&sliceId=&dialogID=12943627&stateId=0%200%20 12941508

Please don?t mix the Toshiba US with the Toshiba European.
The US notebooks are simply different as the notebooks designed for the European market.
Do you use an US notebook?
Did you try to contact the ASP in US?

Anyway, I though the support bulletin was created at 24/01/2007.
Possibly the ASP in UK has to wait for more inforamtions and details.

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I want to replace my old SATA1 80GB HD with a new 250GB HD but I can't get a suitable SATA1 HD, are the SATA II HDs compatible with the M400? Could your recommend a suitable HD?

Also, I want to install Windows 7 as a clean install (to replace the current XP Tablet edition) start. I seem to remember that there could be problems with getting the raid drivers in place first, is this correct?

Can anyone help please?



Answer:Portege M400 - Can I install SATA2 HDD?

SATA2 Hard Drives will work in a SATA1 system (chipset), it is backwards compatible.

You should be able to use the the Vista version of the RAID driver in Win7.

Note that if you can only see 137GB of the 250GB, then the RAID Chipset in that system is limited to 120GB drives (doesn't support LBA48).

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I installed windows 7 Ultimate version on my Portege M400. all works except the sound.

There is a error in device manager under other devices - Unknown device - details hardware Ids--> ACPI\TOS620A. not sure if this has anything to do with the sound.

Please help.


Answer:Portege M400 - No sound on Windows 7


I have founded a similar thread regarding this no sound problem and the unknown device TOS620A. Check this:

But I can say that TOS620A has nothing to do with the sound. I think it has something to do with Bluetooth or HDD protection?

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I want to installed the toshiba driver package valued add (power meter tool etc) in my Win7.
But if i try to install it the setup routine says, that i havent a Toshiba Notebook or my Bios is to low for that.
I have Bios Version 3.80 and i doesnt find any newer Bios version for the M400

any ideas about the error message?


Answer:Portege M400 and the Toshiba valued add

I can just imagine your old Portege m400 is not Win7 supported.
Where you downloaded VAP for your notebook model when M400 is not on the list for Win7 drivers?

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What downloads do I need to get the tablet utilities? I have the tablet extensions addon, but wheres the onscreen keyboard.

Answer:Portege M400 - What tablet utilities I need?


Have you already checked the Toshiba page? If not, do it please: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

As you can see there are no Windows 7 downloads for this model available. :(

You can only try the Vista drivers. Some Vista drivers are also work on Windows 7.
Therefore you can find the ?installation instructions? document. Use this list as a recommended driver installation order.

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Hi there,

Last year I've bought the M400 with XP Tablet on it, but though I give my notebook proper maintenance it's become so slow, that only a clean install will work.
So I put the recovery CD in the drive, boot from the cd, choose whatever language (all languages give same error), and want to start the recovery, but then it says that my harddrive is inaccessable/can't find it.

But when I reboot (off the hdd), everything works fine (except it's very slow). I've checked the hdd for errors using HD-tune, no errors. I've deleted all the passwords and fingerprint passwords etc. but nothing seem to help..

Does anyone know how what to do next?

Answer:Re: Portege M400 - Cannot recover - HDD is inaccessable


Did you try to reinstall the OS from Toshiba recovery CD???

Prot?g? M400 supports the RAID.
The RAID needs the RAID driver and without the RAID driver the HDD is not visible for OS setup.

So if you use a clean Windows installation the RAID driver must be included firstly.

Please check also the user manual -> RAID

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Hi to all,

is there a way to use a *SSD disk* in a Portege *M400* ?

Will be there a BIOS upgrade to support this feature?

I buyed a SSD 32Gb but seems not work!

Thank you in advance,

Answer:SSD disk support on Portege M400


I am afraid nobody here can you give answer to this. This is user-to-user forum and nobody here can say for sure what will happen in the future. If you want to pick up info from good source contact nearest authorized service provider.

Maybe they have access to such info.

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I have a Portege M400 - core duo.
Until recently, it has worked fine, but now, after swiping my finger, it says 'authenticated' and afterwards 'not certified', making me enter a password.

Of course i no longer know it, since i have been unsing the finger swipe for like forever.
How can i solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Portege M400: Fingerprint issue

LE: Managed to get past the 'error bla bla' screen. Now i can enter windows os. Still, is there any way of removing the password? I want to give the laptop away and hope i don't have to cut one of my fingers to give away with the laptop.

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I have problem with VT. In BIOS VT is enabled, but Windows 7 can't see it. I instaled XPmode but when i try start it I get comunicate that virtualisation is disable. I dont know what i mus do.

Answer:Portege M400 problem with Virtualisation


What CPU you have in your Portege M400?

Virtualization is depending on the mainboard (BIOS) *and* type of CPU. The point is that not all CPUs are supporting Virtualization and so you should check the specification on the Intel page first.

Check this!!!

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I have exactly the same problem with a Portege M400.

After an hour or 2 the the fan becomes extremely noisy and the PC freezes. The base of the PC becomes too hot to touch and in fact the Tochiba/Microsoft and barcode stickers on the base have turned brown due to the heat.

The only way to fix the problem seems to be to turn the PC off for 15 minutes of so and reboot.
When this happens I am usually only running outlook, Norton and a browser!!!

This hs been happening for about 6 months. I've cleaned out the fan but this has made no difference - anyone know a fix?

Answer:Portege M400 freezes due to overheating


If you have cleaned the cooling modules and if this didn?t help, then you should get in contact with an local ASP technicians.
Possibly the notebook must be disassembled completely and should be cleaned inside.
This is very tricky procedure! Furthermore the thermal grease which I placed between the CPU and the cooling modules should be renewed.
After a long time of usage, thermal grease becomes dry and cannot channel the warmness created by CPU.

Last but not lease you should use your notebook always on a table. Do use it in bed or lying on the knees. In such case the cooling ventilator would not get enough air and this leads to a higher temperature.

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Somebody can say me where on a Portege M400 the memories are hidden?

Nevertheless, ordinarily one screws in rise use a flap, exchanges the memory and well.
But anyhow I cannot find this flap.
Please, around help.

Hans Meiser

Answer:Portege M400 - Where is the memory located?


I?m not a notebook technician but as far as I know the memory slots on this notebook are placed under the keyboard. So you must remove the keyboard and other parts too. This is a little bit tricky.

I think the best way is you ask a notebook technician. They have enough experience to exchange or upgrade the RAM.

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Hi, gotta problem, I'm trying to install Windows 7 on my M400, but it don't see hard drive.
The hard drive is surly ok, 'couse I've tested it in the other netbook, I can see it in BIOS, but any installing program cannot.

(I've tried XP Tablet ed., and Ubuntu as well)

Answer:Portege M400 - Windows 7 doesn't see the HDD

Hi Radzik,

I think Windows doesn?t see the HDD due missing RAID drivers? Windows needs such RAID drivers before you can install it because it doesn?t contain such drivers so the HDD is not recognized. You can download the RAID driver on Toshiba website.

Then you can create a new installation disk using nLite with the drivers or you copy the drivers on an external floppy drive. After booting from Windows XP you have to press F6 key to load the drivers from FDD.

Check this!!!

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Hi everyone,

I try everything, what I can and can't. During Windows XP Installation can't detect any HDD.

BIOS 3.8

Vista installation work properly with given RAID drivers, but XP installation won't work for all that. I try a lot of drivers (different versions even for Vista), with nLite integration, with SD-start 16-bit Dos, DriverPacks. I bought USB-Floppy - no change, the laptop don't see HDD. I try with external USB-SATA Case, but this without success too, but I can see HDD

Any ideas?

Answer:Portege M400 - XP installation can't detect any HDD

Somehow you are missing SATA driver.
Very good description how to prepare installations CD you can find HERE .

This Toshiba document could be useful for you:

If you have more questions please let us know.

Good luck!

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I'm having a problem with CPU temperature in my M400 (Vista OS). When I power up computer, initial temperature is around 35C, but after about 15 minutes of work it jumps to 60C and stays there.

Last night reached 80C and that really concerned me. I tried anything from upgrading BIOS (v3.6) to changing power options in Vista.

I don't know if this is actually funny, but a few days ago I placed a pack of chocolate next to cooler (about 10 centimeters away) and after 5 minutes I noticed it started to melt. :(

Please help! Any suggestion is welcome!


Answer:Portege M400 - High CPU temperature

> I'm having a problem with CPU temperature in my M400 (Vista OS). When I power up computer, initial temperature is around 35C, but after about 15 minutes of work it jumps to 60C and stays there.
60C are nothing unusual. My CPU temperature goes up to 70-90C while gaming or watching DVDs.

Does your notebook shut down automatically? If not then you shouldn?t be worried.
The notebooks support an overheating protection. If the notebook would overheat then the notebook would shut down automatically to prevent the hardware from damage.

At the other hand it would be interesting to know if your cooling modules can run wit full performance. Sometimes the ventilators are clogged and cannot cool the CPU and GPU.

From time to time I clean my ventilators to ensure that the cooling is good enough.

Maybe you should clean the fans too.


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Have a Toshiba M400 laptop and the keyboard is locked.
Does anybody know how to unlock it?

Have tried the function key in combination with other keys but no luck.
Need to know which keys to use, Thank you

Answer:Portege M400 - How can I unlock the keyboard?

The keyboard is locked? What do you mean exactly?

Do all the keys not function? If you press the Caps Lock, does the LED light up?

Does the keyboard work in the BIOS?

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I cant seem to find out how to enable infrared on my m400. Can anyone help please?


Answer:How can I enable IrDA on Portege M400?

Hi Kate

As far as I know the IrDA is not available on the Port?g? M400 so you will be not able to enable this function.
If you want you can use an external solution like a USB IrDA stick

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Does portege M400 have the FSB spetrum settings? I can't find it anywhere and I need to disable it.

Could anyone point it out for me if the setting exists or not...

Answer:Portege M400 - FSB spectrum settings?

Hi Skochito,

What you mean with FSB exactly? Front Side Bus of your CPU?

In this case I can only say it?s not possible to overclock the CPU. The BIOS doesn?t offer such options and overclocking can make your system unstable and overheat!!!

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My new M400-103 seems slow. I previously had a other unit & even though it was a solo processor it still compares favourably in speed for instance in booting up to my new machine.
I've seen that part of the problem may lie with all of the util programs that Toshiba load as standard at start-up but surely with the dual-core processor the notebook should still be faster.

I have set power management to FULL POWER etc but this does not make a major difference. I see some of the comments posted mention removing of the Toshiba OS & re-installign Windows XP but I would prefer not to do this & rather tweak the existing OS if possible.

Has anyone else had similar experience. Also the touchpad on the M400 seems more finicky than the other touchpads, maybe I still need to get used to it?

Answer:Portege M400-103 boots up very slow


As you already mentioned in you posting the Toshiba notebooks uses a lot of own applications to control all the features on the notebook.
If you want to use all the notebook features so you need all the applications. That is fact.

In my knowledge the Port?g? supports a lot of ?new generation? applications like rotation utility, Toshiba tablet software, protect suite, HDD protection and so on ?

Of course if you will not use this features you can remove it. I think then the notebook would boot up much faster.
Furthermore on many notebooks the Norton Anti virus is enabled and this utility slows down the booting procedure. This issue appears on my notebook too. The loading of the antivirus application take about 45sec.

Ok, you notebook uses a Dual Core CPU but this is no really a reason for much faster booting.

PS: Do you know a application called ?bootvis? or something like that? This application monitors the booting procedure and is able to make it faster.

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I am trying to upgrade to windows 7 but I keep comming up with remove the Toshiba HDD protection from the control panel but I am unable to locate it in the control panel.

I checked out another form and it gave ideas but they did not work but they were for a differnet laptop from Toshiba. I have tried to install different HDD as well and it does not get recoginized and the same when I try to upgrade to windows 7 with origional hdd it cannot see the hdd. Just keeps saying to uninstall hdd protection.
please help me and tell me how to turn it off and remove it


Answer:Portege M400 - How to remove HDD protection?

> I am trying to upgrade to windows 7 but I keep coming up with remove the Toshiba HDD protection from the control panel but I am unable to locate it in the control panel.

You have to search in control panel -> Programs and Features

Here you can find all the programs which are installed in Windows Vista. To remove any of them click on the program you want to uninstall and then click on Uninstall/Change and follow the prompts.

After Toshiba HDD protection has been uninstalled you can try to follow with the Win 7 upgrade.

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I just got myself a lovely used M400 -- shame they don't make displays like that anymore in the new models.

Anyway, it comes with the original German recovery CD. Anyone who still has an English one he would be willing to swap in return for my German one or sell / lend me the CD so that I can make an English basic install? That would be fantastic!


Answer:Portege M400 - Need english recovery CD


Yes, properly someone will change the recovery disk with yours but let me give you a word of advice:

If you need a new recovery disk, contact your local authorized service provider. The guys can get in contact with Toshiba and order such a disk for you. Just ask the guys, it?s always interesting to talk with them a little bit ;)

Alternative you can start XP installation from a normal Microsoft disk. All drivers and tools you will find on Toshiba page.

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I have an M400 with Vista SP1 installed. Occasionally and seemingly at random the display will become totally corrupted, flickering madly. This has been a 'feature' since before SP1. We have this on more than one individual PC so we're guessing software rather than hardware.

Usually 'sleeping' the PC and waking it back up cures this but it's incredibly frustrating. Has anyone come across this or better still cured it. We think we have latest graphics card drivers but would be willing to try newer ones if known.


Answer:Portege M400 - flickering display


If this issue appears on different computers then it?s definitely a software issue!

Do you have an Intel graphic card? If yes, then remove the installed Intel driver and choose the one from the Toshiba European driver page!

If it doesn?t help then it could be worth to try a graphic driver from the Intel page!

By the way; The Vista SP1 is not supported fully by all drivers. Therefore it?s possible that a SP1 affects the graphic driver and the performance.


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I have upgraded my M400 to Vista and now it seems I have a problem with the driver for my DVD drive.

I don't see a vista driver for the DVD drive.

Any ideas?


Answer:Portege M400: Vista does not see the CD/DVD drive

Vista uses the own Microsoft driver and you don?t need any special drivers to get the CD/DVD drive working.

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My new M400 has come with 512Mb of RAM. According to it can be expanded to 2Gb. I can see how to replace the HDD, but not the memory.
Is it under the keyboard?

Many Thanks.

Answer:How to upgrade the memory on Portege M400?


The memory slots you will find under the keyboard.
Before you will start the upgrade procedure you should shut down the notebook and remove the AC adapter cable and the battery.

1.) Slip you finger under a notch at the end of the keyboard brace and lift up to relase latches and remove the keyboard brace.
2.) Remove the two screws securing the keyboard
3.) Lift up the back of the keyboard, rotate it toward you and lay in face down on the palm rest. (do not touch the keys)
4.) Remove two screws and take off the memory module cover.
5.) Fit the memory modules connectors into the socket at about 45 degree angle and push down until latches on either side snap into place. Align thenotch of the memory modules with that of the memory slot and gently insert the module into the slot.

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I have a Portege M100 - and the Cd Rom drive is not working.

Whenever I put in a disc I can just hear the motor spinning the drive but the computer is not picking up the disc. Device Manager picks up no faults.

There doesn't seem to be any firmware for sorting this (or am I wrong).

I saw a DVD drive for an M400 on ebay and wondered if that would fit my M100.

Before I buy it I wondered if anyone knew if it would be compatible. It seems to be correct dimensions wise, but wondered if my XP Portege M100 would be able to use it.

The description for the drive that I'd like to put into the M100 is below:

Many thanks for your time. :)


Toshiba Ultra Slim Bay Portege M400, S100 & Tecra S3 DVD+/-RW Laptop Drive

Compatible Models:
Portege M400, Portege M405,Portege S100-S113, Portege S100-S1132, Portege S100-S213, Portege S105-S1133,Tecra S3,

The Toshiba Ultra Slim SelectBay DVD SuperMulti Drive is a DVD burner that combines all the functions of a DVD player, DVD recorder, CD player and CD recorder into one ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight design. It gives you instant access to CDs and DVDs and fits neatly into your Ultra Slim SelectBay drive slot of your Toshiba Portege M400, M405, S100 or Tecra S3 portable computer. It is the ultimate portable storage solution for mobile users.

Ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight drive fits right into your Ultra Slim SelectBay drive slot of your PC, no extra unit to take on the road
Convenie... Read more

Answer:Re: Question about CD/DVD drive for Portege M400


According user?s manuals document for Portege M100 two optical disc drivers are compatible with your Portege M100L:

So if you want to have good working drive obtain one of them.

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My friend gave me his Toshiba Portege M400 (PPM40E) to setup windows XP table (HHD being alredy formated copmletely).

Before I have never worked with SATA controller

So, during the installation some RAID drivers are required for any HDD being found.
I've bought floopy USB device and downloaded some drivers from Intel.

Having suffered a bit, I found requireded (as I thought) drivers, HDD was detected (even licence agreement i signed) but than drivers were asked again to proceed the installation.

IF somebody faced with such problem can you send me on my e-mail ([email protected]) required drivers or give me an exact link?
Looking forward to your advice.

Thank you for understanding,
Best regards from Russia

Answer:Portege M400: Can not install windows XP

At last I had installed windows Xp ,
But at the first start there is an error "STOP message 0x0000007B " .

What's metter? What should i do?

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My function keys on my laptop are suddenly not responding.
I've never had a problem with them prior to this, but I'm not sure how to fix them at this point.

When I hit the function key by itself, the green light beneath F11 still responds, but that's really the extent of the activity.
I've had the laptop for almost a year, and I'm running an XP OS.

Any comments or suggestions are much appreciated.

Thank you!

Answer:Portege M400 Fn Keys not responding


It would be interesting to know what OS you use.

But if you use the XP then I would recommend reinstalling the Common Modules.
This application can be found on the European driver page.


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Hello, i was hoping someone could help me. I just bought a Toshiba Portege M400 off a guy on eBay. When i received it, all of the manuals were in german, but the operating system and programs were in english when i turned it on. So i decided to test the recovey CD to see if it would work because i knew i would probably need it in the near future. However, when i installed it the operating system was in german, all of the toshiba programs were in german. I emailed the guy i bought it off said to contact toshiba and see if they would be able to send me a recovery CD that is in english. I hope that someone can help me coz ive now been left with a tablet pc that i cant use coz i dont understand german =(

Thank you

Answer:Portege M400 Recovery CD in English

Hi, I had a similar problem except for one thing. I wanted a German recovery DVD, but what I got was a Danish! The reason: You can buy a replacement DVD (you have to sign that you have lost the original DVD), but they only give you one in the very same language that was supplied with your Portege. Since my Portege originates in Danmark, they wanted to sell me a Danish recovery DVD, allthough I bought it from a German dealer who changed the keycaps to a German keyboard.

What you should do is check out the origin of your Portege (you can do it here on the website or call Toshiba). If it originates in Germany there is no chance to get the English version legally. That's what the call center at Toshiba Europe told me. If someone else has other information about Toshiba's policy I would be happy to know, since the German recovery is exactly what I need.

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I bought the notebook from America and just realized that it would be better to have a German version of Windows on it :-) Unfortunately it is impossible to buy a fully-licensed version of Windows XP Tablet Edition in Germany..(unbelievable, by the way :-)

So, if anyone has a german recovery-CD and could burn it for me, or sell it to me, that would be absolutely wonderful!!
Thanks a lot

Answer:Need a german recovery-CD for Portege M400

Hello Dorle

Like you know delivered software is bundled with hardware and with every notebook you can have just one WXP OS media. Theoretically you can not have 10 of them on every language you want to have. Only thing you can do is to contact authorized service partner in your country and explain them what you want. Maybe you will be lucky and they will order one for you.


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I recently bought a Portege M400 via a popular auction site, and all is fine except that the battery doesn't charge. The LED does not light and the machine is therefore not portable!
I bought a replacement battery but that doesn't work either.
It's clearly the laptop that has the problem, is there a simple fix?

It must have been okay once!
Thanks for any help.

Answer:Portege M400 - batteries don't charge

In my opinion there is no simple fix because the battery charging is managed by board electronic (power supply electronic) and I am afraid you need professional help.

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I just bought a Portege m400 and have upgraded the ram and harddrive. I am installing Windows 7 onto the machine. I bought a Seagate Momentus SATA 500GB harddrive but it is only being seen as 250gb. Doesnt the m400 support 500gb harddrives? Whats going on?

Answer:Portege M400 seeing 500GB HDD as only 250GB

Actually, nevermind

The drive was mispackaged and its a 250gb

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Hi all,

Given some problems with the USB ports (they recognized only few devices), I decided to delete their entries in the device management, under Universal Serial Bus. I did it because even the Toshiba website suggests it, given that the next reboot should cause the automatic recognition of the USB ports.
Unfortunately, this didn't happen in my case. My M400 asked to me the CDROM containing the drivers (?) and four yellow question marks appeared as unknown devices in the device list.
Then I tried to install the last update of the chipset utility but this didn't solve the problem.

What could I do? Is there anything else missing?
Thanks in advance for your attention.

Answer:Portege M400: USB ports not recognized

Hmmmm... that?s very strange. Everything you done is right. When you wrote ?problems with USB ports? can you please tell us what was happen exactly?
I just hope there is no hardware problem.

What do you think about notebook recovering? I know, it is most radical method but if the problem persist after notebook recovering there can be serious hardware problem.

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I seem to have misplaced my Recovery CD for Portege Tablet PC. As I understand, the PC came loaded with Windows XP Tablet PC edition.

I only have a CD of XP Pro SP2, will it work if I download and install all the other tools and utilities for this Model from the website?

I have heard that local guys charge extra for giving the CD, isn't it available from a link for download?

Pls advise!!

Answer:Lost Recovery CD of Portege M400


unfortunately you will need the XP Tablet Edition, because there are some features implemented which are needed for tablets (like the support for the tablet screen/stylus pen input, some other tablet related functions) and can not be installed afterwards trough some drivers.

The other thing is, since everybody has to take care of the stuff shipped with the machine you will have to pay for it, if you want a new CD.

That?s like you buy a car and lost the keys, it?s not covered under the warranty and you will have to get a new set of keys.
Regarding the download, I don?t think they place a Windows XP on the website to download. When you buy a toshiba then you buy the windows which is with the machine. So if the place it for download on their site, then people which didn?t purchased such windows will get a windows for free and this is not in the "sense of the inventor" when you know what I mean.


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I am not able to get memory sticks, cameras and iPods recognized when plugged into the USB port of my M400.

I have updated all the windows software and all the drivers that I can find.

When a device is plugged in the found new hardware dialogue box comes up - but of course a driver is never found.

I have explored the forum extensively and tried deleting the USB driver in the hope that on reboot the drivers would reinstall correctly - they did not - in fact the system does not seem to be able to find the USB driver at all and I now get a lot of error messages and unknown hardware trying to install.

I have a 1 day old backup - an image done using Aronis true image - in trying to restore this I need to be able to boot from the CD ROM - this certainly does not happen with my current set up - how do I do this - presumably I have to change something in the BIOS - how do I access the BIOS - the manual is notably short on info here.

So two basic problems - how do I get the USB ports to work - it is definitely a problem with computer as everything works fine when I try these devices on other computers.

And get how do I get the CD ROM set up to boot from a bootable CD?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions - this has been an ongoing problem that is beginning to become rather vexing.


Answer:How to get USB ports work on Portege M400?


First of all this is not a hardware problem but simply software issue.
I see you have tried to install different external USB devices. Most of these devices need special software which is always bundled with the device.

I don?t know what you have installed and removed from the system but it looks like you have messed the whole OS.
In this case I would recommend installing the OS from the recovery CD.

To boot from the CD you have to insert the CD into the CD/DVD drive and press the F12 button immediately after notebook powering. This procedure should enable the booting menu from which you could choose the right boot device (ODD).

Note; the USB drivers are provided by Windows operating system.

Furthermore if you want to use your iPod you have to install the iTunes software! Without this software the iPod does not work!!!


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I have portege m400-103 from end of 2006 year.

Some months ago I found a trouble - if I reboot the noutbook, then after detecting hardware and after enter the password nout switch off the power and starting again in cycle. Power reset happend before OS booting.

After removing hdd, power on, power off, installing hdd again and power on in 50% all booting normally.
I see the SMART on hdd and bad blocks - all normally.

And yet another thing - if nout not to reboot the nout - all working fine some weeks without any problems. I close the cover and note going to sleep and waik up then absolutly fine in some weeks.

What can i do with it?

Answer:Portege M400-103 going to unstoppable reboot


It?s a little bit hard to understand the posting but it seems that the notebook does not boot correctly ? sometimes.

>I see the SMART on hdd and bad blocks
SMART monitors the HDD and provides details if something would be wrong with the HDD
Maybe the issue is related to the HDD?
This could be possible?

Therefore I would recommend checking the HDD. Maybe the notebook would functions using a new HDD?

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