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User not authorised to update BIOS - Portege M100

Question: User not authorised to update BIOS - Portege M100

Hi, I have a Portege M100 and I am trying to update my BIOS from version 1.40 to 1.50 using the windows update utility.
But when it gets to the screen where it says preparing to update BIOS, up pops a message saying user is not authorised to update BIOS?

There is only 1 user account on the pc and it has admin privaleges, using WinXP sp2.

Any help would be apreciated.

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Preferred Solution: User not authorised to update BIOS - Portege M100

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: User not authorised to update BIOS - Portege M100


How did you try to upgrade the BIOS? From the Windows or did you use the traditional procedure?
According to this document you should use the traditional BIOS upgrade procedure. IOS&FID=TRO0000000b07

But why you want to upgrade the BIOS?
Did you have some serious problems which the BIOS upgrade can solve?
Please note that you should upgrade the BIOS only if you have serious problems and if you know that the BIOS upgrade will solve the problems.

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I have bios 1.4 and tried to use the bios on the download page, tell me the bios is not suitable?

Answer:Portege M100 - Bios update for Win XP doesnt work


Are Common Modules installed on your Portege M100?
If not then you have to install the Common Modules in order to be able to run BIOS update!
The Common Modules is an essential component of the Windows systems.
It is required to make other original TOSHIBA programs work properly.

PS: the newest BIOS is 1.5-WIN

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I've got actually two problems: How can I enter the Bios and why can't I install the latest drivers for the grafic chip?

I want to increase the grafic performance to the maximum, as I increased the RAM and the notebook is quite fast.
I'd like to play more games that need directx9c.

Whatever you can help me: tx in advance.

Answer:How can I enter the BIOS of a Portege M100?


Do you use the Toshiba BIOS or Phoenix BIOS?
I'm not 100% sure but I think it's a Toshiba BIOS... in this case you can use the ESC button to access the BIOS settings.

> I want to increase the graphic performance to the maximum,
I've got bad news for you... the only one, real way to increase the graphic performance is the graphic chip upgrade... BUT this is not possible. The GPU chip is fixes on the board and it's not possible to remove it.

> I'd like to play more games that need directx9c
Well, most of games need the directx9c. You could use the command "dxdiag" to access the DirectX settings and to check the installed version.

By the way; you can download the directx9c from the Microsoft website

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yesterday i turned off my M100 by holding the power switch while it starts. Since the the power LED blinks orange when I turn it on and nothing else happens.
I read that this means, that the BIOS is damaged.

Is there a way to fix that or is this really the end of my little M100?


Answer:Portege M100 Bios damaged


You should try this at first: Remove the battery and AC/DC adaptor, wait up to one hour and then connect the battery and the AC/DC adaptor. Now you can try it again.

In worst case the mainboard must be replaced. For this you can go to an authorized service provider.


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i have a problem to start my notebook. I loose my supervisor password and now i can't start my notebook. Can you help me please.! I try to reset bios but i ?can't find the jumper cmos to reset bios.

Answer:Problem with BIOS by Portege M100 Notebook

Hi stan

Sorry but you should be smart enough to know that this kind of information is not for publicity. On this way every stolen unit can be started. The best solution is to contact service partner and they can remove the password.


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I'm trying to update the BIOS on my newly bought but secondhand Portege R100.
I installed the Common Modules driver after it didn't work the first time but now when the BIOS update starts I get an error window pop up saying "user is not authorized to update BIOS". Where do I change that?

I'm not particularly computer savvy so please be gentle with me.


Answer:Portege R100: BIOS update - user not authorized

Hello Jim

Is there any special reason for you to make BIOS update? Have you made clean OS installation?

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Does Portege m100 BIOS support HDD > 128(137)GB?

Answer:Does Portege M100 BIOS support HDD bigger than 128GB?

What IDE controller has been built-in?
You could install an hardware diagnostic tool like Everest home edition and could check your hardware specifications.

But I assume the Prot?g? M100 supports the Intel ICH4-M south bridge and the IDE Controller should supports the Ultra ATA 100/66/33

However, you should still install such diagnostic tool to ensure what a kind of IDE controller has been installed.

The point is that since ATA-6 (also called Ultra DMA/100, Ultra DMA mode 5 or Ultra-ATA100) the LBA 48bit is supported which allows to use bigger HDDs than 128GB


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I got a Portege M100 this week, installed Debian GNU/Linux (Sid) on it and nearly everything was fine.
Then I upgraded to the latest BIOS/FIRMWARE (from V1.10 to V1.50) and now my Pentium M 1200 MHz runs at half speed.
I can't also load cpufreq, which controls the cpu speed.

I've seen that this problem is already known, so:
Will there come a new BIOS/FIRMWARE fix for that?

Answer:Portege M100 runs at 600MHz after BIOS/FRIMWARE upgrade

What do you mean by "I've seen that this problem is already known???"
Where do you find description for a same problem???

Usually the BIOS update shouldn't have any "bad" influence on the CPU speed!!!

Did you check the BIOS option called "dynamic CPU frequency mode".

This option can be found also in the Toshiba HWSetup. You can switch also between "always high" and "always low"


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Right my BIOS was on 1.20 when I went to Toshiba website to get the drivers to install and found the BIOS update so I followed the instructions burn it to a floppy disk the last one I have and away I went but after the update I noticed that xp said it was running at 600 MHz not 1,2ghz.

So I used cpuid to see if it was xp but it shows the processor as running 598.6 MHz and can flux to 600.4 MHz max so I went into the BIOS tried CPU max disabled CPU sleep and rebooted so then I thought it was xp so I reinstalled but still the same I used Suse Linux still the same.

I?ve reflashed the BIOS with 1.50 through windows rebooted still the same. I am getting on where and this is getting silly I even went and found all BIOS versions from the Toshiba American site which goes back to version 1.10 to 1.50 so I tried all of them. Nothing!

I am really baffled at this can anybody sort this out it is really annoying and slow.
Thank you in advanced

Answer:Portege M100 - Processor Stuck on 600Mhz, have tryed every BIOS version


Just one question; was the motherboard replaced in the past?

As far as I know after the motherboard replacement the test & diagnostic should be performed in order to update the CPU microcode on the PCB.
If the microcode is not updated then your CPU would stuck at 600Mhz.

In order to update the microcode, the ASP must be contacted.

The other reason why the CPU runs only at 600Mhz is the low CPU processing setting in Toshiba power saver.
Check if the Toshiba power saver is installed on your notebook and set the options to a higher level.

Check it out?

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Quick question - will a keyboard for a Portege S100 work in a Portege M100?

Layout looks similar; albeit a different colour.

Answer:Will a keyboard for a Portege S100 work in a Portege M100?


I think you cannot use the same keyboard because the Portege S100 supports the an-easy-to-use 84-key (US) or 85-key (UK) keyboard and the Portege M100 supports the an-easy-to-use 85/86-key keyboard.
Furthermore the connector of the S100 supports the CN3230 keyboard interface 34 pin connector and the M100 supports the PJ3230 keyboard 34pin connector.

So possibly this could be a problem.
I recommend using the original keyboards released for the each notebook model.

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Well, I've got a Portege R100 with a broken display which I'd like to fix. And I've got a Portege 2000 and a M100 with working display.

Will it fit on my R100? They look the same!
Thanks fo any hints!

Answer:Can I use display from Portege 2000 or M100 on Portege R100?

Yes you can.

These notebooks, Port?g? 2000, Port?g? M100 and Port?g? R100, use the same 12.1" 1024x768 TFT color display.
I don?t see any problems with the replacement and fitting element

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Can give the reference to downloading BIOS for Satellite M100-150 for Windows XP, on an official site I can not download, the reference does not work.
I use the translator so that for translation quality I do not answer. :)

Answer:BIOS update for Satellite M100-150


You should check here if the Bios update is available for your model, otherwise I think there is no another source to download here.

??????. ?????? ?? ??????, ?????? ???? ?????? ? ??????. ????, ?? ???????, ?????? ??? bios ????????. ???? ???????????? ? ?????? ????? ???? ????????).

Sorry, guys that I replied him in Russian, just want him to assist in bios issue

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Hey toshiba owners,

I have SATELLITE M100- 178
Toshiba offers me BIOS 3.0 version for WINDOWS 7 32 bit.
where is problems with DRIVERS, i can not install them, i get install ERRORS.

WINDOWS 7 need XP BIOS 3 version or it needs VISTA BIOS 5.6 version?

Kind regards)

Answer:BIOS update for old Satellite M100


I don?t have this notebook model but I have installed Win7 on other older models without errors.
Can you tell us which errors have you noticed and which drivers are ?troublemakers??

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hey people,

during BIOS update my laptop freezed, so need reflash it.
switching it in crisis recovery mode it makes ONE LONG and TWO SHORT SIGNALS.


Answer:Satellite M100 - BIOS update failed

Hi buddy,

If BIOS update failed you can do nothing expect contacting an authorized service provider and ask for help. I assume the ROM module must be reflashed and this can only be done with special tools so you need professional help.

In your case I wouldn?t try such BIOS recovery tools, you could destroy the whole ROM module.

So get in contact with your local ASP and ask for help. I?m sure the guys can help you. :)

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I am using my notebook with Windows XP and BIOS version 2.80.

I want to install Windows Vista but the when I download the Vista compatible v5.40 BIOS it says

"This Bios is only compatible for Notebooks with Windows Vista!

Do NOT install this Bios if you have Windows XP running as Operating System!"

When downloading the XP compatible 2.80 version, I got the same message saying it was not compatible with Vista.

Now, should I first install Vista with the XP compatible 2.80 BIOS and then install the Vista compatible 5.40 BIOS or install 5.40 first within XP (no traditional update available, only Windows updates are present)and then install Vista?

I'm afraid of a bad flash by installing the Vista compatible BIOS in XP.

Answer:Satellite M100-165 with XP: How to update BIOS to use the Vista OS?

Hi there,

the best solution would be to do the following:

1. Backup your data and download the appropriate drivers for Vista.
2. Make sure you have everything saved/backuped/etc.
3. Install the bios
4. Restart the machine and install Vista
5. After Vista installation, install the drivers and be happy :)


P.S.: Would appreciate some feedback on your success..

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I bought a Satellite M100-165 (PSMA1E) 2 days ago and I have the same problem as toshiba describes it here:

I have updated the bios to 2.10 version and the latest ATI drivers, but the promblem is still there.
Is there anything I can do to fix it, because the dithering promblem is really annoying!

P.S. The LCD panel seems to be a SEC5643

Answer:Satellite M100-165: screen dithering also after BIOS update

Hi gscorpio

I have the same problem (Satellite M100-179). Please read this topic

All we can do now is to wait for BIOS 2.20. I agree that dithering is very annoying, sometimes it's difficult to work in Photoshop beacause you never know if the picture is so bad or your screen causes it's poor quality.


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Hello All,

I got satelite M100 PSMAAA-02006 with XP. I just updated Bios on V3.0. After update speakers are not working but the audio jack is working so with headphone I can listen but not through notebook speakers and the media keys on top of keyborad play, pause, stop, next, back, home page etc are not responding too.

Any one knows the solution about this. Or is it possible to get the old BIOS? Though I dont know aboutt previous version too.

need quick help. Plz answer asap.

Thanks & regards...

Answer:Satellite M100 - No sound thorugh speakers after BIOS update

Hi Nikunj,

I doubt that this happened due the BIOS update. Have you loaded the default settings after BIOS update?
Did you choose the correct BIOS update?

Normally you can hear sound through the notebook speakers if you unplug the headset. Make sure that sound is not muted, you can do this with the key combination FN+ESC.

Regarding the media keys I would recommend reinstalling Toshiba Common Modules. You can find it on the Toshiba website.

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Hey everybody :)

BIOS problem: I was updating *BIOS* by WinFlash and my laptop "freezed" so BIOS is DAMAGED. Laptop does't boot up.
I was updating my XP laptop to *BIOS 3.00* version.

How to repare BIOS?

Answer:Satellite M100 - After BIOS update it doesn't boot anymore

I dont think you can do much if the laptop froze during a BIOS Update. I would send it to an ASP for a quote.

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When trying to install BIOS update I get error message: ROM file size incorrect. What can I do? Thanks.

Answer:Incorrect file size error message during BIOS update on Satellite M100


Today is your lucky day dude. Seems I found a solution :D
Pelase take a look into this forum thread:

The user JayJay has provided a link to the Toshiba document which helps to clear this issue.

This is the original document;

Please try it and post back if it was the key or not. Good luck

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I have recently set up my daughter as a new user, and I have noticed that I have a user named "ASP.NET Machine A...'s account. which has definitely not been installed by myself. It is a limited account, password protected however it does not appear in the "Welcome" screen neither as a User in Documents and Settings.

My first reflexes were to delete this user but I was suggested to enquire before acting.

Please advise how to proceed !


Answer:A non authorised user ASP.NET Machine A...

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Have M100, docking station, and Samsung SyncMaster 910TM LCD monitor. Docking station has DVI output as well as the monitor. Do anyone know if M100 supports DVI or analogue only?



Answer:Portege M100 and DVI output

Hello Damir

Some Portege R100 specification says that Video DVI-D (24pin digital only) port is not available and not supported.


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Forgive me in advance if this sounds a bit sketchy but my hubby is the useful one with these things but as his time is limited with work, I thought I would try and get some help in advance for when he gets home.

I purchased a M100 to take with us on our holidays mainly to just watch DVDs for the kids and some web browsing so didn?t need anything fancy or new the guy we got it from has installed Ubuntu 9.10 Linux.

The main problem we are having is

1. We can?t connect to the internet, the wireless LED light on top is still amber (I presume it should be green once all is well and connected), even though my husband has done the usual things that has connected our other 3 laptops to the wireless. He downloaded the user manual and it states to activate the wireless to press shift+F8, but this doesn?t seem to be doing anything.

2. We can?t play DVDs, the guy we got if from says he burned a CD from it, but when we asked about watching DVDs he said he didn?t try any to know, when we insert the DVD it says we have to download a codex, which hubby is fine with doing if he could connect to the internet.

I hope all that made sense Please advice on what we could do

Many thanks

Answer:Several issues on Portege M100

Portege M100 is pretty old notebook model and definitely not supported for Linux operating system so if you want to use all functions described in users manuals you must use supported WXP.

What you should do is to install operating system using original recovery installations CDs.
Did you get them with your notebook?

If you don't have them install WXP using original Microsoft WXP installations disc. All necessary drivers, tools and utilities you can download from Toshiba support page under

If you need right installations order list please let us know.

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I have recently had to return my laptop to get a faulty HD replaced and have had difficulties re-installing all the drivers for W2K. I do not hold any Recovery CD.

After installing W2K, Device Manager displayed about 11 items requiring drivers (and one unknown device). I installed these drivers from the Toshiba site for this model but couldn't get any support to find out if they needed to be installed in any particular order. Device Manager now looks okay but i'm still having problems with the Modem (Toshiba Software Modem). The diagnostics tab reports that the modem couldn't open a port.

Only COM1 and LPT1 appear under Ports in Device Manager.

Any ideas?

Answer:Portege M100 Problems

Hi Bing,

you sett up a new system without a recovery CD you have to install the drivers and tools in the right order.

Here is the list:

DirectX 9.0 V9.0a
Hotfix for "Java Applet" vulnerabilities Q329077
Hotfix for "Unchecked buffer in HTML Help" security Q323255
Hotfix for "Supporting 802.1x Authentication on Computers" Q313664
Hotfix for "Removing default startup of IE from ICW" Q328523
Hotfix for "DVD additional writing function" Q329112
Hotfix for "Transfer Speed Decreasing with USB2.0 After Sleep" Q810090
Hotfix for "Resuming hibernation issue for USB mouse" Q814484
Hotfix for Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 Q810847
Hotfix for "Unchecked buffer in the Locator Service" Q810833
Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility V4.30.1006
TOSHIBA Common Modules V6.00.05
SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio V5.12.01.3600update (Signed)
Intel(R) 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller V6.13.10.3514
TOSHIBA Power Saver V4.17.03
TOSHIBA Utilities V4.20.02
TOSHIBA Mobile Extension3 V3.37.00
TOSHIBA ConfigFree V2.00.14
Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection V6.4.14
Internal Wireless LAN Driver V1.02GM
Internal Wireless LAN Utility V1.03
Microsoft Windows(R) 2000 USB2.0 Driver V5.1.2600.0
Wireless Hotkey V2.0.0.3
TOSHIBA Software Modem SM2122ALD05 / SM31116ALD5
SMSC IrCC - Fast Infrared Port V5.1.2500.0b
Windows Media Player 9 V9.00.00.2980
TOSHIBA Skins for Windows Media... Read more

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The keys w, p, f, h, k and l of my M100 keyboard suddenly do not work. Have dismantled and there are no evident problems. Saw on the web someone had similar problem. Anyone know a possible solution? (apart from replacing the keyboard)

Answer:Re: Portege M100 keyboard malfunction


Looks like an keyboard malfunction but did you check if the external keyboard would function properly? Do this?

Nevertheless, it looks like a keyboard issue and for such problem there is just one solution;
You will need a new keyboard and need to replace the old one?

The compatible keyboard could be ordered from an local service partner? otherwise you can check some offers in the internet?


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I have a used Protege M100, on which I recently carried out a clean install of Windows XP Pro (SP3).
Unfortunately, as a novice, I didn't back up my drivers.

I have been on the Toshiba site and have downloaded everything for this model (M100 Protege Centrino), I printed off the 'contents and installation order for windows XP' and loaded all the drivers as best i could in the order suggested.

However, some items were not available to download, or I could not understand the references.

I downloaded and installed the Atheros client utility and the Cisco aironet Client utility, as well as Configfree, but could find nothing to match the description 'wireless network driver'.

Perhaps as a result of this, or not? the above client utilities and ConfigFree (connection doctor) as well as some other diagnostic software downloads tell me that i have no Wireless Lan hardware installed... but I know that it was there and I never took it out !

Can someone tell me what else I can do?

Answer:No WLan after XP SP3 installation on Portege M100

Hi George

I believe you have simply not installed the right WLan driver.

The Port?g? M100 was equipped definitely with a internal minPCI WLan card and you should see it in the device manager under network adapter. It should appear either as a unknown device (if no driver was installed) or as a Intel/Atheros/Toshiba/Cisco Wlan card.

Fact is that there are different Port?g? M100 models with different internal minPCI WLan cards and I think you used non compatible driver.

Please check the single WLan drivers released on the Toshiba driver page and check if one would enable your internal WLan card.

Furthermore you could use the Toshiba WLan portal to get the newest drivers for Atheros/Intel cards.

Check this:


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On my Portege M100.
Can I upgrade my 1.2 Ghz Banias chip to a 2.0 Ghz Dothan chip now that BIOS 1.5 supports Dothan?

Answer:Question about CPU upgrade on Portege M100

This is absolutely not possible!
There is no bios support and you are running out of thermal specifications!

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I am getting an error on shutting down my M100 and read that this is related to docking, which I do not do, nor intend to. It seems that an update is required to the docking driver, or it needs to be disabled, but I cannot find anything on the Toshiba site (none of the searches return anything at all) and I cannot find the docking driver reerred to. Any ideas, please ? It is not a disaster but is very inconvenient. Many thanks in advance.

Answer:Portege M100 TMEEJM_Wnd error


As far as I know the ?Toshiba Mobile Extension? which you can find in the Control Panel is responsible for the Docking Station functions.
There you can make some changing. Furthermore I found an ?Mobile Extension? to download on the Toshiba website.


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I have been using Ghost to re-image other desktops and laptops without any problems, either booting from DOS floppy, from CD ROM or using PXE networks services to boot the machines and load the PC-DOS supplied with Ghost and the DOS Ghost client.

However with the Portege M100 (which is the only Tosh machine I have tried so far) I manage to get the PC-DOS loaded and the Ghost client begins to load but hangs at the splash screen and is unusable requiring a reboot.

Has anyone else had this issue or know of any fix I can use to allow me to manage my Portege OS's with Ghost.

Thanks for any help.

Answer:Portege M100 with DOS Ghost client


Well, I have had a similar problem with other unit. I have solved it with completely formatting the HDD.
I don?t know if this procedure will solve your issue but you can try it.


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I would like to kill and disable the integrated mouse of my M100 because it is completely mad.
It moves by itself and when i connect a mouse from usb and i try to control the cursor, it doesnt stop the movement.

In facts there is a problem with the internal mouse that goes upward without control, so i cant use the mouse.
Plugin a usb mouse doesnt stop it. I tried to uninstall from manager but it always reinstall automtatically.

My Bios version is ACPI v 1.20 and doesnt give the possibility to unable the integrated mouse.
Will a newer version give this ability?
Is there a program that would disable the integrated mouse so i can only use the external mouse connected trough usb.

Thank you very much

Answer:Portege M100: USB mouse is going crazy

You can disable the mouse very easy. Either use FN+F9 key combination or disable it in mouse properties.

I just hope the notebook is preinstalled with recovery image or adequate mouse drivers.

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my dougher pushed hard to the keyboard on my portege M100 and now the cursor moves round the screen.
I think the accupoint joystick on the keyboard is damaged.

How can i deselect the accupoint joystick and using only a usb mouse ?
How can i select the bios while booting the laptop



Answer:How to disable the accupoint on a Portg M100

Hmmm?. I?m not 100% sure if you will be able to disable it but if this option exists then you could find it somewhere in the ?mouse? settings.

To access these settings you should go to the control panel -> mouse -> Hardware tab -> Properties.

>How can I select the bios while booting the laptop?
You should press the ESC button sand then F1 to access the Toshiba BIOS.

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Please help, I have 10 pcs M100, and 7 of them have no setting in Bios for "CPU Dynamic Frequencies Setting" (set the CPU speed, always low, always high, dynamic). The notebook that don't have that setting always run at 598 MHz. I already check with Sisoft Sandra and in windows system properties. The properties always show that the notebooks have Pentium-M 1,2GHz running at 598MHz. No different between running with ac adapter or battery.

The other one with the CPU Dynamic Frequencies Setting, can dynamically adjust the CPU clock. They can run at 1200MHz normally.

Answer:Portege M100 with PM 1,2 processors, but only run on 598MHz


The Dynamic CPU Frequency mode is available in the Toshiba HWSetup.
There you can switch between the dynamically switchable mode, always high and always low mode.

Please check it!

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None of the Vista drivers work for Windows 7 so I switched to XP Professional and still NO drivers work?

Is there a special way to install them after installation of Windows?


Answer:Portege M100 - None of the drivers are working

Hi ollie,

It would be interesting to know what you mean with none of the drivers are working. Do you get an error message or what happens exactly?

Regarding the Windows 7 question I think it?s normal that the Vista drivers are not working for Windows 7 because the Portege M100 is very old notebook so I doubt that Windows 7 will run properly on it.

By the way, on the Toshiba website you can find an installation instructions document. Use this list a recommended driver installation order.
Check this!!!

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Hello, the RTC battery of my Portege M100 is flat. I manage to order one from the internet but I can't locate it. I dismantle almost every part of the computer, but if someone could just guide me and give the procedure du replace it, it would be great. Thanks in advance!!

Answer:Portege M100 - How to replace the RTC battery?

Hi friend,

it?s easy to replace the RTC battery on your machine. I did it already and I had no problems during the replacement, I mean it was a little bit tricky to find the batt. but I will give everything from my experience. ;)

Look first at the wireless lan card, there?s a slot an under the slot is the minipci-wlan-card located. Near the wireless lan card slot is some little cover, this cover must be removed (gently). The RTC battery is located in some white insulator, but before peeling that little battery out, you must disconnect the battery from the mainboard. After disconnecting it, just lift the RTC up and place the new one there.

Thats all, unfortunately I cannot serve you with some pics, so you will have to imagine it by yourself. ;)

Good luck and greets

P.s.: If you feel uncomfortable in replacing the batt, then ask some techie to help you.

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Dear all,
I do not have the Windows XP CDs that came with my laptop,
but I would rather like to reinstall Windows - is there a
chance that I can be issued some new ones? I still have the key
on the back on the computer.


P.S. I was wondering about the Ram in the computer - is there any
built in, or do the 2 slots contain ALL the system memory?

Answer:Portege M100: Lost Recovery CDs

Hi Rid

You can use Microsoft full version CD for OS installation. All drivers, tools and utilities you can find on Toshiba download page under

Which notebook model you have?

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My Portege M100 has an Unknown Devece showing up as *Texas Instruments OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller* anyone know where I can download a driver for this?



Answer:Unknown Device on Portege M100

Hello Phil

There is no driver for firewire port. Just install Chipset utility and everything will be OK.
Have you bought used one M100 or you try to make clean OS installation?

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I have a Portege M100. For no apparent reason it no longer goes into standby mode automatically if left on battery power. I have checked power saver settings and these all appear to be ok eg standby after 5 mins etc.

Any ideas?

Answer:Portege M100 - Doesn't go in stand by

Hi RogerGrand

Does your notebook go in standby with connected AC/DC adaptor or does this happen only in standby mode?
By the way, what happens if you choose the standby mode manually via start > shut down > standby. Does this work?

In your case I would try to reinstall Toshiba Power Saver. You can find it on the Toshiba page. As far as I know Portege M100 is in *Archive* because it?s pretty old notebook.

Good luck! :)

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Dear All, my Portege M100 is still on!
I am writing (through VNC) from it, but unfortunately
the backlight on the screen seems to have gone out.

Is the laptop still in warranty and how do I get this fixed?
Is there anything I an do manually?

Edward Ando

Answer:Blank screen on Portege M100

Hi Edward

Unfortunately there is not much that you can do alone. I presume that FL inverter is defective. Contact Authorized service partner in your country. They can help you.

Check this link

Good luck!

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I have installed the toshiba M100_XP_common files

1. I cant load the graphics drivers since it says i dont have some files

2. I cant load the audio drivers since it says i need MS bus drivers

Help please, what to do?

I am on xp sp3, I should have most XP KB's

Answer:Will someone please tell me how to install drivers for Portege M100

Hi buddy

I assume you have found the Win XP drivers for Portege M100 on the Toshiba European driver page.
There you can find also the installation instruction which shows you right installation order!

Yes, you need to install drivers in the right order.
Furthermore you will find the Intel display driver and the Intel Chip Set Utility. These are the drivers requested in your message!

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I cant seem to reinstall at all for win xp sp3

1. bios says wrong version

2 atheros 7.7 doesnt recognise mini pci card

3. video says i need extra files

4. audio drivers says i need to install bus drivers

i have installed the common toshiba files, and chipset

Answer:I cannot install some Win XP drivers for Portege M100


On the Toshiba European driver page you could find the Portege M100 drivers.
There is also an installation instruction which you should follow.

The Common Modules has to be installed at the beginning. Without the Common Modules the BIOS would not be possible.

The Atheros WLan driver doesn?t work because your Portege M100 could use another WLan card? M100 supports different Wlan cards and possibly M100 has been equipped with Intel or other Wlan card?

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I need ethernet driver for my laptop. It is Portege M100.
I download all drivers from the drivers download but still ethernet is not working.


Answer:Portege M100 - need ethernet driver

What you mean with network is not working?
Have you yellow marks in device manager?
Can you connect to a network?
Please explain this more exact.

Did you download the driver here? => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

It would be also interesting which OS do you have.

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since a month, my portable Toshiba protege M100 has a problem when we use skype, the microphone integrted doesn't fonction.
When i call my firend, i listen him but he don't listen me, so can you help me please to make it done.

think you a lot

Message was edited by: piko33

Answer:Re: Portege M100 - Microphone isn't working

Try turning up the MIC Boost in the Volume Settings, and ensure the MIC volume is turned up.

Also check the Skype Options, maybe you need to select the MIC device or increase the volume.

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I have tryed to replace the cdrw/dvd combo drive to a dvd rw drive but when it loads it says IDE 1 error but its weird you cannot boot off of it but in xp you can use it.

I'm sure its something to do with the Bios.

Any help would be very much appreciated


Answer:Portege M100 - Dvd Drive IDE 1 error

> I have tried to replace the cdrw/dvd combo drive to a dvd rw drive but when it loads it says IDE 1 error but its weird you cannot boot off of it but in xp you can use it.

I think you have used a CD/DVD drive with wrong master/slave/c-sel settings.
If the drive doesn?t support the right settings, the BIOS will not recognize it and the IDE #1 error will appear? like in your case?

You should know that not all drives are compatible?. I?m not quite sure if your user manual contains the info of supported and compatible drives but you could check it?

Otherwise I would recommend contacting the authorized service partner in your country to get a list of compatible drives or to order a right one.


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Recovery outlined in manual involving recovering cd results in blue screen: Fault: 0X0000007B (7B94528, OXC 00000034, OX00000000, Who can help me ?

Answer:Portege M100: Blue screen during recovering


On this way it is not easy to say what the problem can be. Check the Microsoft solutions for this error message on;en-us;Q122926

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I hope someone can help me, I'm tearing my hair out!

I have bought a second-hand Portege M100 (model number PPM10E) and am having serious problems installing the wireless mini-pci adapter that came with it.

When I turn on the wireless via the switch on the front, the light on the lid comes up amber.

Windows XP (Pro, SP1 and SP2 update) cannot see the device. Device Manager recognises 2 devices with problems: "Network Controller" and "Other Device".

I have downloaded all listed drivers for this model, and installed them (or tried to!) in the order specified in the Installation Instructions file (from the same Toshiba download drivers page for this model).

I have also installed Everest Home Edition, and it sees the wireless adapter, and tells me it's an Intel 2200 BG.

I have tried to acquire updated drivers from Intel and from but none of these will take, either - not even on a clean install, substituting them for the Toshiba-supplied driver.

The wireless card works perfectly in one other non-Toshiba notebook, also running Win XP Pro - so I'm assuming there's some software/hardware conflict with this Toshiba laptop!

I have tried to "update driver" on the 2 problem devices 1) by pointing them (via Device Manager / update driver) at every (unzipped) downloaded set of files. No joy.
2) connecting to my router via ethernet cable and allowing Windows to search online for drivers. No joy there either.

Wh... Read more

Answer:Wireless card not found - Portege M100

Some questions:
1. You said the Wlan card works in non Toshiba notebook. Did you change the WLan card from your Toshiba to the other notebook?
2. You are not quite sure if it's an Intel or Atheros Wlan card (otherwise it makes no sense to install an atheros client with an Intel Wlan card). Would you please post the PnP-ID of the device(s) (DeviceManager -> Properties -> Details -> Hardware-ID)?

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I have a Portege M100 and have a slight problem with the screen
The left screw has come out & been lost. This has left the screen very "wobbly" and it seems to have popped out of a catch or two, just on the left side as the case/back of screen seem to gape slightly from the front at times down by the hinge.
I would like to try to replace the screw & get it back to "normal" but I can't find any instructions or advice as to how the screen fits - can anyone help me to clip it back together & rplace the screw?

(please don't make comments about how old it is, it's what I have & I can't afford to replace it at the moment!)

Answer:Portege M100 screen/hinge problem


I think there are no manuals or instructions how to replace something on a notebook. Such technical documents are not for public, they only available for authorized service provider.

So I would recommend an ASP because there you can also get the right spare part for your notebook and the technicians help you to repair it. :)

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My trusty M100 has developed a serious start-up problem. It will not fire up the bios just sets the second LED (on/standby) blinking orange and launches the fan. The RAM and CMOS battery have tested OK (from a 2nd machine). Pressing Esc, F1 or F12 just gives a beeping noise. No way to get to Bios setup. Any thoughts

Answer:Re: Portege M100 - Will not start, second LED blinking orange


Nice job that you have tested other RAM modules in your Portege notebook because this would my first suggestion testing other RAM modules? :)

In my opinion it?s a serious hardware malfunction like mainboard or CPU but without special diagnostic tools it?s not possible to say more about this especially on this virtual way. So you must get in contact with an authorized service provider and ask for help. The guys have good diagnostic tools and can help you to get rid of this.

If you don?t know where nearest ASP is, have a look on Toshiba page!

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I have recently acquired a M100 Portege 1.2ghz Model no PPM1DE-0000Y-EN. The hard drive had been cleaned so I installed Windows XP with Service Pack 3 . I do not have a Toshiba Utilities and driver CD.

At the moment my main issue is that there is no sound and I get messages of " no audio output device". I can watch a DVD but again its silent as the internal speakers are not functioning. I am a novice so if you have advice please try to not make it to technical but in simple terms that I can understand. There are probably a number of issues that I have not discovered yet ie Power Saver, Wireless etc.

Answer:Portege M100 - no audio output device

I think you are missing the SOUNDMAX program for your sound. At least that's what I had with my M200, but it seems M100 and M200 are pretty similar. Getting SOUNDMAX installed will solve the problem. The easiest way is probably to get a utilities CD somehow.

And that's probably the only way too. Since even if you get it working without, you're still left without the other Toshiba utilities (which may be pretty crucial, like power saving, ability to use buttons and FN keys, ability to use the touchpad, etc.).

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Can anyone help?
Had to rebuild my beloved Portege M100 following a hard drive failure.
Everything works fine except the video player.

Tried using Windows Media Player and Intervideo Win DVD but both close as soon as the video starts.
WMP says that it is a problem with a codec called ivivideo which comes form Intervideo or Corel as they now are.

However their site is less than helpful and I just cannot find a way to update this.

Any suggestions anyone?

Answer:Portege M100 - video player does not work


Try the VLC player.
It?s small tool/player which can be downloaded for free.
It plays most files problem free.

Additionally you could install some codec packages like K-Lite codec package

Good luck

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Hello everybody,

I want to buy a new notebook with high battery life for mobile working. The R100 and M100 are shortlisted, but does anybody know if there are differences in battery life. I have tested the two NBs at my dealer, but I have no experience to work with them over a long time.

Bye Tanya-LB

Answer:Portege series, different battery life on R100 and M100?

Hi Tanya,

I had the honor to test these two notebooks in our company. They are both developed as business model for high mobility and battery life. On the one side you have the R100 with a ULV Centrino with 900Mhz (ULV = Ultra Low Voltage) and a lithium-ion-polymer battery. This combination enables a battery life of 2 hours and with the second additional battery up to 6.4 hours.

On the other side you have the M100 with a LV Centrino with 1200Mhz (LV = Low Voltage) and lithium-ion battery. If you need only one battery the discharging in use is about 4.5 hours and with an additional battery up to very good 8.5 hours.

So in my opinion these notebooks are really well designed and accomplish the specifications of high mobility. The M100 has the higher battery life and performance.

If you have further question, ask me.

You could also see the technical specifications at the Toshiba site

in the Product menu.

Hopefully this will help you.

Bye Bob77

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I have a Portege M100 and I would to increase the shared video memory. In the technical documentation: shared video memory 16-64MB
I have 768MB of RAM
but can't do it in the Bios or Windows.
where i can do it ?

(i'm french, sorry for the bad english)

Answer:How to increase the shared video memory on Portege M100


As far as I know this notebook has a Intel graphic card.
for example on a ATI graphic cards it?s possible to set the shared memory manually but on a Intel graphic card the shared memory will be set automatically.
Therefore you cannot find any options for changing this value.

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Hi all :)

Have a Portege M100 for general use with WXP Pro installed.
Recently decided to upgrade to a DVD burner from the DVD-rom, so bought a Sony DW-Q250A rewriter.
Installed and worked fine, but I keep having problems when the pc comes out of standby, I get a "IDE #1 ERROR" message, then the system reboots with no further probs into windows

The problem is, once this happens, the DVD drive then disappears from 'my computer' window and isn't visible in 'device manager' either until I remove the drive, refit and then scan for p'n'p devices in device manager, then it reappears like nothing happened.
I thought it may have been a conflict with the IDE bus (i.e both drives - HDD & DVD - configured as master) so I put a jumper on the HDD to make it the slave drive (looks like its a firmware change on the DVD drive to do this) but it just created more probs..I then got an additional "IDE #0 ERROR" message when I did this and the machine wouldn't boot from HDD.

Any thoughts would be gratefully received? :|


Answer:Drive error when leaving Portege M100 in standby

Hi mate,

firstly I would explain you the IDE #0 error: it?s absolutely comprehensible since the HDD is the *FIRST* drive of all and it must stay the *FIRST" drive, which means that you shouldn?t jumper it to a slave drive. It must be an master, otherwise, like in your case, the machine won?t boot.
So, you have 2 IDE channels (Primary and Secondary IDE channel), and every channel has an Master and Slave. Apart from the HDD which is on the Primary channel , your DVD drive is innately on the secondary channel configured as the master drive.
Here?s some little "picture" :D to explain it:

-> Primary channel -> Master = HDD
-> Slave = nothing

-> Secondary channel ->Master = DVD
->Slave = nothing

Regarding your problem:

I have no definitive solution for you but I can give you some hints. Begin with downloading the latest BIOS for your machine and update it to the latest version. Then download newest drivers and install them. After this, check for a firmware upgrade for your DVD drive and last but not least check the microsoft database for known issues since no similar issues are known to me with toshiba drives in toshiba machines.

Would be worthy to try



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I have recently got an M100 with a pair of the optional slim-bay batteries. I have a question regarding the charging / discharging sequence.
It seems that when charging main battery is charged 1st followed by the secondary(removable) battery. That seems fair enough, and makes sense.

However when it comes to discharging the main battery seems to discharge 1st with the secondary battery not dropping from it's 99% value.
I would have expected the machine to discharge the secondary battery 1st so that in the case of having 2 secondary batteries you can swap them over without any worries. Also when you then need to install the CD drive which I also have, then you have max battery life left in the internal main battery.

Are there any settings to change the way in which my machine seems to be working?

Answer:Question about dual battery usage on Portege M100

Hi Max

I am not technician and can not explain how it works exactly. Everything I know is that all this is controlled by power supply electronic and user has no influence on it and, as far as I know, there are no settings where you can specify the power consumption.

I agree with your opinion but I think there is nothing to do.

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what driver works for the portege?

Answer:Toshiba Portege M100: atheros mini pci wireless?

Model Content Page

however, i cant get the sound to work?

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I have a Portege M100 (prob M100-112) that has been "hacked" about by its previous owner and I am trying to re-install all the tools and drivers.

In particular I want to upgrade the BIOS to v1.50 (from 1.30).

The BIOS upgrade tool (windows) complains that the common modules are not installed, but when I attempt to install the common modules the installer just hangs with no user interface visible and no errors.

I have re-installed all the items before it in the recommended order - but no luck :-(

Any help and constructive help welcom

Answer:Portege M100 - Toshiba Utilities setup hangs

Constructive help?
What else you can get on this forum? ;)

Hi Dave

I don?t know which installation order you have used and what items you have installed before but fact is that ?Common modules? must be installed at first before you start to install other Toshiba tools and utilities.

I presume you try to install WXP so here is the full installations order:

Chipset Driver
Display Driver
Sound Driver
Network Driver
Modem Driver
Wireless Network Driver
Atheros Client Utility
Cisco Aironet Client Utility
Infrared Driver
Common Modules
Power Management
Button Controls
User`s Manual
DVD Player
Bluetooth Stack
Display Device Change Utility
DVD-RAM Driver Software
Mobile Extension
Skins for Windows Media Player
SD Memory Card Format
SD Secure Module
Wireless Hotkey Utility
Hotkey for Display Devices
Sun Java Runtime Environment
Management Console

Have you used this order?
Do you try to install THIS common modules?

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I have a Portege M100 which I found quite slow until I discover it was running half speed (IE 600mhz). I tried everything in Bios, and in Toshiba utility, but nothing to do: still running at 600Mhz.

Is there somthing I missed? is there a "special trick" to do to allow it running full speed?

Thank's in advance for anybody's help!!!

Answer:Portege M100 just running Half Speed - 600Mhz

Hi buddy,

did you watched your toshiba powersaver? Is the powersaver activated. If not, it happens sometimes, that the machine is going on half speed, because no program is
regulating the speed setting of the system.
If your powersaver is broken then I suggest you to reinstall your powersaver (it would be better to recover the whole system, but it depends on you ;) ) and to look if
the problem persists.

Was your machine in repair or did someone exchange the CPU?


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Having connected the M100 to a port replicator, i experience the following:

Sometimes the first couple of seconds, the external Monitor is being used.
When Windows reaches the XP Pro login screen, external Monitor is being switched off and only after opening the TFT Display I can switch back by pressing Fn-5.

Another issue:

A minute later, after having started windows in 1024x768, suddenly the system changes resolution
to 1280x1024.

I manually switch back to 1024 everytime, but the system uses 1280 after a reboot.

Do you have a clue how to FIX 1024 and how to maintain external when docked?

Thanks advance

Answer:Display issues on Portege M100 connected to port replicator


I don?t know 100% how to fix this several issues but you should check firstly if any updates will help you.
For example check on the Toshiba page if the new BIOS, graphic card driver and Display Service for external Monitor.

How words about the Display Service for external Monitor:

1.) Description of the problem:
The display driver from Intel has a feature, as one of its specification, to remember a display device used at previous system shutdown, and use the device to display images when the system boots next time as long as the device exists.
However, this specification has drawn a lot of complaints that images were not displayed on a external monitor, but on a LCD, if the systems were used in following way:
1. Shut down the system with images displayed only on a LCD.
2. With the LCD closed, dock the machine to a Docker which has a CRT connected.
3. Powering on the system will display images on the CRT while the system is in the start-up process.
However, the display driver will switch the display device at the timing of Windows LOG On screen and will display the images only on the LCD, which is the previous display device.
4. Since the LCD is closed, a user will never know where the images are being displayed.

2.)Corrective Action: Update the BIOS to V1.30 or higher and install TOSHIBA Display driver

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Hi folks,

My wife's laptop is a 3 or 4 year old Portege M100 which is seems a good machine although the hard drive failed and had to be replaced recently.
However there is also a problem with the battery charging.

The machine works fine when connected to the AC power whether the battery is in or not but as soon as you remove the power cable it stops working immediately ie everything including the fan stops instantly.

The battery sign on the top edge of the lid/screen is blinking orange.
I assumed it was the battery that had given up and bought another toshiba one (ie not a compatible but the real thing) and slotted it in but just the same.

This problem precedes the hard disk having been changed by the way.

Any thought or ideas ?
Many thanks

Answer:Portege M100 shut down when disconnect AC adaptor - battery issue

> The battery sign on the top edge of the lid/screen is blinking orange
Are you sure that this is a battery LED?
As far as I know the battery LED shows the condition of the battery charge.
Green means fully charged and orange means being charged. But in both cases the LED does not flash/blink.
Only the AC adaptor LED flashes orange if the power supply malfunctions and the voltage is abnormal.

But if the battery LED flashes then I would assume that this code refers to the battery malfunction.
You should always buy a battery recommended by Toshiba and not any other 3rd party products.
The HDD manufacturer is not important but if the battery died then you should purchase one which is listed as supported part by Toshiba?

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Hi all,

I have a Portege M100.
Since ysterday the computer does not startup. When I push the power button, I hear the sound of the fan starting to work, but nothing else happens. The power indicator keeps blinking in orange.
I have removed the battery and tried starting up the computer with the power adapter plugged in, but nothing changes.

Any ideas about what might be the problem? I would greatly appreciate any help,
thanks in advance


Answer:Portege M100 does not startup - power indicator blinks orange

Hi mate,

could eventually be the RAM, so please check the RAM modules and remove 1 module if you have 2 of them installed.
Otherwise, I would check if some another RAM module is available and install the well-known working module. If this still does not help then I would highly recommend you to bring your machine to an authorized service partner for a hardware checkup/repair.

Please give some feedback about your situation..

P.S.: you can try to remove battery and AC and leaving the machine without any power source for about 24 hours. Perhaps this helps?


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After a recent reinstall of winXP I downloaded all the latest drivers/software for my model (portege M100) but after installation I still have a yellow exclamation mark under 'other devices' which it says ia a network controller.

I just dont know what it is?

Under network adaptors I have installed 1394 adaptor OK
Bluetooth device (personal area network) OK
bluetooth device(rfcomm protocol tdi) OK
Intel pro/100 ve network connection. OK

any ideas?


Answer:Yellow exclamation mark in device manager - Portege M100


What is with Intel wireless card? Is this card installed properly? As far as I know you need to install Intel Wireless LAN Card Driver V.

Check it!

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I recently purchased a new Portege M100 but did not receive the accompanying Tools & Utilities CD ROM. I would like to perform a clean installation with a standard Windows XP SP2 CD (not the Toshiba Recovery CD)and have downloaded the necessary drivers and utilities from the support website.

Can someone please list the exact order (in accordance with the Tools & Utilities CD) to use when installing the drivers and utilities for a Windows XP system? The Windows updates (Quick Fix Engineering executables) are not necessary, since I'll have already downloaded all Windows updates prior to continuing with the drivers installation.
Thanks for your help!

Answer:Portege M100 - WinXP Tools & Utilities Installation Sequence


As far as I know after the Windows installation you have to install the Chipset utility and then common modules. Then display driver, sound driver, controls etc.
But why do you want to install the OS from the original Windows CD?
You can use the Recovery CD and then you can remove all programs which you don?t need.
Believe me. This is an easiest way.


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I have recently bought quite old notebook of Toshiba Portege R111 Series. There was Dynabook SS 2120 DS11L/2. Can anybody help me to find BIOS update file for it? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Portege R111 BIOS update

Do you have really the Prot?g? R111?

For me is known only the Portege R100?
What the model number is it?

As far as I know Dynabook series has been released for Japan market only?
So possibly the drivers could be found on some Japanese sites?

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I have been wrestling with this device for a while now and I seem to be progressively making the situation worse.

My current issue is that I can no longer access the BIOS after changing a setting in the BIOS that related to USB emulation (or something like that). I was in the process of trying to make the device boot from a USB and pretty much twiddling with every setting to see what would work.

This one didn't. And now the device no longer responds to F2. It's like it is ignoring the keyboard. Doh!

Is there some way to roll back or re-flash the BIOS? Or another way to access it? I tried an external keyboard, to no avail.

How did I get here?

Well ... I was given this device to put back to factory condition and I could not find an obvious option that would do this, other than the Toshiba Maintenance Utility which looked hopeful. It offered to erase the partition (which at the time seemed fair enough) - BUT THAT"S all it did - so the machine just repeatedly boots, displays "Please insert system disk" and then reboots.

OK, I'm an idiot - but it does seem silly for Toshiba to offer an option that instantly bricks the machine?

Anyway, I've moved on from that problem to one that is significantly more dire. Not being able to access the BIOS means I don't have any options - unless one of you wonderful people can help me discover one.


I have since discovered that the next setting I was going to adjust - the Secure Boot setting - may have solved... Read more

Answer:Portege - Can't access BIOS after update

Which notebook model do you have and which operating system do you use?

If you use Win8.1 you have access to some BIOS settings using settings in system settings. Check it out please.

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i have a portege m200 and because it doesn't have any device on it (fdd,dvd) i want to be able to boot from an sd-card. For that I need the newest bios version v1.70win, but to intall it ,it requires the Common Module. I have instaled it (there was no error, at least) but when I retry to do the update , a"missing common module" message appears. So I'm a little bit confused. I suppose that the best think to do is to erase any previous version of common module,and reintall it, but I have no ideea how should I do it.
can anyone give me clue, or maybe i'm on the wrong path!?

Answer:Portege M200 BIOS update

Hello Daniel

As far as I know it?s not necessary to install a Common Modules if you want to update the BIOS. Nevertheless normally you can find the Common Modules in ?Add and remove programs?. If you need a whole instruction ?how to make a BIOS update? you can find it on the Toshiba website.

Please go to ?Support & Downloads? then ?Knowledge Base?. There you can search for ?BIOS update?.


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What does the BIOS update for Portege Z830 (PT224 / PT225 / PT22L), version 1.80 do?

The description just says +"This BIOS Update adds increased functionality to your system."+, and I haven't been able to find anything more on Toshiba's website. The update was released 2013-05-24.

Answer:Portege Z810 and BIOS update 1.80

I presume European Portege Z810 must be similar to US Z830/Z835 (PT224x/PT225x) so I?ve checked US support page for BIOS update and here is info about BIOS updates:

+Version 1.80 - 2013-04-25+
+Optimized a BIOS setting to improve hibernation resume reliability.+

+Version 1.70 - 2012-09-12+
+Implemented the Intel specification to improve stability - updated MEBX to
+EC/KBC V1.30: Improved standby stability.+
+EC/KBC V1.30: Modified the power supply error detection method.+

+Version 1.50 - 2012-02-13+
+Added a boot LOGO sequence for ZAT (GPS) models.+
+Improved: Control of TPM on Intel TXT enabled systems.+
+Implemented a fix for an issue where the BIOS password cannot be entered when configured as follows: 1. Wired USB keyboard is connected to the port replicator. Wireless USB mouse is connected to a computer USB port. 3. Computer is docked to the port replicator.+
+Implemented a fix for an issue where the BIOS password can't be entered with some USB keyboards.+

+Version 1.40 - 2011-11-15+
+Improved: Control of the TPM on Intel TXT enabled systems.+

+Version 1.30 - 2011-10-27+
+Initial production BIOS for these models.+

I hope this will help you.

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I have a Portege 3440CT with bios version 1.50.

This version does not support large HDD so I thought I'd update the BIOS. (don't know if version 1.60 does either, does anyone know?)

When I try to run the bios-update-program on win2000, it says "Initial error", anyone know what's causing this?

BIOS is downloaded from Toshibas website.

I have no floppy or CD-rom available.
Have tried the updater on win98, and also in DOS and it says "this utility not available on v86 mode!"

Is there any way to place the BIOS file on a small hard drive, and boot from that?

Ideas, anyone?

Answer:Bios update on Portege 3440CT.

Sorry CyB but I really do not understand you. If you check Toshiba support page you will find two BIOS updates. Both of them must be done using FDD. So now I am asking myself why you try to do it under running operating system. Sorry but it is really ridiculous.

Toshiba provide two different BIOS updates. One is TRAD (must be done with FDD) and WIN (can be done under running WXP or now Vista). For old notebook models there is no WIN version.

Is there any way to place the BIOS file on a small hard drive, and boot from that?

As far as I know something like this is not possible and you can check eBay and obtain FDD. You can get it for few bucks. It is really not expensive.

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where do I get Bios updates and drivers for my Portege R111 (dynabook ss s9/210lnkw) from?
This is very important.

thanks a lot

Answer:Need BIOS update for Portege R111


In which country was the laptop originally purchased from, if you don't mind me asking?


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I was looking at the 1.60-WIN BIOS update available on the download pages since 25/03/08.

Anybody know what the update does?
The explanation on the download page just says: +"This Bios Update adds increased functionality to your system."+

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Portege R500 BIOS update 1.60-WIN

The change-log on the US site says:

Version 1.60 - 2008-03-19
* Added support for the Toshiba 128GB Solid State Drive (SSD).

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I tried to Update the BIOS at my M700-110 PPM70E-02302DEN from 1.60 up to 1.80 (P005Bv180.exe).

However it fails with the error " BIOS Update is not supported OS. Unsupported OS or service pack installed."

Within the "more information" I could read "OS independent".
Is the Windows 7 Home Premium with Service Pack 1 not supported?

What's the matter?
Which BIOS is the right one for my system?

Please help me!
THanks a lot.

Answer:BIOS Update not possible for Portege M700


It seems that Vista OS was preinstalled on this notebook.
This means that you have installed the Win 7 system at your own hand.

The point is that BIOS update requires some essential Toshiba tools.
For example the Value Added Package is important software and should be preinstalled on the notebook.

Is VAP installed?
If not install the VAP before trying to update the BIOS.

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Has anyone tried this new update ?
I was put off by the wording on the disclaimer.
It seems that in order to cut down on constant fan use the price to pay will be a hotter computer.
Is that going to affect the computer life time ?
Also, as it is a "stand alone" update, is it possible to undo the changes and revert to a previous version if necessary ?
Finally, is the increased heat on the base of the unit going to make it uncomfortable to work with as a tablet ?
Thanks for feed back.

Answer:Portege M400. BIOS update V 1.8


Yes I have updated my m400 to version 1.8 and No it does not run that hot im currently suing speed fan to monitor the temp and its stable at 38 degrees - with BIOS set to cooling - battery optimised, its very quite now! thats what i wanted as the fan for me was just to loud for such a small laptop. I went from 1.4 straight to 1.8 didnt do 1.7.
I still find however the power saver dosent do much in terms of the fan speed, but at least we know there was an issue and they have identified it in the BIOS release.

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I have only linux (antergos) on my Portage Z30-B-100, Does anybody know of any way to flash update bios?

Answer:Portege Z30-B-100 update bios from linux


On the Toshiba EU driver page you can find only the win-based BIOS update version.
This means that BIOS can be updated from running system only and you need to run Windows OS in order to start the BIOS update procedure. Linux isn't supported in this case...

Here you can find the How to doc about the BIOS update

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I have a Portege Z835, with a battery problem: don't charge. The battery indicator says "3% connected and charging" but it don't charging the battery.

Some forums says that the solution is updating the Bios. I have a Bios update v.1.60 ready for install. When I try to install, we get the message "the battery power is not enough".

My power cord is always connected. If I disconnect the power cord, laptop is off.

Please, what can I do?



Answer:Portege Z835 - need help with BIOS update

To be honest I don?t think it is BIOS related issue. As far as I know battery should be charged even if the notebook is OFF so why BIOS update if battery cannot be charged at all.

For me it sounds like hardware related issue.

How old is your Portege?
Is warranty still valid?

Maybe you should contact Toshiba service and ask for help or even their opinion.

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Hi there,
When I look for an update to the BIOS in my M400 at the Nordics version of Toshibas homepage - here is what I find;
On the nordics toshiba website they have the 1.50 version available for download, while the US version website I can download the newer 1.60 version. As my M400 is a Danish version I am a little unsure as to if it's ok to update my BIOS to v1.60 now that the nordics toshiba website don't have that BIOS version available.

Any thoughts and views about going ahead and installing the version 1.60 on my DK-version M400 is very welcomed.


Answer:Portege M400 - BIOS update to 1.60


Please don?t compare European and US notebooks models and don?t make update mix. If you have European notebook please use just the stuff available on Toshiba Europe download page.

If you don?t have problems with your unit and if operating system runs stabile, don?t do anything. It is just my advice.

Have a nice day!

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I'm trying to update the BIOS of my R700 computers with a command line on Windows 7 (x86 french edition).
The BIOS version I'm trying to use is P007Bv170_EC73V140.

I have downloaded the from Toshiba official website. In the zip file, there is no instruction (no Readme.txt or other help files ...).

Is there a way to silently upgrade the BIOS ?
Thank you for your help,


Answer:Portege R700 - How to update the BIOS?


You have to start the exe file that you can find in zip-archive that you downloaded. After this the BIOS update will start.

But before you do this update, unzip all files and close all running programs. Make also sure that you are logged in as Administrator.

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I have a Toshiba Portege Z30-A
Maybe someone was able to perform the upgrade bios in windows 7 64 bit?

Answer:Re: Portege Z30-A - Bios update 3.80-WIN using Win 7 64bit

I upgraded to 3.70 EC 1.4 as soon as I got hands on my Z30t-A and when I noticed the 3.80 was available I downloaded the zip file. None of the 15 files has started the upgrade process.

I run Windows 8.1, but the BIOS upgrade should function the same as for WIN 7.
Toshiba must have forgotten to add a setup.exe or something.

I haven't seen a release note, but I'm a big fan of fresh software.

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I've been looking on the Toshiba Site for BIOS updates for a Portege 3440CT, but can't find anything for the older models. Are they still available? Also the BIOS on the laptop at the moment is 1.50, acan anyone tell me what the most recent version is?



Answer:Need BIOS update for Portege 3440CT

All BIOS updates, drivers, tools and utilities for older notebook models you can find under ARCHIVE.
For your Portege there you can find BIOS version 1.60.

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My current bios version is 1.6, the latest is 3.0
When trying to update the bios, I get an APPCRASH from INSTALL2.EXE
exception code c000005

I tried to run it in safe mode, but this doe not help

Thanks for help

Answer:Portege A600: cannot update to bios 3.0


The istall.exe should not crash and you should not update the BIOS in safe mode!
The Windows should be booted up and should run correctly!

Here is a Toshiba FAQ How to update BIOS:

Possibly the error code is related to corrupt windows OS or to missing some necessary Toshiba tools.
Using Win XP the Common Modules should be installed.
Using Vista or Win 7 the VAP (value added packed) should be installed.

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i recently purchased two used portege 3490 CT Notebooks, both with BIOS version 1.60. I tried to upgrade to Version 1.90 with a USB-Floppy, but it wont accept the floppies. Theres no floppy access when i press a key after the bios update message.

Also booting from this USB floppy wont work. Is this a problem related to this specific USB floppy drive (it's a NEC)? Are there any other procedures to update the BIOS?


Answer:BIOS Update on a Portege 3490

Hello Thomas

I am not sure but I assume that your unit has no USB legacy support and, as far as I know, you can do it using original Toshiba FDD. Check please your BIOS settings.

I am pretty sure that you will not be able to make BIOS update using your FDD.


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Hi All!

I would like to update the bios of my Portege R100, i've downloaded this trought this site:

unzipped and started install2.exe but i receaved this error:

"*[Error] BIOS Upgrade is failure. BIOS is not able upgraded on this configuration*"

Windows xp sp2
No external installed devices

Someone can help me?


Answer:Bios update Portege R100


You can download another version of the same bios-update here : PR10U

This file contains more information about performing the update, see the readme-file
you can either do a direct update within XP or make a bootable diskette or a bootable CD

If the "direct update" within XP won't work, you will need at least an USB-fdd-drive, most of them are recognized easily by the bios ( hold F12 during start-up and choose fdd )

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I recently bought a Portege R700 19M and I have downloaded the latest version of the BIOS available in the Toshiba support page and when I run the .exe file, it doesn't work with this message: "The computer is not supported"
And, when I have a look in the HWSetup Toshiba tool, it doesn't display the BIOS version but some weird character (not usual letters) so I can't know which version is installed.
thank you for your help

Answer:Portege R700 - Can't update the BIOS

Hi buddy,

Do you update the BIOS on preinstalled Windows version from Toshiba?
Are you logged in as Administrator when you try the update?

To be honest I doubt it?s a problem of released BIOS update because I found other threads where users report that BIOS update was successful.

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what is the BIOS EC?

in my BIOS it states BIOS version of 2.10 and EC version 1.40

on toshiba website latest revision is BIOS v2.10 and EC 1.50 as same flash update download. but as the BIOS is already upto date i want to know if trying to flash for the EC from 1.40 to 1.50 would be worth it?



n.b. presume the latest R700 BIOS is v2.10 as stated on the website? is there anywhere else i can check?

Answer:Portege R700 - BIOS EC update from 1.40 to 1.50

I believe the EC is an important function so I would update the EC to ensure the notebook is running optimally.

I don't know what was changed but you can usually find this information on the Toshiba America website in the support/downloads section/

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Hi I was wondering can this machine update it's BIOS without the use of an external FDD........I do not have one......buying one is more costly than a USB FDD..........Or is there a way to flash the bios with a use of an application executed in windows ?

Appreciate to those who can help ............

Answer:Bios update on Portege 3110Ct


Check this

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Hi there - Can anyone recommend a authorised repair centre for my T400?  I live in South West London so hopefully somewhere in that area.  The laptop crashed during a BIOS upgrade and there is no hope other than to take it in for a motherboard swapout I guess.  I am covered under warranty ... luckily.ThanksL

Answer:T400 BIOS upgrade failed - authorised repair centre?

08705-500-900 call this number during normal business hour and request warranty support for your machine.

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Hello All

I'm Having Problems Setting Up The Intel Pro Wireless 2100 3b Mini Pci Lan Device On A Toshiba Portege M100 Lap Top. Windows 2000 Is Attempting To Load The Required Drivers From The Toshiba Supplied Driver Disc But For Some Reason Says That The Drivers Are Not Suitable. I Have Tried New Dowloads Of The Latest Drivers But Get The Same Message. The Laptop Was Originally Loaded With Windows Xp And This Device Was Then Working O.k.
Unfortunatly I Need To Continue Using Windows 2000 Inline With Company Policy.

Anyone With Any Sugestions Please!

Answer:Intel Pro Wireless 2100 3b Mini Pci Won't Setup On A Toshiba Portege M100

me to


Hello All

I'm Having Problems Setting Up The Intel Pro Wireless 2100 3b Mini Pci Lan Device On A Toshiba Portege M100 Lap Top. Windows 2000 Is Attempting To Load The Required Drivers From The Toshiba Supplied Driver Disc But For Some Reason Says That The Drivers Are Not Suitable. I Have Tried New Dowloads Of The Latest Drivers But Get The Same Message. The Laptop Was Originally Loaded With Windows Xp And This Device Was Then Working O.k.
Unfortunatly I Need To Continue Using Windows 2000 Inline With Company Policy.

Anyone With Any Sugestions Please!Click to expand...

I have the same problem did you already solved it ??

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Hello All

I'm Having Problems Setting Up The Intel Pro Wireless 2100 3b Mini Pci Lan Device On A Toshiba Portege M100 Lap Top. Windows 2000 Is Attempting To Load The Required Drivers From The Toshiba Supplied Driver Disc But For Some Reason Says That The Drivers Are Not Suitable. I Have Tried New Dowloads Of The Latest Drivers But Get The Same Message. The Laptop Was Originally Loaded With Windows Xp And This Device Was Then Working O.k.
Unfortunatly I Need To Continue Using Windows 2000 Inline With Company Policy.

Anyone With Any Sugestions Please!

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Just got my Z830 Portege and am folloing the Toshiba update recommendations. The Bios update to v1.7 fails though with a 'computer not supported' message...

Any ideas? Thx, urhs

Answer:Portege Z830 - BIOS update fails

I cannot say anything about this issue but if your notebook works well don?t change anything.
Out of curiosity but do you use original preinstalled OS that you got with your Portege?

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Good morning.

Can someone tell me where can i find the changelog for BIOS update 4.50-WIN(ECB1.40)?
Thank you.

Answer:Portege R30-A Bios Update change log (4.50-WIN (ECB1.40)

Toshiba EU BIOS page does not provide any change log details.
But on Toshiba US driver page you can check such information.

The BIOS version seems to be the same:
Visit this page and click on BIOS (left column)

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Dear all i i', trying to update Bios from 2.6 to 3.0 but the software update gives the error:this computer is not supported" Strange because i download the software from toshiba.

Can someone help


Answer:Portege R830-10R - Bios Update problems


Did you unzip the BIOS package correctly?
Did you install the VAP for Win 7?

The VAP is needed and I noticed that BIOS update issue can appear if something is wrong with the installed VAP. Maybe you should update/reinstall the VAP.

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Is somebody out there have the proper procedure to update the bios of a Portege 7200CT without the docking station.

Toshiba has posted a procedure in its bulletin but it does not explain how to do the update without the docking station. As everybody knows that the Portege 7200CT has its floppy drive on the docking station and if we follow the Toshiba updating procedure we have to undock the laptop, so how can we proceed with the update if the update software calls for a floppy drive that is on default to drive A:

Hope somebody out there have something to share!!!

Answer:Bios Update Procedure for Portege 7200CT


I looked on Toshiba site and there is no BIOS update for your notebook. Do you have some problems with your Portege?

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HI, I have Portege M700 - 116 with Vista Ultimate SP1. And I download a fresh BIOS (P005Bv160.exe) from [] version 1.60-WIN date 10/10/08. When I try to install it I have an error window said:

Unsupported product type is installed.
BIOS Package BIOS version: Ver.1.60
Current BIOS version: Ver.1.50

So my question is... WHATS WRONG?? What a product type? This BIOS update is OS independent and language independent (world wide), so i think many people with M700 will have the same problem. Is it some problems with previous version of BIOS? which I downloaded from the same site month ago. I dont understand, the BIOS installer for Windows was made to make the process easy, but it does not even work...

Answer:Portege M700 - 116 BIOS Update Error


I see you are using the Vista Ultimate.
I doubt this is an original preinstalled Vista version.

The error message: Unsupported product type is installed says that the product (software OS) which is preinstalled is not supported by BIOS. I think the error is related to the preinstalled Vista Ultimate. Possibly the BIOS cannot be updated running Vista Ultimate.

SO it would be very interesting to know if you can update the BIOS running Toshiba preinstalled OS.
Should check this!

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Greetings all,

Portege R830-138 Current BIOS 3.7

I am unable to update the BIOS to either 3.8 or the latest 3.9 version. Error: This Computer Is Not Supported.

VAP is installed and modules are working. A previous forum post suggested that it may be related to the recent Intel Management Interface firmware update which I had applied and am unable to uninstall or rollback.

Any suggestions?


Answer:Portege R830 - BIOS 3.9 Update Error


A friend of mine has updated the BIOS from 3.7 to 3.9 without any big problems.
It could be possible that you cannot update the BIOS because of the missing or disabled TVALZ services.

Go to Control panel -> Administrative Tools icon and click services.

Here you can check if the TVALZ service is available ? if its available, enable it and then try to update the BIOS.

If this will not work, you will need to recover the notebook using Recovery HDD or Recovery disk? The BIOS update should functions using the Toshiba factory settings

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Good day, I have two questions about Portege 3410.

The first one: I cannot update BIOS (there is 1.50 in use, I want to update to 1.60). The instruction does not work: I connect Teac USB-drive on USB-port, switch USB-FDD emulation to Enable, switch notebook On with F12 pressed, the message "Ready to update BIOS..." appears, I presed key, but nothing happend. What's wrong?

The second one: I cannot install Windows XP on to notebook (it does not boot neither FDD-USB, nor External DVD-USB).
How can I install Windows?

Thank you.

Answer:Portege 3410 - How to update BIOS and install XP?


Just one question: Why do you want to update the BIOS? Is it really necessary?
I ask this because this update is always a little bit risky and you could damage the ROM module.
Anyway, have you tried to load default settings in BIOS before you start the update and install XP?

You can install XP without CD. Therefore you must copy the i386 folder on the HDD from another computer and some booting files for HDD? I think you should search a little bit with Google to find workaround for this. You should find enough! ;)

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