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Back to factory settings on my Portege M200

Question: Back to factory settings on my Portege M200

Hi there!
Can anyone help me to set my Portege m 200 back to factory settings without using the recovery CD/DVD. My problem is that the m200 only have an extern CD/DVD device.

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Preferred Solution: Back to factory settings on my Portege M200

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Back to factory settings on my Portege M200


without using the recovery CD you can only do the Windows System restore or you use a full Win XP install CD and use the recovery console to repair the sytem!


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Ok I bought a second hand Toshiba Portege r830- 138 a year ago and it didn't come with a recovery disk..
Since my laptop is beginning to run slow I've been trying to reformat/reset back to factory settings..
[I've tried the hold down (0) key button and press the power button once at the same time and wait for the beep and then release the (0) key.. But it doesn't seem to work it just brings me right to the log in screen..
Then I've tried the press (F8 button) fast but it just brings me to Advance Boot Options... Which is useless cuz it doesn't bring me to the reset to factory settings..
So please tell me how I can reset to factory settings without a recovery disk because my brother totally did it back then without any disks I just forgot to ask him how to do it.. And now I've lost contact of him so I can't ask him..

Thanks in Advance ✌

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On the Portege M200 tablet PC bought by me recently the problem is that at a resolution of 1024x768 the display on the screen is not very crisp and clear where as it is ok at the peak resolution of 1400x1050.
It is very difficult to work at peak resolution for long hours as the size and readibility of text is too tiny on a 12 inch screen. Is there a way to get around this problem by getting clear and crisp display at resolution of 1027x768 or any other.


Answer:Portege M200 : Hazy display on 1024 x 768 display settings

Hi Puneet

To give you a short answer: no.

The background for this lies in the way a TFT is built.
You have the number of fixed pixels in the TFT that corresponds to the best resolution of the screen. If you want to have a lower resolution then the screen and videocard have to figure out how to show a picture that is smaller (less resolution f.ex. 1024x768) on a bigger screen (higher resolution f.ex. 1400x1050).
The way the video does it is that it will double or tripple (or whatever is needed) a piece of data that normally is shown only on 1 pixel.
Means that it 'stretches' the picture over the screen.
The result is that either the picture is crisp but looks like a 'staircase' or 'mosaic' (like when you zoom in on a digital photo too much) or as of now the videochips does some tricky mathematics to smooth the picture but then it gets like you say - hazy.
If we could disable the stretch function, then you would have a square in the middle looking crisp but still very small (in fact the same small icons as in 1400x1050) and with black borders around it.

The only way to go lower in resolution and still have a crisp picture is to use an external monitor (either CRT or a 1024x768 TFT if that is the resolution you need).
The CRT can handle the stretch in a much better way because it does not have the fixed pixels exactly the same way the TFT do.

Sorry for the long speech! :)



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Hi, I've been given a second hand Toshiba Portege for my studies by a family friend. She hasn't kept any discs or anything helpful, just the laptop and the power cable. The laptop runs really slow and has no antivirus sotware so I'd like to restore the factory settings. I've tried deleting files and programmes but it's not helping. Does anyone know how to restore the factory settings? I don't think there is anything on there that I want to keep, I can't use it at the moment and I haven't paid for it, so I wont be any further back if it doesn't work. I've done it before on an Acer laptop and thought that you just press F11 on start up? That hasn't done anything so far?Once I've reset the laptop, I'll put on AVG. OS is XP.

Answer:Restoring factory settings on Toshiba Portege

Give us the model number of your Toshiba Portege. Have you tried tapping F8 on startup to bring up the advanced startup menu? It might give you a "Repair Your Computer" option. If it does, then the restore to factory settings option is usually in there. But give us the model number anyway, to be sure.

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Hi ive just reformated my laptop "TOSHIBA Qosmio F20"then i done all the "windows updates" now when i try to burn music onto a CD its not burning my discs are "varbatim" and they worked before the format

Answer:Back To Factory Settings

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Heres the story:I have a compaq presario notebook CQ40 310 AU, AMD turion x2 bla bla bla that comes with windows vista starter pack.Then my windows update started to fail and I cant seem to install an update, even though I have more than enough space on my drive C and then lately I am being pestered with errors about dll being not found whenever I open the windows explorer or any other folders. The built in webcam also does not work and will instantly send an error about dll again when opened.So, Ive restored my pc to its factory settings using the blue recovery dvd, windows vista starterand now tha dll errors are gone and my drivers are gone with it  now everything is in a state of a mess!!Ive tried going here to install some drivers still, something is missing, I should have had a backup.the scroll part of my touchpad does not work, my drive D is not listedNow I have not yet restarted after installing the drivers. I Think that I could deal with this tommorow, its kinda late here. I just wanna know If I messed up big time or if it is possible to fix these problems.any suggestions? solutions? .. any help would do.

Answer:Back to Factory Settings

Use the Driver CD that shipped with the machine.

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I wish to put my PC back to factory settings. I keep office outlook 2003 opening mail I keep getting messages "Outlook Not Responding" & Internet 10 tells me it has stop working I click on cancel & it keeps working

Answer:I wish to put my PC back to factory settings

Hey there Spr
What sort of PC have you got?

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i have a compaq PC (windows vise) and i need to put it back to when i first got it. i have system restoration kit cds but i put the first cd in and restart my computer then it pops up boot hard disk or CD rom.

Answer:help, get back to factory settings.

When it gives you that option to boot from hard drive or CD Rom, select CD Rom and go from there.

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I recently set my computer back to factory settings....The reason is involved, but the end result is what I need help with. I have a file on my desktop with all apps removed after going back to factory settings. It is an external drive with bigfish games.. Does anyone know how to reinstall the lost apps with the games back to my computer.When I launch the game the message is bigfish manager no responding. I have tried reinstalling game manager and I get the same message..I got a message at one time asking me which app do I want to use. I tried internet explorer and nothing happened...I did get a message asking me which one I wanted to use and did I want to use it for every bigfish item.I can't get that message back..I know this is very specific to my problem but I'm at a loss. I am afraid of making matters worse. HELP please..

Answer:back to factory settings

Have you tried going back to the official site and re-downloading the games you have paid for? Games for PC, Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac & Online | Big Fish

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Hi there all, as from my discussion on a previous thread to to some "kaspersky incident" i need to set my dell desktop back to factory settings, i have already backed up all i need to my external drive, and i've pressed Ctrl and f11, and then i come to the screen....and it gives me the 2 options, restore or reboot, the cursor seems to already be on reboot, and when i try and move it up to restore it wont move..i've had to then click reboot about 5 or 6 times, abd the same thing keeps just wont move to restore. Is there anything i'm doing wrong please??

Answer:Set PC back to factory settings

How are you trying to move the curser?

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I purchased a used computer and it still has former user's account on it and I can not set up my own account. I am having to use the guest account. How do I delete the former user account without his or her password.

Answer:how to get back to factory settings

do a clean install of the operation system

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I have been having problems with my computer recently. I had a malware infection (or thats what the guy at the shop told me) so i paid to get it cleaned. I was told he'd remove all infections etc on comp, but its never been the same since.

It runs very slowly, it no longer recognises my external hard drive (an e-book i think its called) and when i google a search if i click on a search result it takes me somewhere else completely not the link it showed. Also a second window opens up with advertising and that never used to happen before.

I went into pc world for advice and they said the best option would be to reset my comp back to factory settings and this should wipe out any viruses etc that are lurking on my comp. I do use CCleaner a malware checker and an anti spyware programme all which i got off MajorGeeks after my initial infection and they have got rid of some things but still i have the list above which has not been fixed.

I have an Intel pentium 4 E-System PC, i have had it about 5 yrs
It runs microsoft windows xp, home edition, version 2002, service pk 3.
CPU 2.93GHz, 960MB RAM. And did not that i can remember come with a disc for rebooting purposes.

I dont know how to set it back to factory settings i thought there would be an option in My Computer or something, i'm not very experienced with doing this kind of thing. I have backed up all my files and photos etc so should not lose any important data that i have put on.

I would a... Read more

Answer:How do i set my pc back to factory settings?

You could press F1 or F11 on boot and reset back to factory settings following the simple instructions, but me personally would click on this link and follow all the instructions completely, not missing anything out, if you have any problems don't be afraid to ask, in the malware forum, and then repost into the malware forum with the required logs, and then be patient and our malware fighters will have you back up and running as good as new, because i think that your man who has supposed to have cleared it of all viruses and malware obviously hasn't done the job properly !

Good Luck Rusty !

P.S when posting into the malware forum explain everything you where doing when it all went wrong, and tell them your OS ie: whether XP Vista Win7 !

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Could not get grand daughters Laptop acer desire 5334 to work or do a factory restore so downloaded W/7 Sp1 from the Internet and ran that on her computer.
But no luck it was the Hard drive that needed renewing.So new hard drive installed with W/7 Sp1 downloaded from the internet
Just put her old hard drive on to a caddy and there are 2 different drives showing on it.
E-Drive. system reserved 72Mb free of 101 Mb when opened it says Boot Folder
F-Drive. 196 Gb free of 284Gb
When I installed W/7SP1 on her old hard drive I would have thought that it would have removed the Factory settings,But maybe not.
Now is it possible that it has saved the Factory restore settings and if so would I be able to put it back in her Laptop.If so How.

Answer:Back to Factory settings I believe

I am not sure why you should think that installing Win 7 would remove the Factory Restore partition unless of course you formatted the partition at the same time. They are completely separate partitions.You could if you wanted set up yet another partition and then install another OS,as I have just done with a friends Vista laptop. He can now choose either Vista or Windows 7 at the boot screen.
You ask the question could you put te factory settings on your granddaughter's laptop? I am unsure as to why you would want to do that? Is there something tree that you feel your granddaughter is missing from her current installation as opposed to her previous one. I sure you can download any utility that she might have found useful from the Acer website.
Or am I missing something here?

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Hello. I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FW351J and I am planning on selling it. So I want to restore the laptop back to factory settings for the buyer. How would I go about doing this?Thanks

Answer:Back to Factory Settings Help

"How would I go about doing this?"Go here click here choose your model, download the User Manual and read the relevant section.

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how do i revert to factory settings on my E-ystem 4213, i want it back to when i bought it, cant find anything online, hope you can help

Answer:factory settings back please..

In your BIOS

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I replaced windows 10 back to 8, but the screen just says "pleasewait" I hve tried many times but just get the same message, tried pressing F8 repeatedly but still nothing happens.


how long did you wait?

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It is a samsung r530I want to put it back to the factory settings, has I have removed everything I need from it and want to let someone else have the use of it.

Answer:Set my laptop back to factory settings

If you've removed all your confidential files, sell it "as is" and let the buyer do the factory recovery themselves if they so wish. That's the usual practice when selling a PC. As long as it loads Windows and works properly, you've met all your obligations as the seller.

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Have laptop given to me, need to clear previous owners info and put it back to manufactory settings so I can make it mine. I have the disks. Its a Toshiba M305D-4830.

Answer:Need to set computer back to factory settings

It would be best to read and follow the owners manual.There are basically three ways they do it. One is to simply boot to the cd/dvd and follow instructions. Another is to use the cd/dvd to access some hard drive area to return, again follow instruction.In some cases you have to boot and press a F key to recover.Once you get it returned, go straight to MS updates. Then get a good protection suite like Security Essentials or a commercial like Mcaffee or other. 1/3 of highway deaths are caused by drunks. The rest are by people who can't drive any better than a drunk.

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I have just purchased a new pc and want to sell my old one, it is a Packard bell pc imedia S3210 running wind 7 home premium. I don't want anyone to be able to get my info/passwords etc so need to restore it back to factory settings. my question is this.
if I do this re store who ever purchases it will they be able to use it , I assume they will have to install IE, FF etc to be able to use it

Answer:restoring pc back to factory settings

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I have just reset my laptop to factory settings. I thought that I had my photos backed up on my external hard drive but I was to stupid to check. I own a Sony Vaio laptop with 500bg memory. I have just installed iTunes and and Windows 10. Is there any hope of getting my photos back. If yes what would be the best way to get these back. Please help it would be much appreciated.

Answer:factory settings can I get photos back help

Recuva should help, Piriform.

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HiThis is my first post and therefore i hope you can help? I need to get recovery CD's for my yoga 11s to put it back to factory settings? How can i achieve this? Please can anyone help?Thanks


Go to Solution.

Answer:Yoga 11s - put back to factory settings

Good day and welcome to the community.
If you haven't made any changes to your machine's disk partition structure, you should be able to restore to factory state using the One Key Recovery system. Make sure to back up any important files first, then press the 'novo' button. See manual page 25 of the Yoga 11s User Guide: for details.
If you have modified the partition structure, you'll need to contact Service to inquire about Recovery Media. There may be an associated cost. Phone #s are below.
Country or RegionProductLanguageTelephone numberHours of operation

United Kingdom
THINK-branded products
08705-500-900(Standard warranty support)
9 AM - 6 PM Monday - Friday
IDEA-branded andB, C, E, G, H, K, N, Q, V, Y Series Products
0844-249-1112 (5 pm from BT landlines)
9AM - 6PM Monday - Friday

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I'm sure there is help here for this, but can't seem to find the right post. I want to set my PC Dell Inspiron 560 Windows 7, back to the factory settings as I just bought a new one and I'm selling this one.
I have the CDs to do this, but when it comes on the screen, there is so much "jumble" on the screen, and I have no clue what it means, or what to do. I hit f12, when the Dell logo appears. Is there an easier way to do this, or can someone explain what I do, I am totally clueless on this. Someone else told me to hit F8, lol, so as I said Im confused on this, thanks for any help. Also is there an easier way to do it, without using the CD's?

Answer:Setting back to factory Settings

? Save all your important files.

? Unplug all the devices and drivers from your CPU (except the keyboard and the mouse), including your printer, camera and memory stick.

? Shut off the computer and then turn it on, or simply restart it.

? As soon as you see the Dell logo at the start keep on hitting the F8 key repeatedly. Do not stop until you see the screen that says "Repair your computer." There will be other options too but chose this option and hit Enter.

? Next you will see a prompt window giving you options to select the keyboard layout select from the drop-down menu "US" and click "OK."

? On the next screen you will be asked to select the user ID and the password of your Windows account. Select your user account, but make sure your user account has administrative functions. Type in your password. If you don't have a password, leave it blank and click "OK."

? Now you will come to a window with multiple options. Choose the one at the bottom that reads, "Dell Factory Image Restore." By clicking "Dell Factory Image Restore" , it will generate an operation that will take about 45 minutes to complete.

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hello i need help with this problem.firstly i have got an e machine 220 pc and it came with windows xp already installed on it, now is there any way i can completely wipe the pc so it goes back to how exactly it was when i first turned it on?i have lots of rubbish on it now including some problems such as surfsidekick and network monitor which i cannot get rid of and i am somewhat computer illiterate, i have tried many ways of removing these problems but now believe a complete restart could be the best thing for it please help. thanks.

Answer:setting a pc back to factory settings?

Do you have a Windows or Recovery CD?

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I have Spyware on my PC and am not sure how to get rid of it.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 10:46:00 PM, on 11/19/2011
Platform: Windows 7 (WinNT 6.00.3504)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.7600.16869)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast5\AvastUI.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\mbamgui.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Game Booster\gbtray.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL =
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page =
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search,SearchAssistant =
R0 - HKLM\Softw... Read more

Answer:How to revert PC back to factory settings?

Not patient.

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Hi there from Sth Oz ! Problems with OutEx on my ACER PC require reset to "Fact". Recy disc 1 in , rec'd 3 warnings-- hit OK ! Receive a message from Symantec Ghost 7.0 "Error- Single user version cannot do multiple loads" hit "o" - another message "invalid dump file -- if problem persists contact Symantec Support Centre " -- hit "o" and up comes straight away -- " the rebuild has finished. Your system has been rebuilt to its factory shipped state etc " Nothing has happened and the problem remains -- have repeated this process half a doz times -- no joy. I have no programmes at all concerning Symantec or Norton. Have Googled forums all over the place as I am determined to succeed. Symantec "help" has been no help -- even had my very first "chat" session with a Symantec "analyst" in India who was "very sorry" he could not assist me.Their Web page about the vagaries of Ghost is very confusing!! I had never heard of it b4. I was advised by a mate my problem may stem from our Toshiba laptop I have wirelessly connected to my PC which came with a free 90 day trial of Norton AV but it has long expired and I can not see any evidence of any reference to it , remaining on my laptop. I was , and still am happy with my Trend Micro PC AV.So I have come back to "PC Advisor" to pen my query and frustration, where I have received great advice in the past !! A search of PC Adv. archives FAQ revealed "no results" for "Ghost"My thanks in anticipation Redlegs(sorry to be so "longwinded")

Answer:Setting PC back to Factory Settings

click hereseems to me you still have remnants of Norton's products on your PC the link may help...

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i had a problem with my mcafee it would not let my code in. i contacted mcafee and they said there was something stopping it   they wanted £199.99 to fix it when i said no they told me to delete my back up and go for factory settings but it will not let me do this    can u help me    thank you

Answer:i am trying to put my laptop back to factory settings but it...

please help me

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Recently i started having trouble with my computer after downloading a program for a college class. I have been looking into ways to clean my PC since removing it. One way i keep coming across is that you should restore the computer every year. My main question is if i use F10 while the computer is booting and use the restore to factory setting option will i lose Windows and all programs. or will my computer keep the programs it came with when i turned it on for the very first time, if that is the case i wouldn't mind because i really just use my computer for games and do not have anything major saved to it.

Answer:restarting back to factory settings

The system recovery partition will set back your computer all programs installed from the day you acquired which is equivalent to OEM recovery discs. All data and programs installed there after will be deleted. There are some laptops that have a back-up option before proceeding to the factory install.

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So I was all over this thread

Unable to use built-in ASUS recovery partition

trying to reformat my computer. I tried the different tecniques and for what ever reson, I now can't boot into windows or begin the install of the factory image (window with spinning dots and then says unknown error).

What I have access to:
windows explore (thanks to SIW2 program)
Image file on USB
cmd prompt

What I don't have is:
and also getting this msg "the subsystem needed to support the image type is not present" when I try to get my windows key

I'll be satisfied to reboot into my old windows or to actually return my computer to factory settings.

Any help, as my head has been spinning over this for the last few days

Answer:Trying to get Asus win 8.1 back to factory settings

using from a command prompt -

select disk 0
list volume
list partition

need to see what is on your disk.. I assume you tried to apply install.wim from the recovery partition?
if siw2 does not allow you internet or snipping - my tools iso does (link in sig below)

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Hi, I was wondering if I installed a Windows 8 Software and have Windows 7, if by resetting it to Factory Setting will go back to Windows 7. Also, I mean for sure!!

Answer:Restore Back To Factory Settings

Welcome to the forum,

Here's a for sure way,

VMware Player - Install Windows 8

You don't mess up your win 7 and no restore just delete the virtual 8 machine.

VMware installs just like any other program, then just follow the tutorial.

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HiHoping someone can offer some advice. We would like to upgrade our OS from Vista to Windows 7 but before doing so I would dearly like to clean to pc of all the c**p it had accumalted over the past 4 years. I have numerous issues with Vista and want rid and would like to take the opportunity to take the pc back to basics and start again.We have an external hard drive so backing up all essential data should be no problem. I just wanted peoples opinion on how easy it is to do, is it worth doing. I used to know someone who regularly cleared his pc of all junk and started again.Any help, tips, step by step guides would be appreciated. I am a bit of a clean and tidy freak and it appeals to me to rid the pc of all rubbish before upgrading to Windows 7. ThanksP.S I am a fairly competent pc user so with some guidelines should be ok. We are light users of the pc so its just photos, word/excel documents. backups of emails in Outlook etc.

Answer:Rebooting a pc back to factory settings

You should have created a Restore disc when you got the PC. To restore using the CD DVD you load the Disc and start PC tapping F11 as it starts this takes you to the Restore function. look out for F11 on the screen to press for Restore as it starts. F10 is for BIOS setup

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how do i get a E System back to factory settings

Answer:How do i get a E System back to Factory Settings?

click here

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I browsed the forums before deciding to ask my question and didn't find anything that fully addressed my problem.

My uncle installed Windows 7 onto my computer, creating a Windows.old file. It had Windows XP before, as the factory installed OS (no disc). I am now trying to revert back to Windows XP (why is not important). However, I am having some issues:

1) When I boot and select "Earlier Version of Windows" as the OS to start with, I am taken to a screen that requires I enter an admin password. The problem is that we do not have an admin password for Windows XP. As far as I know, one never existed. I was never prompted to enter one when starting the comp, and my husband is the one who set it up and he said he never had one.

2) When I attempt to do a factory settings restore through Windows 7 by pressing F8, I am asked to locate a system image. I don't know what that means really, except that it's a copy of the existing comp info and am not sure if the Windows.old folder is what I'm looking for. If so, that's another problem because it won't accept Windows.old.

3) I do not have any recovery points beyond, like, yesterday. Apparently my uncle set it so that older recovery points are deleted to make room for new ones. Awesome.

Answer:Need Help Reverting Back to XP/Factory Settings

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My parents just got their computer back from Staples and they had it reset back to factory settings. When they turn their computer on they called me because they said their screen is huge and it looks like it's off the page. Could this be because they need to reinstall their drivers or other things?

Thank you.

Answer:Computer set back to factory settings

Open Display Settings, and try adjusting the resolution to 'Recommended' or one that is suitable.

If you cannot change the resolution, open Device Manager and see if there are any flags for your display adapter - if so, give us the information, but it's most likely that the video drivers must be reinstalled.

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Hi All

I have recently bought a Qosmio F60. When I first started it up and the pre-loaded Windows 7 began to install, I clicked the option for 64 bit. A few days later, after installing a few other programs I noticed in Control Panel/System that windows was reporting as 32bit. (Yes I am sure I selected 64 bit). It is also reporting as 4gig ram withonly 2.98 useable.

Firstly can anyone explain why this might be?

I had not created a recovery disk because I planned to load the machine up with all the programs I would regularly use and THEN create the recovery disk and an image. However now that I see that windows apparently has loaded as 32 bit I want to go back to the start and reload the pre-installed windows as 64 bit. I really need to do this to fully utilise Adobe cs4 suite. And I am confused as to why only three quarters of my ram is useable.

I have backed up the (little) data I have created so far and the TOSAPINS folder and put this on a USB drive. What is the best way to restore it to how it was when I got it out of the box? It came with trial versions of Office 2007 and Nortons, preloaded.

If I go back to the Toshiba Default System Restore Point will it take me back to where I re-load Windows? Or is that restore point just after windows has been installed?

Thanks in advance


Answer:Qosmio F60 Trying to go back to factory settings


Can you please tell us which F60 (F60-xxx) do you have exactly.
It is really strange that you got it with 32bit because I know for sure that this machine is delivered with 64bit only.

To be honest there is no sense to install 32bit on such high end notebook with excellent hardware. Please try to install recovery image again using HDD recovery procedure. How to do this is described on

Please note:
When you want to create recovery DVD you will get recovery image on it so all applications you will install additionally will not be included in this recovery image.

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I need to restore my laptop back to factory settings. I do not have the original windows 7 discs and when i go to the restore options in setting it actually only gives me the option to reinstall windows. I created a recovery disc with windows on but when i tried the reinstall windows options it said the disc wasn't correct. Please can someone tell me the steps I need to take to reset my laptop back to factory settings

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I just spent 8 hours putting my laptop back to factory settings. I had a problem with the administrator and password and apparently that was my only choice. I downloaded all the Windows updates. I now have one update left and I get an error code 063 which indicates a registry problem. How could I possibly have a registry problem? Why doesn't windows give you a registry fix rather than all the other offers that seem to appear.

Answer:Put my laptop back to factory settings

Please follow the Windows Update Posting Instructions and post the requested data

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Hi i was just wondering if i could restore my pc back to factory settings without the red floppy that came with my pc i'm running win/98?Thanx in advance.

Answer:restoring back to factory settings!

Do you have a copy of Windows 98 or just a recovery CD?

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It is not possible to set my laptop back to factory settings. I start the procedure in Windows 10 "Back to factory settings", the system starts to do so and is busy for a while, but in the end the system says: "A problem occured during the process. No changes are made."

Please excuse me for my English but is is not my native language.


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I reset my computer completely... How do I get the factory settings back... I keep pressing okay, it resets, and then the same thing pops up... Please help... :'(

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If i restore my system back to factory settings will it delete this win.32delf.uc trojan? and i read something about sometimes viruses can survive if u dont partition your hard drive? if so how do you do that to make it so it wont re appear if i were to restore my system back to factory settings?

Answer:Will restoring back to factory settings help..

Welcome to Major Geeks!

In most case a factory reimage will remove the infection, but obviously this is not guaranteed since some infections can get into the master boot record or can even infect the BIOS.

How do you know you have this infection and what problems is it causing you? Odds are it could be fixed with out a reimage. Perhaps you should run our READ & RUN ME FIRST. Malware Removal Guide

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I spilled a little wine last night, close to my laptop (.. and no, I hadn't had that much.. tho I wish I had it may have made this all worth it!) , anyway, there was not much in the glass to spill and it didn't appear to have tuched the laptop. However, I must have been wrong because 5 minutes later the keyboard stopped working.. and though I still had mouse control it wasn't much use on its own so decided to power down.

Anyway, before I got a chance to do this the laptop let out a series of little beeps.. I quickly pulled the power and removed the battery, thinking then about the wine, and left it for 24 hours

I reconnected it all tonight and it appears to be back to factory settings.
Start menu is as it was when it arrived, my spybot, avg.. my documents, music, the lot.... all gone.

I went to the restore function and it only has the one for today! so no history whatsoever.. having said that the laptop appears to be working ok.. tho I will need to reload all the anti-this and that.. before I do anything and it is currently offline.. (I am on my old PC.. phew!! good to have a reserve!)

Now I have a backup which is about 6 weeks old, so I am not completely desperate, but there were some things like recent photos which cannot be replaced and I wondered if there is any hope of getting anything back.

I doubt it.. but I'd kick myself if I never asked.

Answer:Lost it all.. back to factory settings..

I would think it's pretty unlikely, but the best search tool available that I know of is Everything. Just the file extension (.jpg or whatever) should be sufficient a search term.

If that doesn't produce anything wait for other suggestions, as there are other tools you could try.

Thanks for the wine tip btw, no more messing about with recovery disks

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 Bought a SL 510, 6 months back. I gave it to my dad who is in India. Lately sometimes the laptop resets to factory settings when he powers on the laptop. This happened for the 3rd time today. He says that the OS reinstalled automatically but I think he is confusing the restore to factory settings and its not OS reinstall. I'm not sure if I he is unintentionally triggering the restore factory settings. All he can say is sometimes he notices the first time he pressed power button, it doesnt boot up, so he presses the button again. Not sure if a crash triggers a restore factory settings. Can anyone suggest me what is happening here? Is there a button to restore factory settings in SL 510? Or is a system crash causing to resore factory settings? ThanksRaghav

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my computer shut down and startup repair started...but it is only a black screen. can i go back to factory settings without logging on?

Answer:bring back factory settings

In theory yes...But it depends on make/model how you do it...; so post make/model details and folks can/will advise...Also - be very aware that when you do a factory reset it will erase "all" your personal files etc... So if there is anything you would like to save - first... - post back for a "how you can do it..."Also what exactly where you doing when it went wrong?And can you boot even now into safe-mode - press F8 as the system boots up?

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I've bought a M200 with a 1,5GHz Pentium M CPU.

Now I wanna put the fastest CPU in it. Which is the fastest CPU you can put in? Is it the Pentium M745, Pentium M745a or the Pentium M750?
Sorry for my Wnglish, I came from Latvia.

Answer:Portege M200 - What CPU can I use?


I don?t know which CPU you can use in the Portege M200 because the CPU upgrade is not supported from Toshiba.
Here you can read about this:


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Hi all. According to the M200 specs, the Geforce go5200 should be running on an 8x AGP bus, but on mine it's only registering as 4x.. Any ideas?

Answer:Portege M200: 8x AGP bus??


Sorry not ideas but just want to ask you why is this so important for you?

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Hi all - looking for some help please. The HDD in my G575 laptop has failed - think the laptop ran out of battery during a Microsoft update, so that might be the issue. I want to take the laptop back to factory settings. I don't have restore disks created - but I do have a loan of my friends laptop which is identical, so I can burn disks from that. However - I am not sure how to do it. What steps do I need to take? Can anyone guide me please? Thanks. 


Go to Solution.

Answer:Need to restore my laptop back to factory settings

Hi mickyd67 and welcome to the community,
Here's a guide with a link to a video.

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I need to know how to reset a gateway ML3109 back to factory settings with no disk and that is all i need to know! I have no other questions or need no other information, thanks!

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Hello all, About 3 years ago I bought my HP Envy 17 laptop at Vandenborre, a legit retail chain in Belgium. It had Windows 8 pre-installed. Over the years I upgraded to Windows 8.1 and later to Windows 10. It worked like a charm, up until last week. I had a lot of problems, so decided to go for a reset to factory settings. I went through all the correct steps in order to do this. Now I am back with Windows 8, but it is a non-activated version. I would like to be able to activate it again, but it says my product key is not valid. I contacted Microsoft. They said my product key was blocked for whatever reason. They advised me to contact HP to get a new Windows 8 Core OEM key. Could you guys help me out here?  Thanks a lot in advance.

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hey i'm a new one so i have a little problem, i restored my computer back to factory settings on an hp pavillion a1101n running xp. the problem is that every time i restart my computer it has a process logger that pops up and a block tracker and then it goes right into the "one time setup" that i have already been through after waiting 16 and a half hours to complete. i'm wondering why it is doing this and is there any way to fix it?

Answer:restored back to factory settings and having problems

I have a hp a1100y the only thing you can do is purchase de disks from hp for you computer at, they will ask for the productor number and the model , it cost like 16 dlls plus shiping,i like the F10.because it restored back my computer fresh from the factory, i think i erase some fiiles and my computer wont fix too, i am in your shoes. i havent order them, the serial is in the sticker on the side of the pc cabinet box

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I wiped a Dell computer and reinstalled all the software - the original operating systems was ME and i decided to reinstall that rather than upgrade.Every thing went well and the computer worked wonderfully - I was oh so pleased.I then passed it on to my daughter and connected it to the internet and carried out all the security and programme updates required for ME.Bugger me the dammed thing now closes down everytime I switch it on. I do not get any warning messages at all just a black screen but the operational light is actually still on and the only way I can get the system to do anything is switch it off at the plug and then it reboots and closes down again.Short of starting all over again and reinstalling everything I have no idea what to do. Can anyone help please .

Answer:Dell Computer - back to factory settings

It may be a loose internal connection and nothing to do with the software reinstall. Try gently wiggling and re-seating all IDE connectors and removing and re-seating the RAM modules. Worth a try before takling any more drastic action.

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I just bought the net book and it is in Spanish how do I get it back to english. I can't figure out how to fix it please help me

Answer:how do i get my acer aspire one back to factory settings

If the origin of the netbook is Spain then even factory restore won't help. I would return it.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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I have a HP Pavilion DV1000 laptop which I haven't used for a while. I wanted to take it on holiday as it's not a problem if it gets stolen. It's incredibly slow so wanted to reset it to factory settings. Could someone help please?I have the folowing cd's if that helps:HP Quickplay (application restore CDHP Image zone plusApplication and driver recovery DVDOperating system CD (XP home SP2)Thanks

Answer:HP DV1000 laptop back to factory settings - help

I think you just keep tapping F10 or f11 as the computer starts.

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Hi all

I have a Dell Dimension PC 2400, it runs Windows XP SP3. However just recently it has been very slow.

However my internal DVD Drive hasn't worked for quite a while so I went out and brought an external DVD Drive and have been using that instead.

I have just gone to restore it but I can't because it doesn't recognize the drive as you turn the PC on it's like it's disabled.

With a normal PC obviosuly the Drive would kick in as soon as you turn the PC on.

i tried doing it when windows is on but it just says the version on the hard drive is newer than the version I'm trying to install.

Any help would be grateful.


Answer:Restoring my Dell PC back to Factory Settings

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Error code:0xe0f00013
I have a HP Pavilion laptop (windows 7 Ultimate 64bit system with a 2.3gb AMD Turion 11 Dual-Core with 8gb Ram.
I bought it about two years ago for my daughter. When I bought it I burned DVD's for the Recovery Disks. I have never used them UNTIL now.She was getting a message that it was NOT a Genuine copy,but it is.I figured that if I restored the laptop with the original DVD's that it would fix the problem.
I loaded the recovery Disks On the last Disk it gave me this:Recovery Manager could not restore your computer using the factory image-Please contact HP support,Error Code:0xe0f00013.I tried restarting laptop and it said BOOTMGR is missing .Press ctrl+ALT+DEL to restart. I called HP and ordered the operating system.When it arrived I loaded the DVD's BUT on the last Disk it gave me the same ERROR. Could someone from this wonderful site help me out. Maybe someone else has this same problem.(I did search this site for similar problems but did not come up with anything.)

Answer:Windows 7 will not reinstall back to factory settings

Is this Recovery disk to reinstall windows from scratch, or is it a custom made disk, if so, do you have any option to format and start from scratch?

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need help resetting my computer back to factory settings. i saw it once but cant seem to find it again

View Solution.

Answer:how do i reset my computer back to factory settings?

Hi, You can find a good description of the Recovery options for Desktop PCs on the relevant link below. Recovery Options ? Windows 8 Recovery Options - Windows 7. Recovery Options - Windows Vista. Recovery Options - Windows XP. Regards, DP-K

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I own an HP Pavilion g7 laptop with W7 Home Premium x64 and I need to factory reset it. How do I do so?

-Thanks Andrew

Answer:How do I reset my Laptop back to factory settings?

The Maintenance & Service Guide has this:

Restoring using the dedicated recovery partition (select models only)

When using the dedicated recovery partition, there is an option to back up pictures, music and other
audio, videos and movies, recorded TV shows, documents, spreadsheets and presentations, e-mails,
Internet favorites and settings during this process.

To restore the computer from the recovery partition, follow these steps:

1. Access Recovery Manager in either of the following ways:
● Select Start > All Programs > Recovery Manager > Recovery Manager.
? or ?
● Turn on or restart the computer, and then press esc while the ?Press the ESC key for Startup
Menu? message is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Then, press f11 while the ?F11
(System Recovery)? message is displayed on the screen.

2. Click System Recovery in the Recovery Manager window.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

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Ok, so I bought this stupid laptop from someone on craigslist and there is a microsoft account password on it. Well I've been using the Guest account for the longest time cause I couldnt get the password off. I have tried contacting them numerous times about it telling them how important it is that it be taken off of there because it's interfering with my school work. It won't even let me download a simple document without that password. I just started school June 27th and I'm already failing because of it. It's really irritating and really starting to piss me off. So I bought Microsoft Windows 8.1 All Versions 32/64 bit Recovery DVD and I cant figure it out for the life of me or if I just got screwed over. Because it looks like a copied disc or it could be something completely different. Well I went to the file manager to open it and see what it was but guess what, I needed the stupid password. So can someone please PLEASE help me figure this out.... I need to get caught up with all my school work I'm already behind in! I dont wanna have to pay off $10,000 in student loans for absolutely nothing! I have a 5 year old and another on the way and Im due any day now so please someone help me.....

Answer:System Restore back to Factory Settings

 The laptop should have a Recovery partition on it to use to do a System Recovery back to Factory. The document here shows the details. The one you will need to use is F11 at power on-"Recovery when Windows does not start correctly". I know it does start-but this is what you need because you won't be able to launch Recovery Manager inside Windows without the password. Btw-on some models you will need to tap away at the Esc key immediately after powering on to bring up the menu where F11 is an option. Some models will launch Recovery Manager using only F11 without Esc- so don't get discouraged if one doesn't work.

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I cannot get past the black screen error message not allowing me to get into Windows 10 to access reset options.  Can I download a factory reset usb flash drive?

Answer:How do I revert back to factory settings in a HP Probook 655...

annualman17 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! I see you're running Win10. Did the PC come preinstalled with Win10? Or, did you upgrade it from a prior OS to Win10?This is important as the recovery/reset method is different for the two situations.We can proceed when you provide the answers.

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I Have a Toshiba Satellite L30-105

I *don't* have any recovery CD'es.

How can i *restore* the laptop back to its *factory settings*?

pls. help...

Answer:How do I restore my laptop back to its factory settings?

Order new recovery CD/DVD (if possible) and you will have ?factory settings? again.
Try to order under

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I mistakenly installed Windows 7 64-bit before creating restore discs while the factory OS was installed. I am still able to see the Windows Recovery partition. However, I am not able to access the Recovery partition. I have even installed the Recovery and Resuce program and it won't allow me to access the Recovery partition and says something to the effect of "The Recovery System has been removed from this system" but I can still see it. Any thoughts on what I need to do to restore back to Factory installation?

Answer:Restoring T510 back to Factory settings

Do you still have the Lenovo recovery partition? It should be a 10GB partition at the very end of the drive.

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would like to have the key strokes that reset the dell back to the factory settings! thank youThe computer will not reset back to last back up restore point

Answer:dell- restore back to factory settings ( lap top)

Be sure to backup your data first!To restore your PC, press F8 repeatedly when you see the Dell logo appear until you see a list of options. Select "Repair Your Computer." After it boots and you "login" as a local user, you should see a list of options, one of them being a Dell PC Restore option.You've been helped by a 15 year old.

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my laptop is running to slow and cannot def-rag it i would like to reboot it back to factory settings but do not know how to

Answer:need to reboot XP laptop back to factory settings

"reboot" just means to restart - you mean restore.For that we need the make and model number of your computer.If there is a hard disk error this could stop defrag from running.Type chkdsk /f in the Run box and hit Enter key. This will do a scan on startup. There is also chkdsk /r which is more thorough so will take a lot longer.Have you checked for viruses? Try MalwareBytes on it, from here: your AV scans too.Make sure you haven't got too many unwanted background programs running.There is a free program called CCleaner that can get rid of a lot of unwanted junk: pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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I was having a lot of problems with my Satellite L350-277. I had already created a recovery disc using the Tech Guys which was installed on the laptop.

Anyway the time came to reinstall back to factory condition. Unthinking I took out a Disc from my Vista satellite laptop (I thought it was the original disc). Everything went smoothly until it rebooted after installing the windows system. On the screen was the warning that the product key was wrong, that's when I noticed the Vista on the screen. So I hunted for the Copy I made, it wasn't in the sleeve where I put it originally, its was lying among all the rubbish I had in the box (where I put all the rubbish). It was full of scratches and it wouldn't load.

What I had actually done when using the Vista disc was wipe out the program on the D Drive which the Windows 7 reads from. I ended up going to Tech Guys at PCWorld. They reinstalled windows 7 for the cost of ?50. I didn't mind that I got my laptop up and running again. What I didn't know according to them, was I cannot create a recovery disk.

So down to my question. Can I get my laptop back with all the Toshiba knick knacks, so that its possible to create a restore disk. If not, can I get a Windows 7 disc install the program, download all the drivers & create a Restore disc in the event of something happening and I can reinstall windows 7? Getting cramps in my fingers now. I do go on a bit lol.

Answer:Satellite L350-277 - How to get back factory settings?

Hi buddy,

That?s a little bit confusing your story...

Normally you get factory settings back if you use Toshiba recovery disk. It will restore the preinstalled Windows version that did come with your notebook.

If you have Windows 7, you can?t create a Toshiba recovery disk. That?s only possible on preinstalled Windows from Toshiba but if you install your own copy, you can?t create such a disk.

If you want the original OS back, you can order a recovery disk from Toshiba here:

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I did a clean installation of Windows 7 three weeks ago but I am now having all sorts of problems and just want to revert back to my original Vista.

I have an Acer laptop and when I purchased it I made Recovery discs as recoimmended. However I believe these should be used with Acer's eRecovery which is not compatible with Windows 7. F12 has be disabled so I cannoit use that route either.

Can anyone telll me what I have to do please?

Answer:Can I restore back to Factory Settings Vista?

Quote: Originally Posted by SusanHC

I did a clean installation of Windows 7 three weeks ago but I am now having all sorts of problems and just want to revert back to my original Vista.

I have an Acer laptop and when I purchased it I made Recovery discs as recoimmended. However I believe these should be used with Acer's eRecovery which is not compatible with Windows 7. F12 has be disabled so I cannoit use that route either.

Can anyone telll me what I have to do please?

Is the recovery partition still available?
Have you tried posting your issues on the forum so we can resolve them?

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I just bought this computer from a pawn shop I would like to know how to set it back to factory settings to make sure it works correctly

Answer:how do i get my acer aspire one back to factory settings

All sorts of useful how to factory reset it here: edited by trvlr

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To set the system back to factory settings normally you have to press the F11 key during startup.  What can I do if the F11 key does not work any longer?During startup this option is since a while not any longer shown on the screen and if I press the key during startup nothing happens.  What can I do to set the system back to factory settings in this case? The laptop runs Windows XP, which was as original version somewhere on the harddrive as I bought it long time ago.  Thanks for your help in advance!

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Newbe here.  I was wondering if anyone can help me with resetting my Dell XPS (2005) with Windows XP OS? 
I am reinstalling the OS manually with the CD that came with the computor.  I followed the instructions for a manual restart and added the first disc Dell XP OS all was going well when a window poped up.  It says "the file 'ha20x2k.sys' on Creative Installer CD-Rom is needed."  "type in the path where the file is located and click ok."  Well I am assuming they mean the Creative Sound Blaster X-fi cd and I put it in and nothing happens.  Also the arrow/cursor doesn't move nor can I type anything in, what I am doing wrong?  The window also doesn't let me see if time is elapsing on the installation of the first CD.

Answer:Resetting Back to Factory Settings - Stuck Help please

Has the OS already loaded... and now you are installing the driver suite?

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I have denied privileges for unidentified users in my PC, so I can?t fix it or do anything.
If I go back to factory configuration, this permission denied disappears?

Answer:Satellite A300 - Can't go back to factory settings


How do you want to restore the factory settings?

Normally you can restore the factory settings using Toshiba recovery disk. You have to boot from it and follow the screen instructions ? That?s all!
After this you get back the factory settings.

The Toshiba recovery disk works always, indifferent what Windows (settings) you have.


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hey guys, i've got a dell latitude e4300 running windows 7. i want to re-image it so it's like how it was when it was first built. does anyone know how i can do this? i've tried 10 times but, i could never get it to work. it's a latitude e4300 i booted it up and hit f8 to enter the BIOS. i go into 'repair' and i tried out some different things like restore, but i could never get it to work. i just want it to go back to baseline with all the drivers and windows etc installed.


Answer:DELL LAPTOP: How do I take it back to factory settings?

I've Moved one post out of this thread to the original thread you have going about this same issue....

This one is a second thread for the same issue that you are already getting good help with so I am Closing this one. Please do NOT start multiple threads about the same problem, this is not allowed here at TechGuy! This will be your only Warning, next time it will be an Infraction- see our Rules:

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I had to do a reboot of my daughter's French hp G72 and now it doesn't appear to show windows 7, windows 7 was on it before we even have the shop's W7 label but my question is how do I get it back?
I've looked in the D drive for recovery but nothing shows in there, would it be somewhere in the C drive?
We don't have a disc for restoring, just a key for microsoft 2010.
Appreciate any help.

Answer:took pc back to factory settings but windows 7 missing

Please explain more. When you switch laptop on and boot up: Do you get a message saying something like " 'disk boot failure - insert system disk'"? (which means the BIOS setup can't find an operating system - W7 in this case)
Please tell us everything you did when you 'took laptop back to factory settings' and what now shows on the desktop screen.

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i want to reset my computer back to factory settings cause it is too slow and i can,t download any thing cause it says not enough memory

Answer:reset computer back to factory settings

You don't need to download anything.If your computer came with a recovery disk, you must use that. Insert it and restart your PC. It should automatically send you to the recovery menu to reboot to factory settings.There's also a way depending on your model etc.. To reboot back to factory from your hard drive. Some computers on XP have a system restore option which will reboot to factory without the CD.But you haven't given any details on what PC you have, the make or model etc...So I have no idea on what the keyboard shortcut will be.On Dell PC's it's CTRL + F11. But will differ on different computers.

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Hey guys,

I need to reset a Dell with Windows 7 back to the original factory settings (like when I first bought it).

I have tried the system restore points and am not interested in using a cd to try and recover the machine.

I know on older versions of Windows you can hit one of the F keys at startup and it does it for you.

Thanks for any help

Answer:Restoring back to Factory Settings with Windows 7


What is the model number we can check the manual online to see the key sequence. Or there may be an option under Dell in all programs.

I believe all machines allow you to burn CDs that will take it back to factory. I would advise burning those CDs before using any key sequence for the recovery so you have a backup if something goes wrong.

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I'm trying to restore my notebook. Dell Inspirion 15 (5548) Windows 8.1 
I've tried some options:
"Remove everything and reinstall Windows" in the PC Settings (Windows 8.1 feature). All this gives me is a blue screen error message (described below).
I've tried restoring via the recovery DVDs I made when I first purchased the computer. After proceeding with the options via Dell Backup and Recovery, it ask me to restart the computer; unfortunately all it does is... restart the computer, no messages or anything.
I've tried recovering via the F12 key during boot, and choosing the appropriate option, but all it does is give me the same blue screen error message.
I've tried the Advance Startup in the Windows update and recovery menu. I would then choose Dell Backup Recovery option, but then I would get the same blue screen error message.
error message:
Your PC needs to be repaired
The operating system couldn't be loaded because the kernel is missing or contains errors.
File: \windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe
Error code: ...
screen picture:
I've ran the built in Windows Memory Diagnostic test, and it reported no errors.
I've ran Dells Diagnostics utility in the boot menu option, but everything passed.
I'm not really sure what to do.

Answer:I need help resetting computer back to factory settings.

Download Produkey and write down your 8.1 key. Your key is embedded in firmware. Then go here and download the Windows 8.1 install media. Pick the same version you have, Home or Pro. Backup your data and do a reinstall. This disk will not have the Dell drivers so you may have to go to your computer's support page and get the appropriate drivers.

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Things have been great with my p200 until recently when vista went a bit weird after hard drive getting near full. Now I want to return it to its original state. However I cannot find or remember having a vista disc. My friend suggested it may already be on my hard disk but I cannot see it. As you can see i am pretty useless with computers so I throw myself at your mercy.
Please help

Answer:Satellite P200-17C - I want the factory settings back

You need to make the Recovery Disc yourself when you buy the laptop.

If the recovery partition is still on the HDD, you can run Recovery to reinstall Windows. Check the users manual for instructions.

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How do I reset my toshiba laptop to factory settings. It keeps going to the screen where I have to enter a password.

Answer:Setting my laptop back to factory settings

as you have already had a post closed by a moderator on this subject, now you have earned an infraction. Please re-read the rules page as a next attempt may result in a ban.



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Hypothetical question here?
If you have a virus or trojan on your computer; will the process of taking your PC back to 'Factory Settings' delete said issues or do they remain in the memory?

Answer:Does going back to Factory Settings delete viruses?

I can't guarantee it G but that is what i believe.

If i do a system re-install i first use "kill disk" to make sure.

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I know the similar question might have  been asked before, but mine is a bit different I had replaced the HDD with a SSD drive on my x220, but I got the wrong SSD, so I cannot keep both the SSD and the HDD(SSD too big). A friend helped me to set up a new system win7 64 bit on the newly installed SSD, and it runs ok. However, I'd like my old settings and Lenovo related softwares(fingerprint reader, etc). I don't have the original HDD with me, but I copied the hidden recovery folder(SYSTEM_DRV) as well as the lenovo Q drive(SYSTEM_DRV) to my current SSD. The SSD has 2 partition, C for system, and D for data. The copied folders are on my D drive. My question is if it is possible to restore my os to the original setting using the folders on my current SSD, and how. Thanks, Bluex220

Answer:Need to restore my laptop back to factory settings

Hello and welcome,
I don't know how to do what you're asking - although it may be possible - so I'd just install ThinkVantage System Update and let it install the appropriate Lenovo drivers and apps.  That would get you pretty close to factory.
Some users actually prefer that to a stock factory setup.  Clean install + TVSU  and choose which apps and utilities get installed.
SUPPORT (above) -> QuickPath "X220" -> Drivers and Software-> ThinkVantage System Update for Win 7.

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My friend has a windows 7 HP computer bought from PC World in September. Today, when switching it on a screen came up saying - "searching for video programmes" (or something to that effect). We turned the computer off and back on again and it asked for all the details to set up the computer as though it was brand new. It now seems to have lost everything and taken itself back to factory settings. The man at PC World says the computer would not do this without it being told to manually - but it WASN'T.

Surely he is not right??


The PC World man is now taking a look at it to see what he can do.

Answer:Windows 7 crashed and took itself back to factory settings

The searching for video programmes sounds like the clean install screen.
"Setup is checking video performance"

Check out this link, I believe this is the one you saw.

If so someones actually went through an entire clean install on the machine or the hp recovery, no doubt about it.

If the drive was partitioned when the clean install was put on it, then perhaps you will have your photos etc.

Only way to find out if to finish the install(wont hurt) and then check my computer for two seperate drives a.k.a C:\ + D:\ etc.

If a second drive isnt appearing in my computer then go back to the windows menu bottom left, right click "My Computer", goto "Manage". This will open a new window, on the left hand side select "Disk Management"

You are looking for an image similar to the one below
If you have 2 seperate drives and one ISNT HP Recovery, then right click it and go to "Assign/Change drive letter" and give it a letter like X or Z.

If you see only C:\ and a hp recovery drive your files are gone, sorry.

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hey allCan putting your laptop back to factory settings cause any problems?As im selling mine and would do it to wipe all my stuff off plus put it back to its cleanest form.Cheers

Answer:gettin laptops back to factory settings

Restoring back to factory settings does just that, the machine will be just as when you bought it. You will lose all your data and all the programmes that you have installed since you had it. It should cause you no problems.

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I have NO idea how to put my Toshiba Satellite A300 29U back to factory settings. I tried everything but I have no idea how to do this? I have no CD or whatsoever.


Answer:How do I put Satellite A300 - 29U back to factory settings?

If your notebook has factory settings you can do this as described on

Please note: this HDD recovery option works with factory settings only.

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can you please tell me how to set my Satellite P200D-127 laptop back to factory settings.


Answer:How to set Satellite P200D-127 back to factory settings?


You need the Toshiba Recovery disk.
Do you have one or did you create one in the past?

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Hi FolksI think my laptop (Acer 7720G) has got a virus because it freezes everytime I click the internet explorer icon to enable me to connect to the web. I have been advised by some of my friends to restore my laptop back to the factory settings, and in this way I could get rid of the virus.I shall be grateful if some one can kindly answer the following questions - 1. Would restoring the laptop back to factory settings get rid of the virus and enable me to connect to the internet as normal?2. If so, how do I restore the company settings?2. I have also been advised that there is no disc/cd available by which I can restore the laptop to the factory settings and that windows vista has an in built feature for doing this? Is that true? If so, how do I go about using it?3. Finally, once I get my laptop up and running, I am thinking of putting on Norton 360 anti virus. In your opinion, is this good anti virus software?Thanks in advance for your response.

Answer:Restoring Laptop back to factory settings

1 yes it will get rid of virus but also anything else that you have saved on it.2 while booting up press F8 and it should be the last one on the list3 Yes Norton 360v4 is very good go to the Beta testing forum and read up on the remarks of everybody that tested it.

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I wish to make my computer back to factory settings. Like it was when it came fresh out the box. My computer is a Dell Dimension e521.

Answer:How to make computer back to factory settings. Just like new again

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How can I set my Toshiba Satellite P300 back to factory settings?
On Acer Computers it is [alt]+[F11] or something, and on HP-Computers it's built in to the system - so it's really easy. Do Toshiba have a "key" like that?

I'm sorry for my bad English, I?m a Norwegian Girl.

I really hope for an answer, thanks :)

Have a nice, night or day!

Answer:How to set a Satellite P300-1DA back to factory settings?

Exact description how to do this you can find under
If you have more questions please let us know.

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how do you reset a asus k50 back to factory settings? thanks!

Answer:How do you reset a asus k50 back to factory settings!

What does your owner/user manual say?

There seem to be various models designated "K50", .


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Should I restore the OS to get back my DVD RW drive's drivers?

I had a CD shatter in the Drive, (drive still works) and I had to take the shell off and unplug the drive
to get the CD shards out. DVD RW drivers got deleted. will restoring the computer back to its factory settings get them back?

Or should I sent in PC to repair shop? or possibly buy an external DVD drive and re install windows, or run a recovery disc.

I have re installed windows previously becaus of Winsoft Rogue.

Answer:Restore to factory settings to get back DVD RW drive?

Optical drives don't have drivers.Tell us exactly what's going on.

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Whenever I try portable USB devices on my Portege m200, they won't work as long as they operate in a bus powered mode, e.g. without external power supply. I wonder whether the Portege delivers not enough USB power for certain devices.

Here is what I tried:
1) Freecom FS 50 - a slimline dvd burner, comes with 2 usb cables. According to Freecom they will be powered from usb simply by adding the power of 2 usb ports. Result: The drive is not even recognized in my m200. Using external power supply, the drive works through usb as expected.
2) Pinnacle PCTV 200e - external dvb-t receiver. Is recognized but produces errors in any receiver software that I tried. However works on FUSi Lifebook S series.

Can anybody confirm the waekness of the USB ports? Any suggestions or tweaks besides trying an external powered usb hub?

Answer:Not enough USB power on Portege M200?


The USB ports supply 500mA. This is a USB standard. If the external USB devices need more power as the USB ports can provide so in most cases the external power supply is needed.
You can also try to connect the USB hub with a external power supply and then to connect the external USB devices to the USB hub.

Additionally you can try to change the settings in the USB root hub properties.
Go to the device manager select USB root hub, choose the properties and open the power management tab.
There you can disable the option: "Allow the computer to turn off this devices? "

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i have tried the usual, pressing C, changing boot from Bios and F12 boot from CD-Rom. none seem to work, if anybody has any other suggestions i would be greatful.

Answer:Portege M200 will not boot from USB CD-Rom


Unfortunately I can not help you much about this because I do not have this Portege but I have found interesting info about Portege M200 and supported Recovery Drives:

The Portege M200 supports the Recovery via BIOS (pressing "C") with USB 2.0 and PCMCIA cards (16bit and Cardbus).
Following drives and Controllers (USB, PCMCIA) were successfully tested:

a) Toshiba, PA3352E-SCD2, USB2.0 CD-RW/DVD-Rom Drive
b) Toshiba, PA3402E-1DV2, Rev.501, USB2.0 DVD Super Multi Drive, SN: 5362870112
c) Toshiba, PX1055E-1NST, (Freecom drive), SN: 3431490096
with a PC Card (16bit), Cable II, PCMCIA, Rev.043.242, SN: 18496 043 3999 0343 01093
d) Toshiba, PX1055E-1NST, (Freecom drive), SN: 3431490096
with a CardBus, Cable II, CARD BUS, Rev.136, SN: 16693 136 3999 0149 06122

The used drive in conjunction with the PCMCIA- or USB-Contoller is not so important due to the fact, that the driver in the BIOS has to enable the Controller first.
There is a generic CD-Rom driver implemented into the BIOS for the attached Drive .

Tested with:
Toshiba, PX1054E-1NST, (Freecom drive ), SN: 151192845
CardBus card, Cable II, CARD BUS, Rev.136, SN: 16693 136 3999 0149 06122

The setting of "PC Card Controller Mode" in the BIOS was "Auto-Selected".
This means, that you have nothing to change in the BIOS, because it is the default value.

It could only happen, that you have to connect the power supply under some circumstances i.e.:
... Read more

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First, anybody knows how to fix System Restore issue, when I start system restore, it only appears a blank window, so I couldn't restore my computer to an earlier point which I think can fix the whole problem...
Since I couldn't find a way for the first...
The second is: I've got loads of problem with my WinXp and I just want to restore the laptop... but I'm having trouble looking for a PCMCIA DVD drive...
The recovery disk is a DVD disk, but as far as I'm concern, using a 16 bit PCMCIA card will only let the laptop recognize a CDROM drive, not a DVDROM drive... So what should I do now?
Where can I buy a DVDrom drive that can boot so I can use my recovery disk to restore?

Answer:Recovery on Portege M200???


In my opinion the issue with system restore is OS problem and I can really don?t understood why this happened. If you reboot your unit several times happened this again and again?

If you need a suitable and compatible external DVD-ROM Drive for prot?g? M200 you can find it under under Products ? Options & Accessories ? Drive devices. Check the drive with this part number PA3401U-1DVD.

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Hi Everyone -

The hinge on my Port?g? M200 Tablet PC has become very stiff lately. Sometimes there is quite a resistance when I open or close the screen. This affects only the "regular" hinge - the screen rotation hinge is fine.

Does anyone know of any way I could loosen the hinge a little? (but not to the point where it swings freely!!)

This is a bit of a strange question, I know, because hinges usually become overly loose - not tight.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Portégé M200 Hinge

Hi Russell

Sorry but in my opinion things like this should not be repaired on your own because if you damage something you will lose your warranty. It will be better to contact service partner. Call them and ask for opinion. If you still have warranty in this case it is very simple to solve this problem. Call ASP and demand the repair.

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