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Re: Portege R500 - How to update BIOS on Windows 7?

Question: Re: Portege R500 - How to update BIOS on Windows 7?


I want to update the bios of my Portege R500 to the 1.6 version. It's a windows-update BIOS and when I launch it under Windows 7, I get the message:
[Error] BIOS Update is not supported OS. Unsupported OS or service pack is installed.

I have to reinstall XP in order to update the Bios? File name is P0058v160.exe. Does anyone know if BIOS update works in Virtualisation mode? I would install Sunbox VM, install XP and run the BIOS update. But will it work?

Does anyone has an idea?



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Preferred Solution: Re: Portege R500 - How to update BIOS on Windows 7?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Re: Portege R500 - How to update BIOS on Windows 7?

Hi Roro,

Yes you have to install Windows XP to update the BIOS but my question is: Is this update necessary or just for fun? BIOS update is always a little bit risky and should only be done to solve problems. If your computer runs properly I wouldn?t make this update.

I don?t know if this update is possible on Virtual XP but I wouldn?t try it. If the update fails you need a new ROM module or mainboard. I think the BIOS update isn?t designed for Virtualization mode?

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I was looking at the 1.60-WIN BIOS update available on the download pages since 25/03/08.

Anybody know what the update does?
The explanation on the download page just says: +"This Bios Update adds increased functionality to your system."+

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Portege R500 BIOS update 1.60-WIN

The change-log on the US site says:

Version 1.60 - 2008-03-19
* Added support for the Toshiba 128GB Solid State Drive (SSD).

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I have a Portege R500 model PPR50E with Vista Business pre-installed. I am wanting to move to Windows 7 and so, as a first step I want to update the BIOS from 1.5 to 1.6. I obtained the correct file from Toshiba (bios-20080325071859 containing P0058v160.exe), but when I try to run the application it fails with "This computer is not supported".
I have checked several times that I downloaded the file for the R500....

Can anyone help?

Answer:Cannot make BIOS update for Portege R500 (PPR50E)


That?s strange.
Did you change something on you installed Vista?

In different cases the BIOS cannot be updated because some essential tools like common modules for Win XP has not been installed.
If you are using vista you don?t need Common Modules but I recommend reinstalling VAP.
Then you should try to run BIOS update again.

Otherwise use the recovery disk and set the notebook back to factory settings.
After the notebook has been set to the same state like at the first day of purchase, you could run BIOS update.

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I'm having problems with my R500, so thought I would update the BIOS.

I am directed to download

This contains the file P0058v160.exe

Starting that process leads to:

"install2 has encountered a problem and needs to close"

Do these BIOSes have to be installed incrementally? My r500 is an early one and currently running v1.00.


Answer:Re: Portege R500 - Bios update installer crashes


If you want to update the BIOS then you have to download the BIOS package and have to unzip it firstly.
Then execute the exe stored in the folder.

I?m not sure why the error message appears but please ensure that the Common Modules are installed on your system.

If the error will still persists then this could be a problem with the installed Windows OS and not with the BIOS software.

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I just got a new Portege R500.

The Windows Vista information doesn't specify Service Pack 1, so I guess it is not?
But the automatic windows update doesn't offer to install SP1.

Do I have to get it manually? How?

The other question is: is it ok to get it, or are there to many problems with drivers after that.

Thanks for helping me out.

Answer:Portege R500 - Vista doesn't offer SP1 using windows update


First of all the Windows update is always advisable and the SP1 is really necessary because it fixed many Vista bugs.

One reason why the Windows Vista doesn?t update the SP1 automatically is that the SP1 could be already installed.
Check if the SP1 was installed. To do this follow this steps:

1. Click Start, right-click Computer, and then click Properties.
2. Windows Vista SP1 is installed, you will see a reference to Windows Vista SP1 displayed at the bottom of the Windows Edition section

However, I found an useful Microsoft knowledge document which could help you to update the SP1
[Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is not available for installation from Windows Update and is not offered by Automatic Updates|]


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I want to upgrade the BIOS of my Portege R500 but I don't have a Windows installed on it. What can I do ?

Thank you.

Answer:Re: BIOS upgrade for a Portege R500

Firstly; it?s necessary to update the BIOS?
Is something wrong with your notebook?

Secondly; the BIOS which can be found on the Toshiba European driver page can be updated only from running Windows OS.
Therefore you will have to install Windows if you want to update the BIOS.


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I found my old laptop, but can't boot it - forgot BIOS password. CMOS battery disconnection didn't helped.
Local support asked me go to offline service, but they want too much money for unlocking - this laptop is now cheaper himself.
USA support asked me write here
May be somebody can help to generate unlock response code?
Model is Portege R500 PPR50E-06W012RU

Answer:Portege R500 BIOS password

BIOS protection is very important feature for protection so it cannot be discussed in public forum.
If someone writes here how you can remove BIOS password every stolen Portege R500 can be unlocked.

I know it costs a bit but this should be done by Authorized service provider.

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Thought I would post a new thread as the old one seems to be dead...

I just want to know if anyone has been able to use a Portege R500 CPU virtualization extensions, whether in Linux, Windows or any other OS. I guess this will become a mainstream requirement with windows 7 now out.

If you have been able to use this, could you please post your exact laptop model (it should be on a sticker on the bottom)

This was my original post, showing that the CPU should support his:

I hav a Portege R500 (or equivalent model, bought in Japan), BIOS v 1.60 and whenever I try to use applications that support virtualisation extensions I am unable to. I am using linux as my OS, and it tells me that virtualization extensions have been disabled by the BIOS.

However, I can't find an option for this in the BIOS! According to the r500 manual (available form the toshiba support area), there should be an option, right after 'core multi-processing', which I can see:

Virtualization Technology
Virtualization Technology sets enable or disable of the Intel Virtualization
Technology installed in the CPU.
Intel Virtualization Technology is the technique that allows one machine to
operate as multiple virtual machines.
The Virtualization Technology is supported with some models.
The Disabled command does not allow use of the Intel Virtualization
The Enabled command allows use of the Intel Virtualization Technology.
Enables Virtualization Technology.
Dis... Read more

Answer:No Virtualization option in BIOS with Portege R500


Are you sure there is NO Virtualization option in BIOS?
Did you check all the pages???

I found your other thread about password clearing and you said that this doesn?t work but finally it worked? maybe you should check the VT option again!

Furthermore as you said, the CPU has to support the VT in order to have a VT option in BIOS? The Intel Core 2 Duo processor ULV U7600 support VT.

As far as I know there are also some notebook series where the VT option is not available in the BIOS but if the CPU supports the VT then VT is enabled by default even than the VT option is not present in BIOS.

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I'm trying to disable the admin password in the BIOS of my r500 series notebook, *and I know* the current password.

I've tried the procedure from the following post, which works for disabling the user password. It basically involves changing the password to blank.
But it doesn't work for the admin password:


I originally enabled it because I wanted to see if there were any 'hidden' options in my BIOS (long story ... was trying to get virtualization extensions to work).
Now I have to type it in every time I power up my laptop, which is quite annoying.

Anybody have any suggestions how to get around this?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Clearing admin password in BIOS of Portege R500


Do you mean the admin account password which has to be set during the OS installation?
Such password cannot be disabled in BIOS!

But if you are talking about Supervisor password then I would recommend checking the preinstalled tool called Toshiba Password Utility.
You should find it in Toshiba Utility folder.

The Toshiba Password Utility allows you to set, delete and change the user and supervisor password.

Check it!

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Hi, it seems that I am unable to access the BIOS on my Portege....

My BIOS password comes up but I figure that I need to access BIOS immediately after that.

What is the correct combination please? Is it ALT + F12? That doesnt work..... :(


Answer:Unable to access BIOS - Portege R500 PPR50E


I think the notebook uses the Toshiba BIOS and therefore you have to press F1 immediately after the notebook has been powered up.

Check this? I think it will function.

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my R500, a little older than 2 years, always restarts before booting XP into graphics mode.
It happens also booting from DVD. Accessing BIOS or XP's "F8-Menu" is no problem...

Perhaps onboard graphics chip could be broken, would you agree? Just before the problem I tried to connect a beamer to the VGA Port (what I had done several times before without a problem).

Because somewhere on ebay I spotted a device that seems to have the same problem, I have a little hope, that it may be a known problem or somebody has an idea about it?

It is a great device, but atm I wouldn't have the money to buy it a 2nd time.... :-/


Answer:Portege R500 - restarts instead of booting, only BIOS works

Hi Michael,

It?s really hard to say why this happens and theoretically everything could be the reason of this: Wrong drivers, virus, CPU, RAM, mainboard, etc.

Before you think about exchanging your hardware you should update the display driver. Therefore boot in safe mode and uninstall the display driver. After this start Windows normally and try installing the newest display driver from the Toshiba website.

You wrote that it also happens if you boot from DVD. Have you tested the Toshiba recovery disk? Normally there this shouldn?t happen.
Check this!!!

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I've just taken delivery of an R500 with Xubuntu installed.

I need to get into the BIOS to change some settings. I know the supervisor password and I know that normall one presses ESC and then F1 to get into the BIOS. Unfortunately, I don't get the option to enter the supervisor password - it just puts me straight into the 'User' settings.

I'm also having problems getting the F12 boot device settings to work.

The manual suggests that I use the Windows Configuration utility to adjust some of the bIOS settings, however - I'm not running windows ...

Any thoughts?

Answer:Portege R500: Enter BIOS with known supervisor password

Thats far as I know you will had have windows installed to access some further bios options.

The problem is there is no other software then this windows configuration utility and the common moduls which can access the hardwarelayer.

So, if you want to change something you will have to use windows.. :/


Hint: you can use another HDD where you can install Windows. Maybe a good way to keep ubuntu on the harddisk

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I have an R500-10J running Vista32.
There is a bug in the display driver that causes applications with Opengl based 3D windows to crash.

I have a couple of completely unrelated programs that both show this error on this notebook only. So I am pretty sure that it is not a software problem.
The only common theme is that the applications are both built using the QT toolkit.
The crash is reproducible and is seemingly caused by displaying too many triangles (e.g. lots spheres).

Looking at the Intel website ([ FullName=Windows+Vista*+Business%2C+32-bit+version⟨=eng&strOSs=154&submit=Go%21|http :// FullName=Windows+Vista*+Business%2C+32-bit+version&lang=eng&strOSs=154&submit=Go%21]) it seems that there is a more recent driver (I am running which might solve the problem.

But I can't install this because you get the following at the end of the install process
"The driver being installed is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer's manufacturer."

So any ideas

a) if I can get around the problem or
b) when/if toshiba will release a new driver?

All suggestions gratefully received


Answer:Portege R500 - display driver update

For testing purpose you may try the driver directly from Intel: 31&strOSs=All&OSFullName=All%20Operating%20Systems &lang=eng

Install the driver via device manager. The driver is located in the graphics directory.

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After installing the most recent version of Toshiba's Value Added Package, the two buttons (toshiba assist and backlight on/off) do not work properly: they open instead a firefox browser window.

I assume there is something to configure in the "optimisation" section of Toshiba Assist.
When I open the program "Toshiba buttons functions" (sorry for the puny translation, in Spanish it's called: "Funciones de botones de Toshiba") all the entries are blank and I have to indicate the Url of the program supposed turning off my LCD's backlight...
I have no clue where to find this executable.

Can anybody help me?

Answer:Re: Portege R500: Contros button doesn't work after installing update

Why you don?t use the OS restore option?
The OS supports the option called ?system restore? and this helps to set the system to the previous point.

Check it, maybe it helps to get the old version of the Toshiba's Value Added Package.

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Hello all,

I've the sound problem with Windows 7 RTM. No sound playback at all, the microphone works fine and at the Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Realtek HD Audio Manager detects whenever a microphone or headphone is (un)plugged.

No matter what driver I install and no matter what the playback source is (System Sounds, Media Player, Winamp and others), there's no sound playback on the speakers nor at the headphones output. The latest one I've installed is Realtek's R2.31.

I begin to wonder if this is going to be fixed, after all Windows 7 is going gold and there's no fix for this issue.

Answer:No sound on Portege R500 using Windows 7 RTM

Hello Paulo

If you check this Win7 section you can find many comments but one general message is there: Win7 is not official released and Toshiba doesn?t offer WIN7 drivers at the moment. When the Win7 will be official released Toshiba will start Win7 support and I hope your Portege will be supported too.

That means Toshiba will offer Win7 drivers on Toshiba download page. These drivers will be tested and it should work properly. At the moment on Toshiba US support page you can download some Win7 BETA (not tested) drivers. If you want check it under

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I test it Windows 7 and i have no sound.

I installed driver from Toshiba download for VISTA - NO SOUND
I tried install driver from for windows 7 - NO SOUND

Any idea? Please help.


Answer:NO sound Portege R500 on Windows 7


Did you notice some yellow exclamation marks in device manager?
If yes then this would mean that the sound card has not been recognized and therefore the sound does not work!

At the other hand you should check if MUTE is not enabled!

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Is it possible to install Windows 8 on a Portege R500 ? I tried and failed. I think the reason is that Windows 8 uses a GPT disk and not MBR.

Is there a BIOS update to deal with GPT disks ?

Thank you

Answer:Installing Windows 8 on Portege R500

As far as I know this old Portege is not supported for Win8 and Toshiba doesn't offer any Win8 driver, tool or utility, especially not some BIOS version designed to help with Win8 installation.

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Some W7 drivers arrived 03.09.2009 for R500 - but unfortunally the 3G an dWlan are not included. Insallaing Vista drivers (even in Vista mode) does'nt work. Can somebody help me?


Answer:Portege R500 and Windows 7 drivers

Hello Lars

What do you mean exactly with ?doesn?t work??
Can you enable/disable 3G module?
What is wrong exactly?

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I got a used Protege R500 and installed Windows7 Professional. But I don't have sound. If I open music, I see the green bar on the volume control in the tray rising and falling. So it plays sound but it doesn't get it out of the speakers or the headphone.

Plugging in the headphone is also well recognized by Win7. It also records sound. I tested in Skype, others can hear me, but I can't hear them. In the device manager the audio is listed with "Realtech High Definition Audio (With EC)". There is only one device in Device Manager which is not recognized (Unknown Device).

Can you help me please? I want also to use my new laptop to listen to music..


Answer:Portege R500 - Windows 7 - No Sound

Are you 100% sure the sound is not muted? Check this using FN+ESC key combination.

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I just wanted to check that Windows XP will run fully on an R500-126 laptop.
We aren't moving to Vista anytime soon so we need to be sure that it will work.

Also a reseller suggested that this might even void the warranty.
I have my doubts but could anyone confirm either way?

Any info appreciated.


Answer:Will Windows XP work on Portege R500-126


I don?t see any serious reasons why the XP OS shouldn?t work on the R500 Portege.
As far as I know the Toshiba XP drivers are released on the Toshiba European driver page and everything should works after the installation of all XP drivers and Toshiba tools.

Very important is the right installation order. Please check the installation instruction txt file placed on the page to get the right order.

By the way; the XP instillation will not cancel the warranty ;)


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Does it works? What about drivers?


Answer:Portege R500 - Does Windows XP 64bit work?


I never heard from a Toshiba notebook that supports Windows XP 64bit. The reason is why Windows XP 64bit was not so popular and the driver supports wasn?t so good.
Furthermore I have checked the Toshiba website and there are no XP 64bit drivers available.

You can try to install it but have to search the drivers by yourself. Maybe you find working drivers.


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Since I could not obtain the Wireless Lan Driver, Intel, from the Toshiba driver download site (I get redirected to a link that does not work), I went to the site: The information on the two sites, both from Toshiba, is contradictory:

One site lists as the driver for Windows XP, the other site lists as the driver for Vista 64 and lists as the driver for Windows XP. Which one should I use for Windows XP on Portege R500?

Answer:Which WLan driver should I use for Windows XP on Portege R500

Sorry my friend but after reading your question I can just laugh. Use simply listed driver from , install it and enjoy your life.

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I would like to upgrade from XP to Windows 7. The recommended RAM size is 2GB. My R500 is fitted with 2 x 512MB RAM modules. The manual says I can replace one by a 1GB module. My question is can I replace it by a 2GB (or even 4GB) module instead? If not, is it possible to change the module on the main board, or is that fixed?

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Portege R500-100 memory upgrade for Windows 7

I think there is other problem. According notebook specification your notebook can handle with 1,536 MB max so I think there is no sense to change internal memory if max value is 1,536 MB only.

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Hello, I have installed Windows 7 x64. After instalation of Toshiba's addons everything seems to work properly, except HSDPA modem (Drivers not installed code 28) - any clue where I could find these drivers?
Cheers, Radek

Answer:Portege R500 HSDPA Driver for Windows 7 x64

If this driver is not available for Win7 try to install Vista driver.

Have you made clean Win7 installation and not upgrade?

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I have the PPR50E with the built in 3g-card.

I am unable to install the vista-drivers for the 3g-card, and I haven't found anything on google either.

Anyone gotten it to work on windows 7?

Answer:Portege R500 - How to install 3G-drivers on Windows 7?


Did you try to install the 3G driver/software released for the Vista OS.
Did it work on Win 7?

I noticed that many Vista drivers and tools would be compatible with Win 7.
It seems that the 3G module is from Novatel.
I found the Novatel software on the Toshiba European page.

Check it!

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According to the Installation Instructions on the Toshiba driver download site for Portege R500 with Windows XP I need Toshiba Disk Creator V2.0.0.8 and Toshiba Direct Disk Writer V1.1.0.0 for my CD/DVD writer.

Neither of these is available among the files for Portege R500 with Windows XP on the Toshiba driver download site. Where do I get these drivers?

Answer:Need CD/DVD writer drivers for Windows XP on Portege R500

Hello Ad

I can imagine you are a little bit confusing about missing drivers but in fact you should install only stuff offered on Toshiba download page.

Please do this and test the optical disc drive with some burning application like Nero and you will see that everything works fine.

One more thing about this ?Installations Instructions? document: this list is the same that Toshiba use for recovery image creation. Recovery image contains much more stuff that you can find on download page. I do not want to explain you now why is this and for WXP functionality on Portege R500 is not so important.

Important for you is to download all stuff and install it following this installations order.

That?s all!

One more thing: I have heard that Toshiba will create WXP recovery DVD for business notebooks. I am pretty sure you can order this WXP DVD. Try to contact authorized service partner in your country and ask if they can order one copy for you.

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From the Toshiba drivers download site I obtained the LAN driver for Windows XP on Toshiba Portege R500. Most downloads contain a setup.exe for installation, but this one does not. The Installation Instructions from the same site do not give any instructions on this matter.

How should I install this driver?

Answer:Re: How to install LAN driver for Windows XP on Portege R500?


Are you beginner or experienced PC user?

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I recently picked up a Portege M200 and installed (via PXE - network install) Windows 7 on it. I would like to upgrade the BIOS as it's still at the original BIOS (1.1). I downloaded and extracted the pkg and tried to install via Windows but it says my OS isn't supported. I don't have an external CD drive or FDD - how can I update the BIOS? I tried to put it on a USB drive but there doesn't seem to be an option to boot from USB.


Answer:Portege M200 BIOS update running Windows 7?

Ok, I'm thinking I could use an SD card but I see it's not recognized by Windows 7 and when I put in a card, nothing happens...

Anyone know where I can find a driver for it? I do see there are 2 devices not recognized - one "Base System Device" and one "Unknown Device"...

And I see it doesn't recognize the video card either - just uses Standard VGA Graphics Adapter which seems to work fine...

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Which difference are between model Portege R500-121 3G and R500-11z ?


Answer:What difference between Portege R500-121 and R500-11z

Both notebooks supports:

CPU - CORE2 DUO U7700 (1.33GHZ)
HDD - 160GB (5400RPM) SATA
INTEL 11A/G/N Wlan card

And the only difference is that R500-11Z does not support the *3G module* !

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Does anybody know the difference between Portege R500-10J and Portege R500-11C?

Answer:Comparing Portege R500-10J and R500-11C


I have searched and investigated a little bit on different websites and it seems that both Port?g? R500 notebooks support the same hardware specifications:
Intel Core 2 Duo 1.2GHz / 2048MB / 160GB / TFT12.1 / Intel GMA 950 GPU

I think these both notebooks are delivered and designed for different countries and therefore the model number is different.

The Portege R500-10J PPR50E-00K00PSP seems to be delivered in Spain and the Portege R500-11C PPR50E-00K04LRU can be bought in Russia.

Best regards

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I have a Portege R500 with Windows XP.
I have now installed a Windows 7 version without activation to see if all drivers work (Windows 8 is not supported as far as I know).

All looks good and Windows is telling me now as expected it is not genuine and offers me to buy the license, but when I go to MS it fails (it seems MS does not sell Windows 7 anymore).

Does Toshiba sell OEM licenses for Windows 7 for a R500 ?

It would be a shame to throw it away because of that.

Thank you

Answer:Portege R500 - Does Toshiba sell OEM licenses for Windows 7

Toshiba offers notebooks with preinstalled recovery image and offered version is activated. With other words when you buy notebook you buy also valid licence for preinstalled OS version.

Toshiba supports newer operating systems too. As you can see on Toshiba download page you can find drivers, tools and utilities for Win7 64bit and use them after Win7 installation.

Unfortunately Toshiba doesn't offer licence for it. All you must do it to obtain Win7 64bit with valid licence.

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Where can I find the VAR software for Windows XP for the R500 (SSD, without optical drive)? Because otherwise the fn keys won't function...
I already tried to bypass the check in the Vista version.

Then I choose custom and select some options. Some fn keys work, others don't. And when one doesn't every function key stops working until I run reset flash (or something like that).

When can I suspect the VAR software for XP?

Answer:Where to find Windows XP Value Added Package (VAP) for Portege R500

Sorry but VAP (this means Vista Added Package) doesn?t exist for Windows XP.
As the name already said it?s a Vista package and was designed ONLY for Vista!!!

Usually the FN buttons are controller by Common Modules running Windows XP.
So please ensure that this tool is installed.
Furthermore it?s very important that all Toshiba drivers are installed in the right order like mentioned in the installation instruction!!


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Hey all its me again. One of our Clients just purchased this laptop and it comes with vista home premium, but they want xp pro. So i got the xpp and i have no clue where to find the xpp sata drivers for this particular laptop. Now we have a slipstream disc w/ sata drivers for the xp/vista dual boot, but I think it was made w/ the xph cd. does taht matter or no?

anyhelp appreciated. My co-worker who did this kinda stuff is no longer with us and he only partially showed me, and i cannot remember if he siad that this disc with the sata drivers already installed will work with all sata or not.

Answer:Toshiba Portege R500-02G Windows XP Pro Sata Drivers

BEFORE you format the drive and install XP, check to be sure that WinXP drivers are even available for that model of PC! These forums are full of people who formatted to dump Vista in favor of XP only to discover that very limited (in some cases non-existent) driver support was available. So, visit the Toshiba web site and make sure the XP drivers are available for download. If they have 'em, download them and burn them to a CD before starting the install just to be sure you have them. Chances are, they have the driver you're looking for too....

If you can't find the SATA driver at the Toshiba web site, but they have all the other drivers, post here and we'll try to help!

Good luck!

(BTW- the model number you listed does not exist at the Toshiba web site. Portege models in the R500 series have model numbers that look like this: R500-S5001X through S5008X and an R500-S8199. Some of the models have a V or no letter, but NONE have a G, and none have only 2 or 3 numbers after the R500 so you might want to double check the model number. This is for US models; if you're not in the US, you may have a different model numbering structure)

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I installed Win7-32 (clean) today, but cannot seem to install the vista driver and software properly. I have installed most Toshiba-drivers for my system, including the 3G power (vista) and Value Added Package. The modem is on according to VAP.
Error message: "The wizard was interrupted before Wireless Mobile Broadband Drivers could be completely installed. Your system has not been modified. To complete installation at another time, please run setup again."


Answer:Portege R500 - Windows 7 32bit HSDPA problem.

I found out how to fix the problem.
I started the vista32-installation, located the msi, extracted the msi and installed the drivers manually in Device Manager. Worked like a charm.


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im using the WIndows 7 beta on my R500 and it's runnig everything well except the DVI-Port (over the Slim Port Replicator II).
All I have installed are the Fingreprint-Software, the bluetooth-stack (which were recommended as solution by the action-centre) and the "TOSHIBA Value Added Package" which adds the Power Management software, control over the 2 hardware Buttons and gives the FN-onscreen-menu to control the FN1-9 functions.
I think I can say it is definatively an driver issue, because if I start the R500 the windows loading-screen is shown on my external screen but when he switches to the desktop the external screen turns off and the desktop appears on the laptop screen. Also no chance to activate it via FN+F5.
I tried it with the buildin Windows 7 driver, the newest intel driver (15.8.3) and the vista driver provided by toshiba (, but unlucky none of them works :(
Btw: the vga output works, but only UNdocked :(
Has anyone a solution or a hint what to do or try?

Answer:Portege R500 - anybody using DVI over Port Replicator II on WIndows 7 Beta?


First of all I must say Windows 7 Beta is as the name says only a beta version so there could be some issues and it?s not sure that all works fine with Windows 7 Beta.

About your problem: Can you see the second monitor in the display settings? There you can active it and mark the option ?Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor?.

Last but not least you should make a BIOS update if you don?t have the newest version.


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I don't quite understand why Toshiba does not provide the necessary drivers to make a new Portege R500 WLAN work. I have absolutely no wireless networking capability, as if the switch was turned off, and I have a yellow question mark in the Windows Device Manager ("Other devices", "Network Controller"). Windows does not find a driver on the two restoration CDs and trying to install everything from doesn't help neither.

Has anybody managed to find drivers to correct this "Network Controller" problem for an R500 under Windows XP? Maybe my unit has a hardware defect, because I can't believe that WLAN support for XP is not provided out of the box or at the very least by downloading files on the Toshiba support site

Thank you

Answer:No network controller driver for Portege R500 (Windows XP)


Reading your posting one thing is strange for me. Can you please explain to me what you mean with: Windows does not find a driver on the two restoration CDs?.???

As far as I know restoration CD/DVD is not a kind of driver collection but recovery image that you can use for clean operating system installation. Can you please tell me which restoration (recovery) CDs you have? Are both of them for one operating system or you got one for Vista and other for WXP.

I have checked Toshiba support page and there is listed WLAN driver version / Download it and unzip the driver files and before you start installation check readme.txt file at first.

By the way, for WXP installation please use Installations Instructions document and follow listed installations order.

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I have installed Windows 7 Ultimate but cannot get the touchpad to work.

Any suggestions for a fix?

Message was edited by: adeery

Answer:Portege R500 - Touchpad doesn't work on Windows 7


Have you tested an external mouse on the notebook? Does it work?
Is the touchpad listed in device manager?

Normally you can enable or disable the touchpad using FN+F9. Did you check this?
Maybe you have to install the Value Added Package for this.

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Hi everyone!

I've got a problem.
I downloaded the BIOS Update from the Toshiba Hompage.

The update started correctly, but at the point "Flash new BIOS" at "Processing block 26 of 33" the update stucks!
I'm waiting since almost 2 hours, but nothing happens.
My screen freezes, I can't move the cursor, the clock shows the same time.... so nothing happens...

Is that normal?
I don't think so, but it's my first BIOS-update, hence I'm not really familiar with it...

Does anyone has an idea?

It would be great to get some help!

Answer:Portege M800 - BIOS Update stucks - Windows 7 32bit


This is different not a common BIOS update process?
The BIOS update should not take a long time.

In your case is it possible that something went wrong during the flashing process and the ROM module has not been flashed properly.
I think you are in trouble and in my opinion only the ASP technician would be able to help you.

The BIOS ROM must be flashed again using an crisis procedure and this can be done only by an ASP technician.


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I just upgraded my Portege R500 to Windows 7 (clean install) and downloaded the latest Tosh utilities and installed them.

When I tried to set up the fingerprint utility by enrolling fingerprints I get right to the end where I'm prompted to save the fingerprint then get the message "Operation failed. Duplicate template already exists".

Can anyone help please?

Answer:Portege R500 Fingerprint utility failing after Windows 7 upgrade


Seems there is an something wrong with the fingerprint registration? for me it looks like the old fingerprints are still present somewhere in the registry or on the HDD file folder?.

I think you should firstly remove the fingerprints and then should uninstall the software.
After that should clean the registry using an tool like Ccleaner.
Then reboot the unit. Install the VAP (value added package) and the fingerprint software!

Hope this helps!

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Hi there!! Happy new year!!

I had a great xmas present, an upgrade to windows 7, so I upgraded the OS of my Portege R500 from Vista Bussiness to Windows 7 Home Premium. So far, the laptop's performance has improved BUT the touchpad doesn't work properly, and with properly I mean the scrolling function ain't working any more. I checked toshiba's downloads webpage and there is no driver for the touchpad for windows 7. Is there anything I can do to get the scroll function back to work or is it just a matter of patience??

Thanks in advance for the help

Answer:Portege R500 - Touchpad doesn't scroll after Windows 7 upgrade

If you are certain there is no Toshiba driver and your touch pad is Synaptics then try their Windows 7 drivers at []

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Hello  people  Have this small problem. After I have updated my bios it's take 15 min before the thinkpad Upstart screen are coming What do I do to get it start up right away  I have try to install the same update 2 times. It do still the same..    Qlinox

Answer:thinkpad R500 bios update

you should revert to older version of the bios. 

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may I ask if there is a way to boot with 3GB RAM, so to use the the 1GB that it won't be able to see as ramdisk?


Answer:Portege R500 - Can I use 3GB RAM?


As far as I know the Portege R500 can be upgraded to 2GB RAM. Therefore you need DDR2 667MHz RAM.

> so to use the the 1GB that it won't be able to see as ramdisk?
To be honest I don?t know what you mean with this.
With special tools you can create a RAM disk in the RAM. Google for this.


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My current bios version is 1.6, the latest is 3.0
When trying to update the bios, I get an APPCRASH from INSTALL2.EXE
exception code c000005

I tried to run it in safe mode, but this doe not help

Thanks for help

Answer:Portege A600: cannot update to bios 3.0


The istall.exe should not crash and you should not update the BIOS in safe mode!
The Windows should be booted up and should run correctly!

Here is a Toshiba FAQ How to update BIOS:

Possibly the error code is related to corrupt windows OS or to missing some necessary Toshiba tools.
Using Win XP the Common Modules should be installed.
Using Vista or Win 7 the VAP (value added packed) should be installed.

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Hi All!

I would like to update the bios of my Portege R100, i've downloaded this trought this site:

unzipped and started install2.exe but i receaved this error:

"*[Error] BIOS Upgrade is failure. BIOS is not able upgraded on this configuration*"

Windows xp sp2
No external installed devices

Someone can help me?


Answer:Bios update Portege R100


You can download another version of the same bios-update here : PR10U

This file contains more information about performing the update, see the readme-file
you can either do a direct update within XP or make a bootable diskette or a bootable CD

If the "direct update" within XP won't work, you will need at least an USB-fdd-drive, most of them are recognized easily by the bios ( hold F12 during start-up and choose fdd )

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I have been wrestling with this device for a while now and I seem to be progressively making the situation worse.

My current issue is that I can no longer access the BIOS after changing a setting in the BIOS that related to USB emulation (or something like that). I was in the process of trying to make the device boot from a USB and pretty much twiddling with every setting to see what would work.

This one didn't. And now the device no longer responds to F2. It's like it is ignoring the keyboard. Doh!

Is there some way to roll back or re-flash the BIOS? Or another way to access it? I tried an external keyboard, to no avail.

How did I get here?

Well ... I was given this device to put back to factory condition and I could not find an obvious option that would do this, other than the Toshiba Maintenance Utility which looked hopeful. It offered to erase the partition (which at the time seemed fair enough) - BUT THAT"S all it did - so the machine just repeatedly boots, displays "Please insert system disk" and then reboots.

OK, I'm an idiot - but it does seem silly for Toshiba to offer an option that instantly bricks the machine?

Anyway, I've moved on from that problem to one that is significantly more dire. Not being able to access the BIOS means I don't have any options - unless one of you wonderful people can help me discover one.


I have since discovered that the next setting I was going to adjust - the Secure Boot setting - may have solved... Read more

Answer:Portege - Can't access BIOS after update

Which notebook model do you have and which operating system do you use?

If you use Win8.1 you have access to some BIOS settings using settings in system settings. Check it out please.

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I have a Portege Z835, with a battery problem: don't charge. The battery indicator says "3% connected and charging" but it don't charging the battery.

Some forums says that the solution is updating the Bios. I have a Bios update v.1.60 ready for install. When I try to install, we get the message "the battery power is not enough".

My power cord is always connected. If I disconnect the power cord, laptop is off.

Please, what can I do?



Answer:Portege Z835 - need help with BIOS update

To be honest I don?t think it is BIOS related issue. As far as I know battery should be charged even if the notebook is OFF so why BIOS update if battery cannot be charged at all.

For me it sounds like hardware related issue.

How old is your Portege?
Is warranty still valid?

Maybe you should contact Toshiba service and ask for help or even their opinion.

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i have a portege m200 and because it doesn't have any device on it (fdd,dvd) i want to be able to boot from an sd-card. For that I need the newest bios version v1.70win, but to intall it ,it requires the Common Module. I have instaled it (there was no error, at least) but when I retry to do the update , a"missing common module" message appears. So I'm a little bit confused. I suppose that the best think to do is to erase any previous version of common module,and reintall it, but I have no ideea how should I do it.
can anyone give me clue, or maybe i'm on the wrong path!?

Answer:Portege M200 BIOS update

Hello Daniel

As far as I know it?s not necessary to install a Common Modules if you want to update the BIOS. Nevertheless normally you can find the Common Modules in ?Add and remove programs?. If you need a whole instruction ?how to make a BIOS update? you can find it on the Toshiba website.

Please go to ?Support & Downloads? then ?Knowledge Base?. There you can search for ?BIOS update?.


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what is the BIOS EC?

in my BIOS it states BIOS version of 2.10 and EC version 1.40

on toshiba website latest revision is BIOS v2.10 and EC 1.50 as same flash update download. but as the BIOS is already upto date i want to know if trying to flash for the EC from 1.40 to 1.50 would be worth it?



n.b. presume the latest R700 BIOS is v2.10 as stated on the website? is there anywhere else i can check?

Answer:Portege R700 - BIOS EC update from 1.40 to 1.50

I believe the EC is an important function so I would update the EC to ensure the notebook is running optimally.

I don't know what was changed but you can usually find this information on the Toshiba America website in the support/downloads section/

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I have only linux (antergos) on my Portage Z30-B-100, Does anybody know of any way to flash update bios?

Answer:Portege Z30-B-100 update bios from linux


On the Toshiba EU driver page you can find only the win-based BIOS update version.
This means that BIOS can be updated from running system only and you need to run Windows OS in order to start the BIOS update procedure. Linux isn't supported in this case...

Here you can find the How to doc about the BIOS update

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I have a Portege 3440CT with bios version 1.50.

This version does not support large HDD so I thought I'd update the BIOS. (don't know if version 1.60 does either, does anyone know?)

When I try to run the bios-update-program on win2000, it says "Initial error", anyone know what's causing this?

BIOS is downloaded from Toshibas website.

I have no floppy or CD-rom available.
Have tried the updater on win98, and also in DOS and it says "this utility not available on v86 mode!"

Is there any way to place the BIOS file on a small hard drive, and boot from that?

Ideas, anyone?

Answer:Bios update on Portege 3440CT.

Sorry CyB but I really do not understand you. If you check Toshiba support page you will find two BIOS updates. Both of them must be done using FDD. So now I am asking myself why you try to do it under running operating system. Sorry but it is really ridiculous.

Toshiba provide two different BIOS updates. One is TRAD (must be done with FDD) and WIN (can be done under running WXP or now Vista). For old notebook models there is no WIN version.

Is there any way to place the BIOS file on a small hard drive, and boot from that?

As far as I know something like this is not possible and you can check eBay and obtain FDD. You can get it for few bucks. It is really not expensive.

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I have recently bought quite old notebook of Toshiba Portege R111 Series. There was Dynabook SS 2120 DS11L/2. Can anybody help me to find BIOS update file for it? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Portege R111 BIOS update

Do you have really the Prot?g? R111?

For me is known only the Portege R100?
What the model number is it?

As far as I know Dynabook series has been released for Japan market only?
So possibly the drivers could be found on some Japanese sites?

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where do I get Bios updates and drivers for my Portege R111 (dynabook ss s9/210lnkw) from?
This is very important.

thanks a lot

Answer:Need BIOS update for Portege R111


In which country was the laptop originally purchased from, if you don't mind me asking?


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I have a Toshiba Portege Z30-A
Maybe someone was able to perform the upgrade bios in windows 7 64 bit?

Answer:Re: Portege Z30-A - Bios update 3.80-WIN using Win 7 64bit

I upgraded to 3.70 EC 1.4 as soon as I got hands on my Z30t-A and when I noticed the 3.80 was available I downloaded the zip file. None of the 15 files has started the upgrade process.

I run Windows 8.1, but the BIOS upgrade should function the same as for WIN 7.
Toshiba must have forgotten to add a setup.exe or something.

I haven't seen a release note, but I'm a big fan of fresh software.

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I've been looking on the Toshiba Site for BIOS updates for a Portege 3440CT, but can't find anything for the older models. Are they still available? Also the BIOS on the laptop at the moment is 1.50, acan anyone tell me what the most recent version is?



Answer:Need BIOS update for Portege 3440CT

All BIOS updates, drivers, tools and utilities for older notebook models you can find under ARCHIVE.
For your Portege there you can find BIOS version 1.60.

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I recently bought a Portege R700 19M and I have downloaded the latest version of the BIOS available in the Toshiba support page and when I run the .exe file, it doesn't work with this message: "The computer is not supported"
And, when I have a look in the HWSetup Toshiba tool, it doesn't display the BIOS version but some weird character (not usual letters) so I can't know which version is installed.
thank you for your help

Answer:Portege R700 - Can't update the BIOS

Hi buddy,

Do you update the BIOS on preinstalled Windows version from Toshiba?
Are you logged in as Administrator when you try the update?

To be honest I doubt it?s a problem of released BIOS update because I found other threads where users report that BIOS update was successful.

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I'm trying to update the BIOS of my R700 computers with a command line on Windows 7 (x86 french edition).
The BIOS version I'm trying to use is P007Bv170_EC73V140.

I have downloaded the from Toshiba official website. In the zip file, there is no instruction (no Readme.txt or other help files ...).

Is there a way to silently upgrade the BIOS ?
Thank you for your help,


Answer:Portege R700 - How to update the BIOS?


You have to start the exe file that you can find in zip-archive that you downloaded. After this the BIOS update will start.

But before you do this update, unzip all files and close all running programs. Make also sure that you are logged in as Administrator.

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Has anyone tried this new update ?
I was put off by the wording on the disclaimer.
It seems that in order to cut down on constant fan use the price to pay will be a hotter computer.
Is that going to affect the computer life time ?
Also, as it is a "stand alone" update, is it possible to undo the changes and revert to a previous version if necessary ?
Finally, is the increased heat on the base of the unit going to make it uncomfortable to work with as a tablet ?
Thanks for feed back.

Answer:Portege M400. BIOS update V 1.8


Yes I have updated my m400 to version 1.8 and No it does not run that hot im currently suing speed fan to monitor the temp and its stable at 38 degrees - with BIOS set to cooling - battery optimised, its very quite now! thats what i wanted as the fan for me was just to loud for such a small laptop. I went from 1.4 straight to 1.8 didnt do 1.7.
I still find however the power saver dosent do much in terms of the fan speed, but at least we know there was an issue and they have identified it in the BIOS release.

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I tried to Update the BIOS at my M700-110 PPM70E-02302DEN from 1.60 up to 1.80 (P005Bv180.exe).

However it fails with the error " BIOS Update is not supported OS. Unsupported OS or service pack installed."

Within the "more information" I could read "OS independent".
Is the Windows 7 Home Premium with Service Pack 1 not supported?

What's the matter?
Which BIOS is the right one for my system?

Please help me!
THanks a lot.

Answer:BIOS Update not possible for Portege M700


It seems that Vista OS was preinstalled on this notebook.
This means that you have installed the Win 7 system at your own hand.

The point is that BIOS update requires some essential Toshiba tools.
For example the Value Added Package is important software and should be preinstalled on the notebook.

Is VAP installed?
If not install the VAP before trying to update the BIOS.

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Hi there,
When I look for an update to the BIOS in my M400 at the Nordics version of Toshibas homepage - here is what I find;
On the nordics toshiba website they have the 1.50 version available for download, while the US version website I can download the newer 1.60 version. As my M400 is a Danish version I am a little unsure as to if it's ok to update my BIOS to v1.60 now that the nordics toshiba website don't have that BIOS version available.

Any thoughts and views about going ahead and installing the version 1.60 on my DK-version M400 is very welcomed.


Answer:Portege M400 - BIOS update to 1.60


Please don?t compare European and US notebooks models and don?t make update mix. If you have European notebook please use just the stuff available on Toshiba Europe download page.

If you don?t have problems with your unit and if operating system runs stabile, don?t do anything. It is just my advice.

Have a nice day!

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What does the BIOS update for Portege Z830 (PT224 / PT225 / PT22L), version 1.80 do?

The description just says +"This BIOS Update adds increased functionality to your system."+, and I haven't been able to find anything more on Toshiba's website. The update was released 2013-05-24.

Answer:Portege Z810 and BIOS update 1.80

I presume European Portege Z810 must be similar to US Z830/Z835 (PT224x/PT225x) so I?ve checked US support page for BIOS update and here is info about BIOS updates:

+Version 1.80 - 2013-04-25+
+Optimized a BIOS setting to improve hibernation resume reliability.+

+Version 1.70 - 2012-09-12+
+Implemented the Intel specification to improve stability - updated MEBX to
+EC/KBC V1.30: Improved standby stability.+
+EC/KBC V1.30: Modified the power supply error detection method.+

+Version 1.50 - 2012-02-13+
+Added a boot LOGO sequence for ZAT (GPS) models.+
+Improved: Control of TPM on Intel TXT enabled systems.+
+Implemented a fix for an issue where the BIOS password cannot be entered when configured as follows: 1. Wired USB keyboard is connected to the port replicator. Wireless USB mouse is connected to a computer USB port. 3. Computer is docked to the port replicator.+
+Implemented a fix for an issue where the BIOS password can't be entered with some USB keyboards.+

+Version 1.40 - 2011-11-15+
+Improved: Control of the TPM on Intel TXT enabled systems.+

+Version 1.30 - 2011-10-27+
+Initial production BIOS for these models.+

I hope this will help you.

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i recently purchased two used portege 3490 CT Notebooks, both with BIOS version 1.60. I tried to upgrade to Version 1.90 with a USB-Floppy, but it wont accept the floppies. Theres no floppy access when i press a key after the bios update message.

Also booting from this USB floppy wont work. Is this a problem related to this specific USB floppy drive (it's a NEC)? Are there any other procedures to update the BIOS?


Answer:BIOS Update on a Portege 3490

Hello Thomas

I am not sure but I assume that your unit has no USB legacy support and, as far as I know, you can do it using original Toshiba FDD. Check please your BIOS settings.

I am pretty sure that you will not be able to make BIOS update using your FDD.


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Hi I was wondering can this machine update it's BIOS without the use of an external FDD........I do not have one......buying one is more costly than a USB FDD..........Or is there a way to flash the bios with a use of an application executed in windows ?

Appreciate to those who can help ............

Answer:Bios update on Portege 3110Ct


Check this

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Hi. Have issue of replacing, replace ssd.

I got PORTEGE R500 (version PPR50U-02M01W) with SAMSUNG_MCCOE64GQMPQ_SE805B0137. It has only 64 GB.

I contacted Toshiba service asking to replace with something bigger, they said it's impossible! HOW SO? It should be possible to replace 64GB SSD to 256GB SSD!

If somebody can give me the link to SSD, which gonna fit 100% in my existing ssd will be very thankful!

Answer:Portege R500 - Can I change the SSD?

>I contacted Toshiba service asking to replace with something bigger, they said it's impossible! HOW SO? It should be possible to replace 64GB SSD to 256GB SSD!

And why should not be this possible? Did the technician say this?
In my knowledge it should be possible to use any SSD drive since the SSD drives use the same interface like common HDDs?

As far as I know there is a SATA controller and common SSD with SATA interface should work?

That?s my opinion?

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I can not locate the CD/DVD anywere in my laptop.
The drive does not show "my computer" or "Equipo" and if I go to the Panel of control "Panel de Control" does not show as a hardware installed.
It has just disappear.

But if I open in and close it makes noise and seems like is trying to read the DVD/CD.
But nothing happens. Please any suggestions.



Answer:CD/DVD of my Portege R500 has disappeared


Please check if your CD/DVD drive is recognized in the BIOS.

If the BIOS didn?t recognize the internal CD/DVD drive then hardware could be faulty.
This would mean that the whole CD/DVD drive must be replaced.

Check this firstly and come back.

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Good morning,

I have an Toshiba Portege R500 and there is no sound.
On Device Manager I have checked drivers and hardware and it seems to be ok.
I have made test sound with Windows sound and it didn't work.
I have the sound toothed wheel in front of the laptop, no sound.
I use Windows Vista Business SP1.
Can you help me ? Should I use an specific Toshiba software ?


Answer:No sound on Portege R500

Ok, you already checked wheel in front of your notebook. Make sure it is not disabled via FN+ESC key combination.

The other thing could be, it is muted in sound options or level is set to low.
Got to control panel - sound.

Then there should be a green mark on the speaker symbol. Enter properties and go to level and set them to 100. Check that there is no red symbol over the speaker symbol.

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[email protected],
is it possible to change the HDD of a Portege R500 or is it something special? And wich size do I need?

Answer:Portege R500 - HDD exchange possible?


Of course you can change the HDD of the Portege R500 but this is a little bit tricky. As far as I know you must remove the completely base cover and therefore you must remove a lot of screws.

I think on this model the HDD should only be exchanged by a notebook technician.


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It not only gets so hot that typing becomes uncomfortable, or wakes up suddenly while hibernating, the fingerprint sensor gets busted systematically after only a few months after purchase!!!

I read that it might be due to an Internet Explorer update so l uninstalled the updates, but the problem remains and what is worse is that it did not recognize the password either.

Someone helped me get around the written password problem, but one of the main reasons why l bought this Toshiba R500 is because of the fingerprint gadget and it is not working and Toshiba does not provide any assistance with this according to several forum users.

Can anyone tell me how to restore the fingerprint sensor? Has Toshiba ever done it for you


I'm assuming your R500 is still under warranty, so I would send it to an ASP for repair. There is an ASP list on the website

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My Portege R500 has a C2D U7700 processor, which is always operating at half it's maximum speed. And when I say always, I mean that CPU load makes no difference, battery/AC-power makes no difference, and power plan also makes no difference.

Note that I am not talking about P-states! The processor goes to 1,33GHz when I expect it to. I'm also NOT talking about the thermal throttle, because the cpu is not overheating at all. I'm talking about the *normal power saving throttle*.

How do I know this?

Well, I turned out that this CPU is actually slower than a Atom N270. That couldn't be true, so I went to investigate. I downloaded [RMclock|] and noticed that the throttle never goes higher than 50%. RMclock can also forcibly disable the throttle, and then YES my laptop is literally twice as fast (which can be seen in any CPU benchmark). But after 10 seconds or so, the throttle is back and the laptop is back to half it's maximum speed.

Alright, here's what I've tried so far:
1) In HWSetup, set Dynamic CPU Frequency Mode to "Always High". No change.
2) In Vista, enable "High performance" power plan and max out the "CPU power management" option in advnaced options. No change.
3) In RMclock, set the profile to *only* use the throttle state of 100%. No change.
4) In RMclock, disable the C1E instruction. No change.

So. How do I get the throttle to operate and 100% when I need it to? Otherwise I could... Read more

Answer:Portege R500 - CPU never goes beyond 50% (throttle)

Hello Thany

It will be interesting to know if you still use ?factory settings? with all preinstalled Toshiba stuff or you have maybe own OS installation?

What is the CPU load in idle state?
What happen if you open several applications and you expect more power?
Does CPU usage goes to 50% only and stays on this level?

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I would like to install Microsoft Win XP on my Portege R500 12Q (128GB SSD drive)

If I start the installation from CD, there is normally the possibilety to install a third party driver through pressing F6. But the problem is, that nothing happens if I press F6 in this moment (tried out more than once).
Ok if I wait i get the possibilety to specify the mass storage because installation program did not found any. If I want to install the drivers now, the only possibilety is to instal it from Drive A: (Floppy) but I dont have a floppy drive.
Over all I did not found the SSD- Driver at the Hompage but I think it is included in the Matrix Storage Manager, isn't it?

Is it really that difficult to install Win XP on a SSD? Please help me.
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Re: Win XP Installation on Portege R500 12Q

I have found possibility now:
Changing the BIOS options to recognize the sdd as a ide drive should I leave it like that ore change it again?

If I change the setting again in the bios I always get a blue screen, but I can not install the Matrix driver (SSD) as long as I dont change the setting and I think I dont use the possible speed of the SSD.
Any ideas? please

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Hi there,

Recently a colleague of mine has been experiencing issues with her portege R500 laptop. The display either turns black with white text (but the image is cutting and very blippy) or the display goes black in general. The laptop is very hot to touch when this happens and if powered off and then turned back on the power LED comes on, but no other LED such as HDD/ wireless as usual.

However, if left for a few hours it turns on fine. I decided it was overheating and was ready to RMA the machine, but when it came to me trying to repeat the heat / hardware failure with numerous stress tests the laptop performed fine for hours on end even with 90-100% load the whole time.

Could this issue be something other than overheating itself? I don't want to RMA a symptom-less machine, but at the same time it's not suitable to pass it back to her for her to do her work on. I've already taken a can of compressed air to it, so its not the venitlation / fan being faulty.

Many Thanks.

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Answer:Portege R500 - Overheating?

Hi buddy,

Theoretically it could be an overheating issue but it could be another problem as well. This must be checked from a notebook technician. It?s very hard to say what is defective so you need professional help.

It?s good that you have already cleaned the fan using compressed air spray but maybe the thermal grease must be renewed. Just ask an authorized service provider if it?s necessary and if they can do it for you. :)

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Hello Every Body.
I have just registered on the forum and I would like to request help from the forum members.
The help that I would like to request is about adding RAM Memory to my Notebook A Toshiba Portege R500.
The main reason for this request is because today I went to a computer shop and one of the technicians attempted to install 4GB RAM memory into my Notebook but it could not be done, when the new Memory was installed my notebook would not start.

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Sorry if this is a frequent question, but i had not luck with searches.

I have a pair of Portege R500-11y with SSD disk and i would like to downgrade them to XP. (speed issues)

First question. Is it possible or are there any problems?

Second: i guess i have to install SSD driver, with nlite or F6 at win installation, but which is the correct driver? Can anybody give me the correct link, please?

Is it this? Storage Manager from Intel.

Thank you for your help, and sorry again if this is a RTFM question.


Answer:Re: Portege R500-11Y with SSD: I want to install Win XP

i found it!

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Hi there,
reloaded Vista and in Mobilink it says that the Radio is off :(
How do I go around enabling it because can't find out where?

Answer:Portege R500 3G "Radio Off"

Have you installed the RF Control Utility and the Toshiba Value Added Package?
If not, you should install it.

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1. I am having difficulties using the recovery CD. The computer read the CD once and give me an error message that it cannot partition the SSD. Ask me to reboot the PC. Then I insert the CD again change the boot sequence to the CD rom but now the computer does not recognize the recovery CD. Now the PC freeze after it boot.

2. I have a legal windows vista CD that I tried to install in the PC but i cannot do a clean install because the computer does not read the CD

3. I tried the CD in another computer. I insert the CD reboot and immediately the computer went to the microsoft vista wizard.

4. I tested the CD rom and it is working.

5. I believe the SSD solid state drive of the laptop failed.

I opened my laptop to check what SSD brand I need to buy. However is the first time I change a SSD drive and I am not sure where it is located and how to replace it. So, if someone can reply with the steps of how to replace the SSD I will appreciate it.

Thank you,

Answer:Portege R500 - How to replace SSD?

Have you tried changing the SATA Mode in the BIOS?

Maybe it needs to be in Compatibility Mode, or changed back to AHCI Mode.

If the notebook is freezing for 2 minutes on the Startup Screen, then there could be a problem with the Optical Drive or a cable or something.
This is common on many PC systems, if the BIOS cannot detect the ODD, it will hang and time out after a minute or two.

An Authorized Service Partner can repair the notebook for you (I assume the notebook is still under warrant). There is a list of ASP's on the Toshiba website.

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My basic problem is this - I have a Portege r500 with Vista on it. I'm trying to upgrade Vista to XP Pro, but when I put a bootable XP install CD in the drive, it spins up, seeks around for a while, and then I get a blank screen with a blinking cursor on it.

Now I've done this before, so I know that something is supposed to happen next, but nothing does. And I've tried 3 known good install CDs, so it's not a CD issue. Do I need some BIOS/firmware update to boot from CD on this thing? Or am I missing something?



Answer:Portege R500 does not boot from the XP CD

Well? usually the Portege R500 should be able to boot from the CD/DVD drive and should start the setup installation procedure from the Win XP SP2 CD.

But there is one tricky thing.
The Portege R500 needs a Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager (iMSM). This iMSM is necessary to recognize the HDD and to install the Win Xp on the HDD.

I would recommend creating a new Win XP boot CD with the software called ?nLite? and to include the Microsoft SP2 and the Intel Matrix Storage Manager (iMSM) into the Win XP.

Then you could use this CD for the installation.

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I've got a Port?g? R500-S5006V with a 64GB SSD installed.
Currently I've got space problems, but still so happy with this lovely computer I don't want to replace it.

Is it possible to upgrade to a larger SSD drive? What kind of drives are compatible?
Do I have to send it to Toshiba, or can a regular computer service workshop do this for me?

Answer:Portege R500 and SSD upgrade

I believe the SSD in that machine is not a standard 2.5" SATA or IDE Drive, it is 1.8" and has a ZIF connector and runs as an IDE device.

Do a google search for "SSD ZIF IDE" and you will find some drives that may be compatible. In theory they should work in the R500 but I am not 100% sure.

An ASP can install it for you for a fee.

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Just got a Portege R500-124 and they wanted to set it up themselves...

They have just asked asked about a recovery DVD, as none came with it.

I have looked at the manual and can see you can use F8 on boot up to go to the recovery partition and do a full re-install form there.,
but it would also be good to have a recovery media...

Is there anyway to create this from the laptop ?

This came pre-installed with Windows XP PRo.



Answer:Portege R500-124: Where to get the Reovery DVD


Where do you come from?

As far as I know the Toshiba European notebooks are equipped always with the Toshiba recovery CD.

However, try to contact the ASP in your country and ask if the recovery CD is available for you Port?g? R500.

If not then I would recommend checking your system and the installed applications.
Sometimes there is an option to create a own recovery CD/DVD.
In such case you have to burn the Toshiba image on the DVD.

Best regards

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I have R500-S5008X which was manufactured without an optical drive.

Can I add the optical drive to my unit?

Answer:Can I add an internal dvd to Portege R500

If there is no optical drive bay where you can install an optical drive, then you cannot do it.

You probably need to replace the Mainboard, Base cover, Cable, and other parts. It may be cheaper selling your R500 and buying the other R500 with an ODD, or get an R600.

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is it possible to put 2 GB memory in toshiba R500-11B?
because by default there is 1 GB RAM?

thanks in advance!

Answer:Is it possible to put 2 GB memory in Portege R500-11B?


Normally it can be upgraded up to 2GB memory. Therefore you need DDR2-667 modules with 200pins.

You can buy it from every computer shop or authorized service provider. RAM upgrading is also pretty easy. ;)

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For the past 6 months (just out of warranty...) my R500 has been overheating after about an hour, which eventually results in it freezing. Once it's cooled down, OK for another hour etc. Can I rectify this, or is it simply a feature of very small laptops?

Answer:Portege R500 overheating


The high heat dissipation is always the biggest problem and hitch in the computer (PC & notebook) world.
The smaller notebooks provides nearly the same high performance like desktop PC?s but have no wide and large area for necessary cooling modules? so a higher temperature would be always present and noticeable on small notebooks (no matter what manufacture it is).

But despite this fact your Prot?g? should no not overheat!!!
Therefore I think there is an issue with your notebook.

I don?t know how you use the notebook but first of all you should ensure that the cooling modules are not clogged by dust and debris. In most cases the cooling module fans cannot rotate properly because of dust inside the notebook.
The compressed air spray is a great tool to get the fans free of dust!

Furthermore the cooling ventilators, grilles and the area around the notebook should be free to ensure good air circulation.

In very rare cases it?s also advisable to renew the thermal grease which is placed between the CPU and cooling module.
This should be done by an ASP technician.

I think if you would follow these hints & tips then the notebook will not overheat.

Bye mate and have a good weekend

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I have a PORTEGE R500 bought in 2007, SERIAL NO.48025469H.

I have obvious problems with VISTA and with WINDOWS 7. Both are not working well because it seems to have insufficient memory. I’m wondering if I can increase the memory and replace the disk with an SSD. I want to keep this notebook because it is perfect for all my needs.


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Answer:Portege R500 - RAM and SSD upgrade


According notebook specification your notebook can handle with ?GB RAM but was delivered with 2GB so memory upgrade is not possible.

What to say about SSD? SSD upgrade is possible and you can use 256GB SSD for upgrade. After doing this system will be much faster and you will get definitely more performance and ?speed?.

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Hello dear friends
I bought a laptop - Portege R500-106 with Vista,
I want to format my laptop and install Windows XP. Can I do that and how can I get the driver for my pc?
Yours Mery

Answer:Need WXP drivers for Portege R500

I would also like to be able to do this.

I think the key thing one needs is the hdd sata driver which I have not seen on the drivers site.

I've found Vista very sluggish, even with 2MB RAM. I have also tried installing XP on a virtual PC (using Microsoft's free Virtual PC software - it is tricky and although it works OK the shared drive one can set up to move files between the two OS's only supports short file names.

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Hi there.

I have a new Portege R500 running WXP. It works really well except for one thing, when I try to add a USB device that does not install automatically.

I get the "add new hardware" wizard, which finds the drivers and starts to copy the files... but that is as far as it gets. The animation of the files copying into place goes and goes and goes, but never exits. By this point the whole machine has frozen (only the mouse pointer is responsive) it even ignores ctrl-alt-del and I have to power the machine off.

I have tried several times, with a couple of different drivers and always get the same result. The device installs fine on my old M100, also running windows XP.

If anyone knows what is going on (and more importantly, how I might fix it) I would be really grateful.


Answer:WXP and Portege R500 - Cannot add new USB hardware


To compare 4 year old M100 (designed for WXP) and newest Portege R500 (newest hardware and Vista preinstalled) is for me pretty flippant.
Can you please tell us which external device you want to use with your beautiful Portege? Maybe a printer?

One more thing: have you noticed the same issue using different USB devices?

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I got this new Portege R500 (PPR50E) and the fan noise is driving me crazy! I can't believe why the processor has to run all the time so hot even if it's not on heavy load. Even some light online surfing starts the fan rolling and the whining of it is really annoying. I tried to find software that puts the CPU to halt state, like CPU Idle, but no luck, none of the old apps work with this CPU. The temp is all the time around 60C which is quite a lot even thought I have customized the power management profile to use only the lightest load.
Does anyone have any ideas how to force the CPU to halt state?

I'm also struggling to get standard 1280x720 60Hz resolution to work for an external projector but that's another story.. DTD Calculator does not do it its magic and now I have to start hacking the registry manually...

Then sound card driver. I'd like to use two audio apps at the same time but the driver does not allow sharing of resources which means I can't use Amplitube and Media player at the same time.

The CPU is supposed to be 1,2 GHz dual core and with 2GB memory the machine should run pretty nicely. BUT Vista spoils the fun! This is the second time I use Vista on a laptop and now I'm fully convinced it's a big resource hog and no good OS. R500 should come with Win XP SP3!

I am sorry because I have to whine but I'll return this one to the dealer if there is no solution to these.

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Answer:Several issues on Portege R500

Hi buddy

The machine is known to me. It?s a great small and high-performance notebook.
Fact is that the notebook was equipped with a powerful Core2 Duo CPU which produces a lot of warmness.
From my knowledge the internal temperature (not only the CPU temperature) varies and can increases and decrease at 15 degree C/hour.
Fact is also that the cooling modules are not oversized due to the small notebook size and therefore the single fan has to rotate faster to ensure a properly cooling.

It should be also known to you that the newest notebook series are delivered together with the preinstalled Vista OS and this OS needs a lot of resources.
This is no secret.

Of course you can install you own Win XP on the R500.
I think the notebook would not create such warmness using the XP and the cooling modules should run a little bit slower.

The XP installation is possible and all Win XP drivers can be found on the Toshiba European driver page!!!

Greetings mate

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Where can I find XP drivers for a Portege R500-106? Driver download page only has XP WLAN driver and no others.

Answer:Need WXP drivers for a Portege R500-106

If you can not find drivers there is just one simply explanation. This new Portege notebook model is not WXP supported yet. Enjoy Vista till WXP support starts.

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I'm just experiencing a HDD failure in my Portege R500.

It won't recover from the Recovery Disk so all options seem to point to a new HDD. Is this something that needs factory fitting? How much to replace (160GB)? Is there an option of a solid state drive instead? I remember this was being talked about?

Adrian Lucas (UK)

Answer:Portege R500 - HDD failure


You can use every SATA HDD, because there is no capacitiy limit. So you can buy the biggest 2,5? HDD and I think it?s a 500GB.

You can use the Product recovery disk for your new HDD and then you will have the factory settings with all drivers and tools from Toshiba.

I don?t know if its possible to use a SSD but I think it?s better to use the same technology as was integrated. So it?s sure that you have no problems with your new drive.


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FIRST it was the CTRL keys dying.
Went to the service office with it and they replaced they entire keyboard because they said it was almost burned.

SECONDLY, i remember that in the beginning, having this laptop brand new, costed me more than my monthly salary, i was pretty happy with it, i could place it on my feet and start reading and coding.


THIRD, now the CD DRIVE is not working, showing that magical exclamation mark that many others see under device manager, usb device.

FOURTH, at 03:16 AM, this LATOP woked me up, with the SOUND OF THE CD DRIVE MOUTING or whatever operation it is doing. The LAPTOP WAS CLOSED, but it suddenly STARTED UP (if i would have had it in its plastic case with paper documents, THIS FULLY CHARGED LAPTOP COULD HAVE STARTED A FIRE and EVEN finish my life, good that i am living alone, at least i would have been the only one suffering from such a bad choice)

I AM SO UPSET BECAUSE I TOOK REALLY GOOD CARE of this laptop, being my first laptop, bought from my own worked hard money and thought i would use it when i need it (used no more 3-4 times a month).


THERE is NO CAPS case in they keyboard.

I am writing this message right in the moment when it had awaken me, this night i could have gotten killed by the PORTEGE R500 with vista.
... Read more

Answer:Portege R500 is seriously faulty

Anyone's advice will be greatly appreciated

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Unfortunately I've just dropped on the carpet.
Both the DVD drive and the SD drive have now disappeared.
There are no optical drives listed in Device Manager.

I recently installed a replacement optical drive, because it had stopped working a while back.
The SD card reader has not worked properly for a long time, but still was listed.

The new DVD drive was working fine until the bump.

What I find puzzling is that the SD drive has disappeared as well.

I've taken the thing apart and checked the cables are still connected (the DVD drive to the SD board, and the SD board to the motherboard).
All drivers are bang up-to-date.
Windows 7 is up-to-date.

Any thoughts?

Answer:Portege R500 - DVD and SD have disappeared

In my opinion it must be hardware malfunction. Device can be connected but if the controller is defective the device will not be recognized properly.

You can install original recovery image and test functionality with ?factory settings?. If the problem persists, I think, there is nothing you can do about that. New manboard is solution for you.

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Does the R500 range have a built in microphone?

Answer:Does Portege R500 have a microphone?

Yes I think there is. Do you see a hoIe on the front-left corner? Try turning up the Microphone volume in Windows.

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Just got my Z830 Portege and am folloing the Toshiba update recommendations. The Bios update to v1.7 fails though with a 'computer not supported' message...

Any ideas? Thx, urhs

Answer:Portege Z830 - BIOS update fails

I cannot say anything about this issue but if your notebook works well don?t change anything.
Out of curiosity but do you use original preinstalled OS that you got with your Portege?

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HI, I have Portege M700 - 116 with Vista Ultimate SP1. And I download a fresh BIOS (P005Bv160.exe) from [] version 1.60-WIN date 10/10/08. When I try to install it I have an error window said:

Unsupported product type is installed.
BIOS Package BIOS version: Ver.1.60
Current BIOS version: Ver.1.50

So my question is... WHATS WRONG?? What a product type? This BIOS update is OS independent and language independent (world wide), so i think many people with M700 will have the same problem. Is it some problems with previous version of BIOS? which I downloaded from the same site month ago. I dont understand, the BIOS installer for Windows was made to make the process easy, but it does not even work...

Answer:Portege M700 - 116 BIOS Update Error


I see you are using the Vista Ultimate.
I doubt this is an original preinstalled Vista version.

The error message: Unsupported product type is installed says that the product (software OS) which is preinstalled is not supported by BIOS. I think the error is related to the preinstalled Vista Ultimate. Possibly the BIOS cannot be updated running Vista Ultimate.

SO it would be very interesting to know if you can update the BIOS running Toshiba preinstalled OS.
Should check this!

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