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Portege R600 - Cannot update BIOS using Win server 2008

Question: Portege R600 - Cannot update BIOS using Win server 2008

Hi to all.

Pls. help...

I have tried to upgrade my bios to new version but I cant.

I just download bios update from toshiba site for portage r600 for my model no. (bios update 1.80-win), I unpack zip, execute exe file, but error popup came up:

TOSHIBA BIOS Package Ver.3.2.9
Unsupported product type is installed.
BIOS Package BIOS Version : Ver.1.80
Current BIOS Version : Ver.1.40

So my question is what I`m doing wrong? I`m trying to upgrade my bios from windows.

my windows version is: windows server 2008 enterprise x64 SP1 (dont ask why i simply must run server 2008)


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Preferred Solution: Portege R600 - Cannot update BIOS using Win server 2008

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Portege R600 - Cannot update BIOS using Win server 2008


Your windows OS seems not to be the Windows which has been preinstalled on your Portege?
You cannot update the BIOS using this windows server 2008 enterprise x64?

You will have to switch to the system which was preinstalled by Toshiba?


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I have Protege R600 (accordint to the sticker and to the serial number, it's Portege R600-102, Part Number: PPR61E-00600CEN and I'm unable to upgrade BIOS from its current version (1.6) to the newest one available on support & download site.

Namely, according to my criteria websipe presents 3.00-WIN version, which contans zipped executable called P006Bv300.exe; when launched it displays 'This computer is not supported' message.

Which BIOS should I use?

Answer:Portege R600 (PPR61E) - BIOS update not supported


Did you download the right BIOS version for your notebook? Are you sure?
Check this!!!

By the way: Did you exchange the mainboard or an authorized service provider?
As far as I can remember I did read a thread here about the same issue. The user reported that the update wasn?t possible after mainboard exchange. He went to ASP again and they guys did update the DMI informations. After this the update was possible!!! :)

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I have a Toshiba Portege R600, model number PPR61E with BIOS version 1.50. I want to be able to disable Wireless in the BIOS. This should be possible because the option exists on page 2 of the Bios screen under 'PCI LAN'. It is greyed out, however. I have tried enabling and disabling various options to try and get it to appear and the wireless switch is also enabled. It definately has a Wireless card in the Laptop because I can see wireless networks in windows.

I've also downloaded the latest BIOS from the Toshiba Website, version 1.80 but this does not work. It comes up with the error message, not compatible with this model of PC. I selected the correct model of machine and logged in with an account with local admin rights and ran the update from the machine.

Has anyone else had this problem? Help would be appreciated.


Martin Milner

Answer:Portege R600 (PPR61E) - How to disable WLAN in BIOS?


Why you try to disable WLAN in BIOS?

You can disable WLAN if you use the wireless switch on the notebook. This turns WLAN off and this should be enough.


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I've got a question. Is there any possebility to modify the BIOS settings of a R600 with a tool?

Best would be something what uses a command line // could be opened with parameters,
I would like to change round about 100 machines remotely --> I definitely would need a tool for that.

Thank you!

Answer:Portege R600 - Modify BIOS settings out of windows.

BIOS is very sensible area and cannot be offered for customization. This ?basic? settings are defined by Toshiba and cannot be changed.

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I'm looking for the latest display driver update for my Portege R600-10T (to see if it'll let me set [email protected]).
Went to the relevant page on the, and it showed the following:

30/06/09 | Display Driver | Intel | Windows Vista 32 Bit | | World Wide

When I checked the full info, it showed the following:

FTP-URL _display-20081117151809.zip_
Date last modified *06/30/09*
Company Intel
Type Display Driver
Subtype (none)
Size (Kb) 19568
Version **
Language Universal
Country World Wide
Description This driver enhances the functionality of your display device and allows you to perform different settings, such as Color Management, Monitor Properties or Overlay Control. You can also get help if you have any display related troubleshooting issues.
Model Portege R600, Portege A600
Operating System Windows Vista 32 Bit

When I download the file, it is indeed called _display-20081117151809.zip_
When I install it, it's version ** with a date of *11/07/2008*

I'm sure I've selected the right OS, and I tried several different routes to get to the downloadable file, including letting it auto-detect my system. Same result.

I'm not sure if I'm missing something..? Where's version of the display driver?


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PS - I was already on v7.15.10.1527

Answer:Portege R600-10T display driver update query

Ah, I did indeed miss something... I've just spotted where the version confusion comes from:

Production Version Releases

Microsoft Windows Vista*
Driver Revision: PV
Package: 52084
HDMI Audio:
July 16, 2008

I'd still be interested to know though - is there any way to get my Portege to allow [email protected]? I've tried using PowerStrip to add a 1440x900 LCD setting, but it's just not having it (and I don't know enough of the little settings to work out how to tweak it for my LCD).


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I have just upgraded my Live Messenger to the latest version (build 14.0.8064.206) and I have discovered my webcam and sound system are no longer recognised - I get the message "unable to run audio and video setup".
I came across the message that the Chicony webcam may not work in Vista, but that this had been fixed in Vista SP1, which I have installed, so this seems to be a new problem associated with the latest version of Live Messenger.

Anyone else got this problem? Any solutions becoming apparent?

Interestingly, the video and sound work fine in Skype.

Answer:Portege R600 - no sound and webcam after Live Mesanger update

As I understood your issue the webcam and the sound are not available running Live Messenger but everything work using the Skype.
Is it correct?

Well, in your case I recommend reinstalled the webcam driver and the sound driver and to check the results.

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Maybe worth a heads up to some on Vista as application compatability is high on the agenda for many Vista users and this update should be filtering through now on WU.


This article describes the May 2008 Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 Application Compatibility Update. This update is a package of software updates that address common application compatibility issues that occur in Windows Vista.

This update is cumulative. Therefore, it contains all fixes that were included in previous application compatibility updates. These fixes improve application compatibility in Windows Vista for the following applications:

? Absolute Poker Version 5.7
? ACDSee 8
? Adobe Creative Suite CS2
? Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 - 7.07
? Adobe Photoshop 7.0.1
? Adobe Photoshop CS 8.0
? Adobe Photoshop Elements Version 4.0
? Adobe Premiere Elements 3
? AOL 9.0 - x64
? AOL Safety and Security Center
? ArcSoft PhotoImpression 5
? Auslogics Disk Defrag 1.0.3
? AVG Anti-Spyware
? Azureus 1.0
? Battlefield 2 Deluxe

and many more but see link below for full list and manual download if you have not been offered it yet on Windows Update ( WU )

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Good Afternoon,

My Toshiba model is ?porteg? R600-13x?, I usually work with it without any password. Everytime I open it, it shows me the message of the Finger Print utility and I push ?cancel?. I don?t remember what I did different this morning, but now it?s asking me for a password, and I don?t know what to insert? Can anyone help me?

Thank you in advance.

Answer:Re: OS locked on my Portege R600-13X

Can you continue to work with your notebook if you don?t enter the password?
Generally speaking some password cannot be set for no reason and from alone.

Have you maybe played with fingerprint settings? When you set fingerprint for login it is also secured with password that can be used if the fingerprint cannot be scanned correctly.

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We're very impressed by our new R600-S4201, among the first to be released into the U.S. market. But we would like to swap an SSD for the 160GB conventional hard drive. The Toshiba CSR says we can do it - that it won't void the warranty - but unfortunately the disassembly procedure has not made it to Manila yet.

The R500 instructions do not help because the R600 bottom is one single piece, with covers only for memory, etc. but not for the hard drive.

We removed all (really ALL) screws including the one side screw, but the bottom is not "free". It remains hung up by the protruding ports, etc. on the eSATA side (not the DVD side). It's too thin and fragile to take much force, so we're stuck.

It appears that the bottom must move outward if it is to clear those obstacles. That would require removing the top panel, touchpad, and keyboard, but there is no obvious way to do that.

Any ideas?


Answer:Portege R600 - HDD exchange

As far as I know to exchange the HDD you must remove the bottom side cover.

On this notebook it?s a little bit tricky and you must remove a lot of screws to exchange the HDD. So you should go to a local ASP and ask a technician for help.

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I installed Windows 7 (custom install). Subsequently installed the Toshiba installer to load all relevant programs/drivers. I have a problem with the screen, particularly in Word 2003. It will suddenly distort, so that the words become faded/dotted/lined, in such a way that you cannot read the screen. A second open document in Word will be unaffected. Closing the particular document and re-opening clears the problem. The document remains fine, and is not corrupted.

Also found that sometimes when booting up or waking from hibernation, the machine freezes and it sounds like the fan is working overtime.
Nothing will happen then unless I force a power down and restart.

Finally, the wheel on my mouse (latest Windows 7 drivers installed) will not work to resize a Word screen, and will not work in the folder pane in Outlook 2003.

Any thoughts?


Answer:Portege R600 and Windows 7

Strange! I have installed Office 2003 on two Toshiba notebooks with Win7 and everything is OK.
Have you noticed some other display issues running Win7 on your Portege R600, for instance in Internet Explorer or some other running application?

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I did the mechanical install of a new hard drive, and know it's correct.

Now, I want to install XP - not Vista. However, nothing I have tried will enable the BIOS to recognize that new drive. Toshiba XP "alternative media" disk should include the SATA drivers, but it doesn't work.

What did I miss?

Answer:Portege R600 - How do I install XP on a new HDD?


Do you mean the new HDD is NOT visible in the BIOS or the new HDD is not recognized by Windows XP setup???
These are two different issues?

If the HDD is not recognized by BIOS then you have used not compatible HDD.
But if the HDD is not recognized by XP Setup then you have not installed the SATA drivers which are packaged in Intel Storage Manager.

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Hey there. I have a Toshiba Portege R600, my very first laptop, and I am loving it.

I am angry at Vista Business, but I also get angry at Windows XP. I would love to give Windows 7 a whirl since I heard good things from it.
I am now burning a recovery disk as I type. What else do I need? On the desktop there is a folder called "TOSHIBA Application and Drivers" so I assume I need to save those on a USB stick and load them onto Windows 7. Which drivers though? There are so many and I do not want too many applications clustering the hard drive.

Any tips for a first time laptop user?

Answer:Portege R600 - What do I need for Windows 7?

> Windows 7 a whirl since I heard good things from it.
I never heard good things from Windows 7 as yet?
I think you forget that Windows 7 is only at beta stadium or as far as I know already a Release Candidate but it?s not a final version. So that means it can have some issues and the driver support is not as good as on Vista or XP.

However, if you need Windows 7 drivers you must search on external websites for drivers but sometimes the drivers for Vista also work on Windows 7.
Check this!

All drivers and tools you can download on the Toshiba website: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

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Can someone confirm whether OCZ, Kingston or Transcend SSD is compatiable with Portege R600? I want to replace my main HDD with a 64/128GB SDD.

Answer:Portege R600 - SSD Compatiability

It should not be a problem if you would use the SSD with the right interface. You need a SATA SSD.
As far as I know the Portege R600-102 was equipped with 120GB SSD SATA.

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System is a Portege R600-102.

When it was new it was already noticed that the CPU fan was unusually noisy when it started.
Loaded with latest BIOS and drivers, system becomes more and more noisy, especially now when its hotter outside.
Fan and fan duct has been cleaned, no dust issue.

Anyone else have this issue or noticed this behaviour?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Answer:Portege R600 - FAN Noise

You can reduce fan activity and noise changing settings in Toshiba power saver.
Please open it and change settings for cooling method. Set it to lowest level.

I do the same on my notebook and now runs much quieter.

BTW: which OS do you use?

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I have R600-10X with 128Gb SSD and I wanted to replace it with faster/roomier drive, but inside instead of the SATA drive, I have found ZIF40 drive. Same as in this pic that someone else has posted:

Is there any way to have a new SATA SSD drive like Intel 320 connected to this notebook? There is a lot of suggestions in the forums that R600 does support SATA SSDs, however nobody has confirmed it clearly.

Any info appreciated.

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Answer:Replacing SSD on Portege R600


> here is a lot of suggestions in the forums that R600 does support SATA SSDs

The Portege R600-10X has been equipped with an SATA SSD drive?so I don?t understand why someone says that R600 does not support the SSD drives?

The notebook supports the SATA interface therefore you have to use SSD/HDD which supports the same SATA interface? some if the SSD drives requires an firmware update but this should be provided by SSD drive manufacturer?

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Hello everybody.

I'd like to upgrade my SSD from the actual 128GB to a bigger one: which are the specs for the new SSD to work? Which interface does it need to have? Which physical dimensions?

Any help will be appreciated.


Answer:Portege R600-102: which SSD for upgrade?


I assume the SSD upgrade is the same like HDD upgrade.
The notebook support SATA controller? You will need an SATA SSD drive.
The old SSD drive is 9.5mm height? the new SSD drive should support the same height.

Since the SATA controller is not limited to any size, it should be possible to use SSD drives bigger than 128GB but there is still an question of BIOS support.

Unfortunately, it?s not known to me if the BIOS would support bigger SSD drives but usually this should be supported.

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I've inherited a Portege R600-13X from my colleague, who bumped it and killed the hard drive. I've installed a new hard drive but don't have OS installation disks as he said the computer didn't come with any. To make matters even more difficult I believe the optical drive might not be working. My old R500 had a dead optical drive and after I replaced it (it still didn't work) I was told it might be something to do with the ribbon cable, which piggy backs off the SD card reader and then to the motherboard.

So anyway, is there any way for me to install Win 7 professional (I have the original windows key) from a USB flash drive? Or is there a specific OS recover/reinstallation disc that I can download from Toshiba?

Any advice would be very gratefully received

Answer:Portege R600-13X - how do I reinstall OS to new HDD?

I have a Portege R600 and it has been a terrific workhorse although now showing its age with newer software.

I think these machines came with Vista preinstalled and your friend should have created a set of recovery disks when he/she first got the machine.

Toshiba did release an upgrade disk when Windows 7 came out which was available to purchasers within the free upgrade period you. You may be able to find a disk but you will need the Win7 licence to go with it.

Otherwise, your only option is likely to be to purchase a disk and licence. Of course you may find specific Toshiba drivers are missing. If you think about it, it is extremely unlikely that you'll be able to locate what is essentially a Windows 7 installation disk for free download.

Without an optical drive you will have to borrow an external USB drive and force the BIOS to boot from that first.

I hope you're successful.


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I just bought a Portege R600 (PPR60E) downgraded to XP because of company requirements...
Installed XP SP3, downloaded all the latest drivers from TOshiba Support, updated BIOS to 1.80.

Problem: I cannot get the audio working, it stays mute:
I've tried the official audio driver and the realtek reference driver and it is still mute.
No sound on the internal speakers no sound, on a headphones.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Answer:No Sound in Portege R600 on XP


Do you see some yellow exclamation mark in the device manager?
I mean something with High Definition bus or audio???

If yes, then remove this device from device manager (mark it and delete)

I don?t have a R600 but I had a similar issue with my Satellite notebook.
After installation of Win XP (SP2 only) and Toshiba XP drivers the sound didn?t appear.
After long investigation I found out that I have to install firstly the MS fixes:
KB835221 and KB888111

After installation of both patches you should reinstall the sound driver again.

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Does anyone try to install freebsd on portege r600? Does bsd recognize hardware etc...?
Any problems? etc...

Any expiriences and answers will be appricieated.


Answer:Portege R600 - Has someone installed FreeBSD OS


Unfortunately I?m not a R600 owner but in my opinion it should not be a problem with the installation? the most common devices should be recognized?

But of course you will be not able to install Toshiba special tools and utilities which are designed especially for the Windows OS.


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I'm planning to reinstall windows, since something (a program/driver/idontknowwhat) seems to be accessing my hard disk at random times (often), meaning it never stops spinning and always makes noise. This was already the case (but a bit less than now) with the preinstalled system, even with wdfrgmgr.exe disabled and without using swap file on the hard disk, so since I have no idea what causes it (does anyone here know?) and since it seems impossible to upgrade to an SSD, I'm just going to install a clean winXP and only install the necessary basis stuff (especially not all the control panels).

I'd like to know which drivers from the website are essential and which ones are not.
I will certainly install the basic drivers Common Module, Display Driver, HDD Protection Utility, LAN Driver, Power Saver, Sound Driver, Touch Pad Driver, Webcam Driver, Wireless LAN Driver (Intel).
I will not install (but keeping install files on my disk for emergencies) Acoustic Silencer, Assist, Bluetooth Monitor, Controls, Cooling Performance Diagnostic Tool, DVD Player, Management Console, Password Utility, PC diagnostic tool, PC health monitor, SD memory boot utility, SD utilities, Security Assist, SSD Alert utility, Touchpad on/off utility, USB Sleep&charge utility, Zoom utility. Am I missing something essential (and not obviously in the name) by not installing this?

*Now my other question: what with the remaining drivers? From the following drivers I don't know what they do... Read more

Answer:Reinstalling XP on Portege R600 - which drivers are necessary?

1) You dont need 3G drivers if you dont use 3G

2) Yes you should install these Intel devices, they are important.

3) The Chipset driver is probably the most important of all drivers. Toshiba Common Modules is also very important. You should install these two before anything else.

4) Yes it should still work. You may want to install the Hotkey one, so you can toggle Wifi on and off

5) You should install these, they support some Fn Key functions so you can use an external monitor etc..

6) I dont think you need this. If you run into Mic problems, install it

7) Install Mobile Extensions if you have a Port Replicator.

8) If you dont use TPM encryption, just disable it in the BIOS

9) You should install the Utilities, so you can change hardware settings within Windows.

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Are the .inf drivers available for all devices on the R600. It really confuses me why manufacturers don't offer them; I am using Windows Deployment Services to deploy an unattended Windows 7 image and the following drivers are missing:

Intel AMT
Bluetooth ACPI
HDD Protection Sensor
ALPS Pointing Device
TPM Utility

I have extracted the drivers from the Toshiba website for Intel AMT, ALPS Pointing Device and HDD Protection Sensor, but the Bluetooth and TPM Utility are installable .exe files only.


Answer:WIn7 drivers for Portege R600

Available is only what you can find on Toshiba support and download page.
You are right all drivers are offered as exe files only.

Installation with setup.exe is easiest way for drivers installation. I believe that most PC and notebook users are not so familiar with all this and Toshiba must offer easiest way for drivers installation.

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Toshiba claims this laptop will run 8 hours and 30 minutes on a single charge.
My new (charged the system 6 or 7 times so battery is 'run in') barely lasts 4 hours 30 minutes with Toshiba Energy Saver option selected. Is this normal?

When I select hibernate (Sluimerstand in Dutch) with a full battery and a disconnected charger, the HDD light is on for some time an all lights go out (that is what I expect). When I want to turn the system on 12 hours later the battery is dead. When I reboot it on the charger the capacity is 0%. Is that normal?

Charging while using the laptop takes a full 5! hours, 4 hours with laptop switched off. Is that normal?

Answer:Portege R600-11Q - Battery issue


It?s always depending on the notebook usage how long you can work on battery. If you run applications they need a lot of CPU performance you can?t run 8 hours and 30 minutes on battery.
But here are some interesting informations about this:
[How to get the most out of the battery pack|]

Anyway, maybe your battery is faulty or a cell is faulty. A notebook technician can check this and replace the battery if it?s necessary ;)

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I was under the impression that this R600 (a very competent machine!) has face recognition - but I cannot find that function. Is this something I can download from Toshiba?


Answer:Is Face Recognition available for Portege R600?

Face recognition is also available on Portege R600.
You can also find it for download on Toshiba support page. There you can find version for Windows Vista.

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I'm creating a company custom XP image for the portege R600-13X and i wondered if toshiba porovide a CAB file containing all of the.inf files required for sysprep or if there is a driver install order guide?

When i re-seal and run mini set-up the ericsson mobile bradband module does not re-install correctly.

Please help

Answer:Portege R600-13X - WXP driver installation


Here is WXP install order and I hope it will help you

Windows XP Professional SP3
Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility
Intel Matrix Storage Manager
iMSM Registory 20080303
Intel Cantiga Vista Display Driver
Realtek HD Audio Driver
TOSHIBA Common Modules
TOSHIBA Mic Effect
ALPS Pointing-device Driver
TouchPad OnOff Utility
TOSHIBA Software
Intel internal LAN Driver
Intel AMT Management Engine Interface
Intel Wireless LAN Driver
Intel Proset (Shirley Peak)
Atheros Wireless LAN Driver
Atheros Client Utility
Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba
TOSHIBA Wireless Key Logon
RICOH Media Driver
TOSHIBA 3G RF Power Control Utility
Ericsson 3G Driver
TOSHIBA HDD Protection
TOSHIBA SD Memory Utilities
TOSHIBA SD Memory Boot Utility
TOSHIBA Hotkey Utility for Display Device
TOSHIBA Display Device Change Utility
TOSHIBA Zooming Utility
TOSHIBA Power Saver
TOSHIBA Mobile Extension
TOSHIBA Utilities
TOSHIBA Password Utility
Wireless Hotkey
TOSHIBA ConfigFree
PC Diagnostic Tool
TOSHIBA Controls
TOSHIBA USB Sleep and Charge Utility
TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor
TOSHIBA Cooling Performance Diagnostic Tool
CD/DVD Drive Acoustic Silencer
Infineon Trusted Platform Module Utility
Authentec Fingerprint Utility
Chicony Camera Assistant Software
TOSHIBA Security Assist

Good luck.

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I have a pre-installed XP downgrade disk, but I'd really like to install a fresh windows XP instead.

So I insert a winXP disk, and install.
(a) Installing straight at boot doesn't work: it claims that I have no hard disks! See here:
(b) Installing straight at boot doesn't work: it starts installing and all of a sudden I get this screen:

I originally thought it was missing my SATA drivers, so I slipstream them onto the disk, but in both cases *exactly the same errors appear*. It's still the standard factory disk and just returning to my working windows installation works fine, so it's not damaged. What can I do?

Answer:Installing windows XP on Portege R600

Never mind, problem solved. I installed the wrong drivers. Apparently you have to slipstream the drivers from the F6FLPY in the 32-bit vista editon of the "Storage Manager".
(Yes, vista edition, even if you want to install XP... so not the "official" intel drivers, nor the ones present on the preinstalled xp.)

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I wonder if its possible to use the Wireless connection manager 5 and to make or receive a call?

Answer:Portege R600 - Is it possible to make a call with the SIM?

I see that nobody answered so i will try to explain what i meant -
Is it possible to make audio call with the Wireless Manager by the GSM modem module?
I succeed to send SMS and to connect to HSPA data services but i dont find any reason why i can not connect to the GSM and make a call.

I have Portege R600 model PPR61E-01C00NG3
I even succeed to use the GPS that probably installed in the GSM/HSPA modem (wireless manager 5).

If anyone can explain how and if it possible to make a call please send your reply ... i wnat to use the laptop with BT instead of cell phone ....

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Hello! I have just purchased Toshiba Portege R600-146 and tried to create a DVD with recovery of the system but DVD drive does not recognize any DVD discs, and Toshiba PC diagnostic test for CD/DVD fails. I can not even create a system backup.

Is this a fault of software (Mat****a DVD-RAM UJ-844S USB Device drivers or Windows 7 compatibility) or hardware, and how can this be solved?

Answer:Portege R600 - Can't create recovery DVD

Hi Dmitry_3,

Have you already checked if CD/DVD drive is recognized in device manager properly or is it listed with yellow exclamation mark?

In such cases it could be useful to delete the upper and lower filters:
+1) Run Regedit (Start -> Run -> Regedit)+
+2) Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}+
+3) In the right pane, delete the "UpperFilters" key, and delete the "LowerFilters" key.+
+4) Reboot.+

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This R600 is on XP Pro SP3 and is a fine computer. I carry it to work and plug in a large monitor, and the video is fine. When I get home, however, I use the computer as a laptop with no external monitor.

I must go to Desktop > Properties > Settings and adjust the video to 1280x800.

Is there a way to tell this machine to do that automatically?

Thank you!

Answer:Portege R600 - how to set resolution automatically?

I believe you can set the output display to "Auto-selected" in the BIOS. have you tried this setting?

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I was told it's in there somewhere, but cannot find it.

Answer:Portege R600 - How do I set up FACE RECOGNITION?

For using the Toshiba Smart Face Recongnition Software :


step 1. Although it may not be configured or anything, check wether its already installed in your system, to do that,

1.a. Open "Computer" from the "Start" button.
1.b. Double Click "C:" drive Or wherever your windows is installed, by default its C: drive.
1.c. Double Click "Program Files"
1.d. Double Click "TOSHIBA"
1.e. Check wether the folder named "SmartFaceV" exists in this folder.
1.f. If the folder exists,then it means that you have face recognition s/w installed, although its not configured for usage, skip step 2 & GOTO step 3.
1.g. Else if the folder did not exist then it means that the sotware was not installed, if that's the case GOTO step 2.

step 2. For installing Face Recognition Software

2.a. Open "Computer" from the "Start" button.
2.b. Double Click "C:" drive Or wherever your windows is installed, by default its C: drive.
2.c. Double Click "Toshiba"
2.d. Double Click "Drivers"
2.e. Double Click "FaceRecognition"
2.f. Double Click "setup" - The one having a an arrow going into a loop sortoff icon.
2.g. Follow the step by step procedure for installation.

step 3. For configuring the Face Recognition Software

3.a. Open "Computer" from the "Start" button.
3.b. Double Click "C:" drive Or wherever your windo... Read more

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I need a replacement keyboard for my Portege R600. I need a US-international keyboard.

Can you please tell me where I can buy that? Google gave me links for R500 but not for R600. Also the part number would help, for R500 it's P000488460, but for R600 I haven't found it yet.


Answer:Portege R600 - replacement keyboard


You can buy a keyboard and other parts by an ASP (authorized service provider). Here you can search: => Support & Downloads => Find an ASP

I don?t have a part number because it?s a user to user forum. Part numbers only have ASPs.


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I have a R600 10Q and am interested in putting an SSD in to replace the aging/slow HDD have had a look at what other people have been saying and there appears to be some compatibility problems.

Does any one know if these have been fixed with the new BIOS updates? or is there a list of compatible drives?
Has any one had any success with any particular model?

thanks for the help

Answer:Portege R600 - SSD upgrade question


Most of today's 3rd generation SSD's should work fine. Many of the bugs that affected the earlier SSD's have been resolved now.

Ensure you update the firmware on the SSD before installing Windows. Updating the R600 BIOS is also a good idea. Personally I would buy an Intel or OCZ SSD (the later models).

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The screen on my Portege R600-11B has suddenly gone extremely dim. There's no problem with it coming back to life after hibernation - but it still coems back extremely dim. The brightness does flash up when I press the button at the top right hand corner with a sun symbol on.

I think I might need an FL Invertor? Do you know how I find out which one I need and instructions on how to fit it?

Also I've had problems with Windows 7 Professional starting up incredibly slowly. I'm assuming the two problems are not related.

Hope you can help, thanks.

Answer:Portege R600-11B - Screen is very faint


I recommend connecting an external monitor.
If the picture on the external monitor would be fine, then your internal display or maybe the FL inverter needs to be replaced.
You ask how to check this?
Well, I?m afraid each part need to be checked using another good tested part.

In your case I would ask an specialist for assistance?
Is warranty valid? If yes then I would recommend to contact an Toshiba service in your country.

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I can see the display faintly on the laptop and clearly on an external display if connected. Also, if I press the top right button (that has some sort of display symbol on it), the backlight comes on momentarily.

I have reset all the display settings to factory default and followed various advice from forums about settings in the Intel driver, but nothing makes any difference.

This leads me to conclude that there may be a problem with the backlight switch.

Anybody out there got any ideas?

If it is the switch, can I replace is myself?

Thanks (in advance!)

Answer:Portege R600 - Blacklight problem

Enable Hibernation and then close the Lid. Does it enter hibernation as expected?

If yes, the switch is fine. Something else is faulty.

If that model uses an FL Inverter you need to replace the Inverter. Otherwise if it's an LED backlit screen the LCD would need replacing.

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My Portege R600 has been working fine until today when it came up with the message "Built-in HDD error" when I switched it on. It then lists the following:

Intel(R) Boot Agent GE v1.3.24

PXE-E61: Media test failure,check cable
PXE-MOF:Exiting Intel Boot Agent.
Insert system disk in drive.
Press any key when ready...

I am travelling in South America and do not have access to the system disks.

Can anyone help with this problem ?

Answer:Portege R600 Built-in HDD Error


If you get an HDD error and after this the PXE boot message it seems that your internal HDD is not recognized anymore...

Have you already checked the BIOS if the HDD is recognized there?
If not I think you must replace the HDD? :(

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Is there any way I can get a version of Vista business 64-bit from Toshiba for my laptop?

Answer:Portege R600-11b & Vista 64-bit recovery DVD


If you want to order original Toshiba recovery media you can do this under
Visit this page and check if Vista 64-bit recovery is offered for your Portege or not.

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I have an R600 running windows 7, every couple of minutes I get a display issue where where the vertical pixels seem to get unaligned every centimeter so my screen looks like it has digital blur in bars across it.

I have an external monitor attached and get the same problem with or without it. I have tired the toshiba driver and the intel driver.

It seems to go away if I min and max windows but sometimes it doesn't. if I run my mouse over an effected area it seems to fix it and sometimes it is not the whole screen.

A refresh does fix it.

Anyone have any ideas?

Answer:Display issues with Portege R600 and Win 7

Did the laptop come with Win7 or did you upgrade it?

You should test the RAM for errors. Download the Memtest ISO from, burn it to a CD using an Image-to-disc project, and boot from the CD to start memtest.

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The Toshiba Port?g? R600 is an older laptop that's official supported by Toshiba for Windows Vista, XP (downgrade) and Windows 7. But it appears to run Windows 10 64 bit reasonably fine. There is one quirk that I have with Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10074. It will stop booting, with the circling dots going their rounds forever. (bootlog mode will show the reason)

What you do is boot into safe mode. In device manager disabled the second entry for the graphics card. Windows will then boot normally. I hope I can get through with Microsoft to fix this silly bug.

I do not know how this will affect build upgrades in the future.

Some other maintenance things:

The thermal grease for the graphics card becomes a useless thermal insulating powder over time. This will show up as graphics corruption on the screen, short lines that will show strange colors. If you open up the laptop (tip: ice cube tray for the screws), carefully slide open and unplug the ribbon cables, there is yellow heat spreader on the backside. The pinkish white heat paste will just crumble away. At the moment I've redone it with some Coolermaster thermal grease, but I think this will give the same problem eventually. Maybe I'll get myself some K5-Pro, as that seems to be a silicone rubber that's more sticky, without being a glue. And it will appropriate to replace the ripped thermal pad on the CPU too. Though a copper shim might work there too.

Windows troubleshooting notifications will tell you there are d... Read more

Answer:Windows 10 on Portege R600 - my experience

A small update on the screen corruption issues. Apparently this is a known issue with the Intel GM45 chipset. Some more in-depth info in the Intel errata 10.

Solutions are:
* Run with "1 stick" of RAM, e.g. only the built-in 1GB
* Run with matching sizes, e.g. builtin 1GB + 1GB SODIMM stick for a total of 2GB.
* Disable the Intel VT-d feature in the BIOS

Since I know VT can be used for more advanced security features, I had enabled it in the BIOS. With the fixes through memory limiting, but VT still enabled, you may still encounter entire system lockups/hangs on older steppings of the GM45 chipset.

I'd say, disable VT-x/VT-d in the BIOS.

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The Touchpad of my R600 have a strange behvaviour.
The mouse pointer stops (don't move) for a few seconds (I counted 7s) and them suddenly starts work normally. This happens 5-10 time a day.

Anyone can help me?

Best regards,
Hugo Pinto

Answer:Touchpad stuck on Portege R600

Hello Hugo

Is your Portege preinstalled with original Toshiba image (factory settings)?

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Hello everyone,

My R600-10Q's memory is PC6400/800MHz but it is only running at PC5300/667Mhz speed.
It has been in repair with Toshiba for that issue but it came back unrepaired with the explanation that the 800MHz memory in the R600 is only supposed to run at 667MHz.

That doesn't make any sense!
Why would Toshiba install PC6400 memory in their machines only to downclock it to 667MHz?

Can somebody else please confirm if their R600 is also only running at 667MHz?

Answer:Portege R600 memory run only at 667MHz?

> My R600-10Q's memory is PC6400/800MHz but it is only running at PC5300/667Mhz speed.
What is the FSB (front side bus)?

You should know that the memory would run only at the same speed like the FSB.
For example; the memory are 800Mhz but the FSB is 667Mhz?
In such case the FSB would clock down the memory to 667Mhz?

That?s everything?

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I have upgraded my Port?g? R600-13X replacing HDD with SSD (Sandisk Ultra Plus / SATA 3.0)
This laptop has the Intel? GS45 Express chipset wich should support SATA 2.0, however I only can achieve transfer rate 1.5Gb/s. I have updated everything I could, including BIOS - which still doesn't show any option that would for instance enable switching between SATA modes..

Does anyone have R600 with an SSD and getting better results?
I only failed to update the chipset as the installation ends with an error and that is suggesting that there is something not quite right

Answer:Portege R600 - SSD performance limited by SATA 1.0


Did you check the BIOS settings for SATA mode option?

Some BIOS supports an SATA mode: AHCI and compatible.
In case you want to use the SATA performance, you have to use AHCI setting.

As far as I know the external eSATA port supports the 300MB/s and in BIOS should be set to serial ATA port4 (default).

The host interface support max 300MB/s but sustained data read would be max 100MB/s and sustained data write is max 40MB/s

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Hi I have a Portege R600-10Q,

It keeps freezing after a short period of use - though if I leave it for some minutes sometimes it can be usable.
If it is switched on for long enough it will just show a blank screen and the fans will start running very loudly.

I have cleaned the vents and re-pasted the CPU and this hasn't made any difference.

I have run hard drive and memory diagnostics (mhdd/memtest) and these have all passed.

I have reinstalled Windows (from the OEM disc) and I'm still seeing the same issue.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this?

Answer:Portege R600-10Q keeps freezing after a short period of use


Did you notice this while running some special software or apps?

I can tell you that an memtest does not provide always an right result?
Even if the memtest says there are no problems with the memory, the RAM modules could malfunctions?

Otherwise it can be an motherboard problem but this is just an speculation?

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This R600-S4201 is terrific. I like the weight plus the unique transflective screen that permits work in the park. I've maximized RAM to 5GB, added a superfast SSD, tailored the OS (W7), and keep the cooling system clean - all to keep this lovely ultrarportable functioning as a business machine (no games, videos, etc.) It's been excellent.

*HOWEVER:* Just recently, the screen will intermittently show a "smear" of the image.It's unpredictable, and not associated with any particular software.

I downloaded and re-installed the current video driver, carefully checked other functions, malware, etc. The problem persists.

What can I do to further diagnose the issue? I'd like to avoid motherboard replacement.



Answer:Portege R600: "Smeared" video -- intermittent


>What can I do to further diagnose the issue?
I think the best way to check what?s going wrong with the notebook is the usage of external monitor.
Connect the 2nd monitor to the notebook and check if the same ?smear? effect would be noticeable on the external display.

In case you will see the same blurred image on the external monitor, the problem might be related to faulty graphic card and in such case I don?t think that you will avoid the motherboard replacement.

In case the same image would appear properly on the external monitor, the problem might be related to the internal notebook display. However, in such case further investigation would be necessary.

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The backlight button on my R600 is not working. I am not missing any drivers in device manager and the Hotkey Utilities for Display Devices is not a downloadable driver for Windows 7.

Any ideas?

Answer:Portege R600 - Backlight button is not working

Hi ldoodle,

I?m not sure what the problem is exactly because I don?t have this model but usually if there is a problem with some ?special? keys you have to reinstall Toshiba Value Added Package because it controls such special functions?

You can download it on official Toshiba website but I would recommend removing the old version first.

Check this!!!

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I have an r600 but there seems to have a problem with sd card,

sd cards to 2gb reads perfectly but if I put an SDHC with 16 gb sometimes read, sometimes not....

When I put the sdhc 16 gb and the pc recognizes it, if I try to paste a movie folder with 4gb, it appears an error message saying something about 'semaphoro error.....'

anyone knows what this means?


Answer:Portege R600-10Q - SD cards doesn't work always

I use an 8GB SanDisk Extreme as a real-time backup for work in process. I had the same problem with SDHC on my VAIO and then on this R600.

Eventually I discovered that the fit between the laptop's software and the SDHC card is often problematic, and there's no tech rep alive that knows why. The solution FOR ME was to try formatting the card on various machines until it was properly recognized on the R600, then I used the R600 to format it. Once done, it was reliable.

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Hi There!

I have been trying to get the webcam working on the Portege R600 from within Skype.

I've had it working in the past, but it stopped and now I just get a black screen when I load the video from within the settings. I have tried specifying default camera and also the chicony usb 2.0 camera both identical results from both. I updated to the latest version just now and removed and readded it in device manager. No luck.

Any ideas? Running fully patched Vista 32bit

Answer:Portege R600 and Webcam functionality in Skype

Seems like the problem only occurs if the unit is in the port replicator!

Any ideas on a fix?

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Hi everyone,

Is some how possible to retrive vista recovery disk from toshiba?

I have xp recovery disk that comes with my toshiba r600, but is there a way to get vista recovery disk from toshiba? download? or something?
I did not create recovery disk with is it lost? I dont really need vista OS but just in case, is it possible to retrive it?


Answer:Portege R600 Vista Recovery disk


What OS was preinstalled on your Portege R600?
Was it Vista?

If yes then there should be a option which allows you to create a recovery disk.
You could use the preinstalled tool called Toshiba recovery disk creator which is able to create the Recovery disk.

But if you have already formatted the HDD then you will be not able to create such recovery disk :(

In such case you should check this page:


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after reseting bios password on Toshiba Portege R600-13z i cant start up my laptop....nothing happends...start boot for a sec but turn off...what can i do....please help me...i never ever flashing my bios again...

Answer:how to start up toshiba portege r600 laptop a

You may need to contact Toshiba Support for this one. Be prepared to prove ownership of the laptop.

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I just finished installing Windows XP and all looks fine except I have 2 unknown devices and I don't know what they are.
Also I cannot find driver for the fingerprint module.
The application is present but there is no driver and it is not recognized.

Can anybody help

Answer:Portege R600 - After install of XP 2 unknown devices

What are the Vendor and Device ID's of those two devices?

In Properties->Details Tab, you can find the VEN_xxxx and DEV_xxxx numbers.

Also ensure you have XP Service Pack 3 installed.

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This R600 is only two weeks old.
XP, no modifications (original HDD), no strange software, and malware analysis doesn't find anything.

Once in a while (15-30 minutes apart) the screen will "flash". It goes dark for a fraction of a second and then is normal. It's not getting worse or better.

I hate to send in this unit... any ideas?


Answer:Portege R600 - screen occasionally flashes

I think this could be a problem of the LCD or FL inverter but I would try first an external monitor if the same error happens on it so check this!

Furthermore in your case I would try to update the display driver and the BIOS. Both you can find on the Toshiba website:

Good luck!

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R600-140 win 7 prof
I'm plugging in a usb video capture device, and a popup appears saying (approximately)

+this device would work better with USB 2.0 - click here for a list of usb ports+

I thought all the ports were usb 2.
I've just checked the drivers in control panel, and I am told they are all up to date.

Answer:Portege R600-140: message says: device would work better with USB 2.0

The notebook supports definitely the USB 2.0 ports.
I guess this message could appear due to different reasons: for example USB device malfunction.
Also the USB port problem could be responsible for such error message.

Therefore as first workaround I recommend you to remove the USB hubs and controllers from device manager list.
Open device manager, search for USB hubs and controllers and uninstall the driver.
Then reboot the notebook

Usually system will start to recognize the USB devices.

Note: during this procedure all external USB devices should be disconencted

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I'm having trouble with the touchpad on a Portege R600 running Windows 7.
The cursor goes out of control.

When I'm scrolling a page and need to move the cursor onto the page, the screen will scroll down out of control.
I can sometimes fix it in place by double tapping the touchpad, but as often that doesn't work.

When I'm typing the cursor will jump to a different part of the page and insert the typing there.
The combination of these problems at times makes the laptop nearly unusable.

I note that several forum users have brought up variations of this problem, but have not received an answer.

Can anyone shed light on how to fix?

Answer:Portege R600 - touchpad cursor goes out of control


I think it?s a temporal issue regarding to the touchpad sensitivity settings and to the Microsoft windows OS.

First of all you should change the touchpad sensitivity settings like PalmCheck and touch sensitivity.
You can do this in control panel -> mouse -> device settings tab -> touchpad settings

Furthermore you should ensure that the OS is clean and that some background processes don?t affect the touchpad functionality. In many cases the touchpad don?t work properly due to system ?overloading?.
Clean the registry using CCleaner, disable some no necessary processes in msconfig and at least update the touchpad drivers.

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Hello, is there a way to change the internal hard drive of the R600 (to a 500GB or a bigger one)?


Answer:Portege R600-101 - New internal Hard disk

Is your Portege delivered with HDD or SSD?

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I noticed that in the Wireless manager there is a GPS option that running and provide the location, how can this GPS can be used by other programms?

Is it required to run the wireless manager in order to use/activate the GPS?

Why this option is hide? (it does not appears on any specification???)

Answer:Portege R600 - GPS option in Wireless manager


Was the notebook equipped with GPS module?
If it was not equipped with the GPS module then you cannot use it.
I assume the software provide a GPS support but cannot be used since the module is not available.


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I have a Portege R600 with Windows 7 installed, but I guess my query is generic to all Porteges regardless of the version of Windows.

Could someone please explain to me what the different "cooling options" in the power settings actually mean? I couldn't find details anywhere.

Does battery optimized mean that the cpu fan gets activated only beyond a certain temperature? And what's the difference between cooling and maximum performance?

Is there any other way to set the cpu fan speed directly?

This is a very important point to me, because the fan of the Portege is terrible, too noisy, to the extent that I am considering return the laptop unless I find a solution. Sometimes it sounds like a Ferrari engine at a billion rpms!


Answer:Portege R600 - Difference between cooling options


I think the explanation is pretty easy: Battery optimized cooling means that the fan get activated only on a higher temperature as on Maximum Performance mode and that?s all I think.

For example if I set Battery Optimized cooling my notebook is a little bit more hot as on maximum performance mode but so I can save energy. ;)

Furthermore it?s advisable to clean the notebook from time to time using compressed air spray!!!

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I've a problem with a Port?g? R600-11B running Windows 7 64bit.

The computer is nomally plugged in a docking station that is connected with a DVI monitor. Here I can select with <FN> + <F5> between the different display modi "internal" / "internal" + "DVI" / "DVI".

When I unplug the computer from the docking station and connect it to a beamer via VGA I can't switch the display. I only get "internal". Only after a system-reboot <FN> + <F5> works with an external VGA monitor.

When switching back to the docking station with the DVI monitor it's the same: I only get the internal display. Only after a system-reboot <FN> + <F5> works.

What can I do? I have the latest Microsoft Updates for Windows and Office (2003) and the latest "Value added package" from the download page installed.

Axel Martin

Answer:Portg R600-11B - Problems with switching displays

Try updating:

* Display Driver
* Mobile Extensions / TVAP

Go to the Toshiba website to download these files.

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My Toshiba Portege R600-102 constantly has a white noise (as you can hear on, which becomes apparent when the computer is used through headphones or connected to a loud speaker.

This happens with the latest sound drivers on Windows XP and Windows 7.

The noise does not go away when I turn off the mic or disable the on-board sound card from Device Manager.

In fact, when I connect the notebook to a pro sound system (Edirol UA-101 with Yamaha MSP5) through USB, I get the same noise from the Yamahas! This tells me that there is probably a fundamental issue with the mother board.

Anybody has a similar problem? Or any ideas?

Answer:Portege R600 - White Noise Problem

Does this happen with and without AC power supply?

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This R600-4201 is _by far_ the best laptop I've ever owned or even seen, and I plan to keep it as long as possible. I have just purchased a Seagate Momentus XT hybrid hard drive (SSD+magnetic), and Windows 7 Ultimate.

To support the hardware install and the OS change from XP to W7, I will have redundant (cloud plus local) perfect data backups of email files, passwords, data files, etc.

Can someone here guide me further regarding access to Toshiba-specific upgrades, drivers, BIOS, etc. that should be done? Any other guidance or advice will be greatly appreciated.


I believe that this 2-pound laptop with the new OS and hard drive will challenge anything on the market today. With radios off and using the transflective screen, I get more than *SIX WORKING HOURS* at the park or beach - it just doesn't get better than that.

Answer:Re: Portege R600 - upgrade to SSD hybrid + Win7

Hi dude

Thanks for the feedback about the Portege R600.
I like this notebook too. I wish I would have enough money to buy this toy but I?ve got a u400. It?s also great notebook? not too big.. the screen size is perfect because I traveling a lot?

By the way; you can find all drivers (also for R600) here:


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I have a Toshiba Portege R600-101 and would like to find out which Wireless LAN card I have, to know which driver I need to download.

Using the device manager is not an option, since I'm reinstalling windows and currently it doesn't recognize the card. How can I see this?

Answer:How to find out wireless card on Portege R600?


I think you can use the device manager in order to find out what WLan card it is.
In device manager -> network adapters you can find the WLan card. Its should be listed as Ethernet controller or unknown device?

Mark it and go to the properties.
In details tab you will find the PCI DEV ID and VEN ID

You can use this database to search for the vendor id and device id.

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Hi everyone,

I have to install Windows XP SP2 Professionnel X 64 on 5 LPT (1 R500, 1 R600)
I can't find 3 devices on both latptops.
ID'S : PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2A44&SUBSYS_00011179&REV_07\3&B1B FB68&0&18

The two others are named Unknown Device
ID'S : ACPI\IFX0102\4&EF53BAE&0

I looked for XP 64 Bits drivers, but i didn't find one who was working.
I also noticed that i don't see any modem (i got the 3G modem installed).

Can you help me to figure out those problems ???
Thx by advance !!


Answer:Drivers problems on Portege R600 with WXP SP2 Professionnel X 64

You are right. Toshiba offers drivers for WXP, probably 32-bit, only.
Which Portege R600 do you have exactly? Toshiba offers three different models.

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Perhaps there's a setting somewhere that I've missed, but when this unit is OFF, no USB port is available for charging another item.


Answer:Portege R600-4201 - Is there USB sleep & charage available?


Yes, normally the Portege R600 supports USB Sleep & Charge:

This function is available on the USB port that is marked with a lightning symbol. Furthermore make sure this function is enabled and you can check this using Toshiba USB Sleep and Charge Utility (Start > All Programs > Toshiba > Utilities > USB Sleep and Charge).

And don?t forget that the device must be compatible to USB specifications.

By the way, check the user manual! There you can find a lot of informations about this feature.

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Hi all, having a serious problem with what seems to be suddenly occuring dead pixels on my R600. See here:

This is actually the second time this has happened. I've had the R600 since November 2008, and in March 2009 I got the screen replaced because several lines of black pixels starting appearing near the top of the screen.

Now it's August 2009 and the same thing is happening, but at the bottom part of the screen. About two weeks ago, two thin lines appeared about one-inch up from the bottom of the screen, and an almost thick-band of black pixels appeared at the bottom of the screen, and also two big splotches of black pixels at the bottom left of the screen that appeared last week.

The kicker is that the the authorized service centre says the screen is "physically damaged" now because of the two splotches, but I didn't press anywhere on the screen! Because it's considered physically damaged, it would be outside of warranty-coverage and would cost me $350-$700Cdn to replace the screen! I've been able to escalate this to a supervisor at Toshiba Canada and I'm supposed to hear back in 2 to 3 business days.

Needless to say, I'm not impressed; seems almost every four months, I'm experiencing this issue, and now Toshiba may not even repair this for me, even though this is no fault of my own.

(Note: I use this laptop in an office/retail environment; I protect and treat this $3000Cdn uni... Read more

Answer:Portege R600 - black or dead pixels?

The glass inside that screen is cracked and needs replacing.

Maybe something or someone put excessive pressure on the screen or rear cover when you weren't around?

Or maybe that Zeroshock case isn't quite zero shock?

Someone fractured the screen on my laptop when I was away on holidays, I wasn't happy but it wasn't Toshiba's fault, so I had to purchase a new screen. lucky I found a compatible one online for $150 :)

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Our previous laptops had internal Sprint radios for broadband access.
Sprint will give us external modems for the R600, but it would be great if there were an internal option -- one less gadget to drag around.

Is there such a thing?


Answer:Portege R600 - Is there an internal broadband radio available?


To be honest I?m not Portege R600 owner but I searched a little bit for the Portege R600 properties and specifications and unfortunately I didn?t find any details regarding this feature? so I doubt this is possible with the Portege R600.


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My touch pad has stopped working. I have tried turning it on and off with the FN keys and this hasnt helped - can someone let me know what I can do to get it working?


Answer:Portege R600-10Q - Touchpad stopped working


Maybe you should post the exact notebook model and OS that you use.
What do you think about this?

Anyway, what happens if you connect an external mouse? Can you work with it?

Does the other FN keys working? Maybe only the ON/OFF utility for touchpad isn?t working and can?t be solved with a new installation.
Furthermore you should update the driver of touchpad.

Good luck!

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I would like to replace my keyboard, I'm going to buy a new keyboard soon. I've done this flawlessly with multiple laptops before, but for the R500/R600 it's not comletely clear how to lift the old one out properly.

Are there any screws to remove (except the one on the side) or is it "just lifting it out"?


Answer:How to replace the keyboard on a Portege R500/R600


I?m not quite sure if the Portege R500 keyboard removal is easy.
As far as I know it?s more complicated as on other notebooks series and in such case I recommend contacting the ASP in your country for a help.

Everything what I know is that the keyboard adheres to insulator and both parts stuck on the middle frame using the double-sided tapes.

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I have problem on my Portege R600-10U (Windows 7 Ultimate) with SD card reader. When I put SD card in to the slot it is detected by the system but I can not brows it nor I can do format.

I did installation of RICOH_Media_Driver_v2.07.01.00 from Toshiba support site but when I check driver for SD card reader it is showing some default generic driver from Microsoft.

Also I am not sure if that is important, but I can see sd reader on the list of devices only when I put card in to the card reader.

I even tried to do manual installation of driver by selecting extracted content of (RICOH_Media_Driver_v2.07.01.00 folder) but windows didn't found any appropriate inf files in it.

Am I missing something, are there any prerequisite before I do installation of card reader driver or maybe card reader it self is not working properly.

Many thanks in advance,

Answer:Portege R600 - SD Cards detected but can't browse or format


Igor, it would be interesting to know what SD cards you are trying to read. As far as I know not all cards and capacities will be supported from the card reader. You should check the user manual for the maximum capacity of each card type.

Furthermore the card reader is installed properly if there is no yellow exclamation mark in device manager.


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My R600 has been on XP Pro SP3 since new, and runs very satisfactorily. However, there are Windows 7 features that I would like to use.

Has anyone here crossed over? What were the problems? Did the face recognition work? Fingerprint reader?

Above all, how is performance on Windows 7?


Answer:Portege R600-4201 - Does it work with Windows 7 properly?

As I can see Portege R600 is full supported for Win7 and I believe everything should work well.
Unfortunately I don?t have this notebook model but if the drivers are available and I presume all drivers, tools and utilities are tested and every of them will work well.

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Could you tell me if it is possible to output to dual screens on the R600 or A600 with any of the Toshiba docking solutions?

I have been told it is possible however I was told today by Tosh sales that it is not possible to do. I'd like to do away with my home pc and office pc and just roam between the two with a notebook. However I do use an extended desktop on two screens and would need this to work.

Any advice on this?



Answer:Portege R600 / A600 and Dual Screen Output

Not sure if you mean two screens plus the laptop screen or two including the laptop, but If it's any help, I use a Slim Port Replicator with my R500 running Vista and have a second monitor plugged into its DVI output. The two screens work fine as an extended desktop.

I also find it useful to install Ultramon ( This adds a task bar to the second monitor.

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I'm trying to find a document that let's me know what order I should install my Portege R600 drivers and applications in, there used to be one but I can't seem to locate it anywhere.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Kind regards, Richard.

Answer:Portege R600 - Where can I find the installation order on Vista x64?


There are no ?special? installation instruction details but if you want to install the Vista 64bit drivers then I would recommend to start with the common drivers like:
-Chip Set Utility
- Display Driver
- LAN Driver
- Wireless Lan Driver
- Sound Driver
- Intel Active Management Technology (AMT)
- and so on...

Please note that the notebook supports the SATA HDD controller and you should install and include the SATA driver while Vista setup.
The SATA driver is a part of the Intel Storage Manager.

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I wish to install a solid state drive, and to maintain XP. Setting the correct partition alignment in the SSD and electromechanically installing it are now easy, but there is apparently a SATA driver problem because I cannot boot to either the Toshiba restore disk, a new XP install disk, or an image of the original HDD.

Some have suggested using nlite to slipstream the correct SATA drivers into the XP install, and then beginning from scratch with all app installations, etc.

When I look at the laptop's Devices, I find the Toshiba MK1652GSX HDD, drivers for which appear at
C:\WINDOWS\system21\DRIVERS - then
PartMgr.sys, pssnap.sys, and thpdrv.sys

Is that what nlite needs?

Is there another source for the SATA drivers for this laptop?


Answer:Portege R600 - where can I find the correct SATA drivers?

Basically you need the Intel SATA Driver, which can be found:

1) On the Toshiba website, from the Intel Matrix Storage Driver (in the F6flpy folder)

2) From Intel 9&strOSs=All&OSFullName=All%20Operating%20Systems& lang=eng

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I have a problem with a R600-11Q: the fingerprint-software "TrueSuite Access Manager" does not work correct.
If the user tries to record a new fingerprint, he gets the following error:

Error: specified database cannot be opened.

The same happens, if he tries to delete all saved fingerprints. The error occurs under all tested accounts (local admin, domain admin, domain user...)
The Windows-login via fingerprint ist also not working.

I have already deinstalled the software-package an installed the latest version but i always get the same error. Maybe, that there are some fragments from the previous installation, but i can't find it. The programm-folder has been deleted everytime, when teh software was deinstalled by the uninstaller routine.


Has anyone some advices?

Thanks in advance :-)


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Answer:Portege R600-11Q - Fingerprint software specified database can't be opened

Is the XP installation a pre-installed image or installed using the Toshiba Recovery Disc? Or is it a generic Windows install?

Perhaps try re-installing Common Modules.

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Please help me,

I can't use the Toshiba DVD Player, every time I open it, appears the windows windows saying that the app has stop working...

When I see the error report, appears 'app crash'....

I've already gone to the Toshiba site to make the bios upgrade and have made the download of a new version Toshiba DVD player and the problem remains the same...

What can I do?

Thansk and Best Regards,

Hugo Cunha

Answer:Re: Portege R600-10Q- Toshiba DVD Player has stop working


In my opinion it?s simply a software issue.
It must be something wrong with your Operating System because in my cases everything is running properly.

To be honest I don?t know what?s wrong with your preinstalled Toshiba player and I think most people can provide only some suggestions so here is my suggestion.

First of all update the OS to the early time point.
Then remove the old Toshiba DVD player applications.
Reboot the notebook and then clean the OS and registry using the CCleaner (its free tool).
Then download the newest Toshiba DVD player tool (at this time v 1.40.20) and install it again.

Usually this should helps?

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Hi support!

I own a Portege R600 13Z and a ASUS VW224 VGA monitor. Native Resolution is 1680x1050 and connection directly over VGA cable (don't know whether there's a docking station). GPU driver date is 31.03.2010 version (the newest I believe).

The problem is that the monitor is flickering. The darker the displayed area the stronger the flickering is perceived. It is a "horizontal flickering", as if horizontal lines are chasing each other up and down the screen. It's very annoying.

Since neither the notebook monitor itself nor the ASUS Monitor with another computer show any flickers I believe the problem is rooted in the interaction of the described setup. On the monitor itself I can set different settings. Linked to the problem might be Clock 50 and Phase 54.

Windows tells me in the monitor config that refresh rate is 60. However, Clock and refresh rate can be set to the same without any change.

The meaning of phase I don't know.
Any ideas to solve the issue?


Answer:Portege R600-13Z - Flickering image on external monitor

> Since neither the notebook monitor itself nor the ASUS Monitor with another computer show any flickers I believe the problem is rooted in the interaction of the described setup. On the monitor itself I can set different settings. Linked to the problem might be Clock 50 and Phase 54.

I think it?s grounding issue.
Please check if the flickering would be available using only battery power.

I read a lot about such symptoms on external monitors.
In most cases the usage of 3 cord power cable would solve this problem.

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we have a new Portege R600 with Windowx XP. The problem: It wont start from Stand by-Modus. Pressing the Power- or/and the Toshiba-Assist-Button => he sleeps continuing

Is there a other key we must press?


Answer:Portege R600 - Dont start from "Stand by-Modus"


usually, you have just to press any key or power button to wake it up. I read about this issue in many forums, they users advise to disable this function:
How to do it, you can find here:

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Portege R600-13Z
Need to buy a new screen - UK Suppliers or a Part Number needed?

Many Thanks

Answer:Portege R600-13Z: Need screen part number - UK suppliers?


I don?t know the part number but as far as I know you need a *12.1? WXGA (1280x800) matte widescreen* .
Usually any 12.1? WXGA (1280x800) matte widescreen should be compatible with Portege R600.

But if you want you can get in contact with an local Toshiba ASP and could order such screen from the guys?

Here you an find a database with all ASPs worldwide:

Good luck

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[My company|] recently purchased an R600 for me. I tried accessing the latest downloads and updates from the [support site|] but was unable to do so because a). I couldn't find a listing of my product number from the 'All Products' drop down list b). when I enter my SKU/Model number it just resets as if what I enter doesn't register.

Can anybody shed some light as to what has happened here? There are some utilities such as the Fingerprint app that is missing from this build plus others.

Your help is very much appreciated.

Details of my laptop is as follows;

Model: Portege R600
Part No: PPR60U-04C03401
Serial No: 5A035583H


Answer:Portege R600 - Wehere to find latest downloads?

Hi buddy,

I have a little bit searched using Google and it seems you can download everything here: > Download

Is your model listed there?

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after "Dont start from Stand by-Modus", now we have the same problem with the hibernate mode.
After 45 minutes in battery mode, the R600 go to hibernate (hibernate is wanted, in this mode he doesn?t need battery power).

Now, the Portege wont start anymore.
We must press power button some seconds to shut off the portege.
Then we can start normally, but all changes which was stored in the hibernate mode was lost.

Is there a other option we must enable to awake the Portege from the hibernate mode?

Thanks in advance!


Answer:Portege R600 doesn't wake up from "hibernate Mode"

> after "Dont start from Stand by-Modus", now we have the same problem with the hibernate mode.
Seems you are speaking about this thread:

Such and similar hibernation issues have been discussed a lot of time in different forums.
As far as I know in most cases the BIOS update helped.

Please check if this will help you!

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Just realized the optical disc drive of my quite new Portege R-600 is dead.
It will not open and when I do it with a paper clip, CD/DVD will not be read. It used to work fine and I cannot imagine what happened for the ODD to go altogether inactive.
Is it a case for reinstalling Windows XP or is there an easier way to deal with the problem?

Thanks for helping.

Answer:Optical disc drive dead on my Portege R600

Can you boot from Bootable CD's? Try the memtest ISO at

I doubt reinstalling Windows would fix it, it sounds like the Drive or Cable is faulty.

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Hi - I have just got a new Portege; R600-102. It is an excellent machine - very light and fast.

I connect to a Slim Port Replicator at the office and I would like to be able to dock and automatically use the external monitor without opening the laptop. Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to do this? This process worked fine on my recently retired Dell X300.

# I have the Port&eacute;g&eacute; laptop closed and in standby mode
# I dock it into the Slim Port Replicator (SPR)
# I press the 'on' button on the SPR
# I see the "resuming windows" message and the countdown bars on the external monitor. (So I know it is connected and can see the external monitor)
# The laptop powers up but uses the (closed) laptop LCD screen
# I have to open it up and tell it to manually "output to monitor".
Can that be done automatically?

Thanks for any guidance.

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Answer:Portege R600 - How to automatically use the external monitor on docking


Do you use WXP or Vista?

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My trusty old laptop fan has become noisy and the unit overheats. Diagnosis fan bearing failure. The unit has a Toshiba Europe sticker and we are in South Africa. Where can I have the unit repaired?

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I have bought a new Portege R600-13C (PPR61E-03G004CE). There is no information about this model in toshiba spanish site (

Does anybody know where I can find information about this model?

Answer:Need details and info about Portege R600-13C PPR61E-03G004CE


I googled and found this:

Chipset: Mobile Intel(R) GS45 Express Chipset
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo processor SU9400
Graphic card: Mobile Intel? GMA 4500MHD
LCD: 12.1"
HDD: 320GB (7200RPM) SATA


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I received a new R600 which I had wanted to buy with Windows 7 pre-installed, but the only option is to buy it with XP installed and "Windows 7 recovery media" (2 CDs) comes in the box, with no instructions. I started the computer, and did nothing but name it and choose a screen name; this brought up the desktop. Then I inserted the first of the 2 CDs: nothing. Powered off and started with that CD already in the disk drive: nothing. Called Toshiba tech help (phone seemed to be answered in India) and was instructed to perform several restarts holding down F12 or C: nothing. After a long hold while the tech sought help, was promised a call from his supervisor: so far (that was yesterday) nothing.

Can anyone suggest how I can either solve this issue myself or get some action from Toshiba?

Answer:Cannot install Windows 7 "recovery media" on new Portege R600


please check if the BIOS Version is 3.0 or higher. If not, please update the BIOS before you install Win7.

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Does the R600 support the sandisk "extreme 30 MB" or the SDXC card?

I ask because they seem to the only ones with 64Gb capacity. I need the maximum additional capacity possible


Answer:SDHC extreme or SDXC card work in Portege R600


As far as I know the SD card reader supports the SD card up to 2GB, SDHC up to 16Gb and mini SD card (with adapter) up to 2GB.

I didn?t find any details about the usage of bigger SDHC cards and I think you will have to test it yourself?. But in my opinion there could be a problem using such cards!

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The Australian specs for the *R600 PPR61A* state that the unti contains: *DVD SuperMulti Double Layer (7mm)*
The R600 however does not recognise any blank double layer DVD discs using either Windows burning tools or Toshiba Disc Creator.

Is this a mistake in the specs (being completely misleading), or do I have a driver/configuration problem?

Australian specs are available here: Toshiba_PortegeR600_PPR61A-00300R_Specification_Brochure_Mar09.PDF

Answer:Portege R600 - Is the DVD drive compatible with double layer disks?


As far as I know the same notebook can be equipped with different ODDs.
So it?s possible that the R600 was equipped with the ODD which doesn?t support the DL medias.

However, I would recommend checking if the ODD can handle the DL disks.
For example you could use burning software like Nero to find out what disks are supported.
I use Nero and this software contains different options. One of the options provides details about the internal ODD.

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Hi to all,

I just plug my sim card in my laptop, everything works :) but I have one quesiton...

Is there a way, (when someone call me while my sim card is in laptop) that some software or what ever alert me about incoming call?
Like there are an option to play sound on my laptop when new sms message cames.


Answer:Portege R600 SIM Card - software which alert about incoming call


Such software is not known to me and to be honest I doubt that it?s available on the market? but google a little bit... maybe you will be lucky?
I wasn?t able to find any :(

Cheers mate

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I have a new Portege R600, delivered with Windows 7 32 Bit and the Switch On/Off Button for the Backlight does not work.
I Installed the newest VAP package, before I deinstalled the old one. Installed also the newest Bios version.

Used the Toshiba Button support and put in the backlight.exe file, still does not work. if I manually type on the backlight.exe file it works.
It is not a hardware issue, as IT put in the harddisk from my former R600 with XP professional and the button works.

Anything I can do?
Toshiba support is not able to help, talk about new installation, but is the the original one without a change.
Maybe in the Button support I need to put in an option in the empty file?

Answer:Portege R600 - Windows 7 Backlight Switch Button does not work

> Switch On/Off Button for the Backlight does not work.
As far as I know some BIOS versions contains the additional option in order to enable and disable the Illumination.
Please check if the illumination is not disabled in BIOS.

I searched also in this forum for some tips and found this thread:

Check this!

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I just installed a new XP and it seems windows is not able to Hibernate or Stand By. When I click to "Turn Off Computer" in the start menu, the menu offers me only shut down and restart. Stand by is unavalable (in grey) and hibernate is not even listed. Also the toshiba power manager can't find restart or standby options to do when the lid closes. Did I forget a driver or so, or what should I do?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Portege R600 No hibernate and standby options after fresh XP install?

OK: solved. For future reference I will explain it. (This is on a Toshiba Portege R600 by the way.)

After installing the chipset utility there is a standby option.
Now for hibernation: go to contol panel -> performance&maintenance -> power options. This has a hibernation tab where you have to enable hibernation before it works. :)

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Hi there

We have a couple of R600-108 with SSDs, they run Vista Business 32bit.

I was wondering if there is a utility I can download to run the TRIM command on the disks to improve performance?



Answer:Portege R600-108 - tool to run the TRIM command to improve SSD performance


To be honest I?m not expert in SSD performance increasing but according to the Wikipedia article, TRIM has been implemented in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 and was released with the final versions of those operating systems in October 2009.
It seems that older solid-state drives will need firmware updates, otherwise the new command will be ignored.

According to Wikipedia there are utilities which can send TRIM commands manually.
These utilities are available from various manufacturers like Intel or G.Skill.

You can check the Intel tool called "Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox and Optimizer".

Hope this helps a little bit

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I have a Portege R600 that has an ExpressCard interface and I am trying to get this to work with a Radeon HD4650 through a NetStor Turbobox without success

It is impossible to detail more as I am told that the language is inappropriate although all that I am inputting are the messages displayed by the laptop

Hope that this works as a start

Answer:Portege R600: try to get the external graphics Radeon HD4650 to work


The notebook supports an simple ExpressCard slot.
Usually you should get all compatible ExpressCards working.
But I?ve never used the NetStor Turbobox so I cannot say exactly if its compatible or not with this ExpressCard slot.

Did you check the manufacturer support page of this NetStor Turbobox?
Maybe you will get more details about this device? maybe some special requirements are needed to use this?

Please post some info if you will get some?.

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I'm going to install windows 7 on my R600, I'm currently downloading the drivers from the webpage. However, on there is no driver for my Intel PRO/Wireless card.

Which drivers should I use? The 32-bit from vista are probably the closest?

Answer:Portege R600 and Win7 (32-bit): WLAN driver is missing from website

Just use driver offered for Win7 32bit. It is version
Have you already tried to install this driver?

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I am encountering a problem between my Port Replicator 3 (PA3681E-2PRP) and my Portege R600-13X (Win7 Pro 32bit). Everything has been working fine for the past few months until a week ago. My PC developed a problem while plugged into the Port Replicator, it will not recognise anything new that is plugged into the USB ports (both PC & Replicator ones), the audio output from the replicator no longer works and the PC hangs when shutting down. Everything is OK with the PC when booted up without the replicator but as soon as it is plugged in to the replicator, this happens.
I have tried to research info relating to this problem but to no avail.... Any help in resolving this problem would be greatly appreciated as this is a business set up and I need it to work properly.

Answer:No USB ports or Audio working with Port Replicator 3 and Portege R600

Some things to try:

Reinstall Toshiba Value Added Package.
Use System Restore to revert Windows back to a previous state.
Check the Docking Connector for damage.
Backup your data and run Recovery.

If its still not working, then I'd send the Laptop and Port Replicator to an ASP for repair.

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We have started using the Toshiba Portege R600 series laptops at my workplace. All the laptops are docking into a Toshiba Slim Port Replicator II. The laptops are all running a build of Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 applied (and obviously some business customisation).

The problem is with the display on the External monitor. The laptop boots up as per normal and logs in fine. The Fn + F5 buttons are pressed and as a result we can switch between the external LCD monitor and the laptop monitor. We can also extend the desktop to the external monitor without a problem.

The problem occurs when the laptop is undocked from the Replicator. After having similar issues with the R500 series laptops, the following Toshiba applications were installed:

1) Common Modules (version 6.06.01)
2) Toshiba Controls (version 3.31.3800)
3) Pad On/Off (version
4) Toshiba Utilities (version 4.30.18)
5) Toshiba Display Device Change Utility (version
6) Toshiba Hotkey Utilities for Display Device (version
7) Toshiba Mobile Extensions 3 for XP (version 3.87.00)

The symptoms we are now receiving are:

1) On undock, the "undocking icon" appears and then the error "TOSHIBA Display Device Change Utility is not installed correctly. Please install TOSHIBA Display Device Change Utility".
2) When docking the laptop again, we get the "docking icon" and then the same error.
3) After this, the external monitor does... Read more

Answer:Portege R600 - Display Device Change Utility problem

We have attempted this on a couple of machines that are the exact same specification. The model that is sold in Australia is a Portege R600, Model PPR61A.

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