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Portege R100: keyboard is not working

Question: Portege R100: keyboard is not working

I am facing a problem. My laptops keyboard is not working. How can I buy a new key board for this model or how can i solve the problem.

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Preferred Solution: Portege R100: keyboard is not working

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Portege R100: keyboard is not working


I don?t know what?s the exactly problem with your keyboard but I suppose that the keyboard must be replaced.
In my knowledge the keyboard was secured with 2 screws under the thin cover above the keyboard.
You have to remove the thin cover and then the 2 screws.
Then you will be able to put out the keyboard.

But be careful; the keyboard should be connected with the flat cable to the motherboard.

The compatible keyboard part you can order from the Toshiba service partner in your country.


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I have recently boght a Toshiba Portege R100 without any CDs. Windows XP Home installation worked OK but the touch pad is not.

I have installed extra drivers from Toshiba. Now I am able to adjust all kind of things concerning the touch pad but still it is not working. I was also running Knoppix 5.2 from July 2007. Same problem with Linux.

Did I get a faulty notebook? How can I find out, please?

Answer:Touchpad is not working on Portege R100

Have you tested the touchpad with Windows XP?
Did you connected an external USB mouse and do you have the same issue?

Normally the touchpad should work without drivers they are a part of the OS.
You can disable/enable it with FN+F9.
I?m not sure but you can also disable/enable the touchpad in BIOS.

It could be that the touchpad is faulty but ask an ASP for help. They can check the notebook and exchange necessary parts.

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I have a R100 and since installing SP3, the audio is not working.
Appears to be a driver problem (Realtek).

Does anyone have a fix or a source for a new driver ?


Answer:Portege R100 - since SP3 installation audio is not working

Have you tried a newer Realtek driver?

Have a look on the Toshiba website. Perhaps you can use a driver from a newer model.

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Recently, my computer started suddenly to work slowly. I restarted it. Then it took 25 minutes to lunch my windows xp Pro. Everytime I tried to launch an application it bugged and restarted again. After making a scandisk, I decided to reinstall my OS with the recovery CD, but the computer still working slowly.For instance, when I opened Internet Explorer, I can't move the mouse or do anything else while it's loading the content of the page; everything is locked.

When I tried to launch the scandisk, I have the same error message ( but the folder is always different) like these examples :

1- Disk defragmenter can not continue prescan because there's a CORRUPTION in file:

2- Disk defragmenter can not continue prescan because there's a CORRUPTION in file:

What can be the problem? is it a virus or an hardware problem ?

Answer:The hard drive of Portege R100 is not working properly


it?s nor a virus neither a hardware problem. It?s a corrupted filesystem. I suggest you to backup your whole important data and perform a reinstall of your system with the recovery CD.
So you will be after that on the secure side. :)

Just try it, I am sure it would help you.


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I have an R100 which has suddenly stopped working.
The power light (amber light with image of power lead) is flashing what appears to be an error code of 5 flashes with a long pause on the last flash, followed by 3 flashes.

What does this mean, and where can I get a list of all error codes?

I have switched the main battery, changed the spare battery, and changed power supply - and still I get the error code continuously. I haven't been able to power up the laptop at all since this started happening. When pressing the power button nothing happens.

Hopefully someone on this forum has some information that can assist with diagnosing this issue. Do Toshiba tech support representatives post on here?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Portege R100 stoped working - power LED flashes error codes


I?m not a R100 owner but for me it sounds like a mainboard malfunction because you have already tried to exchange the battery and AC/DC adaptor.

In this case the best solution would be if you go to an authorized service provider. The technicians can check the notebook and they will know what this code means I think.
Here it?s only a user to user forum and I never saw somebody from Toshiba here as yet.

Anyway, here you can search for the nearest ASP: => Support & Downloads => Find an authorized service provider

Good luck!

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Well, I've got a Portege R100 with a broken display which I'd like to fix. And I've got a Portege 2000 and a M100 with working display.

Will it fit on my R100? They look the same!
Thanks fo any hints!

Answer:Can I use display from Portege 2000 or M100 on Portege R100?

Yes you can.

These notebooks, Port?g? 2000, Port?g? M100 and Port?g? R100, use the same 12.1" 1024x768 TFT color display.
I don?t see any problems with the replacement and fitting element

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What is the maximum speed that R100 supports? Dothan M 725,755?

Answer:CPU in Portege R100


I think that the best way to find out which one you can use is to contact Toshiba Service Partner. They have the best information sources.

Do nothing alone. It can be very expensive. ;)


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hi there - i feeded my R100 with a brand new Motherboard and now i have a new 40gb toshiba hdd in factory condition.
i never did install a recovery that recovers XP (only older Portege Models with 2000 or 98).

Q: Should i prepare the brand new HDD before runnning my original XP Recovery or just build in the new HDD and start Recovery?

Answer:Ok - New HDD in Portege R100 & now?

> Q: Should i prepare the brand new HDD before runnning my original XP Recovery or just build in the new HDD and start Recovery?

No, you don?t need to prepare the HDD before running the OS installation setup? the recovery will format the HDD and will reinstall everything automatically.

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Hi all,
I have a portege R100 laptop, which has no cd or floppy drive; during an automatic windows update it crashed and I am unable to start it; although I have all the software they are all on cds! I would be grateful to any suggestions.

Many thanks in advance

Answer:Portege R100 - How to use the CDs?

Hello Julia

Have you tried to boot up your notebook in safe mode (F8)?
Does it works?

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I have some problems with my Portege R100. The HDD was damaged so I bought another one, this one being already formatted .
I also have two CD-drives:
1. PCMCIA Card drive Toshiba PX1055E-1NST
2. USB drive Toshiba PA3352U-1CD2

My problem is that the recovery doesn?t work! I will just explain what the problem is:

I boot from the USB drive with the recovery disc 1 inside. My Laptop replys with:
"Starting Windows 98
Microsoft RAMDrive version 3.06 virtual disk D:
Disk size: 16,384k
Sector size: 512 bytes
Allocation unit: 16 sectors
Directory entries: 64"

After this, the display tells me
"PC Card driver for external ATAPI-IDE Drives Rev: 2204"

"ERROR: There is no PCCARD in socket A and B !

PCCARD not initialized!!!"

After a while:
ATAPI-CD: Copyright (C) Freecom Technologies 1995-2001"

After that in big letters:

If i type "dir" then it shows the list of files. I think that means that the CD-Rom is working, isn?t it?
I?ve tried loads of things to get my laptop to work, but nothing seems to help. Someone from this chatroom explained using a normal USB-CD-Drive to boot with .

I tried different boot Floppies and different normal Windows XP versions. No success!!!
What is wrong?
I?m not a computer specialist as you can probably tell, and if someone is able to help me, please try to expain it for a person who is a comput... Read more

Answer:Cannot recover Portege R100

done with lots of problems!!!

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I have unscrewed all the screws from the bottom of the casing and also noticed the small latch on the inside of the battery compartment. The bottom of the casing still seems to be firmly attacheh though and I would appreciate any pointers on what else to remove?

The reason for the operation is that I want to upgrade the internal 802.11ab controller for a Gigabyte WIAG01 Mini PCI (108mbps).

Any suggestions?

Answer:How do I open the Portege R100?

Hello Graah

In my opinion it is very bad idea to open this sensible notebook on your own. A small mistake can damage the hardware components or different connections.

Anyway, as far as I know the wireless card is placed under keyboard on the right side and it is fixed with two screws. As far as I know the keyboard must be removed first. After that you can see these two screws.

Good luck!

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Hi, I had an accident with my laptop, Portege R100, and the only thing happening on startup is that I get the message "IDE #0 ERROR".
The Bios cant find the HD either so I guess its broken?

My question is do I have to buy a toshiba HD of exactly same mark and product number ? The HD (40GB) I have now I think is MK4006GAH(correct ?) Can I buy the MK6008GAH or MK6009 ?

As long as its 1.8" toshiba with ZIF interface it works?

Hope to get a quick answer and sorry for my lousy english


Message was edited by: Larsmars

Answer:IDE #0 ERROR on Portege R100

Your R100 has a 1.8" HD , type MK4004GAH with an *ATA-5 interface* !! ( 50-pins enhanced IDE )
The ZIF connectors are especially made for the newer ipod's and won't fit in the R100

You can use any 1.8" HD, as long as it has the ATA-5 interface ; problem is that a new one is pretty hard to get nowadays, since the Ipod's are 99% of the market for 1.8" HD's and use the ZIF connector
the older ipods had the same ATA connection and at Ebay you can find a used one without problems

but first : check the connector of your own HD, it might have 'slipped-out' by falling !

success !

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my portege r100's fan is not working anymore and i wonder do the service change only fan or mainboard totaly...and my screen has 24 dead colour pixels what do i have to do
kind regards

Answer:Portege R100: fan and screen

Hi Murat,

In my experience repairers will take the fastest option for them rather than the cheapest for you. So if your fan can be replaced easily without changing the main board then that is what they will do.

With regard to your dead pixels the only real solution is to replace the screen.

I think this is a job more suited to a Service Agent,


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may you ca help me - please!

I tried to start my R100 this morning. But if I press the Start Button it does not work.
There is no light in the LED-Panel. No LED Light is working, but the Electricity is okay.

What could that be?

I don't hope the motherboard...could it be that there is a fuse?

Thank you for any help,

Answer:Portege R100 does not work any more


This could be everything!
You said that the notebook gets power and that the AC adaptor is also connected?

Well, you could try to remove the battery from the notebook and could disconnect the AC adaptor. Then you should wait a little time (30min) and should connect both parts again.

Then check if your notebook would power up.

If not then the hardware part must be defect?
But we can only speculate about the malfunction?

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I have a portege R100 which witht he new 1Gb memory is very good. I would like to update from XP to Win7.
Has anyone done it? Any suggestion? Would Win 7 slow the system down?


Answer:Portege R100 and Windows 7

If I undestand you, you only have 1 GB of memory? If you do, I'm sorry, but your system would be slow as hell. 2 GB is a minimum in my oppinion.

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Thank you very much for solving most of my problems. Within your help und the mighty forums archive
i would't get far ... :-)

I still have some Probs ...

1. I can't installs the toshiba sommon module on xp sp2. the programm starts, writes a temp archive in c and stops somewhere.
when i want to quit the programm an error occurs: "setup.exe is still running".

how can i install this thing without error?

if i can install this module correct, some of my issues were solved. i promis!

Kind regards,

Answer:Re: Still some Issues with my Portege R100

Hello Rita

I do not know all this for sure but just want to post you my theory about all this. Older notebook models are preinstalled with WXP SP1 (your notebook too) and I am pretty sure if you install your notebook following Toshiba instructions you can have success.

Maybe you should install WXP SP1, all drivers and Toshiba tools and after doing this install SP2. When you are finished check ?Microsoft Windows XP SP2 Update information? document and update all listed stuff. This document you can find on Toshiba download page for your notebook model.

I know it is pretty complicated but maybe only way to have all stuff installed clean and properly.
One more thing: maybe you should not install SP3 because it can cause some functionality problems with Toshiba tools and utilities.

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I'm trying to find the drivers for Toshiba Portege R100 and it's seems I can't find them on Toshiba official site or on any site.
Could some one help me with a link or an email at [email protected] ?

Answer:Need drivers for Portege R100

All drivers, tools and utilities you can find on Toshiba support & Download page under

Only thing you must do is to choose ARCHIVE under ?product type? option.

That?s all!

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Can anyone please help me. My Portege R100 will not boot, when i switch it on the following is displayed: in touch with tomorrow toshiba. after a few seconds a black screen appears with a flashing cursor on the left hand side of the screen.

Many thanks

Answer:Portege R100 will not boot

Hi Rehana,

The Toshiba screen that you see first is the initial splash screen displayed while the BIOS is loading. Once the BIOS has finished its load process the system will try to initialise the operating system and it is at this point that you are getting the black screen with the flashing cursor in the top left hand corner.

Sadly this normally indicates that the notebook cannot load the operating system from the hard drive either because the hard drive itself has failed or because the contents have been damaged in some way.

You could try to load your notebook in 'safe' mode (press F8 during the initial BIOS load) or you could try to boot your notebook from a bootable CD/DVD and check the hard drive.

Finally you could try to re-install your OS from the recovery CD.


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I have the above PC which I want to re-image with the recovery discs but I am having a problem getting that far. I have a floppy bootdisk (which will also allow me to access the recovery discs from a usb cd:rom drive - I'm told). I don't get that far though - from the boot screen (start up and F12) if I select floppy drive to boot I just go to flashing cursor... and that's it. If I select internal harddrive I get a warning that a file is missing or corrupt:


Any help much appreciated.

Best regards,


Answer:Portege R100 won't boot!


are you sure that the driver on the floppy disk is working properly? Did you tested it on another computer? Alternatively you could try to boot from USB-stick.

May I ask you which floppy you?re using? Maybe an genuine toshiba flopppy drive?

Would be interesting if it?s from another brand, since that would explain some things.


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I own a Toshiba Portege R100 (1GHz, 512MB RAM)

One of the 256MB RAM modules is unmovable, the other is removable (so I have been told).

I am thinking of upgrading to Vista and hence want to upgrade my RAM.

Will any DDR SODIMM PC2100 266Mhz module work, or are there specific brands / specifications I should use?

Normally paired RAM is used for best performance, but I've seen Dells sold with unmatched RAM (1GB plus 2GB for instance). What are the disadvantages (if any) of using a 1GB or 512GB module with the fixed 256MB module?

PC2100 is now more expensive than backward compatible PC2700. Will a 1GB module of backward compatible (to PC2100) PC2700 RAM work with the fixed 256MB PC2100?


Answer:Portege R100: RAM upgrade

You can install a universal DDR1 Sodimm PC2100 *or* PC2700 module

It will work together with the basic memory without problems, but of course the PC2700 will be 'downgraded' to PC2100.

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Please be patient/gentle with a basic question from a novice.

I have no drivers for: ethernet controller; multi media controller; network controller; PCI modem; or, video controller.

I know they must be in the download section of Support but I can't identify which is which. Any suggestions as to how I download these drivers?


Answer:Need XP drivers for Portege R100


so, it?s really no big deal:

go to "", choose your model and download ALL drivers for the machine. Then just install ALL drivers and software and there shouldn?t be a problem...

If you got any further questions just ask.. :)


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I (foolishly) installed Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2008 and tried to format my second partition to NTFS instead of FAT. It said it did not have access to the partition and so would format at boot.

I reboot and it comes up with Paragon Boot Manager asking for a floppy drive A:

I've tried the bios and I cant get it to leave that screen and boot windows.

I don't own a Toshiba USB/PCIMIA DVD drive, but I do have a non-Toshiba one, which the R100 won't boot from. I have also ordered an external floppy disk drive but it hasn't arrived yet.

I've read that it won't boot from USB devices other than a Toshiba DVD drive or a floppy disk drive.

My plan is to get the floppy drive, and using a method similar to this:
boot from my non Toshiba DVD drive using the drivers on the floppy, and reinstall windows

Or, buy a 3.5 to 1.8 converter, disconnect the system disc on my PC, connect the R100 HDD, install windows using that hardware, then replace the HDD into the R100.

*Do I have any other options? I'd much prefer to keep my current install.*

The reason I was attempting to format the HDD partition to NTFS was to a) extract an image file larger than 4gb in order to install some hardware (it wouldn't fit on the the other partition), and b) to attempt to merger the second partition with the primary (system) partition. If there is a way of recovering the R100 without reinstalling windows, I will... Read more

Answer:Portege R100 recovery

Friend of mine has successfully used one non-Toshiba floppy disc drive with his Satellite notebook. If you can obtain one you can try to use it.

I do not have experience with this notebook model but you can try to use start disk and create two partitions on HDD. Copy I386 folder onto second partition and start OS installation from there.

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I have a Portege R100 and I would like to upgrade the 40Gb HDD. What is the highest size i could upgrade using Toshiba or not Toshiba HDD?
There are 1.8"SSD? WHat would be the best way to upgrade it?


Answer:Portege R100 and HDD upgrade

I have one old Portege 2000 and it is almost the same notebook as your one, but my was delivered with 20 GB HDD. I have upgraded it with 60 GB and it works perfect.
I can understand your wishes about HDD upgrade but I recommend you to be a little bit realistic and do upgrade that is logic and understandable for this old notebook model.

So I can confirm that 60 GB HDD will works well. Maybe you can use HDD with more capacity but Toshiba has at this time delivered your Portege with 40 GB max. What you can do is to contact nearest Toshiba authorized service provider and ask if they have more experiences with hardware upgrade on this notebook.

To be honest this notebook is not designed for multimedia stuff and actually 60 GB HDD is quite enough for different application installation and for saving all important stuff like office documents, photos and maybe some videos.

What you want to do with this notebook?

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Hi there.

I'm trying to re-install Windows XP on a Portege R100. I have a Tools & Utilities CD-ROM but no System recovery disc. I have a Toshiba CR ROM which connects to the Laptop through a cardbus. I thought it would be a simple matter of putting my XP install disk in and booting from that. Unfortunately, it gets most of the way through the installing drivers bit, then just when it comes up with Starting Windows, there is the following bluescreen error bluescreen error:

+A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer+

+If this is the first time you have seen this stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps (then goes on to tell you to to chkdsk /f)+

+Technical information: *** STOP: 0x0000007b (0xf897f524, 0xc0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)+

I have previously had similar errors with other laptops whereby SATA controller drivers need to be slipstreamed into the Windows install disk. Is this a similar situation?

If anyone has any ideas / suggestions, I would be most grateful.



Answer:Installing XP on Portege R100

I have seen 0x0000007B on my previous laptop when installing XP, it is a HDD controller problem, usually caused when XP cannot find the correct IDE/SATA controller drivers.

Firstly you need to use a Windows XP Service Pack 2 CD. You can slipstream SP2 into the XP CD, search google for "XP slipstream SP2"

I am not familiar with that model, but you may need to use an F6 storage driver. Have a look on the Toshiba Site for drivers or instructions.

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I have a r100 and it now has no operating system and worse yet it wont boot from an external cd please can somebody advise me how I can reload windows xp and have my computer back

Answer:Portege R100 will not boot from CD


What external drive do you use?
I have read in this Toshiba forum that not whole external drives are compatible.
You need a supported one if you want to boot up from the CD!

Do you know the Toshiba knowledge base?
I have investigated at this page and found this article:

Port?g? R100 supported Recovery Drives

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I have a portege R100, I shut it down last night with no problems, but this morning it won't turn on. The power is connected and the battery light is on, but it just simply won't turn on.. Does anyone have any ideas?? Thank you..

Answer:Portege R100 will not turn on


Remove battery, connect your notebook to AC adapter and try to turn it on again.

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I have a Toshiba Portege R100 with no CD-drive and no floppy disk. I managed to boot it using pxelinux and bart's network disk, but I don't know what to do next. The recovery CDs contain ghost images and I have an old USB CD-drive that I tried to connect (no success) using DOS drivers. Also, I tried to map a network driver, but it doesn't work.

I'd appreciate some help.

Thank you!

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I'm using Portage R100 with external CDRW/DVD drive (model ? is PA3352E-2CD2). Extension is recognizing as a CD-ROM. AHEAD NERO and other programs can't see devices which are able to write disks. I tried to do what assistance programm recomminded but I havn't recieve any result. I'm using MS XP OS w SP2 and according MS HELP the reason of my problem can be in SP2. MS guies suggest me to waiting for next Servies Pack which look forward in 6 month.
Have I got any chance to solve my problem? And how?

Thanks at all.

Answer:Portege R100 problems with ext. CD RW


Well, I don?t know if it helps but you can try to update your old BIOS.
I found on the Toshiba website the newest BIOS update from 30/09/05.
Furthermore please check the Microsoft Windows XP SP2 Update information for this unit.


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I'm having a problem with RIS and my Toshiba Portege R100 laptop. When i try to rip an image from the laptop using riprep it keeps failing. This happens even with a vanilla install of XP. All of my other laptop works fine except this model.

I have noticed that from the riprep.sif file that the last few lines are missing from the failed ripped image. A successful image should look like this:

Description ="test image - Toshiba R100"
Help =""
LaunchFile ="%INSTALLPATH%\%MACHINETYPE%\templates\startrom.c om"
ImageType =SYSPREP
Version="5.1 (2600)"

A failed image would replace the last few lines with the following info:

Description = "Windows Professional"
Help = "This will install Windows Professional in a standard configuration."
LaunchFile = "%INSTALLPATH%\%MACHINETYPE%\templates\ m"
ImageType = "Flat"

I also checked the riprep.log file to see if there was any problems there. There was a few services that weren't stopped before the images were ripped. However, these services are also mentioned in other riprep log files from other images that were successful. I have also stopped these services before starting the imaging process but the problem still persists.

I did rip an image successfully a while ago. I was showing a collegue ... Read more

Answer:Portege R100 and RIPREP


I am not familiar with this but please check this Microsoft article;en-us;304992 .

Check also this topic


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My Portege R100 won't power on when I press the power button. The power LED lights up, but that all!! I don't hear any beeps, disk spinning or nothing! Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Portege R100: Power won't up.


Did you try to make a BIOS upgrade?
As far as I know wrong BIOS upgrade procedure can damages the ROM module.
On the other hand the hardware malfunction can be a problem.
In this case only the service partner can solve this fault.
I propose to contact the Service partner.


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First off, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong forum mod, please move as needed. Thanks in advance...

It all started when this new-to-me machine, which was dropped several weeks ago to seemingly no ill effect on anything but the case, froze as it seemed to be going into slleep mode. Or maybe hibernation. In any case the Teletubbies-green hills were the only thing on the screen, when I decided to power the machine it had been sitting that way for several minutes, something it had never done. A few seconds later after depressing the power button, it was off. Maybe twenty minutes later, I turned the laptop back on again. But this time no Windows XP Pro SP2 startup screen, just the following error, after and while hearing the hard drive repeatedly do a short seek:
Invalid Boot.ini
Booting from C:\windows\

Or something very similar. At any rate, the machine would restart after a few minutes of showing this and repeat the process: BIOS boot screen, black screen, error screen.

So I have a few questions:
1. Do I have a bad 1.8" 40GB hard disk on my hands? If so, where to get a new one? An iPod? Maybe a $350 classic's 160 gig would work? Or maybe I could run GRC's SpinRite on the drive?
2. How would I access the drive to either fix the boot.ini, scan it with SpinRite or other software, reinstall Windows, etc.? I didn't get an optical or other drive with this eBay purchase and I didn't see anything in the BIOS for USB booting...does that mean... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Portege R100 - HDD Gone? Something Else? Help thx

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My Portege R100 running Windows XP has developed a fault where function F10 and/or function F11 come on randomly.
They then can not be taken off unless computer is shutdown

Answer:Portege R100 - can not use F10 and F11 key function

Is this common problem?
Any solutions?
Thanks for your help.

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Hello people,

Hopefully you can help me with this one. I have a very nice R100, working fine until a few days ago when it decided not to boot anymore.
- HDD light comes up, then immediately turns off and the laptotp gets stuck in the "Toshiba" screen
- cannot enter BIOS, it looks like it freezes before BIOS could be accessed
- if I press F12, it gives me the opportunity to choose boot mode (HDD, pxe, PCMCA, floppy), so I can move the cursor between the options, but when I hit enter it gets stuck again.
- HDD is ok, I installed it on another R100 and works perfectly
- tried to boot via Windows server from another computer, but it cannot work cause when I hit F12 and choose pxe it gets stuck again (as I said before).

Any idea?

Thanks for helping

Answer:Re: Portege R100 won't boot - HDD ok


you see, it's not easy to say what happens to your computer. Maybe, there is overheating, Bios failure or hardware issue... Have you tried to clean the computer with compressed air? The overheating can cause system shutdown or freezing. Are there any connected the external usb devices? Have you tried to make bios setting with the external keyboard, does it get stuck? the Bios can also causes the problem, needed to be reflashed.
Have you paid attention for something wrong with your computer before the problem occurred? in most cases. the problem doesn't appear itself but follow after some circumstances.
sorry, that I ask too many questions, but to understand the problem needs more information.

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I have to reinstall win Xp on my port?g? R100 but I only have a usb cd/dvd reader. I can't boot on usb ! Is it normal ? How can I install win xp ? Do I have to buy a pcmcia cd reader ?

Many thanks for your answers

Answer:Boot on usb with portg R100

Try the method at

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Dear friends,
I have a problem with my newly bought Portege R100. When I try to put it in stand by mode (or hybernate mode, for that matter), it starts the process and then stops it and displays an error message saying that it gets into conflict with the keyboard drive and I might need to update this.
Obviously when I try to update it, it does not show any update for keyboard drivers.
I was wondering if somebody has experienced the same problem and how you solved it.


Answer:Portege R100 standby problem

Hi Riccardo

As far as I know this problem can occur if you use external keyboard because at the moment when notebook goes to standby or hibernation mode all active processes must be shut down. At this moment there can be some conflict because lot of programs or processes can make problems by switching off.

Do you use external keyboard?

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Trident video accelerator cyber-XP4 v6.4823-104.22_2

Anyone know of improvements to the display adapter to cure issues with OpenGL, e.g. rendering point size and picking points on screen.

Answer:Portege r100 display adapter


I found some infos about this chip, perhaps it help you!

Memory Data Bus Width 128bit
Connected Bus AGP (w/ side band)
Bus Clock Speed 66MHz x4
GPU clock 200MHz
Direct3D Support Yes
OpenGL Support Yes

Video Memory :
Capacity (internal/external) Internal 32MB
Type of Video Memory (external only) DDR
Access Speed (external only) 200MHz


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I have a Toshiba Portege R100 from America with 768 MB RAM, 40 GB HDD, DVD-ROM over PCMCIA-Card. I want to renew the Windows XP Pro-Notebook by update the hardware.

- How can I update a bigger HDD ?
- Which RAM can I update ?
- Can I update the processor ?

Thank you for your help.


Answer:Few questions about Portege R100 upgrade


You can't upgrade the processor!!

You can upgrade the HD, but because it's a 1.8" HD with a ide ( 50 pins ATA ) interface the best you can find is a 60gb HD ( the Toshiba MK6006GAH 60Gb ) You can find them at ebay for a reasonable price

You can easily upgrade the memory with one 1gb pc2700 ddr1 so-dimm module ( such as kingston or corsair ) as a replacement of the 512 module to a max of 1,2 gb.

You can buy them everywhere

also notice :

installing XP on a R100 is not very easy, but you can find a lot of information on this forum, like here :


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I have got a Port?g? R100, when you insert a USB 2.0 device it blue screens and you can?t do anything. But if you insert a USB 1.1 device it is fine I have tried upgrading to Windows XP sp2 and this hasn?t helped any ideas.


Answer:USB 2.0 blue screens on Portege R100


does it care which USB 2.0 Device you in connect in which USB 2.0 port? Or has only one port a malfunction?

You can check the Device Manager entry for USB host adapter! Look if these drivers are installed in a proper way!
Did the USB 2.0 Ports work in the past? What happened or what have you done that the USB 2.0 functionality disappeared?


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I realised that my machine is old but I thought I'd ask the question anyway.

The disc crashed on my R100 and I've just bought another one (waiting for it to arrive). Only then did I realise that even though I've got the recovery discs I need a way to read them into the machine. Being an R100 my DVD drive is an external unit manufactured by LG (Model GCC 5240P) with a CardBus adapter.

I heard somewhere that some machines will "boot up" because a basic driver for the DVD drive is held elsewhere not on the hard drive. I'm not sure if this is the case for the R100 and if not how do I boot the machine??
Anyway I'm looking for some help on how I might be able to get my machine restarted with XP.

Any help would be gratefully received. By the way I'm not a computer professional, so if anyone out there does reply, KISS (Keep It Straight and Simple) would be a good maxim to use.
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Recovery procedure for a Portege R100

I believe you need a special Bootable Floppy Disk with the CD Drivers on it. You can download it from here:

Connect the External CD Drive and External FDD Drive to the R100
Insert the bootable Floppy Disk and the Recovery Disc
Turn on the R100 and boot from the FDD and select the ODD in the list. It should start the Recovery Process.

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I've been trying to reinstall Windows on my Portege R100 for weeks, and finally found out

It says that if you have a UBS CD drive made by Toshiba or something equivalent and appropriate recovery CD, you can boot from recovery CD to reinstall Windows.
But the recovery CD I have is not that "appropriate" one. For this case, the above document suggests to download bootimage file for floppy diskette and then

"you can make your own directly bootable Recovery CD with this bootimage, if you extract it and use it as Floppy emulation (1,44MB) in your favourite burning software and combine it with the data from the original CD."

Can anyone explain what this means? Once you unzip the bootimage file linked to the document, you'll get an .exe file, which upon clicking, tries to make a bootable floppy diskette. How can I use this .exe file to make a bootable CD?
Many thanks in advance.


Answer:Portege R100 - burning my own recovery CD


On this Toshiba document there is described how you can preinstall your Portege R100 using original (already delivered) recovery media. Like you can see you can use Toshiba external drives listed there and on this way installation is very easy because the Toshiba designed recovery image already contains the necessary driver for external Toshiba drives.

If you don?t have Toshiba drives but other USB drives you can recover unit using Toshiba boot disk.

On this document there is nothing about burning your own recovery media. As far as I know you can do it using some applications like Norton Ghost (I use it) and if you have an external drive. Norton Ghost application allows you to make recovery image on the HDD directly (I prefer this option and save the image on partition D) or to burn it on bootable CD/DVDs.

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I have just installed a new internal 40gb hdd in my portege r100, i have partitioned the drive and formatted it. I have also installed the latest bios version ( i think it is 1.6) However I can not now install XP from dvd because the portege r100 can not see the external usb dvd drive which is, i think a LITE-ON 8x

Any suggestions?

Answer:Portege R100: Can not see external dvd drive

Are you using the Recovery CD supplied with the machine? Also the machine will only boot to a TOSHIBA USB dvd drive. If it is not made by Toshiba you will not be able to boot from it. Sorry

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I'v had Portege R100s for a long time, perhaps 7 years, I'm down to my last one.

I just came back to it after eating and the XP screen was just frozen, no mouse movement, CntrlAltDel did nothing. Press and Hold the power button did shut it down.

Now I can boot it up, but it freezes again in a very short time, a few minutes. I'm guessing that the procesor fan has stopped.
Does tht sound right to people, is it a realistic possibility to cannibalise the carcass of my previous one and fit the fan into my current unit?


Answer:Portege R100 freezes - is CPU fan defective?

Of course it could be related to the CPU issue.
If the CPU would not be cooled down properly then the system might stop to respond.

Are you sure that the cooling fan has stopped working?
If yes then the cooling module should be checked and replaced with the compatible one.
You cannot use any cooling modules. It has to be the compatible one.

But to be honest I think that the RAM modules should be checked too?
In most cases an RAM problem is more realistic as an faulty cooling module?

My old notebook stopped working because one of the RAM slot was faulty?
I remove one module and the notebook worked using only one RAM module?
However, I could not use it as I wanted and I bought new notebook.

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Hi, I got some problem to recovery PORTEGE R100. My problem is that when I try to re-install all of system with the recovery CD from floppy disk booting, it cannot recognize the CD-ROM. The CD-ROM is not a TOSHIBA product. Is there any solution for this?

Answer:PORTEGE R100 recovery problem by CD-ROM


It will be interesting to know if your external CD-ROM is an USB or PCMCIA device.

You must make a bootable diskette from Windows and add ?DOS? drivers for Your CD- ROM and then you should be able to recover the machine with this CD.

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Have a import Portege R100 which I bought with replacement screen which is where the nightmare starts, screen does not have right connectors and probably is not correct one.
It is a 12 inch size so that is correct but I cannot get anyone to tell me which laptop this screen is for. It has all the numbers etc on the back and is a genuine Toshiba made in Japan screen.

If anyone has any ideas let me know and then which number on the back of the screen to use as id.

Answer:Portege R100 - need help with screen identification

What numbers so you see on the original screen?

Maybe someone here will recognise a number.

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I?m new here and my English is not the best. So excuse me, if I?m typing some words wrong.

My issue: I've setup my old Portege R100. I managed to reinstall WXP on the R100 and mostly all things are okay.
One thing, what "out of order" is the "FN-key", this key is used to switch off sound, light etc. Which driver is needed to fix this problem? I have already installed a lot of things, but sometimes my machine asks me for Toshiba common module. I thought I?ve installed it several times but there isnt' a set-up-installation ...

Anything wrong?

Best regards,

Answer:Funktion-Key out off Control on Portege R100

Hello Rita

I see there just one problem. All Toshiba tools and utilities should be installed following specific installations order. Toshiba Common Modules must be installed at first, before you continue to install any other Toshiba tool or utility.

On Toshiba download page you can find ?Installations Instructions? document. Check it and install all stuff following this installations order.

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Hello Friend

I've problem here :
can we or i somehow get a replacment of recovery cd coz my uncle recovery cd is lost ?
my portege R100 cannot login to welcome screen the only thing is to reinstalling it using recovery cd coz if i installed it using another cd ( not recovery cd ) it always come up BSOD :
"***stop: 0x0000007B (0xF7978524, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000) it' says i've to check for viruses the problem is i cannot login to windows after welcome screen.

Thank You

Answer:How to obtain Recovery CD for my Portege R100?


You can obtain the recovery CD form the Toshiba service partner in your country.

Just for info; generally the BSOD appears because of the hardware malfunction or serious software fault.

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Dear all

I am using Portege R100.
I am not able to boot from usb cd drive and the cd drive is also not working from xp but all other usb devices are working okay and the very usb cd drive is working fine on other system.

Can any one help me out
Thanks in advance


Answer:Re: Portege R100 - not able to boot from USB CD drive

I believe you need a CD Driver on a Floppy Disk to run Recovery from CD on the R100 models.

Have a look at the Toshiba website in the downloads section. If you cant find it locally, use this link (from the website):

With the laptop Off, attach the USB CD Drive, and the USB Floppy Drive with the Bootable Floppy Disk
Turn on the laptop and enter the Boot Menu (I think its the F12 key)
Select the Floppy Drive to boot from the Disk
The Disk will load a CD Driver and detect the external USB CD Drive
Recovery should begin.

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I have the Portege R100 which came with 256MB of memory. I've bought 1G of memory to pop in the little slot at the back. So far so good!

The handbook indicates that the PC will automatically recognise that the additional memory is there and will the use it. Except, the laptop doesn't seem to have noticed that it is there.

I have made sure it is correctly inserted - it isn't upside down or anything because there is only one way to put it in.

Is there anyway that I can force the PC to realise the memory has been upgraded? Any suggestions?

Many thanks


Answer:Portege R100 - Memory upgrade


Usually the notebook cannot recognize the memory modules because either you have used a wrong and not compatible module or there is a slot malfunction.
Are you 100% sure that you have used the compatible and supported module?

I have investigated a little bit in the net and it seems that there is only a one slot where the module can be placed. There is also an internal memory of a 256MB. (This cannot be removed).

So these modules should be compatible:
PC2100 128MB (PA3126U-1M12)
PC2100 256MB (PA3127U-1M25)
PC2100 512MB (PA3164U-1M51)
PC2100 1GB(PA3278U-1M1G)

After memory module placing it?s advisable to enter the BIOS and check if the memory can be recognized. Then save the settings and leave the BIOS. Start the notebook and Windows again.

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I?d like to upgrade my R100 with a 1024MB-stick. Can I use any memory with the following specs?

DDR266 PC2100 SODIMM 200 pin

Or are there more things I?ve to look at? Or does it even has to be a special memory customized for the R100?

Thanks for any hints!

Answer:Portege R100: memory upgrade

Yes, definitely yes!!!

According to the information on this page you can use 200-Pin PC2100 (266MHz) DDR SODIMM memory modules

It seems there is only one memory slot upgradeable. Therefore you can use an 1024BM modules as max.

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Has anyone experienced this problem?
My Portege R100 after installing fresh copy of Windows XP and straight after installing Trident display driver (restart) behave weird.

Welcome screen goes white on bottom part(when first yellow line is). Then I have some software problems.

When start search files engine, when I refresh wireless networks list and when I explore files clicking on 'My computer' ,(it does not happen when I right click on START and 'explore') processor usage shows 100% and everything is so slow that I can barely move a cursor.

Everything goes back to normal after I close above applications.
I can install all other drivers and everything is fine but after Trident display it's bad.

This is the driver I'm using since I bought laptop, I'm sure it's fine.
I installed it many times before and I have couple of copies of it which I tried already so it must be fine.

The only thing crosses my mind is a hardware failure.
Has anyone of you experienced that before?


Answer:Portege R100 - processor usage 100%

It has nothing to do with your computer - it's the trident driver issue - there's a work - around
Try to change your display setting -

(1) right click your mouse at desktop to bring up the display property then click on Advanced - there you will see a tab say somethng like "graphic acceleration"
(2) you should reduce the acceleration rate - move the tab to the left - make sure it's not full
(3) this trident driver will cause you OS to re-draw the screen everytime you move your mouse with some applications

if my post is not detail for you
Try google with key word " how to disable graphic acceleration in windows xp" - you will get some good instrucitons

That will fix your problem!

Good luck and enjoy your nice laptop!


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I recently got some Portege R100 laptops back from Toshiba after being repaired.

It seems that some of them have the same UUID and this is causing problems with our asset management system that uses this as a Primary Lookup Key.

Does anyone know of a tool that I can used to reset the UUID on a Toshiba Portege R100?

Answer:Portege R100: Duplicate UUID


perhaps these URL helps you. It contains a UUID generator and a short description about UUID!

Bye Sammy

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Problem: On my laptop Portege R100 the RTC battery needs to be replaced (laptop loses system date and time when starting up after having automatically done a shutdown when batteries were going empty).

Question: I am trying to figure out if this RTC battery is easily replacable ie can I order it at my dealer and can their technician quickly/easily replace the battery or is this battery soldered onto the motherboard and does the replacement therefore have to be done by Toshiba technicians meaning my portable will be gone for a couple of weeks?

Thanks a lot for any input.

Answer:Portege R100: RTC battery replacement


As far as I know the RTC battery is not soldered on the motherboard but only connected with the cable. To remove the CMOS battery you have to disconnect the RTC battery cable from PJ8760 on the system board and remove the RTC battery from the RTC battery slot.

That?s all. But if you have no experience in such things you shouldn?t replace it yourself. The safely option is to contact the Toshiba service partner to replace the battery. There you can also order the compatible one

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Could anyone help please? I have recently followed a number of threads on this forum in order to get my R100 back to life.

I have quick recovery discs.
I have an USB floppy drive with a bootable disk from the following site -
I also have a USB CD Rom /DVD drive which is not being recognised. (MY -Link - 5060183570214). I clearly do not have the correct drivers.
I have got drivers for said CD-Rom /DVD drive but looks like only for Panasonic/IBM.

What I would like to know is how can I get the CD-Rom/DVD drive recognised when booting from the floppy. Which files do I need to edit and what editing is required?

Any help will be much appreciated.



Answer:Portege R100 - Not Bootable CD-Rom Drive


Did you see this forum thread?

there you can find wonderful description how to boot from external drive and how to reinstall the OS!

The instruction is vey detailed? I think it should help you!

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Hi...about an year ago i had installed a vista transformation pack on my portege r100, but when i uninstalled it, i was still left with icons and pop-up screens and other stuff from the pack....Also, i have lost some features like system restore lately....all this has added to my frustration and i need to reinstall windows XP pro again....But i have lost the recovery CDs from toshiba...I have a separate bootable XP installation CD though, and want to install that on my portege

I have a few questions:
1. I have a Toshiba external USB CD RW/DVD Rom Combo drive. Do I need anythng else than a bootable XP Pro installation CD ?
2. Can i use the serial number from the COA beneath my portege ?
3. Can i use the recovery CDs from my friend's toshiba instead ?

I would appreciate any kind of help from you. Thank You.

Message was edited by: audguy

Answer:Portege R100 - Recovery CDs lost


> 1. I have a Toshiba external USB CD RW/DVD Rom Combo drive. Do I need anything else than a bootable XP Pro installation CD ?

Usually you would need an compatible PCMCIA CD/DVD drive in order to be able to boot from a Win XP disk.
But I met some people here in the forum who tried to reinstall the Win XP without using a CD/DVD drive.
Check these threads:

> 2. Can i use the serial number from the COA beneath my portege?
I doubt this serial number will work in connection with other Windows operating systems. This serial key belongs to the Win OS on the Recovery disk. It?s a OEM version and cannot be used with other Win XP.

>3. Can i use the recovery CDs from my friend's Toshiba instead?
You have to use the Recovery disk which has been designed especially for the Portege R100. If you friend is an owner of the same Portege R100 then the recovery disk should work on your Portege R100.
The point is that the Recovery disk contains drivers, tools and other software which has been developed only for certain notebook series. If you would use the Recovery disk which does not contain the drivers for Portege R100 then you could damage the hardware or an error will pop up...


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I'm having problem with RIS on my Portege R100 when I try to install Windows XP SP2. I previously had a problem where it complained that I never had a the necessary network driver to use RIS, a quick search through the Intel Support website showed that there was a new .INF file that had to be placed in th i386 folder to enable RIS to work. When I now boot in PXE/RIS I get further, but only a little bit.

It seems to get all the necessary files until it says "Setup is starting Windows" and then displays the BSOD.

This is very frustrating as I have a number of laptops to build.

If you require anymore information please do not hesitate to ask.


Answer:Problems with RIS, Portege R100 and possibly XP SP2

Hello Martin

If I understood you right you talk about ?Remote installation service?. The problem is that Toshiba supports just OS. DOS is not supported but you should try to solve this on your own. I am pretty sure that it cans works somehow.

Good luck!

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I have the above PC which I want to re-image with the recovery discs but I am having a problem getting that far. I have a floppy bootdisk (which will also allow me to access the recovery discs from a usb cd:rom drive - I'm told). I don't get that far though - from the boot screen (start up and F12) if I select floppy drive to boot I just go to flashing cursor... and that's it. If I select internal harddrive I get a warning that a file is missing or corrupt:


Any help much appreciated.

Best regards,


Answer:Toshiba Portege R100 Bootup

Do you have an actual XP CD from Microsoft? I have NEVER had good experiences with recovery disks as they tend to not work half the time.

You may need to contact Toshiba for a new set of disks. If you had an XP CD we could maybe fix the underlying error.


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Hopefully the subject pretty much covers things but...

I have read that the R100 in America comes with an extended battery and was wondering if it is possible to buy one in the UK. I can't find anything online.

Also does the Portege R100 boot from USB at all?

Many Thanks

Answer:Extended battery for Portege R100 in the UK

This high capacity battery has part number PA3155U-1BRL. I don't have time to search it on Google but use this number in Google UK and I hope you will find some online store where you can order it.

About USB boot I cannot say much but when the notebook starts under Toshiba welcome screen you should see small symbols with all bootable devices. Check if USB is there.

Do you want to use USB external CD-Rom?

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I have purchased a Toshiba R100 last year and I decided to wait before purchasing the Toshiba CD/DVD Drive as I thought the bios would be updated to support booting from a USB Drive or SD Card.

So far, I don't think it has been done, so the CD/DVD Drive is "the" reliable solution right now to restore the R100 to factory specs.

So I would like to know if the Toshiba PA3438U USB2 CD-RW/DVD Drive will be bootable with the R100 ? I would like to know this before buying it.

Thank you in advance.

Answer:Portege R100 USB2 CD-RW/DVD Rom - Bootable ?


I cannot answer this question but I have found very interesting postings here in the forum about recovering but without a bootable CD drive:

If you want you can use the forum advance search function to search for similar postings.

Hope it helps a little bit.


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Hi everyone,
i am new to this forum and i am trying to find out exactly where i am going wrong.I have this portege r100 notebook and the hard disk gave up couple of days ago.Because i am a novice when it comes to computers i left the notebook with a engineer i found on gumtree.
Unfortunately the engineer was unable to load any operating system on it.I did go through this forum and found loads of useful answers but alas,still the same problem.
Could someone guide me in the right direction.I would really be grateful as i have exams coming up next week and really need the laptop.

I dont have any compatiable cd roms only an external fdd.
I have tried installing using window boot disk (x6 downloaded from microsoft website) but after the 6 disk it asks me for 3 options.

1.Press enter to install
2.Recovery console option
3.F3 exit

When i press enter it doesnt recongise my cd rom which i figured out is not compatiable.If i leave the cd rom connected it says unmountable boot disk.It gives me bsod.Is there any other way i could install the operating system only using FDD.
I would really appreciate all the help from the experienced members of this forum.

Answer:Portege R100 - How to install after HDD exchange?

I think you need a special boot disk to get the USB CD drive recognized properly.

I found this on the Toshiba website:

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I'm thinking of putting in a larger capacity internal hard drive - 40G is now a bit small :(

Has anyone done this? Any pitfalls? Any suggestions on compatible drives?


Answer:Portege R100 and new Hard Drive


As far as I know the old Portege R100 supported a HDD IDE controller.
So you will need definitely a IDE HDD. I think it?s a 1.8? IDE HDD.

I think the IDE HDD controller supports only the 28bit LBA and this would mean that the HDDs bigger than 120GB would not be recognized.

Therefore I would choose smaller HDDs.

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I have a Portege R100 and the HDD failed. I installed a new HDD and I have the Toshiba recovery disks. I tried to boot from a generic USB CD-ROM but the laptop did not recognize it.

I have a USB Toshiba FDD which it does recognize and I have a restore disk but I don't know how to go from there. Do I have to buy a Toshiba external CD-ROM and if so, which one?
Any helpful suggestions?

Answer:Portege R100 - Boot from external HDD


The booting from the external USB CD/DVD drive is not possible.
Also you will be able to boot from the USB HDD!

If you want to boot from the CD you have to use an compatible PCMCIA cards CD/DVD drive (16bit and Cardbus 32bit).

For details check this Toshiba article:

and this other threads:


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Hi People.

I have been trying to use the Cyberlink PowerDVD software that should have come preinstalled on this notebook, but it doesnt appear to be installed. Where can I download a copy from for this notebook?

Also, is there a way to backup the machine as I never received any CD's / DVD's with the machine when it was purchased brand new


Answer:Portege R100 and Cyberlink Software

You should have obtained recovery discs with your notebook as far as I know.
One possibility would be to go to ASP, so that they can order recovery media for your machine, or second one would be to use 3rd party applications like tools from Acronis or others to backup your system right now.

Sure, this Cyberlink software had to be included? Never heard that Cyberlink software was bundled with Toshiba notebooks, but who knows.
No, you can't download it somewhere, as I think it is not allowed from Cyberlink due to copyright terms or whatever.

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I have a Toshiba R100 and am trying to upgrade the BIOS from 1.20 to 1.60. However, I just get "different ROM version" when I run the update.

The model number on the bottom is P2010 - is this slightly different from an R100? If so, where can I obtain a BIOS update?


Answer:Portege R100: Trying to upgrade the BIOS from 1.20 to 1.60


Well, I have found the BIOS version 1.6 from 30.9.05 on the Toshiba driver page.
This version should works properly.
I assume you have tried to upgrade the BIOS with the win-version. Please check this document: IOS&FID=TRO0000000b07

There you will find information how to upgrade the BIOS on the R100. You should use the trad-BIOS version.

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I have a portege r100 that has been away for repair three times in the last couple of months. It has just been returned to me and now blus screens through startup. I guess that I now need to rebuild the OS but only have a USB CD drive. I contacted the support help line who cannot tell me where I can get a PCMCIA CD Drive to rebuild the laptop (I do have the CD's). Any ideas on :
- Where to get a CD Drive (in the UK)
- How else to complete the task.


Answer:Portege R100 - software restore


I have found this Toshiba document:

There you will find a compatible and supported drives for R100.
I recommend to goolgle for this drives and to find a online shop which sells the drives.
The other possibility is to order these parts from the Toshiba service partner.

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I have an R100 which is refusing to boot into Windows (XP) - gets to the safe mode/last good etc screen then dies. I was going to try and repair the Windows installation using a normal XP disk, rather than a full product recovery, as the back-ups were out of date, of course, and I need some files.

Next problem, my Toshiba external PC card drive (PA3246) seems to have died - power light comes on but door won't open and not recognised on any PC. It seems to be impossible to get a Toshiba PC card drive now, only USB.

So questions:
1) What is likelihood of reparing Windows installation, as opposed to full product recovery?
2) Any thoughts on defective external drive?
3) Would an R100 boot from a Windows CD over a USB connection, or does anyone know source of suitable PC card drive (already tried ebay etc)?

Any help at all welcomed.

Answer:Reloading Windows XP on Portege R100


I see you?ve got many question dude ;) I will try to provide the best answers and solution proposals :)

So regarding point:
1. I don?t see any other chances as to recover the whole operating system.
If you need some files, you could firstly remove the HDD and could connect it to another computer via external USB HDD controller.

2. If the external PC card drive died, you will need a new one :( Sorry but I don?t see any other possibilities for a fix.
Maybe the warranty is valid and you will get a new one for free?

3. If you want to get some details about R100 and USB booting please check this:
The Port?g? R100 does not support an OS installation from USB CD/DVD drive.
The Port?g? R100 supports the Recovery with PCMCIA cards (16bit and Cardbus).


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Sometime when I use certain software applications, the images on my Port?g? R100 look distorted. Why does this happen?

Answer:Display Driver Portege R100

Apparently there is a bug in the Display Driver in the Portege R100. You can update the PC with an improved Display Driver, V6.4823.104.22_2 to prevent this from happening.

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I have a problem with the display of images on my Port?g? machine. When I use certain software applications, some images on my Port?g? R100 appear distorted. Why is this?

Answer:Images on my Portg R100 appear distorted

There is a bug in the Display Driver. Just update the PC with an improved Display Driver. This can be downloaded from the Driver Download section on the Toshiba support page.

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I have just fitted a new 40gb hdd in my Portege r100. i believe that I need to format the drive before it will work. How do I do this please? I have downloaded and installed the latest bios

Answer:Configuring and terminating new HDD for Portege R100


if the HDD is already detected in Windows Explorer, right click on it and select format. If not, you can use programs like Partition Magic or even your recovery CD to make a first formatting. If you use the recovery CD, the OS will be installed again, so you have to format the HDD a second time with the Explorer.


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Hi all,

just received a used R100, got it from eBay.

the very first problem - to boot up the system.
says "insert system disk" at all times
does not matter which device you select to boot from
does not enter bios update mode
legacy settings are set to "enabled" in BIOS

When plugging in a usb stick, a LED on it pops up for 1 second and then comes out

At the very first time I've powered it on got a message that RTC battery is dead..
I don't know if that might be the cause for all that.
now the last try is to get a usb FDD, I'm unsure but this might help I guess
or maybe replace RTC battery - is it replaceable?

Will try to boot it under linux via PXE but I'm not too experienced in that..

BIOS ver. is 1.30

Any other ideas/suggestions how to boot that device?

Answer:Portege R100 - problems booting up

At first connect notebook to the AC power supply and leave it 48 hours at least. The CMOS battery will be loaded too.

What to say about message you see at start up? Somehow the HDD is not ready for boot up.
The question is what is with the HDD. Is HDD recognized in BIOS and listed as bootable device?
Maybe is the HDD defective. Maybe is HDD controller defective?

Have you some news about all this?

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I have Toshbia Portege R100. I want to format it & start all over

I use killdisk program , excellent utility, normally runs from cd disc but machine won't boot from cd drive, even when told to in bios, it says 'cable error' & yet drive works fine when system is up & running

I want to remove unbuntu & just have xp, thought I'd start over-easier or do I just remove unbuntu?
If remove unbuntu, how do I do this?

regards TIM

Answer:Portege R100 - Won't boot from CD drive

Hi, you need the CD driver on a Floppy Disk to access the external drive in DOS.

Try this bootable Floppy Disk:

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I understand the internal drive on the R100 is an ATA5 (Enhanced IDE), i only used IBM (now HGST) drives, they only make a drive of a decent size on ATA6, i assume it will have to be the drive that will support ATA5 as the controller on the R100 is ATA5 only.

As for size whats the maximum size that I can fit in this unit?

The orginal is Width 5.4 x Depth 7.9 x Height 8 mm. Can i assume any 1.8inch drive will fot or is this a mine field?

Many Thanks

Answer:Portege R100: Question about max HDD size


As far as I know the R100 was delivered with a 30GB and 40GB HDDs.
I have found a info that this HDDs are compatible:

HDD1422: Width (mm) 54.0; Height (mm) 5.0 0.15; Depth (mm) 78.5 0.3
MK2003GAH: Width: 54.0, Height: 8.0, Depth: 78.5
HDD1384: Width: 54.0 0.2, Height: 8.0 0.15, Depth: 78.5 0.3
HDD1524: Width: 54.0 0.2, Height: 8.0 0.15, Depth: 78.5 0.3

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Hi All!

I would like to update the bios of my Portege R100, i've downloaded this trought this site:

unzipped and started install2.exe but i receaved this error:

"*[Error] BIOS Upgrade is failure. BIOS is not able upgraded on this configuration*"

Windows xp sp2
No external installed devices

Someone can help me?


Answer:Bios update Portege R100


You can download another version of the same bios-update here : PR10U

This file contains more information about performing the update, see the readme-file
you can either do a direct update within XP or make a bootable diskette or a bootable CD

If the "direct update" within XP won't work, you will need at least an USB-fdd-drive, most of them are recognized easily by the bios ( hold F12 during start-up and choose fdd )

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Hi, I already downloaded all drivers from homepage but there comes stil no sound from my Portege R100-

Everything else was perfectly installed.

So please help me!! I dont know what to do now.



Answer:Sound does not work on Portege R100

add: please help. I downloaded all now but it seams as if nothing would be the right driver for soundcontroller. what can I do?

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I replaced the HDD on my R100 as the original had failed. Thanks to help on the forum I managed to sort out a CDROM with a PCMCIA connector.

I got through to the recovery screen and selected option 1 - recover entire disk. It got a part way through disk 1 when it failed reading a file. I then ran it again but selected option 2 - the Toshiba Recovery Utility and this started and then failed with the error - "cannot open TOSH_REC.ERR"

Where to next?!!!



Answer:Cannot recover the Portege R100 using the Recovery CD


Have you replaced it with brand new HDD? It is very strange issue and if the HDD is brand new something like this should not happen. Have you FDD to check HDD with FDISC? Please use FDD and start disc to check new HDD.

Somehow I have the feeling that there is something wrong with this new HDD.

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I am trying to install Windows XP to one of my clients Toshiba Portege R100 laptop via my RIS server, I have setup the RIS server correctly with the network card drivers, but my problem is that the laptop says "NTLDR is missing, cannot resume" and the laptop reboots and I would have to remove the battery and put it back in before the laptop would work and then I could get to the PXE boot agent and then it would crash and I would have to the process all over again.

I know this problem is to do with a corrupt CMOS but how am I ment to flash the bios without using it to boot from a floppy drive (external).

Please help it is driving me mad!!

Thank you

More details!

Answer:OS installation on Portege R100 laptop via my RIS server


If a message "NTLDR is missing" appears this indicates that the hard disc is not bootable. I think the Port?g? client cannot boot from the LAN (RIS server)
Did you enable the option in the BIOS correctly?

Check if the network Boot protocol is enabled. You can choose between PXE and RPL.
And if the LAN was set at first in the boot order.

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Can anyone point me in the right direction for instructions on how to do this.


Answer:Portege R100 - Replacing CMOS Battery


It?s not easy to remove the RTC battery from the motherboard! It?s really tricky because you will need to disassemble the whole notebook in the right direction.
As far as I know you will need to remove the keyboard and the bottom cover.

But why you want to remove the RTC battery?
If the RTC battery is empty then you could recharge it again.
The notebook should be connected to the AC adaptor and should be ON for about 24hours.
This would help to recharge the RTC battery.

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i recently purchased a used Portege R100. It came without OS and i wanted to install XP SP2.

I know that restores only work with suited PCMCIA drives, but the HDD is formatted, so there is no recovery possible i guess.
Here are my problems:
- with my very old Freecom PCMCIA CD-Drive the Windows Setup CD is recognized and it starts loading XP drivers until it wants to start Copying the installiation files --> then I get the Windows Bluescreen with the 00x7 error (virus or driver)
- the same happens with my old W2k Pro installation disk.
- With the even older W98SE strange things occur too: The installation seems to work properly, but when it comes to boot with W98SE for the first time the systems hangs up with pixelgarbage.
- Making the 6 Bootdisks with makeboot did not work either.
- I also tried MS-DOS! And guess what! That worked! Loading the Freecom drivers and copying the Windows I386 folder to my hdd with volkov commander (something similar to NortonCommander) worked too! So i had hav the files on my disk but after running winnt in the i386 folder, the system hangs after a while, when it starts to copy files to a temporary folder.

So i nearly tried everything i know. right now i am downloading knoppix to try that.

I have run Memtest86 and the Diskmanager 9 to test RAM and HDD, both finished withut errors, so the main parts involed in the setup process seem to work. May it be that my IDE controller is broken?
I have no idea, WHY windows won't ... Read more

Answer:Various Installation Problems with Portege R100 and Windows XP

it should work out this way, did you perform a clean format of your HD first to Fat32-file-system, otherwise it won't work !
Be sure to use "smartdrive" in your DOS-startup, otherwise it will take a very long time, even 'freezing' is possible.

see also :

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I've just brought my 2005 Portege R100 out of retirement to give to one of the children - However it didn't want to start. I've changed the boot order to CD-ROM>LAN>HDD>PC Card and have put the original recovery disks in the genuine (and compatible) Toshiba DVD drive.

The system boots from the DVD drive and then gives me the following messages:

No CD/DVD-ROM drives found

It then reads the source files from the A: drive and tries to mount the PCMCIA drive

It then tells me it can't find the device driver 'TOSCD001'
No valid CDROM device drivers selected
Bad command or file name
Could not copy from CD-Drive to RAM-Drive C:!

Any advice will be gratefully received as said child is eagerly awaiting his laptop!



Answer:Can't get Portege R100 to recover using original disks


I assume you need a companion disk as described here

You have to boot from such diskette in order to load the driver for CD/DVD drive.

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I've just installed windows7 business version on this laptop and I've got a Code 28 message in the Device Manager/Network Controller/General/Device Status window.

It can't find an appropriate driver.

I'll obviously need to instal via a CD or floppy as I can't currently access the network or the internet via that laptop.

But can someone give me the url of an appropriate driver.



Answer:Portege R100 - Network Controller Driver


I think it could be a little bit difficult to find an Ethernet controller driver for Portege R100. The point is that this pretty old notebook supports only up to Windows XP according the Toshiba European driver download page.

So you have to search on external websites for drivers. The most Vista drivers are also work on Windows 7 so you should look for Vista drivers.
What Ethernet controller you have?
If it?s a Realtek for example, you can search on the Realtek website: []
Or e. g. Intel => []

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What I have:
Toshiba Portege R100
Toshiba DVD-Drive PA3246E-1DVD

What I don?t have:
Original Recovery CD

What I am trying to do:
boot from a CD to install an OS (WinXP)

What doesn?t work:
Portege R100 seems to ignore the DVD Drive as a boot device (busy LED doesn?t blink)

What I have tried:
changed boot sequence via BIOS Setup
tried BIOS options "Auto Selected", "Cardbus/16Bit" and "PCIC Compatible" by seting Device Config. to "All Devices"
manually chose boot media by pressing F12 (picked CD- and PCMCIA-icon)
tried diffrent boot media (e.g. win2k, winxp, knoppix)
created a boot CD by extracting the files and boot image from the recovery boot disk (
(activated floppy emulation; used boot image of the disk; copied files from disk to cd)

The DVD-Drive was tested under win2k and xp and found working. It is also declared as bootable.
I searched the forum for similar problems, but the solutions offered mostly require an external FDD.

I assume booting from a TOSHIBA Drive "for CD Boot, Install & Recovery" should be supported by a TOSHIBA Notebook. So what am I missing?

Answer:Portege R100 wont boot from PCMCIA-DVD-Drive

in the link given in your own posting there is clearly stated which CD/DVD-drives are compatible with the bios of the R100
-- apparently your drive is not --

that will not be a big problem when you use a boot-diskette with the proper drivers
the R100 will start-up with allmost any USB-diskette-drive, so borrow or buy one

with this procedure you will be able to install W2K/XP without problems :

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I am trying to update my BIOS from v1.40 to v1.60. I do not have an external floppy or CD-Rom. I have downloaded both versions of the bios upgrade. The windows version does not install, coming up with an error about not being able to be run in V86 mode.

I have read in a few places about making a bootable SD card using the SD Boot Utility and a 2.88mb image. Where can I find this image? And how do I add the BIOS update to it? Or what is the problem with the BIOS update I downloaded?
Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give me.

Message was edited by: Bertee

Answer:Portege R100 - how to create bootable SD card?


You can create a bootable SD card using the SD boot utility which is preinstalled on some Toshiba units. But as far as I know with this card you can boot only to the DOS mode and there is no image on the SD card!!! Furthermore I don?t think that you can upgrade the BIOS with a SD card. To update the BIOS you need a compatible floppy drive.

This are supported drives for this unit:

There you will find a description how to update the BIOS:


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Hy there,

i am looking for an adapter embedded ATA -> ATA/IDE. I want to connect my 1,8" MK4004GAH HDD Dirve to my desktop PC. Then i want to copy a ghost image from my desktop PC to the drive (the image is filled with an XP pro installation). So i hope to get Win XP on my R100 (the way with an external CD-Drive does not function).


Answer:Re: Portege R100 - MK4004GAH adapter embedded ATA -> ATA/IDE


Can this thread help somehow?

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Has anyone experienced this problem?
My Portege R100 after installing fresh copy of Windows XP and straight after installing Trident display driver (restart) behave weird.

Welcome screen goes white on bottom part(when first yellow line is). Then I have some software problems.

When start search files engine, when I refresh wireless networks list and when I add files to foobar 2000, processor usage shows 100% and everything is so slow that I can barely move a cursor.

Everything goes back to normal after I close above applications.
I can install all other drivers and everything is fine but after Trident display it's bad.

This is the driver I'm using since I bought laptop, I'm sure it's fine.
I installed it many times before and I have couple of copies of it which I tried already so it must be fine.

The only thing crosses my mind is a hardware failure.
Has anyone of you experienced that before?


Answer:Portege R100 - CPU goes up to 100% usage while running foobar2000


Foobar2000 is not known to me and have no experience using this tool but one is clear for me.
You said that CPU goes up to 100% while running this tool.

Well, this tool is responsible for the CPU usage! Why? I don?t know.
Maybe you should contact the manufacture of this software to get more details!


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I resently tried to install SP2 to my R100 portable (Windows XP pro). When the installation procedure ended I restarted the system as requested. The windows logo showed up and then the screen went black and the only thing I could see was the mouse cursor.

After multiple restarts the situation didn't get any better. I tried to go on safe-mode but I got the same (only this time the black backround was having the typical safe-mode inscription on the sides). I will perform a system restore without installing SP2 but the fact that I am on a DSL connection most of the time makes the installation of SP2 very important.

I would appreciate any solutions on this problem.
Thanks for your time.

Answer:Portege R100: Screen goes black after SP2 installation


As far as I know sometimes some utilities and drivers must be updated after installation of the Microsoft service pack 2.
On the Toshiba driver page I have found a Microsoft Windows XP SP2 Update information document which contains some information?s about the utilities which must be updated.

However, additional I have found many newer drivers for R100.
I think you should also try to update the older drivers like graphic card driver and chipset utility.
Possibly it helps.

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I have bought a Porege R100 about five years ago and haven't used it for 3 years. I have forgotten my startup password and was wondering if you guys could help me deal with it. I should be able to deliver necessary information regarding the purchase if needed via email.


Answer:Portege R100 - BIOS password reset


Only an ASP (authorized service provider) can delete a password. Here it is a user to user forum and nobody from Toshiba is here so you have to go to an ASP.

Here you can search for a local ASP: => Support & Downloads => Find an ASP


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The 3.5mm headphone hole on my R100 seems to be faulty (I have tried it with different headphones and with all of them the sound is distorted unless I manage to get the jack in exactly the right position).

I will be contacting Toshiba about this shortly, but was just wondering if anyone could tell me whether replacement of this component is a simple proceedure?

Many Thanks.

Answer:Portege R100 - Headphone jack faulty

Hi Dan,

The headphone socket is a fairly basic device which can usually be purchased quite cheaply from most electrical spare outlets. The real problem is to find a repairer who will repair down to component level. Nowadays the tendency is to replace an entire PCB rather than just solder on a new component.

From your description of the problem it sounds as if one of the spring metal tags is either loose or bent and is therefore not making sufficient contact wityh the headphone jack when it is inserted.

If your notebook is still under warranty then this should be replaced free of charge.

If your warranty has expired, then it may be worth checking for local PC repairers who quote 'Component Level) repair services.

Best of luck,

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A 17" LCD is connected to my Portege R100 via the port replicator. The native resolution is 1280 x 1024. But the actural resolution is only 1024 x 768. The LCD can adjust image automatically. The actural resolution can be checked through LCD menu. This caused distorted text on external LCD.

I have set resolution of exteranl LCD to 1280 x 1024 on Control Panel --> Display --> Setting....
The version of video driver is v6.4823-104.22_2. The BIOS, common module, Toshiba Display Device Cahange Utility, Toshiba Hotkey Utility for Display Device have all updated to latest version.

I used Fn + F5 combination to shift between display modes: Simoutaneous, External Monitor only. This did not fix problem.

Anyone has any idea?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Answer:Portege R100 and external 17" LCD - can not set right screen resolution


The favorite resolution is not available on the external display because the display driver which is installed on the notebook does not support it!
The external monitor is able to handle the 1280 x 1024 but if this resolution is not listed in the display driver then you will be not able to choose it!

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Hey Folks,

i just switched to Windows7 RTM on my Portege R100. But i can't get any of the utilities working. To get the FN+ Hotkeys workin', i tried "Toshiba Value Added Package", but I brings up an error during the installation procedure: "ID_ERR_NOTINSTALLVALZ_MESSAGE".

The other for Windows xp designed software doesn't start anyway.... so i had to look for software designed for vista/7, but in my eyes toshiba doesn't support a 5 year old notebook anymore for new operating systems... no vista driver for my R100 at all, but with windows7 i don't need any driver to install manually.

So, how can i solve the problem with the FN keys? Nothin works, the for XP designed software doesn't start at all...


Answer:Portege R100 + Windows 7 RTM = Utilities don't work


I think it?s normal Betzi and you can do nothing. I mean it?s only RTM version of Windows 7 and at the moment are no tools and drivers for Windows 7 available. All what you can try are Vista drivers.

I think you should wait some weeks more until the driver support starts, maybe also for R100?

Alternative you can try some beta software from the Toshiba US page:

Good luck! :)

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Hi, hope someone can guide me in the right direction

I have a Protege R100 notebook.

When I start it up the power light comes on and the display briefly flashes into action but then stays black. The drive still works and loads the OS, but I cannot get the screen to display anything.


Answer:Portege R100 - Blank screen on boot

Hi JFarr29,

That means you can see a picture on an external monitor and only the internal monitor isn?t working properly, right?

Well, in this case it could be the FL inverter or display itself? This should be checked from an authorized service provider if you are not familiar with notebook disassembling.
Do you know how to contact the guys?

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Hi All

Just wondering if any of you boffin's can advice on a very frustrating problem I am experiencing.

I am trying to re-install the recovery CD on a Portege R100, so far, with no success.

I have learnt that I need(ed) a 16-bit bootable pcm cdrom to do the job - upon obtaining a [LG] 16-bit bootable pcm drive I have found that it does not appear to be recognised at boot up, choosing boot from pcm does nothing, it just loads from HDD and I'm at a loss on how to progress.

I have spoken to Toshiba and Freecom, both of who advise any 16-bit bootable pcm cdrom should do the trick, they both confirmed they no longer manufacture or sell these devices and both suggested I source one from the likes of eBay.... anyone any ideas?

Answer:Portege R100 - OS installation with 16 bit bootable PCMCIA CD-Rom


if you start Windows, will the drive then be recognised?
Have you tried to change the boot priority in BIOS?


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I was recently given a well used old Portege R100 with an accompanying Toshiba PCMCIA CD drive. It unfortunately did not come with the recovery CDs and the hard disk on the has been formatted!

I have attempted to install WinXP Pro numerous times now reaching the same, sad conclusion on each occassion - the computer boots successfully into the Windows installer but upon finishing to load all the necessary files it crashes with a Stop Error (0x0000007B). After doing some research I realise that this is due to the default XP install disk not having all the sufficient drivers for the R100 hardware that are found on the Toshiba Recovery CD.

Does anyone know whether it is possible to install from a standard Microsoft XP disc or is the only way to use the Toshiba Recovery discs?!

Or even creating my own recovery CD by adding the neccessary drivers to a standard XP disc?!

Many thanks!


Answer:Portege R100: No recovery CD - is WinXP install possible?!

Hello Marko

As far as I know recovery image for this unit contains driver for external unit and installation with recovery media is very easy. I didn?t try to install Microsoft WXP but if your unit has HDD with two partitions try to copy WXP CD on second partition and start the installation from there.

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