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Keyboard replacement on Portege Z930

Question: Keyboard replacement on Portege Z930

Can anyone provide advice or documentation on how to replace the keyboard in a Z930?


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Preferred Solution: Keyboard replacement on Portege Z930

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Keyboard replacement on Portege Z930

Maintenance manual is not a public document so it is not possible to find it.
Sorry but this Portege is one of the newest models so if there is some problem why you don?t contact Toshiba service and ask for help?
What is wrong with keyboard?

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I had the keyboard pretty bad and I took it to be changed, but when I brought it back home, we realized that it was not the same as it had before. His explanation was that the original would be much more expensive ... but it does not match the volume keys or many others and also sinks a lot in the center when writing.

Anyone know how much it can cost an original keyboard of this model to replace it ??

I would like to put a claim but I want to have all the details first.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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I wish to clean the keyboard of my Port?g? Z930-105 since I spilled some orange juice on it and its now very sticky.

How can I do that?

Many thanks!!

Answer:Portg Z930-105 - need to clean the keyboard

What do you mean exactly?
Do you want to remove the keyboard in order to clean it or do you want to clean it without removing the keyboard?

If warranty is valid I would not recommend removing the keyboard since this would cancel your warranty. In such case I would contact an service to keep my warranty valid.

In your case I would use an cotton wool tip and clean water/fluid in order to clean the single keys.

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Does anyone know a link / an instruction on:

(1) where can I get a new keyboard for Z930?
(2) can I replace it myself? If yes, how?


Answer:Keyboard replacement on Satellite Z930

I don?t know what the problem is with your keyboard but I presume that this new notebook model has valid warranty so I strongly recommend you to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. If keyboard is defective they should exchange it for free.

The whole situation with hardware parts is pretty complicated. I don?t know where do you live and I cannot search whole web to find right link for you and you can do this alone. Google a bit around and check if you can find some online store in your country where you can order it.

Theoretically you can do this but I don?t think you should do this alone. Notebook disassembling can be pretty complicated and without maintenance manuals very risky. Small mistake and you can damage something, especially small plastic parts and plastic holders.

Contact nearest Toshiba service, talk with them and ask for some help or good advice.

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I spilled water on the keyboard of my Portege Z30-A-10W (it's backlit) and some of the keys don't work. Where can a replacement keyboard (backlit with UK layout) be bought online?

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Portege Z30 - where to get replacement keyboard?

In my opinion the question is: who should exchange the keyboard?
Best option for you is to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They can order original keyboard for your machine and exchange it for you.

If you want to do this alone it can be risky, small mistake and you can damage something. Anyway, every keyboard at the back side has part number that can help you to find it Goolging around.

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can anyone tell me what the size of the connector should be on the Portege A600-120 keyboard?

My keyboard failed last week and I ordered a new one which was supposed to be compatible with A600 but the connector was too wide.

Mine is a flat ribbon termination 15mm wide.

Keyboard serial number is G8C000903EN but a Google serach shows that is the keyboard for the R500....


Answer:Keyboard replacement for Portege A600-120

>can anyone tell me what the size of the connector should be on the Portege A600-120 keyboard?
Unfortunately I cannot help you with this info but at the bottom side of the keyboard you will find label with exact part number.

Strange thing is that using Google and G8C000903EN I cannot find anything.

Can you please check this part number one more time?

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I need a replacement keyboard for my Portege R600. I need a US-international keyboard.

Can you please tell me where I can buy that? Google gave me links for R500 but not for R600. Also the part number would help, for R500 it's P000488460, but for R600 I haven't found it yet.


Answer:Portege R600 - replacement keyboard


You can buy a keyboard and other parts by an ASP (authorized service provider). Here you can search: => Support & Downloads => Find an ASP

I don?t have a part number because it?s a user to user forum. Part numbers only have ASPs.


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I own a R835-p88, which i bought in US a year ago. Because i had a food spillage last week on the laptop now i need to replace both keyboard and screen. As i live in UK i would like to buy it in UK.

My question is:
Will TOSHIBA P000540040 KEYBOARDOEM FOR Portege R705 R830 R835(UK) would be a replacement =item19c9b744e2 ?

Also for the lcd screen would nels&hash=item4ac6c7d5f7
this be a match ?


Answer:Portege R835-P88 - keyboard and screen replacement

The parts for Portege R830 should be compatible with the R835 too.
Usually this is the same series but released in another region.

The display seems to be compatible with the Portege R705, R830 and R835 series.
Therefore it should be compatible with your model too.

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After buying a new keyboard for the R500 on EBay about a year ago, I finally screwed up the courage to replace a badly scratched keyboard with the new one. The reason I waited? I was concerned about how to get the old keyboard off (it is well stuck down to the chassis, and it was obvious that I would damage the old one upon removal.

There is a nice general write-up about how to take an R500 apart here:

The above write-up doesn't discuss the keyboard however, so here is some additional information and some tips:

* Read this entire procedure before beginning - it's straightforward, but not for the faint of heart.

* Shut down, disconnect power, remove battery.

* Make sure you have the correct keyboard for your model. The US keyboard is p/n G83C000903US for example. The one I removed was a Rev 1, and the new one I got was a Rev 2 (don't know the difference - they look identical). These can be had as low as $40 - but verify the part number before buying.

* The keyboard connector is underneath the computer, and so you'll have to take the bottom off, carefully following the instructions in the link above.

A couple of notes: (a) the PCMCIA ribbon cable connector must be opened to disconnect the cable, as it's the only thing preventing you from removing the bottom of the computer. You can easily do this through the memory access door on the bottom, but BE... Read more

Answer:Portege R500 - Replacement of keyboard - success

Thank mate for this review.
Usually the keyboard replacement is not really tricky and someone with small technician skills should be able to replace this?

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I am thinking of upgradidng my ssd from the stock 128gb to a bigger 250gb model. I am not sure of the type of ssd used in the machine as want to get the right size etc so can clone my drive and doa straight replacement. Does anyone know the type of drive used and how straightforward this is to do - pretty new to this


It is Portege Z930-14C

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Answer:SSD Upgrade in Portege Z930-14C

Satellite 930? Or do you mean Portege? If so which Portege 930 - the Portege Z 930 or the R 930? I have changed the SSD in my R930 myself, very easy (2.5" SATA).

I think it is a little more complicated for the Z930 (mSATA). I was very helped by info on Youtube - just search for the Toshibamodel you have and you will find good guidance. But as always - at your own risk...


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Hi there,

Anyone have tryed to upgrade Z930's SSD?
Looking for some info, they appear to use mSATA interface - mini PCI-E like conectors.

Any specific information about the disk inside?

I'm planning to put this beauty on the machine:


Answer:SSD Upgrade for Portege Z930

The mSATA connector looks very similar to miniPCI connector but they are totally different.
So your only solution is to replace the HDD with a 2.5" SATA SSD.

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I have my Bluetooth jambox added as a device but when I play music on Portege Z930, sound comes from laptop speakers not jambox.

Icon is in system tray, Checked settings but cannot tell if bluetooth is actually on. Can anyone help?

Answer:Portege Z930 - how to check if BT is ON?

BT manager (application) is running in the background. There is small BT symbol in the taskbar. When BT is on symbol is blue-white and when BT is OFF then the colour changes into blue-red. This happen when you have Win7.

On my machine with Win8 using FN+F12 key combination either is BT symbol there or it is gone when BT is OFF.

Jambox is not known to me but check please manuals and be sure you can switch it to ?paring mode? ands on your notebook use option in BT manager ?Add a device?. It should not be so complicated.

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I have a Portege Z930 ultrabook. A day or two back the display suddenly appeared to be permanently off. However, if I look carefully I can see that the image is there but VERY, VERY dimly. It is as if the light has been turned off (although since the screen is LED that will not be the case).

I was able to source a replacement screen but that made no difference.

The video card on the motherboard is working - at least to the extent that I can plug in an external monitor and see everything correctly.

I'm wondering if a hardware switch has inadvertently been triggered and I'm missing the setting. Or I suppose it could be a witch which turns the display off when the lid is closed which has become faulty...

The Z930 has been running Windows 8.1 very happily for the past year or so.

I'm hoping that there will be something simple rather than a motherboard failure...

Thanks in advance for any insight.


Answer:Portege Z930 - Display has become very dim

In my opinion it is hardware related issue and has nothing to do with settings.
In the past we have had many threads with the same or similar problems and describes issue was related to the defective FL inverter.

Have you already spoken with Toshiba service?

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How can I change the existing HDD (SSD 128 GB) in a larger one (SSD500 GB)?

Answer:How to exchange HDD on Portege Z930?

HDD/SSD exchange or upgrade on this ultrabook is a bit complicated and it should be done by authorized personal only. Problem is that Portege must be disassembled.

In my opinion you should not do anything alone on your own. This can cancel valid warranty. This Portege is too expensive to make a risk with this.

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Hello all,

I have recently purchased the Toshiba Portege Z930. I would like to create a new partition (i.e. D:/) in the Hard Drive, in order to store data, music etc and leave the current C:/ drive just for use of the Operating System.

The problem is that I cannot follow the normal procedure of partitioning my HD (through Windows Disk Manager or through other Software such as EaseUS) because my Portege Z930 already has 4 primary partition created by default!! Namely, these are:
- 1 recovery partition of 1.46GB
- 1 hibernation partition of 8GB
- 1 (hidden) primary partition of 9.96GB and finally
- 1 primary partition of 219GB

As said, there are currently 4 primary partitions, which is the maximum number of primary partitions I can have. In order to create a new partition, one of the above 4 needs to be transformed into a logical partition.

I do not have the knowledge if such a thing would be correct, or it would cause problems to the Operating System etc etc. Also I do not know which of the above 4 is more suitable to be made into a logical partition..
I tried to contact Toshiba but contact is very difficult with them.

1) Does anybody have a knowledgeable advice on the matter? ..has it happened to you..?
2) Should I transform one of the above 4 primary partitions into a logical one (and if yes, which one???)
3) What is the use of the 4 partitions mentioned above??

Thank you in advance for your feedback,

Answer:How to partition HDD of my new Portege Z930?

Is Windows 7 preinstalled on this notebook?
Windows 7 needs the first partition (1.46GB) in order to save the files for system repair.
For example: in case something will go wrong with the system, the Windows 7 is able to fix it automatically and this backup files are stored on this partition. Don?t touch it!!!

The one (hidden) primary partition of 9.96GB seems to contain the Toshiba image files.

This image files and the partition is very important in case you want to create the Toshiba Recovery disk (or USB memory) or you want to recover the notebook using the Toshiba HDD recovery option. Don?t touch it if you did not create the recovery disk!!!

The primary partition of 219GB seems to be the system partition. This partition contains the Win 7 OS.
The 8GB partition is not known to me but as you wrote it seems to be an hibernation partition. Maybe its required for data while hibernation mode.

However, First of all I recommend you to create an recover disk.
This is essential medium in case you want to set the notebook back to factory settings.
Then you can modify the partitions on the HDD.

Generally speaking you can have 3 primary and 1 extended partition or 4 primary partitions.
The extended partitions could contain the logical partitions for example: private data?.

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My Port?g? Z930-10H has a buil-in battery.
In my experience laptop batteries last less than my laptops, so I want to buy a spare battery now so that it can be installed several years in the future (when it may no longer be available).

Two questions : where do I order it, and can I install it myself when needed ?
Thanks for your answers


Answer:Portg Z930 - where to get 2nd battery?


Generally speaking you can get all compatible parts from an Toshiba authorized service partner in your country.

But I would not recommend to replace the battery itself since the notebook?s bottom cover needs to be removed to get the access to the battery and this would mean that you would lose the warranty?

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I have just obtained a Portege Z930 and am exploring various things before I head onto installing software etc.

I noticed that the 128gb SDD was reporting just 100gb of space which seemed rather limiting.

So I checked and find the drive has four partitions.

1.46gb labelled Recovery Partition
100gb The main boot partition
4 gb labelled Hibernation Partition
13.5gb simply labelled primary partition

Given the somewhat limited space on the drive I am wondering whether the 13gb partition is doing anything useful and whether it could be removed and the space added to the main partition to gain a few extra gb...

Anyone know what the 13.5gb partition is for?

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Portege Z930 - SDD Partitions


The 13GB partition is the Toshiba Recovery partition, which allows you to do a factory restore back to an out of box state.

You can delete it, but you should create a USB Recovery Flash Drive first using the Recovery Media Creator utility, just in case Windows gets corrupted and you need to run Recovery.

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I've made a video (see below) on how to open up and disassemble a Portege Z930 ultrabook.

Note: proceed at your own risk, take static precautions and you may void your warranty if you take these steps!

So if you need to upgrade the memory, change the SSD or need to access the internals of this unit check out the video.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Answer:Re: Opening a Portege Z930

Thanks very much, very helpful. Do you know if the new Portege Z-30A and the Portege R30-A are as easily to open? I am asking because for me it is very important to change to a much bigger SSD hard drive.


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I have a Z930-108 laptop, with a SSD drive and running Windows 7 Ultimate, which was working ok. However i recently started it up the first screen is "Windows loading files" then it freezes on the "starting windows" screen.

Any ideas please.


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I just bought Z930 with SDD 128G and 6G RAM, i5 and win7 OS.
For my old version software, I have to install XP system to run them. But I cannot install it due to mSATA.
A friend told me to change bios setting: sata mode ACHI -> compatible or IDE but it is read only. I cannot change it.
Is there anyone kindly to tell me hoe to do it?
Thanks a lot!

Answer:How to install XP on Portege Z930

Dear Linali

Please don?t understand me wrong but before we start to discuss about it can you please tell us why do you buy newest notebook/netbook model with latest and newest hardware designed and based on newest software standards and now try to install age old operating system?

At first it is not supported by Toshiba so you will never be able to find drivers and Toshiba specific tools and utilities, and secondly Microsoft is out of the game too.

Out of curiosity but do you need WXP for your business or what?

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I recently got a brand new Portege z930 with Windows 8 installed. I tried to install a Linux Ubuntu in the HDD, then:

1) I prepared a bootable USB pen drive (a liveUSB) with the Ubunto OS.
2) Changed the boot order in the BIOS of my Portege so that USB memory was the first option.
3) Initialized the computer with the bootable USB pen drive connected to the USB 3.0 port.

...but it booted from the HDD.

Then, I also tried directly from the boot menu (pressing F12 at initilizing) with the live USB connected and, when in the boot menu I choosed my bootable pen drive (that was detected) as the booting source.

... but it continues booting from the HDD.

I proved that my bootable USB pen drive was trully bootable: it worked perfectly in my old HP-Compaq 720s. And the USB 3.0 port seems to work properly.

I tried again several times to boot from my liveUSB after some changes in the BIOS configuration, but was allwas unsuccessful.

I really don't know which is the problem or what else can I do to solve it.
Can anyone there helps?

Answer:Portege Z930 - Can not boot from USB


The point is that your notebook supports the new UEFI BIOS.
This BIOS was designed for Windows 8 operating system and it supports some essential Win 8 requirements.
So it contains the option secure boot.
This secure boot needs to be disabled if you want to boot from another source.

Furthermore recommend switching from UEFI BIOS mode to CSM Mode

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I have a Portege Z930 laptop with an SSD drive. Recently it would not boot into Windows 7. It just hangs at the "Starting Windows" screen.

I removed the hard drive and connected it to another computer via USB. This was ok, i could see all the files, so i formatted it and put it back into the laptop.

When i boot it up now is still hangs at "Starting Windows. This is confussing, as the hard drive has been formatted, and has nothing on it.

Any help please.

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I just bought the Z930-108 and I found on the SDD(128GB) a partition called hibernation, but at the normal system disk there is also a hiberfile.sys.

1) Is there the same function for both?
2) Is the hibernation partition not working?
3) can the hibernation partition be incorparated into the system partition to have more space available?
4) would the deletion of the hibernation partition invalidate the recovery process using the SSD partition?


Answer:Hibernation partition of the Portege Z930-108


As far as I know the hibernation partition is used by Windows system and it needs this partition to wake up the notebook from hibernation mode much faster than usual?
I thought hiberfil.sys had taken the place of suspend to disk but it seems that this hibernation partition provides much better performance. I would not recommend deleting this partition if you want hibernate the notebook.

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I have a Portege Z930-14L with 8GB memory and wonder what is the maximal memory I can add ? I saw the following in the description, but I don't understand if that means the maximum is 12GB(4GB onboard + 8GB expansion) or 16GB ( 2x8GB)

System memory standard : 8,192 (4,069 onboard + 4,069) MB
maximum expandability : 8,192 MB
technology : DDR3 RAM (1,600 MHz)

Thank you

Answer:Maximum memory for Portege Z930-14L

If I understand this info right your Portege has already maximum RAM.
Fact is that your Portege notebook can handle with max 8GB memory. ON board there are already 4GB and there is only one RAM slot available for upgrade that also contains one 4GB RAM module.
With other words your notebook has already maximum RAM and upgrade is not possible.

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I just buyed a Z930 Portege from Toshiba with Win7 Pro installed and 2 DVD with WIN8 upgrade.

Perfect, till I tried to make the upgrade. I changed in BIOS to UEFI and secure BOOT, started the computer with first DVD inside the DVD reader and nothing happend.

Then I started to search on the forum and find out that two other guys succeded with the update according to the paper notice of Toshiba (changing the BIOS and secure boot).

What I can do because main does not work.

Please give me an advice.
It is 12Gmodel, Core i5 vPro

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Answer:Win8 upgrade on Portege Z930

*Solved the issue.*

Just do the changes in BIOS.
Restart and wait till you got the message: restore to the factory setting.

Chose this option, put the DVD1 with W8 from Toshiba in the external ODD and follow the onscreen advices. Just one will be, with changing the DVD1 with the second one.

That is it. You have W8.

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we have a Port?g? Z930 with Win 7 preinstalled.
Now we want to upgrade to Win 8.
There were two Win8 DVDs supplied.

Can I use this DVDs for upgrade?
How should I use the DVDs without a drive?

I tried the DVD with another laptop and the DVDs are not bootable.

Any hints?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

Answer:How to install Win8 on Portege Z930


> How should I use the DVDs without a drive?
I assume you cannot use them if you have not external CD/DVD drive?

Maybe you could borrow such drive from a friend?

Otherwise try to copy the content of the disk to a USB flash memory stick and then try to boot from the stick.
But to be honest, I?m not quite sure it this would functions.

Additionally check this:

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Laptop came with 64 bit Windows 7 Pro.
Due the client software problems I decided to install Win 7 Pro 32 bit version.

All is ok but I cant use this Win 7 key to activate Windows.

Activation process first said that the Windows 7 Pro product key you typed is invalid for activation and after - The following information was found for this error: 0xc004e003. The Licensing Service reported that license evaluation failed.

I tried this process many times (I didnt do some typo or etc).
But message is same. Windows 7 and the key are official.

I tried to change laptop time (in some cases time is in future, so activation is impossible).
So where may be problem? May I change the BIOS settings?

Answer:Portege Z930-12H - can't activate Windows 7


Wait a moment?
You have installed your own Microsoft Windows 7 system? right?
In such case you have purchased an licence from Microsoft and you have obtained an new serial key?.

This key should be valid to activate the Windows 7.

Here you can find the single steps how to activate the Windows 7 either via internet or phone:

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Hi, new to this forum. I have a Portege z930-14D laptop with 64 bit system with Intel Core i5-3437U processor and Windows 7 professional. I was using an external screen till recently. When i stopped using it, i noticed that the function key for display brightness wasn't working. When i pressed fn key and f6 or f7, brightness setting came up but i could change the brightness. All other fn key related operations were fine. I saw some online forums for this problem and followed their recommendation around upgrading diplay driver and value added pack from the UK support website of Toshiba. Also clicked on restart flash cards. Nothing seems to have worked and now the fn key itself has stopped working i.e., nothing happens when i press fn key and i cannot perform any operations using fn key. Please suggest what could be a solution to this problem. Thanks.

Answer:Portege Z930 - Function key not working

Uninstalled and then reinstalled display driver and value added pack and the fn key has come back but still cannot change brightness. Please advise.

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Just got my Portege Z930 PT235E with Windows 7 Pro preinstelled and Winds 8 DVD.
I tried to upgrade to Windows 8 but unsecessful. Starting from boot I get message that this is not bootable dvd. Also tried to start setup under Windows 7 but there is no setup.exe on DVD...

What is the process to upgrade it to Win 8?

Answer:Windows 8 upgrade on Portege Z930


Please visit Win8 support page on
There you can find instructions how to make Win8 upgrade or clean Win8 installation on your Toshiba notebook.

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Hi all,
I'd like to know what is the recommended memory by Toshiba to upgrade the RAM at the maximum amount.
I own a Portege Z930 16M part number PT234E-08P05SIT.

If I undestood weel it needs a 4GB DDR3 memory to get to the maximum of 6GB (2 on board+4), right?

What manufacturer recommends Toshiba?

Thank you

Answer:Recommended RAM upgrade for Portege Z930

Compatible 4GB RAM has part number PA5037U-1M4G.
Check it out.

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I recently bought a Z930 laptop, and I was thinking on upgrading the RAM memory.

I wanted to buy a 8gb DIMM, but I noticed on the specs that the maximum memory allowed is 6 gb (that means a 4gb DIMM + 2gb on the motherboard). Is this a motherboard restriction or similar? If not, would the laptop run with 10gb of memory?


Answer:Portege Z930-10E - Memory upgrade

The max says 4GB but you may be able to get an 8GB module working if it's decent RAM that has the correct channels. But if something goes wrong and damages the mainboard I doubt Toshiba would repair it under warranty, so I think the best thing to do is stick with the recommended maximum. 6GB is plenty anyway unless you are doing heavy graphical/media creation.

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on my Z930 I use Win 7 64bit and Win8 64bit in two different partitions.

I tried to use the fingerscan for the full start and login on both operating sytsems parallel, but it don't work.

If I use my right forefinger for Win7, it works. If I try to use the same finger with Win 8, I get the message, that this finger is already in use and I cannot use it once more.

Then I tried to export the fingerscans in Win7 and to import it in Win8 - it didn't work. I couldn't import, the system refused it.

I think that the fingerscan is independently from the operationg systems in the Toshiba hardware. Until now I did not find, how I can assign in Win7 already stored fingerscans to a user in Win8?

There is a workaround to use different fingers for the different operating systems - but it should work more intelligent.

kind regards

Answer:Portege Z930 - Usage of same fingerprints in 2 different OS?

> If I use my right forefinger for Win7, it works. If I try to use the same finger with Win 8, I get the message, that this finger is already in use and I cannot use it once more.

I think you will need to use different fingers for Win 7 and Win 8
In my opinion the reason for that is that you cannot import fingerprints from two different systems: Win 7 to Win 8 as both tools seems to be a little bit different.

So you have already registered fingerprints for Win 7 and therefore you cannot use the same finger for Win 8.
I would recommend you to use another hand for Win 7 and other hand for Win 8 (i.e left for Win 7 and right for Win 8)

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I have had this laptop for about 3 months.
After a month or so, I noticed the front left corner is slightly in the air on a flat surface, and while typing this is not comfortable as the laptop wobbles. This situation has gotten worse, as the wobble has become bigger and the corner is higher up in the air.

Any solution??


Answer:Wobbly base on Portege Z930-15C

>I have had this laptop for about 3 months
For me there is only one reasonable solution: contact nearest authorized service provider, explain the situation and ask for help.
Warranty is valid so Toshiba service should help you with this. For free of course.

Make a call and talk with service personal.

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i have forgotten my user password for my new laptop. The laptop was bought with pre-installed Windows 8 and i have no any disks with OS. Is it possible to re-install the Windows from my laptop HDD? Help me, please.
Thanx in advance!

Answer:PORTEGE Z930 how to re-install the Windows 8?

*The problem was solved!*

It is enough to press Shift before the Restart command, and then you will see the Safe mode, where you can find the option to make a hard reset of your laptop.

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Hello everybody!

I don't have any problems with my new Toshiba (hopefully I won't have any in the future), but I wanted to ask you guys for advice on battery maintenance.

Some people recommend to take out the battery when you are using your pc attached to the power cable, but as poretege Z930 is an ultrabook, that isn't possible. Can you tell me how to use my toshiba to perserve battery life?
Can I use it when powered by a power cable, or should I mainly use it when the laptop uses only its battery power source?

Thank you for your advice!

Answer:Re: Battery life in Portege Z930

What other people say was interesting in the past. Today notebooks have much better batteries and you must not remove them. Just use your notebook and don?t think much about that.

If you use notebook on battery power supply check power options and reduce power consumption and increase notebook?s running time.

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I installed W10 on my Protege Z-930 and it ran perfectly. During December Windows Update automatically installed a major upgrade for W10 and now the fan runs constantly, even when the laptop starts and CPU is very cold.
Can somebody help me ?

Answer:Portege Z930 - Fan runs constantly

Install and run Toshiba Service Station, update all the utilities.
Also update the BIOS.

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I've bought the Z930. Two days ago I got a TEMPRO alert about a BIOS update.
I downloaded the zip file of new BIOS and started the installation.

Then I got a message like this:

BIOS Version: Current Ver.2.30 -> Update Ver.2.20
EC Version: Current Ver.1.20 -> Update Ver.1.20
BIOS should be updated.

Then I cancelled the installation.

Why did I get an alert about a previous version? Should be done the update?

Answer:Portege Z930 - BIOS downgrade from v2.30 to v2.20

My advice is to ignore this update. You have new piece of hardware so in next days test functionality and I really hope you will be happy with it. if everything works well and there is no some serious issue with it don?t change anything.

Since few months I?m thinking to buy it too because I want to have such small portable ultrabook so please be so nice and post short review if you will find some time for it.

I would like to read what do you think about it.

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HI all, I've got a Toshiba *Z930-15X*, and I can't access the BIOS at all.

I want to downgrade to W7, and it used to be pretty easy before Windows 8.
I know I have to follow these steps , and I would gladly, except I can't access this *** BIOS. I tried all the F1-F12 keys.

Does someone has this model and can tell me exactly which keys work, or another way to access the BIOS?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Portege Z930 15X - How to access BIOS?

You have to perform full Windows 8 shut down!

Check this:
[Perform a complete shutdown in Windows 8|]

Then you should be able to access the BIOS pressing F2 button!

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Install windows 8 and now to record a new track tells me that already exists, and Fingerprint uninstall and install him again but still the error, I can do.

Answer:The same fingerprint already exists in Portege z930

Solusion: TFPUWBF Delete Fingerprint Tool

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I've just bought a used Portege Z930 and discovered the plastic sim tray is missing.
Do I need this or can I still insert the simcard without it (and will it stay in the slot?).

If I *do* need one where can I buy one in the UK?


Answer:Portege Z930 - missing SIM tray


All Toshiba notebook parts can be ordered from local Toshiba authorized service provider.
On this Toshiba ASP locator page, you could find all ASPs available world wide:

By the way: not all notebooks support the same hardware specification. It could be possible that your Portege Z930 model was not equipped with an Sim card module. There could be a sim card slot because of the same notebook cover but the 3G module might possibly be missing

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Hi everyone,

unfortunately I have accidentally spilled liquid on the keyboard of my Toshiba porteg? z930. Now it is dry. Since it happened the DC IN indicator is flashing.

Now if I connect the power supply nothing changes (no indicator light up).

If I press the power button nothing changes. Suggestion? Please help me.

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Few weeks ago upgraded Toshiba Portege Z930 to Windows 8. Before upgrading made backup of Windows 7 on USB flash and it worked. Now trying to recover from Win8 back to Win7... Recovery starts fine - choosing "Out of box" recovery and get ERROR 05-0172-0001.

How to get back to Windows 7?

Answer:Portege Z930: How to install Win 7 after Win 8 was installed


I assume your BIOS contain the option to switch between the UEFI and CSM BIOS.
So you have to switch back to CSM BIOS and have to disable the secure boot if it was enabled previously.

Then you can install Win 7 again

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Hi folks,

I'm not sure about my configuration: could anyone confirm that the wifi led near the touchpad is the only led of amber color?
Moreover, my F8 button for the wifi switch does not work: anyone knows which is the relative package?


Answer:Question about Wi-Fi led and switch of Portege Z930

I don?t have this Portege but what I know is that since long time LED for WLAN has amber colour.

F8 and Wi-Fi:
Using FN+F8 key combination you should be able to enable/disable WLAN card.
Can you use FN flash cards or there is no reaction when you press FNbutton?

If you can see flash cards what happen when you try to use FN+F8 key combination? Is there some status message?

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My brand new 3 day old Z930 Ultrabook wont shut down.

I've upgraded the Bios, downloaded new drivers for various devices (including the screen and the dynadock!) and it still wont bloody shut down (or hibernate).
Ive even removed the dynedock software thinking it might be that .... still no good.

Very annoying to pay top $ with Toshiba to get this basic flaw.

Answer:Portege Z930 - wont shut down

Reinstall original recovery image and check it with ?factory settings?.

Please post some feedback.

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Since my keyboard was changed I have had problems with the sound of my laptop. I can listen music only by headphones! Could anyone help me? I have Windows 10 (64 bits). Thank you very much in advance.

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I have buyed my laptop 6 months ago in a online store.
One month ago there harddisk has kissed the heaven and was ready for the scrap. The support of the seller has wrote, that this is'nt a problem of the guarantee.

Now I can't install the original OS Windows 8 which was preinstalled. Now I have buyed a new harddisk and temporally I use Ubuntu Linux. But I want use Windows. My laptop no has a licence code.

What can I do?

Thank you...

Sorry for my bad English. I'am Spaniard.

Answer:Portege Z930-145 - HDD unreadable - how can I restore Windows 8?

Before you do anything please contact Toshiba service provider in your country and explain the situation. As far as I know you should get new HDD.
Service providers list you can find on
Please do this and I hope they can explain to you how it works exactly.

Back to your question: every notebook with preinstalled operating system (factory settings) has small tool that create recovery media. This recovery media (DVD or USB) can be used for original recovery image installation. I presume you didn't create this recovery media, right?

Anyway, if you want to have factory settings again but you don?t have recovery media you must order it on

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I noticed that if I unplug the laptop during night with the battery at full charge, after 8 hours it has lost 4% of charge after a complete power off...

That's crazy!!

Is this the normal behaviour?
Or, can I modify something in the BIOS in order to reduce this power drain?


Answer:Portege Z930 drains battery even when power off


Its normal if you use options like Sleep & Charge or Wake Up on LAN or Wake up on keyboard.

But this can be disabled in BIOS or in the Toshiba HWSetup Utility.

After you disabled the settings in BIOS, save the changes and reboot the unit.

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My brand new Z930-118, with windows 7 home 64bit, does not recognize external CD/DVD drive when I plug it in the USB port.

The CD/DVD device does not even show at all in the device manager.

The drive is a Samsun SE-S084 and works OK on another laptop.

I already checked for the 'upper_filter' 'lower_filter' with the regedit but the entries weren't there, so no help.

Answer:Portege Z930-118 does not recognize external USB CD/DVD drive

I?m not quite sure how to help you.

I found some informations about this ODD drive and it looks like it does not need an external power supply. Its USB bus powered so I assume it needs around 500mA power since this is the default value provided by one USB 2.0 port.

I don?t think that there is some missing software problem. This is an plug n? play device so you need to connect it to the USB port and the system should recognize it automatically.

From my point of few you try to connect the external ODD to two USB ports using a *Y* USB cable.
I think the drive needs more power as supplied by one USB port.

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I've just upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (64) on my Portege Z930 (Part number: PT235R-08JOJERU)

Unfortunately, there are several issues that are not working properly:

- My function keys are not working at all (TOSHIBA Function Key v. is installed)- Bluetooth is not working (TOSHIBA System Driver v. 1.01.0002 is installed)

Besides I?m seeing in Device Manager 3 unrecognized devices:

Base System DeviceH5321 gwUnknown device
The screenshot is attached.
Please help to fix it.

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I am laptop user since 12 years. July, 30th I bought my Portege Z930, thinking it was my best decision in many years.
Less than a month later, when opening the screen during a flight, it?s simply broken the screen, making it impossible to use any more.

After sending it to official service in Spain, I was told that it was my fault and for a bad use, so I had to pay more than 300? (almost 400$). I claimed to customer support, explaining them about their excessive flexible top and rigid screen, and nothing new.
It was only my fault.

Last Octobers, 11th again when opening my top, this time using a tape label attached by myself, in order to avoid blending the screen, it scratched again.

I can`t afford this is only my fault but it is a real design problem, to get the lightest ultrabook in market.

If anyone may give me support for this serious problem, it will be very appreciated

Answer:Portege Z930-10E - broken screen twice in 3 months only


This is really amazing story and I believe you are the first one who reports about something like this.
Portege Z930 is for a while on the market and I never heard about such issues.
Please don?t understand me wrong but it is really strange that this happen already three times.

I saw this machine and the whole construction seems pretty stabile to me. When you open the display I hope your fingers are placed in the middle of the display cover and not by the side. The pressure on display cover hinges must be the same. If you hold the display on one side only I can imagine that something like this can happen but it shouldn?t.

Portege series is one of the best Toshiba?s business notebooks so I believe Toshiba designer and technicians take it very seriously and I cannot imagine that they make such ?design? mistake.

I still have old Portege 2000 and it was lightest notebook at this time with very sensible display and display cover hinges but there is no problem at all.

We can discuss here for days and I really hope that someone with the same Portege can post own experiences but all this you must try to clarify with Toshiba. Be careful when you open it and hold the display in the middle only.

Good luck.

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Okay, I did a fresh install of Windows 7 and installed (hopely) all the best drivers. I still I'm not really happy about my system: it should be a bullet, but I really think that it is extremely slow, or at least slower than I expected.
I experience very slow browsing with every web browser: even gmail is slower than my 4-years-old previous laptop.
Could anyone else tell me if those values of Windows Rank are comparable to theirs?

CPU: 7.1
RAM: 7.5
GPU: 4.8
Game: 5.6
Disk: 7.9

Overall 4.8



Answer:Windows performance rank on Portege Z930

I also tried the [PassMark Benchmark|] and I obtained *a poor 708*!! Compared to the average of similar systems (CPU+GPU) is between 1200 and 1600...
Can anyone else try the same test with his portege z???



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Hi all,

after appr. 30 min of working with my Portege Z930 I get pain in the eyes and, later, sore head.
I just can't work properly with it.

I tried all known by me options to configure screen graphics, Intel utilities and Windows one, change text size and so on, but all in vain.
Text is looking a bit unfocused.

I'm 12 years laptop user, changed quite a lot of it and it's my first notebook with such a poor quality screen.
Or is it a defect and I should ask to replace matrix?

Appreciate any advice very much,

Answer:Re: Sore eyes using Portege Z930 screen


The unit supports an common 13.3"(HD) TFT Color LCD.
The max possible resolution is 1366 x 768.

So I cannot find any big differences between this screen and others used in other notebooks?

Of course 13.3? is not really a big screen? I prefer notebook with 15-17? screen size.
For me the 13.3? is too small?

I don't know... maybe there is something wrong with the LCD panel... so maybe you should ask an service provider in order to check the part... but this is just my personal opinion...

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My Toshiba Portege Z930-108 laptop has stopped to boot with any RAM module installed in socket.

If I remove RAM module, laptop boots and works fine, but if I install any RAM module (original 4Gb 1600 or a new 4G 1600 CL9 or 8G 1600 CL11) computer cannot boot.

The screen stays black and power led is blinking two green and two orange, and some seconds after, 3G indicator also on in blue.

This is the only problem that I have with this computer, but it's strange.

I have updated BIOS to last version and problem is not solved.

I have tried to reset hardware (, also I have tried to reset hardware with power button pressed 30 seconds without battery but no success.

Any idea about this strage problem?


Answer:Portege Z930 can not boot with RAM module installed

I guess you used wrong or not fully compatible RAM modules.
This is only one plausible explanation.

I would recommend you to order the RAM modules recommended by Toshiba which are:

4GB DDR3-1600 PA5037U-1M4G

2GB DDR3-1600 PA5037U-1M2G

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I have a Toshiba Portege Z930 Ultrabook.

I haven't use it for some time as it was very very slow when browsing or trying to perform other tasks. I have scanned the system with many antiviruses (now I have Avast and Fixila but I have use also Kaspersky and Norton) and nothing came up.

Now I've decided to reinstall the Windows.
So I got an kit of Windows 7 Pro (this is the licence given with the laptop) and I am struggling for an week to make it work properly.

Now seems like graphic card is not working, I have most of the hard drive full of old windows files, etc, etc.

1. How is the proper way to install an new version of windows on this laptop (without the old installation files) and use the accessories available on the laptop (graphic card, fingerprint tool..)

And YES, I have tried ALL available drivers on Toshiba support section with success only for the wireless card.

2. did you had problems with the speed?

thank you,

Answer:Portege Z930 - new Windows 7 and driver installation


> Now seems like graphic card is not working,

What does this mean exactly? Is graphic card recognized properly in device manager?
In case it is, the driver is installed and GPU works.

What Portege Z930-xxx do you have?
The exact part number could be useful to check the notebook specifications.

By the way: the driver / software installation is not very tricky?.
Forget the additional Toshiba software if you don?t want to install it?
Pick up the drivers only...

However, some software parts like Value Added Package should be installed since this package installs a range of important utilities.

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Hi everybody,

After deinstallation Win8 and installation of Win 7 (all drivers downloaded from this site) USB3.0 work as USB2.0 (speed).

And I see 1 unknown device in the Device Manager such as USB controller.
Install driver some times but without results.

What this can be?

Answer:Portege Z930 - USB3.0 works as USB 2.0 after Win 7 installation


Did you install the USB 3.0 driver which can be found on the Toshiba EU driver page?
Do that!

This driver provides the USB3.0 support for your system

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My Z930 screen is blank on startup. The cursor can be seen when moved around the screen but there is no
backdrop only a blank screen. shutdown by holding power button does not appear to work and SSD indicator light blinks slowly. when opening the lid the unit starts up automaticlly displaying the blank screen and cursor.

I am a completely coputer illiterate but if anyone can help me in laymans terms it will be a great help

Answer:Portege Z930 - Blank screen on start-up

> shutdown by holding power button does not appear to work

That?s really bad.
Due to follow Toshiba document - - power button should have dual function.
Disconnect AC power supply and hold down power button. I think notebook must be switched off after few seconds.

Are you able to switch off your notebook somehow?
Can you please tell us more about this issue? Since when have you noticed this?
Have you done something before your notebook started to act on this way?

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When I turn the laptop on, the screen goes white and I can't do anything. I tried connecting it to an external monitor and draining the battery with no luck

Is this a faulty unit?

Answer:Portege Z930 - white screen at issue

What happen when you use external monitor?
Can you see anything on the screen?

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I've bought the z930, but after the first boot I only have 59 GB of available space!!! There is a way to have a new installation with a minimal storage occupation, getting rid of all the Toshibe software? Moreover, is it possible to take back the 8GB partition dedicated to hibernation?

Thanks in advance for any hint!


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Answer:Portege Z930 - Minimal Windows 7 installation

You can simply uninstall the extra software that is installed, go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features.

Hibernation can be disabled by running this command in a command prompt with admin privileges:

powercfg.exe /hibernate off

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I have to Setup *20x* z930 for a customer,
the Notebooks have been bought with OEM W7/W8, W7 is preinstalled.

I want deploy a "standard-Image" for all 20 Notebooks (Windows 7, sysprep) -
my question is about the windows7 key aktivation

If I clone a W7 OS to another Portege, there is still the same W7 Serial number (checkt it with script; w7 is still activated). (Serial Key for W7/W8 integrated on system board?!).

May i run into troubles when doing the "rollout" in the way i described above?

thanks for help!

Answer:Question about Win 7 image installation on 20x Portege Z930

What troubles do you think about?

Fact is that if you need 20 Microsoft Windows 7 licenses if you want to use Windows 7 on 20 notebooks.

But you can still use one and the same image on all 20 notebooks if all notebooks are equipped with the same hardware parts.

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Toshiba Portege Z930-108 PT235E
Windows 7 Professional SP1

I'm new to forums so please forgive me if I don't give enough information! I have two issues with my Portege Z930 that have been bugging me for months, if not longer. The first, and more longstanding issue is with the touchpad. Every so often it disables itself for no reason, and without warning. I quickly learned to press Function F9 and it comes back on again.

However, recently it was becoming more and more common (every couple of minutes) which led me to reinstall back to factory settings. Since then, it has been disabling a lot less frequently (once every few hours) but it still does it!

The other issue is with the device disconnect sound. This keeps on playing regardless of whether I have anything connected or not.
It was driving me crazy until I learned I could simply disable the sound effect which I have done (but clearly this is not a solution).
was hoping that this would be cleared up by the restoring of Window 7 to factory settings but if anything, its been worse since.

This has been going on for a few months now and I have tried everything I've read (although I'm not that tech literate so I may not have understood a lot of what I've read!).

I've looked in event viewer but there doesn't seem to be a record of anything happening when the noise occurs. In device manager, the screen does seem to refresh shortly after the noise but there's no way of knowing which device is causing ... Read more

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Does anyone have the Z930?

I wanted to know if the fan buzzes like the Z830. Is it quiet so you only hear air or do you hear a buzzing sound when the fan kicks in?


Answer:Does Portege Z930 have a noisy, buzzing fan like the Z830?

Good question.

It is very nice machine.

Does anyone know if this machine is available in Europe too?

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Is it possible to update to windows 8 without using a dvd external drive?

Through image of the dvd's or something?

I tried to put the files of the dvd in a external hdd usb drive but it didn't work... is there any way to install it without using a dvd external drive?

Thanks :)

Answer:Portege Z930 - Upgrade to Windows 8 without dvd drive

Yes you can make a bootable USB Flash Drive from the Win8 ISO by using a tool like WinUSB Maker.

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So frustrating!

I had a Toshiba R705 (i3, from Best Buy in the US), which was very nice, until..

I then started to use it for scoring car rallies, and wanted to share my "results" screen with the large tv screen at the local football club where we run the events, so I bought a WiDi device (Netgear Push2Tv).

After several hours of trying to get the R705 to connect to the NetGear box, I installed the latest Intel Networking Wireless drivers, which became corrupt, and stopped all of my networking devices, so now the machine was useless.

I could not connect the PC to ANYTHING anymore, and I could'nt roll back the intel drivers so now my nice little laptop was as useless as a house brick. I got so angry I punched it and broke the screen. I then threw the laptop in the bin in disgust.

After calming down, I have now purchased a Satellite z930 Ultrabook, which is also very nice (and much faster).

Against my wifes best endeavours, I am now trying to connect the Sattelite Z930 to the same Netgear Push2TV.
I get exactly the same errors that I got with the old 705.

The Toshiba detects the Netgear, I enter the matching pin number etc, and then it says it is "connecting" then after a while it drops out.


To top it off, myfriend brought his other computer around, and suggested we try it. It connected, and he was sharing his scr... Read more

Answer:Can't get WiDi working on Portege R705 and Z930


Does your Prot?g? or the Satellite Z930 meets the Intel Widi hardware requirements?
Here is a detailed info what hardware and software is needed to use the Intel WiDi:

+Intel? Wireless Display requires a compatible laptop, TV adapter, and a TV with HDMI or composite A/V input.+

I found also another document about known issues using Intel WiDi

+Are there known issues when using Intel? Wireless Display (WiDi)?+

last but not least an step by step tutorial how to use Extended Video Mode with Intel? Wireless Display (WiDi)

By the way:
You should ensure that latest Intel? Wireless Display Software is installed properly ang=eng&OSVersion=Windows%208%2C%2064-bit*&DownloadType=Software%20Applications

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Last year, I noticed that the battery on my laptop was discharging far more quickly than originally. From memory, when the laptop was new, with a full charge the monitor would say around 5 hours of use. It had gone down to about 2 hours from a full charge, so I invested in a new genuine Toshiba replacement battery. However, the issue persisted.

One day, when the laptop was displaying ?3%, 5mins?, I carried on using the laptop and continued for another 2 hours or so, before the laptop actually shut down!

I therefore arranged an out of warranty repair with Repair Tech, Toshiba?s authorised agent, found through the Toshiba website. However, despite a clear description of the fault, which is completely reproducible on each full charge, Repair Tech have returned the unit as no fault found, charged me for this experience, and are now suggesting that I send it back for another inspection. I am extremely reluctant to do this, given the experience with them to date ? not least being without the laptop for 6 weeks, only to have it returned with the same fault still present.

Is anyone able to identify the likely cause of the problem from this description and suggest a course of action to remedy this issue?

Thanks, James.

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our company bought a Toshiba Portege Z930-14X and it is necessary to do a clean Windows 7 Install.

Unfortunatly there is no working Windows 7 key to be found anywhere on the device.
I did read out the key from the original installation, but this key is not supposed to be activated, hence doesn't work for clean installation.

Usually there is a licence sticker at the bottom of the device, but this laptop has nothing whatsoever.

So, where do I find that Windows 7 key?

Kind regards,

Answer:Portege Z930-14X - need key for clean Windows 7 installation

>Unfortunatly there is no working Windows 7 key to be found anywhere on the device.

If you want to use an clean Windows system, you have to purchase the MS Windows disk containing the serial key.
The Toshiba notebooks are preinstalled with Toshiba image containing the OEM version of Windows system and the drivers. This image is already activated. The serial key isn?t needed.

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I updated my Toshiba portege to Windows 8, and all Works fine, except the 3G Ericcson, that i cannot find and it not Works,
What should I do?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Portege Z930 - need Win8 driver for Ericcson 3G

>? except the 3G Ericcson, that i cannot find and it not Works,
Not even this one ?

Try to test it and send some feedback.

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I just got my new Toshiba Portege Z930 pre installed with Windows 7, accompanied with two Windows 8 Pro discs. It's a beautiful pc, but with no cd-drive, how do I install Windows 8 from the discs?


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Answer:Upgrade Portege Z930 with the accompanying Windows 8 CD's

> but with no cd-drive, how do I install Windows 8 from the discs?
You could use an external USB CD/DVD drive in order to boot from Win 8 disks.

Or you will try to install the Win 8 using an USB flash memory sik.
But in order to be able to install the Win 8 from USB flash memory stick an Win 8 ISO (image) files is needed.
Additionally you have to create an bootable USB stick. You can do this using the ?Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool?

I recommend to use google for more details

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I have problem with my Toshiba and I cant report it due to Toshiba website error.
When I'm on this site: and I enter serial numer of my PORTEGE Z930-14D which is 8D032137H nothing happens. The page which will appear is blank, and I cant check even the status on guarantee.

Please check it out, why the Toshiba website dont work correcly in my case.

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I have Z930-13X and did upgrade in it SSD from 128 to 256GB. Unfortunately after doing this I did place 128GB SSD on my PC and did erase all on it. Linux is my primary but I did pay for Windows 8 that comes with the laptop so I thought that I will give it a try. But Toshiba didn't add any DVD / USB key / Recovery DVD with laptop so now I don't have source that I can install Windows 8 from.

Question from where can I get Windows 8 ISO so I can install it on Z930?


Answer:Portege Z930 and Windows 8 clean install

Since long time Toshiba doesn?t offer notebooks with recovery media and this media must be created by notebook owner.
Problem is that you didn?t create recovery media before you started to do anything. In user?s manuals document is described how to do this.

Now, your only way to have original factory settings is to order new recovery disc and use it for Win8 installation. You can order it on

Recovery image download is not possible.

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We have a problem with Toshiba Portege Z930-102 ultrabook.
Ultrabook is conected with Toshiba Dynadock U3.0 with DVI monitor as secondary dispay.

Ultrabook is preinstalled with WIn7 Pro X64 from Toshiba with the latest Intel display drivers ver. The problem occurs in just this one scenario:

1.Ultrabook is closed and connected to Dynadock with external DVI monitor, after windows restart the system restart and windows domain login we have the message that *Igftext.exe* caused and error a then the message that Igftext module stopped working. We have tried updating drivers from Displaylink ver. 6.2 to newest ver. 7.144152.0 but nothing changed.

This Ultrabook is already deployed to VIP and windows of opportunity for testing is closing fast.

We are oppened to any constructive suggestion, thank You in advance.

Answer:Portege Z930-102 - Igftext.exe caused an error


It looks that this is not notebook problem.
Possibly its Intel issue because I found this thread in Intel forum and it looks like this Intel process igfxext.exe crashes on notebooks from other manufactures too.

I found another suggestion: simply rename the file igfxext.exe to something like *igfxext.dat* and restart the notebook. Would be interesting to know if this helps.

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So I have made sure that the boot option in the Advanced Settings were set to CMS and that my first boot device is USB OCC, however, I am still unable to boot from a live CD. I did some research and found that they mention disabling the Secure Boot option, but that is not an option under the Security tab. Where it should be, is a setting for TPM. Help please.

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Hi, I've got a Z930-108 and since I bought it some kind of black dots have been appearing and growing on the case randomly, and for no reason for me. If anyone has any idea of what this is or why does it happen please comment or ask for more info if you feel interested. There's a link to Google Drive where you can download the images. Thanks.


Answer:Portg Z930 - black dots on the case

On this virtual way it is not easy to say what it can be, especially when you say ?it is growing?.
In my opinion you should contact Toshiba service and they should take a look and check what it can be.

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I recently upgraded my laptop to Windows 10, installed the drivers available on Toshiba website but unfortunately my touchpad lost the ability to scroll. Did anybody experienced this? How can I solve the issue?

Also, my function keys appear not to be working.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Portg Z930-118 PT234 Touchpad not scrolling

Uninstall the touchpad driver in Control Panel, then let Windows Update install the new driver.

Uninstall the Toshiba Value Added Package in Control Panel, then install Toshiba Service Station, run it and install the Toshiba System Driver and System Settings.

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Does anyone know how to get into the Intel Management Engine BIOS Extensionon in this laptop.
I have tried reseting the password for it, but it will not accept the default password.


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after 3yrs without problems the SSD in my Portege Z930-108 crashed. I could still copy the D partition (HDDRecovery) but no system or data partition.
When substituting the SSD with a newer version (Samsung 850 EVO) the right screw (Z930 oriented bottom up and sound connectors to the right) accidentially droped on the main board just next to the SSD. There was a short blue flash and afterwards the batteries do not seem to work any more. The system is running plugged into net without problems but no buffering by batteries happens any more.
Do I have to exchange the whole mainboard or is there some work around possible?

Second is there a way to recover the original drivers/system from the copied D partition without a Toshiba Recovery wizard or is there a download of this wizard?

Thanks for any comments and help

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Please help to install another OS on my Port?g? Z930-DKS
It ignores bootable USB flash and always starts win8 that was pre-installed.


Answer:How to remove Windows 8 and install other OS on Portg Z930-DKS

+Steps to Install Windows 7 on a Windows 8 Unit+

Disable Safe Boot and change boot mode from "UEFI" to "CSM"

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I have Portege Z930. I downgrade it from Win8 to Win7 64 ultimate.
whitch driver I need to install for this FN+ keys?

Answer:Portege Z930 - downgrade to Win 7 - now FN keys are not working

Install Toshiba value added package. This package contains several tools and utilities and one of them is flash cards utility (when you press FN).

Test it.

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Have got a Portege Z930 recently, I don't know how to manage battery recharges in order to keep it "alive" as long as possible.

I'm mostly using the computer at home, so far letting the battery getting empty and then recharging, but I'm not sure it is a good idea. I had a Satellite A-200 before, also using it at home and keeping it plugged all the time; after a couple of years, battery capacity diminished dramatically

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Portege Z930: How to keep battery alive as long as possible?


> after a couple of years, battery capacity diminished dramatically

This is nothing unusual? after couple of years any battery would start to lose the performance.
Generally speaking after about 500 times of charging cycles the battery starts to lose the own performance.

Of course you can remove the battery and could use the notebook only connected to AC adaptor but in such case the notebook would shut off in case the mains connection interrupts.

To extend the battery working time, you should calibrate the battery from time to time.
To calibrate the battery, you should discharge the battery until it would be fully empty. Then connect the AC adaptor and charge the battery until its fully charged. Repeat this procedure two or three times in the row.


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I have just purchased two Toshiba Portege, SN: XD049353H, of which one is unable to download ie. Google Chrome or log on to my WEB.BANK. Flash Player is installed.

The other wotks fine!!

Answer:Re: Unable to download certain files on Portege Z930-16J

According notebook specification this Portege was offered with Win7 64bit PRO and Win8 64bit PRO.
Which OS do you use?
Have both OS the same problem?

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I have a portege Z930 14U
I am not able to boot from an external CD Drive (Samsun SE-218) linke via USB

I have already setted the boot order and choosed CSM as Bios model

Thank you

Answer:Portege Z930 - Not able to boot from external USB CD/DVD drive

Try to disable the secure boot in the BIOS too.
Then connect the CD/DVD drive to the notebook and power up the unit.
Press F12 and choose in boot menu the USB device

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We have built around ten Z930's but this is the first time that we have had problems with one. In this case, the user reports that every so often the text in the excel document or email that she is typing will be highlighted in blue. I have reinstalled Office to no avail.

The only relevant web post that I have found is for another brand of laptop, but they had success when they replaced the laptops keyboard. has anyone come across this behaviour.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Answer:Portege Z930-18L - Text beinh highlighted

Until you wait for answer here I recommend you to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. Maybe they have some info about this behaviour.

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My daughter was using the above PC the other day, when suddenly it would no longer boot.

I've now tried to do a system restore to a backup I did a few weeks ago, but the system is reporting that the computer is using BIOS, but the backup was done with EFI

Unfortunately, on the bios settings page, I don't have secure boot listed under security.
In addition, on the system configuration page, the computer is listing the BIOS as being CSM mode.

Worse, there is no option to change that mode, as I can't select that entry.

I've now cleaned my hard disk partition, and done a system restore from the recovery media I created, but it still hasn't helped.

This poster [has a similar problem it appears|]

How can I reenable UEFI Boot/Secure boot? There must be a way.
I spent an hour on the phone with "Toshiba Expert Care", and they've now suggested I have a hardware fault.
I'd happily replace the SSD, if I thought that would fix the problem, but it looks like the problem is elsewhere.

Answer:No Secure Boot Option on Portege Z930-138

Furthermore, If I choose Refresh my PC after booting to my recovery stick, I get
"The drive where Windows is installed is locked. Unlock the drive and try again"

The drive can be read when booting to a command prompt, so I'm not sure which drive is being referred to here.

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my PORT?G? Z930-118 failover and wont start after i upgrading in middle of upgrade i remove power and press shutdown bottom after that i see the power and wireless but screen still black ?

Any help please

Answer:Portege Z930-118 wont start after BIOS update

Hmmmm.... BIOS upgrade interruption has screwed up BIOS and that?s the reason why your notebook doesn't start properly. BIOS is damaged now.
In such case you need professional help by authorized Toshiba service provider.

On this forum you can find many threads about similar problems. Some people have tried to fix this alone and if you are interested to read how one other forum user has fixed it check please this thread.

Ayway, you can contact nearest Toshiba service, explain the situation and ask for help.

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Hi there.

I manage an IT company, and some of our equipments are portege z930.

We use Linux as the main OS, and in order to use all HDD space, we've erased Windows partition.

How can I update BIOS from a Linux operative system? I asked in an official technichal support company, and they told me they use an special linux live CD handled by Toshiba.

I don't know if I can get this live cd somehow. If not, I'd like to know how to update our Bios without having to reinstall Windows OS.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Portege Z930: How to update BIOS having LINUX/UNIX OS

As far as I know on BIOS download page Toshiba offers Windows version only. Generally speaking Linux is not supported at all.
Try to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. Maybe they can obtain such special CD.

By the way: why you didn?t prepared machine (BIOS update) before you have started to install Linux?

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Hi, I have to update WiDi at my computer to 3.5 or higher because it is needed for establishing connection with the smart TV. It requires to update also the graphics driver but none of these drivers are available via TEMPRO.

When I try to install it directly from the Intel support site it says that the graphics driver was not authorised by Toshiba. Thanx for any suggestion! (But I would rather avoid upgrading of my Win to 8.1 and using Miracast.)

PC - Toshiba Portege Z930-12J
OS Win7

Answer:Portege Z930-12J - WiDi update to version 3.5 and higher

> When I try to install it directly from the Intel support site it says that the graphics driver was not authorised by Toshiba.

As far as I know you can install the Intel graphic card driver through the device manager.
You have to download the Intel driver page (zip) including the single driver files.
Then you have to perform the update using the Advanced installation procedure which will allow you to point directly to the zip package.

The system would pick up the driver files from this folder automatically.

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My Toshiba PORTEGE Z930-13U does not boot, the screen stays black, not even the Toshiba logo appears and no windows starting screen appears. All LEDs light up after pressing the power button, except the internal storage drive light (see foto attached). I don't think it is a graphic card issue, there have never been any problems with the graphic card.
This problem has already happened sometimes in the past. But usually after some days pressing the power button from time to time it used to suddendly turn on again and then work normally. This time however, already several weeks have passed and my notebook does not turn on. I use Windows 7. Can anybody help me with this? Any help is very much appreciated. Let me know if you need additional information.

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Very disappointed with the response from Toshiba over an issue we are having with the Z Series laptops.

Let me explain - I am responsible for the laptops at a large college in the south of the UK. We have round 40 Series laptops and on a large number of them the screws which hold he hinge covers in place have come out and become lost, in many cases the hinge covers have come off and been lost as well. The first thing that crossed out minds was 'interference' by students but as no other screws were found to be lose the only conclusion we can come to is that that there is a design fault and these hinge cover screws have worked lose over time and fallen out.

I am currently working through all our Z Series laptops and I am finding more and more lose or missing screws and additional missing hinge covers. We have bought this to the attention of Toshiba but they will not accept there is an issue - but haven't yet provided a reason why this should be happening in such numbers.

As can be imagined we are not best pleased with their response and would like to hear from anyone who has had the same issue. At over 50.00 GBP to fix each pair of hinges, you can imagine how quickly the costs are rising.

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Anybody know how to activate *scrolling option* (vertical and horizontal) on *Portege z-930*?
I tried to find any option for activation in mouse settings menu (Windows 8), but unfortunately can't .

Click and zoom function is working good.
It is hard to believe what this model do not support touch pad scrolling at all. ((

Please, advice.
Thank you very much in advance!

Answer:Portege Z930: How to enable TouchPad scrolling function


Of course you should be able to find the touchpad settings in control panel -> mouse -> pointing device (last tab) -> Settings button.

But this requires the installed touchpad Synaptics driver. Was this driver installed?
If not, check this Synaptics driver page:

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Hi,* I live in Brazil and bought a notebook Portege Z930-B113 at Dubai on a trip.
The same malfunctioned and burned his motherboard, and now his need a new one.

Like here in Brazil is not supported and toshiba don't sell pices for this ultrabook,
Someone could send for me a e-mail or site an store to purchase this motherboard, with a international shipping?

If need more informations ask.

Thank you.

Answer:Need motherboard for Portege Z930-B113 send to Brazil

Port?g? Z930-B113 belongs to the series PT234V.
I guess this series was not available in North or South Amerika.

But the similar Toshiba Portege Z935-P390 PT234U was released for US market.
It should support the same motherboard so I guess you could get the motherboard for Portege Z935-P390 in Brazil which should be compatible with your Port?g? Z930-B113

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I have a Toshiba Portege Z930-D3S laptop. I wanted to run a system recovery and did everything exactly as in the manual page 4-24, Section System recovery Options. The tool told me that the recovery partition is empty (or something like this) and the recovery cannot be performed. I definitely did not erase it and do not how it can be. Then there was an option to erase sdd and I thought that this might help (don't ask me why) and that the tool would erase everything but the recovery partition. So, I chose it.

Now I have the frozen screen with "Toshiba Leading Innovation" and cannot enter any menu neither by pressing 0, nor by holding F8. I cannon restart the laptop, it seems that it simply fall asleep when I press the power button.

Please, help me to recover the system.

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I installed the updated bios 2.20 to instead of 2.30 on my Toshiba Z930 10T. How to revert to the previous version ?

Thanks you

Answer:Portege Z930-10T - How to revert BIOS to previous version


Using the Win based BIOS you can ONLY update the BIOS to a higher version but not downgrade.
If you would like to downgrade, you will get a message that you have already the newest BIOS version installed.

Downgrade is possible ONLY using an traditional BIOS version? but this can be done by service technician.

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