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Portege Z830 - BIOS update fails

Question: Portege Z830 - BIOS update fails

Just got my Z830 Portege and am folloing the Toshiba update recommendations. The Bios update to v1.7 fails though with a 'computer not supported' message...

Any ideas? Thx, urhs

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Preferred Solution: Portege Z830 - BIOS update fails

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Portege Z830 - BIOS update fails

I cannot say anything about this issue but if your notebook works well don?t change anything.
Out of curiosity but do you use original preinstalled OS that you got with your Portege?

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I want to update my BIOS from the version 1.4 to 1.6 (last one)

When I try to do it (directly with the bios updater or via the TOSHIBA Service Station) I have the following error message :
Error: Preparing to update was failed
You have not given permission to execute the update.

I'm logged with an administrator account and I already try to run it with "Run as an administrator"

I'm not on the toshiba Windows installation because I have my own licence of Windows seven professional (64bits).

Can you help me ?

Thanks a lot

ps : sorry for my english, it's not my mother tongue

Answer:Portege Z830 - Updating BIOS

Maybe stupid question but why do you want to update BIOS?
Have you noticed some problems with your machine?

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I have a Portege Z830 with BIOS version 1.60. It runs a single operating system, ubuntu, (without a windows OS it does not appear to be possible to upgrade the BIOS). I have a bootable USB (debian, created by copying an .iso image using dd) which works on other computers, but not on this one. With USB at the top of the boot priority, it is not recognized as a bootable device and the computer boots from the HDD. The boot is in legacy mode, not UEFI (there is no UEFI/legacy switch in the BIOS menu).

Any pointers how to enable a boot from a USB on this computer?

Thanks and kind regards,


Answer:1.60 BIOS does not recognise bootable USB in Portege Z830

As you probably know, Toshiba doesn't support Linux so you cannot upgrade BIOS under Linux OS.
It is also not offered to be installed from USB.

It works like application and must be executed under running Windows.

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I am very annoyed with the noise of the fan on my z830-11F. The 1.6 BIOS update had better fan control i think, the fan activity was reduced. But recently i updated to 1.7 BIOS and now the fan starts turning with its horrible noise, even when the computer is idle.

a. Am i doing something wrong or is this the normal behaviour?
b. I want to return to 1.6 BIOS. Is this possible? I can't find the BIOS on toshiba web page.
c. Do you recommend returning to 1.6?

Answer:Portege Z830 - Unwanted fan behaviour with 1.7 BIOS

Why you open new thread about the same theme which you have already created in this forum?
Double or cross posts are not allowed (forum etiquette).

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+Issue description:+
I can access BIOS via F2 on my Z830.
The system set-up is listed, but can not be changed.
The BIOS supervisor password is set and I know it.
There is no prompt like 'Insert password:'.
*Please help me find the way how to insert it.*

(I can also run the system settings utility.

There is a prompt 'Insert password'.
*If I insert my password, it works.*
But in the utility are some settings (e.g. Intel Rapid Start) missing.)

BIOS version: 1.8
Windows 8.1 64-bit

Message was edited by: micko

Answer:Where to insert BIOS supervisor password on Portege Z830?


The BIOS password as well as the Supervisor password can be removed within the BIOS security area.

Please check also this Toshiba document.

In some cases you need to press the "INS" key while Toshiba logo appears.
Then a prompt for the Supervisor Password would appear and if the password is certified then the BIOS could be entered by pressing the "F2" key.

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When I started up my new Portege Z830, I was given the option during set up, of putting in a bios password.

I did so, but am now regretting it, as I have to put in two passwords, the bios and windows, before can start doing anything. As I don't need the bios one, how do I get into the system to change or delete it, now that I don't have access to the set up screens?


Answer:Portege Z830 - Changing/deleting Bios password

You can delete it in BIOS options directly or using Toshiba tool in Windows ? Supervisor password utility.

I recommend you to perform complete shutdown and then after notebook restart enter BIOS settings and delete it there.

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Hello everyone .

I have big problem with my netbook
Few days ago i was little drunk and i made a password
When its booting up the netbook but now i forgot that password .

I just wish someone will help me how to delete password.


Answer:Portege Z830-11j PT225E - How to delete an unknown BIOS password

Bad luck dude? unknown BIOS password can be removed only by authorized persons (Toshiba service engineer).
Such password is an kind of anti-theft protection and anti-theft system and cannot be removed by any person.

So get in touch with service partner in your country to get it removed.

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I need help to portage z830-11m. After the update win7 to win10 did not work for me built-in camera, a web producer lack of firmware for win10, and this for Win8 and wines 8upgrade does not help. what to do? when it will be soft for this model?

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i have a toshiba z830.

like we can read here:

"The GTF0/1 is not defined anywhere, but referenced in _SDD control method. When this control method gets run, it will access the GTF0/1, and that caused a run time namespace look up error, and that also caused the control method's execution failed. But I think this will not affect your SATA device, it should function correctly, right? What the BIOS people tried to do here is to set NCQ autosense feature for the drive."

it's seem to have a problem.

any fix soon


Answer:Satellite Z830 - Update BIOS soon?

Sorry mate? maybe you understood something wrong? this is user to user community.

Regarding the link and possible bug:
You posted a link to an Linux OS page / kernel bug tracker?

As far as I know the Linux is not supported by Toshiba.

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I replaced the preinstalled Windows with a Fedora 16 installation, - which works perfectly btw - and was hoping
to solve the "Windows Only Bios Update Problem" with a bootable Windows 7 USB Stick, which again works
great so far, but the BIOS160_EC130_WIN.exe just says: "This computer is not supported." ...

Any ideas appreciated.


Answer:Re: Satellite Z830 Bios update: "This computer is not supported"


You cannot update the BIOS running Linux and using an win ? based BIOS version.
You will need to use the Toshiba preinstalled image.

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Hello all,

I'm trying to install the 1.70-WIN BIOS update of 12/09/12, delivered in a zip folder called "bios-20120907140253", without success.

Everytime I run the .exe file I get "This computer is not supported" returned in Toshiba BIOS Package Ver.4.2.1 window.

My laptop part number is PT22LE-00E004EN.
Toshiba's Tempro software advised me to install this BIOS upgrade.

Is anyone else having this problem, and is there a solution?



Answer:1.70-WIN BIOS Update on Satellite Z830-10T - Computer Not Supported

In my personal opinion you don?t need to update the BIOS even if the new BIOS was updated.
I?ve got a laptop? its running perfectly with old BIOS and I did not update to newer version even if new updated were released?

Nevertheless I found really interesting thread with a solution:

Here is another thread with the same error message:
The solution -> recover the notebook back to factory settings using HDD recovery and try again.

PS: before doing this try to reinstall the VAP

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I have problem with my toshiba ultrabook portege z830.
My HDD is dead and I don't know where I can get new HDD.

I've got warranty but I'm forgot registered my laptop before when I gone to the unauthorised repairs because my first problem was with motherboard.

This motherboard were replace for new.
So my warranty is maybe cancelled.

Well, this is my another problem.

What should I do?
Please help me. I'm available do anything .

Answer:Portege Z830 - where I can get new HDD


I think you should firstly check if your warranty is still valid.
This can be checked on Toshiba Unitdetails page:

In case the warranty is valid, get in contact with Toshiba authorized service provider in your country to arrange replacement.

But as far as I know the Portege Z830 was equipped with an mSATA SSD drive.
This means the notebook does not support common 2.5? HDD but in requires special mSATA SSD drive module.

In case your warranty is not valid, you will have to pay for a new mSATA module.
The replacement should be done by Toshiba authorized service provider as well because such replacement is a little bit tricky on this notebook model.

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So, earlier today, everything was fine. My computer was working normally nothing was acting up. While unplugging my laptop from the wall I dropped it, but nothing appeared to be wrong. A little while later I restarted my computer and it worked fine for about a minute and then everything froze in windows explorer, nothing would work, folders wont open task manager never appears start menu wont come up, nothing.
I booted into safe mode and everything works fine through there, so I looked around online and one suggestion was to update my BIOS so I tried to update from Dells Inspiron 1420 A08 to the newer A10 BIOS version, trying that in safe mode failed so I tried to boot normally and quickly do whatever it told me, when I tried it wouldnt restart (and still refuses too, I have to shut it down manually outside of safe mode) it said it couldnt update the BIOS version because it couldnt locate the image, but I downloaded it directly from Dells own website.
So then I tried to do a system restore, and I got the message:

The disk Vista (c:) has errors
Windows detected file system corruption on Vista (c:)
You must check the disk for errors before it can be restored.

So I clicked scan and fix, and nothing happens. (this is back in safe mode by the way) so I opened a command promp and typed sfc /scannow
and it scanned and found some errors but were unable to fix them. Details are located in the CBS.log
So I opened the log and I found the following:

POQ 62 ends.
2009-03-2... Read more

Answer:Vista - Explorer Freezes on reboot, system restore fails, BIOS update fails. Help.

Hi, the first rule if you ever drop a laptop (and it appears OK) is to take the battery out, boot from the mains if all is OK turn off add battery and reboot. Now you may have damaged the MB and or the RAM seating or HDD cable connection as well as the monitor connect cable.. etc ...etc. You can see where this is heading to the shop would be my advice.

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Hi there,

I see from the Toshiba noticeboard that the Portege Z830-10N isn't able to be upgraded to Windows 10 why is this? The laptop isn't that old and the system is high enough spec as far as I know. I tried yesterday and it was booted off but without any reason. Can anyone let me know why?


Answer:Portege Z830-10N Windows 10

Have Z830.

Recently upgraded to Win10 following Microsoft invitation for system upgrade. The process was smooth but at the end got 5 unknown devices in system including Web camera. So good bye video Skype.
Most functional keys are working but only system (windows) OSD are displayed - do not know how to on/off 3D modem for example.

First impression from Win10 - is no real benefit comparing to Win7.
If will not find a solution for my problems in 1-2 months - will back to the saved system.

Anyone succeeded with Windows 10 on Z830?

Good luck,

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i have a Z830, 3 years old, the ssd Shows Errors (chkdsk: Found.0000)

Should i change the ssd (128 GB) to a another one?

if yes: which Kind of ssd?



Answer:Changing SSD on Portege Z830


every hour i get a BSOD: kernel data inpage error, stop 0x000007a - NTFS.SYS

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I bought a z830-10f (i5)

Does some people tried to install a 8 gig so-dimm on you Z830?

Some people have tried it with success.

I tried with a 8gig so-dimm corsair, system detect it, but the next boot it was not detected.

With the original 2 gig samsung that work fine.

Maybe the so-dimm is defected?


Answer:Portege Z830 - 8GB RAM upgrade possible?


I think only 6GB are possible because 2GB RAM are onboard.
And only the second slot would be upgradable using an 4GB RAM module.

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How many RAM memory can I upgrade in my Z830?

Can I install one module of 8GB in my ultrabook?
Really can I only upgrade to 6B?

Answer:What RAM does Portege Z830-10F support?

According notebook specification maximum upgrade is 6GB. You can remove one 2GB module and replace it with 4GB. Compatible 4GB RAM has part number PA3918U-1M4G.

In my opinion 6GB is quite enough for this machine. Optimize preinstalled OS and I think it will run perfectly.

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I have a Portege Z830 with BIOS version 1.7 and I am very annoyed with the noise of the fan.
I was wondering if it is possible to control the fan to reduce the noise, so I started experimenting with a little utility called SpeedFan. I set it up so that the fan won't activate until the CPU temperature exceeds a definite number. But it doesn't work; it looks like BIOS is ignoring these settings.

So my question is how can I to configure the fan to work my way?

Answer:How to controll the fan on Portege Z830?

I don?t know which power plan do you use but open additional settings for this power plan and try to change cooling method settings. Set it to battery optimized option. This will slow down cooling fan speed and notebook should run much quieter.

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I have a Portege Z830-11F. I upgraded my machine to Windows 8 and but i didnt like it. So i decided to make a clean setup of Windows 7.

I downloaded the .iso file from internet and burned it to a DVD.
I plugged in my external DVD player, restarted, entered BIOS and changed the boot order and restarted again.

All went well and i was able to install Windows 7.
But i didn't had the drivers, (thought the OS would recognize the LAN driver at least, i was mistaken)
So i upgraded to Windows 8 again (without restarting) just to download the drivers for Windows 7.

I did so, but now i cannot boot from the DVD.
When i enter the boot order section, sometimes the DVD is listed, sometimes not.

In both cases the machine boots to Windows 8 straightly, does not allow me to boot from the DVD.
The strange thing is i was able to boot from the same DVD in the first place.

What can i do to boot from the DVD?

Answer:Portege Z830 - cannot boot from DVD

At first I must say that I don?t understand why you didn?t create recovery media before you have changed anything. Using preinstalled ?Toshiba recovery media creator? you could create recovery USB and the whole situation would be not so complicated. This recovery image is activated but now if you install own OS version you will not be able to use product key that you got with your notebook.

Anyway, now perform complete Win8 shutdown and after doing this start notebook and use F12 to enter boot menu. Of course your external DVD must be connected before you start your notebook. it can be that external drive will be listed on USB boot option like on my U940.

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I upgraded to Windows 8 pro on my Z830-10M a few days after the release of win8.

Today I closed down windows8 (all LED's turned off), closed the computer and put it in a computer bag.
50 minutes later when I took out the z830 it was burning hot.

So hot that I could not hold it in my hands without protection.

After cooling the computer down, the battery was at 0%.
It was 80% when I close down the computer.
(I am using using the Toshiba program, only loading the battery to 80%).

Should I go back to win7 or just hope that my z80 will not burnout the next time this happens?

Answer:Is it safe to use Portege Z830 with Windows 8 Pro?

> Today I closed down windows8 (all LED's turned off), closed the computer and put it in a computer bag.
>50 minutes later when I took out the z830 it was burning hot.

In my opinion the notebook did not shut down properly.
The fact that battery was empty would confirm my assumption?

So be always sure that notebook has been disabled properly before putting it into the back.

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My new Portege Z830 has the noisy and almost always running fan issue that has been mentioned on here before.

Recommendations have been that one downloads bios 1.6. But I've checked and that version is already installed on my machine. I've also adjusted the power saving settings to battery mode as others have suggested. But that's made no difference,

Any other advice has been give in technical language way beyond this beginner.

If anyone has any suggestions that they could put into words of one syllable and step by step instructions, I'd be eternally grateful. Thanks.

Answer:Portege Z830 - noisy and almost always running fan

BIOS 1.7 is out so give that a try. I believe the cooling system is improved in 1.7

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I acquired a Toshiba Portege Z830-10F.

I have a question and issue on the consumption of the Battery during time that the PC is Off.

Meaning that when I Stop the unit, when I restart the unit a day after (or overnight) my battery level has gone down significantly (10 to 15%).

I even had the case that after a 3 to 4 days long week-end during which the unit had not been in operation AT ALL, I could not restart the computer because the battery was down.

I had to plug it in and then start it.

This seems quite odd and strange and so would like to know if there is a specific setting needed to be changed so that does not happen.

I updated the latest Bios version (v 1.40) and this does not change anything.

I am looking forward to your help and support.


Answer:Battery discharges even if Portege Z830 is off

> Meaning that when I Stop the unit, when I restart the unit a day after (or overnight) my battery level has gone down significantly (10 to 15%).

This can be caused by some options enabled in the BIOS.
For example the option Wake up on LAN or keyboard or low batter level use batter power even if the notebook is shut down. Disabling such option might help to sort out this issue.

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Whenever a restart is performed (e.g. from Windows or ALT-CTRL-DEL during PC startup) on the Z830, power to all USB ports seems to be turned off for a couple of seconds, before then returning. Is it possible to prevent this behaviour and keep power to the USB ports during the restart?

Answer:Portege Z830 - USB power off during restart


I don?t know if its possible but please check if the Sleep and Charge function is enabled in BIOS or Toshiba HWSetup.
If you will not notice an difference, well, then I assume it?s not possible?

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I have Portege z830-10h from few months. It's battery has already lost 15% of capacity, and I think it's inevitable that battery will be neet to be replaced sooner or later.

Do you know, if I'm able to replace battery myself (as in full-size notebooks)? Or it can be done only in Toshiba service?

What can be cost of replacement by Toshiba service?

Answer:Battery replacement on Portege Z830-10H

Lithium batteries wear down over time and eventually need replacing, they are considered consumable items. The battery will need to be quoted and replaced professionally at a Toshiba service center.

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I have had the computer three months from new.
The msata ssd drive has failed.
I think that it is a poor situation for a device with no moving parts.

I live in a regional area and was told that the computer would have to be sent away for repair which would take some considerable time. I needed the computer so I bought a new msata and reinstalled windows from another copy I had.

I have of course now lost the windows and drivers etc which were on the recovery partition of the msata.

Does anyone know if I can get them replaced?

Answer:Where can I get a Recvery media for the Portege Z830?

At first I must say that you should not waste your time and send your Portege to the Toshiba service provider as soon as possible. They should replace SSD. Warranty is valid and it will cover all repair costs.

Anyway, for drivers download visit Toshiba download page
Original recovery media can be ordered on

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today I wanted to make recovery USB key with Toshiba Recovery media Creator. For this purpose I bought 16 GB 3/10 MB/s Verbatim key.

I tried several times with no success. Every time I tried Toshiba Recovery media Creator noticed error: *Error code 040E2D-00-00000000* ... or nothing happened. I put in another new 16 GB USB 3/10 MB/s and happened the same.

After that I tried the third USB key I had - Corsair 32GB USB 3.0. And It worked - I successfully made USB recovery key, but this key I use for other things ..

So I continued with 16 GB Verbatim key. After some more trials Toshiba Recovery media Creator noticed "*No HDD Recovery Area"* And after that I could do nothing.

*What to do now?* I think I didnt' do anything wrong, just tried to put recovery data into 16 GB key. The only think I did is formating this key in different formats (with disk management ... because after every trial Computer even didn't recognize key ...).

Thank you for your advices in advanced.


Answer:Portege Z830 - "No HDD Recovery Area" any more

Here are screenshoots:


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Can I download Windows 10?

Answer:Can I download Windows 10 on Portégé Z830 10F?

It is not a UEFI machine so I dont think it will be supported.

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Anyone know the ID, ore where i can get the part near the Display?

I cant find it anywhere, and i lost it, becourse a screw go?s out :(

It?s a Z830-10E

Answer:Need an spare part for my Portege Z830-10E

Not quite sure what you are looking for but the picture shows a left display hinge.
Anyway, all parts could be ordered directly from local Toshiba authorized service provider.
Get in contact with the guys and ask for such compatible part.

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the Z830-11J doesn?t shutdown if it get?s overheated.

The notebooks geht ultrahot and you can?t even touch the metal case near the PRTSC/SYSRQ key.

At which temprature will the notebook do an emergeny shutdown?

Any idea?

Answer:Portege Z830-11J does not shut down if its get overheated

All Toshiba notebook?s support such protection.
If the temperature goes up to an critical level, the unit would shut down automatically to prevent the parts from damage.

In your case the temp level does not seem to be too high...

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I have a Portege Z830 which is playing up!.

I attempted to load on the function key drivers and a couple of other toshiba utilities to get the lit keyboard back, ie using the up and down brighness keys. It didnt work.

Since then, my laptop takes for ages to start, i cant use windows update, it hangs, and it ask me for my password but I cannot enter it as it hangs again.
If I use the windows troubleshooter, that hangs too. And internet explorer within win8.1 doesnt even find the bbc.

I'm pretty close to thinking that I need to do a full rebuild.

My challenge is that it came installed with Windows 7 and I upgraded to windows 8, then 8.1.

My questions are:
1. Has anyone experienced the above and are there any quick ways to fix the problems above.
2. What's the best way to rebuild my laptop, do I need to go back to windows 7 and then upgrade to windows 8 again?

Any thoughts gratefully received, I'm ok rebuilding it, not looking forward to it as it takes forever to backup and restore, and I'm bound to miss something. But I think its necessary.

Answer:Portege Z830 - Restore and rebuild

Before we start discussion about described issue please be so nice and post full model name or model part number.

Let?s see at first for which operating systems is your machine supported.

I would like to check it on Toshiba download page - - but i need exact model number and machine part number.

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Dear All,

My Z830-10f (an Italian model - core i5 doesn't power on anymore and is giving a 72h code (PPV voltage is not more than 0.68V when the computer is booting up).

After a bit of googling I've understood that the motherboard has a serious problem and should be replaced.

On ebay I've found an used mb from USA but it comes from another model Z830 Intel Core? i7-2677M @1.80GHz. Aesthetically the motherboards appear identical, thus I'm wondering if they can be compatible.

I know that I should find the exact spare part, but it's really a jungle and probably all the differences are related to the different codes used worldwide.

Any suggestion is really appreciated!!!
Thanks a lot in advance!


Answer:Portege Z830 - motherboard replacement


From my point of few the new motherboard from another Z830 would be compatible.
The motherboard has exactly the same dimensions but supports just another CPU.

I guess the BIOS would be already available on this new motherboard and the new other i7 CPU supports internal GPU unit (Intel HD Graphics 3000).
Therefore you should not get any problem with the graphic card as well as other parts like RAM or HDD...

I think you should get a shot and go with this mobo.

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I own a Portege Z830-10h for a month and have battery issues lately:
- it detects no battery and works only on external power;
- if there is a battery, it is not charging - a message says "3% available, charging", this lasts hours and finally no charge available.

I have found some ideas for battery removal and BIOS reset to defaults in this forum, but this is an ultrabook and I have no access to the battery. I've tried BIOS reset to defaults but nothing changed.

Any ideas before going to the service center? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Portege Z830-10H - battery is not detected

In my opinion there is nothing you can do about that. Contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.
Why to make some experiments and waste your time discussing here. You paid your new laptop and it must work properly.

Ask for battery replacement.
Do you know how to find nearest service provider?

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I have a problem with Portege Z830-10F battey.

With no alerts, shut down, and when begin charge the level begin at 51%.

In 1 hour the charge is full.

There is a metod to calibrate the battery ?

Best regards.

Answer:Portege Z830-10F and battery calibration

> There is a method to calibrate the battery?

The battery can be calibrated by discharging the battery until it would be fully empty and then charging until the battery indicator would switch to green (in some cases blue). This indicates that the battery has been recharged.
This whole procedure should be repeated several times in the row.

But note: even if you would calibrate the battery, it might be possible that the battery would not provide the same performance because of the battery age.

Sooner or later every battery would start to lose the charging performance and in such case it?s just a matter of time when the battery should be replaced.

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Where is SIM card location on Portege Z830? shows all what is inside, but can someone point where is it exactly? Thanks.

Im just tyred of bluetoothing our usbing internet for my notebook when outside office!

Answer:Where is SIM card location on Portege Z830?

It should be located under the battery.
You need to remove the battery to see the slot

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My laptop is PORTEGE Z830. I upgraded the system to Windows 7 Enterprise. I got this yellow (!) when I open devices ad printers. When I tried to know what is the device it showed:

Missing Driver : ACPI\TOS6028\2&daba3ff&4

Also I am not able to adjust the brightness and the sound volume using "fun" key any more.

Moreover I don't know how to reach to Bluetooth anymore?

can anyone help me?

Answer:Portege Z830 - issues after Updating the Windows to Win 7

I don?t know which drivers you have installed and which are missing so here is detailed installation order so please be sure you have installed listed stuff in listed order:

Windows 7
TOSHIBA Security Assist
Infineon TPM Software Professional Package
Intel Chipset SW Installation Utility
Intel Management Engine Interface
Intel AMT Software
Intel Display Driver
Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver
Realtek Audio Driver
Synaptics Touch Pad Driver
LAN Driver
Wireless LAN Driver
Atheros Bluetooth Filter Driver Package
Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba
USB3.0 Driver
Ricoh Card Reader
Intel Rapid Start Technology Software
TOSHIBA Fingerprint Utility
TOSHIBA Value Added Package
TOSHIBA Service Station
TOSHIBA eco Utility
TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor
TOSHIBA Disc Creator
TOSHIBA Web Camera Application
TOSHIBA Face Recognition
TOSHIBA Sleep Utility
TOSHIBA Resolution+ Plug-in for Windows Media Player
TOSHIBA Media Controller
TOSHIBA Media Controller Plug-in
TOSHIBA Bulletin Board Assistant
TOSHIBA Network Device ID Registry Setting Tool
TOSHIBA Wireless LAN Indicator
PatchFiles PCIIDEREG-1.2
PatchFiles FixFPService_REG_1.0
PatchFiles TosVolRegulator_1.1
PatchFiles TBMINITREG-1.0T

Check it please and post some feedback.

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HI All,

I've just upgraded by Z830 to WIn8 with the upgrade assistant (which worked well) but I'm now very low on disk space and I haven't even put office on yet.

I assume I can delete the windows.old directory - can anyone confirm?
Is there anything else I can do?

As an aside, any idea why my c: partition only shows up as 97GB?
It doesn't help when I've lost 30GB before I start!

Many thanks.

Answer:Portege Z830 Upgrade to WIn8 but used most SSD space


You can delete the windows.old directory if you have already moved your personal files and settings (like the list of IE favorites)

However, you see just a C partition which containing the 97GB but I assume there is also another partition which is not visible.
But you should see the whole SSD drive space in the Disk Management of Win 8
To access the Disk Management, click the Disk Management shortcut on the Power User Menu, which you can access by pressing the WIN and X keys together on your keyboard.

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Does anyone have the Z930?

I wanted to know if the fan buzzes like the Z830. Is it quiet so you only hear air or do you hear a buzzing sound when the fan kicks in?


Answer:Does Portege Z930 have a noisy, buzzing fan like the Z830?

Good question.

It is very nice machine.

Does anyone know if this machine is available in Europe too?

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on my new Z830-10J, the Toshiba-keys for eco, presentation an on/off do not work - no reaction.

Thanks for any helpful answer.

Answer:Portege Z830: Keys for eco, presentation and on/off don't work


Try to reinstall the VAP (value added package) again and check if it helps.
Before you would install new VAP, uninstall the previous installed VAP, reboot and install the new downloaded VAP.

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I 've got PORTEGE Z830-11M and with original 45W, 19V *PA3822U-1ACA* AC Adapter.

Can I use for charging it also more powerful 75W, 19V original TOSHIBA *PA3468E-1AC3* adapter, which I have on the other location?

Is it good for z830 or not and why? The only difference between them is power, I suppose more is better (less heat for charger) or not?

Thank you for answers.


Message was edited by: Tomaz

Answer:Alternative power chargers for Portege Z830

Hi Tomaz,

I think this is not a problem, because you power charger can give max. 75 W and you device takes so much as he current need, that?s decides the device not the power charger

important is the Volt specification, and since it is identical 19V

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I have Toshiba Portege z830. My screen has been broken and I need to replace it.

Is it possible to install some IPS screen instead of original LTN133AT25-601? Which IPS screen is compatible with LTN133AT25-601?

Answer:Portege Z830 - screen has been broken and I need to replace it


The original LCD which was used in Z830 was an 13.3"(HD) 1366 x 768 TFT Color LCD.
So if you want to use other display, then you should pay attention to the screen size and the connectors.
I think these are most important key elements.

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I have been looking all over the Toshiba website to find if my laptop is upgradeable or not I have looked on this page

but it said nothing about my laptop. Also I am living in the middle east and it is not funny that none of the middle east countries are on list when registering to the forum. Nor is the upgrade assistant available in the middle east support pages however it is available worldwide

A friend of mine tried clean installing Windows 8 on his Toshiba laptop and got the Upgrade assistant from US site but when he tried to run the program it said "Sorry this program is not intended for your region" and was not able to install any drivers for windows 8 from Toshiba page nor are the links on this page even working

Answer:Is Portege Z830 (PT224V) Upgradable to windows 8?

I don?t know how it works exactly but I think that Toshiba middle east has separated portal for support.

I have checked this page and when you click on ?Service & Support? > Download drivers you can choose your machine and for Windows 8 upgrade 35drivers were found.

Can you find it too?

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On a new Portege Z830-10R I have a problem with some FN+ buttons functions.
Anyone are ok (i.e. fn+f1, volume regulations fn+3/4).
Others, as light regulation (fn+f6/f7), and keyboard light (fn+z) are not working.
I adjourned Toshiba value added package and BIOS, but the problem is unsolved.

What can I try to solve this problem?
Thank in advance.

Answer:Portege Z830-10R - Some FN+Fx keys don't work properly

It is not easy to say what is wrong there. To be honest I cannot imagine you have this issue from the day one. Can you confirm this?

Have you tried to reinstall Toshiba value added package? If not do it. Remove preinstalled version, restart your notebook and install latest version from Toshiba download page.

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I have Portege Z830 PT224V with windows 7 64Bit.. I went for Windows 8 upgrade but getting so many "windows/explorer not responding" errors, I decided to wipe the computer and start fresh.

I chose an option "Remove Everything and reinstall Windows" in windows 8 which is used when things are not working. By doing that I had a new fresh install of windows and eliminated the errors.

Now my "Portege Z830" specifics like finger print scan and other Fn controls (i.e. Fn F6 and F7 to control brightness and all other functions) are not working anymore.

I tried downloading the drivers but seems these are not covered in the drivers set.
Is there any way I can get the controls back? Maybe some tools or something?

Answer:Portege Z830: No FN buttons and fingerprints after Win 8 upgrade

Sounds like you are missing the Toshiba drivers/utilities. You need to install the Toshiba System Driver and Toshiba Value Added Package for Windows 8 (don't install Win7 versions).

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I just bought my Portege Z830 last week. Although, in every review I read I saw that the battery life is 7-8 hours even when running many applications my laptop's battery does not last for more then 3-4 hours.

Its a brand new laptop and I cannot understand the huge difference on battery life read in reviews with my own.

Even when having brightness at 30% percent in eco mode and running very few applications I cannot get more then 4 of battery life.

Can anyone please advise.


Answer:Portege Z830-10H - cannot get more then 4 hours of battery life

7-8 hours is the maximum you can get if you run the system at low power with eco mode enabled.

If you have the screen bright with an active wireless connection and playing media with eco mode off, the notebook will draw much more power and last half as long.

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Hi All,

Does anyone know what might be the reason of the screen going black on and off when the laptop wakes up?
The laptop is Toshiba Portege Z830-11M W7HP, bought in September.

The problem began shortly after I bought the laptop, but started gradually with a 1-2 second black screen period whenever I tried to wake the laptop up from the sleep mode. It did look like a regular "blackout" part of the wake-up process so I just tried to ignore it, but it started to happen more and more often recently. It got really worse after two months of use and the screen went black two or three times before I got to the login screen. The error was also difficult to recreate because it was random. Sometimes the screen went black once sometimes two times or just blinked for a split second.

Yesterday I worked for the whole day and in the evening it went really bad. The screen went black a number of times every time I resumed work after a short break.
I switched the laptop off when I finished, but when I switched it back on in the morning, the screen just stayed black. I tried to use the touchpad, but it only made the screen glow grey.

Can anyone suggest what to do?

Answer:Screen goes black on and off when Portege Z830-11M wakes up

Hmm? so finally you cannot start up the notebook? is it right?
It would be interesting to know if this helps:
- Removed battery and ac adaptor
- Press and hold power button? do this for 30sec
- Then connect both parts again.
Does the notebook power up?

If this does not help? well, you are in trouble? I would assume its hardware related issue and in such case you need service help

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i got myself a Portege Z830-11J with Windows 7 Pro.
I purchased the Windows 8 Pro Upgrade and did a very basic *clean installation*.

I installed the Windows 8 Pro from a scratch (empty) Disc.
I checked the device manager for missing drivers.

I did a download for *Windows 8* drivers with my serial number.
I extracted only the drivers for the hardware component and didn?t installed all the additional software.

i installed the H5321gw drivers from package 3grdv-20120119182104
i installed the fingerprint drivers from package fp-sw--20121025114331
i installed the bluetooth stack drivers from package bltstk-20121015121744

all drivers and windows 8 are 64 bit.

The windows installation has no updates at all and the power managemant settings are all default.

After 30 minutes the ultrabook goes to deep standby, power led is fading slowly. all is fine.

Sometimes the ultrabook will wake up, if i press the power button and all is fine.

**BUT not everytime the ultrabook will wake up!**

If it won?t wakeup, the screen keeps black, there is no video on VGA port.
The keyboard will light up if pressed and that?s all.

If i don?t power down (press power button very long), the ultrabook get extrem hot at the cpu position.

Can ANYONE help me with this problem?

BIOS is 1.70

HELP ...

Answer:Portege Z830 -11J - several issues after Win8 Pro upgrade

Did you use Win8 drivers? Many of the Win7 drivers cause problems in Win8.

The most important drivers are the Toshiba System Driver and the Intel Chipset Utility.

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Hi guys/gals,

Been trying to install windows XP on this machine for an internal user, unfortunately we need this machine to use XP. However i keep getting blue screens during the windows XP setup phase.

I downloaded the AHCI drivers for windows XP from the toshiba website and loaded them during the windows XP setup phase but keep getting the same blue screen.

We also have loaded into the bios and tried to change the sata controller mode to IDE but it is greyed out and we cant change it (i think this is in due to the ssd, but i may be wrong)

Im currently stuck at the moment and dont know how to proceed, there are windows XP drivers available on toshibas website for this machine but i cant get it installed, there must be a way to install it.

Answer:Portege Z830 - BSOD installing windows XP


> I downloaded the AHCI drivers for windows XP from the Toshiba website and loaded them during the windows XP setup phase but keep getting the same blue screen.

What Portege Z830 do you have exactly? I check the Toshiba European driver page for Win XP drivers for Portege Z830 but could not find any?

Are you sure you have downloaded the compatible AHCI driver?

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Hi there

What is the best way to wipe the SSD drive in this laptop.
Religiously I have always used HDD Erase to factory reset/wipe SSD drives.
The reason for this is it gets the drive functioning 'as new'.

I was always told never to format these drives using a windows disk.
HDD erase does not work in AHCI mode and you cannot change the SATA mode in this version BIOS :(

Is there a tool I can use to secure erase this drive in the this laptop?
If so what and where can I find it please?

Otherwise does any1 know of any other clever way of getting this drive wiped?


Answer:Portege Z830-10N - SSD drive formatting / wiping


> I was always told never to format these drives using a windows disk.
I don?t see any reason why the SSD drive should not be formatted before starting the OS installation.
I did it many times on my notebook where the HDD has been replaced with SSD drive.

During the system installation you will be asked if you want to format the HDD/SSD to erase / format or to create new partitions. You can do that if you want?

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Hi there!

I own a Toshiba Portege Z830 - 11M. I want to increase the video memory.
I don't know if it's possible and how to do it. I tried to open bios pressing F2 key (as in the product specifications I received with my laptop) and I arrived to Toshiba Assistance Settings. ESC and F1 keys open the Windows boot settings. If somebody can help me, please advice.

Thank you very much.

Answer:How to increase Video memory on Portege Z830 - 11M?

Hi Leissa

Generally speaking Port?g? Z830-11M is designed to escort us in usual everyday activities like mail sending, office applications and internet communication and characteristic thin and light design allows us to take it everywhere.

Hardware configuration has of course limited performance but at the same time offers excellent multitasking and long battery life. As far as I know on this machine you will not find option to increase GPU performance and all this works automatically.

According some reviews non demanding games should be playable with this graphics card too.
I cannot imagine that you want to play games with this machine so I would like to know what the reason is to ask about more graphic performance.

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I spill a bit of liquid on the back of my Toshiba portege z830. And now can't start it. The fan doesn't spin and the icons light but not the one next battery icon.

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Hello eyeryone!

I'm hoping someone can help me with the following "problem" concerning the backlit keyboard of my Z830.

The thing is that I don't want to use this function when it's not necessary, but every time I change my energy setting from "eco" to something else the keyboard light comes on. I'd like to deactivate this function, so that the LED backlight is only turned on manually. Does anyone know where this setting can be changed?

The keyboard light is not mentioned in the list for the energy settings and the BIOS option is already set to "off".


Answer:How to disable keyboard backlight on Portege Z830?

Hello Scorpion

I don?t have this notebook model but I think the principle is the same as on other notebooks.

Start Toshiba Assist > Optimize > HWSetup > and there you will find options for keyboard backlight.
There you can disable it.

Please check it out and send some feedback.

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I'm interested in getting a Toshiba Portege Z830. Unfortunately everywhere I looked this unit is offered only with UK keyboard layout (i.e. high enter key, short left shift, ?/? between left shift and Z) which is a real bother. I live in Poland and our keyboard layout is the same as the US one so I'm used to it and have it on all the other computers I work on. Still Toshiba offers its computers (at least in Poland) only with the UK keyboard layout.

My question is whether it's possible to buy Toshibe Portege Z830 with a US keyboard layout in Europe?

I contacted Polish Toshiba hotline but they offered no support in this matter.

Answer:Re: Portege Z830 with US keyboard layout in Europe?

>My question is whether it's possible to buy Toshiba Portege Z830 with a US keyboard layout in Europe?

Perhaps you would need to order an US version of Portege Z830 :(
At the other hand you could order an keyboard supporting an US layout and replace it.
Usually the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country should be able to provide such single keyboard.

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I purchase the recovery DVDs from Toshiba to restore my Toshiba Portege Z830. I have tried to boot them using an USB external DVD drive , I have select the device in the bootup menu, but the computer ends up starting from the HDD anyway.

Any help?


Answer:Portege Z830 - Recovery DVDs won't boot up

Have you tested it with some other bootable disc?
Does the same happen again?

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I have been having a problem reaching the drivers page for my region
every time I choose all the options and click search it gives me an error from the Toshiba site and this has been going on for more than 5 months it only goes in the uk page

Also when will the windows 8 drivers be available for Portege Z830 pt224v?
it is available for the other models

Answer:Portege Z830 - Cannot access Win 8 drivers page

Visit please
Choose your notebook model and use option OS > Win8 ?Upgrade. 36 drivers, tools and utilities will be listed.

Check it out please.

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I upgraded my Z830 from Windows 7 to Windows 8 quite some time ago, and up to now have had no problems. But the other day when I connected my pen-drive to the USB 3.0 port the device was not detected, the USB 2.0 ports work. An error message appeared saying that there was a conflict with the windows 7 USB Host controller. , the exact message I don?t remember, I looked on the web and the only info I get is that Windows 8 has its own driver for the USB 3.0 port, but cannot find it on the web.

How do I resolve this problem and get the USB 3.0 port up again? I know that if I re-install W 8 the problem should correct itself but I'd like to avoid that option, does the installation disk have a `repair' option?

I'd appreciate any help I can get.

Answer:Portege Z830 - USB 3.0 port suddenly `not found´

I don?t have this machine and cannot say for sure what is wrong there but have you tried to install USB driver for Z930? You can find it on Toshiba download page -
Check if this will help.

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I have just inherited a very nice Toshiba Portege z830 10p. I have gradually been setting it up for use. During this process, I occasionally had trouble with it not rebooting and not coming out of hibernation/sleep.

It is now in a state where when you switch it on the Toshiba logo appears on screen and the fan goes into overdrive, sounding like it's about to take off.

I can't get it to boot into the BIOS setup screen. Though I have previously been in there and even updated the BIOS.

I have pulled it apart to check for loose connections, dirt and dust and all appears ok.

What are my next steps or do I just write it off?

Looking on the Toshiba support website it would appear that it is still under warranty: - see below. I wonder if this is void now though.

It's worth pointing out that a few of the external ports are showing some sign or corrosion though the motherboard/battery and other internals all appear to be intact.

All thoughts/comments are welcome.


3 years EMEA On-site Repair Service for Laptops

Service Coverage
Expiration Date
3 years International Warranty
Service Coverage
Expiration Date

Answer:Portege Z830 - Stuck on Toshiba splash screen with fan

I guess the warranty isn’t valid anymore because you have already disassembled the notebook for cleaning…

Regarding the notebook’s booting problem: to me it looks like the issue could be related to hardware malfunction… if you are not able to access the BIOS and if the notebook freezes while showing the Toshiba logo, then the problem might be related to motherboard problems…

It seems that the POST (power on self-test) cannot be passed properly and usually this can be caused by motherboard (or parts like RAM) malfunction.

By the way:

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Very disappointed with the response from Toshiba over an issue we are having with the Z Series laptops.

Let me explain - I am responsible for the laptops at a large college in the south of the UK. We have round 40 Series laptops and on a large number of them the screws which hold he hinge covers in place have come out and become lost, in many cases the hinge covers have come off and been lost as well. The first thing that crossed out minds was 'interference' by students but as no other screws were found to be lose the only conclusion we can come to is that that there is a design fault and these hinge cover screws have worked lose over time and fallen out.

I am currently working through all our Z Series laptops and I am finding more and more lose or missing screws and additional missing hinge covers. We have bought this to the attention of Toshiba but they will not accept there is an issue - but haven't yet provided a reason why this should be happening in such numbers.

As can be imagined we are not best pleased with their response and would like to hear from anyone who has had the same issue. At over 50.00 GBP to fix each pair of hinges, you can imagine how quickly the costs are rising.

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On a Z830 around 20GB (quite a bit) of 120 GB is used up by 2 hidden recovery partitions and another hidden partition which purpose is not so clear to me.

Given the available 96GB on the C drive is used up quickly, I would like to be able to actively use as much of the 20GB in the hidden partitions.

Is there a "standard way" recommended by Toshiba for the following:
- Add as much of the available 20GB to the C-drive (or have it as a separate drive)
- What to do after this reconfiguration in case recovery is needed

Answer:How to start using 20GB hidden partitions on Portege Z830 SSD?


One partition is created automatically by Win 7.
This partition is used for system backup files and are needed if you create some restore points or want to repair the system.

The other partition is system partition (C:). This contain Win 7 system.
The next partition is HDD recovery partition.
This partition contain the recovery files? This allows you to create a Toshiba recover disk and it allows you to recover the notebook from HDD without the usage of recovery disk?

Would not recommend modify this until you did not create a recovery disk?

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i purchased my ultrabook, a Z830-11J very cheap, about 550? ...

now i know why, it doesn?t have rapid start technology.
Intel claims that is a part of every ultrabook, but not of the Z830-11J.

So, is there anything i can do, to convert it in any way (add hardware componenten, or software) to a TRUE Ultrabook?


Answer:Re: Portege Z830-11J - Is is able to upgrade the Rapid start technology


The Intel Rapid Start Technology requires a select Intel CPU, Intel software and BIOS update and a Intel SSD drive.

Check this:
+Does the Port?g? Z830 and Satellite Z830 Ultrabook? support Intel? Rapid Start Technology?+

The Port?g? Z830 equipped with AMT (short model PA PT225E) does not support Intel? Rapid Start Technology

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If i switch my Z830-10K off (komplete Off!!) he need aporx 20% of battery capacity in 24h. So after 5 days, the battery is empty. I already switch off the BIOS setting "Rapid Start Entry...."? What can i do? Thanks in advance for any help.

Best regards.

Answer:Portege Z830-10K. Need abaout 20% Batterie in Offline Mode!

>I already switch off the BIOS setting "Rapid Start Entry...."?

I don?t think that you disabled the right option?.

The enabled options like Wake Up on LAN or Keyboard would discharge the battery even if the notebook is OFF.
Therefore you should disable these options in BIOS.

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I have the 11j edition which is no Utrabook at all!

It looks like Windows 8 doesn't know how to use hibernate, standby and resume with the 11j edition.

Windows 8 shuts down to sleep, if press the power button it wakes up, all WWAN and WLAN led are o.
But the screen stays black, the fan is off and the cpu gets really hot.

Does anyone know when Toshiba will support the Notebook?

Answer:Portege Z830-11J black screen after Win 8 wakes up from sleep


As far as I know the unit was preinstalled with an Win 7 64bit system.
Did you notice the same situation using Win 7 in

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I just updated my portege Z830-10R to windows 10 but now I can't download the latest drivers because on the support page where I'm supposed to find the latest drivers ( I can't select Windows 10 as operating software, can you help me?

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I have Toshiba Portege Z830-10r and want to reinstall fresh Windows 7 on new mSata SSD Disk.

The problem is, *Windows doesn't recognize the device and wants additional drivers.*

The 120GB SSD Kingston is visible under BIOS, set automatically to AHCI mode (no option to change).
How to fix it ?

Answer:Installing fresh Windows 7 on Portege Z830-10R with new mSata SSD

> The 120GB SSD Kingston is visible under BIOS,
Where did you see the SSD drive in BIOS?
Is it mentioned on the first BIOS page including the drives name and other details like SSD size?
If the SSD drive is recognized properly, there must be another issue why the system asks for drivers.

I?m wondering what device you have used to install the Windows 7.
Did you boot from external USB CD/DVD drive or did you use the USB flash memory stick to install the Win 7 OS?

The point why I?m asking is that one of the forum members used USB flash memory stick to reinstall the Win 7 OS on the same notebook model and this was not possible because the USB flash memory stick was connected to USB 3.0 port.

In case you have also connected the device to USB 3.0, please try other *USB 2.0* port to reinstall the system!

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I just bought a Portege z830-10q, and there are a few features that are not working.

The hotkeys FN+ F2 all the way to F12 are not really working, or any other nice combination of FN+ space bar, etc, neither is the button to disable the touchpad below the space bar.

Also, I can't get the two scroll finger function to work.
Interestingly, the FN+ESC and FN+F1 are working.

I saw something in a previous comment about flashcards, I checked that and tried to play around with the settings but they don't seem to be working either.

Not sure if I need t download any additional driver.

Any help on this would be much appreciated.

Answer:Hotkeys FN+F2....F12, two scroll finger not working of Portege z830-10Q


I assume you are using Win 7. Is it right?

In such case I would recommend you to uninstall the Value Added Package firstly.
After that, download the VAP from Toshiba EU driver page and install this again.
Maybe you would need to reboot several times the system after the VAP has been removed.
The value added package contains some essential tools which are responsible for additional notebook features like for example FN button functionality.

By the way: the two finger scroll option should be checked in control panel -> mouse -> last tab -> Advanced setting button
There you can find all touchpad options.

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Hey folks,

after installing Win 7 Prof 64Bit on my Z830 Flashcards is working, BUT Fn+F8 shows Wifi and Bluettoth only. The selection for 3G is missing. I tried already several orders for installation: driver 3G-VAP or VAP-3G..
Choosing all off and all on switches on the 3G. 3G itself works.
Does anyone know what is wrong?


Answer:Portege Z830 Flash Cards Fn+F8 doesn't show 3G

And does the Portege Z830 supports 3G?
As far as I know not all units are equipped with an 3G module?

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At some point I turned off/disabled the service that monitors the battery and indicates the charge status.
the one that warns when below a certain level.

I can't remember what I did.

Does anyone know how to turn it back on?

Answer:Portege Z830 battery monitoring service - need to turn it on again!


Usually the easiest way to revert any system changes is to use the ?Windows System Restore?
Let?s go to:
+All Programs - > Accessories -> System tools -> system restore+

Here you would be able to restore the unit to the early time point.

Recommend also checking the Youtube clip about +How to restore windows to a previous state using Windows System Restore+

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I have a problem, when Toshiba Portege Z830-10F loading, the screen is off, power light flashes green two times two times yellow and repeated, screen not turn on.
What does it mean?

(PC was left only at night on table)
I try disconnect battery and load without it, it did not help.

Answer:Portege Z830-10F no display - power light flashes

DC IN indicator (first from left):
Flashing orange indicates a problem with the power supply, You should initially try plugging the AC adaptor into another power outlet. If it still does not operate properly, you should contact Toshiba support in your country.

Power indicator (second from left):
Blinking orange indicates that the computer is in sleep mode and that there is sufficient power available (AC adaptor or battery) to maintain this condition. In sleep mode this indicator will turn on for one second and off for two seconds.

Try also this.
Remove battery, disconnect AC adaptor, press and hold power button 30 sec long.
Now connect battery and AC adaptor and power up the unit.

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Dear all,

I've a Toshiba Portege Z830. Until today i didn't use any external USB 3.0 pendrive. I've bought a Kingston HyperX drive, but when i try to use it, the port recognizes the drive, but in a few seconds dissapears...

Also when i use the rear USB 2.0 port, it displays the unit, but it can't read the content of the USB disk.

I've checked in internet forums, and i see similar cases, but not a clear solution...

More info:

1. The disk works if i restart windows on safe mode (Windows 7 - 64 bits)
2. The disk works in other computers (without Renesas electronic drivers).

I think it's a problem of the Renesas Electronic Drivers, but i've updated it, installed modern version, change usb power management, etc... but not solution found...

This ultrabook is an expensive unit, and also the pendrive, and sure that should be a solution...

Thank you for your help

Answer:USB 3.0 issues with Portege Z830 & Renesas Electronic Drivers


I downloaded the latest available USB 3.0 v driver from the Toshiba EU driver page.
The.ini files (64bit driver) contains info that this USB 3.0 host controller driver is developed by Renesas Electronics Corporation.

I read a lot about USB 3.0 issues in connection with different USB 3 devices.
The issues are not related to an specific notebook manufacturer or device? in most cases it?s a compatibility issue between the both devices? I think its mostly impossible to test all USB 3.0 flash drivers, HDD, etc? with different USB 3.0 controllers? so compatibility issues would appear always?

I found a 3rd party page where you could find some other USB 3.0 drivers from Renesas and NEC. But the usage of such drivers is your own risk? not sure if they would work properly.

I think you may have to force windows to use the specified driver so you first have to choose "Browse my computer for..." and then "Let me pick from a list of device drivers...". this needs to be done in device manager.

Would be interesting to know how it works?

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Hello everyone,
recently I fresh installed windows 8 on my laptop and upgraded the drivers using the assistant tool, but I noticed that the battery life went down from about 7 hrs to about 3.5 hrs. All the drivers are working properly and I am using eco mode all the time yet I am still getting a very bad battery life.

Any ideas?

Answer:Portege Z830 - battery shortage after installing Win8

That?s really big difference in battery running time.
Are you sure you will get 7 hours battery running time again if you go back to Win7 64bit?

I have made other test: on my Win8 machine I?ve installed Win7 64bit and there is no big difference in battery running time. I really don?t know what the problem can be.

I hope some other Portege Z830 owner can say something more about that.

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Hi all,

I have a Z830 laptop which last night had a windows blue screen and after that it is no able to work normally because I get the message "Insert system in drive" every time I switch it on.

After that I tried to enter to the recovery option pressing F8 key after powering it on but it is like if that option did not exist. I can enter in the BIOS with F2 and in the boot options pressing F12, however it is impossible to enter in the recovery mode... I am little bit scared about this.

Is this the normal behavior? Is Recovery key another different to F8?

I look forward your replies,


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Answer:Portegé Z830 - F8 key doesn't launch recovery menu

Hmm? sounds like HDD malfunction.
It looks like the notebook cannot find an bootable device and therefore asks for an system drive?

In such case the F8 option would not work because the HDD recovery requires the good working HDD.

In my opinion you need to replace the HDD and to reinstall the system again.

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I try to create a recovery media on my portege Z830 with the "toshiba recovery media creator".
Unfortunetely, it indicates "no restore zone on the disk": the only action i did was to create a partition inactive with the windows disk manager.
I verified, the recovery partition exists.
With the warranty, can i receive a restore DVD for free?

Answer:Portege Z830 - Impossible to create a recovery media

> the only action i did was to create a partition inactive with the windows disk manager.
That?s the problem. Preinstalled application is designed to find recovery image on specific position using so called ?markers?.
Now the application is ?confused? and cannot find it.

Why you didn?t ask here what you can do before you have made decision to change anything?

To get disc for free? I don?t know if this will work. Problem is that your obligation is to read user?s manuals and inform yourself about your new product before you change anything.
You can try to contact nearest Toshiba service and ask for help. That?s all I can say at the moment.

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Have upgraded to a Portege Z830 and have the need of a Com1 port, which was available on previous IBM laptop running XP Pro. Is this possible and if so what is the methodology in creating?

Portege is running Windows 7, 64 bit, similar to a new PC. PC indicates COM1, therefore we assume this is not a Windows issue, but specific to the laptop. Thanks in advance

Answer:Portege Z830 - Communication Port (COM1) needed


After reading your posting I must ask you: what is your problem with this Portege notebook?
I know maybe stupid question now but every new Toshiba notebook is preinstalled with original recovery image with all necessary drivers. All hardware components must be installed properly.

So what do you want to do with your Portege and COM1 port?

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Toshiba is helping in Windows 8 problems with old Notebooks and Windows 7.
The Problems seems to be hardware related, but i should contact microsoft.

Where schould i contact for Windows 8 resume/standby problems with this notebook.
any microsoft support contact would be helpful?



Answer:Portege z830-11J - Windows 8 - resume/standby problems

Hi Juergen

I don?t think that Microsoft would be able to help you? Usually the notebook manufacturers are responsible for the own products?

If you have any problems regarding the notebook functionality, you have to contact the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country additional you can call the Toshiba hotline.

You can also ask the here the user community for some advice, assistance, etc?

This Z830-11J is definitely Win 8 supported as you can see the model number here in the Win 8 compatibility matrix:

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I've just acquired a Z830 for testing and it looks like a sweet device.
I've completed a clean Win7 x64 install and downloaded and installed each of the available driver executables.
After all this, the Win7 device manager shows an unknown network controller which suggests that I might be missing some drivers.

I used the installers listed below; does anyone know if there might be any other drivers that are missing?

USB3.0 Driver 11.27 MB
Ricoh Card Reader 6.73 MB
Atheros Bluetooth Filter Driver Package (for Atheros model only) 1.0.9 53.11 MB
Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba 8.00.13T 78.16 MB
Intel Display Driver 86.49 MB
Intel LAN Driver 16.5 27.03 MB
Realtek Audio Driver 94.35 MB
Synaptic Touch Pad Driver 38.43 MB
Intel Management Engine Interface 28.35 MB
Bluetooth Monitor 4.07 5.31 MB
Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver 11.86 MB
Intel Chipset SW Installation Utility 5.27 MB


I've tried re-running the Intel LAN drivers and installed the Intel HM65 chipset drivers from Intel. No joy of course... any ideas greatly appreciated.

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Answer:Portege Z830 network controller driver needed


You need either the LAN driver or Wlan driver.
I?ve no idea what driver you have already installed but one of the mentioned drivers is needed.
I recommend checking the unknown device using this troubleshooting instruction:

This will show you the name of the controller and I think this should be enough to get the right driver.

Feedback appreciated.

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Hello guys!

As discribed in subject, the display backlight stays always off when my z830 PT225E comes back from standby. It is only backlight, because I can see the picture dimly if I hold the screen against a light. Also using FN+F7 doesn't change anything on this state. Only thing which works is to reboot.

Is there any update of display driver? Or is there any workarround to get back display backlight?
By the way, bios is up to date with version v1.60.

Thanks for response!

Answer:Portege Z830 - Display backlight stays off after standby


Do you have the factory Windows installation installed?

If yes, have you removed any Toshiba utilities from Control Panel?

Sounds like you need to reinstall the Value Added Package.

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i have a new Z830 - 10F, and i'm trying to configure Bitlocker (windows 7 - 64bits).
I have a problem with the Infineon TPM device. (Driver version
This device cannot start (code 10).

I have downloaded all the drivers from Toshiba but it doesn't work.

Any idea?


Answer:Portege Z830 - Infineon TPM device cannot start (code 10)


The TPM is optional and the Portege Z830-10F unit has not been equipped with an TPM module.


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I have Z830-11H purchased in Finland.

Recently I discovered that I have I had Atheros wi-fi module instead of Intel one.
That disables Wireless Display option.

Is it possible to exchange the wi-fi modules?
I also want 3G connectivity.

Is it possible get that module?



Answer:Portege Z830-11H - Upgrade of Intel Wifi and 3G module.


Some of the Z830 are equipped with an 3G module so it should be possible to upgrade this with an 3G module.
The compatible 3G module could be ordered from Toshiba ASP in your country as well as an compatible WLan card.
As the miniPCI Wireless LAN module is based on DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum / Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing radio technology) complies with the IEEE 802.11 standard so usage of such Wlan modules should not be a problem but probably the BIOS would not recognize the new module?therefore I would recommend asking the dealer if you could replace this Wlan if it would not be BIOS compatible.

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I have just bought the Portege Z830, and the fingerprint utility wont allow me to enroll fingerprints.

So after some searching apparently i need to delete the memory via "TrueSuite Access Manager" but i don't seem to have this program on the laptop.

Any help would be great.

Also does anyone know how i can sync the fingerprint utility with firefox, so that i can just use that instead of entering my sign in details and passwords on websites? (Im not sure if toshiba's fingerprint program can do this, but my sony vaio program can so was just wondering)


Answer:Portege Z830 - Fingerprint Utility does not enroll fingerprints


> Also does anyone know how i can sync the fingerprint utility with firefox, so that i can just use that instead of entering my sign in details and passwords on websites?

As far as I know this was supported under Win XP and I think this should also works running Win 7

The notebook supports and Authentec Fingerprint Software (TrueSuite)
The latest software seems to be available for Portege Z930.
On the Toshiba European driver page you could find the version v for Win 7 64bit

I recommend installing this if you cannot find the software on your HDD.

Additionally recommend checking this:

+Useful information regarding file protection with the AuthenTec Fingerprint software+

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What do I need to make working the FN KEYS on a Windows clean install?

I have a Toshiba Portege Z830, width windows 8.1 profesional (it cames width windows 7).

The first time I installed windows 8, I make the hotkey working width the drivers that Toshiba has to windows 8 upgrade.
But now, after a new install, they doesn't work.

Some keys work, like FN + 3 or 4 for the sound. But I think that this is a windows function. I need the brightness combination FN+F6 or F7, and they don't work.

What do I need to install? I read that i must install the Toshiba system driver and the value added package, but it is not working. There is also an utillity called Toshiba function key.

What do I need to install?

Thanks ;)

Answer:Portege Z830 - Hotkeys on a windows clean install

Can you please post exact notebook model?
As I can see on Toshiba support page you can download drivers for Win8 upgrade but unfortunately not for Win8.1 and it is not supported.

Toshiba value added package was designed and used for Win7 only and cannot be used with Win8.
What you can try is to install Win8.1 upgrade tools and utilities offered for Z930.

Please test it and send some feedback.

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Hi everybody,

Would you please let me know for the OEM Windows 7 64 bit on my Portege Z830-M110, how can I make ISO file?
I need to re-install my Windows on a new SSD. I have to remove the current one and re-install the WIndows again. I need to have Windows CD which I do not. My Windows is pre-installed on my Toshiba laptop which I bought in 2012-2013.

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Hi -

first time here and have looked extensively for an answer to this problem.

I use the Toshiba Battery Manager facility to charge my battery no higher than 80% unless I need to.
A month or so ago, I disabled some start up programs and fear I've messed up a setting, because I can't get it to work again.

I've been fiddling around with it for too long now and I'm concerned about frying my battery (like I did with my last laptop) by having it plugged in all day.

Can anyone here suggest an answer (understandable by a Luddite like me)?

PS. I'm aware that I have to drain the power to below 50% before it will kick back in - have tested this several times.

Thanks in advance guys.

Answer:Portege Z830 Battery Manager stopped working

Sorry mate but what do you want to do excatly?
Do you want to ?calibrate? the main battery?

The battery should be calibrated from time to time to keep a good battery performance and to increase the battery life time.

To calibrate the battery, you should run the notebook at battery power until the battery would be fully empty. Then connect the AC adaptor and charge it until the battery indicator would switch to green (or blue depending on the notebook model).

This procedure should be repeated two, three times in the row?

But even if you would calibrate the battery, someday the battery would start to lose the performance and will die.

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I have a Toshiba Portege z830.
I am using my laptop in "extended desktop" mode, with an external monitor, which is the primary display.
In this mode both displays are always on, but I want the built-in LCD to be open only when i use it.

Is this possible?

Answer:Portege Z830: I want to disable internal LCD and use only external monitor


In my opinion this is not possible.
In extended mode, you are using and internal display but extended and the extended part is visible on the external monitor.
In such case its no matter that your external monitor is set as primary display.

If you want to use external monitor only, you can output the video signal to external monitor only be pressing FN + F5

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My Samsung series 3 laptop has been sending out popup messages telling me I need a bios update, I go to the Samsung software update site and this bios update has been failing, I have made several calls and chats to techs at Samsung who tell me to do what I have already done, they tell to ask for tier 2 tech, who can go in my computer and fix it , When I finally got a tier 2 tech, they told me the same thing, I told him what I had been told about him and what he could do, He said, is it working , I said yes, but settings on computer change on their own,like wifi turns itself on and that concerns me. Anyway, He said that it didn't need a bios update,even the Samsung website said this computer needed a bios update. I posted this on hardware,firmware concerns, and they told me to post here, I was going to go to a site ,that had a download that checked drivers, I was told to stay away from this.


Answer:Samsung Bios software update for bios,update fails

Are you getting a direct link from the notification update? Can you post the link/site next time?

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Hello, the battery of my z830 doesn't charge and it only works connected to the electricity. The problem is in the chip of the motherboard, the battery works fine. What chip I need buy and change for solve the problem?

Thank you,

Answer:Portege Z830 doesn't charge (chip motherboard problem)

Are you 100% sure it is the mainboard, not the battery?
That battery is about 4 years old, it would have worn out by now.

If it is actually a mainboard fault...
I don't think you can get the chips separately, you may need a whole new mainboard.

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I have successfully upgraded my Z830 to windows 10, but some Toshiba utilities don't work e.g. Fn key with top row of F1-12 and keyboard illumination. Does anyone know if Toshiba ill provide windows 10 drivers for this model, as they have for Z930? Or is there a way to use another set of drivers? I wouldn't have thought there was a lot of difference between the two models.

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I have a brand new Portege Z830 and as usual wanted to start with installing a new installation of Windows 7 x64 (as I don't want the supplied software and can't trust that it is safe anyway). I backed up the entire drive, prepared a bootable USB flashdisk with Windows installation and started it. The flashdisk boots OK, Windows ask me about my preferred language and keyboard, then shows a screen where I can choose between Install, Repair and something else (Recovery Console, I think).

I click Install, Windows starts the installation program aand as soon as a first dialog appears, it shows an error message which says essentially this (it's a translation of my localized Windows' message): "A required driver for CD/DVD drive is missing. If you use a driver floppy disk, CD, DVD or flashdisk, insert it now." And I can't get over this error message. The strange thing is, there is no reason for Windows to require any extra drivers, as it can (apparently) read the installation flashdisk and it can see the ultrabook's SSD, too (can be verified both in the recovery console and by clicking the Browse button of this dialog). So far I tried:

1) Four different Windows 7 images (two of them from MSDN AA, two physical, all of which have been successfully used to install the OS before).

2) Switch SATA mode from AHCI to Compatible.

3) Two different flashdisks.

4) All possible combinations of boot order.

Nothing worked. I even tried e-mailing Toshiba, but ... Read more

Answer:Portege Z830: Can't install Win7, complains about missing CD/DVD driver

> I even tried e-mailing Toshiba...
Maybe stupid question now but have you tried to contact Microsoft too? If BIOS is OK and if all USB ports are working properly I don?t think it is Toshiba related issue. Toshiba offers notebook with original recovery image (WIN7 64BIT HOME PREMIUM) and possibility to create bootable USB with recovery image that can be used anytime you want.

What you do now is your own OS installation. What Toshiba must do is to offer all important drivers, tools and utilities on drivers download page.

What else you can try? Try to obtain external USB ODD and try to install WIN7 using Microsoft installation disc. I?m pretty sure this will work.

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Suddenly, I realised that I lost the function key display.

Moreover, some function keys do not work such as brightness, keyboard light, wireless.
On the other hand, some such as mute and volume control still works although not displayed as flashcrads.

I downloaded the latest Value Added Software and turned off and on flashcrads it did not change anything.

My system is Portege Z830-PT224E with Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium- SP1

Answer:Portege Z830-PT224E - Windows 7 lost FN function display

I have exactly the same problem loss of use of function keys. Volume control via Fn still works but not the brightness or the key backlight. Happened suddenly and have not changed system settings


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I use Portege Z830-10H, Win8 64bit, which I upgraded to Win7 64bit.
Yesterday I installed the [Toshiba Upgrade Assistant 3.0 | =2&selFamily=4&selSeries=362&selProduct=7399&selSh ortMod=3361&language=13&selOS=42&selType=425&yearu pload=&monthupload=&dayupload=&useDate=null&mode=a llMachines&search=&action=search&macId=&country=al l&selectedLanguage=13&type=425&page=1&FROM=windows 8&ID=85688&OSID=42&driverLanguage=42]

To start off, and then I get this error message: "no internet connection detected. ..."
Options: Retry or Cancel. If Retry, the same is happening again, but have working internet.
The latest of everything on your computer.

What could be the problem? What do I do?

Answer:Portege Z830-10H - Win8 upgrade assistant - error message

Does the internet connection work in Internet Explorer?
If not, I don't think the upgrade assistant can access the Internet.

Or your Firewall/Antivirus is blocking the Upgrade Assistant. Uninstall it first before upgrading.

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I use Portege Z830-10H, Win8 64bit, which I upgraded to Win7 64bit.
Yesterday I installed the [Toshiba Upgrade Assistant 3.0| =2&selFamily=4&selSeries=362&selProduct=7399&selSh ortMod=3361&language=13&selOS=42&selType=425&yearu pload=&monthupload=&dayupload=&useDate=null&mode=a llMachines&search=&action=search&macId=&country=al l&selectedLanguage=13&type=425&page=1&FROM=windows 8&ID=85688&OSID=42&driverLanguage=42]

To start off, and then I get this error message: "no internet connection detected. ..."
Options: Retry or Cancel. If Retry, the same is happening again, but have working internet.
The latest of everything on your computer.

What could be the problem? What do I do?

Answer:Portege Z830-10H - Win8 upgrade assistant - error message

Please check if .NET 3.5 is installed.
I had upgraded yeserday, it took about 10h to download the drivers.

I think the TOSHIBA connection is slow , mine has 10MBit...

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When will Toshiba release a Windows 8 compatible Firmware?

current is Toshiba
other have "Lenovo" (- Added support for Microsoft Windows 8)


Answer:Portege Z830-11J: Intel ME Firmware for Windows 8 needed 7.1.60.xxxx

Intel AMT is part of the Intel Management Engine (Intel ME).

There is already a new version available Intel AMT *v8.xxxx* and this is a much newer than the **
But I see that you have already installed the v8.xxxx for Win 8

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Although I am now using 8.1 this problem has occurred also with previous Windows versions.

When I click on Restart, the machine closes down as expected, but does not fully reboot.
The Toshiba flash screen does not appear, although the Windows logo does.

At this point it hangs and the fan speeds up to full rate, with only the logo on the screen.
The BIOS version is Toshiba 3.90.
Fixing 8.1 issues often calls for Restart and I should be glad not to have always to do this manually.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Portege Z830 - Windows restart issue - it does not fully reboot

The Windows 8.1 does not perform a complete shut down by default.
It access the hybrid shut down mode.
I think you should simply disable this mode in Windows power options
Maybe this would improve the notebook?s system functionality.

Here is an instruction which shows you how to do that:
[Perform a complete shutdown in Windows 8 or Win 8.1|]

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