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Portege P4000: Can’t recognize the external USB CD-ROM

Question: Portege P4000: Can’t recognize the external USB CD-ROM

I have a big problem.
I have a Portege P4000 the DVD is broke but I have an external CD-Rom with USB. I want to replace windows 2000 on the notebook but it didn't read the USB port. I update the BIOS but I can use USB ports only with floppy disk. How I can to replace operative system inside the HDD??

Thank you

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Preferred Solution: Portege P4000: Can’t recognize the external USB CD-ROM

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Portege P4000: Can’t recognize the external USB CD-ROM


To install an operating system on the 4000 you will either have to replace the broken drive or use a PCMCIA external drive.

It will not work from USB.



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My brand new Z930-118, with windows 7 home 64bit, does not recognize external CD/DVD drive when I plug it in the USB port.

The CD/DVD device does not even show at all in the device manager.

The drive is a Samsun SE-S084 and works OK on another laptop.

I already checked for the 'upper_filter' 'lower_filter' with the regedit but the entries weren't there, so no help.

Answer:Portege Z930-118 does not recognize external USB CD/DVD drive

I?m not quite sure how to help you.

I found some informations about this ODD drive and it looks like it does not need an external power supply. Its USB bus powered so I assume it needs around 500mA power since this is the default value provided by one USB 2.0 port.

I don?t think that there is some missing software problem. This is an plug n? play device so you need to connect it to the USB port and the system should recognize it automatically.

From my point of few you try to connect the external ODD to two USB ports using a *Y* USB cable.
I think the drive needs more power as supplied by one USB port.

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I had downloaded Windows XP on my Portege 7200 (with 256 MB external memory) and it worked well. Suddenly, it started overheating and was extremely sluggish. I reformatted the disk, downloaded XP again and it appears to work well, even though slowly;

however it refuses to acknowledge the extrernal memory and appears to be working with the 64 MB internal memory only.
Is this an external memory (hardware) port problem or can I do something to fix this?

Answer:Portege 7200 doesn't recognize external memory


have you tried to use the 256MB memory module in another computer?
Maybe the module itself became faulty.


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my pc failed to recognize the battery status, on battery report the PC does not recognize the battery ...

Answer:Portege Z30 A-1D3 doesn't recognize the battery


Can you please tell us which Portege model do you have exactly?

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Please help: i got my new Toshiba Portege R400 (PPR40E-00T018G3). I knew that some of R400 has 3g module, but i couldn't know if my has one or not because there was nothing on box or case that will indicate it has or not (except that on Toshiba Edge display 3g icon is always with some triangle below? i presumed that it was because it has no SIM card...), but when i was upgrading memory, i noticed that underneath a keyboard (where is one memory slot) is also a SIM card reader, so i presumed that my R400 is equipped with 3g module (why would they put SIM card reader without 3g module????).

I didn't see any device in device manager in windows, but i thought that when i put SIM card, it would install itself (i also didn't notice a bluetooth until i installed it later!), but when i put SIM card nothing happened - 3g indicator is still off, and i didn't get new devices in device manager. Of course, i installed all software that was on toshiba r400 drivers page: Wireless Mobile Broadband (Novatel), 3G RF Power Control Utility and MobiLink, but i got no indication that 3g module is found, and when i open Configfree, on dial-up/WWAN it states: not availible. Mobi Link states that there is no device. When i press fn+F8, i get only bluetooth and wifi icons, not 3g. OS is Vista Ultimate and Windows 7.

My questions are:

1. Is it possible that my R400 (PPR40E-00T018G3) does not have 3g module, even if it has SIM card reader?

2. For those R400 users, did you have some indicatio... Read more

Answer:Portege R400 - won't recognize 3g module?

>1. Is it possible that my R400 (PPR40E-00T018G3) does not have 3g module, even if it has SIM card reader?

This is correct.
Some R400 have been equipped with the 3G module and some don?t support such module.
Your R400 PPR40E-00T018G3 has not been equipped with the 3G module and therefore it cannot be recognized.


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Last April I bought a Port?g? Z20T-C 13Q (PT16AE-02J03LCE) and a Stylus Pen (PA5133U-1EUC), with the intention of starting to use this device (as in the advertising itself of the product is announced) Other uses, take notes and draw schemes.

Unfortunately, I saw from the beginning that the Stylus Pen did not work. I thought the reason was that neither the Wacom drivers nor the TruNote program were installed. There was no major problem, because I downloaded those files from the support page for my Port?g?. After installing them, my computer still does not recognize the pressure of my fingers, let alone the presence of the Stylus (maybe because I have chosen the wrong stylus).

Please: What should I do? How do I get to use my computer as it is initially advertised on the website? What Stylus do I need?

Curiously, on an Amazon website we recommend this Stylus Pen as Toshiba Portege Z20T Stylus Pen, and for that reason I bought it from the Toshiba dealer along with the computer.

Thank you for answering my questions.

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Just installed a P002608, 20GB hard drive in a Protege 3110ct, now the BIOS will not recogize the new hard drive.

Answer:Portege 3110ct: BIOS won't recognize new 20GB HDD


I think you will be not able to use such 20GB HDD on this oldie.
It seems there is a BIOS limitation and such large HDD will be generally not recognized by BIOS.

As far as I can remember the Portege 3110 (P311E) was delivered with a 6GB HDD!!!
The difference between the 20GB and 6GB HDD is huge!!!

In my opinion you should test other HDDs which support an smaller sizes

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I have a Toshiba Portege M400 with Windows XP Tablet Edition. Now I have bought a new Disk with 160 GB. This disk can't be recognized within the textbased Installation -Phase of XP. Do I need a new driver?

Best regards

Karl Weber

Answer:Portege M400: Windows XP does not recognize the 160GB HDD


You have to install and to include the RAID driver on the Port?g? M400.
This is a little bit confused because the small Prot?g? M400 does not support 2 HDD but the RAID driver is needed.

Please check the Toshiba European page and download the RAID driver. During the XP installation the you will have to press the F6 button to include the driver from a external USB FDD drive.

After you have included the RAID driver don?t format the HDD because this will lead to driver losing.

Best regards

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Recently i wanted to upgrade my old Portege 7220 notebook with one 256 mb Ram Stick by Kingston. According to their website it should work, but the machine doesnt recognize the memory at all. (just stays at using the 64 mb internal).

I cant upgrade the Bios either, because when i press F12 when starting the computer, it cannot read from the floppy drive in the docking station. Do i need an USB Floppy Drive for that? I tried with an usb stick but that doesnt work. Isnt there a possibility to do an update over windows? (Comp is running Windows 2000)

Thanks for your help, much apprechiated.


Answer:Portege 7220 does not recognize Memory Extension (Kingston)

> I cant upgrade the Bios either, because when i press F12 when starting the computer, it cannot read from the floppy drive in the docking station. Do i need an USB Floppy Drive for that? I tried with an USB stick but that doesn?t work. Isn?t there a possibility to do an update over windows? (Comp is running Windows 2000)

Only the TRAD version of BIOS exists for this Port?g?.
This means that you will be not able to update it from running Windows OS but you will need an external floppy disk drive to perform such update.

Regarding your memory issue;
Check this:

There you can find the compatible memory module. It?s a 144-Pin PC100 SODIMM.

Possibly you have used not fully compatible module or the module is faulty?

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I have toshiba Portege R700 with 64 bit win 7 installed.
I need the computer for use with autocad 2011.

For some reason auocad does not recognize the graphics card installed in the computer.
I suspect it because very little memory is allocated for the graphics card.

How can i change with memory allocated for the graphic card, or maybe, some one can show me where can i find a driver which autocad supports.

thank you very much!

Answer:Portege R700 - Autocad 2011 does not recognize graphic card


What Portege R700-xxx do you have exactly?
As far as I know the graphic memory cannot be assigned manually.
Everything is controlled by graphic card driver and you have no influence on this?

You can try to update the graphic card driver? maybe this would help.
The newest driver can be found on the Toshiba European driver page?
Otherwise you should check the driver from graphic chip manufacturer

Good luck

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Hi guys,

I'm having a strange problem with the model PT321A-01K002 regarding the 3G Modem driver.
I've tried every available driver and Wireless Manager from the Australia and European sites that I can find and it just will not recognise the hardware.

To clarify, we are deploying a fairly clean Win 7 64 bit build and at the end the 3G modem is the only device not recognised, it is reported in device manager under 'Unknown Devices --> Software Download' ... Strange, but 'Software Download' is actually the name of the device.

Hardware ID is *USB VID_0BDB&PID_100E* which for all my reading seems to be the 3G modem. No matter what I do, even a fresh blank retail copy of Win7 64bit can I get the 3g drivers to recognise the hardware.

I'm assuming I am installing the drivers in the wrong order? I've tried several different combinations but cannot get it to work! We are purchasing more and more of these with the 3G component and I need to be able to deploy our SOE to it.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance! - Matt

Answer:Portege R830 PT321A - 3G Modem driver does not recognize device


Did you try this driver:
[Ericsson 3G driver v| =2&selFamily=4&selSeries=151&selProduct=6470&selSh ortMod=2988&language=13&selOS=30&selType=all&yearu pload=&monthupload=&dayupload=&useDate=null&mode=a llMachines&search=&action=search&macId=&country=al l&selectedLanguage=13&type=all&page=1&ID=80743&OSI D=-1&driverLanguage=42 ]

Otherwise recommend checking this 3G Toshiba driver portal

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I am unable to write through nero7 premium, on my protege m300 laptop.
Nero 7 premium is not recognizing the dvd/cd rw writer drive at all.
In the drop down menu of drives availble to write, only the Image Recorder is showing up.

Please help, if anyone know how to correct the problem.

I have formated the original installed OS and installed newly, MS XP sp2.

Answer:Portege M300: Nero7 Premium doesn't recognize drive - Mat****a UJDA765

It sound that all works properly on your notebook and the OS recognises the drive properly. But only the Nero application makes some troubles.
Well, it's not easy to say why Nero cannot recognize the drive.
I would recommend to checking the Nero website.
There you will find many infos and additional help tools.
For example the infoTool can locate the malfunction.
You can also try to use the Nero Driver-CleanTool.exe and RegistryChecker.exe

However, this is a 3rd party applications and I think you should ask the Nero support for the help.

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Mates,For those shopping for a powerful workstation card, the Pascal-based Quadros- P5000 (16GB)($2,500) and P6000 (24GB, $5,000) GPUs will shortly be joined by the P4000 (8GB). This appears to be an important  step from the M4000 performance (8GB).Release is said to be "Q4 2016". If true, this must be quite soon as Q4 2106 only has a couple of weeks left.I've added what information is available- there are a couple of gaps- to the Wikipedia Quadro article.>and here is the NVIDIA notice about the P4000.The GPU is the GP104GL, shared with the Quadro P5000. The P6000 uses the GP102GL, which is used in the GTX 1080Ti. The GTX1070 uses GP104-200 and GTX1080 uses GP104-400, having 2048 CUDA core, the P4000 is sort of in between GTX 1070 (1920 CUDA) and 1080 (2560) CUDA cores. Core clock 1544. Memory clock is listed as 1901 whereas the P5000 is 1607 and P6000 as 1417. Power use is not quoted, but I'm guessing 130-150W. The P5000 uses 180W and the P6000, 250W.The P4000 has not been benchmarked as far as I can find, but the Quadro M4000 is rated at 192 GB/s and it appears to perform above the Quadro M5000 (8GB) as the P4000's memory bandwidth is 243.3 GB/s to the M5000's 211GB/s.No price has been mentioned, but given the sequence of Quadro 4000 to K4000 to K4200 to M4000- perhaps somewhere $900 to$1,100 - but that is strictly a guess.As the M4000 costs about $800 and the performance will better the ~$1,800 M5000, the P4000, similar to the recent Pascal GTX's, is likely to be a... Read more

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Hello, we currently have a Dell Precision T3620 with the only 290W power supply in it. We are looking to upgrade the video card to the NVidia Quadro P4000 or P5000. We realize we need a larger power supply for this.
Does anyone else have this same setup of Workstation and video card? If so, what power supply did you find that was compatible?

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I have a Protege P4000 which, I beleive, was orignally purchased without a floppy drive. Now that I'm upgrading the OS to Win XP I need to install more memory, and as many other forum members point out this won't work without a BIOS update.

However the BIOS update available from the website is for the Tranditional install only, and requires a Floppy drive (which I don't have). Is it possible to get a version that runs under Windows, or find another way to run the traditional install? The website seems to suggest that Windows installation is preferred, but the software isn't provided.


Answer:Protege P4000 - BIOS update without floppy drive

Hello Mister

As far as I know memory upgrade is not dependent on latest BIOS version and if you use compatible module there should not be any problem. Anyway, I am not 100% sure but I think that you can make BIOS update using SD card.

If you have time and possibilities please try it and let us know if this works.

By the way: all available BIOS updates are on Toshiba download page and there are no other versions.


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Does anybody know what the criteria are for an external CD ROm Unit for a Portege 3550? There are 3 units recommended in the forum that would reboot Toshiba Reinstall disks on the Portege 3500, 2 Targus and 1 Toshiba.

This seems very limited. In particular will the Toshiba 2793008 do the job? No USB units are recommended and it seems that a 16-bit interface is needed - not a 32-bit.

Can anyone elucidate please?

Answer:What external CD/DVD Rom can I use on Portege 3500


I don?t think that it will be able to boot up from USB drive because the BIOS doesn?t support it.
If you want to recover from the CardBus PCMCIA adapter you will need a special boot disk which allows booting from the 16bit-PC card PCMCIA.

I found these drivers:
? Slimline CD-ROM Light 24x, PX1052E-1NMD (16Bit-PCCard)
? Slimline CDRW 8x/8x/24x CDRW, PX1054E-1NST (CardBus)
? Slimline DVD-ROM 8x/24x, PX1053E-1NMD (CardBus)
? Slimline Combo, PX1055E-1NST (CardBus)

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I recently acquired a Portege 3500 as well as a Toshiba external DVD-ROM (model No. PA3246U-1DVD). As I attempt to find drivers for this I have failed horribly (for the dvd-rom). It is connected via a Card Bus card. Toshiba says the drivers should be part of Windows but my system cannot find them. I was wondering if anyone here had drivers for the Portege 3500 for this. If I'm not mistaken they should be for PCMCIA adapters. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

*Side note: Retailers say the Toshiba external DVD-ROMs ships with cd contain both manual and drivers. If anyone has a copy or could point me to a site with them it would be greatly appreciated as well.

Answer:External DvD-rom for Portege 3500

mostly the external DVD-drives are made by freecom

you can find the freecom cardbus driver for your 3500 here :

if you need additional drivers you can find and download them at the freecom website ( )

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I have a corrupt windows XP but fear using the repair option due to the large number of photos of my chidren that have yet to be backed up or posted to a photo-store etc.

I have found you can purchase a hard drive enclosure that can then be used via USB to download these imporant files prior to any repair option. I have bought a standard 2.5" encolsure from Maplin but the connection is female on both ends (enclosure and hard drive) and a few pins shorter on the Toshiba drive than the encolsure wants.
How do I progress - my wife won't let me live if I can't get these photo's off and going professional shouldn;t be necessary.


Answer:What external HDD enclosure do I need for my Portege 2010

Hi Andrew

Problem is that your Portege has 1.8?? HDD and I have found just this page where you can pick up some info

I hope you will be able to save your data.

Good luck!!!

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Is it possible to boot the whole laptop using an external usb HDD?

How do go about doing this? I wish to use win2000 operating system to boot .
thanks in adavance

Answer:Boot Portege M300 from external hdd?

First, you must make sure that you have a boot from USB option in BIOS.

How you install an operating system on an external device, use google to find instructions. It should work like BartPE which you can put on an USB stick.

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I have a Portege R100 and the HDD failed. I installed a new HDD and I have the Toshiba recovery disks. I tried to boot from a generic USB CD-ROM but the laptop did not recognize it.

I have a USB Toshiba FDD which it does recognize and I have a restore disk but I don't know how to go from there. Do I have to buy a Toshiba external CD-ROM and if so, which one?
Any helpful suggestions?

Answer:Portege R100 - Boot from external HDD


The booting from the external USB CD/DVD drive is not possible.
Also you will be able to boot from the USB HDD!

If you want to boot from the CD you have to use an compatible PCMCIA cards CD/DVD drive (16bit and Cardbus 32bit).

For details check this Toshiba article:

and this other threads:


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I'm trying to add a second monitor to my S100. But I can't get the second monitor and laptop display to work at the same time. (Display settings only ever 'sees' one monitor.)

Other forums on this site suggest this is something to do with the factory presets. But I can't find out how to change these on my system. Any ideas? I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium.

Answer:How to run external monitor and Portege S100 together


Usuallyy you can switch between the display devices by using the FN+F5 key function.
Did you test this function?

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I do have an M200 with external Slimline COMBO DVD drive PX1055E-1NST.
I have upgraded to VISTA and needs to reinstall the devicedriver. Where can I find a driver that works with VISTA?

Answer:Portege M200 with external DVD drive


You drive is connected to the PCMCIA slot. Am I right?
Unfortunately, at this time such drivers don?t exist! :(
I didn?t find any on Toshiba driver page.

Try to search for any 3rd party PCMCIA drivers for Vista. Maybe you are lucky.

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I have installed windows xp + sp2 on Portege 3440ct and PCMCIA card where is connect CD-rom is not recognized.

I can't find driver here, anyone can help me?


Answer:Portege 3440 CT - need driver for external CD-ROM

Hello Usi

You did not send us any info about your external device you use and because of that I can tell you just one: check support or download page from external CD-ROM manufacturer.

Is this Toshiba one when you search it here?

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I have a Toshiba Portege M780-10U running Windows 7 (x32) SP1.
I have updated all the drivers for the display, bios, etc.

Whenever I connect my Acer G235H display the laptop freezes after about 3 hours of operation.
Nothing is logged anywhere, just a complete freeze that requires a hard reset. The CPU fan then runs on full power once the freeze occurs.

I am not running any special graphics applications when it crashes just standard Office 2007 and IE8.
I have isolated the freezes down to the display by using an HP L1906 monitor and had no freezes for 2 days.

I have tried the ACER G235H display using both VGA and HDMI and i stilL get freezes.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can resolve this?


Answer:Portege M780-10U frezees when using external LCD

>I have isolated the freezes down to the display by using an HP L1906 monitor and had no freezes for 2 days.
For me it?s really hard to believe that an external monitor could affect the notebook functionality but it seems that your notebook freezes only using this special monitor (G235H).
Using the HP L1906 monitor everything is ok. Is it right?

Hmm? did you connect the L1906 monitor to the same port like G235H?
Maybe there are differences between external resolutions?

Sorry mate, but it?s really difficult to say what could cause this? maybe it?s a high temperature issue and maybe its pure chance that the notebook freezes using this external monitor.

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The screen on the R500 (PPR50E-01301TEN) is fine for use for an hour or two on the go, but if I use it persistently through the day, I get a bad neck and headaches (may be the angle that you have to look at it as much as its small size). So I want to get external monitors for it at work and at home. The home one would preferably be an LCD TV.

The trouble is, Windows tells me that the supported widescreen resolutions for the external monitor are 1280x768, 1920x1080 and 1920x1200. Linux only wants to offer me 1280x800 or lower, although I might be able to fix that with a bit of tweaking. Assuming Windows is right, does anyone know of an 18-21" widescreen monitor or TV with one of the supported resolutions as its native resolution, or even as a supported resolution? I can't find anything.

It probably needs to be 1920x1xxx, because 1280x768 is going to be pretty grainy close up on a 18"+ monitor. Why aren't any of the intermediate resolutions common on widescreen monitors (e.g. 1440x900 or 1680x1050) supported? If it can do 1920x1xxx, it should be able to do them.

Answer:Need external monitor for Portege R500

If I get the Port Replicator for my Portege R500 (PPR50E-01301TEN) and connect external monitor via DVI, will that widen the range of supported resolutions?

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On the laptop keyboard, you can use Fn+F5 to switch the video output from the notebook screen to an externally connected one.
Is there a key press that you can use with a USB keyboard connected to the laptop that would have the same effect at Fn+F5?

We have a problem with our Portege R500's.
When the laptop is docked in the port replicator, we have an extended desktop on two monitors - a 22" screen on DVI and a 17" on VGA.
When the user takes their laptop away and uses it out of the port replicator, the display reverts to single display on the notebook screen so this means when they re-dock their laptop in the port replicator they have no display on either screen.

The work around is to open the laptop, press Fn+F5, close the laptop log on and set the display mode from saved schemes in the intel software.

Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Portege R500 - Can I use Fn+F5 on external keyboard?


You message described exactly how the display switch function works.
Everything is OK.

If you ask for FN + F5 function on external keyboard then I have to say that as far as I know this FN functionality is not available if the external keyboard does not support FN buttons.

But you could also check the Toshiba Mobile Extension (if you are using Win XP).
In Mobile Extension -> Display change service tab you could enable the ?Display change service? and could check how the display changes after docking and undocking the R500.

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All, I've got a Z30T-A in a Port Replicator III, connected to a Samsung external display via Displayport. I noticed there's an unused DVI port on the back of the port replicator. Does anybody know if it'll work to connect another Samsung to the DVI port, to operate two external displays simultanously?

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I have a Z30 B 12 e, I managed to configure the boot priorities and give maximum priority to ODD (optical Disc Drive) but when I boot the Z30 with a USB DVD player connected to it with an ubuntu DVD in it it does not boot on the DVD player !
Is there something I can do like trying to get a boot menu or something ?

This is weird because on anoher PC which is not a laptop, but with the same DVD player with the same Ubuntu DVD in it that PC boots on the DVD without any problem, what's wrong for the Z30 for me ?

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I have just installed a new internal 40gb hdd in my portege r100, i have partitioned the drive and formatted it. I have also installed the latest bios version ( i think it is 1.6) However I can not now install XP from dvd because the portege r100 can not see the external usb dvd drive which is, i think a LITE-ON 8x

Any suggestions?

Answer:Portege R100: Can not see external dvd drive

Are you using the Recovery CD supplied with the machine? Also the machine will only boot to a TOSHIBA USB dvd drive. If it is not made by Toshiba you will not be able to boot from it. Sorry

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I've just got a Travelstar DJSA 220 20GN and I tried to connect it via USB to my portege 7020. It just doesn't see it.
Anyone can help?
Notice that I connected the external hdd to other pc and it works perfectly

Answer:Portege 7020CT - external HDD not visible


Can you see a message that a external USB was connected?
If not so I assume that the external HDD device needs more power as the USB port provides.
In this case the external power supply for the HDD should solve this issue.
Furthermore please go to the USB root Hub properties and disable the option ?Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power?

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[b]how can i install windows forom an external usb cd rom on my portege 2000

Answer:Windows installation from external usb cd rom for portege 2000


this is a common situation for users without an internal optical drive.

My main hint is to install from the HDD instead of installing from a CD or DVD.

How you reach that goal depend on your possibilities.
The most common solution is to boot the machine into the already installed OS, copy the contents from the install media into a temporary folder on the local harddrive.
Start the installation from there.

If you have a clean machine (no OS) then you need to be able to boot from one of the supported devices:



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Hello everybody

On my Portege R500 with Win XP SP3 there is no picture on the external monitor.
The monitor seems to receive the signal but the monitor stays black.

Did someone know a solution for this problem?
Sorry for my bad english.

Thank you.

Answer:Portege R500 - No picture on external monitor


How did you try to output the display on external monitor?
Usually you should use the key combination FN+F5.
This allows you to switch between the both screens; notebook + external screen.

I had a problem displaying an video on the external monitor because the video was running already?. You have to switch to the external display before you would start the movie, etc?

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I have tried to connect two different full HD displays to my Portege Z30-A-18M and I was unable to set the native resolution - maximal resolution that I can set for those is 1680x1050... I wasn't so surprised with the first one as I had some troubles with native resolution when I was connecting it to the Satellite laptop that I had before. But then the same happened when I tried the other display.

I thought that this laptop can handle higher external resolution... Is there a way how to force the native resolution for the external diplays in Windows 7?

Answer:Portege Z30-A-18M - cannot set native resolution on external display

max support of z30 is 1920x1080 (or 1920x1200)

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I have a Portege M400-s5032x tablet and a pa3680u docking station. I would like to get a bigger external monitor for use with the dock, what is the biggest monitor I can use?

I have a 18.5 widescreen on there now and would like to go up to a 20 or 22 inch widescreen.

Answer:What is the largest external monitor that I can use with Portege M400?

As far as I know there is no limitation. You can use whatever you want.
Only thing that can be problematic is screen resolution.

Has docking station DVI port?

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I've just got an old Toshiba Portege 344OCT laptop with an HD of 6 GB and with an intel Pentium III processor 500 MHz and 128 MB RAM. At the moment i have it under Windows XP Home Edition. I would like to revert it to Windows 98SE but the computer does not have an floppy drive or an internal cdrom. It does have an usb port, though. I am trying to boot the windows 98 cd from an external usb cdrom drive (EZ-DUB) but it doesn't work. I don't seem to find an option to boot it from an USB device either. My bios is from 27 June 2001.

Is there something that I can do in order to manage to boot my computer from my EZ-BUB? and how could I update my bios to the v1.6 without the floppy drive?



Answer:Portege 244OCT - Is it possible to boot from a external CD-ROOM

I forgot to ADD. Would an external USB floppy drive do the trick?
Thanks again,

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I have a portege Z930 14U
I am not able to boot from an external CD Drive (Samsun SE-218) linke via USB

I have already setted the boot order and choosed CSM as Bios model

Thank you

Answer:Portege Z930 - Not able to boot from external USB CD/DVD drive

Try to disable the secure boot in the BIOS too.
Then connect the CD/DVD drive to the notebook and power up the unit.
Press F12 and choose in boot menu the USB device

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I'm having problem using a 2-year old Samsung external super-multi drive with my new Portege R700-1F3, which doesn't come with a DVD drive. The usb powered Samsung dvd drive works fine with all other computers I have access to:
* MacBook with OS X 10.5
* Samsung NP-X360 laptop with 32-bit Windows XP
* Dell Inspiron Zino HD desktop with 64-bit Windows 7

The symptoms are:
* When the dvd drive is plugged into Portege, the green light on the dvd drive goes on and off.
* This happens in BIOS as well as once 32-bit Windows 7 loads.
* In Windows 7 Devices & Printers control panel, the dvd drive alternately appear & disappear continuously.
* When it appears, it shows up as "USB storage" with a yellow ! warning icon.

I've tried all 3 USB ports. The power cable is plugged into Portege. I've tried turning of digital signing during boot up. The external dvd came free with my old Samsung laptop and is model AA-ES0N09B.

Any suggestion whether it's a hardware or software problem and how to fix it?


Answer:Portege R700 - Compatibility with external DVD drive

Maybe the drive is not getting enough power.

Have you tried using a USB Y-Cable to power the drive from two USB ports?

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Can a Portege A100 notebook be used with an external USB keyboard? If yes, does it matter which brand I use? I have finally persuaded my wife to learn to type but using the laptop's keyboard is not the easiest of keyboards to learn on.

Answer:Can I connect a external keyboard to Portege A100?


Of course it?s possible?. It?s no matter what brand you will use but the connection is important.
It should be an external USB keyboard because the prot?g? A100 supports only this interface for keyboard connection

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A 17" LCD is connected to my Portege R100 via the port replicator. The native resolution is 1280 x 1024. But the actural resolution is only 1024 x 768. The LCD can adjust image automatically. The actural resolution can be checked through LCD menu. This caused distorted text on external LCD.

I have set resolution of exteranl LCD to 1280 x 1024 on Control Panel --> Display --> Setting....
The version of video driver is v6.4823-104.22_2. The BIOS, common module, Toshiba Display Device Cahange Utility, Toshiba Hotkey Utility for Display Device have all updated to latest version.

I used Fn + F5 combination to shift between display modes: Simoutaneous, External Monitor only. This did not fix problem.

Anyone has any idea?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Answer:Portege R100 and external 17" LCD - can not set right screen resolution


The favorite resolution is not available on the external display because the display driver which is installed on the notebook does not support it!
The external monitor is able to handle the 1280 x 1024 but if this resolution is not listed in the display driver then you will be not able to choose it!

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Following up a recent post about using an external monitor with the M400, I have a query about using one with the M200. I realise that the M200 uses the Nvidia graphics adapter rather than the Intel graphics adapter in the M400 - is this better as far as using an external display is concerned? The M200 manual says it will support up to 1600 x 1536 resolution on an external display. I want to use my M200 in a docking station with an external monitor on extended desktop.

What would be the best resolution to go for with the external? Should I go for 1400 x 1050 to match the M200 LCD display? Or could I go for a 1600 x 1200 which the graphics adapter should (!) be able to cope with? Or, finally, if I went for a 1680 x 1050 widescreen, how would the Nvidia adapter cope? Would the display be as clear as with the 1600 x 1050 screen?

What are the chances of it working at all? I see in the M400 manual that it is supposed to support 2048 x 1536 on an external monitor but this seems to be a problem judging from the other post.

Any help appreciated - thanks

Answer:Portege M200 with external monitor - what's the best resolution?


Well, the screen resolution depends firstly from the graphic card.
If you want to use any display resolution the graphic card must support it. Furthermore the graphic card driver is important. If the graphic card will support the screen resolution BUT the resolution is not listed in the graphic card driver so you will be not able to choose this value.

In my knowledge if you use the docking station you will get supported display resolutions like on the notebook.
The external display resolution depends also on the external monitor. If the monitor hardware will not support the resolution so you will be not able to get any pictures on the external monitor.

I think the best way is to test what resolution is the best. Some people prefers the high resolution with small icons and other ?blind man? ;) loves the low resolutions (1024x768) because of the big icons

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Dear all

I am running Bloomberg and need the picture to extend on to two 24" full HD LCD screens. Including the integrated screen of my current laptop, I use three panels at once. Can I do that with the Z30 1 CZ? Will I have to buy a docking station for that?

At the moment I am using an ultrabook from a different manufacturer but I am not satisfied for reasons that have nothing to do with the display. Currently I use a docking station where one screen connects by DVI and the other by VGA cable.

With the Z30, can I just use the VGA and the HDMI ports of the laptop to get the same solution?
Best wishes,

Answer:Portege Z30 - need to extend display to two external screens

From my knowledge the display out ?feature? depends on the graphic card/chip.

Usually you can use either the VGA or HDMI output.
VGA (RGB) port provides analogue signal, HDMI provides digital signal and as far as I know you cannot use both at the same time?

However, you could purchase an "usb hdmi adapter? adapter which would allow you to use two external monitors simultaneously.

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Does anyone have any tips on how to connect more than one external monitor to a Portege R830?

I have one monitor going through the docking station, but when I attach a second monitor to the port on the laptop it does not seem to recognise it at all.

This used to work on my old Portege, but for some reason not on the R830.

Any tips or advice?

Answer:How to connect more than one external monitors to Portege R830


Are you using the same port in Docking station and Portege R830?
Docking station replicates the ports so you can use either the Portege port or docking station port.

If you want to connect more than one external monitor to the notebook then I would recommend using something like Toshiba Dynadock


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I have a Toshiba Portege M200 and I want to reinstall the operating system. I have an external CD/DVD drive (USB connected) and need to know what key I need to press when turning the laptop on to get it to go to the CD drive instead of the HDD.
Have tried all the F1-F12 keys but to no success yet


Answer:Portege M200 - How to boot from external CD/DVD drive?

The standard key which needs to be tapped repeatedly when the notebook is powered on to access the "Boot Menu" is the "F12" key. You would then use the arrow keys to make your selection of the CD/DVD drive. When using "F12", does it continue to load from the HDD, or does it stop at a particular screen?


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Hi, I have had my Portege for about a month and today the external wired keyboard and wireless mouse have just decided to stop working (see attached Device Manager screenshot). What I have tried

- Uninstalling all device drivers and restarting machine
- Trying different devices and all USB slots
- Ensured the USB drivers are working by inserting blank usbs (they work)

Before I do a factory reset of my laptop I'm hoping there is a solution that is less drastic. Please help!

Many Thanks


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i've got criptolocker virus, i need to format the computer to load the back up, my dvd player is broken because the computer has fall down in the past. I've put the recover cdrom in a external dvd player, but i'm not able to work out, it sees the dvd player in F: but doesn't read it

Answer:Need to recover Portege R series using external dvd player

I've to format my protege R700 1C2 but I've lost my recovery disk
come posso fare devo formattare il mio notebook protege R700 1C2 e non trovo piu' i disco di ripristino. dove lo posso trovare.?

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We have a Port?g? Z30-A-108. We use it with external wireless keyboard and mouse. On the external keyboard is used, the num pad does not work (as if the "num lock" was off). I tried using the function key FN+F11 on the laptop but without any succes.

Does somebody had the same problem or any idea to solve it ?



Answer:Portégé Z30-A-108 - Num lock does not work on external keyboard

>On the external keyboard is used, the num pad does not work (as if the "num lock" was off)

You are talking about the external keyboard.
But from my knowledge the internal Port?g? Z30-A-108 keyboard does not contain the num pad. Possibly this is the reason why the Num Lock is turned off.

By the way: the NumLock can be enabled in the system registry.
Open Windows registry editor using the command regedit.
In the registry, go to the folders.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Control Panel\ Keyboard\

Within the keyboard folder, you should find a string value named "InitialKeyboardIndicators" with a value of 0, 1, or 2.
Here the value meaning:

0 = Num Lock is turned OFF after the logon.
1 = Disable Num Lock.
2 = Numlock is turned ON after the logon.

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I have a R500 and use a port replicator. I use a DVI connection to my primary display (22" monitor).

I have tried to setup extended desktop but can only get the external monitor to work - my laptop monitor remains off and I cannot get it to work even after checking the display settings to be "Extended my Windows desktop on to this monitor".

What is the problem?

Answer:Portege R500 - Can only see a picture on the external monitor


What happens if you directly connect the monitor to the notebook without docking station? Does it work?

Furthermore I would try to update the display driver and BIOS. Both you can find on the Toshiba website: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers


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i am trying to use an IBM travelstar in an external usb enclosure with my Portege 3480ct running Windows 2000 (with sp4). While the drive is recognised as plug-and-play on other computers running win2k and winXP, it is not recognised on my Portege, which gives an error message suggesting that drivers are missing.

According to IBM/hitachi (who make the drive), no drivers are needed and the drive should work as plug-and-play, recognised as a generic USB hard drive. This happens on all other computers i have tried.

Are their known compatability issues with this drive? Or are their any special drivers needed to recognise this setup on the Portege?

Answer:IBM travelstar external USB compatibility with Portege 3480ct


As far as I know there are no drivers required for external HDDs and they are recognized as plug and play. Your Portege is an older unit and maybe is there some problem with USB ports. Did you check them with other USB devices?

It is also possible that there is no enough power supply and in this case it is recommend to connect the drive using USB hub with own power supply.


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I was trying today to connect my Toshiba M800 Laptop to another CRT Monitor with no success.

I am using the Fn + F5 keys, but nothing is happening, I mean a small window pops up that shows me the options LCD, LCD + CRT , CRT, LCD+TV etc, but nothing happens when I choose CRT or LCD + CRT.
I am using a VGA cable, that is ok becouse the same monitor and the same cable works fine when I use my Acer Laptop.

I even downloaded the latest Intel display driver and the latest BIOS update but again nothing...
Any ideas will be most welcome. :)

Answer:Portege M800: No picture on external monitor

It is very strange.
Is your notebook preinstalled with original Toshiba recovery image?
Which OS do you use?

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Very annoying problem - every now and then the monitor blacks out for 2 seconds and comes back.

Monitor is powered all the time.
HDMI cable changed twice and does not solve the problem.

Seems like a change of resolution or a reset - can the problem be in the graphic card? Otherwise maybe the HDMI port itself detecting strange stuff?

Please help I'm getting crazy as I work 90% of the time on external monitor.


Answer:Portégé Z30-A-1E1 - External monitor blacks out randomly

Two points would be interesting:

1) Notebook model/name
2) Preinstalled system

Furthermore it would be interesting to know if whether the external monitor works properly in connection with another notebook…
Please check it because it could be possible that your external monitor could be affected.

But if it’s not the external monitor issue, I would recommend you to reinstall the graphic card driver as well as to check the monitor functionality using different screen resolutions.

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we have a Portege M700-130 with the portreplicator PA3508E-1PRP and have a problem with the external display (monitor) connected to the portreplicator.
The OS is Vista Business. The external monitor is a EIZO S2401WE-GY.

Now the question:
*Can you just place your Portege into the portreplicator, start it with the key of the portreplicator and get a picture on your external monitor till the login picture of the OS without doing anything on your notebook?*
It would allready help us, if someone with the same Portege and an portreplicator can give us his experience about this.

Because we can't, but we absolut want to or better must. We allready tested all settings in power options and Hardware Setup. The point is: When the Portege gets started without portreplicator and is replaced off into the portreplicator, then started with the portreplicator the external monitor becomes black when the login picture of the OS is loaded. Only after the notebook display is fliped open we get an picture on the external display.

About any help or reply I would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Answer:Portege M700-130 + Portreplicator + external display


A friend of mine has tested this on the Portege M700 running Vista OS.
He has connected the external monitor using a VGA (analog) and DVI port.

It seems that it functions as you suggested in your posting.
The Portege lid is closed and connected to the external monitor.
You don?t need to touch the Portege M700. It should start pressing the key of the port replicator.


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Earlier I formatted a PC with windows XP on it, the minute I plugged it up, a notification came up and said "This device can perform faster on a high speed 2.0 USB port". It says that when I plug them up into any USB port on the computer itself. The thing is, it will pretty much hang the system until I disconnect the external HD. It won't freeze 100%. It's responsive but no applications will open while it's trying to recognize the external.

It sounds to me like a USB driver problem or something because I'd assume it'd still recognize the drive even if it wasn't performing in a high speed 2.0 USB port... Any way to reinstall USB drivers? Never done that before. I have to use Hiren's Boot CD if I want to transfer files, simply because Windows XP won't recognize it and keeps popping up the notification.

Answer:External HD won't recognize

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I am finally using my External HDD on my own PC after about a year. My Uncle was the one who put it in the enclosure. It worked fine on his PC. I don't have it connected right now. I don't even get the AutoPlay popup. It won't recognize. It's not even showing up in Device Manager, or anything. When I can connect, and unconnect the USB cable, it makes a sound as in trying to find hardware/drivers. I don't remember the make of the HDD to get the drivers. It came installed in my PC as the only hard drive. I had my Uncle to replace it with a 1TB, and the other hard drive as external. I wanted to wipe the external clean, so I could put my music on it. What could be causing the issue? I have an eMachines, and it came pre-installed with Vista, and then I upgraded to the Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade. My Model # is EL1200-07w

Answer:External HDD won't recognize in my PC

The first thing you need to do is try the external in another system. See if it works there. That will tell you very quickly where the problem lies; the external OR your system.

Vista does not need any drivers for an external drive. It has native drivers. One other item. Have you checked device manager to see if there are any yellow marks?

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Hello, I have a Windows 7 Professional x64.. My Problem is that my external hard disk mass storage cannot be detected,i cant see the mass storage of my external drive in device management and disk management. Instead there is one that is detected "ASMT 2105 USB Device" yet it is 0 bytes and i cant access, it says insert disk..yet i connected the external drive on my computer. my external drive is Toshiba 3.0

Hoping for your replies and learn what to do, because i have so many important files in my external hard drive. thank you!!

Answer:External HD Not Recognize

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
Shut down your machine = Power off.
Disconnect the external,
Power up and after login reconnect it into a different usb port,
Make sure the external if it has a power switch it is on as well,

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Hey all,
I have just built up my new computer system,
now I have a problem,
I´m using WinServer 2003 as OS
and now my computer (Mainboard: ASUS A8N32SLI-Deluxe)
doe not find my soundcard and also does not show my external hdd.

I already did a bios update but it did not help

Thx for any help


Answer:PC does not recognize external HDD

nobody here who can help me?

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I have an old HD in a case that I can run through my USB hub. I just bought a "real" external HD for backups (Samsung 2.5") that doesn't show up in My Computer when I plug it into the hub. But it works fine when I plug it directly into one of the USB ports on my pc.

Any ideas?

Answer:USB hub won't recognize external HD


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I sold my Western Digital My Book External Hard Drive to someone & they can't get it to work.

I used CCleaner to wipe the drive & tested it with 'Hard Disk Sentinel' before selling it & it checked out fine before I shipped it out.
Here is the test results of 'HD Sentinel' gave the HDD before I sent it

The buyer is saying his PC isn't recognizing the drive, under My Computers.
He claims to have tried, in Device manager, on updating the drivers & selected to uninstall & reinstall it, but say's it didn't do anything.

Also in the Device manager, he tried to make the Drive active or to select/change drive paths/letters, but those options are greyed out.
This is what it looks like in his Device & Printers page

right clicking & going into properties goes to this

When he right clicks on 'My Computer' & selects 'Manage',this is what it looks like

This is what it looks like when he opens Device Manager

Why won't the drive appear under his My Computer, even though it shows up under Device Manager & under Devices & Printers?

I been searching the past week on External Hard Drives not being recognized by PCs topics & every solution I told him to do hasn't worked.

Answer:Need help on getting a external HDD to recognize on a PC!

Is this it ?
My Book - External Hard Drives
I would guess some security features are stopping access ?
How did you connect to it and how is the buyer ?

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I bought Dell 24inch wide LCD monitor.

I thought my portege R100 can support 1920x1200 resolution because it's maximum resolution is 2048x1536, but it doesn't. TT

Graphic chip is trident cyber xp4.

I already tried using PowerStrip software but it didn't work for trident graphic chipset.

Is there any way I can use WUXGA(1920x1200) resolution using my portege R100 like regestry modification or what ever?

Answer:Portege R100 and WUXGA(1920x1200) external LCD monitor


I have found info that 1600x1200 is max supported resolution for Portege R100. As far as I know there is no way to change it through any registry modification. Like you know the graphic card performance can not be changed.


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I have a Toshiba Portege z830.
I am using my laptop in "extended desktop" mode, with an external monitor, which is the primary display.
In this mode both displays are always on, but I want the built-in LCD to be open only when i use it.

Is this possible?

Answer:Portege Z830: I want to disable internal LCD and use only external monitor


In my opinion this is not possible.
In extended mode, you are using and internal display but extended and the extended part is visible on the external monitor.
In such case its no matter that your external monitor is set as primary display.

If you want to use external monitor only, you can output the video signal to external monitor only be pressing FN + F5

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Hi all,

Thanks in advance for any and all responses.

I bought a used Toshiba Portege 7010ct. It has a USB port, but not the drivers for my jumpdrive.

Specs that might help:
Holds 2 5mmPC cards Type II or 1 10.5mm PC card Type III:
32-bit, 3..V pc cardbus support
15-bit, 5.0V pc card support

1 240-pin expansion bus

1 Kensington cable lock slot

1 external floppy drive port

1 USB port (not 2.0)

1 Infrared port (IrDA 1.1:4Mbps)

I/O 1 9pin serial (16550 Uart compliant)
1 25 pin parallel (8bit ecp)

It runs Win 98

All I really want is to get the driver for my flashdrive: PNY attache :knock: onto my Toshiba Portege 7010ct. I will explore most options but I really want this to cost as little as possible (@$10).

Can anyone suggest a:
LAN card 10/100 (that does not need drivers)
Floppy Drive (that does not need drivers)
Free dialup (that does not need a downloaded dialer)
CD Rom (that does not need a driver)



Answer:Need Driver OS Win 98 No external input devices Toshiba Portege

Your Drivers


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I have a M800 connected to a Dynadock U docking station.
I have problems when i try and set my external monitor as the primary device and have have the laptop as the extended monitor.

I am running Windows XP.

The only options it will allow are: Clone, Extended (laptop is main and external is the extended option)

If i use the WIndows Graphic option it will not allow me to set the external monitor as the main display (i tick this option and click apply and it remains unticked)

If anyone could help that would be great.
Otherwise i would recommend not to use the dynadock

Answer:Portege M800 and external monitor with Dynadock issue

Sorry mate but I still don?t understand what you are speaking about? What problem do you have?

Fact is that Dynadock video drivers give you the option of viewing a total of three screens.
- The screen on the notebook,
- external monitor connected to the video port on the notebook (if available)
- ewxternal monitor connected to the Dynadock

Furthermore you can use Mirror Mode and Extended Mode.

Mirror Mode creates an identical display ? from your computer screen to the external monitor
Extended Mode extended Mode lets you split your display across multiple monitors.

These are the features which you can use in connection with Dynadock

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I would like to be able to use the laptop screen as a tablet whilst viewing an external monitor. The problem is that when using the laptop in its tablet configuration (the screen rotated and clipped in on top) the external monitor shows the image upside down. If I rotate the output for the screen image then I have to use the tablet upside down which is impossible when docked. Is there anyway of independently setting the screen rotation for the tablet and that of the external monitor?
If anyone could help me with this I would be grateful as at the moment I have to undock the tablet and use upside down or not use the external monitor.

I am using Windows tablet SP on a Portege M400 and an external 22" LCD monitor


Answer:Set display rotation for external monitor on Portege M400

Before we start the discussion I have just one question: do you want to use extended desktop or cloned desktop on external monitor?

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Just wanted to log a problem and solution I've just had/found. It's on a Z30 with a Windows 7 32 bit installation and a 1TB mSATA SSD.

I was unable to get any USB 2.0 Flash Drive or any External HDD (whether USB or USB 3.0) to work. They'd attempt to install but I'd end up with a yellow warning triangle in Device Manager.

After various attempts at a workaround - I spotted that alongside the driver.sys and usb.sys loads - there was a mysterious driver which I eventually tracked down as Software Magician related.

Having uninstalled Magician - all the USB Drives and External HDD worked perfectly.

Don't have this issue with another Toshiba with a standard EVO SSD and Magician - so not quite sure what the specific installation is that triggered it.

However problem now *solved.*

Answer:Portege Z30 - USB Issues - Code 10 Error using external HDD - SOLUTION

Thanks for sharing!

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I am using an LG Flatron L1811S external monitor on my Portege M800 and find the image is not as rock solid as when I use the display on my desktop or the M800's own screen.
It's most noticeable on big patches of block colour where I can see slight shimmering. I have noticed this is especially bad if I have recently reconnected the laptop to the mains after using on battery until the battery is fully charged.

This makes me think the PSU is interfering with the VGA output?
Any ideas?


Answer:Portege M800-106 - poor quality using external monitor

To be honest I?m missing most important info in your posting.
Do you use native resolution - 1280 x 1024 / 75 Hz ? on display?

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We have a Portege R500-11Z running XP and want to use Skype with an external desk microphone and the internal speakers.

When we plug the mic into the MIC socket on the Portege, the built-in speakers cut out!

How do we use an external mic and still hear the internal speakers?

Answer:Portege R500-11Z: How can use external mic and hear internal speakers


> When we plug the mic into the MIC socket on the Portege, the built-in speakers cut out!
Are you sure you used the Mic port and not headphone port?

Did you check your Skype Audio settings?
There is an option called ?Ring through the Speaker too? or something like that.

Please check also the Realtek HD audio manager in control panel.
There is a tab called Audio I/O.

Usually you can change the connector settings clicking on the small tool/key icon.
Disable the option called ?Mute the rear panel output when front headphone plugged in?

As you see it?s called ?headphone? and not microphone and therefore I?m a little bit confused why the speakers are off when connecting an external mic.

By the way; there is also an tab called Microphone.
Check if both options which reduce the echo and noise are OFF

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Hi folks, i have portege z30-a-197 and me came need to connect external graphic card and after some research i found some solutions such as exp gdc, but im in confusion wich connector should i use: mini PCI (probably not), Express Card (definitely not), NGFF (more probably) or m2 x4 (saw some guy also questioned if laptop have it). Or can you give advice on some other stuff that do this think, thanks in advance

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My TOSHIBA (ex-laptop) Portege(Z930) board burned out with hot water. I removed the tiny SSD and now need to transfer the data with a USB to another PC.

I borrowed from a friend a SATA to USB adapter with 2 interfaces and even the small connectors for SATA was not small enough for TOSHIBA's SSD. Apparently I need a special SATA to USB adapter which fits to TOSHIBA Portege's mSata.

The reason I wrote here is because there are many SATA USB adapters in internet advertised but it seems they have bigger connectors. So TOSHIBA calls the SSD mSATA labeled on it, but many people call mSATA for one size bigger SSD.

I don't want to order something doesn't fit again. Is there anyone who already removed SSD from Portege?
Could you provide me a link for such adapter?

Answer:Portege Z930 - need external controller for internal SSD drive

The notebook was equipped with an HM77 Intel Panther Point chip and with the launch of this chip Intel allowed the notebook manufacturers to integrate the mSATA (micro SATA) SSD form factor.

There is also an difference between the mSATA form factors?
Since the mSATA is limited to four (NAND) chips only, Intel has developed a new standard of mSATA which is called m.2 or mSATA2.

In many cases this is called also NGFF (New Generation Form Factor)
This m.2 standard is longer and has a lower profile?

I'm not quite sure if this Portege Z930 supports mSATA or mSATA2 but you check the internal SSD drive where this information should be available

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Can the Portege M400 SXVGA (i.e. 1400x1050) support 1400x1050 via analogue to external monitor? I ask this because I can't get it to! The largest it is happy delivering, even though the monitor is a TFT 1400x1050 screen, is 1280x1024.

I have downloaded the latest Intel drivers, and screen drivers, and although the O/S is reporting the screen as being happy to show 1400x1024, it is not an option when selecting resolutions.

Is this a known problem?
Is it rectified by using digital?
Am I being stupid?!

Answer:Portege M400: Is it possible to use 1400x1050 resolution on external monitor?

The maximal resulution on the external display with the Chipset used in the M400 is 1024x768

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I got some problems with my new external Samsung TFT. I hope somebody got an idea.

Is it possible to get a display resolution of 1920x1080 with the R200?

On its data sheet its written something about an external resolution 2.048 x 1.536 ...

But when i connect the tft, press fn+f5 to switch to external tft im just able to set 1280x1024.

I installed the Samsung SyncMaster driver and the problem is already there. No higher resolution then 1280x1024 at 60 Hz for my

new TFT even if i try to expansion the desktop on the other screen. ??

Answer:Portege R200: Can I get 1920x1080 resolution on external monitor?


Possibly you will not be able to use your favorite resolution on external monitor.
There are two reasons why such resolution is not available;

1) the graphic card chip does not support such external resolution
2) the graphic card driver would not support this resolution.

If the graphic card chip does not support such external resolution then an driver update will not help you?

But if the graphic card would support such resolution but the resolution would still not be available then the graphic card driver should be updated.

Anyway, first of all you have to check if the graphic card would support this. For that you have to check the user manual? I think at the end of user manual you can find all available resolution.

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I have just purchased a number of new M800's (model number - PPM81A-06L01J) and all have second monitors attached.

On all of the secondary monitors there are wavy horizontal lines. The secondary monitors are all of different make and model and different sizes. They are all also set to their native resolution and refresh rates. I have also got the latest video drivers installed . Does any body have any idea as to why this is and how to fix it?



Answer:Portege M800 - Horizontal lines on external monitor

I had a similar issue, it turned out to be the quality of the VGA Cable. Upgrading to a properly shielded quality cable fixed the problem :)

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The external monitor is with the main colour purple.

The labtop detects the monitor right and all works well, but there is since today a main colour purple over all.

Its the same wth a beamer!

Answer:Portege R700 - External monitor color is purple

How about the internal display?
Does the purple color appear on internal monitor too?

In case the internal monitor is OK, the graphic chip should be also OK and in such case I think the video out port (RGB / HDMI) or the cable connecting both devices could be affected.

In case the purple color would appear on internal display too, then the GPU (graphic chip) could malfunctions.

PS: what notebook model do you have excatly and how did you connect the external monitor/beamer to the notebook?

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My R700 is connected to a Hi Speed Port replicator and external USB keyboard. I would like to access the Toshiba function keys on the external keyboard, which means I need to emulate the Toshiba FN key.

I've seen references for other laptop models to solutions including a BIOS setting and in Toshiba HW Setup, but neither of these options seems to exist on my R700.

No doubt there is a simple answer...!

Answer:Portege R700 - Emulate FN keys on external keyboard


Unfortunately I think this is not possible. There are no external keyboards on the market where you can emulate the FN keys from notebook. Furthermore the notebook must also support this feature and that?s not known to me.

I don?t know why it?s so important for you but I think you must still use the FN keys on internal keyboard.

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Hi - I have just got a new Portege; R600-102. It is an excellent machine - very light and fast.

I connect to a Slim Port Replicator at the office and I would like to be able to dock and automatically use the external monitor without opening the laptop. Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to do this? This process worked fine on my recently retired Dell X300.

# I have the Portégé laptop closed and in standby mode
# I dock it into the Slim Port Replicator (SPR)
# I press the 'on' button on the SPR
# I see the "resuming windows" message and the countdown bars on the external monitor. (So I know it is connected and can see the external monitor)
# The laptop powers up but uses the (closed) laptop LCD screen
# I have to open it up and tell it to manually "output to monitor".
Can that be done automatically?

Thanks for any guidance.

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Answer:Portege R600 - How to automatically use the external monitor on docking


Do you use WXP or Vista?

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Vista SP2- fully updated.
I have 2 external drives for backup- last used about a month ago-Maxtor and Seagate.
Now neither are listed in Explorer, although the computer does know they are there because both come up when I use the 'Safely Remove' icon.

Both drives work in another Windows 7 desktop, and all R500 USB ports work with a flash drive and SD card reader. Have tried updating drivers.
Paragon Hard Disk Manager knows they are there as well, and will list their properties.

However, Paragon will not allow them to be used to backup. Any ideas?

Answer:Portege R500 recently does not recognise external drives


You could try to remove the USB hosts and USB controllers from the device manager.
Then reboot the unit. The USB controllers should be recognized automatically. Then connect one of the USB HDDs to the notebook?s USB ports and check if the device would be recognized.

You can also try to restart the *plug and play* service.
You will have to go to Computer Management (right click on Computer and choose Manage).
Then new Window would appear and here you should choose Services.

Choose *Plug and Play* and disable this (if enabled).
Then Enable this service once again and connect the USB HDD.

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Hi All

I need hell I just moved from a other laptop to the Portege Z30-16U, I have spent hours trying to connect my 2 external monitors to my Hi-Speed Port replicator III 120W but my laptop will only see one monitor.

I have been using 2 external monitors with my laptop for yrs as I do a lot or reading and I do not want to use only one and the laptop screen.

I have tried VGA cables and mix of a VGA and a HDMI but nothing is working.

Can anyone tell me how I can connect and view 2 external monitors with this laptop and port replicator, I cannot believe it is not possible it would make no sense that Toshiba would be so technilogically behind other laptop manufacturers.



Answer:Cannot connect 2 external monitors via port replicator using Portege Z30-16U


I am not familliar with the Portreplicator of Z30, but the general behaviour of the dual-displayconnector replicators is that 1 can be used.
Not 2 simultaneously.

I may be wrong and you should easily be able to check this - use only 1 at a time.
First one, then the other.
If both works when used alone, then my suspicion is right.

Hope this helps!


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"M200 Recovery using Floppy or SD Card
Posted: 15-Aug-2005 10:36
I am posting this in the hope it will help others seeking to use the recovery CD/DVD but without a bootable CD drive. I would like to acknowledge the Toshiba forum of

for the inspiration of how it was done.

1. You will need a floppy drive or an SD card plus any type of CD drive. If your M200 is not working properly you will also need access to another computer to prepare the floppy disk.

2. You will need to download some software: IsoBuster
and WinImage
or similar programs.

3. Put the Recovery CD into any computer and run IsoBuster. Click on Bootable CD on the left and then on the right you should see an .img file of size 1.41MB on the right. On my CD it's called Arnes Boot Record.img. Right click on it and extract the file. Close IsoBuster

4. Open WinImage and then File/Open this .img file. This will be your boot floppy with all the CD drivers you need. In Disk, ensure Use Floppy A: is ticked then Disk/Write Disk. Close WinImage

5. Connect floppy and CD drives to your M200, and boot up from the floppy. It will take some time to find the CD but it will and you will eventually get the recovery screen.

That's it! If don't have a floppy drive but have an SD card and a working M200 then Toshiba's SD card program will put the .img file onto the SD card and ... Read more

Answer:Portege M200: Booting from SD to external hard drive


as far as I know booting from an USB device is possible. So if you have an OS on an external HD, you should be able to boot directly from it.


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Toshina R700 fails to pick up external Drives, whether connected directly to that laptop or via a USB hub.
Nothing shows up in Device Manager or Disk Manager.

The laptops are running XP Pro 32 bit.

Mounted drives have been deleted from the registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Explorer\MountPoints2.

I currently have two remote workers with this problem

Answer:Portege R700 failing to pick up external HDDs

Do the external USB HDDs work with other computers?
Can you use the USB ports with other external USB devices?

Did you try to refresh or to reinstall the USB ports once again?
Do that. Remove/delete the USB controllers and USB ports & hubs from device manager and reboot the notebook.
Then the USB ports should be recognized again.

By the way; Win XP needs a installation of all service packs and all patches. I recommend checking this!

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Hi support!

I own a Portege R600 13Z and a ASUS VW224 VGA monitor. Native Resolution is 1680x1050 and connection directly over VGA cable (don't know whether there's a docking station). GPU driver date is 31.03.2010 version (the newest I believe).

The problem is that the monitor is flickering. The darker the displayed area the stronger the flickering is perceived. It is a "horizontal flickering", as if horizontal lines are chasing each other up and down the screen. It's very annoying.

Since neither the notebook monitor itself nor the ASUS Monitor with another computer show any flickers I believe the problem is rooted in the interaction of the described setup. On the monitor itself I can set different settings. Linked to the problem might be Clock 50 and Phase 54.

Windows tells me in the monitor config that refresh rate is 60. However, Clock and refresh rate can be set to the same without any change.

The meaning of phase I don't know.
Any ideas to solve the issue?


Answer:Portege R600-13Z - Flickering image on external monitor

> Since neither the notebook monitor itself nor the ASUS Monitor with another computer show any flickers I believe the problem is rooted in the interaction of the described setup. On the monitor itself I can set different settings. Linked to the problem might be Clock 50 and Phase 54.

I think it?s grounding issue.
Please check if the flickering would be available using only battery power.

I read a lot about such symptoms on external monitors.
In most cases the usage of 3 cord power cable would solve this problem.

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I'm trying to recover a Portege R100. Is there any other way to do it rather than use a "Toshiba recommended" drive, as I already have three external drives and really don't see any point in buying another.

Any help would be much appreciated


Answer:Can I use recovery CD with non-Toshiba external drives - Portege R100?


I think that should be possible. I mean, why not? Why should toshiba reduce it to their own drives?

Just use one of your external drives and give perhaps a little report how it worked.


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Hello all !

Just wanted to take five minutes to inform you that installing XP on a Portege R500 with USB external CD/DVD drive is possible, even if you already have erased Vista and only with a bootable CD of Win XP in hand.

First go into your BIOS and check / set first boot device is CD/DVD drive

Start your installation of win XP from the CD without the F6 thing and let it go his way

After a while, the installation stops and says "can't find the file xxxx" and you are invited to say where this file is

You "just" have to replace the drive letter "C:" that is given by default with the drive letter of your CD/DVD (and let the rest just like it is) and the installation will continue until the next "can't find..." and you will again replace the drive letter, etc..

After a complete "manually assisted automatic" installation, you are welcome in Win XP !

Next question is "Where can I find my CD/DVD drive letter ?" and the answer is "this is the next letter after your last HDD letter" (I consider you have only your Portege with nothing else plugged than your CD/DVD) so in most cases it will be "E" because C: is the first partition of your HDD and D: is the hidden / recovery partition that win creates.

But do not worry, if you type the wrong letter you will have as many tries as you wish until you find the good one and for the following "can't find..." it will remain the s... Read more

Answer:Portege R500: XP installation with USB external CD/DVD drive - SOLUTION

What a great information!
Thanks a lot for this posting.

I think it could be useful for others here.


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I recently became i happy owner of a Portege 2000 which was given to me for free(?!) from a family member that doesn't use it anymore.

When i first held it i felt impressed! Its so light and so beautiful.
It came with Windows 2000, which crashed after a while (just one day). So i decided to install windows Xp on it. But the portege has no external media drives that can be accessed through the bios, as i have come to conclude after reading several threads on this forum. After windows 2000 crashed i suspected that the hard drive may have some issues, but i decided that before i purchase i new 1.8" (very expensive) drive, i would try to install a fresh copy of windows XP os. So i bought a 1.8" to IDE hard drive adapter to plug it on my desktop. This thing works just fine as i can see the drive and also copy files on it.

But the problem for me is how can i install XP on the drive and then plug it back on the portege and make it work.

I tried installing windows through the desktop PC, and then after removing all the drivers from the device manager console, i re-install it on the portege. All i get is a grey bar that fills up on a black screen and then nothing.....

I tried to boot it in safe mode but after it loads some files it just gets stuck. I though that maybe if i did the installation on a different desktop there would be no problem, so i installed XP on all the desktops availiable to me (core 2 duo, Opteron, and athlon XP -socket A) with the exact same... Read more

Answer:Setup windows XP on a Portege 2000, with no external drives

yes, you can

format your 1,8" HD on a external PC, use fat32
copy the DOS-rootfiles from for example W98 or ME to the HD ( by using )
than copy the entire I386 directory from the XP-CD to the HD

when you install the HD in your 2000 it will start DOS on start-up
than go to the i386 directory ( command : cd i386 )
than start the XP-installation by typing : winnt.exe

during the installation-procedure, use the "convert to NTFS" command


PS : you can find more information in this topic :
the method is basically the same, but with a 1.8 - 3.5 adapter you can do it without a diskette drive and external CD

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Hi folks,

I just installed a Portege M400 with an external monitor from other manufacture. This monitor optimal resolution is 1680x1050. I installed the latest available Intel drivers from the toshiba web site together with the monitor drivers from display manufacture. I can't get this combination in its optimal resolution. Can someone of you help me with this issue please ?

One thing you should know : the monitor works perfect on an other portable... so it has nothing to do with the monitor itself...

Thanks in advance...

Answer:Portege M400: Resolution 1680x1050 on external display not available ?

Hi Steve

I think you are not able to use this resolution because it?s not available in the graphic card properties.
In my knowledge the graphic card driver doesn?t support different resolutions. Some of the resolutions are disabled or not listed in the graphic card driver.

Some users have solved such issue by using a different graphic driver but this was only possible on units with the nVidia or ATI graphic cards.
Unfortunately, I think there is nothing to do.

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i tried to go to 'disk management' and it says that fat32 is healthy, as is ntfs. my simpletech external hardrive is not being recognized by my xp. and im not sure how to fix it. please does anyone know how? i got a macbook and i want to transfer my music files from my pc and my ext. hardrive is not working.

Answer:Xp Does Not Recognize External Hardrive

I have the the same problem, and I have tried it a couple of PC's. I heard it was due to a windows update.

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Hello all,

I have a Windows XP 32bit with SP3 with up to date patches. When I try to access data from a Western Digital 250G external USB HD (which is formatted as exFAT) it says that it is not formatted and asks me to format it now. This same drive works fine when I attach it to a Win7 64bit workstation.

On the XP machine, I chose to format the drive using exFAT. I get the message "windows was unable to complete the format".

Now if I format the drive using NTFS I am OK. I even formatted the HD using exFAT on a Win7 64bit machine. When I place the HD back to the XP machine it sees the drive and the drive letter but keeps saying that it needs to be formatted.

In conclusion, the drive works on my Win7 both no matter what filesystem I use but in XP it only works as NTFS. I have no trouble seeing the drive or any drive letters. I even changed around the drive letters around from F to Z and I tried disabling the firewire connection (I read this on another site).

Normally I would just use NTFS and be done with it. However I wanted to use this drive to backup some things on my XBOX360 which does not recognize NTFS. Also (if im not mistaken) I wanted to attach this to a MAC and MAC won't recognize NTFS either but I believe it does recognize exFAT.

The HD is a little old but it does work fine. Any ideas?

Answer:XP won't recognize exfat external hd

If you don't have any files over 4Gb, I would use FAT32. I've actually had this exact same issue - what I did was partition the drive (160Gb) into 2 FAT32 partitions both formatted at 31Gb, then the rest of the disk space as NTFS. All three drives were recognized by both systems. Of course, the best way would be to purchase separate drives for each different file system you wish to use. Cheers.

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When I plug in my external HDD I hear the USB noise, but it does not show up under My Computer. It does however show up and it allows me to safely remove the device, though it doesn't have the original device's name (FlexDrive). So instead of "Eject Flexdrive" it says "Eject External".

I've been having this problem with this HDD for a while now, but I would just eject it and plug it back in and it would recognize. This time it was a different story, it is not recognizing, even though it lights up and the disk starts to spin.

This is what disc management shows as well (also showing what I meant when trying to eject):

EDIT: lol, for example right now. I just ejected it and plugged it in again and autoplay came up... =/

EDIT2: And now that I have it working, this is what it looks like:

EDIT3: And this is what disc management looks like when it is working:

Answer:Windows 7 does not recognize my external HDD

Glad to see you found your own solution and saw the drive initialized! GamerKingFaiz Welcome to the Seven Forums!

If you are now looking for seeing a drive letter remain longer even after unplugging and replugging the drive in you can reformat the factory Fat 32 if nothing is on it presently to switch that over to NTFS and assign the drive letter you prefer in the Disk Management tool.

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Hi so recently my PC has stopped recognizing any external devices such as cameras, HTC phone and iPad. I have ran malware and virus scans in safe mode and found nothing. I have also gone to device manager and nothing shows up whilst plugged in. I have uninstalled all drivers that correspond to the devices and re installed them with no luck. I have also done the same with MOBO drivers. All USB 2.0 ports have been tried and none of them work. USB drives however do still work in all of the ports. NOTE all external devices previously worked and the only thing about my PC i have changed is the keyboard and mouse since this started happening.

Any help would be much appreciated if anymore info is needed please ask. Here are some important specs:

Win7 64bit
8GB corsair RAM
Intel i5 3570k @ 3.4ghz
Gigabyte Z77-G3H MOBO

Answer:PC will not recognize any external devices?

I think you need to try some software for this procedure. Driver management tool that will find and update outdated drivers on your PC. I use this one. Maybe it will help you Bro ?

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HELP! I have a Lenovo ThinkPad SL410 Windows 7; my issue is that if I insert a USB flash drive everything works fine; HOWEVER, when I insert an external hard drive it does nothing! It is NOT the disk management setting. I have tried connecting a powered USB hub and it works, hence the ports work IF it is given a power boost but I want to be able to use any of my external hard drives without having to use a USB hub, please help with solution, is there a specific driver? Is there something I might be missing? Thank you all for your help!

Answer:SL410 won't recognize USB external HDD

hey algova73,
try this, have all usb ports empty.
plug a usb flash drive into any port.
go to device manager and expand the usb section.
uninstall the usb driver.
remove the usb flash drive and reinsert.
this should force windows to "install new hardware"
once done try your external harddrive

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I have a fantom drive, 1tb, USB 3.0 external HD and after a clean install of Windows 10 won't get recognized. When I start the drive I hear the tones as if it has been activated but doesn't show up anywhere. I have tried resatarting, turn off turn on, unplug replug over and over but all I get is the tone that says Windows sees it but still can't find it anywhere. I have reinstalled the USB 3.0 driver and according to device manager it is working fine. I don't know anymore tricks to try. Can anyone help?

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When I hook up my external hdd, I get "USB device not recognized". It was working fine a few days ago. It also tells me that "one of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned." My question is, is there any way to recover the files from this hdd? And if possible fix it completely, which i don't hope for too much.

Answer:Windows does not recognize external hdd

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I'm using a 2 year old Gateway NV53 laptop running WIN 7 Home premium, and I bought a new WD 2tb USB HD. The HD was immediately recognized when first connected, HD software loaded properly and initial backup performed successfully. The next day when I booted up the computer there was a message saying an unrecognized USB device was connected (I'll update this thread with the exact language when I next reboot). Checked Computer & Libraries and it wasn't listed. I shut down and connected the HD to a different USB port, and as before all was normal. Backup files were there and accessible. Backed up more files and shut down for the day. The next day, same problem: opening message that an unrecognized USB device was connected. The solution recommended by the error message was to disconnect and reconnect the device and if still unrecognized, replace the device. I've used an older, smaller (640gb) WD USB HD in the same port for several months with no problems.

Answer:WIN 7 laptop won't recognize USB external HD

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When I hook up my external hdd, I get "USB device not recognized". It was working fine a few days ago. It also tells me that "one of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned." My question is, is there any way to recover the files from this hdd? And if possible fix it completely, which i don't hope for too much.

Answer:Windows doe not recognize external hdd

Have you tested this external hard drive on another computer? Sure the USB wires are OK? Tried different USB port on your computer? USB enclosure could be the problem.

Yea you might still be able to recover stuff, if this is an IDE/SATA hard drive which is enclosed in a USB case. If the HD still works that is.

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