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Qosmio G40: TV Tuner not working in Windows 7 64bit

Question: Qosmio G40: TV Tuner not working in Windows 7 64bit


After months of patience and following the drivers-info on the Toshiba website,i found it was time to replaced my Vista32 Ultimate with Windows7 Ultimate. It seemed that all drivers now have a 64bit version working under Windows 7, the missing drivers/software could be replace with the Vista 64bit versions. Unfortunately i got some problems with the TOSHIBA PCI DVB-T/Analog TV Hybrid Tuner.

Just searched a couple of ours for a sollution to the TOSHIBA PCI DVB-T/Analog TV Hybrid Tuner (x64) problem with Windows 7. In hardware manager it shows an yellow triangle with an exclamation mark, telling me that there is a problem with the device. Via properties i get an error with code(39).

I have downloaded the drivers from the Toshiba website which returns the following files:
and an additional 'setISDBTDriverParameters'-regkey.

1) When i try to replace the drivers by via the properties in devicemanager, i get a message back that the best drivers are already installed and there is no better driver found.

2) Install manually
There are no instructions to install the downloaded files, nor the regkey. When i try to install the 'inf' file with rightclick, i get a installationerror the the selected inf-file does not suppoert this installationmethod.

3) When i try to use 'install old hardware', the system ends in blue screen when driver is selected and installed. After booting the system again falls into blue screen. So i had to remove the device using 'save mode'.

4) I also tried to install Vista 64bit, same behaviour as (3)

5) I tried both TV-Tuner 2_1_11-ISDB-T and TV-Tuner-2_1_1_0. However, imho the former should be used.

Finally i reinstalled the complete system (from scratch) but same problem occurs.

Any suggestions? I found different threads about only tips are given. Almost no one describes a working sollution.

I have not found any sollution

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Preferred Solution: Qosmio G40: TV Tuner not working in Windows 7 64bit

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Qosmio G40: TV Tuner not working in Windows 7 64bit

Which BIOS Version do you have installed?

Does the tuner work with the factory installation of Windows? (Run Toshiba Recovery from your Recovery Disc)

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Hello all!

I red all posts about problem of Toshiba PCI DVB-T/Analog TV Hybrid Tuner(x64) on Toshiba Qosmio G30-126 and Windows 7 64bit.
Unfortunatly, I didn't found solution in posts.

I have two Toshiba's laptops, old one Toshiba Qosmio G30-126 & new one Toshiba Qosmio G50-12K.
On the new one there is no problems with drivers and new Windows 7.

On the old one however there is 2 problems. One is with drivers for control buttons that does not exist. 2nd problem and more iritating is Toshiba PCI DVB-T/Analog TV Hybrid Tuner(x64) driver problem with (code 39).

Now, I know that here probobly there is no Toshiba experts ppl, but if there is any1 that succesfully resolved this problem, pls explain me bellow how you least until Toshiba decide to relese new drivers in near future.


Answer:PCI DVB-T/Analog TV Tuner driver issue on Qosmio G30-126 & Win7 64bit

Hey mate

The problem is that there are no Win 7 64bit drivers released for Qosmio G30 series.
You have to collect the drivers at your own hand!

Here you can find a nice posting:

You can test the Tuner driver for Qosmio G45-xxx series which seems to be compatible with G30.


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I've seen several posts claiming there are problems with the Qosmio DVB tuners
when used in the UK. Does anyone know what the root cause is? Is it
an issue with the DVB hardware, software or UK transmitters(unlikely)?

Is there anyone in the UK with a Qosmio series laptop who is HAPPY with the
DVB tuner? i.e. can receive freeview without picture freezing, blue screems etc.


Answer:Qosmio DVB tuner working in the UK ?


Please check this topic:

According to all this posts the DVB-T tuner problem exists only in the UK and ONLY with the digital signal and the technicians try to solve it.
The analogue signal works properly and you can watch the analogue TV without any problems!

PS: It is not necessary to start a new discussion about this issue!

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I've only recently needed to use the TV tuner, but I can't get it to work.

Have plugged the connector into laptop before startup, have ensured there is signal coming from the antennae, and have tried tuning the stations in via Windows Media Centre, but still nothing.

Am I missing something, or could my TV tuner be faulty?

Answer:Qosmio G-10: TV Tuner not working?


do you have the same problem using Qosmioplayer?

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I purchased Qosmio E15-AV101 without recovery CD's, I downoladed the drivers form toshiba web site.
then i installed windows XP Media Center on it, but when i tried to lunch the tv there was a message (this device is already used by another program). i tried to stop some of services and tasks but it was the same.
then i formatted my computer and installed the windows XP SP2, and i tried to capture for the TV using Windows Move Maker, but the result was the same.
also i installed windows vista... the same thing.

can anybody tell me what is the problem???
thank you in advance.

Answer:TV tuner of Qosmio E15-AV101 is not working


did you already tried using the program "Dscaler"? With this program you can watch TV with your card and almost all known cards run with that application without needing some extra drivers.

Just try it out and give some feedback if it works.

Here?s the link:


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I purchase this laptop 2 years ago for TV tuner and I still have problem with the TV tuner, I tried all driver that I have found on your site and was recommended.

I can see all programs but I have sound just for a small part of them
Of course I use an external TV tuner, but I told you the main reason that I purchase this laptop was the TV tuner.

In this moment I?m thinking to change my notebook and I will give this Qosmio to a friend ... without the external TV tuner, so please if someone can help me with a good driver.

I'm thinking very serious for my new laptop to not be Toshiba, if in 2 year cannot find a good driver.... it is incredible.

Answer:Qosmio F20 138 - need working TV tuner driver

Simply install the TV Tuner driver from the Toshiba Website:

Its a BDA driver so it can be used in Media Center.

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My name is m,k,sh i live in libya.
I have been purchased Qosmio G20-139 up to now it is working normal but i could not used this pc to watch channels from reciver satellite. I only get small screen in the screen of my pc.

In the operating manual said (tv tuner can not function only in country of purchase. it means in uk only)
My equation what can i do to solve this broblem.

Can i instal any software for example or another TV tuner?
The tv tuner in this pc they said is built-in.

thanks alot

Answer:Qosmio G20-139 from UK - TV tuner is not working in Libya


I think the UK tuner will not work in Libya due to different video standards. I?m talking about different PAL and NTSC settings.

In your case it would be advisable to use an external USB DVB-T tuner (if DVB-T is available in Libya) which would supports the PAL/NTSC settings in Libya.

I think you should search in some local notebook/computer stores and should ask some dealers for further details.


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Dear Support team

I purchased a Qosmio G20 in the UK through PC World. I live in Jersey and was planning to use the TV tuner here. As far as I know, as part of the UK, I would have believed that the tuner would work in the Channel Islands, however have not been able to receive a signal. I really doubt there's a specific tuner for the Channel Islands. Would you have any more information on this?

Many Thanks
Dr Kasinathan

Answer:Qosmio G20 Tuner not working in Jersey


Please don?t be disappointed about the fact that I am not member of any support team but as Qosmio owner I just want to help.

In my opinion there should not be any problem if on the Channel Islands is the same TV standard as in UK. I have tested my unit with cable TV and satellite receiver. It will be interesting to know which antenna is connected to your Qosmio G20.


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I have a Qosmio X305-708 and havent been able to get the fm tuner working, I have downloaded the latest fmx tuner,I have the latest sound drivers.

I have had my lappy for 6 months and it has never been working and I cant see the tuner on device manager

any suggestions?

Answer:Qosmio X305-708 - How to get FN tuner working?

Hi wozzab,

Is your X305-708 equipped with TV tuner? Have you checked this?

If it?s not listed in device manager you should check the BIOS settings. Maybe there is an option to disable/enable TV tuner.

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Hey everyone,

I just installed vista on my QOSMIO G20-102 (PQG20) laptop, i have Media Centre now.
My laptop did not come as MEDIA CENTRE EDITION, it came as Windows XP home edition (laptop bought sometime in July 2005).
I got 3 cables which i have no idea how to use..
laptop was bought from Dubai/Emirates and i live in Malta

These are the cables>

Now for my question(s):
1 Which of these cables dont i need? Im just trying to figure out how to get my satellite tv and/or digital cable to work on my laptop.
2 The antenna adaptor (see pic) is not for coaxial cable, what can i do?
3 I dont have WINDVR anymore because of the vista upgrade, Media Centre does the job but i dont know what to do.. this guide confused me even more >
I dont have IR control cable, i dont have a Remote Sensor (but i have some sort of built in remote sensor on the front side of my laptop.

Im looking for tips such as, buy this, get rid of this, install that etc..
Please, every thing that can help me is appreciated!
If you need more info just ask, im here ;)

Yours sincerely

Answer:Qosmio G20-102 TV TUNER: how to get it working - what cables are needed?

Hello ismael,
I will try to help on this, but it is a long way to road...
I do not know what Tv system is used in Malta (Pal ?)

The better way to configure your TV, is with the Media Center Edition 2005.
The cables:
look at the back of your TV setup cable box and look for the composite or SVHS output. If you have only the composite one, you can use the composite cable from the picture posted. if your TV cable box has the SVHS, so you must use it, for better image than the composite one. you must get a SVHS cable for this.
Look for the rca audio output, too. Use together with the composite cable for the Qosmio audio in.

But you must have:
1.IR control cable, for the media center 2005 configuration together with your TV cable box. this is cable attached to the remote sensor (look for plug on the back).

2.remote sensor, to your remote control and to configure with the remote control of your TV cable box. This way you can control the channels of cable box, using the remote control for your Qosmio G20 media center edition.
Resuming: you can change the channels of your TV cable box using the qosmio remote control.

3.remote control for you media Center 2005, the one that came with your Qosmio g20.

Open the TV configuration on Media Center 2005 and follow all the steps required for the installation.
You must follow the guide as explained in the picture you posted:

If you do not have al... Read more

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I am using Qosmio F50-125 and I just upgraded to Windows 7.
I just now found out that I have a TV tuner on my notebook and I dont know how to use it.

First I dont have drivers for my TV tuner and tried to download something like TV-tuner driver v. from the toshiba website, but there is not a typical setup.exe but just some files inside.

If you could tell me a bit more about how to use my TV option and how to install the proper drivers I would be truly grateful.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Qosmio F50-125 - How to use TV-FM Tuner in Windows 7

hi krastev.krastyu

- unzip the downloaded file ""
- doubleklick on the already extracted file called TC00234300A.exe or similar....
it will not work opening the zip file - you have to unpack to hdd!

this will install the needed drivers. this package is a installer.

if you unpack the "TCxxx.exe" files you have to install it manually...
if you dont be sure what to do let the install routine do the job...

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Hey everyone

I've been using a Qosmio F10. Now for a good couple of years, anyway it came the age old time to do a revovery cd restore just to speed her up again and giver her a fresh lease of life.

Everything worked fine after the reinstall apart from the TV in Media Center, there's no option to watch TV in the program, and when ever I try to go into TV settings I get the message "The tuner hardware is either malfunctioning or not installed. Please ensure that the tuner hardware and a valid driver are installed."

I have installed the latest driver, and I can get the TV working using the Qosmio player so the problem seems to lie with Media Center. I don't know what else to try, has anyone get any suggestions?

Answer:Qosmio F10 TV Tuner malfunction in Windows MCE


Did you install all updates?
Furthermore the TV tuner driver which you can find on the Toshiba driver page was designed for MCE. As far as I know the Qosmio player uses the own TV tuner driver.

The driver on the Toshiba page was modified at 01/08/05. It?s a 1.0.26 version.

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Have just done the following updates;

Windows XP Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - September 2009 (KB890830) 15 September 2009
Windows XP Security Update for Windows Media Format Runtime 9, 9.5 & 11 for Windows XP SP 3 (KB968816) 15 September 2009
Office 2003 Update for Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB973515) 15 September 2009
Windows XP Security Update for Windows XP (KB956844) 15 September 2009
Windows XP Security Update for Windows XP (KB973768) 15 September 2009
Windows XP Security Update for Jscript 5.8 for Windows XP (KB971961) 15 September 2009

However, although System Manager recognises the presence of the TV tuner, Media Centre no longer "sees" it as being installed.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers. Windows XP behaves as it should and no errors are generated. However, Media Centre still refuses to "see" the tuner.

If I do system restore and rollback to OS to before these updates, then MC works fine.

Has anyone else got this problem? Also, does anyone know which of these updates is causeing it or have a fix?

Thanks in advance.

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Answer:Qosmio F20-153 - Windows XP update causes MCE not to see TV tuner


I have no idea why the MS updates cause this issue but if the windows OS recognize the TV tuner and if the TV tuner is listed in device manager then this would mean that the TV tuner works properly.

I think the MCE is the problem.
Do you use the latest MCE?

Here you can find the official MS MCE page:

Maybe you will find some tips?.

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I have a Qosmio F30-140 and I bought for thaht laptop a Windows Xp Professional, but unfortunatelly I can't see a Tuner TV and I don't know how handle that problem? And the second thing I have a problem with Qosmio player too.
Is anybody knows how handle that?

Answer:Qosmio F30-140: No Tuner TV with Windows XP Professional

The Qosmio G30-140 supports definitely a DVB-T/hybrid TV tuner.
What do you mean with ?you can not see the Tv tuner???
Did you install all necessary drivers???

And what problems are with Qosmio player???

The notebook was delivered with MCE.
Install the OS from Recovery CD and connect the antenna cable to the Qosmio and search the channels in MCE!!!

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I have a _problem with TV-tuner driver after installation of Windows 7 64bit Professional (clean installation) on Qosmio G40_ (G40-111 , part Nr: PQG40E-01E007N5)

All drivers I downloaded from and installed manually one by one.

The system recognized the tv-tuner (TOSHIBA PCI DVB-T/Analog TV Hybrid Tuner (x64)) and installed the suggested driver....... but the device is not working properly:
- there is a small triangle sign with "!" in the Device Manager agaist this device;
- In Properties-General: "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)";
- In Properties-Driver: Driver version, Driver date: 3/28/2007;
- In Properties-Resources: This device is not using resources because it has a problem;
- Windows Media Center does not see the tv-tuner.

I have been using Vista 32bit Ultimate until now and the tv-tuner has been working fine.

In order to solve the problem I've tried all means I could think of during two nights:
- fresh new installation of Win 7 (no result)
- installation of the tv-tuner driver on freshly installed WIn7 BEFORE any other driver and chip set drivers..... the "!" appears straight away in the device manager and subsequest installation of other drivers does not help;
- downloading driver from US and European sites, for Vista and for Win7 (no result)
- uninstalling and re-installing, manual search for a device and as... Read more

Answer:Qosmio G40 - windows 7 - tv-tuner driver problem

I experienced the same problem on a Qosmio G30-212 (HD-DVD) PQG G32 in France.

I wondered since 4 days on all topics & forums dedicaced or related to this. Happily i speak a little bit this language and I followed the English' links.

Anywhere the solution appears.
No more the replacement of the G45 or 50 drivers for G30 nor the Vista X64 one.

I hope that tosh. is working on a new driver, on the contrary, already in a very bad temper about the cash of HD ( against BR ) if the solution will be to buy a PCMCIA/Express card or USB add-on Tv tuner, I,ll be a litle bit anger.

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I've search for a solution to my problem but as yet haven't seen it anywhere.
My issue is with my G50 (Aust version PQG55A-04J01Y) which has the FM tuner (Toshiba FM Tuner FM-100 v1.1.0.48) and the TV tuner (Toshiba USB DVB-T/Analog Hibrid Tuner v built in.

I am running Vista Home Premium (32bit) with all the latest updates from Microsoft.
I can't get the two to work together, they only work separately.
I'm not talking about at the same time. I need to setup each one everytime I swap between them.

* To set them up I open up WMC and go to:
* "Tasks"
* "Settings"
* "TV"
* "Set Up TV Signal"
* Confirm my region as being Australia
* WMC then download the lastest info for my region and I then get to "Select Your TV Signal"
* Here I get to choose between "Cable", "Satalite" and "Antenna"
* I select "Antenna" and click on next
* I then get to choose between:
# "Analog terrestrial (PAL/SECAM)" - which activate the FM tuner
# "Digital terrestrial (DVB-T)" - which activates the TV

If I set up the TV I lose access to my FM radio and WMC tells me that I don't have a FM tuner installed.
If I set up the FM tuner I lose my any TV channels I've already saved.

Why can't the two work together?? :_|

Answer:Qosmio G50 - FM Tuner/TV Tuner don't work together

I believe its because the Radio and TV Tuner are in the same device, and the device can't run in Analog and Digital mode at the same time.

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I have recently bought a G40 10E and was wondering how you configure the dual Tv Tuner within Windows media Center to enable me to watch and record Tv at the same time.
I have tried downloading the new driver from the Toshiba download page but this seems to not make any difference as Media Center doesn't give me the option to configure 2 tuners.

Any help would be greatful

Michael Bowen

Answer:Qosmio G40-10E: How to configure dual Tv Tuner within Windows Media Center

Hi there,

It?s not possible with the current configuration in your machine since you have only ONE tuner (internal) in your machine and it?s not upgradeable which means the media center does just recognize one tuner. To have two tuners for your media center you must purchase an external USB tuner/dvb-t tuner for your machine and then you will be able to watch and to record at the same time.


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Can someone help me get the most out of Windows Vista media Centre with my new Qosmio G50.

There is a tuner inside this laptop and I've got the aerial and its plugged in. The drivers all seem to be installed but WMC tells me I don't have the hardware to run FM stations and I can't get it to work. I also can't get media centre to record yet either although I can watch TV no problems at all.

Does someone out there have the answer?

Answer:Qosmio G50 - Can't install FM Tuner under Windows Vista Media Centre?


Are you 100% sure your G50 has been equipped with FM tuner?

As far as I know some models of G50 has been equipped with a TV tuner an with TV antenna port which allows you to connect a coaxial cable to this port to watch a TV programs and to record then.
But as I said before, this functionality is not provided with all G50 models.

Sorry but I didn?t find any infos regarding the FM tuner?.

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I have seen a question about the tuner FM in the Qosmio G20 series (and other notebooks with Qosmio Player). Users have answered that Qosmio Player hasn't the tuner FM! This is wrong!

I have made a manual scan in Qosmio Player using the scan by frequency and it's possible to scan the range of frequency of the FM. So I have found some radio stations that I can save. The resolution is not the best but you can easily find some radio stations!

Answer:Qosmio G20: Qosmio Player and Tuner FM

sometimes there are variations among models in different countries, that could be why they said it doesnt have FM tuner

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Relevance 60.68% to install windows xp 64 on my qosmio G30-219? seems that Toshiba doesn't support it! Or have i missed something?

Help please!!!!

Answer:How to install Windows XP 64bit on my Qosmio G30-219

Of course you can install it on the Qosmio G30.
The problem is that you will not find any Toshiba 64bit XP drivers on the Toshiba driver page!!!

Well, I?m not sure why but I presume the Toshiba notebooks were not delivered with 64bit OS and therefore 64bit drivers don?t exists.

I assume you cannot install the 64bit XP on the Qosmio because you have not included an RAID driver!!! Am I right?
The RAID driver is need and important to recognize the HDD!!!
You can include it pressing F6 during the windows setup installation procedure

So it?s one little hint!

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Hello, I would like to buy a Toshiba Qosmio X70 - B - 112. Are for this device driver for Win 7 ultimate 64 bit available ?
Thanks for the help

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Are utilities as "Value Added Package" or "Config Free" running on Windows 7 64bit? They are given by Toshiba to be downloaded only for Windows 7 32bit.
My computer Qosmio G30-223

I was told that almost all sofwares are running on Windows 7 64bit. Is it Ok as well for these utilities?
And if yes, why not mentioned by Toshiba?



Answer:Qosmio G30-223 - Utilities for Windows 7 64bit


You can try the utilities for Windows 7 64bit but I doubt they will work. The utilities are designed for 32bit OS and not for 64bit OS.

In your case I would check the Toshiba website for 64bit tools. For example if you search for Qosmio G50 and Windows 7 64bit you get the utilities they should work on your Qosmio too.

Check this!!!

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I would like to know if someone can run firefox browser (not in safe mode) on Qosmio G50-10i using Windows 7 64bit. Since I changed the operating system 32bit to 64bit I can not use Firefox browser unless change the browser to safe mode.
Do not know if it is a problem of the computer or the web browser.

A cross-check will be usefull

Answer:Qosmio G50-10I - Can't run Firefox on Windows 7 64bit

Hi buddy,

Of course you can use Firefox on Qosmio G50. Why it shouldn?t be possible? Firefox can be used on every computer.

In my opinion you should try reinstalling it. Download the latest version and update it. Maybe it works.

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I have 2 Toshiba laptops, Qosmio X300-14U and Satellite T130-12K, and my question is:
Could I use the Windows 7 64 bit drivers from the Satellite on the Qosmio ?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Could I use the Windows 7 64bit drivers from the Satellite on the Qosmio?

Hi frakri,

Which drivers you mean exactly? Display, chipset, sound, etc.?

Theoretically it should be possible but it?s depending on the hardware. For example if your Qosmio has the same chipset as Satellite you can use these drivers. Otherwise it would not work because the hardware is different.
Check the specifications firstly!!!

Furthermore you can get all drivers here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

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Hello..i recently upgraded my G40 to win7 64bit and have been very dismayed at all the missing drivers.

so far

1 Cd/hd dvd drive - driver not supported on this product - it was when it was on vista 32 - now i just get cd drive error.??
2 tv tuner - no driver available
3 av controller - no driver available
4 acoustic silencer - no driver available
5 finger print software - installed driver - no hardware found?? it definatly has one looking at it.
6 hdmi control manager - no driver available
7 infrared driver- no driver available

some of these drivers i can do without - (finger print im not worried about 0 but the CD/HD DVD drive is a real problem..
Im normally reasonably fine with installing all these drivers...but it seems there are non there ..or they dont see the hardware....please help.

Answer:Qosmio G40 - Windows 7 64bit and missing drivers

As I can see some Win7 64bit drivers are available. For all missing drivers try to use Vista 64bit drivers.
As far as I know offered Win7 drivers are for upgrade only so Toshiba offers important drivers only.
Have you already tried to use Vista 64bit drivers for missing hardware components?

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Hi folks,

I have a Qosmio G30-204. I've upgraded the RAM to 4GB. It has Windows Vista 32bit currently installed.

I'm planning on installing windows 7.
Can I install Windows 7 64bit or would it have to be the 32bit?

What is the difference between 32bit and 64bit anyway?

Answer:Qosmio G30-204 - Should I install Windows 7 32bit or 64bit?


If you have upgraded the notebook to 4GB RAM you should install Windows 7 64bit. On all 32bit OS you can only use ~3.2GB due the 32bit limitation.

That?s also the difference between 32bit and 64bit, the supported RAM size. ;)

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As I want to change my OS from VISTA (32bit) to Windows 7 (64bit) I am about downloading all driver necessary for proper function of my laptop in the future.

When choosing my laptop (Qosmio F50-10M) and the OS (Windows7-64bit) there is no more infrared driver (for my remote control).

Do I need to have a driver for the infrared interface (as I have and is downloadable with VISTA32)?
If so, where can I get it?

Thank you for assistance!

Kind regards,

Answer:Qosmio F50-10M - Infrared driver for Windows 7 64bit missing

Hi Starmind_1,

I don?t have remote control for my Qosmio F50 so I can?t test it but if there is no driver for Windows 7, I assume the Vista 64bit driver should work properly on Windows 7. Furthermore the most Vista drivers also work on Windows 7 so it?s worth a try! :)

But from my own experience I can say that Windows 7 64bit works like a charm on Qosmio F50 and in my opinion better as Vista. I have used all drivers from official Toshiba website and don?t have any problems.
Everything runs great! :)

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I have just made Windows 7 64bit clean installation and there are unknow device (ACPI\TOS6205) , (ACPI\ENE0200) and MULTIMEDIA CONTROLLER.

Somebody can help me?


Answer:Qosmio F50 - Unkown devices after Windows 7 64bit installation

> unknow device (ACPI\TOS6205)

It looks like you need a Toshiba Bluetooth driver try to download it from here:

> (ACPI\ENE0200)

I think you should install infrared driver:


Install a sound card driver

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Hi there,

I would like to upgrade my X300 -130 from vista home to windows 7 64bit or Vista business 64bit.
I've seen the drivers on Toshiba's website. But i'm not sure in what order should they be installed.

Can someone please tell me in what order should the drivers be installed?


Answer:Qosmio X300 - Installation order for 64bit Windows

I think that installations order for 32-bit and 64-bit is the same. There is no difference at all. Windows 7 is not supported at the moment and you will not find drivers or other Toshiba stuff for download.
So you can install Vista 64-bit. It is supported and drivers, Toshiba tools and utilities can be downloaded from Toshiba support page under

Do you need some assistance with installations order?

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Does Qosmio F30-140 support windows XP/Vista 64bit operating systems, and if it does, where can I find the 64bit drivers?

Answer:Does Qosmio F30-140 supports Windows 64bit operating systems

download and run "Intel Processor Identification Utility "


Check "Intel(R) 64 Achitecture" in "CPU Technologies" Tab

Good luck

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I have some problems with the newest display-driver from the toshiba-webpage for my QosmioX500. The driver is from june 2010 and so long older now. Will there be shortly a new one from toshiba or is it possible to use the newest driver form the nvidia-page without forcing problems with the notebook?


Answer:Qosmio X500-121, Windows 7 64bit, will there be a new display-driver?

Hi buddy,

What problems you have exactly with newest Toshiba display driver? I mean if display driver was released in June 2010 it?s still a pretty new driver and why should be a newer version available?

Generally speaking you shouldn?t use the nVidia drivers because they don?t have an overheat protection and are not tested on your system. Nobody knows if they run properly or not so everything happens on your own risk!!!

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My Qosmio G30 (PQG32L) found 4GB of memory but only 3.25GB usable memory. I upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit but it not help.
BIOS reports 4GB RAM.

OS Windows 7 64 bit

Anyone can enable Qosmio G30 usable memory to 4GB?

Answer:Qosmio G30 (PQG32L) - Can only use 3.25GB memory on Windows 7 64bit

What Intel Chipset is in the G30? (Run CPU-Z to find out. Google is your friend)

Some Intel chipsets are hardware limited to about 3GB.

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Ive just bought Cakewalk its not finding any midi output for Windows 7 64bit, in my Qosmio X500.
Can anyone help?

Answer:Qosmio X500 - Midi not found in Windows 7 64bit

Have you already contacted Cakewalk support about that?
I mean they are experts for own product and I presume it was tested on different hardware platforms.

You must understand that notebook manufacturers don't support third part software or hardware.

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I have a Qosmio G50 that I have upgraded to Windows 7 64bit. My BIOS is unupdated from 6 months ago when I bought the machine.

I went to update the BIOS just to keep things up to date, so I went through the online driver wizard:

And with all the above information inputted, it provides:

After unzipping and running P0060v210.exe, it extracts and then says:

" [Error] BIOS Update is not supported OS. Unsupported OS or service pack is installed. " (Word up to all my Googling friends!) "

Does Toshiba have a BIOS update for the Qosmio G50 that is supported on Windows 7? Specifically 64bit? They should fix this glitch that directs you to download this file when it clearly isn't supported by Windows 7.

Also, I tried to run it in compatibility mode with Windows XP SP2 and it ran fine -- but I was nervous about going through with the update if it originally doesn't support Windows 7, so I don't continue at the next prompt. Is it safe to do this? Has anyone else in this situation done it without issues? I've read that BIOS updates can go horribly wrong if not careful, so I'm hesitant to update the BIOS by running the updater in compatibility mode when it doesnt support Windows 7 on its own!

Thanks in advance for any assistance and Merry Xmas.

Answer:Qosmio G50-129 PQG55E - 64Bit Windows 7 Upgraded - How To Update BIOS?

I will advise to shut down all the programs that thay runing like Bluetooth, camera ...
and try again

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I need the *driver list and installation order list* of my *QOSMIO F50-12B - PQF55E* for *WINDOWS 7- 64.*

For example:
Install by order:

1-Chipset Utility
2-Value Pack
3-Touchpad Driver
... and so on.

_An Expert's solutions needed._

Thank you.

Answer:Qosmio F50-12B - Driver installation order list for Windows 7 64bit

Hi kurtb,

The user “C3PO” did already post the installation order for Windows 7 64bit on Qosmio F50. Did you find this thread?
> {quote:title=C3PO wrote:


> }{quote}-Windows 7
> -Chipset driver
> -Storage Manager
> -Display driver
> -Sound driver
> -LAN driver
> -WLAN driver
> -Bluetooth driver
> -Infrared driver
> -Modem Utility
> -Card reader driver
> -Webcam driver
> -Toshiba Value Added Package
> -Toshiba Flash Cards Support Utility

And if FN keys don’t work after Windows 7 installation you should check this interesting thread:

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Is Qosmio G20 tuner also a radio FM Tuner ?

Answer:Has Qosmio G20 Tuner FM?


Did you find somewhere FM tuner option in MCE?

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I have just taken delivery of an F10. Excitedly I connected the jack at the back of the PC to the ordinary Arial and searched for the signal by auto scanning using the media wizard. No signal was detected. I tried using the RF analogue signal from my Sky digi-box that must be a good a signal as one can get. Still nothing. In both cases the co-axial cable was carrying a healthy signal as evidenced by the TV happily playing all the channels on the cable from both sources

Any one know what to do? or is this wonder Qosmio F10 a joke!!

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Answer:TV Tuner Qosmio F10-125

Hi Ron

As far as I know you should use ?Composite in? port if you want to watch TV using Qosmio player. In this case you can change channels on your external receiver and watch it on your Qoamio. In this case Qosmio player should find just one channel.

Composite in port is for video and audio signal. If you use S-VHS in it is just for video signal without sound and I am not sure if this can works properly with Qoamio player.
Please try it again with Composite in port. I am very interesting if there is some success.

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I have a G20 and have never been able to get a signal. I have tried both from the terrestrial aerial and also from my SKY box via the RF1 input. Does anyone know what I could be missing?

Someone told me I might need a download from microsoft but wasn't sure what (they work in PC World). I live in the UK and although the terrestrial signal isn't great, satellite should surely work. Any ideas much appreciated.

Answer:Qosmio G20 - TV Tuner

The auto detect of TV signal doesn't work in Windows MCE. Try detecting a TV siganl in Qosmio player mode - that should work. Or use the setup my TV signal manually under windows MCE

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I recently purchased an F20 but cannot tune in the TV. I followed the instructions in windows media and when tuning through the main TV aeriel I get no picture. I am no expert with computers so am well and truely stuck. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Qosmio F20: How to use the TV-tuner?


If you use the MCE you should check the settings.
Check the option "Set up TV signal" then follow the configuration instruction.

Did you check also the Qosmio player?

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Hi There

Can any one tell me if it is possible to connect the Satalite Directly to the G40 Laptop meaning:
- i have my Dish Plate on the roof so using the Coax cable which come from that plate can i connect the other end directly to the laptop.

- and yes (just in case you wanna ask) i have a set-top box which i use if i wanna watch this Dish on the TV.

- but what i wanted to do is to connect this coax cable directly to the laptop without using the set-to box just don't want to be always next to the set-top box, say that the set-top box is in the living room and i wanna use the laptop on another room i don't have to get a cable from the set-top box running through the whole place (that coax cable are on every room through the wall) beside doesn't make any sense to me ....if i have a set-top box that means i have a TV so why should i stick next to the TV to watch the TV on the laptop.

- it is not Crazy as i had a ATI card before in my desktop computer and i used to connect the same Dish Plate Coax cable directly to it and was able to watch all the channels and change the channels with the remote control.

- so just in case this TV Tuner card (on G40) can't do this is there anyway to make it work like using any software Decoder or anything else.


Answer:TV Tuner in Qosmio g40

As far as I know you can connect directly only if you have cable TV. Using satellite it must run over sat-receiver. Solution to your latest question is not known to me. Maybe you should ask experts in some electronic shop. They should be familiar with this stuff.

If you will find some solution please let me know because I use satellite too.

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so i am having a very hard time with my x300 laptop due to a problem with my maxtor 1 touch usb drive.

i have upgraded from the vista x64 system image to a retail/technet win7 x64 install using the upgrade method (aka not a clean install, although i have tested both methods with the same problems)

on the toshiba drivers page i only have options to download vista intel chipset drivers, and on the win7 driver page it has nvidia drivers instead.... which is wrong for my laptop model.

*start rant*
i tried calling toshiba tech support to inquire about downloading the latest intel drivers from them. this was no help since it lead to an arguement about how the toshiba win7 upgrade disc will have the drivers on there and how a retail windows disc wont have them, etc etc. fine great i know that, but where do i download them? and do i need to call toshiba everytime there are bug fixed for chipset drivers so they can ship me a new disc. needless to say toshiba support is not good at all. 4 times i have called them and all times i am told it will be escalated to a senior support engineer and a call back will be done in 24-48 hours, and a week later i find myself calling them back to find out what happened. some of the issues were hard to fix, other i was able to solve myself given enough time. in all cases no one was knowledge able enough to work through or troubleshoot the problems, let alone make any valid or logical suggestions.
*end rant*

so in my case i have intel 45 e... Read more

Answer:Qosmio X300 - Chipset drivers for Windows 7 64bit and USB drive freezes

hi nonsence,
sometimes some wont work together...

in same rare cases the usb-controller of your notebook wont work together with the chipset of your external drives...

try to deaktivate "usb legacy" option in bios
if this dont work for you try another drive, make sure that it isnt the same chipset as you are using now...
if none of the suggestions work the easiest thing is to detach the drive while booting...

this behaviour is mostly seen between intel and via chipsets...
my desktop computer has the same "freaking thing" if i connect usb drives and sticks... they prevent the system from booting...

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My laptop G30-195 (Russia), I have very unusual hardware problem, that's a long story and it's work fine now. I live out of civilization and there is no computer repair center around, I have some IT skills and fix what I can by my self

I want to remove a useless hardware - tv tuner, never use + it's takes tones of space inside + seems aggressive heating because of a bit roasted isolation around.

Is this safe to remove it?

Answer:Qosmio G30-195 - Can I remove the TV Tuner?

It wont hurt to remove the TV Tuner. The system will still boot and run properly.

You should uninstall the Tuner Driver first to avoid problems later.

You should be careful dismantling the machine yourself, there are many delicate parts that can break easy. An Authorized Service Partner can do it for you if you are worried about damaging components.

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I have a Qosmio F10 that comes with a tv tuner. The software that comes with it to watch tv is Inter Video WinDVR 5. But the problem is that this software seems to be very slow, changing channels takes like 5sec to go from channel to channel,...
Does anyone know how to resolv this problem? Or should i use another software, and if yes, which one? (I have tried to download some softwares on teh internet, but none were compatible with the card that comes with the Qosmio.
Thank you.

Answer:Slow TV Tuner on my Qosmio F10


I have really never heard about this kind of issue. It will be interesting to know which Qosmio F10 you have. Most of Qosmio notebooks are delivered with WMC edition and Qosmioplayes. Both of them allow you to watch TV programs.

If you can give us more information about your unit please write again and if there is a solution for your problem it will be interesting to know how you solved it.


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Dear All,

Notebook Model: Toshiba Qosmio G30

I have formatted notebook and installed Windows XP pro, I did my best installed all drivers and programs. I began to test notebook, I have seen one problem TV tuner. As we know before in notebook was Windows Media center edition. There we can easily use TV tuner with default soft.
My question is that, in WINXP PRO, how can I use TV tuner? Antenna cable and other issues already solved. When I am pressing TV button in notebook no reaction. Please assist me to use TV tuner. In Drivers CD I have installed all drivers and programs, but still no reaction.

Waiting your feedbacks!

Answer:Qosmio G30 TV tuner problem

most of hardware/software regarding the TV tuner are made to work with Windows media center only ,but i think you can try using third party software to work with Windows XP pro.

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While trying to set up my computer in order to watch TV via my internal TV tuner I managed to set up the picture but never got sound.

I'm running XP SP3 and using K!TV and DScaler.
Tryed also other programs with the same result. Any Ideas?

Answer:Qosmio F30-140 - No sound on TV tuner

Do you hear sound in Windows Media Center?

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Hi All,

Is there any program other than the Windows media center that you can watch TV on and work for Qosmio F30-140?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Qosmio F30-140 and TV-tuner software


There are a lot of programs where you can watch TV. You have only to use Google to find it and I think you can do this yourself. ;)

As you already wrote you can use Windows media center function, Toshiba software that should be delivered with the notebook and I use DVB viewer ( ).
Check this tool! It?s freeware and easy to use.

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I found software (radio tuner) but the problem is I couldn't run it. I don't have hardware (Floppy disk drive) to run on it.
And maybe it is not compatible for my Qosmio F30. Is there any another software that compatible for laptop?

Answer:Qosmio F30 and Radio tuner for WMC

I saw your posting where you asked about this software. Why you didn?t wrote there where you found it exactly. This can help other forum users.
Sorry but it is not so cool just to ask something, read answers and ignore what other people wrote to you.

So if you have European notebook model it will probably not work. As far as I know US models have this function.

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Is it possible to get local FM Radio stations on my F20-136 Qosmio. It has a Digital TV tuner built in, can i somehow configure it or use a 3rd party software to get my local station or is a PCMCIA FM tuner card my only option?

Answer:FM Radio Tuner on F20-136 Qosmio


Check please this topic

The possibility with third part hardware is not known to me. For that you must contact hardware producer.


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Hi everyone,

I have a Qosmio F20 notebook, I have got some problems using the built-in TV tuner with an other TV decoding software than the one suplied with the computer WinDVR5. I can watch tv on this software but when i try other programs such as the on from cyberlink, bonavista, VLC,... I never get any image. Is it a restriction of the Toshiba tuner or is it a setting i did bad?



Answer:Is TV tuner on Qosmio F20 restricted?


As far as I know this tuner is designed for Windows Media Centre Edition. Every TV tuner can not be used with every available software. Just for example: I know for sure that Toshiba USB TV tuner can not be used with Windows MCE but only with delivered Savvy software.

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Hi, my os XP PRO sp3, can't recognize my PCI TV TUNER type with Qosmio G20,
i try to download driver, bit it is not solved.
Thank for your help

Answer:PCI TV TUNER type with Qosmio G20

i am waiting for the response , i think it is better that the support from Toshiba respond me.
but i can't create a new driver for the PCI TV Tuner type W. before i have XP MCE and now XP Pro SP3
Many thanks for your help.
I have also a problem to upgrade my bios 1.30 for 1.40, the MSG is no administrator privileg, but i am administrator.
My laptop is a Qosmio G20

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Hello, I recently got a qosmio G30-175. Could any one tell me how I can use the digital TV tuner in the qosmio player mode? Thank you

Answer:How to use digital TV tuner on Qosmio G30?

Hi there

You're not going to like this but unfortunately the digital tuner is not an option under Qosmio player.

The QosmioPlayer software is actually quite limited- you really need to boot up Windows Media Centre to get the full functionality of your machine which is a shame. Still there is a chance toshiba may update the QP software in time to accomodate such things as the digital tuner.

Even so, you still have one of the best laptops on the market, so I'd focus on that.



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I have installed the Vista SP1, and when I try to see TV in media center, it says that "a required windows media center component is missing" or something like that.

When I try to configure it in the settings, it says that the hardware was not detected, and I have it installed, I can see that in the device manager.
Does some one have the same problem or have any ideas about how can I solve this?


Answer:TV tuner cannot be used in Vista SP1 - Qosmio G


Which Qosmio notebook model you have exactly?
Have you noticed any problem before you have installed SP1?

To be honest I can imagine that SP1 can have some negative influence on drivers and hardware functionality. At the moment Toshiba does not support SP1 and driver updates are still not available.
Can you try to roll back OS to earlier time to test TV tuner functionality again?

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Hi I have a Toshiba G20 Qosmio.  :)It has windows xp installed on it. As you know, One of the features that it has is that it comes with a built in Tv Card. The recommended software to be used is called Qosmio Player. Where can I locate the installation file for this? I have tried running the recovery cd for this and it doesnt work  . I am from South Africa. Please advise.

Answer:Qosmio G20 - Tv tuner software

The >Toshiba forums< have your answer.

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I have a QOSMIO F20-155 notebook computer. Recently I formatted the computer. Unfortunately, I could not load the driver for TV TUNER. I have downloaded all the drivers from Toshiba web site. All drivers are working fine except the TV TUNER DRIVER.

Kindly help me to solve this problem. Please give me a link to download the exact driver from your website..
I have lost the original driver CD.
Waiting for your response....
i will be gratefull to you if you could send a mail to my email ... [email protected]

Thank you

tom, Saudi arabia

Answer:Qosmio F20-155: Need right TV tuner driver


I don?t know what is happen on your notebook and why the driver will not load but on the Toshiba driver page you will find two TV tuner drivers: one for WinXP and second for Win MCE.

Be sure that you use the right driver!!
Furthermore if you don?t use the Toshiba recovery CD so you have to install the Toshiba drivers and utilities in the right order. This is very important. On the driver page you will find the installation instruction.

Please follow this guideline!!!

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I have the Qosmio F20-136 with the Digital TV Tuner.

When i record a tv program approx 30mins long, it takes up alot of hard drive space even when am recording with low quality. I am using Windows MCE to record.

Is there another way to record which uses less hard drive space and not having to edit later to reduce the space?

Answer:Qosmio F20-136: Recording from TV Tuner to HDD


I don?t believe that you can do much about that. Check please this page


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I have QOSMIO F-30 112.
I cannot watch the DVB-T TV because in Slovkia is no signal.

But there is also "hybrid analog" tuner, it does mean I can connect my Qosmio to classical aerial/antena (analog TV) and watch trough clasical aerial, or not?? how is it??

If I choose in NERO 7 premium aerial connection, it is not able to find any program. What I have to do?? Is my Qosmio able to recieve analog signal?
Plz help, is there any other useful software, except WMC ???

.. thx

Answer:Qosmio F30-112 with an Analog TV Tuner


As far as I know the Qosmio F30-112 supports a DVB-T/hybrid tuner and it should be possible to receive the common analog TV channels.
You have to connect the notebook to antenna via delivered cable.

The notebook has installed WinXP MCE so you should you use the media center for watching the TV!

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I bought my F10 about 2 years ago. It's actually an F10-101. I chose it from the local (Turkey) official Toshiba website. On the web page it told that F10 comes with a TV Tuner (as all Qosmios do). Also I checked it from the website. Actually the local page was just a copy/paste from the ODEL=1&service=EU

2-3 days later, I went to buy the computer. Since I knew the specifications, I didn't ask any questions. When I got to home, I realized that there was no TV Tuner on my machine, nor remote control. I called the dealer I bought from, they told none of the F10s have TV Tuners.

I mailed the local Toshiba Distributor about the problem, why that is so. They did not even condescend to reply. The TV Tuner feature was also removed from the site 2-3 days later (I also mailed Toshiba International, but I was told to contact the local distributor).
I actually did not buy my Qosmio for its TV Tuner feature. But isn't this what Qosmio's are made for?

I did not think of returning the computer back to the dealer, since it was a very good machine besides its multimedia capabilities. I say "was", because of some motherboard problems I am facing nowadays. I am somewhat starting to brown off it.

What would you do if same thing happened to you?

Answer:Qosmio F10-101 does not support a TV tuner


may I ask you where you did you read on this page that the machine has a TV-Tuner? OK, a remote control was listed in bundled hardware for that XP MCE stuff, but I didn?t read anything about a TV-Tuner...


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I can't get the sound working when i use the tv tuner in windows media centre. Can anyone help me?

Answer:Qosmio G30-126 - no sound when i use TV tuner

Hi Marius

Firstly you should check if the sound controls are set to the high level.
This can be checked in the control panel -> audio and sound devices

Did you also check the details of the Media Center ?Settings????

Under ?Settings? -> ?General? -> ?Media Center Setup? you should check the ?Setup your Speaker? and ?Set Up TV Signal? settings.

Please choose the right country. This is important because every country uses different PAL signal.

Ohhh?I have forgotten to mention that you can change the PAL and NTSC settings in the BIOS.

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Hi There

I have a Toshiba G20 Qosmio. :) It has windows xp professional installed on it.

I can access the Qosmio Player (pressing the tv button) when the laptop is off. I get a snowy picture.

I donnot have a remote. I am from South Africa.

Can someone help with the following:

- Do I need a remote to tune to a psecific frequency?
- If no, how do I tune to a specific frequency without a remote?
- How do I access the user interface on the Qosmio player?
- Can the Qosmio player be accessed from Windows?
- Is there a guide on how to setup and use the Qosmio player? If yes, please provide download link.


Answer:Qosmio G20 - How do I get the tuner to work?


How do you want to watch TV?
What Qosmio player do you have?
As far as I know the Qosmio Player versions 4.3 and older do not support DVB-T signal.

Furthermore I?m not quite sure if you would be able to receive the TV channels in South Africa if this Qosmio G20 has been released in European country.
The point is that the internal tuner would not receive the signals due to different PAL/NTSC settings.

Regarding the channel scanning:
Please check this thread:

In order to run scan you have to start the Qosmio player, press the F1 key and go into setup.
There you can do a scan. You don?t need the remote control!

The other fact is that the Qosmio Player is not Windows based applications and you cannot start if from Windows. If Windows is running then you can use the MCE (Media Center) instead of Qosmio player.

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I can't seem to be able to receive any form of TV signal on my Qosmio F10.

I have tried both automatic and manual setup of the TV signal within Windows Media Centre, whilst connected to different aerial points and my satellite receiver, but the software never manages to actually receive any form of signal.

I have checked that each of the cables works correctly by connecting it to a TV, and there is definitely a good signal.

All I can think is there is a problem with my Toshiba TV Tuner hardware (I uninstalled it and rebooted to reinstall the TV Tuner drivers), or possibly the little adapter cable.

Anyone else had this problem?

Any ideas??

Answer:Qosmio F10: Cannot setup TV Tuner!

OK... No-one has got any ideas, then!

Here's an update... I took my Qosmio F10 back to the shop where I bought it and showed them the problem.

They were very helpful and offered to let me test their display machine. It struggled, but eventually picked up a fuzzy signal from an aerial point.

They agreed that my Qosmio was faulty, and pulled a new one out of stock. We decided to check it quickly, only to find that the new one didn't pick up a signal either!!!

As they had no more stock, I agreed to take the display model home, as we knew it worked.

Since then, I have only managed to get it to pick up from my Sky Digital receiver by manually telling it what channel it is on (68) and have not been able to set up anything via a terrestrial antenna!

I have logged the original issue with Toshiba Technical Support, who said that it would need to be referred to their Level Three team, who only work office hours. I've been waiting four days for a reply and am not a happy chappy!!!

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Good day,

A friend of mine brought a Toshiba Qosmio F10 from France to Ireland. All works fine except for the tv (tuner).

I read in an earlier thread about how to get a tv signal in the Qosmio player which worked for me as well.

Problem is that this signal is "scrambled" and since i know a little bit about tv standards used in Europe i am pretty sure that the tuner is set to Secam (laptop was bought in France after all).

Anyone who knows how i can set the standard to PAL.
The fact that this machine is with the french version of XP MCE is not helping either as my french is rusty to say the least.

I know FrankW mentioned in an earlier thread that he manually switched tv standards, pity he didnt explain how :-)
Only setting which i can find is i nthe bios but that is only for tv out (pal or ntsc) so that doesnt work either.

Please help me, getting frustrated here, not a good thing.....

Answer:Qosmio F10: TV tuner pal/Secam


as far as I know the Qosmio series with MCE and TV tuner is country specific because in Europe exists different TV standards for each country!


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I am having problems with the signal dropping when watching digital tv on my qosmio f30 and after looking on the toshiba site found an article stating that there is an updated driver for the tuner that should correct this problem, but after following the link to the driver download section it only comes up with the driver version I already have.

Has anyone found the updated driver? the old driver version is the updated driver is Version the doc id where I found the info is TSB6801J30001R01.

Answer:Need driver for Tv tuner on a Qosmio F30


I had the same problem finding the updated driver, because it cant be found under driver download section, to find the updated driver check under the knowledge base section in the toshiba website. which can be found on this page. _uk

Once you are in the knowledge base page, select qosmio In the Categories box. then you should see a link for qosmio f30 ( Issues Receiving DVB-T TV Signals Via the Integrated Analogue/Digital Tuner). Click on this link and you should find the updated driver.

The updated driver solved the problem on my qosmio, hope it does the same for you.


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I have a Qosmio F20-111 and I can't find the Toshiba PCI TV Tuner driver for Windows Vista on the drivers page in this website. The current XP driver is not compatible with Vista. Does a Vista driver exist somewhere? Can I use the TV tuner on Windows Vista?

Thank you

Answer:Qosmio F20-111 PCI TV Tuner for Vista


You cannot find the Vista driver because the Vista is not supported on this notebook series. As far as I know Vista is supported since Qosmio G30/F30 series and early Qosmio models don?t support Vista.

Unfortunately, nothing to do.

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Hi, I am Mike from Slovakia (middle europe)...
Is it possible to watch TV program on DVB-T ?? or this signal is only for Qosmio G-series ???
I have a driver on CD: AVerTV v5.2.0.14 Slovakia Patch
but during the instalation it shows me: "WARNING: Wrong TV utility version!
this driver is from ORIGINAL TOSHIBA CD ! NO COPY...
and when I try to connect my Toshiba to the "normal" aerial trough aerial cable, notebook is able to find only three HUNGARIAN (I am from slovakia) program im the very bad condition too,,, when I connect this cable to the classic TV, I can watch more than 30 programs....
Where is the problem???

DO I need driver for slovakia TV programs??
Is possible that on Slovakia there isnt a DVB-T signal ???
Is possible to watch TV in high quality anywhere I am, only with "pocket" aerial connected to my notebook???

Happy new year and thanks for your answers !
: -)))

Answer:Qosmio F30 question about TV-tuner

The Qosmio F30 should be delivered with the DVB-T hybrid tuner and it should be possible to receive the digital signals if the digital signals are available in the country and region and the signals must be strong enough.
I don?t know if the digital TV is available in your country region.
You should check it yourself?

AVerTV v5.2.0.14 Slovakia Patch is not known to me. As far as I know you can use the MCE to receive the digital TV and the TV tuner update drivers are available on the Toshiba page?

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Hi everyone,

i have a Qosmio F20-149. After shifting my residence to another city within the same country) i suddenly see that my media reports "tuner not found" when i try to access the TV. Also, when i try to configure the internet connection i get an error message from the MC asking me either restart the computer or contact the tech support. Can anyone help me in this regard ??

thanking you in anticipation.
best wishes.

Answer:Tuner not found on Qosmio F20-149


I am not an expert but ?tuner not found? message can not occur without any reason. It seems to be some hardware related issue and it has nothing to do with your residence.

If you are 100% sure everything was ok just few days ago, I recommend you to roll back OS to earlier time using ?system restore? tool. Please check also TV tuner status in device manager? Is there everything ok?

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I have one strange problem...
I install win XP MCE on my qosmio F20-111, and everything work just fine.
TV Tuner work verry good, list all chanel, and everything work.
But, after first reboot when I try again Live TV in Media Centar, I got message "TV tuner malfunction or not present, try to reboot"

I try everything but it still doesn't work.
when I use system restore, it works, until I again reboot. Than again I get this message.

Any ideas?!?! Please...

Answer:Qosmio F20 - TV tuner issue with WXP MCE

You should check if after the next reboot the TV tuner was recognized correctly in the device manager.
If not then visit the Toshiba European driver page and you should reinstall (update) the TV tuner driver.
Possibly this is the key for the solution ;)

Good luck and I would appreciate a feedback

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We have recently purchased Toshiba QOSMIO X75-A7295 with Windows 8 Home edition.

How do we downgrade the windows 8 Home edition to Window 7 enterprise 64 bit

I have also tried going into the BIOS to change the boot order but it does not boot from the Windows7 DVD but boots up windows8

How I install Windows 7 in Toshiba QOSMIO X75-A7295
.Do i need to change any other setting in BIOS.

How do we resolve this issue?


Answer:How to downgrade Qosmio Windows 8 to Windows 7 64bit


Go to BIOS.
Disable the secure boot, and change from UEFI to CSM mode.
Save the changes and now you should be able to boot from Win 7 disk.

Feedback much appreciated.

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I recently purchased a Qosmio G50-420 model 2 days ago and i've repeatedly tried to get the tv up and running, but everytime WMC scans for services there are none to be found.

I've updated the drivers from the Toshiba website and I've even tried using MediaPortal but this program does not find any "channels" either...and theres a "signal strength indicator" when trying to set up channels and this displayed nothing with all my devices (tv tuner, fm tuner, etc.).

I don't live in a rural come I'm not getting any services?

I'm running Vista Ultimate 64-bit btw.

Answer:Qosmio G50 - TV Tuner "No services found"


Qosmio G50-420 is not known to me? are you sure it?s a G50-420?
Check the labels at the bottom of the unit? there are some model numbers.

As far as I know some of the Qosmio G50 models are equipped with the TV tuner but this is not the case with all G50.
You should check if your G50 has been equipped with TV tuner.

Furthermore it would be very interesting to know how did you connect the G50 in order to watch TV on the notebook?
Did connect it to a set-top box?

Please check the user manual (page 155) for more details.
There are some pic and add info which could be useful!


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Hello everybody,

I bought a new Qosmio F10-101 ... since it has pre-installed Win XP Home , I re-installed the operating system which is XP Professional ... this time Device Manager is giving a warning message of a PCI device which is supposed to be the TV tuner ... I am looking for the TV tuner driver which runs on XP Pro ... any help is appreciated ...


Answer:Can't find driver for TV Tuner for Qosmio F10-101


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Hello Qosmio users

Today I saw on Toshiba download page new ?PCI DVB-T/Analog Hybrid Tuner?. I can not use it in my country because there is DVB-T not available but maybe it can help guys in UK with freezing TV.

If this will solve your problem please let us know.

Answer:Does new tuner driver help with freezing of DVB-T TV in UK on Qosmio?

Hey guys

If somebody has some problems with the installation of the new TV tuner driver so I would recommend visiting this forum topic:

It?s very useful :)

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How to get this: "tv-tuner-qf20-xpmce-103250526" driver on the F20 is NOT mentioned in the files when unzipped.

Anyone knows ?? (did ask Toshiba but they says: Investigating)


Answer:TV tuner driver Qosmio F20 dated 27 may 06


I don't really understand what you are asking. Can you explain your question a bit more?



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I have qosmio G20 and the built in TV is not working, I reinstalled the driver and the program windvr 5 but with no response.
Every time I start the program I cannot use the setup.
Please can any one help me?

Answer:Internal TV-Tuner of Qosmio G20 does not work


can you describe a little bit more precisely what do you mean with "cannot use the setup"? How do you mean that, would appreciate some clarification for helping-you-out purposes. ;)


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There are both PAL and SECAM TV-standarts in Russia, but my TV tuner doesn't understand it. Explain me, please, how to be?

Answer:Qosmio G20: TV tuner issue in Russia

Hi Michael

Where did you buy your notebook (country)?

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I have a Qosmio F10-101. It does not include a TV tuner but I have composite in and s video in. how can I capture any movie?
Please I really need help!

Answer:Video capture without TV tuner on Qosmio F10


And which device should be the video signal source?

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I was just installing my Logitech Quickcam Fusion on the Qosmio G20.

I can't get rid of the sound from the TV tuner, this is white noise because there is no antenna connected. Playback is shown selected to SigTelAudio and I can't find any way to mute it.


Answer:Qosmio G20 - how do get rid of TV tuner sound when using Webcam?

Try This..

1- Go To Control Panel , click System .
2- Select Hardware Tab , Device Manager.
3- Open "Sound, Video And Game Controllers" , Double Click On "Toshiba PCI DVB-T ... ".
4- Select Properties Tab , Open "Audio Devices" , Double Click on "Toshiba Audio Capture".
5- Select "Do Not Use Audio Features On This Device" Or "Do Not Map Through This Device" ,, try both.

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Hi! I'm trying to set up Win XP Media Center Edition with my TV cable. The channels in the cable are mixture of PAL D/K signals and SECAM D/K signals. If I select the TV Region correctly (Belarus) I can only see SECAM channels in colour, if I use other country (e.g. Germany) I can see PAL channels in color. Is there a way to see all stations correctly? By the way, I bought and use the notebook in the country I live. Thanks.

Answer:Qosmio F30-113 TV Tuner - PAL / SECAM not always in colour

Hello Chad

You will be very lucky if someone from your country will post here and explain you how to set it correctly. Before you wait for that I recommend you to contact Toshiba authorized service partner in your country. they are familiar with all Toshiba units and country specific settings.

If you have resolution to that please post it. Maybe it will help someone from your country.

Bye and good luck!

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I have the Qosmio G20 and unfortunately it only supports analogue TV. I wrote to Toshiba here in Japan and they said it is not possible to upgrade the G20 to Digital TV.

Thats the manufacturer`s official advice, but as I know from experience, there is always another way around these things using third party hardware and software.

Does anyone have any ideas about how this could be done??

Answer:Qosmio G20 - Upgrade to Digital TV Tuner?


The Qosmio G20 series was delivered with different hardware compatibility.
Some of the G20 was delivered with a DVB+T Analog Hybrid TV Tuner and DVB-T antenna and other G20 supports only analogue TV.

Well, if your notebook doesn?t support the digital Tv so you can try to use the external DVB+T tuner.
I?m sure that you will find many offers in the internet.

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My G10-124 with replacement board with nvidia go6600 and 915PM Chipset runs well.

But if I deactivate Tuner, to get more battery life the fan doesn' t work properly and the GPU gets overheated (>100 degrees).

Does anyone know about this issue and a way to get the Fans work properly?

What does the Tunerdeactivation effect? I can't understand it.

Answer:Qosmio G10-124: GPU overheats if tuner deactivated

I found your other thread:

Seems you have updated the DMI itself. This could affect the BIOS information and the cooling table info in BIOS.
This might affect the performance of the cooling modules and can lead to the higher temperature?

Second reason might be the usage of non-Toshiba graphic card drivers?
3rd party graphic drivers don?t support the overheating protection and this leads to a higher GPU performance and to higher temperature?

What to say? I would recommend checking the unit by an ASP. The guys should take a look into the DMI info.

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Hi guys,

This is the first time for me on the forum, I have questions about my Qosmio F20.

1- I installed a wireless Microsoft mouse yesterday, and I noticed that the Touch Pad system tray icon and the Touch and Go system tray icon disappeared! Could this because the replacement of one pointing device with another?? I'd like your help to retrieve the missing programmes again.

2- I tried to connect the satellite receiver with the TV tuner and I managed to get a picture, but the picture was all in BLUE. Does anybody have an EXPLANATION to this?? And can I fix it without going to the dealers??

Please, help me with my problems.

Thank You.

Answer:Qosmio F20: Question about TV-tuner and Touch pad


1.) Of course the 3rd party mouse driver could be a reason for a disappearing of the Touch and Go system tray icon. If you want you can use the system restore tool which is a part of the Win Xp OS. This procedure should roll back you old driver and utility.

2.) Try to update the TV tuner driver. The newest version is

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Hi everybody!

I have a problem using a TV Tuner on my Qosmio G20. I re-installed Windows Media Center with a Product Recovery DVD, connected the antenna and made all the setups (set up TV signal and Scan for more services) but when I press the button to watch TV it says ''Decoder Error - The Video Decoder is either malfunctioned or not installed''.

Do you have any idea what the problem might be and which is that Video Decoder? Any help should do. Thanks!

Answer:TV Tuner doesn't work on Qosmio G20

Hi Tomislav

I have found explanation. Hope it will help. Check this

If helps I hope to become some reward points!

Good luck!

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I am considering buying an F30 as my Personal Video Recorder. I would like to run MythTV on it. If you have a Qosmio with a tuner you could help me decide by downloading MythTV and try it out. You do not have to install anything: Just download the iso-file, burn it to a CD (you can use if your software cannot burn ISO-files) and boot from it.

You can find the iso at or the mirrors at

Answer:Qosmio F30 with tuner: Can it run MythTV (Linux)?

Hey buddy,

I don?t have a qosmio, have a Satellite A100, but I can tell you that mythTV distro run?s very good on my machine, so, all hardware except the modem was recognized correctly. I am using an external tuner and didn?t expect any problems with it, runs like hell. :)


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I?ve recently come across an error with my Media Centre.

I get the following error message when trying to do anything related to the TV side of the software.

?The tuner hardware is either malfunctioning or not installed. Please ensure that both the tuner hardware and a valid tuner hardware drive are installed?

Answer:Qosmio F20-011: TV tuner hardware malfunction


And, did you check it? Is the TV tuner preinstalled properly?

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I bought G35 AV650 from us(ntsc) and it does not wotk in turkey(pal)
is it possible to change from ntsc to pal
thanks in advance


Answer:Qosmio G35 - TV tuner does not work in Turkey

Hi Cem

I hope that this document will help you


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Hello together,
I have problems with Win7 and my hybrid tuner. Device Manager show me "Toshiba PCI DVB - T-/ analog TV hybrid tuner (X 64)" but the driver not work.
Any ideas.

Thank you very much

Answer:Qosmio G40 - need TV Tuner driver for Win7


May I ask you why you are confident that the driver does not work?
I mean the TV tuner seems to be recognized properly in device manager and if there are no yellow exclamation marks listed near the TV tuner, then everything should be fine?


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I have bought a Toshiba Qosmio F30-140. It is great in every thing except for the TV-tuner. It works but the picture is too bad although sound is good.

I moved the antenna many times but without change.

I appreciate your help.

Answer:TV tuner on Qosmio F30 works but picture is bad

May I ask what TV channels did you receive?? Analogue or digital???
If you want to receive the digital channels then you should be 100% sure that the digital signals are strong enough.
I read in the professional magazines that mostly a weak signal has a bad influence on the picture quality.

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I am on the verge of making my payment for a Qosmio F20-104 model from the UK. However, I have just read in this forum about the incompatability of the TV tuner across different countries.

As I shall be using my model extensively in Hongkong & China, which also adopt the same PAL B standard as the UK, does that mean I shall be able to watch TV in HK/China or not? Is the problem related to the Windows Media Centre Edition and could it be fixed?

Any sound feedback will be greatly appreciated.


Answer:TV tuner for use in Hongkong/China on Qosmio F20-104


As far as I know units installed with Microsoft Windows Media Centre Edition the TV functionality will not work outside the UK.
I fund the following reasons:

? The TV Tuner is specific to the country in which the notebook is purchased. This is obvious in the case of PAL (European standard) versus NTSC (North American standard) but also relates to variances in the PAL standard that can be found across those countries that use this for their television broadcasts.

? The Microsoft Windows Media Centre Edition operating system is only setup for use within the country in which the notebook was purchased. This setup relates to functions such as obtaining the Electronic Programme Guide via the Internet.

In my opinion it?s not possible to watch TV in HK/China :(


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I just purchased Qosmio F10-101 which comes without a TV tuner. I've tried everything to record my VCR with the S-Video input of the computer, but that is not possible. I have already installed the registry patch and I've tested several video recording applications like WinDVD Creator shipped with the machine, but they can't find any video input ports.

The main reason that I purchased this machine is that I thought its S-Video input could be used for recording the video to the hard disk. But it seems that is not the case.

So, am I supposed to return the machine for some other model? Or is there a workaround to record S-Video input to the hard disk? Please, remember this one doesn't have a TV tuner.


Answer:No tuner = No S-Video capture! (Qosmio F10-101)

Hello Tia

Since last week I have a new Qosmio F20. I want to do the same thing like you. At the moment I am not familiar with this but on Qosmio forum you can find many discussions about this theme.

Try to pick up some information.


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Hi everybody,
is there a driver for the tv tuner of my Qosmio F60 for windows 10? I upgraded to win10 yesterday and reinstalled windows media center. Now, the tv-setup doesn't work anymore and I cannot receive any channels. I also tried another program called progdvb. Same there. Can anybody help, please?

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i have an question for the Tv-Tuner of the model Qosmio F60-10L. Do I need to connect an extra DVBT antenna or can I watch TV without to connect extra periphery?


Answer:Re: Qosmio F60-L10 - Do I need an extra antenna for TV tuner?

Hi zero82,

I have checked the specifications on the Toshiba website about Qosmio F60 and founded an interesting information about integrated TV Tuner that should answer your question:

+Toshiba laptops equipped with a DVB-T/analog Hybrid TV Tuner are ready to receive digital or analog TV channels wherever you want. The most popular TV broadcasting formats are supported. *The compact TV Tuner is simply integrated and additional power supply or external antenna is not required.* The comprehensive software package offers an electronic program guide, time-shift recording, videotext, various recording and replay functions to enhance your mobile TV experience.+

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Our qosmio g20 tv tuner is missing 1 or 2 channels, I'd understand if it doesn't get the channel with a bad reception on our normal tv but the channel it's missing is one of the clearest one.
I've done the scan twice and still no luck.
We have an antennae on the roof, and its been checked by a proffesional person and came up in perfect order.

Anyone got any ideas on how to solve this issue?

Answer:Qosmio G20-115: TV Tuner is missing 1 or 2 channels

In this forum,I can see a lot of people that have problem with the G20 tv reception.
I can look all the English channels but the quality is very poor.

If you use the G20 as a desktop computer like me,forget the G20 tv tuner and buy a (35/40) freeview box.

I receive marvelous images from a satellite/free box with a parabolic antenna, via 'S-Video-in port'
and marvelous images too,from a 'freeview terrestrial digital box' with a very normal antenna, via 'Monitor-in port'

If the antenna work fine with digital transmissions that are notoriously more difficult
to receive, it would must to receive fine the analog transmissions and, in my case, it's true for a normal television,
but it's not true with the G20 TV card!

Is possible that you need a 'Scart to phono' adaptor, depend which exit has your top/box.

I can jump from one top/box to another by using the utility:

"All Programs/TOSHIBA/Utilities/Picture Enhancement Utility"
then I click to: 'Monitor input setting' and I can choose: "Monitor-in" or "S-Video-in".

The G20 is a wonderful machine with a wonderful screen, but in my opinion it has a low tv card.


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Hello everybody,

I bought my G30/593ls in Japan. The OS included there was the WXP Home edition, instead of the MCE. For watching TV a program called avcenter was included. Unfortunately it is only available in Japanese. So I looked around and found out that in all other countries MCE was delivered with the laptop. Since I wanted to change to another OS anyway (my Japanese is not so good ^^) I thought why not MCE.

Right now I have the problem that after installing WXP MCE on my computer and it doesn't recognize my TV-tuner. I'm sure that the tuner works, because when I use the media center I can watch TV. I have used the same driver that was installed when I bought the computer.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact, that the tuner of my version is not DVB-t but ISDB-t?


Answer:Problems with the TV-tuner and WXP MCE on my Japanese Qosmio G30


bad luck, my friend with that Tuner. You know why? Because ISDB-t is only in Tokyo (send from Tokyo tower) and Okinawa available, and in Brazil as the TV-standard.

So, you will have to exchange the tuner if possible, because the european driver also won?t work for that device.


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