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Boot from usb pendrive on Qosmio G20

Question: Boot from usb pendrive on Qosmio G20

Hi, my name is Gregorio, I have a toshiba qosmio G20, and I wish to know how to boot via pendrive usb which I have installed a linux operating system, but I cannot be able to execute it. I?m trying to do this, because I don?t know how to create a partition in a raid system, and install linux in that partition, so my alternative is a live pendrive. thank you.

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Preferred Solution: Boot from usb pendrive on Qosmio G20

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Boot from usb pendrive on Qosmio G20

Dear, I don't think your G20 is able to boot from an USB device. This kind of boot is supported by G40/45 G50/55 qosmio models.
As you can see when turn on your qosmio you'll see one or 2 HDD, a floppy a cd/dvd drive and LAN. In the latest model of qosmio you can see also an USB pendrive I think that you have to build another partition on your HDD.
Sorry for my English (I know just a bit) !!
all the best

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Hi all,

Strangely, I turned on the laptop and a blank screen is all I see - not even the backlight of the TFT screen. So I type in my boot up password blindly and hit enter and the computer does its thing for 45 seconds (still with nothing on the screen, and no backlight either) and then suddenly the Windows password screen and backlight come on like normal.

So in effect even though I can access my computer as normal, I cant access my BIOS, or make changes to Windows bootup.

I haven got a clue what's wrong? Any ideas?



Answer:Qosmio G10: Qosmio logo and Windows startup doesn't show during boot up

Hello Warren

Is there any possibility to test it with external display? Connect external display to your Qosmio and press power button. I am really interested about result.

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Question: Boot from pendrive

Satellite m30x...
I can't boot from a bootable pendrive.
I tryed different pendrives (USB1 & 2) and boot system files.
Any hint ?

Ciao from Italy

Answer:Boot from pendrive

Hello fabri22,

I have found this on Toshiba knowledgebase.
Maybe it will help you. [email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccc hadddjhjfhddcgfkceghdgngdgnn.0&ct=SB


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Question: boot from pendrive

hi i am using an acer aspire4736 model laptop.unknowingly i have cleared registryfiles with tuneup software.From then my system is not loading o.s.just it is showing boot options then a blank screen is appearing and again boot options like that.and i tried to boot it from pendrive but it is showing the option to boot from pendrive but i was unable to boot.then i tried with a DVD then it is not showing any option to boot from a DVD.please help me.

Answer:boot from pendrive

rams395 said:

hi i am using an acer aspire4736 model laptop.unknowingly i have cleared registryfiles with tuneup software.From then my system is not loading o.s.just it is showing boot options then a blank screen is appearing and again boot options like that.and i tried to boot it from pendrive but it is showing the option to boot from pendrive but i was unable to boot.then i tried with a DVD then it is not showing any option to boot from a DVD.please help me.Click to expand...

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Hello can anyone tell me can I boot Satellite L30 from USB pendrive because I can't find any solution how to do this or if this kind of boot option is unavailable.

Maybe someone know will Toshiba add such thing in future BIOS update ?

Thanks Wojtek

Answer:Satellite L30-134: Is it possible to boot up from USB pendrive?

Hi Wojciech

You?re a Polish guy??? Greetings to Poland.

I have seen some notebook series which support a booting from USB memory but these are newer units like Sat A100 series.
I know the L30 and on this notebook you can only boot from HDD, CD/DVD, FDD or LAN

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I wanted to try Ubuntu netbook remix so I downloaded it and loaded it into my SB pen drive after doing the md5sum test. Then I fixed on the boot order so the usb would boot first, and restarted my Toshiba NB100 with the pen drive inserted. When I start my netbook the first screen where you can press F12 and F2 for BIOS freeze for about 2 min then windows boot.

I'm using a Kingston DataTraveler 4GB pen drive, I dont think its the pendrive because its bootable on my other laptop.

Thank you.

Answer:NB100 - Can't boot from USB pendrive


Does this happen only with USB stick or without USB too?

Have you tried another USB stick? For the moment for me it sounds like that the USB stick is not compatible with the notebook or isn?t working properly.
Can you please try another USB stick?


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I have the Toshiba NB300 laptop and it does not let me boot the pendrive with the operating system to change it

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My laptop Satellite U940-108 doens't boot from pen drive. I tried from all the USB connetors, I also change the order boot in the BIOS but still continue to boot windows 8

Answer:Satellite U940-108 doesn't boot from USB pendrive

The new Windows 8 machines have no BIOS, they use a UEFI Firmware now.

DOS media cannot boot in UEFI, you need to enable BIOS Emulation. Hold F2 to enter Setup, then disable Secure Boot, and change the Boot Mode to CSM Boot (BIOS Emulation).

Change it back to UEFI once you are done otherwise Win8 may BSOD.

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I have one Sandisk USB 2 OTG pendrive which can work on mobile and PC/Laptop. When I plug into the port the message pops up as sd/mmc card.
I have recently burned on it one iso with Rufus 2.4 with multi bootable OS of 7, 8.1 and 10 bootable. I have enabled usb as the first bootable device into bios but it does not boot on my laptop. The message that i got is "efi usb device (generic sd/mmc) has been blocked by the current security policy".I have burned the usb using GPT as partitioning scheme with Uefi enabled. Hence security should not have been the cause.
Could it be that the usb device is sd/mmc and not actual pendrive. I have purchased it as USB OTG pendrive from amazon. Capacity is 16 gb.
Could it be possible that because od SD/MMC drive -it does not support booting.
Please advice me what is wrong with my device or anything else.

Answer:Pendrive does not boot on my Lenovo Laptop with windows 10

It probably is because the OTG drive is being recognized as SD/MMC - most computers will not boot from SD/MMC. I would use a regular USB flash drive.

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I am having a dell inspiron 3541 laptop.using windows 10 from 3 months but now i want to downgrade it windows 7.i have created a bootable pendrive.changed the boot order to boot from pendrive...but it doesnt shows no media found....try to boot from legacy shows media check test failure.i have cross checked my bootable pendrive..its working in other laptops..tried every possible thing..but was  not able to boot from pendrive

Answer:Unable to boot windows from a bootable pendrive

Thank you for writing to us!
We would like to know if the system has Skylake chipset .If yes the system wont boot from the USB key .
kindly also private message the service tag to the system.

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Hi guys, I tested several ThinkPads from T5xx, W500, W510 using the same USB pendrive. My USB pendrive is an Evolution 3.0 64 GiB by onMemory (USB 3.0) having GRUB as bootloaderand Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 as ISO image. Apparently does not matter which port I use (USB 2 or USB 3) It always fails booting from a W520.Even if i try to boot from selected device (F12) the USB pendrive shows some activity (LED) but theGRUB bootmenu is not showing. It returns back to the primary bootmenu. Using ISOLINUX as bootloader works out of the box. This behavior is not seen on any W500 or W510 the same pendrive works as expected usingthe USB 2 or USB3 port as well. Here my history:- Updated uEFI BIOS 1.38 (latest)- F9 uEFI BIOS default configuration after shutdown- Renesas/NEC USB 3.0 Driver updated to the latest one Here my data:BIOS PropertiesBIOS Vendor    LENOVOSerial Number    <omitted>BIOS Version    8BET58WW (1.38 )Firmware Version    1.34BIOS Date    07/06/2012BIOS Size    8192 KBBIOS Starting Segment    E000hDMI Version    2.6 BIOS SettingsWakeOnLAN    ACOnlyEthernetLANOptionROM    EnableUSBBIOSSupport    EnableAlwaysOnUSB    EnableTrackPoint    AutomaticTouchPad    AutomaticFnCtrlKeySwap    DisableFnKeyLock   &... Read more

Answer:W520 Can not boot from USB pendrive using GRUB as bootloader

Hey there gi-minni,I have a few questions for you.1. Have you tried using any different Destros of Linux? (Fedora, Mint, ect?)2. Have you tried using a different bootloader such as LILO?(LInux LOader)3. Would you be opposed to formatting the pendrive to make sure theres not some sort of obscure error that the W520 doesn't like? (probably not the issue, but it would never hurt to try)Thanks!

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How can I boot my Toshiba Satellite m40x from usb pendrive?
In my BIOS isn't be option - boot from usb.

Please help.

Answer:How can I boot my Toshiba Satellite m40x from usb pendrive?


As far as I know it is not possible. Sorry but there is nothing to do.


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As the title suggests I am having trouble with my laptop as I am unable to boot the device up with a USB stick containing Ubuntu.

Any suggestions for fixing my problem?

Answer:Satellite T130-11H - problems trying to boot up with Ubuntu 10.10 pendrive


The BIOS is definitely able to boot from USB flash drive.
You have to connect the USB flash drive to the notebook, then power up the unit and press F12
Now you should be able to see the USB flash drive as booting device.
Choose this and press ENTER.

That?s it?

PS: of course you have to ensure that Linux flash drive is bootable.

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Hi, fellow forum members-The SSD on my Yoga 900-13ISK2 appears to be corrupted. It wouldn't boot (blank screen) and or even get to the bios via the novo button WHEN the SSD is plugged in. I can only get to the bios IF the SSD is unplugged. I already disabled the Fast Boot, enabled USB boot and saved the bios changes.The USB recovery media is recognized (meaning, I can get to the recovery wizard) ONLY when the SSD is unplugged. Not much of a use when there is no hard drive (SSD). The Yogo wouldn't boot from the USB recovery media when the SSD is plugged in. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I do understand I may need to purchase a new SSD. I just don't want to run into the same issue with the new SSD.

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my pendrive is detected but other pendrives are not detected my lapy.
i have windows 7 pro os registered but i dont have product key. i forgott my key.
now my windows 7 is format so i need product key.
could you please give a my win 7 pro product key?

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New Drivers Updates For Qosmio G30, Qosmio G20, Qosmio F30, Qosmio F20

TV Tuner Version Date 19/10/06

TOSHIBA PCI DVB-T/Analog Hybrid Tuner Drive Following symptoms have been resolved:* Computer may fail to detect digital TV signals in England.* After setting for DVB-T reception in MyTV of MCE and running Video Capture in WinDVD Creator2, DVB-T reception may become unavailable next time MCE is run.

Intel Wireless Lan Driver Date 13/10/06

Answer:New Drivers Updates For Qosmio G30, Qosmio G20, Qosmio F30, Qosmio F20

Hi Reaver

Thanks a lot for your information. It?s very useful! B-)
But where did you find these infos? Do you use the Toshiba knowledge website?

I check always the Toshiba knowledge website:

There I have found also some info about different strange problems.

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Im trying to install a new SSD disk, but cant, because I cant get it to boot from the SSD, "Insert a system start disk" Works fine as a USB, even installed Windows 7 on it and tried to boot from it but with out any luck.

All I havent tried are to switch between IDE/AHCI, but that because I dont have that option in BIOS. I think I have tried everything I can test, any tips/help would be much appreciated!!

And so to the BIOS part a joke to call bios all you can do change clock settings and the bootorder more or less!
Anywhy to get more options?



Answer:Qosmio F60-14K - Can't get it to boot from the SSD

Hi buddy,

I?m a little bit confused about your posting... You wrote that you installed Windows 7 on it but why you can?t boot?
Do you get an error message during installation or what happens exactly?

Have you already tried to restore factory settings from recovery disk on new SSD?

Hmm? I don?t know what BIOS options you want but I think Qosmio F60 BIOS has enough options.
Normally with BIOS default settings everything works properly.

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I have a Toshiba Qosmio G20-114 which will not boot. No display.

It will turn on, the fan starts up and you can hear the HDD moving, but there is no display (not even if I plug in an external monitor).

It was running Windows XP. Just suddenly stopped working for no apparant warning, no blue screen or any warning signs.

When I turn on the laptop I get some lights on the keyboard area. (The light above the TV icon, The light above the Media Player Icon, The Power Button and two lights just below the arrow keys)

I have been browsing the internet all day for a solution and tried most of the suggested workarounds, for instance; Take the battery and charger out, leave it for 10 mins then replace only the charger and try to turn on. Also; Remove one stick of RAM (and swap them) and remove all RAM. Still no luck though.

I did get an internal beep from it, but only once it was 3 quick short beeps. Nothing since.

I am willing to try any suggestion, although I would like to keep the files on the HDD because of family pictures and what not.

All suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

A frustrated Toshiba User.


Answer:Qosmio G20-114 will not boot

In my opinion your problem is not how to save data from HDD. You can remove HDD and connect it to other notebook using external 2,5? HDD box.
HDD will be recognized as external device and you should have full access to all saved data.
If possible do this.

On this virtual way it is not possible to offer some exact diagnostic and say for sure what the problem can be but I presume LCD may be defective.

Start your notebook and wait a while. Then connect your notebook to external device and try to use FN+F5 key combination. Just to see if you will be able to switch between notebooks LCD mode and external display.

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Something is happening with my Qosmio G20.
Sometimes when I connect the plug to the pc the DC IN indicator flashes orange and pc will not boot.
A few hours later I try it again and now DC IN indicator shows blue and I can start my pc and work normally for hours.
This is very strange. It is happening periodically. Some days shows blue and works great and some other days flashes orange and I cannot work and have to keep trying to connect and disconnect till it flashes blue for starting up.

Should it be a DC Power Charger malfunction? I already ordered another DC Power Charger to confirm it but my intuition says it is not the charger problem.
I do recall 1st time that ever happen.. I was charging my iPod thru my Qosmio and get out of the house and let it charging. When I arrived home the laptop power indicator was flashing orange and I thought it was in hibernation mode. But after that moment this started to happen.
Any highlights before trying the new power charger and before send it to the dealer?


Answer:Qosmio G20 does not boot up

> Sometimes when I connect the plug to the pc the DC IN indicator flashes orange and pc will not boot.
A few hours later I try it again and now DC IN indicator shows blue and I can start my pc and work normally for hours.
This is very strange. It is happening periodically. Some days shows blue and works great and some other days flashes orange and I cannot work and have to keep trying to connect and disconnect till it flashes blue for starting up

This blinking LED provides an error code which means that a fault has been detected on the motherboard.
It?s hard to say what could be wrong? possibly power supply electronic malfunction?
But this is just my personal opinion?

You should definitely contact someone who could check the hardware and could run some diagnostic tests?

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As of late yesterday my Qosmio F30 out the blue just decided to shut down then started a booting loop.
Now it just won't boot up.

I managed to get data off using safe mode with networking yesterday. But now I can't even get a bootup or into bios to assign a different drive to boot from.
The screen comes up with the Qosimo logo then just goes black.
I end up with the three power lights on but no HD action at all.

Any clues ?

Answer:Qosmio F30 just won't boot up

Hmmm?.. very bad story dude?

If you are not able to access the BIOS or if you are not able to boot from the CD/DVD drive then I assume that the serious hardware fault causes this issue!

One hint; you don?t need to access the BIOS to change the booting order to boot from another device. If you want to boot from the CD/DVD drive then simply press the ?C? button immediately after notebook starting. This should enable the booting from the ODD? But this will function only if the motherboard is ok?

Believe me, we can only speculate about the hardware problem?
For me it sound like an MB fault but who knows ?:|

Therefore it would be advisable to contact the ASP in your country for a help? The technicians should check the notebook definitely.

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My Qosmio g10 will not boot up. I get white vertical lines either side of the qosmio splash screen.If I try to boot from either drive the screen goes blank with a flashing cursor in the top right hand corner.

I can't get it to boot in safe mode either.Any one any suggestions, as the machine is out of warranty and I suspect it might be that the motherboard has died.

Answer:Qosmio G10-106 will not boot up


It?s not easy to say what exactly part is wrong but in my opinion there must be definitely something wrong with the hardware.
I can?t give you a proper answer about the fault but I would recommend to asking the Toshiba service for the opinion. He should have more experience in such issues.
The service partner could start some diagnostic tests a can locate the malfunction.

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I was playing battlefield 1942 the other day on my F10-100, and it just turned itself off. When i went to boot it up again, the power button turns blue, and you can hear the fan and the cd drive going round, but the screen doesnt display anything, and you cant hear the usual noise that it makes before it loads windows.

I have tried using the function button and the F keys to toggle the display device, and that didnt bring anything up either. I then connected it to an old analouge monitor and tried it again, and the screen remained blank.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? It is only a week out of its one year warranty, and it was bought as a present and given at a later date so it hasnt even been in use for a year.

If anyone could help me with this I would be very grateful.

Best Regards
Chris Grant

Answer:Qosmio F10 does not boot


Usually if the unit shuts down on itself so it?s mostly a overheating issue.
If the temperature goes up to the critical limit the OS shuts down to protect the notebook.
Well, normally the unit should boot up after this procedure without any problems.
But it could be also a different hardware malfunction. It?s not easy to say what is wrong.
Did you try to boot the unit from the CD? Did you see anything on the screen?

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I have a Qosmio E10-102 Notebook here. The Hard Disk is defect and I have to install the operating system on a new hard disk but I cannot boot from CD/DVD. After the Qosmio Boot Screen it displays "Insert system disk in drive. Press any key when ready...".

When I press F1, I get the ACPI BIOS version 1.5 boot menu, but I only can change date, time and the password. The Boot Priority is HDD -> FDD -> CD and I can't change it. The manual says to hold F12 while Booting, but this has no effect. Even pressing the "c" key doesn't boot the Disk.

I tried do put the hard disk in an other Notebook and install there, but the Windows installation disk detects, that this is no Toshiba Laptop.

Any idea how to solve the problem?

Answer:Qosmio E10-102 - Can't boot from CD/DVD

Hi Napto,

Is the CD/DVD drive listed in BIOS properly? Can you see the model number of your drive? Usually this should be possible?

And from what installation disk you are boot? Are you using Toshiba recovery disk or Microsoft disk?
Maybe the current disk is scratched?

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my partner has a qosmio laptop which seems to have died. He was using it and apparently pink lines appeared across the screen and it went dead. He has tested the power supply which seems fine. He gets lights coming on but they don't do anything and the computer doesn't show anything.

He's been told it's a motherboard /bios failure and will cost ?600.00 to repair. Does this sound like the MB/Bios or could it be something less dramatic and expensive?

thank you

Answer:Qosmio F10 does not boot up

According to your description I presume there is problem with graphic card. Unfortunately graphic card is a part of the mainboard and the whole mainboard must be replaced.

By the way: which Qosmio notebook model has your partner?

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Just purchased G20-108 worked OK for about 2months. Now after being on charge overnight, powers on, gives startup sound, the keyboard lights, power backlights the display but does not seem to boot. Sometimes after 3-4mins windows startup tune can be heard, not always.


Answer:Qosmio G20-108 - Does not seem to boot


Do you see anything displayed on the screen? Or is it totally blank?

Have you tried an external Monitor?

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I faced problem in DVD drive, I can't boot from it... actually, it didn't see and CD or DVD when I insert it...
So how can boot from it to reinstall windows?????? Or how can I use external USB DVD to boot from it???

I have F30-140, with updated BIOS...

please neeeeeeed help..

Answer:Qosmio F30-140 - Cannot boot from DVD Drive


Sounds like CD/DVD drive has developed a hardware problem.
Usually you should be able to boor from ODD by pressing C button immediately after the notebook was powered up.
You can also press F12 at the beginning. This would enable the boot menu on the screen.
There you can choose ODD as boot source?

If this will not function, then the ODD could be defect.

PS: I doubt the BIOS supports booting from USB CD/DVD drive...

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I have Qosmio G20 notebook, I got error message that my WinXP lost some system file and didn't boot. I tried to boot from new WinXP (I lost rescue disk), but my installation program hunged up after 1 minute.

I tried several other bootable disks including Linux but failed. I suspect that problem in BIOS, I downloaded BIOS from Toshiba site, but I didn't find any PDF files with instruction how to create bootable CD for BIOS updating mentioned on Toshiba site.

Maybe problem is in CD/DVD recoder.
What is alternative way to boot my Qosmio G20, I have no USB floppy?

Answer:Qosmio G20 boot problem

What you think about hard disc drive? Is also possible that you have problem with hard disc drive?

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Hi everyone, I can't seem to get into my windows anymore and when I load the system I get this error. It shows I have an ATA #0 Error
Intel(R) Boot Agent GE v1.2.31
Copyright (c) 1997-205. Intel Corporation

PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent.
Insert system disk in driver.
Press any key when read......

I don't have the recovery CD anymore but I'm trying to boot from the CD with a Windows XP CD and I changed the priority to boot from CD first in the BIOS and it still shows this message... Please Help!

Answer:Can't Boot from CD/DVD on Qosmio G25-av513


Enter BIOS settings and set it to default. Try again to start your notebook and check what will happen. Try also to bootup from installations CD/DVD. if the problem persists I am afraid there is some hardware problem and devices as HDD or ODD are not ?visible? for BIOS settings.

I presume it can be because of defective hardware component or defective controller on the mainboard.

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My Qosmio F30-140 recently stopped booting.
When I press the power button, the light (on the bottom) to show that it?s on turns green, but the screen is just blank. It doesn't respond and I eventually have to hold the power button for a few secs to killswitch.
Sometimes I hear the fan starting to spin very loud. I tried to fix it by removing the hard drive and putting it into another of my laptops, and reformatted it using the recovery disk.
Then I put it back into the Qosmio F30-140, but it still doesn't work.

Can someone help me with this? Is anyone else also having similar problems like this?
Any help will be appreciated.


Answer:Qosmio F30-140 doesn't boot up

I don't believe described issue has something to do with HDD. if you don't see anything on the screen there must be some serious hardware problem related to BIOS chip, CPU, graphic adapter or who knows what else.

I am afraid only solution for you is service. Contact nearest authorized service provider and let them check your notebook.

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I have QOSMIO-G20. I'd like to boot from the usb dvd-drive, but in bios i can use only external Floppy-drive :( is it possible to unblock bios or maybe to upgrade it that i can boot from the external dvd?

Answer:Is it possible to boot from usb dvd-drive on Qosmio G20

No. it?s not possible;

You can boot only form HDD, ODD, UDB FDD (floppy disk), LAN


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While watching a DVD in Qosmio viewer the other night the screen started to break down, I restarted the player but after initially being ok it happened again. At this stage I booted the PC to play through Windows, however it froze when loading inter-video player.

From this point on the machine will not boot at all. When turning on, the Qosmio symbol appears with the sign on tune, however the screen is lined, at this point the screen goes black and nothing more happens. The motherboard fan is running but that is the only sign of life! Any ideas?

Answer:Qosmio F10 fails to boot


Sorry to said but it sounds not good. It looks like a graphic card chip malfunction!
Unfortunately, only the graphic chip replacement is not possible!!! The whole motherboard replacement is necessary and needed!!!

I don?t know if your warranty is valid or not but you should try to contact the service guys in your country and should explain them you serious situation.

Good luck

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Dear All,

I saw few threads here with the same issue. The solution was offered on this forum (in fact a working one) to take a batteryout, in again and the G40 would boot normaly......

I called the service and they suggested to leave a unit with them for X days. There were absolutely no promises about how many X could be.... "We can not promiss anything before autopsy is made.... "

*Has anybody found a solution better than taking the battery out all the time? Has anybody been to a service with this issue? Has this problem been identified by people in service?*

Message was edited by: Franky-D

Answer:Qosmio G40 would not boot when on battery

Hi Sergey

There is a solution;

and it looks very easy ;)

In the BIOS you have to set the option *WAKE-UP ON BATTERY = _ENABLED_*
And save the BIOS changes.

That it!

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first my Qosimo was turning itself off all thetime

Finally it did it while I was liked to the internet

Now when I try to boot it tell me that the RSC Server is not available and doesn't allow me to login

I tried bootingit insafe mode but get tothe same point
Why is it looking for an internet sevrer

How do i get around this so it boots again?


Answer:Can't boot my Qosmio - RSC Server is not available

Can you please tell us which notebook model do you have?
I want to know because I would like to know if you have some older model.

On this virtual way it is not easy to say why your notebook switches off. Do you think it can be overheating issue or something else?

In my opinion you should do a cut and don?t waste your time searching for way to get OS working properly. Maybe is time for clean OS installation. Use original Toshiba recovery disc and reinstall OS. After doing this you will have clean preinstalled OS and test functionality with ?factory settings?.

It will be interesting to know if this shut down issues will continue or not.

What do you think about that?

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I'm having the "Wrong Machine" problem and I downloaded the DMI Utility.
I don't know how to boot to a CD-R. I don't have a floppy drive. Help me Toshiba.

Answer:Qosmio G35-AV600: I don't know how to boot to a CD-R

I actually burned the .iso to a CD and held down "c" while my computer was booting up. I didn't work.

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Dear all you supportive people at this forum:

I have a G20 Qosmio purchased in Canada a couple of years back. I lost my recovery DVD (original copy) but I have an ISO image burned on my backup drive. I burned this image onto another DVD and tried to recover from this DVD. Unfortunately my computer does not boot from this DVD.

The BIOS setting is set to boot from CD first. I tried to boot from other system with this DVD and it boots accordingly. I also tried to boot from other OS CD such as XP Professional. All these disks are not the original disks. They are made from the original ISO image.

I am just wondering if the Qosmio DVD only reads the original disks or is there something wrong with my G20.
THis laptop does not support boot from USB DRIVE.
This was one of the thing that I would tried. But off course, the G20 does not support this.

I thank you for your reply in advance and looking forward to hear of your assistance.

Answer:Qosmio G20 cannot boot from copied CDs

Hey dude ;)

Do you think you will meet here any ?support people??
This is a user-to-user forum and you will only meet Toshiba notebook users who try to help other users.
I thought I should clarify this firstly ;)

Now to you issue?
The CD/DVD drive is able to read many CDs and DVDs. But of course it could happen that some burned CDs or DVDs cannot be read.
This happens to me too.
I?ve got a desktop PC and different CDs/DVDs from different manufacturers are not fully compatible?
I have tested many CDs and DVDs and finally I have switched to a TDK.
It looks like these mediums are most suitable for my CD/DVD drive.

Maybe you should try to boot from the other bootable CD/DVD to check if the drives doesn't malfunction. ?:|

Regarding the USB booting;
Well, I have read that this is not possible. You can boot only from HDD, ODD, LAN and USB FDD (diskette)

Best regards

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My laptop is Qosmio F20-155.
I need to boot from USB HD but this system not support to boot from USB.
Can i update the BIOS to enable my system to do that?

*Thanks & Regards,,*
*Eng.Mohammed Mostafa*

Answer:How enable USB HDD Boot for Qosmio F20-155

Why you start an second thread about the same theme?
Please follow the first one:

This would avoid further discussions in different threads

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I just got this G15 last week and one of the hard drives was bad. Put in a new one in bay 2 and it won't boot. I took it back out and it boots fine. I even switched the main HD to hard drive bay 2 and it boots fine w/ one hard drive. It's something to do w/ the partitions I think. Any help appreciated.

Answer:After new HDD installation Qosmio G15 won't boot

I think the boot order was set to the wrong HDD in the BIOS.
On the new HDD you did not installed any OS and in my opinion this is a reason for the boot problems.
Access simply the BIOS and change the order for booting?

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Hi all

I have an Toshiba Qosmio F10 series.
I need the ability to boot from usb stick.

As toshiba-BIOS doesn't offer a USB-boot option, I want to ask if someone knows a
way how it will be possible.

Thanks in advance to all!

Answer:Qosmio F10: USB-Boot needed.


Unfortunately this is not possible. You can not boot from the USB stick or from USB HDD.
You can boot only from:
USB FDD, Primary HDD, ODD devices, Network(LAN)


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I have problems with media center on my E10. I had a new keyboard on it recently & since it has come back I haven't been able to get into media center, all I get is a white screen until I press ctrl, alt, del & then I can see the green media screen but am unable to do anything else. Can anyone help me please?

Answer:Qosmio E10: Boot up problems with MCE

Is keyboard changed by Service partner? What kind of problem did you have with it?
If it was changed by service partner contact them. They are responsible that your notebook must work properly again.

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I am thinking of buying A Qosmio G50 115 or 10H, and having dual boot Vista/XP Pro installed.

My first question: is this possible on this laptop?

As understand it dual boot means reinstalling Vista and then installing XP Pro, which would effectively delete all the bundled software on the machine. The Qosmio G10 handbook ( p77, 3-12) says that there is a Toshiba Tools and Utilities CD ROM from which you can restore drivers and applications. However the product specification for this Qosmio on the Toshiba Europe site does not include such a CD ROM.

Also (p76, 3-11) the manual says "Use the QosmioPlayer Recovery CD first then the Product Recovery Media next for restoring the complete system. Otherwise the system may not function."

Does this mean it is impossible to reinstall Vista without using the recovery CDs?

Can Vista be reinstalled on the computer independently of any of the bundled software, or is it the case that - "Otherwise the system may not function.

If I use the recovery CDs after reinstalling Vista as part of a dual boot, won't this mess up the dual boot?

Answer:Qosmio G50 - installing dual boot?

Hello Alan

Can you please make decision on which thread you want to discuss about your dual boot issue?
What is the sense of posting two identical threads?

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How can i boot my OS from a eSATA-drive connected via PCMCIA-SATA-Adapter?

Message was edited by: MrG

Answer:Qosmio F20-149: How to boot OS from eSATA-drive?

Hello MrG

I was very interested about your previous posting and I must say that I am asking myself what you do with your Qosmios when you always ask some exceptional questions.

Anyway, as far as I know booting if BIOS supports booting from PCMCIA maybe it will work but I presume that on your Qosmio it is not possible.

Can you please give me more info about OS installed on external HDD? Is this the same image as on F20 or HDD from some other notebook?

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I would appreciate any help concerning a boot-up problem which has struck my X300-11s. The boot process appears to be proceeding but stops after the microsoft corporation loading bar.

A clicking sound is heard from within the computer and the loading light flashes in time with the clicking. Using F8 shows that the system start is good and the memory is okay. I've reset to default in F2.

When you force a shutdown the sound of something 'dying' can be heard.

Answer:Qosmio X300-11s - unable to boot up

Maybe the HDD is defective (clicking noise).
Have you tried to start Windows in ?Safe mode??

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My Qosmio, from the beginning - 2 years old - has strange and random boot error sequence.

If I use every day my qosmio, at each boot, it seems ok.
But if I don't use my qosmio during 3 or 4 days or more, and I start my computer, I don't understand:
Error, not boot, the blink blank cursor is on left top of the screen, and the cpu fan runs fast and loud.

Then I press during 4 seconds the power button, and restart the Qosmio. And It runs normally. This issue is present, with or without powersupply.

Last month, I reinstall all my Windows XP system, and reinstall all my programs and data. I was happy, no error but ... 3 days after, without use it, I use it and.. same issue.

What kind of curious, random issue, I have on my qosmio ?



Answer:Random boot error on Qosmio G20

Sounds really strange, but did you already tried to update your BIOS?? If not, it would be a good idea to try it.

Otheriwise I wonder why didn?t you contacted an authorized service partner to let them check that problem. I mean, you probably ran out of warranty and now it would cost you to let them perform a hardware checkup.

But if you got still some warranty on your machine then go [here| 000000871], contact the nearest one in your country and send your qosmio there for a hardware checkup/repair.


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I purchased the above from my local PC World yesterday. Had to restore the system myself (only the demo model was available, didn't have time to wait for them to restore it, so I agreed to and ended up with 100 pounds off).

Anyway, the problem-it hangs during boot up, when it reaches the Windows desktop, but no icons, start menu, task bar etc. If I turn the wireless communication switch off, it boots correctly (it will even complete the boot if you turn it off after it hangs).

The wireless communication works correctly once booted up.


Answer:Qosmio f10-137 boot problems with wireless

Hello David

Did you preinstall the unit with delivered Recovery DVD?

Usually if the unit is preinstalled with recovery media there should not be any problem.

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Hello sir

I have Qosmio F30. My CD/DVD drive is not working. I have USB CD/DVD drive but I think F30 does not support external USB CD/DVD drive for boot up.

Please help me. Now how can I boot Windows XP CD?

Answer:Qosmio F30 - how to boot up using external CD/DVD drive?

At first I must say that I am really wondering why you do not do something to exchange built-in optical disc drive. Qosmio F30 is not so old notebook and maybe is the warranty still valid. You should check it with authorized service partner in your country.

To boot-up with external device is not so easy because the external drive can not be recognised at the boot up. Theoretically you must make external ODD ?visible? for your Qosmio. For older notebook it was possible if you start notebook in DOS mode and load DOS driver. After doing this you have access to external drive and can start setup.

Can you do this with your Qosmio notebook?

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I recently was trying to increase start up speed by getting rid of things I didn't think I needed running. Now when I boot my Qosmio G35 I have to hit the FN F5 keys to see anything on the screen? And when I got home I couldn't get it to extend the screen to my monitor, both were blank?

I finally started it in safe mode and was able to get my laptop screen working again, I still need to hit FN,F5 on boot up. What did I screw up ? and how do I get it back to where it was ?

Answer:Qosmio G35 - Display not coming on at boot up

>and how do I get it back to where it was?
I think the answer is quite simply ? enable all stuff you have disabled before.

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Okay, so I downgraded/upgraded my computer back to XP from 7 about a month ago.
Yesterday, I went to the library for all of my updates and whatnot that I've been neglecting since the upgrade. When I turned on the computer at the library, it wouldn't load the desktop properly and an error box opened stating that it was unable to retrieve the THotkey. As it turns out, my function key drivers took a dive. I did everything I could to solve the problem. Nothing worked, I decided to reformat.

Upon starting up the dinosaur this afternoon when the format finally finished, it would not fully boot the screen where it asks what language you want to use, what time format, all those basics. I tried restarting multiple times, finally trying safe mode, even going so far as to reformat again, to no avail.

Now, considering I was only reformatting to XP for the purpose of grabbing my default sound card drivers to see if they would work on 7 (the company that made my card was bought out shortly before 7 was released and they have yet to make any new drivers), I decided to say screw it and just format the computer back to 7. When it loads everything from the disc (disk? disc?), it goes to the screen asking on which drive I want to install, it says that I have no drives on which I can install it.

I ran into this problem before, the first time I put 7 on the computer. Since I have two hard drives, it needed the RAID drivers that connect the two. I've downloaded several different RAID... Read more

Answer:Qosmio G35-AV650 does not boot after format

Are you using a generic Windows 7 disc? Or a Toshiba Win7 upgrade disc?

Basically you need the F6 SATA Drivers (inf files) on a USB Flash Drive during Win7 setup. The Vista version should work fine in Win7.

You may want to change the RAID settings in the BIOS to "JBOD". Ensure you back up any important data first.

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Dear All,

Is it possible to enable the Qosmio F20-136 to boot from a second hard drive connected one of the USB ports? I know that you can hit F2 during the boot to get 4 different boot options, but this isn't one of them.


Answer:Qosmio F20-136 - Boot from USB Hard drive


As far as I know it is not possible and I didn?t find any topic where someone can confirm this possibility. Anyway it will be very nice if something like that can be possible.

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Trying to upgrade from 512MB with Kingston KTT3311/1G memory to 1512mb

I put the new 1GB Kingston in the spare top slot. When I restarted the machine, the fan came on and the On light at the front came on. But there seemed to be no start up process at all and the screen remained blank. After a while the fan stopped and the machine went into the 'off' mode. I tried once again with the same result.

I then took out the new Kingston 1GB memory, leaving the old memory as it was, and the machine restarted as normal with no messages or errors. I thought that the machine would automatically pick up the mew memory and reconfigure itself.

Any ideas on what might be wrong.

Answer:After 1GB memory upgrade Qosmio G10-133 does not boot up

Yes, the notebook and BIOS should automatically pick-up the new installed memory module. Try to enter the BIOS and check if the module was recognized and safe the BIOS settings.

But possibly you used a wrong one???

I think you should try the Toshiba recommended memory module. In such case you can be 100% sure that it will work and you are on the safe side.

I found these compatible PC2700 DDR-RAM modules;
PC2700 512MB (PA3312U-1M51)
PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G)

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My G20 is becoming slower and slower when it boots up. I still love the laptop and it?s design still makes me believe it?s the most beautiful laptop I have ever seen (in my opinion still better design then the new Qosmio?s).

So I?m using hdd2 80gb in each disk 160gb total..
I?m now using 72GB in one HDD and 10gb on the other. So still a lot of space free in one disk but the laptop is tooooooooo slow booting?around 3 min.

I wasn?t planning to restore and clean the all system?
Any advice? Getting HDD0 and both disks space together will make the laptop faster?

It?s 2ghz speed and 2g memory.

Answer:Qosmio G20 slow boot and restart

Hi buddy

You slow startup and booting has nothing to do with the HDD space.
Your notebook might boot slowly due to a high amount of processes which are running in the operating system background!

What you could do is to start the ?msconfig? and to disable some not necessary applications in the ?Startup? tab.

Furthermore use some cleaning applications i.e CCLeaner (it free tool) to clean the OS and the registry. Last but not least you could defragment the HDD to increase the performance.


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After I update my laptop BIOS, when I start my laptop I find new boot method, it is from Flash USB ?:| How can I use it and what type of file must be in it? I mean .iso or what?


Answer:Qosmio F30-140 - How to use Flash USB boot option?


I don?t have Qosmio F30 so I can?t test it for you but I think this options means that you can boot from an USB stick for example. Have you checked this?

You can?t boot from an iso file because you must create a bootable media. For example a Windows start disc or a Linux version that you can boot from USB stick.

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I have a toshiba qosmio f55 and does anyone know why sometimes when I reboot, I get a black screen but windows is being loaded and do hear the jingle tune. It happens randomly. I would have to unplug or just hold down the power button. It must be a hardware issue since it happens on a fresh install.

Also when installing fresh windows 7, at the first time loading the resolution is set to a 440 X 680 or something with only 4 bit colors. When installing the nvidia drivers, it is fine and can set to 1440X900 and 32 bit colors. When playing games the laptop is fine as well as everything else.

Appreciate your time for an answer :)

Answer:Qosmio F55 Black screen on boot


Hmm? maybe it?s just an graphic card driver issue?
Did you try to update the graphic card driver? If not, then do this.

Furthermore it?s advisable to have a latest BIOS installed.
Check the running version and the available BIOS on the Toshiba page?
If you are using older BIOS then try to update it?


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My Qosmio G30 ( 117) is having problems booting. Basically the Qosmio title displays correctly but as soon as the WinXP screen displays there is like a checkering of white dots all over the screen. It will then go blank and take forever to get into windows. The checkering of dots remains the whole time.

My assumption is that its my display driver but getting a update is proving a challenge. When I try and upload from the drivers page it says that there are none. The search is based on my PC model so it should be no brainer

I can get into XP in safe mode.

Real question is, is it my driver or is it a hardware issue?

Thanks for your help,

Answer:Display and boot problems on Qosmio G30-117

Hi dude,

that sounds a little bit like a hardware issue but before assuming it you should download drivers from (please read the FAQ on that site!) and then, if the problem persists after installing new drivers, you should contact a local authorized toshiba service center.

I give you a link if you really want to contact an ASP (Authorized Service Partner):

Good luck buddy and nice weekend

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I am in trouble since my Qosmio G35 screen began showing vertical lines, freezing up, then looping on and off.

I used the Toshiba factory recovery disc to reformat and the problem remained, so I went back further and chose the scrub the HDD option. Bad choice made by this beginner, because now it won't recognise the drive at all, prompting me to 'initialize' it.

The lines remain, but it is not the screen hardware, because during some of the processes I've followed, it comes up OK.

A more computer literate friend over the phone prompted me to go into the BIOS, but we can't access it. Searching on the web, I have tried the suggested F12, but that doesn't work, just pushing me through into a screen offering 'Safe Mode' etc.

Any assistance would be gratefully received. Thanks

Answer:Qosmio G35: Cannot boot from Recovery disc


Generally the vertical display lines sounds like a hardware problem? in my opinion it could be related to the GPU malfunction.

Anyway? we should firstly start with the CD/DVD drive issue? you should check if the drive was recognized correctly in the BIOS.

For this you have to access the BIOS using the ESC button (if Toshiba BIOS) or F2 button (if Phoenix BIOS). Please check these both possibilities because I?m not 100% sure what BIOS the Qosmio G35 uses.

But as I said above? the issue looks like an graphic card malfunction and you should contact the ASP in your country for an help.

Best regards & Good luck buddy

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Hi all,

The other evening i was trying to update my iphone software using itunes on the above type laptop and it was taking forever and a day and kept failing so thought i'd leave it until the day after. The next day, when i turned my laptop on, the initial qosmio boot screen came up immediately followed by a full page of random letters,numbers and shapes. This was then followed by the normal windows xp load screen followed again by a very quick appearing blue screen with loads of info on which you can't read as it only appears for a split second! The laptop then restarts and the process starts all over again, constantly looping.

I've managed to start the laptop in safe mode and have run the diagnostics tool and the hard drive, processor, graphics adapter etc all test out okay. I've also had the network card working in safe mode and have been able to connect to the internet etc.

Is there a possibility that this could be a RAM fault? Are there any quick checks that i can do to determine this other than replacing it? Also, not sure if it's linked but windows asked me at start up in safe mode to increase the virtual memory page file size as it wasn't big enough.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks


Answer:Qosmio F20-137 will only boot in safe mode


> Is there a possibility that this could be a RAM fault? Are there any quick checks that i can do to determine this other than replacing it?

You should try utility called to Memtest to test Ram If the test shows that your Ram is ok, reinstall Os.

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I have three partitions on my Qosmio G20.
I run WinXP on one, and use a larger one for data.
The third partition is suitable to run Vista in (whenever that will happen).
I have done this on other PCs with a RAID-0 setup, but that required a floppy with the RAID driver during setup.
There is no floppy on the Qosmio, so how can I get around this obstacle?


Answer:Qosmio G20: How to make a dual-boot?

Google around for boot programs. There are a few that on start up before it loads windows xp etc, it gives you the option to select which operating system you would like to boot from. This would be the ideal type program for you. I can not think of one off the top of my head or I would give you a few suggestions. Think the programs are called Boot screens or Boot selectors. Hope this helps.

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Hi, so I have a Toshiba Qosmio F60-124.

Yesterday, I was working on my projects (sony vegas & adobe etc) and it was very slow. I thought strange cuz that pc is very fast. I opened my sony vegas window and it wasn?t anwser, so I tried to close it but it didn?t work.
So I pressed the start button to switch off the pc.

When I pressed again to switch ON appeared a black screen with this:

Realtek .....
Insert system disk in drive.
press any key when it ready..

What can I do? I do not have any disk
Please help me

Answer:Start boot problem on Qosmio F60-124


Try to enter BIOS and check if HDD is recognized and listed properly. Set BIOS to default settings and try to start your Qosmio again.

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I am having problems with my Qosmio X775 booting up. I have already checked priority and both of the hard drives are listed as the top two devices, then USB to ODD finally to LAN.

The hard drives are being recognized and the connection is good there, but for some reason it is not wanting I boot from the hard drives.

The error is as follows:
PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
Reboot and select proper Boot device (which I have done multiple times)
Or insert Boot media in selected boot device and press a key.

I am not sure why it is not booting from the Hard drives and that seems to be the issue at this point.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Re: Qosmio X775 - PXE-MOF Error at boot-up

Set BIOS to default settings and try again.

Since when have you noticed this issue? Have you done anything like BIOS update?

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Hello again.
I am thinking to make my Qosmio G30-10B a dual-boot machine, and install both Windows XP and Vista on it.
I know that this is possible from the Windows side as I have tried it on other machines, so the question for me now is if the Qosmio Recovery CD/DVD can support that option.

I have already bought a seperate Windows XP Pro for this purpose, and I plan to use also the Vista Ultimate from the Qosmio Recovery CD/DVD.

If anyone has tried that before, or if you have used the Recovery CD/DVD for reinstalling the system, please post your experiance/thoughts about it.

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Is dual boot (XP/Vista) possible on a Qosmio G30-10B?


regarding your question I found an article which could help you with your problem:

If you have any further question just ask.


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Hi All

On booting my G20 I get the standard Windows XP screen, then a vile blue screen of death, then an even more hideous "unmountable boot volume" message. The Systems recover disk is not an option since it wants to wipe clean the entire drive.

Is there software i can burn to cd, that will allow me to boot and run a scandisk/chkdsk type program to attempt to repair the drive? I have fond memories of the Norton Utilities type of programs that sadly seem to have vanished. Failing that, I suppose the drive has to come out, be "caddied" and operated upon in my desktop pc, where I can download suitable repairers off the net?

Am I missing the point with the "recover" disk, ie does it have facilities to try and recover the data on the drive rather than rinsing it?


Answer:Qosmio G20 - Unmountable Boot Volume

Hi mate,

there is not much to say, I have the solution for you: UBCD4Win (

It?s an gorgeus CD image with an Windows XP as the base, so just download it, burn it and secure your data or repair your filesystem.
I saved many many damaged HDD?s, data and whatever I know with this really helpful tool.

Good luck buddy

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I have a G20-102. Today I opened my flash drive and the files all showed as shortcuts. I tried connecting to Firefox 4 and a AVG threat warning came pointing to C:\windows\system32\mssrv32.exe (Tr/Crypt.xpack.Gen3) as an Identity Protection. I opted for the "Move to vault" option and was asked to reboot

Now my pc does not boot - i get the Qosmio screen, ATA#1 Error (CD Drive has been removed) and the then the screen "rolls" - it looks like random pixels that flash across the screen. I am trying to boot in Safe Mode, but F5, F8 or any Fkey is not doing it

To make matters worse, the CD rom has been removed, faulty, so I can not boot from another device. I do not have a USb option is the BIOS, only FDD which I do not have

PLease help

Answer:Qosmio G20 - Doesn't boot, ATA#1 error


For me it looks like a serious hardware malfunction?

You could try to load the default settings in BIOS. Enter BIOS setup and press F9 key to load default values. Then save & exit BIOS and try to start again.

Is the HDD recognized properly in BIOS? If yes I would try a recovery installation Toshiba recovery disk and check if the problem is hardware or software related.

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Hi !

Is there also german support? :)

I have this Problem: ( click on the link, because i made a handymovie )

Can someone help me an know this Problem?

Thx !

Answer:Qosmio X500-10V - Can't boot the computer

Hi juergenp,

Here it?s an international user to user forum so there is English support only but I don?t think it?s a problem to understand English language ;)

Anyway, I?ve watched your video and your computer can?t boot properly, it gives you just a certain beep code.
Such beep codes mean that there is a hardware malfunction detected.

Theoretically it could be a RAM malfunction. So if you have two RAM modules installed, test it with one module only and this module in every slot to make sure it?s not a problem of RAM slot itself.

In worst case another part is related like mainboard or something else. In this case you should contact an authorized service provider in your country. The guys can help you to get rid of this problem if your notebook is under warranty, the repair would be for free. :)

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I have a 2 yr old Osmio F10 notebook that just went wrong. I used the laptop last nite and was working just fine. This morning when i turned it on i heard a rattling sound from hard disk so i turned it down and switch on again and still it was make noise. So again i shut it down and to my suprise it was not working beyond the Qosmio logo screen. Its saying some IDE #O Error. I tried to use the recovery disk but it is saying worng machine. I feel it is not regonizing my hard drive. I have lot important documents in my hard disk and dont want to lose. I really dont understand what the problem is.

Your answers are much appreciated!

Answer:Qosmio F10 Boot Screen problem

Sorry to say, but it sounds like the HDD has crashed. IDE #0 error is a bad sign. It means the machine cannot initialize the HDD. The rattling means the heads could be damaged.

If the files are very important to you, you can send the HDD to a Data Recovery specialist. They can recovery the data, but it will be expensive.

Remember that a HDD should never be relied on. They have mechanical parts and can crash at any time. Its important to backup your data to CD/DVD/USBKey/SD/Tape on a regular basis.

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I have lost picture. Can start it up, it all starts just nothing on screen. I have tried plugging in external monitor and hitting fn f5 nothing. Can anyone help ???? Is it the video card ????

Answer:Qosmio X series does not boot up - no picture

So is the laptop actually booting? On the X870 it's impossible to tell because it boots from SSD and there is no LED for HDD activity which is bonkers. But earlier ones it should be possible to hear the drive or see LED activity for the HDD. If the laptop boots because you can see LED activity on the HDD it is almost certainly GPU if you can't get a display on an external monitor. Try both VGA and HDMI just in case.

If it isn't booting I'd try memory first. PCs won't even boot if memory is dead/missing. Also on my x8870 F12 gives you startup options, so try that.

If you have two sticks of memory try one at a time. If you just have one I would try to beg/borrow a stick. 4GB is enough for test purposes. Don't worry about speed, as long as it's DDR3 (guessing it's x-500 or later) that's all that matters, it may not boot to windows but it should boot to POST and display the Qosmio splash screen if the laptop is OK. Just check what you have first if you have just one stick.

If you still get nothing then it's going to be GPU or mobo. Or possibly both. Overheating is a problem for Qosmio X series sadly and it is not uncommon for the GPU to take the mobo out when it dies.

For GPU replacement you can only use a Toshiba GPU and it has to be the same model - so for example in my x870 i must get a Toshiba 670M card. Tosh GPU's are very scarce and normally very expensive. might get lucky but if it is dead and Toshiba don't have any spares I would think it's end of laptop. ... Read more

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I recently installed a windows update and the laptop went into restart mode.
When the system boots up it tries to boot then i get a black screen say PCI Express error.

I have tried a system recovery but the disc will not boot up, also tried accessing the bios and this also doesn't work.

Can i please ask for some help on this one as i havent had any issues at all, just seems that a windows update has messed with my bios config.

please help!!!

Answer:Qosmio G40-10e wont boot up - PCI Express error


I cannot believe that Windows update would affect the BIOS.

In my opinion this must be just a bad luck.

Usually the PCI Express error means that an PCI device on the motherboard started to malfunction.

This means that this could be a motherboard problem which could be solved only by mobo replacement

Sorry dude but I think you don't have many options here... seems the Toshiba ASP technician should take a look on this issue :(

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I left my G30 in sleep mode to record certain TV pgms while I was away. On my rtn it didn't resume but tried to reboot instead. When the windows splash screen [with progress meter] came on the screen display was corrupt. After a short while [20 secs or so] I got an error msg [not long enough to read fully] then it shut down and rebooted.

I can get into 'safe mode' not a problem so suspect a corrupt driver. If so which one or is it something else? I've tried restoring the last couple or so restore points but no success. All preceded my holiday.

Any suggestions welcome


Answer:Qosmio G30 - Win XP fails to boot, graphic issue?

I think there is a graphical problem with the machine. An Authorized Service Center can repair it for you.

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Hi all,

I have a G30-161 twin hard drive (in Raid 1) that will not boot..
It just gives the message 'NTDLR file is missing' and is followed up with a prompt to restart the computer at which the same error will be displayed again.

I've been given this laptop by my son to fix (lucky me :( ! )

Things I've looked at so far:

- Checked the BIOS to see if the drives are configured correctly - BIOS states both hard drives installed, online and in RAID 1
- I had a Windows XP Install Disc to hand so tried to see if it would boot from a CD. It started on the CD ok but the Windows Recovery Console/Install process said it could not find any hard drives. Also found an Acronis True Image Boot Disc (uses linux I think), again the program started up fine but reported there were no Hard Drives installed.
- So with the the no HD reports I took one out for a test. With drive 2 removed, on a boot attempt the system reports 'RAID 1 is DEGRADE' then follows with the 'NTDLR file is missing' . So this tells me the RAID SW is probably working and it knows a HD has been removed.
All the fixes I've read about on PC forums involve using the XP Recovery CD or some but this won't work as the system thinks there are no drives when it boots. We dont' have a Toshiba recovery disc for the machine.

Anyone seen the above problem, knows a fix?
Can I get hold of a G30-161 Recovery CD anywhere?

Any help appreciated. ...


Answer:Qosmio G30-161 does not boot - NTDLR' File is Missing


It looks like your HDD is loked? I found a forum thread about the same error message and the user mikeptag posted a solution:

I didn?t test this procedure and therefore I?m not sure if it will help you or not but in my opinion it worth a try?

Check this and post your results?


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Have anyone tested WIN 7 beta 1 7000 as dual boot on X300 and my problem is that Relatek does not install, any solution ?

Answer:Qosmio X300 - Dual boot with Windows 7

I don?t have tested Windows 7 as yet because I think there are too many bugs on it.
So I will wait to the final version.

About your problem with Realtek (I think you mean a missing driver) you must search on the manufactures website.
I doubt there are already drivers for Windows 7 but have a look and good luck!

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Hi everyone,

i have a funny problem. I worked with my qosmio last evening and while i worked there was a windows update. I put it to sleep and boot it up today. Now it wants a Master boot password from me altough i never set a Password in Bios. I cant access the Bios either. It wants a Password. Has anyone out there a similar problem or can someone please help me.

P.S.: No one touched the laptop except me, so i am sure there was never a password set in Bios


Answer:Qosmio X - Asks for a master boot password

Hi fireymango,

What Qosmio X notebook you have exactly?

It?s really strange what happened but I can?t imagine that this password was set automatically? Have you already tried removing the battery and AC/DC adapter for one hour? After this try to start your notebook again.

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I am having a similar problem to this:

The only solution to this is to reinstall/repair Windows XP Media Centre Edition:

This consists of reinstalling ONLY Windows (without formatting) the Recovery CD supplied with my computer cannot do this. I really do not want to format my computer, and being a sealed unit I do not want to remove the HDD from the laptop.

How can I carry out the process above with my current copy of Windows XP Media Centre supplied with the computer on the Recovery Disk?

Thanks in advance.

[Edited by: admin]

Answer:Windows XP will not boot up, and only gives a blue screen on Qosmio F20

You could try to repair the OS using the XP repair console.
But the Toshiba recovery CD does not contains such console because it?s not a original Microsoft CD but it contains only a image files.

So if you want you can remove the HDD and connect it via external USB HDD controller to another computer.
Then you could get access to the HDD and could save all important files.

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Some water felt on my laptop... (bought in 2007, warranty over )
I didn't cut the power on the moment because it was working properly...

But, next morning,
start with a black screen, fan is over-working and i have a beeping sound.
One and after continuous short beeping....

I opened it and dry everything (cold & soft air) ... paper for remove humidity.

but still black screen, beeping and fan over-working.

Please help ...what can i do ?

Answer:Qosmio G40 - Black screen and doesn't boot


It seems that the water has damged your notebook or some parts at least. In worst case you need a lot of new hardware parts but I think only an authorized service provider can help you to diagnose this problem.

On the Toshiba website you can search for them: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

Contact them and ask for help. They will help you as best as possible. :)

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Hi all,
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, but I've stumbled across this place on the net.
I have a TOSHIBA Qosmio X70-B-112 which I have a couple of issues with.
First one being, when I start up the laptop, the boot screen with the logo 'Toshiba Leading Innovation' takes around two minutes to finish at which point I can login to windows which takes around 4 seconds from when I put the password in, until I can see my desktop. I'm just wondering why the initial boot time is so long. All drivers up-to date etc. Windows 10.
Another possible issue, the laptop is meant to have AMD Radeon R9 M365X Graphics card, however when I install drivers from AMD and Toshiba, the AMD Radeon settings screen tells me it's Graphics Chipset AMD Radeon (TM) R7 M380.
If anyone could shed any light on these issues for me, it would be greatly appreciated.

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I have recently acquired a new Qosmio F60 and a new Dynadock U port replicator. Problem is that it will not boot up unless I disconnect the Dynadock by unplugging the USB cable from the Notebook. I have downloaded the latest drivers for both the F60 and the Dynadock from the Toshiba site with no change to the problem.

Also, the entire system in frustratingly slow at executing any commands notwithstanding that the system is i7 processor based.
I am running Windows Home Premium 64 bit version with Norton Security and have no unauthorised or unusual software innstalled.

Any ideas?

Answer:Qosmio F60 - Boot problems with Windows 7 and Dynadock U

Hi Sandgroper,

Are any other devices connected to Dynadock port replicator? Maybe such an external device is causing the boot problem of Windows 7?

Have you installed newest BIOS version from Toshiba? As far as I know new version was released few days ago?

Check this!!!

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My laptop is just one day old. Why is the boot up time so slow. On Windows it takes forever to get past the "Please wait" screen, about 1-2 mins. Is this the case with everybodies.


Answer:Qosmio F50 series - Slow boot up time


I don't know what notebook model do you have exactly but nice discussion about slow boot up you can read under

It can be interesting for you.
Check it out!

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Toshiba Qosmio won't boot up in regualr or safe mode. When I turn it on I get a menu that give me a repair menu but even that doesn't help. Can someone suggest some ideas?

Answer:Windows 7 Toshiba Qosmio laptop won't boot up

Thanks trvlr,yes I see the window folder. In fact I replaced some of the dll's in the system32/drivers directory because when I boot into safe mode with command prompt it gets so far and stalls. I was thinking that maybe one of them was corrupted. However this didn't seem to help.Great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Before I had to submit this I got back to looking at the machine and I was able to fix it. Here is what I did;Using the Windows repair disk I got myself into dos prompt. Running the chkdsk was the last thing I was going to try before trying to recover or reinstalling windows. I mentioned before that it said it couldn't run it without unmounting the volume. Since I was at the end I decided to go ahead and say yes. I ran a chkdsk /r /f. It looked like it fixed a few things. I exited dos prompt and restarted the computer. It got a point where it said it was configuring windows. I took this as a good sign. When it finally completed and windows opened, there was a bucnh of apps open including Excel withoput 5 spread sheets. My guess was that someone shutfown the computer forcefully while windows updates were being applied. Anyway it all looks good now.I really want to thank you Trvlr for your guidance and suggestions. I was great having someone who had sugegstions on what to dio and to steer me in the right direction.

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I have got my brand new TOSHIBA QOSMIO X870-13L today and it had Windows 8 pre installed on it and as I wanted to switch to windows 7 , I inserted a bootable disc after changing the settings in the BIOS when I restarted my computer it just ignored the changing and booted from the HDD. I tried the same thing with an USB :: same problem.

I tried to force it to boot from the optical device or USB by the one-time boot selecteur (F12), it displayed 2 messages:
Checking media...

And then it booted from HDD.

Best regards

Answer:Qosmio X870-13L - can't boot either from optical driver either the USB

Windows 8 OEM runs on a UEFI Firmware instead of a traditional BIOS so it cannot boot from a Boot Sector anymore.

However you can enable BIOS Emulation to boot from Boot Sector based media such as the Windows 7 Disc. Go into the UEFI Setup (BIOS) and disable Secure Boot, then change the Boot Mode from UEFI to CSM.

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Ok so I have a Toshiba Qosmio F20/574 and I'm trying to replace the factory DVD drive (TEAC DV-W28E) with a Liteon DS-8A1P (f/w CX12). With or without a DVD drive Im getting a CD-ROM error on boot. The only time I do not get it is when I boot with the factory DVD drive.

Here are the things I've tried...
-Cleared the CMOS
-Removed the bezel to make sure its plug all the way in
-used the EEPROM utility to set the drive to slave.
-tested the drive in another laptop
-unistalled the factory dvd drive through device manager and tried to boot with the new dvd drive

Here are the things I found weird...
- in the BIOS (ACP BIOS 1.30) under Device I/O it shows the Hard Drive and cd drive but its not listed by name, its showing only the IRQ of the master and secondary IDE controller (Built-in HDD Primary IDE (1F0H/IRQ14), CD-ROM Secondary IDE (170H/IRQ15)). This doesnt change, even if I boot without a DVD-Drive.
-There is no BIOS update available for this laptop. This is a Toshiba from Japan and Ive tried using Qosmio F20 BIOS 1.40 from another region but it doesnt work.
-I cant seem to find an update firmware for the Liteon DS-8A1P (CX17)

I cannot think of anything else to try. I really need help! Any ideas?

Answer:CD-ROM error on boot after replacing DVD drive -Qosmio F20-574

I am afraid you use non-compatible optical disc drive and there is nothing you can do. check please user?s manuals document for your notebook model and you will find the list of all compatible ODDs.

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Recently my Toshiba Qosmio G30-163 only 4 months old takes from a cold boot (from Qosmio Logo)5 -10 minutes to Windows users login... I have already used the Recovery Disk and reformatted the second drive, remove all software, but it still takes over 5 minutes to boot-up. Can anyone help?

Answer:Qosmio G30-163 - Cold boot takes over 5 minutes

It is nice that you have installed OS again but we don?t know which applications you use for you personal configuration. Is your notebook connected to LAN in the company or you use it at the home only?

Here in forum it is not easy to say anything concrete because nobody knows how you have configured your Qosmio. Friend of mine has Qosmio G30 and boot up takes a little bit time but not so long.

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I have a Toshiba Qosmio PQF10E-02300JGR, which I have had from new for some years now.

The other day when I was working on it, it rebooted itself & then would not come back up (just got a blank screen & then it rebooted itself over & over again)

I have a couple of Windows older XP versions on the same hard disk, as I thought perhaps it was a Windows update that has screwed something up, but none of these older versions work either. It just gives a black screen & then after some moments, reboots itself. I managed to boot into safe mode to disable auto reboot (Control Panel, System, Advanced, Startup & recovery, automatically restart), it then gave me a BSOD with a "STOP: 0x000000EA on nv4_disp The device driver got stuck in an infinite loop". I realise this is the NVidia graphics driver.

Whilst in safe mode to copy various files to USB stick, that I had not backed up, the screen distorted itself when I moved the mouse, the fan (on I presume the mobo) started making funny noises & then the whole machine hung.

I guess I need the graphcs card & motherbord replaced, but is it worth it? How much does it usually cost to replace this & does the "upgrade" work?. I live in the UK

Should I buy a replacement laptop instead?


Answer:Qosmio F10-130 PQF10E does not boot up - hangs in the loop

Hi mate

I think you are right?. It seems that the notebook?s graphic card malfunctions.
From my knowledge, it?s not possible to replace only the GPU? it seems that the ASP would replace the whole motherboard and this can be really a costly affair.
The mobo is one of the expensive notebook parts! I think you will need to spend about 300-350 Euros? I don?t know if it?s worth? it?s you own decision?

But in my opinion you should firstly check if you could buy an second hand board which could be cheaper?
Maybe you will find an second hand F10 with a good mobo?

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I've got a Qosmio F10, and I use all the right procedures for PROUDCT RECOVERY DVD-ROM.

I have done all the updates drives necessary as well , but when I switch on the laptop came with a message error:" \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM
Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:"

So, now my computer start with boot options, but whatever you choose the system boot again and again...

What to do??? Please.

Answer:Qosmio F10 does not boot up system missing or corrupt

Hmmm? usually after the usage of the Toshiba recovery CD everything should run ok.
I read on some computer expert websites that this issue could be related to the hardware fault. Maybe the HDD or the memory module is corrupt.

I would firstly recommend formatting the whole HDD (delete also all partitions).
Then install the OS again.
If it will not solve this issue you could check if it?s possible to install XP from the original Microsoft CD.
Additional you could check the memory modules. Try to remove one and use only one or replace it with a new one.

But please note that these are only my suggestions and I?m not 100% sure if these proposals will solve you problems. Anyway it?s worth a try

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I turned off the Boot security in BIOS and tried to boot from a Ultimate Boot CD and a MemTest86+ boot cd and both do not boot. A Windows CD boot perfectly. Is there something I am missing?

They work on my other computers.


Answer:Qosmio X870 - Linux Boot CD is not working


Does the Qosmio X870 BIOS support the UEFI / CSM mode?
If yes, switch from UEFI mode to CSM mode as described here:

If this will still not work, I recommend checking the created disks since only these both options needs to be changed in order to boot from other sources.

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My Qosmio F20-149 crashed yesterday and I havent been able to get it to work again. When I try to switch it on, the Power LED blinks on and off (on:1 sec, off:1 sec) and the cooler fan is working on full power. When I press any key, there is a kind or error sound. otherwise no reaction from laptop; even the CD-drive doesnt open.

I've done no RAM-updates and I use original Toshiba power adapter. I've tried starting the laptop using only battery, only power supply and on both. No change in reaction. I've tried all possible combination (with one, without one, with both...etc) of both my RAM-cards (512+512) and still no use.

I'm really stumped.

Answer:Qosmio F20 doesn't boot - Power LED blinks orange

If I understand you right your notebook is sending a blinking code. This code will be shown if notebook has detected some problem with power supply electronic.
In this case there is nothing you can do and notebook must be sent to nearest authorized service provider.

They have manuals with exact code description and instructions how to solve this.
Sorry buddy but I don't believe anybody here can offer exact diagnostic for this issue.

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I recently purchase a Toshiba Qosmio X300-13O. I run before a week the system restore and I install all the drivers. As a result the laptop created a problem, every time I try to boot up a black faded screen apears and then the laptop restarts. Also the iluminted hot keys do not work.

Please help me solve this issue.

Regard, Aris

Answer:Qosmio X300 - Black faded screen if I boot up


I hope I did understand you correctly so have you already tried to boot in safe mode? Maybe it?s a driver or software issue and so the notebook restarts because you wrote that you have installed some drivers.

Properly the HDD recovery function would be an option for you to restore ?factory settings.

I have also Qosmio X300 and I must say it runs really good. Never had a problem as yet with the notebook. I love the red design.

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Greetings to every one out there in the land of the raising QOSMIO ! My G20-147 boot up time seems to be taking longer and longer. Why?

Answer:Qosmio G20-147: Boot up time is taking a bit long than usual


Could be many different things. Run some different computer diagnostics tests on it to make sure the CPU, RAM, and HDD are all working %100 normal. Most of the times I found boot taking longer it was the HDD, seek time for the HDD would increase over time as the hdd got older. Eventually it just starts freezing while loading the OS on the windows splash screen. Run some HDD tests and scan for viruses etc. Scan for boot sector viruses as well. Hope you manage to locate the problem.

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Hello to all Toshiba X300 users!

I have recently bought X300 14U and I am trying load XP as a dual boot. I have used floppy, I have done everything in my power to dual boot.

Please could somebody help? I have checked the forum to see how to do it but it keeps on telling the same thing what I have done.

I have tried to ask Toshiba what chipset it is using but they are just guessing.
Could some please point in the right direction tell which store manger I need?
Which chip set and SATA drivers I need an how to apply these to make a successful dual boot with XP Pro SP2?
I have Vista Home premium installed.

I have done as much as I can do.
I have even tried to run virtual pc but Vista home Premium does not support it.

Than k you very much

Answer:Qosmio X300-14U - How to make a dual boot system?


Before you can install Windows XP you need the SATA drivers because I think your notebook runs in AHCI mode.
The drivers for this are in the Intel Storage Manager package and you can find it on the Intel website:

On the Toshiba website you can?t find drivers for Windows XP. For the Qosmio X300 are only Windows Vista drivers available and so have to search on external websites for drivers.
For example:


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A couple of days ago, I booted up my Qosmio QF10-100 and an error popped up, it says:

Alert: System protection failure!
Password = ...

I've 'googled' the error to no avail, the solutions aren't compatible with this type of laptop, and I'm not going to pay for somebody to fix it if it's just a simple password.

I'd like to know what the default password is, because I'm 100% sure that I haven't set it, or if there are any other ways of resetting it. My warranty was only from 2004-2005 so that's out of the question.

It seems like a rare problem, I hope it's fixable.


Answer:Qosmio F10-100: Boot-up issue - System protection failure


For me it looks like a BIOS password was set. Maybe I?m wrong but in my opinion there must be set a BIOS password or maybe a HDD password? This is difficult to say.

Unfortunately, if you don?t know the password you will be not able to boot the notebook :(
But don?t worry buddy, the local ASP would be able to remove a BIOS password.

No matter if you warranty is valid or not. You should contact the guys in your country and should ask for the help.

I?m not sure how much it would cost but I don?t think it could be expensive.

Bye & Good luck

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I am asking about advanced boot option when pressing F8 after restarting the computer will be more exist if I have changed the operating system which originally came with my laptop Qosmio F60 ''win7'' to win 8.1 for example

Answer:Qosmio F60 - existing advanced boot options after new OS installation

As far as I know this option doesn't depend on preinstalled OS version so I?m pretty sure nothing will be changed after Win8.1 installation.

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Hi everyone!

I cant access the F12 boot menu or ESC Bios options...

I wanted to recover the laptop but then 1 HDD Raid-1 got degraded.

Now the laptop only boots into the qosmio dvd player / tv tool. How do I reset the RAID settings? How do delete the hidden partition on the hdd so I can access bios again?

Can anyone help me out?

Thx alot

Answer:Cannot access boot menu or ESC Bios options on my Qosmio G30

What happen exactly when you start your notebook?
Can you see Qosmio welcome screen? Are options for BIOS settings and boot menu shown on the task bar at the bottom?

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Qosmio G20 139, on start up the laptop shows the Qosmio screen then immediately goes into a screen full of text or symbols. Then is continues to load sees the Windows XP screen then shows vertical blue dotted lines, then goes to a fault page showing page fault in non-paged error 0x00000050. Then reboots and goes round and does the same.

I used the recovery disc and it worked fine for a few days the the fault re-occurred.
I have checked the ram and hard drive and there don't appear to be errors.

Now the recovery disc doesn't seem to load correctly.
If used a page comes up saying setup not completed.

Answer:Qosmio G20 Screen full of text or symbols on boot up

> I have checked the ram and hard drive and there don't appear to be errors.

How did you check this?
Did you use an new tested memory modules and new HDD?

To be honest I don?t think that your HDD is affected. The dotted, vertical lines could be related more to graphic card issue as to the HDD issue.
RAM issue could be possible too but I think its GPU.

By the way: are you able to access the BIOS?
Power up the notebook and press F2. Then leave the notebook in BIOS for some hours in order to check if some issues would appear.
Would be interesting to know how the unit would act?

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I tried to do a BIOS update on my DX1210 last night to version 1.5,
During the update there was a write failed error message and now the system won't boot.
Is there a way to reflash the bios when a bios update fails?
I've got all the bios files extracted on to a USB key but I'm not sure what to do to initate a bios recovery?

Answer:Qosmio DX1210 wont boot - Bios update failed

Well, BIOS problems can be solved only by an Toshiba authorized service partner.
I assume the ROM module where the BIOS is stored, has not been flashed properly.
The Rom module can be flashed again using an special crisis disk.

Therefore I see just one real option for you: get in contact with the service guy to get it fixed.

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OK, i got the g35-av650 - US. I don't see any proper American Toshiba forums, so i am posting here.
Firstly, i must say i am getting very frustrated.

1: I upgraded my BIOS in an attempt to install windows vista. Vista installed, however, it is not working well. It must be driver issues. I deleted the partition i allocated for Vista. Now, how the hell do I remove the vista boot screen/menu.
I want back my XP OS selection screen.
I think it has to do with the boot record.

2: My bluetooth ain't working any more (don't ask me why....) After i updated the BIOS from version 1.40 to the newest 3.30.

The recovery CD says i am using the CD in the wrong computer??? Is there a way to downgrade the BIOS/solve this problem, or workaround it.

thx for the replies, as they will really be appreciated.

Answer:Qosmio G35-AV650: How to remove Vista boot manager and install XP


1.) Do you want to reinstall the XP back on the HDD or do you want to cancel the vista boot manger only.
Usually after the XP reinstallation the boot manager should disappear.

But I found this step by step advice in the internet:

- Boot your computer in to Windows XP.
- Ensure you have the Vista DVD image emulated or in the DVD drive.
- Go to Start and Run. Type in e:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt52 ALL /force (without quotes, and replacing e: with the drive letter of your Vista DVD).
- Restart the computer, and you will notice the boot selection menu is gone.
- Format the partition/drive where you had Vista installed.
- Remove two files (Boot.BAK & Bootsect.BAK) on your XP drives root folder (C:), these were backup files of your previous bootloader, now no longer useful.
- Optional: Restart to ensure it still works.
- Use your partition software to merge your partitions together.

2.) I hope you used the BIOS from the US Toshiba page. However, BIOS update shouldn't has any bad influence on BT functionality. Try to download the newest BT driver and install it again.

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