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DNS lookup fail - specific site.

Question: DNS lookup fail - specific site.

Hi guys,

I have been trying to access a website for the last few days, and each time I do, I recieve this error message.


The server at [...] can't be found because the DNS look-up failed. DNS is the network service that translates a website's name to its Internet address. This error is most often caused by having no connection to the Internet or a misconfigured network. It can also be caused by an unresponsive DNS server or a firewall preventing Google Chromefrom accessing the network.

I tried changing my browser, but the website still didn't open.
Then I switched devices to my mobile, and the browser wouldn't open.
I turned the wifi off my mobile, and the page DID load with mobile internet, so it has to be a problem with my home internet.
My friend has the same provider as us, but the page works perfectly for her.
I'm not the most technologically advanced, so I was wondering what the next step would be to fix this problem?

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Preferred Solution: DNS lookup fail - specific site.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: DNS lookup fail - specific site.

Three test techniques other than a lousy browser:

get a command prompt and enter PING
follow that with PING
this tests your tcp routing and name resolution

then try
get a command prompt and enter NSLOOKUP whatever_domain_name
download and enter the whatever_domain_name there
and this tests if your ISP dns is worth $0.02.

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Ive attached a sample file; I would like to retrieve the values of the highlighted cells and know which Run # they were from. Also, The O2% column is not always permanent it is random. Whats the easiest way of going about this? I appreciate all the help in advanced. Thanks

Answer:Solved: Lookup specific values

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everday i am facing this issue when ever i try open some site for first time firefox keeps looking for site almost 15-20 seconds but later same site loads super fast, i tried using open dns / google dns but no use, tried dns flush etc command found on google still no luck, hope to get some solution here

Answer:internet site lookup slow

I would try power cycling (shut down, wait 20-30 seconds, turn on) your router, and setting your ip/dns settings to automatic. Also, if you have the problem in firefox, try running Internet Explorer (No Add Ons).

To find IE (No Add-ons):
> Start
> All Programs
> Accessories
> System Tools
> Internet Explorer (No Add Ons)

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Background info:
EPC3298AD CISCO modem with a 180MB/S package
4 Ethernet cabels are connected, of which 1 goes towards a splitter. (total of 5 ethernet connections)
All ethernet cables are full duplex.
Multiple people on the network have this problem.
I tried changing DNS to google's public DNS to no avail.

The problem:
Sometimes websites refuse to load, they spend 20 seconds trying to load and give a "Cannot connect to the internet" error OR only the site's text loads (without HTM,L CSS, etc.).
This problem usually stays for about 2-3minutes, after which it goes away.
During this "problem", the internet connection is stable, and websites that are open work properly (Buffering a video, streaming a video etc. all work properly, clicking a link and therefore getting directed to another part of the site doesn't work however).

This problem suddenly started occuring about a month ago, for no apparant reason.
It happens at random, but usually at least 5-10 times a hour.

Internet provider solution:
The internet provider say's this problem happens because of Half-duplex devices being attached.
The internet has been perfect until a month ago, and no new devices were connected at that time..... so I really doubt that's the problem.

Does anyone have ANY idea what is wrong?

Answer:Internet site address lookup problem

What is this "Splitter' that you have in one line?
Does the system work OK if you remove the splitter?

The ISP may have done some updates and no longer support the "Half-duplex" devices.

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Well I used to use but I havent needed it in a while.. now I could use the handy spyware lookup.. but the site is gone.. Does anyone know what happened to it? If it moved somewhere? Or if its gone does someone know of a reliable place to lookup programs and check if they're spyware?
I think its time to update my bookmakrs...

I am having alot of trouble downloading a large file, cause my isp is unreliable, I need a program that can resume downloads.. but most of them are loaded with spyware and the likes.. If anyone can sugguest a good one of those that would help too. I need one that doesnt install over my system ya know? I like downloading how it is, but sometimes with big files I might need to use an application that will help me resume if I get kicked

Any help with either of those would be greatly appreciated, I know this isnt the best forum to post it under, but since it was regarding spyware I thought it would be best to check here..

Answer:Sugguestions for good spyware lookup site(s)?

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my internet works just fine, and i've checked the internet settings over and over again, but alas I cannot reach one of my favorite sites (yes that is all of my friends (whom I spoke to via aim) have told me they are able to get to the site just fine with no problems and yet this is the only site I cannot go to from my computer. it gives me the Cannot find server page.
This is extremely frustrating to not know why I cannot reach this site. I thought it was due to their server and not my internet connection, but wouldn't that mean a mass majority having troubles reaching this site?
Please help me

Answer:i can not get to one specific site

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I have removed all cookies from my three browsers--FF, EX, NetSp.

I have run Norton 360 scans.

I have run Error Nuker.

I still can't get into which is the Plesk site for WealthyAffiliateHosting.

Thanks for any help!


Answer:Can't load specific site URL


Welcome to TSF!!

I would start by deleting your cache, cookies, and temp files. That will help most of the time. Be careful what you remove as there are a lot of things that you might not want deleted.


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I am trying to log onto and it will not load. It works on other computers I get a white screen. I have changed my web browser, restored my internet settings, disabled my antivirus. Please help!

Answer:when I try to log onto a specific site it will not load

try installing Java, Perhaps with all the resetting java is not installed or out of date. Does the website come up, or you just cannot log in to the site once it opens? Make sure you have the date and time set correct and you are in the right time zone or secure Https sites will not let you log in. Depends what the issue is exactly?

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Hey All, 
I do not know much about computers so I am very confused right now. One day, out of nowhere, a site I frequented stopped loading. Everything else works fine. I connected to a different internet and the site opens fine. But on my home internet I get "this site cant be reached.". So far I have tried resetting my router, turning off my firewall, checking my hosts file, and the google DNS. I am currently on Google Chrome, Windows 10. This is a major inconvenience to me, and any help you can offer is much appreciated.

Answer:One Specific Site Won't Load

Have you tried getting there through an anonymizer, such as

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Is there a way to block a specific web site. For example, need to block for kids...can I block this particular site without installing some bloated software program?

Answer:BLocking a Specific Site

i am sure there is. but i would not want to give bum advice at this time so instead i post this to give you a bump

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This is a very strange one...

I run a web site, and forum /forums and I've been unable to connect to either going on about 6 hours now. All other web sites connect fine, but not my site. My friends are able to connect to it no problem. I've run a ping and traceroute, they look fine. I've looked in to my router config, nothing out of the ordinary. I've rebooted all compuers, including the DSL modem, still nothing.
I'm able to log in to my web providers site (, but when I try to access the contol panel it hangs and then gives a "page can not be displayed".
The only thing I can think of is that either my ISP or web provider has a block on my IP address??? I don't know why or how but it's all I got. Neither one of them admit this is the case.

My main comptuer dual boots XP / Vista, and both OS'es have IE and Firefox installed, neither one will load the page.
I hooked up my notebook computer, it will not connect either.

I just don't know where to go from here. 2 computers running 3 OS's and 2 different browsers will not connect ONLY to my web site.

I don't know if a hijack log will help, but here's one in advace...

THANKS VERY MUCH for any help

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 9:31:58 PM, on 8/10/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\WINDOWS\sys... Read more

Answer:Specific site not loading...

Seems it was an ISP problem?? Today it's fine w/o any changes by me.

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I'm a member of Almost every time I've finished visting the site, IE7 won't close. The page content goes away (screen turns white) but the IE7 window stays open. I must use Task Manager to close IE7. It only happens at the website too.

I disabled all add-ons but it didn't help.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:IE7 Won't Close (Site Specific)

I've seen this behavior on a friends PC. He needed to logout before closing IE.

Does have a logout for your account?

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My wife was accessing her work email through the internet from home when it suddenly stopped responding. She can't access the parent site either with any of her browsers. In fact, everything on that DNS is not accessible. Others can access it from home, and I can access it from work. I can't access it from my computer at home.

web email access:
parent site:

Home setup:
-wife computer: XP Home, wireless connection, Firefox 1.0PR and IE 6
-mine: XP Pro, ethernet connection, Firefox 1.0PR and IE 6
-connection: cable modem, Linksys WAP router

What I've tried:
-clearing cache
-reboot comps
-reboot router
-bypass router, connect direct to cable modem

My guess is that my wife's work made some configuration change that my ISP doesn't like. Is there a way for me to know? Should I get the work IT guys to talk to the ISP tech guys?

Thanks in advance.

Mark Darbyshire

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I keep going to a page advertising OsGuard Pro, no matter what address I type in the address bar. I have tried to block this page but nothing works. It is not a virus as I have scanned for spyware. I also constantly get an annoying balloon saying "Windows Security alert: computer is infected". I have the pop-up filter on.   How can these get blocked? The address is:                                         

Answer:How to Block A Specific Site

It is a virus.Read this:,46313.0.htmlStart new topic here:,7.0.html

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Hey All, 
I do not know much about computers so I am very confused right now. One day, out of nowhere, a site I frequented stopped loading. Everything else works fine. I connected to a different internet and the site opens fine. But on my home internet I get "this site cant be reached.". So far I have tried resetting my router, turning off my firewall, checking my hosts file, and the google DNS. I am currently on Google Chrome, Windows 10. This is a major inconvenience to me, and any help you can offer is much appreciated.

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I get pop-ups from Norton whenever it blocks a problem "attack" issue. When I do the visual trace on where they come from, they almost all point back to the same company, though with slightly different IP addresses. I've notified the company via email to their "abuse" reporting box, but nothing seems to happen to stop the attempts.

What should I do next? I'm diligent about keeping my protection up-to-date (thanks to the info I've gotten here), so it's not that I'm worried, I'm mostly PO'd. On the other hand, I'm not all that computer savvy, and don't want to make a mountain out of a molehill. How do I tell the difference, and at what point should I react? Advice or personal opinions?


Answer:What Can U Do About Problems From Specific Site?

There are legitimate reasons why some organisations may 'scan' for the presence of your computer on the internet and this would trigger a pop-up from the Norton firewall to tell you how clever it's been in blocking this "attack". It should explain this somewhere in the Norton help.

Now that you know your firewall is doing it's job, turn off the reporting function and let it just log the event in a log file. Then, if you want to, you can view the events at your leisure.


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I have a very odd problem with firefox 3.6. It works perfectly however it refuses to load 1 specific site: (flash tutorial/forum site) every other site works fine. Chrome & IE have no problems loading kirupa.I already tried the following:-Checked my computer with combofix, it came up with nothing as far as i could tell. (I don't have any other problems so i don't think it's a spyware problem)-Run firefox in safe mode. -Reinstalled firefox (inlcuding deleting all settings)Here come's the odd thing: I created a new account on my windows XP and kirupa loads fine (but not on my main account). So if anyone has any brilliant ideas please let me know.

Answer:Firefox will not 1 specific site

Maybe you have a corrupt Firefox profile. You may need to create a new profile. Do not delete old profile but uncheck Dont ask at startup and Exit.How to manage profiles :

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When I try and goto IE crashes. this is a legitimate website and I can reach it from other computers. I have IE6.0 but also happened in 5.5!!?? Help

Answer:IE crash for specific site

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Hi everyone,

I am new here and am not that much 'techie' minded so am going to try my best at explaining what's been going on from start to finish with my computer, hopefully not leaving anything out. If you do need more info please don't hesitate to ask with prompts on how to get this info (I know some stuff but not everything so a step-by-step approach would be the best for me).

I have a Windows XP Home Edition Ei System that is about 7 years old. It is an Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 CPU 3.06 GHz 3.05 GHz, 480 MB of RAM.
It has only had a service once in its' lifetime when I moved from upstairs to the living room and we ended up not having any internet because of the modem hardware getting damaged internally - that got fixed and it's been very loyal to me. It had a new monitor a couple of years ago (a Samsung LCD that has since died and last August got another Samsung SyncMaster 943) monitor. A few mouse changes, same keyboard and everything else is the same.
In the last 6 months though it has been paying up, whatever the reason (viruses I suspect) and I have had some weird happenings like the start button disappeared and all the desktop icons - before Christmas 2009 so did a full system recovery with the System Recovery CD-Rom, that seemed to have sorted it, temporarily anyway. On St. Patrick's day this year I did another full system recovery after much the same happening. I must tell you at this point that I do from time to time download files from the internet using ... Read more

Answer:Unable To Log Into ONE Specific Site

I had read the sticky to get the scans and data needed - the DDS.scr and GMER. I downloaded both of those and followed the steps to a T with the intention of opening another thread in the virus/spyware/trojan section, but the strangest thing happened. I did the dds.scr and save both reports to the desktop. Proceeded with the GMER and after a couple of minutes, the PC restarted by itself, and that's what it's doing now - restarting over and over again all by itself. It won't let me load in any of the 5 options, not normally, safe, last known good configuration - nothing. It appears as if Windows will load then for a split second a blue screen comes up with some text on it I can't read as it's too quick but something about system registry. What on earth am I to do now with this? Please, please help. I was trying to find a solution to not logging in to one website, now I can't use the PC at all. I am typing this from my husbands' laptop which I hardly ever have access to.


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This is driving me crazy. There is a site I just love that I go to on a daily basis, or at least, I used to. The couple who runs the site recently changed servers and now I'm having trouble accessing their site. Some days it's ok and other days it's not. There are some other members who have had trouble but have been able to fix it. The site, if it's helpful, is They have an alternate site but that doesn't work for me either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm running Windows 98SE and IE 6.0.

Blessings, Jen

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Short version: I am suddenly unable to connect to one and apparently only one (pay) Web site; instead I get a "cannot connect" page (the one that suggests the site may be down, my firewall may be wonky, etc.).

Possibly relevant facts: I'm running XP home edition and use the Windows firewall.

I get basically the same message whether I use Mozilla Firefox or IE. (Still, I checked the privacy/security settings for Mozilla; the site isn't on the restricted list, and I added it to the "always allow" list, but no change).

The site is operational. I can reach it and log on from my work computer.

I cleared my cache.

I tried going to an earlier reset point, to no avail.

I looked in my Hosts file to ensure the site wasn't there it wasn't. I also uninstalled--using revo uninstaller--spybot just to be sure (I thought an immunization might have been the problem).

I had been using AVG 7.5. antivirus. They made me upgrapde to 8.5, which was sloooow (others had the same problem)--and the problem started around then, so I thought it might be related (yeah, I know correlation doesn't prove causality). I tried uninstalling--using revo--and switching to Avira; no change; I then uninstalled Avira and installed Avast; no change. (Avast has something it claims to be "like a firewall" but that will pose no interactivity worries).

I changed my TCP/IP options from automatically looking up IP addy and DNS, using the values returned by the ipconfig /all command. Not... Read more

Answer:Can't access specific Web site

Hi .

In my limited experience...inability to connect to a given website, as opposed to general connectivity either a website-specific problem or due to corrupt cookies for that site on my system.

"Corrupt" is computer lingo for damaged and files get damaged all the time, from varying causes.


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I have recently experienced a problem on one of my computers. There is a specific web site that I cannot access ( I have a home network (Ethernet wired) and the other 2 computers on that network can access the site.
On the computer where I have experienced the problem, I have both Firefox and IE8 installed. Neither browser can access the site. I get the following indications:
Firefox ? page opens that advises ?Unable to connect? ?Firefox can?t establish a connection to the server at
IE8 ? page opens that displays ?unable to connect?. When the diagnose connection problem button is clicked the message is ?The remote device won?t accept the connection?.
Since this occurs only on the one computer, I concluded that the problem was related to something on that computer, and since both browsers are unable to connect, it must not be specific to a browser. Specifics about that computer:
Windows 7 pro without SP1 installed
Microsoft Firewall and Microsoft Security Essentials are only active security programs used.
I have checked Internet Options in the Control Panel. Security settings are medium on all except Restricted Sites; Privacy is set at medium with popup blocker enabled; There are no parental controls used; Connections ? LAN settings ? automatically detect settings with no proxy server; Advanced settings are too numerous to mention at this time.
Searches I do on problems similar to this advise checking settings in Internet ... Read more

Answer:Can't connect to a specific web site

try making an exception for the site in the firewall settings...and add it to the trusted sites list in security. Also try using the IE with no add-ons in the accessories folder under system tools, if it connects, then it could be a conflict with an add-on.

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I am using a vodaphone mobile broadband internet dongle. Vista homepremium. I have scanned with avg, adware, spybot search and destroy, malwarebites and superantispyware. all clear.

The only site i can not enter is This includes all links from google, yahoo as well as direct typing to any link parts of the site.
(no site configured to this address) is the reply
The problem occured around 1 week ago after 2 weeks of having no problems.

i have read through the forums and found similar problems but the solutions don't seem to work for me.

Untill today turning the comp off and unplugging it for 5 mins worked. but nolonger does.

i have checked cmd netstat and all ports are establishing

as a last resort i pluged into a hard line broadband connection. again this worked the first time but then didnt, the worked again then didn't ( you get the picture)

i am fairly computer literate but this has stuped me... any help would be appreciated.

Answer:can not enter 1 specific web site only ie7

Try the Microsoft solution here:;en-us;300238

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I have been trying for days to get on and haven't been able to. I know the site is up and working, but for some reason, I all of the sudden can't access it. IE says it cannot open the site. I have 3 computers in my house, two laptops (vista wifi) and a desk top (xp). My ip gave me some crap answer about ip addresses and the backbone used to get to the internet anyway it was just crap, he didn't really want to help me. What can I do? I have used different links, I have cut and pasted the address, I have shut off my firewall, reinstalled IE, then installed firefox. I have reset my router more than once. I am starting to get mad about it. Thanks

Answer:I can't connect to one specific site.

The page doesn't open for me. You sure about the link?

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Also, on (have you tried this great site?!) I was a HUGE user & loved it, but JUST VERY RECENTLY (like the last week) I cannot download pics directly or via Picasa...and it just crashes after 5 "loading lines" and gives me that page "no such thing". GRRRR...also, I cannot leave "testimonies" on that site (for a user) NOR order POSTERS...however, I can email users, get email (this is local email via tabblo site user-to-user), and ORDER pictures!!! (not posters!!)...if I hit "leave testimony" on a usser site, my puter just sits there like it was at Starbucks enjoying a coffee!!! (mocha venti, no less!! ) SOOO---if you have any idea if this is MY computer problem or Tabblo's --let me know. They can't figure it out. I was one of their big users, too (so, it is fustrating). If you happen to know WHAT could be making me unable to use these certain features, please let me know. Tabblo is working hard hard hard to make this site awesome.....and they don't have time I bet to totally research my one problem (although they did call me and set up a webpro meeting with me...and, btw, webpro somehow "got me"...I got their email list stuff and I put a PHONEY email in!! They left a WEBPRO ini my list where you go to disinstall programs on the computer control panel...STRANGE! ....) they could fine NO problem...assumed it was on their side and said they'll con... Read more

Answer:Specific Site Problem

The site has crashed HARD as of 3PM pacific time. Apperently their geeks have mucked up the code really bad with all the new tools and code they added. apperently either compaitbility issues or a security fix has hung the site bad. Eric Foster will not answer questions, and all emails to the domain except [email protected] get kicked back. no news on the web as of this time, but thousands are affected, so hopefully there'll be news on one of the geek sites later.

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Hey folks!

I have a very odd issue that I cannot seem to figure out how to solve....memory tells me I think have had this problem before with this website about 2 years ago, but I cannot remember for the life of me how I solved it.

Basically, the issue is this: I am an avid rally fan and usually check World Rally Championship every day. However, a few days ago I noticed that I would get a "The Connection Was Reset" error in Firefox 4.0.1 when trying to connect to it. The first time, I just thought maybe the site was down. The second day, I thought it was odd so I opened up IE9 and tried it will not load in IE9 either. Then I thought, this is really odd, and tried it on my netbook and then and subsequently the other netbook and 2 other desktops in our house. The three desktops are connected to the net through our router via DHCP. The netbooks are on the same router via wireless DHCP. I tried restarting and resetting the router in case that was the issue, no go - internet works flawlessly on all the other computers and my desktop EXCEPT for that ONE site on my desktop.

On both netbooks and the other 2 desktops, World Rally Championship loaded perfectly, so it must be an issue with my PC. I tried clearing the caches and cookies for both browsers, and I restarted this machine twice to no avail.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Answer:Specific site won't load...?

I cannot access World Rally Championship with IE9, Firefox, or Opera. says it is up. Was unable to access it through a web proxy as well. A Guy

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Had problems yesterday accessing 1and1 site, so posted in the forum to see if others could access it - they could, so the problem was at my end.Problem eventually solved for me when I switched off, then back on, the Belkin ADSL Modem wireless G-router.Unfortunately it was only solved for a few minutes, as I was unable to access that site again. Resetting the modem cured it again, but not for long.All other web sites that I try seem to work, and I can send e-mails with Outlook Express.What might be causing the problems that only affect one web site?The strange part is my own web site hosted on 1and1 worked fine.Must add that in the past there have been times when I could not access my web site when others could, so might it be the modem/router that is causing the problem?I'll check back later for any replies.....G-G

Answer:Cannot access a specific web site

grumpy-git - just accessed 1and1 OK.

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I would like to add a site specific search a departmental website and have used Google's site search in the past, however this page is inside the companies firewall. I can edit pages on our server, but when I create a site search in Google, I get no results because I assume the search is being blocked. Any ideas for a workaround or will I have to contact the overall web admin.

Answer:Site Specific Search

Basically looking for an open source, easy to integrate search solution for an intranet site. Any ideas?

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I am operating on Windows 98, IE 6.0.28... and for some reason cannot access a specific site: Looking at advice given to others, I have tried to change the privacy settings, but still get the error msg: "We can't find"

Would appreciate suggestions.

Answer:Can't access specific site

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Hey guys.

Ever since this morning, I've had incredible difficulty connecting to a forum that I own that's hosted on iPBFree. I thought the site was down, but after talking to a bunch of my members on there, they say they can access the site just fine. I have two laptops, so I got off one, and tried to access the site on the other, and it did the same things as on the other laptop. Every other site works just fine though. Actually, for a while, I'd try another site such as Google, it'd work, then I'd go back and try the iPBfree site again, then try Google again, and it would tell me the server was down. It stopped doing that finally.

I got frustrated, and tried using a proxy site to get to the site. It actually works through a proxy site, which is odd.

My question is, how come it'll let me access it through a proxy site, but if I try to access it regularly, I get the "Server not found" message? Is it possible to get an IP virus? I'm totally clueless. lol.

Please help me out with this problem, ASAP, and I must inform you, I'm kind of computer illiterate when it comes to all the high tech fancy lingo, so bare with me. I can understand most 'net lingo though.

Answer:Cannot connect to ONE specific site.


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Hello All,

I can no longer access any web site within (e.g.; I've regularly gone to NASA sites in the past. I have three computers on a small home network. Only one can no longer access The others are fine.

Error message is: "The page cannot be displayed."

I'm running Windows XP Home Ed., IE 6.0.28 SP2 (through DSL connection), McAfee Antivirus updated weekly, AdAware, and downloaded and ran Spybot with some spyware found, but nothing unusual. No sites are resticted in IE.

I've tried the following: removed all temp files and cookies, reset both router (NetGear) and modem (Efficient Networks, Inc. Speed Stream modem) by unplugging/rebooting, and did an ipconfig renew (I think - I was pretty tired by this time).

Hosts file has only one entry: localhost (even tried renaming hosts file to see what happened - same problem)

One other problem that seems to have started about the same time, or maybe a little before, that may or may not be related:

Google results links too often redirect to some other web site. If I click on the Google link again, yet another web site pops up. If I click on the link a third time, I often get to the correct page. Cutting and pasting the link from Google results into the address bar always goes to the correct page.

I've attached a Hijackthis file.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Can't Access Specific Web Site

What happens if you type "ping" (for example, no quotes) from a command line?

Same thing in safe mode with networking (assuming it isn't a wireless setup)?

You might also try ipconfig /flushdns.

Any firewalls?

Good luck!

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Over the past couple of days I've been unable to access click here web site using Firefox or IE7. Originally I was trying via a bookmark in Firefox, then I tried by typing the address in manually. In each case I got the "The server at click here is taking too long to respond." message.Today I found I could access it by typing the address into the Google search bar that's on my AOL home page, and then clicking on the link that it produced (which has the same address I was trying before). I then found it also works directly by typing the address into the AOL browser.So, why should it have stopped working with Firefox and IE7? I run ZA and AVG free, both up to date, and no settings altered by me recently. I had a quick look at ZA settings to see if I could see anything, but it would block access via AOL as well if that was the case, wouldn't it?

Answer:Can't access a specific web site

no proble here ie6 maybe there is a filter/block?johnny

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the standard Microsoft Ie6 /Ie7 filter doesnt seem to work (or I havent found out how to set it) as it doesnt meet the criteria I need to set.I need to block 1 site (at the moment) to restrict access on 1 computer connected to the www with wifi unit.Problem being I need it to as invisable as possible So the certain user cant work out how to get it unblocked.normally this sites fine ,but lately its I assume being hacked replacing the jpegs of objects on sale with unsuitable content.Ive complained various times to owners who seem incapable of monitoring/moderating their site or responding to my emails about this.

Answer:Blocking a specific Web site .

Hi, in IE try Tools>Internet Options>Content, I think there you can set IE not to accept sites of your choice.

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Hi guys,

When I try to access "" I am receiving an "unable to connect" error. I have no idea what's causing the problem and I had no issue accessing the site until all of a sudden one day a few months ago it stopped working - I have no idea what changed. I can access the site from other computers on the same internet connection so it seems the problem lies solely with something on my computer.

From reading other posts on the forums, I have tried:

Disabling avg firewall and windows firewall and trying the site.
cmd: ipconfig/flushdns
cmd: netsh winsock reset
Clearing cookies / cache
Multiple different IPs/internet connections.
Tried every different browser I could think of.
Virus scans with avg/superantispyware/malwarebytes

None of these worked. I attached a pic of a cmd ping to the site. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm at my wits end!! :cry

Comp specs:
Windows 7 (64bit)
4GB ram DDR3
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
T6600 2.2GHz 800MHz FSB
NVIDIA Geoforce GT240M

Answer:Cannot connect to one specific site

Check your host file and see if its being blocked there..

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This is my first post so be patient with me....

I have a strange problem, I have already started trouble shooting this and got nowhere.

Problem: I can't surf to a specific site on the internet. The browser just clicks at me when I type in the url. I get the same results when I enter the ip directly in to the address bar so it is not a DNS thing. I can't surf to this site using IE or Opera. I CAN ping the site. I can surf the site from a different computer on the same network. I have cleared temp files and cookies. I have tried spybot and adaware.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Answer:can't surf 1 specific site

What site is it?

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Hi everyone! Okay, so over the past couple years, I have been downloading some music from a favorite site of mine called Don't worry, it's a legit site, and it's been working great for me until just recently. The other day when I tried to download some tracks, I would click the download link, but nothing would happen.

The first thing I checked was other download sites. I have no problems downloading stuff from anywhere else. Next, I wondered if it was my browser. I currently use Chrome, but I downloaded Firefox, and even tried IE. No luck. Next, I disconnected my WIFI and connected to the internet via smartphone tether, and VOILA! The download worked! So I figured maybe it was my router. I had recently changed the password (although I didn't think that would affect it) so I reset the router back to its factory settings. Unfortunately, resetting the router did not help. I am at a loss here.

I have contacted other users of the site, and they have not reported any difficulty downloading from it. Just for fun, I tried to download at work, and it worked just fine. I have uninstalled and reinstalled my browser. I have done the same for Java too. I'm running out of ideas here. Nothing has changed with my ISP. (and if it did, it should affect more than one site) Just to make things more weird, my tablet has the same issue. It doesn't work on WIFI, but it does work on my tethered cell network. I also tried my wife's laptop (Win... Read more

Answer:Can't Download From Specific Site...

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I am using Windows 8 and access the web with either Opera or Chrome browsers. All web sites are available to me except but I am able to use my router/modem/isp via my cell phone to access it normally. I also use Eset Nod32 virus checker and Malwarebytes. The only extension used on Opera is Adblock. I tried turning that off but no luck. I also turned off the virus and malware software and that also didn't solve the problem.

Thanks for your help

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Hi from a new user and thanks in advance for any help!

My daughter is doing some eBay posting for a friend, pulling information from a specific site, Everything is working fine, until one day the site will not load on the PC she has been using. IE exhibits a generic "Internet Explorer cannot display the webite" error.

This PC is running XP, IE 7, and McAfee Security.

I tried to access the site via other browsers (the PC has FireFox and Safari installed as well) with the same result. We have two other PCs on the same router, both of which will run the site just fine, so it's not being blocked at the router level.

I tried clearing the cache, temp files, etc. No dice. I also disabled the firewall in McAfee, with no luck.

Any advice? Thanks again.

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I was on late last week, when suddenly I couldn't get to it anymore. At first, thinking the problem was on their end, since I couldn't get to it either by Firefox or IE, I waited it out over the weekend. I finally asked my mom in Texas to check to see if she could get to it - she could. I just don't get why that ONE site wouldn't be accessible?? And not on ANY of my browsers (which is what prompted me to uninstall my spyware/virus software, since the problem wasn't isolated to just one browser or the other).

I have no problem connecting to the internet itself, and I don't have any problems with any other web pages. This is the ONLY site that won't open, suddenly.

I've been at this for hours now, and I've already tried the following, and I'm exhausted. I really need to get some advice from this site (and I've checked around for others like it, to no avail), but can't get to it!
Uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox
Installed Google Chrome
Reset and cycled my modem and router
Added the URL to trusted sites
Created various exceptions for the site
Restarted my computer
Changed my DNS Server entries several times to several different things.
Checked all my internet options and settings in all the browsers
Uninstalled all spyware and virus software except Windows Firewall
Tried the site on all three browsers
Updated Java
Checked with friends to see if they can open the site (they can)


Answer:ONE specific site won't open!

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I haven't been able to access for some time now, and I have not been able to solve the problem. I can access any site on the net except anything on I have contacted the admin of the site and confirmed that there is no reason why I shouldn't be able to access the site.
Through some trial and error, I believe I have diagnosed the problem to my linksys router. I can actually get onto the site when I connect directly to my modem, but when I go through the router, it will not work.
To solve this, I refered to multiple articles on linksys's website as well as many other articles I could find about this issue. This ranged from setting my router settings to default to changing my ports, to changing my MTU settings. None of this worked!
I have spent countless hours trying to fix this problem, and to no avail. It's not like I desperately need to get on that site, but it bothers me that my computer has a problem that I cannot fix.
Help please!

Browser - Newest IE and newest Firefox
ISP - Comcast
Router - Linksys BEFSR41 ver 3.1

Answer:Cannot connect to a specific site

I suspect there is a Firewall router issue. Try shutting off the Firewall.

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Hey, guys,

I've become absolutely fed up with this recurring problem, and so I thought I'd ask here since no one else seems to know what my problem is.

Currently, I can't connect to a certain site. Specifically, it's - it doesn't matter much, but I thought I'd include it. About two months ago, I could access it fine. One day, it stopped loading at all. Pinging the site yields in packet timeouts.

My firewall isn't blocking any ports to the site, since I can access it from, say, my school network. I checked with the site admin and told him my IP, and he said it's not on the list of banned IPs. I talked to my ISP, who told me that they're not blocking it or restricting access to it or anything. I'm also the only tech-savvy person in my household, but just in case, I checked all the settings on my router, and could find no hint of it being blocked. As a final check, I reset it to its factory settings, and after reconfiguring the internet, it didn't help.

As far as the information about my computers/network, I have a Dell Inspiron running XP. The other computers in my household are also running XP, and have the same connection failure to this one site as I do. My router is a Linksys WRT54GS (I think? - something like that). But, if my router isn't blocking it and my ISP claims to have no interference, what could be the problem?

If anyone could shed light on this situation, I'd be more than grateful.... Read more

Answer:Cannot connect to one specific site

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I hope this is the best section to post this. I cannot go to The World's Most Advanced Business Jet Aircraft - Gulfstream with my desktop computer. My laptop will access it (its on same wireless network) and my wife's machine can access it (same network but not wireless). I've tried checking my host file, turning firewall off, using ie8 as well as firefox, safe mode with networking. turning ad blockers off. I have no idea what would be blocking it. The machine is set up pretty similar to my laptop, yet it won't get to the site like my laptop. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?


Answer:My computer won't go to a specific web site.

UPDATE: This is strange. If I enable proxy through TOR, I have no problem getting to the website. If Proxy is disabled, I can't get there. Its almost like my ISP is blocking it but it works fine on my laptop. Can't figure this out.

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I've searched through the Forum and have tried all the suggestions under similar threads but still no luck. I cannot access this site: it is the login page for a community intranet site. I can access the site easily from any other computer. My service provider has been useless with its support team. I have:

refreshed and completed a firmware update on my DLink wireless router
Tried it by taking down my Firewall and antivirus- no luck
Look at the router config to ensure it doesn't filter out this site

Any other suggestions?


Answer:Can't Access a Specific Site

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Question: one web site fail

I can connect to everywhere on the web but at least 3 times a week I fail to connect to just one site .
I am on B/Band adsl
amd 2000

I reconnected my obsolete dial-up and got through to this site instantly.

I am a moderator on this site and need access without fail

Sygate Firewall

Answer:one web site fail

Maybe one of your little helpers like the Spybot or AdAware has put the site on notice and blocked your access or the sites access to your PC. Disable them and I bet you can access the site.

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I have a client I am going back to tomorrow and need an answer quickly so I look like I know what I am doing. My client has a downloaded table of data that has several columns of data including employee names and safety courses they are taking. I need to find the cell with the completion date every employee for every course they took. If there was one employee row or column per employee,with multiple classes, or one row or column per class with multiple columns for each employee I would know what to do. For example I could do a combination of index and match functions to select a row and then select a column to lookup the cell.

However there is a row for every class an employee took, with the employee name and class in the row. Each employee has multiple rows with a row for each class they took. There must be a way to perform a lookup that is row oriented that looks up one criteria and then the next to return the right value. I suppose that I could use nested if statements to do this, but there must be a better/less cumbersome way. I am hoping there is a relatively clean and simple way to do this that I am missing. By the way I asked whether they could download the employee names and make each name one column and they told me they could not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and save me some work that is urgently needed right now.


Colorado Steve

Answer:Excel 2003: Lookup One Cell with multiple lookup criteria

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Can?t download the file which size is more than 25 kbyte from the specific URL, but the file which size is less than 25 kbyte is able to be downloaded.
The specific web site is ttps://

On the web site except the URL , ttps://
every file can be downloaded and there is no limit of file size regarding downloading.

This issue are occurring every users who need access to above URL

"Do not save encrypted pages to disk." of IE?s Internet Option is ?off?.

?System environment?
Windows 7 Enterprise
Internet Explorer 10.0.30 / 11
Adobe Reader XI


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Odd one for you guys. Can't access the following URL using Opera or IE7. Googled the site and can't access it from any of the google links either ?

Every time I just get the error page asking me to make sure I have spelled everything correct etc. It's a straight copy/paste job and works for everyone else

Answer:[SOLVED] Can't connect to a specific site?

it works for myself, try clicking on the link now as you have it in your original question

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Running XP, Firefox 3.0.5, IE 6

This is odd...there is a website that I frequent, (Internet Pinball Database). It's not a daily sort of thing, but probably at least one a week. When I tried a few days ago I kept on getting the following error:

"Page load error."
Though the site seems valid, the browser was unable to establish a connection.

* Could the site be temporarily unavailable? Try again later.
* Are you unable to browse other sites? Check the computer's network connection.
* Is your computer or network protected by a firewall or proxy? Incorrect settings can interfere with Web browsing.

I figured the site was down. After a week, I figured I may have problems. Then, I tried from my iPhone - and bingo, I got in. I posted a similar note in a forum for my ISP, and others had no issues in getting to the site. So, it has to be an issue on my end (or so I suspect). I've tried it on other PCs on my home network, all with the same results. Any help would be appreciated.

Here are my PING results:
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]


Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss),

Answer:Solved: Can't Access Specific Web Site

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I can access all sites except one. Error message withIE7 is Internet explorer cannot display the webpage. It doesn't work with Firefox either. I can access it from another computer at work. I tried restoring my computer, turning off the firewall, a full virus scan with AVG, resetting Internet protocol (TCP/IP) in windows XP, most of the methods in Microsoft's article 926431. the site is a tax paying service for government taxes run by my bank. I can access my bank account but the link is broken. Needless to say, the ISP, the bank and the service company are no help. Hopefully tou are a lot better than they are

Answer:Cannot access one specific secure site

Update: after a long discussion with ISP service guy, we decided to reinstsll Service Pack 2 and all updates. That appears to have solved the problem. Next time it's Apple for me.

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Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 11:14:43 AM, on 14/08/2008
Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6001.18000)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\On-Screen OSD Indicator\OSD.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\HP Software Update\hpwuSchd2.exe
C:\Program Files\Creative\SBAudigy\Volume Panel\VolPanlu.exe
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashDisp.exe
C:\Program Files\Creative\MediaSource\Detector\CTDetect.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\GoogleToolbarNotifier\GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe
C:\Program Files\My Book\WD Backup\uBBMonitor.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmpnscfg.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\ieuser.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\Smart Web Printing\hpswp_clipbook.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Windows Live\WLLoginProxy.exe
C:\Windows\system32\Macr... Read more

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We are unable to connect to one specific web site, however others outside of our office can connect to this site without any trouble. We are running MS windows 2003 server and all the workstations are running firefox. Most workstations are running XP, but we have 2 that are running vista. The site we cannot connect to is www, Someone suggested that it might be a proxy server issue. I'm not experienced enough to know anything about proxy servers. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Unable to connect to a specific web site

First source of help for an office networking problem is your company's IT department. Maybe somebody doesn't want you thinking about camping during work hours.

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I've been having some problems connecting to a certain site. I know that the site is not down because I have accessed it through another computer and it worked fine. Sometimes I can connect to the site, at other times I can't. However, through all of this I can still access a subdomain of the site even if I can't access the main page. I also know it has nothing to do with IE7 because I've tried with Firefox and the same thing happens.

Can anyone shed some light on this frustrating problem?

Answer:Problem Connecting To One Specific Site

Do you get any error messages or just unable to connect?
There's a good chance the sub-domain is not on the same
server as the main page.
If you can reach every other site except that one I would guess
that they are having issues with the server.

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I keep getting this message everytime i try to log into a certain site..I dont know why since ive never had this problem before.
I have windows 98 What do you think i should look for?..
If You are not authorized to view this page
You might not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials you supplied.

If you believe you should be able to view this directory or page, please try to contact the Web site by using any e-mail address or phone number that may be listed on the home page.

You can click Search to look for information on the Internet.
HTTP Error 403 - Forbidden
Internet Explorer

Answer:Forbidden Entry to Specific Site

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how to limit IE8 access to one specific site

Answer:need to limit IE access to one specific site

make a guest account with full restrictionsSome HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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I have recently been having trouble opening a site (myspace) on my home PC (running with Windows XP), even though it works fine on my computer at work. The site doesn't open on my wife's laptop (running mac osx) either. I've tried Firefox, IE and Opera, but with no results. I've also tried putting the IP address for the site in, that doesn't work either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Answer:Unable to open a specific site

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I am running windows xp on a vaio sz140. I am in China, but this problem exists in US as well. For one specific video channel content website, when the page comes up, the whole page keeps looping ever few seconds. All the videos keep looping and I never have a chance to choose one to view. From any other computer anywhere the site comes up fine and the site people have confirmed no problems. I am able to surf many other video content sites no problem. Any ideas what is up between my pc and this site? I'd rather not mention site so as not to damage reputation, especially considering it is obviously an issue with my pc. Thanks for any help you can offer.

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I'm using a DLink DGL4300. My problem is that when running through the router I can't reach, and I can't get Games for Windows Live to work. So far I haven't had any other sites be unavailable to me, though it's a big internet out there and I've only tried a tiny portion. I've looked through every part of the configuration and can't find what might be causing this. I upgraded the firmware to the latest release to no avail.

Going from PC straight to the modem lets me reach the site, so that leads me to believe the router is the point of failure. I've tried resetting and rebooting both the router and modem, but no go. Pinging from within the router configuration webpage also fails. I'd like to not ditch the router but this is an issue that will probably cause issues down the road.

Has anyone experienced or heard of something like this before?


Answer:Can't reach specific site(s) via router

Is your "modem" actually a combo modem/router? If so, you're double NATing..which can cause weird issues.

What if you manually change your PCs DNS servers..try OpenDNS as a test...change TCP settings..DNS...from obtain auto to and see what happens..just as a test.

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When I try to access http:'', all I get is an error "Can't find server" or "This page cannot be displayed".

I have cleared my cache and history, however someone said to clear the cookies for the site I am trying to access, as it has changed servers recently, and the DNS pointers had changed. How do I accomplish this?

Help, please. Thanks

Answer:[Resolved] Can't access specific Site - WHY!

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Hello all
I am facing redirects on my network. This doesn't happen on my friends' networks and on my friends' devices either. This happens on a specific site. This happens if a device connects to my network and it still happens on that device if it later disconnects from my network. I don't know what's causing this and I am out of options. Popup blockers don't work at all. I have even tried factory resetting my device and then connecting to another network but to no avail. This has been going on for 6 months now. I have used every kind of anti malware software possible. Any help will be greatly appreciated

Answer:Redirect on a specific site. Only happens on my network

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There is one specific web site ( that when accessed it completely shuts down the computer to scan disk mode. We used to be able to access this site in the past with no problems. It is the only website that does this. We use WinXP OS. It is like there is some kind of virus attacking just that website. I have Norton anti-virus software, have scanned computer with no detected virus - updates are current for the virus scanner. I have sent a request to the website - postmaster but still waiting for a reply.

Any ideas?


Answer:specific web site shuts down computer

The site uses Javascript, but runs OK for me.

Check your Java settings in Tools - Internet Options - Advanced

Mine is set for JIT Compiler for VM enabled. Console and logging are unchecked

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I get a connecting.... / timeout msg when trying to connect to ( Every other site I try/use works fine. Took laptop and connected OK with a public WIFI, and neighbors WIFI.

System: Time Warner Cable (roadrunner), Motorola cable modem (RR), Cisco Valet Plus M20, win 7 professional (uptodate), MSE (uptodate), FireFox 10.0.2 .

I have the same problem with two other desktops (XP home uptodate) and Vista (uptodate) and a laptop Win7 Home (uptodate)
Frustrating. Also can't ping to the site, and tracert fails at timeout when arrives at that address. WHOIS gives the correct owner.

Can't/haven't found any help in M20 docs. M20 appears to be the only common in the problem.

Answer:Unable to connect to ONE specific site

you have a piece of software on your machine that is blocking access. Are you using any ip blocklist filtering software such as peer guardian?

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Anyone know of a way to speed up connection to a single site, I couldnt care less it the whole rest of the net was slow for me, I want a fast connection to a specific site.

The site I am talking of is a text based/java game site (I will not post the site name here as I am not sure if it is allowed or would be classed as spamming)

other people can play the game faster than me, I upgraded my broadband connection to a faster speed but it did nothing to speed up the game.

someone told me some technical jargon a while back to say to my service provider to make it go faster but when I rang them they hadnt a clue what I was talking about and as I didnt either I let sleeping dogs lie.

I do know the servers to the site are in england and I am in Australia (I am guessing that would be a bad thing)

any clues/ideas/solutions a technichaly challanged person may be able to put into action?

Answer:A way to speed up connection to a specific site

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I have recently experienced a problem on one of my computers. There is a specific web site that I cannot access ( I have a home network (Ethernet wired) and the other 2 computers on that network can access the site.
On the computer where I have experienced the problem, I have both Firefox and IE8 installed. Neither browser can access the site. I get the following indications:
Firefox – page opens that advises “Unable to connect” “Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at”
IE8 – page opens that displays “unable to connect”. When the diagnose connection problem button is clicked the message is “The remote device won’t accept the connection”.
Since this occurs only on the one computer, I concluded that the problem was related to something on that computer, and since both browsers are unable to connect, it must not be specific to a browser. Specifics about that computer:
Windows 7 pro without SP1 installed
Microsoft Firewall and Microsoft Security Essentials are only active security programs used.
I have checked Internet Options in the Control Panel. Security settings are medium on all except Restricted Sites; Privacy is set at medium with popup blocker enabled; There are no parental controls used; Connections – LAN settings – automatically detect settings with no proxy server; Advanced settings are too numerous to mention at this time.
Searches I do on problems similar to this advise checking settings in Internet O... Read more

Answer:Solved: Can't connect to a specific web site

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whenever i connect to gogoanime my streaming speed breaks and vedio buffers alot bt at the same time if i connect to you tube my speed reaches upto 3-4 mbps.i tried ifferent devices my minote 4 my sister iphone 7 etc result was the same.i also used it on acer laptop. my primary reason to use net was this site only. also before this net i sometimes sreamed it on jio net and i got upto 700 to 900kbps i m confused now what should i do i live in india new delhi

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We use at work, work in a medical facility, and the one computer when you print off a referral it is in really small print. How do I change the font from a specific site????


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This happens only at a specific website. Whenever I go there I get a popup about updating Real Player. It locks my IE. This does not happen at any other web site. This does not happen using FireFox or Chrome. How do I get it to stop doing it on IE? Thanks.

Answer:Popup locks IE at a specific web site.

I've read a number of complaints about this program, freezing the computer seems to be one of the complaints.Have you considered uninstalling this an downloading a different media player?Try VLC Media Player, it's free and works well.

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Oops! I checked my HOSTS file, and the site was listed there, somehow, so now it's working again. I suppose this post was useless then - sorry that I can't delete this.

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I have a genealogy website that now contains over 2000 records and wish to install a search engine. Advice on available options, without containing advertisements, would be much appreciated. I understand that Google can be made site specific but that it only works on existing 'spidering' and therefore does not pick up recently uploaded ne pages. Is this correct?

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I can browse to any website except for one, which I can't understand. As soon as I go there, the PC freezes up and I have to close my internet connection.

I have AOL and also Yahoo DSL and this site freezes up on both ISPS. This is strange. I deleted my cookies, temp internet files and prefetch files. If you need a record of HJT, I will send it. Thanks.

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In Netscape 4.7, is there any way to set preferences for a specific web site?

I'm a frequent peruser of, but CNN changed their web site of late such that the fonts and font sizes are too small to be easily read by me.

For my session preferences, I use the default Netscape Font settings, which are:

Times New Roman (12)
Courier New (10)

and I have checked the option:

Use document-specified fonts, including Dynamic Fonts

The above set of options has worked well for virtually all web sites I visit, except now for the CNN site.

Is there a way to set specific preferences for specific web sites, or some other trick I might employ?

R. J. Emery

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I find it impossible to access some secure pages (Mostly the secure sites of various banks.) from firefox, opera or chrome. They specifically ask for IW6 or above.
Is there a workaround since I am using Linux and Firefox?

Answer:How to open IE Specific Site in Firefox

Hi, welcome to TSF

There is this addon - but I don't know if it works with Linux.

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I am unable to access from my laptop. When I use chrome it returns the message: "Google Chrome could not load the web page because took too long to respond." My laptop is running Windows 7 SP1.

I can ping the site successfully and tracert shows no problems. Every other device connected to the same network can access the site, including a laptop that is the same make and model.

Things I have tried so far:

Alternative browsers: firefox and IE
Changed DNS server
Flushed DNS
Checked the host file, contains nothing other than the examples
Checked that no proxy is set
Laptop and router have both been restarted
Disabling Avast anti-virus and windows firewall
Avast virus scan, Malwarebytes scan, both clean
Updated wireless driver
Tried pluging into the router directly with a cable
Possibly more, I'm struggling to remember at this point


Answer:Solved: Can't access a specific site

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For the last week I have been unable to access, getting the following every time I try:

Network error
Unable to request URL from host Operation timed out

Thinking this was merely a matter of changing IP address I ran Modem Wizard's "Fast IP" application, but the trouble persisted. Thinking that it might be my ISP that had not updated the IP address I connected to the Internet using a different ISP. Same problem! I can get easily enough, so I tried going via its link to, but still no joy. I was just to email to ask what the problem is with its UK mirror Website when coincidentally I received a general broadcast email from's MD promoting various things to celebrate the British site's second anniversary, so I tried all the links there, but again to no avail. Before posting this I emailed a few friends to try to see if they had any trouble, but none had. Any ideas guys?

Answer:Trouble accessing specific site

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I have been trying to download  Mediasmart software from suggested site on this board for  for three day no luck, downloads start and run fine  when it gets to the end of the download process in errors out Failed- Network error, any one got any ideas to fix this problem.

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My first site, which I still somewhat maintain, is a typical tech site with articles, a forum, and news postings from other sites that send mail to my [email protected] address. It's been around for almost 10 years.

At one point, it got so infiltrated with spammers, I had to shut down forum registrations until I could get around to figuring something out. I'd wake up in the morning to find out the forum has been flooded with 100's of spam posts, all nonsense posts like thousands of links, or porno pictures etc. The site pretty much died off due to this.

Anyway I decided it was time to revive that site. I made it so new users who register do not show up in the members list, or latest user (as to not clutter with names like fjds802th0yfy) and when they post, they can see their own post, but nobody else can. Their post does not show up in latest post, or any of those areas on the forum. When I go on the forum, if there's posts pending approval I see a list, and I can allow/deny. If I hit allow, then it lets it through, and further posts from that member will be allowed - at least till spammers figure this out, and make their first post legit, then I'll have to keep them in a validate status longer. If I hit deny, it deletes every post and thread (which are not yet visible to public) by that user, and deletes that user. Nobody ever saw the spam, so it was ineffective, which is the goal here.

I opened registrations tonight and already got two spammers and ... Read more

Answer:Is there anything specific on a site/forum that attracts spammers so much?

use captchas on all web forms and don't use mailto: links, they get crawled and added to spam lists.

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Flash Player Videos on my favorite local news site no longer play in IE, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. I have used the uninstall program (downloaded from Adobe) and reinstalled, but the symptom is the same. Flash videos seem to work from any other page I visit, just not this specific one (they do work on my desktop computer).

Adobe's FAQ suggests firewall, registry, etc. type of issues. I have tried turning off the firewall and I think the uninstall was supposed to help clean up registry issue, but so far no luck.

I have recently undergone assistance in the HJT forum for removing a trojan, but I don't know if this could be related.

Any ideas??? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Flash Player not working on specific site

Post a link please.

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I have recently bought an HP printer with an embedded webserver so that I can view a web page, internally, to see ink levels etc.When I access this page in IE7, I get a certificate error screen and then have to choose continue.Is there a way I can tell IE7 to trust the printer's web server's IP address and to ignore the certificate error?Thanks,Gary

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Hello, folks... this is driving me out of my tree.

My web connection (wireless DSL) is suddenly failing to load (or blocking?) certain regularly-visited pages. It loads some others painfully slowly, and pulls up most -- but not all -- others with no problem at all, including randomly entered top URLs I don't normally visit.

Examples of pages I cannot access:, which I visit almost daily... the post-login page of and I mean, about half my usual, bookmarked racetrack is suddenly dead. I just get 60 seconds of trying, then the "The page cannot be displayed" message. (The other half of my "Favorites" load just fine, and with those that are cookie-d, I see my usual welcome.) Some Yahoo! sub-top-level pages load incredibly slowly or not at all, but that could just be Yahoo! being Yahoo!.

Not all the inaccessible pages are regular stops, though. About 20% of the random well-known URLs I entered refuse to come up.

Email works fine.

It feels like my IP address or SMTP particulars may have been messed with, either by a Windows update, malware or some .dll conflict... but the effect is so irregular, I just don't know where to start. If you have any ideas, or if this sounds familiar, thanks very much in advance!

Answer:Weird Site-Specific Connectivity Problems

I can access but not I can go to, but not

I have no idea what happened! We have a Linksys router and use Alltel as our DSL provider.

I've flushed the DNS, I've reset the router, rebooted, wiped the hosts file....


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I have two sites that I used to be able to access on my university's website. When I noticed that I was unable to go to these two sites, I contacted the IT department to let them know the site was down; in which they responded by sending me a print screen showing that I was being redirected by the api browser and they cannot help me. I Googled how to removed it and used information from the links below and 2 other sites I cannot find. Unfortunately, even though the api browser is gone and I uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox and chrome, I still cannot get to those two sites. I also reset Internet Explorer. I can use the site on my schools computer or a friends computer but not on my own laptop. The site always says:
"The server at "the site" is taking too long to respond.

The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few
If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network
If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
that Firefox is permitted to access the Web."

It does not matter if my firewall is off or on either, it still won't access those sites. I removed the browser bar a couple months ago and it still does not work.

I tried to fix the iss... Read more

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Tech Guys - I hope you can help ...

Using Windows XP SP2 all latest security patches

I can access

But not the catalogue

(this is the "catalogue | search the collection" link on

Both sites ping OK

With Firewall (ZoneAlarm) off, BitDefender AV 10 off - still no access

No access in Opera, IE 7 or FireFox

I have checked hosts file - normal, 1 entry "localhost"

I have run ipconfig /renew - no effect

Rebooted ADSL modem - no effect

I have set and as trusted sites - no effect

I have allowed popups on both sites - no effect

I asked a friend to try on his PC - it worked OK for him!

It worked OK for me too about a month ago

No problems with any other web sites.

What is going on here????

Answer:cannot access a specific web site - driving me nuts!

If I log into my PC with another account - say "Guest" - it works for that account!!!

Sooooo - how do I fix my account???

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I need to use a site where the text font is tiny.
IE'S zoom in/out doesn't work, also the site doesn't let the user set the font size. the only work around I found is:
IN IE11 -> Accessibility -> Check "Ignore font sizes specified on webpages"
Only thing is - imposing a font size on certain websites make them less readable, surely you'd agree.
I was wondering if I can ignore just that site's font sizes, or maybe.. can I create two IE's settings and toggle between them when launching IE?
So to summarize: what I'm trying to achieve is ignoring just one site's font sizes, while respecting other sites' font sizes..any way or hint in the right direction would be appreciated..!

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There's a website that, for some reason, I cannot connect to. Each time I try to, Firefox just gives me the old error:

The server at is taking too long to respond.

(the site = by the way)

The same thing happens on all of my web browsers, and in fact no computer on the network at my house that's connected to the Internet can go to the site, though I know it's not down. I'm not IP-blocked from the site, and I can still visit it through proxies.

What could be causing this, and what can I do about it? I hate having to go through a proxy everytime I want to use it. :/

Answer:I cannot connect to one specific site for some unknown reason.

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

It may be something to do with your ISP. Hence why using a proxy lets you contact the site.

The reason I say this, is because my ISP has been having a few problems lately and I`ve had the same problems connecting to certain sites, although in my case the problem is intermittent.

Contact your ISP and see what they say.

If it turns out it`s nothing to do with your ISP, then I don`t know what the problem is.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Hi All,

I work within IT for a company and recently we have had a problem with a user. When this user attempts to print from a specific web site, iexplore.exe hangs and eventually crashes. This does not happen with any other site and the printer will print fine via a test page so the drivers are not the issue.

Our users are currently on WinXP 32 Bit SP/3 running Internet Explorer 7 and do not have access to change IE7 Settings within their profile.

These are the steps I've taken so far:
-I've ran IE7 with Add-Ons disabled and the same issue occurs
-Deleted Temp Files and Internet Explorer Temp Files

These are possible solutions I believe(?):
-Remove / Install IE7
-Create a new User Profile (Backup the old)
-Check for Installed "ToolBars / Add-Ons"
-Remove any more Temp Files

I don't want to recreate his Profile in XP if I don't have to. I have scheduled to sit down longer with him and the Laptop tomorrow. Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated. I also attached the error message that appears after attempting to print from IE7 on said site:


Answer:IE7 Hangs when Attempting to Print from specific Web Site

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One specific web site which I have always been able to access now sends my computer into a Blue Screen. I normally try not to change anything.  However, I was feeling guilty because the Norton security stuff had expired, so I deleted it and down loaded the free CA stuff from Time Warner with uh, seemingly okay results. Then TW had a bad day in our neighborhood (verrry slow), which caused me to fiddle with wireless stuff until I realized it was a TW problem.  You know how random tweaking can get you. Soooo, I decided to check support at Lenovo and picked up the latest ThinkVantage appl and did an auto download of necessary and recommended software. So far, so good ... until I was being blue screened by favorite web site.  Sooo, now I am pondering a bios and/or driver update, but it looks painful. Or possibly a do over and go back to my out of the box pristine state. Or send an email to the owner of the site and tell him he's got a problem.  Any one who can help me with a suggestion? My system is a z60m, about 2 years old with 750MB of memory and xp home sp2.  Bios is 1.14.  Plenty of HDD free space. TIA for your thoughts! ChrisMessage Edited by a_human on 09-02-2008 03:33 PM


Go to Solution.

Answer:Blue screen when I try to access specific web site...

hi chris welcome to the forums can you tell what website is causing the notorious BSOD?may be there is a cross scripting attack on your system during that session try using the mcafee site advisor this time 

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I have Flash enable in Edge (Windows 10, latest production builds). Some site will play Flash content immediately, but other sites do not and there is no "Run Flash" prompt for the site.

Any thoughts on how Flash can be enabled for a site that is not giving the additional prompt to run Flash for that specific site?

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Alright, I'm having an incredibly strange issue with the website The Escapist. And it's been going on for the past month or so.

Simply put, when I'm at home on my own home network... None of the videos work. Instead of playing the video I've actually chosen to play, they play this ancient advert for the site itself featuring very old content creators that haven't even been on the site in years.

It doesn't matter what browser or device I attempt to watch them on, if I'm using my home network, the videos refuse to load.

I've narrowed the problem specifically to my home network as I just attempted to watch a video on a separate network and it worked just fine.

I have attempted to contact both the site's staff and the users on the user forums to try and remedy the issue, but I was flat-out ignored on both counts. I don't know if the problem is actually causing my posts and emails to not even work, or if they just have terrible customer support.

Does anybody know what the hell is happening?


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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate , 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) M processor 1500MHz, x86 Family 6 Model 9 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 2014 Mb
Graphics Card: Standard VGA Graphics Adapter, 3 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 38051 MB, Free - 13754 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, EAL20, Null, 0123456789AB
Antivirus: Panda Cloud Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

I cannot access a specific https website from my laptop when I use Verizon 4G Broadband to connect to the internet. It does not find the site. However, when I use a FIOS router, I can access the site. When I use another computer with the Verizon 4G Broadband, I can get to the site.

How can I fix this? It must be my computer settings? I don't know where to begin.

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I have two computers and both cannot show Both computers are using Windows XP with latest updates and plugged into the same internet connection. Both have IE 7 installed. However I can go to ANY other website on these computers and it will work every time. But when I try to go to the website above, it doesn't recognize it and displays an error.

What is troubling is this website is viewable from any other computer I try it on and has been consistently. I don't know the explanation for it or know how to troubleshoot it. The website isn't the home page on the computers nor does it have any special relationship to the computers that can't display it.

Is it even possible that a virus / malware could create this type of specific issue? And on both computers? Seems unlikely, but then this is a weird problem.


Answer:Solved: What are possibilities for 1 specific site not working?

It's quite a common problem with very few solutions.

Sometimes, resetting the router can fix it. Usually, it means your IP address is blocked for whatever reason by the website's firewall software or on another server along the path to the website. Try contacting the website and asking them if your IP address is blocked.

Type your IP address in the following website to find out if it's on a blacklist:
You should be able to reach your website with the following Web proxy:

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When I go to the website and I go to the Games/3D section of the website my Web browser Internet Explorer Frezzes when the page is loading.

Does anyone know why it freezes and how I could fix it please???????????

I have Windows XP Professional.

Answer:Internet Explorer Freezes when I go to specific web site

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Can this be done easily???

I have a WRT54G router and I did not see any options to do this. This is for my friend's coffe shop. We would like for when people jump on his wireless network, it will bring up his web site when they launch Internet Explorer.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:I want to configure wireless network to open specific web site...

you can use Tomato firmware and setup a captive portal I think.

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I had been having problems such as redirecting google links to and nginx 404, which were cleared up by a thread I created earlier. Ran Malwarebytes to death, TDSSkiller, and aswMBR, as well as ESET online scanner and mini toolbox. There are still a couple problems that remain though.

1) Images refusing to show on specific sites. When I right-click and view the images, it leads to a nginx 403 forbidden site. This seems to specifically affect the sites and, where some images show and some don't. The ones that don't are tabs that I have had open while I started getting viruses and whatnot.

2) Getting logged out of websites where I checked the "stay logged on/save session" option. Yahoo, this site, I have to re-log into a site every time I close out of the browser.

Both these problems affect Firefox and Chrome. Help is much appreciated.

Answer:images not appearing, site specific; getting logged out of sites

Hello and Welcome to Bleeping Computer!!My name is Gringo and I'll be glad to help you with your computer problems. I have put together somethings for you to keep in mind while I am helping you to make things go easier and faster for both of usPlease do not run any tools unless instructed to do so.
We ask you to run different tools in a specific order to ensure the malware is completely removed from your machine, and running any additional tools may detect false positives, interfere with our tools, or cause unforeseen damage or system instability.Please do not attach logs or use code boxes, just copy and paste the text.
Due to the high volume of logs we receive it helps to receive everything in the same format, and code boxes make the logs very difficult to read. Also, attachments require us to download and open the reports when it is easier to just read the reports in your post.Please read every post completely before doing anything.
Pay special attention to the NOTE: lines, these entries identify an individual issue or important step in the cleanup process.Please provide feedback about your experience as we go.
A short statement describing how the computer is working helps us understand where to go next, for example: I am still getting redirected, the computer is running normally, etc. Please do not describe the computer as "the same", this requires the extra step of looking back at your previous post.NOTE:... Read more

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