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Toshiba PC Health Monitor Compatibility Issues in Windows 8.1

Question: Toshiba PC Health Monitor Compatibility Issues in Windows 8.1

Hi all,
I have just recently upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1
I noticed that the Toshiba PC Health Monitor does not work anymore. Are any of you experiencing this issue?

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Preferred Solution: Toshiba PC Health Monitor Compatibility Issues in Windows 8.1

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Toshiba PC Health Monitor Compatibility Issues in Windows 8.1

Here an thread about the same theme:

Uninstall the previous Health Monitor version and install newest available version from Toshiba driver page

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When I clicked on the Toshiba Health Monitor today nothing appeared,although the Service Station and Tempro are still o.k..

How in hades do I recover this handy tool?

Answer:How to recover Toshiba Health Monitor?

What do you mean with ?nothing appeared??
Does this tool start at all?

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I have the range of Toshiba Utilities installed including PC Health Monitor.
Every day my Event Viewer and Reliability Monitor records errors for TPCHSrv.exe and states it has stopped working. These are the only errors I get.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled but the errors remain every day and always occur shortly after startup. I had to reinstall W10 and thought that would sort the problem out but no!

I cannot disable on startup because all the Toshiba apps are grouped together at start up.

Whilst it is not causing me problems it is untidy and cluttering up error records.

Is there a fix or a way of individually disabling this on startup?

Answer:Satellite P50-C-128 - Toshiba Health Monitor

over 300 views in less than a day, that is far more than I expected, but no replies!

Does anybody know of a way of disabling this module on start up? In the start up column it is lumped together with 5 other Toshiba apps and they cannot be disabled individually but there must be a way?

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I'm new on this forum and I have a problem with my new Toshiba Satellite L50-A-14M. I did a factory reset recently and health monitor (which I think is a great program) does not work anymore...when I open it notify an error "can't get the isrt enable flag in registry" and does not activate.

I have windows 8.1 64bit; I tried to download more versions but do not work. How to do?
Sorry for my bad English.

Answer:Toshiba PC health monitor is not working on my Satellite L50-A


Try to remove preinstalled version and install latest version from Toshiba download page.
Latest version you can find

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my laptop is nb200-134 and after i have update bios from toshiba support eco and toshiba health monitor not working any more is there away to downgarade the biso ? or update the two apps ?
thanks a lot

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My PC Health Monitor won't open, I've looked for drivers however found non for the PC Health Monitor for the A500-17X. Is there any way I can get it working?



Answer:Re: TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor won't open/work (A500-17X)


Go to the [European Toshiba Driver Page|]

and download Pc health monitor utility for your model. Uninstall the previous one and install new downloaded one

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Hi all,

I installed Windows 7 Professional on my system and all is great but now I am not able to install Toshiba PC Health monitor anymore as I liked it a lot. I did all I could but all the time during installation I get the message "installation failed". So when I restart I have the software running and the symbol in the task bar but it shows no results.
I tried it in running in XP and Vista mode but the same.

Any ideas


Answer:Re: Satellite L550 and Win7 - cannot use Toshiba PC Health monitor

Have you tried installed Vista version
I have installed Vista version on my new Satellite A500 and it runs properly.

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I'm new on this forum and I have a problem with my new toshiba satellite l50a-14m. I did a factory reset recently and health monitor (whitch I think is a great program) does not work anymore...

When I open it notify an error "can't get the isrt enable flag in registry" and does not activate.
I have windows 8.1 64bit;

I tried to download more versions but do not work.
How to do?

Sorry for my bad english..

Answer:Satellite L50-A-14M - Toshiba pc health monitor doesn't work

IRST means the Intel Rapid Storage technology and there is also an IRST driver available on the Toshiba EU driver page.

You should update or reinstall this driver.

I think this will fix the pc health monitor issue

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Just started having problems today with my Qosmio F60-00Y, purchased June 2010. I do have extended warranty but just wanted a quick fix since system is still operational.

As I have lost my factory settings recovery I can not reset my system.
It is working fine at the moment as long as I don't open both programs Intel RST, TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor.
When I open one, system decides to freeze and fan speed accelerates and it shuts the notebook down. I have done system restore several times too and same problem still happens.

I have reinstalled both programs from:

After re-installing assuming, programs will run fine again. Same thing happens, crashes and shuts down.

I do regular virus and anti spy-wear check up with trend micro 2012 and still active every 7 days and defragment the system every 7 days.
No viruses and spy-wear found.

Lem S.

Answer:Qosmio F60-00Y- Intel RST, TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor crash

It is not easy to say how you can fix this.
Try to remove all problematic applications, clean registry entries and try to install it again.

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I updated my Satelite C50D-A laptop to Windows 10 which works great.
However when I try to check Toshiba PC Health Monitor within the hidden icons there is a small dialogue box which pops up that says "Can't get the Bios type" and the application goes no further.

Is there a fix for this to make Health monitor work again?


Answer:Satelite C50D-A - Toshiba PC Health Monitor - Can't get Bios type


Did you update the Toshiba software after the Win10 upgrade?

The Toshiba Health Monitor as well as other software like TOSHIBA System Driver should be updated to Win 10 compatible version

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near old 1 week i purchaed a Z10T-A140 ultrabook .
Then i active Toshiba Health Monitor and can view HDD status.

But for battery show it is poor !
Why my battery show poor ?

Thank you .

Answer:Portege Z10T-A140: Toshiba Health Monitor shows poor battery


This is nothing unusual for new batteries.
You should know that new batteries need to be calibrated firstly to reach the best performance.

Calibrating means that the battery has to be charged fully and then discharged until it?s fully empty. This procedure should be repeated several times in the row. After that you can check the battery status provided by health monitor again

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So i updated my F60 BIOS from 2.00 today, to 2.10

Before the update Toshiba PC health monitor said the fan would spin at around 9% at idle.

Now at idle the monitor says it is at 50%.

Thing is i can tell by listening to the fan that it isnt spining any more at idle than it did before the update?

Any Ideas Toshiba????????

Answer:Qosmio F60 Health monitor issues after BIOS update


> Before the update Toshiba PC health monitor said the fan would spin at around 9% at idle. Now at idle the monitor says it is at 50%.
> Thing is i can tell by listening to the fan that it isnt spining any more at idle than it did before the update?

I just can tell you, if the fan doesn't make a big noise and cool the system down, you shouldn't be worry.

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I bought a C50D a couple of days ago and noticed that when I ran the PC Health Monitor it showed the Battery Health as Poor. I've tried a couple of full charge/discharge cycles and it doesn't seem to have improved the situation.

Is this something that is likely to correct itself over the next few charge cycles or might I have a duff battery - or is the Health Monitor not too good at assessing battery charge.


Answer:Satellite C50D - PC Health Monitor show Battery health as poor

New batteries need to be charged and discharged few times in the row to reach the best performance.

I?m not quite sure how many times you have to repeat this procedure but I recommend you to monitor the battery working time.

Of course battery working time depends on the notebook usage but you should be able to notice the improvement.

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I have an A660-17T which I've had since November 2010, I've used it a fair amount but not always on battery, I'd estimate that the battery has between 10 and 20 charge/discharge cycles on it.

I updated the BIOS to v1.80 when I first got the laptop, everything seemed to be fine. Recently, within the last 2-3 weeks the health monitor software is reporting that the battery is in poor health, showing that the capacity is reduced to 40% of the original capacity. I don't believe this as when I do run on battery I get several hours usage.

I have today updated to BIOS v1.90, although there is no changelog that I can find, it just says "improved features" or similar.

Is this really a failing battery, or is it somehow that the software is incorrectly reading the value of capacity from the battery pack due to a change in Windows or some other change in the system? I can't see how a battery can run for the same amount of time it always did and actually have a fault.

Any thoughts? Should I go back to the retailer and report this as a fault, or is it worth waiting to see if a future OS or driver update fixes this?

Thoughts welcome!

Answer:Satellite A660-17T - PC Health Monitor shows problem with battery health


> I don't believe this as when I do run on battery I get several hours usage.
That means you have the same battery remaining time as before you saw the error message from PC health monitor?!

In this case it seems that the battery is ok and maybe it?s just wrong information from the Toshiba tool. So I would recommend reinstalling PC Health Monitor that you can download from official Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads

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Already after a little more than two months after purchasing this laptop, the TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor is indicating that my battery health is ''poor'' (about 1/4 health left!) and I am wondering what possibilities there are that this is a hardware defect, and whether I can get a replacement battery, and where.

Thank you in advance.

Answer:Satellite L850-1FG: PC Health Monitor indicates poor battery health


I?m not sure if its really a battery problem / fault.
Maybe the battery should be calibrated several times in the row?

First of all the battery should be fully discharged? disable the automatic stand by and hibernation mode if the battery charge level would be low.
The battery should be fully empty. Then connect AC adaptor and charge it until the battery indicator would switch to blue (or green).
Then disconnect the AC adaptor and start the discharging process again?
Repeat this 3, 4 times and then check the battery health again.

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I bought an HP w2338h monitor (23") for use with my T60 laptop, but was unsuccessful in getting it properly set up. My husband had no problem plugging it into his HP laptop (all settings were fine).  The problem when it?s hooked up to my IBM laptop is the image is a bit distorted (squished) but, more importantly, when editing 2 documents, the side-by-side view doesn't show the entire page and the font isn?t legible.  So for each document, you?d have to use the scroll bars (up, down and sideways) to actually make sure you?re seeing everything (which is no better than the laptop).  Also, when my laptop cover was closed, the monitor went to sleep.  Are there particular settings on the laptopI should adjust?

Answer:T60 think pad and HP monitor w2338h compatibility issues

which T60 model do you have, what GPU does it use, the Intel 950 or the ATI x1300/1400?

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I recently responded to a message from my PC Health monitor utility to download and update software. After doing this I can no longer watch video clips on line (e.g. youtube clips freeze and picture goes green and internet freezes becomes unresponsive requiring shut down restart.

I have tried downloading intel graphics drivers but get a message that says this app can't be run on the PC, seek info from manufacturer?
Can you help please?

Answer:Video clips freeze and green screen after updating Toshiba PC health


Can you please tell us which notebook model do you have, which OS do you use and which driver have you updated?

I don't know if this will help but try to roll back OS to earlier time using Windows system restore tool.

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today updated to win 8.1 from a one year old windows 8, everything went fine
Then I followed Toshiba recommendations for updating the tools but despite doing exactly as explained the flash cards(and the functions buttons) are not functioning, they worked perfectly in win 8!

_The only utility that fails to update is PC health monitor,_ the version installed is and the one from support site for win 8.1 is, when trying to install it fails with error message "not support"

When trying to open the installed health monitor there is also an error message "can`t get the bios type".

This is strange and every other utility recognizes the latest bios version 6.70 an the laptop`s details an serial
I tried all I could think about, installed flash card support tool from win 8, enabling and disabling in the bios, even installed VAP for win 8 but no change

Any help would be highly appreciated
Latest system driver and other tools are installed

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite P855-108 - PC health Monitor fails to update - Windows 8.1 update

Another strange thing I did not mention-when starting windows a warning appears:
Toshiba Flash Cards

and buttons OK or cancel
what is the reason for stating "testversion"?

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hi ,       I installed windows8 OS in my lenovo ideapad Z580 series laptop.previously it is having windows7 home basic.       when installing windows8 it is having some compatibility issues.Every time it is showing"Werfault.exe -Application error".  Also when i turn on the windows some lenvoenergy management  issue it s shoewing. I wasunable to turn on the dolby home theater,it s showing "mutesync.exe" error.  if i tried to open any apps or even if i tried to open paint also it s shwing werfault.exe error. so can u please suggest on this problems ASAP.  Thanks & Regards,Vamsi lenovo

Answer:windows 8 compatibility issues

HiDid you clean install or upgrade? And di you instasll the windows 8 drivers or the windows 7 drivers/ And for energy management, you can set it to run in windows 7 compatibility mode.

Ishaan Ideapad Y560(i3 330m), Hp Elitebook 8460p!(i5-2520M) Hp Pavilion n208tx(i5-4200u)If you think a post helped you, then you can give Kudos to the post by pressing the Star on the left of the post. If you think a post solved your problem, then mark it as a solution so that others having the same problem can refer to it.

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when i save a windows 3.1 terminal file windows 7 will not allow me to associate windows terminal as the default program to open with. also every time i open windows terminal i get an unknown publisher screen need

Answer:windows 3.1 compatibility issues

Terminal may be hyperterm and not included in W7. You can try to install hyperterminal or an alternative. of highway deaths are caused by drunks. The rest are by people who can't drive any better than a drunk.

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I am testing my web applications on Windows 10 IE 11. I have found that the IE11 version on Windows 7 and Windows 10 is different.
Windows 7 - 11.0.9600.18762
Windows10 - 11.1593.14393.0
The application works fine on Windows 7. However on Windows 10 IE, it is showing the following error when I open F12 Developer Tool.
DOM7011: The code on this page disabled back and forward caching. For more information, see: 
HTML1300: Navigation occurred.
SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property '_listeners' of undefined or null reference
HTML1524: Invalid HTML5 DOCTYPE. Consider using the interoperable form "<!DOCTYPE html>".
I am not a developer, however I am hoping someone could shed some light on this.
Just wondering why is there inconsistent behaviour since the site is developed on IE 11 on Windows 7. I am also worried that my other web applications might have the same issue, though they are working fine on IE11 on Windows 7. Is there any test that I
should perform in addition to random checks or anything that I should take particular care or be aware about?
Many thanks.

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Read more click here

Answer:Windows 7 SP1 Has Compatibility Issues...


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Having compatibility issues with SVG viewer on windows 7 , is there a fix ? scandisk error0x014c6dfd memory couldnot be read

Answer:compatibility issues on windows 7

I would uninstall SVG viewer for now, then run scandisk /f and let it run through at boot time. If you've plenty of time use scandisk /r which is more thorough.It you can get scandisk to run then maybe SVG will install correctly afterwards.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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I recently switched from a laptop with Windows XP to a new laptop with Windows 10. My HP w2207 Monitor continues to work with my old laptop but my new laptop does not even recognize that a Monitor is plugged in. I found and installed a driver for the monitor for Windows 10 ( but it did not work. So my question is: does anyone know whether the HP w2207 monitor is incompatable with Windows 10? Thanks.

Answer:Compatibility of HP w2207 Monitor with Windows 10

Hi,Try -->press the fn key + f4 function keyOrpress the Windows key and P

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I have this come up PC Health Kit Performance Monitor and I have never installed it. How do you get raid of this?

Also how do you change your HOME PAGE back to what it was? I keep getting Goggle Chrome and it should be Centurylink

Answer:PC Health Kit Performance Monitor

Home page is changed under settings in whatever browser you use.
For example: Google Chrome -
There is 3 rows of lines on the top right. Clicking it will open up a tab of settings, options or tools. Navigating to the actual settings section, there is options about what page to open when launching the application.

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First of all, hello!

Does anyone have any information on how passwords are implemented in Windows 7?

Also, I have heard that there are some backward compatibility issues with passwords in Windows 7. Can anyone explain this?

Answer:Windows 7 password compatibility issues?

Backward compatibility issues with what?

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Last week I got a new top-end notebook (Sager NP8690 w/ LCD widescreen, nVIDIA GeForce GTX 280M w/ 1GB GDDR3) with Windows 7 Ultimate. I installed successfully four games into Windows 7, but starting games created full-screen problem for Windows 7. Game full screen did not work under Windows 7 because my mouse click is not on the game screen and the game screen looks like a square (not widescreen) - half size of the LCD screen and both side of game screen is blank. So, I disabled (by unclick the box) the game full screen in game preference option, and it worked fine after that. That was happened to Torchlight, World of Warcraft online game and Civilization 4 completed edition. Only unworkable game software for Windows 7 is DOSBOX - used for pre-Windows 95 and DOS game compatibility (Under Windows XP worked fantastic). Only game works well with Windows 7 is Defense Grid: The Awakening. Previously, all games work great on Windows XP. I am wondering if these usual error is a major bug for Windows 7, especially screen resolution, and/or game compatibility issues with Windows 7? Let me know. Thanks!

Sincerely yours,


Answer:Game compatibility issues with Windows 7!

Jeff, I have had no problems with any game except return to castle wolfenstein and none of my games are new really.

What games are you trying to run? This may be better placed in the gaming forum. Buncha game freaks hang out up there.

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Hi there. Have a scroller box installed via Ie 7 on my website, but can't edit it using Windows 7 and IE9 on new computer. Have tried pushing the f12 compatibility button but doesn't help. Have read I can't install IE7 with windows 7 either. Also have a laptop which has Windows Vista and IE9..does Vista work with IE7 if I uninstalled IE 9 on laptop? or is there another way around being able to edit this scroller box constructed in IE 7? Thanks Rod

Answer:compatibility issues with Windows 7 and IE 7 construction

Welcome to Seven Forums RodG. Didi you switch both Browser mode, and Document mode to IE7 with F12? What version of Windows 7 do you have? You can run IE7 in XP mode if supported, or run it in a VM as well.

Run IE6 IE7 IE8 at Same Time - Internet Explorer Collection

A Guy

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I ran Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor and followed all of the instructions to make sure my computer was ready for the upgrade. Now the installation won't run because it says I still need to delete Trend Micro Antivirus and Google Toolbar, both of which I have already deleted. I have searched my computer and deleted anything and everything that had Google or Trend Micro on it. It still won't finish. When I deleted everything, I used Control Panel> Uninstall Programs.

My computer is an HP Pavillion Media Center m8100n TV PC, Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit, 3072MB System Memory, 500GB Hard drive, 3.0 GB RAM, and an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5600+ 2.80 GHz.

Is there anywhere else I need to look for these files, or do you have any general suggestions on the upgrade?

Answer:Windows 7 Installation Compatibility Issues

Is there any reason in specific you are running the UA? As far as general suggestions, I would advise backing up your data and doing a clean install instead of the upgrade. The clean install will allow Windows 7 to run as smooth as possible and will also help if you have any future issues. I attached a few links that may help you. The first is for general media [non-upgrade media]. The second is specific for upgrade media. Also, don't hesitate about coming back if you have any issues. Just remember to search first.

Clean Install Windows 7[2]=General%20Tips
Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version[2]=General%20Tips

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hi there guys, u see this afternoon i tried to install this software called shadowuser pro edition but it seems like my windows 7 ultimate wont let me install the software so therefore i was kinda hoping that u guys could help me on this one, i tried to install it with the option " run as administrator " but it didnt work at all cus the software asked me to reboot my system and then after that i tried to open it and the same window popped up on my screen so basically there's no way i can install it right now and i was looking for other softwares just like ShadowUser... man i have to be honest i couldnt find so please guys i need ur help and maybe u can tell me about some other softwares like shadowuser compatible with windows 7 ultimate.

have a good one. thank u in advance

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Last Week I upgraded my Lenovo Z570 which was running on WInows 7 Professional to Windows 10 PRO.All drivers are supporting, no errors & smooth UE. ISSUES Running Win 10 On z570  1. Speaker & Sound      Music sounds like a cracked  voice but the drivers are properly installed (Windows 7) Second Experiment :        Unistalled & Installed the windows 8 sound Realtec HD Audio Driver but the issue it the same. Third Experiment :        Downloaded the audo driver from realtek website for windows 10 but the issue is the same. Fourth Experimnet:          Downdraded to the win 7 and installed the respective driver works perfectly as it was.   Do we have any soution for this, It shows your system is Compactable but I got this Issue . Lenovo Support Team Plz look into this matter           

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I have had a 850 pro for 4 months with no issues running that i can remember. After having Win 10 beta then going to the full upgrade my SSD drive decided it would want to act up. I would get random freezes, Samsung magician telling me the drive is now on sata 2 instead of sata 3...things like that.(Drive was set for ahci mode like it said to have it) Tried to see if there was a new firmware but it was updated to the latest one i believe when i first got it. Since then i have swapped back to my old regular hard drive. Ran memory/system tests and everything i could think of but the drive just doesn't function right most of the time. I can still run windows on it but there is a bottleneck for sure.

So just wondering does anyone think it could be an issue with the drive or maybe the firmware not being certified yet for Windows 10? I can't seem to get through the process of an RMA on the samsung website or find much info besides the firmware being flaky and pulled from the website. Just strange i would have issues with it now i guess. Not sure what to do or why samsung would atleast update there firmwares more often for a possible fix.

Answer:Samsung 850 pro Compatibility issues with Windows 10?

Only possible explanation would be Chipset drivers.

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Hi everyone, I have noticied a significant slow down after applying the latest updates to and with HP Support Assistant, as well as updating the BIOUS to the latest release:  Log Name: Application
Source: HP Active Health
Date: 16/06/2016 10:59:42
Event ID: 1101
Task Category: None
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: ITMGR-WIN7PRO.mila-irl.lan
DiskPhysical executable didn't pass digital signature validation. Execution aborted: [C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP Support Framework\Resources\HPActiveHealth\Executable Agent Data\_Shared\DiskCheck\ETD_GetSMART.exe]
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="">
<Provider Name="HP Active Health" />
<EventID Qualifiers="0">1101</EventID>
<TimeCreated SystemTime="2016-06-16T09:59:42.000000000Z" />
<Security />
<Data>DiskPhysical executable didn't pass digital signature validation. Execution aborted: [C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP Support Framework\Resources\HPActiveHealth\Executable Agent Data\_Shared\DiskCheck\ETD_GetSMART.exe]</Data>
</Event>Log Name: Application... Read more

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Looking for something with a fairly specific function that I think SHOULD be common, but all my searches just return WAY too much unrelated or barely-related stuff.

What I'd like is a program I can run on remote sites, that will monitor a specific application, and periodically "check in" with a central server... then if that application isn't running, send an alert to the server, and if the server doesn't receive a regular update from the remote machine (like, every 15 minutes or whatever), it also throws an alert that the remote system hasn't checked in.

Obviously, free is wonderful, but this is a business-related thing, so there's no issue with paying for a solution (as long as it's something reasonable, I don't need high-end, full-blown enterprise-grade stuff).


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Hi I have tried to do a health check in performance monitor, it says it is collecting data for60secs, but just goes on and on nothing happening, any ideas thank you

Answer:Health check in perfomance monitor

How long is on and on?

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When trying to print an invoice to pdf in order to email it to a customer in quickbooks premiere 2011, I get an error message that says "Printer not activated, error code -20". I close that error message and a new one pops up saying "Could not print to printer. Check your printer selection.  Printing may have been cancelled from another program". It then says "Your forms were not sent because Quickbooks could not create the necessary PDF files.  You should be able to solve this problem by exiting and restarting Quickbooks and then resending the forms again"  This does not work When trying to print a hard copy invoice to our printer, I receive the same error messages. I googled these error codes and the recommendation was to go into the properties of quickbooks and change the compatability to run with a prior version of windows. I did this and it did not solve the problem.  I spoke with Quickbooks and they said that there is definitely a compatibility issue and their recommendation was to buy the new version of QB's for $500. Has anyone else had this issue or can recommend a fix? Thank you

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I recently got a Cannon Bubble Jet BJ-100 Printer and it won't print. I've gone to Cannon's Support Site and they only offer one download, and it's not for Windows 2000. I have been to Windows Support Site and have gone thru numerous pages and menu's leading nowhere. First, I did find out that this printer isn't on the Windows 2000 list, so what do I do now? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help

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I've recently been having trouble installing official and forceware drivers for my Geforce 8400m GS on my Dell 1420 since I upgrade to Windows 7 32-bit from Vista. When I uninstall my current drivers and reboot Windows fails to boot in normal or safe mode. Generally when I install drivers I reboot into safe mode, run driver sweeper and properly install them. Windows kept freezing at the classpnp.sys file so I changed the file to classpnp.old after some research but it started to BSOD me at the disk.sys file.

So I tried to just outright install the drivers from device manager by upgrading and I would get a message saying Windows couldn't find drivers compatible with any of my hardware. I've done a lot of homework, downloaded countless drivers, disabled aero, used mobility modder, and done just about all I feel I can do to fix this. These drivers worked fine with Vista and I really don't want to downgrade because I lost my product key and disc so that would be a pain. If anyone has had this issue and knows of a driver of modified inf file that would fix this problem I would greatly appreciate it. This has been frustrating to say the least

Answer:Geforce 8400m GS and Windows 7 compatibility issues?

Hello chribroo, Welcome to Seven Forums. You'll have to bear with us, because we'll likely advise things you may have tried, but if we don't, we won't know we are missing the answer. One of our members, FZ21Z, has a nice little tute here, followed by discussion, on our forum that could be a good start:

NVIDA Driver Install - Start To Finish...

It's also been suggested you download the Vista driver from your manufacturers website. As I said you may have been there, done that, but we will not know for sure until we ask. A Guy

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Hddlife in both free and shareware versions lets to monitor the health of our precious hard drives.
HDDlife Pro works with computers, laptops, notebook, and external USB hard drives, too. HDDLIFE Notebook edition adds the Power saving modes of hard drives support. HDDlife - freeware real-time hard-drive monitoring utility with alerts, malfunction protection and data loss prevention functions. This hard-drive inspector is a proactive hard drive failure detection system that controls 100% of hard-drive risks.
Some options are disabled in the free version.
With the technology called JustNow HDDlife will let you to see the health and performance of our hard drives immediately when we start the program. No more waiting for a lengthy surface scan!
HDDlife Pro provides advanced warning when hard drives are about to fail so users can take the necessary steps to protect or back up their valuable and irreplaceable files.
It has a clear single-page straightforward easy use interface with all options reached easily. So can't get lost in searching for a desired information. It has a concise Help file that should guide novice users through program background and operation. Once opened the app checks more than 20 hard-drive parameters, then immediately displays health status, performance, and select drive information.
Hard drive activity monitoring can be viewed through a system tray icon or through Windows Vista and Google gadgets that are included with the soft... Read more

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I have set up 2 seagate drives in raid 0 stripe on an Intel Rapid Storage controller and would like to be able to monitor the health of these drives.

Any program that I've tried reports it as a SCSI Disk Device and offers no info.

I've also tried to find something that would monitor the controller but no luck.

If anyone could offer me some advice it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Ken

Answer:How to monitor disk health in raid config?


IRST will do that as seen below:

If you don't have it installed, do so from here:


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Recently I was successful in updated the Health Monitor (which ironically the Heath Monitor recommended).

An error indicated that there was "an older version installed", and I was advised to remove it first. I did this, not have no path to be automatically advised of driver and other upgrades, including the health Monitor.

It seems the Health Monitor did not save the download file - it's not in Downloads. Does it save some other place? It did not prompt me, so the location is hard-coded, wherever it is.

I only wanted to do this because a previous Health Monitor driver upgrade blew away my touchpad driver.

OK ... you'd think I would be able to download new drivers manually, right? Alas no. My part number does not seem to be acceptable to the downloads selector on Toshiba AU selector window, and likewise there is no U model above U500 in the dropdown list of models.

So many annoyances here!

Can anybody suggest how I might get the correct Health Monitor install file for my Satellite U940?


Answer:Satellite U940 - Health Monitor download


Can you please post full model name and part number of your notebook?
I just want to check Toshiba download page and try to find right version for download.

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BatteryBar is a application for Windows, which shows the life and health of your battery. It also shows information such as total capacity of the battery, discharge rate and battery wear.
BatteryBar is available in a free version and a pro version that adds additional features: Customizable themes to change the look and feel of BatteryBarLow battery and critical battery notifications and audio alertsCustomize 20 settings, including changing the font, low battery warning levels, and moreChange the current Windows power scheme by right-clicking on BatteryBarNew features in future versions that will only be available in the Pro version Download BatteryBar Free Version.

Answer:BatteryBar: Monitor Your Battery Life and Health

nice share... I like it.

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the following shortcuts
perfmon.exe /rel runs reliability monitor
perfmon.exe /report runs System Health Report
permon.exe /sys runs a standalone Performance Monitor
After entering Reliability Monitor you will see down the bottom View problem Reports and I would love to have a shortcut just to see problem reports not action center only problem reports
Anything which has its own window must have a command to run it.Can anyone tell me the command launch problem reports not action center
thank you

Answer:Reliability Monitor and System Health Report

Might Event Viewer help you? What information appears in event logs (Event Viewer)?
Also GodMode might help? Enable the Secret God Mode in Windows 7

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It is or will be application like PC Health Monitor or Toshiba Eco Utility for my notebook Toshiba Satellite A350-13A?? As a operation system I have Win7 64-bit.

Thank you.

Answer:Re: Satellite A350 - PC Health Monitor or EcoUtility?


Why you want to install Eco Utility if it?s available for your notebook? I have checked the Toshiba driver download page and Eco Utility is only available for A350 PSALWE series and not for yours that is PSAL6E model.

Anyway, you can install PC Wizard 2009 for example. It shows you some informations like the temperature, voltages and so far. Test it if you will be satisfied with this program and give us a feedback! ;)


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I am running Vista SP2 Home Premium and I get a message every time I run system health reports. It says I have no Antivirus or Malware running on my system.
I have Avast 4.8 as the Antivirus and for spy/malware protection Spybot, Malwarebytes and Spyware Blaster.
For a while the security center ALSO reported no Antivirus/Malware protection. Resovled this issue by reinstalling Avast and rebuilding the /Windows/System32/WBEM/Repository folder by deleting it (temp stopping the WMI in services) and reboot.
but the health report still says no antivirus or malware programs detected.
System Center looks normal.
Been doing googling on the issue and seems that some vendors such as Norton have said this is a possible bug with both Win7 and Vista. Probably due to a bad windows update (the monthly ones). Makes since because this issue started not too long ago.
It's not a biggie but I like having my system healthy and smooth
Any other people had this happen?? If not, I recommend trying the health report (in Control Panel - Performance Info and tools - Advanced tools - Generate System Health report) for the rec I use control panel in Classic View.
you might get the same results..

Answer:issues with system health report.

Its a bug. The way to resolve it is to use Microsoft Security Essentials
The windows firewall
This is excellent protection, used by most of us here, free and easy to use

You may be able to find a temporary fix with other software, but it will problably be short lived.

Good luck

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my friend recently gave me her computer (hp pavilion 541c) she said it was dead so i took it home and gave it a new power supply same wattage as the previous and it came on the first time but it said boot failure insert boot disc so i put in my xp boot dvd and hit enter and nothing happened so i reset it and now it doesn't even come on all i get is a black screen and even when the computer is off the power light is still green so idk any got any advice

Answer:Solved: coputer health issues

all the fans and drives and hdd come on

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I've been given a Toshiba NB100, and asked to reinstall windows.
Its currrently running XP sp3, dont know if its home or pro because right click properties on my computer gives me an error about rundll32 not being found.

When I try to run a program, the open with dialogue appears, and as far as I'm aware, .exe's dont need a file association.

To add more fuel to my rage fire the license sticker is extremely faded, and attempting to run a keyfinder results in the above.

If someone can provide me with an alternative way of locating the product key, I can reinstall the OS. Alternatively if we can cure the inability to run anything, then I probably won't need to reinstall!

Last thing, there is no recovery partition and I cant run regedit.

This one has got me stumped, I will be in awe and appreciation of anyone who can fix this!

Answer:netbook with mental health issues

desperate bump!

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I am running a fairly new 3GB P4 with 2GB of Ram and Windows XP with SP1.
I also run a full Zonealarm suite, a pipex 2meg adsl connection and DC++ Hub server software permanently on this machine.
My machine has always run very smoothly and still seems to be ok with regards to speed online and with intalled programs such as media players and games.

The concern I have is that recently my pc fans have been running at top speeds constantly even when my machine is doing very little and barely any ram or processor capacity is being used.
My fans have always kicked in when the machine is working really hard on tasks but always calmed back down once it got a rest but for a couple of weeks now it has been constant without a break and the noise is terrible.
This is making me very suspicious that my pc is doing things that maybe it shouldn't be.

If anybody can have a look through my Hijack log and let me know if they see anything suspicious then i would appreciate it greatly.
Thank you in advance and my apologies if I've neglected to provide any essential information.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 10:30:16 PM, on 4/18/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\WINDOWS\system32\spo... Read more

Answer:concerns about possible health issues. log included

Hello 808mate and welcome,

Your log looks good, although a bit small.

Please perform an online scan using Internet Explorer with Panda ActiveScan
** click on "Free use ActiveScan" located on the top right hand corner Click Check Now & a 'pop up' window shall appear. *ensure that your pop up blocker doesn't block it
Enter your e-mail address, country, and state & click Scan Now ...begins downloading 8 MB Panda's ActiveX controls
**A box may appear asking you for a Password, click 'Cancel'
Begin the scan by selecting My Computer If it finds any malware, it will offer you a report.
Please ignore any entry it finds and wants you to buy the program for removal as we will address this later.
Click on see report. Then click Save report
Please post that log in your next reply.

I'd like to be sure we're seeing everything. Please go to Start>Run type msconfig press Enter and enable all startups by selecting Normal Startup - Load all Device Drivers and Services, reboot and post a new log.

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I use 802.11g WiFi in my home, and various people are developing headaches when the WiFi is powered.Im wondering if it is safe to be around a 100% signal all the time.It is a 100% signal thoughtout the whole house and about 92% outside.Are there any health issues for WiFi?

Answer:Wireless WiFi and Health issues?

click here click here= are some links i found on the subject.interesting and a bit scary. huggy reaches for tinfoil hat.

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Hello to all Solidworks Cad users who have made the switch over to Windows 7.

Back in January I installed W7 and nearly everything worked quite flawlessly. With the exception of two drivers &/or softwares:

1- Asus Rampage Extreme Supremfx x-fi Creative Sound Blaster driver recognition & creative audio console launcher.

Most importantly of all is...

2- Dassault Solidworks 2007 thru 2009 all service packs 0 thru 5.0 & 3.0 early visibility with 2009, install properly display properly but seem to have some bug.

The bug/issue is that you can not open any SW or other imported CAD files without causing the program to immediately crash.

Also, you can not save any files that you work with in Solidworks that are new either.

To go without the web based client sound processing software from creative is a big deal, as I like most everyone on the planet loves music.

Yet I was content to go on using W7 with it's basic plain sound, as opposed to the multi-faceted processing power of creatives' sound blaster software.

It should be noted that another thread here on Seven Forums has brought some light upon this issue.

Just this thread is titled such to make the issue more known so that Solidworks users as well as microsoft are clearly made aware of the situation.

So, that these issues can become resolved prior to the upcoming W7 RC(which is already being used...just I have not tried it out yet), as well as the Windows 7 retail version release.

Answer:Windows 7 & All Solidworks 2007-2009 CAD Compatibility Issues

I can say that Windows7 RC 7100 now opens/saves files within the SW application rather well.

And, I am now back to W7 for good.

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Hi all,

I noticed shortly after installing a bunch of updates I started having compatibility issues with programs. Unless I run them under Windows XP Service Pack 2 with admin permissions, they don't work. It's extremely problematic and some prgorams I straight-up can't get to work. It's time-consuming and a headache and I want to go back to how things were before, with prgrams starting up normally with no fuss.

Sadly system restore is useless as there isn't a back-up point before it (it doesn't keep them very long apparently...) and uninstalling the updates didn't seem to do much good + Windows likes to reinstall more updates after. Admittedly I haven't tried uninstalling some graphics card and Realtek network card or w/e updates but I don't see why'd they be related.

So yeah, I'm kinda stuck here, any suggestions on how to get things back to how they were so my programs are running WITHOUT compatibility issues? I pretty much gave all the info I could think of but if you have any more specific questions that might help help me, please ask.

Thanks for your time and have a great day. =)

Answer:Major Program Compatibility Issues after Windows Update

Well you might try doing a system repair by running system repair off the windows disc. If that doesnt work post back and we can go from there.

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Hi! Recently, I installed Windows 10 64x on my HP Probook 5330m. Some of the drivers I installed were not compatible. The results were: 1: Fingerprint reader not working2: HP Protect Tools not working - After I installed it, the Windows login screen starts flashing and freezes. No password, no fingerprint reader there. Just flashes and a blank screen. (Compatibility issue, I think) I have to install a new windows after that.3: And some other minor problems Previously, I had Windows 7 64 bit and everything was working fine on it. Three options were there to log in on the login screen (Password, face detection, and fingerprint). What should I do? Love windows 10 and doesn't want to go back to 7. I just wanted to ask, is there any alternative or compatible software like HP ProtectTools? Can you provide a fix for it? Thanks!

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The PC Health monitor for my TECRA A11-12F battery (2 weeks old) displays a messageheatlh unknown.
Has anyone else had a similar problem and has it been resolved?

Answer:Tecra A11 - Battery Health Monitor - Message: Unknown

I think the latest BIOS fixes a problem like this.

You can download the latest BIOS from the Toshiba Website under the support section.

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I use a Toshiba laptop (model: Satellite L750D psk4ye).
Yesterday I upgrade this Windows 7 to Windows 8 pro (32 bit).

I installed some driver but when I try to setup pc health monitor driver in my computer it is not working.
I try one more time but failed again.
I?ve download again this driver from but it?s not working.

Now what can I do. Please help me..........

Answer:"PC health monitor driver" on Satellite L750D with Win 8 not working


Try to download the PC health monitor released for newer models like for example Satellite L870.
As far as I know it should be possible to install such tool since the health monitor isn?t model specific tool.

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Hello guys;
I have been using g15 keyboard for 1.5 year and I've just started playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. This keyboard had the feature as showing the bullet damage, health remaning and etc. for compatible games. I've downloaded the latest driver and software for g15 from the logitech web site and in the web page, COD4 was on the list which showed the compatible games. I've installed the software and it matches with COD4. It also displays "profile activated Call of Duty 4" when I run the game. But during the play, the LCD monitor shows the clock as it is on windows xp. Is there any option for making it work or something else needed ? I'ld be glad if I get the solution.

Thank you.

Answer:Logitech G15 LCD monitor bullet, health etc. display for COD4

At least anyone who have used G15 with any game, can say his idea.

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Hi guys,

I?m appealing for some help and hope some of you experts out there may be able to help me!

My laptop is a Satellite L510 purchased November 2009
Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 32 Bit
BIOS Version/Date: INSYDE 1.30, 5/8/2009

1. ReelTime (ver: TC00210100H ? stopped working about 6 months ago so I uninstalled it.
2. PC Health Monitor (ver: TC00148300O

Value Added Package: Ver: 1.2.25 (TC00214700E)

For a couple of weeks shutting down would take a bit longer than it used to and last weekend it just shut down even though the battery was fully charged.

I had a bit of a job getting it back but I finally did, I came to the conclusion though the hard drive was failing.

I then tried to open PC Health Monitor but this error appeared ?Can't get the bios type?, and obviously wouldn?t open. I uninstalled PCHM from Programs and Features and then ran TC00148300O.exe from
C:/Program Files/ Toshiba/ TOSAPINS / COMPS1/ TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor-, it seemed like something was happening but ultimately nothing did.

I gave up then as I needed to sort out the hard drive first. Long story short, hard drive has been replaced with a SSD 840 EVO 250GB by an IT friend at work.

I would preferably like to get ReelTime and PCHM working properly again by troubleshooting (with your help) as I don?t really want to restore back to factory condition but if I have to....

If I have explicit instructions on what to do that would be ... Read more

Answer:Satellite L510 - PC Health Monitor - Can't get the Bios Type


If you have replaced HDD I recommend you to install original recovery image and start to use your machine with factory settings. After doing this everything will be OK again. Install important Windows updates, your important software and I think everything will be OK again.

Software related issues can be sometimes very complicated. All you can try to do is to remove preinstalled application, restart machine and try to install it again.

About BIOS I can just say that you should not change anything.

One more thing: I don?t know how important ReelTime and PC Health Monitor are for you but I have removed both applications from my system. In my opinion there is no much help from both of them but they using up CPU for unnecessary processes.

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I have a Satellite U940 on Windows 8.1.

My question is whether there is any relationship between battery wear and the health of the laptop on toshiba's PC health monitor.

At the moment my battery wear is at 50% of full capcacity according to BatteryBar
however on the health monitor it says that my battery health is good (full green).

I can only get about 1.5 to 2 hours of life out of my laptop and am just asking for help and information on whether I should buy a new battery or is there something wrong with my battery readings.

Thanks for reading this.

Answer:PC Health Monitor and Battery wear on Satellite U940

> At the moment my battery wear is at 50% of full capcacity according to BatteryBar
however on the health monitor it says that my battery health is good (full green).

The battery health shows you the battery health status and not the battery charging status.

> I can only get about 1.5 to 2 hours of life out of my laptop
The battery working time depends on notebook usage. What does this mean?
Well, running heavy performance software (games, video editing software, etc?), using bright display brightness or playing DVD movie would discharge the battery quickly.

1.5 - 2h of battery working time is not bad. But of course; sooner or later every battery needs to be replaced. It?s just a matter of time.

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Hi, I’ve just inherited a desktop computer from my dad. I’m not entirely sure how old it is, but up until quite recently it’s been regularly updated to be (what I believe) was a relatively decent gaming PC. All I need to use it for is pretty basic stuff, just word-processing, internet surfing, basic photo-storage etc, and to use some sort of personal finance software on it.
I have a few issues though, not helped by my relative lack of knowledge and understanding of PCs. First issue is that it doesn’t seem to be performing as quickly as would be ideal, and I want to know if there’s anything I can do to remove some of the clutter and baggage that might be slowing it down? There are 2 users on the windows, one is myself, but the other is my dad and all of the clutter he has used it for. I really just want to get a “fresh start” as at the moment there’s loads of stuff on here I have no use for and would prefer to start again.
The second issue is that I’ve bought a new monitor for the desktop and for some reason the picture doesn’t fill the monitor, there is probably a couple of centimetre gap around the edges and no matter how I play with the setting I can’t work out how to fill it! Any ideas?
Thanks for the help, I appreciate it. I wish I understood what I was doing!

Answer:Inherited computer - monitor issue + health check

Reinstalling the OS would give you a complete new start and speed things up. What OS are you using.

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the following shortcuts

perfmon.exe /rel runs reliability monitor

perfmon.exe /report runs System Health Report

permon.exe /sys runs a standalone Performance Monitor

After entering Reliability Monitor you will see down the bottom View problem Reports and I would love to have a shortcut just to see problem reports not action center only problem reports
Anything which has its own window must have a command to run it.Can anyone tell me the command launch problem reports not action center
thank you

Answer:Reliability Monitor and System Health ReportHi the following shortcuts

So do you want a shortcut for each command or one to run all of them? Should be an easy batch file...

You can run all three from one batch file...

Open notepad...

Type the following:

perfmon.exe /rel
perfmon.exe /report

Now save it as "whatever.bat" to your desktop... I called mine perfmon.bat.

For whatever reason, if I put the perfmon.exe line last it would only run the first 2...???

I didnt like the first file because the command prompt window remained open after executing the batch file.. so change it to this:

START perfmon.exe
START perfmon.exe /rel
START perfmon.exe /report

PS... create the first one... run it and then right click the batch file and edit it, then run again... the second one is cooler!

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This TBS advises updates to PC health monitor and HDD/SDD alert.

HDD/SDD alert has a published update in the relevant downloads section but I cannot find an update for PC health monitor.

Any one got any bright ideas ?

Otherwise this seems quite a balanced system.

Answer:Satellite L500-1XD - cannot find an update for PC health monitor

> HDD/SDD alert has a published update in the relevant downloads section but I cannot find an update for PC health monitor

If you couldn't find it on driver page, it means isn't available yet. I don't know why you were asked to update it but if PC health monitor runs well don't need to update. I don't think you will find something more in new version :)

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I used to have 3 monitors working perfectly then I added a fourth monitor now my most used program for my work doesn't open on the correct monitor is there a registry of what monitor for it to open on? I have been using display fusion to make it come back
to the correct monitor and that adds lag 

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I was told when I bought my Notebook that I would be able to install a 2000 or newer version of Microsoft Office. I am currently attempting to install Office XP 2002 Professional and it's not happnin'. I went to Microsoft's website to determine compatibility and even installed a toolkit that still didn't fix the problem. Is this possible? Is it because my version of Office specifically says Office XP? Am I able to perhaps install the Office 2003 version and download something from Microsoft then to allow compatibility?

So frustrated! Not a fan of Vista Office at all....

Thanks much!

Answer:Compatibility issues with Windows Vista & earlier Office version

Office XP is mostly compatible. Outlook has an issue with not being able to save your email password. Have you tried installing it in compatibilty mode? Don't install it by the autorun from the CD. Browse to the installation program on the CD. Right click on it and on the Compatibilty tab set it to XP SP2 and Run this program as an administrator.

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On my new C855-1GQ the 'Health Monitor' states that it is unable to get the disk information and so cannot use the alert function.

Is this normal?
I can turn this bubble off but just thought that I would ask anyway.

Thanks - Joe

Answer:Re: Satellite C855-1GQ - Health Monitor is unable to get the disk information

This is just an notification? so you can turn it off if you want.

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I received one "Reconnaissance using SMB Session Enumeration" ATA alert.

At the time when the alert was created (time in the Excel file for the alert) one process was fired away on the source machine.

It was the "titus.enterprise.healthmonitor.console.exe" / "taskeng.exe" process(es) indicating Titus Enterprise HealthMonitor Console.

More info below:

- titus.enterprise.healthmonitor.console.exe ( /
- taskeng.exe (

Do you know if this titus process might, by any chance, enumerate lots of users' sessions in a domain?

Thank you very much in advance.


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Acronis Drive Monitor is a free soft that monitors drives health and provides early alerts thus preventing malfunctions.
Acronis Drive Monitor checks disk health in the following three categories and reports deviations from normal operation to users, giving them an opportunity to replace affected drives prior to a potential total failure:
State and health of physical drive (including temperature, seek error rate, spin-up time and more than 20 other indicators) via a disk-resident monitoring function called S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) is presented in a understandable form. Acronis Drive Monitor also supports other storage, such as non-S.M.A.R.T.-compatible RAID systems, via scripts.
Critical events that may indicate an increased risk for data safety, even when S.M.A.R.T. output data shows no abnormalities. These include: logical file system corruptions on NTFS and FAT file systems, corruption of dynamic disk logical structure, failed read or write operations that might indicate faulty hardware or drivers, and Volume Shadow Copy service failures.
State of disk backups. Acronis Drive Monitor users who also already use the latest Acronis home or business products, such as Acronis True Image Home, Acronis Backup and Security 2010 and Acronis Backup & Recovery? 10, will be alerted if the latest backup has failed or if a backup has not been created for a while. Otherwise, users will be automatically reminded of the need for a backu... Read more

Answer:Check disk health with freeware Acronis Drive Monitor

Looks like a rather useful software. Thanks
Update: A Hard Disk's Click of Death Anthem | The Windows Club may interest some!

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I have removed PC Health Monitor (including folders and registry) as requested by windows 8. However the install tells me it is still there.

I cannot work out why or find anything on the net to reslove this problem.

Answer:PC Health Monitor removal - Win8 stuck on uninstall manually

Sorry but the whole story is strange to me. For testing purposes I?ve removed it too from my U940 with Win8 and I?ve done it on ?regular way? using option in ?Programs and features?. Everything went well.
I don?t know what do you mean with ?uninstall manually?.

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After the update from Win 8 to Win8.1 and having unistalled succesfully the programms Pc Health Monitor and Toshiba System Settings to install the updates of them when i tried to install:

1)Pc Health Monitor i get a message <<not support>>,

2)Toshiba System Settings I get a message that << The system is not modified>>.

What have I to do for these problems?
Is there a reset of system about Toshiba drivers?

My laptop is a Satellite C855 (PSCBYE) Win8.1 Update.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite C855: PC Health Monitor & System Settings issue after Win 8.1


Did you follow the exact step ? by ? step Windows 8.1 update instruction?

This procedure is very important.

Furthermore the utility like Toshiba System Settings requires the first installation of Toshiba System Driver (for Win 8.1)

Check also if your BIOS is already up to date.

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Last week I bought a brand new L50t-A-145 running Windows 8.1. Beautiful machine and on the face of it everything works perfectly.

However when activating the PC Health Monitor it recorded the battery as being in only "fair" condition ... which means it has "some capacity loss but it will meet the requirements of most usages". For a brand new machine this is simply not good enough ... I have a P845t which is over a year old which has never recorded the battery condition as in anything other than "good" condition.

I've done a number of things (which, I hasten to add, I never had to bother with on the P845t or indeed any other Toshiba laptop) ... (1) I have charged the battery fully and let it discharge to sub 10% at least 6 or 7 times; (2) I have uninstalled PC Health Monitor and downloaded the latest version from the Toshiba website and reinstalled it; (3) I have completely reset the computer. All to no avail ... the battery condition still shows as only "fair".

The reason I have checked out a number of options is that to me it seems there is nothing wrong with the battery ... it doesn't seem to take longer than normal to charge and I appear to get good use of the machine as it discharges ... my gut tells me there is nothing wrong with the battery.

However, unlike previous laptops, this one comes with the battery sealed in (one wonders who the nutter was who thought of that or has it been done to overcome airport security... Read more

Answer:PC Health Monitor - Assessment of Battery Condition on Satellite L50T-A

Reset the computer a second time ... and now I have a battery in "good" condition.

So I have my answer but I can't say for sure that resetting twice was the solution!

Glad I don't have to return this splendid machine!!

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I am not permitted to add to the previous thread on this subject ... it turns out my question is not answered as my laptop's Health Monitor has, after two days, reverted to showing the battery in "fair" condition ... since it has been showing the battery as in "good" condition I have charged the battery fully twice and always let it discharge to sub 10% ... no partial charging at all.

Anyone any bright ideas?

Answer:PC Health Monitor - Assessment of Battery Condition on Satellite L50T-A (2)

I guess you are referring to this another thread:

From my point of few the PC Health Monitor software functions properly but probably the battery is in good condition and therefore you should check with a new battery.

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I am having periodic BSODs all of a sudden. I have attempted to debug the problem and have downloaded new MB and Video Card Drivers but all that seems to have changed is some info in the dump file.

Second issue is in gathering the information to post here.

I am experiencing problems with getting step 3 done with the Resource and Performance Monitor. When i run it i get...

The wait for the report generation tool to finish has timed out.
A solution i read online was to boot up with no services running so i did so and the outcome was...

The system cannot find the path specified.
Attached is a zip of the information i was able to retrieve.

Answer:BSOD Error and Issues with System Health Report

Quote: Originally Posted by Worsin

I am having periodic BSODs all of a sudden. I have attempted to debug the problem and have downloaded new MB and Video Card Drivers but all that seems to have changed is some info in the dump file.

Second issue is in gathering the information to post here.

I am experiencing problems with getting step 3 done with the Resource and Performance Monitor. When i run it i get...

The wait for the report generation tool to finish has timed out.
A solution i read online was to boot up with no services running so i did so and the outcome was...

The system cannot find the path specified.
Attached is a zip of the information i was able to retrieve.

Before we can ascertain the true cause you need to:

The pre 2009 version of this driver is a known BSOD cause.

Please visit this link: ASUS teK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download P7P55D LE
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download P7P55D LE

Scroll down to the Utilities category, then scroll down to the "ATK0110 driver for WindowsXP/Vista/Windows 7 32&64-bit" (it's about the 12th item down).
Download and install it.
Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers to check and make sure that the ASACPI.SYS file is date stamped from 2009 or 2010 (NOT 2005).

2-Update to SP-1. Run the update readiness tool then update.
* Download > Install > Run the System Update Readiness Tool

Ensure yo... Read more

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Always lots of issues/problems posted but not many figured I would post a solution just incase people are having the same issue...Google doesn't come back with much so hopefully this helps a few peeps.

Server 08 isn't all that friendly when it comes to video drivers...especially the x64 version. We have been playing with it for awhile and recently had a company want several systems with dual video. Yes, most vista64 drivers work with most hardware...not Catalyst or the Dets. Guaranteed BSODs with the nvidia detonators..and the Catalysts were no better.

We got ahold of several Rage XL 8MB PCI cards as they are on the HCL for 08 x64 (old yes, but they are littered all over ebay). Customer purchased them and brought them in...nothing came up in windows update or as an embedded driver either. Not that it should work, I gave the Server 2k3 x64 driver that Intel has posted on their site for some of their server boards. Works like a champ (couldn't believe it to be honest). Recently the 8800GT has been certified to be compatible with the x64 version of server 2k8, but I have yet to test a day or so..and it sure as $hit wasn't on the HCL 2 weeks ago.

There probably won't be too many people that this is applicable to, but I figured if this post saves someone the amount of crap I went through with our good friends at MS, then great.

The HCL gets better by the day, but the video support list is HORRIBLE.

Answer:Windows Server 2008 video driver compatibility issues resolved

Never had any issues with video drivers and 2K8, so I wonder if it's not a case of hardware gone wrong or something else. I have a variety of video cards, from old ATI/Nvidia PCI cards (all the way back to Rage 128/Riva 128 chipsets), AGP (ATI Rage/Radeons of the first generation, Nvidia TNT/Geforce of the first generation), and more current ones (ATI Radeons from 7xxx on, Nvidia Geforce from the Ti series on), all the way up to a Radeon 3870 and a Geforce 8800 GTS and haven't had a single issue installing drivers for them, 32 or 64 bit flavors.

I learned a long time ago that when choosing to run a "server" OS that I'd encounter some difficulties, most notably just getting the driver installation to work because the installer would typically ID the OS as "not the one you should be running to install us" from the drivers, so then I learned to just manually install them always. As for any driver control applications (ATI Catalyst Control Center or Nvidia's stuff) I just avoid it. Not being a hardcore gamer - aside from Quake 3 madness - doesn't necessarily keep me out of the loop when it comes to what driver set can do what, etc.

And running XP x64 since it was released made me encounter effectively the same issues because of it being starved for 64 bit drivers for quite some time - those issues are null and void now as long as someone doesn't choose cheap shit no-name hardware for a low price. You get what you pay for, so the... Read more

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Ok, so hi everyone again and sorry for this but yes... I just downgraded from Windows 8 and so far I'm not very happy for a few reasons (more like problems) that I really need help with... So, before I go into exposing my problem I'd just like to give some background so you know where I'm at:

Instead of doing a so called downgrade and going through all that process of contacting the manufacturer and asking for the software required I decided to go full-on cowboy and take my chances doing a clean install of Windows 7; So I booted from the disc and got some problems (which I later fixed) with the whole partitions thing (I ended up deleting all of them and having only 1 partition filled with unalloc'ed space to which I installed Windows 7 (x64 BTW)); after that I got everything going and I once again ran into some issues, this time I had no Internet Connection either wireless or wired...

Long story short, I went to Samsung's site for a product I believe is equal or at least very simillar to mine (my laptop is a Samsung NP350-V5C-S04PT) and I downloaded the x64 drivers for the wireless LAN (got that working) and downloaded the both x64 and x86 drivers for the LAN device (also got that working) I was happy! But then... More issues....

I noticed I wasn't being able to switch to the aero graphics configuration, which made no sense considering the computer has a fairly good graphics setup and once more I got myself to the device manager to see what's going on... Everything... Read more

Answer:Compatibility issues after downgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 7

You have an intel graphics card and not a ATI thats why the catalyst drivers wont install
The chipset drivers will get rid of the SM bus & USB issue
The card reader drivers will fix the USB CRW issue

I had to downgrade a samsung 350 laptop the other day which had exactly the same issues. I'll look for the drivers and get back to you as soon as i can find them.
But in the mean time if you look at the hardware ID's it will steer you in the right direction

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I don't understand how the registry patch update works, i downloaded and extracted the update as asked into a temporary folder but there was no install setup and i'm pretty sure i didn't install anything unless the system installed it itself without asking me. I want to know how this registry patch works and how it is installed.

And the disc creator has wasted over 15 empty DVD with the same error code 380381-26-2A030C00. I don't know what to do about it, i've tried microsoft fix it software and deleted the upper and lower filters in the registry but still, i can't burn CD's.

Help me. Thanks.

Answer:Toshiba registry patch update and Toshiba disc creator issues


I?m a little bit confused?
What Disc Creator patch do you mean?
What notebook do you have exactly?

On the Toshiba European driver page I could find some patches like recovery patch.
But this is Registry Patch for System Restore.
After downloading the zip folder, you should unzip this package? then you will find one exe file? this file needs to be unzipped too! Right click on this file and choose unzip here.
Now you should find some additional files and one of the files should be an install.exe?

However, in your case I recommend testing other disk like DVD-R from different manufacturers like TDK?
I use DVD ?R and never had any problems using such disks?

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Moving over from "Am I Infected?  What should I Do?"
I have an odd issue with my computer, which has been persistent on and off ever since my AV blocked a trojanscript.iframer virus.  After cleaning out adware the symptoms disappeared for a month but recurred sometime yesterday/today.  They include:
* a lock-shaped icon that appears in my task bar whenever I reboot my computer.
*  intermittent sound difficulties, lack of system sounds when opening a file and slight audio delay when watching a video online.
* An inability to install windows updates or support system updates or view my update history.  Current error message: Windows Update Ran Into a Problem.
* When opening a browser, a delay of thirty minutes or more before it launches.
* For some reason, I can only seem to access the mobile version of google on my main chrome browser.  I can access the search engine as normal through incognito. Also sometimes it won't let me search by typing into my browser window and instead just takes me to google.
Does anyone have any idea what might be up?  Since it's apparently not malware related I don't have security worries but waiting a half hour for a fresh browser window to launch is a pain and I would like my windows updates back.
ETA: After updating my virus ... Read more

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I am fixing a laptop for a friend who was expiriencing some problems connecting to the internet and general slow running of his system.

I checked internet settings to find that the LAN settings are set to "Use automatic configuration script" Address - http://localhost:9415/tudova.pac

Thats in internet explorer, in firefox connection settings:

"Automatic proxy configuration URL:" http://localhost:9415/tudova.pac

Ive done some research on this and it seems to be linked to some chinese p2p tv streaming service.

I found that the internet settings had been set up to only connect to one DNS server, so that may have solved the connection issue, but not the malware that its ridden with!

Anyway Ive run Avira, Ad-aware & CCleaner, but the situation has not improved, so I ran Hijackthis:
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 14:42:22, on 27/08/2009
Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6001.18226)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnh.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\QuickPlay\QPService.exe
C:\Program Files\Napster\napster.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Quick Launch Buttons\QLBCTRL.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Wireless Assistant\WiFiMsg.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Wireless Assistant\HPWAMai... Read more

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I apologise in advance if this is in the wrong place. I also apologise if this is 'bad form' or anything but I'm desperately trying to figure out how to solve my issues and have asked these questions on another website so rather than try and write it all out again I'm going to c+p what I've already written. I hope that's okay and not going to offend anyone!
I have a 3 month old Toshiba Satellite. A couple of weeks ago after a Windows Update it went a bit wonky, saying there were corrupt files. I ran sfc/scannow it found some things but couldn't fix them. I did chkdsk and sfc a couple more times after which it said all was okay but the Windows Update Troubleshooter thing still said there were corrupt files and I was getting the odd error and a few warnings in event viewer. Sick of fiddling with the thing I did system refresh - after which all seemed okay for a few days. (during which I chose to not look at event viewer - partly cause I was getting too stressed with it and partly in the hopes that after the refresh then having to install about 25 updates I'd give it some time to.. calm down or something!)

Yesterday - I noticed everything was running rather slow so I rebooted the machine, then everything was running extremely slowly. I checked task manager and it said disk use 100% and RAM use 94% although nothing was running save a webpage and task manager.
I was advised that the Skype app (which came pre-installed on the machine, has ... Read more

Answer:Issues with fairly new Toshiba with Windows 8.1

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I wonder if there are any Techheads out there looking for a challenge?

I have a new Toshiba LCD HDTV that I want to use as the primary and only monitor for my Toshiba Satellite laptop.

I want to eliminate the laptops screen altogether.

I would like to know if there exists a connector or some other way to connect my laptops ribbon cable output to a VGA output and then to the HDTV via a VGA cable; or if there is a better way to go?

The screen on this 4year old laptop got cracked so I have to spend at least $75.00 for parts alone and if I go that way I might as well buy another laptop, or use a desktop with a wireless keyboard which will cost more than $100.00 to set up.

Besides, this seems like a kinda cool fix so if anyone has any bright Ideas, please respond.

Answer:Toshiba Laptop to Toshiba LCD HDTV as primary monitor

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Iv'e recently got a windows 8 toshiba laptop, now and then the sound plays up. My headphones are 100% fine and so are my speakers but sometimes the sound doesn't come out when the video plays. Hopefully someone will know how to fix this thanks.

Answer:Windows 8 Toshiba Laptop sound issues

hi thank you for your reply...internet connection is 100% fine and yes my laptop is new, maybe there are settings somewhere i have to change? As it only does it when im watching a film or something involving sound, it wants to locate the sound to another application thats running in the background that im not aware is running. Thanks for your help im new to windows 8 so this is confusing for me.

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Toshiba Satellite P755
Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit
While using the Internet the other day, and had the computer speakers muted, when I heard a very faint and slow-paced beeping sound.  I thought maybe it was a watch alarm buried under some laundry.  Suddenly, the volume and tempo of the beeping increased alarmingly until the computer was basically screaming.  The wireless connection was interrupted and connectivity did not automatically return.  After the wireless was interrupted, the beeping volume and pace again decreased and eventually stopped.  I turned the wireless adapter on and off a few times, and was able to reconnect after a few minutes.  This has happened three or four times.
Yesterday, the wireless bars did not appear in the system tray, but the computer with network cable icon with red X.  Strangely, I was able to connect to the Internet, but the icon did not change to the wireless bars.  Once I restarted, the problem went away.
I haven't done anything to diagnose or troubleshoot this problem.  I checked the vendor website for software updates, but everything is current.
Thanks for your time!

Answer:Wireless Issues, Toshiba Satellite Windows 7

Replied here
Closed this.

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Hi all

I have just converted to windows7 64bit (on my toshiba A500/042) and I got stuck at "Select Driver to be installed" I have downloaded some drivers form the Toshiba website- it cannot find the drivers.

Please Help

Thanks in anticipation

Answer:Toshiba A500 -64bit windows 7 Issues


I have a A500-052 but there is nothing on mine that hasn't been installed with a driver. When you load Device Manager, are there any items in there that don't have a driver? (they will have a yellow ! triangle on the icon) If so, what category are they in?

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I am thinking of upgrading my Toshiba Satellite C655 with a faster CPU and am wondering if anyone can tell me which CPU's are compatible with this laptop? At this time it has a AMD V140 Processor 2.30ghz. The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite C655D-S50851. Thank you for any information you can give me.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite C655 CPU compatibility

As a general rule with laptops, CPU upgrades don't really give decent increases in performance. Increasing system memory to max allowed and installing a bigger faster hard drive will give you the most "bang for the buck"...

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I recently upgraded my notebook with Windows Vista Home Premium.

On the Display Configuration, I can see two monitors. I then click 'attached' on the second monitor, and click on 'extend my desktop to this monitor'. Upon doing this, I can only see the display on my laptop monitor. Moving the mouse to the second monitor seems to work as the mouse disappear from the first monitor.
Fn+F5 seems to yield nothing as there is nothing on my external monitor.

External Monitor: Philips 105S3

Notebook specification:
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) Duo Processor T2400 (1.83GHz, 2MB L2 Cache, 667MHz FSB)
Operating System: Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Vista Home Premium
Display: 14.1-inch diagonal XGA (1024x768 native resolution)
Graphics Controller: NVIDIA(R) Quadro(R) NVS 110M with 128MB DDR discrete graphics memory plus up to 128MB dynamically allocated shared graphics memory using NVIDIA(R) TurboCache technology
Memory: 2 gB DDR2 667MHz SDRAM
Hard Drive: 80GB HDD (5400rpm, Serial-ATA)

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That is the question! I seem to spend as much time on one as on the other.

Let me count the ways:

Computer -
Updates, something daily : Microsoft, Dell, Java, Adobe, anti-virus, anti-malware, system imaging, differential backups (that surely left somethings out).
Scans, often: anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spy

Body - daily aerobics, strengtheing every two or three days
I don't mind the body maintenance, because my body was a gift (not beautiful but serviceable) and I feel a sense of gratitude that my luck has been better than others'. I am 82yo and feel fine!

The computer, I paid for. I bought it to save me time and for communications purposes. It's good for communication. As a time saver, I think it saves more time for the IRS and the businesses that sell me stuff than it saves me.

My body has lasted a long time, and with luck and maintenance it will last a bit longer.

My computer? I don't know, but I keep getting frightening messages about buying and extended warranty.

Regards to TSG.

Answer:Solved: My computer's health or my body's health ?

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Has anyone ever tried installing a SanDisk SSD to a Toshiba Satellite laptop or know if these two in general are compatible or not?

I am specificially looking into insalling a 240 GB SanDisk Ultra II SSD on my Toshiba A200-1BP, or PSAECE-01U00XTE, to replace the existing 160 GB Toshiba 2.5" SATA HDD (MK1637GSX).

The SSD seems to have the right form (2.5") and the interface (SATA) but I am not sure if these two are enough to ensure compatibility. Unfortunately, SanDisk says (unlike Crucial for example) it does not provide compatibility information for specific computer models. Thank you.


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It's been a while since I've been hardcore into the hardware aspect of things, so just for reassurance I wanted to ask here.

My girlfriend has a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop computer, loaded with Win XP and 512mb of RAM.

I just bought a Toshiba Satellite A215-S7422 laptop loaded with 1gb of RAM and Vista (2x512). Any minute replacement ram for my computer will be arriving, which is a single stick of 2gb.

Her laptop uses DDR2 400 PC3200 200pin RAM.
My laptop uses DDR2 667 PC5300 200pin RAM.

My pair of 512mb sticks would run in her laptop, right? The speed would just be downclocked to that of what her laptop is designed for, AKA 400.

I just am 100% flat broke and the last thing I want to do is fry her computer and buy her a new laptop.

Answer:Swapping out memory from a Toshiba to a Dell. Just a compatibility question.

Thats the idea.

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Are they same ? If not, what are the differences ? And which one is better.

Answer:Microsoft Health vs Health & Fitness ?

They are completely separate at this point. Use health and fitness if you don't have a tracker like the Band or a Fitbit. Microsoft Health is for the Band so if you don't have a Band it won't do anything for you.

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I have an HP laptop and I have been running it with dual monitors. I finally decided to upgrade to Windows 7 and after I installed it I noticed that the built in monitor of my laptop looked strange and when I opened the display settings to change the screen resolution and set the external monitor as a separate monitor rather than a mirror I noticed that only one monitor was detected and it was the external one (Generic non-pnp monitor on standard VGA graphics adapter) and the built in monitor does NOT show up at all.

I've tried the detection button, in hopes that the computer would read the built in monitor and I could fix the problem. This did not help. I tried unplugging/replugging the external monitor to no avail. I tried restarting without the external monitor plugged in and it STILL reads the built in monitor as if it is the external one. Is there anyway to fix this? I have not tried re-installing the OS, not yet anyways.

Any suggestions ?

Answer:Monitor Issues - Laptop Reading Built In Monitor as if it were my external monitor.

Only thing I can think of is to disconnnect the external monitor, uninstall any monitors listed and then reboot and hope the computer installs the correct drivers for the laptop monitor.

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Windows 7 is designed to be compatible with the most popular hardware and software products you use every day. Thousands of these will just work, but if you have questions Microsoft has them covered with the resources below.
The Compatibility Center lists thousands of the most popular devices and software titles to help you easily identify what will or won't work with the Windows 7 operating system. You can use the site to download device drivers and software updates, as well as leave feedback on how to improve.
If you need to find out if a particular software or hardware is compatible with Windows 7, you can try here. Windows Compatibility Center
You can also submit your software there.

Answer:Windows 7 Compatibility Center checks for Software, Hardware, Devices compatibility

Thank you HappyAndyK
I've found what I would to know:-) Windows 7 Compatibility Center search results - Avira

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Yesterday, I tried downloading the full version of Windows 8.1 from the Windows store. It ran the first two steps (downloading, installing), and then it came to "checking for compatibility." After five minutes, I got a message in the form of a banner across the screen (the color of my metro background) that said I needed to uninstall an app called "Kaspersky Internet Security Suite/Anti-Virus/Pure/Crystal. I ran the executable file "kavremover" from the Kaspersky website to completely remove my existing anti-virus software (Anti-Virus Internet Security 2013) and all versions of "Kaspersky Pure." Upon the 10th reboot and installation attempt, it continues to show me this message. What can I do?

Answer:"Compatibility Issues" Preventing Windows 8.1 Update

Hi Vialtoclef,

Apparently, Kapersky has a product tutorial on how to prepare your computer for the Windows 8.1 update:

Important tip: Prepare for the Windows 8.1 update

I do understand that the removal tool should have worked; however, since it did not, maybe you can do a reinstall and follow the preparation tutorial to see if it takes when your computer (using Kapersky) is properly prepared for the update. Good luck.

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Hi, guys.   Immediately after getting my tablet last summer, I installed Win 7 Enterprise, which our corporation is licensed for as a microsoft SA customer.  Win 7 Enterprise has all the features of Ultimate edition, including Bitlocker, which I needed.  I even restored the machine using disks I got from our Lenovo account manager and had the same problems as the corporate image.  My tablet has the touch screen functionality. I had the following issues with the tablet, which are now resolved: Trackpad randomly messing up The tablet, from day one, needed a new trackpad.  The part took over 4 weeks to arrive, but it did fix the problem once it was replaced.  I tried a billion software solutions (different drivers, tweaks, etc ... ) and blew a lot of time, so if you have this issue, just get your trackpad replaced. External Monitor didn't work with dock The solution was to use a displayport to DVI adapter for my Dell 24" monitor.  The Displayport takes so long to sync with the monitor that it thinks it's not getting a signal, and the laptop turns off that display shortly after trying to activate it.  This happens most of the time.  Using a DVI adapter worked great.  I wound up propping up my tablet... Read more

Answer:Multiple X201T Issues solved - sleep issues, lock issues, multiple monitor / dock issues

@deathbots,Thanks for sharing the steps you took to solve the issue, I will drop a comment to the TVSU about this to see if it is possible to implement this moving forward.Thanks again//JameZ

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