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Satellite L500-1C7 Cannot install Intel graphic driver

Question: Satellite L500-1C7 Cannot install Intel graphic driver

I can't install the drivers for my graphic card on my computer. It's a satellite L500-1C7.
You can see her configuration here :
fabricant : Intel
model: Mobile Intel GMA 4500M

On the intel's website, they said to download the drivers on toshiba's website but here the drivers doesn't install.
During installation a message saying:

"Ce syst?me ne poss?de pas la configuration minimale requise pour l?installation du logiciel. Le programme d?installation va s?arr?ter."

I could traduct it by "the system doesn't have the minimal configuration requiered for the program's installation. The installaion program is going to stop.
I've download this drivers :
Chip Set Utility
Intel Windows 7 - 64 Bit World Wide

I'm sure this is the good drivers, so what could i do in order to install this drivers what i need?

Sorry for my bad english !

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Preferred Solution: Satellite L500-1C7 Cannot install Intel graphic driver

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite L500-1C7 Cannot install Intel graphic driver

Generally speaking it is always recommended to use Toshiba drivers only. Toshiba drivers are tested and adapted to work with graphic card placed in notebook. There is also ?mechanism? to protect graphic card from overheating and damaging.

If you check this forum you will find many users with same problem. graphic card manufacturers write on own download pages that for mobile PCs it is strictly recommended to use drivers from notebook manufacturer.

I believe you think it is good driver but do you also think that Toshiba?s driver is not good or not good enough?

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had complete hard disk failure, no recovery cd's had been created, reloaded windows 7, looked up and downloaded drivers from Toshiba, BUT there are only two video drivers listed, amd and Intel both marked "for supported model only" its an Intel machine so I tried the Intel driver but it doesn?t install, it just closes, which I gather if the matching hardware is not found is the default action for these drivers.

However I am stuck with "standard VGA graphics Adapter" all the other drivers loaded perfectly, ( I installed the Intel chipset driver first and rebooted, so it should be ok but it?s not)

Any ideas?


Answer:Satellite L500 - cannot install Intel video driver

Which Satellite L500 do you have exactly (L500-xxx)?
Do you use 32 or 64 bit OS?

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Those drivers from Toshiba site to this Satellite L300-B13 don't work fine for me when using external display (bluescreen and other ).

So, can I fix the Intel drivers to install on my compyter? Toshibas OEM windows Vista doesn't allow me to install them.

Answer:Satellite L300-B13 - Can I install Intel graphic driver from Intel page?

The non-Toshiba drivers can be used ONLY at your own risk.
So it?s your choice if you want to use such drivers.

But installation is possible only from the device manager. You have to download the driver package firstly and then you have to update the driver from the device manger.
Then choose ?Advanced? installation and point to the driver which you have downloaded!


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Dear All, I have Satellite M40X-119 with Mobile Intel® 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express Chipset Family for the graphics card. I found an update on Intel web site for the driver, but it was written that "This is not to be used if the system has a third party graphics card", what does that means?

Can I install the driver for my Toshiba Laptop or not.
Thanx in Advance

Answer:Can I install Intel graphic driver on Satellite M40X-119?

Hi Mahmood

In my knowledge Toshiba recommend using only the Toshiba graphic drivers and if you want to use drivers from another manufacture so you can do it at your own risk.
Some people have suggested that the Toshiba graphic drivers are a little bit modified because of the card overheating. You know, if the notebook cooling modules get a performance limit the graphic card driver decreases the card performance to reduce the temperature.

I think the Intel original driver does not support such feature and therefore it?s advisable to use the Toshiba drivers.

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Hi there.

Another problem.
When i am using the "integrated" Vista, I cant install new graphic driver (intel inside).
Everytime the error message: the driver is not validate for your system, please contact your manufactor.

So if i install a clean windows, then i can install the new graphic driver :S and i want to instal it because, its a lot time newer as the preinstalled one :(

Answer:Satellite A300-RJ1 - Can't install new graphic driver from Intel page

Hi mate

You can install such driver but you will have to use different installation procedure.
You have to install it in the device manager.

There you can choose advanced installation procedure, then choose ?Don?t search. I will choose the driver?, then point to the driver files which you have stored on the HDD and finish the installation.

But note; I read here that the usage of non-Toshiba drivers is always at your own risk?

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I bought this notebook yesterday and choose this notebook for it good performance.
I tried to play some of my favor Games but the Intel graphic card can not use shader. I searched in the internet and found a driver for the Intel graphic card 965 and tried to install the driver but the notebook does not give me the access.

I called the hotline and they said me, they can not do anything. I can not install drivers from Intel, I must take a Toshiba driver but you have not a driver for the shader problem of the 965 chip!!!!!

I hope you guys will release a driver for the shader problem ob Intel!
The original driver is here.

[Edited by: admin on 22-Jun-2007 20:49]

Answer:Unable to install Intel graphic driver on Satellite A200


Please check this topic

There you can find where you can download zip file with drivers for A200. I have downloaded this file and Intel graphic driver is there. I will try to test it with my A200.

BTW: your notebook obviously has shared memory graphic card. Sorry but with this graphic card you can not expect some ?fabulous? graphic performance.

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I bought my notebook last year from Turkey ;

First I have very important Keyboard ( delay issue ) abd Graphic card issue.

My graphic card supposed to be an ATI RADEON HD 5145.
I try to download drom toshiba web site, it has also no suitable driver for my notebook .

Then i tried to recognize my notebook with downloading pc-recognize program so maybe i just picked wrong model of notebook . The PROGRAM that i installed did not RECOGNIZE my notebook !!!!!!

*It means , Toshiba didn't recognize it's own notebook model !*

I updated my driver from Windows Update , but windows update just recognized my graphic card as HD 4500 ?? and always it gives me blue screen now. !

If Toshiba does not want to support my notebook why they not making announcement for that issue ?

Answer:Satellite L500-1UU: What graphic card driver can I use?


As far as I know this notebook is equipped with the ATI Mobility Radeon? HD 5145.

Here are the details:
[Satellite L500-1UU Part Number: PSLS9E-01N00DG3|]

Not sure why your Win 7 recognize the card as HD 4500 but I recommend checking this in DirectX
In RUN (or search) type DXDIAG and check what info would be available for this GPU.

The graphic card driver?s ini file contains more graphic card chip model numbers so the same driver is compatible with different graphic chips!

Be sure that you have downloaded the right version Display Driver v 8.653 (32bit or 64bit)

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I have a Satellite Pro L 500 with Windows Vista but I?m unable to connect to the internet wireless.

I know that the problem is that there is no wireless driver installed. I?ve tried to update it from the device manager but it doesn't work.

What else can I do ?

Answer:How to install wireless driver on Satellite Pro L500?

I don?t know which model do you have exactly (L500-xxx) and cannot say which driver do you need exactly but latest WLAN drivers you can download from Toshiba WLAN portal -

Check it out.

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I'm attempting to update my Intel(R) HD Graphic driver on my Satellite C50t-B-110. I can't get the driver from the Intel Driver Update Utility because it is a costum driver, so I might need assistance looking for the right driver in case there is a later one.

Answer:Cannot get Intel HD graphic driver for Satellite C50t-B-110

The Intel driver will install fine, you just need to uninstall the existing driver first in Control Panel.

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i'm using windows 8.1 os in my laptop and ive successfully installed the amd driver, i thought the amd driver will also install the intel one because its switchable but it wont, i'm getting this error "this computer does not meet the Minimum requirements for installing the software" help me.

Answer:Not able to install Intel Graphic Driver

@Akshatcronaldo Go to Device Manager and remove the AMD graphics. If it asks to remove the driver click yes. Then install this driver. Reboot. REO

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I installed Intel graphic driver update from toshiba page.
After reboot i have problem. Every time, every startup, Xp asks me: run Intel driver or block intel driver startup.

What to do?

Answer:Satellite M100: XP ask me to block Intel graphic driver

I think the firewall ask you for the further handling of Intel graphic card driver.
You should simply set it to ?RUN?.

I don?t know what firewall you use but you should check the settings.


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I have a Satellite C660-26z. I am trying to use Trimble/google sketchup (3d modelling programme) but keep getting a "Bug splat" error message.

Google have recommended that I up date my driver, when I try to update from Intel, I get an error message telling me it has been modified by the computer manufacture and to contact them.

My driver is Intel (R) HD Graphics Version =
The programme runs well on my 5 year old other computer.

Any suggestions ????

Answer:Satellite C660-26z - Intel graphic driver update is not possible


It is well known that you cannot use drivers offered by graphic card manufacturers. Not for mobile computers. Display drivers are modified by notebook manufacturers to offer balance between performance and hardware protection.

What you can try is to check if Toshiba offers newer driver for newer notebook models.
Please check on Toshiba download page -
If you can find newer display driver for:
Satellite L775 (PSK6DE)
Satellite R700 (PT314E)
Satellite Pro U630 (PSK01E)

Please post some feedback.

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My Satellite U300-14B (VIsta 32bit Home Premium, 2Gb) has a 'Mobile Intel GM945 Express Chipset'. Toshiba's download site says I've got the latest driver, namely dated 25/04/07.

Intel's site lists their latest driver as dated 12/11/07.

I want to try the latest driver to help solve an occasional crash/reboot problem when Vista awakes from Sleep. I'm told that Graphics drivers are often to blame and so should be updated.

Can I safely update with the 12/11/07 version, or do I risk problems? Not sure if Toshiba are just slow to release driver updates, or whether there's a better reason they haven't done?

Answer:Satellite U300-14B: Can I use the graphic driver from Intel page?

Well, usually you could use the graphic driver directly from the Intel page but I found many threads here in the forum which says that the non-Toshiba graphic drivers can be installed and used only at your own risk?

> want to try the latest driver to help solve an occasional crash/reboot problem when Vista awakes from Sleep
Hmm? maybe this issue could be related to the graphic driver but I would recommend to update the Vista and to install ALL Vista patches.

Best regards

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Please could someone help me.
I download graphic drivers updates for my toshiba laptop. The make of the drivers are INTEL R. I downloaded the drivers from the intel website. All the correct requiments are correct.

When i went to install the drivers an error message came up saying "the driver can not be installed on this computer please conatct your computer manufacter.

Please can some one help me.


Answer:Cannot install Intel graphic driver on Satallite Pro A40

I don?t know what the problem is?? Why you don?t use the graphic drivers from the Toshiba site??
The drivers from graphic card manufacturers are not designed for notebooks therefore you cannot install it.

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I?m just wondering I?ve been on the Intel site to get the latest drive for my display adapter as Toshibas is to old Intel have a newer 1 out for my display controller and when I download it and try to install it says cant continue please contact your computer manufacturer.
Can you help me please as there must be some way of getting it?

Answer:Sattelite Pro A10 - Can not install Intel graphic driver


Generally, you should always use the Toshiba drivers because they are especially designed for these graphic cards.


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HI HP,I Recently bought a hp notebook 15-ay079tx.It been experiencing a problem with the graphic drivers.I cannot find my amd graphic driver and intel hd graphics in device manager.I tried to download  AMD Radeon? R5 M430 Graphics (2 GB DDR3 dedicated) and intel hd graphics from the Official HP site.After installing both the drivers they are showing error.The radeon graphic setting say "No amd graphic driver is installed or the amd graphic driver is not working properly and with Intel HD Graphics it says the driver is not compatible with your device.I tried to install the amd Catalyst Control Cente t0 install the driver automatically and but  it fails to download the appropriate drivers.PLEASE HP HELP ME OUT."I"M FEELING DEPRESSED DAY BY DAY BECAUSE I CANNOT PLAY MY FAVOURITE GAMES ANYMORE WITH THE PROBLEM OF GRAPHIC DRIVERS".Please provide appropriate download links for the driver

Answer:Cannot install both AMD graphic driver and INTEL HD grahic...

Hi,You need to install this driverAMD/Intel Switchable Graphics Driver (Windows 10 v1607) Rev.A401.2 MBNov 4, 2016 From here: Choose windows 10 on Os. Uninstall the other drivers you have installed. After having installed tis driver you can update by right-clicking on the device in device manager. Hope it helps,David

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Won't install intel graphic driver.Report: "Lacking the minimum requirements"What can i do?Thanks

Answer:W4n06ea won't install intel graphic driver

Hi: See if this graphics driver works... Intel High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver - Broadwell/Skylake This package provides the driver that enables the Intel High-Definition (HD) Graphics in supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system. If high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) video output is supported, this package also installs the HDMI Audio Driver.

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intel hd graphic driver is crashing alot on windows 10. latest windows 8.1 driver.
No driver to be found for windows 10.

Toshiba Satellite L70-A-11j

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I got a new Toshiba laptop and i got the same problem. I can not find the display driver (Intel)
I searched in Toshiba site and i fount only ATI driver

My laptop is Satellite L505 - ES5036. Could you help me please !!

Answer:Satellite L505-ES5036 - Need Intel graphic driver for Windows 7


The notebook is belongs to Toshiba US and the drivers are placed on the Toshiba US driver page:

Choose your notebook and then choose Display in the search form
You will get the Intel drivers!


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Im trying to run some software on my laptop (the new Zwift cycling). The product wont run and the support team say i need to update my driver on my Satellite C660- 64 bit Windows 7. The latest version i can find is what i have. Is there nothing since? Do i need to upgrade my laptop??


Answer:Satellite C660 - Latest Intel graphic driver is from 2012


Display driver upgrade on mobile machines is pretty problematic. Due to specific design and limited cooling system the temperature must be all the time ?under control?.
New display driver means more performance and more performance means more heat so in worst case GPU can be damaged or your notebook will oft shut down due to critical hardware temperature.

Anyway, I would like to check if newer driver is available on Toshiba support page but you must post full model name of your notebook (C660-xxx).

Have you tried to find or install driver from Intel support page?

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I'm trying to install the Dynadock DVI on my Satellite U400 / Vista 32 and after reboot, I keep having the message Igfxext Module has stopped working.
It's part of the Intel Graphic Driver.

When I uninstall the Toshiba Video Dock software and drivers (part of Dynadock components),
I don't have the problem anymore... but I can't use an external screen connected on the Dynadock.

I have updated the Intel Display drivers with no difference. Anyone that could help me on this one?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite U400 - Dynadock DVI conflict with Intel graphic driver


Check if you can update the graphic driver using the graphic driver from the Intel page.
I?ve got a U400 too and I have installed the Intel driver from the Intel page.


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hi all,

i know that this particular laptop uses the intel grahics media accelerator 950. Why then were nvidia's drivers installed on my laptop as well during OS (Vista Basic) installation?

I visited Toshiba's site for updated drivers and again i find nvidia's drivers on the download page.

If i need to update graphics drivers what do i update? Intels GMA drivers, nvidia's drivers or both?


Answer:Satellite A100-784: Could I use Nvidia driver on Intel graphic chip


You?re right: This notebook uses Intel 945GM graphic card.
BUT it seems that Toshiba delivers this A100 series with different graphic cards (Inel, nvidia, ati) and therefore the Vista image includes 3 different graphic drivers: NVidia graphic driver, ATI graphic driver and Intel graphic driver.

But if you want to update the graphic card driver you have to chose only the Intel driver package?

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I want to update my graphic accelerator driver which is Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family.
On the Intel's website I've found for this accelerator and Win XP OS new driver which has been released 31.3.2009, its version is

Though I can't install it because this driver isn't verified by Toshiba and on Toshiba's website is driver which is one year old (of course I've got this one). So, is some way to install new driver from Intel or can you please this driver verified?

BTW If latest drivers are more than one year old, it doesn't look like good support.

Zdenek Konecny

Answer:Intel graphic accelerator driver update on Satellite Pro U series

Hmm I install the Intel-sourced drivers on my laptop successfully, maybe things have changed.

Anyway have you tried the drivers from a newer Toshiba model?

Is there a reason you want to update the driver? i.e. Do the new drivers fix a problem you are seeing?

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I brought an external bluray player and tested to see if I could play blurays but the Intel graphics driver is out of date.

I downloaded the new driver from Intel but it failed to install.
It said I had to download the driver from my manufacturer.

But the new driver is not available from Toshiba?
There for I can't play blurays.

Answer:Satellite L50-A01Q: Where to get latest Intel graphic card driver

> I downloaded the new driver from Intel but it failed to install.
>It said I had to download the driver from my manufacturer.

Of course you can install the Intel driver downloaded from Intel page.
You have to download the zip package where single files are placed in the driver folder.
Then you have to unzip this package, then go to device manager and update the driver using the ?Advanced installation procedure?. This will allow you to point to the Intel driver folder you have unzipped (desktop??)

This procedure worked for me

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Fed up waiting for Toshiba to release latest Intel graphics drivers (have issue with Aero so want to install latest drivers). Intel installer recognises that this is a Toshiba and bombs out telling me I must get drivers from Toshiba.

Guessing it is checking a reg setting, or elsewhere - anyone know how to get this to work?

Answer:Satellite L - How to install latest Intel graphic drivers?

Hi buddy,

Before we discuss about such things you should post your exact notebook model and operating system.
Furthermore you should post an exact error description about the problem or error message.

But of course you can install the display drivers from Intel directly, that?s no problem. It will work.
I have also installed newest Intel drivers several times and don?t have any problems.

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Hi there,

a few days ago i bought a used Tecra M5.
When i recieved it, the HDD was formatted and i got no CD with the Drivers of the laptop.
So after a while I found the most of the drivers i need... only the Driver for the for the Intel 945GM is not working, i tried it from the Toshiba Homepage and the Intel Homepage, both are not working...

The one from the Toshiba Homepage gives me the Error "One or more files are damaged or are missing. Setup will be aborted."

[I found this Thread here |], but i didn't really helped, but the Problem seams to be the same.

So please Help me,
Thank you so far, for reading my Post and trying to understand my english (i'm german <.<)

Answer:Tecra M5 - cannot install Intel 945GM graphic driver


How did you try to reinstall the Intel driver?
Did you try to do this un device manager?

Go to device manager, select the unknown device (would appear if the driver has been not installed) and choose update the driver.
Then choose the advanced installation option, then choose ?Don?t search. I will choose the driver?. Then point to the place where the driver package has been stored and unzipped.

Usually this should help to reinstall the driver.

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I found new driver for Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset (driver on intel web site but I can't install it, because it is not original from Toshiba.
I do this because one on toshiba web site is approximately one year old driver.

Does anybody have an idea how to instal the latest driver for my notebook Satellite U400-112?

Thank you

Answer:Satellite U400-112 - new graphic driver (Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset)

Hi there Sinn3r,

The one on the Toshiba site is the latest one I know for this graphic card. This was realeased 10/16/08 - - - > [Intel Display Driver | 148xml&sliceId=&dialogID=58214241&stateId=0%200%20 54984631]

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same problem as this guy ( )

tryed never display drivers from intel and for other laptops but none will install via the main exe file or through device manager.

if any one knows of a newer driver that works then a link would be helpfull.


Answer:Equium P300-19O - How to install the newest Intel graphic driver

The guy in the other thread (link in your posting) solved this and was able to reinstall the Intel driver from the Intel page.
So you must do something wrong?

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Hi guys, I have a serious problem. Right now I've made the impossible for the driver to work correctly but I can't.

I am trying to install the correct Graphic Driver for an Acer Aspire 1410 to no avail.

It is a Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family. I've tried to install it:
- Via the device manager
- From a driver download directly from the Acer Website.
- From Windows Update.

I have installed/uninstalled and I've ran out of ideas. Don't know what to do.

Each time I try to do something on device manager there's the yellow triangle with the display driver. Any suggestions?


Answer:Intel Graphic Driver won't install on Acer Aspire 1410

Can you give some background info about the laptop, like: are you trying to upgrade the drivers, did you just do a clean install of Windows (which version - 7 starter, 7 ultimate, etc)?

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I noticed my graphics (display) drivers are 2007.
The Intel site for GMAX3100/GM965 is 2008 drivers but it won't let me install these, it says not for this manufacture.

The Toshiba drivers are 2007 drivers, and I NEED the 2008 drivers.
Tried ringing Toshiba but their systems are having a "major system upgrade" and they are not available today.

I?m in a frustrated loop :(

Please help me! I need the latest GMAX3100/GM965 drivers!


Answer:Equium L350-10L - How to install the newest Intel graphic driver


You can install the graphic driver from the Intel page using an advanced installation.

- First of all you have to access the device manager.
- Mark the graphic card and choose ?update the driver?.
- Then choose ?Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)?
- Don?t search. I will choose the driver to install.
- Point to the downloaded driver

This should help you to install the Intel driver. But note; all non Toshiba drivers can be installed only at your own risk!!

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I have a toshiba laptop that I'm upgrading to vista...when I run the Toshiba Upgrade Assistant it starts to install vista components. There's a total of 22. The first 2 installed fine, but the third, the Intel(R) Graphic Media Accelerator Driver for some reason fails to install. The pop up installer says that the installation was complete, but then a pop up comes up and says that it failed to install and restarts my computer. Is there anyway to skip the graphic media driver install so that I can have all the other components installed? This problem doesn't really affect the running of vista, but every time I start my computer the installation thing pops up, but I want vista to complete its installation, ya know? Ok, so if anybody can help, that'd be great!

Answer:Failed to install Intel(R) Graphic Media Accelerator Driver

Since it's a Toshiba package you are installing, rather than separate components yourself -- I'd contact Toshiba and ask them about it.

Unless the installation package gives you the ability to custom install, I don't know what answer can be given here.

You could do a system restore to revert to the pre install date, but then none of the updates would be installed.

You also might try disabling UAC and see if that's a factor. This can be done through the program "msconfig" > Tools and requires a reboot.

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When ever i download latest driver from hp support, when i run the setup it show system does not meet the minimium requirement for the driver. I have Notebook Intel Graphics 4400 HD. Intel 15 Pavilion Notebook (i7 4th generation). Windows 10(64bit) Latest Aug Updated. Any Body Help Please??? Thanks in advance. Any Solution

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i'm trying to reinstall the original Toshiba driver from the site
on a satellite M60-176 with mobility ATI X700 256 MB dedicated

version is :
<name>VGA Driver (ATI M24C/M26P)</name>
<comment>VGA Driver (ATI M24C/M26P)</comment>

The error message occurs when i install the software package : Setup copy dll, install some component and stop at driver installation slide with message ( translation from french ) "setup was not able to finish installation, try to configure your display adapter with standard vga one before executing setup

When i try to detect the card with control pannel and chose the CX_21880.inf file in 2KXP_INF, the process copy the dll, but at end complains that "a problem occurs in installation of Radeon X700" and then error is "ACCES DENIED"

I've tried to follow sequence as :
uninstall all, go to safe mode, delete video card ( i can't set a proper VGA other card )

I'v tried a driver removal tool ( Driver Cleaner pro ) then restart XP then try to reinstall ATI original toshiba driver : same problem

TOSHIBA support told me to upgrade to bios 1.60 : same problem

I can't conclude that original toshiba video driver can't be installed on a toshiba....

Actually i'm running display with standard vga at 1152x864 32 bit color with slow rendering

I'm really asking for help, because i don't know how to do...
Ludov... Read more

Answer:Satellite M60-176: Cannot install the graphic driver


What happens if you install the OS from the Toshiba recovery CD???
This CD contains also the ATI graphic driver.
How about installation of the graphic driver from site???

But I have to say this is very strange issue?. The driver from the Toshiba site should works.

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Have downloaded driver from Toshiba support website (psl33-xp-820300) but on installation comes up with not compatible with display adapter.
Can you advise....?

Answer:Can not install ATI graphic driver on Satellite L30-10V


This is very strange because a friend of mine has the same notebook series L30 PSL33E and the ATI graphic driver works and can be installed!!!

Could please post the ?Hardware ID? of the Graphic card?
You can find them in the Device Manager Display Adapter details.

By the way; this is a XP driver adn if you have installed XP on your notebook, you have to install the Toshiba drivers in teh right order.
Check the installation instruction.

I anticipate your feedback!!!

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I have a Satellite L500-1UR, with 64-Bit.

After a Windows Update my grapic board is down. I only have a standard monitor.
I can only switch between two different resoultions (1024x768 or 800x600).
Previous i have something with 1300x768.
I cannote use the previos driver anymore.

My Graphic board is Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family.
When I actualize the driver nothing happen.

Under the properties stand, that the digital signature can?t be prooved.
Code 52. I make a system recovery.
The first days it was like before but after another windows update the same failure happen again.

And now i can?t make another system recovery anymore.

Please help me somebody, I am desperate.


Answer:Satellite L500-1UR - Problem with the graphic


Unfortunately I cannot explain what happened exactly with your machine. Maybe you have installed all available updates (important and optional). Maybe the display driver was offered as optional driver.

Anyway, what you can do now is follow:
-try to roll back OS to earlier time using system restore option
-reinstall display driver -
-in worst case you can reinstall OS using HDD recovery option (I hope it works)

If you have more questions you are welcome.

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On my Toshiba u400 new i could CONFIGURE about 3D and about screen color with the good software ATI , ATI-Technologies,
But now i have lost the software and dont know what to do? i have tried to install and download but No sucsess plz help me?


Answer:Re: Satellite U400 - Can't install graphic driver

Where did you download the ATI driver? You cannot use the drivers at because they are for Desktop PC's only.

Go to the Toshiba Website:

Select your model in the list and download and install the ATI Display Drivers.

If all else fails, reinstall the AT driver found in C:\TOSAPINS

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Well my previous problem of my GPU overheating has continued and I want to revert to the drivers that came with my laptop.
Can anyone guide me on how to do this?

Answer:How to install graphic driver that came with my Satellite A210

That?s simply?

Access the Toshiba European driver page and download the Toshiba graphic driver designed for you notebook series.

Then start the device manager and uninstall the present graphic driver.

Then reboot the notebook and then install the downloaded graphic driver on your system?

That?s all ;)

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I want to install graphic card drivers form ati homepage, that means newer releases :)
I downloaded driver from (catalyst) this driver is specially made for NOTEBOOKS !!!!

I can not install driver, setup writes I have to contact toshiba.
What can I do to install original ati drivers?
Please help me if you can!


Answer:Satellite M70: How to install ATI graphic card driver

Hi Michi

Nothing doing!
I have checked the ATI website. I have chosen the Notebooks with ATI graphics and checked which Notebook manufacturers are supported.
and... there is no Toshiba notebook.

It's not advisable to install other graphic card drivers. You should always use the Toshiba own graphic driver because there a little bit different. The Toshiba graphic drivers support an overheating protection to control the performance and the temperature.
The notebook cards don't have a own cooling module like the desktop PC.
If the temperature increases to the critical level the driver decreases the performance.

Now you know why you have to use the Toshiba drivers. However I have read that it's possible to install the omega drivers.
But if you install the drivers and will use it so you can do it at your own risk!!!

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When I try to install the ATI driver I get this message, "setup was unable to find components that can be installed on your current hardware or software configuration please make sure you have the required hardware or software".

Answer:Cannot install ATI graphic card driver on my Satellite Pro M70


May I ask you where did you find or download this graphic card driver?

As far as I know the error message which you have posted in your posting would appears if you would try to install an graphic driver which is not fully compatible with the graphic chip.

Did you try on from the Toshiba page?
Does the same message appear using the Toshiba graphic driver?

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I have the Satellite A100 with a radeon mobility X1400 and it is impossible to change the graphic drivers : I am stuck with the old 6.14 version and cannot install the new 6.7 or 6.8 ATI drivers :(

Does anyone has a solution ?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Cannot install graphic driver on my Satellite A100


Maybe is this the possible for you Problem.
Search the new Driver of the Toshiba Download site
Made you a update over the Device Manager and go to of the Graphic Card/Properties/ Click it of Driver update.
Go this not made a reinstall from the old Driver and made a update or a Install from the New Driver.


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I have a Satellite Pro L500-1DO and would like to know if I can upgrade the Graphic Board (now an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4600 1024 MB) to at least a 2 GB one.

Is it possibile and which model is suggested?
Thanks a lot


Answer:Satellite Pro L500-1DO - Can I upgrade graphic card?

This was discussed many times here in the forum and no, the GPU replacement / upgrade isn?t possible.

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HEY! I need some help

I am a graphic designer and am using Satellite L500-1GK. I found that VGA isn't good enough. The resolution isn't really well enough for a designer

Graphics adapter manufacturer : Intel?
type : Mobile Intel? GMA 4500M
memory amount : total available graphics memory can be up to 1,340 MB with a 32-bit operating system and 3 GB system memory or 1,759 MB with a 64-bit operating system and 4 GB system memory
memory type : shared

Is there anything I can do, to get better resolution? Whatever it coasts am I capable of changing VGA? is there any solution you can help me with?

Answer:Satellite L500-1GK - Can I change the graphic card?


Unfortunately it?s not possible to exchange the graphic card. It?s fixed/soldered on the mainboard and can?t be exchanged. Sorry but that?s not possible.

But if you only need a higher screen resolution you could connect an external monitor. There you can work with an higher resolution if your monitor supports this.

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I'm new here. Today I found the Satellite L500-164. I think its a very good notebook. Especially the price is good.
In the L500-164 there is a Ati Radeon Mobility 4650 with 1GB memory. But my problem is, on every website there is another description for the kind of the memory, sometimes its DDR3, sometimes is GDDR3 (which is of course better). Can you help me with this question? Do you know which kind of graphic memory is in the L500-164?

It would be nice if you can help me. (and sorry for my bad english ^^)

Answer:Satellite L500-164 - which kind of graphic memory?

Some System Information utilities can tell you the type of VRAM.

Try GPU-Z, here's the link:

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I have just spend most of the day trying to get this laptop to use proper resolution. Story:
The HDD failed and I had to get a new one. I downloaded Windows 7 Home Premium and installed everything from the scratch on a new HDD. The serial from the back of the machine worked fine with the Windows (fortunately).

After downloading a lot of drivers from Toshiba website I got working everything except the Display. At the moment the Windows is using: "Standard VGA graphics driver" which can not go furher then 1024x768, very annoying.

Steps I tried:
1) I downloaded "tc70077100m" AMD driver from the website.
Installation of the ATI Catalyst went thru, but the drivers were not changed.

2) Double clicking on "tinstall" or "tinstallwb" in the unpacked driver directories resolves in briefly seeing the icon on task bar after which the installer exits, nothing else, no error. Very professional ...

3) I tried manually updating the driver using the Device Manger pointing to directly to the file from the package. First I got warning, that the driver is not compatible, but I forced it to continue. I picked "ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650". The installation failed saying that my version of Windows is not compatible.

4) I also tried downloading drivers from ATI website, which failed each time saying my software/hardware was not compatible.

5) I also tried downloading drivers for other L650 notebooks (the Intel ones) which... Read more

Answer:Satellite L650-10D - Unable to install any graphic driver

Hi kotatko,

Your notebook is equipped with ATI graphic card so other display drivers like Intel will not work. You have to install the display driver from official Toshiba page: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Before you start with display driver installation make sure that *chipset driver* is installed. The chipset driver can be downloaded on Toshiba page too.

May I ask you why you don?t use the Toshiba recovery disk with all drivers and tools that is more comfortable?

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I am installing XP Pro (not using system recovery)
I don't have the CD and am finding that neither of the display drivers on the downloads section of this website will install.

Message is - can't find hardware?

Can anyone suggest a solution please?

Answer:Satellite M70 PSM73A - cannot install the graphic card driver


The Satellite M70 PSM73A is not Toshiba European series.
Did you try to install the drivers from the Toshiba European driver page?

If yes, then the error message appears due to the usage of wrong driver.

I think this unit belongs to the Toshiba Australian and you should use the Toshiba Australian driver page to get the right drivers!


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I have installed Vista Beta 2 and have downloaded the latest ATI Vista Beta 2 Driver with X1600 Support. But with the ATI X1600 on the A100-188 will the driver not work. The Driver did not find my X1600. What can I do ?

Answer:Satellite A100-188: How to install Vista graphic driver?


you have to use the inf file to install the driver.


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I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 PSAE3E notebook and on Vista it tells me my display driver is not updated (generic), even when i installed Toshiba Tempro this came up.

So I downloaded the driver and ATI Catalyst won't install, in the installation process it stops and tells me that it could not detect compatible hardware.
If anybody knows a solution to this problem please reply.

Answer:Satellite A200 PSAE3E - Cannot install the ATI graphic driver


It would be very interesting to know what notebook model you have.
I mean I want to know the further number: A200-xxx

Does the notebook was equipped really with the ATI graphic card?

You should check this again because I assume there is no ATI chip installed

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When I want to install newer graphis drivers from site:
[Driver download site| action=search&selCategory=2&selFamily=2&selSeries= 153&selProduct=770&selShortMod=-1&selOS=26&selType=11&country=all&language=all&sea rch=]

Instalation crashes
I close all opened windows, open setup.exe -> select my language & click next, from the menu I select Install)
It will show me classic windows report:
Program CATALYST^TM^ Install Manager stopped working. When I click show details, it show me:

Name event problem: APPCRASH
Aplication name: InstallManagerApp.exe
Application version: 3.0.657.0
Time stamp application: 478583de
Name of defective module: MFC80U.DLL
Version of defective module: 8.0.50727.1833
Time stamp of defective module: 482bc450
Excemption code: c0000005
Excemption shift: 0004c655
Operating system version: 6.0.6001.
Local environment ID: 1029
Next informations 1: 2a2f
Next informations 2: e5aeaa929a11278ee85c34b910c214ab
Next informations 3: 88ee
Next informations 4: a8660d3b636ea66673a1cee5fab4af4b

Can someone help me?

Answer:Satellite A210-16F- graphic driver install crash


Which Satellite A210 do you have exactly?

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I have uninstalled my original NVIDIA driver because I've checked from the that they have the latest driver so I thought that it would be alright.

But the new driver doesn't work on my Satellite P20 and now I can't install my old driver because WinXP keeps coming out with the message 'CANNOT INSTALL THIS DEVICE NVIDIA GEFORCE GO5200 AN ERROR OCCURRED DURING THE INSTALLATION OF THE DEVICE ACCESS IS DENIED.'

I need help. I have check the Microsoft help and support site, follow through some of the examples but none seem to work.
My last option is reformat and reinstall WinXP.
Anyone has a walk-through solution??

Answer:Cannot install NVIDIA GO5200 graphic driver on Satellite P20


This is no surprise!!! It?s not possible to install the original graphic drivers from graphic card manufacture!
Toshiba uses own graphic driver and this driver are a little bit modified because of the overheating issues.
The Toshiba graphic driver controls the graphic card temperature level. If the temperature increases to the critical level the driver decrease the card performance to avoid from the overheating. The original graphic drivers don?t support such feature!

Therefore it?s always advisable to use Toshiba graphic drivers!

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I wanted to update my graphic display drivers. I have a intel GMA965 family card - x3100. When I download the drivers from the Toshiba download center and I try to install them I get a message that this computer doesn fulfill the requirements to install this software.

I updated the bios in my computer but it didn help. Currently I am using the version of the drivers which date to 2007-03-06. I hope you can help me with this problem.

Answer:Can not install graphic driver on Satellite A200-1FJ (PSAE3E)


If your notebook was delivered with a Intel graphic chip try to download and to use the compatible graphic driver from the Intel page.


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Can not install newest driver for my graphic card
Satellite M60

Answer:Satellite M60: can not install the newest driver for my graphic card


First of all I really don?t understand why you start two topics with the same theme. It is much better to have one topic with good content and interesting comments. Am I right? ;)

Anyway, in your case it is interesting that Toshiba use adapted drivers because of hardware protection. That means that graphic card will not be forced to run at the maximum level. Hardware cooling in notebooks is very problematic and high temperature can result with overheating or hardware damage. All hardware components are placed on small place. Graphic card produce a lot of warmness and it is not so good for all other hardware.

When you use non-Toshiba driver graphic card will be forced to run faster. Because of that every notebook manufacturers don?t support usage of third part drivers. The fact is that ?hardware protection? is priority.

I didn?t make any experiments but according to some reports on this forum there is way how to install non-Toshiba graphic card driver.

Please check this forum and you will find many comments about that. One interesting topic is

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hey guys I'm new in this place
Could anybody change or replace the graphics card on Satellite L500-12Q with a better gaming card?

I have searched web for a better card but couldnt find any info on my laptop except increasing performance by some software as mentioned in a youtube video

please anybody heeelp

Answer:Satellite L500-12Q - Change or replace the graphic card

Hi samuniv,

As you can read in 100 other threads, it?s not possible to replace the graphic card because it?s fixed/soldered on mainboard. So an exchange is not possible.
You should also check this interesting article:

According the specifications your notebook is equipped with Intel GMA 4500 graphic card. The card is good for office and Windows but it?s not a graphic card for new 3D games. You can play older games on lower screen resolution but newer games will not run.

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Windows keeps failing to install the Intel driver.
How do I correct this problem?
Buzz Norton

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I have a Satelite L850-1VQ with AMD Radeon? HD 7670M Graphics card

Because of a virus, i had to format my Hard drive, Recovery partition inclued. I installed back windows 8.1 from a generic Disc of Microsoft. I have no problem to install windows or activate, but i just can't install any graphic driver. The one gived on Toshiba Support for Satelite L850-1VQ


make my computer have a blue screen, restard then after each start, there is freeze on my screen before the computer stop or become unusable. I tried the last driver ditribute by AMD but it's the same thing. Each time i tried an other driver, i Reinstall all windows 8.1 after a formatage of the partition to be sure that a driver donc make mistake with an other.

I had totaly formate and reinstal 6 times my computer since yersterday, so someone can please help me?

Thank You

Answer:Impossible to install graphic driver after Reinstallation of my Satellite L850-1VQ

Have you installed Intel stuff at first?
Chipset driver - and Intel Management Engine Interface

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Hi all,

I need Help.
I just installed Windows Vista Ultimate on my Satellite A100-326, (PSAA9 series).This system has a NVIDIA? GeForce? Go 7300 graphics card with 256Mb dedicated memory that worked just fine on Windows XP MCE!
The default graphic card driver doesn't work, so I dowloaded the new VISTA driver from Toshiba.
It just doesn't install!!! I get always the following message, " The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit."
Does any one know what the the problem could be?
Has anyone come across the same situation?

This is really frustrating...


Answer:Can not install VISTA graphic card driver on Satellite A100

Nearly everybody. Right now I use built-in Nvidia drivers from Vista.

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Hello everyone.

I have a big problem with my notebook concerning the video driver.
Yesterday i've booted my windows and put Windows Vista on it.
I've taken all the drivers from toshiba site but i've encountered a problem regarding the graphic driver.

When enter setup it starts and them it gives me an error "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software. Setup will exit". Need to say that before the boot i had Vista also and it worked.

So can you please help me because i don`t know what do to..
i`ve tried all possibilities

Thank you very much


Answer:Satellite L300-1AM PSLBGE - Cannot install the graphic card driver


You could try to install the graphic card driver in device manger?.
Go to device manager, choose graphic card, choose update the driver, then point to the graphic card driver files (ini files) stored on the HDD and finish the installation?

Try this? usually it should helps?

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I've already read another post about someone not being able to play a game because he can't update the ATI drivers. Now I have the same problem. Half Life 2 has recently updated and ever since I need to update my gfx card drivers. However the only driver that I can install is the Toshiba one (on the cd). That doesnt help at all, because this driver is from 2004 and I need to install the catalyst 6.1 or higher.

I hope you guys have an idea on what to do! Thanx for reading :)

Answer:Satellite M30x: Graphic card driver ATI Catalyst won't install


The fact is that the Toshiba drivers are designed especially for the notebook usage.
The original ATI drivers are made for desktop PC usage and cannot be use on the notebook. The usage of no Toshiba graphic drivers can damage the notebook.
I have read that sometimes the omega graphic drivers can solve the graphic issues but if you will use any other drivers you can do it on your own risk.


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I just bought a Satellite L650-11f and tried to update my Ati hd5650 drivers.
The problem is that the catalyst control I can install with no problems but when I try to install the display drivers from ati driver site I get this error:
?Ati catalyst mobility can?t be downloaded due to incompatibility hardware/software on your computer. The version of your driver adapter is not supported. Plz contact your notebook manufacturer for a graphic driver update.?

How shold i update with the latest display drivers cause the manufacturer ones are 6 months old ???

Answer:Satellite L650-11F - Cannot install graphic card driver from ATI page


Do you have some problems with the Toshiba display driver?
The Toshiba graphic drivers are modified for mobile usage? this means that Toshiba drivers support an overheating protection for GPU.
The ATI drivers don?t support such protection and this is the reason why you get this message.
So usually you should take the driver from Toshiba page?

Of course it?s possible to install the ATI drivers too.
But you would need to install the driver in device manager.
There you have to use the advanced installation procedure which would allow choosing the driver downloaded from the ATI page? you have simply force the windows to choose such driver?

But note; you can use such drivers ONLY at your own risk?

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I have sat pro m70-113 with ati x700 graphics card.

When i installed vista, it installed the default drivers for the x700 "mobility radeon x700-microsft corp-WDDM"

I updated the display drivers for vista as released by toshiba 2 days back... but the driver doesn't update to the latest version, only the catalyst controll centre gets installed when i ran the driver update by toshiba.

The problem is that whenever i put my notebook on standby or hibernate, and resume.. the screen shows vertical/horizontal sharp lines... and i can't use the notebook... and i have to again put the system in standby, just to hope that it doesn't hangs the screen this time...

this problem is 25% of the times only when i resume...

This problem is not solved by the driver update which toshiba released a few days back... as it doesn't installs the drivers (I cant even install the drivers through "update drivers" option from device manager and selecting the driver folder obtained from the toshiba update. It says windows found new driver but could not install the the manufacturer...)

this snap shows the problem..::

I updated the driver from an earlier version of catalyst, as downloaded from ati site before toshiba released the update... this time it updates to some version but the screen problem remains...

SECONDLY, this updated driver doesn't let me sleep my system...... Read more

Answer:Satellite Pro M70-113: Cannot install Vista graphic driver and lines appears on display


I have Satellite M70-159 and I have noticed the same few times. Mostly Vista runs well but I can not remember in which cases described problem occurs. I was just curious about Vista on M70 and have had no time for intensive tests.

Anyway, it will be interesting to know if you have already updated BIOS to latest 5.10 version. If not do this and watch carefully if the problem persist.

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the normal way is:

" * create one new folder on your desktop
* extract all downloaded files there
* open device manager and click with right mouse button
on unknown device you want to install
* choose properties
* find button "Install driver"
* click on it and browse to this new created folder
* follow the menu on the screen "

But this doesn't work on Satellite A100-411. Windows XP says it cannot find the suitable driver. Neither the driver archive ( nor the Toshiba web page gives any hint for the installation.

Can anybody help?


Answer:How to install Intel LAN driver under Win XP on Satellite A100-411?

On the Toshiba page you will find both Intel Lan drivers; one v 9.2.24 (it?s for Pro1000) and one v. (it?s for Pro100).
Did you check both drivers?

Did you install also the Intel Chip Set Utility Do it!

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I could not reply below so here is my question.

As*** I do not know if you work for toshiba but what else am I suppose to do if the driver installed on a new laptop does not allow me to use my software?

The software is ArcGIS and would be widely used.

Seems like it has been 2 years since the driver was updated by Toshiba so what good is that?
I would expect the laptop to work out of the box as the specs met the system requirements for the software.

Will there be an update in the future?

Answer:How to install driver for Intel HD on Satellite C660-22V?


This seems to be a user to user forum? so would not expect to get answers from Toshiba here?

> Seems like it has been 2 years since the driver was updated by Toshiba so what good is that?
> I would expect the laptop to work out of the box as the specs met the system requirements for the software.

Where is a problem? The Satellite C660-22V supports Intel graphic card.
Visit the Intel page to get the latest graphic card driver.

If you would not be able to install this using the install.exe, go to device manager and install/update the graphic card driver via device manager?
Use the advanced install option to point to the driver folder containing the latest driver files? that?s it?

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I am trying to update the driver for the Intel HD graphics on my Satellite C660-22v. The most recent version of the driver on the Toshiba support download is already installed, but Intel have a newer driver which needs to be used.

Unfortunately the driver on the Intel site wont update as it says that it needs Toshiba specific driver needed ie Toshiba has customised the Intel drive.

Anyone know a way around this or is there an updated driver available?Thanks.

Answer:How to install driver for Intel HD on Satellite C660-22V?

Okay I sorted this for anyone else that gets stuck. Download the driver from Intel as a zip file. Uninstall the toshiba one then install the intel one.

Why is the Toshiba driver not updated by Toshiba? Caused a lot of hassle for a new laptop.

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With all do respect its not normal that not only that you can't get any new drivers by support but also that the motherboard menufacture won't let you install updated intel graphic cards at all claming your drivers must be manufacture specific!!!

All the MANUAL install trough the device manager people sujjesting won't work as well giving you the same messege when you try to install it manually with advanced installetion wizzard....

Altough my laptop l500 1r3 sepused to be an Hd laptop and i have my hdmi port,movies that i watch through Tv won't stream smoothly.
The movies keep playing faster or slower like robotic movments from time to time every couple of seconds and while connecting the laptop through the hdmi port i got red lines showing up the whole time of the movie in diffrent places!!!

Since there's no drivers update im basiclly stuck and i almost regret i bought this laptop.

I never tought for a second that a lap top with t4400 proccesor,4 gb ram of ddr 3 in 1066 mhz and intel latest display graphic card WON'T be able to stream movies trough tv smoothly....The funny thing is that my friends 10 years old computer with old geforce 4 mx graphics card older proccesor than my own and 512 mb of ram ddr 1 DOES able to play movies through the tv smoothly.

It's a SHAME!!!!

Answer:Satellite L500-1r3: Why there are no new intel display drivers??

Have you tried another HDMI cable?

Does DVI or VGA output work fine?

Have you installed the latest BIOS version?

Have you tried uninstalling the existing Intel Display Drivers before installing the newer drivers?

Is the factory Windows installation installed? Or is a generic version of Windows installed?

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Trying to update display driver on the A40-151. Have downloaded latest driver from Intel which very helpfully states 'You cannot install this driver, please contact your vendor' no more clues.

Toshiba site only seems to have the version which is the same as that which came with machine. Am I therefore stuck with no possible upgrades?

The current driver seems not to be 100% compatible with Directx 9.0c * Sigh *

Answer:Satellite A40-151: Cannot install display driver from Intel site


What Intel graphic card was installed on your notebook?
Is it a Intel 852GME 16MB-64MB shared memory graphic card???

I have found nice information on the Intel page and it seems that the graphic card hardware does not support the DirectX9 but only the DirextX7 and DirecttX8

The graphic driver from the Intel page will not help you.
Firstly you will be not able to install it because it?s not designed for the Toshiba notebook usage and secondly the hardware does not support it.

But I give you one tip if you search for a earlier driver version.
Some notebooks use the same graphic cards. Try to search for the driver in different notebook series with the same graphic card .
But the new installation will nothing change. The DirectX 9 API is not supported

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I have tried from both Intel and from Toshiba and cannot install the Intel driver.
Without the Intel driver I cannot install the Nvidia driver, I have tried downloading the Intel utility installer from Toshiba as well as the Intel HD 4000 driver.

I do not want to do a system recovery. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Answer:Re: Satellite P870 - Cannot install Intel display driver


Can you please post some basic information at first? It can be useful for us to understand what are you doing exactly.

Which notebook model do you have exactly (full model name)?
Is your notebook delivered with preinstalled OS or not? If yes why do you try to install display driver?
Where is the problem?

Do you maybe try to install Win7 or what?

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hi, i downloaded the latest graphics driver from intel but it don't want to install it? is there any solution for this?

Answer:Cannot install the graphics driver from Intel on Satellite R630

You have to use the driver from Toshiba European driver page.
If you want to install driver from Intel page then you can do this just at your own risk.
Such driver can be installed in device manager. there you have to point to the driver files downloaded from Intel page using the advanced installation procedure and have to force the OS choosing this driver.

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Yes, I've read the info about not supporting the replacement of the CPU's in Toshiba laptops and suggesting to change/add/replace only dvd burners, RAM memory or HD drive.

My question is: Is there any possibility to put a better CPU in my laptop (chipset supports many) or is the computer limited by BIOS (ver. 2.10) to support only the CPU that came with the laptop?

I've tried to replace my i3 330M with i5 480M and i5 540M but the computer won't even start (not even BIOS, not even the screen).

Is there any workaround to make it work with another CPU that the chipset and the socket supports?

Would very much appreciate any help in this matter
regards from Poland

Answer:CPU replacement satellite L500-214 - Intel HM55 chipset

>My question is: Is there any possibility to put a better CPU in my laptop (chipset supports many) or is the computer limited by BIOS (ver. 2.10) to support only the CPU that came with the laptop?

The usage of CPU can be limited by BIOS too but it could be also possible that notebook would run in connection with other CPUs supported by chipset. Such info isn?t provided on any notebook manufacturer pages because as you know CPU upgrade is definitely not supported.

However, I found the chipset ARK page and details about supported CPUs by chipset

I think you?ve got good chance to get the notebook running with CPUs listed on the Intel website but of course, it?s just my personal opinion.

>Is there any workaround to make it work with another CPU that the chipset and the socket supports?
There are no other workarounds or updates... either the notebook would run with new CPU or not and this is your own risk :(

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Recently, Intel has a new display driver, wich I think is helpfull for me because it will let me play in games that need:
Pixel Shader PS1.1
Vertex Shader VS 1.0
like "Act of War" and others.

The driver is the Driver Revision:, March 05, 2009
It is supossed to be the lastest driver of the U300 video card: MOBILE INTEL 965 Express chipset family.

The problem is that when I try to install I have an error that says: "not for this system, ask your manufacturer provider"

How may I Install it or where could I find the solution?

I have TOSHIBA Satelite Pro U300-10 with Windows Vista Business 32.
MOBILE INTEL 965 Express chipset family

Thank you very much in advance.


Answer:Cannot install latest Intel display driver on my Satellite Pro U300-10

Drivers designed for mobile computers are modified and adapted to offer enough performance but not to force graphic card to run on the limit. As you probably know there is big difference between desktop and notebook graphic cards.

Desktop graphic cards have no limitations with cooling and drivers can be updated very often. Notebook design is completely different and all hardware components are placed on small place. The common problem by mobile computers is to design small but effective cooling system.
Due to all these reasons display drivers must be tested and adapted by notebook manufacturers. The main point is to protect the hardware. The same situation is with other graphic card manufacturers. They will not offer drivers for laptops.

If your graphic card burn out who will be responsible for this, Toshiba or Intel?

By the way: Satellite Pro U300 is for me one small business notebook and definitely not designed for gaming. Do you agree with me?

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I can all the time see the message after I've formatted the hard-drive:

Insert the disc labeled:
Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver
into drive A:

Does somebody know to help in this step of installation.

I've got the disk with SATA drivers (which were necessary at beginning) in floppy drive at the moment.

What should I do in this step of installation?


Answer:Satellite L40-18X Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver at Win XP install


The message appears because the HDD cannot be recognized until the right SATA drivers will be installed.
The SATA driver is a part of the Intel Matrix Storage Manager which could be downloaded either from the Toshiba driver page or directly from the Intel page:

Intel Matrix Storage Manager

There you have to choose the OS and then the right Storage Manger version for the right Chipset which was equipped in the L40.
The 32-bit Floppy Configuration Utility for Intel Matrix Storage Manager package contains the single SATA driver files?
During the Windows Setup you have to include the SATA driver pressing the F6 button from the external USB FDD floppy disk.

At the other hand you could also use the ?nLite? software which would helps to include the SATA driver into the Win XP CD.


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I have a problem with upgrading my Satellite Pro A120 PSAC1-10l with Windows Vista business on it. I want to install the Intels display driver which I have downloaded from Toshibas site. It was written that this driver is for my chipset gm945.

When I try to lunch the install it says that: my computer doesnt meet with the minimum req for installing the software. Even in readme it is said that it is for my computer. Help me with this!


Answer:Can not install Intel display driver on Satellite Pro A120

You are right. The Satellite Pro A120 PSAC1E seems to be equipped with the Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset graphic card.

I have checked the Toshiba driver page and found an second one; Intel driver version

Please check if this version can be installed properly on your system.

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I have brand new OS Win7 x64 with SP1 installed and cannot instal original graphics driver from toshiba - If it's started from zip, after UAC prompt is confirmed, nothing happens. If I let it extract and run intel's setup.exe instead of toshiba install stub, it says that computer does not meet minimum requirements. What shall I do to fix this?
my attempts to fix:
- launched setup.exe as administrator
- updated bios to latest version
- installed like 200 updates from ms update
- only chipset driver installed prior to graphics driver installation

- log from intel installer c:\intel\logs\IntelGFX.log + graphics device id extracted from device manager stored in device_id.txt

any ideas?

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Hello everyone,

I have Satellite L500 laptop with intel i3-330M processor
the specifications [page|] says it has integrated HD graphics chip but I can't see it in my device list or anywhere else
how can I turn it on or whatewer?

Answer:Satellite L500 - I cannot see integrated Intel HD Graphics in Core i3-330M


Satellite L500-xxx was equipped with an additional graphic chip (I assume it?s ATI GPU).
Why you want to use the graphic of your CPU if another GPU is already available?

I?m in the assumption that this integrated HD graphics chip would work only if no additional graphic chip would be available on the mobo?
Furthermore I found this notification on the Intel page:

+Intel? Graphics Technology provides a visually stunning experience optimized for Blu-ray* and HD video with Windows Vista* support? and comes standard with many notebooks, desktop computers and motherboards? *without the need to add an external and costly graphics card*+

and this:

+Integrated Graphics may not be available on all computing systems. Please reference the system, motherboard or chipset specifications for compatibility+

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I replaced the original realtek wireless card with an Intel 6230 but it is not working.
After power on the wireless control led on the front remains blank.

In windows ( 7 professional 32bit) the drivers install fine, but said:
"radio hw switch is off"

fn+f8 not working, in bios wireless com sw is enabled.

The card is fully working in another laptop (samsung r528 (same chipset))

Is there any solutin, or will there be a BIOS update for it?

Answer:Satellite L500 (PSLJTE) - Intel Centrino Advanced n 6230 not working.

Sounds like the notebook is not compatible with the radio switch in the 6230, and the additional Bluetooth feature may also be causing an issue.

I doubt support would be added for Wifi cards not supplied from the factory so you may need to use an earlier Intel card such as the 5100 or one of the other cards used in the PSLJTE range.

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Good morning everybody!
I have recently performed a factory default installation on the notebook object of this thread followed by Windows 7 update.
I had some problem in reinstalling all the drivers, but I solved it.

Because I always am a lucky guy , the installation of the AHCI driver has brought another undesired issue.

I have a problem in searching and installing Windows updates through, obviously, Windows Update (WU).
When I try to perform an update research, I get this error:? Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running...?.

The first thing I did was to check if WU service was running looking into the service ?tab? of control panel.
Nothing was changed accidentally and in fact the WU service was turned on as always.

The second step, suggested by some tutorials on the web, concerned into stopping the Windows Update service, deleting the ?SoftwareDistribution? folder and turning on another time the Windows Update service. This procedure did not solve the issue.

After many others attempts, I found the solution reading a thread in an Italian forum.

Briefly, the post explains that the issue (more evident on just formatted machines) is caused by an incompatibility of Intel Matrix Storage Manager with some processes of Windows Update. This causes that error appearing without any apparent reason.

The solution is uninstalling the Intel Matrix Storage Manager software and installing a newer one, for example this suggested by... Read more

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Hi guys I hope u can help.

I have a Satellite Pro M35E PSM35E-002EE-AR.
My video card is playing up it has error 10 saying that device cannot start my screen. It has lines coming on the screen.
Firstly i can?t find drivers for my video card so that I can install them again.
So where can i find them ??
NVIDIA refers me to Toshiba and Toshiba doesn?t seem to have them on there websites.

My second question is; would installing the drivers again gonna fix error 10?

Any answers welcomed
Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite Pro M35E - graphic card error 10 - Where to find graphic driver?

mhh strange behavior


here the driver

I don't know if the driver will fix this issue..but test it and you will see it.


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Where can I get the driver for the FN key?

Answer:Re: Satellite L500-1XZ - Where to get FN key driver?


You can download all drivers and tools here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

You need Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility.

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Hi All!

I have noticed that Intel have released new drivers for their 4500MHD graphic card, however, the one's released on Toshiba's site for my Satellite L500-1KK are older and are never updated as frequently as those released on Intel's site, my questions are:

1. Is it safe to use the new drivers from Intel for their chipset or should I stick to the ones released by Toshiba?
2. What possible differences are there between these Intel drivers and Toshiba's? ?:|

Thanks all!

Answer:Satellite L500-1KK - Which driver to use?


You see, dude, If everything works fine don't touch the system with any driver update. I still run my laptop with the old drivers and satisfied.

> 1. Is it safe to use the new drivers from Intel for their chipset or should I stick to the ones released by Toshiba?

Yes, you can use intel chipset drivers and shouldn't be worry :)

> What possible differences are there between these Intel drivers and Toshiba's??

As I know, they are pretesed by Toshiba.

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Hi !

Im looking for best gpu driver for my ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500 series

Drivers which AMD offers right now are super bad and driver which is connected with my model on toshiba website seems slow too. The best one i saw is the microsoft driver WDDM 1.1.

If you mind telling me is there any better driver for my GPU than the ones listed above?

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i have a question:
There are no Wireless Lan Driver for Windows 7 for the Satellite L500 (yet).
Do the Vista driver also work?


Answer:Satellite L500-131 - WLan driver for Win 7?

Hey Andy,

Yes, normally the Vista drivers are also work on Windows 7 so it's worth a try! ;)

What WLAN card you have exactly? Maybe you can find a driver directly on the manufactures website, e. g. Intel or Realtek.

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Laptop: Satellite L500
Part Number: PSLS9A-025012
Screen: LG Flatron E2350V, using a HDMI cable

Operating system: Clean install to Windows 8.1

Screen shows a 1cm black band round the edge of the "window".
According to various web searches, it is something to do with the OS thinking I am using a TV instead of a monitor.
I need to update drivers etc.

WHERE are the drivers for 8.1 for an L500?
I looked at the 8.1 update page, but the L500 is not listed.

Answer:Driver updates for Satellite L500

> WHERE are the drivers for 8.1 for an L500?
You must check if your notebook model is supported for Win8 or not. Please visit and check Toshiba Compatibility Matrix

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I would like to ask for your help in the following problem:

I bought a Satellite L500-14F (PLSJTE) and I would like to use it with windows XP, but I failed to get the sound driver.

I would really appreciate your help!

Answer:Satellite L500-14F - Need sound driver for XP


The Satellite L500 doesn?t support Windows XP so you have to search on external websites for drivers.

In your case I would search on the manufactures website of the sound chip. Normally there you can also download the sound driver.

And don?t forget to install SP3 before you install the sound driver. SP3 contains 2 Hotfixes for High Definition Audio cards and you will need it!!!

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okay so i got this Toshiba Satellite L500 with Intel.. its installed with Windows Vista Home Premium....

The first trouble i had with it was that the Toshiba programms stoped working and reformating the drive and reinstalling it then i "solved" that part....

The second now is that RUNDLL32.exe stops working after the pc has started up complety and the computer stops responding or gets slow...
I tryed to format the drive but the problems still occures.. .plus the toshiba programms are faulty...

After the reaserch i have done its seems to have occures from Vista so i asked myself to upgrade to windows 7 and then i also got some questions: ?:|

1.Is it possible to get all the Toshiba programms on windows 7, flash cars,webcamera etc

2.Does windows 7 run all the programms vista does?

3.Is it so great i heard?

THANK YOU! for your help i really do need some help...thank you :8}

Answer:Satellite L500 - Can I get all Win 7 driver and tools?


I don?t know why you have software issue with the preinstalled Vista OS but my Toshiba tools and utilities work fine! One time the control buttons stopped working but I could fix it installing the VAP again.

Back to your question:
Yes, you can get all Win 7 drivers and tools for the L500 series. Why not?
If you would take a look on the Toshiba page then you would find all the stuff for download!!!

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Hi, I have reinstalled my OS Windows 7.

I have already got some drivers in the download section but I cant find the driver for FN keys. They all work although without displaying the control bar in the upper part of the screen which I don't mind at all - but with one exception: the Wifi on/off toggle. And that is why I need the software which I hope will solve the problem.

Does anyone know what driver it is and tell me the name or post a link to download it?
Thanks, Josef

Answer:Need a specific driver for Satellite L500 11V

Hello Josef

FN functionality is controlled by Flash card utility and it is part of Toshiba Value Added Package.
Have you already installed this package?

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Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite L500-22R with a ATI Mobiliti Radeon HD 5145.

I want to install new drivers for my card, but Toshiba doesn?t upgrade the driver since 2009 (version 8.653.0.0) and the oficial driver version for ATI is 13.1. The problem is that i can install from AMD page because there is a compatibility problem with hardware.

Someone can help me? I want to upgrade my driver version and i can?t understand this situation.

Answer:Satellite L500-22R - ATI driver upgrade


Here is a AMD page providing this info:

+The following notebooks *are not compatible* with this release:+
+? Any notebook launched after this driver release+
+? Toshiba notebooks (please contact the notebook OEM for driver support for these notebooks)+
+? Sony VAIO notebooks (please contact the notebook OEM for driver support for these notebooks)+
+? Panasonic notebooks (please contact the notebook OEM for driver support for these notebooks)+

In some cases its possible to install such driver but you will have to do that manually from device manager. There you have to click on graphic card, have to choose the Advanced installation procedure which helps you to point to the driver folder which you downloaded from the AMD page. The driver folder should contain dll and ini files. Such files are needed for driver update.

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Hey guys,

I need some help in form of find the right Driver. My graphic card is a: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 and I have the Satellite L500 120 PSLJ3E
I need to have the Driver for my ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 but I cant find the right one....
Can someone help me maybe?

Is this the right side for the driver? when yes wich driver is it?
[URL] erOS=&action=&selCategory=2&selFamily=2&selSeries= 178&selProduct=857&selShortMod=890&selOS=26&selTyp e=all&country=12&language=17&search=

hope someone could help me fast....


Answer:Satellite L500-120 - Where can I get the display driver?


You can get all drivers on the Toshiba website for your notebook. I have checked this and the website show a new driver for your graphic card.

Check this: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

If you search for Satellite L500 and PSLJ3E you will find the right one. ;)

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Hi All,

Ive been pulling my hair out trying to reinstall a driver that i accidentally uninstalled during a system clean up.
It relates to the 'modem device on high definition audio bus' which now appears as a ?! under the device manager. It is also seems to be interfering with my web browsers.
Ive been into the Toshiba sites and download and installed the modem device and realtek audio drivers, nothing seems to work.

Im a part time computer user so any friendly advice is welcome



Answer:Satellite Pro L500 with WXP: reinstalling driver

If uninstalling and reinstalling those drivers doesn't work then the next step is to do a System Restore to restore the registry back to a previous date.

If that doesn't work, then Windows may be corrupted beyond repair. You may need to backup your important data and run Recovery to restore Windows back to it's factory state.

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I formatted my Satellite L500-1ZP (PSLS9E) and thought idd install win xp instead of win7 (dont have the backup disk/partition)
now when i start it up with the windows XP cd in it the blue screen "windows setup" starts but when its finished loading it gives me an error code:
"*** STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF78DA63C, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)"

I've read somewhere that I need to download SATA drivers for my laptop and make a windows xp installation disk with the SATA drivers on it???

I've tried searching these drivers but i dont know wich ones i need and how to make the installation disk
Do I copy my original windows XP home cd and put the drivers in a folder somewhere on the disk?

I hope someone can solve my problem because the laptop is just one year old and I dont really want to buy a new one...

Answer:How to install WXP on my Satellite L500-1ZP?

I just hope you have created recovery DVD before you have started to install own OS. After own OS installation you will not have access to recovery data anymore.

You are right. For WXP installation you need SATA driver. How to install WXP on newer notebook models you can read on

At the end I must say that your last sentence is pretty confusing for me. You have bought notebook designed for Win7 and you want to use old WXP on it. Do you really think you must buy new notebook if you want to install WXP?

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Hello To Every One.

Dear All.

I Have *Toshiba Setellite L500-14F* Model and Currently i am Running Windows 7 On it ,As It Did Not Came With Any OS So i Install Windows 7 on it.

So Now I Want To Install Windows XP on it , As I am Facing Some Problems to Work With Some Software Which Are Not Supporting and Having Compatibility Issues With Windows 7.

I Had Allready Downloaded All Drivers For Windows XP For This Notebook.
By Reading and Searching The Forums I Found Out That I Need To Upgrade They BIOS Also So I Did That But Invain.

So Please Help By Guiding Me That What Steps Do I Had To Take To Successfully Install The Windows Xp on This Machine. As I Am Faild Twice A Time.

Thanks in Advance

And Best Regards

Answer:I want to install Win XP on Satellite L500-14F


if you want to install Xp on your computer, you need to change Sata Controller in Bios ,,Compatible,, otherwise you will meet a blue screen during installation. It's because of AHCI drivers Then after installation, you can download and install Storage Manager and return AHCi mode in Bios. You can also integrate them into Windows disk.

you can read here:

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Has anyone managed to install xp64 on a satellite l500-1dt.

I'm trying to get it to dual boot with windows 7 (installed first).
Have installed xp but missing wlan drivers amongst others.

The wlan chip/card is the RTL8187B.
There are drivers on both toshiba and realtek website apparently for xp but they don;t seem to work with xp64.

Anyone have any words of wisdom?

Answer:Driver XP64bit for Satellite L500-1DT required


You are right? the WLan card is from Realtek and the chip should be RTL8187B.

What to say buddy? the Win XP 64bit was not so popular like Win XP and most manufacturers didn?t release any Win XP 64bit drivers?

You last chance is google?
You should google for Win XP 64bit RTL8187B drivers?
Maybe you will be successful? I keep finger crossed?

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Just reformatted laptop, went from windows 7 64 Bit to windows 7 32 bit. Reformatted with the disk which came with the laptop. I have no sound at all, the sound was working perfectly before and it keeps saying i have no sound card. I tried to install the sound drivers but i can't find the right ones on the site with my model.

I have a Satelite L500-1DT with PSLSOE model.

Tried to install the drivers available and i just get an application error once its installing

any idea how to fix or where to find the right drivers?


Answer:Satellite L500-1DT - Where to find sound driver?

Hi buddy,

To be honest I don?t know what problems you have with the sound driver but that?s the correct place for all drivers: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers
Notebook > Satellite > Satellite L Series > Satellite L500 > PSLS0E

But before you install the latest version, remove the current version firstly and clean the registry using CCleaner

Check this!!!

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Hi all,

I'm newly joined here in the forum and I am looking for a sound driver for my Satellite L500-1EJ model laptop which I bought last year here in Doha.

I am really surprised that the model number is not available in Toshiba driver download website!! ??

Can anyone help me please?? I am using Windows XP, service pack 2 now.


Answer:Satellite L500-1EJ - Looking for Windows XP sound driver

Hi shihabuhashim,

Why is the model number not available on Toshiba website? Where have you searched?

I have checked the Toshiba website and I can find it: > Support & Downloads > Download drivers
Notebook > Satellite > Satellite L Series > Satellite L500 > PSLS0E > Windows XP
(Satellite L500-1EJ belongs to PSLS0E series)

Now download the sound driver that you need but it?s recommendable installing Service Pack 3 before you start with driver installation because it contains important updates.

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