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Satellite L505-13n keyboard delay - lag prob in clear installation of win7

Question: Satellite L505-13n keyboard delay - lag prob in clear installation of win7


I have one Toshiba Satellite L505-13n laptop that i buy before one week and i have clear install the windows 7 ultimate 64bit greek with all 64bit drivers for this laptop i find in toshiba site.

I have major keyboard delay when i press a letter this letter begin typing himself a lot of times it stops for 1-2 sec and continue to typing.
This is the problem because in normal condition this letter and every letter or text i enter it must be entering WITHOUT ANY PAUSE.

I check the hard disk and doesn't has any problems.

I try to run from livecd:
1. Ubuntu, and other linux editions
2. Windows xp
3. Windows vista

and to clear formatted hard disk try to install:
1. Windows 7 64bit
2. Windows xp sp3 greek

The problem still remains.

Please tell me what to do and what can i try to solve this MAJOR issue for me.


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Preferred Solution: Satellite L505-13n keyboard delay - lag prob in clear installation of win7

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite L505-13n keyboard delay - lag prob in clear installation of win7

Test it again with original Toshiba recovery image. With factory settings everything should work well. If not there must be some hardware problem.
You can try with BIOS update but in my opinion it is not best idea.

Notebook is new and everything should work again.
Test it with original recovery image without installing some updates or additional software, just clean recovery image. If the problem persists, contact nearest Toshiba service provider and let them check keyboard functionality.

What else you can do?

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So i was going to format my computer. I used the cd that came with the laptop. (Satellite L505-110) Which is Windows 7 32 bit. Than i found out that there was 64 bit setup in drive "C". and now i'm stuck with 32 bit which is start lagging. i can't even surf on internet. i need another format.

My computer gurantee is over. if a ask for 64 bit cd will they send one ? i'm a student and i got no money to buy it :/ (Sorry for bad language)

Answer:I accidently installed Win7 32bit on my Satellite L505-110


Your only mistake is that you didn?t create original recovery disc. Now after 32 bit version original 64bit version is not available on your notebook anymore.
You can order 64bit version but, unfortunately it is not for free. It costs about 30 Euro.

Please visit and thee you can find all information about recovery disc order.

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Can you help me finding this driver pliz? only found it on win xp, but they are not compatible with win 7 64 bit ><

Answer:Satellite L505-111 - need Win7 64bit FN button drivers

I?m asking myself where you have searched for these drivers, on which page.

Go to > Support & Downloads, choose your notebook model and you will find drivers for Win7 64bit.
What you must install is Value Added Package version 1.2.25.

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Hi Friends

I have just got brand new Toshiba L505 laptop which was preloaded with Vista Home Premium. I formatted the hard drive and installed Vista Business genuine
on it due to some of my requirements. I downloaded all the necessary drivers from Toshiba website. The problem is I cannot install the modem properly. While installing the modem it gives this error: *"Driver Installation Failed: Could not find the MODEM device for this driver."* I tried for the UAA but to no use. I reinstalled the audio drivers but to no use. Please help. I am in a big trouble.



Answer:Satellite L505 - Modem Installation Problem

At first tell us please do you use drivers from right Toshiba support page. I presume you have US notebook.
Do you use Toshiba US support page for drivers download?

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I am the unhappy owner of a Toshiba Satellite L505-111 laptop (PSLS3E-01500YR3). A week after I have bought the laptop (13/03/2010) I observed that the a key from the keyboard does not work properly:

In Win 7 pressing " or ' it appears only after a second key is pressed. In Linux (Ubuntu 9.10), presing " it appears something like ".." .

The service (Romania, Scop Computers Control Service Laborator) does not recognize this unusual behavior (Service Note 26/03/2010). When I went to take the laptop (19/04/2010) I found the same behavior. Even the laptop has a Romanian keyboard, the usual English(US) keyboard settings are used.

What can be done?

Answer:Satellite L505-111 - Win 7 with Romanian keyboard


Have you tried to make settings in Clock- language- region settings? There, you can change the ,,Input keyboard,, , you can add/remove English or Romanian.
About the keyboard speed, go to Control panel, under Hardware and Sounds you will see ,, device and printers,,. Click on it, you will see ,,hid keyboard device,,. Click with the right mouse button, keyboard setting appears. You can change the keyboard speed settings.

La revedere!

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I just bought a Toshiba Satellite L505 and for some reason one key will not work it?s the last letter of the alphabet.
I can?t type it for obvious reasons. I am staying in Saudi Arabia and use a keyboard with English and Arabic letters. I am English though so don?t require the Arabic alphabet.

Any ideas or should I return the laptop?

Hoping for a response. Thanks Vic

Answer:Keyboard Issue on Satellite L505


I don?t think that you have to return the whole laptop. Maybe it?s just a wrong setting in Windows so what keyboard input language did you set in Windows?
Are you running factory settings or another OS?

If one key or more keys don?t work you have to exchange the keyboard. There are no single keys so you have to replace the whole keyboard but it shouldn?t be so expensive. Just ask an authorized service provider to get a new one and they can exchange it too. :)

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I need display driver for Satellite L505 S5967 for Win7 32 bit as i cant find it on the website
I can't even find my model my laptop and when i try searching by serial num it says invalid serial num so kindly advise

Answer:Re: Satellite L505-S5967 - Display driver for Win7 32bit

Hi dude

I think the reason why you cannot find the notebook is that this notebook model belongs to Toshiba US series and you have searched on Toshiba European driver page.

Here the Toshiba US driver page:

Here you can find your notebook model.

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I'm planning to install windows xp at my toshiba notebook.
The whole time it shows me an error message (blue screen).

Does anyone know about the problem and can help me further?


Answer:Blue screen while Windows XP installation on Satellite L505-10J


This happens due to the missing SATA driver.
You?ve got two options;
Either you would include the SATA driver into the Win XP using software like nLite or you would change the SATA mode from AHCI to compatible in BIOS.

You can access the BIOS pressing F2 while powering up the notebook.


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The webcam did not operate at all, so I uninstalled it, in order to re-install it. Apparently, the following driver is the suitable one;

Unfortunately, the installation can't be completed. Is there any help?

Answer:Re: Satellite L505 - webcam driver installation can't be completed

What happen exactly when you try to install it?

Which OS do you use?

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After making clean install of Windows 7 x64 Home Premium on my Toshiba Satellite laptop i faced problem with drivers. I would like to ask for help with installation order.

Here is the list of all tools and drivers :

Bulletin Board
Bulletin Board Assistant
Card Reader Controller
Chip Set Utility
Config Free
Display Driver
Eco Utility
Face Recognition
Flash Cards Support Utility
HDD/SSD Alert Utility
Hardware Setup
LAN Driver
Modem Driver

Modem Region Select Utility
PC Health Monitor
PlayReady PC Runtime
Registry Patch
SD Utilities
Service Station
Sound Driver
Storage Manager
Supervisor Password Utility
Tiles for Mobility Center
Touch Pad Driver
Value Added Package
Webcam driver
Wireless Lan Driver

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I've bought a Satellite L505 with Windows 7 home 64 bit. Now I want to install Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. However when the installation starts it is reporting it can't find a driver for the DVD.

Who can Help


P. Engels

Answer:Satellite L505 - Windows 7 installation can't find driver for the DVD


If you make a Google search you will find a lot of results about this error message and usually it?s related to installation medium (DVD itself).

Do you use an original Microsoft Windows 7 disk or is it a copy from a friend?

You should use only original Microsoft disks with valid software.

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Swapped motherboard in this laptop because the old one had died. After plugging everything in and double checking all of my connections, here are the symptoms I am having now:

When the machine boots to windows I have no keyboard or touch pad. I have keyboard function at post long enough for me to hit f2 and get to the CMOS settings, after that I lose keyboard, except for using the function key and f4 to change monitors,

On boot up I can turn number lock on and then nothing again. I have tried resetting the CMOS, o have tried pulling all the cards like wireless and modem, tried different sticks of ram and even pulling the hard drive. If you have any thoughts or have seen this before please clue me in,



Answer:Toshiba Satellite L505 keyboard and touchpad not working.

What prompted the mobo replacement?

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Hello, I have two issues with my laptop.

First is related to keyboard. It started few days ago, laptop has shutted down because of low battery, when I turned it on again, I've received a malfunction of keyboard.
The key problem is that when i typing for ex 4, it appears on screen as r4, and so on for some other keys.
I'v searched through web that it possibly can be because of BIOS. And decided to update current version.

And here comes second problem:
I've downloaded bios update from toshiba site, and tried to install it, but it stops on last step, something about region.
Could somebody please help with issues?

Answer:Keyboard and BIOS update issue on Satellite L505-13V


> I've received a malfunction of keyboard.
What message you received exactly? Was this message Windows based or what exactly?
Of course it could be a keyboard malfunction but software malfunction as well. Easiest way to check this is connecting an external keyboard.

> I've downloaded bios update from toshiba site, and tried to install it, but it stops on last step, something about region.
Where did you download this update exactly? Was this update especially for Satellite L500-13V and PSLJ0E model series?

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Recently had a minor spill incident on my laptop. I quickly removed the battery and power and let it dry for a few days.
After two days I tried starting it but with no success. I then carefully opened the laptop and very carefully cleaned and dusted it all the way down to the motherboard. Amazingly it started working perfectly again, except for the keyboard, and I don?t know what to do.

I?ve tried making sure the strip is correctly inserted into the motherboard countless times, and tried to uninstall and reinstall the keyboard drivers but both have been no to help. What I want to know is; if there are any of you who have had the same problem, and if there is a way to check whether it?s my keyboard or motherboard that is busted.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite L505-119 - keyboard doesn't work after spill incident

> ... if there is a way to check whether it?s my keyboard or motherboard that is busted.
In my opinion there is only one way to check this: keyboard replacement. You must test functionality with new keyboard to see if everything is OK.

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I have the laptop Satellite L50-B-1U8 and my keyboard is malfunctioning, the W;S;X:2;F2;F3 keys only work after around 5 to 6 touches, i have win 10 installed and bios is up to date, does anyone have the same problem?



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I recently acquired the Satellite M40X-184. Preloaded software. WinXp. I am experiencing a delay on the keyboard. Tried disabling the touchpad. No success. Have the latest BIOS update. Drivers seem to be fine. Not that I know too much about that.

Any assistance in resolving the problem will greatly be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite M40X-184: delay on the keyboard

I have the same problem with a M60/170, purchased three weeks ago.

If no simple solution, then it's back to the drawing board for a keyboard replacement..

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K, I'm just gonna type this without fixing errors my keyboard is making.

Every one in a while whe I'm tyyping, my keyboard ecides to either cut out a letter or add an extra leter, as you just saw a few very many times.
It's been happening for about 2 weks and is VERY annoying.
If you eed any sortof system setttings, just ask. Its a brand new Toshib Sattelite Laptop Computer with Windows 7 istalled.
I'm running my anti-virus right now and checing for spyware.

Anyhelp is GREATLYappreciated

Edit: It almot feelslike I'm experiencing minor, but frequent lag spikes.
I've tried restarting the laptop.
I can't type at the speed/efficiency I usally do and it's VERY AGGRAVATING.

Please help if you can.

Answer:Re: Keyboard typing delay on Satellite


Do you have Satellite L670?
I read about such issue here in the forum.
There is a temporal solution; update the BIOS.
Then the issues should be solved.
If it will come back, then you should disconnect AC adaptor and battery. Wait some time and connect both parts again.

Hope this helps a little bit.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L305-S5884 and I noticed that there's a problem with the keyboard repeat rate. I found some information about this problem with other models as you can see:[email protected]@@@10 [email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccceadefdidkee jcgfkceghdgngdgmm.0

They already gave a solution: I need a BIOS update, but I couldn't find the BIOS to my model. Actually, I have the default release (1.40).

May I have some help?


Answer:Satellite L305 - Keyboard Repeat Delay


You should check the Toshiba page again. It seems that already new BIOS (1.50) was been released: > Download

The installation is worth a try! ;)


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My keyboard is not responding right. Just typing this is excruciating. When I press a key, I have to hold it down for a good three seconds before the letter appears. I've tried restarting multiple times, I've defragged, I've checked my keyboard settings in the control panel, I've uninstalled the only program I installed in the past month or so - this Asian suite thing so I can view Japanese characters on my computer - no luck.

I really don't want to have to buy a new keyboard, or laptop. My laptop is only a little less than two years old.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I basically have my laptop for writing.

Answer:Satellite M105-S1021 - keyboard delay problem

Can you obtain somewhere external keyboard and test how it works? It will be interesting to know if the problem persists.

The fact is that you use keyboard very intensively and maybe the contacts are not so good anymore.

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For some reason, there always seem to be a second delay on the keys on the keyboard, including the numeric keypad. Many times, either a character was skipped or the character showed up twice.
Vey frustrasting as I always have to go back to add or delete a character.

When I run a word program in safe mode, it works fine. Someone told me it may be a software issue as the problem does not occur in safe mode.
I am very careful with the laptop as I am sure there was no spill.

Any comment is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite L675: characters show twice and keyboard delay while typing


Try a BIOS update.
I read here in the forum that this solved the keyboard issue similar to yours.


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just about to attempt to format my HDD and then reinstall windows 7 onto my tosh satallite pro laptop.

question - i have no windows 7 media, so have got a copy from here:

will my OEM product key (recovered from the laptop) work with this version of windows?

Do Toshiba supply the OS media?

any advice on how to rebuild my system welcome.


P.s. I'm doing this last resort as i've been struggling with really slow speeds at boot up (over an hour) and have tried most things to improve it - think a rebuild is the best way forward from here. Buying some more RAM at the same time (will try installing that before this 'plan B' rebuild)

Answer:Win7 64-bit installation on Satellite Pro

Product key on the Microsoft sticker belongs to original recovery image that you got with your notebook and cannot be used for OS activation if you install own OS version.
> Do Toshiba supply the OS media?
With old models Toshiba has offered in package recovery DVD. It is not OS only. It is recovery package that contains OS, drivers and Toshiba specific tools and utilities. This recovery image was designed for your model only and cannot be used for OS installation on other notebooks.

Newer models have recovery image saved on HDD so every notebook user must create recovery media (DVD or USB) using preinstalled recovery disc creator tool.

Which notebook model do you have exactly?

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I have bought Satellite L70-A-12W with preinstalled win 8.1 two days ago.. I did not have win7 recovery, but I have Win7 64 Bit new DVD.
I would like to install win 7 . I have follow the instruction about the shut down, about Bios (I have version 1.3) Security boot is disabled, and boot mode is CSM mode.

I have made recovery media on USB if something with be wrong. In win 8.1 I have installed Paragon Partition Manager 14 (free version) and see Partition Table. It looklike like this:
1. Partition - system - 1GB - NTFS (Service Partition);
2. Partition (no name) - 100 MB - it is gray colour;
3. Partition (local partition) - 128 MB;
4. Partition C: Disk (win 8.1) - 920 GB - NTFS;
5. Partition - Recovery - 10.1 GB - NTFS (OEM Service Partition).

I would like evrything keep it as it is, if it is possible and instead og Win8.1 install Win 7 64 bit ultimate (What I have). And after that resize This partition to 100 Gb and make second private partition for my data - partition D: - for example.

I did things in BIOS and put win7 DVD in and got error massage: Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition Style....

I have found some solution to clean the disk in DOS, but I am not sure will I with this procedure delete oll data from whole disk. will I loos e guaranty if I do this... If all other partition will remain instead of C --> I can always make backup back with recovery media with win 8.1 and hope to keep guaranty.

N... Read more

Answer:Need help with Win7 installation on Satellite L70-A-12W


The question is: why you want to keep the present partitions on the HDD.
Do you want to use both systems Win 8 and Win 7 on this notebook?

The point is that if you want to use only Win 7, it?s not advisable to keep the old partitions on the HDD.

Secondly you have already created the Toshiba Recovery flash memory stick.
This recovery medium allows you to go back to factory settings.

This means that recovering the notebook using this recovery USB flash memory stick would create the same partitions again and would install the Win 8.1 system.

Last but not least Windows 7 supports 4 ?primary? partitions because primary partitions are applicable to MBR partition tables and MBR partition tables only allow four primary partitions.

After creating the 4th primary partition Windows system will only allow 'Dynamic' volumes (logical drives). You would need to create one extended partition containing many of logical partitions.

However, if you use a GPT partition table which is supported by Windows 64-bit versions, you could setup up to 128 partitions and you don?t need to differ between "primary" and "extended" partitions.

Additionaly, the GPT partition table requires also the UEFI BIOS.

More details here:

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Win7 froze while in the "completing installation" part of the installation. My mice and keyboard were accidentally unplugged. So is there a way of cancelling the instal without them?

Answer:Canceling a frozen Win7 installation without mouse and keyboard

The install unfroze, but I am still have no keyboard and for the set up.

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***Whenever I want to install "Windows 7" show the message***

***"Load Driver. A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing. If you have a driver floppy disk, CD, DVD, or USB flash drive, please insert it now. Note: If the Windows installation media is in de CD/DVD drive, you can safely remove it for this step."***

***Settings BIOS= true***
***Windows= true***
***??????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????** *
***model name: satellite c50-a628***
***part no.pscjgv-00r00lar***
***serial no. 1E115457U***

**I want a soluti*on to the problem*

Answer:Re: Win7 installation on Satellite C50-A628


I found similar thread on Toshiba US forum.
Check it out. I hope this will help you.
If not let us know and we can continue discussion here.

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I want to change my operating system from current Windows 8.1 to Windows 7, but I have many problems to deal with, due to the UEFI Boot System.

I already have changed the boot manager from UEFI to CMS (BIOS compatible boot manager) and tried to install Windows 7 Ultimate x64 as usual by booting from CD.

But if I come to the sequence where I have to select on which Drive I would like to install it, no Drive works because of the GPT Partition of the Hard Drive.

I have also tried to install it via VHD but it also didn't work.

I hope someone can help me!
thank you

Toshiba Satellite P50-T B108

Answer:Win7 installation on Satellite P50T-B-108

One question before we continue to discuss: I have checked Toshiba download page on - and this notebook model is not supported for Win7.

Where do you want to find drivers, tools and utilities for it?
By the way: have you created recovery media before you have started to change anything?

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i have Satellite L650-10H and i want to format him to install WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE.
So i tried to format and make new partition to my hard drive and i'm used acronis disk director 11 and he can't see the hard drive!
Even partition magic 8 or paragon server 10 and no one of this software can see the hard drive!!

In the same way i tried to make an image to my hard drive and acronis true image 2010 can't see it.
Only GHOST15 see the hard drive and make an image but he can change partitions.

In the bios i didn't see somthing that maby can make this problem and in the drivers i didn't find any bios update about this situation.

important to know that i used acronis disk director from a boot able disk and so paragon and others but even if some software have problem with some hard drive the other read him but here no budy can see him!

so i'm askink what is he problem?? something in this laptop is diffrent from others i'm know.what is the sulotion for this problem?

pls ur fast help



Answer:Satellite L650-10h - New Win7 installation cannot see HDD


> important to know that i used acronis disk director from a boot able disk and so paragon

Hmmm.. Also, I use paragon server 10 to create partitions. But why are you trying to create it with a bootable disk? Install paragon server 10 on your computer, then make preferable partition size.

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so I went and got the Win7 from a store.
I understood that It would be best to install the Win 7 with the help of TUA because of the Toshiba utility... when I started the TUA it stopped and said that "this model do not support win7 upgrade"...

This pc is 6 month old!!! How can it be???
What to do??? Can I upgrade with no TUA if so where do I get all the Toshiba staff?

Answer:Win7 installation on Satellite A300-23j

If you have original Microsoft installations DVD for Win7 best solution is to make clean OS installation and not upgrade.
Before you start Win7 installation please visit Toshiba Win7 download page under and check if you can find all necessary drivers, tools and utilities for your notebook model.
If all Toshiba stuff is there then install Win7 and continue with drivers installation.

By the way: before you delete everything from the HDD create Toshiba recovery DVD for Vista.
Maybe you can need it in the future.

If you have more questions please let us know.

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Satellite A100-551 with XP. Is it possible to pass in WINDOWS 7 ?
Because Microsoft does not make any more of supports on Windows xp and me advice (council) to put my PC in Windows 7.

Is it possible to make him(it)?

Answer:Is Win7 installation possible on Satellite A100-551?


Long time ago I?ve made some experiments with my old Satellite M70 and Win7 installation and I was able to use it, of course with not all Toshiba specific tools and utilities but it worked pretty well
So in my opinion you should be able to install Win7 32bit on your old Satellite P100.

I?ve checked Toshiba download page on and your machine is supported for Vista so after Win7 installation try to install some Vista drivers. I hope most of them can be used with Win7 too.

Just test it. generally speaking ?there is nothing left to lose?.

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Hello all,

I am an owner of a Satellite L 670 laptop and recently i have encountered many problems concerning the DNS server and the Windows 7.
At this moment i am living away from home where i bought it and i want to do a format, but i do not have the recovery discs / windows on me.
Is there a way for Toshiba to mail me the windows/drivers? Do i have to pay? Note that i am still covered by insurance.


Answer:Satellite L670-10T and Win7 installation

Every new notebook is delivered with preinstalled OS and recovery image back up on HDD so you can install recovery image using HDD installation mode -

How it works is described in user?s manuals too so I?m wondering you didn?t inform yourself about your notebook and pick up all useful info how it works.

If this will not work you have big problem but about all this we can discuss later. At first try to install OS following Toshiba?s ?How to? document.

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I have a question regarding installation of different OS than Vista provided with Toshiba Satellite A210-128.

I have Mat****a DVD-RAM UJ-850 drive and it won't read XP bootable CD.
I found some posts in other forums that this drive won't allow me to install XP.

So here's my question: anyone tried installing Windows 7 (f.e. RC) with this drive? Or maybe anyone was succesful with installation of WinXP?

Thanks to all who would like to help :-)

Answer:Win7 installation on Satellite A210-128 using Mat****a DVD-RAM UJ-850

Hi mate

I think you are a little bit confused but I would like to help you.
First of all it?s no matter what CD/DVD drive is installed in your notebook.
The Windows XP and Win 7 installation should work with ALL drives which are able to read the CD or DVD.

I assume you were not able to install Win XP because the CD/DVD drive was not able to handle this particular disk.
A friend of mine has had the same issue with other drive. After a long time of usage the Window disk was not readable anymore.
But he could solve this. He burned (copied) the Win XP disk to another CD and then used the second disk in order to install Win XP.
The drive read the other disk properly.

Win XP and Win 7 are released on different disk? but in most cases the drives should not have any problems with such disk?
But if yes, then it?s mostly a CD/DVD drive issue?


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My setup: Intel i5 with 4Gb Ram with Nvidia GeForce GT 610 video card, 64Gb SSD (Win7), 330 Gb hdd (Win Vista), and 1Tb hdd.
I've been running Win7/Vista for several years now, and decided to upgrade to 10 as some of the new software I want won't run on those older OS's. Windows 7 on the SSD is for gaming only, with nothing else loaded onto it that is not gaming related, not even Acrobat. Everything else uses the 2 hard drives with the older 330 Gb hdd as bootable.

So I upgraded Vista to 7 SP1, and installed Win10. Everything went beautifully once I got SP1 on it. Worked for a few days then went to play a game, booted into 7 and no mouse or keyboard control. After I selected Win7 to boot into from the boot control screen, I had no control of anything. Had to hold the power key to shutdown.

I unplugged the power to the Win10 drive and re-booted. It gave me an error about a missing device and let me press F9 to boot into Win7, after which I had control of my mouse and keyboard. So now when I want to do some gaming I have to unplug my small Hdd and go about it that way, which seems totally insane and just plain wrong to do, but I can't think of anyway to fix this as it only shows up when the small drive is connected. If I do that and boot into 10 it doesn't see anything wrong with the drivers for the other OS, and when I boot into 7 I have no control to do anything at all to fix it <sigh>.

Whats a gamer to do?

Any help will be greatly appreciated by both myself and my... Read more

Answer:Dual Boot -- lost mouse/keyboard in win7 after 10 installation

If your keyboard and mouse are USB, you can try to unplug them and plug them again. Maybe Windows haven't yet loaded any drivers for them. Also check BIOS for entries such as "Enable USB mouse" or "Enable USB Keyboard" and try them to NO or YES. See if that makes any difference in Windows. This is to make USB input devices work before booting in Windows (such as to select a boot entry in a boot loader) but I have seen sometimes that they don't work in Windows, change the setting and check.

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What are the main differences between the L505-144, L555-11K and A500-1GL?

They are the same price and seem to be very similar, with only small differences in processing power, graphics card and sound.

Which is the best model?

Answer:Re: Differences between Satellite L505-144, L555-11K and Satellite A500-1GL


I think you should take a look on the Toshiba notebook specification page and should compare both notebooks:

*Satellite L505-144*

*Satellite A500-1GL*

Satellite L505-144 has been released in UK and the Satellite A500-1GL has been released in Germany.

The L505-144 supports faster and better CPU, it has been delivered with Win 7 32bit and 64bit. It supports the nVidia instead of ATI GPU but the HDD is smaller 320Gb instead of 500GB?

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After a problem with my SatC 660 i decided to Nuke the hard drive and do a fresh install using a W7 32 Bit disk created from the web ( there is a free library of Windows 7 iso images (Sorry forgot name).

So i had the disk in and the disk drive which has the disk in, W7 is now saying it cant find the device driver for the DVD Drive which it has just used for it to show the W7 first screen.

Looked everywhere for the drivers for the DVD Drive but no joy on the web.

Can anybody help me out please?

Answer:Satellite C660 - need help with fresh Win7 installation

Maybe stupid question on the beginning but why you don't install original Win7 64 bit? I presume you got your machine with preinstalled operating system.

> So i had the disk in and the disk drive which has the disk in, W7 is now saying it cant find the device driver for the DVD Drive which it has just used for it to show the W7 first screen.
Sorry but after reading this sentence I?m completely confused and don't know how to understand this. If you have created bootable installation disc I hope you were able to install Win7 correctly. After first start you must continue to install all necessary drivers, tools and utilities that you can find on Toshiba download page -

Optical disc drive uses Microsoft driver and there is no some special driver for this device. It must be recognized automatically by preinstalled operating system.

If my posting was not helpful for you please be more precise with your problem description.

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I got a new laptop with new operating system. It is Win8 but I want to install Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. 123 drivers, tools and utilities are listed on the Toshiba driver support page.
Can someone tell me what is the right installation order and how should I install all listed stuff?

Check it here

+Message was edited: posting has been translated+

Answer:Satellite L850-1R5 - Win7 installation order


Install Win7 and all necessary drivers, tools and utilities following this installation order:

Windows 7 64bit
Intel Chipset SW Installation Utility
Intel Management Engine Interface
Display Driver
Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver
Realtek Audio Driver
ATI HDMI Audio Driver
SRS Premium Sound HD
Synaptics Touch Pad Driver
Realtek LAN Driver
Wireless LAN Driver
Intel Wireless Display
Bluetooth Filter Driver Package
Bluetooth Filter Driver Package
Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba
Bluetooth Monitor
Intel USB3.0 Driver
Realtek Card Reader
TOSHIBA Value Added Package
TOSHIBA Sleep Utility
TOSHIBA Resolution+ Plug-in for Windows Media Player
TOSHIBA Media Controller
TOSHIBA Media Controller Plug-in
TOSHIBA Network Device ID Registry Setting Tool
TOSHIBA Web Camera Application
PatchFiles PCIIDEREG-1.2
PatchFiles TosVolRegulator_1.1

WLAN card inside is Atheros and driver can be downloaded from
BT download page is

If you need more help you are welcome.

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I have following problem (series Satellite PSU30E ): the laptop was Windows XP, which suddenly "fell off" and again it failed to deliver (as explained by the problem SATA drivers). I installed Windows 7 64 bit , but after installing it turned out that the *device manager has no sound device*. I reinstalled system, now is a licensed Windows 7 x86 Ultimate.

All options work, but the sound still has not appeared. Installing the drivers does not help - *OS still does not see a sound card*. What could be the tools to solve problem?

Answer:Satellite U300-14Z - no sound after WIn7 installation

Hi whooz,

Have you already installed the sound driver from Toshiba website? As far as I know Satellite U300 supports Windows 7 32bit so a sound driver should be listed and work because the drives are pretested by Toshiba.

But it?s also important that you install the chipset driver and this one should be installed first. Then start with sound driver installation.

Try also loading the default settings in BIOS.

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I intend to buy Satellite A300-1MT (PSAGCE), and before I do I'm just checking if there's a still some problems with drivers for W7 for this model?
On this and other forums I have seen there are some problems with drivers like webcam, music keys, FN keys, touchpad and so on ...

So, can anybody confirm me that all of the drivers are now available and everything is working?

And also before I start to install drivers is there anything I need to know (expect the usual?) Or maybe better: does anybody have a special advice?

Please, find the will to answer! Thank you so much!

Answer:Need advice for Win7 installation on Satellite A300


I have Satellite A300 running Win7 32bit but my model is PSAG8E.
To be honest I have very good experience with Win7 installation on Satellite A300 and I can recommend you to install it on this Satellite.

If you visit Toshiba support page under > Support & Downloads you will see that your notebook model is Win7 supported and there should not be problem to install all necessary drivers and other Toshiba stuff.

Here is the list how I done this exactly:
atellite A300 (PSAG8E) and clean Win7

-chipset driver
-storage manager
-display driver
-sound driver
-modem driver
-supervisor utility
-patches 1.2
-toshiba hardware setup
-HDMI control
-WLAN driver

Everything works well but missing some drivers

Added Vista stuff:
-Toshiba assist - work properly
-Card reader - installed properly
-Webcam driver for A500 - tested with Skype - works properly.
-Synaptics driver

Win7 runs well and I am very satisfied with it. No problems with FN keys functionality.

If you will buy this notebook start Win7 installation following this installations order. Please inform us about problems and I hope we can help you about it.

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My Satellite A350 (PSAL6A) has after only about 6 months crashed with a fatal hard drive error.

I?ve decided to up the hard drive to something a little faster (5400 rpm) and finally rid myself of the dreaded Vista.
I?m upgrading to Win 7 (64) but I?m a bit suspect of some of the web sites offering Toshiba drivers
Is there a site where I can download all the drivers I need Just for Win 7 and not have to sort through the other hundreds that seem to be available.

Answer:Satellite A350 and Win7 64bit installation

Your question confusing me completely.
I use Toshiba download page for years and to find right drivers is quite easy. Choose right notebook model and OS you want and you will have full list of all available drivers.
Why is this so complicated for you.

Have you tried serial number or auto detection on ?

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I have a Satellite L505 and am noticing consistent lag in typing on online forms and webmail programs. I bought my laptop two weeks ago and I have tried updating the keyboard driver but it is the most recent. Norton and Avast have not detected any keylogging activity in several scans.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Re: L505 keyboard lag

As I know, this issue has ben discussed before. However, i don't know if the right solution found:

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I have laptop Satellite A300-24Z and I try to install windows 7 on him, during the installation the computer restart or getting the blue background screen (not BSOD) and stuck.
It?s usually happened on the extracting the files step.
Please help

it?s not a hard disk I already replace it without any luck

Answer:Satellite A300 - hardware restart during the Win7 installation

I own A300 too and almost two years I use it with Win7 32bit. I had no problem to install Win7.
Do you use original Microsoft installation disc?
Set BIOS to default settings and try it again.

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After replacing the hard disk in the Satellite U940-100 and installing win 7 Prof 64b the wired-lan device is not detected. According to the documentation there should be a 'Fast Ethernet LAN' in the U940.

On the support site from Toshiba there is a Realtek driver available, but no luck. During the installation a message pops up : The Realtek Network Controller was not found. The network cable is plugged in, but no led indicators. On the router the giga-bit led is blinking.

In the 'Computer Management --> Device manager' there are no Unknown devices left.

So where did the LAN go? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Wired LAN not detected on a Satellite U940 after Win7 Pro installation

> In the 'Computer Management --> Device manager' there are no Unknown devices left.
And what is listed in ?network adapters?? Is Realtek LAN adapter listed there?
The whole thing is really strange.
Try to set BIOS to default settings and check it again.

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I just installed Windows 7 64bit into my laptop Toshiba Satellite A500 -132 and in device manager its saying that there is unknown device ACPI\ENE0200. Do you know what drivers should I install?

And the second problem is that when I installed Value added pack there is usually a red light shining out of the headphone jack, but when I installed the audio driver the light disappeared and doesn?t shine anymore.

Is there any fix for that?

Answer:Satellite A500 - unknown device after Win7 installation

It is the ENE CIR Reciever or at least it was for me.

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Hey ...

I Formatted my laptop to download Win7 Ultimate , every thing work fine , BUT

there is 2 problems :

1- my " *Satellite* " word light does not work , and my touch buttons light does not too .

2- my eco touch button do nothing . *eco utility* works if I control it from it's own program .

It's not the end of the world but it's important for me .

what is the solution ???

Owais .

Answer:Satellite P755-10C - Two issues after Win7 Ultimate installation

Have you installed all available tools and utilities including Toshiba Value added package?

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Hey all, this is my first post but have been an active reader for sometime, ive searched for this problem on the forum but have not found anyone in my prediciment?!?!

2 week old C50 was pulled off table by the hound so I lost the screen but HDD was ok as its been slaved up to my mac while the screen was fixed so I could keep working.

When I got it back I got no bootable device etc.. again from reading on here a bios update will sort it so I thought Ill go back to good old windows 7.

I want 7 back so I understand from reading on here about all the disable secure boot, Uefi blah blah stuff but my machine has system BIOS 1.10 EC version 1.00 so all these options are not available

I must also ad that the hard drive is formatted now from using my other toshiba laptop.

Now the Catch 22 part !!

I want to update the bios to 1.30 as the toshiba site says which will give me the uefi options so i can load win 7 but its geared to only update through windows and as stated above I now have an empty formatted drive, and not being able to boot from a USB or CD drive due to the 1.10 bios im a bit stumped to how I can update the bios without windows and with the old bios not allow me access to the USB or CD?

any ideas?

I have the ability to slave the drive to my mac or other toshiba laptop, so any tech heads on here should I (although long route) somehow image something onto the drive be it win 8 "yuck" as it was shipped with and then update bios, blat drive a... Read more

Answer:Win7 installation on Satellite C50-A-1JN - missing UEFI options

>how I can update the bios without windows and with the old bios not allow me access to the USB or CD?
This is not possible.

You need installed Windows system in order to update the BIOS.
If you did not create the Recovery disks (or USB medium) in the past, you could order the recovery disk (containing Win 8.1) on this page:

Then you could recover the notebook back factory settings (Win 8.1) and could update the BIOS.

_By the way:_ did you try to change the Boot Mode without BIOS update?
Disable secur boot within Bios, save changes. Then boot in to the Bios again and now you could check if the CSM mode would appear as available option.

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Hi everyone,

My new SPro C850-1HH came with Win7 Prof x64 installed and Windows 8 Installation Disks. To get a clean fresh installation i reinstalled Win7 Prof x64 from a clean MS-CD. I deleted all existing (recovery)partitions

Because i found no license-sticker on the laptop, i backed up the existing installed key using a keyfinder tool. Now i have the problem that the online activation don't work with the key that was formerly installed on that notebook.

I'm getting error code 0XC004E003 during activation, with options to buy a new key online or "Talk to a support representative," which link is useless (it takes me to Microsoft Help and Support, from there to the MS support website, from there it runs me in circles with no options for live chat or even a way to email, much less a phone number).

This fresh installation method worked for many times, had no problems so far with other new laptops. Can anyone help?

Answer:Satellite Pro C850-1HH: Cannot activate my fresh Win7 Installation

> Now i have the problem that the online activation don't work with the key that was formerly installed on that notebook
Many people have tried the same and it will not work. Original Toshiba recovery image is activated. You can install it so often you want and it will be activated every time. As far as I know the key cannot be used for activation of some other version.

What is strange for me is that you cannot find sticker with product key. Every notebook delivered with preinstalled OS has Windows sticker at the bottom side.

At the end I must say that I don?t understand why do you want to install own Win7 version. Original recovery image contains all necessary drivers, tools and utilities. Use this image and remove all stiff you don?t like. I do the same.

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I have a SATELLITE C660-26Z after formatting and reinstalling a new version of windows my function keys are not working.

However they work until I log in and then they do not work on any account I may have accidentally turned they off if so is it possible to turn them back on? FN and keys 1-4 work but Fn keys Esc all the way to F9 do not work any ideas?

thank you


p.s. i have Toshiba Value Added Package

Answer:Re: satellite C660-26Z: FN buttons don't work after Win7 installation


You need to install VAP and Flash Card Support Utility.
The Flash Cards Utility controls the FN buttons.

Install this and test again

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I'm having a major problem getting Windows 7 Enterprise Edition 64bit install on a brand new Satellite Pro L300D-22E. Both Windows 7 32bit and Windows Vista 64bit install fine with zero issues or problems.

I have tried...

Fresh install booting from CD
Upgrade install from within Windows Vista 64bit with latest device drivers
Turned off devices in BIOS

Everything I try get the exact same result...

"STOP: c00021a {Fatal System Error}
The initial session process or system process terminated unexpectedily
Satus of 0x00000000 (0xc0000001 0x00100438).
The system has been shut down."

Does anyone know what might be causing this and how I can go about fixing the problem and getting Win 7 64bit installed on this laptop?

Thank you

Answer:Satellite Pro L300D-22E: Win7 64-bit Installation ends with BSOD

What version of Win7 is it?

Beta? RC? RTM?

Have you updated the BIOS to the latest version?

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After installing Win 7 on it CPU fan stop spinning at all.

So when heavy use pc goes off due to temp.

I was try update bios etc no efect.

Any idea?

Answer:Satellite A300-21h - No reaction from cooling fan after Win7 installation


This is very strange.
Did you try to reinstall the Windows 7 again?
I would recommend you to repeat the OS installation!

Furthermore after the installation of Windows 7, you should install all the essential Win 7 driver and tools like Value Added Package for Win 7

Last but not least go to BIOS (F2) and set it to default settings!
Save the changes and exit the BIOS

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I successfully upgraded Windows 7 from my OEM Vista yesterday.
What if in the future, I need to reinstall the whole system?
Can I re-activate Win 7 after the new installation?

PS. My OEM Vista is 64 bit version and my win 7 is the ultimate 64 bit upgrade version


Answer:Satellite L500-126: Win7 upgrade -can I re-activateit after new installation?

I hope I understand your question right so here is what I know about it:
When you upgrade original preinstalled Vista you don't need to activate Win7 but if you make clean Win7 installation then you must activate preinstalled version.

With other words to have activations-free Win7 you must install Vista at first using Toshiba recovery DVD and then upgrade it to Win7.

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I'm getting that error. Microsoft says it "typically" means an issue with the receiving server.

Why would this fail? I've contacted the ISP of the receiving server and they aren't blocking me at all. If I send via a Gmail account, it works just fine.

Answer:Exchange- When does message delay (4.4.7) not mean prob with receipient?

are you using a smart host or sending directly?

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I have a satellite pro and satellite a100. I have bought a microsoft disc to replace XP with windows 7 on the a100.

The a100 dvd drive will not recognise the w7 disc yet it plays sound and video discs fine.

The satellite pro recognises the w7 disc so I think there may be a problem with the a100 dvd drive or its settings. Can anyone help please?

Answer:Satellite A100 - ODD doesn't read Win7 installation disc


There is nothing wrong with the settings because there are no special settings to read an disk.
If the optical disk drive does not read the inserted disk, then either the disk or the CD/DVD drive isn?t OK.

Since the disk works in connection with another optical disk drive, I guess that the drive?s laser lens cannot handle the Windows 7 medium.

From my experience such issues could appear due to dirty laser lens.
I would recommend you to clean the laser lens using cotton wool tip and alcohol fluid.

In many cases this simply workaround helped to get the disk recognized again.

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When i bought ths notebook, Windows Vista was already installed (32 Bit Premium).

Now I bought Windows7 Prof. I wanted to upgrade my system. But is not possible. Because of Professional and premium compatibility of windows.
Therefore i must install windows 7 from the begining (new Installation, not upgrade)
I tried to install the system

The Problem is that I get always blue screen of windows

What should i do?? What is the reason of this problem?

Answer:Satellite P300D-12F shows Blue Screen by Win7 installation

I have installed Win7 on friend?s Satellite P300D last month without problems.

Here is my installations order:
Satellite P300D-13N and clean Win7

-display driver
-sound driver
-LAN driver
-Supervisor password utility
-card reader controller
-WLAN driver
-Infrared driver
-registry patch 1.2
-hardware setup
-Toshiba Assist (Vista)
-touchpad driver
-webcam driver

Before you start installation remove all existing partitions and create new partition and chose it for Win7 installation. That?s all I have done.

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I have upgraded my Satellite Pro P100 laptop from Windows XP to Windows 7. I ran the Windows 7 custom install so that I didn't bring any problem from the Windows XP system and I used a seperate hard disk. This way I can reinstall the hard disk with XP and go back and use XP if I am not satisfied with Windows 7. One of the problems I am having is that I cannot ge the sound to work.

The speaker icon in the bottom right of the screen has a red cross on it. In Device Manager, the High Definition Audio Device has "This device cannot start. (Code 10)" in the device status. The driver that keeps installing is the "Microsoft version 6.1.7600.16385 dated 13/07/2009" version of the driver. I tried installing the driver (Vista) recommended in the Toshiba "Upgrade your Toshiba PC to Windows 7" webpage. This driver failed to work. Windows also displays the error "Driver Installation Filed: Could not find the Media Device for this driver.".

I have searched the web high and low and all the recommendation I have found do not work.

Has anyone experienced this problem and did you find a solution?

Answer:Satellite Pro P100 (PSPA4A-005002) - No sound after Win7 installation


Maybe you used the wrong sound driver?. The error 10 always appears if an wrong or not compatible driver has been used.
I recommend checking the sound driver again.

As far as I know the notebook supports an Conexant sound chip.
There are some different notebook models which support the same sound chip.

Check the Toshiba European driver page and choose for example the Satellite P300
This model support Conexant sound driver and I recommend installing this driver!


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I wanted to install a new Windows 7 (no recovery) but the hard disk wasn't found during the installation. In the boot menue on the contrary I can find the disk. So what I need is a driver. But I have no clue where to get one! Can someone help?

Version: PSLS0E-06T01KGR


Answer:Satellite L500 (PSLS0E) - HDD wasn't found during the Win7 installation

Maybe stupid question now but do you use original Microsoft Win7 installation disc?

I have installed Win7 on several different Toshiba notebooks (older and newer) and HDD was ?visible? every time. I have removed existing partitions, created new one and installed Win7 on it successfully.

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I've just installed Win7 64 bit on a C650 laptop but I don't see the Hotkey utilities for wireless on/off or touchpad (Fn F8 &F9) on the Toshiba list of drivers.

Do these utlilies exist? Where would I get them from?


Answer:Satellite Pro C650 - missing Hotkey Utility after Win7 64-bit installation

You must install Toshiba value added package. This package contains several tools and utilities.

Please download and install latest version from Toshiba support page -

If you need more help you are welcome.

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My friend got a new laptop and didn't like Win 8 so she asked me to put Win 7 (64 bit) on it.  No problem, I thought, I've done this dozens and dozens of times (with Dell PCs at work).  Yeah right.  I'm stuck.  (Never dealt with AMD drivers before.)
So what I've got in Device Manager are 5 devices I've got to find drivers for (see image).  With Dell I always liked to start with ethernet and network controllers so I could then get on the internet and download the rest directly to the PC.  But I am not able to do that with the Toshiba.  I keep getting the error "The RealTek Network Adapter/Controller was not found.  If Deep Sleep Mode enabled Please Plug the Cable."  I troubleshooted this issue for about 3 hours to no resolve, but I came across something that said I needed to install the chipset first.  Which is where I get stuck.
I read that the AMD driver is a combination of the graphics and chipset, but I can't find a driver that works on the Toshiba website.  I downloaded and tried many but they won't execute.  So then I went to the AMD website and downloaded the Catalyst software and what I thought was the chipset/graphics driver.  But I can't figure out how to install this driver via the Catalyst.  It seems like you need an internet connection in order to install it.  Where am I going wrong here?
I've done a little desktop support, but I'm certainly no guru.  (So go easy o... Read more

Answer:Help with Win7 driver installation on Toshiba Satellite C55D-A5170

For each of the devices with exclamation mark right click, select properties and under the details tab select Hardware ID's in the dropdown box. Provide the information shown.

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I just formatted my laptop and reinstalled windows 7. I have been installing the required toshiba drivers with success.

My fn-keys do work as they are supposed to but when I press them no visualization for their function appears on the screen.

I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction on how to re-establish the visualization.


Answer:Re: Satellite L755-165 - after clean WIn7 installation FN-keys are not visible

According notebook?s specification your notebook was delivered with WIN7 64BIT HOME PREMIUM.
Is there some problem with preinstalled OS or you just want to have other Win7 version?

Sorry for this question but I don?t understand why to make things more complicated if not necessary.
I just hope you have created recovery DVD before you have installed own OS.

Generally speaking all drivers, tools and utilities must be installed in right installation order. Who knows how you have installed all this stuff.
What you can try is to restart flash cards using option in start > all programs > Toshiba > utilities.

Test it.

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Iv been given a toshiba satellite c660-1j6.
The problem is the hard drive has been wiped (including the back up). I have none of the Toshiba back up disks , but i have new copies of win 7 home prem and xp pro. However when i try to install win7 i get as far as selecting the drive to install it and i click on the drive and i get the message about how windows cant be installed on this drive please check the drive controller is enabled.

Iv check the BIOS more then a few times and i cant find anything to do with it apart from the SATA Controller Mode and that dose nothing.
Toshiba Tech Support where no help at all. so is the HD locked or the BIOS and is there any way of unlocking them so i can install the O/s?

Iv tested the drive by hooking it up to a desk top PC and installing windows that way but as soon as i put the drive back in the laptop it comes up with no O/S installed again

Can someone give any help....or clues even , iv been at this for a week now and im going insane.

Answer:Satellite C660-1J6 Win7 clean installation failed - HDD controller disabled


HDD is not locked. You can install any OS on the HDD.
Usually the Win 7 operating system already contains the SATA drivers which are needed in order to see the HDD. So it?s not necessary to include SATA drivers while Win 7 installation. You said you?ve got a Win 7 copy disk. Is this a original Microsoft disk with full functional Win 7?
I?ve installed many times Win 7 on my Toshiba notebooks and didn?t need to use SATA drivers?

In BIOS you have found SATA controller mode. This should be set to AHCI. You can change this pressing SPACE.
But also settings the BIOS to default should do this job.

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I have installed Windows 7 on my Satellite A200 and now cannot find my SD card reader.
Where can I find the driver for that?
I did not find it in the download section from Toshiba.


Answer:Re: Satellite A200 - After Win7 installation SD card reader doesn’t work

Hello Rob

Before we start to discuss about your issue check Win7 download section at first.
Here the link

Which Satellite A200 do you have exactly (A200-xxx)?

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Hi There,

I have just installed windows 7 64 bit on my A300-15V and am experiencing some strange issues:

When I boot up, the keyboard and touchpad works until I log in, as soon as the desktop pops up both my keyboard and trackpad stop working.
If I reboot the laptop everything seems to works fine again.

Sometimes in the middle of working on something, the laptop and trackpad will stop working completely and I will need to reboot the laptop to get them to work again.

I've installed the chipset drivers listed under my OS, but that hasn't solved the issue.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Answer:Satellite A300-15V: keyboard does not work after Win7 has booted up


Hmm? please set the BIOS to default settings!

You could enter the BIOS pressing F2 while notebook boots up.

You should also install the touchpad driver? as far as I know there are two drivers; Synaptics and Alps. Both should be installed.

Please check also if the touchpad is not disabled by pressing FN + F9 key combination!


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I'm sorry about this but I'm a little noob in picking laptops can you guys help me?

This site reviews about to laptops i want to buy one but I'm not sure, canu guys check it out for me please?

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite L505 - Which one is better?

Hi buddy,

I assume you mean Satellite L505 and Qosmio X505?! Right?

Well, the notebooks are completely different. Qosmio X505 is high performance gaming notebook and much expensive because it?s equipped with newest and best hardware.

Satellite L505 is cheap model with other hardware, it?s not designed for gaming but ideal for office, Internet, etc.

It?s depending on your requirements: If you need one for games, you should buy the Qosmio.

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I downgraded my Satellite P200d-12o to the windows xp (sp3), found all drivers and stuff.
Everything works perfect.
I have only one problem: there is no keybord backlight.

How to solve this?

Answer:No keyboard backlight on Satellite P200D-12O after XP installation

nobody? :(

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I have the same problem! I have an A200-PSAE6E with Windows 7. My device manager shows me a perfect SDA Standard Compliant SD Host Controller under SD host adapters. But it has a certain Mass Storage Controller, under Other Devices, and that one doesn't have a driver installed (code 28). I try to update it, but it doesn't find anything.

Here on Toshiba's website I can't find the drivers for the card reader either. I think it's Card Reader Controller (there is a Flash Card Support Utility, but I'm almost certain it's the other one)
There is a Card Reader Controller driver for Windows Vista 64, but my Windows 7 is 32. Do you think I should try that anyway? Do you think perhaps Toshiba won't even release a driver for that?

Answer:Satellite A200 PSAE6E: Controller code 28 in device manager after Win7 installation

> Here on Toshiba's website I can't find the drivers for the card reader either. I think it's Card Reader Controller (there is a Flash Card Support Utility, but I'm almost certain it's the other one)

If you would click on ?More Info? which is on the right of the driver page, then you could find all details about the drivers.
The Flash Card Support Utility is not driver but utility (the name said everything) and this utility controls the FN buttons.

Visit the Toshiba European driver page and choose your notebook model.
Then try the Vista 32bit driver called Flash Media Driver (don?t mix it with Flash Card Support Utility). The Flash Media Driver v is for your Bridge Media Slot. This slot lets you insert either a SD card, Memory Stick (Pro) or xD picture card.

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Don't know if anyone can help me but I'm losing the will to live.

I've got this laptop, the OS corrupted and basically failed due to a malware infection. I never had the recovery disks so I've clean installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit twice in the space of 3 days because each time, Windows Update will not work. It simply sits on checking for updates and never finishes. I've tried EVERY solution going - ive reset windows update, done all the fix it programs supplied by microsoft to no avail.

As I said, this is a totally clean install, no anti virus, no 3rd party firewall, updates attempted via both ethernet and wifi. Am I missing a driver of some sort? There are no exclamation marks or warnings in device manager?!

It's doing my head in. What am i doing wrong?!

One observation, both installs have required me to activate via phone, it wouldn't work via the internet?! Is this related in any way?
Drivers installed:

I got them off this page:

Is there any that I'm missing that are important?

Thanks in advance!


Answer:Satellite C660 PSC0LE - Win7 64bit clean installation - update issue

Is SP1 already installed on your Windows 7 system?
If not, you could download this from here:

Otherwise I recommend you to check the MS knowledge base regarding the Windows 7 update issues.

You don’t’ use the Toshiba image and therefore this isn’t Toshiba notebook problem but system issue.

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I have just installed Windows 7 onto my laptop which is around a year old now but the mouse pad and the keyboard do not work. No lights on the caps lock keys or anything, the only way to get them to work is to press the power button so that the laptop goes into sleep and then press it again to wake it up, this then wakes up the keyboard but the mouse pad still does not work.

I can plug a USB mouse in and this works but I would prefer if the touchpad and the keyboard would just work in the first place!! However if I then restart the computer using the keyboard the touchpad then suddenly works.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Answer:MousePad & Keyboard dont work under Win7 on Satellite A300-1BZ

I have upgraded my Satellite A300 to Win7 and both devices works perfectly.
Have you made upgrade or clean Win7 installation?

To be honest it is a little bit strange. I have installed WXP, Vista and now Win7 on my A300 but touchpad and keyboard worked well all the time.

Have you noticed this immediately after fist start or later?

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Having 4G of RAM (2 x 2G), I wanted to to upgrade to 8G (2 x 4G). I found out that my mother board supports 8G of DDR3 1066Mhz (PC3 8500) as a maximum. I bought the following two RAM modules: Corsair CM3X8GSDKIT1066.

My BIOS accepts these and shows a total RAM of 8192M. I have the BIOS version 2.10 (the latest version). I disabled "USB Legacy Emulation".

Running Windows 7 32-bits and Linux 32-bits without PAE work. They detect 3G of RAM.
Running Windows 7 64-bits halts the laptop, even in Safe Mode. Running Linux 32-bits with PAE or Linux 64-bits halts the laptop after a few minutes. Installing Linux 64-bits with the 8G RAM in place also halts the laptop a few minutes after the installation starts.

What is going wrong in my system and how can I upgrade the RAM to the maximum supported size?

Thank you.

Answer:Upgrade RAM to 8G on Satellite L505-13J


The notebook supports an i5-430; CPU and the supported FSB is 1066Mhz.
This means that RAM modules would run max at 1066mhz
The notebook supports also the 8GB RAM (2 x 4GB)

In my opinion it looks like the new modules are not fully OK or compatible?
There are many users in this forum who had problems with modules from Corsair?

Try good quality modules from Kingston? they might be expensive but should work ok.

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Hi everyone,

Forgive me if my english is a little weird, it's not my native language :)

I need a little help solving this mistery : I've had my Satellite 505-13X for more than a year, with Win7 pre-installed, all was working just fine and I got very fond of the Fn (Fonction) key, used it all the time !

Now sudenly it doesn't work anymore - no reaction whatsoever when I press it. And since the last time it worked I didn't install any new software or anything.
I obviously checked the key itself, but as far as I can tell, there is nothing wrong with it, It moves just as the other keys... ??

I read in the manual and here in the support section that it can be deactivated by some programs. That's very instructive and all, but it doesn't say anywhere what to do when it does happen !!
Soooo frustrating.

Any ideas ?
Thanks for your help, it's not a matter of life and death but it's just really annoying when you can't use your old habits anymore... Grrrrrr !

Answer:Satellite L505-13X - How to reactivate the FN key?

Hi frogfruit,

FN keys are controlled by Value Added package and Flash Cards Support Utility. Both tools you can download on Toshiba website.

Check this!!

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Hi everyone, I'm thinking of buying the notebook from the topic title, but cannot seam to find what chipset is used in it.
So if anyone can help me, I'd be grateful :)

Oh, and some info from anyone who has it would also be nice.

Answer:Chipset in Satellite L505-111

Chipset is: Mobile Intel GM45 Express Chipset.

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I own a Satellite L505-10T and would like to change CPU with a more powerful model. What are the supported CPUs today?

Answer:Satellite L505-10T - CPU upgrade

CPU upgrade is not supported and if you do something like this it is on your own risk. Toshiba has created one document about it and you can read it on

Also very important thing is that such action will cancel valid warranty. In my opinion it is not so good idea. Generally speaking CPU performance cannot be so bad and what you can do is RAM and HDD upgrade. RAM can be upgraded to maximum level and HDD can be exchanged with fast SSD.
I have done this on my machine and notebook performance is simply amazing. Both upgrades are supported by Toshiba and you can do this on our own.

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i own a satellite l505-13j with a cpu intel i5 m430 x64 os is win7 x32

as it is a bit old and slow
i replaced hard disk by ssd 240 gbyte successfully it works fine
i had ugraded to win10 x32 that4s ok works fine and gain more speed
i would now upgrade to x64 and win10 x 64
i add 2x4 gbyte ram ; bios say ok ?it see 8gbyte ram and win10 see only 4gbyte ram

impossible to load win7 x64, i presume i have to upgrade bios to > latest version (2.10)
the issue is "err battery under 10%"
i ever work on ac and no need battery

if someone have solved this problem ,please help me do

all advices are welcome thanks a lot on advance


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1.5 years ago I have bought a L505-10H, and since 2 weeks he fall's out and it gets extremly hot. first it was just 1 in 3 days but now it happends 2/3 a day.
does somebody know what the problem might be?

thank you.

Answer:Satellite L505-10H - Gets extremly hot


I think your notebook must be cleaned using compressed air spray to blow out the dust that is blocking the fan. So your notebook get?s really hot.

Have you already cleaned a notebook before? If not I would recommend reading this article about cleaning a Toshiba notebook:

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Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite L 505-110 laptop.
After I recovered my laptop with Toshiba recovery, BD-ROM turned into DVD-RW and I cannot watch BR films since then.

What should I do?

Answer:Satellite L505-110 BD-ROM turned into DVD-RW


Did you really have an Blue-ray drive?

As far as I know the notebook was equipped with an simple DVD super multi drive.
So CD-R(read/write), CD-RW(read/re-write),DVD-R SL, DL(read/write),DVD-RW(read/write), DVD+R SL, DL(read/write), DVD+RW(read/write), DVD-RAM(read/write), CD-ROM, DVD-ROM are supported

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I have to question why Toshiba Satellite L505 13X, FN of buttons does not work on Windows 7 Familial premium 64-bit operating system.
I tried to reinstall value added package & toshiba flash card but it still doesn't work. and now i can't activate wifi and other options.

please help.


Answer:Fn accessiblity on Satellite L505

It is not easy to say why this happen but I can imagine you have forgot to install some important component. Fact is that drivers and all other Toshiba specific stuff must be installed in right installation order.
Here is Win7 install order and you can check if you have done it on the same way or something is not installed:

Windows 7
Intel Chipset SW Installation Utility
Realtek LAN Driver
Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver
Display Driver
Realtek Audio Driver
TOSHIBA Supervisor Password Utility
TOSHIBA HW Setup Utility
TOSHIBA Flash Cards support utility
TOSHIBA Value Added Package
Wireless LAN Driver
PatchFiles PCI PCIIDEREG-1.1
Card Reader
Intel Turbo Boost Technology Driver
Intel Management Engine Interface
Synaptics Touch Pad Driver
TOSHIBA Software Modem
Conexant Modem Driver
Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba
TOSHIBA Web Camera Application
TOSHIBA Face Recognition
TOSHIBA eco Utility
TOSHIBA Service Station
TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor


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i decided to boost my laptop.a bit old and slow

for this i changed hard disk for an ssd 256 gb this works fine
i loaded win 10 x32 and it works fine too ,but impossible to load and upgrade to win10 x64
i bought two 4gb ram 1066 ddr3 .,bios system see 8 gbyte but win10 x32 say only 4gb usable grrrrr
i try to upgrade from bios 1.2 to latest bios 2.10 with the hope of turning possible win10 x64:
I get an issue who say "battery under 10% > can't upgrade"

it seems impossible to get help from toshiba services no way to get human contact !!

Please somebody had this problems and solved it could help me

all advices are welcome

Answer:Satellite L505-13j - how to upgrade to Win 7?

This model came with Win7 64bit. Win10 64bit should install fine, even with early BIOS.
Maybe your 64bit Win10 media has a problem.

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Yesterday I changed OS to XP SP2. And now i have problem with keyboard - cursors and delete key work inproperly.

Usually when you stop holding a key, it stops typing or moving the cursor or scrolling the screen - now when i hold a cursor for a moment then stop and i must wait untill it stops. Other keys work good.

On vista this problem didn't appear.

Please help - with it i can't play any games. I have standard keyboard driver from xp. Is there any different keyboard drivers or software? i don't think i forgot something when changing os - installed display, sound, lan, wlan, controls driver (don't know exactly what is it for), t-pad, flashcard, modem any other ideas?

Sorry for my poor english. waiting for your response.

Answer:Satellite A200-1CR PSAE0E - keyboard issue after XP installation


For the keyboard is no extra software or driver available. It?s part of the OS.

In your case I would try it with an external keyboard and mouse.
Furthermore in the control panel you can configure different things.


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Hello Guys ,

Thank you all for helping me on the last thread.

I have intalled a new copy of Win7 ultimate to my PC now .

But now it shows BSOD ..on the following issues ...
i cant understant what is the problem with my lap.The issuues are noted below.


Please help me if anybody have solution....


Answer:Satellite L505-13W BSOD error

Didn?t you solve the BSOD issue here in this thread?

Did you get the BSOD using the Toshiba preinstalled system?

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I just bought 2 months ago my first new laptop Satellite L505-141 and use Windows 7 64bit. The laptop crushes (turn off Suddenly) 3 times a day and I dont know why! After it's happen I cant turn it on unlees I plug out and conent again the electric cable.

Please help me, I dont know what cuses the laptop to crush.


Answer:Satellite L505-141 - Crash 3 times a day

Hi chen,

Do you use the preinstalled Windows version from Toshiba or your own installation?
Have you updated any drivers?

And when does it happen exactly? When you play games, surf in the Internet or something else?

To be honest it?s not easy to say something about this problem but maybe your notebook is overheating. Therefore you should clean your notebook using compressed air spray. You can do this without dissembling the computer so it takes few minutes only. :)

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Here's the deal:

* with the battery out and the power supply disconnected I discharged the MB by holding the power button down for 60 seconds (tried this at least 10 times)
* the plugged-in LED stays on consistently
* the power supply is the correct voltage and amperage; when connected to the laptop the plugged-in LED is green and it charged the battery (battery LED went from amber to green) but the power-on LED stays not lit
* tried with just the power supply, no battery; also just the battery, no power supply
* the fan doesn't run
* removed the RAM cards, HDD, optical drive, battery

Would a bad heat sink-to-CPU contact cause this symptom? Wouldn't I get a momentary power-on indication if that were the case? Or when the RAM cards are out?

This unit is VERY clean, has no loose parts or rattles. It's not had any trauma or shocks or stuff spilled into it. Based on its general condition it seems unlikely to me that the motherboard is shot. Am I forgetting something?



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Almost a year after buying a Toshiba Satellite L505-13E, I started noticing temperature problems (it starts going at 70?, sometimes more, hitting 89?), even had the computer just power off (not the correct way through windows, instead, in a moment it's on, the other it's off when it hits 90?). I bought a cooling stand to maintain the computer at low temperatures, but the stand is not that good and the temperatures get levelled at 60? at best, but does solve the problem temporarily.

I usually have Skype (normally i'm not on a call so the cpu doesn't spike, but I do have the ocasional call), msn, irc, have a program to check mails regularly (thunderbird) and have firefox opened. At maximum the cpu spikes at 32% or similar with all of these opened (normally it's at 9-14% or so), so I don't think it's any problem related to massive processing of applications (but like anything else, sometimes it spikes to bigger percentages, but not that much or for so much time). I do use all of these at the same time. Because of the temperature problem, I installed an app to check regularly the state of the system.

As the problem is internally in the computer, I suppose it may be because the fan is stuck or something. I do clean the dust when it's time, but it also solves the problem temporarily (I don't open the computer case however, as it is under warranty and I don't want to void the warranty or break the computer). I'd like to find a more permanent solution without buying anyt... Read more

Answer:Satellite L505-13E - Overheat problem?

> As the problem is internally in the computer, I suppose it may be because the fan is stuck or something. I do clean the dust when it's time, but it also solves the problem temporarily (I don't open the computer case however, as it is under warranty and I don't want to void the warranty or break the computer). I'd like to find a more permanent solution without buying anything else as I don't think this is the correct solution for the problem.

The dust and debris are the main reasons why the notebook overheats. The dust inside the cooling modules prevents the fans from rotating faster which affects the cooling and leads to higher temperature.
So as you said; removing dust help you? and this should be done from time to time.

You say this is temporal solution for you? Hmm? I have no idea how you want to use the notebook is a dust free room? Only this would keep prevent dust from cooling modules.

I clean my notebook using compressed air spray. This helps and does not affect my warranty.


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I just bought the Toshiba L505-10J last week and I'm really satisfied with my choice, but when I start a game like Counter Strike Source or Risen I Have some strange Issues. The first 30-60 Minutes are Ok but then the Sound starts cracking and my Mouse (Razer Lachesis) stops moving when I'm holding a Key on the Keyboard (for example W for moving forward). When I switch to my desktop while playing this problem is gone (I opened Notepad pressed down W and moved the Mouse. No problems at all). When I Switch back it's there again. The only solution to this problem ist to reboot my Computer. Then I can play the next 30-60 min. before it starts all over.

I already reinstalled Windows 7 but the problem is still there.
When i use my Touchpad instead of my mouse it's the same. Can't play longer than 30-60 min...

This is not acceptable because I want to play games on my Notebook from time to time.

Hope someone can help me and sorry for my bad english, I'm from germany.

Answer:Satellite L505-10J - Can't play longer than 30-60 min


As I understood, this issue happens only playing games.
There is no problem using the notebook with other application.
Is it right?

hmm? how about graphic card driver update and BIOS update?
If newer versions are available then it would be advisable to update this!

Check it!

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I updated my bios to 2.10 few days ago everything was fine but now im getting video_tdr_failure crashes. It started with Win 10 64 bit only while playing games everything other was fine expect few pixel problems like broken colored pixels on videos, i thought the problem might be Win 10 64 bit. I changed OS to win 7 32 bit and it is worse now i can't even use firefox or chrome my video card stops right after i open them. I think it is a bios problem or my video card is dead. Changing bios back to 1.80 might help but i couldn't find it anywhere, please can you share Satellite L505 1.80 bios link?

Answer:Satellite L505-11E - need to download BIOS 1.80

I changed OS again now i use win 10 32bit and im getting tdr crash if i upgrade my gpu driver, i think it is because resolution after upgraded resolution changes to 1366x768 and i get tdr crash. While i was using win 7 i was able to set resolution 1366x768 but i wasnt even able to use firefox, watch videos insta tdr crash. Right now i didn't upgrade my gpu drivers it is still ''Microsoft basic gpu'' so resolution is 1024x768 and i can use every program or watch even full hd videos but there are a lot of artifacts. I have no clue my video card is dead or it is bios problem?

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Firstly my laptop: Satellite L505-13D
..and the problem: after ..let?s say.. a year, my videos started lagging. I tried to reinstall graphic drivers, codecs, media players, the problem maintains on every video player.

The problem does not occur on clips watched in internet browsers. Following few advices about Intel rapid storage technology driver, I tried to reinstalled it as well.. nothing happened.

Today my last attempt to get rid of this problem failed as I reinstalled my windows and all movies and clips continue to lag. It?s looking like 3 seconds playing and one second not.

Does anyone have any idea what can cause this and what can i do to solve this please?
Thank you, heppi

Answer:Satellite L505-13D - video lagging

I only want to add that the same movie lags when play from HDD and does not when played from CD. That might look like there are problems with HDD but there are also movies on my HDD that are playing without problems. And also when playing one movie right after my system starts, it does not lag bud few minutes later it does ..

Any clue?

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My laptop is Satellite L505-10z. I installed Windows 8 Pro and I notice that lots of drivers (especially TVAP) I downloaded from Toshiba support website (which are originally for Windows 7) not working! When will Toshiba release Windows 8 drivers? Will my model be included in the driver updates?


Answer:Satellite L505-10z - Win 7 tools are not compatible with Win 8

> downloaded from Toshiba support website (which are originally for Windows 7) not working!

Win 7 tools and utilities are made for Win 7 and not Win 8

> When will Toshiba release Windows 8 drivers? Will my model be included in the driver updates?
I think you should ask Toshiba. This is user to user community.
But I think Toshiba would start with driver support if Win 8 would be available OFFICIALLY on the market.

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Hello everyone,

i got my new laptop and was totally happy with it, but there is this one problem i can't solve.
there are files on my laptop (i installed myself) that i can't delete, the system always tells me that the files are currently open or used by another system, but i have closed everything there is nothing open, can somebody help me with that?


Answer:Satellite L505 - Can't delete Files

Hi Lieselotte,

If you need help from users here you must be a little bit more detailed and exact... What files you want to delete exactly?
If you want to remove programs, use the software list in control panel > Add/Remove progams to delete the programs and files.

Furthermore make also sure that you have administrator rights.

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i've some problems in my laptop

1- Fn key doesn't work with any service from Toshiba, only with the windows keys, this happened after the some windows critical updates(win 7 64 bits)
2- i didn't find my laptop' serial number or part number in Toshiba website.

please any one can help me

Answer:Satellite L505-13t - Fn key doesn't work


The FN buttons are controlled by Flash Card Support Utility.
You need to reinstall this tool.
But also the VAP (value added package) should be reinstalled.

I recommend firstly to remove the Flash Card and VAP from the system.
Then to reboot the unit and to clean the registry using CCleaner.
After that you should install both tools again; VAP and Flash Card Support Utility


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I have Satellite L505 with windows 7 Home Premium.
My problem is there is no bootable device, but sometimes it works and boot normally.
What should I do?

Please help me.

Answer:No Bootable Device on Satellite L505

Set BIOS to default settings and check it again?

Try to start notebook several times using F12 at start up and let us know if all bootable devices are listed every time you do this.

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Hi, I bought a L505-S6946 laptop and it's been working fine until this morning. It died and after I charged it up, the sound was no longer working. There is no sound whatsoever, I downloaded a new driver and still not working. What can I do to get it working again?

Answer:Satellite L505-S6946, no sound.

Have you looked at the Sound Card in Device Manager?

Is it showing a yellow exclamation mark?

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I have Toshiba Satellite L505-13D
I want to upgrade my processor from i3 -330M to i5-540M (SLBPG)
I was upgrade BIOS version to 2.10

Replace procesor but system does not starting. Black screen and only fan starting for 10-25 seconds and thats it.

What can i do now? It is possible to upgrade with this processor?

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I have a problem with my Satellite L505-10M.

Suddenly the fan is not starting any more and because of that the laptop gets quickly overheated and shuts down. I installed Windows 7 on it myself, already quite a lot of times, and this time it was 2 weeks ago, while it just happened tonight. I did not install anything new and neither did I do something special with it, it just doesn't start the fan any more.

I checked this forum, couldn't find anything, searched and could only find problems with Linux and the fan but not Windows (it is not starting at bios startup either).

If anyone has a thought, a similar experience or a solution it would be really helpfull


Answer:Satellite L505-10M - Fan is not starting anymore

If it is not spinning at all, then it sounds like the fan is faulty or there is a bad connection.

I'd send the laptop to an Authorized Service Center for repair.

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I have problems with my "FN" Button.

When I reboot my system, everythings gone alright with it but when I used about 5-10min my computer, I can't use FN any more.
I don't know why.

Anyone can helps me?

Answer:Satellite L505-13D - Can't use FN buttons after 5-10 minutes

Hi mauysz,

I also don?t know why this happens but you could try to reinstall Toshiba Value Added Package if you have Vista or Windows 7 installed. FN keys will be controlled by this tool and Flash Cards Support Utility. Everything you can download here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

But remove the old tools firstly. Restart the notebook and then install VAP and then Flash Cards Support Utility.

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I have a 3 year old L505-13E pc and i'm having some problems with the fan controller. When i was watching a movie my pc shut down and it was very hot. I thought it was dust inside so i opened and cleaned it. It was very clean.

My fan is not working very good. It looks like it works by impulses, always turning on and shutting down. I have installed windows 7 with the original DVD's and the fan worked fine but when i started to install the windows updates the fan stopped working again.

Do i need a new motherboard or is it only a software problem?

Kind regards

Answer:Satellite L505-13E - Fan controller issues

Hi Jung

As far as I know cooling fan is controlled automatically and there is no some special software that controls cooling fan activity. Sensors placed on the mainboard register the temperature level and control cooling fan activity.

In advanced power settings you can find cooling method option and change options for cooling fan activity but I don?t think it will help you.

Maybe you should contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They can help you with this.

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Hi! I have problem with my keyboard. I dont know why but when i write with some keys apprear 40 with the letters and numbers. With0 the space appears the zero (0)

Can0 you help me please?

Answer:Re: Satellite L505-13N - Some keys appear when I write something

Hi buddy,

Since when do you notice this behavior and does it also happen if you use an external keyboard? Using an external keyboard you can determine if it?s hardware or software problem so I think this would be the easiest and fastest way to check what is wrong exactly.

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