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Satellite L500-19C - How to configure keyboard properly?

Question: Satellite L500-19C - How to configure keyboard properly?

I bought a Satellite L500-19C with Windows 7 64 bits and I'm having troubles with the configuration of the keyboard for the correct use of portuguese language.

When I try to accent a letter,par example "a", I get aside "~~" instead of the accent above the letter. I've checked all configurations from Windows and Toshiba SW and everything seems to be fine tuned to portuguese (Portugal).

Please help me in the way to correct it.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite L500-19C - How to configure keyboard properly?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite L500-19C - How to configure keyboard properly?


Normally you can change the keyboard layout if navigate to control panel > Keyboard. There you should add the keyboard layout that you want and remove all other layouts that you don?t want.

After this the keyboard should work properly.

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About a month ago I spilt pepsi on my laptop and had it sent for repair. I got it back today and it had a new keyboard installed, among other things. But, the new keyboard is not functioning correctly.

A bunch of the keys type nearby letters instead. E.g typing "a" gives "aq1", "b" gives "bgt". It seems to type the letters vertically above. Some work fine.

Is the new keyboard faulty, or does it need calibrated or something? My laptop model is L500-19X.

Answer:New keyboard on Satellite L500-19X doesn't work properly

My advice: don?t waste your time on forum expecting some help. How to give you proper answer to your questions?
I have only one answer to your question: no, keyboard doesn?t need to be calibrated.
Contact service provider as soon as possible and ask for help.

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Brand new laptop and first time user of a laptop, was told it was going to be simple.
Turn the laptop on and was asked to choose between the 32 or 64 bit operating system and was not sure which way to go and ended up choosing the 64 (not sure if this was the right decision).

Then came up with a big WARNING screen saying that all info on hard drive will be deleted.
Totally freaked out and turned the machine off not know if I said yes would it have wipe out my Window 7 operating system.

Anyway can offer any advice or suggestions would be great.

How do I get this thing going?

Answer:How to configure the Satellite L500/013 for the first time?

Hi mate

Don?t worry about this message.
It?s usual process that the first HDD partition will be deleted if the recovery procedure would be started.

This happens using the HDD recovery or the Recovery disk.
Anyway...Choose the Win 7 version (32bit or 64bit) and then follow the instruction on the screen.


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I need your help to sort this problem out my accessibility key does not work, when i press on FN key to switch my wireless on it does not work.
As when i go to program files>Toshiba>utilities>TACSPROP.exe a warning alert shows up telling me it cant be used in this operating system.
And for your information i have Windows 7 32bit.

So you are highly appreciated to tell me what to do with this issue.

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro L500-1VX- accessibility (FN key) does not work properly

Did you install Windows yourself? Or is it the preinstalled Windows from the factory?

Go to the Toshiba website and navigate to the Support/Download section. Download and install the latest Value Added Package.

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Hi - two months ago purchased new Satellite L500 - all well and then last week started having problems with charging.

As usual, I allowed the battery to run down to about 10% capacity before plugging in the AC power. Whilst working away noticed that the charging would stop for about 2 seconds, and then reconnect. After a few minutes, it would do it again.
It is charging the battery, but it is now flicking on and off quite frequently - 5 to 10 times per minute. Apart from being off-putting as the screen dims, I am sure that this can only become steadily worse.

I have tried another adaptor - my son also has a Satellite, and the problem is still there, so it is not a fault with the cable.
I would be very grateful if anyone has any suggestions. I can take it back to the shop from where I purchased it, but that is about 1 hours drive away, and I need my computer every day, so I cannot leave it with them for any length of time, before driving another hour there and back to collect it.

Answer:Satellite L500-13W - Doesn't charge properly

hi merriman,
hope that isnt related to a hardware fault...

try the following:
- boot machine without mains, only battery
- while booting press F8 and dont choose any option, screen will stay (better is to do this with a dos boot disk but..)
- let the battery run empty
wait about an hour and make the same procedure again
this time runtime should be much more shorter!
- connect the mains and let the battery load 24hours without using machine, dont turn on (i think 12 h will be long enough too)
after this run machine without mains until the system requires "more power"
avoid short loading cycles, every load cycle decreases the capacity of the battery
allways ac- power means: every 2 minutes battery is checked and reloaded, this means in a year the load cycles are wasted...

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first time on this board in the hope of solving this problem.

I frequently import CDs into Itunes. We have had the L500 for just under a month and I have noticed it does not play some CDs properly. It plays all DVDs just fine just so you know.
For example, I bought two brand new CDs from HMV on Saturday and only one of them plays properly. The offending item when played - the audio from it sounds muted and scratchy more like an old vinyl record on a turntable.

I would assume that since the CD is correctly placed in the tray and pushed in correctly that it will play. However something is wrong but I do not know how to fix it at the moment.

P.S I also tried playing the CDs on my PS2 and they play fine so I am thinking it is something in/on the laptop.

many thanks for your time


Answer:Satellite L500 - Doesn't play some CDs properly


Have you tested other players instead iTunes? I can recommend VLC media player that is a freeware too.

And what OS you have? Why you didn?t post any informations about this?

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Hi all.

I?ve Toshiba Satellite L500 with Windows7. Two days ago a red cross appeared over battery indicator and notice: 30% available, plugged in, not charging. Consider replacing your battery.
And when I plug off AC laptop shuts down. I replaced the battery but the same action ? when plug out AC the computer shuts down. Run some antivirus programs ? no results. I installed a battery tester who told me that battery is not installed. Run SCF program ? not bad files.
Tried with power manager ? no results.

My battery works well on other similar laptop.
Pls help !!!

Answer:Battery is not recognized properly on Satellite L500


Remove the battery and start your notebook with AC power supply only. When the OS is loaded put the battery in place and check if the battery will be recognized.
If not I presume there is some problem with power supply electronic on mainboard and it should be checked by Toshiba service provider.

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The above machine was working fine until today.

Then when I switched it on, it just sat on the Toshiba page, asking me to press F2 or F12.
I wasn't sure what to do so I ran the (factory) recovery disk which all seemed to install ok but....

Now when I switch it on, it shows the initial Toshiba splash screen and stays there until I manually press F12 to select to boot from the hard drive.
From there it takes me to Windows Boot Manager and I have to select the windows 7 o/s.

Then I get the "starting windows for the first time" screen for a minute or so until it restarts and I have to press F12 again.
It just repeats all this over and over in loops.

I've tried the recovery disk again but the same is happening.

I've been in the bios and made sure the hard drive is set as the first boot device, and I've set the bios to default, but nothing seems to make any difference.

Any help/advice greatly appreciated.

Answer:Satellite L500-1XL does not boot properly - stay in loop

>I've been in the bios and made sure the hard drive is set as the first boot device, and I've set the bios to default, but nothing seems to make any difference.
Hmm?. this was my idea? I thought maybe the HDD was not chosen as a first boot device? but it seems that this is not the case.

I?m wondering why you have to choose Win 7 in boot manager. Usually there is only one installed OS and the boot manager should not appear but Win 7shoudl load automatically?

I think you should formant the HDD once again? all the partitions should be deleted and then you should try to recovery the notebook using recovery disk?
If this does not help then I recommend checking the HDD. Maybe it malfunctions and new HDD would be necessary.

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I bought a L500 six months ago and now it's almost useless. Trying to operate it by starting it normaly is impossible, taking more than 40 minutes just to start up. Getting any program running or any window open takes many minutes more, if at all.

I have tried restoring the computer to a previous date but it only goes back to two weeks ago and is still facing the same problems. I have checked for bad sectors and not found any. I have also tried doing a CHKDSK but it eventually freezes after a couple of hours during stage 4 of 5, in the following file:
Users\DANIEL~1\AppData\Local\MICROS~1\Windows\TEMP OR~1\Content.IE5\FIA7RO0V\combo[1]

I can operate the computer in Safe Mode most of the times, but when moving information it tends to freeze or slow down a lot. I have been backing up my information and many times it freezes during the process.

I have been using Microsoft Security Essentials but it has been deactivated. I can?t get it back on, although I have been constantly using USBs changing information between computers and no virus have been detected in the my other computer.

I do remember that one of the things that first started working strangely were WMP and VLC, as movies saved on the disk and some music albums would start freezing up after 5 minutes of being played, then playing again for a while and freezing later again.

What do you think the problem is? Is it likewise this will be a problem covered by the warranty?

Please let me know w... Read more

Answer:Satellite L500 doesn't work properly even on Safe Mode

Hi buddy,

> Is it likewise this will be a problem covered by the warranty?
It?s only covered by warranty if it?s a hardware malfunction but if it?s just a software or driver issue it?s no warranty and you have to pay for service.

Anyway, it?s hard to say what the problem is but theoretically it could be software related only and even in safe mode you have several issues I would try reinstall Windows from Toshiba recovery disk. This can restore the original factory settings (out of box settings) and with these settings everything should work properly. Then you can make sure it?s no software or driver problem because the recovery image is pretested by Toshiba.

If you still have problems after recovery installation contact an ASP!

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I have a Satellite L500 purchased in Portugal. My daughter has filled the keyboard with sugary tea. Fortunately the computer still works, but the keys are now very sticky and do not work properly.
I want to replace the keyboard. Will a UK spec board work on the computer? I changed the keyboard settings in Windows whilst using the Portuguese board.

Failing that, can I use a usb board with the laptop?

Answer:Need new keyboard for Satellite L500

> Will a UK spec board work on the computer?
Yes. Just be sure you have right keyboard designed for L500. You can get it cheap on eBay.
> Failing that, can I use a usb board with the laptop?
Of course.

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I have to buy a new keyboard for my Toshiba L500-1V1.
Could somebody please tell me which keyboards are suitable for Toshiba L500-1V1?

I have to get it as soon as possible and it seems to be impossible to find an original Toshiba keyboard replacement here in Finland.

That is why I am wondering if some other brands keyboard (f.ex asus, acer, hp, samsung, lenovo) would suit my computer because they are available in stores?

Thank you in advance!

Answer:Satellite L500-1V1 What keyboard can I use?


The Satellite L500 supports and is equipped with an standard black A4+10key keyboard.
Usually keyboards released for other notebook series using the same layout (A4+10key type) should be compatible.

Furthermore you can always order a compatible keyboard from Toshiba authorized service partner in your country.


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I?m looking for new keyboard for my laptop Toshiba Satellite L500-19x because it is broken.
I can't do anything now on my laptop and I don't want external keyboard so is anybody know where I can buy it?
I was looking on eBay and web but I cannot find it. Please help,
Thx, Seb

Answer:Need new keyboard for Satellite L500


Maybe you should contact TASP (Toshiba service center) in your country. Replacing the keyboard it's not complicated procedure but requires some skills. They can replace it for you.


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For some reason my space button in my keyboard has stopped working. PS/2 keyboard driver seems to be up to date. I have tried to re-install the driver without any luck. Could somebody please help me to resolve this problem?

Thank you in advance!

Answer:Keyboard is not working in Satellite L500

> I have tried to re-install the driver without any luck.
Which driver? Where you can find driver for keyboard?

On this virtual way it is not easy to say what is wrong there. Start notebook in safe mode and test it again. If the same happen again and again I presume keyboard must be exchanged.

As far as I know there is no way to ?force? one single keyboard key to work again.

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My Satellite Pro L500 keyboard has sudenly stopped working, how do i get it working other than a remote keyboard?

Answer:Satellite Pro L500 Keyboard not working

> keyboard has suddenly stopped working

You didn?t post many details regarding the keyboard issue but I think there could be a simple hardware malfunction which can be solved only by replacement of internal keyboard.

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Hi All,

I'm having a couple of issues with the keyboard on my Satellite L500-128 - essentially; the 8,9,i,o,k,l and comma and period keys don't work at all.

All other keys are working perfectly fine (I'm using an external keyboard if people are wondering!)

I'm technically minded but wondering if its worth taking the laptop apart and having a look or if someone has had this problem with this laptop before - or if anyone has any ideas with what could fix it.

I've tried doing a reset of the laptop (battery out and pressing power button) I've re-installed the OS but the keyboard still has issues in the BIOS too.

Answer:Keyboard Issue on Satellite L500-128

I cannot say for sure but I presume keyboard is defective and it should be replaced. Keyboards are not so expensive and you can buy it on ebay too.
Problem is how to exchange it.

Do you know someone who can do this for you?
If not you should contact nearest Toshiba service and ask for help. Generally speaking keyboard exchange is not a big deal but if you don?t have experience with this you can damage some small plastic parts or plastic holders.

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I have a Toshiba L500-13w (PSLJ3E-00X01G03) problems with the keyboard. The keyboard does not work. Already tested on windows, or even to access the bios.
I bought a new keyboard, and changed. It does not work. Any way to solve this problem?


Answer:New keyboard does not work on Satellite L500-13W

What happened with the notebook exactly?
Did you spill some kind of fluid on the keyboard maybe??

The keyboard is connected to the motherboard with an flat cable?
If the keyboard controller on the motherboard has not been damaged, then new keyboard should work

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L500-11V and over the past few months the keyboard has been getting worse (some of the keys work only when they want too) and now it has stopped working completely. I purchased another keyboard hoping it would be an easy fix however this has not solved the problem.

I did some research and updated the bios to v2.1 however it still does not work. The wierd thing I have found though is that from using an external keyboard via USB when I press caps and number on the external keyboard both the lights on the laptop keyboard come on??

I am out of ideas and this is really bugging me now. Any ideas how to sort this?

Answer:Strange keyboard issue on my Satellite L500

If new keyboard didn?t sole this than there must be some serious hardware problem, keyboard controller maybe.
I think you need professional help with this so I recommend you to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They can check this with diagnostic tools and tell you for sure what is wrong there.

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I have Vista L500 with a dead keyboard. This machine has not been dropped or had anything spilled on it. I have plugged in external USB keyboard which works. The laptop keyboard does not. I have flashed BIOS, updated drivers, held shift key for 10 sec (read on another forum), reset computer, checked Windows Vista updates and ran 3 Virus checks.
Everything is perfect, just no Keyboard?

What else should I check? Could it be a motherboard problem?

Thanks for any help given :)

Answer:Satellite L500 - Keyboard doesn't work


Can you enter the BIOS (F2 key) with internal keyboard?
If not the internal keyboard seems to be defective and needs replacing?

I don?t think you can do more. I mean you tried everything what is possible and if an external keyboard works the OS installation should be ok.

The keyboard can be ordered and replaced from an authorized service provider. Do you know how to contact the guys?

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Hello Everybody,

i have just bought my l500-1UU laptop and it`s amazing but There is just one problem:
When i press (shift +2) the character appeare is (") not (@)

While the other key resposible for the quotes displays (@)
Does any body have a solution for it ?

thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite L500-1UU: inverted keyboard characters - " instead of @


Go to Clock, Language and region in Control Panel. Then, in Keyboard and Languages menu, choose Change keyboards . Now, add English (United States). I think, there is a English (united Kingdom) in your settings, you can remove it.

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Answer:Satellite L500-1XL - keyboard doesn't work


Get in contact with your Toshiba ASP in your country and ask for the keyboard replacement.


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Hi There!

A few weeks back I bought an L500/00U, brilliant machine.

Only problem so far, last night one of the retainer clips on the keyboard broke. It was the shift key that originally broke, but seeing as I use the shift key a lot, I swapped retiner clips with the + key on the numeric pad.

Anyway, my question is, how do I go about acquiring a new retainer clip, I'd really like to avoid returning the laptop to the store, only just got all my software installed after a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate RTM x64.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite L500 - Where can I get retainer clip for keyboard?


You can get all spare parts for Toshiba notebooks from an authorized service provider: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

But if it?s something broken on the keyboard I think the whole keyboard must be replaced. I?m not sure but an ASP can help you but don?t worry, keyboards are not expensive. ;)

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Bought a Satellite L500-1XJ 32bit with Windows 7 second hand from a friend.
It worked perfectly until the Toshiba files were accidentally deleted,
Can't find them anywhere, so I assume they have been permanently deleted.

I have tried recovery to no avail.
Also the keyboard is now mixed up ie to get the @ I have to use shift 2 instead of shift '.

What can I do?

Answer:Re: Satellite L500-1XJ - keyboard layout changed

What Toshiba files do you mean exactly?
Maybe Toshiba image files?

Regarding the keyboard layout issue:
I guess the keyboard language has been changed.

Usually you can add and change the keyboard language in:
Control Panel -> Clock, Language, and Region -> Region and Language ->Keyboards and Languages -> Change keyboards.

Details: [Change your keyboard layout|]

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I have a Satellite L500-1XC. I reinstall my OS (Windows 7 64bit) by using HDD recovery option. But after I did this I am having problems with my keyboard.
When I switch on my laptop and start windows, it just automatically starts to type random letter continuously when I am not even touching my keyboard. (e.g. when I open a blank notepad file it just automatically types random letters). I assume that this is a software problem.
So please be kind enough to provide me a solution for this. :)


Answer:Satellite L500-1XC - why my keyboard is acting funny?

Hello Dylan

Please install OS again using HDD recovery procedure. If the same will happen again it must be related to defective hardware ? keyboard.

Which software should give ?order? to keyboard to act on this way?

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I have a new L500/02C notebook.

Bought in Australia.

When @ is pressed on keyboard " appears and vice versa.

How can I fix please ... R

Answer:Satellite L500/02C: wrong keyboard characters appears - " instead of @

In Control Panel- Clock, Language and Region, choose Eng (US) to see what happens

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I'm studying in Germany now and I was thinking of buying the Satelite L500-164.
The problem is, in all shops you can only buy it with German keyboard which I totally hate.

Is it possible to change it to an English(or Greek) one?
How much will it cost? How long will it take?
I thought about buying it from Toshiba directly but they don't sell it, so I guess I'm stuck with buying it and immediately sending it to service for keyboard change?

Are there any shops which sell it with English keyboard or can change it at demand?

Thanks a lot

Answer:Satellite L500-164 - Need keyboard change to English or Greek

> I thought about buying it from Toshiba directly but they don't sell it, so I guess I'm stuck with buying it and immediately sending it to service for keyboard change?
Well, this will be one solution? the other would be buying an Satellite L500 in UK to get an keyboard with English layout.

You could try to order from some online retailers. There are enough online shops which provides Toshiba notebooks?

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Satellite L500, Windows 7, Keyboard becomes inactive after waking up from Sleep. Reboot cures the problem.

Help would be welcome Please!

Answer:Satellite L500 - Keyboard inactive after sleep mode

Hi Altone,

That?s strange but in my opinion you should try a BIOS update. Newest BIOS version for your notebook you can download from Toshiba page: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

But let me give you a word of advice: BIOS update is always a little bit risky so make sure that you are logged in as Administrator. Furthermore extract all files from zip archive and close all running programs (also AntiVirus).

By the way: Are you using preinstalled Windows 7 from Toshiba or did you make your own Windows installation?

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Wondering whether someone can help. I recently purchased a Satellite L500 and the keyboard is giving problems. Every day two or three times it starts typing giberrish - i.e I type L it will type another letter and so on - and it only fixes the problem by doing a reboot.

Any idea what may cause this problem or how it can be fixed? Its a brand new machine so I am surprised by the problem?

Many Thanks

Answer:Re: Satellite L500 - Keyboard starts typing Giberrish

Hi Partha,

> Its a brand new machine so I am surprised by the problem?
That makes no difference. Such problems or other ones can happen always even the notebook is few days old.

Regarding your problem: Have you checked the keyboard input language? I don?t know which native language you want to use but I would recommend removing all other languages.
Start > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Language > Details

In worst case if it would be a hardware issue, you should get a new keyboard for free from an authorized service provider due warranty.

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Hi Guys,

New to this Forum, can any one assist us please

Our daughter decided to give keyboard a clean with a duster but this was whilst switched on and now certain letters when keyed perform other functions e.g the letter t brings up the same function as f7. The letter o,e and l also do different things meaning you cannot do anything without huge interuption.

Any ideas chaps . . .?



Answer:Satellite L500: keyboard issue after cleaning with an duster


>The letter o,e and l also do different things meaning you cannot do anything without huge interuption.
Does this mean that keyboard buttons T, O, E and L don?t work as it should even you typing slowly?

I have no idea why this happened after trying to clean the keyboard but possibly some keyboard buttons are damage.
The problem is that you cannot remove/replace single buttons and it seems you will need to replace the whole keyboard.

Good luck

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Satellite Pro L500-19X running windows 7.

The machine boots ok, then at the login screen neither the touchpad or keyboard works.
The only way I can overcome this is to go back to a previous restore point.
After this, the machine runs fine until I power off, on powering up again, I get the same issue.

The machine has the latest updates applied.

Any pointers welcomed.



Answer:Satellite Pro L500-19X boots ok but touchpad and keyboard fail

Can you use both devices in ?safe mode? or when you enter BIOS settings?

If possible run HDD recovery installation and test functionality with ?factory settings?.
I know, it is most radical method but best way to test hardware functionality.

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A month ago I throw liquid on my laptop ?? Nothing happened at first, but 4 days ago I noticed that the ESC, 1, Tab, Q, CAPS LOCK, A and Z keys don't respond, don't work. In addition, when I activate the CAPS LOCK with the WIndows keyboard on screen, the CAPS LOCK's LED switches on in the real keyboard.

I've asked the TOSHIBA Technical support and they say it is a physical problem instead of electronic. What do you think?
I've though to buy a new keyboard for my laptop, but the thing is I've got a spanish/catalan keyborard and currently I'm living in UK.

Any advice? Try to order a keyboard from Spain and send it to here could be an option? But where do I get a Spanish keyboard?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Answer:Left side of Satellite L500 13N keyboard doesn't respond


When liquid spills on a keyboard it gets into the circuit and membranes of the keyboard and causes it to corrode or short. Basically you need to buy a new keyboard since it's generally not possible to repair it.

A Toshiba repair center may be able to get you a Spanish keyboard, there is an ASP list on the Toshiba website.

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Brand new Laptop, Windows 7, 4GB RAM, etc

Just restored it to factory condition again but to no avail.

Whenever I use the up down etc arrows, it makes letters and numbers come up, not on every key stroke but on say every second. Also the number pad tends to spit out the wrong numbers as well intermittently also, in word, excel and some other programs. The correct keyboard is chosen. The down arrow tends to make <k> come up whilst the right arrow makes a <l> come up Left arrow is <h> and up arrow seems ok.

I am baffled, any ideas?

Answer:Satellite L500 - Keyboard issues using arrows creates letters and numbers

Hi whatnani,

If you have already restored the notebook back to factory settings and checked the correct keyboard layout the case is clear ? Your keyboard is malfunctioning and it should be replaced with a new one.

Satellite L500 is a pretty new model so it should be covered by warranty. Just contact an authorized service provider and ask for that: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

Good luck! :)

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I have a Satellite L40-1BZ and only the vowels will work when trying to log on?

I have turn the laptop on and tried to enter the password (using Vista home Premium) and it will only allow me to type Vowels and Caps lock?

Can any help?someone mention I could download the BIOS but I don?t really know what I?m doing.

Answer:Re: Satellite L40-18Z - keyboard is not working properly

I presume you have this L40 longer and it will be interesting to know since when you have noticed this strange keyboard behaviour.

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Hi ,

I am not able to use my arrow key, also when I press shift h I get a capital H and N: HN

Very annoying, anyone who might be able to help me.

Thank you,


Answer:Satellite Pro A - Keyboard isn't working properly

Hi Rob!

Can you please tell us what notebook model you have?

Have you tested an external keyboard on the notebook?
I assume it?s something wrong with the internal keyboard and that must be replaced. You can get a new keyboard from an authorized service provider and they can exchange it for you.

Is that a solution for you?

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My Satellite L30-114 lost it mind yesterday, it started typing 4 instead of U letter, 5 instead of I letter suddenly. I checked language layout its English. No viruses were detected at my PC.

How can I solve this weird problem - I cannot type anything!!!

Answer:Keyboard of Satellite L30-114 does not function properly


Just without panic. There is no problem at all. Obviously you have accidentally enabled symbols shown as small grey symbols at the part of the keyboard. if you watch carefully you will see numeric block on keys like U-4, I-5 or O-6. you can enable/disable this using FN+F11 key combination.


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I know, it is a very old Notebook, but i have a big problem, maybe someone of you can help me. I have bought the notebook only for wrighting reports. But the main problem is, when i try to write for example following sentence:

i have learn much about ....

the Notebook makes following:

i haive leairn muwech aibouwet

(In Word or the text program of Windows)

It is Windows 95 installed, i have tried to take an other keyboard driver, it only helpes for a while, after the next booting, the same problem is existing :(
Now it is so far,that the change of the driver has no more effect.

To Format the Windows 95 is not possible, cause the notebook makes "formait" :( And Linux is not Solution for me...

What can be the problem? What can i do? Has somebody else a driver or anything else what i can install to solve the problem?

In hope to find a Solution

Answer:Keyboard doesn't work properly on my old Satellite Pro 420

Hi Nadine,

From what you have descibed, it seems as if the problem is with the keyboard itself and not with the drivers themsleves. Is it possible that there is something trapped under some of the keys, maybe a small fragment of something, especially under the "e" and "w" keys? Maybe also some liquid has been spilled on the keyboard causing the laptop to believe that sometimes these keys are pressed when they are not.

I would try cleaning under all of the keys, you may need to remove the keyboard to do this. Remove the power adapter and battery before any cleaning to prevent damage to the laptop. You should be able to find instructions for removing the keyboard in the owners manual.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!


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I've come here hoping somebody might be able to help.

Suddenly a while ago my keyboard started to behave a bit oddly. The arrow curser keys type letters rather than direct me up or down a page (letters hkl instead of left, .down and right although the left arrow will take you back one space but only after typing h). The zero on the number keypad is always followed by 3 (03). The z moves the curser (unseen) somewhere else on the page and you need to use the touchpad to come back to your place and often using theshift key to get CAPITALS can create chaos as you continue to type without realising that you are somewhere else entirely on the page.

It is beginning to really annoy me. Scrolling through my itunes is a disaster - I am always taken to artists beginning the with letter k!

Someone has suggested an electric short on the keyboard but I don't know what I need to do to fix this if this is indeed the problem. Can anybody help? Oh yes, a ? is always followed by a p and / is also followed by p and \ always followed by a w.
I have plugged in and used a USB keyboard and everything works fine so I know it's the laptop and not the OS.

yours in great hope!


ps - I am not that tekkie so simple advice would be gratefully appreciated - I have no idea what a BIOS is!

Thanks again

Answer:Re: Satellite L350-145 - Keyboard not working properly

Hi Jennifer,

> I have plugged in and used a USB keyboard and everything works fine
So the case is clear: Your internal keyboard is malfunctioning and you need a new one. As you wrote, if an external keyboard works properly, it?s not related to the operating system.

In my opinion you should contact nearest authorized service provider in your country. From these guys you can get a new keyboard and they can exchange it for you. If your notebook is under warranty, the repair is for free and if not, keyboard isn?t so expensive.

Here you can find a list of all ASP?s: => Support & Downloads => Find an authorized service provider

Good luck! :)

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I bought my laptop in January 2012. About a month ago the Tab key stopped working as did several of the letter keys. Every time I use the CTRL key it affects the zoom so I have to reset.

I have plugged in an external keyboard but even it is having problems. When I use the Shift key when typing in some internet sites I am closed out of the site. Right now I am typing this in Notepad and I am going to copy it into the website forum because every time I try to use the shift key to type a capital letter I am booted out of the site. Very frustrating.

Does anybody else suffer from these problems? And, I would have thought that the keyboard should last longer than 13 months. Would my laptop still be under warranty for this problem?

Answer:Satellite L750 keyboard not working properly


If you have the same problems using the external USB keyboard then I have to say that probably this issue isn?t related to faulty keyboard.

Did you check if this happens after the system has been recovered?
I would recommend testing the notebook with factory settings.
If the problem would still persist, ask the Toshiba authorized service point for hardware check. In worst case it might be an motherboard problem

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My ancient Satellite 1100 has been working perfectly, but suddenly the letter 'B' and the space-bar do not work at all. I have cleaned under the keys without making any difference. Is it worth checking the connection to the motherboard? (Why this should suddenly fail I do not know).
I have plugged in an old keyboard via an adapter to the USB port, but this hardware is not recognised (although the keyboard lights up). Can I download a driver for my old keyboard from somewhere?
Any other suggestions?
Thanks for any assistance.

Answer:Satellite 1100 keyboard does not work properly

Hi there,

first of all, there is no driver for the keyboard, because it?s a core component of the machine and it?s connected over PS/2. So a keyboard which is connected over a PS/2 (and even in a notebook internal PS/2 port) won?t never ever need a driver.

And regarding the two keys: you can try it. There are just some screws under the keyboard cover which should be unscrewed ;), and then you check the cable. If you did not get some success after
re-adjusting the cable, then the keyboard is probably faulty. In such case, it would be good to check e.g. ebay for some parts.
Usually the partnumber of the keyboard should be printed on a sticker on the bottom of the keyboard.

Please give some feedback, when did it..


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Hello everybody!

I got a Problem with my keyboard. If I write any text under Windows, some letters are missing, most notably if the same two letters come one after the other (really annoying if entering a password...). I have to press the keys really hard to avoid missing letters.

Under linux I do not have these problems writing texts so I assume that the Windows keyboard driver is some kind of sh...! I deinstalled the driver already and also replaced the touchpad driver with one for my Logitech mouse, but this all did not really help me...

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
Alexander Roos

Answer:Keyboard doesn’t work properly on my Satellite L10-100

Hi Alexander,

Please check in your 'accessibility' options whether you have any of the items selected for use relating to your keyboard.

One of the options is designed to prevent duplicate or mutiple key depressions from registering (to help people with muscle spasm problems from constantly hitting the same key inadvertantly).

I can't think of any software problem which would cause you to have to press the keys harder than normal in order to register. Each key is a simple on/off switch so the amount of pressure is irrelevant.


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The problem with my computer is: the keys m,j,u and 7 (on the line) don?t work properly. Have to press the button for 20 times to get the reaction. Sometimes it`s fine, sometimes it?s awful, expecially when you starting the computer and have to put your password in. No chance!
Have the problem since a couple of weeks. Have Win10 since the beginnig of August- there were no problem. Bios should be fine, it`s 1.50 for this model.
What would be your suggestion?

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Yesterday I turned my laptop on to find that I could not type in my password as some of the keys on the keyboard weren't working. It's only a few keys I've noticed at the moment F L O R V, num lock, enter, delete and the arrow keys don't work either. When I press some of the keys it turns num lock on.

Also when I open it up now sticky keys is turned on so I can't type anything, it used to come on just of I had turned the laptop off, but now it comes on if I have just closed it too.

Any ideas? Getting sick of using on screen keyboard now!

Answer:Satellite C855-1GR - keyboard is not working properly

Sounds like keyboard malfunction.
Try to connect an external USB keyboard and check if it will work properly.
In case the USB keyboard would work properly, the internal keyboard needs to be replaced for sure.

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Certain keys on the the keyboard on our Satellite C850-1c4 have stopped working. For example, the Q,W, R & T work but not the E? Any suggestions what we can do fix it?

Steve - Hull.

Answer:Satellite C850-1C4 - Keyboard is not working properly

Hi Steve

Have you maybe updated BIOS?
Have you noticed this problem after dong some action or it started without no reason?

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Last week, the keyboard on my toshiba laptop was giving me some problems. Some of the keys don't work and some will do some funny stuff when i clicked on them. For example, when I type the letter d, it will have the function of an alt key... when I try to type the word spread, right when it reaches spr, the whole thing changed to aAa. It was so weird and I thought probably I got a virus. I did a virus scan and restarted the laptop. I set up a password to log into my laptop and as the keyboard is not working, I am not able to log into the system without keying in the correct password. Does anyone know how to disable a login? I was thinking of maybe installing a new regular keyboard but I will not be able to try that without first gettting in. Anyone can help pls??

Answer:Keyboard on Toshiba Satellite not functioning properly

Any Success ?

I am having major problem with my laptop's keyboard.
If I could disable it when XP is running, I would be ok.

Did you have any success ?


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I have Toshiba Satellite L50-B-17C. After upgrading BIOS to the newest version, some of regional polish characters do not work.
I am not sure that just a rootcause is update BIOS, perhaps is also possible that any other software use the same keys combination.

Keys which work well with alt together: "e"; "o", "a", "l", "n", "s"
Keys which *do not work* with alt: "z", "x", "c"

Anyone could help with this problem?

Thanks a lot!

Answer:Satellite L50-B-17C - Regional keyboard chars do not work properly

I already read about this keyboard problem and it seems that this is caused by BIOS.
You have to wait for new BIOS update. Keep an eye on Toshiba Service Station update messages.
In case new BIOS would be available, you should receive an update message.

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Dear All,

I have problems with my recently bought Toshiba Satellite U940-11X, serial no. 2D015354K.

1. With every restart of the laptop my keyboard settings are not accurate and Function buttons and symbols do not work properly. Therefore it is also not possible to enter the bios via F2 after reboot.
I have to press CTRL + SHIFT to have my keyboard properly working. I have to do this every time I use my laptop.

2. The touchpad (Synaptics SMBus TouchPad) is not working after a few minutes. The only thing I can do is plug in an external usb mouse. I have also tried to use FN+F9, does not work.

Please, can anyone help me out on this?

Jeroen Raijmakers

Answer:Satellite U940-11x: Keyboard + FN buttons don't work properly

>Therefore it is also not possible to enter the bios via F2 after reboot.

I see the notebook uses Win 8.
You have to perform an complete shut down to access the BIOS.

Check this document. It provides info how to change the settings in order to access the BIOS:

+Perform a complete shutdown in Windows 8+

> I have to press CTRL + SHIFT to have my keyboard properly working.
Did you check the keyboard layout settings?
For me it sounds like you are using wrong keyboard layout settings. The usage of the key combination CTRL +SHIFT changes between the keyboard layouts.

How to change this?
Go to Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options
Clicked "Keyboards and Languages" tab then clicked "Change keyboards" button. Then in the "Installed services" tree list, select the keyboards you don?t want and click "Remove.

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I've bought a Toshiba L670-1dg for christmas, in France.
I have used it only 1 day, and the keyboard is already getting me mad.

When I type, some letters are missing, and sometimes they appear twice.
It is almost impossible to type a complete sentence without a missing space
or a doubled "e".

Is there any setting in windows to correct this problem ?



Answer:Satellite L670-1DG - keyboard doesn't work properly

Hi Simon

Unfortunately there is no such setting.
Please check this forum and you will find several threads about this theme. Maybe you will find some good advice there.

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I have an issue with my P200-144, when I am typing very fast it misses keystorkes this does'nt happen on other keyoards.
Also my Down arrow is very stiff.

Answer:Some keyboard keys do not work properly on Satellite P200-144

For me it is nothing strange. I have older Tecra M1 and the buttons are ?softish?. On new A200 (similar keyboard as on P200) it is not the case. The pressure must be stronger as on Tecra and if I typing very fast some keys are missing.

Maybe you should type a little bit slower.

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I bought Toshiba P100-465 last month and found out that if you press its any key (specially spacebar or enter)from the top-right corner, it doesnt work.
I never saw such problem anywhere in any laptops. Please confirm me if this is the case with all or should I get my keyboard replaced.

Answer:Keyboard doesn't work properly on Satellite P100-465

If some buttons don?t work mostly the whole keyboard must be replaced!
The P100-465 seems to be a new notebook and the warranty should be definitely valid.
Why you waste the time and don?t contact the authorized service provider in your country for a keyboard replacement??
Everything should be done for free!

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My daughter's Toshiba Satellite Pro A100 has developed a couple of faults.

Firstly, the keyboard displays random characters such as a stuck key would. eg, if in Google or Wordpad the system will at random type a single character over and over again even when no key is pressed. Occasionally it will also open windows or programs as if the 'enter' key has been pressed, or cycle through desktop icons.

Secondly, the touchpad is non-responsive and cursor operation isn't possible from the touchpad or buttons. I don't know if the two are related.

She assures me she hasn't spilled anything on the laptop, so any help would be appreciated to rectify these faults.


Answer:Satellite A100 - Keyboard and Touchpad don't work properly


Can you notice the same issue with external input devices?

If not it?s time for an authorized service provider. I think the keyboard and touchpad must be replaced and the technicians can help you.

On the Toshiba website you can find a list of authorized service provider.

Good luck! :)

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I have relatively new Toshiba Satellite C655 and after spilling a (tiny) amount of soft drink on the upper left keyboard, the keyboard quit working completely.

After installing a new keyboard, most keys work except for the P, R, V, T, [, and Space keys. External USB keyboards work flawlessly. I bought another new keyboard and carefully replaced it, but the problem persists. After this, I tried updating the BIOS to no effect.

Is anyone familiar with this, and know how to fix the problem?

Answer:Satellite C655 - new keyboard doesn't work properly


I guess this issue did not appear in the past before the soft drink has been spilled on the keyboard. Right?

This means that this fluid is the reason for the keyboard problem.
I guess, both new keyboards are OK.

In such case the problem can be the motherboard or you used both keyboards which are not fully compatible. But I guess this isn?t really a problem.

Possibly you motherboard is affected?. :( but this is just an suggestion

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I have recently bought a A210 series with integrated cam and I am having problems with the keyboard as when i start typing it starts to jump about in different areas of the document or sentence is there anyway to rectify it, it is operating windows vista and office 2007

Answer:Keyboard on Satellite A210 series does not work properly


does this problem appear immediately after buying the machine? Maybe it?s a good idea to recover the machine, perhaps it could be a software issue.

On the other side it sounds a little bit like a hardware related problem so if the recovery doesn?t brought you joy then you should contact a local service partner for help.
Here you can find the nearest ASP in your country (just click on the link and you will find some):

Nice weekend

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Hello, here is a brief description of this aweful problem I'm having on my 2 months old A505 S6980.

As I was trying to install Ubuntu, I was restarting windows 7, on startup, a screen showed up asking me to choose which operating system I want to boot, everything seemed normal, but the keyboard was dead, I couldn't choose any.
I used the power button to restart, but then it wouldn't start.... right after the BIOS loaded, a black screen appears with a cursor blinking on the top left for a few secs, then a LOUD beep comes out continuously (beep beep beep beep....) and nothing loads.

I attached a USB keyboard and it worked... after lots of attempts to boot from USB or CD, I succeeded today, to find out that the problem seems to be from the keyboard.

In fact, when I press the letter "r", it writes "r4"
y = [backspace]y6
/ = /0

The numpad is nuts, 5 toggles the numlock; when 2 is pressed twice it writes 52.
The arrows write numbers...
Some Fkeys not operating as well...

I bought this laptop only 2 months ago, from Lebanon, and right now I'm in France. As I hear there are no Toshiba people in France that can fix things except in Paris, which will be quite a hassle !

Any ideas ?

Thank you!

Answer:Satellite A505-S6980 - Keyboard not working properly

Did you try to choose the operating system with external keyboard? I think, there is a problem with windows mbr (master boot record) that corrupted by Ubuntu. Try to do the system recovery from Hdd but I guess it's already gone

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Hello forumers, I hope you can help me help my mother :-)

She has a Satellite C650-1CT, part no..PSC08E-03M001EN.
Unfortunately, she hasn't been able to use it since there was a blackout after she left it on sleep mode.

It does start up and pressing f2 or f12 works. 95%+ of the keyboard does not function.
The arrow keys work only half the time and there is no way top select any option.

I have read the link below but, there is no option to 'repair your computer' and so I don't know what to do next.

The laptop goes into a 'setup is starting services' loop.

Help is greatly appreciated!

Answer:Satellite C650-1CT does not boot properly and keyboard issue

> It does start up and pressing f2 or f12 works. 95%+ of the keyboard does not function.
>The arrow keys work only half the time and there is no way top select any option.

Are you able to use external USB keyboard?
Connect external keyboard and check if you can select the option from HDD recovery menu.
In case of internal keyboard malfunction, the usage of external USB keyboard should work.

But if you will not be able to perform the HDD recovery even if the external USB keyboard would be connected,
I recommend you to use the Recovery disk.

Did you create the recovery disk in the past?
Do you have any other clean Microsoft Windows installation disk?

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Hi All,

My Keyboard does not work well.
There is a keyboard lag and sometimes multiple characters are typed.

Model is Satellite C660-PSC0SG-01300L...
I saw in lot of forums to update the BIOS but i could not find it.

Could some ooone help on this..



Answer:Satellite C660 keyboard not working properly - multiple characters


You are right!
The BIOS update could solve this like mentioned in this Toshiba document:

+Keyboard Issues with the Satellite/Satellite Pro L670 & C660 Series Notebooks+

Check the link to the BIOS download page mentioned in this doc.

Here you can fidn a BIOS update instruction:

Good luck

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Hi professionals and Toshiba fans,

I have a problem with CTRL button. Pressing of this button results in activation of the function CAPS Lock and the functions CTRL-C, CTRL-V, CTRL-F etc. can not be processed respectively. It happened after my son's playing some computer games. I will really appreciate any advice.

Thank in advance

Answer:Satellite Pro M30: CTRL button on keyboard doesn’t work properly


Try to connect an external keyboard. If the problem stills the same, so it is not the hardware malfunction.


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I have problem with my external mouse and external keyboard. It started about 3 weeks ago. They freeze, jump or shutdown, most annoying is mouse, I need to reconnect it usually. It will work well about 1-5 min and again. Touch Pad works well.

I have installed newest Windows updates, also downloaded and installed drivers from Toshiba web. I set up default BIOS settings. Nothing helped.

I don't have recovery disk to try that. Is there any solution other then recovery/reinstalling system?

Someone had such problem?

Answer:External mouse and keyboard are not working properly on Satellite Pro C650


It is not easy to say much about this issue.
Do you use wireless devices? Are batteries OK?
Have you noticed the same problem using other USB devices?
I presume both devices uses USB port on your notebook.

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Hi everyone!

First of all, about my keyboard, very few keys are working. And sometimes they type, sometimes not. and some are typing wrong character. like S is typing '\sw'.

Second, when I startup, alt key is automatically pressed despite me not doing that. then whenever I open a file, that file's properties tab is opened instead. In chrome, if open a link mentioned in some page, it's downloaded instead of opening in a new tab. The onscreen keyboard won't work. But when I 'switch user' everything opens normally and onscreen keyboard works. But the laptop keyboard is still faulty.

Now this happened last week. Some kind of virus entered and it's all cleared up. Also some updates were installed. I have searched toshiba website, tried all that worked for others, no luck. Removed the keyboard, its all clean. Disconnected from the motherboard, attached it again, no luck.

I even uninstalled some updates kb2913431(old, from jan '14) , kb3092627, kb3087039 (recent) and two more that I didn't note.

I then tried system restore today, using the widely known method. I tried it with both 0 and F8. Nothing happened!! I pressed the keys until the system stopped the beeping sound and started up, totally ignoring the fact I am still pressing the key.
tried F12 too, not even a long beep with this one.
Typed all this using onscreen keyboard.

I have toshiba L735-128, Windows 7 Home premium, 64-bit OS
And I neeed MAJOR help!!

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I have a Satellite M40X and I had update the Bios to v. 1.60 and now the keys u, m, 7 and the arrow up are not working properly. The problem is that there is not other Bios version to use.

How can I resolve my problem?
Can I recover the old bios version?


Answer:Satellite M40X: After Bios update keyboard keys don't work properly

Hi there,

no you won?t be able to recover the old BIOS. The only two options are:

1. Retry the BIOS update and check if it?s working
2. In case of no success, please visit the [ASP Locator|] to search for the nearest ASP in your country and to ask them for a hardware checkup and repair.


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I have installed the tool from MS MSKLC 1.4. on Toshiba Satellite L300, and Vista32. This tool is for generating an own Keyboard Layout.

I wanted to implement Gujarati Signs for a friend. For this, we put signs/letters on three "levels" in this keyboard layout:

1. Standart like "a,b"
2. Shift like "A,B"
3. Altgr + key

The first two levels with letters are running fine, but the last one not.

We tested it in Open Office 3.1 and MS Works Words. Both programms do not accept Altgr + letter-key.
Open Office has no special functions for altgr+keys.

In an editor, which comes along with MSKLC 1.4., also the 3rd level works fine. NO problems here!

How can this happend? What do I have to do?


MSKLC 1.4. is available:

Answer:Satellite L300 - Keyboard layout creator MSKLC1.4 doesn't work properly


What do I do, to enable all 3 states to work on the UK-Toshiba and on all editors?

The Toshiba Laptop Satellite L300, inclusive of Vista32 Home Premium were bought in the UK!

The MS MSKLC 1.4. Keyboard Layout Creator was installed to create a Gujarati (Indic) Keyboard.
This was downloaded from the official MS pages. (US?)

I implemented the Gujarati Letters on three "shift states" of the keyboard layout.

altgr (alt+ctrl)

The first two states work well on the UK-Toshiba laptop.

The 3rd state (alt+ctrl) does not display Gujarati Letters, - it displays Latin Letters instead.

An external keyboard behaved in the same way, as described above.

On a German-Toshiba A50 laptop with XP,

ALL THREE states display Gujarati letters.

An external keyboard ALSO displays Gujarati letters in ALL THREE states.

On the UK-Toshiba, the inbuilt MSKLC Editor displays Gujarati letters in ALL THREE states.

On other editors, the first two states work, the third (alt+ctrl) does not work.

Please, what do I do, to enable all 3 states to work on the UK-Toshiba and on all editors?

With kind regards,

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My satellite pro C850 1HE keyboard intermittently stops working properly and starts opening programs e.g pressing F will open file search, C opens computer that sort of thing

is there a permanent fix to this problem?

its not anything to do with programs installed nor is it anything to do with browser settings.
restarting the computer works for a short time but is time consuming this is really annoying as i use this for work and study!

Answer:Satellite Pro C850 keyboard wont work properly and opens multiple programs

> is there a permanent fix to this problem?

The question is what causes this problem? Is it hardware related or software related issue?

Why you don?t connect an external USB keyboard just to check if the same would happen?

In case the USB keyboard would work fine, I would assume that the internal keyboard malfunctions? and the solution would be an simple replacement of faulty part.

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I am gathering information to use when my new custom build laptop arrives in about a week. The build includes a 128GB SSD and a 1TB HDD. My intention is to use the new machine to get a special project off my existing computer to free up over 20GB of storage. After reading the excellent tutorial, "How to move users folder to another location in Windows 10", I have some specific questions about configurations. These questions arise because this will be my first experience with both Windows 10 and multiple internal drives.

I use VMWare Workstation 14 Player (free version), which does not support snapshots. However, I have found that I can save a saved VM state to a flash drive and launch it with VMWare Player.exe. To do so I copy the entire directory located at C:\users\username\documents\Virtual Machines\VMname to the flash drive. I then rename VMname directory to VMname-date. All the files containing that state are inside the last directory. Double clicking the file: VMname-date, and launching with VMWare Player.exe works great. The only caveat is that after shutting down the VM, the newly launched VM remains in VMWare's library, necessitating the removal of that VM in VMWare's window.

At this point in my post I anticipate replies with the following questions and my answers to save time.
1) Why do you want to save states in this manner? For use as backups or to have known, good configurations available to create new projects, this seems to be logical alternative... Read more

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I have a laptop  (HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook 4-1195ca) which required a recovery effort to restore the OS.  Unfortunately the recovery failed and I had to purchase a copy of Windows 10 to get the laptop operational for my daughter going back to school.  I put the MS install of windows 10 on the machine and it operates fine but all of the HP tweaks are not present and the SSD drive is not configured  to help the processor like it was originally. I have attempted to install as much of the software for the machine as I can but it still is not working right. IS there any way I can configure the SSD drive from within the windows 10 install? If I purchase the original factory WIn8 restore disc/USB, will it restore the original setup of the SSD? Please help.  

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Been unable to install the following updates.

KB952004, KB956572, KB958690, KB959426, KB959772, KB960225 and KB60803.

Tried to install these updates many times since their release and every time they seem to download fine. The problem occurs on restart where it jumps from

Configuring updates Stage 1 of 3 to Configuring updates Stage 3 of 3

Then it says that updates didn't configure properly and reverts the changes.

Please can anyone help? This is getting beyond a joke now.

Answer:Updates wont configure properly

Hello MemoryCrisis, and welcome to Vista Forums.

I'm not sure what the problem may be, but you might see if only installing them 1 or 2 at a time may allow them to be installed instead.

Hope this helps,

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Since my return from near non-existence, my parents bought another router to (extend/repeat the wireless signal).

Here is what I have and what I've done so far...

D-Link DIR-655 Xtreme N Gigabit Router (updated firmware version: 1.34NA 2010-04-16)


D-Link DAP-1360 Wireless N Range Extender (firmware Version: V1.02 2009-10-09)
used WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) was added successfully, but the issue is I cannot seem to copy the mac address from the DIR-655 to the DAP-1360, so when you seek a wireless connection in my household, you see 2 different wireless signals, when all I should see is one (very strong) wireless connection.

I used the same SSID name, channel, and encrypted with WPA2-Personal synced 100% clock and all, except the mac address is different.

I have searched high and low for an answer and if anyone here can help me, I would be truly grateful.
Thank you in advance.

Ps- I can post screen shots if requested.

Answer:Can't configure D-Link wireless repeater properly

Does the extender have a setting to "Bridge" the two devices?


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I need a new keyboard for my L500 and found out, that the keyboad of the P200 (and some other models) seems to be the same (105 keys, num pad, 2 win keys). Are those keyboards 100% compatible or do they just look the same?

Answer:Satellite L500 and Satellite P200 - compatible keyboards?


In my opinion this question is for Toshiba service and not for user-to-user forum.

Anyway I think that both keyboards are not the same and you should order 100% identical keyboard designed for your notebook model.

Question is: why do you look for keyboards for old notebook models if you can order new one for L500.
On eBay you can get it quite affordable.

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hi there!!

i had a toshiba satellite a300 that unfortunately died... i want to take the hard disk drive from it an put it on my cousin's toshiba satellite l500 laptop...
I siply put it to l500 but it stacks at a point that shows again and again something about media test and more...

What i'm supposed to do?
Te strange (to me that i'm not very computer guy) is that at bios setting shows the model of the hard disk...
I mean that the l500 recognises the drive...please help me...

thanks in advance..

Answer:HDD swop from Satellite A300 to Satellite L500


Satellite A300 supports the same HDD like a Satellite L500. Both use the SATA HDD therefore the inserted HDD should work.
Its good sign, that the HDD is visible in BIOS. This means that HDD is recognized and in good condition.

I?m wondering what you have done after the HDD has been inserted.
Did you try to install the system using Toshiba recovery disk or another disk?
Did you try to format the HDD firstly?

Try to boot form the system disk and format the HDD firstly.
Then follow with system installation

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L500-1XC. will it take an solid state drive to replace the hdd inside it now?
I was looking at the Toshiba 120gb stor.E comes with caddy, cables, and software to clone you old hdd, its SATA III.


Answer:Can I use SSD with my Satellite L500-1XC?

Of course you can use SSD. When you do this you will see how fast your notebook runs.
I recommend you Samsung 840 Series SSD. I use it with my Satellite notebook.

Which one you want to use is your decision.

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On the spesifications of the Satelite L500-1V1 it says that there is 4096MB DDR3 RAM with 1066MHz, but why is there only 533MHz in each card?

I don't suppose you have to multiply it with 2?

Answer:RAM MHZ on Satellite L500-1V1


As far as I know the notebook has been equipped with the DDR3 1066MHz (PC3-8500) 2GB modules?
There are two modules means notebook uses 4GB RAM.

But the 1066MHz can be reached only if the FSB (front side bus) would support 1066MHz too?


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I have a Satellite L500-02C and I install Windows 7 32bit from original version of 64bit to run application that wouldn't work on it. I have installed all drivers for the 32bit, but I am having trouble getting the drivers for the touchpad (synaptic) also the driver for the function keys. I have tried the Toshiba web site download from there but they don't work.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Re: Satellite L500-02C

Download and install the 32bit versions of the Toshiba Value Added Package and the Flashcards Support Utility from the L500 drivers page. 64bit version may not work.

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Satellite L500/049
Part Number - PSLS3A-049002

my note book model is this one. When i buy this computer on last December. I install 32bit Window 7 . Then i found out the ram only used 2.84GB.

So i follow the toshiba webpage to recover my computer and upgrate to 64bit Window7. But final i found out the ram still 4GB (2.84GB used)

so how can i make the ram from 2.84 to 4.00 GB ?????? = ''4.00GB (4.00GB used)


Answer:4GB ram use on Satellite L500/049


Not sure if it solves your problem but try:

Go Start-Control Panel-System security -Administrative tools- System configuration-Boot - advanced options
make sure that maximum Memory option is not checked. If it's checked, uncheck, press Apply, Ok and restart.

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When I ran a diagnostic report on my laptop (Satellite L500-1XL) it said that my RAM was low and to upgrade it for better performance - it has been very slow to start up as of late.
However I have discovered that my model has been discontinued and I'm not sure what to do.
Any suggestions?

Bear in mind I am a total novice when it comes to computers so nothing too technical please!
Thank you.

Answer:Low RAM in Satellite L500-1XL

With more RAM your notebook will have better performance.
According notebook specification your notebook is delivered with 2 GB RAM but it can be upgraded up to 4 GB.

So buy second 2 GB RAM and upgrade your notebook.

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Hi there,

I reinstalled Windows 7 (from a Windows 7 disk not the Toshiba recovery files).
And everything was working fine, but after restarting once after some updates the mouse and keyboard stopped working!
I found I could get the keyboard to work by pushing the power button to send it to sleep then waking it up, but then the mouse still didn't work.
I can push F2 on the keyboard to get into the BIOS, but can't navigate in it (but can with a USB keyboard.)
Mouse and keyboard don't work in safe mode even.
USB keyboards and mice work fine all the time.

The laptop is a
Satellite L500D PSLT0C-00F002

I really don't understand would could cause this all of a sudden!

Answer:Toshiba L500 Touchpad Keyboard not working (odd)

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I have a friend moving to NZ soon. What will she need to use her laptop. JUst a UK to NZ plug adaptor or new mains adaptor?


Answer:Using a UK Satellite L500-1XL in New Zealand

> JUst a UK to NZ plug adaptor or new mains adaptor?

Yes, I think he will need just an wall adapter. The AC adaptor works worldwide.

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Recently I noticed that my newly acquired Toshiba Satellite Laptop's fan (Windows 7 64 Bit, Pentium T4300) is permanently running at approx. 50% (according to the Toshiba PC Health Monitor), even if there's 0% CPU usage.

Is this normal?
Or do I have to change some settings in the BIOS or something?

I also believe this effect started after a BIOS update which was released by Toshiba a few days ago...

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite L500-1C7 - FAN runs at 50%


Did you load the default settings in BIOS after the update?

Furthermore you can adjust the cooling method in Windows Power Options. There you can set the cooling method for each power profile, for example Maximum Performance or Battery Optimized. I would recommend choosing the Battery Optimized cooling method, it?s enough in my opinion and the notebook is more silent.
Check this!!!


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Hello fellow Toshiba users..

i had vista on my Satellite L500-12E and i installed XP while im waiting for W7 to arrive since it will take 60 days....

Can someone please point out which drivers i need to get these functions to work...

-Multimedia keys the ones beside the power on button ( sound on/off is the only one wich works).
-FN keys.
-Ethernet output.

Thank you in advance

Answer:Satellite L500-12E - Need some XP drivers

Go to and download the xp drivers , if you put your pc serial number it will indentify it automaticaly and give you the drivers , then just choose the ones you want , did you got any problem on installing xp? I got a L500 13W and i already got a BSOD on windows 7 , so i was thinking on installing xp...

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Answer:I can find HDD for Satellite L500


I don?t understand what you mean exactly;
You cannot find HDD for this notebook or cannot find Windows installed on HDD?
Can you boot Windows; yes or no?

PS: it would be really, really useful for all other users here in the forum, if you could spend a little bit more effort writing an posting here; means more info and more user-friendly text.

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Hello, I hope some one can help.

The computer is of my brother and he lost the installation cd and we need it to reinstall windows and all the features. I hope some one can help us.


Answer:Need installations CD for Satellite L500-245

If you use original OS that you got with your notebook you can create new recovery DVD using preinstalled Toshiba recovery disc creator software.
You can also try to reinstall original recovery image using HDD recovery option -

If not than you must order it on

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What make and model is the Ethernet? I have looked at manual but it doesn't mention it.


Answer:Which LAN card is used on my Satellite L500-1XJ?


Your notebook has Realtek LAN card inside.

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I don't find the model L500-1ET and its drivers. Is this model XP compatible?

Answer:Re: Satellite L500-1ET - Is it XP compatible?

Hi willy,

As far as I know the Satellite L500-1ET belongs to the PSLJTE series and therefore you can find all driver on the Toshiba page: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

I have checked this and it seems that your model is XP compatible. You can download all drivers for XP. :)

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Hi All

I am new to this forum. I have been given a Toshiba Satellite L500 to attempt to repair and the fault is that the laptop was shutdown normally and now will not turn on.

I have checked the power adapter which is giving out 19.25v. I have stripped the laptop down to motherboard level and have checked where the DC jack plug is soldered to the motherboard and that also reads 19.25v with the adapter plugged in. Can anyone suggest a possible cause.

My initial thoughts are a motherboard failure but any other ideas are very welcome.


Answer:Satellite L500 is not Switching ON

Your description is OK but we still don?t know some facts.

When notebook is connected to AC power supply is power LED on notebook ON or not?
Is battery LED on (charging)?

On this virtual way we can just speculate what the problem can be but if there is no power supply there must be problem with power supply electronic and, I?m afraid, you need some professional help with this.

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I have just purchased a Toshiba Satellite L500, switched it on and the first thing it is doing is going to the "System Recover Menu". Is this what it is supposed to do???

I selected the 64 bit option and now it comes up with a big "WARNING" that all my data will be overwritten. HELP I go ahead with this system recovery stuff.

This is a brand new laptop never been switched on before.

Answer:Question about Satellite L500

This notebook model is not known to me but I presume your notebook is delivered with Vista 32-bit and Vista 64-bit operating systems. When you start it for the first time you must make decision which one you want to use.

If you choose 64-bit version other one will be deleted and you can use installed version only.
So think twice before you choose OS you want to use.

Later when the OS is installed first thing you should do is to create recovery installation DVD. If something goes wrong you will be able to install chosen operating system using this disc.
For DVD creation use please preinstalled "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator". I am pretty sure shortcut for quick start you can find on the desktop.

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I have a L500-19Z laptop and wish to plug it into TV to watch films. Noticed it has an HDMI port.

Would an HDMI cable be sufficient to plug into TV? It also has another port similar to a DV port? can you use this also? if so what cable would I need for the latter.


Answer:Plugging Satellite L500-19Z into TV

If your notebook and TV have HDMI ports then buy high quality HDMI cable and use it to cvonnect your notebook to the TV.

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My Satellite L500-1DT laptop won't start it goes into the start-up repair procedure automatically viewing the diagnostic and repair details it says it cannot determine what the problem is.
If I select the advanced options I am asked to select a key board but then I get a message that says you must logon on to gain access to the repair functions and all I can do then is reboot.

If I press F8 and try safe mode I just get the same repair features. I don't know what to do to proceed as all the options take me to the same place. Any help would be appreciated

Answer:Satellite L500-1DT won't start

When you press F8 at start up can you see option ?Repair my computer??

Have you created recovery DVD?

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I am experiencing a "little" problem. Everything started with the following BSOD :

0x00009C (0x00000000, 0x8922c94c, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

I managed to find out that the touchpad is faulty. I disconnected it , problem solved.

It was working fine until I noticed that only one core is working out of 2 (Intel i3 M330).

In the BIOS I found:

Dynamic CPU Freqency Mode - Always Low

Core Multi-Processing - Disabled

So I switched them on to:

Dynamic CPU Frequency Mode - Dynamic

Core Multi-Processing - Enabled

For first the windows 7 64bit crashed with the followind BSOD message:

STOP 0x0000009C (0x0000000000000000, 0xFFFFF88002F6BB70, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000)

Since this message I can switch it on but there is no display, no response.

Is there any solution for this?

Modell: Satellite L500- 1QK


Answer:Satellite L500 BSOD

>Since this message I can switch it on but there is no display, no response.

I?m afraid I don?t understand this? what do you mean by ?no display? exactly?
Can you see the Toshiba splash screen and can you access the BIOS properly?

From my understanding this BIOS should be set to default settings (in BIOS press F9 and F10 to save the changes) in order to get the same BIOS settings configured by Toshiba? then the BIOS should be configured properly.

Generally speaking the BSOD appears due to serious software or hardware problem.
In most cases the system recovery should solve system problems but if the BSOD would still appear even after the usage of recovery disk, then I would assume your hardware is affected.

This would mean that any single hardware parts like memory or motherboard should be tested

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Hello Everybody!
I am Tibor from Hungary. I am not a big forum user but now I would need a little help.

I have a Satellite L500-1GE and I use Windows 7 ultimate (64bit). My problem is the following:
I can not use the hotkeys (FN + F1..9 buttons) and so I can not switch on/off the wireless. It always work (the led of wireless always burn). I downloaded the value package, hotkey, accesibility driver but bootless. In base without drivers some application work (ESC, F1, F5, F6, F7) but I setup the value package nothing work.

The most important function for me it is the the wireless switching (FN + F8) because if it always work I can not use my notebook full accumlator capacity.

Could you help me about this problem?

Thanks so much for your help in advanced and I wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the NeW Year!

Kind Regards,

Message was edited by: BVCI32

Answer:Satellite L500-1GE - Can't use hotkeys


For using the FN keys you have to install Toshiba Value Added Package and Flash Cards supports utility. Make sure that both versions are released for Windows 7 64bit already. If you choose a Vista version it will not work!

Here you can download all: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Value Added Package must be installed firstly. ;)

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i have satelite series L500-14X and i'd like to upgrate my processor unit. I'd like to tell me about their compatible processor recommended

Answer:CPU Upgrade on Satellite L500-14X


I investigated a little bit and it seems that your notebook supports the Mobile Intel GM45 Express Chipset

According to the Intel page:

the chipset supports the:

? Intel? Core?2 Extreme Processor X9100 (6M Cache, 3.06 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor T9400 (6M Cache, 2.53 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor T9600 (6M Cache, 2.80 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor P9500 (6M Cache, 2.53 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor P8600 (3M Cache, 2.40 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor P8400 (3M Cache, 2.26 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Celeron? Processor 575 (1M Cache, 2.00 GHz, 667 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Celeron? Processor 585 (1M Cache, 2.16 GHz, 667 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Extreme Processor QX9300 (12M Cache, 2.53 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor T9800 (6M Cache, 2.93 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor P8700 (3M Cache, 2.53 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Quad Processor Q9100 (12M Cache, 2.26 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Celeron? Processor T1700 (1M Cache, 1.83 GHz, 667 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor T9550 (6M Cache, 2.66 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Celeron? Processor T3100 (1M Cache, 1.90 GHz, 800 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor P9600 (6M Cache, 2.66 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Celeron? Processor T1600 (1M Cache, 1.66 GHz, 667 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo ... Read more

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Having just purchased a laptop as above I am faced with the question of what speed DVD to use.
The John Lewis PC after sales help service advised me that times 16 DVD's sometimes cause trouble and that I should seek X8 and use these if possible although they say they are now almost as rare a hens teeth. The say that a X16 may be OK but X8 would be more reliable.

I have not booted up my laptop yet as am awaiting supply of X8 that I located on Ebay as advised DVD-R NOT + should be used. I note that the disc tray is marked Rewritable + leading to more confusion.

Will make copy of operating software when the X8 are received and not before.

Any advise or observations would be most appreciated

Answer:Satellite L500-19X -What speed DVD's should I use?

Since long time I always use the same DVDs and I have never, but really never noticed some burning problems, especially not creating recovery medias.
I use TDK DVD-R 1-16x speed empty medias.

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hello every body

I really need drivers for Satellite L500-14F. I just bought it and I did format for it then it asked me for drivers update. The shop doesn't gave me any CD for it. Is it right for this model without drivers CD if it is why they made without drivers update?

Please answer me I'm waiting.

Answer:Satellite L500-14F - Where can I get drivers?


What OS have you installed?

The L500-14F belongs to the PSLJTE series so you can find all drivers on the Toshiba page. I?m wondering that you didn?t find them. > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

And yes that?s normal that Satellite L500 doesn?t have a recovery DVD because you have to create this disk yourself. Therefore you have to start the Toshiba recovery disk creator on preinstalled OS but now it?s too late because you have already installed another OS. If you want a recovery disk you have to order a new one from Toshiba directly.

At the end I can only say you should read the user manual first if you buy something new. You shouldn?t use the notebook if you don?t know anything. ;)


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I just purchased a new L500/00U, took it home, plugged it, turned it on and it has been in configuration mode with a few reboots for over an hour.

Is this normal?

Answer:New Satellite L500/00U keeps configuring

I?m afraid it is normal. Last week I got friends Satellite L500 and I have noticed the same.
To be honest I thought something was wrong with it but finally after almost a hour OS was installed and configured properly.

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Can I change the CPU and GPU on my Satellite L500-210? If so, what is compatible?

Memory DDR3 2x2024 (4096 mb)
Chipset GM45
BIOS 2.10 05/06/2010
Socket P ( 478 pin micro FCPGA )
is currently INTEL DUAL-CORE T4500 2x2.3 GHz x64
GPU: Ati Radeon HD 4500 series 512 MB

Can I put a CORE 2 QUAD e.g. 9000 / 9100 / 9200 ?

Answer:Can I change the CPU and GPU on my Satellite L500-210?

Before we start discussion about this check please at first.

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