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Satellite A300 and Windows 7 - missing "Create a disk" option

Question: Satellite A300 and Windows 7 - missing "Create a disk" option


I installed windows 7 professional in my laptop A300 - 15C (PSAJ4E) two weeks ago and i have a problem.
I Installed all drivers for win 7 from the official site of toshiba and i can't see the option of "Create a disk" where i can install the firmware update.

So, my laptop hasn't install the firmware updates and it's very slow on the boot.
Any idea about this problem?

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Preferred Solution: Satellite A300 and Windows 7 - missing "Create a disk" option

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite A300 and Windows 7 - missing "Create a disk" option

As I can see your posting is mix of three different issues but described in two sentences.
Can we please discuss about each issue separately?

At first I must say that I have installed Win7 on my Satellite A300-1LI successfully and I am happy with performance and must say that all hardware components run perfectly.
So, back to your notebook:

# What do you mean with "Create a disk" option? Maybe you think on some preinstalled Toshiba tool, I don't know exactly. The fact is that Toshiba offers many useful tools and utilities with ?factory settings? only and such tools cannot be downloaded and installed additionally.
# Firmware update? Do you really need this? I don't think so. Have you noticed some problems with optical disc drive?
# Slow boot-up? Have you installed all listed drivers for Win7 especially chipser dtiver and storage manager? Please note that SATA settings in BIOS must be set to AHCI mode.

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I have a new Toshiba Satellite A300-1QM Vista and now i want to run Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator
For this i need to deactivate the preinstalled McAfee Internet Security Suite
But how?

On my other computers i run Zonealarm and kaspersky there i have exit in the right mouse click on task bar icon pop up
but i cant find it in the McAfee Internet Security Suite

thanks in advance

Answer:How to exit mcafee on Satellite A300 to create Recovery disk


Please check if the McAfee Internet Security Suite loads automatically at the beginning.
You can check this in MSCONFIG.

Start the msconfig and check the ?Startup? tab.
There you could disable this tool and could reboot the notebook in order to check if the McAfee Internet Security Suite would still run in the background?

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I just received my new A300-1A8 laptop today and as recommended in the manual I tried to create the Vista recovery disks using the pre-installed Recovery Disk program. I successfully created Disk 1, however when I tried to create Disk 2, it worked for a bit and then I received an error:-

File Could not Be Found:-


Error Code:-


Any help on resolving this, as Iif I can't create the disk, looks like I may have to return it...

Apologies if this has been answered previously, quite new to all this.

Many thanks.

Answer:Satellite Pro A300-1A8 Error received when trying to create Recovery Disk 2

Do you try to use DVD-R medias?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A300-1OP with Windows Vista.

The hard drive is partitioned into C:\ and E:\, each of around 75GB with a hidden partition for the System Recovery Options. E:/ is showing only about 5MB left free while C:\ shows 28GB. However, the listing of folders/files for E:/ shows a total of around only 10GB. I have set hidden files & folders to be shown in Control Panel/Appearance but no more are listed to explain the "missing" 65GB. I also get a warning window popping up telling me to free up space in E:\ drive.

What is the problem and how do I fix it? I have run Disk Cleanup but get no more free space.

Answer:Satellite Pro A300-1OP - Missing disk spce on E:\ partition

I am pretty often here on this forum and I am always wondering what kind of problems people have with their notebooks.
If you have created recovery DVD move all files to partition C and start computer management > disk management. Delete volume E (second partition). After doing this create it again and make full format.

It will be interesting to know if the partition will be shown properly after doing this. if yes, move all data back and hope everything will be OK again.
Please note: after doing this it can happen that you will not be able to create recovery DVD or use HDD recovery installation so please do this if you have created DVD.

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I bought my A300 with Windows Vista on board, afterwards I was provided with Windows 7 upgrade DVD.
Unfortunately I have lost the disc and as far as I know even if I use Toshiba recovery solution I will be back to Windows Vista. Is there any option to request the Wind 7 delivery or I have to buy the new one ?

Thank you in advance!

Answer:Satellite A300: Missing DVD with windows 7 upgrade

As far as I know this was special offer from Toshiba when Win7 was launched. I think you cannot order it anymore.
What you can do now is to buy original Microsoft Win7 installation disc and install clean Win7 version on your A300. I have the same machine and Win7 runs perfectly on it. All necessary drivers, tools and utilities you can find on Toshiba support page.

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Having a salesman ensured me that the Satellite A300-1CO (PSAJ4E) was completly compatible with windows XP, i just bought one.

After a couple of hours of deep struggling, i managed to install Win XP SP3 and get almost all of the components working under it.

I just have 2 missing... Ethernet and a Mass Storage Device (i believe its tyhe card reader).

Howerver i had the following drivers installed:

Card Reader Controller - O2Micro
LAN Driver - Marvell

Shouldnt both components work properly?

And howcome the "Controls - Toshiba" for windows XP fails to install on win XP?

Another question... there are components that have more than one driver from more than one Manufacturer... wich ones should i choose? The most recent?

Best Regards.


Answer:Satellite A300-1CO - Missing Windows XP Drivers

The Ethernet device could be wireless LAN, and the Mass Storage could be the Intel Matrix Storage Manager and/or Intel Chipset. Have you installed these drivers?

Also install common modules if its available for that model.

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I have Satellite A300 with windows vista recovery disc and I want to upgrade to windows 7! how can I get one?
how much does it costs?

Answer:Satellite A300 - How to get Windows 7 recovery disk?


The upgrade is pretty easy: Just purchase a Microsoft update disk and then you can update Vista to Windows 7 ? That?s all!

But if you bought your notebook from June 26, 2009 to January 31, 2010 you can order a Windows 7 upgrade disk directly:

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My Satellite Pro A300's Hard drive failed.It has now been replaced. I have ordered a recovery disk.
Will this enable me to reinstall the Windows Vista OS that came originally installed?

Also,I am getting this message"BOOTMGR MISSING".Will the recovery disk fix this issue too?
Many thanks in advance !

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro A300 - Will recovery disk reinstall Windows OS on new HDD

>I have ordered a recovery disk. Will this enable me to reinstall the Windows Vista OS that came originally installed?
Yes. Definitely.

Is new HDD recognized properly in BIOS settings?
If yes there should not be any problem.

By the way, A300 runs perfectly and much better with Win7 32bit.

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After a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate i have come across a driver that i can not figure out what it is.
All i know about it is it is on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System and also the device instance path is ACPI\TOS6205\2&DABA3FF&1
Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite Pro A300 PSAGDA-02000R, Missing driver in Windows 7

I believe you are missing Bluetooth device installation.
Download and install latest BT stack from Toshiba EMEA Bluetooth Information Center.


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I have A300-u01; it has ATI RADEON 3650 graphic card.
Well i had Sat A205 which had intel graphic card.
When I use to right click on desktop there was option for Intel graphic card but on my Sat A300 i don't have the same option with right click on deskop.

I saw one Sat A300 in market and it had ATI card and also had ATI Option with right click on desktop.

Answer:Satellite A300-U01 - Don't have a ATI option using right click on desktop

one more thing, the A300 i saw in market had 2.40 hours of battery time and mine is just hardly of 1.35 hours with full charge..

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I have tried using the Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator numerous times and with many different brands of Discs to create the recovery disc.
However every time just as the laptop is just about to finish burning the disc, there is an error and the operation could not be completed.

I don't believe there is a problem with the drive as I have used it for many other things including watching movies with no problem.
Could Toshiba please mail me a recovery disc instead?

Answer:Cannot create a recovery CD for my Satellite A300-1BZ

>Could Toshiba please mail me a recovery disc instead?
Mail a recovery disc? Very interesting. To mail 4 GB image is not so easy.

I don't know what are you doing but if you want good tip then use Verbatim or TDK DVD-R empty medias. Use DVD-R only.
I have Satellite A300 too and I created recovery DVDs successfully.
Do you use DVD-R medias too?

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Hi everyone,

With my Toshiba nothing but problems. First I waited replacement screen for month cause there wasn?t any at warehouse. K, after that I downgraded to XP but driver are buggy, sound is poor, cant get USB2.0 to work, system is slower than Vista so I decided to return to Vista.

But of course, there is no DVD so I need to restore via HDD restore folder I have. But cool, Toshiba doesn't let me to download utility to create backup DVD. So what I can do? I have HDD Recovery folder, how to now create DVD without utility I was first given.

You can say it?s not Toshiba fault; you did that bla bla. Of course, but first I waited replacement screen, I wasn?t given original Vista DVD, I cant even download utility from Toshiba. What sad piece of equipment. I have experience, my first installed OS was DOS and Win95, numerous OS installation after that but this that I can install back my OS in 2009 I wouldn't hope its gonna happen.

Any ideas you good ppl

Answer:Satellite A300-1lT - I want restore Vista with the recovery option

Sorry buddy, but in this case you need a new recovery disk. The HDD Recovery folder is not useful for you because you don’t have Windows Vista yet and as you already know the Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator can’t be downloaded.

So you must order a new disk from an authorized service provider or Toshiba directly:

To be honest this is not a problem of Toshiba. If you start the notebook at first time you get the following message and this should not be ignored:


+your system is equipped with hard disk recovery system. if you need to repair+
+your computer by restoring it to original factory state, you can do it directly+
+from harddisk (press F8 when you boot your computer, choose "Repair your computer"+
+and follow the menue instructions) or create a bootable Recovery Disc Medium for this purpose.+

+Toshiba recommends you to create Recovery Disc Medium using the "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator" to ensure+
+hat you are able to restore your computer to the original factory installed state, even if your computer+
+gets seriously damaged+

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I just bought a Satellite Pro A300 with Windows XP.
I want to know how I can, or if I need to, create a recovery disc which will reset the machine to its original state.
The information included gives instuctions on how to do this for machines installed with Vista but not for XP.

I know I can recover from the hidden partition but in case that option isn't possible I would like to be able to recover from CD or DVD.
There is a Product Recovery CD included which just says 'MS Windows XP' so I guess it won't include drivers or the Toshiba software?

Any help appreciated,

Answer:Satellite Pro A300: How can I create the Recovery Disc


Do you have preinstalled Toshiba software called ?TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator??

Please check this.
Using the TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator you can create the Recovery Disk.

But if your notebook was already preinstalled with Windows XP then a Recovery CD or DVD should be included.

Did you check all items in the box?

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i'm trying to create recovery disc for the first time(bought laptop before 5 days) and just a little before the end the creator stops:

Failed to read file.
(Error code: 020150-20-00000000)

What is going wrong?

Answer:Satellite A300-15A can't create recovery disc

Are you using good quality Discs?

Try TDK DVD-R media.

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I have a problem with Recovery Disc Creator. When it burns the 1st DVD disc an error occurs. It says "Unexpected error occured. Error code: 0E01B5-26-2A031000".
I have Toshiba Satellite A300-1NA.

All of the updates are installed, and generally the system is "clean". I suspect that this problem is caused by my DVD-RW drive (MAT****A UJ880AS) but I cannot find new firmware for it. Thanks in advance for any help.

Best regards

Answer:Re: Can't create recovery discs on Satellite A300-1NA


Firmware updates you can get on the Toshiba website but for your Satellite A300 with Mat****a drive I didn?t find one.

Have you tried DVD?s from different manufactures? I use always Verbatim disks and never had problems with it.
Check this!


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Have an Satellite Pro A300-28V laptop with Vista 32 Business. After a recovery from HDD Recovery partition I decided to use the function Complete PC system backup to make an image for future recovery with all my present settings. Too annoying to reset to factory default (Thunderbird 3.0 Mail, Open Office, and some other small applications previously running with no problems for years on another desktop computer).

The system needs 5 to 9 DVD's and it writes the first DVD. Takes roughly 30 minutes. Then, during verification of that disc it hangs. Verification bar stops at about 30% complete.
Anyone with that experience? Does not the Business "Complete PC image" work well on a OEM installation of Vista?
Or is it maybe the DVD driver who needs an update? I do not use a 3rd party burning software.


Answer:Satellite Pro A300-28V - Can't create own recovery disks


Which program you are using to create your own recovery disks? For example I mean Acronis, Norton Ghost, etc.

In your case I would try it with another burning program like CD Burner XP or Nero.
Furthermore you could try to remove the upper and lower filters in Windows registry, maybe it will work.

Last but not least on the Toshiba website you can check if there is a firmware update for your CD/DVD drive.

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Hello to everyone!!

My cousin interrupted the first boot of Vista, resulting in an constant error while powering up the laptop (saying something about disconnecting a camera or a media player). I decided to perform a clean install of Vista Home Pre and everything rolled ok.

I have a back up of the HDD Recovery Folder and tried to burn a DVD using as prototype my recovery dvd (A200-1J0) which prooved non-bootable.
So, I would like to know whether it is possible to make a recovery dvd manually (meaning without the wizard mentioned in the user manuals) for the Toshiba A300-17N laptop.

Answer:How manually create Recovery DVD of Satellite A300

Something like this is not possible. If the HDDRecovery folder still exists on second partition please start your notebook and press F8 for advanced boot option. Use first option on the top for computer repair. Follow the menu und choose option for Toshiba HDD recovery.

Install OS again and create recovery DVD using preinstalled Toshiba tool.

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I have a Satellite A300-230 notebook, and in the BIOS, the option (under Advanced) to enable/disable the *Wake on Wireless LAN* is disabled and greyed out without any way to change it.

Why is that so? How can I enable it?

BIOS version is 2.20 (latest).

Thanks to all.

Answer:Satellite A300: "Wake on Wireless LAN" option disabled in BIOS


I have no idea why its grayed out? in my case I can enable and disable this option?
But I can do this also in Toshiba HWSetup utility which can be found in All Programs -> Toshiba Europe GmbH

Can you enable this using this tool?

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Tried making recovery disc for new Toshiba A300-29N using Sony DVD, always getting error. Toshiba service center confirmed that Sony DVD not compatible with this DVD drive.
Any one faced htis issue and any update. Tried with Imation DVD it worked fine

Answer:Cannot create recovery disc on my Satellite A300-29N using Sony DVD

I don't use Sony DVD media but TDK or Verbatim DVD-R. Every time I used it I was able to create recovery media. No problems at all.
I recommend you to do the same. Believe me it will work properly.

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My laptop is Satellite A300-211

My question is can I use the Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator program to burn CDs and DVDs beside the image of Windows?

Answer:Satellite A300-211 - Can I use recovery disc creator to create other discs?

Hi mate,

The Toshiba recovery disk creator can only create the Toshiba recovery disk and that?s all!

If you want to burn other CDs or DVDs you have to use another program like Nero or CD Burner XP. The last one is freeware and really nice. It has a lot of functions and is very small. Check this!!

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I went to create a new folder under documents and won't, then tried it elsewhere (desktop etc) and it shows me a shortcut to create a new folder, and wants me to browse to it. I don't know where to make it browse to, to even see if it works or not. Anyone know here?
Thanks, Linda

Answer:Windows 7 missing "Create New Folder" option

The issue should be caused by damaged or incorrect registry key entry. Please check the following registry value:

1. Click Start, type regedit in Search Bar, and then click regedit in the Programs list.
Note: If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type your password or click Continue.

2. Locate and then click the following registry subkey:


3. Please check if the value for (Default) is: {D969A300-E7FF-11d0-A93B-00A0C90F2719}

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Just about got my new install of windows 10 running how I like and thought I should make a system image on an external back drive just in case.

So I followed the instructions to get to control panel > Backup and Restore (Windows 7) but that's it no option to select a drive and create an image. In fact nothing at all, just a dead end functionality wise.

I've tried inserting USB drives, hot swap sata drive (my preferred image media) - but still nothing.

File history is working fine.

Maybe there's another setting I need to tweak ?

Any ideas ?

Edit - I've been able to create a 'recovery drive' on a hot swap sata hard drive so I guess that's as good as a system image or am I missing something here as well ?

Regards Tim

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While following this link can't find Background folder in the directory. Directory folder consist shell and shellex separetly. Please provide the alternative for this problem.

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Hi, Just become a lenovo ultrabook owner, U410. 1TB HDD, 32SDD and 8MB RAM.  Had it one day and still getting to grips with windows 8. Anyway, I can't seem to find an option to create the recovery disks. I have plugged in a writtable DVD USB drive which windows sees. I shutdown, use the one key recovery button and boot into recovery mode. I don't get an option to create recovery disks,  Restore from initial backupREstore from users backup If I use recovery in windows I only get the options to backup to an image file or restore from an image file. Has anyone had this problem.? I have looked online and at the user manuals The above suggests that the recovery disk option should be there, when it isn't Thanks in advance Rob 

Answer:U410 ideapad - No create recovery disk option

A post was removed
"No solicitation for, nor exchange of information that will aid or enable unethical, illegal, immoral or unsafe activities."

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Hi I have recently purchased Y series laptop which has Windows Vista 64 bit version. It has a One key recovery feature, which gives me 2 options, Back up (image file) and create restore disk based on the back up image. I could not find the option which says create the disk with factory setting. The back up options seems allow to create the back up of the complete file system. Any help would be appriciated. Thanks - Mahesh K

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Hi and greetings to all.
I'm new to this forum and am stuck on an issue. I purchased my Toshiba Satellite A300 notebook about 4 months ago. Its running Windows Vista (32 bit). Its model number is "PSAGCA-0C301N". The specs for this specific model say that it comes with an FM tuner and it came supplied with a plug-in antenna and also it has a jack on the RH side where it should be, for this purpose. The specs for this model are shown at the following page on the Toshiba website: Toshiba_Retail_Range_Specification_Brochure_Q109_3 .pdf

However, I cannot locate the software (it's not where the user manual says it should be - "Start-All Programs-FM Tuner Utility"). I eventually tried downloading Toshiba software (NXP FM tuner), but this does not seem to work either. Have I really got an FM tuner as stated by Toshiba? Can anyone throw some light on this problem please, or advise what I need to do next?

Many thanks,

Answer:FM tuner is missing on my Satellite A300


Sounds like if you got an ariel then you should have the fm tuner.

I have an A300 "PSAGCA 09V0N"wile i see the spec is slightly deferent i dont hink toshiba would give you an ariel if you didnt need it.

the FM tuner should show on the program bar just typing FM in it mine does.

If its any conslation unless you live in the shadow of the transmitter your not missing much.


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I have just bought a new Satellite A300-1G2 without an operating system. Now I would like to install Win XP, however during instalation I receive a message that says that windows setup cannot find any hard drives installed on the system. What could be the problem?

Answer:Satellite A300-1G2 can't install Win Xp - missing HDD

Please don?t be mad at me but did you search here in the forum for similar cases?!
I assume you didn?t?

So use the forums advanced search option and search for SATA driver, Intel Storage Manger, etc?

There a are a lot of threads regarding this theme?

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Maybe some can tell where I can buy hdd conector for motherboard ?
I have place for HDD and connections point on motherboard but dont have connector to hdd.
Camputer are A300 1gn.

Please help!

Answer:Re: Satellite A300 - second hard disk

Hi Lotus

Toshiba has offered Satellite A300 with one or two HDDs with two different mainboards. Plastic cover is the same for both notebook models and that is the reason why there are two HDD covers and two placed for HDD. Notebooks without SATA connectors are not ?ready? for upgrade.

Nobody here in this forum has reported that such upgrade was possible if notebook doesn?t have original SATA connector for second HDD so I think you cannot upgrade your notebook with second HDD.

By the way: it is not easy to find such parts.

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hiya folks

I want to do a clean install on my laptop Satellite Pro A300 but only thing is I cannot find my recovery disc which I made. When I first made it is there any where I can get a new one?
I've checked the drivers section but nothing there


Answer:Satellite Pro A300 - Can I get a new recovery disk?


If you have still installed the Vista version that was delivered with the notebook you can create a new recovery disk again.
Just start the Toshiba recovery disk creator and create a new one ? That?s all!

Furthermore you can reinstall Vista if you use the HDD recovery option. Therefore you have to go in advanced boot menu (F8) and select ?repair my computer?. Some files will be loaded and then you can choose the Toshiba recovery option.
But this is only possible on preinstalled Vista version.

In worst case you have to order a new recovery disk from Toshiba directly:


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I would like to replace the internal disk drive in my Satellite A300-1J1 laptop. Despite searching the Toshiba websites I cannot find out sufficient information about the specification to ensure I buy a fully compatible drive. I would be grateful if someone could advise the required specification for suitable drives (250GB and above). Are installation instructions available please?

Thank you for any help you may be able to give.

Answer:Re: Disk upgrade for Satellite A300-1J1

The computer contains an extremely low-profile and lightweight, high-performance HDD.
The HDD incorporates 9.5 mm and 12.5 mm height magnetic disk and mini-Winchester type magnetic heads. The HDD interface conforms to Serial ATA.
Storage capacities supported for your notebook model are 120, 160, 200, 250, 300, 320, 400,500 GB.

Just be sure you will order SATA HDD.

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I've lost the recovery disc that I first created & I'm now up the creak after vista crashed on my. I've managed to reload it but have some serious hardware issues that I'm unable to resolve such as being unable to connect to the internet etc.

Can anybody advise where to purchase a recovery disc please?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite A300-1BZ - Where can I buy a recovery disk?


Of course you can buy a new recovery disk. Just click on the following link and order a new one:

By the way, you can download all drivers and tools on the Toshiba website if you have installed Windows from a Microsoft disk: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers


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Hi everyone,

I did a very stupid thing!! I formatted my laptop Sattelite A300-1EI and discovered that i have lost the recovery DVD that i made???

I called the retailer where i bought the laptop but they don't have recovery disks for this model?

How can i retrieve my original VISTA version for my laptop???

Is there anywhere on this site to download it?

I have downlowded all the drivers from this site but i want the original vista back...

Please help

Answer:Re: Satellite A300-1EI - Where to get the Recovery disk

Maybe you could order it from this page:

Check it out

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Hello, at me such problem. I when have bought tried to change splitting of disks that was not half-and-half and that for disk C it was taken away for example 50 Gbyte and on disk D the remained. And so, suffered suffered and because of that that did not know that in BIOS the tag is established that it was impossible to touch SATA. All has spoilt.
Also has removed even the protected area on a disk for system restoration :(

Help please, I wish to return all as was. It is for this purpose necessary Recovery Disk for Toshiba Satellite A300-15E

In advance thanks all responded

Answer:It is very necessary recovery disk for Satellite A300-15E

Well buddy?. You mad a big mistake? you should have created the Recovery disk firstly before you have changed or deleted something from the disk.

I don?t know if you will be able to use the recovery HDD option but try to press the F8 buttons immediately after you have powered up the notebook.
Usually the menu should appear and there you should choose the first option called ?Repair my Computer? and then Toshiba recovery.

Well if this is not possible then you have no other choice as to order the Recovery disk from this website:


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I bought a Toshiba Satellite A300 with Windows Vista pre-instaled but I didn't received any CD or DVD with Vista. I just have a sticker with CD key on the back of the laptop.

I installed Windows XP from personal reason and now I want to install again Windows Vista using the folder HDD Recovery.
Can I install or I should have made a DVD with Vista ?


Answer:Satellite A300 - Need recovery disk

Sorry but now you are not able to install Vista with the HDD Recovery. The HDD Recovery can only be used on an installed Windows Vista system because XP doesn?t support this function.

Your mistake was that you didn?t burn the recovery disk with the Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator in Vista and now you are not able to burn it.

The only way to get Vista back is the recovery disk and now you must order it on the Toshiba website or from an authorized service provider.

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Does anyone have the recovery disk 2 for A300? I have disk 1 but missing disk 2 :(
Hope someone can help me or send me a link from where i can download the disk 2


Answer:Satellite A300 - Need recovery disk 2

Hi amrit711,

The Toshiba recovery disk you can?t download so hopefully you find something with the same model where you can get recovery disk 2.

But you can also order the recovery disk from Toshiba directly. It?s not for free but these disks are pretested and should work properly:

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Hi, I have Satellite A300-1AL with Windows Vista Home Premium
I've bought this laptop with no recovery disk. Currently C drive is messed up(failed to install windows XP), How can I restore system from a pre-installed system on a hidden partition?

Answer:How to restore disk on Satellite A300-1AL

Try holding down the Zero key when turning on the laptop.

On my laptop, I need to time it properly, like this:

1) Hold 0 key
2) Turn on laptop
3) Release 0 key when the Toshiba logo appears

If the recovery partition is already gone, you can order a recovery disc from Toshiba

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I have just purchased the Sat A300-10m.
The hard drive is suppose to be 250GB but the vista (c:)drive only has 116gb & the data (E:)drive 115gb.
In addition to that i have put 16.45gb of music on the c drive & now only have 67.6gb free.
There is 5gb used on the E drive for system recovery,

Basically as far as i can see im missing about 60gb of hard drive space & although space i understand that some is taken up by programs etc should it be this much & is there any way to check if for example i have somehow managed to load my music into 2 or 3 different places?

A confused newbie to computers!


Answer:Satellite A300-10m - 30GB of HDD space 'missing'!


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Tried installing windows XP on my A300-22Z but failed at doing that since the installation wont even start.

As ive heard, the installation lacks some ICH6-7-8 drivers for the chipset so it cannot proceed and they must be intergrated into the windows installation(winXPsp2) manually.

So im wondering, where do i find and download these drivers, and also is there a guide anywhere for integrating such drivers into OS installations.

Answer:Missing chipset drivers for Satellite A300-22Z

I assume you need the SATA driver and not chipset driver.
I think the Win XP cannot proceeds because the HDD cannot be recognized by Win XP.

The point is that Win XP does not contain the drivers for the new SATA controllers.
The SATA drivers can be found in the Intel Storage Manger.

I think you can find it on the Toshiba European driver page.
In the download package you will find the iata_cd.exe

Use one of the command to extract the driver files which you need to include to the Win XP.

c:\iata_cd.exe -a -a -pc:\<path>

When the command is run, the installation process begins; simply click through the dialogs as prompted. This will not install the driver, it will only extract the driver files to <path> (path can be set for example C:\SATA).
After the extraction is completed, the driver files can be found in <path>\Driver (i.e C:\SATA\Driver).

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Every time I startup my laptop I get an error message:

+There was a problem starting+
+C:\Users\Toshiba\AppData\Roaming\\negin e.dll+

+The specified module could not be found.+

Otherwise laptop seems to be fine.
I am using Windows 7 with AVG.

Thy in advance

Answer:Satellite A300 - Win 7 - negine.dll missing


The nengine.dll file belongs to "NewNext Helper Engine"
The software is called +nengine+ developed by NewNextDotMe

For me it looks like you installed this 3rd party software on your notebook and now there is some problem with this file.

I think you should simply uninstall this nengine application from the system to solve this annoying issue.

If you really need this software, you can install it once it has been removed.

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I have an A300-1MO.
Can I use any Toshiba recovery disk \?
Or is there like a specific one for my A300-1MO?

I'm like a total noob....
Somebody pls help...!

Answer:Re: Satellite A300-1MO - Can I use any Toshiba recovery disk?

No, you cannot use any Recovery disk? you have to use the recovery disk designed for this notebook model.
The point is that recovery disk contains a image. Image is a package which contains OS and Toshiba drivers?
If you would use another recovery disk then the image would be installed with not compatible drivers and this could lead to further problems?

Every new Toshiba notebook provides a Toshiba Recovery Disk creator tool. This tool can create a recovery disk?

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Hi Peeps

I'm new to this forum so forgive me if I'm not posting under the right discussion!

Firstly I wanted to know if a 2nd HDD can be added to my Satellite A300-1BZ (PSAJ4E-03L016KS) ?

If this is not possible does anyone know what is the largest (Gigabytes) compatible HDD that can be installed on this notebook ?

Finally if one of the above options are available what type of HDD would I need to install (size) & would I be limited to using a toshiba brand HDD ?

Any feedback would be appreciated !

Answer:Satellite A300-1BZ - 2nd Hard Disk Slot?

As far as I know the A300 supports the SATA HDD and usually there is no limitation!

Theoretically you could use all available SATA 2.5? HDDs.


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First of all, sorry for my very bad english.

I bought a portable PC 9 months ago, Toshiba Satellite A300. I have had problems with a virus and the result is that despite of the actions of clean and disinfection, the computer remains infected and I have denied the access to the hard disks and regedit.

I have thought to recover the operating system preinstaled of factory (I hope it is the solution and not the formatting) and Barrie told me to check

I did it but the PC says that it's imposible because there's no files. I didn't make a rescue CD (so newbee).

What can I do?

Answer:Satellite A300 - How recover the OS without having Recovery disk?


Did you already install another OS?

Normally the HDD recovery as Barrie suggested always works if the preinstalled Windows from Toshiba is installed but sometimes due viruses it could not work. I mean if you don?t have success with this you will need a Toshiba recovery disk to get back factory settings.

A new recovery disk you can order here:


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I lost my windows recovery disc and have ordered recovery disc for my toshiba SATELLITE A300-23E which has windows vista.
At the moment i have got windows xp trial version intalled on my laptop.
If i install windows vista from the recovery disc, will it erase all my data already on my hardisk including partitions or will it be installed automatically to Dive C:

thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A300-23E: Would reocvery disk format my HDD?

Yes, the recovery disk would format the whole HDD firstly.
This means that all partition would be deleted and this means you would lose everything which was stored on the HDD.

Therefore you should backup the important data before starting with the recovery procedure.


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Satellite a300 20p has 2 places for hard disk
Can i add another one beside the existing one?

Answer:Can i add an internal hard disk in Satellite A300-20P


You can check it yourself.
There should be an second HDD bay.
Remove the cover from the second HDD bay and check if there is an HDD connector (pin).
If you will not find any connectors then this would mean that an second HDD controller is not available and the usage of 2nd HDD is not possible.


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I bought a new Satellite A300 and now I have to reinstall Windows Vista. My question is:

Through the recovery disk do I already have all the necessary drivers for my computer?
Do I have to download them online one by one?

Thank you for your help



Answer:Satellite A300 - Does the recovery disk contain all drivers?


Yes, the Toshiba recovery disk contains all drivers and tools for your notebook. After you have used the Toshiba recovery disk you have the same settings as you have started the notebook the first (out of the box). So that means the disk contains an image of ?factory settings?.

The disk is very easy to use: You have only to boot from it and follow the screen instructions. Windows and all drivers will be reinstalled in few minutes.

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Hi all,

I'm new to the forum.

I was thinking about adding a second hard disk to my laptop.
I saw that there is one drive and a space for a second

Is it possible? If so, then which HDD would be reccomendable?


Answer:Satellite A300 - install second hard disk

Hi and welcome at the forum,

do you have opening the case on the under side?
Do you have connectors on this place for a HDD?

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I got a Toshiba Satellite Pro A300, that says the System32\hal.dll file is corrupt or missing.

Is there some way to repair the file by a recovery by the laptop self, or do I have to get a copy of Windows Vista to boot on and do it that way?

Hope to get some possible answers to what to do.

thanks Christian

Answer:Satellite Pro A300 - System32\hal.dll file is corrupt or missing


I read some threads in different forums and in most cases the new OS installation could solve this. The HAL.dll in placed in C:\Windows\system32 so maybe you could solve this by copy this file from Vista CD to this folder?

You could boot up the unit using a bootable Live CD (linux or windows lice CD called PartBe or WinPE)?
But the easiest solution would be the recovery procedure?

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I got my Toshiba Satellite A300-15J 2 days ago. My previous laptop was an A100.

I am missing the sound software that my previous laptop had.
There was a tray icon for sound and I could right click and select if I am using headphones or the laptop speakers.

I am wondering if there is no need to differentiate between headphones and laptop speakers on this system? If there is, could I be directed to a link to download the sound software for this model. It has Windows Vista standard.

Thank you for your time.

Answer:Satellite A300-15J: missing a sound software like on Sat A100


I presume your previous A100 has used a Realtek sound manager.
The A300 does not use and does not support the Realtek sound chip but it supports the Conexant CX20561 sound chip and as I?m not mistaken it has another sound feature.

Check your control panel -> *Smart Audio*
You should meet some useful settings.

Check it out

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Hi everyone.

This is my first time on any forum ever :)

In August 2008 I have bought Laptop Toshiba Satellite A300 - 149. There was many turbulences in our relationship but we have always went thru them until now.

Some time ago I have added extra hard disc just for system. I've made it just to have all important datas in separate unit. Now this extra disc decided to be dying.

The problem is that there is no more recovery on the oryginal disc so I have a laptop, hard disc and the product key for windows but no windows instalation disc or at least file.

Can you please help me and tell what should I do now because I cannot undo what I have done already :)

Answer:Satellite A300 - Win Vista instalation disc missing


Your A300 was delivered with preinstalled Vista operating system (recovery image). This recovery image is saved on HDD. In user?s manuals document is described that every notebook owner should create recovery installation disc using preinstalled recovery media creator tool.

If I understand you right you didn?t create it so this is your only mistake.
What you can do now?
You have two options:
1/ You can order original recovery disc -
2/ You can install own OS version

I have A300 too and since three years I use it with Windows 7 32bit. It runs perfectly and much better than original Vista.

Anyway, you must make decision what to do. If you have more questions feel free to ask.


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I bought a satellite a305-s6829 in US. I changed the OS to XP.
My problems re the following:

1) i have 3 devices that remain unknown and Toshiba USA has published incomplete XP drivers for this model.
I don't know which hardware are not functioning and have no idea how to identify them. At first I installed a program that's supposed to identify these unknown devices but it lists all the hardware in the laptop! So how am I supposed to know which ones are unknown.
The device list is long and it is kind of difficult to isolate the unknown devices.

2) I am unable to find the ACPI Common modules for Win XP for this model. Is there a compatible ACPI module for the A300/A305 from other models?
I am unable to install the other important utilities for the laptop since I don't have this, e.g. power management.

3) Ever since installing XP, I am experiencing BSOD.
I am not sure what's causing it. Maybe it is related to no. 2, i don't know. Has anyone else experienced this?

Can somebody help me with these issues?



Answer:Missing WinXP drivers for Satellite A300/A305


Before we start to discuss about WXP on newest Satellite A305 I have one question: Which WXP have you installed? With or without SP2?

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Hi, Hope someone can help.

Laptop stopped working - keeps trying to fix problem via windows on start-up but this just hangs for hours so I ordered a recovery disc to start a fresh as I believe the original problems were caused by a virus. I have no important data to keep so am OK with clearing everything and restarting. Today. I have just received my Product Recovery disc that I ordered from Toshiba. I follow the instructions; load disc, power on holding C. Then it just continues as if the Recovery CD wasnt in the drive. The CD drive doesnt spin. Its as if the laptop doesnt recognize the disc.

Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite Pro A300 - Recovery disk fails at start


Well, either i?s something wrong with recovery disk itself or the drive doesn?t detect the disk properly?

What happens if you access the BIOS boot menu (F12 key) and select CD/DVD drive as boot device?
If it doesn?t work try another bootable disk to make sure the drive is working properly.

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Hi everybody!

Need some help with my Satellite A300. I lost the optical recovery disc I burned when the laptop was new. Now when I'm trying to burn a new recovery disc I can't find the Recovery Disc Creator - not on the desktop or in the Start meny. I still have the folder with all the recovery files left - a folder named HDDRecovery with size 4.5 GB. The problem is to find out how to burn the disc.

Can anyone help?

//iMate, Sweden

Answer:Satellite A300 - I can't find the recovery disk creator


Have you reinstalled the notebook with your own Windows version?

The problem is that the recovery disk creator can?t be downloaded. So I think you must use the HDD recovery function to restore the factory settings. After this it?s maybe possible to burn the recovery disk again.


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Hello there!

I'm new in the new type of slipstreaming Windows. I was familiar with the old one with Norton ghost. It was easy for me, but I have a problem with the new one. I want to recover only C drive on my laptop with a different size than the factory size.

I want to delete the first partition and rearrange others because I want bigger partition for my data and small Partition for my system. Can I boot program with CD then insert Toshiba recovery disk and use the Vista image on recovery DVDs to recover only C drive?

Excuse me for my English. :-)

Answer:Can I recover only C Drive on Satellite A300 with recovery disk?


At first I must say that your English is very good and understandable. ;)

Back to recovery question. I agree with you. With old Norton ghost recovery image it was possible to install OS on one partition only. Unfortunately with recovery media that you can create with your Satellite A300 something like this is not possible.

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Please I'm in desperate need of help,

My brother purchased new Toshiba A300-23E in Saudi Arabia. He has little knowledge of computers.
It was on the display threre.

He sent it to my father in Pakistan but soon noticed that it was full of virues and he fresh installed Windows xp SP2 after formating hard drive.

He gave that to me for fixing the problem. As it is designed for windows vista. I want to install windows vista but i havent got the recovery disk or any operating disk.

How am i suppose to install windows vista?
Somebody told me that i download vista trail version and enter the key which is on the back of my laptop.

Anybody having any idea. plz

Answer:How to install Vista on Satellite A300 without recovery disk?

> He sent it to my father in Pakistan but soon noticed that it was full of virues and he fresh installed Windows xp SP2 after formating hard drive.

This was a big mistake buddy?
The recovery disk was not shipped with the notebook because there was an preinstalled tool called Toshiba recovery disk creator which allows you to create an own recovery disk.
But this is not possible since the HDD has been formatted and all files have been deleted.

Now you would not be able to recover the unit even using the HDD recovery since the files are not available on HDD.

You need a recovery disk and you can order it from here:


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At me has broken new Satellite A300-234, has flied Windows Vista. I have not made the Backup copy of system. Has put system from a disk of other laptop Toshiba A200-23J.

The key does not approach. What to do?

Answer:Re: Satellite A300-234 - Product key doesn't work with disk from another la

You can order Recovery discs here:

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Hi there.
I want to completely format my windows Vista on satellite A300-14S, but i don't have the cd with me.
How do i do it then? I want to bring it to factory default settings with everything gone.

Thank you.

Answer:How to format Satellite A300-14S without any Vista Recovery disk


You can:

1 Order [Recovery disk|] for money
2 Get Windows copy disk to install all Toshiba drivers you can download from [Toshiba drivers|]
3 If you haven't removed hdd image, you can restore:

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I just installed the ultraiso program, when I open the toshiba recovery disc creator this message appear

An unexpected error occurred.
please quit this application and restart it.
(error code:0D00F6-26-00000015)

with an only ok option when I press it, it appears again ,when I press ok for the second time, it disappears and the program runs. What can I do to stop that?

note: I had the same problem with the poweriso program

my lap is a A300-211

Answer:Satellite A300-211 - Can't start recovery disk creator

Hi mate,

Can you please tell us what happens if you uninstall ultraiso program? To be honest ths program isn?t known to me, I never heard about this.
Then try it again please.

In worst case you have to start the HDD recovery option to reinstall Windows. Then you should be able to create the recovery media. For HDD recovery procedure I have founded this:

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I am not really providing any solution, but faced similar problem with my Satellite A300-1EI laptop, purchased in Dubai, UAE. I tried to make recovery discs through Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator. However, everytime, I got an error message. I tried with Verbatim, Philips DVD-R and lost several DVDs. Meanwhile on some net surfing, I found out that Toshiba DVD writer is a bit sensitive and try using Verbatim brand DVD-R. I tried with Verbatim 2 days ago and at the last moment when I was about to dance with joy that first DVD is created, received an erro message as below

*"The following issue occured while recording data to the disc.*
*The current process will be stopped.*

*A power calibration area error occurred.*
*Please check if the dics is scratched or dirty.*
*If so, please try again with a new disc.*

*(Error Code: 0E01B5-26-00037304)"*

I really do not understand the message. Can you advise on how to create the recovery discs.


Answer:Re: Satellite A300 - Error while creating Recovery Disk


For me it looks like the used DVD disks are not fully supported by ODD.
It seems to be a compatibility issue.

I had such issue in the past but I could solve it using another DVD from another manufacturer.
I made a good experience with TDK DVD-R.
Using the ?R disk I was able to burn the disk but using the +R I received an error.


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I bought a toshiba Satellite A300-15D

ftm the tsscorp drive that is installed in the device no longer works (does not detect any type of media what so ever). ) need to recover the laptop so I used a USB DVD drive to boot from the recovery disc but after the recovery console loads it says waiting for media in drive f: which is the tsscorp drive altough I used an external drive to load the disc.

What files would I need to modify to make it load from the external drive and if thats not the solution what should I do?

thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite A300 - How to use recovery disk with external DVD drive?

Hi buddy,

Unfortunately I think it?s not possible to use the recovery disk with external CD/DVD drive. So you have to place the internal one to use the recovery disk.
You can get a new drive from an authorized service provider.

But if the original Toshiba OS is installed, you can use the HDD recovery feature to reinstall Windows as well. Go in advanced boot menu (F8) and select ?Repair my computer? :)

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Hi my name is Kanwar. I live in Toronto, Ca.

I purchased A300 toshiba laptop 3 month back, and made recovery DVDs the same time :-)
But i faced some problem and did tried to do recovery and i erased all data after taking backup, but while using my 1st DVD i faced a problem that PREINST2.SWM file is missing after about 12 minutes.

My DVD is brand new, without any scratches.
Also while creating the recovery discs, there was no issue, it got 100% successful.

What can i do now?
I need the laptop in my studies very urgent and its .....
I left message on 1-800- Toshiba also, but got no response :-(

Help me
u may reply here and forward on [email protected]

Answer:PREINST2.SWM file is missing while recovery procedure on Satellite A300


Did you try to use the HDD recovery procedure (if possible)???

Press F8, while notebook powering up. Choose repair my computer.
Then a new window will open. Then you could start the recovery from HDD.
But this would be possible if the HDD recovery folder has not been changed.

If HDD recovery is not possible, I recommend formatting the HDD using an Windows XP CD.
Then try to boot from the Toshiba Recovery DVD again.

Check it out

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I hope someone might be able to help me.

I have had this laptop for nearly a year and slowly this is driving me mad. I have to type very slowly and deliberately when using IE.

For some reason it doesn't seem to pick evey key stroke up. It is fine when using office apps though. It seems to possibly be linked to the fan being on constantly.

Online games run slowly too.

I have bought an air duster can but not much came out of the fan area, so the fix that everyone keeps suggesting on here for fan issues hasn't helped, the fan is still noisy and it has taken me ages to type this.

Please help me!


Answer:Satellite A300: missing letters while typing fast & noisy fan

What plugins are you using in IE? Some plugins/toolbars can drastically affect the performance.

Have you tested it in FireFox or another browser? You can download FireFox from here:

Did you install Windows yourself? Or are you using the factory Windows installation?

Maybe you are missing some drivers, for example if you have not installed the correct Graphics Drivers, Windows will run in VGA Mode (software mode), which is very slow.
Have a look in Device Manager for driver problems.

It can also be caused by installed software. Perhaps you have two Antiviruses installed? Maybe you should try backing up your data and running Recovery. That would determine if its a hardware or software problem.

A BIOS Update may also help. You can get the latest BIOS from the Toshiba website in the support section.

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Floor of year back I have bought the laptop Toshiba SATELLITE A300-1EG (Short Model No PSAG4E) . Because of some problems it was necessary to reinstall Windows.

When bought in the laptop stood Windows Vista Home. Now to me have established Windows Vista Ultimate. A problem with some drivers, I can not adjust brightness and sharpness of the screen, and screen prompts do not work. Writes "or for screen prompt the updated video card is required, or the video card compatible with Direct3D" is required.

Help please!

Answer:Satellite A300-1EG - after upgrade to Vista Premium missing some options


I think you didn?t install the right graphic card driver?
It seems your notebook supports the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470 graphic chip and I think you should simply reinstall the graphic card driver placed on the Toshiba European driver page?

What do you think?

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I have a Toshiba A300 Satellite A300/ M00 and when I first got it, it had Windows Vista Home Premium 32 Bit. But after some time, i started having problems so i decided to reinstall Vista onto my notebook. After going through with the Product Recovery Media, my system then became 64 Bit.

Wasn't my system suppose to have 32 Bit since it originally came with it?
If no, then how can i install 32 Bit once again onto my notebook as 64 Bit is giving me problems with installing some of my programs.

If I do require to purchase a copy of Vista 32 Bit, where would I find the drivers to cater for my system since the Product Recovery Media has all the drivers on it.

Thank you for your time.

Answer:Satellite A300: 64bit Vista after new installation using Recovery disk

Hmm?. Your posting is a little bit confusing.

Why are you suggesting that Toshiba recovery disk contains a 64bit Vista version?
How did you check this?
From my experience the Toshiba recovery disk contains always the preinstalled OS.

Furthermore as far as I know the newer Toshiba notebook are not delivered with Recovery disk but with a HDD recovery option.
This option allows you to reinstall the OS from the second HDD recovery partition.
You can also use the preinstalled Toshiba Recovery disk creator software to create the own Recovery DVD! And this recovery disk will contain the same preinstalled OS!


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I have a Toshiba Satellite A300 (PSAGCE) and I created the recovery disc using the "TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator" but I did this a few mounths ago, but now the disc is scratched, and when I am formating my computer it give me an error when loading the files. So I decide to create another disc, by using the "TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator" but it also give me an error with one of the files when creating the disc. What should i do now?

I have a friend that has a Satellite A200, can I use his disc? I made a printscrean showing the error. Sorry the bad english, I am portuguese...

Answer:Satellite A300 - Recovery disk creator shows error


It?s good that you posted a screenshot of the error but maybe you can translate it into English, this would be more helpful.

Anyway, what disks you are using for creating recovery disk? I?m using DVD-R mediums from Verbatim. This worked perfectly for me and I can recommend this way.

Furthermore you can check the Toshiba page for a firmware update of your CD/DVD drive.

Last but not least I doubt that recovery disk for Satellite A200 will work for you too. The models are different?

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Hi all....
I've an *a300-1mz* and I've *some problem with the hard disk*.

[This|] is the _screen of a s.m.a.r.t. tool_ (*disk Info 3.3.0*) that recognize some problems with the disk.

Can I send the notebook in warranty for a free replacement of the same disk?

Among other things, sometimes *the computer freezes* with no alternative than to manually turn off the notebook (I think it is always derived from the same disk):
the screen remains fix and "Win Vista" doesn't respond to anything comands;
even "ctrl+alt+del" for task manager doesn't go on. The led of disk remains ON, but itself doesn't longer feels that it's working

Answer:Satellite A300-1MZ - Smart tool recognize problems with the disk


> Can I send the notebook in warranty for a free replacement of the same disk?
If the authorized service provider can notice this problem too, you can get a new HDD for free. The ASP will order it and exchange it for you. This is a free procedure if your notebook is under warranty.

> sometimes the computer freezes
Maybe the HDD is the reason of this?!
Get in contact with an authorized service provider give them all details and informations. They can fix this too. :)

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I have a Satellite A300 and have been advised to "recover' my computer.

I haven't made a recovery disk yet and was wondering if the files (ie. music) would be included in the recovery and if they weren't would they be deleted. Also i was wondering about the programs (ie. iTunes), would it be recovered because I am making the recovery disk with it installed.

It is just a problem because I have 250GB of music and I would take a while to move to my portable hard drive and it would really screw up iTunes.

Cheers, Levi

Answer:Re: Satellite A300 - Does the recovery disk include music and programs?


It?s a good idea that you think about creating a Toshiba recovery disk because you will need if Vista doesn?t start. This could happen?

Anyway, the Toshiba recovery disk you can create with the Toshiba recovery disk creator. What does the program do?
The recovery disk creator burn a bootable disk with an image of the ?factory settings?. That means all files that you have stored on the computer or programs that you installed are not on the recovery disk. The image that I said is stored on the second partition of your notebook in the folder ?HDDrecovery?.

So before you run the recovery disk you should backup all files on a DVD or external HDD. The complete HDD will be formatted with the recovery disk.

By the way, do you know the HDD recovery function? It?s the same as the recovery disk but it formats only the first partition. You can start this Toshiba feature if you go in the advanced boot menu, select ?repair my computer? and then choose the Toshiba recovery option. Then you get the factory settings back.

But the files and programs that you have installed don?t affect this image. So don?t be worry about this and backup your files from time to time.

I hope you can understand it now and if you have more questions, please let us know!


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My new Satellite A300 will not load and I didn't have a chance to make a recovery CD.

I have made a backup of the Hard drive and now want to restore the settings back to the beginning.

I tried downloading a Vista recovery disc but the laptop won't boot from that.

Pressing F8 after turning it on doesn't give me the option to repair the computer and pressing zero on start up doesn't make any difference.

Is there a way of telling the computer to look at the partitioned section of the Hard drive and boot from there?

Help is much appreciated

Answer:Missing "Repair Computer" in Advanced Boot Options - Satellite A300

How did you make a backup of the HDD? What software did you use?

To make a Partition bootable, you need to use FDisk to set the partition "active". Win98 Bootdisks can be found at

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I've upgraded to Win7 64bit and I want the Toshiba Disc Creator but it's not listed in the driver & download section for my model!

Any solutions?

Answer:Satellite A300-1BZ Win7 64bit - missing Disc Creator Software


Well i found [this|]. You can try it and see if it works.

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I have created my recovery disk after buying new Toshiba A300-1G5 model laptop. That recovery disk is damaged now.
I have tried to make 2nd set of recovery disk, but the application is not working.

error message comming "---- orisetenv/setenv.ini file missing.

Please anybody help how to resume the application's (Recovery Disk Creator) functionality?

Another question--- does not Toshiba have a online help facility apart from this forum? Forum is from user, can't we (Toshiba Users) get online help from Toshiba technical team directly?
If yes please send me the route to reach.

Answer:Satellite A300-1G5: Recovery Disk Creator doesn’t work anymore

If ?Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator" doesn?t work anymore then you have big problem.
Fact is that this tool cannot be downloaded and reinstalled.

What to do now?
I see two options there:
# you will order recovery installation disc from Toshiba -
# you must install OS again using HDD recovery option if available. With clean preinstalled operating system (factory settings) you will be able to use ?Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator? again and create recovery discs again.

It is not known to me you can contact Toshiba people directly except to call Toshiba?s hotline.
As far as I know it is for free.

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I have a SATELLITE PRO A50-C-1G9 missing CSM option, I have imaged the disk but it wont load. Pls help anyone

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I just bought an S-video cable and a sound cable to enable me to connect to my TV and watch films from my laptop. After connecting it to both sides I tried to connect to the TV output using the fn f5 key.

However, at this point I did not know what button to press on my TV ?(ir the s-video option). After figuring this out I tried again on my laptop only to find that the only option available on the fn f5 menu is lcd/crt. All the others are now missing. I went through the display settings way but this does not work either, and only turns the screen black for a few seconds before turning back on.

Can anyone suggest a way to get all the other options back on the fn f5 menu or if there is an easier way to view my desktop and watch films from my laptop to my TV. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank u.

Answer:TV option missing from FN-F5 menu on Satellite M30


I think it?s happen because a player application was started or runs.
Please connect you notebook correctly to TV. Then use the FN-F5 to switch on to the TV/LCD or only to TV.
Then you will see the desktop screen on the TV you can start the player program like InterVideo DVD.

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I deinstalled the Programm "Recovery Disc Creator" accidentally. But the Folder with the Win Vista Recovery Disc Informations are still in my Computer. Now i want you to help me in creating a Recovery Disc. My System is very unstable. So i want to re install it. I hope you can help me.

Answer:Satellite L - How to create a recovery disk?

Sorry but why did you uninstall the recovery disk creator?

However, now you can&rsquo;t create the recovery disk because you have uninstalled the program for creating the disk.

The only way I know is you use the HDD recovery option to reinstall your notebook. You can use this if you go to the advanced boot menu (F8 before Windows is booting), choose repair my computer and then select the Toshiba HDD recovery function.

Normally you get this message if you start your notebook at the first time:

+your system is equipped with hard disk recovery system. if you need to repair+
+your computer by restoring it to original factory state, you can do it directly+
+from harddisk (press F8 when you boot your computer, choose "Repair your computer"+
+and follow the menue instructions) or create a bootable Recovery Disc Medium for this purpose.+

+Toshiba recommends you to create Recovery Disc Medium using the "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator" to ensure+
+hat you are able to restore your computer to the original factory installed state, even if your computer+
+gets seriously damaged+

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Hello everyone.

I have an HP Pavilion DV6 with a 600 GB hard disk (Windows 7 Home Premium). Last weekend I tried to create a new partition, so I can save some of my files in case I have to re-install the OS or another issue.

Anyways I started the process, right click on C, clicked on "shrink volume", picked the size of the new partition (200 GB) and then "shrink". After a couple of minutes I got an error message, I dont remember exactly what was the error to be honest, it said something about I/O device error.
So after that and until today the size of my C drive changed from 576 GB to some 380 GB (as you could see, those 200 GB of the new partition I wanted to create are completely missing). I already ran chkdsk and some other software to try to recover that missed space without success.

Any ideas on how to fix this thing without formating the disk? Your help will be very appreciated.

I attached the screens of my explorer window, my disk manager window & windirstat (notice on disk manager how it says C: 381 GB above and then below the graphic shows 576 GB on C)

Answer:Missing 200 GB of Hard Disk space after trying to create partition

Welcome mustang85 to the windows 7 forums.

Sorry but windows only allows 4 primary partitions on a single drive.
My suggestion would be to delete the two hp partitions on the end and then after a reboot you should be able to then see your un partitioned space as you would then only have two partitions the boot
and your C.


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Hi All!
I have got a problem with my Satellite L655 (PSK1JE). I need to restore my factory settings (, but F8 doesn't work.
Where I can find the option "Repair my computer"?

Answer:Satellite L655 - missing "Repair my computer" option

How to find this option is clearly descried in Toshiba document.

Question is: what have you changed on your notebook? Please note: this option works on notebooks with ?factory settings? ONLY.

If you have installed own OS this option will not be available anymore.
Please post some more feedback.

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Today I was investigating something in ThinkVantage Rescue & Recovery since one of my attempts to create a set of recovery discs had gone wrong - I created a Rescue Disc (boot disk) instead of a set of Recovery Disks. Basically, what I discovered is that according to this IBM page I am supposed to see two options when clicking "Create Recovery Media" in the ThinkVantage start menu group: (1) Rescue Media and (2) Recovery Discs. In the event that a set of Recovery Discs (option 2) has already been created, this option will become gray and can't be selected, however it will still be visible, displaying the text that you've already created a set of Recovery Discs and that your license doesn't allow you to make any more. The strange thing here is that I don't at all have option 2: Recovery Discs, whether active or inactive (gray)! Please find attached the three relevant screenshots: the last one is of my computer (and is in Dutch but shows you that I have only option 1 to select), the bottom two are from the link I provided above and show the distinction between having option 2 active or inactive (gray text). Does anyone know what is going on here? And will this entitle me to a complimentary (in effect, free) set of Resovery Disks from IBM Support (taking into account my warranty has expired)?  I've got an R50p running Windows XP Pro (1832-W1D). [IMG][/IM... Read more

Answer:Missing option to create set of recovery discs in Rescue & Recovery

hello  pvanden welcome to the forums i see that you have not provided the country or the city in which you live pls read forum rules before posting  coming to your system recovery options if you have already created a recovery cd(not rescue media)it might be advisable for you to contact ibm support as soon as possible since you have a valid windows license you may get a set of product recovery cd's for a nominal fee

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i have got a Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 which recently faced the "alert: system protection failure! password:" problem i.e. it turned on some unknown BIOS password on its own in the middle of normal operation.

i got that fixed from local toshiba ASP.
However now when i was about to reinstall the Windows cos it had got slow, the option that the recovery media normally gives for just formatting the first partition became invalid.

In the settings dailog box, the option is still there however it cannot be selected by clicking on it (of the color of the background showing that not valid option presently)...which means is that the only possible selection (selected as default) is format the whole of 38 GB... which i don't wanna do.

Any one knows whats gone wrong and how can i fix it.

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro A120: Cannot select a option on Recovery disk

I assume you are using the Windows XP and the recovery CD contains also the XP OS.
It?s also interesting if this option worked in the past ?:|

However, it?s really mysterious that the available option cannot be executed and unfortunately I have no idea why it happened?

In worst case you will have to backup the data from the HDD and to format the whole HDD? :(

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I have looked all over the forums but cannot figure out how to create a factory recovery disk for my laptop. I know it's run from a partition on the HDD but I can't figure out how to access this partition. Should there be some sort of built in utility?


Answer:Re: Satellite L355D - How do I create a recovery disk?

You can create recovery DVD disc only if your notebook has factory settings and preinstalled ?Toshiba recovery disc creator?.

Please check if you can find this tool under start > all programs > Toshiba. There you should find shortcut to start this utility.

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I have notebook Toshiba L655-11Z with Windows 7 Home preinstaled.
There is reminder which tell me every 4 days to make Recovery DVD by Toshiba Recovery Media Creator... I want to do that but I have problem with this.

When I start Toshiba Recovery Media Creator it suddenly ends with error:

It is not possible to find HDD Recovery file in second partition of first HDD.
There is no suitable enviroment for recovery HDD.

Is is translation from czech, it should be little different in english.

I did not change anything or erase anything.
There is still everything fine with laptop same as it was new, but I want to have something if things go wrong...

Please help me with this issue.
I find similar problem in forum, but it was not solved because conversation go different way...

Answer:Satellite L655-11Z: I cannot create recovery disk

>It is not possible to find HDD Recovery file in second partition of first HDD.
> There is no suitable enviroment for recovery HDD.
>Is is translation from czech, it should be little different in english.

So it looks a little bit like the HDD image files are not available on the HDD?
That?s strange because if the notebook is new, the HDD image should not be affected?
Are you able to recover the notebook using the HDD recovery option?

Try that:

If this would not work and if the recover creation tool will not be able to create a recovery disk, then you would need to order such disk from here:

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How can i produce my own system recovery disk?
The windows system keeps asking for a floppy disk system which i haven't got

Any advise?

Answer:Satellite L350: How can I create my own Recovery disk


I don?t know what you mean exactly?
You can create an own Toshiba Recovery disk using the Toshiba Recovery Disk creator software.
Its preinstalled on your notebook and after the successful creation of the Recovery disk you could use it for the OS installation.

The Toshiba Recovery disk will NOT ask you for a floppy disk!!!

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Hi, I have tried to create the back-up recovery disks for my new P300-1CN, but I keep getting a power callibration error (Error code: 0E01B5-26-00037304) when the progress gets 50% along the first 'current disk' bar and 25% along the 'Total Progress' bar.

I've now tried 3 times and exactly the same thing happens each time.

I have power cable in, power on and a full battery.

Any ideas?


Answer:Satellite P300-1CN - Can't create the recovery disk


Have you tried disks from different manufactures? I prefer to use Verbatim DVD-R disks and sometimes TDK disks.
Check this!

Furthermore on the Toshiba website I can find some firmware updates for the CD/DVD drive. Check if you have such a drive and update the firmware. => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers


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Hey guys !
First sorry for my englich
So, i have a toshiba satellite p200 1jy i upgrade the bios version ( bios pheonix ) to 2.70 but when i upgrade up i i don't have the sata option ahci mode or ide i don't have this option but i had it before upgrade,
so please what can i do to switch to ahci mode or ide mode, can i downgrade the bios version

Thanks you so mmuch

Answer:Satellite P200 - missing SATA option after BIOS update

I have P200 too but until now I didn?t change BIOS version so I cannot confirm that.
As I can see on Toshiba BIOS download page there are two versions:
2.70 and 5.40 designed for user who want to install WXP.

I don't know which operating system do you use but if you use Vista or Win7 you don't need this option in BIOS. By default SATA controller mode it will be set to AHCI mode so your HDD will run with full speed.
In my opinion there is no reason for panic.

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Hi there

My Satellite C650 got a virus. I managed to start it in safe mode and run avg. Then shut it down, restarted and now says bootmgr missing. I?ve used the recovery disc I made when purchased but it does not give me the Toshiba option to restore to factory state. I?ve tried the repair option and everything I can think of.

Any idea what to try next as obviously i don?t have a Windows 7 disc any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Answer:Satellite C650 - No factory settings option on recovery disk

Hi debs2k,

If you boot from Toshiba recovery disk what options you have exactly? Normally you can restore the out of box settings if you choose the recovery wizard.

Usually all Toshiba recovery disk have the option to restore the original settings and I can?t imagine that your disk doesn?t have such an option. So please check it again, I?m sure you have an option to restore the original settings. ;)

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Hi all,

Is Satellite Pro A300-1NT (or Satellite Pro A300-1GT) eligible for adding a second hard drive?



Answer:Satellite Pro A300-1NT (Satellite Pro A300-1GT) -- second hard drive

Hmm?. As far as I know you cannot use an second HDD in this notebook.
There could be an second HDD bay but this would not mean that an usage of second HDD would be possible.

What you have to know is that A300 series has been equipped with different motherboards and not all mobos provides an second HDD controller.
If you want you could remove the cover secured the second HDD bay and could check if connectors are available.

If not then you cannot connect and use the second HDD.


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I have a Satellite L305-S5917.

Yesterday I tried to create recovery disk with recovery disk creator, and then when I put a DVD+R, it said "Another application is using this drive or no recordable disk drives are recognized on your PC. Please check the drive condition. (Error code: 0D00E4-F0-00000000)."
I also try with DVD-R but I didn't work too. Anybody tell me what's wrong with my laptop and how can I create recovery disk.


Answer:Satellite L305-S5917 can not create recovery disk


This error message is not known to me.
Have you installed some application for CD/DVD burning like Nero?

Maybe some application agent is running in the background and optical disc drive is permanent in monitoring status. Restart your notebook, check background activities and be sure nothing can be responsible for this ?drive blocking?.
Is the ODD properly recognized in device manager?

One more thing: for recovery media creation I recommend you to use high quality DVD-R medias.
I had best experience with TDK and Verbatim.

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I have a similar problem. I have a Satellite R630-13T and am trying to use the Toshiba recovery Media creator to create 2 DVD restore discs.

When trying to create the first disk I get the following message:

Failed to read the following file.
(Error Code: 020150-20-00000000).

I get a similar message when trying to create the second. I have tried four times. On my last attempt I disabled the real-time protection on my virus checker (Windows Security Essentials) - I don't know how to shut it down completely, not sure you can. I also turned wireless and bluetooth off.

I need to create these disks please. I am using Scratch resistant Philips DVD+RW 4.7GB 120Min 1-4x Speed disks.

I know someone else has mentioned to try another type of disk but i have only just bought these ones for this purpose and don't really want to buy more if I can help it. Surely the type of disk isn't a problem? When I look at the disks in the drive they have files on them - even the file that the error message above says it couldn't read.


Answer:Satellite R630-13T: Failed to create Recovery disk

I had similar experiences in the past and I can say that after several tests using different media types I was able to create recovery discs using DVD-R media only.

Hey buddy two empty discs are really not expensive so don't waste your time here waiting for some solution and buy two or three empty DVD-R discs and create recovery media.
One more tip: don't buy some cheap stuf but high quality Verbatim or TDK discs.

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I have a SatA105 without a recovery disc, but there is a utility on it called Recovery Disc Creator. But when I try to start it, it gives me an error message that the rdc_info.ini is missing or corrupt.
It is there, so I opened it, and it's looking for a file at Z:\giinfo.ini which is not being found!

What does that mean? Can I not make a recovery disc? or can I get a copy of it from some one, and then will it work? Or is the recovery disc info not one the computer any more?

What can I do now?

Answer:Satellite A105: Cannot create Recovery CD - missing rdc_info.ini file

Hello Jim

Unfortunately I don?t have an US notebook model and really don?t know what is wrong there. Usually there should not be problems if you use preinstalled Recovery Disc Creator. The image is stored on hidden partition.

Please be sure you do it on right way. How it works exactly you can read HERE

Otherway you should contact service partner in your country. I am pretty sure they can help you or maybe create one recovery media for you.

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I have been trying to create recovery discs for my new L300 but after few minutes the programme stops and getting error Messages (not matching boot.wim). Again I tried to create through other branded DVDs like Philips DVD-R, Imation DVD-R, Sony DVD+-R etc.
Can you please help on this?

I cannot find the Verbatim and TDK DVDs in our nearest market for trying those brands too.

Answer:Satellite L300 - Error message if I try to create a recovery disk


I have a Satellite L300 too and didn?t have any problems to create the Toshiba recovery disk. I used a Verbatim DVD-R media and generally I made the best experience with these DVD manufacture and DVD-R types.

In your case I would try this DVD media or the TDK DVD-R disks. If you can?t find it on the nearest computer store you can also order it online. Have a look on Amazon or eBay, there you can order such medias.
It?s worth a try! ;)


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my Satellite L40 PSL48E came with a Vista recovery partition.
As I despise Vista I bought a replacement drive and installed a new hard-drive and installed XP pro.
I retained the original drive in case i ever had to claim under warranty.

I now find that due to work commitments I have to occsionally use the despised Vista rubbish and wonder if it is possible to create a Installation disk from the partition on the original drive so tha ti can create a dual boot system on my new drive.

I am very reluctant to BUY a new Vista CD since I already have a fully legal copy on a drive which I am not using and I will only use it VERY rarely for this one work commitment.

Any information gratefully received

Thanks Ron

Answer:Re: Satellite L40 PSL48E: Can I create a installation disk from Vista partition

Hmm?. If you have a HDD recovery option then a full image was placed on the HDD and usually all notebook with HDD recovery option supports an Toshiba tool called TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator.

Using this tool you could create a Vista recovery DVD If the Vista OS was damage you could also try to boot the notebook pressing the F8 button.
This would enable a advanced boot menu.
Here you should choose ?repair the computer?

But note; this possibility is only available on notebooks with ?HDD Recovery?


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Can u please help me out.
If i got the installed factory default windows vista, then how can i create the recovery disk, and also can i create the recover usb-disk , so that i would be able to boot my system with that usb?

And also if i m having another same model machine, then can i use its recovery disk in the other machine having same model and OS.???
because right now I have two same toshiba machines model is Satellite L300-190.

Waiting for your response.

Answer:How to create Recovery disk using installed Vista - Satellite L300-190

I think this theme has been discussed a lot of time here in the forum.

You can create the Recovery disk using the Toshiba Recovery disk creator!
This tool should be preinstalled on your notebook if the notebook has been equipped with the HDD recovery option.

You could also try to restore the notebook using the HDD recovery option.
You have to press the F8 while notebook powering up and then have to choose the option called ?Repair my Computer?. Then new window should open and there you could choose the Toshiba recovery.

If you are unable to use the both procedures (HDD recovery and Toshibas recovery disk) then you could order the new disk from here:

That?s all

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Hi all,

I have a 13inch Satellite U400.
Due to problems with my Softkeys, illumination and hibernate status (any help on thos would be useful too) I want to create a recovery DVD with the Toshiba recovery disc creator.

The thing is: it starts when I have a CD-Rom in the DVD drive, but as soon as I put a DVD in (which is required) it gives me an errormessage that says something like " A different application uses this drive or no recording drives where found in the laptop. Error code 0D00E4-F0-00000000).

My DVD-drive is working properly, I can play movies and the drivers and status is ok too.
I have noticed, that the errorcode changes, but I don't know how to get the recovery disk creator going.

What can I do? Change something in the registry?
I don't know what happened to my notebook, I bought it a couple of months ago - new. I guess, resetting everything would bring my softkeys, illumination and hibernate status back.

So, if anyone nows how to work at least one of the problems out, please give me advice.

Thanks in advance,


Answer:Satellite U400 - unable to create recovery disk - bad DVD-drive?


Did you create virtual CD/DVD drives with such special software? If yes, remove the software completely. Furthermore if you have installed burning programs you should check if they will started on Windows start up and if yes, disable the start up. Therefore go to start > run > msconfig > start up. There you can disable the start up of the burning programs (for example Nero, CD Burner XP, etc.).

And what DVDs do you use for burning? I have good experience with Verbatim DVD-R and TDK disks. These are high quality disks and you should try it too!

Last but not least you should remove the upper and lower filters in registry. This is always advisable with problems of the CD/DVD drive:
1) Run Regedit (Start -> Run -> Regedit)
2) Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
3) In the right pane, delete the "UpperFilters" key, and delete the "LowerFilters" key.
4) Reboot.

According your problem with the illumination keys you should try to reinstall the Toshiba Value Added Package. This controls the illumination buttons, FN keys and other special function on your notebook. I had a similar issue with illumination buttons my Qosmio F50 and I posted something about this in the Qosmio forum that you should try it too!!!

Good luck! :)

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