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Display issue on Satellite A300 after Win7 upgrade

Question: Display issue on Satellite A300 after Win7 upgrade

Hello everybody,

I just did an upgrade for my Satellite A300 to Windows 7 32. I started my laptop and everything was fine but after I write my username and password and log on my display goes black.
I can hear that it is working but I can?t see anything.

When I used the safe mode it worked fine. I checked the display info and it said unknown
I downloaded the latest drivers for ATI card from the Toshiba site but when I installed it, it said driver not detected because I think I am in safe mode and it is not connected and I can't install it in normal mode because I can't see anything

What should I do?

Please help

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Preferred Solution: Display issue on Satellite A300 after Win7 upgrade

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Display issue on Satellite A300 after Win7 upgrade


It is not easy to say what is wrong there. I have Satellite A300 too and since last week I use Win7 too.
On my notebook everything works perfectly.
I also found small Toshiba group on Facebook and one guy there described how to install Win7 on Satellite A300. If you are on Facebook too you can check it HERE .

I recommend you to install Win7 again following installations order posted there.
If you have more questions please let us know.

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Hey there, sorry if this has been asked before but my search was not leading anywhere.

Currently I do have a

- Satellite A300-25K (with painful Windows Vista Home Premium),
- Intel Dual Core T 6400 @ 2GHz
- ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650

I wish to *upgrade to Win7* (in hopes of less pain)


- Would it be *possible* to upgrade to Win7 *64bit* version?
- Would it give me some *advantage* over the *32bit* version?

Your help is greatly appreciated, thanks for spending the time reading and replying


Answer:Satellite A300-25K Upgrade to Win7, 32 or 64 question


I have installed Windows 7 on my Satellite A300-1LI and can confirm that everything works perfectly. I am very satisfied and it runs really good. I use it for 6 months now and until now I didn't notice any problem or some strange issue.

I have done clean Windows 7 installation and not an update.
If you need some assistance with Win7 installation let me know.

I don't know which version do you use now but if you use 32bit you cannot upgrade it to 64bit. It must be clean installation.
Advantage? I didn't test it on my satellite with 64bit but theoretically OS should use more hardware resources but it can happen that many software you use is not designed for 64bit OS.

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I can't install display driver.

I got the message:

+This computer does not meet minimum requierements for instaling the software+
+setup will exit+

All other drivers are installed.

Answer:Satellite A300-24x: Win XP display driver installation issue


Satellite A300-24x belongs to the PSAGQE series.
It supports the Mobile Intel GL40 graphic chipset.

On the Toshiba European driver page you can find the Intel driver v6.14.10.4953.
Did you install this?

Did you install the Chip Set Utility?
If not, then do this!

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G'Day All,

I have made 2 posts to Microsoft Discussion groups:

*Post 1:*
G'Day All,

Just upgraded two (networked) Vista Systems to Win 7 HP (32-bit).
Minor network/Homegroup problems - all resolved.

Desktop - Fine.

Laptop - ??
Toshiba Satellite 300.

After restart, any login shows 'Performance Options' dialog - no pagefile.
Administrator a/c may change (Automatic/Managed/Manual) - 'Restart required'
as expected.

GoTo previous paragraph (loop).

Any offers?

Pat Garard
Melbourne, Australia

*Post 2 (Self-reply):*
For those who may follow ...

The solution may be found at:

>Run the following from an elevated CMD prompt:
> sc config afs start= disabled
>(note that the syntax of the command is very particular -
>there is no space before the =, but there is one after it)
>Then, reboot.
>To start an elevated CMD prompt, click the start orb,
>type cmd.exe {in the search box at the bottom that has the focus},
>and then in the list right-click CMD.exe and choose "Run as Administrator".

AFS - APPEARS TO BE a distributed network filesystem ...

It would be wonderful if somebody knowledgeable could clarify all this ...
... how it came to be on a Toshiba laptop ...
... Could it be "SQL Server Active Directory Helper" (the only difference
between deskto... Read more

Answer:Satellite A300 - Windows 7 post upgrade issue

Hi mate

First of all it seems that it?s not clear for you that this is a user ? to user forum?
You can start a discussion with common Toshiba notebook users?

Back to your posting;
To be honest it?s not clear for me what you are talking about or what the problem is?

You try to upgrade the Vista to Win 7?
Well, please note that there are some installed applications which could not be supported by Win 7!

Maybe you should take a look here:

+Windows 7 upgrade: Step-by-step Upgrade Guide+

+Windows 7 upgrade: Notes and Restrictions+

Check it! Maybe it could be useful.

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i have L500-12T and i upgrade to WIN 7 64 bit.
After the upgrade the FN key not working and i can't turn on the wireless card .

So i can't surf with the wireless.
I download all the driver that i found on the site of toshiba and it's still not working.

What i can do ?

Answer:Satellite L500-12t: FN buttons issue after Win7 64bit upgrade


I think you didn?t install the needed Toshiba software.
You have to install the VAP (value added package) and have to install the Flash Card Support Utility!

Be aware of this


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so I went and got the Win7 from a store.
I understood that It would be best to install the Win 7 with the help of TUA because of the Toshiba utility... when I started the TUA it stopped and said that "this model do not support win7 upgrade"...

This pc is 6 month old!!! How can it be???
What to do??? Can I upgrade with no TUA if so where do I get all the Toshiba staff?

Answer:Win7 installation on Satellite A300-23j

If you have original Microsoft installations DVD for Win7 best solution is to make clean OS installation and not upgrade.
Before you start Win7 installation please visit Toshiba Win7 download page under and check if you can find all necessary drivers, tools and utilities for your notebook model.
If all Toshiba stuff is there then install Win7 and continue with drivers installation.

By the way: before you delete everything from the HDD create Toshiba recovery DVD for Vista.
Maybe you can need it in the future.

If you have more questions please let us know.

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1) After installing all recommended drivers (model A300-214, PGAGCE Windows 7 32bit) I still have 4 unrecognized devices shown in device manager program.
Besides, I have not found web-camera drivers.

2) Why review for this model (A300-214) is not displayed on the site ?

Message was edited by: MMM66

Answer:Need Win7 drivers for Satellite A300-214

hi MMM66,
maybe your machine is with "limited support" for win7....

this means toshiba is only providing substancial drivers....

have a look at the website of the manufacturer of the device... maybe you can find drivers for your hardware...

pls let me know if you found any needed driver....

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Is the Toshiba Satellite A300-23e support windows 7 64-bit?


Answer:Is Satellite A300-23E supported for Win7?

As far as I know Satellite A300 is supported for Win7. so I think the whole series will be supported and not just some A300 models.

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I have a laptop Satellite A300 model number psaj4e and I can not find Driver to Touchpad

Answer:Need Win7 touchpad driver for Satellite A300

You should try Vista's driver as most of the drivers compatible with 7 too. [Toshiba drivers|] If it doesn't work, try to use from other models..

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Satellite A300-1MC after I install Windows 7 home 32-bit neither built-in mic, neither jack mic aren't working. Tried everything: options, drivers. Nothing help.

How to resolve this sh... problem? Need ASAP!!!

Answer:Satellite A300-1MC and Win7/32bit - mic is not working

I tried this one.

Didn't help...

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Will toshiba give win7 support for Satellite A300 PSAGCE?
If so will it be soon? Their is no drivers for this model how come?

Answer:Win7 drivers for Satellite A300 PSAGCE

Satellite A300 will definitely be supported but nobody knows for sure when the Win7 drivers for this certain model will be available.
Each day there are more and more drivers. From time to time check support page. I believe these days the drivers should be there.

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Where can I download drivers (Please, I need a link) For my TOSHIBA - A300
Which drivers should I install to make my computer work well?
Updated my computer to WINDOWS 7 Ultimate.
Another question - Because my CPU fan runs at maximum power and heats up?

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I have a satellite A300 PSAJ4E windows 7 32 bit.
I have installed all of drivers in Toshiba support but i have 2 problems.
the first is that sometimes my screan does not open while the laptop is opened and working properly. i know its working because when i plug an other screen its all ok.
the other proble is that i have an uknown device (ACPI\TOS6205)

Somebody can help me?


Answer:Re: Two issues on Satellite A300 and Win7 32bit

>? the first is that sometimes my screan does not open while the laptop is opened and working properly
It is always problematic to discuss about issues that happen sometimes. When this happen can you see Toshiba welcome screen or hear windows sound?
> the other proble is that i have an uknown device (ACPI\TOS6205)
I think you need to install the bluetooth drivers.
Find it here:

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Hi There, ive been having an extreamly frustrating prob with my laptop lately, the prob started when i installed windows 7, everything installed fine with no errors but every time i wake up my laptop from sleep mode it bsods and restarts, after checking the .dmp files, i decided it was a prob with my display driver, after updating the prob stil persists, ive went through 4 different drivers with no cure... ive also updated my bios and that did not fix it either

Here Are My Minidump Files:

[Minidump .dmp File|]
[Minidump .txt File|]
[Windows Event Viewer File|]

Any Help is Appreciated, Thanks

Answer:BSOD on Wake up - Satellite A300, Win7

Has any extra RAM been installed?

I would do a Memtest using the bootable CD from here

Also make sure you have the latest Win7 drivers designed for your notebook model. Generic drivers from other sources can cause problems.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A300 1MZ Notebook, Model Number: PSAGCE-03T00QIT.
I have installed Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit Italian Language; in my Device Manager i've 3 device called "Periferica sistema di base" but i don't know what driver is needed for them.

I've installed all driver from your site by selecting:

Product Type: *Notebook*
Family: *Satellite*
Product Series: *Satellite A Series*
Model: *Satellite A300+
Short Model No: *PSAGCE*
Operating system: *Windows 7 - 32 bit*
Driver Type: *all*
Country: *all*
Language: *all*

Thank you for your support.

Answer:Need some special Win7 drivers for Satellite A300 1MZ

It means "Base System Device". Try to locate the drivers for your laptop card reader. Toshiba probably lists these drivers under the removable media or chipset section. (Chipset utility) Hope it helps..

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I have Satellite A300 laptop.

Recently I reinstalled my Windows 7 Pro x64 using update option (not clean install). So I kept my program and settings. However the media player panel (or whatever it is called) that lets me play, stop music, change songs etc. is not fully working. I can't use 2 "buttons": one that lets me turn on/off highlighting and the other one that turns media player on.
I need them working. I tired Toshiba button support, but I don't know what to do there.

Answer:Satellite A300 and WIn7 - cannot use media buttons


What you must install is ?Toshiba Value Added Package?. I use Win7 on my A300 and all buttons work perfectly. But I use 32bit version.
I don?t know if your A300 is supported for Win7 64 bit but you can try to use THIS version.

Before you start installation remove old version, if exist, restart notebook and install this version.

I hope this will help you.

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Hi every body

I really need your help guys I really need FN keys job
I recently formatted my Satellite A300 laptop with Windows 7 32bit and the function keys doesn?t work. I downloaded VAP from your site also I tried downloading flash card utility from the other Toshiba types list.

When I try to install it on my Toshiba it kept saying to me invalid serial no.
Why is that >> also still FN keys doesn?t work. Please help me. What should I do?

Sometimes when I push FN+ brighten it works but nothing appears on my laptop as it used to when I had xp also I bought my Toshiba from UAE.

Answer:Win7 on Satellite A300 - cannot get FN keys to work


I have satellite A300 too and use it with Win7 32bit. Everything works perfectly. It is very important to install all drivers, tools and utilities following right installation order so here is the list how I have done this:

Satellite A300 (PSAG8E) and clean Win7

-Win7 (original Microsoft install disc)
-chipset driver
-storage manager
-display driver
-sound driver
-modem driver
-supervisor utility
-toshiba hardware setup
-HDMI control
-WLAN driver

Everything works well but missing some drivers

Added Vista stuff:
-Toshiba assist - work properly
-Card reader - installed properly
-Webcam driver for A500 - tested with Skype - work properly.
-Synaptics driver

Win7 runs well and I am very satisfied with it.

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Hello, I'm looking for drivers about my web camera.
My model is Toshiba Satellite A300. In the official page it doesn't have drivers for web camera in windows 7.


Answer:Need Win7 webcam driver for my Satellite A300

I have A300 with Win7 32bit preinstalled on it. I had the same problem and I?ve installed webcam driver offered for A500. It works perfectly. You can do the same.

Test it and send some feedback.

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I have done a clean installation of Win 7 pro 64bit and after this my fan doesnt work, not during boot or in Windows. To check if it the fan itself was broken I re-installed Vista instead and the fan worked again!
Installed Win 7 again but now it is silent :( I checked in the BIOS (latest version 1.80) but I found no options there. Am I missing a driver or something?

My Satellite keeps shutting off due to this so I would really appreciate help :)

Best Regards / Ocke

Message was edited by: Ocke

Answer:Re: Satellite A300 - Fan doesn't run after Win7 install

Hmmmm...... really strange. I use Win7 32 bit on my Satellite A300-1LI and it runs perfectly.
Maybe stupid question now but have you tried to use 32bit version?

Have you also installed all Toshiba drivers including Toshiba Value added package (includes Toshiba power saver tool)?

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I intend to buy Satellite A300-1MT (PSAGCE), and before I do I'm just checking if there's a still some problems with drivers for W7 for this model?
On this and other forums I have seen there are some problems with drivers like webcam, music keys, FN keys, touchpad and so on ...

So, can anybody confirm me that all of the drivers are now available and everything is working?

And also before I start to install drivers is there anything I need to know (expect the usual?) Or maybe better: does anybody have a special advice?

Please, find the will to answer! Thank you so much!

Answer:Need advice for Win7 installation on Satellite A300


I have Satellite A300 running Win7 32bit but my model is PSAG8E.
To be honest I have very good experience with Win7 installation on Satellite A300 and I can recommend you to install it on this Satellite.

If you visit Toshiba support page under > Support & Downloads you will see that your notebook model is Win7 supported and there should not be problem to install all necessary drivers and other Toshiba stuff.

Here is the list how I done this exactly:
atellite A300 (PSAG8E) and clean Win7

-chipset driver
-storage manager
-display driver
-sound driver
-modem driver
-supervisor utility
-patches 1.2
-toshiba hardware setup
-HDMI control
-WLAN driver

Everything works well but missing some drivers

Added Vista stuff:
-Toshiba assist - work properly
-Card reader - installed properly
-Webcam driver for A500 - tested with Skype - works properly.
-Synaptics driver

Win7 runs well and I am very satisfied with it. No problems with FN keys functionality.

If you will buy this notebook start Win7 installation following this installations order. Please inform us about problems and I hope we can help you about it.

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Is the bios v2.00, which was released together with the win7-drivers on 04/11/09, recommended for upgrading the a300-25k (psagce) to windows 7 ?

Enhancements and benefits are not documented on the download website. :-(

Any experiences or reports about pros and cons of bios v2.00 so far ?

Answer:Satellite A300-25k - Is BIOS v2.00 recommended for Win7?

hi thelma,

if there is a new bios provided with the win7 drivers it makes sense to upgrade...
that your new os can handle the full power of the hardware a bios update is necessary.

otherwise you (your os) will not be able to use the full power of the machine.

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I have laptop Satellite A300-24Z and I try to install windows 7 on him, during the installation the computer restart or getting the blue background screen (not BSOD) and stuck.
It?s usually happened on the extracting the files step.
Please help

it?s not a hard disk I already replace it without any luck

Answer:Satellite A300 - hardware restart during the Win7 installation

I own A300 too and almost two years I use it with Win7 32bit. I had no problem to install Win7.
Do you use original Microsoft installation disc?
Set BIOS to default settings and try it again.

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Having recently done a clean install to Windows 7 64bit on my Toshiba Satellite A300-1FP, I was wondering if it is possible to download a version of Tempro that would inform me of new driver availability, etc.

I know a version of Tempro is available for 64bit Vista, but I assume that it would only return new drivers for that OS.

I'd appreciate any guidance here.


Answer:Satellite A300-1FP: Download a new version of Tempro for Win7


You can download the Tempro from this page: -> Support & Downloads -> TEMPRO Monitoring tool

The Tempro can be installed on Win 7 as well.
This tool notifies if new driver and tools have been released on the Toshiba European driver page for you series. It?s not matter what drivers are? it can be a Win 7 driver, Vista, etc?

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Hello, I've been searching for these drivers since win 7 appeared on the market. And I can't find those drivers anywhere.
Can anyone plz help me find them? I'm talking about the multimedia keys I have on the laptop: "play/pause/rewind/mute...." etc.

Thank you for your attention.

Answer:Satellite A300 - Need Multimedia keys driver for Win7


have you checked the Vap utility for your model on Toshiba driver page:

You can also try Vistas' drivers.

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I was Working on my Toshiba A300 when suddenly Microsoft Security Essentials Detected a Threat, After Cleaning it asked me to reboot my laptop, After Restart , it only shows the TOSHIBA screen with the F2 and F12 options, but after that, nothing else happens. There's only a black screen, not even a cursor or anything.

Nothing else happens, I tried To Insert Win 7 bootable Disc to Repair the OS but my laptop does not seem to boot through the Disc, I checked boot order in BIOS settings, But still nothing, it doesn't accept the Disc/USB nothing at all, it even doesn't go into safe mode while pressing F8 key just keeps making BEEP sound when i press any keys regularly, i am stuck & pointless what to do, kindly Help.

Answer:Satellite A300 - Black Screen, Win7 is not booting

Disconnect AC power supply, remove battery and press power button for 20 seconds. After doing this leave it for a while, connect AC power supply only and try to start your notebook again.

What happen when you do this?

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Hello everyone.

I had Win Vista installed on this Satellite A300 and it worked ok.
I had no problems at all.

Then I moved to Win7 and now I'm going through the ordeal of making the webcam work.
I have tried installing all kinds of drivers, even the ones for A500, but it would be no use.

So, how can I make the webcam work on my A300?

I've tried everything, even installing Ubuntu on this laptop and still it wouldn't work. If it's of any of your interest, I'm running Win7 in Spanish, x32, Home Edition.

I really need your help here, please, I beg you, I've spent the past 5 days trying almost EVERYTHING!!
And still I'm getting the message after every installation/reboot of: "La camara web esta deshabilitada o ha fallado. Por favor, compruebe las configuraciones de su camara web", which would translate into something like "The webcam is disabled or it has failed. Please check your webcam configuration". I have been browsing the forum for related problems but i found no solution :(

Thanks in advance,


Answer:Re: Satellite A300 - how can I make the webcam work on Win7


Seems that webcam software has not been installed properly.
What Win 7 OS are you using? 32bit or 64bit?

Here you can find Chicony webcam driver for Win 7 64bit

and here you can find Chicony webcam driver for Win 7 32bit

Good luck

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After installing Win 7 on it CPU fan stop spinning at all.

So when heavy use pc goes off due to temp.

I was try update bios etc no efect.

Any idea?

Answer:Satellite A300-21h - No reaction from cooling fan after Win7 installation


This is very strange.
Did you try to reinstall the Windows 7 again?
I would recommend you to repeat the OS installation!

Furthermore after the installation of Windows 7, you should install all the essential Win 7 driver and tools like Value Added Package for Win 7

Last but not least go to BIOS (F2) and set it to default settings!
Save the changes and exit the BIOS

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I have toshiba laptop Satellite A300, It had windows vista installed in this laptop but i formated and installed Windows 7 and since i have installed this windows 7 my webcamera is not working it gives an error "webcam driver open fail.please restart camera or computer" and even after doing this its not working.

And after installing this windows I think the display setting is also out of order, I tried to install the sorftwares and drivers from toshiba support but no success.

I need help to solve this issue.Please help

Thanks in advance.

Hope to hear soon.

Answer:Satellite A300 - Webcam not working since I installed Win7

Hello sajjad

I?ve made very good experiences with Satellite A300 and Win7. In front of me I have Satellite A300-1LI. It is PSAG8E model and I can confirm that everything works perfect.

I have one offer for you:
Send us please exact notebook model and we can check Toshiba download page to see what is available for Win7 for your notebook model.
I can also send you exact installations order how to install all Toshiba stuff.

Please let us know what you have done to get camera work.
Let us know how you have installed Win7 and all Toshiba stuff (drivers, tools and utilities).
Do you have some other issues with Win7 on your Satellite A300?

See you :)

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Hi There,

I have just installed windows 7 64 bit on my A300-15V and am experiencing some strange issues:

When I boot up, the keyboard and touchpad works until I log in, as soon as the desktop pops up both my keyboard and trackpad stop working.
If I reboot the laptop everything seems to works fine again.

Sometimes in the middle of working on something, the laptop and trackpad will stop working completely and I will need to reboot the laptop to get them to work again.

I've installed the chipset drivers listed under my OS, but that hasn't solved the issue.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Answer:Satellite A300-15V: keyboard does not work after Win7 has booted up


Hmm? please set the BIOS to default settings!

You could enter the BIOS pressing F2 while notebook boots up.

You should also install the touchpad driver? as far as I know there are two drivers; Synaptics and Alps. Both should be installed.

Please check also if the touchpad is not disabled by pressing FN + F9 key combination!


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Hey there,

I recently installed Windows 7 Professional onto my Toshiba Satellite A300-1L0 and loaded all drivers and updates from the support site. Today I bought a HDMI-cable and connected my Notebook to my 32" LCD. But I cannot get rid of the ~1 inch wide black bars around the screen image. The resolution is adjusted to 1920 px x 1080 px (full HD).

I heard that I should check the "overscan" which should be adjustable in the ATI Catalyst-menu - but although I just reinstalled the ATI Suite (from the support page) I cannot launch the Catalyst Setting Program...

Has anyone got an idea how to fix this?

Thanks in advance


Answer:Satellite A300-1L0 with Win7 - HDMI - cant adjust Overscan

If you only output to HDMI (no internal screen), does it fill the whole screen?

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Hi there, I need some help

I have bought a Satelite A300 and I have subscribed for NO MATTER WHAT WARANTY, now my display its broken, they told me I have appiled for no matter what ,but never confirmed the email but I never recieve the email.

Please help me. Thank you!

Answer:Re: Satellite A300 - Warranty for new display


I think, you should contact TASP (Toshiba authorized service center) in your country and explain them what happens. To find the address or telephone number you can here:

Hope, it helps you


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We have a Satellite Pro A300-2C4 (purchased 23/11/09) which came with Vista Business 32Bit installed but was downgraded (using disk provided) to Windows XP because of business network requirements.

When Windows 7 became available I purchased the Windows 7 upgrade DVD that Toshiba were offering so that if the Business decided to upgrade to the new operating system we could do so on this laptop.

This is what I have recently tried to do to discover it cannot be done as the DVD is for Win Vista Bus to Win 7 Pro upgrade.What is the best way to do the upgrade without having to purchase another upgrade disk. I do have a set of Recovery Discs for another Toshiba SatellitePro A300-2C4 which was purchased about 2 months before this one; these were created using the Toshiba Recovery software before any changes were made on the laprop. Would I be able to recover the system to its Windows Vista state using these discs and then use the Windows 7 Professional Upgrade DVD to do the upgarde?

Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly received.

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro A300-2C4 'Windows 7 Professional Upgrade DVD' to upgrade


Upgrading from WinXP to Win7 is not supported by Toshiba nor by Microsoft.
The only possible way to upgrade (go from 1 installation with some data to Win7 and keeping your settings and data) is from WinVista SP1 or later.

So regardless of how You look at it, You need to get XP out and either begin with WinVista factory installation + any 1 million updates that were released after this, OR
you can boot up from the Win7 media directly and install clean.
The second method saves a lot of time BUT have some negative side effects - namely not all drivers and utilities will be available in the final system if installed clean.
Some packages from WinVista works well in Win7 and are for that reason expected to be in the system during the update.
Hence, if You do a clean install, they will be missing.

However, they might not cause any trouble for You if they are not there, but that is not known until You're there and can see what You are missing.
Basic functionality should be expected though (WLAN, LAN, Sound, on)

So, think about what You want to do and get busy with either recovering your unit with the WinVista set, updating, and then running the Toshiba Upgrade DVD, Win 7 upgrade and finally the Toshiba upgrade DVD again, OR just install Win7 clean + adding as much as possible / needed from the Toshiba Upgrade DVD.

Good luck!

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I have just installed Windows 7 onto my laptop which is around a year old now but the mouse pad and the keyboard do not work. No lights on the caps lock keys or anything, the only way to get them to work is to press the power button so that the laptop goes into sleep and then press it again to wake it up, this then wakes up the keyboard but the mouse pad still does not work.

I can plug a USB mouse in and this works but I would prefer if the touchpad and the keyboard would just work in the first place!! However if I then restart the computer using the keyboard the touchpad then suddenly works.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Answer:MousePad & Keyboard dont work under Win7 on Satellite A300-1BZ

I have upgraded my Satellite A300 to Win7 and both devices works perfectly.
Have you made upgrade or clean Win7 installation?

To be honest it is a little bit strange. I have installed WXP, Vista and now Win7 on my A300 but touchpad and keyboard worked well all the time.

Have you noticed this immediately after fist start or later?

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I bought a TOSHIBA laptop which has the following model: Satellite-A300-23E (Operational system is Windows Vista Home Premium)

I know that TOSHIBA offers an upgrade to Windows 7 but the problem is that they will provide me with Windows 7 Home Premium which I don't want.

Thus, I'm thinking to buy a full version of Windows 7 Ultimate (DVD).

Will be there any technical/software problems in case I remove the original operational system of the laptop and install Windows 7 Ultimate ?

By the way, I used Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor and the result was positive !

Please, I need your help

Answer:Satellite-A300-23E - Can I install Windows 7 Ultimate instead of Win7 Premium

Yes, you can install Windows 7 Ultimate. There should be no technical problems. I also installed Ultimate instead of Home Premium.

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I have A300-243 PSAG8E, after installed win7 my webcam DONT WORK.
it had been worked before with VISTA AND spype.
I upgraded the bios and updated drivers.
Webcam is not listed driver of win7 32bits of A300.
As it suggested in one of the forums i downloaded other driver from A500/ A350 ect non of them worked.
displayed on the screen:
"Webcam is either disabled or has failed. Please check your webcam settings" also Camera is not listed in Device Manager." imaging not listed.

I restarted and used cccleaner after my attemps and nothing succeded.
What else I could do.

Answer:Webcam doesn’t work on my Satellite A300-243 with Win7 32bit

It is really strange. I own Satellite A300 with part number PSAG8E and use Win7 32bit on it. I have installed webcam driver/utility offered for A500 and it works perfectly. I use it with Skype without any problem.

Strange is that cam is not listed in device manager.
If possible install original Vista OS again and test functionality with ?factory settings?. This will be best test to be sure there is no hardware problem. If everything works OK let me know and I will send you my install order for Win7.

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So I formatted my laptop (A300 PSAGCA-0C301N) two nights ago, and being the idiot I am I forgot to download and backup the necessary drivers for my laptop.

So when I first started the laptop on a fresh installation of Windows Vista 32-bit on a freshly formatted HDD, my resolution was 1024x768. However, the full standard resolution for this laptop is actually 1280x768 along those lines, however when I went to "Personalize" the max resolution I was allowed to have was 1024x768.

So I went to this site and downloaded the Wireless Lan/Wired Lan drivers, the Intel Chipset drivers, the Audio Driver and ATI M82XT,M86 Display Driver.
However, once I downloaded and began to install the ATi driver, I got three error messages right after extraction; the first box saying:"Catalyst Install Manager failed to initialize Detection Manager"
Right after the first box, I get another error box saying "Catalyst Install Manager failed to initialize"
and then a third box saying "Catalyst Install Manager failed to initialize Package Manager".

After the third box, it proceeds to installation, however after accepting the User's Agreement I get these error boxes;
"Catalyst Install Manager failed to initialize"
"Failed to find any installable components!"
and then the install screen proceeds to say "Failures occured during installation".

I am running Windows Vista... Read more

Answer:Satellite A300 - Can't install display driver

Hi Kabura,

What happens if you install the display driver manual via device manager and advanced installation option where you can choose the driver and directory yourself?
Does it work?

I had a similar problem and this worked for me?

By the way: You should also install latest Service Pack for Vista. Check the Microsoft page for an update.

Last but not least you don?t post an installation order. In which order you installed the drivers? Generally speaking the chipset driver should be installed firstly, then the display driver.

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I HAVE THIS TOSHIBA SATELLITE A300-1ID, as described above, it happens that WERE UPDATING THE BIOS AND SUDDENLY PC turned off and there is no power nor was there any PEAK CURRENT BY ME UNLESS I have grasped TURN OFF AND NEVER HAD ANY IMAGE OR EVEN CONNECTING TO AN OUTER SCREEN.



Answer:Satellite A300-1ID - no display after BIOS update


Seems something went wrong during the BIOS update?
For me it?s really unbelievable because something like that never happened to me and I updated BIOS very often?

What to say? you will need an additional help from Toshiba ASP. I think the ROM module needs to be flashed once again using a crisis disk.

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Hi Forum,
I need a driver-update for my ati mobility radeon hd3650.
Can anywhere help me to find it?

Thanks and best regards


Answer:Display Driver Update for Satellite A300

I don?t know which operating system do you use but drivers for supported operating systems you can find on Toshiba download page -

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I am experiencing display problems with my Toshiba Satellite A300 series laptop, as when i turn on my laptop i can hear the sound when system is under boot but i cannot see the screen. All i am doing is just trying to force shutdown with power button if it doesn't work then iam doing it for a several times.

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Satellite A300 - black display at start-up

If possible try to connect external display to your notebook and check if you can see anything there.
You know, on this virtual way it is not easy to say why this happen.
It can be defective notebook display, some connections problems or graphic card failure.

It is not easy to say why this happen.

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A Friend of mine got an Toshiba Satellite A300-1L0 Notebook with broken Display.
On Ebay he has the Chance to get a Toshiba A300-1HP Notebook, which is optically identical to his Notebook and regarding to the product Sheet of Toshiba has nearly the same technical Specs exept of Core 2 duo Model, ATI HD 3xxx Model and HDD Size, as far as i can judge. The Display has the same specs on the Product Sheet.

Further on ebay, there are Displays sold "universal" for Sattellite A300 - meaning if you type in "Satellite A300 Display" you dont have to specify which A300 model you've got.

What do you mean?
Are The Displays at least "Pin Compatible" or why should an ingenieur / Engineer use a different Pin layout on the Same Notebook Casing?
Does the A300 have the same mainboards futher?

Thank you !!!

Answer:Satellite A300-1L0 - Display compatibility question


I guess all displays released for an Satellite A300 series should be compatible with the single Satellite A300 model.
All Satellite A300 notebooks was equipped with an 15,4 " TFT display panel and this is most important fact. You have to use such 15,4 " TFT display panel.

The resolution can be different and this will not affect the display compatibility since the graphic card is able to support different resolutions.

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Hi Guys,

I have satellite a300 PSAg4a-02500m laptop. All of a sudden the display has stopped working on the laptop. I tried plugging an external display but that is also not working.

I cannot even see the bios screen. The laptops normally, I don't hear any beeps while booting, just the fact that there is no display.

This laptop has a ATI M86 512MB graphics card. Its out of warranty.

Has any had similar experience. Is there any way to find out what the problem might be.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


Answer:Display stopped working on Satellite A300

Hi Tama

I?m afraid there is an serious hardware problem with your notebook.
I looks like the graphic card problem.
Usually if the internal display would be faulty, you should see everything on the external display. Therefore I think you GPU is affected.

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Hello to all of you.

I bought last year the Toshiba Satellite A300-1GN, which has ATI Mobility Radeon 3650 HD as VGA. I have searched the ATI site for new drivers, but there weren't any drivers for my graphics card. I only found drivers for ATI Radeon 3650 HD, which is not marked as MOBILITY.

Can someone help me with this issue?

Answer:Satellite A300-1GN - Where can I find a new display driver?


Yes, that?s normal that you can?t find Mobility drivers on the ATI website because they are only designed for desktop cards.

But why do you need a new display driver? Can you notice a problem with it?
Normally you can get all drivers on the Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Check this!!!

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I have a new Satellite A300-08WB and i don't no which driver to download from the toshiba download site.

According to my system information i have the ATI Mobiliy Radeon HD 3650

There is more than one ATI Driver and i am confused as to which one to download

Cheers, Levi

Answer:Satellite A300 - Where to find right display driver?


What is the full notebook model number?
You can find it at the bottom of the unit? it starts with PSAxxx-xxxxxx

By the way; On the Toshiba European driver page you can find the ATI display drivers.

If you would check the ?More Info? (red arrow right to the driver) then you would find all the details regarding the single drivers.


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I own a Satellite A300-PSAJ4E which has an ATi Radeon 3650HD, running the old Catalyst 8.4 on Windows Vista since the date I purchased my laptop. ATi has Catalyst 9.6 published on its website, featuring numerous bug fixes and enhancement for OpenGL and DirectX 10.1 support.

My question is, what's Toshiba's policy regarding providing display drivers updates to its end-users? Is it possible to get us (end-users) a display driver update scheduled for our hardware?

Ilyes Gouta.

Answer:Display driver update for Satellite A300


I don?t know why didn?t release another driver as yet but why do you want a newer driver?
I mean the drivers from the Toshiba page are pretested on your notebook and it should work properly without any issues. For example I never had problems with Toshiba drivers.

But you can try to search for modified ATI notebook drivers. As far as I know there are some tools available that makes possible to install the Catalyst drivers on notebook? Google could help you in this case ;)

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I recently swapped my buddy a netboom for a saelite a300-j15.

Im impressed with the machince, except that the display is dead when I switch the machine on.
The first few times I started the machine up it booted nicely, but it is just dead.

The display will actually come on for every 50'th time I switch it on.
The machine has 4GB ram installed which has been tested repeatedly, so it can't be damaged memery.

My buddy installed a 1TB harddrive into the second slot, even when he knew it was not supported.
Do you think the powersupply is shot or the board is a writeoff?


Answer:Satellite A300 not giving display when switched on


have you tried to remove 1TB harddrive from the second slot? Remove it and check. Connect the external monitor and see how the lap behaves.

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Hello everyone,
I am working on a - A300-1MO with win 7 ultimate 32 bit

In the last few days (since I have installed the Bluetooth driver but I don?t think it matters), the sound card, and therefore the laptop speakers, switch from being mute to being active, sometimes in high volume.

It disturbs me a lot because my computer is making sounds while I am in classes (from apps running\web sites etc.). I almost got kicked out of class several times because of it.

I tried muting the sound card from the windows mixer and from the sound card application, it's no use.

I will appreciate any help.

Thanks a bunch

Answer:Satellite A300 and Win7 - Strange problem with speakers\sound card


Did you try to reinstall / update the sound card driver?
I think this should be the first step which you should try.

The notebook uses an Realtek sound chip.
Visit the Realtek page in order to get the latest Realtek sound driver.
Remove the old installed sound driver and after new reboot try the downloaded Realtek sound driver.

Greets & Good luck

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I have an issue with capturing video from a Sony TRV60E camcorder with a Satellite A300 1MX and Windows 7 through the firewire connector.

The camera is not recognized (anymore) by windows.

I already changed the firewire driver in windows to 'legacy', as often described in other forums.
And for some hours everything worked fine. The camera was recognized and Pinnacle Studio 14 could capture video from it.

But after about 8 hours the camera was suddenly no longer recognized.

- the camera is immediately recognized by an XP system
- On the W7 system, I uninstalled, reinstalled the firewire driver, powered down the hardware (pulled power supply and batteries for several minutes), but to no avail.

Do I perhaps need a different firewire driver? Or another operating system?

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite A300-1MX Win7: Cannot capture video from camcorder conencted to firewire

It is not easy to say what is wrong there.
For me is confusing the fact that cam WAS recognized in the past and now for some reason it is not recognized properly.

Are all devices recognized properly in device manager (firewire port)?
Can you test firewire port using some other device?

You must found out what the problem can be. Test firewire port with other devices to see if other devices will be recognized properly.

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Hello and good day,

I've installed win7 ultimate a few days ago and windows managed to recognize most of my hardware accept my build in mic and camera and another component I am not sure about what it is (Windows update automatically downloaded the sound and graphics driver for me).

My questions are - where can find the remaining drivers and where can I get the preinstalled Toshiba tools and software? (The driver site in the Toshiba support page does not include those drivers and software)

Thank you very much
Roi Ben Simon

Answer:Satellite A300 (PSAG8E) - Hardware problems after installing win7 ultimate


I have Satellite A300 (PSAG8E) too and installed Win7 Home premium and everything works perfect.

At first I must say that I don't know where you have searched drivers and Toshiba tools and utilities because all stuff is downloadable on Toshiba support & download page under

It is logic that mic will not work if you didn't installed proper driver. Install drivers alone and not using Microsoft update. What you need are real and tested drivers and not some ?free drivers? from internet.

Go to Toshiba download page and install all stuff following this installations order:
-chipset driver
-storage manager
-display driver
-sound driver
-modem driver
-supervisor utility
-toshiba hardware setup
-HDMI control
-WLAN driver

Everything works well but missing some drivers

Added Vista stuff:
-Toshiba assist - work properly
-Card reader - installed properly
-Webcam driver for A500 - tested with Skype - work properly.
-Synaptics driver

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I've upgraded to Win7 64bit and I want the Toshiba Disc Creator but it's not listed in the driver & download section for my model!

Any solutions?

Answer:Satellite A300-1BZ Win7 64bit - missing Disc Creator Software


Well i found [this|]. You can try it and see if it works.

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I need to upgrade my laptop
Product Name = TOSHIBA SATELLITE A300-15D
Operating System = Windows Vista Home Premium

My problem is that I am fed up with windows vista which I have on my laptop I am searching for more than 6 months how to upgrade and still I didnt get a useful way now what i want to do is to purchase the upgrade from you because I want to continue on the original operating system which but with the latest version so please advice and help

Answer:I need to upgrade my Satellite A300


Since few years I use A300 too and have pretty good experiences with this machine. To be honest I was not happy with original Vista version.

I have done follow steps:
-I?ve upgraded RAM
-I?ve bought 265 GB SSD
-and last step was Windows 7 installation.

Believe me machine runs like a ?rocket?. Windows 7 is fully supported and all drivers, tools and utilities you can find and download from Toshiba download page -

All stuff should be installed following right installation order. If you need some help or assistance please let me know.

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hi everyone,

I have Satellite A300 Hi and wonder if it is possible to change a graphics card in this laptop A300 (ATI Radeon 3400HD)?

Thank you!

Answer:Satellite A300 GPU upgrade


Read here from *Toshiba Technical Support*

As you see, Cpu and Gpu upgrade isn't a good idea. Even if your motherboard can handle it but Bios is not pretested for it. Anyway, you should contact the Asp (service center), they can say exactly if it supports or not.

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Hi all,
Quick question. I have still six months toshiba warranty on my A300-1ED. Notebook is very good. Never fail. But it lacks in performance so i want to upgrade my PDC T2390 to some C2D class processor.
Tell me truth what model of C2D my A300-1ED will run (mainboard and bios)? T7500? T5750? What FSB frequency? 667 or 800?

Anyone do this before?

Thanks for all advice!!!

Answer:Satellite A300-1ED - CPU upgrade from PDC to C2D


First of all you would lose the warranty if you would disassemble the notebook!
This should be clear for you.

Secondly there is no warranty that your notebook would run properly and stable after such CPU upgrade.
I?m thinking about compatibility issues between CPU and BIOS since BIOS was not pretested with other CPUs.

However, I read some threads here about CPU upgrade and some users done this?
Seems that some notebooks run without any big problems after CPU upgrade but I think this is not regular for all series?

Maybe this topic could be useful:


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Hello from greece,

I have toshiba satellite A300-1MM an now when finished the education i won t to upgrade my laptop.
For this motion i will change the ram the processor and the hard disk.
But i don't know i f the system will recognize it.

_Below quote you the features that i want change_

Fisrt from T3200 (1MB cache 2.00 GHz, 533 MHz FSB) to
Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile T9400 2.53 Ghz 1066 MHz 6MB CPU
Second from 3 gb ram to 8gb
Third ocz vertex 2
Fourth another video graphics a dont know particular

?hanks for your time

Answer:Satellite A300-1MM: RAM, HDD, CPU upgrade

To be clear: HDD and RAM upgrades are supported.
CPU upgrade is not supported due to several reasons. Check lease -

You must understand that hardware upgrade on mobile machines is pretty limited due to specific construction and cooling system. I don?t know for which kind of operations you use your notebook but my A300 runs perfectly with Win7 32bit and has enough power for everyday activity and all multimedia operations.

Upgrade RAM to maximum and be happy with it.

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Hello to all I have Satellite A300-247 PSAGCE.
I have memory 4 RAM. My question of alphabets I can upgrade to 8 RAM?

Thank you to all soneg78 Jerusalem

Answer:Re: RAM upgrade on Satellite A300-247


According the notebook specification you can upgrade RAM up to 8 GB.
You can use 2 x 4 GB RAM with part number PA3670U-1M4G.


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Just wondering, can I upgrade my T3200 2x2,00GHz, 1MB, 667FSB with another, which has more cache and maybe higher frequency?


Answer:Satellite A300-1MT - Can I upgrade the CPU?

Many people want to upgrade her CPU but to be honest this is not very useful.
A newer or faster CPU costs a lot of money and maybe it will not work. Furthermore Toshiba does not support the CPU upgrading.

This could be useful for you:

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I have Satellite A300-210 and I want to buy SSD disk. Can I input in into second place for disk in my notebook? I can't find there any connection to the disk.
I even can change my disk for the new disk.

I have one more question is there SATA 1 or SATA 2 interface.

Answer:Satellite A300 - Upgrade with SSD

Hi przybi,

It?s no problem to install SSD into second HDD/SSD place if there is an additional connector for such a drive.
If you don?t have a second SATA connector you can only exchange the current HDD with your new SSD.

Regarding SATA interface: I think it?s SATA2 already but it?s not important. Newer SATA2 drives are compatible to old SATA1 interface. :)

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Hello everybody!!!

Can I change my HHD Hard disk with an SSD Hard disk at this model?
Because this one supports only SATA2, will I have problems with compatibility?

thanx in advanve guys

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I have installed Windows Vista Ultimate x64 and I downloaded all drivers from Toshiba. The display driver doesn't install and thus my video card (ATI 3470) is not working. The setup starts, but then ends very fast without copying any files to my hard drive.

What should I do? I am also having a hard time finding drivers for my network adapter, Realtek RTL8101. Can somebody help me please? (I made the BIOS update to 1.7 and still no change; I also tried using the BIOS update for Vista x64 provided by Toshiba, but it doesn't work - an error rises saying: "Failed to retrieve bios information. BCPSYS block signature was not found. Error code -100).

Please help...!

Answer:64-bit display drivers for Satellite A300-1NO doesn’t work


According notebook specification your Satellite A300 belongs to PSAGUE models and after checking Toshiba download page I have noticed your notebook model is not supported for Vista 64-bit.
So you probably use driver for some other notebook model. I am afraid this is explanation why it will not work properly.

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I have a problem with my laptop Toshiba Satellite A300.

I'm get frizzing color screen that after it I cannot log to the window I have send it back to the agent they told me everything is ok and fixed but I steel getting it,
and this is the picture for what I get:

Answer:Satellite A300 - Display doesn't work correclty


Have you tested an external monitor? So you can make sure if it?s a mainboard or display issue.

Have you updated the display driver? Try to update the display driver. Boot in safe mode, remove the old one, boot again and install the new one. You can find it on the Toshiba website: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers


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Since I bought my laptop in 2009, I have had display driver errors which cause the PC to bluescreen. This happens a few times a week. It sometimes recovers on its own.
I haven't found a later display driver than 2008 and have updated the latest BIOS.


Answer:Satellite Pro A300-1NT - Display driver errors which causes bluescreen

if you couldn't find a display driver on [Toshiba Driver Page|]. You can try to install from vendor's site (Intel, Ati or nvidia)

Message was edited by: Jeka-??

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When I switch my Satellite A300 ON, the screen stays black and doesn?t change at all ... Any help please?

Answer:When I start my Satellite A300 the display stays black

What is with password problem in your other thread? Already solved or what?
If this problem persists I do not see any sense to start this thread because the people can not understand what the problem is.

Please do not mix two issues and please explain exactly what you can see on the screen after switching your notebook ON.

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I have a Satellite A300 PSACGA-02V010 running Vista Ultimate.
The laptop is about 10 months old and runs 12 hours a day for work purposes.

For some reason a few days ago the display distorted (pixelated) and froze.
The only way to recover was a hard boot. When the laptop restarted it displayed the desktop for about 30 seconds and did a repeat freeze performance. I restarted in Safe Mode and it runs fine for days.

I thought there must be something loading on the normal boot causing the problem so I disabled everything I thought I could do without and restarted in Normal Mode. Again the desktop displayed for about 30 seconds and then froze again. I have tried rolling back using recovery, reloading display and BIOS drivers from the Toshiba site but the situation continues.
In Safe Mode it never freezes up

Any suggestions??

Answer:Satellite A300 PSACGA - Display distorts and freezes

I have the exactly the same problem with my A300 and mine is about 8 months old.
I have downloaded the latest display driver 8.611 but it freezes in the middle of installing.

Can anyone heellpppp????

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Hi everybody,

I installed the latest display driver for my Mobility Radeon HD 3650, but I can't figure out how to set the resoluton for my external monitor to 1280 x 960 (85 Hz) - the original ATI non-Mobility Radeon driver does have this option.

Furthermore, my A300 doesn't remember the brightness setting done with FN + F6 / F7.
After restarting windows it's on maximum again.

Any ideas / suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


Answer:Satellite A300 - XP SP3: How to set external display resolution 1280x960


The availability of external display resolution depends on installed graphic card driver and graphic card itself. If both parts don?t support this external display resolution (1280x960) then you will be not able to choose it!
Check for this the user manual if the GPU provides a support for this external display resolution (1280x960).

Regarding the brightness settings:
If the notebook is connected to AC adaptor then the display brightness will return to the ?full? brightness. But you can manage such display settings in power management.
There you can create a profile for certain situation? for example when the notebook is running with battery power only?
In such power profile you could assign different display brightness levels.

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I purchased a Toshiba A 300 in May so I am not eligible for a free upgrade. I have these questions that I wasn't able to answer after extensive trips to the Toshiba and Microsoft websites:

I assume that if I purchase the Windows 7 and install it (clean install) I would lose the ability to use some of the Toshiba functionality and the recovery partition functionality which is based on Vista for my machine.

I'd be happy to pay for an installation CD from Toshiba that would create a clean install of Windows 7 on my machine with the original Toshiba software as well as create recovery partitions.
I just haven't found any mention of it anywhere. It all about the "free upgrade" which I don't qualify for by virtue of one month. Can anyone out there point me in the right direction?

Many thanks,


Answer:Windows 7 Upgrade on Satellite A300

Hello Dave

Your notebook is delivered with preinstalled Vista. Vista recovery image is saved on second partition in folder called ?HDDRecovery? and there is no some kind of ?special hidden recovery partition?.
You can install Vista on your notebook so often you want and after fresh Vista installation you will have ?factory settings?.
You can install Vista from HDD using F8 and ?repair my computer ?option or you can install Vista using installations DVD. This DVD must be created by you using preinstalled "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator". Please create this disc; maybe twice to be sure you will not lose it. After creating this DVD you can do with your notebook whatever you want. You can delete whole content and ?kill? all partitions. Using created DVDs you can have everything as before.

So now you can install new OS. I agree with you and best way to install Win7 is clean OS installation using Microsoft installations DVD. When Win7 support starts all Toshiba drivers and Toshiba specific tools and utilities will be offer for download. All this Toshiba stuff you can install alone and you don't need Toshiba Win7 recovery media.

If you have more questions let me know.

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I am thinking of buying a satellite A300-15B, which sounds like a great machine for its price, but when I asked at the store if I can upgrade to Vista 64 bit, they told me that I cannot do that.

What is the point in having 4GB of RAM then (expendable to 8 GB?)?

Can someone please confirm if I have the option to upgrade or not? (Live in the UK)


Answer:Can I upgrade a Satellite A300-15B to Vista 64 bit?

Have you checked Vista 64-bit drivers and tools availability on Toshiba download page under ?

Check if the drivers are available for this notebook model ? PSAJ4E.

>What is the point in having 4GB of RAM ?
Good question for Microsoft. ;)

By the way: maximum RAM capacity for this notebook model is 4 GB.

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Can I put SSD to my computer and what size is available?

Answer:Satellite A300-17S - Can I upgrade with SSD drive?


Yes, you can also install a SSD instead HDD this should be no problem because the notebook supports already SATA interface. So you need a 2.5? SSD that will fit into your computer.

The HDD exchange is described here:
[Satellite A300 - How to replace first HDD?|]

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I would really appreciate some help as I am going around in circles. I have a Satellite Pro A300-1C2 and I want to replace the HDD and install Windows 7, whats the best HDD I can get for the laptop?

Also what's the maxium RAM I can install into the Laptop.

Any advice would be great the machines running poorly at the moment and I think the HDD has a bad sector in it.



Answer:Satellite Pro A300-1C2 - HDD upgrade advice

Best HDD? For this question I don?t have precise answer. You don?t need best but compatible HDD. According notebook specification your original HDD was 250GB SATA HDD.
In my A300 I have Samsung HDD inside. Visit your local dealer and buy high quality SATA 2,5? HDD with 300 or maybe 400 GB. It will be enough capacity I think. It can be Toshiba, Samsung or Hitachi HDD. Check the prices and make decision.

RAM upgrade: your notebook can handle with 4GB RAM. not more than that. If you have 2 GB inside you can buy one more RAM module with 2GB. Compatible 2GB RAM has part number PA3513U-1M2G.


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I want to upgrade CPU on my Satellite A300-PSAGCE, BIOS 2.20.

Now I have Core2 Duo CPU T5800 @ 2.00GHz - PPGA478 (Socket M)
PM45 (Revision / Stepping 07 / B3) + Intel 82801IM ICH9M (Revision / Stepping 93 / A3)

Intel website - Compatible Processors

Intel? Core?2 Extreme Processor QX9300 (12M Cache, 2.53 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor T9800 (6M Cache, 2.93 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor T9900 (6M Cache, 3.06 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor P9500 (6M Cache, 2.53 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor P9600 (6M Cache, 2.66 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor P9700 (6M Cache, 2.80 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor T9550 (6M Cache, 2.66 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor T9600 (6M Cache, 2.80 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor P8800 (3M Cache, 2.66 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor P8600 (3M Cache, 2.40 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor P8700 (3M Cache, 2.53 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor P7570 (3M Cache, 2.26 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor P8400 (3M Cache, 2.26 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor T6670 (2M Cache, 2.20 GHz, 800 MHz FSB)
Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor T9400 (6M Cache, 2.53 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
Intel? Core?2 Extreme Processor X9100 (6M Cache, 3.06 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
Intel? Core?2 Quad Processor Q9100 (12M Ca... Read more

Answer:Satellite A300-PSAGCE CPU upgrade

Generally speaking Toshiba doesn?t support CPU upgrade so before we start discussion about CPU upgrade check follow Toshiba document at first -

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Hi everyone,

after few years I decided to spend some money to upgrade the RAM.
Now, I am quite stuck to understand what to do.

I have always known that my notebook may be upgraded to 8GB.
I also have many references for this information:

- model: Satellite A300-1Q PSAGCE-07000QIT

I physically checked the slots: there are currently two slots of 2GB each.
As non-expert, I thought that the most logic way to upgrade such a configuration is to buy other two chips of 4GB each to reach the 8GB.

However, it seems that this combination is not feasible becasue I do not find it (I checked on Kingston and Amazon website). The RAM upgrade I would like to achieve is:
-800 Mhz

If this can be of help I jot down all the data on the other two RAM modules:
2GB 2Rx8 PC2-64005-666-12-Z3
800 Mhz DDR2-SDRAM

Can anybody help me to figure out what to do for upgrading the RAM to 8GB?

Many thanks,


Answer:Satellite A300-1QP - RAM upgrade question


The notebook was equipped with the Intel GM45 Express chipset and according to Intel ARK page this Mobile Intel GM45 Express Chipset is able to handle the 8GB RAM
The chipset seems to support the 667MHz / 800MHz / 1066MHz modules

If you want to upgrade the RAM up to 8GB RAM, the best option would be the usage of 2 x 4GB SO-DIMM (DDR2 800Mhz) modules
The present modules has to be removed and replaced with two 4GB modules.

Usually you can use different brand modules but cheap modules can cause many different and strange issue. Therefore I would recommend you to purchase good quality modules like Kingston, Toshiba, etc?

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Just want to know, can i change my 250GB, 8MB, 5400rpm SATA HDD in my laptop with this one
HDD 500.0 GB WESTERN DIGITAL Scorpio Blue 5000BEVT, SATA, 8MB c., 5400 rpm

Will it work, or should i better ask, will my laptop recognize it??


Answer:Re: Satellite A300-1mt - HDD upgrade question


I think the notebooks BIOS should recognize the new HDD.
The new HDD is a SATA HDD and this is most important thing.

You need a SATA 2.5? HDD!
The size and the speed are not really important because the new SATA controller should handle such HDD trouble free.


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I have a Toshiba Satellite A300-1MM laptop.
It is running Windows Vista that came preinstalled.
Can I upgrade it to Windows 8?
Thanks for advice.

Answer:Satellite A300-1MM - Can I upgrade to Windows 8?

Generally speaking your old A300 is not supported for Wn8. It is supported for Win7 only. Not even A500 is supported for Win8 upgrade.
I have it too but running with Win7 32bit and I?m very happy with it.

As far as I know Vista to Win8 upgrade is not supported so what you can try is to install Win7 and install upgrade for Win8. With drivers and especially with Toshiba specific tools and utilities can be a bit problematic but you can try to use stuff offered for newer notebook model.

Unfortunately on this forum we don't have much information about such upgrade.
If you will try to install Win8 please post some feedback.

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Hi all

I wold like to upgrade my laptop memory from 4gb to 6 or 8 i got the Satellite A300-23j.

What is the best memory for me?? I will get the Win7 64bit OS
I understood that I will have to do a clean install of the OS, so my 2 Q is where can I get all the programs from Toshiba that I got with the pc?

Thannks for the help

Answer:Satellite A300-23j and memory upgrade


According notebook specification you can upgrade RAM up to 8GB.
You must use DDR2 800MHz 1GB/2GB/4GB RAMs. If you have 2x2GB at the moment you can buy additional 4GB RAM or maybe two of them to use maximum RAM.

Compatible 4 GB RAM module has part number PA3670U-1M4G.

Win7 drivers download page you can find under
Unfortunately drivers for your PSAGCE models are not available at the moment. I am pretty sure the drivers will be ready for download next days. From time to time check this page and you will see when the drivers will be there.

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I would like to replace the internal disk drive in my Satellite A300-1J1 laptop. Despite searching the Toshiba websites I cannot find out sufficient information about the specification to ensure I buy a fully compatible drive. I would be grateful if someone could advise the required specification for suitable drives (250GB and above). Are installation instructions available please?

Thank you for any help you may be able to give.

Answer:Re: Disk upgrade for Satellite A300-1J1

The computer contains an extremely low-profile and lightweight, high-performance HDD.
The HDD incorporates 9.5 mm and 12.5 mm height magnetic disk and mini-Winchester type magnetic heads. The HDD interface conforms to Serial ATA.
Storage capacities supported for your notebook model are 120, 160, 200, 250, 300, 320, 400,500 GB.

Just be sure you will order SATA HDD.

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Hello everybody!

I have a satellite A300-1a9 (Intel Core 2 Duo T8300, Ati 3650, WXGA lcd 1280*800, 2 hard disks etc...) running Windows XP + SP3 + Toshiba utilities etc...

These are my questions...

1) Can i upgrade the CPU to Core 2 Duo P8400?
(I know that T8300 and P8400 use the same socket)

2) Can i upgrade my WXGA (1280x800) screen to a WXGA+ (1400*900) or WSXGA+ (1680*1050)?
How this will affect battery consumption?

3) Having the computer plugged in (a/c power), when i close the lid, computer goes to standby mode.
When i open the lid, computer wakes up.
Unfortunately, having the computer running on battery this is not the case.. I open the lid and nothing happens,
i have to press power button to wake up pc...

can i fix this?

thanks in advance...

Answer:Satellite A300 - CPU & GPU upgrade questions

Satellite A300 is newest notebook model and I am wondering you think about such hardware upgrade after so short time of use.
Generally speaking such upgrades are probably possible but definitely not supported by Toshiba.
On other way such radical upgrade like display upgrade is definitely not logic to me. You probably know how expensive such parts are.

In my opinion you should sold your notebook and buy new one with exact hardware like you want to have.

What to say about last question? Please check all settings in system settings and be sure you have chosen right option when notebook is on battery or plugged in.

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Hi all.

I want memory upgrade in my Toshiba A300-145.
Now i have 1GB base model and i want to buy 2Gb memory module and so up memory to 3 Gb.
Official specs says that upgrade can be done only to 2Gb.

Question: notebook will see 3GB ram or not?

Answer:Can I upgrade memory up to 3GB on Satellite A300-145


This depends on the chipset which is installed in your notebook.

The notebook with the Intel GM965 chipset supports max 4GB RAM but the A300 with the Intel GL960 supports max 2GB RAM.

So check your chipset and you will known if theRAM can be upgraded up to 3GB or 4GB.


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Hey there,

sorry I'm a n00b, thus forgive me if it has been asked before.

I do have a
+Satellite A300, Dual Core T6400 @ 2GHz+
my graphics is a
+ATI Mobility Radeon 3650+ and it is NOT ENOUGH... especially for editing full HD videos

Q: +would it be possible to upgrade my graphics+ (not sure whether it's a chip or card)?

Thanks for reading ans answering, your help is greatly appreciated


Answer:Satellite A300-25K - Graphic upgrade possible?


Please, read here

As you see, Cpu and Gpu upgrade isn't a good idea. Even if your motherboard can handle it but Bios is not pretested for it. Anyway, you should contact the Asp (service center), they can say exactly if it supports or not.

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So the old HDD in this laptop is on its last legs and I'm looking to replace it and upgrade the RAM at the same time. If you guys know how much RAM the chip set can take and if a SSD SATA 2.5 is okay to replace the drive with that would be great. Also any suggestions on best RAM and HDD would be much appreciated.

Model : A300
Part #: Psag8u-0el01x

Answer:Satellite A300 - HDD and RAM replacement/upgrade

Good old A300. I had it 2 years ago. It is very good old machine and it runs very well with Win7.
I don’t know how many RAM you can use with it but I think from 4 up to 8GB should not be problematic. SSD is very good solution. Your A300 will run pretty fast and much faster than before.
I can recommend you Toshiba or Samsung SSDs. I’ve tested both models on different machines.

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When I want to upgrade my bios 2.70 win, there is an error and the program says that it couldn't find bios.wph file. So I cannot upgrade my BIOS.

Thank you for your help.
Vehbi Tirnakli M.D.

Answer:Cannot upgrade BIOS for my Satellite A300

What exact error message appears?
And most important, have you unpacked the BIOS files, after downloading? If not, do that and try it again.

BIOS update version depends on what operating system you are using. I guess you have WinXP installed if you use version 2.70. For Windows Vista you should use version 1.30.

Please check the right BIOS versions.

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Sorry for mistakes, english is not my native language.
I want to ask a couple of questions about upgrading a300-144.

*Some info first.*

CPU: T2370 ([]).
Chipset: GM965 ([]).


1. My notebook memory frequency is 533 MHz, memory controller supports 667MHz, memory modules can work at 667MHz. Is this because CPU FSB frequency 533 MHz and new CPU with 667/800 MHz FSB will fix it or this is hardcoded in BIOS?

2. Intel says that max memory size for my chipset is 4 GB (2x2 GB), but Toshiba says that only 2 GB (2x1 GB), who is right?

3. As I know, socket of my CPU is μFCPGA-478 aka socket P, max FSB 800 MHz, max TDP 35 W, so will T9500 ([]) be compatible processor or there are some limitations in BIOS?

Answer:Few questions about upgrade on Satellite A300-144

>1. My notebook memory frequency is 533 MHz, memory controller supports 667MHz, memory modules can work at 667MHz. Is this because CPU FSB frequency 533 MHz and new CPU with 667/800 MHz FSB will fix it or this is hardcoded in BIOS?

The speed of the memory is related on hardware. This means that FSB is responsible for the limitation.
If FSB would allow support 667MHz then the memory would run also at this speed.

>2. Intel says that max memory size for my chipset is 4 GB (2x2 GB), but Toshiba says that only 2 GB (2x1 GB), who is right?
The memory depends on chipset. So if chipset supports the 4GB RAM, you should be able to upgrade this to 4GB RAM

>3. As I know, socket of my CPU is ?FCPGA-478 aka socket P, max FSB 800 MHz, max TDP 35 W, so will T9500 ( be compatible processor or there are some limitations in BIOS?

It could be possible that the new CPU would not be fully supported by BIOS but in most cases it should not be a problem if the chipset would support the new CPU.
But as far as I know the CPU upgrade is not supported by Toshiba or any other notebook manufacturers and its your own risk to run notebook with new CPU.

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I got Satellite A300-23J and I was wondering if it can work with Windows 7 (I think it can but must be sure). More important if I will upgrade my Vista Home Premium throw the Toshiba upgrade plan could I get Windows 7 professional?
And when I upgrade will all the Toshiba programs will still be on the PC and will still work?

Any help would be great!!!!
Thanks in advance!

Answer:Satellite A300-23J - Can I upgrade it to Windows 7?

You will get the same Win7 version as your current Vista version.

So if you have Home Premium installed, you will get a license for Windows 7 Home Premium.
If you have Business installed, you will get a license for Windows 7 Professional.

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I plan to buy the Satellite Pro A300 1NT but want to be sure that I will be able to upgrade to Windows 7 and specifically the touch screen features.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my question.

Answer:Satellite Pro A300 1NT - Possible to upgrade to Windows 7?


I think nobody can say if the Satellite A300 compatible with Windows 7.
Windows 7 is not on the market yet and it I think it will take few times to release.

And the Satellite A300 has no touch screen so I think you can not use these features on this notebook.


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I have a notebook with the following characteristics:

Product: Satellite A300-20C
Model No.: PSAG8E - 04V00CGE.

Currently it has 2 memory modules and the Operating System (windows XP) reports 2.87GB total memory.
My question is if i can upgrade its memory up to 8GB.
If yes, then which memory modules are compatible with this Notebook?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Satellite A300-20C memory upgrade

Your notebook model can be upgraded up to 4GB. You can use 2x2GB modules.
Compatible 2GB memory modules have follow part numbers:
2GB DDR2-667 - PA3513U-1M2G
2GB DDR2-800 - PA3669U-1M2G

If you have more questions you are welcome.

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This model i have has a 250GB hdd installed, Could i take it out and say put a 320GB hdd in instead. Thanks for your help.

Answer:Satellite A300-1J1 - HDD upgrade to 320GB

Yes it could be possible to use a bigger HDD like a 320GB HDD.
The notebook supports a SATA controller so there shouldn?t be an problem!

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I have a Satellite A300-202 with a ATI Mobility Radeon? HD 3650, and after upgrade from vista to windows 7, my external display turned a strange color, seemed to lose the red color. Never show the white color, in which should show the white color shows the color blue.

I have uninstalled and installed again the graphic card drivers and update the new drivers but don?t solved this trouble. My external monitor it's ok because I have tried with other laptop and don't have this trouble. I have also tried my laptop with other monitor and have the same trouble.

Anybody ever had this problem, someone who can help me?


Answer:Satellite A300-202 - External display turned a strange color

Hi Zagga,

That means this happens only on your external monitor or internal monitor too?

You wrote about new installation of the display drivers so which drivers you have installed exactly? You should only take the display drivers from the official Toshiba website because they are pretested.
Check this!!!

Make also sure that latest BIOS version is installed.

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Hi to all,

I have A300-1LT PSAGCE and have update my display driver from toshiba download center.

Type Display Driver
Subtype Mobility Radeon HD 43xx/45xx/46xx
Size (Kb) 108950
Version 8.611
Model Satellite L550, Satellite L500, Satellite A300, Satellite Pro A300
Operating system Windows Vista 32 Bit

When i restart laptop error have displayed:

"The Catalyst Control Center is not supported by the driver version of your enable graphics adapter. Please update your ATI graphics driver, or enable your ATI adapter using the Displays Manager."

Can't find displayer manager only have color man. What I must to do?

Please help!!


Answer:Re: Satellite A300-1LT - After display driver update I get an error message


Well, for me it sounds like that you didn?t uninstall the old display driver software. Before you install a newer version you should always remove the old version. Therefore go in control panel > software. Choose the ATI display driver software and remove it. After restarting the notebook you should clean the Windows system using CCleaner (Google is your friend to find it). Then restart again and after this you can install the newest version from Toshiba page.

I hope this works.
By the way, what graphic card do you have?


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OK so I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A300-28R with Windows 7 64 bit and an ATI Mobility Radeon 3470 HD graphics card.

I recently connected my laptop to a TV via the S-video connection. This worked fine. The problem is that ever since then every time I start my laptop Windows starts with the S-video display resolution of 600x800.

I have tried changing the settings in both Control Panel and using the ATI CCC, having both selected and applied these settings but each time Windows starts now it boots with the above display resolution.

Following this I have also uninstalled and reinstalled both my display driver and the Toshiba Value Added package but the same problem persists. I have searched with Google about this problem and haven't been able to find anything useful.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Satellite Pro A300-28R - Windows starts up with wrong display resolution

Hi dude

How did you output the video signal?
Did you choose ?extended desktop? or simply the external monitor option using the FN +F5?

I think you should press the Fn+F5 once again and should switch back to one display, internal notebook display.

Please check if this would help you!

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I have a Toshiba A300 - PSAG1A with Vista Business.
I want to display on a monitor at 1080 x 1050 but this isn't an option in the drop down list.

The display adapter driver lists as a Generic Non-PnP Monitor on Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express ChipsetFamiy
Driver Version (13/9/07)
I've tried to update this via the toshiba website but tells me I don't meet the system requirement?

Any Ideas

Answer:Satellite A300 PSAG1A: Can't display 1080x1050 resolution on monitor

What monitor do you have exactly? (Brand and model number)

Do you mean 1680x1050, not 1080x1050 ?

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I have a Satellite Pro A300-13Y with 4 USB ports. The two right side USB ports don?t work. I have bought this laptop recently (2-3 weeks ago). It has a Windows Vista Business SP1 on it. I have Chip set utility installed on it, I have checked the device manager and I have tried to find driver for this but I couldn?t solve this.

Then I called Toshiba service dek, they say I have to install again to factory standard install to see if it might be solved. But I don?t find it the best way and I have some applications installed on it and have some info on my laptop so, I would like to find another way to solve this problem.

Also I think it could be a hardware issue. Can somebody show the way how can I find or solve this problem? I can also send it to guaranty, but if I made a mistake and if there is not a hardware issue I have to pay for this.

Answer:USB port issue on Satellite Pro A300-13Y


I know it?s not the best way but it's the only way to exclude a hardware fault. If after a recovery the USB ports won?t still work then you can send it to the repair without beeing in doubt that they will charge you for the repair.


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I own a Toshiba A300-23E which for a week now, refuses to power on.
The power leds are on but when I press the power button it does not turn on.
Since my warranty has expired, I gave it to a techinician to find out what is the problem and he informed me that the graphic card chip is damaged but as a result the whole motherboard has to be replaced.
The option of giving it to Toshiba to replace my motherboard is not an option of course, since they request 300-400? for it. I bought the laptop 1000?, 2,5 years ago so this is obvously out of the question.

However, my problem is that I cannot find any refurbished or such motherboard on ebay or other shops. Any suggestions on that?

Do you think I have any options left or should I move on and take a hammer and release my anger on this high level sourrealistic joke manyfactured by Toshiba.

Answer:Satellite A300-23E motherboard issue

> However, my problem is that I cannot find any refurbished or such motherboard on ebay or other shops. Any suggestions on that?

You have to use a motherboard which is released especially for Satellite Pro / Satellite A300 series.
The new motherboard is really a expensive part. Maybe you could get a second hand A300 with a working motherboard and then you could switch the good mobo.

But its your own decision? I had a notebook from other manufacturer which died after 3 years of usage.
Of course it was motherboard malfunction? :(
I did try to fix this because of the motherboard price? I sold the dead notebook and bought a new one

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Dear all, I am experiencing a strange issue with DVD-ROM. Some times, after I have inserted a dvd in tray, the system hangs, but it is a strange crash. The DVD ROM stops spinning (and blinking), the *HDD Led* is constant on and I cannot access taskbar or taskmanager. However, I can navigate through menus etc via start menu.

For example, this is happening on my Vista Ultimate DVD upon inserting it in Windows Environment. If I want to boot from it it works like a charm. The same had happened with Crysis. I am mentioning these two dvd's, because they are perfectly unscratched and their quality is proven to me. How can I check if HDD or DVD are in a good condition. I have my laptop 48 hours now and I want a full replacement if something goes wrong!

Thank you in advance!

Answer:Re: Satellite A300-211 DVD reading issue


This is really strange and at the moment it?s not easy to say what the reason is for this...

Maybe you should try to remove the upper- and lower filters in Windows registry. Follow the instructions in this Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

The HDD you can check with Drive Fitness Test:
Download the CD image to create a bootable CD and then boot from it.

I don?t know a program to check the CD/DVD drive? But you can use the Nero Speed test. There you can see how fast the drive is reading.

And maybe it?s only a software issue? Reinstalling Windows could help you solve this problem.


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Hello!!! I have a Toshiba Satellite A300-10C laptop.

Problem with the webcam!! OS WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE X64
Everything downloaded firewood with official a site!! and when I turn on the chamber to me gives out: *the webcam is disconnected or faulty. check settings of the webcam*
Tried to reinstall Os a problem there was the same!!

What to do??? thanks in advance

Answer:Web-camera issue on Satellite A300-10C

What is the webcam status in device manager?

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