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Impossible to uninstall Toshiba Flash Cards Support Utility

Question: Impossible to uninstall Toshiba Flash Cards Support Utility

I have already followed instructions that I have found on the forum. Uninstalled TVAP. The FCSU is a separate program and does not want to uninstall through the Control Panel Uninstall procedure. I have downloaded a new FCSU file and it does not want to install and I get a message that the program already exisist and that there is an incompatibility problem.

The reason I want to perform this task is that my function keys Fn do not work.
Can you help, please?

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Preferred Solution: Impossible to uninstall Toshiba Flash Cards Support Utility

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Impossible to uninstall Toshiba Flash Cards Support Utility

Can you please tell us which notebook model do you have, which OS you want to use and so on?
When you write about TVAP I presume you use Win7.

Do you want to install clean Win7 version?

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Toshiba flash cards utility for function keys don't seem to be available for download for many models although these models come originally equipped with it.

Can someone help me get it for Toshiba Satellite C850-B797 (PSKCEV) for Windows 7 64-bit? I searched 3 Toshiba websites including eu and de.

Answer:Toshiba Flash Cards Utility

The Flash Card Utility is in the Value Added Package in the drivers download section here:
Download Drivers For Toshiba Computer & Laptops | Toshiba Middle East
Value Added Package :

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Satellite L755-M1DU
Part Number : PSK2YE-0DU02UAR

I Lost my Laptop :(

And I accidentally deleted ( Toshiba Flash cards utility )

What can I do? And where or how can I get that Flash Cards displayed when pressing the Function key ?

Thank You

Answer:Satellite L755-M1DU - I deleted Toshiba Flash Cards Utility

Why this link does not work???

Mid-loading the disconnect ?????????????

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After upgrading from vista home to vista business i tried to install the flash cards support utility driver, but it says that the serial no. is not valid
What to do?


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Of couse

Model a200-281
Driver: fcsu-20080414100732

Answer:Flash cards support utility driver install - serial no. not valid

Can you please post the notebook model and exact driver you try to install?

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Toshiba Flash Cards uses 17536 kb as ressources and is not indispensable
How can I do to uninstall Toshiba Flash Cards?
Thank you for the reply

Answer:Qosmio X500-10W - How uninstall Toshiba Flash Cards?

If you uninstall Flashcards, the Function (Fn) Keys may not work anymore.

But anyway if you really need to uninstall it, go to Control Panel, Programs and Features, and Modify the Toshiba Value Added Package features.

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first sorry for my bad English.

Second I have a Toshiba notebook Satellite A200-2BH PSAE6E I changeg my OS to Vista and I have a problem with "Flash Cards Support Utility". I can't install it.
I have this message error "the serial number is invalid" I don't know what to do.

Thanks for your help

Answer:Satellite A200-2BH PSAE6E: Cannot install Flash Cards Support Utility - serial number is invalid

by the way i have a vista familia edition and i downloaded a Flash Cards Support Utility and Value Added Package
from here

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My computer is running so slowly. There are programs that are impossible to uninstall - like Driver Update - I've tried
yes" and "no" on the uninstall prompt - neither succeeds in removing the program - and frankly, probably others.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4430 CPU @ 3.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4008 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series, -1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 715301 MB, Free - 538550 MB;
Motherboard: MSI, H87M-G43 (MS-7823)
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

I have included attachments of suggested scans.

Thanks very much for any help with this mess.


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Wondering if anyone can help me.

I recently just rebooted my Satellite A200-195.

I found that my flash cards for my ?FN? hotkey function buttons have disappeared and do not pop up on top of the screen anymore.
However I am able to press the other function buttons on the keypad F1 - F8, part from the one that enables the mouse?F9?.

I have already uninstalled and installed the Value Added Package, Flash support utility and even tried to update the Bios but it seems my Bio is already the newest version.
After all this I seem to be able to enable my mouse pad ?F9? but my other function buttons are not working anymore and the flash cards still are not appearing like they use to.
Is there anything I can do to get my flash card to pop up back on screen without having to set my laptop back to factory default?

Answer:Satellite A200-195: TOSHIBA Flash Cards "black and white cards" not working

Have you tried to restart Flash cards?
Start > All programs > Toshiba > Utilities > Restart Flash cards.

What you can also try is to install ?Flash cards support utility? if you can find it on Toshiba download page.

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When I start my computer with a boot or reboot, the FN keys don't work. I must start the program titled 'Restart flash cards' in the Toshiba utilities so that the keys work again.
How can I put this program in the start-up list of Windows ?

Answer:How to enable "Flash Cards" utility to starts with Windows?

Click on start button and put inside msconfig to open ?System configuration? option.
Go to ?Startup? tab and there you should find ?Toshiba Flash Cards as start up item. Be sure in front of it there is checkmark. If not put it and confirm with apply button.

Restart your notebook and check it again.
Please post some feedback.

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Hi, i need a little favor:

In the toshiba button setting, in ECO button appears in blank, I try put *.exe manually, but doesn't works, anyway I need the all path for these button, like this:

c\ program files\toshiba.....etc

Someone helps me!! Thnx!!!

Answer:Toshiba ECO Button Support Utility configuration

Can you please tell us what your problem with ECO button is? What you want to do exactly? To activate it or what?

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everytime i boot up error comes uo flash card not working....go to inter to find fix or close error box...what are flash cards for and why cant i get it fixed....error cdomes uo every time boot...also i am the only person who used the puter is there any way i can get rid of public and just have acess like i did in 95 or ME with out having messing will all this stuff for more than one user....its stupid like xp but worse...just a newbie

Answer:toshiba flash cards

Hi, essejyar, and welcome to the forums.

Can you give us a picture of the *exact* error message, or else write down what it is saying exactly?

As far as multiple user environment, sorry, XP and Vista are both built on the NT kernel (and advances made to said kernel) which means they support multiple users by default. There are a couple of things you can do to make it less intrusive, like automating your login and such, and you can make it easier to use, like disabling UAC, but to protect you from your own self, I'd not recommend these at all.

I am a 20+ year veteran of using computers and I leave UAC on - because then I don't have to run Ad-aware and Spybot and Malwarebytes and Spywareguard and lock down my hosts file and all those other fun things you needed on XP to keep it relatively safe from intrusion and malware....

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Hi there.
Like to first off apologise if this is the wrong place to post this topic, but put it down to been new here and the fact that at this point I'm tearing my hair out!!!...
Just recently bought a Toshiba Satellite A135-S4427, which runs Vista Premium, and in the main I'm pretty pleased with it.
No major least none that don't resolve themselves eventually.
This was however not until I noticed that my Toshiba Flash Card, which host the hot keys and some computer functions and which should drop down only when you point your cursor at the top of the screen, developed a mind all of its own and from time to time decided to make an unsolicited apperance and drop down without been prompted!
As it usually happens when I have just finished clicking on something or touched my mouse, I thought it might have something to do with the external optical mouse I was using so off I went to buy another one but of course the darn thing still does the same thing with the new mouse.
I have found a way to disable the flash cards, but I would rather be able to make use of them rather than turning the fuction off completely because of the annoying 'drop down'.
Someone mentioned to me that it may be a conflict between a program I've installed since getting the computer and the flash card program, but as itunes is the only major add-on I have installed, I wonder!?!...
Could this be another classic case of vista gone bad, or is there something else?
Has anyon... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Flash Cards

Can you reinstall the Toshiba Flash Card utility? That may be the quickest way to set it right.

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was wondering if some1 could tell y toshiba flashcards keep crashing, and how i can fix, o, specs r not the same
new:Operating System
MS Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP2
Intel Pentium T2080 @ 1.73GHz 61 ?C
Yonah 65nm Technology
1.0GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 266MHz (4-4-4-12)
Generic PnP Monitor ([email protected])
Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family
Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family
Hard Drives
Optical Drives
Realtek High Definition Audio

Answer:toshiba flash cards


what i think you can disable it. lots of Computer enthuastic has dealing the annoying feature of Toshiba. To disable follow the instructions:

Click Start

Click on Control Panel (make sure there's a dot next to "Control Panel Home" on the left hand side of the Control Panel window)

Click "Change Startup Programs" (Under Programs)

Change the Category drop-down menu to "Startup Programs"

Scroll down the list until you see Toshiba Flash Cards under the Toshiba Corporation heading, then click on it

Click the Disable button at the bottom-right of the window



Press Fn+F6

thats all. Thanks

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Dont know if it should be in here Toshiba Flash Cards is a program that runs when you press 'FN' it displays a top flash card thingy that allows you to use the FN -> F2 etc... keys cant get this to work on windows 7 though anyone got any ideas ill try a few more things i think might be able to fix it but does anyone else have any ideas?

UPDATE: seems to be a error with KeNotify.exe...... When i press FN it crashes KeNotify
UPDATE 2: Running in Compatibility and/or Running as administrator still makes it crash.

Answer:Toshiba Flash Cards

Hello, I have the same problem. I tried to write to toshiba forum, but without reply. I have Toshiba Qosmio F50-108 and everything is running ok with Windows 7, only Toshiba Flash cards crashes.

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Hello everyone,

Just a quick question. Is there any way that I can have the animation at the top of my screen turned off and STILL have the function keys functional? When I'm running multiple programs and/or on battery power, it takes forever for the animation to pop out and it's just an annoyance. Anything to fix it? Any other software to make them functional? Or any upgrades?

My system is Windows Vista, just in case someone wants to know.
Thank you,

Answer:Question about Toshiba Flash Cards

Yes I believe you can :)

Go to the start menu -> Programs -> Toshiba -> utilities, and run the FlashCards settings utility. You can disable Flashcards there.

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The screen of the TOSHIBA Satellite A200 Vista machine displays a cross-full-length bar with the message: TOSHIBA Flash Cards (Not Responding) . The bar is troublesome because it hides important screen information. I have been unable to close it. I searched the TOSHIBA web site but found no drive available. Can anybody  help?

Answer:TOSHIBA Flash Cards (Not Responding)

Download the Value Added Pack from your support site.

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I have a question:

when i hover my mouse on the upper edge of the screen, a series of shortcuts for different settings appear, like Mute, Lock, Power Plan, etc...

It's really annoying when i watch movies, because i can see a thin white line in the upper edge... so i want to know if i can somehow disable these icons? so they don't appear? i don't use them anyway so...

Here's a screenshot to make it easier for you if you didn't understand my ramblings :)

thank you!

Answer:How to disable Toshiba Flash Cards pop-up?

and why isn't my thread shown in the "all threads" category??? :S

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I have Toshiba L500-1Z9 laptop, which has an annoying feature, this feature is FLASH CARDS.
the annoying flash cards are the only way to turn on/off the wireless, i want to disable them, but my question is what can i do to have a control over the wireless utility after disabling them.


Answer:How to replace Toshiba flash cards

These are the flash cards I'm talking about.

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Sometimes, unexpectedly and probaby due to some mistake on my part, a message appears saying Toshiba flash cards not responding. What is this?

Answer:Toshiba flash cards don't response

I assume you are an owner of the notebook with the Vista OS. The Toshiba Flash card is preinstalled software which controls visually the FN buttons.

The Toshiba flash cards are placed at the upper display edge. Usually they are not visible but if you will move the courser over this display area the Flash Cards should appear.

I don?t know why the message appears saying the Toshiba flash cards do not response.
Maybe a reinstallation could helps.

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I'm working on a friend's Toshiba Satelite L775-S7307. I've reformatted it, put on a shiny new copy of Windows 7 64bit, and installed many of the drivers required to run the hardware.

Now out of the blue, immediately when I turn on the computer, a window titled "TOSHIBA Flash Cards" pops up saying "Win8-TestVersion". You can then click OK or Cancel, both which do nothing more than close the window.

I did a search for the Flash Cards program on the computer but couldn't find anything and I have no idea how to get rid of it.

I've attached a picture of the screen immediately after being booted. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Origin of Toshiba Flash Cards?

Might be the card reader driver for the laptop. Chances are, Windows Update automatically installed what it thought was the right driver and ended up trying the Windows 8 one instead.

Go to Device Manager and see if you can see anything about the card reader there?

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Dear All, i have an issue my the brightness settings on my laptop

What happened is, after restoring system using one of the restore points, i have fount buttons altered and scale of brightness working opposite way.
in brief, display brightness goes "dim" when you are using high performance and it goes up to level 8 on eco mode.

- FN + F7 to increase brightness does lower it!
- Using scale from display settings, it goes high when you move the scale down.

Toshiba support sent me:

Thank you for contacting Toshiba. Your ticket is [Case#70405644].
To solve this issue you can try the following procedure:{color}
Download the following drivers and save them:{color}

- FlashCard Support Utility - []
- Value Added Package - []
- Display Driver - []

2) Go to Control Panel and uninstall TOSHIBA Value Added Package,
TOSHIBA FlashCard Support Utility and ATI Display Driver. Your desktop
items will look bigger after uninstall display driver. And restart your computer.

3) Install all drivers that you downloaded in 1), by this order:
a) install Display Driver and restart.
b) install FlashCard Support Utility and restart
c) install Value Added Package and restart.

You can also download your laptop user manual in english that will help y... Read more

Answer:Satellite L505-13E - Unable to Uninstall FLASH CARD UTILITY

As far as I know flash card utility is part of Value added package (VAP) so don?t install one single utility but whole VAP, restart your notebook and install latest version from Toshiba download page.

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I just installed vap-20080108132320, and now Toshiba Flash Cards won't load. I get the following error in my Application log:

Faulting application TCrdMain.exe, version, time stamp 0x470dae48, faulting module TCrdMain.exe, version, time stamp 0x470dae48, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x00011299, process id 0x14f0, application start time 0x01c85521e7cfc470.

I also would like to know how NOT to get localized installations. I got English Windows Vista, but the VAP installs as a localized version, in my case Norwegian, and I don't want that!

Answer:Toshiba Flash Cards crashes on my Qosmio G30-182

?:| ?. The Toshiba drivers and all the tools can be downloaded from the Toshiba European driver page:

There you can choose the notebooks series and the language.

Regarding the installation issue;
Possibly you have chosen the wrong utility version or for wrong series. Please note that the common modules are necessary and must be installed firstly.

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My desktop gadgets will not load. I've read the solutions but unfortunately when I start my computer the timer spins continuously trying to load them and I cannot access the control panel or search box. I cannot access gadgets in safe mode. Any ideas.
Also I get a message on start up stating that Toshiba Flash Card program is not working.
Are these somehow related

Answer:desktop gadgets & toshiba flash cards

Are you using an antivirus ? If you didn't make the 3 DVD to reinstall Windows 7 back to like it came from the Factory go to All Programs. That's were their located in my Windows 7 HP These DVD can reinstall your Operating System even on a new blank hard drive.
--- If your problem is recent try System Restore to an earlier date. Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - System Restore ----- If you can get to the Control Panel in Safe mode try - Backup and Restore - at the left top - Create a system repair disc. --- In the future you need to create a system image backup in Backup and Restore in the Control panel. I use Acronis True Image I bought from the Internet.

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Hi, everyone,

there may be a thread about this, but i could not find it.

I have the following problem: after the lat uptade from Microsoft (I believe the Fall Uptade...) everytime I try to shut the laptop down or restart it, I get the notification on the screen that Toshiba Flash Cards is preventing the computer from shutting down. I get two options - to cancel shutdown or force it. I tried turning the FN keys off from star up settings. However it did not help.

Has anybody ever had this problem? Does anyone know how to fix it?

I don't want to loose the FN keys, but i don't want to force a shutdown everytime either.

So any ideas?

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After finally being able to launch Toshiba Flash Cards ( [see thread|] ), I just discovered that Fn+key does not activate any of the functions!

Activating them using the mouse and click the correct card does however work as expected.

I also discovered that adding the Raid console to my Flash Cards causes FC to crash!

Answer:Toshiba Flash Cards v1.1.7 - problem with Fn-keys

... So I found the cause of this as well...

User Account Control (UAC) prevents the Fn-keys to work. By disabling UAC, I can use the Flash Cards. But I suggest Toshiba better find another solution for this, as disabling UAC lowers the security!

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I've done some searching and it seems that both KeNotify.exe (Toshiba/Utilities) and TCrdMain.exe (Toshiba/Flashcards) are responsible for managing the Fn keys.

Could anyone please explain what each does separately, and what functionality will I loose if I remove them from startup?

Thanks a lot!

Answer:What does the Toshiba Flash Cards / KeNotify Application controls?


From my knowledge the Flash Cards (visual FN button row at the top of the screen) appears pressing if one of the FN + F1-F9 key combination would be pressed.
If you remove both tools, I assume that this visual menu would not appear anymore and you will lose the FN button functionality.

But you can test this just for testing proposes without deleting both entries.
In search type msconfig. In msconfig choose Startup tab and here uncheck both exe files. Save the changes and reboot the unit.

If you want to get back these processes, access the Startup tab again and enable both processes once again.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A100-065 notebook with Mocrosoft Vista operating system. Every now and then, I get a message on top of my screen stating "Toshiba Flash Cards are not responding". I have to close the message before I can proceed. What could be the problem and how can this be resolved?

Would appreciate any help out there.


Answer:Toshiba Flash Cards issue with Satellite A100-065


maybe because powersaving issues? Could be possible that the system is switching the flashcardreader or is stopping the flashcardservice due to this powersaving settings.

Just a little suggestion: remove all flashcard related tools/drivers, download the latest versions of that software from the toshiba website
( and reinstall it.

Maybe you can solve that error with performing a reinstall?

Please give some feedback

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Resource Monitor shows 100% CPU usage constantly in recent weeks (not a problem for the first 6 months that i owned the machine) with 85-99% of my CPU being used on 2 entries each shown as "Toshiba Flash Cards", any idea why, and how I can sort this out as it slows everything down? many thanks


Answer:Satellite P200-1EE 100% CPU usage due to Toshiba Flash Cards

Are the correct ATI/nVidia graphics drivers installed? Make sure the Graphics card is not using standard VGA drivers in Device Manager.

Also try this:

1) uninstall the Toshiba Value Added Package in Control Panel -> Programs and features
2) Download and install the latest TVAP from the Toshiba Drivers/Support Website
3) Reboot.

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I don't use the Toshiba Flash cards - I just find them a nuisance, so I've stopped them appearing at the top of the screen. However, I note +tcrdmain.exe+ is still running, and eating up memory. Is it safe to disable this in msconfig?

(I'm running Vista business)

Answer:Can I disable the Tcrdmain.exe in msconfig - Toshiba Flash cards

Why shouldn?t be it safe? ;)
You can set it back if something will go wrong?.

You can try it.
Disable this background process in ?msconfig? a then boot the machine again.
After this short procedure you could check in task manager if the Tcrdmain.exe was disabled and if the notebook runs trouble free.


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anyone tried to install Windows Seven ? I tried it.
Everything works fine (Wlan, Lan, Sound, etc), but one thing is unable to work on my laptop: Toshiba Flash Cards.
I installed driver and nothing happened...

Any idea to solve this problem? Because I usually used it in Vista.

Thanks and sorry for my english ;-)

Answer:Qosmio F50-108 - Toshiba Flash Cards does not work with Windows 7


The Toshiba Flash Cards has been designed for the Windows Vista only

The Windows 7 is very similar to the Vista and many drivers could and would run with Windows 7 but in very rare cases some tools would be not fully compatible?

The Toshiba Flash Cards is not a driver; it?s a utility which seems to be not compatible with Windows 7?


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Toshiba Flash Cards crashes on Vista when windows is set to use the "windows standard" colour scheme under appearance settings, (for your information, I prefer to use this mode as vista runs quicker, uses less battery power and less system ram in this mode).

However it does not crash immediately, instead it seems to crash whenever I rotate the screen (which happens quite often as I?m using a tablet pc) with the previous version of the software it crashed on boot however that seems to have been rectified with this version although not completely, however when it crashes it will not fully close even if i force task manager to end the process (rather than just the task).

(Portege M400 - vista home premium - tosh flash cards v.2.00.02)

Many thanks - Garthark

Answer:Portege M400 - Toshiba Flash Cards crashes on Vista


It is very interesting issue. Have you noticed the same using standard Vista colour scheme?

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On top of my screen i see a message that toshiba flash cards doesn't react. Where can i change that? I can't close other windows because that message is in the way.


Answer:Error message - Toshiba flash cards doesn't react


Toshiba Flash Card Utility controls the Fn buttons.
You should check and if necessary should disable and enable the Flash Card in Programs\Toshiba\Flash Card utility

If this will not help, reinstall the Flash Card Support Utility again.


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Its just trouble with one of the user accounts.
Flash cards will not work on that account.
I created a new user account and now i works with the new account.
I would like it to work with my ordinary account but i don't know whats i wrong.
It just stopped to work and i do not recall what i did when it stopped to work.

Satellite C850D-105
Win7 64 ultimate

[Here| egory=2&selFamily=2&selSeries=312&selProduct=7516& selShortMod=3567&language=39&selOS=30&selType=all& yearupload=&monthupload=&dayupload=&useDate=null&m ode=allMachines&search=&action=search&macId=&count ry=36&page=1URL]

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Answer:Satellite C850D-105: Toshiba Win 7 Flash Cards stopped working


You should restart the Flash Cards
Go to: ALL Programs -> Toshiba -> Utilities -> restart Flash Cards

Now the flash cards should be ok

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Has anyone encountered problem with Window 10 (upgraded from the factory default of Win 7for Satellite Pro L850-pskg9a-009001) shutting down due to the Toshiba Flash cards? I cannot find any solution on the internet for this.
Any constructive advice is appreciated.

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"TOSHIBA Flash Cards" software/drivers, bundled with Satellite A210-1AO, crashes often, usually on system startup.
And sometimes after it loads correctly on startup, it stops working in random way with app crash.

Currently I have a dump of such crash, link.

Answer:Satellite A210-1AO - TOSHIBA Flash Cards softw: app crashes on startup

Try please to reinstall toshiba value added package.
You can find it on toshiba download page -

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Hi all.

Hardware: Toshiba Tecra S5-14R
I have a problem with Toshiba Flash Cards software.
When it starts I've received an error "R6025 - pure virtual function call", and then the microsoft alert that Toshiba Flash Cards software stopped working

I'm using Windows Vista Business 32 bit OS, and I've downloaded new version of Toshiba Flash Cards software (v.2.00.05), but it doesn't solve the problem.

Could somebody help?

Answer:Tecra S5-14R: Toshiba Flash Cards stops working: Runtime Error R6025


It seems that this error is known to the Microsoft support people and therefore they have published a knowledge base article.
Such error appears also if you would run the software ?Microsoft Money?.

Please try the steps described here:
[Runtime Error: "R6025 -Pure virtual function call"|]

I would recommend doing this:

1. Disable the Flash cards
2. Click Start, type cmd in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.
3. At the command prompt, type the following lines one at a time, and then press ENTER after each line:
- regsvr32 softpub.dll
- regsvr32 wintrust.dll
- regsvr32 initpki.dll
- regsvr32 dssenh.dll
- regsvr32 rsaenh.dll
- regsvr32 cryptdlg.dll
- regsvr32 gpkcsp.dll
- regsvr32 sccbase.dll
- regsvr32 slbcsp.dll

4. Enable the Flash Card Utility again

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My toshiba is Satellite U300 model no. PSU30C-TP908C with windows vista installed

I am getting into a big trouble for some reason, all the keys from "F1~F12" are malfunctioned. When i press them, they do not work as what its suppose to do, instead they all became the functions that you would have when you press them while holding the "Fn" key. So, now if i press F1, I actually get a compter locked instead of casting the help window. Pressing "U,I,O,J,K,L,M" would print out numbers, but if you turn "ON" the numberpad by pressing "F11"(note that i could do it without holding Fn), these keys will return to normal. Space bar does not work no matter what you do. The numbers "1,2" above "Q,W" does not work either.

Another thing i found out is that when i try to open the accessibility tools in the toshiba utility. It says "This system does not support this program".

I have tried to find updates to these utilities, but i could not find the ones suitable for my toshiba. I went to the toshiba support page, click on download and it prompts me to select my toshiba laptop and model number. However, from the list of toshiba satellite U300, there is only 3 models and none of them is PSU30C-TP908C. I did not know which one is compatible with my model, so i gave up finding the updates.

Another thing that i have tried is to return to factory state with the system recovery discs given by the f... Read more

Answer:Satellite U300 PSU30C - Toshiba flash cards and accessibility tools issue


Normally you can find all drivers on the Toshiba Canada page for your notebook: => Support => Mobile Computing

For the FN keys on Windows you need the Value Added Package. You can find it on the Toshiba website. Remove the old version and restart the notebook. Then use CCleaner to clean the registry and then install the version.

But be honest if you can?t go in the BIOS because with F2 I think it?s a keyboard malfunction and this has nothing to do with the Toshiba tools.
In your case I would test an external keyboard? So you can determine if it?s an internal keyboard problem or not.

Good luck!

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My Toshiba media controller plug in is not launching my applications on internet games and downloads,
and I get a message saying it is because it does not support the lastest version of Adobe flash player 11.

I got round it for a while by backdating system restore..but Adobe and windows have caught up.
My computer is only 12 months old surely it can keep up?

What can I do please.

Answer:Toshiba Media Controller does not support Flash Player 11?


As far as I know you download the latest Toshiba Media Controller here:

The plug-in should be compatible with Internet Explorer.

Would also recommend checking this Toshiba US forum thread about this error message:

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my name is Shahin Ashraf i own a Satellite A500-1f4.yesterday i installed the new BIOS update to 1.50 from the toshiba site and after that my eco utility,displaying of the flash cards,intel RST service are not running.please help me out


Answer:Re: Satellite A500-1f4 eco utility,intel RST,flash card utility not working


enter Bios (f2 on startup), check in Advanced option of ..Function buttons enabled. You can also try to Load default settings. Press F10 to save and exist.
If still have problem, try to Vap, flashcard support, eco:

[Toshiba drivers|]

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I have Vista Home Premium 32 bit.
I was having problems installing a program (Berlitz German Premier) where the install would just disappear halfway thru the process. A program would not appear under my programs list but when I went to Uninstall an icon for uninstall of the Berlitz software appears for each time I tried to install it. However I get the following error messages (see attached document with screen captures) when I tried to delete it the traditional way.
When I use Windows Install Clean Up utility, the program is nowhere to be found on the list; thus I can't use that program.
Any suggestions for how to get this program removed?

Answer:Program wont uninstall it with Uninstall or Install Cleanup Utility

Is this a windows XP program or one for vista. It looks like a compatibility problem. Check with vendor to see if they have a version for vista. Some older programs will not work with vista and never will. There is an option to run in capatibility mode with vista but does not always work.

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I want to change my sata mode in to AHCI. I entered into toshiba setup utility by pressing F2. But cant find any option to change sata mode into AHCI. Bios version:2.0. How can I obtain this. Please help me..

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The TsuRuWin.exe tool that we use to configure BIOS passwods on our R940's and Z40-A laptops doesn't seem to work on the Z40-C. When we run it on the Z40-C we just get the error 'Could not get System Information!' Has this tool been superceded by something else?

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Ive recently tried to uninstall a PC game called GRAW 2.

The game (for some reason) completly stopped working one day and refused to load. It would let me double click, show me the sand timer (the loading pixel) and then would do nothing.
I went to uninstall and the 'setup.exe' ... ' has found an error, sorry for the inconvience ' - force quit uninstall jargon.

Baically, i cant uninstall from the games uninstall, from add/remove or from CCleaner. All setup.exe crashes.

Recently i downloaded 'Perfect Uninstaller' and whenever its on step 2 out of 3 (step 1 it tries game uninstall. Step 2 it deletes all software assosicated with it.), it crashes on blue screen 0x00000050.

For some of you who remember, i had major blue screen problems before, and i will re-post them in another topic.. They came back

Any ideas on how to remove it ?

Thanks in advance,

Kane Leeming.

Answer:Impossible uninstall

Have you tried uninstalling in safe mode? If that does not work, try using revo uninstaller. They have a pro version that is good for 30 days.

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I'm attaching a pic of this application SnagIt7 which has no disinstallation mode, I'd like to uninstall this application, I tried with MyUninstaller, I tried in other ways but nothing.
What do you guys suggest me?

Answer:impossible uninstall

Have you tried going into C:\program files\Snagit? You can delete the program directly from the program files directory or wherever it may have installed (program files is the standard). If its currently running, kill it from the cntrl-alt-del menu and delete the entire folder from programs. If you get access denied and either cant kill the process or dont know what it is, start in safe mode and delete it from the directory.

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June 14th after HP support remote access was my junk piece of nothing previous called HP ENVY x360 was my notebook disabled so well that none of HP support on the phone is able to help me. 2 months waiting for repairing piece of crap with the only message - Your case has been escalated and there will be someone to contact you in 2 days - it is already 2 months and no news about reparature, no calls, no support, no premium warranty, no professional to write me any kind of step by step action to recover my notebook. So what about BIG APPLAUSE FOR ALL HP REPRESENTATIVE. JEFF YOU PROMISED ME SO MUCH, other managers I barely remember, DID NOTHING AS WELL. EXCELLENT JOB HP, VERY NICE.I OFFICIALLY BETTING YOU ON MY KNIES TO HELP ME MAKES THIS CRAP MACHINE ALIVE. PEOPLE HELP ME. I M BEGGING YOU, PLEASE HELP ME. SOMEONE AT LEAST A TRY. PLEASE. DO I NEED TO BE ROUGH TO LET THE THINGS FINALY FINISH?16 HOURS ON THE PHONE WITH HP SUPPORT, 6 HOURS ON THE PHONE WITH MICROSOFT NONE DID HELP ME SO FAR. IS IT SO HARD TO REPAIR SOFTWARE OF THIS CRAP?THANK YOUIvan

Ivan - dare to call me HP Support

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Since some days I have a problem with my antivirus F-Secure.
When I rightclick with the mouse on an object on my pc it takes ca 20 sec to open the menu and when i choose the option "scan...for virus" nothing happens. I tried to make a virus-scan but also there when i click on "scan" nothing happens. I thought then that maybe i need to uninstall f-secure and reinstall it (or use AVG instead that i like better) but i dont even manage to uninstall it!!
When i go to the control panel to uninstall it it says "uninstall failed!".
I tried to do it in Safe Mode (F8) but i got the same results there!

What should i do?
I really would like to disintall it! And should i download AVG AntiVirus anyway from the net? Because im afraid i get viruses now when f-secure doesnt really work. Or is it bad to have 2 anti-virus softwares installed together?

I hope you can help me with that problem!

Answer:Impossible To Uninstall F-secure!

Hi There,

I would try to disable all instances of it from autostarting when you boot your PC. Then restart, and try and remove it. It more than likely would not let you uninstall it because some aspect of it was running.

Press - Windows Key+R - to bring up the "Run" applet, type in "services.msc" (without quotes) to bring up the Services applet. Locate all the listings for F-Secure, Right-Click each one, and choose Properties.

In the drop down menu, change the Startup type: to "Disabled".

You may also want to check this to:

Press - Windows Key+R - for the Run applet, type "msconfig" (without quotes) Under the "Services" and "Startup" tabs, make sure all listings for F-Secure are unticked.

Now you should be able to restart your PC, and Uninstall it.

You can download AVG before the above process, just don't run the installation until you uninstall F-Secure.

Hope This Helps,


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Hello,At each start of the PC, "spywarestop" software strats, and my wall paper is replaced by a black screen with :"Critical warning......"I could identify that the program that starts is spywarestop.exe, in the program files directory. It appears in the add/remove, but does not get really uninstalled.Even when deleting the directory, it will get back at next reboot. I did run thousand of tools, anti spyware, anti virus, regcleaners, found once an entry with HJT, and removed it (in safe mode), but this thing will come back each time. here is my log, thanks for your help.Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 22:30:20, on 25/08/2005Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\NetScreen\NetScreen-Remote\IreIKE.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\WINDOWS\Nhksrv.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\gearsec.exeC:\Program Files\NetScreen\NetScreen-Remote\IPSecMon.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\nvsvc32.exeC:\Program Files\Analog Devices\SoundMAX\SMAgent.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\Program ... Read more

Answer:spywarestop impossible to uninstall

Hello Shgn and welcome to the BC HijackThis forum. I see a couple of items in the log but not alot. I think there might be some other files tht are not showing in the HijackThis log. Let's run a different scanner and see what it shows us.Download and unzip the contents to the C:\ folder.Start in Safe Mode Using the F8 method:Restart the computer.As soon as the BIOS is loaded begin tapping the F8 key until the boot menu appears.Use the arrow keys to select the Safe Mode menu item.Press the Enter key.Locate the c:\winpfind\winpfind.exe file and double-click it to run it. Now click the Start Scan button to begin the scan.When the scan is complete reboot normally and post the WinPFind.txt file (located in the WinPFind folder) back here along with a new HijackThis log and I will review the information when it comes in.OT

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Hi My battery charger for envy 17 k101no, has stopped working.have extended guaranteecant get in contact with HP support Any other Ways/n 5CD4422ZMK

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About a month ago I downloaded and installed DivX, LLC Film and Video playing software because it was the only source I could find to view a documentary that I'd recently seen on satellite TV.

Since then my system, and especially the graphics side of things have been very unstable, and I cannot find a way to uninstall the DivX Software, which I believe is the cause of my problems.

Incidentally, from SUPERAntiSpyware v4.50.1002, this apparently is the Software Command Line file;

C:\ProgramData\DivX\Setup\DivXSetup.exe /uninstall /bundleGroupId

I've checked the file location but cannot see any file that appears to be an 'uninstall' file, and so far I have tried to uninstall the software through the following means, but not one method has yet been able to do a successful uninstall;

Windows Control Panel> Programs and Features> Click on appropriate line entry>


but not a thing happens.

CCleaner [Run as Administrator]>Tools> Uninstall> Run Uninstaller,

...and again nothing happens.

Absolute Uninstaller V2.8.0.636, by


won't go near it either.

I'm at a loss at what to do next to rid myself of this bit of Software. I've also noticed that all Windows applications - Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Internet Explorer 9, etc, are now taking a long time to load.

I'm also wondering if the Graphics Card [ NVidia GeForce Go 7300] could itself be a part of the problem. D... Read more

Answer:DivX, LLC Video Software : Impossible to uninstall

Hi welcome to the forum.
I cannot come up with the definitive solution myself.
However the links contain a uninstaller, Revo-uninstaller! You may have heard of it, you may have tried it.
If not give it a try. The other link contains similar questions from a Tech support forum. Which may hold a clue.
I hope some of this may be of some help.
Thank you.
Revo Uninstaller - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET
Uninstall divx codecs and player

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Hello my PC is a Satellite A350-11C,
But when I try to find my drivers on the toshiba website, it doesn't recognise my serial number and my model doesn't exist in the model choice.

What can I do to find the right drivers for my PC.

Answer:Impossible to find support for my Satellite A350-11C

Hello Hugo

You can find all drivers in not more than 10 seconds. How?

Click on
Product type > Notebook
Family > Satellite
Product series > Satellite A Series
Model > Satellite A350
Short Model No > PSAL6E
... and so on.

If you have more questions you are welcome.

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Hey all. Been reading the forums here for a few weeks while trying to get a handle on the malware situation I've got going on. It's been helpful and everyone here seems quite knowledgeable, so I'm finally going to just ask for help and hope someone thinks they may be able to do something to assist. I build my own systems and have probably done a hundred or more Windows installs and nearly as many (K/X/L)ubuntu setups, and this is the first time I've ever felt like what I'm trying to troubleshoot is far above my pay grade. 
All six of the PC's in my home are down for the count right now. Whatever I have going on either spread via USB device prior to showing its teeth, or via the home network. I've established this thing is hardware-resident and I just want avoid abandoning six high-end machines for trash. I've been working between Windows 7 and Xubuntu in attempts to pin down the chain of re infection, and will do a clean windows 7 install to run diagnostics from. I have to physically pull my wireless card to stop from dialing out in the background and randomly killing tasks, so please forgive that I intent to post this and then go back and download/run the normal diagnostics to update it with. 
So, here is what I know:
-Started out as unexplained high GPU temps. Unexplained meaning incredibly high temps with no actual load on the GPU per GPU-Z tool. Found this to hold true for both my AMD and Nvidia cards, meaning it is not a bad card/driver or ... Read more

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The Uninstall utility in Control Panel >> Program & Features does not allow to uninstall.Whenever I select an application and click Uninstall, I would get a warning message:"Please wait until the current program is finished uninstalling or being changed."

Answer:Why the Uninstall utility no allowing to uninstall?

At odd times discharging the motherboard components can help unstick things. At least it is quick and easy to try as a first attempt, like this:Turn off computer and unplug power cable. If it is a laptop remove the main battery too. Before putting it back together hold the Power Off/On button down for at least 20 seconds.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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I've come across a major problem after upgrading from IE6 to IE8 in XP.No flash content works at all, youtube videos are just a black screen and normal flash on webpages are plain white. I've checked the 'Manage addons' and it appears to be loaded under Shockwave Flash object and also run it without addons.I've performed a full uninstall of flash player and used the standalone installer instead which hasn't worked and updated my version of java.I've noticed that Activex controls are not prompting so no yellow bar is showing up and gone through the security levels carefully. When right clicking and 'save target as' it always gives a error message.With Firefox everything functions like it should so the fault lies with IE8.I did revert back to IE6, flash and activex controls work fine.Not sure what else I should do or try unless I reset Internet explorer settings and see if that makes any difference.

Please offer any advice you can.

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Hi everyone.When I connect any flash USB drive to T520 Windows 7 doesn't see the usb flash drive. There is a message "Driver of that device was disabled. Posible that device use other driver. Error code 32"  in driver dialog apper.Can you help please?Regars.

Answer:Impossible to see any usb flash drive in T520

Are you running the preloaded Windows?

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For the past day or so, my computer has been running very slow, and most open programs are experiencing long pauses and "hang time" (firefox in particular appears to stop responding very often, usually correcting itself within 30 seconds to a minute). Now this morning, Spyware Doctor is blocking the opening of a variety of programs, saying it is trying to access "Trojan.Virtumonde". When I try to uninstall said programs, I get the same message from Spyware Doctor, and the uninstall action is blocked. I dragged one program's files to the recycle bin (not emptying the bin afterward) and attempted to reinstall, but once again, Spyware Doctor displayed the same message and blocked the install attempt. I have run a full system scan on Spyware Doctor, Malwarebytes' Anti-Maleware, Adaware, Spybot, and Norton Internet Security 2009 (all of which are fully updated) to no avail. I searched all files and folders on my C drive (and both external hard drives) for "trojan.virtumonde" and just "virtumonde" and found nothing. Please help. My Hijack This file is below.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 10:10:22 AM, on 12/4/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16735)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\WINDOWS\syst... Read more

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Many months ago I installed the Simple Software-Restriction Policy on my computer to improve my security, and for a while it worked OK except that I had to turn it off whenever I wanted to update my antivirus software. That has been annoying and a bit worrying but I put up with it.

This is the program (it was recommended originally by somebody on this forum):

Yesterday AVG found a trojan had infected part of the program. After removal of that, I decided to uninstall the software policy, but it is IMPOSSIBLE.
The system tray icon that used to let me temporarily turn off the program (to install and uninstall things) is gone. Gone from the system tray, apparently gone from my machine. It is now impossible to install or uninstall any program, or to update my antivirus, at all, EVER. I cannot get rid of this horrible "security" abomination. The settings .ini file does not have any option for regaining the sytem tray icon. I tried moving the uninstaller into my Program Files, but it still won't uninstall. Windows Add or Remove Programs can't run the uninstaller.

The MLSoftwarePolicyTrayApplet shortcut is in my startup folder, but softwarepolicy.exe which it points to is GONE. It's as though the program PERMANENTLY destroyed my computer's ability to install anything, and then deleted itself (or AVG deleted it) so it can NEVER be fixed. My computer is completely... Read more

Answer:Solved: Simple Software-Restriction Policy blocks AntiVirus, impossible to uninstall

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I uninstalled Adobe Flash with their uninstall tool because I read somewhere you needed to update it because of major security flaw. I went over to the Adobe website to try and find an update, as well as a tutorial on how to update, as I had no idea what version I had. Their website is a mess unless you want to purchase something, and then you can find whatever your want. Since I had no idea what version of player, I just DL their uninstall tool, then DLed their new flash. I used their uninstall tool, and then reinstalled the new Adobe Flash Player. The only PU that came up was that it couldn't install in Opera. I went looking to try and configure it, then I read in the post below, you had to go to the link, for shockwave, and figured it would lead me to flash and all that crap. I remembered what a PIA it was. I went over there, and it says flash works, but I still don't know if it's the latest flash or not. On the right it says I need to install "other sw", but that probably because I don't have shockwave installed. BTW, when I used their uninstaller from an administrator account, it completely wiped out my FX profile in the limited user account for some reason. It didn't do anything to the FX profiles in the administrator's accounts. I keep an updated copy of the limited user account's FX profile, and just reinstalled it, but I'm sick and tired of adobe flash and all the BS your have ... Read more

Answer:Adobe Flash uninstall tool,& is there a better/safer flash player w/o the hassles?

The flash player for IE and Firefox is in C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash. The IE one is called Flash9f.ocx and for Firefox its NPSWF32.dll.

You can view current version, by going to a page with a flash object on the web page, right click on the Flash object and select About Adobe Flash Player 9 and it will take you to Adobe site and display version.
You can also get version from the files about on the Version or Details tab of its properties.

As for removal, just either use the Uninstall tool in the same folder (See above) or delete all the files in the folder to remove it.

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I currently use windows vista's import utility to import pics off my compact flash card to my pc, but there are two things I would like it to be able to do which it doesn't, as far as I can see.

1. I use more than one media card, and I want the contents of each card to go to different parent folders. I want a program to look at the serial number of the card (or any data that's unique to the card) and remember where I have previously stated I want those pics to be saved to. So that when I put in another card, it will copy the pics to my pre-defined location, and not to the same folder as the previous card.

2. Upon import, I want the program to group the pics in folders based on the date the picture was taken, not the date of the importing. Also, during this importing process, when it moves to the next folder (i.e. whenanother day's photos are beginning import) that I can add a descripton, that will be appended to the folder name after the "date taken".

Does such a program exist?


Answer:Looking for a cleverer utility to import pictures from media cards

A program like Picasa will let you name your folders and location to put them with the pics inside and, it keeps changing with updates, but I think you can still specify just the pics you want to be imported so you could repeat that process for each "days" photos from the card.

As far as identifying each media card individually or the "days" photos being deterministic as to location and number to import of and by themselves...I haven't seen anything even close to being that sophisticated. It might exist somewhere but its probably not free.

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I have a number of programs that do not seem to have an uninstall with them, and are not in the add/remove list. Although not a major concern, I was wondering if there is something that will do that job for me, or is it a case of locating the files with a search, and then deleting them that way?ThanksSteve

Answer:Uninstall utility ?

I usually right-click and delete the file from C/programmes and then run a registry cleaner such as Regseeker to clear up any remaining debris. This may not work too well for games (although I have not had a problem so far) that tend to have bits all over the shop but 'ordinary' programmes seem to suffer no side-effects and I have done this for years.G

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I installed Xp pro 64 bit.I've hardly found some drivers(still some of them are missing), but I can't even run Toshiba Power saver or virtual sound and Function keys!

It says that I have to install Common Module first, but after insallation it still says the same thing. What can do about it friends?

Answer:WXP 64 Bit- Cannot run Toshiba's any utility!

Are you sure you use utilities offered for 64-bit operating system?

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A friend is having problems with a new printer and the problem seems to be that the old printer will not completely uninstall. Can anyone recommend a program for completely removing hardware/software?Many thanks.

Answer:Good uninstall utility?

Advanced Uninstaller, I believe you can get a free trial click hereHowever it may be worth first reinstalling your printer and then uninstall it again using add/ remove programs.

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avast! Uninstall Utility 9.0.2006.159

avast! Uninstall Utility :

avast! Free/Pro/Internet Security/Premier
avast! Windows Home Server Edition
avast! Endpoint Protection (Plus)

Answer:avast! Uninstall Utility

Thanks Petrovic

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It's featured on a Tecra A9 with Vista.

Every time my cursor touches the top border of my screen (to close an Irfanview working tab for instance) this half transparent, dark grey toolbar descents, and rolls up again after a few seconds.

For configurating my pc, and various F-functions.

A de-activating button I can't find. It's quite irritating, how do I make it stay away? .

Answer:Tecra A9 - Toshiba utility I'd like to get rid of


Of course you can disable this feature. I did it too because I think it?s enough to see the Flash Cards if I press the FN key.

Anyway, go to start > programs => TOSHIBA > Utilities > Settings for Flash Cards.

On the second option you have to remove the mark.
That?s all! :)

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How to run Eco Utility on NB100? I want to know how much power require my netbook. This useful tool will be very helpful. Toshiba Health Monitor too. But they exist only for NB200/NB300 and do not wants to install on NB100 with error "Unsupported BIOS".

NB200 have same CPU, chipset like NB100.

Anyone know how to run? Or advice utility for meter power consumption, please.

Answer:NB100 - Toshiba Eco Utility

If you NB200 or NB300 users. Please pack and upload directory with Eco Utility *installed* to any filehosting. Thank you.

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Do flash cards and flash drives use the same technology? If so, would a utility designed for flash cards work on flash drives and vice-versa?

Answer:Flash Cards and Flash Drives

Yes, they use the same flash chips for storage. As for the utility.. It depends on what you want to do.

On application level a drive is a drive is a drive and there is no difference between working with a hard drive, a flash drive, a memory card, a zip drive, whatever.

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Microsoft Security Essentials, is an excellent freeware antivirus offering from Microsoft. Microsoft Security Essentials runs quietly and efficiently in the background so that you are free to use your Windows-based PC the way you want—without interruptions or long computer wait times.
However, just in case anytime, you find that you are facing any issues in running Microsoft Security Essentials due to any reasons, simply run this utility. Fix MSE Utility will restore all its registry values & service settings to known good defaults, without re-installing MSE. And in case this utility does not help you resolve you issue, you may want to consider uninstalling and then again re-installing MSE afresh!
HomePage : Fix MSE Utility Fix MSE Utility has been developed by Ramesh Kumar, MVP, for Windows Club.
If you wish to give feedback or need help please do so here

Answer:Feedback & Support - Fix MSE Utility

I tested MSE to scan 500 malware samples but, I got disappointed because MSE crashed during scanning session. So it failed and currently checking the source of the problem its either scanner/on-access failure/client itself? No malware was executed during the session.
Going to try this tool ~ thanks

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I have just deleted Zone Alarm and now find that no programs appear in the Install/Uninstall utility in the systems folder it is completly blank, any suggestions

Answer:Windows 98 uninstall programs utility

Yes if you can still get into windows, shut computer down to DOS. Then at C:\WINDOWS> type SCANREG /RESTORE put the old date back before you removed ZoneAlarm it will put things back to what they was before

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Hi All,

I'm replacing the Wireless Network card on my laptop to a different brand.

The existing is a D-Link Airplus G.

Via Control panel I can select to uninstall the 'D-Link Airplus G + Wireless Adapter Utility', this runs and asks me if I want to also delete the device - I say YES.

But, when I re-boot, the utility has been added again to my 'All Program' list, but clicking on it comes up with an 'unable to locate DWLGTI.exe' , which I can find in my Program Files \D-Link... directory.

I can manually delete the link from All Programs, but it keeps coming back!

I've tried the uninstall several times, including a re-install, and uninstall, but I can't seem to remove it from the All Programs - it keeps re-appearing.

I tried deleting the D-Link directry and sub directory - but was unable 'cos it said they were in-use? The actual D-Link directory only has the Utility sub directory within it which only contains 2 Dll's, 2 Icons, and the DWLGTI.exe as above.

I'd really like to completely remove everything to do with the D-Link card before I install my new one (3Com).

What advice please?



Answer:Uninstall Wireless Network Utility - It Won't!

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Windows Shielding Utility is a rogue security software which will report that malware has been detected on your computer in an attempt to scare you into buying this malicious software.
In reality, none of the reported issues are real, and are only used to scare you into buying Windows Shielding Utility and stealing your personal financial information.

As part of its self-defense mechanism, Windows Shielding Utility has installed a rootkit on your computer,which will disable the Windows Task Manager and will block you from running any program that could lead to its removal.

Windows Shielding Utility is a scam and you should ignore any alerts that this malicious software might generate.
Under no circumstance should you buy this rogue security software as this could lead to identity theft,and if you have, you should contact your credit card company and dispute the charge stating that the program is a scam and a computer virus.
Removal instructions for Windows Shielding Utility virus​This is a self-help guide, use at your own risk.
If you experience problems completing this guide, or the problem persists after following the instructions below or would like to have one of our staff members guide you through the process, please start a new thread in our Malware Removal Assistance forum.
STEP 1 : Start your computer in Safe Mode with Networking

Remove all floppy disks, CDs, and DVDs from your computer, and then restart your computer.

Press and hold the F8 key as your compu... Read more

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I recently inadvertently installed PLDS SmartPack Utility, which came bundled with an ASUS Xonar audio card driver - downloaded from their official site. I'm usually pretty careful about this sort of thing, but it was included in a way that made it look as if its installer was the installer for the sound card driver. Now I can't find any way of uninstalling it. It has no entry in the Windows program list in Control Panel/Programs and Features. It's entry in Start/All Programs does not include an uninstall option. I have tried Revo Uninstaller (free), but this did not see the program.
I have run Hitman Pro, Malwarebytes, Microsoft Security Essentials, AdwCleaner and Junkware Removal Tool, and none of them identify this program as a PUP. I certainly don't want it, so for me it is a Definately Unwanted Program.
Does anyone know anything about this program? And can someone please tell me what I need to do to get rid of it?
I run Windows 7 64 Home

Answer:How to uninstall PLDS Smartpack Utility

You should find the uninstaller....
C:\Windows\SmartPack\uninstall.exe" "/C:C:\Program Files\SmartPack\irunin.xml

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I have a pre-loaded shopping application called Wizlink in my computer. I would like to uninstall it but it doesn't show up in the Uninstall utility in Control Panel. Has anyone heard of Wizlink? I would like to know whether simply deleting it without knowing what the associated files are and if they are going to cause any problems.

I have an HP and this program was pre-installed and linked to a couple of shopping shortcut icons also preloaded on my desktop (eBay etc).

Why can't the Uninstall utility find this pesky program, as I would much rather use an uninstaller than simply delete the program?

Any advice?

Answer:Application not showing up in Uninstall utility

Hi use revo uninstaller the free version should do Download Revo Uninstaller Freeware - Free and Full Download - Uninstall software, remove programs, solve uninstall problems

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Hello Everyone,

I own a Toshiba laptop P25-S609. I looked all over the toshiba website for a utility software that would tell me if all my internals of my laptop are working correctly( fans, cpu temp.,etc.) But to no avail. Could someone please suggest to me a good utility software that I could run on my laptop to monitor this things?
Very grateful,

Answer:Is there a Toshiba Hardware Utility Software?

Are there any such monitoring progs for laptops at all? I've never came across

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I wold like to run Toshiba HWSetup utility on my Equium M50-244 but it do not recognizes anything - neither bios version or nothing else.

How I might proceed to put it working?

Thanks in advance!


Answer:Toshiba HWSetup utility on my Equium M50-244


I?m wondering what system you are using?
The Toshiba EU driver page provides Equium M50 tools fro Win XP only?
The Hardware Setup v1.35.0.4C for Win XP is available on the page and I assume you are talking about this software? Right?

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Where can I download toshiba cd-dvd burnind utility?

Answer:Where can I download Toshiba Cd-DVD burnind Utility

I?m not quite sure what Toshiba Utility do you mean but usually all drivers, tools and Utilities could be downloaded from the Toshiba European driver page.

But if this software belongs to the ?additional software? which was preinstalled on the notebook then you will be not able to download it because it?s only a part of the Toshiba image and could be installed only using the Toshiba Recovery CD or DVD.

Cheers mate

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Does anyone know where i can download the Toshiba utility to turn on the TPM on a Z40 C series please.


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Hello, everyone!I have an HP Pavilion ze4210, (about 5 years old) running Windows XP Home and unable to boot.  When powered on, it gets to the Windows XP boot screen and then restarts...everytime.  It won't boot into Safe Mode or Last Known Good Configuration.I have no Recovery CDs and really don't feel like paying HP $87 for them.It has a 20GB Toshiba hard drive with no floppy drive.I've been racking my brain trying to find a free Toshiba Hard Drive Utility CD image in order to do some diagnostics.Any recommendations?Thanks in advance!

Answer:Toshiba hard drive utility

QuoteI have no Recovery CDs and really don't feel like paying HP $87 for them.You could get a new copy for that!QuoteI've been racking my brain trying to find a free Toshiba Hard Drive Utility CD image in order to do some diagnostics.Any recommendations?Have you tried the Ultimate Boot CD? you got 5 years service out of any HP consider yourself lucky.  

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I am looking for a fan control utility for toshiba laptops (like i8kfangui for example).

anybody help...

Answer:I am looking for a Fan control utility for Toshiba laptops


Toshiba does not provide special too for the fan controlling.
Only the Toshiba Power saver is available on the driver page.
This utility controls the settings for CPU processing speed, cooling method, screen brightness, etc?

Maybe it?s a option for you

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Hi, I've recently installed windows 7 (clean) on my toshiba a350-12d. Then I've installed a lot of toshiba stuff, to make fn buttons work, such as the value added package and something like that. The problem, now, is that I really can't install the toshiba hw setup utility, so I can't access to the "usb sleep and charge" menu and other stuff.

I've tried to download [this one| gory=2&selFamily=2&selSeries=153&selProduct=820&se lShortMod=791&language=24&selOS=29&selType=all&yea rupload=&monthupload=&dayupload=&useDate=null&mode =allMachines&search=&action=search&macId=&country= 19&selectedLanguage=24&type=all&page=2&part_number =null&product_id=null&ID=69696&OSID=29&driverLangu age=42] but, after the extraction of the files, the installation doesn't start.

I've looked at the files on the toshiba dvd upgrade, and there there's a *toshiba hw setup utility folder*, with four different sub-folder with four different versions of the software. The only one I was able to install was v. , but when I start the utility and made some changes, nothing happens. I mean, if I try to enable the sleep and charge method, and then apply and close the utility, if I come back to the utility right after...I found the sleep and charge method disabled.

This is quite anno... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Hw Setup Utility & Windows 7

ok guys, [THIS| =2&selFamily=2&selSeries=153&selProduct=819&selSho rtMod=null&language=24&selOS=29&selType=all&yearup load=&monthupload=&dayupload=&useDate=null&mode=al lMachines&search=&action=search&macId=&country=19& selectedLanguage=24&type=all&page=3&ID=68670&OSID= 29&driverLanguage=42] worked good for me. Now I'm able to activate the usb sleep n' charge function and other stuff. so, if you got a problem like mine, this should work, or at least it worked for me.

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My Toshiba satellite lap top will not boot. I'm on the Toshiba setup utility page. What's next?

Answer:Toshiba setup utility page.

When you say it wont boot, does it show no signs of life, does it crash, give you an error, or what?

can you boot into safe mode?

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My post has been removed so that I can think about how to re-word it nicely!

Edited by AcaCandy

Answer:Toshiba Power Mgmt utility

I would HIGHLY suggest that you wash your mouth out with soap before posting another thread with this language

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Hello, can someone explain to me how to re-install Toshiba Utilities (eg. Eco Utility) cleared when moving to Windows 10, insofar as the Toshiba Service Station said that we should erase from first the older versions to be new? I do not mean the drivers, since in fact I no longer Utilities in question and I do not see where you can download (Satellite S50 B)
Big thank you in advance!

Answer:how to re-install Toshiba Utilities (eg. Eco Utility)

I have exactly the same issue with Toshiba Video Player. I downloaded the drivers and tried to install it again, but I receive en error saying that I don`t have the Video Player in my PC. Of course I don`t have it, I just uninstalled it following Service Station instructions.

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I am not entirely sure if this is the right place to post my question, but I will try anyway. I have had a problem with my Toshiba Hotkey Utility. I have a Toshiba Satellite M45-S355 and a few months ago I started getting a error popup on each startup that says that the utility is not functioning properly. As a result, I cannot use any of my function key quick keys except for the one that switches between my laptop monitor and any attached monitor. I have tried updating the utility and my graphics card, but if anyone could give me a better list of steps to get this utility to start working again, I would appreciate it.

Answer:Toshiba Hotkey Utility Problems

Are you running antivirus and antispyware on your computer? Have you added any USB or Firewire devices lately?

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Hi everyone,
i recently bought this netbook from toshiba and after installing windows for the first time and restarting the machine it says that the password is incorrect hence i cannot enter the system... It may be because of a particular keyboard setup? It seems very unlikely to me that i made the same mistake two times when i inserted the password.

Anyway since i have nothing on my hard drive I would like to reinstall windows, problem is I can not use the recovery utility. I shut the computer down, then i press "0" and i turn it on, but the menu for the HDD recovery does not appear.

Is this a popular problem? Is it covered by the warranty? If you could guys help me finding a solution I would be very grateful.

Answer:Toshiba NB200 and HDD recovery utility

If you have European notebook model use F8 after star-up to enter ?Advanced boot options?.
First option there should be ?Repair my computer?. Choose this option and follow the menu on the screen -

I just hope you will be able to enter system recovery options.

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I bought a laptop with following characteristics:
Model Name SATELLITE L750
OS Version Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1
BIOS Version 3.30
CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz
Physical Memory6144MB RAM
Hard Disk Capacity749,725,540,352 [Byte] 698.236 [GB]
Video NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M version=

Unfortunately I have several problems (both mechanical and software). I need some help on starting TOSHIBA ECO UTILITY which doesn't work anymore. I re-installed it and it still same situation. It have active the radio button Eco Mode "Off" and when I try to push "on" it crashes and says "Error has occurred in TOSHIBA eco Utility. It will exit the application". Any suggestion?

Answer:Toshiba Eco utility doesn't work

I don?t know if this will help but try please to reinstall Toshiba Value Added Package and Toshiba ECO utility. Remove both from the system, restart your notebook, clean the registry entries using CCleaner and then install VAP and ECO utility again.

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Question: flash utility

Where can I download a free Phoenix Award flash utility for HP Pavillion a6700y? I am trying to fix a freeze at the HP screen and have to shut the C off and on to get past same screen. Email me at [email protected] Thanks!

Answer:flash utility

Don't have a flash utility, but the system does have a BIOS update available at HP's site here:

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Can you tell me are their any special utility software for halfway uninstall software, files finding and registry key finding? I currently use "Revo Uninstaller" its some time not do its job very well.Because of i uninstall Winzip v15 and try to install it again but now i can't install it!

Answer:Are there any utility for halfly uninstall program finder?

I was using Final Uninstaller

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When I trying to start Power Saver from the control panel, it writes something like:
"Power Saver is nor running. Please first set Power Saver as a default power control scheme in power management".
But power saver is already set as my power control scheme.

I tryed to reinstall Power Saver (downloaded from Toshiba site), but it writes "fatal error while uninstalling previous version".
The manual start of the uninstallation give me the same error.

I found that I can delete deinstallation protocol of Power Saver.
After doing so the new version was installed without problems, but still not working. The same error:
"Power Saver is nor running. Please first set Power Saver as a default power control scheme in power management".

Answer:Power Saver utility not working/can not uninstall


Maybe has you a possible for your Problem.
Do you go to in the System Control of Software make a reinstall from the Power Safer.

Check the Registry under HKey_Local_Machine/Software/Toshiba/Power Saver.
Deleted this File

Used the recovery CD and made a new Install from the Utility?s of the Machine.


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The "Uninstall/change a program" utility in the control panel is not listing all my programs (it does list about 90% of them though). What else can I use?


Answer:Uninstall utility doesn't work fully - what else can I use?

If the program creates a Start Menu folder, often there's an Uninstall shortcut there. Not all programs put an uninstall setting in the Registry to show up in the Program Features uninstall list.

Also I've used this freeware and had no problems with it:
MyUninstaller: Alternative uninstaller to the standard Windows Add / Remove module

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I recently downloaded a trial version of Network Magic by Cisco to my laptop. When i attempt to install it it goes through 8 steps and on the 8th step once it gets to 100% complete it continues to increase well over 1600000% and then fails with the following error "unexpected error has occured (0x643). Setup can not continue". The solution is to download an uninstall utility by Microsoft - ../kb/290301 which when selected sends me to an executable web page for Msicuu2.exe. When i select this link the page that appears is either blank or shows web page error. The Tech support at Net Magic is not able to solve this issue, they can get to the executable just fine. I have tried to access the web site from 3 other computers with the same blank screen or web page error.

Here is the link (that I can not access):

Please help. Thanks.

Answer:Solved: Accessing MS Uninstall Utility (Msicuu2.exe) on Web

That's not a web page per-say, its a direct download link and should pop up a download dialog box when clicked.

Strange I can download it.

I attached the file to this message, can you download it from here?

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NB10A- PU141
the picture my problem when boot. Cannot acces Bios. Please help!

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