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Satellite L350-20H - TEMRPO warning message about full partition

Question: Satellite L350-20H - TEMRPO warning message about full partition


my laptop works with Vista and Toshiba TEMPRO. This program gives a warning: "1 of your harddisk partitions is filled with data more than 75%. From 465,76GB total memory only 76,13GB is free".
The joke is that my harddisk of total 320GB is separated into 2 partitions of 148GB each. 1 partition has 86,44GB free space, the other has 109,75GB free space, checked with Windows Explorer.

Why TEMPRO gives this warning? How TEMPRO finds 466GB on a harddisk of 320GB? Is TEMPRO a failured program? Has anybody of this forum experience with TEMPRO?

Many thanks for answers

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Preferred Solution: Satellite L350-20H - TEMRPO warning message about full partition

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite L350-20H - TEMRPO warning message about full partition

hi, mate

tempro is a funny program :) my advice is to remove it and be happy. You can find many threads in this forum about tempro that offers to install updates and the system stops working, then

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Whilst waiting for my lappy to load up, I get a warning saying:
"This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application support team for more information!?

Answer:Satellite L350- warning at load-up

And then?
Can you use preinstalled OS?
Which operating system do you use?
Is this message related to some certain application?........
Have you tried to solve this?
Have you tried to roll back OS to earlier time?

Can you write more than one single sentence?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L350-235
I have a problem trying to get a warning sound when my battery is low.

Can anyone help?

Answer:How to get low battery warning on Satellite L350-235?


At first check and pick up info about all available info there.

If you still have questions please let us know.


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Hello Everybody.

I have a problem with my satellite L350-10H when I try to attach a second external monitor in full HD.
In fact Im only able to duplicate my Notebook Display with the same resolution (1440 x 900).

The System don't allow me to set a Full HD Resolution for my Samsung External Monitor.
I don't think can be a limitation of the Chipset because I can do that with all my oldest notebook I have at Home.
Now the strange thing is that when I try to search for a driver in the Toshiba website, my model just don't exist !!!

I put the serial number and the website don't recognize the model, then in the list this model don't exist.

Someone have also this model? How I can attach a full hd monitor?

Answer:Cannot find my Satellite L350-10H - external video full HD output


First of all, if you would take a look on the Toshiab European driver page, then you will notice that the driver search form does not contain any sub model numbers but series numbers? this means you have to check the model number and then could find the right drivers.

As far as I know the notebook Sat L350-10H belongs to PSLD0E series.
You can find the drivers for this notebook if you would choose L350 PSLD0E.
Easy?. Isn?t it?

Now back to your video output;
As far as I know there is a Mobile Intel GL960 Express Chipset.
I?ve got the same chipset and I can use the external monitor perfectly.
But I have installed the Intel graphic card driver? in fact the preinstalled driver on my notebook didn?t contain some resolutions?
Therefore I recommend checking the Intel page and to download and install the driver for Mobile Intel GL960 chipset.

After new reboot you should check if you could choose the resolution.


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I have a friend?s Satellite L350 laptop which I attempted to repair, but the HDD is faulty, so badly I can't create restore disks. I cloned the image partition to another HDD (yes I created 2 partitions) which is a western digital, but for some reason when pressing F8 I can't get into the restore option, but I can on the faulty drive, is this because you have to use a Toshiba HDD only?

Thanks in advance


Answer:Re: Satellite L350-170 - cannot use cloned recovery partition

Hello Chris

It has nothing with Toshiba HDD. This option works when notebook is preinstalled with original recovery image. This with cloned partition will not work and HDD recovery option will not be listed in ?advanced boot options?.

Only when you install recovery image on this new HDD it will works.

One more thing: this old L350 works very good with Win7 32bit so if possible install it instead of using original Vista.

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I can't access the recovery manager on a Toshiba L350. I have tried holding down 0 (zero, both of them) at the start to access the HD-Recovery, but nothing happens. Is there something obvious I'm missing?

The reason I want to access is:
I have a Toshiba l350 with a partly installed windows here. At the moment, it gets "Starting Windows" and "The instalation program is started services" (in Norwegian) whichs stop with a popupbox saying "The computer unexpectedly restartet, or an unexpected error occured. The insatllation cannot procceed. To install Windows you have to click ok to restart the computer. Start the installation process again.".

What started the trouble was that during the last part of the installation (after Win7 became usable, but before everything was setup), escape was pressed and the computer was used normally.

Answer:Satellite L350: Can't access recovery partition by pressing 0

> I can't access the recovery manager on a Toshiba L350. I have tried holding down 0 (zero, both of them) at the start to access the HD-Recovery, but nothing happens. Is there something obvious I'm missing?

I assume you are using an European notebook model and therefore you should try this;
- Press F8 while notebook powering up.
- Then choose ?Repair my Computer?
- Then ?Toshiba HDD Recovery?.

This should allow you to start the Toshiba HDD recovery process.

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HI all,

I want to reinstall Vista without touching the second partition which is full of data.
Will i be able to do that with this procedure?

The confusing part is when it says in explanations that the *whole hdd* will be formatted (step 2) but on one of the pictures it is written that only data on C: will be erased.
I have Satellite L350, and the hdd recovery procedure is the same as on the tutorial linked before (I didn't go all the way obviously)

Answer:Satellite L350 - want to reinstall Vista without touching second partition

Hi amigo

I have tested how it works and from my experience I can confirm that when you use HDD recovery procedure as described in Toshiba document all data saved on second partition won?t be deleted.

Just if you use recovery DVD (please create one) the whole HDD will be formatted.

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My laptop has developed what I believe to be a hard ware problem.
Every time I switch it on it brings up a blue screen of death.

Tecnical Info *** STOP: 0x00000050 (0x89b00000, 0x00000000, 0x8dc8ed23, 0x00000000)

I think its the hard disk, as I removed it from the laptop, put it in an external hard drive case and every pc I connect it to crashes almost immediately.

Is there any way sort the hard disc. And if I replace it how can I get the operating system on to it as I don't have any recovery disks.

Answer:Satellite L350-171 - PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA message

> Is there any way sort the hard disc. And if I replace it how can I get the operating system on to it as I don't have any recovery disks.

You can use an common 2.5? SATA HDD. Such kind of HDD should work in L350.
It seems that you didn?t create a recovery disk in the past. Right?

Well, in such case you will need to order a recovery disk in order to reinstall the system which was preinstalled by Toshiba.
Such disk can be ordered here:

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New here so firstly, hi to all.

Need some advice if possible please.
I have just got a new L350-170 laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium.
I have gone thro' the install process and created the recovery disks with the toshiba program as well as getting it thro' the post.

What i would like to do now is to create a complete back up image of 'c' drive now that i have installed additional programs and adjusted settings to get the laptop how i want it.

I tried acronis true image but laptop will not boot from the restore cd, even tho' cd/dvd is set in bios as 'first boot'.
Says it cant find the 'boot partition' and assume it is something to do with the toshiba restore program not being bypassed.

Is there a 'ghost-type' program that will allow me to create an image and then boot from disk so i can restore everything from the created image and therefore not lose everything i have painstakingly installed?

I assume that if i try to use the toshiba program again, it will only reproduce the original install.
I hope someone can advise.


Answer:Satellite L350-170: Backup image creation of system partition


The Toshiba recovery disk does only set the notebook back to the factory settings. It?s not a backup program like Acronis but with the recovery disk you have Windows installation with all drivers and tools from Toshiba.

Which Acronis True Image version do you use? I use version 11 and I have no problems on all my laptops and PCs. It works perfect.
Maybe you should make an update.

Did you set the SATA mode in BIOS to AHCI or compatible? Maybe you need a SATA driver when you did set it to AHCI but I think in the newest version from Acronis you don?t need one.

I hope I could help you a little bit and if you have any problems, let me know it.


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I have a Satellite L350 & the Toshiba upgrade DVD. I'm getting an error message when it trues to uninstall Toshiba Password Supervisor prior to installing Windows 7.

Error message reads

Error Code -5004 0x7e
> >SetupDLL\SetupDLL.cpp(1966)
pAPP:TOSHIBA Supervisor Password
PGUID 4B1E87C3-00DE-4898-8E39-E390AAEF2391
@Windows Service Pack 2 (6002)BT_OTHER 0.0

Help please!

Answer:Satellite L350 - Error message on Windows 7 upgrade


Have you tried to uninstall Toshiba Supervisor Password yourself? Navigate to control panel => Software. There you see a list of all installed applications and there you can remove it.
Check this!!!

Maybe you should also try to clean the registry using CCleaner?


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how can i free up space . can i delete old files. how can i recognise which to delete ???

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I got a warning from Tempro that a hard disk partition was more than 75% full.
I did some cleaning up and the disks are now
Vista (C:) 15.9 GB free of 55.6 GB
Data (E:) 47.4 GB free 54.6 GB
WinRe (D:) 1.25 GB free of 146 GB.

My question is: can I shrink Data (E:) by say 30 GB and, if I do that, will that allow me to expand Vista (C:) by 30 GB?


Answer:Re: Equium A200-1V0 - Tempro warning: disk partition was more than 75% full

>My question is: can I shrink Data (E:) by say 30 GB and, if I do that, will that allow me to expand Vista (C:) by 30 GB?

I think this is not possible using Windows own settings because E partition is placed after C partition.
If you would shrink the E partition then you would get free space after the E partition and you could not add this to C.

I think you would need to use an external application.
I use GParted

This is a free tool? I think you have to shrink the D partition in order to get free space between C and D. Then you could add the free space to C

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I was not intent on using "PM," rather to see if it could help out an "OP" with a problem. When I opened "PM" the message in the attachment appeared.

Should I allow "PM" to proceed with the "repair?"

Thanks, {redoak}

Answer:Partition Magic warning message

I would say if u can back up your data first just in case of problems I would say no just because ive had bad experiences with PM but thats just me.

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I am getting a message that hard drive disc D is full but I only use Drive C. I thought that D was for Recovery items. How can I decide what items should not be in D and how how do I decide what to delete/move?

Answer:Satellite C660 - partition D is full but I only use partition C

> I thought that D was for Recovery items
This is not 100% correct.
Of course the Toshiba recovery files are placed in the recovery folder on the D partition BUT this does not mean that you cannot store other files on this partition.
You can.

>. How can I decide what items should not be in D
Before you save the files on the HDD, you will be asked for the place. You can always decide where such files should be stored.

> and how do I decide what to delete/move?
It?s your own decision to say what files you want to move / delete.
If you don?t care about some files and if some files are not important to you, you could delete it.

I install always my programs on C system partition. But ?stand alone? files like music (mp3 files), pictures (jpeg, jpg, etc...) I save always on another partition

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Recently My computer started displaying a warning that said ?Warning: A problem with the cooling system has been detected. Please turn off the computer immediately, and return it for service.?.

As first I ignored it, but when i press the X button, another one pops up.
I thought it was really annoying and dragged it to the side.
That was when i made the mistake, after a few more minutes my computer shut down on its own.

I went to the PC Health Monitor and found out that whenever the Warning pops up, my fan speed is on 0%.
This is really troubling me, the Warning only pops up when i'm playing Online games, i checked my Task Manager and my disk was on 99%.

Can someone please tell me what is wrong with my computer?

I would be very grateful if someone could land me a hand.

Answer:Satellite P70-A - Warning message and notebook overheating


Obviously the cooling module does not work properly and this leads to an higher internal temperature while gaming.
The notebook shuts down automatically in order to protect the internal parts from damage.
In my opinion this is related to higher internal temperature.

From my point of few you should not waste the time and should get in contact with a local Toshiba ASP which is available in your country. I think the cooling module malfunction is a serious issue and in worst case the internal parts like GPU or CPU could be affected by high temperature.

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I have a problem with the Data drive on my Toshiba Satellite L755D. It gets easily full.

As it is now:
(Translated from danish)

Securitycopy of datafiles 40,18 GB
System picture 106,26 GB
Other files 15,08 GB
Free space 71,52 GB

I just erased one of the securitycopies of the datafiles, because there were only 21 MB free space left on the Datadrive.

Why is there so much on the D-drive?
And why does it get full, so often? It is really annoying.

I have had a lot of other computers, but never had that problem before, I got this Toshiba.

Answer:Satellite L755D - Data drive D partition is full

I have no idea what you moved or stored on the D partition but Toshiba notebooks were preinstalled with an system and on D partition there is an Toshiba image folder containing the image files. This image folder and the image recovery files are used for HDD recovery and are needed to create own recovery disks or recovery flash memory stick.

HDD recovery allows you to recover the notebook back to factory settings without the usage of recovery media.
But if this folder or the D partition would be modified, the HDD recovery would not function.

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As the title says.

I turned my laptop on today to hear it roar and then it just stopped. I get this warning about every 20-30 secs:
Warning: a problem with the cooling system has been detected. Please turn off the computer immediately, and return it for service.

Instead of saying "Then return it to service", is there anything i can do to try and fix it myself first?

Thanks in advance


Answer:Satellite A500-17X - Fan has stopped working and warning message

Hi buddy,

In other similar threads I found an information that fan control was optimized with newest BIOS version. I don?t know what BIOS version you have but newest one for Satellite A500-17X (PSAR3E) is 1.90-WIN and can be downloaded here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

I hope it helps! :)

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I bought in March a Satellite L670D which pops up an alert:
"Warning: A problem with the cooling system has been detected. Please turn off the computer immediatly and return for service"

However, sounds like a false positive because the Toshiba health monitor does not show something wrong with temperature (cpu 36-50 ?C). I added SpeedFan too. I saw Fan running in Toshiba tool but not in Speed fan (no info) and I can see the ventilation running physically out of the left side of the case (warm air).

Fan makes actually sounds, coming up and down quit normally. Sometime a sound of " laminae genle frictions" can be heard. No crashes, no forced shutdown.

What shold I do?

Thank You

Answer:Satellite L670D - Cooling system warning message


What Toshiba tool shows you this error message and do you use the preinstalled Windows 7 version?
Does this happen in Eco mode, balanced or high performance power plan?

It would be great if you could upload a screenshot of this error message because I never saw such a message. You can use a file hoster like

Fact is if it would be really a hardware malfunction your notebook can be repaired from an authorized service provider for free during warranty time. If you bought it in March it?s still under warranty.

But first of all you should post a screenshot of this message. Maybe it?s just a fail alert or there is another simple solution for your problem. ;)

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I just bought the Satellite P500-024 and it came with 640GB HDD.

I just discovered when clicking *my computer* thats the HDD is splited to C: drive and D: drive. How do I add the D drive half amount of HDD to the main priority C: drive so there for I will then have a full accese of 640GB HDD in one drive without spliting them 50/50?

The reason why I ask this is because I notice when I turn the laptop on it takes ages and maybe a little slower due to the fact it has half the amount of hdd on C drive. So would like to know how easy it is to add them together into one so that I can get fast and pure performance of my new Satellite P500-024.

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite P500-024 - How can I make a new partition with full disk space?

Hi tagvic!

First of all I must say that the two partitions have nothing to do with slow boot up procedure on your notebook. Your notebook will not be faster if I you have only one partition, that?s fact! Furthermore the second partition is necessary for Toshiba HDD recovery option. Do you know about it?

The HDD recovery option is really nice. You can restore the ?factory settings? in few minutes. To use it go in advanced boot menu and select ?Repair My Computer?. Then you can select this feature and follow the screen instructions. The first partition will be deleted and after this there will be installed an image of factory settings. That means you get back the same state as you started the notebook the first time. The preinstalled OS with already all drivers and tools installed.

In my opinion there is another reason for slow boot up. You should try to remove Toshiba Tempro. On my computer it causes a slow boot up too and after removing the notebook started a lot of faster.
I can also recommend cleaning the system using CCleaner and defragment the HDD. Remove programs from start up folder that you don?t need and try another AntiVirus program like AntiVir.

I hope I could help you a little bit.

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Dear Toshiba,

Perhaps some can explain for me how this happens.

We have 2 x L500 laptops, One was purchased and activated on a day July 2010 ( Machine1 )
The other was purchased 1 day later from the same store and activated on the same day - 1 day later ( machine 2)

Yesterday, machine 1 responded with the Warning message, there is a problem with the cooling system - please shut down the machine and return it for service.

Today machine 2 responded with the exact same message, just after being switched on after 4 hours unusual situation you say or is it some sort of built in : service generating feature ???
I am not convinced it's a fluke and there was nothing wrong with either machine that I could see.

Anyway a reboot of each machine fixed the problem, see how long it takes to return.
As you guessed it , both machines are out of warranty by a few months now.

If any of you have a similar problem, would be glad to hear from you.



Answer:Satellite L500: Warning : Problem with Cooling system message


A friend of mine has got the Satellite L500. As far as I know the notebook runs pretty well.

I?m not sure if this message has been created due to a software issue but the notebook should shuts down automatically if the cooling modules would not work properly and if the temperature would goes up to a higher level?

So I recommend watching the temp level for the next time and of course you could get in contact with an Toshiba ASP in your country if would notice higher temp or some hardware issue with the cooling module?

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My computer's audio and video are slowing down to almost just noise. I've recently seen an error/warning note come up about the internal battery's life ending (?)

What does this mean? What should I do?

Answer:Satellite L750D shows Internal battery warning message

Can you please tell us which notebook model do you have and how old is your machine?
It is possible that battery is pretty old and must be replaced.

But this with sound and video is a bit strange for me. To be honest I cannot even imagine what happen exactly. Have you made some tests using different video and audio sources? Is the result always the same?

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My laptop recenly started giving the error "Warning: a problem with the cooling system has been detected. Please turn off the computer immediately and return it for service" - Yes the fan had stopped working and the touchpad area was hot.

So i take it to the service guy ( toshiba) and he says need to reply Fan, MB, HDD. Is this possible? - i have extended warrenty, but is't this a lot ? not to mention it takes a month to get the stuff down.

He also mentioned i could use the machine with a cooling pad till then if i wish to do so.

Any feed back ?

Answer:Satellite A660 - message: Warning: a problem with the cooling system

>Yes the fan had stopped working and the touchpad area was hot.

In such case there is really an hardware problem.
But I?m wondering why the HDD and the motherboard needs to be replaced?
Possibly only the cooling module has started to malfunction? bit of course? this is just an speculation?
If the service technician has checked the hardware, then they should know what parts are not OK?.
So don?t think you have other choice?.

But the warranty is valid? so everything is free of charge?

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On attempting to update my Bios via windows, on unpacking the zipped file my anti virus (f-secure) flashed a warning.

The warning claimed that the file contained a trojan and that it had been deleted to protect my computer.
A microsoft warning also stated that access to these files had been blocked to protect your system.

Is it possible that this update, downloaded from Toshiba really did contain malware or could there be some other reason for this occurrence?

Any help advice would be appreciated

Message was edited by: james7dean i have a satellite pro a100 O/S windows xp pro

Answer:Satellite Pro A100: Trojan warning message during BIOS windows update

Hi james

Don't get panicky! You BIOS is not affected by any Trojans, Malware or Virus.
Mostly such BIOS files are not known to the AntiVirus applications and therefore the anti virus software reports and notifies a virus.

Before you will start the BIOS update you should disable the virus auto protection!

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How do I remove the second partition that came with the laptop so I can use the computers full HDD capability?

I have a feeling that this partition is their because I haven't created a recovery DVD would it delete the partition after I have created the recovery DVDs.

The partition contains a HDD RECOVERY folder and in the folder in says do not delete or modify this folder or files.

I have a Toshiba Equium L350-11D

Answer:Equium L350-11D - How to delete second partition on HDD

As you already said the second partition contains the HDD Recovery folder and if you would remove this partition then you will be not able to create the Recovery DVD and would be not able to recover the notebook from HDD.

Therefore you should create the Recovery DVD before you would delete anything from the second partition on HDD.

After you have created the Recovery DVD successfully, you could delete the partition and could add the free space on the HDD to the first partition.
This can be done on the Disk Management!

Here an useful page from Microsoft:
[Windows Help and How-to: Vista HDD partition|]


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Hi there.

In the last few weeks, I've been encountering problems accessing the recovery partition of my hard drive. I have bee using this area as a back up section for files I want to keep. Whenever I try to load files from this area, they work maybe for a moment or two, then the system completely freezes, and the only way to power down the computer is to hold the power key for 5 seconds. I am trying to now create recovery discs, but this is not working either, as it is crashing very early in the process. I have tried copying the files to the working partition, but I am struggling to move 4 of the actual recovery files. Even if I do succeed in moving them, I have a couple of questions:

1. If I get the HHDRecovery folder copied to my desktop, can I direct the Recovery Disc creator to this new folder instead?

2. Given that it is only this partition that seems to be the problem, does anyone think that fully formatting and removing all the partitions will actually solve the problem, or is it more likely that I'll need to buy a new HD anyway.

Any help is much appreciated, even more so if anyone knows an easier way to move the files!

Many thanks in advance.


Answer:Equium L350-10L Faulty Recovery Partition


The first part of your posting is a little bit confusing for me. I don't know what kind of ?recovery partition? you are writing about.
Your notebook was delivered with two visible partitions. First partition C where was preinstalled Operating system and second partition D where was saved ?HDDRecovery? folder with recovery image you can use for operating system installation. So what you mean under ?recovery partition? is not understandable for me.

Back to your questions:
# No. Recovery disc creator works with ?Factory settings? only (factory state)
# Best solution for you is to install operating system again using original Toshiba recovery image. You can do this using HDD recovery installation or using created Recovery installations disc. if I understand your posting right you don't have this disc and HDD image installation doesn?t work too.

Can you confirm this?

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I am a new owner of a L350-10L. On loading files to Laptop I was told I had run out of space. Investigating bit further it seems I havea partitioned hard disk. I think I was expecting this as the 'Recovery' files are stored on the Hard Drive. But the partition sizes seem a bit odd to me. The disk has a Vista pertition and one called E:\Data which is 54.5Gb in size.

Question - can I safely reformat the Hard Drive? Should I run the setup again. This seems a little strange. Is there some reason for the partition sizes?

KInd Regards,

Answer:Hard Drive Partition on Equium L350-10L

I have the same laptop. Get GParted LiveCD and boot into it. Then resize partition D:\ to lower then resize partition C:\ higher with the unallocated space. This shall not wipe your data.

Hope this helps,

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an alert of tempro tells me that a new version is available.
So I download it, and during the installation of this version (TEMPRO_2.0.3.exe), an error message says the installation abort due to error.
If I click on icon of Tempro already installed, I've got the error 1721.
What's happens ?
Now tempro doesn't work no more...


Answer:New version of TEMRPO crashes at installation

I don?t know why this happened but in your case I would try to remove the complete old version of TEMRPO. Check the control panel > Add/Remove programs and remove it. Restart the notebook and then install the new version of TEMPRO.

I hope it works and give us a feedback. :)

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My Satellite L350-171 gets very hot and then shuts down spontaneously. When I switch it back on I then get the message that it hasn't shut down correctly and do I want to start it in safe mode etc.

Does anyone else have this problem / solution?

Answer:My Satellite L350-171 gets very hot

This is not the newest notebook model so I presume it is pretty full of dust that blocks cooling grill and cooling fan. In my opinion you must clean it up to make cooling system free of dusct. After doing this notebook will be able to take a breath again and hardware can be cooled down properly.

How to do this? On the internet you can find many pages and short movies how to do this using compressed air. Google a bit around.

Second option is professional cleanup. In this case notebook will be disassembled and cooling system cleaned up. Of course it is better solution but must be done by authorized personal only. Contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask how much it costs. Maybe it is not so expensive.

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I?m looking to replace my Eqiuim L350D Laptop after having an accident ad mashing it up ...
I want to stay with Toshiba cos there very well built. I want to spend about ?400 and was looking at this more or less identical to the 1 I?ve got now

But I?ve gone to all the links where it?s supposedly sold but only found a refurbished one at Amazon it possible to order it straight from Toshiba?

Or if anyone knows where I can find it feel free to drop a link ;)

Answer:Where to buy Satellite L350-170?


In my opinion you do the things more complicated than they really are. ;)

Simply go to and put ?Satellite L350-170? as searched term. I am pretty sure you will find some seller or online shop where you can buy this notebook model.

Example ? Toshiba Satellite L350-170

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Hello again!

Does anyone know why stock of L350-171 is all out?
I am trying to get a replacement from Tesco for mine which failed but Tesco do not know when they will get stock.

Also tried to look at other places selling online in the UK and they all show the laptop as out of stock. Hope it is not a discontinued product!!! I tried to call Toshiba Customer Services to ask but gave up after 15mins on hold :(.

Getting very itchy about paying for a new gadget but not holding/playing with it!!


Answer:Satellite L350-171 not available in UK


I don?t believe this notebook model could be discontinued at this time.
Fact is that the L350 is one of the newest Sat series at this time and possibly this is the reason why the Satellite L350-171 is not available yet?

Maybe you should wait a little bit?.


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I have cca 6 years old laptop Toshiba Satellite L350.

Now I decided to get SSD for OS instead HDD. So I bought SSD Crucial MX100 128GB and place it where was HDD. For HDD I bought DVD caddy SilverStone Treasure TS09.

On SSD I install Windows 8.1 Pro MSDNAA (without having HDD in laptop). After that I place HDD in DVD caddy and run laptop. From now Windows is not working properly, when it comes on Desktop it freezes, only thing I can is open Task manager.

Why now laptop do not work properly?
Is problem in DVD not suitable for my laptop?
What can I do?
Do I have to change Bios properties?

Thanks, and sorry for my English...

Answer:Cannot use my Satellite L350 with ODD caddy

In the past several people have reported about such issue. Problem is that Toshiba doesn't support such additional adapters and all people use some third part caddies. In your case I think there is some compatibility problems.

If you have some time use advanced search option on this forum and try to find similar threads.
I use additional HDD but as external one.

It is not known to me that some BIOS settings can be changed about that.

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I was awarded a laptop Satellite L350 - 170.

But my brother brought back from the Gernamny without the driver, software, and Win Vista.
I am girl, so i can't slove this big problem.

Anybody can help me?

Answer:Need driver of Satellite L350-170


You didn?t receive any disk which this notebook because this notebook has been equipped with internal recovery procedure.
This allows you to reinstall the OS using the HDD recovery option.

Furthermore you can find a preinstalled tool called Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator on this notebook. There should be a shortcut on the desktop.

This tool allows you to create a own Recovery disk! And this is strongly recommended!!!
You need this disk if something will go wrong with the HDD!

So create the recovery disk before you will change anything on the HDD.

PS: The drivers can be found on the Toshiba European driver page: -> Support & Download -> Download Drivers

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I recently bought a satellite L350 - 107
It came preinstalled with Vista on the disk. Now I got a original WXP and I'm going to use my laptop for music production and the problem is that all my programs aren't really Vista compatible. So I want to install WXP.

I put in the disk of WXP SP2 and it goes to the partition of the disk portion and I do not want Vista so I try to format my whole system but when it is suppose to start formatting it gives an error about a drive p:

I'll try it again in a lil and then I?ll post exact error code

Has anyone ever had a problem like this one?

Is it possible to put WXP on my laptop without having to get a FDD and to have to use those programs I read about in a few posts because I do not understand why it can?t just install if u gets an original WXP CD.

Anyways thanx already for the response.

I?ll try now to get that error report and then I?ll post it here.

oi oi oi


Answer:Installing WXP on Satellite L350 - 107

this is da error code

p:\ refers to a location that is unavailable.
it could be on a harddrive on this computer, or on a network.
check to make sure the disk is properly inserted, or that youre connected to the internet or youre network, and than try again.
if it still cannot be located the information might have been moved to a different location.

i get dis everytime

i dunno wot to do

can anyone help

much apreciated

oi oi oi


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My Satellite L350 notebook is 6months old.
When I switched off today everything was fine but when I boot up a couple of hours later only the Toshiba name comes up and the the words LOGGING OFF come up and that is all. Cannot acces in any way. Tried to press F8 but still only the LOGGING OFF.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have Vista.

Answer:Cannot access my Satellite L350

This is strange and I never heard about this problem.
Maybe you have a virus or something else on your computer and this makes impossible to log in on your computer.

In your case I would try to reinstall Windows. You can do this with the HDDRecovery option. Press F8 before Windows starts, choose ?Repair my computer? and then you can choose the Toshiba recovery option. Follow the instructions on the screen.

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Each time I use my L350 laptop, it shuts down without warning - usually after around 10-15 minutes use

If anyone has an idea of how to stop this happening, your help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Re: Satellite L350 keeps shutting down

Try to clean the notebook using compressed air spray to blow out the dust from the cooling ventilators. If it doesn't help, maybe you need to replace a thermal grease.


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Hi to all. I'm new and I need HELP
My os crashed and I had to reinstall my vista 32bit. I have a Toshiba Satellite L350-17R part nr. PSLD8E-01W005IT with vista home premium 32bit service pack2.

I've recuperated most drivers except for VIA CPU to AGP Controller and SIS Processor to AGP Controller. Something's wrong and I can no longer use my touchpad mouse (although it says the driver is updated Synaptics Touchpad V6.3 on PS/2 Port driver date 14/08/2008 version I don?t know if these 3 problems are related, I?m not good with PC.

I?ve tried to update drivers and I did the hardware wizard procedure, I?ve tried with windows update and fixit and other softwares that fix drivers; I?ve tried by removing battery and power, putting back battery and startup, F2 and than F9 reset default and F10 to save. Nothing. Incorporated mouse (touchpad and right and left click) doesn?t work anymore. Hardware is fine, it worked perfectly before system crash.
Can anyone help me to fix these 3 things: 1. VIA CPU to AGP Controller, 2. SIS Processor to AGP Controller and 3. touchpad?

Thank you all

Answer:Three issues on my Satellite L350

Hello Adriana

Do you have original installation disc (recovery disc)?
If yes I strongly recommend you to install this original recovery image and test functionality with ?factory settings?.
Fact is that recovery image contains all necessary drivers so all hardware components will be properly installed and configured.

If there is some problem with hardware after recovery image installation it must be some hardware related issue.

Do you have this recovery installation disc?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L350 that I am having a major problem with. We had to reformat the comuter and the reformate goes thru both disks without issue but then I get to the restart and Loading Windows for the first time and then it will shut down about half way thru that. When I turn it back on I get the error message that windows shut down unexpectedily. Restart to finish installation. I do this and keep getting the same error message over and over again. I hope someone can help!

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L350

Possible hardware problem. Suggest you run some diagnostics, starting with hard drive and memory. Your BIOS (Setup) or Recovery DVD may have some. Best hard drive diagnostics are usually from the drive manufacturer. Memtest86+ is a popular memory tester.

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Satellite L350-262, not seeing any wireless networks in any location. Can get access to Internet via LAN. Suddenly stopped working. Suggestions gratefully received


Answer:Satellite L350-262 - not seeing WiFi

Same problem to me since 2 days ago...

Any idea?


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Toshiba Satellite l350-170 when it comes on i can only go into setup utility it wont allow me to restore and i cant find the disc?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite l350-170

This looks like your model in case it helps anyone.
What are you trying to do.A System Restore or A Factory restore.
If a system restore have you tried in safe Mode.Just keep tapping F8 or F5 as the computer starts.
Some laptops have a restore to factory settings on them and it is Normally F10 or F11 you would try for that so not sure if it is that you are trying to get.

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I have put Windows XP sp3 on my Laptop but there is no sound, just beeps.

I downloaded the Driver from toshiba but it doesnt seem to work.
All i have noticed is in device manager it says PCI device under other devices.

Can anyone help?


Answer:Re: Satellite L350-14F - no sound on WXP


Have you installed chipset driver and display driver before you installed sound driver version
By the way before you install display driver you can also install storage manager.

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I have a 2 years old Toshiba which was working perfectly last night. This morning when I turned it on, nothing happened. The power light is on as well as the battery one. I tried taking the battery out, and also the hard drive, I also tried turning it off and on several times...nothing! now I took the battery off and plugged it so it would work on the charger, but still nothing. Do I have hopes?

Answer:My Satellite L350 died :(

Hard to say. You need to have a qualified tech take a quick look at it... it may require a new motherboard, or some work on that one.

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so i recieved this laptop for repair, because it was shutting down. now as the laptop is out of warranty, i went through the usual testing, and as it turns out, laptop compleatly switches off if:
-its plugged into a charger
-battery only
-charger without battery
-no ram
-no hdd

it even shuts off while in bios. so i checked for overheating and it seems everything okay, everything runs cool. but what i did found is that one particular chip, Winbond chip, gets insanely hot the instant battery or charger is plugged in. it reamins hot for the time it is under voltage.

now im wondering, can this be fixed? the board runs, and i suppose this chip is the only reason system shuts down. or maybe there is something short circuiting the thing or something. any help would be really appreciated.

Answer:Satellite L350-147 is shutting off

Hi. Looks like it's something with auxiliary elements (capacitor, resistor or something), that passes voltage to the chip. I'd check it at first. If you have a multimeter, try to analyze voltage and resistnce on every element leading the circuit trail to the chip. If everything is ok, than it is definitly Winbond chip. Replacing it will be trick.

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My beloved laptop will not boot up - it just shows the logo and then returns a black screen. It had been playing up for a while on startup as if the boot was somehow corrupted. My recovery disk will not boot it up and we have even tried reinstalling the image we made when it was first purchased, but nothing works. On the odd occasions when we have been able to get into the boot menu we have run various repair options but nothing has fixed the problem. If the hard disk has gone faulty then I could replace it, but how would I obtain the necessary drivers that would have been preloaded? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Can anybody help with a problem?
I am having with my laptop.

My daughter was on the laptop and it just suddenly shut down.
When I try to turn it on it goes to startup repair and goes no further.
I have let it run for 18 hours and it still says its searching for problems.

Any ideas anyone.


Answer:Re: Satellite L350-171 don't boot up


Did you try to boot again and to use one of the options in ?Advanced boot menu??
Restart the notebook, press F8 and new boot menu should appear.
Here you can use option called ?Safe Mode?.

If the notebook will not boot up using this mode, try another called; Last good know configuration (advanced).

Last but not least you can try to restore the system choosing first option called Repair My Computer -> Toshiba HDD recovery.
Now the notebook should start the recovery procedure and should reinstall the OS

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I have a satellite L350 that will not complete the boot process.When i turn the unit on,it will get to the screen that says windows,with the green scroll bar and thats it. From there my screen goes blank.
When i try safe mode i get a blue screen with an error message.I went into the bios and changed the boot sequence to try and run my recovery disc. When doing this i just get the same black screen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Answer:Satellite L350 not starting up


Does this mean that you are not able to reinstall the OS using any disk (recovery disk, Windows XP, Vista or Win 7)?
The BSOD can be a product of hardware problem or serious software issue, but it looks more like hardware issue if you are not able to reinstall the OS again.

In such case the RAM (memory modules) and HDD should be checked.
I would recommend testing new memory modules. The HDD can be checked using an tool called Drive Fitness Test which can be downloaded from some pages for free.

If you don?t have right modules for spare then I recommend asking an local notebook technician for help? the guys should put new, working modules and should test the notebook.

Is your warranty valid?
If yes, get in contact with Toshiba ASP which could help you.

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Just got a Satellite L350-20G with a Celeron T1600 and I was wondering if anyone new which processors are compatible with these as I am thinking of upgrading? I was thinking the Intel Pentium Dual T3400 but is there anything faster?


Answer:Satellite L350-20G - Can I upgrade the CPU?


Just one question: Why do you think about a CPU upgrade if just got this notebook? Why you didn?t buy a notebook with Pentium CPU?

Anyway, a CPU upgrade is not supported and you will loose the warranty. Furthermore I think the BIOS and motherboard will not work with the other CPU.
If you don?t believe it, check this article:


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Product specification for my Toshiba Satellite L350-12N says as below

System memory standard : 2,048 (1,024 + 1,024) MB
maximum expandability : 2,048 MB
technology : DDR2 RAM (667 MHz)

Does 'maximum expandability' mean that my laptop hardware can accommodate a maximum of 2GB? or a maximum of 4GB?

I am not concerned how much Windows XP/Vista/7 or 64 Bit architecture supports. My question is related to hardware capacity of this laptop.


Answer:Satellite L350-12N - RAM upgrade

According notebook specification your notebook can handle with maximum of 2 GB RAM.
You cannot upgrade it up to 4GB.

If you already have 2 GB inside it is already on maximum.

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After Toshiba screen, message reads. " no bootable device, insert boot disc and press any key". .
Using F2 on start up shows no hard disc. Will a new hard drive solve the problem on its own or will further action need to be taken to restore Windows as well as a new hard drive ?

Answer:Satellite L350-17P - no boot up

For some reason HDD is not detected and recognized properly. Try please to set BIOS to default settings and check it again. If the result is the same next step should be HDD exchange and test with new hardware.

In case that problem still exists the reason can be defective HDD controller. This is, in my opinion, worst case scenario. Mainboard is affected and repair can be pretty expensive.
Advice, offer it on eBay and sell as notebook for spare parts.

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I have seen similar posts in the past, but none of them could help me with my issue.

Background, I have a Satellite L350 with Windows Vista and try to run a game that needs OpenGL 1.4. I already installed the current display drivers from this site but still could not get it to run. The next step was downloading the Intel display drivers, which are more recent, but I am having trouble installing those as apparently the manufacturer has not verified those.

Is there something I am missing? Looking at the hardware requirements of that game

(OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 / Processor: Dual Core 1.6 GHz or better / Memory: 1GB (XP), 2GB (Vista), 2GB (Windows 7) / Hard Disk Space: 140 MB Free Space / Video Card: OpenGL 1.4 or higher)

The L350 should be able to handle that, right? Is there a way to test which version of OpenGL can run?


Answer:Satellite L350 and OpenGL 1.4

Out of curiosity but which game make problems?

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I have downloaded the new BIOS-1.60 for Satellite Pro L350 and it produces an error saying "This BIOS is not for your Notebook-PC".

Where can I get the new BIOS-1.60 for *Satellite Pro L350-154 PSLD0E-02601WS4* ? Thanks

Answer:Satellite Pro L350 - Where can I get the new BIOS?


Are you sure that you have a Satellite Pro L350 PSLD0E?
The PSLD0E series is a Satellite L350 (not Pro).

However the BIOS updates you can find on the Toshiba website.


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My daughter's Satellite L350 won't start. When the power button is pressed, the HDD light doesn't come on and there is no HD activity. Something that has been noted though is that the battery was fully charged a couple of days ago, but today when I have tried to boot the laptop up, the battery light is showing that it is depleted. Does anyone know of a remedy for fixing the problem?

Answer:Satellite L350 won't boot up

Sorry but I still don?t understand what happen exactly when you try to start this notebook.
Remove the battery and connect notebook to AC power supply only. When you do this press power button to start the notebook.

What happen exactly? Can you see anything on the screen?

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I have a L350-264 which does not have a HDMI output socket. I wanT to play videos through my Sony flat screen TV.

I think I can connect the monitor socket (15 pin) to the TV for vision but what about the sound. I presume the headphone socket outlet will not provide a powerful enough signal.

Any sugestions?

Answer:Satellite L350-264 - How to connect to TV?


> I presume the headphone socket outlet will not provide a powerful enough signal.
Why do you think this?
Do you have tested this already?

On my Satellite L300 I only have VGA output port too and use the headphone socket for the audio signal. Everything works properly and the sound is pretty well.
Check this!!

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I have been offered a replacement laptop by my insurance I had the Toshiba P100-160
and they have offered me the Toshiba Satellite L350-20F.
Is this a good deal? Which one is better?

Thanks Wilf

Answer:Need your opinion about Satellite L350-20F


It is not easy to be realistic. If you use your notebook for office and typical ?everyday? activities it is OK and I am sure you will be satisfied with it.

Maybe you should talk with insurance and ask if you can get money instead of new hardware.
Take the money, put a little bit to it and buy new notebook with better hardware and components like better webcam, harman/kardon speakers and so on.

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I accidently dropped it and now when i turn it on i get to the start windows normally screen, but after selecting an option the screen just goes black. The backlight is on and its still running, I've checked that nothing is lose and tried a couple of solutions but they haven't worked.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Re: Satellite L350-212 - Won't start up

Hi joerobert14,

Can you access the advanced boot menu and choose ?safe mode? as boot option? Probably the HDD is defective now and so Windows can?t start anymore.
But theoretically another part could be also affected.

You can be a lucky guy and I?m wondering that the display is not broken. You had good luck! :)

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I am french so my enclise is approximative.
I have ? laptop satellite L350-14Y
Intel c?leront 560. I would apgrade the processor with a dual core (T2340). Is it possible ?
Wich processor can i upgrade my laptop please ?

Thank You very much

Answer:CPU upgrade on Satellite L350-14Y

Generally speaking CPU upgrade is not supported -

Problem is that Toshiba doesn't offer any info about compatible CPUs that can be used on this notebook. Supported upgrade is RAM and HDD.

This Satellite is pretty old notebook model that can be used for every-day operations so I don't see any reason for CPU upgrade. For what do you need more performance?

In my opinion you can upgrade Ram to maximum level and exchange original HDD with faster SSD.
This will increase notebook?s performance rapidly and you can do this alone without any risk.

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I have deleted all Vista installations on my notebook.Then I install my own Vista Version.(Ultimate)

I have all Drivers found. I need foolow Drivers:


THX for support

Edited by: ADMIN

Answer:Need drivers for Satellite L350

You are pretty impatient. The notebook is maybe two weeks on the market and you need full support. ;)
WLAN drivers you can find on

At the moment the drivers are not online but you can try to use the software for some other notebook model. There should not be much difference. If this will not help you must have a little bit patience and wait for the right driver.

In my opinion you can use your new notebook without cam too. I am pretty sure in few days the drivers will be listed on support page.

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I purchased a Satellite L350-20G on Tuesday and just have a question, will probably be the first of many! I was wondering if anyone knows if you can connect this laptop up to a TV via a cable? If so which cable would I need to purchase?



Answer:Satellite L350-20G - How to connect it to TV?


I think it?s very easy to connect your notebook to an external monitor or TV. If it doesn?t have a HDMI port you have to use the VGA port of the notebook. Therefore you need a VGA cable and additionally a VGA to RCA adaptor if your TV isn?t equipped with VGA port.

If you search on eBay or online shops for VGA cable and/or VGA to RCA you should find enough results! ;)

And in your user manual you can also find some informations about using external monitors. You can switch with FN+F5 between the monitor then.


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I have a laptop Satellite L350, it's start to slow, before Windows, the sreen of toshiba stays for 5 minutes and then windows starts. When I am removing the dvd drive, Il's normally. Isn't any problems for windows.

Thanks for help !

Answer:Slow Satellite L350

avoid all sorts of removable storage media at startup. Check if u have so many programs installed that are set to run at stat up? if yes disable those hope you will get a faster start up

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I have a problem with my webcam on my notebook / Toshiba L350-15U/.
When I try use webcam, I see news : Your camera is off, or her action not success.

Last few days I again install all pragram for webcam / Camera Assistant software /.
What now I must doing?? I don't want install all Windows Vista again.

Thanks for your attention

Answer:Satellite L350-15U: cannot use webcam - cam is off

How do you want to use webcam?
Do you use it with messengers like MSN, ICQ or Skype?

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I want to upgrade my Satellite L350 up to 4 GB RAM. BIOS accept 4096 MB.
But I cannot install an operating system (xp prof. or vista 32 bit)
My L350 boot from CD /DVD, but if the setup will start I have a restart.

My question is: will my Satellite L350-141 work with 4 GB RAM?

Answer:Does Satellite L350-141 work with 4 GB RAM?


I think there shouldn?t be a problem with the 4GB RAM.

But as you probably don?t known, the Microsoft Windows 32bit OS cannot use the full 4GB RAM due to the 32bit OS limitation.
Microsoft has published several articles and documents regarding the 4GB RAM issue.
If you want you can google for this issue.

Fact is that only the Windows 64bit OS (XP or Vista) would be able to use the full 4GB RAM.

Additionally the BIOS and the Chipset have to support the 4GB RAM to ensure that the notebook and the Windows would be able to use the full memory.

Best regards

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I am running Windows XP Pro SP3.

When I try to shut down using the Start / Turn Off Computer / Turn Off, is no effect. (I do close all running programs before I try to shut down) The computer continues to run as though I had not tried to shut it down. Even when I go to Task Manager and select Shut Down there is no effect. The computer just continues to run and I can run any applications programs like normal.

The only way to shut it down is by holding the Power ON/OFF button down for several seconds. The more confusing thing is that it does not do this every time I try to shut down.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Satellite L350 - Can't shut down it

hi merideth,

maybe microsoft is installing some updates...
or a program or virus prevents the shutdown...

make sure that no background task is running...

maybe you have to reinstall system...

btw: if you force to shutdown and not all of the win-updates are done it will happen the next time too.
let the machine run about half an hour and see if it shuts down by itself!

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Hi ,

After downloading a driver update (from toshiba tempro web site ) to a zip file, i opened it but the computer switched off,
Now when i press the on button all i get is the green light and the fan working.
A blank screen, tried pressing f8 and f12 , and inserting recovery discs, but to no avail HELP !!

The computer is a few months old.

Thank you

Answer:Satellite L350-20F does not start up

Are you writing about driver update or maybe BIOS update?
Your story is not so clear what was happened exactly.

Anyway, if you cannot start your notebook I am afraid you need professional help.
I recommend you to contact nearest Toshiba authorized service provider. Let them check your notebook and see what is wrong there.

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Is anybody having problems with their msn on this computer cos my keeps signing me out everytime i turn my webcam on???

Answer:Satellite L350- problems with msn

It is because of the original driver. Have you tried to use the new driver from Toshiba Support or use windows update (vista) to update it. Hope this can help you.

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I?ve been looking at this laptop for a few days now and I?m thinking about going for it when I get my pay.
I just want to know if anyone has it what they think of it. What?s the battery life like etc

Cheers in advance :)

Answer:Your opinion about Satellite L350-170


I use Toshiba notebooks for the long time now and to be honest I don't like notebooks from series L. The notebooks are OK but I don't like the design. That?s only negative point for me

I must also say that ?price-performance ratio? for this notebook is excellent but I prefer better design and because of that I have my second Satellite P notebook.
Back to Satellite L350-170. I don't know how it costs but for this money you will get excellent notebook with big 17? display and it is perfect for ?every day? work.
There is also webcam with integrated mic that allows you perfect communication over Skype and other messengers.
For battery life it is not possible to offer exact running time but it is similar to my Satellite and I can work about 1,5 hour on battery power supply. But to be honest this notebook is for me good as desktop replacement and for work on the desk with permanent AC power supply.
OK every of us has different opinion about that.

So the question is for which purposed do you need the notebook. Do you want to upgrade RAM and so on (you can upgrade it up to 4 GB)?
Talk about all this with your local dealer.

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I just wanted to ask I have a Toshiba Satellite L350-170 laptop and the sticker on the underside coa is all faded and cannot see any numbers or anything and now today have noticed the vista coa interwoven strip the silver strip is coming apart is the coa.

Not my broof I own a legal copy of windows vista. Is there any where on the internet I can order a new coa I might asell remove it as it looks a right mess is it easy to remove or will it leave a nast sticky clue and should I ever sell the laptop will it still be legal with no sticker on.

Why did Microsoft not do the coa like on Vista. They would never fade then.
Thanks for any info.

Answer:Cannot see number for COA at my Satellite L350-170

Hello Pulse

This with COA is not so important. Your notebook model is delivered with preinstalled operating system and this number belongs to preinstalled version only and you cannot use this number with any other OS installation.

When you use recovery image for OS installation you must not activate it using this number, so when you will sell your notebook just be sure next owner will get original Toshiba installations DVD.
I just hope you have created it using preinstalled "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator". Have you?

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I switch the laptop on it loads Toshiba screen then after about 5 secs I get a continuous beep.
The first time this happened I left it for about 3 mins then help the power button in and turned it off, now when I boot it up it asks whether to load normal or repair mode which ever I choose the same thing happens.

Help please!

Answer:Satellite L350 and boot issues

Is the beep broken? For example does it beep 10 times a second continuously?

Maybe there is a stuck key on the keyboard

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Nowhere in the documentation does it tell you which 3 cards are compatible. It is the same size as a PCMCIA slot but that does not work.

Anyone know which 3 cards can be used?

Answer:Satellite L350-277 - Which cards are compatible?


First of all this is not a PCMCIA slot. It?s an ExpressCard slot!!!

I have checked the user manual and I did find the following information:
+ExpressCard slot allows you to install an ExpressCard/34 or ExpressCard/54 to expand functionality.+

What do you say now? ;)

I don?t know where you did find this information about ?3 cards? but the card reader can read SD/SDHC/MS/MS Pro/MMC memory cards.


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I just bought the Satellite L350-24U with a T4200 and HD 4650 here in Germany.

The Toshiba website description suggests a 90 Watt AC Adapter. However, the one I received is only 75Watts. Toshiba's German language description is incorrectly translated so that "output current" has become (translated) "max current".

This has lead the zombies on the Toshiba hotline to state that this figure represents the max. current the laptop can process not the strength of the AC adapter. The Toshiba Germany Tech support coughed about "enough power" and all 24U's getting the same 75 W brick. Every other Toshiba website from Finnish to Spanish speaks of 90W output current. Please help.

How can I find out what wattage was intended originally? I tested the laptop 2 days ago and on battery and at high load it draws 60W. Simultaneous battery charging can add up to 40W. Together a peak of 100Watts. Sorry if I'm going on too long about this but I want is the same adapter described by Toshiba's website.

Answer:Satellite L350-24U - How many Watts should the AC Adapter have?

I found info that your notebook was delivered with AC adapter PA3516E-1AC3.
This adapter has follow output: 19V 4.74A and 90W.
If you got other one you can contact nearest Toshiba authorized service provider and exchange the AC adapter. They can order new one for you.

I don't understand German language but I didn't found this info what you described under

Can you please send us the link to see where this wrong translation is?

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I have bought a Toshiba Satellite L350-20J, Model No. PSLD8E, six months ago, and I have XP Prof 32 bit system.

Now I would like to have (to buy) Windows 7, and I do not know is it my laptop compatibile with Windows 7, 64 bit system?

Thank you for help.

Answer:Satellite L350-20J - Can I use Windows 7 64bit on it?


Of course you can install Windows 7 64bit. It?s your notebook and you can do what you want with it! ;)

I have checked the Toshiba page for Satellite L350 and it seems that you can get the most drivers there. So it shouldn?t be a problem to use Windows 7 64bit with all functions on this notebook.

Check the Toshiba page yourself!!!

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Hi all,

I try to upgrade a Satellite pro L350 with ssd, currently i try with a samsung ssd 830. I've already updated bios to version 2.2, but it's not working. Can anybody help me?



Answer:Satellite Pro L350 SSD upgrade does not work

?and what does not work exactly?

Is the SSD recognized by BIOS?
Did you check if the SSD drive needs an firmware update or if an firmware update is available

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I forget my massword of HDD and I can't restart my system.
How can I recover my password HDD in my notebook L350-16U?


Answer:Re: Satellite L350-16U - How to recover HDD password?


The HDD password can be deleted from nobody. Sorry this is not a joke this is fact.

The only way is to exchange the HDD but your data are lost.


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My motherboard failed and I'm trying to find a replacement. However... I can't find my model ANYWHERE on the toshiba site. Please advise.

Sattelite L350-01Y00PGE; Serial # 39168435Q; barcode I39168435QSSLD801Y00PGEB
Toshiba Europe GMBH


Answer:Motherboard replacement on Satellite L350

Using unit details page - - and your serial number I found out that you have Satellite L350-184 with part number PSLD8E. Hardware platform and exact mainboard model can be determined with this part number.

Toshiba page for your model is HERE .

To find mainboard replacement is not easy. Either you must try to find it googling around or contacting Toshiba service provider in your country.

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I have a Satellite L350-21T running Windows 7 and recently have had problems with the internal mic.

Sound levels on playback are there - but virtually undetectable. I'm guessing that driver updates required - anyone help?


Answer:Re: Satellite L350-21T - Internal Mic is not working

> Sound levels on playback are there - but virtually undetectable
Maybe stupid question now but what do you mean exactly? From my experience either mic works or not.
What is wrong there?

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I have a L350-170, noticed recently it seems to be constantly flashing.

I went out this morning, came back and laptop had not gone in "sleep"mode? Ilight was still flashing have run Avast,malwarebytes and superantispy, and besides the usual adware stuff super finds, nothing. Should I be worried?

Not sure if it's always flashed!

Answer:Satellite L350-170 - Should HDD/ODD light be flashing?

hi sheronb,

what flashed? a led? the screen?

read the manual... i think this is hybernation mode, the power led is flashing slowly....
you can turn this feature of in power option....

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I have a toshiba laptop Satellite L350 with Vista 32 bit, and my problem is NOT working FN keys.
I've installed allready Synoptics Touch Pad V6.3 from Toshiba website, but it didnt help.

I've searched for other mentioned software posted on this forum, but i couldnt find.

The biggest problem ist that my touchpad is blocked, and not-working FN+F9 made

Me use just keyboard - which is difficult and annoying :(
I would be really greatefull if somebody can help me :(


Answer:Satellite L350 - touchpad FN and F9 key is not working

So did you install Windows yourself using a generic street copy?

You will need to install the drivers from the Toshiba website.

I think the Value Added Package installs Fn key support, along with other important functions.

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There's a problem. Windows isn't running any more, but we can't repair it because we can't find our recovery cd/dvd.
How can we get it now?

Answer:Recovery installation on Satellite L350-12C

Can you start HDD recovery installation following instructions on

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Friends I have a serious problem with the key (Ver.Num). I press the button => No lights and I can not use the numbers. Can you help me please?
Bios => 1.90 , L-350 , PSLD8E (Portable PC of Toshiba)

Note: There are no option in the BIOS Settings and I format with XP Pro and Windows Vista but NO RESULT

Please if you have ANY Suggestion contact me on [email protected] thank you

Answer:Satellite L350 (PSLD8E) - Ver.Num deactivated and I can't use it

You mean you cannot activate numeric block with ?NUM LOCK? button?
Have you installed OS again using Toshiba recovery image and tested it with ?Factory settings? again?

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Today I was surfing the internet, on MSN etc and my laptop froze. I tried control, alt, delete etc and nothing happened so I eventually held the power button down.

When I turn the laptop on now I am getting this:

*Windows Error Recovery*

*Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.*

*If Windows files have been damaged or configured incorrectly, Startup Repair can help diagnose and fix the problem. If people was interrupted during startup, choose start Windows Normally.*

*(Use the arrow keys to highlight your choice.)*

*Launch Startup Repair (recommended)*
*Start Windows Normally*

When I select the first option (Launch Startup Repair) a loading bar comes up saying 'Windows is loading files...': then a 'Microsoft Corporation' loading bar, this then loads and brings me to a grey screen:

When I select the second option (Start Windows Normally), I just get this loading bar for ages and it all the bar does is load up and down, I kept it on for at least half an hour a few times and it still stays on the loading bar below:

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

Answer:Cannot start OS preinstalled on Satellite L350-170


Start your notebook and press F8 to enter advanced boot options.
Is there option ?Repair my computer? available?

If yes use this option to enter ?System recovery option?. There you will find option called ?Start-up repair?. Try to use this option to fix this.

Let me know if this will help.

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I have a Satellite L350-170 that has suffered drive failure. I have not made recovery discs. The only part of the hard drive I can access is the recovery partition.

Does anyone know of a way I can copy this to another disc and use it to rebuild me laptop?

Answer:Drive failure on Satellite L350-170

This will not work on this way. You can use this recovery image with F8 (Repair my computer) only.
You cannot move it to external HDD for instance, and start recovery procedure from there.

Until you have ?factory settings? you can install OS using F8. You can do this so oft you want.

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I own a L350-14F and am getting crazy of the heat and sound of the fans.
Temperatures of 70-75 CELCIUS (= 160-165 F) are "normal" within minutes after booting.
Hottest areas are on the left side (where the fan is) and on the upper right area of the touchpad.
These temps are really standard.... even when I am not using it !!
With some intensive programs I even noticed temperatures of 92 degrees CELCIUS !!!

I tried reinstalling everything assuming it was caused by a faulty driver or something. But not.
Using the Toshiba restore discs, didn't help.
Using a original Windows Vista CD didn't help either
Updating all drivers didn't help either

There's one thing which helps but slows down the laptop;
in the BIOS there's a setting named "Multi Core-Processing" which has 2 options

* Dynamic
* Always Low

Originally it's set to Dynamic.
But when I set it to always low, temperatures lower to about 45 Celcius, (and the fans aren't as loud anymore).
It ain't a real solution but it solves the heat problem

The machine is completely up-to-date with all drivers, patches and updates (even vista SP2)
But also after a full restore using the Toshiba discs the problem stay.

Anyone know a solution or the cause ?

Answer:Satellite L350-14F - High temperature

No technical reply here, but you may want to invest in a cooling pad (with extra fans) for your laptop. If you have had the laptop for some time, you may consider that it might have accumulated dust inside which will hold in heat and prevent air from moving effectively through the vents.
Someone may have a better answer.

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I have a Satellite L350-16A, and i've just noticed that there's a dead fly between the multiple layers of the screen. This is really really anoying.
Is there anyway to get dead fly out of there? I don't think it's warranty, however, the warranty doesn't say anything about dead flies..

And i"m sorry for the mistakes in my typing. I'm not used to type english.

Answer:Satellite L350 - Fly between layers of the screen

Are you sure its a fly? Maybe its just some dirt or dust.

I think Toshiba will allow a screen replacement in certain situations, so you should send the laptop to an Authorized Service Center and see what they say.

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Please help. I've tried multiple ways to get my laptop connected to my older Panasonic telly, and it's just not happening.

I first tried a VGA to Scart cable. I changed all of the display settings as low as they would go (16bit, 800x600, 60 refresh rate).
I only got a buzzing off my telly, with diagonal white line movement. The frequency would change with the movement of the mouse, or change of page.

I've now got a VGA to RGB cable, and all I'm getting is a black screen with the same buzzing.

Does anybody have any ideas to get either of those cables to work?
I'd really like to watch my AVI films on a proper screen.

Many Thanks

Answer:Troubles connecting Satellite L350-203 to TV


The notebook supports only a VGA port.
VGA port is designed to connect the computer monitors to the notebook.
The old TVs support an resolution of 576px (720 x 576).
I assume the resolution is still too low even you have changed the notebooks resolution to 800x600.

Usually you would need an s-video port to get an video signal on old tube TVs. But this notebook supports only VGA port.

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This is about using the excellent and free MS Synctoy for synchronising the laptop and the desktop machines ? all working beautifully over WiFi, but there are one or two quirks to be aware of.

I am just delighted to have this machine working again. And what a nice machine it is. I cannot believe how quick it is. My desktop is similar spec. Around a 2.2Ghz dual core Pentium, 2Gb RAM etc, but the little Toshiba is far, far faster. And a pin sharp screen as well. I think it?s the Great Man?s way of hinting that my desktop machine needs a complete re-install. The Dell I have been using for the last six months or so is not going to get a look back in.)

No problems as far as I am concerned, but I hope this will be of value to anyone trying to do synchronisation or backup on a Windows XP or later L350 or other Toshiba.

Synctoy is not that well known. Curious. It really ought to be an automatic Windows install. It started, I think, as a beta-only, but now is in full release. Albeit you have to download it from Microsoft. Just type ??download MS Synctoy? into a search engine and you will find it.

It works very simply, from the user?s viewpoint. Strictly speaking, you only need one installation ? on the ?master? machine ? what ever that should be. You set up ?folder pairs? to synchronise ? e.g. ?My Documents? on your laptop and the same folder on any other machine. Wi-Fi networking is not a problem.

There are various, largely self-explanatory options, but the one I go f... Read more

Answer:My experience using MS Synctoy on Satellite L350

Nice to see you again here in the forum ewen :) and thanks for sharing your experience with us! Marry Xmas!

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I bought a Toshiba Sat L350/350D, installed it all fine and was working without a problem.
I switched it off then went back to switch it on and I get a message before the log in screen saying something like "Updating 3 out of 3 0% complete" "Windows is shutting down" then it restarts and does the same thing.

I left it over night and I think the battery died (argh!)
I tried to ring the helpline and they're closed this weekend.

I was thinking of returning it where I bought it from.

Thanks for reading and please help me.

Answer:Satellite Pro L350 restarts non-stop


For me it looks like the notebook didn?t finish installing the Vista updates.

If it?s possible to boot the notebook then you should try to repair the OS and to reinstall it again.

Please press the F8 button immediately after the notebook was powered up.
Then choose ?Repair my Computer? -> then last option called ?Toshiba HDD Recovery?

This would format the whole HDD and would reinstall the Windows Vista again.

After the OS reinstallation, try to update the Vista to the latest state.

Good luck

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I purchased recovery disc for my Satellite L350-370 followed start instructions program now stopped at "waiting for odd to become available" .prior to this the odd has worked perfectly.

Laptop will not switch off now and no keys work .


Answer:Cannot use recovery disc for Satellite L350

I really don't understand what happen there. I used recovery disc numerous times and I?ve never saw such message.
Set BIOS to default settings and restart your notebook. When notebook starts and you see Toshiba welcome screen press F12 several times to enter boot menu. When boot menu is shown on the screen put recovery disc into optical disc drive. After doing this choose CD/DVD drive and press ENTER. What happen when you do this?

ODD should start to read recovery disc and you should see the recovering menu on the screen.

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With no prior problems my laptop has failed to boot up today with the following screen message:-

"Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:

# Insert your Windows installatin disc and restart your computer.
# Choose your language settings and then click "Next."
# Click "Repair your computer."
If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

File: \Boot\BCD

Status: 0xc000000f

Info: An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data."

I don't believe that I received an installation disc with the computer so would enquire as to whether this is something that could be downloaded or whether there is anything else that can be attempted short of returning the machine to the retailer

Answer:Boot Failure on Satellite L350


All new Toshiba notebooks, including your Satellite L350, are delivered without Toshiba recovery CD/DVD and this installations media must be created by notebook owner using "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator". It is small application designed by Toshiba and already preinstalled on notebook with ?factory settings?.

This recovery image cannot be downloaded.

So you didn?t create this reinstallations disc and now you cannot start your notebook properly.
What you can try is to install OS again using Toshiba recovery option.
Step-by-step guideline you can find under

Please install OS again using this guideline. If everything works well again please create recovery DVD. I recommend you to use DVD-R medias.

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Hi everyone,

I recieved this laptop a couple of days ago and i have download a antivirus straight away but i am having problems with the latop and i was wondering if someone can help me.

The laptop is slow at websites, it takes awhile to get the website up and sometimes i have refresh after a while and at downloading, a programe that is only 20mb takes over an 1 hour.

When im logging into my bank account online, it take up to 20 mins after i put all my details in, when im trying to watch something on youtube it buffering every 3 seconds and it buffers for up to 20 mins without me clicking on it or clicking off the website and im starting to get frustated.

Can someone please help me cos im so close to smashing this laptop to bits :o(.



Answer:Satellite L350-264 slow at websites

Hi mate

For me it sounds like a slow internet connection!

It?s not a notebook problem but possibly the data transfer is too slow!

Get in contact with your ISP (internet service provider) and check your connection!

Good luck

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Hello Forum,

After I started my laptop, I see the windows logo and after that I must wait for 60-90 seconds...
Is that normal or is it better for me to call the helpdesk?
Because I think it strange because you want a laptop to start up fast!


Answer:Satellite L350 - 60-90 Delay in the beginning

Hello Brian

Please check this thread about slow start-up

it can be interesting for you.

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Laptop: Satellite L350-170
Part Number: PSLD8E

Heya I'm posting about Downgrading from Vista to XP.

I play world of warcraft online game, I reckon my laptop is good enough to run it but I do get low FPS (Frames Per Second) I do belive Vista Drains your computer and is no where near as performance friendly as XP. I got Vista Home Premium, I was trolling the internet reading how to do it etc.. some forums said that certain Computer/Laptop makers can supply a Vista 2 XP Disks. I was wondering does toshiba? if not how hard would it be to downgrade from Vista? Is there a risk of bricking my laptop? could u make a list of things I would need and a step by step guide on how to downgrade but remembering I'm not a very computer know how person so keep it very basic =)
Also does it Void your Warranty? Would I be able to send my laptop to toshiba and they do it?

Enjoy my wall of text
Thanks in advance for the help

Answer:Satellite L350-170 - Downgrading from Vista to XP


Downgrading from Vista to XP isn?t very difficult and it should be possible that you can do it yourself.

You need a Microsoft Windows XP disk with SP2 at least. Boot from it and follow the screen instructions. But you need the SATA drivers that the computer can recognize the HDD. For the drivers you need Intel Storage Manager that can be downloaded on the Toshiba website and here is a step by step workaround how to do this:

If you have installed XP you have to install all drivers and tools for it. All what you need you can find on the Toshiba website: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers


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When restarting to run check disk computer just starts as normal. If I uncheck both the options in the dialogue box chk disk starts but stops 3/4 through.

As the rest of the system works fine my main concern is if this will cause problems should i need to restore the system from either the recovery hard disk drive or my recovery disks?
The o.s is Vista Home Premium with all current updates installed. I would also note that the same problem occurs in safe mode.

Answer:Satellite L350-20F - CHKDSK won't run and stops

Is ?check disk? option so important for you?
Have you noticed some problems or what?

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Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite L350, it use to have a 2GB memory 2x1GB (PC2 5300s)
Now I bought 2x2GB (PC2 5300s) to get a 4GB and installed both but when I switch on my laptop I get the BSOD with Driver_IRQL_Not_LEss_OR_EQUAL error with ataport.sys

Address 814A2AE1
base at 81499000
Datestamp 49ee8a3a

Currently running Windows 7
Both 2GB memory sticks works fine individually though

Any help would be most welcome. thank YoU

Answer:Satellite L350 - BSOD with new RAM modules

Hi mate,

What new RAM modules did you bought exactly? At the moment I think they are not compatible together and so the BSOD appears. I think you have to use other RAM modules if want 4GB of RAM.

Furthermore if you run a memory diagnostic tool like Memtest86 does it shows an error if you use the new modules?

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