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Satellite P200-1JV: Toshiba DVD player issue - Unable to output the video..

Question: Satellite P200-1JV: Toshiba DVD player issue - Unable to output the video..


I've just registered so forgive me if I've posted this question in the wrong place.

I have a Satellite P200-1jv and I could play dvd's on it no problem. Now when i try to play a dvd using the Toshiba player I get a message coming up that states +*Unable to output the video to an external device. Please switch your display device by pressing the Fn +F5 keys after ending this application+*

I try this and lcd comes up but never changes. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help.


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Preferred Solution: Satellite P200-1JV: Toshiba DVD player issue - Unable to output the video..

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite P200-1JV: Toshiba DVD player issue - Unable to output the video..


I think I can help you and I found a solution.

I reminded this issue and searched a little bit here in the forum and ? found this thread:

Jack Black posted a link to the Toshiba document which describes exactly this issue and provides a solution.

The issue can be solved by updating of Realtek Audio Driver.
You could download the newest sound driver from the Realtek website and could reinstall it.


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Looking for help !

My P200-1EE will not play HD DVDs. When the HD DVD software starts with an HD DVD in the drive, the player displays on the screen and after a short while returns an error. The message is ' +Toshiba HD DVD Player - Unable to output the video to an external device. Please switch your display device by pressing the FN F5 keys after ending the application'+.

Problem is that I am not trying to use anyother display than the screen of the portable. Only the screen of the portable is available when I use the FN +F5 suggestion. It does not cure the problem.

Drivers are up to date as far as i can tell.

All help greatly appreciated.

Answer:Satellite P200-1EE: Toshiba HD DVD Player 'Unable to output video to external device'


I searched in this forum for similar issues and I think I?ve got a solution.
It seems the Realtek sound driver causes this issue.

According to this Toshiba document a new soud driver installation will help you to solve this HD-DVD issue.

Check this;
HD DVD title doesn't play ("Unable to output the video to an external device") 788xml&sliceId=&dialogID=24590306&stateId=1%200%20 24588233


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I'm new here so I'm not sure if I'm in the correct forum or not, if I'm not I apologise.

I have a Satellite P200-1EE and have been trying to play dvds on the Toshiba HD DVD Player but every time I attempt to it comes up with a error message saying "An error has occurred in audio output settings. Please check that the sound driver is set up properly."

I've tried updated the sound drivers but it tells me I have the best drivers already installed.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

Answer:Satellite P200-1EE - Toshiba HD DVD Player issue - audio output error


What OS do you have?
Is it Vista?

If yes then other question; did you install the SP1???

Please also check the Toshiba European driver page and choose your notebook model.
There is a HD DVD Player patch v4.32.00.
The other HD DVD Player version 4.51.07 is a full version and if the patch will not work then you should install the full version.


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total novice here. I'm trying to use the HD DVD Player on a Satellite P200 laptop with Vista: When connecting to a TV via an HDVI cable I get an error message: "Unable to output the video to an external device. Please check the external output setting after ending the application".

I've downloaded the latest version of the player and the Realtek audio driver but they haven't helped.

Any assistance would be gratefully received.


Answer:Satellite P200 HD player: unable to output the video to external device

Have the HDMI cable plugged into the laptop and TV then restart the laptop.

Or, try another TV, or try another HDMI input to the TV. They might be shared inputs with other AV devices into the TV.

Or try another HDMI cable.

Good luck.

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I know this subject has been brought up before but after searching the web on and off for months now I still can't find a solution that works for me.

The problem occurs when trying to use the Toshiba HD-DVD Player to play HD-DVD discs. The program starts but after reading the disc it displays the message +"Unable to output the video to an external device. Please check the external output setting after ending the application."+ and will not play the movie. I'm not sure when this problem first started happening as I went a couple of months without using the HD-DVD feature but I know my laptop was capable of playing the DVD's on both the laptop's display and through the HDMI cable when I first got it just under a year ago.

Toshiba's website mentions this problem and suggests updating the Realtek Audio drivers but I've updated several times now and there has been no change. I've also updated the HD-DVD Player software, also to no avail. The problem is the same regardless of how I try to output the video and occurs on any HD-DVD disc.

I've read that PowerDVD may be a better choice for playing HD-DVD's but I'm rather reluctant to spend the money when it might not work so unless someone can guarantee this as a solution I don't think I'll be trying it.

If anyone could suggest a solution that I haven't yet tried I'd be very grateful.

Answer:Satellite P200-1EE: HD-DVD issue: Unable to output video to external device

>The program starts but after reading the disc it displays the message "Unable to output the video to an external device. Please check the external output setting after ending the application." and will not play the movie.

Today is your lucky day mate ;) I found a solution!

Here in this thread you can find a link to a Toshiba doc which describes what is going wrong and what you have to do to solve this annoying issue;

It looks like the new sound driver installation will help you to solve this HD-DVD playback problem.

Check it out.

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I recently bought a Satellite P200 with an HD DVD player but when I try to play a disc I get the message

"Unable to output the video to an external device. Please switch your display by pressing the Fn + F5 keys after ending the application."

This occurs when I am trying to run the disc on the laptop with no other diplay device attached. Am I doing something stupid or is there a problem with this?

Answer:Re: Satellite P200: HD-DVD unable to output the video to an external device


I think I?ve got a solution.
It seems the Realtek sound driver causes this issue.

According to this Toshiba document a new soud driver installation will help you to solve this HD-DVD issue.

Check this;
+HD DVD title doesn't play ("Unable to output the video to an external device")+ 788xml&sliceId=&dialogID=24590306&stateId=1%200%20 24588233

I would appreciate a feedback


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Hi all,

Hope someone can help.
Every time i try to use the DVD player I get the message "unable to output the video to an external device. Please switch your display device by pressing FN + F5 keys after ending the application".

I?m really not sure why this is happening. A month or so ago I had a problem with some MacAfee software that wiped my computer so i had to reinstall windows, was thinking that maybe the drivers were wiped but having looked at the device manager it appears that the driver is installed.

My Sat P200 is running windows Vista 32-bit.

Any help would be much appreciated as I really on my DVD drive for burning.

Many thanks in advance,

Answer:Satellite P200: message: unable to output the video to an external device


I found useful documentation for you:

[HD DVD title doesn't play - Unable to output the video to an external device | 788xml&sliceId=&dialogID=60068695&stateId=1 0 60066655 ]


Install the Realtek Audio Driver for Windows Vista to fix this problem:
1. Click the following link for the Realtek Audio Driver for Windows Vista.
2. Save the file to the Windows Desktop.
3. Double-click the downloaded file to start the installation.
4. Restart the computer.

I appreciate full reward points ;)


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I bought a P200-123 yesterday. One of the first things I tried after the Vista installation initially completed was running an HD-DVD. I know the disc is fine as it works in my Xbox 360. Unfortunately, it didn't work with the supplied HD-DVD player software - the play icon lights up and then I get this error message:

"Unable to output the video to an external device. Please switch your display device by pressing the Fn + F5 keys after ending the application."

I don't have an external display connected to the laptop. I tried different discs but all gave me the same error. I then carried on updating drivers and installing a bunch of Windows updates. I repeatedly tried the HD-DVD player throughout the countless updates and reboots but I always get the same error. Out of frustration I bought PowerDVD Ultra. That plays the movie for about one second before giving me an error:

"Cannot initialize secure display session - (Error Code = 0122)"

The error dialog goes on to say that the error could be caused by an incompatible graphics driver or beccause I'm using a dual-monitor setup. The reference to dual monitors is common to each player application so I'm wondering if the problem is in that area. I haven't connected a secondary display but when I look at the standard Windows display properties dialog or the ATI Catalyst control center app I can see a disabled secondary display. I'm assuming that's normal - there's no obvious way to remove the d... Read more

Answer:HD-DVD won't play on Satellite P200-123 Unable to output to external device

Did you try to update the Toshiba HD DVD player?

You can find the update under the Qosmio G40 section? check it and try to run the update. Note; Don?t remove the old version from the notebook !

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I've got a problem with my Satellite P200-1DO: impossible to read HD DVD. there is message who says that video can not be shown at external device.

The problem is the same if I try on the laptop screen or on the TV (Sony Bravia Full HD) with HDMI. I have the last driver and software for vista sp1 installed...

Some on have an idea?
Sorry to speak so bad...

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Answer:Satellite P200 - Toshiba HD-DVD Player can't read HD-DVDs

I think I know what?s wrong;

Check this Toshiba TB document;

[HD DVD title doesn't play ("Unable to output the video to an external device")| 788xml&sliceId=&dialogID=41741513&stateId=0%200%20 41739828]

To solve this issue you will have to update the Realtek Audio Driver for Windows Vista.

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When I try and play HD-DVDs through my laptop I get the same message pop up unable to output to an external device!!
I?m not trying to play it through the TV. I want to play it through my laptop.

Can anyone help???

Sorry if I?m being thick cheers guys. It?s a Satellite P200-1EE.

Answer:HD-DVDs wont play on Satellite P200-1EE - unable to output external device

Have you installed TEMPO?
This is the Toshiba update program for their computers and is currently showing 9 updates for the P200-1EE, 2 of which are updates for the HD-DVD Drive.
The download speed is slow but it does solve this error.

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Hi there,

I usually watch DVDs with Toshiba's software which was bundelled with my P200 which I purchased last year.
However, the picture is no longer displayed.

Sound is okay, along with the control system, but the actual picture is black.
I thought that the player might be at fault but DVDs work fine Windows Media Player.

All are the correct region and are DVDs which I've played before with no problem.

I've tried rebooting etc.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Answer:Re: Satellite P200 - No picture playing DVD with Toshiba DVD player software


Did you try to install newer DVD player software or to update the old one?
You should do this!

As far as I know the new DVD player tool has been released and it?s placed on the Toshiba European driver page for download.

Check it!

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I have a problem! when i try to play a dvd on the toshiba hd dvd player its gives me an error saying "An error has occurred in audio output settings. Please check that the sound driver is set up properly."

I have read a similar thread on this forum in witch it says that i should install the latest version of the player 4.51.07 ! i have installed it but the message keeps coming up! i have windows vista 32 ultimate with all the updates made! what do you think i should do? thank you.

ps: i have an satellite a 300 1jh (psagle)

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Answer:Satellite A300-1jh - Toshiba HD DVD player - audio output setting error

Hi mate

I found this thread:

It?s definitely the same issue like in your case and the solution was a installation of the DVD player patches or the full new HD DVD player installation.

Note; the Vista should be updated too!!!

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I'm using my Equium A200 1V0 laptop with Vista Home Premium, and every time I try to watch a DVD using the pre-installed Toshiba DVD Player software, I get the following error...

"Unable to output video to an external device. Please switch your
display device by pressing the Fn + F5 keys after ending the application."

I don't have an external monitor, and have never had one. (Pressing the Fn + F5 buttons doesn't work, because... I don't have any external devices attached!)
The software used to work fine, and I haven't changed any settings at all.

I have now tried re-installing with the latest Toshiba download, but the problem remains.

Any thoughts would be gratefully accepted.


Answer:Equium A200-1V0 DVD player error Unable to output video on external device


I found a solution buddy.

I searched simply here in the forum and found this thread!

Jack Black posted a link to a useful Toshiba doc which says that this error is related to the Realteck sound driver.

Update the sound driver and you should solve this issue!!!

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I have just bought a Satellite P200 and am in the process of putting it through its paces. Today I tried recording to a digital sound recorder (Edirol R-4) plugged in to the digital output output jack but can get no signal. I can get a signal from the analogue headphone jack.

I have no problem with recording digitally from my desktop PC that has a Sound Blaster card installed so it doesn't seem to be a mismatch or a problem with the connecting lead.

I have tried setting the default output to digital in the REALtek setup but no difference.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


Answer:No digital output on a Satellite P200

Has no-one else had this problem?


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My first post on this forum.

I recently bought this notebook and have connected it to my LCD TV at home. However, I can't seem to get 1080p via HDMI only 1080i (my TV is capable of accepting 1080p through HDMI). Anyone know if this is possible? (I have updated the latest display drivers from Toshiba).

Also whilst watching movies, I am noticing a lot of grain/noise on the notebook screen. Is this normal or is it a defect? I was watching Transformers HD DVD last night and could see loads of noise not only during dark scenes but generally throughout the film.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Satellite P200 1EE - can this output to 1080p via HDMI?

Hi Shak.

It helps that you've ensured your LCD tv supports 1080p. For this resolution you have to check in your graphic card driver catalyst a needed option. Open that control center and look for dvi settings and uncheck the "reduce dvi frequenzy on high resolution displays" option. 1080p should work now.

For the grainy/noisy thing with the Transformers HD-DVD. I don't think it is a defect or something like that. Just put in another movie and see if the picture quality is better or not. Quality differs from movie to movie.

Check it out and give me a quick answer if it worked.


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Hi all,

I updated to the Windows 10 drivers recommended by "Toshiba Service Station", all were successful apart from Toshiba Video Player. It now says "our product is not available to update"!!
Any ideas? I can not seem to download it anywhere and seeing as I've updated to Windows 10 the Recovery is not available to 8.1.

Updates can also be found from here:


Answer:Satellite PRO C50-A-1E0 - Windows 10 failed - now Toshiba Video Player is missing

This is on my laptop Toshiba Satellite PRO C50-A-1E0

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Hi all,

I updated to the Windows 10 drivers recommended by "Toshiba Service Station", all were successful apart from Toshiba Video Player. It now says "our product is not available to update"!!
Any ideas? I can not seem to download it anywhere and seeing as I've updated to Windows 10 the Recovery is not available to 8.1.

Updates can also be found from here:


Answer:Satellite PRO C50-A-1E0 - Windows 10 failed - now Toshiba Video Player is missing

Are you able to use the Windows own system Backup and Restore option to set the OS back to early time point?

This should recover the Toshiba video player too.

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Good afternoon I have a problem with the VGA output of my laptop Toshiba Satellite L500

Using the HDMI output I have no problem to connect to any TV.
The fact is that when I use the VGA output having the laptop on the side, on TV I get colored vertical stripes similar to a letter setting ....

Here I leave a picture of what appears to me to connect the VGA output of my laptop to a TV:

tried another laptop to my TV and looks great, ..
then ...
Am I missing some driver ... do not you think?
Why is my HDMI works perfectly but my VGA displays vertical colored lines? ..
Not to do ...
This is hopeless ... I need the VGA output of my laptop toshiba l500 to work.

Greetings from Spain.

Answer:Satellite L500 -HDMI video output works fine but VGA video output don't

Maybe stupid question at the beginning but why do you need VGA connection if HDMI works perfectly? I mean using HDMI you will have better pic quality and also sound will be transferred to the TV.
Using VGA only video signal will be send to the TV.

Anyway, I don?t know which driver do you use. Is your notebook preinstalled with original OS that you got with your notebook?
Do you use ?TV only option? when this happen?

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Hi there,

I just posted this question a couple of hours ago but it seems to have disappeared from the forum, so here we go again.

When I use the Toshiba software to play a DVD I get no picture, although the sound and control interface is fine. The DVD player is fine when I use Windows Media player. This problem suddenly started a few days ago.

Surely this is a software problem as the DVD player wouldn't work with Windows Media Player otherwise. However, I'm wondering why the software would suddenly stop working.

Any suggestions?



P.S I tried updating the software as somebody suggested before the last thread disappeared but Vista claimed that the new version was older than the current version I have despite the fact that I bought this pc last year and the newer version is dated this year. Strange.

Answer:P200 DVD player isn't showing any picture with Toshiba software.

Check here:

You can see your posting if you click on your forum nickname

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My husband was using his computer earlier and it was working fine. He has now lost the screen. Everything is loading up ok but the actual screen is not working Have you got any advice?

Answer:Toshiba satellite P200-144

The back light or the inverter may have gone. Press the Fn button with the F8 key and see if the screen lightens.If this is a no,Shine a torch onto the screen and see if you can see a dim display.Or connect an external monitor to the vga or svideo outlet at the rear. If the screen boots on the monitor it looks like a backlight fault.If it is this, hopefully it is still under warranty as it is a newish model.

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My Toshiba sound/video seems to be on it's way out. All i get is crackling and video quality is slow and choppy. This has happened in the past but magically restores to good quality for no apparent reason. At start up sometimes the computer sounds like a Harley revving it's engine. The headphone jack gets the same crackling so I was thinking it isn't just the speakers.
Do i need a new motherboard?
I can still surf web and perform basic functions with it, just no sound/video.
Any help is appreciated.

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I received my free HD DVDs yesterday and was quite disappointed that my Notebook could not play them all. I always get this message:

"Unable to output the video to an external device. Please switch your display by pressing the Fn + F5 keys after ending the application."

I already updated the following to the latest versions of yesterday:
- Firmware
- HD DVD player
- Display driver
- Sound driver

As I have no idea what else I can do, I would appreciate any kind of advice.
Thanks in advance!

Answer:Satellite P200-1FT doesn't play HD DVD: error output on external device

What to say;
It seems the audio driver must be updated.
I have found the solution here:

[HD DVD title doesn't play ("Unable to output the video to an external device")| PB9U& BV_EngineID=ccciadedefffijgcgfkceghdgngdgmn.0&ct=S B&all_docs=false]

I see you have already tried to update the sound driver? maybe you should chose one driver from the Realtek website directly.

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Hi Everyone

I have a Toshiba Satellite P200 and there is a problem with the Display , it works and it does not work .

I have done some checks ,the backlight is on , and it works ok with a second monitor .

The question I really want to ask is , where is the switch or contact on the Lid or body of the Laptop that shuts down the screen when I close the Lid , I have the Laptop stripped down and I can not see anywhere , where there is some sort of contact mechanical or magnetic between the Lid and Palm rest .

I thought that there me have been something where the Lid Latches close but can not see anything around there .
I know there must be something that puts the laptop into Hibernate when I close the Lid , but what and where is the sensor or whatever located .



Answer:Toshiba Satellite P200 LCD Problem

It is usually right next to the hinge near the power button.
Can you download a PDF service manual?. Dell and Lenovo supply them free from their support sites.

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Hi Everyone

I have a Toshiba Satellite P200 and there is a problem with the Display , it works and it does not work .

I have done some checks ,the backlight is on , and it works ok with a second monitor .

The question I really want to ask is , where is the switch or contact on the Lid or body of the Laptop that shuts down the screen when I close the Lid , I have the Laptop stripped down and I can not see anywhere , where there is some sort of contact mechanical or magnetic between the Lid and Palm rest .

I thought that there me have been something where the Lid Latches close but can not see anything around there .
I know there must be something that puts the laptop into Hibernate when I close the Lid , but what and where is the sensor or whatever located .



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I need to change the harddrive in my laptop - and since I'm changing it anyways, I was hoping to upgrade it to something a little faster and larger than what came with it.

But I need to be sure - there's no point in returning something I can't get to work in the computer anyways.

I found this:

*Hitachi 500 GB*
Travelstar 7K500 500GB HDD 7200rpm SATA serial ATA 16MB cache 2,5"" internal

Would I have any problems with putting that into the P200-12Z?

Thank you.

Answer:Changing HDD in Toshiba Satellite P200-12Z


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Sorry for my bad english - I need your Help - Where can i find drivers for P200-1e9 WINDOWS XP ????? On the Webside of Toshiba the Download for P Series startet from P300!!!

Please Help!!

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Can I use display driver other than Toshiba's driver from support page?
I've recently got a massage from microsoft solution centar which reccomend me to visit AMD web site in order to find newer driver.
So I wonder if I can upgrade my driver with ordinary, non-Toshiba driver and what I could possibly get or lose with it?

Answer:Can I use non-Toshiba display driver on Satellite P200-14H?

hi Strahimir
it's not recomended to "upgrade" your grafics driver with a non-toshiba or generic driver.
i guess the driverpackage you are using now is fully functionable and there should be no reason to get another driver instead.
btw: the toshiba grafics driver is spcial designed for the used hardware.
the chip is driven by special parameters which the toshiba driver supplies.

i wont upgrade any driver of my machine - only if there is a problem with one of them!
remember: *never change a running system*

i turned off "searching for hardware drivers" in the win-update

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I have a Satellite P200-1EE. When using the pre-installed Toshiba HD-DVD Player to play DVD's I get no picture only the sound plays. Do I need to update it etc?

The DVD and others play OK on other programmes. Any Ideas.

Answer:Satellite P200 and Toshiba HD-DVD -Sound but not picture

I am not 100% sure but I think Toshiba has designed HD-DVD player for HD-DVD media only.

According the notebook specification on your notebook should be two players available. One Toshiba DVD player and also Toshiba HD-DVD player. Am I right about that?

>The DVD and others play OK on other programmes
And which one do you use?

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Whenever I did 'sleep', on my Toshiba Sateliite P200-10C my screen often would go from 1200x1400 to what looked like 600x800 dpi. Half the time I would need to restart 1-3x to get back to my 1200x1400. Changing by manually going into the screen setup didn't do anything. I never had any error messages.

Suddenly the last time the screen looked 600x800 but this time with vertical lines--no error messages. I restarted hoping for the best and the screen went from off-black to dark grey like it wanted to come on but couldn't. Restarting 8 more times did nothing. Hitting F8 for entry into setup just made the comp beep in protest.

I plugged the Toshiba into another screen and that showed up everything I had just fine.

Does this sound like a video card died? Is this common for Toshibas? It's a year old.

Thanks in advance for any help. My comp specs below:

Toshiba Satellite P200-10C
Core2 Duo T7200
1024MB + 1024MB Memory 667Mhz/256Vram
250 GB HD 4200RPM SATA
17 WXGA+ Trubrite TFT screen
DVD-Super-Multi Drive (2 layer)
56K Modem/Lan
W-Lan (802.11A/G/N*
1.30MPixel Web camera
OS Vista Home Premium 32 Bit

Answer:Toshiba Satellite P200--dead screen

Could be the video card, could also be a loose cable, since its only a year old, it may still have a warranty. If it does take it for servicing

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Have re-installed windows xp onto my laptop along with the drivers - a toshiba satellite p200
everything working fine, restart laptop to get the new drivers to kick in and usb ports not working when laptop turnt back on
Am recieving this error message in the computer management next to USB ROOT HUB with a cheery little yellow exclamation mark
*Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)*
For the life of me cannot figure out what driver is connected to this. Have spent 3 hours exhausting google :(
Have reinstalled chipset what ever the hell that is and no change?!
Please can some genius shed some light onto this issue as I'm about to go mental
and please please don't mistake me for a computer expert (clear from this post I'm not!) Im a mere 20 something girl who is extremly out of her depth and have a University deadline looming so any help put in the simplest terms will be AMAZING! :)

Answer:USB ports stopped working Toshiba Satellite P200 HELP!

You could try right clicking the offending item going into properties, deleting the driver and rebooting.

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I have a few questions regarding my Toshiba P200-17C but I'm not sure if I should be posting in the Satellite forum, the Operating system forum, or the Toshiba Tools & Utilities forum but, because my questions concern all three forums and as the questions are directly related to the tools & utilities, I feel that this may the the one to post in?

After installing Windows 7 RC 64bit, I installed just about all of the 64bit versions of the Toshiba software that are available for my P200-17C and apart from a few niggly issues, all of the Toshiba software and Windows 7 RC 64bit appear to be working just fine on my notebook.

Utilities installed: accoustic silencer, assist, chipset utility, config free, dvd player, decoder driver, flash cards support, flash media, hw setup, LAN, modem, SD utilities, sound, TEMPRO, Touchpad,* value added logical device*, webcam, wireless LAN.

The issues that I am having are as follows:

The six media buttons just above the keyboard which are the internet button, the CD/DVD button, the play/pause button, stop, fast rewind, fast forward.

Toshiba/Utilities/HW Setup

With reference to the first issue - media buttons - apart from the "Internet" and "CD/DVD" buttons, the other four buttons work when Windows Media Player is launched but I would like the internet and CD/DVD buttons to work. With the 64bit OS, be it Wista or Windows 7, Toshiba have a download called "Value Added Logical Device"... Read more

Answer:Satellite P200-17C - Windows 7 and Toshiba Tools & Utilities

Hello Dave

Until Windows 7 is still in Beta phase and not officially on the market Toshiba and, I believe, any other notebook manufacturer will not offer support for Windows 7.
I believe you that some tools or utilities work well but it is nothing but luck.

All tools and utilities must be prepared and tested for new operating system. When you download VAP there is must be chosen OS and you can download it for Vista only. So if some tool works is nice but if not there is nothing you can do. Just to wait, like me and many other people who have installed Windows 7 for testing purposes.

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Where do I start, planned to upgrade , brand new machine to Vista Business as I need to connect to domain - Vista home prem (OEM) is no good.

Checked with tech support who advised me to download drivers from the site which i did (why are they not supplied with the machine?)

Upgraded system, tried to install ATI driver it fails ! (notice this driver has been removed from the site). Password Utility fails (reporting wrong serial no), sd utility fails (reporting wrong serial no). Value added packages fails to install all components, specifically (TOSHIBA components common driver, and TOSHIBA Flash cards).

Tried tech support, who advised to upgrade bios, however that also failed!

*So now have amachine that will not read flash cards, no function keys work, and the toshiba diagnotic tool does not work.*

Apparently this has now been escalated, but have to say, it very disapointing that there are not clear instructions on this process, as I presume there will be many users who wish to upgrade the same path as I am trying to do.

Any advice or help in the meatime would be greatfully appreciated !

Answer:Satellite P200-17C: Cannot install some Toshiba Vista tools


>it very disapointing that there are not clear instructions on this process
First of all I wonder why you said something like that ?:|
I think you are not newbie and should be able to install some simply drivers. Or I?m wrong?
You have visited the Toshiba European driver page then you have noticed that there are different P200 series.
Hopefully you have downloaded the right drivers for the right series. The P200-17C belongs to the PSPB6E. Check this!!!

Furthermore I have found a installation instruction txt file on the driver page. Seems you didn?t see it!
You have to follow the installation order mentioned in this txt file!!!

Good luck

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Resource Monitor shows 100% CPU usage constantly in recent weeks (not a problem for the first 6 months that i owned the machine) with 85-99% of my CPU being used on 2 entries each shown as "Toshiba Flash Cards", any idea why, and how I can sort this out as it slows everything down? many thanks


Answer:Satellite P200-1EE 100% CPU usage due to Toshiba Flash Cards

Are the correct ATI/nVidia graphics drivers installed? Make sure the Graphics card is not using standard VGA drivers in Device Manager.

Also try this:

1) uninstall the Toshiba Value Added Package in Control Panel -> Programs and features
2) Download and install the latest TVAP from the Toshiba Drivers/Support Website
3) Reboot.

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I also need to restore my P200 with the Toshiba CD. There is a note on the pocket : insert CD, power off, power on with F12 press, select reader and follow explanations. I wonder if it is possible to reformat only the 2nd disc.

Answer:I need to restore Satellite P200 with the Toshiba Recovery disk

Using original Toshiba recovery CD/DVD you can install clean operating system and have ?factory settings again. Before recovery procedure starts the whole HDD will be deleted and formatted.
With other words ? you will lose all your data.

If the notebook is delivered with 2 HDDs the recovery DVD can be used with HDD1 only.

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Hi Majorgeeks, I have decided to put my laptop up for sale, I have read that I should delete or remove the hard drive first, I have ccleaner installed, please tell me if the ccleaner wipe free space x 32 times option will delete all my computer history so it cannot be recovered,

I've already run the laptop system restore cd,

Kind Regards,


ps, if ccleaner will not work please tell me how to do it.


Answer:I'm selling my Toshiba Satellite Pro P200-1EE, how do I delete the history

Greetings, johnboy0, and welcome to MajorGeeks.

Running the CCleaner drive wipe routines should be sufficient.

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Hi all

I am having problems with my media player and explorer functions all of a sudden - it seems to have occured after a recent 'important update' (always causes more issues than fixes).

Anyway, since this update, I have been unable to play any music or video files via the media player or cut and paste any items when sorting files out.

All fine previously, but now when I highlight and click 'cut', the timer cuts in and the window goes straight to 'not responding'. Drag and drop works OK, then going back to delete files.

As for media files, double click one and no response, right click and 'open', again, nothing...

Anyone else experienced similar problems?
Of know of a fix or patch?

Many thanks


Answer:Satellite C50-A-15L: unable to play music or video files via media player

I'm also having problems logging on to hotmail...

any suggestions to any of the issues are much appreciated, thanks

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I have a simular problem with a P200-140.

When it boots the Toshiba Logo appears for a few seconds and then disappears, if I tilt the screen I can see that the picture is there but the screen does not light up.

I used the SVGA output on my projector and that works fine. Sometimes after booting a few times the display returns and will then work fine but will disapear again without warning especially if yiou close the screen.

I dunno if this is possibly a switch problem?
Is there a microswitch that might be sticking when you close the lid?

I've tried deleting and reinstalling the display drivers and booting in safe mode, neither made a difference.

Answer:Satellite P200-140 - Toshiba Logo appears for a few seconds and then disappears

hi Mortiss,
maybe the backlight of the lcd is gone... (i dont think so)
or the wires broke... (!)
or the lid switch is defectiv (rare)

ask a servicepartner to assist...

or deassemble the unit... be carefull this will kill your warranty..

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can anyone help; last night i was downloading some music from Napster and left the laptop to run whilst i went out.
When I came back i couldn't get back into the vista system.

The laptop gets as far as the Toshiba splash page and is stuck/hangs there..can anyone advise.


Answer:Satellite P200-1K9 stuck/hangs on splash Toshiba screen

Hi there,

did you already tried F8 and then perform a Safe Boot? Or try booting with the "last known working configuration" (which also appears when pressing F8 before the Windows splash screen appears...

Should work.


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I had to format my laptop last night due to a nasty virus.
I have re-installed vista using the recovery cd and have installed all the windows updates that were available.

What about the updates that come from Toshiba? Are they downloaded as part of the windows update or do i have to download them seperately from the Toshiba support pages?

Also how do i know which ones are most important?

Answer:Satellite P200-1EE: What to do with updated Toshiba tools on driver site


Does the notebook run trouble free after the installation from Recovery disk?
If yes, you don?t need to update any tools!

Follow my suggestion; never change a running system!

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I would like to reinstall my OS using the recovery disc supplied by Toshiba.

I would like to know what changes i have to make to the Recovery Disc so that it only installs Windows Vista, and does not install all the software it came from, including the two year old drivers.

Answer:Satellite P200: How to install only Vista using Toshiba Recovery Disc


This is not possible!
The Toshiba recovery disk contains an image. Image is a package containing the Windows OS, Toshiba drivers, tools and utilities.
Using the recovery disk you will install the whole package.


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On my P200-13k I have Toshiba Disk Creator installed.

When I launch it I receive few errors :

this error popup when I close it

The DVD writer is a TSST Corp CD/DVDW TS-L632D (TO04)

Any idea why ?

I didn't find anything with google about these errors nor on the toshiba knowledge base

Thanks by advance


Answer:Error message with TOSHIBA DISK CREATOR on Satellite P200-13k

I would suggest you to backup all your data and recover the machine. I am not sure why the error occurs or what the reason could be but usually this should be fixed by reinstalling the system with the recovery media (or HDD recovery) because the system is afterwards on factory defaults which should guarantee that the software works without any problems.

If the problem persists I would check the RAM memory, maybe itīs faulty and causes this errors.


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I have a Toshiba Satellite P200-144, (PSPBGE-01C004EN) laptop bought in 2007 with Windows Vista installed.
All of the software updates for Windows, MS Office, MS Security etc. have been downloaded automatically.
However, none of the Bios, Firmware & Toshiba Drivers etc. have been updated and most are still dated as last modified in 2006.

I have upgraded to Windows 7 and am having minor issues such the Webcam not working (temporarily fixed by loading MS USB Video device driver) and Sound from right speaker is much lower in volume than the left speaker etc.
On the Toshiba Support Driver Download pages, (<>), in the 'Driver Download' section for 'Archived Files > Satellite > Satellite P Series > P200 (PSPBG) > PSPBGE > Windows 7 - 32 Bit > All > United Kingdom > English' - and SEARCH, 18 Drivers are found.
As I have never previously applied any of the downloads my questions are as follows:
1) The Driver Files are listed alphabetically in the results - But should they be applied in a specific order?
2) For the 3 'FIRMWARE' updates - How should they be applied and in which order?
3) For the 2 'REGISTRY PATCHES' updates - How should they be applied?
4) For the 'CHIPSET UTILITY update - How should it be applied?
5) For the Drivers 'DISPLAY', 'MODEM', 'SOUND' and 'WEBCAM' - Are they applied normally by running their unzipped 'Setup.exe' files?
6) For the TOSHIBA programs '... Read more

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I have just purchased the Toshiba Satellie P200-17C Notebook and I have one or two questions which I hope can be answered in this forum? aShop=true

1. Under 'bundled software' at the link above, it states that the "Toshiba Value Added Package" is included but I do not see this CD/DVD in the box. (My Equium L10 had a Value Added CD in the box).

Toshiba User's Manual
Norton Internet Security 2007 (includes free Internet updates for 90 days)
Ulead DVD MovieWriter for TOSHIBA
*Toshiba Value Added Package*
Supervisor Password Utility
Toshiba Assist
Toshiba Speech System
Chicony Camera Assistant Software
Toshiba DVD Player
Microsoft Works 8.5 (with Office Home and Student 2007 Trial)
Toshiba Disc Creator
Connectivity Doctor

Why is the Value Added Package not inlcuded and what exactly is included on the CD/DVD for the P200-17C? I am also not sure if I have all of the above either. I.e. ConfigFree, Connectivity Doctor, Toshiba Assist etc, but I will check over the next few hours and post back.

2. Under "Special Features", it mentions:

*Microsoft Windows HotStart for instant-on entertainment*

But I do not see any reference to this in the owners manual and how it works. Can anyone help here please?

3. What CD/DVD writing software is included? I am looking for something lik... Read more

Answer:Satellite P200-17C: Question about Toshiba tools and Windows Vista HotStart

> Why is the Value Added Package not included and what exactly is included on the CD/DVD for the P200-17C? I am also not sure if I have all of the above either. I.e. ConfigFree, Connectivity Doctor, Toshiba Assist etc, but I will check over the next few hours and post back.

The Toshiba value added package is a collection of different single Toshiba applications like TOSHIBA Components Common Driver, TOSHIBA Power Saver, TOSHIBA Password Utility, TOSHIBA Flash Cards, etc?

All this applications are already installed on the Toshiba image which is placed on the Toshiba recovery CD.

>Microsoft Windows HotStart for instant-on entertainment
As far as I know Windows Hotstart in the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system provides built-in support for launching applications directly from system startup.
Manufacturers can take advantage of Windows HotStart to add consumer-friendly application-access buttons through chassis front panels.
In your case this are the Toshiba control buttons for example.

>What CD/DVD writing software is included?

There should be an preinstalled tool called Toshiba Disc creator.
Using this too you can create original audio CD, data CD and DVD and backup discs of CD and DVD

Hope I have clarified everything

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Just bought a new Satellite Pro P200 and, much to my surprise and dismay, it has NO DVD Player software in it? I have downloaded the DVD Player from the official Download site here, but Vista aborts the install saying that I cannot install the application. Have tried running the setup as Admin, but same message is given.

Any suggestions as to how I can get software to run DVD movies on the new laptop would be most appreciated.

The laptop is model is PSPB7E, it has Vista Business installed and has an HD-DVD drive installed.

Would apprecate an early answer to this as I am already contemplating returning this item and demanding a full refund as it seems that it will NOT allow me to use software that SHOULD run (ie. XP compatible versions of some software will simply not install because Vista blocks them!).

Kamshot - disheartened by the new "Vista" culture!

Answer:No DVD Player software with my new Satellite Pro P200

Hi Kam

As far as I know every Toshiba notebook is delivered with preinstalled software to allow you watching DVD movies. It is a part of standard installation and application is called WinDVD.

According the notebook specification your notebook has no HD DVD drive, just DVD-Super-Multi (+-R DL). Because of that there is no HD DVD player.

>Would apprecate an early answer to this as I am already contemplating returning this item and demanding a full refund as it >seems that it will NOT allow me to use software that SHOULD run

No Comment to this ??

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Since I upgraded my PC Satellite P200 (BIOS, Driver ATI HD2600, Package VAP and HD-DVD Player), I can no longer read my HD-DVDs
Error message is: "Unable to send the video to an external device. Please turn off the display device."

I had no problem before the upgrades.
I have no problem with my DVD player on medias.
What happens?
My drive is a HDDVD SD-L802B.

Answer:After some upgrades on my Satellite P200 cannot use HD-DVD Player

What kind of upgrade you have made?

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I have updated my BIOS and Nvidia driver and now video sticks when I play any type of video file. I happens whatever player I use - WMP or VLC. It seems to me that the video driver is the problem as the files play fine on my 4 year old A100!

Its a bit of a bummer when you spend Ģ1000 on a laptop and films jump!
Ideas anyone?


Answer:Video sticks when playing video files on Satellite P200-144

Hi there,

maybe you should first make a driver-rollback to see if it?s really driver related. If yes, then try these one:
(But please READ the FAQ before doing anything!)

Otherwise I would recommend you to download a codec pack like k-lite and try it again (


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Please excuse this if it is a basic question, but I am still learning to use the P200 and find my way round Vista.

I have issues with the HD-DVD not playing and have downloaded a folder
It contains 14 files and folders. Which one do I click on to initiate the upgrade?

I have also checked the Driver version for the TS-L802A and it appears to be up to date 21/6/06 6.0.6000.16386

Any help please.

Answer:Satellite P200-1EE: HD-DVD issues - How to update HD-DVD player?

The downloaded HD-DVD player files are only a update. It?s not a full version and therefore you will need the preinstalled full HD-DVD player.

One question; did you find an .exe file in the downloaded folder?
Please check this and if available execute it.

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Hard drive crashed a few days ago.
Re-installed everything using the recovery disc.
Over 200 vista updates.

Installed TEMPRO after all the Vista updates.
The problem is the HD-DVD Player update from 2007 = callelua.asp?ID=60624.
Keeps coming back as an error page.

Any hints on what to do next, as the drive will run normal dvd's using VLC Player.
I take it that Toshiba are not now supporting HD-DVD on this machine?

Answer:Satellite P200-1EE - HD-DVD Player update question

Do you need this player or not?
I mean if you use DVD movies only you can remove this player from the system.

I think VLC player is good software and you can use it for watching movies.

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The HD DVD refuses to work on my new laptop p200 1EE.
I have read some of the postings with similar problems, it takes hours to download any updates software,firmware etc.
Configure with no success.

I only received my free HD DVDS about 4 days ago and have complained to toshiba.
I cant even get the player to come on screen as toshibas HD DVD player.

I can only get windows media player.
I mean you wouldn't buy a television and dvd player and search around for parts to get it to work.
Its ok upgrading software to get extra facilities on equipment but for it to not even work.

Any suggestions.

Answer:Satellite P200-1EE: HD-DVD player refuses to work


Yes, I think I can help you.

Please update the Toshiba HD-DVD player and the drives firmware!
Both updates can be found on the Toshiba European driver page!
That?s everything. There is no magic solution!

Fact is that the HD DVD is a new technology and there are differences between single mediums. There are different standards? it looks like this was not known to you?

However, the firmware update and the HD-DVD player update helps to sort this out!


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I was until recently, a proud owner of a Sat Pro P200, but my dvdrom drive isn't reading hd discs anymore. I've checked drivers and harware, it plays all other formats just fine.

The drive is a, Toshiba DVDW/HD TS-L802A ATA.
I've read some posts where it's said iTunes disables some reg keys?

Does anyone have any ideas?
Thanks very much.

Answer:Unable to play HD-DVDs on a Satellite Pro P200

>I've read some posts where it's said iTunes disables some reg keys?
This is not know to me but as far as I know an firmware update is available on the Toshiba driver page.
This Firmware update fixes errors with some media.
It?s for a TS-L802A HD DVD drive.

Maybe you could try to update the firmware and check if it helps.

Best regards

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I have downloaded the latest driver from the toshiba download site as the Nvidia site does not support my card - Go 7600. When I run it it fails right at the start saying that the OS is not Vista x32 - which it is! I have updated the BIOS to v1.70. Has anyone else had this problem?


Answer:Unable to upgrade Nvidia driver of Satellite P200-144

The same here, can't update and get the same error message.

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Have a P200-144 Notebook. Did a clean install from Vista home premium to vista ultimate.
When pressing FN & F5 I have no options available to use external.

Any help appreciated. Installed the latest nvidia driver today.

Answer:S-Video function not available on Satellite P200-144


first uninstall the Nvidia drivers. Thats the worst thing you could do. The original nvidia drivers do not fit to mobile graphics chipsets. Use rather the Omegadrivers (,
the are standard up-to-date nvidia drivers with modified inf files for mobile computers.

The other thing is, to get the FN-F5 functionnality back, download the "FN-F5-Tool" (or called displayswitch tool) from the toshiba website and install it to your machine.
It should work. :)

If you got any further questions - just ask ;)


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I have had my Satallite Pro for just nearly 3 years.
During the past year i have been having issues with the HDD, and at one point completly broke and i had it replaced, it worked for about 2 months and that broke. I had another HDD and now this one has broke.

I have taken it to a independent repair shop who say it could be a problem with the mainboard or the starter connections, or possibly to much power to it.?????

I have rang toshiba and i didnt realise i only get a years warrenty, so my main questions are:

1) how much approx will it take to get fixed

2) is it worth it

3) is it successfull.

I'm not 100% sure to get if fixed i know i cant afford a new one to the same spec as this yet.

Any help or advice will be approciated.


Answer:Satellite P200 mainboard and HDD issue

Hi mate

To be honest an motherboard is one of the expensive notebook parts.
If it?s really a motherboard issue and if you would need to replace the motherboard to fix this problem then you should realize that this could be really a costly affair?

I?m not quite sure how much an new motherboard could be but I think you will have to spent about 300-350 Euros?
That?s a lot of money? so it?s your own decision what?s better for you; to buy a new notebook or to pay for a fix?.

If I would be you I would sell this notebook and would buy a new unit...

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I have the same problem as many others with an XP installation setup not finding any hard drives. I've read through the forum topics covering this issue, but still have a problem. When trying to install the Intel Matrix Storage Manager the installation crashes.

I've tried the "Press F6" method and the nLite method (i.e. modifying the installation CD to include the driver) and the result is the same either way. I've also used two different versions of driver, the one on the Toshiba site and a later one from the Intel site, but again the result is the same in both cases.

The driver I'm trying to install is the "Intel(R) 82801HEM/HBM SATA AHCI Controller" as this is the one already installed for Vista. The setup tries to load iaStor.sys, but fails with the error "File iaStor.sys caused an unexpceted error (32768) at line 2108 in d:\xpclient\base\boot\setup\oemdisk.c."

The notebook model is a PSPB7E-008005EN and I've downgraded the BIOS to an XP version.

Has anyone else encountered this problem, and better still solved it?

Answer:Issue installing XP on Satellite P200

One question;

Do you use the XP with preinstalled SP2?

Please check this firstly!!!

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I really hope someone can help me. Last year, I bought a Toshiba Satellite P200-14m laptop with an integrated cd/dvd writer.

When I burn a cd, everything goes well.
But when I would like to burn a dvd I am having problems! The burning process seems to be ok, but when I insert the burned dvd into my dvd-player, my dvd player searches for a dvd but cannot read it!

When I burn a dvd on my PC I have no problems at all.
My operating system is Windows Vista. I have tried to burn with DVDSanta, Nero and the Windows burning program. Nothing works. I have tried several dvd, several brands, but still I cannot play the dvd on my dvd player.

Is there anybody who knows this problem and can help me?

Answer:Satellite P200-14m and DVD burning issue

Are the files visible in Windows explorer? Do you write about stand-alone DVD player?
Can you watch those movies on your P200?

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Satellite P200-13z running vista 32bit - the intel graphics software displays +can not run due to insufficient resources+,, other checks indicate the chip has no allocated memory.
Machine runs Ok'ish on the LCD in basic VGA mode but of course for lots of programs this is no good.

Bios version 1.7, nothing in here to allocate memory to the graphics chip - as in some other systems using integrated system memory for graphics.

System had 1Gb ram -- upgraded 2GB with no difference.

When I bought the laptop the H/d was removed for security reasons, replaced with new HD & reinstalled vista from a P200D recovery disk then download specific files for this machine from the download centre, am I missing an important file?

How do I allocate memory to the chip or do I have a faulty chip // cpu // mb or other???

Answer:Graphics issue on Satellite P200-13Z

hi Les_1,

if you done the recovery with the factory media then no additional driver is needed.
have you downloaded all drivers from the toshiba website?
got the right version (os) of the "display driver" and "chipset"?
check if they are the right bit count: 32/64

pls do not install any reference drivers for grafics from any other website!

reinstall grafics driver with that from the toshiba website and report what is happening!

it could be a bios problem, choose "setup defaults" in bios....
and it could be a hardware issue also... but check software first, most problems are software related...

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I hope im posting this in the right area...


I have a Satellite P200-1K9 with the following specs:

Intel Core2 Duo CPU T7700 @ 2.40 GHz
Windows Experience Rating 4.8

ATI Mobility Radeon 2600 HD Graphics card, and a
HD Sound Card...

My problem is that since I bought my laptop about 7-8 months ago the performance has slowed down. Granted, since then I had filled up my (partitioned) hard drive with media, and understand this is to the detriment of system performance. However, since acknowledging this I have freed-up a lot of disk space. I have 40GB free on my C: and 90GB free on my D:. The total, shared capacity is 250GB (125/125).

Basically, whilst being greatly ignorant of technical issues, laptops, and technology all-together, the way I have noticed the systems inability to 'revert' to its original factory performance (which, I might add, I was very impressed with) is when it comes to gaming. Football Manager 2009, for example runs very slowly. I had a look at the Task Manager, because i play the game in a window, and the CPU usage runs at 100%, although I?m sure the culmination of the individual Tasks and Applications does not amount to this (perhaps there is a hidden program hogging my CPU speed?). Call of Duty 4, which ran on medium-high graphics settings when the laptop was new, now struggles on the lowest graphics and sound settings, without there being an issue with internet connectivity. Also, (as a matter of reference, I?m n... Read more

Answer:Satellite P200-1K9 and performance issue

The problem with Windows is that it gets slow and slower as you use it.

When devices and programs are installed, they increase the Registry size, enable Services, add resident DLL's and Drivers, slow down the file system by adding thousands of files. Plus the OS can get corrupted after a while due to power losses and badly written software.
Even if you use CCleaner and other utilities, and uninstall many programs, it will never be as quick as a fresh windows installation. Uninstallation of programs rarely remove the program completely 100%.

The Virus scanner can have a huge effect on performance, which is why the system runs great when the factory image is installed (which usually has no virus scanner).

So basically if you want the system performing great again, you should backup your data and run Recovery. I do this myself once a year to restore the performance.

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Hi guys,

I have a problem with the lid starting 3 weeks ago. When I open the lid more then 90 degrees the screen the pixels on the screen turn slowly black. This happens when i slowly open the lid. If I open it normally to 120 degrees the screen turns black immediately.

Could someone tell me the cause of this problem?
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Strange lid issue on Satellite P200-13F

a common issue on most laptops is that the LCD cable from the motherboard to the LCD panel gets worn after opening and closing it repeatedly..

in some cases u can simply just readdjust the cable from the inside and it should be rather easy but in other cases u just have to replace the cable which isnt to bad either..

if you are gonna go for it your self make sure that all cables are proberbly placed before u reassemble the screen again.. a stuck wire can easyly get cut if its placed wrong..

Best of luck ..

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I have installed and tried to run age of empires 2, but I get this error:

"could not initialize graphics system.Make sure that your video card and driver are compatible with DirectDraw."

Im running winxp professional. Any help would be much appreciated.

Answer:Satellite P200-144 graphics issue

Did you ever heard from google?? ;)

Just type and the error message and you will get to the Microsoft Knowledgebase..

Thats the link to the solution:


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I have a problem with my new laptop, it has no sound
I have tried downloading a driver but in the process it tells me to go to go into a file which doesn't exist on mines.
Please help
Many Thanks

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L50-B - No Audio Output Is Installed?

I am having problems getting sound on my new laptop. There is a 'x' over my volume icon on the task bar. Can anyone help with this?
Many Thanks
<edit by Jaylach>
I moved this post from another thread as it is the same topic but contains more info.

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I have a satellite P200 and an old JVC analogue camcorder. I want to transfer all my old video from this camcorder to my pc. How can I do this? Do I need to buy a TV card?



Answer:Conversion of analogue video to Satellite P200


I recently purchased a USB device brand name "Lifeview" model CR116. Here is the website;

You might be able to buy one cheap on ebay.

The black gismo plugs into any USB socket and in the kit is a cable with a miniture jack plug at one end and the other plugs into your camcorder via a 3 pin Sony adapter. The software allows you to select a channel and off you go.

Although the device does the job, I found that plugging my camcorder direct into a DVD player was quicker and better as the files take up masses of hard disk space.

Hope this is helpful

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Hello guys, I had this really annoying problem that I don?t know how to fix.

Every time I try to type a question-mark it comes up with a ?? and when I try to type quotation marks, it come up with ??. I don?t know how to fix it. I tried to read the user manual, but it says nothing about it.

If anyone could please help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Answer:Satellite P200 - strange Keyboard issue

As you can see the symbols cannot be show here.

Anyway, by such problems you should tell us which OS language do you use and what is the standard language for the keyboard. I presume this must be the problem. Check keyboard settings and set the right language as default.

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Hello there,

I wondered if you could help with a little advice, i had to recover my p200 laptop yesterday, it went smoothly, but i noticed there was a 14 gb used in my hard drive, i know vista is quite large so i thought nothing of it, but because of a mistake installing some software, i had to recover again, this time i seem to be nearly 24 gb used where there is no files just vista on my computer. ( I uninstalled all the toshiba software as i dont use it whatsoever) does any body have any ideas what this could be i know about the 1.5 gb partition for recovery but im stuck as to where ive lost 10gb

Any ideas or help would be much appreciated



Oh i forgot to add i cant find it with partition magic and ive added up the files i have 7gb as of now in program files and a 14gb vista install does not add upto anywhere near 36 gb which is what is used on my hard drive

Answer:Re: Satellite P200-1K8: Used recovery twice - HDD size issue

On my laptop, its set up like this:


1.5GB for Vista's EISA recovery partition (Used to repair Vista)
6GB for the Toshiba Recovery Partition (Used when you restore the HDD back to its factory state)
190GB for Vista (its really about 178GB due GB vs BillionByte convertion and the File Allocation Table)

In Control Panel -> Admin Tools -> Computer Management -> Storage -> Disk Management, you can see the partitions. Have a look in there for anything unusual

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I bought my new laptop ? Satellite P200-1G8. I got some wired problems with display.
After switch on and working for couple of hours the display gets corrupted or you can say distort.
It is very difficult to explain in words. But when I restart or switch user, it start working fine and then again after 1-2 hours suddenly the display corrupts.

I updated the drivers and Vista also but I still have this problem. When this problem comes then it distorts everything on screen not anything particular.
It is not overheating issue.

If anyone know about this or anyone can help in this, thanks in advance.


Answer:Strange display issue on my Satellite P200-1G8


To be honest it is not easy to understand what happen exactly. All you can do is to install Vista again using delivered recovery DVD. This image is tested and it should work well. If the problem persists it must be checked by service.

Sorry but I do not see other solution for you. As I wrote before it is not easy to understand what happen exactly and how it looks like.

Does this happen if you use some specific application?

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I have recently setup my Toshiba Satellite P200 notebook as a Win-XP(SP 2) & Win-Vista Home Premium dual boot. I have also installed the SpeedFan utility to monitor component temperature on the system.

When booting with Win-Vista Home Premium, the CPU temperature is generally in the 50-55(degree Celsius) range. However, on booting with XP, the temperature shoots up to the 65-70(degree Celsius) range and a loud noise from the fan is heard.

Would someone be able to help me figure out as to what could be the problem with the installation?



Answer:Satellite P200 (PSPB6A) - Heating Issue

You should clean your notebook with compressed air spray. This could blow out the dust from the cooling ventilators.
For this you must not disassemble the notebook and you can buy it by a local computer dealer.
It?s very useful so try it.

Furthermore make sure that there is enough free space around the notebook and use it only on a table and for example not in the bed.

Last but not least I think the temperatures 50-55? Celsius is ok.

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I have just bought a Satellite P200-1B6 laptop and spent the day installing the updates recommended by the TEMPO program. One of these was a Sound Driver update from RealTek but on running this it fails about 80% of the way through with an error: 'Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure !!'.

Now the Toshiba HD DVD player fails to start with an error 'Unable to output the video to an external device.

Please switch your display device by pressing the Fn + F5 keys after ending the application'. I've tried this but it seems to have no effect.

I'm now regretting starting to update the installed drivers. Should I try to rebuild the machine using the recovery discs or is there another solution that someone has found? Or have others found the upgrade works?

Any advice welcome

Answer:Satellite P200-1B6: Sound Driver update fails and HD-DVD Player doesn't work


When I have started to use PCs one friend of mine told me something: do not touch well running system. I know that you, as many other people out there, want to have updated stuff but as you can see it can go in the wrong direction.

This TEMPO software is nice thing but if everything runs well leave it as it is. What you can try is to use ?system restore? tool and roll back OS to earlier time and hope everything will be OK again.

Please post the result.

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Not sure if this is a specific Toshiba problem but my laptop wont charge whilst I run WMP. I have to close WMP and then reconnect the power cable for it to start charging. Also when the battery is below 20% it seems to stop charging. I have to keep on removing/re-connecting the power cable every few seconds before i get a proper charge.

Any help?

Answer:Satellite P200 - Battery not charging whilst running Windows Media Player


I assume this issue has not appeared from the first time?
Well, in my opinion this has nothing to do with the fact that Windows Media Player is running? I think it?s a battery issue? but this is only my personal opinion.

In my opinion you or the notebook technician should check if the same issue would happen if the new battery would be used?


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I have reinstalled a US version of Vista on a Satellite P200-1FY, and I can't get the ATI card working. The ATI catalyst software gets installed properly, but the in the Device Manager the display driver is still "Standart VGA Graphics adapter".

I have tried to download ATI drivers both from the Toshiba and the AMD website, but it makes no difference.
What I am doing wrong to get the video card working?

Please help,

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Satellite P200-1FY can't get the ATI video card "recognized" by Vista

Please post the plug & play id of the video card.
You can find it in device manager -> properties of the graphics card -> details -> hardware ids
With the pnp-id I will be able to post the link to the correct driver.

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I bought the Satellite P200-1EE laptop for from dixons and am pleased with it in many ways but the key reason i bought the P200 1EE was because of it's potential to play and edit high defintion video.

I can't seem to play or watch high definition video clips without them being clunky and with a frame rate more like 3 frames per second rather than the 30 frames per second they should run at.

The clips i am trying to play are MOV files recorded on my camera at 1280 by 720 resolution at 30 frames per second and on both Quictkime player and Realplayer they simply aren't smooth enough. Given that the laptop has a High Defintion-DVD drive and a top end graphics card ATI HD 2600 ispecifically ntended for high defintion viewing High Defintion DVD's at 2040 by 1080 i dont understand why it should struggle with playing relatively low resolution video files.

I would like to edit 720 high definition video and the processor speed, bus speed, ram and graphics card should be sufficient for such simple High Defintion video editing, so if it cant even play High Defintion video what chance does it have to edit High Defintion video?

After only 2 days of Vista working completely fine Vista completely crashed and the computer refused to reboot. I had to use the recovery disc and completely wipe the hard drive. not a good introduction to vista which apart from that has been very slick. Having installed Office 2003 it works completly fine on Vista home premium

Does anybody have any... Read more

Answer:Satellite P200 1EE problems with HD video playback and USB ports

Also the universal serial bus ports refuse to recognise any type of flash drive. It recognises my camera just fine . it should just plug and play. Any ideas ?

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Hi. When I link my computer to my TV via a S-video to Scart lead, the TV only displays in black and white.

Does anyone know how to fix it?

Answer:Re: Satellite P200: S-video to scart - black/white TV

Did you try different scart cables?
Then check it!

I had the same issue and I could solve it using other s-video to scart cable.
The one which I have used was wrong. It had a wrong pin assignment

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I have been pulling my hair out for a good month now and could do with some help

I have a Satellite P200 series laptop and have recently upgraded the HDD from the 200Gb's to a pair or 320Gb. No problem

The issue I have is that the old 200GB system drive I am unable to use in any other machine or as and external storage device.
The origional secondary drive works fine no matter where I use it .... (In my PS3 at the present)

When I install the orgional system drive into my laptop and rebuild windows to it it still works 100%.
Hance a good working 200Gb HDD.
Take it out and use in another machine as storage it will not initialize - all i get is Cyclic Redundancy Check errors

I have low level formated, run endless disk tools
WD test came back with 11-Cable Test::Read diagnostics Sector Error!

Even as an external drive on the origional laptop it is the same

Any ideas greatfully taken as I do not wish to waste a good 200Gb HDD

Many thanks

Answer:Satellite P200 - Issue with using original HDD as external disk


Maybe the external case is faulty because you said that the HDD works in your laptop and PS3 without problems.
Can you test the HDD in an other external case?

The WD test is not known to me but I use always the Drive Fitness Test:
With the Drive Fitness Test you can test your HDD. Download the CD image, burn it on a CD and boot from it. Then you can the HDD.
On the same website is a user guide if you want to know more.


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When i bought my laptop the advisor at the importers told me i could get some adaptor so that i could put the second drive in to my laptop but now when i want to get the adaptor and another drive they want to charge me about a 3rd of the price of what i paid for the laptop!!! And i am paying dealer price for the goods... Just seems like daylight robbery to me!! Especially seeing that we all know the price of hard drives is so low!!

Can anyone help with a part number, or details of this adapter so that i can order one from overseas or find on ebay or something?!?!

Answer:Satellite P200 - Additional Hard drive issue


I don?t know what adaptor you are meaning exactly but if you want to use an second HD in this notebook then you should check firstly if the second HDD bay contains necessary HDD connector.

You should know that not all notebooks can be upgraded with the second HDD even if the second HDD bay is available!

So remove the second bay cover and check if there is a HDD connector!

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Hiya People,

New to the Toshiba Forums here and Stuck on a Issue with this laptop I have.
I have a Satellite P200 1EE Model Number :PSPB6E 0GM028EN. On Returning home from Uni a couple of Days ago my Laptop Refuses to switch the Laptop on and Only Switches on when i put a Power cable in.

I took the battery out cleaned it with a can of Air and put it back in and it worked however the next time i did it nothing happened.
Odd thing is that Once it is switched on it and i take the power lead out it works fine.

2nd problem is the built in Webcam software doesn't want to work for me. Sometimes and when I've restarted the laptop it works fine again.
I've tried reinstalling the Driver but it gives the warning that the newer is already installed on my laptop.
Am i right in thinking that its because of the Newer version?

Any Help or Suggestions are appreciated and Thanks In Advance


Answer:Satellite P200-1EE PSPB6E: Battery and Webcam issue

> Laptop on and Only Switches on when i put a Power cable in. I took the battery out cleaned it with a can of Air and put it back in and it worked however the next time i did it nothing happened. Odd thing is that Once it is switched on it and i take the power lead out it works fine.

Maybe it?s something wrong with the notebooks battery?
How old is your notebook? Is warranty valid?

As far as I know the warranty covers the battery for one year. So maybe you should ask and ASP in your country for a check? Possibly the battery doesn?t functions as it should.

> 2nd problem is the built in Webcam software doesn't want to work for me. Sometimes and when I've restarted the laptop it works fine again. I've tried reinstalling the Driver but it gives the warning that the newer is already installed on my laptop. Am i right in thinking that its because of the Newer version?

I don?t have a solution for you issue but I presume it?s related to the webcam software/driver.
You should visit the Toshiba European driver page from time to time and should check if an update is available.

Good luck

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I was wondering if anyone can help.

I have had my satelite P200-17c PSPB6E laptop for approximately 2 years. For the last 6 months the battery and AC adaptor have been progressively getting worse.

The AC adaptor now is very loose and i need to hold it in with one hand while using the laptop. The battery even with the AC charger in place does not increase ( it only shows 0% available, plugged in, charging). If the AC adaptor slips out, the laptop goes dead and i need to reload.

Essentially it seems the only thing keeping the laptop on, is the AC adaptor ( which itself is very loose).

I need to know whether this is a battery or AC adaptor problem. I have only had the laptop for a short period and would not have expected problems this early.



Answer:Satellite P200-17c PSPB6E - battery and charger issue


In my opinion your notebook is pretty old (2 years) and such things can happen, mate.

But I think you need a new battery and AC/DC adaptor or mainboard. If the battery doesn?t charge with connected adaptor the case is clear: The battery is faulty because it will not be charged.

Regarding the connection problem of the AC/DC adaptor it?s hard to say because theoretically it could also be a problem of the socket on mainboard. Therefore you should ask a notebook technician. The technician can tell you what the problem is.


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This is my grandson's computer.
It's 5 years old and the OS is Windows Home Premium 64bit.

Following a recent crash we decided to reload Windows.
We seem to have lost our Toshiba drivers - can anybody please head me in the right direction?

Also the desktop colours have gone beserk - they resemble light shining through oily water.
They seem OK when programs are run so we don't think it's hardware.
The only driver for the monitor is shown as a generic M/Soft monitor.

If anybody has any advice it would be very much appreciated.
Many thanks!

Answer:Satellite P200-1G8 - Where to get drivers & Monitor colour issue

All drivers, tools and utilities can be downloaded from Toshiba download page -
By the way: which Windows version you want to install? I recommend you usage of Win7 32bit on this machine. It runs very stabile and without any problems.

If you need some assistance with Win7 installation let us know.

To be honest I don?t understand your issue with monitor but install please right display driver and check if the problem will be solved.

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I've run the Broadcom DiagTool.exe, getting several failures, especially the Version Compatibility Test.

This is on a Satellite P200-123 Part Number : PSPB6E-02L028EN, 32 bit Vista Home Premium.

Vista Device Manager says Driver version 2.14.4 & 'This device is working properly'.

Version 2.14.4 is the only Broadcom decoder driver available on the Toshiba site for the Satellite PSPB6E-02L028EN.

I'm wondering what to try next.

Thanks for any help.

================================================== =====================================
Broadcom High Definition Video Decoder Utility.
2009-12-11 11:12:50

Software Details.
Product Version:
Driver Version:
API Library Version:
Firmware Version: /

Hardware Details.
Decoder Name: BRCM 970010
Board Type: PCIe Mini Card
Revision ID: 0x31B000FB
Serial Number: N/A

Test Results.
Version Compatibility Test: Fail.
Control Registers Test: Pass.
Non-Volatile Memory Test: Not support on Dozer.
DDR Memory Test: Pass.
FW Download Test: Pass.
Input DMA Test: Fail.
Output DMA Test: Fail.
Output DMA CRC Test: Fail.

================================================== ========... Read more

Answer:Problem with Broadcom BCM70010 Video Decoder on Satellite P200-123


Is notebook manufacturer obligated to support this ?Broadcom DiagTool??
What say Broadcom support about this? Have you contacted their support?

I mean they must have best experience with own products. It was probably tested on different hardware platforms for mobile computing.

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Hi! I recently upgraded to windows 7 and my card reader doesn't work. I have a satellite p200-1ba(pspb6e) laptop. I installed intel chipset utility, robson package and everything seems fine in device manager, but nothing happens when I insert my card into the card reader. Anybody any ideas? Thanks.

Answer:satellite p200-1ba(pspb6e) card reader issue on windows 7

Have you checked that the Toshiba dowload area for your machine has a Flash Card Support Utility?

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After changing my AC supply adapter (the old one no longer worked) I am having problems with the battery charging circuit.
When the adapter is plugged in and the laptop is switched off it charges the battery OK.

If I then power it up it will charge the battery until fully charged, the charge light will then turn blue for a few seconds and then go out.
The battery will then run down until it is fully discharged although the AC adapter is showing as connected.
Once the battery is fully depleted the laptop crashes. Once off it will start to charge again.

Anyone got any ideas to help me please.

Answer:Satellite P200-1EE: battery charging issue after replacing AC Adapter

Did you buy an original Toshiba AC Adapter or an aftermarket Adapter?

You should use a Toshiba Adapter to avoid problems like this.

Sounds like your Adapter may not be supplying enough Amps, or its the wrong Voltage.

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For those people who were having trouble installing Toshiba's Power Saver utility on Windows XP, I have found a solution for you.

Download the XP Power Saver drivers for the Satellite P300 model and you will be absolutely find, just make sure you have the Power Saver Driver for the P200 installed first!

I hope this helps you fix your problems


Answer:Satellite P200: XP Power Saver installation issue - SOLUTION

That?s a nice info.
Thanks for sharing this with us.


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When I use Media Center, the video is blocked from appearing on my tv. I was using Divx player instead, but I made the mistake of updating divx today, and it is now also blocking video output. You guys have a suggestion for another program I should use or a way to disable the blocking?


Answer:Video Player for TV Output

You might have to disable overlay or change system renderer for video.
Check out your video card settings for overlay settings. Also see if the media player supports overlay disabling or system rendering settings (I use Media Player Classic myself so I have no experience with Divx player).

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I have just bought a Satellite P200-17c. The ati mobility radeon HD 2400 grafic card was said to be 895MB.
However I have since found out the card only has 128MB of dedicated video memory.

Can i upgrade this and if so with what?

Answer:Satellite P200-17C: How to upgrade the dedicated video memory of Radeon HD 2400


You cannot upgrade the memory of the onboard ATI Radeon Mobility HD 2400 which has 128MB of dedicated video memory (that's memory on the card), but by using a chunk of the 2GB of RAM when required, the video memory can be increased to 895MB.



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I'm having some touble with my keyboard.
When i push anyone touch, iexplore start alone.

I'm testing under Linux and when i push anyone touch the result is : ^@ and the pressed touch ex : for P : ^@p

Is it HS?

I hope you understand my problem

Thanks a lots

Answer:Satellite P200 - keyboard issue - IE explorer starts pressing any button


Just to be sure;
You said that the IE explorer would be loaded no matter what keyboard button has been pressed? Is it right?
Does this issue appear from beginning?

Hmm?. I think such kind of issue is not related to the software and therefore it must be a hardware issue? I think about the keyboard malfunction?
In my opinion the technician should check the notebook?s keyboard and if necessary this part should be replaced.


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I have a very intermittant problem with my Card Reader, sometimes it decides to work and then it doesn't.
Usually it will work for a few weeks and then it ill stop again, then I have to go and find some different drivers which might work and the same happens.

2. Power Saver still doesnt work, despite me doing all the restarts needed after a fresh install and in correct order.
It just says Cannot open because you do no have access to use "TOSHIBA Power Saver".
I am a full Admin and installed Power Saver Driver and nothing still works.

cCan anybody kindly help please?


Answer:Satellite P200-144: Power Saver and Memory Card Reader issue

Do you use the Toshiba original image?

I think you should do this to ensure if this is a hardware or software issue?
Usually all software parts should run correctly using the Toshiba image.

Regarding the card reader issue;
Do you use the compatible and supported cards?

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Hey all,

I decided that i wanted to try out my videoout so that i could watch movies from my pc to my tv. I know it can be done as i did it a few years back when i first got my video card, but now it appears as though it doesnt work. My videocard is a geforce 3 ti200 made my gainward. The tv thing shows up in the driver settings, and when i click it, my monitor goes back (as its sending the signal only to the tv) and nothing appears on the tv. Any ideas would be of help. Thanks.

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Ok. So I upgraded my Toshiba Satellite U300 laptop from Vista to 7 in October - mainly to end the issue I was having with the audio output device not working. My issue was resolved and I have had no problems until today. I turned on my laptop and there was that ominous red X over the speaker symbol in the lower right hand corner and when I mouse over it, it says, "No audio output device is installed."

I ran the troubleshooter and the results of the scan for hardware changes comes back with little yellow caution signs with exclamation points in them telling me there are problems but not giving me any help as to how to fix them.

I went to the Toshiba site and downloaded and ran the Realtek audio driver for windows vista/7, restarted the laptop and found no change.

Then I downloaded and ran the Conexant audio driver for vista/7, restarted the laptop and found no change.

When I go to Start, Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, Device Manager, there is NO Sound/Audio Driver in the list.

Is there anyone out there who can help me at all? I'm beyond the point of frustration over this.

Answer:Help! No Audio Output Device Is Installed - Windows 7- Toshiba Satellite U300 laptop

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I have reseated the vid card/ram and tested ram individually to see if it is the trouble.. Both ram/vid card have now been tested in other PCs and function perfectly.

When I power the PC on, everything spins up like it normally would, so there is definitely power going to it...

I'm wondering if there is a connection on the mobo that is missing, I havent used this PC in ages and all looks okay, but I can't be entirely certain. Am in the process of looking up the pinout for all connections on the mobo.

Anyone know what else I can do?

Answer:Unable to get video output to monitor

"I havent used this PC in ages" meaning that it worked when you put it away or what?

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I have just bought a Satellite P200-17c. The ati mobility radeon HD 2400 grafic card was said to be 895MB.
However I have since found out the card only has 128MB of dedicated video memory.

Can i upgrade this and if so with what?

i asked this Q a while ago but was not clear enough, i was asking if i could replace the grafic card, or have it replaced? thanx to those who answered it anyway.

Answer:Satellite P200-17c: Radeon HD 2400 grafic card has only 128MB of dedicated video memory

> The ati mobility radeon HD 2400 graphic card was said to be 895MB
Where did you find this information? A link would be helpful.

I think you are a little bit confused and not cleared up.
The Mobility Radeon X2400 supports an external memory with TurboCache.

*Local cache* -> 64MB/128MB/256MB

*HyperMemory* -> [email protected] RAM 512MB
-> [email protected] RAM 1024MB

The _total_ video memory is *sum* of _local cache_ and _Hyper Memory_.
Therefore the total memory varies.

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i am getting strange output in windows media player(WMP) 10 however Audio plays fine.
Here is a little history of what i have done >
This paragraph tells that how i played with codec packs
I installed k-lite codec pack because i thought it would remove my codec problem and i have to use only one application however during installation it asked me to remove "Quick time" and other codec to prevent conflicts to which i entered ok/yes.
After few days i have to use a application and it gave me error that quick time plugin not found so i uninstalled k-lite codec pack and installed k-full codec pack it also asked me to remove "Quick time" and other codec to prevent conflicts to which i entered ok/yes, even then some software depending on quick time said that quick time is not found.
So i searched the net for a mega codec pack and i installed a professional codec pack (cannot remember the name/it's name contained "professional") this codec pack slowed my system a lot so i uninstalled it and installed k-lite codec pack and quick time separately but later i found that .avi files are not playing in WMP. then i installed k-full codec pack even then .avi files were not playing in WMP so i installed a .avi codec pack separately.
later i found that WMP and "Cyber link power DVD player" does not play any video files correctly.
they both gave similar output(attached image)

so i uninstalled all codec packs and reinstalled WMP 10 and &quo... Read more

Answer:Strange output of video in Windows Media Player

To prevent having to format the pc, you could try doing a system restore to a point before this started. I also had problems after installing k-lite codec pack but they were resolved by doing a system.

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Continuing to have problems playing an HD DVD on my Qosmio, using Toshiba's HD DVD player, under Vista Ultimate
Getting two messages:

'Unable to output the video to an external device. Pls switch your display device by pressing Fin + F% keys after ending the app'


'Unable to playback. Another app may be using the PC's video function and may be running'.

I am unable to get around these messages, and Fn F5 doesn't solve the problem. I am trying to output to the Qosmio's screen, not to an external device. I would like to output to a TV via HDMI.

I have yesterday updated the BIOS, the Nvidia driver, the HD DVD, and firmware 20071005144518, and 29 [although one firmware update said there is no such update available having downloaded it.

This problem exists with two HD DVD's, Heroes and Batman Returns.




Answer:Qosmio G30-201 HD DVD 'Unable to output the video to an ext device'


It seems you are using the Vista Ultimate and not the original Vista which was preinstalled on the Qosmio G30.

I think I know why the Toshiba HD player produces this error message.
Fact is that the Toshiba HD player which can be found on the Toshiba driver page is not a full version but only the update. The full version of Toshiba HD DVD player was not published on the Toshiba driver page due to some restrictions.

If you want to use the HD DVD player you have to install the Toshiba image and then you could install the update from the page.
But note; the Toshiba recovery CD which contains the image will format the whole HDD.
Therefore don?t forget to backup your data.

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Can use F5 hotkey to select all LCD/Monitor/TV options in all configurations xcept when playing a DVD (legit versions). Can view DVD on on notebook LCD but no other options available via Hotkey - suggestions please?

Answer:Satellite A60 Video Output

Hi becca

If I understand you right you want to select TV out using FN+F5 while DVD player already run. Am I right?

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The s-video output on my laptop is not working. i have tried the Fn-F5 hotkey, but i don't get a damn output on the tv.

Answer:S-video output not working for Satellite A60



Has it ever worked before?

Yes? then make sure that you don't have a second desktop activated. Go into the displaysettings and rightclick the second screen. Make sure it is not set to "attached".
If your machine also have a composite out, try using that instead.
Does it work?
If yes, your machine is at least software-wise able to output the picture to the TV.
If no, then there is probably something in the software that stops the picture from going out to TV.
It could of course also be a hardware related problem but it is less prabable that both the s-video and the composite-ports are defective.
Try checking the settings for your videodriver.

If an s-video cable was delivered with your computer, make sure to use that one.
Check the s-video cable with a traditional DVD. This way see if the cable and in-port on your TV is ok.
If you are using the cable that came with your PC then you should defenitely check for settings in the videodriver.

If it is not the cable that came with your PC (or no cable was delivered with your PC) try check the manual for hints on a compatible cable.

Sorry for the quite messy respons - it is not easy to write a think-flowchart here.

Good luck


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