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Satellite C50-A-157 Sandisk USB won't work in Recovery Media Centre

Question: Satellite C50-A-157 Sandisk USB won't work in Recovery Media Centre

I can't get Sandisk Cruzer USB to work in Recovery Media Centre. Have tried formatting but no luck.

I read on another Toshiba forum that Sandisk USBs don't work and that you have to use a different brand.

Anyone know if that's true?


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Preferred Solution: Satellite C50-A-157 Sandisk USB won't work in Recovery Media Centre

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite C50-A-157 Sandisk USB won't work in Recovery Media Centre

In my opinion Sandisk is one of the best brands for USB sticks and I have two of them. They work perfectly. Unfortunately I didn't use them for recovery media due to low capacity.
> I read on another Toshiba forum that Sandisk USBs don't work and that you have to use a different brand.
To be honest I don?t believe this. Is your USB stick recognized properly when you connect it to your notebook? Have you noticed this issue with Recovery Media Centre only?

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i need to uninstall to upgrade to win 8 on toshiba satellite P850-12BZ

Answer:Satellite P850-12BZ - How to uninstall Toshiba media recovery centre?

Go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features to uninstall the Recovery Disc Creator to avoid the Optical Drive problem in Win8.

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I realize that I messed up and erased everything on my laptop but was told that if I ordered the recovery media from toshiba it would fix the problem. I have received two USB flash drive recovery devices and they still won't work. It says that the recovery image failed press ok to turn off the computer. I have tried disabling the secure boot and changing the boot mode from UEFI to CSM and back and changed the boot order to USB first then restarted and selected USB when it asked me where I wanted to boot from.

Toshiba recovery wizard.. restore to out of box recovering.Please wait.. copying files..recovery image failed.

Other recovery options..
start up repair.. cannot repair this computer. Unable to reset PC..a required drive partition is missing.
Drive where windows is installed is locked..unlock the drive and try again.

I'm not sure about the command prompt codes accept bootrec.exe/FixMbr And /Fixboot
Any help besides get a new computer would be greatly appreciated. Warranty is up and I already paid $40for the media and live in a rural area.

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Kindly I got a Toshiba Satellite L655-1HE since a while, and this is not the first one as I have more than 4 Notebooks but I never faced this problem .....

I am trying to run the *Media Recovery Creator tool but it NEVER works!!!!* .....
Is there a way to fix this to be able to create the Media Recovery DVDs ????

Thanks & Best Regards

Answer:Satellite L655-HE Recovery Media Creator does not work

What do you mean exactly by ?Never works??
Are you not able to start this software or what error did you notice?

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help please

my xp media centre pc was running really slow so i decided to put the recovery disk and start over again however now windows it not installed and halfway thorugh tyhe intallation it asks for disks we don't and never had (service pack 2 disk etc)
i have vista home which i could install but thats not workin eiterh please tell how to wipe everything so i cand just put vista on

Answer:Media Centre Recovery Disk

Put your Vista CD in, then turn off PC, when it turns on press Delete, this will put you in the BIOS Menu, look for for boot priority, set it to be boot from CD/DVD.

Press F10 then enter, when it restarts it will start to load Vista.

When you get as far as putting in the license key, you will be able to pick the disk it is stored onto, if you want to wipe the disk, then highlight the disk, click DELETE.

after that

Click NEW it will automatically set the size, click OK.

Then click FORMAT, once its done click NEXT and you are on your way.

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As abvoe really, I usually leave my computer running overnight and yesterday I went on it to find that I had 80mb of hard drive space left (60 gig hard drive). Error messages had been popping up and a record of these was saved in the pchealth folder, under userdumps, or something like that. Anyway I deleted 58gigs worth of these userdumps but the same error message kept cropping up.

It was an error with the Media Centre Receiver, but I'm not sure entirely what this is, but it was based in the ehome folder which I think is located in the main Windows folder.

I've been into msconfig and stopped the ehhome.exe from starting at at startup but that seems to mess up the video/tv settings within Media Centre.

I recently installed codec's and a divx player to play divx movies.

I just wondered wether it would be safer to use the recovery CD and re-install windows and the software and create a restore point, then install the codecs again to see if the same problem arises, or whether anyone has had this problem and cured it.

Finally, I did actually run the recovery cd with a view to doing the above, but when the cd boots the first line in dos says something like, 'running setup for windows 98'. Surely XP is on the recovery cd and not 98?

Can anybody please confirm this for me and any answers to the above problems.


Answer:Qosmio G20: Media Centre Receiver issue - Recovery question


I can?t believe that Windows 98 is placed on the recovery CD.
As far as I know the Qosmio G20 was delivered with the Window MCE.
There no Win98 recovery CDs for the Qosmio units.

In my opinion this message occurs because of RAID or other drivers which are loading at the beginning.

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My Satellite P10 is 2003 vintage and has Windows Media Centre on board.
Recently, when trying to log on to use the new TV catch facilities which are coming online I was instructed that I needed to upgrade to Windows Media 11 (or higher) to be able to watch these TV programmes.

After downloading WM11 and trying to load it I get the error message 'You need Windows Media Centre 2005 or higher to be able to run WM11'.

Anybody else have this problem and is there anything I can do about it (short of dumping my P10 and buying a Mac (which is what my son keeps telling me to do!).

Answer:Satellite P10 - Windows XP (SP3) and Media Centre usage


According to your message your notebook uses the Windows Win XP MCE?
It looks like you are using the old version which is 2003?

The error message providing by WMP11 says that you need the newer version; 2005.

I think you should simply update the Windows media Center?.

For this please check this Microsoft website:


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carnt get tv stick to work in media centre any help its a hauge

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I recently installed the Toshiba DVB TV, set up all the channels and guides, then recorded a number of tv programs.
Unfortunately, when I fired up my Satellite P100-240 this morning to check last nights recordings, the media centre told me that I'd deleted all my recordings .

I tried to get the media centre going again to no avail.
All I get is a window telling me there may be essential audio and video files missing and it said I should quote 'Error 3' when looking for support.
I've tried re-installing the drivers, etc but it just goes back to 'error 3' anybody able to help?

Answer:Satellite P100-240: Media Centre Edition - Error 3

This is very strange issue. To be honest I really don?t know what happened with you Windows Media Centre software.
It?s an Microsoft program and from my own personal experience sometimes such unexplainable things happens?

What you could do is trying to roll back the OS to the early time point!
Possibly a system restore point was created and you could set the OS to this point.

I would also recommend checking your recorded programs.
Usually the stored programs can be found in the following folder:
C:\Documents and Settings\ All Users\Documents\recorded TV
Maybe you could rescue these files.

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when i try to use my msn video player in the media centre it wont work keeps saying media centre has stopped working but yet everything else works on the media centre as far as i can see anyone help me with this issue windows media centre with windows 7 home premium is what i've got

Answer:windows media centre msn video player wont work


I am experiencing exactly the same issue as you and have the same operating system.
Has anyone escalated this to microsoft yet or got a workaround?
Note it also does this when you click on the "search" function.

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Dear Friends,I have an IdeaCentre A700 - 40241CU.  When I click on the Windows Media Player Icon, nothing happens.  When I put an audio CD in the player does not respond.  Any suggestions? DBE

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Recently bought a P100 with XP Pro OS but I don't to be able to join the domain at work properly. Normally create a new account on the Server SBS 2003 then from the PC 'join domain'.

Any clues?

Answer:Satellite P100: XP Pro Media Centre - unable to join domain


You should better check the site of small biz server. There you will find FAQ:

Check also this:

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Hi there, hoping anyone can help me, just bought Windows XP Media Centre Edition, had home installed, did a fresh install and i'm missing quite a few drivers (Ethernet controller, Mass storage controller, Network controller, PCI device and VGA video controller)

I have a satellite A100 PSAA9E and was wondering if there are any drivers for this edition of windows yet or if there are any alternatives i.e. should the XP pro drivers work ?


Answer:Satellite A100: Need drivers for Windows XP Media Centre Edition


so far there are no drivers for media centre edition from Toshiba for this Notebook. Try the normal XP drivers or look on the websites of the component manufacturers. But if you find something there's no guarantee that it will work correctly. You can also try drivers for other notebook models with the same components.


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I have a Satellite L670 PSK3EE-xxxxx

When I launch Toshiba Recovery Media Creator I have two errors :
Unxcepted error, please close the app and relaunch :


Then it displays the soft and ask for 3 DVD...
Any idea why ?
Where Could I download a new version of Toshiba Recovery Media Creator ?

Thanks by advance

Answer:Satellite L670 PSK3EE - Recovery Recovery Media Creator ERRORS

Toshiba recover creator asks for 3 DVDs because three empty DVDs are needed in order to create an Recover Disk!

PS: I found Toshiba Recover Media Creator for download on this Toshiba Australian page:

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Hello, I've used the recovery media creator to create a USB flash drive recovery media.

If i then use that to restore the Windows 7 installation onto a new hard drive (as SSD) will that drive itself have the recovery media partition on it?

So if I then lose the USB stick could I restore again by holding down zero when powering on?

Or does it recover the Windows partition and nothing more?

Thank you

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I just buy a new Satellite L50-A-161 with 6 Gb Ram.
When i try to create the recovery disks (3 of 4.7Gb DVD) with Recovery Media, during the verify, after writing the first disk, I receive this error message:

Cannot read file:
D: \EFI \ microsoft \boot \bcd
(error code: 02014F - 20-00000000)

and the process stops.

Is there anyone thath can help me?

These are the spec of my notobook:
Satelliete L50-A-161, 6 GB Ram, Intel Core I7 3630QM-2,40GHz,NVIDIA GEFORCE GT740M 2GB RAM, S.O. W8 64bit.
Ask for more, if nedds.


Answer:Satellite L50-A-161 - Recovery Media fails in creat recovery disk

Hmmmm.... there must be some problem with recovery image.
When you open recover disc creator and if there is option for USB media creation please test it.

Maybe you will be able to create recovery USB stick.

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Hello, I've got a Toshiba Satellite A110 Notebook since 2006.
2 Days ago a friend formated my notebook. In order to make the systemstart a little bit faster, he stopped a few Toshiba applications in the system configuration. My notebook worksa now very good.

But here is the problem: Before formatting I could use these helpful Media Apps for my Windows Media Player - basically because of laziness to switch between the programms during working. :-)...
But now, they don't work anymore. :-(

Is it possible, that we've stopped an application, which is important to make these apps run?
Or is an additional driver left?
Or do they only work in cobination with Windows Media Player 10. (now I've installed the WMP 11)

I hope for your helpful answers.

But think over, that I'm not such great computer genius! ;-)... :-(

Answer:Satellite A110 Media Apps for Windows Media Player don't work!

Try to enable all disabled applications. Go to START > Run and write MSCONFIG inside.
When the ?System Configuration? window is open go to ?Startup? tab and enable all applications with empty Startup Item.

Restart your notebook and check if everything works well again.

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Almost 2 years ago I got this PC at Costco.  I made the media recovery on HP DVD-Rs back then.Now I had a bug and it was necessary to wipe everything out.I tried using those DVD's but it didn't work (now I know I was doing it wrong) so I did the download version from the HP site.It does not include the Office that came with the computer.So now I'm ready to do it over again with the recovery DVD's but they don't work.  Followed the instructions from HP and tried all the options.Buying recovery CD's from HP is no longer available.What are my other options to get Office back now, and for the future if I have to do a recovery again?Thank you for anyone who can reply.

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I have a laptop model--17-x116dx--windows 10--had it less than a month--started crashing we decided to use the media recovery disks I made, the first 3 went fine the 4th one went for a while and then came up with this error message--windows could not finish configuring the sytem, to attempt to resume configuration, restart the computer,,I did and the same message comes up..

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My laptops hardrive broke down. I bought a new one and replaced it. Afterwards I quickly realized that HP does not provide a recovery CD, how lovely ! I called the HP support and they have advised that I need to order a media recovery USB. So I paid my 120$ and 10 days later I got it.Once I plug the media USB into my laptop, I get an error message that says that the media key does not support my laptop. I called HP support and they are telling me that in order for them to help me with media key, I need to pay them another 60$, how lovely !Before I spend more money, would someone know how I could fix my problem?!

Answer:Media recovery key doesn't work

Hi, Many vendors now don't supply DVD's for new computers. Firstly the Recovery set won't cost that much.And secondly for Windows 8, the key is aready in the BIOS, no need a new key. Regards.

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My wife's Aspire One 725 went down a couple of months ago with a bad hard drive.  Of course, I hadn't maed a recovery USB.  I finally ordered one from the Store, and tried it out tonight.  I set the boot order to USB HDD, and, well, nothing happens!  First, I see a cursor in the top left corner, and then I see the little circle of balls wait indicator, but i never get any other screen!  Could I have a bad USB media from ACER?  Could they have sent me the wrong one?  Any other ideas?

Answer:Why doesn't my new USB recovery media work?

You may go to BIOS settings and check if the options that you have changed has been saved. Also check the new hard disk, you may clean format it and remove all the partition, keep only a single partition.You may boot using the USB recovery media and it would automatically configure the OEM partition needed to reload windows.  Click the Kudos  to say ?Thanks? for helping! select "Accept Solution" if your issue is resovled. 

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Hi, anyone knows where to download a disk image or get a recovery media for my laptop?
The link provided in the sticky thread is obsolete.

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hi !
That's what happening....
i ordered few days ago a media recovery disc, i put that into a laptop and... start recovery step by step and after while that's shows up:

Image tool for Windows

Progress: 100%

Successfully applied image

Unpack Vista OS

ImageX Tool For Windows

Progres: 2% 12:37 mins remaining
[Warning] C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\vdk150.dll. [Uncompress File: <seq. 90> -> file corrupted in block at offset 01C8A49F]

[Retry] Restoring C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\vdk150.dll again... <GLE = 0>

[Warning] C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\vdk150.dll. [Uncompress File: <seq. 90> -> file corrupted in block at offset 01C8A49F]

[Retry] Restoring C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\vdk150.dll again... <GLE = 0>

[Warning] C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\vdk150.dll. [Uncompress File: <seq. 90> -> file corrupted in block at offset 01C8A49F]

[Retry] Restoring C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\vdk150.dll again... <GLE = 0>

[Warning] C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\vdk150.dll. [Uncompress File: <seq. 90> -> file corrupted in block at offset 01C8A49F]

[Retry] Restoring C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\vdk150.dll again... <GLE = 0>

[Error:1392] C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\vdk150.dll

Error restoring image

The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable

Err... Read more

Answer:Satellite A300D - can't use recovery media


If you cannot use it contact Arvato where you have order it, explain the situation and ask if you can get new one. I cannot say for sure what the problem is but I can imagine that recovery disc is ?troublemaker?.

What else can be? HDD? I don?t think so.

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Hi, anyone knows where can I download a recovery disk image or get a recovery media for my laptop?
The link provided in the support section is obsolete.

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Toshiba L series laptop - L50-B1-1NL
Toshiba Original Recovery media on usb stick
Do I use a usb port2 or usb port3 to install/recover from

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Where can I purchase/download the recovery media for a Satellite A100?

Answer:Re: Satellite A100 Recovery media

You can find, and buy the Toshiba service here. The Recovery CD you can use for all Toshiba laptops.


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unfortunately i need to recover factory default with the recovery Media (3 DVDs which i created with the "Toshiba Recovery Media Creator" Tool before starting the recovery process).

So i boot the Toshiba Recovery Wizard from the Recovery DVDs and choose "Recovery of factory default software", which starts with copying the files from the Disks.

But it will come to a point when it asks me for a further Disk (DVD 4), which i of cause don't have. And when i checked the 3 REcory Disks i noticed that one was not complety written and one was even empty.
(DVD1: 4,4 GB, DVD2: 709,1 MB, DVD3: empty)

i can't repeat "Toshiba Recovery Media Creator" because the Hard disk is already complety erased.

this is why i aks for recovery media.
is it possible to download an iso image?


Answer:Where can i get Recovery Media for Satellite L855-150

Hmm? that?s strange?
I?m wondering if you received a notification that Recovery Disks has been created properly? Did you?

In my case I received such message that Recovery disk are OK and the procedure could be finished properly.

>is it possible to download an iso image?
Unfortunately, this is not possible

You can order this here:

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can anyone please help would like to reset laptop back to factory settings so looking for original /copy disc ...thanks

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I am looking to buy a stick with the recovery media, but the Toshiba website that I get sent to from the official Toshiba website never loads for me. Anyone have had problems or know a better URL?


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We bought toshiba Satelite pro S500-115, and we are very much dissapointed!!!
In first two months I brought to service three times, because it was freezing up every few hours.
Finally they changed CPU and motherboard.

Then, the major problem appeared.
I couldn't make recovery media before, because of freezing, but now, the official service also deleted the hard drive - just in case....
So, I don't have recovey media, it can't be downloaded, neither the other media from Win7 doesn't accept the number from bellow.

I send the mail for help many times to toshiba headquarters, but they just don't care! I found out that, I must pay extra to get the media - but I allready bought system! This is really shiiit, and I don't suggest to my customers to buy anything from Toshiba.

I really don't like their atitude. they just want to sell, but then they just don't care, *******es!

Answer:Satellite Pro S500-115 - Recovery media

Really sad story mate?
I think you should get in contact with a local ASP in your country.
As far as I know in many (maybe all) European countries you can find Toshiba subsidiary and I think the ASP should be able to forward this to the Toshiba in your country.

Good luck man?

PS: I had some problems with my notebook and my ASP was very helpful. I was very satisfied how the issue has been handled?

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Since my problem getting my laptop to boot up I recently tried to use the recovery discs which I made 2 years ago. The first 2 seemed to load but the last one was rejected ( it was a different make DVD). I have copied it on my old Tosh.L 350 but it still does not work. I suspect that copying does not produce an exact duplicate! Is this reasonable?
Does anyone know where I can get the required recovery media and is it the same for any laptop of the same model or is it specific to mine?
After the recent failure of My C850 to boot up I eventually got the message


Your PC needs to be repaired.

Required device isn?t connected or can?t be accessed.

Error code: 0xc000000f

I followed some instructions for this so that my PC should boot up from the CD/DVD drive.but when I try this I get the message

PXE-E61 : Media test failure, check cable
followed by
PXE-M0F : Exiting PXE ROM. No bootable device -- insert boot disc and press any key.

Since the only cable attached is to the power supply does the message about the cable mean that either the CD/DVD drive or hard drive are not properly connected?
Can anyone help please.

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My product recovery CD does not work at all, spoke to customer service but no help.
How can I get recovery CD? I bought the machine from UAE, it?s a Satellite M70-122 (PSM70E)

Please help me

Answer:Need Product Recovery media for Satellite M70-122

How do you mean that your recovery does not work?

Which problem do you have exactly or which error message appears when you put the disc into the drive and press "C" to recover your machine?

Would be very interesting to know..

Please give some feedback on that case.


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I have a Satellite C50-B-153, the HDD Recovery partition does not work. I then tried my Recovery DVD's but disk 2 failed to load.
I have tried the Toshiba web sites to find out where I can purchase Recovery Media but can not find where to apply.
Can anybody please help.


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I am restoring my satellite c50 using a USB recovery media purchased from Toshiba. About 30% of install am getting an error has occurred 33. Error reported from rcmd!. Any ideas

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I had this Pavilion DM4 brought toi me for repair. The hard disk drive was dead...well nearly dead, it would start  up but you couldn't do anything and the errors said to back up data and replace the HDD. So anyway the client didn't make or have recovery disks. So I ordered a set.....but what I received today was a USB Flashdrive. I was able to get the flashdrive to boot, but I get this error: This Computer is not supported by the  system recovery media.You will not be able to continue to recover this system with these media. Error Code   0100-146A-1650- 1651 What do I do now? I was expecting the media to be DVDs. Can I convert this USB drive to DVD disks? Or is there some way around the error? Right now it appears that I have wasted almost $50 purchasing this media.  Not too happy right now.

Answer:Recovery media I just bought doesn't work

The back of the flashdrive has this information: Arvato Digital Services, LLC657980-00150019093438739918

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I am running XP pro.
I purchased my Cruzer mini 1.0GB, plugged it into a usb on the main computer but could not get Explorer to recognize the drive. It will light up occasionally and sound is heard (dum dum + dah dum)plugging in and unplugging. It does have info on it in which I added by plugging into my laptop. I also renamed the drive Cruzer_1GB. It has no problems at all when used on my laptop or my spare pc (which all use xp pro) to exchange info.
My main computer recognizes my Cruzer Titanium 512MB and assigns it a drive letter. When I place both Cruzers side by side in laptop or my spare pc, it recognizes both, assigns different drive letters and exchanges info with no problems.
Obviously, its must be a setting of some sort. Please help.

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Satellite L50-B-2G2.
Windows 8.1 pre-installed

Where do I find the "Recovery Media Creator" ?
I found a description how to use it but none where to find it....


Answer:Re: Satellite L50-B-2G2 - Where to find "Recovery Media Creator"?

Start please ?Desktop Assist? > Support & Recovery > and there you will find Recovery media creator.

You can also find it if you use search option.

Check it out please.

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I have big problem with my laptop, Satellite C660D-1CU.
When I go to start then all programs and Toshiba, and then Toshiba recovery media creator this message is on the display:

Creating the recovery media is impossible!
Can not find the HDD recovery folder on the second drive of the first hard disk. This computer has no valid environmental restoration of hard disk.

Can someone help me because I really need my pc back to factory settings because I have too many bugs.


Message was edited: posting has been translated

Answer:Cannot create recovery media on my Satellite C660D-1CU

Such problem occurs if Toshiba recovery creator tool cannot find recovery image on the HDD. There are many reasons for that. Recovery image can be deleted, removed or HDD partitions structure is maybe changed. Just with original settings and original HDD condition this will work.

Unfortunately now you will not be able to create recovery media or start HDD recovery installation.
What you can do is to order new and original recovery DVD for your notebook model and it can be done on

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My Toshiba C855-2F3 has juust had its hard drive trashed when Windows 10 had a fit. Recovery functions fail with an unknown error.
I need to reinstall theb laptop and I have no recovery media. I went to the site where you used to oreder it which says its no longer running since 31st March 2017 and it Directs me to the current Tech support site, where after going though all the questions with the automated service, it tells me to order recovery media and directs me back to the first side, which stopped on the 31st Marsh.

Simple question, when do I order recovery media now ????????????

Answer:Satellite C855-2F3 - How to order the recovery media

2 days and not a hint of a reply???????

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HDD on laptop had died, no recovery media created. Tried ordering from Toshiba website but get following message

" recovery media can be ordered, because it comes not from the region of Toshiba Europe, or i's to old for this service..."

Laptop was purchased 2014 from the UK - yes t's old but so is the user.

Can not find a "contact us" section on the website where I can ask the question.

What are my best alternate options?


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I require the recovery media for a Saellite C660 1F1. If any one would know where I could download or purchase this I would be very great full.


Answer:Satellite C660-1F1: Where can i purchase the Recovery Media


Almost all threads in the ?Toshiba Product Recovery forum? contains this link to the page where you can order a recover disk for a Toshiba European notebook series ;)

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I have ordered the recovery media for my Daughters laptop. Does any one know if this returns it to factory settings including pre installed software and drivers as the e-mail just says Windows 7.


Answer:Satellite C660 - question about recovery media

> Does any one know if this returns it to factory settings including pre installed software and drivers
Yes. After recovery image installation notebook will have original ?factory settings? as on first start after purchase.

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I have been trying to create the Toshiba recovery discs for my Toshiba Satellite L850-1D5 and I inserted the first disc and the burning started and then verification of the disc. I then got a message to say creation of disc 1 failed. How can I create the recovery discs if I get this message?

Please advise
Many Thanks

Answer:Satellite L850-1D5 - Cannot create Recovery Media

Which empty media do you use?

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I have recently purchased a refurbished Toshiba Satelite T110-12T and am in the midst of creating some recovery media on 2 x DVD. It is now approahing 2 hours and the gas gauge is still at approx 50% of first disc!

Can someone please advise me if this is normal or should I abort and re-start? What is your experience of the time taken?

Answer:Satellite T110-12T - Creating recovery media

Hi OfficerDibble,

Usually creating the recovery medium takes less than one hour.

I don?t know what?s going wrong on your notebook but it could be related to low quality mediums that you use. I have good experience with DVD-R mediums (NOT DVD+R) from Verbatim and TDK. This always works very well and I would recommend such high quality mediums.

As far as I know Satellite T110 offers also an option to create recovery files on USB stick. Have you already tried this?

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Trying to copy in USB memory, using Recovery Media Creator, initial image of Pc; just in case future problems I get this message : Error 040 EAE-02-000000000.
Any idea of what this means?.


Answer:Re: Satellite Pro L - Error using recovery media creator


Have you already tested another USB stick? Probably the stick is defective so the recovery media can?t create successfully.

Also format the stick before using recovery media creator.

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My dvd/cd drive works fine but satellite s1800 814 won't book from any bootable disc in it windows xp / toshiba recovery disc etc

Answer:Satellite 1800 - cant boot from recovery media

Have you tried holding the "C" key during power on?

Try resetting the BIOS settings, and make sure the BIOS is up to date.

Check the Toshiba website for the latest BIOS.

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Hey there:

I need a Windows 8.1 Recovery Media for my Click Mini.
An original Windows 8.1 bootdisc from Microsoft don't works for me.
The keyboard, trackpad or touchscreen isn't working for me
in the Windows setup.

The Toshiba download site isn't very helpful. There is no disc image.
The support is also bad in my country. To get a phone number you have
to play with an very helpful "virtual assistant" and then you have
to upload the bill and your full adress. This is really worse.

I hope you can help me there, thanks.

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My daughter bought herself a Satellite M45 -S2693 while on holiday in America just over 1yr ago. We now need the recovery media, so I rang the USA support number to be told they *_will not_* post the DVD to the UK. Does anyone know a way round this problem?


Answer:USA will not post Recovery Media - Satellite M45-S2693


I believe you this. Have you asked for the reason?

Way around can be to install your own WXP using Microsoft installations CD. The drivers, tools and utilities you can found on Toshiba US support page

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I had to replace the hard drive in my Satellite L750 1V0. A recovery CD / DVD is not available.

Where can I buy a recovery backup media?

(Original Windows 7 Home Prem or betterWindows 7 Pro 64?)
(This link is broken:

Thanks Tom

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Hello. My laptop came with Windows 8, but I upgraded to 8.1 and then to 10. However, I wanted to return it to its original state, since it worked better for me. But the recovery partition was no more, so I ordered a recovery media USB, which came today.

However, no matter I try, everytime I try to boot from the USB, the computer ignores it and boots Windows 10 instead. I don't know what to do, so please lend me a hand. Thank you.

Answer:Satellite U940-108 ignores recovery media

I finally managed to boot from the USB and install Windows.

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Ran the recovery option on a C660 laptop from the hidden HD to set it back to the factory built but the re-install failed to complete correctly, now the hard drive as also failed
I can't find the recovery media to rebuild onto a new HD so are the recovery media still available to order as all the links I have found are broken on the Toshiba site

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Hello. I need to format a Satellite Pro T130 device, but the recovery partition has been corrupted, and we do not have the recovery media. I have tried acquiring a Windows 7 ISO file from Microsoft to create a boot drive, but they won't allow me to download anything since the provided windows key belongs to an OEM device. What other options do I have to format the device?

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Can someone help me with this issue?
I just purchased a dell XPS890 and have attempted (twice on 2 different 32 GB USB drives) to create Recovery Media (in accordance w/ instructions provided in Dell Quick Start Guide).  Every time I attempted to perform recovery to USB, i got the same error, which is "We can't create the recovery drive , A problem occurred while creating the recovery drive." This happens after the initial copying begins (and appears to be working but within a few minutes, the error pops up).
Please note: I was able to utilize these same USB drives with another computer (Dell 720H2C) to create a recovery disk with no problem.  Please help me understand how to deal with this problem.  Thank you - Trudy

Answer:Recovery Media Creation process for XPS890 does not work

You can see if you have the newest Dell Backup and Recovery software.

If your PC is running Windows 10, you need to read -->

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i m not sure ..i have Hp media center PC and for some reason i have lost everything from it ...and i formatted its hard drive ...i had 3 recovery dvd from this but unfortunately i cud load only one of them i tried another desktop's recovery dvd ..but i m not sure would it work in this PC too ...this one is from compaq ..if it works would it be genuine window XP again it possible for me to use it again if anytime there would be any trouble in my compaq desktop .....
thanks in advance

Answer:I have tried compaq system recovery on HP media center ?? would it work ???

Sorry for the late reply -- but no, a Recovery disk can only be used on the computer it shipped with. The license key is tied to the hardware (often to the motherboard's Bios).

That could be the source of the trouble in your other thread, if it is the Compaq's disk you are trying to install into the Hp Media Center PC.

Best of luck
. . . Gary

[P.S. on your HP, there should be a sticker with your model # & a sticker with your XP license # on it: for most Hp PCs, you can order replacement Recovery CDs for a modest fee (I think the going rate is around $30 USD). The Recovery Disk would come complete with the Windows XP operating system, and all the bundled software.]

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I've got a number of systems that have Windows 7 downgrade installed by default. So I've switched the firmware to UEFI as per:

I then booted the DVD from the UEFI boot dvd option and then try to install the OS, but didn't get the option, I also checked the following article:

but I don't get the option to Install as per step 13, instead I get options for recovery / repair, same as you'd get when running a recovery disc.
I've tried the firmware with or without Secure Boot enabled, that doesn't make a difference, I've also tried creating a UEFI USB stick from the DVD and using that, same result.
Finally if I go through the advanced options, I can select the built in option for 'Recovering' the OS from disk, the problem with this is that it installed a clean Windows 10 install, no drivers, no Dell specific tweaks, no Office trial installed which I simply want to activate.
Thought I'd try the forums before calling Dell support on Monday.
Any ideas?

Answer:Windows 10 Recovery media won't work on 3020MT Tower

I'd say skip the Dell media and use the installer from Microsoft ...

No drivers, but those few that are likely to be installed are easy enough to install.
No Dell-specific tweaks - other than Dell branding (which I doubt there is anyone that would 'want' that specifically), I'm not sure what you are referring to.
Office trial is just the free version apps with the Click-to-Run app installed - when you "activate" Office through the Click-to-Run with an existing key, the files for the version you activate are downloaded from the web anyway, so there is really no reason to let that deter you.

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I had a few problems with the album info in Media Player (some tracks werent assigned to the correct album - some albums appeared twice with some tracks in one instance and the rest in another). I have resolved this but I now get different album info in Media Center (some are still split, some album art isnt showing even though it appears correctly in Media Player). Does anyone have any ideas how the info is different (I thought Media Centre read the Media Player Library) and how to fix it?

Answer:Different album info in Media Centre to Media Player Library

Originally Posted by rwbarrett

I had a few problems with the album info in Media Player (some tracks werent assigned to the correct album - some albums appeared twice with some tracks in one instance and the rest in another). I have resolved this but I now get different album info in Media Center (some are still split, some album art isnt showing even though it appears correctly in Media Player). Does anyone have any ideas how the info is different (I thought Media Centre read the Media Player Library) and how to fix it?

General technique:
1) Edit the tags in Windows
2) Drag the album to WMP11 to check
3) Fix the tag info in Windows where needed
4) Redrag to WMP11 and check again
5) Repeat 3 and 4 as necessary
6) Open VMC and pray!

Problem 1: Inconsistent/duplicate albums
You didn't mention the file types, but I'll assume they're MP3s. In this case the problems is likely in the tags. Try this procedure:

1) Select all of the tracks of the album inside of Windows
2) Right click and select "Properties", then "Details" to bring up the Tag editor
3) Rename the Album Artist to something different like "a" and hit OK
4) Do this again but this time rename the Album Artist back to the correct name and hit OK

This will clear any inconsistencies in the Album Artist which seem to happen when tags are downloaded from the internet. Remember that tag info is a community thing, their is no quality control.

I... Read more

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i am currently attemting to use the product recovery cd on my satellite pro L10 however when i get as far as selecting recover entire hard disk (option 1) then continue and then the following message appears on a black screen:

Error checking for a player partition - please try again!
Press any key to continue...

on pressing any key i then get another blank screen like this:



i have no idea what to do about this or even if it is actually a problem, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks

Answer:Satellite Pro L10 - Recovery does not work


Please format the HDD again and delete all partitions from the HDD.
Several month ago my recovery CD did not function. But after HDD formatting I was able to perform the installation from Toshiba recovery CD.

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I have a Satellite A10S503 which I purchased 1 year ago, now I want to format it by using the product recovery CD. However the procedure do not work.
1. I put the CD into drive.
2. Turned on the computer by pressing F12.
3. Choosing CD logo.

And then Win XP opened again.

Secondly, I changed primary boot device to CD-Rom from Toshiba HW Setup and I booted.

This time, when starting, computer looked for a CD but "media failure" message came on to screen. And Windows XP opened like before...

To summarize, I couldn't format my computer.

I have two CD-ROM disks which comes in Toshiba box.
1. Toshiba Recovery CD
2. Tools& Utilities CD

And none of them works as a bootable XP format disk.

I only want to format my computer and restore factory settings. Toshiba manual guide says it is possible but procedure doesn't work!

Please help me in order to restore my factory settings.


Answer:Recovery CD do not work (Satellite A10)


On Toshiba ?Recovery CD? there is image that includes OS, all necessary drivers, Toshiba tools and some applications supplied by Toshiba. ?Recovery CD? is bootable and should be used just for installation of OS.

?Tools & Utilities CD? contents all drivers, tools and utilities that you need for usage of notebook. This one is not bootable.

If you want to boot-up from CD-ROM put ?Recovery CD? in CD device. Press power button and keep down C button till CD-ROM starts to read ?Recovery CD?.
Follow the instructions on the screen.

Before you do this you can also check in BIOS is there ?Power up Mode? option. If you can find it please chose ?Boot? option.


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Can you use an external hard drive to copy the System Recovery image? The User Manual, under System Recovery - Creating Recovery Media, states:

" A recovery image of the software on your computer is stored on the hard disk drive, and can be copied to either DVD or USB Flash Memory by using the following steps:
1. Select either blank DVD or USB Flash Memory.
The application will allow you to choose from a variety of different media onto which the recovery image can be copied including DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+R DL, DVD+RW and USB Flash Memory."

There is no mention of being able to copy to an external hard disk drive.

Answer:Satellite L670 - System Recovery Media Options


This word ?copy? is wrong. What you can create is bootable image saved on DVD or USB. Simply data copy is not possible because later you will not be able to have access to it and start recovery image installation.

Best option for you is:
Create recovery DVD using preinstalled ?Toshiba recovery disc creator? tool. This disc you can use for OS installation every time you want. I recommend you to use DVD-R media.

If you have more questions you are welcome.

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Where can I download a disk image or order a recovery media for y laptop?
The link is not working anymore.

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I have the above laptop which was dropped on its edge causing the hard drive to jam and fail.
This means no access to the system recovey, so I ordered recovery media from arvato Toshibas Recovery Media shop.

I fitted a new HDD slipped the recovery disk in and boom, no bootable media please insert system disk.

I tried the disk on other laptops, same thing, no bootable media, so back to arvato who kindly sent me out replacement discs ..... you guessed it....exactly the same thing so I put in my genuine windows 7 install cd and it read the disk fine.

Arvato said they asked toshiba to check the image which they did and found no errors, but arvato's stock might be faulty I thought. anyway they offered a refund which doesnt really help.

I am possibly missing something hence this post hoping one of you tosh guru's might be able to help :)

thanks in advance,


Answer:Satellite C855-1VT - Cannot boot the Recovery media disk


Maybe the image is OK but the CD/DVD drive cannot read the disk from Arvato.
What you could do is to copy this Recovery disk to another disk using another computer.
Then you could try to boot the unit using the new copied disk.
Might be worth a try?.

Additionally you could try following workaround:
Go to BIOS and check the settings for secure boot and Boot mode.
What settings do appear in BIOS?

I?m asking because you said you could boot from Win 7 disk and in such case the secure boot should be disabled and the boot mode should be set from UEFI to CSM mode.

In case you want to install Win 8 the secure boot should be enabled an UEFI should be used

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excuse my English pronunciation.

I got a laptop of my clients who has unfortunately created during installation no backup. Now he has installed Windows XP directly after the purchase and created no medium. Since we ourselves only Professional - customers we have no installation disc for the customer. Is there a way to help our customers and to get an installation disk for Windows 7 64bit without buying?

Thanks for answers.

Answer:Satellite Pro L650 - System Recovery Media lost


unfortunately, you can't get for free any recovery medias :( You can get it for money making an order:

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I have a laptop from a client, that is a Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-239, and i'm having a strange issue.

The original hard disk failed, and as the laptop is out of warranty, we bought a new hard disk, and ordered the recovery media to this model, from our local toshiba repair assistance.

After the setup copied the files to the disk, the imageX fails when restoring the image files with the error:

"the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable".

The hard disk is new, and i tried also with more 2 hard disks, and also with an external cd-rom drive.

I talked with the support from the local repair assistance, and they told me this occurs because the new hard drive ins't compatible with the recovery media?!

One of the new hard disks i tried, was the exact same model than the original hard disk, and the error still occurs, so the hard disk can't be the problem.

Is there any change of the recovery media is corrupted?

Could also be a motherboard problem?

Thank you

Answer:Satellite Pro C660-239 - Error restoring from recovery media

> Is there any change of the recovery media is corrupted?
Of course this is possible.
In case the HDD is OK, the recovery media could be corrupted.

>Could also be a motherboard problem?
I don?t think so?. I presume the HDD is recognized in BIOS properly and the error message says something about corrupted directory. I guess the disk directory is meaning and I think media should be replaced.

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When i try to make Recovery dvd with TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator the burning fails.

I have Satellite C50-A-19T with TSSTcorpCDDVDW_SU-208DB_T cd/dvd-rw unit.

During burning process i get an error that say that is impossible read the file D:\ZZImages\ZZImages\install29.swm (the .swm file in error change with different attempts).

I marked the option to verify dvd after burning.

I tried a few times: i try make a single dvd (requires 3 dvd for complete recovery).
i try 2 times with verbatim dvd+r the fist try failed, the second succeeded with the same kind of support.
i try make dvd numb. 2. for two time with dvd-r and dvd +r support and it failed again.

On windows error report i find this error:

and this alert:

+ODD Firmware Update to fix problems with the Toshiba Recovery CD creator+

I see this solution by upgrading firmware for different models of cd/dvd-rw units

but not about the model I have.

i have:

TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator version:
windows 8.1 x64.

there is a solution?
is a known problem?



Answer:Satellite C50-A-19T problem with TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator

If fie that belongs to recovery image cannot be read than there must be problem with recovery image files and not with optical disc drive.
Have you tested optical disc drive functionality on some other way?

Does Toshiba recovery media creator offer option for recovery USB media? If yes, try please to create recovery USB to see if the same problem will happen again.

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Hi guys I have a bit of an issue with my laptop (Satellite Pro A300-PSAG1E0). Well a few issues really

I had the laptop purchased as a gift second hand from eBay. The listing stated the laptop had the XP Downgrade media supplied on DVD which it wasn't and that I could create a copy of the recovery media using the built in software which it doesn't as it doesn't have the recovery creator software on it.

I belive that the laptop is running an illegal version of Windows as the product key sticker states it is meant to run Vista Home primium and it runs windows 7.

The seller has disappeared and he is not awnsering any of my calls. Im at my whits end with this as being on a low income means I can't really afford to buy recovery media or an offical Windows disk.

Any help on how I could get the recovery disks or any advice on how I can get a legal copy of Windows would be great. I have also reported it to microsoft as suspect software.

Once Again thanks

Chris Winter

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Answer:Recovery media for Satellite Pro A300-PSAG1E0 required


You can order the Recovery disk for this notebook from here:

But I don?t understand why you didn?t search in the forum for such questions.


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My laptop recently got the blue screen of death and had to reformat my laptop. I popped the disc in and to my surprise it tells me wrong machine
even though it's the disc that came with it when I purchased it. Now I am not sure what to do any suggestions?

Answer:Cannot use recovery media - wrong machine - Satellite A55-S106

Have you had some serious problems in the past with this notebook?
Is maybe mainboard exchanged?

Anyway, visit this page and click on "Support bulletins"page. There you can find follow document - *How to eliminate the "Wrong Machine" error message when restoring the factory software image.*
Good luck!

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I?ve recently purchased a Satellite Pro C850 and, after updating Win 7 and setting everything the way I like it, I tried to create recovery media.

However, when I click on Recovery Media Creator in programs, the file "TRMCLcher.exe" cannot be found. Indeed, I cannot find it anywhere on the computer.

In the directory C:/Program Files/Toshiba/Toshiba Recovery Media Creator, there is an application named "toRDC.exe" but this will not run.

Does anyone have any ideas how to get Recovery Meda Creator to run? I?d rather avoid the hassle of using the Hard Disk partition recovery option to return to factory settings if possible, particularly as I?m doubtful Recovery Media Creator will work even then, considering I?ve not deleted or altered any files to do with the program.

Grateful for any help, thanks.

Answer:Satellite Pro C850 - Missing Recovery Media Creator

Take a look at this page:

Here I could find the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator for Win 7 64bit for download.
Of course if you need 32bit version, you should change the settings in the download form.

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On my new Toshiba Satellite C850-11V there appears te be no TRMCLcher.exe in the map Program Files/Toshiba/Toshiba Recovery Media Creater. This is the application with which I should create DVD's for recovery. Very strange. The rest of the map looks OK. Probably something went wrong while unpacking the software.

Can anyone send me the program TRMCLcher.exe as a ZIP-file, so that I can copy it manually into te map?
Thanks. Herman.

Answer:Recovery Media Creater is missing on my Satellite C850

Hello Herman

In my opinion you should install recovery image again and check it one more time with ?factory settings?.
How to install recovery image using HDD recovery mode you can read on

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I have a Satellite A100-593 notebook with preinstalled Express Media Player but I haven't got with my notebook pack the Express Media Player Recovery CD only the Product Recovery DVD-ROM (Windows XP).

How Can I recover EMP if it will be damage? It is available to download or order?

Thanks for you answers!

Answer:Where can I get Express Media Player Recovery CD for Satellite A100-593?


normally the Express Media Player disk should have been shipped with your laptop.
If not, contact your Toshiba service partner, they should give you that disk.


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I have a Satellite T230D running Windows 7 Home Premium. When attempting to create recovery media using a USB drive, the process starts by advising that the USB drive will be formatted.
At this point it fails with the error code 040EAE-57-00000000. The USB drive is left in an unusable state and cannot be reformatted by Windows.

The HP USB Format utility does manage to reformat the USB drive.
Before starting to create the recovery media application I disabled virus control, the firewall and Internet access to ensure that nothing got in the way. I have tried this twice with the same result both times.

Answer:Satellite T230D fails to create recovery media

Can you please tell us which USB device do you use?
Have you tested it with different USB flash memory sticks?

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i have made the 2 toshiba recocery media disks
i had a virus on my laptop so i i placed the disks in my laptop

i did the following:
- placed disk in laptop
- restarted it
- booted from dvd
- followed instructions
- then it got to copying 2 of 9
- then error: copy of splitpart or crcs failed

can anyone help?

Answer:Re: Satellite C660 - recovery media error - CRC failed

I?m afraid there is no help. Something must be wrong with recovery DVD.
Do you use it for the first time?

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I have a Satellite Pro L875 with Blu-ray Burner.

I tried to create DVD Recovery disc, the burning process stopped and had error prompt asked me to check if the disc was damaged or scratched. After the burning process, the DVD was not blank and had some data written on it.

I tried to burn data disc in windows 8. the burner did not start. I only able to add files to the drive.

I play Blu-ray movies and dvd movies, the blu ray drive was fine.

I found information about the appropriate dvd disc speed that matched the burner speed.

How do I know what speed the burner support?

How to burn DVD or Blu-Ray in windows 8? ( I have looked at Microsoft forum but the solution did not work.)

It would be great if anyone answer and make the drive burn some discs.

Answer:Satellite Pro L875: Cannot burn DVD in Recovery Media Creator and Win 8

At first it will be interesting to see why you cannot create recovery discs.
Have you used empty DVD-R media? If not please use it and buy some high quality product like Verbatim or TDK.

Is there option to create recovery USB stick?

Burning under Win8? Have you tried to use some burning applications like NERO?

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I have a new Toshiba Satellite L500-1XD. I have tried to create the recovery media twice now and both times it failes on the first of two disks with the following error;

Failed to open the following file.
(Error Code:02013-F1-00000000)

I am using the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator. The operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. I am using standard 4.7GB DVD+R disks.

Any help would be useful.

Thank you.

Answer:Re: Failure to create recovery media Satellite L500-1XD

> I am using standard 4.7GB DVD+R disks.

I recommend you to use high quality media like verbatim or Tdk. You see, it can cause problem with ,,low brand,, disks.

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Hi everyone

I have a Satellite A665 and I tried to make a recovery disk by the Recovery Media Creator, but I have got an Error Code: 0E01B5-26-2A030200
Anybody have any idea about this problem !!!!!!!!!

Answer:Satellite A665 - Error in the Recovery Media Creator

I have created recovery discs my two Toshibas but everything went well.
In the past in this forum several people have reported about similar error messages but at the end we don't know why this happen.

What you can try is to start HDD recovery again and when the OS is preinstalled try to create the recovery disc again.
Please use DVD-R media only and also buy high quality media as Verbatim or TDK.

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My computer is infected by virus really bad. So I need to format it.

I understand that I have to insert an express media player recovery CD first, before the windows recovery CD and I also know that I can burn the EMP recovery CD from an icon on my computer. The thing is I can't find it anywhere on my computer and maybe I?ve accidentally deleted it or something.

If I?ve really lost the file where can I get it from? Right now I haven't done anything to my computer, just looking for the EMP recovery CD.

Answer:Satellite M100 - need express media player recovery CD

Do you have Vista or XP installed?

What is the model number of the laptop?

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I have a 3 year old C650 and the HDD failed. I put in a replacement disk and trie to recover from the media recovery disks I'd created and although it claimed to have re-partitioned the disk and reinstalled windows, windows startup fails when trying to configure devices 'Could not configure windows to run on this hardware'.

After this error the startup sequence goes into an endless loop requesting to start the installation procedure again.

Thinking that my disks may have been corrupt, I ordered a set of recovery disks from Toshiba. Again, these go through the recovery process and again, Windows startup fails in exactly the same place.

Slightly annoying to have spent ?30 for nothing.

I do have a Windows System Image on my external HDD, but I can't get the machine to a point where it will actually boot so I can recover from that.

Any suggestions on how to proceed welcome!


Answer:Satellite C650, media recovery fails after HDD replacement

That?s really strange. I?ve replaced HDD with SSD on my Satellite notebook and installed original recovery image without any problems.

Try to format HDD before you use original recovery disc.
> I do have a Windows System Image on my external HDD, but I can't get the machine to a point where it will actually boot so I can recover from that.
This will not work. You must use recovery disc.

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I have upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 and have since made a USB recovery disk using the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator; my question is will it recover to Windows 10 or the original Windows 8.1?

Also are all the drivers and software recovered?

Thanks for your patience - I'm fairly new to this!

Answer:Satellite P50-C-128 - Windows 10 upgraded - recovery media question

Did you create a recovery USB flash memory stick before the Windows 10 upgrade?

Usually the Toshiba recovery medium would set the notebook back to factory settings… to the same system which was preinstalled at the beginning.

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I've just bought a Satellite S50T-B008 laptop and in recovery media creator, when I click on create it tells me to insert a USB flash drive greater than 11.8GB.Which I have a 32GB USB flash drive installed.

I click on OK and then another box comes up saying the same. I keep going round in circles and I can't create the recovery media. I've tried it with other USB flash drives and different USB ports on the laptop and still get the same.

Any ideas?

Answer:Can't create recovery media on my Satellite S50T-B008

On my two machines I?ve used 16GB USB sticks from two different manufacturers and everything went well.
I recommend you to use 16GB USB stick too. Try to restart your machine ( complete shutdown ) and test it again.
You can also try to format USB stick before you start recovery media creation

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Hello everyone,

My question is about the Recovery Media Creator procces.
I was about to create the recovery and I noticed there are several options (DVD 4.7 Go, DVD 8.5 GB and USB Flash).

My Toshiba Satellite L855-12X is with a Blu-ray Disc Drive burner and would like to use a BD-RE I bought for backups.

Does anyone have a solution to use this media ?

Answer:Satellite L855-12X: How to use BD-RE with TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator

I have the same optical disc drive in my Satellite but no option to use empty BD for recovery media creation. I presume preinstalled Toshiba software cannot handle with it.
Best thing you can do is to create USB recovery media.

To be honest I?ve created two back-ups (DVDs and USB). I can always use one of them if necessary.

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Can anyone advise please - I have a new Satellite U840T with SDD and am trying to create Recovery Media using a USB Drive.

The Toshiba 'Recovery Media Creator 'inviotes me to plug in a USB stick with at least 10.4G. So I have inserted a new 16G USB stick. The app clearly does not see this, even though it is recognised by the PC itself, no problem.

When I press 'create' to load the stick, the app just says "The creating process for all media has been canceled" which is not only poor spelling, but completely useless.

Am I doing something wrong, ir is this just a very poor app?

Many thanks..

Answer:Satellite U840T - Unable to create USB Recovery Media


Did you format the USB stick before starting the Toshiba recovery media creator tool?
Please format the USB stick and then start the Toshiba recovery media creator.

Here are some details How to use the TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator

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I've just purchased an R830-182, everytime I start it up, "TOSHIBA Recovery Reminder" pops up to tell me to run "TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator", however, no such application appears to exist anywhere on the machine. Any ideas where I can find this?


Answer:No TOSHIBA recovery media creator on Satellite R830-182

It should be listed under start > all programs > Toshiba. Either in this folder or in ?Utilities?.
Please check it and send some feedback.

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As title says. Tried reverting a win10 update with the result that somehow the HDD got completely wiped, including the recovery partition Thanks a bunch MS! So right now, it just says fail to locate media (or some such) Pressing 0 while powering on does nothing (I did change the BIOS settings for secure boot) and looking at the boot order, shows me the main HDD, the optical drive, USB and a EFI thingy (no idea what that is) None of the options are able to boot though. I did manage to make a windows 8.1 recovery on USB stick, and can install win 8.1, but without drivers and anything else that came with the computer when my wife first bought it.

I've tried locate a recovery disc for it, but the site only shows it available in NH. No idea what NH is (Netherlands?) while I need one in danish or English (none of those options was available) If any could give me a pointer where to find it, I would be very grateful! I could probably find the various drivers needed if I had a list of what I need, but would prefer to have it all on one disc.

Side question. Could I via a recovery disc, make a new recovery partition, to bring it back to factory standard or does it happen automatically?

Best regards and thanks in advance

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Hi everyone.

Two weeks ago I bought my first Toshiba notebook (P100-324). Before, I had many doubts about Toshiba equipment. Now I must say I am really very satisfied with the quality of your product. The notebook itself is great and everything runs smoothly.

Except one problem: in the box there was only one disc: the CD labeled "Express Media Player Recovery CD". When I checked the Toshiba's online database with my s/n it showed a Windows recovery DVD in the package listing. So I did what you guys recommend to do: contacted *all* the ASPs in Poland. Surprisingly, the customer service quality was not so good. Every one of them told me, that if there was no actual DVD in the box, there MUST be a hidden partition on my HDD, and if I want to buy the CD/DVD with the OS (that I have an OEM license/sticker to use: XP MCE) I have to pay about 20 EUR.

Wow. A price of 20 EUR for a single CD worth... 5 cents? (the media itself, not the software) Actually, when I was paying a lot of money for my notebook I expected something more in the terms of customer service. But anyway, I'm just a single customer, probably worth less than nothing to all those ASPs. So, after that long and boring prologue, here are my questions:

1) Should there be another DVD in my box that contains Windows XP MCE OEM installation?

2) If not - is there some uber-elite technique that Toshiba uses to hide Windows recovery partition from me? There are only 2 partitions on my HDD: one with 250 M... Read more

Answer:System recovery media is not delivered with my new Satellite P100

Hello Tomasz

First of all I am very happy to hear you are satisfied with your new P100. At the moment I use older Satellite M70 with ATI graphics but I am thinking about buying Satellite P100. Satellite P100 is for a long time on the market and I hope that very soon Toshiba will produce P100 ?successor?. Maybe something like P200 and I think I will wait for few months to see what happen in the future.

Back to your question:
As far as I know recovery DVD should be delivered with brand new and original packed product. On your notebook there is also preinstalled Express Media Player. This is small Linux based application that allows you watching DVD movies or listening audio CDs without starting operating system. It is preinstalled on small unallocated partition. Using delivered ?Express Media Player? recovery CD you can install it any time. As I said recovery DVD should be delivered with your notebook. But in this whole story one thing confusing me: Googling around I have found out that Satellite P100-324 is offered in Germany and Austria. Because of that I really do not know how you were able to buy this product in Poland? Have you bough it brand new or maybe as some showroom product.
Please give some more info about that.

Maybe is my posting too long but I just wanted to explain you one more thing. Maybe pretty important thing: Many users mix Toshiba and Authorized service partners. Every Authorized service partner is not Toshiba directly. All those partners are ... Read more

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Hi all,

I've been using the Satellite M70 for 2 years now. My OS is XP SP2. The laptop comes with preinstalled express media player. And I even have the Express Media Player Recovery CD.

For some reasons I just formatted drive C. This is not the first time I did this. But the last time after reformating drive C the media buttons still work fine. This time aside of the reformating, I updated the BIOS (from Toshiba website) to version 1.50.

Now the media buttons do not work at all. And neither do the hotkeys (browser and CD/DVD buttons). I tried to reinstall express media player by booting from the recovery CD and chose reinstall. Yet the problem persists.

Is there any ways to get the media buttons work again?

Helps would be much appreciated.

P/S: In case it is because of the BIOS update, is there any ways I can flash it back to its original version?

Answer:Satellite M70 - Media buttons do not work at all


I have Satellite M70-159 with BIOS V 1.3. I will try to make BIOS update to version 1.5 to see if the same happen on my M70 notebook. I do not have Express Media Player but I will test it with running WXP.

So?. Under running WXP I can use all buttons with Windows media player. Browser and all media buttons work well. With WinDVD work too.

I really do not know why this does not work on your M70. maybe you should remove all stuff from your notebook and make clean installation of EMC and OS itself.

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I am using vista and have used AutoGK to turn VOB files into smaller avi files for storage on my computer.
Unfortunately this appears to have broken my media centre and media player when I try to play .avi files. Media player crashes.
Any advice as to what I can do so I can have them running in harmony?

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Hi Guys
I have OS Vista home premium and service pack 2 on my PC which is connected by cable to my internet router. This router is connected by wifi to a router extender.
The router extender is connected by a LAN cable to my new plasma TV.
I cannot get my PC to share media when I tick the box in the media and networking centre in spite of the fact that the PC network map detects the TV. The TV does not detect a server but does show all the right IP addresses etc. so can receive data.
I know my network works because if I connect the router extender to the amplifier instead I get internet radio. I also have an internet radio squeeze box working in the kitchen which is connected by wifi to the router extender and that works too.
Both the squeeze box and the TV are detected in the PC media centre but I cannot share data from the PC with the TV. The plasma TV icon stays at the bottom of the network map.
What can I do to watch films etc on my TV from the PC ?

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A few days ago my Satellite P10-304 would not boot up, so I used recovery CDs and got the machine working as good as new.
Yesterday again it would not boot up.
Something about an ethernet cable unplugged in error message, so I tried recovery CDs again as there was no data to lose.
It will not work, coming up with an error message "GDISK(E) No such fixed disk --1" then "Error number 11030, Invalid destination drive".

Can anyone help me to get it re-booted/recovered please?
I am not fussed about anything special for this old laptop, just a second computer for the kids to do their homework on.

Answer:Recovery disc does not work on Satellite Pro P10-304

Hmm?. Sound a little bit like an HDD malfunction?
Did you check if the HDD was recognized in the BIOS?

> Something about an Ethernet cable unplugged in error message,
I assume you get a PXE-E61 boot error on start-up.
This message appears if the notebook tries to boot from the LAN.

This could happen if other boot sources like HDD, etc? are not available.

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Satellite L655-149


Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit ( factory Installed )

HDD Recovery on drive D ( factory Installed)

My old hard drive toshiba (MK5065GSX) 500 GB became too noisy and slow so i planned to replace it with new hard drive toshiba (MK5059GSXP) 500 GB.

I created HDD recovery USB Flash.
When installation is done and setup is installing devices an error occurs " Windows setup could not configure windows to run on this computer's hardware "

I have updated bios
I have loaded default setting in bios
I changed SATA mode AHCI to Compatibility IDLE

a kind help in this regard will be highly appreciated

Answer:Satellite L655-149: Recovery does not work with new HDD

Set BIOS to default settings and try it again.

With recovery installation there is one problem: either it works or not. If not, bad luck and only solution for you is to order original Toshiba recovery DVD on

By the way: do you use this recovery stick for the first time?

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i am trying to recover to the factory state and when i boot on dvd, it gives me and error.
is there anyways i could get this to work?

Answer:Satellite A100: Recovery dvd would not work


May I ask what error message did appear??
This would help to find out what?s wrong or why it?s not possible to run the installation from the recovery CD.

Did you try to format the HDD???
Did you use the right Recovery CD???

Please post more info!

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I want to restore my Toshiba Satellite A100 laptop to its original factory state, but the recovery DVD that comes with the package does not work...

I load it in, start up computer, and press F12, and it boots from DVD. It says "Loading RAMDISK Image", after which I am told by Toshiba customer service there should be options for me to wipe the hard drive or restore Windows XP.

However, after RAMDISK is loaded, I see a mouse cursor on a black screen, and then the laptop shuts down and restarts. After logging in, NO CHANGES have been made...

What is wrong with this? How do i really use this recovery DVD?
Someone please help me.

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite A100: Recovery DVD will not work


The recovery procedure is not difficult.
Simply try to boot up from the recovery CD or DVD and follow the guide line on the display.

Your problem is very strange?. Did you created any partitions on the HDD?
I really don?t know why your recovery CD doesn?t work properly but I think you should try to format completely the HDD (also the partitions) and then try to boot up from the recovery CD.

Be sure that the notebook is in the boot mode. (don?t mix the stand by or hibernation mode)

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Alrights guys

I have a L750 machine which is giving me problems at the moment, so I need to restart from stratch, like when I brought it brand new... So I am wondering if I use the HDD recovery will that re install windows and all drivers and all pre install software?? Or what will be installed?

Answer:Satellite L750 - If I use the HDD recovery Will This Work?


HDD recovery would set the notebook back to factory settings.
HDD recovery installs the Toshiba image. Toshiba image is an package containing the Windows system, driver and tools and utilities.

But I read the other thread you created here and it seems that you made a clean install?
In this case the HDD recovery would not work anymore :(

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