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Satellite C660D-153 - after system recovery bootmgr is missing

Question: Satellite C660D-153 - after system recovery bootmgr is missing

I did a full system recovery on my satellite c660d-153 and it is now saying that the bootmgr is missing on startup. My laptop did not come with a boot disk so I am unsure on what to do. Please help!

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Preferred Solution: Satellite C660D-153 - after system recovery bootmgr is missing

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite C660D-153 - after system recovery bootmgr is missing

All you can do at the moment is to try to do it one more time.
For more info check

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I started system recovery via F8 on my Satellite C660D-15X and when it started the process where the command box starts up with the "X drive" process I accidently touched keys on the laptop and it froze so I decided to restart the computer and I ended up with the message

"BOOTMGR is missing
press ctrl - alt - del to restart"

There was no discs which came with my computer but I did do a backup of the recovery discs when I first turned on the laptop out of the box originally although these discs dont do nothing?

What do I need to do to fix my computer or should I just take it to pcworld and let them do it?


Answer:Satellite C660D-15X - Bootmgr is missing


> There was no discs which came with my computer but I did do a backup of the recovery discs when I first turned on the laptop out of the box originally although these discs dont do nothing?
That means you have created the Toshiba recovery disk using Toshiba recovery media creator or what have you done exactly?

This bootmgr error message means that the boot manager of Windows is corrupt and therefore you have to reinstall Windows. You can do this with Toshiba recovery disk that can restore the original out of box settings.

Everything what you have to do is booting from recovery disk and follow the screen instructions. All drivers and tools will be installed automatically.

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Satellite C660D-14E, W 7.
System froze and I had to switch off. Then the following happens
1st error message "Missing operating system".

After switch off system won?t boot.

I have no rescue disc. I have a separate PC.

Can I download a booting sequence to use on a USB?

Answer:Satellite C660D-14E - error "Missing operating system"


It looks like something happened to your HDD. Maybe its faulty, or maybe just the system partition is corrupt.
Well, in best case you need to install the system again.

If you don?t have the recover disk, you could order this here:

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I have a Satellite L350, Vista home premium SP1, (had it for about 4months)

And yesterday I got a black screen error on my laptop it said to restart it, so I did, then my laptop just wouldn't stat up any more, I have no idea why?

So I put in the recovery disks that came with my laptop to just reinstall every thing like if I just got it out of the box and as I follow the instructions that the Toshiba recovery wizard disk says, and as its "coping files" I get a blue screen error saying "a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damages to your computer DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL"

And say to restart or what ever and just keeps doing that.
(Tech Info: STOP: 0x000000D1, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x8D246FD7)
( usbccgp.sys - Address 8D246FD7 base at 8D23E000, Datestamp 47919053)

Then I restart my system and a black screen comes up saying "BOOTMGR missing"
So now I have nothing that works, I have retried the disks but same error with blue screen.
I have also tried doing the safe mood and docent come up, nothing works.
I?m in need of help!

Thanks for reading sorry for so much reading to do

Answer:Satellite L350 - BSOD during recovery and "BOOTMGR" missing

The reason why notebook doesn?t start (bootmgr error) is while the installation stopped with an BSOD. So you must reinstall the notebook again.

It looks like an USB problem because I have found this in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

If you have connected external USB devices to the notebook, remove them.
In worst case there is something wrong with the USB ports or controller and the mainboard must be exchanged.

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I tried to reinstall Vista using Toshiba recovery disk... when i tried to do it took long time to copy files and then it asked for next disk.
Even after inserting 2 disk it still asks for insert next disk... I had no choice and i cancelled it...

When i booted again it said bootmgr missing
'CTRL+ALT+DELETE' to restart

I stuck up don't know what to do.

pls tell me sme suggestions

Answer:Satellite M300: bootmgr missing after Recovery has failed


The error bootmgr missing appears because the Recovery procedure hasn?t finished and the old bootmgr was destroyed.

It looks like your second DVD is not readable for no apparent reason.

Maybe you could try to recover the notebook using the HDD recovery option.
Maybe the partition was not damage during the recovery procedure from DVD.

So press F8 after notebook was powered up. Choose first option called Repair my Computer. Choose last option ?Toshiba Recovery? and try to recover the notebook from HDD.
If it doesn?t work then you could boot from the original Vista DVD and could try to repair the boot manager.

In worst case you would have to reinstall the OS from the Microsoft Vista DVD or you will order a new Recovery DVD from Toshiba.

Good luck

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Hello, I'm posting this from my XP, because my Windows 7 Toshiba Satellite L655D-S5164 won't load Windows or the Startup Repair by itself anymore.
It recently had been attacked by a virus (or malware, don't know the specifics on what separates them) and to get control of my computer went into safe mode and did a system restore to a restore point. That was so I could back up stuff I wanted and then do a full System Recovery.
Then I went in to do the System Recovery and it seemed like something was running behind it or something, like it didn't start the system recovery correctly. It said it was initializing some partitioning process, so I figured it was just starting up the whole process for the recovery, so figuring I'd start the process over again, I held my power button for the 5 seconds and shut it off. (Stupid I know. I don't claim to be the most computer savvy person ever lol.)
Now when I turn it on, it doesn't start windows and immediately tells me that Bootmgr is missing. I can go into my computer's options (with the F12 and F2 keys before the Bootmgr is missing screen). So I figured I'd just do one of those startup repairs so I could get back into Windows. A family member has a Windows 7 64-bit machine (like mine) and I made a Startup Repair disk and booted it up in my computer. I went to do startup repair and it didn't work, and then I tried to do a recovery from this disk, but it acts like I have no operating system on my computer, let alone the necessary stuff to d... Read more

Answer:System Recovery Screwed Up - Bootmgr is missing.


it came with the means to do a system recovery on it's recovery partition

Backup all of your files you want off your computer using an Ubuntu Live CD. And save them to a USB Flash Drive/HDD. Then do the System Recovery to take your computer back to Factory Defaults and then restore the backed up files from the backup drive.

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So, I just finished building my brand new rig on 7/12 and of course 4 days later managed to mess things up somehow.

I have a 2 drive setup.

C:A Samsung SSD with my Windows 7 64bit Pro operating system. This was my boot drive.

F:A 2TB Seagate that I was using for all my storage needs.

Now, I haven't used Windows in a while so I consider myself a newbie. Just yesterday I wiped my Seagate in an attempt to extend my C drive into it. Only to stupidly realize as soon as I had done it, that you can't extend one physical drive into a separate physical drive. I believe this is the source of whatever problems I'm facing now. Maybe I set my boot drive to dynamic at some point. Or screwed up something on my C drive within Disk Management.

I used my computer after all this. I restarted it last night and it was fine. Then I left it on for the night to download something and went to bed. Came back in the morning, used it for a little while, then I had to restart it for a installation. A trusted program, I know this program has nothing to do with the problem. So i restart it and suddenly rather than seeing my boot screen, I see BOOTMGR is Missing. Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE To Restart.

Now I can't start my computer, I go into BIOS and see my SSD and HDD.

I have tried using System Recovery from the windows disk and got the following message "System Recovery Option is not compatible with the version of windows you are trying to repair. I'm using the exact same... Read more

Answer:BOOTMGR is Missing and I can't access System Recovery Option

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bootmngr missing and i have a notebook so i cant install windows and the system recovery does not work what else can i do?

Answer:Bootmgr missing on notebook with no CD drive and System Recovery fails

What version of Windows is installed? Are you prepared for the possibility of replacing the hard drive?

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Had USB driver problem detailed here
Code 52 error- Windows cannot verify digital signature for USB drivers

Decided to restore using Acronis backup. Even though everything went smoothly during recovery (have restored a couple of times) and I can see all of the folders are in their normal position, I cannot boot and get BOOTMGR missing error.

When I try to use install or repair disk to fix I get the 'This version of System Recovery Options is not compatible' error

Have tried several Win 7 SP1 system repair disks and error is always the same.

Would rather not reinstall. Any ideas?

Answer:BOOTMGR missing + System Recovery Options not compatible errors

Yep Husaberger mate try this

make sure you pick the right version and language see my pic for more.

Oops thought you said reinstall but anyhow if you have a back up or image worth a shot.

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I hope someone can help.

I started my computer the other day at before it even tries to load windows it says

BOOTMGR is missing

ive created an Vista recovery disk and ive booted up from that. Once i go into it and click repair it gives the option of picking the operating system. problem is that the C: isnt there to choose. Its like the computer doesnt recognise the hard drive.

When i go into the BIOS it does list the HDD in there.

Im at a loss, i hope i can fix this as i just upload thousands of pictures from a recent trip!!


Answer:Bootmgr is Missing - Cant load Recovery Disk as Operating System not found

Hi, we do seem to be getting a lot of boot issues lately, this is a summary of what to do, produced by a Tech after a MS boot camp.
I have put code marks around your best option (that is after startup repair failed to resolve the issue):-

You can use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE) to troubleshoot and repair the following items in Windows Vista or Windows 7:
? A master boot record (MBR)
? A boot sector
? A Boot Configuration Data (BCD) store
Note When you are troubleshooting startup issues by using the Windows RE, you should first try the Startup Repair option in the System Recovery Options dialog box. If the Startup Repair option does not resolve the issue, or if you must troubleshoot more steps manually, use the Bootrec.exe tool.
Back to the top
To run the Bootrec.exe tool, you must start Windows RE. To do this, follow these steps:
1. Put the Windows Vista or Windows 7 installation disc in the disc drive, and then start the computer.
2. Press a key when you are prompted.
3. Select a language, a time, a currency, a keyboard or an input method, and then clickNext.
4. Click Repair your computer.
5. Click the operating system that you want to repair, and then click Next.
6. In the System Recovery Options dialog box, click Command Prompt.
7. Type Bootrec.exe, and then press ENTER.
Note To start the computer from the Windows Vista or Windows 7 DVD, the computer must be configured to start from the DVD d... Read more

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I need some help for my computer. My compute has not started, and shows "bootmrg is missing". i`m trying to put in the recovery CD(I downloaded from internett) When the CD starts, I get the choose to select operation system, but it isn't there, what do I do?

Answer:Satellite C660D-18C - need some help with recovery

You cannot expect that we comment some non-original recovery image download from internet.

Recovery image is on one language only so you cannot choose some different language. Recovery images are country specific so if you have recovery image for UK you must install language by default (English).

On which language is this recovery image?

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I recently tried to update my bios (because i got a message from tempro telling my it needed updateing) which has left my laptop C660D effectively dead - blank screen on start up.

I am in the process of creating a crisis recovery disk and the guidance i have obtained from the net tells me I need to extract the .ROM file from the correct BIOS update for my laptop and add it onto the crisis recovery disk.

However when I unpack the Bios update for a Tosh c660D I see there are 2 folders, each with 2 .ROM files in them.

Folder DIS

BIOS.rom (2048KB)
EC.rom (128KB)

Folder UMA)

BIOS.rom (2048KB)
EC.rom (128KB)

The files with the same names in both folders look identifical to one another. but can anyone advise which is the correct ROM I should drop onto the Crisis Recovery Disk

Many thanks

Answer:BIOS recovery on Satellite C660D


From my point of view its no matter what BIOS.rom file you will take since both looks identical?

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Hi, my dtr has the above notebook, only purchased in sept 2012 (so not too happy!!), and a month or so ago it had a "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL" problem, so advice was to reinstall Windows and all drivers.

I did try a few re-installs but in the end just did a full recovery (F8-Advanced boot- Repair your computer), and although i can log on in safe mode i cannot log on in normal mode. It went through the first Toshiba installation screen ok (loading drivers etc...35/35) but then when it says finishing installation it just goes on for hours and hours. I have tried going back to the Advanced boot screen (F8) and maybe doing a re-repairing the Windows, but now the "Repair your computer" prompt is not showing on the screen.

I have been told that i will probably need Recovery discs (she forgot to make them!) but not happy with having to pay 35.90eurs for them bearing in mind age of the machine and the amount of use it has had! Needless to say there wont be any more Toshiba products in this household for a good while....

Any info to a limited knowledge techy would be much appreciated...

Answer:Satellite C660D won't reload after Recovery

> Needless to say there wont be any more Toshiba products in this household for a good while....
Please don't be mad on me but I would like to start with this last sentence. I?m really wondering you wrote this. Toshiba systems are not different than other systems offered by other notebook manufacturers. None of them put recovery discs in the box and there is no big difference between Toshiba and some other non-Toshiba notebook.
It is strongly recommended creation of back-up recovery disc that can be used in case if there is some problem with HDD or preinstalled OS.

Anyway, you have two options now: either you can order original recovery disc and install original recovery image (factory settings) or you can install OS using original Microsoft installation disc. Al necessary drivers, tools and utilities can be downloaded from Toshiba download page -

If you will decide to install own OS and need some assistance please let us know.

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I have tried to do a HDD recovery which worked, but when WIN7/Toshiba "Preparing your desktop" screen comes up the Laptop freezes.

I have since built the recovery disks in safe mode and the exact same problems occurs.

I have turned most things off in the bios and tried the same, i have also set defaults in bios.

Laptop is less than a year old......


Answer:Satellite C660D - Recovery issues

And when you install recovery image again does the same happen again?
In my opinion you should not change anything in BIOS. Set it to default settings and try again.

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I am doing a recovery procedure on the C660D and disks load and set up but then as system starts to coordinate the features it appears to lock on the Realtek Audio set up. Is there a revised procedure that sorts this. My recovery discs came with the machine so are a few years old now. Can I download an improved procedure? Any help will be appreciated.

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I have big problem with my laptop, Satellite C660D-1CU.
When I go to start then all programs and Toshiba, and then Toshiba recovery media creator this message is on the display:

Creating the recovery media is impossible!
Can not find the HDD recovery folder on the second drive of the first hard disk. This computer has no valid environmental restoration of hard disk.

Can someone help me because I really need my pc back to factory settings because I have too many bugs.


Message was edited: posting has been translated

Answer:Cannot create recovery media on my Satellite C660D-1CU

Such problem occurs if Toshiba recovery creator tool cannot find recovery image on the HDD. There are many reasons for that. Recovery image can be deleted, removed or HDD partitions structure is maybe changed. Just with original settings and original HDD condition this will work.

Unfortunately now you will not be able to create recovery media or start HDD recovery installation.
What you can do is to order new and original recovery DVD for your notebook model and it can be done on

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Hi all, I have a coiple of quick question.

I've just restored MS windows 7 from an image, but it scrubbed my D: :-( (and forced me to format the drive - D: :( ). Therefore, my 'D: HDD recovery files' are now gone :( . Luckily I created a set of recovery disks (2DVD's) when I got the Laptop several years ago.

Question: Does it matter that I no longer have the files on D: (will the recovery DVD's be able to restore my laptop to factory settings etc)

Question: Also, is there a way to restore the 'D: HDD recovery files' (putting it back onto the D:) using the DVD's (just a long shot) or is there anywhere I can download the file set from? If so, do I just put them on the D: under HDD recovery (or something like that - please advise)

Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated :) .

Answer:Satellite C660D-194 - missing HDD reovery files on partition D


At first I would like to answer your questions.
> Does it matter that I no longer have the files on D: (will the recovery DVD's be able to restore my >laptop to factory settings etc)
Recovery DVDs are designed as bootable media for original recovery image installation. Answer is yes.
> Also, is there a way to restore the 'D: HDD recovery files' (putting it back onto the D:) using the DVD's (just a long shot) or is there anywhere I can download the file set from?
When you use recovery DVDs for recovery image installation recovery image will be copied to the HDD. Recovery image download is not possible.

Now I want to write few words about laptops recovering.
Every new notebook delivered with preinstalled operating system has saved recovery image on HDD. On older machines it was saved in separate folder on partition D. On newer machines it is saved on small hidden partition. As back up (recommended) you must create recovery DVDs. This DVDs can be used if you cannot install recovery image from HDD directly (HDD recovery) or HDD is defective and you need to install recovery image on new HDD.
Before recovery image installation starts, HDD partitions will be created and recovery image copied on HDD, so every time you use recovery DVDs you will have notebook with ?factory settings? including recovery image copy on the HDD.

Theoretically it is NOT possible that you have installed recovery image but there is no recovery image saved on the HDD.

I don?t want... Read more

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I am unable to initiate the HDD Recovery Programme on my Satellite C660D-151 LapTop - Model Number 1B136799K - Please can anyone assist me?


John Davis

Answer:Satellite C660D-151 LapTop - Unable to initiate HDD Recovery Programme

If I understand you right you want to start HDD recovery installation, right?

Can you start it following this Toshiba document -

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So is the data on D safe if I use recovery?


Answer:Re: Satellite C660/C660D will using recovery erase data on D partition?


From my knowledge using Recovery Disk would format the whole HDD and all partitions would be created again during this process.
This means that your data on D partition is not safe.

But from my experience the usage of HDD recover would format only the system (C) partition? not quite sure if this applies to all the Toshiba notebooks so possibly you should test this first time? in such case would recommend backup the data in case D partition would be erased.

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I'm getting a message on my satellite Laptop, which read's, fault detected in the cooling system shut down immediately and seek service. It's not the fan as I've had the I.T. guys at work take a look.

It seems the front of the laptop where the card reader is and the surrounding area is getting hot.

Any idea's would be very welcome.



Answer:Re: Satellite C660D - fault cooling system

>It's not the fan as I've had the I.T. guys at work take a look.
What have they checked exactly? Have they disassembled the notebook and check fan functionality only?
As far as I know cooling system is not just the fan. The mainboard has several sensors that take care about overheating and critical hardware temperature. Maybe one of them is not working properly.
In my opinion you should contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.

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My laptop is a *Toshiba Satellite C660D-11E* and I have a message that keeps coming up every once in a while headed "System Warning" and reads: "Warning: A problem with the cooling system has been detected. (Next Line) Please turn off the computer immediately, and return it for service."

I have had this warning coming up for weeks and tolerated it but it has gotten worse and annoyed me for the last time. I can hear the fan, and the computer is not over heating (the freeware tool CPUCool is detecting a CPU temprature of 51? C). No other issues arise like the computer slowing down, it just gets in the way of what I am doing, like typing right now.

I've tried to solve the problem by changing the "Power Options" in the Windows 7 Control Panel to "High Performance" and then choosed under both the "On battery" and "Plugged in" columns, "Never" as the "Put the computer to sleep" setting. This seems to work and no error message occured since then. However this is not a solution...

Please help soon, this is preventing me from working and even other things by now.


Answer:Satellite C660D - A problem with the cooling system has been detected


Usually such message would appear if something would be wrong with the cooling system. But I read here in the forum that this might be a software bug and after new system recovery this message should not appear anymore.

But if you have notice some abnormal noises or higher temperature, then I would recommend checking this with an service technician?

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After using the recovery kit provided by HP, the system will not boot. Error message "BOOTMGR missing." I need a legal way to reinstall Windows 7. I have a product key for my machine but Microsoft says I have to contact manufacturer for help. Not going to pay again for something. The links I have found in previous forums are for "Mydigitallife" but they are no longer available. Please help, I am trying to get this done for a friend for Christmas. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Answer:after recovery kit BOOTMGR missing

Hi, Welcome to the HP Support forum. Thank you for posting. PCs that come with Windows preinstalled have OEM edition of Windows preinstalled on them - this is the same Windows but the way of licensing is not the same as if you purchased Windows from a retail store in a box. It seems to me you have a OEM licence  for your PC and a key but there is no legal or genuine place to download OEM variants of Windows.For such computers the only official way is to use HP Recovery media. You write you have used the HP Recovery kit - is this recovery media set (e.g. DVDs) purchased from HP , obtained from HP support ?If YES, then you do not need to pay second time for them. If they do not work, there are variety of possible reasons - for example:- you were given/sent wrong recovery media set - for another model- you didn't use them correct, did not complete the procedure- there is some hardware issues with your PC,etc....  I would like to help you.Would you be able to confirm how you obtained the recovery media set, where from ?What is your full HP product model and HP product number (PN) >> you check this article and ensure you use the recovery media the correct way - if you were sent DVDs, then use them all >> you also check this troubleshooting article >> Looking forward to your reply

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We purchased a Recovery USB for my Pavilion dv6 notebook.  But after going throught the full recovery process, removing the USB and restarting, we get the message "BOOTMGR is missing". The process appears to go smoothly:Booting the Recovery Manager from the USBReformatting the Windows partiton of the hard driveCopyting files required to restore the hard driveRestoring files to the hard driveThen there is an error message: "Windows cannot fine 'F:\SYstem.sav\Util\RStone.exe'. Make  sure you typed the name correctly and try again.   Pressing OK then proceeds to the next window. A this point, I remove the USB and press "Continue" It "appears to reboot" and reports that the recovery is complete (and that I will need to perform addition steps).Press continue to reboot. At this point I get the "BOOTMGR is missing message. A test of the Hard Disk reports no problems Notebook Model: HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PCUSB-WINDOWS 7 64-BIT Recovery Kit, Part #658862-001

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Hi I got my Y550 last weekend. Going on previous experience with Ubuntu, I hurried into installing it (9.04 64 bits) and resized the partition with it not knowing of the boot issue. Now I can't boot up vista and I never made the recovery dvd.I've downloaded the small vista recovery cd thats online but haven't had luck with that either. Factory default won't work, and the one backup there is (I guess they did it at the store) says theres not enough space.If I were to get some partitioning software (GParted?) to remake the partition whole again and delete ubuntu, will the store backup work (i think its default.wsi on C:\) with the small vista recovery cd work?If not, can I request an installation dvd from lenovo, and how do I go about it?Lastly, is it easier just to go back to the store and have them help me out - even though they always take way longer than needed? ThanksSilviu

Answer:bootmgr missing, no recovery dvd

I think you are out of luck. The recovery options with these machines are nearly non existant. You will need to order install media from Lenovo. I have had two recovery sets and neither restore the machine to a factory state. You can install the OEM version of the OS.

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I?ve got Norton virus protection and when I backed up my laptop I saved backup into D drive which is partition backup drive...
I want to factory reset the laptop but I can?t do this as it says can?t find backup drive

Is there a CD I can clean the laptop with ...I think there must be something missing from the backup drive D.
Can someone tell me how to sort it plsss
I have no backup disks and have no CDs that came with the laptop as I lost them.

Answer:Satellite L300-20D - system recovery is missing backup drive

The whole story is somehow confusing.

Factory settings you can have on two different ways:
-using recovery installation discs
-using HDD recovery option >

>I want to factory reset the laptop but I can?t do this as it says can?t find backup drive
Can you please explain to us how you have tried to reset laptop to factory settings and on which point you got this message?

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Hi there. Quite a complicated mess I'm in!
I am trying to fix a friend's Dell Inspiron 1555. It had the zbot virus and a few other nasties so my friend decided he'd try to wipe his hard drive by simply sending it all to the recycle bin! (idiot). He deleted a lot of system files as a result.
I decided it would be best to re install the system back to factory settings from the recovery partition, but when trying to do this on the Vista repair screen it came up with 'Other user' and wanted a password. After many attempts and phone calls to dell and pc world we came to the conclusion that the zbot had affected the password to the recovery partition.

So what I have done is wiped the C drive (operating system) from the hard drive by attaching it into my system and I left the dell recovery partition on there and made it the 'active' partition.

I tried to boot to this recovery partition, so I can then install the system, but the error 'bootmgr missing' appears and I can't get any further. I have used Super Grub to select the specific partition to boot to but I get the above error.

Anyone know how to boot from a recovery partition?!

Cheers, Ben!

edit. I should mention the system is Windows Vista, the laptop is around 14 months old.

Answer:Bootmgr missing in recovery partition

If it were bootable, it seems like SGD would have done it. Did you try the partition-boot option on that CD?

The only other option I know is to try the PLoP boot manager and select that partition. I have the iso's here:

If it still doesn't boot, it may be damaged. Removing the other partition may have altered the MBR beyond what you can now repair. The boot files were probably on that partition as well. It would have been better to just start recovery rather than trying to alter the other partition. As soon as you make any changes with partitioning tools, you damage what Dell used as a proprietary boot method.

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I tried to do a factory restore on my HP Pavilion dv6 1125ei. I have been getting bootmgr missing when trying to restore from the recovery partician. I then tried using the recovery disks. On the 2nd recovery disk at 86% I am getting either error 1002 or error 1005.

I have tried a few ms dos fixes for bootmgr, although some say they are successful, the message is still comming up.

Can anyone please help with either the error 1002 and error 1005 or the missing bootmgr?

I do have a retail vista home premium disk, but if possible would like to get the factory restore back.

Answer:Vista recovery - bootmgr missing

Sounds like you might have a bad recovery disc. I'd call HP and ask for a new set.

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Hi, I've just used the recovery DVDs on an M58 ThinkCentre. There were no supplementary recovery discs supplied so I clicked "no" when prompted for them. When the system rebooted I got "BOOTMGR missing". Also, I'd like to find out where I can download gcdrom.sys or something similar to enable me to use a bootable CD with this system. Thanks, Gary

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Good evening,
Some days ago, after a badfunctioning, my computers does not boot, and the error that appears is BootMGR Missing.
I have been reading in many forums about the error.
I also wrote to Toshiba, as my computer is a Toshiba Satellite T130-T132. They told me that I would have to reinstall the Windows 7, AND that if I wanted to recover the info in C I had to take the disk out of the computer.
As I'm working in Haiti until de end of the year, and I need to recover important information that I could not back up - and against Toshibas' technique recommendation - we took the disk out of the laptop.
The problem is that we could recover all the disc D, but not the disc C, which is the one that I need (My Documents).
Could somebody advice me on how recover this information in the disc C before reinstalling Windows? It is important to say that we tried to boot from CD. The laptop does not have CD reader, and it does not recognize the external one.
Many thanks in advance for your advice.
Best regards,

Answer:BootMGR Missing and Information Recovery in C

Take ownership of the folders on the new PC and you will be able to access the files. If they are showing up. If they are not then you have an entirely different problem.

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I have a Pavilion DM3Z-1000 Laptop with Windows 7 OS. Purchased 13 months ago and has "crashed" (failed to boot) 3 previous times requiring return to HP each time.  Even after the third time they refused to replace it so when it failed to boot shortly after the most recent return I wasn't surprised.  After hours with HP support and three different recommendations, was told to use recovery disks which I had already obtained after first failure.  I used the recovery disks which appear to load properly but with first restart I now receive the "Bootmgr is missing" error message.  Used Windows 7 Repair disk hoping to repair this but no luck as it is unable to locate a Windows operating system.  It passes the hardware check. Any recommendations for resolving this would be greatly appreciated.  After spending over 20 hrs on the phone with HP support over the last year and three returns of the laptop without being willing to replace an obviously defective system,  I've given up on HP.  Thanks.   

Answer:"Bootmgr is missing" after use of Recovery Disks

Hi, teritzwitt wrote:I have a Pavilion DM3Z-1000 Laptop with Windows 7 OS. Purchased 13 months ago and has "crashed" (failed to boot) 3 previous times requiring return to HP each time.  Even after the third time they refused to replace it so when it failed to boot shortly after the most recent return I wasn't surprised.  After hours with HP support and three different recommendations, was told to use recovery disks which I had already obtained after first failure.  I used the recovery disks which appear to load properly but with first restart I now receive the "Bootmgr is missing" error message.  Used Windows 7 Repair disk hoping to repair this but no luck as it is unable to locate a Windows operating system.  It passes the hardware check. Any recommendations for resolving this would be greatly appreciated.  After spending over 20 hrs on the phone with HP support over the last year and three returns of the laptop without being willing to replace an obviously defective system,  I've given up on HP.  Thanks.    Have you tried EasyBCD? I have used it a few times to rectify bootmgr issues.Did you go into the BIOS and verify the Boot order?Try  the recovery from the Recovery manager on the D: Recovery partition instead of the Recovery disc set.Best regards,erico

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Hi all,

Recently a colleague of mine has unplugged their PC without shutting down first, they were at first unable to repair their PC and get back to Windows. They then formatted their hard drive and recovery partition. They then began to receive the "BOOTMGR is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" screen. I have begun working on their computer and have been unable to get it to work. I have gone into the BIOS and disabled all booting options except DVD/CD. When I put in the Windows 7 recovery disc, it says "Disk boot failure, Insert disk and press enter." I have looked at the recovery disc, which is new, and looking at the files on it there were bootmgr, boot < boot.sdi, bcd, bootfix.bin, and sources < boot.wim. I have a little bit of computer experience, but this seems to be too much for me to trial and error out.

In short, its not booting up from disc, and fails to read the windows 7 recovery DVD. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

Elite Zero

Answer:BOOTMGR is missing? Recovery not reading?

Hi Elite

Take a look here

Bootmgr is missing - Fix

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So, we have (50) X200's that need to be returned to Lenovo with factory images on them.  I have run the recovery CD's on 3 different laptops and got the same issue. After recovery is complete and final reboot I get a 0x000000x7 BSOD (inaccessible boot device most say)I use a GParted recovery CD to change the boot flag from the recovery partition to the actual OS partition and rebootI then receive a BOOTMGR is missing error  Steps takenChange AHCI to compatibility mode (no change)Change the boot flags (no change)Rebuilt the MBR using PXE Ghost boot that was used to image them with our image (no change)Called Support (no use, not under warranty) SO, since I've tried most of the things I know to do, can anyone else shed some light on what's going on here?  I had heard that Lenovo uses a proprietary MBR, but not sure if that is accurate or not.  

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My Sony vaio - vpceb23fm gave message -'retry error, press alt+clt+delete to restart' but it did not resolve after doing that.

Using Sony recovery disks, I tried to do recovery / repair windows 7 64 bit. it showed windows loading files and then windows logo and then became blank screen showing cursor, I was able to move cursor though but nothing happens, even hard disk light do not show up.

I tried to restart with F8 and went to windows safe mode and performed quick test and noticed error with harddisk. I had repaired using the recovery repair tools. It took 13 hrs to repair and then I started to restore c:drive.

It asked me to put recovery disk 2, 3 and 4. after processing 4rth disk for a while, it gave me a message - " an error occurred while executing an operation, the operation was not completed. Shutdown the pc, then try the operation again after restarting the system - Error 414."
The problem appear even after restarting.

I also tried to restart the system with out Recovery disk and "noticed bootmgr is missing, press clt+alt+ delete message" I am not sure whats happening.

Can someone please help me resolve this problem?

- Shashank.

Answer:Windows 7 recovery issue / Bootmgr missing

Instead of using the CD's to restore your computer try the built in System Restore:

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i am using the toshiba a200/a205 recovery disk sending my laptop back to the factory settings and i get to the second disk and at the end bootmgr is missing. what is the problem?

Answer:BootMgr missing from Toshiba Recovery Disk

Re-install using the recovery partition if an option.

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I have a 3000 V200 running Vista that I want to return to factory state. I can boot into Vista OK but can't boot into Resuce & recovery with the maintenance button. I get the dreaded  'BOOTMGR is missing' message. This after installing Windows 7 (which may not have been relevant).Initially, I couldn't get any response from the R&R partition and had an error when I tried to create recovery disks (I can't remember the actual words).  So I downloaded the latest version of R&R (v 4.2.1)  and used it to create a new CD & DVD and used them to rebuild and all seemed to go well. As I said above, I can boot into Vista but not into R&R. I found the item below on the Lenovo site here.  However, I  can't do the second (it's too late) and I have tried the first to no avail.Any suggestions as to what I can try next? Rgrds Peter SymptomStarting the computer and pressing the ThinkVantage, LenovoCare, or F11 button results in the error message "BOOTMGR is missing, Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart."In order to avoid upgrade incompatibilities, Rescue and Recovery disables the install modules used in a Factory Restore operating during the Rescue and Recovery upgrade process. If the computer is shipped with Windows Vista installed, and the user upgrades Rescue and Recovery, creates recovery discs for Factory Restore, and then restores from those recovery discs, an error message is displayed stating "BOOTMGR is missing, Press CTRL+ALT+D... Read more

Answer:BOOTMGR is missing - rescue & recovery partition

Well, I have solved my own problem. I downloaded the R&R package again and reinstalled it. After a reboot, eureka - I can boot into the R&R partition again.Hope this might help someone else!RgrdsPeter

Long time ThinkPad user: 770, 600, T40, X300, now X301 240gb SSD, 8 GB ram (love it! :-)) Windows 7 64 bit.

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Hi guys was wondering if anyone could help me. When I boot up my laptop I get this message BOOTMGR is missing

So I put in the recover disk but my OS isn't on the list to select to repair or restore
It's a sata hdd and my OS is windows 7 32 bit

Answer:BOOTMGR is missing - Can't find OS in recovery options

Is the HD still seen in BIOS? Can you access your files using this method: Copy & Paste - in Windows Recovery Console

If yes on both, work through these steps for when Windows 7 fails to boot

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Hello.I have an HP Pavilion dv6000 and run Windows Visa Home Edition.I wanted to restore my laptop to its factory settings but the Recovery Manager wouldn't work. When I clicked on it it would just restart the computer without anything else happening. I then right clicked on the computer >manage> disk manager and made the recovery partition active. When I rebooted the computer it began showing:Bootmgr is missingPress Ctrl+Alt+DeleteWhich of course leads back to the same message after te computer reboots. I can't access F8 key. Only F10 (Bios) works. I don't have a recovery or installation CD as it didn't come with the laptop when I purchased it.Is there anyway I can change the active partition back to the C drive, this disabling the recovery partition? I read that it was possible to access disk manager from cmd prompt window, but I don't know how to access it since the F8 key won't work (makes just a bipping noise when pressed)?I am also out of the country so can't mail my laptop to HP to have it fixed. Any ideas?Thanks for any suggestions.

View Solution.

Answer:Bootmgr is missing : no installation or recovery disk!

 Scroll down on the page and get> Bootable CD ISO and> ImgBurn to burn the iso image to cd-a guide on using ImgBurn to write an ISO to a disc is Here. Once created, boot from it and use to change active partition. 

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I made the wrong partition active , bootmgr is missing

I recently tried to restore windows 7 starter to original factory settings on HP MINI from the Recovery partition that came with my computer.I mistakenly made the recovery partition active because I thought that was part of the process as fren advised.

Now the computer is trying to boot from the wrong partition and once power on;this message showed "BOOTMGR missing press alt ctr del to restart" After restarting,the "bootmgr is missing" message pop up again and again.Technically,once power on , i can only press;
-F2 (System Diagnostics-Full of test which the pc passed all),
-F9 (Boot Manager *the only boot option i can choose is 'Notebook Hard Drive' & after choosing still go back to bootmgr missing! )
-F10 (Bios).

I do not have a recovery disk or the original installation.
Is there some way I can access a command prompt so I can reset the correct partition through diskpart or something similar?

Help needed!
Thank you so much.

Answer:Making Recovery (D) active,Bootmgr Missing !

Try Marking the System Reserved or Win7 partition Partition Active giving preference to the System Reserved partition which is normally the Active boot partition on HP preinstalls.

If Win7 doesn't start by moving the Active flag back to where it was, then Then run Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times.

You can have a picture of what you're doing using free Partition Wizard bootable CD which can also rebuild your MBR if moving the Active flag back doesn't suffice, then run the 3 Startup repairs if Rebuild doesn't suffice. Follow these steps, posting back a camera snap if possible:
How to Set Active/Inactive partition -Partition Wizard Video Help.
Partition Wizard Rebuild MBR Video Help.
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums - Windows 7 Forums

You can download and burn to DVD or write to flash stick the latest installer for your licensed version to use for Repairs or reinstallation from Steps 1 + 2 here: Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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OK, this is the second major malfunction for my laptop...The first one was a hard drive crash. Sent it in, and got a new hard drive installed...This time I kept getting BSOD, so I used 1 key recovery, and now get the BOOTMGR is missing message...Awesome! My laptop is 1 year old. What can I do? Send it back in? I don't have a recovery CD....I'm thinking of just sending it back for good...

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I have an Asus Eee Pc laptop running windows 7 and for some reason it started to run very very slow so I thought I would put it back to factory condition and ran the recovery option (F9). When this had finished I ended up with the error message "Bootmgr missing", Ctrl-Alt-Del to continue.

As I had access to an identical machine I created a System Repair CD and ran the startup repair option. It doesn't find an operating system however but when the menu appears I ran the startup option 3 times as mentioned in another thread. The error still occurs.

Details of the startup repair failure shows bootmgr.exe missing and problem event as StartupRepairOffline

I tried bootrec.exe /fixboot and /fixmbr and then ran startup repair 3 times again, but still no luck.

I've tried Diskpart and it shows 4 partitions, 1 - 100Gb, 2 - 15Gb, 3 - 183Gb and 4 - 16mb. I've made partition 1 active and then 2 active but still no joy.

I don't have a Win 7 installation DVD but the recovery partition seems to be there.

I am at a loss on what to do now so I've joined this forum hoping for some guidance.


Answer:Bootmgr missing after running recovery option

you need to run bootrec /fixmbr
then bootrec /fixboot

from a recovery disk . I am sure you can download a win 7 recovery disk somewhere.

How to get a Windows 7 Recovery Disk?
In order to create such a disc you need a healthy Windows 7 PC… I assume this is not the case right // now so I created these disks for you to use:

Download a Windows 7 recovery disc(32 bit version)
Download a Windows 7 recovery disc (64bit version)

Windows 7 Recovery Disk | Boot from CD

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sorry to trouble everyone, wondering if anyone can please to help. it would be much appreciated. i have tried reading all over in quite a number of other places, but cannot find solution.
i have a sony vpce vaio notebook vpceb2g4e, originally owned by my german girlfriend. original windows language was in german, but my better language is english, even though both not my first or second language.

when i inherited the notebook, there were problems with the display - pixelated is not the word, but lot of strange lines that pop up on the screen, which i could not get rid of through system restore, amd (or other) driver updates, etc. so combined with the difficulty of trying to understand this and other windows identified problems in german, i thought to do a "c:\ drive partition recovery", and restore the notebook back to its "original, factory-installed settings". please note there is only the c:\ drive on the computer, no other partitions.

for sony notebooks, it is possible to recover c drive from the "vaio recovery wizard" or the "recovery center". i used the recovery center and followed the instructions given exactly. before i did so though, i first created a set of recovery dvds, also following the instructions given in the receovery center.

so during the c drive recovery, i followed all the steps as instructed, and the notebook indicated that it was if i remember correctly that it was... Read more

Answer:Drive c:\ recovery failed, -> bootmgr is missing, & will not boot from

What sometimes works with failed Factory Recovery is to wipe the hard drive first with Diskpart Clean Command
then try running the disks again.

But that is still the inferior factory install so you'll be better off all around if you instead do the vastly superior Clean Reinstall Windows 7. Be sure to read the Special Note for Sony Owners at the end.

If all these still fail then test the hard drive with the maker's HD Diagnostic extended CD scan, which also BTW has the quick wipe function on it and also on the Partition Wizard disk which can check the HD.

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Okay, I literally just registered because I am absolutely desperate.  I purchased this laptop in March of this year and ... well, I no longer have tech support.  Actually, I never needed it until now (murphy's law I guess). I'm not tech savy but I have read several posts so I understand due to some scheduled compression of which I was prompted to engage in, I lost the bootmgr file needed to start up my laptop.   I am using this for school and reeeeeeally need to get it running again.  I do not have a cd or a heckofalotta money to get a new one. Can someone please direct me?  Do you think I can actually download a file (bootmgr) or am I heading up creek? Not sure if this'll help but my laptop is a Lenovo Thinkpad T43 Refurbished notebook, Intel Pentium M 1.6 Ghz, 512MB  DDR2 (x 2 - bought add'l memory), 40 GB HDD, DVD-Rom, 14.1" XGA, Windows XP Pro, Black. I am happy to provide more information - ANY info is seriously appreciated. Luna

Answer:Bootmgr is compressed (missing) and so is my recovery disk - Window XP - SP2

Sinngrace, welcome to the forum,
If you have a Win XP disc try booting from it and enter the repair mode. Try using "fixmbr" and "fixboot" to repair the system startup.
Hope this helps.

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Hi all,I have a HP Elitebook 840 G1, unsure of the exact model number, it has the i7-4600u and low resolution 1366x768 screen.During Windows update install the other day, the laptop bluescreened (it has been doing this a lot over the past few months due to memory issues, not really what I expected from a 'premium' machine).I'm not sure if this bluescreen during update installation has caused my new issue, but I believe the hard drive has possibly failed.When I turn the laptop on now it goes straight to a black screen which reads BOOTMGR is missing. Press ctrl+alt+del to restart.I have tried going into the F11 recovery menu. During this process the laptop opens up a command box and runs through some tests e.g. determining boot disc number, it does all of this fine, and then an error message appears 'An unknown error occurred while accessing R:\sources\FPP.wim.If I click OK, the process continues and I enter the recovery manager wizard. I click next, check I understand warnings etc, then when the process begins I get another error message' ApplyWim(R:\sources\FPP.wim)1392: the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.When I click OK on this message the laptop restarts and returns to the BOOTMGR is missing screen.Any ideas here? I don't have reinstall discs and even if I did the laptop doesn't have a disc drive.Really quite annoyed with this as I've only had the laptop for around 18 months and it cost around 700 when new.Tempted to buy a SSD drive from ebay with a fresh c... Read more

Answer:HP Elitebook BOOTMGR is missing and Recovery Process Fails -...

@Kierans93 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! read your post about no boot device found and wanted to help.These problems are generally due to one of two basic problems:1) Failed hard drive2) Corrupted/missing boot loader filesAs to the first, please follow the directions in this link for testing your hard drive: your BIOS does not have those options, they try pressing the Esc key repeatedly while booting your PC and when the HP utilities menu comes up, choose drive diagnostics.If those confirms your drive has failed, then you need to replace it. Please report back if that is the case.As to the second, you will need access to a working PC for this step in order to create the media needed to repair your PC boot loader.You will need to create something known as a Win7 Repair CD. This will repair the boot loader files, and if that is the problem, your PC will boot OK after that. This can be obtained (for a fee) from this link: you download this file, it will be an ISO file.To make a bootable CD from it, you will need to download and install ImgBurn: you have that installed, run it, select the option "Write image file to disc" and select the ISO file you downloaded, and point it to a blank CD.To make a bootable USB stick from it, you will need to download and install RUFUS: you have that, ru... Read more

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Ok so I have seen this bootmgr problem posted all over the Internet, but there are very few solutions and most of the solutions will not work for me, so any help would be amazing. My system is an HP Pavilion Notebook dv6500t.

Intel Core2 Duo processor T7300 (2.00 GHz & 4 MB L2 Cache)
2GB DDR2 (2 Dimm)
383MB NVIDIA GeForce 8400M
160GB 5400RPM Hard Drive

from what I can tell it has a small 2gb recovery hard drive to run vista's recovery manager off of instead of using a restore disc. HP sent me no Vista discs or system restore discs.

So the problem is when I start up my computer I get a black screen and a message saying:

"bootmgr is missing press ctrl + alt + delete to restart"

When I restart I get the same message. I tried opening up the system restore menu that is built in, and starting a full restore to its original factory condition but as soon as it starts reformatting the hard drive I get a message that says:

"Error 0x4001001300001002. If this issue continues, please contact HP support."

And of course I contacted HP support which was a waste of about 3 hours of my life and nothing got resolved. I have done numerous hard disc diagnostics tests and they all come up clear. I have also tried using the command prompt to copy the bootmgr file and folder to my other drives but had no success.

So If anyone can help me I have only had my laptop for 2 weeks and am desperate for some answers. Anything would be much appreciated.

Answer:Bootmgr is Missing & recovery manager doesn't work

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So I got my password error solved and managed to get onto the Vista desktop for the first time.
Well, it ran incredibly slow (like 45 minutes to start up). So I'm thinking that maybe something's corrupted so maybe I should just go ahead and reinstall everything from scratch.

So, I hold down F8 on start-up, get into the System Recover Options and choose to do a Complete System Restore, back to factory settings.
2 minutes in, I get an application error. The app makes me restart.

Now I'm stuck with "BOOTMGR is missing" C+A+D to restart to get to the same point.

All I can find online is advice to enter the Vista Installation Disc. But I didn't get one of those, did I?


This entire process would have been a million times easier if Toshiba had actually issued an installation disc with the system.

Anyone know how to enter WinRE on a Toshiba Sattelite?

Answer:Satellite L510 - BOOTMGR is missing


You didn?t get the Vista disk and the Toshiba recovery disk.
Your notebook was preinstalled with Vista OS and there was an option which would allows you to recovery the unit using the HDD recovery option?
There was also an preinstalled tool called Toshiba recovery disk creator.
This tool could be used to create a own Recovery disk.

But the point is that if you would like to repair the Vista boot manager then you should use ONLY the original MS Vista disk and not the recovery disk.
MS Vista disk would repair the boot manager and recovery disk would format the whole HDD and would reinstall everything again?

This is big difference?.

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I bought a Toshiba Satellite C660-10D for my birthday last August and was a bit disappointed to find that it didn't include the Windows 7 disk - instead I found a "Recovery" partition to be used if there was a problem. Another disappointment was finding that the 500Gb hard drive I thought I was getting was actually about 360Gb - the remainder apparently partitioned off for the "Recovery".

After a few months use I decided to check out the recovery option and found it was inaccessible (Press F8 at boot up just didn't work). Scouting around the 'net found another option (I think that was something like ESC 0 at boot up) but that didn't work either.

I should have taken the darn thing back to the shop at that point but it was a 10 mile round trip and an injury kept me from driving. Anyhow, I decided to make my own back-up with Acronis (which has been a life-saver on my desktop PC).

The main installation took 3 DvDs and the "Recovery" partition went on another DvD. With hindsight, I should have backed up to a spare USB harddrive - it would have been quicker.

Anyway, Sod's Law, a few months later and I had to do a re-install from the Acronis back-up and, whilst everything seemed to install OK, I now just get the dreaded BOOTMGR IS MISSING message. Scanning the hard drive shows that the Windows installation is there but it just will not Boot.

Scouting around the 'net only came up with suggestions that involved using the installation... Read more

Answer:Satellite C660-10D - Bootmgr is missing

> I bought a Toshiba Satellite C660-10D for my birthday last August and was a bit disappointed to find that it didn't include the Windows 7 disk - instead I found a "Recovery" partition to be used if there was a problem

The user manual provides an information that you can create own Recovery Disk using the preinstalled software called Toshiba Recover Media Creator. So apart from the HDD recovery, then Recovery disk could be used too.

So its always recommended to create an the Toshiba recover disk in case something wrong would happen to the HDD recovery or the HDD itself?

The Bootmgr is missing could be solved by new installation.
So wither you would use an Win 7 Microsoft disk and would install the drivers which could be downloaded from the Toshiba European driver page or you will order the recover disk here:

From my knowledge it?s not expensive: about 30?

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Dear People,

2 days ago my laptop had an automatic update so i restarted my laptop and then it kept saying an error so I thought ok the update has been wrong.

I put my repair CD in (Which I made when I just got the laptop) and now I am missing bootMGR.

People said to me that I can download an OEM legally and use the Product key under the laptop self.

Now my question anyone know how to solve this problem?
or Anyone know more about the OEM?

I have an Toshiba Satellite L350- 231 System unit.

I am hoping to hear from you soon.



Answer:Re: Satellite L350-231: BootMGR is missing

> People said to me that I can download an OEM legally and use the Product key under the laptop self.
No, as far as I know this is not possible. The serial number at the bottom of the unit belongs to the preinstalled Win 7 and cannot be used with other Win 7 versions.

> Now my question anyone know how to solve this problem?
Well, the boot manager is needed to boot the OS. If boot manager is damaged the OS cannot be booted even if the Windows is installed.
So either you could repair the BMR or you will install the OS once again.

To repair the BMR you need the original Win 7 (or Vista) CD. You cannot use the recovery disk in order to repair the OS because the recovery disk from Toshiba formats the whole HDD and installs the whole image. So you need the disk from Microsoft.

Otherwise you can set the notebook back to factory settings using the Recovery disk and such recovery disk can be ordered here:

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I bought recovery system disc (Disc R15379SO) on Toshiba support to refresh my C660 1R3 Satellite. Unfortunately my computer continue to block with this message : BOOTMGR missing.

It's the first time I try to reinstall factory settings on this computer from 2011 and it's impossible.

If you have any advice about this message and the real meaning I thank you.


Answer:Re: Satellite C660-1R3 - BOOTMGR missing


In my opinion this message appears because the notebook did not boot from optical disk drive but tried to boot from the HDD.
Are you sure you booted from CD/DVD drive?

In case you are 100% sure that the notebook booted from the inserted Recovery disk, then in my opinion the new ordered disk is faulty. You should get in contact with the supplier and replace the disk

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Hi everyone

Earlier today I tried to restore my laptop to it's factory settings, I have never made any restore discs or anything similar (which I now realise is extremely stupid of me) and now this has happened. It won't let me go past the screen that says -

BOOTMGR is missing
Press CTRL + ALT + DEL to restart

I've been searching the internet all day and nothing is working.. it probably doesn't help that I haven't got a clue about laptops.

Anyone have any idea of how I can fix it? I have no idea how to get back to the restore screen!!

Answer:Satellite L755D - "Bootmgr is missing"

Should probably mention its a Toshiba Satellite L755D - 10J :)

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Hi there,

Just bought a L750. During setup I turned off the computer.... Stupid, I know.
Now, every time the computer boots up there is a

"BOOTMGR is missing
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"

What do I do? I'm on Windows 7, i5 intel core, NVIDIA GEFORCE with CUDA graphics.
That's all I can muster up about the computer sadly.


Answer:Satellite L750: bootmgr is missing

Hm? Are you able to access the HDD recovery option?
Press F8 while powering up the notebook. Choose Repair my Computer and then choose HDD recovery.

Is this possible?
If not, then you will need to order the recovery disk which helps you to reinstall the OS once again?

Here you can order such disk:

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See previous thread Re: Satellite C650D-12J - missing HDD recovery image
Posted: 06-Sep-2011 16:07 in response to: bobmc

Hi I'm back with another problem.
I ordered a recovery from Toshiba it arrived ok.
I inserted it into the drive and followed the instructions.
All went well but when it got to copying F=\ZZImg\11675XSP5_swm to U=\HDDRecovery\SWImg (5/8)
It said 0 file copied
ERROR= Copy of splitpart or CRCs failed
Press any key to continue.
I pressed a key and the screen went blank.

Now when I try to boot I get a message:
BOOTMGR is missing
Press Ctrl+Alt+ Del to restart
each time I do this I get the same message.

Any thoughts on what to do next??

Answer:Re: Satellite C650D-12J - BOOTMGR is missing

Check my answer in your first thread:

BOOTMNG is missing Error appears because the OS installation was not successful.

Try to boot from the recovery disk once again? maybe you will be able to install the OS.
If not, you should check if the HDD is OK. For that you can use a tool called Drive Fitness Test. It?s free software which would test the HDD.

If the HDD is ok and you will still not able install the OS using the new recovery disk then this means that the recovery disk is faulty. In such case you will need to replace this disk.

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I tried to reset to out of the box settings, when recovering files an error was reported, so I canceled. Tried again and got bootmgr missing. Tried install from windows disc, no joy. No function keys working so cannot safe boot or change boot drive.
Any help gratefully recieved

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Hey Guys,

I purchased this laptop less than a week ago, and it's already giving me grief.

It first started with non-stop BSOD with various errors, for example driver_irql_less_or_not_equal and system_service_exception being the most repeated of the two.

I updated all drivers I could between the BSOD's - but gave up and decided to just do a fresh reinstall due to not having anything important saved to the HDD as of yet.

Install went through fine - until just before the initial setup was complete - BSOD happened again with a BIOS error this time.

Upon restarting the machine - I keep getting BOOTMGR is missing, Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart.

Restarting brings you to a never ending loop.

Entered boot options and booted from the CD drive with the recovery disk, where windows startup repair claims the problem is resolved and the machine will restart.

Once it restarted (AGAIN) I'm still getting this BOOTMGR is missing, Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart error.

Tried booting from the CD drive again - but it stalls three quarters the way through.

I'm literally pulling my hair out in frustration now - any ideas what I can do from here??

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite Pro C650 - BOOTMGR is missing


In my opinion only logic step for you is clean OS installation again.

Please do this and wait until OS installation will be finished. Configure OS and try to use it for a while without installing any additional software. Install Microsoft updates only. Please disable automatic update installation and choose option ?Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them?.

When updates will be available install important updates only. Do not install optional updates, especially not driver updates.

Please send some feedback what have you done exactly.

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Hi folks,

I have Satellite C660,
at first i had a virus, and tried to reinstall windows, but no good.
When it came up to the point of saying there was not enough space on the disk to install windows,
I realised i had forgot about the partition bit.

Now when i try to boot up again, its a black screen which missing.
So when i try to boot up again, i get to the same point about not enough space on the disk
so im going round in circles, and getting no where,

I'm thinking about getting a new hard drive, but does anyone know how to fix this before i do have to buy a new drive.. cheers

Answer:Missing BOOTMGR on Satellite C660

Missing boot manager is a common error message which appears if the notebook cannot find and boot the system.
So you have to find the reason why the system cannot be found.
I think its HDD problem. Probably the HDD or system partition is faulty.

In my opinion you should access the BIOS and should check if the HDD is listed on the first BIOS page.
In case it does not appear in the first BIOS page, the HDD isn?t recognized and therefore I think it should be replaced before trying to install the system again.

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Hi all,

i recently used the Toshiba HDD recovery thing to restore my laptop to factory settings, while it was doing this it popped up saying it failed, I restarted and boots up to Toshiba logo then comes to a screen with just BOOTMGR is missing ctrl alt del to restart. Anyone know how I can solve this so it will work once more?

Laptop is Toshiba Qosimo X500 - 149


Answer:HDD recovery failed, Qosimo wont boot with BOOTMGR is missing

Hello Harry

HDD recovery image is screwed up and you will not be able to start it anymore. Only way to install Toshiba recovery image is to use recovery DVD. Have you created one following Toshiba recovery reminder?

Here is original reminder message:


+Your system is equipped with hard disk recovery system. If you need to repair your computer by restoring it to original factory state, you can do it directly from harddisk (press F8 when you boot your computer, choose "Repair your computer" and follow the menue instructions) or create a bootable Recovery Disc Medium for this purpose.+

+*Toshiba recommends you to create Recovery Disc Medium using the "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator" to ensure that you are able to restore your computer to the original factory installed state, even if your computer gets seriously damaged.*+

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I have Toshiba Satellite L300 PSLB8E and I wanted to play the role of a computer expert ...
I have not even save my hard EISA partition :-(

1) I click on post works
2) Manage
3) Disk Management
4) I click on one partition and the menu I selected "*mark partition as active*"
5) I rebooted my pc

My PC does not start! I have a message:

"*BootMGR is missing press Ctrl + Alt + Del to Restar*"

Pleas Help Moi :-$

Answer:Satellite L300 (PSLB8E) - BootMGR is missing

Hey buddy,

For me it sounds like that something has muddled up the partition structure or the whole partition?Why you did set a partition as active? Did you have any problems with the notebook?

Anyway, I assume you can?t also boot in safe mode? Have you checked this?

I think in case there is only one option: Restore Windows or factory settings using Toshiba recovery disk. Just boot from the disk and follow the screen instructions. The factory settings will be restored in few minutes and your whole HDD will be formatted.

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i have a Satellite L300D crashed on me the other day now when i boot up the message i receive is "BOOTMGR MISSING"

Anybody got any ideas.
I have tried to load XP again but it will not load


Answer:Satellite L300D crashed - now BOOTMGR MISSING


The error message BOOTMGR MISSING means that the boot manager could not be found and therefore the Windows cannot be booted again?

How did you try to load the Win XP?
Did you try to boot from the Win CD or did you try to boot the preinstalled Win XP?

Usually the installation from Win XP CD should solve you problem.
But you can also try to start the DOS console?(You have to boot the Win XP CD and then should select R to repair)
In DOS you could try the command: *fixboot*

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I was doing a *Toshiba Recovery Wizard* and clicked the +clear hard drive+ option and now the computer won't boot

First, I deleted the hard drive, then I did a recovery wizard and chose *Recover Factory Default Software*.

After 9 hours, and after pressing 'Finish', the computer turned off automatically.

Then, I tried to run de second recovery CD and have a message that says:

*CDBOOT: couldn't find BOOTMGR*

What can I do?
Please, please help me. :(

My laptop is a Satellite A205-S4557
It came along with 2 recovery and applications/Drivers CDs
and a Windows Vista - Home Premium 32-bit CD (Windows anytime upgrade)

Answer:Satellite A205-S4557 - After recovery no BOOTMGR message


And what happens if run the recovery disk again? Normally from the first recovery disk you can boot and during the recovery installation you have to insert the second disk (you will get such a message).

Maybe during the recovery installation something went wrong.

Normally it?s only possible to boot from the first recovery disk so check this again.


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Hello, I'm attempting to repair a gateway laptop that came pre-loaded with Windows Vista Home Premium.

I attempted a recovery to factory state with saving user data. During this process the laptop locked up and I was forced to power it down. When I start it back up, I get this message:

BOOTMGR is missing
Pres Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

I can't access the recovery partition anymore. In order to access it to begin with I had to press f8 to reach the advanced startup options and choose "Repair your Computer". I can no longer reach the advanced startup menu.


Answer:Solved: BOOTMGR is missing - after failed recovery from partition on a gateway laptop

Most of the time (I guess not always) to get to the restore partition it is one of the following...


These will be done at the same point you start hitting F8

One of those combos usually works.

Gateway may have done things differently.

But if you can not get to the restore partition, and you did not create the restore disks,
Then you will need to contact gateway to order the restore disks.

However, it is possible that you may have a bad hard drive.
You can usually check the BIOS for the model number and look up the manufacturer to get the HDD Diags from them. Toshiba Drives have no diags. Or, the HDD Diags could be in the BIOS somewhere, you will have to look for them, if they are there.

If you can't fidn it that way, you will need to pull the Hard Drive and see who the manufacturer is and then, get the HDD Diags from them. To check and make sure the HDD is ok before trying to reload the OS.

There are many things that can cause an issue like this. Memory is another, if the memory is bad, it is possible to cause Data Corruption. Use Windows Memory Diag for that.

My first step to take would be, test the Hard Drive. If this passes,,,,
Then test the memory, just to make sure. If this passes,,, and you still can't get to the restore partition....

Then something horked the data on the drive (it would be unknown how or what might have casued it) and you will need to order those restore disks. Or if you can find an OEM vers... Read more

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Help - took out of box - plugged into power - turned it on - it just keeps saying BootMgr is missing press Alt, Control, Delete - which when I do it goes back to start up page and then we end up back at....... BootMgr is missing.

Any ideas??? What do I do?

Answer:Satellite L650 - error at start-up - "BootMgr is missing"


Try please to start HDD recovery installation following this document -

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Please help. My Satellite 660 laptop is driving me to despair!

Now I know this may sound stupid to some, but this worthless pile of plastic and metal means the world to me.
Yes it may be 3 years old and worth more as spare part but to me it is special... It was the last gift ever bought for me by my late mother.
The sentimental value of this machine is incalculable to me (both figuratively and literally the f#cking thing doesn't work!).

Please help me save it.
Where to begin? OK... I'm a techno moron, I thought World of War Craft was a global knitting competition for military clothing. I prostate myself at your mercy please please help me fix this problem.
(cue harp music and squiggly flash back visuals)
It all began this afternoon when I noticed that my C drive was dangerously close to full (like5gb spare) whilst my D drive had 223gb spare, what I wanted to do rather than deleting my D drive was to shrink it down in size and then add the freed memory to my C drive (oh if only things were this simple). What I found was that I could use the system management tool to shrink the D drive BUT I could not then simply transfer that memory over to the C drive, so I returned it to the D drive and thought no more of it. I did however remember clicking something about 'active partitions' and there being a warning come up on screen advising me that something like this could happen... Low and behold, on the next start up I get this dreaded message!!! "BOOTMGR mi... Read more

Answer:Satellite C660 - BOOTMGR is missing press Ctrl+ALt+Del

Hi dude,

First of all i’ve got a good message for you: this isn’t very serious issue and could be solved easy.
I assume you cannot start Advanced boot menu pressing F8. Correct?
If this is not possible you need an bootable Live CD for example Windows PE or BartPE

Booting the notebook using such Live CD will allow you to use the command prompt where you could execute some commands in order to rebuild the Master Boot Record.
Using the command prompt (shows like a black DOS box) you should type this command:
Bootrec /RebuildBcd, and then press ENTER.

Usually this should rebuild the master boot record on the HDD and the notebook should boot again from the internal C partition.

Here also an useful knowledge document from Microsoft:

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Alright, I have a Toshiba Satellite A205-S5812 notebook and it's having some problems.
Whenever I turn it on I get a black screen with the words bootmgr is missing.

Is there a way to fix this?
I have been looking all over and I can't seem to figure it out. I can get to command prompt through the repair cd but it doesn't recognize drive c:...
So I looked around and realized I have a drive X: with 31.3 MB free of 33.7 MB.
I have Windows Vista so if anybody can help I would love you!

Also, for some reason I can't do startup repair in the system recovery options.

When I did Startup Repair it said it could not repair this computer automatically.
So I clicked show problem details and this is what they were.

Problem Event Name: StarupRepairV2
Problem Signature 01: ExternalMedia
Problem Signature 02: 6.0.6000.16386.
Problem Signature 03: 0
Problem Signature 04: 65537
Problem Signature 05: unkown
Problem Signature 06: BadDisk
Problem Signature 07: 0
Problem Signature 08: 0
Problem Signature 09: ybjiwb
Problem Signature 010: 1168
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale D: 1033

One last thing...something just popped up that said "A hard disk problem is preventing Windows from staring."
The Diagnosis and repair details say that the Root cause found is Bad hard disk....Does this just mean that I need a new hard drive and it will work fine?

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Answer:Bootmgr is missing message on Satellite A205-S5812


The +bootmgr is missing+ error appears because the Vista?s boot manager cannot be found on the HDD.
The boot manger could be damage because of some problems with your HDD.
The part of the error message says this:
> Problem Signature 06: BadDisk

It says clearly that there is a BadDisk and therefore I come to the conclusion that your HDD must malfunctions.

I found your other thread which described a HDD problem:

Well, I think you have to replace the HDD and then should use the Toshiba Recovery Disk to reinstall the OS.


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I just tried to install AVG onto my Laptop.

I then tried to update it but it kept telling me that it couldnt connect to the AVG homepage so I tried re-starting my internet connection but still no luck so I thought Id re-start my Laptop but it wont load & I keep getting a message saying "BOOTMGR is missing Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart" I go into the Boot manager menu, Choose to boot from HDD but it just keeps doing the same thing over and over.

The model is Satellite L300-1AQ Any ideas?


Ive just spoken to the Toshiba technical department & because I hadnt got round to creating back up discs there gonna charge me 30 to supply me with new ones.

Is there any way around this?

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Answer:Start up problems on Satellite L300-1AQ - BOOTMGR is missing

It?s your fault if you didn?t create an own Recovery disk.

On the Toshiba notebook you will find an Toshiba recovery disk creator tool which would allows you to create the own Recovery disk.
But if you are not able to boot into the OS then you cannot create such disk.

Check if you can start the HDD recovery option;
You have to press F8 immediately after notebook pressing the power button.
Then you should get an menu and should choose the first option called ?Repair my computer?.

But if this menu will not appear then you will be not able to start the HDD recovery and this would mean that you need to order a Recover disk to get it working again.


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Hi Folks,

Bit of a problem here, I tried to install WXP whilst vista was on my Satellite A200-1AI and it would not let me. Regardless of how I set the bios, vista booted from the HDD and I could not boot from the WXP boot cd.


I formatted the HDD using another PC. Now when the HDD is in my notebook and I try to boot from the WXP cd I get the following msg:

"For Realtek RTL8100E/8101E Fast Ethernet Network Adapter v1.02 (060510)
PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
PXE-M0F: Existing PXE ROM.

BOOTMGR is missing
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"

Any ideas? Any suggestions would be really helpful.

Thanks for your time,


Answer:Satellite A200: PXE-E61 and BOOTMGR is missing error appears


You have formatted the HDD in another computer and the ?boot manager? was destroyed.
There is no operating system on the HDD and therefore the error message: ?BOOTMGR is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" appears

The second message ?PXE-M0F: Existing PXE ROM? says that the notebook tries to boot form the LAN but it?s not able to find an OS using the LAN connection!

Why all this error messages appears?!
Well, I think the CD/DVD drive cannot read the inserted WinXP CD and therefore in switches to LAN.

Note; You can boot from the drive by pressing the ?C? button immediately after notebook starting or you will press the F12 to get the booting menu. Then you could choose the ODD as booting source.

If you will be not able to boot from your WinXP CD I assume either the CD is faulty or the CD/DVD drive cannot handle this CD.

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I'm trying to move my OS to a new SSD but up until now I have failed miserably.
I used both AOEMI and Acronis and I get the same result. My SSD will not boot showing the "Bootmgr is missing" black screen.
I've read a lot around these forums and the general opinion is that the Bootmgr is located somewhere else.
Unfortunately I cannot find a "System Reserved" in Disk Management to include it in my backup/clone.
I have two hard disks and it's probably the cause of the problem.
One is my C: with the OS (Disk 1)
The second is my very old C: which now I use just for data (Disk 0).

If I remove Disk 0 I cannot boot in Windows with just Disk 1.
If I keep Disk 0 and 1 I can only boot when in Bios the IDE (Disk 0) is on top.

My question is this. Is there any way I can create a working backup/clone to my SSD?
A search in My Computer for bootmgr gets me results in G if this is any help.
I tried removing Disk 0 and booting with the Win7 DVD but when I try to repair I get the "This version of System Recovery Options is not compatible with the version of Windows" message.
It's my DVD that used to install windows.

Answer:System migrating and Bootmgr missing

Your boot files are on the G partition on disc 0. That's why you can't boot if disc 0 is disconnected.

I suspect there is more than one way around this, but you could try copying the boot files from G to disc 1, C partition, using EasyBCD, following this tutorial:

Bootmgr - Move to C:\ with EasyBCD

If that succeeds, you should be able to boot with disc 0 disconnected.

System Reserved isn't a requirement. It's normally where boot files are found, but as in your case, boot files can be elsewhere. I don't have a System Reserved either---my boot files are on C.

If you can copy the boot files and operate normally with disc 0 disconnected, you should then be able to clone or image disc 1 to the SSD.

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I have fairly recently purchased my L300D - 12L laptop from a Staples store near me (for use at univeristy). After about 4 months of use, the system seemed to slow down considerably and yesterday, my laptop started giving me BSOD messages everytime I tried to start up the laptop and forces it to restart.
I tried to use safe mode to move all my files to a desktop computer and that seemed to work although sometimes even safemode failed to start up with a BSOD coming up with memory management error and sometimes IQRL_Less or equal .....
I may also have accidentally deleted HDD from partition 2... but I figured that it would be ok since I'd created a recovery disk already within days of purchase and it works.

So my problem is this, my laptop is now completely free of my files since I have painstakingly backed them up with removable mass storage devices through a malfunctioning safe mode; I have proceeded to use the recovery disk created... but for clarification I think I should list step by step what happens when I use the disk...

1)'Windows is loading files' (a black screen with a white bar at the bottom)
2)Green microsoft loading bar
3)Recovery Utility grey and white backdrop with 'Recovery Utility' Box telling me to select a language (I choose English)
4)'Please select the item you want to install and click on [Next >}. Current Recovery Drive size is: 76GB (I choose Next with 'English (Windows Vista)' Highlighted)
5)'WARNING: Your hard disk will be comple... Read more

Answer:Satellite L300D-12L: Error: MISSING BOOTMGR + HDD partition 2 corrupted

I think one thread would be enough ;)

Follow the first one to avoid different discussions....

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I have fairly recently purchased my L300D - 12L laptop from a Staples store near me (for use at univeristy). After about 4 months of use, the system seemed to slow down considerably and yesterday, my laptop started giving me BSOD messages everytime I tried to start up the laptop and forces it to restart.
I tried to use safe mode to move all my files to a desktop computer and that seemed to work although sometimes even safemode failed to start up with a BSOD coming up with [memory management error] and sometimes IQRL_Less or equal .....
I may also have accidentally deleted HDD from partition 2... but I figured that it would be ok since I'd created a recovery disk already within days of purchase and it works.

So my problem is this, my laptop is now completely free of my files since I have painstakingly backed them up with removable mass storage devices through a malfunctioning safe mode; I have proceeded to use the recovery disk created... but for clarification I think I should list step by step what happens when I use the disk...

1)'Windows is loading files' (a black screen with a white bar at the bottom)
2)Green microsoft loading bar
3)Recovery Utility grey and white backdrop with 'Recovery Utility' Box telling me to select a language (I choose English)
4)'Please select the item you want to install and click on [Next >}. Current Recovery Drive size is: 76GB (I choose Next with 'English (Windows Vista)' Highlighted)
5)'WARNING: Your hard disk will be co... Read more

Answer:Satellite L300D-12L: Error: MISSING BOOTMGR + HDD partition 2 corrupted


This one error message is interesting:
>ERROR: No BCD found on partition two or one!
> Press any key to continue

The BCd is the Vista bootloader which is needed to load and to boot the Vista OS.
It looks like it cannot be found and therefore the Vista cannot boot up.

The next error message saying: ?BOOTMGR is missing, Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart? would confirm my assumption.

You said that your system slows down considerably?.

Possibly the HDD is faulty?. I have only this one explanation?.
In your case the warranty is valid and I think you should ask the ASP in your country for a help? the guys could check the HDD and other parts and could replace it.


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computer specs:
acer aspire one 721 series
windows 7 home premium 64 bit
amd athlon II neo processor k 125 (1.7 ghz)
2 gb ddr3 memory
6-cell li-ion battery
(that's pretty much all i can get off the back of the laptop, sorry)

so, this morning, i woke up one of our laptops from sleep mode and was met with a blue screen. so, after starting it back up (i tried to check the dump files, but my access was denied), i decided to do a system restore, retaining the user files- something i'd done several times before on that pc without any issues. however, partway through backing up the files, the computer suddenly shut off, and when i started it back up, the only text on the screen was 'bootmgr missing. press ctrl+alt+delete to restart.' i tried that a few times, but nothing changed. i was able to get into bios by pressing f2, but i'm not sure what the password is, as i wasn't the one who set up this computer originally.
right now, my priority is seeing if i can get the files off the hard disk (i think i have a hard drive interface somewhere, if i can find it) but i'd really appreciate help getting windows 7 at least functioning again. thanks!

Answer:bootmgr missing after acer system restore

Hello and welcome Lucky mate if getting the data back is the priority try this
Make a bootable Ubuntu disk Get Ubuntu | Download | Ubuntu
Set the BIOS to boot from the optical when the machine boots it will show you a screen with TRY or INSTALL > select TRY not INSTALL
When it is finished - it takes very little time you will get a screen like in the pic .
Open the drive you want > User and dig down until you get to the data / settings you may be able to copy / paste the material you want to an external source or other installed drive doing this.
I am not sure if it will but I have recovered tons of data etc using this method both on "dead" or just plain drives that you cannot get data from using Windows.

This does not involve Windows as it runs in the Ubuntu OS but remember use TRY not RUN. By the by there is a Linux Mint bootable stick that will do the same sort of job but for what it is worth making a disk/CD is easier and simpler to do (my opinion).

Get the data back and we can carry on from there.

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then it says hit ctrl+alt+ delete to restart. and the thing is there is no operating system on it. and it says this whether or not a cd is in the cd/dvd drive. i have tried windows 7, and even my old windows xp disk and nothing. it isnt the same thing where you can repair it through the disk it doesnt give me that option just goes straight to that. and it restarts and does it all over again. I first tried to install through USB mode, that didnt work so i quick formatted the hdd on another computer, the hdd is a wdc 750 gb. the motherboard is a gigabyte m68mt-s2. now that i got a piece to make my old pata disk drive to a sata i could do disk. i have tried pulling the motherboard's battery out and putting it back in but nothing. any help would be much appreciated.

Answer:loading operating system,bootmgr is missing.

There may be the corrupt bootmgr is present on your Hard drive I will suggest you to format your Hard drive and then Install OS win 7 or win xp..

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Hi, I have a Lenovo Z570. All of a sudden, when I put on my system, I got a message " BootMgr is missing. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart". I tried restarting, but its displaying the same error message again.  Pls tell me a solution for this. What should I do to get my laptop working again.   

Answer:BootMgr is missing message on system bootup

Akshay,In general if your system was running windows 7 it should have prompted you to enter the recovery environment. If not,you may have to fix the MBR code. Do you have a Windows 7 cd with you? If soreboot and select the option "repair my computer" from the windows setup. Select "startup repair" from the list

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Hey guys, i need some help with my L750D-14R laptop.

Basically, i have a 500 gig HDD in it which is split into 2 partitions, one with my OS on it and one as a data disc for backups etc. somehow my bootable disc got switched from one partition to the oher, so everytime i boot up now it comes up with "BOOTMGR missing press Ctrl, Atl delete to restart"

Anyone know how i can switch the boot drive to the other partiion?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite L750D-14R - BOOTMGR missing press Ctrl, Atl delete to restart"

Set BIOS to default settings and try to start preinstalled Windows again.

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Yep, Ive done a number on the laptop, just in time for the Australia 2014 Tax cut off. Any advice would be appreciated!

I tried to reinstall from my operting system disk and I guess I am a fish out of water here. I formatted or deleted the wrong spot along the way and now I'm having issues starting it.

I've followed an online thread advice, I've used the DBAN nuke to completely erase any corrupted boot files, but no joy.

I've made a copy of Hiren's and I can load up in the mini XP, but then I don't know the next step.

When I've tried to load of the operating system disk it keeps telling me 'windows cannot find a system image on this computer'.

I've tried rebooting of a System Repair Disk I made from a working windows 7 laptop but I get the same 'windows cannot find a system image on this computer' problem. Any suggestions short of throwing it into Sydney Harbour would be appreciated.

Answer:Help please, bootmgr missing' and 'windows cannot find a system image'

This is what I get when I run the minXP off Hirens.

So, I am assuming my partitions are the problem and am running partition magic. Currently I have drives as per the image.

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I have a toshiba laptop running on windows 7. One day I turned it on and it said "bootmgr is missing press ctrl alt delete to restart."

I have been researching how to fix it and have made a repair cd, which boots it and sends me to the start up process, but when I get to the command prompt option and type "bootrec/fixboot" it says "the volume does not contain a recognized file system."

I have no idea what's wrong and i've been trying to search the problem for hours, any help is appreciated.

Answer:Bootmgr missing & the volume does not contain a recognized file system

Welcome to SF! backrowcentre

There are a few other options like the Startup repair tool intended to replace boot files as well as others when not able to boot into 7. Running that a few times will often correct a boot problem.

The other command to use at the command prompt option would be the use of the "bootrec /rebuildbcd" command where that will scan for any 7 installation and prompt you for seeing that added into the boot list. The other option at the command prompt would be the DiskPart tool where you type the following.

DiskPart = starts partition manager
List Disk = llst all hard drives
Select Disk # = usually 0 like Disk 0
List Volume = lists all partitions
Select Volume = in case of hidden recovery partition being at front of drive you would Select volume 2
Active = marks partition as active
Assign(option and used mainly for things like making external HDs/usb flash drives bootable) = assigns drive letter

The Startup repair is generally the quick and easy when all boot files are still present while that may take a second run at times. Startup Repair

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Hello Guys and Gals!
I have an interesting and puzzling problem here...
I have created a successful triple booting system with Windows 7,Ubuntu 10.10,and Windows XP. I did that BEFORE I just recently upgraded most of my hardware including my Motherboard,RAM (16 Gb up from 8),video card,processor and monitor.I am using GRUB 2 as my boot loader.Ubuntu is now clearly broken,as it does boot but now needs a partial upgrade ( considering upgrading all the way to 11.10 with all this new hardware...maybe ) and many updates. Windows XP does not boot however and gives me the old :
BOOTMGR is missing - press CTRL-ALT-DELETE to restart.
I have placed the hard drive boot priorities in the proper order so that the system boots to the GRUB flawlessly but I am lost on the proper method to repair XP in this configuration.

Let me describe what happens when I boot up and try to answer some initial questions.

When I boot my machine displays all the POST information as normal,then GRUB comes up showing my Ubuntu,Windows 7,and Windows XP options as normal. When I choose XP
I get the error. Windows 7 boots up when I choose it in GRUB with no issues what-so-ever.

I already have updated/re-installed all the new and necessary drivers ( for Windows 7 anyway )...Still have to work on Ubuntu...and
I am running XP because of an old program that requires it to run properly ( Dundjinni - don't laugh! I know a few of you still play Dungeons and Dragons ).

As I stated before my Tr... Read more

Answer:BOOTMGR missing on Triple boot system with GRUB...

Could I get the steps you used to set up the triple boot to begin with? I know in the past, I had to install everything in a certain order for triple booting 7, XP, and Linux to work out, so your installation order would give me an idea of how to help you resolve your current issue.

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intalled norton utilities when I intalled norton internet securtiy 2008 and ran disk repair option, and some how my bootmgr got erased or is missing on my main computers vista installation, and I don't know what to do.
I tryed the repair option and the system restore funtion to no avail, I am sure that one of you guys/girls knows what to do. I would have to hate to have to do a full install since i have almost a 500 gig drive full of stuff.

please help, and save me a lot of time.

thanks for any help


Answer:Help! BOOTMGR Missing Vista Main system will not boot!

found solution via google but didn't work doing reintall now, thanks


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bootmgr image is corrupt. the system cannot boot

Why is this?

Have we lost all the files etc on the laptop?

Its a Toshiba L300-16L "Basic All-Rounder"

Any help would be great - thank you


Answer:Satellite L300-16L: bootmgr image is corrupt. the system cannot boot

Well, the system on the HDD seems to be corrupt.
Who knows why? but this happens sometimes? it?s nothing unusual and therefore it?s always recommended to backup the data always?

The files are not lost but you are not able to boot up the unit.

What you can do?
Well, you can recover the notebook again.
Either by using the HDD recovery option (press F8, repair my computer, HDD recovery) or by using the Recovery disk

But this will format the HDD and you will lose the data.
if you want to get access to the data then I recommend booting from live CD like WinPE or BartPE.

Google for details...

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Hi there,

I am using Toshiba Satellite M300 loaded with Win Vista 32 Bit form last three year but today when I resume my laptop from sleep mode, it take long time to resume and then got hanged. So, I decided to switch off and start it again. On welcome screen. it displays message "Operating System not found" and also started beeping whenever I press any key.

Then, I have inserted win Vista DVD for System recovery and it did well and confirm to restart the computer. On re-starting it again displays the same message. I have repeated this action 3 times and got the same message. I usually save my data on external hard drive as well so I decided to delete all data on laptop hard drive thinking of some virus has blocked the OS to resume though I use AVG 2011 to protect my local data.

Lastly, after couple of hours of deleting all data from the drive and I finally again restart the laptop with another error message but this time it is " BOOTMGR is missing" and this has bit gob smacked me. I think I have also cleaned the win vista off my drive or not.....but I now confused and looking for suggestions to move me to right track.

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Windows Vista error - Firstly 'Operting System not found' and now 'BOOTMGR is missing

It seems that your hard drive is failing. You need a new drive.

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Hi, my sister has Sony Vaio E-Series which runs windows 7 Home edition. She encountered a problem starting up the windows and decided to use Recovery Disk, Recovery Disk stopped working and needs additional source (disk) to run. She weren't successful so decided to stop recovery and run it again. After that the error "BOOTMGR is missing" appeared! When I put the recovery disk inside the machine it doesn't work. F8 and F4 keys also don't work. So I can't use the similar solution mentioned on the internet like running "system restore". She also doesn?t have Windows 7 installation disc to run.

Please help me solve this problem

Answer:Error "BOOTMGR is missing"_It doesn't allow me to use recovery disk

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
startup repair disc-create

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

How to make Sony Recovery Disks:
View Document

How to use Sony Recovery:
View Document

How to use Sony Hardware Diagostics:
View Document

How to order Sony Recovery disks:
1.Go to
2.Enter your computer's model number (for example, PCV-XXXX), and click List Parts and accessories.
3.Follow the online instructions to order the Recovery Media Kit.
If you are not able to access the Sony Direct Accessories and Parts Center Web site, contact a customer service representative at 1-800-488-7669.

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Hi everyone,

I'm stuck in a pretty bad situation right now and I have no idea about how to help myself..So recently I've been wanting to 'reset' my Windows 8.1 laptop, & I just cannot because my recovery environment is missing..
First when I got this problem I thought there would be an easy-intermediate level fix like every other problem. (and I love fixing stuff.)

But this one doesn't look like an easy fix or I'm not even sure If there is a fix. So the big mistake I did was, I deleted my "System Recovery Partition".

I have searched everywhere possible and I'm not getting a fix.. I would really appreciate IF YOU GUYS HELP ME!
and another problem is that I don't live in the USA or Canada.I've got a Dell Inspiron 15R 5521, 8GB RAM, intel i5 3317u.

and Dell provides Backup Media to only the people who live in the US and Canada. Please guys, I need a solution.

I have a separate Windows 8.1 Installation Disk, but what I'm scared about is If I install my Windows from the disk, my Dell features would be gone and I don't think I'd be able to have a proper Recovery Environment in the future because this Disk's installation files are nothing related to Dell. Its just a clean Windows installation disk I got from my friend a while ago. I've tried the repair my computer option from the disk and it does not help...

Thank you

Answer:Recovery Environment Missing -System Recovery Partition Deleted.

Hi ahmedrahamathulla,
Please private message us the system service tag and region you are located so that I can check the available options and assist you further. To send a private message, click on my name and send private message.

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Hey everyone!
Just a few details:
Laptop: HP dv2050us
OS: Windows XP Home SP3

So I was downloading a trial version of nero and my entire computer decided to hate me. I'm pretty sure it was a virus. It changed my registry somehow and has deleted important files to ensure that the computer works.
I'm running XP home and the cute little log-in window doesn't come up anymore (it's just the boring username: password:). Also, I wasn't able to access any of the files in the control panel -- it said I was missing rundll32.exe (I downloaded that and put it in C:/WINDOWS/system32) -- so it works now.

I want to just stick my recovery cds into my computer, but when I do, my computer doesn't read them. I've checked the device manager, and CD-ROM is not there, but I have the option to boot from my CD-Rom drive when I look at my BIOS.

I don't know what to do :(

Answer:CD/DVD-Rom Drive missing and System Recovery files missing

First thing you're going to want to do is back up any files that you want to keep. Since you can't use your cd drive in windows, you'll have to use a flash drive or an external hard drive. Just copy and paste the files you want to keep onto the storage device (I suggest you do this in safe mode if possible and that you don't copy any (large) folders as there might be hidden files within them that are infected).

Once you've gotten all your files backed up, you have two choices:

1) Follow the steps here and start a new thread in the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum (be patient as the analysts are very busy and it can take a while for them to get to you).

2) Wipe the hard drive with a program like dban and reinstall Windows (this is a good guide on how to reinstall windows; if you don't have the disk with all your hardware drivers that came with the computer, then you should also download all the drivers from the manufacturer's website and save them to a cd/flash drive/external hard drive to help speed up the process; if you go this route, you will also have to reinstall any programs that you currently have on your computer).

You could also try to run a repair install of Windows, but, if it really is a virus, then that probably won't help all that much in the long term

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I compressed my entire C drive. When I rebooted I got the error "Bootmgr is compressed"

I don't have a optical drive, so I made a bootable USB drive using YUMI 0.2.3 and added the windows 7 recovery ISO. The USB drive boots and I can enter the recovery console, etc.

It couldn't auto-repair the problem so I tried enterinng the following in the command prompt code:

expand bootmgr temp
attrib bootmgr –s –r –h
del bootmgr
ren temp bootmgr
attrib bootmgr –a +s +h +r
I guess "ren" didn't work or something, because now the error is "Bootmgr is MISSING".

Still, the recovery disk cannot auto-repair.

i tried entering the following in the command prompt (from bootable USB):
bootrec /fixboot

It said the operation has completed successfully. I took the USB drive out and rebooted. bootmgr is still missing.

I also tried:
bootrec /rebuildbcd

Total identified windows installations: 1
Add installation to boot list? yes<y>no<n>all<a>

I selected yes, it said "The requested system device cannot be found".
On that note, I am stuck. How can I restore bootmgr?

Answer:bootmgr missing error, became bootmgr MISSING.

try uncompact it in commad promt by typing compact /u /a c:\*.*

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I was wondering if the notebook I have (Model: PSC1YA-00G00L)
is capable of using a solid state hard disk. If so, could you let me know which types are compatible and anything else I need to know please? Thanks.

Answer:SSD HDD for Satellite C660D


I don?t see any big problems using an common SATA SSD drive.
The controller supports the SATA interface and you should use an SATA SSD drive.

In some cases some SSD drive requires an firmware update but this should be checked with the SSD drive manufacturer?

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My two-year old Satellite C75-A-14X suffered a major hard drive crash a few weeks ago. My data has been backed up, but I've been unable to repair my PC, and as I hadn't created any recovery media, I bought a system recovery USB stick from Toshiba. I received the USB stick today and attempted to restore my laptop to its factory default settings. I left my laptop to perform the recovery for about an hour or so. When I returned, the screen said that there was an error (I didn't make a note of the error code) and the recovery had failed. Now, when I restart my laptop I get a blue screen with the following text:


Your PC needs to be repaired

A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed.

Error code: 0xc000000f

You'll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media. If you don't have any installation media (like a disc or USB device), contact your system administrator or PC manufacturer.

Press Enter to try again
Press F8 for Startup Settings
Press Esc for UEFI Firmware Settings"

When I press Enter or F8, my laptop remains on the blue screen with the above text. Pressing Esc is the only option at this screen that works. How can I re-attempt restoring factory settings from the recovery USB stick?

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Stop 0x000000001A *Memory_Management* Blue Screen during recovery.
Please help.

Answer:Satellite L500-12T System Recovery from Recovery Disks

First recovery or first notebook start?
HDD or DVD recovery?

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I was trying to perform a system restore on my Sony Vaio, but I got an error during the process. The popup told me to restart my computer and try again. Now, whenever I try to turn on my computer I get this message: "BOOTMGR is missing. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"

Whenever I do that, the same screen comes up. I have no re-install discs, none came with my computer. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium on a Sony Vaio model PCG-71312L.

I read on a Microsoft support forum to try restarting while pressing F8, but the same screen comes up.

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I've just unpacked my Toshiba Satellite C660D-10L laptop, and problem is that I cannot find any drivers. My computer came without OS in it, so I will install Windows 7 or XP, but problem is that I cannot find apropriate drivers... There is no drivers for 10L.
My biggest problems are WLAN card drivers.

Can anybody tell me what is wifi chipset in this laptop? Realtek? Broadcom? Atheros? and what model... I've found some drivers for 660D, but none are specified to 10L.
Also when I try to find my computer trough serial number or part number it doesn't find it... I didn't even start using it and already I'm little bit dissapointed with support.

Answer:Need drivers for Satellite C660D-10L

I've found wlan drivers but only for win7 64bit version, there is none for 32bit...

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I have problems burning CD/DVD on my Satellite C660D-1GH under Win 7 x64. With the standard windows explorer burning - the process starts however it is incredibly slow and after 2 hours of burning 1 MB file on 4GB drive - it dispays an error that there is no enough space.

I installed CD Burner XP - it doesn't even recognize the burner.
Any ideas how to fix that?

Answer:Cannot write CD/DVD on my Satellite C660D-1GH

Can you please test functionality with some ?well known? application like NERO burning ROM?

By the way: do you use original preinstalled OS that you got with your notebook?

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I've got a toshiba laptop (Satellite C660D PSC1YE-01U001FR) and it uses only 1.60GB of my 2Go RAM available.

How can I fix this?


Answer:Satellite C660D PSC1YE uses 1.6GB RAM of 2GB RAM


There is nothing to fix?
The notebook seems to be equipped with the AMD Radeon? HD 6250 Graphics and I assume difference, the 400MB, are used by graphic card.

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Is it possible to upgrade the C660D from a E-240 processor to a E-350.

1. Will the BIOS accept the change?
2. E-350 source of supply?
3. Any forseen problems?

Answer:Satellite C660D - Is it possible to upgrade the CPU?


Theoretically it?s possible to exchange the CPU but an upgrade is not supported by Toshiba. That means you will lose the warranty and nobody can say if other CPU types are supported or not because there is no list with other CPUs.

Also can you make sure that the current fan and cooling module is good enough for better CPU?

=> [Is it possible to upgrade the CPU or GPU of a Toshiba notebook?|]

It?s too risky so you should forget it ;)

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Hello ,

I need your assistance

I have an Toshiba satellite C660D with an AMD Radeon HD6320 graphic card, with drivers updated. I cannot connect it to my Sony Bravia KDL-40W2000.

I bought an vga-hdmi cable but the laptop doesn't recognize the TV, I tried all the AV options. I tried with another laptop with an s-v?deo to s-v?deo exit and I got v?deo connection.

Must I change the cable to an vga to svideo or is it something missing with hdmi one?

Thanks for your help!

Answer:Cannot connect Satellite C660D to my LCD TV

> I bought an vga-hdmi cable but the laptop doesn't recognize the TV

You cannot use and VGA to HDMI cable?
The VGA provides analog signal, HDMI provides digital signal?
It NOT possible to convert analog to digital signal!

So if your notebook provides only VGA port, so you have to use and VGA to VGA (RGB) cable.

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I have a SATELLITE C660D-102 and cant find a deivere to update my usb as im stuck on usb 1.0 my laptop supports usb 2.0 but it aint working dose anyone know how to fix this ?

Answer:Satellite C660D - how to upgrade USB 1.0 to 2.0?

Why do you think that your notebook works with 1.0 USB standard?
Which operating system do you use?
Do you use original OS that you got with your machine?

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