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Satellite L750 - Access to HDD Recovery partition

Question: Satellite L750 - Access to HDD Recovery partition

I need reset hdd to factory settings, but can't access to recovery startup. I read this manuals

this information don't work for me. This utility I don't have at all.

My L750 Serial No. 7b421068w

I tryed run recovery partition, I turn off notebook, and turned on holding keyboard button "0" and tryed other buttons F1-F12, but system just beeping with empty black screen and then Toshiba menu shows up and loading Windows as usual.

There is a "HDDRecovery" factory folder on logic drive D: with all default recovery files

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Preferred Solution: Satellite L750 - Access to HDD Recovery partition

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite L750 - Access to HDD Recovery partition

I found Toshiba Recovery Media Creator from, but utility didn't even start. It says something about unable find hard disk driver, unable find recovery partition.

Maybe it not exact utility what I need, I can't find *Toshiba HDD Recovery Tool* from manual.

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I have upgraded windows 7 Home premium to Win 7 professional. Please could you give me some guidance to update (or overwrite) the recovery partition so that Win 7 Pro becomes the default O/S, and all the Toshiba Satellite L750 drivers and software are included (bluetooth, and wireless software & drivers etc).

I have already created a new system image on the recovery partition, and a system repair disk.


Answer:Overwriting the Recovery partition on Satellite L750

Something like this is not possible. Original recovery image cannot be modified or changed.
I just hope you have created recovery media (DVD or USB) before you have made any changes.

Using this created recovery media you will be able to install original recovery image anytime you want.

If you have more questions you are welcome.

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Help please

I am trying to access my recovery partition on my Satellite A660-18N and I could not find it.
I ve made a stupid thing I ve instaled a fresh Win7 from a cd from my friend without touching the hddrecovery partition.Now I have the fresh copy instaled but I want to go back to the factory one.

It seams from what I ve read on forums that the win7(being different then the one on recovery partition) that is instaled at the moment can't see the recovery partition any more (something was delleted when I ve instaled the copy from my friend.).

is there something i have to replace to boot into it or is there a way to fix it?

Thanks .

Answer:How to access Recovery partition on Satellite A660?

> I ve instaled a fresh Win7 from a cd from my friend
After doing this there is no way to start HDD recovery installation anymore.
Have you created recovery DVDs following advice in User?s manuals document?
If not only way to have ?factory settings? again is to order original Toshiba recovery disc. You can order it on

Sorry. :(

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Hi all,

I have an L30 (psl33e) which has the recovery partition in tact but I cannot find how to access it.

I don't recall a recovery CD and thought that holding zero or F10 down when powering the laptop on would allow me to recover the system.

If I need a recovery CD to access the partition then where do I obtain that?

Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Satellite L30 PSL33E - How to access the Recovery partition


I think your Sat L30 was not equipped with the HDD recovery option and therefore there is no HDD recovery partition!

If your notebook would support the HDD recovery then it should be able to restore this notebook pressing the F8 button immediately after notebook has been powered up.
Then you could choose the option ?Repair my computer?.

But as I said above, I doubt this L30 would support this because as far as I know the Recovery disk should be delivered with the notebook.

If you don?t have a Recovery disk then try this website:

If you will be not able to order the disk using the website above then contact the ASP in your country for a Recovery DVD.


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Hi, I just bought a Toshiba Satellite L500D-00F shipping with Windows 7 Home Premium and my OS doesn't work well so I need to boot on the recovery partition but I can't find any way to do so...


The first boot launched the hidden recovery partition and I followed procedure to install the computer's OS.

At one point it would ask me if I wanted 32 bits or 64 bits version of Windows 7, so I just chose the default option (32 bits) because I couldn't find anywhere in the merchant's L500D specifications that is was a 64 bits processor.

After the computer installation, it booted up Windows 7 correctly and I could hear the startup sound, see my desktop for a second and the screen went black, nothing worked at all and I discovered my computer was in fact a 64 bits unit, so that's probably why the video driver won't work correctly, I guess. Everytime I boot my laptop, I see my desktop for a second then it goes black and freezes like that.


Anyway... I want to launch that recovery partition again and reinstall my OS using the 64 bits version.

How can I boot from the recovery partition on my L500D-00F... AND PLEASE don't tell me to hit F8 at boot time, I already tried this and NO I do not have any "Repair" option. The first one is "Safe mode" and there is no such "Repair" or "Recover" option.

By the way, in the disk m... Read more

Answer:How can I access recovery partition on my Satellite L500D-00F?

After calling Toshiba support line, they simply told me to press the zero key on the keyword while booting up :-)

Same way you would press F8, but instead it's the zero key (0)... weird that this issue is not discussed anywhere. Toshiba users, try it! Worked for me :-)

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I formatted Windows 7 with a Windows XP CD but failed installation. I wanted to know how to access the recovery partition to set it to factory default, all there is on the laptop at the moment is ubuntu but I'm sure I saw an extra partition which should contain the recovery files as the laptop did not come with a recovery disk and unfortunately I didnt create one.

How can I access the recovery partition on the laptop bearing in mind I formatted the drive Windows 7 was installed on or do I need to activate or something like that?

Any help much appreciated

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro L450D-12X - How to access the recovery partition?


On second partition of your notebook (data partition) you can find a folder called ?HDDrecovery? and it contains the recovery files. The problem is that you can use the HDD recovery feature only with preinstalled operating system. This would mean in your case it?s too late now and it?s not useable anymore.

Have you created the Toshiba recovery disk as mentioned in user manual? If yes you can use this disk to restore the original factory settings. Just boot from this disk and follow the screen instructions.

If you don?t have the recovery disk you can order it here:

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I can't access the recovery manager on a Toshiba L350. I have tried holding down 0 (zero, both of them) at the start to access the HD-Recovery, but nothing happens. Is there something obvious I'm missing?

The reason I want to access is:
I have a Toshiba l350 with a partly installed windows here. At the moment, it gets "Starting Windows" and "The instalation program is started services" (in Norwegian) whichs stop with a popupbox saying "The computer unexpectedly restartet, or an unexpected error occured. The insatllation cannot procceed. To install Windows you have to click ok to restart the computer. Start the installation process again.".

What started the trouble was that during the last part of the installation (after Win7 became usable, but before everything was setup), escape was pressed and the computer was used normally.

Answer:Satellite L350: Can't access recovery partition by pressing 0

> I can't access the recovery manager on a Toshiba L350. I have tried holding down 0 (zero, both of them) at the start to access the HD-Recovery, but nothing happens. Is there something obvious I'm missing?

I assume you are using an European notebook model and therefore you should try this;
- Press F8 while notebook powering up.
- Then choose ?Repair my Computer?
- Then ?Toshiba HDD Recovery?.

This should allow you to start the Toshiba HDD recovery process.

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Hi all,

i installed XP over my french copy of Vista, having too many problem to be able to deal with it anymore.
Hard drive has a recovery partition.

Any ideas on how to access it do a reinstall all over again of vista?

Since it came with no recovery cd.dvds

thanks for you help


tired of trying

Answer:Satellite P300D: how do i access Recovery partition for a refresh?

You said:
> installed XP over my French copy of Vista,

I think the Win XP installation formatted the HDD and erased the HDD partition and therefore you will be not able to recover the notebook using the HDD recovery procedure.
Even so the second partitions has not been erased, you will be not able to choose the recovery HDD because the advanced settigns will not appear which would allow you to start the HDD recovery.

However, you can try to press F8 at the beginning and could check if advanced settings would appear. If they will not appear then you cannot use the HDD recovery .

In such case you have to order the Toshiba Recovery disk from here:


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The L750 HDD is divided into the following:

C drive: 232 GB
D drive: 233 GB (includes Recovery files)
System: ?

I am not sure that, if the D drive is the one where I should place my own data, why does it have the recovery files as surely these should be in a separate partition. Can I create a new partition within the D drive for my own personal data as I don't want to place it with the recovery files in case they are accidentally deleted?

Additionally, I do not wish to place my data in the C drive.

Answer:Re: Satellite L750 -Question about Data Partition

>I am not sure that, if the D drive is the one where I should place my own data...
Why not? What is the problem? Why are you irritated with existing recovery folder there?
I don?t have Satellite L750 but if you can see ?HDDRecovery? folder there you can define it as ?hidden? and you will not see it but it will be still there. After doing this you will not be able to delete them accidently.
>...why does it have the recovery files as surely these should be in a separate partition.
It must not be on separated partition.
>Can I create a new partition within the D drive for my own personal data as I don't want to place it with the recovery files in case they are accidentally deleted?
There is no sense to create third partition if you already have second partition D. Use this partition to save all personal data. I do the same.

By the way: in user?s manuals document is described that you should create recovery DVD. This recovery DVD with recovery image can be used for OS installation. Generally speaking, after recovery disc creation you can even delete recovery data. Don?t move recovery data anywhere. Result can be that you will not be able to start HDD recovery installation -

If you have more questions you are welcome.

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Hi ,

I purchased a new Satellite L750 of 640 GB HD and did a custom partition of 400GB to C: and expecting a ~200GB to a D:; with the remaining GB in a hidden HD for window restoration use.

After the full installation and on window startup, I can only see a C: of 400GB and my ~200 GB becomes unallocated. No other drive number appears!!

Can someone help me how I can create a E: or whatever drive to make use of this unallocated space,
how can I have access to it? Do I need to re-do the whole installation again and just allocate everything to C: and forget about a second drive ?

H.E.L.P. please.

Answer:Satellite L750 - unallocated space after custom partition


I hope you have created a recover disk before changing the partitions on the HDD.
I assume you HDD recovery would not work after the partitions has been modified.

Anyway, all partitions can be checked in Disk Management.
Right click on Computer -> Manage
Here you have to go to Disk Management

Usually all partitions and unallocated space should be visible. Here you can create a further partition or can change and modify the partitions again.

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Having just got this Satellite L750 - I must say that I'm becoming a little cheesed off with it!! I thought that Toshiba had improved but maybe not.

When I click on the Face Recognition program, all I get is a window that says "You do not have permission to perform this task -Please contact your administrator for help" - Great!! Any ideas?

And the disk is partitioned equally between C: and D:. I want to shrink D: and extend C: but to do that I need a third party disk management program as W7 won't let me do it. Why on earth put in two equal partitions!! Maybe I'll dump the whole lot and do a clean install of W7 Ultimate (I have a licence) - Tosh just makes a hash of it in my view........

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Answer:Satellite L750 - Face Recognition (plus partition rant)

*OK OK - Uninstalled then reinstalled from the Tosh website and it works*. Why can't they install working software when they make the darn things... (Grrrr).

Still don't understand why they create two equal partitions of 348GB though - crazy............

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Hi all,

Could someone tell me where to download or get a copy of the OEM Win 7 Recovery disc for my Satellite Pro L750? The laptop has a new HDD without a working recovery partition and I don't the recovery CD.

Help Please.

Answer:Re: Need Win 7 Recovery Disc for my Satellite Pro L750

To switch notebook off is no problem but you cannot switch it on. If you use it as desktop you must not switch it completely off. Use stand-by or hibernation option. To switch it on you can use option ?Wake up on keyboard?.

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how could I get the oem recovery disks for Satellite L750, part no: psk2ya-09k028, as I can't make it to go back to factory default

Answer:Need recovery disc for my Satellite L750


I don't know how it works in Australia but I recommend you to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. I?m sure they can help you with recovery disc order.
If you need addresses and phone numbers, you can find it on

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Alrights guys

I have a L750 machine which is giving me problems at the moment, so I need to restart from stratch, like when I brought it brand new... So I am wondering if I use the HDD recovery will that re install windows and all drivers and all pre install software?? Or what will be installed?

Answer:Satellite L750 - If I use the HDD recovery Will This Work?


HDD recovery would set the notebook back to factory settings.
HDD recovery installs the Toshiba image. Toshiba image is an package containing the Windows system, driver and tools and utilities.

But I read the other thread you created here and it seems that you made a clean install?
In this case the HDD recovery would not work anymore :(

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I tried to do HDD recovery. It was fine up to instaliation. And after 1% error mesage (1117) Maybe someone know what is a problem?

How to do HDD recovery without errors L750-22Z?

Answer:HDD recovery error on Satellite L750-22Z

> How to do HDD recovery without errors L750-22Z?
Very interesting question. If recovery image is ok there is no reason for error message.

Have you created recovery disc?
If yes try to install recovery image using recovery disc.

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Hi Everyone - when I turned on my laptop for the first time, it asked me to set up the Recovery Wizard, but since I didnt really know what options to choose, I cancelled the task. I am yet to find where on my laptop the Recovery Wizard is, to set it up again - can someone pleae direct me where to look?

Many thanks [and remember, novice here, so layman instructions thanks :) ]


Answer:Satellite L750 - Where do I find the recovery wizard?

Hi buddy,

You can start the HDD recovery if you press F8 key before Windows starts. Then select ?Repair my computer?. Some Windows files will be loaded and on next window called ?System recovery options? choose the last option ?Toshiba HDD Recovery? and follow the screen instructions. If you need a more detailed explanation with some pics check the official Toshiba document about this procedure:

Last but not least you should create the Toshiba recovery disk with preinstalled recovery media creator. In case it would go something wrong you can restore the original factory settings everytime and you are on the safely side :)

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I posted it somewhere else butI think this category is more relevant.

So, my recently bought L750-1ML seems to have difficulties in producing a working Recovery DVD set. Being a performance geek, right after I created the Recovery DVD set (no problem has been indicated during to procedure) I tried to change the 640GB HDD to an 80GB SSD. The Recovery DVD that I prior inserted into the DVD reader booted normally however, after a while it threw the following error:

Copying F:\ZZImg\15157XSP2.swm to V:\HDDRecovery...
There is not enough space on the disk.
0 files(s) copied.
ERROR: Copy of splitpart or CRCs failed!
Press any key to continue . . .

My first attempt to overcome the issue was to create another Recovery DVD #1, but after repeating the process with the new one, I got the same error.

So I have serious questions here: I paid for my Windows7 (included in the price of the Laptop ) and yet, it will last only to the point when my HDD goes down?!

It would be nice to get answer on this.

I searched the web for seemingly relevant cases and found these:


Answer:Satellite L750-1ML - Creates wrong recovery DVD?

The error says: There is not enough space on the disk.

Since you have switched the 640GB HDD to 80GB SSD I think that the issue has something to do with the available space on the SSD drive.

It would be interesting to know if you can perform the Toshiba Recovery with the previous 640GB HDD? test this? I think the recover procedure will finish properly.

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I have several questions about the Satellite L750 recovery features that It has. Any help and answers would be helpful.

1) When I first booted up the laptop, it asked me to create a recovery CD incase I needed to reinstall the OS. But it also said that it has a built in recovery partion, so therefore do I need to make a recovery cd or not?

2) Will the recovery CD be exactly the same as the recovery partion on the system?

3) Does the CD or recovery partion include all the built in software pre-installed with the laptop?

4) Also in device manage management it shows the recovery partion but it's shows that it is empty, is this true?

5) In the second partion of the system (D drive) it has a folder with what looks like recovery files and folders. Is it safe to move/delete it?

Answer:Re: Several questions about the Satellite L750 recovery features


I will try to offer some answers:
1 - Until everything works perfectly you don?t need these discs but if something goes wrong with HDD you will not be able to do anything. When you have recovery DVDs you will always be able to install recovery image and have ?factory settings? again. So my advice for you is: create these discs as soon as possible. Use DVD-R media only and buy high quality product (TDK or Verbatim).
2 - Yes.
3 - Yes.
4 - No. Don?t be confused with this.
5 - At first create recovery DVDs and later you can do whatever you want. I don?t know which files do you mean but don?t touch anything before recovery discs are created.

In the past many people have made some experiments with HDD and partitions structure and later was surprised when HDD recovery installation was damaged. Don?t make the same mistake.

If you have more questions you are welcome.

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I`ve got Toshiba Satellite L750 with preinstaled win 7.

I instaled upgrade to win 8 (from dvd).

After this I upgrade the system from MS site to Win 8.1.

The system doesnt work properly (DVD doesnt recognized) so I have to install previuos system.

First I upgrade my BIOS to the new one - 3.60.

After this I try to do win 7 reinstal from my HDD recovery (which is on the partition d).But it doesnt work - it was impossible to start recovery from bios menu (key F8 doesnt work, there was only possible to press F2 or F12).

So I have to install Win 8.0 from my dvd, and now I have it and it works. But this is only clear system without any addons like nero, ms office etc.

My question is how to reinstal win 7 from my hdd recovery which i still have on partition d ?
in bios the key F8 doesnt work.

Answer:Win 7 HDD Recovery doesnt work on Satellite L750

After clean OS installation HDD recovery installation will not work anymore. If you want to have original recovery image preinstalled on your machine you must use recovery DVD.
I presume you didn't create this disc, right?

In user?s manuals document it is clearly described how it works with recovery image and recovery disc creation.

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My L750 started to misbehave - app software crashed - usb devices not being detected - timeouts etc. I decided to do a cleanup. The

I tried the HDD recovery method - both 32 and 64 bit win 7 failed to install with an error.

I had created the recovery media - so I tried that - this has also failed - the first disk appears to read ok but after that I am instructed to insert the next disk - which I do but to no effect. After disk 4 it asks for another disc - of course there isn't one.

I am now stuck. Ideas?

Answer:Satellite L750 - Recovery from HDD fails at CRC stage

For some reason recovery image must be ?defective?.
Have you used it successfully in the past?

Problem is that there is nothing you can do about that. Either it works or not. I?m afraid you need new and original recovery disc that you can order under

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I had to replace the hard drive in my Satellite L750 1V0. A recovery CD / DVD is not available.

Where can I buy a recovery backup media?

(Original Windows 7 Home Prem or betterWindows 7 Pro 64?)
(This link is broken:

Thanks Tom

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Hello I have Toshiba HD L750 bought back 2011 and I made copy of recover right after registering the lap top, and few days ago start to have issues with HD so today I bought a new HD and change the boot to DVD and start reinstall back the recovery till reach DVD # 3 and it give error that can't read the DVD ... and I'm thinking of making another copy of the recovery on my external HD 1T which divide to 2 sections ... and my question , will be able to do another copy of recover on the external HD ? and how can be done ... thanks in advance .

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I have purchased a Toshiba Satellite L750/04P N XC 7944, for my son, we have tried to set up the recovery disks using both the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator and the Windows 7 system. So far I have used 5 DVD?s and can?t get past Disk one without an error.

When using Windows 7 an error comes up Gx8004005. Any suggestions.

I have created a backup and system image, I hope as I am never confident that they back up correctly.

Answer:Satellite L750/04P - recovery creation - error Gx8004005


Have you tried to use different empty discs from different manufacturers? I recommend you to use DVD-R discs only. My recommendation is either TDK or Verbatim discs.

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Hi guys,

I have trouble to restore factory settings (format) my toshiba satellite L750 by push the power button and zero (0) button together.

I did the restore factory setting before because there is a virus on my laptop. After format everything goes well. Now my laptop is infected by virus again but i won't be able to format my laptop anymore. Everytime i press power button and zero (0) button i always hear beeping sound and won't stop until i release the zero (0) button.
I did partition before.

My question is why i couldn't format my laptop anymore like the way i use before(by pressing power button and zero button)?

Can anyone help me how to format my laptop if pressing power button and zero button not working?
Thank you

Answer:Satellite L750 - cannot start recovery image installation


If you have European notebook model please follow instructions described on
You must start notebook with F8 and choose option ?Repair my Computer?.
Is this option available in ?Advanced boot options??

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Hi Everyone

I recently purchased an L750 and when I first switched it on, up came a window asking me to set up the Toshiba Recovery Wizard re Product Recovery Menu. Now, this is all new to me, so I didnt really know what this was about as there were no instructions either, so I answered a couple of questions then I cancelled out of the task in case my answers were wrong. Can anyone help me re-set this up, answer the questions correctly and also where to find it again to set it up?

The first 3 questions I answered were:

1. Please select one type of Operating System to continue - Windows 7 32-bit version OR Windows 7 64-bit version?

2. Please select a process: recovery of Factory Default Software (recover to out-of-box state) OR erase the hard disk (delete all data and paartitions from your hard drive)?

3. Please select a Recovery Method of Factory Default Software: recovery to out-of-box state (System Recovery Options are included) OR recover without changing the hard drive partitions OR recover to a custom size partition?
Then I cancelled out here.

Many thanks,
SC ("Laptop Novice")

Answer:Satellite L750 - Setting up recovery wizard when first switched on

1. Choose 64bit unless you specifically need to run an old 16bit application that you cannot upgrade/replace.

2. Out of box.

3. Out-of-box state (System Recovery Options are included)

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Tried to recover to factory settings but shows ERROR:10-FC12-0003. Please help

Answer:Recovery installation on Satellite L750 shows error

You have posted other thread here:
the notebook was not able to boot up the system? I think this issue could be related to this error message.
Possibly the HDD is faulty or something wrong with the memory?

Are you able to boot from other disks like Win XP, Vista or Linux?

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My product Satellite L750-1PH and i have to recover the system. But i don't want to lose documents in "D" drive.
System recovery after the "D" drive is also deleted or only the "C" drive have you deleted?

Bahad?r Acar

Answer:Satellite L750-1PH - Does recovery process affects the D drive?


As far as I know and as mentioned by many people here in the forum, the usage of Recovery DISK would format the whole HDD. This means the second partition would be deleted too.

But the usage of recovery HDD procedure would delete only the C partition and D partition (where the recovery files are saves) would not be touched.

Nevertheless I recommend to backup the data always

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I have purchased a Toshiba satellite L750-1LC and I try to create the 4 DVDs for back up.

On the first dvd only it came up a read error twice, the other dvds were ok.
When I try to recover from the dvds the recovery process got stuck on the first dvd so I had to restart and try again but it happened the same thing.

After restarting the system it came up a message stating that bootmnager is missing and the windows and every thing else was gone.

Is the "No Matter What Guarantee" promotion" covering this kind of defects?
If yes, what are the steps to benefit of this promotion?

I specify that I am a romanian citizen and that I already apply for the promotion in the specified period of time.

Answer:Satellite L750-1LC - boot manager is missing using recovery disk

It looks like the first recovery disk was not created properly because you got an error message.
As I understood your message correctly, you tried to boot from the first recovery disk (which was not created properly in the past) and therefore the installation could not be finished successfully?.

Now you cannot boot the OS because the boot manager is missing and possibly system is deleted too?
I see just only one solution: order new recovery disk from here and use it for OS installation:

PS: as far as I know only hardware problems are covered by warranty, software issues are not covered by warranty

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I hope there is someone here who can help:

My computer is a Satellite L750 x64 based computer and the problem is that the sound disappears after a few seconds when I hear music in Youtube.

I have read in the preinstalled usermanual that I can restore the computer by pressing F8 when the computer starts up, but it does not work.

The computer just continues on to Windows 7.
Now I want to restore the computer to factory standard and will therefore use the Recovery Media Creator but it does not work.

I want to save data on a 32 GB USB stick but it will not recognize the stick.
I know that 32GB is without error because I can easily store / retrieve data from it both with the FAT system and NTSF system.

What am I doing wrong and is there anyone who has a good idea so I can move on?
regards Erik

Answer:Recovery media creator does not recognize 32GB USB stick on Satellite L750?

Even if your USB stick work properly in outside the Recovery Media creator, this does not mean that it should be handled properly by this tool.

I had problems creating recovery DVD even if I was able to burn movie files on the same disk.
As far as I know you should take at least 16GB USB flash memory stick
Usually it should work.

But I?m wondering why you are not able to use HDD recovery option. Did you change something on the HDD?

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I had dual boot, unintuitive and win 10. I was runing out of space so I decidet to delete ubuntu partition. It was all good until I tried to restart. Now, when I turn on computer I go directly to this:
Error: unknown file system.
Entering rescue mode...
Grub rescue>_
And I can't enter bios or do anything else.
I have satellite l750

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hello everybody

Since my upgrade to Windows10 32bit from Windows 7 32bit, I am unable to access the BIOS (UEFI).

I am trying to access BIOS because I want to do a clean install of Windows 10 64bit, from DVD or USB stick.

I did setting -> Update & Security -> Recovery -> Advanced Startup Restart Now -> then I clicked on Troubleshoot -> Advanced Options -> And I can't find UEFI (BIOS) settings.

When I start my computer I lost the option "press F2 or F12 key" to access the BIOS.

Thanks for your help.

My computer: Satellite L750, PSK2YA-0L0802S

Answer:Since upgrade Satellite L750 - Win7 to Win10 I lost access to the BIOS (UEFI)

OK if you are interested about that you can try with clean installation for test purposes but if there are many problems and different issues I think you should install original recovery image again and use your notebook with “factory settings” again.

Can you enter BIOS settings?

Generally speaking you can try to start installation from USB if you press F12 at start-up and choose USB as bootable device. Does it work for you?

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When I first got this product, before opening I thought that all the 500gb would go to the first partition, but then I saw that the recovery partition has half of the 500gb just for recovery which is unnessecery.

But I had no problem with this at the time, and used the recovery partition(after saving to a disk) for ubuntu so I could have a dual boot.

But now I've came to realise that the games I'm downloading are taking more and more room up on my C drive. The problem I have is that I can shrink my recovery partition and enlarge the C drive.

Does anyone know a work around?

Answer:Satellite Pro C660-225: Shrinking recovery partition englarge C partition

You will need an 3rd party software to shrink the recovery partition and to add the free space the existing C partition.
I would recommend you an freeware tool called Gparted

But before you would start doing this, create a recovery disk!
This is advisable in case you would try to set the notebook back to factory settings using such disk.

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I recently bought a Satellite Pro L850-1UJ with Windows 8

I've created a new partition (so i could use it as data room)
i.e. C: the windows system AND Z: my data

after that, i could NOT use the RECOVERY MEDIA CREATOR to create the recovery dvds
BUT the partition still exists and i can see the inside files from windows

IS IT a way to extract the files from the recovery partition or any other clue how i could fix the partition scheme so the RECOVERY MEDIA CREATOR could recognize it

Many thanks for your time...

Answer:Satellite Pro L850-1UJ: How create recovery DVDs from recovery partition

After changing HDD partitions structure it happens that ?Toshiba recovery media creator? cannot find recovery files. These files are marked with special markers that in your case cannot be found anymore.

I?m afraid now is too late to do or change anything. You are not the first one with this problem. We always write here that first step should be recovery media creation and later you can do whatever you want. You can even delete it.

Now you can just order new recovery disc at

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I just purchased a brand new laptop and have realised that it didn't come with a recovery disc or a recovery partition on the hard drive.

Just wondering if my hard disc crashes how am i supposed to reinstall windows?
The laptop i bought is a Toshiba satellite L500 and is only a few weeks old.

If anyone could help on the subject would be very much appreciated.

Answer:Satellite L500 - No recovery disc or recovery partition - How to reinstall?


Normally if I buy a new notebook or other product I read the user manual firstly. So I would recommend that you should the same before you ask different questions.

The point is that you have to create a Toshiba recovery disk yourself. Therefore start the recovery disk creator that is preinstalled on your notebook and follow the screen instructions. I recommend a high quality DVD-R medium to create this disk.

Furthermore you can reinstall Windows using the HDD recovery option. On the second partition you can find this folder that contains an image of factory settings and you can start this feature if you go in advanced boot menu and select ?repair my computer?. This is not a special partition, only a folder where the image is stored.

HDD recovery procedure is the same as Toshiba recovery disk. You get back factory settings too but the recovery disk wipes the whole HDD. The HDD recovery only the first partition.

By the way: Normally you did get this message:

+your system is equipped with hard disk recovery system. if you need to repair+
+your computer by restoring it to original factory state, you can do it directly+
+from harddisk (press F8 when you boot your computer, choose "Repair your computer"+
+and follow the menue instructions) or create a bootable Recovery Disc Medium for this purpose.+

+Toshiba recommends you to create Recovery Disc Medium using the "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator" to ensure+
... Read more

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Talk about confusing. Does anyone know how to get a Toshiba C660 working after the HDD has failed and the owner has stupidly NOT followed the instructions to make a recovery disk. Will the recovery disk ( if you purchase one from Toshiba ) rebuild the new HDD along with a new recovery partition and install windows 7 (original OS ) and accept the product key printed on the Windows License attached to the base of the laptop. I have read a number of suggestions but these have been deemed incorrect by others.

Surely Toshiba must have a way of sorting this problem.

Do they read these posts ?

Answer:Satellite L660-12Q - Would recovery disk rebuild the new HDD along with a new recovery partition

Hi buddy?

I don?t think that this is really complicated? I could find all info regarding the recovery procedure in the user manual?

The recovery disk has to be created at the first day of purchase? its recommended to create one in cases something would be wrong with the HDD.

The recovery disk contain an image?. Image is a package containing Win system, drivers, tools and all the stuff preinstalled on the notebook.
You purchased the notebook and the system was already activated so you don?t need the key placed at the bottom of the unit.
Furthermore the usage of recovery disk formats the whole HDD (partitions too) and set the notebook back to the same state like at the first day of purchase.

There is also another option to recover the notebook called HDD recovery. This HDD recovery does not need recovery disk. Usage of HDD recovery would format ONLY the C (system) partition.

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Hello, I've used the recovery media creator to create a USB flash drive recovery media.

If i then use that to restore the Windows 7 installation onto a new hard drive (as SSD) will that drive itself have the recovery media partition on it?

So if I then lose the USB stick could I restore again by holding down zero when powering on?

Or does it recover the Windows partition and nothing more?

Thank you

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Hi, I have a Lenovo 3000 N200 running Windows XP. Windows XP crashed beyond repair and I need to do a system restore. I do not have any Recovery CD's. I am told to press the "Lenovo Care" button. This gives me various options and option 3 is to press F11 to diagnose hardware or recover your system. If I select this, it is ignored and trys to boot Windows - obviously to no avail. I have checked the hard drive. I have run a disk test and all is fine. I have also connected it to another computer and can see the various partitions including the recovery. I have also been able to remove important data and back this up. I am therefore happy the hard disk is fine and the recovery partition is in place. Is there any way of getting the system restore to kick in? All help very much appreciated! Mark

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What is the difference between the L750-10F and the L750-12Q.


Answer:Re: Difference between Satellite L750-10F and Satellite L750-12Q

I think the only diffrence is the processor.
The L750-12Q has [i5-2450M|] and the L750-10F has [i5-2520M|].
i5-2520M is slightly better.

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Dear all,

I delete all data in C:\ drive and I do a format c:\

I don't create a Recovery CD, and now I can't restore with F8, but I show that I have a recovery partition on D:\ drive.

Please, how can I restore it ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,


Answer:Satellite C670 - formatted C:\ and no Recovery CD but recovery partition


Maybe this thread about a similar theme would be useful for you:

If this is not helpful or if you will not be able to recover the notebook using the method mentioned there, then you will need to order the recover disk from here:

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I am going to format and reinstall XP on my Toshiba satellite M70 via recovery CD.
It has 40 GB hard disk. I want to ask is there an option in the recovery CD to partition my HD before installing OS, just as we can do via XP CD?

Thanks foe any help.

Answer:Satellite M70: How to partition the HDD via recovery CD?


A possible for a Partition with the recovery CD!
Used the Expert Modus and used Ghost and create the desired size from the Partition.


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Im trying to restore an HP a450n to factory condition. Problem is that my younger bro had previously tried a beta version of Vista on it (which has now expired) and system recovery does not seem to work. I have checked the drive with my other pc and could see that the partition was there. This pc will post and goes to the OS selection screen.

Microsoft Windows Xp Home Edition
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Microsoft Windows Recovery Console

The first selection come back with the hal.dll missing and asks for it to be replaced.
The second gives a disk configuration error and says it cannot read from the selected boot disk.
I can access the recovery Console and can get the command prompt but what can i do there?
I just want to restore this pc. nothing needs to be saved. i hate to spend the money on discs when the info is right there.

Answer:Cannot access recovery partition

I'm no expert with recovery partitions gone bad... if you boot into the recovery console, can you browse to the HP recovery partition? If so, maybe there's a setup.exe file or something similar you can launch. If not, HP usually offers recovery CDs to their customers for a minimal fee. A friend of mine was in a similar situation last year. He contacted HP thru their web site and was able to get a set of recovery discs and only paid shipping. He received them 3 days later and it only cost about $30. Here's a link that may help:
The 3rd and 4th options are probably the most relevant....

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Question: How do I restore to the factory settings/ perform a factory reset when it is not listed under the System Recovery Options, but there is an active recovery & healthy partition?

When I attempt to factory restore or access the recovery partition, Dell sometimes has it listed in the Advanced Boot Options, but a lot of the times it is not listed. I will have the following options:

Repair Your Computer

Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking
Safe Mode with Command Prompt

Enable Boot Logging
Enable low-resolution video (640x480)
Last Known Configuration (advanced)
Directory Services Restore Mode
Debugging Mode
Disable automatic restart on system failure
Disable Driver Signature Enforcement

Start Windows Normally

After clicking "Repair Your Computer", I am presented with the following options: Startup Repair
System Restore
System Image Recovery
Windows Memory Diagnostic
Command Prompt

Typically, "Repair Your Computer" is how I have performed the factory restore. However, this this did not work this time and has worked on some of the previous workstations. To verify there is a recovery partition, I performed the following steps:

Start > Right Click on Computer > Manager > Computer Management > Storage > Disk Management

Under Disk Management, the recovery partition is listed with the following information: Healthy, Active, Primary Partition and has 14.65 GB.

Hopefully, this is not too wordy, but I... Read more

Answer:How to access recovery partition

Did you search the BIOS for an option "Factory Recover"?

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hey guys, i just recently installed xp home on a new laptop which came preinstalled with vista. Unfortunately i was dumb enough not to check if all the drivers were available before downloading, and so am now stuck with a laptop with no audio and DVD capabilities. i did not make any recovery disks either, but i do however have a recovery partition on the laptop, the only thing is i dont know how to access it. i cant get into it at startup, cos when i press f11, absoloutely nothing happens, any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Answer:Recovery partition - How do i access it?

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Question:  How do I restore to the factory settings/ perform a factory reset when it is not listed under the System Recovery Options, but there is an active recovery & healthy partition?When I attempt to factory restore or access the recovery partition, Dell sometimes has it listed in the Advanced Boot Options, but a lot of the times it is not listed. I will have the following options: Repair Your ComputerSafe ModeSafe Mode with NetworkingSafe Mode with Command PromptEnable Boot LoggingEnable low-resolution video (640x480)Last Known Configuration (advanced)Directory Services Restore ModeDebugging ModeDisable automatic restart on system failureDisable Driver Signature EnforcementStart Windows Normally After clicking "Repair Your Computer", I am presented with the following options: 

Startup Repair
System Restore
System Image Recovery
Windows Memory Diagnostic
Command PromptTypically, "Repair Your Computer" is how I have performed the factory restore.  However, this this did not work this time and has worked on some of the previous workstations.  To verify there is a recovery partition, I performed the following steps: Start > Right Click on Computer > Manager > Computer Management > Storage > Disk Management Under Disk Management, the recovery partition is listed with the following information:  Healthy, Active, Primary Partition and has 14.65 GB. Hopefully, this is not too wordy, bu... Read more

Answer:How to access recovery partition

Two crucial pieces of information you left out--operating system and model computer. Those should always be mentioned first. If you need installation media try the Create Media web site.

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Hi All,

I use a Toshiba M30. Last week, I uninstalled the old version of Norton Antivus in order to install new version of Norton Internet Security. After uninstalling the NA, I found that my laptop worked not properly. I, therefore, formated C driver. Then, I could not access the recovery partition to reinstall the OS system.

How can I solve this problem?

Thank you so much.


Answer:Can not access the recovery partition on M30

Could you please be a bit clearer about the problem.

Are you trying to use the recovery CD? why did you format the C drive? When you say you can't access the recovery partition , how are you trying to access it? through DOS.

Sorry but your question isn't very clear and a little confusing. many thanks

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For some strange reason I can't access my System Recovery partition by tapping F10 or holding it down, goes straight to XP logo screen and doesn't open up Sys Recovery. I don't know what the problem is, I have "Sys Recovery on all drives" enabled. So what exactly is the problem and why? was it deleted by accident or is it disabled through some where else.

I really need your help, I was always able to do a system recovery and now I can't.

please help.

Answer:Can't access my Sys Recovery partition

On my laptops and PC (different makes/models/brands/systems)it's F8, could that help?


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I don't know when this started to happen, but I only noticed it recently.

On my BIOS menu, there is a note that says F10 = system recovery. When I hold F10 nothing happens; windows boots normally.
On the OS selection menu, I have options for windows xp and windows xp recovery console. If I select recovery console, it appears to load (like restoring from hibernation), but when it is finished loading I get a BSOD that tells me windows recovered from a critical error and to run chkdsk /F

Well I've run chkdsk /F in safe mode, regular boot, and before boot, but nothing happens.

The recovery partition is the only way I have to reinstall my OS or restore to factory settings. It is read only, and almost 9gb. It shows up as HP_Recovery (D:)

The only hardware upgrades that I have done between the last time I used this and now was a graphics card and ram.

So I have a few questions. First and foremost, how do I fix this? Is there any way to restore my system, even if I butn the partition to a disk?

Answer:Can't access recovery partition

You should have an option to make recovery discs, click programs/pc health and tools,hp recovery disc creator/takes about 9 cds.

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I have a customer's HP Pavilion here at the shop.

The computer apears to have a recovery partition which should be accessible at the startup splashscreen by pressing F10.
I have tried numerous times, even switched out the keyboards, I still can not access the recovery feature.

Has any one experienced this problem before and is there a way to access the recovery provided by HP?

If all else fails I will just nuke the drive and image our Hardware Independant Image of XP Home onto the customer's drive using Acronis Universal Restore.

Answer:Can't Access Recovery Partition

Could it be that the partition has been erased due to a previous OS re-install?

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Before formating my computer I did put some important files for my future school in the recovery partition, and now I can't see them :

I'm sure my files are still here because the partition is still full and that it worked on another pc.
My computer is a Compaq with Vista.

Can you help me please? Thanks!!

Answer:I can't access the recovery partition!

I have read that a person can see these files using Total Commander and enabling "show hidden files" or you might want to download a small linux distro like Puppy Live CD and look at the contents with that. You will have to burn the iso image with something like Imgburn.

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Hello, I have an Acer Aspire V5-123-3824 bought in Sao Paulo. It came with Portuguese Windows 8, so I installed another Windows 8. Now I would like to restore the original windows 8 in order to do an upgrade to windows 10. Of course, the Acer recovery management applicatoin is gone. I have tried ALT+F10, but it just opens the windows recovery menu which did not help. There is the PC restore option in the Troubleshooting menu, but it just asks me for an installation or restore medium. I ran the Ubuntu boot repair tool, which shows me that there is a recovery partition (sda5) - the whole log can be seen here: guess it is the Acer recovery partition, but I cannot access it. What can I do?

Answer:Access recovery partition

You don't really need to restore the original windows 8 to get the free upgrade.  You can view the orginal OEM windows product key from the BIOS....from a command prompt. To get to a command Shift-F10 when you see the screen below when you boot either windows 8.1 or windows 10 installation media:  You don't need a key to install the vanilla windows 8.1 as it is automatically retrieved from the bios.  Also,you don't need to restore or install windows 8 to get free windows 10 upgrade.  Microsoft changed the you no longer have to do that. However you will at some point need to enter your original OEM windows 8.1 key to get the free upgrade (to activate Windows 10)....if you clean install Windows 10 for the original activation.  After a successful activation, subsequent clean installs of Windows 10 don't require a key as the digital entitlement will be saved on Microsoft's servers.  Again, you don't need to install windows 8.  You can just go directly to windows 10. But if you want to try to re-link your Acer recovery partition and create a factory default Acer OEM Windows 8.1 recovery drive, read the posts by Ironfly in the link below.  And then you should be able to reset your PC to factory condition using the USB recovery drive.  Try to create a USB factory default recovery drive without using the reagentc.exe command ... Read more

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I have an HP Pavilion tx2150us laptop and I'm trying to use it's recovery partition to restore the C: drive back to factory default because it has been corrupted by some malware.

The thing is, I don't have HP's Recovery Disk and I know this computer has a recovery partition, but the recovery manager claims that it's not present. Even though, the partition can be seen in My Computer, but it looks like it's empty. I think the recovery partition is still good, but the malware is preventing it from being accessed.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Can't Access Recovery Partition

I believe the shortcut to access the Recovery partition in HP is by pressing the F11 key as soon as you power on the laptop.

You may want to give that a try.

Another way to force it to boot from the Recovery partition is to use a boot CD like GParted and make the Recovery partition the active partition. It's usually around 1.5GB but if it is there, it will be labeled accordingly.

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Hi guys...... I need to recover my os..... The problem is I bought a new ssd and added it and cloned my os to the ssd...... The recovery partition that my asus rog came with is in my hdd...... How do I access it and how do I recover the os to its original state.....
The hdd isn't showing in boot options in bios and I cannot set the recovery partition as active through cmd......
I have all my backup files but no os backup...... Can anyone help me.....
I had the same issue and asus fixed it for me...... I have to pay them again if I go to how did they do it?

Answer:Cannot access recovery partition in hdd

"The hdd isn't showing in boot options in bios"
Is the SDD brand new and you're trying to install it for the first time ? If so, in the BIOS boot settings, enable Legacy Mode and disable Secure Boot.

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I used a windows xp cd to reinstall windows, but now I need to install the hardware for the audio, modem, network controller, and video controller.  HP does not have the drivers available anymore on the site. I am sure they are on the recovery partition, but I can't figure out how to access it.  I can't find any instructions on how to run it. Thank you for any help you can give me.

Answer:How do I access the Recovery Partition to run a recovery on ...

@JanetJ All your drivers here. REO

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I have a Sattelite L500/nb I purchased in december.
I attempted to perform a HD wipe and system recovery the other day and it seems the recovery partition has been corrupted.
On boot the system states error: F3-F100-0004 and then shuts down on 'ok'

Can I obtain recovery cd's for this system?

How do I fix this?

Answer:Re: Recovery partition/help Satellite L500

What country are you in?

You can order Recover Discs from the Toshiba website.

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Hi All,

First, I have read tons of messages within this support site and then decided to open a thread.

My Notebook Model Nr: P35-S6112
Recovery DVD Code: TK143/PMAE00127012
Os: Windows Xp Home Edition

I am trying to re-install the sytem with two disk partitions but no chance. Recovery DVD (procedure) doesn't provide me any option to separate the hard disk in two different partitions as commonly known as C and D when re-installing the system.

Many support experts claim that during installation two install modes appears and (Expert Mode) allows the user to divide the hard disk in partitions.

Please let me explain how do I re-install.
A-) I simply put the recovery dvd in the drive and boot from dvd drive.

B-) First black screen comes and asks my confirmation to proceed for recovery (F1 means yes.)

C-) Then second screen appears with two warnings as decribed below.
1-) Ensure that the recovery CD/DVD is in the CD/DVD drive.
2-) Keep the CD/DVD in the drive until you are asked to rremove it.
To continue press (C). To abort press (A) ?

D-) Then I select (C) and recovery procedure starts without asking me if I wish to separate disk in different partitions. So, installation finishes and creates one whole C: drive.

I would like to know if this partioning feature is included in recovery DVD or should I pay for some additional software to separate my hard disk in two poor partitions?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:How to partition the HDD using Recovery CD - Satellite P35-S6112


Recovery procedure for European notebook models is very well known to me but I believe you have an US notebook model. Unfortunately I didn?t saw how it works for US notebooks but I presume it must be similar to European models.

Anyway if you say that you can not use expert mode installation I believe you. If there is no way to use recovery media I recommend you to use Partition Magic software. It is very powerful software and using it you can manage HDD and create own partitions or change the capacity of already persisting partitions.

Good luck!

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Just bought an NB550D-109.
Pretty happy with it, but I do have a couple of questions though.
Is there a reason the recovery partition, labled Data, is half the size of the drive?

Can this partition be resized to give more storage without compromising the recovery wizard?

Are all the Toshiba utilities interdependant, or can the ones that I don't use be uninstalled?
Or should I leave them installed and just disable them from startup?

Answer:Satellite NB550D-109 - Recovery partition

> Is there a reason the recovery partition, labled Data, is half the size of the drive?
To be honest I don?t understand your question. Recovery partition is about 10 GB and recovery image is about 8GB so I don?t understand what do you mean with ?half the size of the drive?.
> Can this partition be resized to give more storage without compromising the recovery wizard?
At the moment I?m not able to give you proper answer. Open ?Disc management? option, make a screen shot and let us see the partitions structure. Then I will be able to discuss about all partitions.
At the moment I can say one thing only: do not change anything. Changing partitions structure HDD recovery installation can be cancelled.
> Are all the Toshiba utilities interdependant, or can the ones that I don't use be uninstalled?
Some of them can be uninstalled but I don?t know which of them you don?t need.
Let us know which of them you want to remove from the system.

One more thing: don?t make too many experiments before you have created recovery USB disc.
Please read Toshiba?s user?s manuals and pick up info about recovery installation and recovery USB disc creation.

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Good evening everyone, I own a notebook Toshiba Satellite c50-a-1jm with Windows 8 preinstalled. Pursued to an upgrade, I could not more to access the PC. Therefore I tried to use the utility from Toshiba, but I deleted the entire hard disk and all partitions. Now I can not more to install any operating system. As the bios is dated, I can not set the boot as "Legacy". How do I install Windows 8? Thank you all in advance.

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I recently recover my laptop L650 using the hdd method. Then somehow now I only have one partition and the recovery partition is gone.

On the first day I got my laptop, I already burned the recovery DVD. So I still can do the recovery in the future.

However, I still want my recovery hdd partition back.

Is there any procedures I can follow to make a recovery partition?


Answer:Satellite L650: recovery partition is gone

You cannot ?install? recovery partition.
When you use HDD method for OS installation that means recovery partition exists already and after recovery procedure cannot be deleted or removed.

It can be just ?Hidden? and you will not see it in Windows Explorer.

When you use recovery DVD the same will happen again.

Open disc management and check if one partition with around 10GB will be listed there. It must be recovery partition.

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I have a laptop Toshiba s / n xc366424r
The hard drive is dead, can not restore it with the partition recovery.
Change the hard drive is not difficult, nor reinstall windows. But how to recreate the partition recovery, and backup the system on the new hard drive?
Will the windows license installed on the old hard drive still be operational with the new hard drive?
Thank you for your answers.

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I want to use my toshiba recovery CD to insatll XP in one partition C of my HD, rather than installing it on HD as a single partition C. I have prtitioned my HD into 4( C, D, E and F) by GParted liev CD and my OS is now in C drive, no loss of data. Just I want to reinstall OS in C partition via recovery CD. T

here is an option for advanced users in recovery CD and it states that you can install OS into a single partition but I am not able to fighure out how.
Is there any help or tutorial available any where.
Toshiba Satellite M 70
Pentium M 1.73 512 15.4
XP Home SP2

Answer:Satellite M70: Installing XP on C partition via recovery CD

You probably have to use a program like parition manager to put the installation on only one partition.

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I've noticed that many Toshiba notebooks have hidden partition and DVD Recovery either. I don't have hidden partiotion, only Recovery DVD. Does it normal?

Answer:Satellite M70 - No hidden recovery partition

Yes it is normal. For this old notebook model Toshiba didn?t create ?recovery partition?. Satellite M70 is delivered with recovery DVD.

Newest notebook models are delivered without recovery DVD media but with recovery image saved on second partition and every notebook owner can create recovery CD/DVD alone.

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hello , i want ask about my recovery portition my laptop satellite L850 corei7 .
i got these pc about 3 years ago and my recovery partition was deleted by mistak and i found one partition about 1.46 gb it tiltled by healthy active recovery partition .my question is ,is these the recovery partition ? if its how can make it work agine ,and if not how can reback my recovery partition agine ....if it need to make an order in egypt how much it cost .. and thx in advence

Answer:Satellite L850 and recovery partition

This recovery partition belongs to OS itself and has nothing to do with Toshiba recovery partition. If the recovery partition is deleted you cannot get it back.
Only thing you can do is to reinstall recovery image and use notebook with “factory settings” again.

In my opinion only option for you now is to order original recovery installation media -

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I want to create 2 partitions in my hdd but I have no idea how to do it. I have 80GB hard disk. I have recovery CD and I want to ask if anybody knows is this possible to do it by that recovery cd.

Thanks for any help!!!!!

Answer:How to create partition in Satellite 105 via recovery CD?

Hi nina,

Use the Expert Modus with the recovery CD.

You make a Partition with the recovery CD

- Choose ?Expert mode? pressing number two
- Click OK and press ENTER
- Look in: must be selected to CD-ROM drive
In the middle window choose GHO file and press ENTER
- Using TAB button you must mark information about drive and so on and press ENTER
- Using TAB button mark again middle part of window (blue line) and with space bar activate ?New Size? box
- Put inside new partition size and press again ENTER button
- The question ?Proceed with disk load?? confirm with OK

or use the Partition Magic 8 this is a good and a simple Software for Partitions of the HDD.

I Hope this is a Help


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Hi everyone !
I have Toshiba Sattelite C660-1J9 laptop, and it's been working fine - until a day my HDD died. Now it's producing some weird sounds on startup, and no HDD visible in BIOS. It's not a problem for me to buy new HDD and replace it, but I'd like to restore licensed Windows I had with laptop - so I need to place recovery partition on new HDD somehow. Is it possible and where I can find this recovery partition image ?
Thanks in advance !

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I had two partitions at my HD (Satellite L30-114).

I used the Toshiba recovery Cd to restore windows at my laptop. The CD did not offered me any Full or Expert modes as written here It just recovered without any input from my side!

After recovery, Windows does not see my second partition. I used disk management utility and it says there are 17 GB of unassigned disk space (this is my second Partition!).

Can and how can I restore it?

Tx a lot!

Answer:Partition lost after recovery - Satellite L30


It seems that the L30 was delivered with a new version of recovery cd.
I think the Recovery procedure is a little bit different as the old one with the 2 different recovery modes (standard and expert)

I know a little bit about the new recovery procedure because a friend of mine bought a new Satellite with this recovery CD. He asked me for the notebook installation and we have checked it.

It seems that you have to press the ?Setting? button after choosing the language.
If you don?t use the ?setting? button for the configuration so the recovery procedure will delete and erase everything on the HDD. I think you didn?t configure the settings and therefore all partitions were deleted.

Unfortunately I think there is no much to do. You partition was deleted and it?s not possible to bring back the lost data.

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I'm trying to restore my laptop to factory settings, but nothing seems to be going right. When I interrupt startup with the Thinkpad button, there is no "Restore your system" option as the Service and Troubleshooting Guide claims.  I read elsewhere that this option can also be accessed by pressing F11, but this has no effect on my system. I'm fairly certain the partition still exists.  My visible hard drive partitions account for just about 74.5 gigs.  I can't find my specific system's specs, but IBM's website leads me to believe that it should be an 80 gig hard drive.  However, I temporarily disabled "IBM Predesktop Area" in the bios as I heard this would allow me to see the partition, and nothing new showed up in Windows Disk Management. I can occasionally access the Thinkpad Rescue and Recovery app, but I have never previously made a backup using that program and there doesn't seem to be a way to use the recovery partition.  Whenever I click on "Create Recovery Media" in the start menu, the program immediately crashes. My system is out of warranty, so I'm not sure if acquiring recovery media from Lenovo is an option.  I can see on-disk recovery being convenient (if it works), but why on earth didn't they also include a disk? Anyway, thanks for any help you can give me,BartoHP Edit:  I did a quick scan of the first page before posting, but somehow missed this Read more

Answer:Z61m Can't Access Recovery Partition

you can obtain the recovery media even if you are out of warranty, 50 USD.

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Hello!I need to reinstall Windows Vista on my Dell Vostro. Somewhere along the way, I lost the recovery discs. But, there is a recovery partition on the computer. I have tried F8, F2, and CTRL+F12, none of these allowed me to access any kind of recovery options (or repair your computer). I have done a lot of reading and googling looking for a solution, but I have reached a dead end. Can anyone offer advice as to what is the easiest and most cost efficient way to get this accomplished?Thank you in advance for your help!

Answer:How to access Recovery Partition (No Disc)

Welcome to CH.On first post it is important to provide as much info as possible. Recovery partition methods vary by manufacturer.  So we need to know the make and model of you computer. Is it a laptop? Is it a Toshiba? It makes a difference.The recovery discs for Windows 7 and 8 will attempt to repair the present installation and patch over any bad places in the system. But it does not install additional material the comes for the OEM (Original Equipment Mmaker). That material, if present, is in the recovery partition.What I mean to say is that the recovery partition is not a standard module of Windows. It is an option offered by the OEM.If you have made radical changes to the computer system, the recovery partition might not be available. It is a non-standard partition. Also, extensive damage to the system may make it hard to use the recovery partition. You have to check with the OEM.Also, the version of Windows makes a difference. My remarks above apply to methods used by the OEM. Now here is some more information specific to Windows Vista. But I have not tried it and do not know if it works in all cases. author speculates that it should always work. But he did not prove it.Quote... To make matters worse I didn?t have the recovery DVDs for the laptop. Thankfully, after hours of Goggling and a lot of swearing and frustration I came across a method in an article. This method s... Read more

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Hi,I am using T41 2373 , 1 year back I reformatted C-drive and installed the windows Xp from CD  from scratch, Now the Access IBM button does not work. I think i merged the factory partition as well . Is there still a possiblity of recovering the factory partition , where we dont need CD for fresh installation and for drivers. thanksHaydder

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Answer:T41 Factory Partition and other Access IBM recovery

If you have a set of recovery discs, I believe it will setup your OS and recovery partition as well, but the drivers usually need to be updated anyway, especially on a unit that is several years old.  I think there is a way to keep the recovery upto date by imaging your drive, but someone else will need to advise you on that. If you want to check if your partition still exists, go to administrative tools>disc management and you should see the partition, which will be hidden from the operating system in other areas. If you have only one partition, then its been removed.

ThinkPad W-510 i7-820QM(1.73-3.06GHz) Quad Core... ThinkPad T500, T9900, 8gb SSD...FrankNpad T-60p/61p (X9000 2.8ghz) 8gb SSD ips FlexView...ThinkPad T-61p (T9300 2.5ghz) 8gb ram...Thinkpad X-61 Tablet 8gb ram.

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Hi guys

I have this problem here.... I run windows XP on a HP Pavillon DV2000 Laptop
I recently tried to configure my partition to dual boot with linux Ubuntu.Everything went well and worked except that now I cant do a system reinstallation using HP's software in XP.He just can't find the recovery partition.It say's the recovery partition can't be found and no software is available to reinstall system.but wether I open Easus partition master or Partition Magic,I see the HP_Recovery partition but no letters is associated to it, only a *..... maybe that is the problem....

thank you very much

Answer:Solved: can't access recovery partition with XP

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Hi there.

I tried to install Manjaro Linux first and than Fedora 25 on my laptop, but after that I was not able to boot Windows anymore neither to access the Recovery hitting F11 at the boot. Furthermore, I couldn't find any Windows entry hitting F9. I think the problem is that I formatted the EFI partition, and even it had been created by Manjaro Linux installer I messed things up.

Finally I used a USB installer for WIndows 10 and followed this guide:

The system works perfectly if I boot Windows 10 now, but I can't access the recovery partition and I have two boot entries , just one working. I'm thinking that one could be the original one, and the other one was created when I used the Windows 10 iso downloaded from Microsoft's website to restore the boot.

When I try to access the recovery partition hitting F11 I receive this message:

Boot configuration file doesn't contain valid information for a OS
File: \BCD Error code:0x0000098
It's necessary to use restore tools

Please note this is a translation from Italian
From HP Recovery manager, started from Win10. there's written the restore is impossible because the Recovery partition was deleted, but I can actually can see it from partitioning tool. I've also tried to restore to a restore point preceding Fedora installation, but nothing changed.

Below, the HP Recovery Manager run... Read more

Answer:HP laptop - Can't access to Recovery partition

Unfortunately, the HP Recovery Manager is hypersensitive regarding anything that tampers with the Recovery partition. Folks have tried stuff like copying to an external disk (for safekeeping), and then later, when F11 didn't work anymore, copying it back -- but that apparently does not work.

The only proven way to restore it to working state is to do a complete factory reset using HP Recovery Media -- but that starts out by reformatting and erasing the entire contents of the hard drive -- but to get that, you would have to contact HP to order it, and since the US number does not ship media outside the US and Canada, you would have to contact HP support in your country to see (1) if they have it, and (2) if they will ship it to you.

Good Luck

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Hi. My "google-fu" isn't giving me a solution so I hope someone here can help.
About a year ago my laptop's HDD started giving errors so I replaced it. As far as I can recall, I did it by cloning the drive (but I can't remember using which program). I got everything working just dandy at the time but recently I've been getting daily BSOD related to ntoskrnl and from what I've read the solution to this is to re-install Windows.

But that's where my problem comes in. When I try to run recovery I get a message saying
"Restore failed - can not find image

I've attached a pic of my disks diskman showing I have a 13Gb recovery partition, Acer (C) and System Reserved (which I gave a drive number to try and access).

The system reserved shows as having 62.5Mb free of 99.9Mb (so its not empty), but if I "explore" it shows "folder is empty".

So how can I get to the recovery file?
FWIW, D2D is enabled in bios, and I've tried Alt-F10 - the computer just beeps continuously until I let go then starts up normally.

Also FWIW, I do have my old HDD in an enclosure so I can "pull" data off that if necessary (but that system reserved also shows golder empty despite using up space).

Lastly I do have some recovery disks BUT I suspect they are from my previous Acer (had a OOB failure so I returned it for an upgraded machine so I'm not sure how valid they are and the Windows 7 serial I have will most likely not matc... Read more

Answer:Need to access recovery partition - replaced HDD

It does not appear that the recovery partition has been formatted, so no recovery was placed there. The system reserved is boot info from the OS install, you can't access it.

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After uncsuccessfully trying to put a .GHO back onto the laptop, it will not boot or even go to the standard ThinkVantage RecoveryRestore interface, but instead presents me with the "There has been a signature failure" message. I haven't been able to locate a 98 boot/install disk so I have not been able to run fixmbr or fdisk ... but as I have access to the RECOVERY partition and the files on it, does anyone have any idea how I might be able to run that while in the WinPE environment or burn it to a bootable disk?

Answer:T61 will not boot, but can access RECOVERY partition

I'm certain many readers won't know that a GHO is a norton ghost disc image, so you really should explain. If you have a good disc image, then I'd seek help from symantic, otherwise I'd just reinstall, but if you're really using windows 98, then the recovery partition won't be of any help as I don't think that was ever an option on a T61, I've only seen them ship with various editions of XP and vista. 

ThinkPad W-510 i7-820QM(1.73-3.06GHz) Quad Core... ThinkPad T500, T9900, 8gb SSD...FrankNpad T-60p/61p (X9000 2.8ghz) 8gb SSD ips FlexView...ThinkPad T-61p (T9300 2.5ghz) 8gb ram...Thinkpad X-61 Tablet 8gb ram.

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I need help F9 doesn't work and my computer has been slow after I got rid of a trojan vundo. Also if there is any chance of you guys helping me to reformat my computer using someone else's disk.

Answer:How to access recovery partition on ASUS P5P 800?

It's usually a combination of 2 or 3 keys, not just F9. It can be tricky also, you have to hit the keys at just the right time
Is this board from a custom build?

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Is there a list of recovery partition access keys on the net? I know that Dell use Ctrl-F11 after POST but was hoping someone has posted a complete list?Thanks in advanceDavid McMahon

Answer:Recovery partition access keys

Are you trying to access the recovery partition on your computer?What model is your computer?

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Hi guys.I need to recover my os.
The problem is I bought a new SSD and added it and cloned my OS to the SSD.
The recovery partition that my Asus ROG came with is in my HDD.
How do I access it and how do I recover the OS to its original state.
The hdd isn't showing in boot options in bios and I cannot set the recovery partition as active through cmd.
I have all my backup files but no OS backup.
I had the same issue earlier and Asus fixed it for me.So how did they do it?

Answer:Cannot Access Recovery Partition after clonig OS to new SSD

I fixed it.Thwre are two ways.
1.Download the original copy from Microsoft and install it. If your lap came with the original copy it'll take the key from bios. (Make sure you Download the Windows 10home, not the N edition or the single language edition)
Thw problem with this method is that you can only install in your hdd and then clone it to ssd again
2.Boot through a Linux CD and make a bootable USB outta your recovery partition and then use the same to install the os in your ssd.

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Hello, im in desperate need of help, my computer started acting up a couple of days ago, suspecting that it was a virus, i run Microsoft Security Essentian and Malwarebytes, they found a couple of infections an cleared it, after restarting my computer i got a blue screen right at the windows log on screen. Thinking that the virus my had damage some of my video drivers, i logged in to safe mode,and now is that things started to get weird. My Administrator account is completely gone, and even if i reactivate it, once i re-starte my computer it desapear again, thinking that i had something on my start up, i created a new account and deleted my old one, but again, upon restarting my computer, the new account is gone and the old one is back again, and all the changes made in the computer are gone, bringing it back to the point were the virus was removed. I figure that a factory restore would solve the problem, but when trying to access the restore partition tru the windows " repair my computer" option on the start up, i get prompted to enter my user id and password, but none of my users seem to be valid, can someone please help me, im desperate lol.

Answer:Can't access vista recovery partition

If you can get a copy of Spybot Search and Destroy (free) and get it loaded. I would run it (with the internet off and after update)then go to start menu, programs, maintenance, and do a system restore.
I don't think it will do any good to change accounts and I would run msconfig and see whats in the startup.

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Hello, I have a lenovo G575 and I've recently tried to sell itas I have a new model. I can't because the laptop can't be restored to factory settings. When one key recovery system is accessed and a restoration option chosen the display reads 'cannot access recovery partition'. This is strange as I have had it repaired so the recovery partition must be in there or the laptop woud not have been able to function when i got it back (I assume).  I would greatly appreciate anybody who can hep me reset the laptop to factory settings, you would be saving a broke student 100s of pounds.  A potential solution I have thought up is to download someone else's back up for the same or a similar model of the laptop (G575) and I could use that to hopefully restore the laptop. I assume since the backup is esentially a file if I download it from somewhere else that copy may have be sufficient.  I would need anyone with the lenovo g575 or similar to upload a backup so that I could downlaod and use it.  I greatly appreciate any help offered. Regards,A frustrated student


Go to Solution.

Answer:I need help urgently - cannot access recovery partition

hi suntochukwu,
Welcome to the Forums.
You mentioned that you had the computer repaired. Do you mean you sent it to Lenovo for service? If this is the case, did they replaced the HDD?
The error "'cannot access recovery partition'" might mean two things:
1. The recovery partition is not there or
2. There's no OEM image stored in the recovery partition to use by the OneKey Recovery app.
To verify if the recovery partition is intact, try the following inside Windows:
1.  Press the Windows key? +R, type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter. On the disk management, check if the Recovery Partition is visible.
- Link to picture
2. If the Recovery Partition is intact, ensure that it's hidden
- Link to picture
If you still can't make the OneKey Recovery to access the recovery partition, you can opt to:
Option 1:
Call Lenovo and request a copy of the recovery disc (fees may apply)
Option 2: 
if the machine comes with a preloaded copy of Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit, you can:
a. Download a Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit ISO from this website
b. Create a bootable Windows 7 USB Flashdrive using this method.
c. Use the bootable flashdrive that you created in Step b to install a fresh copy of Windows and use the Windows 7 product at the back of the unit to activate Windows.
You will need to manually install all the drivers from the lenovo website
Re... Read more

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Hi All,

So I'm an idiot and deleted the recovery parition on my Satellite L300D.

I have a WinVista installation disc, and I found what I thought were the SATA drivers, loaded them during Windows installation - no go.

Can someone point me at a DL for a recovery disc or the right drivers to install during the straight Windows installation?

Any help would be super appreciated!

Answer:Satellite L300D - Deleted Recovery Partition

>Can someone point me at a DL for a recovery...
I don?t know what DL means but what I want to write here is follow: original recovery image is not downloadable and if you want to have original Toshiba recovery disc for your machine you must order it under

If you want to install own os version what do you think about Win7?
I mean I have installed Win7 32bit on friends L300 and it works perfectly.

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hi (again)

I'm trying find find the recovery key(s) for hdd partion if any one knows them I would be greatful

regards mat
thanks for your help

Answer:Satellite T110-11U - Where to find HDD partition recovery key?

Hi buddy,

Which keys you mean exactly? That?s not clear enough.

Furthermore the notebook doesn?t have a recovery partition. If you mean the Windows RE partition that is hidden, that?s not a Toshiba feature. It?s a Windows feature and has nothing to do with Toshiba.

The HDDrecovery files are stored on a second partition of the HDD. You can start this feature if you go in advanced boot menu and select ?Repair my Computer?. The factory image will be loaded and installed.

On the bottom side of the notebook you should find a serial number for Windows on a sticker. It belongs to the preinstalled Windows version can?t be used with normal Windows disks.

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my satellite u400-22z came with a big fat "hdd recovery" folder on the hard drive - yes I know what it's for,
but the insufferably awful version of windows vista that came with the machine made me decide that, in a case of system fault, I will not again install that failed attempt of an operating system.
So I don't care for that recovery data.

So those ~ 11 GB of junk sitting on my drive is bugging me, I cannot delete the HDDRecovery folder, it it somehow protected from deletion.

How can I circumvent that ?

Also, is it safe or can I make it safe, to use the seemingly hidden small partition (is this for recovery also?) I found, which is IIRC ~ 2GB or so big, for own purposes, without wrecking my current windows installation ?

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Satellite U400-22z - How to delete HDD recovery partition


If you have made a recovery disk and don't want store hdd recovery folder on hdd, you can remove it.

> I cannot delete the HDDRecovery folder, it it somehow protected from deletion.

You remove it as always you do to remove any files from your system.

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Hello all,
Question for you , i have a toshiba and when i turn it on it doesnt give me a splash screen it bots right into the recovery partition what can i do so i can get my splash screen back and hange boot device ? I cant even get into the BIOS.

Answer:Toshiba satellite booting to recovery partition

Hold down the F2 key and then power-on the computer.

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I am trying to help a friend with their Satellite L505D that had a serious virus issue(s). I was not able to run/install any programs with the virus on it. I used a Microsoft tool to remove the rootkit trojan, but I still had virus issues. I also lost most of the programs on the machine. All the folders were empty (except for some games), so I could not access any tools that way. I could not get the machine to load any Toshiba restore utility by pressing Zero while powering on. I accessed some recovery options using F8 during bootup, and had a link to restore to Toshiba's original setting, but clicking that choice did nothing other than pause for a few seconds. I waited several minutes, clicked it again, rebooted and tried again. Nothing. As a side note, once during all this, the restore partition was visible from explorer.exe. Not before, or since.

So I then Reformated the computer with a Win7 Home Premium 64bit upgrade disk (leaving the restore partition intact), and entered the key for the system. Supprise supprise, it is asking me to activate within 3 days.

My basic question is, can I access that recovery partition in a different manner to attempt to use it? IE copy it's contents, or boot to some comand prompt to log to e:?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Answer:Re: Unable to use the recovery partition on Satellite L505D


To be clear: there is only one way to use recovery image saved on HDD and install it.
Exact step-by-step description how to do it you can read on

If this will not work, only way to do it anyway is to use recovery DVD. Question is: has your friend created these discs?

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I wanted to Format My computer.
I Restart My computer then Pressed on 0, and then choose the system configuration then Formate hard disk.

when I Restart My computer then Pressed on 0 Again , It Did not work

I did "nt find find operating system!

How do I recover operating system?


Answer:I lost recovery partition on Satellite C50-B863

Hi imksa

You have a problem now. Obviously you have formatted whole HDD and also deleted saved recovery image on recovery partition. This can be done if you have already created recovery media (USB or DVD).

I presume you don't have such recovery media, right?

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I have satellite A300 with pre loaded Vista home premium OS, due to some reason I had to format the entire disk and I lost my OS recovery partition.

Can any one help me in getting my os partition?
I had checked with the service centers they said I can use the OS recovery partition of similar model.

So I request everyone if anyone can provide me the OS partition, I would be thankful to them.

Please contact me at [email protected]


Answer:Satellite A300 - I lost the recovery partition


I think you did understand something wrong.
On the Toshiba notebooks there is no recovery partition, they have a HDDrecovery folder that contains the factory settings.
I recovery partition that you mean is a Window Vista feature, not a Toshiba.
Here is a useful link to this:

The HDD recovery folder is stored on the second partition of the notebook. You can use the HDD recovery function if you go in the advanced boot menu, choose ?Repair my computer? and select the Toshiba HDD recovery function.
But I think this is too late now?

Did you burn the Toshiba recovery disk? Normally you can burn the factory image that is stored in the HDD recovery folder on a DVD by using the Toshiba recovery disk creator. Therefore you get always a remember message or popup that you have to do this.

If you didn?t do this and you want the Toshiba recovery disk you must order a new one. You can do this here:

I hope I could help you. Do you have more questions?


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Hello, 1,5 years ago I bought Toshiba C55D-A-13G and two weeks ago my HDD was broken, after that I bought new one, but now I don't have operating system because it was on recovery partition and serial key on laptop isn't a installation key for windows 8.1. So what can I do in this situation? How can I recover my recovery partition on new HDD?

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Toshiba Satellite L850 laptop. PSKDGA-02Y012. The original HDD failed in workmates same laptop so we replaced both HDD after creating a recovery usb stick. Then used that to restore the OS to original OOB status.
That worked fine and laptop is running great but now I want to PUT back the Recovery partition (now only on the usb stick i think) to the new HDD.

Simple to shrink the HDD C: (partition 2) on the HDD but then how to transfer twhats on the usb stick (recovery usb stick) back onto the HDD?

Thanks for any help.


Answer:Satellite L850 - How to put BACK a recovery partition on to HDD?

Hello Minsik

When you buy new notebook you will get it with preinstalled operating system (recovery image). Original recovery image is saved on HDD on recovery partition.
Every notebook owner has option to make recovery image back-up and create recovery media. It could be DVD or USB media. You can do it using preinstalled Toshiba recovery media creator tool.
This tool will create bootable recovery media that can be used for original recovery image installation if there is problem with HDD recovery image installation or when HDD is defective and must be replaced.

In case that HDD is defective and must be replaced or notebook owner want to upgrade HDD you can install original recovery image using created recovery media (USB). After recovery image installation you will have the same situation as on first start after notebook purchase. With other words notebook will have factory settings again.

In this case original recovery image is already copied on new HDD and you will also be able to start HDD recovery installation. So there is no reason to copy recovery media onto HDD.
Please note: HDD recovery installation will work with factory settings only.

If you have more questions please feel free to ask.

Good luck.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A300-1MM laptop. I want to factory reset the Windows Vista OS, but leave the other OSes I have in the state they are. I am attaching a screenshot of the disk management selection and the :My Computer:.
I want to reinstall Vista from the recovery disk to the partition I currently have them, without messing other ones.
As boot loader I am using GRUB 2.0 (Ubuntu 14.04)

I want to keep the current partitions and replace Vista.
(I know that i have accidentaly deleted the recovery partition, but i have recovery disks so do notworry)

Thanks in advance , for any other definitions, ask me.

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I accidently deleted the 5Gb recovery partition on my Sat Pro A200. I have since recovered it (and the data inside) and have tried to create my recovery disks using the 'Recovery Disc Creator' but it is telling that it cannot find the recovery partition :(

I tried fishing through the ini files for the recovery disc creator to find where it looks for the partition, but couldnt find anything...

One thing i have noticed is that now it is recovered, it appears as an NTFS fs (i think before it was an Unknown FS type??) and has volume label 'HDDRECOVERY'.

Any ideas as to how i can either:

a) trick the recovery tool into using the recovered partition
b) make the partition look exactly like it did before i deleted it, so i can use the tool as is.

Would really appreciate any help - want to make those recovery disks for my vista ultimate before i go dicking around and whacking backtrack on it :)



Answer:Restore recovery partition on Satellite Pro A200


> accidently deleted the 5Gb recovery partition on my Sat Pro A200. I have since recovered it (and the data inside)
I wonder how you have restored the deleted partition. Possibly the recovery partition parameters are not the same as before and therefore the 'Recovery Disc Creator' doesn?t work correctly.

Unfortunately, in my opinion you will be not able to trick the recovery tool if the recovery partition cannot be found.
You can only rename the NTFS FS partition. This can be done in the disk management console.
But I don?t think that this will solve this issue.

It seems you will have to reinstall the whole OS again using the Toshiba Recovery CD or the original Microsoft Vista CD


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On my Satellite L450D-11V with Windows 7 Premium 64bit, Tempro today indicated there was an important update that replaces the recovery partition with a new one, to get over the problem of an error message on laptops with more than 4GB RAM. Even though I only have 3GB, it says the update is for everyone as you may upgrade to over 4GB in future.

That's all very well, so I downloaded it and tried to run the unpacked .exe, but half way through installation, it stops and tells me the update is only for 64bit versions of Windows 7....which mine is. I've only had it five days, it came with Windows 7 Prem 64bit, and I've definitely not used the 32bit downgrade DVD...and it clearly states "64bit operating system" in My Computer.

Answer:Satellite L450D-11V - Recovery partition update


Which update do you mean exactly? Can you post some informations please like file name, etc.?

Normally there is no recovery partition. There is only a folder called ?HDDrecovery? on the second partition where you can reinstall Windows from this folder. On Vista and Windows 7 there is a hidden partition but it?s the Windows recovery environment and has nothing to do with Toshiba.

Furthermore I don?t use TEMPRO because install the updates manually if it?s necessary.

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Hi all, (sorry for my langage because i am french)

I have a Satellite U940-117 and after a error, i have delete all partition on my PC.

Is there a. iso that allows the computer to reinstall the factory?


Answer:Satellite U940-117 / How recovery default partition

No. If you didn't create recovery USB you have problem. With other words you must order recovery media from Toshiba.

Recovery image cannot be downloaded.

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as I was planning to migrate the HDD to a ssd I resized the windows 8 disk, and then moved the toshiba recovery partition just after the windows 8 system one, but it seems that this move actually changed the properties/id of the partition.

Could you please tell me the SET ID properties for the toshiba recovery partition so I can change it again?
The partition size, content and everything else it's untoched, but when I try to open the recovery tool it says it cannot find the recovery partition.

I know I should not mess up with the partitioning, but I want to change the laptop to a faster disk.

Thanks a lot.


Answer:Satellite P855 - need recovery partition properties

Hi Nicolas

Now it too late for anything. Partitions structure is changed and you cannot get it back to original state.
Changing HDD to SSD is not the problem but your mistake was that you didn?t create recovery disc or recovery USB media.
After changing HDD to SSD you could use this media to reinstall OS. In this case new recovery partition would be created automatically.

What you need now is recovery disc for clean recovery image installation.

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