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Satellite C660 - recovery partition is there but can I make back up discs?

Question: Satellite C660 - recovery partition is there but can I make back up discs?

Hi all

Just a query
My GF turned on her laptop Satellite C660 series and it would not boot up, we tried to initiate the recovery sequence from the recovery partition but kept getting the error that was on boot up (the error was telling us a USB device had been unplugged).

As you probably guessed she never made the back-up discs when prompted, all I could think of was using a win 7 disc and reload that way then try and make the recovery discs after (I didn't activate)
so win 7 was installed nicely and all drivers sourced that was all last week.
Now for the crunch , the recovery partition is there can I now make the recovery discs and install from those , the win 7 I installed will soon require activation
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

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Preferred Solution: Satellite C660 - recovery partition is there but can I make back up discs?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite C660 - recovery partition is there but can I make back up discs?

After own OS installation you cannot create recovery disc anymore and you can not install recovery image using HDD recovery option (F8 at start-up).

Best thing you can do now is to order original disc from Toshiba and use it for recovery image installation. It is definitely easiest way to have ?factory settings? again.
You can order it on

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I have a trojan on my Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-21f, i no longer have the discs available to reformat the laptop.

Is there any way i can do it without?

Answer:How to reformat Satellite Pro C660-21F without recovery discs?

Can you install recovery image using HDD recovery installation (F8 at start-up)?

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When I first got this product, before opening I thought that all the 500gb would go to the first partition, but then I saw that the recovery partition has half of the 500gb just for recovery which is unnessecery.

But I had no problem with this at the time, and used the recovery partition(after saving to a disk) for ubuntu so I could have a dual boot.

But now I've came to realise that the games I'm downloading are taking more and more room up on my C drive. The problem I have is that I can shrink my recovery partition and enlarge the C drive.

Does anyone know a work around?

Answer:Satellite Pro C660-225: Shrinking recovery partition englarge C partition

You will need an 3rd party software to shrink the recovery partition and to add the free space the existing C partition.
I would recommend you an freeware tool called Gparted

But before you would start doing this, create a recovery disk!
This is advisable in case you would try to set the notebook back to factory settings using such disk.

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Hi everyone !
I have Toshiba Sattelite C660-1J9 laptop, and it's been working fine - until a day my HDD died. Now it's producing some weird sounds on startup, and no HDD visible in BIOS. It's not a problem for me to buy new HDD and replace it, but I'd like to restore licensed Windows I had with laptop - so I need to place recovery partition on new HDD somehow. Is it possible and where I can find this recovery partition image ?
Thanks in advance !

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I have the Toshiba Satellite C660-10D and did not copy the recovery ye had problems with the recovery partition and I lost.

What I can do?

Answer:Satellite C660-10D problems with the recovery partition

You can order a new Recovery disks here:

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I have a brand-new Satellite Pro C660. It worked fine for a day, now it won't load windows. I didn't get around to creating the recovery disks as I've only had it a few hours (yes, yes, I know, should have been the first thing I did). All the data is present (but backed up to USB just in case) and I can see the HDDREcovery folder with all data intact. However, I can't run the app to create recovery disks. Does anyone know how to extract the images and create the media using only the command prompt? (I can get into command prompt by booting from a friend's Win 7 disk). All boot options from the laptop's own drives fail. It says "Windows Failed to Load", and I try Startup Repair but it doesn't find any errors. Any help/thoughts on this will be much appreciated!

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro C660 - How to make recovery disk with command prompt?


It?s not possible to create recovery disk with command prompt. You have to use the Toshiba recovery media creator on Windows.

Now it?s too late for you but you can order such a disk here:

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So is the data on D safe if I use recovery?


Answer:Re: Satellite C660/C660D will using recovery erase data on D partition?


From my knowledge using Recovery Disk would format the whole HDD and all partitions would be created again during this process.
This means that your data on D partition is not safe.

But from my experience the usage of HDD recover would format only the system (C) partition? not quite sure if this applies to all the Toshiba notebooks so possibly you should test this first time? in such case would recommend backup the data in case D partition would be erased.

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1st time forum poster so be gentle please!

My mum has just brought a Toshiba laptop and it's pretty decent to be fair. Taking a quick look at it though i noticed the recovery partition (that comes with most laptops now) is labelled "D:/Data and is 232GB in size. Seems a bit on the large side for me and wondering if it is incorrect?

Have got a screenshot and if someone could confirm either way i'd be most grateful. Can i attach screenshots?

Thanks in advance


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Answer:Satellite C660-195 - recovery partition labelled "D:/Data" and seems large

Please see the screenshot -

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Just out of interest.
I have not tryed this, but i hered you can only make one copy of the recovery disks, using the toshiba disk creator.

I just thought it would be quicker to post this question, rarther than try it out.
I do know it costs 30 to get a copy of these recovery discs, which led me to think are these for people who have not created recovery discs or people who have lost there copy of the recovery discs.

I myself have only one copy

Answer:Satellite L300-1BV Can you only make one copy of the recovery discs

No, you can make as many as you want. But it will only work on L300's

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Toshiba Satellite L850 laptop. PSKDGA-02Y012. The original HDD failed in workmates same laptop so we replaced both HDD after creating a recovery usb stick. Then used that to restore the OS to original OOB status.
That worked fine and laptop is running great but now I want to PUT back the Recovery partition (now only on the usb stick i think) to the new HDD.

Simple to shrink the HDD C: (partition 2) on the HDD but then how to transfer twhats on the usb stick (recovery usb stick) back onto the HDD?

Thanks for any help.


Answer:Satellite L850 - How to put BACK a recovery partition on to HDD?

Hello Minsik

When you buy new notebook you will get it with preinstalled operating system (recovery image). Original recovery image is saved on HDD on recovery partition.
Every notebook owner has option to make recovery image back-up and create recovery media. It could be DVD or USB media. You can do it using preinstalled Toshiba recovery media creator tool.
This tool will create bootable recovery media that can be used for original recovery image installation if there is problem with HDD recovery image installation or when HDD is defective and must be replaced.

In case that HDD is defective and must be replaced or notebook owner want to upgrade HDD you can install original recovery image using created recovery media (USB). After recovery image installation you will have the same situation as on first start after notebook purchase. With other words notebook will have factory settings again.

In this case original recovery image is already copied on new HDD and you will also be able to start HDD recovery installation. So there is no reason to copy recovery media onto HDD.
Please note: HDD recovery installation will work with factory settings only.

If you have more questions please feel free to ask.

Good luck.

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I have bought a new Satellite U400 notebook with Vista Home preinstaled on it.
I went throught initial configuration and after it has been done I realised that HDD partitions do not suits my needs.

So I resised the "Vista" partition (acctually I have shrinked it) and made the "Data" partition bigger.
I did not do anything with hidden partition.

Unfortunately when I did this procedure I formated the "Data" partition.
Now when I want to make backup DVD with TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator I got the error message saying that it is not possible because I have formated the "Data" partition.

Are there any suggestion how to solve this error?
The system goes fine, the only thing is that I am not able to backup and restore OS.

Thanks Vecerka

Answer:Satellite U400 - How to get back formatted partition with HDD Recovery

This was not good buddy?. If you have deleted the recovery HDD partition, then you would be not able to restore it!!!

Now you need a new Recovery DVD!
You could order it using this Toshiba page:


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Satellite C660-1U4 / Part Number : PSC1LE

Try to write to blank disc message I receive is "insert blank disk". if I insert a disk that I know has files on message I get back is "Blank Disk"

Answer:Satellite C660-1U4 wont burn blank DVD discs

Which application do you use for burning DVDs?

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I'm getting very nervous that I haven't made these impt system recovery discs. I bought 10 CDs at the time I bought PC and was assured they were the right type. When I got ready to create the discs, my PC said I would need 18 CDs. I backed out at that point so don't know if the ones I have are the right kind.

I'm going out this week to buy some more, but still have doubts I'm getting the right kind.

My HP guide says I need: CD-R

What I have is: SONY CD-R AUDIO (compact disc digital audio recordable)

Have I got the right kind? Thanks so much. Fox

Answer:Solved: What kind of discs needed to make "System Recovery Discs"?

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Hey Folks,
I had a problem with a virus on that sat pro, so I decided to totally erase the hdd to get rid of that virus. Bevor I did that, I saved everything from partiton D including the recovery path and after erasing of course I copied everything back at it's place (second partition).
Now trying to recover and don't know how to do it. F11, F10 and F8 seems not to work. Do I need the Recovery media created with recovery media creator or can I still use the recovery path on the new D: partition?
Thanks for your help in advance,

Answer:Recovery on Sat Pro C660-2KM with new HDD with restored Recovery partition

Unfortunately recovery procedure doesn?t work on this way.
What you need now is recovery disc.
Generally speaking recovery image on second partition is useless and you will not be able to start it.

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I am getting a message that hard drive disc D is full but I only use Drive C. I thought that D was for Recovery items. How can I decide what items should not be in D and how how do I decide what to delete/move?

Answer:Satellite C660 - partition D is full but I only use partition C

> I thought that D was for Recovery items
This is not 100% correct.
Of course the Toshiba recovery files are placed in the recovery folder on the D partition BUT this does not mean that you cannot store other files on this partition.
You can.

>. How can I decide what items should not be in D
Before you save the files on the HDD, you will be asked for the place. You can always decide where such files should be stored.

> and how do I decide what to delete/move?
It?s your own decision to say what files you want to move / delete.
If you don?t care about some files and if some files are not important to you, you could delete it.

I install always my programs on C system partition. But ?stand alone? files like music (mp3 files), pictures (jpeg, jpg, etc...) I save always on another partition

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Trying to get this built-in webcam working. Had the laptop for a few years but never used this function before. I have skype that doesn't seem to detect it. Can't see anything in Device Manager relating to webcam or image or anything, and in program files under Toshiba all it has is 'Wireless LAN Indicator', nothing about a cam or mic, its as if it doesnt exist. After searching around I found I might be needing some certain drivers, and so I downloaded something called TC30295700E (which I believe is what I needed), I installed that and no difference seems to be made. Webcam completely undetected by the laptop even though its built-in...been at this for a few hours now, am I missing something here?

Edit: sorry I should specify, I'm running Windows 7.

Edit 2: Should also add that 'Imaging Devices' is nowhere to be found on the Device Manager.

Any help appreciated, thanks

Answer:Webcam/mic on Satellite C660-119 - how to make it work?

According notebook specification Satellite C660-119 with part number PSC0LE-01100JEN does not have a cam so I?m not wondering you cannot get it work if cam doesn?t exist.

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Hi everybody.          I meet some problem ,and need help.          My notebook is T61p with Vista system          I want to create a set of Product Recovery discs.And I click Start --> All Programs  --> ThinkVantage --> Create Recovery Media.          However ,I can't find Create Recovery Media in my PC .          Where can I download the  Create Recovery Media and install it ?          Anyone can help?           Thanks!Message Edited by SunWill on 07-22-2008 10:16 PM

Answer:how to make a set of Product Recovery discs

Try to find the the program RRmedia.exe with windows search. Click it to start and create your media. Youll need more than 6 CDs or 2 or 3 DVDs.  In my system (XP) youll find  RRmedia.exe in: "C:\Programme\Gemeinsame Dateien\Lenovo\spi\RRMedia.exe"Message Edited by Agotthelf on 07-23-2008 07:47 AM

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I have been trying to make recovery discs for the Toshiba Satellite laptop. I went throught the Recovery Disc Creator Wizard which informed me to have five DVD discs ready. By following the onboard instructions I completed three discs on Verbatim DVD-R 8.5 GB: Recovery Disc 1 and 2, and a 3rd Windows Recovery Environment disc. However, when I was starting the 4th disc the computer fist failed to acknowledge it and then opened the drawer requiring another disc. The disc was empty as far as I know but I went back to the shop and bought five more discs and the system also rejects these although they are identical. However, the applications disc requirement states either a 4.5 or flashmedia to be inserted to make only one disc. I think I will buy the 4.5 disc and see if it works. Does anyone have any experience of this or advice? I am bummed completely and don't want to have to buy more DVD discs as they are all new and straight out of the package.

Answer:Cannot Make Full Recovery Discs

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I'm not totally ignorant of computers so I opted not to let the store touch my laptop. <removed> charge too much anyway.

I just bought a HP dv7-1025nr.

I understand that I need to burn my own recovery disks.

Could someone just point me in the direction of how to do this.


Answer:New, do I make the recovery discs?


HP will have all the directions and instructions on their site. IF not you will have to contact them on how to do it. Each manufacturer has a different way to burn the media and not all of them are known. Dell gives you a tool to use. Toshiba has a Recovery partition that you can boot to as do many others.

So you will have to find out from HP how they do it. Be it a Recovery partition or a way to use some toosl that they provide to burn the media.


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hi I'm new here and I'm sure you will be able to help me!
iv got a Toshiba satellite pro laptop (bought 2nd hand)
the Internet was working fine up untill we went to visit family and connect to their connection
its now having none of it! my hubby is very good with computers but he is stumped too
the wireless wont connect we are with virgin if that makes a difference
iv done a system restore but the internet still wont work and the only think i can think of to get it working is to completely wipe the laptop but i dont have the recovery discs
so if anyone can help in anyway shape or form i will be very grateful!!

Answer:how do i make recovery discs for a laptop?

Please type in run services.msc when your services open check that your dns client is switched to automatic started !

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Hi all!

I have Toshiba Satellite C660-1GK for about year and a half. After 6 months my hard disk drive died.

First the laptop got really slow and then started the famous clicking sound from the disk.
I've made backup and checked the drive with Hirens tools. Toshiba diag won't even read it, S.M.A.R.T. said that his health is poor (30% or so), bad sectors started popping out.. so I've took the laptop to my ASP.

They replaced the disk and then, 13 months later (a week ago) the same story! Disk health went even lower (was at 11%) and bad sectors started jumping out like maniacs.
Again a trip to ASP.

I've got my laptop today with a new disk. After reading posts on this forum, I'm worried that it's or motherboard/power supply problem or we're just all with bad luck with drives.

I just can't accept that disks randomly die every 4-12 months as an answer. My last disk on HP laptop lasted 4 years! I have about five more months of warranty and I'm really not happy with situation. This laptop is on my work desk, has it's own station with a nice, big fan so it's not overheating - basically I've took it out of house last September.

I'm careful with it! But if this drive dies before end of year, maybe it's time to get a new laptop.
Not Toshiba this time :(

Please, do you have any thoughts, advices..?

Answer:Satellite C660-1GK - HDD partition C issue


Some years ago i purchased an notebook from another manufacturer.
My first HDD died after more than 2 years of usage. I bought another one, replaced the old HDD and the new HDD died after 4 month of usage.

Any HDD will die sooner or later because its expendable part? it?s a matter of HDD usage and matter of how you handle the unit.

In my opinion it?s a bad luck? of course its always pity if an HDD start to malfunction but I?m afraid there are no many options to prevent it.
Of course you could switch to an SSD drive which is much stable in use. I did it some month ago? I purchased the 250GB SSD drive and replaced the internal HDD

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I have been given a Satellite C660 to fix that will not restore. I can use F8 (or 0) to get into "REPAIR YOUR COMPUTER" but the screen just goes black. I have booted from a Linux disk and the "Data" partition seems OK although I have no way to check every file. What are my options? Is there any way to create restore disks from this state?


Answer:Satellite C660 won't restore, partition looks OK

I assume you did not create Recovery Disk in the past. Correct?

Well, in such case try to access the HDD recovery partition (using Linux???) and check if you could use the recovery image files in order to create the recovery USB flash stick as described here:

Otherwise I think you would need to order the recovery disk from Arvato in order to recover the notebook.
Of course if you own Microsoft windows installation medium, you could use it to install the system too? drivers could be downloaded from Toshiba EU driver page

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I couldn't find similar thread so I'm postin this as new. I bought T400 with Vista BU 32bit. I didn't know that It's strongly sugested to create my own recovery discs. T400 was shipped with XP recovery discs. Problem is, that I wanted to try XP, put DVDs in the notebook and after few reboots I discevered, that I have only C partition (system) and hidden partition, that I'm not able to even assign a drive letter. No recovery partition, no preload partition. I'm now on Win 7 RC 64 and soon I want to recreate recovery partition, but without my own recovery discs I dont know how.There is one solution, but I dont know if it's possible option. My friend has T500 and I told him to create recovery DVD before he did any change to partitions. From hareware side, our notebooks are almost simillar (just differend discrete VGA and CardReader).1. So do you think, that I can use his recovery DVDs to restore mine T400 to factory state and than create my own recovery DVDs?2. Why XP DVDs shipped with NB created just hidden partition (which I can't acces and I dont know how to install OS from it without working R&R partition)?3. Last question, but not important one: System came with 32bit BU system, do I have an option to reinstall it somehow to 64bit BU on the same licence number (I mean legally) because System has 4gigs of RAM. Thanks

Answer:Recovery partition not created by Recovery Discs

UP please respond, because I want soon reinstall Win 7 RC and I need to know what options i have. Thanks

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Hard disc failure has lost all partitions, including recovery. I have no recovery DVD's (not my computer!) although I managed to salvage some data before it all went. Now need Win7 installation files, but can't find in downloads. Are these available from Toshiba? Licence is for Win7 Home Premium. Any help much appreciated...

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Answer:No recovery partition or discs - what next?

Problem is that in your case HDD is defective and recovery image saved on HDD is useless. The main problem is that notebook owner has not created recovery media following instructions described in user?s manuals document.
Now you have two options:

1-To order original recovery disc -
2-To install own OS version using Microsoft installation disc

In case that you use option 2 you need to install all necessary drivers, tools and utilities. All of them you can download from Toshiba support page.

Please note: product key from Microsoft sticker cannot be used for Windows activation. This key belongs to original recovery media (version delivered with the notebook).

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Here is where I'm at, recieved my T400 7417 - CTO with XP installed.  Worked with it for a day or two, installing firefox, envira, quicken, msoffice, added password to admin account, etc ... then, belatedly went to make a R&R disc using Thinkvantage tools.  Turns out the DVD drive is bad, it will read cd's but not recognize or read any DVD's. A service call has another DVD on its way, a nice recovery to a doa DVD. Anyway, I'm wondering if it is ok to make recovery discs using Thinkmagic tools even after making all the changes I have? Or, should I first restore the factory settings using the blue Thinkvantage button before making the recovery discs? If I make them as is, then experience a crash, will the rescue & recovery operation be more difficult? If I do a blue button factory restore, having made changes already, will I truly get back to factory settings or will the software I've installed still be there. I'm not worried about re-installing what I have done already, just wondering what is the best process to have a clean set of recovery discs should disaster strike in the future. Regards, Riversong   

Answer:OK to make recovery discs after installing software?

The recovery set is made from the hidden restore partition which is not affected by the software you installed. The recovery set will install a factory condition preloaded system ignoring any changes you have made.It may be a good idea to try the recovery set after you make them to be sure they work properly. If not contact Lenovo and they will send you a set. That way there is no surprise down the road when you really need them.

______________________________________________________T60 2623-D7U, 3 GB Ram. Dual boot XP and Linux Mint.T400 2765-T7U Windows 7Registered Linux User #160145FYI: I am not employed by Lenovo

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You were probably reading the title, and thinking omg just use the recovery console, and bob's your uncle, out spits two DVDs....

... Well its an Acer One netbook, with no optical drive. Acer's recovery console tells me I need to make backups (which is obvious as a HD failure would kill our OS), but its only option is to use a optical drive.

So, the challenge (I've "" and got nowhere!), is how on earth do I make two DVDs with the data without a) an internal optical drive, or b) an external one.

I'm not prepared to purchase an external one just to do this one job as I have no other use for one.

What I've tried so far:

1. Sharing my PCs DVD RW drive and mapping it on the netbook (which ends up with a folder and thus doesn't work...)
2. checking settings to see if I could make ISO's instead - No go there too.
3. I've even tried using a combination of my E-SATA dock, but the connections are the wrong way around to run my PC's DVD RW drive via USB (which would have given me an external DVD RW).

It really shouldn't be this difficult to make OS backups, and there must be another way of doing this backup without resorting to spending 40+ on a new external DVD RW drive just to do it.

PLEASE help! lol.

Answer:Got daughter a new netbook - but how do you make recovery discs!

OK, I might have a solution:

If I use CloneZilla to make an entire image of the netbook hard drive, am I correct in saying it will capture the entire OS in its current form (e.g. unused), as well as the ENTIRE recovery partition? (They both on one physical disc).

Would that work, enabling me to keep a copy of everything on the entire drive in its current (new) state? I have an external SATA dock I can use to clone it (and put it back if I ever need).

After looking at the above, I decided against it, as it just introduced another issue of mounting suitable hard disc space to make the backup.

So I decided to go with EASUS ToDo backup - And removed the hard disc and I'm now backing it up (the whole drive) in my PC as we speak. It looks very good for a free app.

I wish I'd just thought about this from the start - It took me all of 5 mins to download, install it, turn the pc off, remove the 2.5" sata, and then fit it in my case and reboot. LOL.

Least this post will come in handy for others unsure in the future no doubt.

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Hi all

I want to make some recovery discs, how many sets of recovery discs can I make? Is it only 1 or can I make more?

Answer:How many sets of recovery discs can you make for Windows 7?

only one

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Hi,   I purchased a U310 touch and an external USB DVD burner. I've searched but can't figure out how to make a factory recovery DVD. Can someone please point me in the right direction. My previous T400 went had two hard drive failures, and the recovery discs I burned when I purchased that came in very handy. Edit: Forgot to mention, this machine has windows 8


Go to Solution.

Answer:U310 touch - how to make recovery discs?

Refering to the hardware maintenance manual you need to buy the disc sets through Lenovo. Here is an excerpt from the manual:

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Can anyone help. Been trying to get hold of someone to talk about what I need to do. I need Windows 10 recovery discs with product activation

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Hi, I'd like to have two OS on my Thinkpad E531. I have all four recovery discs (2 App and drivers + 2 OS Recovery). Is it possible to install Windows 8 with selecting partition. Because if I start recovering it is automaticly used whole my hard drive.And is it possible to install only the OS without other programms such as Northon Antivirus and so on?Thank you!

Answer:E 531 Recovery discs - select partition

Good day and welcome to the communty.
In my experience using factory recovery media, the process, other than switching disks when prompted, is completely automatic. No picking partitions, or selective component installs. The goal of the set is to restore the machine to its out-of-box state.
Hope this helps to clarify.

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Hi, I'd like to have two OS on my Thinkpad E531. I have all four recovery discs (2 App and drivers + 2 OS Recovery). Is it possible to install Windows 8 with selecting partition. Because if I start recovering it is automaticly used whole my hard drive.And is it possible to install only the OS without other programms such as Northon Antivirus and so on?Thank you!


Go to Solution.

Answer:E 531 Recovery discs - select partition

Good day and welcome to the communty.
In my experience using factory recovery media, the process, other than switching disks when prompted, is completely automatic. No picking partitions, or selective component installs. The goal of the set is to restore the machine to its out-of-box state.
Hope this helps to clarify.

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Had to use Recovery disc recently only to discover, too late, that I had lost the two media creator discs to completer the reboot.

Can't find them on the basic home page - help!

Answer:Satellite C650 - Cannot find recovery discs to perform full recovery

Recovery disk cannot be downloaded.
You can order it for a small fee.

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i need a recovery DVD for Satellite C660-2FF. HDD crashed.
Win 7 product key is available.
Who can help? maybe .iso download?


Answer:Need recovery DVD for Satellite C660-2FF

Recovery image cannot be downloaded and if you need original recovery disc you can order it on

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I have a C660-1KT

It has a C drive with 149gb memory.
It also has a D drive marked Data with 148gb of memory; only 7gb of this is used.
Can I free up the remaining memory as my C drive is getting full.


Answer:Satellite C660-1KT - can i delete data from D partition drive

The D partition contains the Toshiba Recovery image files.
If you delete this image files, you will not be able to perform HDD recovery procedure and you could not create the Recovery disks…

Therefore its strongly advisable to create recovery medium before deleting these image files!

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Just completed a clean install of Win 7. All of my programs have been downloaded and all looks great. Are there any reasons to keep my original XP Recovery discs and/or my Macrium back-up images? I can't think of any but wanted to check here before I ditched them. Thanks.

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Hi Guys,

I am suffering with some problem on any website some words linked and when I click it, a ad. website opens which is kinda virus i think and the laptop works very slowly

I decided t reboot the laptop and go back to factory settings.

Could you please help me how to reboot I am not really good at computering so if you explain step-by-step That would be fantastic.

Thank you

Answer:Satellite C660-1LD: How to recover and go back to factory settings


Read the threads here in the Toshiba Product Recovery forum.
Additionally check this documentation how to use the HDD recovery:

+How to recover a Toshiba notebook with the HDD recovery procedure+

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I hope this is the right place to put this. I have a Toshiba Satellite C660-2EL and last night it powered off with no warning, no nothing. It wouldn't turn back on at all, it just sort of made this noise like it was dying a slow death and had the green light etc, but then turned back off again, I did notice my battery had come lose (something that happens occasionally) so I put it back in, and tried again, nothing.

I also tried again with my charger in and everything in place, this time there was a flashing orange light, no green light and a really horrific squeaky type noise. Now, come this morning, I decided to try it all again and it's working? *Anyone know what this might of been?*

I have insurance and I'm thinking of just taking it to them because of this and seeing what they think, as this is the second time this has happened, though the first time, it never turned back on and according to Toshiba it had water damage and was therefore my fault and I had to send it to the normal place for it to be fixed.

Thanks all!

Answer:Satellite C660-2EL turned off - wouldn't turn back on but now

On this virtual way it is not easy to discuss about such issues. Generally speaking best thing you can do is to contact nearest Toshiba service provider, ask for help and try to clarify this with technicians.

If you have valid insurance try to ask for help and get fixed it for free.

Sorry but what else to say about that.

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currently I am using vista ultimate. I have only one partition (C:)

i want to install vista home premium onto (C:) but my dvd/cd drive does not work. I do not have (or want to use) a portable DVD/CD drive to reformat.

Im thinking of creating another partition (D:) and then transfering the "bootable folder for home premium", from another computer to (D:) via usb drive.

Can I boot from this new partition (D:) and reformat (C:)?


Answer:HELP! No CD Drive, want to make recovery partition to format main partition

Hi -

Shrink the HDD -->

However, Vista must be installed from DVD.

Regards. . .



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I just did the Lenovo Recovery Disc procedure where it makes a total of 4 DVD discsfor Windows 7 recovery. The first disc it burns is not considered disc 1 for some reason.I don't understand it; but, whatever. Is it now safe for me to Delete the Q: partition and recover this space? thanks.

LENOVO 8BET54WW (1.34), 11/2/2011 - W520 Model 427639U - Windows 7 - 6.1.7601 Service Pace 1 Build 7601 - intel core i7-2820QM CPU @ 2.3ghz, 2310 mhz 4 cores - 16gb Memory

Answer:Lenovo Recovery Discs and the Q partition for W520

The first disc is the "boot" disc. Use it first when reimaging. After creating the recovery discs there is no reason to keep the extra partition. You won't be able to create another copy of the recovery media so do not lose the copy you have created.

Lenovo Thinkpad W520 4270CTO - Core i7 2640 - 6GB DDR3 (4gb preconfigured) - 120gb Corsair F120 (2x 500gb RAID preconfigured) - 500gb Seagate momentus (ultrabay)

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I ordered a set of 2 Toshiba recovery CD's and received them yesterday in order to fix this laptop from a Windows breakdown...


The problem arising at start up is that Windows 7 isn't starting up plus that the hard disk doesn't show in the BIOS (the DVD-drive does) and after the boot sequence the following message comes up: ?Reboot and select proper boot device or insert root media in selected boot device? Someone suggested the drive is broken or the cables to the same detached or lose.

The owner says, that the error first appeared after McAfee offered to "remove 15 errors found on the disk". The laptop has never been opened.

When running the recovery CD 1 the boot sequence starts the recovery but initially shows two pop-ups that indicate that the hard disk cannot be found.

First error message - ERROR: IOCTL_DISK_GET_LENGTH_INFO \\. \PHYSICALDRIVE0 The device is not ready.

Second error message says something like - There is no access to disk #0 or the RAID configuration isn't correct!

After accepting both messages the prompt hands out the error that also appears in this thread...


...and stops at this line...

X:\ windows\ system32 >

...reporting that the recovery failed.

I have fooled around with the advices in this thread...

[ Read more

Answer:Recovery CD's do not recover Satellite C660-1WN

(...continued from first post...)

Left to be said is that I also - before I ordered the recovery CDs - ran the second diagnostic DOS tool in the first table to check the disk and got the following report...

- HDD power cable is not properly attached to the HDD

- HDD interface cable is not properly attached to the HDD

- HDD master-slave setting is incorrect

...and equally that no disk could be detected.

My question is now..., what is wrong here? Is it the physical disk that might be the problem? Is it the software? MBR? Can the latter be restored by some command in the prompt? If, then how? Would it be easier to erase the whole disk and then use the recovery CDs? Or won't this work since the recovery CDs can only work with the recovery information on the disk (I assume that this information is only physically on the disk not on the recovery CDs, isn't this correctly understood)?

I am looking forward to any input and help. Thanks in advance.

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I need some help for my sons laptop which is the Satellite Pro C660-1LR.

The hard drive in this laptop completely died, i did not create a recovery disc for this laptops system.
I have purchased a new hard drive which is installed..however as you have guessed i have no access to reinstalling a OS, this laptop runs on windows 7.

I am not really tech savvy so if anyone can advise me please make explain in idiot proof format!! I am trying to avoid having to purchase anything to costly.

Answer:Satellite Pro C660-1LR - New HDD but no recovery disc

> I am trying to avoid having to purchase anything to costly.
Problem is that you don't have many options about that.
If you want to have ?factory settings? again you need recovery installation disc. You can order it on Of course it is not for free but, in my opinion, definitely the best solution.

You can buy Microsoft installation disc and install own version. You must buy valid licence for it.
In this case you must install all necessary drivers, tools and utilities additionally one by one.

Just in case that you can get this Microsoft installation and licence for free you can save some money.

Believe me the best solution is original recovery disc order.

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Hi there,

Sorry to bother you but I need some help if possible.
I am trying to restore my laptop to factory settings and I am pressing f8.
However I get all the system recovery options but no Toshiba hdd recovery option.

What am I doing wrong?

Answer:Satellite Pro C660-1nq - cant access HDD recovery

>What am I doing wrong?

After pressing F8 button, choose Repair my Computer and in the new menu you could choose HDD recovery as described here:
[How to recover a Toshiba notebook with the HDD recovery procedure|]

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I removed the operating system from the C drive in my laptop and now i want to use the HDD recovery to re-install the recovery again
Can I know the right way to make this!!

Answer:Satellite C660-172 and HDD recovery installation

I don't know how you have removed OS from partition C and what have you done exactly and I?m a little bit sceptic this will work but you can try it anyway.

Do it as described in follow document -

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I need to file HDD Recovery how obtained

Message was edited by: Rozeno

Answer:Re: I need recovery file for Satellite C660-2FF

All you can do is to order new recovery disc.

You can do this on

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Apologies if this is the wrong subforum:

Being the idiot I am, I changed my WIndows Login password and since I use very long passwords, I have no idea what I changed it to. Guessing is out of the question.

So I powered on my laptop while holding the 0 key, which brought me to the Windows Boot Manager screen. I pressed F8 on Windows 7 for advanced options and opted for 'Recovery Mode' as I have used this in the past to install the OS from scratch.

It asks me to select a keyboard layout and then enter my username and password to procede with HDD Recovery. It is this lack of password which is the reason for recovery.

Any advice on what I can do?


Answer:HDD Recovery Issue on C660 Satellite

>It asks me to select a keyboard layout and then enter my username and password to procede with HDD Recovery. It is this lack of password which is the reason for recovery.
On this step you must enter your Windows login name and login password. Without right password you will not be able to start HDD recovery installation.

There is second option to install recovery image. You can do it now using recovery DVD. Have you created it using preinstalled Toshiba recovery disc creator?

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Hi there,

I'm hoping someone can help me or knows what to do. I have Satellite C660-15r it was turned off properly but when put back on it came up with start windows normally as if it has been interrupted, I clicked ok to that but instead of loading it has gone to do some sort of recovery only it hasn't been able to complete this and instead has said there is nothing to recover.

It is know stuck at this and will not go any further says to get system admin to log in however its not allowing to log in or do anything apart from shut down and restart, I have been trying to factory reset but it will not work at all I have tried many attempts with 0 and other options i have been told this doesn't work but I can get up f2 and f8 on load up all that works ok but I cannot find any option to be able to factory reset. it gives me options to recover but they take me to the same screen with no improvements and safe mode will not work.

I hope someone can help me I will be so grateful.

Thank you in advance.

Shell :)

Answer:Satellite C660-15r stucks and no recovery possible

At first I must say that recovery option is available if notebook has ?factory settings?. After reading your posting I don?t know if you still use original OS installation that you got with your notebook or maybe OS preinstalled on your own.

I presume you didn't create recovery media (DVD) using preinstalled Toshiba recovery media creator, right?
In your situation usage of recovery disc could be easiest way to fix this and install original recovery image.

Can you please post exact notebook model?

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from bad to tragic. My monitor had started blinking, several days ago, at times like a flip book, otherwise just annoying. I tried numerous things to fix it. Windows cannot locate the driver ~ anywhere. It tells me to insert the cd that came with the comp; I don't have it, if I ever did! I keep hoping that somehow it will surface.

Meanwhile, I have tried many programs that lured me by answering my googling for info re finding, getting the driver. The blinking stopped this morning after something (was it win?) set my comp back to an earlier date. Or it may have been PC Doctor or something. Then the comp was impossibly blurry, and it cost me $400 in work lost. I was away from the screen for minutes, returned to find it completely clear, and still not blinking.

But I still had the message that my ethernet had no driver, etc.

I pursued that, finally signing up for a 'free' scan because the site presented itself as 'fixing all drivers' when I was trying to access info from Acer. It started the scan, said I had 17 drivers to fix; I signed on and paid, finally, in desperate hope. (is there such a thing? yes) There were jigjags along the way, and I emailed them, but got no response re the ethernet driver. The download and install, of 12 "groups" of drivers continued for hours.

In the course of it I discovered that my skype sound was gone. In and out.
possibly connected, and then again possibly just skype. But it had been loud and active... Read more

Answer:found my recovery discs, how do I make windows read them? need to restore my ethernet

Hello My problem as of yesterday has begun to solve itself. While hunting for old cell recharger ! miracle! I found my computer recovery discs, that I made following Acer instructions, when I first turned on my computer 1 1/2 years ago (out of warranty now!)
Now HERE IS THE PROBLEM! I click ethernet> update driver software> (I have a recovery disc in my cd drive, one of the total 16) I choose 'search my computer'
and windows gives me a box ' where should windows search?' which has C drive in it. I erase that and type in DVD RWdrive (E)Recovery 4, which is how it is being read by the computer.
Windows says 'Please enter a new location ~~The location you specified does not exist or cannot be reached'
~What must I do to bridge this?
~~~~~Thank you ~~ If you can help me, please! I have no sound! I can't work on my music editing (I'm a musician); can't use skype phone; people I called are calling back and hating me~~one friend skyped my phone 3x~~I'm losing work! ~~~ oh please help
~~~~~ Vista 64bit home premium acer desktop 8Gram

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 If I have two M series Thinkcentres having compatible machine types. Can I use a set of restore discs from the first Thinkcentre to factory install Windows XP onto a second Thinkcentre where the recovery partition and install drive became corrupted? Also do Thinkcentre applications and utilities install under a retail copy of Windows XP (installed onto a Thinkcentre)? e.g. Fingerprint reader software, Rescue and Recovery, Client Security, etc.   


Go to Solution.

Answer:Windows XP restore discs & lost recovery partition

Yes, if the model is the same (same first 4 digits) you can use the recovery discs on the second machine. You will load the disks, and then when that process is finished, you will select F11 at boot and then restore to factory state once the Windows Recovery loads. No Thinkcentre specific applications will load with a retail copy of Windows. You will have to go to the Lenovo download pages and install the apps individually.

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I have tried to restore a Satellite C660 to factory settings due to it be extremely slow to start up.

Using the Toshiba original recovery discs the process gets partway through and then gives the following messages...

Error restoring image
The device is not ready

ERROR: ImageX could not apply Win7 V:\HDDRecovery\SWImg\15489XSP.swm Index 2 from HDD to C:!

Can anybody advise?!

Answer:Cannot install recovery image on Satellite C660

Unfortunately there is no some ?workaround? to force recovery image installation to run properly.
All you can do at the moment is to set BIOS to default settings and try to use recovery disc again.
Be sure disc is clean.

Do you use recovery discs for the first time?

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is there a way to make the recovery disks install win7 x32 instead of x64 (Satellite Pro C660-2JR)

Answer:Recovery disks creation for Satellite Pro C660-2JR

If your notebook was delivered with 64bit version you can create recovery disc for this preinstalled version only. With other words, recovery image saved on recovery partition will be saved on empty DVD disc. Nothing more than that.

If you want to use 32bit OS you must check if your notebook model is supported for it and install own version.

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Ran the recovery option on a C660 laptop from the hidden HD to set it back to the factory built but the re-install failed to complete correctly, now the hard drive as also failed
I can't find the recovery media to rebuild onto a new HD so are the recovery media still available to order as all the links I have found are broken on the Toshiba site

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I require the recovery media for a Saellite C660 1F1. If any one would know where I could download or purchase this I would be very great full.


Answer:Satellite C660-1F1: Where can i purchase the Recovery Media


Almost all threads in the ?Toshiba Product Recovery forum? contains this link to the page where you can order a recover disk for a Toshiba European notebook series ;)

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A month ago I purchased a Toshiba C660-1FE. After three weeks my HD broke down. I bought a new HD from Western Digital and replaced the broken HD. As I did not make an recovery image of my HD, I had to order the Product recovery discs off the Toshiba website (3 discs, of which disc 1 and 3 were the only one's required for installation).

Now, I have the problem that my laptop keyboard does not work. I am currently using a USB keyboard and mouse to replace my keyboard and touchpad of the laptop.

The laptop keyboard works fine in BIOS. Therefore, I hope it's just a driver problem.

I have:

tried finding and installing lots of drivers on from the toshiba website, no result.
tried changing settings in the bios (usb enable/disable).
tried to fix the problem by re-installing the entire computer again several times.

The keyboard seems to work until windows loads. When the system is starting up I can press caps lock and num lock and the green lights come on. This all stops working once the windows startup symbol appears.

Perhaps a second problem in the device manager: under the display-adapter, 2 subcategories have exclamation marks: it says Mobile Intel(R) 4 series express chipset family twice! I can't seems to fix these with any drivers I can find either. When I check the settings I have this message (google translate since it was in dutch):

+The digital signature for the drivers for this device is required, can not be verified. Possible after a rec... Read more

Answer:After Recovery with CD Satellite C660-1FE keyboard does NOT work


Keyboard works in BIOS? this means that the keyboard hardware should be ok and the connection between the motherboard and keyboard is established.

So what could be wrong? Keyboard driver?
Hmm? the keyboard driver is a part of the Windows OS and is installed automatically while OS installation?
I would recommend following:
Go to device manager and extract the point Keyboard.
There you should see something like ?standard PS/2 keyboard?
If you will see a red cross near this device, then this means that the keyboard is disabled.
Usually you should be able to enable this again (in device manager).
If there is no red cross, then I recommend deleting this keyboard from the device manager list?then reboot the notebook. Usually the OS should recognize the removed device automatically and should install the driver too.

Check this.

By the way: it could be possible that you have received a wrong Recovery disk? this could explain the issues after the recover procedure?

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Hi folks,

Posting this question for my neighbour as he now has no internet access as laptop not working - Satellite C660 running Win7.

When powering up he gets the Toshiba screen then a blank screen with cursor at the top left flashing.

Tried to boot from Win7 DVD (Pressed F12 to get to boot options & changed to DVD), can hear the drive trying to access the dvd but then get the message 'failed'. Win7 DVD works in both my laptop and desktop pc's.

Any ideas.

Thank you


Answer:Satellite C660 Won't boot from HDD or recovery disks

> When powering up he gets the Toshiba screen then a blank screen with cursor at the top left flashing.

Possibly the HDD is dead.
You ca try to power up the unit and press F2
Now you should be able to access the BIOS.

If the HDD isn?t listed on the first BIOS page, then this means that HDD isn?t recognized by BIOS and this means that HDD is faulty.

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Is it legal to use another laptop to create a recovery DVD and use it on the another laptop of the same model.
Satellite C660 1J2

Answer:Satellite C660-1J2 - can i use the recovery disk on another notebook


Purchasing an Toshiba notebook with an preinstalled Windows 7 system, you have reached automatically one Win 7 license.
So you can use this Win 7 on one notebook.

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I have ordered the recovery media for my Daughters laptop. Does any one know if this returns it to factory settings including pre installed software and drivers as the e-mail just says Windows 7.


Answer:Satellite C660 - question about recovery media

> Does any one know if this returns it to factory settings including pre installed software and drivers
Yes. After recovery image installation notebook will have original ?factory settings? as on first start after purchase.

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I bought a couple of days a go a new Satellite C660-121. Today I proceeded to make the recovery discs but it fails verifying the first DVD disc.
The error I get is this

E:\ is the name of the DVD drive. I use Verbatim DVD-R media, I have the laptop on power supply during the burning process and I tried twice with two different discs and got the same result. How can I fix this problem?

Answer:Satellite C660-121 can't verify the recovery disc

Hello Voger

I have created numerous recovery DVD on several Toshiba notebooks and have never noticed something like this. I have used DVD-R discs only and brands were Verbatim or TDK.

Unfortunately I cannot give you answer what does this message means but you must try to repeat DVD creation. If possible try with TDK.
If the same happen again I recommend you to recovery your notebook using HDD recovery option and try to create recovery discs again.

Sorry but I don?t see any other possibility at the moment.

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Hi, everyone.I'm quite sure I found this on-line and that it's doable, but now that I need it, of course I can't find it!My computer-illiterate sister has an eMachines Windows Vista computer that will no longer boot either normally or in safe mode; it hangs on crcdisk.sys.  She didn't make recovery disks when she got the computer, and the recovery console that comes up when it tries to boot also hangs.  She believes that it was interrupted while running a Windows update, but she's not entirely certain about that.  Anyway, her primary concern was recovering her pictures and documents, and I was able to do that by booting off a bootable Ubuntu CD.   Thus she now has everything she needs from that computer.  Before we take the sledgehammer to it, I want to fiddle with it and see whether I can get it booting into Windows off of the hard drive again so she can use it again, even if only for going on-line and not for saving precious stuff.I thought I read somewhere that if the recovery partition was readable (as it -- and the rest of the hard drive -- seem to be) that you could copy it up onto an external hard drive, then create recovery CD's on a different computer, but I can no longer find the instructions on how to do that.  Is that do-able, and if so, can I do it on an XP computer, or do I need to use a Win7 computer (I don't have a Vista computer).  Can I do it right off of the external hard drive, or d... Read more

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I accidentally formatted the recovery partition and now I can't make a recovery disc. Can someone please help me? I also have an original windows 7 disc and how could i get back the lenovo stuff back on it?
Edited subject to match post.

Answer:Accidentally formatted the recovery partition and I can't make recovery disk

That sucks, and you have tons of options including heroic tasks such as undelete tools that may or not work reliably.You may also feed your machine type and model number into the website and navigate to a list of the latest and even oldest stable drivers and software for your system.Regaining the exact functionality of booting to the recovery partition isn't regained from downloading those drivers.If you're insistent on restoring the same reboot/recovery functionality then you should consider contacting Lenovo support to determine your options, I'm not qualified nor presumptuous enough to mention whether or not a fee is involved for materials.

Signature:Let us know what happened,and share your solutions so others may benefit from our experiences. "It doesn't really matter what kind of computers I own since right now the conversation is about the problems on the computers that YOU OWN!" -Mark Twain

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 The information I have with the computer is that  I don't need them.  However if something happens to my hard drive, I won't have the recovery partition that Leonovo describes.I have read on these forums that it is important that I make "One time" recovery discs for my computer but I can't find instructions in the documentation about how to make the discs.  Help please! Thank you, Roadrunner 

Answer:I received my brand new R61i today. I cannot find instructions about how to make recovery discs.

Roadrunner, welcome to the forum, You can find the instructions linked tohere in the forum FAQs.

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Hi there,
I have a PC i am trying to format and reinstall windows vista. Unfortunately my mate has lost his original recovery dvd I made him and has now got a corrupted/damaged recovery partition.
After all the searching I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this. I want to format the hard drive and start from fresh as he has major Virus problems.
I tried searching old threads but couldnt find anything like what I needed, I hope I am not repaeting a thread already. If so please point me in right direction.
If it helps its a Acer 6252 travelmate.

All help greatly appreciated.
thanks in advance...

Answer:How to recover Vista Basic - no Partition or original recovery discs

Download: Windows Vista x64 Recovery Disc &#x2014; The NeoSmart Files

the 32 bit version is a bit further down

how to use............

How to Make a Windows Vista Repair Disk If You Don’t Have One :: the How-To Geek

let us know how you get on

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Hello all,

I have a Toshiba Satellite C660. I am trying to restore the laptop to the initial condition by the simple HDD Recovery. I have lost my old recovery disks. After completing first few initial steps, it goes to 'finishing installation' page and then gives an error message. After clicking to the dialog box 'ok' it resumes as 'Finishing installation' again. And now it has been almost 2 hours. It is still there. No improvement. What should I do ?

If I turn off the computer will my windows be completely destroyed?

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i have made the 2 toshiba recocery media disks
i had a virus on my laptop so i i placed the disks in my laptop

i did the following:
- placed disk in laptop
- restarted it
- booted from dvd
- followed instructions
- then it got to copying 2 of 9
- then error: copy of splitpart or crcs failed

can anyone help?

Answer:Re: Satellite C660 - recovery media error - CRC failed

I?m afraid there is no help. Something must be wrong with recovery DVD.
Do you use it for the first time?

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I have a laptop from a client, that is a Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-239, and i'm having a strange issue.

The original hard disk failed, and as the laptop is out of warranty, we bought a new hard disk, and ordered the recovery media to this model, from our local toshiba repair assistance.

After the setup copied the files to the disk, the imageX fails when restoring the image files with the error:

"the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable".

The hard disk is new, and i tried also with more 2 hard disks, and also with an external cd-rom drive.

I talked with the support from the local repair assistance, and they told me this occurs because the new hard drive ins't compatible with the recovery media?!

One of the new hard disks i tried, was the exact same model than the original hard disk, and the error still occurs, so the hard disk can't be the problem.

Is there any change of the recovery media is corrupted?

Could also be a motherboard problem?

Thank you

Answer:Satellite Pro C660-239 - Error restoring from recovery media

> Is there any change of the recovery media is corrupted?
Of course this is possible.
In case the HDD is OK, the recovery media could be corrupted.

>Could also be a motherboard problem?
I don?t think so?. I presume the HDD is recognized in BIOS properly and the error message says something about corrupted directory. I guess the disk directory is meaning and I think media should be replaced.

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I cannot create a recovery disc using Toshiba image. DVDs are rejected as blank when they are empty. DVD R/W burns OK with Microsoft and Nero software. How do I get a fix for this problem? TIA garrym

Answer:Re: Satellite C660-10T Problem creating recovery disc

Toshiba recovery disc can be created with preinstalled ?Toshiba recovery media creator tool? ONLY.
So I don?t understand why you use Microsoft and Nero software.

Have you checked User?s manuals document and chapter about recovery media creation?

For recovery DVD creation I recommend you to use DVD-R empty medias only.

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I'm trying to create Recovery Disks using Toshiba's Recovery Media Centre for my new Satellite Pro C660-111. However, I've tried three times now and it gets about a third the way through the first of two disks and comes up with the following error:

E:\Boot\bcd missing
(Error Code 020123-F1-00000000)

Help please! What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks

Answer:Satellite Pro C660-111 - Error when creating recovery DVDs


What kind of blank DVDs you are using for creating Toshiba recovery disk?

Maybe the error is related to the disk? I have used Verbatim DVD-R mediums and had no problems to create the disks.

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on the laptop TOSHIBA C660, replaced the hard drive and, as a fact, the OS flew down (Windows 7 SP1 HB x 64).
Installed not licensed, there was no way out, on the Microsoft website, to download the image, the key from the laptop is not suitable.

Not a licensed image, there was no desire to put, the assembly is an assembly, naturally installed such an operating system behaved badly, buggy.

Done, and now the laptop does not work.
In the service center installation of OS and drivers costs 3500 rbl.

Offensively. So I'm looking for help on the forum.

Please, kindly request help. Thank you.

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Hi, I have an Acer Aspire 5542G with W7 on, which I want to restore back to factory settings.
Because of a virus infection someone put another version of W7 on for me a while ago, but I am having some problems with it and wish to restore back to Acer factory settings.
I have 3 recovery discs which I created when I got the laptop, but when I try to recover I have had a message saying "fail to format disk 0 partition 2" [I think it also gave the same message for partition 1].
Something seems to have created a 'system reserved G' of 100mb. This has just appeared under 'computer' alongside local disc C.
Can anyone help please?
Jan :cry

Answer:unable to restore back to factory settings from recovery discs

When you insert the recovery discs, do you get the option of reformatting/deleting partitions of the hard disk drive?

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Hi folks - I've just had a frustrating moment trying to make a Recovery Media set on my new T450.  I followed the prompts using Lenovo's "Factory Recovery Discs" program.  When prompted, I inserted a USB drive, expecting the program to tell me at some point what capacity was needed, but it never did.  So after only one or two quick optionless prompts, it began creating the media on the USB.  Quickly it stopped, and gave a message saying that the capacity of the drive was insufficient (while still not saying what size was necessary), and gave me only one option:  Delete Recovery Partition and restore drive to normal functionality - or something very close to that wording.  So I clicked OK, assuming it was referring to the USB drive - because why would a user want to delete the factory Recovery Partition at this point?  But that's exactly what it did.So now I have no Recovery Partition (formerly the Q: drive), and I can't tell if that space is still allocated (but unavailable to me), but I suspect that's the case.  I've attached below, a screenshot of what I see in Drive Management now.I'm frustrated that with one click on a poorly-worded message, in the process of creating Recovery Media, I was given the option (and only the option), to delete the Recovery Partition itself!  Mind-smoking. Any options for restoring that data, short of sending my new PC back to Newegg or Lenovo?  I suspect it's only logically deleted, (if I ... Read more

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hp 241 g1 laptop given by rajasthan govt., india to schooler students !My son  received these laptop with pre installed genuine win 8.1 with ms office 2013 & other educational software.but we received these laptop with already removed recovery partition !!so i can't able to create recovery disk !! for this issue i contact hp support care number. but they say they have not any recovery media !!How to solved this issue ? how to make recovery disk myself if recovery partition removed? my mobile no. is : 9460410231 email : [email protected]

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This doesn't seem right.. I used Thinkvantage tools to make recovery discs.  Also in this tool was the option to recover the space of the recovery partition and add it to the overall C-drive space.  Unfortunately, now that I've made (and boot-tested) the recovery discs, I can't get back into the recovery disc tool to make use of the partition.  Is there any other way to run the recovery partition removal tool, or will I have to do it manually?  


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Answer:Option to delete recovery partition is lost after recover discs are made.

what os are you using in win. 7 you can do it with disk management

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Please can anyone help. I tried using my recovery disks to restore my notebook when it kept failing to start properly. The disks did not work so I purchased a set of disc from Toshiba on this website. I still have the same problem.

Is it the hard drive failing or something else?

If I purchase a new hard drive will the recovery disks work if the hard drive is not exactly the same as the one that came out?

Answer:Satellite C660 - recovery disk fails error 1117


Did you think about the HDD?
It could be a HDD malfunction that does not allow you to install the system.

I recommend checking the HDD for some possible issues.

There is a nice tool called Drive Fitness Test. You can use it for HDD check.
Google simply to get the software.

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Over a year ago i have changed to windows 10 (not aware that my laptop is not suitable for this)
It worked fine untill Microsoft started the Windows10 anniversary upgrade 1607.
each time this will result in unbootable system and in need of external recovery to window 10 version 1511.
blocking updates is not simple in Windows10.
I would like to revert to window 7.
The harddisk is error free and there are 4 partitons available:
Partition 1: System 399MB
Cannot use this to parttion install official windows7 from microsoft
Partition 2: Windows 232MB Primair
Partition 3: 786MB OEM reseverd
Partition 4: Data 232MB Primair

pressing 0 at startup does not reset to the original sw

Help appreciated,


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Strange problem. My Satellite C660D-1FM was doing a bunch of updates from Microsoft (hadn't done any updates for ages as it was used by my daughter and not connected to the internet) and after they had completed it rebooted and I got the Toshiba splash screen and then nothing. Holding F8 gives the same problem, tried holding the '0' key while powering on and that was the same. Connected an external monitor and it's the same. I can get into the BIOS and everything looks fine.

So, thinking the hard drive might be faulty I fitted another hard drive and fully installed Win7 from a Microsoft DVD (SP1 and all updates) and everything works. I then thought I'd try and restore the laptop to default factory settings using the Toshiba recovery DVD's which Id created. All worked fine during the install, all 3 DVD's installed and it went through the setup procedure, laptop got to the end when it wanted to reboot, rebooted and now back to the same error - Toshiba splash screen is ok but then it just goes blank. To convince myself I wasn't going mad I then re-installed Win7 from my Microsoft DVD and it installs fine, does all updates and has worked all day today with no issue.

Anyone any idea what's going on?

Answer:Satellite C660 - blank screen after recovery image instalation

Hmmm... something like this should not happen.
Do you use recovery discs for the first time?
Have you noticed the same result on both HDDs?

Problem is that there is no much to do about that and there is no way to change anything while recovery installation runs or later when windows setup is in progress.

Try to set BIOS to default settings and simply try to install recovery image again.

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Hi i have lost the recovery discs for my laptop toshiba SA50-112 model num = PSA50E-00E00T7H
Is there anywhere i can download the discs/files?

Answer:Need recovery discs for Satellite A50-112


unfortunately there is no download server where you can get the images. You have to contact an authorized service partner for the recovery disks.

To find the nearest one in your country you must visit the following link:


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Thinking of purchasing SATELLITE L70-B-119 laptop ffrom Argos - Does it come with backup recovery cds dvds regards - ARGOS DO NOT WANT TO OPEN THE BOX WITHOUT PURCHASE
Toshiba L70-B-119 Core i3 17 Inch 8GB 1TB Laptop

Answer:Satellite L70-B-119 and recovery discs

Toshiba offers notebook with preinstalled operating system but installations recovery discs are not a part of the package. Recovery image is saved on HDD and you must create bootable recovery media (DVD or USB) alone using preinstalled software.

Toshiba has designed small tool called Toshiba recovery media creator. This tool creates bootable recovery media that you can use for recovery image installation.

I cannot say for sure but I think that since 6 years Toshiba doesn't offer recovery installation disc with new products.

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Hi, I am new to this forum so please be patient.
I am looking for a set of recovery discs ( 2in all ) for this notebook laptop the No's are T#-R 02163000 and T#R-02163001
PMR40170EN1 2/1 PMR400170EN1 2/2

Answer:I am looking for Recovery discs for a Satellite A60-302

Welcome to our little community ;)

Because you?re a new here you don?t know some very useful options in this forum.
If you look above you will find the ?Advanced search?.
You can search for every theme. I think you will find many interesting postings.

So, but know back to your question? you can order every device from the ASP (service provider) in your country.
Also the recovery Cd?s

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This is my second attempt to recovery using the hidden image. The first attempt hung at an earlier point Loading Windows 7 ;( However on this attempt it has been over an hour on the "Setup is starting services" screen with a moving light under it.

Does anyone have any reasonable idea how much time this process takes? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite C660-1F1 Toshiba HDD Recovery "Setup is starting services" hang?

Powered off after 2 hours.

Seems that it could be BIOS version currently 1.2 needs upgrade to a more recent version so I'll have a look at that. Also possible issue with bootrec maybe.

I'll update later :)

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I spend some hours to try to create the recovery disks for my Laptop (Satellite C660-1DG)

It fails on the second DVD halfway. It just hangs. CTRL-ALT-DEL does not work anymore a cold boot is required to start the thing again.

I tried several DVD's but NOGO each time halfway the second DVD it hangs.

I really need to create these recovery DVD's because Im going to upgrade the laptop to run a Windows Server 2012 install for development purposes.

I thought this would take just a minimum amount of time but... of course...

Any thoughs on any way to get this stuff working?

Answer:Satellite C660-1DG - Toshiba Media Creator Recovery fails creating 2nd DVD

I burned just another disk and it was full of validation errors: hundreds.

So I connected my external DVD writer (NEC ND-3500AG) (firmware 2.1A) and took THE SAME DVD and burned it: presto: no problems: 0 validation errors

So I deduce that the internal DVD writer (TSSTcorp TS-L633C) (firmware TF20) is chunky.

I am still in warranty but... is it any use?

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Hi all,

I usually set my laptops back to factory settings after a few months. Usually runs faster and smoother and I store my music, videos all on external harddrive etc. Now iI made a copy of the recovery cd's theres 2 but I dont know how to use them to reboot to factory settings.

Any help much appreciated.
PS: It's Windows Vista

Please help

Answer:Satellite U400-15B - How to use recovery discs?


The using of Toshiba recovery disk is very easy! If you have created the disk you have only to boot from the first one. Therefore go in the BIOS boot menu and select the CD/DVD drive where you have entered the disk before.

The computer will now try to boot from Toshiba recovery disk and installs factory settings back. Only few clicks are necessary and you have to wait some minutes where you can drink a coffee for example. ;)

The disk contains an image of factory settings and that means it wipes the whole HDD and creates the partitions again. All drivers and tools will be installed automatically and your computer is ready to use again!

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How do I install my recovery discs?
What is the proper process?

Answer:How to use recovery discs with my Satellite A200-AH6?

Operating system installation with recovery CD/DVD is very simply. Do the follow:
-Start your notebook and press F12 several times
-When the boot menu is shown put recovery media into optical disc drive
-In the menu choose CD/DVD drive and press ENTER
-Just follow the menu on the screen

If you have more questions please let us know.

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I lost my recovery disc for my Toshiba A75-S112 laptop, with serial number 45236406K.
I am having the hardest time trying to obtain a new copy. I have contacted the authorized service centres in my area but they have been of no help, as they claim they do not and cannot have or sell the recovery discs.

Yet, they can recover my machine for me. I can recover my machine on my own, I just need the disc. I contacted Toshiba support by telephone and was given a case number to help me in my search to obtain the recovery disc, but I was not told what to do or where to go with the case number. The case number is 1-788-803-502.

I would appreciate any help on my current situation.

Answer:Where to get recovery discs for Satellite A75-S112

This is very strange because every Toshiba authorized service provider should be able to order the Recovery CDs.
The notebook Satellite A75-S112 was designed for the US market.
Maybe this is a reason why the ASP cannot obtain this recovery CD for you.

Here is a link to all global Toshiba ASP

I don?t know if it?s possible but maybe you will have to contact an ASP in USA to obtain the compatible Recovery CD!

At the other hand if you have an original Microsoft Windows CD then you could install the OS from this CD and then you could download and install the Toshiba drivers from the Toshiba US page.


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Hi all,

I just bought a L500 and I realised that my system is 64bit but the recovery disc that came with it is 32bit.
Does it make any differece at all? Should I contact Toshiba to get a 64bit recovery disc or is there any way I can create a recovery disc?


Vini Cruz.

Answer:Satellite L500 and recovery discs

Hey Vini Cruz,

I have checked the specifications from some Satellite L500 models on the Toshiba website and it seems that some are equipped with 32bit recovery disk and the preinstalled OS is 64bit.

If you want a 64bit recovery disk you have to create it by yourself using Toshiba recovery disk creator. It creates an image of factory settings from 64bit OS that is the same as 32bit but only 64bit ;)

For further informations check also the user manual chapter 3.

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yeah i was just seeing if you could make a recovery disk from the recovery partition? it wouldnt make sense to why u couldnt do it?? but how to go about it??

Answer:Could you make a Recovery Disc from Recovery Partition?

You would do that by creating an image. Then burn it to a cd.

Do you mean a XP recovery Console cd? or a whole system image?

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Just bought a new acer comp. How would I make a recovery back up disk?

Answer:how to make a make a recovery back up

if you have windows 8.1 installed, just press windows key logo + s keys, then type acer erecovery, double click on acer erecovery and follow on screen instructions.

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I'm having some issues making the Recovery Disc (see ), but as the main file burned to the discs is a 1+ GB *".exe"* one, I am starting to wonder if the discs are really expected to be bootable... after all you'd +usually+ require a windows envionment to execute such a file.

Or maybe the files required to "run" that .exe are supposed to be in the bootable part of the disc?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Are Recovery Discs bootable? - Satellite A300


I don?t know how you have burned the Recovery disk but you should use definitely the Toshiba Recovery disk creator tool.
This tool burns the Toshiba image and creates the bootable recovery disk.

And yes, the recovery disk is bootable and if you want to start the recovery procedure you have to boot from it.


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Please contact me asap. looking for both recovery disc asap

Answer:Satellite A200-AH6 - recovery discs needed

Are you in Canada?

I think you can order Recovery Discs from the Canada website at

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Hi All

Can anyone advise me how to obtain the recovery disks, it would appear when i bought my laptop it said make recovery disks which i did but it only made 2 and is now asking for a third disk.............

it came with win 8 installed and not sure if that is cause of the crash

Satellite L870-18T

Thanks in advance


Answer:Satellite L870 asks for 3rd recovery discs - don't have one

Have you tried to create recovery discs again?

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Hi all

I have a Toshiba L500 -128, the original 320gb hard drive is simply too small and i would like to avoid buying an external hard drive (for any other purpose than backing up) because in my experience they are just rubbish and i want all my data on the laptop.

I wanted to buy a new 1 (possibly 2) tb hard drive to put in it, which i assume it is equipped to deal with, (please anyone correct me if they know otherwise) along with another 4GB ram....

Anyway what i'm really wondering is whether or not i can get away with using my recovery discs on the new hard drive.
If they did it the old fashioned way (sending a OS disc and a drivers disc) i wouldn't even question it but as i created the discs from the computer itself, i wasn't too sure as when i opened the discs up to make sure everything had burnt on to them ok, i didn't see anything like what i was expecting to.

Also i read somewhere that someone else tried this and it didn't work, they assumed because the recovery included an image specifically to fit the original sized Hard drive?

Can anyone shed some light at all please?


Answer:Satellite L500 -128 Using recovery discs on new (bigger) HDD


First of all you should create the Toshiba Recovery disk using the preinstalled tool called Toshiba Recovery disk creator.
Usually you should receive an confirmation message that the recovery has been created successfully.
This would mean that you could use this disk to set the notebook back to factory settings not matter what HDD is in use.
This means that Recovery disk should work with other HDDs.

But note; the usage of such recovery disk would format the HDD and delete everything from HDD partitions. But this should not bother you if you use new, empty HDD ;)

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I have an oldish Notebook / Laptop which I need to do a recovery on.
However during the move into my new house I seem to have lost 1 of the 2 CD's that was provided when I bought this.

The laptop is pretty much sat doing nothing at the moment as I need to do this recovery, so need the discs ASAP.

If anyone could help, that would be great.
The full code is Sat A20-S103D.


Answer:Satellite A20-S103D - How can I order Recovery Discs?

Hi dude

Looks like this question can be found in the ?Top ten? of most asked questions here in the forum.

Every thread reagarding this question said:
You can order the Recovery CD from the ASP in your country.

Therefore I would recommend contacting the local ASP (authorized service provider) too and to order the need CD.

Best regards

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Good morning,

I decided to Format my Notebook on the other day, however i found only two of my Recovery Discs. Is there any possible way to get third discs for free, or do I have to buy all three discs?

Thank you in advance,

Krzysztof Cioch

Answer:I've Lost one of Recovery Discs for my Satellite L550-1C9

As far as I know you cannot order just one missing DVD. All you can do is to order original recovery disc on

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