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How to reformat Satellite Pro C660-21F without recovery discs?

Question: How to reformat Satellite Pro C660-21F without recovery discs?

I have a trojan on my Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-21f, i no longer have the discs available to reformat the laptop.

Is there any way i can do it without?

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Preferred Solution: How to reformat Satellite Pro C660-21F without recovery discs?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: How to reformat Satellite Pro C660-21F without recovery discs?

Can you install recovery image using HDD recovery installation (F8 at start-up)?

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Hi all

Just a query
My GF turned on her laptop Satellite C660 series and it would not boot up, we tried to initiate the recovery sequence from the recovery partition but kept getting the error that was on boot up (the error was telling us a USB device had been unplugged).

As you probably guessed she never made the back-up discs when prompted, all I could think of was using a win 7 disc and reload that way then try and make the recovery discs after (I didn't activate)
so win 7 was installed nicely and all drivers sourced that was all last week.
Now for the crunch , the recovery partition is there can I now make the recovery discs and install from those , the win 7 I installed will soon require activation
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite C660 - recovery partition is there but can I make back up discs?

After own OS installation you cannot create recovery disc anymore and you can not install recovery image using HDD recovery option (F8 at start-up).

Best thing you can do now is to order original disc from Toshiba and use it for recovery image installation. It is definitely easiest way to have ?factory settings? again.
You can order it on

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Hi all

My C660 is just over a year old & slowing down etc, I thought Id reformat it with the 4 recovery discs I made when I first got it, problem is, for a while now the cd/dvd player doesnt start as soon as a disc is inserted & I have to open it manually. Anyway I put the first recovery disc in & as usual nothing happened, I went to "My Computer" & opened it from there thinking it would start doing what its supposed to, it did nothing but open up & display what is on the disc :-(

How do I get it to run so I can go through the other 4 discs & make my lappie like new again????

Answer:How to reformat Satellite C660?

Start your notebook and press F12 to enter boot menu.
When the boot menu is shown on the screen open optical disc drive and put first disc inside.
Choose CD/DVD drive on teh list and press ENTER button.

ODD will start to read data saved on the disc and recovery installation should start. It starts with main menu.

How it looks like you can see on
Just follow the menu and continue with installation.

If you have more questions you are welcome.

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Satellite C660-1U4 / Part Number : PSC1LE

Try to write to blank disc message I receive is "insert blank disk". if I insert a disk that I know has files on message I get back is "Blank Disk"

Answer:Satellite C660-1U4 wont burn blank DVD discs

Which application do you use for burning DVDs?

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Hi i am having a few troubles with my laptop and would like to completely reset it but i have no recovery discs or windows to use.
any help would be awesome thanks.

Answer:need to reformat but have no recovery discs please help.

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I don't have any XP recovery discs, I was told the newer versions don't come with them. I'm having a lot of problems and would just like to start from scratch. Could anyone help?

Don't know if this has any relevance, hopefully this isn't a crucial mistake, but I hit format on the D: by accident, which is the HP_RECOVERY drive, and had about 5gb of files that came with the computer stored in it.

I also tried a system restore, but get: "System Restore is not able to protect your computer. Please restart your computer, and then run System Restore again." So I restart, get the same message..

Is there any way I can either restore that, or just reformat the C: to the way it was when I bought it?

Thanks guys.

Answer:How to Reformat XP (No Recovery Discs)

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Hi thanks for looking.
I hope you are able to help with this situation.

A few days ago I was running Windows XP home SP2 on my one year old laptop. It got slow and I wanted to reformat with the discs. I followed the procedures and got this error message:

STOP: c0000218 {registry file failure}
The registry cannot load the hive (file):
Or its log or alternate
It is corrupt, absent or not writeable.

I then managed to get hold of a Windows XP Pro SP2. I installed that no problem. But I really want to be able to use the recovery discs as they have all the drivers and software etc etc that I want.

I hope you can be of assistence! THANKS!

Answer:Cant reformat with recovery discs! PLEASE HELP!

The recovery discs could be bad. Can you order new ones? I had an Emachines with a recovery DVD that went bad and I had to order a new one for like $20

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I'm having a recurring problem with my y460 that comes back eventually every time I reformat where the computer occasionally becomes unresponsive until it won't run properly at all and hangs at the Windows boot logo. Then I have to use the recovery discs I made to make it usable. Is it possible that they aren't  wiping the virus(or whatever it is) out completely? Do I need to actually reformat my drive to clean it completely? Or maybe my computer was infected when I made the discs? The only other things I can imagine causing this problem are some kind of hardware issue or another computer on my network being infected and spreading it to my computer (unlikely because none of them have the symptoms.) I didn't connect any external drives or visit any sites I don't trust before the problem came up again. 

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Had to use Recovery disc recently only to discover, too late, that I had lost the two media creator discs to completer the reboot.

Can't find them on the basic home page - help!

Answer:Satellite C650 - Cannot find recovery discs to perform full recovery

Recovery disk cannot be downloaded.
You can order it for a small fee.

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i need a recovery DVD for Satellite C660-2FF. HDD crashed.
Win 7 product key is available.
Who can help? maybe .iso download?


Answer:Need recovery DVD for Satellite C660-2FF

Recovery image cannot be downloaded and if you need original recovery disc you can order it on

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Apologies if this is the wrong subforum:

Being the idiot I am, I changed my WIndows Login password and since I use very long passwords, I have no idea what I changed it to. Guessing is out of the question.

So I powered on my laptop while holding the 0 key, which brought me to the Windows Boot Manager screen. I pressed F8 on Windows 7 for advanced options and opted for 'Recovery Mode' as I have used this in the past to install the OS from scratch.

It asks me to select a keyboard layout and then enter my username and password to procede with HDD Recovery. It is this lack of password which is the reason for recovery.

Any advice on what I can do?


Answer:HDD Recovery Issue on C660 Satellite

>It asks me to select a keyboard layout and then enter my username and password to procede with HDD Recovery. It is this lack of password which is the reason for recovery.
On this step you must enter your Windows login name and login password. Without right password you will not be able to start HDD recovery installation.

There is second option to install recovery image. You can do it now using recovery DVD. Have you created it using preinstalled Toshiba recovery disc creator?

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Hi there,

I'm hoping someone can help me or knows what to do. I have Satellite C660-15r it was turned off properly but when put back on it came up with start windows normally as if it has been interrupted, I clicked ok to that but instead of loading it has gone to do some sort of recovery only it hasn't been able to complete this and instead has said there is nothing to recover.

It is know stuck at this and will not go any further says to get system admin to log in however its not allowing to log in or do anything apart from shut down and restart, I have been trying to factory reset but it will not work at all I have tried many attempts with 0 and other options i have been told this doesn't work but I can get up f2 and f8 on load up all that works ok but I cannot find any option to be able to factory reset. it gives me options to recover but they take me to the same screen with no improvements and safe mode will not work.

I hope someone can help me I will be so grateful.

Thank you in advance.

Shell :)

Answer:Satellite C660-15r stucks and no recovery possible

At first I must say that recovery option is available if notebook has ?factory settings?. After reading your posting I don?t know if you still use original OS installation that you got with your notebook or maybe OS preinstalled on your own.

I presume you didn't create recovery media (DVD) using preinstalled Toshiba recovery media creator, right?
In your situation usage of recovery disc could be easiest way to fix this and install original recovery image.

Can you please post exact notebook model?

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I need some help for my sons laptop which is the Satellite Pro C660-1LR.

The hard drive in this laptop completely died, i did not create a recovery disc for this laptops system.
I have purchased a new hard drive which is installed..however as you have guessed i have no access to reinstalling a OS, this laptop runs on windows 7.

I am not really tech savvy so if anyone can advise me please make explain in idiot proof format!! I am trying to avoid having to purchase anything to costly.

Answer:Satellite Pro C660-1LR - New HDD but no recovery disc

> I am trying to avoid having to purchase anything to costly.
Problem is that you don't have many options about that.
If you want to have ?factory settings? again you need recovery installation disc. You can order it on Of course it is not for free but, in my opinion, definitely the best solution.

You can buy Microsoft installation disc and install own version. You must buy valid licence for it.
In this case you must install all necessary drivers, tools and utilities additionally one by one.

Just in case that you can get this Microsoft installation and licence for free you can save some money.

Believe me the best solution is original recovery disc order.

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I need to file HDD Recovery how obtained

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Answer:Re: I need recovery file for Satellite C660-2FF

All you can do is to order new recovery disc.

You can do this on

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I ordered a set of 2 Toshiba recovery CD's and received them yesterday in order to fix this laptop from a Windows breakdown...


The problem arising at start up is that Windows 7 isn't starting up plus that the hard disk doesn't show in the BIOS (the DVD-drive does) and after the boot sequence the following message comes up: ?Reboot and select proper boot device or insert root media in selected boot device? Someone suggested the drive is broken or the cables to the same detached or lose.

The owner says, that the error first appeared after McAfee offered to "remove 15 errors found on the disk". The laptop has never been opened.

When running the recovery CD 1 the boot sequence starts the recovery but initially shows two pop-ups that indicate that the hard disk cannot be found.

First error message - ERROR: IOCTL_DISK_GET_LENGTH_INFO \\. \PHYSICALDRIVE0 The device is not ready.

Second error message says something like - There is no access to disk #0 or the RAID configuration isn't correct!

After accepting both messages the prompt hands out the error that also appears in this thread...


...and stops at this line...

X:\ windows\ system32 >

...reporting that the recovery failed.

I have fooled around with the advices in this thread...

[ Read more

Answer:Recovery CD's do not recover Satellite C660-1WN

(...continued from first post...)

Left to be said is that I also - before I ordered the recovery CDs - ran the second diagnostic DOS tool in the first table to check the disk and got the following report...

- HDD power cable is not properly attached to the HDD

- HDD interface cable is not properly attached to the HDD

- HDD master-slave setting is incorrect

...and equally that no disk could be detected.

My question is now..., what is wrong here? Is it the physical disk that might be the problem? Is it the software? MBR? Can the latter be restored by some command in the prompt? If, then how? Would it be easier to erase the whole disk and then use the recovery CDs? Or won't this work since the recovery CDs can only work with the recovery information on the disk (I assume that this information is only physically on the disk not on the recovery CDs, isn't this correctly understood)?

I am looking forward to any input and help. Thanks in advance.

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Hi there,

Sorry to bother you but I need some help if possible.
I am trying to restore my laptop to factory settings and I am pressing f8.
However I get all the system recovery options but no Toshiba hdd recovery option.

What am I doing wrong?

Answer:Satellite Pro C660-1nq - cant access HDD recovery

>What am I doing wrong?

After pressing F8 button, choose Repair my Computer and in the new menu you could choose HDD recovery as described here:
[How to recover a Toshiba notebook with the HDD recovery procedure|]

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I removed the operating system from the C drive in my laptop and now i want to use the HDD recovery to re-install the recovery again
Can I know the right way to make this!!

Answer:Satellite C660-172 and HDD recovery installation

I don't know how you have removed OS from partition C and what have you done exactly and I?m a little bit sceptic this will work but you can try it anyway.

Do it as described in follow document -

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Hi everyone !
I have Toshiba Sattelite C660-1J9 laptop, and it's been working fine - until a day my HDD died. Now it's producing some weird sounds on startup, and no HDD visible in BIOS. It's not a problem for me to buy new HDD and replace it, but I'd like to restore licensed Windows I had with laptop - so I need to place recovery partition on new HDD somehow. Is it possible and where I can find this recovery partition image ?
Thanks in advance !

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Is it legal to use another laptop to create a recovery DVD and use it on the another laptop of the same model.
Satellite C660 1J2

Answer:Satellite C660-1J2 - can i use the recovery disk on another notebook


Purchasing an Toshiba notebook with an preinstalled Windows 7 system, you have reached automatically one Win 7 license.
So you can use this Win 7 on one notebook.

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I require the recovery media for a Saellite C660 1F1. If any one would know where I could download or purchase this I would be very great full.


Answer:Satellite C660-1F1: Where can i purchase the Recovery Media


Almost all threads in the ?Toshiba Product Recovery forum? contains this link to the page where you can order a recover disk for a Toshiba European notebook series ;)

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I have ordered the recovery media for my Daughters laptop. Does any one know if this returns it to factory settings including pre installed software and drivers as the e-mail just says Windows 7.


Answer:Satellite C660 - question about recovery media

> Does any one know if this returns it to factory settings including pre installed software and drivers
Yes. After recovery image installation notebook will have original ?factory settings? as on first start after purchase.

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A month ago I purchased a Toshiba C660-1FE. After three weeks my HD broke down. I bought a new HD from Western Digital and replaced the broken HD. As I did not make an recovery image of my HD, I had to order the Product recovery discs off the Toshiba website (3 discs, of which disc 1 and 3 were the only one's required for installation).

Now, I have the problem that my laptop keyboard does not work. I am currently using a USB keyboard and mouse to replace my keyboard and touchpad of the laptop.

The laptop keyboard works fine in BIOS. Therefore, I hope it's just a driver problem.

I have:

tried finding and installing lots of drivers on from the toshiba website, no result.
tried changing settings in the bios (usb enable/disable).
tried to fix the problem by re-installing the entire computer again several times.

The keyboard seems to work until windows loads. When the system is starting up I can press caps lock and num lock and the green lights come on. This all stops working once the windows startup symbol appears.

Perhaps a second problem in the device manager: under the display-adapter, 2 subcategories have exclamation marks: it says Mobile Intel(R) 4 series express chipset family twice! I can't seems to fix these with any drivers I can find either. When I check the settings I have this message (google translate since it was in dutch):

+The digital signature for the drivers for this device is required, can not be verified. Possible after a rec... Read more

Answer:After Recovery with CD Satellite C660-1FE keyboard does NOT work


Keyboard works in BIOS? this means that the keyboard hardware should be ok and the connection between the motherboard and keyboard is established.

So what could be wrong? Keyboard driver?
Hmm? the keyboard driver is a part of the Windows OS and is installed automatically while OS installation?
I would recommend following:
Go to device manager and extract the point Keyboard.
There you should see something like ?standard PS/2 keyboard?
If you will see a red cross near this device, then this means that the keyboard is disabled.
Usually you should be able to enable this again (in device manager).
If there is no red cross, then I recommend deleting this keyboard from the device manager list?then reboot the notebook. Usually the OS should recognize the removed device automatically and should install the driver too.

Check this.

By the way: it could be possible that you have received a wrong Recovery disk? this could explain the issues after the recover procedure?

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I have tried to restore a Satellite C660 to factory settings due to it be extremely slow to start up.

Using the Toshiba original recovery discs the process gets partway through and then gives the following messages...

Error restoring image
The device is not ready

ERROR: ImageX could not apply Win7 V:\HDDRecovery\SWImg\15489XSP.swm Index 2 from HDD to C:!

Can anybody advise?!

Answer:Cannot install recovery image on Satellite C660

Unfortunately there is no some ?workaround? to force recovery image installation to run properly.
All you can do at the moment is to set BIOS to default settings and try to use recovery disc again.
Be sure disc is clean.

Do you use recovery discs for the first time?

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is there a way to make the recovery disks install win7 x32 instead of x64 (Satellite Pro C660-2JR)

Answer:Recovery disks creation for Satellite Pro C660-2JR

If your notebook was delivered with 64bit version you can create recovery disc for this preinstalled version only. With other words, recovery image saved on recovery partition will be saved on empty DVD disc. Nothing more than that.

If you want to use 32bit OS you must check if your notebook model is supported for it and install own version.

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Hi folks,

Posting this question for my neighbour as he now has no internet access as laptop not working - Satellite C660 running Win7.

When powering up he gets the Toshiba screen then a blank screen with cursor at the top left flashing.

Tried to boot from Win7 DVD (Pressed F12 to get to boot options & changed to DVD), can hear the drive trying to access the dvd but then get the message 'failed'. Win7 DVD works in both my laptop and desktop pc's.

Any ideas.

Thank you


Answer:Satellite C660 Won't boot from HDD or recovery disks

> When powering up he gets the Toshiba screen then a blank screen with cursor at the top left flashing.

Possibly the HDD is dead.
You ca try to power up the unit and press F2
Now you should be able to access the BIOS.

If the HDD isn?t listed on the first BIOS page, then this means that HDD isn?t recognized by BIOS and this means that HDD is faulty.

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I have the Toshiba Satellite C660-10D and did not copy the recovery ye had problems with the recovery partition and I lost.

What I can do?

Answer:Satellite C660-10D problems with the recovery partition

You can order a new Recovery disks here:

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Ran the recovery option on a C660 laptop from the hidden HD to set it back to the factory built but the re-install failed to complete correctly, now the hard drive as also failed
I can't find the recovery media to rebuild onto a new HD so are the recovery media still available to order as all the links I have found are broken on the Toshiba site

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I bought a couple of days a go a new Satellite C660-121. Today I proceeded to make the recovery discs but it fails verifying the first DVD disc.
The error I get is this

E:\ is the name of the DVD drive. I use Verbatim DVD-R media, I have the laptop on power supply during the burning process and I tried twice with two different discs and got the same result. How can I fix this problem?

Answer:Satellite C660-121 can't verify the recovery disc

Hello Voger

I have created numerous recovery DVD on several Toshiba notebooks and have never noticed something like this. I have used DVD-R discs only and brands were Verbatim or TDK.

Unfortunately I cannot give you answer what does this message means but you must try to repeat DVD creation. If possible try with TDK.
If the same happen again I recommend you to recovery your notebook using HDD recovery option and try to create recovery discs again.

Sorry but I don?t see any other possibility at the moment.

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on the laptop TOSHIBA C660, replaced the hard drive and, as a fact, the OS flew down (Windows 7 SP1 HB x 64).
Installed not licensed, there was no way out, on the Microsoft website, to download the image, the key from the laptop is not suitable.

Not a licensed image, there was no desire to put, the assembly is an assembly, naturally installed such an operating system behaved badly, buggy.

Done, and now the laptop does not work.
In the service center installation of OS and drivers costs 3500 rbl.

Offensively. So I'm looking for help on the forum.

Please, kindly request help. Thank you.

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i have made the 2 toshiba recocery media disks
i had a virus on my laptop so i i placed the disks in my laptop

i did the following:
- placed disk in laptop
- restarted it
- booted from dvd
- followed instructions
- then it got to copying 2 of 9
- then error: copy of splitpart or crcs failed

can anyone help?

Answer:Re: Satellite C660 - recovery media error - CRC failed

I?m afraid there is no help. Something must be wrong with recovery DVD.
Do you use it for the first time?

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Hello all,

I have a Toshiba Satellite C660. I am trying to restore the laptop to the initial condition by the simple HDD Recovery. I have lost my old recovery disks. After completing first few initial steps, it goes to 'finishing installation' page and then gives an error message. After clicking to the dialog box 'ok' it resumes as 'Finishing installation' again. And now it has been almost 2 hours. It is still there. No improvement. What should I do ?

If I turn off the computer will my windows be completely destroyed?

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I cannot create a recovery disc using Toshiba image. DVDs are rejected as blank when they are empty. DVD R/W burns OK with Microsoft and Nero software. How do I get a fix for this problem? TIA garrym

Answer:Re: Satellite C660-10T Problem creating recovery disc

Toshiba recovery disc can be created with preinstalled ?Toshiba recovery media creator tool? ONLY.
So I don?t understand why you use Microsoft and Nero software.

Have you checked User?s manuals document and chapter about recovery media creation?

For recovery DVD creation I recommend you to use DVD-R empty medias only.

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I have a laptop from a client, that is a Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-239, and i'm having a strange issue.

The original hard disk failed, and as the laptop is out of warranty, we bought a new hard disk, and ordered the recovery media to this model, from our local toshiba repair assistance.

After the setup copied the files to the disk, the imageX fails when restoring the image files with the error:

"the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable".

The hard disk is new, and i tried also with more 2 hard disks, and also with an external cd-rom drive.

I talked with the support from the local repair assistance, and they told me this occurs because the new hard drive ins't compatible with the recovery media?!

One of the new hard disks i tried, was the exact same model than the original hard disk, and the error still occurs, so the hard disk can't be the problem.

Is there any change of the recovery media is corrupted?

Could also be a motherboard problem?

Thank you

Answer:Satellite Pro C660-239 - Error restoring from recovery media

> Is there any change of the recovery media is corrupted?
Of course this is possible.
In case the HDD is OK, the recovery media could be corrupted.

>Could also be a motherboard problem?
I don?t think so?. I presume the HDD is recognized in BIOS properly and the error message says something about corrupted directory. I guess the disk directory is meaning and I think media should be replaced.

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I'm trying to create Recovery Disks using Toshiba's Recovery Media Centre for my new Satellite Pro C660-111. However, I've tried three times now and it gets about a third the way through the first of two disks and comes up with the following error:

E:\Boot\bcd missing
(Error Code 020123-F1-00000000)

Help please! What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks

Answer:Satellite Pro C660-111 - Error when creating recovery DVDs


What kind of blank DVDs you are using for creating Toshiba recovery disk?

Maybe the error is related to the disk? I have used Verbatim DVD-R mediums and had no problems to create the disks.

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I have a brand-new Satellite Pro C660. It worked fine for a day, now it won't load windows. I didn't get around to creating the recovery disks as I've only had it a few hours (yes, yes, I know, should have been the first thing I did). All the data is present (but backed up to USB just in case) and I can see the HDDREcovery folder with all data intact. However, I can't run the app to create recovery disks. Does anyone know how to extract the images and create the media using only the command prompt? (I can get into command prompt by booting from a friend's Win 7 disk). All boot options from the laptop's own drives fail. It says "Windows Failed to Load", and I try Startup Repair but it doesn't find any errors. Any help/thoughts on this will be much appreciated!

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro C660 - How to make recovery disk with command prompt?


It?s not possible to create recovery disk with command prompt. You have to use the Toshiba recovery media creator on Windows.

Now it?s too late for you but you can order such a disk here:

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So is the data on D safe if I use recovery?


Answer:Re: Satellite C660/C660D will using recovery erase data on D partition?


From my knowledge using Recovery Disk would format the whole HDD and all partitions would be created again during this process.
This means that your data on D partition is not safe.

But from my experience the usage of HDD recover would format only the system (C) partition? not quite sure if this applies to all the Toshiba notebooks so possibly you should test this first time? in such case would recommend backup the data in case D partition would be erased.

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Please can anyone help. I tried using my recovery disks to restore my notebook when it kept failing to start properly. The disks did not work so I purchased a set of disc from Toshiba on this website. I still have the same problem.

Is it the hard drive failing or something else?

If I purchase a new hard drive will the recovery disks work if the hard drive is not exactly the same as the one that came out?

Answer:Satellite C660 - recovery disk fails error 1117


Did you think about the HDD?
It could be a HDD malfunction that does not allow you to install the system.

I recommend checking the HDD for some possible issues.

There is a nice tool called Drive Fitness Test. You can use it for HDD check.
Google simply to get the software.

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Strange problem. My Satellite C660D-1FM was doing a bunch of updates from Microsoft (hadn't done any updates for ages as it was used by my daughter and not connected to the internet) and after they had completed it rebooted and I got the Toshiba splash screen and then nothing. Holding F8 gives the same problem, tried holding the '0' key while powering on and that was the same. Connected an external monitor and it's the same. I can get into the BIOS and everything looks fine.

So, thinking the hard drive might be faulty I fitted another hard drive and fully installed Win7 from a Microsoft DVD (SP1 and all updates) and everything works. I then thought I'd try and restore the laptop to default factory settings using the Toshiba recovery DVD's which Id created. All worked fine during the install, all 3 DVD's installed and it went through the setup procedure, laptop got to the end when it wanted to reboot, rebooted and now back to the same error - Toshiba splash screen is ok but then it just goes blank. To convince myself I wasn't going mad I then re-installed Win7 from my Microsoft DVD and it installs fine, does all updates and has worked all day today with no issue.

Anyone any idea what's going on?

Answer:Satellite C660 - blank screen after recovery image instalation

Hmmm... something like this should not happen.
Do you use recovery discs for the first time?
Have you noticed the same result on both HDDs?

Problem is that there is no much to do about that and there is no way to change anything while recovery installation runs or later when windows setup is in progress.

Try to set BIOS to default settings and simply try to install recovery image again.

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1st time forum poster so be gentle please!

My mum has just brought a Toshiba laptop and it's pretty decent to be fair. Taking a quick look at it though i noticed the recovery partition (that comes with most laptops now) is labelled "D:/Data and is 232GB in size. Seems a bit on the large side for me and wondering if it is incorrect?

Have got a screenshot and if someone could confirm either way i'd be most grateful. Can i attach screenshots?

Thanks in advance


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Answer:Satellite C660-195 - recovery partition labelled "D:/Data" and seems large

Please see the screenshot -

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Over a year ago i have changed to windows 10 (not aware that my laptop is not suitable for this)
It worked fine untill Microsoft started the Windows10 anniversary upgrade 1607.
each time this will result in unbootable system and in need of external recovery to window 10 version 1511.
blocking updates is not simple in Windows10.
I would like to revert to window 7.
The harddisk is error free and there are 4 partitons available:
Partition 1: System 399MB
Cannot use this to parttion install official windows7 from microsoft
Partition 2: Windows 232MB Primair
Partition 3: 786MB OEM reseverd
Partition 4: Data 232MB Primair

pressing 0 at startup does not reset to the original sw

Help appreciated,


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Hi i have lost the recovery discs for my laptop toshiba SA50-112 model num = PSA50E-00E00T7H
Is there anywhere i can download the discs/files?

Answer:Need recovery discs for Satellite A50-112


unfortunately there is no download server where you can get the images. You have to contact an authorized service partner for the recovery disks.

To find the nearest one in your country you must visit the following link:


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Hi, I am new to this forum so please be patient.
I am looking for a set of recovery discs ( 2in all ) for this notebook laptop the No's are T#-R 02163000 and T#R-02163001
PMR40170EN1 2/1 PMR400170EN1 2/2

Answer:I am looking for Recovery discs for a Satellite A60-302

Welcome to our little community ;)

Because you?re a new here you don?t know some very useful options in this forum.
If you look above you will find the ?Advanced search?.
You can search for every theme. I think you will find many interesting postings.

So, but know back to your question? you can order every device from the ASP (service provider) in your country.
Also the recovery Cd?s

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Thinking of purchasing SATELLITE L70-B-119 laptop ffrom Argos - Does it come with backup recovery cds dvds regards - ARGOS DO NOT WANT TO OPEN THE BOX WITHOUT PURCHASE
Toshiba L70-B-119 Core i3 17 Inch 8GB 1TB Laptop

Answer:Satellite L70-B-119 and recovery discs

Toshiba offers notebook with preinstalled operating system but installations recovery discs are not a part of the package. Recovery image is saved on HDD and you must create bootable recovery media (DVD or USB) alone using preinstalled software.

Toshiba has designed small tool called Toshiba recovery media creator. This tool creates bootable recovery media that you can use for recovery image installation.

I cannot say for sure but I think that since 6 years Toshiba doesn't offer recovery installation disc with new products.

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This is my second attempt to recovery using the hidden image. The first attempt hung at an earlier point Loading Windows 7 ;( However on this attempt it has been over an hour on the "Setup is starting services" screen with a moving light under it.

Does anyone have any reasonable idea how much time this process takes? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite C660-1F1 Toshiba HDD Recovery "Setup is starting services" hang?

Powered off after 2 hours.

Seems that it could be BIOS version currently 1.2 needs upgrade to a more recent version so I'll have a look at that. Also possible issue with bootrec maybe.

I'll update later :)

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I spend some hours to try to create the recovery disks for my Laptop (Satellite C660-1DG)

It fails on the second DVD halfway. It just hangs. CTRL-ALT-DEL does not work anymore a cold boot is required to start the thing again.

I tried several DVD's but NOGO each time halfway the second DVD it hangs.

I really need to create these recovery DVD's because Im going to upgrade the laptop to run a Windows Server 2012 install for development purposes.

I thought this would take just a minimum amount of time but... of course...

Any thoughs on any way to get this stuff working?

Answer:Satellite C660-1DG - Toshiba Media Creator Recovery fails creating 2nd DVD

I burned just another disk and it was full of validation errors: hundreds.

So I connected my external DVD writer (NEC ND-3500AG) (firmware 2.1A) and took THE SAME DVD and burned it: presto: no problems: 0 validation errors

So I deduce that the internal DVD writer (TSSTcorp TS-L633C) (firmware TF20) is chunky.

I am still in warranty but... is it any use?

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I lost my recovery disc for my Toshiba A75-S112 laptop, with serial number 45236406K.
I am having the hardest time trying to obtain a new copy. I have contacted the authorized service centres in my area but they have been of no help, as they claim they do not and cannot have or sell the recovery discs.

Yet, they can recover my machine for me. I can recover my machine on my own, I just need the disc. I contacted Toshiba support by telephone and was given a case number to help me in my search to obtain the recovery disc, but I was not told what to do or where to go with the case number. The case number is 1-788-803-502.

I would appreciate any help on my current situation.

Answer:Where to get recovery discs for Satellite A75-S112

This is very strange because every Toshiba authorized service provider should be able to order the Recovery CDs.
The notebook Satellite A75-S112 was designed for the US market.
Maybe this is a reason why the ASP cannot obtain this recovery CD for you.

Here is a link to all global Toshiba ASP

I don?t know if it?s possible but maybe you will have to contact an ASP in USA to obtain the compatible Recovery CD!

At the other hand if you have an original Microsoft Windows CD then you could install the OS from this CD and then you could download and install the Toshiba drivers from the Toshiba US page.


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How do I install my recovery discs?
What is the proper process?

Answer:How to use recovery discs with my Satellite A200-AH6?

Operating system installation with recovery CD/DVD is very simply. Do the follow:
-Start your notebook and press F12 several times
-When the boot menu is shown put recovery media into optical disc drive
-In the menu choose CD/DVD drive and press ENTER
-Just follow the menu on the screen

If you have more questions please let us know.

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Hi all,

I just bought a L500 and I realised that my system is 64bit but the recovery disc that came with it is 32bit.
Does it make any differece at all? Should I contact Toshiba to get a 64bit recovery disc or is there any way I can create a recovery disc?


Vini Cruz.

Answer:Satellite L500 and recovery discs

Hey Vini Cruz,

I have checked the specifications from some Satellite L500 models on the Toshiba website and it seems that some are equipped with 32bit recovery disk and the preinstalled OS is 64bit.

If you want a 64bit recovery disk you have to create it by yourself using Toshiba recovery disk creator. It creates an image of factory settings from 64bit OS that is the same as 32bit but only 64bit ;)

For further informations check also the user manual chapter 3.

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Hi all,

I usually set my laptops back to factory settings after a few months. Usually runs faster and smoother and I store my music, videos all on external harddrive etc. Now iI made a copy of the recovery cd's theres 2 but I dont know how to use them to reboot to factory settings.

Any help much appreciated.
PS: It's Windows Vista

Please help

Answer:Satellite U400-15B - How to use recovery discs?


The using of Toshiba recovery disk is very easy! If you have created the disk you have only to boot from the first one. Therefore go in the BIOS boot menu and select the CD/DVD drive where you have entered the disk before.

The computer will now try to boot from Toshiba recovery disk and installs factory settings back. Only few clicks are necessary and you have to wait some minutes where you can drink a coffee for example. ;)

The disk contains an image of factory settings and that means it wipes the whole HDD and creates the partitions again. All drivers and tools will be installed automatically and your computer is ready to use again!

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I have a problem with Recovery Disc Creator. When it burns the 1st DVD disc an error occurs. It says "Unexpected error occured. Error code: 0E01B5-26-2A031000".
I have Toshiba Satellite A300-1NA.

All of the updates are installed, and generally the system is "clean". I suspect that this problem is caused by my DVD-RW drive (MAT****A UJ880AS) but I cannot find new firmware for it. Thanks in advance for any help.

Best regards

Answer:Re: Can't create recovery discs on Satellite A300-1NA


Firmware updates you can get on the Toshiba website but for your Satellite A300 with Mat****a drive I didn?t find one.

Have you tried DVD?s from different manufactures? I use always Verbatim disks and never had problems with it.
Check this!


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I need to clean the hard drive on my Sat Pro M35 as the machine is running way too slow now.
Have 700MB RAM but no good.

I have found my recovery disk but am concerned as it says 1/2 on it which implies its the first of 2 disks.
Is this the case?

I have the Tools and Utilities disk, is that considered disk 2?
Is there a way of getting past disk 2 or downloading it if it is the case that I dont have it?
Thanks to all who help


Answer:Need info about delivered recovery discs for Satellite Pro M35


As far as I know older Toshiba notebooks were delivered with the Toshiba recovery CD and with the Tools & Utilities CD.
Because of the large image size the image was installed on 2 Recovery CD?s
All CD?s are labeled and it should be easy to recognize the right CD!

It seems you have lost the first part of the Recovery CD?s and therefore I would recommend contacting the Toshiba authorized service partner in your country and to order the first Recovery CD!
It?s should be not expensive ;)

Good luck

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I'm having some issues making the Recovery Disc (see ), but as the main file burned to the discs is a 1+ GB *".exe"* one, I am starting to wonder if the discs are really expected to be bootable... after all you'd +usually+ require a windows envionment to execute such a file.

Or maybe the files required to "run" that .exe are supposed to be in the bootable part of the disc?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Are Recovery Discs bootable? - Satellite A300


I don?t know how you have burned the Recovery disk but you should use definitely the Toshiba Recovery disk creator tool.
This tool burns the Toshiba image and creates the bootable recovery disk.

And yes, the recovery disk is bootable and if you want to start the recovery procedure you have to boot from it.


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Good morning,

I decided to Format my Notebook on the other day, however i found only two of my Recovery Discs. Is there any possible way to get third discs for free, or do I have to buy all three discs?

Thank you in advance,

Krzysztof Cioch

Answer:I've Lost one of Recovery Discs for my Satellite L550-1C9

As far as I know you cannot order just one missing DVD. All you can do is to order original recovery disc on

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I have an oldish Notebook / Laptop which I need to do a recovery on.
However during the move into my new house I seem to have lost 1 of the 2 CD's that was provided when I bought this.

The laptop is pretty much sat doing nothing at the moment as I need to do this recovery, so need the discs ASAP.

If anyone could help, that would be great.
The full code is Sat A20-S103D.


Answer:Satellite A20-S103D - How can I order Recovery Discs?

Hi dude

Looks like this question can be found in the ?Top ten? of most asked questions here in the forum.

Every thread reagarding this question said:
You can order the Recovery CD from the ASP in your country.

Therefore I would recommend contacting the local ASP (authorized service provider) too and to order the need CD.

Best regards

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Emm I really hope you can help me.
The Notebook said that you have to create the Recovery Disk by yourself and thats what I did ( on 2 Cds)
So i wanted to reinstall my Notebook and put in the first cd and booted from CD. So i came into the Menu.
Then after a while it asked me to put in the second CD and I did it. Then it said there was a error copying the last 2 files needed.
So now i cant create the Recovery Disk again because I already started the reinstalling. now i have a few questions

What can i do generally ? Because I really dont want to buy for 35 euros a new Recovery Disk :S

I thank everyone who helps me :D

Answer:Cannot use created recovery discs for Satellite A350-134

If you want to have ?factory settings? you must install recovery image from recovery disc.
If your discs don?t work you must use original Toshiba recovery disc.

My opinion is that you should install Win7 32bit on this machine. I do it on friends A350 and it runs perfectly.

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did you upgraded your notebook with some special hardware like RAM upgrade or something else!
It can be that such a hardware upgrade make problems when you use th recovery disk!

Also you can try to reset the BIOS settings to default.

Bye Sammy

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Hi all

I have a Toshiba L500 -128, the original 320gb hard drive is simply too small and i would like to avoid buying an external hard drive (for any other purpose than backing up) because in my experience they are just rubbish and i want all my data on the laptop.

I wanted to buy a new 1 (possibly 2) tb hard drive to put in it, which i assume it is equipped to deal with, (please anyone correct me if they know otherwise) along with another 4GB ram....

Anyway what i'm really wondering is whether or not i can get away with using my recovery discs on the new hard drive.
If they did it the old fashioned way (sending a OS disc and a drivers disc) i wouldn't even question it but as i created the discs from the computer itself, i wasn't too sure as when i opened the discs up to make sure everything had burnt on to them ok, i didn't see anything like what i was expecting to.

Also i read somewhere that someone else tried this and it didn't work, they assumed because the recovery included an image specifically to fit the original sized Hard drive?

Can anyone shed some light at all please?


Answer:Satellite L500 -128 Using recovery discs on new (bigger) HDD


First of all you should create the Toshiba Recovery disk using the preinstalled tool called Toshiba Recovery disk creator.
Usually you should receive an confirmation message that the recovery has been created successfully.
This would mean that you could use this disk to set the notebook back to factory settings not matter what HDD is in use.
This means that Recovery disk should work with other HDDs.

But note; the usage of such recovery disk would format the HDD and delete everything from HDD partitions. But this should not bother you if you use new, empty HDD ;)

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Hi All

Can anyone advise me how to obtain the recovery disks, it would appear when i bought my laptop it said make recovery disks which i did but it only made 2 and is now asking for a third disk.............

it came with win 8 installed and not sure if that is cause of the crash

Satellite L870-18T

Thanks in advance


Answer:Satellite L870 asks for 3rd recovery discs - don't have one

Have you tried to create recovery discs again?

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I have a weird problem, I bought the computer 6 months ago and have been happy with it, but I got somekind of virus and all the OS was ****ed up big time, so yesterday I would da a factory install with the recovery discs I created when I purchased the computer.

I have the Toshiba System Disc and 4 recovery dvds, I insert the sytem disc and all looks like it should, it loads and then it ask for Disc One of the recovery discs, I insert Disc 1 and after 10 sec. it ejects it again and ask for Disc One again.

I have verified the 5 discs on my other computer and there is data on them and they look okay, I have tried inserting all of the discs to see if I switched them when I printed on them, nothing is working, it will simply not reconize disc one and I am stuck? Any help from anyone?

I am pretty sure its not the hardware that are bad, because I had an old XP windows disc, and after I tried all, I tried to install this on the computer and everything was fine, but I would like to have windows 7 as the computer came with....

Regards Allan Thomsen

Answer:Satellite C870-121 recovery discs is not working?


Very strange buddy?
Could it be possible that the CD/DVD drive cannot read the first disk properly?
I mean it could be a disk issue and not the issue with the data

I?m not sure what?s wrong here but you have no many options here:
To recover the notebook, you have to use the Toshiba Recovery disks or the HDD recovery?
Can you use the HDD recover procedure?
Power up the unit, press F8, choose Repair my Computer -> HDD recovery.

If this is not possible ? well?. You could still order a new disk here:

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Please contact me asap. looking for both recovery disc asap

Answer:Satellite A200-AH6 - recovery discs needed

Are you in Canada?

I think you can order Recovery Discs from the Canada website at

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I've been trying to recover Satellite C670D-11K using new Toshiba-supplied factory system recovery discs. Both discs do their thing until the very end when I get these messages:

Error c/program files\mcafee\virusscan/dat\000.0\ (error=1117)
Error restoring image
request could not be performed beacuse of I/O device error
Error Image x could not apply win 7 V:\\HDDRecovery\SWIMG\15434XSP.SWM Index 2 from HDD to C

Only option after this point is to press any key and I get the blank Toshiba screen

When I switch laptop back on I get message 'boot mgr is missing'. I have tried the recovery disc a couple of times since and things don't get any better. In fact I just get a big black screen with cursor after

Suggestions welcomed please? I thought buying the recovery discs would be a simple solution but should I give in and go to a professional now?

Thanks, Paul

Answer:Satellite C670D-11K - Toshiba recovery discs is not working

I presume you use recovery discs that you have created using Toshiba recovery disc creator tool, right?
It sounds stupid now but something went wrong and I?m afraid recovery discs are useless now. Fact is that you cannot change anything or force notebook to install recovery image properly.

Only thing that you can test is -
I don't think this will help but you can test it anyway.

Now you have two options:
-to order original recovery disc from Toshiba
-to install own OS version using Microsoft installation disc

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I have a Toshiba Satellite E205-S1904, which I purchased from the US, but I now live in the UK. I purchased this in 2010 and so the laptop is out of warrenty.

I need/ wish to reinstall the programes on the laptop,but seem to have lost the appropriate disc with all the windows software as well as drivers.
I think I can purchase these froma non toshiba website, but very worried about non geniue software, which can casue frurther problems down the line.
I can't find anything in the site to be helpful as to where I can get hold of the needed disc(s).
Anyone has a suggestion?

Many thanks

Answer:Satellite E205-S1904 and recovery installation discs

If you have US machine you must search all information on Toshiba US page -

It is pretty old machine and I don't know if you will be able to order original recovery media.
What you can do is to install own OS version and install all necessary drivers, tools and utilities hat you can find on US download page.

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I've just purchased the above laptop and tried to create the recovery discs twice.
Both times this failed on the first DVD with the following error message:
Differences were found between the following files
Source Path D:\HDDRecovery\ODDFiles\sources\boot.wim
Target Path E:\sources\boot.wim
error code 0216F-3C-00000000

I have found one similar post on a Google search which suggests that there is nothing I can do about this except contact Tohiba and get the recovery media free as the drive is corrupt.
I certainly am not willing to pay for these discs since it's not my fault that I can't create them.

Is there anything I can do and what advice can be given regarding replacement recovery discs?

Answer:Satellite L450D- failure to create recovery discs

In my opinion there are two options for you:
-contact your local dealer where you bought your notebook and ask for replacement or
-contact nearest Toshiba authorized service provider and explain the situation.

I can imagine they can order a copy for you and it will be covered by warranty.
Do not wait to long and do it as soon as possible.

One more thing:
Can you please test if HDD OS installation will work properly? Start it as described in follow document -

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I have purchased recovery discs for my notebook.
I received 2 discs from Toshiba. Item number R10249DU on both.

Booted on disc 1 and installed. No problem.

However, when do I use disc 2? I have not been prompted to use it.

Disc 2 contains about 9 Gigs on 12 files (9 x .swm files; 2x .crc files; 1x data.ini).

All suggestions appreciated


Answer:Satellite L300 - how to install purchased recovery discs?


I don?t know why you have received two disks but if the installation from the first disk went smoothly then everything should be ok and you should be able to boot the notebook and should be able to finish the Vista installation.

Did you finish the Vista installation successfully?

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Just out of interest.
I have not tryed this, but i hered you can only make one copy of the recovery disks, using the toshiba disk creator.

I just thought it would be quicker to post this question, rarther than try it out.
I do know it costs 30 to get a copy of these recovery discs, which led me to think are these for people who have not created recovery discs or people who have lost there copy of the recovery discs.

I myself have only one copy

Answer:Satellite L300-1BV Can you only make one copy of the recovery discs

No, you can make as many as you want. But it will only work on L300's

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I have a Satellite P750 with a fatally damaged HDD and no recovery discs. I have a Qosmio X770 that I can make recovery discs from.

Both machines were running Windows 7 and both have licence codes. Can I use recovery discs from the Qosmio to load onto a new HDD in the P750?

I realise that drivers may be different but if I can get the P750 running, I can then correct the drivers.

I don't want to pay $66 for discs from Toshiba, especially as other manufacturers such as Dell only charge $20.

Answer:Can I use recovery discs from Qosmio to recover Satellite P750?

No, you can?t.
The recovery image is an package.
It contains Windows system but also the drivers and tools.
This means that you would install the Qosmio drivers on Satellite P and this would make some troubles.

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want to create recovery discs for my Satellite Pro L300. User manual gives instructions fro Vista but machine is shipped with XP Pro.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Creating Recovery discs on a Satellite Pro L300 Running XP pro

Can you please post exact model number? I just want to check specification.

Anyway, as far as I know this model was delivered with preinstalled VISTA 32BIT BUSINESS and WXP recovery DVD. Do you still have this DVD?

I?m not 100% sure but I think WXP didn't have option for recovery disc creator. The whole story has started with Vista.

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I bought a Satellite A200-QH0 model in Australia and due to lack of forums in our country I'd like to ask some questions here if that's ok.

The notebook contains 3 partitions - a 1.6GB "EISA Configuration" partition, the large OS partition, and the recovery partition. So I've made the recovery DVD???s using the Recovery Disc Creator tool as we aren't supplied with an actual disc. But I would like to know what these discs will do? My questions:

1. Will they truly return the hard drive back to _exactly_ how it was including the partition layout and pre-installed software?
2. Will the recovery DVDs work even if the drive has been repartioned? I would like to split the system partition to give space for data files etc. But will this extra partition stop the recovery procedure working properly?

Please understand that I'm not interested in reformatting the entire drive. I just want to split the OS partition. But in case I have to replace the drive in the future or something I'd like to know how close to "original" these discs will get me, no matter what I do to the drive?


Answer:Questions about recovery discs and partitioning Satellite A200-QH0


I?m not 100% sure how the recovery works on the Toshiba Australian notebooks but I presume the Recovery CD contains the Toshiba image with the Windows OS, drivers, tools and utilities.
I think if you would use the Recovery CD then the whole HDD will be formatted and all partitions will be erased.

I think the recovery partition will be not created using the recovery CD because the recovery CD was already created? so the recovery partition is not necessary anymore?


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It gets to the point where I guess it's almost done... This is the first time I've had to recover my computer, but I did have to have Toshiba replace the hard drive that came in the computer once already.

But at the end it comes up with ERROR : 10-FA12-045D I've searched this website for that error and found nothing... If anyone could suggest something I can do to get my laptop back working it would be much appreciated...

I've also already wiped the entire computer after the first time it came up with this error and then retried the recovery discs.

Answer:Satellite L305D fails to recover with recovery discs

I never heard about this error too.
When do you get this error exactly?

If you didn?t have this error before, your new HDD could be faulty. Check this with the Hitachi Drive Fitness Test

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Cheers everybody,

Well i have a Ssatellite M45-s165,and when i turn it on it stays on the windows boot up screen for like 5 mins before it goes to my desktop.I just recently got this laptop from my girlfriend. I asked her for a recovery cd, and well she doesnt know hwre it is. I want to know if theres hidden partition or something i can do so that i can reinstall windows withouth having to use a recovery cd?

Answer:How do I reformat Satellite M45-S165 without a recovery CD?

No, there isn?t hidden partition.
You need either a Toshiba recovery CD or a original Microsoft Windows operating system CD. After the installation of windows you could download the drivers and install it.

But such slowly booting could has something to do with the HDD malfunction.

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Ok so I'm trying to reset my Toshiba Satellite L655-16E back to factory settings after it started to give me the low memory error message, but I only have the discs it asked me to make when I first got the laptop, so when I do the whole F8 thing on start up and get to the screen with the Toshiba HDD recovery reset thing and click on it, it gives me this error message:

The Recovery of the operating System is impossible!
Could not find HDD Recovery folder on second drive of the first hard disk.
There is no valid HDD Recovery environment on this computer.

I've tried various different things; Pressing and holding 0 - Which gave me a screen asking which os I wanted to use (there was only Windows 7) then just continued to load as normal. Putting the first disc in and restarting my laptop (which I did pretty much every time anyway) - which did nothing. etc.
So yeah, is there a way of creating the mystery HDD file I need from the discs, or maybe another way of using the discs that I haven't already tried?

Answer:Satellite L655-16E - Factory reset using Recovery Media Discs

>Could not find HDD Recovery folder on second drive of the first hard disk.
>There is no valid HDD Recovery environment on this computer.
This message will be shown if you have deleted recovery image or changed partitions structure on HDD.

If you have created recovery disc or discs than you can install recovery image using these recovery DVDs.

Start your notebook and pres F12 several times to enter boot menu.
Put recovery disc in optical disc drive.
In the menu choose CD/DVD drive.
Press ENTER.
Follow the menu on the screen.

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My laptop is Satellite A300-211

My question is can I use the Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator program to burn CDs and DVDs beside the image of Windows?

Answer:Satellite A300-211 - Can I use recovery disc creator to create other discs?

Hi mate,

The Toshiba recovery disk creator can only create the Toshiba recovery disk and that?s all!

If you want to burn other CDs or DVDs you have to use another program like Nero or CD Burner XP. The last one is freeware and really nice. It has a lot of functions and is very small. Check this!!

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Hi Everyone,

I am having trouble with The TOSHIBA Recovery Disk Creator. When trying to create the recovery discs this error comes up:
An unexpected error occurred. Please quit this application and restart it. (Error Code: 0F00FE-F1-00000002)

The machine is a Satellite U205-S5034 running XP Pro SP3.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a great day.


Answer:Satellite U205-S5034 - Error when trying to create the recovery discs


What kind of DVDs you are using for creating a Toshiba recovery disc? As yet I have tried Verbatim DVD-R and TDK DVD-R and never had a problem with these discs. Friend of tried DVD+R and he couldn?t create a recovery disc. After that he tried DVD-R and all was fine but I don?t know why this happened.
So please try other discs.

Furthermore check the Toshiba page for a firmware update of CD/DVD drive. Maybe it will help you.

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I am trying to reformat my Toshiba 1805-s274 notebook, using the Toshiba Recovery Disk, but it won't work! The computer makes an attempt to read the disk (which is in good condition-not damaged).
It goes to the "Welcome To Toshiba Recovery Utility" screen, then when I press F1 to continue, it goes to the "Warning-Are You Sure You Really Want To Do This?" screen. When I press "C" to continue, it just goes back to the Toshiba start-up screen.

It keeps doing this cycle, but nothing else. I have been having problems with my Windows Registry being attacked. Have they won the battle?

Please help! Thanks.

Answer:Satellite 1805-S274: Can't reformat by using the Recovery CD!


Usually it should be possible to recover the unit with the Toshiba recover CD without any problems. Possibly there is an error on the HDD.
You should try to format the HDD without using the Toshiba recovery CD.
After the formatting try to use the recover CD again

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I have a Satellite L300D-12I laptop & keep getting a 'power calibration error' when trying to create the Toshiba recovery discs. Does anybody have any ideas how to get over this?

Answer:Satellite L300D-12I: Power calibration error whilst creating Recovery Discs

I have seen this problem on my previous laptop.

It can be caused by:

* Bad quality CD/DVD media. Use good quality brands such as TDK.
* Burning too fast, lower the burn speed.
* Worn laser, replace the DVD drive.

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Can someone please help,

I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite C660/C660D for my nephew, We have forgotten the administrator password and we don't have password reset disk is there anyway around this.


Answer:I forgot my administrator password on Satellite C660/C660


I assume you are talking about windows system password and not about BIOS password. Right?
It?s not very big problem if you forgotten the System password but if you mean BIOS password then you are in trouble because the BIOS password can be deleted just by an Toshiba ASP technicians?

So I assume you mean Windows password? so start the notebook and press F8
Now you can choose Repair my Computer and then choose HDD recovery.
This would start a HDD recovery procedure which would reinstall the system? during the setup you can set anther admin password.

Of course there are some other methods but as far as I know this requires 3rd party software/tools or Win 7 DVD? so I think the HDD recovery is the fastest solution.

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This is my first laptop and i'm not familiar. I already burn disc from the recovery media creator but I don't know how to use it. Could someone teach me how to? Thank you. And one more thing, Do I need to re-install the operating system when I used the recovery disk?

Thank you for your help... :)

Answer:How to reformat Satellite L645-S9412D using recovery media creator?

With recovery disc you can install recovery image and set notebook to ?factory settings?. Please note: when you do this all saved data will be deleted so before you do this back-up all your important data.

When you want to use recovery disc do it on this way:
Start your notebook and press F12 button to enter boot menu
When boot menu is shown on the screen put recovery disc into optical disc drive
Choose CD/DVD in menu and press ENTER button
Just follow menu on the screen.

Do it, test it. Check alone how it works.

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When I first got this product, before opening I thought that all the 500gb would go to the first partition, but then I saw that the recovery partition has half of the 500gb just for recovery which is unnessecery.

But I had no problem with this at the time, and used the recovery partition(after saving to a disk) for ubuntu so I could have a dual boot.

But now I've came to realise that the games I'm downloading are taking more and more room up on my C drive. The problem I have is that I can shrink my recovery partition and enlarge the C drive.

Does anyone know a work around?

Answer:Satellite Pro C660-225: Shrinking recovery partition englarge C partition

You will need an 3rd party software to shrink the recovery partition and to add the free space the existing C partition.
I would recommend you an freeware tool called Gparted

But before you would start doing this, create a recovery disk!
This is advisable in case you would try to set the notebook back to factory settings using such disk.

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I am the owner of a Lenova IdeaCenter K300 Computer with Windows 7 64Bit OSThe system has been running for just about a year issues, very stable...however after a recent issue with another computer MFG system...I have questions:First the Other MFG system - The computer was purchased in April of 2008 with Windows Vista, the computer was unplugged on November 1, 2008 and stored in a cool Dry place....In October of 2011 My Godson wanted a new computer and I told him I have a computer that was lightly used and would do what he wanted it to do.I plugged in a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and turned on the unit when MUCH to my surprise the HD had I went to a local store, purchased a new HD and installed it on the machine. First let me explain that this computer MFG after several calls to them looking for help.. explained to me the following1: Reinstall Discs were NOT avail2: The System did not support creating Recovery discs since all the information that the system needed was stored on    the Hard Drive that was supplied with the system...and that the OEM Windows VISTA version was available to use for    3 yearsI said Okay, but I have a computer that had a HD failure so how do I go about reinstalling Windows Vista to get the computer up and running again?  They told me that I had to PURCHASE from a store a copy of Windows Vista.   I said that I had from two other computers from another MFG Windows Vista Reinstal... Read more

Answer:Very Confused over Reinstall Discs, Recovery Discs and how do I CREATE THEM!

They should sell you recovery disc without any problems. If you call customer service and you feel that the conversation is going no ware you probably talking to wrong person. Disconnect and tray another time, you will never speak to the same person twice OEM reinstall disc doesn?t need activation, retail windows disc needs but you have serial number on the sticker so just call Microsoft and activate it. Recovery disc is a copy of your computer hard drive with windows, drivers, software includedReinstall disc is the same for all computers with windows only, you have to install drivers and software separatelyReinstall OEM disc is only for Lenovo system but it is the same like retail windows disc with added pre-activation

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My problem is not with this computer... I have also Compaq cq50z-100, Windows Vista Home Premiun SP2... my problem is this... Somehow I got a virus...after being so 'effing careful to boot. Now when I start my laptop, I get a quick flash of the command prompt window followed by a quick blank blue screen ... and then these 2 things repeat themselves and then nothing works except my mouse will move. So I tried what I know, recovery and such. It will not do anything in safe mode at all either. It will not let me change the boot drive order ( I guess that is what it is called), to the disc drive to run the recovery from my discs. So I got a friend to look at it. He says that my operating system is fried. He said I need to call Acer and buy an operating system disc set. Ok my question is this... are these discs different than the set of discs that I made when I first got my computer, the ones I call the recovery discs? Also why would I need to get them from Acer? Wouldn't I get them from HP or Compaq since this is who I bought my computer from? I am holding off spending the money to buy these new discs until I am certain that they are what I need to fix my computer. And if this guy really knows what he is doing. Any help is greatly appreaciated.

Answer:Operating system discs vs recovery discs

Your friend told you to call Acer for help with a Compaq computer? If so, I wouldn't go to that friend for any more technical help.

If you already have recovery/restore/operating system disks (whatever you want to call them), then you don't need to purchase anything else. You need to boot from them. Explain what you mean by "it will not let me change the boot order". Does that mean you don't know how? Your BIOS is password protected? They keyboard doesn't work?

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I have a Packard Bell pc which is about 6 years old and is running really slowly, I've bought a laptop for myself but I want to keep the desktop for my son to use, I have 4 master discs which I created when I originally got the pc, the disc drive on the desk top is not working so I've got an external disc drive, can I reformat the pc using the external disc drive, if so how do I do this?
Thanks in advance

Answer:How to reformat my pc from master discs

It should work, depending on the master disks that you created. Were these taken from a partition on the computer hard-drive?.

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I have a couple of CD-RW's that I would like to return to normal format. How do I do that?Nick

Answer:Reformat InCD discs?

try the help room

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I recorded talking books, for my totally paralized friend, on to CD-R through iTunes but they have not played on my Boombox but will play on the computer. Can I re format these CD's and use them again as I have lost about 100 discs by obviously making mistakes - being no expert - and as thick as 2 short planks!!!. Are they re-usable or should I chuck them in the bin? AND if they are no use what CD's do you recommend for recording the books and then at a later date re-formatting and reusing again. I would be very grateful for your advice as I am new to this. Thank you so much.

Answer:Which CD-R discs can I reformat and reuse

You cannot reuse CD-Rs. You need CD-RWs. The good news is that CD blanks are very cheap, so even if you have 100 that are junk it doesn't represent a huge sum. However, many normal CD players cannot handle CD-RWsBut, before you throw them away, it may well be that you just need to "finalize" the CDs to make them playable on a normal CD player. This assumes that you have recorded them as music disks not as data disks with a collection of .mp3 files. Even in the latter case, many CD players can now play .mp3 disks.You might want to review this link detailing how to burn various types of disk:

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HP Media Center pc m7350n bought in Oct 2006

My aunt is a single Mom with teens, so I offered to help fix her computer. After running a HJT log, Adware, AVG, and Malwarebytes (not updated since the computer is not hooked up to the internet currently), I found problems that include a win 32 variant and vundo. The malware has disabled all help and the recovery section (BSOD). My aunt doesn't have the original windows cd (never did). I believe this is an authentic windows installation since she bought it at Conn's. We want to reformat and reinstall XP, but how can we do that? We have a serial number that looks like it might be her cd key number (wrote on her computer paperwork when she got the computer). I have searched microsoft, and I called. The recording said to go to the original builder. HP says the recovery disk is not available, and they want $40 just to talk to a rep to ask how to get a disc to reinstall (not recovery cd). The recovery cd wouldn't get rid of the malware in the way that a reformat and reinstall would,anyway. Is that right?

Thanks for any suggestions or help you can offer.

Answer:Need XP discs to reformat & reinstall

To find the CD key in your computer you can use anyone of these apps.magicaljellybean free Advisor

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I'd like to reformat the HP desktop we have for my mom. It's about 6 months old. It did not come with any recovery disks or windows xp disks (circuit city wanted like $200 to get those).

It came with the hard drive partitioned into the regular c: drive and another drive called "recovery" that is about 8gb. When you try to get into the recovery drive it a dialog comes up saying that it's for fixing your computer basically.

So when I start up, I can press F10 to get into the recovery console, but I am not sure what I need to do to get the reformat going.
Is there another way to reformat, or do I have to go through the recovery console? If I have to use the console, what are the commands that I need?


Answer:HP Desktop - How to reformat without discs?

You can either go through F10 and follow the prompts, or you can call up HP and ask for the discs. You'll have to pay a small fee for shipping, but then you'll have the discs.

Also, every HP I've seen has a link on the desktop to create you're own set of recovery discs.

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My computer was hit bad with some horrible viruses that made it unstable, the admins on this site recommended I reformatted my computer. What process should I use to go about doing this? I no longer have any of the discs that originally came with the computer (if there were any originally) what can I do about this?
I was using Windows XP home on a HP Pavilion

Answer:Sytem reformat without original discs

I don't think that there is a way to reinstall XP without the install disk. You could ask a friend or someone else that has windows XP home but it has to be home edition. and you can use their CD to reinstall XP. If someone could correct me if i am wrong but i don't think that there is a way to install with out the disk. You could as a last resort call HP and ask them to send you a new XP install disk i dont know if they will do that now that XP is two OS's old but it is worth a try but if they do you will probably have to pay some money for the disk.

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HiFor the past few days, I have been having severe laptop problems. DaChew has been helping me trying to get rid of some horrible viruses.Here is the link where you can see what has been going on with logs posted from MalwareBytes, GMER, etc., the virus will not delete despite Malware successfully removing the Trojans. They reappear.I have to reformat my laptop. I have never reformatted a computer before. Plus, this laptop came pre-installed with Vista and I do not have the discs for it.Can someone please provide step-by-step instructions as to how to format my laptop?Thank you.

Answer:Reformat Vista Laptop without Discs

What is the make and model of the laptop and did it come with a set of recovery CD's?

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My other laptop has become infected and wont function. It seems that the infection has blocked me from even running recovery. I restart and boot up the windows boot manager and it says,

{ Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:
1. Insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer.
2.Choose your language settings, and then click "Next."
3.Click "Repair your computer."

If you do not have the disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

Status: 0xc000000f

Info: the boot selection failed because the required device is inaccessible.}

I'm confused. Any ideas ladies and djents?

Answer:Laptop crashed. No factory discs. Need to reformat, but how?

What laptop do you have? We would need to know both the manufacturer and the model number.Nearly all manufacturers now include a recovery partition on the hard drive. You may be able to boot into this recovery partition and repair or restore from there. Knowing the laptop model would help, but with most I believe the default method is to repeatedly hit the F12 key while the laptop is booting.There is probably a way to fix the issue for free, but if you would prefer to pay $10 for a recovery cd, you can buy one from

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I'm getting very nervous that I haven't made these impt system recovery discs. I bought 10 CDs at the time I bought PC and was assured they were the right type. When I got ready to create the discs, my PC said I would need 18 CDs. I backed out at that point so don't know if the ones I have are the right kind.

I'm going out this week to buy some more, but still have doubts I'm getting the right kind.

My HP guide says I need: CD-R

What I have is: SONY CD-R AUDIO (compact disc digital audio recordable)

Have I got the right kind? Thanks so much. Fox

Answer:Solved: What kind of discs needed to make "System Recovery Discs"?

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Hey Folks,
I had a problem with a virus on that sat pro, so I decided to totally erase the hdd to get rid of that virus. Bevor I did that, I saved everything from partiton D including the recovery path and after erasing of course I copied everything back at it's place (second partition).
Now trying to recover and don't know how to do it. F11, F10 and F8 seems not to work. Do I need the Recovery media created with recovery media creator or can I still use the recovery path on the new D: partition?
Thanks for your help in advance,

Answer:Recovery on Sat Pro C660-2KM with new HDD with restored Recovery partition

Unfortunately recovery procedure doesn?t work on this way.
What you need now is recovery disc.
Generally speaking recovery image on second partition is useless and you will not be able to start it.

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I recently created Recovery Discs in Windows XP, but when I insert Disc 2, it always says that it is the incorrect disc so I cannot continue the factory restore.Now I'm trying to restore by booting into the Rescue and Recovery on my hard drive, but it cannot find the hidden factory partition on the hd. It also now says that the restore had a "convertion" error when it wouldn't recognize disc 2 and will not let me try to look at my hard drive to restore anymore. If I use the RR boot disc, it will let me try to restore, but it finds nothing restorable on the HD.I did look at the hard drive and see 2 partitions with one being a IBM_SERVICE partition with 3.9GB total size and 2.9GB free space.Please help, thanks.

Answer:t43: Recovery Discs are corrupt and Rescue and Recovery won't restore from the Hard Drive?

Hi, maybe somebody here could help me. i've totly lost the original partition of IBM on my T41 thinkpad. If somebody could advise me how do i get it back, i would appreciate it very much. Thanks,Shai

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