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Re: Unable to use the recovery partition on Satellite L505D

Question: Re: Unable to use the recovery partition on Satellite L505D


I am trying to help a friend with their Satellite L505D that had a serious virus issue(s). I was not able to run/install any programs with the virus on it. I used a Microsoft tool to remove the rootkit trojan, but I still had virus issues. I also lost most of the programs on the machine. All the folders were empty (except for some games), so I could not access any tools that way. I could not get the machine to load any Toshiba restore utility by pressing Zero while powering on. I accessed some recovery options using F8 during bootup, and had a link to restore to Toshiba's original setting, but clicking that choice did nothing other than pause for a few seconds. I waited several minutes, clicked it again, rebooted and tried again. Nothing. As a side note, once during all this, the restore partition was visible from explorer.exe. Not before, or since.

So I then Reformated the computer with a Win7 Home Premium 64bit upgrade disk (leaving the restore partition intact), and entered the key for the system. Supprise supprise, it is asking me to activate within 3 days.

My basic question is, can I access that recovery partition in a different manner to attempt to use it? IE copy it's contents, or boot to some comand prompt to log to e:?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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Preferred Solution: Re: Unable to use the recovery partition on Satellite L505D

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Re: Unable to use the recovery partition on Satellite L505D


To be clear: there is only one way to use recovery image saved on HDD and install it.
Exact step-by-step description how to do it you can read on

If this will not work, only way to do it anyway is to use recovery DVD. Question is: has your friend created these discs?

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Here's My Situation:

I have a Toshiba Satellite L505D-s5695 Laptop, and I had to put a new Hard drive in it, but not before I Copied the Recovery partition files over to an external Drive.

So I have No recovery discs, and no original Hard Drive.
Because of this, Holding "0" while booting, or F8 options to restore or get into the toshiba recovery utility do not exist any longer.

Is it possible to use Imagex or some other utility to restore the laptop to factory image with the Files that were on the original Recovery paritiion?

I'm currently playing around with imagex commands and the .SWM files,
but if someone knows the exact command line to use or procedure it would be of great help!


Below I've the Files I've retained on another Drive that were originally on the recovery parition:

? !V4_03_11.VRP
? !V1_05.VBR
? !V1_22.VRR
? !V1_24.VRC
? ... Read more

Answer:Satellite L505D Factory Restore from Recovery Partition Files Manually

>I have a Toshiba Satellite L505D-s5695 Laptop, and I had to put a new Hard drive in it, but not before I Copied the Recovery partition files over to an external Drive.
After reading this I must say that this will not work. You cannot simply copy these recovery filed on other HDD and start recovery installation. This will not work.
Either you can start recovery installation following Toshiba procedure how to start HDD recovery installation or you must create recovery DVD and use it for OS installation.

This recovery DVD can be used on every HDD. With other words, you can replace HDD with new one and use DVD for recovery image installation.

Following your logic everyone can make simply files copy and use it on certain notebook. It will not work.
Have you created recovery DVD following Toshiba advice/description about recovery disc creation?

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I was creating the DVD recovery discs (Satellite L505D-S5983) and when creating disc 1 the following message appeared:

"failed to read the following file. D:/ZZImages/ZZImages/PREINSTZSWM (Error coded :020150-20-00000000)"
Tried twice and got the same error message again. Went on to create dvd 2 of 3 and 3of 3 successfully.

Any idea???


Answer:Satellite L505D-S5983 - Recovery DVD error

Before we start discussion can you please tell me which empty medias do you use (DVD-R, DVD+R, ....)?

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ive been trying to reset my Toshiba SATELLITE L505D-GS6000 and i get to the recovery wizzard and it says copying files.

After about a half a hour it it comes up with a error message saying it cannot read the files on the Cd.
Is there another way to restore it? or do i have to pay for new recovery cd's?

Answer:Satellite L505D-GS6000 cannot read files from Recovery CD


Possibly the disk is scratched or the CD/DVD drive laser lens is dirty.
Try to clean the lens using cotton wool tip and alcohol.

If this does not help, try to copy the recover disk to other disk using other computer.
Then try to restore the Toshiba notebook using the new created disk.

If this does not help, order a new disk.
For Toshiba US notebooks, check this:

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I did a clean install of windows 7 when I upgraded and no longer have the Toshiba recovery disk creator.
I can still boot the HDD recovery tool I did not delete this partition when I upgraded. I would like to be able to create a recovery disk for my system in case anything ever happened to my Hard Drive.

Where can I download he Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator tool? Is there another way for me to get a recovery Disk?

Answer:Satellite L505D-S5965 and Recovery Disk Creater


>I can still boot the HDD recovery tool I did not delete this partition when I upgraded.
Are you sure about that?
As far as I know after clean OS installation you will lose HDD recovery option. I have European notebook model and know for sure this option will be gone. US notebooks are not known to me but I believe it works on the same way. Check it out.

Generally speaking this option is available with ?factory settings? only and if cannot get ?factory settings? again you must order new recovery DVD.

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When I first got this product, before opening I thought that all the 500gb would go to the first partition, but then I saw that the recovery partition has half of the 500gb just for recovery which is unnessecery.

But I had no problem with this at the time, and used the recovery partition(after saving to a disk) for ubuntu so I could have a dual boot.

But now I've came to realise that the games I'm downloading are taking more and more room up on my C drive. The problem I have is that I can shrink my recovery partition and enlarge the C drive.

Does anyone know a work around?

Answer:Satellite Pro C660-225: Shrinking recovery partition englarge C partition

You will need an 3rd party software to shrink the recovery partition and to add the free space the existing C partition.
I would recommend you an freeware tool called Gparted

But before you would start doing this, create a recovery disk!
This is advisable in case you would try to set the notebook back to factory settings using such disk.

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(I know it's a redundant thread but I think I'm having a different scenario)
Specs: (nothing's changed except I did reinstall win8.1)
- win8.1 x64 single languange
There was a time when I want to resize my drive C to smaller partition:
I used Easus Partion Manager to do so (to dumb I was). After rebooting my system could not start
The BSOD showed up:
PC needs repair (blah3x)
Error code: 0x000225
I was able to manage to repair and I came back up fine using a tutorial in youtube
using bcdboot C:\Windows /s (any drive letter): /s uefi
At this point, I downloaded a new copy of windows8.1 SL, thru "mediacreationtool" (as a legit copy i suppose)
and then I reinstalled using the ISO from MS, now I'm totally OK, at least at the moment.

Seems like everything's working as it is now, but as soon as I try to press F9 upon boot up, same error popup
Error Code: 0x000225, and again I got used to doing the bcdboot method.
NOW, this "Restore" partition the size of 20GB, and appeared and it had something in it (some files I think).

This wasn't there before and after reinstallation of win8.1 SL. IT ONLY appeared when I pressed F9 then I repaired
it using bcdboot.

If there's a way that I could restore my notebook pc back to day one: Or am i that close? (close enough)
If this could be fixed? I know its risky but I will take it as a n... Read more

Answer:Unable to fix recovery partition ASUS / Lost recovery

So Im not entirely certain on what you are asking here. Your computer is unusable right now, or you cant get the recovery partition to work correctly?

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Talk about confusing. Does anyone know how to get a Toshiba C660 working after the HDD has failed and the owner has stupidly NOT followed the instructions to make a recovery disk. Will the recovery disk ( if you purchase one from Toshiba ) rebuild the new HDD along with a new recovery partition and install windows 7 (original OS ) and accept the product key printed on the Windows License attached to the base of the laptop. I have read a number of suggestions but these have been deemed incorrect by others.

Surely Toshiba must have a way of sorting this problem.

Do they read these posts ?

Answer:Satellite L660-12Q - Would recovery disk rebuild the new HDD along with a new recovery partition

Hi buddy?

I don?t think that this is really complicated? I could find all info regarding the recovery procedure in the user manual?

The recovery disk has to be created at the first day of purchase? its recommended to create one in cases something would be wrong with the HDD.

The recovery disk contain an image?. Image is a package containing Win system, drivers, tools and all the stuff preinstalled on the notebook.
You purchased the notebook and the system was already activated so you don?t need the key placed at the bottom of the unit.
Furthermore the usage of recovery disk formats the whole HDD (partitions too) and set the notebook back to the same state like at the first day of purchase.

There is also another option to recover the notebook called HDD recovery. This HDD recovery does not need recovery disk. Usage of HDD recovery would format ONLY the C (system) partition.

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Hello, I've used the recovery media creator to create a USB flash drive recovery media.

If i then use that to restore the Windows 7 installation onto a new hard drive (as SSD) will that drive itself have the recovery media partition on it?

So if I then lose the USB stick could I restore again by holding down zero when powering on?

Or does it recover the Windows partition and nothing more?

Thank you

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I just purchased a brand new laptop and have realised that it didn't come with a recovery disc or a recovery partition on the hard drive.

Just wondering if my hard disc crashes how am i supposed to reinstall windows?
The laptop i bought is a Toshiba satellite L500 and is only a few weeks old.

If anyone could help on the subject would be very much appreciated.

Answer:Satellite L500 - No recovery disc or recovery partition - How to reinstall?


Normally if I buy a new notebook or other product I read the user manual firstly. So I would recommend that you should the same before you ask different questions.

The point is that you have to create a Toshiba recovery disk yourself. Therefore start the recovery disk creator that is preinstalled on your notebook and follow the screen instructions. I recommend a high quality DVD-R medium to create this disk.

Furthermore you can reinstall Windows using the HDD recovery option. On the second partition you can find this folder that contains an image of factory settings and you can start this feature if you go in advanced boot menu and select ?repair my computer?. This is not a special partition, only a folder where the image is stored.

HDD recovery procedure is the same as Toshiba recovery disk. You get back factory settings too but the recovery disk wipes the whole HDD. The HDD recovery only the first partition.

By the way: Normally you did get this message:

+your system is equipped with hard disk recovery system. if you need to repair+
+your computer by restoring it to original factory state, you can do it directly+
+from harddisk (press F8 when you boot your computer, choose "Repair your computer"+
+and follow the menue instructions) or create a bootable Recovery Disc Medium for this purpose.+

+Toshiba recommends you to create Recovery Disc Medium using the "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator" to ensure+
... Read more

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I recently bought a Satellite Pro L850-1UJ with Windows 8

I've created a new partition (so i could use it as data room)
i.e. C: the windows system AND Z: my data

after that, i could NOT use the RECOVERY MEDIA CREATOR to create the recovery dvds
BUT the partition still exists and i can see the inside files from windows

IS IT a way to extract the files from the recovery partition or any other clue how i could fix the partition scheme so the RECOVERY MEDIA CREATOR could recognize it

Many thanks for your time...

Answer:Satellite Pro L850-1UJ: How create recovery DVDs from recovery partition

After changing HDD partitions structure it happens that ?Toshiba recovery media creator? cannot find recovery files. These files are marked with special markers that in your case cannot be found anymore.

I?m afraid now is too late to do or change anything. You are not the first one with this problem. We always write here that first step should be recovery media creation and later you can do whatever you want. You can even delete it.

Now you can just order new recovery disc at

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Toshiba L505D-S5983 Satelite, Win 7: In Recovery get error "F3-FF00-0006" FAILED TO GET THE ID OF THE SPECIFIED PARTITION. press ok to turn of computer..

Answer:error: f3-ff00-0006 L505D-S5983 in recovery

Contact Toshiba support is your best option.

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Dear all,

I delete all data in C:\ drive and I do a format c:\

I don't create a Recovery CD, and now I can't restore with F8, but I show that I have a recovery partition on D:\ drive.

Please, how can I restore it ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,


Answer:Satellite C670 - formatted C:\ and no Recovery CD but recovery partition


Maybe this thread about a similar theme would be useful for you:

If this is not helpful or if you will not be able to recover the notebook using the method mentioned there, then you will need to order the recover disk from here:

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Hi all.

I have Satellite L505D-S5965 laptop. It has 3 GB of DDR2 333 MHz SDRAM. Specifications are here:

Could I install 2 times x 4 GB DDR3 800 MHz in this laptop? Does my CPU/motherboard support it? Or can I install DDR2 600 Mhz SDRAM?

I saw a couple of the same laptops on ebay that had DDR3 mentioned.

I'm not sure, but the motherboard is likely V000185540. It has AMD X2 QL-65 processor.
CPU info can be found here:
It is stated that the bus speed is
Dual-channel 333 MHz DDR2 SDRAM Memory controller
One 2000 MHz 16-bit HyperTransport link
This makes me confused - is it the maximum speed of memory I can install?

Chipset is AMD 780G with SB700 southern bridge.

OS is Windows 7 - should be no problem with it.

If anyone would be able to answer my question, I would appreciate it greatly.

Message was edited by: Scandic

Answer:Satellite L505D - Possible memory upgrade?

>Could I install 2 times x 4 GB DDR3 800 MHz in this laptop?

I don?t understand why you asking this question?
You posted the page with the specs and it says clearly: Max RAM Supported: 8GB
So you can use 2 x 4GB RAM modules

The RAM speed depends on Front Side Bus speed: specs page says: 800Mhz.
So all RAM even faster would run at 800Mhz

>Does my CPU/motherboard support it? Or can I install DDR2 600 Mhz SDRAM?
You cannot mix DDR3 and DDR2. Both are physically different.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L505D-S6947 since nearly 2 years old and it was working well and today it was on and then I turn it off and I clean it from outside (the screen & the keyboard) and when I tried to make it on again it never want to work.

I have tried to take off the battery and I press the power button for 20 seconds and make it in again and then connect the AC adapter but also don't work.
I also tried to make it on without a battery only by AC cable also didn't work.

The power LEDs don't make any lights at all and also there's any noisy at all it's just DEAD.

Help me plz about that bad problem asap

Thank you

Answer:Cannot power on my Satellite L505D-S6947

Disconnect battery and AC power adapter, leave it for a while and try to use it with AC power supply only.

By the way:

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My laptop turns it's self back on after I shut it down.

This usually happens within the next minute after i shut down. I have checked all possibilities such as wake on lan etc. in bios.
I have it disabled. The only way for me to keep it off is to pull the battery out along with pulling the power cord.

I may have installed a program which is telling it to turn back on, but i don't know how to find which program is doing it .

Laptop is only 4 months old. Any Ideas? Thanks.

Answer:Satellite L505D turns on itself automatically


>I may have installed a program which is telling it to turn back on, but i don't know how to find which program is doing it ?

Are you 100% sure that you have installed such applications or you make only some assumptions???
Maybe you should recover the notebook again using Toshiba Recovery disk or using the Toshiba HDD recovery option.
Then check if the notebook can power off correctly.

If this is not the case, then try to update the BIOS.

Good luck

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I want to upgrade my Satellite L505D-S5965 for gaming purposes. Is this Laptop upgradable at all? If so, what would I need in order to upgrade it? Thank you for helping me.[h=3]

Answer:Upgrading Satellite L505D-S5965

The only thing you could upgrade to see performance is the RAM.

You could upgrade the CPU, but anything you could upgrade to, will be minimal in performance. Especially in gaming, this will do next to nothing.

Also, you cannot upgrade you GFX card. As most of them are integrated to the motherboard. Even they say it is dedicated, it may only have its own memory.

Other than that, I say either deal with it, or get a new system.

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FN key is not working on my Satellite L505D-S6965. I have Windows 7. What do I do ?

Answer:FN key is not working on my Satellite L505D-S6965

doesn't work in what way? you can't press the botton or you can press it but nothing happens? if you can press it but nothing happens reinstaling the driver for the hot keys might do the trick. if you can't press it it means hat something is jammed under the button try jigiling the laptop a little, turning it upside down might help

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Hello everyone.
A few days ago put a key to the bios and forget the key, how can I reset the bios?
Satellite L505D-sp6012L
Sorry my bad english. Thank you

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L505D and had to run the 5 dvd set recovery disk set. It locked up after disk 3 of 5 on original Hard Drive. Just found out after testing Hard Drive it is knocking. I installed New Sata Hard Drive and was going to try to rerun the Recovery DVD's again. Problem: New Drive is detected. However, my usb and dvd rom now do not work so, I am unable to restore to Original state. Any Ideas?

Answer:Issue with Restoring Toshiba Satellite L505D

Hi and welcome to TSF have you tried reseting the bios to default and see if it then allows them to be discovered

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Hope someone can help me. I have an L505D, recently the cursor froze with an "hourglass" next to it. The cursor and keypad work in safe mode, but once the computer boots up to the start screen, the cursor freezes. I have tried a system restore twice, which works fine, but then the cursor freezes again. I'm a bit annoyed,lol. Anyone have a fix for this?

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It seems to boot up correctly and everything. It starts up Windows 7 and goes to the select user screen but since there is only 1 user it just says welcome with the loading circle. But when it tries to load the desktop or home page or whatever you call it, all that comes up is the mouse.

I can move the mouse normally, my anti virus protection pop ups show up if they need to. On my last attempt to try and solve the problem, I got the folder for my user to open but that happened automatically. I have tried the taking out the battery thing twice. So any ideas on why the desktop screen just shows up as a black screen and the mouse visible.

PS: I can use the ctrl+alt+delete function to get those options to show up.

Answer:My Satellite L505D goes to a black screen after it boots

On this virtual way it is not easy to understand why all this happen but what you can try is to start OS in safe mode and roll back OS to earlier time to see if this will work.

Can you please try this and send some feedback.

Do it as first step. Later we can see what else can be done.

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It's me again, in last thread :

"Hello Friends,

I have a great problem after Windows 7 updated itself. I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L505D. When I close the lid, it should automatically go to the sleep mode. Unfortunately, only the screen is black and the laptop is still running, I have to shut it down then switch on again. Is it a problem with the 'battery driver'?Please, help me :)"

The sleep mode worked perfeclty for couple of days and it is again gone.. What is more when I try to enter the sleep mode I can't do anything on the notebook , it is still running on blank screen and the processors' fan is working on high speed. During these last days, when the sleep mode worked, windows didn't update itself..

I don't know what is happening.. :) Weird problem, isn't it?

Answer:Satellite L505D - Problem with sleep mode in Win 7

It is not easy to say why this happen. In your last posting you wrote about some windows updates. Who knows what is wrong there.
If nothing helps, not even system restore and you want to use stand-by mode I recommend you to back-up all your data and install OS again using recovery mode.

With ?factory settings? everything will be OK again but then be careful with ?updates?.

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Re installed windows sound. Cant find any reference to sound driver in manager. I do recall seeing REALTEK at some time. Went to Toshiba site, and could not find anything there. Any link to proper sound driver for the laptop sound
Could use any reference to video, other updates.....appreciate!  Windows 7 OS.

Answer:~~Toshiba satellite sound driver...L505D..where is it?

Are there any yellow exclamation marks in Device Manager under the Sound Category?
If you had a Realtek chipset it would most likely be a HD codec. You can download it here. Pick either 32bit or 64bit. If there are no devices listed under Sound in Device Manager it may not install.
There is also a troubleshooter in Control Panel under System and Security named Find and Fix Problems. Check the Sound Playback troubleshooter.

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Hello Toshiba Community

I have a Satellite L505D-S5965 model and apparently, over the sumer, I did not have an anti-virus. Everyone in my family had used this computer and now it seems to me that it is infected with a lot of viruses. For example, now that I renewed my McAfee subscription, my computer doesn't run McAfee. I double click it and I just get the pop-up window from McAfee and it only appears white. Also, when I try to run browser programs such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, both of them don't even open.

What I wanted to ask is, how do I restore my Satellite L505D-S5965 to it's factory settings? I know that you might need a Recovery Disk, but is there another way?

Answer:How to restore Satellite L505D-S5965 to factory settings

You can try to do this using HDD recovery procedure >

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I apologize as I did not see a different area to post my question so I thought I would post it under the Windows it is running. I apologize in advance if I did it incorrectly and any input or direction would be greatly appreciated.
I am no computer geek but I am not a computer “virgin” either. However, I need the assistance of the veteran computer geeks. I have had my Aunts Toshiba Satellite L505D-S5983 for quite some time now and I have been meaning to write and find a place where I may be able to find some direction on how to proceed.
I have done extensive research at one time and found that Toshiba’s were known for “graphic chip issues”. Actually at the same time I got my aunt’s computer, my friends Toshiba had the exact same issue. Lights up but no graphic on laptop or external monitor.
The information I obtained at the time was that the GPU was soldered to the motherboard and I would have to replace the motherboard which was more expensive than buying another computer. So, I looked into the “reflow” process and decided I had nothing to lose so dismantled the one laptop to find that I couldn’t do the reflow because the GPU was locked in with a plastic lock.  This is what brings me to my next dilemma and why my poor aunt has gone without her laptop for the past 8 months. I got so sick of trying to find the information that I just stuck it in a cupboard and went on with all my other demands in life.
However, ... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L505D-S5983 Blank Screen

It has been my experience that manufacturers (Toshiba in this case) will not sell the graphics chip.
You could call Toshiba to see if they have any suggestions, but I suspect they will point you toward a replacement motherboard.
Best of luck.

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I have a problem with wifi. I can't enable le wifi with the button Fn+F8. I have just install Win 7 64 bits.
I read a lot of subject as the mine but Idon't know what is the problem.

My notebook is Satellite L505D.

I need help please... Thanks a lot.

Answer:Re: Button FN+F8 to enable wifi don't work - Satellite L505D


Do other FN buttons work or just only the FN + F8 key combination doesn?t work?
Usually the Flash Card Support Utility should be installed because this tool controls the FN buttons.
Did you install this tool?
If not, do this?
Beside the Flash Card Support Utility you should install the VAP too.

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This is the info on my Toshiba Satellite L505D-LS5005:

-OS: Windows 7 x64
-only OS ever installed on system
-OS is OEM version
-Age of system: bought new on 3/18/10
-Age of OS installation: have never re-installed OS
-CPU: AMD Athlon II Dual-Core Processor M300
2.0GHz, 1MB L2 Cache, 3.2GT/s
-Video Card: ATI Radeon 4100 Graphics w/ 256MB-894MB dynamically allocated shared graphics memory
-Motherboard: TOSHIBA Portable PC Base Board Version
Bus Clock: 200 megahertz
BIOS: Insyde Corp. 1.10 12/17/2009
-Power Supply: Toshiba 75W (19V x 3.95A) Auto-sensing

I have been getting a BSOD on this computer for a couple months now. There is no sort of pattern that I can identify for when it happens, sometimes it will go a day or two without a BSOD but there are also times when it will happen 5 or 6 times a day.

When I bought the computer it came with a single 2GB DDR2 800MHz stick of RAM which I removed and then replaced with 2 2GB sticks. So it now has 4GB or RAM instead of the 2GB that it came stock with.

If anybody can help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

Answer:[SOLVED] BSOD Toshiba Satellite L505D-LS5005

Hey. Please go to C:\Windows\Minidump and copy the files there to any other folder. Then rar or zip them and attach the compressed file to a new post using the paperclip. We shall have a look for you.

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I'm working on a Toshiba Satellite L505D-gs6000. Everything is the way it was from the factory. I had to reinstall Windows 7 32-bit for a friend on this laptop due to a virus. Now I'm having trouble installing a few drivers. First off, the BIOS is up to date with the lastest version. I updated the chipset with drivers from AMD. The standard enhanced PCI to USB controller was showing up but would not recognize a thumb drive or any other usb devices plugged in.
I tried:
-uninstall from device manager and then scan for hardware changes. NO FIX.
-Shut down and remove battery to reset Motherboard as instructed on another site. NO FIX.

THe last suggestion actually made it to where the Standard pci to usb controller doesnt show up now and will not power up the flash drive when plugged in.

The second problem:
I had the High definition audo controller working before pulling the battery but it shows up in device manager and will not work and has the '!' beside it, so no sound. I tried reinstalling the driver but no luck there. Then I tried uninstall and check for hardware changes in device manager and no luck there as well. I also tried rebooting several times but still nothing.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:Satellite L505D-gs6000 - Fresh install help needed


Did you use the right driver page to get the drivers?
The notebook belongs to Toshiba US series so you should download the drivers from Toshiba USA driver website:

[Satellite L505D-GS6000 drivers| rpn=PSLV6U&modelFilter=L505D-GS6000&selCategory=2756709&selFamily=1073768663]

In your case I recommend installing the system once again. Then download all the drivers from the Toshiba US page and start the installation.

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Hello! I am trying to access my BIOS to change some settings in it, but when I get into the BIOS Setup I can't change anything in there (everything is greyed out) and the options are minimal. Currently, my BIOS version is 1.0.0. I tried downloading the necessary update for it, but when I install and try to run it, it tells me "Failed to retrieve system BIOS information. BCPSYS block signature was not found. Error Code: -100."

I am downloading from this page here: []
*Product Type:* Notebook
*Family:* Satellite
*Product Series:* Satellite L Series
*Model:* Satellite L505D
*Short Model:* (For some reason the only option here is PSLT9E, but my reads PSLV6U on the bottom of the notebook. Does this have anything to do with not updating the correct version i wonder?)

So I am forced to skip the last step and [] pops up so I downloaded it and installed and that's where the problems start.

In short, is there any other easier way to get into a BIOS where I can change the settings? Or do I have to find a different BIOS update?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Answer:Changing BIOS settings with Satellite L505D-S5006

Ok, I found the right download and turns out I DID have version 1.1.0 already and that is the latest version. So, how would i get inside the BIOS Settings and change things in there?

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My computer is slow and freezes so I thought I would use the recovery to reset to factory settings with my discs, but I am unable to access my recovery partition. I get a blue page and a message that reads.Stop: c0000218 {Registry file failure} the registry cannot load the hive (file):\ SystemRoot \ System 32\ Config \ Sam or its log or alternate. It is corrupt, absent, or not writable.I have included the info on my system and the hijackthis logOS Name Microsoft Windows XP ProfessionalVersion 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600OS Manufacturer Microsoft CorporationSystem Name CHERYLSPUTERSystem Manufacturer Hewlett-PackardSystem Model HP Pavilion dv9000 (EZ452UA#ABA)System Type X86-based PCProcessor x86 Family 15 Model 72 Stepping 2 AuthenticAMD ~1607 MhzProcessor x86 Family 15 Model 72 Stepping 2 AuthenticAMD ~1607 MhzBIOS Version/Date Hewlett-Packard F.3D, 11/22/2007SMBIOS Version 2.4Windows Directory C:\WINDOWSSystem Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1Locale United StatesHardware Abstraction Layer Version = "5.1.2600.2765 (xpsp.050928-1517)"User Name CHERYLSPUTER\cherylTime Zone Central Daylight TimeTotal Physical Memory 1,024.00 MBAvailable Physical Memory 520.63 MBTotal Virtual Memory 2.00 GBAvailable Virtual Memory 1.96 GBPage File Space 2.26 GBPage File C:\pagefile.sysLogfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 5:00:49 AM, on 9/5/2008Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.0... Read more

Answer:Unable To Use Recovery Partition

I apologize for the very long delay. We have a huge backlog of HijackThis Logs to handle and it has been taking us greater time than normal to get caught up. If you are still having a problem, and want us to analyze your information, please reply to this topic stating that you still need help and I will work with you on resolving your computer problems. If your problem has been resolved, please post a reply letting us know so we can close your topic.

Unfortunately, if I do not hear back from you within 5 days, I will be forced to close your topic. If you still need help after I have closed your topic, feel free to create a new one.

Once again, I apologize for the delay in responding to this topic.

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I just got a lovely Satellite L505D and have one small annoyance.

I keep catching the volume control knob on the front of the laptop and keeps unmuting the speakers.

Does anyone know a way to disable this knob or disable this feature in Windows 7?


Answer:How to disable the front volume control wheel on Satellite L505D


I?m really wondering that you catching the volume control on the front of the notebook.

I have Satellite L500D that is similar to yours and I never touch this volume control. I never had a problem with it. For example if I type something on the notebook or work with the touchpad only, my hands lay on the top cover where I don?t touch this volume control wheel.

Anyway: As far as I know this can?t be disabled so you have to life with it.

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First off, I am new the the "Forum" world, so I am really not sure where to post tried my best to find the right spot lol.
So I have here a Toshiba Satellite L505D-LS5006 Laptop, and I have major issues with the drivers.
I Re-Installed Windows ( Factory Reset ) so clear user data, but then I noticed that the touch-pad didn't work afterwards.
After further investigating I noticed that there was also no Audio. I looked in the device manager and noticed there was the " yellow yield" sign next to audio driver ( error 10 " Failure to Start " ). I tried updating using windows but it said it was already up to date. Also tried to download the driver from the Toshiba site, and that didn't do anything at all. Tried uninstalling etc etc etc Nothing helped. Then I took a break for a few mins, and I decided I would upload some things using my usb drive. And wouldn't you believe it when I plugged in my usb stick nothing happened. I opened Device Manager again, AND THERE IS NOT EVEN ANY UNIVERSAL BUS DRIVERS !!!! 
Now im sorry for the long post, but I have literally fixed and repaired hundreds of computers and laptops and never ran into a problem like this that I could not solve. I have done everything I can think of ( Windows updates, after market driver scans, reinstalled windows,) I am out of options, so I am calling out for help to my fellow techs.
Does anyone have any solutions for me? And I have all the discs so I already tried the recovery disc for th... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L505D-LS5006 Major Driver (s) Issues

I'd run the appropriate hard drive diagnostic, just to eliminate one possible source of problems...before investing any more time/energy.
Toshiba Support Forum

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have a problem with my Satellite. Keyboard seems to work only before bios has loaded.
If I press F2 before bios screen I get to the setup and nothing works anymore.
External keyboard doesn't work at all.

Did update the bios version, too - nothing changed.
Any ideas?


Answer:Satellite L505D S6952 keyboard working only before bios screen


For me it sounds like keyboard problem or motherboard issue?

The notebook technician should check firstly the keyboard.

If this will not help to solve the problem, then the motherboard should be checked and if necessary replaced!

This is a job for an ASP technician? so get in contact with local ASP in order to get more details and how to handle this?


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I am currently unable to boot to the recovery partition to restore my computer to factory installation, but the Recovery partition that was around 13 gb is still there and has files on it and i did not touch them, but still i cant use F11 to boot to recovery. Any help ?

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Hey Everyone--

My first post here, so hope I follow protocol well enough! Working on a client's PC here, and could use a little help or suggestion. The machine in question is an HP Pavilion a1630n, and has a D: partition for Recovery. Currently I am unable to get it to boot from that partition using F11 to do a complete reinstall of Vista. When I try F11, I get BOOTMGR is missing. Here's what led up to this:

- PC would not boot and kept dropping into Vista Recovery Manager, which was unable to repair the startup problem

- I was going to pull the drive, backup the user data off onto another disk, then do a clean restore of Vista (which was an available option for recovery)

- Somehow when trying to back out of everything and shut down, I hit Yes at a prompt where I meant to hit No (or vice versa), and the Recovery Manager started to erase the C: partition (nice how it didn't pop up a dialog for me to confirm). I immediately held down the power button to make it stop, but it was too late-- the C: drive was empty

- From the user data standpoint, this wasn't a huge deal-- the main utility of this machine is Webmail and Web. So we elected not to worry about trying to unerase files and just install a fresh, working copy of Windows

However, now I cannot seem to make any progress toward reinstalling Vista from the recovery partition (naturally, if the client ever had any restore discs, she cannot find them now). Despite the D: Recovery partition still being intact, ... Read more

Answer:Unable to boot to Recovery Partition

Hope this helps Fred,

Bootmgr is missing

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blue screen asking to update bios but my onboard keyboard not working nor if i use usb keyboards need help

Answer:SATELLITE l505d-s5965 PART NO. PSLM0U-00F002 SERIAL NO. 69205041Q

As for the keyboard this might work. Toshiba support here.
Forum posts on bios failure here and how to install if necessary.

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I am going crazy! My recovery partition has been full for over a month now! Every time I attempt to delete files, it says "Not enough memory to perform operation on disc." I have logged in under safe mode to try this and I have also tried pressing delete with shift. Can someone give me some ideas as to what I can try next? This should be very simple, but I cannot figure it out!!


Answer:Unable to delete files from recovery partition!!

Open windows explorer, right click on the partition drive letter and select properties, hit the disk cleanup button, it takes a while to calculate, then see what comes up in the list to delete.

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Hi folks, i've got a problem concerning the recovery partition of my ideapad s10e.Due to some installation chaos i've lost the origin mbr and bootmgr .. now i've got a lonely service partition (not modified, deleted or resized) which is not active anymore. Had to install a clean win xp  on the free space and make it visible using TestDisk. Is there any chance to make it active again to start the lenovo rescue/recovery environment ? .. as mentioned .. the content of the recovery partion is untouched. I've tried to make it the active boot partition (with TestDisk) but it did not work I think it's the WinPE boot stuff which cause the problem (maybe). Would be great if you have some hints ...  Thanks! Best  regards, flitzMessage Edited by flitz on 05-28-2009 05:44 PM

Answer:recovery partition untouched - unable to reactivate it

I don't think it can be re-activate by lenovo keys or f11 during bootup.But you still can use it in my experience. The way I did is to use partition manager program, like norton gdisk, acronis disk director...etc, to make the winpe partition active and bootable. And then, you can do your winxp recovery. however, you still need to change the XP partition active manually after recovery. I did that successfully, when transferred 80G to another 80G HD. Not try other size of HD.

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Hey everyone

Alright, so my ASUS laptop has been getting a little slow lately, so I decided to reinstall. Now I know my PC has an ASUS recovery partition, which re?nstalls the pc with all the tools, drivers etc, since I've used it before.
But now when I restart the computer and press F9 and reset, it doesn't work. This is what I do:

This is where it was supposed to give me the option to restore whole drive or just install windows to the primary partition. But now it asks for a CD, which I don't have. This PC never used to have a recovery CD, just a recovery partition.

Then, I read somewhere I could do the same from inside Windows 8, so I tried that as well by going to the charms bar, then Settings and then "Change PC settings". Then I selected "Update and recovery" from the left, and then went to Recovery, where I pressed the button to remove everything and reinstall windows. This is what I got:
So, I tried to see if EaseUs Partition manager showed the recovery partition. I started ASUS and these are the partitions it found:
I saw it found both a "Recovery" partition and a "Restore" partition. Now I assume the Recovery partition is the one Windows 8 boots into, and the Restore partition is the one created by ASUS. So, these are the contents of the Recovery partition:
And these are the contents of the Restore partition:
As you can see outlined in red, it does contain an install.wim file, so I know the recovery data is th... Read more

Answer:Unable to use built-in ASUS recovery partition

Have you repartitioned that drive in any way since you got it? If yes, that likely broke the link to the factory recovery partition. All your left with now is the basic refresh reset options that ask for your install media. It sounds like Windows can only see the small windows recovery partition. I don't know the answer though as to how you make use of it now.

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I am going to format and reinstall XP on my Toshiba satellite M70 via recovery CD.
It has 40 GB hard disk. I want to ask is there an option in the recovery CD to partition my HD before installing OS, just as we can do via XP CD?

Thanks foe any help.

Answer:Satellite M70: How to partition the HDD via recovery CD?


A possible for a Partition with the recovery CD!
Used the Expert Modus and used Ghost and create the desired size from the Partition.


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Hello, On Friday, I assembled the office z620_2 : E5-1680 v2 / 64GB DDR3-1866 EC reg. / Quadro P2000 5GB/ Z Turbo Drive M.2 256GB + Intel 730 480GB + 2X Seagate Constellation ES.3 1TB > Windows 7 Pro 64-bit However, I am unable to evoke the recovery partition on the Z Turbo Drive to reinstall Windows. The 12GB recovery partition is visible on the Z Turbo in Explorer, but there is no setup or application file that I can find to try and run it. 1.  There are instructions that claim pressing F11 repeatedly at start up will put it into recovery mode. This appears to "almost" work. The words "recovery mode" flash on and then the screen flashes back and forth betwen the same two screens several times and either ends with a "disk error" message "Press contril -Alt-Delete to restart or starts the Windows already on the drive. As the F11 showed brief signs of working, I tried several times, sometimes pressing several times as in the instructions or only one time and at different points in the startup, but it always ends in one or the other same result.  Am I pressing F11 at the wrong time? 2.  There is a video on HP support that instructs Start > Recovery Manager >  but there is no Recovery  Manager in the Start list 3. I tried running the z620 Recovery disk, but it can not see the Z Turbo Drive. 4. I tried to make a WinPE reovery disk on a USB drive,  but maddedingly, it needs 33.01GB and the USB drive is 29GB.... Read more

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Hi all

I have an i7 ASUS Ultrabook (HDD is 2xssd in raid0, UEFI, GPT partitions.) which is great but have an issue where wifi profiles don't retain and i'm not too concerned about retaining the data on the ultrabook so after attempting to fix the wifi profiles not saving (Have been through the driver scenario, folder permissions, sfc, etc and no joy) i'm just going to do a clean install from the recovery partition.
I started by trying the recovery methods 8 has built in, refresh the files, but fails without an error and makes no changes. Attempted to do a full restore via 8 recovery also but fails with no error also and then I realized I was actually missing the OEM options (F9 during boot doesn't allow for EMS boot to begin recovery from recovery partition like expected, just boots into normal recovery)
After installing windows 8.1 it no longer allows me to do an OEM recovery via Windows 8.1's built in recovery methods so I created a recovery USB from the recovery partition using the windows 8 tool since the AI Recovery Burner doesn't recognize the partition, the USB recovery creation did recognize the partition and allow me to create the USB recovery drive from this successfully.
When running the USB recovery, the recovery fails with "Required drive partition is missing"
I think this is because the recovery partition is actually a windows 8 partition, not 8.1, and will not work.
Seems like a lot of effort but I want to retain the OEM key and softw... Read more

Answer:Unable to perform recovery - Required partition is missing

Believe i've worked out the cause although not sure how to resolve

I noticed that reagentc would not start, resulting in error 3, I assigned the two hidden recovery partitions, one with winre, and one with the recoveryimage, drive letters and then the service would start. Although when the system is restarted or shut down the drives lose their letters.

When the drives have letters recovery does attempt to begin, but once restarted into RE, since the drive letters go again it falls over and starts RE as if it has been user invoked

I suppose at this stage I need to know how to make these letter assignments permanent until I can complete the recovery

I still cannot recover from recovery media due to the partition missing (suspect reason is above) and the windows is locked error (even with secure boot disabled and bcdedit rebuilt etc)

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Hi Friends,

Mine is Dell xps 13 ultrabook shipped with windows 7. I thought of installing ubuntu, so I unknowingly deleted recovery partition, formatted it and installed ubuntu. Now ubuntu is working fine. But in grub, I am not able to see windows. So I followed this tutorial How to Manually Repair Windows 7 Boot Loader Problems - How-To Geek to fix my windows. But it didnt work

In second screenshot, Windows 7 option didnt appear. I clicked next and did Startup repair which didnt help and then went to command prompt to execute the two commands

bootrec /fixmbr

bootrec /fixboot

The first command executed successfully but the second command gave me an error "the volume does not contain a recognized file system"

How can I recover my windows . Please help. I need windows badly


Answer:Deleted Recovery partition. Unable to boot into windows now.

Hi Rajeshksv37,

Welcome to SevenForums.

If you are in U.S.A, fill in the Media Request form and submit online.

Other than U.S.A., please contact DELL Technical Support in your country and request backup disc for your system.

DELL will send you the OS Reinstall Disk free of cost.

With it in hand, you may do a clean install and then install Ubuntu, Kubuntu or whatever.

Whatever other course you want to try, you are free to do it, but try to get the free OS reinstall disk from Dell. It will keep you in good stead.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: AMD E-300 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 20 Model 2 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2666 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics, 384 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 281129 MB, Free - 233356 MB; D: Total - 19850 MB, Free - 2098 MB; E: Total - 4055 MB, Free - 935 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 3577
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled
I am trying to build a recovery drive on a USB flash drive for Win 8.1. I have been unable to copy the Recovery Partition from the PC to the recovery drive. It appears to be disabled when I view it from the Recovery Drive. I have discovered that in Windows 8.1 the recovery partition is installed in a INSTALL.WIM file format. How do I locate the Windows 8.1 INSTALL.WIM file and how can I register the INSTALL.WIM file as the Recovery Image on my PC? This is very complicated for me so any step by step solutions would be welcome.
I downloaded the Windows 8.1 Enterprise evaluation kit and became totally lost.

Answer:Solved: Windows 8.1 Unable to Copy Recovery Partition

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hello , i want ask about my recovery portition my laptop satellite L850 corei7 .
i got these pc about 3 years ago and my recovery partition was deleted by mistak and i found one partition about 1.46 gb it tiltled by healthy active recovery partition .my question is ,is these the recovery partition ? if its how can make it work agine ,and if not how can reback my recovery partition agine ....if it need to make an order in egypt how much it cost .. and thx in advence

Answer:Satellite L850 and recovery partition

This recovery partition belongs to OS itself and has nothing to do with Toshiba recovery partition. If the recovery partition is deleted you cannot get it back.
Only thing you can do is to reinstall recovery image and use notebook with “factory settings” again.

In my opinion only option for you now is to order original recovery installation media -

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I have a laptop Toshiba s / n xc366424r
The hard drive is dead, can not restore it with the partition recovery.
Change the hard drive is not difficult, nor reinstall windows. But how to recreate the partition recovery, and backup the system on the new hard drive?
Will the windows license installed on the old hard drive still be operational with the new hard drive?
Thank you for your answers.

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I want to use my toshiba recovery CD to insatll XP in one partition C of my HD, rather than installing it on HD as a single partition C. I have prtitioned my HD into 4( C, D, E and F) by GParted liev CD and my OS is now in C drive, no loss of data. Just I want to reinstall OS in C partition via recovery CD. T

here is an option for advanced users in recovery CD and it states that you can install OS into a single partition but I am not able to fighure out how.
Is there any help or tutorial available any where.
Toshiba Satellite M 70
Pentium M 1.73 512 15.4
XP Home SP2

Answer:Satellite M70: Installing XP on C partition via recovery CD

You probably have to use a program like parition manager to put the installation on only one partition.

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I had two partitions at my HD (Satellite L30-114).

I used the Toshiba recovery Cd to restore windows at my laptop. The CD did not offered me any Full or Expert modes as written here It just recovered without any input from my side!

After recovery, Windows does not see my second partition. I used disk management utility and it says there are 17 GB of unassigned disk space (this is my second Partition!).

Can and how can I restore it?

Tx a lot!

Answer:Partition lost after recovery - Satellite L30


It seems that the L30 was delivered with a new version of recovery cd.
I think the Recovery procedure is a little bit different as the old one with the 2 different recovery modes (standard and expert)

I know a little bit about the new recovery procedure because a friend of mine bought a new Satellite with this recovery CD. He asked me for the notebook installation and we have checked it.

It seems that you have to press the ?Setting? button after choosing the language.
If you don?t use the ?setting? button for the configuration so the recovery procedure will delete and erase everything on the HDD. I think you didn?t configure the settings and therefore all partitions were deleted.

Unfortunately I think there is no much to do. You partition was deleted and it?s not possible to bring back the lost data.

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Good evening everyone, I own a notebook Toshiba Satellite c50-a-1jm with Windows 8 preinstalled. Pursued to an upgrade, I could not more to access the PC. Therefore I tried to use the utility from Toshiba, but I deleted the entire hard disk and all partitions. Now I can not more to install any operating system. As the bios is dated, I can not set the boot as "Legacy". How do I install Windows 8? Thank you all in advance.

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I want to create 2 partitions in my hdd but I have no idea how to do it. I have 80GB hard disk. I have recovery CD and I want to ask if anybody knows is this possible to do it by that recovery cd.

Thanks for any help!!!!!

Answer:How to create partition in Satellite 105 via recovery CD?

Hi nina,

Use the Expert Modus with the recovery CD.

You make a Partition with the recovery CD

- Choose ?Expert mode? pressing number two
- Click OK and press ENTER
- Look in: must be selected to CD-ROM drive
In the middle window choose GHO file and press ENTER
- Using TAB button you must mark information about drive and so on and press ENTER
- Using TAB button mark again middle part of window (blue line) and with space bar activate ?New Size? box
- Put inside new partition size and press again ENTER button
- The question ?Proceed with disk load?? confirm with OK

or use the Partition Magic 8 this is a good and a simple Software for Partitions of the HDD.

I Hope this is a Help


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Hi All,

First, I have read tons of messages within this support site and then decided to open a thread.

My Notebook Model Nr: P35-S6112
Recovery DVD Code: TK143/PMAE00127012
Os: Windows Xp Home Edition

I am trying to re-install the sytem with two disk partitions but no chance. Recovery DVD (procedure) doesn't provide me any option to separate the hard disk in two different partitions as commonly known as C and D when re-installing the system.

Many support experts claim that during installation two install modes appears and (Expert Mode) allows the user to divide the hard disk in partitions.

Please let me explain how do I re-install.
A-) I simply put the recovery dvd in the drive and boot from dvd drive.

B-) First black screen comes and asks my confirmation to proceed for recovery (F1 means yes.)

C-) Then second screen appears with two warnings as decribed below.
1-) Ensure that the recovery CD/DVD is in the CD/DVD drive.
2-) Keep the CD/DVD in the drive until you are asked to rremove it.
To continue press (C). To abort press (A) ?

D-) Then I select (C) and recovery procedure starts without asking me if I wish to separate disk in different partitions. So, installation finishes and creates one whole C: drive.

I would like to know if this partioning feature is included in recovery DVD or should I pay for some additional software to separate my hard disk in two poor partitions?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:How to partition the HDD using Recovery CD - Satellite P35-S6112


Recovery procedure for European notebook models is very well known to me but I believe you have an US notebook model. Unfortunately I didn?t saw how it works for US notebooks but I presume it must be similar to European models.

Anyway if you say that you can not use expert mode installation I believe you. If there is no way to use recovery media I recommend you to use Partition Magic software. It is very powerful software and using it you can manage HDD and create own partitions or change the capacity of already persisting partitions.

Good luck!

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I've noticed that many Toshiba notebooks have hidden partition and DVD Recovery either. I don't have hidden partiotion, only Recovery DVD. Does it normal?

Answer:Satellite M70 - No hidden recovery partition

Yes it is normal. For this old notebook model Toshiba didn?t create ?recovery partition?. Satellite M70 is delivered with recovery DVD.

Newest notebook models are delivered without recovery DVD media but with recovery image saved on second partition and every notebook owner can create recovery CD/DVD alone.

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I recently recover my laptop L650 using the hdd method. Then somehow now I only have one partition and the recovery partition is gone.

On the first day I got my laptop, I already burned the recovery DVD. So I still can do the recovery in the future.

However, I still want my recovery hdd partition back.

Is there any procedures I can follow to make a recovery partition?


Answer:Satellite L650: recovery partition is gone

You cannot ?install? recovery partition.
When you use HDD method for OS installation that means recovery partition exists already and after recovery procedure cannot be deleted or removed.

It can be just ?Hidden? and you will not see it in Windows Explorer.

When you use recovery DVD the same will happen again.

Open disc management and check if one partition with around 10GB will be listed there. It must be recovery partition.

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Just bought an NB550D-109.
Pretty happy with it, but I do have a couple of questions though.
Is there a reason the recovery partition, labled Data, is half the size of the drive?

Can this partition be resized to give more storage without compromising the recovery wizard?

Are all the Toshiba utilities interdependant, or can the ones that I don't use be uninstalled?
Or should I leave them installed and just disable them from startup?

Answer:Satellite NB550D-109 - Recovery partition

> Is there a reason the recovery partition, labled Data, is half the size of the drive?
To be honest I don?t understand your question. Recovery partition is about 10 GB and recovery image is about 8GB so I don?t understand what do you mean with ?half the size of the drive?.
> Can this partition be resized to give more storage without compromising the recovery wizard?
At the moment I?m not able to give you proper answer. Open ?Disc management? option, make a screen shot and let us see the partitions structure. Then I will be able to discuss about all partitions.
At the moment I can say one thing only: do not change anything. Changing partitions structure HDD recovery installation can be cancelled.
> Are all the Toshiba utilities interdependant, or can the ones that I don't use be uninstalled?
Some of them can be uninstalled but I don?t know which of them you don?t need.
Let us know which of them you want to remove from the system.

One more thing: don?t make too many experiments before you have created recovery USB disc.
Please read Toshiba?s user?s manuals and pick up info about recovery installation and recovery USB disc creation.

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Hi everyone !
I have Toshiba Sattelite C660-1J9 laptop, and it's been working fine - until a day my HDD died. Now it's producing some weird sounds on startup, and no HDD visible in BIOS. It's not a problem for me to buy new HDD and replace it, but I'd like to restore licensed Windows I had with laptop - so I need to place recovery partition on new HDD somehow. Is it possible and where I can find this recovery partition image ?
Thanks in advance !

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I have a Sattelite L500/nb I purchased in december.
I attempted to perform a HD wipe and system recovery the other day and it seems the recovery partition has been corrupted.
On boot the system states error: F3-F100-0004 and then shuts down on 'ok'

Can I obtain recovery cd's for this system?

How do I fix this?

Answer:Re: Recovery partition/help Satellite L500

What country are you in?

You can order Recover Discs from the Toshiba website.

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I have a problem with Satellite A60 while formatting I cannot delete C partition and always get this message "this partition contains temporary setup files that are required to complete the installation".

What should I do?

Answer:Unable to delete partition C on Satellite A60


I can tell you what to do:

go to this website -> -> download the image -> burn it to CD -> start the CD -> when the CD has started then go to a partition manager which is on that CD (a desktop will boot up which is like windows, so don?t a windows live cd ;) )

Then retry the recovery process. Should work.


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i have sony vaio vgn-cr313h, for last 3 years its worked fine. but from last 2-3 months it automatically powered off suddenly. so i took it to a repair shop they fix the problem and installed new bios of different model number and serial number.

Now, if i m trying to access sony vaio recovery center via f10 key during boot and selecting recover c drive option then it gives an "Error: model number could not be found error code 94." and failed to recover from recovery partition.

i want to know how to access hidden partition so that i can install my original windows vista with all its drivers and software.


Answer:Sony Vaio VGN-CR313H: Unable to access recovery partition

Hello vijaysharma and welcome to Seven Forums.

Are you sure you still have the hidden recovery partition on the hard drive? The repair shop could have erased it. I suggest you open Disk Management and look for a recovery partition. It should be about 10 - 15GB in size. If you're not sure you could post a screenshot of the expanded disk management window.

How To Access Disk Management in Windows 7

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

If no recovery partition exists the only other way to return you rmachine to factory specs would probably be by using recovery disks (a set of DVDs created by you at time of purchase or bought separately from Sony.) If the recovery partition does exist please post back. If it hasn't been damaged or corrupted it might be able to be accessed through Start > All Programs > Sony Vaio Care > Recovery or perhaps by using a live Linux CD like Ubuntu.

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I have 4 HDDs: 1 x 1TB, 2 x 565GB and 1 x 250GB. The 1TB HDD has windows and all my games etc, one of the 512GB HDDs was used for storing backups and movies, and the other two drives were encrypted using truecrypt, but I rarely used them for anything.

I decided to use the 565GB HDDs in RAID1 so I removed the encryption, made a backup of the data and setup the RAID in the BIOS. I removed the 250GB drive from the computer since I wasn't using it. All seemed good, but when I booted the computer booted to the true crypt boot loader and said "No bootable partition" with no way to bypass the bootloader .

I made sure the 1TB drive was the boot device, but I still get taken to the true crypt boot loader, this drive has NEVER been encrypted.

I used my windows 7 recovery disc to try and run startup repair, it runs, but I still get taken to the boot loader and windows isn't listed in the list of installed operating systems startup repair shows. I tried to repair the MBR, but the repair disc didn't have bootsect.exe on it, I put in the windows 7 install disc and ran it from there, I did NOT reboot using the install disc, just swapped the disc out because the install disc wouldn't let me use the repair option. The repair ran and when I rebooted I got a message saying "Reboot and select a proper boot device or insert boot media. Press any key to continue".

Anything else i can try?

Answer:Unable to locate bootable partition. System recovery fails.

Nice fixed that problem, got bootmrg problem which I think I fixed, now its BSOD on windows loading screen

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hey guys I am trying to fix a friends computer for him by resetting it back to "out-of-the-box" settings and as I try to access the recovery partition by hitting F11 repeatedly on startup it comes up with just a blank page and no menus it just gets stuck and this is an HP laptop by the way and after that didn't work I was going to try and re-install Windows using my Flash Disk that I created and his product key, it would get stuck on setup is starting, I am really out of ideas on what to do what could possibly be the problem, I had this same issue with my old computer and it lasted only a day and then everything started working again

Answer:Unable to clean install Windows 7 or access recovery partition

If you cannot run HP System Recovery then your options are to try to make Recovery Disks, order Recovery Disks from HP Support, or do the superior Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7which provides everything needed to get and keep a perfect install.

The HP Factory install is the worst possible install one can have of Win7 with the worst load of bloatware in the industry, and Useless utilities that interfere with better versions built into Win7. You will never even experience native Win7 performance on that PC until it has a Clean Reinstall which is why no tech enthusiast will run the factory install.

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Hello everyone,so it all started when i tried to download Windows 8.1 yesterday. For some reason Windows could not update some updates required BEFORE 8.1 would become available in the Windows Store. One solution to fix this problem is to refresh windows. So I'm trying this only to find out that I need a recovery drive. Hence, I create one. However, the checkbox "copy recovery partition to hard drive" was disabled. I went ahead an created a recovery drive without a copy of the partition. When I then tried to refresh Windows, it tells me that the recovery media does not work. Long story short: I would like to copy my recovery partition to an external recovery drive. I applied the hotfix for the repartitioning of the harddrive when it came out. So now I am thinking that it might be an issue with the hotfix that windows is now unable to locate the recovery partition (which is still there). Maybe the issue is a different one.In either case, help is much appreciated!!

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I have a Toshiba Satelite A 100 - 786 model.It has a HDD of 120 GB.n which 1.5 GB isa factory Setup partition and the reast is for my usage i guess its for Win Re ...but i dont wsant this partition wat do i haveto do.I used the disk Management but this 1.5 GB remain Unallocated and it does not even gets extende.Pls advise.

Thank You

Moosa Anis

Answer:I want to Remove the 1.5 GB recovery partition of my Satellite A100-786


why do you want to remove that partition? Because of additional harddisk space you will gain?? For the cost of a really nice and comfortable recovery system which is really good? Postpone, if your system has some serious problems and you want to recover your machine, what will you do then?

So if you are really sure that you want do it, then make it like following described:

Grab a cd-image of the windows-live-cd "UBCD4Win" (, burn it to cd, boot it and modify your partitions with it, should work withour problems.


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Thanks to a recovery software I have saved the "HDD RECOVERY" folder an all the other files that were in D:(the damaged partition) into another folder in C:

Now how can I burn a recovery cd/dvd starting by this folder ?

I've the Satellite A300-21w that came with a 320 GB HD splitted in 2 partitions: C: & D an Vista Home premium:
The D: partition containing the "HDD RECOVERY" folder was accidentally damaged by me and now the system only view the C: partition !
I've tried to run the Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator but it shows the message: can't find the "hdd recovery" folder.
How can I reboot my laptop?

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Answer:Satellite A300 - Recovery partition is lost

Thanks to a recovery file software now I' ve copied the "HDD REcovery" directory with all the other hidden files in D: in a folder in C: I can burn a recovery cd/dvd with that folder ???

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My brother was playing with my laptop, apparently accidentally deleted partitions on my HDD recovery so that I can not pre-install the system now. What should I do?

Answer:Satellite Pro R850-15H - deleted recovery partition

Now you have two options:
1/ you can order original recovery image for your notebook model on

2/ you can install own OS version. All necessary drivers, tools and utilities you can download from

If you have more questions you are welcome.

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I have just created my two recovery DVDs for my new computer and I want to know if I still need my 113GB partition on my computer?

Answer:Re: Satellite A300-27H? Do I need HDD Recovery partition after creating DVD

The Recovery disk would set the notebook back to factory settings? this means that the Recovery disk would format the whole HDD and would create the same partitions like at the first day of purchase? it should create also the HDD recovery partition too?

Therefore in my opinion you could delete it if you don?t want to have such partition on your HDD?


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I formatted Windows 7 with a Windows XP CD but failed installation. I wanted to know how to access the recovery partition to set it to factory default, all there is on the laptop at the moment is ubuntu but I'm sure I saw an extra partition which should contain the recovery files as the laptop did not come with a recovery disk and unfortunately I didnt create one.

How can I access the recovery partition on the laptop bearing in mind I formatted the drive Windows 7 was installed on or do I need to activate or something like that?

Any help much appreciated

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro L450D-12X - How to access the recovery partition?


On second partition of your notebook (data partition) you can find a folder called ?HDDrecovery? and it contains the recovery files. The problem is that you can use the HDD recovery feature only with preinstalled operating system. This would mean in your case it?s too late now and it?s not useable anymore.

Have you created the Toshiba recovery disk as mentioned in user manual? If yes you can use this disk to restore the original factory settings. Just boot from this disk and follow the screen instructions.

If you don?t have the recovery disk you can order it here:

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G'day alll,

Been out of the game for a while, got a Toshiba Satellite P850
I thought id set it back to factory default so hit zero key.

Came up with option wipe hdd, Toshiba recovery wizard.

I thought great it will wiped the hdd then let me use the hidden partition to reinstall the fresh copy of windows8 that came with it.

Now I get on boot up
Reboot & select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and pre any key.

Im gob smacked that its own Toshiba recovery wizard would wipe it own recovery partiton ....

so now have no recovery partiton as im aware as holding the zero key down keeps coming up with the above..

think i made a big boboo.

Looking for best way & eaiest way to solve this?
cheers macka.

Ive tried using my hiren & bootcd but wont even pick them up after chaning boot order in bios to cd drive first etc.

just keeps going back to
Reboot & select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and pre any key.

any help will be appreciated.
cheers again Macka. Am i missing something???

Answer:Lost recovery partition on Satellite P850

Your biggest mistake was that you didn?t create recovery media using preinstalled recovery media creator tool. With this recovery media (DVD or USB stick) you will be able now to install original recovery image. It is also described in user?s manuals document. Such back-up is very important.

Problem is that you cannot force your notebook to have access or install recovery image, if it is still saved on HDD. Now you can either install own OS version using Microsoft installation disc or order original Toshiba recovery disc for recovery image installation.

I don't know where do you live but if you have European notebook model you can order it on

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I accidently deleted the 5Gb recovery partition on my Sat Pro A200. I have since recovered it (and the data inside) and have tried to create my recovery disks using the 'Recovery Disc Creator' but it is telling that it cannot find the recovery partition :(

I tried fishing through the ini files for the recovery disc creator to find where it looks for the partition, but couldnt find anything...

One thing i have noticed is that now it is recovered, it appears as an NTFS fs (i think before it was an Unknown FS type??) and has volume label 'HDDRECOVERY'.

Any ideas as to how i can either:

a) trick the recovery tool into using the recovered partition
b) make the partition look exactly like it did before i deleted it, so i can use the tool as is.

Would really appreciate any help - want to make those recovery disks for my vista ultimate before i go dicking around and whacking backtrack on it :)



Answer:Restore recovery partition on Satellite Pro A200


> accidently deleted the 5Gb recovery partition on my Sat Pro A200. I have since recovered it (and the data inside)
I wonder how you have restored the deleted partition. Possibly the recovery partition parameters are not the same as before and therefore the 'Recovery Disc Creator' doesn?t work correctly.

Unfortunately, in my opinion you will be not able to trick the recovery tool if the recovery partition cannot be found.
You can only rename the NTFS FS partition. This can be done in the disk management console.
But I don?t think that this will solve this issue.

It seems you will have to reinstall the whole OS again using the Toshiba Recovery CD or the original Microsoft Vista CD


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My laptop is Satellite C55-A-1K6

In the past, i have deleted Toshiba System Recovery Partition by mistake when i install new OS to my laptop then i sent my laptop to Toshiba Service and they recrate standard partitions and send my laptop to me back.

I need to ask that question to you now;

When i open Disk Management in Computer Administration i see two partition that named Recovery. One of them is at the begining of the disk and it is 1 GB, other one is 11 GB and at the and of the disk. Which one is for Toshiba System Recovery?

On the other hand i have just created 3*4,5 GB Toshiba System Recovery DVD via Toshiba Recovery Media Creator . Instead of i have those dvds am i still need Recovery Partition to Recovery my laptop in the future?

Now, if i delete all partitions on the hdd now, can i still use Toshiba Recovery with these 3*4,5 GB DVD?


Answer:Satellite C55-A-1K6 - Which Partition is Important for Toshiba Recovery?

Original recovery image contains operating system, all necessary drivers, Toshiba specific tools and utilities, and of course some additional software so it cannot be 1GB only. 11GB partition is for recovery image.

> On the other hand i have just created 3*4,5 GB Toshiba System Recovery DVD via Toshiba >Recovery Media Creator . Instead of i have those dvds am i still need Recovery Partition to Recovery >my laptop in the future?
Generally speaking you don't need it anymore. Using your created recovery DVD you will be able to install original recovery image anytime you want. In case that HDD will be effective and exchanged with new one you can use these discs to install original recovery image.

Many people don't read user?s manuals and do not create recovery media. After some experiments they are surprised why HDD recovery image installation doesn't work anymore.

I hope some other Toshiba notebook owners will read this so here is original info from Toshiba recovery reminder:


+your system is equipped with hard disk recovery system. If you need to repair your computer by restoring it to original factory state, you can do it directly from harddisk (press F8 when you boot your computer, choose "Repair your computer" and follow the menue instructions) or create a bootable Recovery Disc Medium for this purpose.+

+Toshiba recommends you to create Recovery Disc Medium using the "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator" to ... Read more

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Hello all,
Question for you , i have a toshiba and when i turn it on it doesnt give me a splash screen it bots right into the recovery partition what can i do so i can get my splash screen back and hange boot device ? I cant even get into the BIOS.

Answer:Toshiba satellite booting to recovery partition

Hold down the F2 key and then power-on the computer.

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Hi all, (sorry for my langage because i am french)

I have a Satellite U940-117 and after a error, i have delete all partition on my PC.

Is there a. iso that allows the computer to reinstall the factory?


Answer:Satellite U940-117 / How recovery default partition

No. If you didn't create recovery USB you have problem. With other words you must order recovery media from Toshiba.

Recovery image cannot be downloaded.

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I have a friend?s Satellite L350 laptop which I attempted to repair, but the HDD is faulty, so badly I can't create restore disks. I cloned the image partition to another HDD (yes I created 2 partitions) which is a western digital, but for some reason when pressing F8 I can't get into the restore option, but I can on the faulty drive, is this because you have to use a Toshiba HDD only?

Thanks in advance


Answer:Re: Satellite L350-170 - cannot use cloned recovery partition

Hello Chris

It has nothing with Toshiba HDD. This option works when notebook is preinstalled with original recovery image. This with cloned partition will not work and HDD recovery option will not be listed in ?advanced boot options?.

Only when you install recovery image on this new HDD it will works.

One more thing: this old L350 works very good with Win7 32bit so if possible install it instead of using original Vista.

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hi (again)

I'm trying find find the recovery key(s) for hdd partion if any one knows them I would be greatful

regards mat
thanks for your help

Answer:Satellite T110-11U - Where to find HDD partition recovery key?

Hi buddy,

Which keys you mean exactly? That?s not clear enough.

Furthermore the notebook doesn?t have a recovery partition. If you mean the Windows RE partition that is hidden, that?s not a Toshiba feature. It?s a Windows feature and has nothing to do with Toshiba.

The HDDrecovery files are stored on a second partition of the HDD. You can start this feature if you go in advanced boot menu and select ?Repair my Computer?. The factory image will be loaded and installed.

On the bottom side of the notebook you should find a serial number for Windows on a sticker. It belongs to the preinstalled Windows version can?t be used with normal Windows disks.

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I have upgraded windows 7 Home premium to Win 7 professional. Please could you give me some guidance to update (or overwrite) the recovery partition so that Win 7 Pro becomes the default O/S, and all the Toshiba Satellite L750 drivers and software are included (bluetooth, and wireless software & drivers etc).

I have already created a new system image on the recovery partition, and a system repair disk.


Answer:Overwriting the Recovery partition on Satellite L750

Something like this is not possible. Original recovery image cannot be modified or changed.
I just hope you have created recovery media (DVD or USB) before you have made any changes.

Using this created recovery media you will be able to install original recovery image anytime you want.

If you have more questions you are welcome.

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First of all, I've got a A200 1BP Vista Home Premium and I lost the product recovery disc and I want to create one with Toshiba Product Recovery Disc Creator or Vista's "recdisc.exe".

They both failed as I had a message "No HDD Recovery Area!" which then I looked at the "Disc Management" section and couldn't find any unnamed partition.

There were two Primary Partition which were 1.46 GB "Healthy (EISA Configuration)" and my Vista (C:).
So what should I do? Can I create a recovery partition?
Or can I fix the Recovery Disc Creator? (v.

PS: I recovered my computer many times with my CD, which probably used my recovery partition.
Seriously, I'm out of ideas and I don't wanna lose 50 bucks just to have another copy of PR Disc.

PS2: I used press "0" and "F8" thing too, they didn't work either.
Is there any way I can restore without any discs?

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Answer:Can't find recovery partition on Satellite A200-1BP

> There were two Primary Partition which were 1.46 GB "Healthy (EISA Configuration)" and my Vista (C:).
>So what should I do? Can I create a recovery partition?
>Or can I fix the Recovery Disc Creator? (v.

It looks like the HDD recovery partition is missing?
The first partition 1.46GB is created by Vista automatically and the C partition is the system partition? the HDD recovery partition does not seem to be available?

> PS: I recovered my computer many times with my CD, which probably used my recovery partition.
Did you recover the Vista using the Recover disk or what disk did you use???

If you installed the system using Vista Microsoft disk then this was a big mistake because this has deleted the HDD partition?

> Is there any way I can restore without any discs?
Either you will use a MS Vista disk and the missing drivers you could download from Toshiba page or you will order the Toshiba recovery disk? don?t see other solution?

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I wanted to Format My computer.
I Restart My computer then Pressed on 0, and then choose the system configuration then Formate hard disk.

when I Restart My computer then Pressed on 0 Again , It Did not work

I did "nt find find operating system!

How do I recover operating system?


Answer:I lost recovery partition on Satellite C50-B863

Hi imksa

You have a problem now. Obviously you have formatted whole HDD and also deleted saved recovery image on recovery partition. This can be done if you have already created recovery media (USB or DVD).

I presume you don't have such recovery media, right?

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I have a satellite A500-134, the recovery partition drive shows that it is 100% free and HDD recovery folder is shown in the D drive (the laptop comes with 2 visible partitions C and D with 232GB each). I found the recovery drive partition when I was looking at disk management in windows.

So does this mean that I can delete the recovery drive as nothing seems to be in there?

Answer:Satellite A500-134 - Recovery partition is empty


Why do you want to delete the Windows RE partition?
On this partition Windows saves files to restore the computer or to fix problems.

Here is a good article about this:

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Need to run recovery procedure but lost the partition on the HD. Since the product key is stored in BIOS/UEFI i wonder if i can use the iso provided by Microsoft 8.1 + drivers posted on Toshiba site.
Is this possible or must i purchase the recovery disks from Toshiba?
The OS mentioned there is Win 8 RTM 64-bit

Answer:Recovery partition lost on Satellite C870D

Yes you can use iso file and drivers offered on Toshiba download page but you cannot use product key for activation. As far as i know this key belongs to original recovery image that you got with your machine.

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Hi All,

So I'm an idiot and deleted the recovery parition on my Satellite L300D.

I have a WinVista installation disc, and I found what I thought were the SATA drivers, loaded them during Windows installation - no go.

Can someone point me at a DL for a recovery disc or the right drivers to install during the straight Windows installation?

Any help would be super appreciated!

Answer:Satellite L300D - Deleted Recovery Partition

>Can someone point me at a DL for a recovery...
I don?t know what DL means but what I want to write here is follow: original recovery image is not downloadable and if you want to have original Toshiba recovery disc for your machine you must order it under

If you want to install own os version what do you think about Win7?
I mean I have installed Win7 32bit on friends L300 and it works perfectly.

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toshiba satellite l655-128

my recovery partition crash

i need CD/DvD/Usb recovery

where i can get it??

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I shrank the C: Partition without touching the hidden Recovery partition (First partition on the HDD) and made a new D: partition for data.

Now the recovery program fails to find the recovery partition which is still intact and unchanged.

How can I get a recovery USB drive made now?

Is it possible to change the drive letter of the hidden partition so that the recovery program finds it?

Answer:Satellite C855-1GR - No HDD Recovery Partition Error - But there is!

I don?t know which OS do you use but first partition has nothing to do with Toshiba recovery files. First partition is WinRE partition and it belongs to operating system.

Your posting doesn?t offer some important info for better understanding.

Which notebook model do you have exactly?
Which OS is preinstalled on it?
Is preinstalled OS original OS that you?ve got with your notebook?

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Hi, I just bought a Toshiba Satellite L500D-00F shipping with Windows 7 Home Premium and my OS doesn't work well so I need to boot on the recovery partition but I can't find any way to do so...


The first boot launched the hidden recovery partition and I followed procedure to install the computer's OS.

At one point it would ask me if I wanted 32 bits or 64 bits version of Windows 7, so I just chose the default option (32 bits) because I couldn't find anywhere in the merchant's L500D specifications that is was a 64 bits processor.

After the computer installation, it booted up Windows 7 correctly and I could hear the startup sound, see my desktop for a second and the screen went black, nothing worked at all and I discovered my computer was in fact a 64 bits unit, so that's probably why the video driver won't work correctly, I guess. Everytime I boot my laptop, I see my desktop for a second then it goes black and freezes like that.


Anyway... I want to launch that recovery partition again and reinstall my OS using the 64 bits version.

How can I boot from the recovery partition on my L500D-00F... AND PLEASE don't tell me to hit F8 at boot time, I already tried this and NO I do not have any "Repair" option. The first one is "Safe mode" and there is no such "Repair" or "Recover" option.

By the way, in the disk m... Read more

Answer:How can I access recovery partition on my Satellite L500D-00F?

After calling Toshiba support line, they simply told me to press the zero key on the keyword while booting up :-)

Same way you would press F8, but instead it's the zero key (0)... weird that this issue is not discussed anywhere. Toshiba users, try it! Worked for me :-)

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Hey guys. NEED HELP

How do i load windows 7 back onto my HDD with the recovery partition missing?
And no i dont have a copy of it just windows 7


Answer:Satellite L500 - recovery partition missing


If you didn?t create a recovery disk, then you will need to order the disk from here:


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I have the Toshiba Satellite C660-10D and did not copy the recovery ye had problems with the recovery partition and I lost.

What I can do?

Answer:Satellite C660-10D problems with the recovery partition

You can order a new Recovery disks here:

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Hello, 1,5 years ago I bought Toshiba C55D-A-13G and two weeks ago my HDD was broken, after that I bought new one, but now I don't have operating system because it was on recovery partition and serial key on laptop isn't a installation key for windows 8.1. So what can I do in this situation? How can I recover my recovery partition on new HDD?

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Toshiba Satellite L850 laptop. PSKDGA-02Y012. The original HDD failed in workmates same laptop so we replaced both HDD after creating a recovery usb stick. Then used that to restore the OS to original OOB status.
That worked fine and laptop is running great but now I want to PUT back the Recovery partition (now only on the usb stick i think) to the new HDD.

Simple to shrink the HDD C: (partition 2) on the HDD but then how to transfer twhats on the usb stick (recovery usb stick) back onto the HDD?

Thanks for any help.


Answer:Satellite L850 - How to put BACK a recovery partition on to HDD?

Hello Minsik

When you buy new notebook you will get it with preinstalled operating system (recovery image). Original recovery image is saved on HDD on recovery partition.
Every notebook owner has option to make recovery image back-up and create recovery media. It could be DVD or USB media. You can do it using preinstalled Toshiba recovery media creator tool.
This tool will create bootable recovery media that can be used for original recovery image installation if there is problem with HDD recovery image installation or when HDD is defective and must be replaced.

In case that HDD is defective and must be replaced or notebook owner want to upgrade HDD you can install original recovery image using created recovery media (USB). After recovery image installation you will have the same situation as on first start after notebook purchase. With other words notebook will have factory settings again.

In this case original recovery image is already copied on new HDD and you will also be able to start HDD recovery installation. So there is no reason to copy recovery media onto HDD.
Please note: HDD recovery installation will work with factory settings only.

If you have more questions please feel free to ask.

Good luck.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A300-1MM laptop. I want to factory reset the Windows Vista OS, but leave the other OSes I have in the state they are. I am attaching a screenshot of the disk management selection and the :My Computer:.
I want to reinstall Vista from the recovery disk to the partition I currently have them, without messing other ones.
As boot loader I am using GRUB 2.0 (Ubuntu 14.04)

I want to keep the current partitions and replace Vista.
(I know that i have accidentaly deleted the recovery partition, but i have recovery disks so do notworry)

Thanks in advance , for any other definitions, ask me.

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Help please

I am trying to access my recovery partition on my Satellite A660-18N and I could not find it.
I ve made a stupid thing I ve instaled a fresh Win7 from a cd from my friend without touching the hddrecovery partition.Now I have the fresh copy instaled but I want to go back to the factory one.

It seams from what I ve read on forums that the win7(being different then the one on recovery partition) that is instaled at the moment can't see the recovery partition any more (something was delleted when I ve instaled the copy from my friend.).

is there something i have to replace to boot into it or is there a way to fix it?

Thanks .

Answer:How to access Recovery partition on Satellite A660?

> I ve instaled a fresh Win7 from a cd from my friend
After doing this there is no way to start HDD recovery installation anymore.
Have you created recovery DVDs following advice in User?s manuals document?
If not only way to have ?factory settings? again is to order original Toshiba recovery disc. You can order it on

Sorry. :(

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On my Satellite L450D-11V with Windows 7 Premium 64bit, Tempro today indicated there was an important update that replaces the recovery partition with a new one, to get over the problem of an error message on laptops with more than 4GB RAM. Even though I only have 3GB, it says the update is for everyone as you may upgrade to over 4GB in future.

That's all very well, so I downloaded it and tried to run the unpacked .exe, but half way through installation, it stops and tells me the update is only for 64bit versions of Windows 7....which mine is. I've only had it five days, it came with Windows 7 Prem 64bit, and I've definitely not used the 32bit downgrade DVD...and it clearly states "64bit operating system" in My Computer.

Answer:Satellite L450D-11V - Recovery partition update


Which update do you mean exactly? Can you post some informations please like file name, etc.?

Normally there is no recovery partition. There is only a folder called ?HDDrecovery? on the second partition where you can reinstall Windows from this folder. On Vista and Windows 7 there is a hidden partition but it?s the Windows recovery environment and has nothing to do with Toshiba.

Furthermore I don?t use TEMPRO because install the updates manually if it?s necessary.

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I normally use DBAN to wipe my disks, however, I'm interested in doing this on a laptop without destroying the recovery partition.

Basically on a Satelitte L300 I would like to wipe the HDD using DBAN (Darik's Boot & Nuke) (but preserve the recovery partition) and then do a clean install of Windows 7. Is this possible or do I need to look at another alternative?


Answer:Re: Satellite L300 - Keep recovery partition when using DBAN

I don?t use DBAN and cannot give you proper answer but one thing I must say: create recovery DVD using preinstalled ?Toshiba recovery disc creator? and after doing this you can do whatever you want.

If something goes wrong you can install OS using these discs.
Please note: when you install own Win7 using non-Toshiba disc saved recovery image has no sense anymore because you will not be able to start HDD recovery anymore. To get factory settings again you must use Toshiba recovery DVDs.

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