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How to recover files before using recovery disk?

Question: How to recover files before using recovery disk?


I have a Toshiba Equium and when I turn it on it loads up but the screen where you login doesn't show up, It has a black screen with a mouse, and I need to use the recovery disk to get it back to normal, but I don't want to format the hard drive as I have lots of files on there so is there anyway to recover them files?

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Preferred Solution: How to recover files before using recovery disk?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: How to recover files before using recovery disk?


In my opinion the easiest way is you remove the HDD of your notebook and put it into an external HDD case. Then you can connect this external HDD now to another computer and have access to files on your HDD and you can make a backup.

Alternative you can boot from a Linux Live CD and backup your files on another USB devices.

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After internal Hard Disk crash in ThinkPad W520 I tried to recover back-up content from external HD.  Most programs recovered properly, However the Netobjects Fusion 12 Program and Data Files did not recover. Tried to do it manually and message "zugriff verweigert" (Access denied) appeared.  How can I override message? Or How can I back load the mentioned program from the external Back-up HD?

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Hello Members!I have a Windows 8 OS backup on a Pen-drive & mine is a branded PC from HP~ AIO make.Is it possible to format the entire Hard-drive to reclaim the Space used by Recovery Image desk (D:)? Can someone please help guide me on how to format an entire Hard-drive (both C: & D:) in context to an HP Desktop environment?Help will be sincerely appreciated.Thank you.

Answer:Is it possible to recover the Hard-disk space utilised by Recovery Disk(D:)?

Yes. But not-recommended.The recovery partition  is the only way you have to repair your system in the event of a failure. The computer makers now want you to use that recover if ever a major failure makes your computer unusable. If you need more storage for your photos and videos, consider these methods:A. Use DVD discs to store photos and videos.B. Use a cloud service to save your most important information. C. Purchase in economic external hard drive for extra storage.It would be a b ad idea to format our hard drive unless there was something urgent.

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Hello Members!I have a Windows 8 OS backup on a Pen-drive & mine is a branded PC from HP~ AIO make.Is it possible to format the entire Hard-drive to reclaim the Space used by Recovery Image desk (D:)? Can someone please help guide me on how to format an entire Hard-drive (both C: & D:) in context to an HP Desktop environment?Help will be sincerely appreciated.Thank you.

Answer:Is it possible to recover the Hard-disk space utilised by Recovery Disk(D:)?

Yes. But not-recommended.The recovery partition  is the only way you have to repair your system in the event of a failure. The computer makers now want you to use that recover if ever a major failure makes your computer unusable. If you need more storage for your photos and videos, consider these methods:A. Use DVD discs to store photos and videos.B. Use a cloud service to save your most important information. C. Purchase in economic external hard drive for extra storage.It would be a b ad idea to format our hard drive unless there was something urgent.

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Dear All,

My colleague mistakenly deleted all the file from the Windows 7 recovery drive, drive is still there and nothing have been copied in that drive after deleting the recovery files. Machine is HP Probook 4530s. Is there any way to restore the windows 7 recovery reset the system to its factory settings?

Thanks in advance


Answer:Recover Deleted Windows 7 Recovery Files from Recovery Drive

You might be able to use a free recovery tool like Recuva or MiniTool Partition Wizard. But there are no guarantees that all deleted files will be recovered or that they will be in a usable condition.

Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download

MiniTool Partition Recovery

It may be safer to contact HP support and buy a set of recovery disks for your particular machine. I'm taking a guess that you are in India?

Contact HP - Office locations | HP? India

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I was wanting to restart my Toshiba Laptop, and I inserted the 'Recovery' CD, and pressed F8 and went to the help menu, and when the list came up I clicked on the one that said about restarting my PC and losing all data, and then I clicked on 'Restart' and the computer restarted and the disc was in but it just came back on as normal.

What do I need to do? I tried all the other options and they all worked as normal.

What do I need to do? Do I have to press something else?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


Answer:Cannot recover the notebook using the Recovery disk

To be honest after reading your posting I am more confused then you.

Can you please tell us which notebook do you have?
F8 and disc inside the optical disc drive. Sorry but something is wrong there.

Either you can install Vista again using image saved on HDD (F8 option ? Repair my computer) or use Toshiba recovery installations media. There is no sense to use both at the same time.

Please more info needed.

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my recovery disk was deleted where can i get another one


View Solution.

Answer:where can i get a recovery disk for my hp desktop my recover...

If you do not identify your HP desktop with its complete product name or number, how can you expect us to help you? Look on the rear or side for the HP service tag.

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Hi, I've made a backup when I bought the notebook Aspire V3-771G. After that, I've installed Win 7 with my own serial key. All partitions I deleted. Right now I want to recover system to factory default but I haven't recovery disk nor recovery partition. I've got only backup five files ended with .NFB extensión and one with .CAL extensión. I've tested ghost programs and backup software but none of them could read backup files. Is there any solution for this without buying the recovery disks ? Thanks in advance.

Answer:How to recover system without recovery disk? 9 All of my backup files on my external hard drive are .NBF file extension, how do I restore? In the My Files folder on your destination drive, you should have a File and Fodler.CAL file and your File and Folder*.NBF files. The CAL file is used to track which files are in which NBF files. To restore this, you can click on the Restore button in the mail screen for Backup Now EZ or you can open the action menu and click on restore from the main screen for Backup Now EZ. Then your backup will be automatically selected and you will be able to select your restore points. Then you will be able to select the files you want to restore and restore them. The Complete system backup can only be restored by booting from a bootable CD or DVD made in Backup Now EZ by running the Create Bootable Disc tool in the Tools menu in Backup Now EZ.

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Hey guys

I just bought my Toshiba Satellite L305D half month ago and now my computer kind of not working.
So I?m thinking of to recovery my laptop to when I first bought it but you know when I bought it, it doesn?t come with any recovery disc so I don?t know what to do.

Is any one know how to recovery laptop without a disc?

I'm new at this problem
So please if u knows how to do
Please write down the specific detail to show me how to do

Thank you!

Answer:How to recover Satellite L305D without recovery disk?


First of all you should check the user manual. There you can find all details about how to recover a Toshiba notebook.

Anyway, if your notebook came without recovery disk you can create one using Toshiba recovery disk creator. Therefore you need one or two DVDs and then you have the factory settings on a DVD.
If you have created the recovery disk you can boot from it and follow the screen instructions. Windows will be reinstalled and you get the factory settings back.

But you can also recovery a Toshiba notebook without recovery disk. Therefore go in the advanced boot menu with F8 and choose ?repair my computer?. Now you can choose the Toshiba recovery option and follow the screen instructions.

If you have more questions you can search a little bit in the forum. You will find enough threads about the recovery procedure.
Furthermore you should check this document:
[How to recover a Toshiba notebook with the HDD recovery procedure?|]


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First of all, sorry for my very bad english.

I bought a portable PC 9 months ago, Toshiba Satellite A300. I have had problems with a virus and the result is that despite of the actions of clean and disinfection, the computer remains infected and I have denied the access to the hard disks and regedit.

I have thought to recover the operating system preinstaled of factory (I hope it is the solution and not the formatting) and Barrie told me to check

I did it but the PC says that it's imposible because there's no files. I didn't make a rescue CD (so newbee).

What can I do?

Answer:Satellite A300 - How recover the OS without having Recovery disk?


Did you already install another OS?

Normally the HDD recovery as Barrie suggested always works if the preinstalled Windows from Toshiba is installed but sometimes due viruses it could not work. I mean if you don?t have success with this you will need a Toshiba recovery disk to get back factory settings.

A new recovery disk you can order here:


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Hi there,

I have a Satellite L30-140 and i want to recover the windows on it.
i lost the recovery dvd -.-
Is there any method to recover it? like acers Alt+f10 recover menu?

thanks for your help :)

Answer:How to recover Satellite L30-140 - I lost Recovery disk


You need either the Recovery disk or the clean Microsoft Windows disk in order to install Windows OS gain.
Since L30 is a little bit older, I doubt you could order the recovery disk?
Therefore you will need an Microsoft Windows CD!
You will need to buy such CD if you are not the Microsoft Windows CD owner.


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I'm trying to clean up my Toshiba P300 Laptop with o/s Vista Home Premium SP1 64 Bit......

I've done a complete RECOVERY of my system a short time ago without a hiccup.

Once again I decided to do it but half way thru the 1st disk I get the message"Cannot read from the source file or disk" - PREINST5.SWM. A choice of 3 options allows the CD to proceed so I chose "SKIP".

Then part way throught Disk 2 I get the message to shut down my PC - "10-FC06-0002"


Answer:Can't recover toshiba laptop with recovery disk

hi and welcome to TSF have you tried your recovery partition it might be press zero on boot to access it

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Hi All,

I am trying to restore my A100 laptop to factory settings *without* a recovery CD via pressing a sequence of keys while booting (which should fire up the recovery partition located on the hard drive).

The truly sad thing is, I know this can be done as I have done it before butI can't for the life of me remember what that key sequence was nor can I find the article that I initially stumbled on!

I have scoured the web looking for this key sequence and all suggested solutions I came across don't seem to work.

Failed attempts so far:
- holding down 0 when powering up
- various suggested "F" keys: F1, F8, F10
- holding down delete

Note: I guess it may be worth mentioning that pressing F8 does in fact take me to the "advanced windows boot options" screen however I don't have any recovery options.

So yeh, I would *hugely* appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction here as it's driving me insane... the fact that I have done this before makes it that much worse!

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Answer:How to recover Satellite A100 without recovery disk

> I am trying to restore my A100 laptop to factory settings without a recovery CD via pressing a sequence of keys while booting (which should fire up the recovery partition located on the hard drive).

As far as I know the A100 series has not been equipped with the HDD recovery partition!
And therefore I doubt that any key combination will start the recovery from partition!

Therefore you only chance to recover the notebook is taking the recovery disk and then to boot from it.
You can also try to install the OS from Microsoft Windows disk and then could install the Toshiba drivers from the Toshiba driver website!


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First of all, I want to point out that I have very little knowledge of technology.

I have a NTFS Seagate 2TB Go Flex Desk external hard disk drive. A couple months ago, I found that it had a problem where my laptop could detect it, but couldn't access it and needed to "reformat" it. I left it alone for a while.

Recently, I tried plugging it in again, and behold, it seemed to work okay and I could see all the files and so on. I tried chkdisk without the fixing part (/f). I didn't want to "fix" it until as last resort because it seems to imply some data will be lost. It said there were a lot of bad sectors.

I couldn't read some of the files (most of them were rar files) in my hard disk, and had "read error" and "data error (cyclic redundancy check)". So I basically moved all the files which were normal out of the disk as I couldn't move the others ("can't read from source file or disk") and now I'm left with the broken files, most of which are important. 40gb of 16,000 files.

Is there any hope for me to recover those files? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Edit: after this, how would I deal with the bad sectors?

Answer:Disk read error for files in the harddrive, want to recover files.

OK! The bad sectors are always one of the killers of data on a hard drive. That’s why we are always asked to back up our needed data at least on two separate drives. So, in the future, you should learn to keep at least two copies of your important data on separate drives or locations.
But, right now, since your drive still could be read on your computer, you could try to run some data recovery programs to take chances. Nowadays, many data recovery programs are developed to help people resolve these troubles.

But, if you are not sure, you could firstly try some drive data recovery freeware such as Recuva, TestDisk and iCare Data Recovery Free, etc.
But, if any data recovery software could not make a difference, you could consult a data recovery expert for help and prepare enough money for it.

Good luck!

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Basically, my laptop has been stuck in a start-up repair loop so my only option is to use the recovery CD. However, I have some files which I did not back up before my laptop decided to fail on me. Is there a way in which I can recover these files whilst simultaneously fixing my laptop ?

I am running Windows Vista SP1.

Thank you for any help,


Answer:Satellite A210-11K - Can I recover my data before using the recovery disk?


You can backup your data if you put the HDD in an external HDD case. Then you can connect it to another notebook or PC and you can save the data on it or burn it on a DVD.
That?s all!

Such external HDD cases are very cheap. I have bought my external HDD case from eBay and it?s working well.

But there is no other way to save the data because the Toshiba recovery disk wipes the whole HDD and all on the HDD will be erased.


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Hi there,

I have a Satellite C660D-17E laptop and want to format my hard drive, delete the recovery partition and recover the preinstalled Windows 7 and other software. I don't want to keep any of my own data, that's all backed up already, I just want to be sure I can safely restore the preinstalled stuff. I have a few questions I need help to clear up before I go ahead.

Am I right in thinking the dvd recovery disks I made when I first got my laptop will have all the software and drivers I need on it, the same as the recovery partition would? If I make another spare set now just to be safe will they only have the out of the box default stuff: OS, software and drivers on and none of my data?

I found [this post|] which explains the recovery process. If I select "Erase the hard disk" (so I can erase my hdd and remove the recovery partition too) what happens after that? Will it restore the OS and software from the dvd backup disk? Will the process after this recreate a recovery partition (which I don't want)?

Added sidenote:
I actually would prefer to be able to choose which preinstalled programs get installed after I format, but I'm guessing that's probably not possible and will have to settle for installing everything and removing what I don't want after. Or is there a way?

Sorry I know that was a long post, but I want to be sure of what will happen BEFORE I go and mess things up! :) If you... Read more

Answer:Format HDD, delete recovery partition then recover with disk


I will try to offer some help. ;)
> Am I right in thinking the dvd recovery disks I made when I first got my laptop will have all the software and drivers I need on it, the same as the recovery partition would?
Yes. Recovery image saved on recovery discs contains operating system, all necessary drivers, Toshiba specific tools and utilities and some additional software.
> If I make another spare set now just to be safe will they only have the out of the box default stuff: OS, software and drivers on and none of my data?
Preinstalled ?Toshiba recovery creator? make recovery disc that includes recovery image only. It has nothing to do with your personal data.
> I found this post which explains the recovery process. If I select "Erase the hard disk" (so I can erase my hdd and remove the recovery partition too) what happens after that?
After that you must use created recovery discs for recovery image installation.
> Will the process after this recreate a recovery partition (which I don't want)?
When you use recovery discs for recovery image installation your notebook will have ?factory settings? that include recovery image saved on HDD. To be honest I don't understand why you don't want to have this recovery image on HDD. This allows you to make recovery installation using HDD recovery option. But of course you can delete it later to get more free space on your HDD. For recovery image installation you can always use created recovery DVD discs. ... Read more

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I have been having some problems with my Satellitte Pro A210, (AMD Athlon 64 x2, Vista, 120GB HDD, 2GB RAM), and it seems that I have made recovery discs when new and have misplaced them.

What can I do?

Answer:Satellite Pro A210 - How to recover it with misplaced recovery disk`?

The Hard Disk should have a Recovery Partition.

Try holding down the Zero (0) key when you power on the laptop, this should start the recovery process.

If that doesn't work, press F8 quickly after the Toshiba Splash Screen to enter the Windows boot menu, where you can select to run Recovery/Restore.

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Hello there!

I'm new in the new type of slipstreaming Windows. I was familiar with the old one with Norton ghost. It was easy for me, but I have a problem with the new one. I want to recover only C drive on my laptop with a different size than the factory size.

I want to delete the first partition and rearrange others because I want bigger partition for my data and small Partition for my system. Can I boot program with CD then insert Toshiba recovery disk and use the Vista image on recovery DVDs to recover only C drive?

Excuse me for my English. :-)

Answer:Can I recover only C Drive on Satellite A300 with recovery disk?


At first I must say that your English is very good and understandable. ;)

Back to recovery question. I agree with you. With old Norton ghost recovery image it was possible to install OS on one partition only. Unfortunately with recovery media that you can create with your Satellite A300 something like this is not possible.

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Any one knows of a software that will recover files from a reformatted hard drive, files with extension .tax (turbotax files).I have tried couple of them, they found lots of files but not these.Thanks.

Answer:Recovery software to recover files .tax files?

Hi ju1985,Have you tried Convar FileRecovery. It's freeware.

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Hello everyone!!I Purchased Thinkpad Edge E420-1141-DUQ few days ago. I used the Recovery system in it, to restore my system to factory setting and it really works great!!!!I've made Disks for Recovery as advised(it took 4 DVDs), after making the DVDs i come to know that i can only create one set of the same. So my question are-1. whether next time i'll be able restore to the factory settings as earlier without DVDs or i've to use DVDs for the same (I've not recovered the drive space even after making recovery DVDs. ) 2. what if i lose the DVDs. Can i Create new DVDs/USB drive by any method?? 3. if i lose DVDs and i change my hard drive.. how would i recover??? is there any option?? as lenovo don't provide any disks.??? the product cost inculde the windows 7 cost. how would i'll install windows then..?? 4. how to keep this lenovo drive heathy and error free, Is there any whay i can hide it or protect it as many times kids use this laptop, it may be deleted accidently...  I know this are silly queris but i would appreciate any help...Thanks !!     

Answer:Can I recover from the hard disk partion after making the recovery DVDs

Hello, I was wondering the same thing for my e520, and came to these conclusions: -In short, yes I think you can recover from HDD after making DVDs. Like  you, I kept the partion (did not Recover Drive Space) and it is still possible for me to start the recovery process during booting. I only checked up to the point where it says 'If you press Yes, your system will be restored...' etc, because my system was fine and I didn't actually want to restore it. - You can hide partitions from showing up in Windows explorer, to protect it from getting messed with a little. This is what I did, method number 3 of the link below. This involves making changes to the registry, so back up the registry if you're not really sure about what you're doing! It involves adding a new value in the registry, for drive/partition Q it is decimal 65536 (click decimal when adding - it is described in the link). Remove the value to unhide the drive. The partition is still accessable from e.g. the command prompt and the recovery process during booting (as I described above) still works, it just doesn't show in Win explorer. Hope this helps a bit.    

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What is the purpose of System Recovery F11? After using System Recovery F11, are we still able to recover files that have been created by the owner previously? If no, why? If yes, how to recover? 

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I have sony vaio desktop. For some reason i had to go thru system recovery options which ended up deleting all my personal files in C drive. To my surprise there was no option in system recovery to save my old files .Is there any way to recover these files ? ( i did my system recovery from system itself and did not use any recovery cd/dvd and i did not format my hard drive). I tried with recuva and file scavanger but i am not able to see my old folder there anymore. Please suggest?
OS : windows XP home edition
Please let me know if you need any other information or any other data recovery software i can use ?

Answer:any way to recover files after system recovery?

I got 14 views but not even a single reply ..techsupport crew .. please help me !!!!

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Hello all, I am running a windows vista basic, and I need help on something. My computer came with a Recovery (D) drive, and I deleted everything on it months ago thinking it was of no importance, now I realize it is of great importance. I was wondering if there was a way I could get it all back?

Answer:How can i recover my Recovery drives files?

Contact the maker of the system .They might sell you a cd or dvd."The era of big government is over," said Clinton 1996

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I recently (yesterday) had an issue where my PC green screened and then wouldn't boot windows. After running several diagnostics to make sure it wasn't hardware related I decided to reinstall windows, problem, I have several important documents and media files on my hard-drive that aren't backed up yet (stupid I know), however, this isn't a problem as hp recovery manager presents me with the option to back up my files before I reset, brilliant. I create the backup media, then reset. After boot up everything runs smoothly until I try to use the media backup I created, Hp recovery manager says it can't run a media recovery as it's no longer supported after windows upgraded. My PC came installed with windows 10, I created the backup with the same version, literally everything is the same. For some reason I can't recover my data despite the fact that its sitting on my external hard-drive (in the hp back up format). Please help, if I'd known there was an issue I'd have removed the hard-drive and had my data recovered.

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I have a Satellite Pro L300 running Vista that I am trying to recover using the official Toshiba Recovery Disk as the machine is unable to recover from the hard drive.

The process gets as far as starting the Recovery Utility and asking to select the language on the Recovery Utility to which I highlight English and then select Next; it moves onto the next screen which is blank and then just hangs.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Unable to Recover Satellite Pro L300 Laptop using Toshiba Recovery Disk

Have you bought your notebook with English Vista version?
Which language is marked before you choose English?

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Dear Friends, I have just bought Y460 and before installing any new softwares I want to create recovery disks. Now, I have followed the link but couldn't get answer to my following senario:Will one key recover works with below steps:1) Shrink the C drive of available 420 GB. - Using Disk Management windows utility. Lets say shrinking C drive to 100GB. and creating another drive of ~320 GB.2) Create Recovery disk using One Key feature.3) In case of failure, can I restore windows 7 to its original. Meaning, as of before creating recovery disk. In that case, It will get restored to C drive with 100 GB. Please feel free if you have any suggestion or comments. Have a Good Day.Thank you,Ankur  

Answer:Y460: Creating Recovery disk after shrinking C drive using one key recover works?

if you make any changes on volumes, one key recover will stop working.
but according to the thread somewhere in here, after partitioning volumes, if you make fully backup and update your hidden partition, it may work, but not sure, i haven't tested.
just burn recovery disks before. in case of failure, you can delete and merge the new partition to c, and you may use recovery disks ( not tested )

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I'm trying to help out a friend recover their files. They performed a system recovery using the system recovery cd and they responed "yes" to back up the files before the recovery process started. I can see the folder on the c drive that says MY BACKUP 1-25-09 and can open the folders and files. Now how do they put those files back where they were? Before we do something dumb I would like some expert advice. Thanks!

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Hey guyz!
Due to a program failuer (partition magic) some of the data are corrupted and some are deleted. By using PC inspector i could get almost all of them back but still some are corrupted. for example some JPGs and WAVs which are so so important to me!
by any chance do you know any program which can revover CORRUPTED files rather than try to undelete them???

this topic helped me out a bit but no one had correct answer to my problem!

Ill appreciate your help.

Answer:DATA recovery! (recover corrupted files)

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Im realy stuck. Today my HP pc messed up and i had to do a system recovery. I have done this before with no problems, but this time i lost all my files. The pc is like it was when i first bough it with all the original software. I have a d: recovery drive on the HP. I know my files cant be totaly wiped off the hard drive but i dont know how to recover them. I tried looking at system restore but all the previous restore poins were wiped off. Help please i am going mad!!

Answer:Help! System Recovery Pc And Lost All Files! Need To Recover!

System Restore and System Recovery are two different things.See this:

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Hi. I have a Dell Optiplex 320. I have two internal hard drives. Drive C and Drive D. I formatted drive C and reinstalled Windows XP Pro because my computer was having issues. Before I formatted I moved all of my important work files on drive D. I figured after I formatted I would be able to move those files and access them but when I click on Drive D it says, "The disk drive D is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?". How did this happen? I really need these files for work. I never did anything to change drive D and it was formatted before.

What should I do to recover those files?

Answer:How to recover my files? Disk is not formatted.

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Hi guys,

My name is Ivan. This is my first post here and I hope I will enjoy this forum.

However right now I'm in big trouble. My brother decided to install some linux distro
on the laptop that we both use. He decided me without asking if I have some important
info there. He told me that he wanted to make a dual boot system (I'm not fully aware how it works)
and he said that he did it before, but now just erased my whole disk by mistake.

I thought that this is some bad joke, but when I checked (I gave the laptop to friend of mine who run live some software to show partitions) the whole disk was emty except some folders of the new OS.

I cant describe how I feel right now. Is there a way something to be saved? He told me that he shuted down the system on the moment he realized what was going on and not even 1% of the new OS was instilled. But the fact is that there is nothing anymore...

Please help guys!
Thanks in advance!

Answer:Is it possible to recover files from deleted disk?

Changing to a version of Linux usually formats the drive differently from Windows and recovery may no longer be possible. Shutting down a partial install usually has done the formatting before copying files so again, there may be nothing possible. This may have some help:
Data recovery from accidentally deleted files or crashed drives in Redhat, CentOS and Fedora Linux | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

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Anyone know of a good, preferably free, software to recover some damaged image files which I am unable to otherwise open.
I have recovered some deleted photos using Recuva. Some are in good conditions, but some are not. Most of the photos are in JPG format.

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Dear friends and experts. I bought my Lenovo C3000-C100 a couple of years ago. I did make the recovery DVD, then I copy all files from the recovery partition (the whole ibm_service directory). And I deleted that partition to make more room.  Recently my laptop was infected with virus and I could not find the recovery DVD, but I still have the USB disk with all the files from ibm_service directory and I can boot my laptop with the Hiren boot CD and access them from the external USB disk. By the way, I started Hiden as mini Windows XP environment Do you think I can somehow run the recovery program from those files? If it is possible, how I can proceed? Thank you very much.   

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my cousin had accidentally deleted my MS office files on my laptop which was very important for me. I tried but i didnt find them in Recycle bin. I heard about data recovery software but never used them before, which data recovery software helps me to recover deleted file.

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Hi, anyone know of a program that will data recover MPEG-2 movies that were accidentally removed from my Recycle Bin? I have tried several programs, including Recover My Files, GetDataBack, Stellar Phoenix - one found no files, the other found 1300 files (where there should only be about 10), and the other found the right amount, but the files themselves were absolutely huge, so it must have merged the missing MPEG-2s to some of the other movies that weren't deleted.

Can anyone please suggest a way out of this, either by naming a program that can recover MPEG-2s, or a setting that I need change on one of the progs that I've already tried?

Thank you.

Answer:A data recovery program that can recover MPEG-2 files?

Hola try drive rescue or ontrack- data recovery

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A follow-up to my previous thread:

I, with the help of other generous members, have concluded that my USB drive has automatically deleted the important & only files that I had on the drive... is there any file recovery software besides Recuva that are freeware and can restore the files from USB?

Anyone who needs more information is kindly requested to go back to the original thread ( ) and he/she can infer what I am referring to.

Thank you in advance.

Answer:How should I recover lost files on my usb using a File Recovery Software?

there are several software that you can use.
When it comes to recovering lost files, I prevfer Runtime's GetDataBack for FAT or NTFS, your USB Flash drive will most likely be running a fat file system, so use GetDataback for FAT.

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My mother board is dead. So I attached my hard disk to another windows xp home edition machine as a slave & tried to recover my files. But window not allowed me to open or copy them to another location. Pls tell me how to copy or open my files from another system since they were in NTFS format. Thanks in advance.

Answer:how to recover my files from windows XP hard disk

You could try downloading READNTFS from click here

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I was wondering if I can recover a deleted file from an image or clone hard disk?

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I've been using a 60gb external hard disk which I bought last September.I've formatted the disk and rename it as "leyza's" and have no difficulties in using it in my laptop or others before this.The disk was not in used for about 4 days..and when I plug in through USB recently, there is no autoplay window and no trace of new disk at 'my computer' as usual.But,there is safely remove hardware icon with different hardware's name,not like the one before.How can I recover all my files saved in the disk.Please help me..

Answer:recover files in my external hard disk

check power and usb connections ok?
remeber if you bumped/dropped it etc?
can you hear it spinning up/powering up?
any wierd noises? grinding, clicking etc..

try on a different pc
if your on winxp, goto [my computer (right click)>manage>storage devices] see if your drive comes up there

if it is truly a machanical faliure, then you'd ask yourself how important is your data...

and like the painfull and expensive lesson i've just learnt, backup regularly.....

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When I try to use the Factory Recovery Disk creation program in the ThinkVantage Tools on my W701 with Win 7 x64, I get this message "Unable to Find Files for Recovery Media" and the program won't go forward.  Any ideas out there? Thanks, Jim


Go to Solution.

Answer:Factory Recovery Disk says "Unable to Find Files for Recovery Media"

did you delete the recovery partition on your hdd?

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I was trying to create the factory recovery on my usb drive when my computer went to sleep unexpectdly. Worried this would corrupt the install I canceled the install. Now every time I try to do it again I get the message... "Unable to Find Files for Recovery Media" What can I do?

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After experiencing an error with windows, it wouldn't start up and said I was missing the hal.dll files, I fired up the windows recovery program. It worked like a charm, replaced windows and the hal.dll file, however all my folders with docs and pictures on the desktop that were there previously (which accumulated over years) were not there anymore. Is there any way to recover these missing folder and files? They weren't saved on the c: directly but only on the desktop. I tried system restore but it said there were no system recovery points I could recover from.
Does windows make a backup of these desktop files before it deletes them?
Please help anyone, thanks!

Answer:System recovery for xp deleted my personal files on desktop, can I recover them?

If the computer hasn't been used much since the recovery most of your files will be intact.

The tricky bit is getting them back. The only real way to retrieve your data is to remove the hard drive, plug it into another computer as a second drive and run a piece if recovery software over it.

The first two links are to free recovery software, the third is paid for - this one does work very well.

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Hi guys
have been through the whole folder lock shambles and still cant get my files back -i know they are there just cant see them -think i have exhausted every option except using a recovery program
Can anoyone recommend a software recovery program that will recover these files? -am happy to pay for the program but really was hoping to find someone who had sucess with one before buying
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

Answer:recommendation for recovery software to recover folder lock files


What do you mean when you say folder lock files? Do you mean it has the little lock icon next to the folder?

As for recover programs, we have used Easeus Data Recovery before which has worked well.

Also, I have moved your thread to another area on the forum as its not a network issue.

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a folder on one of my external HDs had problems. I ran checkdisk - first without automatic fix activated. Windows complained. said I need to turn on the option otherwise errors cannot be fixed.
next turn took forever.
in the end it seems like all files are back, but lots of them dont open and some are messed up.

for example there are lots of movie files... but the movies dont fit the titles. and some of them dont start at all in the player. windows obviously messed up something while recovering the files.
now the question. is there a chance to recover those files correctly? with a professional recovery software? if yes, could someone please point me in the right direction?

Answer:files messed up after check disk - how to recover correctly?

The correct procedure is to back up the files first before doing that repair since it should have explained it can damage files.
I would have backed up all the data, wiped the hard drive, run the maker's drive diagnostics, repartitioned and formatted and then run the full Disk Check. Then you'd know the actual condition of the disk which isn't even certain now. You can install Crystal Disk Info now to check its SMART status which is a good indicator of its condition.

I'm sorry but I doubt the files are recoverable.

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How do I get my files off my computer, whose hard disk has failed? windows won't start, it can't read various files and folders even in dos, and scan disk goes so far and gets stuck on a file and stops. I can see the root of the disk in dos, and have managed to copy some files, but some folders won't open, the disk makes a clunking sound when it tries to open them.

Answer:hard disk failed, need to recover personal files

Can you install a new disk and install windows onto it? Then install this one as a slave.Or install into another as slave.

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I have a HP Pavilion, 80 gb hard drive,20 gb free, 512 memory, 2 mghz speed and running xp home. Last Friday I did a defrag on my computer. The first day after, the computer did seem to run better. Then I started getting msg's about different exe. files were missing or corrupted. My programs seemed to be running fine however. Tonight I started to use Q-image to print some photos. and it would not come up--again the missing or corrupted file error msg I thought maybe if I restarted the computer that it would reset itself. Well, it didn't! I had a msg that the "system32\drivers\isapnp.sys" was missing or corrupted. I found the file on my laptop and copied it onto a disk and then copied it onto my desktop. Now the computer is looping and not getting past the windows logo screen. Please tell me how to make a bootable disk and how to get my material off the computer, so that I don't lose my files. Most of them I do have on backup, but I haven't backed up the last couple of months!-which means that all my holiday stuff is on there, plus a paid project. Thanks for any help....Diane

Answer:How can I make a bootable disk for XP and how can I recover my files before I lose th

Can you boot into Safe Mode?

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Hi, there. I need to know the best utility to recover files after a reformat because I want to recover files after a reformat of the hard disk. Thank you.

Answer:What is the best utility to recover files after a reformat of the hard disk?

Check out the software here;

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I know how to recovery files, that is using software Ontrack EasyRecovery, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery, iCare Format Recovery, etc
but i need to recovery an info that is in registry, from formatted disk
what software or how to do this?
*old os is windows xp, that i wanted to get an info in the registry
*new os now is windows 7 32 bit, but i am no using it again now, to recovery the disk in another computer

Answer:How to recovery registry from formatted disk? not recovery files

If you've written data to the disk, specifically loaded another OS, chances or recovery are slim. Windows writes all the info at the beginning of the disk, so it would be over written.
if you still have the disk and it is not written, and you can mount it in another computer you can try an undelete software to get the reg files. They are located at %SystemRoot%\System32\Config\
there are also .bak files that house the same info from the date stamp dates, from the last time a system state backup was done.

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I know how to recovery files, that is using software Ontrack EasyRecovery, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery, iCare Format Recovery, etc

but i need to recovery an info that is in registry, from formatted disk

what software or how to do this?

*old os is windows xp, that i wanted to get an info in the registry
*new os now is windows 7 32 bit, but i am no using it again now, to recovery the disk in another computer

Answer:How to recovery registry from formatted disk? not recovery files

Quote: Originally Posted by siluet206

I know how to recovery files, that is using software Ontrack EasyRecovery, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery, iCare Format Recovery, etc

but i need to recovery an info that is in registry, from formatted disk

what software or how to do this?

*old os is windows xp, that i wanted to get an info in the registry
*new os now is windows 7 32 bit, but i am no using it again now, to recovery the disk in another computer

Are you booted to win7 now? Is winxp disk also connected? If so... what is the winxp drive letter (from wihtin win7)?

What registry key do you want to examine?

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how do I recover my document files, photos, videos and music I had in my hard drive after upgrading to windows 10

Answer:Document files, photos, videos and music recovery after upgrading to Windows 10, how do I recover them?

What do you mean recover? Are you saying they are gone?

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I had installed RHEL4 in RHEL4 in my VMWare Virtual disk.
But now due to some reason, it's not booting up.
How can I recover the data stored in the .vmdk file?
Thanks in advance,

Answer:How to recover files in VMWare virtual machine disk(.vmdk) file?

If you have another VM then you can add the non-booting vmdk file to it as another hard drive. At least that's the theory, in my experience what boots is the added vmdk file so you would actually want to add a good/bootable vmdk file to the non-booting VM.

Then boot it up and the files will be accessible.

So, to get started, you need to create another RHEL4 VM.

Hope that makes sense.

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Hi all. Earlier today I was playing around with Windows 8 Developer Preview inside of Virtualbox. I tried to install the VB guest additions (which allows copy-paste between guest and host, as well as other things) and was told to restart the computer. So I restarted the VM and got the new version of the BSOD saying something or other that I cant remember now. After trying to fix it with the recovery tool that came with the Win8 installer, I just chose to reset it because I hadn't really done anything. So I reset it, whoopdie-doo, and kept messing around with it. After a while I got bored of the ugly Metro UI and went back to Windows 7 ( I just closed the VM).

Now that I've bored you enough with background info, here's my problem. I reboot my laptop and I can't boot... "Windows has failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix this problem: <instructions in how to use the recovery disc to repair the computer>. If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance. File: \Boot\BCD Status: 0xc000000f Info: An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data."

So, I whip out my handy-dandy thumb drive that can boot into live Kubuntu, Fedora, GParted, and the Windows 7 x64 recovery disk. I've used the recovery disk before to fix my MBR a while back and it worked perfectly. So I assumed it would do its thing now.... right? Wrong. It searches for Windows inst... Read more

Answer:"Windows failed to start..." Recovery disk is unable to recover Win.

Nevermind! I fixed it!

The recovery disk I had on my thumb drive just didn't want to put as much effort into it as recovery disk I burned to a CD a while ago (I downloaded the ISO for the recovery CD from NeoSmart while they still hosted them for free, but I downloaded the ISO on my USB from some other website I can't remember). While doing some housecleaning (it's pretty sad to see me do such a thing- I'm either really stressed or really happy whenever I house clean) I found an old Windows 7 x64 recovery CD that I had downloaded from before they stopped hosting it in favor of some paid service. I decided to give it a go, and it worked! In the third paragraph of my original post, I said that the Recovery Disk on my thumb drive told me "Failed to Save Startup Options", but with the Recovery Disk I burned to the CD, it told me to reboot my PC and (after waiting about 10 minutes for the System Restore to check and double check itself, and then reboot again) I'm back in Windows 7!

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my hard disk is corrupted...
It doesn't detect any hardwares nor it installs any software...
I have got new hard disk..
is Der any way to recover data from old hard disk to New one????

Answer:recovery hard disk files

Connect the old harddrive and take whatever files you want off of it.

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Hi. I have a really urgent problem. My computer is not working, and some of my very important files are in there. So I took out my hard drive and connected it to another computer. However I cannot acces my documents because I had previously set up a windows login password on my computer, which means I can only access the files if I'm accessing my own computer. Do you have a way that can make me log on to the drive on another computer or some other way of finding the files. The files aren't lost, I just can't get to them. It has got a 10,000 word essay on it and it's due on Monday! Please help!

Answer:Hard disk files recovery

Try this:For XP Vista

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Came across this article that might be useful for others.
"In this article we will describe logical data recovery from a hard disk drive or other storage device in perfect physical conditions. If you suspect your storage device has any kind of physical damage ? do not try to use any recovery or test software on it. Provided methods can be used right away and without any special knowledge."
Read the rest here: Data Recovery for Dummies: simple way to rescue your files

Answer:How to rescue files and recover data - Data Recovery Guide

Sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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I am at the point where I need to perform a back to factory settings recovery process. Unfortunately, as I went to create the recovery disks an error informed me that a file was missing. After discussing with technical support I was told that the file most likely became corrupted over time. In addition, my warranty expired several months ago. I find it distressing that due to a corrupted file in a separate partition of the T500 laptop that I had to PAY Lenovo for new recovery disks. In addition, I recommend a Customer Service Board on the Forum. The gentleman I spoke with in your Atlanta call center was terse and unprofessional. After I asked him where to lodge a complaint he suggested I use this blog, and then asked, "Do you want to do this or not?" Afterward, he put me on hold for nearly 10 minutes while he rebooted his computer. After transferring me to a customer rep to take my payment information he had a side conversation without putting the phone on mute. Lenovo has lost not just a fan, but a customer in my future IT needs. - Adam

Answer:Recovery Disk - Missing Files on Computer

hey aslak,sorry to hear about what had happen. do note that for recovery disc ordered through us, is a chargeable that you have purchased the disc, do inform us if you are able to recover your unit.

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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i recently made a recovery disk for my windows 7 laptop due to a virus i had on it. anyway some of my picture files & other documents are on the disk...i had put the recovery disk back in my c drive to see if i can access the files again... well i had found them under a folder which are
"boot files" but for some reason i cannot open them. what can i do to open the file?

Answer:opening boot files on a recovery disk

The recovery files created with most system backup softwares (including the built-in Windows 7 Backup) are compressed using a proprietary compression format so as to consume less disk space.

To access the files you must run the recovery process (using the same recovery software) to restore your Windows 7 as it was when you made that backup.

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I need to free up some space in my recovery drive (D: ). Every time I run a scan it fails because I don't have near the space needed on this drive. The drive capacity is about 9 MB, and I only have 8% of that free. The scans keep telling me to free up some space.

Is this D: drive slowing down my computer?

When I click on the icons in the D: drive that have the most space (4GB, 2GB), I get a message saying:


This area of your hard drive (or partition) contains files used for your PC Recovery.

Do not delete or alter these files.

Any change to this partition could prevent any recovery later.Click to expand...
*Does this mean that I won't be able to restore my computer to factory settings, even with my recovery DVDs?

Or does it mean that I won't be able to perform a backup next time I want to?

If I can't delete any files off it, how can I free up space, so it will pass the tests?

I'm tempted just to delete the files...but am unsure, and I thought I would post a message about it first.


Answer:Can I delete files in the recovery disk? Need more space.

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attempting to create a recovery disk with a "iso" in a .rar. i put the unzipped two folders and a file to a dvd. nothing can be done with these when clicked or attempting a boot from them i've found. what file or files are put to a dvd to enjoy a recovery disk, to repair two files within the system32 folder that show up on BSODs?
please and thank you

folders - boot, sources
file next to them - bootmgr

once folders are clicked
files in folder boot - bcd,, bootfix
files in folder sources - boot.wim

Answer:[SOLVED] layout of files put to recovery disk?

Create the recovery DVD from from the control panel in Vista> Create a system repair disc

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I have just bought an NB200 and am trying to make recovery disks. When I load the Recovery Disk Creator programme, under Disc Selection it shows no files or options for CD/DVD and the Create button at the bottom is greyed out. Can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong? I am a bit of a novice so any help would be really appreciated. thanks

Answer:Recovery Disk Creator won't show files

What DVD Drive do you have attached?

You will need an external USB2 DVD Drive.

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Hi y'all,
I recently (last night) bought the "Recover My Files V3.73" software to try and recover my lost emails on my reformatted HD. It seems to work nice and all but when I save the files, it seems to lump them all in one file and its a flash file extension for that matter......any body have any experience with this software? I am awaiting a reply from the makers on this problem, but was hoping some one might of had the same (or similar) problem and how they went about it.

Thanks to EAFiedler for the previous help.....

Cheers in advance

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How do you recover lost/damaged files from a damaged disk (external)?

I'm not sure if its just damaged or crammed way too full but it started when I plugged it into another computer at the front along with another hard drive which I've never done at that particular computer before but I thought it would be fine since I always plug in both at the back of my own computer.
At the other computer this disk disappeared and only the other one showed up. So I plugged out the other one and tried to make it show up. It didn't and when i plugged it out "Drive H:\ needs to be formatted" showed up" I just kept trying at all the usb ports to failure.
I tried to plug it in my computer and my laptop leading to the same result.

I'm talking about a "1TB FreeAgent GoFlex Seagate", image I took the butt part out and installed it in my computer directly. I think that's when the chkdsk utility showed up after windows started. I let it run when it started up. it finally showed up! The files still worked. but it was still almost full so I bought a new hard drive to transfer the files to and then format the old one and start clean, or so to say.

I plugged in my new hard drive and tried to transfer some files. It transferred some, but others gave me a few errors in transferring. Then I tried to transfer it to my laptop. It can't transfer directly from one external ha... Read more

Answer:Recover lost/damaged files from damaged external disk?

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Hi, I have recently purchased a desktop running Windows 10 and have a query about creating recovery files which could be used in the event of a hard disk failure when the disk needs to be replaced. (Hopefully this won’t happen but I want to be prepared just in case!).
In the past desktops I have bought have always either come with recovery dvds to restore the machine to its factory settings or there have been instructions as to how you can create these yourself. However this isn’t the case with my new Lenovo machine.
I have found some general instructions on the web to create a recovery drive (via Control Panel -> Recovery -> Create Recovery Drive) and then ticking the “Back up system files to the recovery drive” option which seems very straightforward. However being a non-techie I just wanted to ensure that this process would create a recovery drive that could be used to recreate my machine to the position it was in when I took delivery – ie with Windows 10 installed along with all the associated system files and delivered programs including drivers, Lenovo specific files etc (listed via Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Uninstall or change programs).
If so would this mean if the worst happened I would simply replace the hard disk and boot up using the recovery drive and then have the machine as it was when it was shipped? (I take regular backups and would be happy to reinstall any additional software I have on my machine).
A... Read more

Answer:Windows 10/System Files Recovery - New Hard Disk

the recovery drive gives you a clean install of windows 10 minus any extra drivers not already built in to 10
easiest way to back up is to take an image of the drive using something like Macrium reflect free. and make the recovery disc to use to boot the image from.
do this with the machine as new and keep the original image.
Take regular images delete older ones and if the machine fails you can retore the image and the machine is as it was systems programs data and all.
you can even restore an image to a new drive if the HDD fails.

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Hello.My wife and I recently got her mother a new computer and I received her old laptop for free. I have ordered new ram and an ssd to upgrade the computer to make it more usable for my needs. I went to do a full system restore so I could easily get her information off and put mine on, but she didn't get a recovery disk when she bought the computer. I went to go create recovery media on a usb, and it says that there are required files missing. I checked out the hdd and there appears to be no healthy recovery partitions on the drive. I am willing to buy a new windows key to install onto the ssd, but I am worried that I will not be able to find all the drivers necessary to make the computer run properly again. If it were a computer I had built that would be one thing, but I am not sure of all the components in this laptop. I am also concerned with that option because the bios does not appear to give me control of boot priorities, and I read that some bios's have the windows key attached to them. I am looking for any advice that you can give on my situation.Thanks in advance.

Answer:Upgrade to ssd, missing recovery disk/required files

SluRpiii Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! First of all, you report using Win10, but since this PC did not come with Win10 preinstalled, there is no way to get recovery media for that OS for this PC. Second, this PC came with various OSs preinstalled, the most recent being Win8.1 -- and unfortunately, HP does not provide Win10 drivers for this PC.  So, if you install Win10, you will have to struggle with installing Win8.1 drivers in compatibility mode, and while that MIGHT work, there is no guarantee, and if any driver upgrades fail, you will be left with a PC with some functions not working. If this PC came with Win8 of Win8.1 preinstalled, the product key is embedded into the UEFI firmware of the motherboard and restoring it using HP Recovery Media will automatically reuse that key.  Problem is, that HP does not appear to stock the recovery media for this PC anymore. You can try contacting HP Customer Support directly, using the links below, to see if you can order if from them:If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page: you live elsewhere, contact information is on this page:, HP Customer Support is generally not available on the weekends, so you might have to wait until Monday to contact them.---------------------------------------&nbs... Read more

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I got a new windows 10 laptop a few weeks ago and I'm belatedly getting around to creating a system recovery disk on usb. I'm intending to use the standard windows 10 option 'create a recovery drive'. Someone mentioned that among other things this would be useful if I ever wanted to sell the machine on further down the line and wanted to do a clean install.

My question is, does the standard recovery disk save personal data because I've already loaded some music, docs, notes vids and added a few browser bookmarks etc. Basically I'm hoping it doesn't because I wouldn't want to pass anything on. (I already do 2 separate backups of my personal stuff in case of failure, so that's not an issue)

Answer:Does recovery disk save personal folders and files

I'm intending to use the standard windows 10 option 'create a recovery drive'. Someone mentioned that among other things this would be useful if I ever wanted to sell the machine on further down the line and wanted to do a clean install.

On a new PC - I would highly recommend that you > Create a Recovery Drive..
This will save the Factory Image to a USB - so if ever needed, you can re-install the factory Out Of Box setup..
That recovery drive will NOT contain any personal programs or files...

To backup the current state of your PC - Programs, Files, settings, etc..
I would recommend Marcium Reflect Free >

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Hi all.

The other day my PC wouldn't boot. It had been blue-screening on me all day. Then after about 5 blue screens i restarted and it came up with "system is missing this file" "use recovery disk".

So I used the recovered disk and chose the non-destructive method. So all the stuff on my harddrive would be kept. This is all good. Its all in a folder called "My old Disk Structure -- 07-10-25 0736PM".

I can access "Program files" "Applications" folders etc. But the files I need are the ones in the documents and settings folder. But I can't open that folder! I just wanna get them files, stick them on my USB, format the hard drive. Then once formatted transfer onto empty harddrive.

Also: My sister has a user account on the PC too but her "documents and settings" is folder ok. All her files are safe on a USB stick now.

Anyway heres a screenshot. I really hope someone can help and I thank you in advance.

Answer:PC wouldn't boot. Had to use recovery disk. Now can't open a few files.

You have to log on as an administrator and give your new user account full access to the folder in the 'Security' tab in the folder properties.

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I have installed a recovered hard disk as a slave drive to another PC. I have access to most files via windows explorer but because there was a log in password on the old PC I am denied access to documents and settings.I have tried "sharing" with no success

Answer:hard disk recovery - access denied to files

click here;en-us;308421&sd=techclick here to take ownership of the files.

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I got a new windows 10 laptop a few weeks ago and I'm belatedly getting around to creating a system recovery disk on usb. I'm intending to use the standard windows 10 option 'create a recovery drive'. Someone mentioned that among other things this would be useful if I ever wanted to sell the machine on further down the line and wanted to do a clean install.

My question is, does the standard recovery disk save personal data because I've already loaded some music, docs, notes vids and added a few browser bookmarks etc. Basically I'm hoping it doesn't because I wouldn't want to pass anything on. (I already do 2 separate backups of my personal stuff in case of failure, so that's not an issue)

Answer:Does recovery disk save personal folders and files

I'm intending to use the standard windows 10 option 'create a recovery drive'. Someone mentioned that among other things this would be useful if I ever wanted to sell the machine on further down the line and wanted to do a clean install.

On a new PC - I would highly recommend that you > Create a Recovery Drive..
This will save the Factory Image to a USB - so if ever needed, you can re-install the factory Out Of Box setup..
That recovery drive will NOT contain any personal programs or files...

To backup the current state of your PC - Programs, Files, settings, etc..
I would recommend Marcium Reflect Free >

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Hi I have a Satellite A200 that was delivered with a 'product recovery cd'. I recently have had an infection/trojan/spyware of some sort as the windows defender has been taken over by something other (plenty of abnormal error messaes and asking me to buy the full version). I am no expert but i surely know that windows defender is a free program.

Anyway, please could someone give me advice on the best way to overcome this. i.e. the best option to use. Is there anyway I can back up the files I have (apart from using an external HD drive).

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite A200 - How to use recovery disk and backup all files?


_How to use the recovery disk?_
That?s pretty easy: Insert the disk and boot from it ? That?s all!
Furthermore you have to follow the screen instructions and make some clicks but that?s really all!

_How to backup the files?_
First of all I?m wondering that you ask for that. You didn?t make a backup as yet? What do you do if your HDD crashes on next morning?

Anyway, the Toshiba recovery disk wipes your whole HDD. That means you have to save your files on an additional drive. Everything on the internal HDD will be deleted.

You don?t want to use an external HDD?! Why?

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Hello all!

First of all I am new to this forum so I would like to say hello and thank you so much in advance for your kind guidance and support!

I am encountering some slight difficulties with my External Hard drive.. I am running an dell studio xps 1640 laptop with windows 7 64 bit home premium. Unfortunately last night my external hard drive had i guess a "loose connection" not to my computer.. to the connection to the hard drive. (Mind you its an iOMEGA 500GB). Unfortunately by accident it fell about 1 ft off my coffee table. I have so many important files on there (College Notes, Lectures, Homework, Music) and now it wont even read on my windows laptop. I tried connecting it to my windows 8.1 and windows 10 desktops....but all it does it sees the device but it wont browse the disk through file explorer to see my files.

I cant initialize the disk either! I get an redundancy error. I have attached below my screenshots of my issue. Please help!

Best Regards
Kevin =]

Answer:[help] How should I recover my files on a "Bad Disk" External?

I would try to run a chkdsk /f /r. You may have to give it a drive letter.

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Hi,I have a Lenovo T420.Hard disk includes 3 partitions- c: regular, d: system_drv (hidden), f:lenovo_recovery (hidden).System_drv partition i believe includes the installation file of Win 7.I'd like to replace the old hard disk with a new one, so i believe i need to copy partitions d: and f: to the new hard disk, so it will conatin both Win 7 installation files and lenovo recovery. I'd be glad for any help how can i solve it. Thanks,

Answer:Copying Lenovo recovery and Win 7 installation files to new hard disk

SYSTEM_DRV does not contain the Windows 7 install files. It contains the bootloader, which can boot into the Rescue and Recovery environment on Lenovo_Recovery.If you want to use a new blank hard drive, I recommend creating a set of recovery disks from your current hard drive, then restoring to the new drive.

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Hi everybody,

I'm having some trouble with my computer: it won't boot. It keeps giving me an error: about windows root\win32\hall.dll being missing or corrupt. The recovery console doesn't give me any windows installation to choose from, but using the "dir" command I can see all my files.

I was planing on copying all the necessary files to an external hard disk so I can completely reset the internal one. My question: How do you do that (the copying)?

Please explain in some detail, bcause I'm not into this kind of thing, I usually don't go further than chkdsk c: /r or fixboot or stuff.

thanks a lot,


Answer:copying files to external hard disk from recovery console


you will firstly need to be in the directory in order to copy anything. I think at the moment you are in C: drive or your local disk as it is known it could be a nother drive. If you do dir *.* and you see program files, windows etc then you are in c drive.

Now, thid depends on what you are copying, if you are copying my documents then do this
cd\documents and settings
cd/my documents
copy *.* E:\

Ok the copy will copy everything in my documents folder, including sub folders etc, it will save to the drive E:. Now if you are putting external hard drive you need to know which drive it is , D: F: g you can guess if you don't know by trying them one by one

ps, if cd\ doesn't work try cd/

but this hal.dll can be fixed in another way, you don't have to format pc try the following procedure i have written

1) i assume you have already inserted the xp disk other wise you cannot access recovery console unless you are using a live cd
2) in the command type expand D:\i386\hal.ddl_ C:\windows\system32\hal.dll
The expand will open that particular directory, you can change the d letter to your cd drive, though it is generally d. don't forget the _ and the C:\ is you local disk. If it says press y to overwrite do so.
unless it is different, or you have two partitions etc.

lastly don't forget you can try a repair install, if you have xp pro you can do this and this will rewrite the windows directory and you will not lose anything.

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Hello, I am trying to use the recovery disc option, but during the creation of the third disc, I get this error repeatedly (I have tried to create it 4+ times now, using the same type of discs that worked fine with the first 2 discs). The full error message is:

'differences were found between the following files. Source path: E\HDDrecovery\SWImg\0975XSP2.swm Target path:F\ZZImg\09753XSP2.swm (error code: 02016F-3C-00000000)'

How do I solve this? I wish to reformat my laptop, and thought that it would be best to create these discs first. Is it recommended to have the discs before I try to reformat? Would this error prevent me from using the 'restore to factory settings' option that is present by pressing the 0 key during the loading screen?

(I'm not very technically able, so I'm worrying greatly about doing something wrong).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Cannot create Recovery disk - error: differences were found between the following files

Did you try to use different disks from different manufactures?
Do this. I had similar issue and this was related to not fully compatible disk.
I use TDK ?R CD or DVD. They work great!

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Hi all, a while ago I had the idea to start from scratch to clean up the system and gain more performance. But I have not done yet because I have some doubts.

On the PC I have Acronis True Image Home 2011
--> In the part where it says My backups I see the image that I have saved.
--> When I click on "Explore and recover" :To the right I see 2 items to recover: "Reserved for System and Local Disk (C)"
Therefore, the partition (D)will remain intact. Right ? But if I want to restore everything, both partitions, i have to use the option "Files and folders" ?

Extra info : I did not create the image, other person is who created it :P

Answer:Difference between recover partitions or recover files and folders.

How long ago was that Acronis image made?

I guess I don't understand your intent. You talk about starting over to clean up and gain more performance, but then express interest in restoring "everything".

Was that image made at a time when your system was running perfectly? How has your system changed since that date? If you restore, you will have to reinstall any applications you've acquired since the image was made. And that image won't contain any personal data acquired since it was made. Maybe it contains no personal data at all?
If you are going to "start from scratch", I assume you mean you want to do a clean install of Windows.

If you were to do that, the only thing in that image file that might possibly be important to you would be personal files---pictures, videos, mp3s, Word documents, browser bookmarks, possibly email, etc. And that would be personal files as of the date of that image, not your current personal files. And not Windows itself.

If I wanted to "start over", I would:

1: back up all current personal files to some other drive, probably external. I would NOT use an image for this. I'd just copy them with the mouse.

2: reinstall Windows.

If I did those 2 things, the contents of the Acronis image would be irrelevant.

You should forget about Acronis if you don't understand it or know whats in any images you have. Particularly if you didn't make the image yourself. Images can fail you anyway. I'd never rely on them exclusi... Read more

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Not able to do full recovery on u310... I have created "Factory Default Recovery Disc" previously and have 3 DVDs.  No matter what I tried I'm getting this Notice on trying to recovery from factory DVDs. "The program cannot restore the system partition because its structure is incorrect.  You may have to recreate the partition to continue." When I click "OK" it goes back to the "Welcome to Lenovo OneKey Recovery" screen.  I'm not able to get past this error.

Answer:u310 not able to recover using OneKey Recovery - "Factory Default Recovery Disc"

Adding... The NOVO key recovery does not work.

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Brand new laptop, I just received and tried to create a recovery USB drive.  I run "create recovery drive' wizard and got "a problem occurred while creating the recovery drive" error.  I could create a recovery drive when I unchecked "Back up system files to the recovery drive"
I googled the issue and found that it might be related to missing or corrupted install.wim file.  did I get bad laptop??  Tried Dell tech support but couldn't get any support....

Answer:Can not create a recovery disk with system files on Windows 10 inspiron 15 5000 laptop

I have the same problem on an Inspiron 13 running Windows 10. Creating a recovery USB drive always fails with "problem occurred while creating the recovery drive".
Following the suggestion of user "Mogojohn" on the Microsoft forum, I was able to do "Create System Image" by selecting "Settings", "Update & Security", "Backup", "More Options", "See Advanced Settings", and then look for System Image Backup at the lower left. Here is the Microsoft forum thread:
I backed up the system onto 4 image DVD's plus a System Repair DVD. I restored the system using these DVD's and everything seems to be OK so far.
Restoring this system image does not get you to a factory install, instead it takes you to the system state when you created the system image. But this is at least enough for me not to return the Dell Inspiron 13 (for now).
I would still appreciate it if Dell would explain how to get the Create USB Recovery function to work.

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I'm a mainframe person with some windows experience, but I am an Ubuntu/Linux virgin.

I was aked by a relative to see if I could sort out a Toshiba NB100 11R with Ubuntu remix loaded. The touchpad was no longer working.

I assumed it was a driver problem, so found my way to the drivers. I couldn't get any further, it was password protected. The relatives didn't know the password or even that a password had been set.

As they had the recovery disk and I had an external dvd drive, I decided to do a full recovery.
The recovery failed.

When I tried to boot the NB100, I got a GRUB error 2.

I tried the recover disk again, this time I got error 20107, I can't find this documented anywhere.

I also managed to get a boot menu at one point, which gave me the option of booting Ubuntu, or recovering. I chose the recover option, this failed with "cannot open root device SDA2 or unknown block".

I downloaded Ubuntu 10.04 netbook edition and tried to boot the NB100, this failed with a multitude of read errors.

I re-booted with the Ubuntu 10.04 netbook, this time it worked. I chose the try Ubuntu option. Ubuntu loaded.

So that's where I am at the moment, I've managed to load Ubuntu running from the DVD drive. The NB100 hard drive seems to be ok. The touch pad is working. I can't recover from the dvd drive or the boot recovery option.

As I said I'm an Ubuntu virgin, I don't know what to do from here.

What I want to do is recover to factory cond... Read more

Answer:Unable to recover NB100 from recovery cd or boot recovery option.

Well.. It seems the recovery files related to Ubuntu in the "FileSystem" are damaged. And the GRUB loader is severely damaged as well. Error 20107 means that the recovery can no longer be initiated. That error happened to me before but when I tried to recover my database on MySQL. I don't know how is this related.

Anyway, since you can access the partitions from the Live CD, If I were you, you can get an External Hard Disk and backup all the data onto that Drive. And Install a new version of the Ubuntu Netbook Remix 10.04 that you've downloaded . You can Install it from the Favorites when you boot from the DVD by "Install Ubuntu Netbook Edition". When it comes to partitioning, Choose the option to Erase all the Hard disk. That will install a new system with new GRUB loader as well but Erasing all the data on the netbook hard drive. From this point you can start the recovery from the Recovery Disc. I know this is a long solution. But to be sure if the problem is from the recovery CD or the system itself.

But one question, Does your NB100 come with an Ubuntu Recovery Disk ? Toshiba notebooks always have problems with Linux Based OSes :S

If you need more help, I am here. I worked with Linux systems for about 2 years but not as much as Windows ofc.

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I have a Windows7(Home Premium) pre-installed Sony Vaio Nw20SF/S laptop in which i tried to create Recovery disks(2 DVD's)... using Vaio Recovery disk Software(Inbuit). It stopped(or hanged donno) in the middle while creating the 2nd DVD then that was cancelled, but a new partition with no FileSystem is created for about 9.3 GB when i look in the Computer Management tool present.

Now, i have two questions to ask...

1) Does Sony Vaio models with Windows 7 comes with Hidden Recovery Disk Partition(D:... something like that or not)???
2) What to do or how to make use of the 9.3GB partition present???

Please Help.
Thanks a lot in Advance...

Answer:Regarding Recovery disk and Recovery disk partitions in Sony Vaio NW series...

Help please.....

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Hi, guys. I had tried to reformat my G460 previously using the one key recovery. But half way through the recovery there is a error pop up and stop the recovery. And caused my computer to have a winboot.exe error whenever I start up. I had lost the recovery CD.Please advise on what I can do. I had search the web for Lenovo recovery CD Iso file. But I cannot find it.Thanks in advance and wish u guys a happy Chinese New Year!!

Answer:G460 lost recovery CD, One key recovery cannot recover

HI Kuniyo , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
Assuming that the harddrive integrity is still ok , you may simply proceed to a clean installation of windows if other repair option would not work . 
Copy of  the recovery image can be ordered at tech support for your OS version specific to your pc along with the preset drivers needed . Do you stillo recall the windows version you had originally?
English, Mandarin 6818-5314 (Standard Charges Apply), 1-800-818-5219 Schedule a Callback for faster support
9:00 - 18:00 Monday - Friday 9:00 - 15:00 Saturday 
Alternate option is to get your ISO similar to the original Windows version that came with your pc .
This would automatically activate the product key embedded on the system . 
You may review similar discussion and steps that was previosly done on this thread. 
With regards to the drivers , simply download it from the support site. 
Update us how it goes. 
Gong Xi Fa Cai .

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I have a Toshiba Satellite 2435-S255. My cd-ROM has stopped working since I tried copying one of my children's games. I thought I would make a spare for my kids to both be able to play. I tried everything to get it to work again. I even called the company that made the game and told them what I did. They said it was not their software, that they have no copy right protection that would do that. Since then I have made a mess of my computer. I have restored it a million times in the system restore program. It is playing DVD's but no data cd's will play and it does not register any blank cd's. I went out and bought a Memorex external USB disk drive and recorder. I just want to recover my computer to factory settings using the recovery disks I have. The TEAC disk drive in the Toshiba wont read the recovery disks at all and the external drive reads the disk but when it reboots it looks for the disk in the internal and wont registers the USB drive automatically. I'm hoping their is a way to bypass the reboot and just start the recovery or any other solution. I even reassigned the drive letter and have since put it back to original.

Answer:My disk drive won't read my recover disk or any other data. HELP

Check and see if Toshiba has the restore info on a hidden partition and how to proceed using it...most laptop manuf. set them up this way.

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I recently restored my system to restore point set prior to a failed upgrade to W10 . The restore was "successful" but then... When I boot up, I get normal login but when I enter my password system tells me it is setting up my desktop??  Then it stalls in never never land. When I  boot in safe mode I get my normal desktop but not much works including networking. Most anything I try yields an explorer  error message that the file or resource cannot be found, etc.  Curiously I can open any PDF file with Acrobat and I can even browse and load  other PDF files on the hard disk from within acrobat. I ran boot log and in fact most of the the drivers other than sysroot... did not load. I tried all of the repair options provided by HP and microsoft without success.  So I decided to restore using a set of disks I dutifully prepared when I recently moved my system.  Unfortunately the restore from disk option cannot find the boot file on disk #1.  When I put the disk in another machine I see a normal set of foders including one named "Boot"??I REALLY want to get my system back to what I had when I exeuted  the restore to restore point!

Answer:System Restore issues Recovery from recovery disk set disk#1...

Be sure disc 1 is clean and no scratches and try again,

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I am a new player here, so excuse me if i make a mess of this. I have a Sony Vaiol laptop and am  running vista.  I haven't used it for a lot other than internet, so data limited and space is problem started suddenly when i turned on pc and a black screen with the error message,"disk read error, press cntrl+alt+del to continuie."didnt do it! Wouldnt do anyuthing.Finally, I acquired legal sony recovery disks. And when the screen to choose operating system comes up, there is none so it says apply drivers and im lost, I have no familiarity with hard disk drivers so....but did bring up command prompt in recovery and through luck and lil else, i happened on chkdsk and found it to all check out but it does say NTFS not fat 32, but found no problems. Now Im dumb completely!!! Help if you can.

Answer:hard disk`??? wont reboot even with recovery disk yet all disk checks say fine.

Sony Vaiol laptop.Has problems of its own. It is not piratical to give you guidelines on this laptop. There have been many issues about how to repair and maintain it. The recovery discs should have everything you need.Here is a bit of advice, not really my own, try to sell the unit to somebody that thinks they know how to fix it. Then go buy a new or used laptop that will suit hour needs.The cost of ownership of any laptop is higher that many new users expect. Some more than others.This  may sound like a rant to put down Sony. It is not. Sony has made their own bed of nails. Look at this article from last year:Sony Vaio Laptop Recall: Everything You Need To KnowRead the article. You decide.

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Hello, A friend conscientiously made the recovery disks when he got his machine, and now needs to use them. Much to his and my dismay, some of the files on the disks are corrupted in some way or another. He upgraded the hard drive after making these disks and had wiped the original drive in order to re-task it, so nothing from it is available. The machine is out of warranty, of course, so I understand that support will be ... less than supportive. Where might I be able to download disk images (preferably in DVD format) or perhaps the individual image files which are damaged? I can provide a list of them and which of the recovery disks they are from.  Would anyone consider making such available for download or uploading them to a website? You can privately contact me at  tumbleweed underscore biff at yahoo dot com.  Thank you in advance. The machine is a 7650-9LU Mike

Answer:R61i Recovery Failure - corrupt restore files, need recovery files

A further note: another attempt to copy files from the CDs made for this purpose and there is only one file it was unable to copy:   4GOIE2A0.IMZ If someone would make this single file available, it is really all I need. Thanks in advance, Mike 

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hello i have win 8.1 and i'm confused about the differents about these disk i mentioned.
1)can you tell me what are the differents?
if are three different disk:
2)how can create each of them?
3)where is usefull each of them?
4) can i create these disks to usb?
also i have not any installation disk of win 8.1 (my preinstalled os was win 7).i have created a windows image backup.the backup is anything from that?
5) for automatic repair which disk i will create?
sorry for my bad english

Answer:system repair disk-installation disk-recovery disk

Originally Posted by vasilis

also i have not any installation disk of win 8.1

How to download and create a bootable Windows 8.1 installation media. -> link

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Icons are missing. Folders on the desktop are gone. Tried to recover the folders, it says it is done but I still can not find my folders. The tiles will not stay on the start up menu. When I reboot the computer I have to start the whole process again. How to I fix this? Will Windows 10 be fixed soon by Microsoft?

Answer:Windows 10 updated, wiped out my desktop files, it won't let me recover the files.

check out "windows.old" folder in c drive!

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Hi my name is Robert.My recovery USB for Windows 8.1 Acer Aspire XC_115 is lost.Can some tell me how I can recover without the recovery USB.Thanks.

Answer:Recover without recovery USB.

normally booting pressing ALT+F10 at boot (after D2D is enabled), will start the Acer recovery management, if your HDD is still working.  or you need to buy Acer recovery USB/Disks Acer recovery mediaif you are in the US you can buy it: you are outside the US, you must call/email your regional Acer support service:

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Hi,My WIN XP crashed and i was trying to recover using recovery CD/DVD.After booting with the first DVD the hard disk got formated partion table was removed and system files were copied.Then it asked for restart without CD/DVD.After restarting it asked for second DVD, but after loading the second DVD it was not taken and "NEXT" button is not enabled.What might have went wrong? NB: The recovery DVD was created with factory settings(with just one partition of 250GB). But later the hard disk was partitioned to multiple drives.

Answer:Not able to recover using recovery CD

McJohnson, welcome to the forum, there are different types of recovery disks. Somtimes when you are asked for a particular disk and click "yes" you get a message similar to that you are receiving. What happens when you click "no"? PS; it would be appreciated if you could please update your profile with your correct country location as per the forum rules. Products, options and services vary from market to market, even within Europe. Knowing your location helps us help you.

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Dear all,

I replaced the hard disk, i have the three recovery DVD for windows 8. please help me to recover the same.

when i am trying recover from Recovery of factory default software(out of box) is not working. please help

Answer:How to recover Windows 8 from Recovery DVD?


Start your machine and press F12 to enter boot menu. When you see the boot menu on the screen put disc 1 in optical disc drive. After doing that choose CD/DVD as first bootable device and press ENTER button.

ODD should start to read recovery disc. All you must do is to follow the menu on the screen.

When you write “it is not working” what do you mean exactly?

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I have a satellite Pro laptop which I have to fix for my sister in law ...long story....(cant remember model no, as I m at work at the moment !) but its only 4 weeks old and she had done something redicuous to it, so I decided that i would use the recovery cd to reinstall the os.

The image uncompresses to the disk, it tells me to remove the media, then reboot. Upon reboot, the system just gets into the xp load screen then a windows message pops up saying "Windows is not fully installed - Please run the setup program", then it reboots !

Is this a common problem, or can anyone shed any light on it, as this is a new laptop, nothing done to the hardware and I am using the correct cd which came with the system.

The system has twice gone into xp and began the setup wizard (where you put in your usernames and passwords), once this finishes and it attmpts to go straight into xp, I get a blue screen and the inevitable freeze !

I don't mean to sound Pious, but please don't ask me if I've checked that the hardware is attached or anything, I am actually a field engineer for an IT firm, I just have no experience of Toshiba machines or this recovery cd issue.

Any help you guys out there could give me would be greatly appreciated, as Id hate to have to return a bloody new laptop to the manufacturer unless its absolutely necessary.

Many Thanks

Answer:Not possible to recover the Satellite Pro with recovery CD

Hi Andy,

The recovery CD contains a 'ghost' image of the operating system which will contain the basic Windows system together with most of the Toshiba specific software and drivers.

Booting from the recovery CD will normally load a Win98 operating system which will then restore the 'ghost' image to the hard drive.

Normally the recovery process will ask if you want to restore the entire C: drive or use the 'expert' mode in which you can partition the hard drive. Obviously if you reach the point where the system reboots then the restore of the 'ghost' image has finished and the Windows set-up process has begun

I can only presume that there must be a problem with the hard drive if the 'set-up' process has subsequent problems. As an IT professional you may have access to a suitable boot CD (such as Norton Disk Doctor) in which case I would suggest you analyse the harddrive for potential problems and if necessary return the notebook under the warranty for it to be repaired.


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If this is not the right forum please move this topic, this is not an issues about the Toshiba Product Recovery, but connected directly with it (i dont know how it work).

So, the problem is simple, i lost my data because i used the software without a backup (i was distracted).. Is there any way to recover it ?
I'm trying with GetDataBack, but i found nothing.
As extreme idea, could laboratories of recovery hard disk work effectively?

Answer:Recover data after a recovery?

Generally speaking before recovery installation starts whole HDD will be formatted and new partitions will be defined. All data saved on HDD will be deleted.

Anyway as far as I know you can recover deleted data using some third part application.

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